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    BOOK NO.                                AUTHOR                                                    TITLE

R-060 1   Scheitzer, George K. North Carolina Genealogical Research 1984
R-060 2   Fletcher, Inglis Roanoke Hundred  
R-060 3   Hunter Sketches of  Western North Carolina 1970
R-060 4   Meyer Highland Scots of North Carolina 1963
R-060 5   Randolh County Historical Society Randolph County, North Carolina 1779-1979 1979
R-060 6   W. Scott Boyce Economic and Social History of Chowan Co. 1880-1915 1917
R-060 7   Blair, J. A. Reminisces of Randolph Co. North Carolina 1890
R-060 8   Everton, Camille B. Tyrrell Cemeteries 1995
R-060 9   Jo White Linn Rowen North Carolina Will Abstracts 1753-1805 1970
R-060 10   Smith Family Burying Grounds and Abandoned Church Cemetery, Guilford Co., NC 1978
R-060 11   Mac Whatley  (Lowell McKay) Courthouse Petitions 1785-1788, Randolph Co., North Carolina  
R-060 12   Brent H. Holcomb Marriages of Rowan  Co., North Carolina 1753-1868 1981
R-060 13   Thompson and Hartgrove Abstracts of Marriage Bonds Guilford Co., NC 1771-1840 1981
R-060 14   Jo Linn White Abstracts of Wills & Estate  Records Rowan Co., NC 1753-1805 1980
R-060 15 a   Index North Carolina Ancestors 1971
R-060 15 b   Index North Carolina Ancestors 1984
R-060 16     Genealogical Research in North Carolina  
R-060 17   William S. Powell The Proprietors of Carolina 1963
R-060 18   Lee, Lawrence New Hanover County: A Brief History 1971
R-060 19   Hugh F. Rankin The Pirates of Colonial North Carolina 1972
R-060 20   David Leroy Corbitt Formation of North Carolina Counties 1663-1943 1950
R-060 21 10th   Guide to Research Materials in the North Carolina State Archives Section B 1979
R-060 22     The Heritage of Burke Co., North Carolina 1981
R-060 24   Watson, Jospeh W. Kinfolks of Edgecombe Co., North Carolina 1788-1855 1969
R-060 25     Heritage of Old Buncombe Co. 1981
R-060 26   Absher and Hayes Surry Co., North Carolina Court Minute Abstracts 1768-1785  
R-060 27   Absher-Hayes Surry Co., North Carolina Records of Deed Books A, B, C  
R-060 28   Absher - Hayes Stokes County, North Carolina Records of Deeds 1787-1793  
R-060 29   Absher - Hayes Stokes Co., North Carolina Will Abstracts  
R-060 30 a Olds, Fred A Abstracts of North Carolina Wills 1760-1800  
R-060 30 a Olds, Fred  A. Abstracts of North Carolina Wills 1760-1800  
R-060 31   Grimes, J. Bryan Abstracts of North Carolina Wills 1910
R-060 32   Linn, Jo White Abstracts of Deeds of Rowen Co., North Carolina 1753-1785 1983
R-060 33   Ratcliff, Clarence E North Carolina Taxpayers 1679-1790 1987
R-060 34   Ratcliff, Clarence E. North Carolina Taxpayers 1701-1786 1984
R-060 35   Hugh Buckner Johnston Deaths & Marriages from Tarboro, North Carolina Newspapers 1824-1865 1983
R-060 36   Ray, Worth B. The Mecklenburg Signers & Their Neighbors 1966
R-060 37   Edith Warren Huggins Burke Co., North Carolina Records 1755-1821 1987
R-060 38   Edith Warren Huggins Burke Co., North Carolina Land Records & More Important Misc. Records  
R-060 39   Mary Best Bell Colonial Bertie Co., North Carolina Deed Books A-H 1720-1757 1977
R-060 40   Raymond Parker Fouts Marriages of Bertie Co., North Carolina 1762-1869 1982
R-060 41   Holcomb, Brent Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina Deed Abstracts 1763-1779 1979
