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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society is pleased to present transcriptions of school year books.

Pratt Junior College, Pratt, Pratt County, Kansas
The Beaver 1952

Sophomores                        Freshmen                   Special Students
Allen, Ronald                     Brown, Marilyn             Coulter, Joyce
Alphers, Robert                   Burgess, Jean              Dashen, Pat
Ballard, Terry                    Carney, Barbara            Earlywine, Janet
Blythe, Loren                     Clinesmith, Jody           Fager, Teddy
Bright, Shirli                    Cordray, Ann               Gariss, Lynette
Carter, Ann                       Dikeman, Shirley           Gariss, Pat
Dietz, Patricia                   Garten, Fred               Goodwin, Milton
Elder, Rosalyn                    Gray, Beverly              Hager, Jean
Evans, Leon                       Harvey, Shirley            Hardy, Janet
Fankhauser, Don                   Hemphill, Carol            Helsel, Marjorie
Fischer, Eula Jean                Hill, Barbara              Hobbs, Rowena
Flores, Al                        Hollond, Bob               Logue, Kelva
Fruit, Glenna                     Humble, Patsy              Money, Carol
Garrison, Harold                  Johnson, Donal             Montford, Frances
Gates, Charlene                   Johnson, Jacqueline        Nelson, Elmer
Graber, Jack                      King, Dale                 Notter, Catherine
Griffith, Georgeanne              Lantz, Jack                Pierce, Sarah
Hall, Kathryn                     Light, Jeanne              Smith, Alice
Harris, Roy                       Lippincott, Rita           Spicer, Marjorie
Huffman, Wilmer                   Miller, Darrel             Stevens, Donald
Keller, Mike                      Milstead, Tommy            Wilkie, Cherrill
Monger, Mildred                   Miskimen, Earl             Woolwine, Marjorie
Morris0on, margaret               Pilkington, Dwain
Nelson, George                    Sanders, Mary Lou
Omo, Katherine                    Sangster, Lila             Faculty
Randle, Rosemaray                 Scott, Beverly             Alburty, Maxine - Music Theory
Rose, Vera Lee                    Smith, Mary Lou            Bailey, Ruth Jean - Library Science
Ross, Warren                      Stalcup, Billy             Barton, Gertrude - Physical Education
Satterlee, Christeen              Strait, Jack               Brimmer, Edwin - Vocal Music
Schaffer, Jerry                   Swindler, Adaline          Brown, Everett - Speech, Theatre
Shafer, William                   Swindler, Arlene           Burgess, H. G. - Education, Engineering, Drawing
Springer, Donald                  Tritt, Rinda               Dashen, L. W. - Physical Scince
Stalcup, Kenny                    Vincent, Ernestine         Fuller, Everett - Commerce
Tompkins, Mary Ann                Walker, Allen              Giffifn, Mrs. Phil - School Nurse
Weems, Janice                     Webber, Wayne              Hardy, Dwight - Mathematics
Wells, Phyllis                    Weems, Bryan               League, Walter - Foreign Language
Zrubek, Ramona                    Wehling, Jo Ann            Lighter, Fred - Athletics
                                  Winters, Guy               McMullen, Edith - Commercee
                                  Winters, Joe               Oglesby,Dwayne - Social Scienc
Administration                                               Pagett, Ruth - Home Econimics
Glad, Amos W. - Superintendent                               Sailer, Roy - Social Science
Unruh, H. B. - Dean of Junior College                        Talbott, Stanley - Music, Band
Goodman, Jess - Board of Education                           Taylor, Helen - English
Peak, Mrs. Lillian - Board of Education                      Vogue, Florence - Secretary
Pagenkoph, Charlotte - Board of Education                    Wood, C. S. - Biological Science
Woolwine, Paul - Board of Education                          Workman, Esther - Art
Hewitt, Harold - Board of Education
Shrepel, John - Board of Education
Thorpe, Dr. - Board of Education

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