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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a scrapbook in their library that contains newspaper clippings from Kirksville, Missouri area newspapers from 1965/66/67. Included in the clippings are births, deaths, burial permits, engagements, marriage announcements, anniversary announcements, general society news regarding area families. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks (except the births*). If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each name.
* Births are not listed here but we will be glad to check our index if you ask for a specific name.


Index of Kirksville, Missouri area scrapbook

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Family     Lacey                Hattie                                       14-Apr-72  164Family     Landtiser            Mr. & Mrs. Birney                               May-65    9Family     Lane                 Mrs. Bernice                                    Jul-68  148Family     Ledford              Donald Dean                                  02-Sep-66  159Family     Lehr                 Mr. and Mrs. E. E.                           06-Jun-65  155Family     Lewallen             Mr. and Mrs. Bill                            29-Aug-67  162Family     Lindberg             Mr. and Mrs. Cecil                           21-Aug-65  157Family     Lockett              J. Herschell and Dimple M.                       1965   158Family     Long                 Huey P. (Kingfish)                           14-Jun-35  123Family     Lott                 Margaret Ann                                     1966   158Family     Lovell               Mayor Charles                                26-Jun-68  144Family     Lynch                Thomas B.                                    17-Jan-07  185Family     Mackie               W. O.                                        04-Aug-58  142Family     Marsh                Aden                                         24-Sep-68  137Family     Marshall             O. E.                                        29-Jan-67  185Family     Mathis               Buster                                       21-Aug-68  150Family     Mauban               Roger, Olivier, Philippe, Giles                 Aug-66  161Family     McCaghy              Mrs. A. A.                                   29-Aug-67  162Family     McClintic            Harold                                       05-Jul-68  147Family     McElhinney           Everett and Mattie                           21-Aug-66  154Family     McGlothlin-Dudgeon   Family reunion                                  Aug-66  154Family     McVey                Mr. and Mrs. E. R.                           30-Aug-66  160Family     Melson               Mr. and Mrs. Cecil                           30-May-65  156Family     Meyer                Mrs. Frances                                 07-Aug-68  148Family     Miller               Bud                                          20-Jun-65  152Family     Montgomery           Mr. and Mrs. Orbert                          24-May-65  162Family     Morris               Mr. and Mrs. Charles                            Aug-66  155Family     Morrison             Mrs. Hazel                                       1965   153Family     Morton               Murl                                         01-Sep-35  123Family     Mulford              Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey                         14-Jun-15  123Family     Myers                Sam                                          27-Jul-68  130Family     Neisen               Laurie                                           1965   156Family     Newcomer             Henry                                        14-Aug-66  154Family     Nyberg               Maray Ned                                    30-Aug-66  160Family     O'Berto              Mr. and Mrs. Dominico                           Aug-66  152Family     Pamperl              R. D.                                           Jul-65  157Family     Pantaz               Mr. and Mrs. John and son                    30-May-65  156Family     Peek                 John L.                                      23-Jul-65  162Family     Peterson             Patricia                                     14-Apr-72  164Family     Plummer              Jim                                          30-Aug-66  160Family     Poston               Johnny                                       09-Jun-65  156Family     Ramos                Manuel                                       21-Aug-68  150Family     Ratliff              Kay                                          20-Jun-65  152Family     Reed                 Paul                                         30-Aug-66  160Family     Reese                Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Reese                     14-Jun-15  123Family     Reynolds             Mrs. T. I.                                      Aug-66    3Family     Rice                 Mr. & Mrs. Birney E.                              1966    2Family     Rice                 Larry E.                                          1966    2Family     Riley                Family reunion                               29-Aug-65  153Family     Riley                Mrs. Bertha                                  02-Sep-66  159Family     Roberts              Mr. & Mrs. Russell                              Aug-66   11Family     Roberts              Mr. & Mrs. Rusty, Robyn, Julie, Ronnie          Aug-66   11Family     Roberts              Harold & Betty                                  Aug-68  136Family     Ryle                 Dr. Walter H.                                07-Aug-58  142Family     Salmon               P. O.                                        26-Jan-67  185Family     Sandknop             Les                                          27-Jul-68  130Family     Scheer               Irene                                        14-Apr-72  164Family     Schott               Pvt. J.                                      07-Aug-18  142Family     Schwada              John M.                                      27-Mar-58  140Family     Scott                Mr. and Mrs. Earl                            07-Oct-65  155Family     Scott                Leon                                         30-Aug-66  160Family     Searcy               Mr. and Mrs. Fred and daughter               30-May-65  156Family     Sees                 Bernice                                      02-Sep-66  159Family     Seifert              Elizabeth                                    27-Mar-38  140Family     Sensenuch            John                                         15-Aug-66  161Family     Serber               Sharon                                       14-Apr-72  164Family     Shaver               John                                         01-Aug-28  141Family     Silkwood             Mrs. Bonnie                                      1966   162Family     Simmons              Terry D.                                         1966   155Family     Simpson              Chauncey                                     27-Mar-48  140Family     Skirvin              Mayor Selborn D.                             24-Sep-68  137Family     Smith                Mrs. Rosa                                       Aug-66   13Family     Smith                Jake                                         24-Aug-65  153Family     Smith                Mr. and Mrs. Robert A.                          Aug-66  161Family     Spargur              Mrs. Marie                                      May-65    9Family     Stevens              Tom                                          17-Apr-34  123Family     Stewart              Judge William                                01-Sep-65  157Family     Stoffregen           Mr. and Mrs. David  and son                  30-May-65  156Family     Stucky               Dr. Grover C.                                   Jan-73   66Family     Swope                Mr. and Mrs. John and daughter               30-May-65  156Family     Tate                 Lafe                                         17-Nov-66   68Family     Taylor               Frank                                        05-Sep-65  154Family     Tharp                Edward Leon                                  09-Jun-65  156Family     Thompson             Richard                                         Aug-68  137Family     Thompson             Edgar                                        07-Aug-18  142Family     Thompson             Morris                                       31-Aug-65  158Family     Threlkeld            Terry                                           Aug-68  150Family     Tucker               Harlan and Mary                                 Aug-66  152Family     Turpin               Mr. and Mrs. Russell                         30-May-65  156Family     VanSickel            Mr. and Mrs. Milan                           21-Aug-68  152Family     Vittitoe             Mrs. Mary                                    30-May-65  156Family     Waddell              Ethel                                           May-65   71Family     Waddell              Ethel                                           Jul-65  159Family     Waggoner             Family reunion                               05-Sep-65  153Family     Webbs                Dr. and Mrs. Robert K., Karla, Katy & Kare      Aug-66  157Family     Wells                Mrs. Frances S.                              07-Jun-65  156Family     Wharton              Bill                                         31-Aug-65  158Family     Wheeler              Harry                                           Apr-67  185Family     Wilgus               Paul                                            Aug-66  156Family     Wilkerson            Mrs. Sylvia                                      1965   153Family     Williams             Kay                                       Oct, 1965     123Family     Williams             Mr. and Mrs. James and son                   30-May-65  156Family     Wills                George                                           1965   123Family     Wimp                 Lieut. J. J.                                 09-Jun-45  159Family     Windels              Charles and Roger                            29-Aug-67  162Family     Woody                James J.                                     21-Aug-68  150Family     Yirster              Rev. Charles                                 29-Aug-65  153Family     Young                Harvey B.                                    09-Jun-55  159Marriage   Acquisto             Polly M. to Roy R. Kinder                    03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Adams                James D. to Paula J. Whitwell                   Dec-70   21Marriage   Adams                Dale M. to Monica R. Poirier                 30-Jun-71   35Marriage   Adams                Russell to Sandra K. Gardner                 06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Adams                Nina F. to Jimmie D. Stewart                 03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Adkins               Gail to John L.  