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        BOOK NO.                            AUTHOR                                                                TITLE

R-370 1
French, J H Gazetteer of the State of New York 1998
R-370 1
French, J. H. Gazetteer of the State of New York 1983
R-370 2
Turner, O. History of Pioneer Settlements of Phelps and Gorham's Purchase 1976
R-370 3
Smith, James H. et al History of Duchess Co., New York 1980
R-370 4
Ruttenber, E. M. et al History of Orange Co., New York 1683-1881 1980
R-370 5

New York Marriages Previous to 1784 1968
R-370 6
Buys, Barbara Smith Old Gravestones of Putnam County, New York 1975
R-370 7

Marriages from 1639-1801 Reformed Dutch Church, New York 1940
R-370 8 a
Map of Cemeteries, New York, Van Buren, Baldwinsville, Lysander Area
R-370 8
Voorhees, Lesley E. The Lesley E. Voorhees Records 1965
R-370 9

New York Digest 2-d, Plaintiff-Defendant Table M-Z 1955
R-370 10
Noyes, J. O. Genesee Valley of Western New -York 1858
R-370 11
Morrison, Wayne E. Sr. Morrison's Annals of Western New -York 1975
R-370 12
Pearson, Jonathan First Settlers of Albany Co., New York from 1630 -1800 1978
R-370 13
Froessel, Charles W. Queens County Bar Association 1952
R-370 14
Smith, Anita et al Catalogue of Historical & Genealogical Material in Montgomery Co., New York 1980
R-370 15
Johnson, Paul E. A Shopkeeper's Millennium 1815-1837 1978
R-370 16

Journal of Board of Supervisors - County of Albany 1942
R-370 17

Journal of 15th National Convention of the Women's Relief Corps, GAR 1897
R-370 18
O'Callaghan, Edmund Bailey Lists of Inhabitants of Colonial New York 1979
R-370 19
LDS World Conference on Records of New York 1969
R-370 20
Bowman, Fred Q. Landholders of Northeastern New York 1739-1802 1983
R-370 21
Scott, Kenneth Genealogical Data from New York Administration Bonds 1753-1799 1969
R-370 22
Bowman, Fred Q. 10,000 Vital Records of Western New York (Eastern and Central also) 1985
R-370 24
Hoes, Roswell Randall Baptisms & Marriage Records Old Dutch Church of Kingston 1980
R-370 25
Gehring, Charles T. New York Historical Manuscripts Dutch 1982
R-370 26
Jennings, Laura O. Records of the First Baptist Church of Sennett, New York & Hist. Cayuga Co. 1995
R-370 27

New York Index
R-370 28

History of Cayuga Co., New York 1789-1879
R-370 29
Adams, Lillian Lillian's Hornby, Life in Hornby, New York in the 1800's 2000
R-370 30
Versteeg, Dingman Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of New Paltz, New York 1977
R-370 31
Horne, Field Genealogical Guide to Saratoga Co., NY 1980
R-370 32
Ray, Dr.John et al Northfield on the Genesee, Story of a Frontier Town of Monroe Co., NY 1981
R-370 33
Katz, B. Burial Grounds of North Salem in Westchester County, NY 1976
R-370 34

Handy Tips to Your Genealogical Research in New York 1982
R-370 35
Pelletreau, William S. Genealogical & Family History of New York 1907
R-370 36

Churchyard Records of Goodwill Presbyterian Church, Montgomery, NY 1959
R-370 37
Gardner, George & Virginia The Whig Press Death Notices 1851-1865 1978
R-370 38
Hood, Anthony Queens Co. Sentinel - Index of Birth, Marriage & Death Announcements 1991
R-370 39
Davis, Norman Westchester Patriarchs, Genealogical Dictionary of Families Prior to 1755 1988
R-370 40
Stoutenburgh, Henry A. A Documentary History of the Dutch Congregation of Oyster Bay, Queens Co. N
R-370 42
Fay, Loren New York Genealogical Research Secrets 1981
R-370 43
Pelletreau, William S. Early Long Island Wills of Suffolk County, 1691-1703 1897
R-370 44

Calendar of Wills on File & Recorded - Albany & State
R-370 45

Illustrated History of Niagara Co., New York 1878
R-370 46
Pearson, Jonathan Contributions for the Genealogies of the First Settlers of the Ancient Co. 1872
R-370 47
Munsell, Joel Annals of Albany, New York 1871
R-370 48
Doherty, Frank J. Settlers of the Beekman Patent, Historical Records 1990
R-370 49
Bogardus, William Brower Directory of Genealogical & Historical Articles Published in "deHalve Maen" 1992
R-370 50
Inskeep, Carolee The Graveyard Shift, New York City Cemeteries 2000
R-370 51
Birmingham, Stephen Our Crowd, The Great Jewish Families of New York 1968
R-370 52 v 4 Pearson, Jonathan Early Records of the City & County of Albany New York 1999
R-370 53
Christoph, Florence Upstate New York In the 1760s 1992
R-370 54
Jackson, Mary S & Edward F Death Notices from Washington County, NY Newspapers, 1799-1880 1995
R-370 55 v 1 Penrose, Maryly B Compendium of Early Mohawk Valley Families 1990
R-370 55 v 2 Penrose, Maryly B Compendium of Early Mohawk Valley Families 1990
R-370 56
Lefevre, Ralph History of New Paltz New York & Its Old Families (1678-1820) 1992
R-370 57
Weise, Arthur James The History of the City of Albany New York 1998
R-370 58 v 1 Roscoe, William E History of Schoharie County, New York, 1713-1882 1994
R-370 59 v 1 Foley, Janet Wethy Early Settlers of New York State: Their Ancestors and Descendants, Volume 1 1993
R-370 59 v 2 Foley, Janet Wethy Early Settlers of New York State: Their Ancestors and Descendants, Volume 2 1993
R-370 60
Harp, Peter H A History of New Paltz, N.Y.. 1994
R-370 61
Sanders, John Early History of Schenectady and Its First Settlers (1999 Reprint) 1879
R-370 62 v 1 Hulslander, Laura Penny The Asa Fitch Papers, Vol 1 1997
R-370 62 v 2 Huslander, Laura Penny The Asa Fitch Papers, Volume 2 1997
R-370 63
Wakeman, Abram The Great Highway, A World's War Path 1992
R-370 63
Wakeman, Abram The Great Highway, A World's War Path 1992
R-370 64
Tenney, Jonathan New England in Albany 1993
R-370 65
Corey, Allen Gazetteer of the County of Washington, N Y
R-370 66
Bowman, Fred & Lynch Thomas Directory to Collections of New York Vital Records 1726-1989 1995
R-370 67

