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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of scrapbooks in their library that contain obituaries cut from The Wichita Eagle and Beacon. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks. If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each name and we will abstract the information for you. Mail the name of the person you wish the information on, the year, the date (if given) and the page number it appears on (if given) to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. Please include your e-mail address if you have one.

Index of Wichita Eagle/Beacon Obituaries


______             Mary (Mrs. Theodore)                           19-Jun-77
Aardappel          Arlo C.                                        01-Dec-77
Abasolo            Juana R. (Mrs. Abraham)                        19-Feb-77
Abbington          James Harper                                   06-Feb-77
Abbington          James Harper                                   09-Feb-77
Abel               Ella Make (Mrs. Rudolph)                       08-Jun-77
Abele              Paul L.                                        15-Feb-77
Abernathy          Erma (Mrs. G. G.)                              26-May-77
Abernathy          Lewis Boyd                                     04-Apr-77
Abernathy          Lewis Boyd                                     04-Apr-77
Abernethy          Mignon S. (Mrs. Charles R.)                    02-Dec-77
Abildgaard         Mark                                           30-Apr-77
Abraham            Schafer                                        01-Jul-77
Abraham            Tyree                                          15-Sep-77
Abrahams           Helena (Mrs. George)                           19-Dec-77
Abrams             Christopher T.                                 02-Aug-77
Achilles           Martin D.                                      03-Oct-77
Achziger           Aulda I.  (Billie) (Mrs.)                      06-Mar-77
Acker              Ada Mae (Mrs. Robert)                          14-May-77
Ackley             James O.                                       24-Jun-77
Acon               Vandora                                        13-May-77
Acon               Vandora                                        16-May-77
Adair              Claude A.                                      13-Dec-77
Adair              Ernest Clyde                                   10-Aug-77
Adair              Gladys (Mrs. Louis S.)                         29-Aug-77
Adam               Actence (Hector)                               28-Dec-77
Adams              Darrell                                        31-Dec-77
Adams              Fara C. (Mrs. Billy)                           05-Jun-77
Adams              Gertie May (Mrs. William)                      17-Sep-77
Adams              James B.                                       29-Nov-77
Adams              Jerry Lynn                                     22-Feb-77
Adams              Lucy B. (Mrs. James)                           04-May-77
Adams              Mable M.                                       25-Nov-77
Adams              Paulinee                                       11-Feb-77
Adams              Phyllis M. (Mrs. Franklin A.)                  18-Dec-77
Adams              Stella M. (Mrs. James Harry)                   24-May-77
Adams              Terry D.                                       18-May-77
Adams              Thomas Samuel and Clair Donald (twins)         16-Mar-77
Adams              William Clyde                                  09-Aug-77
Adamson            Chester                                        14-Jun-77
Adamson            Lila Marie (Mrs. Milton)                       22-Jan-77
Adamson            Lila Marie (Mrs. Milton)                       23-Jan-77
Adamson            Richard Wayne                                  22-Feb-77
Addams             Birt E.                                        17-Apr-77
Addison            Ethel (Mrs. Reuben)                            22-Dec-77
Addison            Hazel Grace (Mrs. F. A.)                       04-May-77
Adell              Myrtle M. (Mrs. Paul)                          12-Jun-77
Adkerson           Billy Joe                                      05-Jul-77
Adkisson           Zula Ruth (Mrs. Joe)                           20-Aug-77
Adrian             Sidney E.                                      24-Nov-77
Adrian             Sidney E.                                      25-Nov-77
Agard              Helen L. (Mrs. Roy M.)                         19-Sep-77
Agin               Roy W.                                         10-Sep-77
Aguilera           Alexander Roy (Jr.)                            11-Jul-77
Ahern              Opal                                           01-Oct-77
Ahlerichs          George                                         14-Feb-77
Ahles              W. A. (Bill)                                   02-Nov-77
Ahlf               John Eugene                                    24-Apr-77
Aicher             Edith D. (Mrs. Louis)                          17-Nov-77
Aicher             Louis C.                                       10-Dec-77
Aiken              Maxine Louise (Mrs. Delbert)                   26-Aug-77
Aills              Lester L.                                      23-Dec-77
Ailshire           Archie M.                                      14-Jul-77
Akers              Bertha Faye                                    06-Jul-77
Akins              Martin L. (Sr.)                                04-Mar-77
Ala                R. B.                                          02-Dec-77
Albers             J. Henry                                       11-Oct-77
Albrecht           Vern V.                                        13-Nov-77
Albright           Martha Emma (Mrs. Emil C.)                     02-Jun-77
Alcalan            Erminia (Mrs. Juan)                            19-Aug-77
Alcorn             Clifford D.                                    07-Jun-77
Aldrich            Doris Verdeen (Mrs. Russell)                   15-Nov-77
Aldrich            Kerry C.                                       05-Jun-77
Aleshire           Edith M. (Mrs. Herbert)                        26-Jun-77
Alexander           Emma M. (Mrs. Vernon W.)                      12-Nov-77
Alexander          Arthur O.                                      01-Jul-77
Alexander          Helen M. (Mrs. James H.)                       13-Jun-77
Alexander          Maray Ethel                                    06-Jan-77
Alexander          Mary Belle (Mrs. Frazier M.)                   29-Dec-77
Alexander          Ruth Marie (Mrs. Curtis)                       27-Dec-77
Alford             Franz G. (Rev.)                                01-Dec-77
Alford             Morris W.                                      23-Nov-77
Algrim             Chester O.                                     11-Oct-77
Allay              Henry (Hank)                                   16-Apr-77
Allbright          James W.                                       12-Jul-77
Allee              Jennifer Jaclyn                                01-Mar-77
Alleman            Bessie (Mrs. W. B.)                            28-Mar-77
Alleman            Ray Clifton (Sr.)                              11-Apr-77
Allen              Berta Lee (Mrs. Wendell)                       22-Aug-77
Allen              Clarence E.                                    24-May-77
Allen              Edna                                           11-Oct-77
Allen              Fay S. (Mrs. Fred)                             20-Dec-77
Allen              Fay S. (Mrs. Fred)                             21-Dec-77
Allen              Faye (Mrs. O. J.)                              29-Jul-77
Allen              Harold Dewayne                                 24-Dec-77
Allen              Harry J.                                       06-Jan-77
Allen              Ina Mae (Mrs. L. J.                            02-Feb-77
Allen              Ione (Mrs. John J.)                            03-Apr-77
Allen              Jack Noel                                      25-Apr-77
Allen              Jack Noel                                      26-Apr-77
Allen              John Albert                                    23-Aug-77
Allen              Joseph Henry                                   05-Apr-77
Allen              LaRue                                          15-Apr-77
Allen              Lela (Mrs. Nathan C.)                          25-Mar-77
Allen              Loyall H.                                      28-Oct-77
Allen              Marion Fredrick                                02-Aug-77
Allen              Myrtle F. (Mrs. John)                          09-Sep-77
Allen              Neal B. (Skip)                                 06-Mar-77
Allen              Orville (Nig)                                  24-Feb-77
Allen              Ralph William                                  27-May-77
Allen              Robert                                         16-Jan-77
Allen              Robert                                         18-Jan-77
Allen              Sadie Marie (Mrs. Lloyd)                       31-Dec-77
Allen              Tacey Kim                                      08-Feb-77
Allen              Timothy L. M.                                  28-Oct-77
Alley              William A.                                     28-Dec-77
Allin              Lucille Ethel (Mrs. William P.)                15-Apr-77
Allison            Conrad H.                                      22-Jun-77
Allison            Fay I. (Mrs. Olin)                             28-Jul-77
Allison            Ferne L. (Mrs. Olaf)                           16-Aug-77
Allison            Louetta N. (Mrs. George)                       25-Jun-77
Allison            Ralph William                                  29-Mar-77
Allman             Ada Evansn                                     20-Sep-77
Alloway            Thomas James                                   29-Oct-77
Allphin            Annette Faye (Mrs.)                            06-Jan-77
Allred             Fern B. (Mrs. E. C.)                           03-Apr-77
Allsbury           James L.                                       20-Aug-77
Almanza            Beatrice (Mrs. Cocorro)                        06-Jul-77
Almquist           Walter T.                                      29-Mar-77
Almsted            Lulah B. (Mrs. Claude)                         05-Jun-77
Alsbury            Elizabeth (Mrs. Vernon)                        21-May-77
Alsup              Eugene S.                                      02-May-77
Altenbaumer        Susanna (Mrs. Fred)                            27-Feb-77
Alter              Eva M.                                         07-Aug-77
Altergott          Patsy L. (Mrs. James E.)                       21-Oct-77
Alvarez            Manuel N.                                      23-Sep-77
Ambrose            Albert J.                                      02-Nov-77
Amer               Floyd J.                                       27-Oct-77
Amerin             Leonard C.                                     14-Jun-77
Ames               Elma Leora (Mrs. James)                        30-Nov-77
Ames               J. Tilford                                     09-Jul-77
Amick              Roy                                            29-Aug-77
Ammerman           John T.                                        27-Aug-77
Amos               Lois B. (Mrs. Franklin)                        02-Apr-77
Amos               Ruth Maree (Mrs. Howard)                       25-Jun-77
Ancell             Janet Louise                                   17-Jul-77
Ancell             Warren A.                                      08-Aug-77
Anderson           Amelia (Mrs. Arthur)                           05-Oct-77
Anderson           Andy                                           16-Sep-77
Anderson           Charles Lester                                 05-Mar-77
Anderson           Charles William                                28-Oct-77
Anderson           Cliff E.                                       28-Mar-77
Anderson           Dewitt                                         18-Aug-77
Anderson           Dewitt                                         20-Aug-77
Anderson           Eben C.                                        29-Sep-77
Anderson           Emma J. (Mrs. John M.)                         03-Apr-77
Anderson           Fred (Andy)                                    17-Sep-77
Anderson           Harold H.                                      19-Mar-77
Anderson           Hazel E. (Mrs. Eulate)                         25-Jul-77
Anderson           Helen E. (Mrs. K. L.)                          11-May-77
Anderson           Helen L. (Mrs. George)                         19-Apr-77
Anderson           Jessie E. (Mrs.)                               17-Jul-77
Anderson           Julius C.                                      27-May-77
Anderson           Laurence A.                                    08-Apr-77
Anderson           Vincent D. (Jack)                              26-Jan-77
Andra              Frank Joseph (Sr.)                             07-Nov-77
Andrade            Jesse D.                                       13-Aug-77
Andrasek           Frank                                          29-Sep-77
Andrea             Winifred (Mrs. Charles)                        30-Jan-77
Andreas            Arden A. (Mrs. Warren)                         24-Nov-77
Andress            Nora Ellen (Mrs. Wilbur)                       23-Aug-77
Andrew             John Russell                                   30-Sep-77
Andrews            Cleta O. (Mrs. Bert F.)                        04-May-77
Andrews            Fern Watt (Mrs. George Lou)                    10-Aug-77
Andrews            Goldie B. (Mrs. Forrest)                       13-Apr-77
Andrews            Helen H.                                       03-May-77
Angle              Marian F.                                      30-Aug-77
Anglemyer          Goldie G. (Mrs. James H.)                      17-Aug-77
Ankrom             Dean                                           08-Jul-77
Anset              Herbert C.                                     11-Dec-77
Anthony            James (Bob)                                    08-Sep-77
Apmann             Edith H. (Mrs.Arthur)                          27-Apr-77
Apodaca            Shawn M.                                       24-Mar-77
Appel              Elmer G.                                       20-Mar-77
Appel              Marguerite E. (Dr.)                            30-Aug-77
Apperson           Josie I. (Mrs. Charley)                        07-Feb-77
Appleby            Earl R.                                        06-Apr-77
Applegate          Cecil B. (Mrs. Harry)                          29-Mar-77
Applegate          Lila May (Mrs. Arthur Scott)                   26-Aug-77
Applegate          Lila May (Mrs. Arthur Scott)                   27-Aug-77
Archer             Ralph P.                                       19-Jul-77
Arensan            Alice Rose                                     08-Feb-77
Arensman           Clarence H.                                    06-Sep-77
Armacost           Ethel (Mrs. Bruce)                             20-Sep-77
Armantrout         George F.                                      13-Apr-77
Armer              Sheryl Dee                                     30-Jul-77
Armistead          Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Ted)                      19-Apr-77
Armstead           Davis Wesley                                   18-Mar-77
Armstrong          Calvin                                         30-Jan-77
Armstrong          Dennis Walter                                  01-Sep-77
Armstrong          Elmer                                          15-Feb-77
Armstrong          Gene                                           13-Jun-77
Armstrong          James P.                                       18-Nov-77
Arnel              Nathaniel Amos                                 30-Mar-77
Arnett             Aletha J.                                      23-Nov-77
Arnett             Nena (Mrs. Henry(                              25-Jan-77
Arnett             Vadine (Mrs. Roy)                              02-Mar-77
Arnett             Zadine (Mrs. Roy L.)                           03-Mar-77
Arnold             Alden M.                                       03-Jan-77
Arnold             Alden M.                                       05-Jan-77
Arnold             Charles Edward                                 04-Feb-77
Arnold             Henry Stacey                                   03-May-77
Arnold             Howard D.                                      10-May-77
Arnold             Marjorie Elizabeth (Betty)                     20-Dec-77
Arnold             Mildred (Mrs. William Cecil)                   04-Sep-77
Arnold             Bertha Estella                                 02-Jun-77
Arrowsmith         Ray S.                                         03-Aug-77
Arterburn          Frank B.                                       09-Feb-77
Arterburn          Leroy Bert                                     01-Sep-77
Arvin              Raymond E.                                     30-Dec-77
Ash                Delcie May (Mrs. Ora Ray)                      17-Jun-77
Ash                Gordon R.                                      20-Aug-77
Ash                Will P.                                        17-Oct-77
Ash                Will P.                                        18-Oct-77
Ashcraft           Addie Lee (Mrs. Leo E.)                        30-Jun-77
Ashford            Kolene (Mrs. Jack)                             06-Jul-77
Ashley             Leonard E.                                     11-Aug-77
Ashley             Luke                                           29-Mar-77
Ashmore            Pearl M. (Mrs. Clyde A.)                       11-Aug-77
Ast                Vincent J.                                     22-Oct-77
Astle              Colleen J. (Mrs. John W.)                      06-Feb-77
Astle              Colleen J. (Mrs. John W.)                      07-Feb-77
Astle              William Homer                                  18-Apr-77
Atchison           Thomas A.                                      15-Mar-77
Aten               Bessie E. (Mrs. Homer)                         10-Sep-77
Atha               Charles William                                10-Apr-77
Athons             Bill                                           16-Jun-77
Atkins             Charles                                        07-Oct-77
Atkins             Maray F. (Mrs. Jimmie A.                       08-Apr-77
Atkins             Ricky Dean                                     26-Jul-77
Atkins             Ricky Dean                                     28-Jul-77
Atkinson           Delores B. (Mrs. Arthur M.)                    17-Apr-77
Atkinson           Harold H.                                      01-Jun-77
Atkinson           William                                        17-Jul-77
Atkison            Buddy Charles                                  04-May-77
Attebery           Goldie S. (Mrs. Earl)                          17-Dec-77
Attebery           Orval F.                                       30-Nov-77
Atwell             Wilfred                                        10-Jun-77
Auble              Alma Jane (Mrs. George D.)                     06-Feb-77
Aubuschon          Alvin Lawrence                                 06-May-77
Audus              Ralph Hudson                                   21-Mar-77
Augmon             Claude                                         22-Jun-77
Augustin           Ethel (Mrs. Claus)                             06-May-77
Aunquoe            Carmele (Mrs. Robert)                          28-Jan-77
Ausbie             Elneter (Mrs.)                                 10-Aug-77
Ausbie             Elneter (Mrs.)                                 14-Aug-77
Austin             Charles Preston                                11-Jun-77
Austin             Elmer Guy                                      21-Jul-77
Austin             J. Delbert (Bert)                              28-Jun-77
Austin             Valeria V. (Mrs. Guy)                          26-Apr-77
Avery              Blanche M. (Mrs. William)                      23-Aug-77
Aves               Levert C.                                      19-Jul-77
Axford             John S.                                        12-Sep-77
Axford             John S.                                        14-Sep-77
Axhatz             Henry                                          04-Feb-77
Axtell             Beulah V. (Mrs. Harve)                         31-Dec-77
Ayers              Anna May (Mrs. Leo G.)                         07-Jan-77
Ayres              Tommy Lee                                      06-May-77
B4ennett           Edgar C.                                       26-Jan-77
Babb               Conley                                         14-Jul-77
Babb               Conley                                         15-Jul-77
Babb               Nola                                           16-Nov-77
Babb               Owen                                           25-Jun-77
Babcock            Helen Irene (Mrs. R. Worthy)                   03-Dec-77
Babcock            Jeremy Allan                                   13-Jul-77
Bach               Frances (Pat) Catherine Juaire (Mrs. Victor    03-Nov-77
Bachelder          Ralph L. (Barney)                              04-Oct-77
Bachman            Elliot Lee                                     30-Jun-77
Bachman            Gerhard                                        13-Apr-77
Bachofer           Elizabeth Mae (Mrs. William)                   15-Oct-77
Bachtold           Zoa (Mrs. Edward J.)                           18-Dec-77
Backus             Lovilla F.                                     06-Jun-77
Bacon              Hazel (Mrs. Paul)                              06-Jun-77
Bader              Dorothy H. (Mrs. A. K.)                        17-Aug-77
Badgley            Edna (Mrs. Burl)                               11-Dec-77
Baer               Edna Mae (Mrs. Hubert)                         20-Nov-77
Baer               Maureen (Mrs. Herman)                          12-Apr-77
Bagot              Eugene Francis                                 21-Apr-77
Bagwell            Clarence E. (Bud)                              03-Sep-77
Baialey            Lucy E.                                        31-May-77
Bailey             Otis  M.                                       11-Feb-77
Bailey             S. M. (Pop)                                    30-Dec-77
Baird              Floyd E.                                       19-Aug-77
Baird              Fred H.                                        16-Jun-77
Baird              Lorene Williams                                10-Mar-77
Baker              Ada (Mrs. Tom)                                 15-Mar-77
Baker              Alva (Ike)                                     18-Aug-77
Baker              Arletta M. (Mrs. William M.)                   23-Mar-77
Baker              Blanche C. (Mrs. R. D.)                        27-Oct-77
Baker              Cynthia K. (Mrs. Nick)                         22-May-77
Baker              David Rickc                                    02-Aug-77
Baker              Don                                            17-May-77
Baker              Elbert Dale                                    28-Jul-77
Baker              Elmer K.                                       21-Dec-77
Baker              Everett C.                                     13-Mar-77
Baker              Gladys E.                                      26-Apr-77
Baker              Gladys E. (Mrs. J. D. Harold)                  25-Apr-77
Baker              Joseph Harry                                   14-Aug-77
Baker              Lonzo                                          27-Nov-77
Baker              Lonzo                                          30-Nov-77
Baker              Orenna I. (Mrs. Marion J.)                     05-Jul-77
Baker              Paul H.                                        09-Oct-77
Baker              Perry L.                                       17-Nov-77
Baker              Robert L.                                      06-Jan-77
Baker              Robert T.                                      20-Oct-77
Baker              Rosetta M. (Mrs.)                              20-Aug-77
Baker              Rosetta M. (Mrs.)                              21-Aug-77
Baker              Virgil A.                                      11-Dec-77
Baker              Willie B.                                      17-Nov-77
Baker              Willie B.                                      18-Nov-77
Baldwin            Russell T.                                     01-Oct-77
Baldwin            Russell T.                                     02-Oct-77
Baldwin            Zella Fought (Mrs. Harry D.)                   23-Nov-77
Ball               Anna G. (Mrs. W. Blair)                        23-Apr-77
Ball               Earl W.                                        20-Oct-77
Ball               Edna May (Mrs. .T. O.)                         21-Feb-77
Ball               Helen D. (Mrs. Clarence)                       13-Apr-77
Ball               Myron J.                                       27-Dec-77
Ballenger          Bessie (Mrs. W. E.)                            04-Jul-77
Ballenger          Harley S.                                      27-Jun-77
Ballin             Henry                                          18-Mar-77
Ballinger          Arthur Homer                                   07-Jan-77
Ballinger          Robert J.                                      05-Jun-77
Balman             Viola (Mrs. Glenn)                             21-Jul-77
Balsom             Charles Wayne                                  02-Jan-77
Balsters           Harry J.                                       29-Nov-77
Balthazor          Hector A.                                      29-Oct-77
Bandy              Clarice W. (Mrs. Gene)                         30-Jul-77
Banker             Ferol E. (Mrs. Otis)                           06-Nov-77
Banker             Max                                            14-Jan-77
Banks              Alberta (Mrs.)                                 03-Aug-77
Banks              Effie B. (Mrs. Charles W.)                     07-Nov-77
Banks              Evereett L.                                    06-Apr-77
Banks              Florence (Mrs. Chester V.)                     11-Oct-77
Banks              Florence S. (Mrs. Chester V.)                  12-Oct-77
Banks              Rudolph A.                                     06-Jan-77
Banks              Troy Lee III                                   18-Dec-77
Bankston           Ouida                                          16-Apr-77
Banman             Elizabeth                                      13-Nov-77
Bannon             Harry L.                                       08-Mar-77
Banta              Leslie David)                                  08-Oct-77
BanWart            Joseph Roy                                     21-Mar-77
Banzet             Gina P.                                        30-Aug-77
Banzet             Jina P.                                        29-Aug-77
Baptist            Atticf (Mrs. Irwin)                            25-Sep-77
Barb               Adeline L. (Mrs. Lisle)                        28-Jan-77
Barb               Thomas K.                                      25-Jan-77
Barbee             J. P. (Buck)                                   23-Sep-77
Barber             Alice Roberta (Mrs. Oscar Leroy)               27-Apr-77
Barber             Art W.                                         22-Mar-77
Barber             Frank H.                                       20-Oct-77
Barber             Glen Wesley                                    20-Oct-77
Barber             James Albert                                   21-Mar-77
Barber             Margaret Bess (Mrs. William)                   13-Jul-77
Barber             Nolen Ray                                      15-Aug-77
Barclay            Mabel B. (Mrs. Harry)                          17-Feb-77
Bare               Edith M. (Mrs. Clarence)                       17-Aug-77
Bare               Ida E. (Mrs. Joe H.)                           16-Jul-77
Barger             Harold Newton                                  08-Sep-77
Barker             Hubert Ralph                                   08-Oct-77
Barker             Nellie (Mrs. Irma)                             12-Mar-77
Barker             Ollie Vivian (Mrs. John C.)                    30-Jul-77
Barker             Thomas L.                                      07-Dec-77
Barkus             Vernon Warren                                  02-Sep-77
Barley             Bernard B.                                     02-Feb-77
Barlow             Carie L.                                       19-Sep-77
Barneck            Alex J.                                        28-Sep-77
Barnes             Estil N.                                       26-Jul-77
Barnes             Grace (Mrs. Charles)                           15-Jan-77
Barnes             Irene (Mrs. Wesley)                            03-May-77
Barnes             Jerome Calvin                                  24-Jun-77
Barnes             Mattie Lee (Mrs. Joseph)                       22-Jun-77
Barnes             Maxine L. (Mrs. Homer)                         14-Feb-77
Barnes             Orville                                        16-Feb-77
Barnett            W. M.                                          30-Oct-77
Barnhart           Vira May (Mrs. Ernest)                         03-Feb-77
Barret             Emeline (Mrs. J. E.)                           08-Mar-77
Barrett            Matilda                                        15-Jun-77
Barrett            Minnie R. (Mrs. Emery)                         15-Jan-77
Barrett            Virgil C.                                      02-Sep-77
Barrington         Nellie (Mrs. Lester M.)                        07-Jun-77
Barrington         Reuel V.                                       17-May-77
Barritt            Blaine (Shorty)                                04-Feb-77
Barritt            Herman Demmer                                  09-Apr-77
Barrnett           Robert F.                                      14-Dec-77
Barron             Erika (Mrs. Howard O.)                         13-Feb-77
Barron             William                                        02-May-77
Barrow             Fred L.                                        24-Aug-77
Barry              Emma J. (Mrs. Jack)                            18-Jun-77
Barry              Melinda Suzanne                                19-Aug-77
Bartel             Alfred Francis                                 24-Apr-77
Bartel             Frank W.                                       16-Dec-77
Bartholomew        Pearl Maria (Mrs. Harry)                       29-Nov-77
Bartlebaugh        Maurice M.                                     30-Jul-77
Bartley            David                                          11-Feb-77
Bartley            Walter S.                                      09-Mar-77
Bartling           Virginia Maxine (Mrs. Frederick)               29-Apr-77
Barton             Augusta (Mrs. Oscar)                           21-Mar-77
Barton             Jack                                           20-Mar-77
Barton             Jack                                           20-Mar-77
Barton             Nathaniel S. (Pat Sr.)                         01-Mar-77
Barton             Wilson (Wit)                                   27-Mar-77
Bartonek           Kenneth                                        18-Aug-77
Base               Dottie M. (Miss)                               08-Jan-77
Bash               Raymond L.                                     16-Apr-77
Basham             Audrey                                         08-Sep-77
Bashor             Frances M. (Mrs. Ralph A.)                     23-Jul-77
Basor              Hazel                                          06-Jan-77
Basore             Benjamin Harold                                08-Apr-77
Bass               Charles Alen (Mike)                            18-Aug-77
Bass               John Harold                                    10-Aug-77
Bass               Otis D.                                        04-May-77
Bass               Ralph E.                                       24-Jan-77
Bass               Ralph E.                                       26-Jan-77
Bateman            Margaret V.                                    30-Dec-77
Batemon            Kami Lynn                                      16-Aug-77
Bates              Ben                                            17-Feb-77
Bates              Kay L.                                         04-Nov-77
Bath               Ernest I.                                      01-Mar-77
Bath               Nobie (Mrs. Thomas W.)                         24-Feb-77
Batson             William L.                                     08-Aug-77
Batt               Joy (Mrs. Euell)                               14-Oct-77
Battersby          Iris M.                                        01-Jul-77
Batterton          Forrest L.                                     06-Dec-77
Bauder             Thelma Mae (Mrs. Claude O.)                    03-Jan-77
Bauer              John W.                                        24-Nov-77
Baugh              L. A. (Dr.)                                    23-Aug-77
Baugher            Buena V.                                       03-May-77
Baughman           Boyd L.                                        30-Dec-77
Bauman             Theophila (Sister)                             02-Jul-77
Baumgartner        Alice E. (Mrs. Dallice W.)                     09-Sep-77
Baumrucker         Barbara K. (Mrs. John A.)                      06-Dec-77
Baxter             Emma E. (Mrs. Frank)                           06-Jun-77
Baxter             Mabel Alma                                     17-Jun-77
Baxter             Myrtle B. (Mrs. David)                         07-Sep-77
Baxter             Temple H. (Mrs. Jesse)                         27-Nov-77
Bay                Pearl V. (Mrs. Delmar)                         03-Mar-77
Bayer              Herman J.                                      01-Mar-77
Beach              Cleo Mary Pfaff (Mrs. Isaac R.)                27-Dec-77
Beadles            Andrew H.                                      19-Aug-77
Beadles            Andrew H.                                      19-Aug-77
Beadles            Mattie  A.                                     04-Jan-77
Beal               Charles L.                                     29-Jun-77
Beal               Tony Eugene                                    25-Oct-77
Beal               Viola May (Mrs. Otis)                          21-Dec-77
Beams              Jesse W.                                       26-Jul-77
Beams              Jesse W.                                       27-Jul-77
Bean               Chester                                        20-Nov-77
Bean               Katherine (Fannie) (Mrs.)                      11-Mar-77
Bean               Walter Edward                                  07-Aug-77
Bear               Olive                                          08-Oct-77
Beard              Dovie Ella (Mrs. Robert)                       15-Feb-77
Beard              Etta M. (Mrs. John)                            20-Jun-77
Beard              W. Paul                                        20-Oct-77
Beard              W. Paul                                        21-Oct-77
Beardmore          John T.                                        15-Sep-77
Beasley            Diana Kemp (Mrs. Bob)                          18-Apr-77
Beattie            Lena (Mrs.)                                    17-Dec-77
Becannon           Lois (Mrs. Rafe)                               02-Apr-77
Beck               Beatrice (Mrs. Carl)                           21-Mar-77
Beck               Harold                                         23-Apr-77
Beck               June Lorene                                    14-May-77
Beck               Pearl M. (Mrs. Norman)                         11-May-77
Becker             Amanda (Mrs. Fred P.)                          30-Sep-77
Becker             Dolores M. (Mrs. Paul R.)                      30-Mar-77
Becker             Herbert                                        15-Sep-77
Becker             John                                           12-Jul-77
Beckley            Loucille R.                                    19-Sep-77
Beckman            Donna N. (Mrs. Bert)                           04-Sep-77
Beckwith           Eva Elizabeth                                  14-Sep-77
Beecher            Lenora L. (Mrs. Newton)                        02-Aug-77
Beeler             Bessie E. (Mrs.)                               15-Oct-77
Beeley             Ralph Hudson                                   12-Mar-77
Been               Austin                                         18-Mar-77
Beeney             Marian (Mrs. Boyd)                             27-Jul-77
Beer               Laura E. (Mrs. Arthur L.)                      21-May-77
Beerhalter         Leonard Joseph                                 25-Oct-77
Beeton             John M.                                        31-Dec-77
Behrendt           Ernest Henry                                   01-Feb-77
Behrendt           Herman H.                                      19-Oct-77
Behrens            Leah Scott (Mrs. Robert)                       12-Jul-77
Behring            Karl Joseph                                    22-Feb-77
Behring            Karl Joseph                                    23-Feb-77
Behringer          Myrtle (Mrs. Ray L.)                           09-Nov-77
Beins              Herbert E.                                     06-Jan-77
Beiswanger         Ray                                            20-Apr-77
Beiter             Henry J.                                       30-May-77
Belding            Florence Kent (Mrs.)                           20-Sep-77
Belisle            Adrian Joseph                                  04-May-77
Beliveau           Laura M. (Mrs. Maurice F.)                     22-Aug-77
Bell               Arthur T.                                      24-Nov-77
Bell               Clarence William                               27-Sep-77
Bell               Curtis M.                                      07-May-77
Bell               Curtis M.                                      09-May-77
Bell               Dickey                                         21-Dec-77
Bell               Docia (Mrs. Carl O.)                           09-Jul-77
Bell               Ernest C.                                      23-Sep-77
Bell               Ethel (Mrs. O. D.)                             17-Feb-77
Bell               Frank V.                                       30-Apr-77
Bell               George W.                                      30-Nov-77
Bell               Jeffrey Allan                                  07-Apr-77
Bell               Jeffrey Allan                                  08-Apr-77
Bell               Mae A. (Mrs. Curtis M.)                        30-Jul-77
Bell               Maynard F.                                     16-Dec-77
Bell               Olive Bernice (Mrs. Rowan)                     20-Sep-77
Bell               Pearl                                          23-Nov-77
Bell               Robert E.                                      02-Oct-77
Bell               Ruby                                           06-Jun-77
Bellamy            O. W. (Spec)                                   07-Jan-77
Bellatti           Glenn C.                                       05-Nov-77
Beller             Anna M. (Mrs. August C.)                       17-Jun-77
Beller             Anna Mae (Mrs. George)                         21-Jun-77
Bellew             Anna Lee (Mrs. Earl)                           20-Jul-77
Belt               Sherrill K.                                    30-Mar-77
Beltz              Daisy (Mrs. John William)                      28-Nov-77
Belveal            William R.                                     19-Sep-77
Benbow             Lilllie (Mrs. Frank)                           13-Apr-77
Benbrook           Howard T. (Sr.)                                24-Feb-77
Bender             Ada (Mrs. Gotfred)                             08-Mar-77
Bender             Harold A.                                      28-Dec-77
Bender             Herman C.                                      03-Jul-77
Benegfield         Billy W.                                       19-Jan-77
Bengston           Barbara Mae (Mrs. Bill)                        11-Jun-77
Benjamin           Martin L.                                      02-May-77
Benjamin           Roy L.                                         20-Mar-77
Benn               Robert C.                                      06-Jan-77
Bennett            Arthur W. (Dr.)                                10-Apr-77
Bennett            Evelyn (Mrs. Charles)                          07-Jun-77
Bennett            Guy Wilfred                                    19-Jan-77
Bennett            Jeffery R.                                     18-Feb-77
Bennett            Louis                                          05-Dec-77
Bennett            Oscar N.                                       19-Jul-77
Bennett            Thelma B. (Mrs.John)                           25-Aug-77
Benninger          Paul                                           22-Sep-77
Benso              Edna E.                                        05-Aug-77
Benson             Arlene Ruth (Mrs. Earl)                        21-Jul-77
Benson             Edith Josephine                                22-Dec-77
Benson             John Henry                                     07-Dec-77
Bentely            Ralph                                          07-Nov-77
Bentley            Josephine R. (Mrs. Ralph)                      17-Nov-77
Bentley            Ralph E.                                       20-Oct-77
Benton             Edith (Mrs. Walter)                            01-Sep-77
Benton             John B.                                        14-Apr-77
Benton             William Everett                                17-Aug-77
Bentson            Clarence                                       06-Sep-77
Benward            Merle (Mrs. William O.)                        17-Sep-77
Berard             Marvin E.                                      06-Jul-77
Berardi            Nina                                           24-Feb-77
Berbercich         Pauline M.                                     27-Feb-77
Berberich          Tom R.                                         18-Sep-77
Berends            Ray E. (Chick)                                 24-Aug-77
Berg               Esther O. (Mrs. Gustav)                        29-Jul-77
Berg               Wilma (Mrs. Albert)                            09-Apr-77
Bergen             Clara (Mrs. William)                           28-Dec-77
Bergen             Harold L.                                      18-Jul-77
Berger             Caroline A.                                    08-Dec-77
Berger             Guy A.                                         05-Mar-77
Bergkamp           Michelle Renee                                 16-Jul-77
Bergman            Cornelius F.                                   10-Feb-77
Berkefeldt         Viola (Mrs.)                                   04-Feb-77
Berndt             Walter C.                                      23-Aug-77
Bernhard           Luella K. (Mrs. Samuel)                        19-Nov-77
Berry              David E.                                       04-Jul-77
Berry              Ethel G. (Mrs. Louis H.)                       28-Sep-77
Berry              Gustan E.                                      23-Aug-77
Berry              Rosie L. (Mrs. LeRay)                          23-Jul-77
Berry              Rosie L. (Mrs. LeRay)                          26-Jul-77
Berry              Talitha Ann (Mrs. William G.)                  12-Sep-77
Berry              Talitha Ann (Mrs. William G.)                  13-Sep-77
Berry              Walter J.                                      08-Apr-77
Berry              Jesse Lee (Jr.)                                20-Feb-77
Berryman           Ethel C. (Mrs. Charles)                        09-Jul-77
Bertano            Alberta (Miss)                                 02-Jan-77
bertram            Mary Edith (Sister)                            05-Oct-77
Besecker           Henry A.                                       21-Mar-77
Besse              Lavon                                          12-Dec-77
Bessette           Leroy Wayne                                    16-Apr-77
Bessey             Loretta M. (Mrs.Lyman)                         30-Dec-77
Best               Albert A.                                      20-Feb-77
Best               Albert A.                                      21-Feb-77
Best               Barnet O.                                      08-Jul-77
Bestgen            Louise M. (Mrs. Robert Eugene)                 19-Oct-77
Bethel             Mammie B.                                      25-Jul-77
Bethel             Martha R.                                      02-Jun-77
Bether             August H.                                      06-Sep-77
Bethurum           Nellie B. (Mrs. Fred)                          11-Nov-77
Betts              Roy F.                                         12-Apr-77
Betzen             Marianna (Mrs. Peter)                          10-Sep-77
Beutow             Amanda and Marisa (twins)                      26-Mar-77
Bevan              Burl F.                                        20-Aug-77
Bevan              Burl F. (Biz)                                  21-Aug-77
Bevan              Herbert Day                                    15-Dec-77
Bevan              Millard F.                                     14-Jun-77
Bever              John C.                                        04-Dec-77
Beyer              Joseph E.                                      18-Mar-77
Bibbins            ralph M.                                       20-Jul-77
Biberstein         Russell                                        02-Jan-77
Bibler             Goldie M. (Mrs. William H.)                    16-Nov-77
Bicksford          Christy R. (Sr.)                               23-Nov-77
Biddle             Vida R.                                        25-Sep-77
Biegert            Carl D. (Sr.)                                  16-Sep-77
Biehl              Elva May (Mrs. Henry)                          04-Jul-77
Bieker             Katherine (Mrs. Jake)                          03-Jul-77
Bieker             Ronald J.                                      30-Jul-77
Biele              Tony E.                                        01-Dec-77
Bigge              Linda G. (Mrs. Dale)                           13-Jan-77
Bigge              Linda G. (Mrs. Dale)                           14-Jan-77
Biggerstaff        Arthur M.                                      24-Aug-77
Biggerstaff        Carroll L.                                     01-Sep-77
Biggerstaff        Ethel Vernie (Mrs. Augustus)                   05-Oct-77
Biggs              Adda  M. (Mrs. Lewellyn)                       10-Mar-77
Biggs              Adda  M. (Mrs. Lewellyn)                       11-Mar-77
Biggs              June L. (Mrs. Arthur)                          02-Nov-77
Biggs              Marie G. (Mrs. Ralph)                          28-Jun-77
Bilby              Harvey A.                                      07-Jul-77
Bilby              Harvey A.                                      08-Jul-77
Biles              Anna M. (Mrs. George M.)                       31-Mar-77
Billings           Allison Paige                                  15-Mar-77
Billings           Raenetta J. (Mrs. Daniel L.)                   17-Mar-77
Billings           Raenette J. (Mrs. Daniel L.)                   15-Mar-77
Billings           Raenette J. (Mrs. Daniel L.)                   16-Mar-77
Bills              Mamie Lou (Mrs. L. W.)                         07-Jun-77
Bingham            George D.                                      01-Apr-77
Binkey             Anna May (Mrs. Ralph)                          10-Oct-77
Binyon             Dortha Kitty (Mrs. Cleon)                      16-Oct-77
Birchenough        Augusta Mae (Mrs. Cecil E.)                    17-Mar-77
Bird               Betty L. (Mrs. Larry)                          08-Jun-77
Bird               James A.                                       22-Sep-77
Bird               John O.                                        14-Nov-77
Birdzell           Howard Gene                                    02-Nov-77
Birney             David Lee                                      05-Jun-77
Bishop             Bonnie Rae                                     09-Sep-77
Bishop             Elza (Sid)                                     08-Mar-77
Bishop             Katie E. (Mrs. William J.)                     29-Aug-77
Bishop             Ruth Ellen (Mrs. Charles)                      23-Jul-77
Bismuke            Callie J. (Mrs. John)                          01-Nov-77
Bismuke            Callie Jessie (Mrs. John)                      03-Nov-77
Bisterfeldt        Ida L. (Mrs. Henry)                            15-Oct-77
Bittel             Clem                                           12-Mar-77
Bittel             Joe                                            05-Sep-77
Bitterlin          Belle (Mrs. William                            25-Feb-77
Bixby              Ethelene M. (Mrs. Delbret)                     18-Mar-77
Black              Bertha Alta (Mrs. Marcus)                      11-Oct-77
Black              Dorothy L (Mrs. Gerald)                        27-Mar-77
Black              Fred Edward                                    13-Aug-77
Black              Herbert Steven                                 16-Mar-77
Black              John                                           14-Dec-77
Black              Lawrence E.                                    06-Mar-77
Black              Mary Bell (Mrs. W. S.)                         15-Mar-77
Black              Olive M. (Mrs. Norman L.)                      01-Dec-77
Blackburn          Oletha E. (Mrs. Theodore)                      30-Nov-77
Blackburn          Harriett A.                                    07-Apr-77
Blackmon           Earl                                           18-Oct-77
Blackmon           Earl                                           19-Oct-77
Blacknell          Elihue (Eddie)                                 19-Oct-77
Blacknell          Luelihue                                       18-Oct-77
Blackwelder        Robert E.                                      15-Feb-77
Blackwell          Doris Alene (Mrs. Chris)                       25-Mar-77
Blagowsky          Donna Jean                                     22-Aug-77
Blain              Nellie V. (Mrs.)                               01-Jul-77
Blaine             Howard W.                                      22-Jul-77
Blaine             Katharine (Mrs. Dan)                           10-Feb-77
Blair              Judith Ann                                     06-Oct-77
Blair              Norma J. (Mrs.Dale E.)                         03-Jan-77
Blair              Ora Lee (Mrs. Charles C.)                      06-Mar-77
Blake              Christine Jane (Mrs. Don E.)                   13-Oct-77
Blake              Linda Ann (Mrs. Randy)                         27-Nov-77
Blake              William (Pete)                                 15-Nov-77
Blakemore          Helene M. (Mrs. Thomas J.)                     22-Sep-77
Blakemore          Helene M. (Mrs. Thomas J.)                     22-Sep-77
Blanchard          Grace (Mrs. Irvin H.)                          29-Aug-77
Blanchard          M. A. Lissa                                    25-Apr-77
Blanchard          Ma Lissa                                       26-Apr-77
Blanchfield        Joseph Albert                                  29-Jul-77
Bland              Millard T.                                     07-Jul-77
Bland              Myrtle Beatrice (Mrs. Charles)                 15-Sep-77
Blandin            Orville Andrew                                 16-Aug-77
Blandin            Orville Andrew                                 17-Aug-77
Blandy             Louisa A. (Mrs. Benjamin)                      27-Feb-77
Blankenship        Paul Wayne                                     05-Feb-77
Blanscet           Ethel C. (Mrs. Lonnie L.)                      16-Dec-77
Blansett           Bryan                                          01-Mar-77
Blanton            Charles Clifford                               23-Mar-77
Blasdel            Glen G.                                        22-Oct-77
Blasiar            Charlie J.                                     26-Jul-77
Blauer             Floyd A.                                       09-May-77
Blaylock           Margaret E. (Mrs. .George)                     12-Oct-77
Blecha             Joe                                            12-Sep-77
Blecher            Melinda Ann                                    13-Mar-77
Blessing           Jeffery Alan                                   01-Oct-77
Blevens            Ora Bell (Mrs. Ivan)                           23-Nov-77
Blevins            Archie J.                                      24-Nov-77
Blevins            Geneva C. (Mrs. Elmer H.)                      05-Jan-77
Blew               Alpha Reese (Mrs. Frank)                       16-Sep-77
Bley               ClaraR. (Mrs. Louie)                           15-Mar-77
Bliss              Nell B. (Mrs.Basil B.)                         16-Dec-77
Blixt              Nora Fern (Mrs.)                               25-Jan-77
Block              Anona D. (Mrs. William)                        18-Mar-77
Block              Anona D. (Mrs. William)                        19-Mar-77
Blocker            Aqlice Emma (Mrs. Homer)                       02-Jun-77
Blomberg           Joseph S.                                      14-Aug-77
Blue               Billie J. (Mrs. Byron)                         29-Jul-77
Blue               Effie M. (Mrs. Ernest)                         30-Aug-77
Blue               John Florida                                   04-Jul-77
Blue               John Florida                                   05-Jul-77
Blurton            George (Pete)                                  25-Apr-77
Blurton            George (Pete)                                  26-Apr-77
Board              Mina Andrew (Mrs. William H.)                  04-May-77
Boatman            Elsie Lowry (Mrs. Clark)                       02-Dec-77
Boatman            Goldie M. (Mrs. Henry)                         08-Mar-77
Bobb               Johnny Dean                                    11-Oct-77
Bobo               Clifford C.                                    15-Sep-77
Bodeman            Louis C.                                       29-Jun-77
Bodine             Bertha Viola (Mrs. John W.)                    17-Mar-77
Boehm              Walter                                         21-Oct-77
Boelte             Arthur H.                                      29-Apr-77
Boese              Louis                                          21-Dec-77
Boese              Mary E. (Mrs. Herman)                          16-Apr-77
Boese              Vernon                                         24-May-77
Boese              Walter                                         15-Jan-77
Boese              Walter                                         17-Jan-77
Bogan              John M. (Mrs.)                                 10-Sep-77
Bogart             A. L.                                          07-Oct-77
Boger              William                                        02-Oct-77
Bogler             Ethel (Mrs. Frank)                             22-Dec-77
Bohatsch           John Alois                                     19-Feb-77
Bolan              Martin Eugene                                  13-Jun-77
Bolding            William Harvey                                 26-May-77
Boling             Blanche Bixby (Mrs. Guy C.)                    20-Feb-77
Bolinger           Ralph H.                                       09-Oct-77
Bolinger           Zella M. (Mrs. Henry F.)                       18-Oct-77
Bolling            Eva M. (Mrs. Frank)                            22-Jun-77
Bolling            Frank E. (Jack)                                02-Aug-77
Bolling            Maggie (Mrs. Albert W.)                        09-Dec-77
Bolling            Maggie (Mrs. Albert W.)                        10-Dec-77
Bolmer             Mary                                           04-Mar-77
Bolton             Kathryn Minnie (Mrs. Harley)                   22-Jul-77
Bomar              Bristol                                        29-Apr-77
Bond               Edgar N.                                       13-Dec-77
Bond               L. J.                                          04-May-77
Bond               Lucy Leona (Mrs. Grant)                        17-Mar-77
Bondurant          Henry B. (Rev.)                                26-Sep-77
Bonfield           Helen Shumaker (Mrs.)                          03-Aug-77
Bonham             Minnie (Mrs. Ross)                             23-May-77
Bonham             Orval H.                                       24-Aug-77
Bonner             Lee                                            07-Sep-77
Bonnette           Louis E. (Bus)                                 17-Aug-77
Bontrager          Cala Maye (Mrs. Calvin)                        01-Apr-77
Bonyay             Marion Gertrude (Mrs. John Henry)              17-Nov-77
Book               M. M. (Rev.)                                   09-Apr-77
Book               Marion Smith                                   22-Mar-77
Boomershine        John                                           27-Nov-77
Boomis             Pauline G. (Mrs. Gus)                          09-Jan-77
boone              Everett L.                                     13-Nov-77
Boone              James E.                                       02-Jan-77
Boone              Jamess E.                                      03-Jan-77
Boone              Ralph                                          13-Oct-77
Booth              James Maloney (Mitch)                          09-Aug-77
Booth              James Maloney (Mitch)                          09-Aug-77
Borchers           Clarence H. (Rev.)                             08-Jun-77
Borders            Edgar Roy                                      15-Dec-77
Bordin             Lisa Dee                                       01-Sep-77
Borg               Florence K. (Mrs. Elmer)                       10-Mar-77
Borger             Elsie (Mrs. Edward)                            03-Feb-77
Boring             Geraldine F. (Mrs. Edward)                     11-Oct-77
Born               John W.                                        27-Oct-77
Bornholdt          Clarence Omer                                  17-Sep-77
Boroughs           I. Z. (Pat)                                    06-Jul-77
Bortz              Helen M.                                       15-Apr-77
Borum              Afton Albert                                   02-Jul-77
Bosch              Malvina G. (Mrs. Peter)                        31-Jan-77
Boschen            Mary Annie (Mrs. Henry)                        14-Oct-77
Bose               Frank L.                                       05-Mar-77
Bosley             Ray Joseph                                     07-May-77
Bosley             Roger P.                                       02-Dec-77
Bosmon             Roosevelt (Jr.)                                29-Jun-77
Bostick            Virginia (Mrs. Vernon)                         23-Nov-77
Boswell            Joseph R.                                      29-Jul-77
Boswell            Margaret N. (Mrs. William A.)                  13-May-77
Botkin             Hazel (Mrs. Paul O.)                           12-Oct-77
Bottelman          Donald Dean                                    17-Jun-77
Bottom             Otho B.                                        06-Mar-77
Bottom             Otho B.                                        07-Mar-77
Bound              Ila                                            11-Jul-77
Bounous            Raymond Daniel                                 06-May-77
Bourman            William Allen                                  27-Feb-77
Bourman            William Allen                                  01-Mar-77
Bourne             Wiley                                          25-Jun-77
Bowden             William M.                                     26-Oct-77
Bowen              Amos                                           31-Mar-77
Bower              Edith May (Mrs. John A.)                       05-Oct-77
Bower              Edith May (Mrs. John A.)                       05-Oct-77
Bower              Raymond F.                                     24-Oct-77
Bowers             Morris W.                                      14-Apr-77
Bowers             Rosalind R. (Mrs. C. E.)                       01-Sep-77
Bowersock          Charlotte (Mrs. Clarence)                      21-Feb-77
Bowlby             Raleigh Chase                                  15-Jul-77
Bowle              James Howard                                   05-Apr-77
Bowles             John D.                                        28-Sep-77
Bowles             Russell H. (Sr.)                               15-Jan-77
Bowlus             Leota (Mrs. Ardie F.)                          23-Feb-77
Bowman             Eugene                                         08-Feb-77
Bowman             F. Emory                                       18-Feb-77
Bowman             James O.                                       06-Nov-77
Bowman             Lola D. (Mrs. James G.)                        17-Feb-77
Bowman             Loren Keith                                    17-May-77
Bowman             Mae Myrtle (Mrs. James O.)                     03-Aug-77
Bowman             Mary Frances (Mrs. Albert)                     06-Feb-77
Bowman             Mary P. (Mrs. George)                          15-Oct-77
Bowman             Reuben E.                                      02-Jan-77
Boxberger          Clarence                                       07-Jun-77
Boyce              Myron R.                                       26-Aug-77
Boyce              Myron R.                                       27-Aug-77
Boyd               Elmer William                                  14-Sep-77
Boyd               Ina Blancvhe (Mrs. Andrew)                     20-Oct-77
Boyd               Joseph H.                                      12-Aug-77
Boyd               Kathryn M. (Mrs. James)                        15-May-77
Boyd               Lillie May                                     10-Apr-77
Boyer              Alice M. (Mrs. L. M.)                          11-Oct-77
Boyer              Arlie J.                                       19-Dec-77
Boyer              David W. (Dr.)                                 21-Sep-77
Boyer              Elva Florence (Mrs. Alvin)                     11-Aug-77
Boyer              Otha W. (Dr.)                                  28-Aug-77
Boyer              Otha W. (Dr.)                                  29-Aug-77
Boyer              Pearl M.                                       21-Dec-77
Boykins            George L.                                      14-Dec-77
Boylan             Lawrence                                       28-Jan-77
Boyle              Edna E. (Mrs. Edward)                          02-Jan-77
Boyle              Fred Leo                                       10-Nov-77
Boys               ernest E.                                      05-Feb-77
Boys               Ernest E.                                      05-Feb-77
Bozarth            Russell A.                                     31-Mar-77
Brack              Olinda (Mrs. Walter)                           14-Dec-77
Bracken            Clara Belle (Mrs. Ivan)                        23-Oct-77
Bradberry          Clara E.                                       23-Mar-77
Bradbury           Frank W.                                       26-Apr-77
Braden             Bett J. (Mrs. Ernest P.)                       15-Apr-77
Braden             Bett J. (Mrs. Ernest P.)                       15-Apr-77
Bradenburg         Ralph                                          08-Jun-77
Brader             Fern (Mrs. Henry)                              03-Nov-77
Bradfield          Fred                                           14-Aug-77
Bradford           Ellinor E. (Mrs. Elwin)                        06-Jun-77
Bradford           Grace (Mrs. Julius)                            05-Sep-77
Bradford           Selva V.                                       30-Dec-77
Bradley            Alma V. (Mrs. Jim)                             19-Dec-77
Bradley            Alvie Leamond                                  01-Dec-77
Bradley            Louise W. (Mrs. Edwin G.)                      08-Aug-77
Bradley            Luther                                         12-Apr-77
Bradley            Mertie (Mrs. Ernest)                           08-Aug-77
Bradley            Minnie V. (Mrs. James)                         16-Nov-77
Bradley            Ruth P. (Mrs. James)                           27-Jul-77
Bradt              Morie D. (Red)                                 19-Jun-77
Brady              Myrtle (Mrs. Frank)                            03-Mar-77
Bragg              Harlin H.                                      19-Oct-77
Brainard           Fern Marie (Mrs. Jacob)                        25-Feb-77
Braitsch           Hazel (Mrs. Joseph)                            12-Oct-77
Brake              Ernest P.                                      18-Dec-77
Brakebell          Ray                                            22-Jan-77
Braman             Shaun David                                    27-Aug-77
Brand              William H.                                     09-Feb-77
Brandon            Maude Mae (Mrs. Earl)                          01-Sep-77
Brandt             Anna (Mrs. William P.)                         27-Mar-77
Brann              Clyde H.                                       04-Dec-77
Brannan            Fred W.                                        15-Jul-77
Brannan            Fred W.                                        16-Jul-77
Brannan            Mary (Mrs. Robert L.)                          09-Oct-77
Brannan            Mary A. (Mrs. Marvin)                          13-Jul-77
Brannon            Charles K.                                     06-Feb-77
Brannon            Mary                                           19-Jun-77
Branom             Charles K.                                     07-Feb-77
Branson            Juanita M. (Mrs. Oliver)                       29-Aug-77
Branstetter        James D.                                       30-Dec-77
Brant              Bessie L. (Mrs. J. H.)                         24-Dec-77
Brant              Elinore J.                                     13-Mar-77
Brasfield          Marie M. (Mrs. Ralph S.)                       24-Mar-77
Brasier            Rhoda (Mrs. Lawrence)                          07-Aug-77
Bratt              Dean L.                                        16-Dec-77
Bratton            Wilbur W.                                      27-Apr-77
Brawley            Clifford P.                                    30-Oct-77
Brawner            Harry Milton                                   19-Jun-77
Bray               Vernon L.                                      27-Feb-77
Bray               William M.                                     01-Apr-77
Brazil             Elizabeth Kathryn (Mrs. James J.)              14-Apr-77
Breaker            Kenneth A.                                     02-Nov-77
Breckenridge       John Walter                                    12-May-77
Bredehoft          Paul G.                                        22-Feb-77
Breeding           J. Floyd                                       18-Oct-77
Brehm              France M.                                      29-Sep-77
Brehm              Harold B.                                      11-May-77
Brehm              Verla Lee (Mrs. Roland)                        13-Jul-77
Breit              Alvin D. (Shorty)                              12-May-77
Breitenstein       Ann (Mrs. Andy)                                22-Jan-77
Brenner            Earl                                           24-Mar-77
Brent              Donovan Rober                                  13-Dec-77
Brenton            Alice Irene (Mrs. Edgar)                       28-Jun-77
Brenzikofer        Dawn Ilene                                     14-Dec-77
Bressler           Clifford                                       16-Aug-77
Breuer             Minnie (Mrs. William)                          18-Mar-77
Breugman           Anna Mae (Mrs. F. J.)                          19-Jul-77
Brew               Elsie Schunke (Mrs. Harry)                     13-Sep-77
Brew               Floyd M.                                       06-Jul-77
Brew               Floyd M.                                       07-Jul-77
Brewer             Alfred E.                                      27-Jun-77
Brewer             Archie                                         27-Jun-77
Brewer             Carrie L.                                      18-Jul-77
Brewer             Clarence (Fat)                                 10-Nov-77
Brewer             Edna J. (Mrs. Harley)                          03-Dec-77
Brewer             John L.                                        16-Oct-77
Brewer             Pearl (Mrs.  John)                             14-May-77
Brewington         Lucy B. (Mrs. Joe)                             15-Mar-77
Breyman            Dorothy J.                                     07-Apr-77
Breyman            Dorothy J.                                     08-Apr-77
Brice              Laura L. (Mrs. Edward T.)                      14-Jul-77
Brice              Laura L. (Mrs. Edward T.)                      16-Jul-77
Brickell           Robert W.                                      19-May-77
Bridenstine        Vernis A.                                      18-May-77
Bridges            Emery                                          01-Oct-77
Bridgman           Elizabeth E. (Mrs. John B.)                    10-Mar-77
Briggs             Everett Gregg                                  31-Aug-77
Briggs             Joe M.                                         03-Mar-77
Bright             Billy T.                                       30-Dec-77
Bright             Edna (Mrs. Wilbur)                             23-Sep-77
Bright             Wilbur C.                                      03-May-77
Briles             Gertrude A. (Mrs. Ezekiel)                     14-Jun-77
Briles             Max                                            24-Apr-77
Briles             Max                                            25-Apr-77
Briles             William N.                                     04-Oct-77
Brill              Mildred R. (Mrs. Jesse)                        31-Dec-77
Brim               Clinton Clifford                               10-Nov-77
Brimmer            John L.                                        22-Jul-77
Brinegar           Walton                                         02-Dec-77
Brinkman           Rosa Mary (Mrs. Aloysius)                      15-Dec-77
Brinnon            Harriet (Mrs. Eldon B.)                        03-Apr-77
Brinton            H. Dan                                         14-Sep-77
Briscoe            Margaret Carolina (Mrs. Ernest)                17-Aug-77
Britain            Muriel M. (Mrs. Cecil)                         15-Jul-77
Britain            Muriel M. (Mrs. Cecil)                         16-Jul-77
Britt              John M.                                        16-Oct-77
Britt              John M.                                        17-Oct-77
Britt              Marcus Julius                                  19-Mar-77
