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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has scrapbooks in their library that contain news items cut from Waynesburg Republican Newspaper in the Green County, PA area. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks. If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $3.00 (US Dollars only) for each name and we will abstract the information for you. Mail the name of the person you wish the information on, the year, the date (if given) and the page number it appears on (if given) to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. Please include your e-mail address if you have one.

Index to Waynesburg Republican Newspaper of Green County, Pennsylvania

Obits of May 23, 1969 through December 31, 1971

Deaths, Marriages, Etc. of July 28, 1972 through December 7, 1973

Obits of January 7, 1972 through June 29, 1973

Obits of July 6, 1973 through December 27, 1974

Obits of December 31, 1976 through May 26, 1978

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