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        BOOK NO.                         AUTHOR                                                                TITLE      

R-630 1   Ballenger, T. L. History Around Tahlequah Council 1945
R-630 2   LaFarge, Oliver Pictorial History of the American Indian 1956
R-630 3   Myer, William Edward Indian Trails of the Southeast 1971
R-630 4     People of the South Wind 1870-1970  
R-630 7   Drennen, John 1851 Drennen Roll of the Cherokee Indians  
R-630 8   Hampton, David Keith Cherokee Reserves 1979
R-630 9   Baker, Jack D. Cherokee Emigration Rolls 1817-1835 1977
R-630 11   Wever, Orpha Jewell Probate Records Northern District Cherokee Nation 1904-1908 1983
R-630 12   Blankenship, Bob Cherokee Roots 1992
R-630 13   Jordan, Jerry Wright Cherokee By Blood, Eastern Cherokee Ancestry in US Court of Claims 1987
R-630 14   Baker, Hampton, Starr Old Cherokee Families 1988
R-630 16   Hoskins, Shirley Cherokee Blood 1983
R-630 17   Hill, Edward E. World Conference on Records - American Indian Research 1969
R-630 19   Debo, Angie A History of the Creek Indians 1941
R-630 20   Brady, Cyrus Townsend Indian Fights & Fighters 1971
R-630 21   Standing Bear, Luther My People the Sioux 1975
R-630 22   Lowie, Robert H. Indians of the Plains 1954
R-630 23   Grinnell, George Bird Pawnee Hero Stories & Folk-Tales 1961
R-630 24   Sandoz, Mari The Battle of  the Little Bighorn 1966
R-630 25   Tyner, James W. Those Who Cried , the 16,000 1974
R-630 29   Mooney, Thomas G. Exploring Your Cherokee Ancestry (1987) 1987
R-630 30     Index to 1885 Choctaw Census  
R-630 31   Garrett, Sandi "Only the Names Remain"; Flint District 1993
R-630 32   Bogle , Dixie  et al Cherokee Nation Marriages 1884-1901 1980
R-630 33   Bogle, Dixie Cherokee Nation Births & Deaths 1884-1901 1980
R-630 34   Carpenter, Cecelia Svinth How to Research American Indian Blood Lines 1987
R-630 35   Reintjes, Afton E. How to Research "A Little Bit of Indian"  
R-630 36     George Turner's Book of American Indians 1972
R-630 37   Underwood, Tom B. The Story of the  Cherokee People 1961
R-630 38   Sharpe, J. Ed The Cherokees Past & Present 1970
R-630 39     Catalogs of Indian Books & Research  
R-630 40   Mauldin, Dorothy T. Cherokee Advocate 1991
R-630 41     Federal Population Schedule of US 1860 Census- Indian Lands W of Arkansas  
R-630 42   Washburn, Faye Riddles Census of Comanche Tribe of Indians 1905 1990
R-630 43   Garrison, Linda Norman Census of Comanche Indian Tribe of Indians 1917 1990
R-630 44   Starr, Emmet History of the Cherokee Indians 1984
R-630 45   Bonfanti, Leo New England Indians, Biographies & Legends 1976
R-630 46     Famous Indians, Collection of Short Biographies 1966
R-630 47   Garrett, Sandi "A.K.A." (Also Known As) 1993
R-630 48   Barr, Charles Butler Indian Genealogy 1989
R-630 49     Kansas State Historical Society Guides to American Indian Research  
R-630 50   Kirkman, E. Kay Our Native Americans, Their Records of Genealogical Value 1984
R-630 51   Crumpton, Barbara Chapman Roll of the Eastern Cherokee - 1851 1986
R-630 52   Crumpton, Barbara J. Hester Roll of the Eastern Cherokee 1884 1986
R-630 53   Mooney, Thomas G. Exploring Your Cherokee Ancestry  (1990) 1992
R-630 55   Prevost, Toni Jollay The Delaware & Shawnee Admitted to Cherokee Citizenship & Related 1993
R-630 56   Brown, Ruth Sioux Indians Personal Property Claims from Original Register 1892-1928 1987
R-630 57   Cutler, H. G. & Yaggy, L.. W. Panorama of Nations Illustrated- Journeys Among the Families of Men 1892