Ostach                      10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Agathen              Paul A. to Julia C. Carroll                  10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Alexander            James D. to Charlotte A. Kater               06-Jan-71   42Marriage   AllKhan              Mir S. to Maria A. Crisologo                 06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Almond               Wesley and Esther Groves                     29-Jun-68  145Marriage   Almond               Julia Fae and Carl Robert Jackson            22-Jun-68  148Marriage   Altschuler           Deborah to Milton B. Potak                   06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Amyot                Rita M. to Herbert A. Smith                  03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Anderson             Marilyn J. to Thomas J. Foley                06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Arb                  Patricia A. to Cecil L. Pickens              10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Armstead             Alfred Y. to Mrs. Virginia E. Schaefer       30-Dec-70   31Marriage   Arnold               John and Judith Taylor                       17-Aug-68  150Marriage   Arthurs              Warren and Vondalea (Harmon) Lawson          08-Oct-65   63Marriage   Baccus               Larry and Janice Vandame                     29-Aug-66  162Marriage   Bailey               Mildred V. to Josh L. Nash                   03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Bailey               Karen and Richard Fogleman                   07-Aug-65   58Marriage   Baker                Linda L. and Eldon L. Grissom                19-May-65   55Marriage   Baker                Emily Melissa and Robert Earl Happ           01-Sep-66   63Marriage   Ball                 James B. to Marsha K. Martin                 03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Ballenger            Maurice L. to Sharon M. Jesse                06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Ballenger            Ralph and Linda Milner                       24-Oct-65   65Marriage   Banks                Elenor to Fred Mitchell                      10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Barber               Sanford L. to Esther L. Shannon                 Dec-70   21Marriage   Barnes               Steven M. and Janice Coleen Simler           14-Aug-66   64Marriage   Barnes               Rececca Ann and Franklin R. Wright           14-Jul-68  148Marriage   Bates                Dorothy W. M. to Leslie E. Williams          03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Bean                 Ileen C.  and Paul C. Brown                     Aug-66   62Marriage   Beardslee            Paul E. to Ursula Schneider                  03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Beeler               Ronnie and Mary Ellen Clark                  07-Jun-65   75Marriage   Behrens              Rodney to Emma Rothkegel                     26-May-66   25Marriage   Bell                 Gloria E. to Jimmie L. Grayer                   Dec-70   21Marriage   Bell                 Daniel Wayne and Marjorie Helen Starbuck     02-Oct-65   65Marriage   Benson               Mary C. to Ronald D. Cantu                   10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Benson               Valeria M. to Wendell H. Campbell            10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Benz                 William G. to Mrs. Sharon L. White           10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Bereuter             Terry R. to Sharon M. Carpenter              06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Berger               Sally A. to James T. Stovall                 10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Bertich              Robert J. to Julia A. Magnin                 10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Bigsby               Bonnie Roberta and Donald Richard Ellison    29-Aug-65   65Marriage   Birkerstaff          Kathleen to Alvin L. Saller                  06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Birkinshaw           Joseph William, Jr. and Phyllis Jean Cribb   22-Jun-68  143Marriage   Blair                Ruby E. t o Elroy A. Hackman                 03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Blancardi            Florence D. to Carlo W. Ventmiglia           10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Blanchard            James to Delores A. Rodgers                  03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Bland                Viola to Robert E.                              Dec-70   21Marriage   Bledsoe              Thelma to Charles E. Wallace                 06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Blodgett             Betty and Paul Harrelson                     02-Jun-65   55Marriage   Bohann               Peggy Marie to Lawrence D. Manser                1965    49Marriage   Borum                Sherman to Delores Verges                       Dec-70   21Marriage   Bothe                Patrick P. to Diann M. Reinsmith             06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Bouman               Bruce Nicholas and Irmgard Walburga Pappen   16-Jun-68  147Marriage   Bowen                Robert Eugene and Thresa Lee Kittler         13-May-65   55Marriage   Bowers               James D. to Elizabeth W. Miller              03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Bowlin               Mikel E. and Betty Joan Tade                 12-Jun-65   57Marriage   Bowlin               Mikel E. and Betty Joan Tade                    Jun-65   58Marriage   Bowlin               Marvin Llolyd and Marjorie Ellen Smith       18-Dec-66  188Marriage   Bowls                Johanna and James R. Helton                  12-Jun-65   56Marriage   Bowman               Angela J. to Christopher J. Brown            06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Bradshaw             James A. to Bettie J. Thomas                 06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Bradshaw             Romet David and Elizabeth Ann Ford              Aug-66   62Marriage   Braum                Emma to Carl Hesse                           26-May-66   25Marriage   Braun                Charlene A. to Michael J. Kogler             10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Brenizer             Vicki A. to Quinton L. Scott                 06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Brenizer             Anita Lynne and Bobbie Lee Kelsey            14-Aug-66   60Marriage   Brewer               Sharon and Eugene Wiggins                    27-Jul-68  148Marriage   Briggs               Janet and Larry Dorrell                      12-Aug-66   62Marriage   Brobst               Karen and Charles Daniels                    04-Jul-68  143Marriage   Brocksmith           Donald J. to Juanita Marcaillni              06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Brooks               Norma L. to Josesph Csonka                   06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Brown                Robert C. to Deborh Haines                   07-Jan-71   31Marriage   Brown                Christopher J. to Angela J. Bowman           06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Brown                Janice L. to Robert K.                       06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Brown                Janet L. to Jackie A. Hughes                 03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Brown                Robert L., Jr. to Patricia A. Woods          03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Brown                Richey P. to Marjorie B. Brown               03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Brown                Marjorie B. to Richey P. Brown               03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Brown                Arlene Louann and Terry Wayne Novinger       28-Sep-65   59Marriage   Brown                Dennis Earl and Sharon Venice Kyes              Aug-65   59Marriage   Brown                Peggy Lee and Garry Lynn Miley               13-Aug-66   62Marriage   Brown                Paul C. and Ileen C. Bean                       Aug-66   62Marriage   Brown                Reva Arlene and John W. Tomlinson            02-May-67  186Marriage   Brown                Claton E. and Sarah C. Bruce                 08-Jul-68  143Marriage   Bruce                Sarah C. and Clayton E. Brown                08-Jul-68  143Marriage   Brueggemann          Mrs. Carolyn M. to Clarence L. Keim          30-Jun-71   35Marriage   Buckley              William James, III  and Candace Quinn Laws   03-Aug-68  149Marriage   Buda                 Dennis Stanley to Barbara Ellen Jones        12-Jul-68  146Marriage   Buddemeyer           Esther I. To Lloyd A. Wandersee              06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Bumpers              Henry D. to Sheila M. Parker                 06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Buress               Carolyn and David Hopper                         1965    57Marriage   Burke                Virginia Ellen to Bobbie W. Henry            06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Burke                David W. to Sharon A. Hedtkamp               03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Burke                Deborah A. to Marc E. Lambert                03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Burns                Jean and A2/c Douglas H. Hadley              22-May-65   55Marriage   Burton               Pamela M. to Larry W. Madison                   Dec-70   21Marriage   Bussmann             Patricia A. to Thomas E. Cecil               06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Butler               Jerome K. to Shirley J. Haze                 10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Cain                 Elizabeth Mae and Cecil Davis                24-Jan-67  186Marriage   Caldwell             Fred S. to Mary Knipping                        Dec-70   21Marriage   Caldwell             Robert C. to Elizabeth J. Sherman            06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Caldwell             Linda Dee and Ronald Dean Moore              14-Aug-65  170Marriage   Campbell             Wendell H. to Valeria M. Benson              10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Campbell             Jerry and Donna Mullenix                     05-Aug-68  148Marriage   Cantu                Ronald D. to Mary C. Benson                  10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Cardwell             Gwynn F. to James A. Flickinger              10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Carpenter            Sharon M. to Terry R. Bereuter               06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Carpenter            David and Wilma Pugh                         11-Mar-67  188Marriage   Carroll              Julia C. to Paul A. Agathen                  10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Carter               Daniel Richard and Marcena Sue Fitzgerald    16-Jun-68  147Marriage   Cartright            Karen A. to Rickie E. Hoskins                   Dec-70   21Marriage   Cassidy              Patricia Jayne and William H. Sewell            Oct-67   64Marriage   Cecil                Thomas E. to Patricia A. Bussmann            06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Charleville          Joel L. to Jackie R. Russell                 10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Cherry               Debra A. to Gregory J. Martinez              06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Chew                 Ella M. to Walter L. Hampel                  03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Chilton              Burley G. to Jo A. Dunne                     06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Chism                AllJean to Robert W. Patton                  03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Chivers              Joan Ivy to David Michael Wilhite            01-Jun-68   53Marriage   Chivetta             Anthony J. to Denise R. Farrar               06-Mar-71   44Marriage   