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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a scrapbooks in their library that contain news items cut from newspapers in the Lebanon, PA area. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks. If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $4.00 (US Dollars only) for each name and we will abstract the information for you. Mail the name of the person you wish the information on, the year, the date (if given) and the page number it appears on (if given) to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. Please include your e-mail address if you have one.

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Lebanon, PAEvent       Surname          Given Name                PageSchools     Goudy            Coral                       31Schools     Goudy            Garnet                      31Schools     Graybill         Miss Susan B.                7Schools     Graybill         Sara Shaffer                19Schools     Graybill         Sara Shaffer                19Schools     Greenlee         James                       30Schools     Gregor           Katie                       31Schools     Greiner          Mary Eckert                 15Schools     Gress            Emma                         2Schools     Griffith         Marie Kerr                  31Schools     Grimes           Charles                     17Schools     Grimes           John                        17Schools     Groch            Calvin                      11Schools     Groch            Ida                         13Schools     Groff            Raymond                      1Schools     Groft            Jennie                       5Schools     Groh             Calvin                       4Schools     Gross            Elsie Keener                28Schools     Grubb            Mary Bricker                19Schools     Gruber           Edgar J.                    27Schools     Gruber           John                        86Schools     Gruber           Lizzie Ulrich               11Schools     Gruber           Margaret                     9Schools     Grumbine         Amos                        16Schools     Grumbine         Amos, Sr.                   16Schools     Grumbine         Daniel                      16Schools     Grumbine         Laura                       16Schools     Grumbine         Sallie                      21Schools     Grundrum         Rosie                        3Schools     Guare            Bernice Bleistein           28Schools     Gundel           (unknown)                   14Schools     Gundel           Ralph                       14Schools     Gundel           Raymond                     14Schools     Gundrum          Albert                       6Schools     Gundrum          Mary                         3Schools     Haag             Irvin                       20Schools     Haag             Warren                      10Schools     Haag             William                     20Schools     Haak             Catherine                    8Schools     Haak             Helen                       16Schools     Haak             Henry                       16Schools     Haak             Raymond                      8Schools     Haak             Raymond                     16Schools     Habecker         Gertrude Williams           23Schools     Habecker         Mrs. Gertrude               23Schools     Habecker         Mrs. Gertrude               24Schools     Hafer            Irene Brill                 20Schools     Hain             Adam                         3Schools     Hain             Bertha                       3Schools     Hain             Eva                          3Schools     Hain             Joseph                       3Schools     Hamilton         Harry                       19Schools     Hamilton         Lizzie                      19Schools     Hardy            Blanche Keller              20Schools     Hardy            Ethel Rittle                27Schools     Harnly           John                        27Schools     Harpster         Mary Margaret Black         31Schools     Harrison         Mary Yoders                 31Schools     Hartley          Hazel Price                 31Schools     Hartman          Charles                      2Schools     Hartman          Earl                        22Schools     Hartman          Edna                        22Schools     Hartman          Edna Dubble                  3Schools     Hartman          Irvin                       22Schools     Hartman          Marvin                       7Schools     Hartman          Nora Dissinger              23Schools     Hartz            Harry                       11Schools     Hassler          Ralph                       24Schools     Hassler          Roy                         20Schools     Haught           Ralph "Nippy"               32Schools     Heagy            Grace                        9Schools     Heagy            Ray                          5Schools     Heck             Edna                        13Schools     Heck             Herman                       2Schools     Heckendorn       Lloyd                       27Schools     Heffelfinger     Eugene                      19Schools     Heilman          Catherine Gockley            6Schools     Heilman          Mrs. Harold                 15Schools     Heilman          Selma Bowman                15Schools     Heimbach         Alice                        5Schools     Heimbach         David                        5Schools     Heimbach         Ella                         5Schools     Heimbach         Martha                       1Schools     Heisey           Aaron                       10Schools     Heisey           Amos                        10Schools     Heisey           Baron                       10Schools     Heisey           Clinton                     10Schools     Heisey           George                       7Schools     Heisey           Lemuel                       5Schools     Heisey           Lemuel                      19Schools     Heisey           Mrs. Mildred                22Schools     Heisey           Paul                        10Schools     Heisey           Peter                       10Schools     Heller           (unknown)                   13Schools     Heller           Archie                      13Schools     Heller           Geneva                      13Schools     Heller           Viola                       13Schools     Helm             Daniel                      22Schools     Helms            (unknown)                    2Schools     Helpenstine      Roy                         32Schools     Henninger        Charles                      1Schools     Henninger        Lewis                        1Schools     Henry            Lester                       8Schools     Henry            Raymond                      8Schools     Henry            Raymond                     16Schools     Herald           Ruth                         5Schools     Hernley          Erma                         3Schools     Hernley          Geneva                       3Schools     Hernley          Irvin                        3Schools     Hernley          Norman                       3Schools     Hernley          Norman                      13Schools     Hershberger      Ada                         10Schools     Hershberger      Arthur                      13Schools     Hershberger      Joseph                      10Schools     Hershberger      Samuel                      10Schools     Hershey          Amy Brandt                  19Schools     Hershey          Ralph                        6Schools     Hertzog          Erma Brill                  20Schools     Hertzog          Helen                        4Schools     Hess             Alfred                      14Schools     Hess             Benjamin                    25Schools     Hess             Catherine                   25Schools     Hess             Irene                       25Schools     Hess             Jacob                       25Schools     Hess             Margaret                    25Schools     Hetrick          Bertha                      25Schools     Hetrick          Mabel                       25Schools     Hettinger        Annie                       17Schools     Hettinger        Eva                         17Schools     Hickernell       Emily Leibig                20Schools     Hickernell       Eugene                      20Schools     Hiester          Allen                        2Schools     High             Fred                        32Schools     High             Herman                      13Schools     Himmelberger     (unknown)                   27Schools     Himmelberger     Mrs. Calvin                 11Schools     Himmelberger     Mrs. Carl                    4Schools     Himmelberger     Ralph                        2Schools     Hinkle           George                       1Schools     Hinkle           Jacob                        1Schools     Hinkle           