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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of Sedgwick County, KS marriage affidavits in their library. (Some of the affidavits from the 1870's and 1880's are missing from the files even though the names appear in the index). MHGS has copies of the marriage returns for 1882 and 1883, then 1885 through April 1913. These contain the same information as the affidavits along with when the marriage was performed and by whom.

Here you can access a marriage index covering Books A through Z, 9 May, 1870 to 24 May 1922. If you would like a copy of any affidavit we have, please send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each affidavit to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. You must include the names of the bride and groom, the date, Book and page number or our committee will be unable to fulfill your request.

If there is no date in the date column there was no return made to Probate Court that the marriage was performed. From April 1, 1915 to May 28, 1917 (R405 through T386) no marriages were recorded in Sedgwick County, only that application was made for a license. These must be obtained from Vital Statistics in Topeka.

Index courtesy of Bill Pennington.

M - O

Maas, Chris. C.                Whittle, Lillian A.               23-Aug-05 K015
Maatsch, Herman H.             Smith, Lona L.                    27-Nov-20 Y300
Mabery, Charles D.             Hunsicker, Gertrude A.            10-Oct-05 K067
Mabery, G.W.                   McGrath, Margaret                           R551
Mabin, Linnie                  Vulgamore, Newton M.               9-Aug-03 I625
Mables, Austin Irvin           Gier, Jessie                   05 Jul 1888  D327
Mabon, Esther Lucile           Markley, Lloyd William             2-Jun-20 X445
Mabry, Anna                    McLean, Drew                      21-Oct-19 W539
Mabry, G.R.                    Peck, Gertrude E.                  9-Jan-18 U465
Mabry, Katie                   Bryant, George                    14-Jul-21 Z132
Mabry, L.B.                    Montgomery, Cora                            S431
Maburn, Emma                   Smith, Robert                     13-May-08 L400
Maby, Edith                    Moon, Fred                        15-Apr-11 O102
MacAlpine, William B.          Morine, Julia C.                  11-Jul-19 W279
Macauley, John                 Edes, Sarah C.                 11 Mar 1879  A408
Macauley, Virginia Ellen       Gibbens, William St. Clair        28-Feb-04 J175
Macauley, William Thomas       Quillen, Selma Marie              15-Dec-21 Z482
MacBeth, S.A. Jr.              Crooks, Daisy                      7-Jun-03 I570
MacCord, Mary E.               Benedict, Frederick L.            11-Jun-02 I267
MacDermott, Rubie Margaret     Kirk, Robert Walton               18-Aug-21 Z222
MacDonald, Cora                Aldrich, Clarence                  5-May-07 K623
MacDonald, George R.           Redmon, Marie                      5-Aug-20 Y002
Mace, Frederick W.             Kailer, Jeannette A.              14-Jul-03 I603
Mace, Thressa                  Thressher, Christian S.        07 Jul 1886  C465
Macey, Evalena                 Braddy, Henry                     28-Apr-07 K617
Macey, F.D.                    Hopper, Margaret M.               11-Feb-20 X191
Macey, Wilbur C.               Walker, Clara                      8-Aug-17 T562
MacFarland, Olive G.           Jones, F.H.                                 R612
MacGregor, Mary                Hobble, Herbert                   19-Dec-06 K484
Mack, Addie                    Stafford, L.H.                 05 Jan 1885  C191
Mack, Alonzo Mason Jr.         Schultz, Nina Anita               10-Mar-20 X247
Mack, Evalyn                   Reaves, Alice R.               10 Sep 1885  C303
Mack, Fred                     Lochmann, Katie                   26-Apr-14 Q601
Mack, Jennie                   McNeill, Henry                 23 May 1894  F355
Mack, Lin                      Wood, Rhoda                        4-Apr-21 Y561
Mack, McKinley                 Shoemaker, Fern                   22-Mar-15 R398
Mack, Stella                   Fellingham, Everett               23-Dec-11 P035
Mackay, Elizabeth Zella        Mitchell, Harry E.                17-Jun-08 L442
Mackay, G.C.                   Rice, L.M.                     19 May 1888  D303
MacKay, J.N.                   Chance, Elise V.                   9-Mar-21 Y515
MacKay, Jacob Carl             Pattie, Lillie                     6-May-08 L394
Macke, Frances                 Cummins, Charles Edward           14-Aug-17 T574
MacKenzie, Marie               Russ, Alvin O.                    15-Feb-02 I182
MacKenzie, W.J.                Loveland, Pearl L.                25-Dec-11 P032
Mackey, Allie                  Haus, Charles                  18 Jan 1896  G035
Mackey, Cora Lena              Carter, Oliver Perry           29 Aug 1899  H146
Mackey, Earl Mount Henry       Conrow, Gladys                     6-Jun-18 V197
Mackey, Edgar                  Haus, Allie                    28 Jul 1897  G331
Mackey, Ella A.                Young, Frederick G.               20-Nov-01 I104
Mackey, Emma J.                Branson, Preston               20 Jul 1882  B286
Mackey, George M.              Hellar, Rebecca McCoy          18 Oct 1883  B420
Mackey, George W.              Hope, Jennie G.                02 Dec 1875  A179
Mackey, J.W.                   Williams, R.J.                 17 Jul 1878  A343
Mackey, Liza J.                Nittenzer, Christopher         27 Mar 1877  A261
Mackey, Maggie                 Marlin, Terry                  26 Sep 1888  D396
Mackey, May                    Blumenshine, Edward B.            16-Dec-02 I427
Mackey, Myrtle                 Pollock, John                      5-Dec-03 J101
Mackey, Nettie May             Carter, Charles W.             17 Jun 1896  G108
Mackie, Catherine B.           Davidson, John                 12 Mar 1873  A063
Mackie, Clara M.               Brewer, W.D.                   23 Dec 1897  G432
Mackie, Ella G.                Garrison, Charles W.           18 Dec 1894  F460
Mackie, Grace A.               Garrison, J.M.                     6-Feb-00 H265
Mackie, Ida Blanche            Graves, Thomas N.                  6-Oct-19 W501
MacLean, Anna                  Symonds, Thomas W.                19-Aug-01 I024
Macomber, Wesley               Ellsworth, Jennie E.           13 May 1873  A071
Macready, Edgar                Kalb, Nell May                    15-Aug-10 N277
Macredie, A.L.                 Peterson, Ida                     27-Sep-17 U017
Macredie, Agnes R.             Hammers, Robert J.                25-Dec-07 L252
Macredie, James J.             Dewater, Ella M.                  26-Nov-02 I409
Macredie, Marian Stewart       Senter, John Ray                  16-Jun-20 X492
Macredie, S.T.                 Kimel, Abigail M.                 22-Oct-01 I081
Macy, Amanda                   Beard, C.M.                    22 Aug 1886  C485
Macy, Annie B.                 Goodin, C.R.                   11 Jun 1893  F154
Macy, L.P.                     New, Myrtle E.                    15-May-02 I245
Macy, Lewis W.                 Culbertson, Della M.               3-Jul-05 J621
Macy, M.C.                     Buist, F.J.                       23-Apr-14 Q595
Macy, P.M.                     Culbertson, Gertie W.              2-Mar-05 J510
Madaris, McKinley              Thompson, Nolah                   19-Apr-22 Z719
Maddeford, Tina                Batcheller, Raymond O.             9-May-21 Y630
Madden, H.                     Davis, Goldie                               J310
Madden, Helen                  King, Thomas                   23 Sep 1871  A014
Madden, P.M.                   Nixon, Agnes                      11-Apr-12 P192
Maddex, Edward                 Collins, Abbie L.              17 Sep 1890  E197
Madding, W.S.                  Smith, Bell                    20 Nov 1886  C533
Maddison, Edwin H.             Vance, Arrilla                 05 Nov 1885  C333
Maddix, G.E.                   Vaughan, Floe                     16-Nov-10 N450
Maddix, W.A.                   Simon, Mabel Hill                  3-Jun-03 I568
Maddock, Charles H.            Crichfield, Martha                15-Nov-20 Y270
Maddock, Gilbert Louis         Sparks, Helen M.                  15-Nov-20 Y270
Maddox, Bessie B.              Kirkpatrick, Robert J.            12-Aug-20 Y021
Maddox, Charles C.             Eveleth, Flavia M.                18-Feb-20 X208
Maddox, Deloris                Axe, James Strike                 17-Jun-18 V226
Maddox, Edna Pearl             Morrow, H.E.                      20-Aug-10 N287
Maddox, Ethel M.               Kelley, Ralph F.                  25-Nov-17 U256
Maddox, Ethyl(hel)             Rhodes, H.I.                      21-May-08 L407
Maddox, Floy                   Briceland, George                           T189
Maddox, Manta Jane             Glunt, Victor Hugo                          R588
Maddox, Nannie                 McCreary, B.A.                    23-Mar-20 X271
Maddox, Raymond Lawrence       Wines, Effie Marie                25-Mar-19 W037
Maddux, George                 Brower, Anna                      15-Dec-13 Q457
Maddux, Harry A.               Morrison, Melissa E.           18 Oct 1898  G592
Maddux, Harry A.               Roberts, Anna L.               19 Nov 1889  E021
Maddux, Ida M.                 Stinson, L.D.                  25 Nov 1886  C539
Maddux, James W.               Green, Missouri E.             05 Mar 1874  A110
Maddux, John E.                Brown, Mary F.                 12 Oct 1882  B310
Maddux, John E.                Packard, Catharine             14 Feb 1893  F076
Maddux, John E.                Scott, Lena M.                 11 Jan 1888  D199
Maddux, L.F.                   Freegard, W.                      25-Nov-12 P527
Maddux, Lillis Gertrude        Peugh, Andrew Jackson             24-Jun-17 T467
Maddux, Marion F.              Perry, Margrette F.            01 May 1879  A423
Maddux, Simon A.               Mainz, Gertie                  30 Jun 1892  E573
Maddux, Simon A.               Walker, Lida M.                29 Apr 1890  E131
Maddy, Almaza                  Cohlmia, Frank                              N325
Maddy, Badeyah                 Swaydan, Rashid                   13-Mar-10 N046
Maddy, D.C.                    Rader, Hattie M.                  28-Sep-01 I055
Maddy, Edward E.               Harrill, Mabel Augusta             7-Jan-20 X115
Maddy, G.E.                    Fuller, Maude                  20 Aug 1887  D085
Maddy, James M.                Myers, Mollie B.               05 Mar 1883  B354
Maddy, Mable                   Shreve, E.T.                       5-Mar-20 X236
Maddy, S.H.                    Westfall, Ora Bell(le)         29 Apr 1893  F124
Maddy, W.H.                    Ratliffe, Mary E.              23 Dec 1886  C562
Madeira, Ernest                Rivers, Musa                      14-Jun-05 J597
Maden, Ellis                   Underwood, Silva                   6-Nov-09 M515
Mader, Amanda                  Parrott, John M.                   6-Oct-09 M463
Mader, Carl                    Stewart, Marguerite                3-Jul-11 O236
Mader, Friedrich Wilhelm       Eckert, Amalia (Mrs.)          15 Dec 1892  F030
Madgett, Tom                   Dennis, Hazel B.                  19-Nov-06 K452
Madigan, Thomas J.             Liston, Elizabeth J.              27-Jan-10 M632
Madill, Robert J.              Waldorf, Georgia                   6-Aug-11 O272
Madison, Ardie                 Allen, Andrew                               T100
Madison, Claud                 Mosley, Nell                       1-Feb-22 Z583
Madison, E.W.                  Dunning, Vida                      1-Sep-03 J007
Madison, Flossie               Clay, Alexander                   19-Aug-14 R107
Madison, Fred                  Perry, Grace Dorthy                         K554
Madison, Larkin W.             Cole, Alice H.                 15 Jan 1894  F296
Madlin, Arthur J.              Bradshaw, Lenney M.                1-May-07 K620
Maechtlen, Carl C.             Gise, Essie May                   23-Aug-03 I635
Maechtlen, Caroline            Pflugshaupt, Christian         31 Dec 1891  E453
Maechtlen, Ernest              Rickards, Belle M.                23-Jul-02 I306
Maechtlen, Jacob J.            Steinbach, Mary B.                 4-Nov-03 J071
Maechtlen, Minna               Goll, Charles W.               19 May 1891  E340
Maechtlen, Robert              Wille, Dora                        5-Apr-08 L355
Maechtlen, William J.          Behrens, Emma                  26 Dec 1895  G015
Maelender, Floy                Bryan, V.R.                        3-Jul-17 T485
Maerz, John                    Mau, Anna                         29-Jan-20 X160
Maerz, John                    Mitchell, Anna                    30-Mar-12 P170
Maez, Herman L.                Benner, Mary                      26-Nov-10 N474
Maffitt, Mertie                Reynolds, Alonzo                  25-Feb-20 X219
Maga, Guadalupe(pa)            Ramirez, Bonifacio                16-Feb-11 O018
Magadalem, Refugino            Garcia, Refugnia                  26-Nov-20 Y298
Magathan, Bertha               Gurley, Lonie                      3-Jun-12 P258
Magazine, Walter               Willis, Estie                      4-Sep-09 M407
Magee, Anna Belle              Philmlee, Stephen                 22-Sep-01 I050
Magee, Arthur Roy              Beavers, Belle                     9-Jun-20 X473
Magee, Clara                   Edmondson, Francis Marion      09 Jul 1889  D572
Magee, Grace L.                Payne, Paul S.                     2-Jul-21 Z098
Magee, Guy E.                  Hoff, Daisy                       18-Jul-17 T513
Magee, James O.                Crawford, Della L.             24 Sep 1891  E393
Magee, Lily                    Clark, Berton O.               09 Dec 1894  F454
Magee, Orville                 Belden, Minnie                 28 Oct 1893  F239
Magee, Oscar M.                Brooks, E.E.                   16 Jul 1888  D340
Magee, Sadie Alice             Moran, Frank Joseph               15-Dec-20 Y319
Magee, Wilbur H.               McIntyre, Lizzie               05 Jan 1891  E276
Magers, Verna                  Stringos, Gust                    11-Mar-20 X248
Maget, Matilda B.              Teal, O.B.                     11 May 1898  G505
Maggard, Jake                  Hoyt, Mary                        24-Aug-10 N293
Maggard, M.D.                  English, W.L. Jr.                 24-Jan-12 P078
Magill, Clyde                  Keister, Erma S.                  25-Jun-13 Q214
Magill, Edward S.              Pope, Anna E.                  13 May 1879  A425
Magill, Gladys E.              Schmidt, Lorentz                   6-May-19 W117
Magill, Mabel C.               Dockum, Harry A.                   4-Sep-07 L108
Magill, Mary Esther            Klein, Randall T.                 16-Nov-20 Y272
Magill, Olive                  Butler, George                     9-May-20 X389
Magill, Olive Pope             Brower, Daniel Roberts Jr.        15-Sep-03 J017
Magill, R. Ward                McInnes, Frances                            S384
Magnus, Anna                   Wingate, F.E.                      2-Nov-18 V469
Magrane, Thomas Ashton         Rice, Grace A.                     5-Sep-06 K368
Magruder, Anna M.              Riggs, Hubert R.                  24-Mar-09 M188
Magruder, Nahun Acil           Hale, Gertrude Essie              19-Feb-10 N024
Magruder, Nelle Cornelia       Siegel, Robert Searles            30-Dec-09 M599
Maguire, Clarence E.           Sudduth, Mabel M.                 22-May-19 W155
Maguire, Ida Pearl             Little, Joseph O.                 29-Sep-12 P429
Mahaffey, Lucretia             Hillman, Floyd H.                  7-Feb-07 K538
Mahaffey, Rosie                Fox, Earl                         14-Aug-20 Y023
Mahan, C. Lowell               Hervey, Edith B.                  20-Dec-21 Z490
Mahan, Edna L.                 Crandall, Lorenzo A.                        S048
Mahan, Emma D.                 Hopson, Joseph T.              02 Apr 1889  D516
Mahan, G.H.                    Vaile, Minnie                  26 Nov 1899  H214
Mahan, Grace                   Smith, Frank J.                    9-Jun-20 X469
Mahan, Mary G.                 Brady, Henry J.                   12-Feb-18 U535
Mahan, Mary Jane               Wright, Edward                 25 Nov 1886  C541
Mahaney, Alice                 Bracken, Arch C.                  27-Jul-18 V295
Mahaney, Bernadine Frances     Brooks, William Ora               14-Oct-20 Y192
Mahaney, Catharine Anna        Brown, H.S.                       22-Jan-08 L283
Mahaney, Charles E.            Wolfe, Maude                   13 Aug 1890  E182
Mahaney, Dellbirt              Wolfe, Alice                   19 Jul 1892  E582
Mahaney, G.L.                  Alexander, Jessie A.              14-Jan-20 X129
Mahaney, Gladys                McDonald, Lloyd                             S065
Mahaney, John P.               Conklin, Lillian                  15-Mar-11 O051
Mahaney, Lotta Mary            Abbott, Maurice Edgar              6-Jul-20 X558
Mahaney, Mayme                 Abbott, A.T.                      21-Jan-01 H507
Mahanna, Clifford              Johnson, Effie                              S131
Mahannah, Chester              Carley, Maude                  24 Dec 1892  F038
Mahannah, Durward B.           Davis, Mallie                  17 Nov 1891  E424
Mahannah, Frank                Hasting, Rose H.               06 May 1897  G295
Mahannah, Grace L.             Glessner, W.R.                    11-Oct-06 K405
Mahannah, Harry                Schmitt, Mary                     25-Oct-21 Z373
Mahannah, Henry                Bush, Cora A.                     22-Dec-09 M576
Mahannah, Mary                 Clark, Orson B. Jr.            16 Nov 1893  F252
Mahannah, Mattie I.            Kessler, A.G.                  13 Sep 1894  F398
Mahany, Ed                     Daniels, Lilly                              A122
Mahany, Henry W.               Davott, Mary C.                   22-Mar-00 H294
Mahar, Rachel                  McConkey, Ben                               S272
Maher, Don                     Empey, Rosetta                    15-Apr-02 I221
Maher, Silvia                  Sion, Gerhard                  02 Sep 1896  G140
Maher, Thomas                  Miller, Dona                       1-Apr-19 W047
Maher, William                 Elmore, Florence                  21-Apr-09 M228
Mahlandt, A.W.                 Jansen, Etta K.                    8-Aug-00 H375
Mahlandt, Carl D.              Toben, Freida G.                  18-Jan-06 K179
Mahlandt, Etta K.              Arbuckle, Samuel T.                9-Apr-18 V085
Mahlandt, Helena M.            Fehling, Cord                  25 Feb 1894  F317
Mahlandt, Martha               Lentz, Christ                  25 Jul 1897  G328
Mahlandt, Mathilda             Lentz, Emil                       24-Jan-15 R336
Mahler, Harry                  Gibbs, Delpha                     29-Nov-05 K119
Mahone, Allie                  Young, James                   18 Oct 1897  G384
Mahoney, Stephen G.            Clayton, Ollie M.                 24-Apr-00 H310
Mahony, Richard                Foster, May                       21-Oct-08 L615
Mahony, Thomas                 Fogle, Grace                                S584
Mahony, Tim                    Crane, Nellie                      2-Sep-14 R126
Mahoy, Mary                    Benham, Edward R.                  4-Oct-19 W498
Maib, G.A.                     Gaskill, Faye                     19-Jun-18 V232
Maib, William A.               Smith, Fanny                       9-Aug-20 Y013
Maibs, Cora                    Thompson, Lewis                   23-Mar-02 I208
Maichel, William               Pray, Mary C.                  23 Feb 1886  C394
Maiden, Mary J.                Rose, John J.                     12-Feb-01 H520
Maier, Frankie M.              Colvin, F.E.                      20-Apr-08 L375
Maihn, W.W. (M.)               Waters, May                    10 May 1881  B158
Main, Alice May                Sailer, John                   05 Apr 1896  G076
Main, Dollie                   Norris, Oren                      11-Jan-07 K516
Main, Gertrude                 Holifield, Ozzie                   2-Jul-21 Z104
Main, Gordon                   Morgan, Cora                       4-May-21 Y623
Main, Hattie E.                Calville, J.A.                 11 Nov 1888  D425
Main, Hettie                   Metz, Ben                      08 Oct 1886  C511
Main, J.W.                     Lumbert, Mary                  28 Aug 1888  D369
Maine, Francis                 Baer, Harold S.                             R472
Maine, June                    Bringer, Elmer                    26-Mar-21 Y547
Mains, Fred L.                 Morris, Alta                      20-May-19 W152
Mains, Martha                  Arnold, J.J.                       3-Sep-11 O308
Mainz, Anna A.                 Gegen, Jacob A.                   29-Sep-03 J020
Mainz, Gertie                  Maddux, Simon A.               30 Jun 1892  E573
Mainz, John                    Gegen, Rosa                        9-Jan-06 K161
Mainz, Katie                   Strunk, Peter J.               02 May 1899  H070
Mainz, Mary                    Thome, Joseph                      5-Feb-07 K524
Mainz, Mathias                 Schreiner, Elisabeth Barbara      16-Feb-20 X178
Mainz, Nick J.                 Schweider, Annie(na) E.            4-Feb-02 I169
Mainz, Susan                   Ward, George                       3-Jun-13 Q168
Mainz, William                 Gorges, Mathilda                  27-Oct-08 L601
Mairer, Anna                   Swanson, Gust                  26 Aug 1877  A282
Mairs, Mattie                  Hazzard, James V.                 12-Jan-18 U469
Maitlen, Harry C.              Shay, Stella Helen                          T378
Maixner, Charles S.            Vachal, Lydia L.                  21-Dec-21 Z490
Maixner, F.J.                  Price, Mary I.                    31-Mar-04 J193
Maixner, Fannie                Hladik, William B.                 9-Jun-09 M287
Maixner, Lucy Minnie           DeLong, Edward Ewing              12-Aug-08 L512
Maixner, Wencil                Vachal, Carrie                    20-Jan-10 M626
Maize, W.M.                    Smith, Lula Gertrude              19-Dec-12 P573
Majerus, Henry                 Lies, Bertha                      25-Feb-19 V624
Major, B.W.                    Bay, Eudora                                 S017
Major, Edward                  Rogers, Lola                   08 Nov 1899  H207
Major, James                   Morrow, Elsie                               T345
Major, Jessie                  Wilson, Wyatt                     19-Oct-05 K084
Major, John C.                 Leslie, Lina A.A.              18 Jul 1877  A278
Major, Lillian                 Kase, William C.                  19-Jan-11 N557
Major, Maggie                  Willis, R.C.                   31 Mar 1881  B149
Major, Oma Robert              Little, Helen Mary                          R622
Major, Thomas                  Walker, Florence                            S241
Majors, Charles                Pearson, Cleo                     25-Jan-08 L288
Majors, Charles E.             Corp, S.E.                        24-Jan-20 X151
Majors, George A.              Ellis, Emma A.                 19 Jan 1885  C196
Majors, James F.               McGovney, Mattie               12 Feb 1885  C210
Majors, John A.                Nelson, Ida M.                     3-May-22 Z746
Majors, Minnie                 Yarbeary, D.B.                 02 Jan 1899  H014
Makinson, Sarah I.             Locke, George W.                            T083
Malaby, E.J.                   McChensey, Samuel M.           24 Apr 1879  A421
Malaby, Vera Ellen             Lashley, Clarence S.              15-Oct-13 Q373
Malan, Harman J.               Parker, Xenia                     26-May-00 H328
Malcolm, Orville               Waldorf, Mamie                    18-Feb-18 U568
Malcomb, Lena                  Stewart, Walter                             R541
Malcome, Dora                  Fostnaught, Henry M.              15-Sep-21 Z281
Maley, Kate                    Gilles, Denis                               E142
Malicote, A.T.                 Morgan, Dorothy                             R595
Malin, Alonzo C.               Bolt, Lilla                    18 Feb 1899  H045
Malla, Gregaria                Cabrera, Alejo                    27-Sep-12 P433
Mallicoat, Ernest              Cheatham, Lula                    12-Apr-19 W070
Mallicoat, Ernest              Hall, Verna                        5-Mar-22 Z643
Mallonee, Ethel W.             Folz, Frank C.                     6-Jun-17 T424
Mallonee, Festus L.            Fuqua, Jessamine                  11-Jan-04 J138
Mallonee, Robert M.            Shaw, Goldine                      1-Aug-06 K340
Mallonee, Ruth V.              Dvorak, B.F.                      26-Oct-10 N416
Mallory, A.M.                  Davison(sson), Julia              25-Dec-03 J125
Mallory, Alice                 Marcy, George Duke                 9-Aug-13 Q271
Mallory, Ella Florence         Clemens, Frank J.              10 Feb 1891  E300
Mallory, George C.             Zimmerman, Mocaline M.            20-Sep-18 V403
Mallory, George Corning        Taylor, Edith                      7-Feb-21 Y464
Mallory, John                  Brown, Lula(lu)                   14-Nov-07 L200
Mallory, Lizzie M.             Parsons, E.S.                      1-Jun-03 I566
Mallory, Marion                Heter, Muriel                     12-Jul-17 T501
Mallory, Mollie                Miller, Edward                 17 Nov 1898  G612
Mallory, T.M.                  Cone, Mildred H.                  14-Jun-00 H339
Mallory, Webster O.            Winegarner, Bertha E.             25-Dec-01 I144
Malm, Sophia Marie             Snyder, Roscoe J.                 24-Mar-09 M190
Malmborg, Catharine            Carlson, Peter                 14 Jun 1873  A076
Malmgren, Alfred               Poe, Madaline                      3-May-20 X372
Malmstedt, George A.           Gunn, Beulah                      10-Jul-11 O242
Malone, Alice                  Boy, Herman                       12-Feb-18 U554
Malone, Bessie J.              Ballard, Wesley L.                 3-Mar-09 M166
Malone, Dan C.                 Drury, Effie                      23-Oct-12 P479
Malone, Effie C.               Forward, Frank L.              28 Aug 1895  F582
Malone, Fred I.                Rambo, Viola V.                   25-Oct-21 Z378
Malone, Hattie                 Thompson, Charles N.           27 Aug 1889  D594
Malone, Luella                 Cullins, Frank                 30 Jul 1891  E366
Malone, Margaret K.            Harris, Fetsroy                   19-Oct-10 N400
Malone, Ray                    Overley, Grace                              R415
Malone, William G.             Perry, Addie M.                   27-Oct-09 M501
Maloney, Clarence G.           Gordon, Ada                       31-Jan-20 X168
Maloney, George                Endress, Carrie                11 Sep 1881  B183
Maloney, Thomas                Black, Elizabeth               01 Jan 1889  D470
Malott, Minnie                 Hinton, Hamilton               24 Dec 1893  F278
Maloy, Hattie                  Hightower, J.F.                16 Oct 1897  G383
Maloy, Nellie                  Carter, L.A.                       3-Jan-06 K171
Maltbie, Luther                Armstrong, Emma                   12-Aug-18 V316
Maltby, Alice C.               Howard, Wilson                 19 Nov 1897  G408
Maltby, Frank                  Sharp, Sarah McLean               23-Jul-20 X602
Maltby, Frank                  Shearon, Hattie                29 Oct 1877  A293
Man, Gustave J.                Menges, Alma R.                28 Nov 1889  E029
Manabach, Frances              Stoffel, Albert                   13-Jan-14 Q465
Manahan, Lena L.               McMahan, Ula A.                    1-Jun-09 M272
Manahan, Savona                Turner, Earl P.                   13-Mar-22 Z654
Manamy, James                  Buntin, Belle                  27 Dec 1872  A056
Manard, Nellie                 Silva, Joseph P.                  29-Nov-12 P545
Manary, Edith Josephine        Fitch, Oscar Williard             26-May-04 J242
Manary, Mae R.                 VanArsdale, George B.             15-Jul-03 I604
Manassa, A.S.                  Dunning, Bertha                   30-Apr-01 H573
Mance, Mary                    Puryear, J.C.                     28-May-21 Y664
Mancourt, Frederick C.         Young, Mary                    11 Apr 1894  F338
Mancourt, Mary Jane            Downing, Charles J.               23-Jun-20 X518
Manderville, Daisy D.          Turner, Albert                 11 Nov 1885  C337
Mandle, William E.             Speer, Mary J.                              T042
Maneely, Horace Walter         McClung, Freda                    17-Sep-14 R152
Manela, William Ira            Voorhees, Lydia O.                20-Jun-10 N194
Manese, Orie                   Harris, Mary                      14-May-19 W141
Manfull, L.B.                  Gartley, Mabel                     1-Oct-03 J033
Mangan, Ira                    Hannon, Tava                      12-Dec-05 K135
Mangan, Margaret               Johnson, Nathan Ray                         R611
Mangels, Irven R.              Hicklin, Ruby G.                            S227
Manges, Walter R.              Taylor, Jessie                    18-Jun-19 W225
Mangold, Frances               Elgin, C.H.                        1-Jun-19 W156
Mangold, John Franklin         Gasseur, Velma May                25-Dec-12 P591
Mangum, Cintha A.              Mann, T.A.                        11-Feb-15 R353
Manhall, Martha                Daugherty, Fred A.                18-Oct-09 M479
Manhold, Mary                  Chambers, Charles                 17-May-09 M253
Manie, Oneal                   Grady, Florence                    6-Nov-21 Z409
Manier, John T.                Woodman, Elizabeth C.          03 Dec 1896  G201
Manifee, Louis W.              Lowry, Valley V.               18 Jan 1898  G444
Manion, Anna S.                Duffy, Andrew                  18 Sep 1874  A134
Manion, Edward F.              Willis, Hattie B.              28 Dec 1895  G023
Manion, Eva Athella            Grier, W.R.                                 S536
Manion, George W.              Caples, Mollie (Mrs)           05 Jan 1890  E059
Manion, George W.              Fouts, Nellie (Mrs.)              14-Aug-09 M376
Manion, Lela V.                Grier, James H.                   20-Feb-18 U570
Manion, S.M.                   Rochette, Mary H.              12 Jul 1888  D340
Manion, Samuel M.              Griggs, Ellen                  14 May 1896  G092
Manion, Sarah                  Higlie, Willis                 03 Mar 1885  C220
Manion, Vida R.                Porter, John A.                   20-Aug-19 W366
Mankan, I. Mary                Bowden, Thomas                    19-Jan-12 P070
Manker, J.W.                   Bechtel, Ada                       4-Apr-08 L357
Mankoff, Marguerite            Pottle, Harry S.                  21-Jan-22 Z566
Mankowski, Mary                Weber, Nikolaus(Nickolaus)     17 Sep 1895  F583
Manley, Clyde                  Durham, Guy Roscoe                 3-Sep-10 N311
Manley, Edgar C.               Kershner, Gracia                   2-Nov-19 W570
Manley, Emma                   Prosser, A.W.                  09 Aug 1888  D356
Manley, Emma C. (Mrs.)         Watts, James M.                    6-Oct-10 N379
Manlove, Earl C.               Round, Lola J.                    23-Dec-09 M580
Manlove, G.M.                  Smith, Eva                         8-Jul-09 M338
Mann, B.L.                     Liebenhimer, Sarah                11-Oct-00 H431
Mann, Bertha W.                Bingham, William J.                5-Feb-04 J157
Mann, C.E.                     Imbler, Florence B.                8-Jul-09 M339
Mann, Charles                  McColey, Ida                       5-Jul-13 Q231
Mann, Charles Franklin         Poyea, Nellie                      7-Feb-18 U537
Mann, Edna M.                  Lefever, Lawrence B.               4-Jul-17 T486
Mann, Emily M.                 Rutledge, Carl                    24-Dec-19 X066
Mann, Eva                      Lane, Harry                        4-Mar-22 Z642
Mann, Flora Almeda             McPherson, Andrew                 18-Aug-08 L521
Mann, George H.                Adams, Rosetta E.              05 Mar 1887  C601
Mann, Hattie                   Warner, Byron                               T263
Mann, James                    Duncan, Bernice                   27-Dec-10 N529
Mann, James                    Salisbury, Bill                15 May 1899  H087
Mann, John Jr.                 McFarland, Freida                           S009
Mann, Lewis Edgar              Chance, Bonnie Marie               8-Apr-14 Q587
Mann, Lilen(llian)             Wahl, F.H.                        12-Jan-07 K517
Mann, Lillie                   Snyder, Jacob                     31-Dec-00 H495
Mann, Mary Angeline            Aspey, Elmer C.                06 Mar 1898  G507
Mann, Maud                     Tuders, George                 09 Jan 1895  F475
Mann, Myra E.                  Varah, James W.                    2-May-19 W112
Mann, Myrtle                   King, Charles P.                   2-Jan-19 V552
Mann, Nellie May               White, Samuel K.                  24-Dec-01 I136
Mann, Oscar Eaton(Elton)       Stolf, Jessie M.                  24-Dec-05 K147
Mann, Robert L.                Sanders, Grace                    29-Sep-07 L145
Mann, Robert P.                Campbell, Emma H.                 19-Jan-10 M624
Mann, Roy                      Burroughs, Bessie                  8-Nov-20 Y254
Mann, Ruth                     Babbitt, Edward C.                28-Oct-17 U132
Mann, Sherman H.               Fischer, Beulah Evandale           5-Feb-22 Z586
Mann, T.A.                     Mangum, Cintha A.                 11-Feb-15 R353
Mann, W.C.                     Alexander, Mary E.                          T363
Mann, Walter                   Warfield, Bertha                   4-Oct-20 Y161
Mann, William Arthur           Laurence, Alice Mary           09 Apr 1899  H067
Mannebach, Clara Pauline       Schoenecker, John J.              20-Apr-20 X311
Mannebach, Elizabeth           Smarsh, Bernard                   18-Feb-19 V611
Mannebach, Maggie              Miller, Fred James                          D202
Mannebach, Maggie              Miller, Fred James             07 Feb 1888  D202
Mannebach, Michael             Hellrung, Anna                    20-Nov-18 V480
Mannebach, Michael             Mertes, Maria                     23-Nov-20 Y282
Mannebach, Michael             Miller, Kate(tie)              03 Sep 1895  F573
Mannen, Jack P.                Hendrickson, Grace                20-Mar-22 Z664
Manning, Allie J.A.            Stewart, C.M.                  31 Jan 1886  C386
Manning, Arthur                Richey, Helen                               T379
Manning, Charles W.            Baker, Nola M.                    14-Apr-06 K244
Manning, Clara                 Justus, George                    29-Apr-01 H570
Manning, Claud W.              Ramaley, Grace (Mrs.)          19 Dec 1899  H228
Manning, Edith                 Burget, George T.                 18-May-04 J236
Manning, Edward S.             McCain, Ida I.                 23 Nov 1893  F256
Manning, Elsie E.              Johnson, Raleigh H.                         T335
Manning, Emma                  Styner, Jacob W.               09 Oct 1893  F222
Manning, Ernest                McKay, Edith P.                   15-Sep-02 I350
Manning, Eulah                 Gillet, Jule                      25-May-07 K638
Manning, Frances C.            Hill, Walter M.                             S244
Manning, George R.             Covault, Alice M.              03 Nov 1888  D424
Manning, George R.             Thompson, Rhode E.             06 Dec 1877  A296
Manning, George W.             Jones, Hazel                       1-Feb-11 N573
Manning, J.H.                  Adams, Nellie E.                   2-Oct-00 H415
Manning, Julia A.              Mitchell, F.M.                 01 Oct 1882  B301
Manning, Katie                 Schulte, Peter                 01 Nov 1876  A229
Manning, M.E.                  Insley, Sadie A.               26 Jan 1889  D481
Manning, Mabel                 Reveley, J.F.                     12-Apr-20 X325
Manning, Maggie                Hayes, L.H.                       26-Apr-21 Y605
Manning, Marguerite            Wisby, Joseph                  14 Nov 1892  F015
Manning, Mary A.               Crosby, Frank                  22 Sep 1875  A168
Manning, Neva                  Gallup, R.C.                   21 Mar 1896  G070
Manning, Nora                  Stallman, Richard                 29-Sep-03 J032
Manning, Pearl                 Harrison, Everett                 16-Mar-15 R388
Manning, Pearl                 McIntyre, E.B.                    13-Oct-17 U084
Manning, Susie                 Jones, Clyde B.                   13-Apr-20 X326
Manning, T.E.                  Ray, Mary F.                      24-Dec-17 U386
Manning, Thomas E.             Hyre, Marie                       27-Jul-13 Q257
Manning, Z. Parker             Walker, L. Marie                  17-Jun-14 R028
Manninger, William             Dufield, Rose A.                  28-Oct-03 J065
Mannion, Katie                 Shea, Thomas M.                28 Sep 1887  D112
Manns, Charles                 Welch, Eunice                               T163
Manny, Charles H.              Hugges, Bernice                   12-Jun-17 T443
Manny, Frank                   Chamberlain, Mary              03 Oct 1877  A289
Manny, Lee                     Smith, Lizzie                     24-Oct-08 L618
Manor, Elsie E.                Longstreth, Lloyd M.               3-Mar-21 Y503
Manor, Lora Ruth               Jackson, Ralph B.                 29-Jan-20 X162
Manos, Tony                    Cosseboom, Mildred                          S155
Manring, Thelma                Deschner, L.P.                              S591
Mans, Anna                     Freund, William J.                 6-Aug-12 P343
Mans, Anna                     Harris, M.L.                   07 Jan 1896  G030
Mans, Christina                Orth, Nicholas                    20-Apr-09 M210
Mans, Fred                     Erb, Christina F.              11 Feb 1893  F073
Mans, Henry                    Stockemer, Mary                   19-Oct-20 Y186
Mans, Jacob                    Yost, Mary                     21 Jan 1885  C191
Mans, Josephine                Benham, Wilbur                    16-Oct-20 Y197
Mans, Katie M.                 Surtees, Keith L.                 25-Jan-10 M631
Mans, Margaret                 Engelbrecht, John C.                        S232
Mans, Sebastian                Nett, Christina                07 May 1895  F531
Mans, Tony                     Horsch, Rose                      12-Jan-15 R300
Mans, Tressa                   Thurman, J.H.                      9-Feb-22 Z594
Mansfield, David               Spray, Lillian                     1-Mar-11 O037
Mansfield, Ethel               Trenary, Vernon L.                17-Apr-13 Q110
Mansfield, Josephine E.        Saladee, Gaylord B.            21 Sep 1885  C308
Mansfield, Lizzie A.           Sloan, John L.                 04 Feb 1871  A007
Mansfield, Mattie A.           Todd, Caldwell V.              29 Aug 1888  D370
Mansfield, Maud                Ebenhack, Henry                12 May 1888  D296
Mansfield, Sarah L.            Stringer, Alfred               25 Sep 1879  A449
Manson, Addie P.               Kirkpatrick, William R.        08 Sep 1875  A166
Manson, Isidore                Purkey, Retta                  26 Jul 1887  D067
Manson, L.C.                   Kennedy, Arvila                08 May 1877  A266
Mansur, M.H.                   Stone, Flavia                     18-May-21 Y642
Manthey, Emma E.               Massey, O.P.                   21 Nov 1878  A377
Manthey, J.A.                  Jacoby, Jennie                 27 Feb 1888  D234
Mantz, George L.               Culbertson, Dora                  20-Mar-07 K577
Manuel, Eva L.                 Butler, James W.                  16-Jun-19 W216
Manuel, Mary Helen             Radford, William A.            17 Jun 1890  E157
Manuel, Neva M.                Case, Charles E.                  20-Oct-20 Y211
Mapel, Edwin A.                Leibich, Anna                  18 Oct 1882  B309
Mapel, George                  Curtis, Grace                               T338
Mapel, Ida Bird                Auburn, Charles Erington           2-Feb-13 Q013
Mapel, Lone                    Brandell, Caroline                18-Feb-20 X207
Maphet, Ella Louise            Holliday, L.P.                     5-Dec-11 P005
Maple, Edwin                   Leibich, Anna                               B312
Maple, Grace                   Shannon, James B.                 12-Jun-21 Z040
Maple, Mary I.                 Phares, George                 31 Aug 1875  A165
Maple, Minnie                  Dunlap, James A.               24 Sep 1893  F210
Maples, Erving                 Fry, Clara E.                      8-Oct-10 N382
Maquilin, Carrie E.            Long, Ephrain                  22 Jul 1886  C470
Maquilken, W.H.                Cramplin, Florence D.          01 Sep 1887  D091
Marable, Pearl                 Waford, Bert                      23-Jan-18 U501
Marasch, W.F.                  Davis, Sarah                   09 Oct 1886  C512
Marble, M.                     Claiborne, G.R.                   11-Nov-11 O411
Marble, Nellie                 Hern, Nate B.                  03 Feb 1892  E488
Marbourg, Mary                 Kliwer, Arthur                     3-Aug-18 V304
March, Clare E.                Ducker, W.A.                                I429
March, G.D.                    Kyle, Effie                        5-Jul-19 W271
March, John H.                 Wheeler, Bridget                  24-Dec-08 M066
Marcum, Ethel                  Potts, Albert                               S080
Marcum, Joseph E.              Scott, Eliza E.                   14-Sep-09 M426
Marcy, C.F.                    Lamirand, Martha                  22-Jan-22 Z569
Marcy, George Duke             Mallory, Alice                     9-Aug-13 Q271
Marden, Lavelle                Hock, Leonard E.                  18-Sep-19 W447
Mareon, Lillian                Furbacher, Michael                30-Aug-12 P391
Margeson, Herman Smith         O'Donnell, Anna                    2-Dec-19 X005
Marglin, Lillie M.             McPherson, George T.           20 Nov 1888  D434
Margules, Sam                  Kallman, Esther                             R565
Marhkam, Emma C.               McCaddon, James C.             26 Nov 1879  B006
Maricle, Ava                   Wilffarth, R.C.                   30-Oct-20 Y235
Maricle, Mary V.               Barger, Harry L.                  19-Aug-21 Z224
Marie, Lizzie                  Ebert, Louis                   09 Apr 1890  E117
Marie, Lucy                    Stearns, Alfred(fered)         11 Aug 1897  G336
Marina, Selia                  Castro, Isabel                     8-Oct-18 V433
Marion, Franklin M.            Collar, Harriet P.                18-Aug-11 O286
Mark, Bert N.                  Potter, Leola                      3-Jul-20 X559
Mark, Cora                     Darmer, Charles                   28-Aug-11 O299
Mark, Edward Leroy             McLain, Juanitia                   1-Oct-19 W485
Mark, Gertrude E.              Cunningham, Walter W.             19-Apr-05 J547
Mark, Ida M.                   Drowatzky, E.W.                   17-Dec-01 I124
Mark, Lloyd                    Kenton, Bernice                    1-May-20 X368
Mark, William Edward           Walrath, Rose                  25 Oct 1891  E410
Markee, Ora                    Farr, Edgar                        2-Jun-09 M271
Markel, Edwin M.               Miller, Lillian                   26-Sep-06 K383
Markel, Hasil B.               Warning, George W.                21-Jan-10 M578
Markel, Hazel                  Timmermeyer, Clarence             22-Nov-21 Z439
Markel, Richard E.             Brasier, Margaret M.           20 Nov 1894  F439
Markel, Susanna P.             Allen, Cecil R.                    4-Apr-21 Y563
Markey, C.D.                   Warren, Jane                      26-Dec-18 V531
Markey, Grace                  Whitaker, Archie                  18-Mar-21 Y532
Markey, John P.                Reilly, Regina L.                 10-Oct-21 Z336
Markey, Katherine Elizabeth    Adams, Arthur Frederick                     S238
Markey, Mary                   Gillespie, A.C.                   24-Jun-14 R036
Markey, P.H.                   Ward, Clara                    12 Mar 1899  H053
Markham, Frances J.            Gascoigne, John                21 Jun 1885  C269
Markham, Henry A.              Baughman, Rosa B.              07 Sep 1879  A444
Markham, John B.               German, Mildred                             T024
Markham, Mabel                 Long, Elmer Preston                4-Oct-20 Y160
Markham, Roy                   Scott, Mabel                      22-Apr-18 V107
Markland, Mary                 Curry, Scott W.                    2-Jul-05 J618
Markland, Mary                 Skinner, William               04 Feb 1895  F487
Markland, Myrtle               Kemp, Norman E.                04 Aug 1891  E367
Markle, F.E.                   Alexander, Carrie Edith                     T037
Markley, Lloyd William         Mabon, Esther Lucile               2-Jun-20 X445
Markley, Mary Irene            McIntosh, Jame William            12-Jul-10 N237
Markley, Maude M.              Barrett, Millard F.               12-May-12 P232
Markley, Melva                 Hoefgen, Samuel B.                25-Mar-14 Q577
Marks, Elizabeth               Cummings, George                   9-May-20 X389
Marks, Irvin                   Littler, Mary                  07 Aug 1895  F572
Marks, Jessie                  Rynearson, Arthur                 26-Aug-02 I332
Marks, Mary                    Walck, Joseph F.                            S026
Marks, Mathew                  Griffith, Goldie                   3-Apr-19 W050
Marks, N.J.                    Marks, Violet                     27-Apr-13 Q122
Marks, Sadie                   Wolford, John                  04 Mar 1879  A404
Marks, Stella D.               Rowan, A.S.                                 S577
Marks, Violet                  Marks, N.J.                       27-Apr-13 Q122
Markwell, Abel                 Drake, Rhoda E.                    6-Jun-10 N173
Markwell, Cleo                 Dunn, Roy                          7-Nov-17 U180
Markwell, Frank E.             Maxwell, Anna                  17 Oct 1896  G171
Markwell, Leo                  Dillon, Cecilia                   11-Apr-18 V087
Markwell, Letta                Angel, Marion                  22 Apr 1888  D277
Markwell, Wesley               Dewey, Clara                   22 Nov 1894  F441
Markwell, William H.           Garrison, Alta                 04 May 1890  E134
Marler, John                   Barger, Leota                     16-Nov-10 N453
Marler, T.E.                   Odell, Bertha                     20-Jan-12 P071
Marley, Frank                  Service, Nina Marie                6-Aug-18 V307
Marley, H.G.                   Pope, Ida M.                   05 Nov 1886  C526
Marley, J.                     Latham, Catherine              05 Mar 1888  D241
Marley, Melvin L.              Goodrich, Elizabeth                6-May-08 L396
Marley, William Floyd          Burnette, Elsie                   23-Jun-20 X526
Marlin, Emma F.                Miller, T.G.                      22-Nov-01 I108
Marlin, Mahalie                Vandusen, Nelson                  11-Feb-11 O011
Marlin, Terry                  Mackey, Maggie                 26 Sep 1888  D396
Marling, Dora Eliz.            Marling, M.L.                  27 Feb 1899  H049
Marling, M.L.                  Marling, Dora Eliz.            27 Feb 1899  H049
Marlman, Elmer W.              Kirkpatrick, Lenora R.             3-Mar-19 W001
Marlow, Clarence R.            Taylor, Ethel H.                  21-Sep-10 N348
Marlow, Eliza Blanch           Lee, Richard Henry             16 Jun 1881  B164
Marlow, Ethel                  Eyestone, David A.                26-Jul-08 L495
Marlow, Grace                  Pierecy, E.L.                      8-Sep-21 Z268
Marlow, Joe R.                 Smith, Anna Reta                            S084
Marlow, Mamie B.               Kincheloe, Orton T.               19-Apr-05 J548
Marlow, Roy F.                 Higgens, Anna                      8-Aug-17 T562
Marlow, William C.             Fordyce, Lora B.                   6-Oct-09 M463
Marlowe, Charley J.            Wortman, Lola                     16-Dec-18 V515
Marmelstein, Joseph L.         Krashin, Sarah                    29-Mar-10 N059
Marnane, Daniel Raymond        Wagner, Susie                     27-Nov-07 L210
Marnane, Joseph                Jansen, Minnie                    30-Apr-12 P211
Marnane, Mary                  Culhane, Joe                      26-Jun-07 L035
Marney, Ora James              Gardner, Laura                    27-Sep-10 N298
Marple, Claude                 Teter, Elva                        1-Aug-18 V300
Marple, Inez G.                Stanley, Otho F.                            T192
Marple, Laura                  Staley, Glenn E.                   2-Feb-20 X170
Marquard, Rose                 Duncan, Jesse                     18-Dec-18 V519
Marquart, Gladys Marie         Funk, Van L.                       2-Aug-20 X624
Marquez, Alberto               Taso, Amanda                      19-Oct-19 W492
Marquis, Clyde                 Lung, Lucy                         1-May-20 X368
Marquis, Ella                  Bird, Harry S.                 20 Jan 1897  G239
Marquis, F.E.                  Keller, Ora E.                 27 Nov 1895  F637
Marquis, Mabel                 Burchell, Harry                   27-Oct-18 V457
Marquis, Ora E.                McClintock, Paul D.                2-Aug-03 I617
Marquis, Pauline               Dale, Frank M.                              R633
Marr, Ada                      Grable, William                    4-May-07 K624
Marr, Charles                  Horatio, Belle                 20 Oct 1881  B203
Marr, Charles R.               Alderson, Ada I.                   1-Oct-01 I059
Marr, Doris                    Rogers, Earl                      26-Oct-20 Y227
Marrey, Mazie                  Donagon, Otto                     29-May-20 X438
Marrha, Frances                Nawatny, John W.                   9-Jan-09 M095
Marriott, Frances A.           Beck, Edward H.                   28-Dec-07 L263
Marriott, Hettie L.            Emberson, Alvin C.                26-Jan-22 Z574
Marriott, Mary E.N. (Mrs.)     Lewis, Charles F.                 27-Apr-04 J221
Marriott, Nellie (Mrs.)        Stevens, Charles H.               10-Apr-01 H553
Marrison, May                  Johnson, Carl T.                   1-Jun-10 N161
Marrs, Dolores Mae             Fuller, Roy Myron                           S233
Marsh, Albert                  Redeagle, Marie                   10-Mar-19 W018
Marsh, Alice                   Elbe, Charles                  28 Dec 1881  B229
Marsh, Anna                    Tudors, William                05 Feb 1885  C205
Marsh, Arthur R.               Kirker, Luella M.              29 Jun 1898  G530
Marsh, AuRilla                 Conklin, Stanley J.                2-Dec-12 P549
Marsh, C.C.                    Johnston, Clara C.             20 Apr 1899  H075
Marsh, Cora B.                 Dodds, Joseph E.               18 Aug 1892  E598
Marsh, E.E.                    Ittner, Minnie                     3-Jun-17 T405
Marsh, E.F.                    Dean, Ethel                        3-Nov-18 V470
Marsh, Edna                    Byers, Dewey                                T210
Marsh, Elias J.                Peck, Annie B.                 09 May 1870  A001
Marsh, Elizabeth (Mrs.)        Robertson, G.C.                   15-Aug-09 M376
Marsh, Ethel                   Rine, G.C.                                  T027
Marsh, Fred                    Weston, Ruby                      18-Oct-21 Z362
Marsh, George W.               Elvin, Nellie J.                  25-Mar-14 Q576
Marsh, Grace                   Merce, William K.                 17-Mar-10 N060
Marsh, H.L.                    Akman, Lizzie                      8-Feb-22 Z594
Marsh, James Thomas            Marsh, Minnie                     25-Apr-08 L383
Marsh, Lee Ora                 Gillespie, Anna M.                 2-May-05 J560
Marsh, Lee Ora                 Gillispie, Anna M.                 2-May-05 J560
Marsh, Mary Jane               Boyle, David                   13 Sep 1888  D386
Marsh, Maude E.                Dees, Carl L.                     11-Oct-09 M468
Marsh, Minnie                  Marsh, James Thomas               25-Apr-08 L383
Marsh, Nellie                  Slates, Harry                     26-Aug-13 Q289
Marsh, Pearl                   Cameron, Fred P.                   4-Mar-07 K564
Marsh, Virgil P.               Foster, Louise                    27-Jun-06 K306
Marsh, William H.              Baker, Beatrice                   22-Oct-13 Q390
Marsh, William H.              Waymire, Valeta M.                24-May-18 V165
Marshall, A.W.                 Lomax, Hazel M.                    3-Feb-12 P090
Marshall, Alvin                Guyer, Ella                    07 Mar 1886  C387
Marshall, Anna                 English, Frank                    26-Aug-08 L533
Marshall, Anna                 Hawthorne, Solomon C.          01 Jul 1889  D564
Marshall, Annie                Torrance, A.C.                    15-Nov-19 W609
Marshall, Burt                 Pine, Nettie                      19-Feb-07 K552
Marshall, C.H.                 Lamb, P.W.                        21-Oct-03 J058
Marshall, C.W.                 Marshall, Malissa                  7-Oct-05 K065
Marshall, Claud S.             Powell, Elizabeth Clarabelle      28-Dec-20 Y380
Marshall, Cyntha               Coin, John                     10 Apr 1886  C425
Marshall, D.C.                 Souter, Laura                  07 Aug 1897  G335
Marshall, D.F.                 Erington, Hannah               17 Nov 1897  G407
Marshall, D.F.                 Errington, Hannah              17 Nov 1897  G407
Marshall, Dovie                Frost, Clarence                    5-Dec-13 Q449
Marshall, E.C.                 VanDerveer, Ethel L.               9-Oct-02 I374
Marshall, E.E.                 Cooper, May(ary) E.            04 Oct 1881  B197
Marshall, Edith J.             Spencer, Edward E.             17 Mar 1886  C412
Marshall, Eliza                Owens, Gabriel                 31 Oct 1892  F005
Marshall, Ellison              Field, Clara                   07 Sep 1883  B407
Marshall, Elva                 Tabor, Clark H.                   21-Aug-01 I024
Marshall, Estellee             Kennard, Willis H.                16-Oct-20 Y198
Marshall, Flora                Saunders, O.S.                    24-Dec-06 K502
Marshall, Frank B.             Atkinson, Mary E.              12 Feb 1889  D493
Marshall, Frank Ross           Jones, Pearl Odilla               12-Feb-08 L306
Marshall, Gladys C.            Orth, Leonard L.                  26-Jun-19 W248
Marshall, Guy E.               Bird, Cora Olive               11 Feb 1897  G252
Marshall, H.W.                 Ford, Anna                                  K443
Marshall, Harriett Blanche     Root, Irwin L.                    26-May-08 L412
Marshall, Howard J.            Bottenfield, Grace E.          29 Sep 1889  D616
Marshall, Ida                  Harper, C.S.                       5-Mar-00 H283
Marshall, John                 Frazee, Rosa                   20 Sep 1891  E384
Marshall, John C. Jr.          Drummond, Maggie E.            05 Apr 1885  C237
Marshall, John C. Jr.          Fenstermaker, Elmyra A.           24-Aug-02 I331
Marshall, John L.              Johnson, Maggie                    1-Feb-12 P088
Marshall, Joseph W.            Abbott, Arabella               15 Aug 1893  F182
Marshall, Katheryne M.         Ayers, Claude D.                  24-Aug-20 Y052
Marshall, L.E.                 Rose, Ducie                    03 Jul 1893  F162
Marshall, Ladessa              Hoyt, Merton A.                   28-Apr-03 I539
Marshall, Leulla               Niles, George Leslie               2-Jul-19 W260
Marshall, Lillian              Hardie, J.S.                       9-Mar-22 Z648
Marshall, Louis Pearl          Mills, Margaret Mary              24-Mar-22 Z670
Marshall, Lulu                 Lewis, Frederick S.            30 Jun 1893  F161
Marshall, Lulu                 Slade, Warren N.               05 Jun 1897  G308
Marshall, Lulu Irene           McCubbin, C.F.                     5-Feb-13 Q017
Marshall, Lulu M.              Sargent, Martin L.             05 Jun 1890  E150
Marshall, Mabel                Varner, George                 04 May 1898  G501
Marshall, Malissa              Leonard, N.G.                     31-Mar-10 N077
Marshall, Malissa              Marshall, C.W.                     7-Oct-05 K065
Marshall, Mary Anna            Wetterhold, William            15 Mar 1887  C594
Marshall, Mary E.              James, Edward F.                  24-Nov-04 J426
Marshall, Mary Helen           Shaffstall, J.E.                  26-Aug-18 V350
Marshall, Mattie               Wilkins, Charles W.            17 Aug 1898  G554
Marshall, Maude                Fetty, Leon                    01 Apr 1896  G073
Marshall, Minnie               Buckles, Harry B.                 28-Oct-09 M506
Marshall, Myrtle Esther        Walker, Louis H.                   6-May-22 Z752
Marshall, Nettie Harrietta     Will, W.K.                         9-Nov-14 R228
Marshall, Nora M.              Waybright, Marshall B.         14 Dec 1889  E038
Marshall, Oda                  Sidwell, Mayme                              S179
Marshall, Pattie W.            Farrell, John J.                  31-Aug-10 N304
Marshall, Pearl M.             White, Aubrey O.                  23-Feb-01 H527
Marshall, Phebe W.             Dean, James R.                 30 Nov 1893  F260
Marshall, Ruth                 Orvis, Grover C.                  15-Mar-21 Y526
Marshall, Sarah Luella         Shaw, Daniel                   12 May 1892  E548
Marshall, Virgil               Stevenson, Sarah Blanche           7-Feb-21 Y463
Marshall, W.H.                 Wilgus, Edith                     16-Jul-19 W289
Marshall, W.M.                 Johnson, Lottie                             S204
Marshall, W.S.                 Dedrick, Lou                      23-Dec-03 J122
Marshall, Walter               Upshaw, Mada                      29-Jan-14 Q518
Marshall, Will                 Addison, Mattie                    2-Nov-04 J402
Marshall, William Clarence     Tomlinson, Alice                   4-Oct-20 Y159
Marshall, William J.           Barnhart, Lydia                31 Oct 1885  C330
Marshall, William J.           Long, Eliza B.                    21-Sep-04 J353
Marshall, William V.           Broadfoot, Jessie M.           07 Mar 1893  F092
Marshell, Joseph               McCune, Iva O.                 26 Nov 1879  B007
Marshell, Lou                  Wilson, Harry F.               25 Apr 1889  D530
Marsolf, Edith L.              Cowden, F.M.                      31-Dec-19 X101
Marsten, Mable                 Houpht, Ernest                              R452
Marston, Dee M.                Stumbaugh, Mark                    2-Jan-07 K507
Marten, Henry                  Peterson, Thelma                   3-Jul-18 V259
Marteney, Ralph                Mead, Minnie                                S564
Martens, Charles R.            Wirth, Emma C.                 03 Jun 1894  F362
Martin, A. Zota                Leidy, Fremont                     9-Sep-14 R136
Martin, A.A.                   Munden, Laura                      8-Aug-20 Y004
Martin, Albert                 Nixon, Hazel                      20-Jul-20 X596
Martin, Alfred                 Harrison, Marie                   21-Dec-14 R289
Martin, Alfred B.              Williams, Daisy J.                19-Apr-05 J550
Martin, Alice                  Porter, Eugene                    23-Dec-19 X066
Martin, Alice Marie            Foster, Frank Ray                  6-Apr-22 Z692
Martin, Anna                   Martin, J.A.                       4-Jul-12 P323
Martin, Anna                   Seiler, Leonard                    3-Nov-14 R189
Martin, Anna B.                Phillips, Burnett F.              19-Sep-09 M427
Martin, Anna C.                Spencer, A.D.                     20-Jun-00 H345
Martin, Anna F.                Zigler, James D.                            S180
Martin, Anna Mary(ria)         Schreiner, Frank                  22-Nov-04 J406
Martin, B.B.                   Dufield, May                      22-Apr-08 L377
Martin, B.B.                   Vulgamore, Jane                13 Jan 1884  C028
Martin, Barbara                Carr, Charles                  20 Jun 1889  D559
Martin, Belle C.               Mounts, S.G. (J.)              18 Feb 1877  A253
Martin, Benjamin F.            Foster, Minnie                    12-Nov-12 P512
Martin, Berry                  Crawley, Addie                    12-Nov-06 K444
Martin, Bert W.                Poundstone, Ruth A.                         Z325
Martin, Bessie Lee             Martin, P.M.                      12-Apr-22 Z704
Martin, Burgess J.             Buckland, Bertha                            T017
Martin, Carrie                 Staley, F.B.                       6-May-02 I238
Martin, Carrie                 White, Cash                        7-Apr-09 M210
Martin, Carrie E.              Rhoades, Charles                  26-Mar-18 V056
Martin, Celina                 Steffen, Christian             27 Sep 1881  B191
Martin, Charles                Hudson, Grace May                 24-Dec-04 J452
Martin, Charles B.             Richardson, Mattie                 1-Sep-07 L100
Martin, Charles E.             Wooden, Carrie                 29 Nov 1886  C540
Martin, Charles Eugene         Amey, Effie                       19-Oct-06 K411
Martin, Charles F.             Jackson, Fannie(ny) L.         06 Jun 1893  F151
Martin, Charles G.             Bolling, Mary V.               25 Dec 1888  D457
Martin, Charles W.             Gardner, Lulu                  11 Apr 1887  C626
Martin, Charles W.             Walden, Catherine                  2-Feb-18 U526
Martin, Cornelia E.            Frost, Fred E.                    15-Mar-04 J185
Martin, Daisy                  Garvey, James H.               22 Jul 1885  C280
Martin, Daniel O.              Haub, Laura B.                    26-Oct-04 J394
Martin, Delia                  Bland, Robert                     15-Apr-13 Q110
Martin, Della                  Pasters, William               28 Jan 1890  E067
Martin, Dennis                 Bass, Ethel                       29-Nov-17 U273
Martin, Donna S.               Bennett, David                    31-Dec-03 J130
Martin, Dora                   Elliot, Otho T.                29 Jul 1896  G126
Martin, Dora                   Kamp, J.W.                                  T223
Martin, Dorothea I.            Greer, J.E.                       13-Jul-11 O246
Martin, E. Blanche             Hughett, F.M.                      2-Jun-17 T410
Martin, Earl                   Coldren, Georgie                  22-Jun-20 X522
Martin, Earl P.                Dodson, Georgia Olive              3-Sep-08 L551
Martin, Edgar                  Winkler, Ethel                    26-Jan-19 V568
Martin, Edith                  Williams, Ray H.                  19-Jan-14 Q508
Martin, Edna M.                Rutherford, Charles A.            15-Nov-17 U208
Martin, Edward                 Landwehr, Mary                    12-Jan-04 J127
Martin, Edward P.              Wilson, Mollie                 25 Oct 1898  G597
Martin, Eldon E.               Gibson, Ivy                        1-Jan-12 P046
Martin, Elizabeth              Parent, T. Edwin                  30-Jun-10 N218
Martin, Elizabeth Jane         Mouser, Silas                  28 Dec 1885  C368
Martin, Ella                   Wartick, Archie                   14-Oct-20 Y190
Martin, Ella Pearl             Jones, Edward W.                   2-Sep-06 K361
Martin, Elmer                  Brown, Mamie                      22-Sep-19 W464
Martin, Elnora                 Washburn, J.E.                    13-May-14 Q621
Martin, Elsie                  McKinnell, Addison K.                       R581
Martin, Emma                   Hickling, Thomas               01 Aug 1879  A438
Martin, Emma                   Hunt, C.F.                        25-Jun-03 I590
Martin, Eugene                 Walker, Anna                       1-Sep-20 Y068
Martin, Eugene DeWitt          Watt, Laura Lourene                3-Mar-21 Y502
Martin, Eunice B.              Smythe, J.R.                      23-Apr-13 Q116
Martin, Felix                  Dunaway, Josie                     4-Aug-08 L505
Martin, Florence G.            Dodd, Roy L.                      18-Jan-20 X139
Martin, Frances                Seglem, Henry Severt              20-Feb-15 R366
Martin, Frances E.             Jones, Walter M.                  24-Sep-13 Q339
Martin, Francis M.             Hoss, Albert E.                10 Apr 1894  F337
Martin, Frank Eugene           Grandfield, Pearl Viola                     S369
Martin, Frank M.               Collins, Mary Faye                29-Jan-13 Q013
Martin, Frankie                Moore, James M.                30 Dec 1880  B125
Martin, Fred                   Adkins, Beatrice                            T084
Martin, Fred J.                McDowell, Allie                   10-Jun-03 I576
Martin, Freeman Lenore         Robinson, Effie Myrtle            21-Jun-17 T460
Martin, G.E.                   Campbell, Edna May                31-Dec-13 Q484
Martin, G.H.                   Caraway, Sarah Inez                1-May-11 O130
Martin, G.W.                   Pile, Edna M.                  30 Jun 1888  D332
Martin, George                 Gandel, Sarah                  28 Apr 1884  C071
Martin, George E.              Sample, Carrie E.                  5-Jun-07 L005
Martin, George F.              Osborn, Grace                     29-Oct-21 Z390
Martin, George Frederick       Newkirk, Mary Zelpha              24-Dec-13 Q471
Martin, George Fredrick        Brown, Jean Lois                            T166
Martin, George Raymond         Eaton, Devone                     16-Nov-10 N451
Martin, George S.              Martin, Tressie                   30-Aug-11 O302
Martin, George W.              Brooks, Mary E.                25 May 1873  A072
Martin, Glen E.                Stuchbery, Amy J.                 19-Jun-17 T453
Martin, Green W.               Samson, Sarah O.               18 Mar 1876  A195
Martin, Guy A.                 Clapham, Bessie                    1-Jun-21 Z010
Martin, H.                     Summers, Anna                  25 Sep 1898  G567
Martin, H.J.                   Cough, Laura Myers                          S439
Martin, Harry Walton           Faust, Dollie                     29-Jul-11 O263
Martin, Hattie                 Jones, B.F.                    19 Sep 1878  A360
Martin, Hattie                 Shreiner, David H.                28-Nov-12 P541
Martin, Hattie                 Shriner, David H.                 28-Nov-12 P541
Martin, Hattie                 Ware, John                        15-Jul-17 T506
Martin, Hobart                 Cotton, Ceola                      2-Mar-18 V017
Martin, Ida LaVergne           Blake, John                                 T358
Martin, Ida Vergie             Wise, John W.                     28-Dec-04 J458
Martin, Ira W.                 Riggs, Helen                      31-Jul-20 X618
Martin, Isis B.                Charlesworth, John R.          17 Dec 1894  F458
Martin, Iva                    Easley, Frank Wesley              20-Sep-17 T637
Martin, J.A.                   Albin, Elizabeth M.                7-Jun-04 J254
Martin, J.A.                   Booker, Mary                      14-May-03 I556
Martin, J.A.                   Harper, Ida                        5-Oct-19 W494
Martin, J.A.                   Johnson, Anna                      7-Jul-04 J287
Martin, J.A.                   Martin, Anna                       4-Jul-12 P323
Martin, J.A.                   Miller, Hattie                 17 Mar 1886  C412
Martin, J.D.                   Baker, Bertha                     28-Dec-18 V542
Martin, J.E.                   Alexander, Blanche                21-Jun-09 M308
Martin, J.S.                   Styles, Phoebe J.              05 Apr 1888  D260
Martin, J.W.                   McFarland, Ida A.              01 Mar 1888  D239
Martin, J.W.                   Stice, Edna                       27-Jul-12 P350
Martin, Jacob                  Beyrele, Theresia                 17-Jan-05 J460
Martin, James                  McNatt, Myrtle                    28-Nov-14 R263
Martin, James                  Nash, Sarah E.                 11 Jun 1881  B165
Martin, James A.               Gorman, Thursa A.                           R629
Martin, James I.               Merron, Jessie (Mrs.)              5-Mar-06 K217
Martin, Jane                   William, John                  30 May 1882  B273
Martin, Jean Lois              Wells, William I.                  4-Feb-20 X176
Martin, Joanna                 Williams, Horace                  23-Mar-18 V051
Martin, Joe A.                 Blood, Ethel                      10-Oct-13 Q370
Martin, John                   Snyder, Iva                       17-Nov-19 W613
Martin, John C.                Sullivan, Goldie                  22-Sep-07 L130
Martin, John E.                Bertrand, Laura F.(C.)             5-May-07 K622
Martin, John Henry             Bird, Juanita                     27-Sep-19 W479
Martin, Joseph                 Gossett, Vina Ann                           K424
Martin, Joseph B.              Rollins, Latillie                  7-May-13 Q136
Martin, Joseph D.              Richmond, Hattie E.            02 Nov 1890  E236
Martin, Josephine              Jones, Ben                     29 Sep 1897  G370
Martin, Katherine E.           Sellers, Thomas W.D.              20-Jan-09 M107
Martin, Katie                  Orth, Math                     24 Sep 1888  D393
Martin, Kattie                 Neely, F.L.                        2-Mar-07 K563
Martin, L.B.                   Lehmbeck, H.                                T265
Martin, Laura                  Garnett, Fred                  14 Aug 1895  F576
Martin, Laura J.               Treff, William C.              15 Dec 1886  C552
Martin, Leander                Foose, Jennie B.               20 Jun 1894  F373
Martin, Lee A.                 Zorns, Lilly A.                    5-May-13 Q134
Martin, Lee San                Jones, Maggie                     12-Jul-20 X577
Martin, Leila A.               Sealock, Howard E.                 8-Sep-20 Y092
Martin, Lena                   McCormick, Fred                22 Dec 1896  G217
Martin, Lena                   Wickham, Horace                03 May 1897  G293
Martin, Lennie                 Peterson, Olf                     10-Mar-09 M154
Martin, Leota M.               Geonas, Emil                                S403
Martin, Lewis L.               Seaman, Velma                               V417
Martin, Linnie                 Young, Robert E.                   2-Sep-13 Q300
Martin, Linnie G.              Sanford, W.W.                  10 Oct 1881  B199
Martin, Lloyd John             Clark, Venetta                     3-Sep-14 R128
Martin, Louie                  Gibson, Sallie                    14-Dec-01 I123
Martin, Louis                  German, Jessie                     3-Sep-08 L550
Martin, Louis H.               Patterson, Beula F.                3-Feb-06 K192
Martin, Louisa                 Thornton, Thomas D.               17-Jan-20 X137
Martin, Loyal M.               Bunnell, Bess L.                   5-Jan-10 M608
Martin, Lula                   Frazee, Charles                12 Dec 1894  F456
Martin, Lula                   Smith, Ira                         1-Jul-00 H350
Martin, Lula May               Garnett, Lester A.                12-Mar-21 Y518
Martin, Lulu P.                Shay, Michael N.                  16-Nov-10 N449
Martin, Lydia A.               Cooper, George                 15 Jan 1894  F295
Martin, Mabel                  Eazell, John W.                    7-Mar-03 I502
Martin, Mabel                  Reep, Arthur                      29-Jan-20 X163
Martin, Mabel S.               Brookes, Jason H.              01 Oct 1889  D619
Martin, Maggie J. (Mrs.)       Fowler, Harvey                 20 Oct 1889  D638
Martin, Mamie Thressie         Lohkamp, Jacob J.                 25-Jun-12 P301
Martin, Margaret               Crosby, John H.                    6-Aug-19 W338
Martin, Margaret L.            Smith, Oren                       24-Jul-01 I007
Martin, Marguerite             McCartney, Jacob L.               16-Jul-19 W288
Martin, Martha Lee             Schung, Edward J.P.            15 Jul 1888  D342
Martin, Mary                   Burrell, J.D.                  21 Aug 1890  E186
Martin, Mary                   Cherry, William                   26-Dec-11 P041
Martin, Mary                   Cline, W.W.                    26 Dec 1899  H237
Martin, Mary                   Graves, Fred                      22-Apr-20 X345
Martin, Mary                   Gregg, John                       28-Nov-11 O434
Martin, Mary                   Keiter, Joseph                 23 Nov 1899  H205
Martin, Mary                   McHenry, Crocket(tt)              20-Oct-09 M485
Martin, Mary                   Nolan, John                    27 Dec 1884  C181
Martin, Mary D.                Adams, Henry W.                   12-Jun-22 Z214
Martin, Mary E.                Duehring, Frederick R.             4-Jun-20 X455
Martin, Mary E.                Redmond, Christopher                        D032
Martin, Mary Elizabeth         Sloan, Samuel F.                  11-Jun-08 L432
Martin, Mathias                Smarsh, Mary                      21-Jan-13 P634
Martin, Mattie                 Cherry, Marion                     1-Oct-10 N370
Martin, Maud M.                Troublefield, J.M.                24-Feb-06 K210
Martin, Maude                  Harding, E.N.                      6-Oct-19 W502
Martin, Maude B.               Parr, W.A.                        21-Jan-07 K523
Martin, Michael                Arbach, Mary                       9-May-01 H559
Martin, Mollie O.              Benning, Albrow T.             31 Mar 1880  B057
Martin, Monissia Ada           Ervin, Squire                     18-Jun-13 Q206
Martin, Monna Belle            Wagner, Harvey E.                  4-Mar-14 Q554
Martin, Nannie                 Kennedy, Earl                     15-Dec-09 M562
Martin, Neal D.                Garrett, Clara B.                 25-Dec-05 K157
Martin, Neal D.                Garrett, Clara Belle              14-Apr-01 H557
Martin, Nellie Grace           Steinhoff, Jesse                            S277
Martin, Nettie                 Childs, Lincoln                    3-Jul-18 V261
Martin, Nettie                 Mokas, P.T.                        6-Dec-11 P007
Martin, Nettie                 Wilson, A.H.                      14-Oct-14 R192
Martin, Nicholas               Simon, Anna E.                 02 May 1893  F115
Martin, Nora                   Thorpe, Horace W.              15 Sep 1887  D104
Martin, Oliver A.              West, Estelle                      4-Sep-11 O309
Martin, Opal                   Brady, E.H.                                 R487
Martin, Owen J.                Nolan, Sabina E.               08 Sep 1891  E383
Martin, P.F.                   Murphy, Annie                               R531
Martin, P.M.                   Martin, Bessie Lee                12-Apr-22 Z704
Martin, Paul                   Argabright, Mildred E.             2-Jun-09 M278
Martin, Paul M.                Tatum, Bessie Lee                 20-Oct-19 W536
Martin, Pearl                  Smith, Ross                       18-Jul-21 Z139
Martin, Perly                  Beumer, Lydie E.               07 Sep 1897  G352
Martin, Peter                  Faber, Annie                                S319
Martin, Philip                 Worley, Vera                      31-Oct-12 P489
Martin, Ralph                  Barnett, Bertha                             S237
Martin, Ralph Franklin         Houston, Aleen                    30-Sep-08 L582
Martin, Roberta Fern           Quinlisk, Leslie A.                         T018
Martin, Rosa                   Landwehr, Martin                   4-Sep-00 H380
Martin, Rosa Lee               Pollock, Johnas T.             29 May 1889  D547
Martin, Rose                   Criss, Grafton                    17-Jan-10 M621
Martin, Rose                   Shults, William                   16-Sep-07 L123
Martin, Rose                   Shutts, William                   16-Sep-07 L123
Martin, Rosie                  Burke, John                                 M357
Martin, Rosie M.               Hubert, William C.             22 May 1898  G510
Martin, Roy C.                 Cobb, M. Adeline                  16-Aug-19 W362
Martin, Roy F.                 Thompson, Ellen Rosella           21-Dec-20 Y348
Martin, Ruby Evelyn            Harrington, Charles R.            21-Jul-17 T519
Martin, Ruby Pearl             Condra, John Edgar                 6-Jun-12 P260
Martin, S.A.                   Priest, Grace                     28-Apr-03 I541
Martin, T.H.                   Gittings, Ella                              S279
Martin, T.W.                   Smith, R.E.                                 S094
Martin, Tessie                 Turner, Blaine                     6-May-05 J566
Martin, Thomas                 Phillips, Iola                    17-Aug-05 K015
Martin, Thomas                 VanVolkinburg, Ruth            24 Dec 1877  A303
Martin, Tressie                Martin, George S.                 30-Aug-11 O302
Martin, Tynca Nina             Root, J. Stanley                            S406
Martin, Varn                   Brubeck, Bessie                    9-Jun-17 T435
Martin, Verne                  Horton, Ruth                      11-Aug-14 R093
Martin, Virgil                 Woltz, Lula                        9-Sep-12 P407
Martin, Virginia M.            Schnug, Edward J.              28 Oct 1890  E224
Martin, Virginia M.            Schung, Edward J.              28 Oct 1890  E224
Martin, W.A.                   Dickey, Margaret                  12-Jan-22 Z545
Martin, W.W.                   Teter, Mollie E.                  29-Jul-01 I009
Martin, William                Brown, Lillie                     18-Apr-10 N104
Martin, William                Huggins, Deliah(ilah)          24 Nov 1898  G622
Martin, William Alexander      Barnett, Eva Evelyn               28-Jun-18 V252
Martin, William B.             Senyard, Anna M.                  11-Jul-06 K321
Martin, William B.             White, Ida                        24-Dec-14 R298
Martin, William E.             Jones, Mamie                      17-Aug-14 R102
Martin, Willie B.              Demer, Pearl                       8-Oct-21 Z336
Martin, Winne(nie)             Parson, James N.                   6-Oct-08 L593
Martindale, Ada L.             Barnum, Alva B.                   25-Mar-06 K230
Martindale, Caltha             Mear, Ash                      28 Feb 1899  H049
Martindale, Eva                Padgett, Elmer L.                 17-Dec-13 Q462
Martindale, Fay R.             White, Harrison Earl              10-Nov-07 L196
Martindale, Hattie M.          Putney, Floyd E.                  18-Jun-12 P289
