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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of scrapbooks in their library that contain obituaries cut from The Wichita Eagle and Beacon. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks. If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each name and we will abstract the information for you. Mail the name of  the person you wish the information on, the year, the date (if given) and the page number it appears on (if given) to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. Please include your e-mail address if you have one.

Index of Wichita Eagle/Beacon Obituaries


?eimer           Clarence M.                           29-Nov-1980
Aaron            Leamon "Hap"                           8-Jun-1980
Aaron            Leamon "Hap"                           9-Jun-1980
Abbey            Patra (Mrs. Irl)                       8-Jul-1980
Abbott           Bertha Lennie (Mrs. Ray)              22-Nov-1980
Abbott           Glenn Burris                          14-Dec-1980
Abbott           Jessie E. (Mrs. Seth)                  7-Aug-1980
Abel             Edward R.                             27-Jun-1980
Abel             Oscar Robert                           4-Jun-1980
Abel             Oscar Robert                           6-Jun-1980
Abele            David H.                              12-Apr-1980
Abell            Kenneth A.                            22-Jun-1980
Abercrombie      Chester A.                             1-May-1980
Abernathy        B. H.                                  3-Jul-1980
Ablah            Nellie Jane Farha                     30-Oct-1980
Aboms            Elfrida Otilija                       15-Jul-1980
Aboussie         Kamala (Mrs. Albert M.)               13-Oct-1980
Abraham          Vernon                                30-Nov-1980
Abraham          Vernon "Abe"                           1-Dec-1980
Abshier          Edwin W.                               5-Jul-1980
Abshier          Luella Hennessy (Mrs. Ira)            13-Mar-1980
Abshire          Luella Hennessy (Mrs. Ira)            12-Mar-1980
Abston           Orville P.                            30-Oct-1980
Acker            Lester W.                             17-Oct-1980
Ackerman         Cora I. (Mrs. Winford)                11-May-1980
Ackerman         Peter J.                               7-Feb-1980
Ackerman         Peter J.                               8-Feb-1980
Adam             Norman L.                              6-Dec-1980
Adams            Alena Mary (Mrs. Samuel)              17-Feb-1980
Adams            Arthur L. "Buck"                      16-Mar-1980
Adams            Earl                                   9-Feb-1980
Adams            Exie (Mrs. B. F. )                    20-Feb-1980
Adams            Forrest Clayton                        6-Jun-1980
Adams            Fred L.                               16-Nov-1980
Adams            Infant son of Herbert                 17-Nov-1980
Adams            James C.                              13-Aug-1980
Adams            John Carroll                          14-Feb-1980
Adams            Mabel A. (Mrs. Robert)                 7-Nov-1980
Adams            Mamie L.                              13-Apr-1980
Adams            Mary E. (Mrs. Robert M.)              29-Jan-1980
Adams            Mary Ella (Mrs. Dr. J. R.)             6-Jan-1980
Adams            Mary Johanna                           2-Jul-1980
Adams            Mary Johanna                           8-Jul-1980
Adams            Merle                                 23-May-1980
Adams            Verne D. (Mrs. J. Kemper)              3-Aug-1980
Adamson          Ethel F. (Mrs. Alta C.)               15-Sep-1980
Adamson          Ethel F. (Mrs. Alta C.)               17-Sep-1980
Adamson          Reta M. (Mrs.)                        13-Mar-1980
Addington        Eugene D.                              5-Jun-1980
Addis            Icer                                  10-Oct-1980
Addis            Joe "Jack"                             2-Feb-1980
Addis            Loretta Estelle                       19-Jul-1980
Adelgren         Joseph C.                              9-Feb-1980
Adelgren         Joseph C.                             11-Feb-1980
Aderholdt        John P.                                4-Jun-1980
Adkins           Irazetta A. (Mrs. Fred)               25-Oct-1980
Adkins           Irazetta A. (Mrs. Fred)               27-Oct-1980
Adkins           Margaret (Mrs. James)                  4-Feb-1980
Adkins           Margaret (Mrs. James)                  7-Feb-1980
Adkins           Nora Mae                              13-Jul-1980
Adler            Diane P. (Mrs. Dan)                    6-Jul-1980
Adler            Dianne P. (Mrs. Dan)                   5-Jul-1980
Admire           Hilda Evelyn (Mrs. Clyde W.)          20-Jan-1980
Agee             Ruth E. (Mrs. Noah)                   24-Jun-1980
Agnew            Florence M.                           20-Dec-1980
Agnew            Howard J. "Pappy"                     22-Oct-1980
Ahlf             Virginia K. (Mrs. Frank E.)           14-Mar-1980
Aikins           Harley D.                             23-Sep-1980
Ainsworth        Clayton A.                            22-Mar-1980
Ainsworth        Lily Hamlin (Mrs. Howard R.)           8-Sep-1980
Akeman           Glenna Rae (Mrs. Van)                 30-Aug-1980
Akerman          Esther V.                             11-Mar-1980
Akers            Lawrence B.                           27-Nov-1980
Akers            Lowell C.                             10-Nov-1980
Akins            Clarence C.                            3-Mar-1980
Akins            Flora Katherine (Mrs. Olmer)          18-Sep-1980
Albert           Clara M.                              15-Sep-1980
Alberty          Robert L.                             30-Aug-1980
Albin            Ida Lois                              10-Jan-1980
Albin            Lester                                 4-Jan-1980
Albrecht         Arthur F.                             30-Dec-1980
Albrecht         Menno R.                               9-Nov-1980
Albright         Ben J.                                 7-May-1980
Albright         Ella E. (Mrs. Ben J.)                 26-Mar-1980
Albright         Jacob E.                              29-Mar-1980
Alderman         Albert Arthur                         11-Nov-1980
Aldershof        Charlene (Mrs. Ward)                   6-Aug-1980
Aldershof        Charlene (Mrs. Ward)                   7-Aug-1980
Alderson         Lela M. (Mrs. Neville)                17-May-1980
Aldrich          Mable Clare (Mrs.Carl)                10-Jan-1980
Aldridge         Alta M.                                3-Apr-1980
Aldridge         Anna E.                               30-Jan-1980
Alefs            Minnie Rose (Mrs. Dan)                30-Dec-1980
Alexander        Andrew Elton                          18-Feb-1980
Alexander        Carl B.                                7-Mar-1980
Alexander        Chester L.                            25-Feb-1980
Alexander        Ella M. (Mrs. Forest)                 18-Sep-1980
Alexander        Lewis F.                              19-Jan-1980
Alexander        Martha                                 1-Jul-1980
Alexander        Marvin                                26-Apr-1980
Alexander        Minnie B. (Mrs. Alden)                11-Dec-1980
Alexander        Nina (Mrs. Pearl M.)                  12-Nov-1980
Alexander        Rosaline C. (Mrs. Albert M.)          16-Jun-1980
Alexander        Vera M. (Mrs. Ralph)                   7-Apr-1980
Alford           Daniel Ralph                          19-Jun-1980
Alford           Helen E. (Mrs. Willie)                20-Dec-1980
Alford           Helen E. (Mrs. Willie)                21-Dec-1980
Alger            Jean (Mrs. LeRoy)                     29-Apr-1980
Algrim           Leora E.                              19-Apr-1980
All              Ella M. (Mrs. Emmit)                  13-Oct-1980
Allan            Thomas H.                             20-Dec-1980
Allbright        Mabel (Mrs. Wiley)                    24-Oct-1980
Allbright        Mabel (Mrs. Wiley)                    25-Oct-1980
Allee            Jimmie Ray                             7-May-1980
Allen            Ada (Mrs. Philllip)                    3-Sep-1980
Allen            Alta (Mrs. Grover)                     3-Jun-1980
Allen            Chad W.                               12-Feb-1980
Allen            Clara Alice (Mrs. Vitgil P.)           6-Mar-1980
Allen            Dicey O. (Mrs. Charles L.)            17-Aug-1980
Allen            Dorothy Elizabeth (Mrs. Ralph H.)      2-Apr-1980
Allen            Dorothy Elizabeth (Mrs. Ralph H.)      3-Apr-1980
Allen            Emmett Elmer                           2-Aug-1980
Allen            Ethel H. (Mrs. George)                11-Jan-1980
Allen            Ethyl                                 18-Jan-1980
Allen            Eva J.                                 1-Jul-1980
Allen            Florence (Mrs. Dean)                  19-Sep-1980
Allen            Frank W.                              12-Aug-1980
Allen            Guy A.                                24-Sep-1980
Allen            Hazel  F. (Mrs. Lloyd R.)             12-Aug-1980
Allen            Homer "Bud"                           26-Feb-1980
Allen            Lawrence J. "Lefty"                    8-Jan-1980
Allen            Mary Alice (Mrs. William)             10-Feb-1980
Allen            Nina (Mrs. Roy)                       30-Jun-1980
Allen            Otto E.                               20-Aug-1980
Allen            Phillip W.                             5-Sep-1980
Allen            Richard S.                             4-Apr-1980
Allen            Roscoe                                24-Oct-1980
Allen            Zelma D. (Mrs. Joe C.)                27-May-1980
Alley            Phyllis L. (Mrs. Lawrence)            15-Sep-1980
Allison          Cecil Ellen (Mrs. Sydney)              4-Apr-1980
Allison          Margaret (Mrs. John)                  28-Dec-1980
Allison          Minnie E. (Mrs. Rex)                   8-Mar-1980
Allison          Roy Raymond                           27-Jun-1980
Alliston         Core Ellen (Mrs. Thomas)               3-Feb-1980
Alloway          Lena C. (Mrs. Otto)                   12-Nov-1980
Almond           Marcella M. (Mrs. William)            21-May-1980
Alsip            Carl H.                               17-Apr-1980
Alter            Robert D.                              6-Dec-1980
Alton            Roy "Red"                              9-Jul-1980
Alton            Ruth L.                               14-Feb-1980
Amaro            Simon R.                              21-Jun-1980
Ambrosem         Adolph O.                             16-Dec-1980
Ames             Elvessa T.                             9-Aug-1980
Ammerman         Kenneth E.                            17-Apr-1980
Amos             Bertha G. (Mrs. Wade)                  1-Nov-1980
Amos             Bertha G. (Mrs. Wade)                  2-Nov-1980
Amos             Justin D.                             19-Aug-1980
Amos             Wade William                           8-Nov-1980
Anbroes          Isaac B.                              28-Jun-1980
Anders           Edna L. (Mrs. James)                   7-Feb-1980
Anders           P. C.                                 25-Aug-1980
Andersen         Arne A.                               16-Sep-1980
Andersen         Elizabeth B. (Mrs. Arne)              28-Feb-1980
Anderson         Abraham B.                            18-Oct-1980
Anderson         Annalee                               22-Jul-1980
Anderson         Arthur                                 6-Jan-1980
Anderson         Arthur P.                             20-Dec-1980
Anderson         Arthur P.                             20-Dec-1980
Anderson         Beatrice (Mrs. John)                  27-Jan-1980
Anderson         Bernard R.                             1-Feb-1980
Anderson         Bernice                               11-Dec-1980
Anderson         Betty                                  2-Jul-1980
Anderson         Beulah M. (Mrs. Floyd)                 8-Feb-1980
Anderson         Beulah M. (Mrs.)                       7-Feb-1980
Anderson         Bill                                  17-Feb-1980
Anderson         Bill                                  19-Feb-1980
Anderson         Carrie (Mrs. Clarence)                14-Jul-1980
Anderson         Charles U.                             8-Jan-1980
Anderson         Christian J.                          24-Feb-1980
Anderson         Dean W.                                1-Dec-1980
Anderson         Dennis L.                              4-Dec-1980
Anderson         Dorothy E. (Mrs. Phil)                 4-Sep-1980
Anderson         Douglas E.                             8-Sep-1980
Anderson         Elida B. (Mrs. Charley Sam)           30-Jan-1980
Anderson         Elida B. (Mrs. Charley Sam)           31-Jan-1980
Anderson         Ella Mae (Mrs.Dale)                   24-Oct-1980
Anderson         Elmer K.                              24-Apr-1980
Anderson         Elmo A. "Slim"                        27-Aug-1980
Anderson         Elmo A. "Slim"                        28-Aug-1980
Anderson         Fred                                  27-May-1980
Anderson         George J. "Andy"                       9-Dec-1980
Anderson         Gertrude H. (Mrs. Dennis)             31-Jan-1980
Anderson         Henry                                 22-May-1980
Anderson         Hilda B.                              16-Dec-1980
Anderson         Jewel (Mrs. C. L.)                    25-Sep-1980
Anderson         Joy D., Jr.                           20-Nov-1980
Anderson         Letha M. (Mrs. Albert)                29-May-1980
Anderson         Lillie M.                             29-Jun-1980
Anderson         Marjorie L. (Mrs. Edward)             16-Jul-1980
Anderson         May (Mrs. John)                        7-Feb-1980
Anderson         Mildred A.                            23-Apr-1980
Anderson         Mildred A. (Mrs. Peter)               30-Nov-1980
Anderson         Mildred C. (Mrs. Ocie)                 5-Jan-1980
Anderson         Mildred C. (Mrs. Ocie)                 6-Jan-1980
Anderson         Minnie M. (Mrs. John)                 30-Oct-1980
Anderson         Neva (Mrs. William)                   15-Oct-1980
Anderson         Philip H.                              6-Jul-1980
Anderson         Raymond C.                            10-Jun-1980
Anderson         Richard B. (Rev.)                     16-May-1980
Anderson         Richard Carmen                        21-Feb-1980
Anderson         Rowena G. (Mrs. George)               21-Dec-1980
Anderson         Vernice                               10-Dec-1980
Anderson         Virginia Lee (Mrs. Burl W.)            6-Apr-1980
Anderson         Zephyr J.                             11-May-1980
Andes            Gary L.                               26-Jun-1980
Andrade          Michael G.                             2-Dec-1980
Andrest          Leona (Mrs. Harry)                     6-May-1980
Andrew           Boyd (Mrs.)                           29-Aug-1980
Andrew           Gladys (Mrs. Marvin)                  12-May-1980
Andrews          Edward                                 9-Nov-1980
Andrews          Marvin                                24-Apr-1980
Andrews          Robert R.                             26-Nov-1980
Andrews          W. Claire                             28-Apr-1980
Andrews          Walter L.                             23-Dec-1980
Angeles          Constance Louis                       19-Dec-1980
Angell           Raymond F.                            13-Mar-1980
Angelmyer        Allen E.                              17-Feb-1980
Angersbach       Arthur L.                              5-Jan-1980
Angle            Howard E.                             21-Dec-1980
Angle            John Walter                           14-Dec-1980
Anglin           Zella (Mrs. Robert)                   12-Aug-1980
Anschutz         Woodrow C.                             3-Mar-1980
Anthony          Elsie (Mrs. Harry)                    13-Jul-1980
Anthony          Linda Gayle                           10-Dec-1980
Anthony          Linda Gayle                           11-Dec-1980
Antle            Joshua N.                             25-Sep-1980
Antrim           Darwin W.                             22-Jul-1980
Antrim           Lucy J. (Mrs. Frank)                  26-Nov-1980
Applegate        Florence F. (Mrs. Jacob)              15-Jul-1980
Arbogast         Katheryn                               6-Sep-1980
Arbuckle         Edward L., III                        27-Apr-1980
Arbuckle         Edward L., III                        28-Apr-1980
Arbuckle         Thomas E., Sr.                         6-Mar-1980
Archer           Frieda F.                             17-Sep-1980
Archer           Gerva (Mrs. H. Leigh)                 24-Apr-1980
Archer           Herbert F.                            23-Jul-1980
Archer           Thomas J.                             19-Aug-1980
Arebalo          Nancy (Mrs. Frank)                     3-Mar-1980
Argyle           Clyde A.                               2-Sep-1980
Armstrong        Dorothy L. (Mrs. Elmo)                23-Jul-1980
Armstrong        Estella                               30-Aug-1980
Armstrong        Floyd                                 29-Mar-1980
Armstrong        Harold E.                             20-Feb-1980
Armstrong        Raymond Hite                          29-Jun-1980
Armstrong        Yu Nang (Mrs. James)                  10-Dec-1980
Arnall           Ruth (Mrs. Kenneth)                   21-Feb-1980
Arndt            Charles William                       19-Jul-1980
Arnett           Charles C.                             4-May-1980
Arnett           Eva (Mrs. Alfred)                     11-Aug-1980
Arnett           Wilbur                                 9-Nov-1980
Arnois           Tony                                   9-Dec-1980
Arnold           Agnes Sue (Mrs. Mason)                28-Aug-1980
Arnold           Elizabeth                              5-Aug-1980
Arnold           Lenor                                 28-Dec-1980
Arnold           Tandy W.                               4-Sep-1980
Arnold           Tandy W.                               5-Sep-1980
Arnold           Tressie (Mrs.Charles)                  2-Feb-1980
Arnold           William L.                            13-Mar-1980
Arrington        Lulu (Mrs. Ralph)                     17-Oct-1980
Arrington        Raymond M.                            23-Sep-1980
Arrington        Raymond M.                            24-Sep-1980
Artherton        Ralph E.                              27-Dec-1980
Arthur           Clifford K.                           12-Jul-1980
Arvin            Bertha M. (Mrs. Clyde)                22-Jul-1980
Asedo            Juan C.                                8-Aug-1980
Ash              Mary Evelyn (Mrs. William)             1-Oct-1980
Ashbrook         John R.                                6-Feb-1980
Ashcroft         Ernest E.                             14-Aug-1980
Ashford          Enos N.                               27-Feb-1980
Ashford          Yvonne Marie                          16-Jan-1980
Ashford          Yvonne Marie                          17-Jan-1980
Ashley           Clara N.                              14-Dec-1980
Ashley           Eric A.                               12-Dec-1980
Ashley           Harold C.                             18-Jun-1980
Ashley           Velma (Mrs. Raymond)                  27-Apr-1980
Ashlock          Montye (Mrs. Harry)                   22-Feb-1980
Ashton           Barbara B. (Mrs. James C.)            12-Apr-1980
Askew            Mabel E. (Mrs. Norton)                14-Jan-1980
Ast              Clotida B. (Mrs. Michael)             30-Jan-1980
Astle            Blanche (Mrs. Harold)                 19-Feb-1980
Atherton         Ralph E.                              26-Dec-1980
Atkins           Gertrude M. (Mrs. Ira)                 7-Sep-1980
Atkins           Gertrude M. (Mrs. Ira)                 8-Sep-1980
Atkinson         James                                 21-May-1980
Atkinson         Nattie May (Mrs. John)                10-Oct-1980
Atkisson         Orvin L.                              28-Mar-1980
Atterberry       Ella (Mrs. James)                     27-Mar-1980
Audiss           Donna Bell (Mrs. Pete)                 5-Jan-1980
Augustine        Clarence F.                            4-Jul-1980
Austin           Bessie A.                             21-Jul-1980
Austin           Colenel  E.                            6-Jul-1980
Austin           Easley F.                              6-Jul-1980
Austin           Ed R.                                 14-Feb-1980
Austin           Edythe M. (Mrs. Andy)                 13-Mar-1980
Austin           Miles Neil                            15-Jan-1980
Austin           Preston C.                            10-Dec-1980
Avary            Donald R.                              3-Jul-1980
Avila            Louise R. (Mrs. Ralph)                25-Sep-1980
Axline           Jennie L. (Mrs. Albert)               19-May-1980
Aycock           Almeda Larson                          9-Oct-1980
Ayers            Floyd S.                              18-Apr-1980
Ayers            Jerald Q.                              8-Jan-1980
Ayling           Thomas Elberton                       28-Apr-1980
Aylward          Joseph                                19-Jan-1980
Azbill           Hallie                                30-Dec-1980
Baalmann         Anton F.                              13-Aug-1980
Babb             Louella (Mrs. Harry)                   3-Jun-1980
Babcock          Donald L.                             25-May-1980
Babcock          Minnie (Mrs. Lester)                  25-Feb-1980
Baber            Everett M.                            29-Dec-1980
Bachelder        Everett L.                            15-Jan-1980
Bachelder        Everett L.                            16-Jan-1980
Bachman          Otto N.                               14-Dec-1980
Bacon            Anna (Mrs. Arthur)                    17-Oct-1980
Bacon            John A.                                4-Dec-1980
Bader            Cynthia B. (Mrs. William)             25-Sep-1980
Badgett          Harry L.                               6-Mar-1980
Bagnall          James W.                              17-Sep-1980
Bailey           Aaron Kirk                             5-Apr-1980
Bailey           Arthur R.                             14-Feb-1980
Bailey           Frances (Mrs. George)                  5-Sep-1980
Bailey           Frank A.                              19-Apr-1980
Bailey           Hubert H.                             16-Jan-1980
Bailey           Juanita (Mrs. Roy)                    11-Dec-1980
Bailey           Margaret (Mrs. John)                   2-Jan-1980
Bailey           Margaret L. (Mrs. Jesse)              13-Mar-1980
Bailey           Mary (Mrs. Joe)                       24-Jun-1980
Bain             John                                  30-Jun-1980
Bainum           Nell Andrus (Mrs. Charles E.)         14-Mar-1980
Bair             Anna M. (Mrs. O. E.)                   6-Apr-1980
Bair             Leslie S.                             24-Aug-1980
Baird            Billy Ray                              6-Feb-1980
Baird            Francis Joseph                        19-Apr-1980
Baird            Paul Allen                            13-Jun-1980
Baity            Eugene                                26-Jan-1980
Baker            Adrien Deann                           4-Jun-1980
Baker            Alice L. (Mrs. George)                10-Aug-1980
Baker            Arthur                                21-Dec-1980
Baker            Calvin Wayne                           7-Mar-1980
Baker            Calvin Wayne                           9-Mar-1980
Baker            Floreine B. (Mrs. Norval)             15-Aug-1980
Baker            Fred J.                               22-Aug-1980
Baker            Gretchen (Mrs. Clarence)              29-Sep-1980
Baker            James A.                               8-Sep-1980
Baker            Jesse E.                               6-Mar-1980
Baker            Kenneth C.                             8-Mar-1980
Baker            Lloyd Williard, Jr.                    7-Mar-1980
Baker            Lloyd Williard, Jr.                    8-Mar-1980
Baker            Mabel C. (Mrs. Ora)                    9-Oct-1980
Baker            Mary Edna (Mrs.Joseph)                 7-Mar-1980
Baker            Mary Ellen                             2-Jan-1980
Baker            Mary Ellen                             3-Jan-1980
Baker            Nellie M. (Mrs. Orville)              19-Dec-1980
Baker            Nora (Mrs. Victor)                     4-Jul-1980
Baker            Robert D.                              5-Aug-1980
Baker            William J.                             5-Oct-1980
Balafos          Anna C. (Mrs. C. A. Gus)               2-Jul-1980
Balding          John Lester                           18-Oct-1980
Baldwin          Albern W.                              4-Jul-1980
Baldwin          Carol L. (Mrs. )                       8-Dec-1980
Baldwin          Mary F.                               18-Sep-1980
Bales            Everet V.                             29-Nov-1980
Bales            Mona A. (Mrs. Ira)                    17-Feb-1980
Bales            Mona A. (Mrs.Joseph)                  18-Feb-1980
Ball             Emma                                  16-Nov-1980
Ball             James Robert                          17-May-1980
Ball             James Robert                          18-May-1980
Ball             Patrick W.                             5-Jun-1980
Ballenger        Minnie (Mrs. Noble)                   28-Apr-1980
Ballew           Charles E.                            16-Nov-1980
Ballew           Charles E.                            17-Nov-1980
Ballew           James "Dude"                          19-Aug-1980
Ballinger        Coral                                  2-Jul-1980
Ballinger        Harvey                                22-Mar-1980
Ballman          Sister Jane Frances                   11-Jan-1980
Balzer           Albert W.                             27-Sep-1980
Bammes           Serenity Denise                       15-Jun-1980
Bammes           Serenity Denise                       22-Jun-1980
Bane             R. O.                                  6-Nov-1980
Banicki          Mary C. (Mrs. Walter)                 10-Jun-1980
Banker           Doris M. (Mrs. William)                5-Jan-1980
Bankey           Charles r.                             9-Jan-1980
Bankey           Charles R.                            17-Jan-1980
Banks            Adah M. (Mrs. Claire)                  5-Mar-1980
Banks            Dorothy (Mrs. M. L.)                  26-Jul-1980
Banks            Fane                                  24-Mar-1980
Banks            Marion Henry                           4-Apr-1980
Banks            Marion Henry                           5-Apr-1980
Banks            Roy                                   16-Feb-1980
Banman           Abe J.                                23-Feb-1980
Banning          Majel I. (Mrs. Luther)                27-May-1980
Bannon           Brett A.                               9-May-1980
Bannon           Eugene                                10-Jul-1980
Bannon           Olo, Jr.                              20-Dec-1980
Baranske         Rosa Ellen (Mrs. Anthony)              3-Jul-1980
Barber           Alva                                  24-Jul-1980
Barber           Charles A., Jr.                        3-Apr-1980
Barber           Howard Dwight                         23-Feb-1980
Barber           Kathryn (Mrs. Ira)                    11-Jun-1980
Barber           LeRoy, Jr.                             7-May-1980
Barber           Pearl                                 29-Nov-1980
Barber           T. R. "Ted"                           10-Jul-1980
Barbosca         Jacob Miguel                          29-Aug-1980
Barclay          Mary (Mrs. Thomas)                     3-Mar-1980
Bare             Anna M. (Mrs. J. A. )                 25-Apr-1980
Barfield         Roosevelt                              2-Jan-1980
Barfiled         Roosevelt                              5-Jan-1980
Bargeman         Carroll V.                            19-Nov-1980
Bargeman         Virginia M.                           22-Jul-1980
Barger           Francis M.                             2-Jun-1980
Barker           Alice M. (Mrs. Charles)                4-Apr-1980
Barker           Anna J. (Mrs. Earl)                   10-Jan-1980
Barker           Clyde R.                              20-Jan-1980
Barker           Dale L.                                4-May-1980
Barker           Olive Louise (Mrs. Cecil E.)           8-Oct-1980
Barker           Orville Ray                           22-Mar-1980
Barker           Richard E.                            18-Apr-1980
Barker           Sarah (Mrs. Jennings)                 13-Oct-1980
Barker           Virginia K.                            5-Aug-1980
Barkman          Ezra P.                               23-Nov-1980
Barkman          Joe T.                                18-Mar-1980
Barlow           Ernest C.                             12-Sep-1980
Barlow           Kelley "Curley"                       15-Sep-1980
Barlow           Lillian (Mrs. Kelley)                  1-Sep-1980
Barlow           Marie Allard (Mrs. Morgan J.)         22-Apr-1980
Barlow           Marie Allard (Mrs. Morgan J.)         23-Apr-1980
Barlow           Sean Bruce                            15-Nov-1980
Barlow           Vincent J.                            22-Oct-1980
Barnard          Bessie J. (Mrs. Albert G.)            23-Mar-1980
Barnard          James A.                              31-Jan-1980
Barnard          Morley                                16-Nov-1980
Barnard          Virginia (Mrs.Clifford)               21-Feb-1980
Barneck          Bernice W. (Mrs. Alex)                25-Apr-1980
Barnes           Clifford R.                           28-Aug-1980
Barnes           Edna Marie                            20-Aug-1980
Barnes           Fred                                  17-Oct-1980
Barnes           Jack Richard                          29-Jul-1980
Barnes           Lillie Ellen (Mrs. Joseph)            19-May-1980
Barnes           Louie F.                               2-Dec-1980
Barnes           Mary Lou (Mrs. Kirby)                 16-Oct-1980
Barnes           Mildred Jane (Mrs. Nat)                9-Nov-1980
Barnes           Neva Y. (Mrs. Elmer)                  31-May-1980
Barnes           Paul N.                               22-Jun-1980
Barnes           Viola (Mrs. Amos)                     28-Dec-1980
Barnes           William M.                            26-Jun-1980
Barnes           William R.                            22-Jun-1980
Barnett          James Russell                          3-Sep-1980
Barney           Loretta (Mrs. Jim)                    10-Jan-1980
Barnhart         Etta Della (Mrs. Arthur)              11-Apr-1980
Barnhart         Palvena (Mrs. Frank)                   4-Jul-1980
Barnhill         Julian W. "Doc"                       29-Apr-1980
Barr             Everette R.                           21-Oct-1980
Barrett          Gertrude O. (Mrs. Benjamin)            7-May-1980
Barrett          Helen Irene                           16-May-1980
Barrett          Helen Ruth                            18-Jan-1980
Barrett          Russell H.                            26-Aug-1980
Barrie           Edna (Mrs. James)                     15-Mar-1980
Barritt          Edna L.                                8-Sep-1980
Barstow          Franklin H.                           29-Oct-1980
Barta            Frances (Mrs. Ernest)                 12-Jun-1980
Bartel           Alice (Mrs. Dan)                      11-Feb-1980
Barten           Alfred W.                             17-Feb-1980
Bartholomew      Charles Forrest                        5-Nov-1980
Bartholomew      Fred E.                               25-Aug-1980
Bartholomew      Glenn                                  9-Jan-1980
Bartholomew      Glenn                                 10-Jan-1980
Bartlett         Clyde (Mrs. Herbert)                  29-Mar-1980
Bartlett         Edwin M.                               7-Nov-1980
Bartlett         Johnnie L. (Rev.)                     10-Jun-1980
Bartlett         Warren C.                             15-Sep-1980
Barton           Gordon W.                             22-Jan-1980
Barton           J. A. "Pat"                           16-Jun-1980
Barton           Leota (Mrs. H. A.)                     5-Jul-1980
Base             David                                 26-Oct-1980
Base             Metha C. (Mrs. John)                   2-Oct-1980
Base             Peggy A. (Mrs. Fred)                  12-Jul-1980
Basham           Manley Martin "Doc"                   14-May-1980
Basham           Manley Martin "Doc"                   15-May-1980
Bashford         Lulu E. (Mrs. Chester)                16-Mar-1980
Basore           George W.                             23-Nov-1980
Bass             Lucy E. Parks                         19-Jun-1980
Bass             Scott                                 22-Sep-1980
Bates            Danicka N.                            10-Feb-1980
Bates            Ina Alice (Mrs. Emmett)                4-May-1980
Bates            Robert "Joe"                          23-Nov-1980
Batt             Fred H.                               18-Jul-1980
Battin           Helen T. (Mrs. Jack)                   1-May-1980
Batz             Sampson D.                             9-Feb-1980
Bauder           Marguerite (Mrs. Claude O.)           12-Aug-1980
Bauer            Dorothy (Mrs. Merle)                  25-Nov-1980
Bauer            Helen                                 22-Nov-1980
Bauer            Leona D. (Mrs. Edward)                29-Jan-1980
Bauer            Mary Jewel (Mrs. Frank)               20-Feb-1980
Bauer            Mary Jewel (Mrs. Frank)               20-Feb-1980
Baughman         Daniel A.                             14-Aug-1980
Baughman         Daniel A.                             18-Aug-1980
Baughman         Helen E. (Mrs. Robert)                20-Apr-1980
Baum             Mary A. (Mrs. Paul)                    3-Apr-1980
Bauman           Minnie Ophelia (Mrs. Roy)             29-Oct-1980
Baumann          Selma A. (Mrs. Alfred)                 7-Feb-1980
Baumann          Selma A. (Mrs. Alfred)                 9-Feb-1980
Bausch           Herman                                25-Dec-1980
Baxter           Helen (Mrs. Wilbur)                   25-Apr-1980
Baxter           Leslie Kelly                           5-Feb-1980
Baxter           Leslie Kelly                           6-Feb-1980
Bayer            Nicholas A.                           13-Apr-1980
Bayles           Milan Ward                            14-May-1980
Bayless          Don J.                                26-Mar-1980
Bayless          Freda (Mrs. T. W. )                   26-Feb-1980
Bayne            Charles K.                            28-May-1980
Bazzle           Douglas J.                            18-Aug-1980
Beach            Edna L. (Mrs. George)                  1-Jun-1980
Beach            Walter L.                             13-Jan-1980
Beacham          Francis                                4-Nov-1980
Beal             Priscilla L. (Mrs. Elmer)             28-Jun-1980
Beall            Laura Ellen (Mrs. O. O.)               1-Oct-1980
Beals            Phillip                               23-Dec-1980
Beard            J. Grant                              30-Aug-1980
Beard            Kate M.                               28-Jul-1980
Beard            Mable L. (Mrs. Roy)                   24-Apr-1980
Beard            Paul H.                                3-Mar-1980
Beard            Ruth Lee                              21-Jul-1980
Beard            William                                2-Nov-1980
Bearden          Lessie (Mrs. Guy)                     26-Jul-1980
Bearden          Lessie L. (Mrs. Guy)                  25-Jul-1980
Beardslee        Mary (Mrs.Lawrence)                    6-Dec-1980
Beasley          Johnny W.                              6-May-1980
Beason           Ethel Thompson (Mrs. Thomas)          12-Dec-1980
Beason           Ethel Thompson (Mrs. Thomas)          13-Dec-1980
Beat             Raymond A.                            24-Apr-1980
Beaty            Jean Diane (Mrs. Charles)              3-Jan-1980
Beaumont         Leslie (Mrs. Arnold)                  10-Jan-1980
Beaver           Donna S. (Mrs. Randy)                 12-Feb-1980
Beaver           Eleanor H. (Mrs. )                     1-Dec-1980
Bebermeyer       Patty Jo (Mrs. Robert)                15-Jan-1980
Beck             Clyse P.                              21-Sep-1980
Beck             Donald W.                              8-May-1980
Beck             Faye M. (Mrs. David)                   4-Mar-1980
Beck             George G.                              5-Oct-1980
Beck             Lawrence R.                           17-May-1980
Beck             Mary M. (Mrs. Frank A. )              17-Nov-1980
Beck             Thelma (Mrs. Clarke)                  27-Oct-1980
Beck             Thelma (Mrs. Clarke)                  28-Oct-1980
Beckel           Arthur W.                             25-Jan-1980
Becker           Even P.                                4-Oct-1980
Becker           Frank                                 10-Aug-1980
Becker           James Ralph                            7-Dec-1980
Becker           Menno                                 28-Nov-1980
Becker           Walter H.                              7-Mar-1980
Beckett          Esther (Mrs. Norman)                  18-Dec-1980
Beckley          Leo R.                                26-Nov-1980
Beckner          Sylvia Opal (Mrs.Carl)                 2-Dec-1980
Bederbender      Henry                                 23-May-1980
Beebe            Robert                                 1-Sep-1980
Beedle           Grace Norton                          18-May-1980
Beeler           James P.                              23-Nov-1980
Beeman           Theodore W.                           18-Jan-1980
Beeson           Ellwood W.                            13-Feb-1980
Begey            Paul J.                               31-Jan-1980
Beggs            Edward L.                             15-Jul-1980
Beggs            Ethel A. (Mrs.Walter)                 10-Nov-1980
Begnoche         Rex                                   16-Nov-1980
Behler           Randal P.                             25-Nov-1980
Behrns           Effie (Mrs. Duane L.)                 19-Mar-1980
Beilman          Ralph Joseph                          23-Jan-1980
Beine            Cecile M.                             30-Aug-1980
Beineke          Agnes                                 13-Sep-1980
Beisel           Gotfred F.                             7-Feb-1980
Beitz            William E.                            19-Oct-1980
Belcher          Mary (Mrs. Allan)                     14-Feb-1980
Belden           Elliott                               24-Jan-1980
Belden           George M.                              6-Jun-1980
Belford          Mae                                   28-Sep-1980
Belgard          Ervin P.                              29-Feb-1980
Belisle          Lillian A. (Mrs. Ed)                  21-Oct-1980
Bell             Anna Emma (Mrs. James S.)             30-Apr-1980
Bell             C. Emmett                              7-Aug-1980
Bell             Carl A., Sr.                          21-Jan-1980
Bell             Frank M.                               8-Aug-1980
Bell             George                                15-Jun-1980
Bell             Homer N.                              10-Aug-1980
Bell             Itha Moore (Mrs.)                     24-Apr-1980
Bell             Jewell W.                              9-Mar-1980
Bell             Lora A. (Mrs. Ernest)                  4-Feb-1980
Bell             Monica Lynn                           15-Jul-1980
Bell             Roy B.                                 6-Jul-1980
Bell             Stacy C.                              22-Feb-1980
Bellford         Benjamin Boulton                      18-Nov-1980
Belt             Velma (Mrs. Harry)                    24-Feb-1980
Beltz            William E.                            20-Oct-1980
Bemfer           Henry                                 19-Nov-1980
Bender           Caroline (Mrs. John)                  27-Mar-1980
Bendure          Mildred I. (Mrs. William)             29-Jan-1980
Benedict         Caroline                              21-Mar-1980
Benedict         Florence M. (Mrs. William H.)         23-Feb-1980
Benedix          Wanda H.                              15-Sep-1980
Benefiel         Phillip Lee                            7-Aug-1980
Benefiel         Phillip Lee                            8-Aug-1980
Benieche         Rosie Simone (Mrs.Louie)              29-Jun-1980
Bennett          Alfred Starr                          19-Jul-1980
Bennett          Alfred Starr                          22-Jul-1980
Bennett          Beth (Mrs. Joe)                       15-Feb-1980
Bennett          Fletcher G., Sr.                      28-Jun-1980
Bennett          Fletcher G., Sr.                      29-Jun-1980
Bennett          Myrtle (Mrs. Albert)                  20-Mar-1980
Bennett          Niel Boughton                          2-May-1980
Bennett          Orris                                 30-Oct-1980
Bennett          R. D. "Rex"                           24-Apr-1980
Bennett          Winifred F. (Mrs. Edgar)              12-Jul-1980
Bennington       Orpha (Mrs.Clinton)                   13-Apr-1980
Bennison         Harold S.                             25-Sep-1980
Benson           Kenneth A.                             7-Jul-1980
Benson           Ruth Haynes (Mrs. Joe)                20-Dec-1980
Benton           Arthur R.                             16-Oct-1980
Benton           Charley                               11-Jan-1980
Benton           Mathenus Edward                        7-Jul-1980
Bentz            John Wilson                           13-Aug-1980
Benward          Bertha A. (Mrs. Joe)                  18-Mar-1980
Berg             Louise Anna                           12-Dec-1980
Berg             Marie (Mrs. Jacob W.)                  5-Jun-1980
Berger           Chet M.                               23-Sep-1980
Berger           Ethel Beatrice (Mrs. Herbert A.)      16-Apr-1980
Bergeson         Robert Charles Walton                  4-May-1980
Bergner          William                               19-Sep-1980
Berkebile        Gertrude Helen (Mrs. Ralph)           10-Sep-1980
Berkowitz        Morton H.                             23-Aug-1980
Berner           Beulah M. (Mrs. Chalres)              12-Jun-1980
Berner           Wilson Paul "W. P."                   12-Jul-1980
Bernett          James Russell                          4-Sep-1980
Berrie           Donald B.                             27-Nov-1980
Berry            Ernest D.                              4-Mar-1980
Berry            Florence Amelia (Mrs. L. E.)          24-Nov-1980
Berry            Ina Maude (Mrs. Henry Albert)          4-Nov-1980
Berry            Nina M. (Mrs. Malcolm)                 8-Jan-1980
Berry            Richard E.                            26-Apr-1980
Berscheidt       Frederick John                        23-Nov-1980
Bertsche         Horace L.                              5-Oct-1980
Besecker         Selma (Mrs. Henry A.)                 26-Mar-1980
Beshears         Dorothy (Mrs. Clyde)                  22-Oct-1980
Bessette         Sylvia L.                              3-Jan-1980
Beswick          Daisy P.                              30-Dec-1980
Bethel           Audra Angelo (Mrs. Robert)             1-Jan-1980
Betty            Anna J. (Mrs. Lemuel)                 14-Jan-1980
Betty            Elmer Dean                            23-Oct-1980
Beu              Eva Irene (Mrs. Clarence M.)          26-Feb-1980
Beu              Raleigh D.                            17-Apr-1980
Beull            Louis G.                               2-Mar-1980
Beuoy            Howard G.                              2-Jun-1980
Bever            Bertha M. (Mrs. Ira)                  26-Jun-1980
Bever            Mamie                                 10-Jan-1980
Beveridge        James Francis                         19-Mar-1980
Bevington        Glenn Day, Sr.                         3-Apr-1980
Bible            Edna M. (Mrs. Edward)                  4-Apr-1980
Bice             Laura J. (Mrs. Clyde)                 26-Feb-1980
Bicknell         Helen G. (Mrs. Clyde)                 22-Oct-1980
Biddle           Lehr W. (Rev.)                        10-Oct-1980
Bidwell          Emma E. (Mrs. Edd)                    22-Oct-1980
Bieker           Fred E.                               29-Apr-1980
Bieker           Wilfred                               16-Oct-1980
Bienst           Ruby Viola (Mrs. Eugene)              28-Aug-1980
Biever           Lilli Vessie (Mrs. Herman)            22-Feb-1980
Biggerstaff      Kurt                                   5-Jun-1980
Billbe           Jacob R.                              29-Jul-1980
Billings         W. E.                                 20-Jan-1980
Billingsley      Sadie (Mrs. Jack)                      7-Dec-1980
Billingsley      Sadie (Mrs. Jack)                     12-Dec-1980
Billington       Ida (Mrs. Frank)                      25-Jan-1980
Billington       Lelia Fern                            21-Jul-1980
Billman          Ruby Louise (Mrs. Ralph)              15-Dec-1980
Billups          Pearley B.                             5-Jul-1980
Billups          Steve Edward                          14-Dec-1980
Binderim         J. E. "Joe"                           18-Oct-1980
Binford          Myra B.                               10-Jun-1980
Binford          Myrtle E. M. (Mrs. Ernest)            29-Dec-1980
Bingham          Martha M. (Mrs. Bert)                 16-Jan-1980
Binkley          Anna (Mrs. Robert Lester)              4-Nov-1980
Binkley          Annaa (Mrs. Robert Lester)             4-Nov-1980
Birchard         Carl W.                               20-Jun-1980
Bird             Marie L. (Mrs. Richard)               15-May-1980
Bires            Frederick H.                          15-Jul-1980
Birkes           Brice B.                               8-Dec-1980
Birkett          Frances (Mrs. Donald)                 15-Jul-1980
Birks            Marie (Mrs. Charley)                  29-Mar-1980
Birt             Margaret M. (Mrs. LeRoy)              18-Aug-1980
Birzer           Louis                                  1-Sep-1980
Bish             Paul                                  12-Apr-1980
Bishard          Dwight E.                             30-Jul-1980
Bishop           Bruce A.                              24-Jul-1980
Bishop           Clyde S.                              30-Dec-1980
Bishop           Erin Nicole                           13-Nov-1980
Bishop           Goldie Mae (Mrs. Herbert)             10-Oct-1980
Bishop           Melvyn R.                             21-Nov-1980
Bishop           Melvyn R.                             22-Nov-1980
Bishop           Raleigh                                6-May-1980
Bishop           William Calvin                        11-Jan-1980
Bitler           Accchsa (Mrs. Milton)                 14-Feb-1980
Bitler           Lois Mae (Mrs. Charles)                6-Aug-1980
Bitler           Lois Marie (Mrs. Charles)              4-Aug-1980
Bixby            Hazel Margarite (Mrs. Harry)          12-Jan-1980
Black            Bill                                  23-Jun-1980
Black            Elizabeth Jenkins (Mrs. George W. )   19-Dec-1980
Black            Howard G. F.                          27-Jan-1980
Black            Roy W.                                14-Jun-1980
Black            Vertis E.                             20-Apr-1980
Black            Viviene M. (Mrs. Earl)                 2-Jun-1980
Blackburn        Bessie (Mrs. Charles)                 25-Aug-1980
Blackburn        Boyd B.                               14-Feb-1980
Blackburn        E. E.                                 17-Oct-1980
Blackford        Ward H.                                1-Nov-1980
Blackwelder      Jennie Elizabeth (Mrs. Charles A. )   28-Feb-1980
Blackwelder      Kent E.                                1-Mar-1980
Blackwell        Leon                                  23-Jul-1980
Blackwell        Leon                                  27-Jul-1980
Blackwell        Minnie (Mrs. William)                 16-Jun-1980
Blackwelll       Chandra L.                            12-Apr-1980
Blades           Ralph C.                              17-Jul-1980
Blain            Samuel                                14-Mar-1980
Blaine           Frankie                                2-Jan-1980
Blaine           GuyT.                                  8-Aug-1980
Blaine           Nancy Jean (Mrs. Verne)               10-Oct-1980
Blair            Ancil M.                              10-Jun-1980
Blair            Josie Friend (Mrs. Flay)              10-Sep-1980
Blake            Cora M. (Mrs. George)                 23-Aug-1980
Blake            Randy                                  2-Apr-1980
Blakemore        Shelby                                10-Feb-1980
Blaker           Ila Zoe (Mrs. Arthur)                  7-Mar-1980
Blakey           Sallie                                19-Nov-1980
Blanc            Irene J.                              24-Aug-1980
Blanck           Nina G. (Mrs. Ralph)                  25-Jul-1980
Bland            Norman H.                             14-Jan-1980
Blanding         Louis                                 23-Aug-1980
Blankenship      Adalene (Mrs. Louis)                   2-Oct-1980
Blankenship      Sidney G.                             22-Oct-1980
Blansett         Christopher A.                         1-Mar-1980
Blase            Arnold                                28-Sep-1980
Blea             Romona Mary (Mrs. Maratin)            24-Jul-1980
Blehm            John Stanley                          16-Apr-1980
Blevens          Leo                                    7-Feb-1980
Blevins          Lynn Charles                          19-Dec-1980
Blevins          Oren                                  29-Aug-1980
Blick            William                                8-May-1980
Block            Martin R.                             23-May-1980
Blomberg         Mary A.                               19-Sep-1980
Bloomenshine     George F.                             10-Aug-1980
Blount           Mary E. (Mrs. Clyde)                  29-Oct-1980
Bloxom           Ruth R. (Mrs. R.)                      6-Jun-1980
Blue             Calvin E.                             17-Feb-1980
Bluejacker       Blake H.                              25-Jul-1980
Blum             Charles H.                             7-Mar-1980
Blume            Dora S. (Mrs.Arthur)                  15-Aug-1980
Boahard          Virgil H.                             13-Jan-1980
Boal             Clifford A.                           15-Mar-1980
Boardman         Paul P.                                8-Jan-1980
Boardman         Ruth A.                               21-Jan-1980
Bock             Anna (Mrs. Woodrow)                   14-Jun-1980
Bock             Mary G. (Mrs. Robert)                 19-Oct-1980
Bockhorst        Allie H.                               3-Apr-1980
Bodkin           Julia A.                               1-Feb-1980
Boehme           John Louis                            24-Feb-1980
Boehme           William M.                            18-Jan-1980
Boehr            Henry                                  3-Jan-1980
Boeken           Brad L.                               13-Jul-1980
Boerger          Bonnie M. (Mrs. C. L.)                25-Feb-1980
Boese            Jesse Allen                           18-Jan-1980
Boesker          Dorothea A.                           26-Mar-1980
Bogart           Hervie C.                             17-Aug-1980
Bogart           Laura                                 14-Oct-1980
Boger            Katherine E. (Mrs. Isaac)             20-Jul-1980
Boger            Katherine E. (Mrs. Isaac)             21-Jul-1980
Boggs            Lawrence J.                            4-Feb-1980
Boggs            Ralph A.                              20-Feb-1980
Bohl             Benjamin Richard                      18-Jan-1980
Bohning          Bertha H.                             17-Nov-1980
Bohrer           John Peter                            13-Dec-1980
Boileau          Elizabeth (Mrs. Harold)               14-Apr-1980
Bolan            Augusta L.                            21-Jul-1980
Bolan            Harold Verne "Hal"                    14-Oct-1980
Bolden           Walter                                26-Dec-1980
Boles            Thomas Q.                             11-Sep-1980
Bolin            Nathan Henry                          11-Dec-1980
Bolinder         Homer John                            29-Jul-1980
Bolinger         E. D. "Ike"                            8-Feb-1980
Bolinger         Lawrence E.                           24-May-1980
Bolinger         Leonard                               21-Oct-1980
Bollig           Eugene                                 6-Nov-1980
Bolson           Orange H.                             28-Jan-1980
Bolton           Robert L.                             18-Apr-1980
Bolyard          John H.                                2-Mar-1980
Bolze            Emmett                                15-Nov-1980
Boman            Samuel N.                             13-Dec-1980
Bond             Minnie M. (Mrs. Oscar)                 7-Jun-1980
Bone             Otis Charles                          25-Jul-1980
Bonham           Richard H.                            15-Mar-1980
Bonilla          Nicolas                               21-Dec-1980
Bonnell          Mamie Virgil (Mrs. Thomas)            14-May-1980
Bonner           Geneva Ruth (Mrs.)                     1-Dec-1980
Bonus            Mary E. (Mrs. Norman)                  6-Nov-1980
Booher           Fred F.                               18-Apr-1980
Book             Lilly Mae (Mrs. Fred)                 16-Apr-1980
Booker           Marvin                                11-Jul-1980
Boone            Slade A.                              31-Oct-1980
Boor             Wenzel                                 5-Aug-1980
Boore            Marian Claire (Mrs. Floyd)            24-Apr-1980
Booth            Caroline M.                            7-Aug-1980
Booth            Charles Herman                        29-Sep-1980
Booth            Clara                                 13-Jul-1980
Booth            Dora A. (Mrs. Roy)                     8-Dec-1980
Booth            Embert L.                             13-Jan-1980
Booth            Harold L.                              6-Apr-1980
Booth            Leona B. (Mrs. Embert)                15-Jan-1980
Booz             Charles R.                            28-Oct-1980
Borders          Claude                                26-Dec-1980
Borecky          Edward                                 6-Aug-1980
Borel            Elizabeth B. (Mrs. Lorin)             27-Dec-1980
Boren            Alecia Ann                            20-Mar-1980
Borger           Corey                                 12-Mar-1980
Borman           Wilson O.                              8-Feb-1980
Born             Carrie (Mrs. Peter)                    2-Apr-1980
Born             Grace M. (Mrs. James)                  2-Jan-1980
Boroughs         Blanche A. (Mrs. Thomas)              17-Jul-1980
Borthwick        Linda (Mrs. Fred S.)                  22-Jun-1980
Bortz            Leonard M.                             3-Sep-1980
Borum            William Henry                         21-Feb-1980
Bosin            Ada Tivis                              3-Mar-1980
Bosler           Anna (Mrs. Carl)                      16-Jun-1980
Bosley           Mildred (Mrs. Clarence)               29-Sep-1980
Bosley           Ora E. (Mrs. Cecil)                    8-Oct-1980
Boswell          Dale W.                                9-Jan-1980
Boswell          Grace A. (Mrs. Frank)                 17-Dec-1980
Botkin           Jack S.                               31-Oct-1980
Botts            Eva M.                                18-Aug-1980
Botts            Fannie E. (Mrs. A. D. )               15-Jul-1980
Boucher          Neal G.                               17-Mar-1980
Boulanger        Joseph P.                             29-Mar-1980
Bounds           Renata S.                             24-Dec-1980
Bourn            Webster Thomas                        30-Nov-1980
Bouse            Andrew Franklin                       27-Nov-1980
Boutros          Sylvia M. (Mrs. C. E.)                13-Oct-1980
Bowen            Alta C.                               11-Sep-1980
Bowen            Clifford M.                            6-May-1980
Bowen            Orlo "Chief"                           7-May-1980
Bowen            Orlo "Chief" Clarence                  6-May-1980
Bower            Burnette O.                           30-Sep-1980
Bower            Dorothy E. (Mrs. B. O.)               24-Apr-1980
Bowlby           Clara H. (Mrs. Warren)                 2-Oct-1980
Bowles           Anna B. (Mrs.)                         4-Jan-1980
Bowles           Dean M.                               22-Oct-1980
Bowling          Evelyn C. (Mrs. D. R.)                 1-May-1980
Bowman           Arthur                                21-Dec-1980
Bowman           Dorothy F. (Mrs. Clifford)            27-Apr-1980
Bowman           Gladys (Mrs. Jay)                      1-Jun-1980
Bowman           John Patrick                          27-Mar-1980
Bowman           Loyal H.                              23-May-1980
Bowman           M. Lucile (Mrs. Lester)               11-May-1980
Bowman           Micah                                 22-Jan-1980
Bowman           William H.                             6-Mar-1980
Bowyer           Clayton D.                            19-Jan-1980
Box              Doyle H.                               7-Oct-1980
Box              John H.                               17-Oct-1980
Boyce            Sylva (Mrs. Foster)                   13-Aug-1980
Boyd             Jim                                   28-May-1980
Boye             Orian A.                              21-Mar-1980
Boykins          Atlanta Addie (Mrs. Noah)             18-Mar-1980
Boyle            Florence M. (Mrs. Harry A.)           19-Jul-1980
Boyle            Frances (Mrs. Lloyd)                  29-Jun-1980
Boyle            Hal (Dr.)                             28-Jun-1980
Boyle            Margaret E. (Mrs. William)            19-Sep-1980
Boyle            Rachel Alice (Mrs. Floyd)             12-Sep-1980
Boyle            Rachel Alice (Mrs. Floyd)             13-Sep-1980
Bozik            Mary (Mrs. Michael)                   16-May-1980
Bracher          Martin Bernard                        10-Feb-1980
Brack            Benjamin John                          4-May-1980
Brack            Emelia W. (Mrs. David O.)             28-Jan-1980
Brack            Selma (Mrs. Fred)                     18-Feb-1980
Bradbury         Gordon R.                             19-Feb-1980
Bradbury         Louise May                            25-Apr-1980
Braddock         Hilah R. (Mrs. Charles)                9-May-1980
Braddy           M. Natalie (Mrs. Louis C. )           25-Jun-1980
Braden           Frances (Mrs. Floyd)                  30-Jan-1980
Braden           Harvey D.                             19-Apr-1980
Bradford         James R.                               7-Aug-1980
Bradford         Opal Mae                               1-Feb-1980
Bradley          Annie Margaret (Mrs. Edward)          27-Jan-1980
Bradley          Bertie (Mrs. Erwin)                   16-Jan-1980
Bradley          George                                24-Jul-1980
Bradley          Margaret T.                           30-Sep-1980
Bradley          Wayne F.                              22-Jan-1980
Bradley          Wayne F.                              23-Jan-1980
Bradrick         Charles E.                             4-Jan-1980
Bradshaw         Gertrude E. (Mrs. George)             15-Jul-1980
Bradshaw         Hazel E. (Mrs. Levi)                  25-Apr-1980
Bradshaw         Lorin Y.                              30-Oct-1980
Brady            Francis M.                             1-Oct-1980
Bragg            Marjorie Lolita                       16-Mar-1980
Brainard         Don                                   28-Aug-1980
Brake            Hildalita A. S. C. (Sister)            8-Nov-1980
Brake            Hildalita A. S. C. (Sister)            9-Nov-1980
Brakensiek       Clarence W.                           25-Jan-1980
Braley           Lester Thomas                          5-Dec-1980
Brammer          Louetta Mae (Mrs Louis)               25-Sep-1980
Brand            Elizabeth (Mrs. John)                  7-Oct-1980
Brand            Harold                                 6-Jul-1980
Brandenburg      Harry E.                              22-Jan-1980
Brandis          Edward H.                             26-Jul-1980
Brandon          Oliver Karl                           23-Jun-1980
Brandon          Pearl J.                              28-Aug-1980
Brandt           Jessi Ann                              5-Oct-1980
Branine          Guy K.                                 3-Feb-1980
Branine          Marie (Mrs. Harold)                   15-Nov-1980
Brannon          Robert P.                             23-May-1980
Brannum          Ella Fae (Mrs. Clarence)              22-Jan-1980
Brant            Paul                                  10-Jul-1980
Brasier          William L.                            28-Jun-1980
Brasted          Lillie (Mrs. Harry)                   13-Feb-1980
Brasuell         Charles                                3-Mar-1980
Brattin          Leona A. (Mrs. Homer)                 22-Aug-1980
Brau             Leonard C.                            28-Aug-1980
Braun            Leola "Appel"                         23-Nov-1980
Bray             Bessie V. (Mrs. Walter)                9-Feb-1980
Bray             Mary E. (Mrs David)                    2-Jul-1980
Brazda           Charles G.                             1-Oct-1980
Brazil           Linda Carroll                         28-Sep-1980
Brazil           Linda Carroll                         30-Sep-1980
Bredehoft        Reinhold E.                           16-Aug-1980
Breeden          Betty Shelton (Mrs. John)             17-Feb-1980
Brehm            Clarence E.                           11-Jul-1980
Brehm            William W.                            26-Mar-1980
Breit            Paul                                  15-Mar-1980
Breitweiser      Norman E.                             20-Jul-1980
Breitweiser      Norman E.                             21-Jul-1980
Breneman         Lester R.                             11-Mar-1980
Brenn            Olive (Mrs. Garcel)                   17-Mar-1980
Brennan          Wiliam L.                             14-Nov-1980
Brethour         Todd G.                               30-Sep-1980
Bretz            Alice M.                              30-Mar-1980
Brew             Charles J.                            26-Jun-1980
Brewer           Agnes H. (Mrs. Tobe)                   2-Dec-1980
Brewer           Bruce                                 30-Jan-1980
Brewer           Clarence V.                           19-Jan-1980
Brewer           James H.                               3-Feb-1980
Brewer           James H.                               4-Feb-1980
Brewer           William A.                            22-Jul-1980
Bridges          Eddie M.                               6-Oct-1980
Bridges          William McKinley                      26-Dec-1980
Bridges          William McKinley                      27-Dec-1980
Bridgewater      Wilda                                 14-Nov-1980
Bridgman         Howard                                12-Apr-1980
Briggs           Emma (Mrs. Raymond)                   26-Nov-1980
Briggs           Marvin W.                              2-Jul-1980
Brigham          Nora (Mrs. Jay)                        9-May-1980
Bright           Rene (Mrs. L. W. )                    30-Jun-1980
Brinigar         Thomas Edgar                          19-Oct-1980
Brink            John E.                                8-Jan-1980
Brinkman         George J.                             17-Sep-1980
Brinn            Olive (Mrs. Garcel)                   16-Mar-1980
Brisbin          Virginia (Mrs.Lewis)                  19-Jan-1980
Brisco           Fred O.                               23-Feb-1980
Brisendine       Geraldine (Mrs. Charles)              28-Dec-1980
Briseno          Frank                                  6-Nov-1980
Brister          Ruby Mae (Mrs. W. R.)                 11-Feb-1980
Brister          Ruby Mae (Mrs. W. R.)                 14-Feb-1980
Brittain         Earl G.                               15-Apr-1980
Britten          Charles E.                            25-Nov-1980
Brittingham      Iona Taylor (Mrs. Leonard L.)         17-Feb-1980
Broadaway        Ralph J.                               9-Aug-1980
Broadaway        Ralph J.                              10-Aug-1980
Broadbent        Florence E. (Mrs. Ed)                 11-Nov-1980
Broadbent        Mildred (Mrs. Milton)                 20-Feb-1980
Broadfoot        Taylor T.                              1-Jan-1980
Broadie          Nina May (Mrs. Virgil A.)             15-Apr-1980
Broadwater       Francis D.                            29-Mar-1980
Broadwater       Francis D.                            30-Mar-1980
Broadway         Della M.                              17-Dec-1980
Broadway         Prentice C. "Tip"                      3-Feb-1980
Broce            L. Lavern                             16-Nov-1980
Brock            Elta McGill (Mrs. Claude)             25-Jun-1980
Brock            Hazel G. (Mrs. Bryan)                  9-Apr-1980
Brock            John L.                               21-Jun-1980
Brock            Sadie (Mrs. Harold)                   15-Oct-1980
Brockway         Marilee S.                            30-Oct-1980
Broderson        Virginia Y. (Mrs Charles)             24-Oct-1980
Brodhagen        Faye (Mrs. Walter)                    21-Sep-1980
Broegger         Helene (Mrs. Fred)                    27-May-1980
Broegger         Helene (Mrs. Fred)                    28-May-1980
Broers           Winnie Barnhill (Mrs. William)         4-Apr-1980
Brooker          Jack D.                               22-Aug-1980
Brooker          Oscar Ray                             30-Nov-1980
Brookman         William Case                          17-Nov-1980
Brooks           Alva                                  22-Mar-1980
Brooks           Charles R.                             9-Oct-1980
Brooks           Clifford                               4-Jun-1980
Brooks           Edna A. (Mrs. Fred)                   26-Jun-1980
Brooks           Elnoria E. (Mrs. Ollie)               12-Feb-1980
Brooks           Eloda Lucretia (Mrs. Kenneth)         16-Apr-1980
Brooks           Ethel H. (Mrs. Harry)                 27-Apr-1980
Brooks           Fern                                  29-Mar-1980
Brooks           Wesley V.                             16-Jun-1980
Brookshire       John W.                               16-Sep-1980
Brookter         Ethel E. (Mrs. Samuel)                27-Jul-1980
Bross            Edwin C.                              30-Mar-1980
Bross            Opal (Mrs. Edwin)                      7-Dec-1980
Brotherton       Henry A.                              29-Jun-1980
Brougher         Ira Earl "Skinny"                     20-Oct-1980
Broughton        Edward T.                             18-Oct-1980
Brouillet        Lucille W. (Mrs. F. J. )               4-Apr-1980
Brouthton        Harriett O.                           22-Jul-1980
Brown            Agnes (Mrs. Roy)                      27-Aug-1980
Brown            Allene (Mrs. Alfred)                  28-Jun-1980
Brown            Allene (Mrs. Alfred)                   1-Jul-1980
Brown            Bessie Leota (Mrs. Joseph A.)         16-Feb-1980
Brown            Beulah Ray Ruth (Mrs. L. Bill)         1-Apr-1980
Brown            Bobbie C.                             16-Sep-1980
Brown            Burl F.                               21-Jul-1980
Brown            C. C. (Dr.)                           22-Dec-1980
Brown            Carl                                  27-Sep-1980
Brown            Carroll P.                            22-Oct-1980
Brown            Charles Edward                         4-Jun-1980
Brown            Charles Frank                         22-Jul-1980
Brown            Charles H.                            12-Apr-1980
Brown            Chester O.                             8-Nov-1980
Brown            Claud W.                              30-Dec-1980
Brown            Clyde A.                               9-Aug-1980
Brown            Clyde J.                              22-Oct-1980
Brown            Daisy L. (Mrs. Grant G.)              26-Mar-1980
Brown            Danny Lee                             23-Apr-1980
Brown            Dean O.                               27-Feb-1980
Brown            Earl S.                               18-Jul-1980
Brown            Emma (Mrs. John)                      19-Dec-1980
Brown            Erma Jean L. (Mrs. Earl L.)           27-Aug-1980
Brown            George A.                             12-Feb-1980
Brown            George H.,  Jr.                       27-Jun-1980
Brown            George W.                             16-Feb-1980
Brown            George W.                             17-Apr-1980
Brown            Harold H.                             17-Oct-1980
Brown            Harry Britton, Sr.                    11-Jan-1980
Brown            Hubert Dual                           23-Mar-1980
Brown            Icle E. (Mrs. Roy)                    30-Jul-1980
Brown            Ione (Mrs. Clarence)                   3-Mar-1980
Brown            John C.                               18-Nov-1980
Brown            John D.                               29-Oct-1980
Brown            John H.                               29-Feb-1980
Brown            Kathryn I. (Mrs. Harold)              18-Nov-1980
Brown            Leona Mae (Mrs. Sidney)               26-Jun-1980
Brown            Leroy                                 25-Feb-1980
Brown            Lila Esther (Mrs. Lawrence)           30-Dec-1980
Brown            Lottie M. (Mrs. Arden)                12-Feb-1980
Brown            Mabel (Mrs. Stanley)                  11-Dec-1980
Brown            Mary "Fannie" (Mrs. Harry)             2-Jul-1980
Brown            Melani                                10-Sep-1980
Brown            Melvern William                        4-Oct-1980
Brown            Melvern William                        5-Oct-1980
Brown            Merville B.                           20-May-1980
Brown            Myrtle (Mrs. Wesley)                   8-Jun-1980
Brown            Nellie M. (Mrs. Arthur)               12-Jan-1980
Brown            Paul Howard                           20-Sep-1980
Brown            Pearl M. (Mrs. Charles)                7-Jun-1980
Brown            Ralph M.                              18-Jul-1980
Brown            Richard N.                             8-Jun-1980
Brown            Robert                                30-Jan-1980
Brown            Robert William                        26-Aug-1980
Brown            Roy N.                                22-Jun-1980
Brown            Russell Lloyd                          4-May-1980
Brown            Sarah "Bea" (Mrs. George W.)          29-Jun-1980
Brown            Verdie F.                             18-Dec-1980
Brown            W. William                             1-Jul-1980
Brown            Wallace E.                            29-Jul-1980
Browning         Bertha M. (Mrs. James B. )             9-Jun-1980
Browning         Myrtle                                 7-Oct-1980
Browning         Myrtle                                 8-Oct-1980
Bruce            Hazel L.                              21-Sep-1980
Bruce            Leo B.                                 9-Aug-1980
Bruce            Lula (Mrs. Ray)                       26-Jul-1980
Bruce            Robert E., III                        22-Nov-1980
Bruch            Harry A.                              28-Mar-1980
Brugh            Mabel G. (Mrs. Raymond)               14-Aug-1980
Brundage         Albert L.                             24-Jun-1980
Brundridge       Basil                                  8-Apr-1980
Bruner           Minnie M.                             15-Aug-1980
Bruner           Rachel (Mrs. Lawrence)                30-Sep-1980
Brungardt        Francis L.                             4-Sep-1980
Brunker          William A.                            30-Nov-1980
Bruns            Roland A.                              1-Jul-1980
Brush            Lawrence G.                           31-May-1980
Bryan            James L.                               5-Oct-1980
Bryan            Luther                                21-May-1980
Bryan            Oliver                                28-Dec-1980
Bryant           Delbert W.                            12-Feb-1980
Bryant           H. May (Mrs. L. M.)                   25-Apr-1980
Bryant           Homer L. (Dr.)                        14-Oct-1980
Bryant           Jerry O.                               2-Dec-1980
Bryant           Thomas J.                             21-Jun-1980
Bryant           William C.                             7-Apr-1980
Bryson           Sibley Frampton                       11-Oct-1980
Buchanan         Lewis R.                              18-Mar-1980
Bucher           Angela Agnes (Mrs. Edwin)             11-Jan-1980
Buchmeier        Cleora A. (Mrs. Victor)                2-Apr-1980
Buck             Harold R.                              3-Aug-1980
Buck             Jeffrey David                         23-May-1980
Buck             Joe Leon                               9-Jul-1980
Buckbee          William A.                            12-Feb-1980
Buckee           G. C. "Gabe", Sr.                      1-Apr-1980
Buckley          Donald W. "Buck"                      18-Jul-1980
Buckley          Otto H.                               18-Nov-1980
Buckley          Otto H.                               19-Nov-1980
Buckman          N. Glenn                               4-Mar-1980
Buckner          Martha A. (Mrs. William)              10-Feb-1980
Budde            Mary Olive                             4-Jun-1980
Budke            Seraphine M. (Mrs. John)              20-Aug-1980
Buechel          Charles                               19-Sep-1980
Buechly          Maude P. (Mrs. Orian)                 26-Oct-1980
Bueker           William E.                             9-Jun-1980
Buenning         Elmer A. (Rev.)                        8-Mar-1980
Buerki           Donald W.                             24-Apr-1980
Buess            Charles                                8-Jan-1980
Buess            Charles (Dr.)                         10-Jan-1980
Builta           Louella (Mrs. John)                   15-Feb-1980
Bukacek          Effie (Mrs. Bud)                       4-Aug-1980
Bull             Vernon V.                              1-Apr-1980
Bullard          Mabel                                 30-Nov-1980
Bullinger        Gladys M. (Mrs. Ernest)               12-Dec-1980
Bullington       Jennie M. (Mrs. Amos)                  9-Mar-1980
Bullock          Flora R. (Mrs. George)                20-Sep-1980
Bullock          James F.                               9-Apr-1980
Bullock          Katharine E. (Mrs. Z. Realph          28-Oct-1980
Bumbaugh         June McCoy                             2-Aug-1980
Bumgarner        Clifford                               7-Oct-1980
Bumgarner        Mattie D. (Mrs. Thomas)               12-Apr-1980
Bumgarner        Mattie Westervelt (Mrs. Thomas)       11-Apr-1980
Bunch            Virgil                                20-Apr-1980
Bundy            Lee Katherine (Mrs. Merle)            12-Jun-1980
Bunting          Horace H.                             27-Jun-1980
Bunyan           Traverse Lee                          27-Dec-1980
Burch            Orville W.                             4-Sep-1980
Burch            William J.                            24-Feb-1980
Burch            William J.                            26-Feb-1980
Burcham          Mary K. (Mrs. Daniel)                 17-Jan-1980
Burdge           Robert H.                              2-Mar-1980
Burdorf          Anna (Mrs. Herman)                     4-Jul-1980
Burdorf          Elsie                                 31-May-1980
Buresh           Mary (Mrs. Victor)                    10-Jul-1980
Burge            Mildred M. (Mrs. John)                25-Jun-1980
Burgess          Marie                                 26-Jan-1980
Burgess          Victor D.                              4-Mar-1980
Burgin           William Roy                           18-Feb-1980
Burgtorf         Charles A.                            21-Jan-1980
Burgtorf         Charles A.                            22-Jan-1980
Burke            Carrie                                13-Jul-1980
Burke            Carrie                                14-Jul-1980
Burke            Hazel M. (Mrs. Edwin)                 29-Feb-1980
Burke            Richard                               10-Aug-1980
Burke            Robert F.                             25-Mar-1980
Burkett          Ella Marie (Mrs. Leo)                 17-Jan-1980
Burkett          Joe J.                                16-Jan-1980
Burkett          Monroe C.                              7-Jan-1980
Burkett          Virgil C.                             24-Oct-1980
Burley           Monte Lee                             14-Jun-1980