R-060 42   Ingmire, Frances T. Rutherford Co., North Carolina Marriage Records 1779-1866 1984
R-060 43   Holcomb, Brent Anson Co., North Carolina Deed Abstracts 1749-1766 1974
R-060 44   McBee, May W. Anson Co., North Carolina Abstracts of Early Records 1980
R-060 45   Ramsey, Robert W. Carolina Cradle 1964
R-060 46   Ingmire, Frances T. Marriage Records, Davidson Co., North Carolina 1823-1893 1984
R-060 47   Gwen boyer Bjorkman Quaker Marriage Certificates Monthly Meetings 1677-1800 1988
R-060 48   Brent H. Holcomb Bladen Co., North Carolina Abstracts of Early Deeds 1738-1804 1979
R-060 49   Sandra Lee Almasy Hertford Co., North Carolina Wills 1830-1856 1989
R-060 50 a Ferguson, Herman W. Genealogical Deed Abstracts, Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina Books 10-14 1990
R-060 50 b Ferguson, Herman W. Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina Will Abstracts 1791-1868 1993
R-060 50 c Ferguson, Herman W. Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina Minutes of Court of Common Pleas 1995
R-060 51   Reichel, Rev. Levin T. The Moravians in North Carolina 1968
R-060 52   Ingmire, Frances T. Caswell Co., North Carolina Marriage Records 1778-1876 1984
R-060 53   Kendall, Katherine Kerr Caswell Co., North Carolina Deed Books 1771-1817 1989
R-060 54   Neill Roderick McGreachy A History of Sugar Creek Presbyterian Church 1954
R-060 55   Ingmire, Frances T. Ashe County, North Carolina Marriage Records 1819-1871  
R-060 56   Ingmire, Frances T. Edgecombe Co., North Carolina Marriage Records 1760-1868  
R-060 57   Williams, Ruth & Griffin, M. Abstracts of Wills of Edgecombe Co., North Carolina 1956
R-060 58   Watson, Joseph W. Estate Records of Edgecombe County North Carolina 1820-1850 1983
R-060 59   Miller, Mildred J. & Crooks, Pat M. Time Is, Time Was 1990
R-060 60   Holcomb Marriages of Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina 1783-1868  
R-060 61   Harkey, W. Hugh Jr. Tales from the Hornet's Nest  
R-060 62   Stockard, Sallie W. History of Guilford Co., North Carolina 1983
R-060 63   Thompson, R.& Hartgrove, L. Abstracts of Marriage Bonds & Additional Data, Guilford Co., North Carolina 1981
R-060 64   Shoaf, Mary Jo Davis Davidson Co., North Carolina; Abstracts of Will Book 2, 1844-1866 1989
R-060 65   Reeves, Henry & Shoaf, Mary Jo Davidson Co., North Carolina Will Summaries 1823-1846 1979
R-060 66     North Carolina, Her Counties, Her Townships, & Towns 1903-1993  
R-060 67   Tompkins, D. A. History of Mecklenburg Co. & City of Charlotte 1903
R-060 68   Cook, Alice R. Haywood Co., North Carolina Families 1993
R-060 69   Aslund, Carolyn & Ledbetter, B.C. Cemetery Inscriptions of Buncombe Co., North Carolina 1984
R-060 70   Ingmire, Frances T. Craven Co., North Carolina Marriage Records 1780-1867 1984
R-060 71   Wooley, James E. Buncombe County North Carolina Index to Deeds 1783-1850 1983
R-060 72   Fouts, Raymond Parker Abstracts from The North Carolina Gazette of New Bern, NC 1791-1798 1983
R-060 73   McCrary, Mary Jane Transylvania Beginnings: A History 1984
R-060 74   Black, Irene C. Newspaper Marriage & Death Notices 1874-1890 from THE LANDMARK 1992
R-060 75   Hammer, Mrs. W.C.;Lambert, M.E. History of Asheboro (to 1938) (1968 reprint) 1938
R-060 76   Linn, Jo White Surry Co., North Carolina Wills, 1771-1827 1992