Martindale, Hazel E.           Proctor, Roy L.                   24-Mar-06 K229
Martindale, Ira                Norman, Daisy                  08 Jan 1894  F291
Martindale, J.E.               Toms, Mary E.                      7-Sep-10 N316
Martindale, Jack               Gilchrist, Lula                   28-Jan-12 P080
Martindale, John               Quigley, Dorothy                  24-Jul-20 X604
Martindale, Lyda               Roberts, J.I.                  08 May 1895  F536
Martindale, Minnie M.          Williams, John                              S260
Martindale, Oliver P.          Hunt, Hazel                        7-Aug-11 O274
Martindale, Rudolph            Theetge, Jessie                    1-Jan-14 Q485
Martindale, Waldena            Baldwin, Onias B.                 12-Aug-08 L513
Martines, Mariana              Moya, Tesus                                 T129
Martinetti, Ola Pauline        Elliott, Ben H.                   10-Jan-18 U467
Martinez, Eujenio              Gomez, Clara                       1-May-20 X342
Martinez, Francisco            Contreras, Mary J.                17-Jun-18 V225
Martinez, Gudalupe             Bargos, Birtsrio                            T299
Martinez, Josefa               Garcia, Jose                       3-May-20 X376
Martinez, Lucio                Ruiz, Rebeca                      21-Apr-19 W086
Martinez, Sanguanita           Leon, Ubertino                     2-Apr-21 Y557
Martinot, Louise F.            Crawford, C.W.                              T254
Martins, Lillie                Morris, George Samuel             25-Dec-18 V532
Martins, Robert J.             Koch, Mollie K.                19 Oct 1889  D633
Martinson, Otto                Knofflock, Sarah               04 Apr 1876  A201
Martling, Ells L. Jr.          Riley, Helendean                  27-Feb-18 V011
Marts, C.A.                    Dyer, Mary E.                               S082
Marts, Clara B.                Lampson, William T.               21-Dec-06 K491
Marts, George                  Dixon, Susan A.                25 Jul 1876  A213
Marts, H.B.                    Elliott, Mae Bert                           T306
Marts, June                    Kerley, Verne                     15-Jan-21 Y410
Marts, Nellie R.               Freeman, George F.                28-Aug-09 M393
Marty, Joseph                  Butcher, Minnie                   20-Oct-09 M484
Marvin, C.T.                   Abbott, Annie                  26 Sep 1898  G574
Marvin, Dahlia Jail            Harvey, Eugene G.                 24-Jun-18 V243
Marvin, Mathias C.             Smith, Clara B.                   12-Apr-05 J544
Marvin, Pearl                  Jackson, A.T.                               T111
Marx, Augusta                  Lambert, Adolph                03 Apr 1887  C622
Marx, Augusta                  Lowman, Samuel                 21 Dec 1881  B219
Marx, Carl H.                  Sconce, Nellie E.                  1-May-19 W108
Marx, Dora                     Mellers, Antone                04 Aug 1887  D077
Marx, Elizabeth                Nolte, P.D.                                 T249
Marx, Frank                    Schauf, Helen                     25-Nov-19 W608
Marx, John                     Kampling, Katherine               12-May-08 L386
Marx, Karl                     Schroll, Kate (Mrs.)              27-Jan-00 H239
Marx, Katie                    Hermes, Nicholas               05 Jun 1882  B272
Marx, Leo Martin               Freund, Pauline                    9-Apr-18 V056
Marx, Nicholas                 Lible, Mary                    12 May 1891  E332
Marx, Ruby R.                  Albright, Henry W.                 1-Jan-18 U343
Marx, Teresh                   Masterson, John F.                 5-Nov-12 P473
Marx, Wilhelm                  Blasi, Josephine                   9-Jan-12 P042
Marx, Zetha                    Warne, Paul                                 S130
Marye, Paul E.                 Anderson, Jennie               09 Feb 1888  D222
Marz, Mary                     Hein, Jacob M.                 21 Nov 1881  B207
Masher, Belle                  Stolz, J.S.                       20-Mar-12 P151
Maskrid, E.D.                  Haskin, Lizzie                    15-Apr-22 Z713
Maskrid, Ed                    Jackson, Fern                     12-Aug-11 O279
Maskrid, Eddie                 Hagen, Gertie                     10-Feb-14 Q528
Maskrid, Sadie                 Kelton, William M.                10-Apr-19 W065
Mason, A.B.C.                  Feltner, Mae                       1-Mar-19 V639
Mason, Bruce Tremaine          Houston, Lizzie Irene          22 Oct 1897  G387
Mason, C.A.                    Schwyhart, Moss Agate              8-Nov-11 O405
Mason, C.E.                    Harrington, Irma                  24-Sep-14 R159
Mason, Catalina                Kinney, Wesley S.                 30-Dec-03 J128
Mason, Charles C.              Helin, Wilhelmena                  3-Jul-12 P315
Mason, Curtis G.               Williams, Minnie P.                         S532
Mason, Emmitt                  Cassil, Audrey                    11-Aug-19 W348
Mason, Ethel L.                Ferguson, C. Raymond              26-Jun-12 P304
Mason, Everett LeMoyne         Cain, Edith                        4-Oct-05 K058
Mason, F.E.                    Hammond, Cora J.                  22-Jun-17 T462
Mason, George                  Laurie, Mary M.H.              01 Sep 1892  E602
Mason, George M.               Ashenfelter, Anita H.             22-Dec-12 P559
Mason, George Wallace          Groom, Clarinda                   18-Sep-12 P417
Mason, Gertrude M.             Ellis, James Newman            15 Oct 1891  E403
Mason, Glenna                  Arther, George                              S347
Mason, Hallie                  McMillen, Harry                    5-Jun-17 T417
Mason, Harry M.                Davidson, Margaret M.             27-Sep-11 O341
Mason, Henrietta Virginia      Andrews, Edward Childs            28-Jun-06 K310
Mason, I.G.                    Wallace, Lela Pearl               23-Dec-00 H480
Mason, Isaiah                  Sampson, Tuler                    21-Aug-21 Z228
Mason, Jennie                  Allen, Timothy                    23-Sep-19 W467
Mason, John H.                 Chipps, Jessie L.              18 Oct 1894  F420
Mason, M.S.                    Smith, Sarah A.                27 Jun 1885  C271
Mason, Maggie                  Brown, James V.                14 Jul 1898  G538
Mason, Mary                    Summers, J.F.                  26 Mar 1896  G071
Mason, Mary A.                 Weaver, Ira A.                     3-Jun-20 X450
Mason, Mary A.                 Wethers, Ben                      18-May-05 J573
Mason, Mary Elizabeth          Farney, Dewey Clayton              6-Jun-20 X458
Mason, Mary M.                 DeLong, James C.                  16-Dec-03 J112
Mason, Melvin                  McCrae, Lucy L.                20 Aug 1884  C118
Mason, Myrtle                  Jowers, Elmer W.                            R413
Mason, O.K.                    Rutledge, Eleanor Inez            17-Jun-19 W220
Mason, Oliver B.               Wallace, Lilly L.              20 Dec 1891  E444
Mason, Otis                    Wallace, Mary                     31-Aug-19 W395
Mason, Otto Park               Highbarger, Bertha Almira      30 Sep 1897  G372
Mason, Pansy Belle             Crane, Charles Lyman              26-Dec-17 U406
Mason, Walter                  Crosly, Grace                      5-Dec-12 P555
Mason, Washington              Wygant, Mollie C.              14 Jan 1874  A100
Mason, William                 McDonald, Edna                    15-Sep-10 N332
Mason, William A.              Garnett, Vernona M.                7-Jul-18 V263
Mason, William S.              Laurie, Nellie E.                  6-May-03 I545
Masonhall, Leslie James        Hasselbring, Louise A.            25-Nov-09 M535
Masonhall, Lester G.           Niles, Florence I.                21-Oct-13 Q391
Masonhall, M.B.                Menefee, J.S.                     14-May-02 I244
Masopust, Frank J.             Adamson, Ethel C.                           R638
Massengill, Arthur             Clark, Florrie C.                 28-Jun-20 X541
Massey, Anna                   Buswell, R.J.                               S465
Massey, Anna                   Williams, Ted F.                   2-Feb-18 U525
Massey, Arthur R.              Moore, Charlotte                  30-Nov-20 Y309
Massey, Charles                Brown, Eva Lee                 09 Oct 1899  H177
Massey, Charles M.             Massey, Eva E.                              S578
Massey, Dewey M.               Smith, Mamie B.                   11-Mar-19 W019
Massey, Edward Orr             Lidley, Pauline C.                27-Oct-01 I088
Massey, Eva E.                 Massey, Charles M.                          S578
Massey, G.E.                   Wade, D.M.                     25 Jan 1899  H033
Massey, Henry                  McRea, Mary                    10 Oct 1889  D629
Massey, Herbert William        Blank, Laura Mae                  30-May-18 V180
Massey, Irene                  Comstock, W.L.                    30-Apr-21 Y608
Massey, L.A.                   Authur, Sarah J.               04 Oct 1887  D124
Massey, Lucinda B.             Moser, M.R.                    06 Mar 1878  A315
Massey, Margaret T.            Pierce, John                      30-Sep-14 R169
Massey, Minnie                 Baker, Albert                  19 Feb 1899  H045
Massey, Nanetah J.             Oerke, Lloyd W.                   21-Sep-19 W451
Massey, Nita M.                Soderberg, O.M.                   26-Sep-14 R163
Massey, O.P.                   Manthey, Emma E.               21 Nov 1878  A377
Massey, P.H.                   Lytle, Maria                   02 Feb 1880  B032
Massey, Pratt L.               Hennington, Beulah L.             13-Aug-21 Z206
Massey, Rachel                 Wheaton, Alfred E.             12 Dec 1884  C171
Massey, Robert                 Jordan, Addie (Alice) Frances  21 Sep 1892  E616
Massey, Ruth                   McLain, Marion                     2-Nov-12 P491
Massey, Sallie A.              Holmes, Josiah T.              29 Nov 1876  A238
Massingale, Samuel C.          Canaday, Anna M.                  17-Dec-03 J111
Mast, Harry Roy                Hock, Opal Irene                   7-Jun-20 X466
Mast, Mae                      Case, Earl                         7-Oct-19 W504
Masten, Lewis A.               Burr, Lucy E.                  17 Dec 1891  E445
Masters, Anna R.               Ward, Jesse A.                    10-Dec-05 K128
Masters, Fred                  Kramer, Mabel                     15-Oct-19 W522
Masters, Herbert               Mennell, Mabel                    17-Jan-08 L282
Masters, Herbert               Minnell, Mabel                    17-Jan-08 L282
Masters, J.O.                  Burnham, Nellie M.                20-Nov-12 P518
Masterson, Anna M.             Spaeth, Edward J.                 19-Feb-01 H515
Masterson, Ellen               Kruse, Henry                      26-Jul-10 N249
Masterson, George              Wolke, Eva                        12-Jan-15 R288
Masterson, John F.             Marx, Teresh                       5-Nov-12 P473
Masterson, Julia               Rausch, Nicholas                            R609
Masterson, L.J.                McNeill, Agnes C.                 14-Apr-04 J209
Masterson, Nellie              Cairns, James                  05 Jun 1879  A428
Masterson, Thomas              Polland, Jane                  20 May 1884  C078
Masterson, Thomas              Springer, Lizzie               05 Nov 1889  E008
Mastin, Mattie F.              Castetter, Joseph H.              23-Apr-05 J552
Mastock, George M.             Knoblauch, Elsie                  16-Dec-08 M045
Maston, Belle                  Davidson, J.S.                 03 Jun 1888  D312
Maston, Mary H.E.              Penwell, LaRoy M.              18 Aug 1888  D361
Mateer, Etta                   Coutlet, J.D.                     14-Aug-07 L085
Mateer, Florence               Dodson, Ralph B.                  11-Jul-10 N243
Mater, Gus. B.                 Bridges, M.A.                      2-Apr-03 I522
Matger, Joseph                 Hains, Lena                    29 Jun 1899  H114
Mathein, Mildred               Stewart, Grant                    11-Sep-20 Y099
Matheny, Mary                  Horn, Spencer C.               24 Jun 1893  F159
Matheny, Nannie                Huffman, W.H.                  07 Jul 1896  G116
Mather, George                 Burkell, Alta                               Y469
Matherly, E.S.                 Rayburn, Etta                     19-Oct-13 Q385
Mathers, B.L.                  Clarkson, Aonda (Aouda) A.        31-Jul-06 K341
Mathers, Harris(ry) S.         Ramey, M. Edith                   11-Mar-01 H537
Mathers, Helen S.              Wright, Ralph C.               03 Jan 1899  H017
Mathers, Pearl                 De Ogney, P.A.                     1-Nov-02 I393
Mathes, Alfred                 Steward, Pearl O.(C.)             28-Dec-12 P607
Mathes, Carrie                 Neeley, Edward                     2-Oct-11 O353
Mathes, Edward T.              Jones, Helen L.                27 Dec 1892  F043
Mathes, J. Edgar               Clark, Mae                         5-Apr-05 J531
Mathes, Pearl                  Dosda, Carl                        4-Mar-18 V020
Mathes, William                Patton, Ruby                      20-Apr-11 O114
Mathew, William H.             Johnson, Lizzie J.                 3-Jan-05 J462
Mathews, Ada I.                Wilder, O.T. Jr.                  26-Dec-00 H490
Mathews, Bert M.               Myers, Esther A.                  21-Mar-20 X268
Mathews, Bessie                Brown, Eugene                      7-May-02 I240
Mathews, Della                 Moore, William                    28-May-05 J581
Mathews, E.A.                  Ragan, Ruth                       13-Jan-19 V565
Mathews, Edna                  Lamb, George A.                   17-Nov-10 N452
Mathews, Ethel                 Osborn, Herman                     9-Aug-21 Z196
Mathews, Frances P.            Meskimen, Charles R.              16-Aug-20 Y030
Mathews, Georgie E.            Lantznester, J.F.              27 Apr 1887  C635
Mathews, Lena                  Wilson, Roy                       25-Jan-10 M630
Mathews, Lena A.               Offenstein, George                27-Feb-07 K560
Mathews, Leroy                 Thompson, Maybel                   1-Nov-11 O396
Mathews, Lynn L.               Hedrick, Nellie G.             25 May 1893  F146
Mathews, Martha L.             Snook, Peter                      20-Jan-04 J143
Mathews, Mary                  Perry, D.T.                        5-Nov-19 W579
Mathews, May                   Foster, Clate                     23-Jul-19 W311
Mathews, Preston W.            Morrison, Daisy                   22-Sep-10 N352
Mathews, Robert                Hamilton, Margarite               23-Apr-05 J546
Mathewson, Amos I.             Breaker, Elsie D.                  4-Dec-20 Y312
Mathewson, Frank S.            Fryer, Harriet M.                  8-Nov-05 K102
Mathewson, John Webster        Waddell, Helen Marcella           11-Dec-20 Y327
Mathewson, Lucile Ella         Murray, George Hamilton           18-Jul-01 I003
Mathewson, O.I.                Weaver, Kate                      21-Nov-00 H462
Mathewson, Shella Anita        Thomason,William Dewitt           11-Feb-08 L304
Mathewson, W.E.                Bailey, Gladys                    18-Sep-12 P419
Mathewson, William             Tarlton, Caroline M.           11 May 1886  C439
Mathewson, William Col.        Johnson, Oline Omeda              16-Apr-11 O099
Mathias, Blanche               Willis, Walter                    18-Oct-14 R188
Mathies, Ethel Louise          Lawrence, H.K.                              T105
Mathina, John W.               Rowsey, Ellen                               F416
Mathiot, Myrtle                Moffett, Joseph O. Jr.             4-May-21 Y622
Mathis, C.F.                   Hayes, Carrie                     18-Oct-13 Q386
Mathis, Caroline               Banks, Benjamin F.                11-Nov-05 K104
Mathis, Charles C.             Kerns, Maude L.                   12-Aug-09 M372
Mathis, Charley C.             Huffman, Clara B.                 15-Mar-11 O051
Mathis, Earl J.                Hanna, Theressia                  22-May-12 P239
Mathis, Estella E.             Lanning, George L.                15-Oct-14 R197
Mathis, Georgie E.             Lantznester, J.F.              27 Apr 1887  C635
Mathis, Gus M.                 Campbell, Iva M.               03 Apr 1893  F108
Mathis, Jacob P.               Harrison, Dora                    23-Jul-00 H364
Mathis, Loren L.               Cole, Grace                       11-Nov-08 L640
Mathis, Marie M.               Parks, Ira Frederick              25-Jul-20 X605
Mathis, Robert H.              Griffith, Mary                    12-Sep-19 W434
Mathis, Virgil L.              Ratliff, Bessie                             S228
Mathis, W.H.                   Poulter, Elizabeth C.             17-May-21 Y646
Matkin, Lois                   Tillis, J.G.                      30-Aug-19 W395
Matley, Rosa                   Woods, David                   17 Nov 1887  D160
Matlock, Alice Mary            Griffith, Reginald Harvey          3-Aug-06 K344
Matlock, Allie W.              East, James C.                    24-Oct-04 J392
Matlock, George M.             Knoblauch, Elsie                  16-Dec-08 M045
Matney, Nellie                 Parker, Carl                                R426
Matous, Frank J.               Pruett, Jessie Bell               14-Aug-17 T576
Matoy, Ethel M.                Burgess, Ralph H.                 27-Feb-22 Z634
Matson, Abbye                  Gardner, Nelson S.                 4-Jun-13 Q174
Matson, Amber                  Stewart, Francis S.                1-Mar-08 L322
Matson, Grace M.               Ausherman, Harvey C.              26-Nov-14 R249
Matson, Harry                  Elliott, Eunice                   25-Feb-13 Q039
Matson, Harry                  Ellit, Eunice                     25-Feb-13 Q039
Matson, Ida J.                 Snell, James H.                    8-Jun-09 M286
Matson, J.P.                   Luckie, Henrietta                  5-Jul-09 M335
Matson, Lauren C.              Clark, Grace L.                    1-May-20 X365
Matson, Louise                 Adams, Harry S.                   11-Mar-03 I504
Matson, Roy L.                 Wilson, Helen H.                  26-Nov-10 N475
Mattar, Sieda                  Farha, M.S.                       27-Dec-03 J118
Mattenley, Fadra J.            Howard, Thomas S.                 27-Jul-19 W316
Matter, Zaka                   Ojile, Farris                     30-Jan-10 M635
Matteson, H.S.                 Green, Bertha                  13 Aug 1888  D358
Matthew, Charles B.            Baughman, Josephine E.            23-Nov-06 K457
Matthews, Adelade              Quinn, G.W.                        3-Apr-13 Q091
Matthews, Alma F.              Ratcliff, Robert M.            03 Oct 1894  F412
Matthews, Beulah               Ives, Earl H.                     12-Mar-20 X249
Matthews, C.A.                 Minnick, Jessie B.             19 Oct 1897  G384
Matthews, C.C.                 Schammerhorn, Rose                24-Dec-12 P596
Matthews, Carrie               Neeley, Edward                     2-Oct-11 O353
Matthews, Cora                 Nixon, Thomas L.               28 Jun 1876  A211
Matthews, Cora L.              Dickie, Heman S.                   2-Aug-06 K343
Matthews, Cordelia A.          Trotter, Robert                   23-May-12 P240
Matthews, Earl J.              Hope, Claribel Elizabeth                    S059
Matthews, Ernest E.            Brady, Edith E.                   14-Mar-22 Z656
Matthews, Fannie               Cavit, Robert E.               15 Jan 1880  B024
Matthews, Fern                 Wilson, E.E.                       2-Jul-20 X553
Matthews, Fred B.              Hobson, Ella                      20-Oct-10 N403
Matthews, Henry W.             Skinner, Lutie B.              02 Feb 1898  G453
Matthews, J. Reuben            Kennett, Inzie                     1-Mar-18 V012
Matthews, John W.              Matthews, Martha L.            20 Jan 1898  G446
Matthews, John W.              Preston, Mattie L.             14 Nov 1877  A297
Matthews, Joseph W.            Diem, Eleanor Frances             23-Nov-17 U253
Matthews, L.J.                 Little, Marie E.                  11-Dec-04 J438
Matthews, Lawrence P.          Bigler, Cora Ann                  20-Nov-00 H460
Matthews, Lena                 Tessen, Fred N.                   21-Jul-12 P341
Matthews, Lyman J.             Sanford, Emma (Mrs.)           13 Jul 1892  E580
Matthews, Martha L.            Matthews, John W.              20 Jan 1898  G446
Matthews, Martha L.            Myles, Jay                        18-Sep-06 K377
Matthews, Mary                 Bouray, Len                                 R545
Matthews, Mary E.              Bayley, W.A.                                R509
Matthews, Maude                Cooper, Ernest E.                  1-Jun-05 J580
Matthews, Rene                 Colson, James                     23-Mar-18 V051
Matthews, Virginia             Cassamene, John                12 Dec 1871  A021
Matthews, Zell F.              Buckingham, Cecile                30-Jun-14 R048
Matthey, Aletha                Boogs, James                   22 Dec 1889  E044
Matthey, John H.               Bringle, Ida                   26 Jan 1890  E066
Matthey, Ulysses J.            Tomlinson, Mary O.             10 Aug 1892  E592
Mattice, Luella                Culver, Vane                   23 Dec 1893  F276
Mattice, Malissia              James, Harry A.                30 Mar 1895  F516
Matticks, W.M.                 Nielsen, Mary                               S290
Mattingly, Daisy A.            Church, Howard Elmer                        T287
Mattingly, W.B.                Stewart, Christine                15-Apr-18 V096
Mattison, Anna C.              Howe, David C.                 28 Dec 1898  H009
Mattison, C.E.                 Jones, Grace                      12-Feb-13 Q036
Mattison, C.E.                 Myers, Iva Mae                    19-May-06 K272
Mattison, Cora                 Shipley, R.E.                      6-Apr-09 M203
Mattison, Emma                 Howe, E.A.                        19-Dec-00 H479
Mattison, Irene                Vaughn, Gilbert M.                          N357
Mattison, Louisa B.            Hansen, M.C.                      14-May-14 Q617
Mattison, Maude                Kimery, A.                        14-Mar-03 I507
Mattox, Evelyn                 McCoy, Arthur                     14-Aug-19 W355
Matz, Amelia                   Kraker, Henry                  25 May 1892  E554
Matzeck, Mary                  Brand, Henry                      21-Apr-03 I522
Matzek, Mary                   Brant, Henry                      21-Apr-03 I522
Matzen, Anna Laura             Matzen, John                      14-Mar-10 N053
Matzen, Carl F.                Spurlock, Mary                     4-Feb-22 Z590
Matzen, Jim M.                 Schroeder, Ella                             S299
Matzen, John                   Matzen, Anna Laura                14-Mar-10 N053
Matzen, John Jr.               Parks, Maud(de) E.                23-Mar-13 Q072
Matzen, Marie K.               Pike, Lee                          5-Sep-09 M406
Matzka, E.L.                   Voyls, Mabel M.                19 Oct 1898  G593
Matzka, Emil C.                Engweiler, Margaret               18-Jul-14 R068
Matzka, Louisa                 Herburger, John                03 Aug 1893  F182
Mau, Anna                      Maerz, John                       29-Jan-20 X160
Mau, Carl F.                   Pitt, Marion                      28-Feb-19 V639
Maugain, Marie Germaine        Richie, Richard H.                21-Aug-20 Y047
Maukowski, Augusta M.          Kimmerle, Ernest               25 Dec 1897  G432
Maulding, Maude                Stuck, Harry                      29-Jan-00 H264
Maullen, John                  Schwartz, Minnie               31 Jul 1884  C114
Maulsby, Mary E.               Brackett, Joseph P.            01 Jun 1899  H100
Maulsby, V.                    Bronson, Ellena Ruth              11-Jun-02 I269
Maunch, Gertie                 Winch, S.G.                    03 Jan 1884  C025
Maupin, F.C.                   Burkhart, Ora                     23-Dec-19 X059
Maupin, James W.               Hardy, Annie E.                03 Apr 1890  E112
Maupin, John                   Haas, Carrie                   11 Mar 1892  E515
Maupin, John W.                Osthoff, Allie                    21-Jun-11 O207
Maupin, Levi                   Ransom, Charlotte (Mrs)           15-Jan-01 H506
Maupin, Lydia F.               Solter, J.F.                   16 Aug 1897  G340
Maupin, Nellie C.              Fultz, William A.                           D537
Maupin, Rose                   Jordan, William A.             08 Nov 1891  E416
Maupin, W.D.                   Miller, Effie                  09 Feb 1898  G458
Maurer, Albertina              Allen, H.D.                       23-Dec-18 V525
Maurer, Arthur George          Furlong, Evelona                  16-May-11 O149
Maurer, Walburga               Schauf, Peter                  15 Nov 1898  G607
Maurice, W.R.                  Estep, May                                  S264
Mauring, E.B.                  Dautschmann, Susie Josephine                S325
Maus, Isidore Peter            Bestgen, Addie Regina             15-Jul-03 I606
Maus, J.R.                     Langan, Kattie Agnes              25-Jun-01 H623
Maus, Lena                     Jarvis, Oscar                     11-Mar-08 L336
Maus, Michael                  Ballitine, Elizabeth              26-Oct-04 J371
Maus, Michael                  Paladin, Elizabeth                26-Oct-04 J371
Maust, Bernard B.              McCall, Florence I.            26 Dec 1889  E043
Mauzy, May(ary) M.(Mrs)        Keller, C.A.                   31 Dec 1898  H013
Mauzy, Vivian                  Coxhead, Clinton H.               17-Oct-19 W526
Mawdsley, C.R.                 Wilson, Sue B.                     9-Jul-00 H355
Max, Sarah                     Wine, Abraham                  13 Aug 1893  F181
Maxey, Alta I.                 Smith, E.A.                       16-Oct-02 I379
Maxey, Elizia                  Miller, W.D.                   07 Dec 1898  G627
Maxey, J.F.                    Cane, F.M.                        19-Sep-18 V401
Maxey, J.W.                    Evans, Beatrice                   31-Aug-18 V364
Maxey, Marion                  Needham, James G.                 24-Nov-13 Q437
Maxey, Minnie                  Huffman, O.E.                     30-Nov-17 U290
Maxey, Minnie May              Cox, Nathan C.                 31 Oct 1895  F618
Maxey, Nellie B.               Bishop, A.                         4-Jul-08 L473
Maxey, Robert A.               Stephens, Lila Jean               31-Aug-20 Y070
Maxfield, David                Swan, Mary                     25 Sep 1872  A044
Maxon, Mamie                   Schreffler, Solomon               12-Feb-01 H520
Maxon, Mollie E.               Stareck, Joseph                   16-Jan-01 H504
Maxson, Grace                  Cave, Glenn                       24-Nov-13 Q434
Maxson, Grace                  Moore, Thomas B.                            S254
Maxson, Harry                  Moore, Tibbie                               S378
Maxson, J.R.                   Brown, S.A. (Mrs.)             24 Oct 1880  B104
Maxson, Kittie F.              Fye, R.J.                         15-Jul-08 L482
Maxson, Lottie Alice           Nichols, Leslie Preston           24-Feb-01 H528
Maxson, Rosa Pearl             McDow, Charles Perry              27-Jan-01 H513
Maxson, William H.             Lloyd, Mattie                  23 Aug 1888  D367
Maxson, William Ray            Smith, Dollie                      5-Jul-10 N227
Maxted, Ben W.                 Bainum, Lera                       3-Mar-20 X228
Maxted, Florence               Mohr, Fred I.                      3-Nov-09 M511
Maxwell, A.H.                  Boone, Margret A.              21 Jan 1877  A248
Maxwell, Alice Emma            Cooper, John Ernest               22-Aug-06 K353
Maxwell, Anna                  Markwell, Frank E.             17 Oct 1896  G171
Maxwell, Bert Earl             Harbaugh, Icy Marie                9-Mar-13 Q057
Maxwell, Dolly A.              Arnley, Calvin E.              08 Apr 1889  D522
Maxwell, Edith Opal            Bowman, W.M.                       9-Apr-19 W064
Maxwell, Edith Opal            Bowman, William L.                          V088
Maxwell, Edith Opal            Wixson, Raymond Victor            26-Nov-20 Y299
Maxwell, Elsie M.              Merryfield, Fred M.               16-Mar-12 P146
Maxwell, Fern                  Rickard, Everette                           S501
Maxwell, George A.             Dean, Effa                     26 Nov 1888  D438
Maxwell, George O.             Hite, Marion E.                   28-Mar-15 R403
Maxwell, Grace V.              Waller, William M.             18 Dec 1890  E264
Maxwell, H.B.                  Sparr, Dora Isabel             11 Oct 1896  G166
Maxwell, Hallie Scott          Kennedy, W.E.                     28-Sep-18 V415
Maxwell, J.H.                  Paskell, Etta                     20-Jul-17 T515
Maxwell, J.T.                  Edwards, Lena                               S381
Maxwell, Jennie                Kern, William                     19-May-08 L404
Maxwell, Jessie                Trimble, William               02 Aug 1884  C116
Maxwell, Josephine             Cheney, W.W.                      19-Sep-17 T636
Maxwell, Louis                 O'Brien, Laura                    14-Aug-12 P372
Maxwell, Lucile                Giffin, Jason                               S331
Maxwell, Mary Elsie            Ames, Eli W.                       1-Oct-01 I057
Maxwell, Mary R.               Chase, E.E.                       11-Oct-11 O363
Maxwell, May Belle             Jewell, Daniel I.              17 Oct 1889  D634
Maxwell, Ralph T.              Wilson, Bertha                     6-May-22 Z751
Maxwell, Roberta B.            McBratney, James A.                8-May-12 P229
Maxwell, Roscoe C.             Sickner, Ada Julia                25-Nov-08 M020
Maxwell, Roy                   Poynter, Ernestine                 3-Jan-21 Y396
Maxwell, Ruth                  Jones, O.D.                       16-Jun-20 X498
Maxwell, Samuel Wallace        Swem, Josephine Elizabeth                   W455
Maxwell, T.E.                  White, Edna M.                    24-Dec-02 I437
Maxwell, Virgie                Tarwater, James                   24-Aug-08 L531
Maxwell, William               Burns, Minnie                  24 Oct 1883  B422
Maxwell, William H.            Richardson, Pearl E.              24-Oct-21 Z379
Maxwell, William H.            Willingham, Dorothy                         T249
May, Anna                      Steffens, Peter                   19-Aug-02 I308
May, Benrnard                  Elpers, Anna                       1-Apr-13 Q060
May, Bert J.                   Hays, Lavilla May                 13-Jul-03 I602
May, Claude                    Young, Nora                                 R538
May, Edith                     May, J.H.                         12-Dec-20 Y325
May, Essie                     Tucker, Rae                       15-May-07 K629
May, Ethel                     Schneider, Gottfried C.            9-Apr-05 J540
May, Eugene                    Herbert, Bertha                   25-Jul-18 V292
May, Frank J.                  Linnebur, Anna Christina          30-Oct-17 U128
May, Iva                       Horney, Levi                      28-Jun-08 L461
May, J.C.                      Braun, Mayma                      29-Sep-12 P432
May, J.H.                      May, Edith                        12-Dec-20 Y325
May, James C.                  Quinnell, Loretta              26 Apr 1888  D280
May, Jewel N.                  Bolich, Newton A.                  7-Jan-11 N544
May, John                      Douglas, Jessie                             S210
May, John                      Freeman, Maggie J.                20-Dec-17 U368
May, John                      Jackson, Anna                     18-Aug-10 N278
May, John H.                   Ruthroff, Frances                  5-Jun-12 P265
May, Katie                     Hilger, Peter                               R410
May, L.D.                      Williams, Lillian M.              23-Jun-00 H343
May, Leonard                   Elpers, Margaret                  27-Oct-14 R181
May, Lucy                      Anderson, Samuel               04 Aug 1885  C287
May, Magdalene(na)             Betzen, Mathias                   11-Jun-12 P261
May, Maggie B.                 Ambler, Stephen A.                30-Jul-21 Z165
May, Michael                   Bach, Matilda                               S523
May, Myrtle                    Pollock, Lloyd                     7-Jan-20 X117
May, Nellie                    Clark, William                 24 Mar 1885  C231
May, Neta A.                   Barker, John Richard              14-Dec-11 P016
May, Peter                     Stulhsatz, Lizzie                 25-Feb-08 L302
May, R.J.                      Harris, Maude                               S145
May, Robert Clel               Hetherington, Violet Leona        26-Dec-20 Y357
May, Roy                       Raymond, Josie                     8-Aug-12 P366
May, Sadie R.                  Swindell, David R.             17 Mar 1896  G067
May, Stella                    Fields, Austin                     8-Oct-13 Q362
May, Walter                    Ernst, Claudia                    10-Jan-22 Z547
May, William                   Odell, Elisabeth               27 Jan 1883  B344
May, William E.                Slifer, Bessie                    21-Mar-19 W031
Maya, Frank                    Alfonea, Lorito(ta)               29-Mar-08 L351
Mayall, Josephine              Dorrance, Alfred Wirt             30-Dec-09 M599
Mayall, Marion S.              Allen, Rosalean                   20-Jan-22 Z563
Mayall, Mattie B.              Chambers, Clyde W.                20-Apr-11 O110
Mayall, Minnie Agnes           Evans, Archie E.                   6-Dec-05 K129
Mayall, Sara A.                Richardson, J.W.                  24-Jun-09 M314
Mayall, W.W.                   Richardson, Florence              23-Nov-21 Z444
Mayberry, Cassie               Beckwith, Warren H.            18 Dec 1886  C546
Mayberry, Emma G.              Vail, Otho P.                  16 Sep 1891  E385
Mayberry, George W. Jr.        LaPorte, Nannie C.C.           02 Jan 1892  E469
Mayberry, H.M.                 Sharp, Mattie                     10-Sep-07 L114
Mayberry, Susie                Walden, Arthur                    30-Aug-11 O302
Mayberry, Thomas H.            Brown, Elta L.                    16-Dec-03 J112
Mayberry, Thomas L.            Hamilton, Katie K.             30 Mar 1887  C621
Maybery, Hazel                 Snyder, J.S.                      28-Apr-18 V112
Mayby, Edith                   Moon, Fred                        15-Apr-11 O102
Maye, Mary                     Simison, A.C.                  10 Jun 1897  G310
Mayer, Clara                   Stair, Guy Varnel                  3-Aug-21 Z181
Mayer, Hans E.                 Spellman, Mae                     28-Jun-05 J611
Mayer, J.S.                    Cook, Muriel                      30-Nov-05 K122
Mayer, Lydia Doris             Lind, Edward Richard              13-Dec-21 Z479
Mayer, Zora                    Story, O.T.                                 G235
Mayes, Ada                     Beshears, Otto                              S355
Mayfield, Baylos H.            McCurry, Lessie                    2-Aug-19 W329
Mayfield, Bessie               Wygal, Clarence H.                26-Dec-07 L259
Mayfield, Charles E.           Fenn, Fern                        31-Dec-12 P614
Mayfield, Harry C.             Rogers, Mary A.                16 Oct 1894  F418
Mayfield, Iva D.               Myers, Warren E.                   1-Jan-20 X101
Mayfield, Jessie E.            Jenkins, James L.                 31-Dec-19 X095
Mayfield, Lillie               Lindsay, Charlie                            R610
Mayfield, Mina                 Schaper, D.O.                     20-Apr-10 N101
Mayfield, Minnie               Barnett, Perry                    15-Jun-12 P283
Mayfield, Robert               Howard, Helen                     16-Aug-11 O283
Mayfield, Veta                 Wilmot, Arthur J.                  4-Apr-08 L358
Mayfield, Walter Lee           Postlewait, Marjorie E.            4-Dec-20 Y315
Mayheir, J.R.                  Grace, Emma                        5-Sep-00 H392
Mayhew, Della                  Swirles, Charles                   5-Mar-10 N047
Mayhugh, Lelia                 Baker, Byron                      11-May-18 V141
Maynard, Aaron A.              Dyer, Anna Lucile                           T027
Maynard, J.N.                  Gephart, Mildred                  14-Sep-19 W432
Maynard, Mamie                 Long, Edgar H.                    10-Jun-08 L430
Maynard, Viney                 Rader, Jacob W.                21 Jan 1885  C198
Mayne, Ella M.                 Myers, John B.                 05 Mar 1888  D241
Mayne, Georgia                 Lewis, Charles L.                 27-Mar-09 M194
Mayne, Wilbur                  Shaughessey, Nellie            10 Dec 1887  D175
Maynes, Aneta                  Sendes, Toney                     13-Jul-11 O246
Mayo, A.L.                     Butler, Frances                   18-Feb-20 X203
Mayo, Eva I.                   Boyle, Edward J.                  29-Jul-08 L497
Mayo, Eva Isabella             Walls, V.S.                       22-Apr-11 O116
Mayo, J.E.                     Davis, Cora V.                    31-Aug-18 V361
Mayo, M.                       Williams, Susie                   24-Sep-09 M374
Mayo, Virginia Blanch          Olivero, Tony                     11-Oct-20 Y182
Maypole, Elsie May             Kerr, Andrew A.                   12-Jan-02 I152
Mays, Luther                   Gallatin, Vernice Maud            10-Jun-13 Q190
Mays, Montreal James           Black, Lucy Sarah                 25-Mar-22 Z672
Mays, Walter                   High, Frances Cora                16-Nov-19 W608
Mayse, G.E.                    Brownson, Lettie E.               24-Jun-01 H622
Mayse, J.W.                    Rhoads, Anna M.                   11-Sep-01 I039
Maywether, Jerry               Sneed, Fairy                      28-Jun-20 X539
Maywethers, Maria              Barton, George                 20 Feb 1887  C590
Maze, C.M.                     Baumgardner, Sarah                26-Oct-18 V458
Maze, Charles M.               Beard, Grace                       9-Mar-12 P142
Maze, Grace                    Hart, John H.                     16-Jul-18 V278
Maze, W.C.                     Schoenfeld, Ruth                            S287
McAdam, Andrew                 Panek, Helen                      25-Nov-14 R257
McAdam, James W.               Foulk, Daisy                      31-Aug-21 Z248
McAdam, John                   Sence, Maud                        1-Sep-01 I032
McAdams, Cora B.               Campbell, Duncan               01 Jul 1890  E164
McAdams, E. May                Beach, Charles T.                  2-Apr-13 Q092
McAdams, Effie                 Parrott, George R.                28-Nov-12 P531
McAdams, G.W.                  Eifert, Laura E.                  17-Nov-17 U231
McAdams, J.A.                  Mounts, Delila                     2-Dec-10 N484
McAdams, Lizzie                Tuders, Stephen                01 Jan 1874  A098
McAdams, Mary P.               Kemper, W.L.                      10-Jan-03 I461
McAdams, Morgan B.             Pine, Lillian E.                   8-Aug-14 R087
McAdams, O.W.                  Parker, Anna L.                22 Sep 1898  G571
McAdams, Thomas E.             Winesberry, Rosa Lee              22-Oct-19 W544
McAdams, W.E.                  Plymell, Maggie                07 Aug 1897  G334
McAdams,William Douglas        Bowman, Marguerite                 4-Dec-12 P554
McAdow, Fred                   Jackman, Verne                    31-Dec-01 I149
McAdow, Lula Elizabeth         Newlove, William L.               29-Jan-12 P082
McAdow, W.H.                   Runyan, Mary Alice                15-Nov-06 K448
McAfee, A. Jr.                 Starker, Anna                     15-Aug-18 V322
McAfee, Abraham                Richey, Annie                  14 Oct 1884  C147
McAfee, Bernice                Wilkins, Frank S.                  9-Aug-20 Y014
McAfee, Dicia                  Brown, Anderson                   18-Mar-15 R393
McAfee, Edward Payton          Reeds, Addie                       2-Oct-09 M459
McAfee, Fannie                 Princehouse, Frank             12 Jan 1896  G032
McAfee, Isaac                  Hunter, Mary Jane (Mrs)        18 Oct 1892  E637
McAfee, Jacob                  Grayson, Malissa               25 May 1895  F543
McAfee, Josephine M.           Miller, James O.                   3-Jun-13 Q179
McAfee, Maria                  Clark, Wesley                  28 Aug 1887  D089
McAfee, Rose                   Dixson, H.H.                       1-Oct-01 I059
McAfee, Susie                  Starns, Napoleon               27 Apr 1884  C073
McAleer, Esther Lily           High, Loren Powell                16-Aug-19 W358
McAleer, Faye L.               Kiefner, S.B.                     28-Jan-21 Y440
McAleer, Frances Mechtildis    Anderson, William Glenn           23-Aug-19 W377
McAleer, Mabel                 Gorman, Edward                    24-Nov-09 M535
McAlester, Bedford F.          Simon, Eva                         8-Dec-21 Z473
McAlexander, Frank D.          Pletcher, Lorene                   8-Feb-13 Q027
McAlexander, R.E.L.            Cook, Alma E.                  15 Jan 1898  G443
McAlister, Charles S.          Dickey, Daisy R.               09 Nov 1889  E013
McAlister, Clyde Andrew        Allen, Anna Laura                  7-Dec-07 L225
McAlister, Cora                Umbarger, I.D.                    11-Jun-21 Z041
McAlister, Cora E.             Tuttle, Robert L.              28 Oct 1891  E411
McAlister, Martha              Jockers, Allen                    23-Dec-20 Y359
McAlister, O.M.                Pracht, Pearl                     26-Aug-14 R116
McAlister, W.W.                Davis, Veroka Lorraine            30-May-12 P245
McAllister, Allie              Friend, Harold                    14-Dec-19 X034
McAllister, C.A.               Hughes, Hattie F.              31 Mar 1897  G276
McAllister, Daisy Pauline      Syria, Ed Jr.                               R480
McAllister, Emma               Purvis, Arthur                    13-Mar-09 M178
McAllister, F.P.               Davidson, Addie                18 Jul 1877  A277
McAllister, Frank L.           Schrier, Augusta                  29-Jun-05 J615
McAllister, Fred               Clifton, Viola                 24 Nov 1888  D437
McAllister, Georgia            Kraus, Henry J.                10 Oct 1888  D402
McAllister, Homer H.           Clifton, Almira                22 Aug 1878  A355
McAllister, James H.           Robertson, Tina                23 Sep 1876  A224
McAllister, John A.            Flood, Emma E.                 28 Mar 1881  B146
McAllister, L.A.               Regier, Ella                       1-Dec-03 J096
McAllister, Lura               Hall, Kenneth C.                            R637
McAllister, Nellie             Barnes, Claud                     16-Oct-00 H432
McAllister, R.D.               Parker, Maud L.                   28-Dec-03 J126
McAllister, S.C.               Williamson, Nellie                 2-Jun-17 T402
McAmis, Laura                  McFarlan, James B.             21 Feb 1883  B350
McAndrews, Thomas              Stubbs, Edith                     24-May-09 M265
McAninch, E.M.                 Thompson, Laura M.                17-Sep-21 Z287
McAninch, I.A.                 Felible, Clarice                            S520
McAninch, P.C.                 Votaw, Lessie M.                  25-Dec-06 K501
McAninch, T.                   Hodge, E.C.                       31-Mar-19 W044
McAntire, Kittie B.            Spawr, Edgar E.                23 Feb 1893  F085
McArdle, John                  Clifford, Lena                 14 Jul 1897  G325
McArdle, Marguerite            Kaufholz, Lee George              24-Sep-21 Z303
McArther, Marie                Brown, Earl                       17-Aug-21 Z216
McArthur, Charles N.           Ruthrauff, Lura                    4-Jan-09 M604
McArthur, J.S.                 Holbrook, Nellie                   2-Aug-02 I312
McArthur, Jessie A.            Lackey, George E.              17 Feb 1893  F079
McArthur, Lela                 Rosecrans, Clyde Erle             15-Oct-13 Q377
McArthur, Wallace              Jordan, Clarice Ruth              12-Mar-18 V032
McAtee, Mabel Blanche          Yowell, Ray M.                    19-Jan-18 U492
McAtee, Margaret               Kiser, Charles C.              24 Dec 1893  F277
McAtee, Mayme                  Sahlberg, Fred Gilbert                      S417
McAuley, Ethel                 Starr, Roy R.                     30-Nov-05 K124
McAuley, James Earle           Devine, Alice Catherine                     S013
McAuley, Lela E.               Brown, Lee L.                     24-Dec-01 I133
McAuley, M.E.                  Beard, Nelle                       5-Jan-21 Y399
McAuley, Maud                  Reiman, W.L.                   30 Jun 1897  G319
McAuley, May Alice             Foreman, Stewart A.               11-Jun-02 I270
McAuley, Ralph T.              Jaggers, Gertrude                           S147
McAuley, Thomas B.             Coates, Carrie F.                 20-Jan-03 I469
McAvoy, A.G.                   Cooper, Zelma E.                  27-Oct-20 Y229
McAvoy, C.P.                   Wilkins, Ethel                    16-Oct-05 K078
McBaur, Fremont                O'Harra, Sarah                 17 Aug 1871  A013
McBee, Bertha                  Brown, Orlie E.                   27-Dec-12 P603
McBee, Charles                 Mohr, Evangeline               07 Nov 1897  G400
McBee, Emma G.                 Hough, Thomas                  06 Jun 1883  B377
McBee, James S.                Sheppard, Mary B.                 25-Jul-09 M356
McBee, Thomas E.               McCurdy, Ida                   20 Sep 1892  E614
McBee, W.L.                    Hellar, Lizzie A.              13 Dec 1882  B330
McBeth, A.T.                   Blanchard, Mabel                  30-Sep-03 J035
McBeth, Edna L.                Sickles, Benjamin E.              16-Jul-12 P336
McBeth, Eunice                 Hunt, John H.                     29-Jun-12 P312
McBeth, O.L.                   Barr, Grace Lee                   13-Nov-19 W602
McBratney, James A.            Maxwell, Roberta B.                8-May-12 P229
McBratney, Jesse               Cline, Anna                       16-Oct-00 H434
McBratney, Oscar R.            Castle, Fern E.                   25-Dec-12 P595
McBride, A.S.                  Moore, Lula                                 S608
McBride, Asbury                Green, Ella                        1-Jun-08 L417
McBride, Bion A.               Coss, Lottie                       2-Jul-21 Z101
McBride, Celie                 Tilman, W.H.                       4-Mar-08 L328
McBride, Daniel                Currens, H.B. (Mrs.)               4-Oct-01 I066
McBride, Dollie                Bardshaw, Jay                     11-Mar-08 L335
McBride, Edith                 Deitz, William                    22-Feb-20 X201
McBride, Frank                 Kuechenmeister, Henryetta         13-Jan-15 R323
McBride, Frank                 Simon, Josephine                   1-Apr-21 Y555
McBride, G.W.                  King, E.B.                     30 Sep 1897  G371
McBride, George D.             Tea, Bulah                         6-Jun-12 P268
McBride, Georgia               Moss, Henry                                 S126
McBride, Hattie                Harris, Henry                      6-Mar-01 H535
McBride, Ida                   Harris, D.W.                                S120
McBride, J.H.                  Dandridge, Lutitia                10-Jun-01 H608
McBride, J.H.                  Fields, Laura                      2-Apr-12 P174
McBride, Julia                 Coberly, Arthur J.             20 May 1894  F352
McBride, L.A.                  Sullivan, Frances                 18-Jun-21 Z053
McBride, Martha                Floyd, Franklin                   31-Mar-10 N080
McBride, Maude D.              Butler, Richard D.                18-Sep-17 T633
McBride, P.D.                  Railey, Bertha H.              10 Apr 1896  G078
McBride, R.M.                  McCracken, Mattie L.           09 Jan 1883  B336
McBride, Ruby                  Tynes, J.B.                       23-Jun-13 Q211
McBride, Thomas J.             Edwards, C. Maude                 12-Dec-17 U334
McBride, Wilhelmina            Dunn, Joe                          5-Jan-14 Q491
McBride, William               Fisk, Susie                        9-Aug-09 M369
McBride, Zuila                 Copeland, James H.                12-May-18 V140
McBrier, Jan                   Richardson, Mary Jane             20-Mar-18 V046
McBroom, Emma E.               Woodbury, C.E.                    29-Dec-19 X090
McBroom, J.D.                  Roberts, Jessie                   25-Nov-03 J089
McBroon, Agnes                 Langloys, C.                      24-Dec-19 X077
McBurney, Asaph G.             Little, Elizabeth (Bessie)     21 Sep 1892  E614
McCabe, Ernest Charles         Thurston, Olive Grace             26-Jul-19 W315
McCabe, Frank W.               Eddy, Gail O.                     11-Jan-11 N546
McCabe, Harry                  Myers, Anna                    31 Jan 1891  E294
McCabe, J.R.                   Lord, Eva                          5-Sep-19 W417
McCabe, James                  Swanson, Grace                    16-Jun-18 V204
McCabe, James F.               Jewett, Martha                              B252
McCabe, Julia A.               Cook, John E.                     21-May-07 K632
McCabe, Laura Edith            Hartle, E.T.                                S510
McCabe, Melvin                 Loring, Blanche                             S603
McCabe, Ruth                   Perkins, William E.               27-Nov-12 P544
McCabe, W.F.                   Furnish, Nancy                 26 Jun 1887  D039
McCabe, William R.             Blaise, Dell                   31 Oct 1887  D146
McCaddon, James C.             Marhkam, Emma C.               26 Nov 1879  B006
McCafferty, Carrie E.          Hardin, F.T.                   02 Jan 1884  C021
McCafferty, Charles E.         Bull, Viola Grace                  1-Nov-05 K097
McCafferty, Elva               Roll, Elmer E.                    15-Jun-10 N190
McCafferty, Hallie             Brinkman, Charlie                           L511
McCafferty, Isaac V.           McNeal, Mollie                 09 Jul 1874  A125
McCafferty, John               Pease, Mary A.                 10 Apr 1889  D522
McCafferty, Roy R.             Collins, Mary M.                  23-May-20 X419
McCaffrey, Maggie              Murphey, John                               D382
McCain, F.D.                   Basaker, Maud M.               26 Jan 1898  G450
McCain, F.D.                   Baskener, Maud M.              26 Jan 1898  G450
McCain, Ida I.                 Manning, Edward S.             23 Nov 1893  F256
McCain, Robert                 Little, Josie                  20 Oct 1890  E223
McCall, Florence I.            Maust, Bernard B.              26 Dec 1889  E043
McCall, H.H.                   Knoblauch, Lena                   14-Jan-03 I466
McCall, James H.               Stanley, Josie P.(Mrs.)        16 Jul 1890  E172
McCall, Katie                  Petersen, Ness                 17 Mar 1891  E311
McCall, Quinn G.               Gibney, Claudie Viola              3-Jul-19 W267
McCall, Reed                   Youngs, Nellie C.                 28-Nov-20 Y303
McCalla, Cecil                 Richey, Sabra                     23-Aug-13 Q286
McCalla, Nettie C.             Teeters, Harland C.               16-Jun-12 P284
McCalla, William               Younger, Arah                  17 Jan 1891  E289
McCallion, Maggie May          Arnote, Arthur H.                  3-Oct-11 O354
McCallion, May                 Simmons, Reeder                   20-Sep-13 Q336
McCallister, M.M.              Leiter, Hellen R.              26 Jul 1877  A280
McCallum, J.H.                 Henderson, Mabel A.                         S557
McCallum, Marian D.            Wilson, F.E.                   10 Mar 1886  C405
McCamant, H.C.                 Kemp, Ida B.                   09 Sep 1885  C300
McCammon, William Wallace      Ludlum, Bess Conway               12-Apr-11 O096
McCamon, Ella J.               McCamon, G.I.                      5-Dec-21 Z467
McCamon, G.I.                  McCamon, Ella J.                   5-Dec-21 Z467
McCampbell, Anna               Davidson, James W.             27 Nov 1878  A378
McCampbell, George B.          Norris, Rilla J.               13 Feb 1877  A253
McCandless, Blanche            Quillin, Frank P.                 28-Nov-10 N475
McCandless, Bryce L.           Gibbs, Lula D.                 19 Mar 1890  E104
McCandless, Charles F.         Oliver, Clara                      5-Sep-09 M405
McCandless, Frances A.         Costley, D.J.                               S199
McCandless, Margaret           DeVoss, Otto Truman                         S231
McCandless, Mary               Dickson, D.M.                     19-Dec-01 I125
McCandlish, Robert Jr.         Cain, Helen                       23-May-22 Z783
McCanless, Anna Laura          Buttrey, Frederic W.           01 May 1894  F345
McCanless, Catherine           Somers, Oliver H.                 25-Nov-08 M028
McCanless, Catherine Maud      Garver, James Luther               5-Jan-15 R314
McCann, Beatrice               McQuaid, William F.               15-Sep-09 M429
McCann, Eli Curtis             Douglas, Minnie                    8-Aug-20 Y009
McCann, Henry L.               Reeves, Ellen Celina G.        07 Jul 1881  B169
McCann, Marshall               Hurst, Jennie                  10 Mar 1886  C405
McCansland, Loyal B.           Noble, Ida B.                  06 Jun 1894  F365
McCants, C.C.                  Younger, Arah                  25 Jul 1898  G544
McCarl, Guy                    Lemmon, Malvina                   15-Jul-09 M344
McCart, Emma May               Lehman, Jacob E.                  16-Jun-13 Q187
McCart, Florence               Frederick, Harold                  3-Nov-17 U165
McCart, Jennie                 Demott, J.F.                   10 Nov 1895  F622
McCarter, Joseph Roy           Doyle, Ellen Cecilia              26-Sep-08 L578
McCarthy, Emma                 Fields, Henry                     21-Jan-07 K525
McCarthy, Helen Ann            McKay, John Erin                   2-Jul-20 X553
McCarthy, Henrietta            Walter, Ernest H.                 16-Aug-17 T581
McCarthy, J.F.                 Wallace, Jane B.                  20-Dec-10 N506
McCarthy, J.W.                 Walker, M.A. (Mrs.)            20 Apr 1893  F117
McCarthy, John W.              Elmore, Daisy                     27-Jan-03 I474
McCarthy, Mary Virginia        Seibert, Erbin G.                 30-Apr-22 Z738
McCarthy, Philip J.            Hammond, Dollie                05 Oct 1891  E400
McCarthy, Wesley               Crapff, Mary                                R631
McCarthy, William Thomas       Chisley, Grace Adella          17 Jul 1892  E581
McCartin, Annie H.(Mrs)        Palmer, Henry J.               17 May 1892  E549
McCartney, Bertha              Myers, J.F.                       27-Mar-07 K583
McCartney, Charles A.          McGlasson, Sarah Ethel             3-May-19 W116
McCartney, H.C.                Miller, Gertrude                  15-Feb-12 P107
McCartney, Jacob L.            Martin, Marguerite                16-Jul-19 W288
McCartney, James W.            Westhaver, Mary L.             02 May 1872  A034
McCartney, Mable Clare         Ackerman, Fred L.              02 May 1893  F125
McCartney, Martha E.           Hopkins, Virgil                             T197
McCartney, Olive               Fisher, Otto                       7-Oct-08 L594
McCartney, Olive Blanch        Vogenitz, Russell O.           02 May 1894  F346
McCarty, Carrie A.             Sibbitt, James H.                  2-Jun-13 Q173
McCarty, Charles M.            Pauling, Jennie M.                 7-Jun-05 J589
McCarty, Fred J.               Holbrook, Lou E.                  19-Oct-05 K085
McCarty, J.W.                  Walker, M.A. (Mrs.)            20 Apr 1893  F117
McCarty, Jerry J.              Hudkins, Leta M.                  20-Jun-17 T456
McCarty, John                  Schroth, Gertrude                           S002
McCarty, John                  Warner, Emma J.                   23-Dec-01 I137
McCarty, M.A.                  Darrough, Vinson                   4-Nov-18 V471
McCarty, Mary A.               Ranshaw, Benjamin J.           10 Apr 1887  C623
McCarty, Nellie                Rose, William H.               09 Aug 1889  D587
McCarty, Sadie                 Gould, Patrick                 24 Oct 1893  F237
McCarty, Sterling B.           Clark, Evelyn                     29-Apr-18 V117
McCary, D.S.                   Swan, Cora                        21-Mar-22 Z667
McCash, Sylvia                 Amborn, G.W.                       8-May-19 W128
McCash, Velma                  McCluggage, R.L.                   2-Oct-21 Z318
McCaskey, Frank L.             Page, Ella A.                  01 Jun 1898  G638
McCaslen, Charlie              McGarver, Grace                   10-Jun-11 O186
McCaslin, B.D. (Mrs.)          Carter, R.S.                   27 Mar 1893  F104
McCaslin, Jennie               Beebe, W.C.                    04 Feb 1883  B347
McCaslin, Mary                 Leamon, George                 12 Dec 1888  D452
McCaslin, Ora O.               Ravenstein, Lucinda               31-May-10 N158
McCathron, Pearl               Donahew, Homer                    10-Jul-11 O241
McCaul, George C.S.            Rhodes, Phoebe A.              10 Dec 1887  D175
McCauley, Arthur               Lansing, Amdia (Mrs.)                       E152
McCauley, James Irven          Harris, Mary Lee                   1-Mar-19 W002
McCauley, Mildred M.           Corbin, Robert                    12-Jun-20 X486
McCauley, R.L.                 Skaer, Minnie A.                  27-Jun-17 T473
McCauley, W.O.                 Blair, Mabel R.                    4-Aug-17 T551
McCausland, Helen              Farley, William Joseph            15-Feb-22 Z605
McCausland, Ross               Robison, Ruth R.                   6-Jun-21 Z018
McCaw, Clementine              Lyon, George E.                17 Mar 1894  F326
McCaw, Leah                    Sturns, A.C.                   22 Sep 1881  B190
McCaw, R.E.                    Hart, Mary M.                     23-Sep-06 K380
McCay, Mary E.                 Garrison, J.L.                 26 Nov 1885  C345
McCay, W.C.                    Oakman, Hattie                     9-Jun-01 H606
McChensey, Samuel M.           Malaby, E.J.                   24 Apr 1879  A421
McChesney, Lee                 Whitmer, Elsie R.                 29-Jun-10 N213
McChesney, T.B.                Stortz, Lillian                   21-Sep-05 K046
McChesny, Lillian              Bradford, James C.                18-Jan-11 N554
McClaflin, Harry C.            Dunham, Pearl                     14-Dec-14 R280
McClain, Altha                 Hayden, Herbert H.                12-Jan-19 V563
McClain, Bula                  Taylor, Harold O.                  9-Feb-18 U540
McClain, Effie                 Jones, Wilton C.                   4-Sep-13 Q304
McClain, Harry Huse            Clark, Hattie                     30-Jan-08 L292
McClain, James Franklin        Richardson, Bertha A.              6-Jul-07 L045
McClain, James W.              Harsin, Ella                   18 Apr 1894  F340
McClain, John                  Hornecker, Margaret            10 Oct 1894  F415
McClain, Joseph M.             Leipp, E.M.                                 T194
McClain, Myrtle J.             Pollock, Mark D.                   1-Jul-02 I284
McClain, Thomas                Borders, Idress (Mrs.)            12-Sep-10 N324
McClain, Una G.                Ault, C.L.                                  S092
McClain, Willie                Smith, Ruth                                 S263
McClair, Mary Lou              Harris, William                   15-May-20 X405
McClallen, Clara Louise        Woolf, Millard O.                 20-Sep-05 K043
McClallen, George S.           Wilbur, Bertha F.                 11-Jun-01 H607
McClallen, Joel N.             Setzer, Winnie E.                 12-Jun-07 L015
McClamroch, Opal Gladys        Wilson, Stone                               S633
McClanahan, C.R.               Reinick, Dorothy                  26-Mar-21 Y545
McClanahan, Frank E.           Ellinsworth, Ura Pearl            20-Feb-18 U580
McClannahan, Loren             Bradshaw, Lula                    10-Aug-03 I626
McClaran, Chester B.           Moreland, Dell                 14 Nov 1894  F437
McClaran, Grace                Keyser, Jesse                  01 Jan 1896  G026
McClaran, H.L.                 Spitler, Mintie(ttie)          04 Aug 1898  G547
McClaran, Robert Frank         Parker, Rebecca                06 Apr 1892  E529
McClaren, Addie                Clark, W.H.                    09 Oct 1898  G586
McClaren, Harriet G.           Thompson, D.A.                    15-Mar-06 K226
McClaren, Lillie J.            White, Theodore C.             23 Mar 1884  C059
McClaren, Orville              Vogt, Daisy                       24-Apr-21 Y601
McClaren, R.F.(L.)             Smith, S.A.                    27 Oct 1878  A369
McClaren, S.B.                 Belford, Sadie M.              21 Oct 1896  G175
McClarnan, Jo Hall             Klose, Laurance Carl              25-May-18 V166
McClaron, Marietta             Downard, William W.            08 Jun 1892  E559
McClatchy, Wilbur J.           Nesbitt, George F.                10-Mar-19 W016
McClaughey, Mayme May          Spear, Earl Carl                   2-May-20 X367
McClaughry, Ethel              Cooper, R. Frank                  15-Mar-08 L338
McClave, Mae                   Kent, E.J.                                  T126
McClearey, T.A.                Hatfield, Kathleen                16-Apr-21 Y582
McCleary, T.E.                 McGinnis, Doris                   28-May-21 Z001
McCleave, John E.              Moul, Mary L.                     13-Nov-10 N443
McCleery, Saphrona D. Page     Northrup, Stephen L.           17 Aug 1892  E597
McClees, Emma Priscilla        Cox, Thomas Thompson              12-Dec-05 K135
McClees, Nelson O.             Fisher, Caroline               05 Nov 1889  E007
McClelin, John P.              Cooley, L.M.                   08 Sep 1883  B408
McClellan, Charles H.          Berry, Laura E.                17 Oct 1885  C322
McClellan, Edith               Evans, Samuel                     16-Dec-10 N510
McClellan, Fannie L.(E)        Olin, W.E.                        25-Oct-10 N413
McClellan, Florence            Orey, Bela R.                  09 Feb 1893  F072
McClellan, Sarah O.            Tibbits, S.B.                  14 Dec 1880  B118
McClelland, Dorothy Frances    O'Bannon, Thomas S.               12-Nov-06 K443
McClelland, Sarah C.           Dorsey, John M.                24 Dec 1894  F466
McClendon, Fred                Ohlsen, Harriet                    4-Feb-20 X173
McClendon, Harry               Whitlock, Leulla                  18-Sep-12 P420
McClennan, Beau                Triplett, Lizzie                  25-Oct-20 Y223
McClintick, Carl A.            Coberly, Rosy                      2-Jun-19 W179
McClintock, C.I.               Sheldon, Julia A.              14 Nov 1885  C340
McClintock, Fred W.            Pool, Lillian R.                  15-Jul-03 I605
McClintock, H.J.               Sheldon, Helen                 04 Mar 1886  C401
McClintock, Maria (Mrs)        Wimp, William                  04 Sep 1894  F393
McClintock, Paul D.            Marquis, Ora E.                    2-Aug-03 I617
McClintock, Thomas             Bergdoll, Cora                 07 Nov 1889  E012
McClish, H.M.                  Baughman, Olive                    7-May-18 V135
McCloud, Mary Alta             Springer, Harold Eugene            9-Mar-21 Y513
McCloud, William D.            McKee, Clara J.                    5-Sep-07 L106
McCluer, Bertha I.             Hetrick, Edward E.                12-Feb-20 X192
McCluer, Effie M.              George, R.L.                   11 Aug 1897  G336
McCluer, James E.              Lee, Josie Ethelyn             20 Sep 1896  G150
McCluer, Leonard H.            Doyle, Mabelle(aebelle)            8-Feb-05 J495
McCluer, Minnie                Clark, E.G.                    26 May 1897  G303
McCluer, William H. Jr.        Duff, Martha Cecil                12-Mar-02 I195
McCluggage, D.K.               Engle, A.B.                        6-May-05 J565
McCluggage, Francis J.         McCune, J. Estella                 5-Jun-12 P250
McCluggage, J. Ralph           Smith, Wadie G.                   17-Aug-04 J319
McCluggage, R.L.               McCash, Velma                      2-Oct-21 Z318
McCluggage, Thomas V.          Dorsey, Katherine                 22-Feb-11 O028
McClune, Louise                Richardson, J.W.                  21-Dec-18 V520
McClung, Albert                Keough, Alice                  13 Dec 1871  A022
McClung, Beatrice Harriett     Appleby, Ivan Vernon                        R478
McClung, Carolatta             Gilbert, Roy                                S606
McClung, Emily H.              Baldwin, Isaac P.              25 Aug 1875  A163
McClung, Ethel Lorraine        Jones, Edward A.                  24-Aug-10 N293
McClung, Freda                 Maneely, Horace Walter            17-Sep-14 R152
McClung, Gertrude              Davis, Orland G.                  14-Sep-10 N330
McClung, Mary Brown            Baird, Andrew                  19 Mar 1894  F327
McClung, Nellie                Weinheimer, E.H.                  25-Feb-09 M158
McClung, W.L.                  Hadley, Ida                        7-Nov-12 P502
McClung, William               Rema, Mary E.                     20-Apr-07 K612
McClure, Agnes                 Thomas, John A.                   28-Jan-20 X158
McClure, C.D.                  Hyde, Jessie Bell(Dell)            5-Oct-04 J367
McClure, Clara Belle           Caudle, Clarence D.               27-Aug-17 T596
McClure, Edith                 Rosenbaum, Jerome                           S640
McClure, Emma                  Rush, James R.                    13-Dec-05 K134
McClure, Everette C.           Collender, Mabel S.                6-May-03 I548
McClure, J.A.                  Patry, Rose Anna                  17-Jun-19 W191
McClure, J.M.                  Honn, Albertina                    3-Sep-18 V368
McClure, John                  Charleston, Sophia             06 Nov 1883  B425
McClure, Kyle                  Topp, Chlora                       3-Sep-21 Z255
McClure, Lola                  Herolz, Gustave Arthur            31-Dec-12 P611
McClure, Lulu                  Richardson, Auddie             07 Feb 1895  F490
McClure, Mary M.               Hess, Francis E.               28 Sep 1897  G368
McClure, Roy                   Roberts, Thelma                   22-Jul-19 W295
McClure, Ruth E.               White, Clayton S.                  5-Oct-20 Y161
McClure, S.B. (Mrs.)           Sollers, P.A.                     19-Sep-18 V401
McClure, W.A.                  Tracy, Inez Lucile                26-Jan-15 R338
McClurg, Effie Pearl           Weaver, Charles Frederick         18-Aug-21 Z222
McClurg, W.C.                  Cott, Anna                     14 Aug 1897  G337
McClurg, W.E.                  Ballard, Myrtle                   24-Nov-01 I109
McClurg, William C.            Williams, Emorette             27 Jan 1876  A190
McCluster, Kate                Lattin, Miles J.               10 Jul 1891  E359
McCogary, Hugh                 Neihouse, Hattie                  23-Oct-11 O377
McCoin, Henry                  White, Mildred                    18-Dec-12 P568
McCoin, Lloyd                  Mooberry, Mabel                    8-Jun-21 Z027
McCoin, William H.             Holm, Lilly M.                 03 May 1899  H077
McColey, Ida                   Mann, Charles                      5-Jul-13 Q231
McColgan, S.M.                 VanPatten, Eva                     7-Aug-17 T561
McColgin, Benlia               Porterfield, L. Carl                        S397
McColgin, Beulia               Parker, J.W.                      27-Dec-20 Y370
McCollister, Georgia           Flanagan, W. Wayne                16-Sep-14 R149
McCollister, Grace May         Smith, Christopher             10 Dec 1899  H223
McCollister, Mary Maud         Heacock, W.E.                  10 Dec 1899  H223
McCollister, Mellia M.         Dillon, Homer W.                  15-Nov-05 K110
McCollouch, Dollie             Boyles, John A.                03 Aug 1893  F177
McCollouch, Maud               Peachy, Simon                  10 Feb 1894  F313
McColloughen, Elizabeth        Kennedy, E.A.                               S113
McCollum, Clara                Finicum, Forest C.                18-Jul-10 N246
McCollum, Clarence E.          Hamilton, Jennie                  13-Jun-03 I578
McCollum, John J.              York, Eliza                    06 Sep 1880  B089
McCollum, Lola                 Wymore, Saul                      21-Feb-02 I186
McColphin, Orville             Vaughan, Thelma Enil               3-Dec-17 U307
McColpin, C.A.                 Bland, Lillie May                  3-Jan-18 U444
McColpin, F.A.                 Briley, Lillian                    5-Jul-21 Z112
McComas, Marion Francis        Cain, Bessie Flossie              28-Nov-12 P543
McComas, W.D.                  Thomas, May V.                    27-Jun-01 H627
McComb, E.H.                   Montgomery, Ida B.                 9-Jul-03 I601
McComb, E.L.                   Church, Francis A.             15 May 1878  A332
McComb, F.J.(C.)               Bowman, Lillian Lee                4-Nov-03 J073
McComb, Glenn C.               Cobb, Anna B.                               T348
McComb, H.A.                   Moffat, Mildred                    7-Feb-05 J494
McComb, Hazel Nell             Abell, Cecil T.                             S066
McComb, Howard E.              Scates, Bessie                    18-May-18 V149
McComb, J.W.                   Lander, Florine N.                 4-Mar-19 W007
McComb, Mildred                Aherne, Philip P. Jr.              7-Jan-08 L275
McComb, Ruth DeArmand          Donley, Claude William            18-Sep-20 Y117
McComb, Zoa                    Traver, Chalmer B.                25-Dec-20 Y371
McComber, Ben M.               Cooper, Gracie                              S583
McCombs, Abraham C.            Kell, Addie                    22 Jan 1893  F058
McCon, George W.               Graber, Elizabeth                 26-Jan-09 M117
McConachie, David Hugh         Brewer, Mabel Irene               23-Mar-13 Q074
McConachie, W.E.               Wilder, Irene Mildred                       S263
McConahie, A.H.                Wikoff, Ruth                   27 Nov 1878  A379
McConkey, Ben                  Mahar, Rachel                               S272
McConn, Grace                  Harper, Sam                       30-Oct-14 R216
McConnaughey, Josephine        Osler, John J.                 18 May 1892  E550
McConnaughey, Minnie B.        Gordon, James W.               25 May 1892  E553
McConnaughey, W.H.             Adams, Laura J.                06 Jun 1897  G308
McConnell, Arthur              Hardester, Willie                 17-May-22 Z772
McConnell, B.H.                Trout, Hazel                      28-Mar-21 Y549
McConnell, Elsie               Brown, Ray                        16-Oct-20 Y200
McConnell, Fred M.             Garst, Anna M.                              S538
McConnell, Harry               Jones, Ruth                       21-Jul-19 W306
McConnell, Ira E.              Boling, Pearl Jane                12-Dec-19 X032
McConnell, John J.             Woodhull, Ursula A.            26 Oct 1871  A017
McConnell, Joseph N.           Harnden, Mary E.               19 Nov 1886  C528
McConnell, K.A.                Swarthout, Cora                   24-Oct-19 W548
McConnell, Kirk A.             Sullivan, Ethel                   12-Jun-12 P276
McConnell, Lillian             Peters, Richard                   16-Jun-14 R026
McConnell, Lowell I.           Morgan, Ethel L.                   2-Oct-07 L149
McConnell, Martha              Stiller, George E.                15-Mar-10 N056
McConnell, Maud                Brown, Will                       17-Nov-13 Q423
McConnell, Nellie              David, Isaac                   17 Jul 1888  D344
McConnell, Nellie M.           Rarick, John W.                             Z145
McConnell, Velma               Whitney, C.A.                     13-Oct-18 V444
McConoughy, Edna               Baker, Fred R. Jr.                 2-May-22 Z743
McCool, Bell                   Arnett, James                  15 Nov 1895  F612
McCool, Earl J.                Willard, Raye                     18-May-14 Q635
McCool, John S.                Allred, Maude                     30-Apr-21 Y611
McCool, Neva Marie             Farrar, Carl W.                   19-Jan-15 R333
McCool, Richard T.             Puckett, Ethel E.                 23-Dec-14 R292
McCool, Richard T.             Winn, Fannie A.                23 Oct 1892  E640
McCool, Richard T.             Wynn, Fannie A.                23 Oct 1892  E640
McCord, Addie                  Fennell, Joseph                25 Apr 1888  D281
McCord, Clyde                  Bell, Nellie                   08 Jan 1898  H018
McCord, Ella D.                Smyth, James F.                08 Jun 1887  D029
McCord, Isaac C.               Hill, Essie P.                     5-Oct-04 J366
McCorgary, Daniel              McVay, Jane                                 D041
McCorgary, Daniel P.           Oliver, May Frances               28-Jun-21 Z087
McCorgary, John L.             White, Idona                      18-Jun-21 Z058
McCorgary, Margaret            Jackson, C.L.                               S495
McCorkle, Bessie M.            Falknor, N.P.                     19-Sep-05 K045
McCorkle, Francis E.           Fish, Irene                       17-Jun-14 R028
McCorkle, G.E.                 Fisher, Mabel                               T256
McCorkle, Leah                 Henry, Harvey                     20-Oct-09 M487
McCorkle, Lillie               Wilson, S.A.                      25-Nov-20 Y284
McCorkle, Lola                 Reynolds, Garfield R.             20-Jul-10 N252
McCorkle, Nina                 Dibbens, Clyde M.                 24-Apr-21 Y596
McCormack, B.B.                Myre, Lizzie                   30 Dec 1883  C022
McCormack, Benjamin            Wolf, E.C.                     02 Oct 1895  F604
McCormack, Florence            Chew, L.M.                                  S457
McCormack, George H.           Brown, H. Grace                   27-Jul-20 X607
McCormack, John R.             Clark, Bertha E.                  10-Oct-04 J373
McCormack, Susie               Haas, Ralph H.                    28-Sep-18 V416
McCormick, A.G.                Calnon, Grace L.                   4-Sep-01 I033
McCormick, Alexander           Cartwright, Josie              07 Apr 1878  A325
McCormick, Alice               Lester, Albert                 05 Feb 1888  D218
McCormick, Blanche             O'Neill, James                    10-Aug-08 L508
McCormick, C.S.                Anderson, Vena                              T216
McCormick, Carrie L.           Brewer, Charles E.                26-Oct-04 J395
McCormick, Charles R.          Slaven, Marietta C.            07 May 1876  A201
McCormick, Clarence A.         Kohl, Anna P.                      4-Aug-02 I313
McCormick, David F.            Baldwin, Mary A. (E.)             14-Jun-08 L437
McCormick, Dugald              Anewalt, Lulu                  21 Mar 1894  F329
McCormick, Ethel               Boland, George C.              28 Mar 1876  A195
McCormick, Everett Hamilton    Chambers, Mildred Maxine                    S286
McCormick, F.H.                Zellor, Lillie                 26 Dec 1886  C562
McCormick, Frank (Francis) (RevMcLeod, Susan C.               01 Jun 1898  G516
McCormick, Fred                Martin, Lena                   22 Dec 1896  G217
McCormick, Gertie              Hill, E.P.                     08 Dec 1881  B216
McCormick, Gertie              Pechin, Harry                  20 Nov 1896  G189
McCormick, Gilbert C. (Dr.)    Neafus, Pearle V.                  8-May-12 P230
McCormick, Grace               Long, C.W.                     24 Feb 1897  G259
McCormick, H.C.                Homan, Alma Eva                   21-May-14 Q632
McCormick, Harvey C.           Hockett, Lillie K.                28-Feb-12 P125
McCormick, Helen G.            Everest, Jean H.                   3-Dec-02 I418
McCormick, Inazh J.            Smith, David L.                30 Jan 1884  C029
McCormick, J.F.                Proper, Florence               15 Oct 1899  H181
McCormick, James P.            Longworth, Carrie P.              22-Jan-18 U499
McCormick, Joseph              Taylor, Ella M.                05 Feb 1893  F068
McCormick, Katie C.            Brown, Byron K.                27 Jul 1874  A128
McCormick, Lillie              Cartwright, Albert             01 Jan 1878  A306
McCormick, M.T.                Sowle, C.H.                    24 Apr 1887  C631
McCormick, Maree               Carpenter, Oscar F.                9-Apr-08 L362
McCormick, Mareta              Livengood, Arthur J.               4-Jun-09 M277
McCormick, Margaret L. (Mrs.)  Richmond, Hiram L.             30 Nov 1894  F450
McCormick, Marjorie Fay        Hepperlen, Fred                   15-Jan-18 U479
McCormick, Martin L.           Giles, Gertie E.                  19-Jun-01 H615
McCormick, Mary                Taylor, Gorden A.                 29-Dec-08 M078
McCormick, Mary E.             Brown, William M.              29 May 1890  E146
McCormick, Maud                Rarick, J.L.                      17-May-05 J572
McCormick, Myrle V.            Seese, Harry A.M.                 29-Jul-17 T538
McCormick, Nellie              Freeman, Charles K.            19 Jul 1899  H127
McCormick, Ollimay Mordelle    Hartwich, L.F.                    17-Apr-21 Y586
McCormick, Pearl               Wilhite, Helen C.                 21-May-05 J575
McCormick, R.D.                Snyder, Johannah                  29-Mar-21 Y550
McCormick, Ralph               Cochran, Elizabeth                25-Mar-13 Q075
McCormick, Ralph               Deyer, Pearl G.                06 Nov 1897  G393
McCormick, Robert Harold       Carrier, Alta Eva                 15-Nov-19 W610
McCormick, Thad                Hamilton, Phila(lia) J.        01 Jan 1894  F285
McCormick, Thomas              McDonal, Sarah A.              10 Feb 1879  A398
McCormick, William A.          Carlisle, Ellen M.                25-Dec-04 J446
McCorquodale, Rachel           Gabbard, Charles E.               28-Sep-21 Z311
McCorriston, Robert            Hurd, Dorothy Katherine           12-Mar-18 V029
McCory, Katherine (Ca..)       Watson, William P.                24-Aug-10 N292
McCosh, M.B.                   Hughes, Mattie E.                 20-Jul-10 N250
McCoskie, Mary                 VanNostran, W.L.               29 Feb 1884  C047
