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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of Sedgwick County, KS marriage affidavits in their library. (Some of the affidavits from the 1870's and 1880's are missing from the files even though the names appear in the index). MHGS has copies of the marriage returns for 1882 and 1883, then 1885 through April 1913. These contain the same information as the affidavits along with when the marriage was performed and by whom.

Here you can access a marriage index covering Books A through Z, 9 May, 1870 to 24 May 1922. If you would like a copy of any affidavit we have, please send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each affidavit to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. You must include the names of the bride and groom, the date, Book and page number or our committee will be unable to fulfill your request.

If there is no date in the date column there was no return made to Probate Court that the marriage was performed. From April 1, 1915 to May 28, 1917 (R405 through T386) no marriages were recorded in Sedgwick County, only that application was made for a license. These must be obtained from Vital Statistics in Topeka.

Index courtesy of Bill Pennington.

C - E

Cabaness, Maude Maybelle  Baker, John Franklin 15-Oct-10        N392
Cabaniss, Bradley         Will, Bertha         7-Jul-10         N231
Cabbell, Alfonzo          Green, Olivie        8-Dec-20         Y322
Cabbell, Daisy            Robison, Henry       14-Aug-19        W355
Cabbell, Edward B.        Banks, Mary J.       10 May 1894      F350
Cable, Josie (Mrs.)       Graves, James M.     04 Sep 1899      H150
Cable, Norman W.          Moore, Lizzie        2-Jan-01         H499
Cabrera, Alejo            Malla, Gregaria      27-Sep-12        P433
Cabrera, Marcos           Juarez, Louisa       28-Sep-12        P433
Cachard, Charles J.       Gregg, Addie A.      27 Oct 1892      F001
Cachard, Clara            Perin, W.H.          25 Jun 1889      D560
Cachard, F.C.             Harris, Gertrude     27-Mar-01        H544
Cachard, Julia            Litson, Frank        25 Nov 1896      G197
Cachard, Richard          Hastings, Ivy G.     14-Aug-04        J317
Cadamy, Claude            Rice, Adelma                          S543
Cade, C.E.                Dodds, Nina A.       5-Aug-11         O271
Cade, Carl                Roe, Mary Louise     12-Jul-21        Z129
Cade, Feba Rosetta        Allred, John W.      22-Feb-06        K202
Cade, Paschal             Van, Elie            18-Jan-21        Y419
Cadenbach, Joseph Bernard Mueller, Ruth Couch  11-Feb-14        Q526
Cadle, Lottie             Dewing, Roy O.       29-Mar-03        I517
Cadwallader, Althea       Rishell, Dudley      1-Dec-19         X010
Cadwallader, Charles F.   Hays, Amand          31 Mar 1894      F333
Cadwallader, E.A.         Tope, Stella A.      17-May-10        N142
Cadwallader, Goldie Helen Amend, Caldron C.                     R601
Cadwallader, James        McDole, Minnie                        R408
Cadwallader, Jessie M.    Laurie, Charles M.   28-Jun-05        J613
Cadwallader, Minnie Maude Anthony, Frederick J.27-Jun-17        T470
Cadwallader, Myrtle Leone Collier, Roy Elmer                    S454
Cadwallader, Roy P.       Spidal, Beula(ah) C. 5-Jul-02         I294
Cadwallader, Susie C.     Moore, F.C.          5-Sep-09         M403
Cadwallader, Winnie       Freeman, Harry       10-Apr-07        K600
Cadwell, Agnes            Heminger, Don C.     11-Oct-19        W514
Cadwell, Sarah E.         Robe, Silas C.                        R423
Cady, E.C.                Greenwade, Ella L.   18-Mar-01        H540
Cady, James Alfred        Wourms, Christine The26-Oct-19        W551
Cafferty, Earl P.         Trumble, Evelyn      3-Jun-19         W168
Cafferty, Florence Anna   Richardson, S.E.     26 Oct 1883      B423
Caffrey, Harley L.        Wimp, Eva May        16-Feb-10        N019
Caffrey, Harmon W.        Demming, Winifred Lel24-Feb-04        J170
Cafro, Jose               Brown, Hattie        24-Oct-12        P480
Cagle, Celia M.           Farrar, H.R.         19-Jul-13        Q248
Cahill, Frank P.          Bayless, Juanita                      S552
Cahill, John              Sherar, Veva                          T062
Cahoon, Fred M.           Foutz, Helen B.      12-Dec-05        K137
Caiger, Mary              Langston, Hugh       9-Sep-17         T616
Cain, A.M.                Jackman, Mattie      20 Mar 1897      G271
Cain, Bessie Flossie      McComas, Marion Franc28-Nov-12        P543
Cain, C.A.                Hanes, Adia M.       2-Jan-13         P616
Cain, Captain A.          Woltz, Eva E.                         C391
Cain, Captain A.          Woltz, Eva Lee       16 Feb 1886      C392
Cain, Claude E.           Felt, H. Warren      20-May-14        Q638
Cain, D.B.                Price, Hermie V.     17 May 1899      H088
Cain, Della               Bouton, William      31-Dec-00        H497
Cain, Edith               Mason, Everett LeMoyn4-Oct-05         K058
Cain, Edna Gladys         Fox, Dayle C.        18-Dec-19        X050
Cain, Ella May            Oder, Edgar E.       16-Oct-01        I077
Cain, Elva                Heimbaugh, Victor    28-Jun-19        W251
Cain, Emma E.             Helena, George J.    07 Mar 1889      D505
Cain, Ethel Hazel         Dugan, Nephi         2-Feb-04         J154
Cain, Evelyn              Russell, C. Dwight   10-Jul-18        V269
Cain, F.B.                Hodges, Minnie L.                     S504
Cain, Frank               Caton, Nellie        10-Sep-14        R139
Cain, Grace E.            Kerr, J.H.           15-Jun-19        W210
Cain, Harry Vance         Anderson, Della Maud 30 Oct 1897      G394
Cain, Harry Vance         Holt, Matilda Fannie                  S119
Cain, Harve M.            Oldfield, Darl       17-Jun-03        I582
Cain, Helen               McCandlish, Robert Jr23-May-22        Z783
Cain, Hermie V.           Ashenfelter, Andrew L13-Aug-13        Q275
Cain, Houston H.          Furnish, Mary T.     23 Sep 1886      C502
Cain, Inez I.             Green, Harry B.      5-Oct-14         R175
Cain, Iva Etta            Elliott, James Allen 14-Oct-09        M475
Cain, J.D.                True, Lelia          26-Nov-13        Q439
Cain, J.T.                Devore, Maria C.     14 Oct 1884      C146
Cain, J.W.                Howard, Mary E.      03 May 1877      A266
Cain, J.W.                Ruddell, M.E. (Mrs.) 04 Oct 1893      F217
Cain, James               Woolman, Minnie                       T384
Cain, Josie               Wardsworth, J.F.     19 Apr 1899      H074
Cain, Katheryne Beryl     Greene, William E.   11-Dec-07        L232
Cain, Lillie              Hartner, George      02 Feb 1890      E071
Cain, Lola O.             Ruby, Arthur H.      8-Aug-03         I623
Cain, Margaret            Snow, W.R.           15-Jul-18        V270
Cain, Mary F.             Christman, Joseph T. 06 May 1890      E134
Cain, May                 Beamer, Justin       02 Oct 1887      D118
Cain, Mildred             Teague, C.H.         5-Nov-19         W580
Cain, Minnie Marie        Countermine, John    26-Jul-17        T526
Cain, Nellie              Holland, Zacariah T. 08 Mar 1887      C604
Cain, Orville Alonzo      Lutz, Carmie Estella 3-Dec-18         V506
Cain, Ovella Pearl        Dague, Wilmer L.     15-Jan-08        L279
Cain, Pearl Mae           Jones, Clifford Grant24-Dec-13        Q472
Cain, Rosa                Fitzwater, Lewis C.  6-Jul-09         M336
Cain, Ruthann             Smith, A.M.          12 Feb 1889      D492
Cairns, Bessie            Shields, C.E.        9-Jun-21         Z035
Cairns, James             Masterson, Nellie    05 Jun 1879      A428
Calb, Minnie              Landrum, Elza        2-Feb-09         M126
Calbert, H.W.             Olsson, Segre        19-Sep-07        L129
Calderon, Adolfo          Padilla, Salud       25-Aug-14        R113
Calderon, Louis G.        Smith, Minnie D.     8-Jan-19         V560
Caldwell, Annie L.        Reed, Thomas R.      20-Sep-17        T637
Caldwell, Arthur Lee      Schober, Lisle Elizab1-Jul-19         W258
Caldwell, Birdie Vivian   Beard, William Allen 1-Oct-09         M457
Caldwell, Clara           Mullen, Charley      07 Jul 1895      F566
Caldwell, Cora E.         Gossin, Andrew J.    14 Jan 1891      E284
Caldwell, Ella P.         Ray, Arthur A.       04 Mar 1895      F503
Caldwell, Gail            Jackson, Lyman F.    26 Dec 1893      F279
Caldwell, George          Grove, Margaret H.   4-Mar-20         X234
Caldwell, Homer           Chapman, Sarah Moore 02 Oct 1895      F602
Caldwell, Ida F.          Mullen, John         10 Feb 1895      F493
Caldwell, Irma Viola      Brown, Guy Matthew                    R597
Caldwell, J.A.            Keifer, Mattie A.    02 Oct 1884      C142
Caldwell, J.D.            Goodnight, Lizzie N. 19 May 1895      F541
Caldwell, J.S. (Dr.)      Brown, Genevieve     5-Jan-05         J465
Caldwell, Jess            Wright, Lulu         8-Aug-04         J312
Caldwell, John A.         Bartholomew, Lizzie A05 Sep 1892      E607
Caldwell, Lillian Bell    Fuller, E.L.         27-Jul-17        T530
Caldwell, Louise C.       Murdock, R.P.        18 Dec 1877      A301
Caldwell, Lucy            Harwell, Rufus       29 Nov 1888      D445
Caldwell, M.J.            Anderson, Carline    19-Aug-13        Q281
Caldwell, Martha J.       Brown, W.D.          05 Jan 1887      C570
Caldwell, Mary            Gilmore, Bun         29 Apr 1890      E132
Caldwell, Mary Agnes      McRoberts, Samuel    09 Oct 1895      F605
Caldwell, Mira            Garnett, James L.    22 Oct 1889      E001
Caldwell, Mollie          Skinner, V.E.        28 Feb 1897      G264
Caldwell, Myrtle M.       Stickel, F.F.                         T301
Caldwell, Newton Lamar    Oard, Olive Mae      4-Dec-20         Y312
Caldwell, Rosa V.         Field, George A.     24-Sep-01        I052
Caldwell, Roy             Bastin, Laura        9-Feb-14         Q528
Caldwell, Roy V.          Jones, Myrtle V.     30-Sep-13        Q335
Caldwell, Susie           Dorsey, James                         T222
Caldwell, Thomas O.       Farra, Dollie        13-Nov-11        O413
Caldwell, V.B.            Smith, J.E.          6-Aug-02         I315
Caldwell, Verona E.       Dyche, Fred E.       15-Jun-21        Z048
Caldwell, Viola May       Tracy, Walter C.     3-Jul-05         J621
Caldwell, W.D.            Stout, Adelia        27 Jan 1884      C032
Caldwell, W.L.            Booth, Alice D.      20 May 1885      C256
Caldwell, William T.      Grady, Josephine     14-May-03        I555
Cale, Bonnie Bell         Livesay, Edwin       07 Feb 1888      D220
Cale, Bonnie Bell         Livsay, Edwin                         D219
Cale, Chockley            Burtch, Pearl        2-Mar-10         N039
Cale, D.E.                Campbell, E.L.       11 Apr 1897      G280
Cale, Elvaretta           Hatfield, Harry      03 Oct 1889      D620
Cale, Ida                 Hartzell, George     03 Oct 1889      D620
Cale, Ida M.              Chambers, C.H.       27 Jun 1897      G319
Cale, James C.            Lockwood, Henrietta  17 Jul 1893      F169
Cale, Mary M.             Roberts, O.C.        12-Nov-18        V480
Cale, Minnie G.           Vanwinkle, Lacy Newto25-Jan-11        N568
Cale, Myrtle              Kendall, Ray         18-Nov-20        Y282
Cale, Opal May            Ross, Lloyd L.       19-Feb-20        X211
Cale, Raymond C.          VanOrder, Madge      16-Jun-17        T449
Cale, Vivian N.           Worthington, George H.                S418
Cale, William H.          Plant, Hilda I.      26-Nov-14        R260
Cale, William P.          Stewart, Inis(nes)   14 Dec 1897      G419
Calef, Richard            Goode, Amanda        01 Dec 1886      C542
Calendar, Ethel N.        Troup, Robert E.     9-Oct-20         Y177
Caler, Bertha             Hulme, Arthur        29 Apr 1898      G497
Caler, Charles            Ames, Ethel Gladys   29-Jan-21        Y441
Caler, Ida Leora          Chitwood, George L.  26-Jul-05        J638
Caler, Ralph Rader        VanScyoc, Ethel Blanc6-Nov-07         L193
Cales, Frank H.           Yeargain, Wincie     1-Sep-21         Z250
Calhoon, Leva Edgar       See, Ethel Luverna   18-Nov-06        K448
Calhoun, Abbie M.         Carter, George R.    19-Sep-00        H404
Calhoun, Edison           Dunkleberger, Olie   6-Apr-12         P180
Calhoun, George M.        Devine, Mattie E.    25 Mar 1877      A260
Calhoun, Gertrude R.      Hammers, Fred. K.    26-Feb-02        I188
Calhoun, H.               Prescott, Minnie     21-Oct-14        R205
Calhoun, J.W.             Powers, Bessie E.    25-Nov-03        J091
Calhoun, James T.         Parsons, Elsie                        T009
Calhoun, Katherine        Nelson, John L.      29-Apr-08        L388
Calhoun, Martha           Andrews, C.D.        08 Jun 1899      H105
Calhoun, Martha A.        Collins, C.W.        10-May-21        Y629
Calhoun, Mercy E.         Booth, L.H.          22 Jan 1896      G035
Calhoun, Mildred          Monroe, Leo Wallace  16-Aug-19        W362
Calhoun, William F.       Adsett, Bessie P.    28-Nov-04        J429
Calhoun, Zelma L.         Christopher, J.H. Jr.29-May-20        X433
Calisch, Albert           Kohn, Belle          12 Jan 1887      C573
Calitzke, Elizabeth       Walker, Nat G.       5-Oct-20         Y166
Calkins, Ada Estle        Parsons, Rollo Ray   3-Jun-17         T405
Calkins, Albert J.        Bingham, Elenor      02 Sep 1875      A164
Calkins, D.W.             Gibson, Emma         18-Dec-18        V520
Calkins, Hattie L.        Dean, Harper P.      3-Jun-20         X449
Calkins, Leslie           Eilert, Goldie       2-Jul-12         P319
Calkins, William          Lee, Emma J.         27 Apr 1884      C072
Call, Francis M.          Bowman, E.M.         08 Apr 1893      F112
Call, J.W.                Cheney, Emma         9-Oct-13         Q369
Call, John                Donovan, Kitty       28-Nov-21        Z457
Call, L.M.                Miller, C.W.         10-May-01        H586
Call, Theodore            Law, Ollie           5-Aug-12         P360
Call, Theodore            Rutledge, Alpha      1-May-20         X366
Callahan, Bertha          White, Earl          1-Jan-22         Z528
Callahan, Charles H.      Roberts, Myrtie M.   30-Aug-05        K025
Callahan, Daisy           Daykin, Charles A.                    S280
Callahan, Gertrude        Heinig, Alfred       5-Feb-08         L299
Callahan, Harry C.        Duncan, Ethel        10-Mar-09        M177
Callahan, J.W.            Deterding, Doxie     5-Oct-11         O356
Callahan, Katie           Ring, Warren W.      30 Aug 1891      E376
Callahan, Lena Doris      Hodges, Lawrence     22-Mar-20        X269
Callahan, Lillian A.      Washburn, Paul E.    24-Dec-20        Y360
Callahan, Mattie M.       Laport, Arthur L.    12-Mar-02        I196
Callahan, Virgil          Fishback, Margaret   8-May-12         P214
Callahan, W.G.            Weaver, Bertha       5-Jun-12         P263
Callahan, William M.      Stalcup, Daisy       1-May-10         N120
Callais, Louise Marie     Easley, Frederick M. 8-Oct-13         Q356
Callanan, Nellie          Buck, William T.C.S. 24 Jan 1892      E481
Callaway, Albert          Thacher, Rosa        24 Aug 1884      C092
Callaway, Anna            Virgin, Charlie B.                    R591
Callaway, Bertie          Waggoner, Ora        10-Oct-18        V442
Callaway, Creed M.        Roll, Clara M.       29-Apr-05        J556
Callaway, E.              Hadley, Emma         02 Sep 1897      G346
Callaway, Edmund          French, Josie M.     25 Nov 1880      B112
Callaway, Edward F.       Roll, Daisy          14-Feb-21        Y476
Callaway, Edyth G.        Walters, George W.                    R479
Callaway, John Clarence   Richey, Mayme Marie  26-Jan-20        X155
Callaway, Joseph G.       Jenkins, Linnie S.   16 Sep 1894      F399
Callaway, Orlena T.       Brown, James Q. Jr.  01 Oct 1890      E209
Callaway, Walter L.       Roll, Dora           10-May-05        J568
Callen, Alice             Blair, Claude        9-Feb-18         U546
Callen, E.M.              Yeager, Dora         24-Jun-19        W239
Callen, Frank W.          Burch, Ruth M.       16-Apr-10        N102
Callender, Harold         Stough, Bessie       30-Sep-13        Q345
Callender, Harry B.       Whitlock, Jessie E.  4-Apr-06         K237
Calleson, Carrie          Oliverson, Richard                    T275
Callihan, Hattie          Adams, J.K.          05 Jun 1888      D315
Callison, Bessie          Cooper, W.D.         09 Nov 1898      G606
Callison, Carl W.         Lee, Fannie E.       16-Mar-21        Y527
Callison, Ellen           Hanna, Andrew E.     08 Jul 1891      E359
Callogy, Mary             Waggoner, Frank M.   1-Jan-21         Y393
Calloway, Aletha Delores  Wilkinson, Elmer Thom18-Dec-20        Y334
Calloway, Grace M.        Miles, Everett C.    5-Oct-14         R174
Calnon, Grace L.          McCormick, A.G.      4-Sep-01         I033
Calvert, A.L.             VanVolkenburg, Mary  27 Nov 1896      G198
Calvert, Anna Pauline     Morgan, William K.   13-Apr-10        N098
Calvert, Annabelle        Allison, Ambrose D.                   X059
Calvert, Cecil Claudine   Collier, James Edward27-Nov-11        O430
Calvert, E.A.             Havener, Josie F.    24 Dec 1887      D186
Calvert, Eugene           Dorsett, Pearl       26-Jul-07        L062
Calvert, Frank E.         Hall, Lena G.        30-Apr-21        Y615
Calvert, Goldie Myrtle    Mullenix, Harry Lee  18-Apr-09        M224
Calvert, James L.         Brown, Rosa          06 Aug 1878      A348
Calvert, Jesse R.         Baxter, Hattie E.    12-Sep-08        L562
Calvert, T.B.             Simon, Mabel G.      11-Dec-07        L231
Calvert, William E.       Swisher, Ora         23-Dec-11        P022
Calvert,Maybelle Esther   Greeley, Seth Frazier28-Nov-12        P537
Calville, J.A.            Main, Hattie E.      11 Nov 1888      D425
Calvin, Harlie(rtie)      Fredrick, Ethel      16-Jan-13        P637
Calvin, James W.          Hanson, Jennie M.    08 Aug 1899      H133
Calvin, John              Newman, Linnie       16-Apr-09        M221
Calvin, Otis              Hooton, Anna M.      15-Oct-01        I079
Calvin, Phoebe R.         Sweetland, Z.K.      10-Sep-21        Z271
Calvin, W.D.              Cooper, Allie        16-Feb-00        H274
Camac, Ethel Jane         Rogers, J.S.         20-Feb-21        Y481
Camacho, Frances          Chavez, Emilio       5-Feb-20         X178
Camacho, Julio H.         Lopez, Mary          9-Jun-20         X464
Cambron, Bessie           VanDyke, William J.  25-Apr-14        Q606
Camcho, Juano             Ortes, Felez         13-Mar-20        X249
Camener, Maye             Cooper, Raymond Harol30-Nov-17        U293
Cameren, Charles          Higgins, Maud        10-Oct-00        H429
Cameron, A.P.             Sherman, Edna        18-May-09        M255
Cameron, Alice            Bradford, John R.    15-Jan-13        P636
Cameron, Charley          Nagle, Hazel         14-Jun-19        W197
Cameron, Elmer Donald     McCullough, Lucy Esther               S222
Cameron, Emeline F.       Rose, John A.        11-Apr-06        K240
Cameron, Fred P.          Marsh, Pearl         4-Mar-07         K564
Cameron, Inez             Webb, Charles B.     24-Sep-21        Z305
Cameron, Jake             Sloan, Jennie(ettie) 9-Dec-12         P560
Cameron, John H.          Sammis, Lottie Ellen 27-Jun-09        M318
Cameron, Levi M.          Selvidge, Ethel      5-Sep-09         M409
Cameron, Mary E.          Cunio, Arthur C.     14-Mar-10        N053
Cameron, Mike             Ellsworth, Buela(lla)24-May-13        Q156
Cameron, Ruby             Nestelroad, R.J.     15-Feb-15        R362
Cameron, Sadie            Eaton, Samuel        2-May-09         M241
Camien, Adelaide          Mendenhall, Floyd    27-Apr-10        N118
Camien, John R.           Root, Mabel A.       8-Jun-04         J256
Cammeron, Hazel           Baker, Charles W.    14-Sep-13        Q313
Camp, Agnes               Britain, L.L.        27 Aug 1899      H143
Camp, Annie L.            Berdine, E.W.        24-Jun-02        I279
Camp, Carrie L.           Fuqua, Jesse                          T022
Camp, G.F.                Stewart, Nellie      30-Apr-10        N122
Camp, Lucy Anne           Clink, Rowland E.                     T284
Camp, Mabel               Barnes, Frank        8-Sep-17         T611
Camp, Mabel               Falk, Orrien F.      27-Sep-19        W477
Camp, Marie Jones         Westfall, Frank S.   26-Nov-17        U267
Camp, N. John             Crump, Lora B.       30-Dec-05        K167
Camp, Nellie C.           Fuqua, Charles       27-Feb-18        V010
Camp, Opal                Spencer, Carl        23-Aug-19        W382
Camp, Ora Mabel           Johnson, Rudy L.     14-Oct-19        W523
Camp, Oscar               Heimple, Emma        16 May 1893      F135
Camp, Otis P.             Elliott, Laura J.    22 Sep 1892      E617
Camp, Wayne C.            Burford, Lena        8-Dec-20         Y324
Campa, Margarito          Moreno, Antonia      5-Jan-20         X109
Campbell, Addie           Freeman, C.E.        27 Dec 1898      H006
Campbell, Agnes           Harlan, Loyd         29-Nov-17        U279
Campbell, Alys            Kilby, Karl E.       12-Oct-10        N387
Campbell, Anderson        Bowman, Grace        01 Apr 1895      F517
Campbell, Anna            Jenkins, Edward W.   22 Jul 1889      D576
Campbell, Annie B.        Peaslee, James R.    28-May-21        Z002
Campbell, Annie M.        Brown, Ransom H.     09 Nov 1893      F249
Campbell, Archie          Shaffer, Georgie     18-May-10        N142
Campbell, Bartlett        Dodson, Captola      7-Oct-18         V431
Campbell, Bertha          Humbolt, Iven                         T210
Campbell, Bessie Marie    Wright, John Howard  12-Jun-17        T441
Campbell, Caldwell C.     Coffman, Grace                        S076
Campbell, Catharine       Boston, W.S.         20 Dec 1896      G215
Campbell, Charles         Linquist, Edith      8-Apr-12         P185
Campbell, Charles C.      Daniels, Luna Noble  22-May-20        X419
Campbell, Charles L.      Dunmars, Edmona E.   23-Apr-06        K251
Campbell, D.B.            Williams, May        24-Nov-17        U254
Campbell, Delia M.        Share, J.D.                           S350
Campbell, Duncan          McAdams, Cora B.     01 Jul 1890      E164
Campbell, E.A.            Whiteker, T.J.       06 Sep 1888      D381
Campbell, E.C.            Norton, H.G. (M.D.)  26-Apr-13        Q119
Campbell, E.L.            Cale, D.E.           11 Apr 1897      G280
Campbell, Edith           Woods, Morris        2-Sep-09         M402
Campbell, Edmund A.       Crowell, Esther Ara  7-Oct-20         Y173
Campbell, Edna May        Martin, G.E.         31-Dec-13        Q484
Campbell, Effie           Arey, E.E.           16 Feb 1888      D225
Campbell, Eliza E.        Lyons, Andrew W.     03 Aug 1884      C117
Campbell, Eliza E.        Lyons, Andrew W.     03 Aug 1884      C128
Campbell, Elizabeth       Moore, Allan         28-Dec-11        P046
Campbell, Ella T.         Clovis, James L.     18-Oct-04        J381
Campbell, Ella T.         Love, Jahiel M.      24-Oct-09        M496
Campbell, Elva (Mrs.)     Hayward, Joseph B.   09 Mar 1891      E310
Campbell, Emma            Russell, Frank       31 Aug 1884      C127
Campbell, Emma H.         Mann, Robert P.      19-Jan-10        M624
Campbell, Emma M.         Thayer, Ellis C.     26-Dec-06        K500
Campbell, Ethel           Goss, T.A.           31-Oct-10        N421
Campbell, F.A.            Crummett, Julia      24-Nov-14        R251
Campbell, F.B.            King, Jessie M.      5-Oct-10         N374
Campbell, F.M.            Sparman, Mary E.     15 Mar 1896      G066
Campbell, Fern            Fairley, John B.                      T303
Campbell, Flora B.        Ward, W.H.           10 Jul 1887      D056
Campbell, Frances         Billinger, John C.   21 Mar 1882      B256
Campbell, Frank B.        Copner, Lou I.       01 Apr 1889      D516
Campbell, Fred            Baenisch, Ethel Viola21-Mar-08        L344
Campbell, Fred M.         Sowers, Myrtle                        R451
Campbell, G.E.            Brant, Jessie May    7-Dec-10         N490
Campbell, Gail(le)        Coffey, Charles C.   16-Jun-04        J262
Campbell, George K.       Gifford, Mary F.     19 Jun 1883      B379
Campbell, George M.       Adkins, Lillian Olive13 Jun 1890      E154
Campbell, Gladice         Schneider, Harry W.  15-Sep-21        Z281
Campbell, Graham          Stanford, Vivian Iren17-Jun-03        I580
Campbell, Hampton         Nelson, Mary         10 Oct 1892      E628
Campbell, Harlan A.       Mueller, Hortense C. 20-Oct-09        M485
Campbell, Harry           Romig, Mary          29 Dec 1886      C567
Campbell, Harry J.        Campbell, Nettie     28-Jan-11        N571
Campbell, Hattie May      Hurst, W.D.          6-Aug-03         I623
Campbell, Hazel           Waller, Earl         3-Sep-18         V369
Campbell, Hugh P.         Leonard, Alice (Mrs.)20-Jul-10        N252
Campbell, Ira             Barrow, Lola M.                       A445
Campbell, Irene C.        Davis, Lumin Lee     1-Mar-18         V013
Campbell, Iva             Heath, Frank         20-Oct-17        U094
Campbell, Iva M.          Mathis, Gus M.       03 Apr 1893      F108
Campbell, J.B.            Davis, Daisy Fern                     S356
Campbell, J.B.            Lafoy, Helen         3-Jun-20         X443
Campbell, J.N.            Eli, Lydia           04 Jan 1888      D195
Campbell, J.R.            Vestal, Daisy W. (Mrs25 Aug 1896      G137
Campbell, J.W.            Shields, Lillian     19-Aug-21        Z225
Campbell, James B.        Cochran, O.H. (Mrs.) 19-Oct-10        N398
Campbell, James B.        Overley, Nannie B.   30-Oct-12        P488
Campbell, James M.        Shiblom, Mary E.     07 Mar 1880      B044
Campbell, Jetta G.        Stanley, Claudius C. 5-Jun-02         I264
Campbell, John            Bradford, Mabel(ble) 14-Feb-07        K549
Campbell, John H.         Learned, Ida M.      11-Jul-03        I602
Campbell, Joseph J.       Blazer, Dorothy                       T222
Campbell, Larkin S.       Atkison, Phebe M.    31-Aug-21        Z248
Campbell, Lizzie          Allen, Perry         09 Feb 1893      F045
Campbell, Lois            Warne, Roy A.        4-Jun-17         T416
Campbell, Lois Lucile     Ackerman, Horace T.  28-Jul-21        Z162
Campbell, Lovine          Sears, John S.       1-Jan-09         M084
Campbell, Lucile B.       Pyle, Cecil Owen     20-Dec-12        P598
Campbell, M.M.            Green, P.J.                           R621
Campbell, Madge Irene     Tibbs, Charles A.    4-Mar-19         W009
Campbell, Margaret        Herrin, Roy          24-Aug-13        Q286
Campbell, Mary            Brown, H.O.          9-Nov-21         Z416
Campbell, Mary            Watson, Albert M.    1-Mar-22         Z636
Campbell, Mary E.         Shannon, Stephen C.  16 Mar 1880      B052
Campbell, Mary E.(Mrs.)   Lippert, William J.  02 Nov 1890      E238
Campbell, Mary F.         Swope, George A.     28 May 1892      E555
Campbell, Maud            Reynolds, Fred W.    15 Jun 1897      G313
Campbell, Maude           Brummett, L.M.       8-Nov-19         W589
Campbell, Maude           Stephens, Frank E.   26-Dec-19        X083
Campbell, Melville H.     Harper, Jesse C.     5-Feb-12         P092
Campbell, Minnie V.       Henninger, D.L.      17 Nov 1897      G406
Campbell, Monta L.        Nelson, Beatrice E.  28 Nov 1895      F636
Campbell, Myloie B.       Robinson, John W.    25 Jan 1894      F302
Campbell, N.H.            Milligan, Violet M.                   S500
Campbell, Nancy           Snyder, J.           24-Dec-14        R302
Campbell, Nettie          Campbell, Harry J.   28-Jan-11        N571
Campbell, Oliver C.       Imhoff, Anna S.                       I204
Campbell, Ollie           Reno, Jack           17-Jun-19        W219
Campbell, Ollie Mabel     Lusk, Charles Jason  2-Jun-20         X440
Campbell, Oxey            Petersen, J.P.       1-Jun-21         Z004
Campbell, Paul J.         Parkhurst, Ada       21-Nov-06        K454
Campbell, R.A.            Armstrong, Fonda B.  16-Nov-20        Y274
Campbell, R.A.            Gillett, Maude       29-Aug-14        R120
Campbell, R.A.            Scranton, Fern       19-Jul-20        X594
Campbell, R.E.            Gould, Iva           3-Apr-10         N081
Campbell, Ralph B.        Tiner, Mamie         12-Apr-14        Q591
Campbell, Ritchey         McNiel, Sarah A.     11 Oct 1881      B199
Campbell, Robert B.       Decatur, Olive W.    12-Nov-02        I401
Campbell, Robert J.       Balderston, Hortense L.               R630
Campbell, Rolla           Edgar, Ila           26-Aug-09        M375
Campbell, Rolla           Garr, Georgia        1-Jan-06         K166
Campbell, Rosa            Houston, A.J.        05 Jan 1896      G027
Campbell, Rosanna         Coffman, T.C.        10 Mar 1897      G269
Campbell, Roscoe E.       Newell, Ettie S.     9-Nov-04         J411
Campbell, Ruby A.         Ormsbee, J.L.        5-Feb-21         Y457
Campbell, Sallie          Filkins, Fred J.     02 Jan 1895      F471
Campbell, Samuel E.       Moreland, Jennie     17 Jun 1888      D322
Campbell, Scott K.        Peck, Mildred R.     7-May-19         W124
Campbell, Susie           Kirkpatrick, Sanford 15-May-00        H318
Campbell, Syd B.          Richmond, Lenora     12-Jun-02        I266
Campbell, T.W.            Louie, Jessie        10-May-06        K268
Campbell, Thomas          Britenfield, Lulu    20 Oct 1898      G594
Campbell, Thomas P.       Samples, Marea       18-Sep-21        Z284
Campbell, W.J.            Cook, Irene          16-Apr-11        O103
Campbell, W.P.            Stout, Eyla          23-Apr-09        M231
Campbell, Wilbur E.       Duncan, Emily M.     18 Jan 1871      A006
Camper, Ada Odessa        Parkhurst, Karl Clark25-Dec-10        N514
Campfield, Jennie         Wood, E.L.           01 Oct 1899      H172
Campion, William          Bingham, Emma (Mrs.) 28-Jul-00        H367
Canada, J.A.              Craun, Julia A.R.    26 Jan 1887      C578
Canaday, Anna M.          Massingale, Samuel C.17-Dec-03        J111
Canaday, Charles D.       Rennick, Minnie      20 Dec 1896      G216
Canaday, Elmer E.         Stice, Lastie        6-Apr-11         O086
Canaday, Gertrude B. (Mrs.Lieurance, Silsbee D.25 Oct 1892      E641
Canaday, J.R.             Taylor, Verda        12 Sep 1883      B408
Canady, E.M.              Shannon, Gertie B.   03 Oct 1886      C505
Canady, Emma              Hufbauer, John F.    12 Jun 1894      F368
Canady, Ruby May          Mills, Glenn H.      5-Feb-20         X171
Canatsey, Harry R.        Finley, Saba(bra) A. 20-May-12        P238
Candidus, Blanche         Ham, Roy W.          6-Jan-13         P622
Candler, Sam T.           Moore, Bessie Lee    14-Oct-10        N390
Candler, Ursula Helen     Robertson, F.E.      2-Jul-18         V259
Cane, F.M.                Maxey, J.F.          19-Sep-18        V401
Cane, Susan               Hapman, Elam         09 Feb 1895      F492
Cane, Susan               Hopman, Elam         09 Feb 1895      F492
Canfield, Alice E.        Phelps, Arthur D.    05 Oct 1892      E625
Canfield, Ernest          Richey, Jessie       6-Mar-07         K568
Canfield, Eula M.         McKabney, Samuel L.                   S476
Canfield, Herbert         Burrus, Bessie       13-Dec-19        X035
Canfield, J.H.            Stuhlmacher, Louise  30-Jun-20        X549
Canfield, Lloyd           Bruce, Viola         25-Dec-00        H484
Canfield, M.E.            Belford, Jennie V.   5-Jul-04         J285
Canfield, Maude           Schmid, Eugene                        T366
Canfield, N.M.            Byrd, Ruth H.        13-Nov-20        Y267
Canfield, William R.      Dunn, Laura          4-Jun-20         X456
Canklin, Julia H.         Ginzel, Carl L.      7-Apr-09         M208
Cann, Cora                VanDeWater, George H.28-Feb-09        M160
Cann, H.G.                Gould, Dora          4-Jan-19         V554
Cann, M.M.                Wisehart, C.B.       28 Jul 1897      G329
Cann, Sylvester           Richards, May        28-Apr-13        Q125
Cannan, Claud             LaMar, Bessie        21-Oct-08        L614
Cannedy, Hattie           Monroe, James        29 Sep 1888      D398
Cannefax, Cyril           Hall, Leora          10-Oct-21        Z340
Cannon, Amanda J.         Johnson, Albert L.   6-Nov-11         O400
Cannon, Clella            McGarraugh, Eston A.                  S455
Cannon, George L.         Herring, Annie       4-Oct-17         U041
Cannon, J.D.              McGrew, Ella         5-Dec-01         I115
Cannon, Katherine L.      Clark, Philo W.      28 Nov 1894      F448
Cannon, M.                Hooks, Ada           30-Apr-19        W105
Cannon, Mabel Victoria    Cessnun, John D.     14-Apr-09        M216
Cannon, Margarete         Graham, W.M.         15-Aug-14        R096
Cannon, Mary V.           Griswold, Earl L.                     S317
Cannon, Pearl Naomi       Brumbaugh, Biford M. 20-Aug-19        W369
Cannon, Shirley           Rouse, Gertrude      12-Dec-11        P014
Cannon, T.L.              Yardley, Nettie      1-Dec-11         P001
Cannon, Walter            Morris, Lizzie       29-May-13        Q163
Cannoy, Hattie            Burton, J.C.         3-Dec-10         N482
Canny, Ray                Chamberlain, Treva   23-Jul-18        V289
Canon, Earl               Payne, Iva           27-Apr-10        N113
Canon, James              Jacobs, Thelma                        S275
Canon, Joe                Widner, Zoe                           T096
Canon, Winnie Effie       Jones, Charles F.                     S118
Cantley, Mary             Palmer, Fred W.      17-Oct-05        K077
Cantlon, J.H.             Sharp, Minnie        18-Aug-10        N282
Canton, Frank J.          Canton, Maggie J.    3-Nov-03         J072
Canton, Frank J.          Dunlap, Maggie J.    19 Feb 1874      A106
Canton, Hattie            Harshbarger, S.N.    30-Jul-21        Z164
Canton, Maggie J.         Canton, Frank J.     3-Nov-03         J072
Cantrell, Archie Louis    Bratcher, Erna                        S602
Cantrell, Herbert H.      Munch, Myrtle E.     1-Aug-12         P355
Cantrell, James           Evel, Mary           04 Dec 1884      C175
Cantrell, James           Evil, May            04 Dec 1884      C173
Cantrell, P.M.            Warner, Gladys A.    17-Aug-18        V326
Cantrell, W.H.            Jones, Pearl         22-Dec-17        U376
Cantril, Anna E.          Moon, L.F.           16 Oct 1878      A367
Cantril, J.B.             Reeder, Ella         27 Sep 1887      D113
Cantwell, C.C.            Edwards, Bertha E.   21 Sep 1898      G570
Cantwell, Roy L.          Mitchell, Mabel      20-Aug-10        N285
Capito, Eva               Coulter, J.R.                         S386
Caple, Elbert M.          Christensen, Lala(lla27 Oct 1898      G598
Caple, Lucy               Gowling, Russell P.  19-Nov-17        U234
Caple, Lucy               Schoeneweg, George L.1-Jan-13         P619
Caple, Orville L.         Waggerman, Cora B.   1-Oct-01         I061
Caple, T.P.               Carnes, Catherine    24-Mar-20        X275
Caples, Mollie (Mrs)      Manion, George W.    05 Jan 1890      E059
Caplinger, Mary Ann       Gregg, John C.       28 Nov 1882      B324
Capper, Lydia M.          Wilson, George       15 Jun 1878      A338
Capps, Bennett            Pittman, Frankie     12 Aug 1887      D081
Capps, Hildred            Ellinsworth, Elza B. 27-Jan-21        Y437
Capren, Adeline L.        Howland, Arahel      26 Jan 1874      A101
Captain, Mary E.          Ross, K.B.           21-Jun-19        W217
Caraboolad, Falamina      Waris, Kaleel(liil)  26 Mar 1894      F332
Caraway, Grace            Lakin, T.B.          12-May-13        Q140
Caraway, Sarah Inez       Martin, G.H.         1-May-11         O130
Card, Arthur A.           Church, Eleanor L.                    L360
Card, Charles B.          Darden, Mary         27-Mar-12        P163
Card, Fannie              Young, Henry         19-Nov-21        Z437
Cardeiro, M.R.            Clark, Selesta       02 Jun 1872      A036
Carden, John W.           Ledgerwood, Alta Ruth17-Apr-18        V101
Cardenas, Martin          Baysinger, Emma      13-Sep-08        L556
Cardener, E.K.            Fluck, Theresa       03 Mar 1897      G262
Carder, Ethel L.          Brown, Oscar C.      6-Mar-12         P139
Cardey, Harriet M.        Bastow, Thomas       06 Jun 1886      C445
Cardey, James Gilbert     Howard, Laura        28 Mar 1886      C417
Cardey, Lewis G.          Slocum, Margaret H.  16-Jul-11        O247
Cardner, E.K.             Fluck, Theresa       03 Mar 1897      G263
Cardona, Rosa             Ramirez, Guadalupe   7-Jul-20         X565
Cardoza, Gilverto         Florez, Maria                         X482
Cardy, E.B.               Donley, Catherine L. 30 Aug 1881      B179
Cardy, E.B.               Donnelly, Catharine L30 Aug 1881      B179
Cardy, M.G.               Bastow, William M.   26 Nov 1884      C158
Cardy, Minnie Bertha      Smith, William H.    12-Feb-07        K543
Carell, Samuel            Stiver, Bessie M.    27-Oct-06        K424
Caress, S.A.              Murray, Cordie       5-Aug-12         P360
Caress, Vida              Edmisson, Clarence Ra25-Aug-09        M391
Carey, Alda G.            Samuels, Charles C.  25-Nov-14        R253
Carey, Alfred             Lutz, Anna           19-Oct-10        N399
Carey, Anna               Rohrig, Frank        28-Dec-03        J127
Carey, Charles W.         Sappenfield, Milly C.14 Apr 1891      E323
Carey, Constance          Stearns, Sam D.      28-May-19        W162
Carey, Edith E.           Cox, James A.        5-Sep-06         K366
Carey, Elizabeth Marie    Frawley, Frank Lindsa7-Nov-06         K435
Carey, Emma I.H.          Johnson, R.H.        31-Dec-08        M084
Carey, Guy                Hayes, Laura         3-Apr-11         O077
Carey, Irma               Leach, A.P.          15-Mar-19        W024
Carey, John               Fadley, Lora         26-Dec-12        P599
Carey, John Jr.           Lee, Iva             6-Apr-04         J205
Carey, Joseph G.          Everitt, Elizabeth   12-Apr-19        W051
Carey, Luella M.          Dowden, Maslin S. Jr.12 Dec 1894      F456
Carey, Margaret R.        Banbury, J.Q.        3-Sep-13         Q302
Carey, Mary Ann           Brown, Arthur B.     11-Jul-17        T500
Carey, Mary E.            Dickman, Frederick W.15-Jun-21        Z051
Carey, Pearl E.           Nichols, John F.     26-Jan-04        J148
Carey, Thomas             Wilber, Altha        14 Apr 1887      C628
Carin, Lewis E.           Hensley, Mattie A.   19 Aug 1886      C482
Carington, A.L.           Britton, Nellie M.   19 Nov 1882      B320
Carl, Earl R.             Wells, Mary M.       16-Oct-20        Y201
Carl, Emma                Barker, Addison      17 Nov 1876      A231
Carl, Esther              Workman, Albert J.   19-Sep-17        T635
Carl, William             Stunkel, Minnie      05 Dec 1889      E034
Carlburg, Walter M.       Smith, Bertha Adella 1-Jan-10         M566
Carless, Pearl            Whitlow, Jim         24-Nov-19        W629
Carleton, H.A.            Lewis, Zoe           7-Dec-08         M034
Carley, Bessie Maud       Sampson, Lawrence Ros5-Nov-21         Z405
Carley, Charles           Muma, Della          03 Jun 1893      F149
Carley, John              Corning, Hattie                       T245
Carley, Maude             Mahannah, Chester    24 Dec 1892      F038
Carley, P.S.              Bally, Mertie V.     3-Jun-03         I567
Carlile, Jacob P.         Wright, Fannie       5-Feb-19         V597
Carlile, Lula             Whithorn, Roy        16-Apr-18        V099
Carlin, Clarence          White, Vera                           R639
Carlin, J.F.              Chancel, Mary M.     9-Oct-01         I072
Carlisle, Alfred G.       Kissick, Nora A.     8-Feb-12         P098
Carlisle, Anna May        Wilbur, Richard      3-Sep-17         T609
Carlisle, Constance       Ransom, Will A.                       S496
Carlisle, Ellen M.        McCormick, William A.25-Dec-04        J446
Carlisle, Geoffry FredericSites, Florence Ellen11-Nov-14        R219
Carlisle, Lida (Mrs.)     Welliever, A.F.      17-Oct-00        H437
Carlisle, Mary J.F.       Gilmore, George A.   03 Oct 1895      F618
Carlman, Harvey L.        Clemmons, Manta      26-Sep-21        Z309
Carlon, Lulu              Schmidt, Fred W.     20-Apr-03        I533
Carlon, Myrtle A.         Oak, Paul A.         17 Oct 1898      G591
Carlon, Nellie A.         Peacock, Lewis S.    14-Jan-05        J463
Carlson, Albert E.        Ogden, Nora D.       18-Oct-05        K080
Carlson, Amanda D.        Carlson, Andrew E.   11-Aug-06        K348
Carlson, Andrew E.        Carlson, Amanda D.   11-Aug-06        K348
Carlson, Anna             Hanson, F.C.                          T319
Carlson, Ben W.           Trowbridge, Luetta M.17-Apr-10        N097
Carlson, David A.         Smith, Matilda       19-Dec-10        N503
Carlson, David E.         Glamann, Katharyn M. 2-Sep-19         W400
Carlson, Eddie            Ruddell, Ethel       20-Feb-07        K553
Carlson, Elias            Ennds, Ruth                           R628
Carlson, Ellen            Spoon, C.A.          10-Oct-10        N386
Carlson, F.W.             Woltz, Verna         01 Feb 1898      G454
Carlson, Frank            Snyder, Myrtle May   19-Sep-04        J350
Carlson, Fred             Morgan, Bessie       11-Jan-09        M097
Carlson, Fred M.          Smith, Emma R.       14-Sep-10        N326
Carlson, Marie            Cartter, Marvin      10-Feb-19        V602
Carlson, Myannia          Wall, Edmond R.      25-Nov-14        R256
Carlson, O.E.             Gustafson, Florence  10-Jun-14        R019
Carlson, Peter            Malmborg, Catharine  14 Jun 1873      A076
Carlson, Philip L.        Ferneau, Marie       17-Oct-12        P468
Carlson, Ruth             Davis, L.C.          30-May-19        W169
Carlson, Sigurd           Duguid, Ruth         22-Dec-17        U385
Carlson, Sylvia           Peterson, O.R.       2-Jan-18         U441
Carlson, William N.       Morgenstern, Emma Mar30-Jun-09        M330
Carlton, Albert (Edelbert)Rouse, L. Emma(aline)24 Nov 1892      F023
Carlton, Augustine        Williamson, H.L.     7-May-21         Y625
Carlton, Carrie A.        Cossitt, Fred J.     29 Jun 1890      E162
Carlton, Charles M.       Hotsapillar, Carrie  22 Nov 1893      F255
Carlton, Duane H.         Brown, Martha E.     26 Jun 1898      G526
Carlton, E.D.             Wallace, H.H. (Mrs.) 26 Jul 1885      C283
Carlton, Fannie           Kerns, R.H.          3-Apr-09         M198
Carlton, Glenn            Dean, Jennie L.      13-Mar-15        R386
Carlton, H.S.             Ham, Pearl                            T142
Carlton, Irene E.         Everitt, Ralph E.                     R607
Carlton, John R.          Rick, Viola          10 Feb 1887      C585
Carlton, Mabel Renollet   Lavenburg, Walter Els31-Dec-11        P054
Carlton, Mary S.          Craig, Charles       30 Jan 1876      A191
Carlton, Osie A.          Kearney, F.L.        15 Apr 1883      B367
Carlton, R.R.             Leach, Frances Guy   5-Mar-13         Q055
Carlton, Ralph C.         Hammon, Nell         9-Oct-18         V438
Carlton, Rufus P.         Gentner, Minnie A.   26 Dec 1892      F042
Carlton, William          Smiley, D.A.         28 Nov 1878      A382
Carmackael, Ida           Wade, Earnest        22-Jul-19        W309
Carmain, Iona             Jefferies, Harold Wes25-Nov-20        Y290
Carman, Emma Belle        Lawson, Leonard Floyd24-Nov-20        Y293
Carman, Ruth              Robertson, Alvie E.  27-Oct-09        M504
Carmen, Orpha             Newton, William Jr.  2-Dec-19         X005
Carmichael, Alice         Bennett, Charles     09 Nov 1895      F622
Carmichael, Ella Marie    Welshimer, William Samuel             T140
Carmichael, Fred P.       Stout, Ila E.        15-Sep-20        Y109
Carmichael, George        Wayman, Hazel        20-Aug-19        W373
Carmichael, Jacob E.      Sackman, Sarah T.    15 May 1879      A424
Carmichael, Kattie        Jones, H.C.          06 Oct 1897      G376
Carmichael, L.H.          Pantier, Olive Helen 5-Apr-20         X295
Carmichael, Laura         Bodley, Max G.       26-Nov-18        V498
Carmichael, Lloyd         Hubbard, Myrtle J.   2-Oct-10         N367
Carmichael, Lorence W.    Beffel, Laura E.     18-Nov-11        O421
Carmichael, Mattie        Roby, F.S.           16 Oct 1884      C148
Carmichael, Richard D.    Davis, Minnie M.     28-May-04        J245
Carmichael, Ruth R.       Jameson, Jesse U.    12-Feb-13        Q011
Carmichael, Solomon E.    Bottjer, Martha M.   04 Apr 1888      D262
Carmichael, Thomas W.     Edwards, Katie A.    29 Sep 1887      D115
Carmichael, William E.    Potter, Ethel        7-Apr-12         P177
Carmick, Annie            Kibble, William      12 Jul 1899      H124
Carmickle, John           Howe, Pearl                           T030
Carmon, V.E.              Mitchell, E.C.       28-May-01        H599
Carnahan, A.J.            Davies, Lydia L.C.   22-Feb-11        O027
Carnahan, Alexander Jr.   Kimble, Emma A.      06 Feb 1879      A396
Carnahan, Alfred G.       Tullis, Ella M.      22 Nov 1892      F021
Carnahan, Alonzo B.       Dufton, Clara        23 Sep 1895      F598
Carnahan, Arthur W.       Sanders, Elsie N.    16-Aug-18        V322
Carnahan, Clara           Thompson, Douglas    17 Sep 1885      C307
Carnahan, Claude E.       Heaslet, Ethel M.    5-Jan-22         Z539
Carnahan, Cora            Baird, D.C.          21-Feb-00        H275
Carnahan, Della           Adamson, Joseph A.   15 Apr 1885      C242
Carnahan, E.M.            Clark, Hattie        23 Sep 1884      C134
Carnahan, Edwina          West, A.J.           11-Aug-20        Y017
Carnahan, Elias L.        Pugh, Jennie         13-Sep-09        M422
Carnahan, Gladys          Grace, William Earl  25-Dec-07        L251
Carnahan, Grant R.        Duncan, Blanche E.   31-Dec-02        I444
Carnahan, Hattie          Laff, John M.        6-Oct-00         H427
Carnahan, Henry C.        Clark, Maud B.       27-Jun-06        K308
Carnahan, Irene           Talcott, Eugene S.   13 Apr 1890      E118
Carnahan, John A.         Coll, Tacy Jane      02 Nov 1889      E006
Carnahan, Junie N.        Gilchrist, Alva A.   08 Oct 1886      C510
Carnahan, Laura M.        Emmart, Robert L.    16 Apr 1891      E326
Carnahan, Lottie A.       Adamson, O.O.        14 Apr 1883      B365
Carnahan, Lucy C.         Adamson, Alonzo A.   18 Jun 1881      B164
Carnahan, Mabel           Clubb, Jesse         2-Sep-20         Y077
Carnahan, Mary F.         Adams, Elmer         06 Mar 1892      E508
Carnahan, Mira            Wagner, Charles H.   20-Jan-12        P074
Carnahan, Nellie          Ballatin, David      05 Mar 1885      C218
Carnahan, R.G.            Lewis, M.A.          07 Mar 1897      G268
Carnahan, T.J.            Cook, C.C.           16-Apr-06        K246
Carnahan, W.H.            Willis, Irene(nie) L.15 Dec 1896      G212
Carnahan, William B.      Jones, Christenia Bel14-Mar-01        H538
Carnahan, William Oda (AdaDunn, Catherine      25 Dec 1894      F462
Carnelison, Ruby          Burns, H.S.          22-May-22        Z781
Carnes, Catherine         Caple, T.P.          24-Mar-20        X275
Carnes, L.E.              Carnes, Mattie A.    19-Dec-03        J115
Carnes, Lewis E.          Hensley, Mattie A.   19 Aug 1886      C482
Carnes, Marion W.         Roper, Stella        18-Jun-21        Z059
Carnes, Mary E.           Germann, Gottfried   8-Mar-05         J516
Carnes, Mattie A.         Carnes, L.E.         19-Dec-03        J115
Carnes, Roy Elery         Johnson, Fannie      24-Aug-10        N294
Carnes, Thomas M.         Gardner, Lucille F.  17-Mar-20        X260
Carnes, Virginia          Stevens, Charles     31-Aug-13        Q296
Carney, Anna              Pottorff, Lisle John 15-Jun-20        X493
Carney, Catherine         Hogan, James Henry   11-Jan-09        M094
Carney, Charles John      Hussey, Anna Gertrude2-Apr-13         Q086
Carney, Frances I.        Knoedler, Paul A.    20-Oct-21        Z359
Carney, James E.          Montgomery, Ida      3-Apr-14         Q582
Carney, Joseph F.         O'Neill, Isabelle    16-Nov-10        N448
Carney, Mary              McCoy, C.F.          17-Apr-18        V093
Carney, Mary Florence     Cunnick, John William26-Jun-20        X523
Carney, Ralph W.          Culbertson, Emma Belle                S370
Carney, Susie D.          Harner, George C.    15-May-10        N139
Caroll, Rena              Gilliard, Samuel     18-Sep-11        O326
Carothers, A.G.           Yeagle, Marie        4-Aug-04         J310
Carothers, Georgie(ia)    Smith, Minor         28-Nov-07        L217
Carothers, Grace M.       McLean, William W.                    S395
Carothers, J.C.           Westphal, Frances    9-May-19         W131
Carothers, John H.        Clubb, Cora E.                        T162
Carothers, Marie          Sneeringer, J.L.     20-Jul-13        Q038
Carothers, Mary L.        Watkins, John W.                      S316
Carothers, Myrtle         Gauntt, Floyd        26-Jul-19        W313
Carouthers, Katie         Warfield, Frank      8-May-01         H585
Carowther, Mary           Russell, W.G.        02 May 1887      D022
Carp, Ernest C.           Eldred, Maude E.     29-Jul-14        R076
Carpenter,                Stevens, J.                           A270
Carpenter, Agnes          Kemp, George E.      11 Sep 1876      A223
Carpenter, Alvin          Wanzer, Minnie       26-Aug-08        L535
Carpenter, Ann M.         McFarland, C.A.      02 Jul 1871      A011
Carpenter, Anne           Stevens, James       06 Aug 1878      A350
Carpenter, Bell M.        Williams, George Lawr30-Dec-12        P615
Carpenter, Charley        Becker, Francis      19 Feb 1880      B039
Carpenter, Charlotte C.   Shortridge, John     18-Mar-03        I509
Carpenter, Clara J.       Race, Augustus C.    06 Jun 1880      B072
Carpenter, Claude         Stein, Minnie        8-Jul-17         T496
Carpenter, Daisy          Adkins, E.S.         20-Aug-11        O287
Carpenter, David Lee      Norton, Mattie       18 Nov 1891      E425
Carpenter, E.B.           Dennis, Nellie L.    8-Dec-07         L227
Carpenter, Ella B.        Swisher, A.J.        14-Jun-05        J597
Carpenter, Ellen C.       Miller, Sidney D.    08 Feb 1872      A029
Carpenter, G.W.           Hummelke, Flora      17 Nov 1898      G613
Carpenter, George Leonard McGrew, Carrie       13-Jan-22        Z551
Carpenter, Gertrude       Dowell, Clarence     3-Mar-09         M167
Carpenter, Hattie         Hart, Charles        3-May-10         N126
Carpenter, Henry S.       Chittenden, Edna C.  19-Jun-12        P246
Carpenter, Horace         Johnston, Viola C.   16 Dec 1880      B120
Carpenter, John A.        Brown, Bertha A.     8-Dec-01         I117
Carpenter, John E.        Compton, Ora         3-Oct-13         Q354
Carpenter, John W.        Sprangle, Anna       23-Feb-10        N029
Carpenter, Joseph         Jones, Bertha        1-Mar-11         O038
Carpenter, Katie          Boone, Daniel E.     25 Dec 1873      A097
Carpenter, Lee P.         Hudson, Blanche M.   2-Oct-10         N369
Carpenter, Lorena A.      Moomaw, Harry        23-Jan-06        K183
Carpenter, Louis Allen    Wales, Maude F.      4-Oct-05         K056
Carpenter, M.R.           Corbett, B.A.        20 May 1899      H091
Carpenter, Maggie L.      Rudolph, M.H.        31 Jan 1885      C206
Carpenter, Mame M.        Linard, Fred C.      7-Dec-08         M036
Carpenter, Mary A.        Yike, Franklin       01 Jan 1876      A187
Carpenter, Merle A.       Ray, Edna                             R610
Carpenter, Mildred        Douglass, L. Everett 11-Apr-22        Z701
Carpenter, Minnie         Kruger, A.F.         7-Nov-06         K438
Carpenter, Myron Woodson  Schoeppel, Catheryn G8-Apr-14         Q586
Carpenter, Nellie         Bentley, Alfred S.                    S006
Carpenter, Oscar F.       McCormick, Maree     9-Apr-08         L362
Carpenter, Phebe Jane     White, James C.      20-Nov-01        I105
Carpenter, R.H.           Fletcher, Nellie M.  10-Oct-06        K404
Carpenter, Reuben T.      Bennett, Jessie Fern 29-Nov-18        V502
Carpenter, S.O.           Wright, Edna C.      09 Aug 1888      D345
Carpenter, Samuel J.      Spangle, Emma R.     24-Sep-07        L134
Carpenter, T.C.           Phillips, Marie      29-Apr-19        W104
Carpenter, V.O.           Jennings, Pearl      23-Apr-21        Y599
Carpenter, W.D.           Reece, Lenoir        03 May 1885      C250
Carpenter, William G.     Halderman, Ina M.    28 May 1893      F143
Carpenter, William G.     Holderman, Ina M.    28 May 1893      F143
Carpenter, William L.     Hawk, Mary J.        4-Nov-05         K099
Carpentier, Phyllis       Chapman, E.E.        4-Jun-19         W185
Carqueville, Don W.       Houston, Josephine   17-Apr-21        Y587
Carr, Almeda              Busha, J.H.          17-Jun-10        N192
Carr, Amy                 Brubaker, T.E.       17-Nov-19        W610
Carr, Anna (Hanna)        Bannon, T.B.         18-Jun-08        L441
Carr, Bernice             Swain, George        12-Jul-10        N237
Carr, Bessie J.           Riley, Charles S.    26 Dec 1889      E047
Carr, C.E.                South, Rosetta                        T229
Carr, C.F.                Daugherty, Lena A.   2-Apr-04         J197
Carr, Carrie M.           Lankford, E.G.       5-Apr-22         Z689
Carr, Charles             Martin, Barbara      20 Jun 1889      D559
Carr, Charles             Scarth, Emma         14 Mar 1889      D505
Carr, Christina           Davis, M.E.          20-Jan-09        M110
Carr, D. Roy              Lowrey, Susie        9-Oct-19         W508
Carr, D.L.                Burrus, Daisy        20 Dec 1899      H225
Carr, Dora M.             Jones, W.H.          21-May-02        I248
Carr, E.W.                Lanferman, Edna      28-Jan-14        Q517
Carr, Earl                Turner, Elsie        20-Feb-18        U577
Carr, Elsie Pearl         Merrill, Chester I.  2-Aug-21         Z174
Carr, Emma B.             Douglas, Patterson   .. ??? ....      E491
Carr, Emma F.             Cone, Joseph L.      17 Feb 1889      D496
Carr, Ethel               Sutton, Earnest      24-Sep-11        O339
Carr, Eva J.              Kirkpatrick, Samuel  12 May 1895      F538
Carr, Florence J.         Howe, Elmore T.      11 Jun 1884      C084
Carr, Harry E.            Wilson, Olive        8-Jan-21         Y403
Carr, Hattie              Robinson, W.L.       26 Apr 1885      C247
Carr, Helen               Cherry, Leland       24-Dec-21        Z506
Carr, Herbert A.          Grant, Gertrude      7-Dec-19         X020
Carr, James L.            Bowers, Pearl        19-May-01        H592
Carr, Jennie              Crilly, John William 1-Nov-09         M509
Carr, John C.             Little, Jennie L.    14 May 1886      C441
Carr, Josephine A.        Mitchell, F.S.       25 Aug 1879      A443
Carr, Julia M.            Roll, Louis P.       8-Jun-20         X470
Carr, Katie M.            Howe, Charles G.     03 Aug 1887      D075
Carr, Lewis               Brooks, Mary         08 Dec 1897      G417
Carr, Lewis E.            Mitchell, Nora A.    11 Nov 1897      G391
Carr, Lloyd Ellis         Webster, Jennie C.   16 May 1897      G299
Carr, Lydia E.            Leonard, Charles F.  01 Oct 1891      E397
Carr, Mabel(ble)          Kissick, W.S.        01 Jun 1898      G515
Carr, Mable M.            Chatten, William W.  20 Jun 1888      D325
Carr, Maggie              Grimsley, Evertt     10 Nov 1896      G183
Carr, Mattie              Johnson, Otis        27-Jul-21        Z159
Carr, Opal                Offutt, Sam R.       22-Jan-22        Z564
Carr, Oreltta C.          Watson, Mahlon W.    1-Dec-19         X012
Carr, R. Archie           Gabrielson, Rosa Mabel                S406
Carr, Samuel B.           Overly, Amanda (Mrs.)22 Dec 1891      E452
Carr, Sarah               Topp, Benjamin       09 Oct 1892      E630
Carr, Sarah M.            Peeples, Simeon W.   10 Aug 1876      A217
Carr, T.F.                Smith, Hattie M.     06 Mar 1895      F504
Carr, T.P.                Slaymaker, Minnie Fra18-Sep-18        V398
Carr, Thomas J.           Grimsley, Effie J.   22 Nov 1899      H212
Carr, William L.          VanHorne, Alice      14 Apr 1897      G281
Carr, Willie Ellis        Woodburn, Mary Leah  26-Dec-20        Y356
Carreau, Napoleon Jr.     Parker, Natalie      17-Mar-15        R390
Carrell, Albert G.W.      Arculeo, Myrtle      12-Mar-10        N052
Carrera, Geronima         Poupa, Concepcion    20-Sep-20        Y125
Carrera, Procopio         Mireles, Ma Luisa    4-Sep-18         V372
Carrick, Alonzo L.        Fain, Anna           1-Nov-06         K431
Carrick, Goldie Esther    Durham, John W.                       S138
Carrico, George F.        Hanouw, Annie        1-Nov-10         N424
Carrier, Alta Eva         McCormick, Robert Har15-Nov-19        W610
Carrier, C.A.             Haynes, Myrtle       1-Jun-02         I256
Carrier, Daniel S.        Fouley, Ola Merle    16-Apr-22        Z712
Carrier, Macey (Marcy) MauLank, Clarence D.    29-Dec-09        M595
Carrik, Mabel Mae         Cole, Earl Lewis                      R472
Carrington, F.C.          Litsey, Orpha        4-Sep-10         N310
Carrolien, Estella M.     Short, J.W.          14 Mar 1885      C226
Carroll, Alice S.         Davis, C.F.          29 Jun 1898      G531
Carroll, Barbara          Underwood, Wayne L.  10-Dec-21        Z475
Carroll, Catharine        Smith, Francis I.    05 Nov 1887      D147
Carroll, Clara            Folkers, R.D.        02 Mar 1884      C048
Carroll, Daisy            King, James          16-Feb-22        Z611
Carroll, David A.         Fletcher, Emma       30 Jul 1889      D580
Carroll, E.T.             Alexander, Virginia  9-Nov-20         Y256
Carroll, Eva              Cartwright, A.T.     24-Mar-07        K580
Carroll, Flossie Deamond  Hartman, Howard Roy  1-Oct-08         L585
Carroll, Frankie (Mrs.)   Johnson, Stephen     10-May-04        J230
Carroll, Goldie           Haley, C.            17-May-13        Q144
Carroll, Hattie           Smith, H.L.          14-May-18        V145
Carroll, Idella B.        Yard, O.W.           23 Aug 1888      D366
Carroll, Irene            Dorie, C.E.          14-Jun-21        Z049
Carroll, J.A.             Ellsworth, Nellie    06 Oct 1885      C317
Carroll, J.A.             Guyer, Mary E.       30-Aug-21        Z245
Carroll, J.B.             Lingo, Ida E.        19 Dec 1895      G010
Carroll, Jane (Mrs.)      Fennel, Nathanael    06 Nov 1899      H205
Carroll, John             Ratzell, Catherine   14 Nov 1873      A091
Carroll, John W.          Klinger, Cora B.                      R556
Carroll, Julia            Goodrich, Melvin     28 Mar 1886      C416
Carroll, Lenora           Waterbury, Russell   9-Dec-08         M041
Carroll, Letitia A.       Church, Calvin       16 Jul 1892      E581
Carroll, Liddie F.        Waterbury, Otis E.   4-Mar-08         L328
Carroll, Mary             Brew, J.M.           21 Jan 1898      G446
Carroll, Mary A.          Thompson, J.K.       08 Oct 1885      C318
Carroll, Mary E.          Barton, James M.     4-Apr-01         H548
Carroll, Mary E.          Lassell, Edward W.   28-Feb-03        I496
Carroll, Myrtle           Smith, Clinton D.    28-Sep-11        O348
Carroll, N.C.             Stever, Minnie       25-Dec-04        J450
Carroll, Oscar            Lewis, Josephine     21-Jun-21        Z068
Carroll, R.               Woolridge, Jessie    12-Oct-13        Q373
Carroll, Roy E.           McDow, Rose (Mrs.)   2-Jul-14         R055
Carroll, Ruth             Caton, Charles       22-May-13        Q152
Carroll, Ruth Frances     Sisson, B.D.         6-Mar-18         V023
Carroll, Stella May       Behrens, Robert      4-May-01         H582
Carroll, Stella May       Price, Chester A.    20-Jan-09        M109
Carroll, V.H.             Dixon, Jennie                         R494
Carroll, W.F.             Allen, Mary Edith    25-Feb-21        Y492
Carroll, William H.       Beeson, Lillie M.    21 Jul 1883      B395
Carroll, Zelda May        Smith, Ernest H.     27-Mar-07        K586
Carrothers, Cora M.       Church, Charles D.   25-Jan-05        J483
Carrothers, Edythe        Warren, Ira M.       16-Apr-12        P196
Carrothers, Roy Archie    Barner, Ethel        23-Oct-09        M495
Carrothers, William H.    Whitson, Emma A.     31-May-10        N160
Carry, Ed                 Cooper, Beulah                        S466
Carson, A.E.              McVickers, Edna                       R498
Carson, Adda(die) B.      Parker, Fred         26 Jun 1895      F558
Carson, Albert            Simpson, Florence    26-Oct-07        L185
Carson, Bertha (Mrs.)     Carter, Charles K.   6-Sep-14         R133
Carson, Bessie Anna       Rich, Samuel A.      20-Oct-10        N431
Carson, Blanche Leona     Mullenix, James Edwar24-Sep-02        I358
Carson, C.W.              Reid, Ethel          12-Feb-14        Q532
Carson, Charles           Elkins, Ella         06 Jul 1884      C108
Carson, Coral Mae         Moody, Charles H.    29-Jan-10        M636
Carson, E.P.              Kirby, Emma          31 Aug 1886      C490
Carson, Eli Thomas        Hestwood, Rosa Mabel 10-Oct-05        K067
Carson, F.L.              Price, Carrie May    12-Nov-17        U196
Carson, F.O.              Bell, Daisy          23-Jul-02        I305
Carson, Georgia Ann       Preston, Lorenzo E.  11 Nov 1890      E241
Carson, Harry S.          Rader, Bertha        26-Aug-01        I029
Carson, Hazel             Jones, Lee           18-Sep-20        Y121
Carson, Jennie            Coleman, Mathias M.  15 Jun 1890      E156
Carson, Johnathan S.      Tomlin, Mary E.      31 Aug 1876      A220
Carson, K.A.              Vasey, Henry B.      30 Aug 1884      C126
Carson, Laura Belle       Messner, Otto        26-Aug-18        V352
Carson, Laurance S.       Derflinger, George A.06 Sep 1885      C298
Carson, Lillian           Dufrane, C.E.        10-Jun-21        Z037
Carson, Lillian C.        Hill, John           24-Jul-01        I007
Carson, Lola May          Newcomer, Stewart W. 22-Apr-03        I535
Carson, Margaret Ella     Golladay, Charles N.                  S360
Carson, Maurice           Sherman, Freeda      5-Jul-08         L471
Carson, Myrtle I.         Perkins, Orville W.  27-Mar-07        K584
Carson, Olive E.          Moore, Albert O.     03 Jul 1890      E166
Carson, P.G.              Bowers, Retha        15 Mar 1895      F509
Carson, Ransom            Pantenburg, Annie    16-Jun-17        T452
Carson, Sarah A.          Harris, A.M.         30-Mar-21        Y551
Carson, W.H.              Newell, Lula         1-May-12         P217
Carsten, Louis            Jones, Bessie        1-Mar-19         W002
Carswell, William C.      Young, Loretta       08 Sep 1896      G142
Cart, Hazel I.            Jarvis, M.C.         24-Sep-04        J356
Carten, J.F.              Boerer, Lillie       19-Sep-11        O329
Carter, A.J.              Budd, Blanche        27-Sep-06        K385
Carter, A.W.              Brown, Nellie        7-Oct-03         J050
Carter, Alice             Schoonever, Mayo     5-Feb-13         Q021
Carter, Anna Belle        Wiegand, John Edward 3-Mar-18         V018
Carter, Anna L.           Ohnemiller, John                      S037
Carter, Annie             Warfield, Earl V.                     T182
Carter, Annie C.          Leguerrier, Adrain   21 Sep 1897      G361
Carter, Archie            Ballinger, Annie E.  8-Oct-17         U055
Carter, Asbury L.         Payne, Bernice C.    7-Jun-05         J595
Carter, Basil P.          Israel, Celia M.                      S546
Carter, Beaulah           Greenland, Roy Lee   8-May-12         P229
Carter, Belle             Truman, James W.     17-Mar-09        M184
Carter, Benjamin F.       Witter, Florence E.  1-Feb-05         J490
Carter, C.E.              Dickson, Myrtle                       R437
Carter, C.O.              Spencer, Agnes       4-Mar-22         Z641
Carter, Calathiel A.      Washburn, Jessie E.  19-Aug-00        H380
Carter, Carrie            Eshom, W.C.          4-Nov-02         I394
Carter, Cecil             Simpson, Lelia       4-Jun-19         W177
Carter, Charles E.        Wilson, Edith        20 Jun 1896      G110
Carter, Charles K.        Carson, Bertha (Mrs.)6-Sep-14         R133
Carter, Charles W.        Mackey, Nettie May   17 Jun 1896      G108
Carter, Chester A.        Kessler, Mabel B.                     T059
Carter, Cora E.           Hubbard, Edward H.   14-Aug-10        N274
Carter, Daisy             Hoefgen, Albert S.   9-Apr-11         O092
Carter, David L.          Brodboll, Winona W.  7-Mar-18         V024
Carter, Dollie E.         Cooper, Elbert Frank 26-Aug-17        T593
Carter, E.D.              Griffin, Martha      16-Sep-17        T627
Carter, Earnest M.        Prilliman, Clara E.  11 Nov 1894      F434
Carter, Edgar             Gibson, Belle        24-Aug-18        V331
Carter, Edward N.         Kaufman, Anna M.     25 Jan 1892      E482
Carter, Effie B.          Kilmer, B.A.         21-Jan-02        I164
Carter, Elmer             Bonar, Mable         3-Apr-18         V070
Carter, Elsie             Black, L.E.          5-Feb-12         P091
Carter, Emma              McDougall, A.G.      5-May-12         P224
Carter, Ernest L.         Snodgrass, Edna      25-Mar-10        N069
Carter, Everett           Sanders, Edith       20-Oct-21        Z367
Carter, Frances           Kent, Lee            28-Dec-21        Z516
Carter, Freeman           Adkins, Cansadie     23 Mar 1880      B055
Carter, George            Green, Grace         22-Aug-19        W378
Carter, George            White, Mary          10-Jun-12        P270
Carter, George D.         Adams, Alice         25-Nov-06        K459
Carter, George H.         Franklin, Irene      01 Apr 1891      E318
Carter, George R.         Calhoun, Abbie M.    19-Sep-00        H404
Carter, George R.         Hagerman, Alice      1-Aug-06         K342
Carter, Georgia           Bozarth, W.E.        10-Oct-04        J373
Carter, Georgie(ia) E.    Carter, William A.   29-Jan-01        H514
Carter, Harriet N.        Widdoes, Meredith B. 04 Jul 1876      A212
Carter, Harry             Johnson, Pearl       21-Apr-13        Q115
Carter, Hattie            Hurst, T.E.          29 Nov 1888      D444
Carter, Ida Irene         McCumber, George E.  6-Oct-01         I068
Carter, Irene             Johnson, George      25-Jan-15        R341
Carter, Iva               Walton, Wade                          S112
Carter, J. Lee            Parsons, Edna                         S531
Carter, J.A.              Williams, M.M.       7-Feb-18         U536
Carter, J.F.              Crummett, Ollie      30-Sep-06        K385
Carter, J.N.              McLaughlin, Minnie   4-Jun-02         I262
Carter, James             Austin, Eva          16-Nov-18        V484
Carter, James             Kissick, Lulu        25-Nov-08        M021
Carter, Jasper            Mineer, Inez         9-Nov-09         M520
Carter, Jennie            Price, Caridon A.    26-Mar-02        I210
Carter, Jessie K.         Carter, William      14-Feb-15        R358
Carter, John              Clark, Kate B.       27 Nov 1895      F634
Carter, John D.           Williams, Cora B.    08 Jun 1893      F150
Carter, Joseph L.         Morrison, Ida M.     03 Nov 1895      F619
Carter, L.A.              Maloy, Nellie        3-Jan-06         K171
Carter, Laura B.          Seekamp, F.M.        5-Jan-04         J133
Carter, Lauria(Lurarie) F.Baxter, Davis J.     31 Dec 1896      G231
Carter, Lena              Frazee, Burt         17 Jul 1897      G326
Carter, Lillie B.         Smith, P.O.          01 Sep 1888      D375
Carter, Lizzie            Carter, R.S.         25 Aug 1887      D087
Carter, Lottie            Dunlap, Francis Mario20 Sep 1882      B298
Carter, Lucy              Word, John           06 Apr 1886      C421
Carter, Maggie A.         Merriam, E.C.        17-May-01        H590
Carter, Mamie G.          Winzer, Richard O.   15-Sep-20        Y101
Carter, Margaret A.       Seydell, Ernest Morri8-Aug-11         O274
Carter, Martin L.         Anderson, Alta M.    8-Oct-04         J370
Carter, Mary Elizabeth    Hammond, William G.                   W153
Carter, Mary Ella         Stewart, John D.     7-Oct-14         R180
Carter, Mattie            Messner, James M.    12-Dec-12        P562
Carter, Mattie Mead       Bron, Richard        18-Dec-17        U360
Carter, May               Tandy, John          13-Jul-12        P333
Carter, Minnie            Powers, W.A.         21 Sep 1885      C309
Carter, Minnie            Truman, Charles E.   25-Mar-03        I516
Carter, Minnie M.         Bell, James C.       16 Oct 1897      G381
Carter, Mollie            Curtis, Charles      29 May 1899      H097
Carter, Myrtle L.         Hawes, Charles D.    6-Sep-11         O310
Carter, Naomi             Fortson, Hawthorne   29-May-17        T393
Carter, Nellie            Tuders, Granville    24 Dec 1890      E267
Carter, Noah              Strobel, Carrie      13-Apr-07        K603
Carter, Nora N.           Johnson, Orion G.    1-Jun-05         J584
Carter, O.C.              Longworth, Lydia M.  23-Jun-17        T463
Carter, Oliver Perry      Mackey, Cora Lena    29 Aug 1899      H146
Carter, Ophelia Tarrants  Hallowell, Robert Edg23 Mar 1892      E522
Carter, Pyrle             Chitwood, Russell    20-Jun-17        T459
Carter, Queenie           Parker, Bert         4-Nov-19         W577
Carter, R.S.              Carter, Lizzie       25 Aug 1887      D087
Carter, R.S.              McCaslin, B.D. (Mrs.)27 Mar 1893      F104
Carter, Ray               Moore, Olive         28-Jan-14        Q518
Carter, Ray P.            Shook, Cora Edna     6-May-22         Z748
Carter, Ruby J.           Wright, Grover C.    8-Nov-13         Q416
Carter, Sam               Pertillo, Pearl      3-Nov-19         W574
Carter, Sam William       Hickman, Althea Margu23-Mar-22        Z670
Carter, Stella            Morris, Watt         27-Sep-11        O345
Carter, Susan             Griffith, Jay        24-Jun-14        R038
Carter, Thomas            Williams, Evaline                     T365
Carter, Thomas C.         Burr, Evaleen L.     27-Jan-04        J150
Carter, Vendora           Smith, Walter        30-Jun-17        T482
Carter, Victoria C.       Bettis, W.A.                          S465
Carter, Vivian Bercall    Sheffler, William    4-Aug-17         T556
Carter, W.E.              Armstrong, D.S.      18 Feb 1879      A402
Carter, W.J.              Dyer, Pearl          10-Dec-13        Q452
Carter, W.M.              Jester, Lydi         02 Aug 1877      A281
Carter, Will              White, Minnie        2-Jan-18         U442
Carter, William           Carter, Jessie K.    14-Feb-15        R358
Carter, William           Jester, Jennie       09 May 1873      A071
Carter, William A.        Carter, Georgie(ia) E29-Jan-01        H514
Carter, William C.        Cassidy, Jennie      24-Dec-19        X078
Carter, Willis            Thomas, Louise       25-Feb-08        L317
Carter, Winnifred M.      Gardner, Robert M.   17 Sep 1894      F399
Cartmell, Thomas H.       Mullens, Bessie      17-Jul-21        Z131
Carton, Djalma A.         Jones, Claudia A.    30-Apr-11        O126
Cartright, Kate           Hunter, Samuel H.    09 Feb 1887      C585
Cartter, Marvin           Carlson, Marie       10-Feb-19        V602
Cartwright, A.T.          Carroll, Eva         24-Mar-07        K580
Cartwright, Albert        McCormick, Lillie    01 Jan 1878      A306
Cartwright, C.W. (A.)     Robinson, Ida        05 Aug 1877      A282
Cartwright, Claude N.     Bales, Harriett      15-May-01        H590
Cartwright, George B.     Crow, Katherine H.                    S041
Cartwright, John Franklin Ebert, Ada Nora      14-May-04        J234
Cartwright, Josie         McCormick, Alexander 07 Apr 1878      A325
Cartwright, Lillian       Johnston, J.E.       3-Jan-22         Z537
Cartwright, Lillian Mae   Nelson, Walter J.    2-Nov-09         M508
Cartwright, Madge E.      Homer, Arthur L.     4-Mar-03         I495
Cartwright, Maud          Barnes, Frederick C. 27 Nov 1892      F024
Cartwright, Minnie P.     Nessly, J.L.         27 Mar 1878      A325
Cartwright, Oliver V.     Shutts, Leona E.     11-Dec-01        I120
Cartwright, Walter L.     Wilson, Minnie E.    01 Dec 1889      E025
Carver, Bessie G.         Davidson, J.O.       11 Nov 1886      C527
Carver, Edgar Russell     Stehle, Rose         17-Oct-14        R198
Carver, Katie C.          Oglesby, John W.     15-Dec-10        N500
Carver, Rebecca S. (Mrs.) Clendenon, Louis K.  13 Nov 1884      C160
Carver, Viola             Muller, J.C.         14-Nov-12        P513
Carver, W.D.              Stuck, Daisy                          G323
Carvin, M.A.              Ross, Agnes B.       09 Jun 1885      C262
Cary, May                 Merryman, Buel H.    20-Dec-11        P021
Casad, Ada B.             Crum, Loron V.       29 Nov 1894      F441
Casad, Edwin P.           VanHorn, Leona A.    24 Apr 1895      F528
Casad, Mabel P.           Musselman, Joseph W. 4-Jan-00         H249
Casad, Marie O.           Stiles, Joseph A.    29-Jun-04        J277
Casada, Charles Oates     McKinley, Marie      1-May-20         X366
Casaday, J.W.             Sims, Edna M.        30-Sep-20        Y150
Casady, Emma R.           Gerard, Jasper       28-Mar-20        X281
Case, Addie M.            Sumption, Orange D.  12 Oct 1892      E632
Case, Almillda            Watson, Samuel W.    26 Jan 1879      A392
Case, Alta                Johnson, Russell     15-Feb-19        V614
Case, Bertha A.           Hines, James D.      26-Sep-07        L142
Case, Charles E.          Manuel, Neva M.      20-Oct-20        Y211
Case, Earl                Mast, Mae            7-Oct-19         W504
Case, Edwin               Santry, Minnie (Mrs.)7-Aug-00         H374
Case, Ernest B.           Hayes, Mollie        29 Apr 1874      A116
Case, Florence Eva        Aiken, Robert E.     1-Jul-09         M317
Case, Hazel Beatrice      Burnett, L.O.                         S053
Case, Helen D.            Brookman, William J. 20-Dec-17        U358
Case, Jennie Blanche      Sawin, Eugene Henry  21-May-01        H594
Case, John                Crabbs, Addie        12 Feb 1882      B244
Case, John C.             Howe, Eva A.         18 Jul 1891      E361
Case, John Walter         Wommer, Edith        28-Jun-19        W249
Case, Louella             Criswell, O.E.       05 Nov 1882      B316
Case, Luella May          Nebergall, Clyde     27-Nov-02        I413
Case, Margaret Blair      Jager, Thor (Dr.)    22-Nov-11        O428
Case, Olive F.            Claiborne, John W.   05 Mar 1895      F503
Case, Omar                O'Brien, Mary E.     26 Sep 1893      F212
Case, Pearl F.            Black, Gilbert R.    10-Sep-01        I039
Case, S. Irene            Branson, Roscoe A.   24-May-14        R003
Case, Teresa F.           Dettweiler, Bernhard 7-Jun-06         K288
Case, Vernon E.           Courter, Grace       25-Dec-06        K499
Case, William             Thompson, Anna       31-Oct-21        Z394
Casebeer, W.C.            Slease, N.J.         9-Mar-11         O045
Casebeer, William         Taylor, Hariet       03 Jul 1872      A041
Caserly, Margaret B.      Sommerville, Everette29-Jan-13        Q010
Casey, Charles G.         Swartz, Maye Adelle N22-Jan-20        X147
Casey, Edna               Ewing, James K.      16-Dec-14        R277
Casey, Florine            Cramer, E.A.         21-Sep-19        W457
Casey, Flossie Blanch     Burnett, William R.                   T007
Casey, George F.          Nicholson, Mary F.   23-Mar-12        P158
Casey, J.F.D.             Stanley, Florine     21-Nov-04        J422
Casey, J.W.               Scrutchfield, Olga   16-Jan-02        I161
Casey, James W.           Rathbone, Edith      01 Jan 1893      F048
Casey, Mabel T.           English, Carl R.                      T050
Casey, Willard            Richards, Malissa    22 Oct 1882      B314
Casey, Willard A.         Kilmer, Helen V.     26-Dec-05        K158
Casford, Myrtle F.        Miller, Roy G.       21-Dec-14        R289
Cash, Dallas              Stewart, Anjoe       22-May-12        P240
Cash, Lizzie              Burnum, Robert J.    6-Sep-19         W421
Cash, Mattie F.           Noll, William H.     27-Jun-06        K308
Cash, Romay               Harper, Fairy        17-Apr-19        W077
Cashion, Carl O.          Tyron, Anna          2-Jul-03         I597
Cashion, Ida A.           Stutsman, H.A.       4-Apr-09         M204
Cashion, Maude I.         Edgar, Robert C.     12-Jan-04        J139
Cashion, Saida L.         Coombs, A.J.         05 Oct 1898      G584
Cashman, Mary             Holloway, William C. 07 Jan 1886      C371
Casner, Bert              Gawthorp, Myrtle     11-May-10        N135
Casner, Cora              Smythe, F.F.         6-Oct-00         H426
Casner, Edna Ione         Stanley, Byron J.    18-Jan-11        N556
Casner, Elmer F.          Tyson, Amy           26-Aug-05        K023
Casner, Fannie            Hall, Charlie        25 Dec 1895      G016
Casner, John W.           Wullschleger, Mary A.22-Nov-04        J423
Cason, Mittie             Brunker, James H.    03 Dec 1891      E435
Cass, L.F.                Williams, Pearl M.   23-Dec-12        P580
Cassady, Anna M.          Purdy, George A.     14-Mar-06        K225
Cassady, Carrie           Smith, G.W.          24-Dec-14        R301
Cassady, James            Hutchinson, Odessa   10-Nov-14        R229
Cassamene, John           Matthews, Virginia   12 Dec 1871      A021
Cassell, Bessie Hawkins   Irwin, Brown Clifton 24-Aug-18        V345
Casselman, Maggie L.      Laverty, Lewis       2-Dec-00         H472
Casserly, Margaret        Webb, George F.                       S364
Cassiday, Chauncey M.     Stevenson, Fanchon   21-Jan-22        Z567
Cassiday, Joseph          Poschen, Clara       1-Dec-05         K125
Cassidy, Bessie I.        Ross, F.N.           28-Nov-18        V499
Cassidy, Celia            Linnebur, P.T.       21-Apr-14        Q593
Cassidy, Edward           Reitober, Regina     2-Feb-15         R339
Cassidy, Fern             Brown, Harry H.      3-Nov-20         Y243
Cassidy, Jennie           Carter, William C.   24-Dec-19        X078
Cassidy, Mary             Hollopeter, Cecil    27-Nov-17        U244
Cassidy, Nellie           VanHorn, Fred        29-Apr-04        J221
Cassie, Herman            Dungan, Mabel        12-Nov-21        Z423
Cassil, Audrey            Mason, Emmitt        11-Aug-19        W348
Cassil, Bruce             Sheppard, Alice C.   1-Mar-08         L323
Cassil, George W.         Arnold, Ida          23-Dec-08        M059
Cassil, John L.           Schung, Mattie       5-May-10         N127
Cassil, Mattie E.         Schopf, Harry H.                      S083
Cassman, C.W.             Cassman, Lottie                       S159
Cassman, Lottie           Cassman, C.W.                         S159
Cassody, Walter           Papan, Mary Isabel   23-Mar-20        X270