Burlingame       Robert G.                             18-Dec-1980
Burnell          Katherine                              6-Feb-1980
Burner           John D. (Dr.)                         25-Apr-1980
Burner           John D. (Dr.)                         26-Apr-1980
Burner           Rose (Mrs. Ralph)                     29-May-1980
Burnett          Chant                                 28-Sep-1980
Burnett          Joseph James                          15-Jul-1980
Burnett          Joseph Lee                            22-Sep-1980
Burnett          Lois B.                                8-Jul-1980
Burnett          William Burl)                         30-Oct-1980
Burney           Chester L.                            16-Mar-1980
Burney           Jason Lee                             23-Mar-1980
Burnos           Casmer S.                             31-Mar-1980
Burns            Anna Pauline (Mrs. Roland)             2-Jul-1980
Burns            Flora A. (Mrs. J. Kent)                6-Jun-1980
Burns            George R. "Rusty"                      6-Dec-1980
Burns            John                                  22-Feb-1980
Burns            John Wesley                            4-Oct-1980
Burns            Lloyd E.                              26-Feb-1980
Burns            Lucille (Mrs. Walter)                  7-Oct-1980
Burns            Margaret (Mrs. Miles)                 19-Jan-1980
Burns            Thomas M.                             10-Jun-1980
Burr             Helen M.                              11-Aug-1980
Burr             Helen M.                              13-Aug-1980
Burr             Jennie Cora (Mrs. Gerald)             27-Aug-1980
Burrell          Clarence Raymond "Curley"             28-Aug-1980
Burrell          Clarence Raymond "Curley"             30-Aug-1980
Burris           Mary V. (Mrs. John)                   12-Jun-1980
Burris           S. Robert                             13-Oct-1980
Burris           William W.                            17-Sep-1980
Burt             Fanny A. (Mrs. A. O.)                 17-Jun-1980
Burtch           Blanche E. (Mrs. William)             20-Aug-1980
Burtis           Elizabeth H.                          15-Aug-1980
Burtnett         Zella D. (Mrs. Don)                    6-Mar-1980
Burton           Glen F.                                5-Sep-1980
Burton           Lawrence R.                           30-Mar-1980
Burton           William S.                             8-Mar-1980
Busboom          Frank J.                              15-Oct-1980
Busenbark        Cleda D. (Mrs. Fred)                  13-Aug-1980
Busenitz         Herman                                13-Mar-1980
Buser            Paul                                   9-May-1980
Busey            Milton A., Jr.                         2-Mar-1980
Bush             Alma Belle (Mrs. Fred)                16-Jun-1980
Bush             Ethel D. (Mrs. Thomas)                14-May-1980
Bush             Helen A. (Mrs. Granville, Sr.)        15-Feb-1980
Bush             Helen A. (Mrs. Granville, Sr.)        15-Feb-1980
Bush             James Lee                              7-May-1980
Bush             Leroy "Eddie"                          9-Jun-1980
Bush             Lovena (Mrs. Edward)                   9-Jul-1980
Bush             Margaret (Mrs. Thomas)                28-Oct-1980
Bush             Myrtle May (Mrs. Frank L.)            14-Dec-1980
Bush             Wilfred E.                            12-May-1980
Bushey           Josepha A. (Mrs. C. L.)                1-Nov-1980
Bussart          Irene S.                              10-May-1980
Butcher          Clavin W. "Cal"                       10-Sep-1980
Butcher          Katheryn A. (Mrs. A. W.)              28-Oct-1980
Butler           Ernest L.                              7-Sep-1980
Butler           Ernest L.                              8-Sep-1980
Butler           Giles                                  6-Oct-1980
Butler           Ilena M.                              13-Aug-1980
Butler           Minnie M. (Mrs. Everett)               3-Sep-1980
Butler           Nicholas Bernard                      24-Mar-1980
Butler           Orpha A. (Mrs. William)                4-Nov-1980
Butler           Wayne                                 21-Nov-1980
Buttel           Alvin L.                               1-Nov-1980
Buttel           Lillie L. (Mrs. Wayne)                16-May-1980
Butterfield      Harvey Fay                            31-Aug-1980
Button           Leo E.                                21-Apr-1980
Bybee            Arthur A.                              8-Jan-1980
Bybee            Jessie (Mrs. Elmer)                    1-Dec-1980
Byers            Marion E.                             28-Oct-1980
Bynum            Christina M.                           6-Oct-1980
Byram            Jennifer Sue                           2-Jun-1980
Byrd             Earl S.                               29-Dec-1980
Byrd             Judy Chouteau                         21-Nov-1980
Byrd             Marguerite W. (Mrs. Calvin)           13-Nov-1980
Byrum            Jim R.                                26-Jun-1980
Cabral           Jerome R.                              9-Jul-1980
Cade             Mayree (Mrs. George W.)               16-Aug-1980
Cade             Ollie (Mrs. James)                    26-Dec-1980
Cadwallader      James H.                               8-Jun-1980
Cadwell          Paul W.                               11-Sep-1980
Cady             Virgil Howard                         22-Aug-1980
Cain             Isla M. (Mrs. Charles)                29-Oct-1980
Cain             Nina D. (Mrs. John)                    7-Nov-1980
Cain             Ruth I.                               20-Apr-1980
Cain             Veleia M.                             26-Aug-1980
Calamease        Calvin                                28-Dec-1980
Caldwell         Ada P. (Mrs. Charles)                 26-Aug-1980
Caldwell         Lois V. (Mrs. Calvin)                 28-Dec-1980
Caldwell         Lorene (Mrs. Robert)                  22-Jul-1980
Caldwell         Marguerite (Mrs. Wilbur)              15-Feb-1980
Caler            Roger Edmund                          25-Jan-1980
Caley            Omedia M. (Mrs. Charles)               4-Jun-1980
Calhoun          Carl                                  21-Sep-1980
Calico           William H.                            31-Jul-1980
Callahan         Frank H.                              29-Apr-1980
Callahan         Mabel Frances (Mrs. J. P.)            14-Jul-1980
Callahan         Winifred H. (Mrs. Ray)                10-Jan-1980
Callaway         Edward                                29-Aug-1980
Calvert          Ernest F.                             23-Mar-1980
Calvert          Evelyn                                21-Dec-1980
Calvert          Thelma Beatrice (Mrs. Fay)             4-Sep-1980
Calvin           Elmer H. "Toots"                       3-Apr-1980
Camargo          John Paul                              5-Feb-1980
Camblin          Jacquelyn May                         27-Jun-1980
Camden           Laurence A.                           25-Mar-1980
Camden           Martha (Mrs. George)                  23-Aug-1980
Cameron          Albert Merritt                        19-Feb-1980
Cameron          Bertha F. (Mrs. Hubert D.)            14-Apr-1980
Cameron          Dora (Mrs. Bob)                       26-Aug-1980
Cameron          Ida Marie (Mrs. Albert)                8-Apr-1980
Camp             Lora A. (Mrs. Nicholas J.)            29-May-1980
Camp             Lora A. (Mrs. Nicholas J.)            30-May-1980
Campbell         Alfred R.                              8-Nov-1980
Campbell         Alice                                  8-Nov-1980
Campbell         Ancel D.                              21-Apr-1980
Campbell         Douglas B.                             5-Sep-1980
Campbell         Esther F. (Mrs. James)                22-Sep-1980
Campbell         Frank                                 16-Mar-1980
Campbell         Harold V.                              1-Aug-1980
Campbell         Helen L.                              28-May-1980
Campbell         Irvin E.                              16-Feb-1980
Campbell         James G.                              10-Jan-1980
Campbell         Jean M. (Mrs. William)                11-Feb-1980
Campbell         Lance Alan                            20-Aug-1980
Campbell         Lavona Elizabeth                       4-Feb-1980
Campbell         Lester Edward                         17-Jul-1980
Campbell         Mabel S.                              28-Mar-1980
Campbell         Martha Edna (Mrs. Orville L. )        20-Aug-1980
Campbell         May (Mrs. Joel)                        8-Sep-1980
Campbell         Ruth G. (Rev.)                        19-Jun-1980
Campbell         Thomas                                24-Feb-1980
Campbell         Virginia                              19-Jul-1980
Campbell         William B.                            27-Jul-1980
Campbell         William B.                            29-Jul-1980
Campbell         Y. E.                                  1-Oct-1980
Campbell         Y. E.                                  2-Oct-1980
Campos           Abraham                               14-May-1980
Campos           Frank Reyes                            9-Oct-1980
Campos           Frank Reyes                           10-Oct-1980
Canaday          Cecil Edward                          14-Jan-1980
Canary           Harry D.                              19-Jan-1980
Canatis          Marie A. (Mrs. William )              19-May-1980
Canatis          Marie A. (Mrs. William H.)            16-May-1980
Cannon           Bertha (Mrs. Frank)                   10-Dec-1980
Cannon           Morris E.                             28-Feb-1980
Cannon           Myrtle (Mrs. John)                     3-Mar-1980
Cannon           Paul                                  24-Dec-1980
Canott           Otha M. (Mrs. Francis)                13-Nov-1980
Cansino          Ysabel                                 7-Feb-1980
Cantrall         Doris                                 10-Jun-1980
Cantrell         Denneth D.                             4-Sep-1980
Caple            Orville                               27-Aug-1980
Capps            Albert Dean                           25-Feb-1980
Capps            Margaret                              23-Sep-1980
Capps            Nellie A.                             19-Oct-1980
Capshaw          Clyde G.                              12-Feb-1980
Capshaw          Clyde G.                              13-Feb-1980
Cardinale        Helen L. (Mrs. Angelo)                16-May-1980
Cardinale        Helen L. (Mrs. Angelo)                17-May-1980
Cardwell         Perry Roy                             25-Aug-1980
Cares            Rory L.                               21-Jul-1980
Carey            Earl M.                                2-May-1980
Carey            Elizabeth                              9-Dec-1980
Carey            Elizabeth (Mrs. Joseph)                7-Dec-1980
Carig            Jean "Jeanie" (Mrs. James B.)         24-Dec-1980
Carithers        Marybelle (Mrs. Charles C.)           16-Apr-1980
Carl             Daniel S.                             29-Nov-1980
Carl             Donald Joseph                         19-Oct-1980
Carl             Earl R.                                7-Aug-1980
Carl             Mary (Mrs. Earl)                       1-Oct-1980
Carle            Guy L.                                22-Sep-1980
Carle            Guy L.                                23-Sep-1980
Carley           Hedvig                                25-Sep-1980
Carlson          Andy E.                               10-Aug-1980
Carlson          Edith                                 31-Aug-1980
Carlson          Emma                                  17-Nov-1980
Carlson          Erick "Swede"                         26-Jul-1980
Carlson          Harry                                  5-Aug-1980
Carlson          Myrtle (Mrs. Fritz)                   31-Jan-1980
Carlson          Noble R.                              30-Sep-1980
Carlson          Otto G.                                2-Nov-1980
Carlson          Rebecca (Mrs. Godfrey)                25-Jan-1980
Carlson          Shirley (Mrs. Dale)                   10-Apr-1980
Carlson          William A.                            28-Nov-1980
Carlton          Anthony C.                            30-Jul-1980
Carlton          Anthony C.                            31-Jul-1980
Carlyle          Lyda L. (Mrs. Clarence)                6-Dec-1980
Carman           William Howard                         9-Jul-1980
Carmichael       David L.                              25-Jul-1980
Carmichael       Freda (Mrs. John)                      7-Oct-1980
Carmichael       Harold James                           9-Feb-1980
Carmichael       Margaret "Mae" (Mrs. Hugh)            12-Jul-1980
Carmichael       Robert                                28-Jun-1980
Carmichael       Robert                                29-Jun-1980
Carnahan         Gladys (Mrs. Kenneth)                  1-Jul-1980
Carnahan         Ronald A. "Carney"                    11-Jun-1980
Carney           Elsie A.                              11-Oct-1980
Carney           Elsie A.                              15-Oct-1980
Carney           John H.                               25-Aug-1980
Carns            Earl Wesley                           29-Jun-1980
Carothers        Quenna B. (Mrs. Willis                27-Oct-1980
Carpehart        Robert H.                             27-Jul-1980
Carpenter        Clyde C.                               1-Dec-1980
Carpenter        Delores A. (Mrs. Alva)                 4-Mar-1980
Carpenter        Elmer                                 11-Aug-1980
Carpenter        Elmer                                 12-Aug-1980
Carpenter        Fern O. (Mrs. Harvey M.)               4-Feb-1980
Carpenter        Hugh "Ronald"                         13-Jul-1980
Carpenter        Hugh "Ronald"                         14-Jul-1980
Carpenter        Ron                                    1-Sep-1980
Carpenter        Scott L.                              27-May-1980
Carr             Henry                                 12-Dec-1980
Carr             Mary K. (Mrs. Leroy)                  18-Oct-1980
Carr             Richard H.                            16-Aug-1980
Carra            Samuel, Sr.                           20-Apr-1980
Carrethers       Martin C.                             14-Oct-1980
Carrethers       Martin C.                             15-Oct-1980
Carriker         Roselee Personette (Mrs. Dennis)      16-Jan-1980
Carrithers       Hilda Dorothy (Mrs. Howard)           12-Jul-1980
Carroll          Audrey M. (Mrs. Chester)               3-Sep-1980
Carroll          Cecil R.                               3-Feb-1980
Carroll          Edd                                    3-Feb-1980
Carroll          Joan A.                               16-May-1980
Carroll          Mable M. (Mrs. Asa)                   28-May-1980
Carrothers       Lemuel T.                             14-Sep-1980
Carson           Anna (Mrs. J. A.)                      2-Nov-1980
Carson           Maxine F.                             23-Jun-1980
Carson           Pryor                                  1-Feb-1980
Carter           Agnes (Mrs. C. W.)                    25-Mar-1980
Carter           Basil Clayton                         24-Aug-1980
Carter           Charles E.                            12-Aug-1980
Carter           Florence E. (Mrs. Talmadge)           24-Jan-1980
Carter           Gertrude B. (Mrs. Howell H.)          21-Jan-1980
Carter           J. C.                                  5-Dec-1980
Carter           J. C.                                  8-Dec-1980
Carter           James Asa "Jack"                       3-Jun-1980
Carter           James E.                               1-Jun-1980
Carter           John E.                                6-Nov-1980
Carter           Joye Naomi (Mrs. Francis)             20-Aug-1980
Carter           Julia C. (Mrs. Joseph)                25-Oct-1980
Carter           Loren W.                              18-Jan-1980
Carter           Louis                                  3-Dec-1980
Carter           Martha G. (Mrs. Earl)                 20-Jan-1980
Carter           Thomas H.                              2-Jul-1980
Carton           Albun E.                               8-Nov-1980
Cartwright       James Robert                          13-Jul-1980
Cartwright       Lyle Benjamin (Dr.)                    4-Jan-1980
Cartwright       Lyle Benjamin (Dr.)                    5-Jan-1980
Carver           Gaylord A.                             1-Jul-1980
Cary             Paul D.                               21-Nov-1980
Casey            Blanche M. (Mrs. Edward)              15-May-1980
Casey            Henrietta (Mrs. Claude)               16-Feb-1980
Casey            Henrietta G. (Mrs. Claude)            19-Feb-1980
Casford          Esther M.                             19-Jun-1980
Cash             John W.                                5-Apr-1980
Casner           Oscar H.                               7-Aug-1980
Casper           Alberta (Mrs. Samuel)                  7-Dec-1980
Casper           Hubert F., Sr.                         5-Sep-1980
Casper           Josephine (Mrs. Walker)               23-Oct-1980
Cassell          William E. (Rev.)                     26-Apr-1980
Cassidy          Robert F.                             18-Nov-1980
Cassingham       Raymond                                5-Jul-1980
Cassingham       Roy Homer                             10-Jun-1980
Cassler          James A.                              14-Mar-1980
Casteel          Paul M. "Buck"                        11-Mar-1980
Casteel          Paul M. "Buck"                        13-Mar-1980
Casteel          Robert Lee                            21-Dec-1980
Caster           Nettie M. (Mrs.)                      20-Jan-1980
Castoe           Alice Marie (Mrs. Robert)              9-Oct-1980
Cate             Patrick L.                             5-Oct-1980
Catherwood       Mollie V. (Mrs. Dale)                 29-Jul-1980
Catino           Bess Hotchkiss (Mrs. Albert)           9-Feb-1980
Catino           Bess Hotchkiss (Mrs. Albert)          10-Feb-1980
Catlin           Esther Pauline                         1-Jul-1980
Caudell          George M.                             15-Sep-1980
Caughey          Paul                                  24-Sep-1980
Cavanaugh        Richard "Ricky"                        1-Jul-1980
Cave             Richard Leland                        20-Jul-1980
Caviness         Nellie Mae (Mrs. Marvin)              15-Jun-1980
Caylor           Allie Lee (Mrs. Marion)               20-Jun-1980
Caylor           Allie Lee (Mrs. Marion)               21-Jun-1980
Caylor           Goldie B.                             13-Dec-1980
Cazel            William E.                             7-Mar-1980
Cecil            Claude                                 3-Jul-1980
Cecil            Claude                                 4-Jul-1980
Cecil            George G.                             13-Feb-1980
Cecil            Myrtle V. (Mrs. Harley)                2-Oct-1980
Cervantes        Fabian                                11-Feb-1980
Cezar            Ruth Hite                              4-Dec-1980
Chace            Elizabeth (Mrs. William)              25-Feb-1980
Chadd            Mina P. (Mrs. Alfred J.)              17-Nov-1980
Chaffin          Paul                                  17-Dec-1980
Chailland        Lee Roy "Pete"                        18-Jan-1980
Chalifant        Carrol A.                             16-Nov-1980
Chamberlain      Margaret Reeble (Mrs. Perry V. )      22-Jul-1980
Chamberlain      Mason D.                               6-Apr-1980
Chamberlain      Nettie (Mrs. Wickham)                 17-Sep-1980
Chambers         Dorothy D. "Oklahoma" (Mrs. Richard)  28-Jun-1980
Chambers         Hattie L.                             19-Jun-1980
Chambers         Mary Frances (Mrs. Earl)               2-Aug-1980
Champeny         Gladys                                 4-Aug-1980
Champine         Torabelle C. (Mrs. Theodore)          16-Oct-1980
Chance           Thomas W.                             17-Apr-1980
Chancy           Amos L.                               18-Jul-1980
Chandler         Charles A.                            17-Jan-1980
Chandler         Grefory R.                             2-Nov-1980
Chandler         Roy E.                                 3-Aug-1980
Chaney           Lon, Sr.                              12-Dec-1980
Chapel           Cristopher Robin                      19-Oct-1980
Chapman          Ferne (Mrs. Eugene)                    4-Mar-1980
Chapman          Jennifer Gayle                        15-Nov-1980
Chapman          Leslie J.                              1-Apr-1980
Charlton         Essie M. (Mrs. William)               15-Oct-1980
Chase            Gardner B. (Rev.)                      1-Apr-1980
Chase            Mabel Lou                             28-Sep-1980
Chase            Mabel Lou (Mrs. Charles)              29-Sep-1980
Chase            Pearl A.                              29-Jun-1980
Chase            Thomas A.                             24-Jan-1980
Chastain         Wayne                                 23-Jul-1980
Chastaine        Wayne                                  4-Sep-1980
Chausse          Allie (Mrs. John W.)                   2-Aug-1980
Chearrer         Charlotte (Mrs. Wincle)               13-Aug-1980
Cheatham         Winfred Bernice                       18-Jul-1980
Cheek            Vera                                  30-Nov-1980
Cheever          John L.                                2-Oct-1980
Chenault         Evelyn I. (Mrs. James)                11-Feb-1980
Cheng            Hean                                  11-Aug-1980
Cherry           Roy J.                                21-Jun-1980
Chilcoat         Augusta (Mrs. Bert)                    5-Feb-1980
Chilcott         Ella M.                               23-Sep-1980
Child            Harry W.                              27-Jul-1980
Childers         Leona (Mrs. Ivan)                     11-Mar-1980
Childs           Gladys L. (Mrs. William)              22-Jul-1980
Childs           Pearl E. (Mrs Robert)                 11-Jan-1980
Childs           Wesley "Mac"                          15-Jul-1980
Chilton          Bonnie Rose (Mrs. Johnnie)            22-Nov-1980
Chindamo         Pearl (Mrs. Frank)                    20-Jun-1980
Choate           Letha Howard (Mrs. John J. )           8-Jul-1980
Choitz           Helena                                16-Nov-1980
Chrisenberry     Jennie I.                              3-Jul-1980
Chrisrensen      Roy A.                                27-Apr-1980
Christensen      Agnar W.                              16-Mar-1980
Christensen      Albert C.                             23-Feb-1980
Christensen      Ellis G.                              19-Apr-1980
Christenson      Pearl M. (Mrs. Roy)                    1-Oct-1980
Christian        John, Sr.                             13-Oct-1980
Christiansen     Catherine A. (Mrs. John R.)            4-Nov-1980
Christison       Wilma Idella                           9-Mar-1980
Christophersen   Laurence A.                            8-Nov-1980
Christy          Anna M. (Mrs. Earl)                   30-Oct-1980
Christy          Mark Wayne                            28-Jul-1980
Chumley          Walter T.                             29-Oct-1980
Church           Harold                                10-Feb-1980
Cibolski         Theodore                               9-Feb-1980
Claflin          Edna L. (Mrs. Ira)                    19-Apr-1980
Clapp            Oliver Richard                        14-Jan-1980
Clare            Thomas T.                             14-Feb-1980
Clarey           Dwayne "Bud"                          26-Jul-1980
Clark            A. E.                                 18-May-1980
Clark            Arthur B.                              8-May-1980
Clark            Bonnie J. (Mrs. Paul)                 18-Oct-1980
Clark            Clarence L. "Slim"                    14-Nov-1980
Clark            Darrell E.                            10-Oct-1980
Clark            Earll G.                              12-Feb-1980
Clark            Edwin M.                               4-Nov-1980
Clark            Francis (Mrs. Robert)                 26-Dec-1980
Clark            George H.                              4-Dec-1980
Clark            George W., Jr.                        18-Apr-1980
Clark            Harold Eugene                         29-Jul-1980
Clark            Harold G.                             25-Feb-1980
Clark            Howard W.                             29-Dec-1980
Clark            John W. "Jack"                        21-Oct-1980
Clark            Kirkkwood B.                          23-Jul-1980
Clark            Laurene (Mrs. Virgil)                 22-Apr-1980
Clark            Lester L.                             19-Feb-1980
Clark            Mabel S. (Mrs. I. G. )                28-Aug-1980
Clark            Max C.                                 5-Sep-1980
Clark            Minnie (Mrs. Alex)                    22-Feb-1980
Clark            Myrtle (Mrs. Clarence)                 7-Nov-1980
Clark            Opha (Mrs. Fred)                      20-Mar-1980
Clark            Plez S.                               19-Dec-1980
Clark            Roma B. (Mrs. Walter)                 22-Apr-1980
Clark            Roy  E.                               25-May-1980
Clark            Ruth M.                               21-Mar-1980
Clark            Virginia M. (Mrs. Buster)              2-Jan-1980
Clark            Wiltsey                                3-Nov-1980
Clarke           Kirkwood B.                           20-Jul-1980
Clarke           Merel F. (Mrs. Clifton)                9-Jul-1980
Classen          Marshall R.                            5-Aug-1980
Claus            Floyd E.                              12-Jun-1980
Clausen          Eleanor (Mrs. John)                   11-Jan-1980
Clavin           Mary (Mrs. H. T.)                     23-May-1980
Clawson          Wilma Marie (Mrs.)                    25-Sep-1980
Clay             Andrew J.                             30-Oct-1980
Claymon          William                               12-Aug-1980
Clayton          Carrie                                 1-Jul-1980
Clegg            Harlan A.                             23-Jul-1980
Clemans          George A.                              2-Aug-1980
Clemans          Ruby Pearl (Mrs. George)               4-Jul-1980
Clemens          Lena (Mrs. Shelley W.)                16-Dec-1980
Clements         Ethel G. (Mrs. Lee)                    9-Apr-1980
Clements         Marion Joan (Mrs. Rex)                19-Dec-1980
Clements         Mary E. (Mrs. William M.)             17-Jan-1980
Clemmetson       Orrin                                  1-Jul-1980
Clendenen        Wesley R.                             24-Nov-1980
Clevenger        Lawson Emmet                           9-Jun-1980
Clifford         John Raymond                          21-Feb-1980
Clifton          Noah R.                                4-Nov-1980
Cline            Audrey Ellen (Mrs.)                   10-Oct-1980
Cline            Earl                                  12-Jun-1980
Cline            Edith Marie (Mrs. Robert E.)           8-Aug-1980
Cline            June (Mrs. J. Dennis)                 19-Apr-1980
Cline            Margie Lee (Mrs. Curtis)               8-Jul-1980
Cline            Ray Gene                              14-Nov-1980
Cline            Scarlett R.                           10-Mar-1980
Cline            Vernard L.                            31-Mar-1980
Clossen          Mabel L. (Mrs. Ora G. )               31-Mar-1980
Clough           Vada M. (Mrs. Vernon)                  5-Dec-1980
Clounch          Eugene E.                             19-Sep-1980
Clovis           Alice M.                              21-Sep-1980
Clowdis          Russell L.                             6-Jul-1980
Cloyd            Gary Barton                           10-Mar-1980
Clum             Meryl R.                               7-Dec-1980
Coad             Lester W.                              7-Mar-1980
Coates           Walter C.                             17-Jul-1980
Coats            Charles M.                            28-Apr-1980
Cobb             Glen O.                               23-Oct-1980
Cobb             Jessie (Mrs. Walton)                  30-Oct-1980
Cobb             Jessie (Mrs. Walton)                  31-Oct-1980
Cobb             John                                  16-Mar-1980
Coble            Earl W.                                2-Nov-1980
Coble            Leslie                                10-Feb-1980
Cochran          Jacqueline                            10-Aug-1980
Cochrum          George W.                              9-Apr-1980
Cockerill        Eleanor E.                            26-Jul-1980
Cockman          Eva M. (Mrs. Willie)                  24-Sep-1980
Cockrell         Jessie D. (Mrs. Lee)                  27-Feb-1980
Cocks            Alice I. (Mrs. Harold)                23-Oct-1980
Cocks            J. Howard                              2-Jul-1980
Cody             Ida C. (Mrs. Alpha)                    3-Aug-1980
Coe              Charles T.                             4-May-1980
Coffey           H. Juell                              10-Apr-1980
Coffin           Dora F. (Mrs. Lewis A.)                2-May-1980
Coffman          Gordon O.                              6-Oct-1980
Cohen            William                               25-Apr-1980
Cohlmia          James T.                              12-Jan-1980
Cohlmia          Victor K.                              3-Nov-1980
Colaw            Emma Sarida (Mrs. Charles)             7-Apr-1980
Colberg          Drew Allen                            25-Jul-1980
Colborn          Ruth (Mrs. J. L.)                      5-Jun-1980
Colcord          Albert O.                             30-Apr-1980
Cole             Dorothy E. (Mrs. Joseph)              20-Mar-1980
Cole             Harvey G.                              9-Dec-1980
Cole             Lola (Mrs. Roy)                       17-Feb-1980
Cole             Rosezella E.                          28-Apr-1980
Colegrove        Edith A. (Mrs. Robert)                 5-Jan-1980
Coleman          Barbara Jean (Mrs. Ernest)             3-Apr-1980
Coleman          Barbara Jean (Mrs. Ernest)             4-Apr-1980
Coleman          Elmer F.                              30-Sep-1980
Coleman          Elva Mae (Mrs. Floyd A.)              15-Apr-1980
Coleman          Harold Allie                          18-Jul-1980
Coleman          Luke                                  14-Mar-1980
Coleman          Myrtle (Mrs. Clarence)                 1-Feb-1980
Coleman          Ruby Pearl                            13-Jul-1980
Coleman          Woodrow Wilson                        12-Mar-1980
Colglazier       J. Ward                               27-Dec-1980
Collett          Bernard                               20-Jan-1980
Colley           Claude Harry                          14-May-1980
Collicott        Stacey V.                             27-Apr-1980
Collins          Agnes B. (Mrs. Edwin F.)              25-Aug-1980
Collins          Cecil                                  5-Dec-1980
Collins          Clifford A.                           19-Dec-1980
Collins          Joe E.                                 5-Mar-1980
Collins          Lucille (Mrs. Clyde)                  23-Nov-1980
Collins          Marvin W.                             21-Sep-1980
Collins          Marvin W.                             22-Sep-1980
Collins          Melvin H.                             16-Nov-1980
Collins          Misty Dawn                             2-Dec-1980
Collins          William T.                             8-Jul-1980
Colson           Reine (Mrs. James C. )                27-May-1980
Colton           George A.                              5-Jan-1980
Coltrane         Arzella T. (Mrs. Oscar)                6-Mar-1980
Colver           Harry E.                              22-Jul-1980
Colwell          J. M. "Mert"                          26-Oct-1980
Combs            Elsie E. (Mrs. James)                 31-Jul-1980
Combs            Harriett B. (Mrs. Robert)             25-Jan-1980
Combs            Mary E. (Mrs. Thomas)                  7-Oct-1980
Combs            Ruth M. (Mrs. Albert)                  6-Feb-1980
Compton          Carrie (Mrs. Fred)                     6-Mar-1980
Compton          Donald, Sr.                           12-Jun-1980
Compton          Donald, Sr.                           15-Jun-1980
Compton          Donnie Catherine (Mrs. Oscar)          5-Sep-1980
Compton          Mary M. (Mrs. Ralph)                  24-Apr-1980
Compton          Zama (Mrs. A. J.)                     23-Jul-1980
Comstock         Ervin Meadows                          5-Oct-1980
Comstock         Ervin Meadows                          6-Oct-1980
Comstock         LaVeta Maxine                         27-Aug-1980
Comstock         Luther Thomas (Rev.)                  29-Jun-1980
Conard           Richard F. (Dr.)                      11-Apr-1980
Conboy           Charles                               11-Jan-1980
Conde            Leona K. (Mrs. Vennett C. )           25-Aug-1980
Condon           Frank                                 16-Aug-1980
Cone             Rufus E.                              11-Oct-1980
Conhurst         Bessie Callender (Mrs. Walter)         7-Sep-1980
Conklin          James R. (Dr.)                        28-Jan-1980
Conklin          Nellie (Mrs. Roy)                     17-Mar-1980
Conley           Ver                                    6-Jan-1980
Conley           William P.                            29-Aug-1980
Connell          Lusta M., (Mrs. J. H.)                20-Feb-1980
Connell          Myrtle (Mrs. Ralph)                   27-Sep-1980
Conner           Bertha L. (Mrs. James)                28-Dec-1980
Conner           Ferdie                                16-Feb-1980
Conner           Harley M.                              4-Jun-1980
Conner           Mildred V. (Mrs. James)               24-Sep-1980
Conner           Ruth M. (Mrs. Harley)                  4-Dec-1980
Connett          Myrle E. (Mrs. Harold)                12-Feb-1980
Conover          Charles J.                            21-Nov-1980
Conover          Jay Lewis                              7-Sep-1980
Conover          Jay Lewis                              8-Sep-1980
Conrad           Parrotte B.                            5-Jun-1980
Conrad           William                               31-Aug-1980
Conrardy         Lillian (Mrs. Bernard)                 4-Mar-1980
Considine        Andrew                                26-Dec-1980
Conway           Constance Ann                          4-Nov-1980
Conway           Nellie (Mrs. Owen)                    23-Sep-1980
Conyers          Harvey W.                             25-Oct-1980
Conyers          Mary E. (Mrs. Bert)                    2-Dec-1980
Cook             Amelia (Mrs. Thomas)                  25-Sep-1980
Cook             Anna Caroline Zeigler                  1-Aug-1980
Cook             Anne O. (Mrs. John)                   12-Mar-1980
Cook             Arnold                                25-Sep-1980
Cook             Arnold E.                             24-Sep-1980
Cook             Clarence B.                           29-Jul-1980
Cook             Clifford T.                           19-Oct-1980
Cook             Clifford T.                           20-Oct-1980
Cook             Corlin W.                             11-Sep-1980
Cook             David H.                              11-Oct-1980
Cook             Earl                                   4-Jan-1980
Cook             Edwin T., Sr.                         31-Jul-1980
Cook             Elmer C.                               1-Nov-1980
Cook             Fred Pennington                       29-Jul-1980
Cook             Gloria M. (Mrs. Tubert Merle)         22-Jan-1980
Cook             Henrietta A. (Mrs. Lester)             4-Feb-1980
Cook             Herbert L.                            11-Jul-1980
Cook             Jennie (Mrs. Alva)                    17-Feb-1980
Cook             John J.                               22-Nov-1980
Cook             Kittie A.                             16-Feb-1980
Cook             Leonard R.                            15-Nov-1980
Cook             Lisa D. (Mrs. Courtney)               21-Oct-1980
Cook             Lisa D. (Mrs. Courtney)               21-Oct-1980
Cook             Mayme R. (Mrs. James)                 16-Apr-1980
Cook             Nellie (Mrs. Ed)                      24-Mar-1980
Cook             Noble "Gerald"                        13-Dec-1980
Cook             Noble "Gerald"                        14-Dec-1980
Cook             Nora C.  (Mrs. Thales)                22-Feb-1980
Cook             Phynola W. (Mrs. Tom)                  6-Jan-1980
Cook             Phynola W. (Mrs. Tom)                  7-Jan-1980
Cook             Queenbee (Mrs. Wilis)                 25-Nov-1980
Cook             Robert P.                             12-Nov-1980
Cook             Stella Mae (Mrs. Andrew J. S. )       25-Jun-1980
Cook             Walter                                 7-Feb-1980
Cook             William R.                            14-Mar-1980
Cooke            Albert C.                              8-Aug-1980
Cooke            Francis Sarah                         30-Nov-1980
Cooksey          Coral Ella (Mrs.)                     10-Sep-1980
Cooley           Claude E.                              2-Oct-1980
Cooley           John A.                               23-Jun-1980
Cooley           Paul S.                               22-Apr-1980
Coombes          Aura M. (Mrs. Larry)                   4-Mar-1980
Coombes          Aura M. (Mrs. Larry)                   5-Mar-1980
Coombs           George O.                             14-Oct-1980
Coon             Roscoe                                 2-Nov-1980
Coonfield        Norman W.                             18-Jan-1980
Coonfield        Roy A.                                11-Jan-1980
Coonfield        Roy A.                                12-Jan-1980
Coons            Floyd A.                              14-Apr-1980
Cooper           Bert E.                               18-Feb-1980
Cooper           Edyth L. (Mrs. William G.)             1-Dec-1980
Cooper           Eva C. (Mrs. Richard)                  6-Jan-1980
Cooper           Eva C. (Mrs. Richard)                  7-Jan-1980
Cooper           Franklin L.                           21-Feb-1980
Cooper           Ina (Mrs. Albert)                     25-Mar-1980
Cooper           Joan Michelle                         13-Jun-1980
Cooper           Joan Muchelle                         15-Jun-1980
Cooper           Kenneth                               22-Feb-1980
Cooper           Marguerite (Mrs. Alva)                 7-Oct-1980
Cooper           Marvin D.                             29-May-1980
Cooper           Mary C. E.                             1-Apr-1980
Cooper           Norris Tyler                           4-Jul-1980
Cooper           Orpha "Peggy"                         30-Apr-1980
Cooper           Vinton L.                             10-May-1980
Cooper           Zola (Mrs. Chester)                    3-May-1980
Coots            Stephen C.                             7-Jun-1980
Copeland         George Joshua                         23-May-1980
Copeland         Jeanette S. (Mrs. Charles)            21-Nov-1980
Copeland         Joe                                   19-Oct-1980
Copeland         Joe J.                                20-Oct-1980
Coplin           Lilliam Mae (Mrs. Hugh)                2-Apr-1980
Copp             Lucas J.                               4-Jul-1980
Copp             William Clifford                       8-Mar-1980
Copple           Maggie H. (Mrs. Charley)               1-Feb-1980
Corbet           Charles C.                            28-Feb-1980
Corbett          Thomas A.                              1-Dec-1980
Corbin           Anna V. (Mrs. Ira)                    22-Nov-1980
Cordel           Dorothea A. (Mrs. Franklin)           13-Jul-1980
Cordell          Parker                                 7-Aug-1980
Cordell          Parker                                 8-Aug-1980
Corley           Jeanne Beach (Mrs. Dale H.)            8-Oct-1980
Corn             Charles E.                             4-Dec-1980
Corn             Dale F.                               21-Mar-1980
Corn             Dale F.                               22-Mar-1980
Corn             Wendell W.                             2-Feb-1980
Cornelius        Wayne Lee                             15-Nov-1980
Cornwall         Wilbert                               25-Oct-1980
Cornwell         Edna Pearl (Mrs. Elijah)              22-Jul-1980
Corr             Mary E. (Mrs. Harry)                  30-Jan-1980
Corrin           Julia A. (Mrs. John)                   2-Mar-1980
Cossitt          Bruce F.                              23-Oct-1980
Costin           Floyd A.                               7-Sep-1980
Cotter           Guy O.                                29-Dec-1980
Cotter           Virgil V.                              6-Oct-1980
Cottle           Beulah (Mrs. Roy)                     26-Jun-1980
Cotton           Gladys M. (Mrs. John)                  7-Nov-1980
Cotton           Lottie A. (Mrs. George)               22-Jul-1980
Cotton           Opal Johnson                           7-Dec-1980
Cottrell         Vernon Howard                         11-Jun-1980
Coulson          Frederick                             13-Sep-1980
Coulter          George M.                             14-Feb-1980
Coulter          Mary E. (Mrs. Charles)                28-Oct-1980
Coulter          Mary Ethel (Mrs. Charles)             28-Oct-1980
Counts           Verna (Mrs. Austin B. )                8-Apr-1980
Coupland         Roberta N.                            18-Sep-1980
Courbois         Frank R.                              23-May-1980
Courter          Buell E.                              23-May-1980
Courtney         Dollie E. (Mrs. Sim)                  22-Oct-1980
Courtright       Verna (Mrs. Horace)                    4-Dec-1980
Courts           Wanona V. (Mrs. )                     16-Sep-1980
Covert           Bernadette Esther (Mrs. Elvin)        19-Feb-1980
Cowan            Dorothy L. (Mrs. Bert)                22-Aug-1980
Cowen            Marion (Mrs. Rex)                      7-Mar-1980
Cowick           Elizabeth M. (Mrs. Robert)             4-Jul-1980
Cowley           Dexter T.                             24-Aug-1980
Cowley           Dexter T.                             25-Aug-1980
Cowman           Louis                                 19-Apr-1980
Cox              Blanche G. (Mrs. Walter)               3-Apr-1980
Cox              Blanche L.                             3-Sep-1980
Cox              Carl "Wick"                           19-Mar-1980
Cox              Cleo Leo                               2-Dec-1980
Cox              Ethel                                  3-Nov-1980
Cox              Florence L. (Mrs. Thomas)              6-Oct-1980
Cox              Homer G.                              29-Oct-1980
Cox              Loren D.                              31-Oct-1980
Coy              Donald K.                             13-Jan-1980
Coy              Hattie Vivian (Mrs. Homer)            17-Oct-1980
Coykendall       Wayne L.                              24-May-1980
Cozad            Anna Kristina                          5-Jan-1980
Crabb            Grace L. (Mrs. James)                 16-Feb-1980
Crabb            Louise D. (Mrs. Paul)                  5-Nov-1980
Crabtree         Elmer Joseph                          23-Oct-1980
Craft            James U.                              25-Jan-1980
Craft            Preston R.                             3-Feb-1980
Craft            Zilpah L. (Mrs. William)              22-Aug-1980
Craig            Alice (Mrs. Lloyd)                    30-Nov-1980
Craig            Charles H.                            21-Aug-1980
Craig            H. T.                                 10-Aug-1980
Craig            H. T.                                 13-Aug-1980
Craig            James L.                               8-Sep-1980
Crain            Lillian Mae (Mrs.)                     8-Sep-1980
Cramer           Dick                                   4-Nov-1980
Crampton         Rutherford V.                         22-Feb-1980
Crandall         Mary E.                               30-Mar-1980
Crane            Cecil                                  6-Sep-1980
Crane            James Harvey                           9-Nov-1980
Crane            William John                           5-Jan-1980
Cranmer          Clifton C.                            17-Jan-1980
Cranston         Llod                                   2-Jun-1980
Cravens          Cleon L.                              29-Oct-1980
Cravens          Cleon L.                              30-Oct-1980
Crawdord         Emery                                 16-Sep-1980
Crawdord         Lorene E.                             25-Apr-1980
Crawford         Cassie (Mrs. Rudolpus)                27-May-1980
Crawford         Emery                                 14-Sep-1980
Crawford         Karl A.                               14-May-1980
Crawford         Myrtle (Mrs. David)                    2-Dec-1980
Crawford         Naomi (Mrs. William)                  18-Jun-1980
Crawford         Nellie J.                             11-Feb-1980
Crawford         Roy E.                                18-May-1980
Crawford         T. C. "Chriss"                        20-Jun-1980
Crawshaw         Mabel                                  4-Oct-1980
Creason          Stella Hill                           27-Jan-1980
Creed            Euphemia E. (Mrs. Elza F.)            15-Oct-1980
Crenshaw         Lois Marie                            16-Sep-1980
Crew             Lucretia                               9-Aug-1980
Crider           Danny F. Whtieside                    29-Aug-1980
Criess           Gloria (Mrs. Fred N.)                 12-Nov-1980
Criger           Mary Willa (Mrs. Ezra)                23-Oct-1980
Criser           Marie K. (Mrs. Carl)                  11-Oct-1980
Crist            Bradley D.                             2-Mar-1980
Criswell         Ruth M. (Mrs. Robert)                 16-Apr-1980
Crocker          Ethelynne Murial (Mrs. C. V.)         11-Feb-1980
Croft            Blanche M. (Mrs. Roy)                  4-Sep-1980
Croft            Emma (Mrs. Frank)                     18-Jan-1980
Croissant        Eva (Mrs. Everett)                    15-Feb-1980
Croley           Betty Lou                             12-Dec-1980
Cromwell         Ixa (Mrs. Don)                         1-Sep-1980
Cromwell         James Hershel                         20-Feb-1980
Cromwell         Kenneth F.                            13-Jan-1980
Crook            Millard V.                            24-Jun-1980
Crook            Viginia E. (Mrs. Harold)               9-Dec-1980
Crosby           James Keith                           23-Feb-1980
Crossfield       Florella E. (Mrs. James)              12-Apr-1980
Crossley         Idella (Mrs. RobertF.)                11-Sep-1980
Crossman         Mitchell A.                           29-Mar-1980
Crosswy          Grace D. (Mrs. Harold)                24-Oct-1980
Crotts           Russell                               24-Feb-1980
Crouch           Catherine G. (Mrs. Joseph)            17-Oct-1980
Crow             Clarence E.                            6-Jun-1980
Crow             Grace L. (Mrs. Merle)                 14-Dec-1980
Crow             Wayne L.                               5-Jul-1980
Crowdus          Carl                                   1-Feb-1980
Crowe            Don J.                                27-Sep-1980
Crowell          Gertrude E.                            2-Mar-1980
Crowell          Harry M.                              27-Mar-1980
Crowell          Helen A. (Mrs. William A.)            25-Mar-1980
Crowell          Mamie (Mrs. Ralph)                    24-Sep-1980
Crowell          Norma J. (Mrs.)                        4-Jan-1980
Crowley          Bernard P. (Dr.)                      16-Aug-1980
Crowther         Marie (Mrs. Arthur)                   25-Dec-1980
Crum             Charles F.                            30-Nov-1980
Crum             Charles F.                             1-Dec-1980
Crum             Delores M. (Mrs. Galen)               27-Aug-1980
Crum             James G.                              21-Sep-1980
Crum             Katherine (Mrs. Cliff)                30-Jul-1980
Crum             Mary Jane (Mrs. Bert)                 31-Mar-1980
Crum             Mary Jane (Mrs. Bert)                  1-Apr-1980
Crumley          Faith                                 19-Feb-1980
Crumrine         Virgil Frederick                      24-Mar-1980
Culbertson       LaVerne N.                            12-Jul-1980
Culbertson       Myrtle Alice (Mrs. C. M.)             17-Feb-1980
Culbertson       Winfred                               18-Jul-1980
Culham           Harold S.                              2-May-1980
Cullison         Bennie C.                             27-Mar-1980
Cullum           Louise (Mrs. Willis)                  19-Aug-1980
Culver           Harry Alan                            31-Jan-1980
Cummings         Jennie M.                             19-May-1980
Cummings         Valjean                                8-Apr-1980
Cummins          Ethel (Mrs. Ralph)                    28-Jul-1980
Cummins          Frances M.                             9-Aug-1980
Cummins          Francis M. "Cy"                        8-Aug-1980
Cummins          Maxene (Mrs. Ray)                     19-Dec-1980
Cummins          Maxene (Mrs. Ray)                     21-Dec-1980
Cundith          Russel                                 9-Nov-1980
Cunningham       Charles                               12-Mar-1980
Cunningham       Donald R.                             26-Mar-1980
Cunningham       Ethel C. (Mrs. Earl)                  26-Oct-1980
Cunningham       Floyd F.                               5-Feb-1980
Cunningham       Hughes C.                             24-Oct-1980
Cunningham       Libern                                10-May-1980
Cunningham       William E.                            16-Aug-1980
Curfman          Clyde W.                              29-Nov-1980
Currens          Charles M.                            15-Feb-1980
Currie           Grace (Mrs. William)                  20-Feb-1980
Currier          Albert J. "Frenchie"                  17-Jun-1980
Currier          Lobie H. (Mrs. Harold S.)             15-Sep-1980
Currin           Elsa D. (Mrs. Crawford)               26-Jul-1980
Curry            Clair V.                              16-Oct-1980
Curry            E. W. "Chick"                         15-Dec-1980
Curry            Lonnie (Mrs. Ernest)                   9-Apr-1980
Curry            Lonnie (Mrs. Ernest)                  10-Apr-1980
Curry            Molly J.                              20-Nov-1980
Curry            Ralph E.                               6-Jun-1980
Curtis           Glenn Christopher                      1-Jun-1980
Curtis           John Jay                              28-Apr-1980
Custer           Jack Kevin                            29-Mar-1980
Cutler           Hazel                                  4-Oct-1980
Cutting          Dean  F.                              10-Mar-1980
Cutting          Dean  F.                              11-Mar-1980
Cutting          Margaret B. (Mrs. James)               7-Jul-1980
Dace             Carl Chester                           1-Jan-1980
Dade             Sophia (Mrs. Frank)                    2-Oct-1980
Dague            Elwood Dickson "Dick"                  8-May-1980
Dahl             Virginia Palmer (Mrs. H. Clayton)     26-Jan-1980
Dahlberg         Kenneth W.                             3-May-1980
Dahlquist        Henry T.                              14-Jun-1980
Daigh            Lura F  (Mrs. Noal)                   31-Jan-1980
Dailey           Charles, Jr.                          27-Nov-1980
Dailey           Viola A. (Mrs. John)                  28-Apr-1980
Daily            Margueritte                            2-Sep-1980
Dale             Lois Clara (Mrs. A. Lauren)           12-Apr-1980
Dale             Marguerite L. (Mrs. LaVerne)          15-Apr-1980
Dale             Thelma E.                              3-Jul-1980
Dalke            Selma L. (Mrs. Herman)                 3-Apr-1980
Dalrymple        Charles                                5-Nov-1980
Dameron          Rovena (Mrs. Don)                     30-Dec-1980
Danbury          RickLee                               29-Nov-1980
Dancey           Sarah A. (Mrs. Harper)                 3-Apr-1980
Danford          Myrtle (Mrs. Issial)                  11-Feb-1980
Daniel           Addie U. (Mrs. Thomas L.)             15-Sep-1980
Daniel           Gertrude (Mrs. Theodore)               4-Sep-1980
Daniel           J. Wayatt                             28-Aug-1980
Daniel           Jess L.                                5-Oct-1980
Daniels          Kathryn M. (Mrs. Clyde)               13-Mar-1980
Daniels          Larinda (Mrs. Henry)                  18-Dec-1980
Daniels          Lola (Mrs. Jack)                      12-Dec-1980
Daniels          Louis                                  7-May-1980
Daniels          Rogers                                10-Jul-1980
Danielson        Gotthard                              24-Jun-1980
Danneberg        Paul J.                               15-Jul-1980
Darby            Edith                                 27-Aug-1980
Darling          Bert                                  29-Oct-1980
Darling          Si G.                                 18-Aug-1980
Darlington       Margaret                               6-Sep-1980
Darr             Everett R.                            20-Oct-1980
Darrah           M. Lydia P. (Mrs. Andrew)             12-Apr-1980
Darroch          Cathryn (Mrs. Abe)                    28-Apr-1980
Dart             Amelia "Millie" (Mrs. Floyd)          10-Feb-1980
Darter           Thomas Clifford                       24-Feb-1980
Dashner          Mamie E. (Mrs. Lee)                    2-Feb-1980
Dater            August                                 7-Feb-1980
Dater            Joseph T.                             15-Jan-1980
Daubert          Elizabeth (Mrs. Peter P.)             20-Oct-1980
Daubert          Elizabeth (Mrs. Peter)                21-Oct-1980
Daubert          Lydia (Mrs. Phillip)                  15-May-1980
Daugherty        Dora M.                                3-Apr-1980
Daugherty        Harry Edward                           8-Apr-1980
Dautel           Steven K.                             14-Oct-1980
Davenport        Hugh L.                                1-Jan-1980
Davenport        Hugh L.                                2-Jan-1980
Davenport        James F. "Pappy"                      29-Aug-1980
Davenport        Mabel  (Mrs.  Ernest)                 22-Feb-1980
Davenport        Preston D.                            29-Jul-1980
Davidson         Chester L.                             2-Nov-1980
Davidson         Jerry Dale                            15-May-1980
Davidson         L. D. "Dick"                          24-Aug-1980
Davidson         Venita                                 7-Nov-1980
Davies           John                                   7-Sep-1980
Davies           Mark A.                                4-May-1980
Davies           William, Jr.                          25-Sep-1980
Davis            Alice M. (Mrs. Hugh)                  12-Nov-1980
Davis            Allean (Mrs. Sam)                      1-Aug-1980
Davis            Allie                                 31-Oct-1980
Davis            Betty Rea (Mrs. Jetty)                29-Nov-1980
Davis            Charlie "Sam"                         18-Jan-1980
Davis            Chris                                 28-Sep-1980
Davis            Chris                                 29-Sep-1980
Davis            Clifford F.                            5-Jun-1980
Davis            Doris Jean (Mrs. John)                 6-Dec-1980
Davis            Effie M. (Mrs. Wlater C.)             28-Dec-1980
Davis            Ernest "Joe"                          10-Dec-1980
Davis            Florence (Mrs. Verl R.)               11-Jan-1980
Davis            Frank H.                               3-Sep-1980
Davis            Gladys C. (Mrs. Arlie E.)             31-Oct-1980
Davis            Gladys C. (Mrs. Arlie E.)              1-Nov-1980
Davis            Grace (Mrs. Claude)                    8-Oct-1980
Davis            Grace Pickering (Mrs. Edward)          4-May-1980
Davis            Hazel L. (Mrs. Merle L.)              19-Feb-1980
Davis            James M.                               2-Mar-1980
Davis            Jeff Harrison                          1-Sep-1980
Davis            Jennie B.                              6-Sep-1980
Davis            Lealia Leona (Mrs. Harry)             11-Feb-1980
Davis            Leon A. "Scotty"                       3-Sep-1980
Davis            Lydia O. (Mrs. Dale)                  20-Jul-1980
Davis            Mary                                  28-Sep-1980
Davis            Mildred (Mrs. Elwood)                 20-Aug-1980
Davis            Mildred (Mrs. Sam)                    17-Jun-1980
Davis            Mina Ann (Mrs. Troy)                  15-Jan-1980
Davis            Monnie Beatrice (Mrs. W. K.)          19-Nov-1980
Davis            Nova (Mrs. Matthew)                    3-Oct-1980
Davis            Pete                                  18-Nov-1980
Davis            Rosie N. (Mrs. William)               26-Dec-1980
Davis            Viola M.                              18-Dec-1980
Davis            W. Earl                                6-Aug-1980
Davis            W. K. "Jack"                          20-Apr-1980
Davis            Walter R.                             14-Nov-1980
Davis            Walter R.                             14-Nov-1980
Davis            William Thomas                        12-May-1980
Davis            William, Jr.                          15-Apr-1980
Davis            Winnifred E.                           9-Jul-1980
Davison          Carl O.                                7-Aug-1980
Daw              Harry                                 22-Nov-1980
Dawn             Sarah B. (Mrs. Larston)               18-Aug-1980
Dawson           Harold E.                             31-Aug-1980
Dawson           Kevin W.                              30-Nov-1980
Day              George W.                              2-Feb-1980
Day              Mira J.                               19-Jan-1980
Day              Pearl Bridget                          2-May-1980
Day              Sylvia E. (Mrs. Elmer)                30-Sep-1980
Day              William                                9-Aug-1980
Deal             Thelma K. (Mrs. Durward)              26-Jun-1980
Dealy            Madeline Rose                         12-Feb-1980
Dealy            Maud (Mrs. Eugene)                    27-Feb-1980
Dean             Charlotte (Mrs. Calvin)               17-Dec-1980
Dean             June (Mrs. A. B.)                      5-Jan-1980
Dean             Mary (Mrs. Robert)                    24-Nov-1980
Dean             Orval J.                               6-Sep-1980
Dean             Patricia                               2-Jun-1980
Dean             Robert                                 1-Nov-1980
Dean             William W.                             6-Mar-1980
Dearing          Harold Wilson                         26-Dec-1980
DeArman          Ida J. (Mrs. Henry)                    8-Mar-1980
Deaver           Purna (Mrs. Clarence)                 28-Dec-1980
DeBold           Luella (Mrs. Edward)                  17-Oct-1980
DeBuhr           Henry Albert                          27-Feb-1980
DeBuhr           Ruby M. (Mrs. Henry)                  21-Feb-1980
DeBusk           Aaron                                 20-Apr-1980
Deck             Chester I.                            12-Mar-1980
Deck             Katie (Mrs. Bert)                     12-Nov-1980
Deck             Pearl (Mrs. Robert)                   12-Mar-1980
Deck             Temple B. (Mrs. George)               23-May-1980
Decker           Clara                                  6-Sep-1980
Decker           Elsie M. (Mrs. Jacob)                  9-Feb-1980
Decker           Ida                                   21-Oct-1980
Decker           Irvin B.                               6-Feb-1980
Decker           Jonas W.                              24-Jul-1980
Decker           Terry                                  7-Sep-1980
Deckert          Edward A.                             18-Jun-1980
Dedrick          Margaret A.                           15-Oct-1980
Deewall          George William                         9-Jun-1980
Defenbaugh       Viola (Mrs. Charles J. )              24-Oct-1980
DeHart           Everett                               27-Mar-1980
DeHaven          Ross                                   2-Jul-1980
Dehmer           Emma  (Mrs. Carl)                     14-Feb-1980
Deibert          Lorenzo W.                             1-May-1980
Deitrich         Katharyn E.                           25-Feb-1980
Dejarnatt        Reginald "Rags"                       21-Sep-1980
Delany           Chardene (Mrs. Don)                    1-Jan-1980
Delfs            Mary F.                               23-Feb-1980
Dellinger        Orville O.                            20-Dec-1980
DeLong           Tracy H. (Mrs. Roy A. )               28-Jun-1980
Delp             Ivah E. (Mrs. Roy)                     9-Apr-1980
DeLujano         Elena I. (Mrs. Melesio)               12-Aug-1980
Demain           L. Ethel (Mrs. Fred)                   5-Jun-1980
Demint           Katherine (Mrs. Marion)                6-May-1980
DeMoss           J. L.                                  5-Feb-1980
Denayer          Ambrose                               19-Apr-1980
Denbo            Edna A.                               11-Oct-1980
Denbo            George Vernon                          1-Aug-1980
Denchfield       Alma L. (Mrs. Fred)                   14-May-1980
Dennett          Lee                                   17-Dec-1980
Dennett          Lloyd L.                               7-Jun-1980
Denney           Sallie M. (Mrs. William)               2-Feb-1980
Dennis           Emily Melba (Mrs. Charles)             8-Jan-1980
Dennis           Esther (Mrs. William)                  6-Feb-1980
Dennis           Esther (Mrs. William)                  8-Feb-1980
Dennis           Roxie (Mrs. LeRoy)                    21-Nov-1980
Dennis           Thomas Jerard                          6-Jun-1980
Dennison         Edith E. (Mrs. Arthur B.)             14-Oct-1980
Dennison         Frank T.                              16-Feb-1980
Dennison         James L.                              12-Aug-1980
Denny            Marshall V.                           31-May-1980
Denny            Mary Gayle                            22-Nov-1980
Dent             Wilbur M.                              8-Nov-1980
Dent             Wilbur M.                              9-Nov-1980
Denton           Richard A. Webb                       23-Oct-1980
DePass           Peter A., Jr.                         18-Apr-1980
Depew            Mary E. (Mrs. Howard H.)              17-Oct-1980
Depew            Ray E.                                 2-Dec-1980
Derby            Ida Ellen (Mrs. A. L.                 24-Jun-1980
Derrick          R. Everett                             4-Apr-1980
Deschamps        Joseph N.                             14-Aug-1980
Deschner         Ernest E.                             19-Mar-1980
Desocio          John J., Sr.                          12-Aug-1980
Detrich          John "Jack"                           13-Jan-1980
Detwieler        Ludwig A.                             25-Sep-1980
Detwiler         Bernard A.                             5-Mar-1980
Deupser          Thomas E.                             30-Jul-1980
Deutsch          Mary (Mrs. Ralph)                     28-May-1980
DeVaney          Charles                               29-Dec-1980
DeVaney          Cortney Beth                          24-Oct-1980
DeVarennes       Raymond C.                            17-Oct-1980
DeVaul           Kathryn A.                            22-Mar-1980
DeVore           Ethel G. (Mrs. Shirley)                1-Feb-1980
DeVore           Vivian E. (Mrs. Floyd)                 4-Mar-1980
Dewees           Meta Fawn                             15-Nov-1980
Deweese          Effie                                 20-Dec-1980
Deweese          Wiley J.                              16-Apr-1980
Dey              Irene (Mrs. Marvin)                   21-May-1980
Diamond          Ruth (Mrs. William)                    5-Nov-1980
Dick             Berna (Mrs. Harold)                    5-Jan-1980
Dick             Corinne Vivian                         2-Jan-1980
Dick             Ralph E.                              26-Oct-1980
Dick             Verna (Mrs. Harold)                    6-Jan-1980
Dick             Victor                                13-Aug-1980
Dickerson        Laura                                 19-Aug-1980
Dickey           Fern E.                               19-May-1980
Dickhut          Gail H.                                6-Sep-1980
Dickhut          Ruth C. (Mrs. Lloyd)                  14-Jun-1980
Dickinson        Nellie (Mrs. A. Clark)                 6-Dec-1980
Dickson          Eva (Mrs. Leo)                         6-Mar-1980
Didier           Linda A. (Mrs. Richard)               11-Oct-1980
Dieckman         W. H. "Bill"                          26-Jan-1980
Diehl            Rudolph A.                            14-Jul-1980
Dienst           Marcella Clara (Mrs. George)           7-Aug-1980
Dierking         Dorothy (Mrs. Fred)                   17-Feb-1980
Dierking         William H.                            10-Feb-1980
Dierks           Elmer J.                              24-Feb-1980
Dietrich         Louis W.                              17-Jul-1980
Dietrick         Edward E.                              5-Dec-1980
Dietz            Julius W.                             12-Feb-1980
Digby            Vera M. (Mrs. Luther A. )             18-Jun-1980
Diggs            Beulah (Mrs. Floyd)                    8-Jun-1980
Dildine          Wayne A.                               7-Jan-1980
Dillard          James R.                              30-Jan-1980
Diller           Doris (Mrs. Lloyd)                    19-Feb-1980
Diller           Louise S. (Mrs. William F.)            1-May-1980
Dilliman         Maribeth                              12-Nov-1980
Dillman          Alice G. (Mrs. Merle)                 23-Nov-1980
Dillon           Frank                                  5-Nov-1980
Dillon           George F.                              7-Feb-1980
Dilsaver         H. V. "Vince"                          8-Oct-1980
Dingler          Herman L.                             23-Jun-1980
Dinius           Clara M. (Mrs. Roy)                   17-Aug-1980
Dinsmore         Anna E. (Mrs. Paul)                    7-Jul-1980
Dirck            Robert O.                             25-Mar-1980
Dirks            Bert                                  13-Apr-1980
Dirks            Harold F.                             22-Oct-1980
Dirksen          Richard G.                            14-Mar-1980
Ditto            Cora S. (Mrs. Frank)                   5-Sep-1980
DiVall           Phil                                  18-Apr-1980
Dix              Erma M. (Mrs. George)                  3-May-1980
Dix              Sadie (Mrs. William H.)                7-Nov-1980
Dixon            Claude                                30-Mar-1980
Dixon            Jack S.                               12-Feb-1980
Dixon            Lawrence A.                           18-May-1980
Dixon            Leland J.                              3-Aug-1980
Dixon            Robert Carl                            9-May-1980
Dnno             Fred Laurence                          8-Aug-1980
Doan             Melvin Earl                           21-Oct-1980
Doane            Raymond F.                             3-Feb-1980
Dobbs            Clyde S.                              12-Oct-1980
Dobson           Edna A. (Mrs. Walter)                 12-Nov-1980
Dobson           Henrietta Mary (Mrs. Robert)          23-Mar-1980
Dodd             Ylo Everett                            3-Jun-1980
Dodez            Rebaka                                10-Dec-1980
Dodge            Elsie Elder (Mrs. Harry Elkins)        8-Dec-1980
Dodge            Elsie Elder (Mrs. Harry)               9-Dec-1980
Dodge            Philip K.                             23-Apr-1980
Dody             Phyllis I. (Mrs. Wayne A. )           20-Feb-1980
Doerfler         William C.                            23-Sep-1980
Dohm             Matthew C.                            11-Jan-1980
Dolar            Bess R. (Mrs. William)                15-Feb-1980
Dole             Raleigh R.                            22-Aug-1980
Dolechek         Albert H.                             10-Nov-1980
Dolentz          Angela Marie                          14-Nov-1980
Dolezal          Randall Mark                           3-Aug-1980
Doll             Eleanor G.                            29-Jun-1980
Domer            Mary A. (Mrs. Ray)                    25-May-1980
Dominick         Bruna Eleanor (Mrs. Regis)            24-Feb-1980
Domsch           Edwin F.                              27-Nov-1980
Donalson         Selena F. (Mrs. HarryE.)               3-Jul-1980
Donley           Charles Wesley                         1-Feb-1980
Donley           Mary (Mrs. Willis)                    23-Jul-1980
Donley           Melvin W. "Pete"                       6-Nov-1980
Donnelyl         Larry D.                              22-Dec-1980
Donner           Ethel Mae (Mrs. Roscoe)               22-Dec-1980
Donohue          Sister M. Borromeo                     5-Feb-1980
Dooley           Cecil                                 16-May-1980
Doolittle        Kelley Sue                            10-Sep-1980
Doonan           Wanda L. (Mrs. Wendall)               18-Oct-1980
Dopps            Orval F.                              20-Jan-1980
Dopps            Richard L.                             3-Mar-1980
Dornbush         George                                24-Sep-1980
Dorr             Alice (Mrs. Dave)                      7-Mar-1980
Dorsey           Jennie S. (Mrs. William)              11-Jan-1980
Dosh             Clarence L.                            5-Feb-1980
Doss             Denver G.                             10-Dec-1980
Dotson           Carrie A. (Mrs. William H.)           19-Apr-1980
Doty             LeeRoy                                 3-Jun-1980
Doty             Myrtle D.                              3-Mar-1980
Dougherty        Catherine (Mrs.Walter)                 6-Dec-1980
Dougherty        Milton Wylie (Rev.)                   23-Jul-1980
Dougherty        Nila J. (Mrs. John)                   24-Aug-1980
Dougherty        Oscar H.                              21-Jul-1980
Doughty          Bert W.                               16-Jul-1980
Douglas          Charles R., Jr.                        4-Dec-1980
Douglas          Flossie G. (Mrs. Ora)                 21-Feb-1980
Douglass         C. H.                                 20-Sep-1980
Douglass         Faye (Mrs. Myrl)                      11-May-1980
Doulohery        Joseph Vincent                        12-Dec-1980
Dove             Geneva M.                             10-Feb-1980
Dowdall          Clara Anna                             6-Aug-1980
Dowdy            Albert Allen                          19-Nov-1980
Dowdy            James E.                               5-Feb-1980
Dowell           Archie L.                             15-Jan-1980
Dowell           Mary L.                               21-Nov-1980
Dowers           Claude E.                              8-Apr-1980
Downard          Mildred A. (Mrs. Donald)              30-May-1980
Downey           Brendan W. (Abbot)                     5-Sep-1980
Downey           Michael W.                            11-Feb-1980
Downing          Eva A. (Mrs. Ben)                      8-Jan-1980
Doyle            Albert E.                              4-Nov-1980
Doyle            Josephine (Mrs. Jack)                  6-May-1980
Doyle            Lillie (Mrs. Lewis)                   16-Mar-1980
Drake            Carry Ann                              3-Jun-1980
Drake            Esther C. (Mrs. Fred)                 20-Jun-1980
Drake            James L.                              14-Dec-1980
Drake            Ocie L. (Mrs. W. W. )                 25-Aug-1980
Drake            Viola (Mrs. Earl)                     29-Mar-1980
Drane            Martha A. (Mrs. James L.)              1-Jun-1980
Draper           Joseph                                 9-Nov-1980
Dreiling         Dominic                               29-Mar-1980
Dreiling         Mary (Mrs. Joseph)                    26-Feb-1980
Dreiling         Nick                                  15-Jul-1980
Dresback         Dorothy (Mrs. Murray)                  8-Jun-1980
Dresse           Anna M. (Mrs. Tom)                    14-Mar-1980
Drew             Clara J. (Mrs. Ralph E. )             15-Sep-1980
Drinen           Norrine Lea (Mrs. Jesse)               7-Apr-1980
Driskill         Magdaline (Mrs. Raymond)              20-Apr-1980
Droege           Mary B. (Mrs. Lee)                    15-Mar-1980
Droegemeier      Nell M. (Mrs. Ernest)                 28-Jul-1980
Drohan           Edward M., Sr.                        16-Jun-1980
Drolte           Alice E.                              10-Jan-1980
Dronebarger      Helen R. (Mrs.)                       28-Aug-1980
Drosselmeyer     Vernon                                25-Dec-1980
Drouhard         "Niki" (Mrs. William A.)               7-Sep-1980
Drum             Burch C.                              12-Feb-1980
Drummond         Carrie (Mrs. Andrew J.)               19-Jan-1980
Dubetsky         James J.                               2-Oct-1980
Duckworth        Alden                                 13-Jul-1980
Duckworth        Nona E. (Mrs.Owen)                    19-Jan-1980
Dudgeon          Nettie (Mrs. William)                 11-Jun-1980
Dudgeon          Paralee (Mrs. John Williams)          18-Jun-1980
Duehn            Howard                                18-Aug-1980
Duerksen         Henry B.                              14-Apr-1980
Duerksen         Mary (Mrs. C. C. )                    27-Sep-1980
Duerson          Lyle E.                               14-Jan-1980
Duerson          Minnie M. (Mrs. Arthur)               15-Dec-1980
Duesing          Eugene G.                             12-Jul-1980
Duesing          Katherine (Mrs. George)               19-Mar-1980
Duff             A. LaRue                              24-Feb-1980
Duffin           Josephine B. (Mrs. James)              9-Feb-1980
Duffy            Opal E. (Mrs Earl B.)                  1-Jan-1980
Dugan            Leo Joseph                            15-Apr-1980
Dugan            Wallace E.                            30-Jan-1980
Dugas            Paul G.                                8-Nov-1980
Dugas            Paul G.                                9-Nov-1980
Duke             Lynn O.                               30-Oct-1980
Duke             Paul N.                               29-Jul-1980
Duke             Paul N.                               30-Jul-1980
Duke             Ruby L. (Mrs. John)                   18-Oct-1980
Dulany           Fern L. (Mrs. Walter)                  9-Jul-1980
Duling           William J.                            26-Oct-1980
Dumler           Dean W.                               20-Jun-1980
Dunagan          Amanda M. "Mandy"                     23-Sep-1980
Dunbar           Roy                                   18-Aug-1980
Dunbar           Steven Daniel                         17-May-1980
Duncan           Eugene H.                             22-Dec-1980
Duncan           Glenn M.                              12-Mar-1980
Duncan           James                                 23-Aug-1980
Duncan           Ted                                    7-Aug-1980
Duncan           Terral "Gene"                         11-May-1980
Duncan           Truman Monroe                          6-Feb-1980
Dunfield         Irma Belle (Mrs. Joseph)              18-Sep-1980
Dunfield         Irma Belle (Mrs. Joseph)              19-Sep-1980
Dunham           Earl D.                               13-Jan-1980
Dunham           George S.                             26-Nov-1980
Dunkin           Melvin L.                             23-May-1980
Dunlap           F. G.                                 16-Oct-1980
Dunlap           Henry L.                              30-Oct-1980
Dunlap           Kathleen D. (Mrs. Vern)               21-Apr-1980
Dunn             Inez M. (Mrs. Dewey A. )               2-Aug-1980
Dunn             Isiah S. "Sandy"                      24-May-1980
Dunn             Isiah S. (Sandy)                      27-May-1980
Dunn             Jasper L.                             12-Jan-1980
Dunn             Josephine                             30-Nov-1980
Dunn             Madeline B. (Mrs. Lloyd W.)           12-May-1980
Dunn             Peter F.                              27-Jan-1980
Dunn             Robert Ralph                           5-Oct-1980
Dunn             Ruth (Mrs. Ed)                        30-Oct-1980
Dunning          Pearl Marie                           25-Sep-1980
Duperrouzel      Monica E.                              5-Jun-1980
DuRain           Marie (Mrs. Andrew)                    1-Jun-1980
Durbin           Lillian Grace (Mrs. Jack E. )         25-Jun-1980
Durflinger       Helen F. (Mrs. Gerald)                17-Jul-1980