McCoskrie, J.B.                Crane, Lillie                  27 May 1886  C444
McCowen, S.J.                  Snyder, Larretta                  19-Aug-03 I634
McCowen, William B.            Holland, Josie                              R407
McCown, Lois                   Collins, John                     20-Mar-20 X266
McCown, M.B.                   Dreasher, Ival B.                 20-Sep-19 W453
McCoy, Agnes                   Nicholson, Gordon                 18-Sep-21 Z288
McCoy, Alice I.                Wood, Truman A.                   26-Oct-04 J395
McCoy, Anthony                 McDowell, Claudie                 14-Jan-03 I464
McCoy, Arthur                  Mattox, Evelyn                    14-Aug-19 W355
McCoy, Blanche                 Haley, Dwight                     12-Jun-19 W209
McCoy, C.F.                    Carney, Mary                      17-Apr-18 V093
McCoy, C.H.                    Deaton, Dorothy                   27-Dec-19 X085
McCoy, Charles C.              Hunter, Caroline S.            04 Nov 1894  F429
McCoy, Charles P.              Young, Alfleda                              S081
McCoy, Claude                  Numa, Frank                       13-Dec-11 P166
McCoy, Claudia                 Dye, William A.                   12-Jan-04 J140
McCoy, E.E.                    Auldridge, Ida                    16-Mar-20 X258
McCoy, E.T.                    Herburger, Margaret               21-Aug-12 P381
McCoy, Edith L.                Hutchins, James E.                          R545
McCoy, Elizabeth M.            Newman, Joseph L.              06 Sep 1899  H151
McCoy, Ella B.                 Ashenfelter, Charles W.           15-Oct-13 Q379
McCoy, Elsie                   Hoagland, N.                      27-Oct-02 I387
McCoy, Emma F.                 Huff, Ulysses G.               07 Nov 1889  E010
McCoy, Fannie                  Chittenden, A.I.                  14-Nov-10 N444
McCoy, Fannie                  Dannenfelser, E.E.                          N436
McCoy, George I.               Woodford, Lucile                  17-Nov-21 Z431
McCoy, Goldie Viola            Sundback, Willis Otto             26-Jul-17 T528
McCoy, Hal W.                  McElhaney, Stella L.              12-Jun-01 H609
McCoy, Harvey                  Pederson, Emma D.                  6-Mar-10 N037
McCoy, Hazel Chelnissa         Murrell, Hurst Stewart             7-Oct-08 L596
McCoy, Hope                    Cox, Fred                         14-Dec-20 Y336
McCoy, Ida (Rev.)              Shirer, D.G. (Rev.)            27 Aug 1896  G139
McCoy, J.B.                    Williams, Mary                              D451
McCoy, James F.                Nachtrieb, Emma                05 May 1892  E541
McCoy, Jay                     Hendricks, Nora                    7-Apr-14 Q586
McCoy, Jesse(sie) G.           Gill, Raleigh L.                  18-Dec-07 L242
McCoy, Jessie                  Chittenden, A.I.                            N439
McCoy, Jessie                  Dillon, Edwin                      4-Mar-12 P135
McCoy, John A.                 Bogart, Gladys                    22-Oct-19 W543
McCoy, Joseph F.               Osgood, Hope B.                             S100
McCoy, Leslie                  English, Dorothy                            T356
McCoy, Loyd                    Wise, Cora                         1-Mar-09 M162
McCoy, Mabel L.                Burris, Reuben C.                 28-May-19 W167
McCoy, Mary                    Monckton, Thomas W.               27-Jan-15 R340
McCoy, Mary E.                 Green, G.R.                    11 May 1888  D295
McCoy, Mary Margaret           Gross, Charles S.                  8-Mar-21 Y508
McCoy, Nellie H.               Bupp, Edward I.                             T052
McCoy, O.J.                    Barkhurst, Cora                    6-Apr-05 J540
McCoy, Orlando J.              Dean, Della Mae                   28-Jul-18 V294
McCoy, Orlando J.              Lees, Leona                       11-Apr-09 M214
McCoy, Thomas Franklin         Schenck, Nina Belle                         R464
McCoy, W.E.                    Benson, Pearl J.                            S141
McCoy, William                 McDow, Ida E.                     22-Jan-02 I162
McCracken, Fred                Smith, Hannah                      8-Feb-18 U538
McCracken, John Mc             Wright, Fannie (Mrs.)          28 Aug 1892  E600
McCracken, Laura L.(Mrs)       Rhodes, John H.                20 Mar 1898  G479
McCracken, Mary E.             Hoss, James H.                 10 Apr 1879  A418
McCracken, Mattie L.           McBride, R.M.                  09 Jan 1883  B336
McCracken, Nelson D.           Hinshaw, Velma A.                 26-Nov-14 R250
McCrae, Lucy L.                Mason, Melvin                  20 Aug 1884  C118
McCrae, Mary N.                Culter, Bradford M.            19 Oct 1882  B309
McCraith, W.E.                 Barton, Lucile                     1-Dec-17 U299
McCraner, W.J.                 Wright, Opal F.                   26-Apr-18 V112
McCrary, Edna                  Whitmer, E.K.                     24-Jun-17 T462
McCrary, Elmer                 Rhoads, Bertha                    30-Jul-14 R078
McCrary, Norman E.             Knight, Mattie E.                  1-Sep-21 Z247
McCrary, R.E.                  Thomas, Rita                       4-Jan-21 Y398
McCray, Aaron F.               Cox, Amanda                       22-Oct-12 P474
McCray, Dora                   Coultis, Ed                        9-Jul-19 W278
McCray, John                   Garrett, Jennie                16 Nov 1895  F628
McCray, Lillian E.             Radford, A.                    30 Aug 1899  H147
McCray, Rose                   Tollbert, H.F.                              S253
McCrea, Albert                 Tolbert, Ruby                      4-Jul-21 Z094
McCrea, Charles R.             Wager, Winifred Marie             30-Nov-19 X007
McCrea, Edna                   Amos, Hercy                       15-Aug-17 T579
McCrea, James                  Eads, Alice M.                 15 Dec 1894  F458
McCrea, Janie                  Speelman, Charles W.              20-Feb-12 P115
McCrea, Jennie                 Swaney, Frank W.                  19-Sep-00 H400
McCrea, Letitia                Trickey, Benjamin LeRoy           13-Jul-04 J292
McCrea, Lizzie                 Ball, W.H.                        21-Feb-00 H276
McCrea, Mamie                  Cooley, Fred J.                   22-Jun-09 M310
McCrea, Martha                 Phelps, John H.                19 Mar 1891  E313
McCrea, Mary May               Gowing, Purl Alfred                5-Feb-08 L298
McCrea, Mattie                 Eades, Theodore H.             27 Sep 1899  H168
McCrea, Robert                 Lower, Zola                       28-Mar-18 V060
McCrea, Robert                 Wyckoff, Milberry H.           06 Apr 1885  C237
McCrea, Sadie W.               Johnson, Isaac V.              03 Sep 1889  D597
McCrea, Sarah Agnes            Tanner, Oliver A.                 10-Nov-10 N440
McCrea, William                Newlon, Ollie                  24 Jul 1890  E175
McCrea, William                Tilly, Edith                      29-Nov-04 J430
McCready, Maud(de)             Dyck, Max                         27-Jul-07 L064
McCready, Paul E.              Beeson, Hazel F.                  22-Dec-17 U371
McCready, Sarah                Cox, C.A.                                   S038
McCreary, Arthur J.            Webb, Wilma C.                              R481
McCreary, B.A.                 Maddox, Nannie                    23-Mar-20 X271
McCreary, Sadie E.             Bonebrake, Uriah               24 Sep 1896  G154
McCredie, Thomas               Jamison, Jennette              26 Feb 1872  A031
McCree, Mary                   Able, Frank E.                 10 Dec 1896  G209
McCree, Ola                    Williams, John                    11-Sep-18 V390
McCree, Samuel                 Blair, Ellen                   03 Sep 1887  D094
McCreight, Milfred H.          Hawley, Edith L.                   1-May-12 P218
McCrocklin, Daisey M.          Holter, I.F.                   06 May 1896  G089
McCrocklin, Maud(de)           Eastman, William H.                8-Mar-00 H286
McCrum, Rosa E.                Ollie, J.H.                       30-Jun-08 L467
McCubbin, C.F.                 Marshall, Lulu Irene               5-Feb-13 Q017
McCuller, Ipa                  Bailey, Monroe                 12 Dec 1896  G211
McCulley, Beulah Culala        Cleveland, Homer J.                2-Sep-18 V367
McCulley, F.L.                 Fink, Jennie                   25 Oct 1899  H195
McCulley, F.L.                 Fisk, Jennie                   25 Oct 1899  H195
McCulley, Jennie L.(Mrs)       Olds, Sanford S.                  11-Dec-06 K474
McCullock, Mary Estella        Shreve, Guy Gerald                26-Jan-10 M633
McCullough, Charles G.         Day, Emma R.                       6-Dec-11 P008
McCullough, Charles M.         Wyckoff, Mattie E.                 2-Jun-09 M276
McCullough, Edith              Fell, Leon G.                     16-Sep-13 Q325
McCullough, Edith Lyle         Johnson, Clyde H.                  8-Jun-11 O184
McCullough, Edward M.          Rea, Elma Della                    4-Oct-19 W496
McCullough, F.H.               Hamilton, Vera                    20-May-22 Z774
McCullough, Gertrude           Toler, Edwin C.                09 Oct 1895  F608
McCullough, Gertrude Lucile    Brown, E.C.                                 S215
McCullough, Glessner E.        Troutt, Edgar W.                            R448
McCullough, Henry              Kelly, Ada                        23-Aug-10 N292
McCullough, Ichabod            Wardell, Caroline                  7-Feb-12 P096
McCullough, John               Lane, Emma                     18 Jun 1895  F555
McCullough, Joseph H.          Andrews, Mary (Mrs.)           18 Apr 1899  H072
McCullough, Joseph H.          Medlin, Minerva J.             24 Dec 1883  C018
McCullough, Julia              Bell, William T.               23 May 1894  F353
McCullough, Lena               Field, Rex                         5-Jun-20 X462
McCullough, Lucy Esther        Cameron, Elmer Donald                       S222
McCullough, Martin S.          Buck, Lizzie H.                16 Dec 1883  C015
McCullough, Mary               Hoover, Charles M.                 2-Apr-12 P172
McCullough, Maude              Alexander, W.M.                   18-Aug-20 Y027
McCullough, Myrtle             Hazen, Howard                     11-Jan-22 Z548
McCullough, O.M.               Whitaker, Stella                  28-May-00 H329
McCullough, S.P.               Piper, Frank                      23-Jul-02 I305
McCullough, Sadie E.           McGrew, Hudson T.              20 Feb 1894  F315
McCullough, Samuel J.          Garriss, Cora E.               23 Apr 1882  B266
McCullough, W.J.               Parker, Cora                      20-Jul-20 X596
McCullum, Susie L.             Collins, Albert C.                          S048
McCully, John M.               Drumm, Mabel L.                   27-Jul-09 M357
McCully, Marshall              Bowen, Agatha P.                  20-Mar-07 K575
McCully, T.R.                  Woods, Arnola                  26 Jun 1895  F558
McCumber, George E.            Carter, Ida Irene                  6-Oct-01 I068
McCumbers, Mary                Thompson, James LeRoy                       S296
McCune, Daisy                  Bally, Henry                   18 Oct 1893  F231
McCune, Ellen                  Critzer, Charles L.            24 Nov 1889  E023
McCune, Elmira A.              Prather, Hugh B.                  24-Oct-04 J393
McCune, Guy C.                 Webster, Anna                     14-Jun-17 T433
McCune, Harold S.              Couk, Vivan                       19-Jul-19 W293
McCune, Helen E.               Welsh, Frank J.                   15-Jul-08 L482
McCune, Iva O.                 Marshell, Joseph               26 Nov 1879  B007
McCune, J. Estella             McCluggage, Francis J.             5-Jun-12 P250
McCune, Leonard                Egan, Elizabeth                    6-Jun-18 V198
McCune, Myrtle S.              Hagan, Otto A.                    16-Dec-03 J111
McCune, Nannie M.              Smith, Rolla O.                   15-Oct-12 P454
McCune, Nellie                 Sawhill, O.B.                     21-Sep-13 Q334
McCurdy, Belle                 Barrett, John A.                  15-Jan-00 H256
McCurdy, Harry Clifford        Howe, Opal Juanita                 8-Nov-19 W589
McCurdy, Harvey                Gillenwater, Opal                 15-Jul-17 T505
McCurdy, Ida                   McBee, Thomas E.               20 Sep 1892  E614
McCurdy, J.H.                  Simpson, Fern V.                   2-Oct-11 O353
McCurdy, Jennie (Mrs.)         Woffenden, T.C.                    6-Mar-04 J180
McCurdy, Mary Agnes            Winters, Glenn B.                           S365
McCurdy, May                   Streed, William Ivan               4-Mar-19 W008
McCurdy, Nonnie                Whitted, William                   2-Sep-13 Q301
McCurdy, Raleigh               Jones, Amelia                     13-May-22 Z763
McCurdy, Ray R.                Thompson, Leona H.                          S390
McCurdy, Viola Fern            Warren, Sam                       26-Apr-19 W095
McCurdy, William B.            Hogan, Katie F.                25 Jun 1893  F159
McCurdy, William O.            Hayden, Lillie                    27-Mar-10 N072
McCurley, Carl W.              Curry, Mabel M.                   13-Aug-19 W353
McCurley, L.D.                 Kern, Martha E.                   23-Jun-19 W235
McCurry, Grace                 Lickly, Morris J.                 14-Jan-20 X119
McCurry, Lessie                Mayfield, Baylos H.                2-Aug-19 W329
McCurtain, Mattie              Grindle, Emmett A.                 8-Oct-20 Y175
McCutchan, Lou                 Weaver, Henry                  21 Jun 1883  B383
McCutchen, Frank               Kruegel, Lizzie S.(Mrs)        01 Jun 1891  E345
McCutchen, Frank C.            Holzmann, Lizzie A.               28-Nov-04 J429
McCutchen, Lenore              Bond, W.R.                         8-Apr-22 Z697
McCutchen, William F.          Cullum, Leota F.               29 Jun 1898  G532
McCutcheon, Edward Rolland     Oak, Ethel Violet                 29-May-18 V172
McCutcheon, Irving A.          Edwards, Mable L.              13 Jun 1897  G312
McCutcheon, Ruth               Ridgway, Frank I.                 18-Oct-11 O374
McCutchun, Maggie R.           Baker, J.C.                    24 Oct 1887  D142
McDaneld, J.A.                 Howard, Ruth M.                             S060
McDaniel, A.L.                 Garrison, B.N.                     5-Jan-05 J465
McDaniel, Anson                Johnson, Rosana                   26-Oct-07 L185
McDaniel, Blanche              Solliday, Otto C.                  7-Oct-14 R178
McDaniel, Corrilla             Preston, Daniel                10 Mar 1873  A064
McDaniel, Frederick            Leonard, Fay                       2-Aug-19 W327
McDaniel, Jane Ott Mead        Chapman, Walter F.             02 Oct 1888  D401
McDaniel, John R.              Wissler, Effie                    11-Mar-20 X247
McDaniel, L.M.                 Chritton, A.L.                    11-Dec-13 Q456
McDaniel, Lucy M.              McDaniel, M.M.                    28-Feb-07 K562
McDaniel, M.C.                 McRoberts, M.M.                10 Apr 1879  A419
McDaniel, M.M.                 McDaniel, Lucy M.                 28-Feb-07 K562
McDaniel, Mary E.              Hale, John P.                  10 Apr 1884  C067
McDaniel, May                  Brose, F.W.                       21-Jan-03 I471
McDaniel, Olive R.             Harbour, John Alvin               26-Nov-13 Q444
McDaniel, R.C.                 White, Ethel                                S282
McDaniel, Ray                  Bingham, Lois                               T128
McDaniel, Stella F.            Webb, William E.                  28-Feb-06 K215
McDaniel, Sylvia               Sloan, Robert                     25-Feb-04 J174
McDaniel, Walter               Shaw, Nadine                      24-Jan-19 V576
McDaniels, Floy                Glick, Irl                        29-Jan-11 N571
McDaniels, Lida                Brasir, Arthur E.                 21-Jun-01 H620
McDaniels, S.W. (Mrs.)         Winters, George                02 Apr 1893  F109
McDannald, Carl H.             Wilson, Virginia                            U210
McDannald, Carl H.             Wilson, Virginia                   7-Jan-18 U458
McDavid, Francis               Hankins, Albert                   17-Oct-10 N395
McDavitt, J. Fred              Barr, Opal A.                     19-Aug-11 O288
McDermeit, C.T.                                                            C606
McDermeit, C.T.                Melton, A.J.                   13 Mar 1887  C605
McDerment, Hannah              Frazier, E.D.                     23-Jul-19 W309
McDerment, Hannah J.           McDerment, S.H.                    2-Jan-04 J134
McDerment, S.H.                Gerties, Louisa                   15-Oct-12 P460
McDerment, S.H.                McDerment, Hannah J.               2-Jan-04 J134
McDermid, J.R.                 Sullivan, Maggie E.               15-Jun-04 J260
McDermid, Marguarite           Hutchison, Darwin              01 Dec 1890  E256
McDermott, Charles             Darrow, Grace                     15-Feb-10 N016
McDermott, John                Kaufman, Florence                 24-Nov-14 R248
McDermott, Maretta(Mrs)        Seymour, John R.               09 Sep 1891  E385
McDermott, Thomas              Fahey, N.Z.                    21 Apr 1897  G285
McDice, G.H.                   Nichols, Marguerite                9-Oct-19 W510
McDill, Alice                  McPherson, Carlisle W.         24 Mar 1891  E314
McDill, Annie                  Haas, Adam                     12 Mar 1890  E098
McDill, J.L.                   Jacques, B.H.                  11 Jan 1898  G440
McDill, Sarah A.               Rice, John H.                     17-Oct-11 O371
McDivitt, D.                   Williams, Shelton                  1-Jul-08 L468
McDivitt, S.                   Tuders, Ella Jane              08 May 1887  D003
McDivitt, Stewart              Nelson, Delia                     13-Dec-06 K480
McDole, B.H.                   Hess, May                          4-Jan-05 J464
McDole, C.                     Wheeler, Florence                  8-Feb-21 Y464
McDole, G.C.                   Bayzel, Mary                      27-Dec-08 M069
McDole, G.C.                   Bazzel, Mary                      27-Dec-08 M069
McDole, Minnie                 Cadwallader, James                          R408
McDonal, Sarah A.              McCormick, Thomas              10 Feb 1879  A398
McDonal, William               Jackson, Lelah E.              06 Jan 1893  F050
McDonald, Andrew W.            Webb, Susie M.                 29 Apr 1891  E336
McDonald, Angeline N.          Hill, Melvin J.                    1-May-01 H575
McDonald, B. Grace             Williams, C. Fred                  5-Sep-06 K368
McDonald, Belle                Spears, P.H.                   19 Sep 1888  D390
McDonald, Bessie M.            Castator, Frank                21 Oct 1890  E226
McDonald, Blanche              Smith, S.B.                                 S440
McDonald, C.F.                 Yarbrough, Allie                   8-Mar-20 X235
McDonald, C.U.                 Denny, Zoe                                  T146
McDonald, Charles W.           McDonald, S.E.                    19-Oct-08 L610
McDonald, Charles W.           O'Daniels, S.E.                   18-Nov-03 J084
McDonald, Christine            Denton, Roy A.                    20-Sep-19 W455
McDonald, Cordelia             Child, Charles                 28 Nov 1881  B211
McDonald, D.P.                 Roberts, Nettie                   24-Feb-06 K209
McDonald, Edna                 Mason, William                    15-Sep-10 N332
McDonald, Ella                 Moore, John W.                    28-Jun-06 K311
McDonald, Ella                 Sweet, Ora C.                     16-Apr-06 K247
McDonald, Eva                  Davis, Edward                  28 Jul 1888  D350
McDonald, Fielding             Allspaugh, Ednah                   1-Oct-08 L586
McDonald, Fred A.              Kastens, Leone                     5-May-20 X378
McDonald, George               Johnson, Kate                  01 Dec 1880  B115
McDonald, Grace                Craig, Joseph                     24-Feb-12 P123
McDonald, Grace                McLaughlin, F.A.                  20-Jul-19 W302
McDonald, Ida                  Clark, W.H.A.                      2-Apr-01 H547
McDonald, Ida                  Kennedy, William L.            23 Sep 1890  E203
McDonald, J.B.                 McKay, Sylvia M.                   4-May-18 V130
McDonald, J.T.                 Murphy, Kate                   15 Nov 1882  B321
McDonald, James R.             Isaacs, Julia Marie                5-Jan-20 X111
McDonald, Jennie               Smith, Oscar                      28-Apr-01 H568
McDonald, John B.              Myers, Lucy                        1-Apr-03 I521
McDonald, John C.              Gould, Mary N.                    23-Oct-06 K416
McDonald, Lela                 Wright, Herman                     5-Oct-20 Y164
McDonald, Lloyd                Mahaney, Gladys                             S065
McDonald, Lydia                Johnson, D.                    28 Nov 1888  D442
McDonald, Lyndell W.           Slabach, Ina J.                   29-Dec-21 Z515
McDonald, Maud                 Pain, Walter                   09 Sep 1893  F195
McDonald, May                  Bartlett, Charley                 17-Jan-14 Q507
McDonald, Minnie               Rutkowski, Herman              31 Oct 1896  G180
McDonald, Nellie               Thorsson, W.A.                    14-Nov-17 U204
McDonald, Nora Ann             House, J.                      23 Sep 1885  C309
McDonald, Norine               Flint, Bert W.                    28-Feb-06 K214
McDonald, Pearl                Benbow, Edd                       12-Apr-13 Q105
McDonald, Rachel               Baird, John                                 A183
McDonald, Rosa                 Moder, Frank                      24-Feb-13 Q040
McDonald, Ruth                 Boger, F.R.                       19-Jul-19 W294
McDonald, S.E.                 McDonald, Charles W.              19-Oct-08 L610
McDonald, T.J.                 Getto, Sophia                     10-Jan-00 H251
McDonald, Thomas M.            Goodwin, Lucy B.                  16-Dec-04 J440
McDonald, Victoria             Taylor, Horace                    17-Jun-18 V225
McDonald, Wesley               Ruble, Neva Elmira                 6-Jun-17 T421
McDonald, Wilbert E.           Thorpe, Mattie E.              09 Sep 1888  D383
McDonald, William              Meyer, Neetie                     16-Jun-17 T448
McDonald, William A.           Walk, Cora                        23-Jun-10 N204
McDonell, Dora                 Monroe, Roy                       10-Apr-12 P191
McDonough, Agnes               Smith, Thomas                  21 Apr 1890  E123
McDonough, B.                  Smith, F.J.                    16 Jul 1887  D059
McDonough, Beatrice            McFadden, M.J.                 15 Sep 1889  D598
McDonough, Ethel               Smith, James E.                   25-Dec-21 Z503
McDorman, J.T.                 Stout, Jennie                  18 Mar 1886  C413
McDorman, Lela                 Smith, Frank                      21-Oct-18 V453
McDougal, Glen Foster          Ross, Lucille May                 17-Aug-12 P374
McDougal, Minnie A.            Tope, George                   30 Aug 1885  C295
McDougall, A.G.                Carter, Emma                       5-May-12 P224
McDougall, Sarah               Whitesell, Clarence               17-Aug-02 I314
McDougle, Lizie                Mitchell, Luck                 05 May 1898  G503
McDow, Addie E.                Tuell, William M.              01 Mar 1888  D237
McDow, Albert                  Ainsworth, Ida May             06 Oct 1891  E398
McDow, Austin M.               Waite, Minnie R.                  23-Jul-06 K334
McDow, Charles Perry           Maxson, Rosa Pearl                27-Jan-01 H513
McDow, Ida                     Crutchfield, J.A.              04 May 1885  C251
McDow, Ida E.                  McCoy, William                    22-Jan-02 I162
McDow, Jane                    Bush, William T.               14 Dec 1882  B330
McDow, Minnie E.               Clark, John                    09 Jun 1888  D316
McDow, Pearl                   Pine, James W.                    15-Dec-09 M559
McDow, Rose (Mrs.)             Carroll, Roy E.                    2-Jul-14 R055
McDow, T.B.                    Smalley, Annette               20 May 1880  B069
McDowell, Allie                Martin, Fred J.                   10-Jun-03 I576
McDowell, Claudie              McCoy, Anthony                    14-Jan-03 I464
McDowell, D.W.                 Kennedy, Juanita                  13-Nov-17 U203
McDowell, E.E.                 Gaskill, Nettie S.                25-Dec-02 I438
McDowell, Edna                 Newmyer, C.A.                  01 Sep 1895  F584
McDowell, Ernest L.            Michael, Iowa                  01 Jun 1896  G099
McDowell, L.E.                 Polson, Jewel O.                  15-Sep-10 N334
McDowell, Louis                Meyer, Rhoda                      22-Jul-07 L058
McDowell, Mamie Alta           Allen, C.C.                        2-Oct-18 V424
McDowell, Mary                 McMullin, Newton                  11-Sep-04 J340
McDowell, O.J.                 Huddleston, Bessie May             6-Jun-09 M281
McDowell, Pearl O.             Rice, Frank G.                 12 Nov 1894  F436
McDowell, Zoe Bessie           White, John Z.                     4-Jun-03 I571
McDown, Ida                    Budd, S.S.                        28-Sep-13 Q342
McDoyle, Pearl                 Benbow, Edd                       12-Apr-13 Q105
McDugal, Mattie                Hill, Clifford                    23-Dec-03 J120
McEachern, Pearl               Adams, Basil                      10-Jun-21 Z038
McElhaney, Stella L.           McCoy, Hal W.                     12-Jun-01 H609
McElheney, Nora Mabel          Ogden, Walter Scott               30-Jan-19 V588
McElliott, Carl                Stringer, Ella M.                 30-Oct-12 P487
McElreath, J.E.                Raper, Vida M.                              S321
McElroy, B. Frank              Palmer, Anna (Mrs.)               25-May-11 O160
McElroy, Clara                 Shepard, Charley                  17-Jun-13 Q204
McElroy, Ethel                 Musser, William                             S395
McElroy, Geneva                Lewis, Frank A.                   18-Oct-05 K083
McElroy, Ora                   Downs, Franklin E.                27-Mar-19 W039
McElroy, Thomas Boyd           Morgan, Jennie Edith              29-Jul-03 I616
McElvain, Joseph E.            Gunning, Marie Sabine             25-Dec-18 V534
McElvane, M.A.                 Osborn, J.W.                   03 Oct 1877  A288
McElwain, Mary Winifred        Holloway, George G.                2-Oct-19 W491
McElwain, Richard Allen        Fulton, Vesta                     27-Sep-17 U018
McElya, Hugh                   Futch, Phronia                    27-Sep-03 J031
McElya, Phoney                 Halter, Henry A.                  26-Jul-09 M358
McElya, Temperance             Flood, William                 10 Oct 1878  A365
McEnany, Maggie                Antrim, James W.               02 Nov 1879  A461
McEntire, Joseph H.            Noyes, Hattie                  19 Apr 1899  H073
McEntire, R.T.                 Coss, Florence                              S058
McEvoy, Margaret Tresa R.      Slattery, Thomas J.                2-Feb-10 M638
McEwen, Harold D.              Rorabaugh, Evelyn                 12-Nov-21 Z416
McEwen, John D.                Beachy, Bernice                             T298
McEwen, Mary                   Cline, Merle D.                    2-Nov-19 W571
McEwen, Mary                   Cline, Merrill D.                 31-Dec-14 R308
McEwing, Lula M.               Scott, Ray E.                     10-May-14 Q620
McFadden, Claude E.            Weeks, Wilmina                    31-Dec-21 Z527
McFadden, Craig                Fanning, Nellie                28 Sep 1893  F213
McFadden, Edna                 Ewbank, Ivan J.                   28-Jan-19 V582
McFadden, Ethel                Muns, William Thomas               5-Nov-13 Q411
McFadden, H.B.                 Eggleston, Lydia A.                         H285
McFadden, H.B.                 Eggleston, Lydia A.                4-Mar-00 H282
McFadden, Henrietta            Travis, Edward                    20-Aug-04 J321
McFadden, Iva M.               Sites, Arthur                     29-Oct-01 I089
McFadden, Jack W.              Wadlow, Bertha                    19-Nov-13 Q426
McFadden, James W.             Henderson, Ada L.                           S507
McFadden, Joseph B.            Cooper, Alma                      19-Nov-20 Y283
McFadden, Lenora               Immele, Edward J.                 17-Apr-18 V092
McFadden, Lydia Adelia         Adams, Jacob Dexter                2-Nov-12 P492
McFadden, M.J.                 McDonough, Beatrice            15 Sep 1889  D598
McFadden, Mamie B.             Rupe, Frank A.                 08 Jan 1894  F292
McFadden, Minnie               Scott, L.B.                       29-Sep-10 N362
McFadden, R.E.                 Kirk, Beulah                       4-Jun-21 Z004
McFaden, Jennie                Hardesty, Frank                30 Apr 1899  H077
McFairley, Martha              Strohl, Jacob                     22-May-06 K273
McFall, John R.                Culbertson, Clara Marcia                    T361
McFall, Kathleen               Bachman, A.L.                     14-Jun-19 W201
McFall, Oscar L.               Blumenshine, Mabel Estella        20-Jun-20 X501
McFann, W.P.                   Reed, Eva                      14 Jan 1885  C194
McFarlan, James B.             McAmis, Laura                  21 Feb 1883  B350
McFarland, Belle               Moore, James M.                18 Sep 1886  C500
McFarland, Bess                Jones, Charles M.                 23-Apr-18 V108
McFarland, C.A.                Carpenter, Ann M.              02 Jul 1871  A011
McFarland, C.J.                Weishaar, H.H.                     5-Sep-04 J333
McFarland, Charles Frederick   Hanna, Ivy Dell                   23-May-07 K635
McFarland, Elsie               Brown, T.J.                       27-Apr-18 V115
McFarland, Freida              Mann, John Jr.                              S009
McFarland, George B.           Dabertz, Hattie E.             05 Nov 1885  C334
McFarland, Gertrude            Colvin, Bert L.                    5-Mar-21 Y507
McFarland, Ida A.              Martin, J.W.                   01 Mar 1888  D239
McFarland, J.G.                Roush, Cora B.                 10 Jul 1881  B170
McFarland, James T.            Hall, Elizabeth J.             14 Jul 1887  D060
McFarland, John                Howkins, Sadie                    20-May-03 I559
McFarland, Lillian             Oney, F.J.                        13-Mar-18 V033
McFarland, May                 Haywood, Andrew                    1-Nov-21 Z398
McFarland, Millard Merle       Whinery, Clara Pauline             2-Oct-20 Y156
McFarland, Sig M.              Copp, Lizzie                      15-Mar-07 K573
McFarland, W.E.                Brantly, Florence              06 Nov 1898  G604
McFarland, W.O.                Hays, Dollie F.                   Sep 1888  D384
McFarland, William F.          Peterson, Hazel                   24-Dec-12 P587
McFarlane, Loretta             McFarlane, T.E.                   29-Sep-10 N363
McFarlane, T.E.                McFarlane, Loretta                29-Sep-10 N363
McFarlin, Annie E.             Barlow, R.R.                      29-Aug-13 Q294
McFarren, Julia Ann            Cook, John H.                      9-Sep-17 T619
McFatridge, Myrtie A.          Kerr, Charles H.               03 Jul 1890  E166
McFeeters, Ethel M.            Ridgway, C.F.                     10-Nov-12 P504
McFerran, Daniel               Tollman, Myrtle                30 Dec 1896  G229
McFerran, George M.            Ellis, Allie J.                05 Jan 1888  D197
McFerran, William D.           Tracy, Elizabeth                  27-Jun-00 H349
McFerren, E.L.                 Jeffries, Florence                30-Jul-19 W320
McFerren, Robert A.            Brown, Mary F.                 01 Jan 1885  C185
McFie, W.T.                    Ross, Lizzie J.                15 Apr 1885  C241
McFrederick, Alvine            Clark, Abbie J.                18 Oct 1899  H188
McFrederick, Dallas R.         Smith, Luella D.                  13-Nov-04 J410
McFrederick, Dallas Ray        King, Beatrice                              S211
McFrederick, Ella              Wilson, James                      4-Jul-00 H353
McFrederick, Emma              Sites, O.R.                        6-Jul-01 H635
McFrederick, William F.        Lewis, Ida A.                  12 Mar 1884  C053
McGaha, Cedelia                Roll, Rudolph                  09 Oct 1882  B306
McGaha, Emeline                Roll, Charles                  01 Sep 1879  A443
McGaha, John W.                Long, Nina A.                  04 Sep 1889  D596
McGaha, M.W.                   Brower, Mary C.                22 Sep 1878  A360
McGann, Henry                  Washburn, Mary                 24 Dec 1872  A055
McGann, Henry L.               Hayden, Mabel E.                  12-Jul-04 J290
McGann, Pearl Irene            Scott, Harvey S.                  11-Jan-19 V563
McGargo, Vallie                Garrick, Robert                   24-Sep-10 N355
McGarigle, Harry B.            Chenoweth, Lola Clara             21-Aug-07 L090
McGarigle, M.J.                Hutchison, Olive M.            15 Aug 1899  H137
McGarraugh, A.D.               Evans, Bessie Pearl                         R507
McGarraugh, Eston A.           Cannon, Clella                              S455
McGarraugh, Rita               Pendell, Ernest H.                16-Nov-13 Q420
McGarry, Monona C.             Good, George                   29 Jun 1894  F376
McGarry, William               Parker, Margaret A.                5-Apr-10 N085
McGarver, Grace                McCaslen, Charlie                 10-Jun-11 O186
McGarvey, Myrtle               Sexton, G.W.                      15-Jul-10 N243
McGarvey, Wiley                Lane, Ruth                        28-Jan-19 V585
McGary, Julia                  Smith, Arthur R.               08 Dec 1894  F455
McGary, Katherine (Ca..) E.    Goemann, Henry A.                 16-Feb-11 O020
McGary, Sallie                 Farmer, Harry                  30 Mar 1899  H063
McGary, Sarah M.               Cheney, E.W.                   20 Aug 1879  A441
McGavern, Luree                Gilbert, George                28 Apr 1887  C636
McGeachy, Jessie               Salmon, John S.                   24-Apr-10 N107
McGee, Bessie                  Strong, George H.                 19-Jan-02 I165
McGee, C.W.                    Hickerson, Edna                   19-May-20 X412
McGee, Carrie F.               Franklin, S.B.                 15 Jun 1887  D035
McGee, Elsie                   Teeters, Melvin                    8-Apr-18 V081
McGee, Estella                 Alsip, Ward B.                     9-Oct-11 O360
McGee, Frank                   Fray, Solenia                               R429
McGee, G.N.                    Reed, Alma                                  S617
McGee, Helena E.               Lyeth, Clinton H.              16 Apr 1884  C068
McGee, John                    Traft, Goldie                      3-Jan-21 Y395
McGee, Lizzie                  Bybee, William                 24 Dec 1895  G020
McGee, Maggie                  English, C.M.                     20-Jan-10 M627
McGee, Peter                   Townsend, Lovina               11 Jul 1889  D571
McGee, S.D.                    Cummings, Laura May                2-Oct-20 Y154
McGeever, D.J.                 Ratliff, Inez                     20-Oct-21 Z368
McGehe, Elizabeth Alice        Levering, Benton                  29-Feb-08 L324
McGehee, W.H.                  Blakeman, Bertha Ella              2-Oct-01 I062
McGetrick, J.P.                Felton, Myrtie                 04 Jul 1886  C459
McGhee, Ida                    Levan, Harry                      16-Nov-21 Z429
McGhee, W.C.                   Heskett, Margaret (Mrs)            9-Nov-10 N437
McGill, Ida                    Redmen, Arthur                    11-Feb-20 X188
McGill, Lee                    Anderson, Leota                   10-Apr-20 X321
McGill, Sadie                  Riggs, Albert                     11-Jun-17 T438
McGill, Thomas                 Lambert, Rebecca               23 Mar 1882  B254
McGill, W.                     Lineball, May                     29-Dec-14 R306
McGilliard, P.C.               Inslee, Laura                     16-Feb-20 X204
McGinley, E.C.                 Wiegand, Josephine                 1-Nov-13 Q404
McGinley, Frank J.             Koehler, Catherine                28-Jun-11 O217
McGinley, Harry A.             Hargett, Ethel M.                 20-Sep-11 O332
McGinn, Jerome James           Dougherty, Mary Agnes              7-Jan-20 X103
McGinness, Carolyn L.          Jones, Ned E.                     15-Jun-21 Z051
McGinnis, Austa                Bacon, Herman L.                   4-Nov-06 K433
McGinnis, B.W.                 Hall, Eva                      29 Jun 1899  H116
McGinnis, Carrie               Hall, Robert S.                01 Dec 1897  G415
McGinnis, Clinton James        Metsker, Ruth                     17-Jul-20 X587
McGinnis, Doris                McCleary, T.E.                    28-May-21 Z001
McGinnis, E.T.                 Shaw, Nina                                  T247
McGinnis, Emma L.              Gaines, R.H.                   18 May 1887  D012
McGinnis, Harold Hamilton      Pruitt, Ruth                                S166
McGinnis, Helena Maple         Schaar, Oscar C.                  23-May-11 O156
McGinnis, J.B.                 Barr, Verba E.                    10-Jun-14 R020
McGinnis, J.S.                 West, Ida                         12-Jul-20 X579
McGinnis, John Howard          Randall, Frances Arsene            6-Oct-21 Z331
McGinnis, Linda                Bentley, Gary Arthur                        T224
McGinnis, Luella H.            Bosworth, A.H.                    10-Jun-03 I577
McGinnis, Mary                 Boydstun, Nelson                   5-May-12 P223
McGinnis, Mollie B.            Barker, L.L.                   04 Jul 1888  D337
McGinnis, Nellie               Merrill, Glenn E.                 28-Jul-17 T532
McGinnis, Ruth                 Morrison, Willard                           T264
McGinnis, S.A.                 Wiershing, Dot                              T137
McGinnis, Schuyler A.          Laughlin, Laura R.             23 Jun 1891  E353
McGinnis, Thomas C.            Likens, Belle                  14 Oct 1885  C321
McGinnis, W.R.                 Hogue, L.J.                                 T286
McGinnis, William Brooks       Hockenburg, Opal                  11-May-14 Q624
McGinniss, W.T.                John, Minnie V.                    2-Jul-19 W263
McGlade, D.P.                  Terrell, Marie                    25-Apr-19 W094
McGlade, Ida                   Evans, Charley                 11 Jan 1895  F475
McGlade, Lettie                West, Joseph G.                    9-Apr-02 I218
McGlasson, Bada                Hershinger, Herbert H.                      T186
McGlasson, John A.             Dean, Rosa                         2-Sep-19 W404
McGlasson, Sarah Ethel         McCartney, Charles A.              3-May-19 W116
McGlasson, Zana                King, Clarence                              S059
McGlynn, Edward P.             Sheets, Ethel Irene                4-Apr-20 X305
McGlynn, Katie                 Stewart, John                  20 Nov 1895  F627
McGlynn, Mary                  Cornwell, Edward E.            19 Nov 1885  C344
McGlynn, Ray                   Miles, Gladys                     23-Jan-21 Y427
McGonagle, J.W.                Clark, Alda                       26-Dec-11 P039
McGonigal, W.A.                Kimbrough, Delia                            T238
McGonigle, Davy S.             McNamara, Mary Louise                       S018
McGoogan, Phebe Ellen          Cornwall, Thomas H.            26 Sep 1880  B094
McGoon, Jackson                Cotton, Eliza J.               14 Mar 1888  D247
McGough, Phillip T.            Baker, Allie M.                   12-Jun-21 Z038
McGoveny, J.F.                 Adams, Grace                       8-Sep-10 N314
McGovney, C.W.                 Weston, E.E.                   06 Apr 1880  B060
McGovney, Clara F.             Otto, Carl                     31 Aug 1896  G140
McGovney, J.R.                 Blair, Loretta                    29-Sep-20 Y147
McGovney, John                 Jones, Grace M.                   17-Jun-08 L443
McGovney, Katie G.             Hayden, C.L.                       3-Sep-02 I338
McGovney, Mattie               Majors, James F.               12 Feb 1885  C210
McGovney, Robert W.(C.)        Brose, Rebecca Jane            09 Feb 1893  F070
McGovney, Walter B.            Edwards, Anna May                 22-Apr-13 Q117
McGowan, Charles Martin        Simmons, Caroline                 22-Jul-19 W308
McGowan, Henry R.              Fennell, Lizzie                15 Jan 1891  E288
McGowan, J.A.L.                Dunmire, Alta E.                  30-Jan-01 H515
McGowan, Mabel C.              Sweeney, D.K.                               S127
McGowan, William H.            Davenport, Lona E.                24-Dec-12 P592
McGowen, John J.               O'Connor, Jannie Julia            29-Nov-11 O433
McGowen, Lou                   Moore, Marcus A.               12 Jul 1880  B086
McGowin, Maria A.              Stansberry, Thomas G.          06 Mar 1892  E510
McGown, George Q.              Pierce, Dora                   20 Aug 1888  D365
McGown, H.T.                   Dazey, Agnes                      20-Dec-11 P024
McGownd, John                  Palmer, Iva E.                              S567
McGragh, Mary                  Neff, Conrad                   26 Sep 1893  F211
McGrath, Daniel J.             Jones, Iva                         2-Jan-21 Y393
McGrath, Margaret              Mabery, G.W.                                R551
McGraw, Herschel               Lindley, Florence                 25-Jun-10 N206
McGraw, Mary                   Hermes, John                   06 May 1890  E128
McGree, Edna                   Clark, John                       27-Dec-18 V541
McGregor, A.M.                 Holloway, Wihlmeta                20-Dec-17 U363
McGregor, Gladys               Childears, Arthur                 29-Mar-20 X286
McGregor, Laura Belle          Early, John A.                              R589
McGrew, Almira Emma            Bodecker, Albert David            31-Jan-12 P084
McGrew, Belle                  Shields, Earl                     21-Jun-19 W233
McGrew, Carrie                 Carpenter, George Leonard         13-Jan-22 Z551
McGrew, Clara                  Monical, Dempsy                    6-Oct-06 K401
McGrew, Clarence               Whitton, Carrie                             T099
McGrew, Clyde                  Sibert, Emma                   25 Dec 1898  H003
McGrew, Ella                   Cannon, J.D.                       5-Dec-01 I115
McGrew, Elvira Alice           Mulch, John Edward                31-Jan-12 P083
McGrew, George A.              Grout, Emma F.                 14 Nov 1883  C002
McGrew, George P.              Holladay, Lena C.                 10-Nov-17 U183
McGrew, Harry                  Bentley, Ethel D.                           S618
McGrew, Hudson T.              McCullough, Sadie E.           20 Feb 1894  F315
McGrew, James M.               McMaster, Mary Adda               27-Jan-04 J147
McGrew, Lizzie K.              Lowry, James H.                26 Mar 1892  E524
McGrew, Mabel L.               Chaney, John                      21-Feb-06 K203
McGrew, Mary                   Keilholtz, George E.           27 Feb 1890  E088
McGrew, Olive                  Miller, Emanuel                23 May 1889  D542
McGrew, Virgil A.              Fanning, Carrie E.                23-Apr-13 Q117
McGriff, Alda E.               Eads, C.H.                     01 Feb 1899  H035
McGriff, Daisy                 Lewis, Henry A.                   10-Aug-00 H376
McGriff, Edith                 Harper, Roy L.                 30 Oct 1895  F616
McGriff, F.L.                  Lawrence, Grace                05 Dec 1898  G626
McGriff, G.M.                  Little, B.A.                      13-Jul-05 J628
McGrue, Marie                  Stice, William                    14-Jan-07 K519
McGuffin, Rachel               Sanders, Charles E.            12 Jan 1874  A099
McGuffin, Robert E.            Weldon, Chloe                     26-Apr-09 M233
McGufflin, Hazel               Hargis, Arnold                     5-Jun-18 V195
McGugin, Mary                  Hollaham, John                    11-May-01 H587
McGuin, Alvah S.               Moore, Ruby J.                    25-Dec-12 P578
McGuin, Kathryn                Taylor, Bruce                               T032
McGuin, Lucy E.                Fenstermaker, Orville          01 Jun 1893  F146
McGuinn, Arthur                Hilbrant, Marie                    1-May-14 Q613
McGuinn, Thomas F.             Wells, Mary Ellen                  7-May-18 V133
McGuinness, James              Mooney, Margaret               21 Jan 1889  D480
McGuire, Clarence              Walker, Pearl                     15-May-20 X405
McGuire, E.E.                  Creighton, Rachael E.              9-Jan-01 H502
McGuire, Eugene                Rice, Anna                         3-Jan-22 Z536
McGuire, John                  McGuire, Susie                     7-Nov-18 V473
McGuire, Mamye(ayme)           Payton, George H.                 15-Aug-08 L517
McGuire, Nettie                Brindley, Walter F.               29-Sep-19 W482
McGuire, R.E.                  White, Leona                       1-Jan-07 K507
McGuire, Robert E.             Shidler, Maxine                   20-Oct-21 Z366
McGuire, Robert George         Ross, Daisy                                 S122
McGuire, Susie                 McGuire, John                      7-Nov-18 V473
McGuire, Willie Miller         Stewart, Rosie                    30-Jun-19 W255
McGure, Albert                 Hunt, Mae                                   S184
McHaley, E.B.                  Nash, Lillian                     25-Nov-20 Y296
McHarg, Bessie Martha          Mooberry, Don                      1-Aug-17 T549
McHarg, Bruce                  Walsh, Ione Louise                29-Jun-08 L462
McHarg, John Edgar             Gibson, Vera Oakley               18-Feb-20 X205
McHarg, Samuel M.              Johnston, Mary E. Carter          14-Jan-22 Z551
McHenry, Charles               Rothrock, Julia                   16-Nov-10 N450
McHenry, Crocket(tt)           Martin, Mary                      20-Oct-09 M485
McHenry, Ed                    Budd, Josie                    11 Sep 1894  F395
McHenry, Floy                  Mueller, H.R.                     29-Jun-17 T479
McHenry, I.L.                  Fidler, Mary E.                    2-Sep-02 I337
McHenry, James W.              Turner, Effie D.                  26-Nov-08 M026
McHenry, Jesse                 Hellman, August                   26-Dec-12 P600
McHenry, Liddie                Baggett, Allen                     3-Sep-14 R129
McHenry, Paul                  Liurance, Clara                    3-Jun-21 Z017
McHenry, Pearl                 Bristow, William S.                4-Mar-20 X232
McHenry, R.B.                  McHugh, May                                 T185
McHenry, William H.            Clar, Annie T.                     7-Jun-05 J591
McHenry, Zella Irene           Ray, Loyd W.                       1-Oct-08 L584
McHollan, Martha J.            Warnock, David                 24 Nov 1872  A051
McHone, Alfred D.              Phares, Lena Mae                  12-Aug-18 V318
McHone, Alice                  Egen, Thomas                   25 Dec 1885  C367
McHone, Claud                  Ash, Myrtle                       18-Aug-21 Z220
McHugh, Ed.                    Sherwin, Goldie                    8-Sep-02 I345
McHugh, Lucy                   Davis, Charles E.                  1-Jun-09 M271
McHugh, Mabel(ble)             Hilton, John                   12 Nov 1899  H208
McHugh, May                    McHenry, R.B.                               T185
McHugh, W.H.                   McNaghten, Letitia             24 Nov 1898  G620
McIlhenny, Florence B.         Ingham, James K.                            R504
McIlrath, Gladys               Butcher, J.E.                     28-Aug-13 Q293
McIlvain, Blanche R.           Collins, Luther                    8-Jul-20 X569
McIlvain, Grace E.             Scheer, George W.                 27-Feb-18 V007
McIlvain, Maude Marie          Walker, Ernest                    28-Nov-06 K467
McIlvain, Nancy J.             Northrup, S.L.                 09 Dec 1896  G204
McInnes, Edwin                 Fonda, Florence                   31-Dec-10 N515
McInnes, Frances               Magill, R. Ward                             S384
McIntire, Arthur H.            Goforth, Mabel E.                 25-Dec-05 K153
McIntire, C.F.                 Hume, Clarice                     30-Apr-07 K619
McIntire, Dudley               Howard, Jennie                 29 Dec 1879  B013
McIntire, Mabel                Plumer, Alvin                     18-Jan-20 X104
McIntire, Orpha                McIntire, W.F.                    14-Feb-03 I484
McIntire, Phoebe               Stein, H.                         30-Jul-17 T540
McIntire, R.V.                 Blaire, Elizabeth                 22-Dec-20 Y352
McIntire, Sarah J.             Crane, Eugene V.               28 Oct 1875  A172
McIntire, Turner               Mounts, Rosetta E.             14 Nov 1888  D430
McIntire, W.F.                 McIntire, Orpha                   14-Feb-03 I484
McIntire, Wilda                Simpson, J.L.                     18-Oct-21 Z363
McIntire, William F.           Sidles, Orpha                  04 Mar 1893  F091
McIntosh, Ada                  Thompson, Eugene Dudly             6-Mar-10 N030
McIntosh, Ada                  Vantrease, F.C.                             T180
McIntosh, Anna Fern            Anthony, Edmond L.                 6-Mar-20 X238
McIntosh, Claude               Lewis, Genevieve                  11-Feb-18 U548
McIntosh, Eva                  Dewey, Arthur E.                  11-Apr-09 M209
McIntosh, Jame William         Markley, Mary Irene               12-Jul-10 N237
McIntosh, James                Strobel, Mabel                    23-Dec-12 P583
McIntosh, James H.             Whitehead, Rosaline                         O295
McIntosh, Una                  Kyle, Charles B.                  17-Sep-11 O324
McInturff, Cora E.             Spencer, Albert                29 Apr 1894  F344
McInturff, G.                  Hoskinson, Lucy                07 Dec 1898  G628
McIntyer, Mary                 Romig, Ulysses G.                  6-Nov-07 L192
McIntyre, Arthur H.            Goforth, Mabel E.                 25-Dec-05 K153
McIntyre, Belle                Taylor, T.L.                   12 May 1880  B068
McIntyre, E.B.                 Manning, Pearl                    13-Oct-17 U084
McIntyre, Lillie               Dennison, Elmer C.                15-Jan-13 P635
McIntyre, Lizzie               Magee, Wilbur H.               05 Jan 1891  E276
McIntyre, Nettie M.            Clifford, Frank                   15-Nov-04 J416
McIntyre, Peter                Black, Mary Jane               01 Oct 1878  A362
McIntyre, William LeRoy        Wise, Grace Evelyn                          R516
McIrvin, Carrie                Parr, John                        28-Sep-21 Z316
McJilton, Fern                 Hays, Otis                         2-Feb-21 Y454
McKabney, Samuel L.            Canfield, Eula M.                           S476
McKain, Brice                  Smyser, Delpha Pearl                        T157
McKasson, Trus.                Fenderson, Ollie               07 Sep 1898  G565
McKay, Ada                     Schneider, Jacob P.            30 Aug 1894  F391
McKay, Albert                  Furnish, Mattie                17 Nov 1881  B207
McKay, Albert                  McKay, Hannah                  07 Apr 1890  E112
McKay, Allie                   Redgrave, Robert N.               26-Jan-11 N570
McKay, C.C.                    Floyd, Cora A.                    30-Dec-03 J129
McKay, C.D.                    Tucker, Maud(de) Marie            24-Dec-12 P595
McKay, C.W.                    Davidson, Sadie                   14-Nov-10 N445
McKay, Devena Sarah            Bannon, Bert                      17-Dec-13 Q460
McKay, Edith P.                Manning, Ernest                   15-Sep-02 I350
McKay, Elmer E.                Christensen, Dorothy               6-Jun-11 O176
McKay, Eunice                  Green, S.W.                       10-Nov-21 Z358
McKay, Hannah                  McKay, Albert                  07 Apr 1890  E112
McKay, John Erin               McCarthy, Helen Ann                2-Jul-20 X553
McKay, Laura J.                Morrow, W. Clay                             T542
McKay, Margaret                Mitchell, Witten M.                9-Feb-19 V599
McKay, Nannie                  Tracy, John                    07 Dec 1884  C175
McKay, Nettie                  Whitson, David E.              26 Aug 1879  A441
McKay, Sylvia M.               McDonald, J.B.                     4-May-18 V130
McKay, William N.              McNeff, Catherine              02 Oct 1899  H173
McKean, Fannie                 Kelker, David N.               21 Jun 1889  D559
McKedy, Mable                  Hill, Clarence                     7-Apr-19 W061
McKee, Aimee                   Litsey, Floyd R.                   1-Mar-09 M163
McKee, Aletha                  Chritton, Bert                 12 Dec 1897  G418
McKee, Aletha L.               Kerns, A.T.                       19-Oct-03 J056
McKee, Anna B.                 Cline, John                    08 Mar 1893  F093
McKee, Anna Pearl              Troxel, H.A.                      17-Jul-04 J294
McKee, Bess                    Covey, Fred                       25-May-19 W156
McKee, Clair T.                Stonestreet, Blanche              24-Jan-06 K186
McKee, Clara                   Sparks, E.N.                      24-Oct-19 W549
McKee, Clara J.                McCloud, William D.                5-Sep-07 L106
McKee, Clyde I.                Ward, Mable D.                     6-Jun-17 T424
McKee, Daniel F.               Anderson, Pearl B.                          S362
McKee, Elno Rose               Scott, Victor Winfield            26-Aug-21 Z235
McKee, Everett                 Bradford, Anna                    17-Apr-20 X341
McKee, F.E.                    Wright, Helen                      1-Sep-19 W400
McKee, Fannie E.               Darling, J.P.                  15 Sep 1889  D604
McKee, Frank                   Hoover, Flora                      9-May-14 Q621
McKee, Genette                 Rishel, A.B.                      12-Jun-19 W208
McKee, Glenn                   Love, Myrtle                      21-Oct-19 W536
McKee, Iona                    Livesay, William                   4-Nov-19 W576
McKee, Jessie                  Harwood, Charles N.            01 Nov 1896  G180
McKee, John A.                 Anderson, Georgie              02 May 1897  G291
McKee, Laura Ethel             McLain, Fred A.                   19-May-19 W148
McKee, Leila Marie             Coffey, L.I.                      30-Jul-21 Z166
McKee, Lloyd D.                Hufbauer, Grace E.             01 Mar 1898  G469
McKee, Lucy M.                 Lebo, John A.                     26-Feb-03 I494
McKee, Mabel                   Bock, Henry H.                    19-Dec-18 V522
McKee, Margaret                Botkin, Noah                      25-Aug-20 Y054
McKee, Maria                   Russell, T.F.                     24-Mar-13 Q077
McKee, Maud                    Lee, Ed                                     T057
McKee, Milo                    Chritton, Lillie               07 Dec 1897  G417
McKee, Nora                    Cline, Perry                   04 Apr 1894  F334
McKee, Robert J. Jr.           Goodwine, Mary V.              14 Jun 1896  G106
McKee, Savilla Belle           Cruzan, T.J.                   17 Jan 1886  C375
McKee, Susan                   Meyer, William H.              22 Apr 1886  C431
McKee, W.E.                    Axtell, Jessie                    24-Dec-03 J124
McKee, Warren M.               Webb, Sadie F.                 18 Feb 1890  E080
McKee, Zola B.                 McQuiston, I.P.                   15-Feb-15 R359
McKeehan, Cara J.              Ault, Dorothy Hope                20-Apr-19 W081
McKeel, Searless               Fellor, Pansy                      7-Aug-20 Y009
McKeeman, George E.            Hodge, Grace                                S381
McKeen, Ella                   Grounds, C.L.                     18-Dec-01 I127
McKeen, John E.                Nicholson,Isabelle Wade           23-Mar-07 K580
McKeen, Marie E.               Sherman, L.D.                     22-Dec-10 N510
McKeen, Mary Elizabeth         Snyder, Claud D.                   5-Oct-07 L155
McKeen, Pearl                  Knapp, Cliff                      22-Dec-09 M579
McKeen, Robert M.              Patton, Dessie M.                  7-Feb-12 P094
McKeithen, Lillie              Garnett, E.T.                      4-Feb-03 I477
McKelby, Viva                  Brogdon, John I.                  18-Mar-20 X262
McKelleps, Edward D.           Schollenberger, Alice          07 Jan 1896  G031
McKelvie, A.R.                 Willday, Kate                  08 Sep 1899  H154
McKelvy, Etha                  Parker, Ulyn                      10-Jul-20 X574
McKemson, Robert               Eaton, Fannie E.               26 Aug 1891  E374
McKenna, Dolly                 Orth, Hubert                   21 Jan 1895  F480
McKenna, Ella A.               McKenna, James A.                  9-Dec-12 P559
McKenna, James A.              McKenna, Ella A.                   9-Dec-12 P559
McKenna, James A.              Snow, Ella                     17 Jul 1892  E576
McKenna, Jennie                Crowley, John                  30 Jul 1890  E176
McKenna, John                  Ford, Jennie L.                22 Jul 1885  C280
McKenna, Matilda               Morrill, Ira B.                    6-Jun-17 T427
McKenny, Catharine             Yeager, Jerome B.              10 Apr 1882  B264
McKenzie, B.E. (Mrs.)          Gilmon, W.H.                       1-Jan-08 L270
McKenzie, Charles J.           Garver, Mary L.                   12-Nov-03 J076
McKenzie, Eliza                Buckllew, Benjamin M.             19-May-14 Q635
McKenzie, John A.              Haskinson, Carrie M.               1-Feb-04 J153
McKenzie, Pearl                Evans, Donald                     24-Jan-21 Y432
McKenzie, Veda                 Shipley, Carl                     10-Mar-18 V027
McKenzie, William              Reeves, Belle                     16-Jul-14 R064
McKeown, George                Snodgrass, Marshall               10-Oct-07 L163
McKerlie, Edson                Gregory, Anna                  05 Jul 1897  G321
McKey, G.M.                    Stafford, Dorathea V.          19 Nov 1878  A373
McKey, William A.              Bidwell, Minnie S.             27 Nov 1895  F635
McKiarnan, Annie               Quisenberry, William              19-Dec-12 P572
McKibben, Alice                Dodd, W.W.                        11-Oct-01 I075
McKibben, Clara B.             Miller, William E.                11-Aug-19 W347
McKibben, Gustavus             Booher, Maggie                 03 Jul 1884  C097
McKibben, Maud                 Fraser, Frederick J.              31-May-06 K281
McKibben, Robert G.            Willey, Bertha J.                 27-Mar-01 H544
McKibbon, Burt F.              Cole, Florence A.                  9-Nov-04 J411
McKiddy, Callilee              Robertson, Tobe                             X329
McKie, Bessie L.               Wilson, Lawrence R.               26-Jul-21 Z157
McKie, Myrl                    Lumbert, Fern                      7-Sep-14 R135
McKiernan, Cecil E.            Funke, Harry A.                    7-May-19 W121
McKiernan, J.M.                Kollar, Glee                       4-Jun-13 Q183
McKiernan, James               Isrel, M.J. (Mrs.)             18 Sep 1899  H160
McKiernan, John                Brown, Mary                    26 Nov 1884  C161
McKiernan, Margie J.           Polhammer, Andrew S.              10-May-05 J568
McKiernan, Myrtle              Vaught, Dewey                      3-May-19 W113
McKim, Olive                   De Long, Melvy S.              25 Apr 1895  F528
McKinlay, Edna L.              Osgood, George H.                  5-Nov-13 Q410
McKinley, Alice                Berry, Emmett                     18-Sep-01 I046
McKinley, Anna B.              Coates, Robert F.              08 Jan 1891  E283
McKinley, Edward               Dugger, Lydia                     13-May-14 Q627
McKinley, Laura                Jones, Camp A.                     3-Aug-12 P357
McKinley, Marie                Casada, Charles Oates              1-May-20 X366
McKinley, Marion R.            Hudspeth, Tennia E.                7-Nov-06 K437
McKinley, William              Winkle, Gertrude                  21-Oct-20 Y214
McKinley, William Allen        Galbraith, Veloiett                         S438
McKinnell, Addison K.          Martin, Elsie                               R581
McKinnell, Irma                Boardman, Horace                  23-Jun-20 X524
McKinney, B. Virgil            Moberly, Edith M.                  9-Jul-13 Q223
McKinney, Benjamin A.          Wilson, Edith                     14-Sep-14 R143
McKinney, Bessie Luella        Cockey, W.B.                      30-Aug-21 Z244
McKinney, Daisy Viola          Beebe, John Eliott                18-Jun-11 O190
McKinney, Fannie               Southard, W.T.                    25-Aug-03 I640
McKinney, Frankie              Dexter, George                 11 Jun 1890  E153
McKinney, George S.            Jones, Louetta M.                 23-Sep-09 M445
McKinney, John                 Clark, Cynthia                 14 Dec 1882  B329
McKinney, Mabel                Cox, Charles                      21-Sep-09 M438
McKinnin, Minnie M.            O'Bryan, Edward                22 Feb 1888  D230
McKinnon, Annie Belle          Phillips, J.E.                 06 Feb 1878  A310
McKinnon, Frances              Eck, Frank                     04 Jul 1891  E358
McKinsey, E.M.                 Williams, Grace                   29-Apr-08 L388
McKinsey, May                  Sawin, Arthur C.                  25-Feb-08 L318
McKinstry, Aaron               Spawr, Nellie M.               10 Jan 1892  E474
McKinstry, David               Herzer, Leona J.                  18-Feb-03 I487
McKinstry, Levi                Sayre, Fannie M.               25 Dec 1889  E049
McKinstry, Robert              Ayers, Maggie                  04 Jan 1891  E279
McKinstry, W.D.                Fish, Delpha                   15 May 1888  D298
McKinzie, Bulah                White, M.C.                       30-Nov-11 O431
McKinzie, Charles              Bishop, Eva                                 R573
McKinzie, Mabel                Cole, Austin W.                   15-May-18 V149
McKinzie, Reola Louise         White, Fred                       10-Sep-18 V388
McKissen, Sarah M.             Williams, Tuelda H.            29 Aug 1885  C296
McKitrick, Beulah C.           Viets, Arthur J.                   7-Jan-03 I458
McKitrick, Sadie               Haines, Roy A.                    16-Dec-03 J109
McKivett, James C.A.           Brown, Dyca Berenice              22-Jan-21 Y425
McKnight, Arlee M.             Cushman, Bennett B.            22 Oct 1889  D640
McKnight, C.J.                 Drumm, Rita                       10-Apr-13 Q101
McKnight, Charles I.           Haase, Anna L.                    18-Dec-12 P572
McKnight, Charles William      Drane, Lillian E.                 18-Oct-19 W531
McKnight, Clare                Learned, Carrie                24 Dec 1895  G019
McKnight, Forest R.            Baker, Frankie C.                 11-Nov-08 L639
McKnight, J.D.                 Angle, Isabel                     23-Aug-21 Z232
McKnight, Jennie               Hall, W.N.                     18 Nov 1888  D429
McKnight, Leona A.             Learned, Ed. C.                   23-Apr-02 I226
McKnight, Luella               Craig, Fred                       26-Jul-08 L491
McKnight, Mary A.              Corn, William F.                  13-Apr-05 J544
McKnight, Ora B.               Young, Grace L.                   17-Jul-07 L053
McKnight, Otho O.              Hinshaw, Halsie E.                14-Feb-07 K548
McKnight, R.J.                 Baker, H.A.                       13-Dec-10 N497
McKnight, Sam W.               Reid, Dollie                                T020
McKown, Fern                   Yowell, Hunter                    20-Sep-14 R154
McKown, Francis H.             Hammond, Ruth                     17-Nov-21 Z430
McKown, Gladys D.              VanSickle, Roy G.                 30-Dec-19 X090
McKown, John Lee               Hurley, Winifred Marion           27-Oct-17 U137
McKown, Olive Faye             Moon, Harlie Paul                 10-Feb-21 Y470
McKumson, Robert               Eaton, Fannie E.               26 Aug 1891  E374
McLain, Albert                 Tague, Cora                    18 Apr 1899  H072
McLain, Bessie                 Gard, Edward E.                    5-Mar-08 L330
McLain, Blanche B.             Lamon, O.C.                        9-Nov-20 Y257
McLain, Charles S.             Wilson, Maggie                    22-Nov-14 R243
McLain, Fred A.                McKee, Laura Ethel                19-May-19 W148
McLain, J.W.                   Hutton, Minda                     13-Aug-17 T573
McLain, Juanitia               Mark, Edward Leroy                 1-Oct-19 W485
McLain, Lena                   Rummell, Cleo W.                   2-May-19 W111
McLain, Marion                 Massey, Ruth                       2-Nov-12 P491
McLain, May Etta               Morgan, H.T.                   20 Mar 1880  B054
McLain, Ray                    Newton, Ora                       20-Jan-15 R335
McLain, Samuel                 Burgin, Lina                      30-Oct-12 P482
McLaren, E.D.                  Stewart, Mary                               S315
McLaren, Jennie C.             Parsons, C.A.                  25 May 1878  A332
McLaren, Volney                Sheldon, Mary Adeline             25-Sep-19 W474
McLaughlin, A.R.               Thompson, Jane                    14-Jun-20 X487
McLaughlin, Agnes              Hammond, William                   5-Apr-19 W056
McLaughlin, Amelia J.          Woodard, Miles C.              29 Jul 1876  A214
McLaughlin, C.B.               Roberts, Minnie                   18-Aug-09 M381
McLaughlin, Carrie E.          Bushnell, A.F.                 23 Nov 1899  H213
McLaughlin, Charles C.         Struble, Maude V.                 30-Dec-08 M081
McLaughlin, Charles D.         Howard, Helen Victoria             6-Feb-01 H516
McLaughlin, Clyde              Willham, May                       1-May-12 P199
McLaughlin, Edna M.            Baker, J.A.                       28-Feb-06 K213
McLaughlin, Ella A.            Barkley, Charles W.               19-Jul-05 J633
McLaughlin, F.A.               McDonald, Grace                   20-Jul-19 W302
McLaughlin, F.J.               Willhour, Gertrude                24-Aug-04 J323
McLaughlin, Florence M.        Hinshaw, Verlin C.                13-Apr-04 J213
McLaughlin, George Robert      Yergler, Sarah Dee Anna           15-Jan-08 L279
McLaughlin, Grace E.           Parker, Sylvester W.           11 May 1890  E138
McLaughlin, Irene              Peterson, W.M.                     7-Mar-21 Y510
McLaughlin, Isabell            Murphy, Dan                       12-Sep-17 T623
McLaughlin, J.A. (Dr.)         Ellis, Lottie Emily            25 Oct 1899  H195
McLaughlin, J.B.               Johnson, Mary                  26 Nov 1884  C168
McLaughlin, Joseph B.          Gafney, Sarah (Mrs.)           20 May 1894  F354
McLaughlin, Laura E.           Speer, Thomas E.               22 Nov 1887  D163
McLaughlin, Lucy               Sterner, Asher L.                  7-Dec-20 Y321
McLaughlin, M.                 Lokamp, Mary                      20-Apr-21 Y589
McLaughlin, Mabel Merle        Lenington, Stuart S.              25-Jun-21 Z077
McLaughlin, Maggie             Snider, John                   25 Dec 1875  A185
McLaughlin, Minnie             Carter, J.N.                       4-Jun-02 I262
McLaughlin, Oak                Sanders, Nora                     29-May-01 H600
McLaughlin, Quiller C.         Keim, Gladys M.                             T014
McLaughlin, R.K.               Murray, Leona                      3-Feb-14 Q521
McLaughlin, Rosa               Baker, George                     29-Nov-21 Z458
McLaughlin, Ruth               Smith, Carl                       26-Jan-11 N569
McLaughlin, T.J.               Shaw, Gertrude O.              17 Jun 1896  G109
McLaughlin, William            Brininstool, Frankie A.        17 Oct 1887  D135
McLean, A.R.                   Moore, Mabelle                    20-Nov-13 Q426
McLean, Alberta Faye           Wagner, Gale H.                   12-Jun-20 X478
McLean, Benjamin F.            Barwise, Julia C.              18 May 1887  D026
McLean, Charles T.             Dill, Eva Laura                   26-Nov-02 I416
McLean, Drew                   Mabry, Anna                       21-Oct-19 W539
McLean, F.J.                   Johnson, Hattie B.(Mrs)        20 Sep 1899  H162
McLean, G.A.                   Knowles, Carrie                   27-Nov-18 V501
McLean, Ida                    Ridley, Clarence                  25-Dec-18 V536
McLean, John                   Keller, Mary Beth                 17-Dec-21 Z484
McLean, John                   Trook, Angelein                   24-Jan-18 U504
McLean, John W.                Crawford, Carrie M.                3-Sep-04 J331
McLean, Mary M.                Wallace, David J.              31 Dec 1890  E266
McLean, Melcena                Neff, James L.                 27 Dec 1890  E269
McLean, Myrtle                 Baker, J. Albert                  27-Dec-02 I443
McLean, T.E.                   Webb, Leota M.                              S110
McLean, Will                   Ryan, Emely                       28-Jan-09 M119
McLean, William W.             Carothers, Grace M.                         S395
McLeland, Sarah E.             Arthur, Joseph W.              13 Jul 1890  E170
McLelland, Iva                 Jones, Amos C.                    20-Aug-08 L523
McLennon, John                 Roberts, Nannie                   12-Jun-11 O191
McLeod, Allan E.               Long, Emma                        28-Jul-21 Z165
McLeod, Angus                  Ingle, Mary S.                              T039
McLeod, Annie Murray           Squires, Alfred                23 May 1890  E144
McLeod, James A.               Graybill, Ollie                07 Sep 1886  C495
McLeod, Susan C.               McCormick, Frank (Francis) (Re 01 Jun 1898  G516
McLeod, William J.             Barnum, Flora D. (Mrs.)           10-Apr-13 Q098
McLin, Edgar O.                Muir, Mae                         20-Feb-12 P116
McLinden, John J.              Flueler, Katherine                 2-Jul-10 N219
McLorey, Sarah                 Hunnell, J.S.                  05 Apr 1883  B363
McMacklevain, Blanch           Perkins, William R.                         T065
McMahan, Albert H. Jr.         Woods, Juanita Ruth                5-Jul-17 T489
McMahan, Cora                  Goodin, William O.             31 Dec 1890  E276
McMahan, Cora L.               Goodin, W.O.                   22 May 1899  H094
McMahan, Cora L.               Richards, George F.               20-Sep-03 J023
McMahan, D.G.                  Sharer, Mary                   09 Apr 1889  D523
McMahan, E.G.                  Oldfield, Alice E.             26 Jan 1892  E483
McMahan, Emma A.               Lutz, G.T.                        25-Aug-17 T594
McMahan, H.W.                  Tippett, Blanche                   1-Jan-03 I433
McMahan, J.W.                  McNeil, R.J.                       7-Mar-14 Q557
McMahan, John A.               Deem, Sadie J.                 03 Aug 1890  E178
McMahan, Mabel                 Creed, Hayden N.                  21-Sep-11 O334
McMahan, Mattie                Currens, Willis A.             04 Oct 1892  E624
McMahan, Ula A.                Manahan, Lena L.                   1-Jun-09 M272
McMahon, Frank R.              Croskey, Carrie                   19-Nov-04 J420
McMahon, Harry                 Middleton, Ethel                  28-Jun-10 N211
McMahon, J.V.                  Coffland, V. Grace                 5-Dec-00 H472
McMain, Albert                 Gabriel, Gladys                   26-Feb-22 Z632
McMain, Olive B.               Swisher, Charles R.               27-Nov-01 I109
McMaines, Carl                 Miller, Verona                    22-Dec-19 X060
McMakin, Kate E.               Pallett, F.S.                  22 May 1888  D306
McMalen, Bertha                Spidel, Ernest W.                 15-Aug-03 I631
McManaman, Stella              Rich, Carl V.                     17-Feb-07 K549
McManemin, J.G.                Clevenger, Ruth                   23-May-18 V165
McManis, Floyd Henry           Cooley, Mabel Gertrude            17-Sep-19 W442
McManis, Vera                  Meyer, Roy                        17-Sep-19 W446
McMannany, Louis A.            Thorpe, Laura                  10 Nov 1879  B003
McMannis, C.L.                 Andrews, Garnett E.               12-Nov-21 Z421
McManomy, Alice                Finley, O.N.                   25 May 1899  H096
McManomy, Grace                Anderson, Robert M.                2-Nov-01 I094
McManomy, Mary                 Reddick, Ivan E.               20 Sep 1892  E615
McManus, Anna                  McManus, William J.               27-Mar-11 O069
McManus, William J.            McManus, Anna                     27-Mar-11 O069
McMaster, Ella                 Nichols, J.                    29 Feb 1888  D237
McMaster, J.S.                 Wallace, Georgia A.            21 Oct 1896  G174
McMaster, Mary Adda            McGrew, James M.                  27-Jan-04 J147
McMasters, Alice               Eilerts, Edward                    4-Jan-11 N541
McMasters, Maude A.            Snively, William F.                4-Dec-10 N485
McMasters, Minnie              Acton, John L.                              S237
McMeans, Anna                  Strong, Oliver                              Z230
McMeans, Anna                  Terrell, James                     4-Apr-22 Z690
McMichael, James               Fulkerson, Daisy                  30-Jun-08 L464
McMichael, Jessie E.           Hamilton, Fred J.                  3-Apr-11 O078
McMillan, Charles R.           Jones, Lillian                    16-May-22 Z768
McMillan, Charles Ross         Jones, Lillian May                 2-Sep-14 R123
McMillan, Conyers G.           Pennick, Elijah                    8-Oct-20 Y175
McMillan, Dan                  Ray, Marie                                  S278
McMillan, Edward               Faultner, Victoria                          B100
McMillan, Ethel                Staments, Gordon                  28-Aug-12 P388
McMillan, F. Dewey             Hagenmaster, Ruth Jane            29-May-20 X436
McMillan, John A.              Graham, Nettie M.              17 Jan 1882  B234
McMillan, John L.              Dearing, Clara J.                 19-Jul-20 X595
McMillan, Vinia                Gilleis, Mortimer W.           15 Apr 1890  E122
McMillan, W.W.                 Lippy, M.C.                    23 Feb 1897  G261
McMillen(lin), Josie F.        Brown, G.A.                        1-Oct-07 L146
McMillen, Ada Belle            Wilson, John A.                    1-Sep-01 I032
McMillen, Anna M.              Grantham, J.L.                 02 Nov 1878  A371
McMillen, Bertha E.            Bohannan, H. Clay                           S073
McMillen, C.L.                 Hamblin, Daisy                     8-Mar-22 Z647
McMillen, Carl                 Goosey, Effie                               T269
McMillen, Claude A.            Woolworth, Ida M.                 13-May-11 O145
McMillen, E.J.                 Miller, Virginia                            S329
McMillen, Garth                Beloat, Mae M.                     2-Mar-04 J179
McMillen, Grace                Burnaugh, Leslie                   6-Jun-17 T427
McMillen, Harry                Mason, Hallie                      5-Jun-17 T417
McMillen, Hiram                VanDusen, Ella                    18-Jun-19 W175
McMillen, J.F.                 Rich, E.A.                        10-May-22 Z760
McMillen, J.W.                 Smith, Patsy(sey) E.               6-Aug-01 I014
McMillen, James T.             Ellsworth, Mary A.             07 Mar 1877  A257
McMillen, James W.             High, Sallie                   20 Dec 1893  F269
McMillen, John                 Vaughn, Josie F.               14 Dec 1892  F032
McMillen, John F.              Higbee, Ruby                      24-Dec-05 K155
McMillen, L.R.                 Schock, Ruby Garrnet               2-Jun-17 T409
McMillin, Edmund Earl          Lupher, Adda                      29-Sep-09 M456
McMillin, Ida                  Chapman, George H.                13-Oct-21 Z347
McMillin, Luther               Fettke, Eda                       24-Apr-07 K615
McMinn, Charles E.             Hoff, Dessie V.                   10-Nov-14 R228
McMinn, James                  Henderson, Grace J.               15-Aug-06 K351
McMullen, Allen Duncan         Hadley, Rose Elizabeth            12-Aug-20 Y020
McMullen, Arkie                Atteberry, Audrey E.              17-Nov-20 Y278
McMullen, Clifton              Shimel, Bertha                     7-Feb-11 O005
McMullen, F.S.                 Muzzy, Anna                       29-Jul-00 H368
McMullen, Gertrude S.          Dewing, Charles O.                15-Feb-02 I182
McMullen, John                 Petty, Blanch(he)                 27-Sep-08 L577
McMullen, John T.(F.)          Payne, Lovina                      4-Feb-13 Q016
McMullen, Lucy                 Warburton, Paul                    1-Jan-08 L265
McMullen, S.(L.)V.             Evans, T.F.                    10 Aug 1886  C480
McMullen, Velda                Prescott, Paul                     2-Oct-20 Y157
McMullen, Venus V.             Barrier, C. Carl                            S246
McMullen, W.L.                 Chambers, Stella                  23-Sep-20 Y136
McMullin, J.J.                 Windsor, Celia                     1-Jul-03 I595
McMullin, Mary                 Doney, W.T.                       30-Nov-05 K123
McMullin, Newton               McDowell, Mary                    11-Sep-04 J340
McMurchy, Donald               Graham, Hester Ann             17 Dec 1878  A385
McMurchy, Helen                Dale, J.W.                     01 Mar 1881  B139
McMurday, Hannah               Morrison, George               10 Apr 1882  B265
McMurdy, George                Bolan, Alice                   07 Apr 1889  D519
McMurdy, George                Wallace, Mary                  24 Jun 1883  B385
McMurray, Elizabeth L.         Dilley, Everett J.                          T236
McMurray, Hulda                Smith, W.R. (Rev.)             15 Dec 1899  H225
McMurray, Vinnie A. (Mrs.)     Yeager, Andrew J.              29 Sep 1889  D617