Peter                        1Schools     Hinkle           Rebecca                      1Schools     Hippert          Earnest                     20Schools     Hockenberry      Cecil                        4Schools     Hockenberry      Cecil                       11Schools     Hoffer           Vera                         3Schools     Hoffman          Arthur                       4Schools     Hoffman          John P.                     86Schools     Hoffman          Laura M.                     4Schools     Hoffman          Laura M.                    11Schools     Hogue            Lewis                       31Schools     Hoke             Aaron                        8Schools     Hoke             Ammon                        1Schools     Hoke             John                         8Schools     Hoke             Joseph                       1Schools     Hoke             Kathren                      1Schools     Hoke             Mary                        23Schools     Holder           Vance                       31Schools     Hollinger        Clayton                     23Schools     Hollinger        Clayton                     23Schools     Hollis           Christine Kern              27Schools     Holsberg         Ada                         21Schools     Holsberg         Ralph                       22Schools     Holsberg         Walter                      22Schools     Holzman          Betty                        2Schools     Holzman          Pearl                        2Schools     Honker           John                         4Schools     Honker           John                        11Schools     Hoover           Ada                         25Schools     Hoover           Alice                       25Schools     Hoover           Annie                        8Schools     Hoover           David                        8Schools     Hoover           Edna                         5Schools     Hoover           Harvey                       8Schools     Hopkins          Charles                     13Schools     Horst            Ada                         11Schools     Horst            Adam                        11Schools     Horst            Arthur                       5Schools     Horst            Catherine                   17Schools     Horst            Charles                      8Schools     Horst            Elmer                        5Schools     Horst            Nora                         8Schools     Horst            Ralph                        9Schools     Horst            Walter                       8Schools     Hottenstein      Wesley                       9Schools     House            Cary                        31Schools     Houser           Esther                      12Schools     Houser           Marlin                       9Schools     Howe             Lizzie Petry                20Schools     Howells          Ida                          5Schools     Hower            Geannie                     13Schools     Hower            Jean                         2Schools     Hower            Laura                       13Schools     Hower            Mrs. Robert                 28Schools     Howie            Don                         32Schools     Hoy              Mike                        32Schools     Huber            Allen                       27Schools     Huber            Minnie Donmoyer             16Schools     Huber            Richard                     27Schools     Hughes           Bertha                      23Schools     Hughes           Madeline Kline              31Schools     Hughes           Rachel                      23Schools     Hummel           Betty                        9Schools     Hummel           Minnie                       9Schools     Hunsicker        Aaron                       10Schools     Hutchenson       (unknown)                    2Schools     Imboden          Ellen                       21Schools     Imboden          Grant                        7Schools     Imboden          Paul                         7Schools     Imhoff           Leah Whitman                 6Schools     Jamison          Dick                        32Schools     Jamison          Sara Crafat                 31Schools     Kahl             Florence                     2Schools     Kanter           Selas                       10Schools     Kanter           Walter                      10Schools     Kantner          Lillian                      9Schools     Kapp             Frank                        4Schools     Kapp             Frank                       11Schools     Kauffman         Marvin C.                    2Schools     Kayler           Cora Dutweiler               7Schools     Kaylor           Mary Bakere                 19Schools     Keath            Bill                        14Schools     Keath            Robert                      24Schools     Keener           Charles                     28Schools     Keener           Grace                       28Schools     Keeney           Christine Heller            73Schools     Keeney           Clara                       10Schools     Keeney           Earl                         2Schools     Keeney           Earl C.                     10Schools     Keeney           Esther                       9Schools     Keeney           Esther                      10Schools     Keeney           Mary                         9Schools     Keeney           Minnie                       9Schools     Keeney           Paul                         5Schools     Keeney           Paul                         9Schools     Keeney           Roy E.                      10Schools     Keeney           William                      5Schools     Keifer           (unknown)                    1Schools     Keiffer          (unknown)                    4Schools     Keiffer          (unknown)                   11Schools     Keiter           Herman                       4Schools     Keiter           Herman                      11Schools     Keller           Alice                        9Schools     Keller           Catherine                   20Schools     Keller           Emma Bachman                19Schools     Kelley           John                        11Schools     Kelley           Kent                        31Schools     Kennedy          Lulu                        24Schools     Kercher          Norman                      13Schools     Kerkenslager     Charles                     21Schools     Kerr             Clair                       31Schools     Kiefer           Violet                      25Schools     Killinger        Emma                        11Schools     Killinger        Mable Spancake               7Schools     Killmer          Ruth                         4Schools     Kilmer           (unknown)                    3Schools     Kilmer           (unknown)                    3Schools     Kintzer          Herbert                      4Schools     Kintzer          Ralph                       20Schools     Kipp             Arthur                       8Schools     Kipp             Erma                         8Schools     Kipp             Paul                         8Schools     Kippner          Ruth Zoll                   21Schools     Klahhr           Daniel                       2Schools     Klein            Monroe                      12Schools     Klein            Paul                        12Schools     Klick            John                        10Schools     Klick            Werner                       8Schools     Kline            Asa                         31Schools     Kline            Elizabeth                   31Schools     Kline            Harold                      31Schools     Kline            Hazel                       10Schools     Kline            Helen Guesman               31Schools     Kline            June Funk                   27Schools     Kline            Mary                         4Schools     Kline            Raymond                     28Schools     Kline            Robert                       4Schools     Kline            Roy                         28Schools     Kline            Verna                       12Schools     Klinger          John W.                     86Schools     Knapp            Evelyn                      10Schools     Knapp            Lorraine                     2Schools     Knoll            Gloria                       2Schools     Knoll            Hortense Ibach              20Schools     Knoll            Margie                       2Schools     Knoll            Miss Mabel                  20Schools     Knoll            Mrs. Annie                  10Schools     Kochenberger     Melvin                       6Schools     Kofler           Harry                       27Schools     Kohr             Geneva Houtz                28Schools     Kohr             Irene                       27Schools     Kohr             Martin                      12Schools     Kohr             Sallie                      13Schools     Kohr             Walter                      12Schools     