Durkin           Mona (Mrs. John)                       3-Oct-1980
Durler           Frank                                 25-Dec-1980
Durrenberger     Marge (Mrs. Joseph)                   13-Feb-1980
Durye            S. Ben                                13-Sep-1980
Dusenbury        Kenneth                               11-Jun-1980
Dutcher          Emily L. (Mrs. Carl)                  29-Jan-1980
Dutcher          James Kenneth                          5-May-1980
Dutton           Bonnie M.                             19-Oct-1980
Dutton           Bonnie M. (Mrs. Robert)               20-Oct-1980
Dutton           Elizabeth Lambing (Mrs. Harry)        24-Dec-1980
Duvall           Orvil                                 27-Mar-1980
Dyche            Arthur                                14-Jul-1980
Dyck             Fannie E. (Mrs. Jacob H.)             30-Dec-1980
Dyck             Katie                                 16-May-1980
Dye              Harold                                 3-Jul-1980
Dye              Mary A. (Mrs. Glenn)                  22-Nov-1980
Dye              Ronald L.                             18-Mar-1980
Dye              Russel E.                             29-May-1980
Dyer             Perry James                           28-Dec-1980
Dyer             Virgil L.                              2-Feb-1980
Dykes            Leona A.                               8-Jan-1980
Dzierzanowski    Rex Allen                              6-Sep-1980
Eads             Lucille A. (Mrs. Marcell)             27-Mar-1980
Eagan            Ethridge W. "Pappy"                    1-Mar-1980
Eagleton         Flora (Mrs. M. J.)                     2-Apr-1980
Earley           George W.                              7-May-1980
Earley           Hubert Eugene                          3-Jul-1980
Early            John H.                               31-May-1980
Earnest          Lavere C.                              6-Nov-1980
Earnest          Lavere C.                              7-Nov-1980
Eason            Clarence                               5-Dec-1980
Eason            Clarence                               5-Dec-1980
East             Georga A.                             26-Mar-1980
Easter           Arthur (Rev.)                         15-Feb-1980
Eastham          Jack A.                               25-Mar-1980
Eastin           Sadie (Mrs. Harry)                    16-Aug-1980
Eastin           Sadie (Mrs. Harry)                    17-Aug-1980
Eastman          Bessie Bell (Mrs. Frank)               6-Feb-1980
Eastman          Eugene F.                             27-Feb-1980
Eastman          Harry J.                              10-Feb-1980
Eaton            Martha L. (Mrs. Earnest)               9-Nov-1980
Ebel             Clara M. (Mrs. Richard)               10-Mar-1980
Ebel             Clara M. (Mrs. Richard)               11-Mar-1980
Eberhardt        Donald Erwin                          29-Jul-1980
Eberhardt        Donald Erwin                          30-Jul-1980
Eberhardt        Donald Erwin                          31-Jul-1980
Eberhardt        Robert J.                             25-Sep-1980
Eberly           Florence (Mrs. Ernest)                10-Mar-1980
Eberly           Florence (Mrs. Ernest)                11-Mar-1980
Ebersole         Bessie (Mrs. Roy)                      5-Nov-1980
Ebert            Edith M. (Mrs. Jesse)                  1-Aug-1980
Eck              Ray B.                                27-May-1980
Eck              Ruth (Mrs. Jerry)                     20-Apr-1980
Eckert           Ettie M. (Mrs. Julius)                21-Feb-1980
Eckert           Ettie M. (Mrs. Julius)                22-Feb-1980
Eckhoff          Nora E. (Mrs. Martin)                 23-May-1980
Eckley           Douglas Gene                          29-Jun-1980
Eckley           T. Owen                                6-Aug-1980
Ecklund          Larry Eugene                          26-Oct-1980
Eckstrom         Curtis Reed                           15-Jul-1980
Eddings          Florence (Mrs. Alfred A.)             28-Aug-1980
Eddings          Sena (Mrs. John)                       7-Mar-1980
Edie             James Bryant                           3-Feb-1980
Edie             Orland E. "Jake"                       6-Oct-1980
Edie             William A.                            30-Mar-1980
Ediger           Marie (Mrs. Albert)                   21-Oct-1980
Edington         Nelle D. (Mrs. Samuel)                20-Jan-1980
Edwards          Charles                               27-Aug-1980
Edwards          Charles                               28-Aug-1980
Edwards          Clara B. (Mrs. James)                 13-Jan-1980
Edwards          Dorothy O. (Mrs. Carmen)              17-Dec-1980
Edwards          Edwin B.                              14-Jun-1980
Edwards          Ethel (Mrs. Nathan)                    7-Nov-1980
Edwards          Iva M. (Mr. Albert)                   21-Sep-1980
Edwards          John W.                               16-Mar-1980
Edwards          Joyce M. (Mrs. Gary)                  23-May-1980
Edwards          Lucinda P. (Mrs. James)               17-Dec-1980
Edwards          Lyle B.                               12-Dec-1980
Edwards          Minnie M. (Mrs. William)              27-Mar-1980
Edwards          Nellie M. (Mrs. Don)                   4-Sep-1980
Edwards          Ralph M.                              30-Mar-1980
Edwards          Virgil                                30-Nov-1980
Egan             Joseph P.                              5-Sep-1980
Eggert           Jessie F.                             23-Aug-1980
Eggleston        Elsie M. (Mrs. Clarence)              11-Oct-1980
Egy              Lena M. (Mrs. Harold)                  5-Mar-1980
Ehart            Lester W.                             26-Jun-1980
Ehmke            Ryan August                           20-May-1980
Eichman          Pearl R. (Mrs. Sam)                   16-Jun-1980
Eikelberry       Ray O.                                16-Sep-1980
Eilonth          Gladys S.                             17-Jul-1980
Eilts            George J.                              4-May-1980
Eisiminger       Mary (Mrs. Elmer)                     21-Nov-1980
Ekstrom          Minnie K.                             20-Jul-1980
Elam             Brian S.                              31-Jul-1980
Elam             Darren Ray                            15-Oct-1980
Elcock           Edwin S.                              20-Feb-1980
Elcock           Irene S. (Mrs. Charles)               18-May-1980
Elcock           Irene S. (Mrs. Charles)               20-May-1980
Elem             Edith (Mrs. Bill)                     21-Sep-1980
Elgin            Jessie F. (Mrs. David)                24-Apr-1980
Elgin            Jessie F. (Mrs. David)                25-Apr-1980
Eller            Sarah J. (Mrs. Billy C.)              20-Mar-1980
Ellingberg       Matila (Mrs. Holsia)                   2-May-1980
Ellings          Harry                                  9-May-1980
Ellington        Clinton W.                             1-May-1980
Ellinwood        Jackie Lee                            29-Jan-1980
Elliott          Bill K.                               25-Dec-1980
Elliott          Claude Harley                          7-Jun-1980
Elliott          Dee J.                                18-Feb-1980
Elliott          Elton                                 22-Aug-1980
Elliott          Eunice Ratcliff (Mrs. Ernest)         23-Mar-1980
Elliott          Gale O.                               29-Mar-1980
Elliott          Jessie (Mrs. Will)                    10-May-1980
Elliott          Letha (Mrs. Owen)                      9-Mar-1980
Ellis            Bernice G. (Mrs. Herbert)             18-Sep-1980
Ellis            Dale Daniels                           3-Jul-1980
Ellis            Edith (Mrs. Lavern)                    7-Aug-1980
Ellis            Grace (Mrs. Robert)                   25-Mar-1980
Ellis            Herbert B.                             8-Sep-1980
Ellis            Laverne H.                             3-May-1980
Ellis            Mary "Bert" (Mrs. Wayne)              23-Feb-1980
Ellis            Patricia Ann (Mrs. George)            18-Sep-1980
Ellis            Randall L                             27-Jul-1980
Ellis            Sallie A. (Mrs. Frank M. )             3-Jun-1980
Ellis            Texana L. (Mrs. James)                 6-Feb-1980
Ellis            Vera                                  14-Sep-1980
Ellsworth        Charlotte C. (Mrs. Homer)              7-Jul-1980
Elrod            Arthur J.                              6-Oct-1980
Elrod            Arthur J.                              7-Oct-1980
Elsass           Nancee S. (Mrs. Stewart)              31-Oct-1980
Elsea            Beulah M. (Mrs. Culp)                 11-Jan-1980
Elsen            Joseph N.                             31-Oct-1980
Elsen            Joseph N.                              1-Nov-1980
Elston           Delores Mae                           27-Sep-1980
Elston           Jeanne L. (Mrs. O. C.)                14-Sep-1980
Embers           Emma (Mrs. Harry)                      8-Sep-1980
Embrey           Annette Lynn                          13-Aug-1980
Emerick          Myrtle Cooper (Mrs. George R.)         2-Feb-1980
Emerson          James Irvin                           19-Oct-1980
Emery            Violet J. (Mrs. Clarence D.)          31-Mar-1980
Emery            Whilomena (Mrs. Vincent)              20-Jun-1980
Emmons           Elzada C. (Mrs. Ray)                  15-Aug-1980
Emory            Jean (Mrs. George)                     5-Dec-1980
Ems              Minnie W.                              1-Dec-1980
Ems              Minnie W.                              2-Dec-1980
Enderud          Cora                                  11-Dec-1980
Endorf           Daisy E. (Mrs. William)               24-Sep-1980
Endsley          Mary Jane (Mrs. Warren)               22-Mar-1980
Eneff            Marion Leroy                          27-Nov-1980
Enfield          Cliffie Pearl (Mrs. Samuel)           22-Dec-1980
Engbert          Mildred                                5-Feb-1980
Engel            James W.                               4-Apr-1980
Engelbert        Benjamin F.                            8-May-1980
Engelland        Agnes                                 16-Feb-1980
Engelman         Mary A. (Mrs. Henry)                  28-May-1980
Engels           Floyd                                 16-Nov-1980
Engen            Robert H.                             17-Aug-1980
England          James F.                              21-Apr-1980
Engle            Marie (Mrs. Ira S.)                   20-Oct-1980
Engle            Von A.                                 4-Jul-1980
Enlow            J. C.                                 11-Jun-1980
Enns             Abraham J.                            15-Jan-1980
Enoch            William Kirk                           7-Mar-1980
Ensz             Henry R.                              17-Apr-1980
Ensz             Olga E. (Mrs. Henry)                   1-May-1980
Enterline        Nellie Clyde                          31-Jan-1980
Entz             Arnold                                 3-Sep-1980
Entz             Katie (Mrs. Herman)                    1-Nov-1980
Epley            William D. "Bill"                      2-Feb-1980
Epp              Gladys (Mrs. Frank)                   15-Oct-1980
Epp              Jon Gilbert                            3-Dec-1980
Epperson         Rosa (Mrs. Edward)                    22-Jul-1980
Epperson         Vivian H. (Mrs. Earl)                 24-Dec-1980
Eppler           George E.                             15-Sep-1980
Epps             Daniel                                10-Aug-1980
Epps             Ernest D.                             13-Aug-1980
Erbe             William Estal                         10-Sep-1980
Erdwen           Clyde E.                               2-Aug-1980
Erickson         Michael Lynn                           4-Nov-1980
Erker            Fannie                                 9-Feb-1980
Erker            Fannie                                10-Feb-1980
Ernest           Rex Harold                             7-Oct-1980
Ernst            Joseph Jerome                          2-Oct-1980
Erpelding        Gerald J.                             22-Oct-1980
Ervin            Edward A.                             22-Mar-1980
Esau             Herman C.                              9-Feb-1980
Eskelund         Foster Peterson                       28-Oct-1980
Esparza          Carolina C. (Mrs. Guadalupe)          27-Jun-1980
Espinosa         Katherine (Mrs. Alex)                  6-Oct-1980
Espinosa         Kenneth Wayne                         25-Jul-1980
Espitia          Magdalena                             20-Apr-1980
Essex            Maxine (Mrs. Raymond)                  7-May-1980
Essick           Edna (Mrs. Robert)                    11-Jun-1980
Essig            Otto  C.                               1-Feb-1980
Estabrooks       J. Wilbert                            14-Apr-1980
Estep            Raymond                               27-Jan-1980
Esterline        Richard Roy                            7-Mar-1980
Estes            Arthur Ray                            12-Dec-1980
Estes            Clarence W. "Shorty"                  16-Jun-1980
Estes            Fred L., Sr.                           5-Dec-1980
Etheridge        Thelma Faye (Mrs. James H.)           29-Dec-1980
Ethridge         Letha Mae ( Mrs. E. H. )              22-Feb-1980
Ethridge         Letha Mae ( Mrs. E. H. )              23-Feb-1980
Ethridge         Osavera (Mrs. Sisroe)                 16-May-1980
Etter            Verne                                 25-Jan-1980
Eubank           Jack E.                               31-May-1980
Evans            Agnes B. (Mrs. Chester)               13-Jun-1980
Evans            Agnes B. (Mrs. Chester)               14-Jun-1980
Evans            Alfred Laverne                        24-May-1980
Evans            Betty R. (Mrs. Hollis)                18-Jan-1980
Evans            Charles O.                            10-Feb-1980
Evans            Dean A.                               24-Aug-1980
Evans            Dennis Allen                           6-Mar-1980
Evans            Glen O.                                6-Nov-1980
Evans            Leonard J.                             9-Jul-1980
Evans            Marian L.                             19-Nov-1980
Evans            Muriel (Mrs. Steve)                   28-Oct-1980
Evans            Orienne "Pick" (Mrs. Ray)             11-Jan-1980
Evans            Ruby Thelma (Mrs. Russell)            26-Feb-1980
Evans            Timothy R. "Jerry"                    14-Apr-1980
Eveleigh         Liva D. (Mrs. Frank)                  18-Feb-1980
Eveleigh         Stephania T. (Mrs. Charles)            1-Feb-1980
Evenson          Charles A.                            25-Feb-1980
Everhart         William Stewart                       20-Nov-1980
Everitt          Vern D.                               19-Dec-1980
Everly           Albert Newton                         13-Oct-1980
Everly           Albert Newton                         14-Oct-1980
Everly           Joyce H.                              22-Oct-1980
Eversole         Evert A.                              22-Aug-1980
Everson          N. Marie                              29-Feb-1980
Ewbank           Eva Loula (Mrs. Lester G.)             3-Dec-1980
Ewert            Eleanor B. (Mrs. Marvin)               3-Apr-1980
Ewertz           Albert T.                             25-Jan-1980
Ewing            Dorotha J. A. (Mrs. Morton F.)        22-Jul-1980
Ewing            James R.                              15-May-1980
Ewing            Jean (Mrs. Thaine)                    22-Jan-1980
Ewy              Richard C.                            15-Apr-1980
Eyler            Ralph M.                              19-Apr-1980
Fabian           Kenneth C.                            28-Apr-1980
Faddis           Ida May (Mrs. Walter)                 20-Oct-1980
Fagerquist       A. E. "Bob"                           15-May-1980
Fahringer        Stephen (Dr.)                         23-Nov-1980
Failor           Ethel F. (Mrs. Roy)                    1-Nov-1980
Fair             Eugene E., Jr.                        31-May-1980
Fair             Merle L. (Mrs. Pail R. )               7-Feb-1980
Fairbank         Ina (Mrs. J. Ortho)                    2-Mar-1980
Fairchild        Leo F.                                 4-Mar-1980
Fairman          Lena Mae (Mrs. Charles F.)            28-Dec-1980
Fakes            Dallas W.                              7-Aug-1980
Fandl            George                                11-Jul-1980
Fanestil         Edna O. (Mrs. Edward)                 27-Jun-1980
Fangmeier        Henry Joseph                          29-Jul-1980
Fanska           Williard L.                           14-Jun-1980
Fansler          Harold, Sr.                           17-Dec-1980
Farha            Jeannine E.                            4-Jan-1980
Farley           Barbara (Mrs. James W. )              30-Apr-1980
Farley           Della M. (Mrs. Henry)                 15-Oct-1980
Farley           Effie (Mrs. Henry John)               14-Jul-1980
Farley           Pauline C.                            12-Dec-1980
Farm             Edith E. (Mrs. Evar)                  24-Mar-1980
Farmer           Clea M. (Mrs.Larry)                   10-Nov-1980
Farmer           Lefa (Mrs. John)                      13-Jan-1980
Farner           Maude V. (Mrs. Elmer)                 21-Feb-1980
Farney           Maurine A. (Mrs. Keneth)               9-Nov-1980
Farnsworth       Eugene                                22-Feb-1980
Farnsworth       Hugh B.                               10-Feb-1980
Farrar           Saidee Pearl                          19-Jul-1980
Farrell          Jeanette (Mrs. Earl)                  19-Mar-1980
Farris           Clarence "Red"                         4-Dec-1980
Farris           Willis F.                             13-Jan-1980
Fast             Lila Hazel                            17-Mar-1980
Fast             Nora E. (Mrs. Ccornelus)               5-Dec-1980
Faudree          Harry E., Sr.                          4-Jul-1980
Faulk            Charley A.,  Sr.                      27-May-1980
Faulkner         Lloyd K.                               1-Mar-1980
Faulkner         Owen H.                               18-Dec-1980
Fauntleroy       Michael                                5-Jan-1980
Fawl             Clarence                              28-Dec-1980
Fawl             Shirley Louise                        15-Jul-1980
Fawl             Shirley Louise                        16-Jul-1980
Fearey           John B.                                5-Jul-1980
Fears            Gregory                               20-Feb-1980
Feaster          Dorothy L. (Mrs. Jesse)               14-Apr-1980
Feeley           William L.                            12-Jan-1980
Feemster         Iva L. (Mrs. Virgil C. )               4-Jan-1980
Feemster         Iva L. (Mrs. Virgil C. )               5-Jan-1980
Feese            Elmer L.                               1-Aug-1980
Feger            Floyd O.                              23-Jan-1980
Feiden           Milton C.                             23-Jan-1980
Feik             Clara A. (Mrs. Luther)                26-Nov-1980
Feist            Tony J.                               19-Oct-1980
Feldman          Sarah (Mrs. Harry)                     8-Dec-1980
Fellers          George W.                              5-May-1980
Fellin           Lois A. (Mrs. Edward)                 14-Jun-1980
Fellingham       Gerald E.                              8-Oct-1980
Fellis           Dorothy M. (Mrs. James R.)            10-Nov-1980
Fellis           Helen (Mrs. George)                   24-Feb-1980
Felts            Wesley A.                             25-Apr-1980
Fenimore         Delia V. (Mrs. Clarence)               3-Dec-1980
Fenimore         Delia V. (Mrs. Clarence)               4-Dec-1980
Fenn             Edwin H.                              12-May-1980
Fent             Alpha                                 23-Jul-1980
Feree            Marie (Mrs. Harvey)                    6-Nov-1980
Ferguson         Lee Wayne                             18-Sep-1980
Ferguson         Marvin C.                             26-Mar-1980
Ferguson         Mary E. (Mrs. Raymond)                23-Sep-1980
Ferguson         Olga M. (Mrs. Lee)                     9-Jan-1980
Ferguson         Raymond A.                            13-Oct-1980
Fernandez        Francis M. (Mrs. Ramedios)             5-Jan-1980
Ferrell          Jack                                   4-Jan-1980
Ferril           Annalee C. (Mrs. Paul)                27-Jan-1980
Ferrill          Lester W.                             14-Apr-1980
Ferrin           Marie (Mrs. Walter)                   10-Jul-1980
Ferris           Alberta Faye (Mrs. Gordon)            22-Apr-1980
Ferris           Carroll C.                             3-Apr-1980
Fetrow           Fred                                  14-Jan-1980
Feuillerat       Brandi L.                             14-Sep-1980
Fibus            Lawrence R.                           11-Nov-1980
Fick             Anna B. (Mrs. Harry)                  28-Apr-1980
Fickle           Clifford A.                           13-Oct-1980
Fiechel          Bertha M. (Mrs. Herman)               20-Nov-1980
Field            Clarence E.                           28-Jun-1980
Fielder          Grace B. (Mrs. Kent W.)               27-Jun-1980
Fielder          Jack H.                                8-Aug-1980
Fields           Fannie R. (Mrs. Samuel A.)            22-Dec-1980
Fields           Willie, Jr.                           30-Mar-1980
Fields           Willie, Jr.                            1-Apr-1980
Filbert          Traca Kay                              3-Aug-1980
Fillmore         Ralph E.                              10-Sep-1980
Finbly           Ivan L.                               30-Dec-1980
Finch            Warren Joseph, Jr.                    13-Dec-1980
Fincher          Myrtle (Mrs. Owen)                    29-Feb-1980
Fincher          Scott Ward                            16-Jan-1980
Findley          Alma May Etta (Mrs. William)          23-Jan-1980
Findley          Lloyd F.                              25-Jun-1980
Fine             Ray                                   11-Feb-1980
Finey            Anna L. (Mrs. George)                 16-Oct-1980
Finfrock         Fred G.                               30-Oct-1980
Finley           Clarence C.                           10-Jun-1980
Finley           Laura E.                               9-Jul-1980
Finley           Veta (Mrs. John)                      16-Oct-1980
Finn             Harold J.                             19-Feb-1980
Finney           Kenneth W. "Buck"                     28-Nov-1980
Finney           William C.                            17-Mar-1980
Fischer          Allie J. (Mrs. Frank)                  2-Jan-1980
Fischer          Amelita (Mrs. Willie)                  1-Jan-1980
Fishburn         Dorothy E.                             6-Sep-1980
Fisher           Adlai E.                              30-Jan-1980
Fisher           Andrew F.                             26-Mar-1980
Fisher           Andrew W.                             30-Oct-1980
Fisher           Coral C. (Mrs. William)               22-Feb-1980
Fisher           Elsie Eve (Mrs. Ernest)                4-Dec-1980
Fisher           Freda I.                              21-Sep-1980
Fisher           Harry D.                              22-Feb-1980
Fisher           Harry Leslie                          22-Apr-1980
Fisher           Harry Leslie                          23-Apr-1980
Fisher           Laura                                  2-Jan-1980
Fisher           Laura (Mrs. Herman)                   25-Sep-1980
Fisher           Leona F. (Mrs. Walter)                19-Sep-1980
Fisher           Madge A. (Mrs. Golde)                 21-Jun-1980
Fisher           Marlin "Bud"                          26-Dec-1980
Fisher           Mollie                                30-Sep-1980
Fisher           Viva Fern (Mrs. Lynn)                  5-Mar-1980
Fisher           Walter L.                             17-May-1980
Fitts            Verna E. (Mrs. Joseph)                12-Apr-1980
Fitzgerald       Amelia B. (Mrs. Ira)                  27-Oct-1980
FitzGibbon       Viola A. (Mrs. Richard J. )           17-Mar-1980
FitzGibbon       Viola A. (Mrs. Richard J. )           18-Mar-1980
Fitzmoris        Patrick H.                            29-Mar-1980
Fitzpatrick      Alvin A.                              30-Sep-1980
Flaherty         Lily (Mrs. Earl)                       2-Apr-1980
Flaming          Samuel J.                             22-Feb-1980
Flanagan         Nellie (Mrs. Edward)                  24-Apr-1980
Flanders         Ray                                   27-Dec-1980
Flauding         Aura G.                               30-Dec-1980
Fleek            Lloyd                                 25-Mar-1980
Fleischauer      John C.                                4-Jul-1980
Fleischauer      Lucy H.                               28-Sep-1980
Fleming          Allen M.                               1-Aug-1980
Fleming          Joseph V.                             24-Jul-1980
Fleming          Michelle Renee                        30-Apr-1980
Flemmons         Jim H.                                17-Nov-1980
Flemmons         Jim H.                                18-Nov-1980
Flesher          Harvey W.                              9-Jan-1980
Flessner         Henry                                 22-Sep-1980
Fletcher         Kathy (Mrs. Randy)                    12-Jun-1980
Fleury           Tressie Florence (Mrs. T. E. "Eddie"  18-Jun-1980
Flinn            Marvin D.                              7-Jul-1980
Flinn            Vee                                    3-May-1980
Flint            Lura M. (Mrs. Fred)                    5-Oct-1980
Flores           Kristopher Richard                    24-Dec-1980
Flory            William A., Sr.                       17-Sep-1980
Flower           Don                                   29-Apr-1980
Flower           William A.                            30-Jan-1980
Flowers          Allie Lea                              2-Dec-1980
Flowers          Darrell J.                            19-Jun-1980
Flowers          Darrell J.                            20-Jun-1980
Flowers          Ruth (Mrs. Walter)                    17-Jul-1980
Flowers          Wilbur A.                              9-Jun-1980
Floyd            James I.                              14-Mar-1980
Floyd            Lela Adaline                           8-Sep-1980
Fluellen         Lucille (Mrs. Fred)                    7-Mar-1980
Flynn            Francis L.                             8-Jan-1980
Fogleman         J. Truman                              1-May-1980
Folck            Helena J. (Mrs. Lilburn)              14-Feb-1980
Foley            Albert Byron                          22-Oct-1980
Foley            Dwayne                                29-Jul-1980
Folger           Vicky Colene (Mrs. Donald R., Jr.)    13-Jun-1980
Folk             Henry Allen                           21-Jul-1980
Folkerts         Louis H.                               9-Feb-1980
Follmer          Bryce X.                              28-Oct-1980
Foote            Lula (Mrs. Ernest)                    12-Feb-1980
Foote            Luva (Mrs. Ernest)                    13-Feb-1980
Foote            Virgil Ray                            22-Aug-1980
Forbes           Alice Lucile                          17-Feb-1980
Forbes           Allen W.                              26-Feb-1980
Forbes           Clara                                  9-Aug-1980
Forbes           Ione Florine (Mrs. Eugene)            23-Apr-1980
Ford             Ethel C. (Mrs. Sherman)               15-Feb-1980
Ford             Jessie V.                             23-Oct-1980
Ford             Jimmie L.                             24-Mar-1980
Ford             Milton W.                             28-Sep-1980
Ford             Rex J.                                 6-Jul-1980
Ford             Ulysses E.                            27-Oct-1980
Fore             Michael W.                             4-Jul-1980
Forester         Clarence "Bud"                         1-Jul-1980
Forester         Grace Ellen                            7-Oct-1980
Forester         Grace Ellen                            8-Oct-1980
Forner           Sheridan                              23-Aug-1980
Forrest          Gertrude Carmain                      25-Nov-1980
Forrest          Illia Mae (Mrs. Harold)               21-Mar-1980
Forrest          Ruby (Mrs. Charles)                   12-Jun-1980
Forrester        Milton B.                             14-May-1980
Forristall       Stanley L.                            10-Feb-1980
Forsberg         Fritz T.                              29-Jun-1980
Forsyth          Bessie M. (Mrs. Allen)                16-Jun-1980
Fort             Ida Louise (Mrs. Clifford)            26-Feb-1980
Fortner          Benjamin A.                            5-Aug-1980
Fortner          Oley R.                               14-Jun-1980
Fortune          Sarah "Sadie" (Mrs. Bruce)             7-Aug-1980
Fosdick          Loyd E.                               22-Nov-1980
Fose             Emmanuel                              10-Jan-1980
Foss             James M.                              11-Aug-1980
Foster           Aaron H.                              10-Aug-1980
Foster           Edward                                 9-Feb-1980
Foster           Ira Martin                            12-Feb-1980
Foster           Ira Martin                            13-Feb-1980
Foster           Jade D.                               18-Jun-1980
Foster           James G.                              27-Feb-1980
Foster           Jennie L. (Mrs. Aaron)                 8-Nov-1980
Foster           Loyd L.                                2-Apr-1980
Foster           Melvin W.                             27-May-1980
Foster           Ray M.                                 1-Oct-1980
Foster           Robert B.                             17-Sep-1980
Foster           Tom F.                                10-Oct-1980
Foster           Virginia A. (Mrs. James)              11-Jul-1980
Foster           Walter H. "Buck"                      17-Jun-1980
Foster           William                                2-Sep-1980
Foulk            Lydia (Mrs. John)                     23-Jan-1980
Foulk            Lydia (Mrs. John)                     23-Jan-1980
Fountain         Harold L.                              7-Jul-1980
Foust            Mildred                               29-Apr-1980
Fouts            Jennie E. (Mrs. Thomas)               23-Nov-1980
Fouts            Ralph J.                              28-Dec-1980
Fowler           Carroll                                2-Mar-1980
Fowler           Claude A.                             25-Sep-1980
Fowler           Forrest Leon                           9-Oct-1980
Fowler           George E.                             19-Oct-1980
Fowler           George E.                             20-Oct-1980
Fowler           Lena G. (Mrs. Ernest C.)               4-Mar-1980
Fowler           Victor                                 9-Jan-1980
Fowler           William P.                            10-Jun-1980
Fox              Arthur B.                             20-Apr-1980
Fox              Blanche A. (Mrs. Arthur)              11-Mar-1980
Fox              George T.                             24-Aug-1980
Fox              George T.                             26-Aug-1980
Fox              Mary T. (Mrs. Levi)                    7-Feb-1980
Fox              Pearl E. (Mrs. Willard R.)            19-Jul-1980
Foxx             Elmer W.                              25-Jan-1980
Frager           Deo M.                                20-Apr-1980
Fralick          Nora                                  16-Nov-1980
France           Stanley R.                            15-Aug-1980
France           Stanley R.                            16-Aug-1980
Francis          E. Ollie                               4-Sep-1980
Francis          Horace D. "Frank"                      4-May-1980
Francis          Lois M. (Mrs. Clifton)                14-Oct-1980
Frank            Edward R.                             29-Oct-1980
Frank            Edward Raymond (Dr.)                  29-Oct-1980
Frank            Farrell F.                            21-Feb-1980
Frankeberger     Frank F.                              23-Oct-1980
Frankenbery      Herschel R.                           15-May-1980
Frankhauser      Steve                                 26-Oct-1980
Franklin         Harry                                 10-Jun-1980
Franklin         John L.                               25-Apr-1980
Franklin         Karl L.                               16-Oct-1980
Franks           Linda JoAnne                          19-Dec-1980
Franks           Mervin E.                              4-Jan-1980
Frans            Charles R.                            25-Feb-1980
Frantz           Lois (Mrs. Samuel A.)                 18-Feb-1980
Frantz           Marian Moore (Mrs. Herman)            25-Nov-1980
Franz            Alfred E.                             25-Oct-1980
Fraser           Mildred (Mrs. Carl)                   18-Apr-1980
Frawner          Dewey McKinley                        13-Jan-1980
Frazee           Vina Faye (Mrs. James Lee)            22-Apr-1980
Frazier          Ernest                                 8-Jan-1980
Frazier          Ernest Charles                        11-Nov-1980
Frazier          Velma I. (Mrs. Homer S.)               5-Dec-1980
Fredelake        Ruby V. (Mrs. Joe)                    11-Nov-1980
Frederick        Fern B.                               14-Aug-1980
Frederick        Hazel P. (Mrs. Leo)                   11-Jul-1980
Frederick        Juanita (Mrs. Forest)                 14-Apr-1980
Freed            Clarence                              21-Feb-1980
Freeman          Alice Lee                              6-Jul-1980
Freeman          Delpha (Mrs. Fred)                    21-Dec-1980
Freeman          Helen (Mrs. Chester)                  23-Dec-1980
Freeman          James Benjamin                        16-Dec-1980
Freeman          John W.                                4-Jan-1980
Freeman          Ralph W.                              29-Jul-1980
Freeman          Sadie E. (Mrs. Charles)                2-Feb-1980
Freidline        Mae L.                                 5-Aug-1980
French           Eva                                   12-Mar-1980
French           Ira David                             23-Jul-1980
French           Lily E. (Mrs. Arthur)                  1-Mar-1980
French           Nora L. (Mrs. George)                  2-Jan-1980
French           Sherman A.                             1-Apr-1980
Frenya           Jason Robert                           6-Aug-1980
Frenya           Kirt D.                               14-Oct-1980
Frenzel          Christine                             23-Jun-1980
Fretzs           Glen B.                               17-Jan-1980
Freund           Cheryl                                 6-Jun-1980
Freund           Elizabeth                             16-Nov-1980
Frey             Arthur J.                             23-Feb-1980
Frey             John                                  28-Jul-1980
Frey             Minnie (Mrs. Frank)                    9-Nov-1980
Frey             Theodore                               6-Feb-1980
Friebus          Gary                                   6-Oct-1980
Friebus          Gary                                   7-Oct-1980
Friedrich        William L.                            12-Jan-1980
Friend           Gladys (Mrs. Lawrence                  8-Jun-1980
Friend           Howard E.                              9-Aug-1980
Friend           Olive R. "Jackie" (Mrs. Claude)       10-Feb-1980
Friesen          Alice (Mrs. P. F.)                    20-Feb-1980
Friesen          Arlie M. (Mrs. Cornelius)             14-Aug-1980
Friesen          Katie (Mrs. Jacob)                    29-Feb-1980
Frisbie          Edward H.                             26-Oct-1980
Frisbie          Geneva (Mrs. Glen W.)                 27-Jun-1980
Frisbie          James William, Jr.                     8-Jan-1980
Fritch           Michael Thomas                        16-May-1980
Frith            Houston                                8-Feb-1980
Fritsch          Rudolph J.                             8-May-1980
Frizell          Verna R. (Mrs. Edward)                28-Mar-1980
Froese           Herman                                20-Feb-1980
Froggatte        Roy                                   11-Feb-1980
Fromm            Frederic                               7-Feb-1980
Fromm            Mary Frances (Mrs. Julius)             6-May-1980
Fronk            Ethel May (Mrs. William H.)           27-Jun-1980
Fronk            Winifred H. (Mrs. Charles W.)         24-Dec-1980
Frost            Dollie E.                             15-Sep-1980
Frost            Willa M. (Mrs. William)                1-Jan-1980
Fruits           Agnes M.                              22-Mar-1980
Fry              Arthur Milton                         22-Jul-1980
Fry              Earl R.                               14-Mar-1980
Fry              Emma C. (Mrs. WilliamB. )              2-Jun-1980
Fry              Ida May (Mrs. Charles)                 6-Oct-1980
Fry              Jodie Christina                        4-Dec-1980
Fry              Stella (Mrs. Martin L.)               17-Jun-1980
Fry              Susie M. (Mrs. William H.)             7-Sep-1980
Frye             Kenneth                               21-Dec-1980
Frye             Mary E. (Mrs. George)                  6-Nov-1980
Fuchs            Andrew Harry                          17-Jul-1980
Fudge            Hazel (Mrs. Roy)                       2-Jul-1980
Fulk             Ethel S. (Mrs. Earl)                  11-May-1980
Fulkerson        LaNetta M. (Mrs. Clark E.)            16-Apr-1980
Fullbright       Ruth Moser (Mrs. Edgar)               15-Jan-1980
Fuller           Carl S.                               10-Jul-1980
Fuller           Mary A. (Mrs. O. K. )                 15-Feb-1980
Fuller           May Elizabeth (Mrs. John)             14-Apr-1980
Fuller           Sophie Geirgene (Mrs. Frances)        20-Jul-1980
Fullerton        Anna E. (Mrs. Montie)                  1-Jun-1980
Fullhart         James Ingraham                        30-Dec-1980
Fullington       C. L. "Joe"                           19-Dec-1980
Fullmore         Nellie O.                              4-Jan-1980
Fulmer           Ina Fay (Mrs. Bert)                   21-Feb-1980
Fulton           Clyde William                         23-Nov-1980
Fulton           Katherine                             17-Feb-1980
Fundenberger     Ross W.                                3-May-1980
Funk             Adolph F.                             21-Feb-1980
Funk             Emma (Mrs. Lester)                    21-Jan-1980
Funk             Helen (Mrs. Henry)                    16-Jan-1980
Furnish          Elsie                                 21-Jul-1980
Furrey           Oliver Amos                            8-Dec-1980
Fursman          Christine E. (Mrs. John)               7-Mar-1980
Furthmyer        Joseph, Jr.                           17-Jun-1980
Fuson            Vera Blanche (Mrs. Ira)                4-Mar-1980
Fye              Everett R.                             6-Jul-1980
Gabler           Frederick John                         8-Jan-1980
Gabrielson       Lawrence S.                           11-Feb-1980
Gachupin         Francisco                              1-Jun-1980
Gaddis           H. Lee                                24-Aug-1980
Gaedike          Otto                                   8-May-1980
Gafney           Miles A.                              25-Feb-1980
Gaham            Rufus A.                              13-Sep-1980
Gahan            Jennie H. (Mrs. Harry)                24-May-1980
Gaines           Marion L. "Red"                       20-Sep-1980
Gaines           Ruby M. (Mrs. Oliver)                 22-Jan-1980
Gains            Floyd J.                               7-Jan-1980
Gains            Floyd J.                               8-Jan-1980
Gaisr            Mable G. (Mrs. John C. )               6-Aug-1980
Galemore         Donald                                 5-Sep-1980
Galinberto       Elizabeth R. (Mrs. Charles)           24-Feb-1980
Galindo          Juan, Jr.                             20-Apr-1980
Galland          Elizabeth Innes                       25-Nov-1980
Gallatin         Harry F.                              20-Jun-1980
Galloway         Bertha (Mrs. Virgil)                  24-Jan-1980
Galloway         Herman Doc                             6-Oct-1980
Galloway         Herman Dock                            7-Oct-1980
Galloway         Matthew James                         18-Dec-1980
Galyardt         Henry                                 29-Sep-1980
Gambill          Harold                                18-Nov-1980
Gamble           Benjamin J. (Rev.)                    16-Mar-1980
Gamble           Benjamin J. (Rev.)                    18-Mar-1980
Gamblian         Charles A.                             3-May-1980
Gambol           Ruth C. (Mrs. William F. )            12-Apr-1980
Gane             Lena May (Mrs. Harry L.)               4-Feb-1980
Gannon           William Lee                           15-Aug-1980
Gano             Zera L. (Mrs. Duane)                   1-Oct-1980
Ganson           Della (Mrs. Ralph)                    21-Feb-1980
Gant             Harvey A.                             26-Jun-1980
Gant             Hilda M. (Mrs. Harvey)                26-Jun-1980
Gant             William "Pop"                          6-Mar-1980
Garber           Elmer E.                              24-Apr-1980
Garber           Floyd A.                              30-Sep-1980
Garber           Vivian Frances                        29-Jan-1980
Gard             Ida (Mrs. Harry)                      27-Dec-1980
Gard             Ida (Mrs. Henry)                      26-Dec-1980
Gardenhire       Caroline (Mrs. Malcolm)                6-Jun-1980
Gardine          John F.                               18-May-1980
Gardiner         Louise E. (Mrs. George)               22-Nov-1980
Gardner          Dorothy Jean (Mrs. Daurel)            22-Sep-1980
Gardner          Elizabeth O. (Mrs. Glen)              17-Jul-1980
Gardner          Irene M. (Mrs. Harry)                 15-Feb-1980
Gardner          Keith Olin                            26-Jan-1980
Gardner          Mary Etel (Mrs.Elmer)                  8-Nov-1980
Gardner          Rosa (Mrs. Oscar)                      3-Jul-1980
Gardner          Theodore R.                            9-Apr-1980
Gardner          William D.                             8-May-1980
Garfield         Robert R.                              9-Jul-1980
Garfield         Robert Rawleigh                        8-Jul-1980
Garitson         John                                  26-Dec-1980
Garitson         Josephine E. (Mrs. Elmer J. )         14-Jul-1980
Garland          Larry Ray                             19-Dec-1980
Garland          Sylvester G.                          16-Jan-1980
Garnand          Edith Baird                           22-Nov-1980
Garren           Enos J.                               23-Dec-1980
Garretson        Earl Acea                             26-Jan-1980
Garrett          Beatrice F. (Mrs. W. Roy)              7-Jun-1980
Garrett          LaVera B. (Mrs. Raymond)              23-Nov-1980
Garrett          Richard R.                             2-Jan-1980
Garringer        Tom M.                                 8-Jul-1980
Garrison         Teresa Maureen (Mrs. Robert)           7-Sep-1980
Gartung          Dorothy G. (Mrs. Fredrick)            28-Jul-1980
Gasper           Eunice A.                             12-Aug-1980
Gasser           Ernest E.                             16-Feb-1980
Gates            Alma Faye (Mrs. Harvey Earl)           2-Feb-1980
Gates            Jonah Adam                             9-Mar-1980
Gates            Jonah Adam                            11-Mar-1980
Gates            Wade A.                               31-Mar-1980
Gathers          Nellie May (Mrs. Harry)               30-Sep-1980
Gatschet         Fred                                   1-Sep-1980
Gatz             Elmer J.                              14-Jun-1980
Gawthrop         Gladys I.                             24-Mar-1980
Gay              H. Wayne                              12-Nov-1980
Gay              Jon Robert                            10-Feb-1980
Gaylord          Gary Wayne                            21-Dec-1980
Gebhart          Edwin F.                              11-Jun-1980
Gebhart          Morrill E.                            27-Apr-1980
Geckles          Joseph                                30-Dec-1980
Gee              Jerry Nathan                           7-Feb-1980
Gehring          Anna B. (Mrs. Christian J. C. )        3-Apr-1980
Geis             Ed F.                                 12-Jul-1980
Geist            Merle R.                              13-Nov-1980
Gennette         Omer Joseph                           14-Feb-1980
Gentzler         Adeline                               15-Jul-1980
George           Clara L. (Mrs. Sedrick I. )            3-Apr-1980
George           Herbert Kyle "Skeet"                   7-May-1980
George           Mollie M. (Mrs. Gene)                 15-Jun-1980
George           Mollie M. (Mrs. Gene)                 16-Jun-1980
George           Nellie J. (Mrs. Dan W.)                1-Mar-1980
George           Raymond A.                            15-Oct-1980
George           Sonia (Mrs. M. Don)                   19-Jun-1980
George           Wilma (Mrs. Melvin)                   27-Oct-1980
Gerards          Martha L. (Mrs. George)               23-May-1980
Gerber           Eric Shawn                            21-Mar-1980
Gerboth          Florence (Mrs. Walter)                21-Apr-1980
Gerlach          William B. (Dr.)                      25-May-1980
German           Eula P.                                5-Mar-1980
German           Leslie E.                              2-Dec-1980
Gettings         Hazel P. (Mrs.Pearl)                  22-Jul-1980
Geymann          Mary                                  13-Nov-1980
Geymann          Mary E. (Mrs. Edward)                 12-Nov-1980
Gfeller          Marian (Mrs. Raymond)                 17-Nov-1980
Gfeller          Niles E.                              30-Aug-1980
Giacoma          Joe, Sr.                               1-Jul-1980
Gibb             Alice (Mrs. Frank)                    30-Oct-1980
Gibb             Alice (Mrs. Frank)                    31-Oct-1980
Gibbs            Hazelle Slagle (Mrs. Laurie, Sr. )    28-Feb-1980
Gibbs            Ulia Marie (Mrs. J. Howard)            7-Jul-1980
Gibson           Alva L.                               26-Feb-1980
Gibson           Ellen A. (Mrs. Arthur)                21-Mar-1980
Gibson           Floyd Jacob                           26-Jun-1980
Gibson           Melvern W.                             5-Nov-1980
Gibson           Tracie M. (Mrs. Leslie)               14-Feb-1980
Giddens          George                                30-Nov-1980
Gideon           Juanita (Mrs. Lawrence)               30-Aug-1980
Giebler          Cecilia (Mrs. John)                    4-Jun-1980
Giefer           Bernard P.                            12-Sep-1980
Giefer           Coletta (Mrs. Johnnie)                17-Aug-1980
Giess            Nana M. (Mrs. Lloyd)                   2-Apr-1980
Giffin           Ray G.                                26-May-1980
Gifford          Everett                               30-Sep-1980
Gift             Ruby L. (Mrs. Elzie)                  14-Oct-1980
Gilbert          Calvin D.                             13-Jun-1980
Gilbert          Edgar O.                              17-Jan-1980
Gilbert          Flossie (Mrs. Tom A.)                 20-Jan-1980
Gilbert          Forest C.                             27-May-1980
Gilbert          George C.                             15-Oct-1980
Gilbert          Glenn W.                               5-Sep-1980
Gilbert          Guy                                   22-Apr-1980
Gilbert          Lela O. (Mrs. Cecil)                   2-Apr-1980
Gilbert          W. R. "Gil"                           11-Dec-1980
Gile             Jack Allen                            25-Apr-1980
Gill             Howard E.                             25-Sep-1980
Gill             Louise Elizabeth (Mrs. Albert)        14-Dec-1980
Gill             Merton A.                             27-Jan-1980
Gillen           Phillip J.                             5-Jan-1980
Gillenwater      Mae Evelyn (Mrs. E. M.)               30-Jun-1980
Gillenwater      Mae Evelyn (Mrs. E. M.)                1-Jul-1980
Gillett          William E.                             8-May-1980
Gillies          Peggy (Mrs. Wilson)                   21-Feb-1980
Gillig           Mildred Louise (Mrs. Roy)              1-Feb-1980
Gillihan         Floyd                                 17-Sep-1980
Gilliland        Clara Marie (Mrs. William)             4-Feb-1980
Gilliland        Claude K.                             19-Nov-1980
Gilliland        Jeremie Ann                           23-Apr-1980
Gilliland        Vern D. "Ike"                         30-Sep-1980
Gilmore          Duane                                 12-Dec-1980
Gilpin           Rose E. (Mrs. Franklin)               13-Apr-1980
Gindels          Jacob J.                              28-Oct-1980
Gingerich        Carl Fredrick                          4-Jul-1980
Gipson           Frances E.                            22-Jun-1980
Gipson           Nancy M. (Mrs. Leland)                 8-Jan-1980
Gire             Alice B. (Mrs. Howard K.)             29-Sep-1980
Gire             Alice B. (Mrs. Howard K.)             30-Sep-1980
Gire             Alice B. (Mrs. Howard K.)              1-Oct-1980
Gish             Gladys Verna (Mrs. Roy D.)            21-Mar-1980
Gist             Maurine (Mrs. Leighton)               22-Jun-1980
Givens           Emma Mae (Mrs. Clarence)              29-Jan-1980
Gladstone        BZ II                                 19-Mar-1980
Gladstone        BZ II                                 20-Mar-1980
Glantz           Jake                                   1-Nov-1980
Glaves           Melvin Blaine                         28-Sep-1980
Glaze            Gladys P. (Mrs. Truman)               29-Mar-1980
Glaze            Theodore "Music"                      13-Jan-1980
Glazier          Edgar                                 21-Apr-1980
Glazier          Fred L.                               20-Mar-1980
Glazier          Wilbur James                          17-Jul-1980
Gleason          Maray W.                              22-Jul-1980
Gleason          Mary E.                                2-Apr-1980
Gleissner        Narzis J.                             24-Jun-1980
Glenn            Ambers G.                              9-May-1980
Glenn            Augustus                               3-Mar-1980
Glenn            Leona E. (Mrs. William E.)            29-Apr-1980
Glidwell         Letha (Mrs. Fred)                     29-Oct-1980
Glover           Robert Burton                         14-Oct-1980
Glover           Robert Burton                         15-Oct-1980
Glover           Sam C.                                11-Jul-1980
Gobeli           Bertha (Mrs. Arthur)                   7-Nov-1980
Gober            Earl                                  15-Feb-1980
Gobin            Nellie F. (Mrs. Edgar)                21-Jun-1980
Godfrey          Norman E.                             11-Jun-1980
Godiniz          Mercedes (Mrs. Andrew)                12-Mar-1980
Goebel           Nora Thresa (Mrs. George)              5-Sep-1980
Goebel           Roland E.                             14-May-1980
Goeller          Helen Scott (Mrs. E. Richard "Pete")  18-Jan-1980
Goepel           Raymond M.                            10-Nov-1980
Goering          Clarence J.                           19-Apr-1980
Goering          Dan J.                                 8-Jan-1980
Goering          Edwin A.                              31-Aug-1980
Goering          Edwin J.                              26-Jan-1980
Goering          Erma M. (Mrs. Wilbert)                 7-Oct-1980
Goerne           Gracia Blanche Kellogg (Mrs. Ben)     22-Apr-1980
Goertz           Chester B.                            23-Sep-1980
Goerz            Harold K.                             30-Nov-1980
Goerzen          Jake J.                                8-Feb-1980
Goerzen          Martha (Mrs. Alvin)                    9-Dec-1980
Goetz            George J.                             20-Jul-1980
Goff             Verna (Mrs. James)                     5-Dec-1980
Goldberg         Phyllis M.                             5-Feb-1980
Golden           Hattie S. (Mrs. Bill)                 12-Feb-1980
Goldstein        Jean (Mrs. Jack)                       1-Aug-1980
Golston          Charleys                              15-May-1980
Golston          Charleys                              19-May-1980
Golston          Charleys                              20-May-1980
Gomez            Juana (Mrs. Francisco)                20-Mar-1980
Gomez            Martha (Mrs. Theodoro)                 4-Apr-1980
Gonzales         Guadlupe                              23-Sep-1980
Gooch            Edith L.                              10-Dec-1980
Good             Naomi K.                              14-Feb-1980
Gooding          Ivan R.                                4-Mar-1980
Goodsheller      Helen Riddle (Mrs. George J. )         2-Oct-1980
Goodsheller      Helen Riddle Smith                     2-Oct-1980
Goodson          George T.                             25-Dec-1980
Goodson          Russell Dewain                         6-Apr-1980
Goodwin          Arthur L., Sr.                        28-Oct-1980
Goodwin          Everett L.                            21-Jul-1980
Goodwin          Irene                                 24-Sep-1980
Goodwin          Joseph M.                              5-Nov-1980
Goodwin          Myrl (Mrs. Harold)                     2-Jan-1980
Goodwin          Vera (Mrs. George)                     7-Mar-1980
Gooing           Vira (Mrs. Mack)                      11-Mar-1980
Goosen           Travis Ray                            14-Jun-1980
Gordon           Alberta (Mrs. William)                23-Jul-1980
Gordon           Alberta (Mrs. William)                24-Jul-1980
Gordon           James Roy                             20-Oct-1980
Gordon           Katie                                 23-Jun-1980
Gordon           Lloyd Ivan                             7-Jul-1980
Gore             Betty E. (Mrs. Allan)                 16-Jun-1980
Gorges           Lenora                                27-Sep-1980
Gorges           M. M. "Matt"                           6-Jan-1980
Gosney           Esther M. (Mrs. B. Ross)               1-Dec-1980
Gosney           Esther M. (Mrs. Benjamin)             30-Nov-1980
Goss             Dorothy D. (Mrs. Maurice)             11-Jul-1980
Goss             Ernest M.                              4-Jan-1980
Goss             Lucille M. (Mrs Leo)                  28-Nov-1980
Goss             William H.                            25-Jan-1980
Gossett          Helen M. (Mrs. Nathaniel)             27-Feb-1980
Gott             Henry V.                              18-Feb-1980
Gottsch          Max                                   22-Jun-1980
Gould            Charles Edward                         7-May-1980
Gould            Charles Edward                         8-May-1980
Gould            Howard M.                              2-Aug-1980
Gould            Walter E. "Pat"                       31-May-1980
Goulden          Gladys P. (Mrs. Eugene)                4-Jun-1980
Gourley          Ray Leland                            11-Sep-1980
Gower            Mark Allan                            18-Nov-1980
Gower            Mark Allan                            19-Nov-1980
Graber           Arthur H.                             14-Feb-1980
Graber           Herman R.                             15-Sep-1980
Graber           Ruth Sophia (Mrs. Albert)             17-Oct-1980
Graber           Victor E.                              4-Dec-1980
Grabner          Ethel A. (Mrs. John)                  21-Jun-1980
Grace            Edwin W.                              16-Jan-1980
Grace            Robert Pidge                          15-Dec-1980
Gracy            Charles E.                             8-May-1980
Grady            Sena Churchill (Mrs. Carl, Sr.)       25-Mar-1980
Graebner         Eugene J.                             11-Jan-1980
Graebner         John Charles                          25-Apr-1980
Graff            Eugene                                 6-Jul-1980
Graff            Myrtle                                 6-Feb-1980
Gragg            Dallas D.                             18-Feb-1980
Gragg            Loletta Fern                          14-Nov-1980
Graham           Clarence E.                           29-Mar-1980
Graham           Frank B.                               3-Aug-1980
Graham           Keller E.                              5-Aug-1980
Graham           Lilliam                               30-Nov-1980
Graham           Luetta (Mrs. Walter)                  10-Oct-1980
Graham           Raymond                               12-Mar-1980
Gramm            Chester C.                             7-Sep-1980
Gramzow          Viola V. (Mrs. Herbert)                9-Jun-1980
Gransbury        Ethel A. (Mrs. Henry)                 13-Apr-1980
Grant            Donald R.                             29-Jan-1980
Grant            Lula (Mrs. Jeff)                      31-Jan-1980
Grasser          Thomas "Joe"                          27-Mar-1980
Grauerohlz       Elizabeth                              8-Aug-1980
Graves           Bertha Rae (Mrs. Harold)              10-Jun-1980
Graves           Dwight L.                              7-Feb-1980
Graves           Dwight L.                              8-Feb-1980
Graves           Frederic                              27-May-1980
Graves           Harold "Bill"                         27-Apr-1980
Graves           Waldo E.                              19-Aug-1980
Graves           Warrick E. (Rev.)                     17-Feb-1980
Gray             April Sue                              2-Oct-1980
Gray             Cecil                                 20-Jun-1980
Gray             Clifford O.                            1-Jul-1980
Gray             Everett W.                             1-Apr-1980
Gray             Everett W.                             2-Apr-1980
Gray             Farrell Ray                           21-Oct-1980
Gray             Isham                                 25-Aug-1980
Gray             Iva May (Mrs. Beryl)                  28-Aug-1980
Gray             Keith E.                               1-Feb-1980
Gray             Klena B. (Mrs. Charles)                6-Dec-1980
Gray             Lucy Alice                            16-Jun-1980
Gray             Medearis C. (Mrs.  Harry)             24-May-1980
Gray             Phoebe Pearl                          14-May-1980
Gray             Roger A.                              17-Mar-1980
Greathouse       Alta A. (Mrs. Grover)                 18-Jul-1980
Greeley          Amy A. (Mrs. Herbert)                 14-Feb-1980
Green            Anna                                  15-Nov-1980
Green            Annie Laurie (Mrs. Morris)            27-Feb-1980
Green            Annie Laurie (Mrs. Morris)            28-Feb-1980
Green            Blanche (Mrs. Archie)                 24-Aug-1980
Green            Charles C.                             4-Feb-1980
Green            Freida L.                             18-Dec-1980
Green            Lester Earl, Sr.                      24-Feb-1980
Green            Marjorie Jessie (Mrs. Orman)           8-Apr-1980
Green            Oliver                                22-Aug-1980
Green            Raymond N.                            16-Aug-1980
Green            Velma (Mrs. Myrel)                    15-Jan-1980
Green            Verda M.                              19-Mar-1980
Green            Wayne G.                              24-Apr-1980
Green            Zelda M. (Mrs. Martin)                18-Nov-1980
Greenburg        Ruth (Mrs. Noel)                       1-Jan-1980
Greene           Beulah Etta (Mrs. William)            28-Jul-1980
Greene           Edward E.                             27-Jun-1980
Greene           Florence Eva                          29-Jun-1980
Greene           Ida Helen                              4-Sep-1980
Greene           Lloyd M.                               3-Jul-1980
Greene           Winifred M. (Mrs. Maxson)             21-May-1980
Greening         Edna V. (Mrs. John)                    8-Jul-1980
Greenwell        Artie E. (Mrs. Bill)                  25-May-1980
Greenwood        Chester C.                            23-Apr-1980
Greenwood        Melvin C.                              8-Dec-1980
Greer            Charles O.                             4-Aug-1980
Greer            Gladys G. (Mrs.)                      18-May-1980
Greer            Roy                                   25-Dec-1980
Greer            Roy                                   30-Dec-1980
Greer            Sarah Marie (Mrs. Carral)              8-Aug-1980
Gregg            Elmer A.                              20-Aug-1980
Gregg            Richard Lee                            3-Oct-1980
Gregory          Everett James                         22-Aug-1980
Gregory          Lee                                    3-Sep-1980
Gregory          May (Mrs. Joseph)                      9-Nov-1980
Greiner          Rolland E.                             7-Oct-1980
Greisen          Victor G. (Rev.)                       1-Jul-1980
Grenell          Beatrice S. (Mrs. William)            24-Oct-1980
Gribble          Twila I. (Mrs. W. A.)                 14-Oct-1980
Grice            Noel C.                               16-Jun-1980
Grider           Jennie (Mrs. Virgil)                  18-Jun-1980
Griep            Agnes (Mrs. Lambert)                  22-Apr-1980
Griese           Donadline (Mrs. James)                14-Jan-1980
Griffin          Ethelgene (Mrs. John)                 24-Aug-1980
Griffin          Harold S., Jr.                        26-Oct-1980
Griffin          Sharron L. (Mrs. Silas)               30-Jun-1980
Griffin          Sharron L. (Mrs. Silas)                2-Jul-1980
Griffith         Arthur H.                             18-Feb-1980
Griffith         Carol K. (Mrs. Edgar)                 10-Oct-1980
Griffith         Lee W.                                25-Jan-1980
Griffith         Lewis H.                              21-Jul-1980
Griffith         Mark L.                               27-Apr-1980
Griffith         Ova Steele (Mrs. Beryl)               28-Jan-1980
Griggs           Mary N. (Mrs. Earl)                   27-Aug-1980
Grillot          Agnes M. (Mrs. Arthur)                27-Feb-1980
Grimm            Helen M. (Mrs. George)                30-Jun-1980
Grimm            Nadine Hinckey (Mrs. Wayne)           30-Jul-1980
Gring            Alvin E.                              16-Apr-1980
Grissom          Goldlena "Goldie" (Mrs. Williard)     30-Mar-1980
Griswold         Hazel (Mrs. Ed)                       15-Nov-1980
Grob             Robert A.                             10-Aug-1980
Grodeon          Lydia E.                              30-Nov-1980
Groe             Roy Gilman                            10-Jan-1980
Groe             Roy Gilman                            11-Jan-1980
Groebe           Blanche I. (Mrs. Marvin)               5-Nov-1980
Grose            Nola L.                                8-Nov-1980
Gross            Alfred F. "Sonny"                     17-Aug-1980
Gross            Betty (Mrs. Virgil)                   11-Dec-1980
Gross            Harold H. (Dr.)                       11-Aug-1980
Grossart         Martin L.                             23-Jan-1980
Grossarth        Goldie (Mrs. Phillip)                 19-May-1980
Groves           Elizabeth J. (Mrs. Elbir)             27-Apr-1980
Groves           Robert A.                             29-Jan-1980
Grow             Aubrey E.                             29-Jan-1980
Grow             Fay W. (Mrs. Clyde L.)                14-Jun-1980
Grubbs           Charles F.                             1-Dec-1980
Grubbs           Ora Byron                              3-Mar-1980
Gruenwald        Marianne (Mrs. George)                27-Apr-1980
Gruenwald        Oscar W.                              11-Jul-1980
Grullick         Lenora                                15-Aug-1980
Grundeman        Ella R. (Mrs. Wilmer)                 14-May-1980
Grundy           Grace (Mrs. George)                   10-Nov-1980
Grundy           Grace Nona (Mrs.George)                9-Nov-1980
Gubitz           George                                21-May-1980
Guenther         Bessie M. (Mrs. Richard E.)           14-May-1980
Gugler           Fritz J.                              11-Nov-1980
Guldner          H. "Irvil"                            15-Dec-1980
Guldner          H. "Ivil"                             14-Dec-1980
Guldner          H. Ivil                               16-Dec-1980
Guldner          Margaret E.                           17-Nov-1980
Gulliaume        Olicer H.                             14-Dec-1980
Gullickson       David                                 31-Jul-1980
Gum              Blanche                               16-Nov-1980
Gumm             Viola (Mrs. Joe)                      22-Nov-1980
Gunelson         Earl B.                               16-Feb-1980
Gunkel           Loren "Bucky"                         21-Nov-1980
Gunn             Dorothy L.                            18-Apr-1980
Gunn             Harold G.                              8-Apr-1980
Gustafson        Charles E.                            30-May-1980
Gustus           Shawn E.                              17-Jun-1980
Guthridge        Grace S. (Mrs. Trueman C. )           25-Jul-1980
Guthrie          George W.                              3-Jan-1980
Guthrie          Robert William                        25-Oct-1980
Gutschenritter   Elmer J.                              29-Sep-1980
Gutzmer          Hallie (Mrs. Karl)                    28-Feb-1980
Guy              Gertrude A. (Mrs. Kenneth)            18-Mar-1980
Guy              Johnny Norman                          9-Jun-1980
Guyton           Gertrude                              10-Aug-1980
Haas             Constantine                           23-Jun-1980
Haas             Dora                                  14-Dec-1980
Haas             Juanita (Mrs. Harry)                  24-Mar-1980
Haas             Tommy                                 23-Oct-1980
Haberly          Clarence R.                           15-Jan-1980
Habiger          Rose (Mrs. Frank)                     17-Oct-1980
Hacker           Fred H.                                7-Oct-1980
Hadden           Ruth I.                               23-Oct-1980
Hadley           Christopher Scott                     11-Nov-1980
Hadley           Estella A. (Mrs.Emmet)                15-Mar-1980
Hadley           Mabel Maltby (Mrs. Ivan)              16-Sep-1980
Hadley           Mary L. (Mrs. Claude)                 25-Sep-1980
Haegert          Beryl F. (Mrs. Jack)                  10-Jan-1980
Haen             Angela Kay                            18-Oct-1980
Hageman          Jesse Rae                              7-Dec-1980
Hager            Archie                                26-Feb-1980
Hager            Maude May (Mrs. Buss)                 26-Oct-1980
Hagerman         Herman                                27-Sep-1980
Haggard          Lewis                                  7-Nov-1980
Haight           Libbie (Mrs. Herbert)                 12-Jul-1980
Hain             Anna                                  12-Jul-1980
Haines           Bernice (Mrs. Frank)                  13-Jan-1980
Haines           C. W. (Dr.)                            6-Jul-1980
Haines           George R.                             27-Oct-1980
Haines           Harry Waldo                            1-Jul-1980
Haines           Lurline (Mrs. C. W.)                   6-Jul-1980
Hainline         Nina Myrtle (Mrs. Charles)            15-Jul-1980
Hainstock        Erie I. (Mrs. John)                   16-Jan-1980
Hair             Margaret                               9-May-1980
Hake             Millie E. (Mrs. Joe)                  15-Jun-1980
Halbert          Evelyn L. (Mrs. Charles)              23-Nov-1980
Halbower         C. Carson                             19-Feb-1980
Hale             Marguerite S. (Mrs. Chester)          15-Aug-1980
Hale             Minnie (Mrs. Charles)                 15-Jul-1980
Haley            Carrie (Mrs. Roy)                      4-Sep-1980
Haley            Nellie (Mrs.)                          3-Jun-1980
Hall             Bessie (Mrs. Beverly Allen)           18-Feb-1980
Hall             Harvey                                27-Mar-1980
Hall             Hugh Griffith                          1-Mar-1980
Hall             Irwin S.                               3-Feb-1980
Hall             John "Milt"                           15-Jul-1980
Hall             Lonnie R.                              1-Jun-1980
Hall             Mignon (Mrs. Richard)                  7-May-1980
Hall             Opal (Mrs. Orley)                     18-Aug-1980
Hall             Pearl Raymond                         20-Oct-1980
Hall             Roderick W.                           18-Nov-1980
Hall             Russell E.                             5-Nov-1980
Hall             Wilma                                 15-Jul-1980
Hallmark         Johnnie T.                             9-Apr-1980
Hallren          Violet I.                              7-Aug-1980
Halsey           Robert L.                             29-May-1980
Hamill           Nancy (Mrs. Fritz)                    20-Nov-1980
Hamilton         Harel H.                              26-Jul-1980
Hamilton         Harry G.                              15-Feb-1980
Hamilton         Ivan F.                               11-Oct-1980
Hamilton         Jack M.                               23-Dec-1980
Hamilton         John C.                                8-Jan-1980
Hamilton         John R.                               15-Aug-1980
Hamilton         Mabel (Mrs. Lloyd E.)                 24-Dec-1980
Hamilton         Mayme Frances (Mrs. Wesley)           12-Feb-1980
Hamilton         Nellie (Mrs. John)                    11-Feb-1980
Hamilton         Pearl M.                              10-Feb-1980
Hamilton         W. H. "Duke"                          20-Jun-1980
Hamilton         W. H. "Duke"                          20-Jun-1980
Hamlin           Florence E. (Mrs. Ora)                30-May-1980
Hamlin           Maurice Eugene                         3-Oct-1980
Hamm             Henry                                 19-Dec-1980
Hamm             Jacob W.                              23-Feb-1980
Hammel           Jordan S. (Father)                    30-Dec-1980
Hammer           Alonzo "Lonnie"                        3-Dec-1980
Hammer           Amanda (Mrs. Guy)                     28-Nov-1980
Hammer           Hazel (Mrs. Ralph)                    15-Jul-1980
Hammer           Melvin M.                             29-Aug-1980
Hammer           Winona M. (Mrs. Berlin)                7-May-1980
Hammerschmidt    Mary T. (Mrs. Tura)                    9-Feb-1980
Hammond          Bond D.                               16-Jan-1980
Hammond          D. Lee                                 2-May-1980
Hammond          Elizabeth (Mrs. ?arba)                12-Nov-1980
Hammond          Eva                                   24-Sep-1980
Hammond          George David                          16-Nov-1980
Hammond          Tabitha Sue                            3-Apr-1980
Hampton          Edgar Leo, Sr.                        22-Sep-1980
Hampton          Edgar Leo, Sr.                        25-Sep-1980
Hance            Roger                                 28-Sep-1980
Hancock          Allen A.                              11-Sep-1980
Hancock          Elton D.                              30-Dec-1980
Hancock          Gene Calvin, Sr.                      21-Nov-1980
Hancock          Hattie J. (Mrs. Burton)                9-Mar-1980
Handcox          Katie Mae (Mrs. R. D.)                12-May-1980
Handle           Edward R.                              8-Nov-1980
Handley          Hannah (Mrs. Cecil)                   11-Aug-1980
Handy            Elizabeth E. (Mrs. Thomas)             4-Jan-1980
Hanes            A. L. "Tony"                          21-Nov-1980
Hanes            Marshall Edgar                         2-Feb-1980
Haney            Anna L.                               13-Jul-1980
Haney            Charles D.                             2-Jan-1980
Haney            Paul M.                               27-Mar-1980
Hanger           Clarence L. "Bud"                     26-Nov-1980
Haninger         Fred R.                                3-Mar-1980
Hanke            Oscar                                  2-Apr-1980
Hankins          Matthew Drew                          20-Jan-1980
Hankinson        JoAnn (Mrs. Don)                       7-Apr-1980
Hanks            Owen J.                               11-Apr-1980
Hanlen           Plummer Q.                            19-Jan-1980
Hanley           Archie M.                              6-Jul-1980
Hann             Ollie (Mrs. Morris)                    7-Mar-1980
Hanna            Floyd                                 29-Oct-1980
Hanna            Ilene (Mrs. Walter L.)                 4-Jul-1980
Hannigan         Eva (Mrs. Matthew T.)                  1-May-1980
Hans             Bob L.                                 1-Feb-1980
Hans             Milly C. (Mrs. Herbert P.)            23-Feb-1980
Hanschu          Roy L.                                 6-Dec-1980
Hansell          Nora A. (Mrs. Albert)                 28-Dec-1980
Hansen           Doris (Mrs. Eldon)                    29-Sep-1980
Hansen           Floyd Walter                           9-Aug-1980
Hansen           Floyd Walter                           9-Aug-1980
Hanshaw          Glen D.                               11-Nov-1980
Hanshaw          Joseph                                11-Mar-1980
Hanshaw          Joseph                                12-Mar-1980
Hanson           Gordon C.                              6-Nov-1980
Hanson           Lambert                               21-Mar-1980
Hanson           Lucille J. (Mrs. Charles)             19-Jul-1980
Hanson           Margaret Nadine                       26-Mar-1980
Hanson           Roy L.                                28-Nov-1980
Harclerode       Lloyd L.                               1-Aug-1980
Harden           Ethel V. (Mrs. Alva)                  30-Aug-1980
Harder           Carrie (Mrs. Berney)                   8-Apr-1980
Harder           Ralph M.                              11-Jan-1980
Hardin           Coleman D.                            22-Jan-1980
Hardin           Coleman D.                            23-Jan-1980
Hardin           Jim B.                                 5-Jul-1980
Harding          Christine Margaret (Mrs. David E.)    20-Oct-1980
Harding          Lois Evelyn                           22-Apr-1980
Harding          Orlean Elizabeth                      12-Jul-1980
Harding          Violet (Mrs. Roy)                     14-Oct-1980
Hardridge        Thomas                                15-Oct-1980
Hardwidge        Thomas                                14-Oct-1980
Hardy            Alice (Mrs. Judson)                   27-May-1980
Hardy            Alice (Mrs. Judson)                   28-May-1980
Hare             Dorothy Pauline (Mrs. Jesse)           5-Sep-1980
Hargett          Lurline (Mrs.)                        25-Jan-1980
Hargrove         Sanford L.                            17-Nov-1980
Harkins          Isaac R. "Ike"                        18-Apr-1980
Harkness         Edmond E.                              9-Dec-1980
Harkrader        Winfred F.                            14-Apr-1980
Harmon           Grace (Mrs. James)                     4-May-1980
Harmon           James M.                              20-Jun-1980
Harmon           Thomas W.                             18-Aug-1980
Harms            Clara E. (Mrs. George)                 5-May-1980
Harms            Marie A. (Mrs. John F.)                4-Feb-1980
Harms            William W.                            30-Sep-1980
Harnden          Anna (Mrs. Allen)                     23-Sep-1980
Harnden          Anna (Mrs. Allen)                     27-Sep-1980
Harner           Merle S.                              27-Nov-1980
Harp             Myrtle E. (Mrs.Edgar)                 12-Nov-1980
Harper           Lottie E. (Mrs. Dean)                  8-Sep-1980
Harper           Roy                                   19-Sep-1980
Harper           Viola (Mrs. Gerald)                   10-Oct-1980
Harr             Esther (Mrs. Joseph)                  10-Sep-1980
Harreld          Mildred (Mrs. Vic)                    23-Jul-1980
Harrell          Julia Agnes (Mrs. Willis)              1-Oct-1980
Harrelson        Clifford "Curly"                      19-Oct-1980
Harrelson        Viola (Mrs. Virgil)                   11-Jun-1980
Harren           Donald N.                              4-Apr-1980
Harrington       Louis Harvey                          30-Jun-1980
Harris           Cecil LeRoy                           14-Dec-1980
Harris           Ellen Marie (Mrs. Eugene D. )          4-Dec-1980
Harris           Jesse P.                              12-Jan-1980
Harris           Larry H.                              26-Oct-1980
Harris           Larry H.                              28-Oct-1980
