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New Books for July 2019

Posted on Thursday August 08, 2019

Lots of new stuff, mostly in two personal research collections:

Call Number Date Author Title
G-J 033 2019 Jackson, Jerry Families are Forever: The James David Jackson and Martha Delia Gordon Family
G-S 159 1930 Slack, William Samuel Rev. The Slack Family
G-W 128 1960 Woodruff, Audrey Wagner We Follow the Wagner Trail
G-W 129 1953 Beahm, Gertrude I Remember: Life at our home on Lincoln Avenue above Pasadena,

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August 2019 Alert Newsletter

Posted on Tuesday July 30, 2019

Inside This Issue: New Books; New Digitizing Tool; Upcoming Events

New Books for June 2019

Posted on Saturday July 13, 2019

Lots of journals freshly bound and ready to check out!

Call Number Date Author Title
R-210 JO 06 V 46 2018 The Johnson County Kansas Genealogist
R-320 028 V 41-42 2016-2018 Westward into Nebraska
R-180 201 V 45 2017-2018 Branching Out from St. Clair County
R-380 328 V 40-43 2015-2018 Licking Lantern
R-180 234 V 48 2018 Theakiki (The A-KI-KI)

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New Books May 2019

Posted on Friday June 07, 2019

We're getting a lot of donations, so there's lots of new stuff on the shelves!

Call Number Date Author Title
G-B 166 1977 Stuart, Pheoba Brugh The Brugh-Stuart Family & Associated Families
G-J 032 1902 Shepard, James The New Haven and Wallingford (Conn.) Johnsons
G-P 073 1890 Lea, J. Henry Genealogical Gleanings, Contributory to a History of the Family of Penn
G-R 070 2011 Oschefski, Lori Jesse James Rule

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