Vital Records of First Lutheran Church, Albany, NY 1774-1842 1993
R-370 68
Hulslander, Laura Penny Abstracts of Deeds of Washington County, New York: 1786-1792 1991
R-370 69
Deefer, Donald A Marriages by The Rev. Harmanus Van Huysen 1993
R-370 70
Keefer, Donald A Baptism Record of Helderberg Reformed Church 1984
R-370 71
Jackson , Mary and Edward Marriage Notices from Washington County, New York Newspapers, 1799-1880 1995
R-370 72
Jackson, Mary S & Edward F Marriage and Death Notices from Seneca County, New York Newspapers 1997
R-370 73
Bowman, Fred Q 8,000 More Vital Records of Eastern New York State 1804-1850 1991
R-370 74
Wright, Tobias Alexander Staten Island Church Records (1997 Reprint) 1909
R-370 75
Kelly, Arthur C M Marriage Record of Schenectady Reformed Church, 1694-1852 1988
R-370 76
Pearson, Jonathan L Genealogies of the First Settlers of Schenectady 1873
R-370 77
Pearson, Jonathan History of The Schenectady Patent, History of the Lower Mohawk Valley 1882
R-370 78
Clint, Florence Guide to the Genealogical Records of the State of New York 1979
R-370 79
Reamy, Martha Early Families of Otsego County New York, Volume 1
R-370 80
JCNYGS Volunteers Jefferson County, New York Will Abstracts 1830-1850 2004
R-370 81
Scott, Kenneth Genealogical Data From Colonial New York Newspapers 1977
R-370 82
Parrott, Virginia & Sexton, Marj Name Index to Crisfield Johnson's History of Washington Co, New York 1878 1984
R-370 83
Barber, John W. Rensselaer County, New York 1997
R-370 85

Genealogical Resources in the New York Metropolitan Area 1989
R-370 86
Dollarhide, William New York State Censuses & Substitutes 2005
R-370 87
Goodman, Fred The Secret City: Woodlawn Cemetery and the Buried History of New York 2004
R-370 89
Van Laer, A. J. F. [Ed] Settlers of Rensselaerswyck 1630-1658 1998
R-370 90
Scott, Kenneth Marriages and Deaths from The New Yorker 1836 - 1841 1980

A-370 1
Rayback, Robert J. [Ed] Richards Atlas of New York State 1957

C-370-1     1790 Census of New York
C-370-2 New York 1800 Census
C-370-3 U.S. Census Genesee Co., NY 1810
C-370-4 1810 Census Seneca Co., NY
C-370-5 1860 Census Putnam Co., NY
C-370-6 Dist. of New York, Port of NY Manifast, North German Bark Goesche July 3, 1868
C-370-7 Extract & Alphabetical Index of 1850 Census Town of Kent, Putnam Co., NY

C-370-8 Extnct & Alphabetical Index 1870 Kent & Putnam Co., NY
C-370-9 Tax Records of Stephentown, NY 1789, 1790-1791
C-370-10 Oswego County, New York State Federal Census of 1820, Central N.Y. Genea. Soc 1976
C-370-11    Saratoga Co., NY 1st Congregational Church, Stillwater, NY Christenings; Tax List Dist. of Saratoga

CD-Rom 27   Early Settlers of NY State, 1760-1942. FTM Family Archives

Magazine #    County         Title 
M-370-6 Cayuga Yesteryears; Auburn, New York
M-370-11 Columbia The Columbia; Kinship Inc.
M-370-14 Dutchess The Dutchess
M-370-15 Erie Journal; Western N.Y. Genea. Society
M-370-29 Montgomery The Mohawk; Kinship Inc
M-370-32 Niagra Niagra Co. Genealogical News

M-370-36 Orange Orange Co. Genea. Society
M-370-46 Saratoga The Saratoga
M-370-61 Wyoming Historic Wyoming

M-370-SG-1 State General New York Genea. & Biographical Record
M-370-SG-2 State General Mid-Hudson Genea. Journal-Counties North of New York City
M-370-SG-3 State General Gemini; Twin Tiers Genea. Society
M-370-SC-4 State General Early Settlers of New York State
M-370-SG-5 State General New York Pedigrees, Pub. by The Family Tree, Boise, ID.
M-370-SG-6 State General New York Lost 8 Pound
M-370-SG-7 State General Tree Talks; Central New York Genea. Soc.

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