Harris           Mary C. (Mrs. Leonard)                18-Aug-1980
Harris           Max E.                                15-Dec-1980
Harris           Pearl (Mrs. George)                   20-Apr-1980
Harris           Robert Lee                            22-Jun-1980
Harris           Vora (Mrs. James)                     28-Dec-1980
Harris           Wilford W. "Bill", Sr.                 2-Jul-1980
Harrison         Aulcie L.                             16-Sep-1980
Harrison         Bryan L. "Keah"                       11-Nov-1980
Harrison         Ella May (Mrs. Albert)                15-Dec-1980
Harrison         Gordon Lester                          8-Jan-1980
Harrison         Jim V.                                 3-Aug-1980
Harrison         Mary C. (Mrs. Oscar L. )               1-Mar-1980
Harrison         Ora A.                                 3-Oct-1980
Harrison         Raymond D.                             4-Apr-1980
Harrison         Raymond H.                             9-Mar-1980
Harrison         Ruth C. (Mrs. Ben F.)                 22-Mar-1980
Harrison         W. Carl                               11-Feb-1980
Harrod           Irene V. (Mrs. Charles)               19-Apr-1980
Harrod           James E.                              16-Apr-1980
Harsh            Pearl B. (Mrs. Jack)                   5-Mar-1980
Hart             Effie Lucille                         27-Jul-1980
Hart             Frank W.                              19-Oct-1980
Hart             Frank W.                              19-Oct-1980
Hart             Mabel (Mrs. Joseph)                   12-Jan-1980
Hart             Mildred Virginia                      21-Nov-1980
Hart             Troy                                  30-Nov-1980
Harte            Jesse J.                               1-Nov-1980
Hartenbower      Maxine (Mrs. Harvey)                  30-Apr-1980
Harter           Lola D. (Mrs. Hamer E.)                1-May-1980
Hartert          Martin F.                              8-Sep-1980
Hartford         May M.                                28-Dec-1980
Hartlett         Mildred D. (Mrs. Gene)                22-Dec-1980
Hartley          Brandon Jo                            17-Oct-1980
Hartley          Ethel (Mrs. John)                     27-Nov-1980
Hartley          William Andrew                        13-Sep-1980
Hartman          Camille L. (Mrs. Clyde W.)            19-Jun-1980
Hartman          Frank Leo                              2-Aug-1980
Hartman          Golda Anne (Mrs. Donald)              18-Feb-1980
Hartman          Howard Raymond                         7-Jul-1980
Hartman          Kenneth L.                            17-May-1980
Hartman          Mina Wells                            27-Sep-1980
Hartman          Rosie M. (Mrs. Walter)                 9-Mar-1980
Hartman          Rueben Leonard                        19-Jun-1980
Hartup           Ray William                           27-Aug-1980
Hartup           Ray William                           28-Aug-1980
Hartwick         Arliss "Linda" (Mrs. Stewart(         22-Dec-1980
Hartzel          Edith Mae (Mrs. Riley)                 3-Sep-1980
Harvey           Blanche Lewis (Mrs. Henry A.)         21-May-1980
Harvey           Dorothy Lee (Mrs. Hiram)              22-Jul-1980
Harvey           Hazel Mary (Mrs. George B.)            5-Jan-1980
Harvey           Isaac L.                              24-Jul-1980
Harvey           Thelma A. (Mrs. Robert)                2-Mar-1980
Harwood          Daisy M. (Mrs. W. H.)                 26-Jan-1980
Harz             Arthur R.                             16-Feb-1980
Hasel            Amelia A. (Mrs. Charles)              29-Apr-1980
Haskin           William H.                            11-Jul-1980
Haskins          Emery                                 28-Jun-1980
Haskins          Sarah B. (Mrs. Earl O.)               17-Mar-1980
Haskins          Sarah Belle (Mrs. Earl O.)            16-Mar-1980
Hastings         Dorothy Jane (Mrs. Ray)               29-Mar-1980
Hasty            Kenneth                               15-Nov-1980
Hasty            Robert R.                              8-Sep-1980
Hatch            Delbert L.                            12-Dec-1980
Hatcher          Eleanor (Mrs. Robert)                 26-May-1980
Hatcher          Mary L.                               10-Sep-1980
Hatcher          Theron V.                              2-Jun-1980
Hatcher          Theron V.                              3-Jun-1980
Hatfield         Clarence R.                           11-Sep-1980
Hatfield         Fairy (Mrs. Roy)                      27-Jul-1980
Hatfield         Paul L.                               23-Nov-1980
Hatfiled         Frances (Mrs. Phillip)                22-Jan-1980
Hathorn          John William                          11-Oct-1980
Hatter           Charles L.                            18-Feb-1980
Hatton           Virginia E. (Mrs. Frank C.)           27-Sep-1980
Hauge            Kenneth S.                            23-Feb-1980
Haus             Zella Bechelmayr                      31-Aug-1980
Hauschild        Mary                                   9-Nov-1980
Hauser           Lillian                               29-Oct-1980
Hauser           Mabel A. (Mrs. Louis)                  6-Aug-1980
Haussler         Anita                                  2-Sep-1980
Hawbecker        Marjorie                              24-Aug-1980
Hawes            Clayton E.                             6-Jun-1980
Hawes            LeRoy J.                               3-Apr-1980
Hawes            Lora Mae                              28-Oct-1980
Hawk             Edward Clinton                        24-Jun-1980
Hawk             Eula Aleen                             4-Oct-1980
Hawk             Eula Aleen (Mrs. James Clyde)          3-Oct-1980
Hawk             Fern (Mrs. John)                      28-Dec-1980
Hawk             John L.                               24-Jan-1980
Hawk             Lawrence R.                           12-Mar-1980
Hawk             Ralph D.                              21-Oct-1980
Hawkins          Clara J. (Mrs. Orville)               11-Jan-1980
Hawkins          Ernest G.                              1-Jul-1980
Hawkins          Grainville H.                          6-Aug-1980
Hawkins          Margaret E. (Mrs. Harold)             27-Dec-1980
Hawkins          Margaret E. (Mrs. Harold)             29-Dec-1980
Hawkinson        Harold                                28-May-1980
Hawkinson        Harold                                29-May-1980
Hawkinson        Linnea (Mrs. Paul)                     2-Jan-1980
Hawks            Eldon M.                               6-Dec-1980
Hawley           Albert L.                             26-Jun-1980
Hawn             Francis O.                             6-Nov-1980
Hawton           Evelyn Clara (Mrs. Arthur)             1-Sep-1980
Hayes            Carl Chester                           1-Jan-1980
Hayes            James H.                               4-Jan-1980
Hayes            Roy C.                                21-Mar-1980
Haynes           Anna Mae (Mrs. Arthur)                 9-Nov-1980
Haynes           Corey James                           20-Sep-1980
Haynes           Ernest D.                             21-Mar-1980
Haynes           Lewis Jack                            24-Jun-1980
Haynes           Maple May "Callaway"                  21-Dec-1980
Hays             Ernest                                21-Jun-1980
Hays             Herald                                13-Mar-1980
Haywood          Jon Michael                           11-Jan-1980
Hazell           Fred L.                               30-Sep-1980
Hazzard          Esther (Mrs. Roy)                     22-Nov-1980
Hazzard          Winifred Marie (Mrs. Terry M.)        15-Jan-1980
Head             Alton L.                              12-Jul-1980
Headley          Ruth Ann (Mrs. Bill)                  24-Jul-1980
Healey           Maxwell Edward                        23-Apr-1980
Healzer          Gertrude (Mrs. Fred)                  20-Nov-1980
Hearns           D. Ester                              19-Apr-1980
Hearns           D. Ester                              22-Apr-1980
Hearnsberger     Sarah E. (Mrs. Fred)                  25-Jan-1980
Hearting         Paul                                  12-Sep-1980
Heasty           George                                 8-Oct-1980
Heath            Floyd E.                              14-Feb-1980
Heath            Paul                                  27-Feb-1980
Heath            Roy M.                                 1-Jul-1980
Heatherman       Patrice (Mrs. Doug)                   22-Nov-1980
Heberlee         Walter                                19-Jul-1980
Heckman          Lewis E.                              25-Nov-1980
Hedrick          Ralph M.                               6-Aug-1980
Heflin           Wayne D.                               8-Dec-1980
Hefton           Chester M.                            15-Mar-1980
Heggy            Willie E.                             13-Feb-1980
Heiland          Gregory E.                             8-Jul-1980
Heilig           Luther Lavern                         16-Dec-1980
Heimerman        Alfred J.                             22-Mar-1980
Hein             Ann L. (Mrs. Dean)                    28-Aug-1980
Hein             Jacob "Jake"                          14-Aug-1980
Hein             Martin B.                             15-Jun-1980
Heinbaugh        Auby                                  23-May-1980
Heinlen          Leonard                               26-Dec-1980
Heins            Vernon J.                             20-Feb-1980
Heins            Vernon J.                             21-Feb-1980
Heins            Vernon J.                             22-Feb-1980
Heinz            John A.                               16-Dec-1980
Heischman        Ida J.                                13-Jul-1980
Heiser           Nova                                  26-Oct-1980
Heite            Charles E., Jr.                        6-Mar-1980
Heitschmidt      Nora                                  16-Nov-1980
Hejny            Rose Grace (Mrs. Aldrich)             22-Jul-1980
Held             Cleadora L.                           13-Jan-1980
Hellmers         Dora                                  11-Aug-1980
Helm             Austin M.                              1-Jan-1980
Helm             Charlotte L.                          15-Nov-1980
Helm             Raymond                               25-Dec-1980
Helmers          M. H. "Smokey"                        30-Jan-1980
Helmke           George G.                             11-Jun-1980
Helms            John J.                               13-Feb-1980
Helms            Marvin Joseph                          8-Apr-1980
Helt             Ralph E.                               9-Aug-1980
Helt             Ralph E.                              10-Aug-1980
Helten           John N., Jr.                          18-Jun-1980
Henderson        Dennis M.                              7-Feb-1980
Henderson        Dennis M.                             10-Feb-1980
Henderson        Donald E.                             14-Dec-1980
Henderson        Douglas M.                            22-Mar-1980
Henderson        Hosea, Sr.                            26-May-1980
Henderson        Hosea, Sr.                            29-May-1980
Henderson        J. R. "Jim"                           12-Jan-1980
Henderson        Leathel (Mrs. Acie)                   22-Sep-1980
Henderson        Lucile Ritchey (Mrs. James B.)         8-Jun-1980
Henderson        Mary Ellen (Mrs. T. E. "Lige")        28-Jan-1980
Henderson        Mary Irene (Mrs. Ralph)               17-Sep-1980
Henderson        Patricia (Mrs. Jerry)                 28-Oct-1980
Henderson        Permelia A.                           18-May-1980
Hendricks        Albert T.                             10-Jan-1980
Hendricks        Claytie (Mrs. Harvey)                 22-Dec-1980
Hendricks        Gertrude L. (Mrs. Vincent)            15-Feb-1980
Hendricks        Henry                                 25-Jan-1980
Hendricks        William Earl                          27-Sep-1980
Hendrickson      Jennifer Lynn                         11-Aug-1980
Hendrix          Elizabeth                             28-Jul-1980
Hendrix          Elizabeth                             29-Jul-1980
Hendry           Corwin S.                             22-Oct-1980
Hendryx          William M., Sr.                       18-Sep-1980
Henke            Emma (Mrs. Herman)                    29-Sep-1980
Henke            Leo B.                                 6-Dec-1980
Henke            Leo B.                                 7-Dec-1980
Henkensiefken    Susie E.                              22-Jan-1980
Henley           Carolyn Ann (Mrs. Glenn D.)           17-Apr-1980
Henning          Caroline M. (Mrs. William)            16-Sep-1980
Henry            Johnny L.                             14-Oct-1980
Henry            Johnny L.                             16-Oct-1980
Henry            Kevin Lee                             18-Apr-1980
Henry            Stella M. (Mrs. Frank)                17-Jan-1980
Henry            Thomas, Jr.                           14-Jun-1980
Henry            Thomas, Jr.                           15-Jun-1980
Hensen           Mellie (Mrs. Ray)                      2-Dec-1980
Henshall         Brandi Rae                            29-Jun-1980
Hensley          Oral Dean                              2-Jan-1980
Hensley          Ross Dale                             22-Mar-1980
Henson           Chester E.                            23-Aug-1980
Henson           Mildred (Mrs. Carl)                    9-Nov-1980
Herbert          Bernard A.                            13-Jul-1980
Herdt            Lydia                                 30-Nov-1980
Herman           Beulah M. (Mrs. Leslie)                4-Feb-1980
Herman           Lola (Mrs. Bobby)                     20-May-1980
Herman           Millie O'Rourke (Mrs. Charlie)        15-Aug-1980
Hermann          Carl F.                               10-May-1980
Hermann          Geraldine A. (Mrs. Boyd)               4-Jan-1980
Hermann          Geraldine A. (Mrs. Boyd)               5-Jan-1980
Hernandez        Clotilde M. (Mrs. Espedito)           10-Jun-1980
Hernandez        Gorgonio                              10-May-1980
Herreld          Alberta B. (Mrs. Willie)              19-Mar-1980
Herrman          Adolph L.                              8-Feb-1980
Herrman          Justin Vincent                        29-Jun-1980
Herrmann         Carl A.                                8-Nov-1980
Herrmann         Pete Henry                            21-Oct-1980
Herron           Samuel                                 6-Sep-1980
Hershey          Daniel                                28-Sep-1980
Hershey          Daniel Grover                         29-Sep-1980
Hervey           Wallace H.                             7-Dec-1980
Hesket           Esther (Mrs.Noble)                    30-Dec-1980
Hess             Joe                                   10-Dec-1980
Hess             Myron E.                               1-Mar-1980
Hess             Ruth E.                                1-Jun-1980
Hess             Walter T.                             20-Aug-1980
Hessler          Dawn (Mrs. David)                     29-Jan-1980
Heter            Ethel May                              5-Jan-1980
Heter            Hazel (Mrs.Wade)                       7-Nov-1980
Hettenhaus       Edna (Mrs. Frank)                     21-Oct-1980
Hettic           Esta                                  27-May-1980
Heublein         Joey Donald                            5-May-1980
Heueisen         Julia Jane (Mrs. Frank)                6-Oct-1980
Heuer            Dora Caroline (Mrs. Karl)             30-May-1980
Hewitt           Maude A. (Mrs. Earl)                   8-Nov-1980
Hey              Everett U.                            16-Dec-1980
Heynen           Robert                                23-Dec-1980
Hiatt            Alice (Mrs. Chester)                  10-Mar-1980
Hiatt            Michael R.                            24-Nov-1980
Hibbard          Fay (Mrs. Allan)                       1-Aug-1980
Hibbard          George Allan                           6-Feb-1980
Hibbard          Teresa L. (Mrs. Joseph)               24-Jul-1980
Hibbs            Clifford W.                           30-Nov-1980
Hickert          Marcellus John                         5-May-1980
Hickle           Virginia E.                           16-Dec-1980
Hickman          Phillip M.                            23-Sep-1980
Hicks            Bert A.                               19-Apr-1980
Hicks            Ertie L. (Mrs. Earl)                   7-May-1980
Hicks            Frederick                             16-Feb-1980
Hicks            Ivy H. (Mrs. Ross)                    18-Apr-1980
Hicks            Mattie Frances (Mrs. Bert)             7-Aug-1980
Hicks            Mattie Frances (Mrs. Bert)             8-Aug-1980
Hiebert          Helena G. (Mrs. Daniel)               19-Dec-1980
Hiebert          Mary (Mrs. Joe A.)                    20-Jan-1980
Hiebert          Orlie W.                              30-Dec-1980
Hiebert          Roger R.                              15-Feb-1980
Hiebert          Sherrie                               28-Dec-1980
Hiett            Maye (Mrs. Fred)                      28-Nov-1980
Higgins          Gladys M. (Mrs. Wallace)               4-Aug-1980
Higham           Ella V. (Mrs. John)                   15-Nov-1980
Hightower        James Otis                             2-Jan-1980
Hildebrand       Loyd Frank                            24-Nov-1980
Hile             F. LeRoy                               3-Jan-1980
Hilker           Lee                                   24-Jan-1980
Hill             Albert A.                             28-Aug-1980
Hill             Dennis                                 6-Sep-1980
Hill             Douglas Gordon                        14-Sep-1980
Hill             Florence M. (Mrs. Willis)              3-Sep-1980
Hill             Frances L.                            11-Mar-1980
Hill             Franklin T.                           30-Jan-1980
Hill             George, Jr.                           20-Feb-1980
Hill             Geraldine M. (Mrs. Ned)               19-Aug-1980
Hill             Grace S.                              15-May-1980
Hill             James E.                               4-May-1980
Hill             John L.                               26-Mar-1980
Hill             Lloyd G.                               2-Apr-1980
Hill             Marion Elizabeth Ferguson (Mrs. R. P   8-Jun-1980
Hill             Marion Elizabeth Ferguson (Mrs. R. P   9-Jun-1980
Hill             Mary (Mrs. Chester)                   22-Aug-1980
Hill             Mary Jean (Mrs. Edwin)                 2-Jun-1980
Hill             Maude (Mrs. William)                  16-May-1980
Hill             Milo C.                               14-Mar-1980
Hill             Robert Wesley                         13-Sep-1980
Hill             Robert Wesley                         14-Sep-1980
Hill             Sarah (Mrs. Frederick Vincent)        24-Feb-1980
Hill             William                               25-Sep-1980
Hill             William A.                            20-Aug-1980
Hill             William A.                            25-Sep-1980
Hillard          Deane R.                              15-Feb-1980
Hillard          Doris (Mrs. John)                     17-Feb-1980
Hillbrant        John A.                               15-Nov-1980
Hillgardner      Pauline (Mrs. Elmer E.)               21-Feb-1980
Hillman          Dick H.                               17-Dec-1980
Hills            Chester Oral                          12-Jan-1980
Hills            Dewain E.                              6-Nov-1980
Hills            Forence                               25-Sep-1980
Hills            Warden V.                             19-Jul-1980
Hilyard          Aline (Mrs. Austin)                    5-Mar-1980
Hind             Judy L.                               29-May-1980
Hines            Lona L. (Mrs. James R.)               17-Jul-1980
Hinkle           William C.                             7-Feb-1980
Hinnenkamp       Audrey (Mrs. Walter)                   1-Sep-1980
Hinshaw          Elmo Merle                            29-Feb-1980
Hinshaw          Howard P.                             27-Jun-1980
Hinton           Ralph C.                              18-Nov-1980
Hipp             Joseph                                 4-Jan-1980
Hipp             Mary M.                               24-Feb-1980
Hirt             Lettie Mae (Mrs. William)             18-Mar-1980
Hisle            C. "Jeanne" Carter (Mrs. Earl)        29-Jun-1980
Hitt             Arthur                                11-May-1980
Hittle           Frank B.                              19-Oct-1980
Hitzeman         Edwin H.                              19-Jan-1980
Hixon            Benjamin A.                            5-Mar-1980
Hixon            Guy N.                                 8-Jul-1980
Hixon            Hazel (Mrs. Andrew)                   21-Dec-1980
Hixon            Nellie May (Mrs. Henry)               15-Dec-1980
Hizey            Ralph D., Sr.                         10-Jul-1980
Hjertstedt       Wilbur L.                             17-Feb-1980
Hoag             Nadine (Mrs. Lewis R. )               30-Jun-1980
Hoath            J. C. "Clint"                         11-Mar-1980
Hobbs            Mary Ella (Mrs. Warren )               6-Feb-1980
Hobbs            Mary Ella (Mrs. Warren J.)             5-Feb-1980
Hobelman         Thomas G.                             16-Dec-1980
Hobson           Carolyn Kay                            3-May-1980
Hobson           Carolyn Kay                            4-May-1980
Hobson           Gladys R. (Mrs. Millard E. )           3-Mar-1980
Hobson           Paul M.                               16-Jan-1980
Hoch             Donald L.                             13-Sep-1980
Hochstettar      Orme L.                               15-Jul-1980
Hochstettar      Pearl                                  9-Jul-1980
Hock             LeRoy G.                               6-Jun-1980
Hocker           E. Berry                              10-Dec-1980
Hockett          Ralph L.                               6-Jan-1980
Hockstrasser     Herbert                                4-Oct-1980
Hoddy            William                                8-Oct-1980
Hodge            Robert C.                             27-Jul-1980
Hodges           Elizabeth D. (Mrs. Vernon F.)          2-Aug-1980
Hodges           Honor M. (Mrs. Walter)                30-Sep-1980
Hodges           Jack                                  30-Jul-1980
Hodgson          Paul                                   3-Dec-1980
Hodgson          Vila (Mrs. Forrest)                    5-Mar-1980
Hodson           Elizabeth                             19-Oct-1980
Hodson           Elizabeth (Mrs. George)               20-Oct-1980
Hoel             Leonard C.                             8-Aug-1980
Hoenscheidt      Bonnie Jeanne                          6-Jun-1980
Hoenscheidt      Bonnie Jeanne                          7-Jun-1980
Hoffine          Dustin Evan                            4-May-1980
Hoffine          Dustin Evan                            5-May-1980
Hoffman          Bessie E                              14-Aug-1980
Hoffman          Edward G.                              5-Sep-1980
Hoffman          Elsie A. (Mrs. Calvin)                24-Apr-1980
Hoffman          Esther Premysl                        25-Jan-1980
Hoffman          Leo A.                                14-Feb-1980
Hoffman          Sadie A. (Mrs. Harold)                16-Sep-1980
Hofmaster        Etta Mable (Mrs. George)               4-Sep-1980
Hogan            Alice Mae (Mrs. Morris)               11-Sep-1980
Hogan            Roy                                   28-Mar-1980
Hogden           Eugene                                15-Jul-1980
Hogg             Ada (Mrs. Robert)                     19-Jan-1980
Hohrmann         Floreine M.  (Mrs. Ernest)            17-Feb-1980
Hoisington       Verne                                 17-Sep-1980
Hoke             Mildred (Mrs. George)                 17-Nov-1980
Hoke             Rose Zella (Mrs. John)                23-Dec-1980
Holcomb          Dean                                  13-Oct-1980
Holcomb          Helen B. (Mrs. James)                 25-May-1980
Holder           Rex E.                                10-Oct-1980
Holford          Minnie Anna (Mrs. Orville)             3-Feb-1980
Holgerson        Evelyn R. (Mrs. C. E. )               24-Aug-1980
Holl             Alvin F.                              18-May-1980
Holladay         Olive May (Mrs. Charles)               9-Jul-1980
Holland          Hazel Irma                            25-Dec-1980
Holland          Hazel Irma (Mrs. Irvin)               25-Dec-1980
Holland          Helen                                  2-Feb-1980
Holland          Monica (Mrs. Daniel)                  27-Oct-1980
Holland          Roy W.                                 3-Nov-1980
Hollenback       Arthur J.                              4-Mar-1980
Hollingsworth    Dolphus H.                             4-May-1980
Hollingsworth    Serena G. (Mrs. R. K.)                30-Jul-1980
Hollingsworth    Virgil                                 3-Apr-1980
Hollis           Freddie Lee                           23-Dec-1980
Hollis           Freddie Lee                           24-Dec-1980
Hollister        John S.                               13-Jan-1980
Hollister        Mae (Mrs. Monroe)                     12-Nov-1980
Holller          Pearl M. (Mrs. Robert)                24-Mar-1980
Hollon           Marion R.                              9-Apr-1980
Hollopeter       Claude E.                             21-Jul-1980
Hollopeter       Claude E.                             24-Jul-1980
Holloway         Bruce                                 10-Jul-1980
Holloway         Reginald Lamont                       22-Sep-1980
Holloway         Reginald Lamont                       24-Sep-1980
Hollowell        Bobbie (Mrs. L. W.)                    8-Feb-1980
Hollowell        Neva (Mrs. Clyde)                     18-Nov-1980
Holly            Mayme Eisenbch (Mrs. Manford)         24-Jan-1980
Holman           Clyde C., Sr.                         28-Mar-1980
Holman           Freddy R.                              3-Feb-1980
Holman           Lena Irwin (Mrs. Tom)                  5-Sep-1980
Holman           Marjorie M. (Mrs. James)              25-Oct-1980
Holmes           Bryant                                18-Jun-1980
Holmes           Coyla I. (Mrs. Gerald)                 7-Apr-1980
Holmes           Edwin Keith                           22-Jun-1980
Holmes           Jack J.                               14-Feb-1980
Holmes           James R.                              10-Jul-1980
Holmes           Jo B. (Mrs. Murray)                    8-Apr-1980
Holmes           Mary A.                               11-Nov-1980
Holmquist        Lena B. (Mrs. Carl)                   17-Jun-1980
Holsapple        William H.                            25-Sep-1980
Holsclaw         W. Duncan                             10-Dec-1980
Holser           Nancy                                 26-Dec-1980
Holt             William T.                            10-Jan-1980
Holton           Virginia                              11-Oct-1980
Holtzclaw        Jeffery L.                             4-Apr-1980
Homer            George E.                             21-May-1980
Homewood         Luoise L. (Mrs. David)                 4-Jun-1980
Honn             Harold E.                             27-Jul-1980
Hood             Gladys M. (Mrs. James E.)              9-Jun-1980
Hoopes           Paul H.                               10-Feb-1980
Hooten           Coy "Hoot"                            26-Dec-1980
Hoover           Cora C.                               20-Feb-1980
Hoover           Grace M.                              13-Feb-1980
Hoover           Ira                                   15-Apr-1980
Hoover           Thelma O. (Mrs. Harold)                4-May-1980
Hopkins          Charles W.                             6-Feb-1980
Hopkins          Clifton R.                            27-Jun-1980
Hopkins          Dovel "Jack"                          20-Oct-1980
Hopkins          Elizabeth C. (Mrs. William)           16-Sep-1980
Hopkins          Elizabeth G. (Mrs. Willia)            15-Sep-1980
Hopkins          Lydia N. (Mrs. E. W.)                 18-Sep-1980
Hopkins          Renald J.                             23-Apr-1980
Hopkins          Samuel A.                             26-Aug-1980
Hopper           John T.                               17-Oct-1980
Hopper           Otis R.                               30-May-1980
Hoppock          Retha O. (Mrs. Kenneth)               12-Jan-1980
Horn             Anna Alice (Mrs. James T. )           25-Feb-1980
Horn             Vada C. (Mrs. William)                18-Nov-1980
Hornback         Charles S.                            14-Oct-1980
Hornbacker       Lena                                  20-Sep-1980
Hornbaker        Cecil G.                               3-Dec-1980
Horne            Helen M. (Mrs. Raymond)                2-Dec-1980
Horne            Helen M. (Mrs. Raymond)                2-Dec-1980
Horner           Garrett N.                            22-Mar-1980
Horner           Marilyn R. (Mrs. Arthur)               1-Oct-1980
Horner           Sheridan                              24-Aug-1980
Horney           R. P.                                 11-Feb-1980
Horning          Anson R.                               2-Dec-1980
Horsch           Theodore Mathias                      22-Sep-1980
Horst            Emma P.                               17-Feb-1980
Horst            Tim                                   11-May-1980
Horton           Cecil (Mrs. George)                   21-Jun-1980
Horton           Cecill (Mrs. George)                  20-Jun-1980
Horton           Philip A.                             14-Feb-1980
Horton           William H.                            13-Feb-1980
Hoselton         Dwayne                                25-Nov-1980
Hoskins          Rosina                                 7-Jul-1980
Hoss             Ottilia I. "Nellie" (Mrs. Charley)    12-Sep-1980
Hostetler        Annon A.                               9-Dec-1980
Hostetler        Oliver H.                              4-May-1980
Hostetter        Jerald H. "John"                      11-Dec-1980
Hotchkin         Susie (Mrs. MacLeod)                  24-May-1980
Houchens         Edgar W.                              14-Nov-1980
Houck            Juanita (Mrs. Jess)                   27-Jul-1980
Houlton          Laura (Mrs. Andrew)                    8-Jan-1980
Housby           Betty J. (Mrs. Halim)                 14-Jun-1980
Houser           Alvina R. (Mrs. Clay)                 27-Oct-1980
Houser           Frank M.                              17-Sep-1980
Houser           letha G. (Mrs. Irvin P.)              16-Sep-1980
Houston          Fred F.                                5-Jun-1980
Houston          Fred F.                                6-Jun-1980
Houston          Hattie G. (Mrs. Herman)                6-Sep-1980
Houston          Herman G.                              7-Jun-1980
Houston          Thomas S.                             22-Oct-1980
Houston          William C. "Sam"                      10-May-1980
Houston          William C. "Sam"                      11-May-1980
Hove             Marie Susie (Mrs. Harry)              15-Dec-1980
Howard           Erin Elizabeth                        22-Aug-1980
Howard           Eugene                                24-Jan-1980
Howard           Eugene                                25-Jan-1980
Howard           Gladys A. (Mrs. John W.)              25-Apr-1980
Howard           Lester F.                             23-Apr-1980
Howard           Luther G.                              9-Dec-1980
Howard           Nadean D. (Mrs. John)                 31-Jan-1980
Howard           Thomas R.                             22-Apr-1980
Howard           Thomas R.                             23-Apr-1980
Howarth          Audrey Irene (Mrs. Raymond)           27-May-1980
Howe             Clarence B.                           20-Jun-1980
Howe             Harold                                17-Dec-1980
Howe             Harold C. (Dr.)                       17-Dec-1980
Howe             Lawrence R. "Duke"                    23-Jul-1980
Howe             Ray "Nick"                            13-Jul-1980
Howell           Amanda Lois (Mrs. Claude)             30-Mar-1980
Howell           Delmer A.                             29-Apr-1980
Howell           Edna E. (Mrs. Charles)                21-Feb-1980
Howell           Leslie H.                              1-Sep-1980
Howell           May W. (Mrs. Albert)                  25-May-1980
Howell           Orval L.                              23-Jun-1980
Howell           Walter F.                              6-Oct-1980
Howell           Wayne "Okie"                          29-Dec-1980
Hower            Lauvera P. (Mrs. Morris E.)           15-Apr-1980
Howlett          Pearl Lucille (Mrs. Marvin)           12-May-1980
Hoyle            Brandon Joseph                         6-Mar-1980
Hoyle            Brent Joseph                          21-Mar-1980
Hoyle            Mary (Mrs. Rollin)                     6-Mar-1980
Hoyt             Gladys A. (Mrs. Joseph W.)             9-Jun-1980
Hoyt             Martha L. (Mrs. Elvin)                27-Dec-1980
Hoyt             Thelma (Mrs. Harold M.)               12-Feb-1980
Hoyt             Thelma (Mrs. Harold M.)               16-Feb-1980
Hromek           Marie Lorene (Mrs. Sidney Cyril)       2-Feb-1980
Huband           Carrie M.                             27-Jun-1980
Hubbard          James Woodrow                         31-May-1980
Hubbard          Mary Jane                             22-Feb-1980
Hubbard          Sadie M. (Mrs. Ernest)                20-Jun-1980
Hubbart          Harry C.                              30-Jan-1980
Huber            Ed                                    24-May-1980
Huber            Lela Mae (Mrs. Paul)                   9-Mar-1980
Hubert           Gladys Bland (Mrs. Abe E.)            25-May-1980
Huck             Mattie                                 5-Aug-1980
Huckriede        Oscar Henry                           16-Apr-1980
Huckstadt        Ina Florence ( Mrs. L. C.)             3-Aug-1980
Huddleston       Lancy                                 18-Apr-1980
Hudffman         James Wilmer                           4-May-1980
Hudlin           Ida Belle                              1-May-1980
Hudson           Christopher C.                         1-Jan-1980
Hudson           Verna O. (Mrs. Ben S.)                25-Mar-1980
Hudson           William Buford                        31-Jul-1980
Huey             Bradley C.                            22-Sep-1980
Huey             Clifford Paul                          6-Jun-1980
Huff             Vera L. (Mrs. Donald)                  4-Oct-1980
Huffine          Roger F.                              10-Aug-1980
Huffman          Charles D.                             3-Sep-1980
Huffman          Clint                                  1-Apr-1980
Hugg             Donald Keith                          26-Jun-1980
Huggins          Paul N.                                1-Jul-1980
Hughes           Clarence                               2-Nov-1980
Hughes           Henry Curtis                          15-Sep-1980
Hughes           Henry Curtis                          17-Sep-1980
Hughes           Kusil H.                               1-Jul-1980
Hughes           Lany Baker (Mrs.)                      3-Jan-1980
Hughes           Lindley Jacobs                        27-Jan-1980
Hughes           Maurice D.                            27-Jun-1980
Hughes           Maurice D. "Mike"                     28-Jun-1980
Hughey           Maude A. (Mrs. Henry)                  8-Feb-1980
Huitt            Webster W.                            15-Aug-1980
Hulet            Clyde H.                              26-Mar-1980
Hull             Arthur                                26-Mar-1980
Hull             Betty (Mrs. Harold)                   10-Dec-1980
Hull             Harold "Speck"                        20-Oct-1980
Hull             Harry G.                              11-Oct-1980
Hull             Jennie Elizabeth                      12-Jul-1980
Hull             John "Ben"                             4-May-1980
Hull             Leslie L.                             30-May-1980
Hull             Norman E. (Dr.)                        5-Jan-1980
Hull             Norman E. (Dr.)                        6-Jan-1980
Hulsey           Ruth (Mrs. Clarence)                   3-Feb-1980
Hulsey           Ruth L. (Mrs. Lawrence)               21-May-1980
Hulteen          John A.                               13-Dec-1980
Humiston         Anna E. (Mrs. Raymond)                13-Jul-1980
Hummell          Emma A. (Mrs. Clernie)                 2-Nov-1980
Humphrey         B. Mozelle (Mrs.David)                10-Dec-1980
Humphrey         James Dean                            27-Oct-1980
Humphreys        Mable (Mrs. Willard)                   4-Apr-1980
Humphreys        Vinette H. (Mrs. J. E.)               22-Nov-1980
Humphries        Albert G.                             15-Jul-1980
Humphries        Cecil                                 16-Nov-1980
Humphries        Golda Mae                             24-Mar-1980
Huncovsky        Juanita M. (Mrs. Melvan)              19-Jul-1980
Hundley          Alvina                                 7-Jun-1980
Hunger           Estella (Mrs. J. Mervyn)              12-May-1980
Hunt             Barton L.                              9-Jun-1980
Hunt             Loal L. (Mrs. Roy)                    10-Jul-1980
Hunter           Benjamin J.                            2-Oct-1980
Hunter           Etta F.                               15-Jan-1980
Hunter           Kermit J. C.                           4-Jul-1980
Hunter           Laura Jane (Mrs. Lloyd)                3-Nov-1980
Hunter           Lottchen Lipp                         11-Jun-1980
Hunter           Margaret E.                           24-Feb-1980
Huntington       Audine                                 1-Apr-1980
Huntziner        Michael W.                            21-Oct-1980
Hurd             Mary Ellen (Mrs. Thomas)              19-Oct-1980
Hurley           Kenneth R.                            10-Sep-1980
Hurst            Elva I. (Mrs. Fount F.)               29-May-1980
Hurst            Emery Aldin                            4-Jul-1980
Hurst            John N.                               13-Jan-1980
Hurst            Millard "A. B."                       24-Oct-1980
Hurst            Pauline F. (Mrs. Cletus)               5-Dec-1980
Hurst            Pauline M. (Mrs. Bert)                 6-Dec-1980
Hurt             Fred R.                               18-Oct-1980
Hurtt            Ruth (Mrs. Harold)                     1-Dec-1980
Husban           Elsie (Mrs. Charlie)                   3-Mar-1980
Huseman          William F.                            26-Jul-1980
Huskey           Elizabeth                             28-Sep-1980
Huskey           Elizabeth M. (Mrs. Elmer)             29-Sep-1980
Huskey           Lena M. (Mrs. Clyde)                  13-Dec-1980
Hussey           Doris A. (Mrs. Stan)                   2-Jun-1980
Husted           Roy B.                                 8-Sep-1980
Hutchens         Ruby Ann                               2-May-1980
Hutchinson       Fannie I. C. (Mrs. Robert)            11-Nov-1980
Hutchinson       Lavonna Jeanne                        11-Dec-1980
Hutchinson       Lee, Jr.                              10-Oct-1980
Hutchison        Lydia (Mrs. George)                   13-Mar-1980
Hutson           Orville R. "Dutch"                     9-Nov-1980
Hutson           Vernon G. "Buck"                      16-Sep-1980
Hutson           Vernon G. "Buck"                      17-Sep-1980
Hutton           Mary E. (Mrs. Floyd)                  15-Sep-1980
Hutton           Sadie M. (Mrs. George)                12-Jan-1980
Huxman           Ula                                   25-Jun-1980
Huycke           Harold A.                             12-Jul-1980
Hyatt            James Oscar                           29-Feb-1980
Hyatt            James Oscar                            1-Mar-1980
Hybsha           Nellie (Mrs. Fred)                    29-Mar-1980
Hyde             Charles W.                            27-Jun-1980
Hyde             James P.                              27-Jun-1980
Hyde             Tommie Lee (Mrs. Benjamin)            11-Mar-1980
Hysell           Emory H.                              22-Aug-1980
Iddings          Charles Eugene                         2-Jun-1980
Iddings          Robert S.                              5-Sep-1980
Ihde             Etta M. (Mrs. Arthur R. )             23-Aug-1980
Imel             Brenda Susan                           7-Aug-1980
Inderlied        Heidi M.                              15-Jan-1980
Ingram           Berthry (Mrs. M. J. )                 26-Feb-1980
Ingram           Reba J. (Mrs. L. D. )                 15-May-1980
Ingrim           Andrew                                20-Aug-1980
Ingrim           Charles E.                            20-Jun-1980
Ingrum           John C.                                6-Aug-1980
Inkster          John W.                                5-Jun-1980
Inslee           Clifford Dale                         25-Sep-1980
Insley           Matthew A.                            24-Nov-1980
Intelmann        Marjorie Spring (Mrs. Earl M. )       19-Apr-1980
Ireland          Ben B.                                29-Feb-1980
Ireton           Leone (Mrs. John)                      4-Feb-1980
Irey             Lorena M. (Mrs. Lee)                  29-Jun-1980
Irick            Josie L.                              30-Dec-1980
Irivk            Madge Lillian (Mrs. Merle)             3-Feb-1980
Irvin            Malcom Ray                             3-Jul-1980
Irvine           Mary H. (Mrs. Alex)                   12-Jan-1980
Irvine           Ruby A. (Mrs. Dale)                   21-Feb-1980
Irwin            Glenn Orwin                           13-Jan-1980
Isaac            Dessie Davis                          16-Dec-1980
Isaacs           Alves L.                              21-Feb-1980
Isenberg         Julius                                24-Jan-1980
Isley            Dallas John                            1-Oct-1980
Isley            Dallas John                            1-Oct-1980
Isom             Walter J.                             23-Nov-1980
Israel           Esther H. (Mrs. Theodore)             23-Jun-1980
Israel           Theodore A.                           20-Jan-1980
Ives             Gladys J. (Mrs. Walter)               11-Mar-1980
Ives             Leon M.                               23-Apr-1980
Ivey             Ofelita                                3-Jul-1980
Ivy              Auto Aquilla                          27-May-1980
Jabara           Charles                               18-Jun-1980
Jackson          Anna Mollie (Mrs. John Franklin)      25-Jun-1980
Jackson          Betty Joan (Mrs. John T.)             26-Nov-1980
Jackson          Charles                               28-Jun-1980
Jackson          Dean R.                               14-Aug-1980
Jackson          Donald O.                             30-Jun-1980
Jackson          Doris                                 23-Dec-1980
Jackson          Fern                                  21-Feb-1980
Jackson          Gladys Mae (Mrs. Justis)              25-Jun-1980
Jackson          Helen Grace (Mrs. Albert)             26-Apr-1980
Jackson          J. E. "Jack"                          30-Apr-1980
Jackson          John Franklin                         30-Jun-1980
Jackson          John T.                                2-Dec-1980
Jackson          Katy L. (Mrs. Charles H. )             8-Aug-1980
Jackson          Lila L. (Mrs. Mastin)                 24-May-1980
Jackson          Louise O. (Mrs. Russell)               7-Oct-1980
Jackson          Marcus L.                             30-May-1980
Jackson          Myrtle Fern                           28-Jan-1980
Jackson          Robert                                19-Nov-1980
Jackson          Robert                                21-Nov-1980
Jackson          Wheeler H.                             6-Nov-1980
Jackson          William Elmo                          24-Dec-1980
Jackson          William R.                            17-Dec-1980
Jackson          William R.                            18-Dec-1980
Jacobs           Allen Henry                           27-Mar-1980
Jacobs           Billy L.                              25-Dec-1980
JAcobs           Fredrick M.                           17-Apr-1980
Jacobs           Fredrick M.                           18-Apr-1980
Jacobs           Marilyn L. (Mrs. )                    15-Sep-1980
Jacobs           Marilyn L. (Mrs. )                    17-Sep-1980
Jacobs           Walter Buford                          9-Aug-1980
Jacobshagen      Frabk B.                              24-May-1980
Jacobshagen      Frank B.                              25-May-1980
Jacquinot        Cleo M. (Mrs. Eugene F.)              28-Mar-1980
Jaeger           C. F.                                  5-Aug-1980
James            Bernic C.                              1-Apr-1980
James            Bernic C. (Mrs. Leonard M.)            2-Apr-1980
James            Fay                                   16-Dec-1980
James            Frank                                 12-Feb-1980
James            Goldie Ann                            23-Aug-1980
James            Paul Jesse                            20-Aug-1980
James            Woodrow W.                            16-Feb-1980
Jameyson         Lenore G. (Mrs. Howard "Jamey")       22-Mar-1980
Jamieson         Gordon (Dr.)                           1-Dec-1980
Janow            Shawn Robert                          18-Aug-1980
Jansen           Bertha R. (Mrs. Harmon)               10-Oct-1980
Jansen           Bertha R. (Mrs. Harmon)               11-Oct-1980
Janson           Beulah Eleanor (Mrs. Richard P.)      23-Sep-1980
Janssen          David                                 14-Feb-1980
Janssen          Eric Shawn                            12-Mar-1980
Jantz            Reuben T.                             23-Jun-1980
Jantz            Rosella (Mrs. Kerwin)                 25-Mar-1980
Jantzen          David F.                              21-Jan-1980
Janzen           Helena (Mrs. Henry)                   20-Apr-1980
Janzen           Herbert W.                             2-Apr-1980
Janzen           Hulda (Mrs. Peter)                    17-Jun-1980
Janzen           Margaret (Mrs. John)                  12-Apr-1980
Jaques           Frank                                 21-Dec-1980
Jarboe           Anna France (Mrs. Joseph)              5-Jan-1980
Jarboe           Ruth                                  15-Nov-1980
Jarus            Joseph A.                             13-Feb-1980
Javier           Angel Flores                          10-Jun-1980
Jay              Arthur A.                             25-Jun-1980
Jay              Clarence Scott                        22-Dec-1980
Jaynes           Goldie Ann                            24-Aug-1980
Jefferies        Rosie May (Mrs. Wilber R.)             7-Oct-1980
Jefferson        Calvin F.                              3-Oct-1980
Jefferson        Calvin F.                              7-Oct-1980
Jefferson        Lina (Mrs. Eddie)                     17-Oct-1980
Jeffres          Susan (Mrs. Walter)                   24-Apr-1980
Jenkins          Chester M.                            17-Sep-1980
Jenkins          Diamond (Mrs. Robert)                 12-Jun-1980
Jenkins          Herman                                 7-Jan-1980
Jenkins          Herman                                 9-Jan-1980
Jenkins          Marie (Mrs. Ernest)                    7-Dec-1980
Jenkins          V. Aureta (Mrs. John)                  6-Nov-1980
Jenkins          William M.                            15-Aug-1980
Jenkins          Zimariah M.                            6-Feb-1980
Jennings         Agnes Fern (Mrs. Jasper)              11-Mar-1980
Jennings         Earl A.                                2-Nov-1980
Jennings         George                                20-Jun-1980
Jennings         Mira M. (Mrs. Clifford)                8-Mar-1980
Jenree           Lillie M.                              2-Dec-1980
Jensen           Catherine (Mrs. Arthur)                7-Jan-1980
Jensen           Vernon LeRoy                          25-Sep-1980
Jenson           Ella M.                                6-Aug-1980
Jerzek           Barbara Lee (Mrs. Frank)              20-Aug-1980
Jester           George E.                              2-Oct-1980
Jewett           Marion                                18-Feb-1980
Jezek            Barbara Lee (Mrs. Frank)              19-Aug-1980
Jimmerson        Lee Ella (Mrs. Roosevelt)             19-Oct-1980
Jindra           Edward                                14-Oct-1980
Joe              Jack Leroy                            26-Jun-1980
Johannes         Mary Helen (Mrs. Bill)                 1-Dec-1980
Johannsen        Agnes M. (Mrs. Billy)                 21-Sep-1980
Johannsen        Ella Mae (Mrs. Robert)                12-May-1980
Johannsmeyer     Elma E. (Mrs.Henry)                   19-Jan-1980
Johnson          Ada (Mrs. Edward)                      1-Aug-1980
Johnson          Adah E. (Mrs. Jack)                   25-Jan-1980
Johnson          Alice C. (Mrs. Albert)                 8-Oct-1980
Johnson          Allan                                 21-Oct-1980
Johnson          Anna M. (Mrs. Raymond)                28-Nov-1980
Johnson          Anola A. "Pat"                        22-Jun-1980
Johnson          Arthur C.                             20-Jun-1980
Johnson          Catharine H. (Mrs.Edward G.)          22-Feb-1980
Johnson          Clarence Edward                        7-Jan-1980
Johnson          Corine Elizabeth (Mrs. George)        17-Dec-1980
Johnson          Dale                                   3-Jul-1980
Johnson          Delbert I.                            10-Jan-1980
Johnson          Dewey C.                              23-Oct-1980
Johnson          Dollye (Mrs. Chester)                 11-Dec-1980
Johnson          Don G.                                 1-May-1980
Johnson          Don G.                                 2-May-1980
Johnson          Elizabeth                             22-Feb-1980
Johnson          Elsie P. (Mrs. Jospeh)                 3-Aug-1980
Johnson          Emma T. (Mrs. David)                  27-Sep-1980
Johnson          Ethel D.                              29-May-1980
Johnson          Ethel U. (Mrs. Guy)                    7-Apr-1980
Johnson          Eva Marie                             15-Jul-1980
Johnson          Everett W.                             2-Jun-1980
Johnson          Fannie M. (Mrs. Fred)                 18-Jan-1980
Johnson          Fern Elleen (Mrs. Herbert)            23-Apr-1980
Johnson          Floyd "Pop"                           29-Feb-1980
Johnson          Floyd Dean                            25-Apr-1980
Johnson          Frauline (Mrs. Raymond F.)            30-Apr-1980
Johnson          Hattie (Mrs. H. P.)                   23-Jun-1980
Johnson          Helen Aileen (Mrs. Elmer)              6-Jul-1980
Johnson          Herman T.                             31-Oct-1980
Johnson          J. Albin                               6-Mar-1980
Johnson          James Meridith                        25-Jan-1980
Johnson          John W.                                8-Nov-1980
Johnson          Josephine (Mrs. Clyde)                12-Mar-1980
Johnson          Katherine                              5-Oct-1980
Johnson          Larry D.                              13-Jul-1980
Johnson          LaVergne                              20-Dec-1980
Johnson          Lila L. (Mrs. William)                11-Oct-1980
Johnson          Mabel A. (Mrs.Charles M.)             10-May-1980
Johnson          Mary A. (Mrs. James)                   4-Apr-1980
Johnson          Mary K. (Mrs. Carmen)                 21-Sep-1980
Johnson          Meagan Rene                           15-Sep-1980
Johnson          Menyonn P.                            19-Jul-1980
Johnson          Menyonn Patricia                      17-Jul-1980
Johnson          Mildred Jean (Mrs. Billy)             20-Sep-1980
Johnson          Minnie I. (Mrs. L. E.)                24-Feb-1980
Johnson          Norman G.                             10-Oct-1980
Johnson          Norton L.                             16-Feb-1980
Johnson          Raymond F.                            24-Dec-1980
Johnson          Robert W.                             11-Dec-1980
Johnson          Stella (Mrs. Thorsten)                 2-Jan-1980
Johnson          Sylvia M. (Mrs. A. L.)                27-Sep-1980
Johnson          Thomas F.                              3-Dec-1980
Johnson          Warren                                22-Oct-1980
Johnson          Warren C.                             21-Oct-1980
Johnson          Warren G.                              4-Apr-1980
Johnson          Warren G.                              4-Apr-1980
Johnson          Wayne Robert                          26-Feb-1980
Johnson          Willis W.                              6-Dec-1980
Johnson          Wilmine (Mrs. Victor)                 17-Mar-1980
Johnson          Zelda M. (Mrs. Bert H.)                5-Feb-1980
Johnson          Zelda M. (Mrs.Bert)                    6-Feb-1980
Johnston         Dorothy M. (Mrs. Bob)                 17-Mar-1980
Johnston         Earl E.                               20-Feb-1980
Johnston         Elaine M. (Mrs. Russell)              14-Oct-1980
Johnston         Iva B. (Mrs. William)                 12-Aug-1980
Johnston         John R.                               23-Oct-1980
Johnston         Minnie A. (Mrs. Charles O.)            4-Dec-1980
Johnston         Romeyn E. (Mrs. Theodore A.)          21-May-1980
Johnston         Thomas E.                              1-Jun-1980
Jones            Ada (Mrs. Charles L.)                  5-Aug-1980
Jones            Ahmad Omar                            12-Nov-1980
Jones            Audrey Washburn (Mrs. Cecil)          25-Nov-1980
Jones            Barbara A. (Mrs. Glenn)               20-Aug-1980
Jones            Carl L.,  Sr.                          4-May-1980
Jones            Clarence Robert                       17-Feb-1980
Jones            Cloyce W.                             26-Oct-1980
Jones            Dennis Ray                            19-Dec-1980
Jones            Dorothy Jean (Mrs. Harold, Jr.)        5-Apr-1980
Jones            Dorothy Marie (Mrs. Charles)          23-Mar-1980
Jones            Edgar J.                              19-Mar-1980
Jones            Ellen Jean (Mrs. Gary)                16-Oct-1980
Jones            Etta (Mrs. Virgil)                    11-Aug-1980
Jones            Gary Lee                              22-Jul-1980
Jones            Gary N.                                8-Oct-1980
Jones            Glenn J.                               1-Dec-1980
Jones            Hal Michael                           18-Apr-1980
Jones            Helen Goulding                         4-Oct-1980
Jones            Herbert L.                            12-Apr-1980
Jones            Horace                                25-Dec-1980
Jones            Howard Arthur                         29-Feb-1980
Jones            Inez M. (Mrs. Elwood)                 20-Jul-1980
Jones            Juanita (Mrs.Ted)                      2-Jun-1980
Jones            Laura (Mrs. Bailey)                    6-Jul-1980
Jones            Laura May (Mrs. Daryl)                26-Oct-1980
Jones            Lena V. (Mrs. Lloyd)                   9-May-1980
Jones            Letha E. (Mrs. Orin)                  24-Jun-1980
Jones            Lewis J.                               4-Jul-1980
Jones            Lewis J.                               6-Jul-1980
Jones            Lois Hannah (Mrs. Earl)               16-Apr-1980
Jones            Lula (Mrs. Melvin)                    30-Oct-1980
Jones            Mae (Mrs. Paul)                        1-Feb-1980
Jones            Mary Adrian (Mrs. William)            25-Jul-1980
Jones            Mary M. (Mrs. Richard R.)              6-May-1980
Jones            Mary Maxine (Mrs. Richard)             5-May-1980
Jones            May E. (Mrs. Patrick)                 15-Aug-1980
Jones            Mildred A. (Mrs. Horace)              21-Jul-1980
Jones            Nannie (Mrs. James)                   21-Dec-1980
Jones            Ora C. (Mrs. William H.)               8-Jan-1980
Jones            Reta M. (Mrs. Howell)                 25-Aug-1980
Jones            Robert F.                             27-Jun-1980
Jones            Robert M.                             11-Sep-1980
Jones            Robert Wayne                          23-May-1980
Jones            Robert Wayne                          24-May-1980
Jones            Rose B. (Mrs. Benjamin O.)            30-Sep-1980
Jones            Roxie (Mrs. Bonie)                    19-Nov-1980
Jones            Ruth Shipman (Mrs. Ivo V.)            30-Nov-1980
Jones            Velma Eileen (Mrs. Arthur V.)          7-May-1980
Jordan           August L.                             11-Jul-1980
Jordan           August L.                             13-Jul-1980
Jordan           Dorothy M. (Mrs. P. V.)               14-Jul-1980
Jordan           Jack Eugene                           18-Jul-1980
Jordan           Lester J.                              5-Jun-1980
Jorgensen        Jorgen J.                              8-Jun-1980
Josephson        Lee I.                                 9-Dec-1980
Jost             Stephen H.                             1-May-1980
Joy              Inez (Mrs. Elmer)                      8-Jun-1980
Joyce             Sudie G.                             30-Dec-1980
Joyce            George Dewey                          23-Sep-1980
Juarez           Isabel (Mrs. Milton)                   3-Oct-1980
Juel             Boyd Leroy                            30-May-1980
Juenemann        Linda Sue (Mrs. Roy A.)               28-Jun-1980
Juenemann        Linda Sue (Mrs. Roy A.)               29-Jun-1980
Jukes            Clarence T.                           24-Apr-1980
Julian           Ruth (Mrs. Armond)                    22-May-1980
Jurczewsky       Fred                                  12-Oct-1980
Just             Phebe (Mrs. Wilber)                   21-Feb-1980
Just             Phebe (Mrs. Wilbur)                   22-Feb-1980
Justice          Anna (Mrs. Harold)                    28-Dec-1980
Justice          C. B.                                 12-Mar-1980
Justus           John                                  14-Oct-1980
Kab              Benjamin J.                            3-Feb-1980
Kadison          Lillian (Mrs. Arthur)                 15-Nov-1980
Kahler           Arthur E.                              4-Nov-1980
Kaiser           Anna (Mrs. C. H.)                      9-Feb-1980
Kallail          Mae V.                                29-Jul-1980
Kallenbach       Minnie (Mrs. Ronald)                  21-Feb-1980
Kalpenbach       Margaret E.                           14-Apr-1980
Kaltenbach       Ada M. (Mrs. Charlie)                  2-Feb-1980
Kaltenbach       Margaret E.                           15-Apr-1980
Kammer           Helen L. (Mrs. Henry)                 24-Feb-1980
Kampling         Joseph J.                              1-Jul-1980
Kanady           Vern R. "Joe"                          6-Jun-1980
Kanak            Ivan T.                                1-Jan-1980
Kanatzar         Maude (Mrs. Harry)                    17-May-1980
Kancel           Felix G., Sr.                          4-Jul-1980
Kandt            Victor                                26-Jul-1980
Kane             Jennie K. (Mrs. Walter A.)            25-Jan-1980
Kane             William Randolph                      26-Dec-1980
Kappelman        Elmer H.                              13-Mar-1980
Kariker          Charlotte A. (Mrs. Delbert)            7-Nov-1980
Karmolinski      Michael A.                            21-Jan-1980
Karr             James H., Sr.                          8-Jul-1980
Karracker        Earl                                  13-Dec-1980
Karrick          Robert L.                             23-Sep-1980
Kaser            Ruby Alice (Mrs. Clarence)             9-Oct-1980
Kash             Jennie M. (Mrs. Frank)                 6-Mar-1980
Kasiska          Ann M. (Mrs. Floyd)                   19-Mar-1980
Kasitz           Elsie (Mrs. William)                  25-Jul-1980
Kassebaum        Esther E. (Mrs. G. E.)                25-Dec-1980
Kasselman        Christina M. (Mrs. William)           12-Feb-1980
Kasselman        Melvin C.                             28-Jun-1980
Kaub             Edalyne P. (Mrs. Forrest)              5-Apr-1980
Kauer            Andrew D. "Tom"                        2-Dec-1980
Kauffman         Lucy A. (Mrs. Glen)                   20-Jun-1980
Kauffman         Minnie M. (Mrs. Adam)                 15-Dec-1980
Kauffman         Robert K.                              1-Mar-1980
Kaufman          Edmund G. (Dr.)                       16-Feb-1980
Kaufman          Willard L.                            31-Oct-1980
Kautzer          Altha May                             16-Nov-1980
Kay              Helen M. (Mrs. Albert)                16-Aug-1980
Keahey           George Boyd                           20-Dec-1980
Kearn            Cecil "Sig"                           27-Jan-1980
Kearney          Ralph W.                              18-Oct-1980
Keas             Lois                                  21-Dec-1980
Keaton           Clyde H.                               6-Nov-1980
Keaton           Homer N.                               9-Dec-1980
Keckler          Amelia E. (Mrs. George)                3-Apr-1980
Keefer           Christley M.                           6-Jul-1980
Keefer           Frank James                            8-Apr-1980
Keefer           Louise H. (Mrs. Samuel B.)            22-Jun-1980
Keeler           Amy Marie (Mrs. Ora)                  13-Apr-1980
Keeler           Bernard                               30-Aug-1980
Keeler           Donald D.                              3-Apr-1980
Keeling          Melba Marie (Mrs. Wilfred)             8-Aug-1980
Keenan           Connie M. (Mrs. Tom)                  14-Oct-1980
Keenan           Thomas John                           19-Jan-1980
Keevert          Charles H.                             8-Feb-1980
Keevert          Paul                                  17-Oct-1980
Keimig           Larry D.                               4-Mar-1980
Keiser           Charles Burtrand                       5-Feb-1980
Keiter           Margaret (Mrs. Herman J., Sr. )       31-Jul-1980
Keith            Alois T. (Mrs. Leonard)               17-Sep-1980
Keller           Carrie Diane                           7-Oct-1980
Keller           Harry Ozias                           29-Oct-1980
Keller           I. Ferril                              2-Jun-1980
Keller           Irene V. (Mrs. William F.)            26-Jul-1980
Keller           J. Orvan (Rev.)                       23-Aug-1980
Keller           Lloyd A.                              13-Dec-1980
Keller           Thoburn T.                            29-Jan-1980
Keller           Wiliam F.                             30-Sep-1980
Keller           William J.                            14-Jan-1980
Kelley           Everett                               19-Jul-1980
Kelley           Hazel M. (Mrs. Henry)                 23-Feb-1980
Kelley           Helen (Mrs. Elwood)                   20-Feb-1980
Kelley           Jack A.                               26-Nov-1980
Kelley           Kolleen K.                             6-Aug-1980
Kelley           Mary E. (Mrs. Forrest)                 8-Jul-1980
Kelley           Vyrne                                 22-Jan-1980
Kelly            Harold D.                             26-Jan-1980
Kelly            Mary Jane                             18-Mar-1980
Kelly            Mildred D. (Mrs. William)              5-Aug-1980
Kelly            Richard M.                             5-May-1980
Kelly            Robert William                         8-Apr-1980
Kelsay           Mike D.                               15-Aug-1980
Kelsay           Mike D.                               16-Aug-1980
Kelsey           Ray "Dutch"                            5-Mar-1980
Kelso            Buelah P. (Mrs. Warner E.)            23-Dec-1980
Kennard          Jessie L. (Mrs. Jonah)                12-Jan-1980
Kennard          Jessie L. (Mrs. Jonah)                13-Jan-1980
Kennedy          Aaron J.                              23-Feb-1980
Kennedy          Irene J. (Mrs. Virgil)                23-Feb-1980
Kennedy          John J.                                8-Jul-1980
Kenney           Bernice Irene (Mrs. Ernest)           15-Mar-1980
Kennicutt        Roma (Mrs.Charles)                    10-Jan-1980
Kent             Cecil C.                              17-Aug-1980
Kent             Clara H.                              24-Apr-1980
Kent             Donell L.                             24-Feb-1980
Kent             M. Wayne                               7-May-1980
Kent             Robert A.                              8-Jan-1980
Kerbs            Elizabeth I.  (Mrs. Reinhart)         23-Feb-1980
Kerich           Helen Marie (Mrs. Bernard)            18-Oct-1980
Kern             Florence (Mrs. Lloyd)                 19-Jun-1980
Kernen           Martha                                 8-Feb-1980
Kernen           Martha                                11-Feb-1980
Kerns            delford G., Jr.                       20-Apr-1980
Kerntoff         Rosezettie G. (Mrs. Julius)           27-Feb-1980
Kerr             Ethyle M.                             17-Oct-1980
Kerr             Josie A. (Mrs. Ollie)                 24-Feb-1980
Kerr             Mary F.                               20-Feb-1980
Kerschen         Amy L.                                30-Oct-1980
Kerschen         Amy L.                                31-Oct-1980
Kerwood          Mildred (Mrs. Lloyd)                   2-Nov-1980
Kessinger        Ben                                   18-Sep-1980
Kessinger        Sherman L.                             2-Jan-1980
Kessler          Gladys M.                             10-Oct-1980
Kessler          Vivian L. (Mrs. Forrest)              12-Jun-1980
Kettening        Osce M.                               16-Aug-1980
Ketterman        Melvin C.                             28-Jan-1980
Key              Shirley D.                            21-May-1980
Keyes            Laura Bessette                        11-Oct-1980
Kidwell          Eliza (Mrs. Clarence)                 10-Dec-1980
Kiel             G. R. "Gus"                           26-Nov-1980
Kiley            Helen                                 15-Jan-1980
Kiley            Jeffery Scott                         11-Jun-1980
Kilgore          Eva W. (Mrs. Virgil)                   6-Dec-1980
Kilgore          Robert W.                             13-Aug-1980
Killblane        Hattie P. (Mrs. Hugh)                 12-Mar-1980
Kille            Lodora H.                             10-Jan-1980
Killian          Winnie (Mrs. Otis)                    27-Dec-1980
Killion          Edna (Mrs. Arthur)                    11-May-1980
Kimball          Gertrude A. (Mrs. James)              17-Oct-1980
Kimberly         Jennie A.                             24-Aug-1980
Kimberly         Myron C.                              12-Apr-1980
Kimble           Donald L.                             19-May-1980
Kimbley          William C.                            19-Jan-1980
Kimes            Elda I. (Mrs. Andrew)                 20-Sep-1980
Kimes            Nola E. (Mrs. Wayne)                   5-Nov-1980
Kinast           Brandin B.                             7-Jul-1980
Kincheloe        Clair O.                              15-Jan-1980
Kincheloe        Diana Lynn                            17-Apr-1980
Kind             Harold F.                             22-May-1980
Kinder           Birdie (Mrs. Floyd)                    9-Jun-1980
Kinderdick       Lula R.                               25-Sep-1980
Kindlesparger    Delbert                               11-May-1980
Kindred          Zelda R. (Mrs. Everett A.)            28-Mar-1980
Kindred          Zelda R. (Mrs. Everett A.)            29-Mar-1980
King             Arami R.                               2-Oct-1980
King             Clarence W.                           10-Feb-1980
King             Ethel Nellie (Mrs. Thomas C.)         10-Feb-1980
King             Eula A.                               18-Jan-1980
King             John W.                               11-Jul-1980
King             Leslie W.                             19-Apr-1980
King             Louis A.                               4-Aug-1980
King             Mina F. (Mrs. Elroy)                  21-Jul-1980
King             Oscar Lee                              1-Sep-1980
King             Oscar Lee                              6-Sep-1980
King             Roy N.                                27-Nov-1980
King             William Edward                        14-Feb-1980
Kingsley         Clarence O.                           12-Jun-1980
Kingsley         Floyd M.                              12-Jun-1980
Kinikin          Grace H. (Mrs. Emory)                 14-May-1980
Kinnamon         Elmer E. "Dude"                       14-Oct-1980
Kinnard          Geraldine "Jeri" M. (Mrs. Charles)    30-Nov-1980
Kinnard          Geraldine "Jeri" M. (Mrs. Charles)     2-Dec-1980
Kinney           Pearl                                  2-Apr-1980
Kinsall          Alice Clara                           28-May-1980
Kinsley          Elsie  (Mrs. Leo)                     30-Apr-1980
Kinsley          Leo J.                                24-Apr-1980
Kinsman          Veris Amelia (Mrs. James)             19-Nov-1980
Kipers           Ruby Everhart (Mrs. John G.)          26-Aug-1980
Kipers           Ruby Everhart (Mrs. John G.)          27-Aug-1980
Kipple           Anna M.                                5-Oct-1980
Kirchner         Alfred                                25-Sep-1980
Kirk             Edna (Mrs. Lawrence)                  28-Aug-1980
Kirk             Guy S.                                15-Aug-1980
Kirk             Robert                                25-Sep-1980
Kirk             William Gladstone                     19-Nov-1980
Kirkbride        Arthur C.                              3-Dec-1980
Kirkbride        Elmer Lee                             26-Apr-1980
Kirkendall       Cedric L.                              4-Jun-1980
Kirkhuff         Bertha M. (Mrs. Wilbur)               20-Nov-1980
Kirkman          Gerald A.                             13-Feb-1980
Kirkman          Thomas D.                             11-Mar-1980
Kirkpatrick      Ethel F.                              30-Oct-1980
Kirkpatrick      Eva B.                                24-Nov-1980
Kirkpatrick      M. W. "Fred"                          23-Jul-1980
Kirkpatrick      R. Merle "Kirk"                       16-Sep-1980
Kiser            Floyd W.                              24-Jun-1980
Kiser            Leo M.                                25-Jul-1980
Kitch            Edna                                  28-Nov-1980
Kitchen          Eva G. (Mrs. John R.)                  3-Apr-1980
Kitchen          Joseph William                         5-Feb-1980
Kitchen          Joseph William                         6-Feb-1980
Kittell          Marianne                              18-Sep-1980
Kitterman        Albert L.                             14-Apr-1980
Kizer            Robert L.                             12-Dec-1980
Kizzell          Joe                                   13-Dec-1980
Klassen          Anna V.                               16-Aug-1980
Klassen          Mary (Mrs. E. T.)                      9-Jul-1980
Klatt            Earl                                  23-Sep-1980
Klaumann         Clara Belle                           21-Jul-1980
Klaumann         Clara Belle                           23-Jul-1980
Klein            Emmanuel                               9-Apr-1980
Klein            Roy T.                                24-Dec-1980
Klenda           Harry L.                              23-Jul-1980
Klenda           Harry L.                              24-Jul-1980
Klenke           Mary Irene (Mrs. John G.)             10-Mar-1980
Klepper          Philip E.                             26-Jul-1980
Kleweno          Clara                                 16-Nov-1980
Kleweno          Clara                                 17-Nov-1980
Klick            Frances N.                            13-Jul-1980
Kliewer          Eva (Mrs. H. B.)                      10-Jun-1980
Kliewer          John P.                               29-Oct-1980
Kline            Ervin                                 28-Dec-1980
Kline            Glenn R.                              23-Feb-1980
Kline            Lillian Elizabeth                     30-Jan-1980
Klingbell        Eltha M.                               9-Aug-1980
Klinge           Pearl Ina (Mrs. Harry)                 3-Jul-1980
Klingenberg      Marie (Mrs. Herman)                   10-Jan-1980
Klish            Nannette L. (Mrs. Otto)               25-Oct-1980
Knaak            Edward A.                             24-Apr-1980
Knabe            Clarence                              30-Mar-1980
Knackstede       Theodore F.                           26-Oct-1980
Knadler          Anna M.                               13-Jan-1980
Knapp            Marguerite (Mrs. James)               16-Apr-1980
Knapp            Margurite (Mrs. James)                15-Apr-1980
Knerr            Donald C.                              2-Feb-1980
Knetzer          Walter K.                             14-Dec-1980
Knight           Alyce M.                              30-Dec-1980
Knight           Amelia M. (Mrs. Robert E.)            14-Mar-1980
Knight           Bonnie Faye (Mrs. Clarence)            6-Jan-1980
Knight           Calvin H. (Rev.)                      18-Jan-1980
Knight           Caroline G. (Mrs. Calvin)             12-Jan-1980
Knight           Gabriel J.                            28-May-1980
Knight           Howard S.                             10-Jul-1980
Knisal           Lucille (Mrs. Wililam)                20-Apr-1980
Knisley          Louie                                  9-Feb-1980
Knoblauch        Pete J.                                5-Jun-1980
Knocke           Ella C. (Mrs. William)                 6-Feb-1980
Knoettgen        Stella M.                              4-May-1980
Knoffloch        In F. (Mrs. Marvin)                   27-Oct-1980
Knoffloch        Ina F. (Mrs. Marvin)                  28-Oct-1980
Knoffloch        Marvin F.                             18-Mar-1980
Knoll            Kathryn Lorraine (Mrs. Porter         18-Apr-1980
Knowlen          Thelma (Clark)                        20-Jul-1980
Knowles          Eleanor (Mrs. H. P.)                   1-Feb-1980
Knowles          Elton Robert                          11-Sep-1980
Knowles          Raymond R.                            14-Oct-1980
Knox             Blanche E.                            21-Oct-1980
Knox             Elizabeth N. (Mrs. Charles)           17-Jan-1980
Knox             John Oscar                            27-May-1980
Knox             Lillie M. (Mrs. David)                10-Jan-1980
Kobel            George W.                              7-Jul-1980
Koblitz          Jessie M.                             15-Jun-1980
Koch             Clara E. (Mrs. Milton)                 3-Jun-1980
Koch             Grace (Mrs. Edward)                    9-Dec-1980
Koehler          Grace                                  5-Nov-1980
Koehn            Amel H.                               24-Oct-1980
Koehn            David H.                              17-Mar-1980
Koehn            Elmer                                 21-Feb-1980
Koehn            John B.                               24-Jul-1980
Koehn            Jonas C.                               5-Nov-1980
Koehn            Jonas D.                              31-Mar-1980
Koehn            Naomi M. (Mrs. Nelson)                 7-Mar-1980
Koehn            Sanford Ray                           17-Feb-1980
Koehn            Sylvia E. (Mrs.)                       1-May-1980
Koehn            Thomas                                30-Jul-1980
Koehne           Marie                                 28-Dec-1980
Koehne           Marie Margaret (Mrs. Theodore)        25-Dec-1980
Koeneman         Metha (Mrs. Will)                     20-Jan-1980
Koepsel          Mina J. (Mrs. Robert)                 18-Jan-1980
Koepsel          Norwood W.                            17-Nov-1980
Koepsel          Rhinald                               24-Apr-1980
Koerner          Vera E. (Mrs. Robert)                  1-Sep-1980
Kohlman          Walter C.                              4-Dec-1980
Kohls            Geneva B. (Mrs. Harvey)                8-May-1980
Kolb             Ernest M.                             15-Dec-1980
Kolb             Fred L.                               28-Aug-1980
Kolb             Gerldine (Mrs. Bob)                   29-Nov-1980
Kolb             Leo C.                                20-Jul-1980
Kolbeck          Leonard                               31-Aug-1980
Kolde            Mary Margaret                          3-May-1980
Komarek          Gladys A.                             10-Feb-1980
Konold           Mae (Mrs. Martin)                     14-Oct-1980
Koontz           John C., Jr.                          17-Jul-1980
Koopman          Milton A.                             14-Sep-1980