McMurray, Virgie M.            Davis, Charles Edward              9-Mar-14 Q558
McMurry, Edith                 Garrison, Orval L.                 5-Apr-05 J539
McMurry, Elihu J.              Wilbur, Amelia                 28 Nov 1876  A238
McMurry, Frances               Frey, Charles W.                  10-Nov-07 L194
McMurry, Leota                 Frentz, Charles                    4-Oct-14 R172
McMurry, Mabel C.              Consley, Arthur M.             19 Mar 1898  G478
McMurry, Mattie                Payne, Archie                  01 Aug 1895  F568
McMurry, Meda                  Dow, Edward                       11-Feb-00 H269
McMurry, Robbie                Young, C.S.                       11-Jul-13 Q237
McMurry, Rosa                  Collins, J.E.                     26-Jun-19 W246
McMurtry, Henry                Harris, Ines Belle                 9-Mar-11 O045
McMurtry, Maud                 Fowler, James M.                  24-Dec-13 Q474
McNabb, Belle                  Sharp, W.R.                       11-Apr-11 O096
McNabb, Monroe                 Washburn, Mabel E.                 5-Aug-14 R086
McNabb, Norma                  Barker, Carl                                S363
McNabb, Opal                   Hamilton, William D.              10-Aug-09 M371
McNabb, Warren G.              Allen, Grace                       8-Dec-19 X024
McNabb, William A.             Wagner, Minnie E.              08 May 1889  D535
McNabb, William Edgar          Bigler, Winnie Bee                 8-Jul-19 W275
McNaghten, Ethel               Griffith, Ulysses J.              25-Nov-03 J093
McNaghten, Letitia             McHugh, W.H.                   24 Nov 1898  G620
McNaghten, Letitia M.          Blood, Everett E.              07 Apr 1891  E322
McNaghten, Olive Craig         Kessler, George Leon               4-Jun-02 I263
McNaghten, Robert B.           Oder, Viola E.                 12 Apr 1895  F520
McNaghten, S.D.                Johnson, Olla Mable            25 Dec 1895  G016
McNaghten, Stella              Eyster, J.F.                       8-Oct-01 I070
McNair, James E.               Hixson, Maud T.                08 Aug 1895  F574
McNair, Lou A.                 Muir, Andrew                                D558
McNair, Lucile                 Charter, Robert W.                          T068
McNair, Mamie                  Quigley, G.C.                  09 Aug 1896  G130
McNair, Vini                   Richardson, G.K.                            T075
McNally, Frank E.              White, Faye Irene                 13-Dec-19 X033
McNally, Maggie                Cowp, James                    22 Oct 1890  E225
McNamara, Dorothy Frances      Lockhart, F.E.                    28-Nov-17 U276
McNamara, James                Riley, Angeline (Mrs.)         24 Apr 1893  F120
McNamara, Mary Louise          McGonigle, Davy S.                          S018
McNamara, Thomas               Powell, Ettie                  12 Jun 1883  B380
McNary, Emma                   Dennis, William Edward             7-Mar-04 J181
McNary, Nola May               Bate, Lloyd L.                    24-Mar-04 J192
McNatt, Myrtle                 Martin, James                     28-Nov-14 R263
McNaught, Fay                  Underwood, Norman                           R522
McNaught, Jessie               Hoffman, F.E.                               S622
McNaughten, Fred R.            King, Ruth E.                      3-Nov-13 Q407
McNaughten, Viola              Shults, William                03 Aug 1897  G332
McNaughten, W.E.               Kenworthy, Olive L.            14 Jul 1887  D059
McNeal, George L.              Findeiss, Carrie Schweiter        10-Mar-09 M177
McNeal, Maggie                 Brancfield, W.R.               28 Nov 1899  H215
McNeal, Mary                   Reeves, Elmer                      5-Jun-05 J588
McNeal, Mollie                 McCafferty, Isaac V.           09 Jul 1874  A125
McNeal, Sarah E.               Mellinger, David S.            29 Dec 1891  E465
McNeal, Sarah E.               Roosa, John                    03 Jul 1878  A341
McNeal, Winfred                Cherry, Mary                      17-Nov-13 Q424
McNear, J.T.                   Edrington, Pearl                   6-Nov-11 O400
McNeely, W.D.                  Compton, Ruth                      2-Apr-12 P172
McNeff, Catherine              McKay, William N.              02 Oct 1899  H173
McNeil, C.R.                   Wiggins, Martha                   24-Dec-20 Y367
McNeil, Maye(ary) H.           Sloan, T.E.                       17-Jun-08 L437
McNeil, R.J.                   McMahan, J.W.                      7-Mar-14 Q557
McNeill, Agnes C.              Masterson, L.J.                   14-Apr-04 J209
McNeill, Anna                  Thompson, Leonard G.               3-Jan-08 L272
McNeill, Bruce L.              Parker, Ora Lee                   15-Dec-12 P564
McNeill, Clemmie               Stokes, E.O.                      12-Mar-06 K223
McNeill, G.E.                  Whistler, Katherine               28-Jun-21 Z090
McNeill, Henry                 Mack, Jennie                   23 May 1894  F355
McNeill, J. William            Roos, Carrie                   19 Jan 1899  H025
McNeill, James A.              Brown, Genevera B.             12 Mar 1891  E310
McNeill, Nora                  Harwood, John                     19-Jul-07 L055
McNeill, William P.            VanKirk, Birdie                             S553
McNerney, Leo F.               Stockham, Belle Z.                28-Jul-17 T537
McNett, Samuel H.              Ball, Fannie A.                   12-Feb-21 Y473
McNichols, Abbie               Weed, H.C.                        19-Dec-17 U365
McNicol, D.A.                  Tuller, Dora C. (Mrs.)             7-Oct-03 J048
McNicol, Ruth                  Dougherty, George                 12-Aug-20 Y020
McNicol, Will D.               Jarvis, Blanch(he)                30-Jan-09 M122
McNiel, E.M.                   Coulter, E.M.                               S589
McNiel, Sarah A.               Campbell, Ritchey              11 Oct 1881  B199
McNiell, Dorah(Deborah)        Kleinegger, James              08 May 1897  G291
McNierney, Ruby                Apperson, F.W.                              Z095
McNiff, Robert                 Coffee, Addie                     30-Nov-12 P547
McNight, Robert                Coffee, Addie                     30-Nov-12 P547
McNitt, George D.              Waybright, Maude                  13-Sep-02 I349
McNulty, Anna                  Mohr, H.A.                        19-Dec-08 M053
McNulty, Anna Mabel            Britt, E.P.                       14-Oct-14 R187
McNulty, Arthur Allen          Moore, Goldie D.                  20-Feb-09 M150
McNulty, Coleman               Hatfield, Mattie Marguerite       14-Sep-09 M424
McNulty, Eldred Pantin         Houston, Howard Kelsy             18-Feb-08 L310
McNulty, Opal                  Kline, Arthur T.                  14-Feb-20 X199
McNulty, Samuel H.             Lugent, Esther                 08 Aug 1889  D587
McNutt, Clara                  Smith, Marion Calvin              27-Sep-09 M451
McNutt, Emma                   Rodgers, William                   6-May-22 Z754
McNutt, J.                     Ketchem, Esther                31 Dec 1881  B231
McNutt, Siegel                 Devall, Lois                       9-Aug-20 Y012
McParttin, Mary E.             Duffy, Cornelius J.               22-Sep-04 J353
McPeak, Sadie B.               Millstead, James O.               17-Aug-10 N278
McPeek, Dora                   Baker, Adam                    02 Jun 1873  A073
McPheron, Glenn H.             Richards, Myrtle A.               20-Dec-19 X056
McPherran, S.H.                Miller, Hattie S.                 12-Oct-05 K072
McPherron, J.E.                Bolin, Minnie (Mrs.)              21-Aug-11 O289
McPherson, Aimie               Sise, Ralph L.                    31-May-10 N159
McPherson, Andrew              Mann, Flora Almeda                18-Aug-08 L521
McPherson, Anna                Elliott, Luther C.                24-Jul-10 N255
McPherson, Bernice             Glenn, W.G.                        1-Oct-10 N364
McPherson, Carlisle W.         McDill, Alice                  24 Mar 1891  E314
McPherson, Carrie              Wilkinson, Walter W.           27 Aug 1886  C491
McPherson, Charles L.          Asher, Verona                      5-Jun-17 T420
McPherson, Ella                Brown, William Q.                 22-Apr-22 Z724
McPherson, Emma F.             Drumm, Jacob                   05 Oct 1884  C144
McPherson, Francis Eva         Coffey, D.F.                   10 Mar 1878  A324
McPherson, George T.           Marglin, Lillie M.             20 Nov 1888  D434
McPherson, George W.           Click, Bessie                     30-Jun-09 M330
McPherson, Hattie              Coberly, William L.            27 Feb 1889  D499
McPherson, J.H.                Butchart, Pearl                    4-Mar-19 W006
McPherson, James H.            Simmons, Daisy                 14 Jan 1894  F295
McPherson, Jeanette E.         White, Wilson Chester              9-Jul-21 Z120
McPherson, Juanita Janet       Craine, Hiram                     31-Jan-20 X166
McPherson, Letita              Kice, George W.                27 Nov 1890  E250
McPherson, Lucius G.           Hartzell, Etta M.              24 Dec 1889  E047
McPherson, Lula                Zweig, Fred F.                 15 Jun 1890  E155
McPherson, Margaret E.         Webb, Edward S.                12 Mar 1890  E097
McPherson, Margaret E.         Wibb, Edward S.                12 Mar 1890  E097
McPherson, Martha V.           Harris, Ernest E.              03 Aug 1892  E588
McPherson, Mary                Hayden, Elmer                     15-Apr-20 X334
McPherson, Minnie Myrtle       Glendening, Arthur P.          21 Sep 1895  F597
McPherson, Octavia M.          Parrett, Jesse                 11 Jan 1893  F054
McPherson, Pearl               Whitney, G.                       29-Nov-00 H468
McPherson, Perry               Stanley, Ora E.                30 Jun 1887  D047
McPherson, Phyllis             Loyd, William H.                   1-Nov-13 Q406
McPherson, Silas O.            Garner, Jennie                    12-Jun-09 M294
McPherson, T.A.                Sherman, Minnie                02 Jun 1897  G306
McPherson, T.H.                Smith, Allie B.                09 Jan 1888  D186
McQuaid, William F.            McCann, Beatrice                  15-Sep-09 M429
McQuary, T.A.                  Breeden, Goldie                   16-Jul-08 L483
McQueary, Grace E.             Temple, James T.                   5-Oct-05 K061
McQueen, Isabella              Hudson, James                  14 Jul 1884  C101
McQueen, Sadie                 Hitchcock, A.C.                   19-Aug-19 W371
McQuiddy, Delila M.            Presley, John L.                  27-Nov-17 U272
McQuihy, Harriet M.            Longwill, James L.             18 Feb 1877  A254
McQuilan, Mary                 Harrington, H.M.               28 Oct 1897  G390
McQuillan, Annie               Harrington, J.W.               24 Nov 1898  G616
McQuillan, Emma                Struthers, T. Dean                16-Jan-07 K520
McQuillan, George Jr.          Barnett, Lena C.                   7-Jun-11 O175
McQuillan, John C.             Hammers, Nannie Mae               11-Mar-03 I502
McQuillan, Minnie C.           Kidd, Frank                                 S088
McQuirk, Katharine V.          Yaley, William D.                 19-Dec-06 K487
McQuiston, A.J.                Wolf, Clara                       16-Mar-15 R389
McQuiston, Earl                Keiser, Aline                     20-Nov-20 Y284
McQuiston, Fay                 Lucas, Roy                                  T375
McQuiston, I.P.                Loomis, Marie                     17-Feb-13 Q033
McQuiston, I.P.                McKee, Zola B.                    15-Feb-15 R359
McQuiston, Israel Perry        McQuiston, Zola                    1-Aug-21 Z177
McQuiston, Myrtle              Harrington, Reese E.              14-Aug-20 Y025
McQuiston, Ruby                Reed, Alexander J.                16-Oct-20 Y197
McQuiston, Zola                McQuiston, Israel Perry            1-Aug-21 Z177
McQuown, Albert N.             Corley, Mary Virginia              8-Jun-10 N173
McQuown, Blanche               Goodrich, Willard                 19-Feb-09 M148
McQuown, Garner                Woodmency, Vera May               13-Sep-19 W437
McQuown, Olive M.              Smith, Charles S.              16 Aug 1898  G548
McQuown, R.A.                  Watkins, Lucy M.               03 May 1899  H079
McRae, Cleo A.                 Hudson, Violet                     3-Sep-11 O306
McRae, John                    Brown, Alice Elizabeth                      Z737
McRae, Laurinda                Craig, Thomas                               S191
McRae, Mina                    Dicken, A.B.                       1-Jan-20 X093
McRae, Nell                    Osborne, J.H.                     11-Mar-06 K222
McRea, Mary                    Massey, Henry                  10 Oct 1889  D629
McRea, William                 Tilley, Edith                     29-Nov-04 J430
McReynolds, Bertha             Gurley, J.M.                       5-Aug-08 L507
McRill, Harriet                Johnston, F.G.                     4-Apr-00 H301
McRoberts, George H.           Welshimer, Nellie Louise          11-Aug-20 Y018
McRoberts, M.M.                McDaniel, M.C.                 10 Apr 1879  A419
McRoberts, Samuel              Caldwell, Mary Agnes           09 Oct 1895  F605
McShane, Guy A.                Morse, Mabel C.                    1-Feb-05 J484
McShane, Guy A.                Waller, Zepha Irene               22-Jun-10 N203
McShane, J. Earl               Bennett, Nina Pearl               20-Aug-10 N288
McSkimming, Myo May            Dodd, C.C.                         8-Apr-13 Q097
McSmith, Naomi                 Beaman, E.B.                       5-Oct-12 P443
McSpadden, Cora                Russell, B.N.                     23-Jan-11 N565
McSparrin, Marion M.           Darling, Robert E.                29-Oct-13 Q401
McSwain, Katie                 James, John S.                    20-Sep-10 N344
McSween, Clara Herimone DorothyPorch, William Harry                        S582
McSweeney, Charles H.          Froman, Vera                                V569
McTaggart, Della               Davidson, John P.              24 Nov 1897  G410
McTaggart, Raymond H.          Ashley, Florence Edna             29-Sep-09 M455
McVay, Carrie                  Robinson, Frank A.                11-Nov-07 L198
McVay, Chrystal Ferne          Behler, Samuel D.                 15-Sep-20 Y104
McVay, Edith C.                Ransome, Joseph S.                25-Apr-06 K254
McVay, H.D.                    Guthrie, Florence                 12-Dec-00 H476
McVay, Jane                    McCorgary, Daniel                           D041
McVay, John F.                 Miller, Lizzie E.              22 Oct 1890  E226
McVay, Martha                  Weaver, Charles A.                17-Aug-14 R102
McVay, Mary A.                 Smith, Frank F.                   16-May-08 L403
McVay, Nancy C.                Smith, John S.                    25-Feb-03 I490
McVay, R.A.                    Kennedy, Gertrude                 31-Dec-20 Y390
McVay, Robert H.               Dail, Mayme Cleo                  21-Jan-06 K181
McVey, Eva                     Powell, Zarah E.               25 May 1891  E343
McVey, Nettie                  Bird, Carl M.                     27-Nov-18 V501
McVey, Roy                     Landon, Dora E.                    1-Jun-21 Z010
McVey, William                 Rix, Bessie                       28-Jun-20 X540
McVicar, Adelaide M.           Miner, Lucien W.               04 Dec 1889  E032
McVicar, Caroline              Bishop, John                   06 Aug 1883  B405
McVicar, Mary                  Deffenbaugh, B.F.              26 Apr 1887  C635
McVicker, A.E.                 Cobb, Estella                  25 Dec 1895  G021
McVicker, Carl                 Pierce, Josepine                  13-Apr-18 V093
McVicker, David                Hitt, Sarah                                 C290
McVicker, Elizabeth            Riley, Smith                   29 Jun 1873  A077
McVicker, F.W.                 Quiring, Erma E.                            R559
McVicker, Francis W.           Taylor, Mona F.                   23-Mar-09 M190
McVicker, Hazel                Dennis, F.G.                                S458
McVicker, John R.              Johnson, Ella                  01 Apr 1877  A263
McVicker, Lizzie M.            Alexander, Gideon M.              14-Feb-09 M140
McVicker, Paul                 Fulton, Lucile                    23-Dec-18 V529
McVicker, Pearl E.             Platt, Warren C.                   2-Apr-19 W049
McVicker, Theodosia S.         Alexander, Minnis E.               2-Aug-03 I619
McVickers, David               Hitt, Serena Sarah Delia       16 Aug 1885  C292
McVickers, Edna                Carson, A.E.                                R498
McViers, T.H.                  Wright, Myrtle E.                  3-Dec-13 Q447
McWethy, Garnet C.             Hilliard, Aida E.                  8-Sep-09 M413
McWherter, Mattie Esta         Kinman, Levi L.                   21-Jul-17 T519
McWhirter, Lloyd L.            Fullenwider, Margaret Alice       11-May-20 X394
McWilliams, Ada                Sutton, William M.             21 Sep 1881  B190
McWilliams, Alice J.           Berger, Charles S.                          F093
McWilliams, Alice J.           Berger, Charles S.             08 Mar 1893  F094
McWilliams, Clemma             Huffmaster, Ira W.             15 Apr 1886  C427
McWilliams, David              Tyson, Effie                   03 Sep 1889  D600
McWilliams, Frank G.           Harris, Anna E.                27 Oct 1890  E227
McWilliams, Guy C.             Keelor, Mary Ethel                21-Dec-10 N509
McWilliams, Levi J.            Davis, Mattie G.               07 Jun 1891  E347
McWilliams, Lewis V.           Waller, Myrtle                     8-Apr-08 L359
McWilliams, Mary Ella          Baxter, Walter                 01 May 1889  D529
McWilson, William              Tyrl, Cora B.                  27 Apr 1895  F532
McWorter, Commodore            Nidy, S.B. (Mrs.)                  9-Dec-03 J103
McWorter, Squire               Stutley, Martha E.             07 Jan 1875  A149
McWorter, Thomas               Covington, Marie                  15-Nov-14 R232
McZegle, A.H.                  Tribble, Anna                               T108
McZegle, G.W.                  Edson, Annie                      13-Aug-20 Y022
Meacham, John H.               Brereton(erton), Marie             1-Sep-03 J005
Mead, Annie                    Gordon, George                    15-Mar-00 H290
Mead, Annie L.                 Chalk, William M.              06 Sep 1882  B295
Mead, Eunice                   Hartley, Horace D.                 3-Sep-21 Z257
Mead, Fern F.                  Jordan, Hunter G.                  8-Nov-14 R226
Mead, George G.                Troeger, Bertha E.             07 Dec 1889  E033
Mead, J.F.                     Noll, Pearl Simpson               19-Sep-20 Y103
Mead, J.P.                     Price, Ella L.                 05 Apr 1878  A327
Mead, James O.                 Henderson, Clara L.            01 Mar 1896  G059
Mead, James O.                 Weaver, Carrie M.              14 Mar 1882  B251
Mead, James R.                 Inman, Lucy                    02 Feb 1873  A059
Mead, Lillie J.                Cook, Joseph E.                   26-Jan-02 I167
Mead, Lizzie                   Bartholomew, G.W.              27 Apr 1886  C435
Mead, Mamie                    Mixon, B.C.                        1-Mar-05 J508
Mead, Mary E.                  Lee, Isaac B.                  02 Jun 1892  E557
Mead, Mary P.                  Buffington, Milton E.          19 Oct 1892  E638
Mead, Maude M.                 Thomas, S.R.                      28-Oct-02 I388
Mead, Minnie                   Marteney, Ralph                             S564
Mead, Nellie A.                Duffield, T.A.                     3-Apr-04 J199
Mead, Oscar                    Elzy, Barbara                     18-May-06 K270
Mead, Oscar Clair              Beach, Emma                        7-May-10 N130
Mead, Robert W.                Bastow, Margeret                            R447
Mead, Sarah S.                 Sears, Josiah                  28 Oct 1885  C327
Meade, Ella                    Stickel, Stirl T.                 24-Jun-19 W239
Meade, Margaret E.             Dailey, J.W.                   01 Dec 1886  C543
Meade, Myrtle                  Towne, Jack                       22-Jul-13 Q251
Meade, Vera                    Stahl, Chester D.                 20-Oct-21 Z365
Meadens, May(ry)Francis        Bolinger, W.H.                    16-Jul-04 J295
Meador, Virl A.                Brown, Elizabeth                  31-Dec-20 Y388
Meadows, Amanda                Castor, Frank                               S032
Meadows, Ethel                 Bowser, Arthur M.                           T047
Meadows, Gertude               Botkin, Elmo                      23-Dec-17 U384
Meadows, Ida                   Worford, Buell                     7-Mar-06 K220
Meadows, Iva                   Schappel, Harold F.                3-Dec-08 M033
Meadows, Loyd N.               Stedman, Cora                     20-Mar-10 N061
Meadows, Nela L.               Harrington, T.C.               12 Nov 1896  G187
Meadows, Noah                  Baker, Grace                      18-Jul-00 H361
Meadows, W.J.                  Dennison, Pearl                   21-Aug-13 Q284
Meagher, Maggie                Munder, Millie                 02 Jan 1894  F290
Meagher, Mary C.               Steel, John M.                 04 Sep 1870  A002
Meagher, Michael               Hitchcock, Jennie M.           24 Aug 1875  A163
Meagher, Patrick J.            Anderson, Ada M.                            S382
Meairs, Charles A.             Phipps, Gertie M.                           R608
Meairs, Luther                 Mickens, Jennie                   12-Sep-17 T625
Meairs, Olive G.               Boots, Edwin                   25 Jan 1899  H033
Meann, James                   Peters, Jennie                              N166
Meanor, Harry                  Wilson, Helen                     11-May-14 Q625
Means, Arthur Clarence         Sweeney, Amelia Ann               28-Jun-11 O226
Means, Bessie E.               Butler, C.R.                      20-Apr-18 V103
Means, Bessie Irene            Hendryx, Clifton J.                3-Nov-04 J406
Means, Blanche                 Bird, Chalmer D.               04 May 1898  G501
Means, Calla M.                Leonard, J.T.                     14-Jun-13 Q194
Means, Carrie                  Roach, Rolland                     8-Mar-11 O044
Means, Charles Wilson          Atkeson, Marion Nancy             11-Jan-21 Y404
Means, Clark                   Underwood, Gracie              19 Jan 1882  B236
Means, E.A.                    Kinsey, Ruth                      14-Feb-22 Z595
Means, E.L.                    Hillis, L.E.                   24 Dec 1888  D456
Means, Elma A.                 Davis, E.H.                        8-Oct-18 V434
Means, Emma Virginia           Minnis, Charles                   10-Apr-18 V084
Means, I.W.                    Grover, Dora                      30-Sep-00 H413
Means, Iva                     Elledge, Alvah B.                  2-Sep-11 O304
Means, Jay                     Lytle, Wilma                       5-May-14 Q616
Means, John T.                 Tomb, Florence M.                  7-Oct-03 J044
Means, M.C.                    Shaup, Emma                    02 Oct 1895  F601
Means, Mary Elizabeth          Knoblauch, Bernard                 4-Aug-14 R069
Means, Orville B.              Bottomley, Edith E.               29-Nov-05 K121
Means, Serepta E.              Landon, Daniel Warren          19 Jan 1893  F057
Means, Thomas M.               Cummins, Dottie                   10-Apr-12 P187
Means, W.H.                    Pray, Maude                    24 Feb 1897  G260
Means, William Claude          Shauf, Bertha E.                  30-Mar-10 N074
Mear, Ash                      Martindale, Caltha             28 Feb 1899  H049
Mears, Arthur J.               Cook, Margaret E.              23 Apr 1885  C246
Mears, Nellie                  Shepherd, E.                      15-Feb-22 Z609
Mease, Opal                    Huitt, Webster W.                 29-Sep-21 Z318
Meats, J. Frank                Comes, Hattie(arriet) Ethelyn      8-Jun-08 L425
Mebius, Harry Edward Ludwig    Bowdish, Katharine Emmaline       28-Jan-08 L290
Mecham, Edgar                  Ewing, N.V.                       12-Apr-21 Y575
Mechem, Kirke F.               Lewis, Katharine                  22-May-20 X417
Mechling, Hobart(Her..) S.     Sidener, Nellie                   15-Oct-08 L606
Mechura, Bohumil               James, Emma                        9-Oct-20 Y180
Meckstroth, Nina               Bagby, Shirley                              R555
Mecum, Violet S.               Knox, Clarence E.                 16-Jun-20 X499
Medcalf, Henry                 Littles, Elizia                    3-Jun-18 V187
Meddock, Villa M.              Emley, E.W.                       11-Oct-17 U076
Medina, Geromina               Garcia, Jesus                      4-Mar-18 V018
Medlam, Eva Rosalie            Ranson, John Raymond              16-Sep-19 W437
Medley, George M.              Smith, Alma K.                    13-Nov-01 I100
Medley, Nellie                 Minnich, Roy                                T299
Medlin, Minerva J.             Elliott, Jesse T.              02 Jan 1876  A188
Medlin, Minerva J.             McCullough, Joseph H.          24 Dec 1883  C018
Medlin, William D.             Connor, Marie                  29 Jun 1889  D561
Medor, Iva                     Jamison, E.L.                     18-Apr-21 Y582
Mee, Charles G.                Tucker, F.M. (Mrs.)               20-Oct-06 K412
Meek, Alice (Mrs.)             Little, Charles W.             14 Jan 1891  E286
Meek, Bertie                   Devine, Michael                28 Nov 1878  A382
Meek, H.S.                     Wilson, Lena                   30 Sep 1898  G578
Meek, H.V.                     Hamilton, Corina E.               23-Nov-02 I407
Meek, Ione                     Helm, Fred                         2-Jan-18 U443
Meek, Lena M.                  Hale, B.A.                        28-Mar-03 I518
Meek, Percy H.                 Sinclair, Lida                     3-Mar-09 M165
Meek, Salina                   Newell, W.H.                   04 Apr 1880  B059
Meeker, Arthur                 Sigler, Leah                       9-Feb-21 Y466
Meeker, Don S.                 Childreth, Florence Inez          21-Jun-21 Z070
Meeker, H.C.                   Walker, Mattie                 25 Dec 1883  C020
Meeker, Hannah H.              Standiford, Woodward B.        22 Aug 1894  F389
Meeker, Henrietta F.           Stevens, Victor M.             08 Nov 1883  B426
Meeker, Ina Ruth               Wood, Karl A.                     17-Sep-19 W444
Meeker, James Edward Jr.       Widdows, Constance                 9-Aug-18 V161
Meeker, John                   Walker, Olive                     14-Feb-20 X200
Meekins, David A.              Gadeky, Cora Lee               17 Feb 1891  E302
Meeks, Clyde                   Doran, Gertrude                   20-Oct-08 L608
Meeks, Hazel                   Kilgore, Selden H. Jr.            11-Jun-21 Z040
Meeks, William L. Jr.          Bryan, Florence L.                24-Nov-21 Z442
Meers, Charles W.              Lambert, Nettie B.                11-Nov-08 M002
Meers, Olive G.                Burr, Hiram T.                     3-Mar-09 M166
Mefford, J.N.                  Dopoy, Clara                   08 May 1887  D004
Megaffin, Bernard              Brant, Mabel                       7-May-20 X384
Meggs, Daniel J.               Harbon, Elizabeth M.              20-Oct-10 N403
Megrue, B.F.                   Woodworth, Bertha M.                        S620
Meguiness, Rose                Kistler, H.B.                      3-Aug-04 J308
Mehle, Marie Theresa Adeline   Griffith, David                             S219
Meibert, Elmer                 Leatherberry, Virgie               5-May-08 L393
Meidel, George L.              Neuhold, Rosa                  21 Sep 1897  G357
Meidel, John                   Fletcher, Alie(ice)               30-Oct-02 I392
Meidell, Eva                   Walker, John M.                    6-Apr-18 V074
Meier, Ida                     Thorne, George W.              31 Oct 1897  G379
Meikle, Alfred                 DeArmond, Pearl                   18-May-18 V158
Meikle, Fay                    Cox, James M.                               S605
Meikle, Juanita Leora          Burgess, R.E.                     20-Jun-18 V238
Meikle, Leora                  Moore, Carl                                 T051
Meinen, Ella                   Hake, Herbert                      6-Jun-18 V193
Meinhardt, John Joseph         Buscher, Marie                     1-Feb-21 Y424
Meinke, Clara M.               Pierce, James H.                  26-Dec-10 N522
Meinke, Mary Alice             Pettengill, William J.            30-Apr-07 K619
Meirs, August C.               Luening, F.C.                      6-Feb-07 K537
Meirs, Lucy C.                 Wallace, George B.                 6-Feb-07 K537
Meirves, Steve                 Rausch, Margaret A.               12-Nov-18 V465
Meisner, Nettie                Hardesty, Charles M.           29 May 1892  E556
Meissner, Anna                 Bamford, John                  20 Dec 1885  C363
Meissner, Anton                Torp, Anna                     01 May 1886  C436
Meissner, Hattie               Gerteis, Carl                     10-Nov-04 J414
Meixner, Alma Louise           Chapman, E. Leslie                          S343
Meixsell, Jennie (Mrs.)        Kennedy, J.W.                  27 Aug 1899  H144
Meixsell, William H.           Kinbrough, Annie               31 Mar 1874  A112
Mejia, Manuel                  Estrada, Jesus                     8-May-19 W127
Melady, J.E.                   Bomholt, Francis Pauline          14-Oct-13 Q374
Melahn, Daisy B.               Wolf, Herman G.                    2-May-18 V128
Melander, Anna A.              Birchfield, Stephen S.         29 Aug 1876  A219
Melcum, Hattie H.              Mitchell, Roxy C.                 26-Jan-05 J483
Meldrum, Catherine V.          Cramer, Ralph F.                  19-Oct-21 Z358
Meldrum, George                Neal, Ellen                    12 Dec 1889  E036
Meldrum, Henry                 Mills, Mary A.                 16 Nov 1886  C531
Meldrum, Pearl                 Webster, Merle                     3-Feb-22 Z587
Melichar, Jerry W.             Buresh, Mary                      20-Dec-05 K144
Melick, C.E.                   Wallace, L.D.                  10 Feb 1897  G251
Melick, Ethelle                Wolf, Lyle                         4-Jul-08 L472
Melick, John D.                Renfew, Catherine              29 Jul 1891  E365
Melick, Lottie                 Buchanan, C.F.                    10-Sep-20 Y095
Melick, W.H.                   Jackson, Daisy A.                  9-Jun-01 H608
Melin, Charles Raymond         Kelso, Della Parks                17-Dec-21 Z482
Mellers, Antone                Marx, Dora                     04 Aug 1887  D077
Mellin, Anna Christina         Clay, Edward N.                    4-Jun-05 J587
Mellinger, David S.            McNeal, Sarah E.               29 Dec 1891  E465
Mellinger, Emma E.             Bowdre, Harry G.                  15-Dec-14 R277
Mellinger, Gay                 Snyder, Harry                               T026
Mellinger, Margaret            Cox, Charles C.                   25-Jun-02 I282
Mellington, C.A.               Kirwin, Della                               T309
Mellor, Herbert L.             Chaney, Ocie                       9-Jul-21 Z121
Melluish, Ida B.               Moss, Randolph                     8-Sep-04 J337
Melone, Gladys                 Herberts, Curtis                   2-May-11 O132
Melone, Minnie                 Dyer, E.B.                        19-Dec-17 U362
Melott, Virgil                 Hanan, Velma                                R609
Meloy, John                    Davis, Mildred A.                 23-Apr-21 Y602
Meloy, Loney                   Goodwin, Cora E.                   2-Apr-21 Y560
Melson, John W. Jr.            White, Clara L.                    5-Jul-04 J285
Melson, Nellie                 Lowman, Charles                   23-Apr-21 Y600
Melton, A.J.                   McDermeit, C.T.                13 Mar 1887  C605
Melton, Alves M.               Anderson, Guida                   10-Sep-11 O315
Melton, Eva May                Hathaway, Romaine                 18-Oct-11 O365
Melton, Gertie Bell            Dickson, Harold Guy                4-Nov-12 P494
Melton, Nora B.                Sager, Arthur L.                  10-Jun-08 L434
Melton, Virginia May           Bentley, Anzel Earl               24-Dec-19 X078
Melville, George               Willard, Mary A.               12 Jan 1880  B025
Melvin, Andy                   Davidson, Clara                22 Dec 1886  C559
Mendelsohn, Adolph E.          Goldberg, Phoebe Miriam        17 Jun 1891  E349
Mendenhall, Andrew             Friend, Eliza F.               26 May 1883  B374
Mendenhall, Andrew S.          Sharp, Martha J.               29 Jan 1897  G245
Mendenhall, Beulah             Sargent, Russell E.                6-Jun-21 Z024
Mendenhall, E.C.               Ischopp, A.L.                      2-Jun-01 H602
Mendenhall, Edna               Keith, William                    13-Mar-20 X253
Mendenhall, Edwin E.           Weraks, Emma E.                   23-Sep-08 L575
Mendenhall, Floyd              Camien, Adelaide                  27-Apr-10 N118
Mendenhall, Fred               Breed, Myrtle                     28-Jun-11 O222
Mendenhall, Fred               Naffziger, Vinta                            S409
Mendenhall, Hazel              Hankins, Glen L.                   7-Jun-20 X465
Mendenhall, Henrietta          Clark, R.B.                    01 Oct 1893  F215
Mendenhall, Homer              Miners, Mattie M.                  1-Jan-04 J132
Mendenhall, J.B.               Sanders, J.N.                     14-Mar-04 J185
Mendenhall, Lewis O.           Daugherty, Luella              14 Dec 1893  F268
Mendenhall, Marguerite         Tucker, Elwood                     1-Nov-19 W568
Mendenhall, Mary E.            Brown, Silas W.                03 Jun 1889  D551
Mendenhall, Silas H.           Priest, Clara C.               05 Feb 1874  A103
Mendenhall, Will               Arganbright, Lucy                           R615
Mendes, George                 Smith, Gladys                     28-Nov-11 O434
Mendoza, A.                    Valdez, A.                        14-May-19 W137
Mendoza, Julio Soto            Valdez, Gregoria V.               18-Jun-19 W220
Menefee, Albert C.             Rice, Eva M.                      30-Nov-09 M547
Menefee, Ethel                 Dixon, A.C.                                 T091
Menefee, J.S.                  Masonhall, M.B.                   14-May-02 I244
Menefee, Leona                 Lawrence, James A.                 9-Jun-20 X475
Menefee, Oren                  Harmon, Callie                 22 Oct 1893  F234
Menefee, Pearl                 Peckham, Miles N.                 23-Dec-20 Y358
Menefee, S.M.                  Youngman, C.M.                    10-Sep-13 Q312
Menehan, M.P.                  Poulter, Minnie M.                15-Jan-05 J470
Menehan, M.P.                  Winget, Leona                     14-Apr-02 I219
Meng, W.R.                     DeVaugh, Hannah R. (Mrs.)         22-Nov-00 H463
Meng, W.R.                     DeVaugh, Hannah R. (Mrs.)         22-Nov-00 H463
Menger, Louisa A.              Ross, Adam J.                  21 Jul 1887  D053
Menges, Alma R.                Man, Gustave J.                28 Nov 1889  E029
Menges, Charles                Ecker, Mary                    22 Nov 1898  G610
Menges, Charles                Erker, Mary                    22 Nov 1898  G610
Menges, Frank                  Koller, Theresia(rasie)        17 Feb 1898  G457
Menges, George                 Suellentrop, Margaret W           27-Jun-06 K303
Menges, Mary E.                Sessler, J.R.                     21-Jul-14 R070
Mengis, Mina                   Merkel, Nicholas T.            30 Jan 1892  E488
Menheras, Carmal               Savala, Johan                     25-Nov-21 Z447
Menkemeyer, Martha             Newby, Abner                      21-Jan-05 J477
Mennell, Gertrude Eleanor      Lauterbach, Roy                   16-Jun-20 X499
Mennell, Mabel                 Masters, Herbert                  17-Jan-08 L282
Mennis, Karl                   Lockhead, Myrtle                  18-Aug-21 Z223
Menoher, Philethea E.          Hickman, Arthur L.                 2-Jun-18 V185
Menschke, Jesse E.             Wilson, Winnie                              R429
Mentzel, Elmer                 Kennedy, Edith                              L018
Mentzel, J. Lewis(Louis)       Burns, Bernadette                  8-Oct-02 I374
Mentzer, Dwight                Hays, Jessie                      24-Dec-13 Q476
Menzie, Grover C.              Glover, Mabelle C.                31-Oct-11 O391
Meranda, Bessie B.             Bryant, George                     6-Feb-07 K540
Merce, William K.              Marsh, Grace                      17-Mar-10 N060
Mercer, C.V.                   Cunningham, Kathrine               2-May-19 W113
Mercer, Charles L.             Bachelder, Florence L.             6-Mar-12 P133
Mercer, Chester N.             Reeves, Lubelle                   12-Jan-14 Q499
Mercer, D.A.                   Gass, Daisy M.                    26-Feb-06 K211
Mercer, D.R.                   Hayden, Hettie                    27-May-07 K638
Mercer, Daisy                  Lovell, H.C.                      15-Apr-11 O101
Mercer, Daniel A.              Heying, Lida                   07 Oct 1897  G377
Mercer, Elsie Vae              Renfro, Harry W.                  11-Jan-22 Z549
Mercer, Frank                  Vines, Agnes                      23-Mar-10 N064
Mercer, Leona Iva              Butterfield, Claude A.             2-Apr-20 X290
Mercer, Mabel Millie           Keefe, John Horace                16-Jan-21 Y412
Mercer, Mellisa                Cummings, L.B.                              T184
Mercer, Pearl                  Glenn, W.J.                                 S402
Mercer, R.B.                   Gish, Sally A.                     3-Jun-17 T404
Mercer, Sadie P.               Crane, Carlton L.                           F453
Mercer, Winifred A.            Tandy, Louis E.                   22-Sep-09 M441
Merchant, Dopf Burnett         Kaselo, Ethel May Brooks           5-Aug-11 O272
Merchant, Eva                  Rubert, Scott                  04 Jun 1888  D314
Merchant, J.B.                 Combs, Florence                    5-Jul-18 V263
Merchant, Mildred              Richards, R.H.                    22-Mar-09 M188
Mercier, Jessie M.             Shreve, Hazel B.               26 Feb 1896  G057
Merckle, Elsie                 Shafer, W.L.                      16-Jul-17 T507
Meredith, Charles Warren       Lamb, Bertha                                T382
Meredith, Clare T.             Langley, H.W.                     31-Aug-18 V362
Meredith, Edna Ray             Turner, Marion Elmer               4-Oct-09 M460
Meredith, George B.            Pope, Mary E.                     22-Jun-04 J270
Meredith, Maggie               Johnson, Frank                 26 Mar 1889  D513
Meredith, Margaret Julia       Adkins, Philip Pearl               1-May-18 V125
Meredith, May                  Parrott, A.E.                     18-Jan-12 P065
Meredith, Ray                  Beals, Madge                      11-Jun-21 Z042
Meredith, Ray                  Bohannon, Estella                 18-Apr-07 K609
Meredith, Richard              Plumer, Maggie                 24 Sep 1879  A449
Meredith, Robert               Schroeder, Minnie M.               2-Apr-18 V068
Meredith, Sadie E.             Gilbert, Francis H.               11-Mar-03 I505
Meredith, Walter L.            Ash, Norvella J.               12 Oct 1890  E215
Meredith, William J.           Bradley, Maytie J.                14-Apr-20 X328
Meredreth, Rachael             Worth, P.L.                       12-Nov-01 I099
Merideth, Effie                VanVolkenburg, E.                  6-Nov-05 K101
Merideth, L.H.                 Bernie, S.E.                       2-Jun-17 T403
Meridith, Jonah H.             Kerr, Mary J.                  22 Dec 1889  E041
Merkel, Minnie                 Sroade, G.P.                       5-Aug-12 P361
Merkel, Nicholas T.            Mengis, Mina                   30 Jan 1892  E488
Merket, Clara                  Miller, Harry A.                            X320
Merket, Clara M.               Napier, Isaac D.                  29-Oct-19 W560
Merkle, John                   Stevens, Percilla              22 Nov 1876  A236
Merkle, Louisa                 Scott, Henry                   24 Jul 1878  A346
Merkle, Marcus                 Wright, May                        9-Jul-00 H356
Merkle, Vanilla(nalla)         Robinson, John W.              31 May 1890  E147
Mermelstein, Joseph L.         Krashin, Sarah                    29-Mar-10 N059
Mernane, Catharine             Duross, John                   18 Jan 1898  G439
Merrell, Claud                 Amick, Ruth                       24-Sep-19 W471
Merrell, Flo                   Ash, Carl                          2-Jul-19 W262
Merrell, Pearl                 Behimer, C.B.                               S320
Merriam, E.C.                  Carter, Maggie A.                 17-May-01 H590
Merriam, Lillie Esther         Green, Allen C.                   23-Nov-18 V494
Merrick, Luella                Wood, Ray                         10-Apr-12 P189
Merrifield, Lou                Anderson, Bessie                            S204
Merrill, Addie                 Warren, William C.             13 Mar 1887  C607
Merrill, Alice                 Cleveland, William L.          16 Nov 1873  A092
Merrill, Alice                 Dorsey, Henry A.               19 Jun 1888  D323
Merrill, Alice                 Woods, George L.               18 Nov 1882  B319
Merrill, Bessie                Isbell, Ward                       5-Feb-10 N007
Merrill, C.C.                  Wilson, Mamie                  03 Jan 1899  H017
Merrill, Carrie M.             Reynolds, Frank H.                31-Jul-09 M358
Merrill, Chester I.            Carr, Elsie Pearl                  2-Aug-21 Z174
Merrill, Edith G.              Sanders, Egbert(Edward) B.     18 Sep 1895  F594
Merrill, G. Moss               Mills, Myrtle Pearl               25-Nov-20 Y297
Merrill, Gertrude              Harford, L.E.                     21-Jul-19 W304
Merrill, Glenn E.              McGinnis, Nellie                  28-Jul-17 T532
Merrill, James                 Brown, Mary M.                 29 Oct 1891  E412
Merrill, Mary                  Garrison, B.S.                 04 Dec 1881  B213
Merrill, Philip E.             Raple, Margaret                   22-Sep-13 Q320
Merrill, Sarah                 Giesen, Joseph                    21-Jun-07 L029
Merrill, Susan M.              Liggett, Edward W.             29 Sep 1897  G366
Merriman, Charles F.           York, Eva                      29 Nov 1899  H216
Merriott, Gladys               Reiser, Jesse                               T362
Merriott, Lola M.              Cook, E.E.                         9-Apr-11 O089
Merris, Elmer                  Brewer, Lou                    20 Jan 1889  D479
Merritt, Anna                  Lee, Joe                          12-May-19 W134
Merritt, Bessie                Williams, Claud W.             04 Jun 1894  F363
Merritt, Charles F.            Smith, Julia May               07 Dec 1890  E257
Merritt, Jennie                Kandt, Robert H.                  25-Nov-12 P525
Merritt, Leola                 Saunders, Earl                    10-Sep-12 P409
Merritt, LeRoy                 Sexton, Edna                      22-Apr-19 W090
Merritt, Mary                  Jones, W.B.                       19-Jul-02 I301
Merritt, Mary Pearl            Wallace, R.H.                     11-Jun-10 N183
Merritt, Ollie                 Archer, Thomas J.              28 Feb 1890  E091
Merritt, Ray                   Lewis, Mamie                       2-Jul-10 N217
Merritt, Roy                   Holden, Pearl                     14-Jul-07 L050
Merron, Jessie (Mrs.)          Martin, James I.                   5-Mar-06 K217
Merry, Bess                    Oberst, Fritz                     29-Nov-11 O438
Merry, E. Kent                 Downing, Mayme Josephine          22-Jun-05 J608
Merry, Helen L.                Ault, Albert G.                   24-Dec-01 I141
Merry, Isabell                 German, John                       1-May-10 N123
Merry, Noble                   Riggs, Nettie Mae                 25-Dec-17 U400
Merryfield, Charles            French, Helen                               S554
Merryfield, Dawn               Johnson, Sydney                   28-Nov-10 N460
Merryfield, Emma               Gaines, Samuel O.                 26-Sep-11 O343
Merryfield, Fred M.            Maxwell, Elsie M.                 16-Mar-12 P146
Merryfield, Marie              Williams, Oral                    24-Aug-18 V341
Merryfield, Oliva Marie        Shaner, Hallie Rufus               2-Feb-11 N574
Merryfield, Winifred E.        Lauchland, J.A.                   29-Nov-04 J430
Merryman, Buel H.              Cary, May                         20-Dec-11 P021
Mertes, Angela                 Schoenecker, Barthel              26-Jan-15 R325
Mertes, Helen Anna             Kerschen, J.P.                    10-Nov-20 Y230
Mertes, Kathryn                Beyrle, John                      13-Jan-20 X064
Mertes, Maria                  Mannebach, Michael                23-Nov-20 Y282
Mertes, Mary                   Walerius, Frank J.                          T116
Merx, Martha                   Schuette, Bernard A.               9-Oct-17 U045
Meschke, Paul                  Mickleson, Christina              12-Jul-21 Z127
Meschke, Selma A.              Hamrick, Philip L.                21-Jul-19 W306
Meskimen, Charles R.           Mathews, Frances P.               16-Aug-20 Y030
Meskimen, O.B.                 Wetherlow, Stella                  5-Sep-13 Q305
Mesplay, Bernice               Walker, Ralph Leon                12-Jul-20 X575
Messenger, Clara Elizabeth     Brooks, Erven                     28-Feb-22 Z635
Messenger, E.T.                Schisler, Mary M.                           S464
Messenger, Elizabeth E.        Hazzard, J.E.                  13 Dec 1886  C550
Messenger, Jesse E.            Thornton, Blanch                            S110
Messenger, Maude (Mrs.)        Nichols, W.O.                      4-Sep-05 K029
Messenger, Pearl May           Dunham, Frank V.                  30-Jul-17 T544
Messenger, Roscoe              Hamilton, Ruth                    12-May-20 X399
Messer, Charles L.             Chapman, Lenora                   24-Aug-20 Y051
Messerschmidt, Nick            Elsen, Frances                              T336
Messerschmidt, Rosa            Faber, Peter                      28-Oct-14 R191
Messerschmidt, William         Buscher, Rose                      7-Oct-19 W474
Messersmith, L.C.              Barrows, Maggie                   24-Oct-21 Z375
Messersmith, Rox               Brauer, Lissetta                  10-Jun-21 Z037
Messerve, Elsie B.             Eakins, Orleon W.                 27-Aug-12 P387
Messerve, Elsie B.             Wall, Berry                                 T179
Messing, Ora P.                Burns, R.D.                       13-Jul-10 N240
Messinger, Pearl May           Hartman, Clayton H.               14-Jul-12 P334
Messinger, Walter F.           Johnson, Laura A.                 31-Dec-13 Q484
Messmer, Mollie Clara          Black, Lester J.                  29-Oct-19 W556
Messmer, Nora                  Moore, Jerry                       4-Dec-12 P551
Messner, James M.              Carter, Mattie                    12-Dec-12 P562
Messner, Laura Mabel           Jackson, Paris Timmons                      S357
Messner, Otto                  Carson, Laura Belle               26-Aug-18 V352
Metcalf, E.D.                  Robinson, Julia May               14-Sep-19 W436
Metcalf, Edgar H.              Mulets, Mildred Esther             7-Apr-21 Y568
Metcalf, Eva                   Redinger, A.G.                    30-Dec-12 P608
Metcalf, Florence              Black, Harry L.                   18-Sep-01 I048
Metcalf, G.A.                  Bowers, Melissa (Mrs.)             5-Jul-06 K318
Metcalf, George A.             Adams, Katie                      15-Aug-04 J318
Metcalf, Gladys                Ward, Leo                                   R543
Metcalf, Loyd L.               Garver, Leah                      21-Jun-19 W232
Metcalf, Robert B.             Gass, Ruth J.                               R419
Metcalf, Roy F.                Pritchard, Vivian M.              11-Sep-21 Z272
Metcalfe, Minnie               Rollings, Louis                   18-Mar-08 L343
Metger, Joseph                 Wilson, Nancy                  10 Jan 1889  D476
Metheny, Eda                   Burget, Fred                      31-May-19 W174
Metheny, Kenneth               Osborne, Verona                   11-Jan-22 Z548
Methey, Lucile                 Simon, Charles                     5-Apr-18 V076
Metsker, Ruth                  McGinnis, Clinton James           17-Jul-20 X587
Mettlen, O.L.                  Richards, Edna                              S024
Mettler, Cecil                 Hunt, Byron M.                    27-Nov-12 P529
Metz, A.E.                     Sellers, Mary                     25-Jul-13 Q255
Metz, Anna                     De Mott, Fred                     29-Apr-09 M239
Metz, Belle                    Cross, D. Arthur                  28-Jun-09 M321
Metz, Ben                      Main, Hettie                   08 Oct 1886  C511
Metz, Gertrude Rosella         Schmucker, Samuel B.               1-Sep-08 L544
Metz, Halena Louisa            Davis, Harry                   10 Oct 1893  F225
Metz, Herbert L.               Dawson, Lucile                     1-Nov-21 Z398
Metz, Louis                    Bainum, Zadie                     29-Jun-19 W252
Metz, Maggie                   Holmes, William H.             08 Jan 1886  C373
Metz, Nellie M.                Moore, Arthur L.                   7-Dec-04 J436
Metz, O.G.                     Shutts, Emma L.                   17-Jul-07 L054
Metz, Walter                   Widdoes, Cora Linnot              18-Apr-03 I530
Metzeker, Cora                 Randall, Clovesta A.              17-Feb-09 M138
Metzen, Anna(nie)              Patty, Pulaska                 17 Nov 1890  E248
Metzen, H.P.                   Smith, Pauline                              S535
Metzen, Jennie                 Gaughan, E.W.                     10-Aug-14 R091
Metzen, Joseph                 Roths, Anna K.                    26-Jan-04 J141
Metzen, Philip C.              Powers, Alice                  11 Oct 1898  G572
Metzgear, G.W.                 Peacock, Ola May                            S139
Metzger, Arthur                Hains, Charlotte               13 Mar 1899  H054
Metzger, Bertha M.             Dewing, Irwin E.                  22-Sep-14 R157
Metzger, Dollie                Whitehouse, Cecil                  1-Mar-14 Q550
Metzger, Effie Isabelle        Hinshaw, Merritt G.                7-Sep-10 N315
Metzger, Erwin                 Hanshaw, Alfretta              05 Mar 1886  C402
Metzger, James                 Roundtree, Iva                    12-Sep-13 Q317
Metzger, James I.              Swacka, Agnes                               T257
Metzger, Laura                 Berkley, J.W.                  25 Aug 1872  A043
Metzger, Luther                Sutton, Alta                       3-Jun-18 V187
Metzger, Mary V.               Cooley, John E.                20 Mar 1886  C414
Metzger, Nettie                Pratt, Clarence Alfred                      R418
Metzger, Otto                  Kopf, Ethel                       10-Mar-18 U306
Metzger, Roy                   Perryman, Flossie                 24-Jun-18 V245
Metzger, Theodore              Morris, Eliza                  05 May 1888  D291
Metzger, Viola Jane            Lee, John C.                      13-Oct-19 W518
Metzger, William               Cohen, Catherine               04 Jul 1889  D570
Metzker, Fred B.               Webster, Bonnie C.                 1-Dec-05 K126
Metzker, Lulu                  Gregg, Philo                      27-Feb-07 K559
Meyer, Bernhard B.             Alber, Elsie                                S503
Meyer, D.B.                    Frobenius, Louise N.              16-Oct-12 P465
Meyer, Dora                    Guetschow, Otto                   14-May-14 Q613
Meyer, E.C.                    Webster, Rose                     16-Dec-20 Y340
Meyer, Edward D.               Ketcham, Ruth                     26-Jun-19 W246
Meyer, Elda                    Hinman, Ben                        7-May-22 Z755
Meyer, Esther M.               Shigley, Orven E.                 13-Jun-17 T443
Meyer, Eugene D.               Potts, Mary                       20-Jun-12 P288
Meyer, Frank T.                Albers, Katie M.                  15-May-06 K260
Meyer, Fred William            Posch, Agnes                       4-Jun-19 W169
Meyer, Fredrick A.             Dennis, Louise                 25 Dec 1882  B334
Meyer, George                  Thomas, Grace                     22-May-07 K636
Meyer, George H.               Patterson, Cora                   15-Aug-06 K351
Meyer, Guy R.                  Law, Nellie L.                    16-Oct-07 L169
Meyer, Henry                   Niemeyer, Mary                 20 Apr 1890  E121
Meyer, Henry                   Pottberg, Emma                    11-Sep-10 N320
Meyer, J.N.                    Spexarth, Katie A.                28-Feb-05 J500
Meyer, John F.W.               Murphy, Nellie T.              31 Jan 1894  F307
Meyer, Joseph H.               Kerschen, Mary                    27-May-19 W130
Meyer, Joseph H.               Sredzinska, Anelka                          G113
Meyer, Lizzie                  Goodyear, Phillip                 11-Sep-07 L111
Meyer, Marenus                 Falck, Nellie                     26-Sep-11 O342
Meyer, Margaretha              Brumme, Otto                   22 Nov 1886  C535
Meyer, Maybelle H.             Jackson, Charles E.               23-Nov-07 L208
Meyer, Minnie                  Olthoff, Charles J.                8-Aug-02 I319
Meyer, Neetie                  McDonald, William                 16-Jun-17 T448
Meyer, Pauline C.              Duke, Earl K.                      3-Sep-19 W401
Meyer, Peter                   Pearce, Lorena A.                  7-Mar-22 Z644
Meyer, Rhoda                   McDowell, Louis                   22-Jul-07 L058
Meyer, Roy                     McManis, Vera                     17-Sep-19 W446
Meyer, S.A.                    Lossee, Edna Adaline              10-Oct-17 U070
Meyer, Walter Carl             Newman, Esther Bertrice           29-Jan-21 Y441
Meyer, William                 Scherembeck, Anna                 10-Jul-10 N233
Meyer, William H.              McKee, Susan                   22 Apr 1886  C431
Meyer, William J.A.            Scott, Jennie                  05 Aug 1890  E179
Meyers, Alfred                 Lightle, Katie                              R007
Meyers, Anna E. (Mrs.)         Stearns, George B.             03 May 1893  F128
Meyers, Bruce A.               Slater, Eva                    09 Jun 1888  D317
Meyers, Charles                Eslinger, Hattie                  17-Nov-14 R237
Meyers, Charles                Miller, Lizzie                 31 Dec 1885  C370
Meyers, Clinton                Lester, May                    25 Jun 1887  D043
Meyers, Emanuel                Gensman, Margaret                 13-Apr-22 Z706
Meyers, Harry                  Haffner, Mabel                    28-Sep-11 O347
Meyers, Jessie                 Sullivan, Frank                             X202
Meyers, Martha                 Murphy, Thomas                 08 Mar 1888  D242
Meyers, Rebecca I.             Hannah, G.A.                   06 Jan 1886  C372
Meyers, Sutton                 Corley, Julia                     16-Oct-17 U085
Michael, Anna                  Henderson, Charles                24-Nov-19 W626
Michael, Iowa                  McDowell, Ernest L.            01 Jun 1896  G099
Michael, Jennie E.             Theis, George Jr.                 15-Nov-04 J416
Michael, Lena                  Delong, Aley                   22 Dec 1891  E446
Michael, Leona                 Brown, Roy                        21-Jul-20 X600
Michael, Minnie M.             Fuller, Freeman T.             18 Feb 1890  E081
Michael, Myrtle Irene          Butner, Ora Sandie                25-Dec-19 X073
Michael, Pearl                 Graham, G.W.                   01 Mar 1898  G470
Michael, Pearl                 Wehling, William                  16-Apr-12 P194
Michael, Roy                   Peckham, Frances                  11-Apr-22 Z696
Michael, W.A.                  Hadley, Stella                     2-Apr-19 W049
Michaels, Jacob                Basin, Anita                      25-Jul-10 N253
Michaels, Rose                 Snyder, Abraham R.                 2-Jul-11 O232
Michaelson, I.T.               Schenebricker, Regula             30-Apr-12 P212
Michel, Anthony                Pierce, Lizzie                    20-Jun-18 V235
Michel, H. Arthur              Allison, Edna B.                   5-May-02 I236
Michels, Herbert               Brand, Rosa                    04 Nov 1879  A454
Michener, Fern G.              Fetterolf, Clarence V.             2-Aug-11 O266
Michener, Jessie A.            Ramsdale, William F.               5-Aug-14 R085
Michener, John Morrison        Baker, Anna Jane                  12-May-18 V143
Michler, Don                   Kenney, Mercedes                  27-Apr-18 V114
Mickelbery, Debora             Williams, Charles H.              19-Aug-12 P377
Mickelson, Annie               Steel, James K.                01 Feb 1874  A102
Mickens, Albert                Quarles, Mamie                    24-Nov-12 P524
Mickens, Jennie                Meairs, Luther                    12-Sep-17 T625
Mickey, David Dwight           Hanchett, Lena May                          T086
Mickey, Della                  Oneal, William                     6-Nov-11 O399
Mickey, James C.               Goodrich, Ina                      6-Nov-12 P500
Mickey, John R.                Parsons, Jennie                    7-Jun-21 Z030
Mickey, Lewis                  Moore, Dorothy                              T369
Mickey, Otis                   Goodno, Winnie                 25 Dec 1883  C019
Mickey, Robert B.              Wassen, Martha                     5-Nov-08 L635
Mickle, Ada                    Howard, Harry Lee                  8-Oct-17 U053
Mickle, Floyd                  Barns, Clara                      12-Oct-11 O365
Mickle, Marie                  Roberts, William                   6-Aug-17 T557
Mickleson, Christina           Meschke, Paul                     12-Jul-21 Z127
Middaugh, Ray                  Embrey, Olive N.                            T098
Middle, Allie                  Kohler, Albert                    15-Jan-08 L280
Middlehurst, Fred              Hobbs, Freda                      27-Mar-20 X283
Middleswart, Grace             Stewart, Floyd D.                 11-Aug-10 N271
Middleton, Charles E.          Waddell, Alice Caroline           21-Aug-20 Y045
Middleton, Charles M.          Jones, Iona Belle                 31-Mar-15 R405
Middleton, Clarence W.         Brotherton, June                   4-Sep-20 Y082
Middleton, Crystal             Samuels, Mansfield                          R419
Middleton, Ethel               McMahon, Harry                    28-Jun-10 N211
Middleton, Goldie              Irvine, J.R.                       1-Aug-19 W325
Middleton, Laura E.            Whitlock, John B.              23 Apr 1891  E332
Middleton, Lectra              Lower, James W.                    7-Jun-21 Z024
Middleton, Luella              Bennett, R.H.                      9-May-21 Y629
Middleton, Nathaniel W.        Mueller, Edna May                  1-Nov-11 O392
Middleton, Ruth                Lemon, Lawrence                   29-Jun-21 Z093
Middleton, William H.          Lapham, Grace                     10-Oct-03 J050
Midghall, Alexander H.         Wolf, Maude A.                    29-Mar-22 Z676
Midghall, Carl G.              Wolf, Lillian L.                   4-Jan-11 N533
Midghall, L.R.                 Hobbs, Belle Helen                22-Apr-18 V107
Midkiff, Daniel K.             Dabertz, Prudence J.           26 May 1881  B161
Miers, Alice E.                Luening, Henry C.                 15-Jun-10 N185
Miers, Effie Dora              Grubb, George E.               20 Dec 1899  H230
Miers, Hannah                  Jetton, J.M.                      22-Aug-21 Z201
Miers, Henry William           Nichols, Carrie May                8-Apr-14 Q585
Miers, Lizzie A.M.             Borg, P.M.                     16 Feb 1898  G461
Miers, Otto                    Dunham, Neva                      16-Dec-14 R282
Miers, Rosemary                Stanbridge, R.J.                  24-Apr-19 W094
Mies, Annie M.                 Simon, John M.                 21 Sep 1891  E382
Mies, Fred Joseph              Freund, Bertha Marie              19-Nov-18 V479
Mies, John                     Engelbrecht, Anna              11 May 1897  G288
Mies, John                     Engelbrecht, Frances               1-Apr-13 Q068
Mies, Katie                    Orth, Frank                    07 Feb 1893  F060
Mies, Marcus(rkus)             Ossweiler, Anna                   24-Jan-11 N549
Mies, Mary                     Gorges, Frederick B.           20 Nov 1883  C001
Mies, Mary A.                  Jansen, Albert J.                 20-Nov-06 K440
Mies, William                  Lies, Anna                     14 Nov 1882  B326
Mies, William Peter            Freund, Anna                      27-Feb-22 Z605
Miesse, Lenore                 King, Willard                     12-Feb-22 Z597
Might, Mayme M.                Rutledge, Carl N.                 16-Dec-11 P018
Might, Wauneita C.             Ford, Elmer W.                    31-Oct-10 N420
Mihoover, Joseph               Hart, Sylvia                       8-Nov-19 W592
Mikels, Lulu D.                Puls, John S.                  19 Sep 1893  F202
Mikes, William                 Gordon, Myrtle                    23-Oct-11 O378
Mikesell, Pansy                Redwine, Gus                      26-Jun-14 R042
Mikles, Eva                    Thomas, E.J.                   11 Aug 1888  D355
Miks, Ambrose                  Blin, Henrietta                27 Dec 1885  C365
Miksch, Charles                Sisseck, May                      30-Aug-18 V360
Milam, Ross                    Blake, Ada                        27-Aug-10 N299
Milan, Martha                  Readdy, Oran                       1-Oct-20 Y149
Milar, W.B.                    Raine, Artress F.                 18-Feb-22 Z611
Milburn, Andy                  Morgan, Josie                     27-Oct-19 W555
Milburn, George T.             Coleman, Ida M.                20 Mar 1888  D252
Mileham, James B.              Roe, Nellie E.                    11-Mar-14 Q561
Mileham, James B.              Roe, Nellie E.                    11-Mar-14 Q562
Miler, Anita                   Loya, Aurilo                       5-Oct-11 O356
Miles, Bessie L.               Fulton, Glen C.                    8-May-18 V136
Miles, C.E.                    Underwood, Elsie                   3-Aug-21 Z182
Miles, Cecil C.                Hayes, Blanche E.                 27-Aug-13 Q290
Miles, Charles E.              Taggart, Eva S.                   12-Apr-11 O095
Miles, Charles W.              Duncan, Winifred               21 Oct 1894  F422
Miles, Delphia Irene           Thompson, George F.                         R501
Miles, Dettmer                 Cosby, Lucy                                 T381
Miles, Edgar M.                Robb, Hazel                       11-Apr-13 Q103
Miles, Elmer E.                Cox, Jennie E.                 27 Dec 1893  F282
Miles, Enoch                   Jenkins, Bernice                  16-Oct-12 P465
Miles, Everett C.              Calloway, Grace M.                 5-Oct-14 R174
Miles, Florence E.             Throckmorton, Adel F.              3-Jan-18 U446
Miles, Florence M.             Alyea, John I.                    23-Dec-03 J116
Miles, Francis Marion          O'Dell, Florence                            W020
Miles, George L.               Harris, Clelo                     16-Jul-20 X586
Miles, Gladys                  McGlynn, Ray                      23-Jan-21 Y427
Miles, Golda                   Brown, Walter P.                   5-Sep-17 T613
Miles, Grace Leon              Shadwick, Floyd J.                 6-Jun-17 T425
Miles, Helen C.                Shafer, Howard C.                 20-May-03 I557
Miles, Henry A.                Price, Zadia G.                   21-Mar-04 J190
Miles, Howard P.               Fitzgerald, Vassie K.             26-Feb-11 O029
Miles, J.C.                    Frazier, Retta                    19-May-13 Q150
Miles, J.S.                    Curtright, Sarah (Mrs.)        19 Oct 1899  H189
Miles, James                   Funk, Della C.                     4-Jun-19 W188
Miles, Jerry                   Stanley, Etta                     22-May-22 Z780
Miles, Katharine               Stippich, W.A.                    27-Feb-15 R372
Miles, Katie M.                Wendel, H.F.                       3-Sep-19 W406
Miles, Lea                     Wikoff, J.E.                      25-Jun-21 Z079
Miles, Leota M.                Kinzer, Fred M.                   18-Sep-19 W446
Miles, Leula B.                Behymer, Bruce                    22-May-18 V162
Miles, Lula                    Hooker, Ralph C.                   4-Oct-19 W498
Miles, Mary                    Lappin, James                  10 Jan 1875  A149
Miles, Mary E. (Mrs.)          Cue, Joseph                       24-Aug-02 I332
Miles, Maude                   Mosby, Charles                              S043
Miles, Mollie E.               Noel, Peter                    13 Jun 1881  B165
Miles, Nelson L.               Shores, Laura A. (Leorra)      28 Nov 1890  E255
Miles, Neva                    Tiffany, Hugh S.                   7-Jun-10 N174
Miles, Steven                  Lasell, Enola                  25 Apr 1886  C434
Miles, Thomas H.               Green, Edith M.                   14-Mar-06 K223
Miles, W.E.                    Hoffman, Estella                  19-Sep-17 T635
Miles, W.T.                    Stover, Lena                      16-Sep-13 Q324
Miles, William                 Haynes, Ida                       22-Oct-00 H441
Miles, William J.              Thomas, Linnie                 12 Feb 1880  B036
Miletz, Emma                   Widdoes, Meredith B.              25-May-10 N154
Milick, Ethelle                Wolf, Lyle                         4-Jul-08 L472
Miliken, Martha                Wooton, Isaac C.               28 Oct 1884  C156
Mill, Glenn B.                 Osborn, Mary E.                   25-Oct-20 Y224
Mill, Naomi E.                 Bollinger, John W.                 4-Mar-20 X226
Millar, B.H.                   Gelbach, Fannie Luella            17-Mar-14 Q571
Millar, Ethel C.               Hamlin, Alfred L.                           T226
Millar, Iona                   Miller, Julian Eli                28-Sep-10 N362
Millar, Viola                  Slattery, John J.                 29-May-11 O163
Millard, George T.             Crosby, Hattie E.                 12-Jan-18 U468
Millard, Joseph Jackson        Crosby, Matilda Arnetta           24-Oct-17 U114
Millard, L.B.                  Davies, Helen                     20-May-21 Y652
Millard, Willis                Sharp, May E.                  01 Sep 1887  D092
Millbern, Virginia Pearl       Cochran, H.P.                     25-Dec-18 V529
Millen, Boyd                   Pegg, Grace                       24-Mar-15 R399
Millen, Herbert                Grimes, Mina                      16-Oct-13 Q383
Millen, Vinnie                 Hoenscheidt, John W.                        S040
Miller, A.A.                   Neff, Lela O.                  01 Nov 1888  D423
Miller, A.G.                   Whitfield, E.B.                    1-Mar-18 V012
Miller, A.I.                   Huff, Fern H.                     30-May-17 T391
Miller, A.T.                   Beard, Blanche B.                  3-Dec-06 K470
Miller, Ada V.                 Sample, Williard S.            14 May 1895  F539
Miller, Agnes C.               Elder, Cecil                      23-Jun-20 X516
Miller, Albert F.H.            White, Alice                   15 Sep 1887  D105
Miller, Albert S.              Leigh, Nellie (Millie) (Mrs.)  21 Mar 1892  E519
Miller, Alexander F.           Clark, Helen M.                31 May 1881  B162
Miller, Alice                  Clark, F.R.                       16-Jun-03 I580
Miller, Alice                  Stafford, James A.                30-Jun-08 L466
Miller, Alice Belle            Barton, Francis Jason              3-Jul-02 I289
Miller, Alice Fay              Christopher, Walter W.            27-Jun-09 M318
Miller, Alice R. (Mrs.)        Miller, Frank H.               28 Mar 1894  F333
Miller, Alice R. (Mrs.)        Smoot, George                     24-Feb-01 H527
Miller, Alma                   Tayer, George A.               06 Oct 1896  G161
Miller, Almon N.               Graham, Myrtle J.              28 Apr 1897  G282
Miller, Alta                   Fancher, Bert                      7-Dec-18 V510
Miller, Amy                    Howell, Ray                       14-Sep-10 N327
Miller, Andrew                 Buss, Gertrude H.                  5-Jan-08 L271
Miller, Anna                   Lies, Edward                      30-Apr-12 P205
Miller, Anna                   Owens, Marion                     31-May-11 O167
Miller, Anna                   Reece, Max J.                  30 Apr 1888  D284
Miller, Anna                   Reynolds, Benjamin F.          08 Nov 1893  F248
Miller, Arizona                Vinsant, Daniel L.             24 Dec 1892  F036
Miller, Arline                 Davis, Edgar C.                   27-Jul-18 V294
Miller, Aron                   Stevens, Flora                    16-Jun-17 T449
Miller, Arthur                 Cole, Leona                       28-Feb-11 O036
Miller, Arthur M.              Alexander, Callie McNamee         14-Oct-20 Y186
Miller, Arzona B.              Oldfather, Cassius B.          25 Nov 1884  C169
Miller, Atta G.                Zahradnik, Edward R.              16-Oct-17 U087
Miller, Attie M.               Ramsey, W.C.                      25-Apr-01 H568
Miller, Augustus F.(H.)        Buchholz, Minnie H.            03 May 1891  E336
Miller, B.E.                   Towny, Marie                                S076
Miller, Beatrice               Allison, Mathew                    7-Jun-09 M283
Miller, Beatrice               Gordon, Joseph A.                 11-Dec-20 Y330
Miller, Beatrice H.            Newkirk, Amos S.                  10-Nov-09 M521
Miller, Beatrice H.            Winlock, Ben T.                   12-Mar-19 W020
Miller, Benjaman               Scaggs, Amanda E.              30 Jun 1898  G533
Miller, Bernice                Tepfer, Ulmer                     16-Oct-07 L171
Miller, Bert                   Elliott, Edith                     7-Feb-11 O003
Miller, Bertha                 Austin, Joseph M.                 25-Jul-11 O259
Miller, Bertha                 Murray, Claude R.                 16-Dec-10 N502
Miller, Bertha                 Piper, W.R.                       29-Mar-13 Q084
Miller, Bessie                 Sewell, James M.                  10-Oct-17 U066
Miller, Bessie                 Underwood, Charles A.              7-Jun-05 J589
Miller, Bessie                 Woerz, E.P.                       27-Jun-17 T475
Miller, Bessie A.              Walton, W.H.                       9-Jul-19 W276
Miller, Bessie L.              Love, Lewis E.                    11-Feb-03 I482
Miller, Bonnie                 Foster, Ray E.                    11-Aug-20 Y018
Miller, C.L.                   Richmond, Grace J.                10-Jul-14 R063
Miller, C.R.                   Hand, Laura                    27 Dec 1895  G021
Miller, C.T.                   Stiffler, O.J.                    18-Oct-10 N396
Miller, C.W.                   Call, L.M.                        10-May-01 H586
Miller, Carl                   Johnston, Margaret                16-May-21 Y643
Miller, Caroline               Ozier, E.H.                       21-Feb-12 P117
Miller, Carrie                 Brian, Archie J.               23 Aug 1891  E372
Miller, Carrie                 Tolly, Andy                       20-Mar-22 Z665
Miller, Carrie A.              Rightmire, R.A.                   28-Nov-11 O435
Miller, Carry                  Anderson, Claude                  15-Sep-10 N333
Miller, Cary                   Foulk, Ella                       15-Jun-18 V220
Miller, Cassie A. (Mrs)        Beamer, William S.             07 Nov 1890  E240
Miller, Catherine              Bruce, Alexander               17 May 1888  D299
Miller, Cecelia                Peterson, Julius                  30-Jun-13 Q223
Miller, Cecil                  Pevehouse, Edith                  25-Sep-19 W472
Miller, Charles                Taylor, Tennie                     8-Oct-10 N384
Miller, Charles A.             Heinig, Rosa M.                   20-Nov-01 I104
Miller, Charles D.             Spencer, Katy L.B.                20-Mar-02 I206
Miller, Charles E.             Briden, Maud E.                    7-Nov-21 Z410
Miller, Charles E.             Lampher, Lucretia              31 Mar 1879  A415
Miller, Charles F.             Adell, Myrle                                S338
Miller, Charles H.             Boone, Lizzie                  30 Apr 1876  A199
Miller, Charles J.             Corman, Elizabeth Mona            10-Apr-18 V086
Miller, Charles S.             Roberts, Mamie E.                 18-Dec-05 K140
Miller, Charles W.             Conly, Ella                       14-Jul-10 N241
Miller, Charles W.             Nessly, Flora W.               19 Sep 1878  A359
Miller, Clara Louise           Whiteside, Victor                 23-Dec-14 R285
Miller, Clarence               Cox, Viona L.                     29-Jul-20 X616
Miller, Clarence A.            Miller, Mabel E.                   8-Sep-19 W424
Miller, Clarence Louis         Price, Lennie Olive               30-Sep-08 L583
Miller, Clarence W.            Keller, Anna H.                   10-Mar-14 Q559
Miller, Claude A.              Lawson, Hazel E.                  21-Sep-17 T640
Miller, Cleo                   Ingle, Martin                     17-Sep-13 Q329
Miller, Cleo Z.                Farmer, Edna                      14-Jul-19 W285
Miller, Cleve(live)            Rogers, Marie                     29-Apr-08 L389
Miller, Cora                   Cook, Fred                     08 Jul 1896  G117
Miller, Cora B.                Munson, A.S.                   01 May 1889  D532
Miller, Cora D.                Neagle, W.H.                   01 Jan 1896  G025
Miller, Cora Fern              Cravens, J.S.                     16-May-21 Y641
Miller, Corene(rine)           Brown, Frank                      28-Oct-11 O385
Miller, Daniel                 Millis, Iva P.                    22-Sep-03 J027
Miller, David P.               Webster, Emma                      4-Apr-05 J537
Miller, Dolly                  Thornton, John                     5-Aug-09 M367
Miller, Dona                   Maher, Thomas                      1-Apr-19 W047
Miller, Dora                   Pierce, L.C.                      22-Sep-07 L130
Miller, Dora L.                Lassell, Edward W.                 9-Sep-01 I037
Miller, E.                     Ledoux, S.A.                   15 Apr 1887  C626
Miller, E.B.                   Dobbin, Matie A.                  31-Dec-02 I446
Miller, E.F.                   Young, Eva                         2-Jun-17 T413
Miller, E.H.P.                 Greenwell, C.N.                   18-Jun-17 T453
Miller, E.R.                   Dunlap, Theodosia              23 Jan 1883  B344
Miller, Earl                   Fissel, Pearl                     15-Aug-17 T580
Miller, Earl B.                Minter, Nellie Lee                 7-Oct-12 P444
Miller, Edith B.               Hickman, Edgar B.                  2-Oct-01 I063
Miller, Edna                   Childers, Gilbert                 11-Sep-12 P412
Miller, Edna May               Edwards, Lester J. (G.)            8-Feb-13 Q027
Miller, Edward                 Arnholz, Mollie                    7-Feb-12 P095
Miller, Edward                 Mallory, Mollie                17 Nov 1898  G612
Miller, Edward                 Ray, Beatrice                     26-Sep-12 P428
Miller, Edward E.              Jones, Clara O.                   12-Aug-03 I629
Miller, Effie                  Maupin, W.D.                   09 Feb 1898  G458
Miller, Ella M.                Chase, George M.                  14-Aug-01 I015
Miller, Elma                   Criman, George                     8-May-22 Z745
Miller, Elma Betty             Pearson, J.E.                  12 Mar 1896  G064
Miller, Elmer                  Parker, Maude                      8-Apr-00 H301
Miller, Elva                   Anderson, Emett C.                28-Jan-20 X161
Miller, Emanuel                McGrew, Olive                  23 May 1889  D542
Miller, Emil Philip            Glick, Mae                        19-Jun-13 Q208
Miller, Emma                   Cranfill, J.G.                              S575
Miller, Emma S.                Howard, J. Lee                              S206
Miller, Emmareine              Dobbin, Arthur                    31-Jul-07 L067
Miller, Ernest Alvin           Brown, Anna Erma                  18-Sep-04 J344
Miller, Ernest H.              Chandler, Nira Blanche            26-Apr-00 H312
Miller, Ethel Violet           Shiblom, S.A.                     25-Jan-11 N563
Miller, Etta B.                Hart, G.B.                        18-Feb-03 I486
Miller, Etta L.                Boileau, Alexander                21-Sep-21 Z295
Miller, Eugene                 Shrader, Lucy                      1-Oct-20 Y151
Miller, Eugene                 Young, Carrie                     14-Jul-07 L050
Miller, Eva                    Reeves, Chandler                  25-Jun-02 I281
Miller, Eva                    VanPatten, Fred                   24-May-05 J579
Miller, Fannie A.              Nissley, John D.                   3-Feb-21 Y445
Miller, Flora                  Nurmberger, Fred                  29-Nov-11 O437
Miller, Flora Jane             Gipe, Sylvester H.             11 Mar 1879  A407
Miller, Ford                   Howey, Anna                        3-Mar-19 W005
Miller, Frances M.             Dumond, Edward K.              19 Jun 1884  C090
Miller, Frank                  Reyer, Lizzie                  22 Mar 1894  F330
Miller, Frank                  Robinson, Ella                    20-Sep-11 O332
Miller, Frank E.               Stewart, Minnie M.                20-Dec-10 N507
Miller, Frank H.               Miller, Alice R. (Mrs.)        28 Mar 1894  F333
Miller, Frank J.               Gould, Sadie C.                   17-May-11 O150
Miller, Frank J.               Kraus, Anna                       26-Aug-19 W374
Miller, Frank J.               Zaring, Winnie Z.              01 Jan 1896  G023
