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Portrait of Charles and Laura Hill
Handwritten on back "Charles and Laura Hill"

Studio portrait of Ash Prunty
Handwritten note on back says "1893. Ash Prunty. Born Feb. 17-1824. Died Dec. 4-1915. Picture taken 1893"

Studio portrait of Lucy and Lina
Handwritten note on front says "Lucy, Lina" and note on back says " Lucy and her seatmate Lina Leddy"

Portrait of Jess, Betty, Charles, Henry and Amy Ferrell
Handwritten on back “Aunt Betty’s family – Ferrell Grandma (Nannie) Fortner’s sister. Jess, Betty Edwards Ferrell, Charlie, Uncle Henry Ferrell, Amy. Mosella married and not in…

Sautter date book January.pdf
A small date book, with a page for each date (e.g. January 15,) on which Adrien Sautter recorded both family births, marriages and deaths, and interesting historical events. Adrien Sautter (1853-1944) was born in Switzerland and homesteaded in the…

The minute book of the Afton Cemetery Association Board of Directors. Blank pages were not scanned.

Portrait of a young man and a young woman
Handwritten label on back says “Uncle Dr. Charlie Fortner age 16 yrs”

Studio portrait of Josie and Pearl Lucas. Handwritten on back is "1894. Josie and Pearl Lucas"

Studio portrait of Fern Keller Hyde
Handwritten on back "Fern Keller Hyde or Mrs Bert Hyde taken to raise by Mr & Mrs Mean"

Portrait of Marinda Ada Daily
Handwritten note on back says "Marinda Ada Daily was born Nov. 24 - 1864 at Kewanee Henry Co. Ill. Baptized June 22 1908 into the church of Christ by Brother Signor. Was engaged Mar. 10 - 1889. Got Engagement ring Mar.…
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