R-630 60   Hill, Edward E. Preliminary Inventory of Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs 1981
R-630 61   Western NY Genealogy Society Indian Research in New York State 1985
R-630 62   Koplowitz, Bradford The Kaw Indian Census & Allotments 1996
R-630 63   Ross, A. C. Mitakuye Oyasin "We are all Related" 1992
R-630 64   Hoskins, Shirley Coats Cherokee Property Valuations in Tennessee 1836 1984
R-630 65   Blankenship, Bob Guion Miller Roll "Plus"  
R-630 66   Blankenship, Bob Dawes Roll "Plus" of Cherokee Nation 1898  
R-630 68   Feeling, Durbin Cherokee-English Dictionary 1975
R-630 69   Carselowey, James Manford Cherokee Old Timers 1980
R-630 70   Carselowey, James Manford Cherokee Notes 1980
R-630 72   Wilson, Charles Banks Search for the Purebloods 1983
R-630 73   Holmes, Ruth Bradley  et al Beginning Cherokee 1979
R-630 74   Sober, Nancy Hope The Intruders, Illegal Residents of the Cherokee Nation 1866-1907 1991
R-630 76   Bell, George Morrison, Sr. Genealogy of "Old & New Cherokee Families" 1979
R-630 77   Gilmore, E. L. Cherokee Dictionary 1986
R-630 78   Robinson, Prentice Your Name In Cherokee 1990
R-630 79   Chepesiuk & Shankman American Indian Archival Material 1982
R-630 80   Alderman, Pat Nancy Ward, Cherokee Chieftainess 1978
R-630 81   Foreman, Carolyn Thomas Indian Women Chiefs 1954
R-630 82   Hubbard, Jeremiah Forty Years Among the Indians - Life of Jeremiah Hubbard 1975
R-630 83   Wilson, Charles Banks Indians, Story of Eastern OK Tribes 1964
R-630 84   Wolk, Dr. Allan State & Town Names from Indian Legends 1977
R-630 85     The Constitution & Laws of the Cherokee Nation 1951
R-630 86   Gannett, Henry Gazetteer of Indian Territory 1980
R-630 87   Foreman, Grant The Five Civilized Tribes 1966
R-630 88   Woodward, Grace Steele The Cherokees 1963
R-630 89   Clark, Dick Cherokee Ancestor Research 1979
R-630 90   Shadburn, Don L. Cherokee Planters in  Georgia 1832-1838 1989
R-630 91   Clarke, Mary Whatley Chief Bowles & the Texas Cherokees 1971
R-630 92   Josephy, Alvin M., Jr. The Patriot Chiefs 1958
R-630 93   Delany, Sarah & A. Elizabeth Having Our Say, The Delany Sisters' First 100 Years 1993
R-630 94   Kilpatrick, Jack  et al The Shadow of Sequoyah, Social Documents of the Cherokees 1965
R-630 95   Newcomb, W. W., Jr. The Indians of Texas 1980
R-630 96   Knight, Wilfred Rex Fox, Stand Watie's Civil War Years in Indian Territory 1988
R-630 97   Mauldin,  Dorothy Tincup American Indian Research 1984
R-630 98   Fields, George W. The Texas Cherokees 1820-1839 1920
R-630 99   McCoy, Isaac Annual Register of Indian Affairs 1835-1838 1998
R-630 100   Weatherford, Jack Native Roots, How the Indians Enriched America 1991
R-630 101   Carpenter, Cecelia Svinth How to Research American Indian Blood Lines 1987
R-630 102   Scanlan, Charles M. Indian Massacre & Captivity of Hall Girls (2002 reprint) 1915
R-630 103   Page, Jo Ann Curls Extract of the Rejected Applications  Guion Miller Roll of East Cherokee 2003
R-630 104   Finger, John R. The Eastern band of Cherokees 1819-1900 1984
R-630 106   Vann, Robert Winter Owl Indian Migration and Government Records 2007
R-630 107   Vann, Robert Winter Owl Climbing the Family Totem Pole 2004
R-630 108     Cherokee Connections 1995
R-630 109     Cherokee Proud: A Gude for Tracing and Honoring Your Cherokee Ancestors 1998
R-635 1   Kennedy, N. Brent  et al The Melungeons, The Resurrection of a Proud People, An Untold Story 1994
R-635 3   Ball, J. Kelly Cumberland Gap, Gateway to New Frontiers 1991
R-635 4     Reflections; Quarterly Magazines of Claiborne Co., TN Hist. Soc.  
