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Item MHGS_Leach_A42b.jpg 1939 Worlds Fair Elephant Train Sight-Seeing Tour Souvenir Ticket
Item MHGS_Otto_A_32a.jpg Dog
Item MHGS_Otto_A_42c.jpg Unidentified Girl
Item MHGS_Leach_A03a.jpg Letter from J. F. Wilson
Item MHGS_Leach_A14g.jpg Letterhead for the El Royale
Item MHGS_Otto_0672.jpg Davida Otto
Item MHGS_Otto_0673.jpg Davida Otto with Dog
Item MHGS_Otto_A_26b.jpg Davida Otto
Item MHGS_Leach_A14b.jpg Letterhead for the La Posada
Item MHGS_Otto_A_36a.jpg Davida Otto with a Fan