Casstevens, Fannie C.     Dedman, Earl         19-Feb-18        U571
Cast, Herman H.           Crawford, Esther N.  25-Jun-14        R041
Castator, Frank           McDonald, Bessie M.  21 Oct 1890      E226
Casteel, Ellen            Hunt, B.F.           4-Jan-09         M087
Casteel, Minnie           Shaw, Thomas         5-Aug-02         I314
Casteel, Zephie May       West, Chester        12-Nov-03        J079
Caster, Benjamin          Caster, Cora         6-Nov-18         V472
Caster, Clem              Will, Freda Carolina 3-Jun-14         R013
Caster, Cora              Caster, Benjamin     6-Nov-18         V472
Caster, Delia C.          Foulk, John C.       14-Apr-06        K245
Caster, James W.          Grisham, Adelia      11-Feb-19        V603
Caster, Josephine         Blue, Willie C.      25-Dec-09        M584
Caster, Lida Belle        Jason, Charles       7-Dec-03         J101
Caster, Lottie M.         Barker, Charles W.   15-Jan-01        H505
Caster, N.T.              Groves, H.A.         06 Jun 1882      B275
Caster, Susan             Simpson, George W.   13 Feb 1885      C211
Caster, Thomas E.         Duncan, Pearl        19-Oct-04        J382
Caster, Tressie D.        Clark, Frank L.      20 Jun 1896      G110
Caster, Vida              Hull, Harry T.       17-Aug-21        Z219
Caster, Vida              Schwerdfager, Albert 3-Jun-12         P259
Castetter, Joseph H.      Mastin, Mattie F.    23-Apr-05        J552
Castillo, Ramon           Acosta, Lus          16-Feb-22        Z610
Castle, Fern E.           McBratney, Oscar R.  25-Dec-12        P595
Castle, George            Davis, Mable         26-Dec-21        Z509
Castle, James P.          Gruhn, Jessie J.     09 Sep 1899      H149
Castle, L.E.              Israel, Iva          3-Jan-04         J133
Castle, L.R.              Hart, Mattie J.      30-Aug-03        J005
Castleberry, Sarah L.M.   Gadbury, J.N.                         S502
Castleman, Margaret       Sederlof, Jacob      4-Jul-02         I290
Casto, Amy                Jones, James C.      30-Sep-11        O350
Casto, Jessie             Reed, Elmer          9-Jun-19         W198
Casto, Nellie Ethel       Lang, Leslie William                  S636
Castor, Cora              Duty, Will           16-Apr-21        Y583
Castor, Frank             Meadows, Amanda                       S032
Castor, Gertrude          Woodward, Willard    30-Aug-19        W398
Castor, Harry C.          Allen, Glenna Elizabe12-Dec-17        U339
Castor, Maggie Viola      Schmidt, E.B.        01 May 1893      F126
Castro, Agrepina          Jamez, Mario         11-Oct-19        W517
Castro, Isabel            Marina, Selia        8-Oct-18         V433
Caswell, A.R.             Gormley, Stella                       S209
Caswell, C.E.             Johnston, Bertha L.  3-Aug-04         J309
Caswell, Louisa J.        Caswell, W.N.                         T001
Caswell, Lucy A.          Johnston, Emmett Vict25 Jan 1893      F061
Caswell, Russell W.       Goltry, Angeline H.  29-Mar-03        I519
Caswell, W.N.             Caswell, Louisa J.                    T001
Caswell, William N.       Hartsell, L.J.       07 Aug 1897      G335
Cates, Elona              Rockey, Gilbert E.   24-Jul-21        Z148
Cates, Frankie Ruth       Reischman, Lester    10-Oct-17        U067
Cates, W.J.               Harris, Bird                          S487
Catevenas, James          Myers, Emma          13-Aug-14        R097
Cathcart, Ruth            Goodman, John        27-Dec-17        U411
Cathers, F.E.             Cummings, Frank (Miss17 May 1893      F137
Cathers, Laura B.         Glover, E.G.         14 Aug 1895      F576
Cathers, Leatha           Farrow, Claud(de) C. 4-Jul-09         M334
Catherwood, Arthur        Harrison, Marvel     19-Jul-18        V285
Catherwood, Rena L.       Price, James E.      2-Nov-21         Z399
Cathy, Ila                Eisnhour, Ira        13-Aug-21        Z205
Cation, Campbell          Lights, Margaret(te) 17-Apr-13        Q113
Catlin, Marian A. (Mrs)   Hill, William H.     31 Dec 1889      E057
Catlin, Roy               Day, Blanche         2-May-09         M241
Catling, Marion (Mrs.)    Holdridge, G.W.      08 Mar 1899      H052
Caton, Charles            Carroll, Ruth        22-May-13        Q152
Caton, Charles W.         Furnish, Cora V.     17-Feb-06        K201
Caton, Nellie             Cain, Frank          10-Sep-14        R139
Caton, Orvill G.          Ash, Irma P.         03 Jun 1896      G100
Caton, Scott              Eberlinger, Lena     20-Jul-18        V286
Catt, Amanda              Chambers, Herbert    18-May-10        N143
Catt, Bonnie Marie        Knight, Glenn O.     3-Dec-19         X015
Catt, Edna                Fritz, Leroy A.      23-Aug-18        V340
Catt, Gladys              Crapo, C.A.          31-Aug-21        Z243
Catt, W.M.                Brown, Maud                           R418
Cattenburg, Lavone        Day, George W.       3-Mar-19         V640
Cattrell, George W.       Noble, Ida L.        01 Jul 1894      F377
Cauble, Benton            Overman, Libbie(Liddi01 Jan 1898      G436
Cauble, Ella V. (Mrs.)    Charles, Cassius M.  21-Jan-08        L284
Cauble, Wilbur L.         Tedman, Berniece B.  17-Aug-21        Z212
Caudell, Alvin            Courson, Esther      3-Aug-08         L504
Caudill, Clyde F.         Barr, Etta May       31-May-19        W176
Caudle, Chester R.        Thoman, Austa V.                      R598
Caudle, Clarence D.       McClure, Clara Belle 27-Aug-17        T596
Caughey, Minnie           Davis, Charles       19-Jun-07        L023
Caughey, Nannie M.        VanKirk, Frank I.    10-Oct-00        H428
Caughron, G.W.            Dowling, Jessie Marie5-Oct-21         Z327
Caulkett, Henrietta JacksoPowell, Thomas Daniel7-Oct-05         K064
Caulkins, Mary J.         Welliver, Walter C.                   T166
Causey, Bertha E.         Cousins, A.J.        22-Feb-11        O026
Causey, Bessie            Wilson, W.A.         18-Mar-20        X263
Cavan(ven), Emma S.       Betts, Thomas        22-Dec-08        M056
Cavanaugh, America V.     Barber, Willard      20 Jul 1873      A078
Cavanaugh, Anna W.(Mrs)   Cavanaugh, Greenville19-Apr-05        J548
Cavanaugh, G.W.           Crawford, L.A.       17 Mar 1878      A322
Cavanaugh, G.W.           Harris, S.E.         01 May 1895      F533
Cavanaugh, Greenville W   Wise, Anna (Mrs.)    02 Nov 1890      E235
Cavanaugh, Greenville W.  Cavanaugh, Anna W.(Mr19-Apr-05        J548
Cave, Dicy L.             Wilson, Charles C.   21-Nov-06        K453
Cave, Gertrude            Fee, Frank           16-Jun-20        X488
Cave, Glenn               Maxson, Grace        24-Nov-13        Q434
Cave, James W.            Scarth, Laura        21 Jan 1894      F299
Cave, Justinian Jr.       Grant, Nannie        23-Jan-02        I165
Cave, Mary Louise         Riddle, Milford      20-Nov-20        Y286
Cave, Matthew W.          Neill, Jennie L.     02 Mar 1887      C597
Cave, Pauline             Brolund, Samuel      19-Oct-21        Z362
Cavell, Vera              Rolling, Thomas W.   3-Jul-20         X562
Cavender, May             Arthur, R.T.         13-May-18        V144
Cavenee, Ray W.           Morehead, Mittie     28-Aug-09        M393
Caveny, Hazel             Backus, G. Melville  9-Oct-11         O359
Cavin, Lewis              Gurstle, Eva         25-Dec-17        U403
Cavit, Robert E.          Matthews, Fannie     15 Jan 1880      B024
Cavitt, Reed              Rose, Mary           14 Sep 1893      F200
Cayne, Mary L.            Knoblock, Charles    15 Jan 1890      E064
Caywood, Fred J.          Turner, Myrtle C.    8-Jan-06         K174
Caywood, P.S.             Graves, Georgia F.   15-Feb-13        Q031
Cearsey, Hope             Anderson, Ralph M.   1-Jul-19         W259
Cease, E.A.               Brooks, Nannie J.    15 Jan 1873      A059
Cease, Emma (Mrs.)        Allen, Benjaman F.   18 Oct 1881      B202
Cease, Helen              Woltz, E.L.          4-Jul-21         Z110
Cecil, Charles L.         Parrett, Ada M.                       S408
Cecil, Claude             Corvin, Emma         31-Oct-19        W563
Cecil, Dora               Whitlock, John L.    7-Oct-19         W503
Cecil, Maude M.           Moore, Lonzo C.      14-Oct-08        L601
Cederbrand, A.E.          Lajoie, A.M.         10 Sep 1887      D100
Center, Burt              Clark, Matie         19-Mar-02        I203
Center, James H.          Bolick, Rabecca      17 Dec 1894      F460
Center, James H.          Fitzgerald, Cynthia A07 Jun 1888      D316
Center, Lizzie            Rieder, George M.    01 Nov 1886      C524
Centgraf, Mamie           Kightlinger, F.W.    25-Jun-19        W245
Centgraf, Nettie          Harris, Herbert O.   17-Jun-14        R030
Cephas, Klaus Frederick   Leuman, Gertie (Mrs.)1-Nov-00         H451
Cerf, Margaret            Quigley, Edward D.   27-May-19        W164
Certain, Ida              Coryell, Ira         31-Oct-10        N421
Cessnun, John D.          Cannon, Mabel Victori14-Apr-09        M216
Ceurvorst, John E.        Seidl, Katie(ty)     07 Apr 1891      E320
Ceurvorst, Louis FrederickLeMonde, Marie       25-Jun-14        R042
Chace, William H.         Runkel, Cora         12-Mar-05        J518
Chacon, Aurelio Jesse     Vega, Apolonia       1-May-20         X351
Chadd, Charlie W.         Guthrie, Mabel E.    15 Nov 1899      H191
Chadd, Eliza Ellen        Watson, Samuel H.    16 Mar 1890      E098
Chadd, Rosa               Goode, E.W.          12-Apr-00        H305
Chadock, Viola            Pollock, M.D.        3-Mar-20         X231
Chadwick, Clara Dell      Anson, William G.    27-Feb-19        V637
Chadwick, Cletion S.      Richardson, Edna P.  4-Mar-05         J512
Chadwick, George          Boyd, Maggie         08 Sep 1873      A084
Chadwick, J.J.            Lytle, C.M. (Mrs.)   7-Apr-04         J208
Chadwick, James R.        Fouth, Anna A.       5-Dec-02         I420
Chadwick, Minnie          Fisher, Arza         14-Jul-19        W284
Chadwick, William         King, Fern           7-Oct-21         Z334
Chadwick, Zelda           Burdick, Henry       21-Apr-19        W088
Chaffin, W.J.             Hilliard, Emma       1-Nov-06         K432
Chaffin, W.W.             Austin, Anneta       27-Dec-14        R304
Chaille, Alberta CatherineBurcham, William Rile30-Oct-21        Z393
Chain, George W.          Hoffman, Olga S.     15-Apr-03        I528
Chain, Ida                Healy, Ed J. Jr.                      S378
Chain, John M.            Morgan, Kittie       15 Sep 1880      B091
Chain, Orin               Lanning, Lola        18-Apr-11        O107
Chalders, Eva             Laurie, Thomas M.    17-Sep-07        L124
Chalfan, O.L.             Chapman, Maggie      24-Nov-14        R247
Chalk, William M.         Mead, Annie L.       06 Sep 1882      B295
Challans, Doris           VanKirk, Lee         1-Apr-22         Z686
Challmers, Ida            Demer, J.D.          03 Aug 1899      H132
Chambeolien, Edith E.     Shumake, Oliver J.   5-Jun-19         W190
Chamberlain, Addie M.     Muller, George F.    2-Oct-00         H417
Chamberlain, Candace      Whitemore, F.B.      17 Mar 1886      C411
Chamberlain, Don          Green, E.            09 Aug 1887      D063
Chamberlain, E.W.         Lawson, Grace M.     17-Jun-14        R022
Chamberlain, Ella         Peterson, A.F.       10 May 1886      C439
Chamberlain, Ella         Williams, Charley    04 Feb 1882      B239
Chamberlain, Ethel        Bish, Jesse J.       27-Nov-06        K450
Chamberlain, Eula L.      Solter, Jesse E.     22-Jul-19        W303
Chamberlain, F.M.         Lafsman, Annie       02 Mar 1887      C598
Chamberlain, Flora        Hemsworth, John E.   9-Oct-01         I072
Chamberlain, Frank        Kyle, Eleanor        2-Jun-10         N165
Chamberlain, George W.    Chapple, Ida         03 Oct 1886      C507
Chamberlain, Glen         Corn, Jewel          01 May 1898      G499
Chamberlain, Iva          Brown, R.J.          2-Aug-05         K007
Chamberlain, J.W.         VanVolkinburg, Antone07 Jul 1885      C274
Chamberlain, James        VanGeison, Emma      26 Feb 1883      B352
Chamberlain, John         Crellin, Mildred     22-Feb-22        Z620
Chamberlain, John         Paidrick, Reta       23 Jan 1899      H030
Chamberlain, John H.      Dickinson, Myrta     12 Jul 1885      C276
Chamberlain, John Raymond Sturm, Lulu          29-Apr-08        L387
Chamberlain, Maisy        Hitt, Benjamin Edd G.23 May 1894      F355
Chamberlain, Mary         Manny, Frank         03 Oct 1877      A289
Chamberlain, Maude        Stull, Frank         7-Mar-18         V025
Chamberlain, Maude        Taylor, Raymond E.   21-May-21        Y651
Chamberlain, Pearl E.     Brown, Charles N.    26-May-02        I254
Chamberlain, R.L.         Giggy, Bell          28 Jun 1885      C269
Chamberlain, Treva        Canny, Ray           23-Jul-18        V289
Chamberlain, Walter H.    Cox, Odessa F.       25-Dec-21        Z504
Chamberlin, Etta          Green, B.G.          28 Feb 1878      A316
Chamberlin, G.L.          Henkle, Flora        30 Aug 1888      D373
Chamberlin, William E.    Kile, Emma           16 Jun 1889      D557
Chambers, A.E.            Phillips, Lief       01 Jan 1878      A306
Chambers, Abbie           Waterfall, Louis G.  15-Jan-12        P065
Chambers, Albert          Tipton, Gladys       6-Jul-18         V264
Chambers, Amba Zilla      Coles, Henry A.      06 Aug 1878      A350
Chambers, Anna E.         Haskins, William T.  21 Feb 1882      B246
Chambers, Annabelle       Wheeler, Roy         25-Feb-22        Z628
Chambers, C.H.            Cale, Ida M.         27 Jun 1897      G319
Chambers, C.H.            Lyons, Lizzie        16 Oct 1898      G590
Chambers, C.W.            Rochelle, Mabelle    28-Feb-21        Y499
Chambers, Charles         Manhold, Mary        17-May-09        M253
Chambers, Charles M.      Napper, Maggie       15 Sep 1885      C304
Chambers, Charley         Sanders, Ethel       1-May-20         X365
Chambers, Chester R.      Cross, Arona         15-Nov-19        W607
Chambers, Clyde W.        Mayall, Mattie B.    20-Apr-11        O110
Chambers, Earl T.         Lancaster, Nettie    28-Jun-19        W253
Chambers, Ella (Mrs.)     Pollard, James L.    01 Dec 1890      E256
Chambers, Emily           Irwin, Charles E.    9-Jan-06         K174
Chambers, Herbert         Catt, Amanda         18-May-10        N143
Chambers, J. Charles      Cook, Belva L.       28-Sep-02        I356
Chambers, Laura           Gaskill, Alburn      05 Dec 1878      A383
Chambers, Leota           Lent, Harry A.                        X270
Chambers, Lucile          Dorner, Earl V.      21-May-20        X416
Chambers, M.E.            Mulkey, C.T.         18-Dec-07        L245
Chambers, Mary E.         Dyer, William H.     15 Mar 1876      A194
Chambers, Mary E.         Kesler, William      02 Aug 1885      C284
Chambers, Mildred Maxine  McCormick, Everett Hamilton           S286
Chambers, Minnie          Fuller, Dewitt       30-Apr-11        O125
Chambers, R.K.            Wilson, Donna Faye   21-Sep-20        Y125
Chambers, Rebecca         Brown, Frank         6-May-09         M247
Chambers, Robert H.       Helfrich, Marie Gertr7-Jun-20         X469
Chambers, Samantha Marie  Underwood, R.L.      7-Sep-10         N315
Chambers, Stanley Newton  Kerbaugh, Myrtle Lee 29-Jun-12        P313
Chambers, Stella          McMullen, W.L.       23-Sep-20        Y136
Chambers, Verna Ethel     Snare, Harry K.      8-May-12         P230
Chambers, Vida L. (Mrs)   Whetzell, Harry S.   3-Feb-09         M128
Chambers, Worth           Arnold, Mary E.      29 Oct 1893      F242
Chambers, Worth           Rudd, Marion         31 Mar 1886      C418
Chamness, Ada             Wakefield, E.        05 Dec 1895      G004
Chamness, Herbert         Johnson, Bessie      15-Apr-14        Q594
Chamness, Ira D.          Drugan, Ivie         7-Apr-06         K235
Champ, Clarence           Faker, Margaret      __ Nov 1917      U227
Champ, Iber               Bunker, Jennie       23-Feb-18        V004
Champe, Anna Honorene     Johnson, George Jr.  20-Nov-19        W616
Champion, Charles T.      Smith, Artie M.      14 Oct 1889      D630
Champlin, Jay             Porter, Lydia A.     19 Mar 1885      C228
Champy(ney), Allie        Pitcher, James       22 Jan 1897      G241
Chance, Addie             Stone, Frank         25-May-11        O159
Chance, Bonnie Marie      Mann, Lewis Edgar    8-Apr-14         Q587
Chance, Bryan             Lackey, Jania        6-Oct-20         Y168
Chance, Clella            Byers, William F.                     T293
Chance, Elise V.          MacKay, J.N.         9-Mar-21         Y515
Chance, Flora             Haskin, Charles      14-Jun-17        T445
Chance, J.W.              Reeves, Anna         11-Feb-05        J497
Chance, L.R.              Dunn, May                             S398
Chance, Lulu              Sawin, C.A.          20-Nov-13        Q429
Chance, Margery           Wheeler, Virgil      9-Jun-20         X467
Chance, Maude B.          Bacon, Floyd M.      27-Feb-05        J506
Chance, May(ary) I.       Bannon, Wesley       16-Dec-04        J439
Chance, Nancy             Landes, Fred         6-Jun-17         T428
Chance, Paul              Dagel, Viola         14-May-19        W140
Chance, Paul D.           Doans, Heloise       16-Mar-21        Y527
Chance, Plezzy            Conklin, Ineth       1-Nov-19         W567
Chance, Ruth              Brooks, F.M.         31-Dec-12        P613
Chance, Sylvester         Pickering, Rachael                    R467
Chancel, Anna E.          Starr, Ellis A.      11-May-09        M248
Chancel, George           Averill, Bessie                       T063
Chancel, Herman W.        Averill, Mabel       13-Jun-12        P278
Chancel, Mary M.          Carlin, J.F.         9-Oct-01         I072
Chancellor, H.B.          Andrews, Bertha      15-Oct-21        Z351
Chandler, Birdie          Rogers, Harley       27-Jan-20        X157
Chandler, C.B.            Craven, Josephine    2-Jul-02         I286
Chandler, Clara           Zies, Ray M.                          S148
Chandler, Clarence        Obenchain, May       23-Jan-13        Q006
Chandler, Ella            Goatley, Ben         2-Aug-20         X626
Chandler, Grover C.       Page, Mary           20-Jun-11        O206
Chandler, Hiram           Mumma, Margie        6-Apr-18         V079
Chandler, Ira H.          Hammon, Sadie        19-Oct-05        K085
Chandler, J.M.            Tryan, Lora B.       1-Mar-04         J178
Chandler, L.G.            Richardson, Bertha A.23-Oct-12        P478
Chandler, M.C.            Vice, W.             22-Sep-19        W084
Chandler, Mary (Mrs.)     Fultz, Jacob A.      30 Oct 1890      E233
Chandler, Mayme           Jones, Milo T.       25-Jan-05        J479
Chandler, Nellie Luverne  Dewitt, Harry C.     25-Nov-20        Y294
Chandler, Nira Blanche    Miller, Ernest H.    26-Apr-00        H312
Chandler, Ollie           Brabets, F.A.        22 Aug 1898      G558
Chandler, Ruby            Daniels, Ila         10-Jun-19        W200
Chandler, Ruby            Herckenrath, Earl Sto4-Dec-09         M550
Chandler, Sam             Kelley, Zelma        13-Nov-19        W604
Chaney, Albert            Morrison, Edris      10-Jul-21        Z119
Chaney, Bell              Stearns, C.H.        28 Jul 1893      F174
Chaney, Bertha            Liggett, Roscoe      10-Jan-20        X114
Chaney, Bertha            Liggett, Roscoe      25-Aug-17        T592
Chaney, Beryl             Wilson, Martha       28-May-21        Y668
Chaney, Edgar E.          Devins, Viola Fay    21-Feb-06        K201
Chaney, Egbert B.         Hubbs, Emma A.       24 Jan 1895      F483
Chaney, Erma              Brucks, Henry J.     9-Apr-19         W062
Chaney, Frank K.          Bolick, Flora A.     15 Dec 1890      E262
Chaney, J.F.              Frost, Mary          13-Jun-18        V213
Chaney, J.V.              Hatley, Ethel        4-Aug-13         Q269
Chaney, John              McGrew, Mabel L.     21-Feb-06        K203
Chaney, John H.           Tester, Bertha May   2-Jun-06         K282
Chaney, Josie             Shaw, Robert         06 Aug 1883      B398
Chaney, Laura D.          Bisbee, Vivian C.    23-Dec-01        I134
Chaney, Neva              Harshfield, Carl D.  25-Dec-21        Z503
Chaney, Ocie              Mellor, Herbert L.   9-Jul-21         Z121
Chaney, Orin E.           Long, Julia          9-Jan-21         Y403
Chaney, Ralph             Lawson, Ruby         12-Jun-21        Z036
Chaney, Sarah F.          Sanders, Samuel J.   25 Mar 1896      G073
Chaney, Walter D.         Waterfall, Grace F.  07 Mar 1894      F322
Chaney, Willie Earl       Tucker, Birdie Ellsworth              S072
Channell, Jessie E.       Dickerson, J.T.      10 Aug 1896      G131
Chantland, Clara C.       Sponholtz, Theodore H.                S320
Chaparro, Eugenia         Escenilla, Trinidad  16-Feb-11        O019
Chapell, Pauline          Jones, Alfred L.     12-Oct-21        Z345
Chapin, Amelia            Slates, Harry        3-Apr-11         O076
Chapin, Amelia            Snider, Hiram W.     25-Jul-14        R072
Chapin, Mary E.           York, M.D.           20-Jan-15        R332
Chapman, Bernice          Deardorff, William H.16-Oct-09        M472
Chapman, Bertha E.        Indermill, Louis L.  1-Mar-20         X224
Chapman, Bertha M.        Fitzpatrick, Thomas  29-Dec-02        I444
Chapman, C.A.             Laurence, May        18-May-03        I558
Chapman, C.D.             Miller, Rosanna      17 Jul 1884      C107
Chapman, C.E.             Keele, Tillitha      15 Feb 1880      B037
Chapman, Carl             Goosby, Charlotte                     T334
Chapman, Clarence G.      Davis, Zetta         31 Oct 1894      F428
Chapman, E. Leslie        Meixner, Alma Louise                  S343
Chapman, E.E.             Carpentier, Phyllis  4-Jun-19         W185
Chapman, Effie            Johnson, Samuel R.   24-Mar-09        M191
Chapman, Fannie           Wilson, C.B.         26 Apr 1884      C074
Chapman, Florence         Showalter, Calvin    9-Aug-20         Y011
Chapman, Fred W.          O'Meara, Anna        26 Dec 1887      D188
Chapman, George           Chatham, Lucy (Mrs.) 04 Jun 1890      E149
Chapman, George H.        McMillin, Ida        13-Oct-21        Z347
Chapman, Hazel Irene      Mosteller, Sherman   14-Mar-20        X251
Chapman, Henry W.         Holderby, Mae        29-Dec-01        I146
Chapman, I.E.             Buckley, Mabell(le)  5-Sep-10         N312
Chapman, J.N.             Weigand, Mary        7-Jul-10         N230
Chapman, James            Perry, Sarah E.      28 Jul 1887      D070
Chapman, Jessie           Farmer, John         22 Feb 1874      A106
Chapman, John B.          Kelley, Annie M.     10 Mar 1880      B051
Chapman, John W.          Gould, Maggie M.     04 Feb 1890      E073
Chapman, Kate             Stafford, Irvin H.   04 Dec 1893      F264
Chapman, Lenora           Messer, Charles L.   24-Aug-20        Y051
Chapman, Lorraine         St. John, John       19-Apr-19        W080
Chapman, M.E. (Mrs.)      Simon, Christ J.     30 Jul 1890      E178
Chapman, Maggie           Chalfan, O.L.        24-Nov-14        R247
Chapman, Margaret         Rothrock, Robert     27-Mar-12        P163
Chapman, Mary             Trenary, James I.    4-Apr-08         L357
Chapman, Mary Elizabeth   Kinnear, William H.  17-Dec-20        Y342
Chapman, Ophia Nell       Ratcliffe, Harley E. 30-Apr-21        Y558
Chapman, Sarah Moore      Caldwell, Homer      02 Oct 1895      F602
Chapman, Walter F.        McDaniel, Jane Ott Me02 Oct 1888      D401
Chapman, Wilbur D.        Myers, Jessie B.     11 Oct 1887      D117
Chapman,Katherine Belle   Combs, Sherman Leslie5-Mar-09         M169
Chappell, Elizabeth       Toevs, Henry         6-Feb-20         X180
Chappell, Ralph           Mosley, Jessie       23-Jul-19        W310
Chappell, Thomas P.       Rabun, Mildred       16-May-19        W143
Chappelle, C.V.           Jones, Lola M.                        S619
Chapple, Emma             Sanders, Charles     22 Nov 1898      G617
Chapple, Ida              Chamberlain, George W03 Oct 1886      C507
Chapple, Jacob Norris     Conklin, Bessie A.   24-May-05        J576
Chapple, Mary Etta        Kinkaid, Roy C.      6-Jun-06         K285
Chapson, W.H.             Crocket, Mary E.     15 Jan 1889      D478
Charboneau, John S.       VanSickel, Margarete 19-Nov-10        N454
Charbonneau, Phoebe       Gensman, Conrad      25-Nov-08        M027
Charles, Cassius M.       Cauble, Ella V. (Mrs.21-Jan-08        L284
Charles, Elizabeth        Corr, Hugh W.        20 Sep 1899      H160
Charles, Harold           Chatten, Helen       10-Oct-13        Q370
Charles, James A.         Gregory, Bertha L.   18-Jan-05        J474
Charles, John P.          Brady, Mollie (Mrs.) 16 Sep 1890      E196
Charles, John W.          Munns, Mabel G.      1-Jun-05         J585
Charles, Laura B.         LaFayette, M.W.      09 Mar 1887      C603
Charles, Marietta D.      Gary, Paul E.        7-Nov-20         Y249
Charles, Merlin Y.        Fay, Clara Alma                       S500
Charles, Myrtle Rose      Hickle, Joseph L.    15-Oct-21        Z354
Charles, Rachel           Henderson, John      29 Sep 1887      D113
Charles, U. Grant         Yazel, Rosa M.       16 Mar 1890      E100
Charleston, Sophia        McClure, John        06 Nov 1883      B425
Charlesworth, John R.     Martin, Isis B.      17 Dec 1894      F458
Charley, Walter B.        Yarbeary, Katie      25 Jul 1898      G544
Charlton, George          Eggleston, Mary      23 Mar 1883      B358
Charlton, Lotta Orella    Drown, Daniel Ira    15-Aug-06        K350
Charpie, Cora E.          Daniels, Frank                        S371
Charter, Adelbert W.      Buck, Inez           19 Apr 1888      D276
Charter, Robert W.        McNair, Lucile                        T068
Charters, L.J.            Whiteman, Fern       22-Apr-19        W090
Chartrand, Vena           Anderson, O.E.       10-Aug-04        J316
Chase, A.L.               Duncan, Ella         29-Dec-17        U419
Chase, Anna B.            Bertholf, Morris     21 Oct 1890      E224
Chase, B.D.               Warren, Cora May     11-Nov-06        K441
Chase, C.H.               Shreve, Abbie        1-Mar-22         Z636
Chase, C.T.               Woodruff, Lottie     25-Jul-21        Z153
Chase, Carl               Eves, Ida Rebecca    21-Sep-19        W460
Chase, E.E.               Maxwell, Mary R.     11-Oct-11        O363
Chase, Edward F.          Hays, Josephine      9-Feb-18         U545
Chase, Edwin M.           Wibking, L. Belle    23 Jun 1896      G111
Chase, Ella E.            Lines, George S.     16 Feb 1882      B244
Chase, Ervin L.           Fennell, Jennie      24 Dec 1891      E459
Chase, Esther A.          Whitlow, M.F.        4-Oct-08         L590
Chase, Ethel S.           Fulk, Earl B.        14-Sep-21        Z275
Chase, Flora              Schneider, Phillip   05 Sep 1888      D377
Chase, George M.          Miller, Ella M.      14-Aug-01        I015
Chase, Hazel Brant        Cleary, John T.      24-Nov-21        Z444
Chase, Isla May           Paton, John Fletcher                  S083
Chase, James              Brinkman, Minnie     14-Apr-08        L369
Chase, Mary               Hinkle, Frank        25 Jan 1896      G039
Chase, Mary E.            Hoss, Thomas O.      21 May 1875      A158
Chase, May                Harrigan, John       3-Aug-20         X630
Chase, Mildred            Fletcher, Thomas     7-May-02         I239
Chase, Roselthy A.        Parsons, Fay         24 Aug 1873      A083
Chase, Rosetta C.         Keethler, J.A.       15 Feb 1899      H041
Chase, Sarah C.           Quillen, Frank       3-Feb-09         M129
Chase, Solomon P.         Monger, Frances      01 Nov 1885      C329
Chase, Sophia M.          Rarick, A.R.         1-May-10         N121
Chase, Vee                Barngrover, Cecil E. 19-Sep-21        Z289
Chase, W.H.               Hughes, Ada J.       18-Apr-01        H560
Chase, W.S.               Todd, Laura A.       28-Mar-01        H546
Chase, Wright             Parker, Eva          13 Jan 1878      A308
Chastain, Arba B.         Dodson, Susan A.     15-Mar-05        J521
Chastain, E.C.            Wilson, Alice        30 Oct 1899      H197
Chastian, Susan A.        Ferguson, George E.                   R443
Chatfield, Emma           Walker, George A.    28-Jul-06        K339
Chatfield, Mary O.        Locke, Charles       10 Apr 1889      D524
Chatfield, William        Bushnell, Emma L.    09 Sep 1873      A085
Chatham, Lucy (Mrs.)      Chapman, George      04 Jun 1890      E149
Chatham, Murtie May       Stubbs, Louis A.     22-Oct-13        Q392
Chatten, Fay              Romigh, Hurr W.      26-Mar-13        Q082
Chatten, Helen            Charles, Harold      10-Oct-13        Q370
Chatten, Helen Gould      Roberts, John Wade Jr.                S607
Chatten, William W.       Carr, Mable M.       20 Jun 1888      D325
Chatterton, Erie          Smithson, James H.   28-Aug-20        Y064
Chattin, Bertha           Strong, Pearl        26-Feb-20        X221
Chauncey, A.B.            Graves, Fern I.      10-Nov-18        V478
Chauncey, Edna            Neece, Beavy         27-Jul-20        X609
Chauncy, Della            Peague, Neil         30-Nov-13        Q442
Chavez, Catarino          Gomez, Angela        21-May-21        Y656
Chavez, Emilio            Camacho, Frances     5-Feb-20         X178
Chavez, Pearl             Hart, Mattie         6-May-12         P227
Cheap, Carrie B.          Welch, S.A.          10-Apr-01        H551
Cheatham, Lois            Francis, C.D.        24-Dec-21        Z500
Cheatham, Lucile          Thomas, D.R.         17 Nov 1898      G611
Cheatham, Lula            Mallicoat, Ernest    12-Apr-19        W070
Cheatham, May             Kirkpatrick, E.E.    03 Mar 1895      F500
Cheathams, James M.L.     Groves, Reba Amy     23 Oct 1870      A003
Chedester, J.C.           Orr, Jessie                           O397
Cheek, Albert             Fisher, Nellie       12-Oct-18        V446
Cheek, Cloa E.            Payne, Curtis G.     22-Feb-19        V626
Cheek, Grace              Waggoner, Ralph E.   27-Jul-21        Z158
Cheek, Mary Ellen         Harrison, L.L.       22-Oct-21        Z369
Cheer, Chloe              Finley, Percy A.     22-Aug-17        T588
Cheever, Anna             Johnson, Lee M.      24-Nov-14        R254
Cheever, W.B.             Green, Savilla S.    03 May 1879      A424
Chegwidden, Bert          Wilkinson, Hattie    12-Jun-17        T442
Chelf, Harry G.           Suffu, Cora M.       20-Dec-09        M569
Chellew, Alice Genevieve  Pickens, James Floyd 27-Jul-17        T530
Chellew, Flora            Ream, Clarence F.    15-Apr-08        L371
Chenault, James           Tribble, Ellen       22-Oct-20        Y216
Cheneth, John T.          Jackson, Ella        01 Nov 1898      G603
Cheney, Bell              Stearns, C.H.        28 Jul 1893      F174
Cheney, Bessie            Grant, Delton        5-Nov-19         W578
Cheney, C.M.              Bachtel, Margaret E. 14-Nov-00        H456
Cheney, Clara             Gregory, W.F.        14 Jul 1888      D341
Cheney, E.W.              McGary, Sarah M.     20 Aug 1879      A441
Cheney, Emma              Call, J.W.           9-Oct-13         Q369
Cheney, Fay               DeArmond, Roy                         T239
Cheney, J.H.              Hartman, Ethel       25-Dec-17        U397
Cheney, Johnathan W.      Hoover, Emma         06 Sep 1891      E380
Cheney, Nellie B.         Dow, George          01 Nov 1891      E413
Cheney, Susan             Collier, Hugh L.     1-Sep-13         Q298
Cheney, W.W.              Maxwell, Josephine   19-Sep-17        T636
Cheniworth, Charles G.    Simons, Cora         4-Oct-09         M461
Chenoweth, Berenice Rose  Whitaker, John Perry 8-Jan-18         U462
Chenoweth, Lola Clara     McGarigle, Harry B.  21-Aug-07        L090
Cherrington, Berta        Brueggen, H.C.       04 Dec 1899      H219
Cherry, A. Thomas         Dailey, Annie Ellen  21-Oct-03        J058
Cherry, Clyde Leroy       Shields, Ada         19-Feb-08        L307
Cherry, Emma              Freidline, Arthur    2-Oct-12         P440
Cherry, Emma C.           Rogers, Frank D.     12 Feb 1890      E074
Cherry, Gertrude          Hoskins, W.H.        7-Jan-12         P056
Cherry, Giles Harris      Mitchell, Eunice Pear28-Feb-21        Y499
Cherry, Isabel            Mitchell, Clay       27-Feb-12        P125
Cherry, John              Drake, Rose          29 Mar 1891      E315
Cherry, Julia Theresa     Figley, Jay Ellsworth17-Feb-09        M144
Cherry, Leland            Carr, Helen          24-Dec-21        Z506
Cherry, Lillian           Savage, G.K.         11 Oct 1885      C313
Cherry, Lottie            Hummel, Elmer        25-Feb-22        Z630
Cherry, Maggie            Moore, Frank         25 Oct 1882      B314
Cherry, Margaret          Beyer, Earl L.       18-Nov-19        W601
Cherry, Marion            Martin, Mattie       1-Oct-10         N370
Cherry, Mary              McNeal, Winfred      17-Nov-13        Q424
Cherry, Mary H.           Pellusch, Otto E.    26-Jul-13        Q255
Cherry, Mattie A.         Mosier, Miles        9-Dec-03         J105
Cherry, Robert            Synolds, Ivia        25 Dec 1897      G425
Cherry, Rosalie           Johnson, Bryan       20-Apr-22        Z715
Cherry, Roy               Hummel, Grace        4-Nov-21         Z404
Cherry, Ruth              Essie, Thomas        1-Oct-18         V422
Cherry, W.H.              Rouce, Carlee        14-Sep-21        Z278
Cherry, William           Martin, Mary         26-Dec-11        P041
Chesebro, Wayne           Wagoner, Esther                       S545
Chesebro, Zelma           Patterson, Alva Lenard                S160
Cheshire, Alvus T.        Peacock, Gertrude(Mrs26 Aug 1891      E375
Chesky, Laura E.          Snedeker, H.S.       19-Jul-19        W296
Chesney, George E.        Kruger, Lola M.      20-Jan-12        P073
Chesney, Lela             Shively, Morris L.   27-Dec-18        V540
Chesney, R.H.             VanSant, Beulah      30-Sep-17        U025
Chesnut, Ray E.           Moore, Olive         15-May-18        V146
Chestek, H.B.             Platt, Amy P.        23-Nov-21        Z452
Chester, Cecil E.         Smith, Myrtle        4-Aug-21         Z185
Chester, H.B.             Kelso, Ada                            S116
Chester, Lucy             Landers, Charles S.  22-Feb-05        J503
Chester, William A.       Harris, Susie J.     21-Apr-04        J218
Chester, William A.       Schaub, Ella Rozella 20 Aug 1897      G341
Chestnut, Jennie Irene    Tuders, Orville Leste10-Apr-18        V087
Chew, Glen P.             Adams, Harry A.                       S144
Chew, L.M.                McCormack, Florence                   S457
Chew, Mabel(ble) M.       Embree, Fred L.      15-Aug-10        N274
Chewning, Bessie          Hamilton, William K. 8-Dec-21         Z473
Chick, Florence           Lyons, Robert P.     16-Nov-17        U218
Chick, George A.          Anderson, Florence Hu30-Jun-13        Q224
Chidester, J.H.           Beers, Louise (Mrs.)                  R550
Chilcote, Grace F.        Tinker, Dodd         24-Dec-09        M591
Child, Birney             Wallace, Jannie      19-Sep-11        O326
Child, Charles            McDonald, Cordelia   28 Nov 1881      B211
Childe, Ada B.            Milne, D.J.          24-Nov-03        J086
Childears, Arthur         McGregor, Gladys     29-Mar-20        X286
Childears, Minnie         Schnakenberg, Louis  22-May-12        P242
Childers, B.S.            Crockett, Nora       25-Oct-21        Z381
Childers, Edna            Ramp, W.F.           7-Jun-20         X452
Childers, F.B.            Williams, Ruth       21 Sep 1897      G360
Childers, Gilbert         Miller, Edna         11-Sep-12        P412
Childers, Harry           Denny, Lobie         26-Aug-14        R116
Childers, Harry Jesse     Stout, Isabel        27 Oct 1892      F003
Childers, John M.         Tripp, Myrtle        15-Jun-20        X496
Childers, Lillian         Hedrick, Jake        21-Jul-17        T517
Childers, Nieta           Clark, F.E.          14-May-19        W135
Childers, W. Marion       Birdsall, Rose A.    3-Nov-17         U153
Childress, Paul           Zana, Marion         20-Jan-20        X143
Childreth, Florence Inez  Meeker, Don S.       21-Jun-21        Z070
Childrey, Calvin          Hilton, Gladys       4-Feb-19         V596
Childs, C.C.              Bell, Ida            05 Feb 1896      G043
Childs, C.F.              Noret, Ollie         01 Oct 1888      D399
Childs, Faye              Brown, Roy           13-Sep-18        V393
Childs, Frank Jr.         Stevenson, Mary Ann  31-Oct-06        K421
Childs, Guy               Lovingier, Bertha    5-Jul-19         W272
Childs, Hilma             Leachman, L.         6-Nov-14         R224
Childs, Joseph            Newcome, Emma R.     18 Dec 1870      A004
Childs, Lincoln           Martin, Nettie       3-Jul-18         V261
Childs, Ola J.            Adams, Robert T.     10 Aug 1893      F177
Childs, Samuel            Kailer, Bertha M.    2-Feb-02         I171
Childs, Stella            Harison, Frank       09 Nov 1898      G606
Chill, Carrie E.          Crocker, W.H.        20 Jan 1896      G036
Chillault, Jemima         Crouch, James        16 Nov 1887      D159
Chinn, Guy Louis          Worley, Eula         10-Oct-18        V441
Chinneth, John T.         Jackson, Ella        01 Nov 1898      G603
Chipps, Bell              Wilson, Lawrence     05 Apr 1893      F108
Chipps, Jessie L.         Mason, John H.       18 Oct 1894      F420
Chisley, Grace Adella     McCarthy, William Tho17 Jul 1892      E581
Chism, George W.          Walker, Lue          14-Apr-01        H558
Chism, Letie J.           Hepburn, W.J.        4-Nov-09         M513
Chism, Roy Ford           Baldwin, Nellie Fern 29-Mar-20        X287
Chism, Sarah              Dozier, Newton                        S119
Chism, Vernon B.          Jones, Florence M.   19-Apr-21        Y591
Chisman, Lottie           Bruce, Blaine        11-Feb-09        M137
Chitry, Louis Evans       Torrey, Iva S.       21-Oct-03        J059
Chittenden, A.I.          McCoy, Fannie        14-Nov-10        N444
Chittenden, A.I.          McCoy, Jessie                         N439
Chittenden, Edna C.       Carpenter, Henry S.  19-Jun-12        P246
Chitwood, George L.       Caler, Ida Leora     26-Jul-05        J638
Chitwood, Jacob P.        Wood, Kate           16 Nov 1891      E423
Chitwood, Luella          Fascett, Charles S.  17 Jul 1890      E172
Chitwood, Russell         Carter, Pyrle        20-Jun-17        T459
Chivers, Mae              Moul, William G.     3-Jan-20         X106
Choate, Fred E.           Helm, Eugene                          W335
Cholmia, Saleem           Haddad, Sadie        16-Jul-05        J631
Chouteau, Belle           Ross, Chris          13-Mar-09        M180
Chouteau, Charles P.      Johnson, Lavina Viola21-May-10        N146
Chouteau, George T.       Corbet, Laura (Mrs.) 28 Jul 1897      G330
Chrisler, Edith           Clemens, Ernest      27-Nov-06        K458
Chrisler, Wallace         Hendricks, Edna                       S394
Chrismore, Calvin         Crawford, Lizzie     7-Apr-10         N088
Chrismore, Elizabeth      Hall, Roy                             T089
Chrismore, Mabel          Fogelstrom, Henry A. 24-Mar-08        L346
Christein, Minnie         Johnson, William H.                   S240
Christen, Mary            Trenkle, John G.     17 Feb 1885      C211
Christen, Nannie          Landon, C.L.         18-Aug-21        Z221
Christensen, Anna D.      Barnes, Cecil W.     17 Feb 1895      F494
Christensen, C. Arthur    Grier, Isabelle G.   5-Sep-06         K365
Christensen, Dorothy      Grier, Samuel M.     8-Mar-06         K218
Christensen, Dorothy      McKay, Elmer E.      6-Jun-11         O176
Christensen, Elnore J.    Pease, Owen J.       17-Sep-13        Q328
Christensen, Frank        Hatton, Maud(de) Ethe20-Jul-09        M344
Christensen, Lala(lla)    Caple, Elbert M.     27 Oct 1898      G598
Christensen, Mabelle L.   Hoover, Wesley P.    18-Nov-08        M010
Christensen, Sophia O.    Larsen, Albert       14-Apr-04        J212
Christenson, W.H.         Krehbiel, Irene      28-Feb-19        V640
Christian, Chester E.     Bierschebach, Sylvia 28-Jun-17        T479
Christian, Edgar M.       Hirth, Gracia        13-Apr-09        M217
Christian, Effie          Stockman, Fred                        T069
Christian, G.L.           Thomas, Lettie       30-Apr-21        Y612
Christian, James          Burr, Bonnie         19-Sep-17        T636
Christian, May            Pechin, George       27-Oct-07        L182
Christiansen, Chris       Peterson, Carolina   28 Jan 1897      G243
Christiansen, Fred        Corneleus, Goldia    6-Aug-21         Z192
Christiansen,Carl Peter   Petersen, Marie      30 Jan 1891      E293
Christie, E.B.            Cornwall, Bertha Mabe14-May-19        W136
Christie, James           Mills, Jane          29-Jun-03        I594
Christinos, George        Davis, Lottie                         S199
Christjohn, Alpheus       Wantoon, Rosebud     12-Nov-19        W600
Christman, Albert         Small, Estelle       17-Mar-18        V038
Christman, Albert J.      Russell, Catherine A.06 Jun 1893      F150
Christman, Albert Joseph  Lewis, Mary Aletha   3-Sep-18         V354
Christman, Benjamine A.   Weir, Annie Laura    23-Jun-09        M311
Christman, Catherine AlephReyburn, Laurens H.  25-Jun-21        Z078
Christman, Earl           Norton, Verda                         R312
Christman, Earl J.        Thomas, Hazel Rae    21-Dec-20        Y346
Christman, Joseph T.      Cain, Mary F.        06 May 1890      E134
Christman, Josie          Jones, Neal          22-Mar-13        Q072
Christman, Mary           Hayde, Frank R.      14-Aug-19        W352
Christopher, Bertrand     Cone, Edith A.       20-Jun-18        V234
Christopher, Edward       Koens, Kate                           F549
Christopher, Frank L.     Stanley, Birdine M.  16-Feb-10        N022
Christopher, Harry E.     Arbogast, Bob (Miss) 4-May-20         X379
Christopher, Helen        Hall, Marvin                          S548
Christopher, J.H.         Harkey, May          18 Aug 1895      F579
Christopher, J.H. Jr.     Calhoun, Zelma L.    29-May-20        X433
Christopher, J.J.         Hawkins,Mattie Floren16-Jul-04        J296
Christopher, Jeannette    Toomey, John D.      24-Dec-05        K149
Christopher, Mary         Littlefield, Samuel H25 Apr 1886      C433
Christopher, Maud(de)     Blanger, Harve       10-Aug-02        I322
Christopher, Nellie B.    Grabendike, Frank W. 17-Jun-08        L438
Christopher, Walter W.    Miller, Alice Fay    27-Jun-09        M318
Christy, D.M.             Davis, Alice         7-Mar-04         J182
Christy, Emma             Breneman, Edward W.  20-Mar-09        M186
Christy, Howard L.        Hill, Agnes W.       28-Mar-18        V061
Christy, Ira L.           Dosda, Lela          17-Sep-20        Y116
Christy, W.G.             Fritzlen, Christine  27-Apr-21        Y606
Christy, Willard          Curry, Cleo          19-Aug-21        Z224
Chritton, A.L.            McDaniel, L.M.       11-Dec-13        Q456
Chritton, Bert            McKee, Aletha        12 Dec 1897      G418
Chritton, D.B.            Keating, Nellie      12-Dec-03        J106
Chritton, Lillie          McKee, Milo          07 Dec 1897      G417
Chritton, Lillie E.       Rader, John          03 Nov 1897      G396
Chritton, Minnie          Stump, J.T.          29-Nov-00        H467
Chritton, Nora Margarete  Woodford, Arthur Prat22-May-04        J239
Chritton, Rosa E.         Nichols, James E.    07 Jan 1889      D474
Chritton, William H.      Brown, Maude E.      17-Aug-02        I326
Chubb, C.O.               Hurd, Beatrice T.    23-Dec-19        X057
Chultz, Tena              Bruce, John          03 Apr 1897      G277
Chumbley, Gertrude EvangelMiller, Max M.       11-Sep-20        Y099
Chumbley, Lola            Stine, George B.     20-Sep-17        T638
Church, A.H.              Church, Laurene B.   23-Dec-12        P585
Church, Ada B.            Shiblum, George B.   17-Jul-11        O250
Church, Aron M.           Sullivan, Gladys H.  31-Oct-17        U148
Church, Bessie            Scott, George K.     12-Jun-06        K292
Church, Calvin            Carroll, Letitia A.  16 Jul 1892      E581
Church, Charles D.        Carrothers, Cora M.  25-Jan-05        J483
Church, Clinton D.        Simmons, Mary        01 Jan 1879      A388
Church, Eleanor L.        Card, Arthur A.                       L360
Church, Eliza A.          Cressey, William     26 Nov 1887      D169
Church, Ethel F.          Rader, L.W.          28 Dec 1898      H005
Church, Francis A.        McComb, E.L.         15 May 1878      A332
Church, George W.         Funkhouser, Minnie I.15 Apr 1893      F115
Church, H.L.              Dunlap, Mildred Genev11-Jun-21        Z041
Church, Harry E.          Kleinegger, Mary     03 Jan 1899      H015
Church, Howard Elmer      Mattingly, Daisy A.                   T287
Church, Josie E.          Morrison, George W.  23 Dec 1896      G216
Church, Laurene B.        Church, A.H.         23-Dec-12        P585
Church, Lester H.         Lambky, Augusta      21-Sep-02        I355
Church, Maitland H.       Watt, Emma A.        25 Feb 1873      A061
Church, Mamie M.          Sulentic, S.A.       20-Nov-17        U237
Church, Margaret          Dunmire, Roy L.      22-Jul-20        X601
Church, Mary A.           Cullum, W.M.         22-Jun-21        Z074
Church, Ralph L.          Farber, Louella      18-Oct-05        K079
Church, Vivian Viola      Wilson, Fred B.      10-Jun-20        X476
Churchill, Dollie         Miller, Noah J.      14-Sep-05        K041
Churchill, Goldia Belle   Beebe, Thomas Milton 4-Mar-19         W008
Churchill, J. Roy         Ash, Monnie B.       19-Dec-20        Y336
Churchill, Jesse C.       Mork, Kate           17-May-06        K269
Churchill, Mary Irene     Pemberton, Claude W. 30-Oct-21        Z394
Churchill, Roy C.         Israel, Goldie                        S345
Churchman, R.M.           Artley, C.W.         3-Mar-20         X230
Churchward, Mary R.       Noel, Edgar Leon     6-Mar-18         V021
Churchward, Thomas P.     Lehmann, Verna Margue3-Jun-14         R012
Churchwell, Mattie L.     Watkins, W.B.        4-Jun-06         K283
Cies, Lylith Dean         Sullivan, Clarence Edmund             R587
Cinnamon, S.              Brahinsky, Fannie    13-Sep-19        W435
Ciskowski, Anna           Tiemeyer, George     06 Feb 1894      F290
Ciskowski, Mary           Mund, Moritz         16 Jul 1895      F566
Cissell, Earl R.          Bullion, May         29-Oct-21        Z383
Citizen, Theodore L.      Leddy, Marie         7-Apr-11         O088
Claar, Leonard            Kieft, Anna                           X457
Claassen, Alfred          Snyder, N. Jane                       S547
Claassen, Anna            Kluwer, Simeon S.    6-Mar-12         P137
Clader, J.F.              Le Valley, S.D.      14 Jun 1897      G313
Claggett, Eugene C.       Hills, Grace M.      31-Mar-09        M196
Claiborne, G.R.           Marble, M.           11-Nov-11        O411
Claiborne, John W.        Case, Olive F.       05 Mar 1895      F503
Clairmont, Florence Bell  Lapham, W.G.         19 Jul 1888      D347
Clamage, Arthur A.        Norton, Lee I.       26-Sep-02        I364
Clancy, Katherine Golda   Bilby, Virgil L.                      T367
Clancy, Katie             Newbough, L.J.       21 Jul 1881      B173
Clandy, C.C.              Walker, Nellie       21-Mar-05        J527
Clapham, Arthur           Sibel, Addie         07 Dec 1896      G202
Clapham, Bessie           Martin, Guy A.       1-Jun-21         Z010
Clapham, Fannie           Shockey, W.B.        01 Mar 1888      D238
Clapham, Leonard          Denem, Ida           30-Dec-10        N534
Clapham, M.D.             Hough, Frank         25 Jul 1882      B287
Clapham, Waldo R.         Bish, Cami E.                         R495
Clapp, Alva               De Haven, Beatrice   09 Sep 1896      G143
Clapp, Carolyn Hutchinson Millison, Wilbert B. 7-May-21         Y619
Clapp, Erma               Gallup, Ray W.       8-Jul-21         Z120
Clapp, Marc C.            Harper, Florence     12-Nov-10        N441
Clapp, Sidney             Holmes, Winn Earl    1-Nov-13         Q347
Clapper, H.B.             Weaver, M.L.         30-Apr-03        I543
Clapper, Linnie           Wendell, Adolph      11-Jul-06        K323
Clapper, Lydia M.         Wilson, George       15 Jun 1878      A338
Clar, Annie T.            McHenry, William H.  7-Jun-05         J591
Clar, John                Sparks, Lizzie       08 Mar 1892      E510
Clar, John H.             Barrett, Eula                         S193
Clarahan, John Edward     Bottorff, Grace Irene20-Feb-12        P113
Clardy, W.N.              Dorr, Fay Ellena     27-Apr-18        V113
Clare, C. Gordon          Roberts, Elizabeth                    S550
Clare, Effie Emma         Adam, Louis C.       18-Nov-03        J083
Clare, Ray                Bryant, Maggie                        O198
Clark, A. Bertie(rdie)    Truery, William H.   10 Nov 1889      E013
Clark, A.E.               Lewis, W.J.          8-Apr-18         V080
Clark, A.R.               Dabertz, Della C.    13 Jun 1886      C452
Clark, Abbie J.           McFrederick, Alvine  18 Oct 1899      H188
Clark, Albert             Slayten, Alice       10-Feb-19        V602
Clark, Albert B.          Fritz, Flora         24 Nov 1897      G411
Clark, Albert F.          Barrett, Viola       10-Apr-10        N089
Clark, Albert M.          Dunnigan, Goldie     19-Oct-19        W530
Clark, Alda               McGonagle, J.W.      26-Dec-11        P039
Clark, Aleene H.          Kizer, Chester E.    2-Apr-13         Q089
Clark, Alexander          Dodd, Nannie A.      10 Mar 1874      A110
Clark, Alexander          Williams, Alta                        N279
Clark, Alice M.           Brazill, Albert L.   25-Dec-07        L257
Clark, Allan M.           Oberist, Hattie      29 Apr 1885      C249
Clark, Allen B.           Moore, Emma K.       24 Dec 1889      E048
Clark, Almira             Gray, James W.                        S143
Clark, Amy E.             Root, Ernest C.      2-Jun-19         W181
Clark, Anna               Breneman, Frank T.   21-Aug-19        W377
Clark, Anna               Mullenneix, Earl     5-Jan-10         M607
Clark, Anna               Taylor, William H.   28 Aug 1884      C155
Clark, Anna E.            Quigley, Mark S.     18 Oct 1894      F419
Clark, Anna O.            Jones, Caleb N.      23 Sep 1888      D394
Clark, Arthur             Ledbetter, Catherine 24-Nov-08        M019
Clark, Arthur C.          Stilwell, Gladys                      R627
Clark, Austin Farris      Blanchard, Amy Frost 30-Jun-20        X545
Clark, Bert               Collins, Florence    12-Mar-04        J184
Clark, Bertha             Cramphin, Samuel     29 Mar 1898      G484
Clark, Bertha             Cranphin, Samuel     29 Mar 1898      G484
Clark, Bertha             Curll, W.H.          18-Nov-19        W616
Clark, Bertha             Dorman, Henry J.     9-Nov-03         J075
Clark, Bertha             Schenck, D.W.        24-Aug-07        L093
Clark, Bertha E.          McCormack, John R.   10-Oct-04        J373
Clark, Bertha May         Ross, George W.      14-Jul-04        J293
Clark, Berton O.          Magee, Lily          09 Dec 1894      F454
Clark, Bud C.             Venters, Sallie      07 Apr 1889      D520
Clark, C.A.               Petersen, Mary L.    20-Oct-10        N404
Clark, C.P.               Goodwin, Rachel A.(Mr20-Jul-09        M355
Clark, C.W.               Holtz, Charlotte (Mrs4-Oct-00         H421
Clark, C.W.               Olsen, Kjestine Marie20-Jun-00        H343
Clark, Carl S.            Pettit, Mary         4-Mar-19         W006
Clark, Carrie             Eby, W.H.                             S623
Clark, Carrie             Scott, James M.      25 Jan 1899      H032
Clark, Charles A.         Clark, Rebecca       29 Jan 1877      A250
Clark, Charles A.         Denny, Louisa A.     28 Jul 1887      D071
Clark, Charles A.         Isminger, Sarah      19 Dec 1888      D454
Clark, Charles Jr.        Berger, Maud         24-Aug-04        J322
Clark, Charles W.         Kennedy, Grace E.    28-Feb-06        K211
Clark, Charlotte          Wellman, A.C.        20-Jul-20        X598
Clark, Clarence Milton    Withers, Majorie     3-Jul-09         M333
Clark, Clarence V. Jr.    Lindsay, Ethelyne J. 13-Sep-20        Y102
Clark, Claud              Dunn, Lilac          19-Aug-12        P377
Clark, Clyde              Ramey, Anna          26-Aug-12        P385
Clark, Cora               Thomas, H.O.         16-Dec-08        M044
Clark, Cynthia            McKinney, John       14 Dec 1882      B329
Clark, D.L.               Haden, Lizzie        28 Dec 1897      G434
Clark, Dasie(ase) D.      Shepard, L.P.        22 Jan 1898      G447
Clark, Dave               Brewer, Alta         30-Dec-18        V544
Clark, David              Gilenwater, Nettie   28 Nov 1883      C009
Clark, E.                 Hull, W.             04 Jan 1878      A307
Clark, E.G.               McCluer, Minnie      26 May 1897      G303
Clark, E.J.               Farnum, Laura C.     31 May 1888      D311
Clark, E.L.               Dodson, Marie        28-May-13        Q160
Clark, Earl E.            Cook, Ethel          23-Jun-12        P300
Clark, Edgar J.           Smith, Jesse Mabel   1-Oct-07         L149
Clark, Edith E.           Porter, Robert E.    20-Nov-05        K114
Clark, Edith P.           Gale, C.A.           19 Aug 1897      G342
Clark, Edward             Floyd, Beulah Grace                   T377
Clark, Edward Leigh       Snelson, Marjorie Ver18-Oct-11        O361
Clark, Effie May          Peterson, Charles Aug15-Sep-07        L121
Clark, Effie May          Rush, Thomas W.      4-Feb-04         J156
Clark, Elgan W.           Morrison, Vernie E.  12-Aug-20        Y021
Clark, Emma               Lewis, P.C.                           R422
Clark, Erma               Kannier, Hershel     8-Sep-20         Y093
Clark, Ernest (Earnest)   Kreie, Evalyn(velyn) 27-Nov-07        L216
Clark, Ernest (Earnest) B.Woodman, Ida         6-Mar-12         P138
Clark, Eugene I.          Kraft, Emma M.       06 Sep 1880      B090
Clark, Eunice Elisabeth JaLantis, George H.    23 Dec 1879      B018
Clark, Evelyn             McCarty, Sterling B. 29-Apr-18        V117
Clark, F.A.               Ends, Fannie         19-Nov-06        K450
Clark, F.A.               Waner, Marie         21-Aug-00        H381
Clark, F.E.               Childers, Nieta      14-May-19        W135
Clark, F.R.               Miller, Alice        16-Jun-03        I580
Clark, Fannie             LaBarr, Ernest       16-Sep-09        M430
Clark, Fenton B.          Wisner, Helen E.(B.) 18 Sep 1894      F402
Clark, Fern               Silsbee, Delmer      15-Jul-08        L483
Clark, Florence A.        Rishel, Edwin        3-Feb-04         J155
Clark, Florence Louise    Davis, Everett R.    6-Jun-17         T423
Clark, Florrie C.         Massengill, Arthur   28-Jun-20        X541
Clark, Frank L.           Caster, Tressie D.   20 Jun 1896      G110
Clark, Frank L.           Schaffer, Sadie N.   13 Oct 1887      D132
Clark, Frank R.           Sullivan, Ellen J.   27-Mar-06        K232
Clark, Fred F.            Sharplack, Hortense  13-Oct-20        Y187
Clark, George             Kennedy, Rachel      13 Apr 1891      E317
Clark, George             Lance, Mary          23 Jan 1883      B342
Clark, George             Stuedle, Minnie      19-Jul-00        H362
Clark, George A.          Losee, Kate L.       17 Apr 1888      D273
Clark, George E. (C.)     Lane, Ida L.         11-Feb-01        H519
Clark, George G.          Mueller, A.E.        16-Apr-18        V098
Clark, George N.          Harvey, Rose J. (Loui19 Aug 1888      D364
Clark, George P.          Sweet, Sarah E.      17 Sep 1873      A085
Clark, Gladys             Myers, H.L.          10-Mar-21        Y512
Clark, Glenn              Lyman, Ila           16-Jan-22        Z554
Clark, Grace L.           Matson, Lauren C.    1-May-20         X365
Clark, H. Kyle            Bennet, Ila          9-Apr-18         V083
Clark, H.E.               Evans, Hattie        4-Apr-18         V072
Clark, H.M.               Coffey, C.C.                          S054
Clark, H.S.               Dunn, M.E.           03 Sep 1888      D376
Clark, Harold L.          Horr, Loneta M.      12-Nov-17        U199
Clark, Harriet Obrist     Wall, Thomas Berry   06 Jun 1898      G505
Clark, Harry              Bailey, Ada          28-Mar-19        W040
Clark, Harry T.           Waite, Gracia Lee    26-Jun-21        Z082
Clark, Harry W.           Hanlon, Mary Ellenor 26-Apr-19        W095
Clark, Harvey             Baker, Lulu          5-Sep-00         H390
Clark, Hattie             Carnahan, E.M.       23 Sep 1884      C134
Clark, Hattie             McClain, Harry Huse  30-Jan-08        L292
Clark, Hattie             Moore, J.B.          23 Oct 1897      G388
Clark, Hattie L.          Arnold, Augustus W.  25 Apr 1882      B267
Clark, Helen M.           Miller, Alexander F. 31 May 1881      B162
Clark, Helen Risburg      Anderson, Albert Leonard              T354
Clark, Henrietta          Stuever, H.A.        18-Jun-21        Z063
Clark, Henry DeMorse      Mongraine, Rose      11-Nov-14        R230
Clark, Hilda              Henry, Courtaney     11-Oct-17        U077
Clark, Howard             Arnfield, Hazel      2-Jul-21         Z106
Clark, Ida                Epps, W.L.           12-Aug-13        Q274
Clark, Ida                Kimberling, Frank J. 15-Jul-10        N244
Clark, Ida A.             Goodale, Gera F.     23 Oct 1892      E634
Clark, Ida H.             Gillett, Philander   31 Jan 1883      B346
Clark, Ida L.             Moss, J.M.                            S087
Clark, Ida M.             Hahn, Jerome         20 Sep 1885      C308
Clark, Iowa               Wertz, Ben           30-Apr-13        Q128
Clark, Isaac N.           Walkcott, Eva M.                      T118
Clark, Iva                Knight, David                         S598
Clark, Iva Myrtle         Brumley, Ralph H.    24-Jan-18        U505
Clark, J.A.               Somers, Fannie M.    22 Sep 1881      B191
Clark, J.E.               Huber, Theresa       27-Jan-14        Q516
Clark, J.W.               Utt, Edna E.         20-Jul-18        V285
Clark, James A.           Grimes, Ruby         12-Dec-05        K137
Clark, James A.           Scott, Jane E.       27-Aug-19        W389
Clark, James B.           Sturns, Sarah J.     28 Sep 1882      B301
Clark, James D.           Hamilton, Esther H.  15 May 1890      E140
Clark, James L.           Green, Fannie        3-Dec-10         N486
Clark, James L.           Torrence, Margaret(Mr14-Nov-10        N446
Clark, Jessie             Morrison, Albert     6-Apr-22         Z692
Clark, Joe                Dant, Clayton E.     9-Oct-07         L162
Clark, John               Bohall, Katie                         C193
Clark, John               McDow, Minnie E.     09 Jun 1888      D316
Clark, John               McGree, Edna         27-Dec-18        V541
Clark, John               Pugh, Yula Fay       5-Apr-18         V075
Clark, John               Tool, Myrtle         17-Dec-08        M050
Clark, John C.            Mixon, Estella May   2-Nov-09         M510
Clark, John Miller        Hazard, Goldie R.    26-May-01        H598
Clark, John R.            Thompson, Alice A.   29 Nov 1882      B323
Clark, John W.            Saffer, Mary C.      05 Nov 1879      B001
Clark, Josie May          Anthony, Frederick J.4-Apr-06         K237
Clark, Juliet Caroline    Wall, Berry          31-Oct-06        K429
Clark, Kate B.            Carter, John         27 Nov 1895      F634
Clark, Katie              Muzzy, Frank         25-Sep-02        I362
Clark, L.C.               Attebury, Stella     26-Aug-14        R118
Clark, L.E.               Dawson, J.L.         17 Nov 1884      C161
Clark, Laura              Hammon, Arthur D.    19-Apr-01        H562
Clark, Laura S.           Murphy, J.S.                          E326
Clark, Lavina             Aylward, Joseph A.   22-Jan-21        Y419
Clark, Lawrence S.        Bradley, Beatrice                     Z723
Clark, Lawrence S.        Jeletee, Margery                      X558
Clark, Lelia              Ballantine, Alphus   2-Dec-07         L221
Clark, Leo                Pugh, Goldie         19-Aug-11        O287
Clark, Leon W.            Moss, Inez N.        5-Jun-21         Z022
Clark, Leona              Cogswell, Guy K.                      S477
Clark, Leslie             Koster, Lillie       24-Apr-21        Y596
Clark, Lewis              Perkins, Carrie      25-Apr-07        K616
Clark, Lewis C.           Watkins, Mary        2-Jul-21         Z103
Clark, Lillian M.         Hubbell, F.A.                         T187
Clark, Lottie             Kinkead, F.                           S260
Clark, Louis              Allen, M.J.          03 Oct 1888      D400
Clark, Louis              Diamond, Sophrona    11 Oct 1887      D129
Clark, Louis              White, Carrie                         R544
Clark, Lucy E.            Mudge, John F.       23-Dec-08        M063
Clark, Lucy M.            Waters, W.L.         04 Aug 1885      C288
Clark, Lulu               Edwards, Walter D.   31-Dec-17        U430
Clark, Lynn               Anderson, Lucy       5-Jul-10         N225
Clark, Mabel              Blue, Edward P.      31-Mar-09        M195
Clark, Mabel              Hale, James                           S056
Clark, Mae                Mathes, J. Edgar     5-Apr-05         J531
Clark, Marcellia          Weiland, Chancie     3-Feb-20         X174
Clark, Margaret           Wehland, Harry       19-Dec-17        U364
Clark, Margaret M.        Jones, James D.                       S095
Clark, Marguerite CatherinGalletly, Alfred John18-Jan-21        Y417
Clark, Maria              Brewer, Richard      11-May-07        K629
Clark, Martha Maud        Gray, Charles F.     3-Apr-07         K591
Clark, Martin R.          Keckley, Hattie S.   15 Feb 1876      A192
Clark, Mary               Hammon, George A.    08 Dec 1894      F455
Clark, Mary               Sheppard, D.A.       31 Dec 1882      B336
Clark, Mary A.            Eaman, James         30 Nov 1870      A004
Clark, Mary Abbie         Northrup, Alberta    06 Oct 1896      G162
Clark, Mary C.            Gay, Franklin        12 Apr 1891      E323
Clark, Mary Helen         Reed, Ray Elbert     28-Mar-06        K231
Clark, Mary Helen         Reid, Ray Elbert     28-Mar-06        K231
Clark, Mary M.            Jacoby, N.B.         09 Nov 1884      C157
Clark, Mary Virginia      Sourbeer, Roy                         S323
Clark, Matie              Center, Burt         19-Mar-02        I203
Clark, Maud B.            Carnahan, Henry C.   27-Jun-06        K308
Clark, May                Edwards, F.T.        21-Oct-03        J060
Clark, May                Phelps, Frank        19-Feb-08        L312
Clark, Maybelle           Speece, Russell W.   12-May-10        N138
Clark, Mazo Dean          Hornbaker, Henry Ray 19-Jun-12        P292
Clark, Mildred L.         Ott, Eugene H.       17-Jun-17        T450
Clark, Minnie             Hartman, C.L.        10 Sep 1893      F197
Clark, Minnie             Rounds, Frank W.     20 Sep 1893      F205
Clark, Minnie L.          Johnson, Amos L.     03 Feb 1895      F486
Clark, Minnie L.          Stewart, Homer T.    27-Oct-08        L621
Clark, Minnie M.          Tabeling, Cecil      7-Jul-09         M336
Clark, Myrtle             Fisk, Oscar          2-Sep-14         R128
Clark, Myrtle M.          Beard, Henry G.      2-May-09         M243
Clark, Nannie R.          Piper, W.S.          3-Jul-04         J283
Clark, Nellie             Kreider, G.S.                         W628
Clark, Nellie             Loomis, William Edwin13-Oct-13        Q374
Clark, Nellie Edith       Wise, Jonas L.                        S103
Clark, Nettie             Fox, Alfred A.       27 Dec 1893      F282
Clark, Nettie             Horsman, John        21-Oct-09        M492
Clark, Nina A.            Lockwood, Samuel     19-Sep-10        N341
Clark, O.E.               Jackson, Emma        15 Feb 1880      B033
Clark, Ollie              Knowland, W.T.       8-Aug-21         Z194
Clark, Ollie Gertrude     Smith, Lester L.T.   17-Oct-05        K080
Clark, Ollie O.           Cox, J.L.                             H192
Clark, Ollie O.           Cox, J.L.            22 Oct 1899      H190
Clark, Orson B. Jr.       Mahannah, Mary       16 Nov 1893      F252
Clark, Orva E.            Taylor, Helen        29-Nov-19        X009
Clark, P.A.               Simmons, E.A.        15-Jan-18        U478
Clark, Patience           Ralph, M. Aurelius   24 Nov 1875      A178
Clark, Paul V.            Ward, Wilma W.                        R512
Clark, Pearl A.           Troop, Adam          22-Oct-02        I384
Clark, Pearl Gladys       Dibbens, Jarman Field21-Mar-22        Z666
Clark, Philo W.           Cannon, Katherine L. 28 Nov 1894      F448
Clark, Plez S.            Hadley, Anna Ione    25-Aug-21        Z234
Clark, R. Elenor(eanor)   Fulwiler, James M.   20-Mar-11        O060
Clark, R.B.               Mendenhall, Henrietta01 Oct 1893      F215
Clark, R.G.               Cruse, Hazel         18-May-13        Q146
Clark, R.H.               Sample, Julia A.     06 Aug 1885      C296
Clark, R.W.               Arthur, Mattie       17 Oct 1886      C517
Clark, Rachel             Pfile, Philip        30 Mar 1892      E527
Clark, Rachel A.          Gibbs, C.F.          8-Jan-18         U460
Clark, Ralph M.           Hay, Elsie S.        30-May-18        V179
Clark, Rebecca            Clark, Charles A.    29 Jan 1877      A250
Clark, Rebecca E.         Farmer, John                          S125
Clark, Richard Robert     Kreischer, Charlotte 4-Sep-20         Y078
Clark, Robert E.          Dominique, Lorena A. 22-Nov-05        K116
Clark, Rose C.            Snyder, T.H.         20 Feb 1898      G466
Clark, Rose Edith         Pilcher, L.J.        3-Dec-17         U303
Clark, Roy Casper         Gettings, Daisy      26-Sep-21        Z309
Clark, Royal              Glazier, Hazel Jean  19-Apr-11        O109
Clark, Russell Herbert    Layton, Eliza May    6-Mar-09         M170
Clark, Ruth A.            Pester, Benjamin H.  1-Sep-20         Y072
Clark, S.C.               Allison, Sarah J.    22 Mar 1877      A259
Clark, Sallie             Van, Isaac           29 Aug 1882      B299
Clark, Samuel D.          Frost, Rhoda J.      02 Sep 1887      D093
Clark, Samuel M.          Young, Minnie        01 Sep 1886      C493
Clark, Sarah E.           Tobias, William      30 May 1883      B375
Clark, Sarah L.           Shreve, Judson W.    27 Jan 1887      C579
Clark, Selesta            Cardeiro, M.R.       02 Jun 1872      A036
Clark, Seymour            Glancy, Edith E.     12 Nov 1891      E419
Clark, Seymour            Smith, Hallie M.     27-Dec-05        K160
Clark, Seymour            Swits, Pearl         15-Nov-17        U216
Clark, Sonora             Stevenson, James W.  04 Sep 1884      C130
Clark, Stella Edith       Anderson, F.S.                        T176
Clark, Thomas             Byrd, Mary           17-Nov-21        Z431
Clark, Vance              Konecny, Hermina     12-Nov-07        L196
Clark, Venetta            Martin, Lloyd John   3-Sep-14         R128
Clark, Vera               Hollowell, D.H.                       S106
Clark, Vinnie L.          Joslin, Walter B.    19 Aug 1892      E599
Clark, Viola              Birchard, Thomas L.  6-Nov-05         K100
Clark, W.C.               Salmond, C.B.        19-Jul-13        Q241
Clark, W.H.               McClaren, Addie      09 Oct 1898      G586
Clark, W.H.A.             Coleman, Fannie      10 Feb 1886      C389
Clark, W.H.A.             McDonald, Ida        2-Apr-01         H547
Clark, Walter B.          Fuller, Edith H.     22-Jan-03        I470
Clark, Walter J.          Donmyer, Beatrice    15-Oct-20        Y196
Clark, Walter Vernon      Moore, Mabel E.      1-Nov-19         W567
Clark, Wesley             McAfee, Maria        28 Aug 1887      D089
Clark, Wilbur R.          Williams, Virgie     4-Mar-07         K565
Clark, William            May, Nellie          24 Mar 1885      C231
Clark, William A.         Gunn, Maggie         13 Oct 1880      B101
Clark, William A.         Scott, Martha H.     1-Nov-21         Z397
Clark, William C.         Parsons, Bessie G.   3-Apr-04         J199
Clark, William John       Stephenson, Ellen    7-Sep-12         P403
Clark, William M.         Shawler, Maud        18-Nov-08        M013
Clark, William T.         Skinner, Sarah       22 Dec 1885      C365
Clark, Willis             Sullivan, Georga(gia)19-Aug-07        L087
Clark, Winifred Marcia    Speer, John Lopez    20-Jun-07        L026
Clark, Zoe                Wycoff, C.M.         8-Sep-00         H395
Clarke, Cleo F.           Hyson, Gladys M.     7-Mar-19         W013
Clarke, Gladys Marie      Bullinger, Ernest W. 25-Jan-19        V577
Clarke, J.J.              Parker, Anna M.      29-Sep-21        Z316
Clarke, Mary (Mrs.)       Widner, Elias E.     14 Dec 1879      B014
Clarke, Omer              Koger, Laura         30-Nov-17        U291
Clarke, S.D.              Davis, Stacy A.      7-Jul-17         T494
Clarke, W.E.              Ralston, Macie       15 Oct 1898      G589
Clarke, William D.        Andrews, Ivah K.     2-Oct-03         J040
Clarkson, Aonda (Aouda) A.Mathers, B.L.        31-Jul-06        K341
Clarkson, Dora            Smith, Roy           3-Feb-20         X174
Clarkson, Lucy S.         Halderman, Ercie S.                   S445
Clary, Agnes              Monckton, John                        S195
Clary, Belle Miranda      Zimmerman, Carl      12-Nov-21        Z422
Clary, Charles C.         Smitherman, Gladys   24-Aug-19        W379
Clary, Gilbert            Look, Grace          22-Dec-10        N513
Clary, Martin             Gossage, Martha      5-Jun-12         P264
Clary, Maude              Plattner, George     20 Sep 1891      E391
Clasbey, Robert H.        Guatney, Pansy B.                     S117
Clasen, Anna              Hermes, George W.    25-Nov-08        M017
Clasen, Anna              Schauf, Adam         14-Sep-20        Y084
Clasen, Christian         Freund, Katherina    19 Aug 1880      B083
Clasen, D.F.              Skaatz, Elizabeth    7-Apr-19         W060
Clasen, Joseph            Bugener, Margaret    14-Oct-19        W487
Clasen, Lillie            Zoglemann, Albert    23-Apr-07        K594
Clasen, Margaret          Landwehr, William J. 6-Jun-11         O151
Clasen, Mary              Horsch, Mathias      20-Feb-06        K191
Clasen, Mathias           Heimermann, Maria Ann28 Nov 1882      B317
Clasen, N. Joseph         Sindelbach, Mary     21 Oct 1884      C147
Clasen, Nicholis          Elsen, Katie         10 Jun 1884      C087
Clasen, Nickolas          Odermath, Pauline Ger26 Nov 1895      F628
Clasen, Peter J.          Grassel, Anna        1-Aug-11         O253
Clasen, Phillip           Elsen, Katie         20 Feb 1884      C035
Clasen, Rosella           Ast, Ben F.          23-Feb-14        Q526
Clasen, Rudolph           Armbruster, Josephine8-Jun-09         M262
Clator, Edward            Buzzard, Agnes B.    24 Oct 1888      D414
Claunch, A.L.             Knox, R.S.           2-Mar-22         Z637
Clausen, Anna(nie) May (MaGegen, Valentine     04 Feb 1896      G040
Claven, Anna              Bichsel, Joseph      09 Mar 1886      C399
Clawson, Idona            Doerksen, Jacob E.   21-Sep-09        M439
Clawson, Susie            Ingalls, Harry E.    30 Nov 1893      F258
Claxton, Arvel            Leidy, Blanche E.                     S434
Claxton, Gertrude         Keith, Floyd         27-Dec-19        X074
Clay, Alexander           Madison, Flossie     19-Aug-14        R107
Clay, Ben                 Tovrea, Mary         27 Jun 1899      H114
Clay, Charlotta Elizabeth Rogers, Alva William                  S090
Clay, Edward N.           Mellin, Anna Christin4-Jun-05         J587
Clay, Elizabeth Viola     Rice, Roy Edwin      23-Sep-14        R156
Clay, Fersina D.          Rosiere, John P.     01 Jan 1881      B125
Clay, H.C.                Knofflock, Ida M.    03 Jul 1888      D336
Clay, Henry A.            Poe, Allice          25 Dec 1884      C180
Clay, Mollie              Hadley, Walter                        C179
Clay, Ollie M.            Trapp, Horace M.     25-Dec-10        N526
Clay, Verna Rose          Griggs, Jesse E.     1-Feb-19         V591
Clay, Walter E.           Wright, Marguerite J.20-Jan-20        X141
Claybaugh, Kelley W.      Young, Evadna        2-Sep-21         Z250
Clayborn, Clara B.        Woolfolk, John F.    13-Feb-11        O013
Claybrook, A.B.           Ray, Lula            30 May 1888      D310
Clayburn, W.M.            Cook, Alice          7-Mar-18         V025
Clayburn, William         Hardy, Minnie        27-Mar-08        L349
Claypool, Della           Bryant, Joe          15-Aug-17        T579
Claypool, Earl            Turner, Nettie       3-Aug-21         Z181
Claypool, Mamie           Rice, Everett C.                      T383
Claypool, Mary Elsie      Nichols, Hugh Clinton25-Nov-14        R252
Claypoole, Emma           Hendricks, William   29 May 1876      A205
Clayton, Floyd            Ransom, Mabel        13-Aug-08        L515
Clayton, George           Battenfield, Mattie  22 Oct 1898      G595
Clayton, Grace            Myers, Murel L.      2-Jun-17         T412
Clayton, Harry Josiah     Coleman, Arrah       18-May-13        Q148
Clayton, John W.          Logan, Cordelia M.   14 Nov 1878      A376
Clayton, Maggie           Robinson, Soloman    14-Oct-13        Q375
Clayton, Olive E.         Lund, J.D.           29 Nov 1899      H216
Clayton, Ollie M.         Mahoney, Stephen G.  24-Apr-00        H310
Clayton, Ralph H.         Cossey, Ella J.      03 Jan 1893      F055
Clayton, Robert J.        Abling, Rose A.                       T198
Clayvon, Bert             Hollte, Katie        31-Dec-19        X098
Cleance, Bertha D.        Clinger, Ernest W.   3-Feb-15         R349
Clearedy, Hubert          Taylor, Marie        5-Aug-18         V296
Cleary, Catherine C.      Hesse, Joseph B.                      T351
Cleary, Cecil E.          Dunagan, Marie Jane  4-Feb-20         X173
Cleary, John J.           Heying, Clara M.     16 May 1889      D538
Cleary, John T.           Chase, Hazel Brant   24-Nov-21        Z444
Cleary, Vivian            Trentman, J.L.                        T044
Cleaveland, Jessie        Williams, Arthur     7-Sep-18         V383
Cleaveland, Mollie        Brownback, W.C.      15 Dec 1896      G212
Cleaver, May              Cunningham, W.H.                      R549
Cleaver, Porter G.C.      Dorcas, Estelle Genev24-Sep-17        U001
Cleek, Lottie             Briley, Loyd         3-Feb-09         M125
Clegg, Carrie Ann         Morrison, Reze       30-Oct-01        I090
Clegg, Clifton            Nelson, Edith        26-Mar-21        Y546
Clegg, Ernest             Ross, Sallie         9-Jun-06         K290
Clegg, Ethel              Fuller, D.M.         22-Aug-06        K355
Clegg, Ida                Bayfield, R.M.       24-Feb-03        I492
Clegg, Nancy L.           Ray, Alfred          06 Sep 1897      G352
Clegg, Nuna               Bridenstine, James M.26 Apr 1891      E334
Clegg, Sarah Ellen        Purdy, Robert        25 Dec 1899      H227
Clem, Temperance Irene    Puryear, Allen Wilson15-Jan-22        Z553
Clemence, George          Jordan, Ethel        24-Nov-21        Z437
Clemens, Cordelia         Rittner, Joseph      15 Dec 1872      A054
Clemens, Ernest           Chrisler, Edith      27-Nov-06        K458
Clemens, Frank J.         Mallory, Ella Florenc10 Feb 1891      E300
Clemens, William T.       Shannon, Myrtle S.   28-Aug-05        K024
Clemenson, Clarence Ed.   Webster, Stella      16-Sep-08        L567
Clement, Ernestine        Bonebright, Ambert W.21-Jan-15        R335
Clement, Julia B.         Wilson, Thomas C.    20 Dec 1888      D455
Clement, Mabel J.         Rogers, Robert I.    28 Jun 1893      F160
Clement, Martha (Mrs.)    Kantz, Worth         21 May 1899      H092
Clement, O.C.             Gully, Maybelle      11-Oct-17        U052
Clements, Bruce           Hutchison, Inez R.   8-Oct-18         V434
Clements, Eva May         Turner, William D.   23 Dec 1890      E266
Clements, Guy S.          Burnett, Maymie Irene1-Jun-19         W177
Clements, H.E.            Haynes, Iva M.       5-Nov-13         Q411
Clements, Hughart H.      Jones, Margaret M.   2-Aug-13         Q267
Clements, W.R.            Elliott, Nora        27-Jun-00        H349
Clements, Wynona Leota    Gregg, Will L.       21-Aug-20        Y046
Clemes, Vera Dorothy      Hurd, Roger Simpson  22-Dec-14        R288
Clemetson, Iva            Smith, Francis K.    31-Jan-20        X170
Clemmer, John C.          Cooper, Mabel(le) E. 17-Oct-06        K408
Clemmer, Lola             Johnson, Glenn N.    29-Nov-20        Y307
Clemmer, Mertie           Likely, Fred         24-Nov-04        J422
Clemmons, Manta           Carlman, Harvey L.   26-Sep-21        Z309
Clemmons, Marcus O.       Landreth, Pearl      3-Jun-13         Q176
Clemons, C.J.             Poe, Juanita         15-Dec-20        Y339
Clemons, Darwin H.        Hawks, May           30-Sep-13        Q349
Clemons, W.S.             Birdsall, Cora       8-Aug-14         R089
Clendenin, John W.        Aaron, Angela        30-Dec-14        R307
Clendenon, Louis K.       Carver, Rebecca S. (M13 Nov 1884      C160
Clenens, Rena             Simpson, L.M.        29-Oct-08        L624
Clepper, Edith            Woytych, L.M.        22-Jan-21        Y427
Clester, Della            Johnson, William     30-Sep-14        R170
Clester, John             Morse, Ida           05 Jan 1887      C571
Cleveland, Clara E.       Patterson, Henry     12-Mar-02        I196
Cleveland, Homer J.       McCulley, Beulah Cula2-Sep-18         V367
Cleveland, William L.     Merrill, Alice       16 Nov 1873      A092
Clevenger, Ernest C.      Wilxox, Eva C.       1-Sep-18         V361
Clevenger, Huldah         Thilman, John        19 Jul 1878      A345
Clevenger, Ruth           McManemin, J.G.      23-May-18        V165
Clever, Bert              Jones, Delia A.      27-Nov-02        I408
Clever, Carrie G.         Sutton, Austin M.    30 Dec 1889      E052
Clever, Cora C.           Price, Chancy O.     25 Jan 1896      G038
Clever, Lulu              Krause, Henry        29-Nov-06        K464
Cleverdon, A.R.           Pearson, Lois        11-Nov-12        P510
Clevinger, Alice          Simpson, L.W.        21-Mar-12        P154
Clevinger, Nettie         Hill, William L. Jr. 09 Oct 1887      D125
Click, Bessie             McPherson, George W. 30-Jun-09        M330
Click, Pearl Margrie      Lamb, O.O.           3-Aug-03         I620
Clifford, Ada C           Gregory, Charles G.(S27 Jun 1893      F158
Clifford, Ada C.          Gregory, Charles S.  27 May 1893      F156
Clifford, B.W.            Kenoyer, Vene        28-May-09        M269
Clifford, Charles W.      Black, Julia A.      30 Sep 1891      E396