Koopman          Milton A.                             15-Sep-1980
Kopper           Frederic L.                           19-May-1980
Kopper           Frederic L.                           21-May-1980
Korbel           Vivian V. (Mrs. Frank)                10-Feb-1980
Korber           Ralph G.                              25-May-1980
Kornhauf         Arlyss K.                             14-Mar-1980
Koster           Emma (Mrs. Harry, Jr.)                15-Sep-1980
Kourkos          Lucie H. (Mrs. John)                  31-Jan-1980
Kraft            David B.                              22-Dec-1980
Kraft            Oliver L.                             23-Jan-1980
Kralicek         Frank Vernon                          19-Sep-1980
Kramer           Nanci S. (Mrs.Robert)                  7-Feb-1980
Kramer           Paul L.                               25-Jul-1980
Kramer           Sonya D.                              19-Sep-1980
Krch             William J.                            20-Apr-1980
Kreamer          Geraldine (Mrs. Dan)                  10-Nov-1980
Krebs            Helen                                  5-Apr-1980
Krehbiel         Emma Barbara (Mrs. Henry P.)          29-Mar-1980
Krejsek          Emil                                  17-Oct-1980
Krenke           Esther L. (Mrs. Carl)                 13-Dec-1980
Kreutzer         Anna C. (Mrs. Joseph)                  5-May-1980
Kreutzer         Darrel E.                             19-Mar-1980
Kreutzer         Marvin R., Sr.                        26-Nov-1980
Kreutzer         Otto A.                                2-Apr-1980
Kreutziger       Lucy Ella (Mrs. Irvin)                11-Mar-1980
Krier            Clara J. (Mrs. William O.)             3-Nov-1980
Kriete           Emma Dorothea                         26-Jan-1980
Krizek           Brad W.                               29-Aug-1980
Kropf            John W.                                6-May-1980
Kroph            John W.                                4-May-1980
Krshka           Gertrude O. (Mrs. Francis)            21-Nov-1980
Krueger          Anna (Mrs. Herman)                    23-Oct-1980
Krueger          Edna Anna                             28-Apr-1980
Krug             Rosina (Mrs. Edgar)                   15-Nov-1980
Kruger           John                                  23-Nov-1980
Krupp            Marguerite C. (Mrs. Charles)          29-Oct-1980
Kruse            Stanley                               21-Mar-1980
Kubik            Bessie                                 3-Apr-1980
Kuechenmeister   Boyd F.                               23-Jan-1980
Kuechenmeister   Eva Caroline (Mr. Walter L.)          30-Nov-1980
Kueffer          Ina (Mrs. Lloyd)                      24-Sep-1980
Kufus            Bessie (Mrs. Frank)                   20-Jul-1980
Kuhn             Bessy G. (Mrs. J. M. )                30-Oct-1980
Kuhn             Chrissie R.                           20-Oct-1980
Kuhn             Iva B. (Mrs. Edward)                  25-Nov-1980
Kultgen          John L.                               18-Jun-1980
Kuns             Lottie B. (Mrs. Daniel)                4-Jun-1980
Kuntz            Fred J.                                2-Jan-1980
Kupcuns          Alfred Vilis                          30-Oct-1980
Kurinsky         John                                  26-Feb-1980
Kurth            Ellen L. (Mrs. Otto)                  27-Sep-1980
Kurth            Walter W.                             16-Jun-1980
Kustanborter     Susie (Mrs. Earl)                     24-Sep-1980
Kuykendall       Nora (Mrs. William Dean)               4-Jul-1980
Kyees            John L.                               30-Sep-1980
LaBenna          Verna B. (Mrs. Julius)                 4-Jan-1980
Lacey            Leonard Russell                       10-Sep-1980
Lackamp          Margaret A. (Mrs. William L.)         22-Dec-1980
Lackey           Jiles Logan)                          27-Apr-1980
LaClair          Julia E. (Mrs. Henry)                 27-Jun-1980
Lacy             Florence May (Mrs.)                   12-Jan-1980
Lacy             Louise (Mrs. Tom)                     10-Sep-1980
Ladair           Winfred K. (Mrs. Thomas F.)           16-Jul-1980
Ladd             Howard C.                             29-Sep-1980
LaDoux           Margaret A. (Mrs. John)               16-Sep-1980
Lady             Cornelius A.                          23-May-1980
LaForge          Emma L. (Mrs. Homer)                  16-May-1980
Lagas            Bessie G. (Mrs. Gus)                   7-Dec-1980
LaGree           Russell J.                             2-Mar-1980
Lahar            Betty Ruth (Mrs. Bill)                22-Jul-1980
Lair             Matthew C.                             3-Oct-1980
Lair             Minnie (Mrs. Charles)                 24-Sep-1980
Laird            Matthew C.                             2-Oct-1980
Laird            William Eugene                        22-Mar-1980
Lais             John                                  18-Jan-1980
Lalicker         William Leslie                        23-Nov-1980
Lam              Alice J. "Jodi"                        6-Mar-1980
Lamar            Mark R.                               21-Mar-1980
Lamb             Milo D. "Mike"                         9-Jan-1980
Lambdin          Paul                                  17-Jul-1980
Lambdin          Paul                                  18-Jul-1980
Lambert          Emily Ruth (Mrs. Paul)                24-Dec-1980
Lambert          Evelyn (Mrs. Devon)                   13-Nov-1980
Lambert          Geneva Grace (Mrs. Oscar Henry)       28-May-1980
Lambertson       Lena J. (Mrs. Leo)                    18-Jan-1980
Lamborn          Hoover B. (Dr.)                       19-Jul-1980
LaMunyon         Essie                                 21-Jan-1980
Lanam            Elizabeth (Mrs. Wallace)              30-Jun-1980
Lancaster        Noble L.                              18-Apr-1980
Lance            Sue Casakey                           22-Sep-1980
Lancett          Belle D. (Mrs.)                        5-Sep-1980
Lander           Frances                               31-Mar-1980
Landes           Dwight W.                             16-Sep-1980
Landess          Blanche (Mrs. Otha)                   17-Jan-1980
Landgraf         Edith Vivian                           2-Nov-1980
Landis           Elmer E.                              13-Mar-1980
Landis           Naomi D. (Mrs. Elmer)                 16-Sep-1980
Lane             Cherrie E. (Mrs. J. C. )              29-Apr-1980
Lane             Dwight                                28-Dec-1980
Lane             Kerry                                  6-Oct-1980
Lane             Lewman "Lew"                          27-Dec-1980
Lane             Nellie U. (Mrs. Carey)                13-Jun-1980
Lane             Vera M.                                3-Jul-1980
Lang             Edith (Mrs.Albert)                     1-Apr-1980
Langdon          Ella Mae (Mrs. Frank)                 31-Mar-1980
Lange            Anna (Mrs. Herman)                    15-Oct-1980
Langhover        Ruth (Mrs. Leva C. )                  22-Jul-1980
Langhover        Ruth (Mrs. Leva C. )                  23-Jul-1980
Langlois         Floda F. (Mrs. Benjamin)               4-Mar-1980
Langlois         Joseph Clem                            3-Mar-1980
Langston         Hazel A.                              21-Dec-1980
Langton          Leonard                               10-Oct-1980
Lanham           Corda Ann (Mrs. Ralph)                25-Oct-1980
Lanham           Mabel T. (Mrs. Harry)                 17-Feb-1980
Lanier           Ruth E. (Mrs. Clarence)                8-Apr-1980
Lanning          Irvin John "Jack"                     24-Nov-1980
Lanning          Nerta (Mrs. Fred)                     30-Jan-1980
Lantz            Gary P.                               27-Feb-1980
Lantz            Sue                                   23-Sep-1980
Lanz             Virginia Lee "Farmer" (Mrs. John)     13-Mar-1980
Lapworth         Josephine Winifred                    12-Feb-1980
Larabee          Bertha (Mrs. Fred)                    11-Jan-1980
Larcade          Wallie E.                             16-Aug-1980
Larcher          Robert                                15-Dec-1980
Larcom           Elmer A.                               5-Sep-1980
Larimer          Claude C.                              6-Jul-1980
Larkin           John J.                                8-Aug-1980
Larkin           Joseph Francis                         5-Feb-1980
Larkin           Pearl L. (Mrs. Leo J.)                28-Dec-1980
Larsen           Grace E. (Mrs. Louis)                 24-Sep-1980
Larsen           Jessie E. (Mrs. Fred)                  2-Dec-1980
Larsen           Lavonn I.                             22-Feb-1980
Larsen           Marie Josephine (Mrs. Marshall)       28-Dec-1980
Larsen           Roy Milton                            15-Feb-1980
Larson           Henry A.                               6-Jun-1980
Larson           James M.                               3-Jan-1980
Lasater          David Bret                            12-Aug-1980
Lasley           Mary Richardson (Mrs. James E. )      16-Jul-1980
Lassiter         Chester W. "Chet"                      1-Jan-1980
Lasswell         Martha Ella (Mrs. Charles)             9-Dec-1980
Laswell          Pearl R. (Mrs. Walter)                 2-Feb-1980
Latham           Emma D. (Mrs. Arthur)                  8-Jan-1980
Latham           Emma D. (Mrs. Arthur)                  9-Jan-1980
Latimer          Glenn A.                              18-Jun-1980
Latimer          Treat                                 19-Dec-1980
Lattimore        Eula Bess (Mrs. Ernest L.)            17-Apr-1980
Lauer            Keith                                  7-Jun-1980
Lauer            Lee                                   10-Jul-1980
Laughary         Zack F.                                5-Dec-1980
Laughlin         Bernice (Mrs. Cloyde Earl)             6-Jan-1980
Laughrey         Hazel Agnes (Mrs. Earl B.)            15-Oct-1980
Launhart         William L.                             9-Mar-1980
Lauppe           Gerald Leon                            8-Oct-1980
Lausch           Fred F.                               12-Apr-1980
Lauterbach       Elizabeth (Mrs. Lawrence)             18-Jan-1980
Laver            Eugene H.                             13-Aug-1980
Lavielle         Florence N.                           27-Sep-1980
Lavin            Kathryn L.                             6-Oct-1980
LaVoie           Elmer L.                               7-Oct-1980
Law              Mildred Doris (Mrs. Clarence)          4-Oct-1980
Lawhead          Nora M.                                1-Mar-1980
Lawman           Alva W.                               27-Apr-1980
Lawmaster        Carl                                  21-Jul-1980
Lawrence         Curtis A.                              6-Jun-1980
Lawrence         Ella (Mrs. John)                       4-Jan-1980
Lawrence         Gertrude E. (Mrs. Arden)              12-Feb-1980
Lawrence         Infant son of Danny W.                21-Sep-1980
Lawrence         Infant son of Danny W.                22-Sep-1980
Lawrence         Joseph C.                             22-Sep-1980
Lawrence         Minnie E.                             11-Oct-1980
Laws             Harlan H.                              9-Jun-1980
Lawson           Ethel (Mrs. Jack)                      6-Dec-1980
Layman           John                                  21-Oct-1980
Layman           Mildred (Mrs. Glen)                   24-May-1980
Laymon           Jack A.                               29-Nov-1980
Laymon           Wayne W.                              23-Dec-1980
Layne            Matthew Steven                        27-Dec-1980
Layne            Matthew Steven                        28-Dec-1980
Layport          William F.                            11-Nov-1980
Lazzers          Harry F.                              25-Aug-1980
Le Kron          George E., Sr.                         8-Feb-1980
Lea              Pauline "Polly" (Mrs. Roscoe)          1-Jun-1980
Leach            Christine A.                          20-Aug-1980
Leach            Gerald R.                              1-Sep-1980
Leach            Velma F. (Mrs Edward)                  1-Jan-1980
Leader           Aurel L.                              24-Oct-1980
League           Elizabeth (Mrs. Lon)                   2-Feb-1980
Lear             Jimmie Lee                            29-Aug-1980
Learn            Ruby B. (Mrs. Milton)                 29-Oct-1980
Learned          Elsie I. (Mrs. Virgil L.)              6-Aug-1980
Leatherburry     Mary Ila (Mrs. Charlie)                7-Feb-1980
LeBar            Eva Mae (Mrs. Claris)                  1-Apr-1980
Lebeda           Joseph                                30-Nov-1980
LeBlond          Jack Donald                           14-Oct-1980
LeBlond          Jack Donald                           15-Oct-1980
Lebow            Charles "FranK"                        2-Apr-1980
LeCounte         James R.                              18-Sep-1980
Ledbetter        Martha (Mrs. James D.)                 3-Nov-1980
Leddon           Blanche (Mrs. George I. )             29-May-1980
Ledell           Oscar E.                              29-Jun-1980
Ledesma          Santiago "Jimmie" (Rev.)              10-Apr-1980
Ledgerwood       Charles                               30-Nov-1980
Lee              Curtis Darrell                        22-Jan-1980
Lee              David C.                              28-Jun-1980
Lee              David Curtis                          27-Jun-1980
Lee              Dwight R.                             16-Mar-1980
Lee              Elsie G. (Mrs. Ernest)                 2-Feb-1980
Lee              Henry J.                               2-Mar-1980
Lee              Herbert E.                             2-Jan-1980
Lee              James Arthur                           3-Sep-1980
Lee              Jess H.                               14-Apr-1980
Lee              Marjorie                              14-Dec-1980
Lee              Milo, Sr.                              6-Feb-1980
Leedahl          Thelma M. (Mrs. Ed)                   10-Feb-1980
Leedom           Jeffery Scott                         29-Dec-1980
Lefever          Ola (Mrs. Edward)                     21-Sep-1980
Lefever          Ola (Mrs. Edward)                     22-Sep-1980
LeGate           Olive M. (Mrs. James Emmons)          23-Mar-1980
Legg             George H.                              5-Sep-1980
Legleiter        John B.                               17-May-1980
Lehman           Roy P.                                25-May-1980
Lehman           Roy P.                                27-May-1980
Lehmann          David K.                              17-Apr-1980
Lehrling         Joseph H.                              8-Jun-1980
Lehrman          Anna J. (Mrs. David)                  21-Sep-1980
Leigh            John D.                               18-Jul-1980
Leighty          Ivan H.                                2-Jan-1980
Leiker           Aloysius P.                           18-Apr-1980
Leiker           Anton                                 27-Dec-1980
Leiker           Linus                                 27-Dec-1980
Lemaster         Francis                               17-Feb-1980
Lemon            Earl M.                                2-Mar-1980
Lemon            George M.                              9-Aug-1980
Lemon            Harry V., Jr.                         12-Nov-1980
LeMonie          George Henry                          16-Feb-1980
Lendennie        Helen H. (Mrs. Louis)                  4-Nov-1980
Lennen           Joe P.                                28-Aug-1980
Lennen           Joe P.                                29-Aug-1980
Lentz            Edith (Mrs. Claude)                   20-Aug-1980
Lenz             Joseph A.                             28-Apr-1980
Leonard          Esther (Mrs. Ellis)                    8-Jan-1980
Leonard          Guy F.                                23-Jun-1980
Leonard          James Willis                          30-Dec-1980
Leonard          L. L. "Tim"                           25-Jul-1980
Leonard          Ruth E. (Mrs. Arthur)                  7-Nov-1980
Leonard          Vivian (Mrs. Waldo)                   11-Jan-1980
Lesley           L. E.                                 30-Dec-1980
Leslie           Martin F.                             18-Nov-1980
LeStage          Joshua Perry                           8-Jan-1980
Lester           Allen V.                               1-Oct-1980
Lester           Bess B. (Mrs. Ralph G.)               22-Feb-1980
Lester           Elzie Lee                              4-Nov-1980
Lester           Lylyan C. (Mrs. Maurice)               8-Nov-1980
LeSuer           Ann (Mrs. Earl)                       16-Apr-1980
Lethem           Jon A.                                17-Jan-1980
Lett             Evelyn I. (Mrs. Harold)               10-Jan-1980
Levand           Leonard A.                            19-Sep-1980
Levick           Lela M. (Mrs. Fred)                   21-May-1980
Levin            Joseph A.                              1-Mar-1980
Levine           Morris P.                             10-Apr-1980
Levy             Reba F.                               19-Oct-1980
Lewellen         Amella Iota (Mrs. Clifford G.)         4-Sep-1980
Lewellen         Mabel K. (Mrs. Frank E.)               2-Feb-1980
Lewis            Albert                                 9-Apr-1980
Lewis            Charles H., Jr.                        2-Mar-1980
Lewis            Charles H., Jr.                        3-Mar-1980
Lewis            Della (Mrs. Charles)                  24-Oct-1980
Lewis            Edna (Mrs. Paul)                      31-Oct-1980
Lewis            Eva (Mrs. Albert)                     27-Dec-1980
Lewis            Harris E.                              8-Dec-1980
Lewis            Hazel (Mrs. Dee)                      20-Jul-1980
Lewis            J. B.                                 14-May-1980
Lewis            James A.                              25-Jan-1980
Lewis            James A.                              27-Jan-1980
Lewis            Jesse D.                               9-Jun-1980
Lewis            Kenneth K.                            23-Sep-1980
Lewis            Lester L.                             27-Jun-1980
Lewis            Lillian (Mrs. Joseph)                 22-Jul-1980
Lewis            Linda                                  4-Sep-1980
Lewis            Louise Marie (Mrs. Leonard W.)        16-Sep-1980
Lewis            Margaret Eva (Mrs. Paul)               6-Mar-1980
Lewis            Mary Alice (Mrs. Woolsie)             27-Dec-1980
Lewis            Mary S. (Mrs. Leroy)                  17-Mar-1980
Lewis            Melvin                                 3-Jul-1980
Lewis            Ralph Earl                            23-Sep-1980
Lewis            Robert E.                             19-Jan-1980
Lewis            Robert E.                             22-Jan-1980
Lewis            Roland L.                             28-Dec-1980
Lewis            Roy H. "Steve"                         7-Jan-1980
Lewis            Ruby (Mrs. Cecil)                     23-Jun-1980
Lewis            Viola                                 25-Sep-1980
Liddeke          Clayton George                        29-May-1980
Lies             Anna E. (Mrs. Edward)                  7-Dec-1980
Life             Nellie M. (Mrs. Lewis)                17-Apr-1980
Lightcap         Robert E.                              7-Mar-1980
Lightner         Dale Richard                          27-Sep-1980
Lightwine        Wilma (Mrs. Barney)                    3-Apr-1980
Lile             Joseph R.                             26-Jan-1980
Lill             Avrill E. (Mrs. Ralph)                15-Feb-1980
Lille            Christina (Mrs. Albert)               15-May-1980
Lilley           Frederick                             21-Dec-1980
Lilley           Nellie (Mrs. Herbert)                 14-Jun-1980
Lillibridge      Betty L. (Mrs.Fred)                    3-Dec-1980
Lincoln          Will                                  25-Apr-1980
Lind             George W., Sr.                        14-Apr-1980
Lind             Leslie L.                              8-Feb-1980
Lind             Pauline M.                            19-Jul-1980
Lindahl          Hilda L. (Mrs. John)                  30-Jun-1980
Lindal           Bertha E. (Mrs. Leo C.)               30-Dec-1980
Lindblom         Frances C.                             2-May-1980
Lindholm         Arthur                                31-Oct-1980
Lindholm         Gust A.                               12-Feb-1980
Lindley          Wilma (Mrs. Charles)                   8-Sep-1980
Lindsay          James                                 13-Feb-1980
Lindsay          James Edgar                           25-Sep-1980
Lindsay          William M.                             4-Jun-1980
Lindsey          Waldo E.                              31-Aug-1980
Lindsley         Frank A.                              21-Mar-1980
Linenberger      Susanna (Mrs. Joseph L.)               1-Mar-1980
Lingenfelder     Allen D.                              27-Jun-1980
Link             Louis                                 28-Feb-1980
Link             Thomas L.                              2-Aug-1980
Linn             Erwin S.                              23-Oct-1980
Linnebur         Elizabeth Ann                         12-Jul-1980
Linnebur         Frances Anna                          29-May-1980
Linnens          Jean A. (Mrs. Ira)                     2-Jul-1980
Linscheid        Ernest J.                             16-Aug-1980
Linson           Teresa L.                             30-Dec-1980
Linstrot         Frank P., Sr.                         17-Oct-1980
Lint             Harriet Louise                        23-Nov-1980
Lipke            Joe                                   24-Mar-1980
Lipper           Mary A. (Mrs. Frederick)              21-Nov-1980
Liss             Mabel R.                              22-Feb-1980
Lister           Glenn H.                               2-Jul-1980
Little           Fern (Mrs. Arlo)                      29-Oct-1980
Little           Josephine (Mrs. William)              27-Aug-1980
Littlefield      Frank L.                              11-Mar-1980
Littlefield      Natalie Kay                           14-Sep-1980
Littlejohn       Goldie Louise (Mrs. Marion)           22-Dec-1980
Littlejohn       Goldie Louise (Mrs. Marion)           23-Dec-1980
Littlejohn       Katie L.                              15-Jun-1980
Littlejohn       Mary A. (Mrs. Dan)                    17-Jul-1980
Littlejohn       Mary Lou (Mrs. Leonard)               11-Jan-1980
Littrell         Anna H.                               30-Aug-1980
Littrell         Joseph C.                             13-Mar-1980
Littrell         Una Frances (Mrs. James)               5-Jun-1980
Litzell          John                                   9-Aug-1980
Lively           Lucille                               28-Dec-1980
Lloyd            Clarence A.                           11-Jun-1980
Lloyd            Clarence A.                           12-Jun-1980
Lloyd            Ira                                   28-Sep-1980
Lloyd            John C.                               24-Mar-1980
Locke            Andrew Perry                          28-Apr-1980
Locke            Helena J. (Mrs. Donald)               11-Dec-1980
Locke            Myrtle R. (Mrs. Clifford)             10-Jan-1980
Lockwood         Minnie E.                             27-Dec-1980
Loebsack         Dollie Sparks                         26-Aug-1980
Loewen           Agnes (Mrs.)                          22-Jul-1980
Logan            Albert W.                              8-Mar-1980
Logan            Baxter B.                             10-Mar-1980
Logan            Ellen E. (Mrs. D. R.)                  6-Jul-1980
Logsdon          Elbert                                25-Dec-1980
Lohr             David N.                              12-Aug-1980
Lohrding         Laura (Mrs. Raymond)                  23-Nov-1980
Lohrengel        Russell T. "Rusty"                    30-Aug-1980
Loins            Sylvester                             14-Feb-1980
Lolmaugh         Chester E.                            14-Dec-1980
Londeen          Gary L.                                4-Mar-1980
Long             Bada F. (Mrs. James)                  16-Aug-1980
Long             Beatrice K.                           26-Jul-1980
Long             Claude R.                             19-Jan-1980
Long             Cora Louise (Mrs. Jim)                27-Apr-1980
Long             E. LaVerne                             3-Apr-1980
Long             Earl                                  12-Nov-1980
Long             Jesse "Slim"                          15-Dec-1980
Long             Johnnie D.                            31-May-1980
Long             Mildred E. (Mrs. D. S.)                9-Dec-1980
Long             Thelma                                 5-Oct-1980
Long             Vada F. (Mrs. James)                  17-Aug-1980
Longenecker      Minnie B. (Mrs. Nathaniel)            10-Oct-1980
Longhofer        Ted                                   27-Apr-1980
Longnecker       Bradley J.                            28-Oct-1980
Longsdon         Earl C. (Dr.)                         11-Aug-1980
Lonnquist        Fredrik W.                            12-Dec-1980
Lonnquist        Fredrik W.                            13-Dec-1980
Loomis           Ervin                                 29-Mar-1980
Looney           Marvin E.                              8-Jan-1980
Looney           Paulette                               1-Dec-1980
Looney           Paulette                               4-Dec-1980
Loos             Bernice (Mrs. Ruben)                  29-Dec-1980
Loos             Ruben                                  6-Jan-1980
Lorbeer          Alice L. (Mrs.Johnny)                  9-May-1980
Lortz            Earl G.                                4-Nov-1980
Loth             Raymond T.                            30-Jun-1980
Lotton           Everett DeForest                      25-Feb-1980
Lough            James R.                              18-Nov-1980
Loughmiller      Clyde A.                              24-Jan-1980
Lousch           John                                  21-Jun-1980
Loutzenhiser     Forest                                16-Dec-1980
Love             DeVere                                14-Jan-1980
Love             Gertrude M. (Mrs. James E.)           23-Mar-1980
Love             Jimmy Lee                             30-Sep-1980
Love             Larry Lee                             25-Jul-1980
Love             Lester R.                              2-Oct-1980
Loveall          Margauerite (Mrs. Lowton)             18-Jan-1980
Loveland         William G. "Kack"                     25-Jan-1980
Loveless         Jewel M. (Mrs. Kibby)                 21-Feb-1980
Lovelle          Bertha J. (Mrs. Francis)              28-Oct-1980
Lovett           Effie Grace (Mrs. Lee)                29-Sep-1980
Lovitt           Alice (Mrs. Rex)                       7-Feb-1980
Lowe             Clarence M.                           27-Jun-1980
Lowe             David Clarence                         2-Jun-1980
Lowe             Dora K.                                4-Aug-1980
Lowe             Ethmer J.                             10-Feb-1980
Lowe             Lewis A.                               8-Oct-1980
Lowe             Walter Jack                           20-Nov-1980
Lowell           Carolyn L.                            24-Oct-1980
Lowell           Craolyn L.                            25-Oct-1980
Lowell           Laura (Mrs. Bob A. )                  30-Jun-1980
Lowell           Laura (Mrs. Bob A.)                    1-Jul-1980
Lowmaster        Carl                                  23-Jul-1980
Lowrey           George                                27-May-1980
Lowry            H. (Dr.)                               1-Jan-1980
Lowry            Ray F. (Dr.)                          22-Apr-1980
Loy              Amos M. (Rev.)                        19-Nov-1980
Loyd             Harry T.                              30-Aug-1980
Loyd             John T.                               24-Jan-1980
Loyd             Martha L.                             10-Jun-1980
Lubbers          Troy                                  30-Nov-1980
Lubers           Mamie (Mrs. Henry)                     8-Jun-1980
Lucas            Bessie A. (Mrs. John)                  9-Apr-1980
Lucas            Lee E.                                30-Sep-1980
Lucas            Richard C.                            28-Jan-1980
Lucas            Shirley (Mrs. Lloyd)                  20-Dec-1980
Lucas            Shirley (Mrs. Lloyd)                  21-Dec-1980
Ludeman          Clarence A.                           29-Dec-1980
Ludeman          Clarence A.                           30-Dec-1980
Ludlow           Mary Agnes (Mrs. Frank)               26-Dec-1980
Ludwick          Frank H.                              10-Feb-1980
Ludwick          Harry L.                              25-Sep-1980
Luekenga         Rosa A. (Mrs. William)                22-Jan-1980
Lueker           Esther H. (Mrs. Rudy)                 24-Oct-1980
Luff             Frederick Bernard                      8-Feb-1980
Luginbill        Eva M. (Mrs. James)                   12-Aug-1980
Luginbill        Eva M. (Mrs. James)                   13-Aug-1980
Lugo             Magdalena (Mrs. Antonio)               5-Sep-1980
Lukas            Elizabeth Anne                        21-Jun-1980
Lukens           James Earl                             7-Nov-1980
Luman            Jack                                   3-Dec-1980
Luman            Jack                                   4-Dec-1980
Luman            Nellie E. (Mrs. Wade)                  1-Jul-1980
Lumpkins         Leo                                   19-Aug-1980
Lumry            Wesley E., Sr.                         9-Dec-1980
Lumry            Wesley E., Sr.                        10-Dec-1980
Lundberg         Harold J.                             13-Jun-1980
Lupfer           Lois (Mrs. Loren)                      4-Dec-1980
Lutes            Melvin W., Sr.                        16-Dec-1980
Luthi            Darla D. (Mr. Richard G.)             27-Jul-1980
Luttig           Jason                                  3-Jul-1980
Luttrell         Everett                               16-Apr-1980
Lutz             Goldie (Mrs. Harry)                   25-Nov-1980
Lyday            Larry G.                              11-Aug-1980
Lyday            Larry G.                              12-Aug-1980
Lyday            Larry G.                              13-Aug-1980
Lygrisse         Bernice Burtek                        24-Jul-1980
Lynch            Linnie (Mrs. J. B.)                    3-Dec-1980
Lynd             Miles A.                               4-Feb-1980
Lynn             Mary J. (Mrs. Leonard)                11-Nov-1980
Lyon             Walter                                 8-Mar-1980
Lyons            David J.(Dr.)                         14-May-1980
Lyons            Fern (Mrs. James F. )                 14-Jan-1980
Lyons            Fern (Mrs. James F. )                 15-Jan-1980
MacDonald        Douglas N.                            25-Jun-1980
Machacek         Betty Jackson (Mrs. Arthur)            2-Jun-1980
Maciel           Joseph J.                             27-Apr-1980
Mack             George H.                             15-Apr-1980
Mackey           Harlan J.                             27-Dec-1980
Mackey           Helen L. (Mrs.Chester)                14-Jun-1980
Mackey           Mary                                   8-Jan-1980
Maclean          Olive P. (Mrs. john)                   6-Nov-1980
Madden           Frank L.                              20-Jun-1980
Mader            Robert W.                              1-May-1980
Mader            Timothy LaVern                        30-Jun-1980
Madigan          Herbert J.                             5-Feb-1980
Madill           Ralph Clark                           12-Jan-1980
Madison          Lewis F.                               7-Mar-1980
Madsen           Mary (Mrs. Neils)                     29-Jun-1980
Magazine         Russell E.                            19-Jul-1980
Maggard          Maude C. (Mrs. Jake)                  15-Mar-1980
Magness          Elsie (Mrs. Walter Lee)               28-Jan-1980
Magnuson         Leonard E.                            15-Jul-1980
Magruder         Ira                                   21-Nov-1980
Mahaffey         Rosa M. (Mrs. Roy)                     9-Feb-1980
Mahar            Mabel E.                              31-Jul-1980
Maher            Bernard John                          25-Jan-1980
Maher            Ruth L. (Mrs. William)                28-Oct-1980
Mahoney          Charles                                5-Jul-1980
Makley           Bill                                  15-Feb-1980
Maldonado        Juvenico                               4-Dec-1980
Maldondo         Juvenico                               3-Dec-1980
Maley            Charles R.                            25-Nov-1980
Mallicoat        Lucile Purviance (Mrs. Kenneth)       20-Aug-1980
Mallon           Pink (Mrs. Seth)                       5-Jan-1980
Mallon           William Joseph                        17-Jan-1980
Malmgeren        Mauritz G.                            20-Jan-1980
Malnar           Thomas George, Sr.                    24-Apr-1980
Malone           Dana K.                               22-Dec-1980
Malone           Violet (Mrs. Leo)                      4-Dec-1980
Mammel           Olga (Mrs. Norman)                    15-Jan-1980
Mandrell         M. H.                                  8-Aug-1980
Mandrell         Morgan Henry                           8-Aug-1980
Mandrell         Morgan Henry                           9-Aug-1980
Maness           Oreca (Mrs. Willard)                  22-Jun-1980
Mann             Freida Mae (Mrs. John)                14-Feb-1980
Mann             Gladys I. (Mrs. Harold)               27-May-1980
Mann             Maureen S. (Mrs. Howard)              21-Jul-1980
Mann             Pearl Marie (Mrs. Harry)               3-Mar-1980
Mann             William Sanford                        2-Jun-1980
Mannebacah       Anthony J. "Tony"                      8-Aug-1980
Manner           Anna M. (Mrs. Milton)                 21-Mar-1980
Mansfield        Leland E.                              2-Nov-1980
Mansfield        Phil V.                               10-Aug-1980
Mansfiled        Francis G.                            13-Nov-1980
Manuel           John L., Sr.                           3-Jun-1980
Maples           Edith M. (Mrs. Lee E.)                 1-Apr-1980
Mar              K. Chuck                              10-Feb-1980
Marble           Lura Alice (Mrs. Henry)               16-Jul-1980
Marbourg         Wayatt P.                              4-Jun-1980
Marcott          Archie                                13-Nov-1980
Marcotte         May M. (Mrs. Lewis)                   14-Feb-1980
Mardock          Lawrence I.                           13-Mar-1980
Margheim         Herman                                30-Apr-1980
Maring           Leona (Mrs. John L. )                  6-Jan-1980
Mark             Bertha (Mrs. Gus)                     20-Jul-1980
Mark             Evelyn P.                              7-Jul-1980
Mark             Paul W.                               25-Jan-1980
Marker           Russell J.                            15-Oct-1980
Markhart         Cheri L.                               4-Sep-1980
Markhart         Lester F.                              2-Nov-1980
Markland         Russell F.                            19-May-1980
Markle           Grace (Mrs. John)                      8-Jul-1980
Markley          Doris (Mrs. Earl)                      9-Nov-1980
Marler           Archie R.                              1-Apr-1980
Marn             Trumie L.                              7-Jul-1980
Marn             Trumie L.                              8-Jul-1980
Marnix           Emma V. (Mrs. M. J.)                  17-Oct-1980
Marousek         Louis J.                              19-Sep-1980
Marquette        William J.                            13-Nov-1980
Marr             Willis "Madge" (Mrs. Clarence)        28-Mar-1980
Marsh            Ida L. (Mrs. Lloyd)                   30-Mar-1980
Marsh            Louise Foster (Mrs. Virgil)           26-Jan-1980
Marsh            Otto E.                               15-Feb-1980
Marshall         Addie                                 22-Feb-1980
Marshall         Dale                                   7-Jul-1980
Marshall         Deering J.                             9-Aug-1980
Marshall         Erma (Mrs. John )                     15-Jul-1980
Marshall         Helen R. (Dr.)                        30-Dec-1980
Marshall         Jeffery Scott                          1-Aug-1980
Marshall         Laura                                 24-Sep-1980
Marshall         Opal W. (Mrs. James H.)               13-Jan-1980
Marshall         Vaughn W.                             23-Oct-1980
Marshall         Wilbur W.                             16-Nov-1980
Marteney         May  (Mrs. G. W.)                     16-Feb-1980
Martin           Albert J.                             18-Mar-1980
Martin           Bernice E. (Mrs. Charlie)             12-Dec-1980
Martin           Clarence R.                           13-Jul-1980
Martin           Clifford D.                           29-Jan-1980
Martin           Dolph "Bll"                            1-Feb-1980
Martin           Edward John                           23-May-1980
Martin           Farie B.                               3-Sep-1980
Martin           Faye W. (Mrs. Herbert)                 3-Mar-1980
Martin           Frank R.                               9-Jan-1980
Martin           Frank R.                              10-Jan-1980
Martin           Harold W.                              3-Apr-1980
Martin           Hazel Alice (Mrs. Ernest)             19-Sep-1980
Martin           Jay Herbert                           23-Dec-1980
Martin           Jesse T.                              27-Jan-1980
Martin           Keith A.                               5-Jul-1980
Martin           Latillie Hope (Mrs. Joseph B.)         4-Nov-1980
Martin           Linzy P.                              14-Mar-1980
Martin           Mike                                   8-Jul-1980
Martin           Philomena (Mrs. Joseph)               25-Dec-1980
Martin           Richard H.                             2-Nov-1980
Martin           Rufus H.                              23-Mar-1980
Martin           Theodore                              20-Feb-1980
Martin           Virgil B.                             29-Apr-1980
Martin           William Dee                           20-Jan-1980
Martinez         Guadalupe (Mrs. Jesus)                18-Sep-1980
Martinez         Juan                                  14-Oct-1980
Martini          Judy (Mrs .Hans)                      21-Nov-1980
Marts            Kathryn (Mrs. John R.)                 1-May-1980
Mason            Alta V. (Mrs. Earl)                   31-Jul-1980
Mason            Alta V. (Mrs. Earl)                    1-Aug-1980
Mason            Glenn F.                              12-Sep-1980
Mason            Leroy G.                               3-Nov-1980
Mason            Philip S.                             12-Mar-1980
Mason            Philip S.                             16-Mar-1980
Mason            Priscilla B. (Mrs. Paul)               5-Nov-1980
Mason            W. R. "Bill"                           1-Apr-1980
Massey           Mable H. (Mrs. Earl)                   6-Oct-1980
Massey           Meta (Mrs. T. O.)                      8-Aug-1980
Mata             Jesus E.                              31-May-1980
Mather           Claude E.                              5-Oct-1980
Mather           Melba E. (Mrs. C. E.)                 21-Feb-1980
Mathers          Hazel K. (Mrs. Raymond)               20-Aug-1980
Mathes           Bert V.                                9-Jun-1980
Mathews          Clyde R., Sr.                         22-Aug-1980
Mathews          Lena G. (Mrs. John)                   13-Jul-1980
Mathews          Versa (Mrs. Lawrence E.)              18-Apr-1980
Mathis           Monroe J.                             18-Aug-1980
Mathis           Monroe J.                             20-Aug-1980
Matkin           Fred                                  11-Nov-1980
Matlock          Vicki Sue (Mrs. Wayne)                29-Jun-1980
Matox            George Ervin                          29-Jul-1980
Matthew          Mary O.                               23-Oct-1980
Matthew          Walter O.                             22-Nov-1980
Matthews         Bertha                                13-Sep-1980
Matthews         Cheryl M. (Mrs. Roger)                18-Aug-1980
Matthews         Cheryl M. (Mrs. Roger)                19-Aug-1980
Matthews         Jessie Elizabeth (Mrs. Jacob)         12-Sep-1980
Matthews         Lula Flack                            15-May-1980
Matthews         Roy Clifton                           24-Jul-1980
Matthias         William L.                            10-Jun-1980
Mattison         Clarence C.                           28-Jun-1980
Matzen           Dick                                  30-Aug-1980
Mau              Robert, Jr.                           24-Jun-1980
Mauck            William T.                            13-Apr-1980
Mauler           Frank F.                              14-Aug-1980
Maupin           Ruby (Mrs. William)                   24-Jan-1980
Maurer           Harold Dee                            14-Jun-1980
Maurer           Velva E. (Mrs. Glenn)                 29-Jan-1980
Maurer           Velva E. (Mrs. Glenn)                 31-Jan-1980
Maxwell          Clarence Robert                        7-Oct-1980
Maxwell          Tracy I. (Mrs. Charles)                2-Jan-1980
May              Christopher A.                        30-Sep-1980
May              Christopher A.                         1-Oct-1980
May              Edith L.                              27-Dec-1980
May              Harold W.                             30-Apr-1980
May              Homer                                  6-Aug-1980
Mayberry         Richard K.                             5-Dec-1980
Mayer            Infant son of Robert and Kay          30-Oct-1980
Mayers           Kathryn                               31-Mar-1980
Mayers           Virgil C.                             30-Oct-1980
Mayfield         Bernice T.                            18-Feb-1980
Mayfield         Gary L.                               11-Aug-1980
Mayfield         Joyce E. (Mrs. Stanley)               17-Aug-1980
Mayginnes        Violet M. (Mrs. Donald)               23-Dec-1980
Mayham           Ronald D.                             13-Jan-1980
Mayham           Trudy A. (Mrs. Harold)                 9-Jan-1980
Mayland          Robert W.                             13-Jan-1980
Maynard          Joy Lee                               25-Nov-1980
Maynard          Marion                                30-Jan-1980
Mayo             Robert                                16-Nov-1980
Mays             Sarah L.                              19-Mar-1980
McAdoo           Harold E.                             26-Jul-1980
McAlester        Eva S.                                 3-Dec-1980
McAlexander      Ida                                    7-Sep-1980
McAllister       Eva A. (Mrs. John)                    17-Apr-1980
McBeath          Pearl                                 27-Nov-1980
McBee            Lisa Diane                            11-Jun-1980
McBrayer         Lillie A. (Mrs. Forrest)              17-Nov-1980
McBride          Albert F.                             29-Oct-1980
McBride          Biirdie Ann                            4-Aug-1980
McBride          Birdie Ann                             5-Aug-1980
McBride          Edgar Raymond                         21-Oct-1980
McBride          Flora Belle (Mrs.Edgar)               30-Jun-1980
McBride          Gerald Leroy                          29-Jun-1980
McBride          Mary S. (Mrs. William)                25-Jan-1980
McBroom          Thomas Earl                           14-Dec-1980
McCabe           Betty A. (Mrs. L. R.)                 20-Jan-1980
McCaig           Sybil C. (Mrs. Claude L.)             27-Jul-1980
McCaleb          Jessie (Mrs. Charlie)                 29-Aug-1980
McCall           Emery N.                              24-Aug-1980
McCall           Louise (Mrs. Mancel)                   1-Dec-1980
McCandless       Gertrude (Mrs. George)                18-Apr-1980
McCandless       Gertrude (Mrs. George)                18-Apr-1980
McCann           Ernest                                31-Oct-1980
McCann           Lurena K. (Mrs. Ernest)               26-Oct-1980
McCann           Minnie M.                             30-Aug-1980
McCann           Minnie M.                             31-Aug-1980
McCann           Minnie M.                              1-Sep-1980
McCanse          Chilton J.                            18-Jun-1980
McCants          Jess                                   5-Oct-1980
McCarley         Ava (Mrs. Edgar)                      11-Oct-1980
McCarroll        Rosella                               14-Jan-1980
McCartney        Mabel Clara                           22-Nov-1980
McCarty          Wesley                                 9-Apr-1980
McCaskey         Mellany (Mrs. Charles)                29-Dec-1980
McCaskill        Weston Tyler                           1-Jan-1980
McCaslin         Howard E.                              9-Feb-1980
McCaslin         Wayne "Mac"                           20-Jan-1980
McCaulley        Robert M.                             26-Mar-1980
McClaflin        Redah (Mrs. Fancis)                    2-Aug-1980
McClaflin        Willard Darius                        24-Jul-1980
McClain          Bessie E. (Mrs. Roy)                  24-Jan-1980
McClanahan       Anna Augusta (Mrs. Harry F.)           2-Feb-1980
McClaren         James LeRoy                           27-Apr-1980
McClaughry       Leona Mary (Mrs. Ben F.)               2-May-1980
McCleary         Thomas E.                             15-Sep-1980
McCleary         Thomas E.                             16-Sep-1980
McClellan        James L.                               2-May-1980
McClellan        James L.                               3-May-1980
McClelland       Judith A. (Mrs. Wayne)                27-Oct-1980
McClugage        Katherine V. (Mrs. T. V.)             24-Aug-1980
McClung          Betsy (Mrs. Lee)                      14-Aug-1980
McClure          Evelyn F.                             15-Feb-1980
McClure          Lillian F. (Mrs. Quincy)              15-Feb-1980
McClure          William                               30-Jan-1980
McComb           Ellen H.                              20-Jan-1980
McComb           Ellen H.                              21-Jan-1980
McCorgary        James T.                               5-Mar-1980
McCormic         Edgar E.                               9-Jun-1980
McCormick        Claude C.                             12-Aug-1980
McCormick        Frank                                 17-Apr-1980
McCormick        Hattie (Mrs. Thomas J. )               3-Aug-1980
McCormick        Hattie (Mrs. Thomas J.)                5-Aug-1980
McCormick        Judy A.                                2-Nov-1980
McCormick        Judy A.                                3-Nov-1980
McCormick        Roy L.                                12-Feb-1980
McCoy            Charles W., Sr.                       26-Oct-1980
McCoy            James Dwayne                          22-Oct-1980
McCoy            Mae T. (Mrs. Merle)                    3-Apr-1980
McCoy            Porter                                 3-Dec-1980
McCracken        Cora (Mrs. Harry C.)                  12-Dec-1980
McCrate          Patrick H.                            16-Jul-1980
McCreight        Dwight H.                              3-Apr-1980
McCulley         Mattie J. (Mrs. Ralph)                16-Feb-1980
McCulley         Melville D. "Tex"                     11-Nov-1980
McCulloch        Benjamin L.                           25-Mar-1980
McCullough       Mary Carolyn (Mrs. I. S.)             25-Jul-1980
McCullough       Troy E.                                4-Apr-1980
McCune           Dorothy M. (Mrs. Walter E.)           12-Jun-1980
McCune           Florine Stein (Mrs. Charles)           4-Mar-1980
McCune           Opal H. (Mrs. Joseph)                  5-Nov-1980
McDAniel         Doris Odessa                           5-Mar-1980
McDaniel         Enve                                  24-Dec-1980
McDannald        John                                   6-May-1980
McDermed         Eula Augusta (Mrs. Floyd)              6-Jan-1980
McDermott        Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Jim)              7-Dec-1980
McDonald         Earl J.                               11-Nov-1980
McDonald         Emery F. "Kamo"                       11-Dec-1980
McDonald         Eugene                                28-Sep-1980
McDonald         George                                17-Feb-1980
McDonald         Gerald                                28-Sep-1980
McDonald         Hoyt H.                               16-Apr-1980
McDonald         Jess A.                               10-Jun-1980
McDonald         L. C. "Mickey"                         7-Oct-1980
McDonald         Mary E. (Mrs. Harry H.)               12-Mar-1980
McDonald         Nellie (Mrs. Hugh)                     8-Dec-1980
McDonald         Violet Leopold (Mrs.)                  2-Oct-1980
McDowell         Claudon J.                             9-Feb-1980
McDowell         James R.                              30-Dec-1980
McDowell         Juanita (Mrs. Daniel)                 21-Mar-1980
McDowell         Sylvia Edna (Mrs. Willie)             24-Mar-1980
McEachern        Jesse A.                              18-Oct-1980
McElhiney        Christopher P.                        30-Dec-1980
McElmurry        Bryant A.                              6-Jan-1980
McElroy          Charles R.                             8-Aug-1980
McFadden         B. Junior                             30-Jul-1980
McFarland        Howard                                13-Jun-1980
McFarland        Molly Elmeda                          25-Sep-1980
McFarland        Ruth J. (Mrs. William)                19-Sep-1980
McFarlane        Amy Kae                                2-Feb-1980
McFarlane        Jean E. (Mrs. Dwight)                 11-Aug-1980
McFaull          Lula (Mrs. Clarence)                   3-Aug-1980
McFeely          Josie Mae (Mrs. Roy)                   4-Aug-1980
McGaugh          Charlie C.                            17-Aug-1980
McGavran         Jason                                 30-Nov-1980
McGee            Arline M. (Mrs. Virgil)                2-Aug-1980
McGee            Carrie I.                             26-Jun-1980
McGee            Charles M. (Rev.)                     28-Feb-1980
McGehee          Ermil C.                              26-Feb-1980
McGhee           Charles, Jr.                          15-Sep-1980
McGhee           Charles, Jr.                          17-Sep-1980
McGill           Merle Jerome                          15-Apr-1980
McGill           Robert                                10-Aug-1980
McGinn           Francis A.                            23-Feb-1980
McGinnis         Charles E.                             1-Jun-1980
McGinnis         Gertrude J. (Mrs. Daniel)             22-Sep-1980
McGinnis         Olivia (Mrs. Leon)                    19-Jul-1980
McGinniss        Charles S.                            13-Dec-1980
McGinniss        Ollie L. (Mrs. Fred)                  23-Dec-1980
McGinniss        Ollie L. (Mrs. Fred)                  23-Dec-1980
McGinty          Willis "John"                          8-Sep-1980
McGlinn          Frances H. (Mrs. Leo)                  5-Mar-1980
McGlynn          James P.                              28-Feb-1980
McGlynn          Marvin                                 9-Nov-1980
McGowen          Gertie Mae (Mrs. Everett)             25-Nov-1980
McGranor         Kenneth H.                             7-Feb-1980
McGrate          Patrick H.                            15-Jul-1980
McGraw           Dorothy D. (Mrs. C. F. )              21-Jun-1980
McGregor         John J.                                2-Jul-1980
McGuire          Earl Francis                          29-Jul-1980
McGuire          Hope (Mrs. Orville)                   27-May-1980
McGuire          James W.                              12-Jan-1980
McGuire          Lloyd W. "Mac"                        16-Jun-1980
McGuire          R. E. "Bob"                           29-Oct-1980
McGuire          Ralph F.                              27-Nov-1980
McGuire          Ralph W.                              22-Nov-1980
McGuire          Rebecca L. (Mrs. Benjamin)             7-Mar-1980
McHaley          George E.                             13-Oct-1980
McHenry          Russell E.                             1-Oct-1980
McIntire         Arzella (Mrs. George)                  2-Jul-1980
McIntire         Lawrence                              28-Oct-1980
McIntire         Questa (Mrs. Lawrence)                27-Feb-1980
McJones          Clare Mae                             18-Apr-1980
McKanna          James E.                               2-Dec-1980
McKay            J. B.                                  6-May-1980
McKay            Janet Suzanne (Mrs. Billy B.)         15-Dec-1980
McKay            John L.                               23-Dec-1980
McKay            Mabel E. (Mrs. Andrew)                14-Aug-1980
McKay            Maggie (Mrs. Douglas)                 13-Jul-1980
McKay            Roy                                   19-Jul-1980
McKean           Arlene (Mrs. Morris)                  16-Mar-1980
McKean           Harry B.                               3-Nov-1980
McKean           Mary (Mrs. Emory)                      8-Feb-1980
McKedy           Alma L. (Mrs. Robert L.)               3-Jan-1980
McKee            Clark E.                               5-Nov-1980
McKee            Kitty Pauline (Mrs.Robert)            22-Jul-1980
McKee            Leo Arthur                            16-Feb-1980
McKee            Lesley Lawrence                       18-Jan-1980
McKeever         Byard N.                              24-Feb-1980
McKelvy          Walter D.                             13-Nov-1980
McKennel         Beulah (Mrs. Harry)                   25-Jul-1980
McKenzie         William "Mack"                        24-Feb-1980
McKiearnan       Ed L.                                 25-Aug-1980
McKinney         Ada E.                                19-Dec-1980
McKinney         Ada E.                                21-Dec-1980
McKinney         Lulu (Mrs. Andy)                      28-Apr-1980
McKinney         Olive M. (Mrs. Leon)                  15-Mar-1980
McKissick        Beulah Marie (Mrs. Dewey)             25-Feb-1980
McKnab           John W.                               27-Feb-1980
McKnight         Opal (Mrs. Emory)                     22-Nov-1980
McKnown          Vera B. (Mrs. Sherman)                13-Feb-1980
McKown           Isaac "Pete"                           2-Jun-1980
McLain           A. O. "Mac"                            4-Sep-1980
McLain           Mark                                  21-Dec-1980
McLeish          Ralph                                 21-Jan-1980
McLeish          Ralph                                 22-Jan-1980
McLeland         Lucille F.                            12-Dec-1980
McLennan         Reuben G., Jr.                        18-Apr-1980
McLennan         Reuben G., Jr.                        20-Apr-1980
McMahan          Belle Painter (Mrs. John)             16-Dec-1980
McManaman        Stephen                               23-Nov-1980
McManimie        Edith I.                              10-Jun-1980
McManis          Roxie Elizabeth (Mrs. Robert)         23-Nov-1980
McManis          Roxie Elizabeth (Mrs. Robert)         24-Nov-1980
McMath           Dean A.                               27-Feb-1980
McMillen         Norma Jean                            20-May-1980
McMillen         Norma Jean                            21-May-1980
McMillian        Ruby V.                               30-Dec-1980
McMillin         Gladys T. (Mrs. Finis)                 4-Jun-1980
McMillion        James Michael                         20-Apr-1980
McMinn           Goldie S. (Mrs. William H.)            1-Feb-1980
McMonagle        Anna N. (Mrs. Stephen)                24-Oct-1980
McNabney         Carrie Frances (Mrs. Warren)          25-Aug-1980
McNair           Homer                                 11-Jun-1980
McNally          Eunice Elizabeth (Mrs. Brian)         15-Aug-1980
McNeal           Emma M. (Mrs. Malcolm)                 9-Feb-1980
McNeely          George A.                             25-Sep-1980
McNees           Joel                                   6-Sep-1980
McNeil           Deanna (Mrs. Mark)                    27-Apr-1980
McNeill          Leon A. (Rev.)                        17-Dec-1980
McNett           Roberta A.                            27-Jun-1980
McNichols        Glen W.                               23-Sep-1980
McNown           Evelyn Ruth                            2-May-1980
McPherson        Billie R.                              6-Jun-1980
McPherson        Larry Anthony                         19-Aug-1980
McSwain          William B.                             8-Dec-1980
McWithey         Stephen V.                            25-Jul-1980
McWithey         Stephen V.                            26-Jul-1980
Meacham          Mary J. (Mrs. Roy A.)                  8-Feb-1980
Mead             Mildred L. (Mrs. Alvan)                1-Mar-1980
Meador           Faye (Mrs. Lee)                        6-Jan-1980
Meador           Ruth (Mrs. A. V. )                     6-Sep-1980
Meador           Thomas J.                             28-May-1980
Meador           William, Jr.                          16-Nov-1980
Meadows          Jason K.                              17-May-1980
Means            Berkey O.                             14-Nov-1980
Means            Clyde Westel                           1-Jan-1980
Mears            Clarence R. "Cook"                    14-Aug-1980
Mears            Ralph J.                              29-Nov-1980
Meats            Floyd                                 11-Nov-1980
Meckfessel       Jason                                 13-Apr-1980
Medcalf          Michael                               22-Oct-1980
Medley           Carl G.                                4-Dec-1980
Medley           Carl G.                                5-Dec-1980
Medlin           Esther M. (Mrs.Lowell)                10-Dec-1980
Medlin           Mary (Mrs. John)                      11-Aug-1980
Medlock          Dennis B.                             31-Jan-1980
Meehan           Mae T. (Mrs. Ray)                     25-Oct-1980
Meek             Agnes (Mrs. Walter)                   29-Jul-1980
Meek             Mamie Ellen (Mrs. Samuel)              3-Apr-1980
Meek             Ruby (Mrs. Oscar)                      5-Jun-1980
Meeker           Francis J.                             5-Jul-1980
Meeks            Ernis W.                              25-Sep-1980
Meggers          Frank J.                              17-Apr-1980
Meier            Marie C. (Mrs. Jacob)                 20-Aug-1980
Meiers           William H.                             3-Nov-1980
Meinecke         Agnes R. (Mrs. Oscar)                 31-Oct-1980
Meireis          George L.                              3-Feb-1980
Meirowsky        William                               23-Oct-1980
Meis             Edwin                                 24-Sep-1980
Meis             Esther (Mrs. Alois)                   11-Apr-1980
Meisenheimer     Marie                                  6-Nov-1980
Meiwes           Martin                                12-Jan-1980
Melander         Harry W.                              14-Apr-1980
Melby            Evelyn (Mrs. Arvid A. )               19-May-1980
Melcher          Juanita E.                             7-Aug-1980
Melcum           Vern                                   4-Jun-1980
Meldrum          Elbert E.                             27-Jan-1980
Melichar         Melo                                  22-Nov-1980
Mellon           Jon Ryan                              18-May-1980
Melson           Mabel (Mrs. Earl)                     18-Jul-1980
Melton           Guy                                   14-Feb-1980
Mendenhall       Betty L. (Mrs. Roscoe)                26-Nov-1980
Mendenhall       Glenn L.                               3-Dec-1980
Mendenhall       Marion W.                              2-Dec-1980
Mendenhall       Porter                                 1-Oct-1980
Mendez           Daniel                                11-Oct-1980
Menges           Leroy J.                               2-Jul-1980
Menges           Rosa M. (Mrs. Frank)                  17-Mar-1980
Menzer           James J.                              11-Dec-1980
Menzies          Michael J.                             8-Apr-1980
Mercer           John                                  28-Sep-1980
Mercer           John Franklin                         27-Sep-1980
Mercer           Luella (Mrs. Virgil)                  20-Jan-1980
Meredith         Cline J.                               6-Apr-1980
Meredith         Lillian P. (Mrs. Cline)               17-Jan-1980
Meredith         William Boyd                          15-May-1980
Mergredy         Floyd T.                              11-Apr-1980
Merrifield       Rachel                                30-Dec-1980
Merrihew         Fred D.                               12-May-1980
Merrill          Arrilla W.                            21-Oct-1980
Merrill          Howard F.                             10-Jan-1980
Merrill          Lindon D.                             21-May-1980
Merrill          Pearl (Mrs. Clarence)                 20-Apr-1980
Merriman         Hazel Y. (Mrs. Delbert)                8-Jul-1980
Merriman         Rollin E.                             22-Aug-1980
Merritt          Clara E. (Mrs. Clyse)                 23-Aug-1980
Merritt          Claude Earl                            8-Sep-1980
Merritt          Thurman J.                            24-Sep-1980
Merritt          Thurman J.                            25-Sep-1980
Merriweather     Edith Mary                            23-Jan-1980
Mertz            Florence W. (Mrs. Charles)             3-Apr-1980
Merwin           Helen G. (Mrs. Laurence)               3-Oct-1980
Mesa             Alfonso G.                            10-Oct-1980
Meschberger      Sister Zipora Sylvia                   2-Jan-1980
Messenger        William H.                             9-Jun-1980
Messerschmidt    Rose C. (Mrs. William)                 7-Mar-1980
Metz             D. Otis                               13-Mar-1980
Metzker          Alma (Mrs. George)                     3-Oct-1980
Metzler          Henry                                 30-Oct-1980
Meyer            Dawn V.                               23-May-1980
Meyer            Edward J.                              8-Feb-1980
Meyer            Gerhard Henry                         12-Feb-1980
Meyer            Henry J.                               3-Apr-1980
Meyer            Herman Everett                        15-Nov-1980
Meyer            Russell F.                            30-Nov-1980
Meyer            William P.                            20-Mar-1980
Mezger           Lawrence                              27-Nov-1980
Mezger           Ralph                                 21-Jun-1980
Michaelis        H. E. "Mac"                           12-Dec-1980
Michel           Philip                                 7-May-1980
Midkiff          Beatrice R.  (Mrs.)                   18-Mar-1980
Mielke           Brett Alan                             7-Dec-1980
Mies             Math                                  25-Jan-1980
Mikesill         James C.                              12-Nov-1980
Milburn          George H.                              3-Mar-1980
Milburn          Virgil Ralph)                         30-Oct-1980
Miles            Donald R.                              4-Apr-1980
Miles            Edward B.                             16-Apr-1980
Miles            Paul                                   7-Apr-1980
Miles            Paul E.                                6-Apr-1980
Millard          Betty E. (Mrs. Clarence A.)            7-Oct-1980
Millard          Eugene S.                             14-May-1980
Miller           Ada (Mrs. Prince)                      5-Dec-1980
Miller           Alice Blanche (Mrs. Charles F.)       18-Dec-1980
Miller           Austin R.                             18-Feb-1980
Miller           Bertie E.                             23-Aug-1980
Miller           Bluford W.                            16-Feb-1980
Miller           Cheryl L.                             10-Apr-1980
Miller           Clara B. (Mrs. Edward)                17-Feb-1980
Miller           Clarence (Rev.)                       21-Feb-1980
Miller           Clarissa Decoursey (Mrs. Frank J.)    29-Oct-1980
Miller           Della V. (Mrs. Charles R.)             8-Aug-1980
Miller           Delores G. (Mrs. Bill)                15-Apr-1980
Miller           Edna D.                               30-Nov-1980
Miller           Edward                                18-Jul-1980
Miller           Edward W.                             13-Aug-1980
Miller           Ethel (Mrs. Glenn O.)                 25-Apr-1980
Miller           Francis Xorbie                        23-Feb-1980
Miller           George D., Sr.                        16-Dec-1980
Miller           Glenn O.                              14-May-1980
Miller           Gregory T.                            30-Jul-1980
Miller           Harold C.                              9-Aug-1980
Miller           Harold C. "Cappy"                      9-Aug-1980
Miller           Harry P.                              17-Oct-1980
Miller           Hazel M. (Mrs. Guy)                   15-Feb-1980
Miller           Henry F.                              14-Sep-1980
Miller           Henry F.                              15-Sep-1980
Miller           Hiram Richard                         11-Apr-1980
Miller           Inna O., (Mrs. Fred L.)               25-Apr-1980
Miller           Jack H.                               28-May-1980
Miller           Janelle (Mrs. Lewis)                  11-Jan-1980
Miller           Jennie F. (Mrs. Claude)               15-Jul-1980
Miller           Jerry Dean                            23-Feb-1980
Miller           Jessie Mildred (Mrs. Robert)           7-Aug-1980
Miller           Joe                                   19-Jul-1980
Miller           John W.                               28-Jun-1980
Miller           Josh                                   3-Mar-1980
Miller           Julie (Mrs. Charles)                  18-Feb-1980
Miller           Katharina                             18-Mar-1980
Miller           Larry Joe                             12-Jul-1980
Miller           Laura P. (Mrs. Otis)                   4-Mar-1980
Miller           Louise                                31-Jul-1980
Miller           Lulala (Mrs. Guy)                     21-Jan-1980
Miller           M. Clare                              24-Jun-1980
Miller           Marjorie S. (Mrs. Marion)              7-Apr-1980
Miller           Mattie                                 5-Dec-1980
Miller           Michele Lynn                          24-Nov-1980
Miller           Nora May (Mrs. Lester)                16-Sep-1980
Miller           Olive                                 30-Aug-1980
Miller           Oscar L.                              14-Aug-1980
Miller           Paul F.                               11-Aug-1980
Miller           Phillip C.                            24-Oct-1980
Miller           Rachel (Mrs. Milton)                  16-May-1980
Miller           Ralph N.                              20-Jan-1980
Miller           Susan (Mrs. Ollie)                     9-Oct-1980
Miller           Virginia M.                           17-Apr-1980
Miller           William A., Jr.                       18-Jan-1980
Milleson         William                                2-Dec-1980
Milleson         William Lee                            1-Dec-1980
Milligan         Merle S.                              16-Dec-1980
Milligan         William G.                            27-Feb-1980
Milliken         Herman E.                             29-Dec-1980
Mills            Alonzo                                 8-Jul-1980
Mills            Dwight W.                             11-Jul-1980
Mills            Irene (Mrs. Joseph)                   10-Oct-1980
Mills            J. R. "Bob", Jr.                      20-Nov-1980
Mills            Mary Ellen (Mrs. Edwin)               26-Jun-1980
Mills            Robert G.                             11-Nov-1980
Mills            Ruth (Mrs. Ed)                        29-Jul-1980
Milne            Helen L. (Mrs. John)                  20-Nov-1980
Milner           Wayne                                  1-Apr-1980
Milsson          Clara J. (Mrs. Axel)                  29-Jun-1980
Miltner          Viccie Wells                           3-Apr-1980
Miltner          Viccie Wells (Mrs.)                    2-Apr-1980
Miner            John R.                                6-Mar-1980
Miner            Nell L. (Mrs. Frank)                  20-Apr-1980
Minet            William Alex                          19-Oct-1980
Mings            Rosie E.                              30-Jan-1980
Minifield        Walter Raymond                        17-Jun-1980
Minifield        Walter Raymond                        18-Jun-1980
Minneman         Christopher Michael                   29-Dec-1980
Minson           Lyle O.                                6-Jun-1980
Minter           Roy O.                                 4-Aug-1980
Misch            Mabel L. (Mrs. Arthur)                23-Feb-1980
Missildine       Anna May (Mrs. Harry)                 17-Feb-1980
Missildine       John G. "Jack"                        10-Dec-1980
Mitchell         Alva T.                               19-Oct-1980
Mitchell         Beryl A.                              12-Apr-1980
Mitchell         Bettie                                23-Nov-1980
Mitchell         Howard O.                             18-Jan-1980
Mitchell         Ida B. (Mrs. Roscoe)                  29-Jun-1980
Mitchell         Levona A. (Mrs. Harry)                19-Nov-1980
Mitchell         Lucile (Mrs. Everette)                30-Jan-1980
Mitchell         Ross D.                                4-Sep-1980
Mitchell         Ruthie M. (Mrs. Raymond E.)           31-Mar-1980
Mitchell         Ruthie M. (Mrs. Raymond E.)            2-Apr-1980
Mitchell         Virgil L.                              3-Oct-1980
Mitschke         Lauretta I.                           31-Aug-1980
Mitzner          Sara (Mrs. Harry)                     24-Dec-1980
Mixon            William H.                            17-Jul-1980
Mize             Mabel M. (Mrs. Elden)                  4-Apr-1980
Moberley         Clara G. (Mrs. Fay)                    2-Jun-1980
Mobley           Lucille (Mrs. Edwin)                   9-Oct-1980
Mock             Anna Blanche (Mrs. Jess Oliver)       23-Jan-1980
Moffatt          Lucy E. (Mrs. Harry)                  16-Mar-1980
Moffitt          Theodore E.                           28-Oct-1980
Mohler           Robert (Dr.)                          10-Nov-1980
Mohn             Cecil Bismark                         29-Apr-1980
Moldenhauer      Louise (Mrs. Henry)                   22-Dec-1980
Molder           Cleo "Bill"                            9-Apr-1980
Moler            Clarence L.                            6-Mar-1980
Molitor          Sister M. Lillian                      5-Feb-1980
Molitor          William "Bude"                        17-Mar-1980
Mollart          Charles C.                             6-Jun-1980
Moller           Ernest                                 5-Apr-1980
Mollohan         Marguerite "Molly"                     1-Jul-1980
Molz             Milton G.                             20-Feb-1980
Molzen           Myrtle V. (Mrs. Harry O.)             30-Apr-1980
Monahan          Mary A. (Mrs. Jesse)                   1-Jan-1980
Monares          Rafaela (Mrs. Jesus)                   7-Nov-1980
Monckton         Mary M. (Mrs. Tom W.)                 21-Jan-1980
Monckton         Thomas W.                             28-Apr-1980
Money            Ted O.                                20-Oct-1980
Monk             Jordan                                22-Nov-1980
Monk             Jordan T.                             21-Nov-1980
Monroe           Charles Albert                         7-Jun-1980
Monroe           Flossie (Mrs. William)                 4-Mar-1980
Monroe           George F.                              5-Apr-1980
Monroe           John Lee                              28-Dec-1980
Monroney         A. S. Mike                            14-Feb-1980
Montee           Mary K.                                3-Mar-1980
Montes           Mary Frances                          12-Dec-1980
Montford         T. F.                                 22-Jan-1980
Montgomery       Donald Harry                           3-Mar-1980
Montgomery       Emma (Mrs. George)                    20-Feb-1980
Montgomery       Ena Velma (Mrs. Charles)              17-Nov-1980
Montgomery       James John                            19-Jun-1980
Montgomery       Raymond H.                            21-Nov-1980
Montgomery       Sarah H. (Mrs.Charles)                 8-Mar-1980
Montgomery       William E.                            22-Jan-1980
Montoy           Rafael                                 3-Jul-1980
Montoya          Eddie                                  2-Apr-1980
Moomau           Addie F.                              18-Jun-1980
Moomey           Rebecca May                           30-Nov-1980
Moon             Harley Paul                           22-Oct-1980
Mooney           Charles R.                            22-Jun-1980
Moore            Bert                                  13-Oct-1980
Moore            Bert                                  14-Oct-1980
Moore            Bruce                                  7-Apr-1980
Moore            Burnice G. (Mrs. Loren)                6-Nov-1980
Moore            Charles D. "Bud"                       5-Aug-1980
Moore            Clarence                              29-Mar-1980
Moore            Clyde W.                              24-Feb-1980
Moore            Darren Wade                           22-Jul-1980
Moore            Darrin Wade                           21-Jul-1980
Moore            Delbert G.                            25-Jun-1980
Moore            Dora M. (Mrs. James)                   6-Sep-1980
Moore            Evertett                              24-Aug-1980
Moore            Florence E. (Mrs. Ray)                29-Oct-1980
Moore            George A.                              5-Jul-1980
Moore            Herman B.                             20-Jun-1980
Moore            Honer Dee (Mrs. Forte)                 6-Apr-1980
Moore            Honer Dee (Mrs. Forte)                 7-Apr-1980
Moore            John H.                                5-Jul-1980
Moore            Johnnie Mae (Mrs. Keith)              26-Jun-1980
Moore            Keith E.                              13-Dec-1980
Moore            Lawrence H.                           28-Jan-1980
Moore            Lester Gale                           19-Jan-1980
Moore            Mamie J. (Mrs. Paul E.)               21-Mar-1980
Moore            Maude E. (Mrs. Alonzo)                 2-Mar-1980
Moore            Myrtle J. (Mrs. Houston)               7-Aug-1980
Moore            Pearl E.                              26-Oct-1980
Moore            Ralph E.                              30-Nov-1980
Moore            Ralph Richard                          7-Feb-1980
Moore            Randolph F.                           29-Nov-1980
Moore            Rebecca Jean                          29-Mar-1980
Moore            Robert L.                             13-Mar-1980
Moore            Robert W.                             22-Mar-1980
Moore            Ronald C.                             16-Jan-1980
Moore            Ruby (Mrs. T. K.)                     23-Nov-1980
Moore            Shirley M. (Mrs. Donald)               7-Jun-1980
Moore            Sue Elaine (Mrs. Patrick E.)          19-Aug-1980
Moore            Tony B.                               18-Dec-1980
Moore            Viola B. (Mrs. Benjamin)               8-Mar-1980
Moore            Walter L.                              2-Dec-1980
Moore            Wesley H.                             13-Jan-1980
Moors            Frances                                5-Oct-1980
Moors            Mabel (Mrs. Charles)                  11-May-1980
Moos             Laura L. (Mrs. Richard)                2-Sep-1980
Moote            James E.                              28-Aug-1980
Mootz            Andrew F.                             14-Oct-1980
Moppin           Sylvia M.                             27-Feb-1980
Moran            Roy Gene                               3-Nov-1980
Moran            William T.                            23-Nov-1980
Morawitz         Zelthia (Mrs. Jerry)                  13-Apr-1980
Morehead         John                                   8-Oct-1980
Morehead         Mildred V. (Mrs. James)               30-May-1980
Moreland         Marie (Mrs. Russ)                     24-May-1980
Moreland         Nellie (Mrs. Carl)                    11-Dec-1980
Moreno           Margarito A.                           6-Aug-1980
Morgan           Clara E. (Mrs. John)                   1-Feb-1980