Miller, Frank O.               Devore, Elizabeth                 15-Mar-08 L339
Miller, Frank O.               Watkins, Faye                      3-Aug-10 N266
Miller, Frank W.               Ponton, Blanch A.                 14-Nov-07 L201
Miller, Fred                   Babcock, Emma                     21-Feb-21 Y466
Miller, Fred                   Zeller, Mae                        7-Oct-20 Y172
Miller, Fred James             Mannebach, Maggie                           D202
Miller, Fred James             Mannebach, Maggie              07 Feb 1888  D202
Miller, Fred R.                Garretson, Dora                   22-Sep-19 W463
Miller, George                 Hart, Martha                      12-Jan-09 M099
Miller, George                 Paul, Aceneth                               N555
Miller, George D.              Wolf, Maud Elizabeth              30-Oct-21 Z395
Miller, George E.              Young, Minnie                               T316
Miller, George F.              Paul, Vera A.                     23-Feb-11 O022
Miller, George H.              Doyle, Merle                      26-Oct-20 Y225
Miller, George L. (Rev)        Cloud, Blanche                 14 Jan 1892  E478
Miller, George O.              Glunt, Mildred B.              31 Oct 1893  F243
Miller, George W.              Stanley, Altia May                14-May-01 H579
Miller, Gertrude               Kirby, Thorn                       6-May-11 O137
Miller, Gertrude               McCartney, H.C.                   15-Feb-12 P107
Miller, Gladys Virginia        Dadisman, William Raymond         21-Jan-20 X144
Miller, Grace (Mrs.)           Judah, William H.                  3-Oct-10 N372
Miller, Grace T.               Albin, Hiram S.                             R624
Miller, Grover N.              Ramsey, Hallie R.                 14-Jul-17 T502
Miller, Gus A. Jr.             Barnett, Katie                              S123
Miller, H.H.                   Crist, Golda                       4-Nov-19 W577
Miller, Hallie R.              Ford, Maie                        31-Jul-17 T545
Miller, Hansel E.              Bradley, Anna M.                   8-Apr-13 Q098
Miller, Harold C.              Davis, Ruth                       16-Sep-17 T627
Miller, Harriet E.             Parham, William M.             16 Sep 1886  C499
Miller, Harry                  Lite, Anna                     08 Sep 1883  B407
Miller, Harry                  Turner, Bell                   24 Oct 1883  B422
Miller, Harry A.               Merket, Clara                               X320
Miller, Harry A.               Oliver, Nella M.                  26-Jun-12 P302
Miller, Harvey                 Pirce, Mabel                                V118
Miller, Hattie                 Martin, J.A.                   17 Mar 1886  C412
Miller, Hattie                 Moler, Charles A.                 30-Sep-19 W483
Miller, Hattie S.              McPherran, S.H.                   12-Oct-05 K072
Miller, Hazel A.               Slyter, Sylvester                 20-Sep-19 W453
Miller, Helen Bryant           Jordan, Edward C. Jr.             24-Jan-22 Z570
Miller, Henry                  Anderson, Ada                               T250
Miller, Henry                  Harter, Rachel May                12-Dec-01 I121
Miller, Henry E.               Kendall, Josie W.              10 Dec 1890  E259
Miller, Henry H.               Shutes, Avis F.                             T073
Miller, Henry T.               Denn, Lottie                      12-May-04 J233
Miller, Henry W.               Flinn, Ada                     14 Feb 1899  H042
Miller, Herbert A.             Lukens, Verna Ada                 24-Dec-07 L247
Miller, Howard E.              Goeldner, Lena Emma                         T060
Miller, Ida                    Lowe, Oren                        18-Dec-12 P571
Miller, Ida M.                 Bailey, Glenn R.               22 Mar 1893  F103
Miller, Irvin                  Cook, Versa                    30 Jun 1895  F561
Miller, Irvin                  Egan, Jennie                      17-Jul-09 M347
Miller, Irvin D.               Ryman, Myrtle                      1-Jul-21 Z099
Miller, Isaac                  Pitcher, Maud                      1-Oct-13 Q351
Miller, J. Theodore            Kaiser, Minnie                 07 Apr 1889  D519
Miller, J.A.                   Pratt, Amy M.                      7-Mar-18 V026
Miller, J.C.                   Stough, Gertrude                   2-Nov-09 M498
Miller, J.E.                   Hibbs, Rosa                       25-Jun-20 X530
Miller, J.F.                   Sanford, Ella M.               25 Dec 1881  B224
Miller, J.H.                   Townsend, Nellie M.               28-Jul-18 V295
Miller, J.M.                   Davis, Farrie                      9-Oct-04 J371
Miller, J.M.                   Ray, Josephine                              S291
Miller, J.M.                   Hill, H.W.                        25-Feb-02 I187
Miller, J.S.                   Scott, E.                         19-Jan-20 X140
Miller, Jack V.                Simon, Alice                      11-May-18 V142
Miller, Jacob A.               Biddle, Laura E.                   1-May-07 K622
Miller, James C.               Ritter, Laurie I.                 24-Sep-02 I358
Miller, James F.               Blankenship, Eulah M.             10-Feb-12 P100
Miller, James H.               Fettke, Elsie                     22-Feb-05 J504
Miller, James M.               Howard, Cecil                     20-Jun-20 X512
Miller, James O.               McAfee, Josephine M.               3-Jun-13 Q179
Miller, Janie                  Cox, Wilson                    21 Nov 1894  F438
Miller, Jennetta (Mrs.)        Harrison, John C.              20 Nov 1890  E249
Miller, Jennie Elsie           Mohler, R.G.                                S489
Miller, Jesse Daniel           Galloway, Mary                     9-Mar-21 Y514
Miller, Jessie                 Branham, Turner                             S008
Miller, Jessie                 Crider, Earl                       1-Jun-20 X443
Miller, Jessie E.              Willoughby, Joseph F.             29-Oct-03 J067
Miller, Jessie Goldie          Doyle, John F.                    29-Oct-12 P486
Miller, Jessie M.              Saffold, B.W.                      3-May-11 O132
Miller, John                   Sackett, Hattie                    4-Apr-07 K593
Miller, John                   Veatch, Sarah L.               24 Dec 1891  E450
Miller, John A.                Armstrong, Stella                 10-Jun-06 K289
Miller, John Arthur            Thompson, Ada Pearl               20-Apr-21 Y593
Miller, John E.                Dugan, Hattie                               T159
Miller, John J.                Kennedy, Mary                      8-Nov-11 O401
Miller, John M.                Myles, Virginia                27 Nov 1878  A379
Miller, Joseph Marcus          Konecky, Anna                     19-Oct-10 N373
Miller, Julia                  Cox, Bert                         17-May-21 Y645
Miller, Julian Eli             Millar, Iona                      28-Sep-10 N362
Miller, Kate(tie)              Mannebach, Michael             03 Sep 1895  F573
Miller, Katie                  Price, W.F.                        8-Jul-03 I600
Miller, L.B.                   Starr, Frances                    11-Feb-03 I482
Miller, L.E.                   Wright, Margaret M.               17-Jan-22 Z561
Miller, Lawrence               Nichols, Sylvia                   26-Nov-21 Z454
Miller, Lee                    Leech, Ruth                                 S046
Miller, Lee Charles            Viele, Minnie W.               21 May 1890  E143
Miller, Lemuel                 Jones, Grace                                Y533
Miller, Lemuel                 Jones, Grace                      11-Jul-21 Z125
Miller, Leon Russell           Wilkinson, Bess Marie              3-Jul-13 Q228
Miller, Leslie E.              Rowley, June                      26-Oct-03 J062
Miller, Lidia H.               Kendall, Charles E.            17 Apr 1888  D274
Miller, Lillian                Bingham, Jack                     13-May-18 V144
Miller, Lillian                Markel, Edwin M.                  26-Sep-06 K383
Miller, Lillian                Mosley, Cal M.                     6-Oct-20 Y165
Miller, Lillian D.             Hartman, William E.                8-May-18 V132
Miller, Lina                   Mosely, J.J.                      18-Mar-22 Z661
Miller, Lizzie                 Hill, W.J.                     28 May 1896  G096
Miller, Lizzie                 Meyers, Charles                31 Dec 1885  C370
Miller, Lizzie                 Pinson, Joseph                 07 Apr 1886  C420
Miller, Lizzie E.              McVay, John F.                 22 Oct 1890  E226
Miller, Lola                   Wooley, J.W.                      11-Jul-18 V271
Miller, Loraine                Hughes, Lee                       25-Feb-20 X218
Miller, Loren B.               Moore, Annie B.                   15-Mar-10 N056
Miller, Louisa                 Stetzel, Henry                 18 Jun 1885  C268
Miller, Louise                 Moler, Charles                    11-Jul-06 K323
Miller, Luanna B.              Jackson, Robert Lee               18-Jan-19 V570
Miller, Lulu L.                Goble, William A.                 26-Nov-09 M541
Miller, Lyle                   Howrey, Rosa                                T080
Miller, M.J.                   Mitchell, Erma                     6-Sep-21 Z260
Miller, M.K.                   Blain, S.H.                       15-Sep-14 R148
Miller, Mabel                  Shank, Charles                    22-Jul-08 L490
Miller, Mabel E.               Miller, Clarence A.                8-Sep-19 W424
Miller, Mabel L.               Stroup, Edward E.                  8-Apr-18 V082
Miller, Mabel L.               Voss, Byron R.                    19-Dec-06 K488
Miller, Mabel M.               Gawthrop, John A.                  2-Sep-03 J011
Miller, Madge                  Service, Harold A.                 2-Aug-13 Q268
Miller, Mae (Mrs.)             Allen, Lewis A.                   22-Mar-11 O063
Miller, Maggie                 Tallman, Albert                09 Aug 1887  D080
Miller, Margaret               Lackamp, William L.                         T364
Miller, Margaret E.            Goodwin, C. Elry                  26-Jun-12 P308
Miller, Margaret E.            Lavender, Harry                12 Jan 1884  C027
Miller, Margaret Ellen         Kowertz, Frank                     1-Oct-19 W488
Miller, Marie                  Gates, Clyde                                T115
Miller, Marie Lucille          Watson, John Arlington            23-Jul-21 Z148
Miller, Martha                 Ritter, Clarence A.               18-Feb-03 I486
Miller, Martha                 Wilson, J.W.                                O014
Miller, Mary                   Flowers, Charles                   9-Oct-12 P451
Miller, Mary                   Fouts, Clarence                    9-Sep-08 L559
Miller, Mary                   Johnson, Claude                    6-Nov-09 M518
Miller, Mary                   Wright, J.E.                      20-Aug-21 Z227
Miller, Mary E.                Lockett, J.F.                  28 Jan 1886  C385
Miller, Mary E.                Roach, William J.                 24-May-12 P243
Miller, Mary E.                Stoutenberg, S.K.                  5-Jan-15 R314
Miller, Mary Jane              Wineteer, James Daniel         18 Apr 1888  D276
Miller, Mary M.                Anderson, William H.           15 Nov 1893  F251
Miller, Mary Sophia            Welch, Harry                      23-Dec-07 L248
Miller, Maud                   Missimore, W.L.                   27-Sep-11 O342
Miller, Maud (Mrs.)            Burns, Lawrence                    7-Jan-05 J466
Miller, Maud Irene             Krenzin, David                              S137
Miller, Maude                  Reese, Preston                    29-Oct-18 V464
Miller, Max M.                 Chumbley, Gertrude Evangeline     11-Sep-20 Y099
Miller, May                    Craig, Samuel H.               18 Feb 1896  G051
Miller, Mildred                Frieling, C.G.                    15-Feb-20 X200
Miller, Mina                   Stafford, C.L.                    14-Jun-11 O196
Miller, Minerva                Little, John N.                   17-Sep-03 J022
Miller, Minnie                 Royal, James P.                06 Apr 1876  A196
Miller, Minnie M.              Rogers, Francis L.                18-Dec-20 Y344
Miller, Minta                  Mullenneix, J.N.                   3-Oct-13 Q355
Miller, Miretta Frances        Baer, William Joseph              23-Jun-09 M313
Miller, Mollie                 Forry, J.N.                    25 Apr 1877  A265
Miller, Moses                  Ridout, Susan                  14 Feb 1891  E301
Miller, Myron C.               Jennings, Katharine Nell          31-Jan-20 X169
Miller, Myrtle A.              Flannery, Lawrence S.              5-Jul-17 T491
Miller, Myrtle A.              Murrow, Dean L.                   23-Jun-10 N205
Miller, Myrtle Gladys          Gardner, Charles M.                         T230
Miller, N.U.                   Long, Ada                         21-May-08 L408
Miller, Nancy A.               Pickens, Levi                  25 Mar 1872  A033
Miller, Nathan M.              Weidner, Ada S.                08 Jan 1876  A188
Miller, Nathan Paul            Mitchell, Zella                    6-Oct-17 U046
Miller, Nellie                 Small, Amos                                 T232
Miller, Nellie                 VanRiper, Jesse                    7-Sep-21 Z264
Miller, Newton                 Davis, Adelia E.               09 Sep 1889  D603
Miller, Noah J.                Churchill, Dollie                 14-Sep-05 K041
Miller, Nora                   Edie, Arthur                       8-Aug-20 Y008
Miller, Nora May               Elston, Guy                       21-Dec-12 P575
Miller, Norton Ray             Pratt, Elsie Maud                 28-Dec-20 Y378
Miller, O.V.                   Luening, Bertha H.                18-Sep-04 J349
Miller, Odessa                 Thomas, Guy O.                    24-Aug-08 L530
Miller, Ora                    Rush, Edward Newton               10-Sep-18 V390
Miller, Ormus Floyd            Johnson, Florence May             21-Sep-21 Z251
Miller, Owen L.                Cooney, Irene G.                            S584
Miller, Paul P.                Beatty, Helen C.                   6-Nov-20 Y250
Miller, Pearl                  Jones, Thomas R.                  21-Sep-10 N342
Miller, Peter                  Rutledge, Mary J.              09 Jun 1882  B276
Miller, R.F.                   Salisbury, Eugene                           T103
Miller, R.S.                   Rutkowski, Mary                    4-Aug-05 K008
Miller, Ralph                  Fitch, Hazel                      26-Jan-21 Y435
Miller, Ralph                  Wilson, Nellie                    10-Jun-11 O185
Miller, Ralph Emeral           Bylor, Lila Edith Evangaline                R627
Miller, Ray J.                 Shaffer, Stella E.                26-May-21 Y660
Miller, Raymond G.             Sullivan, Allena                  29-May-11 O162
Miller, Retta                  Peters, W.P.                      15-Jan-19 V566
Miller, Riley                  Reed, Bert M.                  17 Jun 1895  F554
Miller, Rillie E.              Dale, John W.                  26 Feb 1890  E085
Miller, Robert                 Wait, Harriet                  29 Jul 1872  A040
Miller, Robert E.              Shaw, Anna Virginia                8-Aug-00 H375
Miller, Robert J.              Rucker, Edith A.                   5-Jun-12 P257
Miller, Roberta M.             Harrington, R.B.                  18-Dec-02 I429
Miller, Rosa                   Seidel, Lawrence                  15-Mar-05 J521
Miller, Rosa Alice             Wells, C.C.                        8-Oct-13 Q366
Miller, Rosanna                Chapman, C.D.                  17 Jul 1884  C107
Miller, Rowena M.              Ferris, Lee F.                     9-May-14 Q620
Miller, Roy                    Poe, Odessa Maude                 30-Sep-05 K052
Miller, Roy A.                 Hammond, Grace J.                  7-Oct-14 R176
Miller, Roy E.                 Brown, Carrie Olive               31-Dec-11 P051
Miller, Roy G.                 Casford, Myrtle F.                21-Dec-14 R289
Miller, Rozza B.               Frazier, G.W.                  17 Aug 1887  D083
Miller, Ruby                   Willard, Albert Leslie             8-Feb-20 X185
Miller, Ruby Eileen            Lewis, Ike W.                     13-Oct-21 Z347
Miller, Russell                Nethercote, Mildred                9-Oct-12 P450
Miller, S.E. (Mrs.)            Shaver, F.M.                   19 Jul 1898  G541
Miller, Sadie                  Teter, J.W.                       28-Jun-05 J609
Miller, Samuel A.              Little, Susie                     29-Nov-09 M546
Miller, Sarah A. (Mrs.)        Bell, R.S.                        12-Jun-00 H337
Miller, Selina M.              Younkin, John W.                  13-Apr-05 J542
Miller, Sidney D.              Carpenter, Ellen C.            08 Feb 1872  A029
Miller, Sidney W.              Reagan, Sallie H.              16 Mar 1896  G066
Miller, Spicy                  Pation, Will                      18-Dec-09 M567
Miller, Stella L.              Cooper, Oliver P.                 29-Aug-08 L539
Miller, Stephen                Wolf, Lillie May               21 Sep 1894  F403
Miller, Stephen Ray            Franklin, Hazel Andrus            19-Oct-19 W531
Miller, Sterling               Lewis, Roberta                     1-Nov-20 Y237
Miller, Sula                   Bailey, Henry                      2-Jul-18 V257
Miller, T.G.                   Marlin, Emma F.                   22-Nov-01 I108
Miller, Tasso W.               Delf, Florence M.                  6-Jul-08 L475
Miller, Thelma                 Lambeth, Hugh                      2-Mar-22 Z635
Miller, Thomas J.              Bufford, Florence              25 Feb 1895  F498
Miller, Tom                    Portwood, Ella May                19-Jul-13 Q249
Miller, Verona                 McMaines, Carl                    22-Dec-19 X060
Miller, Viola                  Howell, Harry A.                  23-Nov-10 N463
Miller, Virginia               McMillen, E.J.                              S329
Miller, W.D.                   Maxey, Elizia                  07 Dec 1898  G627
Miller, W.P. (F.)              Morehouse, Corrie              02 Jun 1885  C260
Miller, W.R.                   Cooley, Phebe Jane             11 Feb 1878  A311
Miller, W.R.                   Edson, Lillie                     28-Mar-04 J194
Miller, W.T.                   French, Ida M.                     6-Apr-12 P182
Miller, Walton J.              Freeman, Ethel S.                  1-May-11 O130
Miller, Wells W.               Bryant, Lucy F.                17 Jun 1896  G107
Miller, Wesley                 Baker, Bertha                      5-Aug-08 L507
Miller, Will                   Bennett, Rose                               S305
Miller, Willey W.              Smithers, Myra L.                 16-Dec-08 M049
Miller, William                Blankenship, M.E.                 30-Aug-05 K026
Miller, William                Graham, Jessie                 12 Mar 1884  C051
Miller, William                Jordan, Lettie                 15 Nov 1873  A090
Miller, William                Shellie, Grace E.              07 Jun 1894  F369
Miller, William                Trimmer, Annie                 12 Sep 1898  G566
Miller, William E.             McKibben, Clara B.                11-Aug-19 W347
Miller, William M.             O'Brien, Maggie W.                23-Nov-04 J424
Miller, William W.             Bates, Grace R.                11 Oct 1892  E629
Miller, Zadie                  Flinn, John M.                 20 Oct 1897  G386
Miller, Zella E.               Fearey, Herbert C.                26-Sep-04 J338
Millhaubt, Clarence J.         Munson, Helen A.                   4-May-21 Y618
Millhaubt, Fannie J.           Bollinger, Herman J.              28-Jul-17 T539
Millhaubt, Leo Elizabeth       Detweiler, Willard S.             11-Jun-19 W193
Millhaubt, Marie Julien        Lindsay, Junior Scott              9-Jun-20 X472
Millhaupt, John F.             Julien, Mary                   25 Oct 1888  D415
Millholen, William             Styes, F.E.                       11-Feb-09 M138
Millhorn, Leroy                Cunningham, Luella Mae            20-Sep-14 R151
Millhorn, Merle                Laughlin, Beulah                  29-May-21 Y667
Millie, Fonce Jane             Goodman, Alonzo                   30-Dec-21 Z519
Milligan, Clara G.             Rinehart, W.E.                              S576
Milligan, Emma                 Harkness, Frank R.                24-Dec-10 N517
Milligan, Nettie               Millis, Clemens J.                28-Apr-06 K258
Milligan, Sarah E.(Mrs)        Salisbury, Isaac               05 May 1892  E542
Milligan, Violet M.            Campbell, N.H.                              S500
Millikan, Paul                 VanY, Bernice                     21-Jan-20 X138
Milliken, Albert L.            Phillips, Fern                     1-Sep-08 L544
Milliken, W.E.                 Little, Florence                  17-Jun-20 X502
Millirons, Grace               Rothrock, John                              S538
Millis, Arhtur                 Horney, Flora                  12 Jun 1888  D319
Millis, Clemens J.             Milligan, Nettie                  28-Apr-06 K258
Millis, Flora (Mrs.)           Abrams, Harry                  16 Sep 1899  H158
Millis, Goldie Petrie          Jourdau, J.W.                     19-Jan-15 R334
Millis, Iva P.                 Miller, Daniel                    22-Sep-03 J027
Millis, J.D.                   Petrie, Irene                  26 Feb 1887  C597
Millison, Flora                Pierce, William E.             12 May 1897  G298
Millison, Mabel Clare          Arnett, Eugene                    25-Dec-02 I436
Millison, Marion               Wentworth, Richard B.          16 Apr 1895  F524
Millison, Wilbert              Spurrier, Minnie               01 Nov 1893  F244
Millison, Wilbert B.           Clapp, Carolyn Hutchinson          7-May-21 Y619
Millne, Charles                Swayne, Jennie                 26 Oct 1886  C522
Millner, James Massie          Ezell, Nannie Lew                 21-Oct-08 L623
Milloway, W.J.                 Blount, Rhea                      12-Nov-12 P510
Mills, A.M.                    Holland, B.A.                     23-Dec-09 M582
Mills, Angie                   Andrews, Oscar Lewis              21-Sep-14 R155
Mills, Bessie M.               Popp, John                         3-Apr-06 K236
Mills, Charles J.              Ash, Theola M.                 26 Dec 1894  F468
Mills, Charles Walter          Graber, Florence Adella           30-Sep-19 W485
Mills, Daisey                  Robertson, Roy                    17-May-13 Q146
Mills, Dora                    Robinson, Fred                    10-Jun-07 L010
Mills, Ella                    Cunningham, J.L.                  25-Feb-22 Z627
Mills, Ella (Mrs.)             Burk, Ralph L.                     7-Jun-12 P280
Mills, Etta M.                 Patnand, George                   31-Aug-12 P393
Mills, Florence                Gallup, E.P.                       2-Oct-05 K055
Mills, Florence                Pratt, Harold G.                   5-Oct-21 Z327
Mills, Florence                Wells, V.D.                        2-Dec-21 Z461
Mills, Frederick               Brown, Alberta L.                 12-Sep-06 K373
Mills, Glenn H.                Canady, Ruby May                   5-Feb-20 X171
Mills, Grossie                 Dean, Mary Anna                   24-Oct-18 V454
Mills, Jane                    Christie, James                   29-Jun-03 I594
Mills, Jesse Harrison          Lowrie, Minnie                     4-Nov-07 L190
Mills, Jessie C.               Bradford, William B.               6-Jul-18 V264
Mills, L.R.                    Lamping, Lizzie                13 Jul 1884  C101
Mills, Lizzie                  Robinson, John                 13 Oct 1896  G167
Mills, Louise                  Zutz, J.O.                        28-Feb-03 I495
Mills, Mabel B.                Taylor, J.D.                       9-Apr-21 Y572
Mills, Margaret Mary           Marshall, Louis Pearl             24-Mar-22 Z670
Mills, Mary A.                 Meldrum, Henry                 16 Nov 1886  C531
Mills, Mary F.                 Ohnemiller, Ebert(burt)            1-Mar-05 J505
Mills, Myrtle Pearl            Merrill, G. Moss                  25-Nov-20 Y297
Mills, Nellie Bell             Noble, Edward Tyler               13-May-08 L401
Mills, Nellie L.               Brunscher, W.H.                   25-Jul-06 K336
Mills, Rosa                    Stevenson, James                            R406
Mills, Rosie                   Thompson, Clifford                16-Apr-19 W076
Mills, Roy                     Karr, Jennie E.                   30-Aug-19 W394
Mills, Susie                   Wells, Gaylord C.                           S401
Mills, T.W.                    Moore, Lottie B.                  10-Feb-10 N012
Mills, William Clyde           Vansdoll, Olive                   14-Feb-12 P104
Mills, William W.              Tatman, Birdie Iona            04 Sep 1895  F587
Mills, Willis Wayne            Wood, Hazel Marie                 26-Nov-13 Q441
Millsap, Cloey A.              Williams, Samuel H.            23 Jan 1881  B130
Millsap, Emma M.               Barlow, William E.             04 Apr 1881  B150
Millsap, Mattie                Schiller, John                 21 Nov 1887  D163
Millsaps, Kisiah I.            Grimes, George                 22 Oct 1887  D141
Millstead, James O.            McPeak, Sadie B.                  17-Aug-10 N278
Milne, D.J.                    Childe, Ada B.                    24-Nov-03 J086
Milo, Jery                     Perymon, Lula                     23-Aug-21 Z231
Milroy, Agnes                  O'Brien, John                  08 Apr 1891  E321
Milson, Clara L.               Watts, James M.                             S497
Miltner, Annie L.              Findeiss, Henry C.             30 Jun 1887  D046
Miltner, Carl Edwin            Thoman, Sara Mae                  25-Dec-11 P023
Miltner, Charles E.            Zuercher, Emma Lydia              24-Mar-15 R397
Miltner, Henry F.              Juchter, Annie M.              27 Oct 1889  E004
Miltner, Henry F.              Yuchter, Annie M.              27 Oct 1889  E004
Milton, Ellen                  Briggs, Walter L.                  2-Oct-13 Q354
Milton, Grant                  Young, Ruth                       25-Mar-19 W036
Milton, Nora B.                Sager, Arthur L.                  10-Jun-08 L434
Milton, Robert                 Burton, Harriett Jane              6-Jan-20 X113
Minard, Amanda                 Ringland, Elmer                    9-Sep-14 R138
Minard, Clara                  Anderson, Edward O.                3-Mar-10 N039
Minard, David                  Falk, Rosa                     18 Sep 1887  D106
Minard, Edward                 Taylor, Dee                        1-Jun-01 H603
Minard, Ira William            Yazel, Bertha Orene               31-Oct-06 K425
Minard, Kate                   Dearing, Thomas                   24-Dec-17 U402
Minard, Pearl                  White, Farris                     26-Mar-08 L348
Mindlin, Frank                 Shryock, Pauline                  12-Jan-21 Y406
Mineer, Inez                   Carter, Jasper                     9-Nov-09 M520
Miner, Anna R.                 Estill, David R.               09 Dec 1875  A180
Miner, Carma                   Pepper, Oscar                     11-Nov-20 Y258
Miner, Herbert                 Linke, Mildred                     3-Aug-17 T551
Miner, Ira W.                  Hite, Bessie Birdelli             29-May-20 X435
Miner, J.W.                    Knight, Bertha                              Y554
Miner, John Henry              Parrish, Edna                     25-Aug-20 Y056
Miner, Lee H.                  Reed, Nora                        31-Aug-07 L098
Miner, Lucien W.               McVicar, Adelaide M.           04 Dec 1889  E032
Miner, Pearley                 Reed, Joseph                   29 Nov 1884  C171
Miner, Ruth Marie              Westermayer, George J.            15-Dec-20 Y337
Miner, S. Elizabeth            Tabb, Lyle D.                      1-Jun-10 N166
Miners, Mattie M.              Mendenhall, Homer                  1-Jan-04 J132
Ming, William                  Dillett, Ellen                 17 May 1887  D011
Mingel, Forest                 Hoath, Mary Ellen                 18-May-08 L403
Mingenback, E.C.               Jonston, Mary Justin                        S270
Minger, Nancy                  Lingenfelter, Peter            18 Jan 1887  C575
Minger, Solomen                Bannon, Nancy                  09 Mar 1880  B050
Minges, H.V.                   Jennings, Helen                   18-Nov-20 Y279
Minges, Valentine              Braun, Sofia                   25 Aug 1889  D590
Mingle, H.C.                   Pierce, Maggie                              S104
Minich, Roy William            Bull, Alpha                        5-Apr-07 K594
Minick, Alvin                  Huffman, Margaret              13 May 1876  A202
Minick, Charles                Whitelaw, Blanche                 29-Oct-04 J399
Minick, Fannie                 Bishop, John M.                    9-Jun-09 M286
Minick, L.W.                   Whitehead, L.A.                21 Apr 1895  F526
Minick, William W.             Croskey, Ann                   03 Oct 1894  F410
Minifield, Raymond             Douglas, Helen Lucile             15-Jul-21 Z131
Minion, Carmen                 Beltran, Alfonso                  17-Sep-21 Z283
Minion, Emma                   Paul, J.W.                         4-Jan-05 J464
Minnach, Maud                  Allred, E.A.                   05 Sep 1895  F587
Minnehan, George Francis       Hadler, Ruth Vernita              22-Sep-20 Y106
Minnell, George D.             Giddeon, Mable(bel)            07 Nov 1896  G184
Minnell, Mabel                 Masters, Herbert                  17-Jan-08 L282
Minnich, A.L.                  Courtney, Lillie               10 Mar 1884  C064
Minnich, Ada E.                Dewing, J.V.                      12-Dec-04 J438
Minnich, Bert                  Penny, Nellie                  30 Aug 1891  E377
Minnich, Charles W.            Myers, Clara A.                16 Mar 1892  E517
Minnich, Emma E.               Stanley, Charles R.            28 May 1893  F236
Minnich, Mary                  Love, Otis                        28-Nov-11 O435
Minnich, Roy                   Medley, Nellie                              T299
Minnich, Ruth                  Kline, Gerald                               T270
Minnick, Aileen                Howard, J. Denton                           S558
Minnick, Ira                   Bull, Mabel Irene              06 Oct 1897  G377
Minnick, J.F.                  Mounts, Nellie L.              19 Feb 1895  F496
Minnick, J.P.                  Dicks, Martha E.               23 May 1888  D305
Minnick, Jessie B.             Matthews, C.A.                 19 Oct 1897  G384
Minnick, Mae                   Grosshouse, Frank                 26-Nov-19 W634
Minnick, W.A.                  Rich, Anna J.                      3-Dec-07 L223
Minnis, Charles                Means, Emma Virginia              10-Apr-18 V084
Minnis, Thomas Wesley          Coffey, Rosalie                05 Nov 1888  D423
Minor, Edna                    Temple, Roy E.                     1-Jul-11 O234
Minor, Ethel                   Smart, Harry M.                   27-Oct-14 R211
Minor, Gale C.                 Harrison, Gladys V.               20-Jul-21 Z144
Minor, Ida                     Patterson, William             30 Aug 1883  B403
Minor, Pauline                 Wright, Ivan                       9-Aug-19 W343
Minor, Viola J.                Dull, Sydney S.                    9-Feb-21 Y465
Mins, Helen                    Conner, George                    30-Oct-11 O390
Minson, Alice                  Smith, Charles W.              03 Nov 1880  B107
Minson, Delbert O.             Lowery, Bessie                     6-Nov-01 I091
Minson, Ethel Doris            Welch, Martin K.                  28-Jan-22 Z577
Minson, G.W.                   Humbolt, Mary L.               23 Sep 1896  G144
Minson, Harold F.              Gorham, Sadie Marie               18-Jun-21 Z063
Minson, Marie A.               Lowry, Clark                      28-Jun-05 J614
Minson, Nettie                 Hamilton, L.W.                 24 May 1887  D011
Minter, Deborah                Simpson, Orlo                      7-Apr-19 W059
Minter, Nellie Lee             Miller, Earl B.                    7-Oct-12 P444
Minter, W.E.                   Krebs, Phillipine C.           06 May 1886  C437
Minton, B.V.                   Montgomery, Ella               17 May 1884  C082
Minton, Rebecca                Robertson, Charles C.          01 Apr 1873  A067
Minton, William H.H.           Griffie, Canzadee                 10-Feb-10 N014
Mireles, Ma Luisa              Carrera, Procopio                  4-Sep-18 V372
Misener, Harry C.              Pike, Lottie                   18 Sep 1892  E612
Misener, Nettie                Hardesty, Charles M.           29 May 1892  E556
Misenhelter, Lillian           Hurley, R.H.                                R571
Miser, Mabel                   Corfman, Noah C.                  12-Jun-09 M293
Mishler, Mary                  Smith, Harry                                S094
Misker, Alice                  Coleman, Moses                              D497
Misner, Cecil E.               Thoman, Estella F.                18-Jan-11 N558
Missildine, J.H.               Bryant, May A.                     1-Jan-02 I147
Missimore, W.L.                Miller, Maud                      27-Sep-11 O342
Mitcham, J.                    Faulkner, Lillie                  10-Oct-06 K404
Mitcham, John                  Moore, Martha                               S138
Mitchel, Ollie                 Heckard, Harvey L.                19-May-08 L405
Mitchel, Walter Earl           Stout, Mary Elizabeth             14-Oct-21 Z348
Mitchell, A.S.                 Hammond, Madge                     1-Jan-11 N535
Mitchell, Ada L.               Hartman, William P.               28-Nov-17 U280
Mitchell, Agnes Rebecca        Smith, Olof                       13-Nov-12 P495
Mitchell, Albert               Sweney, Mildred                   16-Oct-18 V448
Mitchell, Alfred               Puckett, Anna                               S413
Mitchell, Alice                Morgan, Charles                   10-Aug-21 Z199
Mitchell, Anna                 Maerz, John                       30-Mar-12 P170
Mitchell, Benjamin F.          Brunker, Annie                 27 Apr 1892  E538
Mitchell, Bert                 White, Minnie                     22-May-14 R002
Mitchell, Beryle               Little, W.T.                      16-Oct-12 P467
Mitchell, Bessie M.            Waples, Fred R.                   13-Sep-10 N324
Mitchell, C.E.                 Ash, Pearl                         6-Sep-21 Z260
Mitchell, C.E.                 Peters, Henrietta                 11-Oct-19 W516
Mitchell, Charles E.           Jones, Nora                    21 Feb 1897  G258
Mitchell, Charles E.           Watson, Lena L.                22 Feb 1893  F081
Mitchell, Chester              Wheeler, Laura E.                 10-Jan-13 P628
Mitchell, Clay                 Cherry, Isabel                    27-Feb-12 P125
Mitchell, Clay                 Humphrey, Emma (Mrs.)             16-May-00 H320
Mitchell, Dela H.              Conner, Paul T.                   16-Jun-13 Q203
Mitchell, E.C.                 Carmon, V.E.                      28-May-01 H599
Mitchell, Earl                 Drake, Jean Harriett              25-Jul-21 Z154
Mitchell, Elijah T.            Reynolds, Adaline M.              30-Dec-05 K165
Mitchell, Elizabeth            Scheier, Adolph Joseph             1-Sep-08 L534
Mitchell, Elizabeth            Taylor, Walter Edward             24-Sep-18 V409
Mitchell, Emma                 Joy, Ross L.                       4-Jan-00 H249
Mitchell, Erma                 Miller, M.J.                       6-Sep-21 Z260
Mitchell, Eunice Pearl         Cherry, Giles Harris              28-Feb-21 Y499
Mitchell, F.M.                 Manning, Julia A.              01 Oct 1882  B301
Mitchell, F.S.                 Carr, Josephine A.             25 Aug 1879  A443
Mitchell, Fern                 Davison, Donald E.                17-Jan-21 Y416
Mitchell, Florence             DeVore, G.A.                                T242
Mitchell, Frances              Foster, Milton D.              30 Dec 1894  F469
Mitchell, Frank                Shipman, Pearl                 24 Sep 1893  F208
Mitchell, Fred                 Beard, Etta                                 D243
Mitchell, Fred                 Beard, Etta                    11 Mar 1888  D245
Mitchell, G.W.                 Broadfoot, Maggie              24 Dec 1898  H002
Mitchell, G.W.                 Weaver, Elsie                     25-Oct-19 W545
Mitchell, George               Brown, Kate                    08 May 1890  E138
Mitchell, George               Vorhies, Bertie                    5-Jun-17 T421
Mitchell, George M.            Smith, Ophelia                 05 Nov 1896  G182
Mitchell, George P.            Turner, Nobie Lee                  7-Mar-15 R378
Mitchell, Harry E.             Mackay, Elizabeth Zella           17-Jun-08 L442
Mitchell, Hattie               Wilkerson, Marion M.           03 Sep 1891  E380
Mitchell, Herman               Sutton, Lottie                    31-Mar-20 X293
Mitchell, Ida C.               Westerman, William Henry          11-Mar-08 L337
Mitchell, Ina                  Weinsheimer, Carl                 19-Jan-19 V573
Mitchell, Irene A.             Bestgen, Joseph A.                 1-Oct-12 P422
Mitchell, J.W.                 Blanchard, M.E.                   11-Jul-02 I296
Mitchell, James                Siebenlist, Nettie (Mrs)           3-Oct-13 Q353
Mitchell, James A.             Williams, Mattie               06 Aug 1890  E180
Mitchell, Jim                  Roush, Mary                       30-Oct-20 Y236
Mitchell, John                 Ledgerwood, Stella                16-Mar-11 O053
Mitchell, John                 Pryor, Gertie                  03 Sep 1895  F585
Mitchell, John M.              Lancaster, Ruby D.                12-Apr-20 X322
Mitchell, Judd                 Clinesmith, Daisy                           R455
Mitchell, Leroy                Jacobs, Effie                      2-Oct-19 W490
Mitchell, Lewis                Smith, Violet                     18-Sep-21 Z286
Mitchell, Lewis G.             Cluff, Lena A.                    23-Feb-01 H528
Mitchell, Lloyd D.             Axtell, Coy A.                              S639
Mitchell, Luck                 McDougle, Lizie                05 May 1898  G503
Mitchell, M.                   Huffman, George V.                26-Sep-21 Z310
Mitchell, M.F.                 Wilkie, G.N.                   02 Feb 1896  G042
Mitchell, Mabel                Cantwell, Roy L.                  20-Aug-10 N285
Mitchell, Mabel(ble) F.        Hart, Erle P.                     29-May-11 O165
Mitchell, Mae L.               Gibbs, Arthur L.                   3-Sep-19 W407
Mitchell, Martha               Burns, H.H.                    22 Jun 1898  G483
Mitchell, Martin F.            Poland, Elizabeth                  1-Sep-08 L534
Mitchell, Mary                 Mitchell, T.F.                 10 Jun 1886  C451
Mitchell, Mary C.              Batchelor, Lloyd R.                         S265
Mitchell, Mary E.              Pratt, H.L.                    14 Jul 1884  C103
Mitchell, Mayme                Scheier, Lewis                    17-Sep-07 L119
Mitchell, Meek                 Hughes, Della H.                  13-Jan-09 M100
Mitchell, Minnie               Sidles, R.O.                   14 Sep 1886  C496
Mitchell, Myrtle               Anderson, Edward                   6-Dec-21 Y400
Mitchell, Nellie(le) E.        High, O. Glenn                     7-Nov-06 K434
Mitchell, Nettie               Wright, James V.               11 Mar 1880  B048
Mitchell, Nora A.              Carr, Lewis E.                 11 Nov 1897  G391
Mitchell, Olive O.             Weeks, Samuel D.               11 May 1898  G504
Mitchell, Orville C.           Wick, Blanche Hazel Belle          5-Mar-19 W009
Mitchell, Pearl                Cox, Otis                         16-Jul-14 R065
Mitchell, Ralph                Watson, Edith                     16-Mar-22 Z658
Mitchell, Ralph Neal           Kiefer, Teresa Gertrude           24-Jun-19 W236
Mitchell, Reuben A.            Hammers, Jessie F.             14 Apr 1885  C241
Mitchell, Roland J.            Crabb, Cora                    25 May 1883  B373
Mitchell, Roxy C.              Melcum, Hattie H.                 26-Jan-05 J483
Mitchell, S.R.                 Nutter, Scynthia               22 Apr 1878  A328
Mitchell, Samuel R.            Schmidt, Clara V.                 24-May-19 W159
Mitchell, Stella M.            Tomberlin, Virgil F.              21-Jul-08 L487
Mitchell, T.F.                 Mitchell, Mary                 10 Jun 1886  C451
Mitchell, U.W.                 Shippy, Imogene                   22-Sep-03 J026
Mitchell, Vera Maud            Potts, Fred Leon                  28-Oct-14 R213
Mitchell, Victoria             Boydstun, Earl G.                  8-Nov-19 W587
Mitchell, Violet               Houghton, L.H.                    17-Aug-21 Z216
Mitchell, Virginia Daisy       Walton, Claude                     2-Jun-01 H603
Mitchell, W.D.                 Wade, Sarah Ella               14 Oct 1896  G168
Mitchell, W.E.                 Haslam, Maybelle                            S460
Mitchell, W.M.                 Trout, Cora                       16-Jun-17 T450
Mitchell, Will                 Whaley, Percie                     7-May-13 Q137
Mitchell, William              Hinckley, Laura                   16-May-14 Q633
Mitchell, William Jesse        Prene, Ida May                     7-Jul-08 L475
Mitchell, Witten M.            McKay, Margaret                    9-Feb-19 V599
Mitchell, Zella                Miller, Nathan Paul                6-Oct-17 U046
Mitts, Ida M.                  Mounsey, Robert                17 Nov 1896  G190
Mitts, Mabel                   Bulkley, Louis                    25-Dec-01 I136
Mitts, Nellie H.               Black, Harry T.                   28-Sep-05 K051
Mitts, Pearl G.                Struble, W.C.                      3-Jun-03 I569
Mitts, William M.              Hays, Pearl Gertrude           16 Oct 1892  E635
Mix, Horace                    Spaulding, Clara                   3-Jun-06 K281
Mixon, Anna                    Horton, G.A.                      15-Dec-00 H477
Mixon, B.C.                    Mead, Mamie                        1-Mar-05 J508
Mixon, B.C.                    Shore, Elsie                   03 Nov 1899  H202
Mixon, Estella May             Clark, John C.                     2-Nov-09 M510
Mixon, R.G.                    Kirkpatrick, Rosa              13 Aug 1897  G334
Mixon, William E.              Green, Fannie                  24 Dec 1889  E050
Mize, Alfred C.                Hume, Grace                       29-Sep-19 W479
Mizon, Hattie                  Streeter, Ira R.               24 May 1873  A072
Moant, Ida                     Bradshaw, William M.           13 Sep 1892  E610
Moberley, Anna                 Stevens, William J.                8-Jan-12 P056
Moberly, Edith M.              McKinney, B. Virgil                9-Jul-13 Q223
Moberly, Jennie (Mrs.)         Nichols, W.E.                     15-Jul-12 P335
Moberly, Kate                  Powell, Frank                     19-Feb-10 N025
Moberly, Mary                  Eckes, F.B.                                 R617
Mobley, May                    Oliver, Oscar                  21 Oct 1884  C150
Mocabee, Mabel                 Wilson, George                     9-Jan-05 J468
Mock, Emma                     Holman, Leland                 26 Aug 1880  B085
Mock, Florence D.              Edgar, George W.                  12-Jun-07 L016
Mock, Fred. L.                 Wilson, Kate                      19-Nov-04 J420
Mock, Sarah Jane               Goodacre, James                13 Apr 1876  A197
Mockley, Caroline V.           Valentine, Mervel M.              11-May-01 H587
Mockmore, W.M.                 Huffington, Ruth E.               23-Dec-12 P579
Moder, Frank                   McDonald, Rosa                    24-Feb-13 Q040
Modlin, Arthur J.              Bradshaw, Lenney M.                1-May-07 K620
Modlin, Emma Mamey             Evans, Evan(ns) Mack               8-Jan-12 P057
Modrell, J.H.                  Smith, Julia A.                   14-May-05 J569
Moehn, Ferroll G.              Flagg, C.P.                       18-Nov-14 R241
Moeller, Mary                  Oehler, William A.             16 Nov 1887  D156
Moffat, Howard W.              Kelso, May E.                     21-Oct-05 K087
Moffat, Howard W.              Luling, Marie Henrietta        10 Jun 1899  H104
Moffat, Laura                  Ricerd, James                               R437
Moffat, Marie Luling           Collins, William S.               24-Aug-18 V346
Moffat, Mildred                Barnhart, S.R.                    29-Aug-00 H384
Moffat, Mildred                McComb, H.A.                       7-Feb-05 J494
Moffett, Alice Rebecca         Bowman, N.P.                       1-May-18 V119
Moffett, Joseph O. Jr.         Mathiot, Myrtle                    4-May-21 Y622
Moffitt, George H.             Bryant, Gertrude M.            19 Mar 1891  E312
Moffitt, Glenn                 Grimes, Sadie(aidie)               7-Mar-12 P137
Moffitt, J.A.                  Gibbs, Theresa                    21-Jun-21 Z069
Moffitt, Martha                Lambert, G.P.                     29-Jun-10 N215
Moffitt, Morris R.             Sharp, Elsie Bland                25-Jul-07 L061
Mogan, Cecil B.                Smith, Bertha L.                  27-Nov-21 Z455
Mogan, Estella                 Rotterman, F.W.                   12-Feb-07 K545
Mogle, Ethel L.                Guy, Raymond M.                   19-Jul-11 O255
Mogle, Homer B.                Elliott, Elsie E.                  6-Jul-20 X563
Mohler, Minnie Pearl           Hirsch, Sam                        1-Aug-21 Z175
Mohler, R.G.                   Miller, Jennie Elsie                        S489
Mohr, Christian                Schlender, Mamie H.                3-Jan-00 H238
Mohr, Evangeline               McBee, Charles                 07 Nov 1897  G400
Mohr, Fred I.                  Maxted, Florence                   3-Nov-09 M511
Mohr, George W.                Burman, Jessie J.                 28-Nov-12 P534
Mohr, H.A.                     McNulty, Anna                     19-Dec-08 M053
Mohr, Helena                   Lammel, Simon                  23 Jan 1896  G038
Mohr, Katie                    Pond, James W.                 04 Mar 1888  D239
Mohr, Michael                  Betzen, Mary                   24 Nov 1896  G187
Mohr, Mollie A.                Kline, Charles G.              30 Apr 1882  B269
Mohr, Rufus E.                 Biegert, Emma                     10-Nov-19 W593
Mohr, Simon                    Austin, Blanche E.                16-Mar-04 J187
Mohrhoff, Charles              Hoener, Carrie                    27-Jan-08 L289
Mojica, Narcisa                Ferronez, Nicolas                           S316
Mokas, P.T.                    Martin, Nettie                     6-Dec-11 P007
Molan, M.E.                    Spencer, F.M.                               S295
Mold, Caroline M.              Gors, Gustave                  08 Jan 1891  E283
Moldenhauer, Hulda L.          Spark, C.G.                       12-Jun-00 H335
Moldenhauer, Julius            Hall, Julia                                 T221
Molder, Jake                   Coble, Mabel                                S105
Molena, Sarah                  Reys, Frank                       24-Jun-11 O215
Moler, Charles                 Miller, Louise                    11-Jul-06 K323
Moler, Charles A.              Miller, Hattie                    30-Sep-19 W483
Moler, Gilbert                 Daniels, Eva Eleanor                        T224
Molett, E.V.                   Wood, Lyda Evans                            S566
Mollet, Jacob                  Wilhite, Eva F.                18 Mar 1888  D249
Mollicant, Ethyl               Hector, Louis                      1-May-07 K621
Mollman, Harry                 Graves, Minnie E.                 20-Jul-18 V286
Mollman, Minnie                Crites, C.H.                       5-Feb-21 Y460
Molz, Katherine                Brink, Paul W.                    12-Jun-17 T440
Monahan, Kathryn               Ozanne, Henry                     20-Jun-00 H345
Monasmith, Clarence            Slote, Ruby                       18-Mar-08 L343
Monasmith, Eva                 Hereford, T.L.                 05 Dec 1899  H221
Monasmith, Frank               Fisher, Ethel                  06 Sep 1897  G351
Monasmith, Myrtle              Kenyon, C.E.                   03 Jul 1899  H119
Monckton, John                 Clary, Agnes                                S195
Monckton, Margaret             Pritchard, George                 22-Aug-11 O291
Monckton, Mary A.              Brookings, Arthur J.              25-Oct-05 K087
Monckton, Nellie Catherine     Kennedy, John Joseph              14-Oct-14 R189
Monckton, Thomas W.            McCoy, Mary                       27-Jan-15 R340
Moncrieff, Hazel               Lay, Charlie                      28-May-18 V168
Moncrovie, Henry               Bellmand, Mayme                    6-Jul-12 P327
Monday, Frank                  Nichols, Velmeh                26 Dec 1886  C564
Money, Azzle M.                High, Parie(arrie)             30 Jun 1892  E573
Money, Barbara J.              Lyon, Peter W.                 30 May 1893  F143
Money, J.W.                    Rambow, Lucile                    13-Jan-13 P629
Money, Jennie                  Gary, G.                       12 Mar 1887  C600
Money, Leota                   Myer, Fred                        27-Mar-07 K585
Money, Lucy                    Morse, Fred L.                 19 Jan 1897  G239
Money, Mary L.                 Barney, George L.                  5-Feb-02 I173
Money, Nina                    Jones, Harry H.                   19-Feb-21 Y483
Money, Rachel                  Leggett, Fred                     23-May-07 K636
Moneyham, William              Spade, Elizabeth                   4-Oct-06 K378
Moneyhan, W.J.                 Dickerson, Mabel                   8-Feb-18 U539
Monger, Frances                Chase, Solomon P.              01 Nov 1885  C329
Mongle, Maggie                 Avery, George N.               11 Jun 1879  A429
Mongrain, C.E.                 Plomondon, Lily                   23-Oct-12 P476
Mongraine, Rose                Clark, Henry DeMorse              11-Nov-14 R230
Monical, Dempsy                McGrew, Clara                      6-Oct-06 K401
Monie, Williamine              Weaver, John                      25-Jan-08 L287
Monk, Henry                    Hough, Luella                     28-Sep-07 L143
Monketha, Nevor                Evara, Manulia                    24-Nov-18 V495
Monroe, Ada M.                 Crowley, Russell L.               15-Jul-09 M346
Monroe, Charles Ervin          Scroggy, Mable Cheney             26-Nov-08 M029
Monroe, Earl M.                Bamber, Mary F.                   21-Jul-19 W307
Monroe, Elsie                  Brooks, Jett                                S575
Monroe, Ida                    Brooks, Arthur                    25-Nov-14 R257
Monroe, James                  Cannedy, Hattie                29 Sep 1888  D398
Monroe, Kathryn Alice          Sheldon, Roy E.                    2-Jul-19 W265
Monroe, Leo Wallace            Calhoun, Mildred                  16-Aug-19 W362
Monroe, Luther                 Tuttle, Onelia                     8-Feb-10 N011
Monroe, Margaret               Stanley, Otho F.                   8-Nov-18 V474
Monroe, Margaret (Mrs.)        Gasman, Ernest H.                  5-May-10 N128
Monroe, Minnie                 Diller, Everett                   10-Jan-12 P060
Monroe, Robert S.              Bright, Mabel                     25-Feb-21 Y491
Monroe, Roy                    McDonell, Dora                    10-Apr-12 P191
Monroe, Susan                  Hatcher, Robert R.             08 Apr 1877  A263
Monroe, W.H.                   Ashley, Evelyn E.                  4-Sep-18 V373
Monson, William L.             Harrison, Edna May                 1-Apr-14 Q581
Montague, Caroline             Roley, Thomas A.               30 Apr 1879  A423
Montague, Thomas H.            Fletcher, Frances Belle           15-Mar-11 O050
Montanye, Vall                 Kennett, Mary                     25-Jun-08 L456
Montee, Francis E.             Quimby, Olive S.                  12-Mar-02 I197
Monteith, Charles              Fielder, Sarah                 09 Oct 1899  H177
Montgomery H.H.                Farmer, P.F.                       8-Sep-10 N317
Montgomery, Abbie              Glenn, S.E.                    25 Apr 1884  C073
Montgomery, Allene             Smith, Lewis E.                   17-Apr-13 Q115
Montgomery, Annabel            Bell, Perry M.                              S422
Montgomery, Cora               Mabry, L.B.                                 S431
Montgomery, Cora               White, John                    25 Dec 1886  C560
Montgomery, Delia              Emerick, J.H.                     26-Jan-18 U507
Montgomery, Doyle              Watt, Maude                       25-Dec-21 Z502
Montgomery, Elfie              Johnson, Frank K.                  5-Nov-12 P497
Montgomery, Ella               Minton, B.V.                   17 May 1884  C082
Montgomery, Elmer E.           Cochran, Pauline                  19-Jun-18 V234
Montgomery, Emma E.            Jones, William H.              16 May 1894  F351
Montgomery, Erma               Huey, C.S.                        27-Aug-21 Z238
Montgomery, F.B.               Pittinger, Flora E.               18-Feb-04 J167
Montgomery, Harmon Lee         Hedrick, Edna                      2-Dec-08 M032
Montgomery, Ida                Carney, James E.                   3-Apr-14 Q582
Montgomery, Ida B.             McComb, E.H.                       9-Jul-03 I601
Montgomery, Ijmes              Orr, Etta                         25-Jul-12 P348
Montgomery, James              Roome, Francis Louise                       S150
Montgomery, James Brown        Kemp, Naomi                       12-Jul-19 W278
Montgomery, Joseph C.          Earhart, Esther                   27-Feb-18 V007
Montgomery, Katie              Feast, George T.               17 Aug 1878  A353
Montgomery, Laura              Fletcher, Benjamin L.          02 Jun 1880  B071
Montgomery, Lydia K.           Sidlinger, William N.             29-May-06 K278
Montgomery, Maud M.            Page, Thomas P.                19 Jul 1899  H128
Montgomery, Mildred M.         Brown, F.R.                    01 Jul 1897  G320
Montgomery, Ora                Webb, Charles Edward              18-Jun-21 Z066
Montgomery, Percie             Hagar, R.D.                        6-May-12 P226
Montgomery, Peyton             Ralph, Mary M.                 28 Dec 1876  A243
Montgomery, Phil               Wilson, Vesta                     17-Oct-14 R199
Montgomery, Ralph              French, Mayme                     23-Aug-21 Z233
Montgomery, Ruth               Wilson, S. Boyd                   12-Sep-17 T623
Montgomery, S.E.               Thomas, J.F.                   06 Jul 1881  B169
Montgomery, Sarah J.           Dever, Samuel L.               20 Aug 1874  A128
Montgomery, Walter             Pennell, Elfie                     7-Sep-09 M411
Montgomery, William H.         Simpson, Carrie                   10-May-04 J229
Montgomery, Yarbo              Irvin, Ivor                                 S341
Montgomery, Zetta E.           Krieger, Arthur L.                17-Jul-05 J631
Montgomery,Katherine H.        Gerteis, Victor M.                 1-Jul-05 J619
Monticue, Audrey M.            Fowler, Edgar L.                   8-Feb-20 X184
Monticue, Jessie E.            Glascok, J.H.                     11-May-10 N134
Montigo, Francisco             Ortega, Maria                      6-Oct-10 N380
Montomery, R.S.                Phillips, Eunice                  22-Dec-14 R290
Montray, Esther                Learned, Theodore H.                        S351
Mooberry, Alex                 Stedman, Mildred                   6-May-22 Z750
Mooberry, Don                  McHarg, Bessie Martha              1-Aug-17 T549
Mooberry, Elija M.             Henshaw, Daisy M.              12 Apr 1899  H065
Mooberry, Mabel                McCoin, Lloyd                      8-Jun-21 Z027
Moody, Bynum B.                Fortner, Marie                    31-Oct-20 Y234
Moody, Charles H.              Carson, Coral Mae                 29-Jan-10 M636
Moody, Cynthia                 Jewett, Leonard                   26-Sep-14 R165
Moody, Grace Evelyn            Denman, Dick Homer                19-Jun-12 P291
Moody, Martin E.               Schooling, Hazel Tot               1-Dec-21 Z460
Moody, Pearl                   Shank, L.M.                       23-Jan-13 Q002
Moody, Peter                   Jackson, Jennie                08 Apr 1888  D265
Moomaw, Harry                  Carpenter, Lorena A.              23-Jan-06 K183
Moomey, Carrie                 Hollenbeak, H.O.                  11-Oct-21 Z342
Moomey, J.H.                   Steiver, Anna                               T132
Moon, A.E.                     Loyd, Mabel                                 R535
Moon, Alva C.                  Howard, Clara                     31-Dec-19 X099
Moon, Anna (Mrs.)              Atchison, George E.            02 Jul 1890  E165
Moon, Annie E.                 Cummings, Elmer E.             21 Nov 1893  F254
Moon, Carrie E.                Wardell, Thomas D.             09 Nov 1882  B319
Moon, Chester                  Houser, Nettie                    12-Oct-14 R184
Moon, Clara                    Geiger, L.B.                       3-Nov-17 U156
Moon, Daniel C.                Sloat, Emma O.                 30 Oct 1886  C523
Moon, Eliza A.                 Grove, Edwin S.                25 Dec 1891  E456
Moon, Frank H.                 Adams, Nell V.                 04 Jan 1885  C190
Moon, Fred                     Maby, Edith                       15-Apr-11 O102
Moon, Fred                     Mayby, Edith                      15-Apr-11 O102
Moon, Harlie Paul              McKown, Olive Faye                10-Feb-21 Y470
Moon, Hazel F.                 Schmidt, F.H.                               R555
Moon, Hettie                   Stafford, Thomas C.            05 Mar 1879  A406
Moon, Ida                      Richardson, Roy R.                 6-Apr-12 P184
Moon, Inez                     Cox, C.T.                         25-Dec-12 P579
Moon, J.W.                     Salisbury, S.M.                   28-Jul-04 J305
Moon, James A.                 Wilkinson, Elizabeth Louise        3-Mar-12 P101
Moon, Katie                    Asher, Charles E.                  4-Sep-13 Q303
Moon, L.F.                     Cantril, Anna E.               16 Oct 1878  A367
Moon, Lillian                  Dennis, Roy                    12 Jul 1899  H122
Moon, Maude Mae                Royse, John Floyd                 17-Mar-18 V042
Mooney, Alice Anita            Bondurant, Harvey A.              16-Nov-18 V485
Mooney, Carrie M.              Ibbotson, G. Albert               15-Dec-09 M560
Mooney, H.M.                   Blum, Ella                     21 Apr 1895  F527
Mooney, Hazel Francelia        Evans, Virgil Willis                        T216
Mooney, Jennie P.              Robinson, John C.              18 Jun 1891  E351
Mooney, Joseph                 Reeves, Carrie A. (Mrs)           22-Apr-10 H564
Mooney, Laura E.               Cowdrey, Clyde E.                           S563
Mooney, Lilly                  Hills, Ellery                     13-May-20 X400
Mooney, Margaret               McGuinness, James              21 Jan 1889  D480
Mooney, Myrtle V.              Bloir, Will                       26-Dec-08 M072
Mooney, Walter H.              Rauch, Esther T.                  15-Oct-02 I376
Moor, Martha                   Helms, Whitney                     7-Mar-01 H535
Moore,                         Austin,                                     C050
Moore,                         Dobbin,                                     B370
Moore, A.                      Harvey, Kattie                    15-Dec-06 K481
Moore, A. Lincolin             Gleason, Cora                  07 Feb 1884  C035
Moore, A.C.                    Collins, Annie                    29-Oct-00 H447
Moore, Abbie T.                Little, James R.                  12-Feb-19 V601
Moore, Ada                     Bentley, Milt                      7-May-10 N130
Moore, Addie                   Pollard, John W.                   7-Oct-03 J049
Moore, Albert                  Leibmann, Olive                   11-May-20 X396
Moore, Albert B.               Hogget, Ethel G.                  19-May-05 J574
Moore, Albert O.               Carson, Olive E.               03 Jul 1890  E166
Moore, Albert O.               Thomas, Ruth                      17-Jun-19 W221
Moore, Alcinda A.              Wilson, J.A.                   24 Mar 1895  F513
Moore, Allan                   Campbell, Elizabeth               28-Dec-11 P046
Moore, Allie                   Teter, E.F.                        9-Mar-15 R381
Moore, Alva R.                 Yeager, Maggie                    20-Apr-10 N100
Moore, Ann                     Shultz, John                                A198
Moore, Anna                    Franklin, Mark                    20-Feb-00 H277
Moore, Anna                    Rich, John Robert                  2-Feb-21 Y453
Moore, Anne                    Botts, Thomas                  07 Jul 1877  A275
Moore, Annie                   Weaver, John F.                21 Sep 1893  F206
Moore, Annie B.                Miller, Loren B.                  15-Mar-10 N056
Moore, Arthur                  Jordan, Aileen                     5-Oct-21 Z329
Moore, Arthur J.               Moore, Bessie R.                   1-Aug-12 P356
Moore, Arthur L.               Metz, Nellie M.                    7-Dec-04 J436
Moore, Benjamin F.             Cogdal, Laura                     19-Dec-01 I132
Moore, Bertha                  Schrader, P.A.                    14-Jun-13 Q196
Moore, Bessie Lee              Candler, Sam T.                   14-Oct-10 N390
Moore, Bessie R.               Moore, Arthur J.                   1-Aug-12 P356
Moore, Beulah                  Harris, Henry                      5-Jul-10 N226
Moore, C.H.                    Cox, Sylvia                       16-Jan-22 Z555
Moore, Carl                    Meikle, Leora                               T051
Moore, Charity A.              Copeland, Sturgis C.              14-May-13 Q142
Moore, Charles C.              Baumgardner, Luinia               11-Jan-15 R323
Moore, Charles J.              Griffith, Elizabeth W.            29-Oct-13 Q399
Moore, Charley                 Surties, America E.            10 Oct 1886  C511
Moore, Charline                Douglass, George                  23-Jan-21 Y428
Moore, Charlotte               Massey, Arthur R.                 30-Nov-20 Y309
Moore, Clara A.                Norman, Russell H.                25-Dec-19 X068
Moore, Clarence                Ellis, Leona                      18-Mar-13 Q064
Moore, Clark                                                               C238
Moore, Clark                   Hook, Julia                    29 Mar 1885  C233
Moore, Clark                   Laws, Rebecca (Mrs.)           04 Sep 1892  E606
Moore, Claud(de) B.            Gunn, Josephine I.                 5-Nov-07 L190
Moore, Claude                  Rowland, Gladys                   12-Dec-20 Y333
Moore, Claude H.               Searl, Mildred J.                 14-Sep-12 P415
Moore, Cora                    Kennar, Lewis                     26-Nov-09 M540
Moore, Cora                    Pomeroy, Fred                  08 Feb 1899  H039
Moore, Cora E.                 Logan, John J.                     3-Jul-20 X556
Moore, Corliss                 Quackenbush, Ralph W.                       S164
Moore, Dawson W.               Perry, Emma Jane               13 Dec 1881  B217
Moore, Della                   Diffenderfer, Thomas G.           26-Oct-14 R209
Moore, Della                   Murphey, Frank                 28 May 1889  D546
Moore, Della                   Owens, Joseph                  24 Feb 1891  E304
Moore, Della                   Parcels, James W.              30 Jan 1876  A190
Moore, Dollie                  Murphy, Emmet                     29-Nov-05 K123
Moore, Dorothy                 Mickey, Lewis                               T369
Moore, E.O.                    Rhoades, Blanche E.               25-Aug-14 R114
Moore, Edgar VanBuren          Johnson, Lena                      4-Apr-20 X302
Moore, Edith May               Shirley, Harry                    12-Mar-19 W019
Moore, Edna                    Griffith, Reuben                  24-Sep-19 W469
Moore, Edna                    Lewis, Warren                     10-Sep-11 O316
Moore, Edna                    Wildman, Charles L.               22-Oct-10 N406
Moore, Edward E.               Barton, M. Elizabeth              28-Sep-19 W473
Moore, Effie                   White, Aaron                      14-Sep-21 Z279
Moore, Effie J.                Fahey, P.J.                       30-Sep-01 I056
Moore, Elizabeth               Jackson, Russell                  13-Oct-20 Y185
Moore, Elizabeth               Sabin, Albert Eugene               4-Oct-13 Q357
Moore, Ella J.                 Saunders, George S.            26 Jun 1890  E161
Moore, Ella Mae                Thornton, Ray                               T141
Moore, Ella T.                 Hess, Clyde B.                     2-Aug-11 O267
Moore, Emily                   Stranahan, W.L.                24 Nov 1880  B111
Moore, Emma A.                 Reiff, Almer A.                18 Jul 1894  F381
Moore, Emma H.                 Butler, Arthur T.                  4-Nov-08 L631
Moore, Emma K.                 Clark, Allen B.                24 Dec 1889  E048
Moore, Emma S.                 Morgan, Harbard P.             19 Oct 1871  A016
Moore, Ernest P.               Williams, Mammie                  28-Nov-06 K462
Moore, Ethel Fern              Powell, Bertran A.                27-Jul-10 N258
Moore, Etta (Mrs.)             Darlington, Jack A.                3-Sep-12 P396
Moore, Etta Louvina            Bagsley, George Albert             4-Jul-21 Z111
Moore, Eugene L.               Davis, Melvina                    28-Nov-07 L220
Moore, Eulah                   Munkirs, Robert E.                12-Jan-20 X127
Moore, Eva                     Smelser, Ora John                 26-Aug-08 L535
Moore, F.C.                    Cadwallader, Susie C.              5-Sep-09 M403
Moore, F.M.                    Purvis, Gertrude                  20-Nov-17 U239
Moore, Fay                     Simpson, Lewis                    23-Apr-06 K251
Moore, Fay G.                  Woolworth, Frank M.                1-Dec-20 Y311
Moore, Flora                   Hollowell, Watson                 21-Jan-22 Z567
Moore, Florence                Allen, Thomas                      8-Oct-21 Z331
Moore, Florence                Phillips, J.H.                 18 Sep 1893  F202
Moore, Flossie                 Smoot, Earl C.                     1-Sep-10 N306
Moore, Frances                 Cooper, Elijah                     9-Sep-18 V385
Moore, Frank                   Austin, Myra                   07 Jul 1884  C113
Moore, Frank                   Cherry, Maggie                 25 Oct 1882  B314
Moore, Fred M.                 Lacy, Maude E.                     6-Jan-07 K511
Moore, Frederick               Haviland, Anna                    15-Aug-01 I017
Moore, Genevieve I.            Dort, Harry M.                              T011
Moore, George                  Postlethwit, Lillie V.         05 Oct 1887  D125
Moore, George W.               Armstrong, Dora                07 Oct 1889  D624
Moore, George W.               Fennell, Mary E. (Mrs.)           10-Sep-00 H396
Moore, George W.               Tatman, Cora E.                09 Apr 1892  E530
Moore, Georgia Anna            Stoughton, Archie T.              13-Jun-21 Z047
Moore, Gladys Mae              Kirk, A.E.                         7-Oct-09 M465
Moore, Glenn Forest            Crisup, Fannie                    27-Nov-12 P539
Moore, Golda D.                Stoll, Gottfried               16 Jan 1897  G237
Moore, Goldie D.               McNulty, Arthur Allen             20-Feb-09 M150
Moore, Grace                   Furgeson, Leonard                 26-Dec-11 P040
Moore, Grace                   Webb, William                     21-Apr-07 K610
Moore, Hannah                  Pierce, W.C.                      27-Nov-02 I412
Moore, Harold                  Schoap, Clara                     11-Jul-20 X569
Moore, Harry                   Bell, Mildred                     18-Oct-10 N396
Moore, Harry                   Young, Marion                      9-Mar-18 V028
Moore, Harry Russell           Dorsey, Mabel                      7-Oct-08 L595
Moore, Harvey                  Goble, Catherine                   6-Mar-19 W011
Moore, Hattie                  Artis, J.H.                    09 Jul 1883  B389
Moore, Havis                   Harrison, Myrtle                   5-Aug-12 P362
Moore, Hazel                   Gill, Carl C.                               S544
Moore, Hazel A.                Harmon, Dean Alan                  8-Dec-21 Z472
Moore, Hazel Henryetta         Winters, Ray S.                   19-Mar-21 Y534
Moore, Helen Irene             Larkin, John P.                    9-Nov-21 Z413
Moore, Henry                   Yeager, Lucy                      11-Nov-03 J077
Moore, Henry C.                Browns, Beulah A.                 11-Jul-12 P330
Moore, Henry H.                Lowe, Maude Pearl                 29-Jan-10 N004
Moore, Horace                  Murry, Cordelia                             O235
Moore, Ida M.                  Blair, V.C.                    03 May 1888  D288
Moore, Ida M.                  Strong, Clarence W.               10-Dec-03 J100
Moore, Ida Pearl               Lovci, Adolph                     22-Jun-09 M305
Moore, Ira                     Estes, Ada                        23-Jul-18 V289
Moore, Ira                     Helms, Marguerite                  8-Jan-20 X118
Moore, Ira J.                  Rutledge, Ida May                  1-Apr-19 W046
Moore, Ira J.                  White, Flora                   13 Aug 1894  F387
Moore, Isaac A.                Myers, Susan                      21-Oct-09 M491
Moore, Ivy                     Watkins, Bruce                              S124
Moore, J.A.                    Stone, Laura B.                   29-Jan-21 Y442
Moore, J.B.                    Clark, Hattie                  23 Oct 1897  G388
Moore, J.C.                    James, Maggie E.                            X110
Moore, J.E.                    Shufelberger, May                  2-Oct-07 L132
Moore, J.L.                    Jewell, Carrie Etta            13 Nov 1886  C528
Moore, J.P.                    Harnston, Lucy                    16-Oct-20 Y200
Moore, J.W.                    Lusk, Mary B.                      5-May-08 L392
Moore, J.W.                    Pitser, Nora                      20-Jan-14 Q510
Moore, James Carl              Bunker, Mabel H.                  12-Sep-20 Y096
Moore, James F.                Fogle, Marry A.                18 Oct 1874  A137
Moore, James M.                Martin, Frankie                30 Dec 1880  B125
Moore, James M.                McFarland, Belle               18 Sep 1886  C500
Moore, James P.                Pinkerton, Lola M.                23-Dec-18 V528
Moore, James R.                Ellis, Ruby A.                     4-Oct-05 K059
Moore, James W.                Butler, Oda L.                    18-Feb-06 K200
Moore, Jane                    Jones, Frank                   20 May 1876  A202
Moore, Jennette                Hall, N.J.                        20-Dec-02 I431
Moore, Jennie                  Moreland, Joseph H.            03 Apr 1895  F518
Moore, Jennie A.               Lane, William J.               28 Dec 1892  F044
Moore, Jennie E.               Webber, C.F.                      22-Sep-04 J354
Moore, Jerry                   Messmer, Nora                      4-Dec-12 P551
Moore, Jess                    Beagley, Mary                               R628
Moore, Jesse G.                Eades, Maud                    16 Oct 1897  G382
Moore, Jesse L.                Bryant, Olive                     26-Aug-17 T592
Moore, Jessie                  Cox, Clarence                     22-Jul-12 P343
Moore, Jessie                  Fondla, L.K.                   30 Oct 1897  G395
Moore, John A.                 Hunter, Nettie E.              15 Sep 1883  B409
Moore, John C.                 Roach, Hattie                  03 Apr 1890  E110
Moore, John E.                 Hoover, Florence B.                         D585
Moore, John E.                 Hoover, Florence B.            03 Aug 1889  D585
Moore, John Edward(ds)         Pardee, Mary                   01 Oct 1899  H172
Moore, John Henry              Reed, Mary Elizabeth              11-Mar-08 L334
Moore, John Mahlon             Stinsen, Eva Chewault          05 Jul 1893  F165
Moore, John W.                 Baxter, Alcinda                31 Oct 1886  C522
Moore, John W.                 McDonald, Ella                    28-Jun-06 K311
Moore, L.Q.                    Dean, Samantha                 27 Jan 1879  A393
Moore, Laura A.                Divird, J.T.                   24 Oct 1877  A292
Moore, Lauretta                Allman, Clarence                   1-May-18 V124
Moore, Lawrence H.             Curnutt, Helen                     4-Oct-19 W492
Moore, Leapha                  Blackburn, J.L.                    2-Jun-21 Z015
Moore, Lettie                  Hayes, Abe                        13-May-14 Q626
Moore, Lewis C.                Goodrick, Cora                    24-Dec-07 L252
Moore, Lida G.                 Hattan, Grover C.                 30-Sep-08 L582
Moore, Lillie V.               Daniels, Elzie                              S560
Moore, Lizzie                  Cable, Norman W.                   2-Jan-01 H499
Moore, Lloyd                   Houser, Ada                       31-Dec-21 Z521
Moore, Lonzo C.                Cecil, Maude M.                   14-Oct-08 L601
Moore, Lottie B.               Mills, T.W.                       10-Feb-10 N012
Moore, Louie                   Schildt, Stillman              26 Oct 1879  A458
Moore, Louise                  Grimes, L.C.                      26-Dec-17 U393
Moore, Lucy                    Johnson, Carl P.               07 Oct 1896  G163
Moore, Lula                    McBride, A.S.                               S608
Moore, Lulu                    Bever, Oscar                       6-Jan-12 P055
Moore, Lydia                   Wick, C.H.                         1-Mar-18 V014
Moore, Lydia                   Yager, W.M.                    28 Dec 1898  H008
Moore, Mabel                   Fisher, Adlai E.                   5-Jun-12 P251
Moore, Mabel                   Hawkins, Will H.                   8-Feb-12 P097
Moore, Mabel E.                Clark, Walter Vernon               1-Nov-19 W567
Moore, Mabelle                 McLean, A.R.                      20-Nov-13 Q426
Moore, Mamie                   Brown, Harry                      14-Nov-05 K107
Moore, Marcus A.               McGowen, Lou                   12 Jul 1880  B086
Moore, Margaret                Wrightsman, W.A.                  28-Nov-07 L216
Moore, Marie                   Leininger, Oscar                  12-Aug-17 T569
Moore, Marie F.                Jackman, Austin C.             05 Jun 1889  D553
Moore, Martha                  Hager, Arthur L.                   3-Oct-18 V427
Moore, Martha                  Mitcham, John                               S138
Moore, Martha E.               Rose, Herman W.                             S529
Moore, Martin R.               Edgerton, Mollie               04 Feb 1895  F487
Moore, Mary                    Alsup, C.H.                       30-Nov-04 J431
Moore, Mary                    Quane, William F.                  3-Jul-12 P325
Moore, Mary                    Schoap, H.R.                       4-Apr-20 X296
Moore, Mary F.                 Boyd, W.B.                     24 Feb 1889  D482
Moore, Mattie                  Dempsey, Charles W.            09 Nov 1884  C157
Moore, Mattie D.               Peckham, Albert M.                27-Jun-09 M319
Moore, Mattie E.               Adams, W.H.H.                  10 Aug 1899  H135
Moore, Mattie E.               Hanson, Frank                  25 Oct 1886  C521
Moore, Maud(de)                Dugan, Michael C.              20 Sep 1895  F596
Moore, May                     Reiner, Charles W.                 8-Apr-11 O088
Moore, Mayme                   Turner, H.E.                      16-Mar-21 Y530
Moore, Michael                 Betzen, Mary                   24 Nov 1896  G187
Moore, Millie S.               Hibarger, Carl R.              15 Feb 1887  C588
Moore, Milton K.               Allgaier, Hazel Elizabeth         15-Apr-22 Z709
Moore, Minerva                 Hazelton, J.H.                    22-Jan-03 I472
Moore, Minnie                  Bruner, Donald C.                 25-Sep-12 P430
Moore, Minnie                  Jatty, Morris                  02 Jun 1891  E346
Moore, Monnie                  Frazee, Edward                 23 Sep 1896  G152
Moore, Myrtle Pearl            Raymond, Ed. B.                   16-Nov-01 I103
Moore, N.W.                    Hill, Emma S.                  16 Feb 1898  G461
Moore, Naomi                   Titus, Harold                     23-Sep-21 Z300
Moore, Nellie H.               Johnson, Earl                      9-Mar-06 K221
Moore, Nettie Alice            Adams, Orlanda H.                 18-Oct-10 N394
Moore, Nona Marie              Offenstein, Ross Bryan                      T170
Moore, Nora                    Green, William                    24-Aug-14 R110
Moore, Nora M.                 Lawhead, LeRoy Leman              20-Apr-07 K613
Moore, O.E.                    Munson, Lulu                   01 Oct 1898  G578
Moore, Olive                   Carter, Ray                       28-Jan-14 Q518
Moore, Olive                   Chesnut, Ray E.                   15-May-18 V146
Moore, Oliver A.               Ross, Jennie E.                17 Feb 1884  C040
Moore, Ora                     Frazier, Corda                    22-Jun-11 O213
Moore, Ora Ula                 Davis, Samuel E.                   2-Sep-09 M404
Moore, Otis                    Jones, Ida                        28-Nov-00 H468
Moore, Otis L.                 Walworth, Leta F.                  3-Oct-08 L591
Moore, Ozina                   Grant, John S.                    28-Jul-21 Z164
Moore, Paul E.                 Harris, Mamie J.                   2-Jan-19 V552
Moore, Pearl A.                Ritchie, C.F.                     26-Oct-05 K092
Moore, Peter J.                Hutchins, Maggie                   4-Nov-08 L632
Moore, Phebe B.                Goddert, Dertrick J.              20-Jul-04 J299
Moore, Pierre A.               Criswell, Mary                     4-Feb-21 Y455
Moore, R.B.                    Lanham, Maggie                 10 Apr 1886  C425
Moore, R.R.                    Woody, Margaret                   20-Jun-00 H344