Clifford, Frank           McIntyre, Nettie M.  15-Nov-04        J416
Clifford, Fredonia M.     Weston, Frank M.     25 Dec 1890      E271
Clifford, Lena            McArdle, John        14 Jul 1897      G325
Clifford, Luther E        Listerman, Mary E.   27 Oct 1889      E003
Clifford, Tim             Loyd, Eva                             C279
Clift, Elmer              Bynum, Ida           24-Aug-18        V344
Clift, Elsie Belle        Urner, John T.                        T311
Clift, John T.            Schmidt, Grace Lenore5-Oct-13         Q357
Clifton, Almira           McAllister, Homer H. 22 Aug 1878      A355
Clifton, Charles A.       Pearce, Blanche M.   15 Oct 1891      E404
Clifton, George           Morrison, Emma       17-Apr-20        X341
Clifton, Helen            Flory, C.L.          25-Apr-12        P209
Clifton, I.A.             Lane, Nettie         13-Sep-00        H398
Clifton, Ida              Ferguson, S.J.       28-Aug-17        T599
Clifton, Mattie           Johnson, N.T.        10-Jul-20        X572
Clifton, Viola            McAllister, Fred     24 Nov 1888      D437
Cline, Albert             Buxton, Emma         25 Feb 1886      C396
Cline, Allen C.           Scott, Maud S.       29-Feb-12        P124
Cline, Anna               McBratney, Jesse     16-Oct-00        H434
Cline, Anna               Tapp, Robert Oliver  26-Sep-12        P431
Cline, Arnold             Wootres, Betty       16-Nov-20        Y273
Cline, B.M.               Hall, Sophia M.      10-Jun-08        L433
Cline, Bertha             Janke, Herbert F.    28-Aug-21        Z241
Cline, Beulah             Woods, Lake          23-Dec-12        P582
Cline, Cecil              Pickerill, Ida       16-Apr-21        Y580
Cline, Charles            Keith, Libbie        4-Sep-00         H388
Cline, Cora G.            Harding, Walter J.   23-Dec-17        U370
Cline, Daisy              Lucas, Ira F.        27-Jul-21        Z159
Cline, Daniel L.          Reed, Bianca L.      01 Jan 1891      E277
Cline, Doll F.            Hargis, J.V.         26-Nov-19        W633
Cline, Emma               Kyte, H.             1-May-13         Q133
Cline, Ethel              Shreves, Bert        8-Sep-08         L557
Cline, Frances S.         Wheeler, O.A.        01 Jan 1885      C188
Cline, G.D.               Thompson, Alma       2-Jul-08         L471
Cline, George E.          Reilly, Mary         23-Sep-12        P425
Cline, I.P.               Cline, S.L.          15-Jun-20        X497
Cline, J.A.               Lumley, Stella       29-Sep-04        J361
Cline, John               McKee, Anna B.       08 Mar 1893      F093
Cline, John William       Rainey, Annie H.     12 Sep 1882      B297
Cline, Joseph             Rising, Weltha       08 Feb 1895      F491
Cline, Lue F.             Thomas, E.A.         24 Mar 1896      G051
Cline, Lydia L.           Davis, A.T.          31-Aug-07        L101
Cline, Mae E.             Hill, B.M.           29-Feb-12        P130
Cline, Marion E.          Griffin, Bernice E.                   T347
Cline, Mary E.            Hopper, William J.   24 Dec 1892      F039
Cline, Merle D.           McEwen, Mary         2-Nov-19         W571
Cline, Merle D.           Warner, Nettie       28-May-21        Z002
Cline, Merrill D.         McEwen, Mary         31-Dec-14        R308
Cline, Mildred S.         Nichols, Drew        4-Jun-20         X454
Cline, Neal               Thompson, Mamie      25-Jun-08        L459
Cline, Oscar              Taylor, Tillie       15-Oct-19        W526
Cline, Perry              McKee, Nora          04 Apr 1894      F334
Cline, Perry T.           Warfield, Ida May    7-Aug-04         J311
Cline, Peter Lee          Hanna, Salina Martha 23-Jun-07        L030
Cline, Ruth               Garner, Willie                        S055
Cline, S.L.               Cline, I.P.          15-Jun-20        X497
Cline, Sue A.             Bomberger, Clifford R.                T167
Cline, Viola              Ellis, Orlando                        C315
Cline, Virgil             Irwin, Walter        1-Sep-13         Q299
Cline, W.H.               Kellogg, Dora Isabell31 Dec 1883      C024
Cline, W.W.               Martin, Mary         26 Dec 1899      H237
Cline, Wealtha            Hudson, Paul L.      30-May-09        M270
Cline, Wilma              Fye, J.R.            7-May-14         Q619
Cline, Zelma Rose         Dallas, Wylie Ray    22-May-21        Y657
Clinesmith, Daisy         Mitchell, Judd                        R455
Clinesmith, F.L.          Garrett, Avis E.                      S515
Clinesmith, Jesse         Snyder, Florence E.  21 Feb 1896      G053
Clinesmith, Mamie         Bowman, H.B.         21-Jan-03        I470
Clinesmith, Myrtle Lee    Gates, Ora           11-Jun-21        Z018
Clinesmith, Pearl Daisy   Bierer, Will         1-Jan-19         V545
Clingenpeel, Don          Scott, Elsie         21-Aug-12        P380
Clingenpeel, William W.   Howe, Cora Luella    29 Mar 1882      B249
Clinger, Ella             Fink, J.A.           12-Apr-20        X324
Clinger, Ernest W.        Cleance, Bertha D.   3-Feb-15         R349
Clinger, George M.        Cummings, Bernice R. 17-Aug-21        Z215
Clinger, J. Allen         Shirley, Henrietta   1-Sep-08         L546
Clinger, Raymond A.       Dennett, Susie       5-Oct-10         N377
Clink, Rowland E.         Camp, Lucy Anne                       T284
Clinton, Blanche N.       Davies, Harry M.     25-Nov-20        Y296
Clinton, Victor E.        Wetmore, Lillian M.  4-Apr-20         X306
Cloakey, Josephine        Allen, J.A.                           B243
Clock, Fred H.            Satchell, Jessie I.  25 Dec 1894      F467
Clodfelter, Bessie        Daisy, George W.S.   11-Feb-02        I179
Clodfelter, Ella (Mrs.)   Hardey, Charles Henry19-Dec-04        J443
Clodfelter, Emsteard A.   Dalley(ly), Sadie    24 Dec 1889      E048
Clodfelter, Jesse E.      Beeton, Amy          27-Apr-22        Z732
Clodfelter, Margaret EdithCox, Thomas E.       4-Sep-20         Y086
Clodfelter, Perry         Furnish, Lillian May 2-Nov-14         R218
Cloepfil, John Conard     Smith, Mabel Leona   25-Oct-20        Y223
Cloepfil, William Emery   Steiver, Frances     4-Nov-20         Y245
Clogston, Robert H.       Little, Virginia L.  21-Nov-01        I107
Clokey, Reid              Lowry, Francis                        R430
Clomann, Reuben           Porter, Hazel        9-Nov-12         P505
Clore, Maude Louise       Qualls, Phillip Foster                R526
Close, Clarence           Sufforn, Myrtle      25-Feb-22        Z627
Close, Clifford           Myers, Ida                            T343
Close, Elmer H.           Garrison, Zula       4-Jan-22         Z537
Close, H.F.               Cross, Lana A.       26 Feb 1880      B043
Close, Mattie             Frost, Walker Claude 20-Jan-09        M111
Closson, Emma             Stevens, George A.   17 Oct 1893      F231
Closson, George H.        Russell, Emma R.     16 Oct 1888      D407
Cloud, Anna L.            Bell, Charles E.     25 Jun 1896      G112
Cloud, Blanche            Miller, George L. (Re14 Jan 1892      E478
Cloud, Carrie             Durant, Leonard      25 Dec 1883      C019
Cloud, Elbert C.          Prather, Irene F.                     S508
Cloud, Esther A.          Geter, John          06 Jul 1898      G537
Cloud, Ethel              Strange, J.A.        28-Mar-11        O067
Cloud, Georgia            Watkins, Charles P.  27 Apr 1892      E536
Cloud, Gladys             Schemahorn, Clem D.  19-Aug-20        Y042
Cloud, James W.           Jackson, Ida E.      26 Jan 1887      C577
Cloud, M.H.               Foreman, Ida         05 Aug 1893      F179
Cloud, Minnie Doris       Hanes, Cyrus Elmer   28-Jun-11        O216
Clough, Bertha            Roper, Samuel C.     19-Mar-05        J524
Clough, Chancy June       Johnston, Anna May   1-Mar-05         J509
Clough, Floyd             Lawson, Flossie                       S517
Clouse, Addie E.          Clouse, Arthur D.    19-Aug-19        W373
Clouse, Arthur D.         Clouse, Addie E.     19-Aug-19        W373
Clouse, Emma G.           Lansdowne, David S.  11-Aug-07        L075
Clouse, George J.         Garnett, Elsie       30-Jun-20        X544
Clouse, Hattie            Short, John          8-Dec-10         N490
Clouse, Linna             Scovell, Frank       22-Dec-14        R284
Clouse, Mary              Gerber, Jacob        23 May 1881      B159
Clouse, Ruth              Wintermote, John Will21-Nov-19        W624
Clover, Benjamin H.       Hawley, Florence L.  04 Apr 1894      F334
Clover, Fae               Henderson, Ralph     29-Jun-19        W255
Clover, Hester Ann        Finley, J.M.         2-Jan-21         Y390
Clover, L.                Clover, Mary E. (Mrs.01 Nov 1898      G602
Clover, Louie             Thomas, E.E.         24 Dec 1899      H233
Clover, Lucille           Sprague, Leon        17-Mar-20        X260
Clover, Mary E. (Mrs.)    Clover, L.           01 Nov 1898      G602
Clover, Olive Lenore      Parry, M.A.          20-Dec-19        X056
Clovis, James L.          Campbell, Ella T.    18-Oct-04        J381
Clow, Ada May             Dean, Guy            17-Sep-10        N337
Cloyd, I.M.               Pickrell, G.E.       27-May-14        R007
Cloyd, T.R.               Hartfield, Mary      19-Jul-04        J298
Cloyed, Adelia            Burnam, Loren Launsda4-Sep-17         T610
Clubb, Cora E.            Carothers, John H.                    T162
Clubb, Jesse              Carnahan, Mabel      2-Sep-20         Y077
Clubb, Leona              Rhine, Ferman        16-Mar-21        Y529
Clubb, Said(dy)           Abernathy, Charles   30-Dec-11        O233
Clubine, H.I.             Eldridge, Helen      31-Oct-18        V465
Cluff, A.R.               Cunningham, Pearl Ber11-Mar-22        Z653
Cluff, Frank              Bigger, Mina         20-Jan-09        M108
Cluff, Inez               Crawford, William E. 16-Dec-08        M048
Cluff, Lena A.            Mitchell, Lewis G.   23-Feb-01        H528
Cluff, Sherman G.         Patman, Dollie       04 Dec 1892      F028
Clune, Mathew             Loughlin, Amy O.                      S445
Clupny, Leonard           Nevlud, Maria        18-Jun-12        P242
Clury, John               Selmer, Mary         23-Aug-05        K020
Cluster, Blanch(he)       Thompson, Albert H.  16-Mar-08        L340
Clute, Addie (Mrs)        Dunaphant, James     12 Feb 1890      E071
Clute, Addie (Mrs.)       Duniphant, James     12 Feb 1890      E071
Clutter, James O.         Dunn, Ellen                           S207
Clyburn, Mary M.          Allison, William H.  6-Jun-06         K284
Clymar, Wealtha           Jones, Claud A.      12-Apr-06        K242
Clymer, Victwair          Coleman, R.E.        24-Dec-13        Q466
Coale, Isaac              Green, Doris         18-Sep-20        Y121
Coalgate, S.L.            Harrison, W.B.       14 Nov 1897      G405
Coan, Cecil B.            Boydston, Lamoine    26-Nov-19        W630
Coate, Hugh L.            Long, Rena           15-Sep-09        M428
Coate, Orville            Gilmore, DeEtte      1-Jul-19         W257
Coates, Carrie F.         McAuley, Thomas B.   20-Jan-03        I469
Coates, Elsie E.          Jones, Paul D.       17 Jun 1897      G316
Coates, Francis E.        Green, Fannie        06 May 1895      F535
Coates, George R.         Koeneke, Ella A.     26 Sep 1885      C310
Coates, John J.           Litchfield, Edna (Mrs1-Nov-00         H439
Coates, Joseph W.         Rankin, Mary N.      29 Jan 1890      E074
Coates, Louisa            Tupper, C.E.         14-Mar-01        H532
Coates, Nellie            Baird, U.E.          29-Mar-11        O071
Coates, Robert F.         McKinley, Anna B.    08 Jan 1891      E283
Coates, Thomas            Burgett, Mary E.     15-Sep-02        I351
Coates, Ulysses           Bentley, Emma B.     29 Dec 1890      E273
Coates, William           Brooks, Rachel       25-Dec-14        R300
Coats, Ella P.            Rieman, Lee R.       18-Mar-05        J522
Coats, J.                 Nixon, Etta          5-Dec-14         R271
Coats, John J.            Litchfield, Edna (Mrs1-Nov-00         H439
Coats, Leona S.           King, M. Arthur      25-Mar-11        O066
Coats, Leora E.           Bate, S.W.           20-Sep-00        H406
Coats, Martin D.          Lashmett, Lula M.    2-Jan-05         J461
Coats, Orrel              Steele, Marshall     12 Oct 1899      H175
Coats, Phebe              Worthington, John A. 11 May 1885      C253
Coats, Sophrona           Howe, J.E.           27 Jul 1884      C110
Coats, W.P.               Bone, Hallie Lee     27-Mar-18        V059
Cobb, Anna B.             McComb, Glenn C.                      T348
Cobb, Annie May           Lovelady, E.W.       11-Oct-05        K070
Cobb, Bessie              Black, Henry W.      7-Dec-21         Z470
Cobb, Charles             Davidson, Flora      29-Apr-09        M238
Cobb, Edward              Peck, Harriet        03 Jun 1878      A336
Cobb, Estella             McVicker, A.E.       25 Dec 1895      G021
Cobb, Florence            Dennett, Roy         8-Sep-09         M413
Cobb, Floss               Anderson, Ward S.    12-Nov-14        R231
Cobb, George              Moreland, Ada        11 Jun 1896      G104
Cobb, Henry               Smith, Mary E.       28 Dec 1877      A304
Cobb, J.E.W.              Roberts, E.A.        8-Aug-01         I015
Cobb, M. Adeline          Martin, Roy C.       16-Aug-19        W362
Cobb, Martin S.           Shoffner, Esther A.  29 Mar 1873      A066
Cobb, Maud                Hartle, E.H.         22 Dec 1897      G429
Cobb, Maude               Ewing, Theodore      20-Mar-20        X267
Cobb, Nellie              Bloomenshine, Charles14-Aug-12        P371
Cobb, Stephen             Stice, Edna          26-Jan-15        R343
Cobble, Dessie            Eckerd, Dan                           S351
Cobble, Mame E.           Leusch, Rudolph      3-Jan-09         M603
Cobell, Emma              Detjen, Herman       16 Mar 1887      C609
Coberly, Alice A.         Hawthorne, W.G.      26 Jan 1885      C197
Coberly, Arthur J.        McBride, Julia       20 May 1894      F352
Coberly, Clyde William    Lee, Irene Laveda    27-Dec-19        X087
Coberly, Faye             Helm, C.A.                            S405
Coberly, Frank H.         Davisson, Flossie                     R463
Coberly, Harve L.         Thompson, Gladys     12-Apr-14        Q591
Coberly, Marguerite       Jones, George W.     21-Oct-21        Z369
Coberly, Ralph Homer      Knight, Stella Viola 19-Sep-11        O328
Coberly, Rosy             McClintick, Carl A.  2-Jun-19         W179
Coberly, Ruth             Helm, Harry H.       13-Feb-18        U555
Coberly, William L.       McPherson, Hattie    27 Feb 1889      D499
Coble, Claudia M.         Green, Edward B.     31-Aug-11        O303
Coble, Irene              Sailor, A.D.         12-Oct-19        W515
Coble, Jula               James, Irving F.                      T385
Coble, Mabel              Molder, Jake                          S105
Cobler, W.H.              Fisher, Anna A.      25 Jun 1887      D043
Coborn, Sarah             Bennett, L.L.        16-Apr-08        L246
Coburn, William P.        Wohler, Mary E.      1-Jan-02         I148
Cochenour, Glen           Grounds, Gertrude    27-Oct-12        P484
Cochenour, Raymond        Myers, Lovevilla                      R416
Cochran, Addison R.       Stowell, Ruth        25-Jun-12        P304
Cochran, Bertha           Bunton, Charles R.   4-Jun-13         Q183
Cochran, Cora             King, William        07 Mar 1888      D243
Cochran, David C.         Davis, Maggie R.     01 Jan 1891      E275
Cochran, E.E.M.           Dailey, Olive Page (M13 Mar 1898      G475
Cochran, Elizabeth        McCormick, Ralph     25-Mar-13        Q075
Cochran, Emma P.          Blanchard, B.I.      04 Jun 1899      H101
Cochran, Estella May      O'Neill, John Marquis                 R433
Cochran, Ethel            Jahraus, Gerald      21-Dec-21        Z492
Cochran, Etta             Cronk, Floyd                          T255
Cochran, Gladys           Billingsley, Robert B.                T019
Cochran, H.P.             Millbern, Virginia Pe25-Dec-18        V529
Cochran, Halcyon M.       Dunbar, James O.     05 Nov 1890      E239
Cochran, Hannah M.        Fry, Samuel          10 Feb 1895      F493
Cochran, J.C.             Wallace, Mary E.     9-May-00         H317
Cochran, J.W.T.           Potter, Orpha L.     02 May 1875      A155
Cochran, James            Cronk, Clara         20-Aug-07        L089
Cochran, John Thomas      Bechtold, Jessie     31-May-21        Z006
Cochran, Leah H.          Sasher, Carl         31 Oct 1899      H196
Cochran, Lela             Shober, Merton       16-Jan-22        Z556
Cochran, Lela             Shober, Merton A.    4-Nov-14         R221
Cochran, Lucy O.          Irwin, John M.       01 Feb 1899      H037
Cochran, M. J.            Israel, Isaac        13-Mar-15        R387
Cochran, M.J.             Olinger, G.W.        9-Nov-18         V477
Cochran, M.W.             Springle, Ida May    16 Jan 1896      G034
Cochran, Martha A.        Killion, Lewis R.    28 Aug 1887      D088
Cochran, Mary             Booker, Henry F.     25 Oct 1888      D414
Cochran, Mattie M.        Brown, Robert J.     27-Nov-07        L220
Cochran, Nellie M.        Ross, George W.      31 Dec 1896      G231
Cochran, O.H. (Mrs.)      Campbell, James B.   19-Oct-10        N398
Cochran, Orpha L. (Mrs)   Englert, Charles E.  02 Nov 1891      E415
Cochran, Oscar            Rowland, Anna        27-Sep-09        M451
Cochran, Paul             Dyerly, Eurellia Mado30-Jan-20        X165
Cochran, Pauline          Montgomery, Elmer E. 19-Jun-18        V234
Cochran, Perry W.         Field, Violet S.     27 Jun 1889      D562
Cochran, Robert T.        Wallace, Martha J.   25 Dec 1881      B226
Cochran, Roy B.           Ault, Mary E.        20 Mar 1894      F329
Cochran, Tillie           Davis, H.E.          15-Sep-12        P414
Cochran, W.C.             Roberts, Belle       15 Mar 1888      D249
Cochran, William          Estes, Hutoka        10 Jun 1885      C263
Cochran, William J.       Burnett, Mary        18-Sep-12        P419
Cochrane, Pearl           Lantz, Harry         7-Nov-06         K439
Cochren, G.D.             Brown, Annie B.      16-Jul-12        P336
Cock, S. Libbie           Morgan, W.O.         20 Oct 1887      D140
Cockerham, John W.        Anderson, Lide                        F457
Cockey, W.B.              McKinney, Bessie Luel30-Aug-21        Z244
Cockman, Ada              Garner, William                       S236
Cockrell, Anna            Brunson, Ward        30-Sep-18        V421
Cockrell, McEnsie M.      Hatchett, Nelle E.   07 Jan 1894      F292
Cockrell, Thomas Lendon   Tanner, Harriett     1-Oct-03         J036
Cockrum, Vandie C.        Rezean, Mary         18-Oct-21        Z360
Cocoran, Minnie           Roy, John            20-Oct-04        J387
Cocore, Lena              Graley, Joe          29-Jul-14        R077
Coday, T.D.               Dudley, M.A.         04 Nov 1888      D425
Codner, Maud              Willis, C.F.         18-Feb-07        K552
Cody, James W.            Jackson, Daisy       19-Jul-21        Z142
Cody, Lavona F.           Haywood, William A.  11-Jan-13        P628
Cody, Sadie               Dickson, Frank       14-Mar-06        K226
Coe, A.                   Brown, Kittie        17 Oct 1887      D135
Coe, Alfred N.            Reid, Violet         3-Oct-01         I065
Coe, Lucy (Mrs.)          Rhodes, Daniel H.    26 Nov 1889      E026
Coen, Mabel               Hand, James S.       13-May-19        W135
Coen, Oren H.             Tyler, Ruby                           T254
Coen, Orville             Kater, Marie         28-May-22        Z779
Coffee, Addie             McNiff, Robert       30-Nov-12        P547
Coffee, Addie             McNight, Robert      30-Nov-12        P547
Coffee, Delia(llia)       Gardener, James      21 Apr 1897      G285
Coffee, Elizabeth         Gregg, James         09 Nov 1873      A090
Coffeen, Edna             Hamilton, Herbert L. 20-Dec-06        K488
Coffelt, Arvilla          Allingham, R.W.      13-Aug-12        P370
Coffelt, Ray E.           Heitsman, Esther     29-May-06        K276
Coffey, Alden             Polly, Maude         12-Jun-06        K291
Coffey, Belvia E.         Murnane, Lucian D.   30-May-12        P247
Coffey, C.C.              Clark, H.M.                           S054
Coffey, Charles C.        Campbell, Gail(le)   16-Jun-04        J262
Coffey, Charles W.        Teague, Ollie J.     23 Oct 1892      E640
Coffey, D.F.              McPherson, Francis Ev10 Mar 1878      A324
Coffey, J.R.              Young, Pearl E.      10-Dec-03        J105
Coffey, James W.          Davidson, Olie B.    27 Aug 1882      B291
Coffey, Joshua            Underwood, Alice     25-Feb-15        R372
Coffey, L.I.              McKee, Leila Marie   30-Jul-21        Z166
Coffey, Leonard B.        Nelson, Lucile       22-Oct-07        L177
Coffey, Lila              Grigsby, Jasper                       T149
Coffey, Louis             Heimbaugh, Jewel     24-Sep-21        Z306
Coffey, M.L.              Bayley, Thomas A.    02 Feb 1879      A394
Coffey, Odessa L.         Robinson, B.T.       22-Mar-13        Q074
Coffey, Pearl             Coffey, Ray          24-Mar-18        V050
Coffey, Ray               Coffey, Pearl        24-Mar-18        V050
Coffey, Rebecca A.        Cole, William        16 Mar 1879      A411
Coffey, Rosalie           Minnis, Thomas Wesley05 Nov 1888      D423
Coffield, Arthur Clement  Petterson, Josephine 28-Jan-09        M119
Coffin, George L.         Ohandlen, Bertha                      K233
Coffin, Jette C.          Smith, Harry J.                       S424
Coffland, V. Grace        McMahon, J.V.        5-Dec-00         H472
Coffman, Andrew M.        Baldwin, Mosceline   02 Jan 1890      E058
Coffman, Bertha E.        Jones, Fred H.       3-Sep-05         K030
Coffman, Beulah Florene   Jack, Charles B.     26-Sep-07        L141
Coffman, C.H.             Coffman, Jennie      1-Jun-02         I258
Coffman, Charles          Burson, Jennie       17 Jan 1884      C029
Coffman, Emma             Baker, Jesse E.      1-May-22         Z742
Coffman, George           Wilson, Mattie E.    07 Jan 1893      F051
Coffman, George W.        Robinson, Mary G.    28 Apr 1886      C432
Coffman, Grace            Campbell, Caldwell C.                 S076
Coffman, Henrietta        Bonnell, Clyde J.    5-Sep-07         L106
Coffman, Herbert          Skillen, Blanche     20-Jun-17        T458
Coffman, Jennie           Austin, Charles H.                    S065
Coffman, Jennie           Coffman, C.H.        1-Jun-02         I258
Coffman, John Albert      Pollard, Dora        15-Jan-09        M102
Coffman, John D.          Wikoff, Ellen E.     14-Dec-10        N496
Coffman, Lizzie           Kendall, Albert D.   04 Jul 1883      B387
Coffman, Lucile           Collins, Clyde       12-Feb-19        V607
Coffman, Mary Josephine   Stocker, V.E.        7-Sep-10         N316
Coffman, Mollie C.        Owens, Thomas        10 Jul 1882      B283
Coffman, Perry            Hennings, Emma       16 Oct 1878      A367
Coffman, Rose E.          Lansing, W.J.        23-Mar-03        I516
Coffman, T.C.             Campbell, Rosanna    10 Mar 1897      G269
Coffman, Theodore         Edee, Theoley M.                      C215
Coffman, Theodore         Edee, Theoley M.     02 Mar 1885      C225
Coffman, Theodore C.      Trego, Mary M.       6-Apr-11         O083
Cofner, H.O.              Haddock, I.L.        04 May 1897      G294
Cogdal, Laura             Moore, Benjamin F.   19-Dec-01        I132
Cogdell, Carolyn T.       Judd, William Oren   7-Sep-04         J335
Cogdell, Cornelia PendletoGerety, Richard P.   9-Feb-11         O009
Cogdell, Dixie Ann        Hutchins, Lester Ashm1-Jun-10         N157
Cogdell, Lena M.          Hughes, George       23-Oct-02        I384
Coggeshall, Susie M.      Rogers, William S.   26 Feb 1879      A406
Coggins, Besse E.         Riggs, Harry E.                       T341
Coggins, Carrie           Pierson, Edwin K.    15-May-20        X406
Cogswell, Guy K.          Clark, Leona                          S477
Cogswell, L.E.            Allen, Grace         10-Dec-14        R276
Cohen, Catherine          Metzger, William     04 Jul 1889      D570
Cohen, Meyer S.           Joseph, Sadye        6-Jun-06         K287
Cohen, Mollie             Goldstein, Abraham J.05 Nov 1890      E242
Cohlmia, Addal            Cohlmia, Albert      10-Jul-10        N234
Cohlmia, Adeeb            Rahill, Jennie       14-Jul-12        P331
Cohlmia, Albert           Cohlmia, Addal       10-Jul-10        N234
Cohlmia, Frank            Maddy, Almaza                         N325
Cohlmia, James            Farha, Rose          10-Jan-15        R318
Cohlmia, Mary             Farris, William      10-Jan-15        R319
Cohlmia, Moza             Andeel, Sam          15-Jan-09        M103
Cohlmia, Nellie A.        Cohlmia, Shaker L.   10-Jan-09        M093
Cohlmia, Shaker L.        Cohlmia, Nellie A.   10-Jan-09        M093
Cohn, Gladys C.           Gottlieb, Ira D.     24-Jun-17        T389
Cohn, Moses B.            Negbaur, Clara B.    29 Jan 1890      E068
Cohoon, J.O.              Snodgrass, May       14-Sep-17        T615
Cohorn, R.W.              Rector, Cloie        15-Jan-15        R328
Cohs, Thelma Alma         Osborne, Andrew J.   16-May-20        X404
Coin, Ada                 Israel, Harry        23-Sep-07        L134
Coin, John                Marshall, Cyntha     10 Apr 1886      C425
Coiner, Hazel Irene       Kunkler, Will S.     7-Nov-17         U175
Coiner, Mattie L.         Hamm, Adam E.        3-Dec-03         J099
Coke, J.L.                George, Myrtle       21-Nov-18        V490
Cokely, Joel              Lewis, Sarah J.      14-Mar-07        K572
Coker, Alice              Jones, Robert        20-Oct-00        H438
Coker, Laura              Wright, Harrison     24 Oct 1887      D143
Coker, Leonard L.         Roelofson, Iva       21-Mar-11        O061
Coker, Mabel(ble)         Wilson, Charles      10 May 1892      E545
Colbath, John             Eldredge, Jenella Eug19-Mar-08        L344
Colbera, Ruperta          Gill, Angel          27-Oct-20        Y228
Colbert, Andrew J.        Graham, Viola        6-Oct-21         Z330
Colbert, Hattie           Doss, Nolan          7-May-21         Y626
Colburn, Harry            Waitt, Mary Catherine1-May-18         V123
Colburn, Mary             Brace, Melvin        7-Jun-17         T429
Colburn, Mildred A.       Darby, J. Fred       28 Jan 1897      G244
Coldren, Georgie          Martin, Earl         22-Jun-20        X522
Coldwell, J.W.            Dodson, Ida          25-May-04        J242
Cole, Albert Leroy        Azbill, Nelle(lie) M.3-Mar-13         Q050
Cole, Alfred W.           Taylor, Cora         21-Jun-13        Q210
Cole, Alice A.            Cole, John W.        10 Jun 1888      D311
Cole, Alice H.            Madison, Larkin W.   15 Jan 1894      F296
Cole, Anna                Hobdy, L.S.          11-Jun-18        V206
Cole, Anna B.             Salle, James         7-Aug-14         R087
Cole, Arthur J.           Wilson, Lena         19-Apr-19        W080
Cole, Austin W.           McKinzie, Mabel      15-May-18        V149
Cole, Ben H.              Hollis, Amanda A.                     S107
Cole, Benton              Barnard, Emily       11 Mar 1880      B050
Cole, C.A.                Evans, Marie         22-Jun-07        L031
Cole, C.A.                Garton, Bessie M.    13-Jun-06        K293
Cole, C.E.                Howard, Ida          05 Jun 1897      G307
Cole, Carroll E.          Hyatt, Carrie        24-Jun-09        M314
Cole, Clyde               Allcock, Lilian      26 Jan 1898      G449
Cole, Cordelia E.         Cole, Frank W.       22 Sep 1884      C138
Cole, D.J.                Wilson, Rose B.      24-Nov-21        Z453
Cole, Dora                Scott, Richard                        T021
Cole, Dora Winifred       Fair, James Dale     10-Sep-20        Y096
Cole, Earl Lewis          Carrik, Mabel Mae                     R472
Cole, Edith B.            Rouse, John R.                        S360
Cole, Edna                Vawter, John                          T340
Cole, Effie B.            Riffel, Alexander    21-Jun-03        I583
Cole, Eunice E.           Fawbush, Albert M.   5-Apr-05         J539
Cole, Eva M.              Curtice, Solon       12 Sep 1888      D385
Cole, Florence A.         McKibbon, Burt F.    9-Nov-04         J411
Cole, Frank W.            Cole, Cordelia E.    22 Sep 1884      C138
Cole, George R.           Dwight, Lottie B.    04 Jul 1895      F563
Cole, George W.           Dunnigan, Katie      16 May 1871      A010
Cole, Gordon              Lewis, Gladys        2-Sep-20         Y069
Cole, Grace               Mathis, Loren L.     11-Nov-08        L640
Cole, Grace Marie         White, H.J.          8-Apr-22         Z693
Cole, Harry B.            Dickson, Alice       22 Apr 1891      E328
Cole, Henry               Schwerdfeger, Carrie 03 Oct 1882      B303
Cole, Irene               Atkins, Zeak         28-Apr-22        Z734
Cole, Iva C.              Blood, John W.       28-Nov-11        O432
Cole, J.H.                Bare, Maude          18-Feb-11        O023
Cole, Joe                 Whitted, Nellie      30-Dec-20        Y382
Cole, John W.             Cole, Alice A.       10 Jun 1888      D311
Cole, Justice             Owens, Augusta       5-Mar-18         V021
Cole, L.D.                Edee, Indiana        22 Dec 1884      C180
Cole, Leona               Miller, Arthur       28-Feb-11        O036
Cole, Lulu May            Newman, B. Raymond   24-Sep-03        J021
Cole, Mabel Claire        Zech, Harry Quinton  7-Mar-18         V026
Cole, Mack E.             Small, Ethel         5-Jul-21         Z114
Cole, Mamie               Thornton, Willie     19-Nov-07        L205
Cole, Martin P.           Schwerdfager, Lorene 4-May-20         X376
Cole, Mary (Mrs.)         Peregoy, Z.T.        25 Jan 1880      B028
Cole, Myrtle B.           Vickers, Carl B.     20-Mar-07        K578
Cole, Nellie May          Heimer, Henry Lee    23-Feb-14        Q543
Cole, Paul D.             Parman, Susie Maude                   S290
Cole, R.M.                Owen, Evelyn                          T321
Cole, S.M.                Bishop, Myrtle       26 Jun 1899      H112
Cole, Violet              Woodrow, Paul        5-Dec-21         Z468
Cole, Willard Clarence    Sutton, Bessie       6-Mar-10         N047
Cole, William             Coffey, Rebecca A.   16 Mar 1879      A411
Cole, William             Owens, Nillie        9-Sep-07         L112
Cole, William             Watson, Wilma                         S591
Colegate, Nathen(than)    Evans, Daisy L.      11-Jan-10        M611
Coleman, Aaron            Dixon, Alice         2-May-20         X370
Coleman, Agusta           Adams, Jess          22-Oct-21        Z377
Coleman, Andrew           Southwick, Edith     11 Dec 1878      A385
Coleman, Andrew S.        Barnett, Rosa B.     11 Nov 1885      C338
Coleman, Ara              Dunne, Joseph        13 Nov 1889      E016
Coleman, Arrah            Clayton, Harry Josiah18-May-13        Q148
Coleman, Burt             Richardson, Helen    31-Jan-22        Z581
Coleman, Carrie           Bently, Clifford Roy 11-Mar-12        P145
Coleman, Charles C.       Neu, Josephine M.    26-Oct-17        U105
Coleman, Charley          Austin, Mary         3-Aug-10         N265
Coleman, Clara M.         Shafer, Winstead C.  24-Sep-02        I356
Coleman, Cora C.          Gregg, Joseph Collett14-Apr-08        L369
Coleman, D.S.             Wilson, Florence                      T215
Coleman, Dora B.          Tuller, Harry A.     08 Nov 1894      F433
Coleman, Effie Hazel      Cummins, Charles Edwa23-May-21        Y658
Coleman, Evalena          Worthington, Hugh H.                  S490
Coleman, Fannie           Clark, W.H.A.        10 Feb 1886      C389
Coleman, Frank W.         Myers, Minnie M.     18-Dec-12        P570
Coleman, Fred             Robinson, Laura E.                    S038
Coleman, George L.        Andrews, Ivah K.     8-Dec-12         P556
Coleman, Ida M.           Milburn, George T.   20 Mar 1888      D252
Coleman, J.H.             Wikoff, Carrie       12 Feb 1874      A104
Coleman, Jerry            Sweet, Rebecca       6-Dec-18         V509
Coleman, John Wesley      Harvey, Frances M.   4-Jan-06         K172
Coleman, Laura P.         Wood, Russell O.     17-Sep-04        J349
Coleman, Leota            Watkins, Garrett     5-Oct-10         N378
Coleman, Lola Belle       Lovell, Charley      14-Sep-14        R146
Coleman, Mabel            Neal, Joseph T.      8-Dec-09         M556
Coleman, Margaret F.      Brewer, J.S.         11 May 1899      H084
Coleman, Mary             White, Sam           20-Oct-20        Y213
Coleman, Mary H.          White, Albert        27 Mar 1893      F105
Coleman, Mathias M.       Carson, Jennie       15 Jun 1890      E156
Coleman, Meda             Lane, Alva           18-Mar-22        Z663
Coleman, Merna            Hamilton, Lemuel C.                   S404
Coleman, Moses            Misker, Alice                         D497
Coleman, Nathan           Hyatt, Hetta         29-May-21        Z001
Coleman, Olin             Elliott, Dollie      18-Oct-05        K081
Coleman, Oscar            Davis, Anna          17 Dec 1895      G009
Coleman, Oscar            Thompson, Maria (Mrs.15 Nov 1892      F015
Coleman, P.J.             Pitts, Etta          23-Jan-06        K184
Coleman, Pearl E.         Robinson, William    3-Mar-19         W004
Coleman, R.E.             Clymer, Victwair     24-Dec-13        Q466
Coleman, R.R.             Lynch, Clara                          D015
Coleman, Reuben           Porter, Hazel        9-Nov-12         P505
Coleman, Robert Leslie    Hicks, Mary Edna     7-Aug-19         W339
Coleman, W.M.             Youngman, M.I.       01 Jan 1888      D192
Coleman, Walter H.        Hermann, Bertha      29-Dec-20        Y382
Coleman, William L.       Story, Bertha        20-Nov-13        Q428
Coleman, William W.       Poe, Sarah A.        27 Feb 1878      A314
Colemean(aan), Bettie     Johnson, Edward      14-Oct-05        K075
Colen, Arvel              Foster, Emma         17-Jan-19        V569
Colen, Arvel              Kinsey, Mamye        9-Mar-11         O044
Coler, Florence           Scott, R.W.          1-Aug-17         T550
Coles, Henry A.           Chambers, Amba Zilla 06 Aug 1878      A350
Colgan, J.T.              Brittain, Grace      6-Nov-20         Y253
Colin, Charles G.         Fullerton, Lola      9-Dec-20         Y326
Coll, Belle               Hamilton, Charles    18 Feb 1883      B349
Coll, Samuel S.           Bollan, Mary M.      01 Mar 1893      F087
Coll, Tacy Jane           Carnahan, John A.    02 Nov 1889      E006
Collar, Harriet P.        Marion, Franklin M.  18-Aug-11        O286
Collar, Samuel            Brown, Lena          27 May 1878      A334
Collenberger, Julia A.    Rhoads, J.R.         19 Mar 1884      C058
Collender, Mabel S.       McClure, Everette C. 6-May-03         I548
Collett, Erman            Tunnell, Mae         2-Jul-21         Z100
Collett, James D.         Johnson, Marie       12-Dec-21        Z479
Collett, Susan Jane       Hunter, James B.     21 Jan 1872      A027
Colley, J.H.              Rogers, Elida        09 Jan 1889      D474
Colley, Laura F.          Suelthaus, John W.   30 Jun 1892      E572
Collie, Elmer O.          Dorst, Estella A.    12-Jun-19        W206
Collier, Anna May         Short, James H.      10-Mar-15        R383
Collier, Bernice Marie    Brooks, Jay                           T203
Collier, Betty Lee        Wood, Edward M.      23-Dec-21        Z498
Collier, Capitola         Nichols, Schuyler(M.D28-Nov-07        L218
Collier, Charlie          Williams, Gertrue(ude5-Nov-08         L634
Collier, George N.        Lauchland, Maggie M. 15 Oct 1889      D623
Collier, Hugh L.          Cheney, Susan        1-Sep-13         Q298
Collier, James Edward     Calvert, Cecil Claudi27-Nov-11        O430
Collier, Lee              Joslin, Almeda       20-Apr-13        Q119
Collier, Lucy             Fain, F.F.           20-Dec-19        X054
Collier, Margaret E.      Berry, Frank L.                       S444
Collier, Marie            Duel, Arthur                          S634
Collier, Martha Ann       Parker, C.C.         26-Jun-06        K307
Collier, Mary             White, Jesse         6-Jan-12         P055
Collier, R.E.             Wilson, Anna         01 Feb 1888      D210
Collier, Ray A.           Conine, Glenys V.    5-Jun-07         L005
Collier, Roy Elmer        Cadwallader, Myrtle Leone             S454
Collier, Sarah Mae        Murphy, H.L.                          T025
Collier, Van              Payne, Era           8-Jul-12         P328
Collier, Vera Maude       Pike, Herbert M.     27-Apr-18        V116
Collier, Will             Hulbert, Ella        7-Jul-18         V266
Colligan, Bridget         Boland, Lawrence                      B339
Collings, Roy             Moul, Ethel Joy      6-Feb-12         P093
Collingwood, James A.     Hamilton, Marie      23-Feb-21        Y490
Collins, A.C.             VanGieson, Aileen                     S334
Collins, Abbie L.         Maddex, Edward       17 Sep 1890      E197
Collins, Albert C.        McCullum, Susie L.                    S048
Collins, Alice C.         Goss, Ernest C.      8-Apr-12         P186
Collins, Annie            Moore, A.C.          29-Oct-00        H447
Collins, Arie             Long, W.E.           28-Sep-21        Z314
Collins, Blanche          Goetz, Julius A.     27-Aug-19        W387
Collins, Blanche May      Morriss, Emery Duncan21-Feb-22        Z617
Collins, Blanche O.       Douthitt, Claire     8-Mar-21         Y512
Collins, Brown            Smith, Gladys        23-Mar-20        X273
Collins, C.P.             Lewis, Orlena        14-Jun-17        T444
Collins, C.W.             Calhoun, Martha A.   10-May-21        Y629
Collins, Charles H.       Sandefer, Mabel      25 Oct 1890      E228
Collins, Clara            Powell, Bert B.      18-Oct-12        P468
Collins, Clara            Ramsey, Leroy        8-Jun-11         O182
Collins, Clyde            Coffman, Lucile      12-Feb-19        V607
Collins, Dora             Anderson, John W.    27-Sep-18        V414
Collins, E.               Patterson, Nina      20 Jul 1897      G327
Collins, Earl Leroy       Bell, Ellena Marquerite               R414
Collins, Effie Jane       Fellers, Ray J.      14-Feb-12        P107
Collins, Elias            Fletcher, E. Rosie   25 Jun 1890      E160
Collins, Ella Marie       Kiefner, John R.                      S187
Collins, Emanuel M.       Gibbs, Hilma M.                       T279
Collins, Emma E.          Seavey, George P.    2-Jul-14         R053
Collins, Ethel            Ferguson, Lloyd L.   21-Sep-10        N346
Collins, Fannie           Arnold, R.C.         05 Jun 1888      D314
Collins, Florence         Clark, Bert          12-Mar-04        J184
Collins, Frances P.       Wilbur, Levi B.      19-Feb-14        Q537
Collins, Garnett          Bennett, A.L.        3-Jul-21         Z098
Collins, H.C.             Dawson, Louisa E.    28 Aug 1879      A440
Collins, H.C.             Dorman, Louisa E.    28 Aug 1879      A440
Collins, Helen            Inscho, James B.     15-Jun-18        V218
Collins, Henry            Armantrout, Charlotte15-Aug-00        H378
Collins, Inez             Jones, Travis        3-Sep-21         Z254
Collins, J.E.             McMurry, Rosa        26-Jun-19        W246
Collins, J.M.             Bartin, Lelia E.     3-Jul-13         Q228
Collins, J.W.             Griggs, Mabel        3-Feb-08         L295
Collins, J.W.             Spencer, Therra Ruby                  S067
Collins, James            Tierney, Mary        30-Dec-08        M075
Collins, James D.         Paris, Ethel         30-Sep-13        Q350
Collins, Jennie           Williams, Charles F. 12-Jun-06        K292
Collins, John             Anderson, Mary       23-Dec-02        I432
Collins, John             McCown, Lois         20-Mar-20        X266
Collins, John B.          Ittner, Bertha       26-Nov-10        N474
Collins, John C.          Schanck, Anna E.     16 May 1889      D540
Collins, John F.          Murphy, Frances M.   21-Jun-05        J604
Collins, John G.          Wright, Opal Ida     1-Jul-20         X551
Collins, Joseph           Norman, Esther       27-Mar-20        X284
Collins, Joseph U.        Helbert, Bertha Bird 17-Sep-01        I044
Collins, L.I.             Oldham, Ursula       12-Sep-19        W432
Collins, Le Roy           Current, Maude       05 Oct 1890      E213
Collins, Linar            Stow, Lonnie                          R449
Collins, Lizzie           Snyder, Robert M.    25 Jul 1889      D578
Collins, Luther           McIlvain, Blanche R. 8-Jul-20         X569
Collins, Lydia E.         Hamilton, Clair J.   18-Mar-03        I511
Collins, M.L.             Greer, C.O.          6-Apr-12         P183
Collins, Mary             Bowling, J.T.        13 Mar 1887      C605
Collins, Mary Faye        Martin, Frank M.     29-Jan-13        Q013
Collins, Mary M.          McCafferty, Roy R.   23-May-20        X419
Collins, Mattie           Brown, William R.    29-Nov-10        N479
Collins, Mattie (Mrs.)    Lewin, Charles W.    12 Jan 1891      E285
Collins, N.A.             Eldridge, Maggie     24-Jun-14        R039
Collins, Nannie A.        Moore, William T.    7-May-02         I239
Collins, Naomi            Pennington, C.H.     22-Dec-10        N511
Collins, Owen Elwood      Thompson, Lottie Bell13-Mar-02        I199
Collins, Pearl            Williams, Charles    21-Jan-01        H510
Collins, Pearl Sherman    Mussett, A.L.        20-Dec-14        R284
Collins, Peter            Sharp, Edith H.      21-Jul-06        K332
Collins, R.A. Jr.         Dykes, Laura Gray    24-Mar-21        Y541
Collins, R.F.             Garnett, Minerva W.  10 May 1887      D006
Collins, R.J.             Davis, Laura E.      10-Jan-00        H254
Collins, Ray              Roessler, Bessie Loui17-Sep-08        L570
Collins, Richard G.       Trimble, Amanda F.   10-Jun-17        T433
Collins, Richard H.       Norris, Elmira       24 May 1879      A427
Collins, Robert E.        Storey, Beatrice                      S309
Collins, Sadie J.         Green, L.B.          26 Jan 1885      C202
Collins, Samuel C.        Bartlett, Lutitia    17-Nov-02        I403
Collins, Sarah Catherine  Rockwell, E.L.                        T387
Collins, Sue              Doolittle, I.H.      05 Jun 1888      D313
Collins, Taylor M.        Hapner, Inez         18-Sep-10        N329
Collins, Thomas           Wells, Annie E.      26 Aug 1883      B402
Collins, Viola Fern       Greathouse, Ralph G. 16-Sep-19        W440
Collins, Walter           Robinson, Mamie      31-Aug-14        R121
Collins, William          Kress, Trece         28-Jun-11        O217
Collins, William S.       Moffat, Marie Luling 24-Aug-18        V346
Collinson, Charles W.     Cross, Crystal       21-Jan-22        Z565
Collinson, J.V.           Anderson, Elsie      25-Feb-22        Z626
Collop, Emmett            Wellman, Hattie      4-Nov-00         H453
Colman, Ara               Dunn, Joseph         13 Nov 1889      E016
Colquitt, William Arthur  Ray, Reedie Estelle  18-Jun-13        Q205
Colson, Albert M.         Goldy, Mary A.       11 May 1876      A203
Colson, James             Matthews, Rene       23-Mar-18        V051
Colson, John B.           Anderson, Clara M.   27 Apr 1893      F118
Colson, Mabel Louise      Grant, Otto W.       1-Jun-20         X441
Colson, Vanna F.          Dorey, Tennes C.     12-Jun-18        V211
Colver, Bess              Robinson, James F.                    T282
Colver, M.R.              Harding, May         29-Dec-09        M593
Colver, R.O.              Watt, Bessie         10 Jan 1884      C026
Colvert, Manuel           Watson, Minnie       12-Aug-12        P369
Colville, J.V.            Culp, Blanche        1-Jul-08         L468
Colvin, Amos C.           Sowards, Sarah C. (E.16-Dec-05        K139
Colvin, Bert L.           McFarland, Gertrude  5-Mar-21         Y507
Colvin, Charles           Hohn, Addie          16 Dec 1897      G422
Colvin, Emma              Higley, J.H.                          T019
Colvin, F.E.              Maier, Frankie M.    20-Apr-08        L375
Colvin, H.C.              Buffon, Ruth         14-Oct-20        Y191
Colvin, Isaac             Welmon, Daisey       24 Nov 1895      F633
Colvin, Jessie M.         Pim, James E.        02 Nov 1891      E414
Colvin, Myrtle E.         Berry, John W.       31 Aug 1898      G563
Colvin, O.C.              Helena, Laura E.     15-Jan-20        X131
Colvin, Olive Grace       Houck, Adrian S.     20-Jul-04        J302
Colvin, Ray S.            Seal, Louise         19-Sep-17        T634
Colwell, John S.          Slaughter, Lillian Em20-Feb-22        Z617
Colwell, Louis C.         Kress, Lena          30-Jul-17        T543
Colwell, Sarah            Funk, Carlos                          S202
Colyar, Hazel             Petry, Walter        11-Nov-21        Z419
Colyer, Clifford          Spear, Helen         23-Dec-20        Y351
Colyer, Fred              Fooshee, Maggie      05 Oct 1894      F413
Comb, Laurie              Wagner, Clarence     25-Dec-13        Q476
Combites, Annie B.        Gilchrist, William O.10 Oct 1895      F609
Combites, John            Sharples, Chloe      15-Jan-02        I160
Combites, John M.         Baldwin, Mina M.     12-Feb-02        I180
Combs, Allen              Hopkins, Maggie      01 Dec 1888      D445
Combs, Carl J.            Woolley, Daisy B.    20-Sep-19        W457
Combs, Cesarine           Baldwin, W.H.        8-Apr-11         O090
Combs, Charles            Smith, Lora A.       30-Nov-01        I114
Combs, Charles            Stafford, Mary P.    28 Dec 1881      B222
Combs, Dollie             Griffith, Tommie     27-Jun-04        J276
Combs, Edwin              Witfoth, Minnie      25 Dec 1895      G013
Combs, Florence           Merchant, J.B.       5-Jul-18         V263
Combs, Katharine Geneva   Goodwin, Henry Ben   26-Jan-20        X155
Combs, Leola B.           Hoskin, D.W.         9-Oct-20         Y176
Combs, Lillie A.          Logan, Harry J.      28-Nov-09        M543
Combs, Lora A.            Hook, Grant          17-Jun-09        M301
Combs, Margaret           Cook, Harry G.       5-Apr-11         O080
Combs, Nannie Mae         Woodward, Ira L.     5-Nov-08         L633
Combs, Saul               Zimmerman, Louise    5-Dec-06         K471
Combs, Sherman Leslie     Chapman,Katherine Bel5-Mar-09         M169
Comer, Charley            Robinson, Susie      7-Sep-20         Y089
Comer, George             Stevens, Dora Ellen  24-Jan-09        M114
Comer, Mida L.            Smith, Ray W.        20-May-18        V159
Comer, Myrtle Mae         Townsend, Alva E.    28-Feb-14        Q550
Comer, Ora                Utz, Carl            28-Feb-12        P128
Comer, R.M.               Wylie, H.C.          22-Sep-17        U002
Comes, Carl L.            Duggan, Julia        8-Nov-21         Z414
Comes, Hattie(arriet) EtheMeats, J. Frank      8-Jun-08         L425
Comley, C.A.              Lassen, Teressa      30-Oct-17        U135
Commons, M.E.             Kness, I.A.          23 May 1898      G511
Commons, Wade             Shaw, Mary           10-Nov-08        L638
Compton, Alson J.         Scammerhorn, Zamma   12-Oct-12        P455
Compton, Bernice Wilhite  Shaw, Dennis J.                       S289
Compton, Carrie Etta      Woods, John T.       16-Apr-19        W074
Compton, Clarence         Nipper, Lottie       9-Dec-13         Q451
Compton, D.H.             Schroeder, Lena                       T370
Compton, Dewey            Watson, Alta                          S191
Compton, E.F.             Lewis, Ray F.        31-Mar-20        X292
Compton, L.D.             Kailer, Carrie       12 Nov 1899      H208
Compton, Leora            Hillman, Edward H.   24-Dec-12        P588
Compton, Ora              Carpenter, John E.   3-Oct-13         Q354
Compton, Oscar Leonard    Alexander, Doney Kath17-Nov-13        Q422
Compton, Ruth             McNeely, W.D.        2-Apr-12         P172
Compton, Susie            Hale, Gifford N.     18-Jul-19        W293
Compton, Thomas           Ward, Anna E.        14-Sep-04        J344
Compton, Wayne B.         Hart, Laura J.       27 Jun 1892      E571
Compton, Winnie           Gregory, Ernest F.   14-Jul-19        W283
Comstock, Albert B.       Wren, Lillian E.     20 Sep 1891      E390
Comstock, Edward R.       Nighswonger, Mary E. 19-Sep-06        K377
Comstock, Edwin J.        Kyler, Lizzie        29 Sep 1889      D614
Comstock, Hopie           Conlin, Benjamin P.  20 Jun 1888      D312
Comstock, J.T.            Bissell, Florence    16 Sep 1879      A448
Comstock, L.D.            Derry, Eunice        21-Jun-19        W229
Comstock, Lucy            Edwards, C.E.                         T272
Comstock, Mary C.         Shannon, Charley     6-Oct-18         V428
Comstock, R.E.            Field, Lucy E.       25 Dec 1896      G224
Comstock, W.L.            Massey, Irene        30-Apr-21        Y608
Conanay, Kate             Wineteer, Thomas L.  20 Dec 1881      B220
Conard, Clara             Winger, I.C.         15-Jul-12        P335
Conard, Golda             Blodgett, John E.    1-Oct-08         L587
Conard, Irene             Hall, Arthur                          S132
Conard, Myrtle            Mothersead, B.F.     7-Nov-06         K436
Conard, Nellie            Hegarty, Sam                          T333
Conarts, Bertha           Gasaway, Clyde       13 Apr 1888      D270
Conaway, Charles W.       Hart, Elma G.        06 Dec 1883      C020
Conaway, Franklin         Jordan, Eva M.       22 Mar 1882      B252
Conaway, Grace            Stanton, Harry       25-Nov-08        M022
Conaway, James R.         Braddy, Viola        12-Sep-04        J339
Conbest, Ethel            Phenix, Richard H.   28-Apr-13        Q124
Conder, Fern              Reser, Frank         20-Feb-20        X212
Condif, Annie (Mrs.)      Guest, G.A.          10-Jan-00        H251
Condiff, B.H.             Allen, Anna I.       05 Oct 1882      B305
Condiff, Martha B.        Edwards, William T.                   D025
Condit, A.J.              Adams, Lute          27-Dec-00        H490
Condon, Dan C.            Platt, Della Gillilan3-Jul-02         I289
Condon, Frank C.          Patterson, Bess G.   15-Oct-11        O367
Condra, John Edgar        Martin, Ruby Pearl   6-Jun-12         P260
Condry, Mary Ada          Barker, Emmett       23-Dec-19        X062
Conduff, Ida              Green, Orlow George  17-Jun-17        T451
Cone, Bess                Dodd, Frank A.       29-May-10        N119
Cone, Cecil C.            Taylor, Fern Marie   30-Apr-21        Y609
Cone, Edith A.            Christopher, Bertrand20-Jun-18        V234
Cone, Eugene              Duncan, Edna                          S398
Cone, Harry Edwin         Jones, Irene         20-Jul-10        N253
Cone, J.H.                Baer, Minnie Arabella30-Jul-17        T540
Cone, John F.             Wright, Ruth         19-Sep-18        V400
Cone, Joseph L.           Carr, Emma F.        17 Feb 1889      D496
Cone, Mabel               Whitlock, F.G.       18-Jun-12        P290
Cone, Mildred H.          Mallory, T.M.        14-Jun-00        H339
Cone, Nolen               Hodges, Elizabeth O. 23-Nov-10        N462
Cone, Rena                Pritchard, Charles H.15 Jun 1893      F157
Cone, Sylvia              Garrety, Francis J.  5-Apr-10         N084
Cone, W.K.                Walker, M.U.         01 Aug 1893      F176
Coner, Paris              Pipkin, Henry N.     16-Dec-17        U348
Coney, A.C.               Snyder, Clara L.     31-Jul-07        L067
Confer, Dean O.           Hixon, Alice         24-Oct-18        V455
Congdon, Dexter           Haines, Ethel        25-Mar-13        Q079
Congdon, Henry S.         Bidwell, Clara E.    26 Mar 1890      E105
Congdon, L.S.             Stever, Daisy M.                      S062
Conger, Clarence Hugh     VanAusdall, Myrtle   16-Jun-12        P283
Conger, Hattie F.         Dresbach, L.D.                        R432
Conier, Mattie L.         Hamm, Adam E.        30-Dec-03        J099
Conine, Glenys V.         Collier, Ray A.      5-Jun-07         L005
Conine, Leah              Postlethwait, Ralph J.                T205
Conine, Lester Edwin      Elliott, Mary Elva   30-Jun-09        M331
Conine, Martha Fern       Berry, L.R.          25-Jun-13        Q217
Conine, Venus Almeda      Shearer, Edward Thoma15-Jun-13        Q198
Conk, Ida M.              Goeller, Harry W.    16-Apr-11        O099
Conkey, Eva               Fox, Charles F.      17 Nov 1891      E422
Conkle, Sherman I.        Yearwood, Maud H.    8-Jan-03         I460
Conklin, AuRilla          Satterthwaite, Joe M. Jr.             S284
Conklin, Bessie A.        Chapple, Jacob Norris24-May-05        J576
Conklin, C.M.             Buckler, T.C.        20-Jan-14        Q511
Conklin, Edward J.        Wallace, Sarah D.    15-Sep-08        L564
Conklin, F.D.             Ireland, Esther      27-Aug-18        V352
Conklin, Fred             Vickers, Lottie      13-Dec-17        U340
Conklin, Geneva           Bertrand, Elmer H.                    R517
Conklin, Hugh             Jones, Floy          1-Dec-17         U296
Conklin, Ineth            Chance, Plezzy       1-Nov-19         W567
Conklin, Julia H.         Ginzel, Carl L.      7-Apr-09         M208
Conklin, Lillian          Mahaney, John P.     15-Mar-11        O051
Conklin, Mabel            Wiechmann, Charles   1-Jun-21         Y668
Conklin, Stanley J.       Marsh, AuRilla       2-Dec-12         P549
Conklyn, Thomas H.        Dores, Elizabeth     06 Dec 1872      A053
Conley, Alice (Mrs.)      Wall, Charles A.     15 Apr 1891      E325
Conley, Annie             Fling, William G.    21 Mar 1887      C613
Conley, Arthur C.         Woods, Ida Pearl     19-Nov-05        K112
Conley, Ella E.           Heinstreet, J.       28-Aug-02        I335
Conley, James G.          Nicholas, Arline     31-Aug-07        L099
Conley, Mark              Add, Nettie          18-Nov-10        N456
Conley, Murl              Hellums, John H.     29-Jun-09        M323
Conlin, Benjamin P.       Comstock, Hopie      20 Jun 1888      D312
Conlin, Frances           Huntzinger, J.M.                      Z439
Conly, Anna               Turner, James        25 Nov 1887      D168
Conly, Ella               Miller, Charles W.   14-Jul-10        N241
Conly, Emma               Davis, O.C.          19-May-19        W150
Conly, James F.           Hoenscheidt, Margaret26 Nov 1891      E434
Conly, James F.           Owens, Madge         9-Mar-03         I503
Conly, John               Crawford, Ruby       13-Feb-19        V612
Connal, Mariette          Morton, Thomas       20 Apr 1889      D527
Connell, Elizabeth        Bayless, D.E.        28-Jun-14        R045
Connell, Lillian A.       Downey, Maurice S.   24 Sep 1890      E200
Connell, William          Oliver, Esther       2-Nov-07         L189
Connelly, C.M.            Barrett, Dora L.     25-Feb-09        M159
Connelly, Lillie          Seaman, William C.   23 Oct 1889      E001
Connelly, Mabel Ethel     Smith, Jesse Clyde   5-Jun-18         V192
Conner(nor), Rachael V.   Winderlin, James A.  21-Apr-09        M226
Conner, Charles V.        Engels, Anna         26-Feb-08        L317
Conner, Charlotte G.      Henry, John          7-Jan-03         I456
Conner, Chester A.        Crocker, Wilda Rachel11-Oct-21        Z338
Conner, Clara Alice       Williams, Elda       20-May-06        K271
Conner, Clarence          Davis, Ola           12-Jun-20        X482
Conner, Clarence          Plummer, Rachel                       T028
Conner, Clifford          Pulling, Maggie                       M633
Conner, Clintie R.        Brookings, Arthur J. 26-Oct-11        O386
Conner, Cora L.           Murphey, W.C.        2-Jul-02         I283
Conner, Elwood            Bloomenshine, Velda  28-May-19        W161
Conner, George            Mins, Helen          30-Oct-11        O390
Conner, Harry             Dewey, Esther                         T119
Conner, Inez Iona         Lackey, Joseph Arvy  26-Apr-06        K255
Conner, J.C.              Brock, Nellie        15-Aug-00        H378
Conner, J.W. Jr.          Heller, Grace Marie  23-Aug-08        L528
Conner, Joseph A.         Burress, Daisy       12-Oct-12        P456
Conner, Lulu              Lasheart, Gus.       27-Sep-02        I363
Conner, Lura              Dunham, James J.     19-May-00        H322
Conner, May               Harvey, George P.    04 May 1898      G502
Conner, Michael F.        Morey, Rosa B.       12 May 1889      D536
Conner, Paul T.           Mitchell, Dela H.    16-Jun-13        Q203
Conner, Ray C.            Berry, Annabelle     2-May-21         Y617
Conner, Roy               Heins, Louise        27-Nov-19        W636
Conner, Samuel M.         Dillon, Grace        21-Feb-06        K204
Conner, William U.        Porter, Myrtle       30-May-05        J582
Conners, Orin R.          Boyer, Ida           7-Jun-10         N174
Connet, Orthy M.          White, Lillian A.    2-Jun-10         N162
Connolly, Bessie          Hooker, C.J.         3-Mar-10         N040
Connolly, James J.        Shockley, Mary A.    22 Aug 1885      C294
Connolly, Pat             Fouts, Nora B.       20-Feb-20        X213
Connoly, Winifred         Greely, John         14 Nov 1874      A141
Connor, Emily             Little, W.N.         20-Jan-19        V574
Connor, Frank A.          Allen, Laura N.                       D621
Connor, Helen June        Graves, L.F.         9-Feb-18         U530
Connor, Kathleen S.       Gorman, John A.      08 Sep 1898      G565
Connor, Margaret          Warner, Harry I.     13-Dec-05        K138
Connor, Marie             Medlin, William D.   29 Jun 1889      D561
Connor, Samuel W.         Fry, Juanita Marie                    T357
Connors, Fred             Harrison, Nettie     5-Jul-13         Q231
Conoly, Alice (Mrs.)      Wall, Charles A.     15 Apr 1891      E325
Conrad, Bert              Johnson, Daisy       11-Oct-09        M467
Conrad, Etta L.           Baker, Edward Charles15-Nov-09        M527
Conrad, Fred Oscar        Williams, Daisy (Mrs.14-Sep-08        L565
Conrad, Nettie            Harlan, Howard       13-Nov-09        M525
Conrad, Olive             Arnett, Thomas R.    26-Nov-12        P526
Conrad, Velma O.          Dudley, J.C.         22 Jun 1887      D041
Conrey, Abram F.          Woolard, Florence Est15 Dec 1886      C551
Conrin, Joseph F.         O'Connell, Jessie    6-Oct-08         L592
Conrow, Gladys            Mackey, Earl Mount He6-Jun-18         V197
Conrow, H.S.              Orr, Etta B.         24-Jun-19        W230
Conroy, Grace Ann         Dennis, C.S.                          T173
Conroy, James             Gould, Lizzie        03 Aug 1896      G128
Conroy, Martin            Pinnick, Matilda F.  16 Jun 1877      A273
Conroy, Mary Elizabeth    DeLong, James C.     21-Sep-09        M438
Conry, Daisy K.           Bell, John M.        18 Jun 1894      F369
Consley, Arthur M.        McMurry, Mabel C.    19 Mar 1898      G478
Consley, Cora             Cunningham, John J.  19 Aug 1899      H140
Consley, Eva May          Boyle, William E.    05 Oct 1898      G581
Constant, Harry W.        Crawford, Cora A.    14-Jul-03        I604
Constant, Ida H. (Mrs.)   Cornwell, Benjamin F.16 Feb 1893      F080
Constant, Nelson R.       Lantz, Georgiane     7-Jul-07         L045
Constant, Nina            Kinkel, W.P.         20-Jul-01        I005
Contreras, Joaquina       Fuentes, Francisco Cy                 T383
Contreras, Mary J.        Martinez, Francisco  17-Jun-18        V225
Converse, Elsie           Rynders, Lyman J.    30-Jun-21        Z094
Converse, Harold L.       Bliss, Mabel J.                       S488
Converse, Kate Gwenn      VanderVeer, Albert C.28-Oct-05        K093
Converse, Martha E.       Fulkerson, B.H.                       S036
Converse, Richard E.      Tate, Myrtle G.      26-Jan-21        Y434
Conway, Amanda            Davis, Henry R.      09 Jan 1879      A390
Conway, Cornelius A.      Wells, Ella (Mrs.)   05 Aug 1890      E179
Conway, Cynthia A.        Livingston, James G. 01 Aug 1886      C475
Conway, Ida               Courtney, Mark J.    22 Dec 1897      G426
Conway, Joseph A.         Flournoy, Mabelle A. 17-Apr-10        N102
Conway, Josephine         Wolf, Virgil         11-Feb-22        Z598
Conway, Katie             Summers, John C.     15 Oct 1896      G168
Conway, Maggie            Fisher, Joseph G.    16 Jun 1879      A430
Conway, Maggie            Harlan, William      6-Aug-07         L077
Conway, Margret           Tramblie, Jonas                       A356
Conway, Nora              Kelly, Clinton C.    21 Dec 1893      F270
Conway, Robert            Low, Grace           23-Jul-06        K335
Conway, T.R.              Elliott, May         29-Jul-07        L066
Conway, Thomas            Hite, Minnie Selcer  24 Sep 1887      D111
Conway, Thomas R.         Dunlap, Sibel        22-Jul-01        I006
Conwell, Birdie           Price, Fred                           S368
Conwell, Everett          Legard, Julia                         S318
Conyers, F.M.             Humphrey, Clara E.                    R602
Coody, Bertie             Anders, Ray          15-Apr-21        Y581
Cook, A.W.                Woodards, Nina       24-Dec-14        R301
Cook, Adelaide M.         Lewellen, J.W.       9-Jun-17         T426
Cook, Alice               Clayburn, W.M.       7-Mar-18         V025
Cook, Alma E.             McAlexander, R.E.L.  15 Jan 1898      G443
Cook, Almeda E.           Isely, Charles C.    15-Jun-04        J260
Cook, Anna                Dreiling, Anton      5-Jul-21         Z113
Cook, Armanda M.          Wickham, John B.     18 Apr 1889      D527
Cook, Belva L.            Chambers, J. Charles 28-Sep-02        I356
Cook, Bertha Edna         Olson, Henry A.      18-Jun-06        K295
Cook, Birdie B.           Hull, George G.      23-Oct-06        K417
Cook, Blanche M.          Alliston, W.F.       27-Jun-00        H350
Cook, C.C.                Carnahan, T.J.       16-Apr-06        K246
Cook, Carrie E.           Wiederman, Lyman C.  1-Aug-08         L501
Cook, Charles B.          Decoursey, Anna      16-Sep-08        L563
Cook, Charles J.          Hutton, Mary L.                       S181
Cook, Clara M.            Lawson, John D.      24-Dec-02        I439
Cook, Claude E.           Dorsuch, Bertha Maud 13-Aug-14        R096
Cook, Claude E.           Hall, Grace Elizabeth                 R435
Cook, Claude L.           Ellis, Della May     11-Jun-19        W202
Cook, Cleve               Fulzenloger, Nora    18-Oct-11        O373
Cook, D.E.                Rummerfield, Sadie   9-Sep-18         V386
Cook, Dan                 Guest, Nora          26-Jan-21        Y435
Cook, Daniel              Leonard, Lizzie      25 Dec 1898      G637
Cook, Delancie            Adams, Martin        07 Oct 1885      C316
Cook, E.E.                Merriott, Lola M.    9-Apr-11         O089
Cook, E.H.                Wheeler, Lillie      9-Mar-09         M175
Cook, Ellen Frances       Graham, C.A.         10-Sep-17        T621
Cook, Elmer               Osborn, Hazel        18-Oct-19        W533
Cook, Emma                Munn, Albert E.      02 Feb 1882      B239
Cook, Essie               Curry, W.W.A.        27 Jun 1887      D044
Cook, Esta                Hattmanspargar, John 18 Feb 1886      C393
Cook, Ethel               Clark, Earl E.       23-Jun-12        P300
Cook, Ethel May           Donnals, Bart Russell9-Dec-12         P558
Cook, F.W.                Young, Mary          2-Jan-03         I452
Cook, Flora Ella          Urion, John          29-Aug-00        H382
Cook, Fred                Johnson, Ethel       17-Feb-19        V618
Cook, Fred                Miller, Cora         08 Jul 1896      G117
Cook, Fred W.             Thomas, Katheryn L.  21-Feb-12        P118
Cook, George Howard       Battalion, Marie     13-Oct-20        Y187
Cook, George M.           Rotzell, Sarah       16-Oct-13        Q383
Cook, H.C.                Wilson, Mamie                         S553
Cook, H.J.                Pearson, Jennie      21 Jul 1883      B394
Cook, Harold S.           Kendall, Edith R.    15-Oct-21        Z350
Cook, Harry               Tomford, Josie       7-Oct-14         R178
Cook, Harry G.            Combs, Margaret      5-Apr-11         O080
Cook, Irene               Campbell, W.J.       16-Apr-11        O103
Cook, Irvin B.            Lewis, Ouray         18-Jan-04        J143
Cook, Irwin C.            Russell, Bertha      24-Dec-07        L253
Cook, Isabella (Mrs.)     Cross, Aaron T.      26 Feb 1891      E306
Cook, J. Orville          Bristol, Laura       09 Dec 1898      G632
Cook, J.H.                Hale, Nancy E.       06 Sep 1887      D097
Cook, James A.            Baxter, Linnie       30-Mar-12        P170
Cook, Jennie              Stubbs, John T.      29-Oct-06        K421
Cook, Jennie A.           Gilbert, H.F.        08 Jul 1896      G117
Cook, Jessie Elizabeth    Rennick, Cleve O.    29-Nov-21        Z457
Cook, Jewell              Reay, Leonard                         S474
Cook, John E.             McCabe, Julia A.     21-May-07        K632
Cook, John H.             McFarren, Julia Ann  9-Sep-17         T619
Cook, John P.             Scott, Lillie M.     02 Oct 1890      E209
Cook, Joseph E.           Mead, Lillie J.      26-Jan-02        I167
Cook, Kate                Hoehle, William      12 Jul 1888      D341
Cook, Katherine           Bower, R.L.                           R503
Cook, Katie               Dibb, William        08 Jun 1873      A075
Cook, Leroy W.            Hall, Hazel B.       6-Sep-06         K369
Cook, Levi                Longsdorf, Bertie L. 05 Jun 1887      D024
Cook, Lewis C.            Ellsworth, Lamah A.  31 Jul 1876      A215
Cook, Lillian             Recher, J.A.         22-Jul-08        L488
Cook, Lillie              Anderson, Victor     15-Apr-20        X336
Cook, Lou Anna            Cranfill, James G.   25 Aug 1881      B182
Cook, M.E.                Brown, H.H.          7-Jan-03         I458
Cook, Margaret E.         Mears, Arthur J.     23 Apr 1885      C246
Cook, Marshal A.          Sweeney, Kate Helen  29-Sep-19        W475
Cook, Mary A.             Puryear, James M.    12-Sep-12        P413
Cook, Mary H.             Gager, M.E.          03 Apr 1893      F110
Cook, Merle A.            Berberick, Josephine 1-Jan-19         V466
Cook, Michael             Healy, Mary E.       10 Jan 1882      B233
Cook, Muriel              Mayer, J.S.          30-Nov-05        K122
Cook, Myrtle              Dunmire, Bert C.     24-Nov-08        M019
Cook, Nellie E.           Sayles, Myron A.     15 Sep 1874      A132
Cook, Olive               Burge, Sherman G.    14-Feb-05        J499
Cook, Oscar               Hunt, Hazel Marie    18-Apr-21        Y589
Cook, Pauline             Bryant, H.H.         10-May-20        X393
Cook, Pauline             Johnson, Chester F.  28-Apr-20        X358
Cook, Pauline             Kintner, Olis                         T206
Cook, Robert S.           Copeland, Carrie     11 Oct 1875      A171
Cook, Robert S.           Wenger, Fannie E.    17 Nov 1885      C341
Cook, Rufus               Baldwin, Lillian     1-Sep-10         N305
Cook, Stella E.           Goeldner, Charles W. 24-Feb-09        M151
Cook, Versa               Miller, Irvin        30 Jun 1895      F561
Cook, Virgil              Baxter, Dawna        25-Dec-10        N524
Cook, W.A.                Hinshaw, Valley V.   21-Jun-00        H346
Cook, William             Hart, Nettie         27-Dec-20        Y371
Cook, William S. (Rev)    Boles, Nellie L.     24 Sep 1890      E202
Cook, William Sherman     Payne, Emma Lincoln  15 Dec 1886      C553
Cook, Winnie              Burnett, Hiram       30 Nov 1893      F258
Cook, Winnie              DeGeer, Edgar E.     27-May-18        V170
Cook, Zetta Maude         Riggs, Walter A.     26-May-21        Y664
Cooke, Charles E.         Welmon, Angie A.     04 Jun 1894      F364
Cooke, Chauncey           Kimble, Grace        1-Nov-20         Y239
Cooke, Edward J.          Edmondson, Alpha May                  T309
Cooke, Irene              Bartlett, Loren L.                    R534
Cooke, Leah               Ives, Lester G.      3-May-19         W111
Cooke, Pearl              Donnelly, Edward H.  17-Dec-08        M051
Cooke, Sidney G.          Kelly, Aileen        10-Sep-21        Z271
Cooker, Anna C.           Staton, James W.     2-Sep-04         J330
Cookingham, Friend        Morris, Ada                           C593
Cooksey, E.C.             Kerr, Jennie E.      2-Oct-07         L135
Cookson, Ellis W.         Beaver, Estella Marie6-Apr-20         X309
Cookson, Ethel M.         Reed, Raymond T.     27-Nov-12        P544
Coolbaugh, Willie Edna    Flannery, Frank Miche12-Jun-09        M306
Cooley, Adaline           Turner, William E.   27 Aug 1892      E601
Cooley, Agnes M.          Beck, Henry          3-Mar-02         I192
Cooley, Alfred M.         Wilson, Ruth         23-Sep-13        Q337
Cooley, Alice             Scott, William       14 Mar 1882      B250
Cooley, Alma L.           Bullinger, Charles A.24 Mar 1897      G272
Cooley, Anna (Mrs.)       Kreible, George D.   2-Aug-02         I311
Cooley, Carrie            Bennett, George      13 Sep 1899      H156
Cooley, Carrie            Regan, William       20-Oct-09        M484
Cooley, Charles H.        Bullinger, Sophie E. 04 Sep 1895      F585
Cooley, Doris             Nagley, James W.     10-Jan-20        X119
Cooley, E.H.              Richardson, Hattie L.5-Sep-00         H392
Cooley, Elmer Frank       Knoffloch, Minnie R. 9-Feb-02         I177
Cooley, Emma E.           Davidson, T.S.       6-Jul-00         H354
Cooley, Flossie           Pratt, E.J.          29-Jun-18        V253
Cooley, Frances Lucile    Hunt, Sylvester Brad 22-Oct-17        U113
Cooley, Fred J.           McCrea, Mamie        22-Jun-09        M310
Cooley, Geneva E.         Smith, Wilbur L.                      S218
Cooley, Gertie            Bradley, Earl        25-Dec-12        P575
Cooley, Harlin E.         Brown, Minnie        16 Sep 1885      C306
Cooley, Harlin E.         Owens, Ella          16-Dec-08        M047
Cooley, I.N.              Brown, Nannie E.     10 May 1887      D006
Cooley, Irene C.          Black, George C.D.   8-Jun-02         I264
Cooley, Isaac N.          Burrell, Mary E. (Mrs15 Sep 1891      E388
Cooley, Ivy               Swindell, Adolph C.  19-Apr-05        J550
Cooley, John              Lutes, Eva           27-Oct-07        L186
Cooley, John E.           Metzger, Mary V.     20 Mar 1886      C414
Cooley, John H.           Young, Eliza         28 May 1884      C087
Cooley, Kemp              Worman, Charles G.   2-Jul-04         J281
Cooley, L.M.              McClelin, John P.    08 Sep 1883      B408
Cooley, Lillie M.         Page, William        26 Oct 1888      D419
Cooley, Lulu Belle        Boggs, Ernest O.     2-Sep-09         M394
Cooley, M.F.              Keith, Ada B.        25-Sep-07        L138
Cooley, Mabel Gertrude    McManis, Floyd Henry 17-Sep-19        W442
Cooley, Otis E.           Baker, Rosilla       10 Mar 1895      F508
Cooley, Phebe Jane        Miller, W.R.         11 Feb 1878      A311
Cooley, Ralph             Hanshaw, Mae                          R605
Cooley, W.E.              Tabler, Lutie May    09 Oct 1895      F607
Coom, Opal                Baker, Harry         12-Jul-18        V274
Coombes, Aleathia A.      Deal, Frank E.                        S437
Coombs, A.J.              Cashion, Saida L.    05 Oct 1898      G584
Coombs, Lawrence          Smith, Myrtle        6-Mar-18         V023
Coomer, Ethan             Jenkins, Josie(ssie) 7-Feb-07         K541
Coon, Carl M.             Rodin, Margaret Pearl24-Aug-21        Z233
Coon, William R.          Forysth, Irene       23-Nov-10        N467
Cooney, Amros             Ward, Bettie         17-Jun-12        P285
Cooney, Ella May          Hetherington, William C               S070
Cooney, Georgia           Ellsworth, J.F.      19-Aug-09        M384
Cooney, Harry G.          Hadley, Bulah Mae                     S060
Cooney, Irene G.          Miller, Owen L.                       S584
Cooney, Noel              Dryer, Ethel         12-Jun-12        P277
Coonfield, Roy A.         North, Frances M.    23-Jul-21        Z150
Coons, Fremont C.         Barney, Mary M.      07 Jul 1887      D053
Coons, Irene G.           Allen, Henry S.      17-Oct-12        P464
Coons, Mahala             Moreland, J.H.       30 Dec 1883      C021
Coons, Marie              Jones, Everett K.                     R620
Coons, Myrtle             Bourn, Arthur        10-Nov-07        L195
Coons, Sherman            Hill, Ora Maud       25-Aug-09        M390
Coons, Susie              Karminski, E.F.      10-Aug-18        V314
Coontz, Frances           Glass, R.M.          6-Jul-18         V265
Cooper, A.B.              Plumley, Della M.    6-Dec-04         J436
Cooper, A.L.              Everett, Hattie      30 Jul 1899      H131
Cooper, Abraham L.        Frank, Anna          09 Oct 1889      D627
Cooper, Alfred            Johnston, Harriet I. 06 Nov 1895      F621
Cooper, Alice             Bannon, Burdette     25-Dec-17        U388
Cooper, Allace            Bright, Henry        16 May 1897      G300
Cooper, Allie             Calvin, W.D.         16-Feb-00        H274
Cooper, Alma              McFadden, Joseph B.  19-Nov-20        Y283
Cooper, Alma B.           Brindley, Walter F.  30-Sep-12        P435
Cooper, Anna              Bartlett, Raymond    10-May-14        Q622
Cooper, B.L.              Brooks, Emma         25-Jul-14        R073
Cooper, Bernice           Parker, Rollo        11-Nov-19        W586
Cooper, Bertha A.         Fordham, Reigh C.    28-Apr-03        I539
Cooper, Bessie            Welliver, Vernin     30-Jan-13        Q011
Cooper, Beulah            Carry, Ed                             S466
Cooper, Blanche           Cornwell, Wesley     15-Sep-20        Y111
Cooper, Carl              Ogden, Pearl                          S371
Cooper, Charles H.        Howard, Ella         16-Apr-14        Q595
Cooper, Clara             Taylor, L.G.         05 Nov 1885      C334
Cooper, Cleta             Richards, R.J.       26-Apr-14        Q604
Cooper, Daniel W.         Kenworthy, Lillie E. 29 Jun 1889      D564
Cooper, Dora A.           Utz, Albert V.       22 Jan 1893      F058
Cooper, E.F.              Lyman, C.M.          3-Dec-17         U311
Cooper, Edwenah           Battaile, P.H.       6-Apr-12         P180
Cooper, Effie             Kessinger, Jesse                      S308
Cooper, Elbert Frank      Carter, Dollie E.    26-Aug-17        T593
Cooper, Elijah            Moore, Frances       9-Sep-18         V385
Cooper, Elsie             Townsend, William E. 28-Apr-01        H569
Cooper, Emma              Tibbets, Charles     17 Mar 1884      C057
Cooper, Ernest E.         Matthews, Maude      1-Jun-05         J580
Cooper, Estella           Winger, Irving C.    31-Aug-05        K027
Cooper, Ethel May         Smoot, Pearl E.      27-Nov-19        W637
Cooper, Frank             Dunkin, Rebecca A.   21 Sep 1892      E613
Cooper, George            Martin, Lydia A.     15 Jan 1894      F295
Cooper, George F.         Havener, Loudonia    26 May 1887      D017
Cooper, Gertie            Corkill, Charles Elme31-Jul-00        H368
Cooper, Giles             Alexander, Delia E.  29-Apr-01        H571
Cooper, Grace M.          Gilbert, Virgil L.                    R568
Cooper, Gracie            McComber, Ben M.                      S583
Cooper, Guy               Hiedeman, Marie      1-Aug-08         L502
Cooper, Hallie            Holland, E.C.                         T092
Cooper, Ilda M.           Holman, Orel         1-Feb-21         Y436
Cooper, J.J.              Herron, Gertrude     20-Jul-06        K331
Cooper, J.L.              Blood, Lizzie        24 Jul 1879      A436
Cooper, John Ernest       Maxwell, Alice Emma  22-Aug-06        K353
Cooper, L.E.              Babb, Hazel          14-May-22        Z764
Cooper, Leeta V.          Sterns, Walter L.    22-Nov-14        R246
Cooper, Lillie            Howard, Oliver                        S255
Cooper, Lizzie            Murphy, Frank        10 Mar 1892      E512
Cooper, Lula(ulla)        Falk, Eli            21 Sep 1892      E616
Cooper, Lura              Gunsaullus, Floyd R. 15-Jun-21        Z048
Cooper, Mabel             Coulson, Roy         10-Feb-12        P100
Cooper, Mabel(le) E.      Clemmer, John C.     17-Oct-06        K408
Cooper, Margret(gart)     Rhea, Orvie(ia)      24-Feb-09        M158
Cooper, Marie             Kimel, Ray                            S601
Cooper, Mary              Dudly, Alex          8-Oct-07         L159
Cooper, Mary Darlington   Evans, Earle Wood    30-Nov-17        U292
Cooper, Mary E.           Vanlandingham, George20-Jan-14        Q510
Cooper, Mary E.           Williams, John L.    14 Jul 1892      E580
Cooper, Mattie W.H.       Weil, George C.      14 Feb 1889      D495
Cooper, Maud              Royse, H.A.          25 Mar 1897      G273
Cooper, Maude A.          Skaggs, D.R.                          S124
Cooper, May               Lentz, F.S.          29-Jun-14        R047
Cooper, May               Oliver, Charles B.   11-Jul-09        M340
Cooper, May(ary) E.       Marshall, E.E.       04 Oct 1881      B197
Cooper, Merton H.         Avery, Ruth                           T379
Cooper, Minnie            Gors, Gustave        13 Apr 1889      D525
Cooper, Minnie Marie      Winders, Ira D.      26-Apr-11        O122
Cooper, Nellie (Mrs.)     Barnard, C.H.        8-Dec-08         M038
Cooper, Nellie N.         Arbogast, Oliver     20 Sep 1888      D392
Cooper, Oliver P.         Miller, Stella L.    29-Aug-08        L539
Cooper, Otho C.           Wood, Nellie Emma    31-Dec-02        I445
Cooper, P.E.              Herrington, F.W.     20-Jan-02        I163
Cooper, Pearl             Larimer, C.V.        29-Aug-18        V359
Cooper, R. Frank          McClaughry, Ethel    15-Mar-08        L338
Cooper, R.L.              Brown, Nina Fay      3-Feb-19         V593
Cooper, Raymond Harold    Camener, Maye        30-Nov-17        U293
Cooper, Rebekah           Rounds, Ralph        15-May-21        Y634
Cooper, S.W. Jr.          Horner, Marie        6-Feb-15         R351
Cooper, Susan E.          Ahlborn, F.C.        05 May 1875      A157
Cooper, Theadore A.       Duehring, Maggie (Mrs12-Mar-13        Q060
Cooper, Tom E.            Smart, Kathern       14-Apr-22        Z709
Cooper, W.D.              Callison, Bessie     09 Nov 1898      G606
Cooper, W.G.              Curtis, Alice                         T225
Cooper, Wallace K.        Prothero, Rhoda F.   31-Jan-06        K187
Cooper, Walter S.         Fisher, Fannie                        T242
Cooper, Willa C.          Hawkins, Robert L.                    S075
Cooper, William E.        Sinclair, Eva D.     2-Sep-03         J009
Cooper, Zelma E.          McAvoy, A.G.         27-Oct-20        Y229
Coors, Margaret M.        Lile, Tilman J.      25-Jun-21        Z086
