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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a scrapbook in their library that contains newspaper clippings from Kirksville, Missouri area newspapers from 1965/66/67. Included in the clippings are births, deaths, burial permits, engagements, marriage announcements, anniversary announcements, general society news regarding area families. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks (except the births*). If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each name.
* Births are not listed here but we will be glad to check our index if you ask for a specific name.

Index of Kirksville, Missouri area scrapbook


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Anniversary   Adams              Mr. and Mrs. Amos (25th)          01-Jul-00   183Anniversary   Ayers              Mr. and Mrs. Roy (67th)           30-Apr-67   184Anniversary   Balch              Mr. & Mrs. Harry (69th)           22-Aug-66    48Anniversary   Balch              Mr. & Mrs. Harry (69th)           22-Aug-69    52Anniversary   Bragg              Mr. & Mrs. Roy (50th)             04-Dec-68    48Anniversary   Bragg              Roy & Maudie (Dudley) (50th)      04-Dec-68    50Anniversary   Broyles            Mr. and Mrs. James (25th)         25-Jun-67   183Anniversary   Clindt             Mr. and Mrs. Charles (50th)       25-Aug-65   170Anniversary   Courter            Norval & Ethel (50th)             10-Feb-67   184Anniversary   Daniel             Mr. & Mrs. Wlatr (50th)           18-Nov-67    50Anniversary   Eason              Mr. & Mrs. Hatch (51st)           02-Sep-66    48Anniversary   Eason              Mr. & Mrs. Hatch (51st)           02-Sep-66    52Anniversary   Gilstrap           Mr. & Mrs. E. R. (50th)           26-Jun-66    48Anniversary   Green              Lee and Elizabeth (50th)          25-Mar-67   188Anniversary   Hucthinson         Mr. & Mrs. Ollie ( 60th)          26-Jul-65    48Anniversary   Hunt               Mr. and Mrs. Owen (50th)          22-Aug-66   170Anniversary   Hutchinson         Mr. & Mrs. Ollie ( 60th)          26-Jul-65    52Anniversary   Jackson            Mr. & Mrs. Oscar (50th)           01-Aug-66    48Anniversary   Jackson            Mr. & Mrs. Oscar (50th)           27-Aug-65    52Anniversary   Keimmel            Mr. & Mrs. Sylvester Thomas       26-Dec-13    48Anniversary   Lonis              Mr. and Mrs. Ira (50th)           10-Jul-68   146Anniversary   Loonis             Mr. & Mrs. Ira (50th)             10-Jul-68    48Anniversary   Loys               Mr. and Mrs. Art (14th)           15-Apr-67   186Anniversary   Marshall           Mr. and Mrs. O. E. (50th)         16-Mar-67   188Anniversary   Martena            Mr. & Mrs. Walter (50th)          26-Jun-68    48Anniversary   Martens            Mr. and Mrs. Walter, Sr.(50th)    30-Jun-68   145Anniversary   Melton             Mr. and Mrs. Paul                 04-Aug-68   142Anniversary   Miller             Mr. and Mrs. Corwin (50th)        21-Apr-67   185Anniversary   Mitchell           Mr. And Mrs. Charles (45th)       16-Apr-67   185Anniversary   Montgomery         Mr. & Mrs. Clifford (25th)        17-Jul-68    48Anniversary   Montgomery         Mr. & Mrs. Clifford (25th)        26-Jul-68    51Anniversary   Parigo             Mr. & Mrs. Wilbur G. (50th)       30-May-65    54Anniversary   Perry              Mr. & Mrs. O. M. (50th)           27-May-65    48Anniversary   Perry              Mr. & Mrs. O. M. (50th)           27-May-66    52Anniversary   Reeves             Mr. & Mrs. Ackley (60th)          30-Jul-65    52Anniversary   Reeves             Mr. & Mrs. Ackley (60th)          30-Jul-65    48Anniversary   Salmon             Mr. and Mrs. P. O. 60th)          19-Mar-67   188Anniversary   Seeber             Mr. & Mrs. George (50th)          01-Jul-68    48Anniversary   Seeber             Mr. and Mrs. George (50th)           Aug-68   137Anniversary   Sloan              Mr. & Mrs. (60th)                 14-Aug-66    48Anniversary   Sloan              Mr. & Mrs. Edgar (60th)           18-Aug-66    51Anniversary   Snider             Ralph, Jr. & Edith (50th)         23-Jul-66   169Anniversary   Spaeth             Mr. & Mrs. Emil (50th)            11-Sep-69    26Anniversary   Starbuck           Mr. and Mrs. Olin                 19-Jul-65    77Anniversary   Sweet              Mr. & Mrs. Tom (50th)             28-Aug-68    48Anniversary   Sweet              Mr. and Mrs. Tom (50th)           28-Jul-68   144Anniversary   Sweet              Mr. and Mrs. Tom (50th)           27-Jul-68   147Anniversary   Underhill          Mr. & Mrs. Garrett (50th)         20-Aug-66    48Anniversary   Underhill          Mr. & Mrs. Garrett (50th)         20-Aug-66    52Anniversary   Uthe               William J. anf Ida Faye (Strong)  19-Feb-63   186Anniversary   Walker             Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. (50th)          Apr-66    25Annulment     Bader              Lawrence  (John Fritz Johnson)       May-65    53Annulment     Johnson            John Fritz (Lawrence Bader)          May-65    53Burial        Acton              Anna D.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Ahrens             Harry J.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Alender            Frank                             06-Jan-71    42Burial        Andel              Helen M.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Anderson           Orville H.                           Dec-70    21Burial        Andreoff           andrea V.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Andrews            Opal                              06-Mar-71    44Burial        Andrews            Bessie M.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Armstrong          Annabelle                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Baker              Israel                               Dec-70    21Burial        Baltz              Hilda                             06-Mar-71    44Burial        Banks              Robert J.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Barth              Lillian E.                        06-Jan-71    42Burial        Baumgartner        Cyril C.                          06-Jan-71    42Burial        Bee                Ordell                               Dec-70    21Burial        Begley             Cora M.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Bell               Noel W.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Belt               Robert Howard                     06-Mar-71    44Burial        Bender             andrew                            06-Jan-71    42Burial        Benecke            Ernest J.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Benne              Lester F.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Bernadino          Joseph L.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Binder             Florence                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Bogue              Roy H.                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Booth              Jennie M.                            Dec-70    21Burial        Boyer              Dollie E.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Boyster            Edward J.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Bradford           Henry T.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Bradley            Mildred                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Branstetter        Mason                             06-Mar-71    44Burial        Briggs             Leona R.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Brodsky            Martin J.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Brodsky            Jill                              06-Mar-71    44Burial        Brodsky            Robyn                             06-Mar-71    44Burial        Brooks             Annie M.                             Dec-70    21Burial        Browe              Robert L.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Bryan              Jack L.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Buchanan           William C.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        Bucher             Dolly M.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Bull               Walter H.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Burger             Elmer E.                          06-Jan-71    42Burial        Busch              Teresa M.                         06-Jan-71    42Burial        Cain               Josephine E.                      06-Mar-71    44Burial        Caldwell           Charles                              Dec-70    21Burial        Camenzind          Bertha M.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Carroll            Margaret S.                       06-Mar-71    44Burial        Cegas              Marlene                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Chancellor         Frances T.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        Chipman            Rickey L.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Clark              Mary                              06-Mar-71    44Burial        Clegg              Alfred S.                            Dec-70    21Burial        Clora              Annie                                Dec-70    21Burial        Cochran            Frances G.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        Combs              Clemma V.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Combs              Morris L.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Comer              John                                 Dec-70    21Burial        Conn               Paul J.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Conrad             Clara                             06-Mar-71    44Burial        Cooke              William J.