Christ               George C. to Mrs. Donna C. Lay               30-Dec-70   31Marriage   Christman            Troy Michael to Evelyn Ann Green                 1968    49Marriage   Christos             John G. to Susan M. Horn                     06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Church               Frederick Cameron, Jr. and Murial Vanderbi   26-Jul-65   58Marriage   Clark                Paul J. and Susan Elaine Potter              05-Jun-65   54Marriage   Clark                Paul J. and Susan Elaine Potter                  1965    58Marriage   Clark                Mary Ellen and Ronnie Beeler                 07-Jun-65   75Marriage   Claussen             Louanne and James David Smith                29-Jun-68  144Marriage   Clay                 Barbara A. and Raymond P. Pinkerton             Jul-68   53Marriage   Cochenouor           Gary F. and Janice Waggener                  22-Jun-68  146Marriage   Cochenour            Gary and Janice Waggener                     22-Jun-68  143Marriage   Collins              Paul D. to Eva Pachard                       27-Jun-05    4Marriage   Collins              Linda Jenean to Robert Damon Ervie           21-Aug-65   49Marriage   Combs                Norma J. to Stevan G. Mayers                    Dec-70   21Marriage   Conger               Glenn J. to Bonnita K. Martin                06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Copple               S4C Joe and Patricia Newson                  27-Dec-66  188Marriage   Cornell              Cherman P. to Earnestine Y. Davis            10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Cox                  Charles and Thelma Saner                        Jul-68   53Marriage   Craig                Emma Lou and Ronald D. Sander                17-Jul-65   80Marriage   Cregger              Mrs. Elenor L. to Herman H. Schulte          10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Cribb                Phyllis Jean and Joseph William Birkinsha,   22-Jun-68  143Marriage   Crisologo            Maria A. to Mir S. AllKhan                   06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Crohn                Mrs. Leota (Bougher) and Erin E. Shores      14-Jan-67  188Marriage   Cross                Linda Jane and Roger William Yarns               1965    58Marriage   Crow                 Juanita Irene and Dr. Virgil Manchester      10-Oct-65   63Marriage   Crowder              A. L. and Bertha Hodge                          Aug-65   56Marriage   Crowder              Audrey L. and Bertha Ellen Hodge                Jun-65   58Marriage   Csonka               Joseph to Norma L. Brooks                    06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Cundiff              Patricia E. to Lucky B. Miner                06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Cushinberry          Paul L. to Dorothy Cushshon                  06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Cushshon             Dorothy to Paul L.                           06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Daniels              Charles and Karen Brobst                     04-Jul-68  143Marriage   Davenport            Gloria to Randy L. Whitehead                 03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Davidson             Diana Sue and Michael Eugene Wagner          14-Aug-66   61Marriage   Davis                Earnestine Y. to Cherman P. Cornell          10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Davis                Sharon Sue and Jerry Eugene Miles            14-Jul-68  144Marriage   Davis                Cecil and Elizabeth Mae Cain                 24-Jan-67  186Marriage   Dawkins              Mary Kathleen and William Allan Knowles      12-Jun-65   58Marriage   DeArmond             Mrs. Nana M. to Arthur J. Richardson         03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Deskin               Laura to Manford L. Rhoades, Jr.             25-Jul-65   54Marriage   Devine               Denise E. to Gregory J. Frost                10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Digby                Elizabeth N. to Timothy Schelbe              10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Dillard              Billie J. to Roger N. Tanner                 10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Dimmitt              Arthur Earl and Mary Ellen Moore                 1965    58Marriage   Dimmitt              Mary Jo and Franklin Williams                04-Aug-68  142Marriage   DiRienzo             Richard J. to Deborah L. Huston              10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Dodson               Richard A. to Lynda K. Moore                 10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Doering              Frank J. to Barbara A. Kemp                  06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Dorman               Theodore M. to Betty D. Smith                06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Dorney               Sharon and Tommy Ray Minnick                 27-Aug-66  160Marriage   Dorrell              Larry and Janet Briggs                       12-Aug-66   62Marriage   Douglas              Diana M. to Cecil W. Gavril                  06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Drazen               Richard J. to Patricia L. Williams           10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Dunham               John E. to Bryna L. Frederickson             10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Dunne                Jo A. to Burley G. Chilton                   06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Durham               Donald Welch and Janet Kay Hopkins           27-Aug-65   59Marriage   Dye                  Stella M. to Richard L. Timms                06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Earles               Linda Kay and Ronald Gene Hogue              21-Oct-66  166Marriage   Edwards              Jerry and Sharon Saffell                     14-Aug-66   61Marriage   Eits                 Georgia Ann and Milton D. Wayne Gooding         Jul-68   53Marriage   Elam                 Marilyn Louise and Thomas D. Foster              1965    58Marriage   Ellis                Martha A. to Thomas P. Pew                   06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Ellis                Paul R. to Peggy A. McConathy                06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Ellison              Donald Richard and Bonnie Roberta Bigsby     29-Aug-65   65Marriage   Ely                  Ben and Evelyn Lowman                        08-Jun-65   54Marriage   Embree               Delbert G. and Ruth Ann Kiger                19-May-65   55Marriage   Ervie                Robert Damon to Linda Jenean Collins         21-Aug-65   49Marriage   Evans                Janice Kay and Larry Eugene Smith            06-Jun-65   54Marriage   Everly               Charles Thomas and Edna Marie Smith          31-Dec-66  188Marriage   Evers                Robert K. to Janice L. Brown                 06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Ewing                Joyce Ann and Robert Dean Williams           19-May-65   55Marriage   Fales                Kenneth Wayne and Jen Ethel Tracy            23-Jun-68  145Marriage   Farrar               Denise R. to Anthony J.Schott                06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Fenerson             Itamar T. to Earlene Lannon                  03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Fitzgerald           Warren A. to Mary A. Smith                   03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Fitzgerald           Marcena Sue and Daniel Richard Carter        16-Jun-68  147Marriage   Flacke               Carmen D. to Bernard C. Mitchell             10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Flickinger           James A. to Gwynn F. Cardwell                10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Flori                William J. to Margaret J. Tracey             06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Floyd                Maurice H. and Amy Loraine Kite              18-Aug-66   61Marriage   Fogleman             Richard and Karen Bailey                     07-Aug-65   58Marriage   Foley                James C. to Shirley A. Ott                   10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Foley                Thomas J. to Marilyn J. anderson             06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Ford                 Elizabeth Ann and Romet David Bradshaw          Aug-66   62Marriage   Foster               Thomas D. and Marilyn Louise Elam                1965    58Marriage   Fox                  Herbert C. to Mrs. Arlene J. Fox             30-Dec-70   31Marriage   Fox                  Mrs. Arlene J. to Herbert C.                 30-Dec-70   31Marriage   Fox                  Carol Ann and Dr. William C. Hays            15-Jun-68  144Marriage   Franke               Judith M. to Larry J. Turpin                 30-Jun-71   35Marriage   Franks               Joseph T. to Ruth Stokes                     06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Frederickson         Bryna L. to John E. Dunham                   10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Freeman              Cynthis S. to Kealoha C. Rossiter            10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Frock                Robert W. and Janette K. Jacobs              14-Aug-66   63Marriage   Frost                Gregory J. to Denise E. Devine               10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Fulk                 Jerry and Carol Ann Johnson                  20-Jul-68  143Marriage   Fuller               Larry E. to Mary A. Pepper                      Dec-70   21Marriage   Galati               Frank J. to Mary L. Sorbello                 10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Gardner              Sandra K. to Russell Adams                   06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Garmon               Linda A. and Charles Gilmer                     Aug-66   62Marriage   Garms                Reba Jean and Larry Eugene Kriner            25-Sep-66   64Marriage   Garon                Irving to Selma Persky                       06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Garrison             Nancy and Gary D. Manford                    30-Jun-68  144Marriage   Gatenby              Lela Lee and Michael Van Cannon              17-Dec-66  188Marriage   Gavril               Cecil W.  