Krall            Helen                       24Schools     Krall            Mrs. Ammon                  16Schools     Krall            Mrs. Ammon                  16Schools     Krause           James                       28Schools     Kreider          Amelia                      12Schools     Kreider          Estes                       23Schools     Kreider          Harrison                    12Schools     Kreider          Henry                       23Schools     Kreider          Homer                        1Schools     Kreider          Mamie                       23Schools     Kreider          Ralph                       12Schools     Kreiser          Eugene                      27Schools     Kreiser          Herbert                     17Schools     Kreiser          Irma Bachman                 6Schools     Kreiser          Mabel                       17Schools     Kreiser          Mildred                     13Schools     Kreiser          Myrtle                      17Schools     Kreiser          Oliver                      21Schools     Kreiser          Warren                      17Schools     Krill            Clinton                      1Schools     Krill            Gertrude                     1Schools     Krill            John                         1Schools     Kriner           Esther Boyere               27Schools     Krumbine         Agnes Brown                  8Schools     Krumbine         Lee                          2Schools     Kuhnert          Chester                     73Schools     Kulp             Daniel                      19Schools     Kulp             Myra                        19Schools     Kurr             Sara                        12Schools     Kurr             Warren                       9Schools     Kurtz            Buelah                       4Schools     Kurtz            Buelah                      11Schools     Kurtz            Emma Grumbine               16Schools     Landis           Robert                      19Schools     Landis           Ursula                      19Schools     Lane             Mary Christopher            31Schools     Laner            Lizzie Keath                20Schools     Lape             Paul                         7Schools     Laub             Lizzie                      21Schools     Laudermilch      Albert                      21Schools     Laudermilch      Beaver                      21Schools     Laudermilch      Cassel                      21Schools     Laudermilch      Eva B.                      21Schools     Laudermilch      Hilda                       21Schools     Laudermilch      John                        21Schools     Lawrence         Jennie Hassler              24Schools     Laycock          Josephine Reed              73Schools     Leaby            John                        28Schools     Leahy            Myrle Poorman               73Schools     Lebo             David                       16Schools     Lebo             Emily                       10Schools     Lebo             Lloyd                        7Schools     Leffler          Edna                         8Schools     Leffler          Ira                          8Schools     Leffler          Walter                       8Schools     Lehman           Charlie                     11Schools     Lehman           Emil                         4Schools     Lehman           Emil                        11Schools     Lehman           Fannie Bachman               6Schools     Leibig           Elizabeth                    7Schools     Leiby            Ralph                        7Schools     Leininger        Paul                         4Schools     Leininger        Paul                        11Schools     Leisey           Elsie                       13Schools     Lengle           Amy                          4Schools     Lengle           Amy                         11Schools     Lengle           Fred                         4Schools     Lengle           Fred                        11Schools     Lentz            Henry                        8Schools     Lentz            Lydia                       18Schools     Lentz            Martha                      21Schools     Lentz            Mary                        18Schools     Leonard          Miss                        10Schools     Leonard          Mrs. Ruth                   28Schools     Leonard          Ruth Kilmoyer               28Schools     Lerch            Ellsworth                   25Schools     Lesher           Edna                         4Schools     Lesher           George                      14Schools     Lesher           Miles                       23Schools     Lesher           Roy                         23Schools     Liebovitz        Lillian                      4Schools     Liebovitz        Lillian                     11Schools     Light            Ada                          8Schools     Light            Alice                        8Schools     Light            Anna Kilmoyer               73Schools     Light            Charles                      3Schools     Light            Daniel                      17Schools     Light            David                       18Schools     Light            Harrison                    24Schools     Light            Harry                       14Schools     Light            Helen                       18Schools     Light            Henry                       17Schools     Light            Iren S.                      8Schools     Light            Katie                       17Schools     Light            Marvin                       3Schools     Light            Mary                         3Schools     Light            Miss Cora                   20Schools     Light            Miss Cora                   23Schools     Light            Miss Cora                   24Schools     Light            Ray                         23Schools     Light            Ruth Miller                 22Schools     Lightner         Earnest                      7Schools     Lilly            Richard                     28Schools     Lily             Elaine Bowman               73Schools     Lindemuth        May Dupes                   19Schools     Lineaweaver      George                       8Schools     Lineweaver       George                      20Schools     Lingle           Clayton                     21Schools     Lingle           Francis                     17Schools     Lingle           Margaret                    17Schools     Lingle           Samuel                      17Schools     Lingle           Thelma                      17Schools     Livering         Anna                         7Schools     Livering         Cathrine                    24Schools     Livering         Harry                       14Schools     Lombardo         (unknown)                   31Schools     Long             Albert                       1Schools     Long             Annie                       18Schools     Long             David                        7Schools     Long             Dora                         5Schools     Long             Elsie                       20Schools     Long             Esther                      18Schools     Long             Howard                      18Schools     Long             Howard                      21Schools     Long             Kay                          7Schools     Long             Lester                       9Schools     Long             Lottie                      18Schools     Long             Maggie                      18Schools     Long             Mary Shenk                   7Schools     Long             Monroe                      18Schools     Long             Tanna                        5Schools     Longenecker      Amos                        11Schools     Longenecker      Earl                        19Schools     Longenecker      Elmer                        5Schools     Longenecker      Elsie                        5Schools     Longenecker      Isaac                       11Schools     Longenecker      Noah                        11Schools     Loose            Mildred                      9Schools     Loose            Sarah                        4Schools     Ludwick          Francis                     19Schools     Ludwig           Elsie                        9Schools     Lutz             Bessie                      18Schools     Lutz             Betty                        2Schools     Lutz             Lillie                      12Schools     Lutz             Mable                       18Schools     Lutz             Maggie                      16Schools     Lutz             Paul                         1Schools     Lutz             Verna                       12Schools     Lux              Alice                       24Schools     Lux              Daisy                        1Schools     Lux              Daisy                        6Schools     Lux              Daisy                       15Schools     Lux              Edna                         1Schools     Lux              Edna                        