Coots, Eva                Rosell, Charles V.   13 Dec 1885      C354
Cope, Clinton C.          Walls, Lillian       24-Apr-20        X351
Cope, Lillie May          Wikoff, C.B.         16 Feb 1887      C589
Cope, Ruby                Foy, Clarence        8-May-07         K626
Cope, William L.          Fahnestock, Mattie L.18 Dec 1892      F034
Copeland, B.              Ingersoll, W.H.      15-Jun-20        X493
Copeland, Blanche         Rhoads, E.N.                          R496
Copeland, Carrie          Cook, Robert S.      11 Oct 1875      A171
Copeland, Cornelius B.    VanLandingham, Helen 16-Sep-08        L568
Copeland, Ellen           Pittsenberger, John R06 Oct 1889      D621
Copeland, Ezra            Strickland, Myrtle   27-Feb-19        V635
Copeland, Fannie          Wenger, Lemen B.     18 Aug 1874      A129
Copeland, G.L.            Cowger, Nellie M.    20-Jul-10        N251
Copeland, James H.        McBride, Zuila       12-May-18        V140
Copeland, Marie E.        Best, Delbert H.     12-Nov-03        J078
Copeland, N.B.            Vann, Mattie         16-Sep-14        R150
Copeland, Nathan B.       Patton, Ethel                         N101
Copeland, Pearl           Rosenberger, Edward  7-Jun-11         O179
Copeland, Ralph E.        Porter, Maude L.     11-Aug-08        L510
Copeland, Sturgis C.      Moore, Charity A.    14-May-13        Q142
Copeland, William H.      Floyd, Della         11-Oct-08        L596
Copenhaver, Martin S.     Bradley, Ida         1-May-18         V124
Copley, Edward DeWitt     Brockhaven, Elizabeth4-Apr-10         N082
Copley, Joseph H.         Smith, Alice M.      25-Aug-10        N296
Coplin, Joseph W.         Streiff, Louise      2-Apr-08         L355
Coply, Edith              Vorhees, E.J.        01 Oct 1887      D119
Copner, Lou I.            Campbell, Frank B.   01 Apr 1889      D516
Copner, Sarah             Kriebel, Mahalon     24 Dec 1885      C361
Copner, W.F.              Parker, Hulda        18 Feb 1880      B036
Copp, Lizzie              McFarland, Sig M.    15-Mar-07        K573
Coppenbarger, Mary M.     Dull, D.M.           07 Aug 1887      D076
Coppice, Elora May        Koontz, William D.   11-Apr-11        O093
Coppock, Anna             Coslett, O.E.        30-Apr-02        I234
Coppock, Howard A.        Roberts, Irena Grace 21-May-18        V161
Coran, Bessie             Gilkeson, C.E.       22-Jul-14        R071
Corara, Vettoria          Bellonzi, Leig                        D031
Corberlay, Gertrude Viola Morrison, Alva Raymon12-Jan-09        M099
Corbet, Laura (Mrs.)      Chouteau, George T.  28 Jul 1897      G330
Corbett, B.A.             Carpenter, M.R.      20 May 1899      H091
Corbett, Belle            Freeman, Theodore    31-Aug-12        P392
Corbett, Fred R.          Harmon, Mabel E.     18-Sep-07        L128
Corbett, H. Marvin        Gaitskill, Eugenia   4-Aug-20         X629
Corbett, Mary Ethel       Koenig, Joseph H.    31-Dec-13        Q488
Corbett, Walter A.        Nolan, Lizzie        20-Jan-09        M111
Corbett, Wilfield S.      Lee, Frances M.      28 Oct 1873      A088
Corbin, Claude E.         Dougherty, Lillian   17-May-20        X407
Corbin, Cora              Shacklett, Earl N.   22-Jun-10        N197
Corbin, Edna              Peterson, Carl E.                     S266
Corbin, Edna              Silvins, Richard Owen18-Nov-19        W618
Corbin, Jennie Montez     Brown, James Calvin  5-Sep-05         K031
Corbin, John E.           Serviss, Edna P.     12 Nov 1896      G188
Corbin, Lula              Kelley, Oral         23-Sep-21        Z299
Corbin, Robert            McCauley, Mildred M. 12-Jun-20        X486
Corbly, Belle             Appling, Constantine 06 Oct 1889      D622
Corcoran, Margaret        Nielsen, Galen       4-Jun-18         V191
Corcoran, Mary Ellen      Culver, Franklin W.  4-Mar-02         I191
Corcoran, Michael P.      Dobbins, Ella R.     15-Oct-13        Q378
Cord, Alva B.             Ravellette, Elizabeth26-Nov-19        W633
Cordel(ll), Anna(nie)A.   Nilles, William O.   1-May-06         K247
Cordel, Lizzie A.         Simon, John M.       06 Nov 1894      F424
Cordel, Nicolaus F.       Freund, Maggie       27 Apr 1885      C243
Cordel, Simon             Leis, Elizabeth      13 Feb 1893      F063
Cordell, Bernardine       Peitz, Herman                         T289
Cordell, Carroll          Lyman, George D.     18-Nov-07        L203
Cordell, Elizabeth        Ditgen, William T.   15-Oct-18        V429
Cordell, Ellen Claudine   Hays, Meade          16-Apr-10        N103
Cordell, Eva              Ditgen, N.W.         15-May-00        H316
Cordell, Florence         Klein, John          20-Aug-18        V301
Cordell, Lillie           Newell, Irvin        17-Aug-11        O285
Cordell, Lillie D.        Bland, George        7-Aug-05         K009
Cordell, Magdalena M.     Blick, Henry         26-Apr-04        J212
Cordell, Mary             Blank, Floyd E.      23-Feb-21        Y486
Cordell, Myrtle           Waer, Frank M.       19-Sep-02        I355
Cordell, Myrtle           Wear, Frank M.       19-Sep-02        I355
Cordell, Nora K.          Ditgen, Nick W.      22-Feb-11        O001
Corder, H.O.              Fulton, Lizzie       23 Nov 1887      D167
Corder, O.E.              Frew, L.W.           05 Sep 1887      D095
Cordes, Annie             Becker, Joseph       13-Dec-10        N495
Cordes, Bernard H.        Klausmeyer, Mary     04 May 1886      C433
Cordes, C.B.              Gunther, Pauline     24-Nov-21        Z451
Cordes, George H.         Schneider, Therese   17 Dec 1874      A146
Cordes, Joseph H.         Sommerhauser, Laura  15-Jun-20        X457
Cordes, Mary E.           Sommerhouser, William7-Jun-20         X456
Cordrrey, Maxine Sue      Dadisman, Wayland R. 19-May-19        W149
Cordry, Clarence L.       Beauvais, Marie A.   3-Aug-12         P359
Core, G.B.                Snodgrass, Ethel                      S024
Corey, Bessie             Freeland, Ray S.     18-Apr-09        M220
Corey, E.R.               Bush, Laura          18-Mar-03        I510
Corey, Flora D.           Youse, William H.    14-Sep-10        N325
Corey, Frank              Levering, Gertrude   18-Dec-06        K484
Corey, Fred J.            Weaver, Etta         1-Mar-12         P132
Corey, Hilda              Brannan, John A.     1-Oct-01         I060
Corfman, Bertha K.        Ellis, Vernon L.     14-Oct-09        M477
Corfman, Cleo L.          Durnil, Warder R.    14-Apr-21        Y576
Corfman, Fred J.          Gilbert, Zetta       24-Dec-14        R297
Corfman, Noah C.          Miser, Mabel         12-Jun-09        M293
Corkhill, Charles William Empie, Lola May      7-May-10         N131
Corkill, Charles Elmer    Cooper, Gertie       31-Jul-00        H368
Corkill, Edward           Dodson, Cora         04 Jan 1898      G438
Corkill, Robert           Neal, Clara L.       2-May-01         H579
Corkins, Flavia           Harrison, A.C.       14-Mar-14        Q567
Corkle, Della             Stam, George         10 Feb 1892      E492
Corless, Anna Louise      Hudson, Thomas C.    19-Nov-21        Z432
Corlett, George O.        Gosen, Susie E.      13-Nov-11        O413
Corley, Georgia           Banks, Bernard T.    28-Jun-17        T476
Corley, Harry H.          Hoffman, Bessie M.                    S123
Corley, Julia             Meyers, Sutton       16-Oct-17        U085
Corley, Mary Virginia     McQuown, Albert N.   8-Jun-10         N173
Corliss, Jennie           Everett, Edsal M.    20-Feb-04        J169
Corliss, Lula A.          Litton, C.W.         4-Apr-05         J537
Cormack, Annie            Kibble, William      12 Jul 1899      H124
Corman, Elizabeth Mona    Miller, Charles J.   10-Apr-18        V086
Corman, Rosa              Greep, George        26-Jul-11        O261
Corman, Zec               Greep, E.D.          6-Aug-13         Q269
Cormany, F.W.             Francis, Etta        11-Aug-17        T572
Corn, Alvin L.            Morgan, Cuba B.      16-Sep-14        R150
Corn, Byron               Mount, Rosa          26-Feb-22        Z626
Corn, Charles             Bartholomew, Anna    02 Mar 1893      F090
Corn, Clarence W.         Goodacre, Martha     20-Dec-11        P023
Corn, Della E.            Payne, Elwood M.     29 Apr 1896      G086
Corn, Eld. G.H.           Shultz, Ella (Mrs.)  17 Aug 1897      G339
Corn, Emily               Tate, William U.                      T346
Corn, Emma                Sadler, Letcher      04 Jul 1886      C460
Corn, Ephraim R.          Creamer, Kate        03 Nov 1889      E006
Corn, Etta                Knode, Samuel L.     14 Jul 1889      D573
Corn, Floyd L.            Smalley, Lillie J.                    S333
Corn, George W.           Murphy, Mary         10 Jul 1881      B172
Corn, Hope Rosella        Barnaby, Oda         2-Apr-13         Q092
Corn, Ida Willameta       Dennett, Robert A.   23-Dec-03        J121
Corn, James T.            Reed, Mildred S.A.                    R486
Corn, Jewel               Chamberlain, Glen    01 May 1898      G499
Corn, John M.             Bowers, Mary A.      28 Feb 1888      D233
Corn, Joseph F.           Lowery, Roda J.      07 Feb 1885      C206
Corn, Lillian Alberta     Hall, Samuel A.      21-Dec-04        J445
Corn, Marcia Leone        Gregory, Wilbur Elmer13-Dec-17        U331
Corn, Nellie B.           Lakin, Samuel A.     7-Oct-06         K400
Corn, O.G.                Smith, Arzetta       08 May 1895      F533
Corn, Sarah E.            Boyle, Reese         24 Sep 1882      B299
Corn, Solomon             Smiley, Mary Elizabet16 Jul 1884      C105
Corn, Timothy             Smiley, Rachel B.    14 Jun 1885      C266
Corn, Virgil              Hall, Edna           11 Oct 1896      G165
Corn, Wesley              Arnold, Thirza       4-Mar-08         L327
Corn, William F.          McKnight, Mary A.    13-Apr-05        J544
Corneleus, Goldia         Christiansen, Fred   6-Aug-21         Z192
Cornelison, Elnora        Smith, W.C.          9-Jan-18         U461
Cornelison, F.B.          Gilbert, Minnie      24-Mar-13        Q076
Cornelison, Maude         Lashley, David       21-Apr-20        X344
Cornelison, W.B.          Dewey, Lillie        24-Dec-07        L257
Cornelius, Dollie         Norris, J.W.         6-Aug-02         I315
Cornelius, E.E.           Falk, Cora           29 Mar 1899      H059
Cornelius, Guy Edwards    Roach, Alta Fern     25-Mar-11        O066
Cornelius, Mary S.        Edwards, William R.  20-Dec-05        K143
Cornelius, Vina           Key, Grant E.        7-Jul-17         T495
Cornell, Amy Elizabeth    Prather, Ivard Dean  2-Feb-11         O002
Cornell, Carlyle P.       Kraft, Louise M.     25-Feb-11        O030
Cornell, Della            Dewey, L.E.          19-Feb-20        X211
Cornell, E.J.             Johnston, Ella B.    01 Jun 1899      H100
Cornell, Maude E.         Blades, C.M.         15-Apr-08        L372
Cornell, N.P.             Hennessey, Mabelle   1-Sep-14         R123
Cornell, Susan Bower      Garcelon, F.B.       30 Nov 1899      H220
Cornett, J.G.             Allen, Myrtle        19-Sep-21        Z289
Cornett, Stella           Evans, John                           S555
Cornette, Dorthea         Brown, Fred H.       20-Jan-10        M627
Corning, Hattie           Carley, John                          T245
Cornish, Ethel            Ramsey, Alfred       6-Apr-12         P184
Cornish, S. Arland        Nichols, Elizabeth J.12-Jan-13        P630
Corns, F.M.               Jennings, Mary       19 Sep 1887      D108
Corns, Francis M.         Brafford, Nancy E.   15 Jul 1889      D575
Corns, John A.            Overlees, Susie (Mrs.13 Sep 1896      G145
Corns, Rose Viola         Brewer, Hugh Revere                   R457
Cornstuble, Eva           Smith, H.C.          7-Jan-19         V558
Cornwall, Bertha Mabel    Christie, E.B.       14-May-19        W136
Cornwall, Ollie Bell(le)  Anderson, George D.  27 Apr 1892      E537
Cornwall, Opal            Phillips, John C.    23-Aug-19        W378
Cornwall, Robert Merl     Greenfield, M. Opal  10-Mar-07        K570
Cornwall, Thomas H.       McGoogan, Phebe Ellen26 Sep 1880      B094
Cornwell, A.B.            Cornwell, Tennessee  3-Apr-09         M202
Cornwell, Anna            Morris, James E.     10 May 1893      F133
Cornwell, Benjamin F.     Constant, Ida H. (Mrs16 Feb 1893      F080
Cornwell, C.M.            Hurt, Lolita         8-May-20         X387
Cornwell, Edward E.       McGlynn, Mary        19 Nov 1885      C344
Cornwell, G.C.            Utt, Nettie                           R623
Cornwell, Hazel M.        Rothwell, Louis J.   3-Jul-06         K314
Cornwell, Margaret E.     Rissell, Ralph L.    4-Jun-08         L423
Cornwell, Ruth            Wright, Joshua       23 Sep 1896      G152
Cornwell, Tenia           Puckett, John C.                      S514
Cornwell, Tennessee       Cornwell, A.B.       3-Apr-09         M202
Cornwell, Wesley          Cooper, Blanche      15-Sep-20        Y111
Corona, Gertrudiz         Gonsalez, Erminia    16-Nov-14        R233
Coronel, M.               Corral, Frank R.                      Y636
Corp, S.E.                Majors, Charles E.   24-Jan-20        X151
Corporal, Alfred          Emery, Mary          18-Mar-00        H292
Corporal, Alfred          Emrey, Mary          18-Mar-00        H292
Corporon, M.E.            Early, Lulu E. (Mrs.)19-Aug-01        I022
Corr, Frances             Gregory, M.L.                         S619
Corr, Fred James          Gregory, Bessie Pearl27-Oct-12        P483
Corr, Harry H.            Johnson, Mary E.                      S306
Corr, Hugh W.             Charles, Elizabeth   20 Sep 1899      H160
Corr, J.J.                Tallman, Helen E.    27-Nov-12        P528
Corr, Margaret A.         Yergler, Frederic D. 15-Apr-08        L367
Corr, Sarah Jane          Yergler, John Frankli8-Sep-09         M395
Corral, Frank R.          Coronel, M.                           Y636
Correll, Barbara A.       Robbins, Samuel M.   13 Sep 1888      D387
Corrigan, Celia J.        Enright, Edward A.   24 Sep 1889      D612
Corrin, John H.           Paul, Julia A.       4-Mar-22         Z640
Corruth, Alice            Craig, Prenney L.    3-Aug-21         Z179
Corsant, George           North, Nettie        5-Sep-19         W416
Corsley, Eva Mary         Boyle, William E.                     G582
Corson, Casius            Harroer, Alice       04 Oct 1883      B412
Corthran, Clara           Wright, Louis                         T077
Cortney, J.C.             Taylor, Cora                          T121
Corvin, Emma              Cecil, Claude        31-Oct-19        W563
Corwin, Cornelia A.       Waples, Bee R.                        T024
Corwin, Emory             Erwin, Alice Josephin22-Jun-18        V239
Corwin, Harmon(man) M.    Garwood, Maggie M.   25 Dec 1890      E270
Corwin, Jane              Wilson, J.R.         11 Aug 1898      G549
Corwin, Joseph            Garwood, Mattie E.                    C509
Corwin, Joseph            Watson, Elizabeth C. 24 Dec 1874      A147
Corwin, Katie J.          Davis, Ed. S.        08 Jun 1890      E151
Corwine, Olivia M. (Mrs)  Egan, William H.     17 Mar 1889      D507
Cory, Christina Chloe     Steele, Carl E.      19-Nov-13        Q427
Cory, Edith Blanch(he)    Avery, Milo          10 Aug 1898      G549
Cory, Glen                Fletcher, Gladys Mari16-Sep-20        Y116
Cory, Nellie              Perryman, T.W.       6-Feb-00         H266
Cory, T.C.                Allgaier, Gladys V.  10-Apr-20        X315
Coryell, Ella B.          Byers, James D.      07 Feb 1884      C038
Coryell, Ira              Certain, Ida         31-Oct-10        N421
Corzatt, John L.          Benedict, Alice      28-Oct-11        O388
Corzatt, Lillian Mabel    Rowe, Brightley      18-Apr-09        M223
Corzine, Ernest           King, Fay                             S097
Corzine, Frank B.         Rafferty, Maud M.    06 May 1891      E338
Corzine, Grace W.         Thompson, H.M.                        S101
Corzine, Harry H.         Hanes, Anna Thelma                    R497
Cosby, Bessie May         Hartmann, Henry      11-May-20        X393
Cosby, Lucy               Miles, Dettmer                        T381
Cosby, W.O.               Barackman, Evelyn    20-Jun-10        N195
Coslett, O.E.             Coppock, Anna        30-Apr-02        I234
Coslett, William Thomas   Grim, Ocie Hazel     10-Jul-07        L048
Cosner, S.C.              Laurence, Anna May   02 Apr 1893      F131
Cosner, V.V.              Snyder, Mary                          R470
Coss, Florence            McEntire, R.T.                        S058
Coss, Lottie              McBride, Bion A.     2-Jul-21         Z101
Coss, William L.          Smith, Zoner         7-May-20         X384
Cosseboom, Mildred        Manos, Tony                           S155
Cossey, Ella J.           Clayton, Ralph H.    03 Jan 1893      F055
Cossitt, Bruce Fred       Jackson, Anna T.     17-Jan-22        Z559
Cossitt, C.M.             Titsworth, R. Mable  12 Jun 1895      F552
Cossitt, Fred J.          Carlton, Carrie A.   29 Jun 1890      E162
Costello, Iva             Wilson, E.F.         6-Jan-21         Y376
Costello, Jewell C.       Wright, Charles H.   22 May 1895      F543
Costello, Maymie          Patterson, Arthur    26-Jul-19        W315
Costin, Charles           Cranston, Alta       31-May-19        W171
Costin, Isaac             Kull, Anna           12 Jul 1884      C100
Costin, J.W.              Ruter, Georgia       1-Oct-13         Q346
Costin, Minnie            Wagner, R.A.         24 Dec 1899      H236
Costley, D.J.             McCandless, Frances A.                S199
Costner, Amy              Fuss, J.F.           1-Nov-11         O395
Costner, Jesse            Joseph, Ethel M.     9-Aug-10         N270
Coston, Fred Allison      Shrock, Veda Mildred 8-Mar-13         Q056
Coston, Fred Allison      Shrock, Vida Mildred 8-Mar-13         Q070
Cothran, Claude M.        Reed, Florence       28-Mar-15        R402
Cotner, G.M.              Armstrong, Myrtle    27 Dec 1896      G215
Cotrell, F.E.             Hudson, Emily (Mrs.) 7-Nov-04         J410
Cott, Anna                McClurg, W.C.        14 Aug 1897      G337
Cott, Anna                Rossler, John C.     04 Aug 1891      E369
Cott, Isla Vay            Reed, Carl           9-Jun-17         T432
Cotteral, Lena            Beall, Charles Edward14-Jun-20        X490
Cotterill, Mae            Liebbe, George J.    22-Sep-14        R158
Cotterman, Eugene         Padgett, Isabelle    5-Jun-21         Z020
Cottman, Harry D.         Jones, Anna L.       03 Apr 1899      H063
Cottman, Judd H.          Greger, Rhoda        09 Jul 1898      G531
Cottman, Olive M.         Kennell, Roy E.      17-Dec-02        I428
Cotton, Ceola             Martin, Hobart       2-Mar-18         V017
Cotton, E.E.              Stice, Ethel         30-May-19        W171
Cotton, Eliza J.          McGoon, Jackson      14 Mar 1888      D247
Cotton, Emery E.          Wetmore, Ida         9-May-10         N131
Cotton, F.E.              Owens, Maggie M.     2-Jun-04         J250
Cotton, George E.         Robbins, Rosana      6-Jan-09         M091
Cotton, Myrtle C.         Curtis, William D.   28-May-02        I255
Cotton, Rachil A.         Owens, Ore           05 Sep 1897      G349
Cottrell, Florence        Burns, Henry         11 Nov 1885      C339
Cottrell, George          Pierpont, Maud       2-May-00         H314
Cottrell, Harry           Huffman, Alma        21-Dec-09        M571
Cottrell, Oscar           Hite, Vina           30-Jun-14        R046
Cottrell, Oscar K.        Lines, Orilla W.     18-Jan-05        J471
Cottrill, Nellie E.       Bush, R.H.           12 Jul 1899      H123
Couch, Alfred B.          Seaman, Goldie G.    7-Oct-19         W503
Couch, Bessie             Ramsey, Olon         8-Mar-18         V027
Couch, Ella               Jones, Samuel        29-Nov-03        J095
Couch, Judson             Bastow, Marcia A.    01 Apr 1885      C234
Couch, William            Banks, Ella          04 Mar 1880      B046
Couchman, Mary            Hunter, Harry        24-Dec-03        J125
Coudell, Florence E.      Pierce, John M.      22-Feb-20        X216
Cough, Laura Myers        Martin, H.J.                          S439
Coughlan, Minnie          Bell, William Henry  18-Apr-11        O106
Coughlin, Viola G.        Stroud, Virgil A.    28-Aug-20        Y062
Couk, Vivan               McCune, Harold S.    19-Jul-19        W293
Couldren, Hazel           Curnutt, C.H.        23-Mar-21        Y539
Coulson, E.J.             Davis, Anna M.       14-Oct-11        O366
Coulson, Edwin C.         Sonderup, Lollie M.  28-Feb-07        K561
Coulson, Eldon            Fraze, Nettie        14-Apr-07        K605
Coulson, Frank H.         Forward, Ida M.      4-Mar-05         J513
Coulson, Frederick N.     Wells, Vera Dorothy                   S001
Coulson, Roy              Cooper, Mabel        10-Feb-12        P100
Coulter, Bell Inez Grace  Fulkerson, J.H.      25-Sep-02        I363
Coulter, E.M.             McNiel, E.M.                          S589
Coulter, F.M.             Beckner, Estella     6-Feb-20         X179
Coulter, J.R.             Capito, Eva                           S386
Coulter, Jessie P.        Edwards, C.B.        28-Oct-09        M505
Coulter, Mary             Rose, Rollie(ly)     1-Oct-08         L581
Coulter, Thomas J. Jr.    Hume, Hazel Anna     5-Nov-05         K100
Coulter, William          Barton, Ada          16-Dec-06        K481
Coultis, Ed               McCray, Dora         9-Jul-19         W278
Coundiff, Ernest J.       Hull, Beryl M.       9-Sep-09         M417
Counsil, Georgia S.       Rutan, Anson C.      2-Aug-00         H370
Counsil, Mamie            Davidson, Arthur J.  29 Jan 1893      F062
Counsil, Retta Y.         Webb, Sebastian C.   17-Sep-00        H401
Counter, Maude            Utz, Emil M.         24-Nov-09        M537
Counterman, Ralph         Tennent, Dorothy     12-Jan-20        X127
Countermine, John         Cain, Minnie Marie   26-Jul-17        T526
Countryman, George W.     Allen, Agnes C.      3-Jul-11         O236
Countryman, Hiram         Hobson, Malissa      02 Jan 1893      F048
Coup, Ella Irene          Reed, Bert M.        30 Jul 1891      E365
Coup, Lula                Watson, H.H.         03 May 1888      D288
Courson, Esther           Caudell, Alvin       3-Aug-08         L504
Courter, Grace            Case, Vernon E.      25-Dec-06        K499
Courtner, Roy M.          Eral, Emma B.        4-Feb-13         Q018
Courtney, Aaron           Tuttle, S. Emma      14 May 1887      D009
Courtney, Ann             Gardner, Paul        17-Sep-21        Z286
Courtney, Charles H.      Hill, Orien Frances  26-Oct-21        Z384
Courtney, Essie (Mrs.)    Aldrich, G.S.        26-May-13        Q158
Courtney, G.C.            Fuller, Bertha A.    2-Sep-08         L548
Courtney, Ines            Parker, Sydney       22 May 1887      D013
Courtney, Ines            Wylie, J.A.          21 Jul 1888      D347
Courtney, Kathryn E.      Robinson, James F.   23-Dec-05        K155
Courtney, Kathryn E.      Robison, James F.    23-Dec-05        K155
Courtney, Lillie          Minnich, A.L.        10 Mar 1884      C064
Courtney, Mark J.         Conway, Ida          22 Dec 1897      G426
Courtney, Mary F.         Kerber, Sebastian    16 Apr 1879      A419
Courtney, Michael         Bock, Christina      14 Feb 1888      D211
Courtney, William         Schott, Herriett J.  14-Jun-02        I272
Courtright, Mary Ellen    Bigger, Joseph A.    12 Mar 1878      A320
Courtright, Palmlee       Scribner, T.E.       9-Apr-21         Y565
Courtright, William A.    Vail, Merle M.       24-Sep-19        W461
Coury, John               Kamb, Mary           29-Mar-20        X288
Cousins, A.J.             Causey, Bertha E.    22-Feb-11        O026
Cousins, Frank A.         Stice, Iva           24-Feb-09        M157
Cousins, Louisa           Burton, Henry        7-Mar-04         J181
Coutlet, Eva L.           Littell, George E.   13 Feb 1890      E077
Coutlet, J.D.             Mateer, Etta         14-Aug-07        L085
Covalt, Otis              Venard, Maude        21-Oct-07        L175
Covalt, Ray               Morgan, Myrtle       27-Dec-20        Y377
Covault, Alice M.         Manning, George R.   03 Nov 1888      D424
Covault, John N.          Wright, Ella         18 Oct 1893      F228
Covault, Nettie           Lindley, Justin      16 Dec 1894      F459
Covell, Benjamin H.       Royal, Hazel         12-Oct-12        P456
Covell, Cora              Beal, Perry          8-Dec-09         M553
Covell, Cora              Hanes, Volney O.     18 Feb 1880      B038
Covell, Florence C.       Whitten, John J.                      T057
Covell, S.N.              Beasley, Lillian     19-Jul-19        W295
Covell, Tom G.            Kuster, Lillian L.                    T271
Covert, Alva H.           Stedman, Blanche E.                   O370
Covert, Howard M.         Startin, Nevada      4-Apr-12         P178
Covey, Fred               McKee, Bess          25-May-19        W156
Covey, Howard Lyman       Leslie, Euphemia Anni30-Apr-19        W107
Covey, May                Snyder, Elick        25-May-10        N153
Covey, Ruth               Bartholomew, F.E.    15-Oct-12        P461
Covington, Alfred         Jackson, Ora         21 Oct 1891      E407
Covington, Marie          McWorter, Thomas     15-Nov-14        R232
Covington, Mary I.        Jones, Samuel W.     04 Feb 1891      E296
Cowan, Charles            Starr, Anna          24 Dec 1891      E452
Cowan, Charles            Williamson, Iva                       T003
Cowan, Clarence Mitchell  Reeder, Laura Mabel  28-Apr-02        I231
Cowan, Emma E.            Forby, Theo.         14 Nov 1890      E247
Cowan, George W.          Bolick, Lucy M.      22 Jun 1892      E568
Cowan, I.F.               Blackwell, Myrtle    17-Mar-02        I202
Cowan, McClellan          Horney, Maggie       12 Apr 1893      F114
Cowans, Gracie E.         Seward, George E.    21 Oct 1884      C150
Cowans, Nancie            Knox, Charles D.     21-Dec-19        X053
Cowden, F.M.              Marsolf, Edith L.    31-Dec-19        X101
Cowdrey, Clyde E.         Mooney, Laura E.                      S563
Cowdrey, Stanley Dwight   Becket, Maude Chester23-Dec-08        M056
Cowdrey, Stanley Dwight   Bicket, Maude Chester23-Dec-08        M056
Cowell, Wallace           LaForce, Viola       24-Sep-08        L576
Cowger, Nellie M.         Copeland, G.L.       20-Jul-10        N251
Cowgill, Anna             Avery, Clyde W.      26-May-06        K275
Cowgill, W.T.             Sayers, Minnie B.    08 Mar 1886      C404
Cowing, Levi              Whiteside, Pansy Cath15-Aug-10        N276
Cowing, Roy               Schooler, Grace      15-Dec-19        X041
Cowl, Susan               Graham, Joe          13 Aug 1887      D081
Cowle, Jennie M.          Morton, H.B.         16-Jun-13        Q199
Cowles, D.G.              Ralstin, Murtel      30-Aug-17        T596
Cowles, Fayzette May      Shanholtzer, Earl Lee1-Sep-05         K027
Cowles, Myrtle            Lancaster, Joe       23-Feb-18        V003
Cowles, Zuleima           Anderson, Ford S.    2-Mar-10         N037
Cowley, Laura F.          Suelthaus, John W.   30 Jun 1892      E572
Cowley, Luella            Harrison, E.W.       3-Dec-17         U305
Cowley, Ralph Mon Roy     Blades, Grace Estelle2-Feb-04         J153
Cowman, Gilbert William   Garland, Jeanette Ber30-Sep-08        L584
Cowman, Louie             Kirk, Ruby Lucretia  21-Nov-21        Z440
Cowns, Pearley            Paster, Joe          1-Sep-20         Y075
Cowp, James               McNally, Maggie      22 Oct 1890      E225
Cowser, Albert R.         Rice, Bertha M.      23-Dec-02        I433
Cox, Aaron B.             Winters, Amy G.      29 Oct 1892      F004
Cox, Ada                  Hatfield, Thomas     17 Nov 1898      G613
Cox, Albert               Houck, Lottie                         D193
Cox, Albert               Houck, Lottie        01 Jan 1888      D192
Cox, Alexander B.         Rison, Orilla        30 Dec 1891      E463
Cox, Alice                Pace, Clarence                        S132
Cox, Alla Lee             Weddel, Joe          13-Sep-17        T626
Cox, Alta                 Bowen, Kirby V.      7-Jun-13         Q185
Cox, Amanda               McCray, Aaron F.     22-Oct-12        P474
Cox, Amy E.               Howard, Arthur       15-Jun-21        Z050
Cox, Andrew B.            Smith, Lorena        8-Oct-13         Q362
Cox, Anna                 Fennell, Elmer       1-Jan-13         P617
Cox, Arthur F.            Harris, Hattie       18-Aug-14        R104
Cox, Arthur M.            Earnhart, Ruby E.    30-Sep-13        Q348
Cox, Bert                 Miller, Julia        17-May-21        Y645
Cox, C.A.                 McCready, Sarah                       S038
Cox, C.L.                 Klinepeter, Clara B. 3-Jul-17         T487
Cox, C.T.                 Moon, Inez           25-Dec-12        P579
Cox, Carson W.            Pitts, Vercia        21-Dec-05        K144
Cox, Charles              McKinney, Mabel      21-Sep-09        M438
Cox, Charles C.           Mellinger, Margaret  25-Jun-02        I282
Cox, Charles K.           Baker, Grace A.      27-Aug-10        N301
Cox, Chester              Fesmire, Pearl       14-Nov-12        P504
Cox, Clara                Ellsworth, James     03 Oct 1874      A135
Cox, Clarence             Moore, Jessie        22-Jul-12        P343
Cox, Clarence             Young, Lena B.       14-Apr-22        Z702
Cox, Clarence Silvester   Slates, Mae          28-Feb-10        N035
Cox, Clarkson J.          Doran, Gertrude      17-Aug-10        N281
Cox, Clinton Vaylord      Gillespie, Betty G.  28-Jun-11        O222
Cox, Clyde E.             Eaton, Gladys        24-Mar-20        X271
Cox, Daisy                Grubb, David         28 Sep 1890      E206
Cox, Elfie                Randall, Irvin J.    14-Feb-02        I181
Cox, Eliza J.             Branson, Daniel R.   16 Sep 1886      C497
Cox, Elmer                Bible, May                            S459
Cox, Elvin W.             Davis, Hannah Lavina 31 Mar 1897      G275
Cox, Emit                 Gladwell, Dora       10 Jan 1894      F293
Cox, Essie                Hauver, William                       S552
Cox, Esther               Smith, Walter        10-Nov-09        M493
Cox, Ethel                Frances, Aubrey      7-Aug-00         H470
Cox, Ethel                Kitchin, Edward      7-Mar-09         M172
Cox, Eugene               Johnson, Mary F.     28-Jan-07        K530
Cox, Eva L.               Wilson, Thomas H.    07 Dec 1880      B117
Cox, Eva Pearl            Price, Elvis Franklin1-Dec-12         P545
Cox, Evadana              Futhey, Cecil        28-Jan-20        X159
Cox, F.A.T.               St. Clair, W.E.      05 Feb 1887      C582
Cox, F.E.                 Uden, Mina F.        22 Apr 1888      D278
Cox, F.K.                 VanHorn, Lora Mae    18-Jun-19        W222
Cox, Fannie A.            Wolfe, F.J.          05 Jul 1886      C463
Cox, Fern                 Snell, Alfred        19-Aug-06        K353
Cox, Florence M.          O'Donnell, Frank W.  12-Jun-02        I271
Cox, Florence M.          Young, William F.    24-Feb-04        J172
Cox, Frank                Drake, Maud          11-Mar-15        R384
Cox, Fred                 Currie, Ethel        21-Jan-13        P640
Cox, Fred                 McCoy, Hope          14-Dec-20        Y336
Cox, Geneva               Rhoads, Eli          31-Oct-00        H446
Cox, Genevieve            Winn, L.F.                            S251
Cox, George               Friesen, Susie       26-Feb-21        Y495
Cox, George A.            Hinton, Anna A.      10 Apr 1886      C424
Cox, Grace                Scudder, Ralph       20-Sep-11        O333
Cox, H.B.                 Watson, Nora         27-Dec-20        Y375
Cox, H.L.                 White, Mabel                          T087
Cox, Hadley A.            Springborn, Elma Geor26-Feb-21        Y493
Cox, Hattie J.            Pickett, Nathan C.   24-Jul-01        I005
Cox, Hazel                Davis, Chester A.    4-Aug-19         W332
Cox, Hilda L.             Jones, Willie E.     20-Feb-07        K550
Cox, Huda                 Andrew, Ernest       1-May-11         O131
Cox, Iantha               Horsman, Arthur T.   26-May-10        N155
Cox, J.A.                 Kirk, Charity        18-Apr-14        Q598
Cox, J.L.                 Clark, Ollie O.                       H192
Cox, J.L.                 Clark, Ollie O.      22 Oct 1899      H190
Cox, Jabin Jr.            Zerbe, Jessie                         T154
Cox, James A.             Carey, Edith E.      5-Sep-06         K366
Cox, James M.             Meikle, Fay                           S605
Cox, Jennie E.            Miles, Elmer E.      27 Dec 1893      F282
Cox, Jennie Neva Coy      Garver, George Jacob 12-Jun-17        T441
Cox, Jennings B.          Waller, Stella       12-Dec-17        U333
Cox, Joel E.              Drake, Mary C.       25 Aug 1884      C123
Cox, John E.              Plattner, Magdalene  1-Feb-21         Y449
Cox, John Elmer           Winscott, Lillian Jun10-Oct-01        I074
Cox, Katie                Henry, James H.      17-Dec-08        M050
Cox, Larkin               Lashly, Becca A.     01 Jan 1896      G024
Cox, Laura                Jillins, George H.   30 Mar 1887      C620
Cox, Leota                Ashenfelter, Virgil                   S074
Cox, Lillie A.            King, George M.      12-Mar-21        Y519
Cox, Lillie B.            Preston, Thomas E.   01 Jan 1876      A187
Cox, Lloyd Carl           Jearls, Marie        6-Dec-19         X021
Cox, Loraine              Edds, Charles        15-Nov-20        Y271
Cox, Lula M.              Reed, F.M.           26-Jun-06        K305
Cox, Lulu M.              Huston, E.L.         28-Jan-20        X159
Cox, Margaret             Roberts, Ralph       10-May-18        V137
Cox, Maurine L.           Kendrick, Carl L.    29-Nov-11        O432
Cox, Mildred              King, Jefferson H.   17-Jan-18        U484
Cox, Mildred              Watkins, Fred C.     27-Jun-11        O220
Cox, Millie H.            Herrington, G.H.     22-Sep-07        L129
Cox, Minnie               Curtis, Arch         10-Dec-18        V511
Cox, Minta E.             Randall, Irvin J.    28 Dec 1898      H004
Cox, Mora F.              Pope, William        1-Jan-18         U435
Cox, Nathan C.            Maxey, Minnie May    31 Oct 1895      F618
Cox, Nell                 Beall, W.W.                           S392
Cox, Nina Vera            Wheeler, Ernest N.   4-Oct-05         K062
Cox, Normie LeRoy         Burdick, Esther      14-Jul-19        W285
Cox, O.D.                 House, Carlista      19-Sep-12        P421
Cox, Odessa F.            Chamberlain, Walter H25-Dec-21        Z504
Cox, Ona Lucile           Hennings, Roy J.     16-Jun-09        M298
Cox, Orlena M.            Dold, Fred W.        18-Dec-01        I126
Cox, Otis                 Mitchell, Pearl      16-Jul-14        R065
Cox, Pearle               Hardesty, Charles P. 21-Sep-09        M440
Cox, Perry                Wallace, Fannie      05 Apr 1891      E319
Cox, Roxie                Potts, William       11-Nov-08        L626
Cox, Roy L.               Lasswell, Daisy M.   13-Oct-19        W519
Cox, Sanford C.           Brenton, Nancy E.    25 Jan 1884      C030
Cox, Sarah                Brown, C.W.          04 Jul 1883      B386
Cox, Sarah Henrietta      Gains, Julius        12 Feb 1890      E075
Cox, Silas W.             Kimberling, Jessie P.23-May-05        J578
Cox, Solon G.             Riggs, Myrtle Edna                    S442
Cox, Sylvia               Moore, C.H.          16-Jan-22        Z555
Cox, Sylvia Bertella      Sutton, Earnest      14-Oct-20        Y191
Cox, Sylvia T.            Dunlap. Frank W.     4-Mar-03         I499
Cox, T.A.                 Howland, John C.     27-Feb-12        P131
Cox, T.T.                 Pike, Maud           22 Sep 1897      G363
Cox, Theodore A.          Showalter, Edith L.  23-Jul-13        Q252
Cox, Theron T.            Davis, Stella W.     26-Feb-03        I483
Cox, Thomas C.            Spencer, Della C.                     D410
Cox, Thomas E.            Clodfelter, Margaret 4-Sep-20         Y086
Cox, Thomas F.            St. Clair, Pansy Marg25-Oct-08        L617
Cox, Thomas Thompson      McClees, Emma Priscil12-Dec-05        K135
Cox, Velma Fay            Endres, Ernest A.    9-Aug-19         W343
Cox, Verna                Butler, Earl F.      22-Jan-18        U498
Cox, Viona L.             Miller, Clarence     29-Jul-20        X616
Cox, Virgil E.            Fesmire, Blanche     31-Mar-09        M193
Cox, Waldena              Showalter, Floyd C.  26-Feb-19        V630
Cox, Walter A.            Hinshaw, Goldie L.   3-Oct-01         I064
Cox, William              Harned, Sallie       4-Jun-19         W188
Cox, Wilson               Miller, Janie        21 Nov 1894      F438
Coxhead, Clinton H.       Mauzy, Vivian        17-Oct-19        W526
Coxhead, Hannah           Hughes, F.L.         30-Oct-13        Q400
Coxon, J.S.               Tuttle, Kate Alice   27 Sep 1899      H169
Coxson, Mima              Plumb, Frank         10 Apr 1888      D266
Coxson, Mima A.           Reitz, Harry         3-Mar-02         I191
Coy, Adelia               Spiropoulos, Tony    6-Dec-20         Y320
Coy, Louis B.             Watrous, Jennie M.   19 Feb 1896      G052
Coyle, M.O.               Parsons, Charlotte Ma3-Jul-12         P320
Cozad, Lillie             Troxwell, Yentzer    25 Mar 1888      D255
Cozart, Robert J.         Woodward, Virginia   23-Dec-08        M057
Cozine, Cora May          Janeway, Malcolm E.  9-Apr-21         Y570
Crabb(bs), Maud           Williams, William    22 Aug 1893      F187
Crabb, Allen S.           Norris, Dollie A.    31-Oct-06        K428
Crabb, Blanch             English, A.W.                         T002
Crabb, Carrie             Haines, A.T.         07 Oct 1883      B416
Crabb, Cora               Mitchell, Roland J.  25 May 1883      B373
Crabb, Daniel C.          Craig, Anna L.       31 Jan 1894      F306
Crabb, Daniel K.          Mosgrove, Katie L.                    D227
Crabb, Guy W.             Williams, Ida        01 May 1893      F127
Crabb, Lloyd              Nachbor, Louise      7-Oct-13         Q364
Crabb, Minnie             John, H.F.           27 Nov 1884      C170
Crabb, T.L.               Silknetter, Lena M.  22 Feb 1887      C590
Crabbs, Addie             Case, John           12 Feb 1882      B244
Crabbs, Florence E.       Downie, Johnathan M. 20 Feb 1889      D497
Crabbs, Jessie B.         Williams, Harvey C.  17 Apr 1892      E532
Crabil, S.E.              Smith, Oscar W.      21 Sep 1889      D611
Crabill, Alta May         Lund, Argus          1-Mar-04         J174
Crabill, Bessie C.        Winpigler, John W.   18-Dec-04        J442
Crabill, J.L.             King, Josie(ssie)    21 Dec 1897      G424
Crabill, Simeon W.        Hixon, Della C.      23 Oct 1889      D640
Crabtree, Catherine       Johnson, Neale       18 Jun 1887      D037
Crabtree, D.T.            Whitney, Ethel                        S521
Crabtree, Efton D.        Burnside, Lela       31-Aug-18        V363
Crabtree, Grace           Hoffman, John                         S615
Crabtree, Grace           Kidwell, George W.   17-Nov-08        M012
Crabtree, Lamora          Watts, Charles E.    13 Mar 1893      F096
Crabtree, Lillie          Lemon, Robert        04 Dec 1888      D448
Crabtree, Mary            Wright, Henry S.     28 Jul 1884      C112
Crabtree, May M.          Wright, Henry S.     07 Nov 1875      A175
Crabtree, Murle Onetia    Hornecker, Edward    27-Mar-12        P165
Crabtree, Ralph           Person, Lyetta                        R524
Crabtree, Susie           Broadfoot, Roy A.    3-Feb-06         K192
Crack, Charles L.         Bold, Eva A.         30 Sep 1891      E395
Cracraft, Charles F.      Howard, Orpha E.     16-Jun-18        V219
Cracraft, Howard R.       Shaklee, Amy                          R598
Cracraft, Vernon A.       Olds, Alberta        6-Nov-19         W580
Craddock, Claudia E. (Mrs.Lillis, Joseph P.    26 Apr 1890      E129
Craddock, Sydney V.       Lilly, Fern          14-Apr-13        Q108
Craft, Anna               Reid, A.M.           24-Mar-13        Q078
Craft, Chester R.         Lichlyter, Lillian H.16-Nov-10        N445
Craft, Clarence T.        Thrush, Mary E.      01 Feb 1899      H036
Craft, Ethel              Hinshaw, Orval L.                     R614
Craft, Gladys             Joyner, Robert       11-Nov-06        K442
Crafton, Annetta          Burton, John W.      10-Nov-09        M523
Crager, Samuel A.         Rutlege, Jennie M.   07 Jun 1893      F153
Cragg, Maud               Young, George Harriso19-Jul-11        O254
Craig, A.V.               Gilstrap, Blanche    29-Mar-09        M195
Craig, A.W.               Myers, Catharine Piml9-Sep-01         I038
Craig, Alice              White, George E.     16-Jun-20        X500
Craig, Alice A.           Beal, George E.      23 Dec 1880      B123
Craig, Alice L.           Kindred, Orville W.  25-Dec-03        J116
Craig, Alma               Bedell, O.E.         14-Nov-17        U206
Craig, Alvinza W.         Swift, Jesse M.      01 Jan 1873      A057
Craig, Anna               Rousseau, G.E.       18-Feb-22        Z614
Craig, Anna L.            Crabb, Daniel C.     31 Jan 1894      F306
Craig, Anna L.            Gillespie, Clyde     5-Sep-17         T616
Craig, Annie C.           Beebe, Henry C.      30-Nov-10        N481
Craig, Archibald          Kessler, Eliza       06 Nov 1877      A295
Craig, Bertha             Baker, Earl          26-Nov-02        I412
Craig, Bessie             Foster, Tom W.       30-Apr-19        W100
Craig, C.                 Lowel, Genevia       29 Dec 1887      D191
Craig, C.H.               Walker, Minnie O.    5-Sep-17         T615
Craig, Charles            Carlton, Mary S.     30 Jan 1876      A191
Craig, Charles            Rice, Lida           9-Apr-02         I216
Craig, Charles            Waford, Clema        22-Jul-11        O258
Craig, D.K.               Smith, Vina          12 Jan 1889      D477
Craig, Dodd               Walker, Hattie       8-Jan-07         K512
Craig, E.L.J.             Page, Emma J.        27 Oct 1896      G177
Craig, Edith E.           Myers, H.A.          06 Apr 1886      C423
Craig, Edith Leona        Scrimsher, Euell Robe24-Jan-20        X152
Craig, Eugene H.          Smith, Mabel A.      26-May-14        R005
Craig, Evelyn Pearl       Temple, Charles Mario10-Dec-18        V512
Craig, Frankie            Williams, Jeff       5-Mar-20         X237
Craig, Fred               McKnight, Luella     26-Jul-08        L491
Craig, G.H.               Lively, Ruth         15-Jan-18        U482
Craig, G.W.               Robinson, Anna C.    5-Jun-07         L004
Craig, George             Blanger, Zella       26-Jun-07        L037
Craig, Gertrude E.        Oliver, George M.    1-Dec-10         N483
Craig, Hazel Margaret     Andrew, Earl                          T196
Craig, Howard F.          Hamilton, Anna       14-Jan-13        P629
Craig, J.F.               Washburne, Florence E05 Sep 1895      F589
Craig, Jesse              Hughs, Ellen         29-Jan-15        R344
Craig, Joseph             Bowen, Margaret Adeli19-Feb-22        Z607
Craig, Joseph             McDonald, Grace      24-Feb-12        P123
Craig, Laura E.           Pray, William        15 Apr 1883      B366
Craig, Lawrence E.        Butler, Alice        17-Sep-02        I352
Craig, Lena               Lambkin, Frank B.    8-Oct-02         I373
Craig, Lena               Lamkin, Frank B.     8-Oct-02         I373
Craig, Letha M.           Hanson, Andrew C.    20-Dec-21        Z489
Craig, Lillian A.         Bennett, Martin A.   20-Jan-04        J144
Craig, Lillian A.         Thornton, Charles    26-May-09        M267
Craig, Lloyd              Brooks, Alice        15-Apr-11        O100
Craig, Lucinda E.         Trickey, William     15-Feb-05        J501
Craig, Luke H.            Bennett, Mabel C.    16 Oct 1899      H182
Craig, Luther H.          Fauss, Dora          30-Oct-21        Z393
Craig, Mabel              Routte, Clyde        29-Jun-09        M326
Craig, Mabel A.           Holland, L. Jesse                     S396
Craig, Mabel E.           Winrod, John W.      16 Apr 1899      H068
Craig, Margaret M.        Broomfield, S.N.                      T207
Craig, Mary Juliet        Kopplin, L.H.        17-Dec-07        L240
Craig, Maynerd L.         Fain, Pauline        10-Jun-13        Q191
Craig, Nell               Smith, Francis                        S455
Craig, Pearl              Schollenberger, M.H. 3-Jun-00         H331
Craig, Prenney L.         Corruth, Alice       3-Aug-21         Z179
Craig, R.M.               Long, Blanche        16 Mar 1893      F097
Craig, Ray                Blackford, W.D.      8-Jun-00         H334
Craig, Richard            White, Ethel         2-Mar-21         Y501
Craig, Samuel G. Jr.      Wright, Nina M.      16-Jun-12        P280
Craig, Samuel H.          Miller, May          18 Feb 1896      G051
Craig, Scott E.           Keller, Mary E.      24 Jan 1897      G242
Craig, Thomas             McRae, Laurinda                       S191
Craig, V.M.               Scott, Blanche       2-Sep-10         N307
Craig, W.E.               Bushong, Hazel Marie 3-Dec-21         Z465
Craig, William Earnest    Lambeth, Irene A.    6-Sep-19         W420
Craig, Z.T.               Watkins, Louise      5-Jan-09         M088
Craighead, Thomas E.      Sullivan, Farrel Emil14-May-21        Y639
Crail, Lola               Pettyjohn, Glenn     28-Jun-11        O223
Craim, G.E.               Keith, C.A. (Mrs.)   24-Apr-11        O117
Crain, Cecil              Cross, Nellie        26-Feb-19        V634
Crain, Earl Robert        Russell, Charlotte El25-Dec-13        Q470
Crain, Frank W.           O'Russell, Marie     20-Jul-09        M352
Crain, Ida L.             Thompson, R.A.       13 Apr 1887      C627
Crain, Lizzie M.          Friend, Grant        27 Dec 1891      E457
Crain, Lula               Skinner, Orion J.    27 Jul 1887      D070
Crain, Robert E.          Sutter, Clara        18-Aug-09        M382
Craine, Hiram             McPherson, Juanita Ja31-Jan-20        X166
Cram, Frederick W.        Barfoot, Mary Lynn   14-Sep-10        N332
Cramer, Alma L.           Jones, Herbert C.    27 Dec 1891      E456
Cramer, Dora              Cutler, Cap. A.      27 Jul 1889      D579
Cramer, E.A.              Casey, Florine       21-Sep-19        W457
Cramer, Emma J. (Mrs.)    Hilbish, James Martin14-Nov-12        P514
Cramer, Etta              Newton, W.J. (Dr.)   12-Apr-19        W070
Cramer, Eva Lena          Schmidt, Carl Julius 31-Oct-17        U142
Cramer, George            Lane, Mary E.        14 Jan 1875      A150
Cramer, J.B.              Curfman, Elizabeth An21-Dec-21        Z495
Cramer, James W.          Fenton, Rhoda Frances19-Aug-19        W370
Cramer, John              Shaver, Sarah E. (Mrs1-May-01         H574
Cramer, Mary Ada          Brickenridge, Chas. E23 Oct 1899      H193
Cramer, Mary Olive        Howe, Ira Emmett     10-Dec-00        H475
Cramer, O.N.              Burris, Elizabeth    27-Apr-04        J220
Cramer, Ralph F.          Meldrum, Catherine V.19-Oct-21        Z358
Cramer, Zada              Cronk, W.R.                           T344
Crammond, Mabel           Horton, F.L.         11-Jun-13        Q188
Cramphin, Samuel          Clark, Bertha        29 Mar 1898      G484
Cramplin, Florence D.     Maquilken, W.H.      01 Sep 1887      D091
Crance, A.C.              Swartz, Nellie M.    15-Mar-19        W021
Crance, Frances           Long, R.E.                            T094
Crandall, Albert          Dowell, Della F.     24-Dec-06        K502
Crandall, Alta Elizabeth  Ashley, E.T.                          R493
Crandall, Charles         VanGundy, Florence   4-Apr-20         X306
Crandall, Clement E.      Shaffer, Lyddia Anna 2-Nov-20         Y241
Crandall, Lillian M.      Gosch, George Benjami9-Jul-19         W274
Crandall, Lorenzo A.      Mahan, Edna L.                        S048
Crandall, Lucius W.       Lewis, Sarah         4-Sep-04         J332
Crandall, Margaret Leona  Freeto, George Willia26-Mar-21        Y546
Crandall, Neva Ruth       Liggett, Francis Mari31-Aug-19        W399
Crandall, Roy             Dowell, Bessie L.                     S610
Crandall, Ruth M.         Skinner, Fred E.     24-Nov-21        Z443
Crandall, W.M.            Newlon, Bertha E.    21-Nov-06        K455
Crandall, Watson D.       Hill, Jennie Pearl   20-Mar-09        M186
Crandell, Andrew F.       Beebe, Nona          9-Nov-21         Z417
Crandell, Florence M.     Becker, John B.      18-Jul-21        Z137
Crane, Alfred             Lowman, Lydia        16-Mar-18        V041
Crane, Anna J.            Ford, Frank J.       07 Jun 1883      B378
Crane, Carlton L.         Mercer, Sadie P.                      F453
Crane, Charles Lyman      Mason, Pansy Belle   26-Dec-17        U406
Crane, D.B.               Dickinson, Katie     25-Apr-05        J553
Crane, E.O.               Gaskill, Josiah      2-Nov-02         I392
Crane, Edna Clara         Thompson, Perry Willi15-Jul-09        M345
Crane, Eugene V.          McIntire, Sarah J.   28 Oct 1875      A172
Crane, Florence           Smith, C.F.          28-Aug-13        Q294
Crane, Hazel              Snyder, Glen         27-Apr-19        W098
Crane, J.G.               Samuels, Maude B.    4-Sep-18         V372
Crane, James T.           Ford, Mary C.        16 Feb 1882      B245
Crane, Lillie             McCoskrie, J.B.      27 May 1886      C444
Crane, Lizzie O. (Mrs.)   Scott, William H.    13-Apr-01        H555
Crane, Lowell A.          Seaman, Fay          25-Jul-17        T526
Crane, Marie              Piatt, Elmer         26-Nov-03        J094
Crane, N.A.               Livesay, Lizzie      16 May 1888      D301
Crane, Nellie             Mahony, Tim          2-Sep-14         R126
Crane, Nola               Tomey, Johnson       12-Jun-07        L017
Crane, Otis               Eldredge, Marie      18-Feb-13        Q038
Craner, K.W.              Hoffmann, Anna A.    4-Nov-03         J074
Craner, Ralph             Eyman, Hazel                          T320
Cranfill, J.G.            Miller, Emma                          S575
Cranfill, James G.        Cook, Lou Anna       25 Aug 1881      B182
Cranford, Ethel           Hinkle, Andy         19-Jul-09        M351
Cranmer, Ethel M.         Hoyt, L.C.           14-Dec-12        P564
Cranmer, Frank            Cunningham, Agnes    26 Jul 1898      G545
Cranmer, W.M.             Kaiser, Della        18-Oct-13        Q385
Cranphin, Samuel          Clark, Bertha        29 Mar 1898      G484
Crans, Dulcenia Francis   Fisher, Ralph D.     27-Dec-10        N528
Crans, Helen Josephine    Byers, Orbbit L.     31-Jul-14        R079
Crans, Margaret A.        Johnston, A.F.       7-Mar-07         K569
Cranshaw, Louisa          Gibbs, Walter        27-Nov-01        I111
Cranston, Alta            Costin, Charles      31-May-19        W171
Cranston, Frank Dewey     Barnes, May Martha   28-Jan-21        Y439
Crapff, Mary              McCarthy, Wesley                      R631
Crapo, C.A.               Catt, Gladys         31-Aug-21        Z243
Crary, John               Pieratt, Estelle     8-Aug-18         V312
Crask, Alma Bertha        Harding, Joseph Delbert               T288
Crass, Catharine          Luning, Charles      29 May 1873      A073
Crater(tir), Beulah M.    Lawson, N.P. Jr.     2-Apr-02         I212
Crater, Calvin C.         Roberts, Blanche Pear3-Sep-12         P395
Crater, Eva               Packard, E.L.        16 Aug 1885      C293
Crater, Juanita           Downing, Carl        1-Oct-19         W486
Craun, Julia A.R.         Canada, J.A.         26 Jan 1887      C578
Craven, Josephine         Chandler, C.B.       2-Jul-02         I286
Cravens, Charles          Williams, Martha     13-Aug-21        Z204
Cravens, J.O.             Hamilton, Josie      10 Dec 1886      C548
Cravens, J.S.             Miller, Cora Fern    16-May-21        Y641
Cravens, R.B.             Shell, Cora          12-Nov-01        I097
Craver, Henry             Pastures, Pearl (Mrs.)                E021
Craw, Sylvester T.        Wever, Eva           18-Aug-03        I633
Crawford, A.D.            Humbert, C.C.        19 Jan 1882      B235
Crawford, Albert Roy      Robbins, Ethel May   23-Aug-01        I027
Crawford, Aldyn(ne)       Burnaugh, Pearl      16 Jun 1893      F157
Crawford, Alexander       Allison, Elizabeth   5-Jul-10         N228
Crawford, Anna            Walker, Albert       6-Mar-09         M171
Crawford, Annie M.        Edgington, Carey B.  14-Feb-04        J150
Crawford, Artie           Scott, John          19 Oct 1887      D121
Crawford, Bertha          Haley, William H.    21 Sep 1893      F207
Crawford, Bertha B.       Gillet, William E.   27-Sep-11        O349
Crawford, C.V.            Hobson, Bertha B.    15-Apr-12        P194
Crawford, C.W.            Martinot, Louise F.                   T254
Crawford, Carlos Clinton  Shields, Juanita May 30-May-17        T391
Crawford, Carrie M.       McLean, John W.      3-Sep-04         J331
Crawford, Charles W. Jr.  Earnst, Alice        7-Aug-21         Z189
Crawford, Cleopatra       Ransom, Edgar B.     30-Dec-20        Y388
Crawford, Cora            Nichols, Otto        31-Jan-12        P085
Crawford, Cora            Ott, Frank           16-Aug-18        V325
Crawford, Cora A.         Constant, Harry W.   14-Jul-03        I604
Crawford, Della L.        Magee, James O.      24 Sep 1891      E393
Crawford, Earl M.         Niles, Iva C.                         S475
Crawford, Ella            Belcher, John W.     01 Mar 1890      E092
Crawford, Ella            Bohn, George         28-Dec-05        K152
Crawford, Elmer B.        Holmes, Sarah C.     20 Dec 1893      F270
Crawford, Elsie           Lewellen, John Thomas20-Dec-14        R285
Crawford, Esther N.       Cast, Herman H.      25-Jun-14        R041
Crawford, Ethel Leona     Barr, Benjamin Lloyd 9-Apr-19         W063
Crawford, Ethel Margaret  Niblack, Calvin Laywell               R492
Crawford, Fred M.         Sinclair, Dora       14-Dec-10        N499
Crawford, G.A.            Billings, Dorothy H. 4-Sep-20         Y083
Crawford, G.A.            Pierce, Belle                         T227
Crawford, George          Davis, Edith         30-Dec-11        P050
Crawford, George          Sickels, Ida                          S561
Crawford, Harry Amos      Somers, Vera Belle   4-Jun-13         Q177
Crawford, Herbert J.      Donmyer, Alva E.     4-Aug-17         T553
Crawford, Homer           Hansen, Louise       20-Apr-19        W079
Crawford, Inez E.         Scott, Benjamin J.                    S141
Crawford, J.C.            Fry, Sarah E.        29 Mar 1881      B144
Crawford, J.D.            Dragoo, Audrey       28-Jun-20        X542
Crawford, Jennie          Albertson, John H.   19 Sep 1884      C136
Crawford, Joseph M.       Snyder, Rhoda F.     3-Apr-11         O076
Crawford, Joy             Perren, Harry Ray    22-Aug-10        N288
Crawford, L.A.            Cavanaugh, G.W.      17 Mar 1878      A322
Crawford, L.C.            Myers, Ermina        25 Mar 1879      A410
Crawford, Lizzie          Chrismore, Calvin    7-Apr-10         N088
Crawford, Lucy            Bridgman, C.M.       21-Oct-09        M490
Crawford, Lucy            Jenkins, W.R.                         T245
Crawford, Mabel           Young, Willard Glenn 23-Apr-19        W092
Crawford, Mabel L.        Balding, Jess P.     24-Dec-21        Z491
Crawford, Mamie           Creasser, Mark       22-May-07        K633
Crawford, Margaret        Shaw, T.W.           17-Aug-10        N280
Crawford, Martha June     Patton, Jacob Donald                  R541
Crawford, Mary            Lynde, William A.    08 Nov 1879      A462
Crawford, Melville R.     Keller, May          16-Nov-07        L202
Crawford, Minnie          Braddy, Louie        4-Mar-08         L329
Crawford, Minnie B.       Swaney, J.W.         14 Apr 1887      C629
Crawford, Nina            Black, Alva Cecil    27-Oct-10        N418
Crawford, Ora C.          Kelly, Theresa F.    19 Feb 1890      E084
Crawford, Orlin T.        Terrill, Maud        08 Jan 1889      D472
Crawford, Pauline         Fletcher, Lawrence   26-Aug-19        W386
Crawford, Pearl Etta      Sullivan, Isaac B.   31-Mar-07        K585
Crawford, Ray T.          Ramsey, Pearl        12-Dec-06        K479
Crawford, Rena            Johnson, Samuel T.   14 Apr 1887      C628
Crawford, Ruby            Crismore, Mamie      15-Dec-10        N501
Crawford, Ruby            Conly, John          13-Feb-19        V612
Crawford, Ruby            Newman, William H.   9-Jul-13         Q236
Crawford, Ruth            Reed, Carl           13-Aug-21        Z209
Crawford, Samuel B.       Smith, Ruby Eva      6-Sep-14         R132
Crawford, T. Marion       Rose, Addie E.       19-Dec-05        K142
Crawford, Vida C.         Johnston, Wayne C.   16-Jun-20        X496
Crawford, Viola           Hanson, Fred         28 Nov 1878      A378
Crawford, Volina          Wilson, Elmer        4-Mar-09         M168
Crawford, William D.      Harper, Ella         27 Jan 1887      C577
Crawford, William E.      Cluff, Inez          16-Dec-08        M048
Crawley, Addie            Martin, Berry        12-Nov-06        K444
Crawley, Frank G.         Adair, Effa          14-Sep-05        K041
Crawmer, Alice            Gay, Extus L.        26 Nov 1891      E428
Crawmer, Ida              Greer, Hugh D.       30 Nov 1892      F026
Crays, Ethelyn            Dyekman, Harry       21-Aug-07        L091
Crays, George E.          Ward, Nellie         11-Jan-11        N547
Creager, Frank Carroll    Stout, Pearle        30-Apr-21        Y609
Creamer, Daniel           Warnes, Mary         13 Mar 1887      C607
Creamer, Gladys G.        Givens, Horatio B.   23-Feb-14        Q543
Creamer, Kate             Corn, Ephraim R.     03 Nov 1889      E006
Creas, C.H.               Wallace, Maud        30 Sep 1897      G372
Creaser, Roy              Ramsay, Dora         25 Apr 1897      G287
Creason, Luther D.        Dismey, Amanda       8-Jul-10         N233
Creasor(ssor), Mabel L.   Wilson, John A.      04 Oct 1893      F216
Creasser, Clara E.        Ramsey, R. Jed       12-Mar-03        I506
Creasser, Lettie E.       Rosenberger, Judge L.25 Sep 1895      F599
Creasser, Mark            Crawford, Mamie      22-May-07        K633
Crecelius, Isaac B.       Forbes, Anna         21 Dec 1886      C558
Creech, Margaret J.       Fullerlove, Andrew J.31 Mar 1873      A066
Creed, Albert             White, Sarah         04 Jan 1893      F049
Creed, Albert N.          Kay, Flora K. (Mrs.) 21-Jan-01        H509
Creed, Hayden N.          McMahan, Mabel       21-Sep-11        O334
Creedu, Maggie            Brush, William A.    08 Oct 1885      C319
Creek, Frank E.           Creek, Malissa       15-Nov-17        U214
Creek, Malissa            Creek, Frank E.      15-Nov-17        U214
Creek, Martin             Graves, Bessie       5-Dec-06         K472
Creeks, Mary              Gardenhire, William  19 Apr 1876      A198
Creel, Calvin Howard      Arnold, Hattie Alice 1-Dec-09         M548
Creel, Myrtle             Garibaldi, David A.  11-Apr-01        H554
Creighton, Elmer O.       Smith, Lettie L.     06 Aug 1893      F178
Creighton, Rachael E.     McGuire, E.E.        9-Jan-01         H502
Creighton, Victor Ernest  Pottle, Margaret Virg24-Jan-06        K183
Creiman, George           Brittain, May                         S574
Crellein, Maude E.        Leek, Louis E.       29-Dec-12        P604
Crellin, Clayton          Hastings, Ruth       4-Feb-12         P090
Crellin, Grover C.        Myer, Sarah          27-Jan-15        R342
Crellin, Jessie           Bales, A.P.          5-Nov-14         R223
Crellin, Mildred          Chamberlain, John    22-Feb-22        Z620
Crellin, Myrtle Marie     Roseberry, George W. 28-Apr-20        X357
Crelly, Bryan             Grosshouser, Barbara 19-Sep-17        T634
Crelly, James Grover      Robins, Alice        16-Aug-11        O284
Creson, Frank A.          Williams, Lizzie     19-Jan-10        M624
Creson, James             Russell, Lizzie      14 Jul 1884      C103
Creson, James T.          Creson, Margie       21-Feb-10        N027
Creson, Margie            Creson, James T.     21-Feb-10        N027
Creson, Tennie            Asbell, Frank        13-Mar-22        Z654
Creson, Tennie            Neeland, Charles H.  25-Dec-09        M589
Cress, Ethel              Dean, Orval          5-Dec-19         X010
Cress, William S.         Schoff, Mattie       4-Jan-00         H250
Cressey, William          Church, Eliza A.     26 Nov 1887      D169
Cressler, Elma E.         Bayless, Claud C.    6-Jul-20         X562
Cressman, Edmund          Timmons, Ruth                         S446
Crew, Charles             Sexton, Mary A.      02 Oct 1879      A452
Crew, Wilma               Rush, William A.     5-Apr-18         V075
Crews, H.P.               Mueller, Olive       8-May-13         Q139
Crewse, James E.          Hare, Mary L.        23 Mar 1892      E520
Crewson, David B.         Rupert, Ella         24 Dec 1895      G018
Crichfield, Martha        Maddock, Charles H.  15-Nov-20        Y270
Crichton, Mary L.         Fahey, John F.       01 Jul 1894      F377
Crichton, Wilhelmina      Jackson, John T.     31 Aug 1892      E603
Crick, Oliver W.          Snyder, Helen R.     22-Nov-19        W627
Crider, Alpha A.          Knebler, Charles J.  21-Feb-06        K204
Crider, C.E.              Ausmus, Julia E.     23 Mar 1893      F102
Crider, Earl              Miller, Jessie       1-Jun-20         X443
Crider, Myrtle E.         Brown, C.C.          13-Sep-18        V393
Crider, Zena              Ocker, Albert        19-Dec-18        V521
Crieser, Stella C.        Glancey, A.          20 Dec 1899      H227
Criley, Sallie J.         Hill, Charles W.     02 May 1877      A270
Criley, William Hinton    Ferree, Elizabeth D. 5-May-12         P224
Crill, Charles A.         Fender, Nancy E.     8-Jan-10         M612
Crill, Horace Mack        Bardwell, Mable Alice27-Oct-06        K422
Crillin, Clayton          Hastings, Ruth       4-Feb-12         P090
Crilly, John William      Carr, Jennie         1-Nov-09         M509
Crim, Ozie                Vance, Leola         12-Nov-20        Y262
Criman, George            Miller, Elma         8-May-22         Z745
Crines, Rosannah          Laird, Harry         10-Oct-12        P453
Criser, Clarence          Ruckle, Etta         6-Jan-09         M088
Criser, Elmer Lee         Morris, Carrie May   11 Jan 1899      H020
Criser, Grace             Baker, Amos R.       11-Sep-04        J339
Criser, Jesse             Mulch, Clara         3-Apr-12         P174
Criser, Lester John       Wright, Edith Elizabe4-Oct-08         L589
Criser, Roy G.            Baker, Luella        24-Dec-02        I434
Crisman, Maud             Gregory, Everett W.  26-Jan-06        K187
Crismore, E.M.            Beal, L.R.           17-Jun-03        I581
Crismore, Mamie           Crawford, Ruby       15-Dec-10        N501
Crispian, Nellie          Keller, Itis         08 Apr 1888      D264
Criss, Grafton            Martin, Rose         17-Jan-10        M621
Criss, Nellie             Rickman, Nate        22 May 1899      H093
Crissep, Florinda         Tripp, Ralph         1-Sep-08         L543
Crissman, James E.        Motter, Alice        25 Aug 1891      E374
Crissup, Juletta E.       Wilson, Arthur L.    1-Jun-11         O171
Crissup, Nora             Stout, Ellsworth     26 Jul 1893      F172
Crisswell, W.A.           Applegate, Iva       20-Mar-18        V046
Crist, Art                Pink, Marie          15-May-13        Q143
Crist, Avis               Kesterson, Carl                       T021
Crist, Belle C.           Benson, H.H.         30-Apr-06        K260
Crist, Edward J.          Billeu, Mary         1-Nov-08         L627
Crist, George             Dold, Mary           30 Jan 1899      H029
Crist, Gilbert J.         Haughey, Mary C.     16 Jun 1878      A341
Crist, Gladys             Breitweiser, Bert    6-Aug-12         P364
Crist, Golda              Miller, H.H.         4-Nov-19         W577
Crist, Markley            Gardner, Fern                         Z571
Crist, Mary C. (Mrs.)     Patton, Martin(ian) L28 Aug 1893      F186
Crist, Nell               Gibbons, Art                          S188
Crist, T.S.               Brown, Gertie        19-Sep-09        M435
Cristensen, Herman Marton Lewis, Eunice Rose   22-Oct-13        Q393
Cristy, Luthell           Fennell, Joseph      24 Aug 1884      C122
Crisup, Fannie            Moore, Glenn Forest  27-Nov-12        P539
Criswell, Dollie          Lalk, Charlie        26-Apr-20        X354
Criswell, Mary            Moore, Pierre A.     4-Feb-21         Y455
Criswell, O.E.            Case, Louella        05 Nov 1882      B316
Criswell, Wanita          Dobson, Amzi         4-Jul-07         L039
Critchfield, Angie L.     Dunn, Willis E.      16 Feb 1893      F078
Critchfield, Emma         Hill, John           5-Oct-10         N376
Critchfield, Francis      Bredehoft, J.C.      10-Nov-13        Q417
Crites, C.H.              Mollman, Minnie      5-Feb-21         Y460
Crites, C.H.              Royse, Ola           6-Apr-18         V077
Crites, Will H.           Stebbins, Cecil F.   12-Apr-20        X322
Crits(tes), Mary          Hanna, Waddle        30 Jun 1899      H117
Critton, Lillie E.        Rader, John          03 Nov 1897      G396
Critzer, Anna F.          Dyer, W.H. Jr.       28-Feb-06        K212
Critzer, Charles L.       McCune, Ellen        24 Nov 1889      E023
Critzer, Edna             Jamieson, Thomas L.  17-Sep-13        Q327
Crobarger, A.B.           Black, Erna Irene    20-Jun-17        T457
Croberth, Mary            Simon, Joseph        01 May 1883      B365
Crocker, Earl             Fettke, Elsie        12-Feb-07        K547
Crocker, Edward J.        Sullivan, Grace A.   26-Jun-12        P297
Crocker, H.L.             Packard, Mary        25 Feb 1880      B041
Crocker, J.E.             Baldwin, Beatrice    2-Dec-11         P003
Crocker, J.H.             Tedman, Blanche      01 Jan 1885      C185
Crocker, James            Tapp, Emma           02 Apr 1885      C233
Crocker, Jennie           Tedman, L.J.         21 Jan 1880      B028
Crocker, O.R.             Lea, Anna            21-Oct-02        I381
Crocker, W.H.             Chill, Carrie E.     20 Jan 1896      G036
Crocker, Wilda Rachel     Conner, Chester A.   11-Oct-21        Z338
Crocker, William H.       Tapp, Katie          18 Feb 1880      B037
Crocket, John             Threwit, Goldie      4-Jun-11         O174
Crocket, Mary E.          Chapson, W.H.        15 Jan 1889      D478
Crocket, Nathan           Alexander, Mary E.   13-Jul-05        J618
Crockett, Charles A.      Kaster, Dora V.      11 Mar 1880      B049
Crockett, Nora            Childers, B.S.       25-Oct-21        Z381
Crockett, Orley           Land, Audrey         23-Aug-19        W383
Crockett, Sarah Abigail   Riggs, Thomas Oscar  19-Oct-06        K412
Croff, William            Roberts, Edith                        M555
Crofford, Joy             Perren, Harry Ray    22-Aug-10        N288
Crofoot, Elizabeth E.     Burgess, Harry       21-Mar-05        J528
Crofoot, John A.          Butler, Clara        15-Jun-12        P287
Crofoot, John A.          Gross, Stella        3-Sep-19         W411
Crofoot, John A.          Teel, Eva            30-Jul-13        Q264
Croft, Anna               Hull, Dave V.        2-Jul-10         N223
Croft, Guy                Brase, Mary          8-Jun-12         P269
Croft, Leonard P.         Hupfer, Ada L.       16-Jan-20        X136
Croker, Chauncey          Schwantes, Thelma    11-Oct-13        Q371
Croll, Frank              Delukery, Mary A.    16 Feb 1876      A193
Crombie, Lillian          Jordan, William      29-May-12        P250
Cromer, Archie Owen       Imboden, Evelyn Anna 8-Oct-02         I370
Cromer, Jennie            DaVault, Bert        20-Oct-19        W538
Cromer, Luella            Kirkbride, W.R.      2-Jan-13         P620
Cromley, Augusta M.       Hanly, Robert A.     24 Dec 1896      G224
Cromwell, Edith E.        Wilson, J.L.         17-Nov-02        I404
Cromwell, Edna            Throckmorton, J.R.   26-Mar-21        Y544
Cromwell, Ida             Doney, Wesley T.     23-Dec-14        R286
Cromwell, Ruth            Mosley, Clifford     28-Feb-20        X222
Cromwell, William         Parcel, Ida          25-Jun-11        O214
Cron, Beva                Tucker, Mark         22-Apr-22        Z724
Crone, Bertha             Stambaugh, W.T.                       S560
Crone, W.W.               Long, Bessie L.      12-Sep-14        R141
Cronican, Helen Mary      Sylvester, G.B.      26-Sep-18        V412
Cronin, Joseph G.         Gordon, Mary L.      12-Jun-11        O188
Cronin, Lora E.           Jones, John H.                        S460
Cronin, S. Hugh           Wells, Marian H.     27-Jun-20        X528
Cronk, Clara              Cochran, James       20-Aug-07        L089
Cronk, Floyd              Cochran, Etta                         T255
Cronk, Ida B.             Nichols, Franklin P. 01 Jan 1899      H007
Cronk, Maude E.           Greep, Robert F.     3-Jun-05         J587
Cronk, May                Young, Wilbern       26-Aug-01        I028
Cronk, Viola              Green, Pliny C.      11-Jan-11        N548
Cronk, W.R.               Cramer, Zada                          T344
Crook, Julia A.           Dodge, John W.       11 Apr 1874      A113
Crooks, Daisy             MacBeth, S.A. Jr.    7-Jun-03         I570
Croom, Zana               Norris, Charley B.                    T322
Crooms, Ethel             Redmon, James        3-Aug-20         X629
Crosby, Don               Prater, Emma E.      13 Sep 1896      G145
Crosby, Frank             Manning, Mary A.     22 Sep 1875      A168
Crosby, Hattie E.         Millard, George T.   12-Jan-18        U468
Crosby, John H.           Martin, Margaret     6-Aug-19         W338
Crosby, Matilda Arnetta   Millard, Joseph Jacks24-Oct-17        U114
Crose, Fred J.            Welsh, Myrtle        30-Apr-09        M240
Croskey, Ann              Minick, William W.   03 Oct 1894      F410
Croskey, Carrie           Croskey, Henry                        J043
Croskey, Carrie           Croskey, Henry       5-Oct-03         J044
Croskey, Carrie           McMahon, Frank R.    19-Nov-04        J420
Croskey, Henry            Croskey, Carrie                       J043
Croskey, Henry            Croskey, Carrie      5-Oct-03         J044
Croskey, Henry            Kush, Emma           6-Oct-04         J369
Crosley, Arzetta          Graham, George W.    09 Jun 1889      D554
Crosley, Jennie           Giles, George B. McCl29 Jan 1885      C277
Crosly, Grace             Mason, Walter        5-Dec-12         P555
Croson, F.A.              Garnett, Mary E.     01 Dec 1888      D447
Croson, F.N.              Garnett, Mary E.     15-Oct-04        J378
Croson, Frank C.          Rohrbach, Grace      19-Mar-11        O049
Cross, A.L.               Neal, Cora           12 Aug 1897      G337
Cross, Aaron T.           Cook, Isabella (Mrs.)26 Feb 1891      E306
Cross, Agnes H.           Blount, E.M.         16-Oct-19        W528
Cross, Albert N.          Johnston, Mabel C.   24-Dec-07        L255
Cross, Alfred B.          Alberson, Mary       10-Mar-19        W017
Cross, Arona              Chambers, Chester R. 15-Nov-19        W607
Cross, Coila              Garey, James Francis 19-May-20        X411
Cross, Crystal            Collinson, Charles W.21-Jan-22        Z565
Cross, Cyrus A.B.         Kinney, Dora         20 Jul 1890      E171
Cross, D. Arthur          Metz, Belle          28-Jun-09        M321
Cross, E.H.               Strobel, Carma       21-Feb-19        V624
Cross, Edwin D.           Reese, Mittie        09 Mar 1894      F324
Cross, Edwin E.           Warden, Rose Bell    1-Sep-00         H386
Cross, Eva M.             Dunlap, Alonzo D.    28-Aug-04        J326
Cross, F.E.               Vincen, Kittie       29 Jul 1896      G127
Cross, Georgia            Nelson, C.L.         09 Nov 1887      D153
Cross, Golda              Smith, Leslie                         T115
Cross, Guy                Wood, Effie          14-Aug-14        R099
Cross, H.W.               Liggett, Nannie      29-Apr-18        V121
Cross, Hazel E.           Brickley, George R.  2-Oct-13         Q353
Cross, I.E.               Wright, Lena         30 Mar 1896      G075
Cross, Inez Beatrice      Springer, Francis Ber31-Jan-20        X169
Cross, Lana A.            Close, H.F.          26 Feb 1880      B043
Cross, Lela               Gross, Wier          11-Aug-17        T570
Cross, M.W.               Kennedy, Mollie E.(L.02 Jan 1879      A389
Cross, Mary (Mrs.)        Richards, G.W.       7-Feb-04         J158
Cross, Mary (Mrs.)        Smith, Charles       01 Oct 1892      E622
Cross, Mildred            Deffenbaugh, Myron   3-Apr-22         Z688
Cross, Mildred A.         Price, V.W.          17-Jul-21        Z136
Cross, Nellie             Crain, Cecil         26-Feb-19        V634
Cross, Robert E.          Parke, Minnie G.     29-Jun-10        N208
Cross, Rufus F.           Goodwin, Eliza Ann   23-Oct-09        M486
Cross, Teresa J.          Brennan, James M.    12-Feb-20        X191
Cross, Vera               West, George         27-Aug-18        V353
Cross, W.E.               Barngesser, Marie    14-Mar-21        Y523
Cross, W.J.B.             Likely, Laurena Pauli1-Jul-21         Z097
Cross, Walter Dale        Horner, Mary Maleta  2-Oct-17         U029
Cross, William            Rohoads, Lottie      08 Oct 1891      E401
Crossley, Andrew J.       Friend, Catherine    16 Oct 1878      A368
Crossley, Elizabeth       Roy, Fred Fitz       2-May-14         Q614
Crossno, Maggie           Reece, Miles E.      09 Feb 1891      E296
Crosswhite, Madge M.      Morse, Arthur P.     22-Feb-06        K206
Crosweight, L.A.          Swan, Mary           23-Jan-02        I167
Crotts, J.L.              Smith, Ada           23 Jun 1885      C270
Crotzer, W.F.             Yeager, M.C.         4-Jul-17         T488
Crouch, Addie             Sealey, J.P.                          T036
Crouch, Anna Grace        Westerman, Herman    02 Dec 1894      F451
Crouch, Annie (Mrs.)      Reed, Theodore       11 Jun 1890      E153
Crouch, Bessie            Brown, George C. (E.)11-Feb-01        H519
Crouch, George            Smith, Cherry        02 Apr 1881      B148
Crouch, George W.         Wordon, Lillian Loren14-Nov-21        Z424
Crouch, Hazel M.          Allen, Alonzo Essex  20-Jun-17        T454
Crouch, James             Chillault, Jemima    16 Nov 1887      D159
Crouch, John              Neat, Georgie A.     12 Feb 1878      A312
Crouch, Lemon W.          Elliott, Annie B.    24 Jul 1881      B174
Crouch, Lula              Seaton, E.                            S135
Crouch, Moscelyn          Williams, Virgil     19-Apr-11        O108
Crouch, Myrtle Esther     Starnes, David W.    6-Jan-13         P623
Crouch, Pearl             Beal, James          04 Aug 1895      F571
Crouch, Phineas H.        Downey, Lillian      24 Sep 1891      E393
Crouch, Robert M.         Roberts, Juno        12-Oct-09        M470
Crouch, Will              Ketchum, Jennie (Mrs.)                F022
Crouds, Lela              Davis, John          25-Aug-02        I333
Crough, Lela              Davis, John          25-Aug-02        I333
Crouse, Beatrice          Schepis, John        28-Nov-14        R261
Crouse, Charles C.        Brooks, Mabel B.     27-May-05        J582
Crouse, Charles Marvion   Rash, Lula May                        R569
Crouse, S. Irene          Weber, Philip J.     18 Feb 1892      E498
Crout, M.                 Holmes, Charles M.   18 Apr 1871      A009
Crow, Abram               Teter, Lola          06 Nov 1884      C154
Crow, Clark               Swan, Mamie                           R425
Crow, Edgar               Bradshaw, Mary C.    22 Apr 1883      B367
Crow, Eugene              Standfield, Grace    18-Dec-07        L238
Crow, Eugene W.           Hollowell, Vera Clark22-Feb-22        Z622
Crow, Frank               Schaub, Cora         02 Sep 1899      H149
Crow, Henry A.            Jackson, Lova        20-Sep-05        K046
Crow, Hollie E.           Whitaker, Lena       1-Sep-09         M397
Crow, J.D.                Fox, Mary            05 Sep 1878      A357
Crow, Katherine H.        Cartwright, George B.                 S041
Crow, Mabel               Shellenberger, John  25-May-10        N152
Crow, Mabel May           Smith, Willard E. Jr.10-Apr-07        K600
Crow, Martin              Jordan, Myrtle       31-Oct-07        L188
Crow, Merle A.            White, Grace         13-Oct-09        M473
Crow, Myrtle              Oliver, J.F.         25-Nov-14        R250
Crow, Raymond L.          Boyce, Emma M.       27-Jul-21        Z153
Crow, Robert H.           Brewer, Opal M.      2-Apr-22         Z684
Crow, Roy                 Durall, Blanche      12-Jul-09        M341
Crowder, Eleanor M.       Knight, Newton W.    1-Jan-22         Z523
Crowder, Esther L.        Shepherd, R.H.       17-Dec-12        P569
Crowdus, Carl             Cunningham, Ethel    29-Nov-19        X008
Crowe, Cecil R.           Allen, George W.                      R535
Crowe, Jasper C.          Frederick, Katie     16-Sep-08        L569
Crowe, John Ainsworth     Palmer, Evelyn       23-Sep-10        N353
Crowe, Sterling           Johnson, Bessie      3-Nov-12         P449
Crowell, Esther Ara       Campbell, Edmund A.  7-Oct-20         Y173
Crowell, L. May           Field, John D.       30-Apr-09        M240
Crowell, Ruth             Rogers, Harry M.     26-Mar-13        Q081
Crowell, William          Allen, Gula                           S632
Crowley, Hazel Irene      Tanksley, Roscoe     14-Jul-20        X582
Crowley, James Howard     Thurman, Alice Ruth  2-Jan-20         X105
Crowley, John             McKenna, Jennie      30 Jul 1890      E176
Crowley, Michael          Hermes, Rose         12 May 1892      E547
Crowley, Russell L.       Monroe, Ada M.       15-Jul-09        M346
Crowley, Samuel J.        Haninger, Emma       25-Nov-07        L211
Crowley, W.H.             Long, Eva            07 Jun 1897      G309
Croxton, Ruby B           Findeiss, John C.    25-Dec-13        Q471
Crozier, Dell             Ambrose, Leone Ethel 23-May-20        X418
Cruea, Leurena            Web, Roy             20-May-22        Z773
Cruea, Lorena             Eddy, Lloyd          7-Jul-21         Z119
Crum, Alice               Glahm, George G.     29-Dec-03        J131
Crum, Bert E.             Hoyle, Edith Belle   4-Jul-01         H633
Crum, Blanche Estella     Brown, David Wallace 22-Sep-20        Y134
Crum, Forest              Hundley, Agnes       24-Sep-09        M445
Crum, Harry E.            Beitzel, Anna M.     12 Feb 1893      F074
Crum, John H.             Nafziger, Almira     09 Sep 1896      G143
Crum, Julia C.            Hansen, Albert J.    20 Aug 1898      G556
Crum, Laura M.            Parker, Louis S.     19-Oct-04        J382
Crum, Lettie              Napier, Verd         24-Dec-05        K147