To Diana M. Douglas                06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Geldbach             Helen L. to Gary L. Stewart                  06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Geraghty             James to Michele C. Nikolychik                  Dec-70   21Marriage   Gerhardt             Erl E. to Diane M. Reker                     03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Gibbs                Marvin M. to Martha L. King                  06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Gibson               Ronald R. to Sandra M. Holliday                 Dec-70   21Marriage   Gilbrath             Gerald and Janice Reno                       14-Aug-65  170Marriage   Gilmer               Charles and Linda A. Garmon                     Aug-66   62Marriage   Goforth              Harold O. to Joan E. Whiteaker               03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Gooding              Milton D. Wayne and Georgia Ann Eilts           Jul-68   53Marriage   Goodwin              Judith Elain and John Roy Harden                 1966    61Marriage   Grayer               Jimmie L. to Gloria E. Bell                     Dec-70   21Marriage   Green                Evelyn Ann to Troy Michael Christman             1968    49Marriage   Greenwood            Claudette and Carl Kenneth Ralls             29-Jun-68  144Marriage   Gregory              Carol to Daniel King                         06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Grieshaber           David R. to Edith M. Spiegel                 10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Griffith             Katherine Dianna and James D. Starbuck       31-Aug-66   64Marriage   Grimes               Mrs. Iva and Wayne Smith                     15-Oct-66  167Marriage   Grissom              Eldon L. and Linda L. Baker                  19-May-65   55Marriage   Groves               Esther and Wesley Almond                     29-Jun-68  145Marriage   Guyer                Wesley and Sharlotte Hollen                  20-Jun-68  147Marriage   Guynn                Jesse J. to Marguerite B. Webb                  Dec-70   21Marriage   Haag                 Peter A. to Marcia L. Knox                   10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Hackmann             Elroy A. to Ruby E. Blair                    03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Hadley               A2/c Douglas H. and Jean Burns               22-May-65   55Marriage   Hahn                 Stephen P. to Mrs. Charlene C. Horton        10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Hainds               Gloria Lee and Dennis John Hey               29-May-65   58Marriage   Haines               Deborah to Robert C. Brown                   07-Jan-71   31Marriage   Halley               Donna M. to Kenneth S. Turner                03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Hamber               Charles E. to Johnnie O. Hunt                03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Hamilton             Melvin to Dorohy M. Gettys                   03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Hamm                 Stevenson to Annie M. Whitt                     Dec-70   21Marriage   Hammack              Billy Joe  and Nancy Kay House                  Aug-66   63Marriage   Hampel               Walter L. to Ella M. Chew                    03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Hanks                Edna J. to Douglas H. Pipes                  06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Hansen               Philip T. to Karen R. Kettenbach             03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Hanson               George and Karen Jackson                     16-Jun-68  144Marriage   Happ                 Robert Earl and Emily Melissa Baker          01-Sep-66   63Marriage   Harden               John Roy and Judith Elain Goodwin                1966    61Marriage   Harrelson            Paul and Betty Blodgett                      02-Jun-65   55Marriage   Harris               Dana and Kenneth Willows                     30-May-65   57Marriage   Hart                 Martin D. to Joyce L. Knight                 03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Harting              Ronnie E. and Evelyn Mae Robinson            11-Jun-65   57Marriage   Hassos               Aleta J. to Willard E.                       10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Hayes                Margaret Murdock to Dr. Peter Paul Koro      07-Aug-66   53Marriage   Hayes                Valorie and Leon Maggart                     29-Jun-68  147Marriage   Hayes                Valorie and Leon Maggart                     29-Jun-68  150Marriage   Haynes               James C. to Helen R. Oliver                  06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Hays                 Dr. William C. and Carol Ann Fox             15-Jun-68  144Marriage   Haze                 Shirley J. to Jerome K. Butler               10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Heatherington        Pamela Joy and Gary Lee Heinike                 May-65   58Marriage   Heaton               Dorothy Louise and Darrell Albert Hornung    11-Jul-65   55Marriage   Hediger              Patricia Ann and Roy Kenneth Hutchinson      20-Aug-66   64Marriage   Hedtkamp             Sharon A. to David W. Burke                  03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Heibel               John A., III to Mary S. Maslowski            03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Heinike              Gary Lee and Pamela Joy Heatherington           May-65   58Marriage   Heinze               Udo A. to Katherine K. Marshutz              03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Heitert              Jacqueline J. to John E. Reilly, Jr.         10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Helton               James R. and Johanna                         12-Jun-65   56Marriage   Hendrix              Roger M. and Linda Lou Hunolt                20-Jul-68  143Marriage   Hengle               Susan M. to James P. Murphy                     Dec-70   21Marriage   Henry                Bobbie W. to Virginia Ellen Burker           06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Hensley              Charles A. to Barbara A. Verheecke           03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Herring              Judith Kay and Donald Eugene Nelson          30-May-65   54Marriage   Hershberger          Atlee J. and Emma Hochstetler                   Apr-67  186Marriage   Hesse                Carl to Emma Braum                           26-May-66   25Marriage   Hey                  Dennis John and Gloria Lee Hainds            29-May-65   58Marriage   Hill                 Linda S. to Thomas R. Zeller                 06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Hocstetler           Emma and Atlee J. Hershberger                   Apr-67  186Marriage   Hodge                Bertha and A. L. Crowder                        Aug-65   56Marriage   Hodge                Bertha Ellen and Audrey L. Crowder              Jun-65   58Marriage   Hoerr                David D. to Jennifer L. Reed                 06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Hofron               Charles F. to Diane E. Hofron                06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Hofron               Diane E. to Charles F. Hofron                06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Hoggym               Hazel B. to Earl George Piper                02-Jul-38    4Marriage   Hogue                Ronald Gene and Linda Kay Earles             21-Oct-66  166Marriage   Holdman              Betty J. to Joseph A. Mazur                  10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Holen                Mrs. Hazel R. to Richard B. Smith            10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Holliday             Sandra M. to Ronald R. Gibson                   Dec-70   21Marriage   Hollon               Sharlotte and Wesley Guyer                   20-Jun-68  147Marriage   Holman               Gerald to Carol Ann Jones                        1965    49Marriage   Hopkins              Janet Kay and Donald Welch Durham            27-Aug-65   59Marriage   Hopper               David and Carolyn Buress                         1965    57Marriage   Hopper               Lona Jeanette and Bobbt Lee Matheny             Jun-65   58Marriage   Horn                 Susan M. to John G. Christos                 06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Horn                 Edward A. to Rebecca S. Vance                06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Hornung              Darrell Albert and Dorothy Louise Heaton     11-Jul-65   55Marriage   Horton               Mrs. Charlene C. to Stephen P. Hahn          10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Hoskins              Rickie E. to Karen A. Cartright                 Dec-70   21Marriage   House                Nancy Kay and Billy Joe Hammack                 Aug-66   63Marriage   Howarth              Gerald R. to Patricia S. Peterson            06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Huff                 Melvin Karl and Angela Ann Peavler              Aug-65   59Marriage   Huff                 Raymond and Becky Rose Yates                 24-Oct-65   65Marriage   Huffman              Marilyn Sue and Roiger William Yearns           Aug-66   62Marriage   Hughes               Jackie A. to Janet L. Brown                  03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Hunolt               Linda Lou and Roger M. Hendrix               20-Jul-68  143Marriage   Hunt                 Johnnie O. to Charles E. Hamber              03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Huston               Deborah L. to Richard J. DiRienzo            10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Hutchinson           Roy Kenneth and Patricia Ann Hediger         20-Aug-66   64Marriage   Hutchison            andrea P. to Martin R. Korte                 06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Hutton               Mary E. to Wallace H. Riley                  03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Iken                 Lawrence B. to Elaine I. Kootman             10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Indelicato           Jasper A. to Mariellen Walter                06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Izo                  Raymond M. to Theresa C. Lange               10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Jackson              Rebecca to Arthur Jeffries                   27-Aug-65   49Marriage   Jackson              Ann and Kenny White                             Jun-65   57Marriage   Jackson              Karen and George Hanson                      16-Jun-68  144Marriage   Jackson              Carl Robert and Julia Fae Almond             22-Jun-68  148Marriage   Jacobs               Janette K. and Robert W. Frock               14-Aug-66   63Marriage   Jagenson             Royal Oliver and Gladys Helen Nesheim           May-65   58Marriage   James                Bessie M. to James T. Wafer                  03-Jan-71   43Marriage   James                David Edward and Linda Lee Long              17-Aug-68  150Marriage   Jarnagin             Gail and William Henry Sangster              22-Jun-68  146Marriage   Jesse                Sharon M. to Maurice L. Ballenger            06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Johnson              Jimmie E. to Shirley J. Williams             03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Johnson              Judy A. to James E. Kiger                    03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Johnson              Carol Ann and Jerry Fulk                     20-Jul-68  143Marriage   Jones                Cynthia D. to Rufus Jones, Jr.               03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Jones                Carol Ann to Gerald Holman                       1965    49Marriage   Jones                Barbara Ellen to Dennis Stanley Buda         12-Jul-68  146Marriage   Jones                John Daniel and Debra Sprague                27-Jul-68  148Marriage   Jones                Howard and Linda Lee Terrell                 11-Nov-65   65Marriage   Jonson               James Howard and Agatha Josephine Steen      26-Aug-66  162Marriage   Jordan               Wayne L. to Sheryl E. Siebe                  06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Kater                Charlotte A. to James D. Alexander           06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Keim                 Clarence L. to Mrs. Carolyn M. Brueggemann   30-Jun-71   35Marriage   Kelley               Johnny E. to Deborah K. Melton               