Broadbrook         E. Allen II                                    18-Nov-77
Broadbrooks        Edward Henry                                   15-Nov-77
Brock              Bessie (Mrs. George R.)                        07-Sep-77
Brock              Lillie W. (Mrs. Henry)                         18-May-77
Brock              Mary A. (Mrs. William Arthur)                  15-Feb-77
Brock              Willis A.                                      01-Aug-77
Brockert           Thomas E. (Jr.)                                12-Nov-77
Brockmeier         Emma M. (Mrs. Otto)                            09-Jun-77
Brockmeier         Henry                                          02-Dec-77
Broddle            Richard Wayne                                  15-Oct-77
Brodock            Velma (Mrs. Edward)                            12-Mar-77
Broers             William F.                                     06-Nov-77
Bromwell           Jack Gregory                                   06-Mar-77
Bronson            Alice Denny (Mrs. Andrew)                      24-Apr-77
Bronson            Alice Denny (Mrs. Andrew)                      25-Apr-77
Brookover          Wiliam Harrison                                22-Jul-77
Brooks             Ada M. (Mrs. Lee)                              23-Jul-77
Brooks             Alma Jean                                      06-May-77
Brooks             Gertrude E. (Mrs. Roy)                         04-May-77
Brooks             James L. (Sr.)                                 10-Oct-77
Brooks             Jewell                                         20-Jul-77
Brooks             Leona (Mrs. Albert A.)                         07-Feb-77
Brooks             Luella (Mrs. Paul)                             28-Mar-77
Brooks             Mary Jane (Mrs. Owen)                          15-Sep-77
Brooks             Richard Ralph                                  06-Feb-77
Brooks             Russell C.                                     27-Sep-77
Brotemarkle        Rex Victor                                     10-Dec-77
Brothers           Alexander H.                                   12-May-77
Brougher           O. Paul                                        22-Feb-77
Brouhard           Albert                                         22-Oct-77
Brown              Aaron S.                                       03-Mar-77
Brown              Alice M. (Mrs. Arthur)                         31-May-77
Brown              Alta L.                                        18-May-77
Brown              Alta L.                                        19-May-77
Brown              Anna L. (Mrs. Walter                           28-Mar-77
Brown              Arbor Ralph                                    20-Aug-77
Brown              Arbor Ralph                                    21-Aug-77
Brown              Bessie Janet (Mrs. Olna D.)                    01-May-77
Brown              Blanche                                        23-Jun-77
Brown              Carrie                                         21-Dec-77
Brown              Christine Barbara (Mrs. Henry)                 22-Mar-77
Brown              Clark M.                                       29-Nov-77
Brown              Danny N.                                       06-May-77
Brown              Darrell E.                                     24-Sep-77
Brown              Delver                                         03-Dec-77
Brown              Donald L.                                      11-Mar-77
Brown              Donna Cox (Mrs. Keith)                         22-Jun-77
Brown              Earl Hicks                                     08-Dec-77
Brown              Earl Hicks                                     09-Dec-77
Brown              Earl S.                                        07-Jun-77
Brown              Earl S.                                        08-Jun-77
Brown              Earnest Vallie (Zeke)                          18-May-77
Brown              Emma Louis (Mrs. Keith)                        15-Oct-77
Brown              Florence Edna (Mrs. Charles)                   20-Dec-77
Brown              Gertrude I. (Mrs. Charles Sr.)                 24-Oct-77
Brown              Gladys J. (Mrs. Lester)                        22-Apr-77
Brown              Goldie (Mrs. Elmer)                            09-Nov-77
Brown              Harriet E. (Mrs. W. W.)                        09-Jul-77
Brown              Hazel A. (Mrs. Joe)                            27-Oct-77
Brown              Hazel Anna                                     07-Dec-77
Brown              Ida Mae (Mrs. Benjamin H.)                     02-Apr-77
Brown              Ila L. (Mrs. Earl J.)                          13-Apr-77
Brown              J. Calvin                                      28-Jul-77
Brown              Jack Lawrence                                  13-Apr-77
Brown              James L.                                       05-Sep-77
Brown              James R.                                       02-Dec-77
Brown              Jewell June                                    14-Sep-77
Brown              John William                                   07-Apr-77
Brown              Joseph Oscar                                   16-Apr-77
Brown              Lilian (Mrs. Dick)                             11-Jul-77
Brown              Lincoln C.                                     24-Oct-77
Brown              Lloyd J.                                       10-May-77
Brown              Lonnie                                         02-Dec-77
Brown              Lonnie S.                                      07-Aug-77
Brown              Louis F.                                       01-Apr-77
Brown              Margaret (Mrs. Leonard)                        24-Nov-77
Brown              Mary Ethel (Mrs. Calrence E.)                  26-Oct-77
Brown              Mary Ethel (Mrs. Calrence E.)                  27-Oct-77
Brown              Mildred (Mrs. Charles J.)                      17-Jul-77
Brown              Mildred Mabel (Mrs. Earl)                      05-Oct-77
Brown              Nancy (Mrs. Charles)                           09-Aug-77
Brown              Neva Stoll (Mrs. Leslie)                       21-Nov-77
Brown              Opal D. (Mrs. Leon)                            25-Oct-77
Brown              Orphana L. (Mrs. Robert B.)                    20-Jul-77
Brown              Pauline Marie (Mrs. Daniel)                    27-Feb-77
Brown              Pearl L. (Mrs. Everett)                        15-Mar-77
Brown              Robert Willis                                  13-Jul-77
Brown              Rose (Mrs. George)                             10-Aug-77
Brown              Roy F. (Jr.)                                   15-Sep-77
Brown              Roy F. (Jr.)                                   16-Sep-77
Brown              Vera O. (Mrs.)                                 11-Aug-77
Brown              Vera O. (Mrs.)                                 12-Aug-77
Brown              Virgil L.                                      12-Nov-77
Brown              Walter W.                                      11-Jun-77
Brown              Willis Henry                                   28-Aug-77
Brown              Charles A. (Sr.)                               02-Feb-77
Brown              Gerald K.                                      04-Jan-77
Brown              Larry R.                                       14-Feb-77
Brown              Marie D.                                       04-Mar-77
Brown              Mary Elizabeth Brown (Mrs. Frank B.)           25-Jan-77
Brown              Michael Lynn                                   06-Mar-77
Brown              Mildred P. (Mrs. Farris)                       15-Jan-77
Brown              Mildred P. (Mrs. Farris)                       16-Jan-77
Brown              Priscilla D. (Mrs. Eugene)                     26-Jan-77
Brown              Priscilla D. (Mrs. Eugene)                     27-Jan-77
Brown              Priscilla D. (Mrs. Eugene)                     28-Jan-77
Brown              Thomas R.                                      03-Feb-77
Brownawell         Eldon E.                                       06-Nov-77
Browne             Joe L.                                         12-Aug-77
Browning           John D.                                        21-May-77
Bruch              Wanda (Mrs. Dale)                              27-Feb-77
Bruebaker          Melvin L. (Red)                                05-Aug-77
Bruegman           Anna M. (Mrs.)                                 18-Jul-77
Bruington          Arthur                                         04-Aug-77
Bruington          Carl                                           18-Jan-77
Brumbelow          Michael D.                                     14-May-77
Bruner             Cecil U.                                       15-Oct-77
Bruner             Mary Alice (Mrs. Herman)                       28-Feb-77
Brungardt          Alfred M.                                      25-Sep-77
Brunk              Charles Murray                                 07-May-77
Brunk              Verteenes (Dr.)                                18-Nov-77
Brunner            Lester H. (Sr.)                                23-May-77
Bruns              Marjorie A. (Mrs. Harold)                      13-Mar-77
Brussow            Wilma F.                                       27-Feb-77
Bryan              Ethel Dot (Mrs. Ray)                           01-Jul-77
Bryant             Alfred (Jr.)                                   13-Oct-77
Bryant             Charles A.                                     14-Oct-77
Bryant             LeRoy E.                                       30-Jul-77
Bryant             Margarete J.                                   23-Dec-77
Bryant             Paul A.                                        27-Jan-77
Bryant             Terri Lee                                      27-Jun-77
Bryant             William Jennings                               17-Aug-77
Bryden             Nattie A. (Mrs. Thomas)                        13-Dec-77
Bubb               Margaret Manton Wheeler (Mrs.)                 07-Sep-77
Bubieniec          Ernest J. (Dr.)                                12-Mar-77
Buchanan           Claude Allen                                   15-May-77
Buchanan           Helen T. (Mrs. Charles)                        12-Nov-77
Buchanan           Jack H.                                        22-Oct-77
Buchanan           James (Buck)                                   04-Oct-77
Buchanan           Margaret E. (Mrs. Verne)                       05-Apr-77
Buchanan           Suzanne Noel                                   28-Dec-77
Buchmeier          Victor A.                                      26-Sep-77
Buck               Azro Allen                                     16-Jan-77
Buck               Clara E. (Mrs. Frank)                          11-Jul-77
Buck               Fred L.                                        18-May-77
Buck               Harry F.                                       18-Dec-77
Buckles            Frances (Mrs.  Rollie)                         03-Oct-77
Buckley            Mert T.                                        27-Jul-77
Buckwalter         Florida Rose (Mrs. Earl)                       24-Apr-77
Budde              Minnie Myrtle (Mrs. Ernest)                    08-Jul-77
Budke              George                                         09-Oct-77
Budock             Iva M. (Mrs. John)                             26-Feb-77
Buehler            Ida (Mrs. Carl)                                22-May-77
Buehler            Roy C.                                         31-Jul-77
Buell              Bradford B.                                    17-Dec-77
Buell              Bradford B.                                    18-Dec-77
Bueno              Refujia (Mrs. Benjamin)                        13-Jul-77
Bufington          James H.                                       26-Jul-77
Bugner             John                                           04-Dec-77
Bugni              Pete                                           30-Aug-77
Buler              Jacob A.                                       14-Jun-77
Buller             Marie (Mrs. Peter)                             09-Dec-77
Bullock            Robert S.                                      30-Jun-77
Bunker             Freda B. (Mrs. Robert)                         05-Jan-77
Bunker             John B.                                        23-Oct-77
Bunker             Ruth Belle (Mrs. Ralph)                        19-Jun-77
Bupp               Alpha J. (Mrs. Ernest)                         17-Apr-77
Burch              Hattie E.                                      26-Apr-77
Burcham            Grant Ford                                     26-Apr-77
Burchinal          Gladys A. (Mrs.)                               21-Dec-77
Burchinal          Harry                                          29-Jun-77
Burchinal          Louise (Mrs. Frederick F.)                     12-Dec-77
Burdick            Inez Julia (Mrs. A. L.)                        05-Jul-77
Burgess            Guy G.                                         18-Oct-77
Burgess            Hubert E.                                      18-Sep-77
Burgmeier          Lorenz C.                                      28-Dec-77
Burgtorf           Anna L. (Mrs. August)                          23-Nov-77
Burk               Bernice M. (Mrs. Clyde)                        16-Sep-77
Burk               David G.                                       07-Aug-77
Burk               Gladys J. (Mrs. G. Dewey)                      16-Nov-77
Burke              Austin                                         14-Sep-77
Burke              Gertie E. (Mrs. Thomas)                        18-Mar-77
Burke              J. Patrick                                     27-Apr-77
Burke              James Robert                                   24-Dec-77
Burke              Ruth G.                                        28-Oct-77
Burke              Timothy W.                                     30-Sep-77
Burket             Ivan R. (Dr.)                                  10-Dec-77
Burkett            Ray E.                                         18-May-77
Burkhart           Carl H.                                        28-Jan-77
Burkhart           Clarence R.                                    13-Feb-77
Burkhart           Ocie (Mrs. Earl)                               07-Feb-77
Burks              Kenneth R.                                     09-Aug-77
Burling            Janice Marie                                   28-Oct-77
Burlingame         Esther N.                                      01-Jun-77
Burlingame         Esther N. (Mrs. Ray)                           31-May-77
Burmeister         Roy F.                                         03-Feb-77
Burnett            Edwin M.                                       10-Aug-77
Burnett            Harry L.                                       08-Mar-77
Burngarner         Anita Ruth Thomas (Mrs.)                       19-Dec-77
Burnham            Mildred (Mrs. Frederick)                       12-Nov-77
Burns              Ethel                                          15-Jun-77
Burns              Frank M.                                       20-Jun-77
Burns              Mary Belle (Mrs. John)                         15-Jun-77
Burns              Norma Jean                                     04-Sep-77
Burns              Norma Jean Atchison                            05-Sep-77
Burns              Valois Peg (Mrs. Joe)                          15-Oct-77
Burnside           Hadsell N.                                     07-Jul-77
Burris             Fred S.                                        09-Feb-77
Burris             John P.                                        01-Jul-77
Burris             Lue D.                                         25-Jul-77
Burris             Phyllis (Mrs. Ralph E.)                        30-Jul-77
Burt               Eugene R.                                      23-Dec-77
Burton             James Jackson                                  29-Jan-77
Burton             Rex A. (Jr.)                                   15-Apr-77
Burton             Roy O.                                         28-Apr-77
Burton             Walter Felix                                   03-Jul-77
Burton             Rex A. (Jr.)                                   16-Apr-77
Busby              Alice Lee (Mrs. Ben)                           01-Sep-77
Busch              Charles M.                                     10-Aug-77
Busenitz           John                                           07-Aug-77
Buser              Ida Veronica (Mrs. Dan)                        22-Nov-77
Busey              Roy H.                                         16-Dec-77
Bush               Edward R.                                      15-May-77
Bush               Harold H.                                      16-Nov-77
Bushe              Arthur F.                                      10-May-77
Bushell            Dale E.                                        27-May-77
Bushey             Zane B.                                        13-Jul-77
Bushnell           Billy J.                                       06-Nov-77
Bussell            Stephine R.                                    28-Oct-77
Butler             Carl Van                                       28-Jan-77
Butler             Carl Van                                       29-Jan-77
Butler             Charles R.                                     19-Aug-77
Butler             Frank F.                                       03-May-77
Butler             Freeda J. (Mrs. Carl)                          13-Jun-77
Butler             Louisa Dultha (Mrs. Frank)                     10-May-77
Butler             Mathew                                         02-Mar-77
Butterfield        Earl                                           18-Mar-77
Butts              Melvin L.                                      18-Jul-77
Bux                Marie A.                                       27-Feb-77
Buxton             Eve Evelyn                                     06-Nov-77
Byerley            Louis                                          28-Dec-77
Byers              Dewey E. L.                                    08-Sep-77
Byers              Everett R.                                     25-Oct-77
Byers              Gertrude Ruth (Mrs. Harry)                     29-Dec-77
Byers              Harry C.                                       24-Dec-77
Byers              Kenneth R.                                     05-Jun-77
Byers              Minnie Belle (Mrs. William E.)                 02-Oct-77
Byfield            William O. (Bill)                              07-Aug-77
Byington           Donald G.                                      01-Aug-77
Byram              J. Lee                                         24-Jan-77
Byran              Charlotte (Mrs. Forrest)                       23-Apr-77
Byrd               Fred L.                                        18-Oct-77
Byrd               Harry E.                                       16-May-77
Byrd               Lena Mae                                       06-Jan-77
Byrd               R. L.                                          29-Oct-77
Byrn               Alma E. (Mrs. Jack)                            13-Apr-77
Byrne              Catherine M.                                   02-Aug-77
Byrnes             James L. (Jr.)                                 22-Mar-77
Bythewood          Joseph Augustus                                18-Mar-77
Cabrales           Manuel                                         29-Dec-77
Cabrales           Manuel                                         30-Dec-77
Cacaf              Donna J. (Mrs.)                                03-Apr-77
Cade               Paul                                           05-Jul-77
Cady               William A. (Jr.)                               20-Jun-77
Caffrey            May (Mrs. Harley)                              21-May-77
Cain               Audrey Nadine                                  06-Feb-77
Cain               Carroll Wayne                                  11-Feb-77
Cain               Carroll Wayne                                  12-Feb-77
Cain               Frank R.                                       12-Feb-77
Cain               Glenn E.                                       01-Dec-77
Cain               Hattie M. (Mrs. Frank)                         03-Mar-77
Cain               Jacqueline C.                                  25-Oct-77
Cain               Mike R.                                        03-Mar-77
Cain               Nobel W.                                       02-Sep-77
Caldwell           Ethyl Louise                                   15-Jun-77
Caldwell           Ethyl Louise                                   17-Jun-77
Caldwell           Lucy V. (Mrs. Paul R.)                         20-Oct-77
caldwell           Myrtle Beamer (Mrs. Clarence)                  04-Jan-77
Caldwell           Newton Lamar                                   03-Feb-77
Caler              Shane A.                                       23-Apr-77
Calhoun            Charles R.                                     27-Jan-77
Calhoun            Virginia E. (Mrs. Conjury)                     28-Dec-77
Calihan            Ray H.                                         17-Feb-77
Calkins            Clara Pauline (Mrs. Edgar G.)                  20-Mar-77
Calkins            John D.                                        13-Jul-77
Call               Harold Dean                                    24-Apr-77
Call               Harold Dean                                    24-Apr-77
Callahan           Cora (Mrs. Dewey)                              25-Oct-77
Callan             Edith Porter (Mrs. Edward)                     22-Oct-77
Callaway           Byron W.                                       26-Jan-77
Callaway           Ray                                            05-Mar-77
Callaway           Robert Earl                                    13-Mar-77
Calley             Robert S.                                      08-May-77
Callison           Randy Tom                                      04-Nov-77
Callison           Ruby T. (Mrs. Lee)                             20-Sep-77
Calvert            Edith E. (Mrs. Harley)                         08-May-77
Calvert            Gussie (Mrs. Wesley)                           02-Jun-77
Calvert            Hazel (Mrs. Starr)                             05-Mar-77
Calvert            William John Cecil                             13-Feb-77
Calvin             Arlene F. (Mrs. Wilbur)                        12-Dec-77
Cambern            Madge (Mrs. Fred J.)                           20-Oct-77
Camp               Benjamin H.                                    09-Feb-77
Campbell           Bertha (Mrs. Willie)                           25-Mar-77
Campbell           Byron James                                    16-May-77
Campbell           Charles R.                                     25-Jun-77
Campbell           Charles R.                                     26-Jun-77
Campbell           Donald D.                                      23-Aug-77
Campbell           Doris M.                                       28-Apr-77
Campbell           Elsie May                                      09-Mar-77
Campbell           Ettie S. (Mrs. Roscoe)                         02-Feb-77
Campbell           Ettie S. (Mrs. Roscoe)                         03-Feb-77
Campbell           Howard R.                                      21-Jan-77
Campbell           Howard R.                                      22-Jan-77
Campbell           James E.                                       06-Oct-77
Campbell           John C.                                        05-Mar-77
Campbell           Kenneth C.                                     14-Dec-77
Campbell           Lucille (Mrs. Paul)                            07-Jun-77
Campbell           Malita Belle (Mrs. Wesley)                     01-Mar-77
Campbell           Myna Louise (Mrs. Charles)                     13-Apr-77
Campbell           Samuel M.                                      24-Jun-77
Campbell           Walter D. (Sr.)                                16-Nov-77
Canady             Don A.                                         17-Mar-77
canatis            Neal F.                                        01-Sep-77
Cannon             Carl F.                                        14-Nov-77
Cannon             Leroy Thoma                                    07-Apr-77
Cannon             Paul L.                                        08-Oct-77
Cano               Santigato                                      26-Mar-77
Cantrell           James Jefferson                                26-Apr-77
Cantrell           Kenneth C.                                     14-Dec-77
Capers             Carrie H. (Mrs. Robert)                        21-Aug-77
Capers             Carrie H. (Mrs. Robert)                        22-Aug-77
Capter             Ralph L.                                       21-Jan-77
Cardiff            Raymond E.                                     27-Apr-77
Cardwell           Betty R.                                       28-Jun-77
Cardwell           Pat                                            01-Jul-77
Carey              Gladys D. (Mrs. John)                          30-Jun-77
Carey              Keith Robert (PO3.C)                           09-Apr-77
Carey              Lillian W. (Mrs. Harry)                        23-Apr-77
Carey              Mable A.                                       02-Jan-77
Carey              Truman P.                                      03-Apr-77
Carie              Dennis D.                                      03-Sep-77
Carie              Dennis Dean                                    02-Sep-77
Carie              Phinas T.                                      11-May-77
Carleton           Anna Pearl (Mrs. James)                        04-Jan-77
Carley             L. A.                                          06-Jun-77
Carlisle           Clara R. (Mrs. Roy Lynn)                       10-Aug-77
Carls              Anna                                           17-Nov-77
Carlson            Allan R.                                       25-Jan-77
Carlson            Arthur B.                                      26-May-77
Carlson            Beulah L. (Mrs. Robert)                        18-Nov-77
Carlson            F. Rudolph                                     05-Jun-77
Carlson            Gladys L. (Mrs. Edwin C.)                      04-Nov-77
Carlson            Hugo H.                                        28-Jan-77
Carlson            John Theo                                      08-Apr-77
Carlyle            Harry E.                                       19-Nov-77
Carmen             Bernard Robert                                 10-Nov-77
Carnahan           Bertie Opal (Mrs. David Lee)                   06-Dec-77
Carnary            Millard F.                                     30-Jan-77
Carnes             George M.                                      20-Feb-77
Carney             James F.                                       15-Oct-77
Carp               Fred (Col.)                                    19-Jun-77
Carpenter          Charles H.                                     06-May-77
Carpenter          Edmund Ralph                                   04-Apr-77
Carpenter          Eubra                                          16-Jul-77
Carpenter          George M.                                      22-Jun-77
Carpenter          Jack D.                                        08-Nov-77
Carpenter          Melissa E. (Mrs. J. D.)                        23-Oct-77
Carrell            Anita Mae (Mrs. Cecil)                         08-Sep-77
Carrell            Anita Mae (Mrs. Cecil)                         09-Sep-77
Carrico            Fonnetta M. (Mrs. Walter)                      19-Apr-77
Carrion            Ramiro                                         24-Jul-77
Carroll            Gracia A.                                      01-Nov-77
Carroll            Homer D.                                       27-Apr-77
Carroll            Robert E.                                      28-Apr-77
Carson             Margaret L. (Mrs. Clarence)                    09-Sep-77
Carson             Martin L.                                      09-Sep-77
Carson             Thomas J.                                      02-Sep-77
Carter             Alta Meta (Mrs. Martin)                        05-Mar-77
Carter             Cora O. (Mrs. William)                         09-Sep-77
Carter             Julia M. (Mrs. W. W.)                          30-Nov-77
Carter             Laura J. (Mrs. Thomas                          29-Jun-77
Carter             Lloyd                                          10-Dec-77
Carter             Lue Elizabeth                                  29-Sep-77
Carter             Mabel E. (Mrs. Elmer)                          12-Nov-77
Carter             Mattie A. (Mrs. J. A.)                         26-Feb-77
Cary               Nellie E. (Mrs. Floyd)                         29-Dec-77
Casado             M. J. (Mike)                                   10-Dec-77
Case               Earl J.                                        04-Nov-77
Casebolt           Ralph G.                                       14-Jul-77
Casey              Earl P.                                        24-Sep-77
Casey              Fern (Mrs. Paul Levi)                          17-Jul-77
Casey              Lawrence B. (Bishop)                           16-Jun-77
Casey              Lillie Louise (Mrs. Clarence)                  24-Apr-77
Casey              Teresa G. (Gunkel)                             23-Aug-77
Casley             Clarence E.                                    23-Aug-77
Casper             David Lee                                      21-Oct-77
Casper             Emma B. (Mrs. John D.)                         02-Oct-77
Cassady            Carrie R. (Mrs. James H.)                      02-Nov-77
Cassingham         Harold R.                                      06-May-77
Caster             Eric D.                                        25-Aug-77
Castleberry        Michelle Renee                                 11-Mar-77
Castoe             Vonna Vera                                     11-Dec-77
Castoe             Vonna Vera                                     13-Dec-77
Castor             Daisy Ann                                      24-Aug-77
Castor             Melissa M. (Mrs. Mack)                         01-May-77
Caswell            Birdie (Mrs. Roy)                              04-Oct-77
Cates              Charlotte G.                                   14-Nov-77
Cates              Charlotte G.                                   15-Nov-77
Cather             Christopher Clarapence                         26-May-77
Cather             Ella Mae (Mrs. Oscar)                          29-Jan-77
Cathers            May (Mrs. William E.)                          01-Mar-77
Cato               Clifford A.                                    05-Dec-77
Catron             Clara Bell (Mrs. James A.)                     25-Jul-77
Caudell            John T.                                        14-Mar-77
Caudle             Rebecca                                        22-Aug-77
Caywood            Edith I. Diggons (Mrs. Dallas)                 01-Apr-77
Caywood            Edith I. Diggons (Mrs. Dallas)                 01-Apr-77
Cellinger          Claude E.                                      19-Dec-77
Cengiz             Nihat                                          30-Jun-77
Chadd              Marie (Mrs. John E.)                           24-Oct-77
Chalmers           George Edwin                                   29-Nov-77
Chaltas            Samuel S.                                      04-Jun-77
Chamberlain        Margaret (Mrs. William L.)                     05-Dec-77
Chamberlain        Walter H.                                      23-Dec-77
Chamberlain        William F.                                     17-Aug-77
Chambers           Belle                                          30-Jun-77
Chambers           Dicie M. (Mrs. Dick)                           01-Oct-77
Chambers           Fred M.                                        15-Sep-77
Chambers           Gerry D.                                       25-Oct-77
Chambers           Irvin H.                                       04-Aug-77
Chambers           Mildred N. (Mrs. John)                         21-Nov-77
Chambers           Victor L.                                      29-Apr-77
Chambers           Willis W.                                      06-Mar-77
Chambers           Woodrow                                        03-Dec-77
Chance             Lennie Edna (Mrs. Daniel)                      20-Feb-77
Chance             Martha Ann (Mrs. James B.)                     22-Mar-77
Chance             Sylvester                                      22-Sep-77
Chancellor         Grace L.                                       30-Nov-77
Chandler           Brad Allen                                     14-Aug-77
Chandler           Frances E. (Mrs. Walter john)                  27-Sep-77
Chandler           Ruby Evelyn (Mrs. Homer J.)                    27-Jan-77
Chandler           Thelma G. (Mrs. W. W. Sr.)                     13-Nov-77
Chandler           Wilbur Owen                                    13-Mar-77
Chaney             Ralph                                          09-May-77
Chaney             Ralph                                          10-May-77
Chaney             Thomas (Pop)                                   14-Jul-77
Chapin             Ray G.                                         02-Sep-77
Chaplin            Lida (Mrs. Grover)                             29-Sep-77
Charlton           Margaret C. (Mrs. Harry)                       21-Feb-77
Chase              Allard William                                 31-Mar-77
Chastain           Charles                                        06-Jun-77
Chastain           Sophia I. (Mrs. G. W.)                         29-Jan-77
Cheatum            Archie Payne                                   12-Mar-77
Cheatum            Catherine Lynae                                01-Jun-77
Cheatum            William F.                                     08-Mar-77
Cheek              Emma Viola (Mrs. Floyd)                        09-Feb-77
Cheesman           Lucille Anne (Mrs. Norman)                     07-Dec-77
Cheever            Emma Mae (Mrs. Joseph)                         15-Mar-77
Cheney             Herbert Adams                                  20-May-77
Cherry             Leland Clark                                   10-Sep-77
Chessney           Robert                                         11-Oct-77
Chesterman         Orva                                           28-Mar-77
Chickadonzx        Grace Edna (Mrs. William N.)                   16-Dec-77
Chidlaw            Benjamin W. (Gen.)                             23-Feb-77
Childers           Kenneth R.                                     28-Apr-77
Childers           Mae M. (Mrs. Ray J.)                           16-Oct-77
Childress          Emery P.                                       02-Oct-77
Childress          Pearl )Mrs. Eugene)                            20-Oct-77
Childreth          Sophia Elizabeth (Mrs. Thomas)                 28-Oct-77
Chinn              Aca Bender                                     04-Feb-77
Chism              Paul H.                                        14-Jun-77
Chockley           Nicole Dawn                                    29-Nov-77
Chockley           Nicole Dawn                                    30-Nov-77
Chouteau           Fred L.                                        27-Sep-77
Chovinard          Francois                                       08-Apr-77
Chrisman           Frank C.                                       22-Oct-77
Christensen        Lince                                          08-Jan-77
Christensen        Ruby A. (Mrs. Ralph)                           14-Sep-77
Christenson        Keith A.                                       19-Jul-77
Christian          Marion (Mrs. William L.)                       18-Apr-77
Christians         Anton B.                                       11-May-77
Christiansen       Lillie L. (Mrs. Sam)                           31-Jan-77
Christman          Jane                                           30-Jan-77
Christoph          Anthony Joseph                                 19-Jul-77
Christoph          Frederick J.                                   14-Oct-77
Christopher        Robert E.                                      08-Nov-77
Christopher        V. Kay (Mrs. George)                           19-Aug-77
Christopher        V. Kay (Mrs.)                                  18-Aug-77
Christy            Arthur J.                                      13-Jul-77
Christy            Edwin Elmer                                    19-Jul-77
Christy            Ira Leonard                                    14-Dec-77
Christy            Pete                                           12-May-77
Church             Helen A. (Mrs. Martin P.)                      09-Jun-77
Church             Helen A. (Mrs. Martin P.)                      10-Jun-77
Church             Levi Bryon                                     08-Nov-77
Church             Martin P.                                      31-May-77
Church             Myrtle (Mrs. Weaver)                           06-Mar-77
Church             Roy Campbell                                   13-Feb-77
Churchill          Jack Avery                                     09-Nov-77
Chvilecek          John C.                                        11-May-77
Cieman             Rose (Mrs. Albert)                             14-Oct-77
Clanton            Clarence R.                                    09-Apr-77
Clanton            Michael C.                                     16-Nov-77
Clardy             William Norwood                                24-Sep-77
Claridge           Seferina V. (Sophia)                           14-Jan-77
Clark              Arlie                                          20-Mar-77
Clark              Carl R.                                        04-May-77
Clark              Charles H.                                     04-Apr-77
Clark              Chester L.                                     21-May-77
Clark              Daisy (Mrs. Gilbert)                           06-Feb-77
Clark              Dewitt C.                                      15-Jul-77
Clark              Edith Annetta (Mrs. John)                      24-Apr-77
Clark              Emma Mae (Mrs. Glenn)                          01-Apr-77
Clark              Emma Mae (Mrs. Glenn)                          02-Apr-77
Clark              Eunice A. (Mrs. A. B.)                         24-May-77
Clark              Gertie May (Mrs. Charlie)                      26-May-77
Clark              Gladys (Mrs. J. V.)                            01-Dec-77
Clark              Gloria (Mrs. Charles)                          23-Jun-77
Clark              Harry H.                                       26-Oct-77
Clark              Hayden Jackson                                 27-Jan-77
Clark              Henry Louis                                    30-Jul-77
Clark              Jessie Irene                                   15-May-77
Clark              Lawrence                                       30-Jan-77
Clark              LeRoy Neal                                     20-Mar-77
Clark              Lilliam D. (Mrs. John D.)                      12-Sep-77
Clark              Lillian M. (Mrs. A. E.)                        10-Jan-77
Clark              Lorene (Mrs. Wallace)                          02-Oct-77
Clark              Margy W.                                       22-Apr-77
Clark              Margy W. (Mrs. W. Ward)                        23-Apr-77
Clark              Mary Chapin (Mrs. Harry)                       05-Nov-77
Clark              Mary E. (Mrs. Henry)                           22-Sep-77
Clark              Merle E.                                       04-Nov-77
Clark              Myrtle I. (Mrs. Artie)                         24-Aug-77
Clark              Orville                                        04-Mar-77
Clark              Orville                                        05-Mar-77
Clark              Otis                                           11-Aug-77
Clark              Pansy B.                                       05-Apr-77
Clark              Pansy B. (Mrs. John)                           05-Apr-77
Clark              Ray K.                                         18-Dec-77
Clark              Richard M.                                     17-Mar-77
Clark              Thelma Scott (Mrs. Floyyd)                     11-Jul-77
Clark              Wesley W.                                      18-Oct-77
Clarke             Cecil A.                                       06-Oct-77
Clarke             Cecil A.                                       07-Oct-77
Clarke             Nellie Frances (Mrs. W. A.)                    30-Oct-77
Clarkson           Chester C.                                     04-Apr-77
Classen            Cornelius L.                                   10-Jul-77
Claunch            Carl                                           08-Oct-77
Claus              Bernard Abner                                  06-Jul-77
Claus              Mae R. (Mrs. Harold)                           04-Aug-77
Claus              Pauline S.                                     19-Jul-77
Claussen           Anna M. (Mrs. Fred)                            28-Dec-77
Clavanaugh         Hazel Josephine                                16-Jun-77
Clawson            Aileen A. (Dr.)                                11-May-77
Clawson            Katheryn A. (Mrs. Chester)                     24-Nov-77
Clay               Eustis C. (Jack)                               15-Nov-77
Clayacomb          Madeline (Mrs. Royal)                          17-Dec-77
Claybaker          Pearl M.                                       17-Apr-77
Clayton            Catherine (Mrs. Floyd)                         29-May-77
Clayton            Donald E.                                      14-May-77
Clayton            Vicki Mae                                      02-Feb-77
Clayton            William L.                                     06-Feb-77
Clegg              Susan (Mrs. Harlan)                            07-Aug-77
Clemence           Ethel Marie (Mrs. George S.)                   23-Sep-77
Clemence           Ethel Marie (Mrs. George S.)                   24-Sep-77
Clements           Jessia A. (Mrs. Thomas)                        26-Sep-77
Clements           Vera M. (Mrs. Gage B.)                         03-Mar-77
Clements           Virgil William                                 26-Jun-77
Clemments          William W. (Sr.)                               25-Nov-77
Clemmer            Leonard D.                                     10-Dec-77
Clifford           Chester Robert                                 16-Dec-77
Clifford           James Roy                                      12-Nov-77
Clift              Grace Lenora (Mrs. John)                       21-Apr-77
Clifton            Auline Mann (Mrs. J. N.)                       15-Feb-77
Clifton            Jack Gardner                                   06-Feb-77
Cline              Elton W,                                       04-Jun-77
Cline              Elton W.                                       04-Jun-77
Cline              Eugene W.                                      04-Jan-77
Cline              Harold H.                                      13-Aug-77
Clinesmith         Russell H.                                     25-Apr-77
Clodfelter         Jesse Elmer                                    27-Mar-77
Cloe               Charles R.                                     14-Jul-77
Clopine            Faye Dean                                      03-May-77
Cloud              Charles H.                                     10-Nov-77
Clouse             Levi F.                                        03-Jul-77
Cloyd              Jess P.                                        31-Jan-77
Clubine            George Benjamin                                28-Aug-77
Clugston           Pearl (Mrs.  Milo)                             04-May-77
Clulgston          William L.                                     09-Jul-77
Clymer             Catherine                                      12-Jul-77
Clymer             Rolla A.                                       05-Jun-77
Coake              Loyd D.                                        26-Oct-77
Coates             Mary Louise                                    11-Sep-77
Coats              Cloise Jeff                                    30-Mar-77
Coats              Lawrence E.                                    17-Jun-77
Cobb               Ellen Marie (Mrs. John)                        06-Sep-77
Cobb               Lloyd E.                                       24-Sep-77
Coberly            Irene L. (Mrs. Clyde W.)                       27-Dec-77
Cobler             Freda L. (Mrs. Charles)                        19-Feb-77
Cochran            Ellis Randel                                   29-Mar-77
Cochran            John E.                                        17-Nov-77
Cochran            Ruby Mildred (Mrs. Richard)                    14-Sep-77
Cochran            Virgil W.                                      08-Mar-77
Cochran            William D.                                     27-Mar-77
Cocking            Flora B. (Mrs. George)                         14-Jan-77
Cockrell           Lyong Cha (Mrs. Larry)                         22-Oct-77
Coday              Ernest C.                                      22-Dec-77
Coday              Ernest C.                                      23-Dec-77
Coder              Gertrude (Mrs. John Henry)                     08-May-77
Coder              Gertrude Mabel (Mrs. John Henry)               09-May-77
Cody               Roy F.                                         16-Sep-77
Coe                Charles R.                                     15-Jul-77
Coe                Dorothy M. (Mrs. C. L.)                        05-Feb-77
Coehn              Dora                                           05-Apr-77
Cofer              James Edward III                               19-Jun-77
Coffman            Fredrick                                       25-Oct-77
Coffman            Pauline (Mrs.)                                 09-Jul-77
Coghill            Bobbie L.                                      05-Feb-77
Cohen              Dorothy V. (Mrs. Frank)                        13-Nov-77
Cohen              Frank L.                                       10-Sep-77
Cohlmia            Rose (Mrs. James)                              07-Dec-77
Cokeley            Ann Marie                                      08-Oct-77
Colbert            Erma L.                                        29-Aug-77
Colbert            Erma L.                                        01-Sep-77
Colburn            Mrs. Nellie Z. (Mrs.)                          03-Apr-77
Colburn            Toni                                           05-Apr-77
Colburn            Walter O.                                      17-Jun-77
Cole               Ben C.                                         27-Nov-77
Cole               C. C.                                          23-Mar-77
Cole               Charlene Ellen                                 31-Jul-77
Cole               Earl                                           24-Nov-77
Cole               Florence J. (Mrs. Charles C.)                  28-Jan-77
Cole               Harold S.                                      28-Jul-77
Cole               Mabel M. (Mrs. Earl)                           15-Apr-77
Cole               Ona Mae (Mrs. James)                           20-Aug-77
Cole               Russell L.                                     15-Mar-77
Coleman            Darcy E.                                       25-Nov-77
Coleman            Emma (Mrs. Charles)                            08-Feb-77
Coleman            Enos                                           01-Jun-77
Coleman            Flossie Mary Angeline (Mrs. Jerry)             21-Dec-77
Coleman            Frank L.                                       17-Jul-77
Coleman            Maude (Mrs. A. K.)                             24-Feb-77
Colglazier         Ray                                            05-Jan-77
Collazo            Alfredo P.                                     02-Jul-77
Collazo            Ferman                                         01-Nov-77
Collett            Pearl M. (Mrs. Andrew)                         08-Oct-77
Collier            Ralph                                          03-Feb-77
Collings           James W.                                       05-Dec-77
Collins            Catherine (Dot)                                04-Mar-77
Collins            Ethel R.                                       05-Apr-77
Collins            Faye E. (Mrs. Alvin)                           03-Sep-77
Collins            Faye E. (Mrs. Alvin)                           04-Sep-77
Collins            Francis Mable (Mrs. Homer E.)                  10-Feb-77
Collins            Johnny Lee                                     05-May-77
Collins            LaVerna M. (Mrs. Marvin B.)                    20-Nov-77
Collins            Mary E. (Mrs. Billy)                           29-Aug-77
Collins            Near                                           22-Feb-77
Collins            Patricia (Mrs. Pete)                           10-Jul-77
Collins            Raymond                                        14-Dec-77
Collins            Robert H.                                      14-Dec-77
Collins            William Robert                                 14-Dec-77
Collins            William Robert                                 15-Dec-77
Collins            William W.                                     17-May-77
Collinsworth       Lily Elzada (Mrs. Grover)                      28-Jul-77
Collison           Nancy Covvington (Mrs. Bob)                    04-Apr-77
Collister          Faris Glenn                                    06-Jan-77
Collyar            Mona Darlene (Mrs. John)                       29-Jul-77
Colver             Bertha Mae (Mrs. Merle)                        11-Apr-77
Colvin             Judith R.                                      01-Apr-77
Combs              David B.                                       28-Sep-77
Combs              John                                           02-Aug-77
Combs              Robert C.                                      30-Dec-77
Combs              William Julius                                 03-Apr-77
Combs              William Julius                                 03-Apr-77
Combs              William P.                                     15-Dec-77
Comer              Ricky Kent                                     02-Dec-77
Comes              Steven G.                                      10-Apr-77
Commons            Frederick W.                                   03-Oct-77
Commons            Louis                                          07-Oct-77
Compton            Robert L.                                      03-Nov-77
Comstock           Dural G.                                       22-Jul-77
Conard             Eva M. (Mrs. Roy)                              27-Dec-77
Conard             Hester                                         12-Oct-77
Conderman          Ivy (Mrs. R. J.)                               23-Apr-77
Condit             Moscelyn Daisy                                 30-Jul-77
Condon             Carroll O.                                     18-Aug-77
Conkey             Theresa B. (Mrs. Claude)                       24-Feb-77
Conkey             Theresa B. (Mrs. Claude)                       24-Feb-77
Conklin            Lelah Mabel                                    19-Jul-77
Conkling           Elliott A. (Chub)                              14-Aug-77
Conley             Grace S.                                       31-Jul-77
Conley             Otis G.                                        12-Jun-77
Conley             Rebecca Joann                                  11-Oct-77
Conley             Rebecca Joann                                  12-Oct-77
Conley             Rebecca Joann                                  13-Oct-77
Connell            Blanche L. (Mrs. Fredrick)                     29-Mar-77
Connell            James G.                                       16-Apr-77
Connell            Susan M.                                       14-Dec-77
Conner             Arthur Lee                                     22-Oct-77
Conner             Earnestine (Mrs. Lewis)                        27-Sep-77
Conner             Erma D. (Mrs. William H.)                      30-May-77
Conner             Stanley Chester                                15-Feb-77
Connor             Bernadine Marie (Mrs. Leo)                     08-Feb-77
Conover            William T.                                     20-Dec-77
Conrad             Marvin B.                                      25-Jun-77
Conrad             Mary Lou                                       24-Jul-77
Conrady            Anthony Wayne                                  20-May-77
Conroe             John L.                                        12-Jan-77
Considene          Roy J.                                         04-Jul-77
Constable          Darrel L.                                      17-Oct-77
Converse           Helen Alice (Mrs. Ora)                         23-Feb-77
Converse           Helen Alice (Mrs. Ora)                         24-Feb-77
Converse           Irene M. (Mrs. Lorin J.)                       25-Jan-77
Converse           Mattie Sperry (Mrs. Harry)                     29-Nov-77
Conwell            Fred                                           09-Aug-77
Cook               Arlon Don                                      19-Apr-77
Cook               Calvin G.                                      23-Jul-77
Cook               Charles Edwin                                  02-Feb-77
Cook               Frances (Mrs. Frank)                           11-Feb-77
Cook               Harry T.                                       07-Mar-77
Cook               Hazel Ann (Mrs. Lloyd)                         14-Nov-77
Cook               Homer M.                                       09-Aug-77
Cook               Irmina                                         02-Aug-77
Cook               Issac J.                                       28-Jul-77
Cook               Joeanna E. (Mrs. Howard)                       11-Jun-77
Cook               Llloyd D.                                      23-Jun-77
Cook               Lloyd D.                                       24-Jun-77
Cook               Louie Lord                                     12-May-77
Cook               Martha (Mattie) ()Mrs.)                        09-Mar-77
Cook               Mary A. (Mrs. John P.)                         02-May-77
Cook               Mary A. (Mrs. John P.)                         02-May-77
Cook               Mozelle S. (Mrs. Albert)                       25-Oct-77
Cook               Ollie M. (Mrs. Omer)                           13-Dec-77
Cook               Walter J. (Cookie)                             05-Aug-77
Cook               Wayne                                          03-Sep-77
Cooke              Derald J.                                      18-Oct-77
Cooks              Grady                                          15-Jul-77
Cooks              Grady                                          17-Jul-77
Cooksey            Mildred G. (Mrs. William)                      18-Jun-77
Cooley             Meda Newell                                    06-Nov-77
Cooley             Walter Nathan                                  29-Apr-77
Coop               Edna (Mrs. Charles C.)                         19-Dec-77
Cooper             Albert                                         01-Nov-77
Cooper             Albert                                         02-Nov-77
Cooper             Charles H.                                     29-Jan-77
Cooper             Chester Lloyd                                  23-Mar-77
Cooper             Dovie L. (Mrs.)                                06-Sep-77
Cooper             Dovie L. (Mrs.)                                08-Sep-77
Cooper             Edna Ruth (Mrs. Estel)                         12-Nov-77
Cooper             Homer E.                                       28-Nov-77
Cooper             Joseph W.                                      04-Sep-77
Cooper             Joseph W.                                      05-Sep-77
Cooper             Mabel F.                                       08-Jan-77
Cooper             Mildred Grace (Mrs. C. Llloyd)                 22-Mar-77
Cooper             Orrin F.                                       12-Jun-77
Cooper             Ralph R. (Dr.)                                 18-Jun-77
Coover             Samuel F.                                      14-Oct-77
Cope               Wanda Lorene (Mrs. Donald)                     18-Jul-77
Cope               Wanda Lorene (Mrs. Donald)                     19-Jul-77
Copeland           John D.                                        08-Nov-77
Coppersmith        John C.                                        19-Apr-77
Corbin             Kenneth                                        19-Feb-77
Corbin             Mark Wayne                                     22-Nov-77
Corley             Bessiie M. (Mrs. Harry H.)                     05-Feb-77
Corliss            Edwin M.                                       21-Nov-77
Cormany            Myrtle E. (Mrs. Irl)                           24-Dec-77
Corn               Walter D.                                      31-Mar-77
Cornelsen          Justina (Mrs. Henry)                           18-Jun-77
Cornett            Robert James                                   01-Nov-77
Cornwell           Viola C. (Mrs. Charles)                        22-Jan-77
Corser             Lula G. (Mrs. Noel)                            25-Jun-77
Corum              Marie (Mrs. Oral E.)                           01-Dec-77
Corwin             Hubbard Richard                                27-Jun-77
Cosby              Foy Rogers                                     06-Sep-77
Coss               Eunice A. (Mrs. Clifford)                      24-Jun-77
Cossman            Lois A. (Mrs. Chester)                         09-Aug-77
Costello           Thomas P.                                      22-Aug-77
Costlow            Lloyd R.                                       01-Jun-77
Cotoe              Clifford A.                                    04-Dec-77
Cotter             Mildred P. (Mrs. Stephen)                      28-Mar-77
Cottle             Charles Warren                                 10-Oct-77
Couchman           Hazel D. (Mrs. John)                           06-Dec-77
Coulson            Martha (Mrs. Tillie)                           20-Feb-77
Coulter            Clyde M                                        02-Oct-77
Counsell           Juanita                                        16-Jan-77
Counsil            Margaret (Mrs. Fay)                            21-Mar-77
Countryman         Lena Bell (Mrs. William)                       23-Sep-77
Counts             Elba Morgan                                    30-Dec-77
Coursey            Mary A.                                        01-Apr-77
Courtner           Paul E.                                        03-May-77
Courtney           Misty Gail                                     30-Nov-77
Cousatte           James S.                                       18-Dec-77
Covell             Millie F. (Mrs. George)                        08-Nov-77
Cover              Leland E.                                      08-Nov-77
Covington          Florence M. (Mrs. Clifford)                    12-Sep-77
Cowan              Stanley Ray                                    15-Oct-77
Cowine             Maye (Mrs. Glenn)                              02-Dec-77
Cox                Allen S.                                       24-Aug-77
Cox                Dora Ellen                                     23-Nov-77
Cox                Elsie May (Mrs. Frank)                         22-Feb-77
Cox                Emery H.                                       31-Aug-77
Cox                Ernest P. (Jr.)                                02-Mar-77
Cox                Ethel (Mrs. Charles)                           01-Jan-77
Cox                Ethel Louise (Mrs. Paul)                       07-Apr-77
Cox                Golda Mae (Mrs. George)                        13-Apr-77
Cox                Hazel E. (Mrs. L. V.)                          07-Jan-77
Cox                Ila D. (Mrs. George)                           03-Mar-77
Cox                Iris O. (Mrs. Carl)                            03-Aug-77
Cox                M. Cleston                                     06-Jan-77
Cox                Mayme C. (Mrs. Preston)                        24-Jun-77
Cox                Ralph E.                                       07-Oct-77
Cox                Rosa G. (Mrs. Lundy)                           13-Aug-77
Cox                Sadie Inola (Mrs. Jodie Francis)               09-Sep-77
Coyne              H.  C. (Dr.)                                   10-Sep-77
Crable             Tamara Marie                                   13-Jun-77
Crabtree           Gertrude (Mrs. Arthur)                         18-Oct-77
Craddock           Eva Frances (Mrs. Robert Lee)                  18-Nov-77
Cradduck           Shirley O. (Mrs. Eugene)                       17-May-77
Craft              Cleve                                          12-Mar-77
Craft              Susanne L. (Mrs. Francis Raymond)              29-Nov-77
Cragan             Irl                                            08-Aug-77
Craig              Anna Ethel                                     21-Aug-77
Craig              Austin B.                                      16-Apr-77
Craig              Jennie M. (Mrs. Sanford)                       12-Mar-77
Craig              Mary (Mrs. William)                            01-May-77
Craig              Mary E. (Mrs. William E.)                      04-Jun-77
Crain              C. Elizabeth (Mrs. Earl R.)                    02-Dec-77
Cram               Alfred P.                                      15-Jun-77
Cram               C. E. Gene                                     01-Dec-77
Cramer             Bessie                                         26-May-77
Cramer             John F.                                        12-Dec-77
Crampton           Eric Charles                                   15-Feb-77
Crandall           Zella P. (Mrs. John M.)                        12-Dec-77
Crandll            Vivian Mae (Mrs. Dan)                          22-Dec-77
Crane              Claude D.                                      18-Feb-77
Crane              Fern E. (Mrs. Lyman)                           20-May-77
Crane              May F. (Mrs. Lysle)                            16-Jul-77
Cravens            Lester                                         13-Nov-77
Crawford            Theopolis                                     06-Jan-77
Crawford           Beryl                                          16-Apr-77
Crawford           Charlotte Mae (Mrs. George)                    01-Aug-77
Crawford           Henry A.                                       21-Dec-77
Crawford           James S. (Jr.)                                 28-Jun-77
Crawford           Jessie W. (Mrs. Reeves A.)                     17-Oct-77
Crawford           Martin (Pete)                                  02-Dec-77
Crawford           Perry                                          27-Apr-77
Crawford           Perry                                          28-Apr-77
Crawford           Robert L.                                      20-Mar-77
Crawford           Robert L.                                      21-Mar-77
Crawford           Robertr                                        12-Jul-77
Crawford           Thtelma F. (Mrs. Russell)                      23-Mar-77
Crawley            Jack V.                                        23-Apr-77
Crawley            Jack V.                                        25-Apr-77
Crawley            Jack V.                                        26-Apr-77
Crawley            Paul P.                                        18-Feb-77
Creason            Rial D.                                        20-Oct-77
Creedon            Elizabeth F. (Mrs. Francis)                    22-Jan-77
Creedon            Elizabeth F. (Mrs. Francis)                    23-Jan-77
Crider             Blanche A. (Mrs. John)                         23-Jun-77
Criner             Carol Christine                                29-Dec-77
Criner             Robert Lee                                     29-Dec-77
Criner             Robert Lee                                     30-Dec-77
Crisler            Ruby B. (Mrs. Otto)                            20-Feb-77
Crisp              James E.                                       27-May-77
Crisp              Nina G. (Mrs. )                                04-Oct-77
Criss              Gary Glen                                      29-Jun-77
Criswell           James Fred                                     30-Jul-77
Critchfield        Eugene Harvey (Jack)                           05-Jan-77
Croft              Crystal and Misty (twins)                      04-Oct-77
Cron               James C.                                       27-Jan-77
Cronan             James M.                                       16-Jul-77
Cronister          John Ellis                                     26-Oct-77
Cronopoulos        Theodore                                       19-Jun-77
Crook              Frank L.                                       19-Apr-77
Crosnoe            Rose                                           10-Apr-77
Cross              Ethel (Mrs. Paul)                              16-Oct-77
Cross              Fern (Mrs. Sam)                                17-Aug-77
Cross              George Albert                                  15-Jul-77
Cross              Henry Clinton                                  08-Jun-77
Cross              Orton F.                                       25-Oct-77
Crosswhite         Daniel J. C.                                   18-Oct-77
Crouse             Lloyd J.                                       17-Jun-77
Crow               Alice                                          27-Dec-77
Crowder            Rosetta (Mrs. Jack)                            14-Mar-77
Crowdus            Virginia (Mrs. Roy)                            22-May-77
Crowell            Jay                                            20-Oct-77
Crowl              Elizabeth Isabelle (Mrs. Kelsey)               26-Apr-77
Croyle             Bernice (Mrs. Ralph S.)                        29-Jan-77
Crum               Nell E.                                        30-Sep-77
Crump              Mina Bertha (Mrs. Clyde)                       12-Nov-77
Cruz               Felicitas (Mrs. Pablo)                         30-Sep-77
Csendes            Zoltan Michael (Jr.)                           14-Jul-77
Culber             Richard Francis                                27-Sep-77
Culbertson         David E.                                       23-Feb-77
Culbertson         Evelyn (Mrs. Glen)                             16-Oct-77
Cullison           Hugh                                           08-May-77
Culver             Aetna R. (Mrs. Curt)                           28-Jun-77
Culver             Chester (Pete)                                 09-Dec-77
Culver             John H.                                        13-Apr-77
Cuming             Dwayne H.                                      29-Apr-77
Cummings           James H.                                       26-Sep-77
Cummings           Jessie M. (Mrs. John T.)                       14-Sep-77
Cummings           Ray T.                                         12-Oct-77
Cummins            Blenda B. (Mrs. Walter)                        21-May-77
Cundiff            Lorenne (Mrs. Morris)                          28-Nov-77
Cundiff            Sandra Kay                                     04-Dec-77
Cunningham         Ben F.                                         01-Dec-77
Cunningham         Charley E.                                     13-Aug-77
Cunningham         Edward C. L.                                   30-Jul-77
Cunningham         Elizabeth May                                  04-Dec-77
Cunningham         Ella Enos (Mrs. Sherman)                       11-Oct-77
Cunningham         George                                         24-Dec-77
Cupp               Mabel (Mrs. James N.)                          04-Jun-77
Curnutt            Esther (Mrs. Floyd)                            12-Jun-77
Curnutt            Esther (Mrs. Floyd)                            13-Jun-77
Currey             Percy Willard                                  05-Oct-77
Curry              Elizabeth Ann (Mrs. Jack)                      16-Nov-77
Curry              Thelma Dorene (Mrs. M. G.)                     23-Jul-77
Curry              Thelma Dorene (Mrs. M. G.)                     24-Jul-77
Curtis             Emmett E.                                      11-Dec-77
Curtis             H. Murray                                      22-Jan-77
Curtis             Laura Loretta                                  26-Dec-77
Curtis             Toby T.                                        04-Oct-77
Curzydlo           Edwin                                          14-Dec-77
Cushing            Ruby L. (Mrs. Lei P.)                          22-Jan-77
Cutler             Melvin Timothy                                 03-Sep-77
Cutsinger          Floyd A.                                       01-Sep-77
Cutters            Gladys Emma (Mrs. Robert L.)                   26-Aug-77
Cypers             Violet (Mrs. Harold L.)                        14-May-77
Cyphert            Kent A.                                        26-May-77
Czaplinski         Herman W.                                      06-Jul-77
Dabalack           Teresa Rose (Mrs. Frank)                       28-Nov-77
Dadisman           Richard A.                                     21-Feb-77
Dadisman           Richard A.                                     22-Feb-77
Dafforn            Elijah Daniel and (Mrs.) Marjorie              14-Jun-77
Dahl               Amund H.                                       07-Sep-77
Dahl               David C. (Clark)                               15-May-77
Dahmer             Ora L. (Mrs. Walter J.)                        29-Jun-77
Dahmer             Ora L. (Mrs. Walter J.)                        30-Jun-77
Dailey             Bertha B. (Mrs. George B.)                     28-Apr-77
Dailey             William L.                                     24-Apr-77
Dailey             William L.                                     25-Apr-77
Daily              Dewey                                          29-Apr-77
Daily              John O.                                        14-Jul-77
Daily              Juanita I.                                     12-Feb-77
Daisy              Raymond Edward (Dutch)                         12-Jun-77
Dal Secco          Josephine (Mrs. Ernesto)                       30-Mar-77
Dale               Kirke W.                                       24-Jun-77
Dalton             Merle J.                                       16-Sep-77
Dalton             Wayne E.                                       29-Mar-77
Dalton             Winifred                                       24-Feb-77
Daly               Ellen A. (Miss)                                15-Jan-77
Daman              John William                                   10-Nov-77
Dameron            Donald L.                                      11-Mar-77
Damitz             Ernest E.                                      25-May-77
Dana               Theodore                                       02-Sep-77
Dancy              William M.                                     17-Feb-77
Daniel             Charles E.                                     30-Apr-77
Daniel             Helen Sayler (Mrs. Walter E.)                  30-Jun-77