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        Corley             Margaret A.                       06-Mar-71    44Burial        Coughlin           Margaret A.                       06-Mar-71    44Burial        Crawford           King M.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Crenshaw           Mattie                               Dec-70    21Burial        Daniels            Leo T.                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Dann               Harry D.                          06-Jan-71    42Burial        Dauphin            Raymond G.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        Day                Arthur                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        D'Azostino         Charles, Sr.                      06-Mar-71    44Burial        Debbert            Bernard                           06-Jan-71    42Burial        DeMonge            Marvena A. (Dollie)               06-Mar-71    44Burial        Donis              Katherine                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Donnell            Charles J.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        Doran              Thomas W.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Drake              William L.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        Dunford            Ernest G.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Dupuy              Alma                              06-Mar-71    44Burial        Ebeling            Edna M.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Eckenfels          Philomena                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Eggers             Martha                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Eller              Margaret S.                       06-Mar-71    44Burial        Ellers             Melvin                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Elliott            Gerald D.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Elliott            Robert F.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Emerson            Addie                             06-Jan-71    42Burial        Ennis              Ellen                             06-Mar-71    44Burial        Erhardt            Bernard A.                           Dec-70    21Burial        Everhardt          Ralph                                Dec-70    21Burial        Evertz             Marie                             06-Mar-71    44Burial        Ewers              Mildred                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Faledos            Peter                             06-Mar-71    44Burial        Farrell            Janet T.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Farrell            Clyde M.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Feist              Melvin                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Field              Jeanette                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Fisher             Lona M.                           06-Jan-71    42Burial        Fisher             Joseph H.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Fiske              Clark P.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Ford               Wilson, Sr.                       06-Mar-71    44Burial        Foster             Hezekiah, Jr.                     06-Jan-71    42Burial        Fowler             Beulah                            06-Jan-71    42Burial        Gatzert            Sophia J.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Giesler            Caroline E.                          Dec-70    21Burial        Gillespie          Lawana E.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Gilmartin          Mary A.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Gleitze            Lillie                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Goldsmith          Mary F.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Gray               Arlene                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Green              Charlie                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Green              William L.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        Gruer              Albert W.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Gulotta            Carlo                             06-Jan-71    42Burial        Hackworth          George                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Haemmerle          Agnes                                Dec-70    21Burial        Hamilton           Geneva G.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Harris             Christina G.                      06-Mar-71    44Burial        Harstick           Christian F.                      06-Jan-71    42Burial        Harvill            Wilbourne                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Hassebrock         Sam F.                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Hatton             Loretio M.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        Heard              Duward R.                            Dec-70    21Burial        Helmers            Harold L.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Hendry             Samuel P.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Henn               Thomas E.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Herman             Bertha                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Herring            Helen                             06-Jan-71    42Burial        Heyde              Raymond W.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        Hicks              Maxwell A.                        06-Jan-71    42Burial        Hogan              Joseph E.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Holtzman           Joe                               06-Mar-71    44Burial        Hooper             Geraldine                            Dec-70    21Burial        Horlivy            Anna M.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Horras             Marie                             06-Mar-71    44Burial        Huck               Edgar M.                             Dec-70    21Burial        Huebner            S. Maj. Paul E.                   06-Mar-71    44Burial        Huey               Mark K.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Hulsey             Nancy P.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Humpheries         Lucille V.                        06-Jan-71    42Burial        Ingracia           Rose                                 Dec-70    21Burial        Irving             Samuel W.                         06-Jan-71    42Burial        Jacobs             Bess                                 Dec-70    21Burial        Jameson            Walter A.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Jamrich            Hazel A.                          06-Jan-71    42Burial        Jauffeld           Karl                              06-Mar-71    44Burial        Jaworoski          Anthony                              Dec-70    21Burial        Jinkerson          Mary G.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Johnson            Mollie S.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Johnston           Louise                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Jones              Yvonne                               Dec-70    21Burial        Jost               Otto                              06-Mar-71    44Burial        Juelich            John S.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Kaiser             John T.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Kalbitz            Ethel F.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Kalmes             Blanche                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Kamier             Ernest B.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Keen               Earl L.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Keith              Dora E.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Keller             Teddy R.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Keller             Catherine                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Kelley             Ronald L.                         06-Jan-71    42Burial        Kendrick           Karen K.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Kendrick           Michael J.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        Kenski             Clara                             06-Mar-71    44Burial        Kleaver            Clarence H.                       06-Mar-71    44Burial        Kleienkamp         Amelia E.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Kleinen            Sam (aka Samuel)                  06-Mar-71    44Burial        Kline              John E.                              Dec-70    21Burial        Knelle             Edna A.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Koch               Rose M.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Koelling           George F.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Koenig             Charles Wm., Sr.                  06-Jan-71    42Burial        Koenig             Martin F.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Koerber            Raymond                              Dec-70    21Burial        Kraeger            Mary                              06-Mar-71    44Burial        Kramer             Cornelius J.                      06-Mar-71    44Burial        Kratchen           Molly T.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Kuhn               Louis S.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Lapinski           John J.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Lazarus            Abraham                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Lee                Tamara N.                            