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Photograph of a hospital

Photograph of a hospital

Photograph of a hospital

This hotel register was used by the City Hotel, owned by Knoblauch & Kopplin, from December 1886 to June 1887.

Monthly calendar including history of the church. Source of many of the photo captions in this collection.

Photograph of two choirs, one adult, one children

Photograph of a group of men
Handwritten label on back says "Front row left to right: Ralph Burnham, Dr. C. E. Caswell, Alden Sullivan, Rev John Baxter (at Calvary 23 years), Dr. A. E. Gardner, Louis Snyder. Top row left to right: J. R. Brunnett,…

Photograph of a group of people standing on steps. People in the first row are holding musical instruments
Stamped label on back says "Edgar B. Smith Photographs, 110 1/2 East Doug. Phone MKt, 3183 Wichita, Kansas"

School play photograph
Handwritten note says "Front row: Lillie May Lethers, Tommy Woolfolk, Kenneth Heilman, Bernadine Bennett, Dale Ashcraft, Ada Marie Lethers, Richard Covert, Maratha Jones-Workman, Claudine Jones-Morris, Viola Howdyshell. Middle…

Class photograph
Handwritten label on front says "Washington Room 9-Grade 6 1939 Peterson's, Parsons, Ks." Handwritten label on back says "1 Raymond, Tommy, Harold James, Aflerd[sic] Wayne Charls Laverne Harry 2 Carl Buddy V. Miss Smither,…
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