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        BOOK NO.                                AUTHOR                                                    TITLE

R-670 1   Neagles, James C. & Lila L. Locating Your Revolutionary War Ancestor 1983
R-670 2   Schweitzer, George K. Revolutionary War Genealogy 1984
R-670 3   Schweitzer, George K. War of 1812 Genealogy 1983
R-670 4   Schweitzer, George K. Civil War Genealogy 1984
R-670 5   English, George H. Jr. History of the 89th Division 1917-1919 1920
R-670 6   Robertson, James I., Jr. The Civil War 1963
R-670 7   Stackpole, Edward J. They Met at Gettysburg 1956
R-670 8   Lossing, Benson J. The Pictorial Field - Book of the Revolution 1972
R-670 9   Harding, Margery Heberling George Rogers Clark and His Men, Military Records 1778-1784 1981
R-670 10     Index of Revolutionary War Pension Applications 1976
R-670 11   Connecticut Historical Soc. Rolls of Connecticut Men in the French & Indian War 1755-1762 1994
R-670 12   Clark, Murtie June Colonial Soldiers of the South 1732-1774 1983
R-670 13   Norton, Herman Rebel Religion, The Story of Confederate Chaplains 1961
R-670 14   Rubincam, Milton The Old United Empire Loyalists List 1976
R-670 15   Cooney, David M. Chronology of the US Navy 1775-1965 1965
R-670 16     War of the Rebellion Official Records of the Union & Confederate Armies 1985
R-670 17     195th Field Artillery Battalion Reunions  
R-670 18     List of Pensioners on the Roll 1883 1970
R-670 19     List of Private Claims Presented to House of Representatives 1970
R-670 20   Allen, Penelope Johnson Tennessee Soldiers in the Revolution 1988
R-670 21   Phillips, W. Louis Index to Ohio Pensioners of 1883 1987
R-670 22   Pratt, Fletcher Civil War in Pictures 1955
R-670 24   Hollenbach, Raymond E. Berks Co. Soldiers in the American Revolution 1986
R-670 27 NTBCO   Miscellaneous Military Records  
R-670 28     Record of Massachusetts Volunteers 1861-1865 1870
R-670 29   Neagles, James C. Summer Soldiers, A Survey & Index of Rev. War Court Martial 1986
R-670 30   Wilson, Howard McKnight Great Valley Patriots, Western VA in the Struggle for Liberty 1976
R-670 31     The Alamo Heroes & Their Revolutionary War Ancestors 1984
R-670 32     Virginia Revolutionary War State Pensions 1980
R-670 34   Speidel, Frederick G. North Carolina Masons in the American Revolution 1975
R-670 35     Soldiers of the War of 1812: North Carolina 1976
R-670 36   White, Virgil D. Index to War of 1812 Pension Files 1989
R-670 37   DiThomas, Mary E. Jefferson Co., Ohio Revolutionary Soldiers  
R-670 38     Military Service Records 1985
R-670 39     The Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas 1862  
R-670 40   Myers, Paul W. Lawrence Co., Pennsylvania Soldiers 1988
R-670 41   Stember, Sol The Bicentennial Guide to the American Revolution 1974
R-670 43   Dunant, J. Henry A Memory of Solferino 1939
R-670 45     American Decorations  1862-1926 1927
R-670 48     Indiana Military History Journal  
R-670 51   Kirkman, E. Kay Some of the Military Records of America 1963
R-670 52   O'Donnell, James H. III The Cherokees of North Carolina in the American Revolution 1976
R-670 53   Groene, Bertram H. Tracing Your Civil War Ancestors 1989
R-670 54   Andrews, J. Cutler The North Reports the Civil War 1955
R-670 55   Clark, Murtie J. American Militia in the Frontier Wars, 1790-1796 1990
R-670 56   Barnes, Frank Fort Sumpter, National Monument, South Carolina 1956
R-670 57   Lattimore, Ralston R. Fort Pulaski, National Monument Georgia 1954
R-670 58   Sales, Frank B.  Jr.  et al Colonials & Patriots, Historic Places Commemorating Our Forebears 1964
R-670 59   Dyer, Gustavus W.  et al Tennessee Civil War Veterans Questionnaires 1985
R-670 60   McElroy, John Andersonville, A Story of Rebel Military Prisons 1965