Dec-70    21Burial        Leong              Yip S.                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Lewis              Clarence                             Dec-70    21Burial        Lewis              Dolly A.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Liberman           Bernice W.                        06-Jan-71    42Burial        Light              Ada I.                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Lindahl            Ellen A.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Lindsey            Daniel W.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Lippett            Anna                              06-Mar-71    44Burial        Lodenkammer        Judith M.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Long               Walter E.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Lordo              Joseph L.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Love               Mosellia (Mozella)                06-Mar-71    44Burial        Lovejoy            Elsie M.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Lowry              Alwine O.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Lozier             Harriet L.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        Mackle             Edward J., Jr.                    06-Jan-71    42Burial        Maechler           Randal                               Dec-70    21Burial        Marsey             William A. L.                     06-Mar-71    44Burial        Marshall           Jerry W.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Matthew            Olive P.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Mattingly          Hubert H.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Maxwell            Belva                             06-Jan-71    42Burial        Maxwell            Raymond J.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        McCann             Dr. John F.                       06-Mar-71    44Burial        McGath             Ruth E.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        McKinley           Dena                              06-Mar-71    44Burial        McLaughlin         Michele R.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        McNamee            Ida M.                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        McReynolds         Augusta C.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        McWilliams         James T.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Mechtilds          Sister M.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Meek               Mary A.                              Dec-70    21Burial        Melin              Viola M.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Mercer             Elsie                             06-Jan-71    42Burial        Merritt            Naomia (Naomi)                       Dec-70    21Burial        Merton             Albert F.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Metivier           Adolphus                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Metzger            Mildred A.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        Meyer              George M.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Meyers             Winifred M                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        Mock               Pearl                             06-Jan-71    42Burial        Moehlmann          Selma                             06-Mar-71    44Burial        Mohrman            Agnes                                Dec-70    21Burial        Moll               Florence E.                       06-Mar-71    44Burial        Mollman            Marie R.                             Dec-70    21Burial        Montgomery         Clara E.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Moore              Mattie M.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Moore              Finnie                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Moore              Edward R.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Moreno             Salvatore S.                      06-Mar-71    44Burial        Morris             Adele                             06-Mar-71    44Burial        Muellner           Lucas J., Sr.                     06-Mar-71    44Burial        Murray             Roy L.                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Naes               Michael                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Napolitano         Frank L.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Nelke              Annie F.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Nelson             Herschel S.                       06-Jan-71    42Burial        Nelson             Joseph A.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Nettleton          Mary A.                              Dec-70    21Burial        Nolte              Mary L.                              Dec-70    21Burial        Oakes              Amelia B.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Oesterreicher      Edward N.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        O'Neill            George A.                            Dec-70    21Burial        O'Neill            Esther A.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        O'Reilly           Thomas P.                            Dec-70    21Burial        O'Shaugnessy       Mary E.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Otto               Warren E.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Oye                Harry P.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Palubiak           William J., Sr.                   06-Mar-71    44Burial        Parisi             Anthony                              Dec-70    21Burial        Parker             William L.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        Parr               Theodore L.                       06-Mar-71    44Burial        Penrod             Kenneth L.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        Petty              Vester V.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Pewick             Hallie                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Piou               Bernice A.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        Pitts              Mary L.                              Dec-70    21Burial        Plening            Kenneth O., Sr.                   06-Mar-71    44Burial        Plowman            Alfred                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Pope               William, Sr.                      06-Mar-71    44Burial        Powderly           Maude                             06-Mar-71    44Burial        Preusser           Anna C,                              Dec-70    21Burial        Priester           Maude                             06-Mar-71    44Burial        Rathke             George                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Reed               Della M.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Reynolds           Mary W. Marie                     06-Mar-71    44Burial        Riley              William J.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        Risner             Aubrey M.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Ritchie            Julia V.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Rittle             Frank                             06-Jan-71    42Burial        Robinson           Helen M.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Robinson           Roxie                             06-Mar-71    44Burial        Rossman            Josephine                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Roth               Anthony D.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        Roy                Jean                              06-Jan-71    42Burial        Russell            Louise H.                         06-Jan-71    42Burial        Ryan               John J.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Sadorf             Frank                             06-Mar-71    44Burial        Sagat              George                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Sanders            James W.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Sanders            James A.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Saucerman          Wilbur L.                            Dec-70    21Burial        Scheiffelen        Eugenia M.                        06-Jan-71    42Burial        Schene             Harry J. (aka Henry J.)              Dec-70    21Burial        Scherer            Paul J.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Schilling          Elizabeth R.                      06-Mar-71    44Burial        Schlaffer          Clara F.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Schloeman          Daniel J.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Schmidt            Otto H.                           06-Jan-71    42Burial        Schneider          William M.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        Schottel           Erdine M.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Schruff            Hortense, Sr.                     06-Mar-71    44Burial        Schumacher         Anthony S.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        Seaborn            Anna B.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Sebek              Francis G.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        Segelhorst         Martin H.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Shaw               Douglas F.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        Sher               Matilda (aka Tillie Sher)         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Shermer            Annabelle R.                      06-Mar-71    44Burial        Shinkle            John C.