15Schools     Lux              Esther                       1Schools     Lux              Esther                      15Schools     Lux              John                        15Schools     Lyter            John                        28Schools     Lyter            John                        73Schools     Magar            Florence                    14Schools     Magar            John                        14Schools     Magar            Rose                        14Schools     Manbeck          Ralph                        1Schools     Manbeck          Ralph                        1Schools     Manbeck          Ralph J.                     5Schools     Mann             Ida                         20Schools     Mansberger       Mary                        30Schools     Marburger        Fay                          2Schools     Marinchom        Annie                       23Schools     Marinchom        Susie                       23Schools     Mark             Annie Ebersole              19Schools     Mark             Frank                       11Schools     Mark             Sara Bomberger              15Schools     Markey           Caleb                       23Schools     Markey           Ira                         23Schools     Marks            Gussie                       8Schools     Martin           David                        5Schools     Martin           Manerva                      5Schools     Martin           Mary                         5Schools     Martin           Olive Dowlin                31Schools     Masemore         Sara                        14Schools     Mason            Coach Bus                   32Schools     Mathason         Jim                         32Schools     Matthew          Mrs. James L.               27Schools     Matthew          Ruth Fertig                 27Schools     Mattis           Elsie                        7Schools     Mattis           Gertrude                     7Schools     Matyk            Andy                        31Schools     Maulfair         Arthur                      18Schools     Maulfair         Walter                      18Schools     Maurer           Ida                         86Schools     Mayhoffer        Elizabeth                   14Schools     Mays             Girtie Root                  3Schools     Mazzoni          Ellen Bernard               20Schools     McClellan        Arno                        32Schools     McClure          David                        7Schools     McConnell        Irene Funk                   7Schools     McCurdy          Edward                      32Schools     McCurdy          John and Catherine (twins)   5Schools     McGill           Andrew                      17Schools     McGuiney         Mabel                       18Schools     McKee            Matha                       31Schools     McKee            Robert                      31Schools     Mease            (unknown)                   27Schools     Mease            Berta                       13Schools     Mease            Bessie Thompson             16Schools     Mease            Clarence                    21Schools     Mease            Eva                         13Schools     Mease            Jennie                      13Schools     Mease            Joseph                      13Schools     Mease            Martha                      18Schools     Mease            Monroe                      13Schools     Mease            Oliver                      21Schools     Mease            Ralph                       18Schools     Mease            Sallie                      13Schools     Mease            Sterling                    27Schools     Meck             Bertha Petry                23Schools     Meck             Bertha Petry                24Schools     Meily            Alverta                      9Schools     Meily            Marlin                       9Schools     Meily            Miss Amanda                  8Schools     Meily            Richard                      9Schools     Meily            Vernon                       9Schools     Meiser           Edward                       7Schools     Meiser           Edward                       7Schools     Meiser           Evelyn Stein                 6Schools     Meluski          Frances                      2Schools     Meluski          Wanda                        2Schools     Mengel           Ella                        19Schools     Mengel           John                        19Schools     Mengel           Katherine                    8Schools     Mengel           Lydia Long                  19Schools     Mengel           Priscilla Mengel            19Schools     Mentzer          Marcella                    23Schools     Mentzer          Margie                      24Schools     Mentzer          Robert                      24Schools     Meredith         Elizabeth                    4Schools     Meredith         John H.                     86Schools     Merkey           Ellen                        9Schools     Merkey           Herbert                     20Schools     Merkey           Hettie                       5Schools     Merkey           James                       10Schools     Merkey           Mary                         5Schools     Merkey           Mary                         9Schools     Merkey           Stela                       10Schools     Messinger        Henry                        7Schools     Messinger        Warren                       7Schools     Metz             Edna                        13Schools     Metz             Gladys Erwin                28Schools     Metz             Joe                         13Schools     Metz             Lillie                      13Schools     Metz             Roy                         13Schools     Meyer            Fannie Kreider               1Schools     Meyer            Herman                       9Schools     Meyer            John                         9Schools     Meyer            Maurice, Sr.                22Schools     Meyer            Miles                        9Schools     Meyer            Miriam                       9Schools     Meyer            Stela                        9Schools     Michael          John                        23Schools     Miley            Annie Kleinfelter           16Schools     Miller           Carrie                       6Schools     Miller           Charlotte                    6Schools     Miller           Daniel                       8Schools     Miller           David                       16Schools     Miller           Ella Troutman               28Schools     Miller           Elsie                       10Schools     Miller           Harvey                      12Schools     Miller           Irene                       12Schools     Miller           John                        23Schools     Miller           Kate                        23Schools     Miller           Kathryn                      8Schools     Miller           Leroy                        2Schools     Miller           Lester                       7Schools     Miller           Lillie                      17Schools     Miller           Lloyd                        6Schools     Miller           Mabel                        5Schools     Miller           Martha                       7Schools     Miller           Minnie                       9Schools     Miller           Paul                         2Schools     Miller           Paul                        17Schools     Miller           Philbert                    73Schools     Miller           Rachael Yocum               28Schools     Miller           Ruth                         4Schools     Miller           Sarah                       17Schools     Miller           Wilson                       6Schools     Missimer         Ismay Stickler              27Schools     Mock             Mary                         7Schools     Modesto          Eva                         24Schools     Mohn             Elsie                       17Schools     Mohn             Harry                       17Schools     Mohn             John                        17Schools     Moore            Marston M.                   4Schools     Moredock         Bernice Kline               31Schools     Moss             Roy                         10Schools     Mountz           Annie Hoke                   1Schools     Moyer            David                        7Schools     Moyer            Eva                         14Schools     Moyer            Gladys Hartline             28Schools     Moyer            Grace                        9Schools     Moyer            Harvey                      14Schools     Moyer            Hattie Early                11Schools     Moyer            Howard                       7Schools     Moyer            Lizzie                      86Schools     Mumma            Joseph                       5Schools     Murth            Emily                        9Schools     Myers            Daisy                       31Schools     Myers            