R-670 61     Civil War Maps in National Archives 1964
R-670 62   Ray, Charlotte Civil War Sources at the Georgia Dept. of Archives & History 1990
R-670 63   Elliott, Katherine B. Revolutionary War Records, Mecklenburg Co., Virginia 1983
R-670 65   Fisher, Carleton & Sue Soldiers, Sailors & Patriots of the Revolutionary War Maine 1982
R-670 66   Burgess, Louis A. Virginia Soldiers of 1776 1973
R-670 67   Patterson, John L. Revolutionary War Public Service Claim Records for Elizabeth City Co., VA 1976
R-670 68     List of Non-Commissioned Officers & Soldiers of the VA Line Richmond 1835
R-670 69   Maddox, Joseph & et al North Carolina Revolutionary Soldiers, Sailors, Patriots & Descendants  
R-670 70   Moore, Mrs. John Trotwood Record of Commissions of Officers in the Tennessee Militia 1796-1815 1977
R-670 72   Bockstruck, Lloyd DeWitt Virginia Colonial Militia 1988
R-670 73   Butler, Stuart Lee Virginia Soldiers in the US Army 1800-1815 1986
R-670 74   Stryker-Rodda, Kenn Revolutionary Census of New Jersey 1972
R-670 75   Clark, Byron N. A List of Pensioners of the War of 1812 (Vermont) 1969
R-670 76   Clark, Murtie June The Pension Lists of 1792-1795 1991
R-670 77   Funk, Arville L. Revolutionary War Era in Indiana 1975
R-670 78   Armstrong, Zella Tennessee Heroes of the Revolution 1989
R-670 79     Revolutionary War Soldiers of Harrison Co., Indiana  
R-670 80   Quisenberry, Anderson Chenault Revolutionary Soldiers in Kentucky 1982
R-670 81   Johnston, Ross B. West Virginians in the Revolution 1977
R-670 82   Abercrombie, Janice & Slatten, R. Virginia "Publick " Claims  
R-670 83   Armstrong, Zella Twenty-four Hundred Tennessee Pensioners - Revolution & War of 1812 1981
R-670 84   Clift, G. Glenn The "Cornstalk" Militia of Kentucky 1792-1811 1982
R-670 85   Hickerson, E. Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky 1861-1866 1980
R-670 86   Iowa Society DAR Revolutionary War Soldiers & Patriots Buried in Iowa 1978
R-670 87   Reddy, Anne Waller West Virginia Revolutionary Ancestors 1973
R-670 88   White, Elizabeth Tunstall Military Records of Pittsylvania Co., Virginia 1767-1783 1983
R-670 89     Honor Roll Bureau Co., Illinois 1917-1919 (WWI)  
R-670 90   Swanberg, W. A. First Blood, The Story of Fort Sumter 1957
R-670 91   Lewis, Virgil A. Soldiery of West Virginia 1978
R-670 92     Record of the Federal Dead 1990
R-670 93     Blue & Gray Magazine  
R-670 94     Society of Colonial Wars 1892-1992 1992
R-670 95     Confederate Organizations Officers & Posts 1861-1865 - Missouri 1988
R-670 96   Williams, Richard T. & Mildred Soldiers of American Revolution of Bucks Co., Pennsylvania 1975
R-670 97     Register of Names of Men Buried in the Confederate Cemetery Spottsylvania C
R-670 98   Wolfe, Barbara Schull Index to Mexican War Pension Applications 1985
R-670 99   Davis, Robert S., Jr. Georgia Citizens & Soldiers of the American Revolution 1983
R-670 100   Clark, Murtie June The Pension Roll of 1835 1992
R-670 101   CT DAR Connecticut Revolutionary Pensioners 1982
R-670 102   Wiltshire, Betty Couch Mississippi Confederate Grave Registrations 1991
R-670 103   Clark, Murtie June Pension List of 1820 1991
R-670 104   O'Shavano DAR The Alamo Heroes & Their Revolutionary Ancestors 1982
R-670 105   Trussell, John B. B., Jr. The Pennsylvania Line, Regimental Organizations & Operations 1776-1783 1977
R-670 106     Roster of Soldiers from North Carolina in the American Revolution 1988
R-670 107   Moss, Bobby Gilmer Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution 1985
R-670 108   Draper, Lyman C. King's Mountain and Its Heroes 1983
R-670 109   Katcher, Philip R. N. Encyclopedia of British, Provincial & German Army Units 1775-1783 1983