Daniel             LaDonna (Mrs. David)                           12-Sep-77
Daniels            Clarence                                       08-Apr-77
Daniels            Eva G. (Mrs. Joe)                              22-Jan-77
Daniels            Gladys E. (Mrs. Alta)                          26-Aug-77
Daniels            Marshall F.                                    06-Jan-77
Daniels            Paul C.                                        22-Aug-77
Danielson          Carl A.                                        06-Mar-77
Danielson          George W.                                      23-Dec-77
Danley             Chester A.                                     15-Apr-77
Dannenberg         L. Marion                                      07-Sep-77
Darby              Annie Lorena (Mrs. Neal)                       29-Sep-77
Dark               Etta M. (Mrs. Thomas)                          22-Dec-77
Darland            Mabel G.                                       23-Dec-77
darling            Arthur E.                                      19-Feb-77
Darling            Marion (Mrs. Robert A.)                        23-Sep-77
Darnall            Carrie (Mrs. Clem)                             22-May-77
Darnall            Carrie (Mrs. Clem)                             22-May-77
Darnell            Inez May (Mrs. Kenneth)                        05-Jul-77
Darnell            James R.                                       22-Sep-77
Darnell            James R.                                       26-Sep-77
Darnell            Walter F.                                      10-Dec-77
Darrington         Booker T. III                                  13-May-77
Darrington         Booker T. III                                  16-May-77
Darrow             Wesley W.                                      02-Mar-77
Darst              Robert F.                                      28-Jun-77
Daugherty          John H. (Buck)                                 08-Dec-77
Daugherty          Robert E.                                      03-Jul-77
Daugherty          Terry G.                                       10-Oct-77
Daughhetee         Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Dan)                      20-Jun-77
Dautrich           Ollie R. (Mrs. Roy)                            22-Sep-77
DaVatz             Lois M                                         06-May-77
DaVault            Helen (Miss)                                   01-Jan-77
Dave               Charles R.                                     01-Nov-77
David              Alta (Mrs. William)                            15-Apr-77
Davidson           James Ogden                                    01-May-77
Davidson           Juanita Charlene                               07-Dec-77
Davidson           Linda Lea                                      25-Aug-77
Davis              Aletha M. (Mrs. Loren)                         24-Jun-77
Davis              Alverta Grace (Mrs. Thomas)                    26-Oct-77
Davis              Arlie E.                                       29-Mar-77
Davis              Arthur                                         06-Sep-77
Davis              Beulah (Mrs. Larkin)                           07-Nov-77
Davis              Blanche (Mrs. John)                            26-Jan-77
Davis              Celestia May (Mrs. Earl)                       15-Dec-77
Davis              Clarence P.                                    07-May-77
Davis              Courtney B.                                    19-Nov-77
Davis              Edwin Lero                                     19-Feb-77
Davis              Edwin Leroy                                    20-Feb-77
Davis              Elfreda A. (Mrs. Winfred)                      07-Sep-77
Davis              Everett E.                                     22-Sep-77
Davis              Forrest B.                                     22-Aug-77
Davis              George James                                   12-Aug-77
Davis              Gladyes W. (Mrs. Ed)                           05-Nov-77
Davis              Gladys Marie (Mrs. Harold)                     10-Apr-77
Davis              Glen Marvin                                    18-Oct-77
Davis              Harding                                        29-Apr-77
Davis              Harvey                                         25-Feb-77
Davis              Ida                                            04-Jun-77
Davis              James Edward                                   21-Feb-77
Davis              Jess                                           21-Mar-77
Davis              Jesse Merl                                     16-Jun-77
Davis              John B.                                        14-Dec-77
Davis              Juliet L. (Mrs. James A.)                      14-Dec-77
Davis              Mabel B. (Mrs. Elmer)                          11-Oct-77
Davis              Marion Quinlan                                 13-Oct-77
Davis              Matthew                                        24-Nov-77
Davis              Michael                                        20-Mar-77
Davis              N. Mabel (Mrs. Jese)                           20-Mar-77
Davis              Peter R.                                       14-Dec-77
Davis              Rector Herman                                  17-Mar-77
Davis              Renea M.                                       13-Jun-77
Davis              Ted                                            07-Dec-77
Davis              Thelma (Mrs. Don E.)                           06-Feb-77
Davis              Ulvia M. (Mrs. William)                        03-May-77
Davis              Vivian E. (Mrs. Rudy E.)                       21-Dec-77
Davis              Vivian E. (Mrs. Rudy E.)                       22-Dec-77
Dawson             Clemon B. (Mrs. Joe)                           02-Dec-77
Dawson             Ethel B. (Mrs. Walter H.)                      03-Nov-77
Dawson             Floyd                                          20-Nov-77
Dawson             Joseph H.                                      20-Jul-77
Dawson             Myrtle I. (Mrs. Jay)                           04-Dec-77
Dawson             Raymond W.                                     04-Jun-77
Dawson             William C.                                     16-Oct-77
Day                Banita H. (Mrs. Ervin)                         03-Aug-77
Day                Cecil A.                                       22-May-77
Day                Clark E.                                       15-Feb-77
Day                Lawrence A.                                    27-May-77
Day                Lucea B. (Mrs. James)                          22-Dec-77
Day                Lula (Mrs. E. I.)                              18-Aug-77
Day                Rachel (Mrs. R. C.)                            29-May-77
Daye               Eudor                                          16-Oct-77
Deal               Lynn H.                                        12-Mar-77
Dean               Archie M.                                      01-Jul-77
Dean               Kenneth A. (Sr.)                               25-Mar-77
Dean               Leslie A.                                      30-Dec-77
Dean               Lula M. (Mrs. Harry)                           26-May-77
Dean               Stella M. (Mrs. William H.)                    10-Jun-77
Dean               Sylvia (Mrs. Clinton)                          04-Sep-77
DeBolt             Marvin L.                                      14-Jul-77
DeBusk             Hazel M. (Mrs. Clive)                          25-Dec-77
Dechant            Robert Roy                                     06-Feb-77
Decker             Adali (Pop)                                    22-May-77
Decker             Beverly Jane                                   06-Apr-77
Decker             Donald W.                                      17-Jun-77
Decker             Jack J.                                        28-Mar-77
Decker             Jack J.                                        29-Mar-77
Deeble             Mary Louise (Mrs. Joseph)                      20-Sep-77
Deeds              Dewey                                          01-Jun-77
Deem               Lula                                           23-Jul-77
Deere              John W.                                        21-Jun-77
Deering            Ora Wynn                                       18-Jul-77
Dees               Bertha L. Benton                               24-Jun-77
Dees               Bertha L. Benton (Mrs. Sonnie)                 23-Jun-77
Defrieze           Fannie B. (Mrs. Ernest G.)                     21-Dec-77
DeGarmo            Orpha T. (Mrs. George)                         28-Jun-77
DeHaven            Mame (Mrs. C. A.)                              01-Jan-77
DeHaven            Ruby (Mrs. Everett)                            08-Mar-77
Dehmer             Carl L.                                        05-Jun-77
Deines             Christopher J.                                 27-Jun-77
Deines             William C.                                     30-Aug-77
DeJarnette         Gladys  (Mrs. Emory)                           14-Jul-77
DeJarnette         James Newton                                   02-Dec-77
DeLa Torre         Refugio                                        30-Dec-77
DeLaTorre          Crescencia (Mrs. Refugio)                      15-Mar-77
Delcamp            Earl William                                   23-Nov-77
Delgado            Frank M.                                       11-Oct-77
Delgado            Suzanne Pierpoint                              23-Sep-77
Dell               Garvin Lee O.                                  13-Jul-77
Delle              Hazel M. (Mrs.)                                18-Aug-77
Dellinger          Della May (Mrs. Clarence E.)                   08-Sep-77
DeLong             Grace (Mrs. Earl)                              19-Jan-77
Delong             Sara E.                                        25-Sep-77
Delventhal         Fred H.                                        07-Feb-77
Delventhal         Fred H.                                        07-Feb-77
DeMars             Elizabeth (Mrs. Lloyd)                         25-Jul-77
DeMars             Victoria M. (Mrs. Emery)                       03-Apr-77
Demel              Emil                                           01-Oct-77
Demmel             Henry S.                                       17-May-77
Demo               Charles (Ted) Sr.                              30-Mar-77
Demo               Charles E.                                     01-Feb-77
Demoret            William Robert                                 29-Oct-77
DeMoss             Alta (Mrs.)                                    25-Aug-77
Denison            Charles Ressier                                19-Jan-77
Deniston           Jennie L. (Mrs. Arthur L.)                     05-Dec-77
Dennett            Ruby Bernice (Mrs. Wesley)                     01-Mar-77
Dennis             Ertie                                          07-Dec-77
Dennis             Mary (Mrs. Ivan)                               21-Oct-77
Dennis             Sarah Susan (Mrs. John)                        10-Nov-77
Denny              Paul C. (Sr.)                                  08-Feb-77
Denson             Evelyn Marie (Mrs. John)                       23-Dec-77
Dent               Ethel May (Mrs. Clyde)                         24-Sep-77
Dent               Mervin                                         25-Nov-77
Denton             Joseph A.                                      10-Nov-77
DeNunzio           Vincent (Sr.)                                  06-Nov-77
Depew              Freda M. (Mrs. Martin)                         13-Mar-77
DeRee              Cornelius G.                                   01-Mar-77
DeRee              Cornelius G.                                   02-Mar-77
Dermody            Frank M.                                       09-Aug-77
Deruy              Johnie E.                                      31-Jan-77
DeShazo            catherine M. (Mrs. Greeley)                    03-Nov-77
Dethloff           Virginia Rose                                  07-Oct-77
Dettle             Catherine Ann                                  13-Jan-77
Deutsch            Alvin J.                                       12-Jun-77
DeVore             Edna B. (Mrs. A. S.)                           22-Apr-77
DeWald             Elizabeth (Mrs. Emanuel)                       16-Mar-77
DeWeese            Ellen E. (Mrs. Amos H.)                        30-Jul-77
Dewey              Dora (Mrs.James Dow)                           03-Aug-77
Dewey              Emery Edward                                   02-Sep-77
Dewey              Lora M. (Mrs. John)                            16-Feb-77
Dewey              Lora M. (Mrs. John)                            17-Feb-77
DeWitt             Luther                                         19-May-77
DeWitt             Mike                                           14-Jun-77
Dexter             Floyd W.                                       06-Jul-77
Dey                Nona Hart                                      14-Apr-77
Deyo               Grace Dunagan (Mrs. Herbert)                   01-Jul-77
Diacon             Dorothy Ann (Mrs. James L.)                    13-Jan-77
Diaz               Benjamin H.                                    30-Jan-77
Dibbens            Jarman F. (Jerry)                              22-Nov-77
Dick               Alvin R.                                       13-Dec-77
Dick               Harold R.                                      10-Jun-77
Dick               Mary Lorraine (Mrs. Theodore)                  28-Oct-77
Dick               Ralph M.                                       10-Feb-77
Dick               Russell  O.                                    29-Mar-77
Dickens            Anice (Mrs. Charles)                           29-Oct-77
Dickerson          Edna M. (Mrs. Glenn)                           27-Aug-77
Dickerson          Everett H.                                     03-May-77
Dickerson          Raymond K.                                     02-Mar-77
Dickey             Frank C.                                       18-Mar-77
Dickey             Irene (Mrs. Ralph)                             04-Apr-77
Dickey             William F.                                     03-Jan-77
Dickey             William F.                                     04-Jan-77
Dickman            Ida Caroline                                   19-Dec-77
Dickson            George E.                                      21-Mar-77
Dickson            George E.                                      22-Mar-77
Dickson            Laurence F.                                    10-Jun-77
Diebolt            John L.                                        30-Oct-77
Diefenbach         Edwin J.)                                      13-Jul-77
Diehl              Benford M.                                     29-Mar-77
Diehl              Jacob                                          13-Dec-77
Dierking           George F.                                      04-Dec-77
Dierking           Lena L. (Mrs. Carl)                            28-Aug-77
Dierksen           Edward R.                                      03-Sep-77
Dierksen           Edward R.                                      03-Sep-77
Dies               Victor Leroy                                   16-Aug-77
Dietrich           Agnes D. (Mrs. Clarence)                       14-Jun-77
Dietzke            Norman  D.                                     26-Feb-77
Dike               Francis Wayne                                  14-Jul-77
Dilbeck            Lionel E.                                      14-Jul-77
Dill               Clyde Lee (Jr.)                                14-Jul-77
Dill               Frank E.                                       02-Jun-77
Diller             Verna (Mrs. L. Lee)                            15-May-77
Dillion            Austin                                         08-May-77
Dillman            AaronE.                                        12-Apr-77
Dillon             Clarence  (Jr.)                                11-Jan-77
Dillon             Hannah Mae (Mrs. L. G.)                        05-Dec-77
Dillon             Hannah Mae (Mrs. L. G.)                        07-Dec-77
Dillon             John E.                                        23-Feb-77
Dillon             Leslie E.                                      12-Nov-77
Dilts              Ethel G.                                       01-Sep-77
Dimick             Meda M. (Mrs. Charles)                         07-Jun-77
Dimon              Bernice (Mrs. A. O.)                           24-Dec-77
Dinges             Mary (Mrs. Albert)                             23-Dec-77
Dingewall          Kenneth                                        23-Jan-77
Dingman            Ira L.                                         20-Apr-77
Dinsmoore          Lloyd M.                                       14-Dec-77
Dinwiddie          Aaron Michael                                  11-Dec-77
Dipman             Edward E.                                      18-May-77
Dir                Dora I.                                        19-Oct-77
Dirks              Charles C.                                     09-May-77
Dirks              Eva                                            29-Oct-77
Dirksen            Edna (Mrs. Menno)                              02-Nov-77
Dirksen            Jacob                                          21-Dec-77
Dittmer            August H. Ike)                                 26-Dec-77
Dittmeyer          Cecil Raymond                                  12-Nov-77
Dix                Forrest Wayne                                  04-Aug-77
Dixon              Bricie I. (Mrs. Elwin)                         10-Sep-77
Dixon              Edith M. (Mrs. Merl)                           23-Oct-77
Dixon              Elmeda (Mrs. Charley)                          24-Feb-77
Dixon              Isabell L. (Mrs. Floyd)                        12-Apr-77
Dixon              James G.                                       11-Jan-77
Dixon              Jesse Lee                                      17-Jun-77
Dixon              John                                           30-Mar-77
Dixon              John F.                                        01-Jun-77
Dixon              Lois                                           03-Dec-77
Dixon              Mary A. (Mrs. William)                         26-Jul-77
Doak               Edward                                         24-Sep-77
Doane              Donald G.                                      27-Nov-77
Doane              Nora B. (Mrs. Kenneth J.)                      30-Jan-77
Dobbins            Oscar R.                                       15-Mar-77
Dobson             Cecil B. (Mrs. Harry)                          20-Mar-77
Dobson             Mabel M. (Mrs. Wilbert)                        25-Sep-77
Dodd               Ennis B.                                       23-Jul-77
Dodd               Jessie May (Mrs. Frank)                        12-Jan-77
Dodge              Fred C.                                        10-Mar-77
Dodge              William M.                                     26-Jan-77
Dodson             Floyd (Jack)                                   13-Jul-77
Dody               Edna Sophia (Mrs. Harry)                       03-Apr-77
Doebert            John Julius                                    01-Oct-77
Doerfler           Paul                                           20-Feb-77
Doffing            Archiebald M.                                  26-May-77
Doffing            Archiebald M.                                  27-May-77
Dolbow             Larry D.                                       14-Apr-77
Dolbow             Nina M. (Mrs. Tony)                            18-Apr-77
Dole               Travis James                                   11-Oct-77
Dominges           Lupe D.                                        19-Jun-77
Domingo            Clarence J.                                    05-Jan-77
Dominick           W. H. (Brud)                                   27-Sep-77
Donahue            Edward E.                                      04-Dec-77
Donart             Alfred E.                                      30-Mar-77
Donker             David L.                                       23-Jan-77
Donley             D. L. (Shorty)                                 29-Dec-77
Donner             Elmer M.                                       12-Nov-77
Donner             Elmer M.                                       13-Nov-77
Donovan            Anissa Ann                                     04-Dec-77
Donovan            Homer E.                                       23-Jul-77
Doornbos           Blanche E. (Mrs. C. A.)                        02-Sep-77
Dornbush           John Herman                                    17-Mar-77
Dorne              Martin                                         20-Jun-77
Dornon             Clara E.                                       04-Jun-77
Dorr               Diane J. (Mrs. Guy)                            13-Apr-77
Dorris             Harry                                          14-Sep-77
Dorris             Harry                                          16-Sep-77
Dorris             Rosie B. (Mrs. Ernest)                         30-Nov-77
Dorsett            Maud (Mrs. Ray)                                16-May-77
Dorsey             Adelia Myrtle (Mrs. James Bennett)             28-Jan-77
Dorsey             Fannie Fern                                    23-Sep-77
Dorsey             Julia (Mrs. Peter J.)                          23-Jun-77
Dorst              Delight (Mrs. Robert)                          13-Sep-77
Dossey             Evelyn Dolores (Mrs. Lawrence)                 14-Jul-77
Dotson             George W. (Sr.)                                12-Oct-77
Doty               Ruth H. (Mrs. LaRoy)                           11-Mar-77
Doud               Frances (Mrs. William J.)                      25-Feb-77
Dougan             Pete (Jr.)                                     15-Jul-77
Dougherty          Virgil C.                                      25-Jan-77
Doughty            Dorothy E. (Mrs. Harry)                        28-Dec-77
Dovel              Charles Edward                                 13-Feb-77
Dovel              Charlie E.                                     14-Feb-77
Dow                Charles                                        09-Apr-77
Dow                Mary E. (Mrs. Ira)                             29-Jan-77
Dowdy              Bessie E. (Mrs. Claude)                        02-Aug-77
Dowdy              Earl C.                                        22-Oct-77
Dowell             Florence P. (Mrs. R. Earl)                     01-Jan-77
Dowell             Florence P. (Mrs. R. Earl)                     02-Jan-77
Dowell             Ida I. (Mrs. Arvin)                            05-Jul-77
Dowers             Lela (Mrs. G. Wayne)                           01-Mar-77
Downey             Charles Kenneth                                18-Jul-77
Downey             Charles M.                                     04-Feb-77
Downey             Edna C.                                        24-Jul-77
Downing            Lawrence Alva (Buzz)                           08-Feb-77
Downs              Sandy Joseph                                   10-Nov-77
Downtain           Charles G.                                     13-Dec-77
Downtain           Mary (Mrs. Charles E.)                         13-Dec-77
Doyle              Linnie (Mrs. Albert)                           29-Oct-77
Dragoo             Glen E.                                        24-May-77
Drake              Bonnie E. (Mrs. Francis)                       03-Feb-77
Drake              C. O. (Jack)                                   06-Nov-77
Drake              Francis Joseph                                 19-Apr-77
Drake              Jennie Mae (Mrs. Willie)                       05-Apr-77
Drake              Mary E. (Mrs. Merton C.)                       27-Jan-77
Drake              Melvin S.                                      12-Apr-77
Drake              Ruth M. (Mrs. Ira C.)                          14-Oct-77
Drees              William F.                                     17-Dec-77
Dreher             Eva B. (Mrs. Henry)                            15-Nov-77
Drehmer            Mary Ina (Mrs. Charles)                        12-May-77
Dreiling           Anna C. (Mrs. Alex)                            06-May-77
Dreiling           Ellen (Mrs. Alfred)                            04-Jan-77
Dresher            Irvin L.                                       05-Oct-77
Drew               Verna Mae (Mrs. Herman J.)                     18-Feb-77
Driscoll           Lillian (Mrs. Orville)                         12-Feb-77
Drollinger         Malcom T.                                      07-Dec-77
Drowatzky          Mark L.                                        28-Apr-77
Drowatzky          Mark L.                                        29-Apr-77
Drown              Allen C.                                       12-Nov-77
Drummond           John A.                                        19-Feb-77
Drummond           John Albert                                    15-Jun-77
Drummond           Maude (Mrs. George T.)                         07-Oct-77
Dryden             James                                          30-Nov-77
Dryden             Paul O.                                        27-Mar-77
Dubbels            Anny (Billie) (Mrs.)                           14-Feb-77
Dubberstein        Herbert E. (Dubby)                             30-Jul-77
DuBois             Irma L. (Mrs. Prosper)                         29-May-77
Dubrouilett        Frank Joseph                                   19-Jan-77
Ducolon            Lee N.                                         05-Jul-77
Ducote             Harry                                          30-Mar-77
Dudley             Charles A. (Sr.)                               01-May-77
Dudley             Clyde C.                                       02-Mar-77
Duerksen           Gustav                                         05-Aug-77
Duerksen           Rudolf                                         02-Dec-77
Dueser             Darlene (Mrs. Russell)                         19-Apr-77
Dufoe              Pauline A. (Mrs. Clare)                        10-Aug-77
Dugan              Maurice F.                                     08-Mar-77
Dugan              Nathan C.                                      27-May-77
Duke               Ora (Mrs. Edwin)                               16-Nov-77
Duling             Mary M. (Mrs. Thomas F.)                       09-Jul-77
Dultha             Louisa (Mrs. Frank F.)                         12-May-77
Dumler             George A.                                      05-May-77
Dumler             John (Jr.)                                     15-Sep-77
Dumler             Rudolph C.                                     08-Feb-77
Dunakin            Marilynn (Mrs. Jim)                            05-Mar-77
Duncan             Charles L.                                     07-May-77
Duncan             Eva                                            18-Oct-77
Duncan             H. Clifton                                     04-Feb-77
Duncan             Jay S.                                         24-Jul-77
Duncan             Mable M. (Mrs. Samuel)                         09-Aug-77
Duncan             Mable M. (Mrs. Samuel)                         09-Aug-77
Duncan             Michael James                                  27-Sep-77
Duncan             Roscoe E.                                      20-May-77
Duncan             Roscoe E.                                      21-May-77
Duncan             Walter R.                                      14-Nov-77
DuncanLee          Mary (Mrs. Orval)                              13-Feb-77
Dunham             Clyde O. (Jack)                                17-May-77
Dunlap             Levi R.                                        16-Jul-77
Dunlap             Minnie E. (Mrs. James)                         27-Apr-77
Dunlap             Nadine (Mrs. Charles)                          02-Aug-77
Dunlavey           Mary (Mrs. Jack)                               27-Mar-77
Dunlavy            Alice M.                                       14-Jun-77
Dunlop             Mary E.                                        10-Apr-77
Dunn               Doris E. (Mrs. James)                          03-Mar-77
Dunn               John W.                                        13-Jan-77
Dunn               Karen A.                                       13-Dec-77
Dunn               Lloyd W.                                       14-Dec-77
Dupont             Joanne Michale                                 01-Nov-77
Dupus              Leonard Alfred                                 19-Feb-77
Duran              Joseph A.                                      07-Dec-77
Durham             Clyde E.                                       19-Oct-77
Durkee             Signe B.                                       31-May-77
Duryee             George C.                                      25-Jan-77
Dussault           Loretta D. (Mrs. Rebert)                       23-Jul-77
Dussault           Loretta D. (Mrs. Rebert)                       23-Jul-77
Dutro              Roy Oscar                                      05-May-77
Dutt               Carl S.                                        18-Oct-77
Dutton             Ruby E.                                        06-Feb-77
Duvall             Jessie E. (Mrs. James)                         17-Jun-77
Dvorak             George                                         23-Nov-77
Dwyer              Dessie (Mrs. Weaver)                           27-Jul-77
Dwyer              James A.                                       05-Aug-77
Dwyer              Ronald Lee                                     10-Aug-77
Dyck               Johanna E.                                     26-Apr-77
Dyck               John H.                                        16-Sep-77
Dye                Mary                                           18-Nov-77
Dye                Mary                                           19-Nov-77
Dye                Tom                                            03-Oct-77
Dykeman            Raymond C.                                     22-Feb-77
Dykes              Samuel                                         12-May-77
Dymacek            Rose                                           09-Mar-77
Dysart             Anna J. (Mrs. Claude)                          18-Mar-77
Eakins             Mary Katherine (Mrs. Joe)                      06-Jul-77
Earl               Frances E. (Mrs. Clarence)                     11-Feb-77
Early              John Henry                                     29-Apr-77
Easdley            Nellie  G.                                     18-Sep-77
Easter             Wilber F.                                      28-Sep-77
Eastin             Helen M. (Mrs.)                                14-Jun-77
Eaton              Emma M. (Mrs. Calrence)                        26-Aug-77
Eaton              Victor Wesley                                  24-Aug-77
Ebel               Katherine (Mrs. Bartel)                        06-Apr-77
Ebel               Richard G.                                     29-Mar-77
Ebert              Faye                                           19-Jul-77
Eby                Richard L.                                     30-Apr-77
Ecccles            John R.                                        31-Aug-77
Eccles             Verle L.                                       18-Mar-77
Eck                Dennis James                                   18-Nov-77
Eckel              Ruth A. (Mrs. William)                         02-Oct-77
Eckell             Frieda Marie (Mrs. Julius)                     29-Nov-77
Eckhoff            Emil J.                                        08-Jul-77
Eckhoff            M. Herman                                      17-Dec-77
Ecklor             Paul Leverne                                   20-Dec-77
Eckright           Mayme Ellen (Mrs. Ezra C.)                     12-Feb-77
Edgar              Clarence Alexander                             05-Jul-77
Edgar              Violet May (Mrs. James)                        05-Dec-77
Edginton           Clinton Wesley                                 19-May-77
Ediger             Marie S. (Mrs. Henry)                          03-Apr-77
Edmiaston          Betty M. (Mrs. Frankie R.)                     05-Sep-77
Edminston          Lula Opal (Mrs. Vernon)                        04-Feb-77
Edmondson          George (Bob) (Jr.)                             31-Aug-77
Edmundson          Jennie E. (Mrs. Thomas                         21-Dec-77
Edmundson          Nellie (Mrs. Joe)                              19-Dec-77
Edris              Ena (Mrs. Charles)                             13-May-77
Edwards            Archie W.                                      08-Jul-77
Edwards            C. B.                                          13-Aug-77
Edwards            Gladys May (Mrs. Harry)                        29-Jul-77
Edwards            Ilo Marie (Mrs. Raymond)                       04-Nov-77
Edwards            John David                                     30-Sep-77
Edwards            Lue (Mrs. Earl M.)                             28-Mar-77
Edwards            Mamie M. (Mrs. Oral)                           05-Nov-77
Edwards            Margaret E. (Mrs. Robert)                      11-May-77
Edwards            Mildred Roby (Mrs.)                            26-Jan-77
Edwards            Orville W.                                     30-Jul-77
Edwards            Pearl (Mrs. John Wiley)                        20-Feb-77
Edwards            Robert N.                                      16-Nov-77
Edwards            Ruby F.                                        10-Oct-77
Edwards            Sarah L. (Mrs.)                                27-Aug-77
Edwards            Viola M. (Mrs. Stanley)                        03-Mar-77
Effner             Duane Charles                                  27-Sep-77
Egan               Ethel Fern (Mrs. Francis C.)                   27-Sep-77
Egan               Ethel Fern (Mrs. Francis C.)                   28-Sep-77
Egan               Patrick Joseph                                 05-May-77
Egan               Patrick Joseph                                 06-May-77
Egan               Sara Kathleen                                  29-Jan-77
Egew               John Clyde                                     19-Sep-77
Ehart              Lillian F. (Mrs. William Mark)                 11-Dec-77
Ehler              Katie Anna (Mrs. John)                         12-Nov-77
Ehling             Paul S.                                        10-Jun-77
Ehly               Leeda E. (Mrs. George)                         15-Feb-77
Ehrlich            Katherina (Mrs. George)                        20-Nov-77
Ehrlich            Opal L. (Mrs. John)                            02-Jan-77
Ehrman             Harry Hoyt                                     25-May-77
Eichelberger       Floyd M. (Rev.)                                01-Jan-77
Eiklor             Darlene J. (Mrs. Frank O.)                     10-Feb-77
Eikmeier           Mary A. (Mrs. Ffred)                           05-Oct-77
Eilerts            Keith R.                                       11-Sep-77
Eitzen             John C. (Sr.)                                  04-Mar-77
Ek                 Arthur W.                                      12-Feb-77
Ek                 Maxine (Mrs. Arthur W.)                        12-Jul-77
Elam               Nancy M.                                       05-Apr-77
Elam               Nancy M. (Mrs. J. A.)                          05-Apr-77
Elbl               Louis John                                     13-Feb-77
Elder              Leona Mae (Mrs. L. Jack)                       01-Mar-77
Eliason            Leonard                                        14-Dec-77
Eller              Naomi May (Mrs. Carl E.)                       15-Jul-77
Ellerman           Lola Marie                                     21-Aug-77
Ellerman           Lola Marie                                     22-Aug-77
Elliott            Cynthia J.                                     28-Jun-77
Elliott            James V.                                       19-Aug-77
Elliott            Margaret L. (Mrs. Maurice)                     07-Mar-77
Elliott            Mary D. (Mrs. Frederick)                       24-Jun-77
Elliott            Sarah E. (Mrs. Ray)                            14-Dec-77
Elliott            Steve E.                                       08-Aug-77
Ellis              Barnard R. (Sr.)                               16-Feb-77
Ellis              Iris (Mrs. George B.)                          16-Oct-77
Ellis              John G.                                        15-Jan-77
Ellis              Kenneth P.                                     28-Dec-77
Ellis              M. E. (Pop)                                    29-Jul-77
Ellis              M. Virginia                                    27-Jan-77
Ellison            Bobby L.                                       05-Jul-77
Ellsworth          Fontella (Mrs. Ken)                            31-Jul-77
Ellsworth          Pauline Naomi                                  22-Sep-77
Elmore             Garvin                                         09-May-77
Elmore             Wanda Lee (Mrs. David)                         16-Sep-77
Elrod              Ted                                            22-Jul-77
Else               Opal (Mrs. Earl)                               14-Jun-77
Elstein            Charley Martin                                 27-Apr-77
Elsworth           Manilla E. (Mrs. Guy)                          22-Oct-77
Elsworth           Robert E.                                      17-Jun-77
Elwell             Lloyd J.                                       17-May-77
Embers             Esther Elinor (Mrs. Sam)                       22-Mar-77
Emberson           Marvin C. (Slim)                               30-Jun-77
Embray             Lee G.                                         26-Sep-77
Embray             Lee G.                                         28-Sep-77
Embray             Roberet J.                                     23-Jul-77
Embree             Effie (Mrs. Stanley)                           29-Aug-77
Embry              Berda M. (Mrs. Ralph)                          25-Sep-77
Emerson            Robert Preston                                 14-Aug-77
Emerson            Robert Preston (Sr.)                           15-Aug-77
Emerson            Robert Preston (Sr.)                           16-Aug-77
Emery              Billy J.                                       01-Dec-77
Emigh              Brian Keith                                    14-Jul-77
Emley              Rose (Mrs. Walt)                               29-Oct-77
Emmings            George H.                                      20-May-77
Emmons             Bruce W.                                       24-Apr-77
Emmot              Ina Florence (Mrs. John Wilbur)                05-May-77
Emrich             Mary S. (Mrs. Oscar)                           04-Jul-77
Emricj             Genevieve Louise (Mrs. Bernard)                16-Mar-77
Endres             Leona (Dollie) (Mrs. Ernest)                   23-Oct-77
Endres             Leona (Dollie) (Mrs. Ernest)                   26-Oct-77
Endsley            Mattie A. (Mrs. J. C.)                         15-Aug-77
Endsley            Mattie A. (Mrs. J. C.)                         16-Aug-77
Engelhardt         Edward Henry                                   04-Mar-77
England            Joel P.                                        13-Jul-77
Engler             Wilhilma                                       26-Apr-77
Engler             William F.                                     19-Mar-77
Engler             William F.                                     20-Mar-77
Enloe              Ronald W.                                      29-Mar-77
Enlow              Charlie R.                                     31-Mar-77
Ennis              Frank R.                                       05-Apr-77
Enns               Edward (Rev.)                                  12-Jan-77
Ens                Emma (Mrs. Henry)                              19-May-77
Ensley             Herbert L.                                     15-Apr-77
Ensminger          Dorothy (Mrs. Alfred)                          12-Jan-77
Ensminger          Dorothy (Mrs. Alfred)                          13-Jan-77
Ensz               Lizzie (Mrs. Herman)                           09-Aug-77
Ensz               Wilma G. (Mrs. Walter J.)                      08-Jun-77
Entzh              Helena (Sister)                                19-Jul-77
Epler`             George                                         30-Jan-77
Epler`             Ruel M.                                        05-Feb-77
Epley              Robert L.                                      26-Jun-77
Epley              Stella E. (Mrs. Guy)                           05-Mar-77
Epp                Meletta E. (Mrs.)                              13-Jan-77
Erdman             Oscar E.                                       26-Dec-77
Erhard             Velma C. (Mrs. Virgil)                         26-Jul-77
Erhard             Velma C. (Mrs. Virgil)                         27-Jul-77
Erichsen           David L.                                       11-Apr-77
Erickson           Arvid W.                                       21-Aug-77
Erickson           Margaret (Mrs. Gustave)                        30-Dec-77
Erickson           Nathan                                         14-Jun-77
Erickson           Walter A.                                      03-Mar-77
Erker              George K.                                      17-Apr-77
erkie              Edith (Mrs. William)                           25-Dec-77
Ernest             Georgia A. (Mrs. John H.)                      10-Mar-77
Ernest             John Henry                                     19-Jun-77
Esex               Bertha E. (Mrs. Ora)                           03-May-77
Esp                Charles                                        28-Mar-77
Esp                Charles                                        28-Mar-77
Esparza            Celestine Josephine (Mrs. Joe)                 26-Apr-77
Essary             Cecile (Mrs. Alfred)                           23-May-77
Essen              Howard G.                                      22-Feb-77
Esser              Velma (Mrs. Robert O.)                         10-Aug-77
Essick             Liddie A. Woods (Mrs. Arthur)                  16-Nov-77
Estes              Paul H.                                        03-Dec-77
Estey              Nellie E. (Mrs. John)                          02-Jun-77
Estey              Russell S.                                     08-Jul-77
Estle              Joseph Calvin                                  13-Apr-77
Eubank             Lillian E. (Mrs. Jack)                         27-Apr-77
Eubank             Minnie (Mrs. Frank)                            08-Aug-77
Eubank             Robert Lee                                     16-Feb-77
Eubanks            Della V. (Mrs.)                                28-Mar-77
Eubanks            Mabel Iona (Mrs. William Sr.)                  13-Nov-77
Eubanks            Mable Iona                                     12-Nov-77
Euper              John                                           09-Jan-77
Euper              John                                           10-Jan-77
Eurich             Orlan                                          20-May-77
Euson              Harold James                                   24-Aug-77
Evans              Bobby Joe                                      19-Aug-77
Evans              Brad Raymond                                   15-Oct-77
Evans              Edgar Be.                                      17-Aug-77
Evans              Elizabeth M. (Mrs. Terry)                      11-Sep-77
Evans              Ethel P.                                       06-Feb-77
Evans              Forrest Ellis                                  28-Apr-77
Evans              Fred Raymond                                   16-Oct-77
Evans              Guy M.                                         12-Jun-77
Evans              John William                                   15-Dec-77
Evans              Mabel (Mrs. Albert)                            15-May-77
Evans              Mary (Mrs. Frank B.)                           08-Nov-77
Evans              Ralph M.                                       14-Nov-77
Evans              Robert A.                                      24-Nov-77
Evans              Rueben                                         16-Oct-77
Evans              Samuel                                         24-Feb-77
Evans              Violet (Mrs. Edwarad L.)                       25-Feb-77
Evelsizer          Maude Ethel (Mrs. Donald)                      07-Nov-77
Evenson            Ole Gillman                                    08-Jul-77
Everett            Walter                                         26-Apr-77
Everhart           Betty A. (Mrs. William E.)                     05-Nov-77
Everhart           William Wayne                                  11-Jan-77
Everitt            Martha Louise (Cmdr. U.S. Navy - retired)      23-Oct-77
Everly             Clarence L. (Chub)                             02-Jul-77
Everly             Clarence L. (Chub)                             03-Jul-77
Ewers              Herman                                         23-May-77
Ewert              Emilie (Mrs. Frank)                            13-Jan-77
Ewert              Ferd E.                                        26-Dec-77
Ewertz             John P.                                        28-Jan-77
Ewing              Arclo                                          04-Jun-77
Ewing              Iris (Mrs. Thomas)                             01-Aug-77
Ewy                August                                         15-Feb-77
Fackler            Bessie M.                                      08-Nov-77
Fagan              Iva M. (Mrs. Harry)                            06-Feb-77
Fagerberg          Paul T. (Ted)                                  20-May-77
Faggard            Edna S. (Mrs. Willie)                          02-May-77
Faggard            Edna S. (Mrs. Willie)                          02-May-77
Faher              Frank                                          10-Oct-77
Faidley            Alvin                                          07-Jul-77
Fairbank           Paul E. (Frank)                                04-Apr-77
Fairchild          Nellie F. (Mrs. George W.)                     04-Jan-77
Fairchild          Theodore U.                                    30-Sep-77
Falkinburgh        Grace Oletha                                   09-Mar-77
Fallis             Etta Mabel (Mrs. Russell R.)                   26-Jul-77
Falvai             Jozsef                                         05-Apr-77
Fankhauser         Kathryn Ann                                    13-Jul-77
Fankhouser         Elsie May (Mrs. Glenn)                         10-Jun-77
Fanning            Thomas W.                                      28-Jan-77
Fantroy            Bertha M. (Mrs. David)                         10-Aug-77
Fantroy            Lawrence D. L.                                 04-Jun-77
Faraj              Gladys B. (Mrs. Isam)                          19-Nov-77
Fare               Claude (Cotton)                                29-Dec-77
Farha              Naomi Marie (Mrs. Floyd)                       08-Nov-77
Fark               Virgil Charistian                              18-Nov-77
Farling            Allison U.                                     13-Dec-77
Farmer             Ernest R.                                      24-Aug-77
Farmer             Ruby R.                                        16-Mar-77
Farnsworth         Dorothy (Mrs. Wayne)                           17-Jul-77
Farran             Nola M. (Mrs. Howard)                          18-Nov-77
Farrar             L. Mabel (Mrs. Bruce)                          23-May-77
Farris             Jack R.                                        26-Feb-77
Farris             Katherine Grant (Mrs. Leonard A.)              13-Feb-77
Farris             Katherine Grant (Mrs. Leonard A.)              14-Feb-77
Fasnacht           E. Pearl (Mrs. Charles W.)                     05-Mar-77
Fast               Carrie (Mrs. William F.)                       22-Nov-77
Fast               Richard D.                                     05-Jul-77
Faucette           Mabel Cora (Mrs. Frank)                        20-Feb-77
Faucher            Helen Elizabeth (Mrs. Oliver J.)               25-Jul-77
Faucher            Helen Elizabeth (Mrs. Oliver J.)               26-Jul-77
Faulkner           Virginia S. (Mrs. F. H.)                       09-Aug-77
Faust              Mary E. (Mrs. Thomas)                          01-Feb-77
Feaster            Virginia (Mrs. Lester R.)                      15-Jul-77
Feely              Minnie (Mrs. Otto)                             11-Aug-77
Fehrenbachere      Orin                                           05-Feb-77
Feist              Minnie M. (Mrs. Leo)                           30-Dec-77
Feist              Penny Lea                                      20-Aug-77
Feldt              Victoria (Mrs. John)                           22-Feb-77
Feller             Ray                                            22-Dec-77
Fellers            Gilgert Ronald                                 28-Mar-77
Felton             Clifford R.                                    05-Jul-77
Fender             Delmer                                         16-Oct-77
Fenwick            Neva B. (Mrs. Elmer)                           15-Apr-77
Ferguson           C. Raymond (Sr.)                               24-Mar-77
Ferguson           Daniel J.                                      06-Dec-77
Ferguson           H. R. "Fergie"                                 16-Nov-77
Ferguson           Richard Paul                                   16-Mar-77
Ferguson           Robert C.                                      16-Aug-77
Ferguson           Robert E.                                      28-Jan-77
Fernandez          Francisa (Mrs. Genaro)                         23-Jun-77
Ferrell            Lloyd Bayne                                    04-Nov-77
Ferrell            W. H. (Buddy)                                  28-Jun-77
Ferril             Hallie H. (Mrs. Harvey R.)                     17-Oct-77
Ferris             Glenn A.                                       01-Dec-77
Ferris             Hattie May                                     18-Nov-77
Ferry              J. Frank                                       10-Sep-77
Ferry              J. Frank                                       10-Sep-77
Fesler             Gladys E. (Mrs.Delton Ralph)                   20-Jun-77
Fetterhoof         Edgar                                          31-Jul-77
Fetterhoof         Edgar                                          31-Jul-77
Fickle             Charles Thomas                                 25-Aug-77
Fiedler            Lew                                            05-Aug-77
Field              Ella May (Mrs. Ray)                            22-Nov-77
Fields             Edith I. (Mrs. J. W.)                          02-Jun-77
Fields             Ernest C.                                      04-Oct-77
Filson             Larry Lee                                      28-Oct-77
Finch              Ethel E. (Mrs. Lowell)                         08-Jul-77
Finch              Ina (Mrs. Hallis Eugene)                       05-Aug-77
Findlay            George                                         10-May-77
Findley            Nellie Dea                                     21-Jun-77
Findley            Nellie Dea                                     22-Jun-77
Findley            Ora (Mrs. Jason)                               16-Apr-77
Fine               Dusty Wade                                     16-Nov-77
Fine               Floyde A. (Bill)                               16-Oct-77
Fink               Gertrude K. (Mrs. Ken)                         09-Mar-77
Fink               Roena (Mrs. Victor)                            01-Nov-77
Finklang           Earl E.                                        13-Jul-77
Finley             Arthur L.                                      07-Oct-77
Finley             William G.                                     28-Apr-77
Finney             Elizabeth D. (Mrs. Charles)                    12-Jul-77
Finney             Thomas I.                                      22-Jun-77
Finnigan           Leona F.                                       08-Apr-77
Finuf              Gerard W.                                      04-Nov-77
Firestone          Yonne C. (Mrs. Vance)                          30-Apr-77
Firzmaurice        Patricia Ann                                   05-Nov-77
Fischer            Anna (Mrs. Anthony)                            07-Aug-77
Fischer            Asleen Chris (Mrs. Arthur J.)                  18-Apr-77
Fischer            Eric  G.                                       12-Mar-77
Fiscus             Earl                                           20-May-77
Fiscus             Marjorie Hanna (Mrs. Jesse)                    30-May-77
Fish               Frances (Mrs.)                                 02-Sep-77
Fisher             Bessise L. (Mrs. W. O.)                        22-Mar-77
Fisher             Blanche (Mrs. Sam)                             25-Sep-77
Fisher             Clara B. (Mrs. J. P.)                          12-Sep-77
Fisher             Claude M.                                      17-May-77
Fisher             Emil                                           02-Sep-77
Fisher             Emma D. (Mrs. Asa)                             10-Dec-77
Fisher             Lois Nancy (Mrs. Ronald)                       05-Nov-77
Fisher             Marie B. (Mrs. Louie)                          09-May-77
Fisher             Omer E.                                        12-Apr-77
Fisher             Rebecca V. (Mrs. Chester J.)                   29-May-77
Fisher             Ronald G. (Jr.)                                06-Jun-77
Fisher             Roy R.                                         09-Apr-77
Fisher             Sandra Kay                                     06-Dec-77
Fisher             Teresa (Mrs. Henry)                            18-Dec-77
Fisher             William G.                                     24-Aug-77
Fisk               Mae Pearl (Mrs. Walter)                        29-Jan-77
Fitch              Clara L. (Mrs. Albert H.)                      18-Nov-77
Fitz               May Edith (Mrs. Henry)                         20-Jun-77
Fitzgerald         Emma L. (Mrs. George)                          18-Feb-77
Fitzgerald         Miles                                          18-Jun-77
Fitzsimmons        Lee J.                                         24-Apr-77
Fitzsimmons        Lee J.                                         25-Apr-77
Fitzwater          M. O. (Mike)                                   30-Jan-77
Fix                Wayne M.                                       31-May-77
Flair              Ruth (Mrs. George)                             18-Jan-77
Flaming            George C.                                      29-May-77
Flanders           Floyd G.                                       25-Sep-77
Flaska             JaNeane Karryl                                 05-Sep-77
Flathers           Roy D.                                         01-Feb-77
Fleehart           Madge (Mrs. John)                              26-Mar-77
Fleetwood          Sam                                            24-Sep-77
Fleetwood          Sam D.                                         25-Sep-77
Fleger             Alex                                           11-May-77
Fleming            Alice M.                                       19-Sep-77
Fleming            Erma Marie (Mrs. Allen)                        08-Dec-77
Fleming            Esther (Mrs. Robert)                           08-Mar-77
Fleming            Faith A. (Mrs. Dean)                           03-Oct-77
Fleming            Hazen L.                                       17-Jul-77
Fleming            Ruth D. (Mrs. Leo)                             27-Feb-77
Flenner            Wilma                                          30-Mar-77
Fletcher           Francis M.                                     19-Mar-77
Fletcher           Jeanne (Mrs.)                                  24-Feb-77
Fletcher           Lawrence                                       23-Mar-77
Fletcher           Verna D. (Mrs. Alvey)                          23-Jun-77
Flickinger         Anna T. (Mrs. Fred)                            08-May-77
Fliginger          Bertha (Mrs. Josephj)                          24-Jun-77
Flint              Clarence T.                                    29-May-77
Flock              Roy Dean                                       08-May-77
Flock              Roy Dean                                       10-May-77
Flood              Opal (Mrs. C. C.)                              07-Oct-77
Flook              Juanita Lewis (Mrs. Norman)                    21-Nov-77
Flory              Bessie A. (Mrs. Arthur)                        11-Feb-77
Flowers            Gerald Ray                                     02-Jun-77
Flowers            Reuben Milo                                    30-Mar-77
Floyd              Albert J.                                      06-Jul-77
Floyd              Edith Virginia (Mrs. Jack)                     17-Mar-77
Floyd              Iva May (Mrs.)                                 05-Jun-77
Floyd              Janice M. (Mrs. Alfred)                        13-Sep-77
Floyd              Leota (Mrs. Frank)                             03-Dec-77
Floyd              Marie C. (Mrs. E. W.)                          15-Jul-77
Flucke             Hubert T.                                      08-Aug-77
Fluke              Orville L.                                     08-May-77
Fluke              Robert Earl                                    27-Aug-77
Flummer            Violet M. (Mrs. Raymond)                       01-Aug-77
Fly                Anna B. (Mrs. Ralph)                           25-Oct-77
Flynt              L. R.                                          22-Jul-77
Foggle             Barbara J. (Mrs. Haskell)                      17-Jun-77
Fogle              Barbara J. (Mrs. Haskell)                      16-Jun-77
Foley              Ada E. (Mrs. Achille)                          08-Jan-77
Foley              W. Hershel                                     02-Aug-77
Folger             Violet E. (Mrs. Wayne)                         04-Dec-77
Folkner            Frank                                          30-Dec-77
Folks              Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Frank)                    22-Oct-77
Folmer             James M.                                       17-Jul-77
Foos               Mollie Margheim (Mrs. John)                    15-Jul-77
Foraker            Clifford B. (Jack)                             01-Mar-77
Forbauer           Iva N.                                         09-Aug-77
Forbes             H. Stanley                                     16-Apr-77
Forbes             Lucille G. (Mrs. Joseph R.)                    04-Jan-77
Forbes             Lucille G. (Mrs. Joseph R.)                    07-Jan-77
Ford               Bernice (Mrs. Harry)                           28-Jun-77
Ford               Charles A.                                     05-Jul-77
Ford               Henry                                          13-Jun-77
Ford               Iyla R. (Mrs. Ray)                             17-Jan-77
Ford               Lea (Mrs. William)                             02-Mar-77
Foreman            Ethel E.                                       17-Dec-77
Foreman            Homer N.                                       04-Sep-77
Foreman            Kenneth C.                                     07-Oct-77
Forister           Raymond Wilbur                                 09-Oct-77
Forman             Bernice (Mrs. William)                         31-Oct-77
Forney             Marguerite Sanders (Mrs. Jim)                  06-Jan-77
Forney             Sadie M. (Mrs. Elmer)                          26-Jun-77
Forney             Wayne W.                                       09-Mar-77
Forshey            Adeline L. (Terry)                             28-Apr-77
Forslund           Lillie (Mrs. Edward W.)                        17-May-77
Forsse             Virginia Frances                               05-Aug-77
Forst              George                                         19-Sep-77
Forste             Dorothy J. (Mrs. Glen)                         16-Mar-77
Forster            John J.                                        30-Jan-77
Forster            Ronald E.                                      13-Jun-77
Forsyth            Joe B.                                         08-May-77
Fortier            Wilfred P.                                     26-Jan-77
Fortier            Wilfred P.                                     27-Jan-77
Fortmeyer          Susan (Mrs. Louis)                             04-Oct-77
Forwalder          Chester C.                                     02-Aug-77
Forward            Clifford L.                                    10-Jun-77
Foster             Antoinette (Mrs. Ronald)                       20-Jun-77
Foster             Fred R.                                        18-Mar-77
Foster             L. S. (Red)                                    28-Aug-77
Foster             Lillian (Mrs. Charles)                         01-Jul-77
Foster             Millard K.                                     11-Jan-77
Foster             Ruby (Mrs. Howard)                             29-Dec-77
Foster             Winnifred P. (Mrs.)                            21-Oct-77
Foster             Zelia Mabel (Mrs. Lee)                         30-Aug-77
Foster             Zelma M. (Mrs. R. L.)                          18-Mar-77
Foust              Faye (Mrs. Tolbert)                            20-Sep-77
Fouts              Price A.                                       03-Mar-77
Fowler             Albert                                         05-Aug-77
Fowler             Austin C.                                      19-Jun-77
Fowler             Herbert L.                                     02-Sep-77
Fowler             John A.                                        14-Jan-77
Fowler             John W.                                        10-Nov-77
Fowler             Richard                                        10-Aug-77
Fox                Blanche M. (Mrs. Abe)                          09-Feb-77
Fox                Charles N.                                     10-Jul-77
Fox                Dora Anna                                      14-Jun-77
Fox                Gladys (Mrs. Walter                            26-Nov-77
Fox                Lee                                            25-Dec-77
Fox                Leonard L.                                     07-Jan-77
Fox                Nancy Jo                                       11-Dec-77
Fox                Nancy Jo                                       12-Dec-77
Fox                Naomi C. (Mrs. William A.)                     22-Sep-77
Fox                Rozella                                        03-Aug-77
Fox                Willard R. (Dr.)                               08-Jun-77
Frack              Elmer A.                                       28-Oct-77
Frakes             Leland N.                                      15-Apr-77
Francis            Adeline F. (Mrs. James)                        10-Jun-77
Francis            Ella Mae (Mrs. John S.)                        12-Nov-77
Francis            Martha Fay (Mrs. John)                         11-Aug-77
Francis            Walter                                         26-Oct-77
Francis            Walter                                         28-Oct-77
Franey             Esther G. (Mrs. Martin C.)                     21-Jun-77
Franey             Martin C.                                      22-Oct-77
Frank              Germaine (Mrs. Joseph)                         08-Dec-77
Frank              Leslie Thomas                                  23-Oct-77
Franklin           Bertha                                         31-Jul-77
Franklin           Dorothy                                        25-May-77
Franklin           Hazel (Mrs. Lloyd)                             24-Mar-77
Franklin           Howard C.                                      25-Jul-77
Franklin           Vivia Ione (Mrs. Harvey)                       01-Mar-77
Franklin           Bruce                                          02-Sep-77
Franta             Frank A.                                       29-Jul-77
Frantz             Juanita                                        13-Nov-77
Frantz             Samuel A.                                      28-Mar-77
Franz              Herman C.                                      17-Sep-77
Franz              John A.                                        27-Aug-77
Franz              Peter J.                                       22-Jan-77
Fraser             Mary M. (Mrs. Edward J.)                       24-May-77
Frazee             Agnes Maurine (Mrs. Eugene Francis)            28-Sep-77
Frazer             Grace M. (Mrs. Alex)                           18-Nov-77
Frazier            Sallie Marie (Mrs. Arnold)                     31-Mar-77
Fredde             Edward                                         19-Jul-77
Fredrick           Mark Allen                                     30-Jun-77
Freeberg           Ronald D.                                      22-Jul-77
Freeman            Ada M. (Mrs.)                                  06-Mar-77
Freeman            Adrian S.                                      30-Dec-77
Freeman            Bessie M. (Mrs.)                               06-Dec-77
Freeman            Floy (Mrs. Stanley)                            12-Jun-77
Freeman            Gertrude H. (Mrs. Forrest)                     26-Jan-77
Freeman            H. M.                                          04-Mar-77
Freeman            H. M.                                          05-Mar-77
Freeman            Jane Eveline (Mrs. Harry R.)                   13-Jun-77
Freeman            Ruth C. (Mrs. Arthur)                          29-Nov-77
Freeman            Susie D. (Mrs. Ira)                            17-Mar-77
Fregon             JoAnn (Mrs. Roy)                               25-May-77
French             Albert A.                                      30-Nov-77
French             Glenn O.                                       27-May-77
Frese              Fred W.                                        05-Dec-77
Freshour           Russell                                        11-Sep-77
Fretz              Glen E.                                        23-Jun-77
Freuchting         Neva (Mrs. Red)                                23-Mar-77
Freund             Anna Marie (Mrs. William)                      01-Jul-77
Freund             Evelyn M. (Mrs. F. A.)                         20-May-77
Freund             Virgil F.                                      23-Oct-77
Friesen            Clara O. (Mrs. Ernest)                         19-Aug-77
Friesen            David F.                                       23-Jul-77
Friesen            Heinie L.                                      17-Sep-77
Friesen            Jacob S.                                       02-Jun-77
Friesen            John R.                                        21-Oct-77
Friesen            LaVerne R.                                     17-Sep-77
Friesen            Orlando K.                                     08-May-77
Friesner           Martha Blanche (Mrs. Arthur)                   21-Jul-77
Friess             Lois A. (Mrs. Lewis)                           10-Dec-77
Frieze             Harry S.                                       26-Jan-77
Frisco             Charles Edward                                 20-Sep-77
Fristoe            Mary E. (Mrs. Frank)                           28-Sep-77
Froelich           Fredrick William                               27-Nov-77
Froelich           Fredrick William                               29-Nov-77
Froggatte          Gary Ralph                                     07-Jun-77
Frohn              William G.                                     07-Dec-77
Froman             Raymond D.                                     04-Sep-77
Froome             John R. III                                    09-Aug-77
Frost              Eliza A. (Mrs. Albert)                         25-Aug-77
Frost              Joe J.                                         17-Jan-77
Frost              Robert Wayne                                   21-Jun-77
Frost              Russell A.                                     05-Sep-77
Frost              Russell A.                                     07-Sep-77
Frutiger           Vincent L.                                     03-Jun-77
Fry                Daniel A. (Jr.)                                04-Oct-77
Fry                Elzy Harold                                    20-May-77
Fry                Joe O.                                         30-Dec-77
Fry                Wayne                                          06-Jun-77
Fry                Wayne                                          07-Jun-77
Frydenlund         Helen C. (Mrs. Selmer)                         19-Feb-77
Frye               Oscar Emery                                    09-Aug-77
Frye               William J. (Pete)                              29-Mar-77
Fugit              Beulah May (Mrs. James)                        07-Sep-77
Fulhage            G. A. (Gus)                                    04-Feb-77
Fulks              Sarah Jane (Mrs.  John)                        26-Feb-77
Fuller             Gary Eugene (Jr.)                              06-Apr-77
Fuller             Leroy (Sarge)                                  25-Apr-77
Fuller             M. L. (Bucky)                                  19-Aug-77
Fuller             Maurice Elloyd                                 04-May-77
Fuller             Russell S.                                     01-Jul-77
Fulton             F. Eugene(Dr.)                                 03-Aug-77
Fulton             F. Eugene(Dr.)                                 04-Aug-77
Fulton             Ina A.                                         18-Dec-77
Fulton             Thomas J.                                      13-Jun-77
Funk               Adolph W.                                      04-Sep-77
Funk               Bryant                                         20-Aug-77
Funk               Howard                                         02-Feb-77
Funk               William L.                                     30-Jul-77
Fuqua              Carrie E. (Mrs. Jesse)                         25-Aug-77
Fuqua              Ralph L.                                       23-Feb-77
Furman             Charles V.                                     06-Jul-77
Furney             Blanche (Mrs. Glenn)                           03-Apr-77
Fyfr               Daniel Robert                                  24-Dec-77
Gabbert            Pauline E. (Mrs. Harold T.)                    25-Jan-77
Gabel              Nick                                           27-May-77
Gadeke             Gladys E. (Mrs. Louis)                         02-Mar-77
Gaeddert           Anna R. (Mrs. Peter)                           29-Apr-77
Gaede              Lena (Mrs. Fred)                               22-Jan-77
Gafney             N. Roberta (Mrs. Miles A.)                     05-Dec-77
Gagnebin           Joseph J.                                      30-Jun-77
Gaiser             Eva D. (Mrs. W. Paul)                          09-Dec-77
Galbreath          Maggie M. (Mrs. William)                       15-Apr-77
Gale               Thelma I.                                      04-Dec-77
Gale               William H.                                     26-Jul-77