Crum, Loron V.            Casad, Ada B.        29 Nov 1894      F441
Crum, Maggie A.           Lanning, Milton I.   03 Apr 1887      C622
Crum, Maggie J.           Robertson, C.H.      23 Mar 1898      G481
Crum, Martha E.           Thruch, S.E.         10 Feb 1898      G459
Crum, Nathan              Lanning, Jennie M.   24 Aug 1889      D593
Crum, P.S.                Laurie, Maggie       16-Oct-04        J377
Crum, P.S.                Leach, Susanah       26 Jan 1898      G449
Crum, Paul F.             Langston, Edith      26-Mar-12        P162
Crum, Rufus M.            Lanning, Elsie A.    18 Nov 1895      F630
Crum, Virginia G.         Pigg, James M.       17-Apr-06        K246
Crumbaugh, Maggie G.      Lewis, George W.     07 Aug 1894      F385
Crumbley, Alice           Williams, Clarence   18-Feb-20        X205
Crumbley, Walter          Gary, Hettie                          R523
Crumbliss, Dick           Dean, Ethel M.       16-Aug-19        W363
Crume, Kate               Wilson, Harry L.     22 Jan 1896      G037
Crumley, Albert           Foster, Mary Elizabet25-Mar-18        V053
Crummett, Julia           Campbell, F.A.       24-Nov-14        R251
Crummett, Ollie           Carter, J.F.         30-Sep-06        K385
Crummette, Martha May     Ward, Frank O.       2-Jun-17         T407
Crump, Anderson           Harring, Mary        02 Jul 1895      F562
Crump, Lora B.            Camp, N. John        30-Dec-05        K167
Crump, Samuel             Johnson, Georgia     16-Jul-17        T508
Crumpler, Josephine       Curry, J.B.          8-Jul-21         Z118
Crumpton, R.M.            Keller, Maude        7-Apr-18         V076
Crumrine, Mary E.         Greetham, Arthur W.  19-Sep-09        M435
Cruse, Dolly              Ashley, F.C.         10-Apr-20        X319
Cruse, Francis M.         Watson, Dora         01 Aug 1889      D581
Cruse, Hazel              Clark, R.G.          18-May-13        Q146
Crutcher, Charles         Slosser, Jennie A.(Mr30 May 1899      H098
Crutchfield, J.A.         McDow, Ida           04 May 1885      C251
Cruzan, Amie              St. Peters, J.F.     10-Aug-14        R090
Cruzan, T.J.              McKee, Savilla Belle 17 Jan 1886      C375
Cryderman, Merit          Wright, Mary C.      06 Nov 1881      B204
Cubbage, Grace            Bruner, F.C.         29-Jan-08        L290
Cubbison, Edith           Price, Volney        14-Oct-14        R188
Cubbon, Florence          Bishop, L.C.         5-Nov-19         W575
Cubbon, Nora Louise       Oliver, Frank William2-Dec-14         R265
Cubbon, Ray H.            Parsons, Frances Mari15-Jun-10        N188
Cudd, Anna Lee            Hammett, James W.    4-Dec-19         X018
Cuddeback, Charles        Erickson, Eliza      24-Jun-03        I588
Cudworth, Amy Viola       Pinson, Joseph Wayne 7-Jan-15         R317
Cudworth, Daniel Boyden   Hall, Irene M.       24-Apr-20        X347
Cudworth, Susan Elizabeth Anderson, David M.   27-Nov-17        U269
Cue, Joseph               Miles, Mary E. (Mrs.)24-Aug-02        I332
Cue, Joseph               Robertson, Emma      4-Mar-11         O041
Cuenod, Marcel            Garrison, Elsie M.   23-Jun-06        K300
Cuenoid, Germaine Eugene  Hammers, J.M.        10-Oct-01        I069
Cuff, M.B.                Imhoff, Nettie       31-Jul-12        P354
Culbert, David A.         Ayres, Emily         12-Aug-13        Q273
Culbertson, C.M.          Fisher, M.A.         19-Dec-10        N504
Culbertson, Clara Marcia  McFall, John R.                       T361
Culbertson, Della M.      Macy, Lewis W.       3-Jul-05         J621
Culbertson, Dora          Mantz, George L.     20-Mar-07        K577
Culbertson, E.F.          Sites, Z.F.          22 Feb 1897      G260
Culbertson, Emma Belle    Carney, Ralph W.                      S370
Culbertson, Gertie W.     Macy, P.M.           2-Mar-05         J510
Culbertson, Minnie        Hendrets, C.H.       30-Sep-06        K389
Culbertson, Stella M.     Kelly, Thomas P.     26-Feb-12        P124
Culbreath, Lenna          Burke, James E.      6-Jul-18         V265
Culhane, Joe              Marnane, Mary        26-Jun-07        L035
Cullenbarger, H.J.        Roberts, Ida M.      04 Feb 1885      C205
Culley, Raymond F.        Stough, Bertha A.    9-Aug-18         V313
Culliman, Francis A.      Hambaugh, J.M.       25 Feb 1879      A404
Cullins, Daisy P.         Tobin, C.E.          19-Feb-12        P115
Cullins, Frank            Malone, Luella       30 Jul 1891      E366
Cullison, F.M.            Stanton, Lillie      2-Sep-02         I340
Cullum, Leota F.          McCutchen, William F.29 Jun 1898      G532
Cullum, W.M.              Church, Mary A.      22-Jun-21        Z074
Cully, Daisy              Turner, Floyd W.     28-Dec-09        M595
Cully, O.H.               Eaton, Jennie B.     15 Aug 1888      D359
Cully, T.P.               Brown, Blanche       02 Dec 1888      D446
Culp, A. Blanche          Jones, Melville C.   27 Sep 1893      F213
Culp, Amy                 Dickason, Roy        12-Dec-21        Z477
Culp, Beryl Marie         Hodges, Earl         18-May-22        Z770
Culp, Blanche             Colville, J.V.       1-Jul-08         L468
Culp, Emma                Headley, George B.   03 Jul 1889      D566
Culp, Estella             Tear, D.A.           26 Feb 1888      D234
Culp, Frank T.            Hoover, Josephine    25-Dec-04        J450
Culp, Grace               Harrison, N.E.       24 Oct 1897      G388
Culp, Harry I.            Longley, Maggie E.   28-May-06        K278
Culp, L.B.                Vincent, George M.   15-Apr-22        Z711
Culp, Linnie Ruth         Harberson, Cecil C.  1-Nov-08         L625
Culp, Lizzie B.           Waltz, J.H.          28-Dec-09        M594
Culp, Myra S.             Darling, J.W.        30 Mar 1893      F106
Culp, Pearl               Ballinger, O.E.      10-Jan-12        P061
Culp, Rachel              Bailey, Lloyd S.     21 Jun 1891      E352
Culp, Ralph               Whitlock, Grace      24-Nov-10        N468
Culp, William H.          Gibson, Leoni May    25 May 1887      D015
Culter, Bradford M.       McCrae, Mary N.      19 Oct 1882      B309
Culter, Ella              Fleshman, T. William 18 Dec 1879      B016
Culter, Gertrude B.       Nye, Scott L.        22-Apr-09        M229
Culter, H.M.              Parker, Marietta     05 Sep 1883      B404
Culter, Minnie J.         Gibson, B.F.         28-Jan-18        U510
Culter, William H.        Brownlee, Sarah F.   22 Feb 1893      F083
Culter, William H.        Harper, Frances May  19-Jun-01        H617
Culter, William H.        Sparling, Kate B.    29 May 1883      B373
Culver, Agnes Frances     Ward, Williston B.   16-Aug-20        Y027
Culver, Edith             Shotts, Eugene       14-Feb-12        P106
Culver, Elda Leoti        Dean, Glenn Layne    17-Jul-17        T510
Culver, Franklin W.       Corcoran, Mary Ellen 4-Mar-02         I191
Culver, George E.         Berdine, Harriet M.  25-Dec-05        K133
Culver, Ida May           Brown, S.S.          19 Jan 1899      H027
Culver, Lenore M.         Popp, W.J.           29-Jul-21        Z167
Culver, Lora              Doze, William D.     08 Mar 1885      C223
Culver, Lucretia N.       Snelling, William J. 26 Mar 1890      E107
Culver, Luther            Ledbetter, Dixie     24-Nov-21        Z452
Culver, Pearl(le) A.      Broadus, Otis        1-Jun-04         J248
Culver, Sarah E.          Hartley, John A.     19 Nov 1884      C163
Culver, Vane              Mattice, Luella      23 Dec 1893      F276
Culver, William V.        Little, Naomi W.     24-Jun-08        L447
Culwell, Will             Sudduth, Grace       3-Jul-14         R057
Cumby, Goldie             Thrasher, C.F.       4-Sep-13         Q305
Cuming, Alfred G.         Dorei, Katie         20 May 1896      G095
Cumings, Amanda           Hobson, Joseph A.    18 Nov 1881      B206
Cumings, J.H.             Busby, Viola         03 Jul 1884      C096
Cumming, C.C.             Newman, Jennette E.  3-Nov-02         I395
Cumming, Lulu             Trexler, P.H.        8-Nov-10         N436
Cummings, Adah G.         Horne, Finis E.      1-Apr-07         K590
Cummings, Annie           Oonk, George A.      9-Mar-11         O046
Cummings, Arthur G.       Jones, Leona         1-Jul-12         P314
Cummings, Bernice R.      Clinger, George M.   17-Aug-21        Z215
Cummings, Elmer E.        Moon, Annie E.       21 Nov 1893      F254
Cummings, Essie M.        Hellyer, A.E.        27-Jun-11        O219
Cummings, Exie            Steele, Thomas       14-Oct-03        J053
Cummings, Frank (Miss)    Cathers, F.E.        17 May 1893      F137
Cummings, Furman L.       Guthrie, Maggie      29 Dec 1891      E464
Cummings, George          Marks, Elizabeth     9-May-20         X389
Cummings, Ida             Yaple, D.W.          04 Jan 1888      D194
Cummings, Jennie O.       Watts, Alfred E.     14-Feb-10        N017
Cummings, Josie           Henderson, Alonzo    02 Dec 1885      C352
Cummings, L.B.            Mercer, Mellisa                       T184
Cummings, Laura           Fletcher, A.D.       18 Oct 1883      B419
Cummings, Laura May       McGee, S.D.          2-Oct-20         Y154
Cummings, Lawrence V.     Ross, Gladys                          S609
Cummings, Lewis           Ewing, Agnes         3-Jul-12         P325
Cummings, Nell C.         Jenkins, S. Lewis                     R435
Cummings, R.P.            Singleton, C.M.      15 Mar 1886      C408
Cummings, Robert L.       Wolfe, Edith         21-Feb-14        Q541
Cummings, W.L.            Lowman, Edna                          R549
Cummins, A.B.             White, Hettie E.     20-Dec-06        K490
Cummins, Ada              Slack, Robert Henry  12 Dec 1890      E261
Cummins, Arthur B.        Davis, Mary E.       25-Nov-09        M534
Cummins, Charles Edward   Coleman, Effie Hazel 23-May-21        Y658
Cummins, Charles Edward   Macke, Frances       14-Aug-17        T574
Cummins, Dottie           Means, Thomas M.     10-Apr-12        P187
Cummins, Flora A.         Kirk, Joseph Harvey  22-Jul-03        I608
Cummins, Harry            Wood, Anna           18-May-13        Q147
Cummins, Henry E.         Sites, Agnes         9-Feb-11         O010
Cummins, J.H.             Endres, Martha       19-Aug-20        Y042
Cummins, J.W.             Axtell, Mary J.      24-Oct-06        K418
Cummins, J.W.             Hough, Hannah M.     22-Apr-19        W091
Cummins, J.W.             Morgan, Amanda (Mrs.)20-Oct-04        J385
Cummins, Mary A.          Hoxie, Charles L.    16 Sep 1891      E389
Cummins, Myrtle           Atkins, Roscoe                        S071
Cummins, Samuel           Howell, May A.       24 Feb 1897      G258
Cummins, Vernon Ira       Richards, May        30-Jan-20        X165
Cundiff, Beulah M.        Peterson, Howard L.  8-Apr-20         X313
Cundiff, Charles Wesley   Withrow, Edna        26-Apr-11        O115
Cundiff, Ruth E.          Solter, Charles C.   8-Apr-14         Q585
Cunduff, J.G.             Lamb, Annie          26-Oct-10        N415
Cuningham, Letitia        Dodd, W.G.           15 May 1884      C080
Cunio, Arthur C.          Cameron, Mary E.     14-Mar-10        N053
Cunliff, John             Norton, Alice L.     10 May 1899      H082
Cunliffe, Lillie A.       Davis, George L.     24 Oct 1896      G176
Cunnick, John William     Carney, Mary Florence26-Jun-20        X523
Cunning, C.E.             Mullin, Mattie S.    4-May-01         H581
Cunning, W.E.             Sherer, Carrie E.    31 Dec 1896      G228
Cunningham, Agnes         Cranmer, Frank       26 Jul 1898      G545
Cunningham, Augusta       Dunn, Orville        9-Nov-21         Z415
Cunningham, Blanche W.    Stoker, Howell P.    3-May-05         J560
Cunningham, Carl          Bolton, Frances      22-Oct-19        W544
Cunningham, Carl          Foster, Madge        16-Mar-20        X258
Cunningham, Clarence      Jones, Emma          7-Sep-09         M411
Cunningham, Clarence      Pierce, Minnie       5-Oct-18         V430
Cunningham, Delia         Knox, Clark          21-Sep-20        Y129
Cunningham, Edward        Taylor, Mattie       8-Mar-09         M173
Cunningham, Estella       Bullock, Arthur      29-Apr-07        K617
Cunningham, Ethel         Crowdus, Carl        29-Nov-19        X008
Cunningham, Frances       Rush, Charles        11-Mar-22        Z651
Cunningham, George        Poyner, Glen         26-Apr-20        X354
Cunningham, George        Wheeler, Nora E.     11-Aug-05        K011
Cunningham, Georgianna D. Whitaker, R.E.       24-Jul-05        J637
Cunningham, Henry         Shindler, Clara      8-Jan-08         L276
Cunningham, Henry S.      Cunningham, Mary A.  7-May-01         H584
Cunningham, Ila           Mootz, Victor        20-Mar-07        K576
Cunningham, Ira           Bigley, Anna         9-Dec-03         J104
Cunningham, Irene         Blake, Cleo          24-Dec-20        Y366
Cunningham, Iva           Harding, Hugh J.     3-Jun-08         L422
Cunningham, J.L.          Mills, Ella          25-Feb-22        Z627
Cunningham, John B.       Fawbush, Grace P.    11-Sep-20        Y100
Cunningham, John J.       Consley, Cora        19 Aug 1899      H140
Cunningham, Josephine     Allen, Emmett        14-Apr-19        W072
Cunningham, Kathrine      Mercer, C.V.         2-May-19         W113
Cunningham, Luella Mae    Millhorn, Leroy      20-Sep-14        R151
Cunningham, Marie         Harris, P.F.         1-Nov-18         V467
Cunningham, Marie         Pybas, Ernest        24-Sep-21        Z304
Cunningham, Mary A.       Cunningham, Henry S. 7-May-01         H584
Cunningham, Nell          Park, William Raymond21-Jun-19        W227
Cunningham, Pearl Bernita Cluff, A.R.          11-Mar-22        Z653
Cunningham, R.B.          Wood, Cleon                           T335
Cunningham, Robert S.     Phelps, Inez M.      20 Dec 1893      F272
Cunningham, Russ          Mowery, S.B.                          R490
Cunningham, Samuel C.     Sweetser, Myrtie M. (04 Nov 1892      F008
Cunningham, Sarah H.      Jamieson, Andrew C.  26-Aug-02        I334
Cunningham, Sarah WinifredPierce, C.E.         4-Apr-19         W044
Cunningham, Sidney Joseph Beh, Cornelia Marie  17-May-22        Z766
Cunningham, T.S.          Weaver, Viola        18 Aug 1895      F577
Cunningham, W.H.          Cleaver, May                          R549
Cunningham, W.W.          Lee, Millie M.       29-Jun-17        T480
Cunningham, Walter A.     Rosenberger, Anna    11-Sep-17        T622
Cunningham, Walter O.     Tucker, Margaret G.  2-Aug-20         X625
Cunningham, Walter W.     Mark, Gertrude E.    19-Apr-05        J547
Cunningham, Zella S.      Phillips, A.W.       14-Jun-05        J598
Cunningham,John Wallace   White, Jenn Robinson 5-Feb-07         K535
Cupp, A.I.                Cupp, Clara E.       6-Dec-02         I422
Cupp, Clara E.            Cupp, A.I.           6-Dec-02         I422
Cupp, M.B.                Kritzmire, L.D.      17 Apr 1897      G283
Cupp, Roy L.              Bradford, Maude J.   17-Feb-03        I487
Cupp, W.S.                Mossman, Lou Edna    4-Oct-00         H422
Cupps, Aylett             Dow, Mary            16 Feb 1893      F081
Cupps, Daniel W.          Bullis, Fannie       03 Mar 1893      F091
Cupps, Lawrence C.        Pierce, Cora         05 Mar 1896      G059
Cupps, Myrtle             Dow, William         01 Jan 1897      G232
Curbey, Norma E.          Sims, Russell F.     23-Aug-11        O294
Curbow, Zola              Ford, Elmer D.       29-May-18        V177
Curd, Pleasant            Barton, Effie V.     23-Sep-03        J027
Curd, William             Smith, Icie          11 Aug 1888      D356
Cure, Lawrence A.         Pierce, Nora         16-Apr-01        H559
Cureton, Jeanette         Holloway, Burnie                      S633
Curfman, Elizabeth Ann    Cramer, J.B.         21-Dec-21        Z495
Curfman, Guy L.           Sadil, Hazel Marie                    R608
Curless, Elvira           Osment, S.R.         11-Jun-21        Z025
Curless, Lafey            Sisson, Ada Mae                       S267
Curless, Stephen          Long, Ivel Marie     14-Mar-20        X252
Curley, Lula May          Wilson, Fred Lee     18-Jun-10        N193
Curll, W.H.               Clark, Bertha        18-Nov-19        W616
Curn, Effie Mae           Hart, Herman Asbury  28-Oct-20        Y229
Curnt, Myrtle             Fletcher, Elijah Hart06 Dec 1891      E438
Curnutt, C.H.             Couldren, Hazel      23-Mar-21        Y539
Curnutt, Helen            Moore, Lawrence H.   4-Oct-19         W492
Curran, C.W.              Willis, Katie                         D089
Curran, James E.          Ford, Edithe M.      25-Jun-18        V245
Curran, James S.          Stone, Laura (Mrs.)  22 Apr 1898      G491
Currens, H.B. (Mrs.)      McBride, Daniel      4-Oct-01         I066
Currens, Willis A.        McMahan, Mattie      04 Oct 1892      E624
Current, Clayton S.       Shaw, Cora V.        25-May-04        J243
Current, Maude            Collins, Le Roy      05 Oct 1890      E213
Currie, Annie             Laird, Clarence      16-Aug-13        Q280
Currie, Earl W.           Plummer, Anna R.     17-Sep-10        N335
Currie, Ethel             Cox, Fred            21-Jan-13        P640
Currie, Leona             Sheldon, Charles H.  20-Apr-22        Z710
Currie, Ralph             Hoover, Aletha Belle 31-Mar-00        H299
Currier, Blanche          Kent, Floyd E.       12-Sep-14        R143
Currier, Felix            Underwood, May       30 Dec 1899      H244
Currier, O.D.             Jeys, Clara C.       7-Mar-20         X239
Currier, W.E.             Thompson, Matilda S. 15-Aug-01        I019
Curry, Arthur L.          Israel, Ola M.       28-Jun-11        O225
Curry, Cleo               Christy, Willard     19-Aug-21        Z224
Curry, David A.           Reynolds, Mary Mabel 2-Jan-20         X102
Curry, Elizabeth          DeFields, Daniel     20 Sep 1884      C138
Curry, Ella J.            Lee, H.A.            10-Feb-19        V601
Curry, Frances            Bacheman, Rosa                        T172
Curry, Grace              Hastings, William    8-Dec-04         J437
Curry, Hattie             Pickett, H.          29-Aug-20        Y059
Curry, J.B.               Crumpler, Josephine  8-Jul-21         Z118
Curry, James William      Brown, Mabel Clara   07 Apr 1894      F336
Curry, John               Hargrove, Mamie      29-Aug-08        L537
Curry, John B.            Pepper, Kate         04 Nov 1878      A373
Curry, John E.            Saunders, Edith L.   26-Dec-17        U408
Curry, Mabel M.           McCurley, Carl W.    13-Aug-19        W353
Curry, Martha E.          Fife, Albert J.      29-Sep-09        M449
Curry, May                Steiver, Dick        16-May-18        V152
Curry, Minnie May         Boyd, James E.F.     9-Aug-21         Z194
Curry, Nellie M.          Feldner, Fred W.     8-Jan-11         N541
Curry, Nettie             Asai, Shuzo          14-Oct-19        W520
Curry, Robert L.          VanGundy, Cletha     2-Apr-22         Z681
Curry, Scott W.           Markland, Mary       2-Jul-05         J618
Curry, Thomas             Bachman, Victoria    24-Sep-18        V407
Curry, Thomas             Lemon, Gracie        12-Apr-08        L365
Curry, W.W.A.             Cook, Essie          27 Jun 1887      D044
Curtice, Solon                                                  D385
Curtice, Solon            Cole, Eva M.         12 Sep 1888      D385
Curtis, Alice             Cooper, W.G.                          T225
Curtis, Arch              Cox, Minnie          10-Dec-18        V511
Curtis, Bess              Laughlin, W.H.                        T359
Curtis, Beulah            Parham, Lewis        21-Jul-19        W304
Curtis, Charles           Carter, Mollie       29 May 1899      H097
Curtis, Cora              West, George         10-Apr-09        M213
Curtis, D.O.              Baldwin, Jennie      13 Feb 1878      A312
Curtis, Dorothy B.        Wooldridge, R.H.     27-Apr-22        Z731
Curtis, Edna Margaret     Salmans, M.S.        18-Feb-20        X208
Curtis, Esther            O'Dell, Claiborne    1-Jun-21         Z007
Curtis, Grace             Mapel, George                         T338
Curtis, H.E.              Sullivan, Margarette 11-Jul-14        R063
Curtis, Hattie            Schmitz, J.R.        22-Nov-17        U246
Curtis, J.F.              Rosenstiel, Tillie   19 Aug 1883      B399
Curtis, J.O.              Howard, Emma C.      18 Nov 1885      C343
Curtis, James O.          Howard, Emma                          C279
Curtis, Jett P.           Antrim, Myrna        24-Sep-19        W471
Curtis, John L.           Altum, Minnie J.     14-Sep-04        J343
Curtis, John T.           Sanceous, Martha     19 May 1884      C083
Curtis, Joseph A.         Smith, Nettie        10 Jan 1887      C572
Curtis, Julia             Higgins, L.F.        23 May 1892      E551
Curtis, Lena              Welsh, Harry         29-Feb-08        L323
Curtis, Mabel             Whittenburg, Cyril                    R604
Curtis, Margaret          Sauzek, George T.    16-Sep-19        W439
Curtis, Otis              Nash, Esther         28-Jul-19        W317
Curtis, Otto              Rowsey, Minnie       12-Jul-09        M341
Curtis, Robert            Bigler, Jewel        8-Apr-18         V081
Curtis, Tillie            Holm, M.H.           10 Nov 1897      G404
Curtis, Tillie (Mrs.)     Whitmore, Deforest S.11 Oct 1891      E402
Curtis, Virgil E.         Nichols, Ruth        30-Dec-19        X089
Curtis, W.T.              Grantham, Jennie     02 Jul 1887      D051
Curtis, Walter            Kelly, Julia         7-Jan-20         X118
Curtis, Will D. (Elder)   Kirby, Lou           13 Nov 1886      C527
Curtis, William           Musser, Bessie L.    17-Jul-09        M348
Curtis, William D.        Cotton, Myrtle C.    28-May-02        I255
Curtiss, Geneva L.        Gordon, Franklin C.  28 Mar 1875      A154
Curtiss, Ida E.           Raymond, Theodore D. 14 Apr 1874      A114
Curtright, Sarah (Mrs.)   Miles, J.S.          19 Oct 1899      H189
Curts, J.C.               Jones, Lola          7-Feb-15         R352
Curts, Louise             Johnston, Clarence                    S615
Curts, S.C.               Davy, A.D.           30 Sep 1888      D398
Curyea, George Willard    Wood, Winifred Grace 12-Jan-18        U471
Cusack, Charles           Bledsoe, Jeanne      3-Sep-21         Z256
Cushing, Edwin            Guest, Nora          26 Sep 1882      B302
Cushing, Leora F.         Flowers, Clarence O. 20-Oct-10        N394
Cushman, B.L.             Hughart, Ollie       2-Nov-04         J404
Cushman, Bennett B.       McKnight, Arlee M.   22 Oct 1889      D640
Cushman, C.A.             Thompson, Ethel E.   11-Feb-13        Q029
Cusice, Pearl             Kiker, Charlie       26-May-12        P245
Cusick, Cora B.           Eichholtz, Levi B.   02 Jul 1889      D565
Cusick, Henry             Walton, Vera         26-Jul-19        W314
Cusick, Mamie             Morrison, James H.                    T091
Cusick, Minnie J.         Rahn, C.H.           10 Jun 1886      C451
Custer, Cora              Dewey, Perin         11 May 1892      E546
Custer, Cora              Suhm, Jacob          04 Mar 1895      F502
Custer, George D.         Armor, Mary                           T183
Custer, Josephine         Harland, J.V.        17-Sep-18        V397
Custer, Roy L.            Quering, Leah        28-Oct-11        O389
Cuthbertson, Effie L.     Frye, Alfred S.      10-Sep-12        P407
Cuthbertson, S.A.         Spencer, Margaret    27-Dec-21        Z513
Cutler, Cap. A.           Cramer, Dora         27 Jul 1889      D579
Cutler, Francis M.        Stepelton, Gracie E.                  F153
Cutler, Henry W.          Steepelton, Gracie E.07 Jun 1893      F152
Cutler, Herbert           Trissal, Osie O.     8-Sep-07         L107
Cutler, James E.          Kaufmann, Charlotte  24-Jan-22        Z572
Cutler, Leila             Haines, William E.   05 Oct 1890      E212
Cutler, Mabel             Lee, Horace          11-May-04        J231
Cutler, Martha            Lutes, Isaac M.      26 Jan 1894      F303
Cutler, Rosie             Elder, Ralph W.      29-Aug-10        N302
Cutshall, James A.        Lindsay, Sarah A.    15 Apr 1874      A115
Cutshaw, Jessie M.        Bowman, Myron J.     22-Oct-02        I385
Cutter, Mabel             Lee, Horace          11-May-04        J231
Cutter, Martha            Lutes, Isaac M.      26 Jan 1894      F303
Cutter, Mary E.           Dittman, Louis W.    23 Sep 1879      A448
Cutter, Stanley L.        Torrey, Pearl M.     24-Dec-02        I436
Cutting, F.E.             Williams, Maggie     23 Jul 1898      G543
Cutting, Josie E.         Hull, O.J.           30-Dec-08        M073
Cuykendall, Murray E.     Webster, Nira        8-Nov-19         W585
Cuykendall, Ruby          Howard, Harry D.     7-Oct-06         K399
Cyphers, Paul             Bryant, Helen        29-Nov-06        K468
Daban, Eliz. Junia        Brown, M.P.          17-Feb-09        M144
Dabertz, Cora M.          Wiengand, C.H.       27 Mar 1887      C618
Dabertz, Della C.         Clark, A.R.          13 Jun 1886      C452
Dabertz, Hattie E.        McFarland, George B. 05 Nov 1885      C334
Dabertz, Louis W.         Huff, Katie (Mrs.)   02 Oct 1890      E210
Dabertz, Prudence J.      Midkiff, Daniel K.   26 May 1881      B161
Dabler, Ida May           Hampton, Frank       18-May-03        I557
Dabler, WaaDella          Groth, Edward J.     24-Apr-18        V109
Dabney, Claude C.         Goff, Harriett H.                     R530
Dabney, Florence          Bowlus, Pearl A.     2-Jun-09         M280
Dabney, Lulu              Hinkle, Joseph B.    9-May-02         I241
Dabracht, Kate            Gittrich, Albert     15 Apr 1896      G079
Dack, Bertha Louise       Brehm, John B.       14-Apr-21        Y579
Dack, Loren               Peacock, Alice       17-Nov-12        P515
Dade, Roswell F.          Ross, Mollie A. (Mrs.11 Jul 1892      E579
Dadisman, Avis            Murphy, G.A.         25-Feb-07        K558
Dadisman, Braxton         Schumacher, Emma     14 Dec 1886      C545
Dadisman, Cora            Devore, C.E.         6-Oct-07         L153
Dadisman, George E.       Barnard, Maud M.     09 Mar 1890      E094
Dadisman, Hazel           Staunton, Robert L.  25-Nov-14        R251
Dadisman, Isaac           Goodrich, Emma       29 Mar 1883      B361
Dadisman, Lewis           Jones, Anna          12 Oct 1883      B417
Dadisman, Pamylee         Simmons, C.W.        21 Sep 1873      A086
Dadisman, Ross E.         Hipple, Irene        29-Jun-05        J616
Dadisman, Russell L.      Kirkland, Katie M.   24-Jan-06        K185
Dadisman, Tillie          Simmons, Albert P.   30 Jul 1894      F383
Dadisman, Victer M.       Stewart, Mabelle     31-Oct-00        H447
Dadisman, Wayland R.      Cordrrey, Maxine Sue 19-May-19        W149
Dadisman, William Raymond Miller, Gladys Virgin21-Jan-20        X144
Dado, Kattie(th.)         Holtje, Fritz        10-Apr-07        K598
Daffron, George B.        Knott, Josephine     25-Jun-21        Z083
Dagel, Anna R.            Robinson, William    13-Aug-04        J317
Dagel, Hazel Dollie       Hinshaw, Lowell      4-May-21         Y620
Dagel, Viola              Chance, Paul         14-May-19        W140
Dagel, William P.         Dennett, Melissa     09 Feb 1892      E493
Dagen, Elizabeth          Ingram, James N.     26-Apr-05        J555
Dagenhart, Edward Elbert  Entz, Mary                            S139
Dager, Jean Allen         Looper, Irene                         S337
Daggett, Ella M.          Russell, Andrew J.   19 Oct 1884      C148
Daggett, George           Norris, Lucy         23 May 1889      D544
Daggett, Lucy             Flaherty, Henry      25-Jun-19        W241
Daggett, Sarah A.         Black, Harvey W.     02 Aug 1872      A042
Dagner, Elizabeth M.      Boone, Willard H.    06 Jun 1894      F366
Dague, Mary               Lovell, W.H.         27-Mar-12        P164
Dague, Wilmer L.          Cain, Ovella Pearl   15-Jan-08        L279
Dagworthy, Samuel         Holmes, Amelia A.    16 Aug 1873      A081
Daherty, Josephine        Bazel, Thomas        7-Feb-10         N008
Daiges, Charles           Pittman, Pauline     17-Nov-21        Z430
Dail, John B.             Getgey, Bertha Viola 8-Oct-19         W507
Dail, Mayme Cleo          McVay, Robert H.     21-Jan-06        K181
Dailey, Annie Ellen       Cherry, A. Thomas    21-Oct-03        J058
Dailey, Charles M.        Stewart, Lena        06 Apr 1891      E320
Dailey, George            Ford, Ruth                            Z776
Dailey, Ina               Hoffman, Harry R.    9-Jun-13         Q188
Dailey, J.W.              Meade, Margaret E.   01 Dec 1886      C543
Dailey, Jennie            Baker, Dock          13-Apr-05        J545
Dailey, Lenal             Shapcott, Clara      20-Sep-17        T638
Dailey, Mildred Helen     Dunn, Christopher Jos29-Jun-19        W254
Dailey, Olive Page (Mrs)  Cochran, E.E.M.      13 Mar 1898      G475
Dailly, Matilda           Myler, William Albert25-Jan-14        Q514
Daily, B.F.               Osman, Mary          08 Oct 1885      C320
Daily, Bernard            Nash, Mary           28 Jan 1890      E066
Daily, Charles E.         Prock, May E.        20-Jan-00        H259
Daily, Charles F.         Forbes, Lillie M.    09 Oct 1893      F223
Daily, Cora Lee           Dillman, Wright L.   25-Oct-12        P481
Daily, Elizabeth          Moore, William T.    1-Feb-09         M125
Daily, Fred               Lancett, Anna M.     14-Jul-20        X580
Daily, Hazle Vestal       Duke, Floyd Edwin    3-Feb-15         R348
Daily, Leora              Tryon, Harley D.                      T305
Daily, Maggie F.          Hamilton, William Joh02 Aug 1887      D075
Daily, Nannie M.          Nash, Frank L.D.     1-Nov-05         K095
Daily, R.P.               Murphy, Bettie       2-Sep-03         J008
Daily, Rena               Blumenshine, William 23 May 1894      F354
Daily, William A.         Howard, Martha       07 Apr 1885      C236
Daisy, E.G.               Kline, E.L.          21 Apr 1886      C430
Daisy, Emma L.            Dowers, C.A.         24-Dec-21        Z506
Daisy, F.F.               Doan, Emma           23-Oct-12        P478
Daisy, George W.S.        Clodfelter, Bessie   11-Feb-02        I179
Daisy, George W.S.        Hamilton, Elizabeth  4-Jun-08         L423
Daisy, John H.            Biesterfield, Frances25-Aug-10        N294
Daisy, John H.            Brasier, Myrtle I.   7-Aug-05         K010
Daisy, John H.            Newman, L.C.         17-Jun-13        Q201
Daisy, Moscelyn M.        Munzer, John J.      24-Jun-02        I280
Daisy, O.C.               Stover, Emma         14 Jun 1877      A272
Daisy, Raymond            Baker, Rose          7-Jan-22         Z543
Daisy, Winifred A.        Breaker, R.E.        18-Oct-14        R200
Dakan, Mary Gail          Bosworth, Francis The1-Nov-11         O394
Dalbom, Martin            Dobbin, Ruth         21-Jan-14        Q509
Dale, Beryl               Quillen, C.L.        24-Jun-19        W238
Dale, Clifford J.         Fleming, Cornelia P. 13-Jan-05        J469
Dale, Delbert A.          Skinner, Sybil M.    18-Nov-14        R235
Dale, Esther A.           Dwyer, Daniel M.     1-Sep-20         Y070
Dale, F.E.                Hatler, Bertha       30-Sep-11        O351
Dale, Frank               Wood, Mattie I.      10 Jun 1885      C263
Dale, Frank E.            Runyan, Elizabeth    4-Jun-10         N170
Dale, Frank M.            Marquis, Pauline                      R633
Dale, Helen Elizabeth     Tinkler, Reuben      23-Dec-19        X064
Dale, J.W.                McMurchy, Helen      01 Mar 1881      B139
Dale, John T.             Runyon, Hazel        3-May-11         O133
Dale, John T.             Widdoes, Mary S.     10 Apr 1894      F336
Dale, John W.             Miller, Rillie E.    26 Feb 1890      E085
Dale, Minnie              Brown, Amos          22-Aug-07        L092
Dale, William B. Jr.      Harvey, Ruby         2-Aug-20         X627
Daley, J. Ambrose         Bell, Clara          8-Apr-07         K584
Daley, J.A.               Hill, Viola          4-Jul-03         I599
Daley, James B.           See, Josie           11 Oct 1887      D130
Daley, Jennie             Baker, Dock          13-Apr-05        J545
Daley, Leeland C.         Popp, Oneda          31-Jul-21        Z172
Daley, Ora V.             Lindley, Clare E.                     T235
Dalhoff, Maggie           Erb, Gregory         24 Nov 1887      D166
Dalke, Henry              Bain, Minnie         24-Dec-09        M585
Dallam, Mary E.           Morrow, John                          Y044
Dallas, Charles           Williams, Marie      25-Dec-07        L250
Dallas, Wylie Ray         Cline, Zelma Rose    22-May-21        Y657
Dalley(ly), Sadie         Clodfelter, Emsteard 24 Dec 1889      E048
Dallke, Marie Mary        Spark, Martin G.     12-Sep-14        R141
Dalrymple, Charles        Philip, Helen        16-Dec-09        M561
Dalrymple, E.A.           Gilbert, Martha      07 Dec 1898      G629
Dalrymple, M.             Dalrymple, Minnie B. (Mrs.)           S050
Dalrymple, Minnie B. (Mrs.Dalrymple, M.                         S050
Dalton, Alice E.          Nichols, Charles H.  29-Mar-04        J196
Dalton, Cecilia           Jordan, Zadie C.                      S511
Dalton, Inas              Wise, L.H.                            T306
Dalton, Lola              Hazlett, W.E.        21-Jul-18        V284
Dalton, Mary Ella         Thompson, James      .. ... ....      E076
Dalton, P.J.              Travers, Mary        21-Nov-13        Q432
Dalton, Richmond A.       Hene, Clara Louise                    S156
Dalton, Sedonia           Shaw, Henry          26 Oct 1884      C152
Daly, Anna Winifred       Kastens, Raleigh Lare19-Apr-22        Z716
Daly, Annie G.            Lappin, John C.      24-Apr-00        H310
Daly, Bernard             Nash, Mary           28 Jan 1890      E066
Daly, Bernard             Nash, Mary           28 Nov 1879      B008
Daly, Lyda                Gillis, N.E.                          S179
Daly, Mary                Stewart, Merton      30 Apr 1889      D533
Daly, Minnie Ellen        Dougherty, Ralph C.  20-Jul-21        Z132
Daly, Peter F.            Adams, Grace E.      10-Jul-07        L048
Damel, Augusta            Frederick, Norman    13-Dec-12        P563
Damma, Emma               Fay, R.C.                             S559
Damon, Henry Burton       Holland, Lena Leota  9-Jun-09         M269
Damon, Sadie Louise       George, Fred Winthrop                 G582
Damon, Sadie Louise       George, Fred Winthrop05 Oct 1898      G581
Dancey, Moses             Johnson, Alice (Mrs.)10 Aug 1893      F180
Dand, James W.            Flett, Margaret (Mrs.06 Jul 1882      B282
Dando, Will T.            Sand, Tilda          10 Dec 1890      E259
Dandridge, Byrd           Rush, Alty           18-Jul-17        T514
Dandridge, J.R.           Garner, Elizabeth    30-Apr-09        M206
Dandridge, Jennie         Duval, Malachi       10 Mar 1892      E514
Dandridge, Lutitia        McBride, J.H.        10-Jun-01        H608
Dandridge, Theresa        Dickson, John        10-Nov-19        W593
Daner, Edith L.           Stoner, Lloyd G.     24-Nov-20        Y285
Danford, Adale            Fry, Clifford        3-Feb-18         U528
Danford, Cleo S.          Lyndahl, Nora        26-Feb-21        Y494
Dangerfield, C.H.         Keith, Jennie        23 Feb 1886      C397
Dangerfield, Ella         Alexander, Marshall  16-Dec-07        L239
Daniel, Bessie M.         Preisser, J.E.       4-Sep-20         Y079
Daniel, Daisy             Brown, Orley         6-Nov-07         L192
Daniel, Pearl (Perlie)    Wade, Gish           1-Oct-10         N370
Daniel, T.L.              Smith, Mabel         30-Nov-18        V505
Daniel, T.M.              Stanley, Lea         27-Mar-06        K232
Daniel, Thaddeus Claude   Ertz, Susie Evelena  4-Nov-08         L631
Daniel, W.C.              Arganbright, Susie                    S467
Daniels, Alta F.W.        Kottler, Christian J.11-May-01        H586
Daniels, B.W.             De Vol, Ellen        12-Apr-04        J205
Daniels, B.W.             Raymond, Eva G.      19-Aug-05        K017
Daniels, B.W.             Strahin, Mary E.     30-May-06        K280
Daniels, C.V.             Bastow, Celia E.     7-Aug-04         J312
Daniels, Charles S.       Fisher, Jessie M.    26 Nov 1890      E254
Daniels, Charles V.       Hensley, May B.      25 Dec 1892      F040
Daniels, Earl Franklin    Thayer, Margaret Minn26-Dec-18        V539
Daniels, Edward           Johnston, Elisabeth V25 May 1887      D016
Daniels, Effie            Abraham, Perle R.    22-Sep-07        L131
Daniels, Elzie            Moore, Lillie V.                      S560
Daniels, Eva Eleanor      Moler, Gilbert                        T224
Daniels, Florence         Watkins, Blyden                       R597
Daniels, Frank            Charpie, Cora E.                      S371
Daniels, George W.        Green, Hattie        17 May 1899      H090
Daniels, Harvey           Tyree, Elsie         1-Dec-17         U300
Daniels, Hattie O.        Black, Joseph A.     1-Nov-01         I093
Daniels, Ila              Chandler, Ruby       10-Jun-19        W200
Daniels, James M.         Gibson, Anna M.                       D007
Daniels, Jeffie           Tolbert, Jacob       07 Feb 1895      F491
Daniels, John             Eelts, Meta          19 Mar 1887      C610
Daniels, John             Elts, Meta           19 Mar 1887      C610
Daniels, John F.          Baynum, Della R.     28 Jun 1892      E571
Daniels, K. Weller        Nelson, Mildred                       S400
Daniels, Lilly            Mahany, Ed                            A122
Daniels, Linda            Morphew, E.M.        26-Feb-14        Q547
Daniels, Luna Noble       Campbell, Charles C. 22-May-20        X419
Daniels, M. Lorraine      Robertson, J.F.      13-Jan-20        X128
Daniels, M.T.             Parkhurst, Nellie    17-Apr-04        J215
Daniels, Mae              Bish, F.K.           7-Jul-09         M337
Daniels, Malinda          Johnson, James F.    06 Jan 1896      G029
Daniels, Robert S.        Kinser, Mary E.      19 Feb 1887      C589
Daniels, S.W.             Hunt, Fay            26-Nov-21        Z456
Daniels, W.E.             Tate, Lydia          03 Dec 1895      G002
Daniels, Walter E.        Bishop, Lillian      21-Jan-09        M112
Dannar, Lewis E.          Thornburg, Alta E.   13-Oct-20        Y188
Danneberg, John G.        Jennings, Edith L.   21-Dec-20        Y346
Dannelley, Lola Hazel     Seery, C.R.          13-Jul-19        W282
Dannenfelser, E.E.        McCoy, Fannie                         N436
Danner, Edward            Oleson, Martha                        T165
Danner, George            Pepper, Olive        3-May-22         Z747
Danner, Grover            Green, Leona         27-Oct-17        U139
Danner, Nina              Ritter, Christ F.    30 Nov 1893      F261
Dant, Clayton E.          Clark, Joe           9-Oct-07         L162
Dantzisen, Archie         Sykes, Bessie        27-Sep-07        L142
Daratt, Clifford R.       Murphy, Hattie L.    28 Oct 1894      F425
Daratt, Fannie M.         Sullivan, Alden N.   29-Dec-04        J459
Daratt, Josie             Gilchrist, Frank                      I203
Daratt, Josie R.          Gilchrist, Frank A.  12-Jun-04        J258
Darby, Carlton V.         Gestenslager, Bertha 28-Mar-20        X283
Darby, Earl Clifford      Richmond, Hazel D.   9-Nov-10         N439
Darby, Henry E.           Easter, Pearl G.     2-Apr-11         O072
Darby, J. Fred            Colburn, Mildred A.  28 Jan 1897      G244
Darby, Jasper             Little, Emma         01 Mar 1885      C218
Darden, Mary              Card, Charles B.     27-Mar-12        P163
Darley, Alice Mary        Murphy, Thomas H.    21 Nov 1889      E022
Darling, Ada              Bone, L.E.           12-Apr-21        Y574
Darling, Clyde F.         Jones, Lena E.       28-Dec-07        L262
Darling, Cora M.          Sexton, Ralph L.     5-Jun-12         P263
Darling, E.H.             See, Jennie          11 Feb 1877      A251
Darling, Harry Clark      Stacy, Ada           29-Oct-10        N432
Darling, Hazel            Johns, Leslie                         P152
Darling, Howard Upson     Williams, Vera       13-Dec-10        N498
Darling, J.P.             McKee, Fannie E.     15 Sep 1889      D604
Darling, J.W.             Culp, Myra S.        30 Mar 1893      F106
Darling, Lyman S.         Small, Jessie Edith  1-Jun-11         O165
Darling, Robert E.        McSparrin, Marion M. 29-Oct-13        Q401
Darlington, Emmons R.     Barnes, Esther A.    29-Nov-19        X006
Darlington, Jack A.       Moore, Etta (Mrs.)   3-Sep-12         P396
Darlington, Vivian        Wood, William F.     30-Apr-13        Q129
Darmer, Charles           Mark, Cora           28-Aug-11        O299
Darnall, A.               Thompson, Carrie     9-Apr-10         N091
Darnell, Edward E.        Ralston, Frankie     29-Dec-14        R306
Darnell, J.E.             Hays, Katie          16 Apr 1888      D274
Darnell, Jane             Myers, George M.     12 May 1880      B068
Darnell, Nellie           Davis, L.H.          20-Feb-07        K553
Darnell, Nettie O.        Bryant, George W.    09 Mar 1899      H051
Darney, Frank             VanHorn, Maudie      3-Jun-20         X451
Darr, Mae                 Greer, John J.       19-Jul-12        P340
Darr, Nermon Wesley       Griffith, Ethel Bel  4-May-20         X377
Darragh, Anna J.          Killen, Schuyler C.  02 Dec 1891      E437
Darrigrand, Charles       Bodecker, Nelle                       S293
Darrough, Vinson          McCarty, M.A.        4-Nov-18         V471
Darrow, Grace             McDermott, Charles   15-Feb-10        N016
Darter, Martha A.         Huntley, Arthur S.   06 Aug 1879      A439
Darusho, Mary             Boehme, B.G.         07 Mar 1877      A256
Darwin, John              Brown, May           30-Jan-18        U514
Dary, Gilbert Lee         Deere, Eunice Louise 8-Mar-20         X241
Date, J.H.                Fuller, Mary A.      11-Sep-12        P410
Daub, Katherine           White, Robert        1-Oct-08         L588
Daubert(udert), Mary AliceWaddell, A.J.        22 Sep 1897      G362
Daughenbaugh, Lizzie      Mount, John          26-Jan-04        J148
Daughenbaugh, Lyda G.     Peacock, Lela H.     23-Dec-08        M065
Daugherty, Bryan          Appling, Elva        21-Dec-20        Y347
Daugherty, Charles W.     Woltz, Clara L.      03 Jun 1897      G307
Daugherty, Cora Leah      Lynch, John P.       18-Mar-22        Z662
Daugherty, Edward H.      Burke, Anna L.       19-May-09        M256
Daugherty, Edwin          Reyburn, Anna K.     15-Aug-01        I018
Daugherty, Ella           Wentzel, Frank       9-Jan-01         H503
Daugherty, Fred A.        Manhall, Martha      18-Oct-09        M479
Daugherty, Grace          James, Boyd          1-Mar-11         O038
Daugherty, Lena A.        Carr, C.F.           2-Apr-04         J197
Daugherty, Luella         Mendenhall, Lewis O. 14 Dec 1893      F268
Daugherty, Maggie         Bish, Charles A.     19 Jul 1893      F167
Daugherty, Mary           Rick, Ezra           01 Jun 1898      G515
Daugherty, Myrtle E.      Abbott, E. Murray    2-Nov-04         J402
Daugherty, Rupert J.      Sawyer, Mildred      8-Jan-12         P058
Daughhetee, Delia C.      Ward, William F.     12 Jan 1888      D196
Daughty, Sallie L.        Kisner, James S.     28-Feb-12        P126
Daugnan, Ollie            Hampton, W.M.        17-Jun-20        X504
Dauson, Mary P.           Pipkin, Jonas R.     26 Sep 1880      B095
Dautschmann, Susie JosephiMauring, E.B.                         S325
DaVault, Bert             Cromer, Jennie       20-Oct-19        W538
Daved, M.W.               Prickett, Ella       18-Apr-00        H308
Davenport, Allen V.       Hinton, Myrtle M.    29-Aug-01        I031
Davenport, Cecil N.       Nelson,Edythe Elizabe30-Nov-05        K121
Davenport, John W.        Stewart, Susanna     10 Jan 1894      F293
Davenport, Lemuel         Dobbins, Carrie      6-Jul-01         H634
Davenport, Lona E.        McGowan, William H.  24-Dec-12        P592
Davenport, Myrtle         Gillett, Frank M.    11-Apr-13        Q103
Davenport, Nelse J.       Webster, Luella M.   31-Jan-15        R346
Davenport, Pearle         Soper, J.W.          5-Jul-17         T491
Davenport, R.W.           Myers, Mildred       27-Feb-15        R373
Davenport, Viola          Finch, O.S.          14-Feb-01        H522
Daves, Isaac              Young, Pauline       28-Oct-08        L622
Davey, Alice M.           Pennick, Clark A.    2-Apr-19         W048
Davey, Clara E.           Aregood, W.S.        27 Nov 1887      D169
Davey, Sadie A.           Kimball, Bert K.     16 May 1896      G093
David, Edna               Jones, Harry W.      31-May-13        Q165
David, Isaac              McConnell, Nellie    17 Jul 1888      D344
Davidson, A.E.            Freeman, Laura                        S401
Davidson, Addie           McAllister, F.P.     18 Jul 1877      A277
Davidson, Agnes W.        Pottenger, Harry R.  21-Feb-06        K207
Davidson, Alice           Gossard, Alvin H.    14 May 1874      A119
Davidson, Andrew          Rhoads, Eve S.       10-Feb-01        H517
Davidson, Arthur J.       Counsil, Mamie       29 Jan 1893      F062
Davidson, Ashley A.       Taggart, Lois Lottie 27-Sep-19        W476
Davidson, Birdine         Woolard, Samuel F.   05 Jun 1888      D313
Davidson, Blanche         Hockett, Ralph       12-Jul-21        Z128
Davidson, Charles L.      Throckmorton, Mary L.15 Sep 1881      B185
Davidson, Charley E.      Hecklin, Mary M.     19-Aug-08        L524
Davidson, Clara           Melvin, Andy         22 Dec 1886      C559
Davidson, Clark K.        Holm, Florence H.    19-Jan-10        M621
Davidson, Clementine E.   Barbour, W. Gordon   25-Sep-01        I053
Davidson, Elizabeth       Storms, Morris       11-Sep-07        L116
Davidson, Emma L.         Bidwell, Earl A.     1-Oct-05         K053
Davidson, Fannie L.       Raymond, Walter      25-Feb-21        Y491
Davidson, Flora           Cobb, Charles        29-Apr-09        M238
Davidson, George W.       Black, Minnie S.V.   14 Jan 1886      C375
Davidson, Harry T.        Nelson, Nina F.      24-Oct-12        P481
Davidson, Helen E.        Bice, Claude F.      4-Sep-12         P397
Davidson, Ida             Wright, Merl R.      6-Jul-05         J623
Davidson, J.O.            Carver, Bessie G.    11 Nov 1886      C527
Davidson, J.S.            Maston, Belle        03 Jun 1888      D312
Davidson, James Jr.       Hedgle, Mary         05 Aug 1888      D354
Davidson, James W.        McCampbell, Anna     27 Nov 1878      A378
Davidson, Jane            Fifer, Charles M.    25-Jul-06        K335
Davidson, Jennie          Penn, Samuel         16 Jan 1881      B130
Davidson, John            Mackie, Catherine B. 12 Mar 1873      A063
Davidson, John            Paton, Ellen         02 Oct 1874      A135
Davidson, John            Thomas, Sadie (Julia)03 Jul 1884      C098
Davidson, John            Webb, Beulah Edna    24-Oct-17        U123
Davidson, John P.         McTaggart, Della     24 Nov 1897      G410
Davidson, Julia (Mrs.)    Lawlor, Everett M.   12 Nov 1892      F013
Davidson, Laura Faye      Hays, Don Franklin                    S340
Davidson, M.C.            Johnson, Letitia     20-Oct-20        Y212
Davidson, Margaret A.     Kirkbride, W.R.      14-Jan-14        Q504
Davidson, Margaret M.     Mason, Harry M.      27-Sep-11        O341
Davidson, Mary            Stewart, Joseph      19 Sep 1880      B096
Davidson, Mary            Sweet, Ward W.       26 Jun 1884      C093
Davidson, Oakley          Hagny, Robert Givin  8-Jan-13         P625
Davidson, Olie B.         Coffey, James W.     27 Aug 1882      B291
Davidson, Ora B.          Johnson, Charles H.  10 Feb 1885      C209
Davidson, R.L.            Bush, Carrie B.      01 Oct 1887      D118
Davidson, Reda            Hall, William N.                      S490
Davidson, Robert          Black, Maggie A.     19 Jan 1885      C196
Davidson, Ross            Donahue, Anna        28-Sep-11        O346
Davidson, Sadie           McKay, C.W.          14-Nov-10        N445
Davidson, Stephen Lock    Tuttle, Florence     9-Jun-09         M288
Davidson, T.S.            Cooley, Emma E.      6-Jul-00         H354
Davidson, Throck          Brooks, Katherine                     S143
Davidson, Walter H.       Barnes, Ada M.       22-Jun-05        J609
Davie, Stark L.           Reber, Addie Myrtle  10-Jun-09        M289
Davies, Albert            Watkins, Susie E.    28-Mar-21        Y549
Davies, Arthur A.         Snow, Myrtle J.      16 Jun 1892      E563
Davies, Ella              Light, C.A.          21-Oct-00        H439
Davies, Ethel L.          Davison, Hugh W.     14-Nov-07        L199
Davies, Harry M.          Clinton, Blanche N.  25-Nov-20        Y296
Davies, Helen             Millard, L.B.        20-May-21        Y652
Davies, J.L.              Wherrell, Lydia      4-Nov-00         H450
Davies, Lydia L.C.        Carnahan, A.J.       22-Feb-11        O027
Davies, Ruth              Bate, Arthur E.      7-Oct-18         V432
Davies, Wilburn B.        Westfall, Texie D.   26-Jan-11        N569
Davis, A.B.               Summers, Pearl       13-Jul-13        Q239
Davis, A.G.               Burbach, Lillian M.  2-May-10         N124
Davis, A.L.               Thurston, Mary E.    14-Mar-14        Q567
Davis, A.P.               Munson, Mary J.      27 Mar 1880      B056
Davis, A.T.               Cline, Lydia L.      31-Aug-07        L101
Davis, Adelia E.          Miller, Newton       09 Sep 1889      D603
Davis, Agnes S.           Trace, Samuel        11 Oct 1883      B417
Davis, Albert             Heston, Mabel        1-Jan-14         Q489
Davis, Albert J.          Short, Cora K.       16 Dec 1880      B120
Davis, Albert L.          King, Martha         2-Jul-06         K313
Davis, Alexander          Pitzer, Zianah       15 Apr 1874      A114
Davis, Alice              Christy, D.M.        7-Mar-04         J182
Davis, Alice              Lunt, William M.     11-Apr-00        H303
Davis, Alice              Quick, Thomas W.     19 May 1889      D540
Davis, Alonzo             Autry, R.L.          17-Jul-17        T507
Davis, Alvin R.           Latham, Edith B.     19-May-20        X410
Davis, Anna               Coleman, Oscar       17 Dec 1895      G009
Davis, Anna               Haskell, William H.  05 Dec 1885      C353
Davis, Anna               Robinson, Henry      28 May 1880      B073
Davis, Anna M.            Coulson, E.J.        14-Oct-11        O366
Davis, Annie (Mrs.)       Johnson, Samuel K.   08 Jun 1892      E560
Davis, Armanetta          Lowe, Willie         20-Mar-22        Z664
Davis, B.B.               Whitted, Jennie      26-Dec-00        H483
Davis, B.T.               Harris, Anise        12-Dec-07        L232
Davis, Belle              Gilbert, K.M.        22-Jun-21        Z074
Davis, Bernice Cornelia   Wooten, Jasper H.    22-Apr-14        Q602
Davis, Berta              Reynolds, R.R.       7-Nov-17         U169
Davis, Billie O.          Loucks, John E.      21-Mar-21        Y538
Davis, Byron R.           Ruggles, Mattie      16-Dec-19        X044
Davis, C.D.               DeVore, M.E.         02 Oct 1883      B413
Davis, C.E.               Murray, S.M.         21-Nov-02        I405
Davis, C.F.               Carroll, Alice S.    29 Jun 1898      G531
Davis, C.M.               Ralston, Emily       27-Sep-04        J358
Davis, C.M.               Snyder, Jennie       2-Jun-17         T404
Davis, C.T.               Burson, Delia M.     19 Jun 1888      D324
Davis, Carl D.            Hoff, Alta Mabel                      S375
Davis, Carl H.            Francisco, Maria     20-Nov-13        Q425
Davis, Cary D.            Baynum, May          20 Aug 1874      A130
Davis, Charles            Caughey, Minnie      19-Jun-07        L023
Davis, Charles A.         Evans, Nona          5-Jul-10         N228
Davis, Charles C.         Logsdon, Nina M.     26 Nov 1897      G413
Davis, Charles E.         Jones, Vera D.       21-Mar-21        Y537
Davis, Charles E.         McHugh, Lucy         1-Jun-09         M271
Davis, Charles Edward     McMurray, Virgie M.  9-Mar-14         Q558
Davis, Charles R.         Blubaugh, Charlotte G27-Nov-06        K461
Davis, Charley            Baird, Sarah A.      25 Dec 1882      B333
Davis, Chester A.         Cox, Hazel           4-Aug-19         W332
Davis, Chester P.         Hill, Gladys                          S492
Davis, Christine          Davis, H.O.          30-Apr-21        Y610
Davis, Clansie            Grounds, Agnes       3-Aug-07         L071
Davis, Claude K.          Sexton, Lola Fae(aye)14-Jun-10        N187
Davis, Clifton            Heckard, Mattie A. Mr07 Sep 1897      G353
Davis, Clint              Nickels, Lucille Mari17-Mar-22        Z660
Davis, Cloyce E.          Hughes, Maggie       1-Nov-06         K432
Davis, Clyde R.           Potts, Winnifred     23-Dec-13        Q466
Davis, Cora               Killoven, William J. 12-Jun-11        O192
Davis, Cora Ann           Easter, Charles      28 Feb 1897      G265
Davis, Cora Ann           Ester, Charles       28 Feb 1897      G265
Davis, Cora V.            Mayo, J.E.           31-Aug-18        V361
Davis, Cordelia H.        Foster, John T.      18-Sep-01        I047
Davis, Cordelia M.        Babb, A.F.           29-Jun-04        J279
Davis, Corlene            Finley, Lloyd G.     4-Aug-19         W332
Davis, Daisy Fern         Campbell, J.B.                        S356
Davis, David              Vogles, Jennie       23-Dec-06        K494
Davis, Delbert M.         Blake, Beatrice H.   28-Jun-09        M321
Davis, Dewey O.           Farrell, Mattie A.   26 Jan 1893      F062
Davis, Dora               Franklin, N.M.       5-Nov-02         I397
Davis, E.                 Oldfather, A.J.      07 Oct 1897      G376
Davis, E.A.               Walker, Flora        21-Sep-11        O334
Davis, E.H.               Means, Elma A.       8-Oct-18         V434
Davis, E.J.               Brady, Emma                           S245
Davis, E.L.               Weathers, Iona       9-Jul-04         J289
Davis, Ed. S.             Corwin, Katie J.     08 Jun 1890      E151
Davis, Edgar C.           Miller, Arline       27-Jul-18        V294
Davis, Edith              Crawford, George     30-Dec-11        P050
Davis, Edith Alice        Thompson, I.R.       18-Mar-22        Z659
Davis, Edith Daisy        La Bonte, Wilber Osmo11-Nov-07        L197
Davis, Edith Irene        Neeley, C.N.         24-Dec-06        K498
Davis, Edith Rose         Rummell, M.M.                         R508
Davis, Edward             McDonald, Eva        28 Jul 1888      D350
Davis, Edward G.          Vandruff, Laura I.                    S343
Davis, Edward R.          Blaylock, Corena     20-May-20        X414
Davis, Effie Browing      York, Walter B.      20 Jul 1899      H125
Davis, Elgin              Brookings, Florence  12-Jun-13        Q193
Davis, Elisha B.          Avery, Viola V.      10 May 1896      G090
Davis, Elizabeth          Jones, Benjamin F.   11-May-03        I551
Davis, Ella               Harms, Gerhard                        S637
Davis, Ella               Wright, Amos         28 Apr 1887      C633
Davis, Ella M.            Owen, Thomas E.      31 Dec 1893      F287
Davis, Ellen              King, Nathan         8-Jul-20         X567
Davis, Ellen              Sabin, R.L.          28-Jan-12        P080
Davis, Ellen May          Wharf, Clifton Blaine30-Dec-08        M081
Davis, Elnora             Owens, Grant         4-Jun-21         Z019
Davis, Elsie M.           Davis, William E.    10-Sep-13        Q315
Davis, Emery Earl         Betch, Mabel                          S400
Davis, Emma               Humes, John F.       19 May 1887      D012
Davis, Emma               Yokoyma, Frank Y.    30-Jun-14        R048
Davis, Emma               York, E.R.           09 Jul 1888      D338
Davis, Emma B.            Waller, Isaac                         C303
Davis, Emma Belle         Waller, Isaac        17 Sep 1885      C305
Davis, Essie Frances      Lupher, Ernest Admril10-Dec-13        Q453
Davis, Esther Rose        Tait, R.S.                            S522
Davis, Ethan              Bercha, Philipbena   25 Jun 1899      H112
Davis, Ethel K.           Flick, Elwood H.     3-Sep-11         O307
Davis, Eva J.             Garrett, William M.  24 Feb 1891      E305
Davis, Everett H.         Bishop, Lillian                       S069
Davis, Everett R.         Clark, Florence Louis6-Jun-17         T423
Davis, F.A.               Ireland, Grace D.    13-Jul-01        H639
Davis, F.T.               Rian, Florence E.                     T290
Davis, Fanny              Hodge, Joseph L.     03 Sep 1892      E605
Davis, Farrie             Miller, J.M.         9-Oct-04         J371
Davis, Fay                Hamilton, Walter D.  6-Jan-07         K509
Davis, Florence           Able, George E.      10 Nov 1896      G186
Davis, Florence D.        Holmes, Porter       3-Jan-19         V553
Davis, Frank              Hicks, Cecile        13-Apr-07        K604
Davis, Frank              Weese, Mary E.       24-Nov-20        Y291
Davis, Frank              Whitenger, Hazel Esth17-Jul-19        W292
Davis, G.C.               Nessly, Bernice                       S388
Davis, Geneva Nadeen      Friesen, John A.     15-Jan-19        V566
Davis, Genevie R.         Pfeifer, Oscar F.    4-Oct-14         R173
Davis, George A.          Snider, Mercedes     6-Aug-04         J311
Davis, George L.          Cunliffe, Lillie A.  24 Oct 1896      G176
Davis, George R.          Thompson, Mary       13 Dec 1883      C011
Davis, Gladys             Mounce, F.R.                          T151
Davis, Gladys             Murphy, Lester E.    6-Sep-21         Z262
Davis, Golda Kathleen     Deiter, G. Thomas                     S197
Davis, Goldie             Madden, H.                            J310
Davis, Grace A.           Balling, John E.     16-Dec-10        N500
Davis, Grace Hain         Brown, Burgess Hunt  11-Oct-19        W512
Davis, Grace L.           Ross, A.R.                            T078
Davis, H. Dale            Burch, Mary E.       23-Aug-11        O293
Davis, H.E.               Cochran, Tillie      15-Sep-12        P414
Davis, H.L.               Taylor, Ida G.                        S011
Davis, H.O.               Davis, Christine     30-Apr-21        Y610
Davis, Hannah Lavina      Cox, Elvin W.        31 Mar 1897      G275
Davis, Harold W.          Johnson, Helen Marie 4-Aug-17         T554
Davis, Harriet            Belcher, John                         T072
Davis, Harriet            Wyatt, John J.       29-Apr-06        K258
Davis, Harry              Metz, Halena Louisa  10 Oct 1893      F225
Davis, Harry              Patton, Elizabeth K. 09 Apr 1896      G078
Davis, Harry              Salisbury, Verna     18-Jun-17        T452
Davis, Harry              Shirley, Edith Mae   20-Nov-21        Z433
Davis, Hattie             Fahey, Thomas        16 Oct 1898      G590
Davis, Hattie             Fay, Thomas          16 Oct 1898      G590
Davis, Hattie             Howe, Frank          19 Feb 1879      A399
Davis, Hazel M.           Fredrickson, Archie A30-Jun-20        X550
Davis, Hazel M.           Young, Frank L.      9-Mar-19         W014
Davis, Helen              Kelley, Louis        16-Sep-17        T628
Davis, Henry R.           Conway, Amanda       09 Jan 1879      A390
Davis, Homer W.           Boone, Mabel         8-Oct-07         L159
Davis, Howard M.          Scott, Agnes T.      05 Apr 1887      C623
Davis, Ida M.             Whitesell, R.T.      16-Nov-04        J417
Davis, Ila L.             Kennedy, Maurice M.  14-Sep-21        Z277
Davis, Irene              Schaal, E.J.         22-Oct-17        U116
Davis, Isis C.            Powell, L.C.         16-Nov-04        J417
Davis, Iva                Hadley, Butler       24-Sep-21        Z301
Davis, Ivan E.            Nash, Amy M.         15-Dec-19        X040
Davis, J.B.               Drake, Mable B.      2-Feb-01         H516
Davis, J.E.               Dexter, Emma         29 Sep 1885      C313
Davis, J.F.               Schultz, Mabel                        S129
Davis, J.N.               Dunkin, Tonia        23 Feb 1896      G050
Davis, J.P.               Kasenberg, Nellie Mab12-Jan-13        P627
Davis, J.W.               Hawkins, Maude       23-Sep-20        Y136
Davis, J.W.               Treece, Mary I.      21-May-21        Y655
Davis, J.W.               Wilburn, Eleanor     17-Oct-20        Y195
Davis, James              Arnold, Ellen        20-Jul-12        P342
Davis, James Andrew       Shinn, Edith Frances 31-Dec-08        M076
Davis, James E.           Story, Mecy Leona                     S194
Davis, Jeff               Thompson, Roxie      18-Jun-21        Z062
Davis, Jeff               Whitman, Anna        11 Jan 1894      F294
Davis, Jefferson          Rambeau, Ruth        1-Mar-15         R374
Davis, Jennie             Shatto, Samuel       17 Jun 1888      D320
Davis, Jess B.            Biby, R.R.           17-Feb-15        R364
Davis, Jesse A.           Falconer, Grace M.   6-Apr-21         Y564
Davis, Jessie May         Balch, Joseph Rolla  6-Jun-06         K285
Davis, John               Crouds, Lela         25-Aug-02        I333
Davis, John               Crough, Lela         25-Aug-02        I333
Davis, John D.            Hain, M. Alice       08 Sep 1885      C299
Davis, John D.            Murphy, Jeannie (Mrs)23 Jan 1890      E065
Davis, John H.            Stofer, Florence C.  14-Nov-17        U205
Davis, John J.            Richardson, Gladys   15 Nov 1893      F250
Davis, John N.            Widdows, Jennie      05 Nov 1892      F008
Davis, John W.            Henderson, Georgiana 05 May 1895      F534
Davis, John W. Jr.        Feast, Sadie B.      19 Oct 1887      D137
Davis, Joseph H.          Joslyn, Nora E.      01 Jan 1891      E275
Davis, Joseph P.          Williams, Emma       14-Mar-21        Y522
Davis, Josephine          Furnish, Guy L.      13-Aug-05        K011
Davis, Joy                Schuler, Don Buel                     S407
Davis, Julia E.           Thomas, William Edgar30-Oct-20        Y232
Davis, Kathryne           Shields, J.E.        14-Mar-21        Y523
Davis, L.A.               Boulger, Anna        13 May 1899      H084
Davis, L.A.               Bowlger, Anna        13 May 1899      H084
Davis, L.C.               Carlson, Ruth        30-May-19        W169
Davis, L.C.               Zeller, Ruth         8-May-11         O139
Davis, L.H.               Darnell, Nellie      20-Feb-07        K553
Davis, L.R.               Rader, Gladys        3-Dec-21         Z465
Davis, Laura E.           Collins, R.J.        10-Jan-00        H254
Davis, Laura E.           Tracy, James M.      10 Feb 1875      A151
Davis, Laveda             Perry, Willard T.    21-Jul-20        X599
Davis, Lawrence L.        Kelly, Lessie L.     24-Sep-13        Q340
Davis, Lee                Roundtree, Annie     25 Dec 1875      A184
Davis, Lee J.             Parks, Georgia I.                     S166
Davis, Lee J.             Ryder, Rubie L.      21 May 1888      D304
Davis, Leona B.           Willis, Paul S.      21-Mar-21        Y520
Davis, Lester Ethin       Tuttle, Minnie Maudin2-Dec-17         U301
Davis, Lone               Thompson, C.L.       8-Sep-21         Z267
Davis, Lorena             King, Burns          2-Apr-21         Y559
Davis, Lottie             Christinos, George                    S199
Davis, Lottie             Walker, A.G.         12-Jun-20        X483
Davis, Lucile             Zimmerman, A.A.                       S609
Davis, Lucy               Johnson, William     1-Nov-19         W565
Davis, Lula               Brosius, C.G.        4-Aug-17         T552
Davis, Lumin Lee          Campbell, Irene C.   1-Mar-18         V013
Davis, Luther A.          Doyle, Grace         18-Feb-22        Z612
Davis, M.                 Liles, Pairlee       14-Aug-20        Y023
Davis, M.                 Vance, Beedie (Beadie19 May 1897      G302
Davis, M.E.               Carr, Christina      20-Jan-09        M110
Davis, M.E.               Gillette, Addie L.   21-Dec-00        H484
Davis, M.G.               Sutphin, Lottie M.   30-Nov-11        O439
Davis, M.J.               Johnson, P.J.        14 Jul 1888      D343
Davis, M.R.               Little, Sarah E.     4-Jan-00         H241
Davis, Mabel              Bing, Charles F.     4-Jun-19         W184
Davis, Mabel M.           Knight, William L.   1-Jan-05         J461
Davis, Mable              Castle, George       26-Dec-21        Z509
Davis, Maggie Lena        Bradford, Loyd F.    15-Sep-13        Q321
Davis, Maggie R.          Cochran, David C.    01 Jan 1891      E275
Davis, Maggie Viola       Dixon, S.A.          6-Apr-12         P183
Davis, Mallie             Mahannah, Durward B. 17 Nov 1891      E424
Davis, Mamie E.           Dunlap, Carey M.                      S269
Davis, Marie              Hamlin, Verne        8-Jun-21         Z032
Davis, Mark H.            Fazel, Helen B.      20-Jun-21        Z058
Davis, Martha             Kunkel, Albert       30-Mar-04        J195
Davis, Martha A.          Unger, M.L.          27 Jul 1885      C284
Davis, Mary               Gott, Elmer Antone   18-Nov-05        K113
Davis, Mary               Hider, Saul                           N358
Davis, Mary               VanHorn, Lanson E.   12 Oct 1893      F224
Davis, Mary C.            Baker, Isham F.      05 Oct 1891      E400
Davis, Mary E.            Cummins, Arthur B.   25-Nov-09        M534
Davis, Mary E.            Rice, Murvel H.      27-Oct-14        R212
Davis, Mattie             Wilbur, William      1-Dec-00         H471
Davis, Mattie D.          Brown, W.L.          27-Nov-02        I411
Davis, Mattie G.          McWilliams, Levi J.  07 Jun 1891      E347
Davis, Maude              Skaggs, R.E.         23-Jul-21        Z147
Davis, Maude G.           Fields, J. Larkin    1-May-18         V127
Davis, May                Whitson, Russell C.  18-May-19        W146
Davis, Melvina            Moore, Eugene L.     28-Nov-07        L220
Davis, Merle M.           Hayes, Jennie        20-Mar-12        P153
Davis, Mildred A.         Meloy, John          23-Apr-21        Y602
Davis, Millie Carolina    Bauerle, Louis W.    7-Jun-11         O180
Davis, Minnie             Nelson, John E.      12-Nov-08        M003
Davis, Minnie             Parnmenter, Henry    15 Sep 1895      F593
Davis, Minnie             Rogers, Carl C.      24-Jan-10        M629
Davis, Minnie A.          Andrews, Edward N.   15 Jan 1888      D199
Davis, Minnie M.          Carmichael, Richard D28-May-04        J245
Davis, Mona Modelle       Graham, Doris D.     14-Jun-20        X489
Davis, Myrtle             Wampler, F.W.        18-May-04        J238
Davis, Myrtle L.          Keplinger, Cecil E.  22-Sep-21        Z295
Davis, Nancy              Bond, Leroy          14-Aug-13        Q276
Davis, Nellie             Kohler, John         17-Dec-07        L239
Davis, Nettie             Robinson, Ervin R.   26 Aug 1894      F390
Davis, Nettie             Robinson, Henry D.   26 Aug 1894      F390
Davis, Nina               Brown, John          12 Jun 1893      F154
Davis, O.C.               Conly, Emma          19-May-19        W150
Davis, O.W.               Newfelt, Bertha      26-Feb-13        Q047
Davis, O.W.               Record, Stella May   25-Jul-04        J303
Davis, Ola                Conner, Clarence     12-Jun-20        X482
Davis, Olive N.           Sheridan, Bert                        S417
Davis, Orland G.          McClung, Gertrude    14-Sep-10        N330
Davis, Ossie              Tye, Frank           10-Oct-12        P452
Davis, P.M.               Haner, Della                          L007
Davis, Pauline            Strickland, L.P.                      S635
Davis, Pinie M.           Demaree, Arthur E.                    S286
Davis, R.D.               Wootress, Emma       24-Feb-12        P121
Davis, R.R.               Parsons, Emma        7-Apr-20         X311
Davis, Ralph              Shepard, Maude       3-Jan-20         X106
Davis, Ralph E.           Hartman, Edith Vivian                 T048
Davis, Raymond Avery      Wolff, Helen Evelyn  4-Jan-22         Z538
Davis, Raymond S.         Sommers, Jule        14-Jun-20        X487
Davis, Robert             Johnson, Fannie      1-Nov-09         M509
Davis, Robert             Wolfe, Estella       18 Jun 1895      F555
Davis, Robert Logan       Elsea, Edna Mae      24-Feb-19        V623
Davis, Roland E.          Butterfield, Lola Rut14-Jun-21        Z045
Davis, Roscoe R.          Gearheart, Eva E.    1-Jun-17         T400
Davis, Rose               Belford, Thomas      6-Apr-12         P182
Davis, Ross               Lyne, Ellen          5-Sep-18         V376
Davis, Ross F.            Womacks, Eva Ruth    17-Nov-19        W615
Davis, Roy                Delong, Olive                         S350
Davis, Roy                Price, Mabel         12-Sep-17        T625
Davis, Ruth               Jones, Otis T.       30-Apr-01        H571
Davis, Ruth               Miller, Harold C.    16-Sep-17        T627
Davis, Ruth E.            O'Neill, Andrew Micha22-Apr-09        M227
Davis, Ruth Essie         Pitts, O.B.          21-Feb-00        H275
Davis, S.M.               Devin, Katie A.      30 Nov 1888      D443
Davis, S.M. (Mrs.)        Kyle, Patrick G.     14-Jul-19        W284
Davis, Sadie              Dawson, Lincoln E.   15 Apr 1888      D271
Davis, Samuel E.          Moore, Ora Ula       2-Sep-09         M404
Davis, Samuel L.          Kirkpatrick, Eliza A.13 Jul 1881      B171
Davis, Sarah              Appleby, Grant E.    29 Oct 1885      C326
Davis, Sarah              Marasch, W.F.        09 Oct 1886      C512
Davis, Sarah              Penwell, Joe         26-Feb-13        Q046
Davis, Sarah F.           Hadley, George H.    18 Sep 1888      D390
Davis, Sidney C.          Light, Rachel        24 Sep 1888      D394
Davis, Simeon B.          Randolph, Delilah Jan25 Dec 1871      A024
Davis, Stacy A.           Clarke, S.D.         7-Jul-17         T494
Davis, Stella             Acree, S.D.          01 Aug 1888      D351
Davis, Stella W.          Cox, Theron T.       26-Feb-03        I483
Davis, Susan              Wygal, R.T.          05 Aug 1886      C476
Davis, T.B.               Schreiner, Frances                    S478
Davis, T.W.               Keut, Luella         18-Sep-13        Q333
Davis, Theodore B.        Murray, Ethel May    5-Oct-03         J045
Davis, Thomas             Elsea, Nora Ethel    4-Oct-05         K060
Davis, Thomas             Weeks, Rosa          16-Nov-05        K111
Davis, Thomas Henry       Smith, Bessie Pearl  4-Jan-03         J134
Davis, Toney              Griffith, Grace                       S469
Davis, V.E.               Thompson, Mary G.    10-Oct-00        H429
Davis, Velma F.           Hatch, James H. Jr.  10-Apr-20        X321
Davis, Vera Lorane        LaRosa, Jacque       21-Feb-15        R365
Davis, Veroka Lorraine    McAlister, W.W.      30-May-12        P245
Davis, Violet             Burton, J.P.         23-Oct-12        P477
Davis, Virgil             Northcutt, Nelle     23-Jun-09        M306
Davis, W. Willis          Edmondson, A. Cora   06 Jul 1883      B395
Davis, W.E.               Evans, Jessie        11-Apr-00        H302
Davis, W.E.               Sweney, Mary C.      20 Mar 1889      D509
Davis, W.F.               Small, Lena                           T087
Davis, W.G.               Shaup, Anna          17-Sep-02        I351
Davis, W.G.               Tayor, Leona         17-Sep-13        Q327
Davis, W.H.               Salmons, Rachael Emma                 R576
Davis, W.H. (Rev.)        Glaser, Sophia       06 Oct 1887      D123
Davis, W.J.               Jenkins, Allie       30-Aug-21        Z246
Davis, W.L.               Stebbins, Lillie May 29-Sep-04        J362
Davis, W.M.               Mueller, Lena S.     28-Mar-00        H295
Davis, W.R.               Snyder, Addie Ann    11-Jul-00        H358
Davis, Walter             Henry, Ruth          19-Jun-20        X514
Davis, Walter             Lee, Cora            14-Sep-07        L121
Davis, Walter E.          Murray, Mabel F.     12-Mar-22        Z649
Davis, Wilburn            Downey, Ada F.       19 Sep 1894      F402
Davis, William            Bowman, Ruth         20-Oct-20        Y213
Davis, William            Kipper, Cordelia H.  26 Jan 1889      D483
Davis, William E.         Davis, Elsie M.      10-Sep-13        Q315
Davis, William H.         Owens, May           07 Mar 1898      G475
Davis, William K.         Leffingwell, Matilda 17 Jun 1873      A077
Davis, William W.         Hargis, Pearl        26-Apr-05        J554
Davis, William Wesley     Basler, Cozy                          T047
Davis, Williar(an)        Hutchinson, Dell     1-Aug-08         L502
Davis, Wilma              Braden, Gail S.      6-Nov-21         Z403
Davis, Winifred           Noble, Arthur T.     24-Apr-12        P202
Davis, Winifred E.        Spalding, M.H.       16-Mar-20        X257
Davis, Z.                 Overton, Blanche     22-Jan-14        Q513
Davis, Zetta              Chapman, Clarence G. 31 Oct 1894      F428
Davison(sson), Julia      Mallory, A.M.        25-Dec-03        J125
Davison, Augusta Bertha   Edwards, Howard      25-Nov-12        P525
Davison, Clarence Edgar   Sims, Georgiana(nna) 26-Jul-08        L493
Davison, Donald E.        Mitchell, Fern       17-Jan-21        Y416
Davison, Eva              Lubrich, Charles A.  20-Mar-11        O058
Davison, Hazel            Simmons, Ed          3-Jul-12         P322
Davison, Hugh W.          Davies, Ethel L.     14-Nov-07        L199
Davison, Joseph Lionel    Dusing, Mabel May    3-Jul-18         V260
Davison, Lulu E.          Eilert, Henry E.     07 Oct 1889      D625
Davison, Maggie           Gragg, George        29-Aug-13        Q295
Davison, Marie            Kilmer, Oscar        26-Apr-11        O118
Davison, Roley            Drumand, May         19-May-10        N146
Davison, Ross             Donahue, Anna        28-Sep-11        O346
Davisson, Flossie         Coberly, Frank H.                     R463
Davott, Mary C.           Mahany, Henry W.     22-Mar-00        H294
Davy, A.D.                Curts, S.C.          30 Sep 1888      D398
Davy, Lev.                Skaggs, Anna         27-Apr-02        I230
Dawling, Hazel L.         Stom, Oscar          10-Apr-20        X316
Dawson(sen),Florence A.   Harnish, I.N.        11 Feb 1897      G253
Dawson, Agnes             Saunders, Edmond A.  26 Oct 1884      C151
Dawson, B.M.              Fennell, Ada         14-Oct-03        J052
Dawson, Ben               Beatty, Helen        22-Sep-17        U005
Dawson, Bernard B.        Jacobs, Mary (Mrs.)  20 Mar 1892      E519
Dawson, Beulah M.         Wilson, Clarence H.  6-Sep-08         L553
Dawson, C.A.              Yetter, Clara Viola                   S495
Dawson, Eva G.            Fell, Allen B.                        R582
Dawson, Frank             Ford, Dora           19-Aug-12        P374
Dawson, Fred K.           Thomas, Lillie A.                     J299
Dawson, Gertrude          Farrington, Charles R.                Y141
Dawson, Harry A.          Haslem, Lucy O.      20-Jun-17        T403
Dawson, Harry G.          Lesher, Jennie E.    14 Aug 1889      D588
Dawson, Isaac             Rhoden, Flora        26-Mar-19        W039
Dawson, J.L.              Clark, L.E.          17 Nov 1884      C161
Dawson, Jesse L.          Jones, Eva                            S222
Dawson, John S.           Overstreet, Litha A. 11 Sep 1892      E609
Dawson, Katie Katherine   Roberson, Orville Lee17-Mar-06        K227
Dawson, L.E.              Derry, O.P.          31 Mar 1886      C417
Dawson, Lincoln E.        Davis, Sadie         15 Apr 1888      D271
Dawson, Louisa E.         Collins, H.C.        28 Aug 1879      A440
Dawson, Lucile            Metz, Herbert L.     1-Nov-21         Z398
Dawson, Lucinda Leora     Traver, Simion       23 Apr 1888      D278
Dawson, Margaret Jane     Morgan, Charles Wilso3-Dec-07         L223
Dawson, Margaret M.       Goss, Clarence O.    4-Apr-04         J202
Dawson, Margarette        Whitaker, William O. 1-Jul-18         V256
Dawson, Mary Josephine BelTurnock, James       07 Jun 1893      F151
Dawson, Mattie            Stout, William S.    14 Feb 1887      C586
Dawson, Milty             Oakley, Ida          4-Apr-11         O078
Dawson, Pearl             Harris, Fred         11-Sep-04        J342
Dawson, Robert E.         Leach, Tillie C.     18-Sep-07        L125
Dawson, S.E.              Richmond, F.         17 Jun 1888      D321
Dawson, W.E.              Lyman, Ethel                          T258
Day, Alfred               Switzer, Garnete     21-Jun-19        W231
Day, Bertha               Shields, John        25 Sep 1899      H165
Day, Blanche              Catlin, Roy          2-May-09         M241
Day, Blanche Cora         Norris, E. Roland    11-Sep-12        P406
Day, Claud                Harvey, Daisy        19-Jul-19        W299
Day, Deming T.            Bone, Edna W.        23-Jun-09        M313
Day, Dora A.              Young, William H.    23 Dec 1888      D458
Day, Edgar                Woodman, Laura (Mrs.)10-Jun-12        P271
Day, Ella                 Huston, I.L.         26 Jun 1888      D328
Day, Elsie                LeGrand, John H.                      S248
Day, Emma R.              McCullough, Charles G6-Dec-11         P008
Day, Floyd E.             Dykeman, Eunice      1-Oct-14         R171
Day, Foster H.            Reed, Leota          3-Oct-06         K393
Day, Francis Mary         Ross, Charles A.                      S063
Day, George W.            Cattenburg, Lavone   3-Mar-19         V640
Day, H.C.                 Hilton, Alice        20 Dec 1879      B017
Day, Ida                  O'Keefe, Francis     20-May-07        K631
Day, J.W.                 Parker, Edna         10-Aug-20        Y015
Day, James E.             Robinson, Lela A.    21 Jun 1899      H111
Day, Jennie Gertrude      Purdy, Willis Howard 30-Aug-06        K358
Day, John W.              Pope, Sophia D.      17 Apr 1880      B061
Day, Josephine B.         Theakston, N.S.      1-May-01         H576
Day, Laura Greeley        Jones, Isaac         27-Dec-11        P043
Day, Lola                 Drennon, R.E.        18-Nov-21        Z426
Day, Lola B.              Day, Warren A.                        Z421
Day, Martha Evalynn       Hunt, George H.      18-Jul-06        K328
Day, Mary E.              Ramlow, Hugo C.      24 Apr 1873      A070
Day, Robert N.            Whitcomb, Ruth       25-Dec-13        Q475
Day, Ruby                 Fry, J.W.                             T288
Day, Samuel Vincent       Henry, Mary Margaret 20-Jun-10        N195
Day, Warren A.            Day, Lola B.                          Z421
Daykin, Charles A.        Callahan, Daisy                       S280
Daykin, O.T.              Rambo, Effie M.      21-Nov-11        O424
Daymude, Clarence D.      Wright, Eva          20-Jul-12        P356
Dayo, Charles             Hilbert, Raddie      23-Jul-00        H364
Dayton, Mattie            Emerson, Clarence    16-Aug-21        Z213
Dazey, Agnes              McGown, H.T.         20-Dec-11        P024