R-670 110   Clements, S. Eugene  et al The Maryland Militia in the Revolutionary War 1987
R-670 111   Butler, Stuart Lee A Guide to Virginia Militia Units in War of 1812 1988
R-670 113   Payne, Dorothy E. Arkansas Pensioners 1818-1900 1985
R-670 114     Revolutionary Pensioners of 1818 1959
R-670 115     Revolutionary Pensioners 1813 1959
R-670 116   Myers, Paul W. Revolutionary War Veterans Who Settled in Butler Co., Pennsylvania 1985
R-670 117   Gwathmey, John H. Historical Register of Virginians in Revolution 1987
R-670 118     Register of Federal Prisoners of War US Army Confined at Danville, VA 1982
R-670 119   Harkey, W. Hugh, Jr. More Tales from the Hornet's Nest 1992
R-670 120   Beauchamp, W. M. Revolutionary Soldiers 1990
R-670 121   Kearney, Timothy Abstracts of Letters of Resignations of Militia Officers in North Carolina 1992
R-670 122   Wolfe, Barbara Schull "The Lost Soldiers" Volunteer Soldiers 1784-1811 1986
R-670 123     Muster Rolls of the Soldiers of the  War of 1812, North Carolina 1980
R-670 124     Rejected or Suspended Applications for Revolutionary War Pensions 1969
R-670 125   Dorman, John Frederick Virginia Revolutionary Pension Applications 1965
R-670 126   Johnson, Dorothy Scott Confederate Census  - Alabama  1907 1981
R-670 127   Randall, Peter Frederic Kidder's History of the First New Hampshire Regiment in the Rev 1975
R-670 128   Wilson, Emily S. Inhabitants of New Hampshire 1776 1983
R-670 129     War of 1812 Bounty Lands in Illinois 1977
R-670 130   Parker, Edward Selected Union Burials Missouri Units 1993
R-670 131     Missouri Union Burials, Missouri Units 1989
R-670 132   Thwaites & Kellogg Frontier Defense on the Upper Ohio 1912
R-670 133     Confederate Pension Applications 1861-1865 - Oklahoma 1969
R-670 134     The New Regime, 1765-1767 (IL Historical Collection) 1916
R-670 135   Langkau, David A. Civil War Veterans of Winnebago Co., Wisconsin 1994
R-670 136   Loosbrock, Richard J. History of the American Legion in Kansas 1968
R-670 137   Levere, William C. History of Sigma Alpha Epsilon in the WW I 1928
R-670 138     American Legion, Thomas Hopkins Post 1919 1919
R-670 139     The US Horse Cavalry Association Roster April 1984 1984
R-670 140     History & Calendar of Headquarters Co. 347th Infantry 87th Div. 1917  
R-670 141     US Naval Academy, Annapolis "Lucky Bag" 1935  
R-670 142     Jefferson Co., Nebraska Servicemen's  Directory 1946
R-670 143     American Legion, Kansas Department Proceedings 18th Annual Convention 1936
R-670 144     Air Force Academy Lowry Field, Denver 1943
R-670 145     US Army Register 1974
R-670 146     Roll of Honor 1994
R-670 147     Nodaway Co., Missouri Civil War Pension Records 1989
R-670 148   Neagles, James C. US Military Records, A Guide to Federal & State Sources, Colonial to Presen 1994
R-670 149   McKee, James Harvey Civil War Records of the 144th Regt. New York Vol. Infantry 1994
R-670 150   Meredith, Roy Mr. Lincoln's Camera Man, Mathew B. Brady 1974
R-670 151   Newman, Harry Wright Maryland Revolutionary Records 1980
R-670 152     The Eighty-ninth Division, 1942-1945 1947
R-670 153   Elson, Henry W. The Civil War Through the Camera 1994
R-670 154   Wolfe, Barbara S. Index to Mexican War Pension Applications 1985
R-670 155   Sistler, Samuel Index to Tennessee Confederate Pension Applications 1995
R-670 156   Adjutant General of Ohio Roster of Ohio Soldiers in the War of 1812 1995
R-670 157   DeMay, Jessica H. The Civil War Diary of Berea M. Willsey - The Intimate Daily Observations 1995
R-670 158   Allen, Desmond Walls Index to Arkansas Confederate Pension Applications 1991
R-670 159   Rumer, Thomas A. The American Legion - An Official History 1919-1989 1990
R-670 160   Fuller, Allen C. Annual Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Illinois 1861-1862 1995