Gallagher          Helendeen Marie (Mrs. Thomas J.)               17-Feb-77
Gallagher          Nell M. (Mrs. Joseph)                          16-Dec-77
Gallanaugh         Edna Pearl                                     24-Apr-77
Galle              O. K.                                          30-Sep-77
Galletly           Alffred J.                                     12-Jul-77
Galli              Dolores C. (Mrs. Joseph)                       10-Aug-77
Galliart           Emma (Toots) (Mrs. Albert)                     01-Sep-77
Galloway           Helen                                          31-Mar-77
Gallup             Martha M. (Mrs. Vernon)                        08-Feb-77
Galvin             Lester Oliver                                  30-Jul-77
Galyean            Vincent Otis                                   01-Feb-77
Gamber             Virginia I. (Mrs. Edgar)                       26-Nov-77
Gambill            Clarence E.                                    08-Nov-77
Gambill            Sadie P. (Mrs. George)                         09-Oct-77
Gamblain           Dorothy (Mrs. Austin)                          22-Aug-77
Gamble             Iva M.                                         03-Dec-77
Gamble             Jeanette (Mrs. Charles)                        19-Aug-77
Gamble             John E.                                        22-Jan-77
Gamble             William S.                                     20-Jun-77
Gamblin            Judd L.                                        17-Nov-77
Gandy              Neioma H. (Mrs.)                               21-Jan-77
Gane               Inez Frances (Mrs. Bernard)                    15-Oct-77
Gann               Orville C.                                     20-Nov-77
Gann               William A. (Dick)                              14-Sep-77
Gannaway           J. Lee                                         18-Jan-77
Gant               Gertrude (Mrs. Newton)                         15-Oct-77
Garcia             Jesus E.                                       19-Oct-77
Garcia             Jesus P. (Jesse)                               10-Sep-77
Gardner            Alice Elizabeth (Mrs. L. E.)                   27-Dec-77
Gardner            Annetta (Mrs. Theodore)                        05-Aug-77
Gardner            Delia (Mrs. Charles H.)                        11-Aug-77
Gardner            James B.                                       27-Dec-77
Gardner            Margaret Jane (Mrs.)                           28-Jan-77
Gardner            Margaret Jane (Mrs.)                           30-Jan-77
Gardner            William I.                                     12-May-77
Gareis             Kathleen Elizabeth (Mrs. Peter)                30-Dec-77
Garfield           Jack M.                                        30-Jun-77
Gargis             I. E.                                          01-Feb-77
Garland            Bessie Lee (Mrs. Harry)                        25-Jun-77
Garland            Marshall A.                                    11-Apr-77
Garner             Alta E. (Mrs. John)                            15-Apr-77
Garner             William A.                                     30-Jan-77
Garr               Clark C.                                       13-Nov-77
Garrigues          Selah (Mr.)                                    27-May-77
Garriott           William J.                                     19-Nov-77
Garrison           Elizabeth R. (Mrs. Paul)                       17-Sep-77
Garst              Charles Alfred                                 21-Jul-77
Garst              Paul (Sr.)                                     31-Dec-77
Gartley            Florence V. (Mrs. Loren)                       14-Oct-77
Garton             Lucy H. (Mrs. A. M.)                           18-Feb-77
Garvie             Marie C.                                       17-Mar-77
Gary               Clyde Raymond                                  07-Jan-77
Gary               Nora E. (Mrs. Earl)                            30-Jul-77
Garza              Marcos                                         07-Apr-77
Gascho             Jennie (Mrs. L. D.)                            30-Jul-77
Gass               Lyle H.                                        09-Feb-77
Gaston             Jerry Lee                                      22-Nov-77
Gaston             Viola (Mrs. Adyson)                            07-May-77
Gates              D. Whelden                                     22-May-77
Gates              Mary Alice (Mrs. Albert)                       21-Jan-77
Gates              Richard Leon                                   17-Jul-77
Gates              William C.                                     24-Mar-77
Gaughan            Leo Edward                                     03-Jun-77
Gaughan            Thomas                                         19-Jul-77
Gaulden            Ruth (Mrs. Styvester)                          08-Jul-77
Gaulter            Leaah E.  (Mrs. Clifford)                      07-Jul-77
Gay                Elizabeth (Mrs.)                               24-Feb-77
Gazaway            Patricia (Mrs. Walter LeRoy)                   15-Aug-77
Geddes             Arthur W.                                      17-Aug-77
Gee                Christina (Mrs. Roy)                           02-Dec-77
Geer               Edith A. (Mrs. Bruce E.)                       27-Dec-77
Gehring            Daniel J. C.                                   07-Aug-77
Geis               Esther Elizabeth (Mrs. Elmer)                  22-Oct-77
Geisdorf           Alta G.                                        02-May-77
Geise              Dorothy V. (Mrs. O. D.)                        23-Aug-77
Geisert            Fred J.                                        24-Aug-77
Geller             Fannie (Mrs. Charles)                          25-Sep-77
Geller             Lillie Edith (Mrs. George)                     22-Dec-77
Gentry             Melvin                                         11-Jan-77
Gentry             Myrtle M. (Mrs. Austin)                        24-Aug-77
George             Elizabeth                                      08-Dec-77
George             Floy T. (Mrs. Paul)                            20-Oct-77
George             James Clifford)                                24-Apr-77
George             Merle Wayne                                    15-Oct-77
George             William T. (Sr.)                               17-Dec-77
George             Virgil C.                                      20-Jul-77
George             Virgil C.                                      21-Jul-77
Georing            Katharina (Mrs. Andrew C.)                     27-Sep-77
Gerardy            Fred Louis                                     24-Feb-77
Gerber             Leo J.                                         27-Dec-77
Gerberding         Sophia Dora                                    23-Jul-77
Gericke            Otto                                           19-Nov-77
Germann            Blancvhe I. (Mrs. Gorrfred Dredrick)           07-Dec-77
Gerstner           Anna Stecklein                                 27-Nov-77
Getter             Leslie J.                                      12-Jun-77
Gfeller            Viola R. (Mrs. Earl Frank)                     21-Oct-77
Ggibbs             Elsie (Mrs. Frank)                             22-Jan-77
Gibbs              Frank Ivan                                     03-Oct-77
Gibbs              John G.                                        17-Feb-77
Gibler             Paul E.                                        02-Dec-77
Gibson             Anthony W.                                     10-May-77
Gibson             Anthony W.                                     11-May-77
Gibson             Audrey P. (Mrs. Edward)                        31-Oct-77
Gibson             W. George                                      13-Oct-77
Gibson             William I.                                     05-May-77
Gieber             Lola Mary (Mrs. Leo)                           29-Oct-77
Giefer             Anna M. (Mrs.)                                 24-Jun-77
Giersch            Laurence L.                                    22-Oct-77
Giffin             William Robert (Bob)                           27-Feb-77
Gifford             Margaret A.                                   18-Oct-77
Giger              Edna L. (Mrs. Lionel)                          26-Nov-77
Gilbert            Aaaron                                         16-Mar-77
Gilbert            Aaron                                          14-Mar-77
Gilbert            Beula F. (Mrs. Fred)                           31-May-77
Gilbert            Carl P.                                        04-Mar-77
Gilbert            Carl P.                                        05-Mar-77
Gilbert            Douglas A. (Sr.)                               17-Mar-77
Gilbert            Harry T.                                       02-Oct-77
Gilbert            William                                        28-Mar-77
Gilbreath          Earl C.                                        31-Mar-77
Gilchrist          Vera P. (Mrs. Ralph)                           06-Feb-77
Gildart            Charles                                        15-Jul-77
Giles              Beryl Rose (Mrs. D. W.)                        25-Feb-77
Giles              Louis Oakley                                   12-Mar-77
Giles              Norman A.                                      04-Oct-77
Giles              Rachel (Mrs. Joe)                              18-Sep-77
Gill               Carl Cecil                                     06-Dec-77
Gillam             Gertrude                                       19-Mar-77
Gillam             Tracy Sue                                      01-Jun-77
Gillard            Tom                                            01-Jun-77
Gillen             Ralph D.                                       14-Dec-77
Gillespie          Mabel Faye (Mrs. Russell)                      25-Jan-77
Gillet             Eve E. (Mrs. Andrew)                           19-Nov-77
Gillet             Hester E. (Mrs. Roy)                           08-Nov-77
Gilliland          Bessie M. (Mrs. Roy)                           25-Oct-77
Gilliland          Cyanthia Louise (Mrs. John Lester)             30-Mar-77
Gilliland          Melody Hope Morningstar                        25-Feb-77
Gillum             Roy E.                                         18-Jan-77
Gilmer             William E.                                     20-Jun-77
Gilmore            Floss Alta (Mrs. Lester)                       21-Sep-77
Gilmore            John T.                                        25-Sep-77
Gilmore            Ralph K.                                       18-May-77
Gilstrap           Eula (Mrs. William)                            03-May-77
Ginest             Edward E.                                      28-Jan-77
Gingery            Elmer L.                                       15-Jul-77
Girard             Nona (Mrs. Pearl)                              16-Oct-77
Girrens            Nicholas A.                                    13-May-77
Girvin             Edna Mae (Mrs. Garrett)                        19-Apr-77
Gittrich           Agnes                                          18-Oct-77
Givens             Jaime Jack                                     05-Jul-77
Gladfelter         Dorothy Ann (Mrs. Gene)                        01-May-77
Glancy             Effie Mabel (Mrs. George)                      26-Apr-77
Glasco             Fred H.                                        21-Jun-77
Glaser             Charles Newton                                 15-Dec-77
Glasgow            Eloise A. (Mrs. Glenn)                         31-Dec-77
Glasgow            Romie H.                                       25-Jan-77
Glass              Walter Raymond                                 28-Sep-77
Glawson            Robert E.                                      22-Feb-77
Glaze              Margaret E. (Peggy)                            28-Jul-77
Gleason            Mary E. (Mrs. Elmo)                            21-Dec-77
Gleeson            Edwrd E.                                       26-Jun-77
Glendening         Omer W.                                        28-Sep-77
Glenn              John                                           21-Sep-77
Glenn              Ruth Josephine (Mrs. William B.)               14-Feb-77
Gleue              George                                         01-Nov-77
Glick              Delmar Dean                                    30-Apr-77
Glidden            Lois M. (Mrs. Clair)                           14-Dec-77
Glisan             Daniel J.                                      18-May-77
Glover             Alice L. (Mrs. Ford)                           03-Apr-77
Glover             Caroline (Mrs. Frank)                          21-Feb-77
Glover             Glen W.                                        29-Jul-77
Glover             Howard E.                                      27-Jul-77
Glymph             Loren                                          24-Jun-77
Glynn              Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Thomas)                   03-Oct-77
Goad               William J.                                     13-Dec-77
Goans              Cecil  Pearl (Mrs. Sam)                        03-Feb-77
Goble              Edward E. (Al)                                 01-Feb-77
Goble              Lillie May (Mrs. Harold)                       01-Dec-77
Goble              Rex                                            03-Mar-77
Goble              Rex                                            03-Mar-77
Goddard            Albert Henry                                   07-Jun-77
Godfrey            Clyde D.                                       21-May-77
Goering            Anna (Mrs. John)                               08-Mar-77
Goering            Edward P.                                      01-Nov-77
Goering            Herbert A.                                     04-Mar-77
Goering            Hulda B. (Mrs. Martin J. P.)                   12-Sep-77
Goering            John D.                                        01-Sep-77
Goering            Katie E. (Mrs. Jonathan J.)                    17-Apr-77
Goering            Lorene (Mrs. Edwrad D.)                        22-Nov-77
Goerlitz           Bertha (Mrs. Alex)                             28-Jan-77
Goertz             Rachel (Mrs. Art)                              05-Jun-77
Goertzen           Jacob S.                                       06-Apr-77
Goetz              Anna Mary (Mrs. Leonard)                       26-Jul-77
Goff               Laura E. (Mrs. George L.)                      21-Sep-77
Goff               Laura E. (Mrs. George L.)                      22-Sep-77
Goff               Wilbur C.                                      25-Dec-77
Golay              James Herman                                   10-May-77
Gold               Ruby                                           01-Jan-77
Golden             Dave F.                                        09-Apr-77
Golden             Emery A.                                       09-Sep-77
Golden             Marie M. (Mrs. Edgar)                          25-Jan-77
Golding            Frances Dotzour (Mrs. Thomas A.)               14-Nov-77
Golding            Tommy GH.                                      22-Feb-77
Goldstein          Abe                                            09-Sep-77
Golike             Lewis (Dewey)                                  18-Nov-77
Golobay            Minnie (Mrs. Frank)                            17-Dec-77
Gomez              Nicholas Eugene                                14-Jan-77
Gonzales           Jesus V. (Mrs. Rudolph)                        31-Oct-77
Gonzales           Jesus V. (Mrs. Rudolph)                        02-Nov-77
Gonzales           Ruben                                          24-Sep-77
Gonzalez           Martin                                         21-May-77
Gooch              Theodore Roosevelt                             09-Nov-77
Good               Clarence V. (Chick)                            01-Jun-77
Good               Clifford Edgar                                 12-Dec-77
Good               Dale F.                                        22-Jun-77
Good               Lee Dale                                       27-Sep-77
Goodale            Erma B.                                        21-Apr-77
Goodale            Ned W.                                         19-May-77
Goodbread          Murie (Mrs. Roy O.)                            11-Oct-77
Goode              Robert R.                                      29-Dec-77
Goodfellow         John                                           06-Jul-77
Goodman            Avis Boughton                                  16-Jul-77
Goodman            Charlotte Belle (Mrs. Harry)                   19-Mar-77
Goodner            Bernice M. (Mrs. Faye)                         02-Feb-77
Goodrich           Lloyd                                          17-Feb-77
Goodrick           Glen O.                                        02-Nov-77
Goodrum            Etta F. (Mrs. John)                            30-Apr-77
Goodway            Sidney                                         27-Sep-77
Goodwin            Marla Faye                                     26-Feb-77
Goodyear           Phillip K.                                     26-Nov-77
Goolsbee           Ethel Mae (Mrs. William)                       10-Aug-77
Goracke            Joseph W.                                      24-Nov-77
Gorden             Emma L. (Mrs. Clyde)                           22-Feb-77
Gordon             Franklin S.                                    22-Dec-77
Gordon             Harold (Rabbi)                                 23-May-77
gordon             James C.                                       26-Jun-77
Gordon             Timothy S.                                     10-Oct-77
Gordon             Virgil L.                                      22-Aug-77
Gore               Donald L.                                      26-Aug-77
Gorges             Albert A.                                      14-Dec-77
Gorges             Fred M.                                        07-Dec-77
Gorman             Eunice (Mrs. Edward)                           20-Mar-77
Gorman             Eunice (Mrs. Edward)                           21-Mar-77
Gorman             Gertrude M. (Mrs. Arthur)                      10-Sep-77
Goss               Dick                                           05-Apr-77
Gosselin           Eugene A.                                      25-Feb-77
Gossett            A. C. (Jack)                                   27-Jul-77
Gott               Barney M.                                      07-May-77
Gould              Harry                                          31-Jul-77
Gould              Jay A.                                         06-Jun-77
Gould              Roy A.                                         23-Jan-77
Gowens             Cordelia (Mrs. Mont)                           17-Sep-77
Gowens             Mont R.                                        13-Oct-77
Goyette            Nina I. (Mrs. David)                           16-Dec-77
Graber             Clara E. (Mrs. Carl)                           13-May-77
Graber             Eldon E.                                       15-Dec-77
Graber             Harry E.                                       08-Nov-77
Graber             John H.                                        25-Jan-77
Graber             Lena (Mrs. Andrew P.)                          04-Oct-77
Graf               Ann                                            01-Jul-77
Gragg              Robert Irvan                                   03-Jun-77
Graham             Clara W. (Mrs. Craig)                          25-May-77
Graham             Diane Kay                                      08-Jan-77
Graham             Dwight Ted                                     26-Mar-77
Graham             Faye A.  Mrs.                                  11-Feb-77
graham             Frances A.                                     08-Nov-77
Graham             Frances Ann (Mrs.)                             19-Feb-77
Graham             Howard B.                                      22-Apr-77
Graham             John A.                                        09-May-77
Graham             Paul W.                                        15-Apr-77
Grainger           W. L. (Lou)                                    31-Oct-77
Grandon            Jay H.                                         14-Oct-77
Grandstaff         Isaac Newton                                   03-Sep-77
Grandy             Isabelle (Mrs. Lee)                            09-Apr-77
Grange             Beatrice J. (Mrs. George)                      19-Nov-77
Granger            J. C.                                          01-Oct-77
Grant              Roger A.                                       01-Jan-77
Grant              Xenia Opal (Mrs. Maurice)                      28-Jun-77
Grattan            Charles                                        02-Feb-77
Grattan            Maude G. (Mrs. Charles A.)                     15-Dec-77
Gravens            Oscar K.                                       03-Dec-77
Graves             Dale                                           29-Jul-77
Graves             Eli J.                                         11-Apr-77
Graves             Hattie L. (Mrs. George H.)                     16-Jun-77
Graves             Ida (Mrs.Frank)                                30-Mar-77
Graves             Joe L.                                         23-Jun-77
Graves             Lewis W.                                       05-Dec-77
Graves             Mary (Mrs. Jacob E.)                           12-Jan-77
Graves             Maude M. (Mrs. Roy H.)                         13-Jul-77
Graves             Pauline                                        15-Apr-77
Graves             Richard J.                                     10-Nov-77
Graves             Terry Lee                                      10-Oct-77
Gravino            Phillip T.                                     01-Oct-77
Gray               Alice (Mrs. Lon)                               21-Oct-77
Gray               Ben F.                                         30-Oct-77
Gray               Charles C.                                     29-Dec-77
Gray               Earl Elmer                                     16-Mar-77
Gray               Henry C.                                       02-May-77
Gray               Herbert                                        08-Oct-77
Gray               Howard L.                                      24-Jul-77
Gray               James Alln                                     11-May-77
Gray               Louie                                          28-Apr-77
Gray               William                                        10-Dec-77
Gray               Wilma (Mrs. Harold)                            14-Dec-77
Graylapp           Henryetta S. (Mrs. Milton)                     08-Dec-77
Greadington        Sterling L.                                    29-Jul-77
Greadington        Sterling L.                                    30-Jul-77
Greasart           Irene                                          25-Jan-77
Grebe              Etta M. (Mrs. August C.)                       13-Oct-77
Green              Adeline                                        12-May-77
Green              Bert S.                                        23-Mar-77
Green              Ernest Charles                                 10-Nov-77
Green              Floscella M. (Mrs. M. C. Jack)                 11-Apr-77
Green              Frances A. (Mrs.)                              22-Apr-77
Green              Fred W.                                        17-May-77
Green              James Frederick                                19-Mar-77
green              James Frederick                                20-Mar-77
Green              Lester E.                                      03-Aug-77
Green              Ruth Ann (Mrs. Dell G.)                        11-Oct-77
Green              Sabrina Suzanne                                21-Dec-77
Green              Sabrina Suzanne                                22-Dec-77
Green              Stella (Mrs. Warren)                           22-Feb-77
Green              Wesley H.                                      28-Aug-77
Greene             Bessie (Mrs.)                                  11-Dec-77
Greene             Letha M. (Mrs. Ross)                           20-Sep-77
Greenfeather       Ross James                                     07-Jun-77
Greenleaf          Fred D.                                        14-Dec-77
Greenway           Rebecca Ann (Mrs. Thomas Lee)                  06-May-77
Greenwood          Joseph F.                                      14-Feb-77
Greenzweig         Astor C.                                       11-May-77
Greer              Mae I.                                         26-Aug-77
Greer              Marian (Susie)                                 19-Aug-77
Greer              Quincy B.                                      08-Nov-77
Greer              Vester I.                                      08-May-77
Greever            Francis Marion                                 16-May-77
Gregory            Merle F.                                       23-Jul-77
Gregory            Walter V.                                      21-Mar-77
Greiert            Dorothy E. (Mrs. Alfred H.)                    26-Apr-77
Grentner           Mary (Mrs. John G.)                            12-Sep-77
Gresham            Fred Earl                                      30-Jul-77
Gribble            Gerald                                         12-Feb-77
Grider             Sean F.                                        24-Dec-77
Grieve             Louise G. (Mrs. Earl)                          15-Dec-77
Grifee             Elden C.                                       24-Feb-77
griffin            Charles C.                                     26-Apr-77
Griffin            John B.                                        07-Jun-77
Griffin            Mary A.                                        10-Nov-77
Griffin            Steven Ron                                     21-Nov-77
Griffith           Augusta M. (Mrs. Arthur)                       14-Aug-77
Griffith           David Elwood                                   13-Feb-77
Griffith           Eldon A.                                       29-Sep-77
Griffith           Frieda R. (Mrs. Frank)                         14-Jun-77
Griffith           Glenn W.                                       03-May-77
Griffith           James Franklin                                 17-Mar-77
Griffith           Jay Earl                                       26-Jun-77
Griffith           Lewis A.                                       18-Jun-77
Griffith           Lola (Mrs. Floyd)                              30-Apr-77
Griffith           Ralph                                          24-Jun-77
Griffith           Theodore (Dick)                                27-Apr-77
Grigg              Maray Josephine (Mrs. Lockwood K.)             13-Feb-77
Grimes             Celia E.                                       21-Nov-77
Grimes             Elsie Mae (Mrs. K. L.)                         24-Feb-77
Grimes             Hazel Anna (Mrs. Rowland)                      21-Sep-77
Grimsman           Lizzie (Mrs. Elmer)                            01-Dec-77
Grissom            Curvie L. (Mrs. John)                          14-Jan-77
Grodon             Ronnie A.                                      21-Sep-77
Groff              Mira M. (Mrs. Fred)                            13-May-77
Groom              Dollie S. (Mrs. James Paul)                    15-Feb-77
Groom              James (Rev.)                                   15-Mar-77
Gross              Michaeleen Joy (Mrs.)                          13-May-77
Gross              William M.                                     28-Aug-77
Grosshans          Gladys Elnora (Mrs. Jacob)                     25-Dec-77
Grother            Fern Olive (Mrs. Walter)                       02-Jan-77
Grow               Mathias Jon                                    06-Nov-77
Grubb              Jesse H.                                       06-May-77
Grubb              Mae (Mrs. Jesse H. )                           21-Oct-77
Grubbs             Elizabeth (Mrs. Lloyd)                         08-Oct-77
Gruber             Charles O.                                     18-Mar-77
Gruber             FrancesY. (Mrs. Elmer)                         18-Apr-77
Gruber             Mary Ellen                                     14-Apr-77
Gruesner           Verna (Mrs. Morris)                            28-Jul-77
Grunwald           Martha S. (Mrs. Charles)                       09-May-77
Gston              Norine                                         25-Feb-77
Guerrero           Basilia A. (Mrs. Francisco G.)                 23-Jan-77
Guest              Edward (Rev.)                                  18-Dec-77
Guest              Starla J.                                      21-Nov-77
Guest              Starla J.                                      22-Nov-77
Guifads            Rex F.                                         28-Jan-77
Guiles             George C.                                      14-Jun-77
Guinn              Elizabeth M. (Mrs. Eldon)                      13-May-77
Guinn              Lee F.                                         23-Mar-77
Guinn              Nathan H.                                      16-Apr-77
Guisinger          Marie Beahr (Mrs. Harley)                      30-Jan-77
Gulick             Paul Irvin                                     26-Mar-77
Gum                Gladys A. (Mrs. Earl)                          12-Jul-77
Gumm               Mindy Raye                                     21-Aug-77
Gunn               Arthur Francis)                                12-Aug-77
Gunn               George Stayton                                 21-Aug-77
Gunn               Winifred Walling (Mrs. Charles)                24-May-77
Gunter             John Henry                                     26-Nov-77
Gurwell            Homer                                          28-Aug-77
Gustafson          Margaret A.                                    14-Jul-77
Guthrie            Deyo M.                                        25-Jan-77
Guthrie            Hattie (Mrs. Alpha G.)                         18-Aug-77
Guthrie            Jettie D. (Mrs. Luther)                        29-Nov-77
Gutierrrez         Mercedes A. (Mrs. Felix)                       01-Mar-77
gutzmer            William                                        07-May-77
Guyle              Wilma Iona (Mrs. William)                      29-Mar-77
Guyot              Eva Oogg (Mrs. Paul)                           23-Aug-77
Guyot              Eva Oogg (Mrs. Paul)                           24-Aug-77
Guzman             Belia Marie                                    03-Jul-77
Gwin               Katherine Marie                                04-Dec-77
Gwinner            Mart                                           24-Aug-77
Haag               Albert E.                                      24-Jul-77
Haag               Alice E. (Mrs. Fred)                           10-Sep-77
Haak               Edith (Mrs. Jess)                              26-Dec-77
Haas               Elaine F. (Mrs. Virgil)                        07-Jul-77
Haas               Melba (Mrs. Wilbur)                            20-Aug-77
Haas               Pauline Matilda (Mrs. Henry)                   04-Oct-77
Haas               Trisha Dawn                                    30-May-77
Haase              Edgo B.                                        26-Nov-77
Haase              Edgo B.                                        27-Nov-77
Habegger           Barbara (Mrs. Alfred)                          16-Aug-77
Habegger           Barbara (Mrs. Alfred)                          16-Aug-77
Habiger            Augusta Werner                                 27-May-77
Hacker             Walter L. (Sr.)                                07-May-77
Hadley             Charles L.                                     02-Jul-77
Hadsall            Lawrence V.                                    26-Jan-77
Hadsall            Thelma Irene (Mrs. I. B.)                      03-Sep-77
Haen               Frank J.                                       02-Dec-77
Haflich            Earl                                           03-Sep-77
Hagaman            Darrel P. (Jack)                               23-Oct-77
Hagan              George W.                                      22-Nov-77
Hagee              Chester P.                                     23-Aug-77
Hageman            Leo G.                                         04-Jun-77
Hager              Elizabeth Myrl                                 21-Mar-77
Hager              Eula Faye (Mrs. Willam L.)                     16-Feb-77
Hagerman           Dora M. (Mrs. Charles)                         13-Aug-77
Hagerman           Walter H.                                      18-Aug-77
Haggard            Marcia M.                                      18-Nov-77
Haggerty           Hueary Lee                                     08-Jul-77
Haggerty           Hueary Lee                                     09-Jul-77
Hahn               Harry J.                                       29-Apr-77
Hahn               Lawson M.                                      29-Oct-77
Hahn               Sadie (Mrs. Earl J.)                           18-Sep-77
Haight             Clementine (Mrs. Carl)                         30-Apr-77
Haight             Linda (Mrs. Don R.)                            07-May-77
Haines             Bertha J. (Mrs. George)                        09-Sep-77
Hainke             Martha E. (Mrs. Guy B.)                        27-Aug-77
Hainline           F. Lewis                                       13-Nov-77
haire              Fern Norman (Mrs. Clayton C.)                  12-Dec-77
Haist              Joseph                                         12-Jun-77
Hajek              Elsie Marie (Mrs. Stanley)                     28-Jun-77
Hajek              Evelyn (Mrs. Joe)                              04-Sep-77
Halbert            Edith (Mrs. Frank)                             01-Oct-77
Hale               Ivan Otis                                      21-Nov-77
Hale               John S.                                        07-Nov-77
Hale               Lee K.                                         26-Nov-77
Hale               Louie H.                                       24-Dec-77
Hale               Zelma M. (Mrs. R. L.)                          19-Mar-77
Haley              Ira Dean                                       20-Apr-77
Halfman            Anna M. (Mrs. John A.)                         17-Feb-77
Hall               Alice S. (Mrs. Jay)                            07-Dec-77
Hall               Allan D.                                       18-Jun-77
Hall               AnnaM. (Mrs. John P.)                          03-Apr-77
Hall               Blanche Evelyn (Mrs. Virgil)                   07-Sep-77
Hall               Celia Nigh                                     15-Jun-77
Hall               Cleonis L.                                     29-Sep-77
Hall               Cora Maude (Mrs. Christopher Columbus)         03-Aug-77
Hall               Cora Maude (Mrs. Christopher Columbus)         04-Aug-77
Hall               Ddolores Verth (Mrs. Gravers K. L.)            08-Jul-77
Hall               Edd B.                                         21-Sep-77
Hall               Edmund A.                                      23-Apr-77
Hall               Evert J.                                       19-Mar-77
Hall               Frank J.                                       16-Dec-77
Hall               Guy W. (Sr.)                                   19-Dec-77
Hall               John T.                                        27-May-77
Hall               Kenneth Elmer                                  31-Jul-77
Hall               Lucille A. (Mrs. Jack M. St.)                  23-Sep-77
Hall               M. W. (Bill)                                   08-Apr-77
Hall               Mabel (Mrs. Ora M.)                            12-Jan-77
Hall               Mabel F. (Mrs.Edward N.)                       26-Nov-77
Hall               Marguerite V. (Mrs. Miron)                     14-Jul-77
Hall               Mildred Leone                                  08-Feb-77
Hall               Olean C.                                       02-Apr-77
Hall               Orlinda M. (Mrs. Robert)                       25-Jan-77
Hall               Pearl D. (Mrs. John L.)                        11-May-77
Hall               Robert Link                                    26-Jan-77
Hall               Ted E.                                         20-Jul-77
Hallman            Joseph W.                                      22-Mar-77
Hallock            Sarah Louise (Mrs. Lloyd L.)                   09-Feb-77
Halsey             H. E. (Ed) (Jr.)                               10-May-77
Halterman          Clyde E. (Rusty)                               30-Jul-77
Ham                Forrest V.                                     09-Mar-77
Hamby              Claude                                         03-Feb-77
Hamel              Jessie L. (Mrs. A. J.)                         11-Aug-77
Hamilton           A. D.                                          19-Dec-77
Hamilton           A. D.                                          20-Dec-77
Hamilton           Ann J. (Mrs. T. D.)                            30-Mar-77
Hamilton           Celia J. (Mrs. Harold)                         27-Sep-77
Hamilton           Charles A.                                     04-Jul-77
Hamilton           Dennis J.                                      30-Dec-77
Hamilton           Ida F. (Mrs. Charles E.)                       08-Dec-77
Hamilton           Opal Doris                                     21-May-77
Hamilton           Ralph L.                                       25-Nov-77
Hamilton           Zora V. (Mrs. Wesley)                          22-Sep-77
Hamm               Wayne L.                                       15-Nov-77
Hammeke            John T.                                        23-Mar-77
Hammeke            Joseph M.                                      01-Aug-77
Hammel             Anna G. (Mrs. Ed)                              04-Oct-77
Hammer             Eldon (Dr.)                                    21-Jul-77
Hammer             George Gerald                                  19-May-77
Hammer             Harry H.                                       10-Aug-77
Hammer             Hazel                                          02-Jul-77
Hammer             Jerry                                          23-Aug-77
Hammers            Thelma                                         27-Sep-77
Hammett            George Elmo                                    10-Apr-77
Hammond            Ellsworth L.                                   09-Jul-77
Hammond            George (Pat)                                   16-Jan-77
Hammond            Robert Leon                                    27-Nov-77
Hammontre          Viola B. (Mrs.)                                08-Sep-77
Hampel             Eugene A.                                      13-Feb-77
Hampton            Hal H.                                         22-Sep-77
Hampton            Tudor W,                                       06-Jun-77
Hancock            Floyd                                          20-Oct-77
Hancock            lillie Pauline (Mrs. Roy)                      02-Oct-77
Handy              Calvin Thomas                                  27-Dec-77
Hanes              Glenn H.                                       10-Oct-77
Haninger           Rebecca Kay                                    28-Dec-77
Hanke              Paul J.                                        07-Jan-77
Hankins            Olaf Edward                                    08-Oct-77
Hankins            Sena (Mrs. Otto)                               24-Nov-77
Hanlen             Harry L.                                       28-Mar-77
Hanna              Hillary R                                      31-Aug-77
Hanna              Mable G.                                       06-Dec-77
Hanna              Mable G.                                       07-Dec-77
Hannagan           Thomas D.                                      10-Apr-77
Hannah             Cora Edith (Mrs. William)                      09-Mar-77
Hanneken           Frank H.                                       12-Nov-77
Hanney             Lester E.                                      23-Feb-77
Hanni              Madalyn R. (Mrs. RobertA.)                     07-Dec-77
Hanni              Robert A.                                      28-Jul-77
Hanni              Robert A.                                      29-Jul-77
Hannon             Floyd B. (Sr.)                                 25-May-77
Hansbarger         Robert L.                                      04-Apr-77
Hanschu            Katherina E. (Mrs. Fred)                       01-Mar-77
Hansen             Alma S. (Mrs.H. P.)                            02-Sep-77
Hansen             Fred                                           13-Feb-77
Hansen             Samuel H.                                      14-Dec-77
Hansen             Wilfred Russell                                09-Aug-77
Hanson             Benjamin H.                                    03-Sep-77
Hanson             Gracew M. (Dr.) (Mrs. P. N.)                   01-Oct-77
Hanson             Harold B.                                      09-Sep-77
Hanson             Harold J.                                      10-May-77
Hanson             John                                           21-Oct-77
Hanson             Ordie W.                                       02-Jun-77
Hanson             Susan Allene A.                                10-Sep-77
Hantla             Mildred L. (Mrs. Clarence)                     29-Sep-77
Hantz              William E. (hance)                             25-Aug-77
Hapgood            Synneve E. (Mrs. Clarence)                     13-Jul-77
Hapner             Selmer F.                                      25-Apr-77
Harbaugh           Christine Ann                                  08-Oct-77
Harbaugh           Mayme Lee (Mrs.)                               21-Jul-77
Harber             Shannon Marie                                  25-Oct-77
Harbert            William Joseph                                 20-Nov-77
Harclerode         A. M. C.                                       02-Jul-77
Harden             Clarence James                                 12-Jul-77
Harder             Helen Young (Mrs. Jacob)                       13-Oct-77
Harder             Helen Young (Mrs. Jacob)                       14-Oct-77
Harder             Raymond A.                                     23-Feb-77
Hardiman           Mark E.                                        15-Apr-77
Hardin             James                                          25-Dec-77
Harding            Robert Winfred                                 21-Aug-77
Hardrick           Mae Caroline Lynch (Mrs. Vernon)               05-Aug-77
Hardwick           Richard Wayne                                  25-Aug-77
Hardy              Evelyn Scott (Mrs. Stratford)                  12-Feb-77
Hardy              Irene M. (Mrs. Frederick)                      15-Sep-77
Hare               Nancy Ann                                      14-May-77
Hargett            Joe T. (Jr.)                                   18-Feb-77
Hargraves          Dale Andrew                                    19-Aug-77
Harker             Carl C.                                        22-Feb-77
Harkins            Doris Riddell (Mrs. George T.)                 23-Jul-77
Harlan             Albert                                         22-Nov-77
Harlan             Thomas D.                                      27-Nov-77
Harley             John A.                                        29-Oct-77
Harman             Edward                                         08-Nov-77
Harmel             Bud                                            03-Apr-77
Harmon             Eris Mae (Billie) (Mrs. I. V.)                 04-Nov-77
Harnish            Verne Charles                                  03-Oct-77
Harp               Dalton D.                                      28-Jul-77
Harper             Barbara L. (Mrs. Leslie H.)                    07-May-77
Harper             Barbara L. (Mrs. Leslie H.)                    06-May-77
Harper             Mildreth Say (Mrs. Glen W.)                    19-Apr-77
Harper             Ruth T. (Mrs. Ira)                             17-Sep-77
Harper             William Herbert                                04-Dec-77
Harr               Bill                                           28-Jun-77
Harreld            Robert E. (Ed)                                 24-May-77
Harrington         Dolly L.                                       19-May-77
Harrington         William R.                                     20-Feb-77
Harris             Arthur Floyd                                   25-Sep-77
Harris             Blanche C. (Mrs. William)                      25-Jul-77
Harris             Calvin                                         04-Mar-77
Harris             Calvin                                         05-Mar-77
Harris             Cecil                                          05-Mar-77
Harris             Charles William                                18-Mar-77
Harris             Charlie Ray                                    25-Jul-77
Harris             Dale C.                                        28-Oct-77
Harris             Ella R. (Mrs. Ernest)                          02-Jun-77
Harris             Elmer R.                                       08-Jun-77
Harris             Florence (Mrs. Ivan)                           19-Nov-77
Harris             Flossie M. (Mrs. Charlie)                      22-Feb-77
Harris             Frank L.                                       26-May-77
Harris             Fred E.                                        19-Oct-77
Harris             George                                         24-Jun-77
Harris             Jack L.                                        01-Mar-77
Harris             James                                          27-Apr-77
Harris             John H.                                        28-Jul-77
Harris             Mary Ann (Mrs.)                                17-Nov-77
Harris             Mary L. (Mrs. Albert)                          25-Feb-77
Harris             Melinda Mae                                    08-Nov-77
Harris             Myrle A. (Mrs. Roy H.)                         01-Oct-77
Harris             Orbin G.                                       28-Jun-77
Harris             Phoebe Elizabeth                               27-May-77
Harris             Ruth Ann (Dina)                                17-Oct-77
Harris             Sharon Ann (Mrs. Dale C.)                      12-Apr-77
Harris             Susie Lee (Mrs. E. Leo)                        12-Mar-77
Harrison           Alfred L.                                      24-Apr-77
Harrison           Alfred L.                                      24-Apr-77
Harrison           John A.                                        17-Feb-77
Harrison           Paul E. (Dr.)                                  22-Jul-77
Harrison           Robert G.                                      18-Dec-77
Harrod             Charles E.                                     17-Mar-77
Hart               James W.                                       18-Apr-77
Hart               Steven T.                                      30-Mar-77
Hart               Sylvania E. (Mrs. Joe)                         05-Jul-77
Hart               Sylvania E. (Mrs. Joe)                         05-Jul-77
Hart                                                              01-Nov-77
Hartley            Benjamin Franklin                              04-Feb-77
Hartley            Gladys B. (Mrs. William C.)                    04-Oct-77
Hartley            Mildred Mignon (Mrs. Harold)                   08-Jan-77
Hartley            Philip D.                                      22-Nov-77
Hartman            August F.                                      18-Feb-77
Hartman            Glen E.                                        15-Jun-77
Hartman            Lloyd Burton                                   31-Oct-77
Hartman            Lloyd Burton                                   01-Nov-77
Hartman            Ruth Ann                                       06-Sep-77
Hartung            Annie Elllen (Mrs. Harry Elmer)                12-Jun-77
Hartwell           Homer P.                                       29-Dec-77
Hartwing           Leonard                                        23-Aug-77
Hartzell           Lionel E.                                      15-Feb-77
Hartzler           Lavina (Mrs. A. P.)                            27-Oct-77
Hartzler           Russell                                        08-Oct-77
Harvey             Clara Francis (Mrs. Truman C.)                 29-Jun-77
Harvey             Florence M. (Mrs. William A.)                  14-Dec-77
Harvey             Mary E. (Mrs. Jehu A.)                         12-Mar-77
Harvey             Minnie L. (Mrs. Charles)                       15-May-77
Harvey             Orvie E.                                       03-Jul-77
Harwick            Leonard C.                                     12-Jan-77
Harwood            Victor G.                                      29-Nov-77
Hasenbank          Charles G.                                     26-May-77
Haskell            Frank H.                                       30-Oct-77
Haskin             Anna C. (Mrs. Ross)                            13-Jul-77
Haskin             Walter W.                                      17-Mar-77
Haskins            Alfred B.                                      29-Nov-77
Haslett            Bertha Mable (Mrs. Walter)                     03-Dec-77
Hassard            Arthur B.                                      07-Sep-77
Hassler            Kenneth C.                                     17-Nov-77
Hastings           Doyle A.                                       16-Jun-77
Haston             Dorothy (Mrs. Jesse)                           04-Dec-77
Hasty              Eva B. (Mrs. Frank)                            12-Sep-77
Hatafield          Leslie W.                                      03-May-77
Hatcher            Mable P.                                       18-Sep-77
Hatcher            Otto C.                                        12-Jan-77
Hatfield           Mattie E. (Mrs. Nathan N.)                     03-May-77
Hatfield           Nathan N.                                      26-Apr-77
Hatty              Samuel (Jr.)                                   12-Jul-77
Haucke             Frank (Chief)                                  01-Feb-77
Haughton           Richard (Dick)                                 09-Jun-77
Haukap             Frances (Mrs. Ferdinand)                       12-Feb-77
Haury              Carl F. (Sr.)                                  12-May-77
Haury              Carl F. (Sr.)                                  12-May-77
Haury              Irma D.                                        14-Jun-77
Haury              Theresa (Mrs. W. T.)                           04-Apr-77
Hause              Mamie (Mrs. Homer)                             18-Mar-77
Hauser             Edward George                                  23-Aug-77
Hawes              Ruth L. (Mrs. Amos)                            02-Sep-77
Hawes              Samuel Raymond                                 25-Dec-77
Hawk               Arlie R.                                       23-Sep-77
Hawk               Leola (Mrs. Harold)                            03-Oct-77
Hawk               Lewis C.                                       06-Oct-77
Hawkins            LeRoy                                          15-Jun-77
Hawkins            LeRoy                                          17-Jun-77
Hawkins            LeRoy                                          20-Jun-77
Hawkins            Louise (Mrs. Lee)                              08-Jan-77
Hawkins            Raymond                                        13-Feb-77
Hawley             Ida A. (Mrs. Otis)                             27-Feb-77
Hawley             Zona V. (Mrs. C. W.)                           15-Nov-77
Haworth            Grace M. (Mrs. Roland)                         30-Jul-77
Haworth            Jessie E. (Mrs. Roy F.)                        21-May-77
Haworth            Royal F.                                       25-Aug-77
Hawpe              Aubrey C.                                      08-Jan-77
Hawthorne          Annabelle (Mrs. B. J.)                         30-Dec-77
Hawthrone          Annabelle (Mrs. B. J.)                         31-Dec-77
Hay                Cecil                                          27-Apr-77
Hay                Laurence C.                                    22-Dec-77
Hayden             Edith M. (Mrs. Joseph L.)                      20-Nov-77
Hayes              Charles T.                                     29-Apr-77
Hayes              David A.                                       16-Nov-77
Hayes              Erma L. (Mrs. Virgil L.)                       20-Feb-77
Hayes              Floyd L.                                       16-Jun-77
Hayes              LeRonda D.                                     17-Jul-77
Hayes              Mary E. (Mrs. Walter Robert)                   25-Sep-77
Hayes              Newell R.                                      07-Aug-77
Hayes              Robert C.                                      25-Jan-77
Hayes              Rosisna D. (Mrs. William H.)                   29-May-77
Haymaker           John Ernest                                    16-Mar-77
Hayner             William C.                                     17-Oct-77
Haynes             Arthur                                         31-Mar-77
Haynes             Jefferson D.                                   17-Mar-77
Haynes             Rea (Mrs. John)                                14-Jun-77
Hays               Blanch I. (Mrs. Don)                           20-Mar-77
Hays               Ethel (Mrs. Harry)                             17-Nov-77
Hays               Frank                                          24-Feb-77
Hays               Vernon L.                                      12-Mar-77
Haywood            Lacile (Mrs. Lewie)                            04-Apr-77
Haywood            Lacile (Mrs. Lewie)                            06-Apr-77
Hazelrigg          Don LaMonta                                    05-Nov-77
Hazelton           James (Harry)                                  13-May-77
Hazen              Frances (Mrs. George)                          13-May-77
Hazlett            Leo F.                                         29-Mar-77
Hazzard            Ora M.                                         20-Jul-77
Heacock            Linnie Laurine (Mrs. Jud)                      18-Aug-77
Head               Cecil B.                                       21-Apr-77
Head               Connace Audrey (Mrs. Ben L.)                   29-Mar-77
Head               Lorene Zenner (Mrs. Dick)                      02-Apr-77
Healy              Ann (Mrs. Emmet T.)                            20-Jul-77
Healy              Ann (Mrs. Emmet).                              21-Jul-77
Healy              H. E. (Pat)                                    01-Apr-77
Heaston            William D.                                     09-Oct-77
Heasty             Elsie (Mrs. Carl F.)                           24-Sep-77
Heater             Mary E. (Mrs. Willis)                          12-Apr-77
Heath              Colleen Aretta (Mrs. James)                    15-Mar-77
Heath              Colleen Aretta (Mrs. James)                    16-Mar-77
Heath              Marion E.                                      23-Apr-77
Heath              Mary (Mrs. Todd)                               03-Apr-77
Heath              Virginia M.                                    24-May-77
Heaton             Elva (Mrs. Elmer)                              12-Jul-77
Heavilin           Willian Harry                                  04-Feb-77
Heck               Leonard Albert                                 06-Jul-77
Heckard            Robert A.                                      13-Feb-77
Heckard            Robert A.                                      15-Feb-77
Heckel             Theresa M. (Mrs. Frederick)                    21-Oct-77
Heckele            John F.                                        08-Oct-77
Heckendorn         Norman C.                                      16-Apr-77
Heckerman          Linda Marie (Mrs. Morris)                      15-Apr-77
Heckes             Gerald D.                                      01-Oct-77
Heckman            Louis Lehr                                     28-Dec-77
Hedge              Dan A. (Dr.)                                   17-Jul-77
Hedrick            Alvin R.                                       18-Oct-77
Hedricks           Gaytha A. (Mrs. Howard)                        08-May-77
Hedstrom           Luther S.                                      14-Sep-77
Heersche           Eva I. (Mrs. Garrett)                          19-Sep-77
Heffron            Ford R.                                        18-Sep-77
Hefley             Anna                                           31-Mar-77
Hefley             Jason Allen                                    06-Jan-77
Heflin             Blaine                                         24-Nov-77
Hegarty            S. G. (Dick)                                   28-Dec-77
Hegler             Grace (Mrs. Burns)                             29-Apr-77
Hegwald            Jake                                           25-Dec-77
Hehrens            Sena H. (Mrs. Herman)                          13-May-77
Heidel             George C.                                      18-Dec-77
Heili              Tate Aryn                                      16-Feb-77
Heilman            Dema L. (Mrs. Leonard)                         07-Apr-77
Heilman            Dema L. (Mrs. Leonard)                         08-Apr-77
Hein               John W.                                        29-Sep-77
Hein               Mathias J.                                     12-Jun-77
Heinmann           Jean Marie (Mrs. Earl)                         06-Jul-77
Heintz             Leslie (Ern)                                   01-Aug-77
Heintz             Leslie (Ern)                                   02-Aug-77
Heinz              Peter J.                                       21-Jul-77
Heithaus           Edward J.                                      10-Dec-77
Heitz              Mary (Mrs. Ben)                                10-Oct-77
Heizer             Ethel (Mrs. M. C.)                             29-Oct-77
Helfert            Edward A.                                      04-Apr-77
Helitzer           Bernard (Dr.)                                  22-Dec-77
Helland            Elmer O.                                       14-Jun-77
Hellman            C. Brad                                        29-Dec-77
Hellstern          Eugene R.                                      03-Apr-77
Hellwig            Minna K. (Mrs. Barthold)                       10-Oct-77
Helm               Goldena (Mrs. Fielding)                        24-Jan-77
Helm               Nathan                                         16-Sep-77
Helmers            Edward T.                                      31-Dec-77
Helmers            Mary (Mrs. Fred)                               07-Sep-77
Helmick            Myrtle A.                                      11-Sep-77
Helmley            Ada L.                                         12-Aug-77
Helt               James P.                                       31-Jul-77
Helwig             W. P. (Jr.)                                    11-Oct-77
Hembree            Walter H.                                      25-Aug-77
Hemenway           Russell E.                                     24-Sep-77
Hemphill           Melva                                          16-May-77
Hemphill           O. B. (Verg)                                   08-Apr-77
Hempler            Elizabeth (Mrs. C. A.)                         21-Mar-77
Henderson          Arnetta Marie                                  24-Jan-77
Henderson          Arthur L.                                      10-Jun-77
Henderson          Elizabeth (Mrs. Arthur)                        28-Dec-77
Henderson          Evis M. (Mrs. Robert)                          23-Mar-77
Henderson          Galen L.                                       07-Sep-77
Henderson          Howard A.                                      26-Jan-77
Henderson          Len L.                                         05-Jul-77
Henderson          Lillian (Mrs. Charles)                         15-Oct-77
Henderson          Lottie Marie                                   16-Nov-77
Henderson          Mae (Mrs. Len)                                 04-Oct-77
Henderson          Ralph Orville                                  22-May-77
Henderson          Viola Maude (Mrs. Artie)                       07-Sep-77
Henderson          William L.                                     12-Feb-77
Hendrick           Orville                                        22-May-77
Hendrickson        Elsie B. (Mrs. I. A.)                          03-Sep-77
Hendrix            George                                         10-Jul-77
Hendrixson         Harry D.                                       21-Sep-77
Hengge             Lauretta M. (Mrs. Frank B.)                    25-Aug-77
Henkle             Rebecca Maude (Mrs. Walter)                    17-Sep-77
Henness            Roy J.                                         07-Aug-77
Henney             Galdys Irene (Mrs. Frank)                      22-Sep-77
Henning            Anthony Peter                                  25-Apr-77
Henning            Rudy T.                                        07-Apr-77
Henrry             Leo F.  (Sr.)                                  09-Aug-77
Henry              Darla J. (Mrs. Max L.)                         13-Mar-77
Henry              Herbert Raymond                                15-Oct-77
Henry              Robert H.                                      06-Nov-77
Hensely            Nina (Mrs.)                                    02-Dec-77
Hensley            Ivan                                           04-Apr-77
Hensley            Lee R.                                         02-Aug-77
Henson             Charles W.                                     06-Feb-77
Henton             E. Maydene (Mrs. Walter)                       24-Feb-77
Herd               Bertha Agnes                                   17-Sep-77
Herink             Frances (Mrs. Fred)                            25-Jun-77
Herl               Helen (Mrs. Clarence)                          05-Nov-77
Herman             Eilfred D. (Curly) (Sr.)                       10-Jun-77
Hern               Paul                                           12-Sep-77
Hern               Paul                                           12-Sep-77
Hernadez           Doncianna (Mrs. Pedro)                         22-Sep-77
Hernadez           Flora E. (Mrs. J. M.)                          21-Sep-77
Hernandez          Jeremy Lee                                     27-May-77
Herndon            Woodrow Edward                                 17-Feb-77
Heroneme           Rose E. (Mrs. Leo)                             30-Mar-77
Herra              Iva Ann (Mrs. Jim)                             01-Jun-77
Herrin             Glynnava (Mrs. Raymond)                        11-Jun-77
Herring            Frank                                          11-Mar-77
Herring            Pearl (Mrs.Floyd)                              26-Jan-77
Herring            Walter E.                                      16-Apr-77
Herrman            Charles                                        03-May-77
Herrmann           Louis A.                                       04-Jun-77
Hershberger        Opal L.                                        26-Aug-77
Hervey             James S. (Dr.)                                 10-Nov-77
Hess               Delmar reuben                                  05-Sep-77
Hess               Elva (Mrs. Abe)                                31-Jul-77
Hess               Elva (Mrs. Abe)                                01-Aug-77
Hess               James Irwin                                    02-Jul-77
Heter              Frank B.                                       03-Oct-77
Hetrick            Isabel (Mrs. William O.)                       02-Aug-77
Hetrick            Oscar A.                                       23-Sep-77
Hett               John                                           19-Nov-77
Hewett             Irene Elnora                                   22-Oct-77
Hewitt             James Walter                                   09-Aug-77
Hewson             Arthur B.                                      19-Oct-77
Hibbs              Etta A.                                        10-Sep-77
Hickerson          T. L.                                          10-Apr-77
Hickerson          T. L.                                          10-Apr-77
Hickman            Flora B. (Mrs. Walter)                         17-Dec-77
Hickok             Adelaide D. (Mrs. Harry)                       21-Feb-77
Hickok             Donavan R.                                     20-Dec-77
Hicks              Frances C. (Mrs. William)                      16-Oct-77
Hicks              Hazel O. (Mrs. Paul)                           06-Sep-77
Hicks              Ida L. (Mrs. Orlan)                            19-Apr-77
Hicks              Maxwell D. (Sr.)                               06-Mar-77
Hicks              Rosie Mae (Mrs. Dennis)                        01-Jul-77
Hiebert            Daniel G.                                      01-Aug-77
Hiebert            Eva (Mrs. Albert M.)                           18-Oct-77
Hiebert            Henry H.                                       25-Dec-77
Hiebert            Lizzie (Mrs. Ben)                              01-Mar-77
Hiebsch            Lucille (Mrs. Vincent F.)                      26-May-77
Hieger             H. R. (Joe)                                    30-Oct-77
Hielscher          Otto W.                                        10-Sep-77
Higginbottom       Clarence C.                                    03-Jun-77
Higgins            Earl R.                                        19-Jan-77
Higgins            Katherine Y. (Mrs. Finis)                      23-Aug-77
Higgins            M. Leona (Sister)                              14-Jun-77
Higgins            Sister M. Regis                                18-Jan-77
High               Roy                                            30-May-77
Highfill           Edyth (Mrs. Sam B.)                            07-May-77
Hight              Stephen A.                                     01-May-77
Hild               Ethel Ann (Mrs. James)                         05-Jan-77
Hildebrand         Dean Richard                                   05-Jul-77
Hildebrand         Frank                                          05-Apr-77
Hildebrand         John Franklin                                  03-Jul-77
Hildreth           Bert J.                                        19-Mar-77
Hill               Anne E. (Mrs. Virgil)                          24-May-77
Hill               Cathern Sarah (Mrs. Anson)                     07-Mar-77
Hill               Clarence M.                                    11-Jun-77
Hill               Herbert (Jr.)                                  06-Sep-77
Hill               Herbert (Jr.)                                  08-Sep-77
Hill               Hugh Jean                                      29-Mar-77
Hill               Laura C. (Mrs. Ernest)                         04-Jun-77
Hill               Lucy C.                                        10-Mar-77
Hill               Mabelean (Mrs. Clifford)                       18-Jan-77
Hill               Marguerite V. (Mrs. Charles W.)                18-Oct-77
Hill               Marian A. (Mrs. Russell)                       09-Jul-77
Hill               Pete                                           22-Oct-77
Hill               Ralph E.                                       21-Nov-77
Hill               Ralyn M.                                       28-Mar-77
Hill               Rosemary (Mrs. Leoy J. (Jr.))                  14-Jun-77
Hill               Ruth H. (Mrs. William)                         19-Mar-77
Hill               Willis K.                                      29-Jan-77
Hillman            Helen M. (Mrs. William)                        28-Nov-77
Hillwick           Bruce C.                                       15-Nov-77
Hillwick           Harry M.                                       20-Nov-77
Hillwick           Michael Alan                                   06-Nov-77
Hilt               Margaret L. (Mrs. Irvin)                       18-Nov-77
Hilton             Elizabeth (Mrs. Willard O.)                    10-Sep-77
Hilton             Mary Jane (Mrs. C. Ward)                       03-Feb-77
Himphill           James M.                                       13-May-77
Hinckley           Etta V. (Mrs.)                                 04-Dec-77
Hinderliter        Glen                                           28-Sep-77
Hiner              A. Lucille (Mrs. Ray T.)                       23-Apr-77
Hines              Archie Clarence                                08-Jul-77
Hines              Archie Clarence                                09-Jul-77
Hines              Lyda (Mrs. Grant)                              27-Nov-77
Hines              Nola B. (Mrs. Dorsey)                          10-Dec-77
Hines              Oscar E.                                       17-Jul-77
Hinger             Leona May (Mrs. Irl)                           22-Jul-77
Hinger             Leona May (Mrs. Irl)                           23-Jul-77
Hingst             Elmer E.                                       25-Aug-77
Hinkle             A. E. (Al)                                     01-Oct-77
Hinkle             Flora E. (Mrs. Jasper)                         14-Feb-77
Hinkle             Flora E. (Mrs. Jasper)                         16-Feb-77
Hinkle             Fred                                           08-Jan-77
Hinkson            Opal L. (Mrs. Willis)                          17-Jul-77
Hinman             Inez G. (Mrs. Strong)                          24-Aug-77
Hinman             Robert E.                                      18-Aug-77
Hinshaw            Joseph Calvin                                  13-Apr-77
Hinson             James P.                                       28-Apr-77
Hinthorn           Arthur G.                                      16-Sep-77
Hinton             Mabel                                          02-Sep-77
Hinz               Sherman Dee                                    19-Nov-77
Hirscheld          Sidney (Mrs. Robert L.)                        22-Dec-77
Hirth              William Clingman                               19-Jul-77
Hitchcock          Geraline Ann                                   03-Jun-77
Hites              Bertha A. (Mrs. Clinton)                       24-Jul-77
Hitz               Geraldine V. (Mrs. Virgil)                     27-Oct-77
Hixenbaugh         Dean E.                                        16-May-77
Hizey              Robert Duane                                   13-Mar-77
Hladik             Leonard L.                                     26-May-77
Hobbs              Gladys Padgett (Mrs. Chester L.)               12-Feb-77
Hobbs              Lucian Eastman (Dr.)                           15-Jun-77
Hobbs              Lucian Eastman (Dr.)                           15-Jun-77
Hobbs              Steven J.                                      21-Nov-77
Hobbs              Steven J.                                      22-Nov-77
Hobbs              Vinnie A. (Mrs. Roy)                           09-Mar-77