Morgan           Dale F.                               22-Jun-1980
Morgan           Earl                                  20-Dec-1980
Morgan           Elinor                                20-Sep-1980
Morgan           Ethel B. (Mrs. Elmer)                  5-Jun-1980
Morgan           Evan                                   1-Jan-1980
Morgan           Gertrude (Mrs. William)               23-Dec-1980
Morgan           Gradon I.                             23-Jan-1980
Morgan           Ivey W.                               17-Feb-1980
Morgan           Katie (Mrs. Ed)                        6-Jun-1980
Morgan           Katie (Mrs. Ed)                        7-Jun-1980
Morgan           Laurence                               9-Feb-1980
Morgan           Merica J. (Mrs. Ralph)                23-May-1980
Morgan           Percy                                 29-Mar-1980
Morgan           Roy Robert                             3-Jan-1980
Morland          Jack Starr                            11-Jul-1980
Morland          JoAnn (Mrs. Gerald)                   15-Sep-1980
Morley           Melvin W.                              4-Jun-1980
Morneau          Maurice J.                            15-Feb-1980
Morris           Clifford Earnest                      20-Dec-1980
Morris           Evelyn                                 5-Aug-1980
Morris           Evelyn Grace (Mrs. Claudie)            4-Aug-1980
Morris           Francis                               28-May-1980
Morris           Hudson P.                             28-Jan-1980
Morris           James Howard, Sr.                      1-Nov-1980
Morris           Jeffery R.                            10-Jul-1980
Morris           Jessie (Mrs. John)                     4-Sep-1980
Morris           Jimmie A.                             10-Apr-1980
Morris           Joe A.                                22-Oct-1980
Morris           Lola G                                24-Dec-1980
Morris           Maurine M. (Mrs. Earl)                22-Aug-1980
Morris           Otto                                  31-Jan-1980
Morris           Ronald                                14-Jun-1980
Morris           Terrell L.                            12-Apr-1980
Morrison         George M.                             30-Nov-1980
Morrison         Leonia B. (Mrs. Bert)                 10-Aug-1980
Morrison         Patrick                                1-May-1980
Morrison         Tresa L.                               1-Nov-1980
Morrow           Fred O.                               24-Dec-1980
Morse            Billie Ann                            19-Oct-1980
Morse            Walter H., Sr.                         5-Feb-1980
Mortimer         William R. , Sr.                       9-Jan-1980
Morton           Gerald A.                             28-Jul-1980
Mosby            Billy G.                               8-Jan-1980
Moses            George E., Sr.                        21-Dec-1980
Moses            Jett                                  29-Oct-1980
Moshier          Marjorie Ann                          11-Jun-1980
Moshier          Marjorie Ann                          12-Jun-1980
Mosier           Harry (Dr.)                           20-Mar-1980
Mosler           Arthur                                 4-Oct-1980
Mosley           Ethel Iseminger                       16-Mar-1980
Mosley           William L.                            17-Sep-1980
Mosqueda         Julio A.                               7-Oct-1980
Moss             Cindy Lou                              1-Nov-1980
Moss             Flossie (Mrs. Dial)                   26-Mar-1980
Moss             Mary B. (Mrs. Carlie)                 11-Feb-1980
Moss             Richard Dylan                         17-Feb-1980
Mott             Addie V. (Mrs. Fay)                   28-May-1980
Motter           C. Iverd (Mrs. Delbert)               26-Mar-1980
Mount            Fred W.                               25-Apr-1980
Mountain         Esther Lydia (Mrs. Robert)            14-Jan-1980
Mourer           Edward                                29-May-1980
Mourning         John E., Sr.                          29-Dec-1980
Mouton           Ralph "Pete"                          22-Feb-1980
Mowry            Richard E. "Spider"                   21-Oct-1980
Moy              James T. (Dr.)                        19-Jul-1980
Moyer            Thomas R.                              6-Feb-1980
Moynihan         Wayne P.                               1-Feb-1980
Muasolf          Anna (Mrs. Herman)                    20-Jul-1980
Mucklow          Daisy Renee                           17-Apr-1980
Mueller          Blanche (Mrs. Edwin)                  25-Jun-1980
Mueller          George                                17-Mar-1980
Mueller          Lillian M. (Mrs. Wilhelm)             10-Dec-1980
Mueller          Mary Alice (Mrs. Vern)                10-Sep-1980
Mueller          Ruth                                  24-Aug-1980
Mueller          Theodore H. (Rev.)                     5-Jan-1980
Mueller          Verba R. (Mrs. John)                   4-Dec-1980
Muir             Mildred E. (Mrs. Benjamin)             2-Feb-1980
Muir             Ruth (Mrs. george)                     5-Nov-1980
Mulkey           Glenn C.                              17-May-1980
Mullen           Ernie C.                              25-Nov-1980
Mullen           W. G.                                 26-Aug-1980
Mullen           W. G.                                 26-Aug-1980
Muller           Charles                               24-Aug-1980
Muller           Susanna P. (Mrs. John P.)              4-Jun-1980
Mullet           Linda L.                              26-Jun-1980
Mullikin         Harland J.                             3-Apr-1980
Mullikin         Harland J.                             4-Apr-1980
Mullins          Elvertia F. (Bertie)                  28-Jun-1980
Mullins          Ethel C. (Mrs. Bob)                   31-May-1980
Mulzihill        Helen Lucille (Mrs. Dan)               7-Dec-1980
Munger           Mildred T.                             1-Oct-1980
Munjor           Victor Klaus                           1-Feb-1980
Munoz            Teofila Lazarin                       23-Jun-1980
Murphey          Roy Orel                              12-Mar-1980
Murphy           Anthony J.                             8-May-1980
Murphy           Bessie (Mrs. Joseph)                  14-May-1980
Murphy           Craig Allan                           18-Jan-1980
Murphy           Edna M. (Mrs. William)                 6-Oct-1980
Murphy           Harold E.                              4-Jul-1980
Murphy           Henry Frank                           18-Jul-1980
Murphy           Lawrence C.                           15-Jun-1980
Murphy           Max E., Jr.                           23-Aug-1980
Murphy           Max E., Jr.                           24-Aug-1980
Murphy           William M.                             6-Jul-1980
Murray           Edward V.                             25-Jun-1980
Murray           Hugh G.                               22-Aug-1980
Murray           Wayne Alfred                           4-Sep-1980
Murrell          Roy                                   24-May-1980
Murry            Beulah E. (Mrs. Tom M.)                1-Jun-1980
Musgrove         James                                 13-Dec-1980
Musgrove         James "Barry"                         14-Dec-1980
Musick           Josephine C. (Mrs. Carl)              14-May-1980
Musick           Leonard A.                            17-Apr-1980
Musson           Blake Ryan                             2-Dec-1980
Myers            Anna Unrein (Mrs. Lyle)               15-Sep-1980
Myers            Benjamin S.                           20-Mar-1980
Myers            Clair                                 14-Jul-1980
Myers            Curtis A.                              4-Dec-1980
Myers            Dennis E.                             28-Jun-1980
Myers            Donald Corts                          25-Mar-1980
Myers            Inez                                  30-Nov-1980
Myers            Inez (Mrs. Russell)                    1-Dec-1980
Myers            Lee A.                                15-Apr-1980
Myers            Leward Edward                          2-May-1980
Myers            Matthew Dean                          12-Oct-1980
Myers            Rick A.                               30-Oct-1980
Nace             Clara (Mrs. Tom)                      17-Mar-1980
Nace             Hazel (Mrs. Charley)                  16-Feb-1980
Naegele          Edwin                                 16-Nov-1980
Naiman           Esther M. (Mrs. Donald)               22-Jun-1980
Namee            Nicholas S.                           16-Feb-1980
Nance            Berneice (Mrs. Vernon)                17-Dec-1980
Nance            Thomas H.                             28-Aug-1980
Nance            Virgil                                14-Dec-1980
Naper            Easmon Lloyd                          25-Jan-1980
Napier           Belle Sollars                         21-Oct-1980
Napier           Easmon Lloyd                          26-Jan-1980
Nash             Amy C. (Mrs. McKinley)                11-Apr-1980
Nash             Amy C. (Mrs. McKinley)                12-Apr-1980
Nash             Annie F. Douglass                     26-Aug-1980
Nash             Annie F. Douglass                     27-Aug-1980
Nash             Earlie                                23-Apr-1980
Nash             Merlin E.                             24-Dec-1980
Nation           Almeta Wayne                          18-Jun-1980
Nattier          Esther H.                             16-Jul-1980
Navarro          Mary Teresa (Mrs. Jesus)              18-Apr-1980
Naylor           George William, Sr.                   13-Jan-1980
Naylor           Otto                                   1-Nov-1980
Naylor           Otto                                   2-Nov-1980
Neal             Janes Agnes (Mrs. Harry A. )          20-Feb-1980
Neal             Lester Erwin                          28-Sep-1980
Neal             Lester Erwin                          29-Sep-1980
Neal             Vivian M.                             19-Mar-1980
Neal             William Howard                        27-Jun-1980
Nearhood         Frank L.                              31-Mar-1980
Nearhood         Ida May (Mrs. Henry)                  13-Jul-1980
Needham          James Keith                           25-Aug-1980
Neely            Donzella M. (Mrs. Herbert)            12-Nov-1980
Neely            Myrtle (Mrs. LeRoy)                   16-Feb-1980
Neely            Robert D.                             14-May-1980
Neer             John L.                                7-Jan-1980
Neff             Alice Marie (Mrs. William H.)          4-Apr-1980
Neff             William R.                            29-Jun-1980
Neidigh          Ida May (Mrs. Earl)                   16-Feb-1980
Neihardt         Francis Royal                          2-Aug-1980
Neill            Sarah Ann (Mrs.Josiah)                22-Jan-1980
Nelms            Loyala Eugene                         26-Nov-1980
Nelson           Alice                                 28-Dec-1980
Nelson           Amos G.                               18-Jun-1980
Nelson           Blanche (Mrs. Roy)                    28-Dec-1980
Nelson           Carl Edgar                             3-Jan-1980
Nelson           Carl Edgar                             4-Jan-1980
Nelson           Fenis W.                               9-Dec-1980
Nelson           Gus A.                                28-Apr-1980
Nelson           Herbert M.                             6-Mar-1980
Nelson           Jeanetta (Mrs. Martin)                27-Feb-1980
Nelson           Jennie Marie (Mrs. Charlie)           30-Mar-1980
Nelson           John O.                               11-Oct-1980
Nelson           Lillian M. (Mrs. Leslie H.)            3-Apr-1980
Nelson           Lois R.                               18-Oct-1980
Nelson           Lola M. (Mrs. Victor)                  5-Mar-1980
Nelson           Mabel (Mrs. Earl)                     19-Jul-1980
Nelson           Madeline (Mrs. Arthur)                 5-Nov-1980
Nelson           Martin E.                             11-Jan-1980
Nero             Jannie (Mrs. Henry)                   24-Sep-1980
Nero             Jannie (Mrs. Henry)                   25-Sep-1980
Nero             Wanda J.                              12-Aug-1980
Neth             Cora I. (Mrs. Homer)                  20-Mar-1980
Neu              Betty A.                               4-Sep-1980
Neubecker        Myrtle                                28-Sep-1980
Neudigate        Roy                                   30-Nov-1980
Neufeld          Marion C.                             30-May-1980
Neufeld          Stella M.                              4-Oct-1980
Neumann          Max W.                                 1-Mar-1980
Nevill           Darrell                               12-Apr-1980
Neville          Nellie Hazel (Mrs. Luther)            17-Aug-1980
Newburn          Viola M. (Mrs. Leroy)                 23-Mar-1980
Newby            Ardis (Mrs. Bon)                      25-Mar-1980
Newby            Earl                                   4-Mar-1980
Newby            John Tot                              18-Feb-1980
Newby            Lawrence Edward                       28-Nov-1980
Newby            Mable B. (Mrs. Lenn)                   1-Mar-1980
Newby            Ralph L.                               9-Jan-1980
Newcomer         Emily N. Black                        11-Jul-1980
Newcomer         L. W. "Newc"                          24-Dec-1980
Newell           Dean Lee                              16-Dec-1980
Newell           Exie L. (Mrs. J. Herbert)             17-Mar-1980
Newell           Exie L. (Mrs. Jay Herbert)            16-Mar-1980
Newkirk          Estella (Mrs. Ben)                     9-Jan-1980
Newkirk          William T.                             5-Mar-1980
Newman           Arthur E. "Jack"                       3-Aug-1980
Newman           C. J.                                  4-Jan-1980
Newman           Hazel L.                              23-Feb-1980
Newman           Leona B.                               9-Nov-1980
Newsom           Odia Ernest                            7-May-1980
Newton           Carl F.                               13-Jan-1980
Newton           Carl F.                               14-Jan-1980
Newton           Pansy Mae (Mrs. Datus)                13-Sep-1980
Nguyen           Du Quang                              30-Aug-1980
Niccolai         Martha V. (Mrs. Frank)                 9-May-1980
Nicholas         Cecil L.                              28-Dec-1980
Nichols          Fletcher                              15-Jan-1980
Nichols          Harry M.                              14-Nov-1980
Nichols          Harvey                                17-Oct-1980
Nichols          Helen Elizabeth (Mrs. Dewey E.)       12-Aug-1980
Nichols          Issac W.                              17-Feb-1980
Nickel           Alfred W.                              3-Feb-1980
Nickel           Herman                                 5-Apr-1980
Nickel           Martin A.                              5-Feb-1980
Nickel           Rosa (Mrs. Menno)                     13-Aug-1980
Nickels          Lucile                                14-Feb-1980
Nickens          Helen M. (Mrs. Bob)                   22-Nov-1980
Nicklaus         Dora F.                               28-Jul-1980
Nicklaus         Edward H.                             17-May-1980
Nielsen          Lester                                 4-Mar-1980
Nieneir          Guy                                   25-Oct-1980
Nienke           Rex F.                                 9-Jul-1980
Nightingale      Abe H.                                22-Aug-1980
Nikkel           Peter                                 28-Dec-1980
Nilsson          Wilda F. (Mrs. Wilfred)                2-Sep-1980
Nipple           Alice R. (Mrs. Lester)                18-Jan-1980
Nixon            Paul A.                               16-May-1980
Nixon            Viola A. (Mrs. Hal F.)                30-Mar-1980
Noackes          Phoebe Il                              9-Aug-1980
Noble            Elizabeth M. (Mrs.Levi)               20-Jan-1980
Nolan            Antonio B.                             1-May-1980
Nolan            Antonios B.                            2-May-1980
Nolan            Josephine V. (Mrs. Joseph)            11-Sep-1980
Noland           Carl E.                               27-Jul-1980
Nolen            Joyce M.                              10-Jul-1980
Noller           Lela P. (Mrs. George)                  6-Sep-1980
Nordgren         Bea (Mrs. Walter)                     15-Feb-1980
Nordin           C. C.                                  2-Aug-1980
Nordyke          Claude J.                             19-May-1980
Norman           Carolyn Sue (Mrs. Rick J.)             8-Jan-1980
Norman           Minnie W. (Mrs Willie)                 8-Jan-1980
Norman           Ray L.                                26-Mar-1980
Norris           Artha A. (Mrs. James P.)               3-Mar-1980
Norris           Godon Lee                             22-Nov-1980
Norris           Howard L.                              7-Feb-1980
Norris           John                                   5-Oct-1980
Norris           Mary M. (Mrs. John)                   27-Mar-1980
Norris           Pauline (Mrs. Ewin)                    9-Feb-1980
Norris           Sylvia E. (Mrs. Harry)                14-Apr-1980
North            Estella (Mrs. Anderson)               12-Jan-1980
Northcott        Rhoda R. (Mrs. Benjamin)              15-Jul-1980
Northcutt        Melville W.                            6-Sep-1980
Northcutt        Myrtle                                 9-May-1980
Northern         Seth J., Sr.                          21-Feb-1980
Northrop         Besse (Mrs. Roy)                      22-Oct-1980
Norton           Charles G.                             2-Aug-1980
Norton           Charles H.                            10-Jul-1980
Norton           Danny Charles                         15-Jul-1980
Norton           Sylvia E. (Mrs. Harry)                13-Apr-1980
Notson           Frances (Mrs. Otis)                   11-Aug-1980
Novall           Virginia                               1-Mar-1980
Novinger         Glenn V.                              15-May-1980
Nowak            Dale H.                               16-Dec-1980
Nuessen          Lawrence J.                           18-Aug-1980
Nugen            Glen E.                                6-Dec-1980
Nulik            Fred                                   5-Aug-1980
Nunn             Marvin D.                             10-May-1980
Nuss             Raymond W., Sr.                       22-Nov-1980
Nutter           Claude F.                             22-Jul-1980
Nutter           Effie M. (Mrs. Chester)               16-Jan-1980
Nutter           Hazel (Mrs. Walter)                   17-Jan-1980
Nyegaard         Thyra A. (Mrs. Jack)                  10-Mar-1980
Oakes            Charles L., Sr.                       29-Dec-1980
Oakley           Nettie Mae (Mrs. Richard V.)          29-Oct-1980
Oakley           Thurma E. "Betty" (Mrs. Edward)        2-Dec-1980
Oberdick         Norman Godfrey                         5-Aug-1980
Oburn            Kenneth L.                            17-Sep-1980
Ochs             Alice R.                              26-Jan-1980
Ochs             Brent W.                              11-Oct-1980
Ochs             Edwin A.                               7-Aug-1980
Ocker            David Lee                             30-Jul-1980
O'Connell        Grace V. (Mrs.Walter)                 10-Dec-1980
O'Conner         Patrick R.                             9-Jun-1980
O'Connor         Robert Clark                          25-Dec-1980
O'Dell           Bessie L. (Mrs. Bert)                  9-Apr-1980
O'Dell           Bonnie L.                             23-Apr-1980
Oden             Amos A.                               17-Jul-1980
Oder             Verna A. (Mrs. E. Earl)               16-Mar-1980
Oder             Verna A. (Mrs. Edgar E.)              15-Mar-1980
Oehlert          Clarabel A. (Mrs. Elmer)              17-Jun-1980
Offill           Marie J.                              31-Jan-1980
Ogburn           Sireda (Mrs. Ray)                     29-Jan-1980
Ogden            Mary Ann (Mrs. C. A.)                 13-Mar-1980
Ogilivie         Donalda D. (Mrs. Don)                  7-Nov-1980
Ogle             Danny J., Jr.                          2-Sep-1980
O'Hara           Ted                                    5-Jun-1980
O'Harra          Mile F. "Mike"                        11-Feb-1980
Ohmart           William F.                            16-Jul-1980
Ohmes            Agnes C. (Mrs. Daniel)                 9-Feb-1980
Oldfield         Bertha A. (Mrs. Lewis)                13-Feb-1980
Oldfield         Millie E. (Mrs. Homer)                 8-Jan-1980
Oldham                                                 28-Jan-1980
Olds             Brad D.                               24-Jan-1980
Olds             Brad D.                               25-Jan-1980
O'Leary          Violet M. (Mrs. Floyd)                17-Jan-1980
Oliver           Bonnie R. (Mrs. Moses)                16-Sep-1980
Oliver           Elsie (Mrs. Jack)                     19-Sep-1980
Oliver           Florence Belle (Mrs. William H. )     29-Jul-1980
Oliver           Mary Frances (Mrs. Larry)             30-Dec-1980
Oliver           Paul Thomas                           10-Mar-1980
Oliver           Raymond J.                            11-Sep-1980
Oliver           Willia M.                             17-Aug-1980
Oliver           Zetta (Mrs. Ray H. )                   9-Jul-1980
Ollenberger      Ervin G.                              29-Nov-1980
Olsen            Helen L.                              29-Oct-1980
Olsen            Jason Wayne                           14-Mar-1980
Olsen            Jason Wayne                           15-Mar-1980
Olson            Agnes (Mrs. Paul E.)                  10-Feb-1980
Olson            Arthur Leander                        14-Apr-1980
Olson            Carl A.                               21-Feb-1980
Olson            Cecile Iva (Mrs. Arthur)              15-Apr-1980
Olson            Ellen A.                              28-Oct-1980
Olson            Esther                                26-Nov-1980
Olson            John                                  30-Aug-1980
Olson            Keith                                 21-Nov-1980
Olson            Lillian                               30-Nov-1980
Olson            Lillian (Mrs. Harry)                   2-Dec-1980
Olson            Orra A. (Mrs. Ray)                    16-Jan-1980
Olson            Oscar A.                              13-Nov-1980
Olson            Roy L.                                27-Dec-1980
Oltjen           Raymond D.                            23-Mar-1980
Oltmanns         John Henry                            20-Oct-1980
O'Neal           Harold T.                              8-Oct-1980
O'Neal           Leota Mensee (Mrs. Pat)               23-Feb-1980
O'Neal           Myrtle                                31-Aug-1980
O'Neill          C. V. "Cotton"                         6-Jul-1980
Oppel            Edith A.                              12-Sep-1980
O'Quinn          Robert G.                             23-May-1980
Orem             Glenn I.                               2-Mar-1980
Ornelas          Prostero R., Jr.                       5-Oct-1980
O'Rourke         Catherine E. (Mrs. Patrick)           29-Apr-1980
Orr              Hazel M.                              10-Dec-1980
Orr              Nell T. (Mrs. Tom)                    14-Mar-1980
Orrell           Agnes (Mrs. Harold)                   15-Dec-1980
Orrell           Fern R. (Mrs. Winfield)               24-Mar-1980
Ortiz            Mary (Mrs. Jose)                      23-Nov-1980
Orton            Frank R.                              20-Jun-1980
Osborn           Beulah V. (Mrs. Edward)               19-May-1980
Osborn           Beulah V. (Mrs. Edward)               20-May-1980
Osborn           Charles                                7-Feb-1980
Osborn           Frank B.                              18-Nov-1980
Osborn           Ida M. (Mrs. Charles)                  5-Feb-1980
Osborn           John H.                                9-Apr-1980
Osborne          Barbara E. (Mrs. Richard)             18-Feb-1980
Osborne          Estella L. (Mrs. Homer)               16-Jun-1980
Osborne          Estella L. (Mrs. Homer)               17-Jun-1980
Osbourn          Frank R.                              14-May-1980
Osburn           Geraldine (Mrs. James)                11-Sep-1980
Osburn           Herald                                29-Feb-1980
Osburn           Herbert E.                            27-Jun-1980
Osburn           Leona B. (Mrs. Phillip)                3-Jan-1980
O'Shea           Michael J.                            23-May-1980
Oshell           Lydia D. (Mrs. Walter)                14-Nov-1980
Osler            James D.                              22-Mar-1980
Osler            James D.                              23-Mar-1980
Osner            Clarence S.                            9-Apr-1980
Ostenberg        F. Amos                               16-Feb-1980
Ostenberg        Joe                                   30-Mar-1980
Osterhaus        Albert E.                              6-Feb-1980
Ostlind          Clifford W.                           26-Aug-1980
Oswald           Gladys L. (Mrs. Clarence)             25-Jul-1980
Otte             Sophia Marie (Mrs. Henry William)     14-Jan-1980
Otti             Elizabeth C. (Mrs. Fred)              27-Sep-1980
Oursler          Robert Dale                           19-Sep-1980
Overman          Shantel R.                            12-Jan-1980
Overmon          Vaida M. (Mrs. Rubert)                16-Nov-1980
Overstreet       Elizabeth (Mrs. Bert)                 12-Feb-1980
Overstreet       Marcus G.                             16-May-1980
Overton          Orie E., Sr.                          14-Apr-1980
Overton          Orie E., Sr.                          17-Apr-1980
Overwaul         Phillip L.                            11-Oct-1980
Owen             Frank J.                               7-Apr-1980
Owen             Grace L.                              29-Jun-1980
Owen             Marie E. (Mrs. Bill)                   5-Mar-1980
Owen             Tempest M. (Mrs. Kenneth)             14-Nov-1980
Owens            Maxine (Mrs. Ira)                      5-Feb-1980
Oyler            Paul L.                               23-Sep-1980
Ozbun            Alfred E.                             19-Oct-1980
Ozbun            Vernie F.                             12-Jun-1980
Pace             Lorail A. "Red"                        4-May-1980
Pace             William L.                            30-May-1980
Pack             Freda (Mrs. Guy)                      12-Jul-1980
Padfield         Ray Lewis                             30-Nov-1980
Padgham          Jimmie J.                              5-Oct-1980
Paff             Letha C. (Mrs. Roy)                   10-May-1980
Page             Anna (Mrs. Ivan)                      10-Jun-1980
Page             Arthur                                 7-Dec-1980
Page             Georgia M. (Mrs. John T.)             25-May-1980
Pahls            Thelma Marie (Mrs. Raymond N.)        26-Nov-1980
Palacio          Martin R.                             12-Mar-1980
Pall             Helen (Mrs. Gabril)                   10-Jul-1980
Palmatier        Lorena (Mrs. Alfred)                  21-Feb-1980
Palmer           Elbert                                 3-Jul-1980
Palmer           Hannah M. (Mrs. James)                29-May-1980
Palmer           Harry Augustus "Gus"                  10-Dec-1980
Palmer           Iva                                    7-Mar-1980
Palmer           Jane B. (Mrs. Sam)                    21-Mar-1980
Palmer           Nina (Mrs. Guy)                        1-Jul-1980
Palmer           Velma L. (Mrs. Dwight H.)              2-Feb-1980
Palmquist        Grace L. (Mrs. Alton)                  8-Feb-1980
Palmquist        Grace L. (Mrs. Alton)                  9-Feb-1980
Palmquist        Philip B.                             18-Feb-1980
Papenhaus        Mildred L. (Mrs. Orville)             16-Jun-1980
Pappan           Josephine (Mrs.Walter)                21-Jul-1980
Paradise         John I.                                9-Dec-1980
Paramore         Sammie E. (Mrs. Roy C.)               16-Mar-1980
Paramore         Sammie E. (Mrs. Roy C.)               17-Mar-1980
Parent           Chester A.                             1-Jul-1980
Park             Nora Ellen (Mrs. Ivan)                14-Feb-1980
Park             Roy                                    9-Feb-1980
Park             Sherman                               19-Oct-1980
Park             Sherman                               20-Oct-1980
Parker           Charles P.                            24-Feb-1980
Parker           Edwina                                18-Nov-1980
Parker           Erma (Mrs. John)                      26-Jun-1980
Parker           Eula (Mrs. Raymond)                   24-Nov-1980
Parker           Linda K.                              24-May-1980
Parker           Linda K.                              28-May-1980
Parker           Mildred (Mrs. Stellman)                4-May-1980
Parker           Minor M.                              17-Jun-1980
Parker           Oney Ellen (Mrs. Henry)               22-Jan-1980
Parker           Reid T.                               17-Aug-1980
Parker           William M.                            15-Mar-1980
Parkerson        Jesse Wallace                         29-Dec-1980
Parkhurst        Alice L. (Mrs. Cecil M. )             10-Feb-1980
Parkhurst        Mark S.                                7-Apr-1980
Parkinson        Orill Mae (Mrs. R. H. )               10-Apr-1980
Parks            Elsie A. (Mrs. Roy W.)                12-May-1980
Parks            Florence (Mrs. Robert)                 6-Aug-1980
Parks            Florence (Mrs. Robert)                 7-Aug-1980
Parks            Jennie Faye                           31-Aug-1980
Parks            Lois (Mrs. Herbert)                   28-Sep-1980
Parks            Lynn                                  23-Aug-1980
Parks            Mina                                   7-Sep-1980
Parks            Orval L.                              17-Dec-1980
Parks            Wilburn "Buck"                        11-Nov-1980
Parman           Charline B> (Mrs. Philip)             23-Oct-1980
Parnell          Lawrence B.                            1-May-1980
Parris           Stella S. (Mrs. Ralph)                 5-Feb-1980
Parrish          Leta Faye (Mrs.)                      10-Dec-1980
Parson           Clint                                  2-Oct-1980
Parsons          Bessie (Mrs. Ted)                      5-Nov-1980
Parsons          Elizabeth (Mrs. Garfield)             14-Apr-1980
Parsons          Flossie Fern (Mrs. Cress)              3-Jun-1980
Parsons          Walter E.                             24-Oct-1980
Patee            Betty Jane (Mrs. Eugene)               2-Nov-1980
Patnaude         Emelia                                 4-Nov-1980
Paton            William H.                            27-Sep-1980
Patrick          Charles E.                             1-Apr-1980
Patrick          Charles E.                             2-Apr-1980
Patrick          Charles W. (Rev)                      15-Oct-1980
Patrick          Herman M.                             28-Jul-1980
Patrick          Jim D.                                27-Dec-1980
Patry            Mary Ann (Mrs. George W.)             12-Apr-1980
Patten           Genevia Lewman (Mrs. Charles G.)      27-Sep-1980
Patterson        Albert W.                             20-Mar-1980
Patterson        Alta E. (Mrs. Earl                     1-May-1980
Patterson        Benjamin                              28-Dec-1980
Patterson        Betty (Mrs Richard)                   26-Jan-1980
Patterson        Candace Y.                            29-Jun-1980
Patterson        Elmer F.                              10-Apr-1980
Patterson        Kestel P.                             11-May-1980
Patterson        Lloyd E.                               8-Apr-1980
Patterson        R. E. "Bud"                            5-Jun-1980
Patterson        Robert L.                             29-Jul-1980
Pattinson        Hazel M. (Mrs. Darwin G.)             21-Apr-1980
Patton           Bonnie M. (Mrs. Glenn)                16-Aug-1980
Patton           Claude                                18-May-1980
Patton           Dwight                                30-Nov-1980
Patton           Eldoph PrRoctor                       30-Jan-1980
Patton           Ester Mae (Mrs. Joe)                  21-Jan-1980
Patton           J. R.                                  9-Mar-1980
Patton           Vera L. (Mrs. C. A.)                  11-Dec-1980
Patton           William                                5-Mar-1980
Pattugalan       Santiago T.                           22-Dec-1980
Pattugalan       Santiago T.                           23-Dec-1980
Paulk            Clara (Mrs. Lon)                      27-Jul-1980
Paulk            Russell E.                             3-Jul-1980
Paulsen          Delaine E.                             4-Mar-1980
Paulson          Ellen A. (Mrs. Nells G.)               8-Oct-1980
Paulson          Wilma L. (Mrs. Ralph)                 19-Jul-1980
Pavey            Lottie Pearl                          13-Oct-1980
Paxson           Melvin L.                             22-Sep-1980
Payne            Harley C.                              7-May-1980
Payne            John E.                               24-Mar-1980
Payne            Mabel J. (Mrs. Charles)               27-Apr-1980
Payne            Murel L.                               8-Nov-1980
Peacock          Mark Loyal                             4-Feb-1980
Peal             Danny                                 10-Feb-1980
Peal             Danny                                 13-Feb-1980
Pearce           Celia G. (Mrs. Dale)                   3-Feb-1980
Pearce           Earl D.                               15-Mar-1980
Pearce           Emma Fannie (Mrs. Claude)              5-Mar-1980
Pearce           Howard E. "Snooks"                     1-Dec-1980
Pearce           Howard E. "Snooks"                     2-Dec-1980
Pearman          Trilby L.                              7-May-1980
Pearson          Pearl (Mrs. Elmer)                    30-Apr-1980
Peck             Ersil G. (Mrs. Fred)                   8-May-1980
Peck             Gladys M. (Mrs. John K.)               3-Mar-1980
Peck             H. Stanley                             3-Nov-1980
Peck             Jerry                                 24-May-1980
Peden            Maud E. (Mrs. Lawrence)                5-Apr-1980
Pedersen         J. C.                                 15-Jul-1980
Pederson         Gerald D.                             13-Oct-1980
Pedigo           Clifford B.                            8-Jan-1980
Pedigo           Robert L.                             27-Aug-1980
Peek             Charley F.                             3-Sep-1980
Peek             Charley F.                             4-Sep-1980
Peel             Hazel (Mrs. Henry)                    27-Jul-1980
Peers            Beatrice (Mrs. Charles)               25-Sep-1980
Pees             Gertrude L. (Mrs. Guy)                28-Aug-1980
Peitz            Bernadine (Mrs. Herman)                2-Jul-1980
Peitz            M. Allen                               8-Jul-1980
Pelton           Jewell (Mrs. Arthur)                  19-Jun-1980
Pelzl            Joe M.                                11-May-1980
Pendleton        Nelle H.                               5-Aug-1980
Pendleton        Thomas U.                             14-Feb-1980
Peninger         Hettie Jane (Mrs. Aubry)               2-Nov-1980
Penker           Edward J.                             26-Mar-1980
Pennebaker       Charles E.                             7-Sep-1980
Pennebaker       Charles E.                             8-Sep-1980
Penner           Dorris I. (Mrs. George)                7-Jul-1980
Penner           Otto R.                               11-Mar-1980
Penner           Salome (Mrs. Gus)                      2-Dec-1980
Penner           William B.                            17-Jun-1980
Pennick          LaVeta (Mrs. Lester)                  28-Jan-1980
Pennington       Beulah M. (Mrs. Howard)               14-Nov-1980
Pennington       Lourena                               10-Dec-1980
Pennington       Mark A.                                3-Nov-1980
Pennington       Roy                                   30-Sep-1980
Pennypacker      Arlene R. (Mrs. B. Frank)             20-May-1980
Penrod           Alice (Mrs. R. Milton)                23-May-1980
Penrod           Eula M. (Mrs. Claude)                 22-Aug-1980
Peoples          Charles W.                             8-Jan-1980
Peoples          Daniel C.                             31-Jan-1980
Peoples          Fern B. (Mrs. Jethro, Jr.)             5-Nov-1980
Peoples          Mitchell G.                           27-Jul-1980
Peoples          Orris                                 28-Dec-1980
Peppars          Lazzel Nelson                          5-Feb-1980
Peppars          Lazzel Nelson                          7-Feb-1980
Pepper           Ethel M.                              25-Oct-1980
Pepper           Paris L.                               3-Apr-1980
Peppiatt         Russell D.                            22-Jun-1980
Percy            Frank E.                              23-Dec-1980
Perez            Helen                                 26-Oct-1980
Perez            Mary G. (Mrs. Jose)                   19-Dec-1980
Perier           Eugene Lee                            24-Oct-1980
Perkins          Charles W. "Si"                       18-Nov-1980
Perkins          Justin W.                             17-Aug-1980
Perkins          Nancy E. (Mrs. John)                  15-Sep-1980
Permenter        F. Maxine                             10-Jul-1980
Perrin           Edward F., Sr.                        20-Sep-1980
Perry            Carol B.                              22-Jan-1980
Perry            Delbert "Jack"                        14-May-1980
Perry            Earl H.                               14-Jul-1980
Perry            Eddith E. (Mrs. Otha)                 22-Apr-1980
Perry            Eddith E. (Mrs. Otha)                 24-Apr-1980
Personette       Rosele (Mrs. Dennis)                  14-Jan-1980
Pertsch          Vivki A. (Mrs. C. Fred, III)          26-Apr-1980
Peter            Faye A. (Mrs. Frederick)              10-Feb-1980
Peter            Laura M. (Mrs. Leslie)                22-Feb-1980
Peterman         Louis A., Jr.                          4-Jun-1980
Petermann        Alfred J.                             12-Sep-1980
Peters           Alvertia Smith                        16-May-1980
Peters           Arthur H.                             26-Aug-1980
Peters           Helen K. (Mrs. Charles)               19-Sep-1980
Peters           Hermina (Mrs. Ernest)                 16-May-1980
Peters           Nellie Rose Ann Ruth (Mrs. William)   27-Nov-1980
Peters           William C.                            10-May-1980
Peterson         Abbie (Mrs. James)                    30-Mar-1980
Peterson         Carrie (Mrs. John)                    22-Jan-1980
Peterson         Clifford Marion                       19-Jan-1980
Peterson         Elsie Minnie (Mrs. Harvey)             7-Apr-1980
Peterson         Glenn L.                              25-Oct-1980
Peterson         Hattie M.                              2-Nov-1980
Peterson         Ina C. (Mrs. Harold)                  31-Jul-1980
Peterson         Margaret (Mrs. Edward)                24-Oct-1980
Peterson         Max B.                                16-Jul-1980
Peterson         O. Jeanne (Mrs. Earl C.)              21-Jul-1980
Peterson         Ritta                                 30-Aug-1980
Peterson         William L.                             9-Feb-1980
Peterson         William Lewis                          8-Feb-1980
Petree           Tom                                   21-Jun-1980
Petrik           Margaret (Mrs. John)                  21-Sep-1980
Pettit           Grace (Mrs. James)                     6-Jul-1980
Pettit           Marylyn A. (Mrs. Ronald G. )          26-Jul-1980
Pfalser          John L.                               24-May-1980
Pfautz           Dorothy (Mrs. Cecil)                   1-Jul-1980
Pfeifer          Peter A.                              27-Mar-1980
Pfeifer          Rose T. (Mrs. Joe T.)                  8-Apr-1980
Pfeifer          Teresa M. (Mrs. Dan)                  12-Feb-1980
Pfeiffer         Daphne L. (Mrs. Edward)               10-Nov-1980
Pfeiffer         Daphne L. (Mrs. Edward)               11-Nov-1980
Pfenninger       Myrtle (Mrs. Samuel)                   8-Jan-1980
Pflugrath        Robert Harold                         16-Mar-1980
Phan             Tan Thi (Mrs. Tiet Van Trieu)         23-Jun-1980
Phares           Harold J.                              3-Jul-1980
Phares           Harriett I. (Mrs. Glenn)              17-Nov-1980
Phebus           Ralph                                  7-Oct-1980
Phelps           Bill G.                               25-Oct-1980
Phelps           Elsie E.                               9-Nov-1980
Phenneger        Daisy M. (Mrs. Oran)                  11-Dec-1980
Pherico          Edward                                29-Nov-1980
Pherico          Edward                                30-Nov-1980
Pherigo          William J.                            31-Jul-1980
Philamalee       Mary C.                               22-Jul-1980
Philipi          John Arthur                           14-May-1980
Phillippi        Albert "Blackie"                       5-Jun-1980
Phillippi        G. Ray (Rev.)                         17-Jun-1980
Phillips         Frances                               25-Aug-1980
Phillips         Frances                               26-Aug-1980
Phillips         George Lynn                            8-Nov-1980
Phillips         Glen Wilson                           28-Jun-1980
Phillips         Hubert                                13-Sep-1980
Phillips         J. W. "Bill"                          12-Apr-1980
Phillips         Mack A., Jr.                          24-Nov-1980
Phillips         Merle                                 28-Dec-1980
Phillips         Michael W.                            21-Sep-1980
Phillips         Michael W.                            24-Sep-1980
Phillips         Odell                                 12-Jan-1980
Phillips         Olive (Mrs. George)                   21-Nov-1980
Phillips         Willie Pearl (Mrs. Thomas)            18-Jul-1980
Phinney          LaVina (Mrs. Albert)                   3-Jan-1980
Piatt            Ada (Mmrs. Albert)                    28-Jan-1980
Piazza           Miriam E. (Mrs. Armando)               2-Mar-1980
Pickens          Carl                                  20-Sep-1980
Pickering        Carline S.                            12-Nov-1980
Pickert          Chris J.                               8-Jun-1980
Pickett          Wayne                                  5-Jun-1980
Picking          Brenda June                           23-Nov-1980
Pickle           Ina (Mrs. James)                      29-Feb-1980
Pierce           Betty J. (Mrs. Leo)                   14-Jul-1980
Pierce           Cecil P.                               2-Oct-1980
Pierce           Charles Edward                         8-Jun-1980
Pierce           Charley D.                             7-Aug-1980
Pierce           Eleanor A. (Mrs. Ervin Lee)           31-Jan-1980
Pierce           Emma F. (Mrs. Richard)                 7-May-1980
Pierce           Everett A.                            18-Oct-1980
Pierce           Hazel O. (Mrs. Cecil)                  5-Jan-1980
Pierce           Joseph Reed                           11-Nov-1980
Pierce           Leslie F.                             28-Aug-1980
Pierce           Owen                                  11-Sep-1980
Piercey          Anna Gladys (Mrs. George)              3-Feb-1980
Pina             Genevieve (Mrs.Joseph)                 1-Feb-1980
Pinaire          Lawrence T.                           30-Aug-1980
Pinckney         Hildreth W. (Mrs. Vernon)             22-Dec-1980
Pinkerton        David E.                              25-Oct-1980
Pinkston         Georgia (Mrs. Herbert)                18-Mar-1980
Pinkston         J. M. "Duke"                           6-Jun-1980
Pinney           Bess (Mrs. Glenn)                     20-Jun-1980
Pinnick          Adaline (Mrs Harry W.)                10-Feb-1980
Pinnick          Adaline (Mrs Harry W.)                11-Feb-1980
Piper            Anna                                  25-Oct-1980
Piper            Eugene Paul                           25-Mar-1980
Pipkin           A. L.                                 22-Sep-1980
Pipkin           Margaret F. (Mrs. Samuel E. )          3-Mar-1980
Pitscheneder     Anna (Mrs. Heinrich)                  22-Jun-1980
Pittman          Gertrude A. (Mrs. George)             12-Feb-1980
Pitts            Gwendolyn M. (Mrs. Joseph)            16-Sep-1980
Pittser          Earl E.                               24-Aug-1980
Pitzer           Stewart Snowden                       10-Oct-1980
Pixley           Joseph C.                             19-Apr-1980
Pjefky           August                                30-Jul-1980
Plane            Vernon G.                             24-Mar-1980
Plank            Irvin H.                              26-Feb-1980
Plante           Vernon G.                             25-Mar-1980
Plastridge       Charles A.                            15-Oct-1980
Platt            Louise (Mrs.Eldon)                    23-May-1980
Platt            Pearl E. (Mrs. Warren)                25-Apr-1980
Plaugher         Jacob A.                              24-May-1980
Plecker          Charles H.                             9-Aug-1980
Pledger          Lela E. (Mrs. Henry)                  22-Nov-1980
Plested          Flora E. (Mrs. William G.)            14-Apr-1980
Ploger           Armold A.                             14-Dec-1980
Plucar           Ben                                    6-May-1980
Plumb            Charles G.                             7-Oct-1980
Plumb            Etysel E.                              6-Nov-1980
Plumb            John Robert                           19-Dec-1980
Plumb            Mary O. (Mrs. Clifford)               10-Jan-1980
Plunkett         Frances E. (Mrs. George)              18-Dec-1980
Plunkett         Oma                                   20-Dec-1980
Poague           Ollie Jane (Mrs. Thomas J. )          16-May-1980
Pobey            Charles W.                            29-Jun-1980
Poe              Carolyn Sue (Mrs. Frank)               2-Oct-1980
Pogue            Jessie M. (Mrs. Leonard)               8-Jan-1980
Pohlenz          Mabel A. (Mrs. Firman)                23-Jul-1980
Pohlman          Clara                                 21-Dec-1980
Pohoralek        Bessie (Mrs. Frank)                    2-Dec-1980
Pointer          Truman E.                              2-May-1980
Poland           Buddy Junior                           9-May-1980
Polk             Ruby M. (Mrs. Raymond)                18-Sep-1980
Pollard          Edward B.                             11-Jan-1980
Polson           Glenn D.                               5-Sep-1980
Polson           Lolita Mae                            27-Dec-1980
Polzin           Katie (Mrs. William)                  14-May-1980
Ponds            Willie B. (Mrs. C. Joe)                7-Aug-1980
Ponds            Willie Beatrice (Mrs. C. Joe)          6-Aug-1980
Pool             Carlos W.                              7-Sep-1980
Pool             Clara (Mrs. Max)                      28-Feb-1980
Pool             Jessie                                27-May-1980
Poorman          Gary L.                                3-Jul-1980
Poppelreiter     William E.                            14-Mar-1980
Popplewell       James D.                              18-Jun-1980
Porter           A. C. "Bill"                          15-Oct-1980
Porter           Ada                                   28-Dec-1980
Porter           Helen S. (Mrs. E. Eugene)             22-Jul-1980
Porter           Helen S. (Mrs. E. Eugene)             23-Jul-1980
Porter           Louise Marie                          26-Aug-1980
Porter           Opal D. (Mrs. Paul)                   30-Jan-1980
Porter           Ruth E. (Mrs. Carl H.)                28-Dec-1980
Posch            Angela                                28-Jul-1980
Post             Clifford E.                           14-Mar-1980
Post             James Ryan                            17-May-1980
Post             Robert D.                             15-Feb-1980
Postier          Ruth H. (Mrs. Emmert)                  4-Sep-1980
Potter           Bud                                   19-Mar-1980
Potter           E. Lee                                16-Feb-1980
Potter           Floyd E.                               9-Feb-1980
Potter           June D. (Mrs. Darwin)                 11-Aug-1980
Potter           June D. (Mrs. Darwin)                 12-Aug-1980
Potter           L. Annis (Mrs. Harley)                 3-Feb-1980
Potter           Leonard H. "Al"                       21-Jul-1980
Potter           Ruth Juanita (Mrs. Clyde A.)          15-Sep-1980
Potts            Ada                                   30-Oct-1980
Potts            F. Thelma (Mrs. John)                 16-Aug-1980
Potts            Laura M. (Mrs. Ralph B., Jr.           7-Jun-1980
Pound            Mary A. (Mrs. Alfred)                  2-Sep-1980
Poundstone       Lenore (Mrs. William)                 18-Feb-1980
Poush            Cecilia Marie                          5-Jun-1980
Powell           Ed, Jr.                               24-Jun-1980
Powell           Jessie C. (Mrs. James N.)              5-Jan-1980
Powell           Keith                                 20-Oct-1980
Powell           Launy Ray                              6-Oct-1980
Powell           Mary L. (Mrs. Wiley)                  18-Apr-1980
Powell           Peggy A. (Mrs. Clyde)                 23-Dec-1980
Powell           Rosa Lee (Mrs. Dale)                  16-Oct-1980
Powell           Rosa May (Mrs.)                       17-Nov-1980
Powell           Thomas B. (Dr.)                       16-May-1980
Powers           Bessie O. (Mrs. Ernie)                 5-Jan-1980
Powers           James L.                              15-Feb-1980
Powers           Madeline H. (Mrs. Warren C.)          14-Jan-1980
Powers           Ora M. (Mrs. E. M. )                  27-Jun-1980
Prater           Ethel                                 14-Jan-1980
Pratf            Helen V. (Mrs. William)               15-Oct-1980
Prather          Dorrenna Kay (Mrs. Floyd)             11-Dec-1980
Prather          Hulda (Mrs. Bates)                    12-Apr-1980
Prather          Louis E.                               7-Feb-1980
Pratt            Anna (Mrs. Lawrence)                   1-Aug-1980
Pratt            Charles E.                            30-Sep-1980
Pratt            Janice (Mrs. Archie)                   2-Jan-1980
Pratt            Opal (Mrs. Cecil)                     18-Jun-1980
Pratz            Meredith M. "Curly"                    5-Mar-1980
Pratz            William Robert                         1-Mar-1980
Pray             Mabel E. (Mrs. Marion J.)             18-Feb-1980
Pray             Mabel E. (Mrs. Marion)                19-Feb-1980
Pray             Walter R.                             17-Sep-1980
Pray             Zelpha (Mrs. O. V.)                   27-Dec-1980
Prebble          Dale C.                                9-Dec-1980
Presley          William Bruce                         28-Nov-1980
Preston          Alice A. (Mrs. Orville)               28-Dec-1980
Preston          Lloyd W.                              12-Feb-1980
Preston          Otis LeRoy                            28-Feb-1980
Pribbernow       Blanche (Mrs. William)                 1-Mar-1980
Price            Aldia                                 10-Feb-1980
Price            Blanche L.                            31-Jan-1980
Price            Charles E.                             1-Dec-1980
Price            Delbert Coleman                        9-Oct-1980
Price            Delbert Coleman                       10-Oct-1980
Price            Edna C. (Mrs. Amos)                   13-Mar-1980
Price            Eunice R. (Mrs. Cleve)                28-May-1980
Price            Flora Lee (Mrs. Finley)                1-May-1980
Price            Joe V.                                 1-Sep-1980
Price            Marla Rae                              4-Aug-1980
Price            Myron Hugh                            21-Mar-1980
Price            Nellie                                12-Jan-1980
Price            Susan Carol (Mrs. Steven)              6-Jun-1980
Price            William Arthur, Jr.                   17-Oct-1980
Priddy           Louis L.                               5-Mar-1980
Prieb            Sara                                  29-Jul-1980
Priest           Hazel M.                              19-Oct-1980
Priest           Hazel M.                              20-Oct-1980
Prince           Joseph                                 6-Dec-1980
Pringle          Arthur G. "Knocko", Jr.               18-Jun-1980
Pringle          Hazel E. (Mrs.Charles)                16-Feb-1980
Pringle          Knock R., Jr.                         17-Jun-1980
Prisock          Jesse W.                              22-May-1980
Pritchard        Dwain L.                              10-Jan-1980
Prock            Frank M.                              13-Mar-1980
Proehl           Walter E.                             12-Nov-1980
Profitt          Lena (Mrs. Luther)                    24-Feb-1980
Progar           Andrew J.                              1-Nov-1980
Protheroe        Norman V.                             23-Jan-1980
Protheroe        Norman V.                             24-Jan-1980
Provence         Wilma Mae                             12-Aug-1980
Pruitt           Myrtle Ann (Mrs. Pleasant)             7-Mar-1980
Prutt            Roger Lee                              7-Sep-1980
Prye             Gladys M. (Mrs. James H.)             16-Sep-1980
Pryor            June Day                              22-Jun-1980
Pryor            June Day                              26-Jun-1980
Pryor            Stella Cornell (Mrs. Ralph)           29-Oct-1980
Psister          Raymond David                          1-Apr-1980
Puckett          Anna Mary (Mrs. Warren Augustus)      13-Feb-1980
Pulliam          Everett L.                            11-May-1980
Pulliam          James W.                              31-Mar-1980
Pummill          Fern (Mrs. Earl)                      10-Sep-1980
Pummill          Luther C.                             18-Apr-1980
Purcell          Charles Allen                         14-Dec-1980
Purcell          Leda C. (Mrs. James J.)                2-Jun-1980
Purcell          Leda C. (Mrs. James J.)                3-Jun-1980
Purkey           Arthur Ora                            15-May-1980
Purl             Missie Ella                            6-Dec-1980
Putman           Edna B.                                1-Mar-1980
Putman           Kallie Rae                            17-Aug-1980
Putney           Robert W.                             13-Mar-1980
Pyle             Agnes (Mrs. Lester)                    8-Jul-1980
Pyle             Elda E. (Mrs. Robert)                 17-Jun-1980
Pyle             Pearl (Mrs.Charles)                   29-Mar-1980
Pyles            Roxanna D. (Mrs. Buddy)               21-Nov-1980
Quantrell        Ruth Kathleen (Mrs. Bruce)             9-Jul-1980
Quillen          Keith Ward                            27-Dec-1980
Quillen          Mary Nancy (Mrs. Claude)              26-Dec-1980
Quillen          Pearl (Mrs. Elmer)                    27-Jan-1980
Quillen          Ruth E. (Mrs. Forrest)                17-Aug-1980
Quillen          Ruth E. (Mrs. Forrest)                18-Aug-1980
Quillin          Ethel L. (Mrs. Reat)                  10-Jul-1980
Quinton          Marjorie A. (Mrs. Frank)              24-Feb-1980
Quiring          Jonas F.                               7-Feb-1980
Rabe             John Henry                            14-May-1980
Rackley          Lois May (Mrs. Charles)               26-Feb-1980
Radcliff         Warren Reynolds                       29-Dec-1980
Rader            Marie M. (Mrs. George)                19-Nov-1980
Rader            William A., Sr.                       29-Oct-1980
Radke            August                                 4-Feb-1980
Radke            Dorothy (Mrs. Rollie)                 10-May-1980
Radzuweit        Sylvia E. (Mrs. Ernest)                4-Apr-1980
Ragsdale         Gracie V.                             21-Oct-1980
Raida            Addie F. (Mrs. Alfred)                14-Oct-1980
Railsback        Walter                                27-Nov-1980
Rains            Allen M.                              19-Feb-1980
Rains            Altha (Mrs. Hobart)                   20-Feb-1980
Raleigh          Chester D.                            20-Jan-1980
Raleigh          James                                 25-Dec-1980
Ralls            Ann Marie (Mrs. Robert L.)            25-Apr-1980
Ramsdale         Anna Leona (Mrs. Samuel)               6-Jul-1980
Ramsdale         Anna Leona (Mrs. Samuel)               7-Jul-1980
Ramsey           C. George                              9-Oct-1980
Ramsey           Calvin R.                             15-Sep-1980
Ramsey           Clinton G.                             6-Aug-1980
Ramsey           Dalea C. (Mrs. Jerry)                  5-Apr-1980
Ramsey           Emmett L.                              3-Nov-1980
Ramsey           Hiram R.                               8-Apr-1980
Ramsey           Margaret E. (Mrs. Paul)               30-Jan-1980
Ramsey           Margaret L. (Mrs. Lee)                 5-Jul-1980
Ramsey           Pearl (Mrs. Frank)                    31-Oct-1980
Ramu             Julio O.                              30-Oct-1980
Randall          Cora (Mrs. Orville)                   14-Feb-1980
Randall          Delphine (Mrs. Emil)                   5-Apr-1980
Randall          Edith (Mrs. Charles)                   1-Oct-1980
Randall          John D.                               29-Jun-1980
Raner            Herbert                               28-Dec-1980
Raney            Audrey F. (Mrs. Ralph)                29-Apr-1980
Raney            Gary Max                              24-Feb-1980
Range            Paul                                  18-Jul-1980
Rankin           Francis                               20-Sep-1980
Rankin           James R.                               9-Jun-1980
Rankin           John Taft                             12-Nov-1980
Rankin           Ted                                   16-May-1980
Rankin           Wendy Kay                             25-Jun-1980
Raper            Edna Mae (Mrs. Jess)                  20-Dec-1980
Rapp             Charles William                        5-Dec-1980
Rapp             Roy Richard                           31-Jul-1980
Rarden           Bertha May (Mrs. Alfred)              25-Apr-1980
Rasler           Ruby                                   9-Jun-1980
Rathbone         Carrie (Mrs. Ola)                     28-Oct-1980
Rathert          Rose C. (Mrs. Henry)                  28-Jun-1980
Rathgeber        Donald F.                             18-Dec-1980
Ratley           Ernest A.                             12-Oct-1980
Ratts            Junis W.                              29-Feb-1980
Ratzlaff         Abraham W.                             2-Jun-1980
Ratzlaff         Abraham W.                             4-Jun-1980
Rausch           Carl A.                                8-Dec-1980
Rausch           Juanita Sarah (Mrs. Eugene)           29-Apr-1980
Ravenkamp        Charles                               25-Dec-1980
Rawlins          Virginia Margaret (Mrs. James M.)      1-Dec-1980
Ray              Emmett Elmer                           3-Nov-1980
Ray              Eugene L.                              7-May-1980
Ray              Glen Isaac                            18-Nov-1980
Ray              H. Jack                               14-Dec-1980
Ray              Jirlean                               17-Jul-1980
Ray              Leonard W.                            11-Jun-1980
Ray              Ruth (Mrs. Edgar)                      8-Mar-1980
Ray              T. E.                                 29-Jul-1980
Ray              Virgie (Mrs. J. W.)                   30-Apr-1980
Ray              Walter Ray, Sr.                       19-Sep-1980
Raybourn         Joe                                   28-Nov-1980
Rayburn          Charles                               23-Aug-1980
Raymond          Clyde C.                              16-Jun-1980
Raymond          Jessie M.                             26-Aug-1980
Raymond          Jessie M.                             27-Aug-1980
Raymond          Lewis E.                               2-Feb-1980
Raymond          Rufus Logan                            6-Feb-1980
Razo             Leopoldo A.                           13-Dec-1980
Razook           Betty Louise                          25-Jun-1980
Razook           Ilea S.                                5-Jan-1980
Razook           Jeanne E. (Mrs. Fred)                  7-Aug-1980
Ream             Floy A. (Mrs. Norman)                 28-Oct-1980
Reamer           Genevieve (Mrs. W. G.)                 2-Dec-1980
Reardon          Granville Walter                      23-Mar-1980
Reber            Nellie M. (Mrs. Daniel)               16-May-1980
Reber            Sam                                   28-Dec-1980
Reck             Mahlon                                19-Aug-1980
Rector           Dora Ida (Mrs. James A.)              19-Mar-1980
Rector           James Cecil                            6-Dec-1980
Reddig           Erma J. (Mrs. Raymond)                 3-Jun-1980
Redding          Bessie A. (Mrs. Horace)               27-Sep-1980
Reddins          Edward V.                             21-Jul-1980
Redenbaugh       Wiley F.                              22-Jul-1980
Redfern          Bruce                                 13-Mar-1980
Redfern          Bryan E.                              28-May-1980
Redfern          Morris E.                             11-May-1980
Redfield         Carolyn                                7-Sep-1980
Redger           Pete                                  25-Apr-1980
Redinger         Alice (Mrs. Fred A. )                  4-May-1980
Reeb             Helen M> (Mrs. Raymond)               13-Jul-1980
Reece            Irving C.                             22-Jan-1980
Reed             Carlton A.                            12-Apr-1980
Reed             Clara Kriebel                         27-Jun-1980
Reed             Cloie Mae (Mrs. James T.)             30-Sep-1980
Reed             Esther                                31-Aug-1980
Reed             Jessie Lois (Mrs. Sam)                 8-Sep-1980
Reed             Luther                                 6-Jun-1980
Reed             Luther                                 7-Jun-1980
Reed             Mary F. (Mrs. Jess)                   17-Feb-1980
Reed             Richard Lee                            5-Jan-1980
Reed             Ruth E. (Mrs. Doc H.)                 25-Nov-1980
Reed             Sarah (Mrs. Ivan)                     19-Apr-1980
Reed             Verna Marie (Mrs. Chester)            24-Jan-1980
Reed             Viva B. (Mrs.)                         6-Oct-1980
Reed             William B.                             9-Jul-1980
Reed             William LeRoy                         16-Feb-1980
Reeder           Nancy E. (Mrs. Claude)                13-Nov-1980
Reers            Henry, Jr.                            14-Jul-1980
Reers            Henry, Jr.                            15-Jul-1980
Reese            Max C.                                16-Dec-1980
Reese            Ora Robert                             8-Sep-1980
Reeside          Delbert C.                            25-Aug-1980
Reesied          Delbert C.                            24-Aug-1980
Reeve            Henry R.                              11-Aug-1980
Reeve            Loura B. (Mrs. Henry)                 14-Feb-1980
Reeves           Birdie (Mrs. John)                     2-Jun-1980
Reeves           Donald                                28-Mar-1980
Reeves           Ella (Mrs.)                           17-Oct-1980
Reeves           Leah M.                               19-Feb-1980
Reeves           Nola M. (Mrs. Everette)                3-May-1980
Reeves           Vera M. (Mrs. Ted)                    24-Mar-1980
Regier           Anna                                   6-Sep-1980
Reiber           Larry                                  1-Jan-1980
Reid             Betty L.                               6-Mar-1980
Reid             Esther (Mrs. Arthur)                   1-Aug-1980
Reid             James C.                              16-May-1980
Reid             Margaret Roberts                      11-Feb-1980
Reid             Marguerite L. (Mrs. Walter)            1-May-1980
Reid             William Henry                         11-Aug-1980
Reiger           Arnold A.                             29-Aug-1980
Reiger           Otto                                  18-Oct-1980
Reigier          Elizabeth R. (Mrs. Ben)               14-Jan-1980
Reiman           John F.                                4-Feb-1980
Reimelt          Evelyn M. (Mrs. Otto)                 12-Apr-1980
Reimer           John M.                               30-Jul-1980
Reimer           Johnny F.                              4-Sep-1980
Reimer           Justina H. (Mrs. Gustav)              30-Dec-1980
Reimer           Katharina (Mrs. A. S. )               10-Apr-1980
Reimer           Ralph A.                               1-Aug-1980
Reimer           Shirley M.                            26-Jan-1980
Reimer           William F.                            17-Sep-1980
Reimer           William F.                            18-Sep-1980
Rein             Olinda (Mrs. George)                  18-Aug-1980
Reinhardt        Eve (Mrs. Fay)                        18-Nov-1980
Reinhart         Jacob O., Jr.                          1-Jun-1980
Reinke           Zula "Mildred" (Mrs. Eldo)            15-Nov-1980
Reinolds         Arleen (Mrs. Jack)                     4-Mar-1980
Reiser           Josephine (Mrs. William)               5-Jan-1980
Reiss            George Raymond                        11-Apr-1980
Reist            Timothy                                4-Oct-1980
Reister          George Henry                          17-Dec-1980
Releford         Mabel G. (Mrs. Rufus)                  9-Jul-1980
Relf             Jettie M. (Mrs. Wesley)                5-Nov-1980
Remmert          Rosemary (Mrs. Robert O.)             20-Apr-1980
Remmert          Sara                                   2-Sep-1980
Reneau           Lee E.                                 1-May-1980
Renick           Randall                                3-Jul-1980
Renick           William Frank                         30-Mar-1980
Renningrer       Cloyd E. "Dick"                        1-May-1980
Renspeace        Esther Story                          15-Jul-1980
Repogle          Lawrence C.                            3-Sep-1980
Reschke          Nancy E.                              26-May-1980
Reser            Floyd S.                              30-Oct-1980
Resley           Marvin Lee                             8-Nov-1980
Resser           Charles H.                             2-Feb-1980
Rettiger         Gertrude (Mrs. Irwin)                 11-Jun-1980
Reusser          Jennings M.                           28-Aug-1980
Reuszer          Henry C.                              20-Jan-1980
Rexroad          Mary (Mrs. Leo)                       27-Dec-1980
Reyer            Ralph J.                               4-Dec-1980
Reyes            Richard                               13-Feb-1980
Reynolds         Ada                                    6-Jun-1980
Reynolds         Cleo J.                                2-Mar-1980
Reynolds         Earl A.                               15-Mar-1980
Reynolds         Grace E. (Mrs. Sam)                    8-Oct-1980
Reynolds         Jack J.                               30-Nov-1980
Reynolds         Virgil L.                              2-Aug-1980
Rhoades          Allan C.                              30-Jul-1980
Rhoades          Clarence M.                           10-Mar-1980
Rhoades          Claude M.                              8-Nov-1980
Rhoades          Harold D.                              8-Feb-1980
Rhoades          Ralph Eugene                          26-Jan-1980
Rhoads           Ora M. (Mrs. Leonard)                 17-Oct-1980
Rhodes           Florence N. (Mrs. Everett)            15-Oct-1980
Rhodes           Oscar                                 21-Feb-1980
Rhodes           Respie R.                              1-Mar-1980
Rhoton           William Eli                            8-Nov-1980
Rice             Emma P. (Mrs. Clarence)               14-Sep-1980
Rice             Ethel E.                               9-Aug-1980
Rice             Ethel E. (Mrs. Henry C.)               9-Aug-1980
Rice             Frances E. (Mrs. Legrande)            13-Jan-1980
Rice             George Nelson                          9-Dec-1980
Rice             Julia Fern (Mrs. Clyde)                1-Jul-1980
Rice             Leroy L.                              27-Dec-1980
Rice             Loyd B.                               30-Apr-1980
Rice             Lucille (Mrs. Charley)                21-Feb-1980
Rice             Phillip Marshall                       4-Dec-1980
Rice             Richard                                1-Sep-1980
Rich             Elisha C.                             19-Apr-1980
Rich             Kenneth Eugene                        14-Jun-1980
Rich             Roscoe L. (Rev.)                      25-Mar-1980
Richard          Ralph                                  6-Mar-1980
Richards         Edith O. (Mrs. Wayne)                 13-Jul-1980
Richardson       Alice Vivian (Mrs. Carl)              10-Apr-1980
Richardson       Annamae (Mrs. David)                  27-Nov-1980
Richardson       Betty (Mrs. Albert)                    2-Mar-1980
Richardson       Carl B.                               19-Apr-1980
Richardson       E. Pearl (Mrs. Howard)                11-May-1980
Richardson       George William                        13-Dec-1980
Richardson       Josephine (Mrs. Charles)               4-Sep-1980
Richardson       Kenneth                                7-Feb-1980
Richardson       Kenneth G.                            14-Sep-1980
Richardson       Lawrence, Sr.                         26-Feb-1980
Richardson       Leo                                    5-Apr-1980
Richardson       Leo                                    6-Apr-1980
Richardson       Mae (Mrs. Roscoe)                      7-May-1980
Richardson       Margaret A. (Mrs. Walter)             22-Apr-1980
Richardson       Marie (Mrs. Clayton)                  21-Aug-1980
Richardson       Marvin A.                             28-Apr-1980
Richardson       Maurice F.                             9-Feb-1980
Richardson       Rabon                                 26-Aug-1980
Richardson       Sadie U. (Mrs. Domer)                  3-Mar-1980
Richardson       Vivian Lea                            22-Feb-1980
Richert          Brenton M.                            12-Feb-1980
Richert          Edythe O. (Mrs. Brenton)               9-Mar-1980
Richey           Carol L. (Mrs. Marion)                18-Oct-1980
Richey           Daniel L.                             18-Feb-1980
Richey           Daniel L.                             19-Feb-1980
Richey           Lula B. (Mrs. William)                17-Apr-1980
Richey           Lula B. (Mrs. William)                18-Apr-1980
Richey           Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Daniel L. )      23-Jul-1980
Richey           Mary Wintress (Mrs. Earle)            23-Oct-1980
Richey           Ralph, Jr.                            16-Jan-1980
Richmeier        Wendeline                             22-Sep-1980
Richmond         Scott F.                               2-May-1980
Richter          A. Dennis                              2-Aug-1980
Rickard          Albert C.                              2-Aug-1980
Rickard          Margaret                              15-Aug-1980
Rickard          Margaret                              16-Aug-1980
Rickel           Elizabeth                             29-Jul-1980
Ricketts         Amy E.                                 8-Oct-1980
Ricketts         Jack E.                               13-Jan-1980
Ricketts         Joyce Lynn                             6-Jul-1980
Ricketts         Mabel B. (Mrrs. Roy)                   5-Jul-1980
Ricketts         Ross S.                               25-Jan-1980
Rickman          Jack W., Jr.                          24-Apr-1980
Rickman          Nettie Dean (Mrs. Jack W.)             8-Sep-1980
Ricky            Margaret K. (Mrs. Gerald)             24-Aug-1980
Ridder           Agnes L. (Mrs. John L.)               11-Dec-1980
Ridder           Anna Marie (Mrs. Joseph)               7-May-1980
Ridder           John L. (Jack)                         2-Jul-1980
Ridenour         Dora (Mrs. Sam)                        5-Feb-1980
Ridgway          Lottie (Mrs. William T.)              30-Apr-1980
Ridgway          Mary B.                               22-Feb-1980
Ridpath          Glenn E.                              10-Dec-1980
Rieckenberg      Lore (Mrs. August)                    26-Feb-1980
Rieger           Elizabeth (Mrs. Herbert)              22-Jul-1980
Rieger           Elizabeth (Mrs. Herbert)              23-Jul-1980
Riegle           Marian (Mrs. Ellis)                   20-Sep-1980
Riesen           Cornelius N.                          26-Jan-1980
Rieske           William O.                             3-Jul-1980
Rife             Cash K.                               24-Oct-1980
Riffel           Erna E. (Mrs.)                        17-Feb-1980
Riffel           Frieda C. (Mrs. Herbert C.)           28-Oct-1980
Riffel           Meta                                  18-Nov-1980
Riggins          Raymond J.                            16-Oct-1980
Riggle           Richard A.                            24-Jan-1980
Riggs            Altie M. (Mrs. Andrew)                12-Apr-1980
Riggs            Arlene (Mrs. M. C.)                   18-Jul-1980
Riggs            Bessie                                28-Dec-1980
Riggs            Glenn                                  4-Sep-1980
Riggs            Harvey L.                             11-Oct-1980
Riggs            Louisa N. (Mrs. Andrew)                9-Apr-1980
Riggs            Mildred                               10-Aug-1980
Riggs            Orville                               21-Dec-1980
Riggs            Orville W.                            21-Feb-1980
Riggs            Twila L. (Mrs. J. C.)                 21-Nov-1980
Riggs            Viola (Mrs. Lex)                       9-May-1980
Riley            Geneva (Mrs. Russell)                  8-Apr-1980
Riley            Lyle George                           27-Apr-1980
Riley            Mabel M. (Mrs. P. J.)                 24-Sep-1980
Riley            Robert H.                             28-Feb-1980
Rimmer           James E.                              15-Oct-1980
Rindt            Rudolph                               11-Feb-1980
Ringland         Lloyd                                 30-May-1980
Ringland         Lloyd                                 31-May-1980
Rinkel           E. Clark                              29-Sep-1980
Rippel           Berneal (Mrs. Melvin)                 15-Jun-1980
Rippel           Berneal (Mrs. Melvin)                 16-Jun-1980
Ritchey          Guy C.                                19-Jul-1980
Ritchey          Orpha M. (Mrs. Earl)                   8-Oct-1980
Ritchie          Beatrice (Mrs. Carl)                  11-Aug-1980
Ritter           Fern (Mrs. Roscoe)                     3-Nov-1980
Ritter           Mike (Sgt.)                            1-Feb-1980
Ritter           Pauline M. (Mrs. C. R. )              13-Aug-1980
Ritter           Shelia J. (Mrs. Joseph)                7-Feb-1980
Ritterhouse      Lloyd G. "L. G."                      20-Mar-1980
Ritz             John R.                               15-Jul-1980
Rizer            Dorothy H. (Mrs. Virgil)              25-Mar-1980
Roach            Donald F.                             29-Sep-1980
Roadenbaugh      Marie T. (Mrs. N. B.)                 21-Oct-1980
Roardk           Farrel V.                             24-Mar-1980
Roark            Farrel V.                             23-Mar-1980
Roark            L. Frank                              16-Dec-1980
Robbins          Frank L.                              20-Oct-1980
Robbins          Frank L.                              21-Oct-1980
Robbins          Fred James, Jr.                        8-Apr-1980
Robbins          James H.                               3-Aug-1980
Roberson         Mozella (Mrs. Kertha)                 31-Jul-1980
Roberts          Clarence                               9-Dec-1980
Roberts          Earl W.                               30-Mar-1980
Roberts          Forrest B.                            17-Nov-1980
Roberts          Grace (Mrs. W. T.)                     1-Jul-1980
Roberts          John "Shorty"                          8-May-1980
Roberts          Leonard C.                            16-Jan-1980
Roberts          Leonard C.                            17-Jan-1980
Roberts          Maude E.                               3-Aug-1980