De Galleford, Bird        Seely, Frank         12-Jan-04        J140
De Haven, Beatrice        Clapp, Alva          09 Sep 1896      G143
de La Cruz, Jose          Ortega, Josefa       25-Nov-10        N467
De La Mater, Irving N.    Spencer, Ione Cleora 6-Nov-07         L191
De Long, Alice            Leonard, John        04 Jul 1895      F565
De Long, Melvy S.         McKim, Olive         25 Apr 1895      F528
De Mott, Fred             Metz, Anna           29-Apr-09        M239
de Mundvello, Rudolph H.  Wilber, Lillian A.   25 Jun 1892      E569
De Ogney, P.A.            Mathers, Pearl       1-Nov-02         I393
De Roche, William L.      Winderlin, Julia     1-Jan-08         L266
De Talente, Lillie        Neal, Edward L.      15 Dec 1892      F033
De Ved, Evalyne           Wygal, R.T.          15-Jan-00        H244
De Vol, Daphne            Moyer, Win L.        19-Nov-08        M014
De Vol, Ellen             Daniels, B.W.        12-Apr-04        J205
Deal, Alpha W.            Gill, A.W.           24-Jun-17        T465
Deal, Caroline            Phelps, Curtis       23 Sep 1873      A086
Deal, Claude Eugene       Yarbrough, Lydian    7-Jan-19         V559
Deal, Dorothy             Brown, Alfred        12-Sep-21        Z273
Deal, Frank E.            Coombes, Aleathia A.                  S437
Deal, Laura E.            Bartholomew, Philip M18 Jan 1892      E480
Deal, Mary                Elliott, Fred        12-Jun-18        V211
Deal, Mary Alice          Tammler, Ross Anderso26-Dec-18        V539
DeAlva, Josephine         Leon, Roberto        17-Apr-20        X338
Deam, Ella E.             Stewart, H.W.        15 Dec 1885      C358
Deam, Frank M.            English, Maude       02 Jan 1895      F470
Deam, Madeline            Ingels, R.T.         15-Sep-20        Y106
Deam, Mary Orlow          Dedrick, William Miln20-Oct-04        J384
Deam, Paul                Rosencutter, Elsie Ca21-Dec-09        M549
Deam, Rose E.             Holliday, J. Robert  13 Jan 1885      C195
Deam, Warren G.           Williams, Helen M.   16 Oct 1887      D134
Deamon, Stella            Doss, Nolan          2-Nov-10         N427
Dean, Anna                Dwyer, William       29-Jan-13        Q012
Dean, C.L.                Solter, Mary (Marie) 12 Aug 1886      C481
Dean, C.L.                Wire, Katie          19 Nov 1899      H211
Dean, Della Mae           McCoy, Orlando J.    28-Jul-18        V294
Dean, Earl                Lane, Nannie         10-Apr-07        K599
Dean, Edith               Wygal, M.M.          24-Dec-19        X076
Dean, Effa                Maxwell, George A.   26 Nov 1888      D438
Dean, Elizabeth           Fickett, Edward M.   01 Jul 1892      E574
Dean, Ella                Sadler, John A.      6-Jun-04         J251
Dean, Ethel               Marsh, E.F.          3-Nov-18         V470
Dean, Ethel M.            Crumbliss, Dick      16-Aug-19        W363
Dean, Eugene E.           Brown, Cora O.       2-Jul-05         J617
Dean, F.W.                Parker, Grace        22-May-22        Z782
Dean, George B.           Ross, Jennette       28 Mar 1880      B056
Dean, Gerold              Adams, Fern          4-Mar-19         W007
Dean, Glenn Layne         Culver, Elda Leoti   17-Jul-17        T510
Dean, Grace Marie         Hatfield, Kenneth E. 8-Jun-18         V199
Dean, Guy                 Clow, Ada May        17-Sep-10        N337
Dean, Harper P.           Calkins, Hattie L.   3-Jun-20         X449
Dean, Harriet Ivins       Stevens, Victor H.   28-Sep-18        V416
Dean, Hattie              Peabody, Clarence A. 15 Dec 1897      G422
Dean, James R.            Marshall, Phebe W.   30 Nov 1893      F260
Dean, Jean A.             Briggs, Percy        16-Sep-14        R151
Dean, Jennie L.           Carlton, Glenn       13-Mar-15        R386
Dean, Jennie Lavina       Breaker, Wallace A.  22-Feb-19        V628
Dean, John L.             Price, Cora          11-Oct-09        M467
Dean, Lillian M.          Brown, Lloyd D.      31 Aug 1884      C127
Dean, Lizzie              Bowman, S. Dallas    07 Apr 1890      E114
Dean, Malissa             Skinner, Frank       06 Mar 1888      D242
Dean, Mary                Ohl, Conrad          10 Nov 1887      D149
Dean, Mary A.             Lindgren, J.G.       10-Apr-12        P191
Dean, Mary Anna           Mills, Grossie       24-Oct-18        V454
Dean, Mollie              Hardwick, Fred D.    6-Dec-09         M552
Dean, Myron A.            Sargent, Kate G.     20-Jun-00        H346
Dean, Ninah               Haifley, S.M.        28 Jan 1895      F483
Dean, Noble               Burnside, Hazel      6-Aug-18         V306
Dean, Orval               Cress, Ethel         5-Dec-19         X010
Dean, Rosa                McGlasson, John A.   2-Sep-19         W404
Dean, Samantha            Moore, L.Q.          27 Jan 1879      A393
Dean, Vern R.             Gorvin, H.W.         6-Jun-11         O175
Dean, William             Reida, Elsie         4-Aug-17         T555
Dean, William E.          Boner, Jennie M.     03 Aug 1873      A080
Deane,                    Ragan,                                A386
Deane, Frances A.         Bort, John F.        1-Oct-00         H415
deAngelo, Antonio         Pulese, Rosa (Mrs.)  03 Jan 1891      E279
Deardoff, Samuel E.       Hill, Maude M.       8-Jun-02         I265
Deardorff, John F.        Howard, Laura        18 Feb 1890      E081
Deardorff, Lenora E.      Hartman, Ernest S.                    G248
Deardorff, William H.     Chapman, Bernice     16-Oct-09        M472
Dearing, Clara J.         McMillan, John L.    19-Jul-20        X595
Dearing, Mary E.          Brennan, Matthew     15-Sep-02        I348
Dearing, Thomas           Minard, Kate         24-Dec-17        U402
Dearing, William S.       Riggs, Mary O.       24 Feb 1884      C045
DeArmond, Pearl           Meikle, Alfred       18-May-18        V158
DeArmond, Roy             Cheney, Fay                           T239
Dearmond, Z.G.            Holstine, Julia V.   10-Oct-17        U071
Dearsmith, William Alfred Baldwin, Ada Hazel   8-Jan-08         L273
DeArterburn, Nellie       Finley, Oscar Lloyd  1-Oct-09         M458
Dearth, Arthur            Emrick, Elizabeth    21-May-14        R001
Dearth, Lottie            Lindley, Thomas      23-May-12        P241
Deatherage, J.L.          Brown, Blanche       4-Sep-12         P397
Deatherage, James L.      Kinsey, Cora B.      13-Jun-11        O194
Deatherage, Martha        Burns, C.I.          11-Sep-09        M418
Deaton, Dorothy           McCoy, C.H.          27-Dec-19        X085
Deaton, Ethel             Hanes, Joe L.        24-Sep-18        V407
Deaton, Lee               Hornkey, Alfreda     8-Mar-19         W014
Deaver, Pearl             Nichols, Ernest      14-Dec-07        L237
Deban, Eliz. Junia        Brown, M.P.          17-Feb-09        M144
DeBaun, J.D.              Boswell, Bonnie      5-Mar-20         X235
DeBaun, Lonie             Webster, Barzil      19-May-18        V159
DeBaun, Lovie             Webster, Luther      2-Jun-17         T408
Debbrecht, Anna           Stepanek, Aloys(ouis)27-Jun-11        O178
Debbrecht, Henry C.       Mueller, Maggie      27 Apr 1897      G288
Debbrecht, Joseph H.      Geile, Ida M.        21-Jun-04        J266
Debbrecht, Kate           Gittrich, Albert     15 Apr 1896      G079
Debbs, P.E.               White, C.J.                           S202
DeBerk, Bernadine         Wood, Elmer          2-Dec-19         X013
DeBoise, Mary             Rogers, Albert                        T211
DeBord, May J.            Laing, Charles M.    1-Oct-01         I060
DeBord, Thomas Jefferson  Woodring, Letta Pearl12-Dec-18        V511
Debowski, Lige            Poniatowski, Wanda   15-Mar-22        Z657
Debrecht, Frank           Wegerer, Mary        23 Feb 1897      G257
Debrot, Harry H.          Adams, Ollie         12-Aug-08        L514
DeBruce, Alvin            Bellew, Althea E.    14-Sep-14        R145
DeBruce, Jennie           Layne, Henry         6-Oct-01         I068
Debruler, Mary Ethel      Herzig, Frank J.     26-Sep-03        J030
DeBusk, William           Howard, Maude        9-Sep-18         V385
Debusmann, Della          Black, William W.    2-Aug-06         K343
Debusmann, Frank Edwin    Hummelke, Meta Belle 7-Nov-20         Y249
Debusmann, William        Warfield, Della      30 Jan 1892      E487
DeCamp, Marshall J.       Nearhood, Cassie E.                   D062
DeCamp, Marshall J.       Nearhood, Cassie E.  18 Jul 1887      D061
DeCarr, Charles A.        Emmerson, Mary E. (Mr22 Apr 1891      E331
Decastor, Emma            Hanshaw, Emery B.    22 Mar 1892      E520
Decatur, Eva C.           Alexander, J. Everett3-Oct-06         K397
Decatur, Olive W.         Campbell, Robert B.  12-Nov-02        I401
Decius, Lillie            Thomas, Henry B.     08 Oct 1876      A227
Deck, Alford M.           Triboulet, Georgia M.17-Jun-19        W218
Deck, Elsie I.            Gable, Herbert S.    5-Jul-02         I291
Deck, Errett              Prough, Mabel        7-Dec-08         M037
Deck, J.F.                Spore, Tressa        2-Jun-17         T411
Deck, Mary                Bechtel, Elzie       15-Jan-10        M620
Deckard, Bertha F.        Gale, Rollo N.       3-Nov-11         O397
Decker, Anna              Bergen, G.H.         02 Feb 1888      D215
Decker, Eliza A.          Lane, John W.        19 Sep 1875      A167
Decker, Ella              Teague, J.F.                          S529
Decker, Ezra              VanBuren, Maud E.    21 Dec 1893      F272
Decker, Frank             Sutherland, Minnie   20 Mar 1889      D510
Decker, Frank M.          Lane, Esther A. (M.) 26 Sep 1875      A169
Decker, Ira S.            Rainey, Esther E.    21 Mar 1872      A033
Decker, J.E.              Edwards, Lena        20-Jul-13        Q248
Decker, Lincolin M.       Jester, Minnie       25 Feb 1883      B351
Decker, M.L.              Richardson, Gladys   11-Oct-19        W518
Decker, Mary E.           Reser, Ernest F.     19-May-18        V155
Decker, May J.            Walker, James H.     04 Oct 1870      A003
Decker, Nina              Smith, Dave                           S214
Decker, R.J.              Lane, Catharine E.   15 Nov 1872      A049
Decker, Susan             Goodrick, William    17 Jul 1886      C469
Decker, Susie Marie       Woodring, Harold Edwa11-Aug-21        Z202
Decker, W.E.              Frizzelle, Bessie    18-May-13        Q145
Deckert, Joseph           Koenig, Barbara(am)  12 Jun 1894      F357
Decoursey, Anna           Cook, Charles B.     16-Sep-08        L563
DeCoursey, Matilda        Nottingham, Hiram    14-May-20        X403
DeCuna, Eliseo            Espinoza, Sara       6-Nov-17         U171
Dedman, Clara M.          Grimes, James A.     22-Sep-09        M443
Dedman, Earl              Casstevens, Fannie C.19-Feb-18        U571
Dedman, Hattie Irene      Bock, Harold E.      9-Oct-18         V436
Dedrick, Doris            Shaw, Harry V.       21-Nov-20        Y276
Dedrick, Harry T.         Hinz, Catherine A.   4-Mar-14         Q552
Dedrick, John T.          Murphy, Nellie       4-Jun-02         I263
Dedrick, Laura Anna       Webb, Leonidas John  20-Oct-04        J384
Dedrick, Lou              Marshall, W.S.       23-Dec-03        J122
Dedrick, Mary             Buzzi, A.S.          7-Feb-07         K539
Dedrick, William Milner   Deam, Mary Orlow     20-Oct-04        J384
Deeds, Adrian             Westfall, Goldie     2-May-22         Z744
Deeds, Flossie G.         Burress, Charles W.  20-Feb-06        K205
Deel, Minnie              Porter, John L.      28 Jan 1892      E486
Deem, H.J. (Mrs.)         Holly, J.R.          7-Aug-02         I316
Deem, James E.            Estes, Sarah A.      25 Nov 1876      A237
Deem, Jessie              Hammond, W.H.        18 Feb 1896      G048
Deem, Sadie J.            McMahan, John A.     03 Aug 1890      E178
Deen, Iva F.              Roberts, Tillman L.  30-Jul-21        Z166
Deere, Eunice Louise      Dary, Gilbert Lee    8-Mar-20         X241
Deering, Lewis G.         Tannehill, Emily     19 Oct 1887      D136
Deering, Nancy C.         Quick, John          17-Oct-01        I080
Deerling, Ollie           Guthridge, J.G.      22-Nov-11        O417
Dees, Carl L.             Marsh, Maude E.      11-Oct-09        M468
Deets, Ella               White, Benjamin(ne) S13 Aug 1893      F180
Deewall, Ruth Anna        Shepherd, Earl       1-May-21         Y615
Defenbach, Horace H.      Walker, Maud         21-Apr-14        Q600
DeFever, Edward P.        Atkinson, Sarah E.   20-Jun-05        J605
Deffebach, Charles        Foltz, Lenora        30-Oct-00        H448
Deffenbaugh, B.F.         McVicar, Mary        26 Apr 1887      C635
Deffenbaugh, Laura        Patterson, George W. 20 Aug 1890      E183
Deffenbaugh, Miles W.     Long, Mary Lida      31-Jul-05        K005
Deffenbaugh, Morris       Vesey, Ida F.        10 Oct 1887      D127
Deffenbaugh, Myron        Cross, Mildred       3-Apr-22         Z688
Deffenbaugh, William      Thinsin, Agnes       17 Feb 1897      G257
Deffenbaugh, William      Thomson, Agnes       17 Feb 1897      G257
Deffibaugh, Otis M.       Hickson, Mabel       8-May-11         O140
DeFields, Daniel          Curry, Elizabeth     20 Sep 1884      C138
DeFoy, Mary T.            Farral, H.E.         31 Oct 1885      C330
DeFrance, George M.       Whitmoyer, Minnie    9-Feb-11         O010
DeFrance, Martin J.       Lyles, Ida May       27-Jan-12        P081
DeFrates, Flossie         Preston, Charley     19-Apr-20        X342
DeFrates, J.L.            Jermain, Flossie L.                   S489
DeGarmo, George B.        Taylor, Orpha        26-Apr-22        Z729
DeGeer, Edgar E.          Cook, Winnie         27-May-18        V170
DeGeer, Mabel             Wells, Samuel G.     4-Oct-05         K057
DeGrofft, Alta            Brown, L.R.          2-Jul-21         Z109
DeHaan, Abel              Quyle, Cora          7-Apr-19         W059
DeHaven, Addie Elizabeth  Shirk, Ralph Q.      2-Jun-17         T411
DeHaven, C.A.             Scates, Mamie        8-May-20         X390
DeHaven, Howard           Harrop, Gladys       17-Sep-19        W442
Dehner, Gladys            Ketzler, Harold E.   18-Jun-19        W223
Dehuer, Albert            Smith, Bessie        10-Jan-20        X126
Deibert, Jewell           Hagaman, Darrel P.   20-May-22        Z777
Deichman, Bertha Mae      Fouts, William L.    25-Jun-19        W244
Deichman, Onus Pearl      Thomas, Glen Herbert 3-Jun-19         W179
Deichmann, Alfred         Drukker, Esther      19 Feb 1890      E080
Deidrick, R.J.            Smith, Mable         23 Aug 1898      G560
Deierling, Frank B.       Rhude, Lena M.       25-Dec-10        N519
Deifenbach, Anna          Turly, V.            17 Aug 1898      G554
Deifenbaugh, Anna         Turly, V.            17 Aug 1898      G554
Deihl, Adda J.            Baker, Thomas N.     15 Dec 1881      B218
Deihl, C.E.               Bash, Laura (Mrs.)   21 Sep 1898      G570
Deimer, Mary A.           Scott, Frank E.      21 Feb 1887      C591
Deisher, Charles          Bailey, Emma         07 Apr 1898      G487
Deiter, G. Thomas         Davis, Golda Kathleen                 S197
Deitrick, Anna            Stevens, Phillipp G. 20 Nov 1884      C165
Deitter, Elijah           Brown, Ida           6-May-14         Q618
Deitz, William            McBride, Edith       22-Feb-20        X201
DeLair, Gertie            Wilson, George M.    03 Oct 1887      D119
DeLair, Maude M.          Huff, B.F.           19 Sep 1883      B412
DeLair, Myrtle            Newby, Jerome V.     1-Jun-18         U564
DeLaMater, Frank R.       Husey, Fern Regina   4-May-10         N126
Delaney, Stella           Ballinger, Albert    31-Mar-08        L353
Delano, Alva M.           Richardson, Bonnie T.24-Feb-18        U583
DeLano, Elsie             Seager, W.H.         1-Jan-18         U436
Delano, Elva              Nestelroad, F.D.                      T023
Delano, Harvey            Murdock, Marcia                       R589
Delano, Mary E.           Williams, Charles H. 21 Jun 1896      G109
Delano, Matthew           Stewart, Cecil       7-Apr-13         Q095
Delaplain, E.C.           Boles, Atha          24 Mar 1896      G072
Delay, Mary               Atkins, Charles J.   6-Aug-12         P347
DeLazier, William H.      Hannon, Pearl        20-Jun-18        V237
Delbridge, Mary E.        Weist, Hezekiah      23 Dec 1888      D458
Delf, Florence M.         Miller, Tasso W.     6-Jul-08         L475
Delgadillo, Senon         Delgado, Manuela     25-Apr-18        V111
Delgado, Manuela          Delgadillo, Senon    25-Apr-18        V111
Delgado, Rosario          Sepulveda, Maria     30-Oct-20        Y231
Delhotal, Charles Earle   Swisher, Katherine Marie              T286
DeLisle, H.L.             Emmett, Nora M.      1-Feb-05         J486
Delivuk, Charley          Lasota, Amalia       23-Feb-09        M152
Dellinger, Betty          Allen, P.H.                           S530
Dellinger, Flora          Harper, Robert       11-Sep-19        W433
Dellinger, William        Phillips, Rodie B.   11 Jan 1895      F477
DeLloyd, F. Jules         Gray, Martha         2-Aug-19         W330
DeLoney, Mary Ella        Moore, T.C.          19-Feb-20        X210
Delong, Aley              Michael, Lena        22 Dec 1891      E446
DeLong, Claud             Wren, Lula           31 Jul 1898      G546
DeLong, Edward Ewing      Maixner, Lucy Minnie 12-Aug-08        L512
DeLong, Eleanor           Hoover, Samuel H.    17 Mar 1887      C609
DeLong, Eugene C.         Peterson, Ella G.    21-Dec-10        N509
DeLong, Eugene C.         Shaw, Bertha         25-Sep-01        I054
DeLong, Frank L.          Grubb, Pearl         19 Apr 1899      H069
DeLong, Hulda             Grant, Joseph H.     24-Sep-19        W470
DeLong, James C.          Conroy, Mary Elizabet21-Sep-09        M438
DeLong, James C.          Mason, Mary M.       16-Dec-03        J112
DeLong, Mary Rose         Osmon, Philip        2-Jun-09         M277
Delong, Olive             Davis, Roy                            S350
Deloy, Earle R.           Griffith, Leah       1-Jun-13         Q171
Delp, Arnel R.            Gibson, Nellie L.    18-Dec-19        X045
Delp, Florence E.         Stout, Clem E.       24-Sep-20        Y137
Delp, L.                  Webb, E.E.           11-Oct-10        N388
Delukery, Mary A.         Croll, Frank         16 Feb 1876      A193
DeLung, Lenora            Drew, W.R.           18-Feb-14        Q540
Delver, George C.         Baker, Grace         27-Aug-19        W388
Delzado, Trinidad         Radriges, Secleriana 1-Feb-18         U523
Delzell, Clara            Armstrong, William H.3-May-03         I544
Demairais, N.             Ritter, Gusta J.     12 Oct 1886      C514
DeMannet, Adie M.         Orth, Jacob          08 May 1884      C077
DeMarais, Charles         Story, M.L.          21 Aug 1888      D365
DeMarais, Ida             Romig, A.F.          16 May 1888      D301
Demaree, Arthur E.        Davis, Pinie M.                       S286
Demaree, Earl G.          Farrow, Geraldine    13-Apr-18        V090
Demaris, Lizzie (Mrs.)    Pool, Richard        7-Jun-00         H334
Demer, J.D.               Challmers, Ida       03 Aug 1899      H132
Demer, James              Eslinger, Cleom      24-Jun-18        V243
Demer, Pearl              Martin, Willie B.    8-Oct-21         Z336
Demieville, Arthur        Roper, Pearl         26-Jun-20        X535
Deming, Addie M.          Perry, Vernon B.     4-Oct-02         I368
Deming, Charley W.        Wilhite, Isis F.     24-Nov-09        M531
Deming, Elizabeth         Palmer, Ray F.       28-Oct-13        Q398
Deming, Flossie           Forward, George      19-Dec-06        K485
Deming, Kate              Wimp, J.A.           7-Aug-11         O273
Deming, Leslie            Royal, Irene         25-Jan-13        Q007
Deming, Lizzie            Partridge, Edwin     29 Sep 1897      G369
Deming, Loren S.          Price, Lois E.       2-Oct-19         W490
Deming, Mabel             Harrison, J.W.       24 Feb 1898      G468
Deming, Mary              Bitting, Charles W.  10 Aug 1880      B082
Demming, Winifred Lela    Caffrey, Harmon W.   24-Feb-04        J170
Demorest, Ernest L.       Neville, Alma        1-Feb-10         N003
Demoret, Lila May         Dunn, Benjamin Frankl5-Mar-14         Q555
DeMoss, Charles O.        Runkle, Kathryn Frances               R579
DeMoss, Clarence H.       Weeks, Neva V.       4-Apr-20         X305
Demoss, Heniretta         Holmes, George F.    15-Nov-05        K109
DeMoss, James W.          Peoples, Evelyn F.   25-Dec-00        H489
Demott, J.F.              McCart, Jennie       10 Nov 1895      F622
DeMott, Luella            Graves, J. LeRoy     11-Nov-19        W594
DeMott, Ruth              Hyatt, Harry         9-Sep-20         Y093
DeMoure, B. Harrison      Brown, Cloe A.       4-Apr-20         X301
Dempsey, Albert P.        Barnes, Effie        6-Oct-09         M462
Dempsey, Charles W.       Moore, Mattie        09 Nov 1884      C157
Dempsey, Julia B.         Randall, Levi C.     29 Mar 1891      E316
Dempsey, Luella           Baird, Arthur L.     27 Sep 1891      E392
Denbler, Edward G.        Frooman, Jennie I.   22 Jun 1887      D040
Dene, Zelma Grace         Reeves, Claude Virgil18-Aug-21        Z218
Deneau, Minnie C.         Babour, James L.     30-Sep-04        J364
Denem, Bessie             Robinson, Thomas Ashl18-Jan-11        N560
Denem, Ida                Clapham, Leonard     30-Dec-10        N534
Denem, James Marion       Willford, Millie J.                   Q265
Denen, Ida                Fisher, Victor       4-Aug-12         P351
Denhollen, Arthur W.      Eberhardt, Elizabeth 10-Nov-17        U188
Denhollen, S.L.           Anderson, Audrey Elod25-Jun-13        Q218
Denise, Larimore C.       Evans, Bernice       28-Oct-02        I387
Denman, Dick Homer        Moody, Grace Evelyn  19-Jun-12        P291
Denman, Elijah            Roth, Mary           01 Feb 1896      G042
Denmon, Charlie           Vance, Oleta         11-Aug-21        Z203
Denn, Catherine           Barnes, William S.   26-Aug-05        K023
Denn, Florence (Mrs.)     Heiserman, H.D.      06 Mar 1898      G474
Denn, Lottie              Miller, Henry T.     12-May-04        J233
Denn, Nettie              Arnold, G.C.         07 Jan 1889      D472
Denneby, Eugene J.        Knott, Viola         26-Oct-10        N408
Dennen, Lizzie M.         Donnely, Douglas V.  16 Jun 1881      B166
Dennett, Blanch           White, Howard        26-Jun-17        T471
Dennett, Blanch Alice     Alley, John Frank    24-Sep-18        V409
Dennett, C.W.             Morgan, Cora         1-Jul-20         X552
Dennett, Cecil            Gillenwater, Ralph   22-Jun-21        Z071
Dennett, Charles          Dirlam, Alice        8-Jan-02         I154
Dennett, Charles          Hall, Emma           01 Nov 1899      H201
Dennett, Clara            Kirkpatrick, A.      1-Mar-05         J509
Dennett, Clarence M.      Foulk, Sarah M.                       R446
Dennett, Della E.         Roads, Benjamin J.   6-Apr-04         J206
Dennett, Dollie           Forbes, C.D.         20-Feb-01        H526
Dennett, E.F.             Alley, Alice         31-Jan-10        M638
Dennett, Ethel            Bales, Fred Joseph   10-Apr-22        Z698
Dennett, Frances          Hughes, L.R.         23-Nov-21        Z443
Dennett, Frank E.         Lynn, Alice C.       22-Jul-08        L489
Dennett, Frank E.         Wilson, Evaline      23-Feb-03        I489
Dennett, James A.         Holcomb, Viola F.                     R471
Dennett, Jess W.          Strode, Lillie M.    11-Dec-01        I121
Dennett, John R.          Yeager, Mary N.      02 Mar 1891      E307
Dennett, John W.          Dirlan, Pearl        12-Dec-00        H474
Dennett, Lee Emel         Johnson, Vera May    12-Jun-20        X480
Dennett, Lelie            Hall, Edward         29 Jan 1894      F306
Dennett, Lloyd            Williamson, Avice    15-May-18        V145
Dennett, Lulu             Goodacre, Alvia      8-Sep-09         M414
Dennett, Mary             Tontz, Dan                            S273
Dennett, Melissa          Dagel, William P.    09 Feb 1892      E493
Dennett, Nancy L.         Robinson, John C.    3-Jul-05         J620
Dennett, Newton           Taylor, Hazel        5-Sep-12         P399
Dennett, Robert A.        Corn, Ida Willameta  23-Dec-03        J121
Dennett, Rosa Belle       Pray, William Austin 16-Jan-18        U483
Dennett, Roy              Cobb, Florence       8-Sep-09         M413
Dennett, Ruth             Black, A.T.          9-Apr-21         Y570
Dennett, Samuel R.        Servance, Febary Ann 08 Mar 1892      E511
Dennett, Stephen          Hohn, Tracie         02 Mar 1896      G058
Dennett, Susie            Clinger, Raymond A.  5-Oct-10         N377
Dennett, Wesley           Knollenburg, Lena    23-Mar-12        P157
Dennett, William A.       Pray, Doris E.       16-Mar-13        Q063
Dennett, Zulia            Williams, John       25 Dec 1892      F038
Denney, Belle             Yocum, Charley       24-Dec-10        N525
Denney, Clifford H.       Horn, Ida May        14-Sep-19        W435
Denney, Inez              Jaloma, Blass R.     30-Aug-17        T604
Denney, Mary B.           Hodgson, T.N.        22-May-22        Z781
Denney, Mary B.           Wilson, B.K.         29 Aug 1877      A280
Denney, Mary E.           Smith, George A.     20-Oct-21        Z365
Denney, Pearl Marguerite  Palm, Dudley George  8-Oct-14         R174
Denney, Richard           Twitty, Grace        22-Oct-21        Z373
Denney, Sam               Emrick, Ethel        16-May-12        P235
Denning, Henry            Weil, A.C.           28-Mar-21        Y548
Dennis, C.S.              Conroy, Grace Ann                     T173
Dennis, Della(etia) Fay   Walther, Nicholas Geo18-Nov-04        J419
Dennis, Edith             Wharton, Joe M.      25-Sep-06        K383
Dennis, Ella P.           Kriebel, Joel        16-Mar-21        Y525
Dennis, Emma C.           Whitby, William      06 Jan 1886      C371
Dennis, F.G.              McVicker, Hazel                       S458
Dennis, F.S.              Gilborson, Eliza     17 Feb 1887      C587
Dennis, Fannie J.         Blazer, Almer N.     29-Aug-20        Y060
Dennis, Florence          Sweck, Ira J.        19-Sep-03        J023
Dennis, Florence          Swick, Ira J.        19-Sep-03        J023
Dennis, G.H.              Stout, Josie         25 Dec 1888      D463
Dennis, George            Stong, Bertha        06 Jun 1897      G309
Dennis, George G.         Newlin, Alice        31-Mar-02        I212
Dennis, George G.         Reed, Florence J.    21-Jul-03        I610
Dennis, Hazel B.          Madgett, Tom         19-Nov-06        K452
Dennis, Henry Clair       Heeley, Besse        10-Jan-09        M095
Dennis, Henry Clair       Keeley, Besse        10-Jan-09        M095
Dennis, Ivan              Simpkins, Alma                        R558
Dennis, Louise            Meyer, Fredrick A.   25 Dec 1882      B334
Dennis, Marion F.         Wall, Bridget                         R410
Dennis, Mary J.           White, A.L.          17 Feb 1889      D494
Dennis, N.M.              Ebright, A.M.        15-May-19        W138
Dennis, Nellie L.         Carpenter, E.B.      8-Dec-07         L227
Dennis, Robert A.         Lynch, Daisy         16-Sep-03        J018
Dennis, Roy               Moon, Lillian        12 Jul 1899      H122
Dennis, Sarah J. (Mrs.)   Loper, B.F.          04 Dec 1878      A383
Dennis, Wilford A.        Sutton, Avice Juanita24-Oct-21        Z376
Dennis, William Edward    McNary, Emma         7-Mar-04         J181
Dennison, Chester L.      Valentine, Iva       19-Jan-02        I158
Dennison, Elmer C.        McIntyre, Lillie     15-Jan-13        P635
Dennison, Harry Arthur    Alexander, Josie     04 Aug 1888      D352
Dennison, Pearl           Meadows, W.J.        21-Aug-13        Q284
Denniston, Elizabeth      Hoover, J.W.         9-Apr-01         H550
Denniston, Sarah May      Symonds, Jesse Knapp 27-Feb-08        L319
Denny, Andrew J.          Venrick, Bernice M.  11-Mar-21        Y517
Denny, Bertha             Ellis, Edwin S.      14-Apr-08        L361
Denny, Emma               Smith, H.W.          09 Nov 1887      D153
Denny, Fred E.            Ballinger, Gertrude V12-Aug-19        W349
Denny, Jonas H.           Stout, Martha A. (Mrs22 Aug 1891      E372
Denny, Lobie              Childers, Harry      26-Aug-14        R116
Denny, Louisa A.          Clark, Charles A.    28 Jul 1887      D071
Denny, Martha             Bell, Lewis          1-Oct-01         I061
Denny, Parris             Wallace, Alice       23-Jul-21        Z147
Denny, Zoe                McDonald, C.U.                        T146
Densmore, Emma A.         Groff, Charles Sherma31 Jul 1888      D351
Densmore, Waldo W.        Arnett, Ethel        24-Dec-20        Y368
Dent, Clarence G.         Tophan, Emily        26-Jun-12        P306
Dent, Ethel Blanche       Bruner, Martin Daniel2-Sep-19         W402
Dent, Glenna Imogene      Burton, C.O.         11-Oct-17        U075
Dent, J.B.                Osborn, Donia E.     22 Feb 1887      C592
Dent, Micajah B.          Root, Mata           17 Jan 1893      F056
Dent, Micajah B.          Root, Mata           17 Jan 1893      F131
Dent, William             Rhoads, Mildred      11 Sep 1889      D605
Denton, Annie R.          Goldsberry, M.S.     15-Jan-15        R328
Denton, Arthur J.         Ballard, Daisy       11 Aug 1894      F385
Denton, Eugene            Loper, Mary          25 Feb 1880      B042
Denton, James M.          Oliver, Ethel D.     29-Jun-03        I594
Denton, Lon P.            Lawson, Mabel(ble)   11 Jun 1894      F370
Denton, Mary (Mrs.)       Reno, Luther         7-Jan-04         J136
Denton, Ollie B.          Steel, Thomas W      08 Sep 1891      E384
Denton, Richard L. (D.)   Tucker, Mary E.      20 Mar 1884      C059
Denton, Roy A.            McDonald, Christine  20-Sep-19        W455
Denton, Sarah J.          Bellamy, John        29 Sep 1875      A169
DePee, Grace              Stahl, R.V.          20-Jun-20        X514
Depenbaugh, Matilda       Smith, Charles S.    10 Mar 1878      A319
DePlanque, Lottie         Ennis, Jay           21-Jul-09        M354
Deppen, A.G.              Dorr, Ethel A.                        R452
DePree, Peter H.          Henson, Jennie E.    25 Feb 1895      F499
Derbeque, J.A.            Frewert, Irene       26-Feb-09        M160
Derby, Bertha M.          Stultz, G.A.         18-May-21        Y646
Derflinger, George A.     Carson, Laurance S.  06 Sep 1885      C298
Derickson, Joseph G.      Arthur, Lizzie       28 Apr 1874      A117
Dermody, Francis M.       Hudspeth, Alma B.    7-Oct-09         M464
Dermody, Rosalyn Grace    Mueller, Francis Math16-Sep-20        Y112
Dern, Harry L.            Burrell, Lettie      4-Sep-07         L105
Derr, James M.            Robertson, Elda E.   02 Jul 1884      C097
Derr, Marian E.           Young, J.F.          29 Aug 1887      D090
Derrick, Alice Magnolia   Hanna, Tessa Crookham11-Sep-07        L111
Derrick, Dicy Florence    Gilchrist, Joseph Les27-Oct-09        M504
Derrick, Harry            Stroud, Lucinda      17-Sep-10        N336
Derrick, Nellie           Anderson, A.J.       23-Mar-18        V049
Derrick, Pearl            Rouss, Frank M.                       R420
Derritt, Isaac A.         Hunter, Pokie                         G552
Derry, Eunice             Comstock, L.D.       21-Jun-19        W229
Derry, O.P.               Dawson, L.E.         31 Mar 1886      C417
Derry, Oliver P.          Poe, Mary E.         12 Dec 1877      A300
Derry, Peter M.           Jouker, Rebeka                        S566
Desantos, Frances         Orth, Huberk         8-Oct-09         M465
Deschamp, Armand          Hostetler, Ruth Elois12-Oct-21        Z338
Deschamps, J.F.           Hawkins, Ludie       17-Mar-22        Z660
Deschner, L.P.            Manring, Thelma                       S591
DeSelin, C.M.             Stover, W.D.         13-Jul-04        J293
Deses, Albert H.          Little, Mildred C.   2-Nov-12         P546
DeShane, Sarah            Franklin, J.W.       02 Oct 1883      B414
Deshazer, Charles F.      Luker, Rillie May    4-Sep-20         Y081
DeShon, Una               Stein, Ray E.        30-Jun-20        X548
DeShurley, Bessie M.      Sanders, Charles L.  25-Feb-22        Z631
Deshurley, Chauncy E.     Henderson, Bessie    14-Jan-18        U477
DeShurley, Daisy          Kramer, W.D.         8-Jun-10         N178
DeShurley, Ethel          Pitts, Earl T.                        T368
DeShurley, Harry O.       Hill, Ethel Faye                      S424
Dessenberger, Elva        Traver, W.H.         8-Aug-12         P367
Dester, Anna E.           Bartling, Henry F.   26 Sep 1890      E202
Dester, Lizzie            Stewart, Orla K.     17 Dec 1889      E039
Destree, Ida Henritta     Musick, R.B.         2-Jul-09         M332
Deter, Nannie J.          Busby, Thomas E.     25 Feb 1884      C042
Deterding, Doxie          Callahan, J.W.       5-Oct-11         O356
Deterding, William H.     Lierle, Chloe S.     11-Jun-18        V206
Detjen, Herman            Cobell, Emma         16 Mar 1887      C609
Detrich, Jacob L.         Hagar, Lola Marie                     T235
Detrick, Alice B.         Hutchinson, Raymond A12-Jul-20        X578
Detterman, Regina         Hoffman, O.T.                         O197
Dettweiler, Bernhard D.   Case, Teresa F.      7-Jun-06         K288
Detweiler, Bessie E.      Gardner, Robert B.   3-Jul-19         W266
Detweiler, Jessie         Suhm, Will           4-Nov-17         U158
Detweiler, Willard S.     Millhaubt, Leo Elizab11-Jun-19        W193
Detwiler, J.W.            Bowman, L.J.         3-Nov-21         Z400
Deubler, Mary S.          Peckham, Harry A.    12 Jan 1879      A391
Deupree, George R.        Grobe, Mary          11-Jun-11        O187
Deuser, George E.         Swaim, Leila         7-Jun-07         L008
Deval, Lottie             Taylor, Everett      21-Aug-20        Y048
Devall, Lois              McNutt, Siegel       9-Aug-20         Y012
DeVaugh, Hannah R. (Mrs.) Meng, W.R.           22-Nov-00        H463
DeVaugh, Hannah R. (Mrs.) Meng, W.R.           22-Nov-00        H463
DeVaughn, Arthur J.       Webster, Myrtle Mae  15-Jun-19        W214
DeVaughn, Luella          Wright, Benjamin     15-Feb-11        O015
DeVaughn, Lydie M.        Holtke, Herman W.    16-Jul-11        O248
DeVaughn, W.B.            Watson, Ethel        16-Feb-21        Y478
DeVault, Willie T.        Friis, June C.       3-Mar-12         P133
Devenport, Margie         Brown, Harry D.      25-Feb-08        L319
Dever, Arthur             Wilson, Sarah M. (Mrs07 Feb 1889      D488
Dever, D.L.               Galliher, Carrie     27 Jun 1886      C458
Dever, Minnie R.          Baird, Thomas M.     11-Aug-14        R091
Dever, Samuel L.          Montgomery, Sarah J. 20 Aug 1874      A128
Devereaux, Addie          Raymond, J.H.                         T102
Devereaux, Elva May       Houk, Will R.        9-Dec-14         R274
Devereaux, Ruth           Robinson, Chester S. 14-Feb-20        X197
Devers, Elza              Doze, Wilford        14-Jul-14        R064
Devers, Mabel             Skillen, Glenn G.    25-Aug-20        Y056
Devin, Katie A.           Davis, S.M.          30 Nov 1888      D443
Devine, Alice Catherine   McAuley, James Earle                  S013
Devine, Bertie            Belcher, W.H.        17 Nov 1896      G191
Devine, Bettie            Trimbley, C.W.       18-Sep-07        L127
Devine, Elizabeth         Forney, Fred A.      12-Jun-11        O193
Devine, Eugene            Watt, Effie          25-Dec-02        I395
Devine, Grace             Jones, R. Lee        15-Feb-05        J492
Devine, Helen             Harsha, Clyde B.     25-Apr-12        P208
Devine, J.F.              Hines, Estella L.    12-May-04        J233
Devine, Marie             Fross, Wesley W.     24-Apr-21        Y597
Devine, Mattie E.         Calhoun, George M.   25 Mar 1877      A260
Devine, Michael           Meek, Bertie         28 Nov 1878      A382
Deviney, Henry            Moyer, May Olive     04 Jul 1888      D335
Devins, Ella              Smith, F.A.          19 Jan 1899      H028
Devins, Viola Fay         Chaney, Edgar E.     21-Feb-06        K201
Devlin, F.E.              Jordan, Maude L.     27-Oct-17        U133
Devlin, John              Lovett, Alice Jane   18-Apr-08        L373
Devlin, Mary              Kintz, W.S.          28 Aug 1884      C126
DeVoge, Ralph             Smith, Ella          3-Jun-13         Q170
DeVore, Benjamin B.       Hull, Mabel Lillian  6-Aug-18         V308
DeVore, Benjamin T.       Retherford, Bernice (17 Sep 1894      F400
Devore, Billy Belle       Frazee, William S.   15 Oct 1890      E219
Devore, C.E.              Dadisman, Cora       6-Oct-07         L153
Devore, C.M.              Beam, Elena                           S391
DeVore, Chester           Gregory, Stella      20-Jun-20        X510
DeVore, Edna Marvel       Snell, Francis Carl  25-May-12        P243
Devore, Elizabeth         Miller, Frank O.     15-Mar-08        L339
DeVore, Elmer H.          Niederlander, Etta M.17 Mar 1886      C411
DeVore, G.A.              Mitchell, Florence                    T242
DeVore, Genevieve         Duncan, T.E.         29-Apr-13        Q128
Devore, George            Foreman, Sarah Jane  10 Dec 1879      B012
Devore, Henry C.          Thomas, Mary M.      18 Mar 1877      A258
DeVore, Irene             Jackson, J.L.        6-Mar-12         P139
DeVore, Isaac Joshua      Strong, Edna         27-Jun-17        T477
DeVore, J. Paul           Walton, Ethel L.     9-Nov-18         V475
Devore, Joshua T.         Lane, Alice E.       13 Mar 1878      A321
Devore, Lizzie            Allen, A.E.          19 Aug 1884      C120
DeVore, M.E.              Davis, C.D.          02 Oct 1883      B413
Devore, Maria C.          Cain, J.T.           14 Oct 1884      C146
Devore, Mary C.           Piper, James P.      08 Nov 1876      A232
DeVore, Mossiline         Reeves, Ralph        11-Oct-05        K071
DeVore, Pearl May         Rivers, C.W.         24-Dec-03        J122
DeVorss, E.C.             Stevens, Ethel       31-Dec-20        Y391
DeVoss, Mamie A.          Duke, L.             12-Mar-21        Y521
DeVoss, Otto Truman       McCandless, Margaret                  S231
Devoy, Francis            Stephens, Nannie     10-May-02        I241
DeWater, C.C.             Stancer, Nora Rosetta25-Apr-14        Q604
Dewater, Carrie E.        Hukle, Connie L.     1-Feb-05         J485
DeWater, E.M.             Byers, S.B.          7-Apr-09         M209
Dewater, Ella M.          Macredie, James J.   26-Nov-02        I409
DeWater, Jessie           Dorsey, C.C.         10-Sep-00        H396
Dewater, Jessie I.        Roll, Ralph          3-Jul-02         I288
Dewater, Philip Ola       Adams, Clara Etta    9-Oct-11         O360
Dewees, I.L.              Lohrey, Mae          19-Mar-21        Y534
Dewees, J.                Dunn, Mary F.        03 Jun 1877      A269
Dewees, Julia E.          Briggs, Isaac H.     25 Feb 1874      A108
Dewees, Mary              Wills, Henry         06 May 1894      F348
Dewees, Melvin            Turner, Maxine                        T351
Dewees, Minnie Estelle    Kramer, L.R.         9-Aug-14         R089
Dewees, Samuel C.         Kohler, Mary E.      24 Mar 1885      C231
Dewees, Wallace M.        Fulkerson, Mabel                      T198
Deweese, Beatrice E.      Bannon, Charley      1-May-20         X369
Deweese, Laroy            Blurton, Mae         15-Jun-14        R025
Deweese, Minnie           Sale, W.R.           19-Mar-19        W029
Deweese, William R.       Dunsmore, Cora B. (Mr22-Oct-00        H442
Dewell, Carl V.           Bunnell, Thelma      6-Oct-20         Y165
Dewert, Ruth              Russell, H.E.                         T143
Dewey, Alta N.            Hessel, C.J.         25-Dec-01        I128
Dewey, Arthur E.          McIntosh, Eva        11-Apr-09        M209
Dewey, Charles            Wolf, Emma           07 May 1880      B066
Dewey, Charles P.         Perkins, Julia       01 Dec 1887      D172
Dewey, Clara              Markwell, Wesley     22 Nov 1894      F441
Dewey, Esther             Conner, Harry                         T119
Dewey, James A.           Rainwater, Florence  29 Jan 1890      E068
Dewey, L.E.               Cornell, Della       19-Feb-20        X211
Dewey, Laura R.           White, John D.       5-Mar-02         I193
Dewey, Lauren R.          Fox, Lucy            08 Dec 1888      D451
Dewey, Lillie             Cornelison, W.B.     24-Dec-07        L257
Dewey, Mary E.            Pratt, Frank E.      23 Dec 1892      F037
Dewey, P.                 Bollman, Carrie      30 Jan 1899      H034
Dewey, Perin              Custer, Cora         11 May 1892      E546
Dewey, Perrin             Kee, Pearl           16 Dec 1895      G008
Deweys, Mary              Wills, Henry         06 May 1894      F348
Dewhirst, Nina E.         VanSlyck, H.R.       23-Aug-21        Z230
Dewing, Archie            Starkey, Gertrude    14-Oct-14        R192
Dewing, Bertha M.         Thompson, Albert H.  20-Apr-19        W083
Dewing, C.E.              North, Eva           4-Aug-00         H370
Dewing, Charles O.        McMullen, Gertrude S.15-Feb-02        I182
Dewing, D.D.              Hodges, Ina M.       01 Jul 1899      H117
Dewing, Earl E.           Adler, Catherine     11-Aug-04        J316
Dewing, Elva M.           Rhodes, Charley      21-Jul-04        J283
Dewing, Fred C.           Sutphin, Minta                        S580
Dewing, Harry L.          Lemon, M. Della      18-Dec-01        I131
Dewing, Irwin E.          Metzger, Bertha M.   22-Sep-14        R157
Dewing, Iva M.            Post, H.A.           12 Oct 1898      G589
Dewing, J.V.              Minnich, Ada E.      12-Dec-04        J438
Dewing, Manville W.       Horton, Sarah E.                      A220
Dewing, Nettie            Sutton, Lee          2-May-09         M242
Dewing, Norman H.         Booher, Annie        14 Nov 1875      A173
Dewing, Ora P.            Bowdish, Marcius J.  25-Oct-06        K420
Dewing, R.C.              Pelliam, Elizabeth   30-Dec-20        Y387
Dewing, Roy O.            Cadle, Lottie        29-Mar-03        I517
DeWitt, Effie M.          Landers, Bert A.     15-Sep-20        Y113
DeWitt, Ella              Ahlerichs, Alex      21-Dec-10        N508
Dewitt, Ethel             Thomas, Earl                          R631
DeWitt, Fred C.           Jones, Maggie A.     26-Jul-05        J638
DeWitt, Gladys            Eisenbach, Frank Tony27-Aug-21        Z238
Dewitt, Harry C.          Chandler, Nellie Luve25-Nov-20        Y294
DeWitt, Joseph            Stevens, Susanna     08 Aug 1886      C479
DeWitt, L.                Dorney, Nellie                        T342
DeWitt, Leslie G.         Ramsdale, Frances Agn9-Jun-20         X471
DeWitt, Lewis Thomas      Lovell, Elizabeth                     T096
DeWitt, Mary Catherine    Bennett, Ralph S.    22 Dec 1886      C560
Dewitt, Oren              Hunt, Emma J.        22 Sep 1878      A361
DeWitt, Sheldon           Eaton, Monnie        29-Dec-17        U414
DeWolfe, Frank S.         Burtnett, Gold                        S355
Dexga, C.                 Aroubula, Rebecca    18-Nov-21        Z435
Dexter, Charles           Ballard, Elisabeth J.28 May 1878      A333
Dexter, Emma              Davis, J.E.          29 Sep 1885      C313
Dexter, George            McKinney, Frankie    11 Jun 1890      E153
Dexter, Richard           Barker, Lottie       11 Jul 1882      B283
Dexter, William           Allen, Amy           04 Jul 1875      A160
Dexter, William           Piper, Lillie Isabell16 Dec 1885      C359
Dey, Charles Patrick      Stillman, Olive May  7-Jun-21         Z029
Dey, William              Zimmerman, Nettie    16-Sep-08        L568
Deyart, Addie             Behrens, Ernest W.   13-Sep-10        N327
Deyer, Pearl G.           McCormick, Ralph     06 Nov 1897      G393
Deyo, C.L.                Wilkerson, Josephine 16-Aug-19        W363
Dial, C.W.                Wardell, Edith       17-Dec-17        U355
Dial, Milford Harold      Jordan, Helen        18-Mar-19        W028
Diamond, August           Leeper, Sarah C.     05 May 1886      C437
Diamond, Harry            Alderson, Noi        17-Nov-11        O419
Diamond, Louie            Ball, Susie          31-Dec-21        Z525
Diamond, Sophrona         Clark, Louis         11 Oct 1887      D129
Diano, Albert             Beam, Vannie         17 Apr 1890      E118
Diarrin, Jessie           Hanks, Ira           7-Sep-20         Y086
Diaz, Felix(lex)          Linhart, Bertha      2-Jul-10         N221
Dibb, Kate                Myers, Wilson S.     15 Nov 1886      C517
Dibb, William             Cook, Katie          08 Jun 1873      A075
Dibbens, A.R.J.           Field, Jessie        08 Sep 1895      F590
Dibbens, Clyde M.         McCorkle, Nina       24-Apr-21        Y596
Dibbens, Eva Annie        Good, Frank          28 Apr 1892      E536
Dibbens, Jarman Field     Clark, Pearl Gladys  21-Mar-22        Z666
Dibble, Edward            Jones, L.C.          20-Aug-12        P378
Dibble, Fred Almond       Veail, Marguerite Pauline             S011
Dible, Frank L.           Hawley, Ethel M.     26-Mar-13        Q067
Dice, J.W.                Hall, Maybelle P.    5-Oct-04         J368
Dick, Alexander           Longhofer, Rachel                     S265
Dick, Cecil E.            Haynes, Ethel M.                      S269
Dick, Cora                Dolloff, Edward A.   9-Sep-08         L558
Dick, Della D.            Williams, John S.    15 Mar 1893      F098
Dick, Edna C.             Smiley, Charles D.   7-Sep-21         Z262
Dick, Elmer               Keller, Alice J.     01 May 1887      D001
Dick, Emma Dora(ath)      Fauss, William C.    16-Jan-07        K516
Dick, Jacob               Bofis, Mary E.       28-Dec-09        M594
Dick, L.C.                Whitebeck, Marion    24-Jan-00        H261
Dick, Lydia               Houpt, Ethan         3-Mar-15         R374
Dick, Mary E.             Haugh, John          27-Jan-19        V582
Dick, Oliva               Krueger, Carl        10-Sep-13        Q314
Dick, P.B.                Trego, Mary B.       27 Apr 1893      F120
Dick, Paul A.             Adams, Florence Beula10-Dec-07        L226
Dick, Rebecca             Haas, William H.     25 Nov 1886      C538
Dick, Virgil              Beck, Blanch                          S034
Dickason, Roy             Culp, Amy            12-Dec-21        Z477
Dicken, A.B.              McRae, Mina          1-Jan-20         X093
Dickens, Daisy            Young, Ernest        28-May-19        W164
Dickens, Thomas A.        Truman, Esther Mae   28-Dec-21        Z514
Dickenson, Lena           Abbott, Henry        21 Mar 1897      G270
Dicker, Katie             Behms, Harry C.      09 Jul 1895      F567
Dickerson, Alvah          Long, Carrie         12-Sep-06        K373
Dickerson, Della          Ittner, Lewis B.     20-Feb-02        I185
Dickerson, Ivora          Westover, Earl       11-May-14        Q624
Dickerson, J.T.           Channell, Jessie E.  10 Aug 1896      G131
Dickerson, Lou B.         Heady, Marcus O.     26 Feb 1890      E090
Dickerson, Mabel          Moneyhan, W.J.       8-Feb-18         U539
Dickerson, Myrtle         Rice, W.A.           2-Sep-06         K363
Dickerson, Oma            Tester, R.W.         12-Jun-09        M293
Dickerson, S.E.           Morgan, Mary         31 Oct 1883      B421
Dickey, Alla              Sharp, Claud         2-Jan-21         Y389
Dickey, Daisy R.          McAlister, Charles S.09 Nov 1889      E013
Dickey, Dorys             Veatch, C.L.         6-Oct-20         Y167
Dickey, Frank             Feldman, Lillian     31-Oct-19        W564
Dickey, Fred              Palmer, Carrie Olivia29-Sep-06        K387
Dickey, H.N.              Oldham, Mary E.                       T295
Dickey, John              Palmer, Margaret J.  18 Jun 1885      C267
Dickey, Lotie E.          Utt, James G.        3-Feb-02         I172
Dickey, Margaret          Martin, W.A.         12-Jan-22        Z545
Dickey, Myrtle A.         Hollingshead, Jason W12 Apr 1893      F113
Dickie, Heman S.          Matthews, Cora L.    2-Aug-06         K343
Dickie, Robert F.         Taggart, Ethel       28-Jun-19        W251
Dickinson, Arthur A.      Fife, Etna           21 Jul 1883      B393
Dickinson, Katie          Crane, D.B.          25-Apr-05        J553
Dickinson, Lillian Fay    Totton, Theron Rea   17-May-19        W147
Dickinson, M.E.           Hutson, C.M.         27-Nov-12        P538
Dickinson, Mary E.        Edelmann, Alfred     05 Oct 1879      A454
Dickinson, Myrta          Chamberlain, John H. 12 Jul 1885      C276
Dickinson, Rosella        Russell, O.E.        10 May 1899      H081
Dickman, Frederick W.     Carey, Mary E.       15-Jun-21        Z051
Dicks, Howard             Hazle, Alta Mae      26-Jun-20        X532
Dicks, Marjorie           Rippey, Ernest       11-Apr-08        L364
Dicks, Martha E.          Minnick, J.P.        23 May 1888      D305
Dickson, Ada              Radnich, E.A.                         R568
Dickson, Alice            Cole, Harry B.       22 Apr 1891      E328
Dickson, Cealey           Lane, J.H.           12-Oct-13        Q372
Dickson, Clara Louise     Johnson, Fred L.     08 Dec 1898      G630
Dickson, D.M.             McCandless, Mary     19-Dec-01        I125
Dickson, Frank            Cody, Sadie          14-Mar-06        K226
Dickson, Harold           Peniwell, Goldie     26-May-10        N156
Dickson, Harold Guy       Melton, Gertie Bell  4-Nov-12         P494
Dickson, John             Dandridge, Theresa   10-Nov-19        W593
Dickson, Myrtle           Carter, C.E.                          R437
Dickson, Reta J.          Haynes Sterling J.   25-Nov-20        Y291
Dickson, Rhea             Harder, Ed           28-Sep-11        O347
Diddle, W.S.              Hummelke, Clara      02 Jul 1893      F162
Diedrich, Clyde E.        Scarth, Grace E.     6-Feb-19         V597
Diedrich, George J.       Taylor, Sarah        08 Jun 1884      C088
Diedrich, Harry H.        Sisson, Blanche      15-Apr-20        X332
Diedrich, Louis B.        Hoyle, Effie H.      14-Jan-09        M102
Diefenbach, Anna          Andra, John          12-Jan-09        M086
Diefenbach, Barbara       Bock, Paul           8-Apr-13         Q083
Diefenbach, Catherine A.  Arensdorf, John A.   4-Feb-07         K521
Diefenbach, Jacob         Bieri, Anna          04 Mar 1887      C598
Diefenbach, Jacob         Biri, Anna           04 Mar 1887      C598
Diefenbach, Joseph        Zensen, Eva          19 Feb 1886      C374
Diefenbach, Otto          Hall, Mabelle        9-Dec-08         M041
Diefenbach, Otto F.       Vandergrift, Bertha J28-Feb-21        Y498
Diefenbach, Rosa          Browns, Robert D.    26-Nov-13        Q436
Diefenback, Teresa (TheresPeltzer, Henry J.    12-Nov-12        P496
Diefenthaler, Edwin J.W.  Falk, Jennie         4-Apr-18         V071
Diehl, C.E.               Bash, Laura (Mrs.)   21 Sep 1898      G570
Diehl, John E.            Kriebel, Emma S.     29-Jul-00        H365
Diehl, M.E.               Bolt, Lilla          09 Feb 1888      D222
Diem, Eleanor Frances     Matthews, Joseph W.  23-Nov-17        U253
Diem, Lenora Francis      Oard, Charley Rupert 15-Sep-08        L567
Diem, Leonora             Mortimer, Ed         26-Nov-13        Q443
Diener, Sophia            Pearson, Willis G.   15 Feb 1890      E079
Diercks, Emma             Holtje, Fritz        3-Apr-02         I201
Dierking, Corlena         Bish, C.W.           23-Jun-09        M315
Dierking, G.H.            Frederick, Kate      11-Sep-08        L561
Dierks, Emma              Holtje, Fritz        3-Apr-02         I201
Dietrich, W.              Harper, Laura        24 Jul 1888      D348
Dietrick, C.P.            Richards, S.E.       28 Aug 1884      C124
Dietrick, Charles Harold  Dyson, Fay Elizabeth 6-Nov-19         W581
Dietrick, Joshua A.       Kilmer, Gladys       17-Aug-10        N280
Dietsch, Salome C.        Williams, Robert Wall2-Dec-11         O441
Dietter, Elijah           Thompson, Emma       30-Jun-20        X546
Dietz, C.L.               Fowler, Yula M.      3-Jul-17         T486
Dietz, Lucile Katherine   Washburn, Joseph E.  8-Feb-10         N059
Difenderfer, Harvey       Bruner, Mary         27 Jul 1886      C472
Diffenderfer, Thomas G.   Moore, Della         26-Oct-14        R209
Diggs, Mary M.            Newell, Milton E.    28-May-19        W167
Diggs, Mollie M.          Tucker, Theodore C.  3-Apr-20         X300
Diggs, Olive              Lister, Len          19-Nov-08        M015
Dighton, Ruth             Starbuck, Frank      17-Dec-18        V517
Dilday, Noble B.          Ream, Mary M.                         R511
Dilday, Noble J.          Witten, Lizzie       01 Mar 1885      C219
Dildine, Arthur R.        Zeller, Eve          16-Sep-08        L495
Dildine, Claude           Brown, Bertha        1-May-07         K613
Dill, Burton              Hill, Gertrude       6-Feb-12         P093
Dill, Charles W.          Barnes, Rosa May     11-Jun-01        H609
Dill, Edith               Mussett, W.W.        25-May-02        I253
Dill, Edward Burton       Etnire, Gertrude Leon8-Mar-06         K221
Dill, Eva Laura           McLean, Charles T.   26-Nov-02        I416
Dill, John D.             Neal, Sarah          19-Aug-20        Y043
Dill, Lola May            Lutes, James A.      3-Aug-01         I013
Dill, Mabel J.            Binding, J.W.        8-Jun-04         J255
Dill, Mabel J.            Burding, J.W.        8-Jun-04         J255
Dill, Sarah               Witchey, Elmer       16 Mar 1889      D508
Dillard, Anna             Langford, W.A.       21-Feb-13        Q042
Dillard, Joseph E.        Watson, Maude        25 Feb 1891      E305
Diller, Everett           Monroe, Minnie       10-Jan-12        P060
Dillett, Ellen            Ming, William        17 May 1887      D011
Dilley, Aileen Mercedes   Souders, Orville Ells26-Aug-21        Z237
Dilley, Elmira K.         Ridgway, Edwin H.    28-Jul-17        T535
Dilley, Ethel E.          Stinebaugh, Wallace M24-Dec-14        R295
Dilley, Everett J.        McMurray, Elizabeth L.                T236
Dilley, Frank J.          Humphrey, Clarice M. 1-Apr-09         M200
Dilley, Gladys M.         Perry, Clarence W.   15-Mar-20        X256
Dilley, L.H.              Benton, Elizabeth D.                  S379
Dilley, Myrle             Sebree, Vern         18-Jul-11        O252
Dilley, T.I.              Bunton, Cora A.      10 Aug 1896      G130
Dilling, A.L.             Allen, Emly(mily)    06 Oct 1897      G375
Dillingham, Lloyd A.      Kakara, Anna         17-Nov-05        K112
Dillingham, Ulnah         Fuller, Dalton       6-Feb-08         L301
Dillit, Lena              King, Chilley        31-Dec-20        Y385
Dillman, Criss            Bows, Edith M.       15-Dec-02        I426
Dillman, Edgar R.         Gregg, Edna          29-May-17        T393
Dillman, J.H.             Murray, Lavenia      24 Dec 1885      C361
Dillman, James L.         Hardwick, Edith Gertr6-May-14         Q619
Dillman, Nola             Bunnell, J.G.        1-Dec-17         U294
Dillman, Wright L.        Daily, Cora Lee      25-Oct-12        P481
Dillon, Alicia            Hughes, D.G.         21-Jan-02        I163
Dillon, Anna J.           Younkin, G.D.        1-Jun-11         O167
Dillon, C. Chalmers       Wilson, Nora         28-Feb-08        L322
Dillon, Cecilia           Markwell, Leo        11-Apr-18        V087
Dillon, Clarence M.       Sawyer, Mary Ethel   12-Jul-18        V274
Dillon, Clyde W.          Jones, Flora L.      4-Jul-20         X561
Dillon, Dell              Komah, Carrie                         R559
Dillon, Dennis            Teefe, Nora          10 Jan 1893      F053
Dillon, Edward E.         Stewart, Luella Grace03 Jun 1898      G520
Dillon, Edwin             McCoy, Jessie        4-Mar-12         P135
Dillon, Floyd             Hobaugh, Florence                     S017
Dillon, Frank             Phelps, Myrtle                        S487
Dillon, G. Earl           Little, Thelma R.    24-Oct-05        K089
Dillon, Grace             Conner, Samuel M.    21-Feb-06        K204
Dillon, Grace             Knackstedt, George                    T066
Dillon, Hilda             Jarnagin, W.B.       16-Apr-21        Y585
Dillon, Homer W.          McCollister, Mellia M15-Nov-05        K110
Dillon, J.                Linot, Mary          27-Jun-06        K304
Dillon, J.S.              LeRoy, Anna                           C456
Dillon, James E.          Kearney, Marion      12-Apr-04        J211
Dillon, John P.           Root, Maggie F.      26-Nov-02        I408
Dillon, Lorraine          Beck, C.J.           20-Nov-12        P511
Dillon, Maggie            Jerrick, George      18 Jan 1899      H027
Dillon, Mary              Preston, T.E.        25 Jun 1882      B279
Dillon, May Agnes         Nolan, William C.    22-Oct-19        W540
Dillon, Nellie            Brady, Francis       7-Oct-14         R176
Dillon, Nellie (Mrs.)     Scott, George T.     14-Jun-00        H340
Dillon, T.N.              Smith, Dora A.       18-Apr-06        K248
Dills, Mabelle            Zigler, Jesse I.     11-Dec-07        L230
Dillwith, James           Rodenbaugh, Lillie Ma27 Sep 1892      E619
Dilts, Minnie H. (Mrs.)   Hunter, Velasco J.   8-Jun-04         J253
Dilzer, Birdie E.         Pennybaker, W.M.     12 Jun 1898      G522
Dimond, Ruby              Ferguson, Thomas T.  22-Apr-21        Y595
Dimpel, Maude E.          Phillips, Jesse J.   8-Oct-19         W506
Dine, B.F.                Holden, Altie E.     26-Sep-02        I364
Dinerboiler, Milton       Grunder, Jennie      12-Sep-10        N322
Dines, Marie              Stewart, C.E.        04 Jan 1888      D196
Dingle, C.A.              Kuchar, Matilda R.   6-Dec-11         P007
Dingle, Elsie             Fulmer, James K.     26 Oct 1892      F002
Dingman, Clara A.         Platter, Franklin K. 13 Mar 1879      A408
Dinkers, May              Dye, William         27-Aug-10        N300
Dinkins, Eldon E.         Yearout, Mabel E.    14-Jan-14        Q503
Dinkler, Louisa           Eichmann, Fred       08 Jan 1896      G014
Dinwiddie, Susan L.       Shanholtzer, Ralph   13-May-05        J570
Dios, Romana              Reose, Pete          12-Feb-19        V608
Dir, Amie                 Roseberry, Robert L. 24-Sep-14        R161
Diringer, Frank           Hindman, Olivia                       T135
Diringer, Rosa M.         Taylor, N.E.         24-Oct-06        K419
Dirks, Eva                Mullin, J.D.         9-Oct-00         H426
Dirksen, Henry W.         Hauke, Esther        4-Mar-22         Z640
Dirksen, Sarah M.         Franssen, R.         10-Oct-10        N380
Dirlam, Alice             Dennett, Charles     8-Jan-02         I154
Dirlam, May               Ruble, James W.      20-Mar-07        K578
Dirlam, Tommy             Lent, Grace          14-Jun-09        M296
Dirlan, Pearl             Dennett, John W.     12-Dec-00        H474
Dirnick, E.T.             Henry, May(ary)      9-Aug-03         I624
Dirr, Lucy A.             Facher, Fred L.      19 Nov 1898      G611
Dirr, Lucy A.             Faecher, Fred L.     19 Nov 1898      G611
Dishman, Claude           Shipman, Sylva       28-May-18        V172
Dishman, Nellie           Walker, George D.    25-Dec-11        P021
Diskel, George W.         Muller, Ella         30-Nov-10        N479
Dismey, Amanda            Creason, Luther D.   8-Jul-10         N233
Disney, Clyde             Downing, Etta        14-Nov-21        Z425
Disney, Webb              Hanna, Myrtle                         S524
Ditch, Phrenie            Stuckey, A. Thurman  24-Dec-08        M068
Ditch, William R.         Nichols, Pearl       10 Feb 1899      H039
Ditgen, Angela            Rau, M.J.            31 Jul 1899      H122
Ditgen, Barbara           Erker, William A.    11-Feb-07        K533
Ditgen, Elizabeth         Rau, Paul J.         16-May-06        K261
Ditgen, John              Armbruster, Mollie   15 Nov 1898      G601
Ditgen, Kate A.           Kraus, John          30-Jul-01        H638
Ditgen, Marie             Engelbrecht, Jake    10-May-20        X353
Ditgen, N.W.              Cordell, Eva         15-May-00        H316
Ditgen, Nick W.           Cordell, Nora K.     22-Feb-11        O001
Ditgen, William T.        Cordell, Elizabeth   15-Oct-18        V429
Ditlow, B. Harry          Johnson, Elsie May   30-Nov-10        N481
Dittemore, C.T.           Lewis, Edith         15-May-20        X385
Dittinger, Anna Alice     Reed, John           16 Sep 1876      A223
Dittman, Annie            Swoboda, P.G.        27-May-18        V169
Dittman, Louis W.         Cutter, Mary E.      23 Sep 1879      A448
Dittman, Margie           Andrews, Henry                        S012
Dittmer, Etta             Dittmer, Paul P.     29-Nov-09        M546
Dittmer, George P.        Walker, Mae                           P351
Dittmer, Paul             Jason, Etta          30-Jul-04        J306
Dittmer, Paul P.          Dittmer, Etta        29-Nov-09        M546
Dittmeyer, Charles W.     Thaxton, Mary        26 Aug 1890      E188
Dittmeyer, George W.      Austin, Carrie       23 Dec 1893      F276
Dittmyre, Emma            Boggs, J.A.          28 Aug 1884      C125
Diven, Paul B.            George, Elizabeth    12-Mar-10        N052
Divine, Oscar             Keopple, Maude       29-May-20        X437
Divird, J.T.              Moore, Laura A.      24 Oct 1877      A292
Dix, Blanche Edith        Tetirick, James Willi14-Oct-02        I376
Dix, E.H.                 Hauge, Louise        26-Nov-19        W635
Dix, Henry                Kite, Margaret       1-Oct-17         U031
Dix, Jay C.               Dunn, May L.         23 Dec 1896      G219
Dix, Mary                 Saunders, Gwinn J.   22-Oct-19        W542
Dixon, A.C.               Menefee, Ethel                        T091
Dixon, Alice              Coleman, Aaron       2-May-20         X370
Dixon, Amanda Lockrige    Hathmon, Ed          24-Sep-13        Q341
Dixon, Amey K.            Hicks, James M.      04 Dec 1879      B009
Dixon, Bertha             Neumeyer, W.H.       14-Jul-19        W283
Dixon, Charles R.         Powell, Henrietta    10 Sep 1891      E387
Dixon, Della              Hart, Will           6-May-22         Z753
Dixon, Edna R.            Stewart, Robert J.   19-Oct-21        Z364
Dixon, Edward             Howell, Phoebe J.    24 Feb 1883      B351
Dixon, Eli                Smith, Angelina      18-Apr-11        O106
Dixon, F.A.               Leard, Mary          27 Aug 1888      D368
Dixon, Florida            Foster, John H.      08 Nov 1893      F249
Dixon, Gilbert J.         Young, Lucile        23-Nov-13        Q433
Dixon, Henry              Wright, Lovie        25-Mar-12        P159
Dixon, Henry C.S.         Harlan, Pearl        17-Sep-08        L569
Dixon, Herbert J.         Harris, Edna         29-Jun-11        O228
Dixon, Ida                Jefferson, Albert    20-Dec-21        Z491
Dixon, James G.           Wertz, Lena                           T193
Dixon, Jennie             Carroll, V.H.                         R494
Dixon, Jessie             Parrott, A.E.        24 Nov 1898      G618
Dixon, John M.            Witke, Lillie D.                      S127
Dixon, Juanita            Brooks, Roy          8-Nov-11         O404
Dixon, Martha             Smith, John F.       28-Sep-02        I366
Dixon, Mary               Bowen, William       06 Jan 1890      E059
Dixon, Mary Marie         Buck, H.C.                            S367
Dixon, Maude M.           Munn, Albert E.      14-Aug-12        P369
Dixon, Mollie             Fowkes, Warner       1-Jan-18         U429
Dixon, Nellie May         Bacon, E.S. (Dr.)    21-May-21        Y653
Dixon, Pearl              Lang, Edward                          S184
Dixon, S.A.               Davis, Maggie Viola  6-Apr-12         P183
Dixon, S.V.               Huffman, Altha       8-Jun-21         Z031
Dixon, Susan A.           Marts, George        25 Jul 1876      A213
Dixon, Taylor John        Pratt, Zealla Marie  26-Jul-21        Z156
Dixon, William C.         Henson, Carrie       16-Nov-18        V485
Dixon, William J.         Smith, Serena May    04 Oct 1890      E212
Dixson, H.H.              McAfee, Rose         1-Oct-01         I059
Dizer, Bertha             Adams, Will A.                        P457
Doan, Emma                Daisy, F.F.          23-Oct-12        P478
Doan, Sarah               Neff, C.M.           28-Oct-17        U141
Doane, Cora A.            Johnson, Charles A.  1-Jun-05         J585
Doane, G.M.               Jacobson, Esther F.                   T016
Doane, Harry E.           Love, L.G. (Mrs.)    17-Dec-03        J114
Doane, Sherman W.         Hyde, Cora           23 May 1899      H092
Doans, Heloise            Chance, Paul D.      16-Mar-21        Y527
Doaty, Muriel             Hill, John S.        18-Oct-05        K081
Dobbin,                   Moore,                                B370
Dobbin, Addie Maye        Fuqua, Joseph G.     29-Aug-06        K356
Dobbin, Albert            Graham, Clara        27 Mar 1883      B359
Dobbin, Alice E.          Porter, Joseph C.    29-Dec-10        N531
Dobbin, Archie            Livingston, Iva      25-Dec-12        P578
Dobbin, Arthur            Miller, Emmareine    31-Jul-07        L067
Dobbin, Charity           Stinson, Charles     31 Dec 1885      C359
Dobbin, Emma D.           Robinson, James H.   16 Sep 1881      B187
Dobbin, H.G.              Nighswonger, Mary (Mr21-Feb-01        H525
Dobbin, Margaret Pearl    Livingston, R.J.     24-Jan-00        H261
Dobbin, Matie A.          Miller, E.B.         31-Dec-02        I446
Dobbin, Ruth              Dalbom, Martin       21-Jan-14        Q509
Dobbin, Stewart           Graham, May          20 Feb 1896      G050
Dobbin, Thomas Miller     Porter, Roxie Alma   3-Jun-09         M279
Dobbin, William D.        Graham, Nettie       1-Aug-05         K004
Dobbin, William H.        Grimsley, Ethel J.   28-May-03        I563
Dobbins, Carrie           Davenport, Lemuel    6-Jul-01         H634
Dobbins, Ed               Graham, Jennie       1-Nov-13         Q405
Dobbins, Ella R.          Corcoran, Michael P. 15-Oct-13        Q378
Dobbins, Emma             Peckham, A.M.        20 Nov 1883      C008
Dobbins, Etta Agnes       Johnson, Raymond M.  11-Jul-17        T500
Dobbs, Kenneth S.         Thornhill, Winifred  7-Feb-21         Y461
Dobbs, Letha              Tingley, Everett C.  24-Aug-13        Q285
Dobbyns, Neva             Stanley, Perry       20-Feb-22        Z619
Dobson, A. Loave          West, Paul V.        10-Sep-08        L560
Dobson, Amzi              Criswell, Wanita     4-Jul-07         L039
Dobson, Bessie            Frederick, Earl      25-Nov-11        O429
Dobson, Edwin             Garrison, Lora Linn  8-Aug-17         T560
Dobson, Ethel L.          Morehouse, Floyd C.                   R532
Dobson, Forest            Savage, Gladys       04 Jul 1898      G535
Dobson, G.C.              Farley, Annie        24-Mar-00        H294
Dobson, Garret S.         Warrens, Mary A.     15 Mar 1893      F098
Dobson, Harry             Musewait, Irene (Mrs)16 Dec 1889      E040
Dobson, I.W.              Russell, Lillian D.  1-Nov-18         V466
Dobson, Margaret          Morgan, Raymond      27-Jun-21        Z087
Dobson, Maude E.          Sinclair, John W.    26-Nov-08        M028
Dobson, Pearl             Freeman, Percy P.    27-Sep-03        J031
Dobson, Ross              Jackson, Gertrude    22-Dec-19        X058
Docherty, William F.      Dunne, Josephine B.  10 Sep 1888      D384
Dockum, Harry A.          Linell, Cordelia A.  6-Jun-00         H333
Dockum, Harry A.          Magill, Mabel C.     4-Sep-07         L108
Doctor, Celia             Witrogon, Benjamin   3-Jul-21         Z089
Dod, Albert G.            Dodd, Nettie L.      25 Feb 1897      G262
Dodd, Annie May           Brown, George W.     25-Jun-08        L458
Dodd, C.C.                McSkimming, Myo May  8-Apr-13         Q097
Dodd, Clark I.            Skiles, Eleanor T.                    S358
Dodd, E.E.                Sewall, Harriet      21-Dec-12        P574
Dodd, Flora               Lumbert, Frank       06 Apr 1894      F335
Dodd, Florence            Eberly, Glen         23-Jan-08        L286
Dodd, Frank A.            Cone, Bess           29-May-10        N119
Dodd, Harry               Woodman, Grace       19-Nov-11        O421
Dodd, Jackson I.          Jackson, Anna        24-Sep-02        I361
Dodd, Jennie L.           Stringfield, William 1-Jan-10         M600
Dodd, L.E.                Higgins, Louis W.    6-Apr-21         Y566
Dodd, Laura               Glass, S.            23-Sep-06        K379
Dodd, Leonard             Rennick, Myrtie      10-Apr-04        J206
Dodd, Mark                Dunn, Grace          18 Dec 1899      H226
Dodd, Mary                Baker, Delbert       19 Jun 1895      F556
Dodd, Nannie A.           Clark, Alexander     10 Mar 1874      A110
Dodd, Nettie L.           Dod, Albert G.       25 Feb 1897      G262
Dodd, Roy L.              Martin, Florence G.  18-Jan-20        X139
Dodd, Tempa               Williams, W.L.       14-May-13        Q141
Dodd, W.G.                Cuningham, Letitia   15 May 1884      C080
Dodd, W.W.                McKibben, Alice      11-Oct-01        I075
Dodds, Adah H.            Thompson, Thomas L.  01 Aug 1889      D583
Dodds, Beulah Marie       Bowers, Samuel Victor4-Oct-05         K061
Dodds, Joseph E.          Marsh, Cora B.       18 Aug 1892      E598
Dodds, Lona               Brown, J.W.          14 Apr 1895      F522
Dodds, Maud S.            Wise, William R.     22-Jul-08        L485
Dodds, Nina A.            Cade, C.E.           5-Aug-11         O271
Dodds, Nina A.            Doughty, Horace A.                    S168
Dodds, Wilbert            Floyd, Laverne       25-Feb-20        X220
Dodge, Bernice            Bosley, Albert Ralph 14-Nov-20        Y266
Dodge, Carrie E.          Ellison, J.F.        24 Dec 1879      B020
Dodge, Elsie              Hill, E.E.                            R540
Dodge, Enoch              Hughes, Lizzie E.    16 Nov 1876      A234
Dodge, Faye               Woodard, William Earl7-Aug-12         P361
Dodge, Frances E.         Burke, John D.       28-Sep-18        V418
Dodge, Frances E.         Jones, C.W.          31-Dec-12        P615
Dodge, Grace A.           Ball, William H.     25-Sep-10        N355
Dodge, John W.            Crook, Julia A.      11 Apr 1874      A113
Dodge, Mary               Hill, Oscar F.       30-Apr-19        W107
Dodge, William R.         Ryniker, Amelia B.   18-Mar-01        H542
Dodson, Alma V.           Suppes, Paul A.                       S498
Dodson, Amy               Smith, H.M.          18-Jul-03        I608
Dodson, Blanche           Teverbaugh, B.R.     6-Apr-20         X308
Dodson, Captola           Campbell, Bartlett   7-Oct-18         V431
Dodson, Cora              Corkill, Edward      04 Jan 1898      G438
Dodson, Dorcas            Britting, Schuyler   26-Dec-19        X082
Dodson, Edna B.           Stoll, Frank M.      11-Jul-21        Z121
Dodson, Forest            Savage, Gladys       04 Jul 1898      G535
Dodson, Forrest L.        Yeagle, Loretta      20-Jul-05        J635
Dodson, Georgia Olive     Martin, Earl P.      3-Sep-08         L551
Dodson, Ida               Coldwell, J.W.       25-May-04        J242
Dodson, Irene             Steele, T.D.         26-Oct-18        V460
Dodson, Irod E.           Bull, Florence       19 May 1898      G509
Dodson, J.                Rowles, Sallie       18-Jan-10        M623
Dodson, Jobe              Atherton, Jesse      14-Apr-13        Q106
Dodson, Kate              Richards, Carry      17-Jan-06        K178
Dodson, Louttia           Henry, John          28-May-12        P247
Dodson, Mabel Doris       Droz, Floyd E.       4-Apr-09         M203
Dodson, Marie             Clark, E.L.          28-May-13        Q160
Dodson, Nellie Lethena    Price, A.M.          1-Aug-00         H369
Dodson, Ollie             Bean, Fred C.        9-Oct-09         M466
Dodson, Ralph B.          Mateer, Florence     11-Jul-10        N243
Dodson, Silas L.          Wilson, Nida E.      15-Oct-03        J054
Dodson, Susan A.          Chastain, Arba B.    15-Mar-05        J521
Dodson, W.A.              Leslie, Jessie Lee   09 Feb 1899      H040
Dodwell, Harry G.         Hughes, Gertrude     6-Mar-14         Q556
Doeff, Fred F.            Noel, Olive M.       20-Jun-07        L024
Doeling, Clare(ra) B.     Hauldsworth, James W.29-Sep-00        H414
Doering, Herman           Ewing, Elba          10-Apr-19        W065
Doering, Herman           Ott, Carolina        24-Oct-10        N411
Doering, Rosella          Heckendorn, Frank H. 1-Jan-10         M600
Doerksen, Hellna          Zander, H.T.C.       06 Dec 1897      G416
Doerksen, J.J.            Voth, Susie          09 Apr 1898      G489
Doerksen, Jacob E.        Clawson, Idona       21-Sep-09        M439
Doffelmyer, Nellie        Smith, J.G.                           C217
Doffing, Conrad           Berger, Mary         11-Nov-21        Z413
Doffing, George E.        Lies, Mary           18-May-09        M258
Doffing, Katheryn         Spexarth, Bernard                     R432
Doffing, Lena             Girrens, Frank M.    28-Apr-14        Q587
Doffing, M.C.             Lies, Frances        24-Aug-09        M381
Doffing, Marie            Girrens, Michael     18-Nov-14        R218
Doffing, N.C.             Hein, Teresa         9-May-22         Z730
Doffing, Regina           Simon, Frank                          T162
Dofflemyre, Charles C.    Lawson, Anna J.      24-Oct-06        K419
Dogny, Frederic R.        Forsythe, Alma Maud(d17-Oct-00        H436
Doherty, Harry L.         Ravenscraft, Bessie  26-Jun-18        V248
Doherty, Isabella N.      Schnitzler, Henry Jr.14-Oct-17        U083
Doherty, W.H.             Dressen, Mamie M.                     T029
Dohl, Caroline            Sloan, Alfred        24-Sep-12        P427
Dohner, Irwin             Hannah, Gladys Ruth  8-Feb-11         O009
Doile, Lottie             Justice, H.L.        6-May-13         Q136
Doile, Thomas G.          Hassell, Mary        18-Jan-21        Y415
Dol, Laura                Schenmann, Moritz    01 May 1893      F124
Dolbow, George A.         Walker, Edith        14-Nov-19        W607
Dold, Christian           Biermann, Adelaide   18 Jun 1895      F553
Dold, Fred W.             Cox, Orlena M.       18-Dec-01        I126
Dold, Mary                Crist, George        30 Jan 1899      H029
Dold, Simon               Stockmann, Lizzie    21 Nov 1899      H198
Doles, Belva              Essley, Oliver       15-Sep-14        R148
Doles, Grace Guiles       Hamblin, Ed Sr.      15-Jul-14        R065
Doll, Cressie             Bradford, Elbert                      T009
Doll, Jennie              Snyder, James A.     29-Apr-01        H570
Doll, Marcus              Stansel, Ella I.     15-Oct-14        R196
Doll, Mary Theresa        Becker, John         07 Sep 1897      G351
Doll, Michael             Pattent, Carrie      05 Dec 1895      G003
Doll, Minnie L.           Parrott, A.H.        26 Jul 1899      H130
Dollings, Mollie          Ficht, August        04 Mar 1884      C049
Dolloff, Edward A.        Dick, Cora           9-Sep-08         L558
Dolphon, Orville          Fredericks, Esther                    R485
Dolt, Katharine           Scholidon, Casper    28 Feb 1881      B138
Dolt, Lizzie              Hamarsky, Anton      10 Jan 1881      B126
Dolt, Rosa                Pautenborg, Herbert  16 Aug 1881      B176
Domek, Joseph             Allbright, Lena      24-Oct-10        N412
Domham, Goldie            Kron, Frank                           S271
Domingo, Jesse            Anderson, Esther May 16-May-21        Y644
Dominic, George R.        St. John, Nellie L.  13-Mar-02        I199
Dominique, Lillian        Smith, Frank         28 Dec 1898      H006
Dominique, Lorena A.      Clark, Robert E.     22-Nov-05        K116
Dominquez, Enriqueta      Raigosa, Jose Maria  4-Sep-20         Y082
Donagan, David            Louie, Grace         11-Sep-20        Y097
Donagan, Ethel            Moore, Walter                         T267
Donagon, Otto             Marrey, Mazie        29-May-20        X438
Donahew, Homer            McCathron, Pearl     10-Jul-11        O241
Donahoe, Edward L.        Stanton, Ellen       21-Aug-07        L089
Donahoe, John             Warren, Susie        2-Sep-19         W402
Donahoe, Michael          Mulcahy, Josephine   16 Apr 1874      A115
Donahue, Anna             Davidson, Ross       28-Sep-11        O346
Donahue, Anna             Davison, Ross        28-Sep-11        O346
Donahue, Marie            Buswell, Robert D.   7-Jul-08         L476
Donald, A.G.              Rielly, Frances M.   31-Dec-12        P616
Donaldson, Beulah May     Fugit, James Lloyd   20-Dec-08        M054
Donaldson, Grace E.       Watson, Stacy Everett21-Aug-21        Z226
Donaldson, Mary Alice     Winkels, John A.     12-Jun-21        Z044
Donaldson, Nora (Mrs.)    Wilson, William T.   4-Sep-00         H388
Donalson, Burrell         Watson, Lucy         20-Oct-11        O376
Donaven, E.A.             Roberts, Leota       1-Oct-03         J038
Donegan, Lela M.          Johnson, G.A.        17-Dec-20        Y343
Doney, Laura E.           Spinder, David       4-Apr-00         H300
Doney, Mamie              Black, William Louis 9-Oct-07         L160
Doney, W.T.               McMullin, Mary       30-Nov-05        K123
Doney, Wesley T.          Cromwell, Ida        23-Dec-14        R286
Donham, Belle             Saunders, O.S.       02 Jan 1885      C189
Donham, George V.         Propper, Carrie      4-Jul-04         J282
Donham, I.F.              Turner, Mammie       31 May 1897      G305
Donham, Isabell           Saunders, Orville S. 13 Oct 1890      E217
Donham, Myrtle            Smith, Armine        15-Jun-07        L020
Donham, Oscar C.          Roberts, Irene       09 Dec 1896      G209
Donhan, Irene             Roeder, John         9-Oct-18         V439
Donlevey, Olive           Rollings, Everett Lon23-Nov-18        V493
Donlevy, J.J.             Beauchamp, Olive G.  24-Jun-08        L452
Donley, Catherine L.      Cardy, E.B.          30 Aug 1881      B179
Donley, Claude William    McComb, Ruth DeArmand18-Sep-20        Y117
Donley, Myrtle            Hemstreet, Sherman L.31-Mar-14        Q580
Donmyer, Alva E.          Crawford, Herbert J. 4-Aug-17         T553
Donmyer, Beatrice         Clark, Walter J.     15-Oct-20        Y196
Donnals, Bart Russell     Cook, Ethel May      9-Dec-12         P558
Donnals, T.E.             Green, Flo           03 Jul 1887      D048
Donnel, Paul Girard       Atteberry, Luella M. 27-Jan-12        P076
Donnell, Frank A.         Simonson, Juliett    3-Jan-12         P053
Donnell, Laura A.         Knoblauch, Leo E.                     K473
Donnell, Mary             Kennedy, James       11 Jan 1889      D476
Donnell, R.W.             Woodson, Elizabeth   10 Apr 1887      C625
Donnell, William A.       Nachbor, Gertrude    15-Dec-21        Z481
Donnell, William C.       Arnold, Muriel       8-Feb-10         N013
Donnell, William H.       Holladay, Lizzie     06 Oct 1887      D124
Donnellan, Ada Florence   Lewis, Elmer Reed                     T285