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Shrum              Tammy                             06-Mar-71    44Burial        Shrum              Lucas S.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Sigler             Robert L.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Simpkins           Booker (Bob) B.                   06-Mar-71    44Burial        Sims               Florence A.                       06-Mar-71    44Burial        Slane              Faye M.                           06-Jan-71    42Burial        Slighton           Mayme                             06-Mar-71    44Burial        Smith              Clark A.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Smith              Roy F.                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Smith              Clarence L.                       06-Mar-71    44Burial        Sodar              Anna                              06-Mar-71    44Burial        Spell              Owen T.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Spink              Blanche                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Staphos            Charles J.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        Steelman           Emma L.                              Dec-70    21Burial        Stein              Smuel                                Dec-70    21Burial        Steinbruegge       Mildred                              Dec-70    21Burial        Stevens            Isabella                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Stipe              Gertrude J.                       06-Mar-71    44Burial        Stochl             Marguerite M.                     06-Mar-71    44Burial        Stocke             Sophie                            06-Jan-71    42Burial        Stoye              Tillie                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Surratt            Jesse V.                             Dec-70    21Burial        Swahistedt         Frank N.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Swoboda            Arthur M.                         06-Jan-71    42Burial        Sykes              Robert                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Taff               Grace M.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Tamallis           Minnie V.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Taylor             Charles L.                           Dec-70    21Burial        Taylor             Nancy                             06-Mar-71    44Burial        Thompson           Alfred                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Tipsword           Mary L.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Tobin              Dorothy F.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        Toensing           Bertha                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Topp               John J.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Trampe             Walter L.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Trice              James R.                             Dec-70    21Burial        Trower             John W,                              Dec-70    21Burial        Trudzinski         Walter A.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Tuckett            Marla                             06-Mar-71    44Burial        Twilla             Willie L.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Unruh              Andrew A.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        VanWinkle          Grover                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Venarde            Harvey                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Vernarde           Harvey                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Voegeli            Frieda E.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Wagenfuehr         Frank A., Sr.                     06-Mar-71    44Burial        Wall               Harold T.                            Dec-70    21Burial        Ward               Robert J.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Warnky             Anna F.                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Warren             William                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Warren             Marion                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Watson             Hattie                               Dec-70    21Burial        Webb               Wilburn R.                           Dec-70    21Burial        Whitehead          Gertie                               Dec-70    21Burial        Whitten            Milton R.                            Dec-70    21Burial        Wiedebusch         Louise                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Wieland            Elsie H.                             Dec-70    21Burial        Wienstroer         Josesphine A.                        Dec-70    21Burial        Wildt              John C.                           06-Jan-71    42Burial        Williams           James                             06-Mar-71    44Burial        Williams           Helen M.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Williams           Elisha                            06-Mar-71    44Burial        Williamson         George R., Jr.                    06-Mar-71    44Burial        Wilson             Hazel L.                          06-Mar-71    44Burial        Wilson             Fred M., Sr.                      06-Mar-71    44Burial        Winters            Eugene H.                         06-Mar-71    44Burial        Wippermann         Theresa                           06-Mar-71    44Burial        Witte              Mary                              06-Mar-71    44Burial        Woerner            Edna                              06-Mar-71    44Burial        Wohlschlaeger      George J. C., Jr.                 06-Mar-71    44Burial        Wood               William J.                        06-Mar-71    44Burial        Woodworth          Clifford M.                       06-Mar-71    44Burial        Worley             Emmett H.                         06-Mar-71    44Death         Abbey              Miss Sue Lynne                    11-Aug-66   110Death         Aboussie           Martie (Murph)                    03-Jan-71    36Death         Aboussie           Martie (Murph)                    03-Jan-71    38Death         Abron              Jimmy                                Aug-66   116Death         Adair              Mrs. Emery (Helen Wood)              May-65    79Death         Adams              Thomas                               Sep-69    17Death         Adams              Alice Belle                       20-Jul-65    67Death         Adams              Viola May                             1965     67Death         Adams              Viola May                         08-Jun-65    76Death         Adams              Alice Belle                       24-Jul-65    79Death         Adams              Arthur Dale                       07-Mar-65    80Death         Agne               Mrs. Melinda                      22-Jul-71    34Death         Albach             James B.                          12-Aug-68   149Death         Albrecht           Ida E.                            02-Jul-71    46Death         Albright           Daniel                            07-Jun-65    75Death         Albright           Charles                           03-Sep-65    99Death         Alexander          Samuel Floys (Rube)               01-Nov-65    92Death         Alexander          W. E.                             14-Sep-65    93Death         Alexander          William Earley                    14-Sep-65    94Death         Almstead           Harry D.                          09-Jan-67   178Death         Ambro              Lulu (nee Kopesky)                02-Jul-71    46Death         Anderlan           William                           02-Jul-71    46Death         Anders             Darla Faye & Karla Marla (infant  26-May-65    72Death         Anderson           Jaye Dee                          25-Jul-68   128Death         Andrews            Charles W.                        08-Aug-65    83Death         Andrews            Alta E.                           07-Jul-68   146Death         Anesi              Louis                                 1966     84Death         Anesi              Mrs. John (Rena Mae)              20-Aug-66   104Death         Anesi              Rena Maybell                      20-Aug-66   110Death         Ansei              Louis                             20-Aug-66   104Death         Archer             Frank                             22-Sep-68   137Death         Archibald          Clayton Albert                    23-Jun-65    90Death         Arms               Rodney                            09-Sep-69    22Death         Aronoff            Meyer E.                             