William                     31Schools     Nace             Ella Yantz                  28Schools     Nauman           Emma                        14Schools     Neal             Wesley                      31Schools     Neel             William                     31Schools     Neff             Howard                      17Schools     Neff             Margaret                    17Schools     Neidig           Jonas                       24Schools     Neidig           Jonas                       25Schools     Neidig           Mildred                     24Schools     Neidig           Mildred                     25Schools     Neidig           Mrs. Richard                24Schools     Neidig           Mrs. Richard                25Schools     Neidig           Richard                     24Schools     Neidig           Richard                     25Schools     Neidlinger       Eva                          9Schools     Neiswender       Minnie                       1Schools     Netzley          Carrie Royer                 3Schools     Newman           Mary Patches                14Schools     Newmaster        Peal Lutz                    6Schools     Ney              Margaret                    18Schools     Noggle           William                     20Schools     Noll             Elsie                       10Schools     Noll             Lizzie Eckert               24Schools     Nolt             Mrs. Willis (Weidman)        2Schools     Nornhold         Lillian                     25Schools     Nye              Allen                       21Schools     Nye              Lizzie                      21Schools     Nye              Sadie                       21Schools     O'Donnell        Warren                      28Schools     Olewine          George                       4Schools     Olewine          George                      11Schools     Ollar            George                      27Schools     Ollar            Isadore                     27Schools     Ollar            Margaret Bohr               27Schools     Ollar            Peter                       27Schools     Ollar            Stephen                     27Schools     Ollar            William                     27Schools     Oxenreider       Anna                         4Schools     Oxenreider       Harvey                       4Schools     Oxenreider       Harvey                      28Schools     Oxenreider       Stella                      28Schools     Oxenrider        Harry                        9Schools     Palm             Harry                       23Schools     Pankake          Alberta                     24Schools     Papantonio       Andrew                       4Schools     Papantonio       Jennie                       4Schools     Papentonio       Andrew                      11Schools     Papentonio       Jennie                      11Schools     Papson           Esther Zug                   6Schools     Patches          (unknown)                   14Schools     Pearson          Milton                      10Schools     Pearson          Mrs. Milton                 10Schools     Pearson          Walter                      10Schools     Peiffer          (unknown)                    4Schools     Peiffer          (unknown)                   11Schools     Peiffer          Alice                       12Schools     Peiffer          Lee D.                      27Schools     Peiffer          Mary                        12Schools     Peiffer          Roy                         14Schools     Penn             Bill                        32Schools     Peric            Olga ollar                  27Schools     Peters           Alice Ludwick               19Schools     Peters           Mary                         2Schools     Peters           Mrs. Alice                  19Schools     Peterson         Mona Rusebery               31Schools     Petry            Cathrine                    24Schools     Petry            Frank                       23Schools     Petry            Helen                       27Schools     Petry            Oliva Stahley               20Schools     Phillips         Allen                        2Schools     Phillips         Mamie                       23Schools     Pishonary        Larry                       31Schools     Poorman          James                        9Schools     Poorman          William S.                  11Schools     Posey            H. G.                       86Schools     Posey            Thomas                       7Schools     Potteiger        Charles                     10Schools     Potteiger        Miss Anne                   28Schools     Potteiger        Orth                         8Schools     Putt             Percey                      18Schools     Putt             Russell                     18Schools     Quaroli          Grace Snavely               28Schools     Rabold           Charles                     15Schools     Rabold           George                      20Schools     Rabold           Roy                         15Schools     Raduswick        Anna                        25Schools     Raduswick        George                      25Schools     Rank             Arthur and Leroy (twins)     5Schools     Rattigan         Charles "Sparky"            32Schools     Rauche           George                       4Schools     Ream             May                         14Schools     Reber            Elsie                        5Schools     Reber            John                         4Schools     Reber            John                        11Schools     Reber            Walter E.                    2Schools     Reed             Anna Lancaster              31Schools     Reed             Hilda Raber                 28Schools     Reedy            Agnes                        7Schools     Reedy            Betty                        2Schools     Reedy            Clair                       16Schools     Reese            Erther Troutman             28Schools     Reidle           Frank                        9Schools     Reigle           Louella                     13Schools     Reinhold         Annie                       18Schools     Reinhold         Clara                       18Schools     Reinhold         Elsie                       18Schools     Reinhold         Guy                         18Schools     Reinhold         Seatie                      18Schools     Rhen             Ray                          2Schools     Rhine            Earl                         5Schools     Rhodes           Lottie                       5Schools     Richard          Clarence                     4Schools     Rick             Annie                       12Schools     Rick             Roy                         12Schools     Rick             Roy                         12Schools     Rissmiller       Mande                       20Schools     Rittle           Eva                         16Schools     Rittle           Helen                       16Schools     Rittle           Leroy                       16Schools     Ritzman          Gloria                       2Schools     Roberts          Ewing                       32Schools     Rodefer          O. A.                       30Schools     Root             Irene                        4Schools     Root             John                         3Schools     Roseberry        Dorothy Wilson              31Schools     Roseberry        Reba                        31Schools     Ross             Madge                       31Schools     Rothenbach       Charlotte Zoll              73Schools     Rothermel        Fanny                       27Schools     Royer            Ada                          8Schools     Royer            Allen                        8Schools     Royer            Allen                       16Schools     Royer            Anna                         8Schools     Royer            Charles                     16Schools     Royer            Clarence Z.                  8Schools     Royer            Elizabeth                   16Schools     Royer            Harry                        8Schools     Royer            Harvey                      16Schools     Royer            Hilda                        8Schools     Royer            Hilda                       16Schools     Royer            Mabel                        2Schools     Royer            Mabel                       16Schools     Royer            Mae                         20Schools     Royer            Ruth                         2Schools     Rudy             Annie Shiffer               19Schools     Ruhl             Amy Brubacher               20Schools     Ruhl             John                         5Schools     Rupp             Lizzie                      24Schools     Rupp             Mary Buffamoyer             14Schools     Rush             Cary                        32Schools     Rush             Elizabeth Craft             31Schools     Ruth             Margaret                     9Schools     Rutter           John                         2Schools     