Hobson             Carl L.                                        06-Feb-77
Hobson             Grace Inez (Mrs. Ezra B.)                      04-Feb-77
Hoch               Frances E. Randels (Mrs. Wallis)               15-Jul-77
Hochstedler        Roy                                            08-Sep-77
Hockett            Ella E. (Mrs. Clyde)                           07-Jan-77
Hoddy              Roscoe R.                                      12-Apr-77
Hodge              Hazel I. (Mrs. Clabe V.)                       12-Jul-77
Hodge              Victor H.                                      16-Sep-77
Hodges             Allatha R. (Mrs.  Albert A.)                   12-Jul-77
Hodges             Delmar B. (Sr.)                                11-Dec-77
Hodges             Ennis R. (Shorty)                              25-Feb-77
Hodges             Merlin LeRoy                                   20-May-77
Hodgson            Freeman (Pop)                                  11-Dec-77
Hodson             Lilian Jason (Mrs. Asa)                        20-Mar-77
Hoefer             Dale L.                                        11-Jul-77
Hoefer             Dale L.                                        11-Jul-77
Hoel               Rose M. (Mrs. Leonard)                         21-Sep-77
Hoelschen          Harvey H.                                      14-Oct-77
Hoenscheidt        Clara Ann                                      26-Sep-77
Hoerner            George F. C.                                   27-Jan-77
Hoffman            Ann Wadman (Mrs.)                              02-Mar-77
Hoffman            Frank                                          04-Oct-77
Hoffman            Helene (Mrs. Earl G.)                          01-May-77
Hoffman            Helene (Mrs. Earl G.)                          02-May-77
Hoffman            John A.                                        17-Feb-77
Hoffman            Margaret (Mrs. Mitchel)                        09-Nov-77
Hoffman            Thelma (Mrs. Thad)                             20-Feb-77
Hoffmeier          Daniel C.                                      24-Jul-77
Hofmann            Lillian M. (Mrs. Charles W.)                   10-Oct-77
Hogan              Aeo M. (Mrs. Milo)                             18-Dec-77
Hogan              Bette                                          18-Sep-77
Hogan              James G. (Rev.)                                22-Feb-77
Hogan              Morris R.                                      16-Jun-77
Hogue              Alma Fern (Mrs. Thomas J.)                     20-Apr-77
Hohler             Byrl B.                                        15-Aug-77
Hoisington         Ralph                                          22-Feb-77
Hokr               Danny R.                                       24-Feb-77
Holcomb            Don D. (Dr.)                                   10-Jul-77
Holdeman           Gertie L. (Mrs. Walter B.)                     21-Dec-77
Holdeman           John F.                                        17-Nov-77
Holden             Carolyn M.                                     08-Apr-77
Holden             Louis W.                                       19-Jan-77
Holden             Mary L. (Mrs. Lawrence W.)                     28-Aug-77
Holder             Laura Bell                                     08-Jul-77
Holderman          Edith C. (Mrs. Grover)                         04-Mar-77
Holderman          Matlin Grover                                  18-Oct-77
Holestine          Jennie O'Dare (Mrs. Fred)                      25-Jan-77
Holgerson          C. Emil                                        02-Jan-77
Holgerson          Robert A.                                      16-Sep-77
Holinde            Roy Alen                                       03-May-77
Holland            Edith A. (Mrs. George)                         20-Dec-77
Holland            Horton E.                                      06-May-77
Holland            Richard Lee                                    22-Aug-77
Holland            Vernie Lee                                     12-Aug-77
Holland            Yvonne Mae (Mrs. Jerry)                        16-Sep-77
Holle              Amanda Irene (Mrs. Justis)                     28-Dec-77
Holle              William Frederick                              09-Feb-77
Holliday           Otis D.                                        12-Sep-77
Hollinger          Cecile (Mrs. Clark)                            12-May-77
Hollinger          Lova R. (Mrs. Gladwin)                         05-Apr-77
Hollingsworth      Audrey M.                                      19-May-77
Hollis             E. D.                                          19-Apr-77
Hollis             Joseph J.                                      28-Dec-77
Holloway           Carrie M. (Mrs. Herschel C.)                   04-Sep-77
Holloway           Velma O.                                       01-Jul-77
Holm               Birttie Elizabeth                              06-May-77
Holm               W. Russ (Dr.)                                  02-Mar-77
Holman             Hazel Mildred (Mrs. Mack)                      07-Mar-77
holman             Preston G. (Hap)                               25-Nov-77
Holmes             Dirk W.                                        26-Nov-77
Holmes             Elmer                                          18-May-77
Holmes             Knoxanna (Mrs. Walter)                         10-Jun-77
Holroyd            James Marion                                   10-Nov-77
Holroyd            Oscar John                                     23-Aug-77
Holsapple          Margie B. (Mrs. William H.)                    14-Jun-77
Holt               Emberson H.                                    09-Feb-77
Holt               Helen Mildred (Mrs. David H.)                  22-Mar-77
Holtke             Lora B.                                        27-Sep-77
Holub              Henry J.                                       21-Jan-77
Holzrichter        Frank E.                                       30-Mar-77
Homan              John Edward                                    16-Feb-77
Homler             Nellie (Mrs.  Robert)                          11-Apr-77
Homm               Alfred M.                                      21-Sep-77
Honea              Earl                                           17-May-77
Honeycutt          Ada May (Mrs. Charles)                         24-Sep-77
Hoober             Harvey A.                                      28-Jul-77
Hook               Lloyd E.                                       12-Dec-77
Hoolinhan          Caryl Joyce (Mrs. John)                        19-Sep-77
Hooper             Cora L. (Sally) (Mrs. Otis)                    21-Oct-77
Hooper             George F. (Sr.)                                05-Mar-77
Hooper             George F. (Sr.)                                05-Mar-77
Hooper             Walter MacKinley                               16-Jul-77
Hoover             Cecil E.                                       14-Jun-77
Hoover             Fred M.                                        19-Apr-77
Hoover             Harriet A. (Mrs. Charles D.)                   11-Jul-77
Hoover             Pearl E. (Mrs. Merle W.)                       02-Apr-77
Hopkins            Don W.                                         02-Nov-77
Hopkins            Marjorie C. (Mrs. Henry)                       07-Oct-77
Hopkins            Roy L.                                         15-Jul-77
Hopkins            Theodore                                       19-May-77
Hopper             Edna Gladys (Mrs. Jess)                        30-Nov-77
Hopper             Roy E.                                         22-Mar-77
Horan              Sarah A. (Mrs. Francis)                        26-Mar-77
Horn               Estes Erda (Mrs. Elmer D.)                     09-Oct-77
Hornbaker          Clara (Mrs. Earl D.)                           20-Feb-77
Hornbuckle         Della M. (Mrs. George)                         26-Apr-77
Horne              Bertha (Mrs. George)                           01-Oct-77
Horner             Delmar M.                                      10-Jan-77
Horner             Delmar M.                                      11-Jan-77
Horner             Nettie (Mrs. Harry)                            30-Dec-77
Hornsby            Willie F. (Mrs. Joe S.)                        19-Jun-77
Horsley            Alphea E. (Mrs.)                               04-Jan-77
Horst              Anna (Mrs. Jacob)                              17-Aug-77
Horst              Ruberta C.                                     11-Dec-77
Horton             Eliza E. (Mrs. Willis)                         04-Aug-77
Horton             Glen L.                                        08-Oct-77
Horton             Terry J.                                       25-Feb-77
Horton             W. H. (Shorty)                                 10-May-77
Horyna             Ben                                            10-Oct-77
Hoskins            Marie Santry                                   17-Oct-77
Hoskins            Mary Lou                                       17-May-77
Hoskins            Miller K.                                      15-Jun-77
Hoskins            Vesta D. (Mrs. Farmer)                         28-Jun-77
Hoskinson          Toledo Helen (Mrs. Mark)                       10-May-77
Hosler             Albert J.                                      15-Jul-77
Hoss               Hulbert E. (Hullie)                            21-May-77
Hoss               James Earl                                     02-Feb-77
Hotchkiss          William C.                                     18-Jul-77
Hotchkiss          William C.                                     19-Jul-77
Hotsenpiller       Franklin David                                 21-Oct-77
Hotsenpiller       Franklin David                                 21-Oct-77
Hottenstein        Estella L.                                     14-Mar-77
Hottman            Esther V.                                      01-Dec-77
Hotze              Louis C.                                       14-May-77
Houck              Levia (Mrs. Jes E.)                            10-Jul-77
Houdyshell         George Washington                              29-Nov-77
Houdyshell         Saul                                           16-Feb-77
Hough              Thomas Alan                                    18-Jul-77
Houghton           Margaret F. (Mrs. Lester)                      13-Oct-77
Houk               Elmer Russell (Blackie)                        01-Jul-77
Houk               Jessie M. (Mrs. Jesse)                         17-Aug-77
House              Virginia May (Mrs. Bryce)                      14-Nov-77
Houser             Hazel R. (Mrs. F. J.)                          02-Jul-77
Houser             Irvin P.                                       19-Jul-77
Houser             Lewis Moore                                    26-May-77
Housman            Michael J.                                     07-Aug-77
Houston            Mack F.                                        18-Sep-77
Houtz              Rosie s. (Mrs. Merritt)                        24-Sep-77
Houtz              Wayne                                          06-May-77
Hovander           Margaret (Mrs. Harvey)                         05-Jun-77
Howard             Arthur Lee                                     03-May-77
Howard             Claude C.                                      16-Dec-77
Howard             Emma L. (Mrs. Ivol)                            11-May-77
Howard             Everett Erenest                                08-Apr-77
Howard             Helen E. (Mrs. R. F.)                          19-Aug-77
Howard             James Richard                                  23-Jun-77
Howard             Jerry N. (Rev.)                                24-Aug-77
Howard             Mary Abigail (Mrs. John)                       19-Feb-77
Howard             Walter                                         17-Mar-77
Howe               Roy                                            09-Jan-77
Howell             Charles H.                                     13-Nov-77
Howell             Lewis V.                                       24-Sep-77
Howell             Maud M.                                        15-Dec-77
Howell             William J.                                     11-Sep-77
Hower              William L.                                     14-Aug-77
Howerton           Lena May (Mrs. John C.)                        15-Mar-77
Howie              Pearl I.                                       07-Apr-77
Hoy                Mary J.                                        02-Apr-77
Hoyt               Alta H. (Mrs. Fred)                            24-Aug-77
Hoyt               Earl (Casey)                                   13-Oct-77
Hoyt               Josie H. (Mrs. Louis N.)                       10-May-77
Hu                 Amy H.                                         17-May-77
Hubbard            Lyle H.                                        19-Feb-77
Hubbs              Harold E.                                      16-Dec-77
Huber              Gardner A.                                     06-Nov-77
Huck               Leo                                            17-Mar-77
Huckaby            Doris Irene (Mrs. Charles)                     14-Jun-77
Hucke              John F.                                        15-Mar-77
Huckleberry        Baby (son)                                     17-Oct-77
Huckstep           Mittie Florence (Mrs. Robert)                  21-Sep-77
Huckstep           Pearl                                          24-Jul-77
Huddleston         Glen N.                                        16-Apr-77
Hudson             Bernice E. (Mrs. Harold)                       07-Dec-77
Hudson             Jennie L.                                      18-Nov-77
Hudson             Prebble (Mrs. Frank B.)                        11-Oct-77
Hudson             Robert                                         02-Oct-77
Huebert            Helen L. (Mrs. Erenest)                        04-Mar-77
Huff               Nellie (Mrs. Carl)                             19-Feb-77
Huff               Roy J.                                         07-Jul-77
Hufferd            Annie J. (Mrs. Daniel)                         13-Mar-77
Huffman            Mabel Ellen (Mrs. Roy)                         25-Jan-77
Huffman            Roy C.                                         04-Jul-77
Huffman            Viola I. (Mrs. Charles E.)                     23-Apr-77
Huffmaster         Lydia A. (Mrs. Frank H.)                       29-May-77
Hufford            Loron                                          12-Mar-77
Huges              Charles                                        22-Mar-77
Huggins            Clifford Andrew                                12-Mar-77
Huggins            Clifford Eugene                                11-Mar-77
Huggins            Jura A. (Mrs. George)                          29-Apr-77
Huggins            Reva F.                                        06-Apr-77
Hughbanks          Mattie E. (Mrs. L. N.)                         31-Aug-77
Hughes             Bernice M. (Mrs. Elmer)                        17-Jul-77
Hughes             Cecil Delmar                                   07-Apr-77
Hughes             Genevieve H. (Mrs. Roy)                        08-Mar-77
Hughes             Grace M. (Mrs. Thomas)                         05-Nov-77
Hughes             Melba Grace (Mrs. Cecil)                       09-May-77
Hughes             Richard D.                                     10-Mar-77
Hughes             Russell (Sr.)                                  03-Oct-77
Hughey             Helen B. (Mrs. Clyde)                          12-Feb-77
Huguenin           Oscar                                          21-Jun-77
Hull               Clyde                                          05-Jan-77
Hull               Eliphalet H.                                   27-Jul-77
Hull               Fred                                           23-Mar-77
Hull               Rose Ella (Mrs. Kenneth)                       11-Mar-77
Hulse              Betty Jo (Mrs. Lester)                         16-Jun-77
Hulse              Clyde V.                                       09-Dec-77
Hulse              Harold                                         14-Sep-77
Hulse              Helen E. (Mrs. Homer L.)                       15-May-77
Hultqvist          Sarah M. (Mrs. Carl)                           03-Oct-77
Hulvey             Lonnie Ray                                     25-May-77
Humiston           Ray A.                                         20-Sep-77
Humphrey           Ethel (Mrs. Charles)                           19-Oct-77
Humphrey           Frank L.                                       09-Nov-77
Humphrey           Robert E.                                      04-Sep-77
Humphreys          Harold H.                                      26-Jul-77
Humphreys          Harold N.                                      25-Jul-77
Humphreys          L. D.                                          12-Oct-77
Humphreys          Leslie L.                                      18-Nov-77
Huna               Antonette (Mrs. John)                          27-Jul-77
Hungerford         Leonard L.                                     09-Jun-77
Hunt               Ada S. (Mrs. Giles V.)                         27-May-77
Hunt               Byrl M. (Sgt.)                                 02-Feb-77
Hunt               Emma E. (Mrs. L. R.)                           27-Nov-77
Hunt               Emma E. (Mrs. L. R.)                           28-Nov-77
Hunt               Florence Anna (Mrs. William)                   26-Nov-77
Hunt               George Paul                                    19-Dec-77
Hunt               Grace (Mrs. Ira)                               15-May-77
Hunt               Ida M. (Mrs. Art)                              06-May-77
Hunt               Minnie C. (Mrs. Arthur)                        22-Aug-77
Hunt               Thomas D.                                      29-Oct-77
Hunt               Walter A.                                      26-Jun-77
Hunt               William D.                                     19-Sep-77
Hunt               William D.                                     20-Sep-77
Hunter             Charles H.                                     23-Aug-77
Hunter             Floyd K.                                       06-Jul-77
Hunter             Ida M. (Mrs. John)                             30-Jun-77
Hunter             Mable McAarthur (Mrs. William)                 17-Sep-77
Hunter             Matilda Rothermel (Mrs. Thurman)               02-Nov-77
Hunter             Ollie Fern (Mrs. Cleve)                        01-Apr-77
Hunter             Pearl D. (Mrs. Cecil)                          05-Apr-77
Hunzicker          Jack                                           14-Mar-77
Hupp               Curtis W. II                                   01-Apr-77
Hurd               Rosalie Daves (Mrs. S. D.)                     25-Jun-77
Hurlburt           Oakley E.                                      07-Jan-77
Hurley             Clifford J.                                    25-Dec-77
Hurst              Alcy J.                                        09-Mar-77
Hurst              E. Fern (Mrs. John)                            06-Sep-77
Hurst              Ethel G. (Mrs. Thomas)                         12-Mar-77
Hurst              May H. (Mrs. Alvin E.)                         15-Jul-77
Hurt               Jessie May (Mrs. Walter Lee)                   28-Apr-77
Hurt               May (Mrs. Waler)                               28-Apr-77
Husband            Minnie Marie (Mrs. John)                       19-Aug-77
Husband            Minnie Marie (Mrs. John)                       19-Aug-77
Hutcherson         Burrell P.                                     30-Nov-77
Hutcherson         Margaret A. (Mrs. Burell)                      23-Jun-77
Hutchinson         H. Benjamin                                    13-Apr-77
Hutchinson         James R.                                       03-Jun-77
Hutchinson         Mandy                                          01-Dec-77
Hutchison          Henry Cleveland                                02-Oct-77
Huthcraft          Lucy Viola (Mrs. Clarence)                     10-Jul-77
Hutson             Minnie S. (Mrs. Claude D.)                     23-Nov-77
Huttchens          Robert                                         19-Aug-77
Hutton             Raymond E.                                     17-Aug-77
Hutton             Stephanie E.                                   01-Dec-77
Huxman             Martha J. (Mrs. Henry E.)                      08-Jun-77
Huxman             Rudolph Roy                                    31-Aug-77
Hven               Reuben N.                                      29-Jul-77
Hyatt              Albert M.                                      31-Mar-77
Hyde               Robert M.                                      05-Dec-77
Hyder              Vida (Mrs. Hugh)                               29-Aug-77
Hydorn             Rollie David                                   25-Feb-77
Hylton             Frank K.                                       08-Jan-77
Hylton             Inez E. (Mrs. Orville)                         30-Mar-77
Hymer              Helen E. (Mrs. E. F.)                          27-Oct-77
Hymes              Sam                                            27-Jul-77
Hymes              Sam                                            29-Jul-77
Hynek              William W.                                     15-Dec-77
Hyson              Lester Ray                                     14-May-77
Imel               Tracy G. (Mrs. Alfred C.)                      19-Mar-77
Imhof              Florence Alberta (Mrs. John)                   02-Mar-77
Immasche           Dorothy J. (Mrs. Howard)                       31-Jan-77
Immer              Agusta Violet (Mrs. Ray)                       04-Oct-77
Indermill          Bertha E. (Mrs. Louis)                         27-Mar-77
Indermill          Louis Lester                                   22-Jan-77
Ingels             Harry                                          12-Mar-77
Ingham             James Ralph                                    20-Apr-77
Ingle              Albert                                         11-Apr-77
Ingle              Ora M. (Mrs. William)                          25-May-77
Ingman             Arthur W.                                      26-Jan-77
Ingold             Walter T.                                      22-Oct-77
Ingram             thomas S.                                      07-Jul-77
Innes              Walter P. (Jr.)                                02-May-77
Innis              Elbert E.                                      19-Nov-77
Ireland            Arthur                                         25-Feb-77
Ireland            Bessie McClure (Mrs.)                          27-Aug-77
Ireland            William Douglas                                13-Jun-77
Irick              Lavada M. (Mrs. Charles A.)                    04-Feb-77
Irisk              Walter P.                                      20-Jun-77
Irwin              James Everett                                  30-Nov-77
Irwin              Walter Parker                                  05-Jan-77
Isaac              Anna (Mrs. Pete)                               02-Dec-77
Isaacs             Linda Jean                                     13-Jun-77
Isern              Emma (Mrs. Alvin)                              31-Dec-77
Isern              Milton A.                                      21-Jul-77
Isle               Dale O.                                        03-Sep-77
Itzen              Lester                                         13-Feb-77
Ives               Lulu Mae (Mrs.)                                08-Dec-77
Ivie               James E.                                       20-May-77
Ivie               Melvin C.                                      20-Aug-77
Jackson             Ben O.                                        01-Mar-77
Jackson            Anna Grace (Mrs. Charles)                      15-Jul-77
Jackson            Byron D.                                       03-Apr-77
Jackson            Carl J.                                        29-May-77
Jackson            James Estel                                    20-Apr-77
Jackson            James Estel                                    22-Apr-77
Jackson            Moses Charles                                  06-Nov-77
Jackson            Nan W. (Mrs.)                                  25-Feb-77
Jackson            Ralph J.                                       01-Nov-77
Jackson            Robert G.                                      26-Nov-77
Jackson            Roy L.                                         25-Feb-77
Jackson            Sedalia (Mrs. Issac)                           20-Dec-77
Jackson            Thomas H.                                      16-Nov-77
Jackson            Jessie B.                                      02-Oct-77
Jackson            Margaret Josephine                             03-Oct-77
Jackson            Vera (Mrs. O. G.)                              11-Oct-77
Jacob              Olive (Mrs. Walter)                            18-Feb-77
Jacobs             Arthur O.                                      13-Aug-77
Jacobs             Maye (Mrs. Wilbur)                             20-Dec-77
Jacobs             Richard H.                                     29-Jun-77
Jacobson           Helen Rae (Mrs. Lawrence)                      27-Feb-77
Jaecke             Alma                                           04-May-77
Jaeger             Charles Frank                                  14-Mar-77
Jaeger             Harold O.                                      27-May-77
Jaeger             Walter L. (Rev.)                               10-Oct-77
Jaehde             Herman E.                                      04-Jul-77
James              Hallie W. (Mrs. Harry)                         28-Dec-77
James              Luther N.                                      19-Mar-77
James              Martha F. (Fi)                                 16-Aug-77
Jameson            Iva Cloud (Mrs. H. M.)                         20-Nov-77
Jameson            Roy E.                                         25-Feb-77
Jancen             Elmer (Dr.)                                    31-Aug-77
Janssen            Adela M. (Mrs. Donald)                         07-Mar-77
Janssen            Bernice R. (Mrs. Donald)                       06-Dec-77
Jantz              Katie                                          25-Nov-77
Jantz              Lincoln                                        16-Dec-77
Jantz              Martha Frances (Mrs. Andrew)                   29-Dec-77
Jantz              Susie (Mrs. Adolph)                            22-Feb-77
Jantzen            Samul                                          25-Nov-77
Janzen             Dan D.                                         17-Jul-77
Janzen             Jacob B.                                       25-Oct-77
Janzen             Mildred L. (Mrs. Gerald)                       19-Mar-77
Jaquith            Inez Ruth (Mrs. Clyde)                         17-Sep-77
Jaquith            Inez Ruth (Mrs. Clyde)                         18-Sep-77
Jarmer             Harold F.                                      03-Jan-77
Jarrett            Juanita F. (Mrs. John W.)                      30-Aug-77
Jarvis             Chandler F.                                    26-Jul-77
Jasper             Wayne L.                                       03-Feb-77
Jay                Oma (Mrs.)                                     06-Jul-77
Jeakins            Grant O. (Sr.)                                 27-Nov-77
Jefferies          Jo Nora (Mrs. Milburn)                         23-Aug-77
Jeffery            Richard                                        01-Jul-77
Jeffries           John Elmer                                     26-Apr-77
Jelinek            Emma (Mrs. Charles)                            27-Apr-77
Jelinek            Steven Edward                                  15-Feb-77
Jendel             John S.                                        01-Dec-77
Jenkins            Beulah Katherine (Mrs. Herbert J.)             15-Aug-77
Jenkins            Edna A. (Mrs. John)                            13-Aug-77
Jenkins            Ferd William                                   30-Jun-77
Jenkins            J. J.                                          27-Dec-77
Jenkins            Lillie (Mrs. Mode)                             23-Mar-77
Jenkins            Minnie M. (Mrs. Samuel)                        27-Nov-77
Jenkins            Valletta A. (Mrs. Francis)                     29-Oct-77
Jenkins            Willie L.                                      19-Nov-77
Jenkins            Willie L.                                      21-Nov-77
Jenner             Elaine (Mrs. William R.)                       15-Oct-77
Jennings           George A.                                      24-Feb-77
Jennings           Mary Francis (Mrs. Willie)                     30-Apr-77
Jennings           Ruth E. (Mrs. Austin)                          19-Mar-77
Jennings           Ruth E. (Mrs. Austin)                          20-Mar-77
Jennison           Elda M.                                        18-Jul-77
Jennison           Robert H.                                      18-Oct-77
Jensen             Faye L. (Mrs. Martin L.)                       29-Nov-77
Jensen             Hilda H. (Mrs. Everett E.)                     21-May-77
Jensen             Kresten Ray                                    03-Aug-77
Jensma             Charles                                        17-Oct-77
Jenson             Gertrude J. (Mrs. Carl)                        13-Apr-77
Jernigan           Mary Evelyn (Mrs. Clarence H.)                 02-Jun-77
Jernigan           Mary Evelyn (Mrs. Clarence H.)                 03-Jun-77
Jesse              Guy W.                                         11-May-77
Jesseph            Albert O.                                      28-Aug-77
Jesseph            Albert O.                                      29-Aug-77
Jesseph            Charles Edward                                 27-Jul-77
Jesseph            K. M.                                          07-Sep-77
Jester             Myrtle E. (Mrs. Thomas H.)                     11-May-77
Jevons             Ethel L. (Mrs. Ellis)                          13-Sep-77
Jewell             William H.                                     01-May-77
Jilg               Henry A.                                       02-Jun-77
Jimerson           Kimberly Vaughn                                17-Jan-77
Jimerson           Kimberly Vaughn                                18-Jan-77
Jochem             Anna C.                                        15-Jun-77
Jochem             Anna C.                                        15-Jun-77
Jocker             Allen Joy                                      30-Dec-77
Johannes           Frances Z. (Mrs. Lewis)                        21-Feb-77
Johannsen          John                                           09-May-77
John               Alta May (Mrs. Lloyd)                          19-Mar-77
John               Hazel I. (Mrs. Frantz P.)                      19-Mar-77
Johns              Arthur W.                                      24-Feb-77
Johnson            Albert D.                                      28-Jan-77
Johnson            Annie M. (Mrs. Oscar B.)                       31-Dec-77
Johnson            Audie O. (Johnny)                              21-Aug-77
Johnson            Beatrice Evelyn (Mrs. Elmer)                   27-Jun-77
Johnson            Bertha Lulu (Mrs. Alva E.)                     24-Jan-77
Johnson            C. Arthur                                      18-Feb-77
Johnson            Carl A.                                        09-Dec-77
Johnson            Charner L.                                     19-Mar-77
Johnson            Clarence S.                                    26-Sep-77
Johnson            Clifford                                       28-Feb-77
Johnson            Clytie P. (Mrs. Homer)                         10-Feb-77
Johnson            Clytie P. (Mrs. Homer)                         11-Feb-77
Johnson            Daisy M. (Mrs. Herbert M.)                     12-Jul-77
Johnson            Delno (Duke)                                   10-May-77
Johnson            Delno (Duke)                                   11-May-77
Johnson            Docia (Mrs. Frank)                             08-Jul-77
Johnson            Donald L.                                      29-Sep-77
Johnson            Dorothy Mae (Mrs. Ira)                         20-Mar-77
Johnson            E. Albert                                      05-Apr-77
Johnson            Earl M. (Oley)                                 17-Jul-77
Johnson            Edith M.                                       27-Sep-77
Johnson            Effie E. (Mrs.G. Rex)                          01-Jan-77
Johnson            Elma I.                                        25-Mar-77
Johnson            Emil A.                                        18-Mar-77
Johnson            Emma Elizabeth (Mrs. Andrew)                   09-Jan-77
Johnson            Ethel Louise                                   10-Dec-77
Johnson            Ethel Mae (Mrs. Fred)                          02-Jun-77
Johnson            Eva M. (Mrs. Jack)                             08-Nov-77
Johnson            Fern (Mrs. Cyril)                              22-Dec-77
Johnson            Fred E. W.                                     13-Mar-77
Johnson            Gary M.                                        17-Jun-77
Johnson            Gertrude E. (Mrs. F. Marion)                   27-Mar-77
Johnson            Gilbert H.                                     26-May-77
Johnson            Gregory Dean                                   04-Jun-77
Johnson            Gregory Dean                                   07-Jun-77
Johnson            Hans E.                                        05-Apr-77
Johnson            Harold C.                                      25-Nov-77
Johnson            Hazel M. (Mrs. Ralph)                          02-Feb-77
Johnson            Hulda C.                                       14-Jun-77
Johnson            Jane L.                                        02-Mar-77
Johnson            Jennie M. (Mrs. Charles)                       24-Apr-77
Johnson            John Earl                                      24-Jul-77
Johnson            John T.                                        08-Sep-77
Johnson            Kristi                                         01-May-77
Johnson            Laura A. (Mrs. Daniel)                         10-Nov-77
Johnson            Leo (Turk)                                     04-May-77
Johnson            Libern Ernest                                  14-Aug-77
Johnson            Lillian (Mrs. Homer)                           21-Feb-77
Johnson            Mabel (Mrs. D. A.)                             07-Aug-77
Johnson            Mary (Mrs. Pete)                               01-Mar-77
Johnson            Mary C. (Mrs. Jewell)                          19-Jun-77
Johnson            Nellie (Mrs. Luther)                           24-Aug-77
Johnson            Nellie A. (Mrs. Austin)                        14-Mar-77
Johnson            Olga C.                                        27-Aug-77
Johnson            Opal (Mrs. Glen)                               22-Apr-77
Johnson            Oron                                           25-Feb-77
Johnson            Orville R. (Bus)                               20-Jun-77
Johnson            Oscar L. (Sr.)                                 09-Jul-77
Johnson            Owen Kenneth                                   02-Jun-77
Johnson            Pearl E. (Mrs. Alex M.)                        05-Nov-77
Johnson            Philip E.                                      22-Aug-77
Johnson            Raymond L.                                     27-Oct-77
Johnson            Richard V.                                     28-Nov-77
Johnson            Robert C.                                      06-Oct-77
Johnson            Robert Edwin                                   06-May-77
Johnson            Ruby                                           02-Jul-77
Johnson            Ruby M. (Mrs. Leroy)                           30-Mar-77
Johnson            Ruby M. (Mrs. Wilbur)                          17-Nov-77
Johnson            Stella M. (Mrs. Robert)                        25-Jun-77
Johnson            Troy E.                                        10-Apr-77
Johnston           Bessie I. (Mrs. Harvey)                        24-Sep-77
Johnston           Beth                                           07-Jun-77
Johnston           Chester W.                                     19-Apr-77
Johnston           Forrest A.                                     26-Mar-77
Johnston           Frank R.                                       08-Mar-77
Johnston           Gladys Waunita (Mrs. Kenneth)                  05-Nov-77
Johnston           John O.                                        29-Mar-77
Johnston           Margaret (Mrs. Russell)                        05-Dec-77
Johnston           Martha                                         15-Jun-77
Johnston           Mellie G. (Mrs. Myrl)                          05-Mar-77
Johnston           Roy A.                                         27-May-77
Johnston           Marvin E. (Sr.)                                07-Mar-77
Joice              Edward William                                 05-Dec-77
Joice              Sarah Elaine (Mrs. Walter)                     16-Apr-77
Jolly              Robert Lee                                     04-Apr-77
Jones              Aaron David                                    06-Nov-77
Jones              Ada Marie (Mrs. Ray C.)                        11-Dec-77
Jones              Anna K. (Mrs. Earl)                            27-Feb-77
Jones              Anna W. (Mrs. W. E.)                           22-Dec-77
Jones              Bessie Rhoads (Mrs. Allen)                     10-Feb-77
Jones              Bessie Rhoads (Mrs. Allen)                     11-Feb-77
Jones              Cecil Merle                                    20-Apr-77
Jones              Ceola Marie (Mrs. Jo)                          28-Dec-77
Jones              Charles L. (Pete)                              01-Jul-77
Jones              Clifford Ray                                   06-Jun-77
Jones              Daisy I. (Mrs. Frank)                          20-Aug-77
Jones              Donald Mack                                    10-Feb-77
Jones              Dorothy M. (Mrs.)                              23-May-77
Jones              E. Carl                                        12-Oct-77
Jones              Ella Jane (Mrs. John)                          29-Aug-77
Jones              Elsie Maude                                    21-Sep-77
Jones              Elvin A.                                       26-May-77
Jones              Ernest                                         09-Aug-77
Jones              Ernest B.                                      11-May-77
Jones              Eva G.                                         22-Mar-77
Jones              Florencce M. (Mrs. Vernie C.)                  20-Sep-77
Jones              Florence (Mrs. Laurin)                         16-Apr-77
Jones              Gertrude May (Mrs. Oscar)                      24-Mar-77
Jones              Gladys F. (Mrs. Jesse)                         14-Jan-77
Jones              Gladys M. (Mrs. Everett J.)                    14-Sep-77
Jones              Guy E.                                         26-Oct-77
Jones              Henry I. (Junior)                              16-May-77
Jones              Ida L. (Mrs. Arth)                             20-Mar-77
Jones              Ira E.                                         14-Jun-77
Jones              J. Floyd                                       06-Feb-77
Jones              J. Parker                                      26-Sep-77
Jones              James J.                                       26-Mar-77
Jones              Jessie Mae (Mrs. Paul L.)                      05-Jun-77
Jones              John Henry                                     27-Dec-77
Jones              L. O. (Dick)                                   07-Aug-77
Jones              Marion                                         04-Oct-77
Jones              Marion                                         06-Oct-77
Jones              Martha (Mrs. Letris)                           11-Dec-77
Jones              Milton E. (Bud)                                24-Aug-77
Jones              Minnie "Pat" (Mrs. Floyd)                      13-Dec-77
Jones              Noel                                           01-Jul-77
Jones              Olive (Mrs. Alex)                              25-Dec-77
Jones              Ollie (Mrs. Virgil)                            05-Jan-77
Jones              Ona Maye "Massie" (Mrs. Calrence)              24-Dec-77
Jones              Paul (Jr.)                                     15-Apr-77
Jones              Pauline (Mrs. Raymond)                         12-Jun-77
Jones              Quentin Paul                                   14-Jun-77
Jones              Quentin Paul                                   15-Jun-77
Jones              Ralph Edward                                   25-Dec-77
Jones              Ralph L.                                       29-Mar-77
Jones              Ralph S.                                       04-Oct-77
Jones              Reginald M.                                    20-Nov-77
Jones              Roy M.                                         25-Aug-77
Jones              Roy M.                                         25-Aug-77
Jones              Ruth N. (Mrs. Owen)                            05-Nov-77
Jones              Sandra Marie                                   23-Aug-77
Jonhson            Elmer T.                                       30-Jul-77
Jonhson            Rutherford L.                                  24-Feb-77
Joost              Louise (Mrs. Elmer)                            02-Jun-77
Joplin             Lizzie Dee (Mrs. Johnnie)                      03-Aug-77
Jordan             Carl Edward                                    22-Jul-77
Jordan             Emmett S.                                      30-May-77
Jordan             Glenn                                          09-Jan-77
Jordan             JerryF.                                        22-Dec-77
Jordan             Sam Irby                                       13-Jul-77
Jordan             Timothy E.                                     20-Jul-77
Jordan             Timothy S.                                     11-Oct-77
Jordan             Wilson Owen                                    01-Aug-77
Josefiak           John F.                                        22-Jul-77
Jostes             Raymond                                        07-Aug-77
Journey            Michael Duane                                  30-Aug-77
Joy                Hazel W. (Mrs. John)                           20-Jun-77
Joy                Hazel W. (Mrs. John)                           21-Jun-77
Joyce              Harriet (Mrs. Martin)                          29-Jul-77
Joyner             Sterling J.                                    24-Oct-77
Juarez             Milton                                         08-Sep-77
Juby               Gladys Ethel (Mrs. Ancil)                      20-Feb-77
Judd               C. Easter                                      23-Dec-77
Judy               Fern (Mrs. P. B.)                              13-Nov-77
Julius             Clarence C.                                    16-Oct-77
Jungle             Frank                                          19-Aug-77
Jurgenson          Lester W.                                      13-Aug-77
Justice            Ruth G. (Mrs. Alfred)                          30-Sep-77
Justice            George M.                                      18-Mar-77
Justvig            Violet R.                                      27-Jul-77
Justvig            Violet R.                                      28-Jul-77
Kagey              Lloyd Monroe                                   17-Oct-77
Kahler             Pete D.                                        10-Jan-77
Kail               Lena Belle (Mrs. Joseph J.)                    01-Feb-77
Kaiser             Adolph                                         16-May-77
Kaiser             Ellen (Mrs. Chalon)                            09-Jan-77
Kaiser             Faye H. (Mrs. Franklin W.)                     26-May-77
Kaiser             Helen Sarah (Mrs. Arthur L.)                   21-Jun-77
Kaiser             Jason Douglas                                  14-Dec-77
Kallenbach         Ray A.                                         30-Jun-77
Kalter             Raymond C. (Father CSSR)                       10-Jul-77
Kammerer           Maryon M. (Mrs. J. W.)                         30-Dec-77
Kammerer           Maryon M. (Mrs. J. W.)                         31-Dec-77
Kamp               Robert M.                                      06-Jun-77
Kampling           Mary Frances (Mrs. Joseph)                     19-Jul-77
Kane               Francis V.                                     10-Dec-77
Kannard            Jesse Roy                                      15-Aug-77
Kanz               Joseph                                         02-Mar-77
Kaplan             Sam                                            27-Mar-77
Kapple             Truman A.                                      22-Feb-77
Karhoff            Elma Jane (Mrs. Lawrence)                      12-Dec-77
Karlin             Goldy F. (Mrs. Charley)                        06-Apr-77
Karmann            Pearl W. (Mrs. Charles A.)                     31-Dec-77
Karney             Ruby                                           09-Feb-77
Karney             Ruby                                           10-Feb-77
Karns              Marion H.                                      15-Jun-77
Karter             Frank                                          08-Nov-77
Kartsonis          Connie                                         01-Dec-77
Kasper             Edward H.                                      03-Jan-77
Kaste              Elmer J.                                       18-Mar-77
Kastens            Margaret L.                                    25-Aug-77
Kauer              Ida Johanna (Mrs. Tom D.)                      07-May-77
Kaufman            Elizabeth                                      01-Apr-77
Kaufman            Walter A.                                      06-Sep-77
Kaufmann           Martha Kasper (Mrs. Albert)                    13-Jun-77
Kay                Wayne E.                                       08-Apr-77
Kean               Charles Kenneth                                13-Aug-77
Kearney            Esther C. (Mrs. Aaron L.)                      06-Feb-77
Keeble             Melvin                                         04-Oct-77
Keele              Louis H. (Casey)                               11-Oct-77
Keeler             Nellie M. (Mrs. Thomas)                        20-Sep-77
Keeling            George Edwarad                                 19-Jun-77
Keeling            Ross                                           07-Sep-77
Keeling            Virgie I. (Mrs. James F.)                      10-Mar-77
Keen               Forrest A.                                     25-Oct-77
Keenan             Hedwig B. (Mrs. John)                          18-May-77
Keene              Henry C.                                       22-Apr-77
Keeney             Robert Lee                                     10-Aug-77
Keeney             Roy H.                                         21-Jun-77
Keeny              Eugene M.                                      10-Sep-77
Kees               Laura B. (Mrs. Jacob)                          26-Jul-77
Keesling           George R.                                      30-Aug-77
Keigh              Gertrude M. (Mrs. Robert M.)                   10-Dec-77
Keiser             Elsie P. (Mrs. Lester)                         14-Jun-77
Keiter             Bernard Joseph                                 16-Dec-77
Keith              Ethel (Mrs. W. W.)                             27-Jul-77
Keith              Gertrude M. (Mrs. Robert M.)                   11-Dec-77
Keith              Homer F.                                       17-Dec-77
Keith              James L.                                       04-Jun-77
Keith              L. Kyle (Mrs. Tom)                             22-Jul-77
Kellenberger       Edena B.                                       05-Oct-77
Kellenberger       Edena B.                                       05-Oct-77
Keller             Anna A. (Mrs. William)                         15-Nov-77
Keller             Carole Jane                                    31-Mar-77
Keller             George M.                                      03-Sep-77
Keller             Godfrey D.                                     26-Jul-77
Keller             Olive Adeline (Mrs. Henry)                     06-Dec-77
Keller             Ross Charles                                   09-Apr-77
Kelley             Clifton C.                                     08-Aug-77
Kelley             Edith (Mrs. Albert)                            04-Aug-77
Kelley             Ethelyn (Mrs. C. M.)                           08-Jun-77
Kelley             Lillie E. (Mrs. John)                          23-Sep-77
Kelley             Maud O. (Mrs. James T.)                        08-Dec-77
Kelley             Rober F.                                       17-Nov-77
Kelley             Ruby Pearl (Mrs. Paul)                         07-Dec-77
Kelley             S. J. (Dr.)                                    06-Jun-77
Kellogg            Florence A. (Mrs. Carl M.)                     10-Sep-77
Kelly              Carrie (Mrs. Michael)                          11-Feb-77
Kelly              Cecil                                          30-Jan-77
Kelly              Deborah (Mrs. Thomas)                          23-Dec-77
Kelly              Eeugene E. (Gene)                              17-Jul-77
Kelly              Florence G. (Mrs. Cashel)                      04-Jun-77
Kelly              Goldie P. (Mrs. Walter E.)                     04-Aug-77
Kelly              Harold                                         22-Apr-77
Kelly              Harold J.                                      20-Sep-77
Kelly              Herbert L.                                     26-Nov-77
Kelly              Jason                                          14-Jun-77
Kelly              Joanna B.                                      18-Apr-77
Kelly              Margaret (Mrs. William D.)                     13-Apr-77
Kelly              Nell Mae (Mrs. Lex)                            12-Sep-77
Kelly              Vincent                                        20-Oct-77
Kelpz              Oscar D.                                       10-Feb-77
Kelsey             John Arthur                                    04-Jul-77
Kelso              C. M. (Moon)                                   15-Feb-77
Kelso              Merle W.                                       28-Apr-77
Keltner            Ella Mae                                       27-Nov-77
Kelty              Leo Francis (Msgr.)                            21-Mar-77
Kemp               Leland (Tim)                                   31-Dec-77
Kemper             ary P. (Mrs. Everett)                          30-Jan-77
Kenagy             Ernest C.                                      22-Feb-77
Kendall            Raymond Rex                                    15-Jun-77
Kendrick           Alvin Clyde                                    24-Jul-77
Kendrick           Harold J.                                      10-May-77
Kennard            Curtis                                         30-Sep-77
Kennedy            A. J.                                          19-Dec-77
Kennedy            Daisy Jane (Mrs. John Fred)                    22-May-77
Kennedy            Donna Mae (Mrs. Hugh W.)                       14-Aug-77
Kennedy            J. Melvin                                      13-Oct-77
Kennedy            Jesse E.                                       18-Jun-77
Kennedy            Jesse E.                                       19-Jun-77
Kennedy            Maude F. (Mrs. Douglas)                        22-Jun-77
Kennedy            Montie M.                                      01-Jul-77
Kennedy            Ruth Smock (Mrs. Frank)                        11-Mar-77
Kennon             Georgianna E. (Mrs. Haraold R.)                01-Jun-77
Kent               Ella (Mrs. Walter)                             18-Jul-77
Kent               John H.                                        13-Dec-77
Kent               Nellie F. (Mrs. Cecil)                         08-Nov-77
Kenyon             Marie F. (Mrs. Grant Y.)                       15-Feb-77
Keogh              John J. (Maj.)                                 23-Aug-77
Kerby              Myrtle Carver (Mrs. Loren)                     11-Apr-77
Kerhbiel           Rosa W. (Mrs. Jonas)                           12-Jan-77
Kern               Margaret Josephine (Mrs. Samuel)               04-Mar-77
Kerns              Meritt N.                                      06-Nov-77
Kerns              Pearl M. (Mrs. Robert)                         23-Jul-77
Kerr               Ben F.                                         02-Jan-77
Kerr               Charles Richard                                05-Feb-77
Kerr               Robert E.                                      14-Sep-77
Kerschen           Leo M.                                         10-Jun-77
Kerschen           Wilferd J.                                     10-Jul-77
Kerschner          Nancy C. (Nannie)                              31-Jul-77
Kershaw            Michael Boyce                                  28-Jan-77
Kerstine           Charlotte H. (Mrs. Leo F.)                     18-Mar-77
Kerwin             John Richard                                   06-Mar-77
Kester             Ernest M.                                      20-Feb-77
Ketchel            Thora Janice                                   14-Dec-77
Kettle             Herbert R.                                     19-Feb-77
Kettler            Blanche D. (Mrs. Fred C.)                      13-Jun-77
Ketzner            Helena Rottering (Mrs. Jake)                   01-Feb-77
Keyte              Flossie B. (Mrs. George)                       17-Oct-77
Kibbe              Hallie E. (Mrs. Walter)                        10-Mar-77
Kibbey             Mamie C.                                       09-Apr-77
Kidd               Bessie A. (Mrs. Luther C.)                     08-Feb-77
kidd               Jonathan Paul                                  01-Jul-77
Kidwell            Ianthe (Mrs. Arthur S.)                        20-Oct-77
Kidwell            Virginia Lee (Mrs. Orlie)                      18-Sep-77
Kiehl              Ralph G.                                       08-Feb-77
Kightlinger        Lula                                           06-Jan-77
Kilgore            Johnie Maud (Mrs. Fred)                        30-Sep-77
Kilgore            Johnie Maud (Mrs. Fred)                        01-Oct-77
Killen             Jack M. II                                     07-Oct-77
Killingsworth      Dale Lee                                       16-May-77
Killingsworth      Dale Lee                                       17-May-77
Killingsworth      Roy E.                                         04-Sep-77
kilmer             Iven W.                                        27-Jun-77
Kimbell            Mqary Jean (Mrs. Harry)                        13-Jul-77
Kimler             Roy                                            14-Dec-77
Kimmel             Donald T.                                      18-Feb-77
Kimpler            Emma E. (Mrs. Peter J.)                        16-May-77
Kincaid            Estella (Mrs. A. C.)                           05-Feb-77
Kincaid            Leslie A.                                      06-May-77
Kincaid            Ona M. (Mrs. Dallas)                           29-May-77
Kincheloe          Ethel (Mrs. Stanley)                           10-Sep-77
Kind               Elmer L.                                       29-Sep-77
Kinder             Helen L. (Mrs. George)                         21-Mar-77
King               Billy R.                                       07-Feb-77
King               Bridget E. (Mrs. Charles)                      07-Dec-77
King               Bula B. (Mrs. William)                         07-May-77
King               Bula B. (Mrs. William)                         08-May-77
King               Connie Jo                                      10-Sep-77
King               Edwin C.                                       02-Nov-77
King               Edwin C.                                       03-Nov-77
King               Erma Joe                                       24-Aug-77
King               Eugene                                         18-Sep-77
King               Eugene                                         20-Sep-77
King               Florence (Mrs. Fred J.)                        14-May-77
King               Irma (Mrs. John)                               17-Mar-77
King               John Edward                                    11-Apr-77
King               Mildred (Mrs. Harry)                           15-May-77
King               Robert R.                                      14-Dec-77
King               Robert R.                                      15-Dec-77
King               Roy A. (Dale)                                  09-Dec-77
King               William M.                                     06-Apr-77
Kingery            Tony                                           08-Jun-77
Kinikin            Benjamin                                       20-Feb-77
Kinkade            Cecil                                          04-Nov-77
Kinnan             Jean (Mrs. Leon)                               03-Apr-77
Kinney             John Francis                                   01-Apr-77
Kinney             Orton Albert (Jr.)                             04-Nov-77
Kinney             Paul C.                                        22-Apr-77
Kinney             Paul C.                                        23-Apr-77
Kinney             Roy C.                                         06-Jul-77
Kinser             Nellie May (Mrs. William)                      07-Jan-77
Kinslow            Leta H. (Mrs. William)                         31-Mar-77
Kinslow            Leta H. (Mrs. William)                         31-Mar-77
Kinzel             August                                         18-Apr-77
Kinzie             Ernest Michael                                 30-Jun-77
Kirby              Carl Olin                                      11-Oct-77
Kirby              Hazel (Mrs. L. R.)                             12-Nov-77
Kirby              Shawn Michael                                  09-Mar-77
Kirby              Thomas Victor (Sr.)                            09-Jul-77
Kirchner           Ollie Fern                                     16-Oct-77
Kirk               Homer                                          05-Jun-77
Kirk               Lula C. (Mrs. Francis)                         21-Feb-77
Kirk               William R.                                     18-Sep-77
Kirkham            Vena P. (Mrs. William)                         18-Jul-77
Kirkhuff           Wilbur M.                                      23-Aug-77
Kirkman            William John                                   07-Jul-77
Kirkpatrick        Marie (Mrs. Herman)                            23-Jul-77
Kirkpatrick        Mildred (Mrs.)                                 04-Feb-77
Kirkpatrick        R. J.                                          11-Aug-77
Kirkpatrick        Robert J. (Jr.)                                29-Dec-77
Kirksey            DeWitt T.                                      23-Feb-77
Kirksey            DeWitt T.                                      24-Feb-77
Kirkstatter        Veron Victor                                   23-Nov-77
Kirschke           Walter George                                  19-Jan-77
Kiser              Edwin W.                                       27-May-77
Kiser              Elsie P. (Mrs. Lester)                         13-Jun-77
Kiser              Norbal Lee                                     01-Sep-77
Kisner             Cecilia (Mrs. Adam)                            25-Dec-77
Kisner             James S.                                       10-Mar-77
Kisner             Joseph                                         20-Jul-77
Kissack            Cecil Leroy                                    06-Mar-77
Kissick            Edith (Mrs. Claude)                            22-Oct-77
Kissner            Phillip B.                                     05-Jan-77
Kitchen            Brian Kenneth                                  24-Mar-77
Kitchen            Wilton Jay                                     16-Sep-77
Klassen            Evelyn O. (Mrs. Rudolph)                       10-Feb-77
Klassen            Martha R. (Mrs. Arnold)                        12-Jul-77
Klassen            Menno H.                                       01-May-77
Klaus              Albert H.                                      24-Feb-77
Klaus              Curtis D.                                      29-Oct-77
Klaus              Lidwina (Mrs. Albert)                          15-Jul-77
Klaver             Pearl Edith (Mrs. Karl)                        02-Sep-77
Klebanoff          Selma K. (Mrs. Joseph B.)                      16-Aug-77
Klebanoff          Selma K. (Mrs. Joseph B.)                      17-Aug-77
Klein              Clarence C.                                    16-Jul-77
Klein              Cornelius F.                                   14-May-77
Klein              Gertrude R. (Mrs. Harry V.)                    10-May-77
Kliewer            Emma C. (Mrs. Edward)                          09-Nov-77
Kliewer            Jerry M.                                       29-Oct-77
Kline              Albert                                         16-May-77
Kline              Ralph R.                                       21-Feb-77
Klotz              Virgil R.                                      14-Jan-77
Klug               Wilhelm (Wm.)                                  20-Aug-77
Knackstedt         Lena (Mrs. Fred)                               01-Apr-77
Knak               George N.                                      01-Dec-77
Knapp              Agnes Emma (Mrs. Glenn L.)                     08-Oct-77
Knapp              Dora May (Mrs. Vernor)                         16-Jul-77
Knapp              Dora May (Mrs. Vernor)                         17-Jul-77
Knapp              Effie Gertrude (Mrs. Arthur)                   10-May-77
Knapp              Maude E. (Mrs. Louis)                          24-Nov-77
Knee               Evelyn M. (Mrs. Alvis A.)                      20-Dec-77
Knee               James C.                                       29-Jan-77
Knetzer            Leah A. (Mrs.)                                 06-Sep-77
Knifley            Robert T. (Sr.)                                05-Jun-77
Knight             Maxine Raye (Mrs. James)                       31-Jul-77
Knight             Vernon B.                                      05-Nov-77
Knight             William Lee                                    04-May-77
Knipp              Joseph A.                                      02-Jun-77
Knipp              Royce L.                                       23-Aug-77
Knipp              Royce L.                                       23-Aug-77
Knipp              Royce L.                                       24-Aug-77
Knoblauch          Dianne Katherine (Mrs. Ronald)                 16-Jun-77
Knoche             Ollie E.                                       10-Sep-77
Knoff              Robert Stephen                                 11-Jun-77
Knollenberg        John G.                                        14-Sep-77
Knotts             Eva (Mrs. Lloyd)                               11-Oct-77
Knowles            Naomi (Bobbie) (Mrs. Frank, Jr.)               26-Jan-77
Knowles            Reuben V.                                      05-Feb-77
Knox               Charles D.                                     03-Jan-77
Knox               Charles D.                                     05-Jan-77
Knox               John W.                                        05-Jul-77
Knox               Kathleen C. (Mrs. Dan)                         12-Oct-77
Kobett             Harry J.                                       12-Nov-77
Koch               Leona M. (Mrs.Byron)                           29-Apr-77
Koch               Mary (Mrs. William)                            08-May-77
Kochmann           Amalie (Mrs. George J.)                        30-Oct-77
Koehn              Anna (Mrs. Enoch D.)                           08-Jun-77
Koehn              Ella Violet (Mrs. Harry)                       07-Jan-77
Koehn              Harvey T.                                      11-Apr-77
Koehn              Jeffery J.                                     14-Feb-77
Koehn              Jeffery J.                                     14-Feb-77
Koehn              Lavina (Mrs. Henry)                            01-Dec-77
Koehn              Leonard L.                                     24-Sep-77
Koehn              Leonard L.                                     24-Sep-77
Koehn              Marvin M.                                      15-Sep-77
Koehn              Pete E.                                        16-Mar-77
Koehn              Robert N.                                      31-Dec-77
Koelling           Olaf M.                                        14-Jan-77
Koenig             Max                                            21-Oct-77
Koerner            Jeanne F.                                      08-Oct-77
Koerner            Margaret M. (Mrs. James)                       29-Jan-77
Koger              Clarence F.                                    13-Oct-77
Koger              Martha J. (Mrs. Harrison)                      08-Feb-77
Kohl               John E. (Ed)                                   22-Jan-77
Koke               Ina Marie (Mrs. Martin)                        19-Jan-77
Kolb               Julie Diane                                    22-Aug-77
Kolb               Marie (Mrs. Otis)                              05-Mar-77
Kolb               Vertie M. (Mrs. Ray)                           09-Feb-77
Komer              Mary Margaret (Mrs. John)                      29-Mar-77
Konert             Lawrence F.                                    24-Jan-77
Konrade            Ralph P.                                       11-Feb-77
Konz               Frieda M. (Mrs. Leo)                           15-Mar-77
Koontz             Bessie B. (Rev.) (Mrs. Clyde)                  26-Jun-77
Koop               Anna (Mrs.)                                    18-Dec-77
Kootz              Frank Paul                                     03-Dec-77
Koran              Lillis T. (Mrs. Charles)                       14-Nov-77
Korbel             Lumir                                          15-Jul-77
Kornelsen          G. G.                                          16-Jun-77
Kors               Leona C. (Mrs. Frank F.)                       13-Nov-77
Kotelensky         Pearl (Mrs. Edward)                            04-Apr-77
Kowlsky            Herman J.                                      29-Jan-77
Kraft              Gladys (Mrs. Earl)                             26-Sep-77
Kraft              Leo V.                                         11-Oct-77
Kramer             Charles                                        20-Dec-77
Kramer             Charles (Pappy)                                19-Dec-77
Kramer             Edward E.                                      01-Apr-77
Kramer             Raymond Allen                                  07-May-77
Kramer             William B.                                     10-Apr-77
Krascho            Frank                                          29-Apr-77
Krashoc            Frank                                          30-Apr-77
Kraus              James                                          05-Feb-77
Kraus              John W. (Jack)                                 24-Mar-77
Kraus              Ralph W.                                       03-Jan-77
Krause             Alan Kent                                      25-Feb-77
Krauss             Jacob G.                                       12-Mar-77
Krehbiel           Anna S. (Mrs. Carl G.)                         14-Dec-77
Krehbiel           Felix J.                                       29-Nov-77
Krehbiel           Fred H.                                        25-Aug-77
Krehbiel           Wilma Lois (Mrs. Dwight)                       07-Nov-77
Kreie              Anna Lee (Mrs. Earl E.)                        14-Jan-77
Krentzel           James LeRoy                                    19-Dec-77
Krentzel           William Henry                                  20-Jun-77
Krey               Arcy                                           23-Sep-77
Krieger            Etelka (Mrs. Harve)                            11-Jul-77
Krieger            Mary E. (Mrs. Herman C.)                       10-Nov-77
Krienke            Reah E. (Mrs. Reine)                           02-Mar-77
Kritzer            Anna                                           30-Sep-77
Krob               Dorothea (Mrs. Ralph)                          30-Nov-77
Krokstrom          Harold Frederick                               21-Jun-77
Krone              Lena (Mrs. Harold)                             20-Mar-77
Krone              Sam                                            14-Aug-77
Kroupa             Antonia M. (Mrs. Joseph F.)                    01-Apr-77
Kroutil            Antonia                                        27-Dec-77
Kruckenberg        Emil F.                                        11-Oct-77
Krug               Joseph A.                                      28-Nov-77
Kruger             Edward V.                                      21-Jan-77
Krumroy            H . B. (Sr.)                                   12-Sep-77
Kruse              William Wesley                                 08-Aug-77
Kudrick            Nancy Ola (Mrs. George)                        21-Aug-77
Kuhlmann           E. Jack                                        20-Dec-77
Kuhlmann           Henry William                                  03-May-77
Kuhlmann           Scott G.                                       09-Mar-77
Kuhn               David D.                                       02-Sep-77
Kuhne              Hazel M. (Mrs. Fred)                           03-Oct-77
Kuhns              Grace E. (Mrs. John)                           07-Jan-77
Kunkel             Lawrence A. (Dr.)                              20-Jul-77
Kunkel             Lawrence A. (Dr.)                              21-Jul-77
Kunkle             Louise Annette (Mrs. Howard)                   21-Jul-77
Kuntz              Charles M.                                     14-Sep-77
Kurr               Ira A.                                         17-Sep-77
Kurtis             Helen M. (Mrs. William Horton)                 13-Jun-77
Kuykendall         Ola V. Page (Mrs. Andrew)                      20-Dec-77
Kyle               John                                           26-Jul-77
Kyle               Mabel B. (Mrs. Claude)                         18-Mar-77
Kyle               Myrtle (Mrs. Paul)                             13-Nov-77
Kyle               Ruby (Mrs. Roger)                              20-Feb-77
Laber              Andrew J.                                      12-Jun-77
Laberentz          Louise (Mrs. Henry)                            02-Aug-77
Lack               Edwin P. (Rev.)                                19-Nov-77
Lack               Edwin P. (Rev.)                                20-Nov-77
Lackey             Floyd Eddie                                    22-May-77