Donnellen, Ella           Tanner, E.F.         05 Jul 1886      C462
Donnelly, Catharine L.    Cardy, E.B.          30 Aug 1881      B179
Donnelly, Edward H.       Cooke, Pearl         17-Dec-08        M051
Donnelly, Grace P.        Gamble, G.W.         10-Jan-02        I156
Donnelly, Julia A.        Tucker, S.B.         31-May-05        J584
Donnelly, Rosa            Adamson, Jasper      01 Mar 1893      F089
Donnelly, William         Wiltimore, Flora     11 Jul 1898      G538
Donnely, Douglas V.       Dennen, Lizzie M.    16 Jun 1881      B166
Donnick, Fred Alpha       Gleichman, Ruth      28-Oct-14        R214
Donohue, James W.         Friend, Maymie B.    29-Dec-20        Y380
Donovan, Kitty            Call, John           28-Nov-21        Z457
Donovan, M.R.             Betch, E.D.          22-Apr-09        M230
Donovan, W.J.             Hoffman, Ella        28 Dec 1886      C564
Donovan, W.J.             Huffman, Ella        28 Dec 1886      C564
Dony, F.C.                Simmons, Ulizzia     07 May 1899      H076
Donzek, Nellie            Hennings, Marvin     25-Feb-22        Z632
Dooley, Mary A.           Stout, Clinton D.    10 Oct 1893      F224
Dooley, Roy               Ketchel, Thora       26-Jan-22        Z573
Dooling, C.C.             Bloyd, Irene         5-Nov-21         Z407
Doolittle, I.H.           Collins, Sue         05 Jun 1888      D313
Dooms, Lillie D.          James, Fred          7-Jun-21         Z026
Dooms, T.W.               Thornton, Lillie     30-Jun-20        X546
Doornbos, Virgil L.       Randall, Sena                         S049
Dopoy, Clara              Mefford, J.N.        08 May 1887      D004
Doramus, D.C.             Letscher, Huryette   9-Jul-19         W277
Doramus, William L.       Newland, Emma May    9-Jun-09         M283
Doran, Addie              Bender, John H.      20 Apr 1893      F118
Doran, Albert             Ely, Rosa Etta       1-Aug-06         K342
Doran, B.L.               Armstrong, Lizzie D.                  T065
Doran, Cora               Grimsley, A.C.       16 Nov 1898      G608
Doran, Emma               Key, George E.       30-Jun-02        I284
Doran, F.W.               Snider, Nettie       9-Sep-07         L112
Doran, Gertrude           Cox, Clarkson J.     17-Aug-10        N281
Doran, Gertrude           Meeks, Clyde         20-Oct-08        L608
Doran, Harry I.           Ketchel, Anna L.     27-Aug-01        I027
Doran, J.W.               Labenburg, Laura Bell14-Jun-21        Z043
Doran, Nettie             Wilber, Charley      1-Dec-19         X011
Doran, Paul               Stiers, Fay          29-May-08        L413
Doran, Pearl              Rooks, Samuel Alva   27-Aug-09        M392
Doran, Riley T.           Robinson, Ida        24-Apr-13        Q118
Doran, William            Brant, Dora E. (Mrs.)07 Jul 1890      E168
Doran, William W.         Likely, Mollie       15 Sep 1874      A132
Dorbett, Jane Ellen (Mrs) Rench, Joseph W.     06 Dec 1889      E034
Dorcas, Estelle Geneva    Cleaver, Porter G.C. 24-Sep-17        U001
Dorei, C.J.               Golden, Tillie       02 Feb 1898      G456
Dorei, Katie              Cuming, Alfred G.    20 May 1896      G095
Dorei, William            Reeves, Anna         02 Aug 1896      G128
Dores, Elizabeth          Conklyn, Thomas H.   06 Dec 1872      A053
Dorey, L.J.               Rogers, Mabel        24-Jul-04        J300
Dorey, Tennes C.          Colson, Vanna F.     12-Jun-18        V211
Dorie, C.E.               Carroll, Irene       14-Jun-21        Z049
Dorie, C.J.               Golden, Tillie       02 Feb 1898      G456
Dorie, William S.         Strong, Lottie       17-May-19        W145
Dorman, Anna              Pittenger, Charles E.6-Feb-00         H267
Dorman, Arkley M.         Dwinell, Alice J.                     T076
Dorman, George            Wyckoff, Elisabeth E.06 Aug 1878      A349
Dorman, Grace E.          Halderman, Charles D.                 S449
Dorman, Henry J.          Clark, Bertha        9-Nov-03         J075
Dorman, Lizzie J.         Lawerance, Oscar B.  04 Aug 1878      A349
Dorman, Louisa E.         Collins, H.C.        28 Aug 1879      A440
Dorman, Maggie            Flood, William       05 May 1889      D533
Dorman, Nettie            Dwyer, Patrick       31 Aug 1898      G563
Dorman, Sarah E.          Null, W.O.           28 Feb 1883      B352
Dormire, Harlan E.        Henry, S. Catherine  10-Aug-17        T565
Dornbush, Ada             Swartz, J.J.         24-Dec-01        I135
Dornbush, Henry(Harry)    Morton, Sadie Carrie 28-May-07        K639
Dornbush, Martha          Slates, George F.    17-Nov-06        K449
Dornbush, Sadie           Nelson, Oscar H.     12-Sep-05        K036
Dorner, Earl V.           Chambers, Lucile     21-May-20        X416
Dorner, George A.         Perrine, Edna        17-Feb-10        N024
Dorner, Henry J.          Ward, Winnie         1-Jun-10         N163
Dorney, Nellie            DeWitt, L.                            T342
Dorr, Edward              Mosteller, Irene                      S171
Dorr, Ethel A.            Deppen, A.G.                          R452
Dorr, Fay Ellena          Clardy, W.N.         27-Apr-18        V113
Dorr, Lennie Earl         Reeves, Cecile May   27-Nov-19        W638
Dorr, William V.          Wilson, Edith L.     4-Dec-01         I116
Dorrance, Alfred Wirt     Mayall, Josephine    30-Dec-09        M599
Dorrington, Edwin         Hopkins, Sadie       09 Mar 1885      C223
Dorsett, Otis B.          Bell, Hattie May     25 Dec 1897      G433
Dorsett, Pearl            Calvert, Eugene      26-Jul-07        L062
Dorsey, Arthur            Bowman, Ella         21 Jun 1879      A431
Dorsey, C.C.              DeWater, Jessie      10-Sep-00        H396
Dorsey, Edgar A.          Avery, Helen A.                       A094
Dorsey, Edgar A.          Avery, Helen A.      17 Feb 1874      A105
Dorsey, Edgar Jr.         Goodwin, Laura       15-Jan-02        I161
Dorsey, Florene           Teske, Rudolph M.    9-Apr-19         W062
Dorsey, Harry H.          Jefferies, Minnie A.                  T233
Dorsey, Helen             Weaver, T.W.         8-Jun-11         O177
Dorsey, Helen F.          Pray, William Paris  16-May-12        P252
Dorsey, Henry A.          Merrill, Alice       19 Jun 1888      D323
Dorsey, James             Caldwell, Susie                       T222
Dorsey, James T.          Sture, Rose Clarke   18-Jun-01        H616
Dorsey, John M.           McClelland, Sarah C. 24 Dec 1894      F466
Dorsey, Joseph Francis    Onstott, Alice       5-Dec-11         P006
Dorsey, Katherine         McCluggage, Thomas V.22-Feb-11        O028
Dorsey, Laura A.          Tuttle, James L.     30-Apr-01        H574
Dorsey, Lillian E.        Ressler, William L.  10-Jan-22        Z547
Dorsey, Mabel             Moore, Harry Russell 7-Oct-08         L595
Dorsey, Margaret          Johnston, Robert H.  12-Sep-05        K039
Dorsey, Maude             Hestwood, J.W.       24-Oct-13        Q394
Dorsey, Ruth              Torrington, W.J.     17-Sep-13        Q321
Dorsey, Thadene           Noel, J. Fred        31-Jan-12        P083
Dorsey, Vada              Dyre, Roy            3-Nov-20         Y242
Dorst, Estella A.         Collie, Elmer O.     12-Jun-19        W206
Dorsuch, Bertha Maud      Cook, Claude E.      13-Aug-14        R096
Dort, Blessie             Isely, Dwight                         S611
Dort, Celia I.            Atkinson, Charles H.                  S140
Dort, Harry M.            Moore, Genevieve I.                   T011
Dory, Earl                Robertson, Lottie    3-Feb-13         Q015
Dosda, Carl               Mathes, Pearl        4-Mar-18         V020
Dosda, Lela               Christy, Ira L.      17-Sep-20        Y116
Dosda, William            Lane, Fern                            R546
Dosien, Clarence C.       Stamback, Lucy F.    28-May-19        W165
Dosien, Edith E.          Smith, Altis Claud(de2-Mar-10         N035
Dosien, Gertrude E.       Schlink, Arthur E.   1-Jan-02         I145
Dosien, Mabel E.          Wiley, Albert E.     12-Jun-12        P272
Dosien, Raymond G.        Watson, Hazel Mary   18-Aug-20        Y038
Dosier, Effie             Jones, Alexander     8-Apr-01         H549
Doss, Beech               Kirksey, Viola       29-May-20        X433
Doss, George William      Said, Gladys Ruth    19-Jul-19        W297
Doss, Luther B.           Blivens, Minnie Evely14-May-20        X403
Doss, Nolan               Colbert, Hattie      7-May-21         Y626
Doss, Nolan               Deamon, Stella       2-Nov-10         N427
Dotson, Albert            Reed, Lizzie         28-Apr-13        Q124
Dotson, Clara             Huddleston, William S.                S046
Dotson, Clarence Eugene   Goin, Ruth Ilene     9-Apr-21         Y567
Dotson, Claude            Shive, Nellie        15-Oct-10        N392
Dotson, Joseph            Jackson, Flora       25 Aug 1890      E187
Dotson, L. Wallace        Tuell, Elsie         17-Feb-13        Q032
Dotson, Lela              Woodward, Vollie L.  29-Feb-12        P132
Dotson, Lewis             Loudenslager, Emma   21 Nov 1883      C007
Dotson, Lillian I.        Lane, Walter E.      13-Oct-01        I077
Dotson, Minnie            English, James A.    14-Apr-09        M217
Dotson, R.O.              Ohmart, Irene        1-Feb-22         Z584
Dotts, James A.           Hill, Elizabeth      12-Jun-21        Z043
Doty, A.L.                Gorman, Alta Ann                      S548
Doty, Cedia               Finch, Mamie         04 Jan 1897      G233
Doty, Edward J.           Fry, Lucy            23 Dec 1875      A181
Doty, Jessie May          Wood, Ralph E.       01 May 1898      G498
Doty, Lida(Lyda)          Kirkpatrick, George W06 Sep 1893      F193
Doty, Lola                Julian, Ernest E.    28-May-19        W163
Doty, Maggie J.           Lucas, Robert C.     03 Mar 1895      F502
Doty, Ollie               Jones, Daniel                         S554
Doty, Otho                Tierney, Katherine   27-Nov-07        L213
Dotzour,Clara Josephine   Yeager, Cyrus        6-Sep-06         K370
Doubleday, Sylvia         Baldwin, Charles A.  10-Jun-11        O189
Doud, Maude               Wickham, F.E.        7-Nov-00         H451
Doud, Palmer              Wheeler, Maggie E.   26 Aug 1893      F189
Douer, Maud               Vulgamore, Jess      16-Oct-08        L608
Dougherty, Charles J.     Brown, Louisa E.     10 Nov 1891      E418
Dougherty, Clara          Kalb, Benjamin       01 Oct 1889      D619
Dougherty, F.C.           Powell, Ella         17-Nov-03        J082
Dougherty, George         McNicol, Ruth        12-Aug-20        Y020
Dougherty, Gerald E.      Lane, Coila G.       8-Dec-09         M554
Dougherty, Hammond J.     Osborne, Lucy        9-Dec-05         K133
Dougherty, J.H.           Porter, Hazel        20-May-20        X412
Dougherty, J.W.           Paul, Isabel         20-May-02        I247
Dougherty, Lillian        Corbin, Claude E.    17-May-20        X407
Dougherty, Mary Agnes     McGinn, Jerome James 7-Jan-20         X103
Dougherty, Ralph C.       Daly, Minnie Ellen   20-Jul-21        Z132
Dougherty, Raymond J.     Ternes, Anna         20-Aug-19        W357
Dougherty, Robert         Barnes, Romance      04 Jul 1889      D568
Dougherty, Stella         Sweet, Bert          18-Apr-19        W078
Dougherty, William Leo    Bishop, Mabel Mary   22-Nov-11        O424
Doughman, Eliga           Ely, Leonore         03 Jan 1882      B230
Doughty, Horace A.        Dodds, Nina A.                        S168
Doughty, Ollie M.         Duvall, John G.      18-May-18        V153
Douglas, Alexander        Berney, Mary Estell  18 Apr 1886      C428
Douglas, Charles H.       Elliott, Gladys R.   6-Sep-19         W416
Douglas, Charles L.       Sneed, Tina                           S161
Douglas, Dorothy          Konnis, Andrew       19-Jun-21        Z057
Douglas, Edith            Hoath, W.J.                           L374
Douglas, Estella M.       Murphy, E.L.         26-Oct-03        J063
Douglas, Ethel            Golladay, Charles    21-Jun-19        W232
Douglas, Fred             Dowell, Mary         10 Sep 1885      C302
Douglas, Hazel M.         Hartman, William L.  16-May-21        Y642
Douglas, Helen Lucile     Minifield, Raymond   15-Jul-21        Z131
Douglas, Jessie           May, John                             S210
Douglas, John H.          Armstrong, Edith C.  03 Feb 1892      E487
Douglas, Lillie(lian)     Fines, Lawson        13-Sep-03        J015
Douglas, Minnie           McCann, Eli Curtis   8-Aug-20         Y009
Douglas, Patterson        Carr, Emma B.        .. ??? ....      E491
Douglas, Rebecca R.       Lehr, J.S.           01 Jun 1896      G102
Douglass, Charles         Summers, Sadie(ddie) 28 Sep 1897      G367
Douglass, George          Moore, Charline      23-Jan-21        Y428
Douglass, Grace Oria      Tankersley, Henry Lee                 S492
Douglass, Joe A.          Gilmer, May          18 Mar 1878      A322
Douglass, L. Everett      Carpenter, Mildred   11-Apr-22        Z701
Douglass, Tommy           Vaughn, Anna                          T102
Douthitt, Claire          Collins, Blanche O.  8-Mar-21         Y512
Douthitt, J.H.            Lowman, Margaret     07 Jan 1897      G234
Douthitt, James           Webber, Margaret                      S363
Dove, Dayrel E.           Reed, Fern M.        29-Apr-22        Z735
Dove, Ira B.              Brendell, Rose Neal  1-Nov-10         N422
Dovel, Ethel              Lehr, F.L.           23-Feb-22        Z624
Dovel, Florence           Burnes, Floyd        11-Oct-19        W515
Dow, Anna                 Rogers, Carl T.      6-Mar-21         Y505
Dow, Benjamin R.          Robinson, Edith L.   28-Jun-19        W249
Dow, Donald B.            Rothfus, Louise      15-Nov-20        Y269
Dow, E.B.                 Kimball, William L.  20-Apr-09        M222
Dow, Edward               McMurry, Meda        11-Feb-00        H269
Dow, Emma                 Grimsmann, August    11 Aug 1886      C482
Dow, Fred                 Barnes, Marguerite                    T241
Dow, George               Cheney, Nellie B.    01 Nov 1891      E413
Dow, Kate S.              Garthwaite, W.T.     24-Aug-18        V341
Dow, Lena                 Boll, Thomas A.      02 May 1897      G290
Dow, Lizzie               Tedman, Arthur       20 Feb 1896      G052
Dow, Loyd                 Howell, Leona        14-Jul-21        Z129
Dow, Mary                 Cupps, Aylett        16 Feb 1893      F081
Dow, Myrtle F.            Harsh, Thomas B.     1-Jul-11         O230
Dow, Wade H.              Moss, Irene          22-Aug-18        V334
Dow, William              Cupps, Myrtle        01 Jan 1897      G232
Dowd, Dorothy             Lewis, Aura                           T116
Dowd, Earl H.             Slade, Margaret      12-Oct-09        M469
Dowd, Maude               Wickham, F.E.        7-Nov-00         H451
Dowden, Maslin S. Jr.     Carey, Luella M.     12 Dec 1894      F456
Dowell, Bessie L.         Crandall, Roy                         S610
Dowell, C.E.              Pruett, Jennie E.    5-Jul-02         I292
Dowell, Clarence          Carpenter, Gertrude  3-Mar-09         M167
Dowell, Della F.          Crandall, Albert     24-Dec-06        K502
Dowell, E.L.              Griffith, Katie      22-Jan-20        X148
Dowell, Lulu Ruth         Booth, George E.     20-Nov-13        Q431
Dowell, Mary              Douglas, Fred        10 Sep 1885      C302
Dowers, C.A.              Daisy, Emma L.       24-Dec-21        Z506
Dowers, Joseph Grant      Butcher, Minnie E.   2-Jan-07         K509
Dowey, James M.           Huyuenin, Rose A.    13-Nov-07        L197
Dowle, John F.            Hodge, Emma          03 Oct 1887      D121
Dowler, E.E.              Baker, Pearl M.      20-Mar-10        N061
Dowley, M.M.              Hays, A.A.                            C532
Dowling, Jessie Marie     Caughron, G.W.       5-Oct-21         Z327
Downard, William W.       McClaron, Marietta   08 Jun 1892      E559
Downer, Maud              Vulgamore, Jess      16-Oct-08        L608
Downey, Ada F.            Davis, Wilburn       19 Sep 1894      F402
Downey, Anna M.           Brown, Will L.       20-Feb-07        K555
Downey, George            Grazier, May M.      31 Jan 1891      E293
Downey, George E.         Stoner, Nellie       11-Aug-02        I323
Downey, Gertrude R.       Drollinger, Charles T23 Jan 1895      F479
Downey, J.F.              Gleeson, Mary        22-Apr-08        L378
Downey, J.J.              Newman, Sadie        21-Apr-08        L376
Downey, James             Gleason, Catherine   25-Jan-11        N566
Downey, James             Tucker, Laura        13 Jul 1894      F380
Downey, James M.          Huguenin, Rose A.    13-Nov-07        L197
Downey, Kate              Abbott, William      30 Jan 1897      G245
Downey, Lillian           Crouch, Phineas H.   24 Sep 1891      E393
Downey, Maggie M.         Braddy, F.S.         03 Sep 1888      D375
Downey, Marion            Tift, William Wallace25 Jan 1897      G240
Downey, Mary A.           Lauterbach, Liberty F12-Sep-04        J341
Downey, Mary Alice        White, Theodore      22-Sep-20        Y131
Downey, Maurice S.        Connell, Lillian A.  24 Sep 1890      E200
Downie, Johnathan M.      Crabbs, Florence E.  20 Feb 1889      D497
Downin, G.S.              Gordon, Josephine    27-Apr-13        Q120
Downing, Anna K.          Hunter, James Black  2-Feb-09         M127
Downing, B. Harry         Greeson, Pearl       6-Apr-12         P179
Downing, Blanche Ethel    Israel, Robert E.    14-Dec-07        L235
Downing, Carl             Crater, Juanita      1-Oct-19         W486
Downing, Charles E.       Grigsby, Essie                        R635
Downing, Charles J.       Mancourt, Mary Jane  23-Jun-20        X518
Downing, Ella S.          Storey, John         13 Oct 1880      B101
Downing, Etta             Disney, Clyde        14-Nov-21        Z425
Downing, Fairy            Payne, E.M.          25-Jan-15        R341
Downing, Frank            Spitler, Edna        01 May 1898      G498
Downing, George D.        Redfield, Pearl      24 May 1899      H095
Downing, J.E.             Glessner, Henry      20 May 1885      C257
Downing, J.R.             Butler, Emilie J.    02 Sep 1882      B292
Downing, John B.          Loudenslager, Jennie 24 Dec 1895      G017
Downing, Joseph R.        Packard, Lizzie A.   01 Jan 1885      C183
Downing, Lillie           Fry, George P.       18 Mar 1886      C413
Downing, Lucy R.          Keatley, Jordan W.   21-Dec-11        P027
Downing, Marguerite       Moses, I.E.          19-Mar-21        Y535
Downing, Mary Essie       Hadler, J. Clarence  24-Jul-07        L060
Downing, Mayme F.         Sullins, Henry       21-Jun-04        J269
Downing, Mayme Josephine  Merry, E. Kent       22-Jun-05        J608
Downing, Raymond Justus   Baxter, Mary Eleanor 3-Nov-18         V468
Downing, Rebecca          Stevens, L.          2-Jun-05         J586
Downing, Susan R.         Storey, Thomas       21 Oct 1880      B102
Downing, Walter Earl      Fairley, Edna        9-Jun-12         P267
Downs, Anna C. (Mrs.)     Benner, James A.     20 Apr 1890      E124
Downs, Beula              Raux, Eugene         16-May-20        X398
Downs, Bonnie B.          Sowders, Glenn       9-May-20         X387
Downs, Elberta            Thompson, J.W.       3-Dec-20         Y314
Downs, Franklin E.        McElroy, Ora         27-Mar-19        W039
Downs, H.P.               Eaton, Hazel         31-Jul-17        T546
Downs, John T. Jr.        Hilton, Anna E.      2-Nov-08         L628
Downs, M. Lafayette       Reese, Myrtle        27-Oct-09        M502
Downs, Oscar B.           Thomas, Katherine    5-Nov-11         O398
Downs, Roy                Gibson, Helen        30-May-20        X432
Downs, Thomas H.          Jones, Emma Jane     17 Aug 1888      D361
Downs, W.K.               Harris, E.L.         11-Oct-09        M470
Downs, W.K.               Vann, Frinszella                      S077
Downy, Lizzie             Botts, Jacob         14 Sep 1897      G357
Dowum, Henry              Boggs, Lizzie                         S522
Doxtader, Idell           Blackburn, N.F.      16 Feb 1879      A401
Doxy, Emma                Huff, Jesse          21-Jan-13        Q003
Doyle, Anna               Piper, Ray           21-Oct-09        M481
Doyle, Bessie             Welter, William      25-Aug-14        R112
Doyle, Carrie E.          Garrison, H.H.       20-Feb-22        Z618
Doyle, Charles Jr.        Jeck, Freda Irene    25-Jul-17        T524
Doyle, D.E.               Kirby, Agnes G.      1-May-01         H577
Doyle, E.C.               Jones, Elva          20-Oct-13        Q389
Doyle, Ellen Cecilia      McCarter, Joseph Roy 26-Sep-08        L578
Doyle, Floy B.            Rimer, Sidney E.     11-Feb-07        K544
Doyle, George W.          Wilson, Elizabeth    20 Oct 1889      D637
Doyle, Glennie L.         Robinson, William C. 2-Jul-02         I286
Doyle, Grace              Davis, Luther A.     18-Feb-22        Z612
Doyle, Harry W.           Stewart, Jenny(nie)  4-Apr-00         H299
Doyle, James              Wright, Merle                         T352
Doyle, John F.            Miller, Jessie Goldie29-Oct-12        P486
Doyle, John J.            Smith, Zetta         27-Dec-20        Y373
Doyle, Julia              Gaiser, William H.   15 Nov 1887      D157
Doyle, Laura              Stone, James M.      27 Oct 1892      F003
Doyle, Laura L.           Libby, Simeon        28 May 1881      B160
Doyle, Lottie E.          Nelson, Wilbert      24-Dec-05        K151
Doyle, Lulu M.            Bush, Walter M.      19-Jul-03        I606
Doyle, M.R.               Doyle, W.L.          18 Oct 1888      D411
Doyle, Mabel H.           Erhart, H.W.         16-Feb-04        J165
Doyle, Mabelle(aebelle)   McCluer, Leonard H.  8-Feb-05         J495
Doyle, Mae                Prigmore, Harry      14-May-19        W141
Doyle, Marie Regina       Treweeke, William Eugene              T284
Doyle, Mary               Pearschbacher, Otto  31 Dec 1885      C369
Doyle, Maude M.           Welter, Will W.      16 Nov 1897      G407
Doyle, Merle              Miller, George H.    26-Oct-20        Y225
Doyle, Pearl C.           Harkleroad, William L10-Dec-14        R275
Doyle, Thomas             Perschbacher, Lena   01 Nov 1890      E229
Doyle, Thomas J.          Sanders, Mai         21-Aug-08        L525
Doyle, W.L.               Doyle, M.R.          18 Oct 1888      D411
Doyle, W.L.               Falkenstein, Mary E. 03 Nov 1886      C525
Doza, W.R.                Perdue, Dora H.      22-Feb-15        R370
Doze, George W.           Snyder, Mary         31-Aug-05        K026
Doze, Grace               Booth, G. Raymond                     T293
Doze, J.B.                Jocelyn, Genevva M.  17-Jan-11        N556
Doze, W.W.                Brady, Maggie B.     24-Dec-01        I142
Doze, Wilford             Devers, Elza         14-Jul-14        R064
Doze, William D.          Culver, Lora         08 Mar 1885      C223
Dozier, Effie             Jones, Alexander     8-Apr-01         H549
Dozier, James             Turner, Mozanna      26 Apr 1894      F344
Dozier, Joanna            Thomas, Joe          29-Nov-19        X009
Dozier, Joseph            Stewart, Nellie      04 Oct 1893      F219
Dozier, Mary              Jones, William Clifto23-May-07        K634
Dozier, Mathew            Hill, Johanna        20-Oct-10        N401
Dozier, Moseana           Bass, Jesse Grant    24-Dec-06        K497
Dozier, Newton            Chism, Sarah                          S119
Dozier, Sallie            Robinson, Charlie    06 Apr 1888      D262
Dozier, Vinia             Hibbitt, Tom         3-Jun-20         X452
Drace, Wilber A.          Snook, Blanch        16-Aug-08        L518
Dragoo, Audrey            Crawford, J.D.       28-Jun-20        X542
Drain, Bird L.            Roberts, Richard B.  22-Feb-09        M151
Drain, Emma               Elrod, McClelland    13 Sep 1885      C298
Drain, Lula M.            Remspear, William E. 28 Aug 1892      E600
Drake, Alice M.           Earhart, E.D.        18 Nov 1888      D432
Drake, Anna               Bristow, Percy C.    15 Dec 1897      G421
Drake, Anna               Warren, Felix        27 May 1880      B071
Drake, Anna C.            Guest, Richard E.    01 Jan 1889      D468
Drake, Bertram N.         Evans, Lucy Crystal  13-Dec-11        P016
Drake, C.B.               Huffman, Carrie E.   15 Jun 1887      D035
Drake, Carolinne          Reeves, E.W.         05 Jul 1897      G322
Drake, Charles O.         Armstrong, Lyda                       S376
Drake, Cora               Schermerhorn, Charlie4-May-07         K623
Drake, Dena               Graan, J.B.          07 Apr 1887      C624
Drake, Dena               Green, J.B.          07 Apr 1887      C624
Drake, Edgar J. Jr.       Burrell, Maude       8-Jun-04         J256
Drake, Edith V.           Brown, N.N.          29-Oct-06        K426
Drake, Ella               Williams, J.A.       27 May 1887      D018
Drake, Esther             Keller, Roy          29-Nov-20        Y307
Drake, Fred P.            Holmes, Nellie       27-Aug-21        Z241
Drake, Genevieve          Sparks, Fred N.      03 Oct 1889      D622
Drake, George D.          Smith, Hazel P.      16-Jun-09        M297
Drake, George M.          Brown, Myrtle        6-May-22         Z750
Drake, Gladys             Keating, A.W.                         S258
Drake, Harry M.           Timmons, Caddie      11-Feb-14        Q531
Drake, Hazel              Bailey, Earl         6-Sep-11         O314
Drake, Hazel F.           Scott, Vernon C.                      S051
Drake, Howard Bryan       Edwards, Marguerite J10-Dec-19        X027
Drake, Ida                Northrup, Jesse T.   20-Jan-19        V573
Drake, Jean Harriett      Mitchell, Earl       25-Jul-21        Z154
Drake, Jennie G.          Ayer, Arthur J.      6-Mar-15         R377
Drake, Mable              Kidwell, Guy                          T119
Drake, Mable B.           Davis, J.B.          2-Feb-01         H516
Drake, Margaret J.        Green, George H.     27-Dec-05        K159
Drake, Mary C.            Cox, Joel E.         25 Aug 1884      C123
Drake, Maud               Cox, Frank           11-Mar-15        R384
Drake, Maynard H.         Wiltrout, Frances Hay28-Oct-21        Z370
Drake, Orville L.         Jackson, May         06 Mar 1881      B141
Drake, Pearl              Harrison, Arthur     18-Aug-02        I328
Drake, Pearl A.           Harrison, Arthur C.  30-Jul-04        J305
Drake, R.H..              Loper, Margaret A.   24-May-22        Z784
Drake, R.W.               Stoddard, Abbie (Mrs.30 Nov 1898      G623
Drake, Ray S.             Bruce, Kittie        20-Sep-11        O330
Drake, Rhoda E.           Markwell, Abel       6-Jun-10         N173
Drake, Richard            Talbot, Hattie       10 Dec 1890      E260
Drake, Rose               Cherry, John         29 Mar 1891      E315
Drake, Ruth               Wilson, Charles      22-Feb-07        K557
Drake, Stella M.          Shelley, Raymond G.  23-Dec-06        K493
Drake, T.E.               Young, Mollie R.     17 Oct 1886      C516
Drake, W.H.               Hubbard, Iva May     1-Oct-11         O352
Drake, William J.         Munger, Nellie A.    16 Jun 1885      C257
Drake, William McKinley   Jared, Esther Mae    6-Dec-20         Y314
Drane, Lillian E.         McKnight, Charles Wil18-Oct-19        W531
Drapeere, Frances R.C. (MrTurner, William A.   08 Jan 1893      F052
Draper, Ada May           Strunk, Clyde M.     28-Oct-04        J397
Draper, Charlotte         Brown, J.C.          28 May 1896      G097
Draper, Delmar W.         Wilder, Ruby         16-Apr-13        Q111
Draper, Floyd James       Beaton, Ethel Birl   5-May-19         W118
Draper, Frank Burke       Terrill, Maud Isabell07 Jun 1894      F364
Draper, Isaac N.          Ingle, Nessie        9-Oct-20         Y181
Draper, Lillie M.         Bennett, Isaac       31-Jan-19        V589
Draper, O.D. Jr.          Neiman, Minnette                      S193
Draper, O.D. Jr.          Tjaden, Janet M.     27-Mar-18        V055
Draper, Oliver H.         Goff, Irene                           V302
Draper, Orange D.         Abens, Lyda          14 Jan 1877      A247
Draper, W.R.              Gilbert, Pearl       26 Sep 1898      G573
Draut, H.J.               Baldwin, Bessie                       R497
Dreasher, Ival B.         McCown, M.B.         20-Sep-19        W453
Drehl, John E.            Kriebil(bel), Cora E.03 Jan 1892      E468
Dreiling, Anton           Cook, Anna           5-Jul-21         Z113
Drennan, D.W.             Wilson, Maud(de)     28-May-03        I563
Drennen, Amy              Snyder, Fred         1-Jul-08         L470
Drennin, William B.       Mouser, Lydia E.     10 Nov 1875      A176
Drennon, Goldie           Benedict, Sam        14-Apr-21        Y578
Drennon, R.E.             Day, Lola            18-Nov-21        Z426
Drennon, Roscoe           Ousley, Addes        17-Sep-13        Q324
Dresbach, L.D.            Conger, Hattie F.                     R432
Dresen, Eva               Stein, Rudolph       2-Jun-14         R010
Dressen, Anna             Schmidt, Albert J.   29-Jul-12        P352
Dressen, Mamie M.         Doherty, W.H.                         T029
Dresser, Blanche M.       Bracken, Charles H.  02 Aug 1891      E366
Dresser, Elthea A.        Bryan, Urban T.      19 Jun 1892      E564
Dresser, J.W.             Bowles, Maude (Mrs.) 30-Aug-11        O301
Dresser, J.W.             Wainwright, H.L.     22 Nov 1887      D165
Drew, Bell                Bates, Osman W.      04 Jun 1874      A123
Drew, Bessie              Williams, George     3-Jan-20         X105
Drew, Charles             Elias, Clara         16 Dec 1894      F454
Drew, Ida                 Alloway, John R.     04 Sep 1889      D602
Drew, Lena                Rynerson, Wallace L. 20-Jun-18        V237
Drew, M.M.                Arnett, Thomas       21 Feb 1880      B040
Drew, Mary A.             Alloway, William     23 Jul 1890      E174
Drew, W.R.                DeLung, Lenora       18-Feb-14        Q540
Dreyer, Elizabeth         Burrill, Guy Warren  25-Sep-19        W467
Drier, Emma               Rhoads, A.C.         08 Oct 1885      C319
Drier, Minnie             Reynolds, L.E.       14 Dec 1887      D179
Drinnen, W.H.             Buchanan, Bertha                      S357
Driscoll, Frank           Johnson, Anna        11-Dec-07        L231
Driscoll, Margarite C.    Kennedy, Thomas E.   18-Nov-02        I404
Driskel, George W.        Sutphin, Sarah Elizab14-Nov-18        V482
Driskel, Lottie           Huey, Sidney         15-Aug-06        K352
Driver, Emma              Moore, William       23-Oct-12        P477
Drivers, Mable            Hines, William Frank 14-Nov-18        V482
Droddy, Ethel             Lybarter, Lee        22-Jun-20        X523
Drollina, Melvina         Sexton, O.L.                          C554
Drollinger, Bertha M.     Green, Charles O.    4-Sep-07         L104
Drollinger, Charles T.    Downey, Gertrude R.  23 Jan 1895      F479
Drollinger, Joseph OrvilleWard, Victoria E.    20-Jun-06        K297
Drollinger, Margaret      Hephner, John        20-Jul-20        X595
Drouhard, E.F.            Hazle, Cordia        3-Jun-14         R011
Drowatzky, E.W.           Mark, Ida M.         17-Dec-01        I124
Drown, Daniel Ira         Charlton, Lotta Orell15-Aug-06        K350
Drown, Minnie M.          Burress, F.A.        25-Dec-02        I437
Droz, Floyd E.            Dodson, Mabel Doris  4-Apr-09         M203
Drozd, Frank Adolph       Schmidt, Clara May   18-Jun-08        L444
Drugan, C.L.              Todd, Mazie          30-Apr-13        Q127
Drugan, G.L.              Allison, C.W.        29-Sep-20        Y146
Drugan, Ivie              Chamness, Ira D.     7-Apr-06         K235
Drugan, Levi F.           Hathaway, Golden                      C436
Drukker, Esther           Deichmann, Alfred    19 Feb 1890      E080
Druley, Theresa           Black, W.G.          10-Nov-21        Z419
Drullinger, Blanche       Bratcher, Owen                        S103
Drum, Mamie Alice         Kinney, Homer V.     4-Dec-19         X016
Drumand, May              Davison, Roley       19-May-10        N146
Drumheller, Judson A.     Rummel, Bertha       23 Aug 1890      E186
Drumheller, Lula          Moore, W.H.          4-Oct-10         N374
Drumm, Alma               Baker, Arthur        3-May-20         X375
Drumm, Elma E.            Burt, Silas          24-Feb-04        J173
Drumm, Eugene             Funk, Elizabeth      25 May 1889      D545
Drumm, Frank              Jeffries, Lula       19-Jan-21        Y418
Drumm, Jacob              McPherson, Emma F.   05 Oct 1884      C144
Drumm, Mabel L.           McCully, John M.     27-Jul-09        M357
Drumm, Rita               McKnight, C.J.       10-Apr-13        Q101
Drumm, William George     Tullis, Lillian Pearl26-Jun-06        K305
Drummond, Abbie           Jennings, Clarence W.8-Sep-20         Y090
Drummond, Frederick       Gentner, Addie       05 Nov 1891      E416
Drummond, Katherine       Blades, Guy          24-Nov-09        M537
Drummond, Mae             Theodore, James Jr.  5-Mar-22         Z643
Drummond, Maggie E.       Marshall, John C. Jr.05 Apr 1885      C237
Drummond, Pearl           Hall, Harvey         21-Oct-12        P472
Drummond, Sarah C.        Vandyke, J.W.        3-Sep-21         Z251
Drury, Alva H.            Parker, Almira M.    08 Nov 1894      F431
Drury, Archibald Harlan   Hatfield, Mabel Grace24-Jun-20        X524
Drury, Edwin E.           German, Jessie K.    7-Jun-17         T430
Drury, Effie              Malone, Dan C.       23-Oct-12        P479
Drury, Francis            Moran, Blanch                         S028
Drury, Irene              Williams, James A.   8-Dec-08         M039
Drury, Jennie             Jeffries, Mahlon     1-Jul-11         O231
Drury, Luverne Lucile     Garrett, Joe Charles 1-Dec-18         V505
Drury, Viola A.           Brownlee, Chas. Flemi07 May 1890      E135
Drybread, McKinley        Philo, Marie         5-Feb-21         Y447
Dryden, Alva J.           Murphy, Alice G.     12-Jul-11        O244
Dryden, Nellie E.         Knight, Henry G.     29-Jun-05        J612
Dryer, Ethel              Cooney, Noel         12-Jun-12        P277
Dryer, Grace              Haynes, John G.      4-Aug-17         T556
Du Bois, Carrie Agnes     Dunbar, Charles Louis10 Sep 1891      E386
Du Boise, Ivye            Stevens, H.A.        27-May-12        P246
Du Coin, William A.       Parker, Agnes D.     4-Sep-07         L103
Du franes, Frank          Gramse, Martha       20-Jun-01        H619
Du Plan, Henry B.         Todd, Lulu           24 Sep 1890      E203
Dubach, Ella              Putman, George W.    23-Aug-18        V343
DuBois, Maggie            Shuman, William A.   10 Apr 1873      A068
DuBois, Margaret J.       Wright, F.C.         26-Nov-01        I111
DuBois, Vera M.           Edwards, H.M.        14-Jul-20        X580
Duck, Henry               Smith, Anna          07 Nov 1888      D428
Ducker, W.A.              March, Clare E.                       I429
Duckworth, Bertha         Tindall, Perry       1-Jun-07         L001
Duckworth, Carl L.        Berkey, Lola                          S389
Duckworth, Porter         Johnson, Helen Marie 22-Oct-21        Z371
Duckworth, Vergil         Tandy, Edith         16-Nov-21        Z428
Ducolon, Maurine          Snyder, Willard      22-Oct-21        Z375
Dudey, Milton Henry       Rinckel, Gladys Louis4-Sep-21         Z249
Dudley, Carl              Gingles, Mabel       2-Jan-12         P052
Dudley, E.M.              Huffman, Lola M.     4-Jul-04         J284
Dudley, J.C.              Conrad, Velma O.     22 Jun 1887      D041
Dudley, Jefferson J.      Rombold, Carrie W.   20-Dec-11        P019
Dudley, M.A.              Coday, T.D.          04 Nov 1888      D425
Dudley, W.A.              Lynde, Myldred       10-Oct-17        U064
Dudley, William S.        Kersey, Ruth A.      28 Nov 1891      E432
Dudly, Alex               Cooper, Mary         8-Oct-07         L159
Duehring, Frederick R.    Martin, Mary E.      4-Jun-20         X455
Duehring, Maggie (Mrs.)   Cooper, Theadore A.  12-Mar-13        Q060
Dueker, Elfrida Viola     House, Guy Fillmon   5-Jun-20         X459
Dueker, Ottilia W.        Swanson, Simon P.    5-Jun-20         X460
Duel, Arthur              Collier, Marie                        S634
Duel, C.D.                Wakefield, Elizabeth                  S018
Duetschi, Elizabeth       Seidl, Lawrence      24-Nov-03        J087
Duey, G.W.                Yarbrough, Mary      19-Mar-18        V044
Duff, Clarissa A.         Benson, John         7-Jan-14         Q497
Duff, Lyonel R.           Sheldon, Chloie      30-Dec-05        K165
Duff, Martha Cecil        McCluer, William H. J12-Mar-02        I195
Duff, Minne               Hart, W.A.           20 Mar 1895      F512
Duffer, Mattie A.         Jones, John Harris   3-Aug-10         N263
Dufferin, O.C.            Bennett, Edith C.    17-Sep-00        H402
Duffield, T.A.            Mead, Nellie A.      3-Apr-04         J199
Duffy, Andrew             Manion, Anna S.      18 Sep 1874      A134
Duffy, Cornelius J.       McParttin, Mary E.   22-Sep-04        J353
Duffy, Francis            Burnett, Laura May   30-Mar-12        P169
Duffy, James              Bowers, Annie        24 May 1876      A205
Duffy, Lillian J.         Hill, A.T.           6-Sep-05         K032
Dufield, Hattie           Kruckenberg, Arthur J17-Nov-09        M528
Dufield, May              Martin, B.B.         22-Apr-08        L377
Dufield, Rose A.          Manninger, William   28-Oct-03        J065
Dufrane, C.E.             Carson, Lillian      10-Jun-21        Z037
Dufton, Anna Rose         Winters, Oscar Kent                   S182
Dufton, Clara             Carnahan, Alonzo B.  23 Sep 1895      F598
Dufton, Richard B.        Gardner, Rosa        04 Nov 1885      C332
Dufur, Rufus C.           Bratley(ly), Leonia E26 May 1892      E552
Dugan, Edna M.            Orrick, B.L.         12-Jan-21        Y407
Dugan, Ellen              Walsh, Thomas J.     22-Oct-19        W534
Dugan, Emma               Grant, Milton        23-Apr-05        J552
Dugan, Frances H.         Forward, E.W.        5-Sep-00         H393
Dugan, Frank M.           Williams, Sardena A. 07 Feb 1885      C209
Dugan, Hattie             Miller, John E.                       T159
Dugan, Henry L.           Gorman, Elizabeth Fra09 Feb 1897      G249
Dugan, K.M.               Hoppe, R.J.          19-Jun-01        H618
Dugan, Lucinda            VanGundy, E.         25 Dec 1884      C181
Dugan, Mary               Grady, Dennis        26-Dec-01        I139
Dugan, Mary               Hale, Frank          11 Nov 1875      A177
Dugan, Michael C.         Moore, Maud(de)      20 Sep 1895      F596
Dugan, Myrtle             Westfall, T.B.                        T191
Dugan, N.F.               Vaughan, Theresa G.  16-Nov-04        J415
Dugan, Nephi              Cain, Ethel Hazel    2-Feb-04         J154
DuGardin, Richard         Smith, Katy          2-Dec-01         I115
Dugas, Mary               Forbes, Homer Allen  29-Nov-17        U288
Dugen, Jennie E.          Tucker, O.W.         29-Oct-13        Q396
Dugen, Lewis Melvin       Springborn, Alvine F.27 Jun 1899      H113
Duggan, Cora              Ellis, Harry                          T126
Duggan, Julia             Comes, Carl L.       8-Nov-21         Z414
Dugger, Lydia             McKinley, Edward     13-May-14        Q627
Dugger, W.J.              Smith, Juanita       7-Aug-19         W341
Duguid, Albert B.         Lawson, Clara M.     05 Apr 1892      E528
Duguid, Ralph Orval       Poe, Vivian Marie                     T353
Duguid, Ruth              Carlson, Sigurd      22-Dec-17        U385
Duke, Earl K.             Meyer, Pauline C.    3-Sep-19         W401
Duke, Floyd Edwin         Daily, Hazle Vestal  3-Feb-15         R348
Duke, Henry W.            Smith, Etta          9-Jul-02         I295
Duke, L.                  DeVoss, Mamie A.     12-Mar-21        Y521
Duke, Paul                Williams, Hester     28-Dec-21        Z517
Duke, Paul L.             Hoyt, Martha Irene   6-Nov-19         W582
Dukes, J.W.               Hume, May            19-Feb-05        J502
Dulaney, Lulu             Prestridge, J.S.     28-Nov-14        R261
Dulany, Josephine MargaretRyan, L.L.           11-Jul-18        V272
Duley, Clayton            Harrison, Edna       15-Aug-18        V323
Duley, Viva               Anderson, Lafayette                   R596
Dull, D.M.                Coppenbarger, Mary M.07 Aug 1887      D076
Dull, Ethel L.            Palmer, Chester E.   15-Jun-19        W211
Dull, Laura               Schenmann, Moritz    01 May 1893      F124
Dull, Sydney S.           Minor, Viola J.      9-Feb-21         Y465
Dumond, Edward K.         Miller, Frances M.   19 Jun 1884      C090
Dumont, Alice             Romig, James L.                       S430
Dumont, Charles B.        Brannon, Alice       3-Sep-04         J332
Dumont, Georgia           Salmon, Joseph W.    20-Nov-02        I405
Dumont, Grace             Vandine, John Jr.    24-Dec-01        I142
Dumont, Zella             Williams, Charles E. 31-Mar-09        M199
Dun, Maggie A.            Hilbert, James       20 Dec 1885      C362
Dunagan, C.P.             Hoofer, Dora         9-Apr-13         Q100
Dunagan, Jacob A.         Wiggins, Minnie V.   20-Mar-21        Y536
Dunagan, Marie Jane       Cleary, Cecil E.     4-Feb-20         X173
Dunagan, William          Tyree, Ollie Belle(la15-Jun-02        I273
Dunakin, Charlie W.       Heimple, Leah        26-Apr-10        N106
Dunaphant, James          Clute, Addie (Mrs)   12 Feb 1890      E071
Dunaway, Arthur           Jackson, Raye        9-Mar-07         K570
Dunaway, Elva             Hedrick, Joseph      29 Dec 1898      H011
Dunaway, H.P.             Scott, Fannie                         S171
Dunaway, Josie            Martin, Felix        4-Aug-08         L505
Dunaway, Sallie           Willis, Willie       7-Sep-07         L109
Dunbar, Charles Louis     Du Bois, Carrie Agnes10 Sep 1891      E386
Dunbar, Clara C.          Steinbuchel, Louis   27 Nov 1889      E027
Dunbar, Clarence          Allis, Ida           3-Jan-22         Z533
Dunbar, Frank L.          Young, W. Louise     2-Jun-10         N170
Dunbar, Hazel             Edmonson, E.A.                        H341
Dunbar, James L.          Johnston, Gertrude                    K296
Dunbar, James O.          Cochran, Halcyon M.  05 Nov 1890      E239
Dunbar, L. Montez         Yost, Charles W.     24-Sep-03        J028
Dunbar, Louise            Stearns, John L.     14 Jun 1894      F371
Dunbar, Mary Jane         Wilson, Thomas       30 Jan 1884      C033
Dunbar, Melissa May       Ray, M.F.            28-Apr-09        M236
Dunbar, Nellie            Moss, Charlie        14-Mar-08        L339
Dunbar, R.L.              Turner, Lillian      1-Jun-21         Z005
Dunbar, W.L.              Hobson, Evelyn M.    17-Jul-04        J296
Duncan, A.B.              Randolf, Myria       25 Jun 1893      F158
Duncan, Ada May           Johnson, William M.  7-Nov-09         M508
Duncan, Alva              Stanhope, Lyda       22-Aug-18        V338
Duncan, Bernice           Mann, James          27-Dec-10        N529
Duncan, Bertha            Bowman, George       30-Jun-09        M322
Duncan, Blanche E.        Carnahan, Grant R.   31-Dec-02        I444
Duncan, Burtie            Thomas, W.D.         9-Jan-12         P059
Duncan, Charles L.        Wolfe, Linnie        10-Dec-13        Q452
Duncan, Clara             Fanning, Hugh        14-Feb-12        P105
Duncan, Clyde W.          Wilson, Rachael      __ Aug 1921      Z176
Duncan, Della M.          Smith, Ben H.        24-Oct-12        P482
Duncan, Edna              Cone, Eugene                          S398
Duncan, Ella              Chase, A.L.          29-Dec-17        U419
Duncan, Ella              Samms, Logan         6-Jan-13         P622
Duncan, Ellen M.          Goode, Daniel S.     3-Sep-02         I339
Duncan, Emily M.          Campbell, Wilbur E.  18 Jan 1871      A006
Duncan, Emma A.           Hunt, Francis C.     17 Aug 1893      F185
Duncan, Emma J.           Blood, George L.     25 Jan 1887      C578
Duncan, Estelle May       Timmons, David S.    28 Nov 1894      F443
Duncan, Ethel             Callahan, Harry C.   10-Mar-09        M177
Duncan, Evelyn            Anchondo, Mariano    27-Nov-11        O430
Duncan, Flora K.          Isely, Bliss         31-May-11        O172
Duncan, Florence E.       Phares, F.W.         21-Nov-05        K115
Duncan, Frances E.        Bertrand, Chester P. 29 Oct 1875      A172
Duncan, Frank             Bowers, Maria        20 Nov 1884      C164
Duncan, George Edward     Sellers, Florence Agn20-Apr-18        V105
Duncan, George L.         Baur, Edith R.       4-Jun-21         Z017
Duncan, George M.         Whiteside, Libbie    24-Dec-19        X068
Duncan, Glenn             Strong, Martha Ganell3-Feb-13         Q016
Duncan, H.E.              Gregory, Mabel       26-Aug-03        J002
Duncan, Helga             Nickel, P.E.                          R521
Duncan, Isabella B.       Duncan, James G.     18 Aug 1878      A354
Duncan, J.G.              Whitworth, Mary Louis31 Mar 1880      B058
Duncan, James C.          Newhold, Elsie                        T106
Duncan, James G.          Duncan, Isabella B.  18 Aug 1878      A354
Duncan, Jesse             Marquard, Rose       18-Dec-18        V519
Duncan, John              Gibson, Sallie       19-Feb-01        H524
Duncan, John E.           Haggett, Laura       30-Aug-20        Y065
Duncan, John James        Billing, Zella Charlo29-May-18        V175
Duncan, Lettie B.         VanRiper, C.E.       9-Jul-01         H636
Duncan, Lulu B.           Fearey, John B.      17-Mar-14        Q572
Duncan, Mabel L.          Busenbark, David N.  20-Mar-07        K577
Duncan, Margaret ElizabethGillian, James B.    23-Sep-05        K048
Duncan, Martha            Pixler, Ernest Claude                 S174
Duncan, Mary              Burge, Elmer A.      6-Apr-10         N086
Duncan, Mary              Umbarger, Vernon Lee 3-Jan-20         X107
Duncan, Mary Ellen        Newell, Everett B.   15-Apr-09        M219
Duncan, May               Seese, Ayers(Ayres)  28 May 1898      G513
Duncan, N.K.              Fields, Fern         17-Dec-21        Z484
Duncan, Ophelia           Westfield, Thaddaus  22-Mar-13        Q075
Duncan, Pearl             Caster, Thomas E.    19-Oct-04        J382
Duncan, R.C.              Rogers, Hazel        3-May-09         M244
Duncan, Rachel Lucile     Looker, Eugene Wesley9-Jun-20         X471
Duncan, Raymond T.        Kinslow, Amanda Eliza23-Dec-12        P581
Duncan, Robert Jesse      Foreman, Hattie      25 Dec 1888      D460
Duncan, T.E.              DeVore, Genevieve    29-Apr-13        Q128
Duncan, Vallie Mabel      Schoeppel, Martin E.                  S374
Duncan, Virginia          Napier, Cass         25-Sep-18        V412
Duncan, W.H.              Phillips, M.L.                        S031
Duncan, William Jr.       Webster, Ina         08 Mar 1896      G058
Duncan, Winifred          Miles, Charles W.    21 Oct 1894      F422
Duncombe, Allan           Fuller, Opal Grace   4-Feb-22         Z588
Dundon, Thomas J.         Mountz, Vivian K.    15 Apr 1889      D525
Dunegan, M.J.             Mossbarger, Rachael E24 Apr 1888      D280
Dungan, Mabel             Cassie, Herman       12-Nov-21        Z423
Dungee, Beulah Violette   Giwosky, J.S.        18-May-01        H591
Dunham, Alva T.           Loofbourrow, Ersel                    S570
Dunham, Charles C.        Bradshaw, Lucile C.  31-Jul-11        O265
Dunham, Frank V.          Messenger, Pearl May 30-Jul-17        T544
Dunham, Hattie            Herrington, L.M.                      R506
Dunham, J.H.              Morgan, Emma E.      5-Nov-04         J409
Dunham, James G.          Spencer, Virginia C. 07 Jun 1893      F152
Dunham, James J.          Conner, Lura         19-May-00        H322
Dunham, Mabel Cleo        Whitney, Hugh Innes  7-Oct-11         O359
Dunham, Mary B.           Stamp, Charles E.    21 Oct 1891      E406
Dunham, Neva              Miers, Otto          16-Dec-14        R282
Dunham, Pearl             McClaflin, Harry C.  14-Dec-14        R280
Dunham, Ralph             Armour, Ruth Lucille                  S002
Dunham, Rena              Butterfield, C.F.    12-Sep-13        Q318
Dunham, Thaddeus N.       Sechrist, Cinderella 06 Jan 1891      E280
Dunham, William H.        Butler, Dollie Martha31-Dec-07        L267
Duniphant, James          Clute, Addie (Mrs.)  12 Feb 1890      E071
Dunkelberger, Harry M.    Witt, Sadie Marie    28-Oct-20        Y230
Dunkhorst, William F.     Hastings, Pearl      27-Jun-10        N208
Dunkin, Bertha May        Watson, C.R.         4-Nov-00         H453
Dunkin, C.E.              Ferguson, Enos D.    06 Aug 1893      F178
Dunkin, Frank L.          Pennington, Opal     3-Jul-14         R056
Dunkin, Frankie           Mountz, Harry        2-Sep-08         L545
Dunkin, Ida               Naughter, John J.    20-Sep-05        K045
Dunkin, Mahala            Henry, Link          27-Apr-21        Y607
Dunkin, Nellie E.         Raymond, L.E.        2-Oct-19         W486
Dunkin, Rebecca A.        Cooper, Frank        21 Sep 1892      E613
Dunkin, Reuben L.         Weatherly, Dessa E.  27-Jan-19        V583
Dunkin, Tonia             Davis, J.N.          23 Feb 1896      G050
Dunkin, William H.        Lankton, Alberta     30 May 1896      G098
Dunkle, Viola             Jung, Herbert A.     23-Jun-19        W237
Dunkleberger, Alta FlorencRickard, Samuel J.   1-Aug-09         M340
Dunkleberger, Olie        Calhoun, Edison      6-Apr-12         P180
Dunkleberger,Bessie May   Shook, Zella H.      11-Jun-12        P274
Dunkum, Frankie           Mountz, Henry        2-Sep-08         L545
Dunlap, Alonzo D.         Cross, Eva M.        28-Aug-04        J326
Dunlap, Amelia J.         Brown, Edward M.     18 Nov 1886      C532
Dunlap, Benjamin F.       Robinson, Mary Edna  24-Dec-13        Q467
Dunlap, Bessie D.         Royse, W.P.          28-Dec-04        J454
Dunlap, Blanche           Smith, H. Howard     19-Oct-04        J380
Dunlap, C.M.              French, Rosey        6-Sep-13         Q307
Dunlap, Carey M.          Davis, Mamie E.                       S269
Dunlap, Charlie E.        Jennings, Mary       22-Sep-19        W456
Dunlap, E.L.              Hart, Verne          27-Apr-14        Q607
Dunlap, Earnest Earl      Stratton, Mildred M. 22-Sep-20        Y133
Dunlap, Edith L.          Richey, Samuel E.    20 Apr 1884      C070
Dunlap, Eva               Jason, Ira           25-Oct-20        Y222
Dunlap, Fannie Irene      Ridgeway, Anthony E. 28 Jul 1892      E585
Dunlap, Francis Marion    Carter, Lottie       20 Sep 1882      B298
Dunlap, Gladys M.         Vail, Walter C.      10-Sep-14        R138
Dunlap, Harley A.         Stewart, Clara       17-Apr-11        O104
Dunlap, Isaac A.          Pratt, Mary Alta     26-Nov-08        M011
Dunlap, James A.          Maple, Minnie        24 Sep 1893      F210
Dunlap, James E.          Burwell, Nettie B.   27 Dec 1892      F043
Dunlap, Laban C. (E.)     Hall, Ruth B.        8-Apr-08         L359
Dunlap, Linus S.          Stoddard, Sarah S.   13 Mar 1883      B356
Dunlap, Lois Eva          Taylor, John A.      21 Sep 1882      B300
Dunlap, Lycurgus          Whitaker, Addie D.   11 Dec 1883      C014
Dunlap, Maggie J.         Canton, Frank J.     19 Feb 1874      A106
Dunlap, Mary              Allen, Raymond       6-Mar-13         Q055
Dunlap, Mattie            Rummage, Charles E.  27-Mar-09        M194
Dunlap, Mildred Geneva    Church, H.L.         11-Jun-21        Z041
Dunlap, Oscar             Hursman, Goldie      25-May-10        N154
Dunlap, Renie             Williams, W.E.       27 May 1883      B374
Dunlap, Sibel             Conway, Thomas R.    22-Jul-01        I006
Dunlap, T.L.              Walker, Lyda         20 Nov 1881      B210
Dunlap, Theodosia         Miller, E.R.         23 Jan 1883      B344
Dunlap, Winifred          Taylor, Arthur       1-Jun-09         M276
Dunlap, Zirn N.           Alderson, Bessie     28-Oct-11        O387
Dunlap. Frank W.          Cox, Sylvia T.       4-Mar-03         I499
Dunlapp, Lucy             Elder, Isaac S.      21 Aug 1870      A002
Dunlop, Wilma(llma)       Ferris, Frederick    30 Dec 1892      F047
Dunmars, Edmona E.        Campbell, Charles L. 23-Apr-06        K251
Dunmire, Alta E.          McGowan, J.A.L.      30-Jan-01        H515
Dunmire, Bert C.          Cook, Myrtle         24-Nov-08        M019
Dunmire, Clarence C.      Kilmer, Lottie M.    15-May-12        P231
Dunmire, Etta Blanche     Guest, John Edward   13-Oct-01        I076
Dunmire, F.E.             Stilley, Pauline     14-Aug-13        Q276
Dunmire, Fred A.          Hite, Mabel Fern     21-Jun-11        O211
Dunmire, George           Baxter, Elfra        17 Sep 1893      F201
Dunmire, Hattie           Herron, Joseph       15 Jun 1899      H107
Dunmire, Joe              Brewer, Bertha       9-Mar-22         Z648
Dunmire, Lyda             Bartholomew, Joseph  23 Jun 1895      F557
Dunmire, Mary E.          Wright, James A.     14 Jan 1885      C194
Dunmire, Rose E.          Hagerty, Jess W.     22-Apr-08        L379
Dunmire, Roy L.           Church, Margaret     22-Jul-20        X601
Dunn, Alice M.            Tammany, David S.    11-Jun-08        L436
Dunn, Anna                Shepherd, Charles    11 Jun 1887      D028
Dunn, Ara                 Tittington, Alfred   28-Nov-07        L219
Dunn, Benjamin Franklin   Demoret, Lila May    5-Mar-14         Q555
Dunn, Bertha              Bobier, Claude       30-Jun-21        Z092
Dunn, Beryl               Zimmerman, Harry                      R574
Dunn, Bessie              Laukas, John F.      1-Apr-22         Z683
Dunn, C.B.                Harris, Lena         2-Jul-17         T484
Dunn, Catherine           Carnahan, William Oda25 Dec 1894      F462
Dunn, Charles             Shirkey, Lucretia A. 12-Apr-03        I525
Dunn, Charles E.          Kuechenmeister, Marga29-Jan-12        P082
Dunn, Charles E.          Sadler, Eliza E.     12 Feb 1891      E299
Dunn, Charles I.          Smith, Dorothea C.   21-Jun-11        O208
Dunn, Charles P.          Stice, Effie         12-Dec-02        I425
Dunn, Christopher Joseph  Dailey, Mildred Helen29-Jun-19        W254
Dunn, Clinton C.          Hindes, Sara         4-Jun-19         W189
Dunn, Cora                Humphery, Ernest C.  14-Jun-18        V215
Dunn, Daisy D.            Pointer, William W.  8-Mar-02         I195
Dunn, David Edward        Watts, Martha J.     11 Aug 1887      D076
Dunn, Della               Teague, Charles B.                    S088
Dunn, Earl                Giggy, Wilda                          Z149
Dunn, Edward E.           Brehn, Lena          29-Sep-19        W481
Dunn, Elizabeth           Vollmer, Scott       20-Sep-18        V403
Dunn, Ellen               Clutter, James O.                     S207
Dunn, Elmer               Haskins, Mamie       29-Jun-11        O227
Dunn, Emma                Browne, George       4-Jan-21         Y398
Dunn, Emma                Wilson, Sam H.       7-Nov-21         Z412
Dunn, Eugene              Thornton, Alpha      17-Apr-12        P197
Dunn, Fannie              Schavis, Henry       26-Dec-07        L260
Dunn, Francis             Kivett-Bozarth, Ruth                  S304
Dunn, Frank               Little, Kate         24 Oct 1894      F424
Dunn, George F.           Wellborn, Stella     20-Jan-01        H504
Dunn, Grace               Dodd, Mark           18 Dec 1899      H226
Dunn, Harry Samuel        Little, Edith Estella28-Sep-04        J360
Dunn, Horace J.           Keim, Susie A.       09 Jul 1896      G118
Dunn, I.N.                Judah, Jennie B.     27 Sep 1899      H166
Dunn, Ida                 Tandy, D.E.                           R567
Dunn, Ida May             Orchard, Robert T.                    S071
Dunn, James W.            Rym, Frances O.      05 May 1897      G293
Dunn, James W.            Ryno, Frances O.     05 May 1897      G293
Dunn, Jehiet A.           Sanders, Diana (Mrs.)25 Oct 1891      E409
Dunn, Jennie              Myers, John H.       09 Feb 1893      F071
Dunn, Joe                 McBride, Wilhelmina  5-Jan-14         Q491
Dunn, John W.             Robinson, Susan      27-Feb-11        O032
Dunn, Johnnie Marguerite  Beaty, Harry L.      18-Feb-22        Z614
Dunn, Joseph              Colman, Ara          13 Nov 1889      E016
Dunn, Julia A.            Long, H.C.           16-Aug-18        V325
Dunn, Laura               Canfield, William R. 4-Jun-20         X456
Dunn, Leota Jean          Brooks, Alden Ira    18-Jan-14        Q506
Dunn, Lilac               Clark, Claud         19-Aug-12        P377
Dunn, Lilly M.            Buck, Charles W.     28 Oct 1896      G178
Dunn, Lois Joyce          Kelso, Roy Emmett    18-May-18        V156
Dunn, M.E.                Clark, H.S.          03 Sep 1888      D376
Dunn, Mariah Isabel       Blakey, Russell Fishe26-May-20        X427
Dunn, Martha L.           Huguenin, D.V.       26-Nov-19        W636
Dunn, Mary                Bishop, Paul R.      16-Oct-19        W528
Dunn, Mary F.             Dewees, J.           03 Jun 1877      A269
Dunn, Mattie              Sommer, F.E.         4-Mar-03         I497
Dunn, May                 Chance, L.R.                          S398
Dunn, May L.              Dix, Jay C.          23 Dec 1896      G219
Dunn, Mildred             Samuel, Guy                           S020
Dunn, Orville             Cunningham, Augusta  9-Nov-21         Z415
Dunn, Robert B.           Smith, Sarah Ellen   25 Dec 1893      F278
Dunn, Roy                 Markwell, Cleo       7-Nov-17         U180
Dunn, Ruth                Shreve, Homer        15-Apr-20        X335
Dunn, S.A.                Boileau, Alexander   9-Aug-17         T564
Dunn, Sadie Belle         Schopf, Ora A.       30-Nov-11        O439
Dunn, Sarah               Robinson,Horace Greel1-Jan-04         J128
Dunn, W.G.                Kinder, Anna L.      7-Sep-20         Y090
Dunn, William Lee         King, Daisy          3-Jul-18         V262
Dunn, Willis E.           Critchfield, Angie L.16 Feb 1893      F078
Dunne, Glen M.            Wilson, Dorothy      24-Feb-20        X217
Dunne, Joseph             Coleman, Ara         13 Nov 1889      E016
Dunne, Josephine B.       Docherty, William F. 10 Sep 1888      D384
Dunnegan, Paul R.         Sarles, Mary Charlott29-Apr-19        W098
Dunnell, Hattie           Ostrung, Gottfried   1-Aug-01         I011
Dunnell, Jennie R.        Barton, L.M.         18 May 1897      G301
Dunnigan, Goldie          Clark, Albert M.     19-Oct-19        W530
Dunnigan, Katie           Cole, George W.      16 May 1871      A010
Dunning, Bertha           Manassa, A.S.        30-Apr-01        H573
Dunning, Forestine        Wickersham, G.H.     6-May-02         I237
Dunning, Jennie           Allen, Archibald S.  30 Apr 1891      E337
Dunning, Lida             Gates, Orval                          S177
Dunning, Olivia           Grey, Michael S.     23-Jan-01        H511
Dunning, Vida             Madison, E.W.        1-Sep-03         J007
Dunnway, Ida              Allen, Charley       1-Oct-08         L588
Dunscombe, Cora           Purkey, WIlliam A.   13 Jun 1887      D033
Dunsmore, Cora B. (Mrs)   Deweese, William R.  22-Oct-00        H442
Dunsmore, William O.      Haines, Cora B.      28 Apr 1896      G085
Dunson, Anna              Perrie, P.R.         26-Jun-07        L036
Dunson, J.H.              Holmes, Maude F.     24-Apr-01        H566
Dunson, Joseph R.         Buck, Emma           29 Jan 1890      E067
Dunstone, H.W.            Jones, Laura M.      9-Feb-21         Y468
Dunsworth, Bessie         Griffin, John F.     24-Sep-14        R163
Dunsworth, Lulu           Pollard, W.F.        20-Jun-03        I584
Dunway, Ida               Allen, Charley       1-Oct-08         L588
Dunworth, Lulu            Pollard, W.F.        20-Jun-03        I584
Duplan, H.B.              Whittridge, Lelia M.                  C545
DuPont, Charles A.        Redus, Florence      18-Sep-20        Y119
DuPree, Mabel             Jendel, Charles      17-Mar-19        W028
Dupy, Laura A.            Woodman, Thomas M.   13 Feb 1887      C588
Dupy, Maggie E.           Osburn, George D.    17 Dec 1885      C356
Dupy, Warren C.           Sackett, Jennettie E.18 Nov 1886      C530
Durall, Blanche           Crow, Roy            12-Jul-09        M341
Durand, Amos M.           Winters, L.          18 Feb 1877      A252
Durand, Charlie G.        Jewell, Mary I.      16 Oct 1881      B200
Durand, Loretia           Winters, William F.  02 Apr 1882      B257
Durand, Maggie            Francis, James K.    21 Sep 1893      F207
Durand, Ornah L.          Shaner, Mifflin      27 Dec 1877      A300
Durant, Ardelia           Giacomilla, Romolo   4-Aug-19         W330
Durant, Leonard           Cloud, Carrie        25 Dec 1883      C019
Duren, Elizabeth          Long, Leroy          31-May-19        W173
Durfee, Ben T.            Edwards, May         1-Jan-03         I450
Durffy, Pat               Bynum, Mattie        19-Mar-00        H291
Durgruff, Frank           Schlasser, Eliza (Mrs07 Mar 1891      E309
Durham, Clyde E.          Fair, Pearl M.       4-Sep-19         W413
Durham, Edna              Gilbert, J.W.        19-Aug-19        W372
Durham, Ervin             Noble, Pearl         31-Dec-18        V548
Durham, Frank B.          Haberthier, Marie Eun3-Sep-17         T610
Durham, Guy Roscoe        Manley, Clyde        3-Sep-10         N311
Durham, John W.           Carrick, Goldie Esther                S138
Durham, L.H.              Grove, May           17-Dec-13        Q461
Durham, Mary              Wetta, Joseph        15 Apr 1879      A418
Durham, Nat T.            Hornaday, May M.     28 Mar 1893      F104
Durham, Sadie             Avery, William       11 Jun 1893      F165
Durkin, J.E.              Burke, Helen         24-Nov-21        Z447
Durkin, J.E.              Potter, Mabel        20-Sep-10        N343
Durley, Sam               Washington, Vivian   4-Nov-21         Z405
Durling, Clarence         Kahrs, Anna                           S366
Durling, Maud             Farquharson, Albert O.                R416
Durmann, Agatha           Heitz, Frank         28 Apr 1881      B154
Durmann, Rosa M.          Lies, Peter          19 Nov 1889      E017
Durnil, Warder R.         Corfman, Cleo L.     14-Apr-21        Y576
Duross, John              Mernane, Catharine   18 Jan 1898      G439
Duross, Margret           Knightley, James Will08 Mar 1886      C401
Durrant, Daisy B.         Gamel, H.C.          25-Jul-18        V291
Durrant, Leona            Peppard, Harry Edwin 4-Jul-14         R060
Durst, Joseph H.          Haskin May A.        11-Oct-21        Z339
Durst, Russell            Belcher, Fannie      4-Apr-22         Z690
Durtschi, Elizabeth       Seidl, Lawrence      24-Nov-03        J087
Durway, Charles J.        Walsh, Jennie        15-Apr-07        K606
Duschek, Alois            Betlach, Anna        15 Jul 1877      A276
Dusing, Mabel May         Davison, Joseph Lione3-Jul-18         V260
Dustin, John G.           Kilmer, Alice        03 Feb 1891      E295
Duston, Ruselle L.        Rising, Gary         02 Jan 1894      F289
Dutcher, Bela C.          Bucke, Mabel A.      9-Mar-09         M172
Dutcher, Bela C.          Burke, Mabel A.      9-Mar-09         M172
DuTeil, C.D.              Zimmerman, Christine 10-May-19        W130
Dutton, Angeline M.       Ketzler, Charles F.  24 Jun 1896      G112
Dutton, Bert A.           Bratten, Selma F.    24-Feb-12        P122
Dutton, Carrie Hazel      Gove, Albert L.      19-Jun-07        L028
Dutton, Grace E.          Fowler, Willard E.                    T074
Dutton, Henry Welton      Thompson, Olive May  1-Nov-05         K098
Dutton, Lydia             Upshaw, W.I.         1-Dec-20         Y310
Duty, Will                Castor, Cora         16-Apr-21        Y583
Duval, Malachi            Dandridge, Jennie    10 Mar 1892      E514
Duvall, E.F.              Sartin, Ella Mae     12-Aug-18        V319
Duvall, E.R.              Stafford, Emma       25 Dec 1877      A301
Duvall, Emory Clyde       Hammond, Mildred Rebecca              S428
Duvall, Grant R.          Helvie, Nannie A.    08 Jan 1891      E282
Duvall, J.H.              Lowry, Virgie                         S321
Duvall, John G.           Doughty, Ollie M.    18-May-18        V153
Duvall, Katherine         Peaslee, Charles Jame15-Aug-21        Z210
Duvall, Lola              Sisk, Jesse A.       01 Jul 1890      E161
Duvall, Nova              Wilson, Floyd        27-Jun-17        T478
Duvall, Walter St.Clair   Harris, Margaret E.  7-Dec-05         K130
Dvorak, B.F.              Mallonee, Ruth V.    26-Oct-10        N416
Dwight, Lottie B.         Cole, George R.      04 Jul 1895      F563
Dwinell, Alice J.         Dorman, Arkley M.                     T076
Dwinell, Erma F.          Thurman, Grover C.   25-Nov-09        M539
Dwyer, Alma Cleora        Booth, William Henry 30-Jul-18        V297
Dwyer, Clark Ian          Redburn, Elsie Pearl 11-Mar-22        Z650
Dwyer, Daniel J.          Haely, Mary          09 Feb 1888      D221
Dwyer, Daniel M.          Dale, Esther A.      1-Sep-20         Y070
Dwyer, John W.            Gamble, Josie        1-Mar-20         X226
Dwyer, Johnie             Kraus, Regina        3-Mar-09         M168
Dwyer, Katie J.           Henke, Henry B.      20-Nov-01        I101
Dwyer, Mary               Gawthrop, Fred N.    09 Feb 1893      F067
Dwyer, Mary               Smith, Charles T.    01 Nov 1899      H200
Dwyer, Nettie             Everts, Charles H.   31-Aug-14        R121
Dwyer, Patrick            Dorman, Nettie       31 Aug 1898      G563
Dwyer, Richard C.         Baker, Rose Mary     3-Oct-10         N373
Dwyer, Will               Kipp, Lillian        3-Jan-19         V551
Dwyer, William            Dean, Anna           29-Jan-13        Q012
Dwyer, William            Henke, Lizzie        24-Oct-07        L176
Dyal, Mabell(le)          Buchanan, Edgar G.   11-Jan-11        N547
Dyal, Maybelle            Hill, D.P.           12-Nov-13        Q418
Dyas, G.H.                Hurt, M.L.           23 Dec 1896      G221
Dyche, Essie M.           Albertson, J.B.                       S412
Dyche, Fred E.            Caldwell, Verona E.  15-Jun-21        Z048
Dyck, Frank               Bekker, Susie        28-Jun-20        X541
Dyck, Frank               Buerki, Martha E.    23-Nov-14        R249
Dyck, Max                 McCready, Maud(de)   27-Jul-07        L064
Dye, Bessie L.            Nelson, Christopher H8-Jul-07         L046
Dye, Charles E.           Hoover, Dora         27-Feb-05        J506
Dye, E.M.                 York, Maggie Z.      24 Aug 1898      G557
Dye, Etta S.              Jones, Jesse H.      11 Jan 1893      F053
Dye, Jay R.               Lobdell, Lena        18-Nov-08        M011
Dye, Joseph E.            Weese, Maude E.      20-Aug-19        W357
Dye, Mabel A.             Rice, H.V.           9-Jun-09         M282
Dye, Nola                 Byers, Ralph         31-Jul-20        X619
Dye, Pearle               King, G.W.           22-May-11        O155
Dye, William              Dinkers, May         27-Aug-10        N300
Dye, William A.           McCoy, Claudia       12-Jan-04        J140
Dyekman, Ethelyn          Benbow, C.T.         20-May-18        V160
Dyekman, Harry            Crays, Ethelyn       21-Aug-07        L091
Dyenhart, Anna            Grubb, Dave          1-May-12         P221
Dyer, Anna                Hitt, O.J.           30-Jun-19        W254
Dyer, Anna Lucile         Maynard, Aaron A.                     T027
Dyer, Arthur L.           Paul, Ione E.        23 Apr 1890      E127
Dyer, Bessie              Brown, Guy           16-Aug-03        I630
Dyer, Charles E.          Grimm, May E.        14-Jul-17        T503
Dyer, E.B.                Melone, Minnie       19-Dec-17        U362
Dyer, Edna A.             Brane, J.E.          17-Jul-09        M350
Dyer, Edna E.             Riggs, William Roscoe5-Jun-01         H605
Dyer, Frank H.            Hornbeck, Ruth E.    18-Dec-19        X049
Dyer, Frank R.            Zeininger, Anna R.   30 Jun 1897      G320
Dyer, Grover              Taylor, Gertrude     2-Sep-14         R120
Dyer, Harry E.            Noltemeyer, Friederic28-Jul-21        Z163
Dyer, Henry A.            Blake, Lola          13-May-09        M251
Dyer, Jessie              Bartlett, Bert       22-Jul-17        T501
Dyer, Kate                Honeywell, Frank     5-Jul-17         T490
Dyer, Mary E.             Marts, C.A.                           S082
Dyer, Nina Mae            Steen, Otto L.       25-Dec-10        N523
Dyer, Nora M.             Kush, H.A.           20-Jan-12        P074
Dyer, Pearl               Carter, W.J.         10-Dec-13        Q452
Dyer, Sadie               Lanning, E.B.        07 Nov 1888      D428
Dyer, Verne               Blair, Mabelle       6-Dec-05         K130
Dyer, Viola               Parker, Harry        4-Sep-21         Z255
Dyer, W.H. Jr.            Critzer, Anna F.     28-Feb-06        K212
Dyer, William             Green, Inez          24-Dec-12        P591
Dyer, William             Thompson, Mary       29-May-12        P248
Dyer, William D.          Willis, Mabel M.     1-Jun-13         Q166
Dyer, William H.          Chambers, Mary E.    15 Mar 1876      A194
Dyerly, Eurellia Madora   Cochran, Paul        30-Jan-20        X165
Dyget, F.G.               Bristol, A.M.        10 Jan 1896      G032
Dyke, Lucy                Bourell, Frank       4-Feb-21         Y457
Dykeman, Eunice           Day, Floyd E.        1-Oct-14         R171
Dykeman, W.C.             Ferguson, Clelah N.                   T302
Dykes, Ella               Keller, M.L.         30-Jun-02        I285
Dykes, Laura Gray         Collins, R.A. Jr.    24-Mar-21        Y541
Dykman, Lena              Riege, Will          2-Sep-20         Y078
Dykstra, G.G.             Rundalle, Amelia     26 Mar 1882      B258
Dyre, Edna E.             Riggs, William Roscoe5-Jun-01         H605
Dyre, Roy                 Dorsey, Vada         3-Nov-20         Y242
Dysart, Addie             Brookings, Arthur    10-Sep-07        L113
Dysart, Edward M.         Hanes, Nora Etta     03 May 1893      F127
Dysart, Mary              Spangler, M.W.       13-Jun-10        N184
Dysart, Samuel J.         Pitchford, Lottie    14-Oct-01        I078
Dyson, Charles A.         Wagner, Mary         28 Oct 1890      E231
Dyson, Fay Elizabeth      Dietrick, Charles Har6-Nov-19         W581
Dyte, Cornelis            Roeder, Charlotte    18 Jun 1882      B278
Dyte, Lottie              Kauffman, Samuel     25 Dec 1887      D187
Eades, Eleanor Olive      Robinson, Ernest Arth3-Apr-20         X298
Eades, Maud               Moore, Jesse G.      16 Oct 1897      G382
Eades, Theodore H.        McCrea, Mattie       27 Sep 1899      H168
Eads, Albert R.           Webb, Cleo           7-Apr-20         X312
Eads, Alice M.            McCrea, James        15 Dec 1894      F458
Eads, Anna M.             Simpson, C.D.        09 Oct 1898      G587
Eads, Asa                 Nelson, Lillie       22-Aug-18        V339
Eads, C.H.                McGriff, Alda E.     01 Feb 1899      H035
Eads, Hazel               Jabes, Ewald E.      5-Nov-21         Z410
Eads, John F.             Butler, Libbie       26 Jun 1889      D561
Eads, Silence E. (Mrs.)   Parsons, Charles A.  30-Jun-00        H351
Eaglin, Eleanor Belle     Roberts, Philip Oscar19-Oct-19        W532
Eakin, Guy W.             Keene, Bernice       25-Dec-13        Q473
Eakin, James Rollo        Kimberly, Glenn Elsie16-Jun-13        Q200
Eakins, Orleon W.         Messerve, Elsie B.   27-Aug-12        P387
Eakins, Robert Raymond    Prock, Hattie Pearl  16-Mar-10        N054
Eakins, William J.        Bradley, Ella V.     24-Jun-03        I590
Eaman, James              Clark, Mary A.       30 Nov 1870      A004
Eames, Harry T.           Williams, Josephine  10-Jun-08        L431
Eamren, Roda              Webb, Grover C.                       K566
Earhart, E.D.             Drake, Alice M.      18 Nov 1888      D432
Earhart, Esther           Montgomery, Joseph C.27-Feb-18        V007
Earhart, Glenn H.         Hyde, Leila V.       17-Dec-19        X046
Earhart, Jessie K.        Lawless, Thomas      03 Aug 1891      E367
Earhart, Martha May       Hastie, Robert B.    2-Jan-22         Z531
Earhart, Martha May       Koob, Charles B.     24-Nov-03        J088
Earhart, May              Trone, G.W.          01 May 1888      D285
Earl, Anna                Talbert, J.L.        21-Oct-01        I084
Earl, C.M.                Brockhausen, Marie Er17-May-19        W144
Earl, Leonore             Jordan, Ezekiel                       R615
Earl, S.E.                Osborne, Stella      4-Jun-02         I262
Earl, Thomas              Robertson, Belle     05 Nov 1894      F429
Earle, Grace I.           Huth, James E.       11-May-07        K628
Earle, Lolah              Pilkington, John     11-Dec-19        X030
Earle, Nettie             Griffith, Calvin     14-Oct-00        H425
Earley, Lucile            Thompson, T.F.       7-Jun-20         X466
Earll, William Howard     Warner, Ethel        20-Oct-20        Y210
Earls, Eva                Elting, George       6-Jun-07         L006
Early, A.                 Pierpont, Elizabeth  28 Aug 1899      H146
Early, Edith              Eisfelder, E.W.      11 Sep 1895      F592
Early, Egbert             Bradfield, Mila      31-Oct-00        H449
Early, Goldie             Roof, Charley        29-Aug-17        T602
Early, John A.            McGregor, Laura Belle                 R589
Early, Lulu E. (Mrs.)     Corporon, M.E.       19-Aug-01        I022
Early, Margaret           Atwell, C.E.         9-Oct-12         P443
Early, Margaret           Atwell, C.E.         9-Oct-12         P503
Earnest, Blanch(he)       Hartley, Samuel      10-Sep-07        L114
Earnest, Blanche          Pugh, James O.       12-Oct-08        L598
Earnest, Faith E.         Soller, Walter A.    3-Jun-21         Z014
Earnhart, Ruby E.         Cox, Arthur M.       30-Sep-13        Q348
Earnst, Alice             Crawford, Charles W. 7-Aug-21         Z189
Earnst, Beyrl             Nash, Romey          2-Apr-08         L354
Earnst, Blanche           Pugh, James O.       12-Oct-08        L598
Earnst, Frank E.          Sexton, Pearle C.                     S007
Earnst, Roy               Thackery, Florence   24-Dec-11        P033
Earp, George W.           Pirtle, Harriet      1-Aug-09         M361
Earp, Mable               Hoop, Oscar W.       19-Oct-04        J381
Eash, Michael             Smith, Miranda       29 Aug 1892      E602
Easley, Carl              Knight, Leota Mae    20-Mar-22        Z665
Easley, Effie M.          Briggle, V.M.        25-Apr-06        K253
Easley, Florence M.       Hook, Andrew J.      17-Dec-08        M051
Easley, Frank Wesley      Martin, Iva          20-Sep-17        T637
Easley, Frederick M.      Callais, Louise Marie8-Oct-13         Q356
Easley, Jessie            Fultz, Russell                        S594
Easley, Julia             Nelson, George L.    19-Jul-20        X594
Easley, R.C.              Peden, Mabel L.      28-Nov-01        I112
Easley, Sam               Andrews, Minnie                       S595
Easom, Rose               Tillerson, Earl J.   15-Dec-19        X038
East, James C.            Matlock, Allie W.    24-Oct-04        J392
East, Maud                Evans, Michael J.    19-Nov-19        W619
Easter, Ada               Turner, Lloyd                         S004
Easter, Birdie Parr       Fisher, C.L.         3-Oct-00         H419
Easter, Carl Frederick    Bailey, Mary E.      28-Nov-17        U284
Easter, Charles           Davis, Cora Ann      28 Feb 1897      G265
Easter, E.D.              Wright, Roberta B.   15-Aug-21        Z211
Easter, Fern              Royston, David       9-Jun-18         V202
Easter, Pearl G.          Darby, Henry E.      2-Apr-11         O072
Easterday, E.E.           Sherman, Glenna B.   18-Aug-21        Z221
Eastin, Essie             Worrell, Lloyd       24-Dec-17        U392
Eastin, Johnson Otis      Hammer, Daisy        21-Jul-20        X598
Eastin, Olive L.          Payne, Emery E.      20-Mar-13        Q068
Eastin, Pearl Grace       Elliott, Lawrence    2-Jul-21         Z101
Eastin, William Earl      Young, Bessie        21-Jul-19        W307
Eastin, William N.        Langworth, Georgie E.27-Jul-07        L065
Eastin, Zella C.          Smith, L.E.          10-Apr-05        J541
Eastman, Elisabeth        Eddie, Hugh          10 Mar 1880      B045
Eastman, F.D.             Hutchinson, Katheryn                  R526
Eastman, F.D.             Lind, Laura E.       28-Oct-19        W557
Eastman, Flora Della      Kirk, Waldo H.       11-Sep-19        W431
Eastman, Frank A.         Gilchrist, Bessie B.                  S299
Eastman, Henry S.         Oldham, Martha E.    04 Dec 1873      A095
Eastman, Lillie           Tallman, Wallie      2-Aug-10         N264
Eastman, Martha           Kile, Ervin          10 Nov 1883      C001
Eastman, O.J.             Johnston, Virginia La27-Aug-13        Q284
Eastman, Oscar L.         Haws, Lelia P.       16 Aug 1899      H138
Eastman, William H.       McCrocklin, Maud(de) 8-Mar-00         H286
Easton, Margaret J.       Ridenour, Samuel I.  01 Jun 1898      G516
Easton, William J.        Phillips, Elizabeth  6-Sep-05         K033
Eatherton, Allie          Laurence, W.J.       4-Jun-17         T419
Eatin, Edythe Edelen      Lewis, Reese         14-Mar-12        P145
Eaton, A.L.               Kady, May            25-Jun-06        K302
Eaton, Alexander          Packer, Mary E.      22-Dec-18        V526
Eaton, Alvis              Batty, Ella          28 Nov 1894      F446
Eaton, Alvis              Beatty, Ella         28 Nov 1894      F446
Eaton, Devone             Martin, George Raymon16-Nov-10        N451
Eaton, Donald B.          Hefke, Grace                          T199
Eaton, E.W.               Phillips, Artie E.                    S614
Eaton, Edythe Edelen      Lewis, Reese         14-Mar-12        P145
Eaton, Eliza C.           Edwards, John M.     24 Nov 1886      C538
Eaton, Elsie              Folck, Ray           28-Jul-17        T534
Eaton, Fannie E.          McKemson, Robert     26 Aug 1891      E374
Eaton, Fannie E.          McKumson, Robert     26 Aug 1891      E374
Eaton, Gladys             Cox, Clyde E.        24-Mar-20        X271
Eaton, Hazel              Downs, H.P.          31-Jul-17        T546
Eaton, Hazel Blanche      Franklin, George Lewi15-May-18        V150
Eaton, Henry H.           Thompson, Mary T.    26 Dec 1886      C561
Eaton, James R.           Hurst, Nellie J.     14 Feb 1892      E496
Eaton, Jennie B.          Cully, O.H.          15 Aug 1888      D359
Eaton, Louise S.          Hunt, Harry                           T033
Eaton, Margarette E.      Roberts, Arthur V.   18-Aug-05        K016
Eaton, Martha J.          Heins, Lewis         01 Jul 1888      D330
Eaton, Mary Emma          Wallace, D.C.        19 Feb 1885      C212
Eaton, Monnie             DeWitt, Sheldon      29-Dec-17        U414
Eaton, Nellie Mae         Brink, Gaylord R.    12-Jan-14        Q502
Eaton, S.J.               Bowen, James H.      03 Jul 1881      B167
