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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society is pleased to present transcriptions of school year books.

Norwich, Kingman County, Kansas
Norwich Nor-Hi-Wich 1937

Seniors	      	       Sophomores	       Faculty	
John Fieser		Wayne Conner		A. S. Richert	        Superintendent
Alice Wylie		Ralph Brady		Anna Faye Barngrover	English & Dramatics
Rusty Ravenstein	Lawrence Garlow		L. C. Brown     	Mathematics & Science
Maxine Janne		Dale Taylor		R. P. Latimer     	Vocational Agriculture
Marvin Garlow		Dale Stogsdill		W. E. Volkman	        Coach, History & Commerce
Dorothy Huffington	Clair Kessmer		Esther E. Walter	Home Economics & Commerce
Grace Harrison		Eldon Miller		Lois E. Viele     	Music
Brick Weathered		Marjorie Fieser		
Doris Oyler		Pauline Smith		
George Vance		Lois Oyler		
Leda Eggert		Betty Mayer		
Quane Sims		Maudene Kessmer		
Mike Riley		Miriam Brown		
Larkin Wylie		Anita Ryniker		
Marshall Liddeke			
Melvin Mayer	
Ruth Johnston          Freshmen
Paul Oyler		Marjorie Comer
Eldon Ravenstein	Walter Edie
Charles Garlow
Vivian Holder
      Juniors		Alma Fisher
Viola Allen		Austin Janne
Beatrice Brady		Virginia Holder
Paul Farrar		Norma Richards
Everett Fieser		William Timmermyer
Orval Fisher		Bob Liddeke
Etta Mae Harrison	Orvin Ukena
Kieth Holder		Jimmie McClure
Truman Jones		Norma Johnston
Pauline Landry		Junior Mayer
Ethel Locke		Richard Pugh
Audwin Martin		Marie Weathered
Robert Palmer		Gladys Riley
Arthur Smith		Maxine Palmer
Claude Smith		Evelyn Lindsey
Sammie Wacker		Dorothy Chesterman
Jennie Mae Walker	
Gladys Wylie	
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