LaCoss             William C.                                     24-May-77
Ladd               Julie M.                                       17-May-77
Ladd               Julie M.                                       18-May-77
Ladish             Rosanne E.                                     30-Dec-77
Ladner             Wilda Lee (Mrs. Rex)                           05-Nov-77
Lady               Leslie Edward                                  11-Feb-77
Lafferty           Selvia E. (Mrs. Oscar)                         24-Dec-77
Laffetry           Selvia E. (Mrs. Oscar)                         20-Dec-77
Laffetry           Selvia E. (Mrs. Oscar)                         21-Dec-77
Lafollette         George L.                                      02-Jul-77
LaForge            Edward Charles                                 03-Apr-77
Laham              Thomas                                         27-Feb-77
Laham              Thomas                                         28-Feb-77
Lair               Pearl (Mrs. Lloyd)                             20-Sep-77
Laird              Charles S.                                     10-Mar-77
Laird              Jimmie Lee                                     21-Mar-77
Lamar              Emma C. (Mrs. Mark)                            18-Sep-77
Lamb               Arlie Leo                                      15-Aug-77
Lamb               Leonard (Buck)                                 06-Jan-77
Lamb               Louis R.                                       12-Feb-77
Lamb               Maude (Mrs. Clyde)                             12-Apr-77
Lambert            Andy J.                                        19-Apr-77
Lambert            Edith Ann (Mrs.)                               18-Apr-77
Lambert            Edith H. (Mrs.)                                19-Apr-77
Lambert            Floyd E.                                       20-Jul-77
Lambert            Floyd E.                                       21-Jul-77
Lambert            George I.                                      23-Apr-77
Lambert            Joseph N.                                      04-Oct-77
Lambert            Matilda B. (Mrs. Joseph E.)                    04-Nov-77
Lambertz           Jane (Mrs. Vern)                               09-Jun-77
Lambky             Chris Wayne                                    02-Oct-77
Lambrecht          Clara E. (Mrs. Carl)                           05-Oct-77
Lamia              Dwight W.                                      08-Feb-77
Lamkin             J. L.                                          08-Nov-77
Lamont             Glen (Joe) (Jr.)                               29-Sep-77
Lampe              William                                        18-Mar-77
Lampert            Dorothy Mae (Mrs. C. G.)                       12-Aug-77
Lampert            Dorothy Mae (Mrs. C. G.)                       13-Aug-77
Lampkins           William W. (Sr.)                               17-Mar-77
Lampkins           William W. (Sr.)                               18-Mar-77
Lander             Leabert A.                                     16-Dec-77
Lander             Lillian (Mrs. Carl)                            29-Sep-77
Lander             Myrtle (Mrs. Leabert)                          13-Oct-77
Landers            Cordelia (Mrs. David M.)                       06-Jul-77
Landis             Emma (Mrs. M. D.)                              01-Oct-77
Landis             J. R. (Jack)                                   24-Mar-77
Landrum            Dan                                            23-Apr-77
Lane               Agnes                                          18-Aug-77
Lane               Edward                                         06-May-77
Lane               Georgia O. (Mrs. James F.)                     09-Jun-77
Lane               Olive Mae (Mrs. John)                          20-Sep-77
Lane               Oral T.                                        21-Jan-77
Lang               Anna (Mrs. August F.)                          17-Jul-77
Lange              Anna Elizabeth (Mrs. Theodore)                 29-Jun-77
Lange              Charles W.                                     26-Nov-77
Lange              Willis R. (Bill)                               12-Jul-77
Langel             Ernest                                         31-May-77
Langel             Ernest                                         31-May-77
Langel             Ernest                                         31-May-77
Langenwalter       Ella E. (Mrs. Samuel)                          25-Nov-77
Langford           Gladys B. (Mrs. William H.)                    09-Jan-77
Langham            Albert C.                                      27-May-77
Langlois           Martha N. (Mrs. Clarence)                      28-Apr-77
Langover           Aron J.                                        13-Jan-77
Langston           Laura Myrl                                     12-Jan-77
Lanman             Julia F. (Mrs. V. J. Barney)                   03-Jul-77
Lanman             V. J. (Barney)                                 03-May-77
Lanning            Orneta C. (Mrs. John W.)                       31-Mar-77
Lanning            Wilbur L.                                      07-Mar-77
Lantz              Eleanor B.                                     19-Aug-77
LaPlante           Grace (Mrs. Issac)                             16-Feb-77
Larimer            Lester Leroy                                   28-Jun-77
Larkin             Esther L. (Mrs. William A.)                    02-Dec-77
Larkin             Ethan A.                                       15-Oct-77
Larkin             Ethan A. (Jiggs)                               16-Oct-77
Larkin             Leona                                          14-Apr-77
Larrick            Ruth P. (Mrs. H. M. Bob)                       08-Oct-77
Larsen             Dobb E.                                        24-Jul-77
Larsen             Mary (Mrs. Earl R.)                            06-Jun-77
Larsen             Maude S. (Mrs. Harold)                         24-Jun-77
Larsen             William Jerry                                  27-Dec-77
Larson             Agnes A. (Mrs. Joseph)                         11-Oct-77
Larson             Alma                                           02-Mar-77
Larson             Amie (Mrs. C. G.)                              08-May-77
Larson             Bergie Elmer                                   04-Jul-77
Larson             Bergie Elmer                                   05-Jul-77
Larson             Gertie (Mrs. Joseph)                           16-May-77
Larson             Glenn                                          21-Oct-77
Larson             Mary                                           23-Dec-77
Larson             Mildred (Mrs. Everett)                         19-Apr-77
LaRue              Barnadine (Mrs. Max)                           02-May-77
LaRue              Barnadine (Mrs. Max)                           02-May-77
LaSalle            Mae (Mrs. Oscar)                               30-May-77
Lasater            Annabell (Mrs. Frank)                          26-Dec-77
Laseter            William E.                                     15-Feb-77
Laseter            William E.                                     15-Feb-77
Lasseter           Vida S. (Mrs. Mack)                            21-Jul-77
Latta              Kay (Mrs. Willard D.                           14-Jul-77
Lattey             Charley L.                                     13-Nov-77
Lattimore          Heartsel H.                                    16-Dec-77
Laudick            Joseph H.                                      05-Nov-77
Laue               Donald Ray                                     02-Sep-77
Laughlin           E. E. (Dick)                                   03-May-77
Laughlin           Elsie I. (Mrs. Luther)                         10-Oct-77
Lauterbach         Anna L. (Mrs. John)                            25-Nov-77
Lauterbach         Gertrude (Mrs. Roy)                            08-May-77
Lauterbach         Jackie Ann                                     18-Jun-77
Lauterbach         John G.                                        26-Jun-77
Lauterbach         Mabel (Mrs. Pearl)                             28-Nov-77
Lautz              Pauline Naftzger (Mrs.)                        14-Sep-77
Lavender           Betsy M. (Mrs. E. C.)                          20-May-77
Lawless            Emmett R.                                      13-May-77
Lawman             Frank C.                                       15-Jun-77
Lawrence           Bessie M. (Mrs. Franklin)                      08-Oct-77
Lawrence           Dave                                           30-Oct-77
Lawrence           Robert L.                                      01-Feb-77
Lawrence           Thomas J.                                      04-Aug-77
Lawrence           Daryl K.                                       12-Sep-77
Lawrence           Daryl K.                                       14-Sep-77
Lawson             Jessie Lou (Mrs. Lorin W.)                     03-Jan-77
Lawson             Lola M.                                        27-Dec-77
Lawson             Susan L. (Mrs. Wesley)                         19-May-77
Lawyer             Harold B. (Hop)                                17-Mar-77
Lay                Pauline (Mrs. Charles E.)                      20-Mar-77
Layle              John K.                                        07-Jul-77
Layman             Howard W.                                      03-Dec-77
Layman             Jackson William                                11-Sep-77
Layne              Herman L. (Tex)                                07-Aug-77
Leach              Amiee Hamilton (Mrs. Charles)                  27-Feb-77
Leach              Chalres E.                                     18-Feb-77
Leach              David E.                                       24-Jul-77
League             Keith (Bill)                                   29-Nov-77
Leakey             Tina A. (Mrs. Joseph)                          12-Nov-77
Lebeda             Lada J.                                        15-Jul-77
Leckron            Mary E. (Mrs. Ernest F.)                       27-Sep-77
Leckron            Stella M. (Mrs. Lester)                        15-Oct-77
LeClair            Bertha (Mrs. Homer)                            14-Jul-77
Ledbetter          Cheryl Lynn                                    12-Jul-77
Ledford            Marie E. (Mrs. Roscoe)                         08-Mar-77
Ledford            Millie E. (Mrs. Ed)                            20-Mar-77
LeDou              Linsey Richard                                 07-May-77
LeDou              Linsey Richard                                 06-May-77
Lee                Agnes Alice (Mrs. Vernon)                      05-Oct-77
Lee                Charlene D.                                    05-Nov-77
Lee                Clifford M.                                    20-Jun-77
Lee                Clifford M.                                    24-Jun-77
Lee                Douglas R. (Jr.)                               01-Jul-77
Lee                Eleanor F. (Mrs. Bert)                         19-Jun-77
Lee                Georgeann (Mrs.)                               01-May-77
Lee                Mary A.                                        22-Dec-77
Lee                Maureen Shannon                                14-Jul-77
Lee                Maxey L.                                       19-Jul-77
Lee                Myrtle L.                                      15-Nov-77
Lee                Oak                                            05-Mar-77
Lee                Robert V.                                      16-Oct-77
Lee                Thomas W.                                      10-Nov-77
Lee                Virginia Rutherford (Mrs. Robert E.)           30-Sep-77
Lee                Virginia Rutherford (Mrs. Robert E.)           01-Oct-77
Lee                Walter M.                                      10-Nov-77
Leedom             T. S. (Cat)                                    30-Jan-77
Leedy              Gladys N. (Mrs. Eugene)                        31-Aug-77
Leeks              Amanda Day                                     24-Dec-77
Leeks              Amanda Day                                     27-Dec-77
Leeks              Amanda Day                                     28-Dec-77
Lefert             August G.                                      25-Sep-77
Lefferty           Ruth E. (Mrs. James T. "Til")                  11-Dec-77
Lefler             Gaynell Hite (Mrs. C. E.)                      11-Sep-77
Lefler             Gaynell Hite (Mrs. C. E.)                      12-Sep-77
Lefler             James H.                                       28-Feb-77
Lefler             James H.                                       01-Mar-77
Leggett            Arch H.                                        22-Dec-77
Legleiter          Julius J.                                      04-Sep-77
Lehman             Myrtle (Mrs. Howard)                           18-Apr-77
Lehr               Albert W. (Rufus)                              27-May-77
Lehr               Charles L. (Jr.)                               16-Jul-77
Lehr               Ethel (Mrs. George)                            31-Jul-77
Lehr               Ethel (Mrs. Kearney)                           26-Jul-77
Lehr               Ethel (Mrs. Kearney)                           27-Jul-77
Lehr               Ruby Ruth                                      21-Nov-77
Leiftikow          Ray Henry                                      24-Jul-77
Leiker             Al G.                                          07-Apr-77
Leiker             Mary Ellen                                     22-Apr-77
Leiker             Robert N.                                      23-Sep-77
Leinweber          William M.                                     27-Jul-77
Leith              Richard Roy (Dick)                             22-Dec-77
Lemasters          Opal Faye (Mrs. Frances)                       24-Jul-77
Lemert             Louie S.                                       25-Apr-77
Lemon              J. C. (Jack)                                   27-Jan-77
Lemuz              Timothy Scott                                  15-Dec-77
Lenheim            Chatice G. (Mrs. Edward)                       25-Nov-77
Lennen             Coy Calvin                                     04-Oct-77
Lentz              Clare H.                                       03-Nov-77
Lentz              Russell E.                                     24-Oct-77
Leonard            Lott B.                                        15-Jun-77
Leonard            Louise (Mrs. Emery)                            27-Sep-77
Leonard            Nannie (Mrs. Andrew)                           18-Jan-77
Leonard            Opal (Mrs. Guy)                                05-Jul-77
Leonard            Rex H.                                         21-May-77
Lepper             Bruce Allen                                    16-Oct-77
Leslie             Pauline (Mrs. Eschol)                          03-Aug-77
Leslie             Richard Franklin (Jr.)                         22-Aug-77
Lett               Ruth L. (Mrs. Glen)                            27-Jan-77
Levand             Irene M.                                       30-Dec-77
Levens             Scott E.                                       11-Mar-77
Lever              Gary Dean                                      30-Nov-77
Lewallen           Everett L.                                     08-Nov-77
Lewis              Alice D. (Mrs. C. C.)                          06-Feb-77
Lewis              Bernice Leah (Mrs. Charles Edger)              23-Oct-77
Lewis              Curtis E.                                      29-Jan-77
Lewis              D. V.                                          31-Jan-77
Lewis              Day E.                                         21-Sep-77
Lewis              Edna K. (Mrs. Frank B.)                        24-Apr-77
Lewis              Florence E. (Mrs. Albert J.)                   08-Nov-77
Lewis              Fred R.                                        13-Feb-77
Lewis              Gertrude E. (Mrs. Orwill)                      17-Apr-77
Lewis              Harold B.                                      13-Aug-77
Lewis              Harry                                          03-Feb-77
Lewis              Illa Maye (Mrs. Clarence E.)                   30-Jul-77
Lewis              Jimmy D.                                       07-Sep-77
Lewis              John Martin                                    04-May-77
Lewis              LeRoy W.                                       22-Sep-77
Lewis              Nettie (Mrs. John)                             04-Oct-77
Lewis              Roy M.                                         13-Sep-77
Lewis              Sheldon                                        21-May-77
Lewis              Walter E.                                      22-Jun-77
Lewman             Everett                                        18-Apr-77
Lichlyter          Dean E.                                        13-Apr-77
Lichter            Corsina (Sister)                               20-Oct-77
Liebau             Lillian P. (Mrs. Fred F.)                      08-May-77
Liebau             Ozora Mae (Mrs. Henry)                         16-Feb-77
Liekam             Wilhelmina                                     12-Oct-77
Liens              hanna V. (Mrs. Steve)                          29-Nov-77
Lies               Amy Kathleen                                   18-Oct-77
Lies               Isabelle M. (Mrs. Lawrence)                    29-Apr-77
Lifer              Charles E.                                     03-Nov-77
Liggett            Thomas F.                                      05-Feb-77
Light              Carl V.                                        19-May-77
Lightcap           Anna Marie (Mrs. Robert)                       11-Jul-77
Lighthill          Nita S. (Mrs. Louis Clark)                     01-May-77
Lightner           Edna Kay (Mrs. Eugen)                          17-Oct-77
Lightner           Marvel I. (Mrs. John H.)                       22-Apr-77
Likins             J. E. (Ed)                                     28-Nov-77
Lill               Helen (Mrs. Percy)                             25-Oct-77
Lill               Ralph                                          01-Oct-77
Lillard            Mary Nora (Mrs. Carl)                          08-Oct-77
Lillibridge        Alvin V.                                       30-Aug-77
Lilly              Lura Mabel (Mrs. Frank H.)                     09-Feb-77
Linaman            Clara Jean (Mrs. E. Ward)                      27-Jun-77
Lind               Richard W. (Dick)                              26-Mar-77
Lindahl            Delbert L.                                     24-Oct-77
Lindahl            Theodore R.                                    04-Dec-77
Lindamood          Paul                                           05-Apr-77
Lindeman           Fridolf T.                                     14-Oct-77
Linden             Ray J.                                         05-Oct-77
Linder             Isaac Rosco (Lefty)                            31-May-77
Linderer           Avis Elvina (Mrs. John)                        10-Jun-77
Lindley            Sybil D. (Mrs. Charles F.)                     26-Jan-77
Lindquist          John A.                                        18-Sep-77
Lindquist          John A. (Dr.)                                  03-Sep-77
Lindsay            J. S. (June)                                   29-Sep-77
Lindsay            Margaret                                       22-Jul-77
Lindsey            Byron W.                                       07-Apr-77
Lindsey            Ethel L. (Mrs. Carl)                           12-Dec-77
Lindsey            Ethel L. (Mrs. Carl)                           14-Dec-77
Lindsey            Richard Lee                                    13-Oct-77
Lindstrom          Jacob E.                                       12-Mar-77
Lindt              Olivia Ann                                     23-Dec-77
lindt              Olivia Ann                                     25-Dec-77
Line               Archie W. (Rev.)                               14-Feb-77
Linenberger        O. J. (Dr.)                                    20-Jul-77
Lingenfelder       Gus                                            28-Mar-77
Lingenfelter       Mildred R. (Mrs. Allen)                        29-May-77
Lininger           Kenneth D.                                     16-Sep-77
Link               Beatrice (Mrs. Forest)                         21-Aug-77
Link               John J.                                        02-Aug-77
Link               Mary H. (Mrs. Carl)                            08-Sep-77
Linn               Anna Marie (Mrs. Harry)                        08-Feb-77
Linn               Earl F. (Rusty)                                23-Aug-77
Linn               Norma V. (Mrs. Simmie)                         28-Jul-77
Linneberger        Enid J. (Mrs. Gerald)                          27-Dec-77
Linneberger        Enid J. (Mrs. Gerald)                          30-Dec-77
linscheid          Jennifer Marie                                 19-Apr-77
Lipke              Gertrude C. (Mrs. George)                      01-Jul-77
Lipscomb           Myatt S.                                       28-Oct-77
Lipscomb           Myatt S.                                       27-Oct-77
Liptrap            Roland V.                                      06-Jul-77
Little             Clifford                                       12-Jan-77
Little             Edward Antes                                   30-Dec-77
Little             Guy                                            25-Oct-77
Little             Harley                                         01-Sep-77
Little             Margaret L. (Mrs. David)                       04-Dec-77
Little             Mary Ann (Mrs. Roscoe)                         28-Jun-77
Little             Ora (Mrs. Felix)                               12-Oct-77
Littlefield        Bertha (Mrs. Claude)                           11-Dec-77
Littlejohn         Eva Pearl                                      12-Aug-77
Litton             Vern                                           22-Sep-77
Liu                Ruey Ching                                     31-Aug-77
Liu                Ruey Ching                                     01-Sep-77
Livermore          Harry E. (Dr.)                                 25-Mar-77
Livingston         M. May (Mrs. Guy)                              23-Nov-77
Livingston         ralph C.                                       24-Feb-77
Llonker            Mildred (Mrs. Melvah)                          12-Aug-77
Lloyd              Elmer P.                                       16-Apr-77
Lloyd              J. Orlan (Pappy)                               31-Jul-77
Lock               Young H.                                       06-Sep-77
Locke              M. E. (Bud)                                    19-Aug-77
Lockman            C. M.                                          13-Oct-77
Lockwood           John Philip                                    14-Mar-77
Lockwood           John Philip                                    15-Mar-77
Lockyear           Edward (Friday) (Sr.)                          04-Feb-77
Lockyear           Herbert E.                                     21-Jul-77
Loewen             Elizabeth (Mrs. Herman C.)                     05-Jun-77
Loffer             Carl Marvin                                    04-Sep-77
Lofgren            Leta F. (Mrs. Kenneth)                         01-Dec-77
Logan              Lola Faye (Mrs. Garland)                       24-Jul-77
Logan              Margaret                                       16-Sep-77
Logsdon            George C.                                      09-Dec-77
Logue              Wilson J.                                      13-Dec-77
Lohkamp            Robert T.                                      21-Jan-77
Lonergan           Irene C. (Mrs. James)                          18-Jan-77
Lones              Ruth Ida (Mrs. Irl)                            30-Mar-77
Long               Dean A.                                        25-Dec-77
Long               Douglas L.                                     06-Jan-77
Long               E. Arnold                                      25-Jun-77
Long               Eleanor Riddle (Mrs. Thomas L.)                03-Jan-77
Long               Harry K.                                       18-Feb-77
Long               Harry K.                                       18-Feb-77
Long               Harvey O.                                      21-Feb-77
Long               Leland W. (Bill)                               09-May-77
Long               Louis E.                                       01-Jul-77
Long               Naomi B. (Mrs. Oliver)                         08-Jul-77
Long               Thipa A. (Mrs. Roy)                            10-Feb-77
Long               Veda I. (Mrs. Clarence)                        02-Nov-77
Long               William C.                                     19-Nov-77
Longacre           Charles D.                                     22-Mar-77
Longron            Mary Jane (Mrs. Martin)                        28-Jul-77
Longshore          Leo B.                                         22-Aug-77
Loomis             Edna (Mrs. Lester)                             03-Jun-77
Loomis             Ralph                                          10-Mar-77
Lord               Evelyn I. (Mrs. Theodor)                       31-Aug-77
Lord               Newland C.                                     20-Jul-77
Lorei              Clara B. (Mrs. John)                           23-Mar-77
Lorei              Clara B. (Mrs. John)                           24-Mar-77
Lorenz             Herman B.                                      24-Aug-77
Lorson             Ivy A. (Mrs. Ambrose)                          04-Nov-77
Lorson             John O.                                        04-Mar-77
Losh               Edna B. (Mrs. L. F.)                           17-Jun-77
Loshbough          Harry A.                                       03-Aug-77
Loshbough          Harry A.                                       05-Aug-77
Lott               Pearl Criser (Mrs. Christie A.)                03-Jun-77
Lott               Pearl Criser (Mrs. Christie A.)                04-Jun-77
Loudenback         Anna (Mrs. Henry)                              24-May-77
Louderback         Audine (Mrs. C. Ivan)                          05-Sep-77
Lough              Robert D.                                      18-Aug-77
Lounsbury          Helen L. (Mrs. GeraldD)                        01-Sep-77
Lour               John F.                                        15-Nov-77
Love               Kenneth Joe                                    14-Jan-77
Love               Kenneth Joe                                    16-Jan-77
Love               Park L.                                        02-Feb-77
LoVette            Otis K.                                        21-Apr-77
Low                Harold O.                                      30-Nov-77
Low                Harry L.                                       09-Jan-77
Low                Jessie (Mrs. Clyde B.)                         23-Sep-77
Lowderman          Eunice M. (Mrs. John)                          25-Jan-77
Lowe               Carl H.                                        27-Mar-77
Lowe               Clarence Edward                                19-Aug-77
Lowe               Clarence Elmer                                 20-Aug-77
Lowe               Frederick E.                                   22-Dec-77
Lowe               Mabel C.                                       25-Sep-77
Lowe               Mabel C.                                       26-Sep-77
Lowery             Thomas R.                                      06-Jul-77
Lowman             thomas H.                                      30-May-77
Lowrie             William R.                                     20-Apr-77
Loyd               Helena M. (Mrs. J. Franklin)                   25-Aug-77
Lucas              Melody Ann                                     09-Nov-77
Luckens            Wanda F. (Mrs. Homer)                          24-Mar-77
Lucus              George William                                 25-Jan-77
Ludvickson         Blancvhe E. (Mrs. Olus)                        12-Mar-77
Luebbers           Joseph P.                                      17-Mar-77
Lueckens           Wanda F. (Mrs. Homer)                          23-Mar-77
Lugrand            Willie                                         08-Aug-77
Lukens             Clay John                                      14-Nov-77
Lukens             Ralph Lynn                                     02-Apr-77
luman              Merrill F. (Butch)                             16-Jun-77
Lund               Evelyn (Mrs. Jack)                             21-Dec-77
Lundberg           John E.                                        25-Jun-77
Lundquist          Roland M.                                      03-Feb-77
Lundry             Elouise L. (Mrs. Clarence)                     03-Jun-77
Lundry             Mamie F. (Mrs. Cleo)                           10-Nov-77
Lundy              Joseph Clinton                                 23-Sep-77
Lunow              Esther Florence                                08-Jun-77
Lupfer             Newton I.                                      17-Aug-77
Lupfer             William G.                                     13-Nov-77
Lupton             Bertha I. (Mrs. Melvin)                        11-Oct-77
Lupton             Earl D.                                        13-Jun-77
Lupton             Jennie E. (Mrs. Ray)                           18-Dec-77
Lupton             Lorraine V. (Mrs. Earl)                        18-Feb-77
Lust               John I.                                        11-May-77
Lust               Joyce D. (Mrs. John)                           10-Oct-77
Lutes              Daisy D. (Mrs. Glen)                           03-Feb-77
Luther             William Harrison                               15-Sep-77
Lutter             Stella E.                                      16-Oct-77
Lyen               Roy E.                                         18-May-77
Lyle               Nancy A. (Mrs. Weston O.)                      04-Feb-77
Lyman              Nobel                                          09-Apr-77
Lymburner          Laura L. (Mrs.)                                26-Jan-77
Lynch              Alvin D.                                       08-Dec-77
Lynch              Mable F. (Mrs. Tom S.)                         13-Dec-77
Lynch              Sarah E. (Mrs. Earl D.)                        19-Sep-77
Lyne               Edith E. (Mrs. Vernon O.)                      18-Feb-77
Lynn               Charles F.                                     28-Dec-77
Lynn               Lulu (Mrs. Charles)                            05-May-77
Lynn               Mamie June (Mrs. Clarence M.)                  16-Sep-77
Lyon               Earle C. (Bob)                                 28-Apr-77
Lyon               Robert F.                                      27-Jul-77
Lyon               Robert S.                                      25-Jan-77
Lyons              John R.                                        24-Mar-77
Lyons              John R.                                        25-Mar-77
Lyons              Willie Cecil                                   09-Jul-77
MacArthur          Daniel Burr                                    27-Nov-77
Mace               Roy W.                                         06-Oct-77
MacGregor          John William                                   28-Sep-77
Machesney          Evelyn Shea                                    02-Nov-77
Mack               Eula Mae (Mrs.)                                07-Jun-77
Mack               Millard R.                                     04-Jan-77
Mackenzie          D. R.                                          14-May-77
Mackie             David E.                                       14-May-77
Macklin            Blanche                                        12-Aug-77
MacNair            Sadie E.                                       29-Oct-77
MacPherson         Kenneth Elmer                                  03-Aug-77
Macy               C. Reed                                        08-Apr-77
Madden             Carl                                           16-Jan-77
Madden             David E.                                       21-Dec-77
Maddox             Marjorie E. (Mrs. Raymond C.)                  08-Jul-77
Maddux             Anson C.                                       01-Mar-77
Madigan            Herbert P.                                     15-Jan-77
Madigan            Herbert P.                                     16-Jan-77
Mador              Rosa Katherine (Mrs. Carey)                    01-Apr-77
Maerus             Servana (Sister)                               15-Jun-77
Maes               Matt Leonard                                   27-Jun-77
Maes               Matt Leonard                                   27-Jun-77
Maestas            Thomas C.                                      09-May-77
Magathan           Rolland D.                                     10-May-77
Magathan           Ronald M. (Jack)                               27-Mar-77
Magers             Mary Ann (Mrs. Dennis R.)                      26-Jan-77
Mages              Clara (Mrs. Joseph)                            20-Nov-77
Magie              Jo (Mrs. Nelson)                               22-Feb-77
Magill             Norma (Mrs. David W.)                          12-Oct-77
Mahaffey           Maude M. (Mrs. C. C.)                          13-Jul-77
Mahaffey           Maude M. (Mrs. C. C.)                          14-Jul-77
Mahaney            Leo Dee                                        26-Dec-77
Mai                Pete                                           16-Sep-77
Mailen             Stanley                                        19-Jun-77
Main               John Jacob                                     23-Apr-77
Main               Pauline (Mrs. Harry)                           18-Apr-77
Main               William L.                                     14-Feb-77
Mairs              Mark B.                                        21-Jul-77
Major              Schwab S. (Sr.)                                26-Apr-77
Makovec            Albert F.                                      05-Jun-77
Makovec            Albert F.                                      05-Jun-77
Makowsky           Samuel M.                                      05-Jan-77
Malcolm            Andrew W.                                      19-Apr-77
Malcom             Aaron Daniel                                   24-Oct-77
Malcom             Clyde                                          10-May-77
Male               Walter N.                                      15-Jan-77
Mall               Harold Theodore                                17-Dec-77
Mallon             George                                         25-Jan-77
Mallory            Charles Arthur                                 27-Sep-77
Mallory            Georgia L. (Mrs. H. L.)                        31-Oct-77
Malm               Tillie E. (Mrs. Richard)                       19-Feb-77
Malone             Elizabeth (Mrs. J. C.)                         27-Sep-77
Malone             Harry F.                                       09-Oct-77
Malone             Rosslyn                                        01-Feb-77
Malone             Ruby Mary                                      03-Sep-77
Malone             Ruby Mary                                      04-Sep-77
Malone             Ruth Naomi                                     16-Dec-77
Maloney            Edward S.                                      24-Aug-77
Maloney            Honore G. (Mrs. Carl V.)                       16-Dec-77
Maltbie            Clyde O.                                       15-Dec-77
Mamigonian         Oscar Vartan                                   17-Mar-77
Manda              Gertrude (Mrs. Pearl)                          30-Jan-77
Manear             Wiley W.                                       15-Jul-77
Maninger           Edna M. (Mrs. Lawrence)                        10-Feb-77
Maninger           Hattie V.                                      22-Mar-77
Manion             Lee                                            24-Oct-77
Manjoet            Frank                                          03-Feb-77
Manka              Alan D.                                        18-Feb-77
Manke              William L.                                     12-Oct-77
Mankoff            Fred J.                                        14-Sep-77
Mankoff            Fred J.                                        15-Sep-77
Manley             Olive Lavone (Mrs. Walter O.)                  28-Apr-77
Manlove            Debra Lynn                                     20-Dec-77
Manly              Homer W.                                       24-May-77
Mann               Elmer A.                                       20-Oct-77
Mann               Norman Lee                                     18-Sep-77
Mann               Orfa T                                         06-Dec-77
Mann               Orfa T                                         07-Dec-77
Mann               Stanford A.                                    30-Dec-77
Manners            Myrtle M. Mrs. Alfred)                         24-Aug-77
Manning            Edith (Mrs. Albert)                            21-Jul-77
Manning            Henry J.                                       24-Feb-77
Manning            R. T. (Tom)                                    30-Jun-77
Manning            Sara Aileen (Mrs. Ajulian Lewis)               02-Jan-77
Manning            William H.                                     10-Jun-77
Mannon             Silas C.                                       09-Mar-77
Mannoni            Espartero                                      06-May-77
Manson             Mabel C.                                       07-Oct-77
Manspeaker         Aletha H. (Mrs. Harry)                         28-Jul-77
Mantzke            Augusta M. (Mrs. Albert)                       24-Oct-77
Maple              Laura Elizabeth (Mrs. Roy)                     28-Jan-77
Mar                Lyndia Sue                                     20-Oct-77
Marcellus          E. L.                                          22-Sep-77
Marchel            Carl C.                                        23-Sep-77
Marcotte           Alphonse T.                                    12-Jun-77
Marcy              Martha Jane (Mrs. John E.)                     14-Aug-77
Margheim           Mollie (Mrs. Henry)                            10-May-77
Marion             Faye E. (Mrs. David)                           01-Dec-77
Marion             Faye E. (Mrs. David)                           02-Dec-77
Maris              Ethel Beatrice (Mrs. Melvin)                   14-Nov-77
Markart            Arthea M. (Mrs. Joe)                           01-Dec-77
Markel             Drucilla J. (Mrs. Calvin K.)                   26-Mar-77
Markowitz          LaMar Leo                                      17-Nov-77
Marks              Joe Willie (Mrs. Clarence)                     03-Sep-77
Marks              Joe Willie (Mrs. Clarence)                     04-Sep-77
Marks              Joe Willie (Mrs. Clarence)                     05-Sep-77
Marks              Letha Irene (Mrs. Clive)                       22-Jan-77
Marks              Letha Irene (Mrs. Clive)                       23-Jan-77
Marlin             Ralph L.                                       06-Mar-77
Marnane            Harold J.                                      27-Nov-77
Marnane            Harold J.                                      28-Nov-77
Marquardt          Albert H.                                      14-Jan-77
Marquis            Hilda A. (Mrs. Carl)                           21-Jan-77
Marquis            Jack C.                                        26-Jan-77
Marquis            Wilfred B.                                     19-Oct-77
Marri              Stella C. (Mrs. C. A.)                         28-Jul-77
Marrs              Maude (Mrs. Otto)                              02-Feb-77
Marsh              Bonnie Jean (Mrs. Harold R.)                   13-Feb-77
Marsh              Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. James Ray)                24-Jan-77
Marsh              Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. James Ray)                25-Jan-77
Marshall           Helen L. (Mrs.)                                01-Nov-77
Marshall           Lucy Ann (Mrs. James)                          15-Dec-77
Marshall           Maggie May (Mrs. Alva)                         07-Dec-77
Marshall           Robert E.                                      08-Jun-77
Marsters           James (Roy)                                    17-Dec-77
Marston            Bessie (Mrs. Boyd)                             15-Nov-77
Marston            Charles J.                                     05-Jul-77
Marston            Milo M. (Sr.)                                  10-Sep-77
Marston            Milo M. (Sr.)                                  11-Sep-77
Marteney           Ralph E.                                       29-Jan-77
Martens            Edwin P.                                       11-Dec-77
Martens            William F.                                     13-Jan-77
Martin             Bessie Alberta Koeppen (Mrs. Andrew Nathan)    24-Sep-77
Martin             Brenda Kay                                     14-Apr-77
Martin             Carolyn K. (Mrs. J. Herbert)                   02-Jun-77
Martin             David Lee                                      14-Nov-77
Martin             Earle                                          18-Apr-77
Martin             Elouise E. (Mrs. Charles F.)                   06-Sep-77
Martin             Elsie (Mrs. Fred)                              03-Sep-77
Martin             Frank J. (Dr.)                                 16-Mar-77
Martin             Henrietta (Mrs. John)                          17-Apr-77
Martin             Henrietta (Mrs. John)                          20-Apr-77
Martin             Irene R. (Mrs. Marty)                          05-Feb-77
Martin             Joseph C.                                      15-Apr-77
Martin             Leland M.                                      10-Apr-77
Martin             Louis (Sr.)                                    14-Jun-77
Martin             Lyle Ernest                                    01-Nov-77
Martin             Lysle E.                                       26-Feb-77
Martin             Mamie M. (Mrs. Lawrence H.)                    18-Jun-77
Martin             Marion C.                                      25-Jun-77
Martin             Marion C.                                      27-Jun-77
Martin             Mary Louise (Mrs. Frank)                       13-Feb-77
Martin             Minnie (Mrs. Ben)                              08-Aug-77
Martin             Minnie (Mrs. Ben)                              09-Aug-77
Martin             Nellie Phillips (Mrs. Owen)                    18-Apr-77
Martin             Oscar Melvin                                   02-Jun-77
Martin             Sam W.                                         15-Nov-77
Martin             Robin Wade                                     24-Dec-77
Martin             Robin Wade                                     25-Dec-77
Martindale         George H.                                      06-Nov-77
Martindell         Edith B.                                       31-May-77
Martinex           T. C.                                          26-Mar-77
Martinez           Anastacio                                      15-Apr-77
Martinez           Carmen H. (Mrs. Marion)                        12-Jun-77
Martinez           Daniel Allen                                   03-Jul-77
Martinez           Juan                                           04-Apr-77
Martinez           Morris Joe                                     09-Dec-77
Mashaney           Ronnie A.                                      07-Aug-77
Mashaney           Ronnie A.                                      08-Aug-77
Maska              Edith V. (Mrs. George)                         13-Apr-77
Mason              Benson F.                                      07-Apr-77
Mason              Chester A.                                     12-Apr-77
Mason              John Anthony                                   19-Jun-77
Mason              John M.                                        11-Dec-77
Mason              Keith V.                                       25-Sep-77
Mason              Lela Renee                                     07-Jan-77
Mason              Lela Renee                                     12-Jan-77
Mason              Meryle Lorraine (Mrs. Owen)                    08-Feb-77
Mason              Mossagatt (Mrs. Chester)                       26-Sep-77
Mason              Richard M. (Dr.)                               20-Mar-77
Mason              Roy Edward                                     24-Mar-77
Mass               Robert                                         12-Apr-77
Massey             Ruth Ann                                       28-Mar-77
Massey             Ruth Ann                                       28-Mar-77
Massie             Patricia Ann (Mrs, Howard)                     08-Nov-77
Massie             Ross                                           28-Jan-77
Massoth            John L.                                        13-Dec-77
Masters            Sue Addie                                      07-Sep-77
Matchett           Elizabeth (Mrs. John)                          28-Jul-77
Mathenia           Alfred                                         05-Apr-77
Mathenia           Alfred                                         07-Apr-77
Mather             Alice May (Mrs. George)                        07-Mar-77
Mather             Alice May (Mrs. George)                        08-Mar-77
Mathes             Fred J.                                        04-Mar-77
Mathews            Ethel Lorraine (Mrs. Ray E.)                   28-Dec-77
Mathis             Myrtle Carver (Mrs. Loren)                     08-Apr-77
Mathis             Myrtle Carver (Mrs. Loren)                     09-Apr-77
Matinez            Katherine                                      27-Nov-77
Matkin             Florence (Mrs. Fred)                           10-Apr-77
Matkoff            Jeffery                                        15-Feb-77
Matlock            John H. (Rev.)                                 15-Sep-77
Matlock            Verdilla Fay (Mrs. Roy)                        06-Nov-77
Matney             Laura (Mrs. Homer)                             20-Sep-77
Matney             Laura (Mrs.)                                   22-Sep-77
Matousek           Millie (Mrs.)                                  17-May-77
Matson             Warner E.                                      16-Dec-77
Mattas             Joseph A.                                      04-Aug-77
Mattern            Daniel David                                   04-Aug-77
Mattern            Daniel David                                   05-Aug-77
Matthew            Vera F. (Mrs. Wayne)                           15-Aug-77
Matthews           Robert Loran Carpenter                         15-Oct-77
Matti              Stella C. (Mrs. C. A.)                         29-Jul-77
Mattix             Lewis                                          28-Apr-77
Mattox             Thomas C.                                      18-Jun-77
Mauch              Henry                                          23-Jan-77
Mauderly           Emma Marie (Mrs. Carl W.)                      08-May-77
Maurer             Vera Grace (Mrs. Charles)                      07-Dec-77
Mauth              Mabel F. (Mrs. Emil)                           25-Jun-77
Mavers             Arthur T.                                      25-Nov-77
Maxey              Milton C.                                      08-Mar-77
Maxwell            Francis Earl (Sr.)                             16-Dec-77
Maxwell            Mary Margaret (Mrs. Hugh)                      02-Feb-77
May                Charles C.                                     13-May-77
May                Charles C.                                     13-May-77
May                Dale F.                                        18-Jan-77
May                Ellen Elizabeth (Mrs.)                         24-Jul-77
May                Mary Elizabeth                                 08-Oct-77
May                Mary Elizabeth                                 09-Oct-77
May                Virggil Thomas                                 07-Oct-77
May                Wilma J. (Mrs. John)                           02-Dec-77
May                Arley O.                                       13-Mar-77
Mayall             Mildred (Mrs. Vean)                            24-Jan-77
Mayall             Mildred (Mrs. Vean)                            26-Jan-77
Mayes              Ray                                            27-Mar-77
Maynard            Benny                                          24-Nov-77
Mayne              John C. (Rev.)                                 03-Mar-77
Mayo               Berl                                           23-May-77
Mayo               Carl M.                                        29-May-77
Mayo               Dorothy M. (Mrs. Raleigh)                      17-Nov-77
Mayo               Ronald J. (Stubb)                              13-Nov-77
Mayor              Harold A.                                      24-Jan-77
Mayrath            Robert L.                                      07-Jun-77
McAhren            Wilby                                          20-Jun-77
McAllister         C. M.                                          27-Sep-77
McBean             Odessa Wyman (Mrs. William)                    13-Dec-77
McCabe             Minnie M.                                      14-Aug-77
McCall             Grace C. (Mrs. Henry B.)                       25-Jun-77
McCall             Mary E. (Mrs. Roy D.)                          01-Feb-77
McCall             Raymond H.                                     30-Sep-77
McCall             Raymond H.                                     01-Oct-77
McCall             Thomas Wilson                                  09-Aug-77
McCamant           Phyllis A. (Mrs. Donlad G.)                    27-Dec-77
McCamon            Hazel M.                                       18-Sep-77
McCandless         Chin Son (Mrs. Thomas)                         29-Nov-77
McCandliss         G. Ray                                         19-Aug-77
McCann             Pauline A.                                     12-Jul-77
McCardwell         Mark T.                                        24-Oct-77
McCart             Laura Lea                                      09-Feb-77
McCartney          John B.                                        02-Sep-77
McCartney          John David                                     18-Oct-77
McCarty            Edna L. (Mrs.)                                 14-Aug-77
McCarty            Florence (Mrs. Edward)                         24-Dec-77
McCarty            Lorena Marie (Mrs. William)                    21-Feb-77
McCarty            Martin P.                                      10-Dec-77
McCarty            Myrtle Kasney (Mrs.)                           13-Oct-77
McCarty            Ralph G.                                       15-Feb-77
McCaslin           Robert L.                                      02-Apr-77
McClain            Edwaard (Jack(                                 23-Dec-77
McClain            Grace M. (Mrs. Ted)                            01-Jan-77
McClanathan        Earl C.                                        02-Aug-77
McClanathan        Earl C.                                        02-Aug-77
McClaughry         Clarice E. (Mrs. Harry C.)                     24-Sep-77
McClay             Max W. (Mick)                                  04-Feb-77
McCleary           Edna C.                                        06-Jan-77
McClellan          James P.                                       24-May-77
McClellan          Newton A.                                      24-Apr-77
McClellan          Ralph C.                                       30-Jul-77
McClelland         Ila Nadine (Mrs. Horace)                       05-Aug-77
McClendon          B. J.                                          12-Dec-77
McClendon          B. J.                                          15-Dec-77
McCloud            Elsie (Mrs. Fred)                              02-Dec-77
McClure            Arthur C.                                      05-Oct-77
McClure            Charlotte M. (Mrs. William)                    08-May-77
McClure            Gertrude H. (Mrs. Roy)                         12-Nov-77
McClure            Kenneth B.                                     27-Apr-77
McClure            Leslie K.                                      10-Aug-77
McClure            Lester R.                                      07-Apr-77
McClure            Louise                                         19-Jul-77
McCollum           L. Jay                                         15-Jun-77
McComb             Mason                                          09-Apr-77
McComb             William F.                                     11-Apr-77
McConachie         David Hugh                                     19-Oct-77
McConnell          Larry                                          03-Feb-77
McConnell          Marilyn Louise                                 09-Aug-77
McCorkle           Edith                                          10-Apr-77
McCormick          Arthur Michael                                 20-Jun-77
McCormick          Leo D.                                         07-Jul-77
McCormick          Leta Ellen (Mrs. Melvern)                      31-Mar-77
McCosh             Lucille (Mrs. Ed)                              18-Apr-77
McCoy              Clyde N.                                       07-Jan-77
McCoy              Edith (Mrs. Joe)                               03-Jun-77
McCoy              George R.                                      20-Jun-77
McCoy              Mae (Mrs. William)                             28-Mar-77
McCoy              Pauline W. (Mrs. Aubery)                       03-Dec-77
McCoy              William Frederick                              10-Apr-77
McCrory            Donald S.                                      23-Oct-77
McCrory            Ray                                            13-Oct-77
McCue              Edna (Mrs. Charles)                            24-May-77
McCulle            Evelyn (Bill) (Mrs. Samuel)                    23-Aug-77
McCulloch          Ella Esther (Mrs. Benjamin)                    11-Jan-77
McCulloch          James Orson                                    10-May-77
McCulloch          Mabel D.                                       14-Jun-77
McCullough         Cecil                                          04-Mar-77
McCullough         Edwin                                          27-Jun-77
McCullough         Lawrence S. (Mack)                             26-Dec-77
McCullough         Norman C.                                      11-Sep-77
McCullough         Violet Marie (Mrs. Cecil)                      21-Oct-77
McCune             Carroll W.                                     20-Sep-77
McCune             Guy C.                                         03-Nov-77
McCurry            James D.                                       27-Nov-77
McCurry            Leona                                          18-Jul-77
McCurry            Robert L.                                      18-Jul-77
McDaniel           Cecil G.                                       09-Mar-77
McDaniel           Jerry Ray                                      04-Aug-77
McDaniel           Lavern E.                                      13-Oct-77
McDaniel           Roy                                            18-Sep-77
McDaniels          Iva Pearl (Mrs. W. J.)                         10-Oct-77
McDaniels          Mollie Stroud (Mrs. J. L.)                     19-Sep-77
McDavitt           Weldon Dwight                                  23-Dec-77
Mcdole             Florence M. (Mrs. Roy C.)                      28-Oct-77
McDonald           B. F.                                          16-Apr-77
McDonald           Clarence O.                                    27-Dec-77
McDonald           G. Vail                                        12-May-77
McDonald           Jake Wade                                      12-Feb-77
McDonald           John N.                                        08-Dec-77
McDonald           Justina Ann                                    20-Oct-77
McDonald           Mary L. (Mrs. Jacob)                           01-Dec-77
McDonald           Pauline (Mrs. Clive)                           27-Aug-77
McDonald           Thomas E.                                      24-Jun-77
McDowell           Betty Marie                                    29-Dec-77
McDowell           Betty Marie                                    30-Dec-77
McDowell           Elvis E.                                       27-Dec-77
McEachern          Ruth R. (Mrs.)                                 27-Jul-77
McEachern          Hugh J.                                        08-Jun-77
McElroy            Mytle Louziana (Mrs. Albert)                   30-Aug-77
McElwain           Lutie Iona (Mrs. Robert T.)                    18-Sep-77
McFadden           Beulah K. (Mrs. Raymond)                       01-Oct-77
McFadden           Gladys Irene (Mrs. Earl T.)                    09-Nov-77
McFarland          Alva A.                                        15-Dec-77
McFarland          M. Larkin                                      05-Jul-77
McFarland          Rush H.                                        07-Sep-77
McFarlene          Alice (Mrs. Milo)                              15-Apr-77
McFerren           Lulu M. (Mrs. Elmer D.)                        10-Nov-77
McGary             Erma M. (Mrs. William E.)                      26-Aug-77
McGee              Charles M. (Sr.)                               27-Feb-77
McGee              Dwight L.                                      12-Nov-77
McGee              John R.                                        30-Jan-77
McGee              Maude C. (Mrs. Isaac)                          11-Jan-77
McGee              Mildred Viola (Mrs. Daniel)                    08-Sep-77
McGhee             Lawrence                                       09-Dec-77
McGhee             Lawrence                                       11-Dec-77
McGhee             Ralph E.                                       29-Apr-77
McGill             David T.                                       23-Jun-77
McGinness          Nancy Marian (Mrs. William E.)                 18-Dec-77
McGinnis           Howard E.                                      11-Mar-77
McGinnis           Howard E.                                      12-Mar-77
McGinnis           John F.                                        25-Sep-77
McGinnis           Olive Ruth (Mrs. L. A. Earl)                   23-Feb-77
McGinnis           Ruth A. (Mrs. Clinton J.)                      02-May-77
McGinnis           Wannah A. (Mrs. Walter F.)                     08-Apr-77
McGraw             Alvin Eugene                                   26-Jan-77
McGraw             Doris G. (Mrs. Cecil)                          06-Dec-77
McGregor           Otto                                           16-Dec-77
McGrew             Elnora M. (Mrs. Raymond)                       10-Feb-77
McGuffey           Lisa J.                                        27-May-77
McGuire            Bessie (Mrs. Roland T.)                        09-May-77
McGuire            Darrell                                        26-Aug-77
McGuire            John L.                                        12-Aug-77
McGuire            Lola Mae                                       14-Apr-77
McGuire            Ray                                            30-Oct-77
McGuire            Vurley (Mrs. Martin)                           16-Jun-77
McGuire            Zetta Mae (Mrs. Perry)                         15-Sep-77
McHolland          Eva (Mrs. Walter)                              29-Jan-77
McHugh             Benjamin F.                                    28-Jul-77
McInteer           Howard R.                                      12-May-77
McIntire           Bertha S. (Mrs. John C.)                       14-Nov-77
McIntire           Josephine (Mrs. Irvin)                         17-Oct-77
McIntosh           Marvel (Mrs. Robert Eugene)                    18-Mar-77
McIntosh           Nina (Mrs. William J.)                         14-Sep-77
McIntosh           William T. (Scotty)                            14-Aug-77
McIntyre           Cletia LaMar (Mrs. Virgil)                     05-Oct-77
McIntyre           Fran                                           05-Oct-77
McKay              Dorothy B. (Mrs. Archie)                       17-Aug-77
McKay              Dorothy B. (Mrs. Archie)                       18-Aug-77
McKay              Harold A.                                      21-Nov-77
McKay              Jay Earl                                       14-Jul-77
McKay              Lonat (Mrs. John L.)                           11-Aug-77
McKay              Violet L. (Mrs. Erritt)                        22-Aug-77
McKee              Florence V. (Mrs. Lester)                      18-Jun-77
McKee              Florence V. (Mrs. Lester)                      18-Jun-77
McKee              Howard B.                                      12-Apr-77
McKee              Laura B. (Mrs.)                                24-Mar-77
McKellip           Raymond                                        17-Sep-77
McKellips          Lura V. (Mrs. Delbert)                         24-Apr-77
McKenna            William A.                                     28-Nov-77
McKenzie           Leo L.                                         01-Feb-77
McKenzie           Leo L.                                         01-Feb-77
McKeown            Tom                                            06-Jul-77
McKibbin           Chester L.                                     08-Feb-77
McKinley           T. R.                                          14-Feb-77
McKinney           Feren B. (Mrs. J. L.)                          16-May-77
McKinney           John H.                                        06-May-77
McKnab             Edith L. (Mrs. John)                           02-Mar-77
McKown             Earle E.                                       03-Feb-77
McLain             Alice Pearl (Mrs. Albert)                      30-Jul-77
McLain             Charles S.                                     11-Aug-77
McLain             Martha I. (Mrs. Raymond)                       01-Sep-77
McLaren            Mary A. (Mrs. Volney)                          15-Jun-77
McLaughlin         Elmer W.                                       25-Mar-77
McLean             Mary Beth                                      31-May-77
McLean             Thomas Brice                                   30-Jun-77
McLeod             Albert George                                  04-Jun-77
McLeod             Margaret Peg (Mrs. James)                      26-Mar-77
McLInden           James Edward                                   17-Jun-77
McManes            Alberta E. (Mrs. Harry)                        31-Jan-77
McMaster           Dixie (Mrs. Guy R.)                            15-Jan-77
McMaster           Dixie (Mrs. Guy R.)                            18-Jan-77
McMillan           Darrell J.                                     08-Apr-77
McMillan           Everett Edward (Bib)                           27-Feb-77
McMillin           Ernest Earl                                    30-Apr-77
McNair             Gladys                                         05-Apr-77
McNall             Mary Ahearn (Mrs. Preston)                     22-Feb-77
McNeal             Eunice (Mrs. Gilbert)                          22-Jan-77
McNeese            Bessie (Mrs. O. C.)                            26-Feb-77
McNett             John W. (Jack)                                 05-Jan-77
McNew              John M.                                        22-Dec-77
McNown             Bernard D.                                     03-Jan-77
McNutt             Dale                                           26-Jul-77
McOsker            Margaret Elizabeth (Mrs. Leo)                  07-May-77
McPek              Nancy                                          24-Nov-77
McPherson          Carl                                           29-Nov-77
McPherson          Carl                                           30-Nov-77
McPherson          Carrie C. (Mrs. Grover)                        16-Nov-77
McPherson          Joan C. (Mrs. John W.)                         15-Aug-77
McQuistion         Andrew Jack                                    04-Mar-77
McQuoid            F. Althea                                      05-Jun-77
McReynolds         Ethel L.                                       25-Sep-77
McRoberts          Wallace  E.                                    15-Apr-77
McSpadden          Leonard B.                                     25-Jul-77
McSpadden          Leonard B.                                     25-Jul-77
McSpadden          Noel L.                                        03-Aug-77
McSpadden          Roger                                          10-Dec-77
McSparron          Inja C. (Mrs.)                                 21-Jun-77
McVey              Herbert Louis                                  07-Jul-77
McVey              John David (Jr.)                               16-Feb-77
MCWhirt            Melvina (Mrs. Joseph Earl)                     11-Oct-77
McWilliams         Alexander                                      15-Dec-77
Mead               Robert T.                                      26-Aug-77
Mead               Robert T.                                      27-Aug-77
Mead               Rodney L.                                      21-Oct-77
Mead               thomas S.                                      14-Mar-77
Meade              Robert E.                                      11-Jan-77
Meador             Lee R.                                         05-Oct-77
Meadows            Harry                                          18-Mar-77
Meairs             Earl Wayne                                     06-Dec-77
Mealey             Leonard M                                      06-Mar-77
Mealey             Leonard M.                                     07-Mar-77
Means              Amy Blanche                                    03-Sep-77
Means              Dorothy Ruby (Mrs. Robert)                     27-May-77
Mears              Mary M. (Mrs. Robert B.)                       07-Dec-77
Mechling           Kay (Mrs. Edgar)                               22-Jun-77
Mecum              Lillie D. (Mrs. Clyde)                         20-Sep-77
Medina             Andrew T. (Andy)                               03-Jan-77
Medina             Maria DeLos (Mrs. Noe)                         18-Mar-77
Medlam             Pearl Jane (Mrs. Eli H.)                       28-Jan-77
Medley             Jennie May (Mrs.)                              08-Jun-77
Meek               Addie Mae (Mrs. Robert)                        16-Jul-77
Meek               Frank R.                                       28-Mar-77
Meek               Frank R.                                       29-Mar-77
Meeker             Emma E.                                        03-Sep-77
Meeker             M. Anne Eileen (Sister)                        12-Oct-77
Meekma             Peter                                          04-Dec-77
Meeks              Hazel M. (Mrs. Harold)                         08-Sep-77
Meeks              Helen M. (Mrs. Raymond R.)                     23-Dec-77
Mefford            John William                                   15-Oct-77
Mefford            Laneta M. (Mrs. Howard)                        09-Aug-77
Megee              Charles M. (Sr.)                               28-Feb-77
Mehl               Carl W. A.                                     29-Sep-77
Mehl               Jeanette                                       20-Oct-77
Mehl               Theodore H.                                    25-Oct-77
Mehringer          Joseph A.                                      05-Jul-77
Meier              Elizabeth (Mrs. Frank)                         22-Oct-77
Meier              Elsie May (Mrs. Henry)                         14-Feb-77
Meier              Francis                                        13-Mar-77
Meier              Frank E.                                       23-Dec-77
Meierhoff          Arthur L.                                      10-Oct-77
Meierhoff          Hazel                                          08-Jun-77
Meinert            Fred W.                                        11-Feb-77
Meis               Stephen P.                                     25-Jun-77
Meisner            Andrew J.                                      17-Oct-77
Meiwes             Steve                                          19-Oct-77
Melkus             Ernest Alexander                               22-Apr-77
Mellgren           Edgar A.                                       16-Mar-77
Mellon             Marvel M. (Mrs. Eddie)                         10-Jun-77
Melow              Ruth L. (Mrs. Harvey)                          19-Apr-77
Melton             Holand (Jack)                                  10-Mar-77
Melton             Steven William                                 04-Jul-77
Mendell            Addie F. (Mrs. Fred H.)                        15-Aug-77
Mendell            Blanche A. (Mrs. Oran W.)                      16-Feb-77
Mendenhall         Beulah (Mrs. E. S.)                            06-Jul-77
Mendenhall         Buelvene F. (Mrs. Willard)                     17-Jun-77
Mendenhall         Martha May                                     29-Nov-77
Mendenhall         Willard A.                                     01-Jul-77
Mendez             Juanita (Mrs. Felix)                           23-May-77
Mendicina          Francis J.                                     09-Feb-77
Mendoza            Bardomiano V. (Ben)                            27-Dec-77
Menefee            Martha Jane Pritchard (Mrs. Harry)             04-Feb-77
Menefee            MildredK. (Mrs. O. D.)                         25-Mar-77
Meng               Leo L.                                         29-Aug-77
Mentzer            Winifred R. (Mrs. Harley)                      06-May-77
Mercer             Charles W.                                     19-Aug-77
Mercer             Pauline Dillon (Mrs. Claude)                   13-Dec-77
Meredith           Max D.                                         20-Jun-77
Meredith           Robert                                         18-Nov-77
Merkle             Chas (Charley)                                 08-Jul-77
Mermis             Ann (Mrs. Albert R.)                           08-Dec-77
Mermis             Cecelia (Mrs. John)                            09-Jan-77
Merrick            Grove T. (Jack)                                26-Oct-77
Merrick            Mildred D. (Mrs. Carroll)                      23-Dec-77
Merrill            Nellie McGinnis (Mrs. Glenn E.)                04-Jul-77
Merrill            Wendell D. (Sr.)                               24-Oct-77
Merritt            Edith B.                                       06-Dec-77
Merritt            Eva (Mrs. Hiram)                               25-Feb-77
Merritt            Grace (Mrs. Jess)                              01-Mar-77
Merritt            Jess L.                                        18-Feb-77
Messenger          Dorthy N.                                      11-Sep-77
Messenger          Hubert                                         12-Oct-77
Messenger          Jennie (Mrs. Marion)                           30-Dec-77
Messer             Philma Marie (Mrs. George)                     13-Sep-77