06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Kelly                Terry to Georgia R. Lee                      06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Kelsey               Stephen Harold and Verla Earlene Staack         Jul-68   53Marriage   Kelsey               Bobbie Lee and Anita Lynne Brenzier          14-Aug-66   60Marriage   Kemp                 Barbara A. to Frank J. Doering               06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Kennedy              Barbara C. to Michael Steidley                  Dec-70   21Marriage   Kenney               Larry and Bernice Smyser                     05-Jun-65   57Marriage   Kerby                Randall E. and Janet Lynette McCune          13-Jul-68  143Marriage   Ketcham              Fred and Frances Wallace                     26-Jan-08  167Marriage   Ketcher              Sanford C. to Elizabeth J. Steele            03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Kettenbach           Karen R. to Philip T. Hansen                 03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Kiger                James E. to Judy A. Johnson                  03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Kiger                Ruth Ann and Delbert G. Embree               19-May-65   55Marriage   Kimbrough            Milton D. to Mary F. Sykes                   03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Kinder               Roy R. to Polly M. Acquisto                  03-Jan-71   43Marriage   King                 Martha L. to Marvin M. Gibbs                 06-Jan-71   42Marriage   King                 Daniel to Carol Gregory                      06-Jan-71   42Marriage   King                 Brenda M. to Elmer E. Womack                 03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Kite                 Amy Loraine and Maurice H. Floyd             18-Aug-66   61Marriage   Kittler              Thresa Lee and Robrt Eugene Bowen            13-May-65   55Marriage   Klopstein            Betty J. to John A. Schaefer                 10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Knight               Joyce L. to Martin D. Hart                   03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Knipping             Mary to Fred S. Caldwell                        Dec-70   21Marriage   Knolhoff             Margaret G. to Robert P. Magiano             30-Jun-71   35Marriage   Knowles              William Allan and Mary Kathleen Dawkins      12-Jun-65   58Marriage   Knox                 Marcia L. to Peter A. Haag                   10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Kogler               Michael J. to Charlene A. Braun              10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Kohl                 William C. to Doria E. Myers                 03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Kohring              Kerry R. M. to Sandra J. Kraft               06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Koonce               Steven A. to Cindra L. Johnson               06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Kootman              Elaine I. Tto Lawrence B. Iken               10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Koro                 Dr. Peter Paul to Margaret Murdock Hayes     07-Aug-66   53Marriage   Korte                Martin R. to andrea P. Hutchison             06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Kraft                Sandra J. to Kerry R. M. Kohring             06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Kramer               Danny Lynn and Deborah Ann Pearce               Aug-68   53Marriage   Kreidler             Coleen Margaret and Charles Granville Youn   20-Aug-66   61Marriage   Kriner               Larry Eugene and Reba Jean Garms             25-Sep-66   64Marriage   Kroeger              Gertrude to Ray M. McHaney                   06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Kroll                Deborah K. to William Moore                  03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Kues                 Barbara A. to Lee J.                         06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Kuhn                 Jane R. to William H. Ring                   10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Kunkel               Mrs. Bernadette H. to Henry H. Spieler       10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Kyes                 Sharon Venice and Dennis Earl Brown             Aug-65   59Marriage   Lake                 Kenneth A. to Carla R. Stevenson             30-Jun-71   35Marriage   Lambert              Marc E. to Deborah A. Burke                  03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Lampley              Johnnie to Delois Y. White                   10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Lang                 Norma J. to Robert E. Wilson                 03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Lange                Theresa C. to Raymond M. Izo                 10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Langer               Helga M. to Herbert J. Tiller                06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Lannon               Earlene to Itamar T. Fenerson                03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Larson               Doris Jill and Dale R. Seliz, Jr.            14-Aug-66   62Marriage   Lawrence             Douglas K. to Ona T. Richards                06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Lawson               Roselea and Jame H. Ragland                  14-Aug-66   60Marriage   Lawson               Vondalea (Harmon) and Warren Arthurs         08-Oct-65   63Marriage   Lawson               Candace Quinn and William James Buckley, I   03-Aug-68  149Marriage   Lay                  Mrs. Donna C. to George C. Christ            30-Dec-70   31Marriage   Lee                  Edward E. to Mrs. Elsie L. Ragland           10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Lee                  Catherine A. to Stephen R. Tschannen         06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Lee                  Georgia R. to Terry Kelly                    06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Leek                 Connie Annette Leak and Larry Joe Morgan        Aug-68   53Marriage   Legal                Robert P. to Amy L. Robinson                 06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Lenzini              Tony G. and Mary Beth Mudd                   29-Jun-68  147Marriage   Lie                  Rudolph to Ruth Maroney                      03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Lindberg             A1C James R. and Dovie Louise Seifert        26-Aug-66  160Marriage   Long                 Linda Lee and David Edward James             17-Aug-68  150Marriage   Lowman               Evelyn and Ben Ely                           08-Jun-65   54Marriage   Lux                  Linda R.to Bruce J. McCall                      Dec-70   21Marriage   Lyons                Connie M. to Ronald P. McGuire               06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Madison              Larry W. to Pamela M. Burton                    Dec-70   21Marriage   Madison              Jean and Steven Petrofsky                    03-Mar-67  186Marriage   Maggart              Leon and Valories Hayes                      29-Jun-68  147Marriage   Maggart              Leon and Valories Hayes                      29-Jun-68  150Marriage   Magiano              Robert P. to Margaret G. Knolhoff            30-Jun-71   35Marriage   Magnin               Julia A. to Robert J. Bertich                10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Maize                Judy and Neal Powers                         22-Jan-67  186Marriage   Manahan              Cheryl M. to Lawrence E. Williams            03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Manchester           Dr. Virgil and Juanita Irene Crow            10-Oct-65   63Marriage   Manford              Gary D. to Nancy Garrison                    30-Jun-68  144Marriage   Manser               Lawrnce D. to Peggy Marie Bohann                 1965    49Marriage   Marcaillni           Juanita to Donald J. Brocksmith              06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Marnatti             Mary A. to Robert E. Schleich                10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Maroney              Ruth to Rudolphy Lie                         03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Marshutz             Katherine K. to Udo A. Heinze                03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Martin               Bonnita K. to Glenn J. Conger                06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Martin               Marsha K. to James B. Ball                   03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Martinez             Gregory J. to Debra A. Cherry                06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Maslowski            Mary S. to John A. Heibel, III               03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Mason                Virginia M. and Ramon R. Stowell                Aug-68   53Marriage   Massey               Roger D. to Yvonne M. Rooker                 06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Matheny              Bobby Lee and Lona Jeanette Hopper              Jun-65   58Marriage   Mattli               Jane E. t o Larry D. Nance                   10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Mayers               Stevan G. to Norma J. Combs                     Dec-70   21Marriage   Mays                 David L. to Annie R. Minor                   06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Mazur                Joseph A. to Betty J. Holdman                10-Sep-69   23Marriage   McCall               Bruce J. to Linda R. Lux                        Dec-70   21Marriage   McCarkel             Patricia A. to David S. Schaefer             07-Jan-71   31Marriage   McCatty              Frank A. To Tersita S. Rivera                10-Sep-69   23Marriage   McConathy            Peggy A. to Paul R. Ellis                    06-Jan-71   42Marriage   McCune               Janet Lynette and Randall E. Kerby           13-Jul-68  143Marriage   McDanolds            Lana Kay and James E.Smith                      Jun-68  146Marriage   McFarland            Donna Janet and Arzy Rummerfield             13-Jun-65   56Marriage   McGloshen            Donald C. to Carol S. Sloan                  06-Jan-71   42Marriage   McGuire              Ronald P. to Connie M. Lyons                 06-Jan-71   42Marriage   McHaney              Ray M. to Gertrude Kroeger                   06-Jan-71   42Marriage   McKee                Gary L to Mrs. Denise D. McKinzie            30-Jun-71   35Marriage   McKinzie             Mrs. Denise D. to Gary L. McKee              30-Jun-71   35Marriage   Meadows              Janet Sue and Paul E. Stitt                  02-Feb-67  185Marriage   Melton               Deborah K. to Johnny E. Kelley               06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Mettes               Wilma Ruth and Gerald W. Yarrington          20-Aug-66   64Marriage   Meyer                Debra E. to Edward J. Pinon                     Dec-70   21Marriage   Middleton            Robert Kempton, III and Barbara Ann Rogers   07-Aug-68  142Marriage   Mihalovich           Cecelia J. and Richard D. Phillips           29-May-65   57Marriage   Miles                Jerry Eugene and Sharon Sue Davis            14-Jul-68  144Marriage   Miley                Garry Lynn and Peggy Lee Brown               13-Aug-66   62Marriage   