R-670 161   Bearss, Edwin C. The Battle of Wilson's Creek 1975
R-670 162   Lanzendorf, Scott New Hampshire Militia Officers, 1820-1850 1995
R-670 163   Sweet, B. G. Civil War Journal 1981
R-670 164   Litvin, Martin The Journey 1981
R-670 165   Heerwagen, Paul K. Indian Scout, Western Painter, Captain Charles L. von Berg 1969
R-670 166   Magruder, Henry C. Three Years in the Saddle, Life and Confessions of Henry C. Magruder  
R-670 167     Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Directory of Names 1991
R-670 168   Brumbaugh, Gaius Marcus Revolutionary War Records Virginia 1995
R-670 169   Bockstruck, Lloyd DeWitt Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants Awarded by State Governments 1996
R-670 170 v11   Our Navy, Volume 11, Numbers 2, 4, 11, 12 1917
R-670 171   DeLancey, Edward F. Muster Rolls of New York Provincial Troops 1755-1764 1990
R-670 172   Nikazy,  Eddie M. Forgotten Soldiers: History of the 2nd Volunteer Infantry 1861-1865 1996
R-670 173   Dau. of Union Veterans of CW Stories of Civil War Veterans  
R-670 174   Hill, Sam E. Roster of the Volunteer Officers & Soldiers from KY in the War of 1812 1992
R-670 175   Alden, John Richard The American Revolution 1775-1783 1954
R-670 176   Robbins, F. C. History of Soldiers & Sailors of Ellsworth Co. in the Great World War 1917 1986
R-670 177   Romedahl, Joe An Iowa Soldier in World War I 1993
R-670 178   Wilson, Victoria Company K - Michigan Sharpshooters  
R-670 179   Maley, Mary Military Records of Saline Co., KS 1861-1991 1998
R-670 180     Dauphin Co. Militia Rolls 1784-1789 1990
R-670 181     Roster of the Survivors of the 36th Iowa Volunteer Infantry  
R-670 182     Roster of Members & Posts of Dept. of Kansas Grand Army of the Republic 1894
R-670 184     Ohio Civil War Genealogy Journal  
R-670 185   Drake, Samuel G. A Particular History of the Five Years French & Indian War in New England 1995
R-670 186   Licier, Armand Francis French & Indian War Notices Abstracted from Colonial Newspapers 1999
R-670 187   Sistler, Byron & Samuel Tennesseans in the War of 1812 1992
R-670 188   Neagles, James C. Confederate Research Sources - A Guide to Archive Collections 1986
R-670 189   McAllister, J. T. Virginia Militia in the Revolutionary War 1978
R-670 190   Crozier, William Armstrong Virginia Colonial Militia 1651-1776 1986
R-670 191   Hart, Herbert M. Tour Guide to Old Forts of Texas, Kansas, Nebraska & Oklahoma 1981
R-670 192   Salecker, Gene Eric Disaster on the Mississippi; The Sultana Explosion 1996
R-670 193   McDowell, Sam Draper Collection, George Rogers Clark Papers 1985
R-670 194   Allen, Desmond Walls Camp Pike, Arkansas, Index to Soldiers' Naturalizations 1918 1998
R-670 195   Cavanaugh, Michael A. 6th Virginia Infantry 1998
R-670 196   Murphy, Terrence V. 10th Virginia  Infantry 1989
R-670 197   Ostertag, John A. Account of the Kansas Volunteers in the Spanish American War 1898-1899  
R-670 198     Journal of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Association Inc. 1998
R-670 199   Johannes Schwalm Hist. Assn. The Hessians of Lewis Miller 1983
R-670 200   Marburg, Veroffentlichungen Der Archivschule Marburg Institut Fur Archivwissenschaft 1976
R-670 201     Miscellaneous Lists Civil War Soldiers from Arkansas, KY, NC, OK, TN, VA WV  
R-670 202   Burgoyne, Bruce E. Waldeck Soldiers of the American Revolutionary War 1991
R-670 203   McCord, Henry Jackson The Civil War Diaries of Henry Jackson McCord 2002
R-670 204     Records of Virginia Military Land Surveys, vol 1  
R-670 205   Gochenour,Jr.,  William A Gochenours in The Civil War 2003
R-670 206 v 2   State Historian of the State of New York 1897-Colonial Muster Rolls, Vol 2 2000
R-670 206     New York Colonial Muster Rolls, 1664-1775 2000
