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Record Type Title
Item MHGS_Miller_0008.jpg Ash Prunty
Item MHGS_Leach_2933.jpg Howard Wait
Item Gibson_Bearnice_Cox_01.jpg Bearnice Cox Gibson
Item Sherwin_Estelle_01.jpg Estelle Sherwin
Item Cox_Ronell_Ethel_Bernice_01.jpg Ronell, Ethel and Bernice Cox
Item Cox_James_Elwell_01.jpg James Elwell Cox
Item MHGS_Miller_0004.jpg Ack Kinzer
Item MHGS_Miller_0011.jpg Lucy Cox
Item MHGS_Warner_0157.jpg Group Photo
Item Cox_Ethel_Fortier_Lucy_01.jpg Ethel Cox and Lucy Fortier