Moore, R.T.                    Baenisch, Orie B.                  5-Jun-00 H323
Moore, Ralph                   Livingston, Rosa B.            12 Jan 1880  B024
Moore, Ralph                   Whipple, Grace                     5-Oct-21 Z329
Moore, Ray                     Young, Florence                   25-Mar-12 P160
Moore, Reba                    Flansburg, Walter S.              12-Jun-09 M294
Moore, Reuben(Ruben) H.        Friece, Etta                   02 Oct 1890  E210
Moore, Robert E.               Snyder, Georgia V.                16-Jun-09 M298
Moore, Robert M.               Kuhlmann, Cora L.                 19-Oct-18 V451
Moore, Roderick                Windmiller, Mable Waldine          3-Feb-15 R349
Moore, Rosa                    Spencer, Cal                       2-Nov-03 J066
Moore, Roy                     Bliss, Flora                       3-Sep-19 W405
Moore, Ruby                    Ewing, Glenn G.                   14-May-18 V139
Moore, Ruby J.                 McGuin, Alvah S.                  25-Dec-12 P578
Moore, Russell                 Webb, Gertrude                    14-Feb-22 Z604
Moore, S.A.                    Anderson, Ida                     22-Jan-21 Y428
Moore, S.E.                    Emens, Jennie                  24 Feb 1897  G262
Moore, Sadie L.                Roberts, Treat L.              21 Jun 1892  E566
Moore, Sarah Milda             Smith, J.M.                       22-May-02 I251
Moore, Saymour E.              Brennan, Laura                    19-Jul-00 H362
Moore, Scott R.                Nelson, Inez                       3-Oct-14 R142
Moore, Sheldon H.              Shields, Hattie B.                11-Oct-05 K068
Moore, Stella                  Patterson, M.S.                    3-Nov-00 H450
Moore, Stella                  Reischman, Ralph                            S513
Moore, T.C.                    DeLoney, Mary Ella                19-Feb-20 X210
Moore, T.L.                    Brewer, Arnetta Gertrude       30 Jan 1897  G248
Moore, Theodore F.             Smith, Mattie B.               01 May 1895  F532
Moore, Thomas B.               Maxson, Grace                               S254
Moore, Tibbie                  Maxson, Harry                               S378
Moore, Tiney L.                Richards, Charles H.              21-Nov-02 I406
Moore, Vida                    Grisson, Morris                06 Feb 1882  B241
Moore, Virgil L.               Files, Mabel                       4-Sep-08 L552
Moore, W.C.                    Oldfather, Lena                28 Dec 1884  C184
Moore, W.H.                    Drumheller, Lula                   4-Oct-10 N374
Moore, W.H.                    Herman, Ada                        8-Aug-18 V311
Moore, W.H.                    Slager, Jane M.                07 Aug 1886  C480
Moore, W.P.                    Hollingsworth, Grace               7-Feb-14 Q523
Moore, Walter                  Donagan, Ethel                              T267
Moore, Walter Austin           Seaton, Ruth Elizabeth            19-Jun-17 T457
Moore, Walter E.               Fulk, Winnie                      14-Jan-18 U474
Moore, Walter H.               Frentz, Linda                     16-Mar-11 O053
Moore, Walter W.               Barrett, Katie                              S452
Moore, William                 Driver, Emma                      23-Oct-12 P477
Moore, William                 Mathews, Della                    28-May-05 J581
Moore, William                 Tracy, Margaret A.             17 Feb 1892  E499
Moore, William A.              Buxton, Cora B.                11 Mar 1886  C407
Moore, William T.              Collins, Nannie A.                 7-May-02 I239
Moore, William T.              Daily, Elizabeth                   1-Feb-09 M125
Moore, Winnie May              Kullman, Harry Clarence           20-Aug-11 O289
Moorehead, Dan                 Haas, Cora                         8-Dec-10 N489
Moorehead, Ella                Woodring, John Henry           25 Feb 1886  C395
Moorehead, William Harvey      Struthers, Anna Mary           27 Oct 1887  D140
Moorhead, George H.            Boyles, Maggie M.                           R446
Moorhead, Harry C.             Wilson, Berta M.                   3-Aug-07 L072
Moorhead, Mabel                Bradford, Ralph Arthur            27-Apr-18 V114
Moorhead, Ruth C.              Houpt, Donald M.                  22-Oct-17 U118
Moorhead, Wallace              Loisean, Anna M. (Mrs.)        19 Nov 1892  F019
Moorhouse, Alta                Irby, Samuel                      11-Aug-02 I323
Moorland, Nettie               Smith, Irwin                   29 Mar 1888  D257
Moorman, Frank P.              Woods, Lisha L.                   25-Apr-11 O120
Mooso, Pauline                 Walters, James                              T101
Mootz, Herman                  Lowery, Maud                   14 Nov 1898  G609
Mootz, Victor                  Cunningham, Ila                   20-Mar-07 K576
Moraish, Idell                 O'Leary, William               21 Dec 1887  D185
Morales, Monica                Rodriquez, Juan                             R614
Moran, Agnese M.               Underwood, C.S.                             S466
Moran, Austin J.               Savage, Celia Elizabeth           24-Apr-22 Z726
Moran, Belle                   Saunders, J.T.                 27 Dec 1885  C362
Moran, Blanch                  Drury, Francis                              S028
Moran, Charles J.              Baufman, Lillie C.             25 Jan 1893  F061
Moran, Charles J.              Boufman, Lillie C.             25 Jan 1893  F061
Moran, Della F.                Ray, Warren W.                 18 Sep 1895  F595
Moran, Edgar                   Barlow, Lydia M.               24 Jun 1883  B381
Moran, Effie May               Gray, Berte Clarence              30-Jun-09 M324
Moran, Floyd                   Kessler, Irma                      3-Aug-19 W325
Moran, Frank Joseph            Magee, Sadie Alice                15-Dec-20 Y319
Moran, Ida                     Browning, Walter L.            28 Nov 1895  G001
Moran, John J.                 Pirtle, Hallie M.                           T298
Moran, Mae Kathryn             Exon, J. Lester                   19-Jan-21 Y417
Moran, Martha                  Spencer, L. Mitchell           10 Sep 1897  G355
Moran, Pearl                   Johnston, H.C.                     8-Aug-17 T564
Morash, Idell                  O'Leary, William                            D184
Morater, Crecencio             Juimenez, Refugnio                21-Oct-17 U106
Morawitz, Julia                Taylor, James                     14-Oct-13 Q380
Morberg, Nellie Irene          Hitchcock, Fred M.                18-Jun-21 Z060
Mordy, J.W.                    Quarles, Marie L.                 13-May-05 J570
Mordy, Thomas R. Jr.           Perkins, Carrie R.             21 Dec 1895  G014
Mordy, V.R.                    Hunt, Florence (Mrs.)             14-Jun-13 Q197
More, Harry L.                 Sims, Mable J.                    18-Dec-13 Q463
More, Pauline E.               Rogers, Bert A.                   10-Apr-01 H552
Morefield, L.W.                Abbott, Nina                      12-Nov-17 U200
Morehead, Alberta J.           Prater, Ralph                     29-Apr-22 Z736
Morehead, Allie M.             Hatfield, Rodolph                  4-Jan-09 M605
Morehead, Laura                Shartzer, Virgil U.               30-May-17 T389
Morehead, Mattie               Hollbrook, James               12 Jan 1886  C374
Morehead, Mittie               Cavenee, Ray W.                   28-Aug-09 M393
Morehead, Napoleon             Fitch, Allie M.                             D207
Morehead, Napoleon             Fitch, Allie M.                25 Jan 1888  D187
Morehouse, Clara               Gillespie, D.J.                03 Oct 1878  A363
Morehouse, Corrie              Miller, W.P. (F.)              02 Jun 1885  C260
Morehouse, David               Palmer, Anna                                B003
Morehouse, Floyd C.            Dobson, Ethel L.                            R532
Moreland, Ada                  Cobb, George                   11 Jun 1896  G104
Moreland, Andrew               Hardey, Minnie                    20-May-22 Z775
Moreland, Carl                 Porter, Nellie                    28-Oct-09 M503
Moreland, Cornelia             Thompson, James                29 Dec 1897  G435
Moreland, Dell                 McClaran, Chester B.           14 Nov 1894  F437
Moreland, Florence             Lumbert, Jerry                    18-Oct-08 L607
Moreland, George               VanDeMark, Lura                   27-Sep-13 Q343
Moreland, Harley J.            Wright, Emma J.                   12-Jan-09 M097
Moreland, J.H.                 Coons, Mahala                  30 Dec 1883  C021
Moreland, Jennie               Campbell, Samuel E.            17 Jun 1888  D322
Moreland, John H.              Payne, Jennie E.               08 Oct 1894  F415
Moreland, Joseph H.            Moore, Jennie                  03 Apr 1895  F518
Moreland, Ornah                Holthouser, John H.            29 Dec 1889  E052
Moreland, Vivian               Learned, Roy                      11-Jun-20 X478
Moreno, Antonia                Campa, Margarito                   5-Jan-20 X109
Moreno, Cayetano               Gonsalez, Eulalia                 18-Jan-19 V571
Moreno, Cladia                 Villalobos, Priceliano             2-Jun-08 L420
Moreno, Narcisa                Nevarez, Jesus                     3-Jul-19 W268
Moreno, Nemencio               Romo, Adelrida                    12-Feb-12 P101
Mores, Emma E.                 Wallace, E.C.                  17 Oct 1883  B420
Mores, Sarah                   Sanders, Willie                   11-Sep-09 M421
Morey, Jennie                  Skinner, Frank R.              28 Sep 1889  D615
Morey, Rosa B.                 Conner, Michael F.             12 May 1889  D536
Morford, Agnes E.              Bell, William T.               29 Dec 1891  E461
Morford, Faye                  Shipley, Henry                    30-Jul-13 Q263
Morford, Maud                  Fitzgerald, Lew William           16-Oct-12 P466
Morgan, Alice J.               Benner, Charles C.                21-Nov-06 K455
Morgan, Alice J.               Blue, Richard                     19-Sep-00 H404
Morgan, Amanda                 Kintz, W.S.                    03 Apr 1897  G278
Morgan, Amanda (Mrs.)          Cummins, J.W.                     20-Oct-04 J385
Morgan, Annie                  Prather, Vernon                    4-Sep-18 V371
Morgan, Annie Lillie (Mrs.)    Sargent, Albert J.             02 Jun 1890  E148
Morgan, Bernice                Shepherd, Fred W.                 24-Nov-17 U260
Morgan, Bertha                 Palling, William R.               20-Dec-19 X055
Morgan, Bessie                 Carlson, Fred                     11-Jan-09 M097
Morgan, C.H.                   Valentine, Lizzie                 14-May-14 Q629
Morgan, C.R.                   Fountain, Beatrice                          T168
Morgan, Charles                Mitchell, Alice                   10-Aug-21 Z199
Morgan, Charles                Morgan, Nellie                    19-Jan-18 U495
Morgan, Charles Wilson         Dawson, Margaret Jane              3-Dec-07 L223
Morgan, Clara                  Ingle, Millard                    22-Dec-17 U382
Morgan, Clara M.               Richmond, Corydon S.           23 Dec 1880  B121
Morgan, Cora                   Dennett, C.W.                      1-Jul-20 X552
Morgan, Cora                   Main, Gordon                       4-May-21 Y623
Morgan, Cuba B.                Corn, Alvin L.                    16-Sep-14 R150
Morgan, Dora                   Stephenson, Homer              18 May 1876  A204
Morgan, Dorothy                Malicote, A.T.                              R595
Morgan, Dorothy A.             Kralicek, Grover C.               15-Feb-19 V616
Morgan, Dorothy Elizabeth      Fry, Archie Clark                  7-Aug-17 T561
Morgan, Emma E.                Dunham, J.H.                       5-Nov-04 J409
Morgan, Esther                 Adams, Ray                                  T081
Morgan, Ethel L.               McConnell, Lowell I.               2-Oct-07 L149
Morgan, Florence               Walker, John E.                28 Mar 1895  F516
Morgan, Flossie                Lentz, Will                        2-Nov-18 V468
Morgan, Frances                Lovell, John A.                    3-Jul-20 X557
Morgan, Frances                Smith, Richard                 25 May 1882  B272
Morgan, George                 Sutherland, Bellva             23 Dec 1897  G431
Morgan, George L.              Wallace, Hettie K.             15 Feb 1893  F078
Morgan, Gertrude               Wells, Bennett                    29-Jul-14 R077
Morgan, Gladys V.              Kertman, G.F.                     24-Oct-14 R207
Morgan, H.T.                   McLain, May Etta               20 Mar 1880  B054
Morgan, Harbard P.             Moore, Emma S.                 19 Oct 1871  A016
Morgan, Harry Ray              Wells, Moline                      8-May-20 X386
Morgan, Henry                  Hawley, Mae                                 S082
Morgan, Irene Gladdem          Moss, Edward Roy                   3-May-19 W114
Morgan, J.L.                   Brown, Alta W.                    16-Aug-02 I327
Morgan, J.S.                   Schrock, Hazel                              R525
Morgan, James Arthur           Tucker, Myrtle M.              10 Aug 1899  H134
Morgan, James C.               Lakey, Mary A.                 25 Dec 1878  A386
Morgan, Jennie Edith           McElroy, Thomas Boyd              29-Jul-03 I616
Morgan, Jesse E.               Herron, Clytie Marie               4-Apr-08 L356
Morgan, Jessie                 Stevens, Robert B.                16-Dec-19 X043
Morgan, John W.                Loosley, Helen W.              06 Feb 1895  F490
Morgan, Josie                  Milburn, Andy                     27-Oct-19 W555
Morgan, Kittie                 Chain, John M.                 15 Sep 1880  B091
Morgan, Lela                   Adams, Clyde A.                    3-Jul-21 Z110
Morgan, Leo O.                 Swaim, Maud                       18-Jun-05 J603
Morgan, Leonard G.             Goodholm, Ruth                     4-Feb-22 Z591
Morgan, Lona                   Stroshine, E.F.                   18-Jun-18 V228
Morgan, Lucretia E.            Haughey, Jacob                 23 Oct 1890  E225
Morgan, Luella (Mrs.)          Haegert, Jacob J.                 28-Dec-04 J453
Morgan, Lula                   Wilkinson, Roy                    28-Mar-22 Z677
Morgan, M.A.                   Headlee, George B.             16 Nov 1882  B320
Morgan, Marie T.               Keeney, Merrill E.                 1-Oct-10 N371
Morgan, Marie T.               Keeney, Merrill E.                 1-Oct-10 N381
Morgan, Martha A.              Gates, Herbert L.                 29-Mar-06 K234
Morgan, Mary                   Dickerson, S.E.                31 Oct 1883  B421
Morgan, Myrtle                 Covalt, Ray                       27-Dec-20 Y377
Morgan, Nellie                 Morgan, Charles                   19-Jan-18 U495
Morgan, Oscar                  Getter, Vera                      15-Nov-13 Q421
Morgan, Ote E.                 Yoder, Winifred G.                18-Mar-12 P150
Morgan, P.J.                   Stoltz, Gertrude                            S254
Morgan, Raymond                Dobson, Margaret                  27-Jun-21 Z087
Morgan, Retta                  Hinde, Anthony C.                 31-Oct-03 J069
Morgan, Roscoe J.              Snodgrass, Lucretia            20 Dec 1884  C179
Morgan, Ruby                   Hawley, Sanford                    7-May-13 Q138
Morgan, Ruth May               White, Melvin E.                  11-Mar-01 H537
Morgan, Sam                    Lyman, Sarah                       5-Nov-14 R224
Morgan, Sam P.                 Griffith, Mildred B.              20-Dec-19 X055
Morgan, Smith                  Getzhoffen, Bertie                16-Sep-18 V396
Morgan, Snowdie G.             Schenck, Lunsford P.              29-Oct-14 R215
Morgan, Theo. A.               Lindsey, Grace T.                 10-Jul-05 J624
Morgan, W.C.                   Brown, Elizabeth                   2-Mar-14 Q551
Morgan, W.H.                   Simpson, Mary A.               26 Sep 1877  A287
Morgan, W.O.                   Cock, S. Libbie                20 Oct 1887  D140
Morgan, Walter A.              Joslin, Goldia Gladys              7-Jun-20 X465
Morgan, William                Graves, Ella                       8-Oct-11 O357
Morgan, William K.             Calvert, Anna Pauline             13-Apr-10 N098
Morgan, Wilson A.              Hoggatt, Lizzie May            25 Dec 1881  B227
Morgan, Woodford               Anderson, Lucy M.                 25-Nov-08 M025
Morgan, Yetiva Ruth            Newcom, Robert Wayne                        R463
Morgenstern, Emma Margaret     Carlson, William N.               30-Jun-09 M330
Morgret, Albert                Hess, Olive F.                    25-Sep-04 J352
Moriarity, Maggie              Fennessey, F.F.                   27-Nov-00 H467
Moriarity, W.F.                Smith, Charlotte M.                4-Jun-03 I569
Moriarty, James R.             Hayworth, Edna L.                 29-Feb-08 L324
Morin, Rosa                    Shriver, W.M.                      9-Jan-00 H253
Morine, Julia C.               MacAlpine, William B.             11-Jul-19 W279
Mork, Kate                     Churchill, Jesse C.               17-May-06 K269
Mork, Nicholas                 Griffiths, Alice                   2-Aug-20 X623
Mork, Nicholas                 Kraus, Catharine               19 Jul 1876  A213
Morlan, Andrew J.              Hickox, Beatrice E.               25-Apr-06 K254
Morlan, Lillie                 Ward, David Edwin              08 Nov 1892  F010
Morley, Dewey                  Redman, Ura                                 X602
Morley, Frank                  Gossage, Marguerite                6-May-07 K624
Morney, G.R.                   Johnson, Elizabeth                20-Jun-14 R033
Morney, Jerry                  Lewis, Sarah                      23-Apr-22 Z721
Mornhinweg, Carl               Haynes, Agatha Emma               22-Jan-13 Q004
Mornhinweg, Nettie             Burris, Newton E.                  7-Aug-07 L077
Mornsage, Vesta Lucile         Bartlett, Bert Ross               12-Oct-12 P452
Morphew, Dwight                Lamb, Marie                        3-Mar-20 X229
Morphew, E.M.                  Daniels, Linda                    26-Feb-14 Q547
Morphew, Fred                  Fox, Zoa                           5-Dec-21 Z469
Morrell, Frank M.              Weidman, Clara M.                 11-Feb-02 I178
Morrill, Howard A.             Heath, Emma                       21-Sep-08 L572
Morrill, Ira B.                McKenna, Matilda                   6-Jun-17 T427
Morrill, Maud E.               Holbert, Thomas A.                10-Jun-10 N182
Morris, Ada                    Cookingham, Friend                          C593
Morris, Ada                    Klein, Karl                       18-Jul-06 K329
Morris, Alta                   Mains, Fred L.                    20-May-19 W152
Morris, Ambus                  Watson, Nisber                 09 Sep 1896  G144
Morris, Anna                   Weygandt, Hymeneus                          S228
Morris, Anna B.                House, W.B.                       11-Jan-22 Z549
Morris, Arline                 Summitt, E. Thaddeus              28-Mar-10 N072
Morris, Belle                  Ulrich, Horace E.                 19-Jan-15 R333
Morris, Bertha                 Lauver, Merl E.                   16-Jun-13 Q200
Morris, Burton L.              Kasenberg, Julia Blanche          25-Oct-05 K090
Morris, C.L.                   Thomas, Emma                      16-Sep-20 Y115
Morris, Carrie M.              Warrenburg, Jasper N.          26 Mar 1884  C062
Morris, Carrie May             Criser, Elmer Lee              11 Jan 1899  H020
Morris, Charles                Knox, Lillian                  23 Aug 1897  G344
Morris, Charles I.             Hinckley, Frances M.              17-Jan-06 K178
Morris, Clara King             Lint, Henry Clay                  27-Dec-17 U412
Morris, Clarance               Stanley, Bessie                   27-Jul-20 X611
Morris, Clare D.               Weishaar, Utie May                12-Oct-03 J051
Morris, Claribel               Resing, Paul                       6-Oct-10 N378
Morris, Clifford               Porter, Cora M.                   20-Mar-02 I204
Morris, D.E.                   Willis, Neva Staples               5-Sep-06 K367
Morris, Daisy                  Pike, Carol E.                    17-Jan-18 U488
Morris, Dora                   Breneman, F.T.                    16-Jul-05 J630
Morris, E.                     Elliot, Blanch M.              07 Sep 1898  G566
Morris, Edith                  Gibbs, Louis K.                    2-Jun-09 M268
Morris, Edith                  Morris, Leo E.                    22-Dec-17 U378
Morris, Edward                 Anderson, Francis E.           06 Nov 1888  D427
Morris, Effie                  Grafford, John                     3-Jul-12 P321
Morris, Eliza                  Metzger, Theodore              05 May 1888  D291
Morris, Emma                   Jones, Edmond M.               24 Oct 1893  F238
Morris, Ethel                  Neff, S.G.                     27 Jul 1887  D068
Morris, Ethel Faye             Adamson, Alta C.                  26-Jan-10 M632
Morris, Etta May               Lightner, Scott W.                 2-Jun-12 P255
Morris, Eva E.                 Hutton, Charles B.(V.)            24-Jul-04 J301
Morris, Faye                   Whitaker, Jesse A.                20-Nov-21 Z438
Morris, Florence E.            Turner, William E.                14-Apr-09 M218
Morris, Florence Maybelle      Howard, Leeroy W.                 28-Nov-07 L211
Morris, Frances                Richardson, Robert                26-Oct-17 U129
Morris, Fred                   Anderson, Bulah                   26-Jan-11 N565
Morris, George Samuel          Martins, Lillie                   25-Dec-18 V532
Morris, George W.              Barnes, Minnie                 24 Nov 1881  B209
Morris, George W.              Ford, Grace E.                     6-Aug-18 V307
Morris, George W.              Robbins, Cora E.               24 Dec 1891  E458
Morris, George W.              Seaman, Alice                  29 Oct 1878  A370
Morris, Grace                  Boyle, Orville A.              01 Jan 1898  G437
Morris, Grace A.               Porter, Harvey G.                 12-Jul-04 J290
Morris, Hattie E.              Beal, Jacob                    20 Jun 1878  A339
Morris, Henry E.               Wygal, Mabel Leota                17-Jun-09 M295
Morris, Henry R.               Stricklett, Hester Frances     31 Dec 1883  C024
Morris, Ida E.                 Vaile, Albert J.               23 Dec 1875  A184
Morris, Iris                   Williams, Roscoe                  25-Oct-21 Z381
Morris, J.C.                   Burress, Bernice                            S014
Morris, J.C.                   Hanshaw, E.A.                  20 Nov 1878  A375
Morris, J.C.                   Ketzler, Etta                  22 Feb 1897  G259
Morris, J.F.                   Hoisington, Clara                 18-Oct-17 U099
Morris, James E.               Cornwell, Anna                 10 May 1893  F133
Morris, Jeanette L.            Arnett, Pearle                    13-Aug-02 I324
Morris, Jesse                  Brown, Hattie                     14-Jul-05 J629
Morris, John C.                Hiems, Adda                        3-Oct-05 K059
Morris, John C.                Piper, Hazel Kirk                  3-May-01 H580
Morris, John W.                Greer, Jessie Fay                 16-Jul-13 Q243
Morris, Joseph E.              Timmermeyer, Mary              25 Apr 1890  E130
Morris, Julia F.               Lane, A.F.                        18-Aug-10 N283
Morris, Kellis                 Bartels, Alma Julia                1-Nov-11 O393
Morris, L.                     Byron, W.M.                    20 Jul 1898  G543
Morris, L. Earle               Hohman, Lula                      18-Jun-13 Q205
Morris, Lena C.                Brown, Charles E.                           I095
Morris, Leo E.                 Morris, Edith                     22-Dec-17 U378
Morris, Leona Gertrude         Musselman, A.J.                16 May 1898  G507
Morris, Lizzie                 Cannon, Walter                    29-May-13 Q163
Morris, Lora                   Lewis, Smith                      25-Nov-03 J091
Morris, Lottie                 Jason, Peter                   10 Oct 1896  G165
Morris, Luella                 Noble, M.A.                        5-Jul-21 Z112
Morris, Lula                   James, Dansby                     10-Aug-09 M370
Morris, Lyda                   Reed, A.G.                        13-May-14 Q628
Morris, Lydia                  Poston, William                24 Nov 1887  D165
Morris, Margaret               Armstrong, Willie C.              16-Nov-08 M007
Morris, Mary Jane (Mrs)        Sroade, G.P.                      15-Feb-00 H271
Morris, Mary Z.                Lashbough, Henry               01 Mar 1886  C396
Morris, Mattie                 Jason, John                       14-Feb-00 H272
Morris, Mattie M.              Myers, Ralph T.                   26-Jul-07 L062
Morris, May                    Breneman, Edward                   2-Nov-04 J405
Morris, May                    Rickman, George                   17-Feb-15 R363
Morris, Mollie E.              Boyer, Harvey L.               01 May 1890  E132
Morris, Morril                 Bell, Nina A.                     15-Jun-21 Z052
Morris, Nancy                  Banks, Roy                         6-Jan-19 V557
Morris, Nora Ethel             Smith, Wheaden P.                 30-Dec-19 X088
Morris, Norma Alice            Gully, Elmer I.                    1-Sep-08 L540
Morris, Ora                    Patchin, Gilbert A.                         S373
Morris, Perie V.               Mulholland, W.J.                   5-Sep-12 P400
Morris, Peyton S.              Smith, Nellie                     18-Jan-06 K179
Morris, Richard                Skaer, Josie                      10-Jun-07 L010
Morris, Ruby                   Long, J.B.                        25-Sep-01 I054
Morris, Ruby(bey)              Kammerer, Robert                  15-Mar-11 O052
Morris, T.B.                   Hendrix, Edna                               S600
Morris, Theresa                Ambler, Forest                     8-May-18 V137
Morris, Thomas D.              Jacob, Susie I.                   13-May-14 Q628
Morris, Utie Enid              Aitken, W.F.                       3-Jul-09 M333
Morris, Virgil E.              Wattles, Estella B.               23-Aug-18 V342
Morris, W.C.                   Hartsell, Eddie                   16-Sep-19 W441
Morris, Watt                   Carter, Stella                    27-Sep-11 O345
Morris, Will W. Jr.            Winters, Etta                      9-Aug-05 K010
Morris, William D.             Harvel, Ethel L.                  28-Jan-03 I474
Morris, William Lorenzo        Arnett, Elizabeth May              2-Apr-18 V067
Morris, Winnard                Nefazenger, Fannie                20-Apr-07 K611
Morris, Zeta L.                Necco, Robert E.                   2-May-12 P219
Morris, Zoah S.                Rosenstiel, A.I.               27 Nov 1895  F637
Morrison, A.F.                 Baxter, Arabell                21 Nov 1880  B113
Morrison, Albert               Clark, Jessie                      6-Apr-22 Z692
Morrison, Alva Raymond         Corberlay, Gertrude Viola         12-Jan-09 M099
Morrison, Bertha               Jones, W.F.                        4-Jul-01 H632
Morrison, Charles              Mosteller, Birdie              24 Mar 1892  E523
Morrison, Daisy                Mathews, Preston W.               22-Sep-10 N352
Morrison, Edris                Chaney, Albert                    10-Jul-21 Z119
Morrison, Elizabeth            Allison, Fred D.                  23-Mar-19 W034
Morrison, Emma                 Clifton, George                   17-Apr-20 X341
Morrison, Emma                 Garringer, Charles A.             21-Jul-17 T518
Morrison, Estella Lea          Jerman, Eldon Leroy               12-Sep-08 L562
Morrison, Ferne                Ross, Glenn A.                     6-Apr-19 W058
Morrison, George               McMurday, Hannah               10 Apr 1882  B265
Morrison, George W.            Church, Josie E.               23 Dec 1896  G216
Morrison, Gilbert              Griffith, Eva                     21-Nov-00 H462
Morrison, Grace                Jones, James W.                   22-Dec-10 N512
Morrison, H.C.                 Lamb, Anna                        13-Jun-19 W211
Morrison, Ida M.               Carter, Joseph L.              03 Nov 1895  F619
Morrison, James H.             Cusick, Mamie                               T091
Morrison, Julia                Philbrick, Roy J.                 16-Jun-09 M300
Morrison, L.M.                 Bradley, Edna E.               20 Nov 1895  F631
Morrison, Lillian R.           Branson, John J. Jr.              20-Sep-10 N344
Morrison, Lottie               Bowker, Tom                        5-Dec-19 X019
Morrison, M.J.                 Krider, C.M.                      11-Jun-21 Z039
Morrison, Mae                  Morrison, W.N.                    26-Dec-11 P041
Morrison, May                  Roberts, John                     18-Jun-07 L022
Morrison, Melissa E.           Maddux, Harry A.               18 Oct 1898  G592
Morrison, Mildred              Burr, George H.                01 Oct 1889  D612
Morrison, Myrtie               Offenstein, Phillip            20 Nov 1895  F630
Morrison, Odessa               Traughber, Oscar                  14-Aug-11 O280
Morrison, Perle                Eby, Ralph                        10-Sep-18 V380
Morrison, Reze                 Clegg, Carrie Ann                 30-Oct-01 I090
Morrison, Sheridan             Guest, Lizzie                  28 Mar 1886  C415
Morrison, Vernie E.            Clark, Elgan W.                   12-Aug-20 Y021
Morrison, W.N.                 Morrison, Mae                     26-Dec-11 P041
Morrison, Willard              McGinnis, Ruth                              T264
Morrison, William G.           Bates, Berniece                    1-Apr-13 Q088
Morriss, Bonnie M.             Boerger, C.L.                      9-Mar-21 Y513
Morriss, Emery Duncan          Collins, Blanche May              21-Feb-22 Z617
Morriss, Mildred               Ramsey, Clinton G.                30-Jan-20 X164
Morrissey, E. Harold           Stowell, Corenne                  18-Jun-20 X503
Morrissey, John A.             Wilson, Annie C. (E.)             15-Aug-05 K012
Morriste, James                Garrett, Emma                     22-Jul-02 I297
Morrow, Alva                   Anderson, Della                    3-Jul-14 R058
Morrow, Caroline               Frings, Godfrey                07 Apr 1894  F335
Morrow, Donna G.               Fisk, Frederick Anthony           10-Apr-21 Y571
Morrow, E.F.                   Lane, Katie                                 R532
Morrow, Elsie                  Major, James                                T345
Morrow, Elsie Mae              Galloway, Willard                 27-Dec-18 V538
Morrow, Erma                   Lutz, Howard O.                   30-Jun-18 V254
Morrow, Ethel D.               Bentley, A.S.                      8-Oct-01 I071
Morrow, Geraldine Ellen        Bellizia, Joe                     24-Oct-20 Y218
Morrow, H.E.                   Maddox, Edna Pearl                20-Aug-10 N287
Morrow, Herbert                Smock, Marion                     21-Dec-21 Z493
Morrow, John                   Dallam, Mary E.                             Y044
Morrow, Myrtle                 Hurst, Bruce A.                    1-May-20 X369
Morrow, Roy C.                 Bostwick, Lulu Grace               2-Jun-12 P254
Morrow, Ruth J.                Smith, Ray E.                     10-Apr-07 K599
Morrow, W. Clay                McKay, Laura J.                             T542
Morrow, William S.             Keeton, Sylvia E.                  5-Mar-21 Y504
Morse, Arthur P.               Crosswhite, Madge M.              22-Feb-06 K206
Morse, Elisabeth               Banks, Thomas G.               30 Sep 1882  B311
Morse, Fred A.                 Hitchings, Mollie                 21-Jun-19 W229
Morse, Fred L.                 Money, Lucy                    19 Jan 1897  G239
Morse, G.E.                    Bispham, Mary                  04 Oct 1880  B097
Morse, George E.               Jones, Ethel E.                   22-Aug-05 K019
Morse, George F.               Saxe, May E.                                E139
Morse, Ida                     Clester, John                  05 Jan 1887  C571
Morse, Lillie B.               Tjaden, J.A.                      27-May-13 Q160
Morse, Mabel C.                McShane, Guy A.                    1-Feb-05 J484
Morse, Orlin                   Wattles, Mary                     15-Oct-12 P457
Morse, W.R.                    Goodan, Maggie                     2-Jan-22 Z530
Morss, Clarence                Ramsdale, Marie A.                          T278
Morss, Elizabeth               Perry, J.W.                    14 May 1896  G091
Mortimer, Ada                  Sherman, Fred I.                  30-Apr-22 Z740
Mortimer, Adaline              Sherman, F.I.                     20-Apr-19 W085
Mortimer, Ed                   Diem, Leonora                     26-Nov-13 Q443
Morton, Abi                    Alexander, Samuel              28 May 1890  E145
Morton, Bessie                 Fancher, W.R.                     12-Mar-14 Q565
Morton, Charles Seth           Baker, Emma                    12 Mar 1892  E516
Morton, E.M.                   Fisk, J.R.                        31-Mar-09 M197
Morton, Edward S.              Williams, Mary E.                  5-Sep-00 H389
Morton, H.B.                   Cowle, Jennie M.                  16-Jun-13 Q199
Morton, H.B.                   Harper, Lola M.                   15-Jun-17 T447
Morton, J.F.                   Allen, Pearl                       2-Feb-14 Q520
Morton, John                   Hunter, Mary J.                   29-Jun-04 J280
Morton, Josephine Allie        Buchanan, John Clyde              22-Oct-07 L177
Morton, Lottie                 Baker, J.H.                    01 Jul 1887  D050
Morton, Louisa                 Aitken, Robert                              S259
Morton, Nellie                 Pasturs, Albert                11 Feb 1894  F312
Morton, Paul M.                King, Lucille                     24-Dec-21 Z501
Morton, R.H.                   Rich, R.J.                         9-Feb-07 K542
Morton, R.L.                   Backus, Esther Anna                3-Apr-18 V064
Morton, Sadie Carrie           Dornbush, Henry(Harry)            28-May-07 K639
Morton, Thomas                 Connal, Mariette               20 Apr 1889  D527
Morton, W.                     Bemis, Emma A. (Mrs.)          08 Jun 1890  E151
Morton, Weltha                 Hilborn, A.H.                     23-May-00 H326
Morzuchowski, Leo              Schwan, Mary                                R474
Mosbacher, Charles             Jones, Maud                    18 Feb 1884  C040
Mosbacher, Harry               Pearson,Nettie(Annette)        10 Sep 1891  E386
Mosbacher, Karl J.             Henderson, Anita                  24-Nov-10 N471
Mosbacher, Margaret            Schmiehausen, Henry August     08 Oct 1891  E401
Mosbacher, Nellie              Harpstrite, Eugene C.             25-Jan-08 L287
Mosby, Charles                 Miles, Maude                                S043
Mosby, Clarence                Venis, Rosie                       1-Apr-22 Z683
Mosby, William J.              Walker, Kathryn                   17-Aug-21 Z217
Mosely, J.J.                   Miller, Lina                      18-Mar-22 Z661
Moser, Edward R.               Boucher, Lillian May                        S305
Moser, J.                      Ferguson, Ellen                    2-Mar-14 Q552
Moser, M.R.                    Massey, Lucinda B.             06 Mar 1878  A315
Moser, Marie                   Nagel, Henry J.                   16-Dec-08 M046
Moser, Winona                  Pope, Charles R.               24 Dec 1879  B019
Moses, A.                      Huff, Ida                         17-Oct-00 H436
Moses, Augusta E.              Kimball, Frank                 11 Nov 1883  C003
Moses, I.E.                    Downing, Marguerite               19-Mar-21 Y535
Mosgrove, Katie L.             Crabb, Daniel K.                            D227
Mosher, Edith May              Shuler, Harry Elston                        R576
Mosher, T.J.                   Goble, Leta                                 T038
Mosher, Wallace D.             Hernden, Sarah A.              10 Nov 1877  A294
Moshier, James E.              Herbert, Olive D.              13 Mar 1884  C054
Moshkowitz, Cily               Zinet, Herman                               S447
Mosier, E.C.                   Newman, Jessie                    10-Nov-17 U191
Mosier, George D.              Loewen, Marie                     20-Dec-06 K489
Mosier, Miles                  Cherry, Mattie A.                  9-Dec-03 J105
Mosley, Audie                  Iseminger, Ethel                  25-Jul-18 V292
Mosley, Cal M.                 Miller, Lillian                    6-Oct-20 Y165
Mosley, Clifford               Cromwell, Ruth                    28-Feb-20 X222
Mosley, Homer E.               Rush, Cora B.                      6-Jan-09 M089
Mosley, Ira B.                 Neiderlander, Marion              17-Jul-19 W291
Mosley, Jessie                 Chappell, Ralph                   23-Jul-19 W310
Mosley, Maude E.               Irby, C.W.                         7-Jan-22 Z542
Mosley, Nell                   Madison, Claud                     1-Feb-22 Z583
Mosley, Nellie R.              Starks, Claude                              R405
Mosley, W.C.                   Freeman, Cora (Mrs.)           18 Dec 1898  G635
Moss, Charlie                  Dunbar, Nellie                    14-Mar-08 L339
Moss, Clay H.                  Jared, Ruby Mildred               30-Jun-20 X534
Moss, D. Harley                Bump, Minnie D.                07 Jun 1899  H103
Moss, Don C.                   Gay, Frieda                       22-Mar-11 O063
Moss, Edward M.                Johnson, Anna M.               17 Sep 1888  D389
Moss, Edward Roy               Morgan, Irene Gladdem              3-May-19 W114
Moss, Elsie                    Gahan, Frank                      17-Aug-21 Z217
Moss, Emma                     Ausmus, James S.               02 Dec 1893  F263
Moss, Grace Rosaline           Brown, Glenn Aaron                          T055
Moss, Henry                    McBride, Georgia                            S126
Moss, Inez N.                  Clark, Leon W.                     5-Jun-21 Z022
Moss, Irene                    Dow, Wade H.                      22-Aug-18 V334
Moss, J. Sterling              Broer, Elsie F.                   18-Feb-14 Q537
Moss, J.L.                     Wheeler, Eura Redmond                       X579
Moss, J.M.                     Clark, Ida L.                               S087
Moss, Leonard                  Overman, Ruth                     29-Jul-17 T536
Moss, Leota                    Keller, Jesse                     11-Oct-19 W507
Moss, Lewis                    Vandergriff, Rosa              24 Jan 1883  B343
Moss, Maude W.                 Jones, John H.                              V486
Moss, May                      Johnson, Roy                      17-Jul-00 H360
Moss, Pearl E.                 Fanning, Ollie C.                 19-Jul-01 I004
Moss, Randolph                 Melluish, Ida B.                   8-Sep-04 J337
Moss, Ruth                     Bailey, Floyd W.                   4-Feb-13 Q019
Moss, Wilbur                   Bush, Carrie                      24-Dec-07 L256
Mossbacher, Joseph             Timmons, Drussie               06 Feb 1899  H037
Mossbarger, Hazel Thelma       Jarvis, Harvey E.                 29-Nov-18 V502
Mossbarger, Rachael E.         Dunegan, M.J.                  24 Apr 1888  D280
Mossman, Ethel E.              Tolbert, Jay                      17-Oct-21 Z359
Mossman, J.A.                  Mounts, Fannie                    22-Jun-04 J272
Mossman, L.L.                  Stephens, W.L.                    11-Apr-13 Q102
Mossman, Lou Edna              Cupp, W.S.                         4-Oct-00 H422
Mossman, Winnifred             Hall, Roy                         14-Jul-10 N241
Mostellar, Florence            Smith, Frederick F.               16-Jun-01 H614
Mosteller, Anna                Osborn, Fred                   20 Jun 1887  D038
Mosteller, Birdie              Morrison, Charles              24 Mar 1892  E523
Mosteller, Della               Hawley, James T.                   3-Nov-12 P493
Mosteller, Della Lelah         VanDusen, C.W.                    14-Dec-19 X035
Mosteller, Florence            Anderson, Charles                 10-Jan-06 K176
Mosteller, George E.           Henderson, Lois L.                17-Oct-20 Y202
Mosteller, George W.           Irwin, Annie                   06 Jun 1889  D554
Mosteller, Irene               Dorr, Edward                                S171
Mosteller, J.N.                Richards, Freda                   14-Oct-19 W521
Mosteller, Pearl               Rice, William                     10-May-08 L399
Mosteller, Sherman             Chapman, Hazel Irene              14-Mar-20 X251
Mosteller, William H.          Toepke, Lottie                    16-Sep-09 M432
Mostow, Stella C.              Noe, Donald D.                    26-Feb-13 Q044
Mote, Elmire E.                Haggerty, N.C.                              D209
Mote, I.V.                     Gasway, Roda                      16-Nov-12 P516
Mote, I.V.                     Giles, Viola                       6-Jul-18 V266
Mote, Mabel                    Steward, James F.                 26-Jul-20 X606
Mote, Martin                   Stotts, Bessie                     2-Aug-07 L071
Moten, George                  Roby, Bertha                       5-Apr-19 W057
Mothersead, B.F.               Conard, Myrtle                     7-Nov-06 K436
Motley, Calvin                 Philips, Madge                              R503
Motley, Myrtle                 Olson, Elmer                      20-Mar-11 O058
Motsinger, C.E.                Johnson, Clara                    15-Nov-19 W612
Mott, Grace                    Vancleave, Clyde                  14-Aug-07 L084
Mott, Harry                    Stewart, Minnie                   10-Apr-08 L363
Mott, Hattie                   Renner, William                08 Oct 1889  D625
Mott, Nellie M.                Rose, LeRoy                        4-May-21 Y622
Mott, R.W.                     Gillespie, Ada                    21-Mar-13 Q071
Motter, Alice                  Crissman, James E.             25 Aug 1891  E374
Motter, Gertrude E.            Hadley, J. Perry                  28-Jun-14 R045
Motter, Lorena M.              Wilson, Perry C.                  31-Aug-13 Q297
Motton, Mary J.                Frazier, Robert F.                16-Feb-01 H522
Moudy, Jessie May Parker       Johnson, Hugh                      7-Aug-20 Y010
Moul, Ethel Joy                Collings, Roy                      6-Feb-12 P093
Moul, H.W.                     Anthony, Bertha                   26-Aug-18 V350
Moul, Mary L.                  McCleave, John E.                 13-Nov-10 N443
Moul, William G.               Chivers, Mae                       3-Jan-20 X106
Moul, William G.               Henry, Anna Mae                             R640
Moulds, Aurora B.              Wisecarver, Carl                  20-Feb-18 U578
Moulton, A.(F.)B.              Phillips, Addie                24 Aug 1878  A354
Moulton, Ella                  Huddleston, S.P.                  11-Jun-17 T438
Moulton, May Lillian           Hosie, W.E.                        2-Oct-20 Y158
Mounce, F.R.                   Davis, Gladys                               T151
Mounden, Walter                Schield, May                      27-Nov-13 Q438
Mounsey, Robert                Mitts, Ida M.                  17 Nov 1896  G190
Mount, John                    Daughenbaugh, Lizzie              26-Jan-04 J148
Mount, Marvel                  Talbott, Merle A.                 12-Nov-21 Z420
Mount, Rosa                    Corn, Byron                       26-Feb-22 Z626
Mount, Smith J.                Widdoes, Dora M.                            D253
Mountain, Samuel               Fisk, Birdie                      28-Jul-00 H367
Mounts, Delila                 McAdams, J.A.                      2-Dec-10 N484
Mounts, Fannie                 Mossman, J.A.                     22-Jun-04 J272
Mounts, G.D.                   Turner, Nannie M.              20 Feb 1878  A313
Mounts, James L.               Rutledge, Maggie               12 Aug 1884  C117
Mounts, Martha                 Johnson, P.B.                  19 Dec 1888  D454
Mounts, Maude R.               Lamb, Alton C.                 14 Jun 1898  G525
Mounts, Nellie L.              Minnick, J.F.                  19 Feb 1895  F496
Mounts, Rosetta E.             McIntire, Turner               14 Nov 1888  D430
Mounts, S.G. (J.)              Martin, Belle C.               18 Feb 1877  A253
Mounts, Tempie                 Rice, George                      14-Apr-07 K605
Mountz, Cicero K.              Robbins, Nellie                15 Sep 1889  D606
Mountz, E.M.                   Sample, C.R.                      23-Nov-02 I407
Mountz, Elizabeth P.           Fummerton, William J.          28 Sep 1887  D116
Mountz, Eva L.                 Waterbury, R.E.                   30-Oct-07 L187
Mountz, Harry                  Dunkin, Frankie                    2-Sep-08 L545
Mountz, Henry                  Dunkum, Frankie                    2-Sep-08 L545
Mountz, Jesse                  Taylor, Hester Maude               2-Sep-14 R124
Mountz, Maude                  Pickering, Charley                23-Oct-20 Y217
Mountz, Nona C.                Tweed, James L.                   31-May-13 Q162
Mountz, Vivian K.              Dundon, Thomas J.              15 Apr 1889  D525
Mourning, Frank M.             Newton, Ola M.                              S109
Mourning, Fred W.              Teal, Vergil E.                   23-Nov-17 U251
Mourning, John Elton           Loger, Eda Pauline                          S161
Mourning, Martha               Luckner, E.C.                               S437
Mourning, W.S.                 Abbette, Gertrude Ellen            1-Nov-11 O395
Mourning, W.S.                 Sanford, Kathryn T.                         T129
Mouser, C.H.                   Fowler, Pearl                               T231
Mouser, Lydia E.               Drennin, William B.            10 Nov 1875  A176
Mouser, Silas                  Martin, Elizabeth Jane         28 Dec 1885  C368
Mouton, Albert                 Williams, Bertha                   2-Apr-13 Q090
Moutray, Bert F.               Williams, Laura                   26-Feb-10 N032
Moutray, R.B.                  Williams, Clara                   12-Oct-14 R185
Moutray, W.M.                  Stephenson, Hannah                31-Mar-12 P171
Mouzer, Christina              Boone, Embury G.               10 Nov 1876  A233
Movery, John J.                Rockser, Grace                 14 Feb 1893  F075
Mower, Ellen                   Heterick, James Whitfield      18 Jun 1897  G316
Mower, Frank L.                Ross, Bess E.                     21-Jun-11 O208
Mower, Viola                   Booth, John G.                    27-Aug-19 W387
Mowery, Maybelle E.            Bleger, Ernest J.                           T361
Mowery, S.B.                   Cunningham, Russ                            R490
Mowry, William F.              Lyons, Iva M.                     20-Nov-07 L206
Moya, Tesus                    Martines, Mariana                           T129
Moyer, Charles C.              Hickcox, Maud Frances             11-Jun-02 I267
Moyer, H.A.                    Freeman, Nettie                   14-Jun-02 I272
Moyer, H.K.                    Snyder, Nellie A.                 19-Mar-20 X264
Moyer, James H.                Findley, Ina R.                   27-Dec-21 Z502
Moyer, May Olive               Deviney, Henry                 04 Jul 1888  D335
Moyer, Win L.                  De Vol, Daphne                    19-Nov-08 M014
Moyer, Zora                    Story, O.T.                                 G235
Moyers, Mary A.                Anderson, John A.              06 Feb 1890  E070
Moyle, Beulah A.               Alexander, Robert Y.              14-May-03 I553
Mozier, A.J.                   King, S.S.                     25 Dec 1872  A055
Muck, Effie                    Shank, C.R.                        9-Oct-12 P450
Muckle, Grace                  Kayser, Jesse W.                  22-Sep-09 M441
Mudge, Etta M.                 Andrews, Charles H.            31 Dec 1899  H245
Mudge, John F.                 Clark, Lucy E.                    23-Dec-08 M063
Muehlberger, W.P.              Hadley, Mary                      16-Feb-18 U565
Mueller, A.E.                  Clark, George G.                  16-Apr-18 V098
Mueller, Amelia                Schweickhardt, William E.         14-Nov-06 K447
Mueller, Anna M.               Ioerger, F.W.                     29-Nov-05 K117
Mueller, Dorothy               Arnold, Arlos Edward              19-Aug-18 V330
Mueller, E.H.                  Jayco, Maude A.                             R442
Mueller, Edna May              Middleton, Nathaniel W.            1-Nov-11 O392
Mueller, Edward J.             Boughton, Ada                  29 Jun 1893  F160
Mueller, Ella                  Hicks, Harry H.                    6-Dec-14 R269
Mueller, Emma                  Ott, Almon A.                  16 May 1899  H098
Mueller, Emma June             Wentz, Alva R.                     8-Aug-11 O276
Mueller, Francis Mathias       Dermody, Rosalyn Grace            16-Sep-20 Y112
Mueller, Frank W.              Burriss, Catharine             09 May 1886  C419
Mueller, Frederick A.          Thornburg, Mary V.                16-Oct-20 Y196
Mueller, Gustave               Furchau, Annie                 26 Oct 1890  E229
Mueller, H.R.                  McHenry, Floy                     29-Jun-17 T479
Mueller, Harrie S.             Wilson, Ina Belle                           S070
Mueller, Hortense C.           Campbell, Harlan A.               20-Oct-09 M485
Mueller, Jennie June           Thomas, Floyd A.                   2-Jun-09 M278
Mueller, Laura                 Turner, Frank S.                   9-Jul-19 W275
Mueller, Lena S.               Davis, W.M.                       28-Mar-00 H295
Mueller, Leo A.                Ternes, Barbara                    2-Apr-13 Q078
Mueller, Louie M.              Bartley, Maude B.                 22-Dec-18 V527
Mueller, Maggie                Debbrecht, Henry C.            27 Apr 1897  G288
Mueller, Maggie                Wentz, Loyd R.                 25 Sep 1894  F404
Mueller, Mildred               Rittenhour, Lawrence               7-Sep-18 V379
Mueller, Olive                 Crews, H.P.                        8-May-13 Q139
Mueller, Ruth Couch            Cadenbach, Joseph Bernard         11-Feb-14 Q526
Mueller, V.A.                  Everett, Emma G.                            T069
Mueller, Wilhelm H.            Nelson, Lillian M.                12-Jan-21 Y408
Muffler, Sophia                VanKannon, Richard                14-Jul-10 N242
Muhlenbruck, John E.           Bramer, Lillian                    3-Aug-10 N265
Muhlhausen, Mary               Jones, John J.                    10-Oct-10 N386
Muir, Andrew                   McNair, Lou A.                              D558
Muir, Mae                      McLin, Edgar O.                   20-Feb-12 P116
Mukle, Floyd                   Barns, Clara                      12-Oct-11 O365
Mulcahy, Josephine             Donahoe, Michael               16 Apr 1874  A115
Mulch, Arthur Charles          Harper, Laura Blanch              30-Oct-21 Z388
Mulch, Bertha                  James, Allen                      24-Jul-12 P347
Mulch, Clara                   Criser, Jesse                      3-Apr-12 P174
Mulch, Helena E.               Wolf, William A.                  10-Nov-18 V478
Mulch, John Edward             McGrew, Elvira Alice              31-Jan-12 P083
Mulconery, M.F.                Stewart, Meta F.                  19-Dec-17 U356
Mulets, Mildred Esther         Metcalf, Edgar H.                  7-Apr-21 Y568
Mulford, Edith (Mrs.)          Rice, H.C.                     24 Nov 1898  G621
Mulhall, Micheal Thomas        Shy, Maxine                       30-Jun-13 Q225
Mulholland, Frances Katheryn   Parkhurst, Clarence Franklin      19-Mar-20 X265
Mulholland, W.J.               Morris, Perie V.                   5-Sep-12 P400
Mulkey, C.T.                   Chambers, M.E.                    18-Dec-07 L245
Mulkey, C.T.                   Rice, Ella                     21 Jul 1884  C102
Mulkey, Mannis R.              Sutton, Miona                               R424
Mulkey, Mary E.                Norman, L.I.                   02 Oct 1881  B194
Mulkey, Samuel V.              Smith, Lottie                  22 Nov 1884  C166
Mulkey, William C.             Kent, Mary J.                               T041
Mulkey, William C.             Kent, Mary J.                      2-Dec-11 P002
Mulkins, Cecil                 Vaught, Hyacinth                  24-Nov-21 Z446
Mulkins, Earl                  Fenn, Dorothy                     20-Oct-17 U110
Mull, Charles E.               Hall, Elizabeth C.                24-Nov-04 J427
Mull, Grace E.                 King, W. Frank                     8-Jan-01 H501
Mull, Jessie L.                Gilkey, Frank K.                            R470
Mullen, Bert Freman            Wallace, Victoria                 18-Jun-21 Z057
Mullen, C.A.                   Rockey, Fern                      24-Oct-12 P480
Mullen, Carl E.                Viers, Nora                        2-May-19 W110
Mullen, Catherine              Zeltner, Beatus J.                16-Jul-10 N230
Mullen, Charley                Caldwell, Clara                07 Jul 1895  F566
Mullen, Frances                Oak, Paul A.                       8-Jul-19 W274
Mullen, Henry                  Brenenman, Maggie              25 May 1895  F545
Mullen, Jane                   Underwood, Lawson M.               7-Feb-10 N008
Mullen, John                   Caldwell, Ida F.               10 Feb 1895  F493
Mullen, Marion                 Flinn, Rose                       24-Dec-19 X072
Mullen, Mattie                 Trego, Dick L.                    10-Nov-17 U190
Mullen, Olive E.               Foster, M.Y.                       2-Jun-20 X447
Mullen, Ray C.                 Hackelman, Gladys                 20-Dec-19 X051
Mullendore, Albert             Jones, Emma (Mrs.)                          D208
Mullendore, Emma (Mrs.)        Brown, Emmett                  01 Jan 1893  F047
Mullendore, Lloyd W.           Hedrick, Maud                     30-Oct-19 W562
Mullenix, Harry Lee            Calvert, Goldie Myrtle            18-Apr-09 M224
Mullenix, J.R.                 Wilhite, Lois May                 20-Aug-10 N286
Mullenix, James Edward         Carson, Blanche Leona             24-Sep-02 I358
Mullenix, Jessie               Turner, L.A.                      20-Aug-10 N287
Mullenneix, Albert Theodore    Jackson, Clara                    29-Jul-10 N260
Mullenneix, Earl               Clark, Anna                        5-Jan-10 M607
Mullenneix, Edward G.          Grounds, Flora                    14-Sep-02 I349
Mullenneix, J.N.               Miller, Minta                      3-Oct-13 Q355
Mullenneix, Lola F.            Bouger, Grover A.                 14-Jan-12 P063
Mullens, Bessie                Cartmell, Thomas H.               17-Jul-21 Z131
Muller, Charlie P.             Hill, Eva                          3-Nov-09 M511
Muller, Ella                   Diskel, George W.                 30-Nov-10 N479
Muller, Emma                   Ott, Almon A.                  16 May 1899  H089
Muller, Frank J.               Gould, Sadie C.                   17-May-11 O150
Muller, George F.              Chamberlain, Addie M.              2-Oct-00 H417
Muller, J.C.                   Carver, Viola                     14-Nov-12 P513
Muller, John Jos.              Wassung, Maria Barbara                      D308
Muller, John Jos.              Wassung, Maria Barbara         30 May 1888  D309
Muller, Lena R.                Sawyer, Robert P.                  6-Sep-17 T614
Muller, Mollie Lowery          Evans, Elias (Dr.)                 9-Nov-05 K103
Muller, Nicholas               Fredericks, Amaca M.           01 Apr 1885  C235
Mullin, Cordelia               Garrett, Behm                     28-Nov-06 K464
Mullin, D.T.                   Hannah, Ellen                  08 Nov 1897  G402
Mullin, Dora                   Irwin, J.C.                        6-Oct-06 K400
Mullin, Emily                  Mullin, Samuel H.              03 Oct 1887  D114
Mullin, Eugene D.              Tucker, Charles W.                24-Jan-05 J491
Mullin, J.D.                   Dirks, Eva                         9-Oct-00 H426
Mullin, Mattie S.              Cunning, C.E.                      4-May-01 H581
Mullin, Rosa                   Green, C.H.                       27-Jun-00 H348
Mullin, Samuel                 Grier, Elizabeth F.               12-Mar-13 Q058
Mullin, Samuel H.              Mullin, Emily                  03 Oct 1887  D114
Mullinax, A.L.                 Harris, J.H.                      12-Sep-18 V392
Mullins, Bessie                Bottom, Otho                      26-Feb-10 N033
Mullins, C.W.                  Simmons, Mary F.                  24-Jan-20 X149
Mullins, Elizabeth             West, Robert M.                             T370
Mullins, Harve                 Stice, Marie                       1-Dec-14 R266
Mullins, John                  Hill, Silva                    28 Jan 1888  D208
Mullins, John                  Ralston, Bessie                   11-Aug-13 Q273
Mullins, Mabel                 Wickendoll, George Arthur         20-Dec-18 V523
Mullins, W.S.                  Randolph, Myrtle May              24-Oct-07 L183
Mullins, William L.            Sparks, Nora E.                   16-Aug-11 O282
Mulnix, Blanche                Jeffries, Charley                 21-Sep-09 M439
Multhauf, Joseph               Bishop, Ida                       20-Aug-18 V333
Mulvania, L.                   Jergens, Ellen                              S213
Mulvany, M.M.                  Sodorus, J.L.                     20-Oct-04 J385
Mulvehill, Elizabeth           Springer, Charley                 11-Apr-22 Z699
Mulvehill, Nila                Winn, Roscoe                      26-Feb-19 V628
Mulvehill, Thomas G.           Nichols, Edna                  15 Oct 1890  E218
Mulvey, Anna R.                Freeman, George S.                26-Jun-01 H625
Mulzer, Ida Margaret           Hasselwander, Joseph Henry                  T033
Muma, Della                    Carley, Charles                03 Jun 1893  F149
Muma, Elsie                    Evans, J.O.                       21-Nov-02 I406
Muma, Frank                    Boyce, Anna                    23 Dec 1886  C563
Muma, Frank                    Lewis, Martha                  22 Dec 1879  B019
Muma, Harry C.                 Torkleson, Bertinia               23-Dec-08 M061
Muma, Lewis B.(P.)             Foster, Carrie                    26-Feb-02 I188
Mumford, A.E.                  Walters, Marie                     2-Jul-21 Z102
Mumma, Margie                  Chandler, Hiram                    6-Apr-18 V079
Mummert, Alous                 Pike, Marion                   29 Jan 1898  G451
Mummey, Anita                  Talbert, Arthur R.                          S043
Mummey, Nellie May             Reeves, Oscar H.                  22-Apr-14 Q603
Mun, Henry M.                  Johnson, Edessa                18 Dec 1895  G011
Mun, M.C.                      Wickmiller, C.P.                            C440
Mun, Mary K.                   Tanner, Earnest William        21 Jun 1898  G529
Mun, Raymond C.                Murray, Ellouise                  28-Dec-10 N531
Munce, Agnes                   Angle, Joe Miller                  8-Aug-20 Y005
Munch, Myrtle E.               Cantrell, Herbert H.               1-Aug-12 P355
Muncy, Nettie                  Heatly, Charley                   11-May-10 N136
Mund, Clara                    Ridder, Henry                  27 Mar 1894  F330
Mund, Elizabeth C.             Buscher, John                  27 Aug 1889  D582
Mund, J.A.                     Engelbrecht, Mary              18 Aug 1896  G129
Mund, Maude                    Nichols, Iva                                T343
Mund, Moritz                   Ciskowski, Mary                16 Jul 1895  F566
Mundell, N.E.                  Root, Ollie M.                     6-Jul-21 Z113
Munden, Addie                  Sutherland, D.W.                  15-Aug-03 I632
Munden, Laura                  Martin, A.A.                       8-Aug-20 Y004
Munder, Millie                 Meagher, Maggie                02 Jan 1894  F290
Mundis, Josephine              Myers, Murel Liness               14-Apr-22 Z708
Mundis, Lydia                  Sweem, C.A.                        1-Oct-18 V423
Mundis, Ralph                  Howell, Ethel                      4-Nov-21 Z402
Munds, Claude                  Rathbone, Ardilene                22-Jul-17 T514
Mundy, Carrie(ry)              Spalton, William                  30-Oct-08 L619
Mundy, Fannie                  Lee, Joseph R.                     8-Jul-18 V246
Mundy, Oletha                  Walker, John D.                    1-Sep-07 L097
Munger, Melissa L.             Williams, David X.             10 Jan 1876  A189
Munger, Mollie E.              Watson, George P.              16 Jul 1874  A127
Munger, Nellie A.              Drake, William J.              16 Jun 1885  C257
Munkirs, Dougherty             Lewallen, Nellie                  20-Sep-19 W454
Munkirs, Martin                Reddick, Ida                      13-Aug-19 W353
Munkirs, Robert E.             Moore, Eulah                      12-Jan-20 X127
Munn, Albert E.                Cook, Emma                     02 Feb 1882  B239
Munn, Albert E.                Dixon, Maude M.                   14-Aug-12 P369
Munn, Emma C.                  Woodford, J.T.                 18 Sep 1895  F595
Munn, Frank D.                 Tompkins, Jessie M.            17 May 1888  D300
Munn, Grace E.                 Kirkwood, Murray W.               17-Nov-10 N453
Munn, Harriet E.               Brown, J.A.                    07 Aug 1881  B174
Munn, Wilma Dora               Sage, Charles H.                  11-Jul-17 T498
Munns, Alice M.                Haughton, Charles L.           27 Dec 1891  E447
Munns, Hannah                  Betebenner, F.A.               05 Oct 1887  D123
Munns, Louisa                  Hite, David L.                 23 Feb 1890  E086
Munns, Mabel G.                Charles, John W.                   1-Jun-05 J585
Munns, Marguerite              Hite, S.W.                     31 Dec 1898  H012
Munns, Steven                  Lynes, Laura                   09 May 1886  C438
Munos, F.R.                    Harding, Lola                               S429
Munos, Jos.                    Ramirez, Conchu                   14-Jun-18 V215
Munoz, Jose                    Bean, Bessee                       8-Feb-20 X181
Munro, Lucy                    Barker, Frank O.                   6-Apr-10 N087
Munroe, Alfred Alexander       England, Nellie Alice             24-Dec-19 X077
Munroe, Ella                   Lott, Jesse D.                    17-Oct-07 L173
Munroe, Josephine              Osborn, Edward                    27-Jul-07 L064
Munroe, William H.             Robinson, Cora T.              27 Jan 1896  G041
Muns, William Thomas           McFadden, Ethel                    5-Nov-13 Q411
Munsell, P.D.                  Erick, Virginia I.             04 Oct 1897  G374
Munsell, William A.O.          Winder, Octavia S.             25 Jun 1891  E354
Munson, A.S.                   Miller, Cora B.                01 May 1889  D532
Munson, Alice                  Henton, Garn                       8-Mar-21 Y511
Munson, Allie                  Scott, Thomas                  11 Oct 1892  E629
Munson, Almira                 Staley, Charles W.                 2-Mar-09 M164
Munson, Arthur W.              Lane, Lenna May                   30-Dec-11 P048
Munson, D.P.                   Kennedy, Lillie (Mrs.)         14 Dec 1898  G634
Munson, Helen A.               Millhaubt, Clarence J.             4-May-21 Y618
Munson, Lulu                   Moore, O.E.                    01 Oct 1898  G578
Munson, Mary J.                Davis, A.P.                    27 Mar 1880  B056
Munson, Sarah                  Scott, Thomas                  05 Aug 1897  G333
Muntz, Loraine                 O'Brien, J.L.                  15 Jul 1899  H126
Munyon, C.I.                   Kiehl, Mamie                                S517
Munzer, John J.                Daisy, Moscelyn M.                24-Jun-02 I280
Murchison, Clara               Farrell, Lloyd                    27-Oct-11 O386
Murchison, Julia               Scruggs, T.J.                     23-Jun-20 X525
Murchison, Walter              Waters, Sarah                     19-Jan-21 Y422
Murdock, Alice Ora             Spelts, S.E.                                S471
Murdock, E.R.                  Leonard, Claudia G.               15-Nov-19 W606
Murdock, Ella                  Pemberton, Albert              25 May 1881  B161
Murdock, Frank                 Bane, Ollie                    24 Sep 1885  C310
Murdock, H.                    Eckols, Nancy                  17 Apr 1889  D526
Murdock, Marcellus M.          Armour, Mabelle                   23-Jul-02 I303
Murdock, Marcia                Delano, Harvey                              R589
Murdock, Pearl                 Eaton, W.P.                       12-Dec-00 H477
Murdock, R.P.                  Caldwell, Louise C.            18 Dec 1877  A301
Murdock, Sybil K.              Hull, Bion B.                  15 Nov 1889  E019
Murdock, Victor                Allen, Pearl M.                20 May 1890  E142
Muret, Hugh                    Shaw, Martha Reba                  7-Nov-17 U178
Muret, Pauline                 VanSlyke, Glen E.                  3-Apr-20 X302
Muret, William M.              Swim, Bulah E.                    16-Mar-12 P148
Murff, Willie                  Kirksey, J.S.                               S496
Murillo, Alejo                 Losano, Juana                      2-May-21 Y617
Murley, Ruby                   Elliott, Homer A.                  7-Nov-13 Q412
Murnane, Lucian D.             Coffey, Belvia E.                 30-May-12 P247
Murney, L.M.                   Williamson, Pearl                 25-Nov-14 R254
Murphey, Frank                 Moore, Della                   28 May 1889  D546
Murphey, John                  McCaffrey, Maggie                           D382
Murphey, W.C.                  Conner, Cora L.                    2-Jul-02 I283
Murphy, Alice                  Roof, Henry                                 C216
Murphy, Alice                  Roof, Henry                    06 Mar 1885  C225
Murphy, Alice G.               Dryden, Alva J.                   12-Jul-11 O244
Murphy, Annie                  Martin, P.F.                                R531
Murphy, Bettie                 Daily, R.P.                        2-Sep-03 J008
Murphy, Blanche                Wooldridge, Alva T.               24-Dec-03 J123
Murphy, C.W.                   Nease, C.E.                    12 Oct 1897  G378
Murphy, Cecil H.               Baldwin, Marion L.                22-Mar-21 Y539
Murphy, Charles E.             Wallace, Mary L.                   5-Aug-10 N268
Murphy, Charles F.             Bixby, Emma A.                 18 Apr 1893  F116
Murphy, Clarence T.            Johnson, Bessie                   22-Jul-13 Q250
Murphy, Claud R.               Yeaman, Alta May                   1-Jul-21 Z099
Murphy, Cora                   Reeves, Charles                04 Jul 1888  D333
Murphy, Dan                    McLaughlin, Isabell               12-Sep-17 T623
Murphy, E.L.                   Douglas, Estella M.               26-Oct-03 J063
Murphy, Elizabeth              Ripley, Pearl V.                  27-Apr-10 N112
Murphy, Elizabeth L.           Reynolds, William H.           15 Aug 1899  H137
Murphy, Emmet                  Moore, Dollie                     29-Nov-05 K123
Murphy, Eugene                 Russell, Rose                               S181
Murphy, Florence I.            Hill, Ellison                      1-May-00 H314
Murphy, Frances M.             Collins, John F.                  21-Jun-05 J604
Murphy, Frank                  Cooper, Lizzie                 10 Mar 1892  E512
Murphy, G.A.                   Dadisman, Avis                    25-Feb-07 K558
Murphy, George A. Jr.          Bevis, Anna C.                              R491
Murphy, George S.              Hastings, Ora F.                  10-Feb-15 R354
Murphy, Gracie Ella May        Legg, Clyde Medscar                         T090
Murphy, H.L.                   Collier, Sarah Mae                          T025
Murphy, Harry J.               Forbes, Geraldine                 18-Mar-22 Z656
Murphy, Hattie L.              Daratt, Clifford R.            28 Oct 1894  F425
Murphy, Howard Washington      Brady, Carrie                      1-Jun-09 M274
Murphy, J.A.                   Welsh, Catherine (Katherine) B 19 Jan 1898  G444
Murphy, J.S.                   Clark, Laura S.                             E326
Murphy, James G.               Yersin, Helene(llen)              12-Sep-07 L118
Murphy, James H.               Breth, Belle                      19-May-12 P237
Murphy, James Vernon           Offenstine, Una                    1-Jan-13 P619
Murphy, Jeannie (Mrs)          Davis, John D.                 23 Jan 1890  E065
Murphy, John                   Lawrence, Jane                 03 Sep 1872  A045
Murphy, Joseph                 Yindroe, Anna                     24-Apr-12 P205
Murphy, Kate                   McDonald, J.T.                 15 Nov 1882  B321
Murphy, Kate                   Parham, Harry C.               26 Nov 1890  E250
Murphy, Kate L.                Wells, W.H.                    20 Dec 1898  G636
Murphy, Kathleen               Poynter, Lee                      20-Apr-21 Y591
Murphy, L.J.                   Blackshear, Florence           26 Mar 1884  C062
Murphy, Lester E.              Davis, Gladys                      6-Sep-21 Z262
Murphy, Lillie E.              Howard, W.A.                      25-Aug-08 L533
Murphy, Lillie M.              Bowman, Jos. H.                02 Jan 1890  E056
Murphy, Lizzie M.              Stites, Henry Edward               5-Dec-04 J435
Murphy, Lucille Edna           Gideon, John Arthur                5-Oct-19 W497
Murphy, Mae                    Stitt, John D.                              T332
Murphy, Mamie                  Bixby, George R.               25 Oct 1892  E642
Murphy, Mamie O.               Williamson, Jackson G.                      R634
Murphy, Marie                  Murphy, Wilbur                              S301
Murphy, Mary                   Corn, George W.                10 Jul 1881  B172
Murphy, Mary                   Farris, Ivan L.                    4-Sep-20 Y083
Murphy, Mary                   Lewis, Frank                                S277
Murphy, Mattie A.              Nichols, Fletcher              29 Feb 1880  B044
Murphy, May                    Lahey, Edward A.                            T145
Murphy, Minnie                 Jones, Howard M.                  23-May-14 R002
Murphy, Minnie A.              Sayhouse, Louis                06 Sep 1887  D096
Murphy, Montreville            Pratt, Gertrude                   29-Sep-03 J033
Murphy, Myrtle                 Webster, N.C.                  29 Mar 1886  C418
Murphy, Nellie                 Dedrick, John T.                   4-Jun-02 I263
Murphy, Nellie T.              Meyer, John F.W.               31 Jan 1894  F307
Murphy, Nicholas J.            Green, Geneveve S.                15-Nov-03 J080
Murphy, Onida Mae              Shafer, Vernon Elmer              16-Nov-21 Z422
Murphy, Oscar                  Kelley, E.M.                      11-Jun-17 T439
Murphy, Patrick                Murphy, Samantha E.            24 Sep 1892  E617
Murphy, Ray                    Foster, Mary                       2-Oct-12 P439
Murphy, Raymond                Brammer, Gladys Marie             15-Aug-20 Y028
Murphy, Robert                 Sadler, Maud H.                29 Nov 1888  D439
Murphy, Sadie Frances          Wolfe, Josiah W.D.                14-Nov-06 K446
Murphy, Samantha E.            Murphy, Patrick                24 Sep 1892  E617
Murphy, Thomas                 Meyers, Martha                 08 Mar 1888  D242
Murphy, Thomas H.              Darley, Alice Mary             21 Nov 1889  E022
Murphy, Thomas H.              Fay, Minnie                       28-Jan-22 Z577
Murphy, W.S.                   Fye, Florence E.                  30-Mar-02 I211
Murphy, Wilbur                 Murphy, Marie                               S301
Murphy, William A.             Green, Golda                   24 Dec 1890  E267
Murphy, William S.             Winters, Mattie                27 Mar 1873  A065
Murray, A.R.                   Salisbury, Susannah H.            24-Jan-01 H512
Murray, Aaron                  Ireland, Anna                     29-Feb-04 J177
Murray, Anna                   Gorham, John S.                   28-Sep-17 U020
Murray, Charles T.             Phillippe, Florence               17-Mar-12 P148
Murray, Claude R.              Miller, Bertha                    16-Dec-10 N502
Murray, Cordie                 Caress, S.A.                       5-Aug-12 P360
Murray, Demos                  Hovey, Madie                   16 Dec 1889  E039
Murray, Dessie                 Pepper, Orin F.                   31-Dec-21 Z521
Murray, E.L.                   Wells, Flora                       2-Mar-18 V015
Murray, Ella                   Hall, John                                  H194
Murray, Ella                   Hall, John                     07 Jun 1899  H083
Murray, Ellouise               Mun, Raymond C.                   28-Dec-10 N531
Murray, Ethel May              Davis, Theodore B.                 5-Oct-03 J045
Murray, Fred H.                Snyder, Jennie E.                           S241
Murray, George Hamilton        Mathewson, Lucile Ella            18-Jul-01 I003
Murray, Goldie Mary Grace      Peterie, Ben H.                             S410
Murray, Ivor F.                Tismer, H.C.                                T074
Murray, J.B.                   Leonard, Barbara A.               10-Mar-11 O047
Murray, J.W.                   Blough, N.M.                      15-Sep-09 M427
Murray, James H.               Baker, Annie M.                28 Dec 1882  B335
Murray, Josephine              Gates, J. Ward                    25-Nov-08 M024
Murray, Lavenia                Dillman, J.H.                  24 Dec 1885  C361
Murray, Lena                   Reynolds, Roscoe V.               23-Nov-10 N470
Murray, Leo V.                 Stewart, Ruth                      7-Dec-12 P557
Murray, Leona                  McLaughlin, R.K.                   3-Feb-14 Q521
Murray, Lottie (Mrs.)          Fry, George H.                     7-Mar-11 O043
Murray, Lucille E.             Wire, David E.                              T010
Murray, Mabel                  Rupp, John Thayer                  7-Nov-11 O402
Murray, Mabel E.               Roseberry, J.E.                   23-Nov-21 Z449
Murray, Mabel F.               Davis, Walter E.                  12-Mar-22 Z649
Murray, Marian                 Young, R. Herndon                 20-Dec-13 Q463
Murray, Maude                  Temple, G.C.                      15-Sep-21 Z280
Murray, Maude A.               Franke, Samuel U.                 29-Dec-09 M597
Murray, N.C.                   Brown, Eva L.                     16-Oct-21 Z352
Murray, Nora Pearl             Smiley, Alonzo Herman          04 Feb 1897  G249
Murray, Robert                 Reed, Eva                      15 Dec 1895  G007
Murray, S.M.                   Davis, C.E.                       21-Nov-02 I405
Murray, Ulysses Grant          Nace, Sarah Elizabeth             24-Oct-12 P479
Murray, Wesley O.              Holland, Sallie Belle             25-Oct-05 K090
Murray, Winnie                 Selfridge, Lloyd G.                1-Aug-07 L070
Murrell, Elva                  Hemphill, Archie V.               21-Aug-19 W376
Murrell, Hurst Stewart         McCoy, Hazel Chelnissa             7-Oct-08 L596
Murrey, Blanche                Hull, Ernest                       3-Jun-17 T414
Murrha, Frances                Nawatny, John W.                   9-Jan-09 M095
Murrow, Dean L.                Miller, Myrtle A.                 23-Jun-10 N205
Murry, Amber                   Wike, Vesta                       14-Sep-11 O321
Murry, Andrew                  Thomas, Martha                    13-May-19 W134
Murry, Bob                     Qurey, Minnie                     20-Jun-12 P295
Murry, Cordelia                Moore, Horace                               O235
Murry, Edward                  Stewart, Eliza                 09 Dec 1874  A145
Murry, Florence                White, Willie                     23-Jul-21 Z151
Murry, Frances                 Thornsberry, James R.             29-Sep-19 W480
Murry, James                   Sellbach, Emma                 10 Jun 1885  C265
Murry, James Jr.               Arrick, Mary                   06 Sep 1887  D098
Murry, Jasper W.               Lee, Mary                          7-Aug-09 M369
Murry, John F.                 Waters, Emma M.                12 Oct 1893  F226
Murry, W.L.                    Randolph, Dora                    10-Oct-18 V442
Murry, W.L.                    Randolph, Dora                    14-Dec-21 Z481
Muse, James D.                 Hollinsworth, Sadie            26 Apr 1893  F122
Muse, Lena                     Roquette, C.M.                 03 Jun 1898  G519
Muse, Sadie                    Hicks, George                     28-Jun-07 L039
Muselmann, Henry               Fulton, Myrtle                 09 Sep 1895  F590
Musenbrock, B.J.               Irsik, Verona                     10-Oct-18 V438
Musewait, Irene (Mrs)          Dobson, Harry                  16 Dec 1889  E040
Musgrave, Clara H.             Goodin, W.O.                      16-Aug-05 K014
Musgrave, James H.             Nelson, Harriet                   21-Jun-05 J607
Musgrave, Otis                 Trolinger, Edith                            S414
Musgrove, Daisy D.             Grannan, George                18 Jun 1888  D321
Musgrove, Florence Marie       Walcher, Harley B.                 7-Aug-18 V310
Musick, Addie M.               Utter, Prior                      30-Apr-01 H572
Musick, Lee R.                 Blackburn, Elma F.                20-Feb-18 U579
Musick, R.B.                   Destree, Ida Henritta              2-Jul-09 M332
Muson, Sarah Ann               Toung, Fred                    17 Jun 1888  D322
Musselman, A.J.                Morris, Leona Gertrude         16 May 1898  G507
Musselman, Eva B.              Hayworth, F.R.                     5-May-03 I547
Musselman, Isadora             Utz, Joseph(hus)                  21-Oct-01 I083
Musselman, J.F.                Helvie, Myrtle                 20 Aug 1895  F578
Musselman, Joseph W.           Casad, Mabel P.                    4-Jan-00 H249
Musselman, May                 Beard, O.E.                    02 Dec 1888  D446
Musser, Bessie L.              Curtis, William                   17-Jul-09 M348