R-635 5     Gowen Research Foundation Newsletter  
R-635 6     Melungeon Information from Various Sources  
R-635 10   Bible, Jean Patterson Melungeons Yesterday And Today 1975
R-635 11   Ball, Bonnie The Melungeons 1992
R-635 12   Baldwin, Patricia A. Hopkins Melungeon Settlers in Kentucky 1996
R-636 2   Bennett, Lerone Jr. Before the Mayflower, A History of the Negro in America 1619-1966 1966
R-636 3   Drotning, Phillip T. An American Travelers Guide to Black History 1968
R-636 4   Witcher, Curt Bryan Bibliography for Sources for Black Family History in the Allen Co. Public L 1983
R-636 5   Blattner, Teresa People of Color: Black Genealogical Records & Abstracts from MO Sources 1993
R-636 6   McLeRoy, S. S. & Wm R. Strangers in Their Midst, Free Black Population of Amherst Co., VA 1993
R-636 7   Bennett, Lerone Jr. Pioneers in Protest 1968
R-638 1   Moquin, Wayne A Documentary History of the Mexican Americans 1972
R-630 110   Lavender, Abraham D. French Hugenots: From Mediterranean Catholics to White Anglo-Saxon Protestants 1990
R-630 111   Scouloudi, Irene Huguenots in Britain and Their French Background, 1550 - 1800 1987
R-630 112   Ford, Henry Jones The Scotch-Irish in America (1992 reprint) 1915
R-630 113 5th Hughes, L., Meltzer, M., Lincoln, E A Pictorial History of Black Americans 1983
R-630 114   Entine, Jon Abraham's Children: Race, Identity, and the DNA of the Chosen People 2007
Magazine #  Title
M-630-1 Journal of American Indian
M-630-2 Cherokee Blood Newsletter
R-635-1     The Melungeons - The Resurrection of a Proud People-An Untold 
Story of Ethnic Cleansing in America, N. Brent Kennedy
w/Roby Vaughn Kennedy, 1994
R-635-2 Clairborne County, Tennessee County History Series., E. A. Hold;
R-635-3 Cumberland Gap-Gateway to New Frontiers; J. Kelly Ball, 1991
R-635-4 Reflections, The Quarterly Newsletter of Claiborne County (TN)
Historical Society, (see also M-430-13)
R-635-5 Gowen Research Foundation Newsletter (see also G-G-)
R-635-6 Melungeon Information from Various Sources
R-635-7 Pocahontas., by Susan Donnell (Historical novel)
R-635-8 Othello, The Pelican Shakespeare; Editor Alfred Harbage
R-635-9 Othello, The Arden Shakespeare; Editor M. R. Ridley
R-635-1O Melungeons Yesterday and Today; Jan Patterson Bible, 1975
Mountain Press
R-635-11 The Melungeons; Bonnie Ball; Overmountain Press, 1992
R-635-12 Kentucky Melungeon Settlers, From the Kentucky Explorer; 1996
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