Sep-69    17Death         Atteberry          Claude W.                         03-Jun-65    69Death         Atteberry          Claude W.                         03-Jun-65    72Death         Aubuchon           Maude E. Russell (nee Stauffer)   02-Jul-71    46Death         Aucutt             Ellis                             26-Mar-68   124Death         Augustine          August                            30-Dec-70    30Death         Bach               Hessler E.                        03-Jan-71    36Death         Bach               Hessler E.                        03-Jan-71    38Death         Bader              George                            23-May-65    71Death         Bailey             Benjamin Howard, Jr.              08-Aug-66   101Death         Bailey             Clarence Edward                   22-Aug-66   109Death         Bailey             Leo                               18-Mar-67   119Death         Baker              Hubert Harvey                        Aug-68   137Death         Ball               Walter                            09-Sep-69    18Death         Banning            Virgil E.                         15-Jul-67   120Death         Barker             Nannie                                1965     86Death         Barlow             Charles                           06-Nov-66   166Death         Barnett            Robert Woodrow                    22-Jun-65    89Death         Barnett            Everett                               1951    153Death         Barrett            David                                Sep-69    17Death         Barth              Lillian E. (nee Idecker)          03-Jan-71    36Death         Barth              Lillian E. (nee Idecker)          03-Jan-71    38Death         Bartlett           Elizabeth                         13-Aug-66    85Death         Bass               Vervan                               Oct-67   121Death         Bates              Deborah                           09-Jun-65    75Death         Bates              Mrs. Lillian Phillips                 1965     79Death         Bauer              Mrs. L. C.                        02-Apr-67   177Death         Baumann            Harry C.                          09-Sep-69    18Death         Beach              Guy                                   1965     82Death         Beach              Guy                               06-Aug-65    94Death         Beal               Lance                             16-Mar-72   126Death         Becherer           Mary (nee Schlesinger)            06-Jan-71    40Death         Becker             August                               Sep-69    17Death         Becker             Mrs. Mabel                        11-Jan-67   190Death         Begemann           Louise K.                             1966    155Death         Bell               Robert V.                         06-Jan-71    40Death         Bell               Mrs. Lyda E. H.                      Jan-67   175Death         Benson             L. A.                                          37Death         Besancenez         Mary E. (nee Stevenson)           06-Jan-71    40Death         Bestlin            Alma (Mickey)                     09-Sep-69    18Death         Betz               Susie V. (nee Barrett)            03-Jan-71    38Death         Bierdeman          Miss Katherine                    19-Aug-66    84Death         Bierdeman          Miss Katherine                    18-Aug-66   104Death         Biggerstaff        Katherine Anna                    13-Jun-65    69Death         Biles              Darrell                           30-May-65    71Death         Biles              Darrell                              Jul-65    76Death         Bina               William                                        37Death         Blackwell          Tillie Mack (nee Reim)            09-Sep-69    18Death         Blackwell-Mack     Tillie (nee Reim)                 10-Sep-69    16Death         Bland              Harley                            29-May-65    75Death         Blankenhorn        Mrs. Glen (Iva)                   10-Nov-65    92Death         Blankenhorn        Ivanola (Iva)                         1966    106Death         Blanyar            Anna                              02-Jul-71    46Death         Blasť              Mary H. (nee Judnick)             06-Jan-71    40Death         Blest              Mrs. Beulah                          Dec-70    28Death         Blest              Beulah (nee Boutwell)             03-Jan-71    36Death         Blest              Beulah (nee Boutwell)             03-Jan-71    38Death         Bliss              Kate                                 Jun-65    72Death         Bliss              Kate                              03-Jun-65    76Death         Blohm              Charles H.                                     39Death         Bodlovic           Anton                             15-Dec-70    20Death         Bohaneck           John P.                           10-Sep-69    16Death         Bohannon           Eldon                             11-Aug-66   101Death         Bohrer             Alice Grace                           1966    103Death         Bohrer             Mrs. E. E. (Grace)                13-Aug-66   104Death         Bohrer             Alice Grace                           1966    111Death         Boltz              George E.                         25-Jul-68   131Death         Bonds              John A.                           03-Jan-71    33Death         Booker             Gail J.                           15-Dec-70    20Death         Boone              Ruby Lucille                      07-Mar-65    80Death         Borawski           John                              09-Sep-69    18Death         Borsch             Harry F.                          15-Dec-70    20Death         Botts              Willard J.                        17-Aug-66    86Death         Bowcock            Mrs. Hila                            Aug-66    84Death         Bowers             Sally Lofquist                    10-Sep-69    16Death         Bowers             Sally Lofquist                    09-Sep-69    18Death         Boyd               Stella M.                                      39Death         Boyer              George H.                            Jan-71    41Death         Bracken            Vern Louis                        10-Sep-69    16Death         Braden             Ralph L.                          03-Jan-71    36Death         Braden             Ralph L.                                       39Death         Bradley            Arden Ray (Tom)                      Jun-65    71Death         Brady              John J.                              Jan-71    41Death         Bragg              Mrs. Birdie W.                    11-Jul-68   129Death         Bragg              Leonard Oren                         Aug-68   135Death         Branding           Rev. Harry                        10-Sep-69    16Death         Branstetter        Mson                              15-Dec-70    20Death         Bratcher           Lou                               26-Apr-67   182Death         Brawner            Noah T.                               1966    103Death         Brennan            Father Noel                          Jul-68   130Death         Brennan            Father Noel                          Jul-68   130Death         Bridges            Dr. J. C.                                      39Death         Briggs             Bert A.                           28-Jun-68   145Death         Broadhacker        Eddy                              01-Sep-66   117Death         Brockman           Mrs. Mary L.                          1965     76Death         Brooks             Bert                              04-Sep-68    27Death         Brouk              Albert                            03-Jan-71    36Death         Brouk              Albert                                         39Death         Brown              Sue Willis                           Sep-69    17Death         Brown              Billy L.                          03-Jan-71    38Death         Brown              Nadine M. (nee Grosch)            03-Jan-71    38Death         Brown              Dr. Clyde M.                      07-Jun-65    70Death         Brown              Dr. Clyde M.                      07-Jun-65    74Death         Brown              Web M.                            31-Aug-65    86Death         Brown              Lillie Craig                      30-Aug-65    86Death         Brown              Evertt                            15-Aug-65   170Death         Brown              James Eugene                      21-Feb-67   178Death         Brown              Charley                           10-Jan-67   179Death         Browning           Rachel E.                         24-Jul-68   149Death         Broyer             Josephine                            Sep-69    17Death         Brumback           Kathryn (Kate)                    30-May-65    74Death         Brumback           Kathryn (Kate)                    30-May-65    78Death         Bryan              William H.                        09-Sep-69    19Death         Bryan              Jack L.                           15-Dec-70    20Death         Buchanan           Lloyd B.                          21-Jul-68   146Death         Bucher             Dolly Mae (nee Shoemaker)         15-Dec-70    20Death         Bucher             Robert H.                         02-Jul-71    46Death         Bulkley            Bonnie Belle                      01-Jun-65    69Death         Bulkley            Bonnie Belle                      26-May-65    73Death         Bunch              Dr. Harold McKinley               10-Jun-65    74Death         Bunch              Walter H.                         31-Jul-68   130Death         Bunyard            Mattie Lela                           1965     82Death         Buress             Mrs. Harley (Norma Geneva)        28-Sep-67   118Death         Burke              Mary Agnes (nee McCarron)         03-Jan-71    38Death         Burns              Rolyn Gerald (Jack), Sr.          12-Jul-68   143Death         Burris             Albert                            02-Sep-66   108Death         Burton             Omar                              18-Aug-66   116Death         Bushnell           Mary Ann                          02-Oct-67   120Death         Butcher            Edna Belle                        15-Jan-67   176Death         Butcher            Miss Edna Bell                    15-Jan-67   179Death         Byers              Hervie B.                         10-Sep-69    16Death         Byers              Hervie B. (Herb)                  09-Sep-69    19Death         Byrn               Chapen W.                             1966    131Death         Cady               Charles Eugene                    30-Jun-68   145Death         Campbell           Cole Wilson                       13-Aug-67   118Death         Carlow             J. W.                             14-Aug-62   170Death         Carmack            Lloyd                                Sep-69    17Death         Carmack            Ellis                             22-May-68   124Death         Carter             Mrs. Lee                          30-Dec-70    31Death         Cartwright         Bert                              18-Jul-68   136Death         Cashmn             Ernest S. (Tex)                   07-Oct-65   109Death         Cassidy            Emma Stammer                      09-Sep-69    19Death         Cast               Carl                              30-Dec-70    30Death         Caster             James E.                             