Roberts          Rebecca M. (Mrs. G. R.)               24-Sep-1980
Roberts          Wally A.                              27-Dec-1980
Roberts          William Ceran (Dr.)                   23-May-1980
Roberts          William Ceran (Dr.)                   24-May-1980
Roberts          Winifred Irene (Mrs. H. O. Bob)       20-Jul-1980
Robertson        Alice V. (Mrs. R. D.)                 20-Aug-1980
Robertson        Carl G.                               26-Jul-1980
Robertson        Chris T.                               2-Jan-1980
Robertson        Geraldine (Mrs. Leroy)                 4-Dec-1980
Robinson         Bessie (Mrs. Vester)                  21-Nov-1980
Robinson         Clara E. (Mrs. Joseph)                24-Jul-1980
Robinson         Clarence L.                           22-Oct-1980
Robinson         Claude R. "John"                      30-Dec-1980
Robinson         Heicka E. (Mrs. Homer)                11-Nov-1980
Robinson         James                                 30-Dec-1980
Robinson         James Robert                          17-Oct-1980
Robinson         June (Mrs. Lyle)                      24-Sep-1980
Robinson         Nira                                  22-Jan-1980
Robinson         Paul A.                               22-Sep-1980
Robinson         Ray                                   19-Mar-1980
Robinson         Scott Alan                            13-Sep-1980
Robinson         Shireerk Henry                        20-Feb-1980
Robinson         Shireerk Henry                        25-Feb-1980
Robinson         Willie Phay (Mrs. John A.)            16-Jan-1980
Robinson         Willie Phay (Mrs. John A.)            17-Jan-1980
Robison          E. M. "Moon"                          24-Mar-1980
Robison          Lena Wall (Mrs. Henry)                19-Apr-1980
Robison          Lester Kenneth                        29-Aug-1980
Robison          Nettie  Mae Hibbs (Mrs. Raymond)       1-Jan-1980
Robl             Loretta                                6-Sep-1980
Robles           Jeannie (Mrs. Ramiro)                  9-Jun-1980
Robson           Geradine R. (Mrs. George)             22-Jan-1980
Rockhill         Henry Oliver                          23-May-1980
Rockwell         Carroll "Bill"                        13-Feb-1980
Rockwell         Eva (Mrs. Everett)                    13-Feb-1980
Rockwood         Harry C.                              20-Dec-1980
Rodd             Charles C.                            24-Oct-1980
Roderbeck        E. P. Bob                             10-Sep-1980
Rodgers          Cecil                                 14-Jul-1980
Rodgers          Lena G. (Mrs. Joe)                    19-Dec-1980
Rodgers          Mabel E. (Mrs. Earl)                  16-Apr-1980
Rodgers          Stanley S.                            21-Jan-1980
Rodman           Harriet C.                             8-Dec-1980
Rodriguez        Antonio R.                            18-Nov-1980
Rodriguez        George A.                             20-Feb-1980
Rodriguez        Manuel "Toro"                         27-Jan-1980
Rodriquez        Ernesto                               21-Dec-1980
Roe              Edwin C.                              15-Jul-1980
Roedel           Rey (Mrs John)                        25-May-1980
Roehrman         Melvin Everett                        23-Jul-1980
Roenfeldt        Helmuth "Henry" H.                     3-Feb-1980
Roets            Rose (Mrs. Edward)                    20-Dec-1980
Rogers           Barbara (Mrs. Perry C.)               22-Feb-1980
Rogers           Caldonia (Mrs. Bryson)                10-Jan-1980
Rogers           Dorcel                                 6-Dec-1980
Rogers           Forrest M.                            25-Sep-1980
Rogers           Forrest M.                            26-Sep-1980
Rogers           Fred                                   2-Apr-1980
Rogers           Fred                                   5-Apr-1980
Rogers           Ida R. (Mrs. Clayborn)                17-Aug-1980
Rogers           J. C.                                 27-Jan-1980
Rogers           Lewella G.                            16-Aug-1980
Rogers           Margaret                              18-Jun-1980
Rogers           Pearl C. (Mrs. Carey)                 23-Dec-1980
Rogers           Richard R.                            24-Jun-1980
Rogers           Richard R.                            25-Jun-1980
Rogers           Rollo A.                               6-May-1980
Rogers           Sheila Yvette                         21-Dec-1980
Rohr             Walter                                16-Nov-1980
Rohrbaugh        Glenn R.                              13-Nov-1980
Rojas            Pascual M.                             9-Dec-1980
Roland           Edward W.                             10-Jul-1980
Rolf             Doris M. (Mrs. Harold)                22-Feb-1980
Rollings         Bernadine (Mrs. Charles)              24-Sep-1980
Rollins          Clarence                              14-Sep-1980
Roman            Frances M.                            24-Oct-1980
Roman            Frances Margaret                      24-Oct-1980
Romero           Delphina (Mrs. J. T.)                 29-Aug-1980
Romesburg        Icie B. (Mrs. Charles)                28-May-1980
Root             Edwin F., Sr.                         21-May-1980
Root             George I.                             22-Oct-1980
Rord             Lela (Mrs. Warren)                    10-Sep-1980
Rorick           Gary Don                               8-Jan-1980
Rork             Larry E. (Dr.)                         4-Jun-1980
Rosacker         Joseph G.                              4-Feb-1980
Rose             Elmer Joseph                          16-Oct-1980
Rose             Lora Mae (Mrs. William)                2-Feb-1980
Rose             Rocky Eugene                           9-Feb-1980
Rose             Ruth (Mrs.Elbert)                     14-Oct-1980
Roseberry        Amy Dir (Mrs. Robert)                 20-Oct-1980
Roseberry        Carl D.                               24-Aug-1980
Rosebrook        Johanna Alida (Mrs. Winfield)         11-Jun-1980
Rosen            Anna (Mrs. Israel I.)                 23-Jun-1980
Rosen            Jacob                                 13-Jul-1980
Rosen            Jacob                                 14-Jul-1980
Rosenberg        Opal                                   2-Sep-1980
Rosenstiel       E. L. "Amy" (Mrs. Ellis)              19-Jul-1980
Rosenstiel       Raymond L.                            11-Sep-1980
Roser            A. Ray                                15-Oct-1980
Rosier           Eldon                                  7-Oct-1980
Ross             Agnes Loretta                         24-Nov-1980
Ross             Belle R. (Mrs. W. I.)                  2-Feb-1980
Ross             Mabel T. (Mrs. William)               31-Oct-1980
Rossman          Alfred                                 6-Apr-1980
Roth             Joseph                                27-Jan-1980
Rothgeb          Howard R. "Bud"                       18-Jul-1980
Rothrock         Angela M.                             28-Mar-1980
Rothwell         Jennie E. (Mrs. William)               5-Oct-1980
Rourk            Elzie C.                               8-Mar-1980
Rouse            Glenn                                  7-Jan-1980
Roush            Ruth (Mrs. Oliver)                    18-Nov-1980
Roush            Wendell B.                             5-Jan-1980
Routh            Erma Darlene (Mrs. Arthur)            13-Jan-1980
Routledge        Glenn R.                              18-Jan-1980
Rowan            Fred                                   3-Oct-1980
Rowden           Hellen H.                             26-Oct-1980
Rowland          Arlyn F.                              19-Mar-1980
Rowland          Charles Wayne                          7-Nov-1980
Rowland          Harold W.                             27-Dec-1980
Rowland          Troy E.                               28-Oct-1980
Rowland          Violet F. (Mrs. J. Arthur)            14-Jan-1980
Rowland          William H.                             3-Feb-1980
Rowlett          Mae (Mrs. Joe)                        27-Oct-1980
Rowton           David E.                              13-Jul-1980
Rowton           Rebecca McElree                       12-Apr-1980
Royse            Mable Grace (Mrs. George A.)           9-Jun-1980
Royston          Jewell Robert                         25-Sep-1980
Royston          Jewell Robert                         25-Sep-1980
Ruby             Everett V.                            25-Nov-1980
Rucas            Carla R. (Mrs. Steve)                 23-Oct-1980
Rucjle           Ira I.                                15-Feb-1980
Rudd             Eugene T.                             17-Aug-1980
Ruddick          Eleanor P. (Mrs. Robert A. )           6-Aug-1980
Ruddick          Treva A. (Mrs. John E., Sr.)           9-Jan-1980
Rudicel          Charley                               17-May-1980
Rudolph          Joseph                                17-Feb-1980
Rue              Jaquita M. (Mrs. John)                13-Aug-1980
Rueschhoff       Lydia                                 25-Sep-1980
Ruff             George W.                              4-Mar-1980
Ruff             George W.                              6-Mar-1980
Ruff             George W.                              7-Mar-1980
Ruggles          George Edgar                          28-Apr-1980
Ruhnke           George F.                             22-May-1980
Ruiz             Carlos, Sr.                           29-Feb-1980
Rumery           Mavis Rose (Mrs. Bill)                28-Sep-1980
Rumford          Cassie Odella (Mrs. Charles)           9-Apr-1980
Rump             Jason H.                              11-Sep-1980
Rumsey           Walter Bliss                          16-Jun-1980
Runge            Don M.                                20-Oct-1980
Rupp             Clifford A.                           18-Jun-1980
Rupp             Lucille V. (Mrs. Theodore)            23-Dec-1980
Rush             Ina (Mrs. Virigl)                      7-Nov-1980
Rush             Margaret C. (Mrs.Charles)              9-Dec-1980
Rush             Roland R.                             30-Jul-1980
Russel           John H.                               27-Oct-1980
Russell          Eva Mae                               15-Apr-1980
Russell          Jewell C.                             15-Jul-1980
Russell          Keith D.                              26-Jun-1980
Russell          Leonard A.                            22-Jun-1980
Russell          Louis S.                              20-Nov-1980
Russell          Roger Ray                             18-Jan-1980
Russell          Tessie (Mrs. Herman)                  11-Oct-1980
Rutherford       Curtis R.                             21-Jun-1980
Rutherford       Richard                               10-Mar-1980
Rutherford       Richard                               11-Mar-1980
Rutledge         Eartle R.                              7-Oct-1980
Rutschman        David H.                              19-Oct-1980
Rutten           Hubert M. "Herb"                      14-Sep-1980
Ryan             Anna M. (Mrs. Joe)                     5-Feb-1980
Ryan             Chloe A. (Mrs. Frank)                 17-Feb-1980
Ryan             Mary E. (Mrs. Matthew)                18-Nov-1980
Ryan             Mary Jane                             17-Apr-1980
Ryan             Maude (Mrs. Fred)                     17-May-1980
Ryan             Ralph A.                              19-Mar-1980
Ryans            Robert E.                              3-Aug-1980
Ryans            Robert E.                              6-Aug-1980
Saad             Michael Allan                          6-Jan-1980
Sack             Leo J.                                29-Feb-1980
Sacket           Eva F. (Mrs. Claude)                   1-Jul-1980
Saddler          John F.                                5-Oct-1980
Sadler           Charlie                               17-Jun-1980
Sadler           Charlie                               19-Jun-1980
Saferite         Margaret M. (Mrs. Ernest)             11-Jun-1980
Sage             William J.                            19-Jul-1980
Sager            Eugene C.                             20-Nov-1980
Saggau           J. L. "Tip"                            7-Nov-1980
Saint            Vivian L. "Tom"                       20-Nov-1980
Saker            Patricia Jo                           10-Jun-1980
Salina           Bessie L. (Mrs. Naldo)                12-Feb-1980
Sallee           Henry, Jr.                            18-Nov-1980
Salmans          Loren W.                               6-Jun-1980
Salser           Josephine T. (Mrs. Merl)              22-May-1980
Samadani         Sheelah R.                            10-Jul-1980
Samms            Ed                                    26-Aug-1980
Sample           Anna M.                                5-Feb-1980
Sample           Anna M.                                6-Feb-1980
Sample           Dora A. (Mrs. Everett)                 2-Apr-1980
Samuels          Robert O.                             26-Mar-1980
Sanchez          Irene B. (Mrs. Oscar)                 11-Aug-1980
Sanchez          Manuel R.                              1-Jun-1980
Sanchez          Tony, Sr.                             22-Jan-1980
Sandberg         Ebba H.                               20-Nov-1980
Sandell          Marvin T.                             14-Jun-1980
Sander           Emma (Mrs. William)                    8-Oct-1980
Sander           Robert A.                             16-Sep-1980
Sanders          Ava (Mrs. Jack)                        2-Feb-1980
Sanders          Edgar, Jr.                            30-Jun-1980
Sanders          Ina E. (Mrs. William G.)              11-Jun-1980
Sanders          Lennie Jane W.                        11-Aug-1980
Sanders          Mary (Mrs. George)                    19-Nov-1980
Sanders          Mary Jane (Mrs. Joseph                 3-Jan-1980
Sanders          Paul                                  28-Dec-1980
Sanders          Paul                                  29-Dec-1980
Sanders          Walter H.                              9-May-1980
Sanderson        David P.                               7-Dec-1980
Sands            Sylvia (Mrs. John)                     6-Jun-1980
Sanford          Lillie                                29-Jun-1980
Sanford          Loren                                  8-Oct-1980
Sargent          J. H.                                 22-Apr-1980
Satchel          Edna M. (Mrs. Warren)                 25-Apr-1980
Satterthwaite    Earl                                  24-Feb-1980
Satterthwaite    Mildred Irene (Mrs. Marshall E.)      24-Sep-1980
Satterwaite      Leona (Mrs. Earl)                     11-Dec-1980
Satterwaite      Pearl L. (Mrs. Wilson)                18-Mar-1980
Sauder           Ephriam E.                            27-May-1980
Sauder           Helen E. (Mrs. Chester)               19-Jan-1980
Sauer            Ruth J. (Mrs. George)                 25-Apr-1980
Saunders         Nannie Belle (Mrs. George)            25-Jun-1980
Savage           Howard A.                             25-Sep-1980
Savage           Russell                               23-Jun-1980
Savoy            Marjorie Nadine (Mrs. Reginald)        8-Dec-1980
Savute           Louise Rose (Mrs. Mike)               19-Jan-1980
Sawatsky         James L.                              20-May-1980
Sawatzky         Helena L. (Mrs. Jacob)                 8-Nov-1980
Sawyer           Troy Michael                          23-Dec-1980
Saxton           Ruby I.                                8-Aug-1980
Say              Charles W.                            19-Jul-1980
Sayers           Neva Marie                            23-Jul-1980
Sayers           Neva Marie                            24-Jul-1980
Sayler           Charles Paul                          29-Mar-1980
Sayre            Kenneth E.                            12-Dec-1980
Sbalichter       Uhugh                                 17-Jul-1980
Scarbrough       Jessie B. (Mrs. Thomas)                7-May-1980
Schackelford     Wilburn Roland                        22-Aug-1980
Schafer          Agnes (Mrs. Franklin)                  7-Mar-1980
Schafer          Louis A.                              20-Feb-1980
Schafer          Nina B. (Mrs. Fred)                    2-Apr-1980
Schafer          Sidonie P.                            27-Dec-1980
Schafer          Sidonie P.                            30-Dec-1980
Schaffer         Robert E.                             28-Jul-1980
Schaich          Velma G. (Mrs. Irvin)                 17-Sep-1980
Schaller         John Henry Nicholaus                  19-Jan-1980
Schaper          Mina F. (Mrs. D. Otis)                12-Feb-1980
Scharping        Edmond                                12-Feb-1980
Scharping        Susie (Mrs. Edmund F.)                27-Feb-1980
Schauf           Francis J.                             8-Jul-1980
Schawo           Leland W.                              3-Feb-1980
Scheer           Tillie                                11-Oct-1980
Scheier          Mary H. (Mrs. Lewis)                  29-Jul-1980
Scheifler        F. N. "Six"                            8-Feb-1980
Schemahorn       Florence (Mrs. Floyd)                  5-Oct-1980
Schenk           Donald D.                             20-Aug-1980
Schenk           John L.                               22-Nov-1980
Schicke          Frank                                  6-Jul-1980
Schierling       Susie (Mrs. Willie T.)                22-Aug-1980
Schill           Bernard R. "Dick"                     24-May-1980
Schiller         Nevin W.                              26-Oct-1980
Schiltz          Mary                                  22-Nov-1980
Schindler        Myron H.                              15-Jul-1980
Schinkle         Thurman J.                             7-Aug-1980
Schlegel         Frances T. (Mrs. Lester)               8-Mar-1980
Schlegel         Mary W.                                9-Jan-1980
Schlepphorst     Gerald J.                             23-Dec-1980
Schletzbaum      Fayne E.                              15-Dec-1980
Schloctermeier   Irwin J.                              13-Sep-1980
Schlotzhauer     Ruth M.                               19-Oct-1980
Schmedemann      Clarence C.                           29-Oct-1980
Schmedemann      Louie Herman                          28-Oct-1980
Schmid           Theodore                              20-Apr-1980
Schmidl          Albert                                19-Jun-1980
Schmidt          Angela R. (Mrs. Connie)               11-Jun-1980
Schmidt          Arnold H.                             24-Oct-1980
Schmidt          Ben E.                                12-Jan-1980
Schmidt          Beverly                               26-Jul-1980
Schmidt          Gene Edward                           25-Jun-1980
Schmidt          Judy A.                               17-Aug-1980
Schmidt          Lawrence A.                           12-Feb-1980
Schmidt          Linda (Mrs. Elmer W.)                  7-Jun-1980
Schmidt          Luise (Mrs. Frank)                     5-Jul-1980
Schmidt          Marie (Mrs. John)                      6-Mar-1980
Schmidt          Mattie S. (Mrs. William)              20-Aug-1980
Schmidt          Merlin W.                             11-Mar-1980
Schmidt          Paul                                   2-Mar-1980
Schmidt          Ralph J.                               8-Mar-1980
Schmidt          Sarah                                  7-Jan-1980
Schmidt          Terry L.                               7-Jan-1980
Schmidtberger    Armella M. (Mrs. Lewis)               21-Mar-1980
Schmidtberger    Catherine (Mrs. Mitchel)               4-Jun-1980
Schmitt          J. W.                                 16-Jun-1980
Schmitz          Raymond M.                             1-Feb-1980
Schneider        Anthony M.                            11-Sep-1980
Schneider        Florine (Mrs. Raymond)                 2-Jun-1980
Schneider        Frances M. (Mrs. Math)                18-Feb-1980
Schneider        Frank G.                              13-Jan-1980
Schneider        Louis F.                              23-Jul-1980
Schneider        Neoma M. (Mrs. Gilbert)               23-Jul-1980
Schneider        Richard                               25-Jun-1980
Schneider        William                               25-Dec-1980
Schneiner        Sister Anthony                        22-Feb-1980
Schockley        Winford                               10-Nov-1980
Schoemaker       Erma M. (Mrs. Arthur)                 22-Jun-1980
Schoen           Joseph H.                             28-Feb-1980
Schoer           Katherine (Mrs. Alfred C. )            8-Sep-1980
Schofield        Wallace H.                            17-Sep-1980
Schommer         Charles Lee                           11-Dec-1980
Schooler         Elsie May (Mrs. Garth)                30-Apr-1980
Schooler         Opal Lulu (Mrs. Roy E.)               20-Feb-1980
Schornick        Clifford                              18-Jan-1980
Schowalter       Hazel M. (Mrs. Wayne)                  5-Jul-1980
Schowalter       Josephine Hough (Mrs. Wilbur H.)       5-Dec-1980
Schowalter       Martha (Mrs. George)                   4-Jul-1980
Schrader         Emma A. (Mrs. Abraham)                26-Oct-1980
Schrag           Daniel A.                             17-Jul-1980
Schrag           Dave                                   1-Dec-1980
Schrag           Marvin D.                             16-Mar-1980
Schram           Eleanor M.                            20-Apr-1980
Schram           Eleanor M.                            21-Apr-1980
Schreffler       Elzada A. (Mrs.)                      29-Jan-1980
Schreiber        Anna C.                                1-Nov-1980
Schriner         Delmer J.                             16-Dec-1980
Schrinshaw       Robert E.                             28-Jul-1980
Schrock          Anna (Mrs. Ollie)                     21-Sep-1980
Schrock          Nettie Grace (Mrs. Harvey)            21-Oct-1980
Schroeder        Augusta (Mrs. Herman)                 14-Apr-1980
Schroeder        David                                  2-Mar-1980
Schroeder        Emerson Bruce                         10-Sep-1980
Schroeder        Henry Wilber                          12-May-1980
Schroeder        Justina (Mrs. Jacob)                   8-Jan-1980
Schubert         Alvin N.                              22-Jun-1980
Schubie          Anna (Mrs. Peter)                     17-Jun-1980
Schuckman        Victor M.                             10-Feb-1980
Schuessler       Joseph E.                              7-Dec-1980
Schuler          Gary L.                               16-Jan-1980
Schulte          Daniel  J.                            24-Sep-1980
Schulte          Earl A.                               16-Jun-1980
Schulte          Ralph                                 23-Oct-1980
Schultz          Curtis                                16-Feb-1980
Schultz          George D.                             23-May-1980
Schultz          Harriet "Hattie" (Mr. George)         29-Apr-1980
Schulz           Carl W.                               30-Dec-1980
Schulz           Laura A. (Mrs.William)                 8-Nov-1980
Schulz           William A.                            11-Nov-1980
Schumacher       Amanda M.                             13-Jan-1980
Schuman          Anita E. (Mrs.Clyde)                  16-Feb-1980
Schumucker       Sybil (Mrs. Simon)                     5-Nov-1980
Schupbach        Benjamin F.                           17-May-1980
Schupbach        Eunice M. (Mrs. L. A.)                24-Sep-1980
Schwabauer       Dale                                   6-Oct-1980
Schwantes        Anna Myrtle (Mrs. Robert)              4-Jul-1980
Schwartz         Clarence Dale                          7-Feb-1980
Schwartz         John W.                               15-Jan-1980
Schwartz         Louise  (Mrs.Ed)                      18-Mar-1980
Schwartzkopf     Eldred M.                              1-Aug-1980
Schwarz          Falk J.                               16-Sep-1980
Schweda          Leo F.                                24-Apr-1980
Schweiter        Bertha                                16-Jul-1980
Schweiter        Bertha (Mrs. Otto)                    14-Jul-1980
Schweitzer       Charles (Rev.)                         3-Nov-1980
Schwendener      Geraldine M. (Mrs. Fred)              14-Dec-1980
Schwerdtfeger    Bertha E.                             30-May-1980
Schwertdfager    William                               29-Feb-1980
Schwindt         Zelma (Mrs. John)                     24-Apr-1980
Scmidl           Kittie                                27-May-1980
Scobee           Charles L.                            11-Sep-1980
Scott            Anna (Mrs. Leon)                      25-Oct-1980
Scott            Bertha Brand (Mrs. Joe)                3-May-1980
Scott            Bertrum R.                             9-Apr-1980
Scott            Clara C. (Mrs. Vincent)               23-May-1980
Scott            Daniel K.                             30-Jul-1980
Scott            Delmont R.                            12-Apr-1980
Scott            Dessie (Mrs. Harry)                   15-Dec-1980
Scott            George W.                             23-May-1980
Scott            Gilbert Kingman                       16-Jul-1980
Scott            Grace (Mrs. Roscoe)                    4-Mar-1980
Scott            Guy A.                                 8-Oct-1980
Scott            Minnie Mary                            2-May-1980
Scott            Queen (Mrs. Shelden)                  28-Jul-1980
Scott            Robert B.                             30-Nov-1980
Scott            Shannon D.                            13-Oct-1980
Scott            Tillie (Mrs. Sam)                     31-May-1980
Scott            Tina (Mrs. John)                      27-Apr-1980
Scott            W. Dallas                             18-Jun-1980
Scott            William G., Sr.                       11-Dec-1980
Scribner         Doyel H.                              29-Sep-1980
Scriggs          Addie (Mrs. Claud)                    27-Sep-1980
Scruggs          Addie                                 28-Sep-1980
Scutter          Minnie May (Mrs. William J.)          13-Mar-1980
Seals            Glen W.                               10-Nov-1980
Seals            Glen W.                               11-Nov-1980
Seaman           Paul J.                                5-Jun-1980
Seaman           Stella Land (Mrs. Joseph)             29-Oct-1980
Sears            Delores A. (Mrs. Melvin)              10-Aug-1980
Sears            John F.                               18-Jul-1980
Sears            Roy H.                                23-Jan-1980
Seaton           Glenn                                 27-Nov-1980
Sebbert          Andrew                                27-Mar-1980
See              Earl                                  10-Oct-1980
See              Marion Lea                             2-Sep-1980
See              Marion Lea                             4-Sep-1980
Seevers          Audrey Ione (Mrs. Gifford)            22-Aug-1980
Segovia          Pomposo                               17-Mar-1980
Seibel           Charles C.                            23-May-1980
Seibert          Merle Donald                          15-Apr-1980
Seidel           Angeline (Mrs. Edwin)                 30-Apr-1980
Seidel           Gustave J.                            19-Jan-1980
Seidenfeld       Blanche R.                             5-Nov-1980
Seifert          Charley                               17-Feb-1980
Seihart          Ralph T.                              11-Jul-1980
Seim             Rosa B. (Mrs. Frank)                  15-Feb-1980
Seitz            Leonard J.                            17-Oct-1980
Seitzinger       Margaret G. (Mrs. Alonzo  H.)         25-May-1980
Seiwert          Lawrence                              18-Nov-1980
Self             Robert L.                              8-Nov-1980
Sell             Edward L.                             10-Dec-1980
Sell             Mary M. (Mrs. Ora)                    16-Sep-1980
Selle            Otto                                  14-Feb-1980
Sellers          Alma L. (Mrs. James)                  24-Feb-1980
Selsor           Fred E.                               21-Jun-1980
Seltmann         John C.                               19-Nov-1980
Seltzer          Orie A.                               21-Feb-1980
Selves           Emily M. (Mrs. William)                7-Dec-1980
Sence            Dorothy J. (Mrs. Walter)              27-Dec-1980
Sence            Ralph W.                              26-Mar-1980
Senesac          Clara E. (Mrs. Dolphis)                9-Apr-1980
Serna            Andrew A.                             12-Aug-1980
Servantez        Pabla G. (Mrs. Evaristo)              13-Apr-1980
Servis           Carl W.                               13-Oct-1980
Settle           Clayton                                8-Apr-1980
Severa           Elsie M. (Mrs. Edward)                28-Jan-1980
Seyb             Mary (Mrs. Edgar)                      1-Nov-1980
Seydell          Carl E.                               14-May-1980
Sezer            Gazanfer "Gus"                        19-Jan-1980
Shaddix          Billy J.                              27-Mar-1980
Shadid           Lulu (Mrs. Deeb)                      17-Feb-1980
Shadwick         Floyd J.                              11-Jul-1980
Shafer           Orton                                 28-Nov-1980
Shaffer          Alice V. (Mrs. Vere)                   9-Jun-1980
Shaffer          Jessie (Mrs. Wilber)                   3-Oct-1980
Shaffer          Paul H.                               11-Jun-1980
Shahan           Paul R.                               27-Aug-1980
Shahan           Paul R.                               28-Aug-1980
Shaheen          Amelia (Mrs. Charles)                  8-Oct-1980
Shall            Opal W. (Mrs. James)                  15-Jan-1980
Shane            Edward H.                             25-Oct-1980
Shank            Maude Elizabeth (Mrs. C. S.)          25-Apr-1980
Shanks           Velma C.                              14-Jul-1980
Shanks           Vera (Mrs. Clifford)                  11-Feb-1980
Shannon          James T.                               9-Dec-1980
Shannon          Pollie (Mrs. Thomas)                   6-Nov-1980
Shapley          Gladys (Mrs. George E.)               23-Dec-1980
Shapley          Gladys (Mrs. George E.)               24-Dec-1980
Sharbonno        Ethel Prouty (Mrs. Ellsworth)         23-Jun-1980
Sharp            Ethel (Mrs. Eathel)                   21-Nov-1980
Sharp            Henry                                 16-Nov-1980
Sharp            Lou (Mrs. Fred)                        3-May-1980
Sharp            Mary (Mrs. Purcell)                    2-Jan-1980
Sharp            Roscoe Raymond                        23-May-1980
Sharp            Walter                                11-May-1980
Shaufler         Edwin H., Jr.                         27-Oct-1980
Shaw             Franklin                              11-Nov-1980
Shaw             John Elmer                            22-Sep-1980
Shaw             Karen Kay (Mrs. Harvey)               21-Dec-1980
Shaw             Michelle Rae                          30-May-1980
Shaw             Myron K.                              12-May-1980
Shaw             Vincent L. and Preston L., Jr.         5-Sep-1980
Shawly           Marie (Mrs. Eugene)                   27-Mar-1980
Shawver          Betty T. (Mrs. Herschel)               1-May-1980
Shawver          Dorothea (Mrs. Roy)                   30-Dec-1980
Shea             Agnes (Mrs. Vincent)                  26-Feb-1980
Shea             Agnes (Mrs. Vincent)                  27-Feb-1980
Shea             Mary E. (Mrs. Clifford)               10-Sep-1980
Sheaffer         Richard L.                            30-Sep-1980
Shearer          Melva                                 28-Dec-1980
Shearn           Patrick Henry                         30-Oct-1980
Shears           Frank E.                              26-Nov-1980
Sheehy           Merle D.                               2-Dec-1980
Sheen            Richard Paul                          28-Aug-1980
Sheets           Floran A.                             28-May-1980
Sheffer          Virgil E.                             24-Jul-1980
Sheffield        Lomah (Mrs. Herman)                    5-Jul-1980
Sheffield        Mary E. (Mrs. Guy E.)                  4-Jan-1980
Shelby           Annette Augusta (Mrs. William H.)     19-Jun-1980
Sheldon          Dewey D.                               6-Nov-1980
Sheldon          Dewey D.                               8-Nov-1980
Shellhammer      Mandis D.                              2-Dec-1980
Shellman         Jean M. (Mrs. Chester)                 9-Jul-1980
Shepard          Gertrude (Mrs. Arthur)                15-Feb-1980
Shepard          Mable                                 28-Sep-1980
Shepard          Susie (Mrs.Homer)                      7-Nov-1980
Shepherd         Alta                                  16-Nov-1980
Shepherd         Elsie "Betty"                          5-Nov-1980
Shepherd         Etta E. (Mrs. George)                 24-Feb-1980
Shepherd         Rena (Mrs. George)                    14-Nov-1980
Shepherd         Roy Thomas                            22-Jan-1980
Shepherd         Sarah T. (Mrs. George)                22-Jul-1980
Shepherd         Virgil                                22-Jun-1980
Shepler          Velma I. (Mrs. Kenneth)               13-Apr-1980
Shepley          Mayola (Mrs. Charles F.)              21-Oct-1980
Shepperd         Clarence C. "Ted"                     26-Oct-1980
Sherar           Keith A.                               9-Feb-1980
Sherffius        Lois May (Mrs. Robert, Sr. )          28-Feb-1980
Sherman          Janice Elaine                         14-Jun-1980
Sherrill         Floyd                                 31-Aug-1980
Sherrill         Leota Mae (Mrs. Luther)               23-Mar-1980
Sherrill         William G.                            14-Dec-1980
Sherwin          Anna (Mrs. Reed)                      21-Jun-1980
Sherwood         Anne Pauline                          29-Jul-1980
Sherwood         Lucille                               24-Mar-1980
Sherwood         Mercedes (Mrs. Marlin S.)              1-Feb-1980
Sherwood         Robert J.                              6-Aug-1980
Shewey           Estel B.                              12-May-1980
Shiblom          Ethel (Mrs.Samuel)                    16-Jul-1980
Shideler         George G.                              9-Jan-1980
Shields          Augusta G. (Mrs. Martin)              16-Aug-1980
Shiney           Agnes                                 16-Nov-1980
Shipley          Edward J.                             29-Jan-1980
Shipley          Frank E.                               4-Feb-1980
Shipley          Frank R.                              20-Dec-1980
Shipley          Frank R.                              21-Dec-1980
Shipman          Paul Raymond                          13-Mar-1980
Shipman          Pearl R. (Mrs. Doras)                 31-May-1980
Shipman          Robert                                19-Nov-1980
Shipman          Walter                                23-Apr-1980
Shippy           Alden Noel                            24-Mar-1980
Shirk            Mamie A. (Mrs. Cleyson)               29-Mar-1980
Shively          Gertrude (Mrs. Henry)                  1-Feb-1980
Shoaf            John                                  10-Mar-1980
Shock            Gary                                   5-Jan-1980
Shoemaker        George O.                             24-Aug-1980
Shoemaker        John R.                               17-Apr-1980
Shoemaker        Roy                                    8-Jan-1980
Shoemaker        Winifred (Mrs. Harry)                 23-Mar-1980
Shoffner         Hazel (Mrs. Nurman                     2-Jan-1980
Shook            Lota (Mrs. R. O.)                     17-Aug-1980
Shoop            Leona Ferguson (Mrs. Clarence)         6-Feb-1980
Shore            Cora May (Mrs. Sea)                    3-May-1980
Shore            Viola (Mrs. Delos)                    27-Aug-1980
Shores           Neta (Mrs. Ray)                        9-Jan-1980
Shores           Roy D.                                25-Jul-1980
Short            A. L.                                  5-Sep-1980
Short            Georgia Ann (Mrs. Leo)                13-Feb-1980
Short            John David                            14-Dec-1980
Short            John David                            16-Dec-1980
Short            Otis D.                                2-Nov-1980
Short            Pearl (Mrs Floyd)                     11-Dec-1980
Short            Thomas R.                             30-Mar-1980
Short            Viola M. (Mrs. Warham, Sr.)            9-Feb-1980
Shorter          Harold                                28-Jun-1980
Shoulder         John R.                               29-May-1980
Shoup            Lester L.                             10-Aug-1980
Shoup            Lucille Marie (Mrs. Eugene)           28-Jun-1980
Shouse           Leamon                                10-Feb-1980
Showalter        Beth E.                               18-Oct-1980
Showalter        Katherine C. (Mrs. William)           25-Nov-1980
Showman          Waunetta (Mrs. Robert)                 1-Mar-1980
Shreck           Bernice V. (Mrs. Russell)             19-Sep-1980
Shreffler        Clarence William                      17-Apr-1980
Shreve           Hattie L. (Mrs. Ray P.)               23-Feb-1980
Shriner          Mabel J. (Mrs. Homer E.)              10-Jan-1980
Shriver          Charles F.                            26-Jul-1980
Shrum            Roberta (Mrs. William)                31-Mar-1980
Shuck            Rex                                   15-Feb-1980
Shultz           Brian Mathew                           1-Oct-1980
Shultz           Ina May (Mrs. William)                21-Feb-1980
Shumi            Ruby (Mrs. Harry)                      1-Nov-1980
Shumway          Herbert A.                             1-May-1980
Shurtz           Eva A. (Mrs. Ernest)                  17-Jul-1980
Sias             James A., Sr.                         14-May-1980
Sick             Orval W.                              23-May-1980
Sickbert         Mary E. (Mrs. R. D.)                   1-Nov-1980
Sickler          Miles E.                              20-Nov-1980
Sickler          Miles E.                              21-Nov-1980
Sidebottom       Iolene (Mrs. Berlon)                  17-Apr-1980
Sidey            Corine                                26-Feb-1980
Siebert          Opal O. "Jack"                        30-Jul-1980
Siebert          Ralph E.                              21-Oct-1980
Sieker           Harry I.                              30-Apr-1980
Sieker           Martha Louise                         23-Mar-1980
Sieker           Martha Louise                         25-Mar-1980
Sifuentes        Jacob                                 10-Nov-1980
Sigler           Opal M. (Mrs. Terrel M.)              14-Mar-1980
Sigwing          Ronald C.                             20-Oct-1980
Sillin           Samuel L.                              1-Jan-1980
Sills            Maude H. (Mrs. Charles E.)            16-Oct-1980
Silverr          Alta                                   5-Mar-1980
Silvers          Raymond L.                            25-Sep-1980
Simmonds         Donald                                16-Dec-1980
Simmons          Beatrice P.                           24-Aug-1980
Simmons          Dorothy L. (Mrs. Tom)                 18-Nov-1980
Simmons          Ethel Naomi (Mrs. Ray)                 8-Mar-1980
Simmons          Genevieve M. (Mrs. Roy)               18-Nov-1980
Simmons          George R.                             20-Jul-1980
Simmons          J. R.                                 20-Apr-1980
Simmons          John                                   1-Oct-1980
Simmons          L. Wilson                             22-Mar-1980
Simmons          Leta B. (Mrs. Clyde)                   1-Nov-1980
Simmons          Marion R.                              2-Jul-1980
Simon            Florence C. (Mrs. Joseph)             15-Jul-1980
Simon            Marc A.                                1-Dec-1980
Simpson          Goldie I. (Mrs. Johnnie)              16-Feb-1980
Simpson          John Berwyn                           27-Nov-1980
Simpson          Luther W.                             26-Feb-1980
Simpson          Roy                                   21-Jul-1980
Simpson          Virginia (Mrs. William)               19-Sep-1980
Sims             Edward W.                             11-Dec-1980
Sims             Lillie B. (Mrs. Wilmer)               13-Jan-1980
Sims             Meta I. (Mrs. Robert)                 28-Feb-1980
Sims             Victor G.                              2-Dec-1980
Sims             Willis L.                             28-Feb-1980
Sinclair         Graydon J.                             1-May-1980
Sinclair         Jackie E.                             23-Feb-1980
Sinclair         Jim C.                                24-Nov-1980
Singer           John F.                                6-Apr-1980
Sipes            Harry G.                               3-Feb-1980
Sipult           Ben                                   24-Feb-1980
Sisley           Stephen Kurtz                         18-Sep-1980
Sivley           Robert J.                             12-Apr-1980
Sivley           Robert J.                             13-Apr-1980
Six              Cora                                  25-May-1980
Sizemore         Opal Lucille (Mrs. Clayton)           20-Dec-1980
Skidgel          Louise (Mrs. Dean)                    19-Aug-1980
Skidmore         Harriett E. (Mrs. Charles)            19-Feb-1980
Skinner          Geoffrey                               3-Nov-1980
Skinner          Pat (Mrs. Wendell)                    11-Dec-1980
Skinner          Pauline M. (Mrs. Bert)                 4-Dec-1980
Skinner          Pauline M. (Mrs. Bert)                 5-Dec-1980
Skinner          Stella (Mrs. Frank)                   18-Dec-1980
Skinner          Thelma (Mrs. M. B. "Sweet")            1-Feb-1980
Skradski         John M.                                2-May-1980
Slaten           Ticie G. (Mrs. Hessee)                27-Sep-1980
Slater           Fern (Mrs. Ellwood)                   25-Oct-1980
Slater           Fern (Mrs. Elwood)                    24-Oct-1980
Slates           Nellie Jane (Mrs. Harry)               7-Oct-1980
Slaughter        Charles Virgil                        16-Jun-1980
Slaughter        Mary Jane                             15-Nov-1980
Slawson          Elizabeth                             21-Jul-1980
Slawson          Elizabeth                             22-Jul-1980
Slawson          Tracy D.                               2-Nov-1980
Slawson          Tracy D.                               3-Nov-1980
Slaydon          Josie Young                           24-Mar-1980
Slee             Ella Frances (Mrs.)                   29-Sep-1980
Slentz           Alice M. (Mrs. Samuel)                25-Sep-1980
Slimmer          Naomi (Mrs. Samuel)                   23-Mar-1980
Sloan            Clifford                              15-Apr-1980
Sloan            Laymon Gene                            6-May-1980
Sloan            Leland M.                             12-Jul-1980
Sloan            Louise (Mrs. Carroll)                 21-Oct-1980
Sloan            Robert B.                             13-Jan-1980
Sloan            Straud W. "Bud"                        6-Jul-1980
Slude            Isaac L.                               5-Jun-1980
Sluder           Tom                                   18-Feb-1980
Slump            Florence (Mrs.Clyde)                   7-Nov-1980
Smalls           James                                  2-Jul-1980
Smalls           James                                  5-Jul-1980
Smallwood        Bertha M. (Mrs. Melville)             16-Jan-1980
Smarsh           Bulah F. (Mrs. Joseph C.)             14-Jun-1980
Smarsh           Steven T.                             15-Jul-1980
Smart            Ola V. (Mrs. Richard)                  4-Mar-1980
Smart            Wilbur W.                             17-Nov-1980
Smay             Annette (Mrs. Charles)                21-Feb-1980
Smetana          Wililam E.                            28-Sep-1980
Smiddy           Rose E.                               17-Oct-1980
Smiley           Florence M. (Mrs. Clifford)            9-May-1980
Smisor           Pearl G. (Mrs. Elbert)                 1-Jan-1980
Smith            Aaron Lawrence                        28-Apr-1980
Smith            Alma (Mrs. Lynn)                      11-Apr-1980
Smith            Alva E.                               24-Aug-1980
Smith            Alva E.                               25-Aug-1980
Smith            Ann M. (Mrs. Andrew)                  14-Jul-1980
Smith            Anna (Mrs. Jake B. )                   6-Apr-1980
Smith            Arthur D.                             31-Jan-1980
Smith            Barbara Ann (Mrs. Troy)               28-Oct-1980
Smith            Benjamin                              31-Jan-1980
Smith            Bert F.                               13-Oct-1980
Smith            Bertha (Mrs. Frank O. W. )            29-Jun-1980
Smith            Bertha Dorothy                         6-Jul-1980
Smith            Bessie                                 8-May-1980
Smith            Blanche (Mrs. Wilford)                10-Mar-1980
Smith            Brenee' Ann                           12-Sep-1980
Smith            C. Howard                             22-Aug-1980
Smith            Carl A.                               17-Dec-1980
Smith            Carrie (Mrs. Samuel)                  24-Feb-1980
Smith            Carrie (Mrs. William)                  5-Dec-1980
Smith            Catherine L. (Mrs. Fred)              15-Aug-1980
Smith            Charles E.                             8-Aug-1980
Smith            Charles O.                            30-May-1980
Smith            Charley T.                            18-Feb-1980
Smith            Chester C.                            23-Oct-1980
Smith            Chloe (Mrs. Gilbert)                   1-Aug-1980
Smith            Christopher K.                        21-Jun-1980
Smith            Clara Susan (Mrs. Elrick)             17-May-1980
Smith            Clarence C. "Lucky"                   11-Mar-1980
Smith            Clyde L.                              31-Jul-1980
Smith            Coie D. (Mrs. Oscar)                   1-May-1980
Smith            Coie DeVore (Mrs. Oscar)               1-May-1980
Smith            Dalton W.                              4-Apr-1980
Smith            Donald L.                             11-Jul-1980
Smith            Donald Lee                             6-Oct-1980
Smith            Dorathea T. (Mrs. Percy)              27-Feb-1980
Smith            Edna M. (Mrs. Herbert)                18-Mar-1980
Smith            Edna Marie                             7-Oct-1980
Smith            Elevena C. (Mrs. H. L.)                5-Jun-1980
Smith            Elsie R. (Mrs. Howard)                23-Aug-1980
Smith            Elwood "Red"                          30-Dec-1980
Smith            Ernest Q.                              6-Feb-1980
Smith            Ernest R.                             12-Oct-1980
Smith            Eula Francine                         17-May-1980
Smith            Eva Evelyn (Mrs. Art)                  9-Feb-1980
Smith            Frank C.                               3-Jul-1980
Smith            Franzle A.                            29-Aug-1980
Smith            Fred A.                               22-May-1980
Smith            G. P.                                 12-Aug-1980
Smith            George "Pat"                          25-Sep-1980
Smith            George E.                             21-Oct-1980
Smith            Gertrude A. (Mrs. C. Ora)             30-Oct-1980
Smith            Glenn                                  5-Dec-1980
Smith            Golden S.                             14-Jun-1980
Smith            Goldie E. (Mrs. Garland)               3-May-1980
Smith            Hallie "Smitty"                        5-May-1980
Smith            Harriett                              28-Sep-1980
Smith            Harry E.                              18-Nov-1980
Smith            James Harrison, Jr.                   28-Jun-1980
Smith            John                                   8-Jul-1980
Smith            John J.                                9-Jun-1980
Smith            John W.                                2-Jan-1980
Smith            Johnny Dean                           17-Aug-1980
Smith            Joseph                                31-Jul-1980
Smith            Joseph A.                              5-Feb-1980
Smith            Lamont L.                              8-Jun-1980
Smith            Larry E.                              25-Jan-1980
Smith            Laura Ethel (Mrs. John)                8-Sep-1980
Smith            Laura V. (Mrs. Robert)                30-Mar-1980
Smith            Lena R.                               20-Nov-1980
Smith            Leo                                    9-Oct-1980
Smith            Lewis A. "Art"                        12-Jun-1980
Smith            Lola P.                               18-Sep-1980
Smith            Lola Pearl                            16-Sep-1980
Smith            Lorena May (Mrs. Charles)             14-Aug-1980
Smith            Louis D.                               4-Jun-1980
Smith            Margaret                               7-Oct-1980
Smith            Mary (Mrs. John)                      30-Apr-1980
Smith            Mary Alice (Mrs. Wilson)              10-Aug-1980
Smith            Mary E. (Mrs. Ira D. )                24-May-1980
Smith            Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Ira D.)          25-May-1980
Smith            Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Joseph W.)       27-Jan-1980
Smith            Millie L.                             16-Jan-1980
Smith            Minnie Mae (Mrs. Walter Rex)           1-Mar-1980
Smith            Minnie Martha (Mrs. Glen)              1-Aug-1980
Smith            Neva L.                               15-Jul-1980
Smith            Norville W.                           20-May-1980
Smith            Opal Irene (Mrs. Louis)                4-Dec-1980
Smith            Orpha (Mrs. Charles G.)               13-Jul-1980
Smith            Paul Arley                            26-Jan-1980
Smith            Peter B.                              29-Nov-1980
Smith            R. Buster                              1-Oct-1980
Smith            Ralph Edson                           17-Dec-1980
Smith            Ray E.                                16-Apr-1980
Smith            Robert J.                             26-Jan-1980
Smith            Rosa A. (Mrs. Henry)                   5-Jul-1980
Smith            Rosemary (Mrs. Clement)               24-Jul-1980
Smith            Ruth (Mrs. Carl F.)                    7-Jan-1980
Smith            Sallie K.                              9-Apr-1980
Smith            Stamon I.                             28-Sep-1980
Smith            Terry Don                             14-Jun-1980
Smith            Thelma M. (Mrs. Joseph)               27-Apr-1980
Smith            Thomas A.                              7-Jan-1980
Smith            Vane                                  30-Aug-1980
Smith            Verne W.                              31-May-1980
Smith            Verne W.                               1-Jun-1980
Smith            Viola (Mrs. William)                   6-Feb-1980
Smith            Virgil L.                             23-Dec-1980
Smith            Walter T.                              3-Apr-1980
Smith            Wayne M.                               6-Aug-1980
Smith            Willard  L.                            5-Sep-1980
Smith            William M.                            25-Mar-1980
Smith            William M.                            27-Mar-1980
Smith            Wilma Elaine (Mrs. Carl E.)           14-Sep-1980
Smock            Minie May (Mrs. Albert)               30-Apr-1980
Smysor           George E.                             25-Jan-1980
Smyth            Minnie (Mrs.Thomas)                    2-Dec-1980
Smythe           Erma E. (Mrs. Charles)                28-Aug-1980
Snell            Hallie Q. (Mrs. Nemiah)                3-Aug-1980
Snell            Ruth (Mrs. Sherman)                   10-Aug-1980
Snells           Phillip N.                             7-May-1980
Snider           Alice L. (Mrs. George)                28-Mar-1980
Snider           Owen Clifford                          1-May-1980
Snook            Goldie (Mrs. George)                  11-Nov-1980
Snook            Ray E.                                24-Sep-1980
Snyder           Clifford E.                            6-Dec-1980
Snyder           Edith O. (Mrs. Merrel)                21-Nov-1980
Snyder           Harold H.                              5-Jun-1980
Snyder           Herbert W.                            30-Jan-1980
Snyder           Joseph E.                             12-Sep-1980
Snyder           Louis                                 16-Sep-1980
Snyder           Marie Goruch (Mrs. Earl)               1-Aug-1980
Soehlke          Mary (Mrs. Richard)                    5-Jan-1980
Soeken           George R.                             14-Aug-1980
Soellner         Joseph                                 8-Jan-1980
Soft             Lizzie (Mrs. Jacob)                   29-Oct-1980
Sole             Mariano                               27-Jan-1980
Soles            Duane C.                              27-Sep-1980
Solomom          James                                 23-Aug-1980
Somerhalder      Eli                                    7-Jan-1980
Somers           Philip E.                             22-Feb-1980
Sonderegger      Fred T.                               13-Feb-1980
Sones            Lloyd                                 23-Apr-1980
Sooby            Joe W.                                19-Oct-1980
Soria            Antonio H.                            25-Oct-1980
Soth             Timothy L.                            25-Dec-1980
Soules           Lillis E. (Mrs. Cleo E.)              27-Dec-1980
Sourbeer         Andy                                  12-Mar-1980
Sourrier         Stanley, Jr.                           1-Jul-1980
Southern         Edward, Jr.                            4-Jun-1980
Southern         Ellen S. (Mrs. Carl Harrison)         23-Mar-1980
Soward           Olaf                                  11-Jun-1980
Soyez            Frank N.                              30-Jun-1980
Spain            Orval V.                              20-Feb-1980
Spalton          Roy L.                                27-Mar-1980
Spangler         Edith L. (Mrs. Ora)                    6-Feb-1980
Spangler         Laura                                 30-Nov-1980
Sparks           Chester Dale                           6-Mar-1980
Sparks           Fred M.                               29-Jan-1980
Sparks           Lyman L.                              16-Dec-1980
Sparling         Ethel (Mrs. H. M.)                     1-Oct-1980
Speakes          Devon H. "Dee"                        10-Oct-1980
Speaks           Roger Eugene                          18-Jun-1980
Spears           Dolores                               30-Aug-1980
Spence           Maggie M. (Mrs. Homer)                 1-Aug-1980
Spencer          Agnes M. (Mrs. Charley)               17-Feb-1980
Spencer          Edna H. (Mrs. Edward D.)              15-Dec-1980
Spencer          Fred W.                               22-Mar-1980
Spencer          Joseph Nathaniel                      27-Dec-1980
Spexarth         Ben J.                                 4-Jul-1980
Sphar            Adele K.                              18-Jul-1980
Spicer           Ocee O.                               15-Jul-1980
Spicer           Uel Victor                            26-Jul-1980
Spicher          Garnett (Mrs. Nobel)                   5-Jul-1980
Spikes           Carlos C.                              2-Aug-1980
Spiller          Julia L. (Mrs. John)                   5-Jan-1980
Spillman         Larry E.                              11-Sep-1980
Spinden          Alice E.                               2-Dec-1980
Spousta          Winslow C.                            14-Nov-1980
Sprague          Fred A.                               17-Jul-1980
Spreier          Ruby (Mrs. Adam)                      10-Aug-1980
Spriggs          Mae L. (Mrs. Herbert)                  9-Dec-1980
Spriggs          Thora (Mrs. Elmer)                    26-Feb-1980
Squier           James Clinton                         28-Apr-1980
Srader           Mattie I.  (Mrs. Milton)              19-Feb-1980
St. Bonnett      Florence (Mrs. Frank)                 27-Sep-1980
St. John         Estella B. (Mrs. Roscoe N.)            1-Apr-1980
Staab            Edwin J.                              30-Jul-1980
Stafford         Everett W.                             4-Nov-1980
Stafford         Francis R.                            14-May-1980
Stafford         Leona E.                              23-Jul-1980
Stahl            Mary Ellen (Mrs. Donald)              21-Sep-1980
Stahl            Vaughn "Dee"                           2-Dec-1980
Stahly           Vernol E.                             11-Jun-1980
Stalcup          Frances A. (Mrs. Lloyd)               17-Dec-1980
Staley           Norma R. (Mrs. Frank)                 28-Jan-1980
Stamback         Susie M. (Mrs.Charles)                14-May-1980
Stambaugh        Jessie F. (Mrs. Jesse)                25-Apr-1980
Stamey           Fern H. (Mrs. Glen)                    4-Dec-1980
Stanard          Kenneth W.                            15-Jul-1980
Stanbaugh        Roy B.                                14-Jun-1980
Stancer          Earl Edward                           25-May-1980
Standifer        Bill J.                                7-Mar-1980
Standley         Grace E. (Mrs. William)                2-Dec-1980
Stangle          John "Bud"                             2-Mar-1980
Stanley          Doris                                 28-Sep-1980
Stanley          Shawnda Marie                          8-Aug-1980
Stansfield       Helen (Mrs. Robert)                    9-Dec-1980
Stansfield       Helen Lockwood (Mrs. Robert)          10-Dec-1980
Stanton          Rowena (Mrs. Elmer R.)                 8-Aug-1980
Stapleton        Orville E.                            27-Nov-1980
Stapp            Dorothy (Mrs. John)                   17-Jun-1980
Star             Ruby Louise (Mrs. McRoy)              20-Sep-1980
Star             Ruby Louise (Mrs. McRoy)              21-Sep-1980
Star             Ruby Louise (Mrs. McRoy)              22-Sep-1980
Starbuck         Jack                                  13-Jul-1980
Stark            Fred                                   9-May-1980
Stark            Hazel W. (Mrs. Arzie)                  3-May-1980
Stark            Maude (Mrs. Chris)                    11-Oct-1980
Stark            Maude (Mrs. Chris)                    12-Oct-1980
Starkey          Betty J. (Mrs. George)                19-Sep-1980
Starkey          Jessie M. (Mrs. J. T. )                9-Jul-1980
Starr            Lillie M. (Mrs. Jesse)                12-Mar-1980
Starrett         Paul                                   1-Oct-1980
Stateler         Eshter (Mrs. Walter)                  25-May-1980
Statton          Janet Sue (Mrs. Richard)              15-Jul-1980
Stauffer         Loreen L.                             11-Jan-1980
Stauffer         Lucy Jane (Mrs. Malon Roy, Sr. )       3-Jan-1980
Stearns          Max A.                                10-Jun-1980
Stecher          Watson                                23-Apr-1980
Stecker          Margaret Lucille (Mrs. Charles)       28-Aug-1980
Stedman          Florence                               4-Jun-1980
Steed            Genevieve Tobler (Mrs. Earl)          23-Sep-1980
Steel            Elmer N.                              13-Aug-1980
Steele           Alice May (Mrs. Harvey)               16-Aug-1980
Steele           Harry H.                               4-Jun-1980
Steele           Robert H.                              5-Jun-1980
Steele           Virginia (Mrs. Richard)               15-Jan-1980
Steffe           Pearl L. (Mrs. Clarence)              12-Feb-1980
Steffens         Christopher                           14-Feb-1980
Steffens         Hadley J.                              6-May-1980
Steffy           Cassandra J. (Mrs. William)           18-Aug-1980
Stegall          Gerald Edward                         29-Jan-1980
Steger           Cardia J.                             12-May-1980
Stegman          Gabriel                                1-Nov-1980
Stegman          Michael, Sr.                           7-Feb-1980
Stegman          Stanley G.                             9-Feb-1980
Stein            Mai S. (Mrs. Ray)                      4-Jan-1980
Steincamp        Harold L. "Cug"                       29-Sep-1980
Steiner          Martha                                 7-Sep-1980
Steiner          Ralph J.                               2-Jul-1980
Steiner          Ralph J.                               3-Jul-1980
Steiner          Waldo L.                              24-Apr-1980
Steinert         Benjamin K.                           21-Feb-1980
Steingreber      William                                8-Sep-1980
Steinle          Henry                                 28-Sep-1980
Steinman         Bertha (Mrs. Charles)                 14-Oct-1980
Stenzel          Homer H.                               4-Jun-1980
Stephan          Dorothy Marie (Mrs. Taft)             11-Jun-1980
Stephen          Donald D.                             18-Jan-1980
Stephens         Bobby J.                              10-Jul-1980
Stephens         Clyde Morgan                          14-May-1980
Stephens         Floyd L.                              25-Apr-1980
Stephens         H. A. "Steve"                         22-Sep-1980
Stephens         Lovina F. (Mrs. Joseph)               22-Jul-1980
Stephens         Ova M.                                18-Feb-1980
Stephens         Phillip R.                            24-Jan-1980
Stephenson       Dorothy M. "Doe"                      29-Aug-1980
Sterbenz         John A.                                7-Feb-1980
Sterling         Eddie O.                              25-Apr-1980
Sternberger      Bobbie Lee                             5-Oct-1980
Sternburg        Eva L. (Mrs. Paul)                    30-Oct-1980
Sternitzke       Francis J.                             7-Oct-1980
Sterns           Ronald D.                             29-May-1980
Sterns           Ronald D.                             30-May-1980
Steudtner        Irene Gleichman (Mrs. Richard)        28-Nov-1980
Steven           Tofey                                  6-Oct-1980
Stevens          Clyde A.                              16-Aug-1980
Stevens          Edna Margaret (Mrs. Lee O. )           4-Feb-1980
Stevens          Harry                                  3-Nov-1980
Stevens          Harry                                  5-Nov-1980
Stevens          Jason                                 28-May-1980
Stevens          Mark R.                                4-Feb-1980
Stevens          Mary (Mrs Fred)                       30-Jan-1980
Stevens          William A.                            16-Jan-1980
Stevens          Zelma L. (Mrs. Clifford)              17-Oct-1980
Stevenson        Bloise                                 4-May-1980
Steves           Mabel Briscoe (Mrs. Robert)           28-Sep-1980
Steves           Mabel Briscoe (Mrs. Robert)           29-Sep-1980
Steward          P. M. "Ben"                           29-Nov-1980
Stewart          Billy                                 28-Mar-1980
Stewart          Billy                                 29-Mar-1980
Stewart          Eva Grace (Mrs. Charles)               9-Dec-1980
Stewart          Frank H. "Bud"                        27-Apr-1980
Stewart          G. J. :Grat"                          18-Dec-1980
Stewart          Ida                                   19-Oct-1980
Stewart          Ida (Mrs. William)                    20-Oct-1980
Stewart          Irene                                  1-Jan-1980
Stewart          Jasper A. "Lon"                       19-Sep-1980
Stewart          Leonel M. (Mrs. Eugene)               29-Jul-1980
Stewart          Mabel H. (Mrs. William)                9-Dec-1980
Stewart          Mamie Lee (Mrs. Charles M.)           20-Feb-1980
Stewart          Myrtle E. (Mrs. Edgar)                27-Mar-1980
Stewart          Stella M. (Mrs. L. Z.)                 2-Dec-1980
Stewart          Wayne R.                              30-Oct-1980
Stickel          Roy L.                                22-Mar-1980
Stickney         Loretta E. (Mrs. Charles)             13-Feb-1980
Stickney         Loretta E. (Mrs. Charles)             14-Feb-1980
Stidham          Jared                                 29-Aug-1980
Stiers           May (Mrs. John)                        1-Jan-1980
Stilley          Ethel                                  2-Sep-1980
Stimpson         Marion                                 3-Dec-1980
Stineman         Jane Ann                              30-Jul-1980
Stinson          Edna B. (Mrs. Edgar)                  20-Mar-1980
Stires           Flossie S. (Mrs. Andrew)              19-Feb-1980
Stittsworth      William                               18-Feb-1980
Stivers          Peggy (Mrs. Milo)                      8-Jan-1980
Stock            Sharon Kay                            29-Dec-1980
Stockton         Lena (Mrs. Fred F.)                   20-Apr-1980
Stockton         Lon L., Jr.                           17-Jun-1980
Stockton         Othel V.                               9-May-1980
Stockwell        Elizabeth (Mrs. Lloyd)                30-May-1980
Stohr            Leon M.                                4-May-1980
Stokes           Bernice                               16-Nov-1980
Stone            Cecil C.                               5-Mar-1980
Stone            Charles E. "Scotty"                   18-Nov-1980
Stone            Elmetta E. (Mrs. Charles H. )         16-Jun-1980
Stone            Elmetta E. (Mrs. Charles)             17-Jun-1980
Stone            Lovana E.                             20-May-1980
Stone            Mabel E . (Mrs. George)                2-Feb-1980
Stone            Margaret R. (Mrs. W. Ray)             25-Nov-1980
Stone            Robert Francis                        14-Aug-1980
Stone            Robert Francis                        15-Aug-1980
Stonebraker      Mabel E. (Mrs. Jasper A.)             29-Apr-1980
Stonecipher      Raleigh W.                             4-Sep-1980
Stoner           Bert A.                               18-Jul-1980
Stoner           Emma A. (Mrs. Jordan)                  1-Mar-1980
Stoner           Emma A. (Mrs. Jordan)                  3-Mar-1980
Storer           Rex A.                                15-Dec-1980
Storm            Marlyn "Pete"                         20-Jan-1980
Storrer          William                               22-Dec-1980
Stoskopf         Mike                                  30-Nov-1980
Stoss            Frank P.                              30-Apr-1980
Stough           Gladys Elizabeth (Mrs. Victor)         6-Mar-1980
Stout            Amy E. (Mrs. Walter)                   6-Apr-1980
Stout            Raymond                                6-Mar-1980
Stout            Scott                                 22-Oct-1980
Stover           Cyrus P. "Jupe"                       25-Dec-1980
Stover           Erin Sue and Emily Sue                19-Feb-1980
Stover           Preston, Jr.                          31-Jul-1980
Stover           Roxie (Mrs. Samuel)                   16-Oct-1980
Strader          Myrtle M. (Mrs. Woodrow)              29-May-1980
Strain           Arline Ruth (Mrs. Harrison)           23-Dec-1980
Strasser         Rachel E.                             15-Apr-1980
Strate           Frank A.                               1-Mar-1980
Stratford        Jessie Perry                          18-Mar-1980
Straub           Milton V.                             10-Dec-1980
Straub           Sylvester A.                          29-Aug-1980
Straughn         Audrey C. (Mrs. Robert)               23-Apr-1980
Strauss          Anna L.                               25-Jan-1980
Strauss          Friedrich L.                          27-Jan-1980
Strausz          John                                   9-May-1980
Streckemann      Hermina (Mrs. William)                15-Mar-1980
Strecker         Hermine (Mrs. Paul)                    1-May-1980
Strickert        Austin                                 1-Dec-1980
Stricklan        Nina (Mrs. W. C.)                     16-May-1980
Strickland       Ruth G. (Mrs. Lester)                  5-Dec-1980
Stroda           Charlie                                7-Aug-1980
Strom            Leonard O.                            15-May-1980
Stromquist       Grace                                 30-Mar-1980
Stroud           Debora Ann                            22-Apr-1980
Stroud           Debora Ann                            23-Apr-1980
Strouse          James L.                              31-Jul-1980
Strumer          Georgia J. (Mrs. Merrill)             26-Aug-1980
Struthers        Rosa B. (Mrs. Ralph D.)               12-Apr-1980
Stuart           Raplh H.                               3-Mar-1980
Stuart           Ruby Mae (Mrs. John)                  23-Oct-1980
Stuart           Virgil Ray                             3-Oct-1980
Stubby           Marie                                 14-Aug-1980
Stubenhofer      Bertha Viola (Mrs. Karl)              25-Jul-1980
Stucky           Howard                                30-Jun-1980
Stucky           Jonas L.                               8-May-1980
Stucky           Mabel Goering (Mrs. Milo)              9-Oct-1980
Stucky           W. Robert                             19-Oct-1980
Studder          Bessie (Mrs. Robert)                  13-Nov-1980
Studer           Herman G.                             16-Feb-1980
Stueder          Hilma (Mrs. Bill)                     18-Feb-1980
Stukenbroker     Alice Nadine (Mrs. Walter)            25-Jun-1980
Stukey           Earnest                               15-Jan-1980
Stull            Katie M. (Mrs. Chester)               22-Aug-1980
Stull            Marie V. (Mrs. James)                  5-Apr-1980
Stull            Myrtle E. (Mrs. Jesse)                12-Jun-1980
Stump            Bernadine L.. (Mrs. Martin)           18-Nov-1980
Stump            Bernadine L.. (Mrs. Martin)           19-Nov-1980
Stump            John T.                               23-Apr-1980
Stump            Mary Strunk                            4-Mar-1980
Sturhann         G. Dewey                              26-May-1980
Sturm            May (Mrs. David )                      1-May-1980
Sturm            May (Mrs. David W.)                   30-Apr-1980
Stutler          W. W. "Bill"                          27-Sep-1980
Stuttle          Chester A.                            22-Nov-1980
Stutzman         Bertha M. (Mrs. Ira)                   8-Jan-1980
Suderland        Donald L., Sr.                         1-Feb-1980
Suenram          Stella (Mrs. Wilbur)                  23-Dec-1980
Suffield         Marion C.                             30-Dec-1980
Suhm             Arthur L.                             20-Aug-1980
Sulc             Josephine                              7-Mar-1980
Sullivan         Kathleen A.                            7-Aug-1980
Sullivan         Loretta Morse (Mrs. Dan)              24-Jan-1980
Sullivan         Robert O.                             22-Mar-1980
Sullivan         Wade W.                                6-Oct-1980
Summers          Herbert                                7-Feb-1980
Sumpter          Rheta (Mrs. Walter L.)                14-Nov-1980
Sundbye          Anthon                                 8-Nov-1980
Sundquist        Bernard                                4-Nov-1980
Surface          Daisy V. (Mrs. Archie A.)              2-May-1980
Surrett          Edith R. (Mrs. Claude)                29-Dec-1980
Sutherland       Evelyn  (Mrs. Rudolph)                17-Jun-1980
Sutton           Agnes W. (Mrs. Frank)                  5-Feb-1980
Sutton           Alice Corine (Rev.)                   12-Jun-1980
Sutton           Edna Mae                              16-Nov-1980
Sutton           John C.                                8-Mar-1980
Sutton           Margaret L.                            2-Jul-1980
Sutton           Virginia A. (Mrs. Cecil)              15-May-1980
Svboda           Miro J.                               13-Oct-1980
Svoboda          John A., Jr.                          28-Apr-1980
Swafford         C. Elton                              17-Apr-1980
Swafford         Frank                                 18-Oct-1980
Swafford         William N.                            14-Feb-1980
Swagerty         Ralph Wesley                          12-Mar-1980
Swaim            Benjamin H.                            3-Jul-1980
Swaim            Benjamin Howard                       16-Jul-1980
Swalley          James                                  2-Sep-1980
Swan             William V.                            17-Aug-1980
Swaney           Bernard A.                            11-Sep-1980
Swaney           Thomas G.                             19-Aug-1980
Swaney           Thomas G.                             20-Aug-1980
Swank            Harlan C.                             20-Sep-1980
Swank            Mark                                   4-Oct-1980
Swanson          Godtfred O.                            4-Apr-1980
Swanson          Hjalmar T.                            18-Oct-1980
Swanson          Ina D. (Mrs. R. V.)                   28-Mar-1980
Swanson          Mildred (Mrs. Clell)                  30-Sep-1980
Swanson          Ted                                   23-Aug-1980
Swanson          Warren                                25-Sep-1980
Swarner          Ruth C.                                1-Mar-1980
Swarts           Isabelle M. (Mrs. William)            22-Jul-1980
Swartz           A. J.                                 27-Aug-1980
Sweaney          Hessell L.                            21-Sep-1980
Sweetland        Vera B. (Mrs. Leslie)                 13-Mar-1980
Swensson         Rhoda                                 13-Jul-1980
Swickard         Pauline E. (Mrs. Melvin M.)           16-Nov-1980
Swiggart         James M.                              29-May-1980
Swindler         Norval H.                              4-Apr-1980
Swinehart        Cleo (Mrs. Ray)                       31-Oct-1980
Swingle          Chad Allen                            21-May-1980
Swink            Neil                                  18-Apr-1980
Swinton          Mable (Mrs. Albert)                    1-Nov-1980
Swisher          Elizabeth (Mrs. Bert)                 21-Mar-1980
Switzer          William A.                             6-Feb-1980
Swonger          Ernest                                29-Jan-1980
Swydan           Julia                                  7-Feb-1980
Sydnor           Loraina (Mrs. Charles)                20-Apr-1980
Sykes            Kathryn "Kay" Skidmore (Mrs. Dave)    25-Nov-1980
Sylvanus         Elwood J.                              6-Feb-1980
Sylvester        Wilhemina "Minnie" Walker (Mrs. Fran  10-Jan-1980
Tacha            Darrell J.                            23-Jun-1980
Tack             Mary Alta (Mrs. Joseph)                5-Mar-1980
Tadlock          Jess L.                               24-Sep-1980
Tait             Bula M. (Mrs. John)                    1-Aug-1980
Tait             Sebron Lloyd                          15-Jul-1980
Talbert          Anita                                  8-Mar-1980
Talbot           Ada (Mrs. Artie)                      18-Mar-1980
Talbot           Gilbert L.                             4-Jan-1980
Talbot           Wilbur B.                             17-Jan-1980
Talkington       Harold D.                             19-Mar-1980
Tallerday        R. Neil                               10-Jul-1980
Tallman          L. Charles                            28-Oct-1980
Tallman          Lawrence J.                           29-Jun-1980
Talty            Lola A.                                1-May-1980
Tangeman         Lillian M. (Mrs. Henry)               16-Sep-1980
Tanquary         Claude H.                              6-Nov-1980
Tapley           Thomas Edward III                     19-Aug-1980
Tapley           Thomas Edward III                     20-Aug-1980
Tapp             Morris A.                              8-Sep-1980
Tapp             Ruth Elndra (Mrs. F. Clayton)         29-Jun-1980
Tarman           Mildred M. (Mrs. William D. )          8-Jul-1980
Tarrant          Herman E.                              8-Oct-1980
Tarver           Patricia Castillo                     10-Feb-1980
Tate             Alice A. (Mrs. Luther)                13-Feb-1980
Tate             Garnett Edmond                        14-Jan-1980
Tate             Odes Meredith                         12-Jul-1980
Tate             William A.                            22-May-1980
Tatman           Carolyn Ruth (Mrs. Eugene)            23-Jul-1980
Taton            Cora E. (Mrs. Francis)                 6-Feb-1980
Tatro            Pauline (Mrs. Dick J. )               15-Oct-1980
Taylor           Bernice Y.                            21-Apr-1980
Taylor           Clifford "Red"                        19-Nov-1980
Taylor           Clyde R.                              14-Jul-1980
Taylor           Delbert "Dell"                         4-Apr-1980
Taylor           Elsie O. (Mrs. Edward)                29-Sep-1980
Taylor           Emma M. (Mrs. Ernest)                 23-May-1980
