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Item MHGS_Rogers_022.jpg Don and Edith Starry in Boston
Item MHGS_McCaslin_A02a.jpg Helen McCaslin in Stroller
Item MHGS_Leach_3008a.jpg E. Shockey's Mail Order Exchange
Item MHGS_McCaslin_A02b.jpg Helen McCaslin by Stroller
Item MHGS_McCaslin_A11a.jpg Vern and Jack McCaslin
Item MHGS_Leach_3013a.jpg Letter from Virgie Wilson to Emmert Shockey
Item MHGS_Rogers_011.jpg Don Starry on the Roof
Item MHGS_McCaslin_A06a.jpg Helen McCaslin Birthday Party
Item Cox_Ethel_E_02.jpg Ethel E. Cox
Item MHGS_Warner_0016.jpg Two Unidentified Girls