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Portrait of a basketball team
Handwritten label on front says "Roy Lane Fortner Wichita Kns" Handwritten label on back says "Roy Lane Fortner 1-1-5 Edwards 3-5-2-2-7-5 son of Edgar L Fortner 1-1 Nancy Edwards Fortner 3-5-2-2-7-5"

Snapshot of a toddler
Handwritten label on back says "Thais[sic?] Fortner d/o Roy Lane Fortner"

Portrait of a man

Real photo postcard of two men
Handwritten labels on front say "Dodo and Phillip Barry" and "Roy Land Fortner" Handwritten note on the back says "4-3-09 I received your St. Patrick's card sometime ago and will send you this one in return. I am well…

Snapshot of a man standing on the porch of a store
Handwritten label on back says "Roy has a tea towel over his shoulder and tummy"

Snapshot of a woman standing on the porch of a store
Handwritten label on back says "Alice, Roy Fortner their grocery store Liberty, Kns"

President Rex Riley led the annual meeting

The 2018-19 Board of Directors: Jim Scharnhorst, Vincent Hancock, Rex Riley, Francene Sharp, Julia Langel, Micki Stephans, Jozel Smith-Eckels, Twila Brown

Francene Sharp and Twila Brown brought snacks for the Annual Meeting

Snapshot of a house
Handwritten label on back says "Roy Fortner's home near Sulphur Springs Arkansas. 9 miles South of Noel - Mo - Gravette Ark"
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