Musser, Corwin E.              Hobson, Bessie                    12-Jan-06 K175
Musser, Jacob L.               Woolard, Bessie May               16-Oct-09 M476
Musser, Ruth                   Baker, Wallace                    19-Jun-17 T455
Musser, William                McElroy, Ethel                              S395
Mussett, A.L.                  Collins, Pearl Sherman            20-Dec-14 R284
Mussett, Emma                  Garrett, W.L.                     15-Mar-02 I200
Mussett, W.W.                  Dill, Edith                       25-May-02 I253
Mussett, W.W.                  Slyter, Rosa                      21-Apr-08 L378
Musshorn, H.A.                 Lackey, E.E.                      23-Nov-18 V493
Musson, Katie E.               Hawxhurst, Jacob               29 Jul 1887  D072
Mustoe, Blanche Lillian        Kistler, Bert R.                  21-Jun-18 V239
Mustoe, Floyd M.               Prescott, Maud Florene                      S234
Mustoe, Floyd M.               Thornberg, Nora Pearl             10-Jun-20 X476
Mustoe, Jesse A.               Hanes, Mary E.                     4-Apr-19 W051
Mustoe, Kyle E.                Thomas, Florence                  25-Sep-12 P429
Mustoe, Ruby L.                Palmer, Ernest                    14-Dec-19 X037
Muzzy, A.A.                    Allison, Effie                    26-Aug-03 J003
Muzzy, Anna                    McMullen, F.S.                    29-Jul-00 H368
Muzzy, Frank                   Clark, Katie                      25-Sep-02 I362
Muzzy, Harry L.                Berger, Josie                     17-Dec-02 I428
Muzzy, J.C.                    Young, Netta                      26-Sep-00 H408
Muzzy, Maude Jane              Horsman, Arthur L.                 5-Jun-06 K283
Muzzy, Sarah C.                Small, William A.                  8-Oct-13 Q360
Myars, Anna                    Todd, H.A.                     24 Dec 1895  G018
Myatt, Carrie                  Sharp, Charles E.                 31-Dec-03 J131
Myatt, Margaret                Stevenson, Elliott K.              4-Jun-12 P257
Myatt, Nona C.                 Heath, Warren M.                  27-Jun-11 O219
Myer, Fred                     Money, Leota                      27-Mar-07 K585
Myer, John L.                  Barkley, Maud L.                            T154
Myer, Mary                     Strunk, Tony                      28-Oct-14 R197
Myer, Sarah                    Crellin, Grover C.                27-Jan-15 R342
Myers, A.A.                    Powell, S.M.                      23-Jan-05 J480
Myers, A.E.                    Jennings, Nellie                  22-Jul-00 H363
Myers, Alice                   Needham, Olin G.                  18-Dec-09 M564
Myers, Alice F.                Allen, Charles Roger              23-Dec-21 Z496
Myers, Amos H.                 Thumser, Annie (Mrs.)              4-Sep-01 I035
Myers, Anna                    McCabe, Harry                  31 Jan 1891  E294
Myers, Bertha                  Epley, Curtis A.                   2-Feb-02 I171
Myers, Beulah                  Jentsch, Paul Max                 12-Jun-18 V205
Myers, C.W.                    Storey, C.M.                      12-Sep-13 Q317
Myers, C.W.                    Thomas, Sadie A.                  29-Jul-03 I615
Myers, Catharine Pimlot        Craig, A.W.                        9-Sep-01 I038
Myers, Charles                 Figgins, Dessie                             T004
Myers, Charles H.              Johnson, Christine L.             25-Mar-18 V053
Myers, Charles H.              Williams, Effie                   18-Mar-12 P151
Myers, Charles W. (M.)         Myers, Maggie L.               29 Jun 1881  B166
Myers, Clara A.                Minnich, Charles W.            16 Mar 1892  E517
Myers, Clarence Arthur         Janson, Maud Cordella             20-May-08 L407
Myers, Clarence E.             Whitney, Helen                    24-Dec-21 Z507
Myers, Clarinda Louise         Allen, Irvin R.                    4-Dec-21 Z460
Myers, Claude R.               Bradley, Leita Marie              28-Dec-19 X084
Myers, D.L.                    Williams, Ida L. (Mrs.)        13 Sep 1898  G567
Myers, Davis L.                Irvine, Eva B.                 17 Mar 1890  E102
Myers, Earl D.                 Bray, Esther                       9-Mar-21 Y515
Myers, Effie M.                Willis, John W.                   21-Aug-21 Z228
Myers, Effie May               Hall, Nelson F.                   21-Sep-10 N349
Myers, Elizabeth A. (Mrs.)     Myers, Isaac H.                04 Sep 1892  E606
Myers, Emma                    Catevenas, James                  13-Aug-14 R097
Myers, Emma                    Erwin, Abner                   22 Feb 1891  E303
Myers, Ermina                  Crawford, L.C.                 25 Mar 1879  A410
Myers, Esther A.               Mathews, Bert M.                  21-Mar-20 X268
Myers, Eva                     Olvey, W.G.                    20 Mar 1887  C611
Myers, F.M.                    Fitzgerald, Viola              26 Nov 1885  C349
Myers, Fern                    Nelson, Harry M.                  29-Jan-11 N562
Myers, Florence                Sellers, George Dudley                      S080
Myers, Frank Jasper            Blackburn, Electa Belle           14-Aug-21 Z208
Myers, Frank L.                Ford, Lucy A.                  16 Apr 1894  F339
Myers, Fred                    Wolfe, Wanda Virginia             14-Sep-20 Y094
Myers, George L.               Huston, Luella M.              16 Apr 1879  A417
Myers, George M.               Darnell, Jane                  12 May 1880  B068
Myers, George N.               Adams, Julia (Mrs.)                5-Sep-00 H390
Myers, George S.               Brown, Nelle M.                    6-Jul-21 Z108
Myers, George W.               Bowman, Mary E.                06 Sep 1877  A284
Myers, Gertie A.               Snyder, C.W.                   01 Oct 1884  C143
Myers, Gladys                  Weaver, Lora                      24-Dec-07 L238
Myers, H.A.                    Craig, Edith E.                06 Apr 1886  C423
Myers, H.L.                    Clark, Gladys                     10-Mar-21 Y512
Myers, Harriett E.             Elder, E.F.                                 T312
Myers, Harry                   Haffner, Mabel                    28-Sep-11 O347
Myers, Harvey O.               Newman, Myrtle O.                  9-Jul-13 Q235
Myers, Ida                     Close, Clifford                             T343
Myers, Inez Numa               Shaw, Benjamin W.                 25-Jul-11 O260
Myers, Ira Eugene              Stout, Angelia Emeline            21-Dec-07 L247
Myers, Isaac H.                Myers, Elizabeth A. (Mrs.)     04 Sep 1892  E606
Myers, Iva Mae                 Mattison, C.E.                    19-May-06 K272
Myers, J.F.                    McCartney, Bertha                 27-Mar-07 K583
Myers, James W.                Nipper, Maggie I.                 21-Jun-05 J608
Myers, Jessie B.               Chapman, Wilbur D.             11 Oct 1887  D117
Myers, John A.                 Kinsey, Lizzie                 03 Oct 1893  F216
Myers, John A.                 Owens, Dorothy                    20-Jul-19 W298
Myers, John B.                 Mayne, Ella M.                 05 Mar 1888  D241
Myers, John H.                 Dunn, Jennie                   09 Feb 1893  F071
Myers, John T.                 Bacon, Amy                                  T061
Myers, John W.                 Biggs, Emma                    15 Dec 1889  E038
Myers, L.L.                    Grove, Milda                                R599
Myers, Laura Ella              Hinds, J.C.                       13-Apr-21 Y577
Myers, Leathea                 Elliott, Owen                     14-Jul-07 L052
Myers, Lelia Vaughn            Hillgren, Alfred R.               23-Dec-13 Q468
Myers, Lena                    Newcomb, L.A.                     15-Aug-20 Y024
Myers, Lloyd                   Boyles, Nina                      21-Nov-07 L206
Myers, Lorene                  Wise, Clarence                    21-Feb-18 V001
Myers, Lovevilla               Cochenour, Raymond                          R416
Myers, Lucile                  Bobier, William Loyd              24-Jun-19 W238
Myers, Lucy                    McDonald, John B.                  1-Apr-03 I521
Myers, Lynn                    Frass, Julius                     15-May-20 X406
Myers, M.A.                    Perkins, Frances K.            04 Apr 1883  B362
Myers, Mabel A.                Rinckel, Ralph M.                           S361
Myers, Maggie                  Lightwater, A.S.               03 Jul 1883  B387
Myers, Maggie L.               Myers, Charles W. (M.)         29 Jun 1881  B166
Myers, Marie                   Thieme, John E.                   18-Jun-19 W222
Myers, Martha                  Helt, Paul                        28-Aug-17 T600
Myers, Mary                    Prideaux, Edward                  10-Dec-10 N488
Myers, Mary A.                 Anderson, John A.              06 Feb 1890  E070
Myers, Mary E.                 Bayley, George G.              19 Feb 1880  B039
Myers, Mary E.                 Portwood, Thomas B.               24-Jun-20 X529
Myers, Mary J.                 Hostetler, John F.             06 Jun 1894  F363
Myers, Matilda                 Blakeman, Jeremiah             23 Feb 1882  B247
Myers, Mildred                 Davenport, R.W.                   27-Feb-15 R373
Myers, Mildred                 Isely, Merrill N.                 10-Jun-20 X477
Myers, Miner H.                Keyes, Bessie                  02 Nov 1898  G603
Myers, Minnie M.               Coleman, Frank W.                 18-Dec-12 P570
Myers, Mollie B.               Maddy, James M.                05 Mar 1883  B354
Myers, Murel L.                Clayton, Grace                     2-Jun-17 T412
Myers, Murel Liness            Mundis, Josephine                 14-Apr-22 Z708
Myers, Murray                  Eggleston, Laura B.            21 Jan 1886  C382
Myers, Neva A.                 Taylor, M.C.                      31-Aug-18 V362
Myers, Otho P.                 Jones, Pearl                      26-Aug-18 V349
Myers, Pansy L.                Parrott, William H.               26-Feb-08 L320
Myers, Pearl W.                Jentsch, H.B.                     31-Dec-21 Z526
Myers, R.M.                    LeClaire, Pearl                    4-Feb-18 U529
Myers, Ralph T.                Morris, Mattie M.                 26-Jul-07 L062
Myers, Reno B.                 Billinger, Olive Z.                         S623
Myers, Roy E.                  Hammond, Florence Lucile           6-May-19 W122
Myers, S.J.                    Fisher, J.H.                                L027
Myers, Sadie                   Gable, Charles W.                           J532
Myers, Sarah Ann               Platter, Lemuel                09 Mar 1878  A319
Myers, Sophia                  Harsh, Walter                     27-Oct-09 M503
Myers, Susan                   Moore, Isaac A.                   21-Oct-09 M491
Myers, Thomas F.               Greer, Pearl E.                             S600
Myers, Tom                     Fields, Hattie                    31-Dec-17 U432
Myers, Viola                   Faust, J.M.                                 M446
Myers, W.F.                    Quimby, Clara                  01 Jan 1884  C023
Myers, W.H.                    Suhm, Cora                        16-Oct-13 Q380
Myers, W.H. Jr.                Hartley, Rosie                 10 Jan 1898  G441
Myers, Walter Howard           Ellis, Fern Ruth                            S173
Myers, Warren E.               Mayfield, Iva D.                   1-Jan-20 X101
Myers, Wilson S.               Dibb, Kate                     15 Nov 1886  C517
Myler, Beulah                  Knox, W.F.                                  S419
Myler, Maud(de)                Butterfield, F.F.                 25-Jun-02 I281
Myler, Nettie A.               Wilson, Harry E.                   1-Oct-02 I368
Myler, William Albert          Dailly, Matilda                   25-Jan-14 Q514
Myler, Z.T.                    Johnson, Edith                    19-Nov-06 K451
Myles, Henry                   Lambkin, Della                              R593
Myles, Jay                     Matthews, Martha L.               18-Sep-06 K377
Myles, Virginia                Miller, John M.                27 Nov 1878  A379
Mynatt, Hugh L.                Mynatt, Mary                      22-Feb-11 O025
Mynatt, Mary                   Mynatt, Hugh L.                   22-Feb-11 O025
Myre, Lizzie                   McCormack, B.B.                30 Dec 1883  C022
Myres, Emma May                Tucker, Lloyd B.                   2-Apr-12 P173
Myrick, George Edward          Jaschke, Hattie Agnes              1-Oct-08 L586
Myrick, Joe                    Byrd, Rose                        28-Sep-18 V417
Myrick, W.F.                   Wilderman, Isabella               19-Jul-13 Q246
Mysinger, Mary A.              Hess, William E.                            D067
Nabb, Mellvie                  Roby, Albert H.                25 Nov 1886  C537
Nabolla, Sicto                 Story, Lizzie                               T281
Nabors, Lillian May            Wiltse, Cash                      12-May-22 Z762
Nabry, Nora                    Brown, R.E.                                 T308
Nace, Sarah Elizabeth          Murray, Ulysses Grant             24-Oct-12 P479
Nachbor, Anna                  Arnold, George                     3-Apr-12 P177
Nachbor, Gertrude              Donnell, William A.               15-Dec-21 Z481
Nachbor, Louise                Crabb, Lloyd                       7-Oct-13 Q364
Nachbor, Walter J.             Simmons, Marie                    23-Feb-21 Y489
Nachtigal, Harry R.            Arnstein, Bettie                  18-Dec-11 P020
Nachtrieb, Emma                McCoy, James F.                05 May 1892  E541
Nachtrieb, Kate                Waugh, Charles H.              06 Sep 1892  E608
Nachtrieb, Lizzie E.           Jackson, Albert B.             03 Mar 1886  C400
Nadel, Joseph H.               Resnick, Clara Rose                         S078
Naffziger, Vinta               Mendenhall, Fred                            S409
Naftzger, Florence Denman      Evans, John Lillie                30-Jun-09 M327
Naftzger, M.C.                 Houston, Gwen                     14-May-14 Q625
Naftzger, Samuel O.            Houck, Marie E.                   23-Nov-10 N472
Nafziger, Almira               Crum, John H.                  09 Sep 1896  G143
Nafziger, J.B.                 Frey, Pearl                       10-Jun-11 O189
Nafziger, Mary M.              Hoyle, Rollin H.                   3-Feb-04 J156
Nagel, Dora W.                 Sare, Edward                   22 Apr 1897  G286
Nagel, Dora W.                 Save, Edward                   22 Apr 1897  G286
Nagel, Henry J.                Moser, Marie                      16-Dec-08 M046
Nagel, Linnie                  Turley, Vivalley                  20-Aug-08 L519
Nagel, Margaret                Gruber, John                   22 Apr 1890  E126
Nagle, Hazel                   Cameron, Charley                  14-Jun-19 W197
Nagley, Albert                 Fruits, Odie                      16-Oct-19 W529
Nagley, James W.               Cooley, Doris                     10-Jan-20 X119
Nagley, Laura Frances          Gibson, Ellsworth                 10-Nov-10 N440
Nagley, Rosa Grace             Rogers, Benjamin H.               23-Oct-05 K088
Nagley, Sallie P.              Bingham, Mervin A.             28 Dec 1893  F285
Naifah, Sadia                  Naypha, Charles                   13-Sep-14 R145
Naifeh, Saida                  Naypha, Charles                             R142
Nair, Avery V.                 Vignati, Anna Marie                         S518
Nair, Avery(eny) V.            Vignati, Marie                    20-Jul-08 L484
Nair, Gracie                   Blaser, Ulrich                    12-Apr-00 H304
Nair, Louise                   Brinkerhoff, E.L.                  1-Apr-22 Z685
Nair, Lydia                    Eiler, George L.               20 Sep 1891  E391
Nair, Omega B.                 Jones, Laura May                  14-Jan-03 I467
Nall, F.R.                     Williams, Julia V.A.              23-Apr-05 J553
Nall, Susan W.                 Pittenger, Oliver M.           26 Nov 1889  E024
Nalley, R.C.                   Goodall, Ella                     31-Dec-20 Y392
Nance, Charles W.              Harrow, Vesper                    17-May-11 O149
Nance, Edgar E.                Hess, Anna M.                  02 Jan 1896  G028
Nance, Harry C.                Whiteker, Lelia                   24-May-13 Q157
Nance, May                     Jamison, William T.                         R638
Nance, Merle E.                Perry, Muttie E.                  11-Jul-18 V273
Nance, Mildred Marie           Howse, Edward John                31-Jan-22 Z580
Nance, Ohee B.                 Whiteker, Elijah N.            11 Feb 1892  E496
Nantell, Malena                Wells, Thomas A.               25 Nov 1896  G196
Napier, Cass                   Duncan, Virginia                  25-Sep-18 V412
Napier, Isaac D.               Merket, Clara M.                  29-Oct-19 W560
Napier, Verd                   Crum, Lettie                      24-Dec-05 K147
Napier, Verna                  Graves, Ernest                    30-Jul-18 V296
Napolian, H.N.                 Rush, Evelyn A.                    9-Jan-10 M606
Napper, Maggie                 Chambers, Charles M.           15 Sep 1885  C304
Naramore, Arch P.              Pratt, Ina Marion                 24-Jun-14 R035
Naramore, Helen Cecil          Becker, D. Beals                  14-Feb-11 O015
Naramore, John M.              Lamkin, Lena C.                             S297
Naro, Bartolo                  Almendares, Refujia                3-Sep-18 V371
Narvaez, Esperanza             Zamarripa, Frank                  17-Mar-19 W027
Nash, Amy M.                   Davis, Ivan E.                    15-Dec-19 X040
Nash, Bernice                  Green, C.H.                       26-Nov-02 I410
Nash, Earle D.                 Walker, Lucile                    11-Jul-18 V273
Nash, Esther                   Curtis, Otis                      28-Jul-19 W317
Nash, Frank L.D.               Daily, Nannie M.                   1-Nov-05 K095
Nash, Henry H.                 Groat, Nettie G.                  19-Aug-13 Q282
Nash, James B.                 Reilly, Genevieve E.              14-Jun-21 Z044
Nash, Lillian                  McHaley, E.B.                     25-Nov-20 Y296
Nash, Lucy Hortense            Shaffer, A.R.                      7-Oct-03 J046
Nash, Mary                     Daily, Bernard                 28 Jan 1890  E066
Nash, Mary                     Daly, Bernard                  28 Jan 1890  E066
Nash, Mary                     Daly, Bernard                  28 Nov 1879  B008
Nash, Minnie E.                Baker, Charles H.                 15-Feb-05 J498
Nash, Moses                    Hogan, Lillie                     20-Mar-20 X267
Nash, Orrin L.                 Adair, Lorraine                05 Jul 1896  G114
Nash, Orvall C.                Seed, Eva M.                      22-May-10 N147
Nash, Romey                    Earnst, Beyrl                      2-Apr-08 L354
Nash, Sarah E.                 Martin, James                  11 Jun 1881  B165
Nasit, Nettie E.               Heise, Paul A.                              R455
Nason, L. Earl                 Williams, Maud                    24-Dec-19 X070
Nassauer, Bettie               Levi, Bernhard                 30 Nov 1884  C170
Nassengill, Johnnie Edith      Glover, Bernard A.                 9-Jul-18 V269
Nauerth, Dorothy               Hastings, Ray C.                  19-Nov-19 W620
Naughter, John J.              Dunkin, Ida                       20-Sep-05 K045
Naughter, Mary                 Wodring, Daniel                25 May 1887  D016
Naugle, George H.              Brinton, Blanch                             T180
Navas, Rafael                  Kleczkowska, Yvonne                9-Dec-08 M038
Navas, Rafael                  Stubblefield, Elizabeth           23-Jun-17 T463
Nave, Mary                     Hunter, Bud                       14-Jun-10 N185
Naw, John                      Fourth, Anna J.                             I254
Nawatny, John W.               Marrha, Frances                    9-Jan-09 M095
Nawatny, John W.               Murrha, Frances                    9-Jan-09 M095
Naylor, Ben F.                 Newstate, Grace Rae               12-Nov-05 K107
Naylor, Blanch(he)             Neese, Walter                     19-Apr-11 O109
Naylor, Carl H.                Lavender, Eva Gertrude                      T061
Naylor, Clyde Clark            Yetter, Ethel May                           R509
Naylor, E.H.                   Stark, Minnie B.                  28-Sep-12 P434
Naylor, Ed H.                  Stark, Minnie B.                            O358
Naylor, Ida                    Howell, Clarence J.               21-Jun-21 Z070
Naylor, May Mettie             Potter, Charles W.                17-Jun-03 I583
Naypha, Charles                Naifah, Sadia                     13-Sep-14 R145
Naypha, Charles                Naifeh, Saida                               R142
Neafus, Pearle V.              McCormick, Gilbert C. (Dr.)        8-May-12 P230
Neagle, J.T.                   King, Mary E.                     25-Mar-14 Q577
Neagle, L.S.                   Bertholf, Ada                  18 Aug 1895  F578
Neagle, Levi S.                Lewis, Mabel                      11-Mar-03 I504
Neagle, M.A.                   Wight, Arie A.                 15 Jul 1896  G120
Neagle, W.H.                   Miller, Cora D.                01 Jan 1896  G025
Neal, Clara L.                 Corkill, Robert                    2-May-01 H579
Neal, Clarence James           Hill, Claris M.                   31-Dec-02 I447
Neal, Cora                     Cross, A.L.                    12 Aug 1897  G337
Neal, Daniel W.                Pike, Mary E.                  15 May 1893  F136
Neal, Edward L.                De Talente, Lillie             15 Dec 1892  F033
Neal, Elenora                  Black, William Cornelius          26-Sep-19 W476
Neal, Ellen                    Meldrum, George                12 Dec 1889  E036
Neal, Elsie J.                 Hesten, Edwin L.               02 Nov 1886  C524
Neal, Etta M.                  Young, John W.                    20-Feb-02 I186
Neal, Fred E.                  Park, Iva Myrtle                   1-Jan-14 Q488
Neal, George A.                Buckridge, Alphrona               12-Oct-04 J375
Neal, Grace V.                 Lewis, Alpha W.                             T062
Neal, Herbert G.               Showalter, Abbie May              23-Nov-18 V494
Neal, Hope                     Blood, I.H.                        7-Jan-15 R317
Neal, Howard Dudley            Yungmeyer, Esther B.                        S035
Neal, Ida                      Latta, Samuel F.               24 Apr 1891  E333
Neal, Joseph                   Neal, Mabel                       19-Jul-20 X593
Neal, Joseph T.                Coleman, Mabel                     8-Dec-09 M556
Neal, L.                       Swaim, Jessie                     28-Mar-05 J535
Neal, Lewis F.                 Ball, Rosella                  04 Jun 1889  D549
Neal, Mabel                    Neal, Joseph                      19-Jul-20 X593
Neal, Mary L.                  Hall, Robert H.                11 Sep 1890  E196
Neal, Sarah                    Dill, John D.                     19-Aug-20 Y043
Neal, Susie                    Webster, Hal                       6-Dec-18 V509
Neal, Vivian Aneita            Pinson, E. Rex                    14-Sep-21 Z273
Neal, Wilber A.                Harkey, Lizzie                 24 Mar 1889  D512
Nealeigh, H.L.                 Viets, Blanche                    15-Jan-13 P635
Near, Beatrice Eleanor         Piel, Joseph M.                   19-Mar-21 Y531
Near, C.W.                     Hannon, Pearl                     15-Sep-13 Q322
Near, Lillian                  Beebe, Floyd                      20-Jan-19 V574
Nearguard, Orin H.             Shelton, Mamie                    28-May-18 V173
Nearhood, Cassie E.            DeCamp, Marshall J.                         D062
Nearhood, Cassie E.            DeCamp, Marshall J.            18 Jul 1887  D061
Nearhood, J.W.                 Brickley, Nellie Gertrude         18-Dec-01 I128
Nearhood, John H.              Purcell, Maggie M.                18-Oct-09 M478
Neas, Arthur                   Lindabery, Maggie                 12-Jul-08 L479
Nease, C.E.                    Murphy, C.W.                   12 Oct 1897  G378
Nease, Edna M.                 Beal, Albert M.                   19-Nov-12 P514
Nease, Stephen G.              Baker, Elsie O.                   26-Oct-10 N412
Neat, Georgie A.               Crouch, John                   12 Feb 1878  A312
Neathery, Isabell              Stanford, James L.                23-Dec-12 P581
Nebergall, Clyde               Case, Luella May                  27-Nov-02 I413
Necco, Robert E.               Morris, Zeta L.                    2-May-12 P219
Neddo, W.H.                    Holman, Willa R.                  23-Feb-04 J171
Nedrow, Charles R.             Beck, Nellie A.                13 Jun 1893  F156
Nedrow, E.M.                   Lovelace, M.M.                 11 Jun 1896  G099
Nedrow, Flo B.                 Knapp, James J.                02 Jun 1894  F360
Neece, A.E.                    Fultz, Beulah Agnes                         S203
Neece, Beavy                   Chauncey, Edna                    27-Jul-20 X609
Needham, James G.              Maxey, Marion                     24-Nov-13 Q437
Needham, John H.               Anderson, Julian Adora            21-Feb-06 K205
Needham, Justin                Payne, Clyde                      19-Jun-13 Q208
Needham, Nellie Edith          Webster, Paul M.                  22-Apr-22 Z722
Needham, Olin G.               Myers, Alice                      18-Dec-09 M564
Needham, W.E.                  Allman, Florence                  30-Oct-13 Q402
Needles, William R.            Randall, Elsie                     5-Aug-18 V305
Needs, Alpha O.                Kerstetter, Harry H.               5-Jun-18 V196
Neef, Olga                     Prigmore, F.L.                    30-Apr-22 Z739
Neel, Andrew J.                Ball, Ida B.                   26 Feb 1890  E086
Neeland, Charles H.            Creson, Tennie                    25-Dec-09 M589
Neeld, A.D. Jr.                Jaques, Viva Linton                         T386
Neeley, C.N.                   Davis, Edith Irene                24-Dec-06 K498
Neeley, Edward                 Mathes, Carrie                     2-Oct-11 O353
Neeley, Edward                 Matthews, Carrie                   2-Oct-11 O353
Neeley, Jessie                 Embray, Tom                       18-Jun-21 Z065
Neeley, Lizzie B.              Brockway, Dennis               21 Aug 1895  F579
Neely, Blanche C.              Ketzler, Eugene F.             09 May 1894  F349
Neely, Crawfod                 Triplett, Mae                      3-Nov-13 Q408
Neely, F.L.                    Martin, Kattie                     2-Mar-07 K563
Neely, H.C.                    Humble, Helen C.                  30-Sep-06 K388
Neely, H.L.                    Taylor, Fannie (Mrs.)             18-Dec-01 I130
Neely, Idella G.               Bailey, R.C.                       2-Aug-05 K007
Neely, John Childs             Thompson, Lottie                  26-Oct-21 Z382
Neely, Pearl                   Hamman, O.A.                                T355
Neely, S. Belle                Reeves, Andrew W.              28 Nov 1892  F025
Neely, W.C.                    Young, Maggie                  .. Oct 1902  I377
Neely, Walter L.               Stanbaugh, Josephine A.           30-Sep-03 J034
Neely, William C.              Oliver, Ada                       17-Sep-07 L126
Neese, Agnes Goldia Bell       Stewart, Pete F.                   7-May-22 Z748
Neese, Walter                  Naylor, Blanch(he)                19-Apr-11 O109
Neet, D.                       Sipes, Pauline                     1-Aug-17 T549
Nefazenger, Fannie             Morris, Winnard                   20-Apr-07 K611
Neff, Addison L.               Saunders, Frances                 11-Apr-09 M213
Neff, Adeline                  Koch, Harry H.                    30-Jan-18 U516
Neff, C.M.                     Doan, Sarah                       28-Oct-17 U141
Neff, Carrie                   Jefferson, Albert                 19-Aug-07 L088
Neff, Claud                    Smith, Lula B.                 24 Jan 1886  C382
Neff, Conrad                   McGragh, Mary                  26 Sep 1893  F211
Neff, Daniel                   Grounds, Jennie                    2-Feb-09 M127
Neff, George                   Ritter, Edia                      14-Sep-14 R146
Neff, George W.                Ritter, Edia                      14-May-03 I554
Neff, James L.                 McLean, Melcena                27 Dec 1890  E269
Neff, Josephine                Kubik, Frank L.                    2-Sep-20 Y077
Neff, Kate                     Hostetler, I.                     26-Oct-21 Z386
Neff, Lela O.                  Miller, A.A.                   01 Nov 1888  D423
Neff, Lorena                   Hoppes, Lester C.                 16-Nov-21 Z429
Neff, Mary E.                  English, W.A.                  02 Jul 1895  F562
Neff, Myrtle                   Evans, Elmer                       5-Oct-10 N377
Neff, Ross D.                  Goodman, Elsie                    13-Aug-12 P370
Neff, S.G.                     Morris, Ethel                  27 Jul 1887  D068
Neff, William H.               Young, Ida J.                  13 Mar 1889  D504
Negbaur, Clara B.              Cohn, Moses B.                 29 Jan 1890  E068
Negley, Cyril G.               Jones, Lillian M.                 22-Mar-18 V050
Neher, Alberta R.              Frantz, Harper W.                  6-Jun-20 X458
Neibuhr, Minnie                Peck, Myrle                       18-May-09 M256
Neiderlander, Marion           Mosley, Ira B.                    17-Jul-19 W291
Neidhardt, Wilhelmina          Lepu, Anton P.                 27 Mar 1890  E108
Neifing, Hal F.                Grandy, Mabel E.                  15-May-18 V148
Neighbors, John S.             Rhine, Melissa E. (Mrs.)       22 Sep 1887  D110
Neihardt, Carrie Elizabeth     Bagby, Ethan L.                    4-Sep-20 Y085
Neihouse, Hattie               McCogary, Hugh                    23-Oct-11 O377
Neil, Arnold J.                Lawellin, Bonnie M.                4-Feb-18 U534
Neil, Claude E.                Sanders, Zulah M.                 15-Dec-08 M043
Neil, Will W.                  Henderson, Edith                   4-Jun-19 W180
Neild, Hazel H.                Irwin, David L.                   25-Jun-08 L457
Neill, Jennie L.               Cave, Matthew W.               02 Mar 1887  C597
Neiman, Ernest W.              Neiman, Minnie                              S638
Neiman, George D.              Bishop, Edna                      10-Sep-08 L538
Neiman, Luella                 Vancil, J.W.                      20-Jul-10 N240
Neiman, Minnette               Draper, O.D. Jr.                            S193
Neiman, Minnie                 Neiman, Ernest W.                           S638
Neises, Anna                   Friess, Fred                   27 Nov 1888  D434
Neises, Anna                   Ricken, Henry                     20-Apr-20 X301
Neises, Frances Florence       Sommerhauser, Peat                 5-Feb-19 V562
Neises, Gertrude               Theis, Christopher             26 Nov 1895  F626
Neises, Joseph                 Kerschen, Catharine               20-Apr-09 M193
Neises, Katie                  Thome, Peter                       5-Nov-07 L174
Neises, Lizzie A.              Seiwert, John                  05 May 1896  G085
Neises, Mathias                Heimermann, Louise                 9-Apr-07 K579
Neises, Nick                   Orth, Katie                       14-May-12 P215
Neises, Peter                  Lies, Mathilda                     2-Jun-14 Q634
Neises, Theodore               Theis, Anna Mary (Maria)       05 Feb 1894  F305
Neisses, Mary                  Rau, Herman                       29-May-00 H318
Neiswinter, Susie Armina       Harris, Arthur Judson              5-Aug-18 V306
Nelms, Olin                    Stahl, Dorothy                    31-Dec-18 V547
Nelson, A. Frank               Little, Jennie                 14 Aug 1889  D589
Nelson, Albert H.              Hamel, Elva A.                              S154
Nelson, Alice E.               Edwards, Thomas W.                21-Oct-06 K414
Nelson, Alta                   Hughes, Orlando                   13-Apr-10 N098
Nelson, Alta                   Hughes, Orlando                   13-Apr-10 N140
Nelson, Anna                   Shapcott, William                 11-Apr-09 M212
Nelson, Anna M.                Stewart, Charles R.                9-Jun-19 W199
Nelson, Anna Marie             Grier, Andrew S.                  29-May-12 P251
Nelson, Augie E.               Williams, Bertha                   2-Jun-17 T398
Nelson, Augusta C.             Gensman, F.C.                  10 Jan 1899  H022
Nelson, Beatrice A.            Bell, G.W.                        19-Mar-03 I512
Nelson, Beatrice E.            Campbell, Monta L.             28 Nov 1895  F636
Nelson, Bertha A.              Nighswonger, Isaac             28 Nov 1894  F444
Nelson, Bessie                 Lappin, George B.                           R625
Nelson, C.                     Ross, Cornelious                            R511
Nelson, C.L.                   Cross, Georgia                 09 Nov 1887  D153
Nelson, Charley                Nolan, Laney                       4-May-11 O135
Nelson, Christopher H.         Dye, Bessie L.                     8-Jul-07 L046
Nelson, Clarence W.            Reynolds, Linnie                   7-Mar-11 O043
Nelson, Delia                  McDivitt, Stewart                 13-Dec-06 K480
Nelson, Della                  Strevey, S.O.                  17 Apr 1896  G082
Nelson, Della                  Tiarney, Mike                     24-Mar-11 O065
Nelson, Dora                   Ralph, Charles                 28 Nov 1888  D439
Nelson, Earl D.                Spencer, Maud(de) Lee             21-Dec-02 I430
Nelson, Edith                  Clegg, Clifton                    26-Mar-21 Y546
Nelson, Edith M.               Gorman, John Ed                    8-Aug-12 P365
Nelson, Edith Mae              Scott, Arthur Q.                  19-Sep-09 M434
Nelson, Edward E.              Sutton, Sadie Eleanor                       T371
Nelson, Ernest N.              Frisch, Emma C.                    3-Sep-19 W409
Nelson, Eva                    Gasshoff, Jacob                21 Apr 1881  B153
Nelson, Eva                    Glasshoff, Jacob               21 Apr 1881  B153
Nelson, Eva M.                 Kerr, D.W.                        20-Jul-21 Z143
Nelson, F.S.                   Rush, Olive F.                    26-Oct-11 O382
Nelson, Flora L.               Zink, George W.                   19-Sep-10 N339
Nelson, Forrest E.             Kessler, Clara E.                  6-Dec-06 K473
Nelson, George L.              Easley, Julia                     19-Jul-20 X594
Nelson, Glenn Grisby           Walton, Edith May                  4-Aug-09 M364
Nelson, Gustav                 Tisehhauser, Anna                           R469
Nelson, Harley A.              Remspear, Opal                    31-Dec-19 X092
Nelson, Harriet                Musgrave, James H.                21-Jun-05 J607
Nelson, Harry A.               Linsner, Hattie                   28-Dec-09 M596
Nelson, Harry M.               Myers, Fern                       29-Jan-11 N562
Nelson, Harvey                 Schumacher, Allie              18 Oct 1893  F232
Nelson, Herbert S.             Henderson, Ada B.                  4-Dec-12 P553
Nelson, Herschel T.            Sutton, Crystal(ytl)              15-Apr-08 L370
Nelson, Hilda                  Hines, Fred                       28-Jun-08 L459
Nelson, Homer                  Loper, Ethel                      18-Aug-09 M383
Nelson, Ida M.                 Majors, John A.                    3-May-22 Z746
Nelson, Inez                   Moore, Scott R.                    3-Oct-14 R142
Nelson, James                  Riley, Jodie May               27 Dec 1893  F280
Nelson, James H.               Leedy, Minnie B.               06 Mar 1890  E093
Nelson, Jessie B.              Freeman, Lee P.                   31-May-20 X434
Nelson, Johan R.               Hodgin, Martha C.                 18-Oct-14 R198
Nelson, John A.                Shannon, Bertha                   28-Feb-11 O035
Nelson, John E.                Davis, Minnie                     12-Nov-08 M003
Nelson, John L.                Calhoun, Katherine                29-Apr-08 L388
Nelson, Josephine Helen        Hopkins, Charles A.                5-Nov-13 Q409
Nelson, Katharine              Roethemeyer, J.C.                  1-Sep-04 J329
Nelson, Laura V.               Newby, Dewey D.                   19-Feb-20 X209
Nelson, Lawrence A.            Williams, Edna Blanche            10-Jan-19 V562
Nelson, Lena                   Brazelton, I.A.                    3-Jun-20 X451
Nelson, Lillian M.             Mueller, Wilhelm H.               12-Jan-21 Y408
Nelson, Lillie                 Eads, Asa                         22-Aug-18 V339
Nelson, Louis                  Howard, Celestine                  4-Aug-19 W319
Nelson, Louise                 Elliott, B.F.                     19-Sep-20 Y122
Nelson, Lucile                 Coffey, Leonard B.                22-Oct-07 L177
Nelson, Lucy C.                Baker, William P.              21 Mar 1880  B053
Nelson, M. Claude              Hall, Irene                        6-Jun-07 L007
Nelson, Marie                  Reed, W.L.                                  S068
Nelson, Mary                   Campbell, Hampton              10 Oct 1892  E628
Nelson, Mary                   Hillbun, O.C.                               V180
Nelson, Maud M.                Bessete, Robert E.                28-May-14 R009
Nelson, Mildred                Daniels, K. Weller                          S400
Nelson, Myrtle                 Ford, Clyde                                 T022
Nelson, Nina F.                Davidson, Harry T.                24-Oct-12 P481
Nelson, O.D.                   Guiney, Hertha                     2-Oct-20 Y152
Nelson, Ogle P.                Wemple, May E.                    16-Oct-21 Z349
Nelson, Oney M.                Wilson, Edna Francis                        S077
Nelson, Opal Pearl             Watkins, Walter Cloud                       S479
Nelson, Oscar H.               Dornbush, Sadie                   12-Sep-05 K036
Nelson, Otis                   Schonover, Mattie                           S274
Nelson, P. Arnold              Wiley, Etta Bernice            23 Dec 1897  G430
Nelson, R.F.                   Wright, N.A.                   31 May 1893  F144
Nelson, Ray A.                 Peters, Wilma Rhea                27-Jan-20 X156
Nelson, Rebecca Jane           Toler, Robert N.               10 Feb 1894  F310
Nelson, Rosa                   Walker, Ellis                     18-Feb-19 V618
Nelson, Ruth Winifred          Rawlings, Glen                    25-Dec-18 V521
Nelson, Sada                   Truesdell, Clifford               14-Dec-19 X037
Nelson, Thomas E.              Runion, Myrtle F.                 24-Jul-08 L493
Nelson, Viva                   Vasicek, F.C.                               T017
Nelson, Walter J.              Cartwright, Lillian Mae            2-Nov-09 M508
Nelson, Walter V.              Timmons, Emma E.                  23-Oct-11 O379
Nelson, Warren E.              Hull, Minnie S.                    7-Mar-08 L331
Nelson, Wilbert                Doyle, Lottie E.                  24-Dec-05 K151
Nelson, Wilda J.               Hamilton, C.R.                    13-Nov-20 Y264
Nelson, William                Ganndles, Hannah               09 Oct 1881  B198
Nelson, William                Jones, Emma                       29-Mar-19 W042
Nelson, William C.             Bowman, Lola A.                   12-May-09 M249
Nelson, William Henry          English, Sadie Stevens            18-Nov-18 V484
Nelson, William R.             Lloyd, Floy                        2-Jan-09 M085
Nelson,Edythe Elizabeth        Davenport, Cecil N.               30-Nov-05 K121
Nepper, Victoria               Keiter, Henry H.                  27-Jan-03 I457
Neptune, Frank L.              Swaney, Martha J.              23 Nov 1893  F256
Neptune, Lola H.               Penny, John D.                    24-Feb-04 J172
Neptune, Mary Lois             Penney, Carl Creighton            18-Jun-13 Q204
Nesbett, George H.             Stunz, Nettie                      1-Aug-19 W324
Nesbitt, George F.             McClatchy, Wilbur J.              10-Mar-19 W016
Nesbitt, Merl F.               Basil, Dora                        5-Nov-10 N433
Nesbitt, Nellie L.             House, Eli                        15-Mar-09 M181
Neselrode, Loie                Simons, Luvern                     4-Nov-02 I396
Nesmith, Fred S.               Jennings, Grace                   12-Dec-20 Y332
Ness, Viola C.                 Joy, Ralph Brackett               16-Oct-13 Q381
Nesselrode, Bessie             Harvey, Chester                    4-Oct-13 Q359
Nessley, Edward H.D.           Good, Dessie May                   8-Nov-11 O406
Nessley, James E.              Hamilton, Blanche              18 Aug 1888  D363
Nessley, Mina                  Jocelyn, Shirley T.               27-Dec-05 K159
Nessly, Bernice                Davis, G.C.                                 S388
Nessly, Flora W.               Miller, Charles W.             19 Sep 1878  A359
Nessly, Harry C.               Shelly, Jennie K.                 24-Oct-06 K415
Nessly, Herbert L.             Howard, Myrtle B.                 23-Jun-09 M307
Nessly, Ida M.                 Wright, L.C.                       9-Jan-07 K513
Nessly, J.L.                   Cartwright, Minnie P.          27 Mar 1878  A325
Nessly, W.R.                   Lane, I.H.                     20 Apr 1886  C429
Nestelroad, F.D.               Delano, Elva                                T023
Nestelroad, R.J.               Cameron, Ruby                     15-Feb-15 R362
Nestelroad, Violet M.          Harvey, Theo G.                   24-Dec-12 P589
Nester, Inez                   Berger, Adolph G.                  9-Mar-12 P141
Nester, Jake                   Widdoes, Laura                     4-Aug-06 K345
Nester, John B.                Bonham, Elisabeth A.           22 Oct 1879  A457
Nester, Mary                   Wilkie, William                   30-Jan-15 R345
Nestleroad, Zola               Arnholz, Fred                      9-Feb-20 X184
Nethercote, Mildred            Miller, Russell                    9-Oct-12 P450
Netherton, Cecil               Keen, Freda                       23-Aug-17 T591
Nett, Anna                     Fishbach, Peter                16 Sep 1890  E189
Nett, Christina                Mans, Sebastian                07 May 1895  F531
Nett, Katharina                Hein, John                     04 Feb 1896  G034
Nett, Leo                      Timesch, Mary                     20-Apr-21 Y562
Nett, M.J.                     Ternes, Clara                     29-Apr-19 W097
Nett, Mary Magdaline           Thome, Frank                      10-Jun-19 W160
Nett, Rosa                     Bergkamp, John                    30-Mar-21 Y543
Nette, Anna                    Bergkamp, Frederick               16-Sep-19 W394
Nettles, Charley               Talbott, Sally                     1-Dec-13 Q445
Nettles, Iva                   White, John Francis               15-Nov-20 Y268
Neu, Josephine M.              Coleman, Charles C.               26-Oct-17 U105
Neubecker, Bessie              Fox, Martin G.                 18 Jul 1899  H127
Neuenschwander, Otto Chester   Sim, Velma Mertylle               31-Dec-19 X099
Neuforth, Edward W.            Fortner, Margarie(gurie)           1-Nov-08 L627
Neugebauer, George W.          Briggs, Anna Marie                22-Aug-03 I639
Neuhold, Ed                    Stein, Johanna                 25 Aug 1897  G345
Neuhold, Julia                 Konecny, Joseph                04 Jun 1894  F361
Neuhold, Rosa                  Meidel, George L.              21 Sep 1897  G357
Neumann, Carl                  Schattolaoly, Louise           01 Jan 1886  C369
Neumann, Deed                  Burgett, Ralph                    12-Apr-19 W068
Neumeyer, W.H.                 Dixon, Bertha                     14-Jul-19 W283
Neuway, Edward Lee             Roberts, Mary Alice               28-Mar-22 Z678
Nevarez, Jesus                 Moreno, Narcisa                    3-Jul-19 W268
Neviens, Harry W.              Rickman, Emma B.                  29-May-11 O164
Nevil, W.B.                    Rasmussen, Karla                            R513
Nevil, William                 Ripple, Lanah                  06 Sep 1880  B090
Neville, Alma                  Demorest, Ernest L.                1-Feb-10 N003
Neville, Edward L.             Jansen, Helen                     15-Jan-03 I465
Neville, Stephen D.            Kessler, Ida H.                   12-Oct-04 J375
Nevins, Benjamin F.            Waddell, Edith                              S387
Nevins, Ida M.                 Hotsapillar, Charles L.           16-Jul-02 I298
Nevins, J.C.                   Ramsey, Sarah C.               07 Jan 1889  D473
Nevins, Mason C.               Johnston, Grace J.             21 Oct 1896  G173
Nevins, Mason C.               Wilson, Adeline I.                 5-May-03 I546
Neviss, Martha                 Barker, Alfred W.              27 Jan 1872  A028
Nevlud, Maria                  Clupny, Leonard                   18-Jun-12 P242
New, Myrtle E.                 Macy, L.P.                        15-May-02 I245
Newacheck, F.W.                Brewer, Hazel                      3-Jun-17 T408
Newbanks, Naomi                Fausnacht, Clinton                16-Mar-09 M182
Newberry, H.F.                 Pearce, Emma Gertrude              1-Jan-14 Q489
Newberry, J.K.                 Humphrey, L.B.                 16 Jun 1897  G315
Newberry, Raymond H.           Brown, Nellie                     18-Jun-21 Z065
Newbough, L.J.                 Clancy, Katie                  21 Jul 1881  B173
Newbury, George                Scribner, Iva                     31-Mar-19 W045
Newby, Abner                   Menkemeyer, Martha                21-Jan-05 J477
Newby, Cecil W.                Rifner, Olive E.                  23-May-06 K274
Newby, Dewey D.                Nelson, Laura V.                  19-Feb-20 X209
Newby, Edgar A.                Turley, Iola                   02 Apr 1896  G077
Newby, Emma True               Barnes, Charles Burtis             1-Jul-12 P316
Newby, J.T.                    Piper, Amanda                      9-Feb-12 P099
Newby, Jerome V.               DeLair, Myrtle                     1-Jun-18 U564
Newcom, Ann                    Hopkins, Leander               13 Nov 1891  E422
Newcom, Margaret               Welte, Joseph A.                   2-Jun-17 T415
Newcom, Robert Wayne           Morgan, Yetiva Ruth                         R463
Newcomb, Elizabeth May         Garvey, Charles C.             16 Jun 1897  G314
Newcomb, L.A.                  Myers, Lena                       15-Aug-20 Y024
Newcomb, Leland L.             Barnes, Nettie I.              05 Jan 1886  C370
Newcomb, Rexford               Bergen, Ruth Howell               24-Oct-11 O381
Newcome, Emma R.               Childs, Joseph                 18 Dec 1870  A004
Newcomer, Lola M.              Lacey, R.C.                       29-Feb-20 X224
Newcomer, Mary Ellen           Richey, Raymond                    7-May-21 Y626
Newcomer, Stewart W.           Carson, Lola May                  22-Apr-03 I535
Newell, Adele M.               Krepps, Henry E.                  17-Nov-10 N452
Newell, Clarence E.            Nolan, Vera S.                    29-Nov-17 U289
Newell, Daisy                  Winn, Ottis Elmer                 22-Jun-10 N199
Newell, Daisy M.               Smith, Frank M.                    8-Feb-11 O006
Newell, E.B.                   Hicks, Florence                18 May 1896  G094
Newell, Ettie S.               Campbell, Roscoe E.                9-Nov-04 J411
Newell, Everett B.             Duncan, Mary Ellen                15-Apr-09 M219
Newell, Florence               Eckenrode, Joseph                  6-May-09 M245
Newell, George A.              Ausmus, Mary L. (A.)           17 Oct 1880  B105
Newell, Harry B.               Bliss, Eva Edna                   20-Oct-17 U111
Newell, Henrietta              Sackett, Samuel                08 Jun 1876  A207
Newell, Irene                  Hageman, Victor                   14-Aug-21 Z207
Newell, Irvin                  Cordell, Lillie                   17-Aug-11 O285
Newell, J.H.                   Snyder, Anna Marie                29-Dec-14 R305
Newell, James M.               Lewis, Mary J.                 23 Aug 1881  B175
Newell, Laura V.               Simmons, Ernest D.                16-Oct-20 Y199
Newell, Lewis                  Winters, Leota                              T230
Newell, Lula                   Carson, W.H.                       1-May-12 P217
Newell, Mary A.                Newell, Nelson E.              21 Jun 1894  F374
Newell, Mary E.                Hall, Robert L.                   23-Sep-11 O338
Newell, Milton E.              Diggs, Mary M.                    28-May-19 W167
Newell, Nelson E.              Newell, Mary A.                21 Jun 1894  F374
Newell, Owen D.                Slayton, Opal L.                   2-Mar-11 O040
Newell, W.H.                   Meek, Salina                   04 Apr 1880  B059
Newenham, Manly O.             Jackson, Maud M.                   7-Oct-13 Q363
Newfeldt, John                 Lesco, Juanita                    15-Dec-17 U347
Newfelt, Bertha                Davis, O.W.                       26-Feb-13 Q047
Newfer, Claude S.              Schopf, Ruth I.                   10-Apr-12 P188
Newfieldt, Anna V.             Kimmel, Emanuel M.                16-Oct-19 W525
Newhall, Cloe E.               Shank, A.C.                       23-Oct-04 J388
Newhold, Elsie                 Duncan, James C.                            T106
Newhold, Theresa Cathryn       Suellentrop, John A.              18-Jun-19 W221
Newholt, Frank                 Schober, Theresa               16 May 1893  F135
Newhouse, H.H.                 Swanson, Ruth                     14-Jul-20 X573
Newingham, Florence Edna       Willis, Clarence Ray              30-Jul-08 L499
Newkirk, Amos S.               Miller, Beatrice H.               10-Nov-09 M521
Newkirk, Gladys                Grannell, T.P.                    19-Jan-22 Z562
Newkirk, Golda                 Varnum, Guy                       10-Sep-12 P408
Newkirk, Harley                Atkinson, Pearl                    8-Dec-10 N492
Newkirk, Mary Zelpha           Martin, George Frederick          24-Dec-13 Q471
Newland, Elmer G.              Reber, Lena F.                 21 Dec 1898  G633
Newland, Emma May              Doramus, William L.                9-Jun-09 M283
Newland, Jack E.               Orris, Venda                       9-Dec-21 Z474
Newland, Nelson                Stanford, Harlo                   23-Oct-01 I086
Newlin, Alice                  Bush, Frank                       18-Nov-08 M013
Newlin, Alice                  Dennis, George G.                 31-Mar-02 I212
Newlin, J.W.                   Jones, Pazzetta                    5-Mar-04 J178
Newlon, Bertha E.              Crandall, W.M.                    21-Nov-06 K455
Newlon, Ollie                  McCrea, William                24 Jul 1890  E175
Newlon, S.J.                   Norton, Lillie                 30 Oct 1895  F617
Newlove, Lulu E.               Klopfstein, Albert F.                       S626
Newlove, William L.            McAdow, Lula Elizabeth            29-Jan-12 P082
Newman, B. Raymond             Cole, Lulu May                    24-Sep-03 J021
Newman, Bertha M.              Shaller, C.C.                     21-May-13 Q153
Newman, Charles R.             Kiehl, Loretta                 06 Sep 1892  E607
Newman, Charlie                Leiter, Lauretta                  10-Feb-09 M136
Newman, Clarence A.            Hamilton, Maud E.                  4-Jun-02 I260
Newman, E.A.                   Hinton, Florence               02 May 1887  D001
Newman, Edith                  Hewitt, Roland S.                           S621
Newman, Emma                   Goodrich, Thaddeus             06 Nov 1890  E237
Newman, Esther Bertrice        Meyer, Walter Carl                29-Jan-21 Y441
Newman, Harry K.               Tandy, Ethel Fay                   5-Feb-13 Q021
Newman, Harvey                 Boughton, Geraldine               19-Aug-18 V331
Newman, James M.               Rankin, Birdie Pearl              20-Apr-02 I223
Newman, Jennette E.            Cumming, C.C.                      3-Nov-02 I395
Newman, Jessie                 Mosier, E.C.                      10-Nov-17 U191
Newman, Joseph L.              McCoy, Elizabeth M.            06 Sep 1899  H151
Newman, L.C.                   Daisy, John H.                    17-Jun-13 Q201
Newman, Lawrence               Rice, Mae                         12-Aug-19 W348
Newman, Leo Henry              Kinder, Iva                        2-May-18 V127
Newman, Leona J.               Burke, Paul                        5-Jun-20 X463
Newman, Linnie                 Calvin, John                      16-Apr-09 M221
Newman, Lizzie                 Adamson, William B.            19 Mar 1890  E101
Newman, Louise Reinsch         Turner, Wyotte Dellovan           16-Nov-08 M006
Newman, Marie                  Behymer, Carowin                  22-Jun-20 X521
Newman, Myrtle O.              Myers, Harvey O.                   9-Jul-13 Q235
Newman, Ola                    Ontjes, Bennie                    13-Dec-17 U342
Newman, Paul B.                Lane, Mary Elizabeth               4-May-13 Q131
Newman, Roy A.                 Thompson, Mary H.                 24-Aug-08 L531
Newman, Ruby H.                Barker, Charles                   18-Dec-18 V519
Newman, Sadie                  Downey, J.J.                      21-Apr-08 L376
Newman, W.R.                   Goodrich, Myrtle               18 Jan 1899  H025
Newman, William H.             Andrew, Mary E.                    8-Jun-11 O183
Newman, William H.             Crawford, Ruby                     9-Jul-13 Q236
Newmeyer, Nellie               Keller, William                             R443
Newmyer, C.A.                  McDowell, Edna                 01 Sep 1895  F584
Newnam, Effie M.               Owen, McDonald                              S485
Newsom, A.E.                   Bruce, Malinda                 28 Jun 1899  H115
Newstate, Grace Rae            Naylor, Ben F.                    12-Nov-05 K107
Newton, A.F.                   Skeels, Marguerite E.                       S512
Newton, Anna K.                Boone, Ray                        12-Oct-05 K069
Newton, Ernest                 Whitted, Mabel E.                  4-May-10 N119
Newton, Esther E.              Taylor, George D.                 18-Sep-20 Y094
Newton, Eva M.                 Alley, Fred T.                    24-Jan-04 J145
Newton, Henry                  Acken, Lizzie J.                            B262
Newton, Henry                  Acken, Lizzie J.               06 Apr 1882  B261
Newton, Ida Bell               Long, Elmer                                 S344
Newton, Iva Belle              Jessup, William Herbert           10-Mar-09 M174
Newton, J. Russell             Kersey, M. Anna                    5-May-11 O136
Newton, John E.                Burnett, Hette                    26-Nov-02 I414
Newton, John W.                Jacobs, Maggie W.              19 Oct 1886  C518
Newton, Katie (Mrs.)           James, J.W.                       26-Aug-00 H382
Newton, Lewis                  Johnson, Mary                     23-Oct-17 U120
Newton, Mary L.                Williamson, Dwight B.          22 Feb 1887  C592
Newton, Ola M.                 Mourning, Frank M.                          S109
Newton, Ora                    McLain, Ray                       20-Jan-15 R335
Newton, Oren                   Bush, Lizzie                       8-Jan-09 M093
Newton, R.W.E.                 Page, Sadie A.                    11-Mar-20 X246
Newton, Susie                  Bradley, Lewis                     8-Jun-18 V203
Newton, Tillman F.             Burton, Katherine                 17-Apr-21 Y585
Newton, W.J. (Dr.)             Cramer, Etta                      12-Apr-19 W070
Newton, William Jr.            Carmen, Orpha                      2-Dec-19 X005
Newton, Zella D.               Bailey, Avery S.                  27-Dec-09 M592
Nibert, Pearl                  Shoff, Albert                      6-Aug-21 Z189
Niblack, Calvin Laywell        Crawford, Ethel Margaret                    R492
Niblack, M.C.                  Vlcek, Iva E.                     20-May-20 X413
Nicaolas, Mary                 Ortega, Roman                               R640
Nice, Peter                    Potosick, Mollie               10 Dec 1875  A181
Niceley, Ella                  Smith, Isaiah                  08 Sep 1891  E383
Nichol, Evarilla               Thayer, Adelbert D.            10 Jun 1873  A075
Nicholas, Arline               Conley, James G.                  31-Aug-07 L099
Nicholas, Arthur               Long, Zora                        15-Dec-06 K483
Nicholas, Fannie               Waken, John                        2-Sep-09 M402
Nicholas, Nile H.              Scott, Nina Ellen                           Y261
Nicholberry, Jessie            Hobbs, William                    27-Dec-13 Q480
Nicholis, Effie                Hunter, Willis                 08 Aug 1879  A439
Nichols, Ada                   Brabets, F.A.                     20-Jun-00 H344
Nichols, Alexander             Tinker, Malinda P.                14-Feb-22 Z607
Nichols, Alice                 Bruns, August H.                   7-Dec-09 M551
Nichols, Alvin W.              Stanfield, Daisy C.                2-Jan-18 U445
Nichols, B.E.                  Heine, John Jr.                   29-Feb-04 J177
Nichols, B.F.                  Foster, Mary H.                   27-Oct-14 R212
Nichols, B.F.                  Smith, May L. (Mrs.)           24 Sep 1898  G572
Nichols, Benjamin F.           Reid, Mary (Mrs.)              26 Nov 1891  E434
Nichols, Bessie                Beard, Howard                               T066
Nichols, C.H.                  Boggess, Elizabeth             23 Aug 1899  H142
Nichols, Carrie May            Miers, Henry William               8-Apr-14 Q585
Nichols, Charles A.            Gratner, Icie M.                  21-Mar-06 K228
Nichols, Charles A.            Hayes, Anna B.                    21-Sep-10 N346
Nichols, Charles H.            Dalton, Alice E.                  29-Mar-04 J196
Nichols, Charles W.            Harrell, Estella                   9-Feb-20 X187
Nichols, Clara E.              Haskell, Bernie L.                 7-Sep-07 L110
Nichols, Clarence              Jennings, Madeline                20-Jul-12 P349
Nichols, Clark                 Bryant, Dessie                    24-Apr-11 O117
Nichols, Drew                  Cline, Mildred S.                  4-Jun-20 X454
Nichols, E.                    Lappin, Emma                      28-Nov-17 U274
Nichols, Edna                  Mulvehill, Thomas G.           15 Oct 1890  E218
Nichols, Elizabeth             Allison, Harry T.                 25-Dec-13 Q464
Nichols, Elizabeth J.          Cornish, S. Arland                12-Jan-13 P630
Nichols, Emma Winnifred        Hepner, Warren Ray                18-Jan-18 U489
Nichols, Ernest                Deaver, Pearl                     14-Dec-07 L237
Nichols, Ethel                 Simon, Roland                      5-Oct-20 Y162
Nichols, Eva                   Osborn, John M.                21 Nov 1876  A235
Nichols, Fannie                Agnew, A.G.                    18 Dec 1888  D453
Nichols, Fletcher              Murphy, Mattie A.              29 Feb 1880  B044
Nichols, Florence              Robinson, E.A.                    28-Apr-13 Q125
Nichols, Florence              Walker, Glenn                      8-Dec-10 N487
Nichols, Flossie               Beard, Elmer                      25-Sep-18 V410
Nichols, Frank                 Friend, Mabel                      3-Mar-21 Y500
Nichols, Franklin P.           Cronk, Ida B.                  01 Jan 1899  H007
Nichols, G.W.                  Law, Ada Lee                      30-Mar-10 N079
Nichols, George M.             Sarver, Lena A.                   23-Jan-10 M629
Nichols, Gertrude M.           Foust, Clarence B.                28-Sep-21 Z314
Nichols, Grace                 Godfrey, Thomas H.             02 Jul 1890  E164
Nichols, H.E.                  Hurlbutt, Kathryn Jeanette                  T150
Nichols, Harold E.             Sells, Kathryn Mabel               5-May-21 Y623
Nichols, Hugh Clinton          Claypool, Mary Elsie              25-Nov-14 R252
Nichols, Iva                   Mund, Maude                                 T343
Nichols, J.                    McMaster, Ella                 29 Feb 1888  D237
Nichols, James                 Wikoff, Lizzie                 26 May 1880  B070
Nichols, James E.              Chritton, Rosa E.              07 Jan 1889  D474
Nichols, Joe                   Gorsuch, Virginia                           S481
Nichols, John F.               Carey, Pearl E.                   26-Jan-04 J148
Nichols, John Henry            Hodge, Ursula                  21 Nov 1872  A050
Nichols, Laura L.              Herndon, J.L.                  26 Apr 1880  B064
Nichols, Leslie Preston        Maxson, Lottie Alice              24-Feb-01 H528
Nichols, Loarn E.              Kincheloe, Grace                   2-Oct-07 L148
Nichols, Mabel L.              Porterfield, L.E.                 12-Mar-02 I198
Nichols, Marguerite            McDice, G.H.                       9-Oct-19 W510
Nichols, Marshal               Fisher, Sarah S.               14 Dec 1873  A095
Nichols, May                   Logan, J.W.                    30 Oct 1887  D145
Nichols, Minnie                Arvidson, F.W.                    20-May-09 M260
Nichols, Ola I.                Huffman, Ethel Belle              29-May-20 X436
Nichols, Otto                  Crawford, Cora                    31-Jan-12 P085
Nichols, Pearl                 Ditch, William R.              10 Feb 1899  H039
Nichols, Pearl                 Thomas, Charles                   13-Jul-07 L051
Nichols, Roswell T.            Worth, Ethelyn E.                 16-Feb-07 K551
Nichols, Ruth                  Curtis, Virgil E.                 30-Dec-19 X089
Nichols, Sarah L.              Pickett, Daniel S.                 1-Jan-19 V546
Nichols, Sarah S.              Swartz, Ralph E.               14 Jan 1895  F476
Nichols, Schuyler(M.D.)        Collier, Capitola                 28-Nov-07 L218
Nichols, Sylvia                Miller, Lawrence                  26-Nov-21 Z454
Nichols, Velmeh                Monday, Frank                  26 Dec 1886  C564
Nichols, Victor                Jacobs, Della                     26-Jul-19 W314
Nichols, Vida                  Purkey, Jerry G.                   8-Dec-10 N488
Nichols, W.A.                  Hollowa, Josephine                 9-Nov-12 P506
Nichols, W.E.                  Moberly, Jennie (Mrs.)            15-Jul-12 P335
Nichols, W.H.                  Byers, Jennie                  20 May 1881  B159
Nichols, W.H.                  Price, Jennie                  20 May 1881  B159
Nichols, W.O.                  Messenger, Maude (Mrs.)            4-Sep-05 K029
Nichols, Walter A.             Garnett, Ruby C.                  29-Apr-12 P211
Nichols, Will L.               Torance, Haddassah                16-Sep-11 O323
Nichols, William R.            Offenbacher, Avis I.               4-Dec-21 Z466
Nichols, William R.            Wittum, Lucy L.                21 Aug 1896  G136
Nicholson, Albert L.           Belding, Lulu                     26-Nov-19 X001
Nicholson, Alice M.            Brooks, Edgar W.                  18-May-10 N144
Nicholson, Andrew              Bartholomew, Roxana Barbara    10 Aug 1890  E181
Nicholson, Carrie              Baker, James H.                   21-Nov-19 W625
Nicholson, Clarence J.         Woodman, Bessie E.                 3-Jun-03 I570
Nicholson, Edna                Bigham, Ambrose                   26-Jul-14 R074
Nicholson, Ella                Ashleman, E.                       9-Aug-19 W339
Nicholson, Ersa                Walker, Paul                      29-May-21 Y663
Nicholson, Estella             Oldfather, Leroy                   7-Mar-07 K568
Nicholson, Evalyn              Stewart, John                     31-Dec-02 I450
Nicholson, Francis A.          Baxter, Etta A.                   27-Sep-02 I365
Nicholson, Frank A.            Blood, Bessie                     10-Jan-12 P062
Nicholson, Gordon              McCoy, Agnes                      18-Sep-21 Z288
Nicholson, Harry               Woodman, Jennie Louise            24-Dec-02 I442
Nicholson, Hattie              Surtees, Robert                07 Sep 1884  C130
Nicholson, J.L.                Welch, Anna Louisa                          I322
Nicholson, L.F.                Hoover, Lucy                                R543
Nicholson, Lewie               Loudenslager, Hettie           27 Sep 1894  F407
Nicholson, Mary A.             Oug, L.W.                      15 Jan 1880  B026
Nicholson, Mary F.             Casey, George F.                  23-Mar-12 P158
Nicholson, Myron C.            Bohatsch, Fannie                   2-Feb-20 X171
Nicholson, Nora                Hanshaw, O.L.                  04 Aug 1895  F571
Nicholson, O.F.                Rittenour, Nellie                 25-Sep-01 I053
Nicholson, Robert J.           Hollingberg, Delina               12-Jan-19 V550
Nicholson, Roy E.              Hayden, Elsie                      3-Dec-12 P551
Nicholson, William Ernest      Little, Bessie                    20-Aug-07 L088
Nicholson,Isabelle Wade        McKeen, John E.                   23-Mar-07 K580
Nickason, Ella M.              Bates, Benjamin F.                30-Jun-08 L466
Nickel, Esther A.              Schnitzler, Frederick C.           1-Jan-18 U426
Nickel, Herman                 Blanfuss, Lena                 22 Oct 1885  C325
Nickel, Herman W.              Paugh, Julia L.                             R441
Nickel, P.E.                   Duncan, Helga                               R521
Nickell, Belle                 Reynolds, Harry S.                 6-Jun-09 M281
Nickell, F.A.                  Roberts, Virginia May                       S443
Nickels, Lucille Marian        Davis, Clint                      17-Mar-22 Z660
Nickels, William L.            Balch, Mollie (Mrs.)           03 Dec 1890  E257
Nickelson, Emma K.             Purkey, James C.                            R412
Nickerson, Bessie Alberta      Friend, Howard F.                           T266
Nickerson, Douglas A.          Simonton, Pearl                    5-Nov-10 N434
Nickerson, Earl Julius         Friend, Inez May                            T259
Nickerson, Frances E.          Iseley, W.H.                   30 Aug 1893  F190
Nickerson, Joshua (John) C.    Sanford, Maud(de)              27 Jan 1897  G241
Nickerson, Mary E.             Isely, F.B.                        8-May-01 H583
Nickerson, Rosa M.             White, Myron L.                   18-Aug-14 R105
Nickey, John                   Ragland, Ettoulia                  8-Jun-08 L426
Nickles, Clara E.              Startzman, C.N.                   22-Aug-00 H381
Nickles, Harry E.              Slates, Anna Grace                23-Dec-03 J117
Nickles, Hazel Alberta         Wills, Henry Raymond                        S229
Nickols, Daniel D.             Ingram, Geneva                     3-Aug-21 Z180
Nickols, Esrael                Seaver, Indiana                26 Oct 1876  A228
Nickols, Ima L.                Stewart, Harry L.                 12-Feb-19 V606
Nickolson, John                Beasley, Martha                12 Jan 1887  C552
Nicodemus, Iva                 Foltz, Fred                       16-Sep-13 Q326
Nicodemus, Lillian             Rickman, Ocran                    12-Aug-09 M373
Nicoles, Arthur Wilson         Gallagher, Sarah Jane             24-Jun-17 T460
Nicoll, Christine              Wilson, John T.                    8-Apr-20 X312
Nicoll, Mary E.                Ostrander, Silas L.                         T043
Nicoll, William Edward         Thompson, Sallie Ella                       T072
Nicoson, Ora A.                Kay, William                   02 Apr 1885  C236
Nida, Martin                   Thomas, Winnifred Fern            26-Jun-18 V246
Nidy, S.B. (Mrs.)              McWorter, Commodore                9-Dec-03 J103
Niedens, Dollie                Robison, R.M.                     17-Oct-21 Z356
Niederlander, Bertha Irene     Hess, H.H.                     31 Jan 1888  D211
Niederlander, Etta M.          DeVore, Elmer H.               17 Mar 1886  C411
Niederlander, Marian H.        Houghland, Ulysses S.          18 May 1889  D541
Niederlander, Roy H.           Polk, Jennie M.                13 Jun 1892  E561
Nield, Berdie F.               Barringer, W. Milton              25-Mar-09 M192
Nielsen, Galen                 Corcoran, Margaret                 4-Jun-18 V191
Nielsen, Mary                  Matticks, W.M.                              S290
Nielsen, Will O.               Arner, Lina                       20-Oct-10 N404
Nielson, Maren                 Poland, Clinton                15 Aug 1889  D590
Nielson, Peter                 Pederson, Mettie                            F100
Niemeyer, Dorothea A.          Holtje, Herman H.              09 Oct 1892  E623
Niemeyer, Mary                 Meyer, Henry                   20 Apr 1890  E121
Nienke, Emil                   Engledow, Frances                  4-Nov-19 W576
Nierman, Nell                  Shaw, Enos L.                     24-Nov-18 V492
Nies, Arthur                   Gosney, Florence                  28-Jun-08 L460
Niethamer, Clara               White, Harrison                   17-Dec-21 Z485
Nieuwenhuysen, Cornelius       Fack, Marie Elizabeth                       S235
Nighswonger, Bertha V.         Tinsley, John L.                  12-Nov-02 I401
Nighswonger, Ella              Johnson, John                     24-Feb-15 R369
Nighswonger, Frank             Weyeneth, Edith A.             06 Oct 1898  G583
Nighswonger, Harry M.          Zimmerman, Elnora                           S255
Nighswonger, Isaac             Nelson, Bertha A.              28 Nov 1894  F444
Nighswonger, Mable             Wright, A.L.                   22 Aug 1896  G137
Nighswonger, Marcia            Ashton, James H.                            T248
Nighswonger, Mary (Mrs)        Dobbin, H.G.                      21-Feb-01 H525
Nighswonger, Mary E.           Comstock, Edward R.               19-Sep-06 K377
Nighswonger, Oscar             Livingston, Mary               10 Oct 1889  D628
Nighswonger, Paul              Simpson, Mary                     26-Nov-19 W631
Nighswonger, Perry             Riege, Julia                      15-Nov-07 L202
Nighswonger, William           Parker, Anna                   13 Sep 1881  B183
Niles, Edith                   Powers, Frank                               S162
Niles, Florence I.             Masonhall, Lester G.              21-Oct-13 Q391
Niles, George Leslie           Marshall, Leulla                   2-Jul-19 W260
Niles, Iva C.                  Crawford, Earl M.                           S475
Niles, Leonora J.              Brewer, Lorenzo D.             27 Jan 1872  A027
Nilles, Katharina (Mrs.)       Weber, Bernhard                01 Jul 1890  E154
Nilles, Mary J.                Kramer, George                     5-May-03 I537
Nilles, Rosa                   Leis, Albert                      24-Feb-08 L302
Nilles, William O.             Cordel(ll), Anna(nie)A.            1-May-06 K247
Nilson, Albert M.              Wood, Lida                        30-Sep-14 R171
Nipper, Juaneta J.             Fox, Daniel W.                    28-Jun-06 K312
Nipper, Lottie                 Compton, Clarence                  9-Dec-13 Q451
Nipper, Lottie M.              Wood, Charles P.                   6-Mar-05 J514
Nipper, Louise                 Fooshee, C.M.                     18-Feb-13 Q033
Nipper, Maggie I.              Myers, James W.                   21-Jun-05 J608
Nirens, John R.                Bramlet, Lucile S.                 3-Dec-18 V507
Nirschl, Thresa                Jacobs, Joseph                     2-Sep-13 Q280
Nisbaum, Rose                  Harmon, Hiram W.               23 Nov 1898  G619
Nisewanger, C.J.               Richards, Laura L.                 8-Dec-09 M555
Nissen, George P.              Warneke, Cecelia                  19-Dec-14 R281
Nissler, Emma (Mrs.)           Hinze, Carl                    13 Jan 1891  E285
Nissley, John D.               Miller, Fannie A.                  3-Feb-21 Y445
Niswonger, Anna C.             Story, William A.              24 Dec 1892  F041
Niswonger, Bessie              Headley, Ed D.                    26-Feb-21 Y495
Niswonger, Mollie B.           Harris, Cecil H.               04 Jun 1893  F149
Nitchie, Freda                 Regan, Peter                      22-Dec-09 M577
Nite, Nettie                   Smith, Arthur E.                            R587
Nitschke, Frank                Knott, Carrie                  01 Jan 1877  A244
Nitschke, Joseph Frank August  Lemcke, Mary Caroline             15-Dec-03 J108
Nittenzer, Christopher         Mackey, Liza J.                27 Mar 1877  A261
Niver, William H.              Burden, Hattie                 20 Mar 1889  D509
Nix, Kathrynn Elizabeth        Robertson, George E.              26-Jul-20 X606
Nix, Mattie J.                 Bell, Frank C.                    14-May-21 Y639
Nix, Myrtle                    Hill, Ora D.                       7-Jul-20 X567
Nixon, Agnes                   Madden, P.M.                      11-Apr-12 P192
Nixon, Albert A.               Shields, Susie M.                 24-Sep-01 I051
Nixon, Belle                   Long, Lawrence                    19-Feb-08 L313
Nixon, Carl O.                 Hamm, Flora G.                    16-Apr-08 L372
Nixon, Charles M.              Bals, Bertha                      29-Jul-09 M360
Nixon, D.D.                    Zirkel, Amelia                              S274
Nixon, Etta                    Coats, J.                          5-Dec-14 R271
Nixon, Hazel                   Martin, Albert                    20-Jul-20 X596
Nixon, Jane K.                 Edwards, Walter L.                20-Jun-20 X508
Nixon, Lizzie A.               Howard, George M.              24 Apr 1889  D529
Nixon, Logan                   Salisbury, Opal                   16-May-12 P234
Nixon, Lulu                    Shields, Robert Prather        15 Jun 1892  E562
Nixon, Mary Frances            Hency, Calvin Wilson              15-May-01 H589
Nixon, Mary Geneva             Riggs, Landon LeRoy                5-Apr-11 O085
Nixon, Ollie                   Burnett, E.J.                  23 Sep 1888  D392
Nixon, Ralph Damen             Skaer, Ferne Viola                 1-Mar-21 Y498
Nixon, Thomas L.               Matthews, Cora                 28 Jun 1876  A211
Nixon, William W.              Jupe, Edna                        11-Aug-10 N272
No Ear, Creth                  On Two, Thomas Treads             19-Feb-09 M147
Noble, Anna Harmount           Roberts, Thomas H.                 4-Feb-08 L298
Noble, Arthur T.               Davis, Winifred                   24-Apr-12 P202
Noble, Beulah                  Statton, Louis F.                 10-Feb-20 X190
Noble, C.A.                    Budde, Martha                               S084
Noble, Clarence H.             Burris, Susan M.               26 Aug 1890  E187
Noble, Edward Tyler            Mills, Nellie Bell                13-May-08 L401
Noble, Elizabeth               Fullington, Charles P.         27 Nov 1897  G413
Noble, George                  Hughes, Ethel                     23-May-18 V164
Noble, Hazelle                 Wakefield, Ferd                    4-Apr-07 K592
Noble, Ida B.                  McCansland, Loyal B.           06 Jun 1894  F365
Noble, Ida L.                  Cattrell, George W.            01 Jul 1894  F377
Noble, J.B.                    Golden, Anna B. (Mrs.)         05 Sep 1899  H151
Noble, John M.                 Nolan, Cecil                      30-Aug-20 Y068
Noble, Joseph M.               Jones, Marie M.                    1-Feb-22 Z582
Noble, L.W.                    Bennett, Florence                 20-Oct-20 Y206
Noble, M.A.                    Morris, Luella                     5-Jul-21 Z112
Noble, Myrtle Irene            Scott, Edley G.                   17-Jan-20 X135
Noble, Paul L.                 Hine, Clara L.                    16-Apr-02 I222
Noble, Pearl                   Durham, Ervin                     31-Dec-18 V548
Noble, S.S.                    Grainger, Lula                 04 Sep 1889  D598
Noble, Sarah A.                Ellis, A.                         15-Aug-18 V323
Noble, Ulysses G.              Elmore, Rose                   24 Apr 1890  E125
Noble, W.S.                    Trimble, Carrie                13 Feb 1898  G459
Nocks, Grace                   Whiteside, Ray                     7-Apr-09 M183
Nocks, James Y.                Oldfield, Ida M.                  31-Aug-04 J329
Nocks, Lutie C.                Goodrick, Asher                   14-Feb-05 J497
Noe, C.R.                      Kelly, Sarah A.                   19-Apr-11 O111
Noe, Donald D.                 Mostow, Stella C.                 26-Feb-13 Q044
Noe, John R.                   Hallenbeck, Bessie L.          23 Jun 1893  F166
Noel, Alice                    Johnston, Alfonso T.           20 Feb 1890  E082
Noel, Annie                    Lowery, Burton G.                  1-Jan-00 H243
Noel, Bessie                   Ballinger, Charles                 3-Oct-09 M460
Noel, Bessie                   Lattin, Will M.                             S342
Noel, Edgar Leon               Churchward, Mary R.                6-Mar-18 V021
Noel, J. Fred                  Dorsey, Thadene                   31-Jan-12 P083
Noel, Jacob Leroy              Shimer, Colyn Elea                 8-Jun-18 V199
Noel, Mary E. (Mrs.)           Hatfield, Daniel B.            09 Aug 1892  E591
Noel, Mary M.                  Taylor, Harold A.                           Z568
Noel, O.A.                     Hutchison, Lorena                  2-Jun-20 X445
Noel, Olive M.                 Doeff, Fred F.                    20-Jun-07 L024
Noel, Peter                    Miles, Mollie E.               13 Jun 1881  B165
Noel, Peter                    Pocket, Emma                   21 Nov 1889  E022
Noel, W.G.                     Kindred, Flo B.                    2-Jul-12 P318
Noel, Walter J.                Widdoes, Aura                     22-Mar-03 I512
Noel, William T.               Greene, Ivy H.                    23-Sep-05 K049
Nofzinger, Maggie              Hoffman, Henry                     2-Oct-07 L151
Nogrady, A.T.                  Hargis, Jessie M.                           S003
Nokes, H.R.                    Woodrow, Mamie                 29 Dec 1898  H010
Nolan, Cecil                   Noble, John M.                    30-Aug-20 Y068
Nolan, Charles R.              Reece, Vircie (Vercie)            17-Feb-07 K550
Nolan, F.E.                    Ogden, Mary Helen                 14-Jun-20 X484
Nolan, James P.                Sheehan, Catherine             04 Jun 1890  E148