Jan-67   181Death         Cerva              Charles                           14-Aug-68   140Death         Chaffin            R. Elmer                          30-Jun-71    35Death         Chandler           Charolotte                           Aug-66   110Death         Chase              Alberta E.                        10-Sep-69    16Death         Chase              Alberta Elizabeth                 10-Sep-69    17Death         Cheatum            Verna E.                          15-Jun-67    73Death         Chesley            Elsie L.                             Jan-71    41Death         Childern           Mrs. Carrie                           1967    178Death         Childers           Lottie                                1966    102Death         Childers           Lottie                                1966    106Death         Chivetta           Anthony J.                        15-Dec-70    20Death         Christie           Ethel G.                          27-Jul-69   128Death         Christy            James C.                          17-Sep-65    87Death         Christy            James Colon                       15-Sep-65    90Death         Clark              George Loren                      09-Jun-65    77Death         Clark              Francis Allen                     02-Jun-65    95Death         Clark              Bruce M.                          25-Jun-68   145Death         Clark              Eldon James                       04-Jan-67   180Death         Clasby             Jack                              31-Aug-65    86Death         Clemons            Roy L.                               Jan-71    41Death         Clemons            Roy L.                            03-Jan-71    43Death         Clifton            Gerald J.                         03-Jan-71    38Death         Cochell            Louie                             27-Apr-67   176Death         Cochran            Mrs. Etta Laverna                 17-Jun-65    88Death         Cody               George William                    26-Jul-68   132Death         Coffman            Clay                              22-Aug-66   109Death         Collins            Mollie                            02-Nov-65    97Death         Colombo            Louis C.                             Sep-69    17Death         Comer              Nellie (nee Buckley)              09-Sep-69    19Death         Compton            James Dalton                      10-Jun-65    78Death         Conner             Millie E.                             1966    102Death         Conrath            Mrs. Helen A.                     03-Jan-71    33Death         Conway             John R.                           03-Jan-71    36Death         Conway             John R.                           03-Jan-71    38Death         Cook               William                           30-Dec-70    30Death         Cookson            Elizabeth (nee Donahoe)           10-Sep-69    16Death         Cooley             Mary Meilicke                     14-Aug-68   131Death         Cooper             Glenn Daniel                      24-Jun-65    95Death         Cosgrove           Michael J.                           Sep-69    17Death         Cowan              Eldon                                 1966     84Death         Cox                Mrs. Hilda Cora                                29Death         Cox                Eva Edith                         21-Nov-68   139Death         Cox                Mrs. Olin                         29-Oct-66   166Death         Craig              Judd                                  1966    106Death         Crews              Roy A.                               Dec-70    22Death         Crews              Leslie                            27-Jul-68   133Death         Crist              Edgar                             04-Feb-67   114Death         Crump              Edwin Keith                          Jul-65    79Death         Cruzen             Earle M.                          20-Dec-66   181Death         Cull               Charles M.                           Aug-66   109Death         Cummins            Edward E.                         03-Jan-71    36Death         Cunningham         Hugh                              20-Jul-65    79Death         Cunningham         E. R.                             01-Sep-65    86Death         Cunningham         Charley                           15-Apr-67   174Death         da Silva           Manuel Rodriguez                     Jul-68   138Death         Dahmer             Emilie M.                            Sep-69    17Death         Daily              Minnie                               Oct-67   121Death         Dale               Iva Mode                          22-Jun-65    96Death         Dalton             Troy L.                              Sep-69    17Death         Dalton             Justice S. P.                     25-Apr-65    73Death         Daniels            Hannah O.                         27-Jan-67   175Death         Dare               A. E.                                Nov-65    97Death         Darr               Frona W.                             Sep-69    17Death         Daughety           Roscoe                            07-Jan-71    33Death         Davey              John F.                              Sep-69    17Death         Davis              Joseph J.                         02-Jul-71    46Death         Davis              Wilbur Irvin                      16-Sep-65    87Death         Davis              Mary Frances                      10-Oct-65   114Death         Davis              Ralph B.                          23-May-68   124Death         Davis              Mrs. Emma Nagel                   30-Jun-68   144Death         Davis              Jefferson "Jeff"                  14-Aug-68   149Death         Davison            Thomas Edward                     10-Jun-65    74Death         Dawkins            John                              17-Jul-68   144Death         Denkmann           Julius H.                         03-Jan-71    38Death         Dennis             George A.                         10-Sep-69    16Death         Dennis             Dr. Royce                         22-Aug-66   109Death         Dent               Timothy                           06-Jun-65    76Death         DeRennaux          Stanley L.                        03-Jan-71    36Death         Dickenson          Mrs. W. E. (Veola)                14-May-65    74Death         Diehl              Marshall                          05-Oct-65    99Death         Diehl              Marshall Warren                   05-Oct-65   114Death         Dieterich          Vernice Ivy (nee Meinhardt)                    39Death         Dippel             Annie E. (nee Gavisk)             03-Jan-71    36Death         Dischert           Harold H.                         09-Sep-69    19Death         Ditto              Herbert                           22-Aug-66   104Death         Dixon              Lucy (nee Tripp)                     Jan-71    41Death         Dodd               Joseph Shelton                    11-Jun-65    74Death         Dodd               Joseph Shelton                    11-Jun-65    76Death         Dodd               Osa L.                            04-Aug-58   142Death         Dodson             Joseph E.                            Apr-65    76Death         Donnelly           Kelly                             30-Jun-68   145Death         Dooley             Denl Edward                       08-Nov-65    94Death         Doolittle          Maj. James H.                     14-Apr-58   141Death         Dorchers           Walter                            02-Jun-65    72Death         Dorchers           Walter                            02-Jun-65    78Death         Dotson             Elsie (nee Payne)                 03-Jan-71    36Death         Douglas            John W.                           10-Sep-69    16Death         Downey             Charles A.                        11-Jan-67   179Death         Dreyer             Mary (nee Roth)                   02-Jul-71    46Death         Duchek             John J.                              Jan-71    41Death         Duffin             Hugh E.                                        39Death         Duisen             Theodore A.                          Aug-66   117Death         Dunbar             Lula                              03-Jan-71    36Death         Dunbar             Lula                                           39Death         Dundon             Alice T.                             