Sabo             Elias                       12Schools     Sabo             Louis                       12Schools     Salem            Esther Peffley              28Schools     Salina           Helen Matyk                 31Schools     Sanders          Christine                    3Schools     Sanders          Grace Umberger               8Schools     Sanders          Luther                       3Schools     Sanders          Viola                        3Schools     Sanders          Warren                       8Schools     Sattazahn        Charles                     21Schools     Sattazahn        Ray                         10Schools     Sattazahn        Violet                       5Schools     Saylor           (unknown)                   14Schools     Saylor           Annie                       10Schools     Schaak           Katy                         7Schools     Schaeffer        Edwin                        8Schools     Schaeffer        Joshua L.                   86Schools     Schaeffer        Mary                         4Schools     Schaeffer        Mary                        11Schools     Schaeffer        Mary Beard                  27Schools     Schaeffer        May                         14Schools     Schaeffer        Shirk                       16Schools     Schaeffer        Thomas                       5Schools     Schaeffer        Victor                      16Schools     Schaeffer        Victoria                    16Schools     Schamber         David                       18Schools     Schiver          Harvey                      24Schools     Schlapig         Norman                      12Schools     Schlappig        Charles                      1Schools     Schlappig        Clara                        1Schools     Schlappig        Cora                         5Schools     Schlappig        Oscar                        5Schools     Schlappig        Walter                       1Schools     Schneck          Carl                         2Schools     Schnoke          Martin                      12Schools     Schriver         Clarence                    24Schools     Schultz          Robert                      20Schools     Scott            James                       30Schools     Seaman           (unknown)                   25Schools     Seaman           Ben                         25Schools     Seaman           Edgar                       25Schools     Seaman           Mildred                     25Schools     Sebastian        G. Edward                    2Schools     Sebastian        Stephen                     27Schools     Sechrist         Archie                      20Schools     Sechrist         Constance                    3Schools     Sechrist         Howard                      20Schools     Sechrist         Sam                          3Schools     Seibert          Dorothy                      4Schools     Seibert          Dorothy                     11Schools     Seibert          Gertie Fortna               22Schools     Seibert          Grace                        4Schools     Seibert          Spurgeon                     7Schools     Seibert          Ellen Bickel                28Schools     Seichrist        Dorothy Williams            28Schools     Seigfried        William                      2Schools     Seltzer          Lillian Bomberger           11Schools     Seltzer          Mrs. Albert                 19Schools     Seltzer          Ruth Ludwick                19Schools     Shaak            Ammon                       16Schools     Shaak            Jacob                        2Schools     Shaak            John                         8Schools     Shaak            Joseph                      16Schools     Shaak            Lottie                      16Schools     Shaak            Luther                       2Schools     Shaak            Miss Carrie (Negrete)        6Schools     Shaak            William                      8Schools     Shaeffer         Verna                       14Schools     Shaffer          Pauline Krediser            27Schools     Shamber          Sallie                      21Schools     Shambler         George                      21Schools     Shambler         William                     21Schools     Shamnler         Charles                     21Schools     Shanaman         Earl                         3Schools     Shanfelder       Guy                         20Schools     Sharpnack        Alice                       31Schools     Sharpnack        George                      31Schools     Sharpnack        Robert                      31Schools     Shay             Pauline                     27Schools     Sheaf            Beulah Hicksenheiser         1Schools     Shenk            Annie Nye                   11Schools     Shepler          Amy Baker                   21Schools     Sherk            Helen                       23Schools     Sherk            Jacob                       23Schools     Sherk            Jacob M.                    23Schools     Shiffer          Claude                      19Schools     Shiffer          Frank                       19Schools     Shiffer          Harrison                    19Schools     Shirk            Oscar                        3Schools     Shirk            Ray                          5Schools     Sholl            Janie                       14Schools     Sholl            Marchie                     14Schools     Shollenberger    Sara                         2Schools     Sholley          Clara                        8Schools     Sholley          Emma                         8Schools     Sholley          Mable                        8Schools     Sholley          Robert                       8Schools     Sholley          Rufus                       18Schools     Sholly           Geneva                      13Schools     Sholly           Ira                         18Schools     Sholly           Lester                      17Schools     Sholly           Rufus Pierson               18Schools     Showers          Harry                        6Schools     Shucker          Vera Yingst                  8Schools     Shuey            Claire                      27Schools     Shultz           Violet                       5Schools     Shutter          Joseph                       6Schools     Sipe             Esther Haag                 28Schools     Sites            Percy                       20Schools     Sitzig           Stephen                     14Schools     Slater           Edith                       24Schools     Smiley           Anna Bayard                 31Schools     Smith            (unknown)                   31Schools     Smith            Annie                        1Schools     Smith            Calvin                       5Schools     Smith            Catherine                   23Schools     Smith            Clarence                     6Schools     Smith            Dorothy Jenkins             14Schools     Smith            Earl                        17Schools     Smith            Elizabeth                   31Schools     Smith            Eva                         14Schools     Smith            Henry                        6Schools     Smith            Herbert                      5Schools     Smith            Howard                      17Schools     Smith            Irene Achey                  6Schools     Smith            Jospeh                       5Schools     Smith            Maude                        8Schools     Snavely          Ethel                        9Schools     Snavely          Margaret                    16Schools     Snavely          Mary Gruber                 19Schools     Snavely          Vergie                      23Schools     Snodgrass        Raymond "Pete"              32Schools     Snyder           Adeline                     10Schools     Snyder           Alice                       10Schools     Snyder           Annie                        5Schools     Snyder           Bessie                       5Schools     Snyder           Carrie                      12Schools     Snyder           Christie                    11Schools     Snyder           Clarence                     8Schools     Snyder           David                       10Schools     Snyder           Donald V.                    2Schools     Snyder           Dot                         14Schools     Snyder           Edna Buchman                19Schools     Snyder           Emma                        10Schools     Snyder           George                       5Schools     Snyder           George                      11Schools     Snyder           George                      20Schools     Snyder           Helen Batorf                 8Schools     Snyder           John                         9Schools     Snyder           John                        14Schools     Snyder           Kathryn                     12Schools     Snyder           Lester                       8Schools     Snyder           Like                         6Schools     Snyder           