Miller               Elizabeth W. to James D. Bowers              03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Mills                Roger to Rosalind R. Newsom                  10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Milner               Linda and Ralph Ballenger                    24-Oct-65   65Marriage   Miner                Lucky B. to Patricia E. Cundiff              06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Minnick              Tommy Ray and Saron Dorney                   27-Aug-66  160Marriage   Minnick              Mary Sue and Jerry Hubert Owens              12-Jun-66  169Marriage   Mitchell             Fred to Eleanor Banks                        10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Mitchell             Bernard C. to Carmen D. Flacke               10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Moore                Lynda K. to Richard A. Dodson                10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Moore                Ronald Dean and Linda Dee Caldwell           14-Aug-65  170Marriage   Moore                Dorthea to Elice Phillips                    03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Moore                William to Deborah A. Kroll                  03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Moore                Mary Ellen and Arthur Earl Dimmitt               1965    58Marriage   Morgan               Larry Joe and Connie Annette Leek               Aug-68   53Marriage   Morris               Lula May and Donald D. West                     Aug-68   53Marriage   Morrow               Willie I. To Donna M. Sparks                 06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Motter               Josephine Annette and David Byrl Schadt      21-Aug-66   62Marriage   Moyer                John Irving and Janice Pauline Smith         04-Jun-65   55Marriage   Mudd                 Mary Beth and Tony G. Lenzini                29-Jun-68  147Marriage   Mullenix             Donna and Jerry Campbell                     05-Aug-68  148Marriage   Mullin               John Patrick, Jr.  and Karen Jean Reed           1965    60Marriage   Murphy               James P. to Susan M. Hengle                     Dec-70   21Marriage   Myers                Doria E. to William C. Kohl                  03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Nagel                Robert W. to Judith A. Noyes                 10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Nance                Larry D. to Jane E. Mattli                   10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Nash                 Josh L. to Mildred V. Bailey                 03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Nelson               Robert E. to Viola Bland                        Dec-70   21Marriage   Nelson               Donald Eugene and Judith Kay Herring         30-May-65   54Marriage   Nelson               Rex B. and Charlotte ann Sims                21-Aug-65   58Marriage   Nesheim              Gladys Helen and Royal Oliver Jagenson          May-65   58Marriage   Newsom               Rosalind R. to Roger Mills                   10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Newson               Patricia and S4C Joe Copple                  27-Dec-66  188Marriage   Niehoff              William J. to Mary E. Oakley                 06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Nikolychik           Michele C. to James Geraghty                    Dec-70   21Marriage   Norfolk              Rececca Sue and Daniel Michael Meyer         23-Jun-68  145Marriage   Nothnagel            Julia and Thomas Zeiter                      04-Aug-68  142Marriage   Novinger             Terry Wayne and Arlene Louann Brown          28-Sep-65   59Marriage   Noyes                Judith A. to Robert W. Nagel                 10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Oakley               Mary E. to William J. Niehoff                06-Jan-71   42Marriage   O'Dell               Francis J. to Karen A. Zollmann              10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Oliver               Helen R. to James C. Haynes                  06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Openlander           Eugene G. to Barbara J. Reese                03-Jan-71   43Marriage   O'Rourke             Emmett J. to Mary L. Wethington              03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Ostach               John L. to Gail L. Adkins                    10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Ott                  Shirley A. to James C. Foley                 10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Owens                Jerry Hubert and Mary Sue Minnick            12-Jun-66  169Marriage   Oxley                Lee and Carolyn Stevens                      05-Nov-66  167Marriage   Pappenfoht           Irmgard Walburga and Bruce Nicholas Bouman   16-Jun-681`46Marriage   Parchard             Eva to Paul D. Collins                       27-Jun-05    4Marriage   Parker               Sheila M. to Henry D. Bumpers                06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Parkes               David A. to Linda Sue Witmer                     1965    49Marriage   Parsons              Linda Sue and John Carson Swisher            14-Jul-68  143Marriage   Passmore             Judy Carol and Welton Lee Rimbelow              Jul-68   53Marriage   Patton               Robert W. to AllJean Chism                   03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Pearce               Deborah Ann and Danny Lynn Kramer               Aug-68   53Marriage   Peavler              Angela Ann and Melvin Karl Huff                 Aug-65   59Marriage   Pence                Carol L. to Warren G. Vishion                06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Pepper               Mary A. to Larry E. Fuller                      Dec-70   21Marriage   Pepper               Mae B. to James L. Speaks                    06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Persky               Selma to Irving Garon                        06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Peterson             Patricia S. to Gerald R. Howarth             06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Petrofsky            Steven and Jean Madison                      03-Mar-67  186Marriage   Pew                  Thomas P. to Martha A. Ellis                 06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Phillips             Elice to Dorthea Moore                       03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Phillips             Scott and Carol Sue Whitley                      1965    56Marriage   Phillips             Richard D. and Cecelia J. Mihalovich         29-May-65   57Marriage   Phillips             Scott and Carol Sue Whitley                  29-May-65   58Marriage   Pickens              Cecil L. to Patricia A. Arb                  10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Pinkerton            Raymond P. and Barbara A. Clay                  Jul-68   53Marriage   Pinon                Edward J. to Debra E. Meyer                     Dec-70   21Marriage   Piper                Earl George to Hazel B. Hoggym               02-Jul-38    4Marriage   Pipes                Douglas H. to Edna J. Hanks                  06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Poirier              Monica R. to Dale M. Adams                   30-Jun-71   35Marriage   Potak                Milton B. to Deborah Altschuler              06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Potter               Susan Elaine and Paul J. Clark               05-Jun-65   54Marriage   Potter               Susan Elaine and Paul J. Clark                   1965    58Marriage   Powers               Neal and Judy Maize                          22-Jan-67  186Marriage   Proffer              Joseph D. to Elsie F. Wehrie                 03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Pugh                 Wilma and David Carpenter                    11-Mar-67  188Marriage   Rafferty             Kathleen O. to Donald F. Walterscheld        03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Ragland              Mrs. Elsie L. to Edward E. Lee               10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Ragland              James H. and Roselea Lawson                  14-Aug-66   60Marriage   Rahm                 Kenneth J. to Sandra S. Smith                03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Ralls                Carl Kenneth and Claudette Greenwood         29-Jun-68  144Marriage   Ramano               Sebasriano to Vincenzina Tissi               06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Ray                  Donna D. to Terry W. Travis                  06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Reed                 Jennifer L. to David D. Hoerr                06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Rees                 Karen Jean and John Patrick Mullin, Jr.          1965    60Marriage   Reese                Barara J. to Eugene G. Openlander            03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Reeves               Judy to Paul Whitmore                           Aug-66   13Marriage   Reilly               John E., Jr. to Jacqueline J. Heitert        10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Reinsmith            Diann M. to Patrick P. Bothe                 06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Reker                Diane M. to Erl E. Gerardt                   03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Reno                 Janice and Gerald Gilbrath                   14-Aug-65  170Marriage   Rhoades              Manford L., Jr. to Laura Deskin              25-Jul-65   54Marriage   Richards             Ona T. to Douglas K. Lawrence                06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Richardson           Arthur J. to Mrs. Nana M. DeArmond           03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Richer               Vickie R. to Robert R. Szombathy             06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Riddle               Carol L. to Michael A. Wheeler               06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Ridgeway             Robert D. and Pamela Ann Woods                  Aug-68   53Marriage   Riley                Wallace H. to Mary E. Hutton                 03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Ring                 William H. to Jane R. Kuhn                   10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Rivera               Tersita S. to Frank A. McCatty               10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Roberts              Faye M. to Dwyane Scales                     10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Roberts              Clarence L. to Mrs. Donna L. Stanke          30-Dec-70   31Marriage   Roberts              Ronald Dale and Mary Lee Trussell            27-Aug-66   64Marriage   Robinson             Lee J. to Barbara A. Kues                    06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Robinson             Evelyn Mae and Ronnie E. Hart                11-Jun-65   57Marriage   Rodgers              Delores A. to James Blanchard                03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Rogers               Barbara Ann and Robert Kempton Middleton,    07-Aug-68  142Marriage   Rooker               Yvonne M. to Roger D. Massey                 06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Ross                 _____ and Bil Sayre                          09-May-65   58Marriage   Ross                 