Dec-70    22Death         Dunham             Effie                                Jul-68   124Death         Dunham             Steve                                Aug-66   170Death         Dunkin             Nora Catherine                    11-Jun-65    69Death         Dunkin             Sarah                           Oct 13, 167   118Death         Dunn               Lowell E.                         23-Aug-66   107Death         Dunn               Lewis                             31-Oct-66   166Death         Durden             Ruth                              19-Jul-68   125Death         Eagle              Etta Sharp                        24-Apr-68   139Death         Ebeling            Edna M. (nee Kuhlman)                Dec-70    22Death         Ebeling            Eugene E.                         02-Jul-71    46Death         Eckert             Louis J.                          02-Jul-71    46Death         Edwards            Dr. Ron                              Nov-68   136Death         Edwards            Dr. Hugh J.                       10-Mar-67   181Death         Elkins             Robert William                    30-Aug-66   110Death         Eller              Myrtle                            28-May-65    76Death         Ellis              Paul L.                                        29Death         Ellis              Waldo                             10-Apr-67   177Death         Ellison            J. M.                             01-Jun-65    71Death         Ellsworth          Mrs. Viola                        24-Jul-65    80Death         Elsea              Thomas                            02-Sep-66   108Death         Engel              John J.                           04-Oct-65    92Death         Enk                Frank J.                             Dec-70    22Death         Enyart             John Richard                      15-Aug-66    85Death         Epperly            Ralph O.                          07-Mar-65    80Death         Epperson           Mary Elizabeth                    20-Jul-68   126Death         Epperson           Mrs. Emma                         15-Aug-66   170Death         Erickson           Rosemary T. (nee Crowe)           09-Sep-69    19Death         Ernest             Mrs. Hattie                       30-Jun-71    35Death         Ernst              Mrs. Agnes (nee Angert)                        39Death         Erwin              Richard, Stephen and Douglas      25-Jul-65    81Death         Evans              Daniel                            23-Jul-65    79Death         Evans              Joe                               26-Apr-67   177Death         Everding           Frank L., Sr.                     06-Jan-71    40Death         Falls              Mrs. Weldon (Pauline Genevieve)   17-Aug-66    85Death         Fangrow            Richard O.                        10-Sep-69    16Death         Fangrow            Richard O.                        09-Sep-69    19Death         Farley             Thomas                            24-Jun-68   134Death         Farr               Mrs. Roy (Irene)                  06-Aug-68   134Death         Farrell            George Webster                    19-Aug-66   100Death         Fauss              Mrs. Christine                    08-Sep-69    26Death         Favino             Giovanni                          06-Jan-71    40Death         Fender             Roy                               15-Apr-67   174Death         Fenner             Conrad J.                                      31Death         Ferber             Albert                            09-Sep-69    19Death         Ferguson           Richard C.                           Dec-70    22Death         Fickel             Leo Pullen                        11-Oct-65    95Death         Figge              Mrs. O. W. (Louise Catherine)     31-Aug-68   133Death         Finocchiaro        Nicolo (Nick)                                  39Death         Fischer            August L.                                      37Death         Fisher             Clarence                             May-65    71Death         Fisher             Mrs. Della Blaine                 23-Jan-67   178Death         Fitzgerald         William T.                           Sep-69    17Death         Fitzgerald         Archie                            25-May-66    25Death         Fitzgerald         Dr. Wm Lyle                       12-Jan-67   180Death         Flanagan           Michael                           16-Apr-65    70Death         Fleshman           Vesta Viola                       25-Jul-68   137Death         Fletcher           Stanley W.                        03-Jan-71    36Death         Floray             Gladys Nellie                     15-Jul-68   144Death         Flynn              Clara T. (nee Quante)                Dec-70    22Death         Fogleman           Vernon Samuel                         1966    102Death         Fogleman           Vernon Samuel                         1966    106Death         Fordyce            Lester J.                            Jul-68   128Death         Fordyce            Lloyd M.                          26-Jun-68   129Death         Forney             Wilbur M.                         05-Feb-67   181Death         Fortney            Robert Dennis                     23-Mar-67    81Death         Foster             James E.                          20-Jun-65    98Death         Fowler             Albert Edward                     03-Jun-65    75Death         Fradkin            Morris                            09-Sep-69    18Death         Frank              Guy T.                            09-Sep-69    18Death         Frank              Milton                            04-Jun-65    69Death         Franke             Anna L. (nee Moesner)                          39Death         Freber             Anton G.                          02-Jul-71    46Death         French             John                              12-Aug-66    85Death         French             John                                  1966    102Death         French             John                                  1966    111Death         Friedrich          Mrs. Ida Marie                    04-Jan-71    32Death         Friend             Mrs. Melba M.                                  29Death         Frischmann         Agnes                                          39Death         Fritz              Giva B. (Combs)                   02-Jul-71    46Death         Fritz              Mae R. (nee Dengel)               02-Jul-71    46Death         Froboes            Gladys C.                         02-Jul-71    46Death         Gabriel            Mrs. Loretta                      03-Jan-71    32Death         Gaehle             Alvin (Spider)                                 37Death         Galloway           Charolette Bell                   07-Aug-68   134Death         Gambell            Mrs. Lurline                         Aug-68   137Death         Ganz               Paula                                          39Death         Gardner            Emma Jean (nee Creek)             09-Sep-69    19Death         Garnett            Mary E.                           30-Aug-65    83Death         Garr               Bertha Lou                        04-Jun-65    67Death         Garr               Bertha Lou                        04-Jun-65    79Death         Gash               Percy M.                          03-Jan-71    36Death         Gash               Percy M.                                       39Death         Gash               Maudie                            01-Aug-68   127Death         Gash               Emmett Rothwell                   22-Nov-68   131Death         Gash               Maudie                            25-Jul-68   133Death         Gash               Emmett                            22-Nov-68   135Death         Gates              Arthur                            17-Aug-66   100Death         Gates              Rosie D.                          22-Aug-65   113Death         Gates              James Marion                      21-Jul-68   143Death         Geeley             W. H.                             23-Oct-66   167Death         Geoghegan          Della                                 1966    102Death         Geoghegan          Della                                 1966    106Death         George             Mrs. Stella                       23-Oct-66   167Death         Gerst              Jacob J.                          10-Sep-69    16Death         Gibbons            andrew M.                         30-Jul-68   130Death         Gibson             Gladys E. (nee Moseley)           10-Sep-69    16Death         Gibson             Gladys E. (nee Moseley)           09-Sep-69    18Death         Gibson             Claire                            02-Jun-65    72Death         Gibson             Claire                            02-Jun-65    78Death         Gibson             Ernest Luther                     03-Jul-68   144Death         Gilbert            Otis                              02-Jun-65    75Death         Gilliam            Dan Bryan                             1965     80Death         Gipson             Roscoe B.                         07-Oct-65   113Death         Gladbach           Emma                              27-Aug-65   109Death         Glidewell          Thomas Roy                        13-Sep-65    90Death         Gliedt             Anthony G.                        06-Jan-71    40Death         Glock              Arnold H.                         09-Sep-69    18Death         Glore              Jesse O.                          10-Sep-69    16Death         Glossick           Mrs. Carl (Alma Gertrude)         28-May-65    75Death         Goce               Sam G.                            22-Aug-66   109Death         Godbee             Addie M.                             