Lizzie                      10Schools     Snyder           Maggie                       5Schools     Snyder           Mary                         1Schools     Snyder           Mary                        10Schools     Snyder           Mary                        10Schools     Snyder           Mary                        12Schools     Snyder           Milton                      10Schools     Snyder           Rufus                       12Schools     Snyder           Sallie Blouch               19Schools     Snyder           Sara Lux                    15Schools     Snyder           Vernon                       9Schools     Soliday          Ernest                      27Schools     Sollenberger     June                         2Schools     Sonnen           Ed                           7Schools     Sonnen           Paul                         7Schools     Spang            Fannie Dundore               1Schools     Spang            Katie Lux                   20Schools     Spang            Mary Binner                 23Schools     Spangler         (unknown)                    5Schools     Spangler         Carrie                       5Schools     Spangler         Harrison                    20Schools     Spangler         Lela Ruttler                20Schools     Spatz            S. B.                       86Schools     Speece           Margaret Funk                7Schools     Spitler          Elmer                       13Schools     Spitler          Ida                         13Schools     Spitler          Mary                         5Schools     Spitler          mildred                     27Schools     Spitler          Naomi                       13Schools     Spragg           Leota Kerr                  31Schools     Sprecher         Lizzie Dutweiler             7Schools     Stahley          Amanda                      20Schools     Stambaugh        Mildred                     10Schools     Stamm            Samuel                       4Schools     Starry           Pautz                       27Schools     Starry           Ray                          2Schools     Stauffer         Isaac                       19Schools     Steckbeck        John                        27Schools     Steckbeck        Paul                         3Schools     Steffy           (unknown)                    2Schools     Steiner          Harry                        9Schools     Steitenberger    Adam                        32Schools     Stern            Paul                        18Schools     Steward          Paul                        20Schools     Steward          William                     20Schools     Stickler         John                        27Schools     Stickler         Katie Weist                 27Schools     Stickler         Mertis                      27Schools     Stickler         Pauline Zechman             27Schools     Stieff           Mae                          7Schools     Stine            Charles                     13Schools     Stohr            Bess                        18Schools     Stohr            Beulah                      18Schools     Stoner           Herman                      19Schools     Stover           Cora                        18Schools     Strauss          George                       5Schools     Strauss          Mamie                        5Schools     Strawn           Braden                      31Schools     Strawn           George                      31Schools     Strawn           Wesley                      31Schools     Strickler        Jennie                       4Schools     Strickler        Leonard                      3Schools     Strickler        Leroy                       20Schools     Strickler        Luara                       10Schools     Strickler        Roy                         27Schools     Strohman         Mark                        73Schools     Strosnider       Robert                      30Schools     Struphauer       Lizzie                      13Schools     Stump            Bessie                      86Schools     Stump            Fred                         5Schools     Stump            Mary                        86Schools     Stumpf           Nicholas                     3Schools     Stupp            Walter                       1Schools     Swaim            Beulah                      13Schools     Swaim            Mabel                       13Schools     Swaim            Mark                        13Schools     Swaim            Myrtle                      13Schools     Swaim            Naomi                       13Schools     Swan             Vesta Kline                 31Schools     Swanger          Ethel Boyer                  7Schools     Swanger          John                         4Schools     Swanger          John                        11Schools     Swanger          Lloyd                        6Schools     Swanger          William                     13Schools     Swartz           Cora                        13Schools     Swartz           Samuel                      13Schools     Sweigfried       Thomas                      21Schools     Swift            Helen                       31Schools     Switzer          John                        23Schools     Swope            Charles                     12Schools     Swope            Ralph                        4Schools     Swope            Warren                       4Schools     Taylor           Gladys McKee                31Schools     Templin          Ethel                        2Schools     Templin          George                      28Schools     Thompson         Blanche                     31Schools     Thompson         Charles                     18Schools     Thompson         Elmer                       18Schools     Thompson         Frank                       18Schools     Thompson         Irene                       31Schools     Thompson         Lizzie                      18Schools     Thompson         Robert                      16Schools     Thompson         Sadie                       16Schools     Thompson         Warren                      18Schools     Tice             Edith                       22Schools     Tice             John                         4Schools     Tice             John                        11Schools     Tice             Mary Ollar                  27Schools     Tice             Venona Lehman               11Schools     Tobias           Harry                       14Schools     Tobias           Miles                       14Schools     Tobias           Miles                       14Schools     Tobias           Miss Lena                    9Schools     Trautman         Laura                       12Schools     Trout            June                         9Schools     Troutman         Albert                      10Schools     Troutman         Cora                        10Schools     Troutman         Edith Forney                 2Schools     Troutman         Fred E.                     28Schools     Troutman         George                      28Schools     Troutman         Harry                       28Schools     Troutman         John J.                     28Schools     Troutman         Lloyd                       28Schools     Troutman         Lorraine                     2Schools     Troutman         Miles                       28Schools     Troutman         Ray                         12Schools     Troutman         Sara                         2Schools     Troxel           John                        73Schools     Troxel           Raymond                     28Schools     Trump            Darius                      86Schools     Tustin           Fred                        32Schools     Uhler            June                         9Schools     Uhler            Mildred                      9Schools     Uhler            Walter                       5Schools     Uhrich           Annie                       21Schools     Uhrich           Lester                      21Schools     Ulrich           (unknown)                   14Schools     Ulrich           Kathryn                     14Schools     Ulrich           Mary                        14Schools     Ulrich           Paul                        23Schools     Ulrich           Warren                      18Schools     Umbenhauer       Arlene                       2Schools     Umberger         Elmer                       20Schools     Umberger         Howard                       8Schools     Umberger         Mrs. Bessie Marks            8Schools     Valentine        Sara                         2Schools     Valentine        Tillie M.                   86Schools     Vance            Ina Price                   31Schools     Wagner           Lillian                      9Schools     Wagner           Lucrece                      4Schools     Wagner           Sarah                        4Schools     Wagner           Sarah                       11Schools     Wagner           Violet Basehore             21Schools     Walborn          Clarence                    17Schools     