Taylor           Ethel M. (Mrs Alonzo)                 12-Jan-1980
Taylor           Floyd W.                               6-Jan-1980
Taylor           Frances (Mrs. Harry)                  27-Mar-1980
Taylor           George C.                              4-Jul-1980
Taylor           Helen (Mrs. Kenneth)                   8-Jan-1980
Taylor           Irene                                 23-Aug-1980
Taylor           Jerry M.                              10-Jun-1980
Taylor           Kenneth E.                             2-Jul-1980
Taylor           Kevin L.                              17-Jun-1980
Taylor           Leland K.                              3-Jan-1980
Taylor           Marie (Mrs. Alfred)                   19-Sep-1980
Taylor           Orville "Swede"                       26-Nov-1980
Taylor           Ralph Edward, Sr.                     22-Jun-1980
Taylor           Rosa M. (Mrs. Harry J. )              22-Aug-1980
Taylor           Ross E.                               29-Dec-1980
Taylor           Stephen Lyle                           8-Jul-1980
Taylor           William F.                            22-Jul-1980
Taylor           Wilma (Mrs. Ralph)                    30-Oct-1980
Teague           Jason Andrew                          18-Mar-1980
Teague           Jesse                                 24-Dec-1980
Tearney          Joseph H.                              8-Jan-1980
Teasley          Lionel                                30-Aug-1980
Tector           Clarence                              28-Sep-1980
Tedlock          T. E. "Ted"                           12-Apr-1980
Teegarden        James David                           30-Nov-1980
Teer             William G.                            27-Feb-1980
Tefft            Maurice R.                            11-Nov-1980
Temple           Hattie L. (Mrs. William H.)           25-Jun-1980
Temple           Vergie Mary (Mrs. John Galen)         10-Sep-1980
Templing         David                                 14-Jul-1980
Ten Napel        Jefferey James                        11-Nov-1980
Tennant          Helen S. (Mrs. Erman)                  7-Mar-1980
Ternes           Jerome Dewayne                         4-Aug-1980
Terrell          James F.                              17-Jul-1980
Terrell          Nell (Mrs. William)                   18-Oct-1980
Terrell          Otto                                  20-Sep-1980
Terry            Eugene                                 1-Jun-1980
Terry            Frankie Delmar                        19-Mar-1980
Terry            Frankie Delmar                        20-Mar-1980
Terry            Lawrence L.                           19-Nov-1980
Terry            Lucy A.                               13-Dec-1980
Tesh             Ashley Nicole                         15-Aug-1980
Tester           Oma                                   26-Feb-1980
Tester           Oma L.                                19-Feb-1980
Tetters          Melvin O.                             13-Sep-1980
Thaire           Albert  "Ebb"                          6-Jul-1980
Thalman          Roberta                                4-Aug-1980
Tharp            William T.                            15-Oct-1980
Thaw             Booker T.                             20-Oct-1980
Thayer           Raymond N.                             3-Sep-1980
Thayer           Robert R.                             10-May-1980
Thielen          Arthur Michael                         3-Aug-1980
Thielen          Kathryn                                3-Oct-1980
Thielen          Kathryn (Mrs. Fred)                    3-Oct-1980
Thielenhaus      Elmer J.                               9-Jul-1980
Thiessen         Henry W.                              27-Apr-1980
Thiessen         Marie (Mrs. Jacob)                    27-Jun-1980
Thill            Wilfred P.                             5-Jun-1980
Thimm            R. W. "Bill"                          20-May-1980
Thogmartin       Verna (Mrs. Herbert)                   1-Apr-1980
Thomas           Ben Bailey                             7-Aug-1980
Thomas           Bill                                  25-Sep-1980
Thomas           Blanche (Mrs. Archie)                 27-Jul-1980
Thomas           Carrie Mae (Mrs. Harvey)               1-Jan-1980
Thomas           Clara A. (Mrs. Homer)                 30-Dec-1980
Thomas           Clayton C.                             7-Sep-1980
Thomas           Clifford                              30-Nov-1980
Thomas           Edna F. (Mrs. Virgil)                 27-Oct-1980
Thomas           Etta M. (Mrs. Marvin)                 15-Oct-1980
Thomas           George H.                              3-Dec-1980
Thomas           George L.                             27-Aug-1980
Thomas           Harry O.                              23-Nov-1980
Thomas           Henry S.                              27-Jul-1980
Thomas           Julie Ann                             16-May-1980
Thomas           Lola L.                               18-Mar-1980
Thomas           Loretta R. (Mrs. LeRoy)                1-Feb-1980
Thomas           Loretta R. (Mrs. Leroy)                3-Feb-1980
Thomas           Mabel (Mrs. Craig)                    13-Nov-1980
Thomas           Margaret T. (Mrs. William G.)         23-May-1980
Thomas           Mary Ethel (Mrs.)                      1-Sep-1980
Thomas           Mary Ethel (Mrs.)                      4-Sep-1980
Thomas           Noah "Lee"                            19-Nov-1980
Thomas           Ollie                                  5-Jan-1980
Thomas           Opal T. (Mrs. John Calvin)            16-Jan-1980
Thomas           Paul Scott "Pickie"                   25-Oct-1980
Thomas           Raymond                                8-Feb-1980
Thomas           Raymond                                9-Feb-1980
Thomas           Raymond                               21-Jul-1980
Thomas           Robert David                          24-Jan-1980
Thomas           Russell L.                            20-Nov-1980
Thomas           Victoria Hunt                          4-May-1980
Thomas           Walter                                 4-May-1980
Thomas           Walter E.                             16-Jun-1980
Thomas           Walter Wesley, Jr.                    18-Jan-1980
Thomas           William M.                             1-Oct-1980
Thomasson        Mertie A. (Mrs. Lewis)                 2-Dec-1980
Thome            Geneva Blanche (Mrs. Joseph)          29-Jan-1980
Thompsom         Aletha (Mrs. Ray)                     20-Oct-1980
Thompson         Alberta Katherine                     22-Nov-1980
Thompson         Alberta Katherine                     23-Nov-1980
Thompson         Allen A.                              28-Jun-1980
Thompson         Bernice M. (Mrs. James)                2-Jan-1980
Thompson         Carolee (Mrs. William)                29-Jan-1980
Thompson         Chester R.                             3-Aug-1980
Thompson         Clarence Raymond                       1-Nov-1980
Thompson         Clarence Raymond                       2-Nov-1980
Thompson         Delta Lois (Mrs. Earl)                29-Oct-1980
Thompson         Douglas R.                            23-Dec-1980
Thompson         Edna                                   5-Dec-1980
Thompson         Floyd O.                              14-Mar-1980
Thompson         Geneva (Mrs. William)                  9-Jun-1980
Thompson         Harry F.                              25-Jun-1980
Thompson         Josephine R. (Mrs. Albert)            18-Oct-1980
Thompson         Melvin                                19-Apr-1980
Thompson         Nellie S. (Mrs. Jay)                  24-Oct-1980
Thompson         Nora E. (Mrs. Seba)                    5-Sep-1980
Thompson         Ray H.                                 1-Jul-1980
Thompson         Shawn                                 17-Jan-1980
Thompson         Thelma Marie                          12-May-1980
Thompson         V. Y.                                 15-Apr-1980
Thompson         Violet E. (Mrs. George)               30-Dec-1980
Thompson         William Robert                        28-Jul-1980
Thompson         Wilma                                 14-Dec-1980
Thomson          Rosa Mae (Mrs. Harry)                  9-Feb-1980
Thomson          Stuart O.                             12-Mar-1980
Thornbrugh       James R.                              18-Oct-1980
Thornbure        Ortha                                  5-Dec-1980
Thorne           Ralph J.                              15-Sep-1980
Thornton         Bessie (Mrs. Louis)                   21-Dec-1980
Thornton         Chester C.                            18-Nov-1980
Thornton         Jennie M. (Mrs. Claudie W.)            7-Jan-1980
Thorton          Roy F.                                 1-Dec-1980
Thrasher         James C.                              29-Aug-1980
Thurman          Glydais                                7-Sep-1980
Thyroff          Albert                                27-Jan-1980
Tibbetts         Alice Elaine                          13-Sep-1980
Tibbetts         Alice Elaine                          15-Sep-1980
Tiemeyer         John C.                                3-Apr-1980
Tilford          Matthew Ray                           15-Jul-1980
Tillery          Roy                                   23-Jul-1980
Tillery          Thead Max                             30-Sep-1980
Tilley           Mickey D.                             25-May-1980
Tils             Harry L.                              12-Jul-1980
Tilson           Kenneth G.                            12-Nov-1980
Tilton           Kevin William                         27-Jan-1980
Tincher          Grace Elsie (Mrs. John L.)            10-Apr-1980
Tindall          Warren N.                             29-Dec-1980
Tindle           Thomas R.                              9-Dec-1980
Tiner            Izma E. Hadley (Mrs. John)            14-Oct-1980
Tinkler          Edna L. (Mrs. Robert)                 20-Jun-1980
Tinsley          Nora Belle (Mrs. Floyd)               15-Oct-1980
Tippie           Alpha B.                               8-Dec-1980
Tipton           Charles                               26-Feb-1980
Tipton           Myrl L. (Mrs. Paul)                    3-Mar-1980
Tisch            Barbara Lynne                          3-Sep-1980
Tisch            Herman                                29-May-1980
Tisch            Herman                                30-May-1980
Tobey            Faye (Mrs. Richard)                   10-Aug-1980
Toburen          Walter Alvin                          27-Nov-1980
Tocher           George A. A. (Rev)                     6-Oct-1980
Todd             Ida N. (Mrs. Arthur)                  10-Aug-1980
Todd             Ralph                                 28-Nov-1980
Toeves           Emma S. (Mrs. William)                17-Oct-1980
Toeves           Irvin E.                              17-Oct-1980
Toews            Susie (Mrs. Cornelious)                2-Dec-1980
Tolbert          John L.                               20-May-1980
Tolbert          John L.                               22-May-1980
Tolle            Luther Newbury                        28-Apr-1980
Toman            Joseph D.                             22-Aug-1980
Tomasek          Jess, Sr.                              6-Nov-1980
Tomek            Louis J.                              27-Feb-1980
Tomlin           Stella E. (Mrs. John M.               16-Apr-1980
Tomlinson        Thelma Davis (Mrs. Willis)             8-Mar-1980
Tompkins         George Thomas                          9-May-1980
Tompkins         Jessie L. (Mrs. Cavett)               17-Jul-1980
Toomey           Raymond                               10-Dec-1980
Topping          James Marshall                        29-Mar-1980
Torrance         Mary M. (Mrs. Thomas W.)              23-Oct-1980
Torres           Frank O.                              29-Aug-1980
Totty            Lina L. (Mrs. Lembert)                28-Oct-1980
Tout             Lorenzo D.                             9-Jul-1980
Towle            Myrtle (Mrs. Albert)                  13-Nov-1980
Towles           Myrtle B.                              6-Jul-1980
Towles           William T.                            20-Apr-1980
Towner           Hallie (Mrs. Harvey)                  27-Aug-1980
Towner           John F.                               23-May-1980
Towns            Allen Eugene                           9-Dec-1980
Townsend         Flint L.                              23-Oct-1980
Townsend         Hosea                                 29-Apr-1980
Townsend         Jesse Franklin                        14-Oct-1980
Townsley         Cyrus R.                               7-Jun-1980
Townson          Harold                                 1-Jan-1980
Towry            Thomas J.                              9-Feb-1980
Toynton          Dorothy (Mrs. Earl H.)                24-Feb-1980
Tozier           Pearl E. (Mrs. James W.)              30-Aug-1980
Trabert          Bertha Theresa (Mrs. Joseph F.)       12-Feb-1980
Trahern          Hilda                                 27-Apr-1980
Trail            V. Lyle (Rev.)                        18-Oct-1980
Tran             Dung Hai                              19-Apr-1980
Traxler          Dorothy Marie                         18-Jul-1980
Traxler          Dorothy Marie (Mrs. Robbie)           17-Jul-1980
Traylor          Vernon "Tip"                          28-Jan-1980
Treat            Leland L.                             19-Jan-1980
Treat            Leleand L.                            18-Jan-1980
Trebra           Lorena (Mrs. Ted)                     11-Sep-1980
Treida           Raymond                               28-Sep-1980
Trenery          Hazel Ruth                            29-Feb-1980
Trent            Charles V. (Rev.)                      3-Feb-1980
Trent            Olen                                  27-Dec-1980
Trent            Viola M. (Mrs. Wesley)                 6-Apr-1980
Trevino          Gumesindo                             25-Sep-1980
Trexler          Warren G.                             19-Jul-1980
Triebel          Darrel                                30-May-1980
Triemer          Bruce D.                              29-Jun-1980
Trimmell         Josephine                              5-Aug-1980
Trimmell         Kennith Keith, Jr.                    18-Jan-1980
Trinkle          Alvin K.                               7-Apr-1980
Trinkle          Roy C.                                 1-Jul-1980
Trinkle          Wesley M.                             22-Sep-1980
Tritsch          Katie (Mrs. Phillip)                  28-Oct-1980
Troegle          Jessie L. (Mrs. Orange)               12-Jun-1980
Trotter          Lloyd Earl                             8-Sep-1980
Trotter          William A.                            17-Jun-1980
Trousdale        Robert Morris                          6-May-1980
Trout            Kenna T.                              10-Oct-1980
Troutman         Arlis L.                               7-Jan-1980
Trower           Harry                                  5-Jul-1980
Troxel           Dorothy A.                             2-Jun-1980
Troxell          Glenn O.                              23-Dec-1980
Truaint          Sarah Ann (Mrs. Jesse J.)             30-Jan-1980
Truaint          Sarah Ann (Mrs. Jesse J.)             31-Jan-1980
Truaint          Sarah Ann (Mrs. Jesse J.)              3-Feb-1980
Truex            Caleb C.                              13-Jul-1980
Truman           Ralph E.                              11-Nov-1980
Trussell         Irene Ruth                            11-Nov-1980
Truxal           Anna Lea (Mrs. George)                18-Jan-1980
Tucker           Amber Renee                            8-Nov-1980
Tucker           Mildred Mason (Mrs. Elgin)            15-Jul-1980
Tucker           Otho C.                                4-Jul-1980
Tucker           Robert Daniel                         12-Oct-1980
Tucker           Sadie Olive                           11-Apr-1980
Tucker           Walter                                13-Feb-1980
Tucker           Warren J.                             21-Jul-1980
Tuggle           Jack                                   9-Nov-1980
Tunnell          Mildred M. (Mrs.)                     10-Oct-1980
Turcsan          Nina (Mrs. Karl)                      27-Jun-1980
Turner           Annie B. (Mrs. Stanley)               14-May-1980
Turner           Davis                                 20-May-1980
Turner           Davis                                 21-May-1980
Turner           Harvey L.                             27-Jan-1980
Turner           James C.                              16-Aug-1980
Turner           Jefferson W.                          11-Nov-1980
Turner           Jefferson W.                          12-Nov-1980
Turner           Jerime Lynn                           27-Mar-1980
Turner           Jess R.                               15-Dec-1980
Turner           Leone M. (Mrs. Irvin L.)               7-Jan-1980
Turner           Mabel G. (Mrs. Laurence)               1-Nov-1980
Turner           Orretta M. (Mrs.Leonard)              30-Dec-1980
Turner           Pearl (Mrs. John)                     13-Feb-1980
Turner           Shannon                               20-Jan-1980
Turner           Walter H.                              2-Apr-1980
Turner           Walter H.                              3-Apr-1980
Turney           Margaret N. (Mrs. Glenn)               7-Oct-1980
Tuttle           Albert B.                             30-Dec-1980
Tuttle           Artelia E. (Mrs. Glen)                27-Mar-1980
Tuttle           Beatrice Mae (Mrs. James)             14-Jul-1980
Tuzicka          Joseph Fredick                         4-Oct-1980
Twyman           William D.                            28-Nov-1980
Tyler            Carl Edward                           14-Jan-1980
Tyler            Dave J.                                4-May-1980
Tyler            James David                           30-Jun-1980
Tyler            Paul E.                               29-Nov-1980
Typer            Janetta Dee                           17-Nov-1980
Tyrell           Minnie (Mrs. John)                    20-Nov-1980
Tyson            Bernice A. (Mrs. Frank)               19-Aug-1980
Tysor            Roscoe L.                             27-Mar-1980
Uden             Henry Lee                             18-Mar-1980
Ukena            Gladys (Mrs. Ed R.)                   22-Aug-1980
Ukena            Henry Harrison                         9-Jul-1980
Ullman           Amelia                                25-Mar-1980
Ullom            June (Mrs. Homer)                     17-Feb-1980
Ulrich           Christopher L.                        10-Jul-1980
Ulrich           Walter                                17-Jun-1980
Umscheid         Clara S. (Mrs. Michael J., Sr.)        3-Aug-1980
Underwood        Eloise (Mrs. Harry)                   29-Sep-1980
Underwood        Lula (Mrs. Clyde)                     28-May-1980
Unger            Caroline (Mrs. Agapit)                 6-Jan-1980
Unruh            Adam Christopher                       2-Jul-1980
Unruh            Bertha V. (Mrs. Peter)                15-Feb-1980
Unruh            Clara M. (Mrs. Allen)                 27-Oct-1980
Unruh            Edward                                27-Jul-1980
Unruh            Franklin T.                           29-Jun-1980
Unruh            Helen B. (Mrs. Abraham)               26-Jun-1980
Unruh            Jacob E.                              14-Jun-1980
Unruh            Luella M. (Mrs. Melvyn)                7-Jul-1980
Unruh            Marcus L.                              4-Feb-1980
Unruh            Mulvena "Molly"                        7-May-1980
Unruh            Samuel Peter                          17-May-1980
Unruh            Theodore L.                           24-Mar-1980
Unruh            Victor                                15-Oct-1980
Unruh            Victor A.                              9-Oct-1980
Unruh            William F. (Rev)                       7-Dec-1980
Upchurch         John E.                                3-Oct-1980
Upshaw           Inez Elizabeth (Mrs. Delmar)          29-Aug-1980
Urban            Marvin A.                             13-Dec-1980
Urban            Shane M.                              13-Sep-1980
Urbanek          Francis J.                            14-Dec-1980
Urbanek          Margaret R. (Mrs. Ben)                30-Dec-1980
Urton            Lyle J.                               14-Dec-1980
Utt              Leila F. (Mrs. Wendell)               27-May-1980
Utterback        Franc (Mrs. Verne)                    18-Jan-1980
Vachal           Libbie                                10-Jun-1980
Vadnais          Earl H.                                7-Oct-1980
Valdez           Emanuel P.                            21-Jan-1980
Valdois          Clifford Gene                         20-Oct-1980
Valentine        Alice I. (Mrs. Floyd)                  1-Jun-1980
Valentine        Burton "Bud"                           5-Sep-1980
Valentine        Emma B. (Mrs. Charles)                 9-Aug-1980
Valentine        Floyd                                 12-May-1980
Valentine        Hayward                               13-Mar-1980
Valentine        Royce V.                              10-Mar-1980
Van Dam          James                                 23-Dec-1980
Van Gilder       Melvin J.                              3-Sep-1980
Van Riper        Glenn B.                               7-Oct-1980
VanBuskirk       Laurence L.                           18-Jan-1980
Vance            Ben                                   14-Jan-1980
VanCleef         Ruby (Mrs. Richard)                   25-Dec-1980
Vandangriff      Charlie (Rev.)                        11-Jan-1980
Vanderbeke       Gus                                    3-Jan-1980
Vanderbeke       Gus                                    4-Jan-1980
Vanderford       Hugh                                  19-Nov-1980
Vanderhoff       John                                  29-Jan-1980
VanDyke          Darin                                 27-Aug-1980
VanDyne          Donald L.                             17-Jun-1980
Vanek            Ralph A.                              16-Jun-1980
VanFossen        Zenith M. (Mrs. O. B.)                23-Apr-1980
Vanhorn          Louis A. , Jr.                         9-Jan-1980
VanHouten        Ruth A. (Mrs. Ross)                   26-Feb-1980
Vanlandingham    Cora M. (Mrs. F. L.)                  18-Jan-1980
VanLeeuwen       George C.                             18-Feb-1980
Vanleeuwen       J. G. "Greg"                           4-Jul-1980
Vann             Joe                                   19-Sep-1980
VanOrdstrand     Grace I. (Mrs. Vint S.)               18-Apr-1980
VanRiper         Faye (Mrs. Glenn)                     30-Jun-1980
VanRossun        Nancy E. (Mrs. William)               23-Jan-1980
VanSchoiack      William A.                             3-Apr-1980
VanShoiack       William A.                             2-Apr-1980
VanVranken       Margaret Mae (Mrs. Orville)           21-Jan-1980
VanWickle        Dora (Mrs. Earl)                      25-May-1980
Varelman         Maude May (Mrs. Ben                    3-Feb-1980
VarHoesen        Raydie M. (Mrs. Orville)              16-May-1980
Varner           Gordon W.                             20-Jul-1980
Varner           Leo "Bud"                             26-Jan-1980
Varner           Leo "Bud"                             27-Jan-1980
Varner           Lockie B. (Mrs. Joe)                   3-Sep-1980
Vasco            Clara Belle (Mrs. Frank)              22-Feb-1980
Vasey            Bernice E.                            11-May-1980
Vaugh            William                               11-Jul-1980
Vaughn           Harold L.                             19-Mar-1980
Vaughn           Joe D.                                22-Aug-1980
Vaughn           Noel Clay                             24-Dec-1980
Vecera           Joe                                   27-Nov-1980
Velasquez        Vincent                               16-Nov-1980
Venn             Juanita Tharp (Mrs. Laurence)         23-May-1980
Venn             Juanita Tharp (Mrs. Lawrence)         22-May-1980
Venneman         Arthur L.                              4-Dec-1980
Vera             Frank G.                               3-Mar-1980
Vermillion       Violet (Mrs. Orville)                 18-Oct-1980
Vernon           Edward E.                             24-Oct-1980
Vernon           Esther (Mrs. Joseph)                   9-Dec-1980
Vesper           Carol N.                               8-Jul-1980
Vest             John J.                                5-Mar-1980
Vester           Albert C.                             20-Feb-1980
Vestering        David Thomas                           5-Dec-1980
Vestle           Clara D. (Mrs. Stonewall J.)          29-Jan-1980
Vestle           Clara D. (Mrs. Stonewall J.)          31-Jan-1980
Vestring         Jim                                   23-Mar-1980
Vestring         Jim                                   24-Mar-1980
Vetch            Norma J. (Mrs. Dale K.)               16-Jan-1980
Veteto           Bill A.                                8-Nov-1980
Vetter           William H.                            15-Jan-1980
Vetter           William H.                            16-Jan-1980
Vice             Mary (Mrs. James)                     31-Oct-1980
Vickers          Lula E.                               10-Feb-1980
Vickers          Rilla Haston                          27-Dec-1980
Vierthaler       Elizabeth (Mrs. John)                 21-Feb-1980
Viets            Martha A. (Mrs. J. H.)                24-Apr-1980
Vieyra           Luis                                  20-Sep-1980
Vile             Roy                                    6-Dec-1980
Vilkland         Pauline S.                             7-Jul-1980
Vincent          Lawrence E.                            3-Jun-1980
Vincent          Robert K.                              2-May-1980
Vincent          Robert K.                              3-May-1980
Viner            Bernice I. (Mrs. Edward)               9-Jun-1980
Vineyard         Gladys M. (Mrs. Jerry)                24-Sep-1980
Vineyard         Harlen H.                              4-Jan-1980
Vineyard         Jerry J. (Dr.)                        18-Dec-1980
Virgil           Abel                                   6-Feb-1980
Vlcek            James A.                              20-Nov-1980
Voeltz           Robert W. J.                          13-Jul-1980
Vogan            Celesta (Mrs. George)                  7-Dec-1980
Vogel            Douglas Dean                           6-Sep-1980
Vogel            Julie B. (Mrs. Henry)                 22-Sep-1980
Vogel            Samuel                                 8-Apr-1980
Vogt             Elizabeth                             28-Nov-1980
Vogt             Mandy Jo                               6-Jan-1980
Vogt             Mandy Jo                               7-Jan-1980
Vogt             Sidney "Frank"                         3-Oct-1980
Vollmann         Joy L.                                19-Apr-1980
VonDielingen     Ruth M. (Mrs. Paul)                   12-Mar-1980
Vontress         Robert J., Jr.                         5-Sep-1980
Voran            Henry                                  1-Nov-1980
Voran            Menno C. "Slimm"                      20-Apr-1980
Vornauf          Ted Franklin                           4-May-1980
Voth             Abraham                               13-Dec-1980
Voth             Henrietta                             15-Aug-1980
Voth             Katharina E. (Mrs. H. R.)             14-May-1980
Voth             Mary (Mrs. P. C.)                     11-Jun-1980
Voth             Peter C.                              15-Aug-1980
Voth             Roland J.                             15-Apr-1980
Vreeland         Lytle "Jack"                           7-May-1980
Vsetecka         Emil Frank                            28-Dec-1980
Vulgamore        Opal F.                               10-Jan-1980
Vyff             Lavena Grace (Mrs. Cleo)              27-Sep-1980
Wacker           Lou M. (Mrs. Louie J.)                17-Feb-1980
Waddell          Bernice (Mrs. Robert)                  5-Feb-1980
Wade             Cora Jane (Mrs. Dewey)                 1-Oct-1980
Wade             Florence (Mrs. Harry)                 10-Jan-1980
Wade             John Arthur                           22-Feb-1980
Wade             Lorene M. (Mrs. Lyle)                 25-Jan-1980
Wade             Paul Wright                           10-Jul-1980
Wade             Pearl May (Mrs. Ben)                   5-Mar-1980
Wadley           Lucille Frances (Mrs. Cornelius)       5-Jan-1980
Wadlow           Velma Waldene (Mrs. Newman)           15-Jul-1980
Wagaman          Sadie Alma (Mrs. Emanuel)             14-Apr-1980
Wagenbach        George E.                              5-Feb-1980
Wagler           Leah                                  13-Feb-1980
Wagler           Raymond                               12-Jul-1980
Wagner           Alice L. (Mrs. Paul A. )              30-Apr-1980
Wagner           Charles R.                             3-Dec-1980
Wagner           Dora A.                               25-Sep-1980
Wagner           Edward V.                             23-Sep-1980
Wagner           Janet                                 23-Aug-1980
Wagner           Leola (Mrs O. H.)                     21-Jan-1980
Wagner           Lora Smith                            13-Dec-1980
Wagner           Martha                                 5-Aug-1980
Wagner           Mollena M. (Mrs. Walter)               5-Feb-1980
Wagner           Ruby E. (Mrs. Harry)                  26-Oct-1980
Wagner           Thelma "Penny" (Mrs. Joseph)          28-Feb-1980
Wagner           Viola A. (Mrs. )                      22-Jul-1980
Wagoner          Gelicitas E. (Mrs. Marcelinus)        17-Aug-1980
Wagoner          Margaret Louise (Mrs. John A.)        21-Oct-1980
Wagoner          Marjorie Y.                           24-Oct-1980
Wagoner          Vernie D.                             28-May-1980
Wagoner          Vernon J.                              9-Nov-1980
Wait             Beryl (Mrs. Mariner)                  15-Mar-1980
Waitt            Ileene Rose                           24-Feb-1980
Wakefield        Norley (Mrs. Roy)                     29-Feb-1980
Waldburger       Ruth B. (Mrs. H. W.)                  15-Mar-1980
Walden           Mabel M. (Mrs. Ralph)                 28-Jun-1980
Waldo            Bertie May (Mrs. George)              26-Oct-1980
Waldschmidt      Alvina                                10-Aug-1980
Walker           Carrie B.                             15-Jun-1980
Walker           Earl A.                               28-Aug-1980
Walker           Earl A.                               31-Aug-1980
Walker           Earl A. "Baby"                        29-Aug-1980
Walker           Emma A. (Mrs. James)                   5-Apr-1980
Walker           Harold "Smokey"                       22-May-1980
Walker           Helen J.                              12-Jul-1980
Walker           Hiram O.                              31-Jul-1980
Walker           Jimmie G.                              8-Nov-1980
Walker           Karen K. (Mrs. Larry)                  3-Jun-1980
Walker           Mahlon C. "Mike"                      31-Jul-1980
Walker           Margaret Anderson (Mrs. Roger)         5-Mar-1980
Walker           Marie E. (Mrs. Joe)                   18-May-1980
Walker           Mildred B.                            22-Jan-1980
Walker           Mildred L. (Mrs. James)               11-Jul-1980
Walker           Neva Joe                               1-Jul-1980
Walker           Penelope D. (Mrs. William)            29-Nov-1980
Walker           Vergie B. (Mrs. Vernie)               10-Apr-1980
Walker           Wesley F.                              5-Nov-1980
Walker           Wilda O. (Mrs. Myrl)                   9-Nov-1980
Walker           Winnifred E.                          22-Jul-1980
Wall             Amanda E. (Mrs. William)              28-Oct-1980
Wall             Charles Wall                           7-Jan-1980
Wall             Charles Wayne                          8-Jan-1980
Wall             Enoch M.                              15-Jul-1980
Wallace          Fannie K. (Mrs. Robert)               28-Sep-1980
Wallace          Frances E.                            21-Nov-1980
Wallace          Hazel L.                               2-Jun-1980
Wallace          Hazel L.                               5-Jun-1980
Wallace          James Daniel, II                      31-Jul-1980
Wallace          Lois (Mrs. Vernon)                    30-Oct-1980
Wallace          Lucie H.                              23-Nov-1980
Wallace          Mabel (Mrs. Abe)                       4-Sep-1980
Wallace          Nettie Geraldine (Mrs. Leslie)         8-Jul-1980
Wallace          Sarah Irene                            1-Nov-1980
Waller           Eula Lee (Mrs. Walter)                27-Jun-1980
Waller           Kenneth H.                             5-Feb-1980
Wallick          John W.                               15-Apr-1980
Wallingsford     Ethel                                 26-Jun-1980
Walter           Clifton W.                            11-Nov-1980
Walter           Corine L.                             31-Oct-1980
Walter           Mary Robin (Mrs. Douglas)             27-Jan-1980
Walters          Amanda (Mrs. Vern)                     7-Feb-1980
Walters          Ernest K.                             28-Dec-1980
Walters          Eva M. (Mrs. Clarence)                10-Sep-1980
Walters          Helen Josephine (Mrs. Fred J.)        29-Sep-1980
Walters          Jane Tredick (Mrs. Jake H. )           9-Jul-1980
Walters          Leo James                             27-Jun-1980
Walters          Leone B. (Mrs. Thomas)                27-Jan-1980
Walters          Mary J. (Mrs. Horace)                  2-Dec-1980
Walters          Robert Jay                             4-Nov-1980
Walters          Rolla Ray                              7-May-1980
Walters          Rolla Ray                              8-May-1980
Waltner          Elizabeth A.                           4-Feb-1980
Walton           Beatrice (Mrs. Monroe)                20-Jan-1980
Walton           Jessie Minerva (Mrs. John E.)         22-Dec-1980
Walton           Leo J.                                 7-Nov-1980
Walton           Richard Daniel                        27-Sep-1980
Waltrip          Beryl  M.                              4-Aug-1980
Waltrip          Kenneth Edward                        17-Mar-1980
Walz             Lincoln A.                            10-Jan-1980
Wambsganss       Sophia Marie (Mrs. William)           20-Jan-1980
Wamsley          Robert V.                              3-Jul-1980
Wamsley          Robert Victor                          2-Jul-1980
Waner            Martin J.                             25-Jul-1980
Wappler          George A., Jr.                        10-Sep-1980
Ward             Alice C. (Mrs. Frederick)             22-Apr-1980
Ward             Alice C. (Mrs. Frederick)             23-Apr-1980
Ward             Charles R. "Dick"                     25-May-1980
Ward             Edna E. (Mrs. Frank)                   1-Aug-1980
Ward             Ernest H. "Ted"                       16-Sep-1980
Ward             Eva M. (Mrs. Virgil)                  15-Nov-1980
Ward             Florence A. (Mrs. R. L.)              24-Feb-1980
Ward             Jack C.                               17-Oct-1980
Ward             James E.                               3-Feb-1980
Ward             Laura                                  5-Oct-1980
Ward             Lillie                                12-Jan-1980
Ward             Lula Harman (Mrs. Hugh)                9-Dec-1980
Ward             Myrtle M. (Mrs. Samuel)               30-Oct-1980
Ward             Viola E. (Mrs. Marion)                20-Feb-1980
Ward             William T.                            19-Jun-1980
Warders          Fred Wilson                           21-Apr-1980
Wareham          Ralph I.                              10-Feb-1980
Wareham          Ralph I.                              11-Feb-1980
Wareham          William                               28-Dec-1980
Warehime         Melvin G.                             22-May-1980
Warhurst         William B.                             8-Jul-1980
Warkentine       John H.                               27-Oct-1980
Warneke          Donald                                 4-Jun-1980
Warner           James                                 20-Aug-1980
Warner           Laurenna E.                            9-Aug-1980
Warner           Ralph H.                              28-Feb-1980
Warren           Barbara A. (Mrs. Larry)               11-Jul-1980
Warren           Goldie                                27-Feb-1980
Warren           Hazel C. (Mrs John)                   19-Jun-1980
Warren           James L., Sr.                         31-Oct-1980
Warren           Louie                                 16-Nov-1980
Warren           Margaret M.                           27-May-1980
Warren           Mayme M.                               8-Jan-1980
Warren           Thomas                                 8-Jul-1980
Warren           Todd A.                               11-Jun-1980
Warren           W. Bland                               9-Mar-1980
Warren           W. Bland                              11-Mar-1980
Warren           Winona F.                             15-Nov-1980
Warrensburg      Hazel-Nell (Mrs. Ralph)               10-Apr-1980
Wartman          Pearl Mae (Mrs. Fred)                  7-Feb-1980
Washington       Chonsa Yi                             22-Sep-1980
Washington       Daley D., Sr.                         20-Feb-1980
Washington       Daley D., Sr.                         22-Feb-1980
Washington       Josiephine                            16-Mar-1980
Washington       Josiephine                            21-Mar-1980
Washington       Luvenia A.                            18-Oct-1980
Washington       Thelma Lorene                         25-Nov-1980
Washington       Tommie Terrell, Jr.                   16-Jan-1980
Wasinger         F. F.                                 29-Jun-1980
Wasinger         Richard J.                            15-Oct-1980
Wasser           Florence Ethel (Mrs. Charles R.)       7-Jul-1980
Wasser           Marie                                  5-Dec-1980
Wasson           Ninnie E. (Mrs. Albert)               27-Sep-1980
Waterbury        Ruth Kirkpatrick                      10-Oct-1980
Wathen           Earl Lee, Sr.                         24-Apr-1980
Wathen           Virginia Rachel (Mrs. Earl L., Sr.)    8-Feb-1980
Watkins          Allen W.                               2-Mar-1980
Watkins          Alvin D.                              31-Aug-1980
Watkins          Debra Ann                             21-Oct-1980
Watkins          Gwen (Mrs. Homer)                     12-Jun-1980
Watkins          Gwen E.                               19-Oct-1980
Watkins          John Patrick                           8-Feb-1980
Watkins          Robert Lee                            29-Jun-1980
Watkins          Sherman S.                            23-Sep-1980
Watkins          Wendi Renee & Cindi Lynn (twins)      15-Jun-1980
Watkins          William Ray                           11-Feb-1980
Watrous          Loucile L. (Mrs. Allan)               17-Jul-1980
Watson           Alan                                  14-Aug-1980
Watson           Charles C.                            11-Apr-1980
Watson           Cora L. (Mrs. Francis L.)             23-Feb-1980
Watson           Dee                                   26-Dec-1980
Watson           Floyd                                 30-Jul-1980
Watson           George Robert                         11-Mar-1980
Watson           George Robert                         12-Mar-1980
Watson           Gladys G. (Mrs Horace)                20-Jan-1980
Watson           Irene (Mrs. Pearl)                    18-Feb-1980
Watson           Louise B. (Mrs. Gordon)                9-Jul-1980
Watson           Mabelle C. (Mrs. Guy)                 15-Jan-1980
Watson           Paul Everett, Jr.                     13-Feb-1980
Watson           Paul Everett, Jr.                     14-Feb-1980
Watson           Sylvin K.                             12-Jul-1980
Watson           Terry Joe                             18-Jul-1980
Watts            Mark E.                               24-Sep-1980
Watts            Martina C. (Mrs. Thomas)              21-Feb-1980
Watts            Mearl S.                              15-May-1980
Watts            Ola (Mrs. Fred)                       26-Mar-1980
Watts            Ralph O.                               1-Oct-1980
Way              Elizabeth Richards (Mrs. John)         3-May-1980
Way              Raymond W.                            13-Oct-1980
Waymire          Arlie E.                              28-Sep-1980
Waymire          Elmer K.                              14-Oct-1980
Waymire          Emily (Mrs. Arlie)                    29-Apr-1980
Weatherbee       Katherine E.                          11-May-1980
Weatherbie       Gladys (Mrs. Eugene)                  16-Oct-1980
Weatherford      Corean (Mrs. Ira)                     28-Nov-1980
Weatherly        Lola Mae (Mrs. Buford)                18-Jun-1980
Weaver           Artie (Mrs. Frank)                    18-Sep-1980
Weaver           Louis F.                              19-Dec-1980
Webb             A. M. "Gus"                           28-Dec-1980
Webb             A. M. "Gus"                           30-Dec-1980
Webb             Charles C. (Rev.)                     23-Jun-1980
Webb             Clarence Raymond                       1-May-1980
Webb             Elsa L. Greory                        10-Nov-1980
Webb             Ethel W. (Mrs.John)                    1-Aug-1980
Webb             Simeon                                25-Jun-1980
Webb             Violet                                30-Nov-1980
Webb             William C.                            19-Nov-1980
Weber            Clarence (Dr.)                        28-Dec-1980
Weber            Evalyn M. (Mrs. Edgar)                16-Dec-1980
Weber            Evalyn M. (Mrs. Edgar)                17-Dec-1980
Weber            Francis "Web"                         17-Apr-1980
Weber            Leonard J.                            19-Dec-1980
Weber            Pearl K. (Mrs.Clyde)                   2-May-1980
Weber            Veronic (Mrs. Tony)                   28-Apr-1980
Weber            Walter H.                             30-Mar-1980
Weber            William A.                            13-Dec-1980
Webster          Florence (Mrs.Charles S.)             26-Apr-1980
Webster          George M.                             27-Feb-1980
Webster          Lilla Mae (Mrs. Charles)              22-Sep-1980
Webster          Vernon A.                             13-Dec-1980
Wedel            Carrie (Mrs. Andrew)                  28-Feb-1980
Wedel            Elizabeth                              1-Jul-1980
Wedel            Frances G. (Mrs. Edwin)                1-Mar-1980
Wedel            Martha A. (Mrs. Helmut)               12-Jun-1980
Wedelin          Janet (Mrs. Elmer C.)                 14-May-1980
Weeks            Everett Allen                         29-Oct-1980
Weerts           Martha A. (Mrs. Eilert)               22-Dec-1980
Weese            Carolee (Mrs. Wayne)                  24-Dec-1980
Weese            Hazel L. (Mrs. O. L.)                 12-Dec-1980
Wegman           Opal                                  14-Sep-1980
Wehmeier         Eunice E. (Mrs. Erwin)                10-Aug-1980
Weians           Lewis L.                              17-Oct-1980
Weide            Alinda A. (Mrs. Clarence)             29-May-1980
Weide            Mary (Mrs. Alan)                       4-Feb-1980
Weidlandt        Carrie M. (Mrs. Julius)               21-Oct-1980
Weigand          Joseph E.                             12-Feb-1980
Weigle           Frank                                  5-Mar-1980
Weingand         Beatrice B.                            6-Aug-1980
Weinmeier        Alex Florian                          16-Sep-1980
Weinzettle       Frabk J.                              13-Dec-1980
Weir             Ida P. (Mrs. John)                     5-Jan-1980
Weis             Elmer                                 23-Nov-1980
Weis             Emma I. (Mrs. Frank)                   9-Jun-1980
Weiser           Rudolph J.                            29-May-1980
Weiser           Rudolph J.                            30-May-1980
Weiss            Juanita (Mrs. Leonard)                 6-May-1980
Weitzel          Howard A.                             11-Dec-1980
Weixelman        Leo J.                                13-Mar-1980
Welch            Perry A.                               4-Jun-1980
Welden           Marcus L.                             23-Oct-1980
Weldin           Carol Fay (Mrs. Glenn)                 1-May-1980
Weldon           Mabel A. (Mrs. George)                14-Oct-1980
Weldy            Leonard L.                            10-Dec-1980
Wellborn         John W.                                7-Mar-1980
Wellborn         John W.                                9-Mar-1980
Wellington       Mildred Pearl (Mrs. Wilbur)            8-Apr-1980
Wells            Ernest F.                              5-Sep-1980
Wells            Helen (Mrs. Paul)                     24-Sep-1980
Wells            Herman R.                             27-Jun-1980
Wells            Herman R.                             27-Jun-1980
Wells            Lloyd                                 28-Dec-1980
Wells            Max W. (Dr.)                           1-Jul-1980
Wells            Virginia A. (Mrs. Ray)                24-Nov-1980
Welsh            Thomas M.                             17-Dec-1980
Welsh            Virginia M. (Mrs. Bryce)               1-Feb-1980
Welton           O. Blanche (Mrs. John)                16-Jul-1980
Welton           Virginia (Mrs. Clarence Joseph)       18-Apr-1980
Weltsch          Virginia (Mrs. Gerald)                31-Oct-1980
Wempen           Henry H.                              21-Apr-1980
Wendhausen       Herbert G.                            17-Mar-1980
Wendhausen       Herbert G.                            18-Mar-1980
Wenke            Myrtle (Mrs. Joe)                      6-Mar-1980
Wenrick          J. Franklin                            1-Feb-1980
Wentworth        Vern                                  25-May-1980
Wenzel           Estella S. (Mrs. Ernest)              24-Nov-1980
Werner           Erwin H.                              28-Dec-1980
Wert             Amy E. (Mrs. Wayne)                   20-Jan-1980
Wesenick         Ermine G. (Mrs. Earl)                  7-May-1980
Wesley           Madge (Mrs. Robert)                    2-Jun-1980
Wesley           Venita (Mrs. Lewis)                    2-Aug-1980
West             Charles F.                            10-Feb-1980
West             Clara Stone (Mrs. P. Bailey)          13-Jun-1980
West             Crystal Caroline (Mrs. L. U.)         14-Apr-1980
West             John Earl                              5-Sep-1980
West             Richard I.                            30-Sep-1980
Westerhaus       Helen R. (Mrs. Dick)                  12-Jan-1980
Westervelt       G. K. "Ken"                            1-Jan-1980
Westfall         James D.                              17-Jul-1980
Westhoff         Paul A.                               20-Nov-1980
Westmacott       Phyllis Estelle (Mrs. Percival)        3-Feb-1980
Westman          Robert L.                              2-Oct-1980
Weston           Clara (Mrs. Julius)                   23-Nov-1980
Weston           Clara (Mrs. Julius)                   28-Nov-1980
Weston           Clara (Mrs. Julius)                   29-Nov-1980
Weston           George Truman                         26-Jun-1980
Westover         Zola F. (Mrs. Dwight)                 27-Nov-1980
Whaley           Gertrude L.                           15-Jun-1980
Whaley           Robert W.                             27-Apr-1980
Wharry           Clarence E.                           18-May-1980
Wheeler          Charles M.                            29-Jan-1980
Wheeler          Mary (Mrs. F. O.)                      2-Jul-1980
Wheeler          Ralph William                         30-Apr-1980
Wheeler          Wendell                               14-May-1980
Wherritt         Grace E. (Mrs. George)                22-Sep-1980
Whinery          William C.                             3-Sep-1980
Whisler          Louis O.                               6-Feb-1980
Whitacre         James W., Jr.                          6-Aug-1980
Whitacre         Joseph A.                              4-Feb-1980
Whitcomb         Heather Kay                           19-Apr-1980
White            Alfred E.                              1-Jun-1980
White            Asher A.                              15-Nov-1980
White            Bert                                  29-Dec-1980
White            Catherine B. (Mrs. Wilford)           24-Jun-1980
White            Daisy M. (Mrs. John)                  18-Nov-1980
White            Dorothy (Mrs. Claude)                 29-Nov-1980
White            Earl E.                               15-Jul-1980
White            Esther Marie                           4-Sep-1980
White            Florence A. (Mrs. Claude)             30-Oct-1980
White            Frank E.                               1-Jan-1980
White            George W.                             24-Sep-1980
White            Howard T.                              4-May-1980
White            Ilda (Mrs. Doss)                      26-Jan-1980
White            J. M. "Joe"                           22-Jun-1980
White            Jennie E. (Mrs. Lowell)               19-Jan-1980
White            John T.                               24-Nov-1980
White            Leonard Andrew                        19-Mar-1980
White            Michael R.                            23-Nov-1980
White            Ora C.                                28-May-1980
White            Shelley L. (Mrs. Larry)                5-Jul-1980
White            Shelley L. (Mrs. Larry)                6-Jul-1980
White            Shirley F. (Mrs. Charles)             27-Dec-1980
White            Sylvia (Mrs. Hugh)                    31-May-1980
White            Vernon V. (Rev.)                      19-Jun-1980
White            Viola Lena (Mrs. Wiliam)              13-Apr-1980
White            William Henry, Sr.                     3-Feb-1980
White            Willis A.                              2-Dec-1980
White            Wilma Jean (Mrs.Charles)               7-Nov-1980
White            Zella Myrtle (Mrs. Franklin)          20-Apr-1980
Whitehair        Clinton D.                            29-Feb-1980
Whitehead        Georgia Marie (Mrs.Bill)               1-Aug-1980
Whitesell        Jack F.                               28-Jul-1980
Whiteside        Mildred Pauline (Mrs. William)        13-Aug-1980
Whitis           Virginia M. (Mrs. Jack)               14-Aug-1980
Whitlock         Walter L.                              6-Oct-1980
Whitmer          Ralph H.                              24-Mar-1980
Whitmer          Ralph H.                              25-Mar-1980
Whitmore         Edwin "Joe"                            6-Dec-1980
Whitmore         Pamela Sue                             7-Oct-1980
Whitney          Paul                                   6-Sep-1980
Whitney          Sarah A. (Mrs. Mark D.)                1-Dec-1980
Whittaker        John W.                               13-Sep-1980
Whittaker        Ola Pearl (Mrs. Arthur)               17-Aug-1980
Whittemore       Lucile M. (Mrs. Charles E.)           11-Oct-1980
Whitwell         Harry Clinton                         13-Feb-1980
Wicke            Charlotte M.                           4-Jul-1980
Widener          Harry D.                              25-Nov-1980
Widler           Frank B., Sr.                         20-Aug-1980
Wiebe            Bertha (Mrs. John)                    25-Apr-1980
Wiebe            Katie                                 28-May-1980
Wiebe            Theodore E.                           18-Sep-1980
Wiebrecht        Francis Eugene                         5-Jan-1980
Wiechman         William H.                            26-Jan-1980
Wiechmann        Karl F.                               29-Aug-1980
Wiechmann        Karl F.                               30-Aug-1980
Wiederstein      Albert                                 4-Sep-1980
Wieditz          Howard Martin                          7-Jun-1980
Wiegle           Evelyn (Mrs. Gerald)                  29-Aug-1980
Wiggans          Milo E.                               21-Feb-1980
Wiggers          Noah                                  22-Nov-1980
Wiggins          Mabel W. (Mrs. Jay)                    3-May-1980
Wiggins          Mabel W. (Mrs. Jay)                    4-May-1980
Wiggins          Nell B. (Mrs. Hazen)                  20-Dec-1980
Wikoff           Grant                                 29-Aug-1980
Wilbirt          Ada                                    9-Feb-1980
Wilbur           Anna Mae (Mrs. Richie)                 1-Sep-1980
Wilbur           Betty A. (Mrs. Bill)                  14-Jan-1980
Wilcox           Alberta E. (Mrs. Leonard)              1-Jan-1980
Wilcox           C. E. "Chance"                        24-Apr-1980
Wilcox           Edward Ray                             3-Mar-1980
Wilcox           John R.                               17-Feb-1980
Wilderom         Mary T.                               24-Jan-1980
Wildgrube        Anna K. (Mrs. Paul)                   15-Oct-1980
Wiley            Milo George                           21-Mar-1980
Wilhelm          Leo A.                                 5-Jun-1980
Wilhite          Minnie (Mrs. Fred)                    12-Jun-1980
Wilhite          Pauline (Mrs. Logan)                  15-Feb-1980
Wilk             Ethyl K. (Mrs. Hugh)                  11-Nov-1980
Wilkins          James Resin                            9-Dec-1980
Wilkins          Marie (Mrs. Harvey)                   27-Nov-1980
Wilks            Willard                               10-Feb-1980
Wilks            Willard V.                             9-Feb-1980
Wilkus           Frank J.                              19-Jan-1980
Willems          Elizabeth (Mrs. Jacob)                19-Dec-1980
Willet           Barbara (Mrs. Glen)                    5-Dec-1980
Willey           Ralph                                 11-Sep-1980
Willhite         Martha Mae (Mrs. Burke)               13-Jul-1980
Williams         Alice Runyan (Mrs. Oscar)             20-Dec-1980
Williams         Bennie                                 6-Jun-1980
Williams         Brandon Lee                           11-Nov-1980
Williams         Carl E.                               29-Apr-1980
Williams         Chesa D.                              28-Nov-1980
Williams         Clara "Katie"                         14-Jun-1980
Williams         Clyde A.                              29-Feb-1980
Williams         Daisy Elizabeth (Mrs. Bernard)        19-Sep-1980
Williams         Delores                                4-Sep-1980
Williams         Doris I. (Mrs. Paul)                  22-Nov-1980
Williams         Dorothy M.                            15-Dec-1980
Williams         Dorothy M.                            25-Dec-1980
Williams         Erie L.                               27-Aug-1980
Williams         Erie L.                               29-Aug-1980
Williams         Evan R.                               17-Aug-1980
Williams         Floyd L.                              31-Mar-1980
Williams         Glenn                                 21-Mar-1980
Williams         Harl C. "Curley"                      23-Mar-1980
Williams         Haskell F.                             2-Jan-1980
Williams         Ida (Mrs. George L.)                  11-Sep-1980
Williams         Ira L.                                14-Jul-1980
Williams         James Alfred                           5-Jan-1980
Williams         Jennie W. (Mrs. Jess)                  4-May-1980
Williams         Jerry E.                              24-Jul-1980
Williams         John                                   4-Jul-1980
Williams         Jossie (Mrs. Clarence)                 1-Oct-1980
Williams         Louise B. (Mrs. Merton J.)            22-Feb-1980
Williams         M. Edson                               8-Jul-1980
Williams         Mildred A. Love (Mrs. Raymond)        16-Jun-1980
Williams         Patricia                              28-Aug-1980
Williams         Patricia (Mrs. C. D.)                 29-Aug-1980
Williams         Ruth (Mrs. George M.)                 13-Oct-1980
Williams         Scott Earl                             8-Dec-1980
Williams         Thomas James                          10-Sep-1980
Williams         Vernon                                10-Feb-1980
Williams         Vernon                                13-Feb-1980
Williams         Viola (Mrs. T. V.)                    29-Oct-1980
Williams         Walter                                11-Apr-1980
Williams         William M.                            21-Jul-1980
Williams         Zula M. (Mrs. Guy)                     2-Apr-1980
Williamson       Lawrence G.                            9-Jul-1980
Williamson       Mae M. (Mrs. John W.)                  7-Jul-1980
Williamson       Rollie Ray                            20-Aug-1980
Williamson       Virgie L.                             29-May-1980
Willis           Ethel marie (Mrs. O. F.)              22-Mar-1980
Willis           Etta A. (Mrs. Wayne)                  11-Dec-1980
Willis           Leroy Reed                            16-Aug-1980
Willis           Wyatt B.                              31-Jan-1980
Willits          Carolyn (Mrs. Dan)                    30-Jan-1980
Willoughby       Nellie (Mrs. Charles)                 30-Oct-1980
Wills            Mary E. (Mrs. Estel D.)                7-May-1980
Wilson           A. R. "Lontie"                         3-Feb-1980
Wilson           Albert K.                             25-Nov-1980
Wilson           Albert K.                             26-Nov-1980
Wilson           Anna L. (Mrs. Joseph)                 27-Jun-1980
Wilson           Audree Fern (Mrs. Charles)            10-Dec-1980
Wilson           Balnch (Mrs. Cecil)                    7-Jan-1980
Wilson           C. C. "Steve"                         12-Aug-1980
Wilson           Charles A.                            26-Jun-1980
Wilson           Chloe H.                              13-Jul-1980
Wilson           Coila (Mrs. Charles)                  29-Feb-1980
Wilson           Delana Marie (Mrs.)                    3-May-1980
Wilson           Delores (Mrs. Harold)                 16-Feb-1980
Wilson           Edwin R.                              13-Oct-1980
Wilson           Gretchen Eilerts                      12-Sep-1980
Wilson           Gretchen Eilerts                      13-Sep-1980
Wilson           Jason L.                              15-Dec-1980
Wilson           Jean O.                               25-Mar-1980
Wilson           John G. "Jack"                        10-Feb-1980
Wilson           John H. "Harry"                       13-Oct-1980
Wilson           John W. "Jack"                        17-Jul-1980
Wilson           Leon E.                               29-May-1980
Wilson           Lyda E. (Mrs. Gilbert)                 9-Jun-1980
Wilson           Mae R. (Mrs. Robert)                  21-Dec-1980
Wilson           Mamie (Mrs. Oscar)                    31-Jan-1980
Wilson           Mertie (Mrs. Frank)                   26-Aug-1980
Wilson           Robert Daniel                         19-Mar-1980
Wilson           Robert W.                              3-Jul-1980
Wilson           Rosena E. (Mrs. Clarence)             20-Feb-1980
Wilson           Rufus W. "Whitie"                     26-Feb-1980
Wilson           Rufus W. "Whitie"                     26-Feb-1980
Wilson           Theodore, Jr.                         23-Jul-1980
Wilson           Theodore, Jr.                         24-Jul-1980
Wilson           Tulsa Mae (Mrs. Frank N.)              4-Feb-1980
Wiltgen          August F.                              5-Sep-1980
Wimp             Bertha L. (Mrs. Ethan)                26-Feb-1980
Winchell         Dorothy                               28-Dec-1980
Winchell         Lula J.                                4-Aug-1980
Winchester       Bert E.                                8-Jan-1980
Winder           George                                29-Jul-1980
Windholz         Rudy                                   3-Jun-1980
Wineinger        Ronnie E.                             12-Nov-1980
Winesberry       Charles "Jerry"                       13-Apr-1980
Winesberry       Charles "Jerry"                       17-Apr-1980
Winfrey          Cecil                                 14-Jan-1980
Wing             Flossie (Mrs. Ralph)                  17-May-1980
Wingrave         John F.                               11-Nov-1980
Winn             Margaret M. (Mrs.)                    27-Feb-1980
Winn             Maxine                                20-Dec-1980
Winslow          Bertha (Mrs. lloyd)                   22-Sep-1980
Winter           Ferd A.                               16-Jun-1980
Winter           Fred J.                               14-Feb-1980
Winter           Howard O.                             27-Dec-1980
Winter           Mary Ann                              12-Nov-1980
Winterhalter     Otto William                           9-Jul-1980
Wintermote       John William, Sr.                     21-Feb-1980
Winters          Mary T. (Mrs. Earl)                   12-Jan-1980
Wintersheid      Glenn                                 11-Aug-1980
Winton           Reginald Gordon                        8-Aug-1980
Wire             John P., Sr.                          13-Nov-1980
Wirt             John Torbin                           28-Jul-1980
Wirth            Velta M. (Mrs. John)                   7-Aug-1980
Wirtz            Jane (Mrs. Dan)                       11-Nov-1980
Wisby            Mabel Jilka (Mrs. Emerson)            28-Jan-1980
Wiscombe         James R. "Bob"                        13-Apr-1980
Wise             Adah M. (Mrs. Melvin)                 28-Oct-1980
Wise             Dennis S.                             17-Jan-1980
Wise             Iris L. (Mrs. Dean)                   10-Oct-1980
Wise             Iris L. (Mrs. Dean)                   11-Oct-1980
Wise             Robert Wayne                          27-Apr-1980
Wise             Ruth (Mrs.Jacob A.)                   18-Apr-1980
Wiseman          Maud (Mrs. Charles)                   16-Jun-1980
Wishon           Marion Joe                            22-Jul-1980
Wisner           Edith M.                               9-Mar-1980
Wist             William Henry                          3-Apr-1980
Witcher          Angela Sharon                         13-Oct-1980
Witcher          Angela Sharon                         15-Oct-1980
Witkowski        George                                18-Aug-1980
Witmer           Anna Rose                             13-Dec-1980
Witt             Herman                                14-Mar-1980
Witt             Homer L.                              12-Apr-1980
Witten           Joe E.                                19-Sep-1980
Wittich          Earl E.                               21-Jul-1980
Wocknitz         Faye                                  25-Sep-1980
Woelk            Minnie (Mrs. Conrad)                  24-Jul-1980
Woffenden        George H.                              5-May-1980
Wohler           Leo V.                                 1-Aug-1980
Wohlford         Lillie H. (Mrs.Ansel)                 30-Jul-1980
Wohlschelegel    Mary E.                               15-Apr-1980
Wohltman         Robert L.                             10-Dec-1980
Wolak            Carin L.                              26-Oct-1980
Wold             Myrtle Mae (Mrs. Leslie)              17-Sep-1980
Wolf             George "Lone"                         23-Jun-1980
Wolf             George "Lone"                         24-Jun-1980
Wolf             Otto                                  16-Nov-1980
Wolfe            Charles M. "Bill"                     20-Nov-1980
Wolfe            Charley Oscar                         12-Apr-1980
Wolfe            Frank T.                              15-Mar-1980
Wolfe            Fred W., Sr.                          19-Dec-1980
Wolfe            Howard Lee                            19-Aug-1980
Wolfe            Johnie E.                              7-May-1980
Wolfe            Lena B. (Mrs. Frank)                  29-Aug-1980
Wolff            Agnes (Mrs. Gusta)                    17-Aug-1980
Wolff            Arthur F.                             27-Dec-1980
Wolff            Ida (Mrs. Fritz)                       1-Mar-1980
Wolford          Zelda                                 28-Sep-1980
Wolke            Bernetta E. (Mrs. George)             14-Dec-1980
Wolsieffer       Rosemary                              25-Jan-1980
Woltz            Elizabeth P. (Mrs. J. W.)             15-Aug-1980
Woltz            Elizabeth P. (Mrs. J. W.)             16-Aug-1980
Womack           Doug                                  28-Jul-1980
Womack           Doug                                  29-Jul-1980
Womack           Rose (Mrs. F. W.)                      3-Feb-1980
Womacks          Frank H.                              19-Feb-1980
Womacks          Frank H.                              20-Feb-1980
Womeldorff       Minnie G.                             20-Jul-1980
Wood             Alice Hamel (Mrs. Arthur L.)           6-Mar-1980
Wood             Alice Hamel (Mrs. Arthur)              7-Mar-1980
Wood             Cora E. (Mrs.Floyd)                   22-Dec-1980
Wood             Deriff Joe                             2-Jul-1980
Wood             Edith (Mrs. Harry)                    25-Nov-1980
Wood             Ethel E. (Mrs. Carl)                   5-Nov-1980
Wood             James S., Jr.                         31-Aug-1980
Wood             Janet Diane (Mrs. Michael)            14-Sep-1980
Wood             Nellie R. (Mrs. Dave)                 19-May-1980
Wood             Roy T.                                21-Oct-1980
Wood             Samuel Basil                           6-Jan-1980
Wood             Sharon May (Mrs. Hanley)              29-Mar-1980
Wood             Wier M.                               28-Jun-1980
Woodard          Alberta                                7-Jan-1980
Woodard          Claude W.                             24-Mar-1980
Woodard          Cora A. (Mrs. Charles)                29-May-1980
Woodard          Irma Hazel (Mrs. Lester)              27-Mar-1980
Woodard          Tony Dale                             25-Feb-1980
Woodman          Thomas S.                              3-Jan-1980
Woodmansee       Viola (Mrs. Russell)                   7-Apr-1980
Woodring         Wayne "Tarzan"                         6-Jul-1980
Woodrow          James                                 13-Sep-1980
Woodrow          James W.                              15-Feb-1980
Woodruff         Hiram                                 15-Jan-1980
Woodruff         Ray Lynn                              26-Oct-1980
Woodruffe        Pearl E. (Mrs. William)               17-Jan-1980
Woods            Clara Ruth (Mrs.)                     31-Mar-1980
Woods            Earl N.                                2-Dec-1980
Woods            Electra Maude (Mrs. John E.)          22-Aug-1980
Woods            Lloyd E. "E. D."                      17-Jul-1980
Woods            Mildred J. (Mrs. Earlus)               3-Mar-1980
Woods            Perry Lee                             14-Jan-1980
Woods            Velma                                  7-Dec-1980
Woodson          Frank P.                              24-Jul-1980
Woodson          Lela K. (Mrs. Malcom)                  4-Sep-1980
Woodson          M. Ethel (Mrs. Oliver)                30-Jul-1980
Woodson          Pauline Marie (Mrs. William)          27-May-1980
Woodward         Richard C.                            23-Aug-1980
Woodworth        Ada Anna (Mrs. Harley)                22-Jun-1980
Woodworth        Gilbert F.                             9-Jun-1980
Woodworth        Violet Anne (Mrs. Glen)               15-Jun-1980
Wooldridge       Logan                                  3-Mar-1980
Wooldridge       Logan                                  4-Mar-1980
Wooley           Anna (Mrs. James)                     10-Dec-1980
Wooliver         James                                 17-Jan-1980
Woolworth        Lois (Mrs. Ernest)                     8-Nov-1980
Wooten           Charles S.                            23-Aug-1980
Wooten           William                               24-Oct-1980
Wooton           Esther A. (Mrs. Carl S. )             19-Mar-1980
Workman          Jack M.                                2-Jan-1980
Worrell          Anna Marjorie (Mrs. Leonard)           9-Apr-1980
Worthan          Edith B. (Mrs Harry)                   5-Jan-1980
Wortman          Walter G.                             28-Jan-1980
Wray             John I.                               29-Apr-1980
Wray             William R.                            29-Apr-1980
Wren             Delores Mae (Mrs. Ralph)               4-Jan-1980
Wrenn            Elverna                               13-Aug-1980
Wright           Annis M.                               9-Mar-1980
Wright           Arch R.                               17-Jun-1980
Wright           Arthur L.                              9-Oct-1980
Wright           Claude C.                              3-Sep-1980
Wright           Emma (Mrs. Douglas)                   17-Jan-1980
Wright           Eva (Mrs. Walter)                      2-Sep-1980
Wright           Gertrude Tuttle                       10-Jun-1980
Wright           Glen                                  14-Feb-1980
Wright           Lee Ellis                             29-Apr-1980
Wright           Lucille (Mrs. Samuel)                 14-Jun-1980
Wright           Olive L.                              15-Aug-1980
Wright           Paul Albert                           24-Apr-1980
Wright           Vada (Mrs. Jacob)                     12-Sep-1980
Wright           W. A. "Bill"                           5-Sep-1980
Wulf             Woodrow W.                            17-Nov-1980
Wulfmeyer        Mary Edith                             8-Dec-1980
Wunderly         Charles F.                            30-Mar-1980
Wyatt            Carl E.                                4-May-1980
Wyatt            Harold D.                              6-Nov-1980
Wyatt            Wiliam H. "Burke"                     27-Sep-1980
Wylie            Clara (Mrs. William)                  11-Feb-1980
Wylie            Clara (Mrs. William)                  13-Feb-1980
Wymore           Lucy May (Mrs. Grover)                16-Dec-1980
Wyscaver         Glenn E.                               1-May-1980
Yadon            Kenneth W.                            23-Apr-1980
Yandell          Alma (Mrs. W. H.)                     11-Sep-1980
Yardley          Charlotte Hope (Mrs. Curtis)           4-Nov-1980
Yarnell          Eldon B.                              18-Jun-1980
Yarnell          Orville G.                             9-May-1980
Yarnell          Warren Lewis                          20-Nov-1980
Yates            Jack                                  30-Jan-1980
Yates            Jennie A. (Mrs. Fred)                 18-Feb-1980
Yauk             Carl P.                                9-Mar-1980
Yeakle           Daryle Waldo                          20-May-1980
Yeakle           Daryle Waldo                          21-May-1980
Yeoman           Opal (Mrs. Frank)                     23-May-1980
Yingling         Archie C.                             29-Oct-1980
Yochum           George R.                             13-Sep-1980
Yoder            Kate (Mrs. Dave)                      18-Sep-1980
Yoder            Lawrence D.                           12-Jul-1980
Yoho             Harry H.                               6-Aug-1980
York             Edward B.                             11-Mar-1980
York             Pleasant Roy                          22-Sep-1980
Yost             Alphaeus L.                           14-Jan-1980
Yost             Eldon E. "Blackie"                     3-Apr-1980
Yothers          Leo                                   12-Jun-1980
Yotter           Wiliam J.                              9-Oct-1980
Youle            Michael J.                            24-Dec-1980
Young            Clarence M.                           16-Apr-1980
Young            Delbert                               10-Apr-1980
Young            Franklin Leroy                        12-Sep-1980
Young            George M.                              8-Aug-1980
Young            Gerald                                25-Jun-1980
Young            Gerald                                27-Jun-1980
Young            Howard Paul, Jr.                      18-Dec-1980
Young            Joseph                                 3-Sep-1980
Young            Lawrence B.                           20-Feb-1980
Young            Lillian Grace (Mrs. John)             19-Apr-1980
Young            Lyonel Austin                          3-Aug-1980
Young            Marie (Mrs. James)                     1-May-1980
Young            Mary A. (Mrs. Dave)                   20-May-1980
Young            Minnie E. (Mrs. Ralph)                 9-Nov-1980
Young            Obie E.                               28-Feb-1980
Young            Phyllis (Mrs. Park)                   20-Aug-1980
Young            R. G. (Dr.)                           11-Nov-1980
Young            Reeca L. (Mrs. Jacob M.)               1-Jul-1980
Young            Roman                                 30-Aug-1980
Young            Rowene L. (Mrs. James)                28-Feb-1980
Young            Rowene L. (Mrs. James)                29-Feb-1980
Young            Seymour Lee                           23-Jan-1980
Young            T. A. "Bud"                           16-Dec-1980
Young            Travis G.                             29-Jul-1980
Young            Vena Gladys (Mrs. Thomas M.)          10-Oct-1980
Young            Virgil F. (Rev.)                      12-Mar-1980
Young            Wesley                                 6-Aug-1980
Young            William O.                             4-Jun-1980
Young            Zella M. (Mrs. Carl H.)                6-Nov-1980
Youngberg        Leonard M.                            11-Jun-1980
Younger          Barbara (Mrs. George)                 15-Mar-1980
Youngquist       Carl Elmer                            24-Feb-1980
Youngstrom       Robert w.                             23-Dec-1980
Younkin          Gerald Lee                             7-Feb-1980
Younkin          Gerald Lee                             9-Feb-1980
Yount            Gilbert N.                            30-Oct-1980
Yowell           Dell (Mrs. James)                     28-Oct-1980
Yowell           Esther B. (Mrs. Frank)                19-May-1980
Yturraigo        George                                23-Apr-1980
Yuk              Kris Jay                              20-Jan-1980
Yung             Lola Ruth (Mrs.William)               25-Jul-1980
Yungmeyer        Chauncey W.                            9-May-1980
Yust             Louise F. (Mrs. Edward)                4-Jun-1980
Zapala           Colette (Mrs. Joe)                     6-Jun-1980
Zavesky          Lillian (Mrs. Charles)                30-Dec-1980
Zeigler          Leonard Antone                         1-Mar-1980
Zeller           Joseph Thomas                         10-Dec-1980
Zeman            Bessie (Mrs. Edward)                  13-Mar-1980
Zenor            Margaret L. (Mrs. Otis)               30-Dec-1980
Zerbe            Rex W.                                14-Jan-1980
Zerbe            Rex W.                                16-Jan-1980
Zerbie           Rex W.                                15-Jan-1980
Zerger           Ernest O.                              3-Dec-1980
Zieammermann     Julius J.                              3-Jul-1980
Ziegler          Katherine R. (Mrs. Andrew)            20-Feb-1980
Zieman           Tom R.                                 4-May-1980
Zimmer           Eileen                                11-Mar-1980
Zimmerman        Beulah M. (Mrs. Ver-Nal)               2-Sep-1980
Zimmerman        Clair C.                              17-Apr-1980
Zimmerman        Darrell Roy                           22-Sep-1980
Zimmerman        Mary C. (Mrs. Anastas)                26-Jun-1980
Zimmerman        Reba Corbett (Mrs. Julian)             9-Feb-1980
Zimmerman        Roy                                   17-Oct-1980
Zimmerman        Truman                                29-Nov-1980
Zimmet           Maude B. (Mrs. Harry)                  2-Dec-1980
Zimmett          Maude                                 14-Sep-1980
Zink             Virgil E., Sr.                        23-Dec-1980
Zirkle           Jane (Mrs. Simon E.)                  31-Mar-1980
Zittle           Walter R.                             12-Apr-1980
Zodrow           Rita                                  30-Jun-1980
Zogleman         George J.                             14-Nov-1980
Zoglmann         Cecilia (Mrs. Albert)                  8-Jun-1980
Zollars          Justeen T.                            21-May-1980
Zuck             Dorothy Jordan (Mrs. Carol W. )       23-Jan-1980
Zuech            Phillip E.                            26-Apr-1980
Zuercher         Laurence                               4-May-1980
Zugmier          Richard L.                            28-May-1980
Zuhars           Harold E.                              6-Apr-1980
Zumrun           Opal A. (Mrs.)                        21-Feb-1980
Zumwalt          Monica D.                             19-Mar-1980


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