R-060 77   Sherill, Elizabeth Bray Catawba Co., North Carolina Will Book 1 1994
R-060 78   Petrucelli, Katherine Sanford The Heritage of Rowan Co., North Carolina 1991
R-060 79   Ingmire, Frances T. Tyrrell Co., North Carolina Marriage Records 1761-1862 1993
R-060 80     History of North Carolina Baptists  
R-060 81     Western North Carolina Ancestor Charts Series 1995
R-060 82   Arthur, John Preston History of Watauga Co., North Carolina 1915
R-060 83   Latham, George Henry Alleghany County, North Carolina Marriages 1849-1900 1996
R-060 84   Holcomb, Brent H.. Marriages of Johnston Co., North Carolina 1762-1868 1985
R-060 85   Shields, Ruth Herndon Abstracts of Wills Recorded in Orange Co., North Carolina 1752-1850 1957
R-060 86   Gwynn, Zae Hargett Abstracts of the Records of Jones Co., North Carolina 1779-1868 1963
R-060 87   McNeil, George F. & Joyce D. Wilkes County Marriages 1874-1901 1996
R-060 88   McNeil, Joyce D. & George F. Death Certificates Recorded in Wilkes Co., North Carolina Books A-5 1995
R-060 89   Browning, Mary A. Guilford Co. Cemeteries, Western Section 1996
R-060 90     Iredell Co. Heritage, North Carolina 1778-1980 2000
R-060 91   Ferguson, Herman W. Mecklenburg & Cabarrus Cos., North Carolina Descendents for Whom Loose 1998
R-060 92 2 Ferguson, Herman W. Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina Minutes of Court of Common Pleas 1801-1820 1997
R-060 92 3 Ferguson, Herman W. Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina Minutes Court of Common Pleas 1821-1830 1998
R-060 92 4 Ferguson, Herman W. Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina Minutes Court of Common Pleas 1831-1840 1998
R-060 93   Feguson, Herman W. Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina Deed Abstracts Books 15-23 1794-1830 2001
R-060 94   McCoy, George W. The First Presbyterian Church, Asheville, North Carolina 1794-1951 1951
R-060 95   Grimes, J Bryan North Carolina Wills and Inventories  
R-060 96   Hoots, Carl C Cemeteries of Yadkin County North Carolina 1985
R-060 97   Winslow, Mrs. Watson History of Perquimans County North Carolina 1974
R-060 98   Powell, William S Ye Countie of Albemarle in Carolina 1958
R-060 99   Casstevens, Frances Harding The Heritage of Yadkin County, North Carolina 1981
R-060 100 v 2   The Heritage of Surry County North Carolina, Volume II, 1994 1994
R-060 100   Jackson, Hester Bartlett Surry County Heritage North Carolina Vol 1and Vol 2 1983
R-060 101   Leary, Helen F. M. and Stirewalt, M North Carolina Research Genealogy and Local History 1980
R-060 102     Heritage of Wilkes County 1990
R-060 103   McKinley, Elaine Surry County North Carolina Marriage Bonds and Abstracts 1780-1868 1975
R-060 104   Holcomb, Brent H Marriages of Surry County, North Carolina, 1779-1868 1982
R-060 105   Johnson, William Perry Index to North Carolina Wills 1663-1900  
R-060 106   Hornaday, Mr & Mrs L S Piedmont North Carolina Cemeteries, Vol I 1981
R-060 107   Wells, Phillips & Leonard Abstracts of Births, Deaths, Marriages, Mt Airy, NC Newspapers 1872-1895 1987
R-060 108   Grigg, Barbara Newsom Randolph County North Carolina Deed Abstracts, Bks 1-5, 1779-1794  
R-060 109   Johnson, William Perry 1815 Tax List OF Guilford Co, N. C. 1975
R-060 110   Topkins, Robert M Marriage & Death Notices - Asheville, NC Newspapers 1840-1870 1977