K. Casson and Betty Jean Tiipton             12-Nov-67  139Marriage   Rossiter             Kealoha C. to Cynthia S. Freeman             10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Rothkegel            Emma to Rodney Behrens                       26-May-66   25Marriage   Rowian               Marilyn A. to Kenneth R. Tubbs               10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Rule                 Mary A. to Rodger O. Thompson                10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Rumbelow             Welton Lee and Judy Carol Passmore              Jul-68   53Marriage   Rummerfield          Arzy and Donna Janet McFarland               13-Jun-65   56Marriage   Rush                 Lile L. and Glenna Faye Sammons                 Jul-68   53Marriage   Russell              Jackie R. to Joel L. Charleville             10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Saffell              Sharon and Jerry Edwards                     14-Aug-66   61Marriage   Saller               Alvin L. to Kathleen Bickerstaff             06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Sammons              Glenna Faye and Lile L. Rush                    Jul-68   53Marriage   Sanborn              Lee O. to Jane Silberman                     06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Sander               Ronald D. and Emma Lou Craig                 17-Jul-65   80Marriage   Saner                Thelma and Charles Cox                          Jul-68   53Marriage   Sangster             William Henry and Gail Jarnagin              22-Jun-68  146Marriage   Savala               James A. to Mary K. Wilson                   06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Sayre                Bill and _____ Ross                          09-May-65   58Marriage   Scala                David Joe  to Berthann Sue Young             14-Jul-67   49Marriage   Scales               Dwyane to Faye M. Roberts                    10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Schadt               David Byrl and Josephine Annette Motter      21-Aug-66   62Marriage   Schaefer             John A. to Betty J. Klopstein                10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Schaefer             Mrs. Virginia E. to Alfred Y. Armstead       30-Dec-70   31Marriage   Schaefer             David S. to Patricia A. McCarkel             07-Jan-71   31Marriage   Schelbe              Timothy to Elizabeth N. Digby                10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Schilling            Robert E. to Mrs. Dorothy L. Wren            30-Jun-71   35Marriage   Schleich             Robert E. to Mary A, Marnatti                10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Schneider            Constance L. to James E. Stelling            07-Jan-71   31Marriage   Schneider            Ursula to Paul E. Beardslee                  03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Schotsman            Anna D. and Daniel Burton Smith              22-Sep-02  169Marriage   Schott               Anthony J. to Denise R. Farrar               06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Schuller             Marianne V. to Louis G. Weisenfeld              Dec-70   21Marriage   Schulte              Herman H. to Mrs. Elenor L. Cregger          10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Scott                Quinton L. to Vicki A. Brenizer              06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Seifert              Dovie Louise and Airman 1st C James R. Lin   26-Aug-66  160Marriage   Seliz                Dale R., Jr. aand Doris Jill Larson          14-Aug-66   62Marriage   Sewell               William H., Jr. and Patricia Jayne Cassidy      Oct-67   64Marriage   Shannon              Esther L. to Sanford L. Barber                  Dec-70   21Marriage   Shelton              John Alan and Patricia Joan Smith            28-Aug-66   64Marriage   Sherman              Elizabeth J. to Robert C. Caldwell           06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Shirley              Travis G. to Susanne F. Williams             06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Shores               Erin E. and Mrs. Leota Crohn                 14-Jan-67  188Marriage   Siebe                Sheryl E. to Wayne L. Jordan                 06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Silberman            Jane to Lee O. Sanborn                       06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Simler               Janice Coleen and Steven M. Barnes           14-Aug-66   64Marriage   Sims                 Charlotte Ann and Rex B. Nelson              21-Aug-65   58Marriage   Skaggs               Clarence R. to Iretta L. Smith               10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Sloan                Carol S. to Donald C. McGloshen              06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Sloan                Mary Susan and James Michael Tate            17-Aug-68  150Marriage   Smith                Richard B. to Mrs. Hazel R. Holen            10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Smith                Iretta L. to Clarence R. Skaggs              10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Smith                Betty D. to Theodore M. Dorman               06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Smith                Mary A. to Warren A. Fitzgerald              03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Smith                Herbert A. to Rita M. Amyot                  03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Smith                Sandra S. to Kenneth J. Rahm                 03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Smith                Larry Eugene and Janice Kay Evans            30-May-65   54Marriage   Smith                Janice Pauline and John Irving Moyer         04-Jun-65   55Marriage   Smith                Patricia Joan and John Alan Shelton          28-Aug-66   64Marriage   Smith                James David and Louanne Clauseen             29-Jun-68  144Marriage   Smith                James E. and Lana Kay McDanolds              22-Jun-68  146Marriage   Smith                Wayne and Mrs. Iva Grimes                    15-Oct-66  167Marriage   Smith                Daniel Burton and Anna D. Schotsman          22-Sep-02  169Marriage   Smith                Edna Marie and Charles Thomas Everly         31-Dec-66  188Marriage   Smith                Marjorie Ellen and Marvin Lloyd Bowlin       18-Dec-66  188Marriage   Smyser               Bernice and Larry Kenney                     05-Jun-65   57Marriage   Snowbarger           Roberta and Floyd Waddle                     01-Jun-65   56Marriage   Sorbello             Mary L. to Frank J. Galati                   10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Sparks               Donna M. to Willie I. Morrow                 06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Speaks               James L. to Mae B. Pepper                    06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Spiegel              Edith M. to David R. Grieshaber              10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Spieler              Henry H. to Mrs. Bernadette H. Kunkel        10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Sprague              Debra and John Daniel Jones                  27-Jul-68  148Marriage   Staack               Verla Earlene to Stephen Harold Kelsey          Jul-68   53Marriage   Stanke               Mrs. Donna L. to Clarence L. Roberts         30-Dec-70   31Marriage   Starbuck             James D. and Katherine Dianna Griffith       31-Aug-66   64Marriage   Starbuck             Marjorie Helen and Daniel Wayne Bell         02-Oct-65   65Marriage   Steele               Elizabeth J. to Sanford C.                   03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Steen                Agatha Josephine and James Howard Jonson     26-Aug-66  162Marriage   Steidley             Michael to Barbara C. Kennedy                   Dec-70   21Marriage   Stelling             James E. to Constance L. Schneider           07-Jan-71   31Marriage   Stevens              Carolyn and Lee Oxley                        05-Nov-66  167Marriage   Stevenson            Carla  R. to Kenneth A. Lake                 30-Jun-71   35Marriage   Stewart              Gary L. to Helen L. Geldbach                 06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Stewart              Jimmie D. to Nina F. Adams                   03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Stitt                Paul E. and Janet Sue Meadows                02-Feb-67  185Marriage   Stokes               Ruth to Joseph T. Franks                     06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Stoops               Hugh J. to Elizabeth A. Welch                30-Jun-71   35Marriage   Stottlemyre          Virgel Leon and Margaret Melvina Thorp       26-Jul-68  142Marriage   Stovall              Jame T. to Sally A. Berger                   10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Stowell              Ramon E. and Virginia M. Mason                  Aug-68   53Marriage   Swisher              Jahon Carson and Linda Sue Parsons           14-Jul-68  143Marriage   Sykes                Mary F. to Milton D. Kimbrough               03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Szombathy            Robert R. to Vickie R. Richer                06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Tade                 Betty Joan and Mikel E. Bowlin               12-Jun-65   57Marriage   Tade                 Betty Joan and Mikel E. Bowlin                  Jun-65   58Marriage   Tanner               Roger N. to Billie J. Dillard                10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Tate                 James Michael and Mary Susan Sloan           17-Aug-68  150Marriage   Taylor               Judith and John Arnold                       17-Aug-68  150Marriage   Terrell              Linda Lee and Howard Jones                   11-Nov-65   65Marriage   Thomas               Bettie J. to James A. Bradshaw               06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Thomasson            John R. to Janet L. Wilkey                   06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Thompson             Rodger O. to Mary A. Rule                    10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Thorne               Kathryn E. to John T. Tyrrell                10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Thorp                Margaret Melvina and Virgel Leon Stottlemy   26-Jul-68  142Marriage   Tiller               Herbert J. to Helga M. Langer                06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Timms                Richard L. to Stella M. Dye                  06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Tinker               Willard E. to Aleta J. Hassos                10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Tipton               Betty Jean and K. Casson Ross                12-Nov-67  139Marriage   Tissi                Vincenzina to Sebasriano Ramano              06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Tomlinson            John W. and Reva Arlene Brown                02-May-67  186Marriage   Tracey               Margaret J. to William J. Flori              06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Tracy                Jean Ethel and Kenneth Wayne Fales           23-Jun-68  145Marriage   Travis               Terry W. to Donna D. Ray                     06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Triplett             Vanessa R. to Michael Wilbourn                  