Sep-69    17Death         Goff               Robert LeRoy                      22-Aug-66   105Death         Goldman            Lottie                               Sep-69    17Death         Gordon             Leo Dale                          28-May-65    76Death         Gordon             Martha Ann                        14-Apr-67   177Death         Green              Curtis                               Jul-65    78Death         Greenly            Walton Thomas                     02-Sep-65    91Death         Greenslate         Estele                            13-Apr-68   125Death         Greenstreet        Richard Ezra                    May 25, 165    73Death         Grider             Jane R.                           09-Sep-69    18Death         Griffin            James                                Aug-66   116Death         Griffin            Clella                            17-Jul-68   144Death         Grimaldi           Richard                           21-Aug-66   105Death         Grimes             Mrs. Mary Eliabeth                30-Oct-66   166Death         Grimshaw           Elizabeth                            Jul-65    79Death         Grisamer           Paul Dewey                        16-Sep-65    89Death         Grissamer          Paul                              16-Sep-65    97Death         Gross              Clare Foster                      31-Aug-66   110Death         Gross              Robert Lloyd                      26-Jul-68   124Death         Gross              Julius                            14-Apr-72   164Death         Grosse             Martha B. (nee Theobald)          15-Dec-70    20Death         Grubb              Mrs. Grover (Mae)                 30-Aug-65    83Death         Grubbe             Mrs. Maurice Dean (Delores Marie1966          101Death         Grupue             Esther Ada                           Sep-69    17Death         Guge               Irene B. (nee McKnight)           09-Sep-69    18Death         Gulotta            Carlo                             03-Jan-71    36Death         Gulotta            Carlo                             03-Jan-71    38Death         Gumz               Nelle F.                             Sep-69    17Death         Gunnell            Louise (nee Young)                06-Jan-71    40Death         Gunnell            Mrs. Louise                       03-Jan-71    43Death         Hadenfeldt         Mrs. Albie                        13-Apr-72   163Death         Hague              Margaret                             Sep-69    17Death         Halbert            Zack                                 Sep-69    17Death         Hale               Peggy Laura (nee Vollmer)         03-Jan-71    38Death         Hale               William (Billy)                   06-Jul-65    88Death         Hall               Ellen                                 1966    109Death         Hamlin             Roland                            01-Jan-71    43Death         Hammon             andrew                            08-Sep-69    22Death         Hanlin             S. 4 Gary Leon                    21-Mar-68   125Death         Hanning            Mrs. M. L. (Bertha Mae)           13-Oct-65   112Death         Hanrahan           David J.                          06-Jan-71    40Death         Harbaugh           Rita E. (nee Brennan)             02-Jul-71    46Death         Harbourn           Miss Eva                          14-Aug-68   140Death         Hardaway           Elizabeth Romia                   22-Aug-68   135Death         Harding            Mrs. Scott (Doris Evans)          23-Jul-68 128 &132Death         Hardwick           Charles Lee                       28-May-65    76Death         Hardwick           Charles Lee                       01-Jun-65    77Death         Harker             Ira                               27-Jul-68   147Death         Harley             Florence Sublette                 02-Oct-67   120Death         Harmon             Susie Nellie                      17-Aug-66   104Death         Harper             Lloyd I.                          10-Sep-69    16Death         Harris             John W.                           14-Apr-72   163Death         Harris             Al                                15-Jun-66   169Death         Harris             Mrs. Wanda                        08-Apr-67   177Death         Harrison           C. M.                                Aug-65   170Death         Harstick           Christian F.                      03-Jan-71    36Death         Harstick           Christian F.                      03-Jan-71    38Death         Hart               Estelle Clara                     06-Jan-71    40Death         Hart               Viola                             21-Jul-67   119Death         Harte              Catherine E.                         Sep-69    17Death         Hartle             Larry                             25-Jul-65    80Death         Hatch              Bertie Ann                        01-Sep-65    87Death         Hatcher            Clarence Alvin                    15-Oct-67   119Death         Hatfield           Jennie Clark                      29-May-65    69Death         Haun               Dennis William                       Jan-71    41Death         Haupt              Mildred Hanna (nee Seible)        02-Jul-71    46Death         Hauser             H. Nelson                         03-Jan-71    38Death         Hausman            Roy H.                            09-Sep-69    18Death         Havens             William Leo                       22-Sep-68   137Death         Hayes              Daniel                            17-Aug-66    84Death         Hayward            Dr. Ralph W.                      28-Jun-65    87Death         Hayward            Ralph W.                          28-Jun-65    88Death         Heaberlin          Albert Lee                        06-Jul-65    96Death         Headley            Mrs. Earl D.                      20-Aug-65    81Death         Healey             Thomas A.                         03-Jan-71    38Death         Heaton             Loren                             12-Jul-68   147Death         Hebenheimer        Jack D.                              Jan-71    41Death         Hediger            James A.                             Aug-65    83Death         Hediger            James A.                              1965     86Death         Heiner             Walter Herman                        Sep-69    17Death         Heinicke           Ray J.                            10-Sep-69    16Death         Heinicke           Ray J.                            09-Sep-69    18Death         Heinz              Mrs. Gustav G.                    09-Sep-69    18Death         Heitkamp           James Lee                         13-Jun-65    78Death         Hellman            Edmund (Ets)                         Jan-71    41Death         Hendricks          Belle                                Jul-65    79Death         Hendrickson        Virginia G. (nee Grenmier)        03-Jan-71    38Death         Henke              Herman Richard                       Sep-69    17Death         Henn               Thomas E.                         03-Jan-71    38Death         Hennefer           Martin                            02-Jul-71    46Death         Henry              Nova Raymond                      21-May-68   124Death         Hensley            Naomi Polly                          Sep-69    17Death         Hercules           Lola A. Bates                     02-Jul-71    46Death         Heubach            R. Lorraine (nee Stone)                        39Death         Hibbs              Mrs. Elva                         20-Jan-67   178Death         Hibbs              Mrs. Elva                         13-Mar-67   181Death         Hiler              Mrs. Bertha (Wellborn)            29-Sep-65   113Death         Hillenkotter       Helene (Noble)                                 39Death         Himes              Samuel                            02-Jun-65    72Death         Himes              Samuel                            02-Jun-65    78Death         Hippisley          William C.                        03-Jan-71    36Death         Hippisley          William C.                                     39Death         Hixson             Alda                                           39Death         Hodde              Stella R.                                      28Death         Hoff               Frank                                Jan-71    41Death         Hoffman            Tillie (nee Bange)                15-Dec-70    20Death         Hoffman            William C.                           Jan-71    41Death         Hoggsett           Helen M.                          24-Sep-65   112Death         Hoh                August A.                                      39Death         Hohlstein          Myna C.                           02-Jul-71    46Death         Hollingsworth      Rose Mary (nee Dattoli)              Jan-71    41Death         Holtzman           Joe                               15-Dec-70    20Death         Hood               Sarah E. (nee Cronin)             15-Dec-70    20Death         Hooker             Joseph                            22-Aug-66   105Death         Hoover             William C.                        25-Jul-65    81Death         Houren             Sister Mary Victoria C. S. J.     09-Sep-69    19Death         Howell             John F.                              Sep-69    17Death         Huber              Walter Thoma                         Jan-71    41Death         Huey               Floyd                             25-Jul-68   131Death         Hughes             Lonnie C.                             1965     67Death         Hughes             Lonnie C.                         08-Jun-65    76Death         Huhn               Fred                              10-Sep-69    16Death         Huhn               Fred                              09-Sep-69    19Death         Humburd            Era C.                            24-Apr-68   139Death         Humphreys          Mrs. Wade                         31-Aug-65    93Death         Humphries          Lucille V.                        03-Jan-71    38Death         Hunt               John Wesley                       11-Jan-67   180Death         Hupperts           Mrs. Lillian                      30-Dec-70    30Death         Hurt               Cora M. (nee Letourneau)          09-Sep-69    19Death         Hutchinson         Mrs. Gertrude  A.                 30-Jun-71    35Death         Hymers             Dorothy                           10-Sep-69    16


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