Messerly           Hedwig M. (Mrs. Robert)                        26-Dec-77
Messick            Liddie A. (Mrs. Arden)                         17-Nov-77
Metcalf            Howard Raymond                                 05-Apr-77
Metsker            Amy Kathleen                                   26-Jul-77
Metsker            Etta Marie (Mrs. John)                         31-May-77
Mettling           Stanley Dewey                                  11-Oct-77
Metz               Cecyle M. (Mrs. Melvin)                        17-Jun-77
Metz               George                                         29-Oct-77
Metz               Myrtle May (Mrs. Orvil)                        15-May-77
Metzen             Anna (Mrs. Joe)                                27-Sep-77
Metzen             William Joseph                                 29-Sep-77
Metzger            Edward                                         16-Nov-77
Metzger            Sylvia Lee (Mrs. Ralph)                        30-Jan-77
Metzger            Viola Mae (Mrs. George)                        10-Mar-77
Metzinger          Betty Elizabeth                                03-Aug-77
Mewhinney          Amanda E. (Mrs. Francis M.)                    18-Oct-77
Meyer              Glen Edward                                    28-Nov-77
Meyer              Grace B. (Mrs. William)                        08-Apr-77
Meyer              Harry C.                                       24-Aug-77
Meyer              Irene                                          30-Oct-77
Meyer              Maude Florence (Mrs. Henry)                    07-Sep-77
Meyer              Otto F.                                        28-Mar-77
Meyer              Pete                                           09-Nov-77
Meyer              Ula Nation (Mrs. Edward V.)                    12-Jun-77
Meyer              Walter J.                                      12-Feb-77
Meyers             Anthony Lawrence (Msgr.)                       17-Mar-77
Meyers             Poratha D. (Mrs. Rollie)                       16-Nov-77
Michael            Ruth E.                                        17-Dec-77
Michels            Mathias                                        28-Dec-77
Michlitsch         Craig Alan                                     26-Jul-77
Middleswart        Lula (Mrs. George)                             14-Jun-77
Middleton          Lula E. (Mrs. James)                           31-May-77
Middleton          Lula E. (Mrs. James)                           01-Jun-77
Mikesell           Ernest (Sr.)                                   10-Sep-77
Milam              Margaret C. (Mrs. Walter)                      23-Jan-77
Milburn            Clarence E.                                    27-Apr-77
Mildfelt           James A.                                       07-Apr-77
Miles              Anthony W. (Dr.)                               28-Mar-77
Miles              Anthony W. (Dr.)                               29-Mar-77
Millard            Emma L. (Mrs. Merrill                          26-Nov-77
Miller             A. L.                                          02-Mar-77
Miller             Alice (Mrs. O. B.)                             27-Jan-77
Miller             Archie                                         15-Jun-77
Miller             Barrett K.                                     23-Sep-77
Miller             Billy Ray                                      03-Oct-77
Miller             Cchristina (Tina) (Mrs. Oran L.)               01-Jun-77
Miller             Cecil Thompson                                 08-Sep-77
Miller             Chester                                        17-Jul-77
Miller             Clarice R. (Mrs. Edward A.)                    18-Feb-77
Miller             Dean M.                                        14-Mar-77
Miller             E. E.                                          28-Aug-77
Miller             Edgar H.                                       26-Nov-77
Miller             Edward L.                                      03-Dec-77
Miller             Ella J. (Mrs. Daniel)                          18-Oct-77
Miller             Estelle K. (Mrs. Raymond)                      21-Dec-77
Miller             Etta B. (Mrs. Martin)                          25-Aug-77
Miller             Fern A. (Mrs. Wilkie)                          29-Aug-77
Miller             Fern A. (Mrs. Wilkie)                          30-Aug-77
Miller             Fred A.                                        07-Sep-77
Miller             Fred A.                                        09-Sep-77
Miller             Helen E.                                       14-Mar-77
Miller             Herman Joseph                                  06-Apr-77
Miller             Ida (Mrs. Marshall)                            11-Feb-77
Miller             James A.                                       26-Apr-77
Miller             Leslie H.                                      09-Oct-77
Miller             Lidwinna M. (Mrs. Robert)                      01-Oct-77
Miller             Louis T.                                       07-Apr-77
Miller             Marc daniel                                    21-Oct-77
Miller             Margaret (Mrs. Con A.)                         19-Dec-77
Miller             Marilyn A.                                     01-Dec-77
Miller             Mary (Mrs. DeLaskie)                           30-Apr-77
Miller             Maybelle (Mrs. Ruby A.)                        12-Jun-77
Miller             Maybelle (Mrs. Ruby A.)                        12-Jun-77
Miller             Mildred I. (Mrs. Martin)                       07-Jan-77
Miller             Muriel F. (Mrs. William R.)                    08-Nov-77
Miller             Noah E.                                        30-Mar-77
Miller             Ora L.                                         23-Jul-77
Miller             Patricia Hardgrove                             12-Aug-77
Miller             Pearl G. (Mrs. John)                           03-Sep-77
Miller             Peggy (Mrs.)                                   18-Jan-77
Miller             Ralph H.                                       26-Jun-77
Miller             Reba                                           06-Oct-77
Miller             Roy L.                                         16-Aug-77
Miller             Ruby M.                                        28-Oct-77
Miller             Sister Berdnadine                              20-Feb-77
Miller             Stella B. (Mrs. Henry)                         13-Apr-77
Miller             Susie L. (Mrs. Samuel A.)                      20-Dec-77
Miller             Thomas (Jr.)                                   20-Jul-77
Miller             Vivyan Andrew (Andy)                           02-Oct-77
Miller             Warren W.                                      24-Feb-77
Milleson           Hugh                                           04-Jun-77
Milleson           Hugh                                           04-Jun-77
Millheisler        Carl E. (Beachnut)                             27-May-77
Milliken           Edith Fern (Mrs. Albert L.)                    02-Jan-77
Millington         Edith K. (Mrs.)                                26-Aug-77
Millis             Martin L.                                      01-Feb-77
Mills              Beatrice Rose (Mrs. Claude)                    12-Apr-77
Mills              Maude D. (Mrs. Pierce)                         13-Aug-77
Mills              Ruby M. (Mrs. Glenn)                           06-Oct-77
Mills              Wilbur A.                                      18-Apr-77
Mills              Wilbur A.                                      19-Apr-77
Millsap            Charles F.                                     09-Dec-77
Millsap            Delpha P. (Mrs. J. W.)                         28-Oct-77
Milne              Frank A.                                       17-Nov-77
Milroy             Viola E. (Mrs. Jessie W.)                      18-Oct-77
Minard             Dwayne M.                                      01-Nov-77
Minchow            Galdys (Mrs. Arthur)                           02-Oct-77
Mingenback         Mary J. (Mrs. E. C.)                           08-Jun-77
Minger             Harry C.                                       22-Sep-77
Minnis             Herman T. (Sr.)                                17-Aug-77
Minor              Mary (Mrs. Gale)                               22-Oct-77
Minter             Dana Glenn (Jr.)                               06-Dec-77
Minter             Fern (Mrs.)                                    21-Mar-77
Minton             Marion S.                                      02-Apr-77
Minyen             Ruby Roberta (Mrs. Chester)                    13-Aug-77
Miracle            Dolores C. (Mrs. Roy)                          09-May-77
Mireck             Robert F.                                      13-Jul-77
Mireles            Josephine                                      29-Apr-77
Mirt               Helen M. (Mrs. Clarence G.)                    24-Oct-77
Mishler            Mack S.                                        13-Apr-77
Mishler            Verne S.                                       30-Aug-77
Misner             Cecil E.                                       24-Jan-77
Misner             Melvin H.                                      08-Oct-77
Missimer           David R.                                       04-Dec-77
Mitchel            Robert Leigh                                   04-Feb-77
Mitchell           Archie E.                                      21-Apr-77
Mitchell           Arthur A.                                      07-Sep-77
Mitchell           Dannae Michelle                                15-Jul-77
Mitchell           Georgia E.                                     04-Nov-77
Mitchell           John E.                                        25-May-77
Mitchell           Lyndon R.                                      23-Jul-77
Mitchell           Lyndon R.                                      27-Jul-77
Mitchell           Ray E.                                         15-Apr-77
Mitchell           Reba L. (Mrs.)                                 22-Aug-77
Mitchell           Roe A.                                         26-Dec-77
Mitchell           Wanda (Mrs. C. E. Jr.)                         29-Oct-77
Mitchell           Wanda (Mrs. C. E. Jr.)                         30-Oct-77
Mitchell           Willard D.                                     16-Dec-77
Mitchell           Archie E.                                      18-Apr-77
Mitcheltree        Chester L.                                     02-Oct-77
Mitschler          Pete L.                                        12-May-77
Moats              Alys Pauline (Mrs. Elmar)                      29-Mar-77
Moats              Alys Pauline (Mrs. Elmar)                      30-Mar-77
Mock               Anna (Mrs. Herbert)                            05-Dec-77
Mock               Charles W.                                     29-May-77
Mock               Henry H.                                       17-Jul-77
Moddelmog          Alwine E. (Mrs. Edward)                        30-Dec-77
Moddelmog          Carl A.                                        04-Mar-77
Modrzejewski       Alex                                           22-Dec-77
Mohler             L. Boyd                                        13-Jul-77
Mohr               Earl James                                     01-Aug-77
Mohr               John P.                                        24-May-77
Mohr               Lela B. (Mrs. Harold)                          22-Dec-77
Mohr               Merle F.                                       11-Aug-77
Moline             Kurma E. (Mrs. Carl)                           28-Nov-77
Moll               Herman Joseph (Sr.)                            23-Jun-77
Molohan            Cora Mey                                       05-Jul-77
Molz               Gladys E. (Mrs. Paul J.)                       09-Jul-77
Molz               Mary Alice (Mrs. Mervin P.)                    06-Feb-77
Molzen             Lawrence C.                                    29-Dec-77
Momenteller        Paul O.                                        23-Aug-77
Monaghan           Charles R. (Dr.)                               20-Sep-77
Monahan            Martha (Mrs. Fred J.)                          16-Dec-77
Moncrief           Ernest Clyde                                   17-Nov-77
Mondragon          Esqueil Ralph                                  24-Sep-77
Monsam             Joseph P.                                      23-Dec-77
Montague           Earl M.                                        02-Feb-77
Montague           Ruby M. (Mrs. Earl)                            04-Aug-77
Montano            Jose Abran                                     05-Nov-77
Monte              Claude L.                                      16-Oct-77
Montemayer         Nina Youngman (Mrs. Dan)                       23-Sep-77
Montgomery         Benjamin Gene                                  20-Aug-77
Montgomery         Don E.                                         28-Mar-77
Montgomery         Ellen                                          29-Jul-77
Montgomery         Elva (Mrs. H. R.)                              04-Jan-77
Montgomery         Ivol J. (Mrs. Charles)                         29-Dec-77
Montgovermy        Ottis L.                                       14-Jul-77
Moody              Alice (Mrs. Orval)                             31-Jul-77
Moody              Clarice O. (Mrs. Earl)                         29-Jul-77
Moomaw             Herman                                         01-Jul-77
Moomey             Marion J.                                      15-Feb-77
Moon               Bernice R. (Mrs. Preston)                      26-May-77
Moon               Elmer W.                                       23-Mar-77
Moon               Gertrude Blanche (Mrs. Clyde D.)               05-Jul-77
Moon               Henry C.                                       06-Oct-77
Mooney             Melody                                         18-Dec-77
Moore              Billye R. (Mrs. Lester)                        17-Jan-77
Moore              Dean C.                                        08-Jun-77
Moore              Delbert L.                                     19-Jan-77
Moore              Don Michael                                    19-Aug-77
Moore              E. Barbara (Mrs. Chester)                      28-Nov-77
Moore              Edith (Mrs. Glenn)                             24-May-77
Moore              Edward Ernest                                  12-Mar-77
Moore              Francis                                        03-Oct-77
Moore              Francis Marion                                 04-Oct-77
Moore              Gladys M. (Mrs. James)                         15-Aug-77
Moore              Glen (Jr.)                                     09-Dec-77
Moore              Gussie Mary (Mrs. Crawford)                    26-Oct-77
Moore              Howard                                         22-Feb-77
Moore              James E.                                       22-Feb-77
Moore              James P. (Jr.)                                 20-Aug-77
Moore              John A.                                        24-Jan-77
Moore              K. M.                                          05-Apr-77
Moore              Keith E.                                       05-Mar-77
Moore              Mabel Lucille (Mrs. Pierce Arnold)             21-Nov-77
Moore              Marianne                                       25-May-77
Moore              Marvin G.                                      09-Aug-77
Moore              Mary S. (Mrs. Henry)                           18-Mar-77
Moore              Mattie M. (Mrs. Joseph)                        19-Apr-77
Moore              Nellie May (Mrs. Jerome)                       01-Aug-77
Moore              Ray J.                                         20-Dec-77
Moore              Roy                                            21-Apr-77
Moore              Ruth A. (Mrs. Edward)                          24-Oct-77
Moorehead          Elvert R.                                      03-Feb-77
Moores             Dolly Madison                                  05-Feb-77
Moorman            Victor R. (Dr.)                                10-Sep-77
Mora               Jose A.                                        23-Jun-77
Moralez            Frank Y.                                       10-Jan-77
Moran              Matthew H.                                     15-Feb-77
Moravec            Agnes (Mrs. Joseph)                            05-Jun-77
More               George W. (Garrett)                            16-Oct-77
Moreau             Aura Zoe (Mrs. Albert)                         27-Mar-77
Morell             Orville E.                                     25-Jan-77
Morgan             Arthur                                         15-Aug-77
Morgan             Donald Edward                                  29-Mar-77
Morgan             Earl A.                                        28-Apr-77
Morgan             Erma                                           22-Oct-77
Morgan             Erma                                           27-Oct-77
Morgan             Ethel Olson (Mrs. John)                        12-Aug-77
Morgan             L. Irvin                                       26-Sep-77
Morgan             Lucille M.                                     17-Feb-77
Morgan             Ralph Erwin                                    16-Jun-77
Morgan             Stanley                                        24-Jun-77
Morgan             waltere L. (Jr.)                               05-Mar-77
Morganfield        Rilla (Mrs. William)                           29-Jun-77
Moriconi           Katherine (Mrs.)                               07-Oct-77
Morio              Edna Pauline (Mrs. Carl J.)                    05-Jul-77
Moritz             Anne (Mrs. Max)                                16-Feb-77
Morlan             Norval G.                                      02-Feb-77
Morland            Reba May Starr (Mrs. James)                    30-Jul-77
Morley             Wendell W.                                     08-May-77
Morris             Adah M. (Mrs. Aubrey)                          26-May-77
Morris             Alice A. (Mrs. Ruben)                          31-Jul-77
Morris             Alice Poole (Mrs. Edward)                      05-Jul-77
Morris             Anna K. (Mrs. Ralph L.)                        30-Aug-77
Morris             Bernice A. (Mrs. Clifford)                     31-Aug-77
Morris             Brian N. (Bo)                                  16-Jul-77
Morris             Charles F.                                     22-Nov-77
Morris             Clyde                                          22-Jul-77
Morris             Delbert R.                                     05-Feb-77
Morris             Edith Coe (Mrs. George)                        15-Nov-77
Morris             Edith Coe (Mrs. George)                        15-Nov-77
Morris             Elliot E.                                      09-Jun-77
Morris             Gertie (Mrs. Henry)                            17-Jul-77
Morris             Hoolie                                         25-Feb-77
Morris             Leon S.                                        12-Apr-77
Morris             Margaret H. (Mrs. Samuel)                      04-Jun-77
Morris             Nile E.                                        02-Aug-77
Morris             Robert L.                                      17-Mar-77
Morris             William F.                                     10-May-77
Morrison           Benjamin Franklin (Frank)                      29-May-77
Morrison           Jess B.                                        19-Apr-77
Morrison           Lena (Mrs. John)                               14-Feb-77
Morrison           Mamie Lois                                     16-Oct-77
Morrison           Proctor                                        19-Feb-77
Morrison           William T.                                     26-Jul-77
Morrow             Freda Pauline (Mrs. Hiram)                     20-Sep-77
Morrow             Kenneth E.                                     15-Aug-77
Morrow             Paul F.                                        13-Feb-77
Morrow             Ruby P. (Mrs. Redus)                           24-Aug-77
Morse              Grace A. (Mrs. Harper)                         04-Jun-77
Morse              Irene Edna                                     16-Nov-77
Morton             Gilbert A.                                     03-Nov-77
Morton             Harold E.                                      16-Nov-77
Morton             Michael Edwin                                  05-Mar-77
Morton             Paul                                           28-Jan-77
Morton             Richard L.                                     29-May-77
Mosby              Solomon E.                                     31-Oct-77
Mosby              Solomon E.                                     01-Nov-77
Moses              Abraham                                        28-Jul-77
Moses              M. E.                                          26-Nov-77
Moses              Mabel Dora (Mrs. Walter)                       08-Feb-77
Moses              Mabel Dora (Mrs. Walter)                       10-Feb-77
Mosier             Helen R. (Mrs. Ronald)                         06-Oct-77
Moss               Anna (Mrs. Mark)                               23-Jul-77
Moss               Carrie B. (Mrs. George)                        15-Jan-77
Moss               Charles E.                                     25-Feb-77
Moss               Oscar Frances (Swede)                          05-Jan-77
Mosshart           Edith (Mrs. John)                              29-May-77
Mosshart           Edith (Mrs.)                                   30-May-77
Moterse            Parm E.                                        07-Mar-77
Motley             Stephen F. (Frank)                             22-Sep-77
Mould              Frances J. (Mrs. E. Cecil S.)                  12-Nov-77
Moulos             Mike                                           18-Apr-77
Mount              Amos B.                                        14-Jul-77
Mount              Veda Marie (Mrs. Keith)                        24-Aug-77
Mounts             Harry Chester                                  27-Aug-77
Mounts             Harry Chester                                  30-Aug-77
Mowbray            Gladys A. (Mrs.Walter)                         03-Sep-77
Mowry              Hildred H.                                     18-Jul-77
Mowry              Roxie R. (Mrs. Taylor L.)                      20-Jun-77
Moyer              Aubrey Carl                                    15-Apr-77
Moyer              Gayland J.                                     20-Jun-77
Moyle              Lula Mildred (Mrs. William)                    05-Feb-77
Moynihan           Palmer J.                                      15-Jun-77
Mueller            Henry J.                                       05-Oct-77
Mueller            Lizzie (Mrs. John)                             01-Apr-77
Mueller            Lopuise P. (Mrs. George F.)                    11-Sep-77
Muir               Lloyd W.                                       26-Nov-77
Mullender          Minnie H. (Mrs. Edward)                        16-Mar-77
Mullenix           Harry Lee                                      01-Feb-77
Muller             Emma (Mrs.)                                    04-May-77
Muller             Viola A. (Mrs. Fred)                           01-May-77
Mullett            Inez A. (Mrs. William)                         22-Feb-77
Mullin             Samuel Franklin                                02-Mar-77
Mullins            Phyllis A. (Mrs. Lloyd W. Jr.)                 01-Oct-77
Mumma              Alveda N. (Mrs.)                               23-Feb-77
Mumma              Alveda N. (Mrs.)                               24-Feb-77
Mummery            James S.                                       25-Mar-77
Mundell            Laura Myrtle (Mrs.)                            11-Jun-77
Munden             May M. (Mrs. Walter)                           25-Jun-77
Munger             George E.                                      28-Jul-77
Munsch             Carl (Charlie)                                 12-Jun-77
Munson             Mable I. (Mrs. Paul)                           16-Nov-77
Munyon             Chester Isaiah                                 27-Dec-77
Murdock            Margaret (Mrs. Robert)                         29-Apr-77
Murphy             Christina (Mrs. Tina)                          08-May-77
Murphy             Edith Ellen (Mrs. Charles)                     28-Dec-77
Murphy             Frank B.                                       21-Dec-77
Murphy             Glenna (Mrs. Lloyd)                            13-Oct-77
Murphy             H. C.                                          05-Feb-77
Murphy             H. C.                                          06-Feb-77
Murphy             Harlon E.                                      16-Oct-77
Murphy             Jane (Mrs. Harrison E.)                        30-Sep-77
Murphy             Jeane                                          08-Apr-77
Murphy             John Edward                                    10-Aug-77
Murphy             Lillian B. (Mrs. Timothy)                      02-Dec-77
Murphy             Marian E. (Mrs. Gerald)                        04-Mar-77
Murphy             Marvin L.                                      21-Sep-77
Murphy             Paul F.                                        16-Nov-77
Murphy             Walter M.                                      13-Mar-77
Murphy             Yuarda Madeline (Mrs. Kermit O.)               09-Mar-77
Murray             C. E.                                          10-Jan-77
Murray             Glenn E.                                       06-Feb-77
Murray             Howard Horton                                  16-Jan-77
Musgrove           Dorothy L. (Mrs. Virgil)                       05-Jun-77
Musquiz            Genevieve H.                                   16-Feb-77
Musselman          Rose Etta (Mrs. William A.)                    04-Aug-77
Musser             Russell G.                                     10-Jul-77
Musslin            Leo A.                                         16-Oct-77
Mustard            Esther R. (Mrs. Hugh A.)                       13-Feb-77
Mustard            Hilma Curson (Mrs. Alonzo Sr.)                 23-Oct-77
Mustard            Lea Rochelle                                   30-Oct-77
Mustard            Walter                                         30-Jul-77
Mustoe             V. Ruth (Mrs. Ross)                            03-Sep-77
Myer               Merle L.                                       28-Mar-77
Myers              Clinton A.                                     25-Jun-77
Myers              Dora Marie (Mrs. Lee)                          14-Jun-77
Myers              Edna L. (Mrs. Clarence)                        05-Nov-77
Myers              Ellen L. (Mrs. Clarence)                       20-Apr-77
Myers              Essie Mae (Mrs. Herman)                        02-Mar-77
Myers              Essie Mae Lusk (Mrs. Herman)                   03-Mar-77
Myers              Essie Mae Lusk (Mrs. Herman)                   04-Mar-77
Myers              Eunice Ann                                     07-Apr-77
Myers              Irving                                         17-Dec-77
Myers              Kathryn (Mrs. C. E.)                           14-Aug-77
Myers              Lloyd E.                                       26-Oct-77
Myers              Lucille L. (Mrs. Eldon)                        10-Sep-77
Myers              Mae                                            12-Aug-77
Myers              Margaret Grace (Mrs. Allen)                    02-Oct-77
Myers              Martha (Mrs. Fred)                             19-Oct-77
Myers              Noah E.                                        31-Aug-77
Myers              Paul A.                                        27-Dec-77
Myers              Richad Dale                                    14-Sep-77
Myers              Richard Dale                                   13-Sep-77
Myers              Stanley J.                                     16-Dec-77
Mynes              Katherine M. (Mrs. Harold)                     10-Sep-77
Myrick             Emma E. (Mrs. William H )                      19-Mar-77
Myser              Joseph W.                                      29-Nov-77
Nachtigal          Laura (Mrs. Peter)                             06-May-77
Nance              Larry J.                                       06-Dec-77
Nance              G. C. (Jr.)                                    11-Jul-77
Nanny              James H.                                       17-Jul-77
Napier             John (Jean) Mack                               17-Jan-77
Napier             John Mack                                      16-Jan-77
Nash               Bertha A.                                      11-Jun-77
Nash               Bertha A.                                      13-Jun-77
Nash               John W.                                        20-Oct-77
Nason              Edward Earl (Jack)                             10-Mar-77
Nation             William R.                                     06-Apr-77
Naylor             William Meshech                                17-Mar-77
Neal               Andrew Armstrong                               03-Sep-77
Neal               Mary (Mrs. Otho)                               15-Feb-77
Neal               Mary A. (Mrs. Otho)                            16-Feb-77
Neal               Wilbur M.                                      21-Sep-77
Nealey             Bonnie L. (Mrs. Vincent)                       22-Aug-77
Near               Mabel L. (Mrs. J. R.)                          25-Jul-77
Nease              Harvey L.                                      13-Oct-77
Neely              Judge (Jr.)                                    06-Jan-77
Neely              Ted                                            29-Oct-77
Neer               Glenn Wood                                     25-Jan-77
Neese              Rick Dean                                      09-Aug-77
Neese              Virgie Mabel (Mrs. Charles)                    24-Aug-77
Neff               Roy G.                                         07-Oct-77
Neff               Winfield L.                                    07-Dec-77
Neice              Steven Craig                                   03-Oct-77
Nelson             Adelia C. (Mrs. George)                        04-Sep-77
Nelson             Albert (Swede)                                 25-Nov-77
Nelson             Alma R. (Mrs. Leonard J.)                      26-Dec-77
Nelson             Arthur                                         11-Aug-77
Nelson             Carl Hedborm                                   23-Sep-77
Nelson             Carl Leonard                                   08-Oct-77
Nelson             Duane O.                                       02-Nov-77
Nelson             Edna (Mrs. John)                               12-Dec-77
Nelson             Edna R. (Mrs. Luther N.)                       03-Sep-77
Nelson             Eileen P. (Mrs. George)                        30-Nov-77
Nelson             Emma K. (Mrs. Franz T.)                        16-Feb-77
Nelson             Emma M.                                        19-Jul-77
Nelson             Eva (Mrs. Otto)                                10-Apr-77
Nelson             Everett A.                                     05-May-77
Nelson             Hannah L. (Mrs. Oscar D.)                      03-Sep-77
Nelson             Hannah L. (Mrs. Oscar D.)                      03-Sep-77
Nelson             Hazel (Mrs. George A.)                         29-Oct-77
Nelson             Huey Percy (Sr.)                               22-Mar-77
Nelson             Huey Perry (Sr.)                               23-Mar-77
Nelson             James M.                                       29-Nov-77
Nelson             Jennie E. (Mrs. Walter M.)                     22-Sep-77
Nelson             Lawrence                                       04-Aug-77
Nelson             Lloyd Wayne                                    18-Jun-77
Nelson             Lula Bell (Mrs. Orville)                       28-Nov-77
Nelson             Mabel H.                                       18-May-77
Nelson             Myrtle E. (Mrs. Harry)                         14-Oct-77
Nelson             Philip L.                                      07-Sep-77
Nelson             Robert H.                                      10-Apr-77
Nelson             Robert H.                                      11-Apr-77
Nelson             Selma (Mrs. Ludvig)                            06-Jul-77
Nelson             Selma (Mrs. Ludvig)                            05-Jul-77
Nelson             Teddy Branson                                  19-Mar-77
Nelson             Vernon T.                                      01-Jun-77
Nelson             Viola May (Mrs. George)                        27-Apr-77
Nelson             Virgil M.                                      29-Mar-77
Nelson             Walfred E. (Dr.)                               24-Nov-77
Neputi             John                                           08-Oct-77
Nesbitt            Gladys Marie (Mrs. Marion)                     16-Sep-77
Nesler             Janice Lee (Mrs. Owen Eugene)                  19-Oct-77
Nessen             Niss C.                                        27-Aug-77
Nestegard          Bella C. (Mrs. Clarence)                       09-May-77
Neth               Horace L.                                      17-Nov-77
Nethercot          Robert Lee III                                 30-Aug-77
Nett               Mary Catherine (Mrs. Leo)                      16-Sep-77
Neuenshwander      Samuel F.                                      16-Sep-77
Neufeld            John E.                                        05-Sep-77
Neukirch           Leslie Merle                                   21-Oct-77
Neumeyer           William T.                                     15-Nov-77
Nevins             Dora (Mrs. Earl W.)                            04-Jul-77
Nevitt             Elmer Richard (Jr.)                            03-Oct-77
Newberry           Carroll L.                                     24-Jan-77
Newberry           Vida M. (Mrs. Raymond)                         20-Sep-77
Newbold            Ethelene A. (Mrs. George)                      09-Sep-77
Newell             Bertha (Mrs. Melvin)                           08-Jun-77
Newell             Georgia (Mrs. Fred A.)                         29-Oct-77
Newell             James Herbert                                  22-Feb-77
Newell             James Herbert                                  23-Feb-77
Newkirk            Charles W. (Sr.)                               01-Mar-77
Newland            Eula M. (Mrs.)                                 01-Jan-77
Newman             William R.                                     22-Nov-77
Newmaster          Russell H.                                     15-Jun-77
Newport            Mildred Dye (Mrs.)                             17-Aug-77
Newsome            Nancy E. (Mrs. Harold H.)                      11-May-77
Newton             Chester A.                                     16-Nov-77
Newton             Hazel Dean (Mrs. Harry Jack Revell)            26-Apr-77
Newton             Joseph Eugene                                  27-May-77
Newton             Lillie M. (Mrs. Roy)                           02-Feb-77
Newton             R. E. (Pete)                                   19-Aug-77
Nicholas           Clarence A. (Nick)                             17-Dec-77
Nicholas           debra Marie                                    16-Aug-77
Nicholas           Elizabeth Louise (Mrs.)                        06-Oct-77
Nicholas           Julia May (Mrs. Zenith)                        04-May-77
Nichols            A. P.                                          04-Nov-77
Nichols            Cliff Buck                                     04-Oct-77
Nichols            Clytice (Mrs. Raymond)                         22-Jan-77
Nichols            George                                         05-Sep-77
Nichols            LaSha Michelle                                 27-Sep-77
Nichols            Susie (Mrs. Jacob J. C.)                       29-Jan-77
Nicholson          Harry Eugene                                   14-Jan-77
Nickell            Jonas                                          21-Oct-77
Niday              David A.                                       05-Mar-77
Niebaum            Grace (Mrs. Herman)                            13-Oct-77
Niedens            Agnes (Mrs. Henry)                             26-Nov-77
Nielsen            Frances (Mrs. Dale)                            17-Feb-77
Nielsen            Martin                                         17-Oct-77
Niernberger        Ralph J.                                       13-Feb-77
Nies               John                                           06-Oct-77
Nieuwhof           Cornelius W. (Kees)                            18-Aug-77
Nieuwhof           Cornelius W. (Kees)                            20-Aug-77
Nighswonger        Clyde E.                                       12-Sep-77
Nighswonger        Roy K.                                         17-Apr-77
Nighswonger        Roy K.                                         18-Apr-77
Nightengale        Erwin                                          12-Sep-77
Nightengale        Hazel Leah (Mrs. John)                         24-Jul-77
Nightingale        David A.                                       29-Nov-77
Nix                Rhoda F. (Mrs. Roscoe)                         12-May-77
Nixon              Basil H.                                       17-Mar-77
Nixon              Deryl U.                                       19-Oct-77
Nixon              Kenneth C.                                     11-Sep-77
Nixon              Kenneth C.                                     12-Sep-77
Nixon              Lavina V. (Mrs. Paul)                          09-Dec-77
Nixon              Leon L.                                        21-Aug-77
Noble              Marty (Mrs. Harold)                            02-Dec-77
Nobles             Rita V. (Mrs. William)                         30-Apr-77
Noland             Samuel Miller                                  28-Jun-77
Noland             William G.                                     23-Jun-77
Nolder             Flolyd S.                                      15-Jun-77
Noma               (Mrs. Floyd)                                   18-Jun-77
Nordahl            Mina (Mrs. Alfred)                             10-Sep-77
Nordyke            Max                                            03-Sep-77
Nordyke            Max                                            05-Sep-77
Norland            Verne                                          10-Nov-77
Norlin             Harold C.                                      02-Oct-77
Norman             Charles E.                                     06-Nov-77
Norris             B. E.                                          22-Jun-77
Norris             Gene D.                                        09-Dec-77
Norris             Lida E. (Mrs. George)                          02-Feb-77
Norris             Lola M. (Mrs. Joe)                             19-Feb-77
Norris             Minty (Mrs. James T.)                          10-Jun-77
Norris             Ruby M. (Mrs. George)                          02-Jun-77
Northcutt          Mary Lou (Mrs. Darnell)                        22-Feb-77
Norton             Catherine (Mrs. Thomas H.)                     10-Aug-77
Norton             Robert Byrd                                    16-Feb-77
Nowell             Millie C. (Mrs. Marvin)                        20-May-77
Nuessen            George A.                                      25-Jan-77
Nusnaum            May Wellman (Mrs. Homer M.)                    07-Dec-77
Nusnaum            May Wellman (Mrs. Homer M.)                    08-Dec-77
Nutz               Margaret C.                                    29-Nov-77
Nye                James T.                                       17-Dec-77
Oakleaf            Esther Ruth (Mrs. Marcus)                      30-Jul-77
Oakleaf            Somtavil (Mrs. Byron)                          03-Sep-77
Oakley             Emery R.                                       04-Sep-77
Oakman             Ruth (Mrs.)                                    06-Jan-77
Oberdick           Elizabeth Karoline (Mrs. John Henry)           06-Jul-77
Oberholtzer        Mabel L. (Mrs. Harold)                         30-Jun-77
Oberle             Daniel P.                                      09-Apr-77
Oberle             Polycarp F.                                    05-Jan-77
Oberle             William                                        08-Sep-77
Obley              Bob                                            05-Feb-77
O'Brian            Elizabeth Ann                                  19-May-77
O'Brien            Harvey A.                                      19-Sep-77
O'Brien            Harvey A.                                      20-Sep-77
O'Brien            William J.                                     04-Mar-77
Ocker              M. Earle                                       03-Jul-77
O'Connell          Frank                                          22-Aug-77
O'Connell          John                                           31-Oct-77
Oden               J. Earl                                        05-Apr-77
Oden               W. J. (Dub)                                    07-Nov-77
Odgen              Charles M. (Jr.)                               27-Apr-77
O'Donnell          Steven F.                                      10-Dec-77
O'Donnell          Steven F.                                      12-Dec-77
Oelrich            George                                         01-Jan-77
Oelschlager        Queen Viola (Mrs. Elmer)                       04-May-77
Oelschlager        Veta (Mrs. Herbert)                            09-Nov-77
Ogden              Ethel (Mrs. Ben H.)                            17-Oct-77
Ogden              Floyd H.                                       03-May-77
Oglesbee           Effa (Mrs. LeRoy)                              17-Aug-77
Ogletree           Rufus S.                                       27-Apr-77
O'Hara             Marie A. (Mrs. LeRoy V.)                       05-Jun-77
O'Haver            Clifford J.                                    02-Sep-77
Ohmie              William H.                                     01-Sep-77
Olberging          Reta (Mrs. Henry)                              05-Apr-77
Oldenettel         Jay D.                                         13-Oct-77
Oldham             Ellen (Mrs. Thomas J.)                         22-Feb-77
Oldridge           Mary Belle (Dr.)                               29-Jan-77
O'Leary            Virgil L.                                      31-Aug-77
Oliphant           Charles L. (John)                              05-Apr-77
Oliver             Earl Wesley                                    15-Dec-77
Oliver             Ralph P.                                       11-Jan-77
Oliver             Thomas O. (Sr.)                                04-Mar-77
Olsen              Inez (Mrs. Andrew)                             16-Feb-77
Olson              Annette                                        26-Oct-77
Olson              C. A. (Charlie)                                06-Sep-77
Olson              Chester                                        30-Mar-77
Olson              Clara J. (Mrs. Joseph W.)                      07-Jan-77
Olson              Ellen (Mrs. Clell)                             01-Jun-77
Olson              Hildegard S. (Mrs. Alfred)                     29-Oct-77
Olson              Jay Richard                                    09-May-77
olson              Olga W. (Mrs. Harry)                           01-Mar-77
Olson              Otto                                           12-May-77
Olson              Otto Henry                                     31-Dec-77
Olson              R. E. (Dr.)                                    12-Jun-77
Olson              Regina C. (Mrs. Victor)                        08-Aug-77
Olson              Ruth Mae (Mrs. Glenn)                          11-Apr-77
Olson              Ruth Mae (Mrs. Glenn)                          12-Apr-77
O'Malley           Ella K. (Mrs. William P.)                      22-Oct-77
O'Malley           William P.                                     03-Jun-77
O'Neal             Martin Eugene                                  21-Mar-77
O'Neal             Oscar C.                                       09-Apr-77
O'Neal             Reid H.                                        17-Jul-77
Oneslager          Dawn M.                                        09-Jan-77
Onslager           Minnie Edith (Mrs. Benjamin)                   06-Jun-77
Opdycke            Anna (Mrs. Laurence)                           25-Jan-77
Opperman           Edward A.                                      23-Mar-77
Opperman           Edward A.                                      24-Mar-77
Orme               Georgia (Mrs. Lellan E.)                       08-Dec-77
O'Rourke           Elizabeth (Mrs. James F.)                      15-Feb-77
Orr                Anna (Mrs. Frank J.)                           18-Aug-77
Orr                John E.                                        15-Feb-77
Ort                Daniel Jacon                                   13-Feb-77
Orth               Ethel Louise (Mrs. Wallace E.)                 17-Nov-77
Orth               Ethel Louise (Mrs. Wallace E.)                 18-Nov-77
Orth               Marcella C. (Mrs. Elmer)                       30-Sep-77
Ortiz              Johnny M.                                      27-Nov-77
Osborn             Dorene G. (Mrs. Robert G.)                     20-Jul-77
Osborn             Opal (Mrs. Oliver)                             08-Jun-77
Osborne            Ethel (Mrs. Harold)                            03-Dec-77
Osborne            Ralph J.                                       10-Dec-77
Osenbaugh          Troy S.                                        03-Nov-77
Osgood             William L.                                     21-Jun-77
Osler              Pauline (Mrs. James)                           14-Dec-77
Osman              Alva Everett                                   14-Aug-77
Oster              Barbara (Mrs. Frank B.)                        05-Oct-77
Osterbuhr          Danny                                          25-Oct-77
Osterefelt         Opal M. (Mrs. Pete)                            01-Mar-77
Ostlind            Agnes C. (Mrs. A. R.)                          18-May-77
Ott                Della B. (Mrs. Edward T.)                      09-Jul-77
Ott                Fred C.                                        06-Oct-77
Ott                Ivan A.                                        01-Mar-77
Ottinger           Scott W.                                       03-Mar-77
Otto               Jeannette Caroline                             07-Jun-77
Oursler            Earl                                           20-Nov-77
Overbey            Gilbert E.                                     24-May-77
Overeem            Jean E. (Mrs. Ray W.)                          20-Apr-77
Overholt           Hilda A. (Mrs. John)                           26-Jun-77
Overley            Paul                                           03-Nov-77
Overstreet         Oscar August                                   10-Nov-77
Overstreet         Thomas Earl (Bob)                              07-Dec-77
Owen               Earl F.                                        26-Nov-77
Owen               Emma Clara (Mrs. John)                         22-Mar-77
Owen               Gladys (Mrs. James)                            01-Apr-77
Owen               Howard W.                                      24-Oct-77
Owens              Blanche (Mrs. Jess)                            15-Oct-77
Owens              C. Orville                                     04-Mar-77
Owens              Cleo G. (Mrs. Roy H.)                          17-Jun-77
Owens              Golda (Mrs. Homer)                             13-Feb-77
Owens              Harry V.                                       03-Sep-77
Owens              J. Francis                                     23-Feb-77
Owens              Jerry M.                                       14-Jan-77
Owens              Joseph W.                                      10-May-77
Owens              Lloyd M.                                       04-Aug-77
Owens              Mabel L. (Mrs. Tom)                            03-Oct-77
Owens              Mable L. (Mrs. Tom)                            02-Oct-77
Owens              May (Mrs. George)                              26-Apr-77
Owens              Orville                                        03-Aug-77
Oxford             Minnie V. (Mrs. Conley)                        06-Dec-77
Oxford             Noah Ellis                                     02-Oct-77
Oyler              Claude III                                     03-Aug-77
Ozbun              Frederick Paul                                 04-Dec-77
Ozbun              Leora (Mrs. Mark M.)                           10-Apr-77
Pack               Hugh                                           09-Jun-77
Paclard            Gary Kent                                      06-Mar-77
Paddleford         Bessie May (Mrs. Earl A.)                      08-Feb-77
Paddock            Ollie M. (Mrs. Charles)                        01-Nov-77
Paddock            Verne C.                                       09-Mar-77
Padfield           Helen Phillips (Mrs. Robert E.)                21-Oct-77
Padfield           Helen Phillips (Mrs. Robert E.)                25-Nov-77
Padgett            Alice Irene (Mrs. George W.)                   23-Dec-77
Padgett            Minnie Elizabeth (Mrs. Leon H.)                23-Oct-77
Padilla            John                                           30-Nov-77
Page               Clarid (Mrs. Irving)                           28-Mar-77
Page               Grant W.                                       17-Apr-77
Page               Joe E. (Sr.)                                   20-Dec-77
Page               Joseph E.                                      04-May-77
Page               Joseph E.                                      05-May-77
Page               Ray J.                                         28-Jun-77
Paget              Mildred (Mrs. Lloyd)                           08-Feb-77
Palacio            Florencio                                      17-Jan-77
Palacioz           Angela (Mrs. S. G.)                            23-Sep-77
Palacioz           Casimro Gonzales                               04-Oct-77
Palkowsky          William                                        27-Jan-77
Palm               Oscar                                          23-May-77
Palmer             Daisye B. (Mrs. Tom)                           04-Mar-77
Palmer             Dustin Orbin                                   05-May-77
Palmer             Emma J. (Mrs. Olin S.)                         09-Aug-77
Palmer             Ernest Elwood                                  30-Nov-77
Palmer             Ida F. (Mrs.)                                  27-Mar-77
Palmer             Irene (Mrs. Elias)                             19-Apr-77
Palmer             Lee Robert                                     07-Aug-77
Palmer             Lois Mary (Mrs. Jack F.)                       24-Apr-77
Palmer             Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. James)                    15-Jan-77
Palmer             Minnie M. (Mrs. Duje)                          04-Dec-77
Palmer             Ola M. (Mrs. Irl E.)                           02-Apr-77
Palmer             Rollie                                         23-Sep-77
Palmitier          Garnett                                        12-Sep-77
Palmquist          Carl Arthur                                    26-Oct-77
Palmquist          L. E. Jerome                                   22-Nov-77
Pankow             Ferinand R.                                    26-Oct-77
Pankratz           Edward J.                                      04-Sep-77
Pankratz           Mary (Mrs. P. D.)                              09-Mar-77
Pankratz           Tena (Mrs. Peter E.)                           22-May-77
Pannell            Erma Arlene                                    04-Aug-77
Pape               Minni C. (Mrs. Henry)                          27-Dec-77
Papineau           Jane Esther                                    19-Jul-77
Papineau           John                                           19-Jul-77
Pappas             Chrysanthe M. (Mrs. Sam)                       18-Jun-77
Pappas             Pearle (Mrs. George)                           02-Jan-77
Paramore           Ruth                                           21-Mar-77
Parcel             Edith Winifred (Mrs. Raymond)                  04-Sep-77
Parcel             Leonard L.                                     04-Oct-77
Paris              Edna M. (Mrs. Andrew)                          03-Mar-77
Paris              Lurene (Mrs. Stephen)                          06-Nov-77
Paris              Roy B.                                         11-Oct-77
Parker             Bertha (Mrs. Ray C.)                           09-Apr-77
Parker             Clifford Andrew                                16-Apr-77
Parker             Flossie E. (Mrs. Orval)                        29-Sep-77
Parker             Gary L.                                        21-Jan-77
Parker             Gary L.                                        22-Jan-77
Parker             Lora A.                                        24-Jan-77
Parker             Lula  F. (Mrs.)                                27-Mar-77
Parker             Mable                                          20-Jul-77
Parker             Madge E. (Mrs. Clarence A.)                    01-Nov-77
Parker             Mary Etta (Mrs. Charles)                       02-Nov-77
Parker             Myrtle Frances (Mrs. M. M.)                    06-Dec-77
Parker             Raymond Hardy (Sr.)                            18-Mar-77
Parker             Raymond Hardy (Sr.)                            19-Mar-77
Parkey             Thelma Jean (Mrs. Roy)                         27-Feb-77
Parkinson          Henry D.                                       27-Jun-77
Parks              Cloy J.                                        06-Sep-77
Parks              Laura B. (Mrs. Elzie)                          02-Dec-77
Parks              Rachel                                         18-Jul-77
Parmele            Bina E. (Mrs. Jesse)                           15-Nov-77
Parr               Amanda E. (Mrs. Riley)                         31-Oct-77
Parrott            Ivo (Duke)                                     03-Feb-77
Parry              Alan D.                                        05-Sep-77
Parsons            Alberta (Mrs. Paul)                            30-Jun-77
Parsons            Clara Irene (Mrs. Frank Marion)                07-Jan-77
Parsons            Fay                                            27-Aug-77
Parsons            Mable Iva (Mrs. Jay)                           05-Feb-77
Pash               Ova Fay (Mrs. Richard)                         03-Mar-77
Pasley             Lewis H.                                       05-Apr-77
Pasley             Roland C.                                      27-Nov-77
Pasley             Sidney C.                                      02-Nov-77
Pate               Vernon                                         19-Apr-77
Pate               Warfield                                       27-Jan-77
Patmon             Mary Lee                                       25-Feb-77
Patmon             Mary Lee                                       27-Feb-77
Paton              Ila (Mrs. Jack)                                02-May-77
Patridge           Genevieve (Mrs. Harold)                        04-Dec-77
Patten             John E.                                        01-Feb-77
Pattengill         Harry L.                                       10-Jun-77
Patterson          Ada (Mrs. Bruce)                               08-Aug-77
Patterson          Addie E. (Mrs. Robert)                         28-Nov-77
Patterson          Beatrice (Mrs. William J.)                     12-Aug-77
Patterson          Elvin                                          13-Feb-77
Patterson          Esther Grave (Mrs. Del)                        30-Dec-77
Patterson          Hallie E. (Mrs. J. W.)                         08-Mar-77
Patterson          James Jessie                                   02-Jan-77
Patterson          John Edwin                                     31-Dec-77
Patterson          Lacester D.                                    06-Feb-77
Patterson          Mabel May (Mrs. William Henry)                 08-Jan-77
Patterson          Mabel May (Mrs. William Henry)                 09-Jan-77
Patterson          Mae E. (Mrs. Edwin)                            08-Sep-77
Patterson          Orpha M.                                       27-Mar-77
Patterson          Rosa E. (Mrs. Edward)                          23-Jan-77
Patterson          Tibbie B.                                      09-Oct-77
Patterson          Jerry W.                                       14-May-77
Patton             Eugene John                                    03-May-77
Patton             Lloyd F.                                       04-Jul-77
Patton             Mildred L. (Mrs. Richard)                      27-Mar-77
Paul               Joseph A.                                      03-Apr-77
Pauli              Edith Mae (Mrs. Edward)                        24-Sep-77
Pauls              Henry A.                                       21-Jan-77
Pauls              Jacob T.                                       27-May-77
Pavone             Baby                                           02-Nov-77
Paxton             James W.                                       16-Oct-77
Payne              Adam                                           29-Mar-77
Payne              Adam                                           30-Mar-77
Payne              Cleo Patril                                    25-Jan-77
Payne              Edna S. (Mrs. Clifford)                        19-Sep-77
Payne              Eunice (Mrs. Howard)                           25-Apr-77
Payne              Ida May (Mrs. Carl D.)                         25-Aug-77
Payne              John Howard                                    02-Dec-77
Payne              Louise K. (Mrs. James)                         12-Dec-77
Payne              Margaret (Mrs. Hal)                            04-Oct-77
Payne              Ruth Davenport                                 17-Jul-77
Payne              Teddy B.                                       09-Sep-77
Payne              Iva P. (Mrs. Edward)                           01-Nov-77
Paynter            John Augustus                                  30-Sep-77
Peacock            David Ray                                      18-May-77
Peacock            George N.                                      29-Apr-77
Peacock            Mildred                                        11-Oct-77
Peak               Jesse Roy                                      15-Sep-77
Peak               Paul F.                                        03-Aug-77
Peake              Julia Smies (Mrs.)                             01-Mar-77
Pearce             John B.                                        11-Sep-77
Pearce             Robert W.                                      26-Jun-77
Peare              Mary Ann (Mrs. Paul A.)                        18-May-77
Pearson            Alex Theodore                                  08-Feb-77
Pease              Carlos Ricker                                  26-Feb-77
Peavy              Edwin Thurston                                 05-Nov-77
Peck               John K.                                        23-Jan-77
Peck               Ray Henry                                      13-May-77
Peckens            Edith Blanche (Mrs. George)                    16-Mar-77
Peddie             Ruthanne Kumm                                  21-Apr-77
Pederson           Delphia L (Mrs. Perry)                         28-Mar-77
Pedigo             Tex Allen                                      18-May-77
Pedroja            D. C. (Nick)                                   15-Jan-77
Peebler            David Samuel                                   16-Sep-77
Peel               Glenn W.                                       17-May-77
Peery              Carl E.                                        17-Aug-77
Pees               Frank                                          06-Feb-77
Peitz              Clemens E.                                     26-Jun-77
Pell               Glenna E. (Mrs. Joseph)                        28-Aug-77
Pelster            Edward James                                   16-Mar-77
Pelton             Harvey J.                                      10-Jun-77
Pendergast         Velda G. (Mrs. G. Wayne)                       08-Jun-77
Pendergrass        Roy H.                                         19-Jun-77
Pendlay            Robert S.                                      13-Mar-77
Penka              Anika Marie                                    07-May-77
Penland            Frances B. (Mrs. Charles A.)                   09-Sep-77
Penn               Clifford A.                                    19-Dec-77
Pennell            Wanda I.                                       02-Jun-77
Penner             Rachel (Mrs. Arthur)                           22-Feb-77
Pennington         Clyde F.                                       25-Mar-77
Pennington         Leola                                          31-May-77
Pennington         Ruth V.                                        07-Apr-77
Penny              Essie E. (Mrs. Charles)                        21-Nov-77
Penrose            Daisy Louretia (Mrs. Orville W.)               16-Dec-77
Pepitone           Dorothy J. (Mrs. Rosario)                      08-Sep-77
Peppard            Vernon Willard                                 24-Feb-77
Perdue             Gladys (Mrs. Lewis)                            13-May-77
Perez              Federico                                       09-Sep-77
Perez              Mary (Mrs.)                                    02-Apr-77
Perez              Mary (Mrs.)                                    04-Apr-77
Perkins            Carla Beth                                     23-Sep-77
Perkins            Hugh H.                                        09-Feb-77
Perrigo            Robert E.                                      18-Jul-77
Perry              Frank H.                                       24-Nov-77
Perry              Lois E.                                        30-Oct-77
Perry              Mack D.                                        09-Nov-77
Perry              Russell E.                                     19-Jan-77
Pestinger          Marion W.                                      14-Sep-77
Peteete            Patrick L.                                     23-Jun-77
Peterman           Bertha E. (Mrs. Frank)                         01-Oct-77
Peters             Helen K. (Mrs. George K.)                      06-Feb-77
Peters             Jacob E.                                       30-Apr-77
Peters             Walter C.                                      13-Jan-77
Peterson           Agnes (Mrs. Elmer)                             03-Apr-77
Peterson           Aleda O. (Mrs. Theodore)                       24-Jun-77
Peterson           Ann A. (Mrs. Glenn)                            05-Nov-77
Peterson           Charles Eldon                                  12-Mar-77
Peterson           Edith (Mrs. Melvin)                            28-Dec-77
Peterson           Edwin                                          02-Sep-77
Peterson           Elsie V. (Mrs. Alva R.)                        14-Oct-77
Peterson           Forrest Wayne                                  07-Sep-77
Peterson           Martha Linda (Mrs. Abe)                        05-Jul-77
Peterson           Myrtle                                         29-Dec-77
Peterson           Oscar C.                                       14-Aug-77
Peterson           Peter D.                                       02-Sep-77
Peterson           Rosetta Lee (Mrs. Robert)                      21-May-77
Peterson           Steven Frank                                   15-Jan-77
Petit              Blanche R. (Mrs. L. H.)                        19-Nov-77
Petit              Gladys L. (Mrs. William)                       22-Jul-77
Petrey             Chester E.                                     26-Jun-77
Petrowsky          Robert D.                                      27-Mar-77
Pettijohn          Marsena                                        27-Mar-77
Petty              Gladys (Mrs. Bud)                              06-Jul-77
Petway             Leroy N.                                       28-Mar-77
Pfannensteil       Sophia                                         05-Apr-77
Pfannenstiel       Isidore J.                                     08-Nov-77
Pfannenstiel       Joseph J.                                      06-Mar-77
Pfeifer            Anton Tony                                     19-Oct-77
Pfeifer            Bernard Michael                                18-Jan-77
Pfeifer            Leo J.                                         06-Sep-77
Pfister            Myrtle J. (Mrs. Ray)                           17-Mar-77
Phelps             Mary D. (Mrs. Russell F.)                      12-Apr-77
Phelps             Mary D. (Mrs. Russell F.)                      13-Apr-77
Phelps             Robert Wayne                                   16-Feb-77
Phenninger         Ralph E.                                       17-Jun-77
Phillips           Alfred                                         13-May-77
Phillips           Bessie Anna Laura (Mrs. John)                  20-Feb-77
Phillips           Clyde Robert                                   18-Jan-77
Phillips           Donald A.                                      20-Aug-77
Phillips           Elizabeth Kay (Mrs. Ralph)                     04-Aug-77
Phillips           Grover (Sr.)                                   12-Feb-77
Phillips           Helen O. (Mrs. William)                        20-Sep-77
Phillips           Jennie Amelia (Mrs. Willie)                    14-Apr-77
Phillips           Jennie Amelia (Mrs. Willie)                    15-Apr-77
Phillips           L. J. (Dr.)                                    10-May-77
Phillips           Laura Belle (Mrs. Newt)                        02-Mar-77
Phillips           Laura Belle (Mrs. Newt)                        03-Mar-77
Phillips           Lloyd B.                                       12-Oct-77
Phillips           Nina N. (Mrs. L. R.)                           24-Apr-77
Phillips           Pauline (Mrs. Rex)                             04-May-77
Phillips           Robert A.                                      23-Aug-77
Phillips           Ruth E. (Mrs. Loren)                           04-Sep-77
Phillips           Sadie (Mrs. Wilbur)                            15-Mar-77
Phillips           Wesley E,                                      18-Feb-77
Philpott           Kenneth Ellis (Pfc.)                           24-Dec-77
Phippen            Thomas O.                                      15-Jul-77
Phipps             Jewell C.                                      24-May-77
Phipps             Melvin G.                                      13-Jun-77
Phipps             Nobel W.                                       26-Aug-77
Pickett            Michael Donald                                 03-Aug-77
Pickler            Harold M.                                      30-Nov-77
Pickrell           Harold L.                                      23-Sep-77
Piehler            Bertha (Mrs. Carl)                             09-Mar-77
Pierce             Billy J.                                       07-Oct-77
Pierce             Fritz R.                                       19-May-77
Pierce             Jessie Evelyn (Mrs. Charles E.)                28-Mar-77
Pierce             May                                            02-Jul-77
Pierce             Robert L.                                      19-Jul-77
Pierce             Tracie Lynn                                    11-Jul-77
Pierce             William F.                                     15-Apr-77
Pierson            Arthur E.                                      17-Aug-77
Pierson            Walter F.                                      06-Nov-77
Pigorsch           Henry                                          23-Aug-77
Pike               Jimmy D.                                       09-Apr-77
Pike               Nellie M. (Mrs. John)                          30-Jul-77
Pilgrim            Mary E.                                        19-Sep-77
Pineger            Maggie                                         29-Nov-77
Pinon              Robert L.                                      01-Feb-77
Piper              Susie E.                                       06-Apr-77
Pipkin             Daisy (Mrs. Oscar)                             26-Apr-77
pippig             Herbert K.                                     19-Oct-77
Pistoria           Minnie E. (Mrs. Charles)                       28-Jul-77
Pistotnik          Anton (Tony)                                   28-Nov-77
Pitkin             Daisy (Mrs. Oscar)                             25-Apr-77
Pittman            Arvillar (Mrs. LeRoy)                          05-Sep-77
Pittman            Forrest W.                                     13-Jul-77
Pittman            Katheryn Abi (Mrs. Lloyd)                      19-Jun-77
Pittman            Pauline M. (Mrs. Clyde)                        10-Nov-77
Pitts              LaVerne D. (Mrs. Lonnie)                       01-Jan-77
Pitts              Lola B. (Mrs. Ivan)                            03-Mar-77
Pitzer             Ira Rexford (Jack)                             01-Dec-77
Pjesky             John C.                                        22-Jul-77
Plack              Mary E. (Mrs. Richard)                         08-Jan-77
Plank              Melbourne L.                                   10-Apr-77
Platt              Lloyd A.                                       18-Feb-77
Platter            Lee Roy                                        28-Oct-77
Plenert            James B.                                       02-Aug-77
Plett              Bennie                                         29-Aug-77
Plett              Tommy Joe                                      17-Aug-77
Plott              Sopha M. (Mrs. Roy)                            02-Nov-77
Ploutz             Jeffery Lynn                                   16-Aug-77
Ploutz             Kenneth L.                                     07-Mar-77
Plumb              Charles Allen                                  01-Jul-77
Plumleigh          Roberta L.                                     10-Sep-77
Plummer            Louis Thomas                                   04-Jan-77
Plummer            Louis Thomas                                   05-Jan-77
Plymate            Clay                                           12-Jan-77
Pohlman            A. F. (Fred) (Sr.)                             25-Aug-77
Poindexter         Alberta Lee                                    06-Dec-77
Poldado            Fern Hunt (Mrs. Simon)                         29-Dec-77
Polk               Betty M.                                       29-Jun-77
Polk               Betty M.                                       30-Jun-77
Pollock            Eugene W.                                      24-Jul-77
Pollock            Helene C. (Mrs. Thomas A.)                     13-Dec-77
Pollock            Tom                                            14-Oct-77
Polson             Arthur J.                                      20-Sep-77
Polson             Maxine J. (Mrs. Delbur)                        02-Sep-77