R-060 111   Laird, Marilyn Poe & Jackson, Vivia Chatham County North Carolina Court Minutes 1774-1779  
R-060 112   Laird, Marilyn Poe & Jackson, Vivia Chatham County North Carolina Deeds 1771-1782  
R-060 114   Snow, Carol Leonard Surry County, North Carolina Deed Abstracts Vol G & H 1795-1800 1995
R-060 115   Pruitt, Dr A. B. Abst of  McCulloh's Survey Bk & Petition to the crown & Warrants iss. 1787 1992
R-060 116   Webster, Irene B Guilford County, North Carolina Will Abstracts 1771-1841 1979
R-060 117   Newlin, Algie I Friends "at the Spring"  A History of Spring Monthly Meeting 1984
R-060 118   Leonard, Carol J Surry County, North Carolina Tax list for the Year 1862 1984
R-060 119   Holcomb, Brent Deed Abstracts of Tryon, Lincoln & Rutherford Counties North Carolina 1977
R-060 120   Davenport, Linda Haas Washington County, North Carolina: Abstracts of Deed Books A-B-C (1799-1814) 2008
R-060 67 V 2 Tompkins, D. A. History of Mecklenburg Co. & City of Charlotte, Volume 2: Appendix 1903
A-060 1   Puetz, C.J. North Carolina County Maps n.d.

C-60-1     Census Records of Jones Co., NC 1786-1850
C-60-2     1790 Census of Anson Co., NC'
C-60-3     North Carolina Census Records 1787-1890
C-60-4     State Census of North Carolina 1784-1787
C-60-5     1790 US Census of North Carolina
C-60-6     North Carolina of 1800 Census Index
C-60-7     Misc. Census 1810 NC; 1840 MO; 1810 KY; Misc. Names
C-60-8     1820 North Carolina Census Index
C-60-9     Randolph Co., NC 1850 Census - only a partial census
C-60-10    North Carolina 1810 Index by Smith
C-60-11    1790-1800-1810 Schedules Guilford Co., NC by Kirkman
C-60-12    1850 Census of Rowan Co., NC; A Gena. Compilation of All 
               Six Schedules; by Jo White Linn, 1982
C-60-13    1860 Census of Surry County, North Carolina, Agnes Wells 
               and Virginia Phillips

CDROM-46     1920 NC Census - Ashe, Camden, Avery & Carteret Countries; 
               Heritage Quest
CDROM-47     1920 NC Census - Wataugua & Wayne Co; Heritage Quest
CDRom-59     FTM Archives Census Microfilm Rec. NC 1850

F-60-1     1830 Census Randolph Co., NC
F-60-2     1850 Census Catawba & Chatham Cos., NC
F-60-3     1850 Census Henderson, Hertford, Hyde & Iredell Cos., NC
F-60-4     1850 Census Lincoln thru Martin Cos., NC
F-60-5     1860 Census North Carolina; Rockingham & Rowan Cos.

Magazine #  County       Title
M-60-11     Buncombe     A Lot of Bunkum, Buncombe Co., NC Geneal. Soc.     
M-60-23     Cleveland    ESWAU HUPPENDAY
M-60-29     Davidson     The Genealogical Journal; Geneal. Soc. of 
                         Davidson Co., NC 
M-60-34     Forsyth      Forsyth County Genealogical Journal 
M-60-41     Guilford     The Guilford Genealogist
M-60-49     Iredell      Iredell County (NC) Tracks
M-60-60     Mecklenburg  Mecklenburg NC Geneal. Soc. Quarterly
M-60-66     Northampton  Northampton County Cousins
M-60-76     Randolph     The Genealogical Journal
M-60-80     Rowen        The Genealogical Society of Rowan Co. Quarterly
M-60-80-2   Rowan        Rowan County Register
M-60-81     Rutherford   Bulletin of Old Tryon County
M-60-87     Swain        The Bone Rattler
M-60-97     Wilkes       Bulletin of Wilkes County
M-60-SG-1   State General Journal; NC Genealogical Society
M-60-SG-2   State General The North Carolinian
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