Eaton, S.J.               Bowman, James H.     03 Jul 1881      B167
Eaton, Samuel             Cameron, Sadie       2-May-09         M241
Eaton, Stella             Ehle, Charles        12 Oct 1898      G587
Eaton, W.P.               Murdock, Pearl       12-Dec-00        H477
Eaton, William J.         Phillips, Elizabeth  6-Sep-05         K033
Eaton, Woody M.           Strubhar, Zoah                        S419
Eazell, John W.           Martin, Mabel        7-Mar-03         I502
Ebbers, Louise            Jenkins, G.R.                         S416
Ebberts, Aletha           Wallace, C.W.                         R580
Ebberts, Gladys           Hornbeek, Ray        12-Sep-18        V392
Ebberts, Maud Agnes       Grogan, Edward Linn  21-Nov-12        P523
Ebel, Lillian             Beltz, Harry                          S271
Ebel, Louis A.            Stubbs, Lillian      4-Sep-07         L101
Ebenhack, Henry           Mansfield, Maud      12 May 1888      D296
Ebenkamp, Bernhard J.     Geris, Anna M.       22-Jan-07        K512
Ebenkamp, Herman A.       Landwehr, Mary R.    11-Oct-04        J356
Eberhardt, Elizabeth      Denhollen, Arthur W. 10-Nov-17        U188
Eberhart, Nellie          Baught, Herman       16-Jul-02        I298
Eberle, Katherina         Busch, Joseph        24-Sep-07        L113
Eberle, Mary              Patry, John          17-Feb-08        L311
Eberling, Martha          Sallee, F.G.         20-Jul-14        R069
Eberlinger, Lena          Caton, Scott         20-Jul-18        V286
Eberly, Glen              Dodd, Florence       23-Jan-08        L286
Eberly, Grace             Roof, William J.     14 Oct 1890      E217
Eberly, Hattie B.         Ham, Harry C.        09 Aug 1881      B177
Ebers, Frances            Baker, Oscar D.      4-Sep-17         T611
Eberstein, Madge          Parker, C.A.         5-May-04         J226
Eberstein, Marie L.       Rhodes, R.H.         20-Jan-07        K523
Ebersteine, Alfred D.     Sites, Laura         18-May-09        M255
Ebert, Ada Nora           Cartwright, John Fran14-May-04        J234
Ebert, Fern               Burbank, J.E.        8-Sep-21         Z269
Ebert, Henry              Lee, Ruby            4-Apr-20         X297
Ebert, John D.            Lake, E. (Mrs.)      4-Jun-13         Q184
Ebert, Louis              Marie, Lizzie        09 Apr 1890      E117
Eberwein, Nettie E.       Brannan, G.H.        21-Feb-12        P118
Eberz, Anna(nie) Mary     Freund, Mathias      28 Aug 1891      E376
Ebey, A. Bell             Tripp, Ira           17 Aug 1893      F184
Eboorababe, Vader         Waris, Thomas        03 Dec 1894      F451
Ebright, A.M.             Dennis, N.M.         15-May-19        W138
Ebright, John D.          Leyda, Della         28 Dec 1882      B341
Eby, Edith Marie          Rich, Oliver S.      28-Apr-09        M234
Eby, Glen                 Humphrey, Bertha     30-Nov-13        Q443
Eby, Ralph                Morrison, Perle      10-Sep-18        V380
Eby, W.H.                 Clark, Carrie                         S623
Ecclefield, Frank         Phipps, Emma J.      23-May-01        H597
Eccles, Cecil Oren        Showalter, Anna Laura25-Dec-10        N521
Eccles, Franklin Oscar    Grant, Stella        25-Dec-10        N521
Eccles, Henry W.          Wiley, Alta May      10-Sep-02        I346
Eccles, Hilda A.          Wilson, W.R.         25 Dec 1896      G222
Eccles, Lula              Schriber, James      13-Oct-20        Y189
Eccles, Rose Elizabeth    Sampson, Melville Ray25-Dec-10        N520
Eck, A.J.                 Rohling, Rosie       22-Oct-18        V450
Eck, Anna                 Gresl, John          1-Feb-10         M617
Eck, Anna                 Ketzner, James       24-Oct-05        K066
Eck, Elizabeth            Wyatt, John          20-Nov-13        Q429
Eck, Fern                 Gill, Raleigh        8-Oct-13         Q365
Eck, Frank                McKinnon, Frances    04 Jul 1891      E358
Eck, John P.              Thimmesch, Anna                       T155
Eck, Josephine            Hrenchir, Joseph Will25-Feb-19        V621
Eck, Katherine A.         Ast, Joseph B.       13-Aug-06        K339
Eck, Louise               Thimmesch, John      10-Sep-18        V354
Eck, Lovie                Jacks, Henry         27 Dec 1891      E454
Eck, Mamie                Hodges, Roy L.       28-Mar-11        O069
Eck, Mary Magdalena       Pelz, Michael        16-Apr-18        V069
Eck, Math J.              Hermes, Mary                          T177
Eck, Mathias              Steffens, Josephina  23 Jan 1894      F291
Eck, Peter                Ast, Mary            27-Oct-14        R185
Eck, Theodore             Bowles, Mollie       13 Dec 1894      F457
Eckard, Barbara J.        Ogden, W.B.          06 Jun 1878      A334
Eckel, Frankie (Mrs.)     Friend, George W.    20-Dec-00        H482
Eckel, Merele             Seed, J.B.           3-May-22         Z746
Eckenrode, Joseph         Newell, Florence     6-May-09         M245
Ecker, Mary               Menges, Charles      22 Nov 1898      G610
Eckerd, Bertha            Gerviss, R.J.        01 Dec 1899      H218
Eckerd, Dan               Cobble, Dessie                        S351
Eckerd, Laura             Hall, W.H.           11-Jun-17        T437
Eckerd, Laura Viola       Taylor, Elmer        22-Oct-21        Z374
Eckert, Ada               Wiebe, Henry         4-Jun-03         I571
Eckert, Amalia (Mrs.)     Mader, Friedrich Wilh15 Dec 1892      F030
Eckert, Bertha            Schaar, Otto                          T191
Eckert, Charles A.        Herndon, Olive       10-May-13        Q140
Eckert, E.F.              Hamant, Celestine    19 Sep 1896      G146
Eckert, Jacob             Reiche, Nellie       10 May 1888      D294
Eckert, Louis E.H.        Beyer, Marie         04 Jul 1888      D336
Eckes, F.B.               Moberly, Mary                         R617
Eckland, A.H.             Fisher, Mildred      16-Apr-22        Z710
Eckles, Dottie            Holmes, Thomas       08 Nov 1899      H196
Eckles, Frank             Schoenfelder, Gussie 07 Jun 1885      C261
Eckles, Irene             Tolle, Millard A.    10-May-20        X392
Eckles, Viola             Norton, C.C.         25-Dec-00        H485
Eckols, Nancy             Murdock, H.          17 Apr 1889      D526
Eckstein, Otto G.         Wainwright, Marie Mev11 Oct 1893      F227
Ecroyd, Guy L.            Peterson, Florence M.26-Jun-18        V248
Eddie, Hugh               Eastman, Elisabeth   10 Mar 1880      B045
Eddingfield, Bessie E.    Lomax, Jesse H.      18-Jun-05        J602
Eddingfield, J.           Pharo, Nila          18-Mar-15        R392
Eddingfield, J.R.         Hardy, N.M.          29-Nov-06        K466
Eddingfield, W.C.         Swarm, Bernice Marie 22-Sep-17        T639
Eddington, John J.        Houghtaling, Marie   28-Jun-11        O224
Edds, Charles             Cox, Loraine         15-Nov-20        Y271
Eddy, Adaline C.          Bellew, J.F.         14-Apr-12        P193
Eddy, Bertha M.           Brown, James B.      12-Apr-11        O098
Eddy, Clarence E.         Packer, Evellyn M.   17-Nov-20        Y273
Eddy, Edith               O'Shaughnessy, John  10-Oct-14        R182
Eddy, Ethel E.            Startzman, Henry H.  5-Sep-03         J012
Eddy, Fannie L.           Houston, J.D.        08 Apr 1885      C239
Eddy, Gail O.             McCabe, Frank W.     11-Jan-11        N546
Eddy, Lloyd               Cruea, Lorena        7-Jul-21         Z119
Edee, Indiana             Cole, L.D.           22 Dec 1884      C180
Edee, Mary V.             Perry, Edward W.     12 Sep 1887      D103
Edee, Theola              Ash, Harvy G.        03 Jul 1889      D569
Edee, Theoley M.          Coffman, Theodore                     C215
Edee, Theoley M.          Coffman, Theodore    02 Mar 1885      C225
Edelman, Cora V.          Harrah, Frank J.     1-Jan-06         K169
Edelmann, Alfred          Dickinson, Mary E.   05 Oct 1879      A454
Eden, Zetta               Goldstein, J.J.      17-Jul-20        X590
Edens, J.I.               Tjadens, Bertha                       R465
Edes, Ella                VanBenthusen, F.C.   24 Dec 1888      D462
Edes, Sarah C.            Macauley, John       11 Mar 1879      A408
Edgar, A.C.               Good, Nona E.        2-Jul-11         O235
Edgar, Anna               Smith, George        26-Sep-14        R166
Edgar, Bessie             Brown, Irvin         25-Sep-07        L139
Edgar, Fred J.            Bruce, Ethel Helen   6-Sep-14         R133
Edgar, G.A.               Goodin, Eva May      29-Aug-18        V357
Edgar, George W.          Mock, Florence D.    12-Jun-07        L016
Edgar, Hattie (Mrs.)      Pigg, George L.      02 Jul 1892      E574
Edgar, Ila                Campbell, Rolla      26-Aug-09        M375
Edgar, James              Russell, Emma C. (Mrs09 Nov 1892      F011
Edgar, Jessie H.          Wright, William F.   18-Jun-13        Q207
Edgar, Lillian V.         Harris, F.B.         1-Mar-00         H282
Edgar, Mandie E.          Baldridge, A.F.      29-Apr-22        Z740
Edgar, Robert C.          Cashion, Maude I.    12-Jan-04        J139
Edgar, William W.         Egan, Anna Leota     21-May-13        Q154
Edgar, William W.         Stever, Lois         3-Jun-20         X449
Edge, May                 Boden, Walter        21-Jan-10        M628
Edgecomb, Assie (Essie)   Ruggles, Charles R.  4-Apr-09         M204
Edgell, Kinzy             Blahnik, Emma        31-Aug-18        V366
Edgenton, Harley          Irwin, Zella         23-Aug-10        N289
Edgerton, Harley          Irvin, Zella         23-Aug-10        N289
Edgerton, Mollie          Moore, Martin R.     04 Feb 1895      F487
Edgeworth, A.J.           Steffen, Lula        03 Apr 1888      D259
Edgeworth, Louise (Mrs)   Russell, Abram J.    18-Apr-06        K249
Edgington, Anna M.        Blydenburgh, Ebenezer13-Oct-08        L599
Edgington, Bertha         Fry, Russell         30-Nov-05        K122
Edgington, Carey B.       Crawford, Annie M.   14-Feb-04        J150
Edgington, Charles        Zaring, Ottie        25 Dec 1891      E455
Edgington, Claudia B.     Adamson, Earl M.     25-Dec-08        M057
Edgington, Daniel F.      VanVolkinburg, Daisy 25 Dec 1890      E270
Edgington, E.             Haines, Vera                          T246
Edgington, Ettie(ta) M.   Bate, Stephan G.     01 Oct 1890      E206
Edgington, John           Bartlett, Bessie     20-Apr-08        L375
Edgington, May            Parkinson, Travis C. 31-Oct-01        I091
Edick, Edith M. (Mrs.)    Ferrell, George      17-May-00        H321
Edie, Amy                 Reeves, Elmer E.     12-Aug-07        L082
Edie, Arthur              Miller, Nora         8-Aug-20         Y008
Edie, J.N.                Hadley, Katy         30-Nov-20        Y306
Edie, Zelpha              Suppes, Edward M.    27-Mar-10        N071
Edkins, Edward            Benjamin, L.A.       23-Feb-03        I490
Edkins, Edwards           Ethall, Kate         17 Jul 1886      C467
Edman, Joseph R.          Huffman, Stella Elizabeth             R440
Edminster, Charles H.     Garber, Maud S.      25-Oct-11        O384
Edmissen, Inez            O'Neil, Ed           3-Jun-18         V189
Edmisson, Clarence RaymondCaress, Vida         25-Aug-09        M391
Edmisson, Edna Earle      Jenness, Walter A.   10-Aug-03        I625
Edmiston, Ernest          Robinson, Ellen I.   23-Dec-05        K138
Edmiston, Lee             Lowden, Annabelle    3-Jun-17         T397
Edmiston, Ora             Farrow, Letha        6-May-21         Y624
Edmond, George W.         Wheeler, Frances     01 Aug 1885      C286
Edmonds, James Percy      Houston, Jaunita Owen8-Nov-13         Q413
Edmondson, A. Cora        Davis, W. Willis     06 Jul 1883      B395
Edmondson, Alpha May      Cooke, Edward J.                      T309
Edmondson, Bessie A.      Atkinson, Joseph T.  25-Aug-09        M388
Edmondson, Francis Marion Magee, Clara         09 Jul 1889      D572
Edmondson, Lucinda B.     Rhoades, Charles                      K398
Edmondson, Marvel H.      Johnson, Richard W.  21-Oct-20        Y210
Edmondson, Maude          Wetmore, Earle D.    17-Jul-09        M349
Edmonson, E.A.            Dunbar, Hazel                         H341
Edmonson, Garrie          Gaines, Rose         5-Apr-20         X307
Edmonson, Goldie          Petersen, Alfred F.  23-Dec-07        L251
Edmonson, Lucinda B.      Rhoades, Charles                      K398
Edmunds, Edward G.        Williams, Marie      10-Mar-06        K222
Edmundson, Lois           Wise, H.S.           27-Nov-20        Y303
Edmunson, Merilla C.      Booth, John G.       19 Apr 1881      B152
Edrington, Pearl          McNear, J.T.         6-Nov-11         O400
Edris, Harry I.           Howery, Della        24-Jun-08        L451
Edson, Amos               Fisher, Fern                          T083
Edson, Annie              McZegle, G.W.        13-Aug-20        Y022
Edson, Lillie             Miller, W.R.         28-Mar-04        J194
Eduluna, Peter            Johnson, Matilda     17 Nov 1877      A297
Edward, Myrtle E.         Bale, William P.     12-Feb-21        Y474
Edwards, A.J.             Paup, Elsie          25-Nov-17        U252
Edwards, Allen            Jenkins, Clara       27-Jul-07        L065
Edwards, Amanda           Funkhouser, George W.23 Nov 1895      F632
Edwards, Anna May         McGovney, Walter B.  22-Apr-13        Q117
Edwards, Bert M.          Blakeman, Dollie     19-Aug-17        T582
Edwards, Bertha E.        Cantwell, C.C.       21 Sep 1898      G570
Edwards, Blanch           Roseberry, Victor A. 11-Oct-08        L597
Edwards, C. Maude         McBride, Thomas J.   12-Dec-17        U334
Edwards, C.B.             Coulter, Jessie P.   28-Oct-09        M505
Edwards, C.E.             Comstock, Lucy                        T272
Edwards, C.P.             Anderson, Lucy       9-Jan-21         Y401
Edwards, Carrol E.        Holman, Frank E.     27-Dec-13        Q479
Edwards, Charles G.       Simison, Vida A.     02 Sep 1896      G141
Edwards, Clarence A.      Peachey, Louise      7-May-04         J228
Edwards, Claudine         Tucker, Robert B.    27-Jun-21        Z085
Edwards, E.B.             Young, Mamie                          S023
Edwards, E.S.             Pointer, Nellie J.   14 Feb 1888      D223
Edwards, Edith M.         Rickard, Frank J.                     S189
Edwards, Ethel            Gilkison, James      19-Nov-19        W618
Edwards, F.T.             Clark, May           21-Oct-03        J060
Edwards, Frank L.         Rice, Ida Pearl      2-Mar-18         V015
Edwards, Grace M.         Jacobsen, E.         22-Apr-09        M229
Edwards, H.H.             Kunkle, Sadie        03 Jan 1899      H015
Edwards, H.M.             DuBois, Vera M.      14-Jul-20        X580
Edwards, H.N.             Love, Ophelia        21-Jan-03        I471
Edwards, Hannah           Weight, J.M.         19 Jul 1887      D062
Edwards, Howard           Davison, Augusta Bert25-Nov-12        P525
Edwards, Hyman M.         Flowers, Lucretia    6-Jul-10         N229
Edwards, James W.         Lent, Grace          20-Nov-19        W612
Edwards, Jennie Marie     Robinson, L.H.       21-Jul-20        X599
Edwards, Jewell           Lindsay, Claude      15-Nov-08        L639
Edwards, John             Kopplin, Henrietta   23-Dec-13        Q465
Edwards, John H.          Ward, Inez           1-Jul-02         I282
Edwards, John M.          Eaton, Eliza C.      24 Nov 1886      C538
Edwards, Joseph H.        Howard, Clara E.     5-Jul-19         W269
Edwards, Katie A.         Carmichael, Thomas W.29 Sep 1887      D115
Edwards, L.G.             Lutz, Bertha Turner  8-Jan-12         P057
Edwards, Lena             Decker, J.E.         20-Jul-13        Q248
Edwards, Lena             Maxwell, J.T.                         S381
Edwards, Leona            Salisbury, Alvin D.  15 Feb 1893      F076
Edwards, Lester J. (G.)   Miller, Edna May     8-Feb-13         Q027
Edwards, Lida             Watson, Clarence     10-Feb-09        M135
Edwards, Lila (Lela)      Lauver, George L.    24-Jul-12        P346
Edwards, Lillian          Gwin, Grover B.      24-Aug-20        Y053
Edwards, Lillian E.       Rogers, Porter B.    17 Aug 1897      G340
Edwards, Lizzie           Harris, John L.                       D418
Edwards, Lizzie           Harris, John L.      26 Oct 1888      D419
Edwards, Lula             Edwards, W.D.        20-Mar-20        X268
Edwards, Lydia D.         Brown, William H.    25 Nov 1873      A093
Edwards, Mable L.         McCutcheon, Irving A.13 Jun 1897      G312
Edwards, Marguerite Julia Drake, Howard Bryan  10-Dec-19        X027
Edwards, Marion H.        Wilson, Katie D.     18 Mar 1883      B356
Edwards, Mary             Lister, Anson T.                      S540
Edwards, May              Durfee, Ben T.       1-Jan-03         I450
Edwards, May              Herne, Quincey       04 Jul 1898      G536
Edwards, Nellie           Grimes, George       31-Mar-07        K588
Edwards, O.L.             Long, A.C. (Mrs.)    22 Mar 1881      B145
Edwards, O.M.             Roche, Mae           26-Dec-18        V537
Edwards, Oglva            Lang, John E.                         S173
Edwards, Olive M.         Westfall, S.D.       4-Aug-13         Q268
Edwards, Rosa             White, Ruben         14-Aug-11        O280
Edwards, Rose M.          Pack, A.M.           15-Mar-10        N055
Edwards, Susie A.         Tracy, Thomas        20 Jan 1886      C381
Edwards, Susie B.         Williamson, Charles F19 Mar 1890      E103
Edwards, T.G.             Barnes, Sallie       28 Oct 1885      C326
Edwards, Thomas W.        Nelson, Alice E.     21-Oct-06        K414
Edwards, W.D.             Edwards, Lula        20-Mar-20        X268
Edwards, W.H.             Townsend, Vivian L.  29-May-18        V174
Edwards, W.M.             Hogarth, Lulla                        T378
Edwards, Walter D.        Clark, Lulu          31-Dec-17        U430
Edwards, Walter L.        Nixon, Jane K.       20-Jun-20        X508
Edwards, Wilber S.        Barrick, Anola Marie 6-Jan-20         X098
Edwards, William L.       Jones, Emma          22-Aug-17        T589
Edwards, William R.       Cornelius, Mary S.   20-Dec-05        K143
Edwards, William S.       Gentry, Ruth         2-Jul-10         N221
Edwards, William T.       Condiff, Martha B.                    D025
Edwards, Wretha           Roberts, Cary C.     28 Feb 1890      E089
Edwards,Charley Johnson   Stinson, Ella M.     31-Mar-08        L352
Eells, Clarence W.        Baumer, Martha J.    18 Sep 1894      F401
Eelts, Meta               Daniels, John        19 Mar 1887      C610
Effner, Elsie M.          Houser, John J.      5-Feb-13         Q022
Egan, Anna Leota          Edgar, William W.    21-May-13        Q154
Egan, Elizabeth           McCune, Leonard      6-Jun-18         V198
Egan, Jennie              Miller, Irvin        17-Jul-09        M347
Egan, William H.          Corwine, Olivia M. (M17 Mar 1889      D507
Egen, Thomas              McHone, Alice        25 Dec 1885      C367
Eger, John E.             Bowers, Vera H.      15-Aug-21        Z210
Eggleston, Harvey M.      Smith, Pearl         20-Jul-21        Z144
Eggleston, Laura B.       Myers, Murray        21 Jan 1886      C382
Eggleston, Lydia A.       McFadden, H.B.                        H285
Eggleston, Lydia A.       McFadden, H.B.       4-Mar-00         H282
Eggleston, Mary           Charlton, George     23 Mar 1883      B358
Egner, G.S.               Stewart, Eva         23 Aug 1895      F581
Egnew, Claude             Packer, Roma Dell    5-Feb-02         I174
Egy, I.W.                 Lang, Stella M.      24-Dec-20        Y363
Ehle, Charles             Eaton, Stella        12 Oct 1898      G587
Ehlen, Sophia K.          Baden, John P.       27-Oct-20        Y228
Ehler, Byron              Stamper, Helen       28-Jun-20        X542
Ehly, Maggie              Fiegel, Ernest G.    15-Sep-04        J346
Ehmke, Fred               Schierenbeck, Clara                   T059
Ehmke, Henry              Schierenbeck, Dora   26-Dec-09        M583
Ehnis, M.A.               Gackenbach, Blanche E22-Jun-14        R035
Ehret, Fred               Owen, Emma G.        23-Jul-12        P344
Ehrhardt, Augusta         Ranke, Lewis         30 Jul 1884      C113
Ehrhardt, Fred H.         Riley, Lois Yvonne                    T330
Ehrhardt, Gusta           Adams, Fritz W.      05 Mar 1887      C602
Ehrmann, Sidonia          Green, Charley       8-May-19         W127
Eibing, F.A.              Weirs, Nellie        28 Feb 1883      B353
Eichelberger, Charles A.  Terrill, Florence C. 16-Feb-18        U559
Eichholtz, Levi B.        Cusick, Cora B.      02 Jul 1889      D565
Eichholtz, William E. J. JBlack, Marie C.      27-Jul-20        X610
Eichmann, Fred            Dinkler, Louisa      08 Jan 1896      G014
Eickstaedt, W.C.          Ketchum, Maud        28-May-13        Q161
Eidson, Jim D.            Lowry, Mary          22-Apr-12        P203
Eifert, Emmet S.          Boyer, Stella F.     20-Aug-12        P379
Eifert, Laura E.          McAdams, G.W.        17-Nov-17        U231
Eike, Thelma              Yetter, Harvey R.    12-Jul-18        V272
Eikelman, John G.         Stewart, Viola J.    22 Oct 1891      E406
Eikelman, Mary K.         Seekamp, August J.   16-Oct-06        K406
Eilenberger, N.C.         Olmstead, O.F.       27 Aug 1888      D369
Eiler, George L.          Nair, Lydia          20 Sep 1891      E391
Eiler, George L.          Wing, Anna E.        29 Nov 1893      F261
Eilers, Rose              Scholler, Harry H.   26-Nov-12        P523
Eilert, Edith             Barker, Clarence     23-Mar-10        N063
Eilert, Gettis            Robinson, Kearney W. 30-Oct-17        U144
Eilert, Goldie            Calkins, Leslie      2-Jul-12         P319
Eilert, Henry E.          Davison, Lulu E.     07 Oct 1889      D625
Eilert, Lena              Kunkler, S.R.        20-Oct-00        H441
Eilert, Lorena            Schroll, William     6-May-11         O137
Eilert, Walter            Barker, Lillie       15-Feb-11        O017
Eilerts, Cooney A.        Scribner, Mollie     12-May-14        Q626
Eilerts, Dora E.          Roach, G.A.          14-Aug-09        M374
Eilerts, Edward           McMasters, Alice     4-Jan-11         N541
Eilerts, Florence         Wolf, Henry M.       16-Oct-20        Y198
Eilerts, G.T.             Keech, Myllie                         T181
Eilerts, Gerd B.          Finch, Alice I.      31 Jan 1895      F485
Eilerts, Harsha           Riggs, Nellie        17-Nov-17        U220
Eilerts, John             Smith, Elizabeth     20-Aug-12        P379
Eilerts, John             VanArsdale, Hester   11-Feb-03        I483
Eilerts, Lydia            Long, George S.      31-Oct-00        H445
Eilerts, Naomi Isabell    George, William Harol16-Jul-20        X584
Einhaus, A.G.             Kunzel, Mathilda     24-Nov-03        J087
Einhaus, Bernadine        Rader, John E.       3-Oct-10         N368
Eisen, Myrtle             Gregory, Ed F.       22-Jul-07        L057
Eisenbach, Frank Tony     DeWitt, Gladys       27-Aug-21        Z238
Eisfelder, E.W.           Early, Edith         11 Sep 1895      F592
Eisiminger, Arthur G.     King, May E.         30-Jul-19        W323
Eisnhour, Ira             Cathy, Ila           13-Aug-21        Z205
Eitel, Sarah E.           Wheeler, Albert A.   25-Oct-11        O381
Elam, Cora                Teter, Lincoln       11 Dec 1889      E035
Elam, Jennie              Humbert, Fred        06 Feb 1885      C204
Elam, Pearl               Shomber, E.D.        10-Sep-12        P408
Elam, Robert              Wales, Hattie Lee    6-Jun-17         T422
Elam, Stanley             Press, Nora          28-May-19        W166
Elane, Katie              Gilbert, J.B.        19 Feb 1888      D227
Elbe, Charles             Marsh, Alice         28 Dec 1881      B229
Elbs, Fredrick D.         Baum, Lillie M.      3-Feb-08         L295
Elcock, Thomas Edward     Holton, Lavilla May                   T197
Elder, Benjamin David     Kean, Ruth Hanah     1-Mar-21         Y501
Elder, Cecil              Miller, Agnes C.     23-Jun-20        X516
Elder, Cora Verne         Purcell, Frank L.    14-Feb-19        V593
Elder, E.F.               Myers, Harriett E.                    T312
Elder, Estle(tele)        Wilson, Frank T.     16-Jul-01        I002
Elder, Ethel Irene        Howe, Orion H.       19-Nov-03        J085
Elder, Ida M.             Lafferty, J.B.       12 Mar 1882      B250
Elder, Isaac S.           Dunlapp, Lucy        21 Aug 1870      A002
Elder, J.                 Erwin, Mary          25-Dec-12        P597
Elder, John               Smith, Lizzie        22 May 1895      F542
Elder, Kate M.            Larkin, Walter I.    02 Feb 1888      D214
Elder, Leonard Guy        Headley, Minnie D.   16-Aug-09        M378
Elder, Lewis              Hoskins, Grace       8-Aug-17         T563
Elder, Lucy               Freeman, Charles L.  12-May-02        I243
Elder, Lucy (Mrs.)        Lockard, John A.     09 Jul 1892      E577
Elder, Nellie             Stevens, A.H.                         G401
Elder, Nellie             Stevens, A.H.        06 Nov 1897      G402
Elder, Nellie             Vermillion, Rollie   19-Oct-09        M483
Elder, Ralph W.           Cutler, Rosie        29-Aug-10        N302
Elder, Robert             Green, Susan         21 Apr 1886      C431
Elder, Scott M.           Howe, Della E.       05 Jan 1887      C571
Elder, Virgil             England, Hattie      17-Nov-20        Y277
Elder, Willie             Phillips, Mary       30-Jan-08        L292
Eldred, Howard L.         Galloway, Nelle Viole28-Jun-19        W250
Eldred, Maude E.          Carp, Ernest C.      29-Jul-14        R076
Eldred, Nellie A.         Wallace, John P.     15-Dec-09        M557
Eldredge, Dora            Head, Harvey         8-Sep-19         W426
Eldredge, Jenella Eugene  Colbath, John        19-Mar-08        L344
Eldredge, Marie           Crane, Otis          18-Feb-13        Q038
Eldredge, Marie           Sullard, Claude                       S042
Eldridge, Byron A.        Bird, Anna Lincoln   1-Jan-14         Q478
Eldridge, Eva             Ellis, Walter        14 Sep 1888      D388
Eldridge, Helen           Clubine, H.I.        31-Oct-18        V465
Eldridge, Maggie          Collins, N.A.        24-Jun-14        R039
Eldridge, Mary L.         Bitting, Alfred W.   12 Sep 1881      B184
Eldridge, Nannie (Mrs.)   Evans, Roy           15-Jun-03        I579
Eldridge, Opal            Hunt, Claude Earl                     S003
Eldridge, R.W.            Phares, Jennie E.    24 Aug 1879      A444
Elem, Blanche A.          Elliott, Walter A.                    R570
Elem, Carrie              Grove, George        17-Mar-15        R390
Elfradsy, Nahama          Ellis, Paul          10-Dec-21        Z472
Elgin, C.H.               Mangold, Frances     1-Jun-19         W156
Elgin, D.E.               Batty, Jessie F.     9-Jan-07         K514
Elgin, John E.            Brown, Mary E.       3-Jan-22         Z532
Elgin, Paul Herbert       Wetzlaw, Matilda     27-Dec-05        K150
Eli, Lydia                Campbell, J.N.       04 Jan 1888      D195
Elias, Clara              Drew, Charles        16 Dec 1894      F454
Elie, Charley             Low, Rosie           25-Jun-08        L458
Elisareus, Carmen         Serritos, Trimo      21-Dec-21        Z493
Elkins, Ella              Carson, Charles      06 Jul 1884      C108
Elkouri, Ed               Farha, Zaku          9-Jan-10         M610
Ellam, Edward J.          Judd, Anna                            S284
Ellam, Edward J.          Wright, Hazel D.     5-Dec-05         K127
Ellas, Mark E.            Webber, Tula F.      9-Oct-18         V436
Elledge, Alvah B.         Means, Iva           2-Sep-11         O304
Elledge, Mary Salena      Flemmons, George W.  22 Apr 1891      E330
Ellefseth, Pelra ChristianPrice, Charles H.    2-Jul-08         L472
Ellege, G.W.              Lawson, Florence     08 Aug 1887      D079
Ellenz, Elizabeth         Bane, Joseph R.      4-May-20         X372
Eller, Della              Russell, Horace V.   27 Nov 1890      E254
Eller, George N.          Goodloe, Mabel P.    2-May-19         W112
Eller, Minnie             Klein, Fred F.       23-Dec-11        P029
Ellett, Rosa              Harvey, Edward W.    12-Nov-10        N442
Ellexon, R.E.             Hageman, Florence    29-Aug-18        V358
Ellhadad, Latifa K.       Ruffan, Saleen S.    7-Jul-07         L044
Elling, Emma              Koster, Henry        11-Apr-01        H543
Elling, Ida               Twietmeyer, Herman   10-Jan-06        K145
Ellinger, George T.       Bennett, Emma L.     22-May-10        N149
Ellingham, Marion L.(S)   Sloan, Mary N.       25-May-10        N151
Ellington, Asa            Fry, Gertrude        10-Jan-12        P058
Ellington, Eunice         Bridwell, B.E.       9-Sep-17         T617
Ellington, W.C.           Shepard, Mary        3-Apr-20         X294
Ellington, W.L.           Harris, Eva                           T152
Ellinsworth, Elza B.      Capps, Hildred       27-Jan-21        Y437
Ellinsworth, Hazel        Grey, William J.     20-Feb-18        U574
Ellinsworth, Ura Pearl    McClanahan, Frank E. 20-Feb-18        U580
Elliot, Blanch M.         Morris, E.           07 Sep 1898      G566
Elliot, Otho T.           Martin, Dora         29 Jul 1896      G126
Elliott, Almedia          Swanson, Arthur      25-Dec-05        K154
Elliott, Anna F.          Lay, C.H.            16-Oct-00        H433
Elliott, Annie B.         Crouch, Lemon W.     24 Jul 1881      B174
Elliott, B.F.             Nelson, Louise       19-Sep-20        Y122
Elliott, B.R.             Buhrlage, Lusetta M. 3-Dec-03         J098
Elliott, Beatrice         Wiley, Raymond       29-Jun-11        O229
Elliott, Ben H.           Martinetti, Ola Pauli10-Jan-18        U467
Elliott, Bessie M.        Siler, Ora L.        11-Nov-03        J077
Elliott, C.R. (R.C.)      Thomas, Blanch       25-Sep-07        L137
Elliott, Dess             Fisher, H.F.         5-Jul-21         Z105
Elliott, Dollie           Coleman, Olin        18-Oct-05        K081
Elliott, E.L.             Burus, Eva A.        4-Nov-12         P494
Elliott, E.P.             Ingle, May           2-Jun-14         R011
Elliott, Edith            Miller, Bert         7-Feb-11         O003
Elliott, Elsie E.         Mogle, Homer B.      6-Jul-20         X563
Elliott, Ernest           Broer, Grace         25-Sep-07        L136
Elliott, Eunice           Matson, Harry        25-Feb-13        Q039
Elliott, Fred             Deal, Mary           12-Jun-18        V211
Elliott, G.D.             Jacques, Ella        11 Aug 1895      F575
Elliott, G.T.             Tuders, Ella N.      24 Jan 1885      C201
Elliott, Gail Hildreth    Richardson, Charles W.                S298
Elliott, George F.        Shelton, Anna L.     21-Dec-08        M054
Elliott, Gladys R.        Douglas, Charles H.  6-Sep-19         W416
Elliott, Grace A.         Gibson, W.F.         23-Mar-12        P157
Elliott, Grace Iowa       Jackson, David       07 Jan 1888      D197
Elliott, Hazel Gene       Lund, Carroll L.     20-Jul-20        X597
Elliott, Herbert R.       Peters, Ida May      30-Jul-02        I310
Elliott, Homer A.         Murley, Ruby         7-Nov-13         Q412
Elliott, Ida May          Jones, Bert K.       30-Apr-21        Y607
Elliott, Iliff L.         Higgins, Maude       8-Dec-17         U319
Elliott, J.B.             Holland, Minnie M.   26 Aug 1893      F189
Elliott, James            Ferguson, Anna May                    R482
Elliott, James Allen      Cain, Iva Etta       14-Oct-09        M475
Elliott, James W.         Walker, Lucy E.                       S262
Elliott, Jefferson C.     Shields, Ula C.      24 Dec 1888      D464
Elliott, Jesse T.         Medlin, Minerva J.   02 Jan 1876      A188
Elliott, Jessie           Burnam, Isaac H.E.   21-Mar-11        O062
Elliott, John             Hunt, Olion          16-Apr-13        Q109
Elliott, John             Tiffin, Emma         26 Feb 1897      G263
Elliott, John A.          Allen, Margaret E.                    S377
Elliott, John Y.          Evans, Sadie                          R459
Elliott, Laura E.         Hanes, William V.    12-Oct-18        V443
Elliott, Laura J.         Camp, Otis P.        22 Sep 1892      E617
Elliott, Lawrence         Eastin, Pearl Grace  2-Jul-21         Z101
Elliott, Lena L.          Graves, Henry B.     09 Jun 1883      B378
Elliott, Lois             Wells, V.K.          4-Feb-03         I475
Elliott, Lula Marian      Goodrich, Volney C.  28-Aug-11        O299
Elliott, Lulu             Rison, H.C.          20 Jul 1893      F170
Elliott, Luther C.        McPherson, Anna      24-Jul-10        N255
Elliott, Mae              Hull, M.L.           13-Mar-15        R386
Elliott, Mae Bert         Marts, H.B.                           T306
Elliott, Margaret Frances Small, Robert C.     25-Dec-07        L258
Elliott, Martha J.        Swan, J.C.H.         28 Mar 1878      A320
Elliott, Marvel           Worthington, Abraham 22-Jan-18        U496
Elliott, Mary Elva        Conine, Lester Edwin 30-Jun-09        M331
Elliott, Mary Lee         Wallace, Lester E.   14-Oct-05        K075
Elliott, Maude            Wardell, Arch        7-Jun-05         J594
Elliott, May              Conway, T.R.         29-Jul-07        L066
Elliott, Neva M.          Bookwalter, Earl R.  21-Sep-19        W458
Elliott, Nora             Clements, W.R.       27-Jun-00        H349
Elliott, Oliver           Bachelder, Nellie    7-May-07         K625
Elliott, Owen             Myers, Leathea       14-Jul-07        L052
Elliott, Phebe            Robbinson, John J.   4-Feb-22         Z592
Elliott, Ray              Troyer, Vella        2-Jul-21         Z103
Elliott, Robert A.        Lucas, Elsie Ruth    19-Nov-10        N454
Elliott, Ruth M. (Mrs.)   Jackson, Monclov     11-Jul-00        H357
Elliott, Samuel           Berry, Blanche       8-Jun-12         P269
Elliott, Susan            Emmert, Samuel       11 Oct 1888      D405
Elliott, Susan M.         Ritchie, J.P.        2-Jan-06         K170
Elliott, Susie            Gosney, Wade H.      23-Dec-04        J448
Elliott, T.E.             Bachelder, Rosa E.   20 Dec 1899      H230
Elliott, Tressa           Stewart, Walter C.   04 Jun 1899      H101
Elliott, Ula C.           Wommack, James M.    16-Jun-01        H613
Elliott, W. Harry         Snyder, Effie S.     24-Dec-03        J123
Elliott, W.F.             Thompson, Carrie M.  6-Aug-03         I622
Elliott, Walter A.        Elem, Blanche A.                      R570
Elliott, William H.       Poe, Ida J.          07 Dec 1881      B215
Ellis, A.                 Koeneke, Laverna     9-Aug-13         Q271
Ellis, A.                 Noble, Sarah A.      15-Aug-18        V323
Ellis, Allie J.           McFerran, George M.  05 Jan 1888      D197
Ellis, B.B.               Walden, Laura        24-May-09        M264
Ellis, Bayard Boyd        Schmidt, Honora Teres13-Jul-04        J292
Ellis, Clare Ara          Titus, Joseph        10-Apr-18        V085
Ellis, Claude P.          Woodard, Stella E.   6-Sep-11         O312
Ellis, Della May          Cook, Claude L.      11-Jun-19        W202
Ellis, Edna               Foster, Silas Howard 22-Feb-12        P120
Ellis, Edward H.          Goodwin, Nellie      18 Aug 1888      D362
Ellis, Edwin S.           Denny, Bertha        14-Apr-08        L361
Ellis, Emma A.            Majors, George A.    19 Jan 1885      C196
Ellis, Ernest             Binn, Mary           20-Jul-10        N251
Ellis, Ernest             Hill, Minnette       26-Nov-06        K459
Ellis, Fern Ruth          Myers, Walter Howard                  S173
Ellis, Frances E.         Woods, Hazel                          R594
Ellis, Harry              Duggan, Cora                          T126
Ellis, Helen              Adams, Joseph        20-Oct-20        Y204
Ellis, Irene              Servis, William      29 Jan 1889      D482
Ellis, J.H.               Gray, Grace          1-Jul-12         P317
Ellis, J.P.               Schroll, Leona       26-Mar-13        Q080
Ellis, Jack               Fager, Anna May      21-Jun-20        X519
Ellis, James A.           Williams, Carrie E.  29-Feb-04        J176
Ellis, James L.           Beers, Mary F.       30-Apr-05        J557
Ellis, James Newman       Mason, Gertrude M.   15 Oct 1891      E403
Ellis, John               Billups, Mamie       10-Jan-21        Y406
Ellis, L.C.               Huford, Kate         9-Jun-10         N180
Ellis, Leila              Lauterbach, Fred     15-Jul-19        W287
Ellis, Leona              Moore, Clarence      18-Mar-13        Q064
Ellis, Lewis E.           Bosworth, Maude E.   8-Jan-02         I155
Ellis, Lottie Emily       McLaughlin, J.A. (Dr.25 Oct 1899      H195
Ellis, Mable Irene        Lewis, Philip Knight 23-Jun-09        M312
Ellis, Marie A.           Brown, W.F.          2-Jul-05         J617
Ellis, Mary               Smiley, Frank        23-Jan-09        M113
Ellis, Mary               Smith, Clarence      22-Oct-04        J390
Ellis, Minnie             Peters, John         15-Jun-12        P286
Ellis, Myrtle E.          Spore, Charlton      31-Jul-12        P354
Ellis, Orlando            Cline, Viola                          C315
Ellis, P.                 Allen, Elizabeth     6-Dec-06         K474
Ellis, Paul               Elfradsy, Nahama     10-Dec-21        Z472
Ellis, R.H.               Oleson, Ruby         9-Dec-06         K476
Ellis, Ray B.             Fletcher, Estelle P.                  S319
Ellis, Ray E.             Brubacher, Nannie    20-Oct-17        U100
Ellis, Ruby A.            Moore, James R.      4-Oct-05         K059
Ellis, Sadie              Farnhan, L.S.        14-Sep-12        P414
Ellis, Sadie              Kramer, Ernest W.    19-Jun-01        H619
Ellis, Vernon L.          Corfman, Bertha K.   14-Oct-09        M477
Ellis, W.R.               Smith, Helen J.      17-Apr-10        N103
Ellis, Walter             Eldridge, Eva        14 Sep 1888      D388
Ellis, William P.         Smith, Linnie L.     14-Jun-09        M297
Ellison, Alice            Jones, William M.    20-Sep-20        Y128
Ellison, J.F.             Dodge, Carrie E.     24 Dec 1879      B020
Ellison, L.H.             Broadbent, Allis A.  20 Mar 1887      C612
Ellison, Lurrel Denis     Wilsey, Edith        11-Jan-15        R322
Ellison, Sophia (Mrs.)    Roberti, G.B.        18 Oct 1899      H187
Ellit, Eunice             Matson, Harry        25-Feb-13        Q039
Ellmore, Alfred           Fox, Martha S.       16 Oct 1879      A456
Ellmore, Alice M.         Brandenburg, Otto J. 31-Mar-18        V062
Ells, W.E.                Kugel, Florence      22 Jan 1888      D204
Ellsworth, Buela(lla)     Cameron, Mike        24-May-13        Q156
Ellsworth, Hazelle        Payne, W. Claude     15-Jul-19        W288
Ellsworth, J.F.           Cooney, Georgia      19-Aug-09        M384
Ellsworth, James          Cox, Clara           03 Oct 1874      A135
Ellsworth, Jennie E.      Macomber, Wesley     13 May 1873      A071
Ellsworth, Lamah A.       Cook, Lewis C.       31 Jul 1876      A215
Ellsworth, Lydia V.       Wilson, William M.   07 Jan 1877      A246
Ellsworth, Mabel          Shannon, Charley                      R570
Ellsworth, Mary A.        McMillen, James T.   07 Mar 1877      A257
Ellsworth, Mildred L.     Holland, William T.  17 Jun 1892      E564
Ellsworth, Nellie         Carroll, J.A.        06 Oct 1885      C317
Ellworth, Leo J.          Wear, Frances        20-Apr-20        X343
Elmon, Maurine            Haskell, Herman      26-Oct-17        U134
Elmoore, Virginia         Reitz, August        31-Dec-18        V543
Elmore, Daisy             McCarthy, John W.    27-Jan-03        I474
Elmore, E.W.              Logan, Ethel         12-Nov-12        P511
Elmore, Florence          Maher, William       21-Apr-09        M228
Elmore, Grace             Atherton, H.L.       24-Aug-08        L529
Elmore, H.L.              Rankin, Jessie                        T123
Elmore, Minnie            Humphrey, Edward F.  17-Dec-08        M052
Elmore, Rose              Noble, Ulysses G.    24 Apr 1890      E125
Elmund, Charles G.        Ingmire, Phebe       22 Apr 1880      B062
Elnore, Jennie            Baxter, D.N.         23-Sep-08        L573
Elpers, Anna              May, Benrnard        1-Apr-13         Q060
Elpers, Celia             Leis, Andy           7-Jan-19         V547
Elpers, Clem              Thies, Anna          31-Jan-22        Z554
Elpers, Hubert            Smarsh, Helen                         T006
Elpers, Leonora           Rausch, Sebastian    12-Jan-15        R310
Elpers, Lona              Linnebur, Ben J.     30-Jan-22        Z562
Elpers, Margaret          May, Leonard         27-Oct-14        R181
Elpers, Matilda           Simon, Amandus       18-Aug-14        R082
Elres, Rose               Scholler, Harry H.   26-Nov-12        P523
Elrick, L.J.              Haughten, Mary B.    14 Nov 1897      G406
Elrick, Margery           Gould, Bryan         19-Jul-20        X593
Elrod, Arthur             Robinson, Mabel      2-Nov-10         N426
Elrod, Clara A.           Armor, William       15-May-12        P233
Elrod, Eddie H.           Lusk, Pearl          26-Oct-20        Y227
Elrod, George L.          Ball, Martha         28-Apr-13        Q123
Elrod, McClelland         Drain, Emma          13 Sep 1885      C298
Elsea, Edna Mae           Davis, Robert Logan  24-Feb-19        V623
Elsea, Henry B.           Fulton, Amanda E.    13 Mar 1887      C606
Elsea, Nina               Embrey, E.C.         5-Oct-13         Q358
Elsea, Nora Ethel         Davis, Thomas        4-Oct-05         K060
Elsea, W.J.               Fulton, Delilah      12 Dec 1883      C016
Elsea, Wilbur G.          Rehg, F.A.                            S311
Elsen, Frances            Messerschmidt, Nick                   T336
Elsen, Katie              Clasen, Nicholis     10 Jun 1884      C087
Elsen, Katie              Clasen, Phillip      20 Feb 1884      C035
Elsen, Mary               Smarsh, Joseph       19 Jan 1892      E479
Elsen, Nicholas           Frei, Johanna        16 Nov 1897      G405
Elsen, Nicholas           Frie, Johanna        16 Nov 1897      G405
Elson, Edna               Waldorf, Charles     16-Mar-09        M182
Elston, Edna M.           Brown, William O.    25-Sep-07        L139
Elston, George L.         Williams, Viola(ida) 27 Jul 1899      H130
Elston, Guy               Miller, Nora May     21-Dec-12        P575
Elston, W.A.              Haspelhorn, Mary C.  23 Nov 1886      C536
Elswick, Calvin           Ball, Sallie         21 Jan 1876      A189
Elswick, Edward           Fleshman, Alice K.   11 Sep 1889      D604
Elswick, Ernest W.        Kendrick, Hazel M.   21-Aug-20        Y047
Elswick, Ira              Washburn, Nettie E.  4-Sep-01         I034
Elting, Charles E.        Strong, Gladys V.    1-Mar-11         O037
Elting, George            Earls, Eva           6-Jun-07         L006
Elts, Meta                Daniels, John        19 Mar 1887      C610
Elum, Beatrice            Kibbe, James Aratus  14-Feb-19        V610
Elvin, J.A.               Wells, Gertrude      10-Jul-19        W277
Elvin, Nellie J.          Marsh, George W.     25-Mar-14        Q576
Elward, Maggie            Wagner, George J.    24-Dec-02        I440
Elwell, Edna Bertha       Ritchie, Charley     16-Nov-12        P516
Ely, B.F.                 Jones, Eva L.        25-Jan-20        X149
Ely, Imogene              Yazel, Owen S.       02 Nov 1881      B203
Ely, L.J.                 Brattin, Ora         21-May-21        Y654
Ely, Leonore              Doughman, Eliga      03 Jan 1882      B230
Ely, Leonore              Shuler, I.           17-Apr-00        H307
Ely, Lillian Virokia      Brazell, Glenn       1-Mar-19         W003
Ely, Nathan E.            Griffin, Ida G.      07 Jan 1895      F473
Ely, Rosa Etta            Doran, Albert        1-Aug-06         K342
Ely, W.H.                 Bump, Kate           13 Jul 1880      B078
Elzy, Barbara             Mead, Oscar          18-May-06        K270
Emberson, Alvin C.        Marriott, Hettie L.  26-Jan-22        Z574
Embray, Tom               Neeley, Jessie       18-Jun-21        Z065
Embray, Willie            Jameson, Sadie       2-May-22         Z744
Embree, Fred L.           Chew, Mabel(ble) M.  15-Aug-10        N274
Embree, Wilmer            Bray, Adda           02 Mar 1879      A400
Embrey, E.C.              Elsea, Nina          5-Oct-13         Q358
Embrey, Ethel R.          Johnson, Chester A.  18-Nov-14        R234
Embrey, Iona              Wistercill, Thomas R.30-Oct-20        Y231
Embrey, Olive N.          Middaugh, Ray                         T098
Emens, Jennie             Moore, S.E.          24 Feb 1897      G262
Emerick, Edson H.         Taggart, Mary        8-Mar-22         Z646
Emerick, Fred             Reid, Sarah E.       28-Aug-10        N302
Emerick, Hilpa L.         Goodson, James F.    17-Apr-13        Q113
Emerick, J.H.             Montgomery, Delia    26-Jan-18        U507
Emerick, Josiah D.        Johnson, Elisabeth Ev14 Mar 1878      A318
Emerson, Albert George    Pray, Irene Helen    22-Jul-08        L489
Emerson, Clarence         Dayton, Mattie       16-Aug-21        Z213
Emery, Bessie             Anderson, Jerome L.  9-Oct-19         W505
Emery, C.C.               Goodyear, Bertha E.  11-Jun-10        N184
Emery, Mary               Corporal, Alfred     18-Mar-00        H292
Emery, Theodore           Walker, Elizabeth    4-Jan-21         Y396
Emery, W.T.               Phillips, Pearl Maud 8-Jul-14         R062
Emery, William H.         White, Bessie May                     T266
Emick, Tillie             Handley, O.S.        24-Oct-17        U124
Emley, E.W.               Meddock, Villa M.    11-Oct-17        U076
Emmart, R.R.              Swanson, Mabel                        S147
Emmart, Robert L.         Carnahan, Laura M.   16 Apr 1891      E326
Emmerich, Carl            Williams, Emma (Mrs.)22-Aug-09        M385
Emmerson, Margaret T.     Rader, William       08 Nov 1877      A295
Emmerson, Mary E. (Mrs)   DeCarr, Charles A.   22 Apr 1891      E331
Emmerson, Minnie          Bate, Josiah         06 Dec 1894      F453
Emmert, Dorothy           Smyser, Clyde N.     3-Sep-06         K362
Emmert, Nannie Francis    Pyle, Horace Eugene  29-Jun-05        J615
Emmert, Samuel            Elliott, Susan       11 Oct 1888      D405
Emmett, Nora M.           DeLisle, H.L.        1-Feb-05         J486
Emminger, Carrie          Ewan, I.C.                            T251
Emmons, Daisy             Burrus, J.W.         2-Sep-00         H383
Emmons, Helen             Lingenfelter, P.A.   19-Aug-21        Z223
Emmons, Oscar             Goldsberry, Cora M.  15-Jul-17        T504
Emmons, Pearl             Plunkett, John W.    15-Jul-09        M346
Emmons, Viola             Beaver, John T.      23 Apr 1890      E127
Emmons, William           Sailsbury, Rebecca   04 Mar 1891      E308
Emory, Charles            Kirby, Ellen         11 Apr 1878      A329
Empey, Rosetta            Maher, Don           15-Apr-02        I221
Empie, Lola May           Corkhill, Charles Wil7-May-10         N131
Emrey, Mary               Corporal, Alfred     18-Mar-00        H292
Emrick, Elizabeth         Dearth, Arthur       21-May-14        R001
Emrick, Ethel             Denney, Sam          16-May-12        P235
Emrick, Lettie            Gulick, Charles D.   5-Apr-11         O084
Ems, Mary A.              Sullivan, L.I.       7-Aug-18         V308
Emslie, Agnes             Williams, H.E.       28 Jul 1887      D072
Enders, John              Brown, Minnie M.     07 Sep 1884      C131
Endicott, S.T.            Wood, Nellie         19 Jun 1878      A339
Endres, Earnest G.        Smith, Bessie        12-Mar-13        Q059
Endres, Ernest A.         Cox, Velma Fay       9-Aug-19         W343
Endres, Martha            Cummins, J.H.        19-Aug-20        Y042
Endres, Mary A.           Stultz, G.A.         29-Mar-18        V060
Endress, Carrie           Maloney, George      11 Sep 1881      B183
Ends, Fannie              Clark, F.A.          19-Nov-06        K450
Endsley, M.D.             Heyman, Onetia       29-Aug-18        V358
Endsley, Velma            Benson, Eugene       24-Apr-19        W093
Enegren, Anna             Kelly, E.E.          19 Jan 1898      G443
Enfield, Samuel Marion    Steele, Cliffie Pearl25-Aug-09        M389
Engart, Fannie G.         Fike, William        07 Jul 1879      A435
Engel, Albert             Smith, Elsie         1-Jan-00         H241
Engel, Bernice M.         Pittenger, W.A.      17-Aug-04        J319
Engel, Clara              Stover, Joseph       25-May-01        H598
Engel, Elmer              Pike, Mabel          31-Mar-15        R404
Engel, Emma               VanHorn, Levertt     29 Nov 1893      F257
Engel, George H.          Smith, Clara M.      26 Nov 1891      E429
Engel, Hellena            Hinckley, Rodney     06 Oct 1898      G585
Engel, Lawrence           Pullen, Frances      29-Jan-19        V587
Engel, P.A.               Anderson, Louise     25-Nov-00        H458
Engel, Venie V.           Stitt, Edwin J.      7-Jun-05         J593
Engel, William J.         Jones, Julia M.      7-Jun-03         I575
Engelbrecht, Anna         Mies, John           11 May 1897      G288
Engelbrecht, Anna E.      Fisher, A.S.         11-Mar-22        Z652
Engelbrecht, Ben          Loevenich, Lizzie    25 Nov 1897      G409
Engelbrecht, Casper       Wiegand, Lena        28-Feb-22        Z634
Engelbrecht, Frances      Mies, John           1-Apr-13         Q068
Engelbrecht, Jake         Ditgen, Marie        10-May-20        X353
Engelbrecht, John         Ketzner, Nellie      24 Nov 1898      G620
Engelbrecht, John C.      Mans, Margaret                        S232
Engelbrecht, Joseph       Ketzner, Mary Elizabe14 Jun 1892      E557
Engelbrecht, Maggie       Heimermann, Anton    23 Feb 1897      G250
Engelbrecht, Mary         Mund, J.A.           18 Aug 1896      G129
Engelbrecht, Roman B.     Fishback, Christina                   T149
Engels, Anna              Conner, Charles V.   26-Feb-08        L317
Engels, John W.           Gleeson, Mary        27-Jan-09        M115
Engels, M.M.              Brady, Elizabeth     11-Sep-12        P413
Engelsman, Gustave        Sly, Marion Morris   15-Mar-19        V631
Engert, Lena              Wells, C.E.          18-Oct-14        R196
England, Charlie L.       Uhl, Hattie          1-Aug-14         R081
England, Daisy(sey) F.    Jacks, B.O.          28-May-06        K276
England, Emma Mae         Schott, A.J.                          S054
England, Hattie           Elder, Virgil        17-Nov-20        Y277
England, Katie E.         Somers, Clarence L   31-Dec-14        R310
England, Nellie Alice     Munroe, Alfred Alexan24-Dec-19        X077
England, William H.       Hamilton, Anna       10 Dec 1889      E035
Engle, A.B.               McCluggage, D.K.     6-May-05         J565
Engle, Bernice M.         Pittenger, W.A.      17-Aug-04        J319
Engle, Bessie             Richardson, Frank    5-Oct-00         H423
Engle, Katie A.           Hinkle, E.S.         30 Sep 1885      C312
Engle, Lavon              White, Lovette       25-Nov-19        W632
Engle, Lucinda            Taber, Jesse         22-Nov-09        M534
Engledow, Frances         Nienke, Emil         4-Nov-19         W576
Englehart, Charles A.     Potts, Emma          15 Jun 1898      G525
Engleman, C.C. (Dr.)      Jones, Nannie        26 Sep 1888      D395
Engleman, Henry W.        Solomon, Jessie      21-Jul-09        M353
Engler, LeRoy             Royal, Mary Helen    26-Apr-10        N114
Englert, Charles E.       Cochran, Orpha L. (Mr02 Nov 1891      E415
English, A.W.             Crabb, Blanch                         T002
English, Bertha Ida       Bateman, Clayton E.  25-Jul-18        V290
English, C.M.             McGee, Maggie        20-Jan-10        M627
English, Carl R.          Casey, Mabel T.                       T050
English, Dorothy          McCoy, Leslie                         T356
English, Dorothy B.       Hedges, James Fred   11-Dec-20        Y331
English, Florence         Voigt, Seigfried S.  20-Apr-12        P200
English, Forrest          Brock, Clara         1-Sep-17         T608
English, Frank            Marshall, Anna       26-Aug-08        L533
English, Glenn H.         Hall, Emily Adeline  10-Nov-17        U194
English, Henry W.         Walker, Julia A.     18 Apr 1891      E327
English, Ida P.           Hall, N.O.           6-Apr-02         I215
English, J.M.             Wells, Ivy Alice     1-Jun-03         I566
English, James            Vernon, Bert                          S468
English, James A.         Dotson, Minnie       14-Apr-09        M217
English, James M.         Stevens, Sadie E.    10-Jun-06        K284
English, Kate             Smith, Alton H.      22 Dec 1897      G425
English, Lela             Brooks, Cliff        14-Mar-18        V036
English, Margie           Fuller, Charles Irvin26-May-10        N156
English, Maude            Deam, Frank M.       02 Jan 1895      F470
English, Nathaniel M.     Fanning, Mary        5-Feb-21         Y459
English, Richard Lee      Rush, Faye                            T118
English, Sadie Stevens    Nelson, William Henry18-Nov-18        V484
English, W.A.             Neff, Mary E.        02 Jul 1895      F562
English, W.L.             Hinistedt, Anna      17 Sep 1884      C136
English, W.L. Jr.         Maggard, M.D.        24-Jan-12        P078
English, William C.       Flinn, Mary F.       28 Feb 1886      C397
Engstrom, Fredricka T.    Livingston, Stephen L.                S348
Engstrom, J.H.            Seater, Mettie M.                     H154
Engstrom, John H.         Senter, Mettie M.    06 Sep 1899      H152
Engstrome, Estelle        Schwartz, M.         22-May-22        Z752
Engweiler, Margaret       Matzka, Emil C.      18-Jul-14        R068
Enlow, Champ              Snow, Maude          10-Apr-11        O093
Ennds, Ruth               Carlson, Elias                        R628
Ennis, B.B.               Walker, Thelma Viola 9-Feb-19         V599
Ennis, Frank T.           Nuss, Ada            14-Apr-21        Y579
Ennis, Jay                DePlanque, Lottie    21-Jul-09        M354
Ennis, John J.            Hughes, Esther E.    23 Oct 1884      C151
Ennis, W.B.               Ranson, A.C.         12-Mar-20        X248
Enoch, Alfred W.          Kibby, Charlotte E.                   T031
Enoch, Edith West         Fox, John Leslie     15-Sep-07        L122
Enoch, Henry L.           Jones, Laura         29-Mar-10        N075
Enos, Edwin W.            Sternburg, A. Rose (M21 Jul 1888      D346
Enright, Edward A.        Corrigan, Celia J.   24 Sep 1889      D612
Ensley, Gladys            Smith, Oren M.       10-May-22        Z758
Ensley, Grace             Seitz, J.A.          7-Oct-18         V433
Ensminger, Emanuel        Allsup, Ella         02 Sep 1874      A131
Ensor, Frances M.         Kirkpatrick, John    27 Jan 1896      G039
Ensor, Henry              Burwell, Frances(cis)21 May 1891      E342
Enstman, John Bent        Winkel, Philamena    28 Jul 1887      D066
Enterkin, M.E.            LeHew, J.A.          12-Nov-19        W597
Enterkine, T.A.           Glessner, Emma L.    29 Feb 1888      D236
Entriken, E.E.            Piper, Jessie Earle  1-Jul-11         O234
Entriken, Orien K.        Zalondek, Louise     18-Feb-06        K199
Entsminger, D.W.          Hess, Pearl          25-Jun-01        H622
Entz, Mary                Dagenhart, Edward Elbert              S139
Enyeart, Orvie M.         Porter, Flora Belle  18-Oct-11        O372
Epler, C.A.               Radford, Golda       22-Nov-19        W628
Epley, Curtis A.          Myers, Bertha        2-Feb-02         I171
Epp, Juntine A.           Bergen, John         25-Apr-20        X343
Epp, Theodore H.          Saniter, Gloria      20-Apr-08        L374
Epperly, Lila             Graves, Leonard                       S176
Epperly, O.M.             Kane, Bertha         9-Nov-14         R225
Epperly, Rose             Goranflo, M.F.       15 Feb 1899      H043
Epperly, Rose Nellie      Lesco, L.O.          31-May-14        R008
Epperson, Frank           Johnson, Myrtle      01 Jun 1895      F549
Epperson, Jessie May      Hodgson, Sam William 21 Aug 1887      D084
Epperson, Ray A.          Smith, Lola F.       9-Sep-20         Y092
Epps, W.L.                Clark, Ida           12-Aug-13        Q274
Epps, Walter E.           Sears, Rachel Frances16-Nov-11        O418
Epstein, Morris G.        Steinberg, Reva      18-Mar-12        P147
Eral, Emma B.             Courtner, Roy M.     4-Feb-13         Q018
Erb, Christ               Shidter, Elizabeth   14-Jul-21        Z130
Erb, Christina F.         Mans, Fred           11 Feb 1893      F073
Erb, Friedereke (Mrs.)    Young, Henry         25 Jul 1893      F168
Erb, Gregory              Dalhoff, Maggie      24 Nov 1887      D166
Erb, J.P.                 Bellard, E.H.                         T130
Erdman, Vera V.           Burson, Ralph        18-Jul-18        V282
Erdwein(wien), Edo.       Kramer, Minnie       15 Feb 1894      F314
Erdwien, Elsie            Howard, Ray                           T030
Erdwien, Henry            Borg, Sarah          12 Feb 1896      G046
Erdwien, Lena             Thomas, George W.    04 Jan 1899      H016
Erdwien, Tillie Mary      Bishop, W.K.         16-Feb-11        O021
Erhard, Vernie A.         Slothower, R.D.      12-Aug-12        P368
Erhart, H.W.              Doyle, Mabel H.      16-Feb-04        J165
Erick, Virginia I.        Munsell, P.D.        04 Oct 1897      G374
Erickson, David S.        Fletcher,Gertrude Cec23-Dec-11        P037
Erickson, Edna L.         Jones, R.L.                           T326
Erickson, Eliza           Cuddeback, Charles   24-Jun-03        I588
Erickson, Ernest C.       Ford, Mayme                           S626
Erickson, Hilda A.        Gentner, Frank M.    29 Apr 1896      G086
Ericsson, John G.         Pirtle, Eva Willmurth19-Jan-10        M626
Erikson, Alice Viola      Harrington, Newell   26-Nov-21        Z455
Erington, Hannah          Marshall, D.F.       17 Nov 1897      G407
Erker, August Frank       Hilger, Annie(na) G. 7-Nov-06         K420
Erker, Mary               Menges, Charles      22 Nov 1898      G610
Erker, William A.         Ditgen, Barbara      11-Feb-07        K533
Erkolein, Henry David     Weirick, Nellie Cathe6-Sep-20         Y067
Erlewine, Elizabeth       Rau, Joseph          16-May-06        K266
Ernandez, Esperirion      Olvera, Juana        7-Aug-20         Y010
Ernandez, Refufia         Gerrero, Martin      12-Feb-21        Y471
Ernsberger, Ella          Ernsberger, John D.  24 Nov 1878      A380
Ernsberger, John D.       Ernsberger, Ella     24 Nov 1878      A380
Ernst, Claudia            May, Walter          10-Jan-22        Z547
Ernst, Hazel C.           Lightner, Paul A.    2-Apr-22         Z686
Ernstman, Catherine       Watson, Will F.                       R451
Ernstman, Marie           Platte, Joseph G.                     T334
Ernstmann, Henry          Walterscheid, Margare25-Jun-07        L031
Errickson, C.E.           Hughes, Catherine    1-Nov-10         N424
Errickson, Irene Gertrude Lauck, Dee Robinson  21-May-13        Q153
Errickson, M.L.           Briggs, Winifred     15-Jan-21        Y414
Errington, Hannah         Marshall, D.F.       17 Nov 1897      G407
Errington, Richard        Buck, Clara          30-Sep-09        M456
Erskern, William          Johnson, Jennie      31 Jul 1887      D073
Erskin, Samantha E.       Sipe, William J.     13 Jan 1886      C376
Erskine, Jessie J.        Roberts, Earnest C.                   S168
Erthal, Marie             Scogin, Earl         1-Jun-18         V186
Ertz, Nora                Jinkaway, W.J.       29-Jul-07        L066
Ertz, Susie Evelena       Daniel, Thaddeus Clau4-Nov-08         L631
Ervin, Dollie             Henkle, Elza N.      24-Sep-02        I362
Ervin, Esther             Sims, James          4-Sep-11         O300
Ervin, Francis M.         Wood, Lizzie         13 Dec 1885      C356
Ervin, Hurley J.          Loy, Clara May       3-Nov-14         R220
Ervin, John J.            Bartholomew, May H.  30-Nov-11        O440
Ervin, L.M.               Shake, H.S.          1-Aug-08         L500
Ervin, Lizzie (Mrs.)      Haskin, Emory        28 Jul 1892      E584
Ervin, Maggie             Allen, George W.     27-Jun-00        H347
Ervin, Martha             Lard, K.W.           28 Sep 1887      D115
Ervin, Minnie M.          Wilson, Josiah E.    14-Sep-10        N329
Ervin, Squire             Martin, Monissia Ada 18-Jun-13        Q206
Ervin, Thomas             Foreman, Henrietta   3-Aug-18         V302
Erwin, Abner              Myers, Emma          22 Feb 1891      E303
Erwin, Alice Josephine    Corwin, Emory        22-Jun-18        V239
Erwin, Bertha             Bish, C.H.           23-Feb-07        K526
Erwin, Charles W.         Brant, Lena May      23-Nov-08        M026
Erwin, Elizabeth          Jones, L.V.          11-Apr-13        Q100
Erwin, John C.            Simmons, Ella E.     06 Feb 1884      C037
Erwin, Laura J. (Mrs.)    Garrison, L.M.       17-Jul-11        O250
Erwin, Mary               Elder, J.            25-Dec-12        P597
Erwin, W.E.               Lytle, Mary L.       25-Dec-19        X048
Esbridge, Cora E.         Swarthout, A.C.      30-Apr-02        I235
Escalante, Eloisa         Rodriges, Santiago   5-Aug-19         W333
Escenilla, Trinidad       Chaparro, Eugenia    16-Feb-11        O019
Esch, Tracy               Sponagle, Adam                        C624
Eshol, C.E.               Knoffloch, Sarah     9-Nov-20         Y256
Eshom, Charles E.         Higgins, Mary E.     9-Jan-10         M610
Eshom, Ella E.            Kimel, Charles O.    11-Apr-04        J211
Eshom, W.C.               Carter, Carrie       4-Nov-02         I394
Eskridge, Cora E.         Swarthout, A.C.      30-Apr-02        I235
Esley, Ina                Pirtle, Thomas A.    25-Feb-11        O031
Eslinger, Cleom           Demer, James         24-Jun-18        V243
Eslinger, G.W.            Insley, Alice        31 Jul 1884      C114
Eslinger, Hattie          Meyers, Charles      17-Nov-14        R237
Espell, Michael           Jones, Anna L.       18-Apr-00        H306
Espey, Colleen            Stanley, John        27-Mar-20        X281
Espey, Lula J.            Arnold, Harry C.     25 Feb 1889      D501
Espinesa, Juan            Somantiago, Marian   27-Oct-19        W554
Espinoza, Sara            DeCuna, Eliseo       6-Nov-17         U171
Espoza, Theodosius        Philippe, Merce      2-Aug-19         W324
Esser, Josephine          Riordan, Thomas F.                    S212
Essie, Thomas             Cherry, Ruth         1-Oct-18         V422
Essley, Ethel             Powers, Ira S.       10-Mar-19        W012
Essley, Oliver            Doles, Belva         15-Sep-14        R148
Estep, May                Maurice, W.R.                         S264
Estep, Roger W.           Ream, Ethel B.       25-Dec-12        P593
Estep, T.F.               Steward, Sylvia      19-Dec-08        M053
Ester, Charles            Davis, Cora Ann      28 Feb 1897      G265
Ester, Daniel             Resley, Laura        07 Aug 1894      F386
Esterly, Adam             Funk, Sarah E.       11 Nov 1877      A299
Estes, Ada                Moore, Ira           23-Jul-18        V289
Estes, Benjamin P.        Thompson, Bessie H.  25-Jun-20        X531
Estes, Bessie             Gilbert, Fred L.     21-Oct-20        Y215
Estes, Hutoka             Cochran, William     10 Jun 1885      C263
Estes, James F.           Smith, Carrie L.     11 Nov 1894      F435
Estes, Martha A.          Triggs, J.H.         11 Jan 1880      B025
Estes, Maud               Brown, Frank         21-Jul-07        L051
Estes, Morton             Payne, Cassie        06 May 1884      C077
Estes, Roy R.             Wilcox, Gladys Mae                    W259
Estes, Sarah A.           Deem, James E.       25 Nov 1876      A237
Estes, Vara Alice         Hula, Wesley Alberet 3-Jun-20         X447
Estill, David R.          Miner, Anna R.       09 Dec 1875      A180
Estrada, Anna Julia       Jernberg, Fred       31 Jul 1889      D580
Estrada, Jesus            Mejia, Manuel        8-May-19         W127
Estridge, Georgia         Beard, Frank         18-May-12        P236
Estus, Oscar              Fruijer, Elsie       11-Oct-21        Z344
Etchison, A.A.            Broadhurst, Myrtle   7-Jan-14         Q495
Ethall, Kate              Edkins, Edwards      17 Jul 1886      C467
Etherton, Grace           Liggett, F.G.        2-Jul-01         H630
Etherton, James           Williams, Mary       22-Sep-19        W462
Ethington, W.S.           Grady, Grace         22-May-19        W154
Etmire, Ledessie D.       Schock, Phillip D.   19 Mar 1890      E096
Etnire, Ben S.            Foster, M.K.         19-Jun-21        Z053
Etnire, Gertrude Leona    Dill, Edward Burton  8-Mar-06         K221
Etnire, Ledessie D.       Schock, Phillip D.   19 Mar 1890      E096
Etter, Belle              Livingston, Lewis    23-Dec-14        R268
Etter, Clair H.           Peters, Jennie F.    19-Sep-12        P422
Etter, George             Finney, Elsie        1-May-22         Z743
Euard, Arthur             Loe, Violet Mildred  31-Dec-19        X093
Eubank, Albert F.         Burgess, Olive J.    30-Jun-12        P314
Eubank, Dorothy O.        Uhrey, G.W.          17-Jul-19        W292
Eubank, John C.           Howell, Fern         10-Dec-13        Q453
Eubank, Leoma             Baxter, Walter       12-Sep-04        J340
Eurton, Chlora Hope       Powers, Payton S.    7-Sep-14         R134
Evanhoe, Teresa           Hinkle, Harley       15-Dec-13        Q458
Evans, A.W.               Wallace, Carrie L.   08 May 1897      G296
Evans, Addie G.           Green, William F.    15 Sep 1880      B092
Evans, Agnes              Judd, Reuben         29 Sep 1892      E621
Evans, Albee O.           Heisey, Mildred E.   15-Nov-11        O412
Evans, Albert Ernest      Graham, Estella Blanc28-Dec-08        M073
Evans, Alfred C.          Gilstrap, Arie B.    28-Dec-05        K163
Evans, Alta Marie         Hatfield, Clarence Jr8-Apr-22         Z694
Evans, America            Skinner, L.D.        21 May 1888      D305
Evans, Archie E.          Mayall, Minnie Agnes 6-Dec-05         K129
Evans, Beatrice           Maxey, J.W.          31-Aug-18        V364
Evans, Belle              Barker, W.G.         15-Jun-20        X495
Evans, Bernice            Denise, Larimore C.  28-Oct-02        I387
Evans, Bert               Yazel, Myrtle        2-Jun-07         L001
Evans, Bessie Pearl       McGarraugh, A.D.                      R507
Evans, C.H.               Peek, Maude B.                        S064
Evans, Callis             Jones, Bessie        18-Dec-01        I130
Evans, Carl Edgar         Quincy, Ethel Luellen6-Jun-10         N172
Evans, Charles R.         Briggs, Elizabeth    2-Nov-08         L625
Evans, Charley            McGlade, Ida         11 Jan 1895      F475
Evans, Claude             Whitaker, Thelma     6-Mar-20         X240
Evans, Columbus A.        Vestal, Golda        30-Dec-20        Y385
Evans, D.T.               Bratt, Jessie        4-Oct-00         H421
Evans, Daisy L.           Colegate, Nathen(than11-Jan-10        M611
Evans, Donald             McKenzie, Pearl      24-Jan-21        Y432
Evans, E.V.               Blanchette, Louise   25 Jan 1899      H034
Evans, Earl C.            Bussard, Mern                         S380
Evans, Earle Wood         Cooper, Mary Darlingt30-Nov-17        U292
Evans, Ed                 Sailsbury, Anna      5-Oct-19         W497
Evans, Edith Ethel        Thompson, George A.  3-Aug-14         R084
Evans, Edith May          Pierson, E.S.        6-Jan-20         X113
Evans, Edward Frederick   Adams, Bernice Esther1-Mar-19         W001
Evans, Eli K.             Graham, Marthena     11 Sep 1895      F592
Evans, Elias (Dr.)        Muller, Mollie Lowery9-Nov-05         K103
Evans, Elmer              Neff, Myrtle         5-Oct-10         N377
Evans, Emma F.            Ward, James F.       11 Apr 1891      E322
Evans, Emma L.            Thompson, William C. 04 Sep 1887      D092
Evans, Esther             Tull, W.C.           23-Dec-21        Z499
Evans, Eva Myrtle         Alter, James P.      17-Oct-04        J379
Evans, Evan(ns) Mack      Modlin, Emma Mamey   8-Jan-12         P057
Evans, Everett G.         Russel, Mildred                       T214
Evans, Floyd              Patterson, Iva                        T202
Evans, G.W.               Bradway, Angelina    15-Feb-12        P108
Evans, George B.          Goold, Caroline      17 Oct 1889      D636
Evans, Goldie E.          Triplett, Richard I. 14-Feb-05        J499
Evans, Grace Edith        Liggett, C.R.        1-Mar-11         O034
Evans, Hattie             Clark, H.E.          4-Apr-18         V072
Evans, Hattie             Knowlson, J.B.       5-Jan-14         Q494
Evans, Hattie D.          Evans, James W.      24-Nov-11        O428
Evans, Henry F.           Parsons, Cora L.     02 Nov 1887      D148
Evans, Ida Alice          Watkins, Joseph I.C. 06 Nov 1889      E009
Evans, Ida L.             Brumfield, Jordan    18 Jun 1891      E348
Evans, Ida M.             Sheperd, E.          1-Nov-08         L626
Evans, J.O.               Muma, Elsie          21-Nov-02        I406
Evans, J.P.               Brown, Ida           03 Oct 1878      A364
Evans, James W.           Evans, Hattie D.     24-Nov-11        O428
Evans, James W.           Harlan, Mary         10 Nov 1894      F435
Evans, Jessie             Davis, W.E.          11-Apr-00        H302
Evans, John               Cornett, Stella                       S555
Evans, John               Karnes, Mildred                       S592
Evans, John               Strioke, Lena        2-Oct-18         V424
Evans, John Lillie        Naftzger, Florence De30-Jun-09        M327
Evans, John T.            Ware, Lida           18-Nov-05        K113
Evans, Joseph A.          Yelley, Lulu M.                       I365
Evans, Leonard            Walker, Christine    14-Oct-20        Y193
Evans, Lewis B.           Ober, Anna Berdella  28-Jul-09        M359
Evans, Lucy Crystal       Drake, Bertram N.    13-Dec-11        P016
Evans, M.D.               Heisel, Hortense     2-Apr-21         Y558
Evans, Mabel(le) Amelia   VanScyoc, Theodore Lo20-Dec-05        K142
Evans, Marian Frances     Fox, Elmer E.        1-Dec-18         V503
Evans, Marie              Cole, C.A.           22-Jun-07        L031
Evans, Marvel             Williams, Paul S.    14-May-19        W133
Evans, Matilda (Mrs)      Evans, Thomas C.     19 Jan 1890      E063
Evans, Michael J.         East, Maud           19-Nov-19        W619
Evans, Morris             Hess, Nettie Mae     27-Mar-20        X279
Evans, Nancy Catherine    Allen, Frank B.      23 Jun 1888      D326
Evans, Nannie             Ballard, R. H.       9-Jul-13         Q233
Evans, Nellie B.          Riner, Talbert W.                     S570
Evans, Nona               Davis, Charles A.    5-Jul-10         N228
Evans, Pearl              Gonzalez, Rafael A.  11-Apr-10        N092
Evans, Perry              Ferchau, Emma        25-Jul-00        H366
Evans, Rebecca            Outcelt, George A.   25 Apr 1889      D530
Evans, Robert             Foster, Alvina       23-Nov-21        Z449
Evans, Robert J.          Beers, Phoebe A.     15 Sep 1889      D607
Evans, Robert Kenneth     Tarbill, Jessie I.   28-Dec-10        N513
Evans, Rosa               Tutwiler, C.E.       30 Jul 1896      G127
Evans, Rosa V.            Anderson, J.W.       1-Feb-06         K191
Evans, Roy                Eldridge, Nannie (Mrs15-Jun-03        I579
Evans, Ruth               Fry, A.J.            9-Apr-13         Q096
Evans, S.M.               Stevens, Vera        14-Sep-21        Z278
Evans, Sadie              Elliott, John Y.                      R459
Evans, Sadie              Lettau, Edward       30-Sep-21        Z320
Evans, Samuel             Brown, Emma          10 Aug 1899      H135
Evans, Samuel             McClellan, Edith     16-Dec-10        N510
Evans, Susie A.           Tracy, Thomas        20 Jan 1886      C381
Evans, T.F.               McMullen, S.(L.)V.   10 Aug 1886      C480
Evans, Thomas C.          Evans, Matilda (Mrs) 19 Jan 1890      E063
Evans, Thomas L.          Shockley, Clara E.   17-Mar-10        N057
Evans, Tina M.            Thomas, J.A.         29-Jun-12        P310
Evans, Virgil Willis      Mooney, Hazel Francelia               T216
Evans, W.H.               Johnson, Nettie                       S636
Evans, William            Flint, Myrtle        5-Jul-02         I292
Evans, William            Rhoades, Eliza       22-Mar-11        O060
Evara, Manulia            Monketha, Nevor      24-Nov-18        V495
Evard, Bessie E.          Brown, B.M.          28-Nov-17        U283
Evel, Mary                Cantrell, James      04 Dec 1884      C175
Eveleth, Flavia M.        Maddox, Charles C.   18-Feb-20        X208
Evenson, Edwin A.         Buttler, Katie O.    5-Jun-12         P262
Evenson, Grace            Bland, J.D.                           T023
Everest, Jean H.          McCormick, Helen G.  3-Dec-02         I418
Everett, Charles Henry    Hathaway, Myrtle     26-Jan-14        Q515
Everett, Edna             Luger, Ferdinand     26-Jun-01        H624
Everett, Edna             Williams, Paul       10-Jul-17        T498
Everett, Edsal M.         Corliss, Jennie      20-Feb-04        J169
Everett, Emma G.          Mueller, V.A.                         T069
Everett, Hattie           Cooper, A.L.         30 Jul 1899      H131
Everett, Hazel M.         Brosius, H.L.        26-May-20        X425
Everett, John             Ballantine, Edith    5-Dec-17         U308
Everett, Nathan           Patterson, Lizzie                     T253
Everett, Viola A.         Peacock, L.S.        28 Mar 1885      C232
Everett, Violet Faye      Fisher, Alfred S.    10-Nov-17        U187
Everetts, Nellie          Brown, J.C.          13-May-01        H588
Everhart, Grace           Walker, James A.     15-Nov-19        W609
Everitt, Ada              Hagerty, H.F.        13 May 1882      B270
Everitt, E.M.             Bush, Nancy                           S481
Everitt, Elizabeth        Carey, Joseph G.     12-Apr-19        W051
Everitt, Minnie W.        Hagerty, William A.  26 Mar 1882      B255
Everitt, Ralph E.         Carlton, Irene E.                     R607
Everitt, Vern D.          Wilson, Fay          22-May-20        X421
Everius, May Lou          Lewis, Earnest       28-Dec-18        V538
Everley, Mina             Hyter, Samuel D.     2-Dec-21         Z462
Everly, Vera              Adamson, Harold      14-Feb-19        V612
Evers, Pauline            Osenforth, Oren      27-Apr-13        Q122
Eversole, J.C.            Lewis, Ella          6-Mar-01         H534
Everts, Charles H.        Dwyer, Nettie        31-Aug-14        R121
Everts, Gertrude          Swift, M.A.          08 Oct 1884      C146
Everts, Kate              Hahn, P.A.           3-Sep-18         V334
Evertson, Elma            Wright, A.W.         2-Mar-18         V016
Evertson, John R.         Axtell, Dora         3-Aug-02         I311
Evertson, Mary            Hauschild, George H. 19-Oct-09        M482
Evertz, Adam              Jansen, Elizabeth L. 26 Nov 1891      E426
Eves, Ida Rebecca         Chase, Carl          21-Sep-19        W460
Evil, May                 Cantrell, James      04 Dec 1884      C173
Evins, Anna               Avery, Travis M.     4-Mar-20         X234
Evins, Thomas C.          Rothenbacker, Lizzie 25 Sep 1892      E615
Ewald, George J.          Flintrop, Anna Irene 24-Jun-14        R036
Ewalt, Emma Jane          Shafer, Harry J.     21-Mar-20        X269
Ewalt, Nona B.            Howard, Allen L.     5-Apr-20         X308
Ewan, H.V.                Ronsick, Maude       14-Dec-14        R278
Ewan, I.C.                Emminger, Carrie                      T251
Ewbank, Ivan J.           McFadden, Edna       28-Jan-19        V582
Ewell, Cleve              Abernath, Cellestine 17-Jul-21        Z135
Ewell, Mary Frances       Hawkins, Velpho H.   8-Aug-18         V312
Ewert, Edith              Kimberlin, Jerry     24-Nov-20        Y292
Ewerts, Peter             Peltz, Katharine     18 Jan 1887      C566
Ewertz, Adam              Jansen, Elizabeth L. 26 Nov 1891      E426
Ewertz, Albert            Heitz, Marie                          S023
Ewertz, Lena              Orth, Arthur         6-Aug-17         T529
Ewertz, Mary              Faber, John          27-Apr-09        M221
Ewertz, Matthew           Heitz, Catherine                      T169
Ewertz, Mike              Hamersky, Hattie     8-Apr-13         Q069
Ewertz, Peter             Hohn, Katie          20-Jan-14        Q483
Ewertz, Teresa            Hahn, John           12-Oct-20        Y132
Ewing, Agnes              Cummings, Lewis      3-Jul-12         P325
Ewing, Charles Wicks      Battin, Cora C.      26 Nov 1885      C348
Ewing, Delora             Kitchen, T.R.        26-Oct-21        Z387
Ewing, Elba               Doering, Herman      10-Apr-19        W065
Ewing, F.B.               Rose, Duckie L.      16 Sep 1897      G358
Ewing, Frank B.           Smith, Susie W.      31-Aug-04        J328
Ewing, Glenn G.           Moore, Ruby          14-May-18        V139
Ewing, Grant              Russ, Ella May       6-Jan-03         I455
Ewing, Inez Marie         Schardein, Ray O.    7-May-19         W126
Ewing, J.A.               Hiett, Alta Jane     27-Aug-19        W388
Ewing, James K.           Casey, Edna          16-Dec-14        R277
Ewing, Mary               Brooks, Zeddo E.     30-May-19        W170
Ewing, Mary A.            Beard, Andrew        25-Nov-03        J093
Ewing, N. Emma            Hanson, Gustaf Willia23-Oct-10        N407
Ewing, N.V.               Mecham, Edgar        12-Apr-21        Y575
Ewing, S. Ellen           Hickerson, E.T.                       S009
Ewing, Theodore           Cobb, Maude          20-Mar-20        X267
Ewing, Waldena            Landes, Paul         15-Jun-18        V217
Ewing, William R.         Libhart, Louretta    15-Dec-09        M562
Exelby, Walter Wellington Warthman, Lena Fay   28-Sep-21        Z310
Exon, J. Lester           Moran, Mae Kathryn   19-Jan-21        Y417
Exton, Florence           Tucker, Walter H.    30 Nov 1893      F260
Exton, John               Herrington, Anna S.  10 Dec 1872      A053
Exton, John Joseph        Windhorst, Edith     26-Mar-13        Q083
Eyer, Ida Mae             Polaski, John        23-Aug-05        K022
Eyestone, David A.        Marlow, Ethel        26-Jul-08        L495
Eyman, Ethel              Bowers, Bert         10-Sep-11        O318
Eyman, Hazel              Craner, Ralph                         T320
Eyman, J.L.               Smarr, Amanda F.     18-Mar-07        K575
Eyman, Lue                Stubbs, Almon        15-Feb-11        O018
Eyman, William            Pine, Fannie         10-Sep-11        O318
Eyster, J.F.              McNaghten, Stella    8-Oct-01         I070
Ezell, Nannie Lew         Millner, James Massie21-Oct-08        L623
Ezell, Nellie             Bishop, George E.                     S407
Ezzell, Frank             Adair, Pearl         11-Dec-07        L230


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