Walker           Walter                      20Schools     Walmer           (twins)                     25Schools     Walmer           Blanche                     25Schools     Walmer           D. S.                       18Schools     Walmer           Emma                        25Schools     Walmer           Gertie                      21Schools     Walmer           Grace                       25Schools     Walmer           Lucy Laudermilch            21Schools     Walmer           Mary                        21Schools     Walmer           Pearl                        2Schools     Walmer           Ruth                         2Schools     Walmer           Sally                       25Schools     Walters          Carrie bickel               28Schools     Walters          Harry W.                     3Schools     Weaver           Lucy                         7Schools     Weaver           Mae                          4Schools     Weaver           Peter                       16Schools     Weaver           Warren                       2Schools     Webber           Margaret A.                  4Schools     Weber            Curtis                      12Schools     Weber            Helen                       12Schools     Weber            Rebecca                     12Schools     Wegley           Robert                       6Schools     Weible           Gasena                      18Schools     Weible           Lewis                        3Schools     Weible           Lizzie                      18Schools     Weidman          Bertha                      10Schools     Weidman          Helen                        2Schools     Weidner          Florence                     5Schools     Weidner          Ray                          5Schools     Weierbach        Alfred                       9Schools     Weigley          Irene                        4Schools     Weik             Alma                         2Schools     Weik             Grace Garret                20Schools     Weik             Harry                       20Schools     Weirich          Helen                       13Schools     Weirich          Myrl                        13Schools     Weis             Laura                        7Schools     Weise            Claude                      13Schools     Weise            Nancy                       13Schools     Weiss            Earline                     20Schools     Weiss            Robert                      20Schools     Weiss            William                     20Schools     Weist            Millie                      23Schools     Welder           Grace                        2Schools     Welder           Pauline                      2Schools     Wenger           John                        24Schools     Wenger           Martha Kreider               1Schools     Wenger           Mary                        20Schools     Wenger           Mrs. Warren                 17Schools     Wenger           Warren                      17Schools     Wengert          Carl                         2Schools     Wengert          Eva                          3Schools     Wengert          Norman                       2Schools     Wenrich          John                         2Schools     Wenrich          Lucille                      4Schools     Wenrich          M. H.                       86Schools     Wenrich          William                     18Schools     Werlow           Bud                          2Schools     Werner           Harvey                      10Schools     Werner           Lester                       4Schools     Werner           Lester                      11Schools     Werner           Warren                      16Schools     Wertz            Rufus                        1Schools     Wertz            William                      1Schools     West             Bryan                       31Schools     West             Mabel                       31Schools     Wetzel           Howard                       3Schools     Wetzel           Sadie                        3Schools     White            Dorothy                      2Schools     White            Edward                       9Schools     White            Harvey                      13Schools     White            Irene                       13Schools     White            Miriam                      13Schools     White            Russel                       7Schools     Whitford         Emma Gable                  28Schools     Whitman          Charles                      7Schools     Whitman          Ida                          6Schools     Whitman          Mary Dohner                 24Schools     Whitman          Minnie Fisher               20Schools     Whitter          Samuel                      21Schools     Whitters         Emmanuel                    21Schools     Wiley            Margaret Vance              31Schools     Wilhelm          Betty Lou                    2Schools     Wilhelm          Daniel                      11Schools     Wilhelm          Sadie Laudermilch           21Schools     Willett          Anna Treida                 28Schools     Williams         Laura                       13Schools     Williams         Nora                        13Schools     Williams         Paul                        24Schools     Wilmer           Mrs. Lucy                   21Schools     Wilson           Margaret Zechman            27Schools     Wise             Minnie                       7Schools     Wise             Rebecca                      7Schools     Witters          Miriam                       6Schools     Wolf             Esther                      13Schools     Wolf             Esther Bachman              15Schools     Wolf             Eva                         13Schools     Wolf             Irvin                       13Schools     Wolf             Jennie Weaver               21Schools     Wolf             Mervie Snyder               20Schools     Wolf             Mervie Snyder               24Schools     Wolfe            Florence Boltz               8Schools     Wolfe            Harvey                      17Schools     Wolfe            Herbert                      6Schools     Wolfe            John                         8Schools     Wolfe            Lloyd                        8Schools     Wolfe            Lloyd                       13Schools     Wolfe            Mary Brown                   8Schools     Wolfe            Myrtle                      13Schools     Wolfskill        William                     73Schools     Wright           Mary Thomas                 31Schools     Wry              Margaret Grumbine           16Schools     Yantz            Walter                      28Schools     Yarnall          Anna Spancake                7Schools     Yeager           Sara Love                   31Schools     Yingst           Elizabeth                    4Schools     Yingst           Elizabeth                   11Schools     Yingst           Harry                        8Schools     Yingst           Jenny                       21Schools     Yingst           Nora                        16Schools     Yingst           Vera                        16Schools     Yingtz           Sue Blouch                  19Schools     Yocum            Allen                        9Schools     Yordy            Iva                         17Schools     Yorty            Christy Lerch               22Schools     Yorty            Emma Hartz                  11Schools     Young            Mabel Bomberger              1Schools     Zartman          E. M.                       86Schools     Zechman          Herebert                    27Schools     Zechman          Mrs. Herbert                27Schools     Zehring          Paul                         5Schools     Zeigler          David                       11Schools     Zeller           Bright                       4Schools     Zeller           Bright                      11Schools     Zeller           Brockson                     4Schools     Zeller           Brockson                    11Schools     Zellers          Hattie Meiser               20Schools     Ziegler          Henry                       10Schools     Ziegler          Henry                       10Schools     Ziegler          Phoebe                      10Schools     Ziegler          Ruth                        10Schools     Zimmerman        Carrie Matterness            7Schools     Zimmerman        Miles                        9Schools     Zimmerman        Mrs. John Brandt            13Schools     Zimmerman        Sallie                      10Schools     Zimmerman        Viola                       20Schools     Zinn             Mildred                      4Schools     Zinn             Mildred                     11Schools     Zserai           Agnes                       27Schools     Zserai           John                        27Schools     Zug              John                        16Schools     Zweier           Helen                        6


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