Dec-70   21Marriage   Trussell             Mary Lee and Ronald Dale Roberts             27-Aug-66   64Marriage   Tschannen            Stephen R. to Catherine A. Lee               06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Tubbs                Kenneth R. to Marilyn A. Rowian              10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Turner               Kenneth S. to Donna M. Halley                03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Turpin               Larry J. to Judith M. Franke                 30-Jun-71   35Marriage   Tyrrell              John T. to Kathryn E. Thorne                 10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Van Cannon           Michael and Lela Lee Gatenby                 17-Dec-66  188Marriage   Vance                Rebecca S. to Edward A. Horn                 06-Jan-71   42Marriage   VanDame              Janice and Larry Baccus                      29-Aug-67Marriage   Vanderbilt           Murial and Frederick Cameron Church, Jr.     26-Jul-65   58Marriage   Vass                 Jae and Jerry Ray Sapp                       30-Jun-68  145Marriage   Ventmiglia           Carlo W. to Florence D. Blancardi            10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Verges               Delores to Sherman Borum                        Dec-70   21Marriage   Verheecke            Barbara A. to Charles A. Hensely             03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Vishion              Warren G. to Carol L. Pence                  06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Waddle               Floyd and Roberta Snowbarger                 01-Jun-65   56Marriage   Wafer                James T. to Bessie M. James                  03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Waggener             Janice and Gary Cochenour                    22-Jun-68  143Marriage   Waggener             Janice and Gary Cochenour                    22-Jun-68  146Marriage   Wagner               Michael Eugene and Diana Sue Davidson        14-Aug-66   61Marriage   Wallace              Charles E. to Thelma Bledsoe                 06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Wallace              Vincent C. to Doris A. Wesley                03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Wallace              Frances and Fred Ketcham                     26-Jan-08  167Marriage   Walter               Mariellen to Jasper A. Indelicato            06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Walterscheld         Donald F. to Kathleen O. Rafferty            03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Wandersee            Lloyd A. to Esther I. Buddemeyer             06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Webb                 Marguerite B. to Jesse J. Guynn                 Dec-70   21Marriage   Wehrie               Elsie F. to Joseph D. Proffer                03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Weisenfeld           Louis G. to Marianne V. Schuller                Dec-70   21Marriage   Welch                Elizabeth A. to Hugh J. Stoops               30-Jun-71   35Marriage   Wesley               Doris A.to Vincent C. Wallace                03-Jan-71   43Marriage   West                 Donald D. and Lula May Morris                   Aug-68   53Marriage   Wethington           Mary L. to Emmett J. O'Rourke                03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Wheeler              Michael A. to Carol L. Riddlr                06-Jan-71   42Marriage   White                Delois Y. to Johnnie Lampley                 10-Sep-69   23Marriage   White                Mrs. Sharon L. to William G. Benz            10-Sep-69   23Marriage   White                Kenny and Ann Jackson                           Jun-65   57Marriage   Whiteaker            Joan E. to Harold O. Goforth                 03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Whitehead            Randy L. to Gloria Davenport                 03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Whitley              Carol Sue and Scott Phillips                     1965    56Marriage   Whitley              Carol Sue and Scott Phillips                 29-May-65   58Marriage   Whitmore             Paul to Judy Reeves                             Aug-66   13Marriage   Whitt                Annie M. to Stevenson Hamm                      Dec-70   21Marriage   Whitwell             Paula J. to James D. Adams                      Dec-70   21Marriage   Wiggins              Eugene and Sharon Brewer                     27-Jul-68  148Marriage   Wilbourn             Michael to Vanessa R. Triplett                  Dec-70   21Marriage   Wilhite              David Michael to Joan Ivy Chivers            01-Jun-68   53Marriage   Williams             Patricia L. to Richard J. Drazen             10-Sep-69   23Marriage   Williams             Susanne F. to Travis G. Shirley              06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Williams             Lawrence E. to Cheryl M. Manahan             03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Williams             Shirley J. to Jimmie E. Johnson              03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Williams             Leslie E. to  Dorothy W. M. Bates            03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Williams             Robert Dean and Joyce Ann Ewing              19-May-65   55Marriage   Williams             Franklin nd Mary Jo Dimmitt                  04-Aug-68  142Marriage   Willows              Kenneth and Dana Harris                      30-May-65   57Marriage   Wilson               Mary K. to James A. Savala                   06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Wilson               Robert E. to Norma J. Lang                   03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Witmer               Linda Sue to David A. Parkes                     1965    49Marriage   Womack               Elmer E. to Brenda M. King                   03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Woods                Patricia A. to Robert L. Brown               03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Woods                Pamela Ann and Robert D. Ridgeway               Aug-68   53Marriage   Wren                 Mrs. Dorothy L. to Robert E. Schilling       30-Jun-71   35Marriage   Wright               Franklin R. and Rebecca Ann Barnes           14-Jul-68  148Marriage   Yarns                Roger William and Linda Jane Cross               1965    58Marriage   Yarrington           Gerald W. and Wilma Ruth Mettes              20-Aug-66   64Marriage   Yates                Becky Rose and Raymond Huff                  24-Oct-65   65Marriage   Yearns               Roger William and Marilyn Sue Huffman           Aug-66   62Marriage   Young                Rufus, Jr. to Cynthia D. Jones               03-Jan-71   43Marriage   Young                Berthann Sue to David Joe Scala              14-Jul-67   49Marriage   Young                Charles Granville, III and Coleen Margaret   20-Aug-66   61Marriage   Zeiter               Thomas and Julia Nothnagel                   04-Aug-68  142Marriage   Zeller               Thomas R. to Linda S. Hill                   06-Jan-71   42Marriage   Zollmann             Karen A. to Francis J. O'Dell                10-Sep-69   23Military   Baker                Capt. & Mrs. Mark A.                         04-Oct-67    3Military   Barnett              Pvt. Wayne                                   22-Aug-66    2Military   Bernhardt            Allen                                        26-May-66   25Military   Boyington            Maj. Greg                                    31-Aug-65    1Military   Campbell             Maj. Colin C.                                             3Military   Caplinger            Tech.Sgt. & Mrs. Walker                         Aug-65    2Military   Clark                Marine Lance Corporal Vale L.                22-Aug-66    2Military   Coy                  Staff Sgt. Eldon L.                                       3Military   Cunningham           Army Capt. Wells E.                          22-Aug-66    2Military   Dobbs                Comm. Tech. 3rd Class Robert                    Aug-66    2Military   Doolittle            Gen. James                                   11-Jun-65    2Military   Firestine            Tech. Sgt. & Mrs. James                         Aug-66    3Military   Gormley              Seaman Apprentice Robert Edward                 Aug-65    1Military   Graham               Lt. Col. & Mrs. Frank                        23-Aug-65    1Military   Hanlin               Sp 4 Gary Leon                                  Mar-68    1Military   Huffman              Thomas H.                                       May-65    1Military   Kelly                Lt. Woodrow                                  11-Jun-65    2Military   Kennedy              Colonel Jerome M.                            19-Sep-69   24Military   Mardis               Pfc. John E.                                 21-Aug-66    2Military   McClellan            Pfc. Don                                        Aug-66    2Military   McClellan            Pfc. Dan                                        Aug-66    2Military   McFarland            Marine Lance Corporal Marvin M.                   1965    1Military   Otte                 Maj. Jesse H.                                             3Military   Patton               Gen. Geoge S., Jr.                           11-Jun-65    2Military   Posey                Pvt. Avon E.                                 17-Aug-66    3Military   Sees                 Airman Larry J.                                 Aug-66    2Military   Thompson             Army Sgt. Otis E.                            22-Aug-66    1Military   Thompson             Chelsea                                         Aug-66    2Military   Weber                Army Sp. 4th Class Ronald K.                 13-Oct-67    3Military   Wood                 Pfc. & Mrs. Larry                            08-Nov-65    1Service    Farr                 Lt. Lloyd L                                     Aug-66    2Service    Krug                 Capt. Warren                                 29-Dec-70   28Youth      Acton                Timothy Dale                                    Jul-65    6Youth      Bennett              Joseph Paul                                               6Youth      Hays                 Erin Gaye                                    30-Jul-68    5Youth      Johnson              Candice Lynette                                  1966    11Youth      Jones                Twila Denise                                    Jun-65    8Youth      Kelly                Douglas Todd                                 06-Jun-65    6Youth      Lee                  Michael                                      06-Jun-65    7Youth      Libby                Roger Aaron                                  26-Aug-66   13Youth      Mitchell             Jill Denise                                  30-Jul-68    5Youth      Osborn               Tony Clinton                                 27-Jul-68   13Youth      Riley                Sheryl Ann, Shelly Lynn & Shari Dawn             1966    12Youth      Roger                Ronny Laverne                                    1965    10Youth      Scofield             J. V.                                        13-Jun-65    9Youth      Snow                 Larry Leroy                                  01-Jun-65    8Youth      Steele               Anda Joy & Alan Jay                          25-Aug-66   12Youth      Watson               Debra Kay & David Ray                             1966   12


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