Nolan, John                    Martin, Mary                   27 Dec 1884  C181
Nolan, Laney                   Nelson, Charley                    4-May-11 O135
Nolan, Lizzie                  Corbett, Walter A.                20-Jan-09 M111
Nolan, Michael V.              Ledbetter, Lizzie              08 Jan 1895  F473
Nolan, P.W.                    Schmidt, Blanch(he)            24 May 1898  G511
Nolan, Sabina E.               Martin, Owen J.                08 Sep 1891  E383
Nolan, Sadie                   Synnatt, William                  18-Sep-00 H402
Nolan, Samuel                  White, Daisey                  24 Nov 1886  C534
Nolan, Samuel L.               Jaques, Mittie F. Freeland                  T153
Nolan, T.A.                    Anderson, Pearl                             S473
Nolan, Vera S.                 Newell, Clarence E.               29-Nov-17 U289
Nolan, William C.              Dillon, May Agnes                 22-Oct-19 W540
Noland, Bessie A.              Hinkley, John H.                  17-Jan-09 M105
Noland, Martin D.              Priestley, Mina E.                25-Sep-20 Y137
Nold, Thelma A.                Roberts, Erskine E.               17-Jun-21 Z056
Nolin, Ora                     Beck, Seymour                  01 Dec 1887  D170
Noll, John M.                  Bumgardener, Leora                30-Jul-18 V297
Noll, Pearl Simpson            Mead, J.F.                        19-Sep-20 Y103
Noll, William                  Walters, Etta                  30 Dec 1893  F288
Noll, William H.               Cash, Mattie F.                   27-Jun-06 K308
Noller, C.R.                   Pirtell, J.R.                      8-Jun-02 I265
Nolley, George T.              Fabrique, Mattie Lee           16 Nov 1892  F016
Nolte, Fred                    Brandes, Ida                       3-Jan-07 K510
Nolte, Mary C.                 Freeman, Joseph W.                12-Jun-01 H610
Nolte, P.D.                    Marx, Elizabeth                             T249
Noltemeyer, Albertina          Hogan, R.H.                       30-Sep-10 N365
Noltemeyer, Friedericka        Dyer, Harry E.                    28-Jul-21 Z163
Noltemeyer, Henry W.           Franke, Amelia A.              06 Oct 1887  D122
Nolting, Christine             Bachmann, D.M.                     3-May-12 P222
Nolting, Julia Ann             Pollack, Riley                     8-Oct-06 K401
Nonken, Hugh                   Smith, Ola                                  S178
Noon, Benjamin                 Goodman, Emmaline              06 Nov 1892  F009
Noonan, John P.                Blackburn, Ethel                  12-May-20 X398
Nooner, William H.             Harmon, Maggie                 20 Mar 1884  C057
Noran, Andrew                  Settergreen, Albertina             8-Oct-02 I370
Noray, Nellie A.               Burnham, W.C.                     25-Jan-22 Z573
Norcross, Hiram                Findly, Kathryn M.                27-Dec-00 H491
Norcross, J.H.                 Strohecker, Edith                  2-Jun-04 J250
Norcross, Sara E.              Jones, William K.                 11-Jun-07 L011
Norden, Albert                 Smith, Grace                      14-Dec-14 R280
Nordquist, Gustavus            Poland, Sarah Catherine        25 Oct 1883  B423
Nordyke, Albert                Baker, Nellie L.                  10-Nov-12 P507
Nordyke, Lafayette             Phillips, Lillian                  6-Dec-19 X021
Noret, Ollie                   Childs, C.F.                   01 Oct 1888  D399
Norfleet, J.W.                 Kelley, Emmie                      8-Jun-18 V202
Norfleet, Mary Vivian          Smith, Perry C.                   16-Oct-21 Z352
Norfolk, Clara                 Vanover, Roy W.                   16-Feb-11 O020
Norman, Anna                   Oliver, J.W.                      19-Jun-17 T456
Norman, Cora E.                Asbell, Oscar S.                  25-Dec-20 Y369
Norman, Daisy                  Martindale, Ira                08 Jan 1894  F291
Norman, Esther                 Collins, Joseph                   27-Mar-20 X284
Norman, Heber L.               Wardwell, Mabel F.                 3-Aug-13 Q266
Norman, J.C.                   Thomas, Harriett               22 Apr 1885  C245
Norman, L.I.                   Mulkey, Mary E.                02 Oct 1881  B194
Norman, Minnie                 Bradley, Mace E.                  24-Sep-18 V408
Norman, Russell H.             Moore, Clara A.                   25-Dec-19 X068
Norman, Sibyl                  Reames, Jasper                 26 Nov 1892  F024
Norrell, Carrie                Smith, Albert Green               12-Dec-11 P014
Norrid, William T.             Greer, Prudy                      31-Aug-18 V363
Norrie, James                  Sunderland, Ella               15 Sep 1887  D105
Norris, Ada                    Springer, Peter S.             10 Jul 1892  E578
Norris, Ada O.                 Snively, W.A.                  08 Jun 1887  D028
Norris, Alexander              Kegebehn, Emma L.S.                1-Feb-14 Q519
Norris, C.B.                   Harris, Marie                      1-Feb-20 X166
Norris, Charley B.             Croom, Zana                                 T322
Norris, Charley B.             Forward, May                      10-Nov-02 I400
Norris, Clay                   Stout, Grace                      28-Jan-11 N572
Norris, David F.               Lobdell, Mildred E.                9-Nov-07 L195
Norris, Dewey                  Russell, Angeline                 24-Nov-18 V492
Norris, Dollie                 Wagoner, Montello                 21-Jun-10 N197
Norris, Dollie A.              Crabb, Allen S.                   31-Oct-06 K428
Norris, Dolly                  Wertz, Howard G.                   8-Oct-17 U057
Norris, E. Roland              Day, Blanche Cora                 11-Sep-12 P406
Norris, Earl                   Finch, Dora                       28-Apr-21 Y608
Norris, Ella E.                Sanders, Charles Henry         14 Sep 1897  G358
Norris, Elmira                 Collins, Richard H.            24 May 1879  A427
Norris, Erma Gladys            Boston, Paul W.                   30-Nov-18 V504
Norris, Etta                   Patterson, Alva                             T377
Norris, Frank B.               Harrod, Laura                     25-Dec-10 N527
Norris, Fred                   Landon, Adelia                              S259
Norris, Fred B.                Potucek, Marie                     8-Jun-10 N179
Norris, Harry(Henry) E.        King, Lucy M.                  03 Aug 1886  C477
Norris, J.C.                   Hiser, Mary Etta                   7-Aug-01 I014
Norris, J.N.                   Herod, Miriam                               R486
Norris, J.W.                   Cornelius, Dollie                  6-Aug-02 I315
Norris, James E.               Hartman, Amanda                   29-Jul-08 L498
Norris, John M.                Russell, Mary                               S527
Norris, John S.                Baker, Jefferson C.            24 Mar 1878  A323
Norris, John T.                Anderson, Nora                     3-Mar-01 H531
Norris, Laura                  Winpigler, William             13 Nov 1889  E017
Norris, Lewis B.               Hollingsworth, Sarah D.            8-Apr-05 J533
Norris, Lucy                   Daggett, George                23 May 1889  D544
Norris, M. Louzella            Liddell, Howard                    4-Sep-21 Z254
Norris, Maude                  Russell, Andrew J.             22 Mar 1896  G070
Norris, May                    Henry, Earl                       20-Sep-20 Y126
Norris, Myrtle C.              Watson, Harold B.                 22-Apr-18 V108
Norris, Oren                   Main, Dollie                      11-Jan-07 K516
Norris, R.G.                   Leighton, Eva M.                   9-May-03 I550
Norris, Rilla J.               McCampbell, George B.          13 Feb 1877  A253
Norris, Ruth L.                Arnall, Raymond Percy             16-Nov-20 Y276
North, Andrew B.               Snell, Lizzie                  10 Mar 1872  A032
North, Dorothy                 Faust, Everett                     8-Oct-20 Y174
North, Eva                     Dewing, C.E.                       4-Aug-00 H370
North, Frances M.              Coonfield, Roy A.                 23-Jul-21 Z150
North, G.W.                    Boswell, Sylvia B.                17-Jun-11 O202
North, Gertrude                Tidwell, Gus W.                             K110
North, Lone                    Lewis, Harry                   13 Jun 1883  B381
North, Nettie                  Corsant, George                    5-Sep-19 W416
North, Olin O.                 Bash, Mollie                   02 Oct 1889  D617
Northcutt, Nelle               Davis, Virgil                     23-Jun-09 M306
Northcutt, Thomas L.           Sweet, Helen                                S587
Northhouse, Maggie             Spaulding, Jess C.                21-Mar-08 L345
Northrop, H.W.                 Yarbeary, Mary M.              09 Dec 1886  C544
Northrop, Thomas               Jackson, Anna E.               28 Mar 1886  C416
Northrop, Zellah               Becker, Roy                       17-Sep-13 Q330
Northrup, Alberta              Clark, Mary Abbie              06 Oct 1896  G162
Northrup, Annie                Goodwin, Jasper                17 Apr 1886  C429
Northrup, Jesse T.             Drake, Ida                        20-Jan-19 V573
Northrup, Roy L.               Stewart, Mary                     29-Sep-10 N364
Northrup, S.L.                 McIlvain, Nancy J.             09 Dec 1896  G204
Northrup, Stephen L.           McCleery, Saphrona D. Page     17 Aug 1892  E597
Northrup, Viola I.             Bell, Walter A.                    1-Dec-10 N483
Norton, Alice L.               Cunliff, John                  10 May 1899  H082
Norton, Annie                  Kennedy, Peter                 13 Jan 1892  E475
Norton, C.C.                   Eckles, Viola                     25-Dec-00 H485
Norton, Charles W.             Law, Fannie                    22 Jan 1882  B237
Norton, Dwight                 Sanders, Almar                              R517
Norton, Filone Ives            Gates, Andrew Wallis               1-Jan-03 I448
Norton, H.G. (M.D.)            Campbell, E.C.                    26-Apr-13 Q119
Norton, Hazel                  Smith, R.C.                                 S450
Norton, Irene                  Wharton, Lloyd                     4-Oct-11 O354
Norton, James N.               Gordon, Grace L.                  20-Jan-12 P073
Norton, Jennie                 Hunt, A.M.                     04 Oct 1881  B193
Norton, John T.                Battenfield, Nora              16 Aug 1896  G133
Norton, L.J.                   VanHorn, Grace                    31-Jan-22 Z582
Norton, Lee I.                 Clamage, Arthur A.                26-Sep-02 I364
Norton, Lida                   Best, A.F.                                  C423
Norton, Lidie                  Best, A.F.                     03 Mar 1886  C400
Norton, Lillie                 Newlon, S.J.                   30 Oct 1895  F617
Norton, Lizzie C.              Baker, William                 11 Nov 1885  C336
Norton, Lizzie C.              Barker, William                11 Nov 1885  C336
Norton, Lyle H.                Bruton, Jewell                    20-Jan-20 X143
Norton, Mary J. (Mrs.)         Gerard, William L.             10 Jan 1892  E473
Norton, Mattie                 Carpenter, David Lee           18 Nov 1891  E425
Norton, May Rose               Howard, Keith D.                   4-Aug-20 X630
Norton, Minnie A.              Ralstin, Meek                     15-Sep-01 I041
Norton, Olive                  Way, Howard S.                    13-Jan-10 M617
Norton, Susa                   Barowsky, Henry                21 Nov 1887  D162
Norton, V.E.                   Post, Nellie                       5-Oct-00 H424
Norton, Verda                  Christman, Earl                             R312
Norton, Verda C.               Young, Charles J.                           S243
Norton, William H.             Howell, Anglena                   22-May-01 H595
Norvell, Frank                 Phailing, Helen                   25-Apr-18 V111
Norvell, James William         Woodman, Ethel                              S461
Norwood, Gertrude              White, Glen                                 S086
Norwood, Sidney A.             Parris, Addie                  05 Jun 1889  D553
Nossaman, Bertha               Hemphill, Frank C.                19-Jul-19 W299
Nossaman, David A.             Boots, Verna                      28-Feb-06 K215
Nossaman, Ober D.              Whitlock, Gertrude                          S098
Notestine, D.I.                Hawkins, Edna                     14-Feb-07 K548
Noteware, Sarah L.             Wilhite, E.W.                  22 Feb 1885  C214
Nothstine, Alma                Blow, Joseph E.                   15-Sep-04 J346
Nothstine, Pearl L.            Hammond, C.C.                      2-Sep-13 Q300
Nott, William                  Vinton, Lillie                    14-Jun-10 N186
Notter, John David             Keithly, Bessie Raye              10-Sep-12 P402
Nottingham, Hiram              DeCoursey, Matilda                14-May-20 X403
Novak, John E.                 Stewart, Vera M.                  24-Dec-17 U379
Nowels, Blanch                 Woodward, Robert L.               14-Oct-08 L604
Nowels, J.T.                   Hughes, Emma                   09 Nov 1898  G607
Noyes, Alice L.                Amidon, Samuel B.              15 Nov 1893  F251
Noyes, Catherine               Hunter, Thaddeus W.                5-Feb-03 I479
Noyes, Gertrude I.             Haslette, A.F.                     6-May-01 H583
Noyes, Hattie                  McEntire, Joseph H.            19 Apr 1899  H073
Noyes, Hattie B.               Reynolds, C.N.                    19-Sep-10 N341
Nuckolls, Curtis               Steinker, Clara                    9-Jan-18 U464
Nudd, Emery H.                 Kaltwasser, Annie E.           18 Jun 1882  B278
Nudd, Fern                     Hurst, J.N.                       18-Jul-12 P339
Nudd, Ida May                  French, Harry L.                   7-May-13 Q137
Nuessen, Gerard J.             Gorges, Mary                      30-Apr-01 H558
Nugen, Albert                  Hunt, Beatrice                              S604
Nugent, Edward H.              White, Susan J.                20 Jun 1876  A208
Nugent, Nora                   Turkle, Nate                      20-Nov-12 P521
Nugent, O.K.                   Flinn, Louzetta                22 Jan 1889  D480
Null, Clara                    VanArsdale, L.B.                            S200
Null, Mary A.                  Prall, C.M.                       14-Dec-11 P017
Null, Rose                     Rawlings, Joseph                            S488
Null, W.O.                     Dorman, Sarah E.               28 Feb 1883  B352
Numa, Frank                    McCoy, Claude                     13-Dec-11 P166
Nunemaker, C.G.                Ashworth, Jessie B.               23-Apr-02 I227
Nunes, Josie C.                Berring, Charles A.            18 Dec 1884  C177
Nunley, Ellen                  Tyson, N.                      16 Apr 1888  D273
Nunley, Ruth M.                Wright, William E.                 9-Aug-20 Y013
Nurmberger, Fred               Miller, Flora                     29-Nov-11 O437
Nusbaum, Joseph                Slover, Emma (Mrs.)            05 Oct 1891  E399
Nusbaum, Lee                   Briggs, Eva                       18-Mar-08 L342
Nuss, Ada                      Ennis, Frank T.                   14-Apr-21 Y579
Nussbaum, George               Bell, Orvilla                     26-Apr-22 Z728
Nussbaum, Margaret             Oberst, Henry                     22-Sep-21 Z288
Nutt, Lola                     Beale, George                     28-Aug-17 T601
Nutter, Elizabeth              Robbins, John                      5-Aug-20 Y003
Nutter, Scynthia               Mitchell, S.R.                 22 Apr 1878  A328
Nyberg, Eleada                 Yarnell, Herbert                   1-Jun-21 Z011
Nye, Bertha                    Shimel, Elmer E.                   9-Dec-01 I118
Nye, Scott L.                  Culter, Gertrude B.               22-Apr-09 M229
Nyler, Z.T.                    Johnson, Edith                    19-Nov-06 K451
Nystrom, Effie                 Hett, August R.                             T014
Nystrom, Ellen E.              Webb, Frank C.                    29-Dec-20 Y384
Nystrom, George Henry          Salmons, Grace Maude              14-Mar-09 M178
Nystrom, J.A.                  Jordan, Odie                                T177
Oak, Ethel Violet              McCutcheon, Edward Rolland        29-May-18 V172
Oak, Margaret A.               Higgins, Franklin                 26-Aug-08 L536
Oak, Paul A.                   Carlon, Myrtle A.              17 Oct 1898  G591
Oak, Paul A.                   Mullen, Frances                    8-Jul-19 W274
Oakes, L.W.                    Schwartz, Florence                 1-Feb-21 Y449
Oakford, Richard S.            Harding, Eddith Marie          07 Oct 1896  G163
Oakford, William               Wadkins, Lockie                13 Apr 1888  D269
Oakley, Estella                Rhodes, Harry Martin               9-Nov-21 Z415
Oakley, Eunice I.              Tyson, Sephus                     12-May-03 I551
Oakley, Ida                    Dawson, Milty                      4-Apr-11 O078
Oakley, J.W.                   Querrie, Estella Oella             4-Jan-11 N542
Oakman, Hattie                 McCay, W.C.                        9-Jun-01 H606
Oard, Charles Rupert           Harrison, Nellie Grant            27-Apr-14 Q607
Oard, Charley Rupert           Diem, Lenora Francis              15-Sep-08 L567
Oard, Clarence Albert          Silver, Gertie May                 9-Sep-14 R137
Oard, Olive Mae                Caldwell, Newton Lamar             4-Dec-20 Y312
Oates, Granville Lee           Fouts, Mary Lucile                12-Feb-19 V606
Oathout, Clara                 Shuster, Fred Roscoe               1-Jan-14 Q490
Oatman, Bess L.                Pulliam, Leonard W.               22-Mar-22 Z671
Oatman, H.E.                   Osborn, Bess L.                   24-Oct-12 P474
Oatman, Harry                  Pitts, Etta                       14-Sep-10 N331
Oatman, Lena                   Jackson, Cody                     14-Sep-10 N331
Oats, Maude                    Parker, James                      7-Aug-20 Y008
Oatts, Hattie F.               Wissman, Jake                     18-Nov-08 M014
O'Bannon, Thomas S.            McClelland, Dorothy Frances       12-Nov-06 K443
Obel, Christina                Kerr, Henry                       13-Oct-08 L599
Obenchain, May                 Chandler, Clarence                23-Jan-13 Q006
Ober, Anna Berdella            Evans, Lewis B.                   28-Jul-09 M359
Oberist, Hattie                Clark, Allan M.                29 Apr 1885  C249
Oberlechner, Josephine         Stalheber, George                 19-Aug-20 X617
Oberst, Fritz                  Merry, Bess                       29-Nov-11 O438
Oberst, Henry                  Nussbaum, Margaret                22-Sep-21 Z288
Obetz, Nochia                  Thomas, George H.              03 Apr 1892  E528
O'Boyle, Josephine May         Fullington, F.G.               08 Dec 1898  G631
O'Brian, Nellie                Kleinpeter, Willie A.              1-Jun-11 O168
O'Brien, A.G.                  Beshirs, J.W.                     14-Oct-09 M474
O'Brien, Agnes E.              Shumaker, Ray L.                            S354
O'Brien, Anna                  Roberts, Henry A.              04 Jun 1894  F361
O'Brien, Clara                 Kinne, William C.                 15-Feb-11 O017
O'Brien, Clarence              Groves, France Lesley                       S042
O'Brien, Furley                Graff, Lizzie                     16-Oct-07 L172
O'Brien, Grace L.              Browning, William O.              21-Aug-04 J320
O'Brien, Henry                 Unger, Alice                      14-Feb-19 V610
O'Brien, J.L.                  Muntz, Loraine                 15 Jul 1899  H126
O'Brien, John                  Milroy, Agnes                  08 Apr 1891  E321
O'Brien, John D.               Pierce, Mary                      20-Aug-02 I325
O'Brien, John Dillon           Razey, Ida Izora                  27-Jul-12 P350
O'Brien, John T.               Winkler, Maggie K.             25 May 1892  E553
O'Brien, Laura                 Maxwell, Louis                    14-Aug-12 P372
O'Brien, Lincoln               Aspey, Laura                   16 Nov 1884  C162
O'Brien, Lucille               Kendall, Lavern                   17-Dec-13 Q459
O'Brien, Maggie W.             Miller, William M.                23-Nov-04 J424
O'Brien, Mary                  Heusel, W.F.                   13 Jul 1882  B284
O'Brien, Mary E.               Case, Omar                     26 Sep 1893  F212
O'Brien, Sylvia R.             Packard, Arnold D.                23-Jun-02 I278
O'Brien, Wallace J.            Tucker, Florence M.                         R454
O'Brien, Walter                Tidmus, Ethel                     14-Apr-12 P192
O'Brien, William H.            Brown, Grace L.                    7-Oct-02 I371
O'Brien, Zilla                 Burry, James Jr.                   3-Feb-08 L296
O'Bryan, Edward                McKinnin, Minnie M.            22 Feb 1888  D230
O'Bryan, Eugene P.             Summers, Mildred                  16-Aug-02 I328
O'Bryan, G.E.                  Plattner, Magdaleen               17-Sep-17 T630
O'Bryan, Ruth                  Bush, Robert                                S392
Oburn, Hugh N.                 King, Edna B.                     23-Dec-08 M058
O'Byrn(ne),Sarah Louise        Schavey, Earl C.                  14-Oct-11 O366
Ocher, Bly                     Lygrisse, Victor Francis          18-Aug-21 Z220
Ocker, Albert                  Crider, Zena                      19-Dec-18 V521
Ocker, Lewis E.                Vandergrif, Laura              26 May 1885  C259
Ocker, Mable I.                Osmon, Samuel                      2-Aug-05 K006
Ocker, Mary C.                 Tjaden, Joseph G.                  1-Jan-08 L269
Ocker, Myrtle                  Wolf, Fred                                  S282
O'Connar, Eliza                Litt, Henry B.                 23 Aug 1875  A162
O'Connell, D.P.                Flannery, Margaret                 4-Feb-09 M129
O'Connell, Jessie              Conrin, Joseph F.                  6-Oct-08 L592
O'Conner, Mary                 Gaiser, George                              S031
O'Connor, Bartholomew          Rimel, Bessie (Bertie)             1-Nov-10 N422
O'Connor, Elizabeth            Hightower, Ernest S.              14-Feb-21 Y474
O'Connor, Ellen                Foster, Frank G.                  20-May-13 Q145
O'Connor, G.W.                 Wolf, E.C.                     26 Dec 1888  D466
O'Connor, Jannie Julia         McGowen, John J.                  29-Nov-11 O433
O'Connor, Johanna              Truesdale, Earl                   24-May-21 Y652
O'Connor, Katherine Emma       Flanigan, James Patrick           15-Nov-21 Z425
O'Connor, Michael              Zwisler, Frances                  12-Feb-18 U551
O'Connor, W.H.                 Ward, Mary O.                               T151
O'Connor, William F.           Ahlf, Matilda E.                   7-Feb-10 N006
O'Corn, Minnie                 Allen, Kramer C.                  17-Nov-09 M526
O'Daniels, Grace               Brooks, Albert                    28-Apr-09 M237
O'Daniels, S.E.                McDonald, Charles W.              18-Nov-03 J084
O'Daniels, S.E. (Mrs.)         Bisco, H.R.                       10-Mar-00 H287
Odd, Elizabeth                 Powers, William M.             20 Dec 1887  D177
Oddy, George E.                Harris, Mattie                    14-Jul-17 T502
Odell, Anna                    Howell, Allen                  23 Jul 1889  D577
Odell, B.F.                    Gilbert, Rosa E.                  24-Feb-03 I492
Odell, Bertha                  Marler, T.E.                      20-Jan-12 P071
O'Dell, Claiborne              Curtis, Esther                     1-Jun-21 Z007
Odell, Elisabeth               May, William                   27 Jan 1883  B344
O'Dell, Florence               Miles, Francis Marion                       W020
Odell, George E.               Hull, Mabel (Mrs.)                27-Sep-10 N359
O'Dell, Lela                   Robertson, Fred F.                20-Jan-14 Q512
O'Dell, Lillie                 Johnson, A.                       25-Oct-03 J060
Odell, Lizzie                  Wemple, Myndert D.             04 Oct 1874  A133
O'Dell, Louise                 Reed, William E.                   3-Feb-19 V594
Odell, Lydia A. (Mrs.)         Odell, Simon E.                   22-Apr-01 H564
Odell, Mary                    Bowman, Jacob W.               30 Mar 1892  E521
Odell, Mary Jane               Krieger, S.J. (F.)             09 Sep 1877  A284
Odell, Melcena(cana) A.        Buckingham, Charles J.         27 Oct 1890  E230
Odell, N.M.                    Prosser, Rose H.                  15-Jan-02 I157
Odell, Nathaniel M.            Russell, Maggie A.             17 Jun 1894  F372
Odell, Sarah C.                Strobel, Charles               25 Dec 1881  B223
Odell, Simon E.                Odell, Lydia A. (Mrs.)            22-Apr-01 H564
Odell, William P.              Struthers, Ruth E.                 2-May-01 H576
Odem, Milbourne                Giberson, Jessie I.                5-Sep-08 L554
Oden, George                   Parker, Nellie                     6-May-08 L396
Oder, Edgar E.                 Cain, Ella May                    16-Oct-01 I077
Oder, Viola E.                 McNaghten, Robert B.           12 Apr 1895  F520
Odermath, Mary                 Hilger, M.C.                                S194
Odermath, Pauline Gertrude     Clasen, Nickolas               26 Nov 1895  F628
O'Donnell, Anna                Margeson, Herman Smith             2-Dec-19 X005
O'Donnell, Daniel              Parsons, Mable                              T228
O'Donnell, Frank W.            Cox, Florence M.                  12-Jun-02 I271
Odum, Jerome D.                Bastow, Carrie                 14 May 1893  F134
Oebel, Maggie                  Giesen, Fred                                I178
Oeding, Herman                 Heckenkamp, Mary                  21-Jan-12 P070
Oehler, Arthur                 Kane, Viola J.                     5-Sep-19 W415
Oehler, Arthur F.              Foster, Bertha M.                  4-Sep-11 O305
Oehler, William A.             Moeller, Mary                  16 Nov 1887  D156
Oehlert, Amalia                Wulf, Henry Jr.                06 Sep 1896  G141
Oehlert, Ernestine             Grother, Charles F.               14-Oct-06 K391
Oehlert, Hulda C.              Wulf, W.A.                        13-Nov-02 I390
Oehlert, M.W.                  Lambky, W.C.                      28-May-02 I255
Oehlert, Randolph H.           Koch, Johanna                      5-Oct-04 J359
Oerke, Auguste                 Bissantz, Geo. Friederich      08 Apr 1890  E115
Oerke, Lloyd W.                Massey, Nanetah J.                21-Sep-19 W451
Ofdenkamp, O.J.                Gibson, Betty B.                  25-Dec-21 Z505
Offenbacher, Avis I.           Nichols, William R.                4-Dec-21 Z466
Offener, Edna                  Spurgeon, Ray O.                  14-Oct-14 R193
Offenstein, Eliza              Sponagel, Adam                 13 Aug 1887  D082
Offenstein, F.J.               Johnson, Helen                    17-Oct-14 R200
Offenstein, Frank              Baughman, May R.                  18-Jul-04 J301
Offenstein, Frank              Bentley, Georgie               07 Nov 1894  F432
Offenstein, George             Mathews, Lena A.                  27-Feb-07 K560
Offenstein, Harry W.           Gilliland, Merel                  18-Aug-19 W367
Offenstein, Harry William      Phillips, Beulah                  30-Aug-20 Y067
Offenstein, Hazel Ruby         Smith, Clarence Clifford          16-Oct-20 Y190
Offenstein, Joseph             Thompson, Tilda C.                10-Apr-07 K601
Offenstein, Mathilda           Jones, Lafayette W.                1-Jun-10 N167
Offenstein, Phillip            Morrison, Myrtie               20 Nov 1895  F630
Offenstein, Ross Bryan         Moore, Nona Marie                           T170
Offenstein, W.H.               Powell, Minnie M.                 29-Jul-03 I614
Offenstine, Una                Murphy, James Vernon               1-Jan-13 P619
Offerle, Blanche Z.            Wheeler, E.C.                     25-Jul-21 Z150
Offhausen, A.C.                Range, Helene L.               07 Aug 1888  D354
Offhausen, Ernest              Kaufmann, Rosa                 05 Jun 1892  E558
Offutt, Inez                   Burnett, A.R.                     10-Jan-21 Y405
Offutt, Sam R.                 Carr, Opal                        22-Jan-22 Z564
Ogan, Eva F.                   Kerr, Charles E.                  23-Jul-05 J636
Ogan, Gladys                   Parkhurst, Homer                  29-Apr-18 V119
Ogan, J.H.                     Ford, Lillian                      9-Jul-14 R061
Ogden, C.W.                    Henshaw, Lillie                    8-Oct-03 J047
Ogden, Ella                    Berkley, R.R.                     10-Sep-18 V388
Ogden, Elmer                   Remer, Audrey                      2-Jan-11 N536
Ogden, Ezekiel                 Lawson, Martha J.              18 Jan 1881  B132
Ogden, Grace                   Weitz, Samuel                     25-Nov-13 Q436
Ogden, Harley                  Baer, Nellie                      18-Aug-19 W365
Ogden, J.W.                    Williams, Elisabeth M.         19 May 1880  B067
Ogden, Katherine Ethel         Applegate, Harry Loring            5-Apr-22 Z691
Ogden, Mary Helen              Nolan, F.E.                       14-Jun-20 X484
Ogden, Minnie                  Peacock, Louis S.                 24-Oct-09 M496
Ogden, Nora D.                 Carlson, Albert E.                18-Oct-05 K080
Ogden, Pauline                 Popp, Louis                       10-Jul-21 Z124
Ogden, Pearl                   Cooper, Carl                                S371
Ogden, Phoebe                  Bucher, F.J.                      27-Nov-06 K460
Ogden, S.B.                    Long, Ida                      06 Jan 1885  C192
Ogden, W.B.                    Eckard, Barbara J.             06 Jun 1878  A334
Ogden, W.C.                    Walker, Bernice                   28-Apr-09 M235
Ogden, Walter Scott            McElheney, Nora Mabel             30-Jan-19 V588
Ogg, Francis W.                Holdem, Minnie K.                           S364
Ogilvy, David Patterson        Hartzell, Vera Helen              28-Jun-20 X540
Ogle, Bertha Agnes             Kropp, Guy Erl                    23-Aug-09 M387
Oglesby, Effie                 Stout, John H.                 24 May 1891  E342
Oglesby, Ella J.               Jones, Herbert F.              05 Oct 1892  E625
Oglesby, Emily                 Jones, O.S.                    27 Nov 1895  F633
Oglesby, John W.               Carver, Katie C.                  15-Dec-10 N500
Oglieve, Bessie                Wright, B.N.                       1-Mar-20 X225
O'Grady, Harry                 Buerke, Caroline                  18-Jun-12 P291
Ogren, Clarence C.             Shacklee, Madge                   20-Oct-20 Y214
O'Hair, Irven R.               Williever, Irene                   5-May-02 I237
O'Hair, John W.                Welliever, Maude E.               25-Feb-01 H529
O'Hair, Maude                  Hill, Harry T.                     2-Nov-05 K099
Ohandlen, Bertha               Coffin, George L.                           K233
O'Hanlon, Alice C.             Humphrey, John W.              16 May 1889  D539
O'Hara, Edward                 Kitterman, Mildred                26-Jan-22 Z575
O'Hara, Etta                   Smith, G.H.                       15-Jul-13 Q242
O'Harra, John                  Burrton, Florence              17 Mar 1888  D250
O'Harra, Sarah                 McBaur, Fremont                17 Aug 1871  A013
Ohl, Conrad                    Dean, Mary                     10 Nov 1887  D149
Ohl, Michael                   Schwartz, Katie                24 Sep 1895  F598
Ohl, Peter                     Kuhn, Elizabeth Mary           26 Jan 1897  G242
Ohleson, Louise                Schnack, Peter                 26 Dec 1881  B228
Ohlmann, Elisabeth H.          Lepel, Frank H.                25 May 1879  A426
Ohlsen, Harriet                McClendon, Fred                    4-Feb-20 X173
Ohmart, Albert R.              Taylor, Helen E.                  12-Aug-17 T572
Ohmart, Edd                    Gensler, Thelma                   11-Jun-19 W203
Ohmart, Irene                  Dotson, R.O.                       1-Feb-22 Z584
Ohmart, Mary                   Phillips, Cecil                             T239
Ohmart, Steve                  Reep, Sylvia                      19-Jul-19 W298
Ohmert, Ezra A.                Preston, Mary J.               15 Dec 1873  A096
Ohnemiller, Ebert(burt)        Mills, Mary F.                     1-Mar-05 J505
Ohnemiller, John               Carter, Anna L.                             S037
Ohrvall, Charles F.J.          Siegel, Maude E.                  12-Jan-22 Z550
Ojile, Abraham S.              Razook, Mary                      11-Jul-09 M339
Ojile, Farris                  Matter, Zaka                      30-Jan-10 M635
Ojile, W.H.                    Farha, Zakia A.                   22-Jul-17 T515
O'Keefe, Francis               Day, Ida                          20-May-07 K631
O'Keefe, John L.               Poenisch, Laura                   21-Aug-01 I026
Okerstron, Lorene              Sappenfield, Lewis                20-Nov-20 Y285
Okeson, Hulda                  Peters, Adrian J.                 24-Jun-02 I277
Oland, Bertha                  Littler, Harry                     3-Sep-18 V370
O'Laughlin, Ida                Wittorff, T.C.                    24-May-21 Y651
Olberding, Josephine           Vogelman, Phillip                 22-Nov-10 N462
Old, Melvin                    Brower, Henrietta                 18-Jan-13 P639
Olden, Stella                  Travis, Edward                    26-Apr-10 N111
Oldfather, A.J.                Davis, E.                      07 Oct 1897  G376
Oldfather, Alta Marie          Brittin, Floyd Evans              29-Nov-17 U278
Oldfather, Alva                Brunker, Bertha                10 Apr 1894  F337
Oldfather, Bertha B.           Wilson, Frank G.               25 Oct 1899  H164
Oldfather, Cassius B.          Miller, Arzona B.              25 Nov 1884  C169
Oldfather, Daniel P.           Rogers, Carrie A.              20 Dec 1893  F269
Oldfather, Lena                Moore, W.C.                    28 Dec 1884  C184
Oldfather, Leroy               Nicholson, Estella                 7-Mar-07 K568
Oldfather, Ralph M.            Garrety, Sadie A.                 30-May-18 V178
Oldfield, Alice E.             McMahan, E.G.                  26 Jan 1892  E483
Oldfield, Allie Ethel          Lee, Ira Franklin                 27-Sep-04 J358
Oldfield, Allis                Varner, Ancil D.               10 Oct 1894  F416
Oldfield, Charles H.           LaMonte, Nellie                   21-Oct-18 V453
Oldfield, Darl                 Cain, Harve M.                    17-Jun-03 I582
Oldfield, Edith M.             Buchanan, George A.                1-Jul-14 R052
Oldfield, Elsie                Blanpied, Lloyd E.                          R498
Oldfield, George               Anglen, Ethel                      6-Nov-18 V471
Oldfield, Henry S.             Pollock, Alice                 25 Jul 1888  D348
Oldfield, Ida M.               Nocks, James Y.                   31-Aug-04 J329
Oldfield, Jessie Alice         Perry, Louis F.                   15-Jun-14 R023
Oldfield, Mary E.              Rhodes, James F.               30 Mar 1882  B260
Oldfield, Nadine               Aldrich, Herbert E.                         T013
Oldfield, Orrah L.             Gregg, G.W.                    19 Mar 1882  B255
Oldfield, Sarah                Grey, H.L.                        31-Oct-06 K427
Oldfield, Seth                 Jackson, Lillian               29 Dec 1897  G435
Oldfield, Walter S.            Varner, Nellie A.              11 Aug 1895  F574
Oldham, John J.                Simpson, Maggie                24 Jan 1886  C383
Oldham, Lulu                   Oldham, W.L.                      20-Apr-14 Q599
Oldham, Martha E.              Eastman, Henry S.              04 Dec 1873  A095
Oldham, Mary E.                Dickey, H.N.                                T295
Oldham, Ursula                 Collins, L.I.                     12-Sep-19 W432
Oldham, W.L.                   Oldham, Lulu                      20-Apr-14 Q599
Oldham, W.L.                   Traver, Lula                       9-Aug-10 N270
Oldham, William                Wootres, Bettie                   21-Oct-19 W541
Oldridge, Charles H.           Jolly, Ethel                                S208
Olds, Alberta                  Cracraft, Vernon A.                6-Nov-19 W580
Olds, Ray                      Pittman, Juanita                  25-Jan-19 V579
Olds, Sanford S.               McCulley, Jennie L.(Mrs)          11-Dec-06 K474
Oldson, Gertude Jennie         Sarver, C.A.                      27-Nov-09 M543
O'Leary, Daniel J.C.           Towns, Jennie                  16 Jan 1893  F035
O'Leary, Frances               Reneau, Lloyd L.                  27-May-18 V168
O'Leary, Merle                 Groves, Frank S. Jr.              30-Dec-17 U424
O'Leary, William               Moraish, Idell                 21 Dec 1887  D185
O'Leary, William               Morash, Idell                               D184
Oleson, Martha                 Danner, Edward                              T165
Oleson, Ruby                   Ellis, R.H.                        9-Dec-06 K476
Olibarez, Vicenta              Ramirez, Graviel                            X044
Olin, W.E.                     McClellan, Fannie L.(E)           25-Oct-10 N413
Olinger, G.W.                  Cochran, M.J.                      9-Nov-18 V477
Olinger, Jennie L.             Fike, William H.                  15-Mar-19 W022
Olinger, Otis                  Smith, Minnie                     27-Mar-22 Z677
Olinger, Serephina D.          Whitehead, Lawson                 17-Aug-11 O285
Olinger, Thomas T.             Garlow, Sarah                     16-Dec-19 X043
Oliphant, Anita(neta) L.       Robb, C.A.                     30 Dec 1896  G229
Oliphant, L. Marjie            Tait, Paul K.                               S185
Oliphant, L.E.                 Palmer, George A.              03 Sep 1890  E191
Oliphant, Lillie               Smith, John K.                 30 Sep 1887  D117
Oliver, Ada                    Neely, William C.                 17-Sep-07 L126
Oliver, Alice M.               Broughton, J.R.                14 Jul 1887  D057
Oliver, Anna Leona             Johnson, Marion C.                 9-Jun-21 Z035
Oliver, Bess Virginia          Wafer, James Oscar                11-Apr-10 N093
Oliver, Charles B.             Cooper, May                       11-Jul-09 M340
Oliver, Clara                  McCandless, Charles F.             5-Sep-09 M405
Oliver, Curtis H.              Underwood, Jessie B.           22 Jul 1894  F382
Oliver, Edna                   Bond, C.M.                         1-Oct-12 P439
Oliver, Effie Mae              Kiefner, H.L.                     15-Oct-12 P462
Oliver, Esther                 Connell, William                   2-Nov-07 L189
Oliver, Ethel D.               Denton, James M.                  29-Jun-03 I594
Oliver, Frank William Jr.      Cubbon, Nora Louise                2-Dec-14 R265
Oliver, G.B.                   Hambric, O.R.                     14-Sep-10 N330
Oliver, George A.              Threlfall, Florence               10-Nov-04 J409
Oliver, George M.              Craig, Gertrude E.                 1-Dec-10 N483
Oliver, Grace                  Templeton, Irvin                  23-Oct-20 Y219
Oliver, J.F.                   Crow, Myrtle                      25-Nov-14 R250
Oliver, J.W.                   Norman, Anna                      19-Jun-17 T456
Oliver, Josie                  Johnson, John J.                  31-Dec-09 M602
Oliver, Lena                   West, Harry T.                 11 Apr 1888  D268
Oliver, Lillie                 Shannon, Eddie                    25-Feb-22 Z633
Oliver, Margaret               Burke, J.H.                       16-Jan-13 P634
Oliver, Mattie                 Graham, Will                       7-Nov-12 P501
Oliver, Maude                  Stoehr, Walter H.                 12-Dec-17 U330
Oliver, May Frances            McCorgary, Daniel P.              28-Jun-21 Z087
Oliver, Myrtle H.              VanBurg, John M.                  22-Jan-21 Y429
Oliver, Nella M.               Miller, Harry A.                  26-Jun-12 P302
Oliver, Oscar                  Mobley, May                    21 Oct 1884  C150
Oliver, Pearl                  Johnson, E.B.                      4-Jan-19 V555
Oliver, Rae                    Glanberg, B.I.                    30-Apr-05 J557
Oliver, S.C.                   Ralye, Eliza A.                   18-Mar-13 Q065
Oliver, S.D.                   Johnson, Anna B.                   9-Oct-21 Z337
Oliver, Samuel R.              Lynch, Mattie                  13 May 1884  C079
Oliver, Winnie                 Perin, S.I.                    15 Feb 1898  G462
Olivero, Tony                  Mayo, Virginia Blanch             11-Oct-20 Y182
Oliverson, Richard             Calleson, Carrie                            T275
Olivett, A.J.                  Garrett, Mable                    19-Jul-09 M351
Oller, W.W.                    Parr, Rhoda                                 T095
Ollie, J.H.                    McCrum, Rosa E.                   30-Jun-08 L467
Ollinger, Grace F.             Ketchum, Walter E.                31-Dec-04 J460
Ollinger, Jennie               Williamson, Charles M.             6-Apr-21 Y565
Ollinger, Mary Mildred         Ball, Edward H.                   18-Jun-19 W223
Olmstead, Beulah               Reheis, Harry F.                            R512
Olmstead, Earl O.              Stilwell, Frella                            T292
Olmstead, Eugene               Bennett, Lulu                  03 Feb 1893  F066
Olmstead, John A.              Bullinger, Clara May              19-Jun-12 P293
Olmstead, M.J.                 Smith, H.A.                       18-Feb-18 U567
Olmstead, Myrtle               Schmidt, Herman                   18-Aug-20 Y041
Olmstead, O.F.                 Eilenberger, N.C.              27 Aug 1888  D369
Olmstead, Sidney Smith         Glaves, Amelia Rae                21-Aug-20 Y048
Olmstead, William M.           Brown, Emma                       17-Aug-14 R103
Olmstead, William M.           Kisner, Lillie                    17-Jan-00 H257
Olsen, Kjestine Marie          Clark, C.W.                       20-Jun-00 H343
Olsen, Marie                   Paulseen, Herman                  11-Feb-19 V605
Olsmtead, Roy Ray              Harrison, Anna Louisa             11-Jan-11 N546
Olson, Adolph K.               Rose, Jennie                   27 Nov 1892  F025
Olson, Arthur R.               Taylor, Pearl Virginia            28-Oct-03 J066
Olson, Charles A.              Johnson, Effie F.                           S556
Olson, Elmer                   Motley, Myrtle                    20-Mar-11 O058
Olson, Elmer Manuel            Stuchberry, Katheryn Romaine      14-Oct-14 R190
Olson, Frank                   Sigerson, Kate                    26-Jan-09 M116
Olson, Gertrude Melvina        Holdridge, Herbert R.                       T376
Olson, Henry A.                Cook, Bertha Edna                 18-Jun-06 K295
Olson, Jack                    Franklin, Elois                    5-Oct-18 V429
Olson, Mary                    Fix, William                      14-Nov-00 H458
Olson, Paul W.                 Wehe, Frances M.                  20-Jul-21 Z142
Olsson, Charlie E.             Thayer, Helen                      8-Mar-21 Y511
Olsson, Segre                  Calbert, H.W.                     19-Sep-07 L129
Olte, Bernard                  Lueken, Lena M.                   14-May-01 H569
Olthoff, Charles J.            Meyer, Minnie                      8-Aug-02 I319
Olthoff, Emma                  Krase, Charles                 16 Jul 1891  E360
Olthoff, Gussie                Peterson, Ness                 28 May 1899  H097
Olthoff, Herman W.             Bennett, Vera A.                   4-May-05 J561
Oltmanns, Matilda              Stamm, Edward L.                            T225
Olvera, Juana                  Ernandez, Esperirion               7-Aug-20 Y010
Olvey, Daisy                   Stout, William W.              18 Nov 1893  F253
Olvey, Lillie M.               Vreeland, Frank                13 Mar 1887  C608
Olvey, W.G.                    Myers, Eva                     20 Mar 1887  C611
Olwin, Clotile                 Rose, F.A.                                  W216
O'Mahoney, Clarence            Unangst, Agnes                 29 Aug 1888  D368
O'Malley, T.J.                 Black, Minnie Lee                           T164
O'Mealey, John                 Andrews, Elisabeth             01 Dec 1878  A381
O'Meara, Anna                  Chapman, Fred W.               26 Dec 1887  D188
O'Meara, Clara                 Wreath, Lew Pollard               16-Jan-10 M618
Omer, Jesse E.                 Findley, Mabel Clare              22-Feb-12 P119
Omman, Minnie                  Kramer, Henry J.                   5-May-09 M246
Ommer, Edward                  Hierman, Mina                  21 Jul 1888  D346
On Two, Thomas Treads          No Ear, Creth                     19-Feb-09 M147
O'Neal, Alla                   Brunnemeyer, John                           R582
O'Neal, H.B.                   Small, Edith                       3-Jul-14 R055
O'Neal, Jane                   Snider, William                   28-May-07 K640
Oneal, John                    Yerkes, Josie                     27-Feb-10 N033
O'Neal, Lula(lu)               Robinson, James A.             20 Apr 1898  G494
Oneal, William                 Mickey, Della                      6-Nov-11 O399
Oneale, Evan E.                Basham, Rachel                    29-Dec-19 X089
O'Neil, Ed                     Edmissen, Inez                     3-Jun-18 V189
O'Neil, Ethel                  Bosserman, Bert                   20-Feb-11 O023
O'Neil, Nellie Mae             Stone, Charley C.                 23-May-18 V163
O'Neil, Thomas James           Hubbird, Katherine                14-Feb-21 Y475
O'Neil, William                Scripsick, Anna                             R417
O'Neill, Andrew Michael        Davis, Ruth E.                    22-Apr-09 M227
O'Neill, Henry C.              Kenney, Catharine                 19-Aug-01 I022
O'Neill, Isabelle              Carney, Joseph F.                 16-Nov-10 N448
O'Neill, James                 McCormick, Blanche                10-Aug-08 L508
O'Neill, John Marquis          Cochran, Estella May                        R433
Oney, F.J.                     McFarland, Lillian                13-Mar-18 V033
Ong, Aulta Catherine           Beets, M.C.                       11-Sep-18 V387
Ong, William                   Kennedy, Marguerite                6-Nov-19 W583
Onstott, Albert R.             Bumgardner, Alice Elizabeth       15-Dec-17 U346
Onstott, Alice                 Dorsey, Joseph Francis             5-Dec-11 P006
Onstott, Gertrude              Allen, Earl B.                    30-Sep-20 Y150
Onstott, Maggie                Baker, Charles H.              31 Oct 1873  A089
Onstott, Wilda                 Banfill, Robert                             R586
Ontjeo, Herman                 Baldridge, Jennie                           N207
Ontjes, Bennie                 Newman, Ola                       13-Dec-17 U342
Oonk, George A.                Cummings, Annie                    9-Mar-11 O046
Opat, Joseph                   Geifer, Anna                       8-Nov-04 J392
Opat, Joseph                   Giefer, Anna                       8-Nov-04 J392
Opie, Eva                      Hillemeyer, E.E.                   4-Feb-20 X177
Opitz, Anna                    Lentz, Louis                      29-Jul-09 M352
Oppendahl, Annie               Hillman, John                  28 Mar 1886  C384
Orahood, Walter                Veach, Bertha O.                            S472
Orchard, Robert T.             Dunn, Ida May                               S071
Orcutt, Albert Earl            Kirkpatrick, Ruby                 29-Mar-21 Y552
Orcutt, Maggie                 Bradford, William              06 Nov 1887  D149
Ordway, Sadie May              Lauterbach, John Ralph            18-Nov-08 M009
Oren, Edna                     Kennedy, Luther                   24-Mar-08 L345
Orendorf, George               Gardener, Anna B.              13 Mar 1886  C409
Orendorff, Gertrude            Gooding, H.                        5-Nov-10 N433
Orendorff, Margaret(grete)     Bromich, Walter                   27-Feb-12 P126
Orey, Bela R.                  McClellan, Florence            09 Feb 1893  F072
Organ, Charles D.              Woodworth, Bessie Allison      24 Sep 1889  D613
Organ, Lucile M.               Smith, Murray C.                            T262
Orhler, Arthur F.              Foster, Bertha M.                  4-Sep-11 O305
Orindgreff, J.W.               Ross, Nellie                      17-Nov-20 Y275
Orm, Hettie M.                 Basham, Clarence                  25-Jun-21 Z080
Ormsbee, J.L.                  Campbell, Ruby A.                  5-Feb-21 Y457
Ornelas, J.                    Lames, Hermclinda                 15-Dec-20 Y337
O'Rouke, Idela                 Herndon, Bryan B.                 30-Jul-17 T541
Orr, Adaline H.                King, Corydon G.               28 Mar 1889  D506
Orr, Annie J.                  Starns, M.J.                      19-Oct-05 K084
Orr, C.V.                      Stroup, Nellie                    24-Jul-01 I006
Orr, Clarence                  Waltendangle, Iva                  8-Dec-19 X023
Orr, Della                     Jackson, John M.                  26-Feb-18 V008
Orr, E.E.                      Stockwell, Sadie E.               17-Jul-06 K327
Orr, Edwin                     Frazee, Lizzie                 17 Feb 1898  G462
Orr, Effie                     Goodman, J.W.                      4-Jul-14 R057
Orr, Etta                      Montgomery, Ijmes                 25-Jul-12 P348
Orr, Etta B.                   Conrow, H.S.                      24-Jun-19 W230
Orr, Florence B.               Welr, Leo W.                                Q195
Orr, Frank G.                  Skeels, Ethel S.                   4-Nov-02 I396
Orr, George                    Oter, May Eliza                   25-May-04 J243
Orr, George R.                 Hinshaw, Esther                   18-Jun-20 X505
Orr, George W.                 Thompson, Lulu                    31-Aug-01 I033
Orr, J.F.                      Wilson, Mary Anna                 15-Jun-21 Z050
Orr, Jessie                    Chedester, J.C.                             O397
Orr, Laura                     Brew, W.G.                        16-Oct-13 Q384
Orr, Levi                      Williams, Crystal                 16-Jun-18 V218
Orr, Marvin M.                 Webb, Grace Marie                  8-May-20 X386
Orr, Mary                      Lee, W.F.                      07 May 1896  G089
Orr, Mary Jane                 Boyle, Reese                   15 Dec 1885  C357
Orr, Minnie                    Little, R.H.                   16 Jul 1896  G121
Orr, Minnie A.                 Fleeman, F.S.                      1-Oct-11 O352
Orr, N.B.                      Wharry, Elizabeth V.              22-Mar-14 Q575
Orr, Virgie                    Wells, E.F.                       12-Jan-20 X125
Orr, W.M.                      Anderson, Bertha                  23-Oct-00 H443
Orram, May Elizabeth           Smith, John                        6-Jan-13 P623
Orram, Virgil                  Lawhorn, Cora Bell                 6-Aug-17 T558
Orrand, Myrtle                 Sportsman, A.J.                   29-Nov-20 Y305
Orrell, Harold R.              Sanderson, Agnes                  31-Jul-21 Z169
Orrell, Herman                 Roy, Myrtle                       27-Feb-18 V008
Orrell, Winfield R.            Sullivan, Fern R.                 25-Dec-20 Y364
Orrick, B.L.                   Dugan, Edna M.                    12-Jan-21 Y407
Orris, Venda                   Newland, Jack E.                   9-Dec-21 Z474
Orso, Katharine                Koenig, Frank H.                   7-Oct-01 I037
Ortega, Josefa                 de La Cruz, Jose                  25-Nov-10 N467
Ortega, Maria                  Montigo, Francisco                 6-Oct-10 N380
Ortega, Roman                  Nicaolas, Mary                              R640
Ortes, Felez                   Camcho, Juano                     13-Mar-20 X249
Ortez, Antonio                 Hanna, Maude Melbia                1-Jan-21 Y394
Ortez, Conzuelo                Lomilo V, Joe                      3-Aug-20 X628
Orth, Abbie                    Horsch, P.J.                      16-Apr-18 V073
Orth, Anna                     Kraus, Louis                      11-May-20 X359
Orth, Arthur                   Ewertz, Lena                       6-Aug-17 T529
Orth, Christina                Horsch, A.                        11-Feb-18 U522
Orth, Frank                    Mies, Katie                    07 Feb 1893  F060
Orth, Huberk                   Desantos, Frances                  8-Oct-09 M465
Orth, Hubert                   McKenna, Dolly                 21 Jan 1895  F480
Orth, Ida                      Kerschen, Jacob                   25-Oct-21 Z340
Orth, Jacob                    DeMannet, Adie M.              08 May 1884  C077
Orth, John                     Schaplowski, Mary              02 Jan 1893  F035
Orth, Joseph Peter             Schmidt, Sephrina                  7-Feb-21 Y444
Orth, Katie                    Neises, Nick                      14-May-12 P215
Orth, Leo                      Heimermann, Bertha                11-May-20 X350
Orth, Leonard L.               Marshall, Gladys C.               26-Jun-19 W248
Orth, Math                     Martin, Katie                  24 Sep 1888  D393
Orth, Nicholas                 Mans, Christina                   20-Apr-09 M210
Orth, Nick                     Armbruster, Lena M.            05 May 1896  G081
Orth, Nick                     Webber, Rose                      18-May-20 X401
Ortiz, Macarie                 Garcia, Fortino                   11-Feb-18 U547
Ortman, Elizabeth              Springfield, John A.              28-Oct-06 K423
Ortmann, Fred                  Schweitzer, Sophia(ie)         09 Nov 1899  H203
Ortmeyer, Harry A.             Vermilion, Clara                  26-Feb-19 V629
Orton, Mary                    Faust, Thomas                     23-Jul-06 K334
O'Russell, Marie               Crain, Frank W.                   20-Jul-09 M352
Orvis, Alma                    Ambrose, Percy                    17-Oct-14 R201
Orvis, Edna E.                 Bishop, A.H.                      28-Jun-06 K312
Orvis, Grover C.               Marshall, Ruth                    15-Mar-21 Y526
Orvis, J.B.                    VanSickles, Vinita                22-Oct-10 N405
Orvod, Charlie                 Standifer, Harriett                9-May-21 Y628
Osberg, Esther June            Fields, Robert Max                14-Oct-19 W520
Osborn, A.A.                   Fuller, J.M.                   25 Oct 1888  D412
Osborn, Albert Henry           Johnson, Grace May                25-Mar-08 L346
Osborn, Alice                  Griffey, John W.                            A043
Osborn, Anna Blanch            Ott, Theodore John             10 Jan 1899  H020
Osborn, Bess L.                Oatman, H.E.                      24-Oct-12 P474
Osborn, C.H.                   Burris, Louise                     1-Mar-05 J507
Osborn, Della                  Williams, George                   5-Jun-12 P266
Osborn, Donia E.               Dent, J.B.                     22 Feb 1887  C592
Osborn, Dora C.                Johnson, Wiley                 05 Nov 1890  E237
Osborn, Earl M.                Lewelling, Mary Magdalen(ne)      22-Dec-11 P028
Osborn, Edward                 Munroe, Josephine                 27-Jul-07 L064
Osborn, Ella M.                Hodgson, John F.               20 Jan 1894  F300
Osborn, Eva                    Ingram, Young S.                   3-Apr-02 I213
Osborn, Eveline F.             Beard, Linus E.                13 Apr 1896  G080
Osborn, Frank                  Waterson, Verna                   18-Dec-12 P567
Osborn, Fred                   Mosteller, Anna                20 Jun 1887  D038
Osborn, George H.              White, Beulah E.                   7-May-18 V135
Osborn, Grace                  Martin, George F.                 29-Oct-21 Z390
Osborn, Hallie                 Baird, F.C.                       16-Dec-19 X029
Osborn, Hanley B.              Giesen, Christine G.              24-Mar-15 R399
Osborn, Hattie                 Gensman, Conrad                20 Feb 1878  A315
Osborn, Hazel                  Cook, Elmer                       18-Oct-19 W533
Osborn, Herman                 Mathews, Ethel                     9-Aug-21 Z196
Osborn, Howard L.              Shreve, Mabel(ble) C.             27-Jan-11 N572
Osborn, I.O.                   Keller, O.F.                      27-Dec-11 P024
Osborn, Irene Gertrude         Rowley, H.W.                      25-Oct-18 V456
Osborn, J.W.                   McElvane, M.A.                 03 Oct 1877  A288
Osborn, John M.                Nichols, Eva                   21 Nov 1876  A235
Osborn, John W.                Ball, Anna M.                  06 May 1894  F347
Osborn, Kittie                 Shoafstall, Alexander F.          14-Feb-20 X201
Osborn, Lelia B.               Keihl, Ray W.                      6-Nov-01 I087
Osborn, Lila                   Prescott, Paul                    29-Jun-14 R043
Osborn, Linnie                 Hinds, Clarence                   28-Dec-12 P605
Osborn, Linnie                 Hinds, Clarence                   28-Dec-12 P606
Osborn, Mary E.                Hill, Charles L.               28 Sep 1896  G156
Osborn, Mary E.                Mill, Glenn B.                    25-Oct-20 Y224
Osborn, Mildred Virginia       James, William McKinley           21-Apr-19 W086
Osborn, Myrtle                 Andersen, Carl                     4-Oct-18 V428
Osborn, Nellie                 Jones, Charles G.              24 Sep 1892  E618
Osborn, Ola M.                 Bush, Robert T.                   28-Jul-17 T532
Osborn, Oma Ethel              Stamback, W.H.                    23-Sep-13 Q338
Osborn, Ray Frank              Gahman, Mary Mable                 2-Oct-06 K394
Osborn, Rosalie                Rayburn, Taylor                   14-Jun-18 V213
Osborn, S.M.                   Barnes, W.R.                   26 Mar 1883  B368
Osborn, W.                     Hoops, Dorothy                    18-Jul-12 P338
Osborn, W.M.                   Kirkland, Josephine                         R629
Osborn, William                Wall, Gladys                      17-Sep-10 N337
Osborn, Zella                  Stickles, E.E.                    29-May-11 O164
Osborne, A. Birdie             Bartrim, William               22 Oct 1890  E235
Osborne, Andrew J.             Cohs, Thelma Alma                 16-May-20 X404
Osborne, Arthur O.             Hall, Ida G.                                T268
Osborne, Belle                 Rall, M.H.                         6-May-03 I547
Osborne, Carl V.               Wallace, Fern E.                  18-Jul-21 Z140
Osborne, Dora Belle            Gensman, George J.             04 Sep 1890  E193
Osborne, Edith                 Sharp, Lloyd E.                   22-Oct-21 Z372
Osborne, Edith M.              Sharp, Lloyd E.                             Y446
Osborne, Fonnie L.             Hopkins, Earl                     11-Aug-14 R092
Osborne, Frances               Hoskinson, Wash                             S189
Osborne, Isabel                Woods, John T.                     4-Oct-20 Y160
Osborne, J.H.                  McRae, Nell                       11-Mar-06 K222
Osborne, J.M.                  Johnson, Gladys                   22-Apr-20 X348
Osborne, Jesse E.              Roll, Ellen                    22 Jul 1893  F171
Osborne, Jessie Sue            Palmer, Audrey T.                  7-Jun-11 O178
Osborne, Lewis A.              Gibson, Ina                       12-May-10 N138
Osborne, Lucy                  Dougherty, Hammond J.              9-Dec-05 K133
Osborne, Luther E.             Gigger, Amanda J.                 30-Sep-13 Q351
Osborne, M.B.                  Jones, E.A.                       22-Mar-14 Q575
Osborne, M.K.                  Gensame, Nicholson             30 Apr 1877  A265
Osborne, Marion                Jacks, Fred W.                    23-Sep-13 Q335
Osborne, Nellie                Harrell, A.S.                  05 Sep 1899  H153
Osborne, Stella                Earl, S.E.                         4-Jun-02 I262
Osborne, Verona                Metheny, Kenneth                  11-Jan-22 Z548
Osbourn, Inez Marie            King, Argyle Grant                24-Jan-19 V575
Osburn, D.J.                   Scherier, Genevieve Johnson        8-Dec-21 Z471
Osburn, George D.              Dupy, Maggie E.                17 Dec 1885  C356
Osburn, George P.              Osburn, Hattie J.                           T122
Osburn, George P.              Salisbury, Hattie J. (Mrs.)        7-Nov-12 P500
Osburn, Gertrude               Britenfield, W.T.              21 Oct 1899  H192
Osburn, Grace Lee              Whitmore, H.B.                    26-Sep-00 H410
Osburn, Hattie J.              Osburn, George P.                           T122
Osburn, James F.               Smith, Anna B.                    29-Nov-06 K466
Osburn, Jennie E.              Bridge, Charles L.                25-Oct-10 N414
Osburn, Maud S.                Pritchett, George V.               9-Dec-03 J104
Osburn, Norman E.              Knoffloch, Mary A.             28 Dec 1882  B332
Osburn, O.P.                   Shirkey, Martha C.                12-Feb-20 X194
Osburn, Rosie                  Harvey, Charley(es)               16-May-08 L402
Osburn, Roy J.                 Fletcher, Lillie E.               20-Sep-09 M437
Osburn, S.C.                   Bowerman, Marie                             S165
Osburn, V.D.                   Fletcher, A.C.                    16-Dec-13 Q459
Osenbaugh, Jessie S.           Shinn, E.M.                       23-May-05 J577
Osenforth, George W.           Kellogg, Cora B.                  20-Oct-06 K414
Osenforth, Oren                Evers, Pauline                    27-Apr-13 Q122
Osgood, George H.              McKinlay, Edna L.                  5-Nov-13 Q410
Osgood, Hope B.                McCoy, Joseph F.                            S100
O'Shaughnessy, John            Eddy, Edith                       10-Oct-14 R182
Oshel, Ida May                 Scott, Henry Thomas            02 Jun 1892  E558
Osladil, Frank                 Watzlaw, Anna                     30-May-05 J583
Osler, J. Daryl                Bridenstine, Pauline A.            7-Aug-20 Y005
Osler, John J.                 McConnaughey, Josephine        18 May 1892  E550
Osler, May                     Baird, Elzie E.                             S427
Osman, Mary                    Daily, B.F.                    08 Oct 1885  C320
Osman, Mills H.                Thomas, Catharine E.           03 Feb 1872  A028
Osment, S.R.                   Curless, Elvira                   11-Jun-21 Z025
Osmon, Philip                  DeLong, Mary Rose                  2-Jun-09 M277
Osmon, Samuel                  Ocker, Mable I.                    2-Aug-05 K006
Ossweiler, Anna                Mies, Marcus(rkus)                24-Jan-11 N549
Ossweiler, Eva K.              Thimesch, George J.               10-Jan-22 Z511
Ossweiler, Lucy                Gorges, Albert                     2-Mar-08 L318
Ossweiler, Mary                Albert, Joseph                    16-Jan-00 H242
Osteen, Maggie                 Berry, W.R.                                 T064
Ostergren, G.A.                Seger, Carrie L.               24 Sep 1884  C140
Osterhout, A.C.                Hobble, Carrie                    20-Nov-07 L205
Osterhout, Erma                Yazel, Clinton Seward              1-Feb-12 P088
Osterloh, Walter H.            Vallance, Sarah M.                21-Mar-03 I513
Osthoff, Allie                 Maupin, John W.                   21-Jun-11 O207
Osthoff, Carrie T.             Rechif, Frank A.                   9-Jun-09 M285
Osthoff, George                Scudder, Minnie E.                 2-Mar-21 Y500
Ostrander, Joy Marie           Basel, George W.                  27-Sep-11 O344
Ostrander, Oley E.             Smallwood, Velma                  15-Apr-20 X330
Ostrander, Roy Mailon          Bell, Aggie                       29-Jul-19 W319
Ostrander, Silas L.            Nicoll, Mary E.                             T043
Ostrom, J.L.                   Harkraeder, Ethel                 29-Apr-18 V120
Ostrung, Gottfried             Dunnell, Hattie                    1-Aug-01 I011
Oswald, Charles                Hammond, Adda L.               17 Jan 1879  A392
Oswald, Everett L.             Kinsch, Eva                                 S152
Oswald, John D.                Russell, Laura E.              15 Apr 1896  G080
Oswald, Joseph                 Boyd, Barbara                  25 Feb 1896  G054
Osweiler, Lizzie               Stump, John                       28-Jan-02 I157
Oswell, Amelia                 Lloyd, Bruce                   15 Feb 1881  B136
Oter, May Eliza                Orr, George                       25-May-04 J243
Otis, W.W.                     Wilkison, Leona                    5-Oct-03 J045
Otjen, Christian               Gallagher, Elizabeth           02 Aug 1899  H132
O'Toole, Pat                   Beamer, Vina                       8-Sep-21 Z268
Otstot, Ivan                   Wayman, Mabel                      7-Feb-21 Y454
Ott, Almon A.                  Mueller, Emma                  16 May 1899  H098
Ott, Almon A.                  Muller, Emma                   16 May 1899  H089
Ott, Bethel                    Ward, Allison I.                  27-Jun-10 N210
Ott, Carolina                  Doering, Herman                   24-Oct-10 N411
Ott, Earl W.                   Hoffman, Alma B.                  29-Jun-11 O227
Ott, Elsie                     Stathem, William               25 Feb 1899  H047
Ott, Eugene H.                 Clark, Mildred L.                 17-Jun-17 T450
Ott, Frank                     Crawford, Cora                    16-Aug-18 V325
Ott, J.W.                      Kepler, Sarah T.                   4-Mar-13 Q053
Ott, Lillian                   Baldwin, Harry W.                 21-Jul-11 O256
Ott, Minnie C.                 Taylor, S.L.                   21 Oct 1885  C323
Ott, Oliver Ray                Bowen, Leona Blanch               26-Sep-17 U012
Ott, Theodore John             Osborn, Anna Blanch            10 Jan 1899  H020
Ott, Theodore Jr.              Sparks, Mattie                 07 Jan 1895  F462
Ott, William                   Hurd, Dora                     30 Jul 1888  D331
Ottaway, Alice Ruby            Saunders, Charles Richard         19-Apr-11 O113
Ottaway, Clara L.              Race, Arthur J.                   30-Sep-05 K054
Ottaway, Lester                Woolworth, Gladys                 13-May-11 O145
Otte, Bernard                  Lueken, Lena M.                   14-May-01 H569
Otten, Mattie F.               Badger, E.B.                   28 Feb 1889  D502
Otti, A.E.                     Towell, Florence L.               24-Dec-14 R299
Otti, Ruby                     White, Clyde                      18-Jul-21 Z140
Otto, C. Raymond               Settles, Evalyn Jones              4-Nov-14 R221
Otto, Carl                     McGovney, Clara F.             31 Aug 1896  G140
Otto, Christian                Burchfield, Alice                  4-Dec-03 J099
Otto, Emil                     Brown, Maude                      30-Nov-19 X006
Otto, Myra                     Powell, Russell L.                 4-Feb-18 U532
Ottomueller, Karl              GIlbert, Katie                 24 Jan 1884  C031
Oug, L.W.                      Nicholson, Mary A.             15 Jan 1880  B026
Ousley, Addes                  Drennon, Roscoe                   17-Sep-13 Q324
Outcelt, George A.             Evans, Rebecca                 25 Apr 1889  D530
Outland, George E.             Hill, Josephine G.                24-May-05 J579
Outland, Herschel              Giles, Bessie L.                  14-Apr-09 M216
Outlaw, Andrew M.              Six, Hannah                                 B267
Outlaw, Andrew M.              Six, Hannah                    07 May 1882  B268
Overall, Celia M.              Armour, John                   26 Feb 1884  C044
Overall, Louis                 Grimes, Mary                   14 Aug 1889  D589
Overbaugh, John                Kinzle, Anna C.                    5-Apr-21 Y563
Overbay, Josetta Maybell       Jones, J.F.                       17-Sep-04 J350
Overlees, Daisy                Lindsay, Charles T.               22-May-00 H326
Overlees, Susie (Mrs.)         Corns, John A.                 13 Sep 1896  G145
Overley, Grace                 Malone, Ray                                 R415
Overley, Jacob S.              Shore, Zora A.                 18 Sep 1879  A447
Overley, Nannie B.             Campbell, James B.                30-Oct-12 P488
Overley, R.                    Walkley, Alta                     21-Jun-21 Z071
Overley, Ruth                  Hill, Guy                                   S452
Overlies, Floyd                Herndon, Anna(nie)             10 Sep 1893  F196
Overly, Amanda (Mrs.)          Carr, Samuel B.                22 Dec 1891  E452
Overman, Bert N.               Lauterback, Clara                 30-Nov-12 P547
Overman, Cora E.               Lamon, E.O.                                 T374
Overman, E.H.                  Wilson, Rudie                  21 Mar 1888  D253
Overman, Grace                 Smith, Oren G.                    24-Jun-08 L454
Overman, Harry L.              Grier, Fannie L.                  28-Feb-00 H280
Overman, John W.               Zin, Mary A.                   07 Mar 1894  F323
Overman, Leslie Benton         Schneider, Nancy Rebecca          23-Aug-14 R109
Overman, Libbie(Liddie)        Cauble, Benton                 01 Jan 1898  G436
Overman, Ruth                  Moss, Leonard                     29-Jul-17 T536
Overstake, Howard W.           White, Daisy Pearl                23-Nov-20 Y289
Overstreet, Alice M.           Keenan, Bruce L.               16 Oct 1890  E218
Overstreet, Clyde E.           Poorman, Edith Marie               4-Apr-20 X299
Overstreet, Elvin R.           Harrison, Minnie M.               28-Aug-04 J325
Overstreet, J.J.               Hullet, Flank E.                   5-Feb-08 L300
Overstreet, J.T.               Gurney, Maggie                 18 May 1882  B270
Overstreet, John Oliver        Phillips, Bess                     3-Sep-19 W408
Overstreet, Lillie             Hockett, John                      8-Dec-03 J103
Overstreet, Lillie(Mrs)        Fielder, Sam                      28-Sep-12 P435
Overstreet, Litha A.           Dawson, John S.                11 Sep 1892  E609
Overstreet, Mabel A.           Wilson, George C.                 29-Sep-04 J361
Overstreet, Milton             Harris, Polly                               T251
Overstreet, Tennie             Britton, O.A.                  31 Jul 1879  A437
Overton, Basil                 Hartman, Gladys                   22-Oct-13 Q392
Overton, Blanche               Davis, Z.                         22-Jan-14 Q513
Overton, Harry                 Wood, Mollie                   26 Apr 1887  C634
Overton, Lenora                Phillips, C.W.                              D298
Overton, Madge                 Reynolds, J.F.                    13-Oct-17 U081
Oviatt, Joseph H.              Parson, Iva A.                    17-Sep-11 O324
Oviatt, Nellie M.              Fugit, Tony R.                     8-Oct-07 L157
Oviatt, Nora Alice             Walker, Oval                      22-Dec-10 N508
Owam, Edith Dorothy            Roberts, Walter Scott                       R462
Owen, E.E.                     Bickers, Jessie                             S264
Owen, Elijah                   Wright, Ella                       7-Jun-09 M284
Owen, Emma G.                  Ehret, Fred                       23-Jul-12 P344
Owen, Evelyn                   Cole, R.M.                                  T321
Owen, Fern I.                  Phillips, Homer                   29-Oct-13 Q400
Owen, Francis G.               Piatt, George S.                            R427
Owen, Frank                    Guy, Grace M.                     10-Jun-06 K290
Owen, Harry P.                 Sims, Ethel                        6-Aug-10 N267
Owen, Hazel                    Rankin, William                             S115
Owen, J.T.                     Ivens, Fay                         7-Sep-18 V377
Owen, Kirk C.                  Wickes, June Andrews               8-Jun-11 O183
Owen, Margaret                 Kritzmire, Arthur                 12-Aug-09 M385
Owen, McDonald                 Newnam, Effie M.                            S485
Owen, Ollie                    Price, Lucile                     30-Apr-18 V122
Owen, Oscar E.                 Billings, Edith G.                24-Jun-08 L452
Owen, Pauline                  Thompson, James R.                 9-Mar-20 X244
Owen, Robert C.                Landreth, Lou                      2-Feb-07 K534
Owen, Thomas                   Stamell, Isabel                             F205
Owen, Thomas E.                Davis, Ella M.                 31 Dec 1893  F287
Owen, Walter R.                Sence, Dora                        3-Apr-01 H547
Owen, Wilby                    Garrett, Walter William            5-Dec-19 X020
Owen, Zetha M.                 Goodin, L.R.                      14-May-21 Y635
Owens, A.A.                    Bevins, Minnie B.              01 Jul 1893  F161
Owens, A.H.                    Finch, May G.                               S482
Owens, Adah                    Burgess, Alexander                13-Jun-08 L436
Owens, Adele                   Biggers, Ralph Coston             11-Aug-17 T566
Owens, Alice                   Reckmeyer, Charles H.          28 Feb 1890  E091
Owens, Augusta                 Cole, Justice                      5-Mar-18 V021
Owens, B.F.                    Jamison, Esther                             S348
Owens, Bell                    Blevins, Wilson                31 Aug 1875  A164
Owens, Ben V.                  Widstrom, Mabel                   23-Jun-12 P300
Owens, Cecil P.                Patterson, Dollie                 10-Aug-17 T566
Owens, Dorothy                 Myers, John A.                    20-Jul-19 W298
Owens, Eda                     Lawson, Richard                31 Jul 1886  C474
Owens, Edwin Newell            Stough, Erma G.                   18-Jun-06 K295
Owens, Ella                    Cooley, Harlin E.                 16-Dec-08 M047
Owens, Ethel L.                Limbert, Charles W.               17-Sep-05 K042
Owens, Gabriel                 Marshall, Eliza                31 Oct 1892  F005
Owens, Gertrude Mildred        Farmer, J.E.                       8-Jun-21 Z033
Owens, Grant                   Davis, Elnora                      4-Jun-21 Z019
Owens, Green B.                Hacker, Ella                      10-Jun-03 I575
Owens, Harriet A.              Bales, Jacob W.                01 Jun 1873  A074
Owens, Ida (Abbie)             Anderson, Lake                 30 May 1894  F358
Owens, Jack                    Snyder, Hazel                     14-Dec-14 R281
Owens, John W.                 Simpson, Lizzie                29 Sep 1875  A168
Owens, John W.                 Temple, Maud(de) M.            11 Jan 1899  H021
Owens, Joseph                  Moore, Della                   24 Feb 1891  E304
Owens, Lawrence                Howe, Tincy L.                 04 Oct 1896  G159
Owens, Lizzie V.               Henderson, A.N.                   26-Sep-00 H411
Owens, Lora                    Blanchard, George                 17-Sep-01 I043
Owens, Mabel L.                Sweney, Frank L.               20 Oct 1897  G385
Owens, Madge                   Conly, James F.                    9-Mar-03 I503
Owens, Maggie M.               Cotton, F.E.                       2-Jun-04 J250
Owens, Margaret                Brown, J. Hay                      6-Jun-08 L425
Owens, Marion                  Miller, Anna                      31-May-11 O167
Owens, Mary                    Thompson, George W.            16 Dec 1879  B017
Owens, Mary Nina               Scrogin, Leland                   29-Jun-09 M322
Owens, Maude                   Quinn, Hugh Seymour               28-Mar-22 Z679
Owens, May                     Davis, William H.              07 Mar 1898  G475
Owens, Minnie O.               Whittle, Oliver I.                12-Feb-05 J496
Owens, Myrtle                  Watkins, Juel                      6-Sep-21 Z261
Owens, Nillie                  Cole, William                      9-Sep-07 L112
Owens, Nora L.                 Schulze, Henry J.                  1-Mar-11 O036
Owens, Ore                     Cotton, Rachil A.              05 Sep 1897  G349
Owens, Otis                    Armstrong, Maggie                 16-Jun-21 Z054
Owens, Prince A.               Staley, Sarah                  16 Mar 1879  A411
Owens, Rosie                   Watkins, Lewis                    20-Aug-18 V332
Owens, Ruth                    Todd, Ross                        12-Apr-14 Q590
Owens, Sadie J.                Hanawalt, Owen H.              12 Sep 1887  D103
Owens, T. Bishop               Rowe, M. Hazel                     1-Sep-08 L547
Owens, Thomas                  Coffman, Mollie C.             10 Jul 1882  B283
Owens, Thomas                  Haynes, Frances May               23-Dec-12 P582
Owens, Verna                   Tate, W.P.                                  T105
Owens, W.                      Robinson, Rebecca J.              27-Sep-13 Q342
Owens, William                 Hanson, Alberta                             S333
Owens, William                 Triber, Susie                  23 Apr 1896  G084
Owens, Winifred                Smitch, Paul                      25-Mar-22 Z675
Ownbey, Virgie                 Brantley, Dick                              S473
Owsley, Joseph H.              LeRoy, Margaret                    2-Jul-19 W263
Owsley, Joseph H.              Owsley, Lou M. (Mrs.)             24-Jan-05 J480
Owsley, Lou M. (Mrs.)          Owsley, Joseph H.                 24-Jan-05 J480
Owston, Bessie                 Richmond, Harold                   8-Feb-13 Q026
Oxford, Lulu                   Ward, William                     12-Jun-07 L016
Oxnam, M.E.                    Hunt, Robert J.                07 Jan 1889  D473
Oyler, Alonzo                  Jensen, Carolina                  21-Jan-15 R337
Oyler, Hazel B.                Purcell, Joe Marion Jr.           25-May-09 M263
Oyler, McKinley                Scannehorn, Elsie                           S027
Oyler, Pearl                   Wilson, A.C.                      17-Oct-00 H435
Oyler, Rose                    Allen, J.M.                        6-Oct-04 J370
Ozanne, Henry                  Monahan, Kathryn                  20-Jun-00 H345
Ozbun, Elwood V.               Price, Cecil                      28-Feb-20 X223
Ozier, E.H.                    Miller, Caroline                  21-Feb-12 P117


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