R-670 207   Lowell, Edward J The Hessians &  other German Auxiliaries of Great Britain in the Rev  War 1975
R-670 208   Kegley, Mary B Militia of Montgomery County, Virginia 1777-1790 1975
R-670 209   Jordan, Weymouth T North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865 A Roster 1981
R-670 210 1 & 2 Wink, Joyce Women in the Military (Buffalo County, Nebraska 1998
R-670 211 v 1   Rolls of Connecticut Men in the French and Indian War 1755-1762, Volume 1 1997
R-670 211 v 2   Rolls of Connecticut Men in the French and Indian War 1755-1762, Volume II 1997
R-670 212   Rosengarten, J G The German Allied Troops in the North American War of Independence 1893
R-670 213   Northcott, Dennis, Brooks, Thomas GAR Dept of Illinois Transcription of the Death Rolls, 1879-1947 2003
R-670 214   Northcott, Dennis Indiana Civil War Veterans Transcription of the Death Rolls, 1882-1948 2005
R-670 215 v 1   A Roster of Revolutionary Ancestors of the Indiana Daughters of the Am Rev 1976
R-670 215 v 1   A Roster of Revolutionary Ancestors of the Indiana Daughters of the Am Rev 1976
R-670 215 v 2   A Roster of Revolutionary Ancestors of the Indiana Daughters of the Am Rev 1976
R-670 216   Smith, Larry D Mother Bedford and the American Revolution 1999
R-670 217   Hart ,Dorothy A. (Bryant) Roster of the Daughters of Union Veterans 1861-1865  
R-670 218   Marley, Mary Military Records of Saline County, Kansas  1861-1991  
R-670 219     Index of Confederate Pension Applications: Kentucky 1981
R-670 220   Sifakis, Stewart Compendium of the Confederate Armies 1995
R-670 221 v 1   Harper's Pictorial Library of the World War, Volume 1: The Great Explosion 1920
R-670 221 v 10   Harper's Pictorial Library of the World War, Vol 10: Deeds of Heroism ... 1920
R-670 221 v 11   Harper's Pictorial Library of the World War, Vol 11: Child's Book of War 1920
R-670 221 v 2   Harper's Pictorial Library of the World War, Vol 2: How the War Was Lost... 1920
R-670 221 v 3   Harper's Pictorial Library of the World War, Vol 3: Battles, Sieges... 1920
R-670 221 v 4   Harper's Pictorial Library of the World War, Vol 4: The War on the Sea 1920
R-670 221 v 6   Harper's Pictorial Library of the World War, Vol 6: The World at War 1920
R-670 221 v 7   Harper's Pictorial Library of the World War, Vol 7: The Armies of Mercy 1920
R-670 221 v 8   Harper's Pictorial Library of the World War, Vol 8: Inventive & Industrial 1920
R-670 221 v 9   Harper's Pictorial Library of the World War, Vol 9: War Makers and Peace... 1920
R-670 224   Spurgeon, Ken A Kansas Soldier at War: The Civil War Letters of  Christian & Elise Isely 2013
R-670 225   Wilson, Samuel M. Catalogue of Revoluntionary Soldiers and Sailors of the Commonwealth of VA 1913
R-670 221 v 12   Harper's Pictorial Library of the World War, V 12:Great Results of the War 1920
R-670 226 NTBCO Cherry Blockhouses and Military Posts of the Firelands 1934
R-670 227   Clark, Charles & Decker, F.C. [Ed] Yates Phalanx: The History of the 39th Regiment, IL Volunteer Veteran Inf 1889
R-670 228   Harris, Sherry Civil War Records: A Useful Tool 1990
R-670 229 NTBCO Haterius, Carl E. Reminiscences of the 137th U.S. Infantry 1919
R-670 230 NTBCO Kenamore, Clair From Vauquois Hill to Exermont: A History of the 35th Division U.S. Army 1919
R-670 231 v7 Cist, Henry M. Campaigns of the Civil War, Volume 7: The Army of the Cumberland 1882
R-670 232   Ray, Marvalene Civil War Diary of Gideon Walker Gibson n.d.
A-670 1   Peele, William T. Battlefields of the The Civil War 1974
A-670 2   Rand McNally Atlas of the American Revolution 1974
CD-Rom 3   The Civil War CD Rom VI; Guild Press of Indiana
CD-Rom 53  Military Records: War of 1812 Muster Rolls
CD-Rom 55  Military Civil War Muster Rolls
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