Polston            Walter Fay                                     14-Sep-77
Pomeroy            Gladys L. (Mrs. Andrew G.)                     03-Sep-77
Pomeroy            Obie Fred                                      28-Jan-77
Pontello           Saveria (Mrs. Tony)                            28-Jun-77
Pool               Dezzie Iola Slater (Mrs. Clifford)             13-Mar-77
Pool               Nona Zile (Mrs. John M.)                       30-Jul-77
Pool               Nona Zile (Mrs. John M.)                       31-Jul-77
Poos               Herman F.                                      15-Feb-77
Popp               Pauline (Mrs. Louis)                           04-Dec-77
Porsch             John                                           11-Sep-77
Porter             Harold                                         17-Oct-77
Porter             Helen W. (Mrs. Tom)                            10-Mar-77
Porter             Joe R.                                         26-Jan-77
Porter             Mary B.                                        17-Jun-77
Porter             R. J. Renn                                     04-Dec-77
Porter             Sam J.                                         12-Mar-77
Porter             Venia                                          13-Nov-77
Porter             William J. (Dr.)                               20-Aug-77
Posey              Zelma (Mrs. Ira)                               08-Feb-77
Postier            Walter                                         04-Nov-77
Postlethwait       Dale Lawrence                                  28-Jun-77
Poston             Ward                                           22-Feb-77
Potter             Clyde A.                                       27-Mar-77
Potter             Gertrude C.                                    31-May-77
Potter             Hada G. (Mrs. George M.)                       17-Jan-77
Potter             Joseph Henry                                   27-May-77
Pottle             Harry                                          23-Nov-77
Potts              David Lee                                      18-Jun-77
Potts              Thelma P. (Mrs. John)                          13-Dec-77
Powell             Agnes                                          27-Sep-77
Powell             Carson F.                                      26-Jul-77
Powell             Chester W.                                     27-Jun-77
Powell             Fred M.                                        26-May-77
Powell             Julia (Mrs. Harry)                             03-May-77
Powell             Marvin Stone                                   09-Dec-77
Powell             Mary W. (Mrs. Ed)                              07-Aug-77
Powell             Walter                                         22-Nov-77
Powells            Geneva Frances (Mrs. Henry)                    05-Aug-77
Powers             Cyrus Burns                                    12-Dec-77
Powers             Effie (Mrs. Orion)                             14-Feb-77
Powers             Ernie Lee                                      26-Nov-77
Powers             Lyle Alfred (Sr.)                              31-May-77
Powers             Pearl (Mrs. Gene)                              29-Nov-77
Powers             Victor L.                                      24-Nov-77
Prater             Betty L. (Mrs. Benjamin)                       18-Jun-77
Prater             George                                         20-Oct-77
Prather            Nellie Rose (Mrs. W. G.)                       07-Jun-77
Pratt              Emma C. (Mrs. Sylvester)                       02-Sep-77
Pratt              Lee                                            15-Apr-77
Pratt              Leonard D.                                     19-Apr-77
Pratt              Marion Ann (Mrs. Lisle)                        08-Jul-77
Pray               Merle (Jinks)                                  05-Aug-77
Pray               Merle (Jinks)                                  05-Aug-77
Prcesang           F. J. (Fern)                                   07-Sep-77
Prcesang           F. J. (Fern)                                   09-Sep-77
Preble             Faye M.                                        15-May-77
Prediger           Henry Patraick                                 13-Sep-77
Preedy             Wilma Florence (Mrs. Walter Earl)              19-Sep-77
Preisser           Jerome E.                                      28-Oct-77
Prell              Edwin James                                    16-Oct-77
Premer             Lester L.                                      16-Feb-77
Prentice           True                                           22-Aug-77
Presley            Joseph T.                                      29-Aug-77
Presley            Joseph T.                                      01-Sep-77
Preston            Francis Henry                                  04-Dec-77
Preston            Lena M. (Mrs. Lester)                          09-Apr-77
Prey               Mabel M. (Mrs. Eugene L.)                      18-May-77
Price              Donald                                         03-May-77
Price              Donald H.                                      17-Feb-77
Price              Donald H.                                      18-Feb-77
Price              John                                           19-Feb-77
Price              John Elton                                     09-Mar-77
Price              Robert W.                                      24-Apr-77
Prichard           Carrie M. (Mrs. Earl)                          23-Dec-77
Priddy             Leo E.                                         05-Apr-77
Prigmore           Harry E.                                       02-Jan-77
Prigmore           Margaret Louise (Mrs. Ray H.)                  10-Nov-77
Prilliman          Alta Ova                                       04-Mar-77
Prim               Donald                                         08-Dec-77
Prince             Earl C.                                        08-Aug-77
Prince             Earl C.                                        12-Aug-77
Prindle            Charles A.                                     26-Nov-77
Prior              Sadie (Mrs. James)                             30-Jul-77
Pritchett          Mary Lou                                       31-Dec-77
Pritz              Hanna E.                                       31-May-77
Proberts           Earl                                           13-Sep-77
Probst             Evan                                           05-May-77
Prock              Frances M. (Mrs. James)                        13-Nov-77
Prohn              Cobin B.                                       01-Apr-77
Proksch            Hubert                                         04-Nov-77
Propst             Shelton Eegraff                                15-Oct-77
Province           Mandy Madawn                                   08-Dec-77
Provorse           James E.                                       08-May-77
Pruitt             Byron E.                                       19-Mar-77
Pruitt             Ralph                                          15-Jul-77
Pryor              Roger Witt                                     18-Mar-77
Pryor              W. R.                                          12-Mar-77
Ptacek             Ellen P. (Mrs. Frank W.)                       12-Oct-77
Pudden             Leo Patrick                                    29-Jun-77
Pugh               Lela Ruby (Mrs. Roy M.)                        06-May-77
Pulliam            Andrew Jack                                    28-Feb-77
Pulse              Oscar C.                                       26-May-77
Pulver             John D.                                        03-May-77
Purcell            Elizabeth and Mary (twins)                     10-Mar-77
Purcell            John J. (Jr.)                                  09-Oct-77
Purdon             Alfreda Marie (Mrs. James)                     04-Jan-77
Purnell            Forrest Wayne                                  23-Apr-77
Pusitz             Manuel (Dr.)                                   08-Feb-77
Putman             Stella (Mrs. S. L.)                            30-May-77
Putman             Wilbur W.                                      04-Feb-77
Putman             Wilbur W.                                      05-Feb-77
Putman             William Ray                                    14-Dec-77
Putman             Worthy L.                                      15-Oct-77
Pyeatt             Stephine Michelle                              20-Oct-77
Pyle               Everett O.                                     26-Jan-77
Quakenbush         James A.                                       04-May-77
Qualls             Carol Yvonne                                   17-Jul-77
Quick              Artie G. (Mrs. Earl)                           01-Sep-77
Quick              Bertha Almeda                                  27-Nov-77
Quick              Lula Fern (Mrs. Winfield)                      23-Mar-77
Quinn              Frances H. (Mrs. Kenneth J.)                   23-Sep-77
Quinn              Norman Max                                     01-Dec-77
Quiring            Peter F.                                       08-Feb-77
Quiring            Sarah (Mrs. Peter F.)                          03-Jun-77
Raczka             Benjamin J.                                    10-Apr-77
Radcliff           Anna Grace (Mrs. William M.)                   26-Oct-77
Radcliff           William Miles                                  10-Jan-77
Rader              Earl M.                                        01-Sep-77
Radke              Beatrice C. (Mrs. LaVerne)                     19-Feb-77
Radke              Theodore J.                                    17-Jul-77
Radtke             Marie Dorothy (Mrs. Edward)                    03-Jul-77
Ragland            Burnice (Mrs.V. R.)                            16-Jan-77
Rago               Lena                                           20-Jul-77
Raigoza            Brady A.                                       24-Mar-77
Raines             Ruby E. (Mrs. William)                         13-Jul-77
Rakestraw          Lottie M. (Mrs. Glenn)                         29-Oct-77
Rambow             Lulu M.                                        05-Aug-77
Ramey              Mamie L. (Mrs. Elic)                           27-Apr-77
Ramirez            Jesse Joe                                      24-Apr-77
Ramirez            Jesse Joe                                      24-Apr-77
Ramsay             Ruth (Mrs. Richard)                            18-Mar-77
Ramsey             Billy Edward                                   01-Dec-77
Ramsey             Christopher Allen                              31-Aug-77
Ramsey             Milred G. (Mrs.)                               04-Jan-77
Randall            John L.                                        14-Apr-77
Randall            Loren R.                                       28-Aug-77
Randall            Mary E. (Mrs. Merle)                           14-Jun-77
Randall            Phillip R. (Dr.)                               26-Feb-77
Randall            Wayne                                          07-Oct-77
Randel             Fred Rosco                                     11-Oct-77
Randells           Margaret (Mrs. Lynn)                           23-Sep-77
Randle             Lee Wilson                                     21-Aug-77
Randle             Lee Wilson                                     24-Aug-77
Ranes              Lee                                            28-Nov-77
Raney              Evelyn Pat (Mrs. Garland)                      07-Apr-77
Raney              Wesley Scott                                   14-Sep-77
Rankin             Goldie (Mrs. Stephen)                          04-May-77
Ransdell           Edna Jane (Mrs. Chuck)                         18-Feb-77
Rapp               Fred L.                                        23-Feb-77
Rapp               Maray Jane (Mrs. Robert C.)                    04-Aug-77
Rardin             Dan                                            17-Mar-77
Rasher             Ruth P. (Mrs. Marvin)                          05-Jun-77
Rathbun            Atta (Mrs.)                                    29-Apr-77
Rathbun            Denise Mae (Mrs. Kenneth)                      13-Dec-77
Rathbun            Elladean M. (Mrs. E. A.)                       21-Sep-77
Rathbun            Jessie E. (Mrs. Cleo)                          21-Aug-77
Rathburn           Ramona R. (Mrs. Alwin L.)                      29-Apr-77
Rathert            John A.                                        08-Apr-77
Rathgeber          Ethel Louise                                   04-Jun-77
Rathgeber          Gladys A. (Mrs. Cecil)                         26-Aug-77
Ratzlaff           Allen                                          22-May-77
Ratzlaff           Lavina (Mrs. Abe H.)                           04-Aug-77
Ratzlaff           Lena N.                                        08-Aug-77
Ratzlaff           Walter E.                                      13-Apr-77
Rau                Alex J.                                        23-Nov-77
Rau                Leonarad M.                                    16-Jan-77
Raubs              Alva                                           05-Sep-77
Rauch              James D.                                       16-Feb-77
Rauch              Peter Joseph                                   19-Jan-77
Rausch             Charlotte (Mrs. Howard)                        06-Mar-77
Rausch             Eugene                                         22-May-77
Raux               Eva L. (Mrs. Harry J.)                         19-Aug-77
Rawlings           Glen                                           06-Jan-77
Ray                Irene M. (Mrs. Darrell)                        02-Nov-77
Ray                Irene R. (Mrs. George)                         14-Feb-77
Ray                Irene R. (Mrs. George)                         17-Feb-77
Raymond            Bobbie H. (Mrs. Francis M.)                    16-Jan-77
Raymond            Claude Irvin                                   26-Jan-77
Raymond            Donald Granger                                 20-Feb-77
Raymond            Jessie Pearl (Mrs.)                            19-Mar-77
Razook             James Max                                      23-Mar-77
Razook             James Max                                      24-Mar-77
Read               James T.                                       02-Jun-77
Real               Pierre A.                                      05-May-77
Ream               Arnold T.                                      29-Jun-77
Rechel             Vangie May                                     10-Feb-77
Redd               Joseph O.                                      09-Apr-77
Redd               Joseph O.                                      10-Apr-77
Redetzke           Theresia M. (Mrs. Albert A.)                   06-Jun-77
Redfield           Octia Fisher (Mrs. Earl)                       24-Mar-77
Redger             Lester E.                                      13-Aug-77
Redinger           Claretta (Mrs. Albert)                         23-Feb-77
Redmen             J. O. (Mrs. Glen)                              12-Jul-77
Redmond            Maxine S. (Mrs. Leland)                        09-Nov-77
Redus              Max Lee                                        28-Jan-77
Reed               Alan                                           16-Jun-77
Reed               Anna (Mrs. Lee)                                12-Jun-77
Reed               Calvin Scott                                   12-Jul-77
Reed               Chester A.                                     12-Jun-77
Reed               Finnis O.                                      21-Mar-77
Reed               Gilbert (Bud)                                  01-Oct-77
Reed               H. Leon                                        19-Feb-77
Reed               Harry H.                                       24-Jul-77
Reed               Jarret                                         27-Feb-77
Reed               Jess                                           28-Aug-77
Reed               Jess                                           29-Aug-77
Reed               Mary E. (Mrs. Stanley)                         24-Nov-77
Reed               Quincy D.                                      14-May-77
Reed               Rebecca Jane (Mrs.)                            20-Feb-77
Reed               Viola N.                                       25-Apr-77
Reed               Walter                                         04-Oct-77
Reeder             Della Marie                                    03-Sep-77
Reeder             James H.                                       12-Oct-77
Reedy              Lucille (Mrs. Paul)                            22-Oct-77
Reent              Alvin J.                                       13-Apr-77
Reents             Alvin J.                                       14-Apr-77
Reents             Henry E.                                       01-Dec-77
Reese              M. Maude (Mrs. Archie)                         13-Dec-77
Reeves             Fred C. (Doc)                                  13-Feb-77
Reeves             Shirley R.                                     02-Aug-77
Regas              Harry J.                                       16-Nov-77
Regier             Edward C.                                      26-Jun-77
Regier             Paul G.                                        27-Mar-77
Regnier            Thelma P. (Mrs. Roger E.)                      27-Aug-77
Regular            Willie Lee                                     23-Jun-77
Rehg               Norman M. (Sr.)                                15-Mar-77
Rehmert            Daniel F.                                      05-Feb-77
Rei                Lucretia (Mrs. George)                         26-Oct-77
Reichard           Walter                                         26-Sep-77
Reichel            Lydia (Mrs. George)                            21-Jul-77
Reid               Bertha (Mrs. Truman V.)                        05-Sep-77
Reid               Helen J. (Mrs. Charles)                        24-Oct-77
Reiff              Almer A.                                       25-Sep-77
Reiger             Bernard                                        21-Oct-77
Reiger             Idell (Mrs. William W.)                        02-Aug-77
Reimer             Agatha (Mrs. Henry A.)                         30-Nov-77
Reimer             Nellie May (Mrs. Raymond)                      23-Sep-77
Reinecker          Howard L.                                      07-Feb-77
Reinfelds          Alma (Mrs. Arvids)                             30-Aug-77
Reinolds           Harold Lee                                     12-Oct-77
Reisbig            Ruby J.                                        25-Dec-77
Reiser             Frances Matilda (Mrs. Louis)                   02-Dec-77
Reisman            Lou Ann (Mrs. Lonn)                            25-Oct-77
Reitober           Nora (Mrs. John)                               11-Sep-77
Remmert            Orah J.                                        30-Jan-77
Remsberg           Genevieve R. (Mrs. Clarence)                   28-Mar-77
Remsberg           Genevieve R. (Mrs. Clarence)                   28-Mar-77
Remsberg           Katheryn E. (Mrs. George)                      19-Oct-77
Renea              Patricia A. (Mrs. Russell Leon)                03-May-77
Reneau             Berniece B. (Mrs. William Hobart)              19-Aug-77
Reneau             Donna Ruth (Mrs. Thomas)                       17-Apr-77
Renfro             Lawrence Marion                                29-Mar-77
Renfro             Wesley C.                                      05-Dec-77
Renick             Charles L.                                     14-Aug-77
Renick             Jeremy James                                   21-Oct-77
Rennaker           Joseph IV                                      28-Feb-77
Renner             William J.                                     13-Jun-77
Rennick            Cleve Orell                                    20-Mar-77
Reno               Everett E.                                     12-Oct-77
Reno               Herbert J.                                     06-Jul-77
Rentfro            Glenn G.                                       17-May-77
Replogle           Wayne Fordyce                                  08-Jul-77
Repp               Christina M. (Mrs. Edward A.)                  28-Dec-77
Reppart            William C. (Dr.)                               11-May-77
Resco              Roselyn M.                                     27-Dec-77
Rettig             Essie M. (Mrs. Charles F.)                     11-Aug-77
Revel              Ansel M.                                       08-Feb-77
Reynolds           Buford                                         29-Apr-77
Reynolds           Charles Lee                                    06-Nov-77
Reynolds           Frank A.                                       07-Jul-77
Reynolds           Harriett T. (Mrs. J. Madison)                  31-Oct-77
Reynolds           Helen Ruth (Mrs. Dennis)                       24-Feb-77
Reynolds           Jewell E.                                      24-Aug-77
Reynolds           Kristi Annette                                 24-Dec-77
Reynolds           Oral Forrest                                   03-Sep-77
Reynolds           Orval H.                                       29-Mar-77
Reynolds           Sadie (Mrs. Joe)                               15-Sep-77
Reynolds           Willie N.                                      12-Jan-77
Rhodes             Clarence O.                                    02-Nov-77
Rhodes             Kevin Drew                                     25-Oct-77
Rice               Alice Lucy (Mrs. Frank)                        23-Aug-77
Rice               Clarence I.                                    06-Oct-77
Rice               David W.                                       06-Sep-77
Rice               Fred                                           04-Feb-77
Rice               George H.                                      13-Mar-77
Rice               Jo (Mrs. Harry)                                11-Oct-77
Rich               John Francis                                   10-Nov-77
Richards           Artie                                          09-Jun-77
Richards           Coral A. (Mrs. Edgar)                          03-Sep-77
Richards           J. Waller                                      26-Nov-77
Richards           Lester R.                                      18-Nov-77
Richards           Lucile Wolf (Mrs. Carl)                        10-Sep-77
Richards           Ruth (Mrs.)                                    25-Jan-77
Richards           Walter C. (Bub)                                07-Nov-77
Richards           Warren                                         22-Oct-77
Richardson         Blanche L. (Mrs. Harold)                       25-Aug-77
Richardson         Debra Ann                                      26-Jul-77
Richardson         Donnie Lee (Jr.)                               07-Jun-77
Richardson         Edna (Mrs. Lloyd)                              30-Sep-77
Richardson         Ernest C.                                      23-Jul-77
Richardson         George A. (Ace)                                08-Jun-77
Richardson         Ira J. (Slim)                                  28-Jun-77
Richardson         Juanita C.                                     03-Dec-77
Richardson         Julia Ann                                      13-Dec-77
Richardson         Mary Ellen                                     05-Apr-77
Richardson         Oliver J.                                      05-Apr-77
Richardson         Phyllis Ann                                    04-Jun-77
Richardson         Ruby May (Mrs. E. P.)                          19-Nov-77
Richert            Frank P.                                       04-Dec-77
Richert            Ruth A. (Mrs. Frank J.)                        15-Apr-77
Richey             Angela Nicole                                  01-Jan-77
Richey             Raymond Phillip                                30-Dec-77
Richter            Alvin L.                                       29-Mar-77
Richter            Eula Shook (Mrs. William R.)                   04-Nov-77
Richter            Ferdinard W.                                   15-Nov-77
Rick               Pearl (Mrs. John S.)                           15-Nov-77
Rickard            Dee                                            22-May-77
Ricke              Thersia P. (Mrs. Nick)                         16-Jun-77
Ricken             Henry                                          13-Mar-77
Rickenbacker       Ted (Sr.)                                      12-Sep-77
Ricker             Ellen                                          26-Feb-77
Ricketts           Howard H.                                      19-Aug-77
Ricketts           Howard H.                                      20-Aug-77
Rickey             Ebben W.                                       26-Jun-77
Rickey             Maggie (Mrs. George T.)                        06-Mar-77
Ricky              Maggie (Mrs. George T.)                        05-Mar-77
Riddle             Mary                                           03-Dec-77
Rider              Hean W.                                        13-Sep-77
Ridge              Margaret Frances (Mrs. Lauren)                 19-May-77
Ridgeway           David L.                                       07-Jul-77
Ridgeway           Ernest Wesley                                  19-Mar-77
Ridgway            Maude M. (Mrs. Jeff R.)                        16-Dec-77
Riedel             Ronald V.                                      30-Jan-77
Riedel             Ronald V.                                      01-Feb-77
Riedl              Katheryn C. (Mrs. Frank J.)                    08-Nov-77
Rieff              Almer A.                                       24-Sep-77
Rieke              Harold L. (Sr.)                                07-Dec-77
Riffel             Victor (Sr.)                                   17-Jun-77
Riggs              Charley R.                                     12-Dec-77
Riggs              Clara (Mrs. Clay)                              21-Mar-77
Riggs              Donald E.                                      31-May-77
Riggs              Ted R.                                         30-Jul-77
Riley              Clarence E.                                    24-Oct-77
Riley              Ethel W. (Mrs.)                                15-Mar-77
Riley              Lydia J. (Mrs. William)                        15-Jul-77
Riley              Odell                                          17-Sep-77
Riley              Odell                                          18-Sep-77
Riley              Rachel (Mrs. Ted)                              17-Jan-77
Riley              Russell C.                                     17-Jul-77
Rilling            Fred A.                                        05-Dec-77
Rindt              Clara (Mrs. Emil)                              01-Aug-77
Rinehart           Ralph E.                                       08-Jun-77
Riner              Merle C.                                       25-Dec-77
Ring               Herbert Joseph (Jr.)                           07-Jan-77
Ringer             Daniel Harvey                                  02-Apr-77
Ringer             Phebe E.                                       01-Oct-77
Ripley             George E.                                      13-Dec-77
Rippee             Huey L.                                        19-Mar-77
Ripple             Alma H. (Mrs. Frank)                           11-Jun-77
Rise               Lizzie M. (Mrs. Emil)                          05-Jun-77
Risley             Edna May (Mrs. Clarence E.)                    11-Apr-77
Ritchey            William W.                                     28-Dec-77
Rivas              Paul M. (Lance Cpl.)                           13-Oct-77
Rivers             Beryl Lucille (Mrs. Cecil B.)                  28-Jul-77
Rivers             Beryl Lucille (Mrs. Cecil B.)                  29-Jul-77
Rivers             Gene L.                                        02-Feb-77
Roads              Everett L.                                     07-Feb-77
Roark              Charles E.                                     12-Mar-77
Roark              James Robert                                   22-Nov-77
Robb               Charlene Sue (Mrs. John)                       19-Apr-77
Robb               Eugene S.                                      12-Apr-77
Robb               George S. (Dr.)                                09-Oct-77
Robb               Noah W.                                        14-Apr-77
Robb               Roy R.                                         03-Jun-77
Robben             Anna (Mrs. Bernard)                            26-Aug-77
Robben             Eugene A.                                      24-Aug-77
Robbins            Cleo F.                                        10-Dec-77
Robbins            Cyotha M. (Mrs. Ralph)                         26-Jan-77
Robbins            Dave F.                                        13-Apr-77
Robbins            Edna A. (Mrs. Gerald)                          12-Mar-77
Robbins            John W.                                        10-Aug-77
Robe               Mattie (Mrs. George)                           21-Jun-77
Roberts            Bertie Floyd                                   31-Jul-77
Roberts            David O.                                       01-Nov-77
Roberts            Earl LeRoy                                     01-Jan-77
Roberts            Edmond Reuben                                  16-Nov-77
Roberts            Ernest C.                                      11-Apr-77
Roberts            Ernest C.                                      12-Apr-77
Roberts            Esther (Mrs.)                                  29-Mar-77
Roberts            Grover                                         18-Nov-77
Roberts            Henry C. (Hank)                                21-Oct-77
Roberts            James R.                                       17-Sep-77
Roberts            Mary (Mrs. Will)                               15-Oct-77
Roberts            Ninon Belle (Mrs. Kenneth)                     03-Mar-77
Roberts            Ronald E.                                      08-Feb-77
Roberts            Truman J.                                      14-May-77
Robertson          Bessie (Mrs. Clifford)                         02-Nov-77
Robertson          Cecil                                          13-Apr-77
Robertson          Clara Lucy (Mrs. Louis)                        07-Jul-77
Robertson          Fred                                           23-Dec-77
Robertson          John H.                                        27-Aug-77
Robertson          Lilliebelle (Mrs. Jack)                        08-May-77
Robertson          Marie B. (Mrs. Sidney)                         31-Dec-77
Robertson          Mark L.                                        18-Jul-77
Robertson          Martha (Mrs. I. G.)                            16-Aug-77
Robertson          Ruth L. (Mrs. Wesley)                          11-Aug-77
Robertson          Thomas Jesse                                   08-Feb-77
Robertson          William D.                                     20-Feb-77
Robeson            Esther H. (Mrs. Paul)                          29-Jan-77
Robinette          Nette (Mrs. Bert)                              30-Aug-77
Robinson           Clara (Mrs. Robert)                            20-Dec-77
Robinson           Gladys (Mrs. Tex)                              07-Jun-77
Robinson           James I.                                       18-Feb-77
Robinson           Lillian A.                                     22-Dec-77
Robinson           Madeline S.                                    11-Dec-77
Robinson           Mary S. (Mrs. William)                         29-Mar-77
Robinson           Mary S. (Mrs. William)                         30-Mar-77
Robinson           Orville N.                                     03-Aug-77
Robinson           Oscar                                          29-Sep-77
Robinson           Richard Selwin                                 03-Mar-77
Robinson           Ruth Agnes (Mrs. Chester)                      30-Oct-77
Robinson           S. P.                                          19-Aug-77
Robinson           Samuel P.                                      07-Mar-77
Robinson           Samuel P.                                      12-Mar-77
Robinson           Ted C.                                         08-Nov-77
Robinson           Verna L.                                       17-Sep-77
Robison            David Stewart                                  28-Sep-77
Robl               Teresa Lynn                                    20-Mar-77
Roblyer            Glen M.                                        25-Jun-77
Rocha              Eleno                                          19-Oct-77
Rochat             James E. (Gene)                                20-Sep-77
Rock               Alice May                                      15-Oct-77
Rockey             Elona (Mrs. Gilbert E.)                        09-Aug-77
Rockey             Elona (Mrs. Gilbert E.)                        10-Aug-77
Rockey             Ida Mae (Mrs. L. D.)                           13-Mar-77
Roda               George W.                                      12-Mar-77
Roda               George W.                                      12-Mar-77
Rodden             John Allen                                     10-Aug-77
Rodgers            Lillian E. (Mrs. Leonard L., Sr.)              16-Jan-77
Rodriguez          Maria M. (Mrs. George)                         22-Aug-77
Rodriquez          Cayetano                                       05-Oct-77
Roe                Ernest Ogden                                   10-Dec-77
Roe                James Hubert                                   09-Nov-77
Roeder             Edward R.                                      16-Oct-77
Roeder             May Alice (Mrs. Charles F.)                    04-Jan-77
Roelfs             Julia C. (Mrs. Herman)                         24-Aug-77
Roenberg           Catherine P.                                   24-Feb-77
Roesener           Fred                                           26-Mar-77
Roets              Margaret E. (Mrs. Joseph J.)                   07-Mar-77
Rogers             Byron                                          28-Mar-77
Rogers             Byron                                          28-Mar-77
Rogers             Catherine (Mrs. L. V.)                         20-Sep-77
Rogers             Floyd F.                                       06-Jan-77
Rogers             Goldie Margaret (Mrs. Clarence)                21-Jun-77
Rogers             Landon H.                                      23-Jun-77
Rogers             Lillian S. (Mrs. Chester)                      21-Feb-77
Rogers             Lois N.                                        19-Apr-77
Rogers             Myrtle (Mrs. Ben)                              29-Dec-77
Rogers             Oda B. "Marcy" (Mrs. James)                    05-Jun-77
Rogers             Richard Dean                                   03-Jun-77
Rogers             Ruby (Mrs. Dave)                               19-Jun-77
Rogers             Sherri Lynn                                    16-Sep-77
Rogers             Winifred A. (Mrs. Karl)                        11-Mar-77
Rohleder           Linda J.                                       03-Apr-77
Roland             Cleo B.                                        23-Apr-77
Roland             Lena D.                                        26-Dec-77
Roll               Sara (Mrs.Floyd)                               10-Apr-77
Roller             James Arthur                                   06-Apr-77
Rollings           Minnie Inez (Mrs. Louis)                       29-Nov-77
Romick             Edna                                           02-Dec-77
Romig              Roy G.                                         11-May-77
Romine             Homer                                          10-Sep-77
Romine             Ray Walter                                     12-Apr-77
Root               Esther F. (Mrs. Daniel M.)                     24-Apr-77
Root               Esther F. (Mrs. Daniel M.)                     25-Apr-77
Rork               Marie (Mrs. T. J.)                             21-May-77
Rosario            Sylvia Foster (Mrs. David)                     26-Jul-77
Rose               Alline Pearl (Mrs. Gilvin)                     26-Mar-77
Rose               Clifford C.                                    13-Oct-77
Rose               Harlan Ray                                     01-Dec-77
Rose               Iva (Mrs. R. A.)                               04-May-77
Rose               Ivan O.                                        24-May-77
Rose               Ivan O.                                        25-May-77
Rose               Lynn                                           08-Mar-77
Rose               Ottie E. (Mrs. Roy)                            19-Feb-77
Rosebeary          Clara Jean (Mrs. David)                        10-Oct-77
Rosebraugh         Glenna D. (Mrs. Gordie)                        13-Sep-77
Rosebrook          LlloydW.                                       01-Sep-77
Rosebrook          Lloyd W.                                       02-Sep-77
Rosecrans          Carl L.                                        01-Sep-77
Roselle            Elbert B. (Sr.)                                16-Oct-77
Rosenbaum          Henry R.                                       20-Oct-77
Rosenberger        Charles J.                                     11-Jan-77
Rosenbrock         Herman                                         30-Dec-77
Rosencutter        Frank Marion                                   18-Dec-77
Rosenow            Anna Emilie (Mrs. Herman)                      02-Nov-77
Rosenstiel         Ellis Grant                                    09-Jul-77
Rosiek             Letha Lou                                      14-Oct-77
Rosier             Florence U. (Mrs. W. Lacy)                     15-Jul-77
Ross               Albert J.                                      13-Aug-77
Ross               Bernice M. (Mrs. John David)                   26-Apr-77
Ross               Elsie O. (Mrs. Ray)                            30-Nov-77
Ross               Everett R.                                     15-Sep-77
Ross               Frank                                          20-Dec-77
Ross               Harland C.                                     29-Apr-77
Ross               Harland Charles                                01-May-77
Ross               John Blair                                     26-Feb-77
Ross               John Lawrence                                  08-Nov-77
Ross               Lewis H.                                       03-Sep-77
Ross               Lewis H.                                       05-Sep-77
Ross               Matilda C. (Mrs. Edward J.)                    31-Mar-77
Ross               Pearl George                                   21-Feb-77
Ross               Robyn Scott                                    25-Jan-77
Rossman            Carl Adolph                                    07-May-77
Rosson             Leslie                                         17-Dec-77
Roth               Felix                                          09-Aug-77
Roth               H. Clay                                        20-Sep-77
Roth               Joseph E.                                      06-Jul-77
Roth               Raymond W.                                     07-Oct-77
Rothfelder         Alvin Richard                                  22-May-77
Rothwell           Purnella (Mrs. Alfred J.)                      05-Oct-77
Rothwell           Purnella (Mrs. Alfred J.)                      06-Oct-77
Roudebush          Mary Alice (Mrs. Herman)                       05-Apr-77
Rourke             Delbert                                        08-Nov-77
Rouse              James A.                                       27-Jun-77
Rouse              James Franklin                                 17-Jul-77
Roush              Rachel M.                                      05-Mar-77
Roush              Sarah Lucile (Mrs. Eldon)                      08-Aug-77
Roush              William S.                                     05-Jan-77
Rowan              Deena J.                                       14-Jul-77
Rowan              Ruby (Mrs. Clyde)                              10-Feb-77
Rowan              Ruby (Mrs. Clyde)                              11-Feb-77
Rowden             Gideon Bob (Jr.)                               29-Apr-77
Rowe               John W.                                        07-Mar-77
Rowe               John W.                                        08-Mar-77
Rowe               Mary R. (Mrs. Clyde L.)                        23-Jan-77
Rowe               Maude S. (Mrs. Earl)                           23-Aug-77
Rowe               Oscar A.                                       05-Mar-77
Rowland            Pearl L. (Mrs. Arthur)                         29-Oct-77
Rowleye            Lillie M. (Mrs. Charles)                       29-May-77
Rowton             Lydia M. (Mrs.)                                03-Dec-77
Roy                Nelizabeth Nellie (Mrs. Alva)                  10-May-77
Royer              Samuel Gilbert                                 01-Jul-77
Ruberson           James Robert                                   20-Oct-77
Rudy               Ruth Rodgers (Mrs. Rylen M.)                   23-Nov-77
Ruebke             Henry H.                                       16-Jul-77
Ruenhall           Frances J. (Mrs.)                              13-Apr-77
Ruggles            Clara M.                                       12-Aug-77
Ruggles            Olive Irene (Mrs.)                             23-Jan-77
Ruminer            Minnie E.                                      18-Jul-77
Runyan             Frank Bert                                     17-Jun-77
Runyan             Otis D.                                        09-Sep-77
Runyon             Frank B.                                       22-May-77
Rupard             James Walter                                   15-Aug-77
Rupp               Mary (Mrs. Jacob P.)                           04-Jan-77
Rupp               William Emery                                  29-Jun-77
Ruse               Forest W.                                      28-Apr-77
Rush               Ben                                            11-Feb-77
Rush               Lucille M. (Mrs. Earl)                         02-Mar-77
Rusler             Dorothy M. (Mrs. Lee)                          26-Nov-77
Russ               Arthur A.                                      14-May-77
Russell            Alma E. (Mrs. Fred)                            05-Sep-77
Russell            David Arlin                                    06-Jun-77
Russell            Doris (Mrs. Vernon)                            02-Dec-77
Russell            Elizabeth (Mrs. Harry)                         12-Feb-77
Russell            Ellen L. (Mrs. C. D.)                          07-Jan-77
Russell            Euna S. (Mrs. Samuel)                          22-Feb-77
Russell            Euna S. (Mrs. Samuel)                          24-Feb-77
Russell            James Franklin                                 23-May-77
Russell            Jessie (Mrs. Henry)                            08-Jul-77
Russell            John D.                                        16-Feb-77
Russell            Lawrence                                       29-Nov-77
Russell            Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Oscar G.)                 01-Jul-77
Russell            Oscar Garland (Sr.)                            14-Jun-77
Russell            Jessie (Mrs. Henry)                            12-Jul-77
Russum             Bettie E. (Mrs. Willie)                        11-May-77
Ruth               Maude A.                                       10-Feb-77
Rutherford         Edward Earl                                    18-Aug-77
Rutherford         Edward Earl                                    18-Aug-77
Rutkowski          Opal B. (Mrs. Leonard)                         16-Jan-77
Rutledge           Glen F.                                        09-Apr-77
Rutter             Mabel A. (Mrs.)                                20-Sep-77
Rutter             O. E. (Curley)                                 03-Oct-77
Rutter             Raymond O.                                     23-Sep-77
Ryan               Elizabeth (Mrs. William)                       02-Aug-77
Ryan               Glen                                           30-Mar-77
Ryan               Helen S. (Mrs. James)                          02-Dec-77
Ryan               John Dean                                      23-Feb-77
Ryan               L. B. (Red)                                    03-Oct-77
Rye                Nicholas                                       04-Dec-77
Ryker              George Thomas                                  21-May-77
Rymer              Elma Marie (Mrs. Carl)                         27-Apr-77
Rymon              Gladys L. (Mrs. Earl)                          03-Mar-77
Sack               Lawrence J.                                    21-Jun-77
Sader              Alexander                                      25-Jun-77
Sage               Stella V. (Mrs. Laurence G.)                   31-Aug-77
Sailor             Paul A.                                        29-Jul-77
Saiz               Tony D.                                        17-May-77
Salazar            Mitzue                                         02-Nov-77
Salina             Naldo                                          25-Aug-77
Saling             Betty Jo (Mrs. Lonnie)                         15-Feb-77
Salisbury          James P.                                       13-Jan-77
Salmon             Grace I. (Mrs. George)                         12-Apr-77
Salmon             Grace I. (Mrs. George)                         12-Apr-77
Salmon             Zetta L. (Mrs. Oscar)                          19-Aug-77
Salmons            Sarah Agnes (Mrs. Jese)                        09-Jul-77
Salser             George Alden                                   21-Jun-77
Salser             George Alden                                   22-Jun-77
Saltzman           Robert Loren                                   10-Apr-77
Samara             Fadia Barkett (Mrs. Rochard)                   21-Jun-77
Samford            Joe V.                                         03-Oct-77
Samorez            Jose B.                                        25-Feb-77
Sample             Blanche Marie (Mrs. Charles R.)                05-Nov-77
Samples            Odin L. (Mrs. Karl)                            21-Sep-77
Sampson            Pearl Rosa                                     06-Apr-77
Sampson            Rose E. (Mrs. Melville)                        02-Jun-77
Sams               Ermal I. (Mrs. Abra)                           30-Sep-77
Samson             Henry E.                                       07-May-77
Samuelson          Carl A.                                        13-Apr-77
Samuelson          Carl A.                                        13-Apr-77
Samuelson          Ray Albert                                     25-Nov-77
Sanborn            Betty J. (Mrs. Harry W.)                       28-Nov-77
Sandberg           Roy E.                                         06-May-77
Sandberg           Rudolph Roy                                    03-May-77
Sanders            David A.                                       11-Jul-77
Sanders            Fannie (Mrs. Jodie)                            15-Sep-77
Sanders            Fannie (Mrs. Jodie)                            16-Sep-77
Sanders            Leo H.                                         07-Feb-77
Sanders            Lulu May                                       22-Nov-77
Sanders            Norma F. (Mrs. Anthoney)                       03-Aug-77
Sanders            Susie Nellie (Mrs. Bill)                       31-Mar-77
Sanders            Virgil M.                                      05-Apr-77
Sands              Joseph (Ed)                                    10-Aug-77
Sandy              Doretta (Mrs. Charles)                         08-Dec-77
Sankey             Mary F. (Mrs. Jess)                            22-Oct-77
Sater              Charles D.                                     16-Oct-77
Satterlee          Helen (Mrs. Harry)                             21-Dec-77
Satterlee          Wallace W.                                     29-Apr-77
Sauer              Alex B.                                        28-Feb-77
Saunders           Hattie H. (Mrs Charles)                        23-Nov-77
Sauvain            Mary Louise (Mrs. Walter)                      22-Aug-77
Savage             Mabelle I. (Mrs. Gale)                         10-Dec-77
Savage             Minnie M.                                      15-Sep-77
Saville            Ernest U.                                      05-Jan-77
Savolt             Jake G.                                        03-Dec-77
Savute             Mike                                           18-Jan-77
Savute             Mike                                           19-Jan-77
Sawhill            Grace                                          24-Mar-77
Scarth             Avis (Mrs. Joe)                                21-Apr-77
Scchulte           Elizabeth M. (Mrs. Jim)                        03-Jul-77
Schaar             Larary G.                                      22-Feb-77
Schaar             Larry G.                                       23-Feb-77
Schaefer           Hortense (Mrs. John J.)                        02-Mar-77
Schaefer           Hortense H. (Mrs. John J.)                     03-Mar-77
Schaeffer          Jennie Darlene                                 28-Dec-77
Schafer            Albert L.                                      31-Aug-77
Schaffer           Joseph John                                    30-Sep-77
Schaffer           Warren                                         12-Nov-77
Schaller           Bernard H. (Ben)                               06-Sep-77
Schaller           Matilda (Mrs. Joe)                             15-Aug-77
Schambron          Willie B. (Bill)                               20-Aug-77
Scharf             Tillie (Mrs. Henry)                            08-Jul-77
Scharping          Herbert M.                                     29-Mar-77
Schauf             Sophia (Mrs. Henry)                            12-Jun-77
Schawo             Grace M. (Mrs. Fred)                           10-Jan-77
Scheer             Eleanor C. (Mrs. Ted)                          14-Oct-77
Scheib             Olive E. (Mrs. William C.)                     18-Nov-77
Scheib             Walter John                                    11-Sep-77
Scheier            Lloyd Erwin                                    13-Jul-77
Schellenger        Marceline Jeanette (Mrs. Warren)               24-May-77
Schellhamer        Dallas H.                                      21-Jul-77
Schenk             Carl Henry                                     04-Aug-77
Schenke            Audrey M. (Mrs. H. W.)                         02-Mar-77
Schenke            Audrey M. (Mrs. H. W.)                         03-Mar-77
Scherer            George W.                                      25-Nov-77
Scherer            Richard D. III                                 29-May-77
Scheuerman         Lavon O.                                       13-Mar-77
Schiefebine        John C.                                        19-Apr-77
Schiefelbine       Naomi R. (Mrs. Frank)                          19-Feb-77
Schiffner          Maria K. (Mrs. Jacob)                          14-Apr-77
Schiller           Edith M. (Mrs. Arthur)                         30-Jun-77
Schilling          A. J.                                          31-Oct-77
Schimmel           Clyde M.                                       30-Jan-77
Schindler          Sam L.                                         21-Jun-77
Schippers          Frank                                          21-Sep-77
Schippert          Edward Herbert                                 23-Aug-77
Schlegel           Pauline (Mrs. George)                          25-Jan-77
Schlehuber         Walter                                         22-Mar-77
Schlieker          E. W.                                          17-Nov-77
Schlyer            Lawrence E.                                    04-Feb-77
Schmeider          Jerome                                         24-Feb-77
Schmeidler         Raymond Lee                                    20-Jun-77
Schmeidler         Raymond Lee                                    21-Jun-77
Schmidt            Agnes (Mrs. Peter L.)                          03-Jun-77
Schmidt            Albert                                         28-Jan-77
Schmidt            Albert E.                                      31-Dec-77
Schmidt            Albert N.                                      26-Oct-77
Schmidt            Alfred                                         05-Jan-77
Schmidt            Allen Roy                                      07-Dec-77
Schmidt            Edward B.                                      13-Nov-77
Schmidt            Elizabeth (Mrs. Abraham)                       20-Sep-77
Schmidt            Elizabeth (Mrs. John)                          06-Mar-77
Schmidt            Frank J.                                       04-May-77
Schmidt            Hallie (Mrs. Clarence)                         18-Aug-77
Schmidt            Jacob H.                                       24-Dec-77
Schmidt            Johanna (Miss)                                 01-Jan-77
Schmidt            Johanna (Miss)                                 02-Jan-77
Schmidt            keisha Lynn                                    27-Aug-77
Schmidt            Lena (Mrs. David L.)                           16-Mar-77
Schmidt            Lizzie (Mrs. Herman)                           06-Dec-77
Schmidt            Marcus J.                                      09-Jul-77
Schmidt            Margaret (Mrs. D. V.)                          19-Mar-77
Schmidt            Martha (Mrs. Albert G.)                        04-Nov-77
Schmidt            Millard (Mrs. Elmer)                           19-Dec-77
Schmidt            Paul W.                                        20-Dec-77
Schmidt            William J.                                     22-Jul-77
Schmidt            William J.                                     22-Jul-77
Schmidtberger      Mary (Mrs. Frank.)                             21-Dec-77
Schmidtt           Rosa R.                                        01-Apr-77
Schmitt            Carolyn M.                                     14-May-77
Schmitz            Hazel (Mrs. Frank)                             18-Feb-77
Schmitz            Mike W.                                        09-Dec-77
Schmuck            Theodore I.                                    06-Sep-77
Schmuck            Theodore I.                                    07-Sep-77
Schmutz            Lillian L. (Mrs. Roy)                          15-Sep-77
Schmutz            Richard                                        05-Mar-77
Schneider          Anna E.                                        08-Apr-77
Schneider          George Loranzo                                 17-Aug-77
Schneider          Harold                                         20-May-77
Schneider          Harold                                         20-May-77
Schneider          John D.                                        16-May-77
Schneider          Marie (Mrs. Gus)                               28-Dec-77
Schnittker         Dora F. (Mrs. John)                            21-Nov-77
Schnittker         George                                         20-May-77
Schnitzler         Laura (Mrs. Benjamin)                          24-Oct-77
Schnug             Pearl Ada (Mrs. George)                        07-Jul-77
Schnug             Pearl Ada (Mrs. George)                        08-Jul-77
Schnug             Roy O.                                         28-Aug-77
Schofield          Ethel M. (Mrs. A. F.)                          11-Apr-77
Schomacker         Pete J.                                        23-Jan-77
Schon              Joseph B.                                      14-Sep-77
Schon              Joseph B.                                      15-Sep-77
Schoonover         LeRoy E.                                       23-Feb-77
Schoor             Frederick (Fritz)                              19-Feb-77
Schowalter         Wilbur H.                                      09-Aug-77
Schrader           Louis H.                                       17-Jan-77
Schrader           Louis H.                                       19-Jan-77
Schraeder          W. C. "Bill"                                   14-Dec-77
Schrag             Joseph B.                                      23-Apr-77
Schrag             Lilly Louise (Mrs. Milton)                     03-Feb-77
Schrag             Lorene A. (Mrs.)                               11-Feb-77
Schreffler         Paul Raymond                                   09-Jul-77
Schreiber          Tammi L.                                       14-Oct-77
Schreifels         Berdie (Mrs. Bob)                              10-Feb-77
Schreiner          Amanda Dawn                                    16-Feb-77
Schribi            Mark Douglas                                   11-Jun-77
Schrock            Eli I.                                         04-Dec-77
Schrock            Frank E.                                       19-Sep-77
Schrock            John W.                                        18-Dec-77
Schroder           Francis E.                                     19-Aug-77
Schroeder          Arlene (Mrs. Harold)                           11-Feb-77
Schroeder          Carl E.                                        12-Sep-77
Schroeder          Carlton L.                                     08-Dec-77
Schroeder          Ed A.                                          18-Oct-77
Schroeder          Edna (Mrs. Clarence)                           15-May-77
Schroeder          Helen Francews                                 24-May-77
Schroeder          Ida A. (Mrs. Henry)                            12-Sep-77
Schroer            Anna A. (Mrs. William John)                    03-Dec-77
Schroll            Harold J.                                      12-Dec-77
Schubert           Leona (Mrs. Jack)                              01-Jan-77
Schuerg            Louise A. (Mrs. Herman C.)                     26-Jun-77
Schuette           William C.                                     15-Dec-77
Schuetz            Andrew                                         09-Jun-77
Schuetz            Howard H.                                      15-Nov-77
Schufeldt          Bessie G. (Mrs. Marley)                        25-Jun-77
Schugart           Raymond                                        02-Aug-77
Schuh              L. Graydon                                     15-Oct-77
Schuh              L. Graydon                                     16-Oct-77
Schuler            Charles E.                                     03-Oct-77
Schulke            Meridith D.                                    08-May-77
Schulte            Albert                                         12-Mar-77
Schulte            Joseph                                         21-May-77
Schulte            Marlene Sue (Mrs. Michael E.)                  26-May-77
Schulte            S. P. (Jack)                                   31-Aug-77
Schulte            S. P. (Jack)                                   01-Sep-77
Schultz            Minnie M. (Mrs. Walter)                        18-Aug-77
Schultz            Minnie M. (Mrs. Walter)                        18-Aug-77
Schultz            Mollie                                         08-Apr-77
Schulz             Genevieve (Mrs. Ray)                           06-Jul-77
Schulz             Lewis E.                                       25-Jun-77
Schumacher         Wendelin (Sr.)                                 06-Feb-77
Schumacher         Wilbert C.                                     16-May-77
Schuneman          Henry J.                                       18-Dec-77
Schupbach          L. A. Laurence                                 04-Sep-77
Schwab             Grace F.                                       01-Nov-77
Schwartz           Terra Elaine                                   19-Oct-77
Schwartz           Terra Elaine                                   20-Oct-77
Schweitzer         Ben                                            18-Feb-77
Schweitzer         Ben                                            18-Feb-77
Schweitzer         Josephine (Mrs. Carl)                          04-May-77
Schweitzer         Josephine (Mrs. Carl)                          04-May-77
Schwerdfager       A. Leslie                                      27-Dec-77
Schwerdfager       A. Leslie                                      28-Dec-77
Scofield           Franklin E.                                    23-Dec-77
Scott               Christie J. (Mrs. Ira)                        06-Nov-77
Scott              Ben                                            15-Oct-77
Scott              Caroline (Mrs. Hugh)                           14-Jul-77
Scott              Charles E.                                     20-Dec-77
Scott              Clarence E.                                    07-Jan-77
Scott              Diana Faye (Mrs. Charles)                      06-Nov-77
Scott              Dorothy H. (Mrs.)                              12-Feb-77
Scott              Edwin Lee                                      22-Nov-77
Scott              Edwin Lee                                      23-Nov-77
Scott              Elizabeth A. (Mrs. Fred J.)                    24-Oct-77
Scott              Emery C.                                       19-Dec-77
Scott              Evelyn J. (Mrs. Lee)                           13-Aug-77
Scott              Howard (Dr.)                                   31-May-77
Scott              Howard (Dr.)                                   31-May-77
Scott              I. Preston                                     17-Jun-77
Scott              Jack                                           05-Feb-77
Scott              Jack F.                                        08-Jul-77
Scott              Jesse H. (Jay)                                 02-Feb-77
Scott              Kathry M. (Mrs. George)                        04-Jun-77
Scott              Laura O. (Mrs. James B.)                       14-Jun-77
Scott              Lisa Ruth                                      17-Oct-77
Scott              Marie                                          17-Dec-77
Scott              Maude A. (Mrs. Grover)                         05-Dec-77
Scott              Naomi H. (Mrs. Verl)                           12-Nov-77
Scott              Ola O.                                         04-Sep-77
Scott              Paul H.                                        19-Mar-77
Scott              Pearl E. (Mrs. Melvin)                         19-Aug-77
Scott              Pearl M. (Mrs. Edwin P.)                       04-Feb-77
Scrath             Ralph J.                                       15-Apr-77
Scriven            Amy Lee                                        28-Jun-77
Scrivens           Anna S. (Mrs. Benjamin)                        15-Feb-77
Scrivens           Elmore D.                                      11-Feb-77
Scroggins          Huber W.                                       10-Mar-77
Sealey             Minnie L.                                      14-Apr-77
Seaman             Albert W.                                      01-Feb-77
Seaman             Bernarr Merle                                  30-Apr-77
Search             Edward F.                                      24-Nov-77
Searles            Helen S. (Mrs. Arthur E.)                      28-Dec-77
Sears              Ida Mae (Mrs. Clarence V.)                     29-Nov-77
Seaton             Allen T.                                       21-May-77
Seaton             Louis B. (Jr.)                                 07-Oct-77
Sebits             Clarence E.                                    09-Sep-77
Sechler            Catherine A. (Mrs. Grant K.)                   12-Oct-77
Seck               Nettie C.                                      03-Aug-77
Seckman            Llloyd Alton                                   23-Jan-77
Sedam              Marion M. (Jr.)                                22-Apr-77
Seebold            Lawrence E.                                    11-Aug-77
Seeley             Slvia (Mrs. Myrl)                              30-Apr-77
Seese              Frances Vivian                                 10-Jul-77
Seglem             Joe                                            11-Oct-77
Segler             Bert L.                                        07-Sep-77
Seidl              Eileen (Mrs. Francis)                          15-Sep-77
Seidl              James Hubert                                   04-Aug-77
Seidl              James Hubert                                   05-Aug-77
Seith              William                                        26-Jul-77
Sekavec            Slava                                          13-Sep-77
Seley              Jessie J.                                      31-May-77
Selig              Henry                                          10-Dec-77
Sellers            Kenneth A.                                     16-Dec-77
Sellers            R. D.                                          18-May-77
Sellmansberger     Elmer A.                                       08-Aug-77
Senior             Ruth I. (Mrs. William T.                       08-Apr-77
Serrioz            Carmen (Mrs. Pedro)                            01-Dec-77
Sette              Opal M. (Mrs. Gilbert)                         06-Dec-77
Settgast           Orville                                        25-Oct-77
Sevart             Michael Dale                                   16-Nov-77
Severns            Shirley                                        13-Jan-77
Sewell             Frank                                          08-Nov-77
Sewell             Steben Brent                                   14-Apr-77
Sewing             Herman W.                                      02-Apr-77
Sexton             Kenneth Ray                                    04-May-77
Seydold            Noah L.                                        21-Sep-77
Shackelford        Mabel (Mrs. James C.)                          18-Sep-77
Shade              Dora C. (Mrs. Grant)                           16-Jan-77
Shadley            Opal (Mrs. Ernest)                             12-Dec-77
Shadwick           Grace L. (Mrs. Floyd)                          24-Nov-77
Shaffer            John Henry                                     06-Sep-77
Shaffer            Sophie (Mrs. W. H.)                            01-Feb-77
Shaft              Elizabeth P. (Mrs. Forrest)                    30-Dec-77
Shaheen            Mabel (Mrs. Mike)                              06-Apr-77
Shannon            Roy R.                                         15-Mar-77
Shannon            Roy R.                                         17-Mar-77
Shantz             Sanuel P.                                      22-Dec-77
Shapcott           Harmon Paul                                    08-May-77
Shapcott           Harmon Paul                                    09-May-77
Shapley            Carl (Jr.)                                     24-Jul-77
Sharits            Gladys H. (Mrs. A. C.)                         22-Feb-77
Sharp              George E.                                      08-Oct-77
Sharp              Ruth (Mrs. Harold)                             10-Mar-77
Sharp              Vinnie Bell (Mrs. S. W.)                       21-Nov-77
Sharp              Walter E.                                      06-May-77
Shaver             Clara (Mrs. David)                             18-Nov-77
Shaw               Almond D.                                      19-Jun-77
Shaw               Bernice R. (Mrs. Harvey)                       16-Jun-77
Shaw               Clarence (Bud)                                 25-Jul-77
Shaw               Dennis H.                                      29-Jun-77
Shaw               Florence (Mrs. Theodore)                       30-Sep-77
Shaw               Olen E.                                        28-Jun-77
Shaw               Robert E. (Bob)                                13-Dec-77
Shea               Magdalen D. (Mrs. Harold)                      22-Apr-77
Shea               Magdalen D. (Mrs. Harold)                      23-Apr-77
Sheddam            Mack F.                                        18-May-77
Sheehey            Jess M.                                        24-Jan-77
Sheere             William Frederick                              08-Oct-77
Sheets             Claude L.                                      27-Dec-77
Sheets             Ollen                                          09-Nov-77
Sheldon            Ernest L.                                      08-Jun-77
Shelhmer           Betha M.                                       15-Jun-77
Shell              Garland E. (Mrs. Cap)                          05-May-77
Shelton            Francis M.                                     09-Jun-77
Shelton            Rudy N.                                        07-Apr-77
Shelton            Willie C.                                      21-Aug-77
Shelton            Willie C.                                      26-Aug-77
Shepard            Earl H.                                        01-Mar-77
Shepard            Eva Mae (Mrs. Arthur)                          25-Oct-77
Shepard            Nora C. (Mrs. Lester)                          25-Aug-77
Shepard            Shirley B. (Mrs. Dale)                         03-Nov-77
Shephard           Mary C. (Mrs.)                                 08-Jul-77
Shephard           William A.                                     02-Jun-77
Shepherd           Howard A.                                      25-Oct-77
Shepherd           Susie Ruth (Mrs. Emmett)                       05-Sep-77
Shepherd           Susie Ruth (Mrs. Emmett)                       07-Sep-77
Sheppard           Roy                                            07-Sep-77
Sherbenou          Claude M.                                      17-Feb-77
Sherdian           William E.                                     11-Aug-77
Sheridan           Jeffrey J.                                     20-Nov-77
Sherman            Maude Colby (Mrs. William)                     18-Jul-77
Sherwood           Ann J. (Mrs. Arthur)                           15-Aug-77
Sherwood           Clayton R.                                     15-Jul-77
Sherwood           Mary (Mrs. Jim)                                21-Sep-77
Shields            Anna Emilie (Mrs. Russell)                     25-Nov-77
Shields            Bill                                           05-Dec-77
Shields            Carl Ray                                       08-Feb-77
Shields            Cynthia Kay                                    26-Jan-77
Shields            Leland L.                                      27-Dec-77
Shields            Robert (Jr.)                                   05-Apr-77
Shindler           Wayne Clinton                                  05-Jul-77
Shinkle            Howard Riley                                   27-Feb-77
Shinkle            Maurice William                                12-Aug-77
Shinogle           August H.                                      02-Apr-77
Shinogle           Charles Clyde                                  11-Oct-77
Shipe              Lonnie                                         24-May-77
Shipers            James Theodore                                 30-Sep-77
Shipley            Frances M.                                     19-Jul-77
Shipman            Harold Richard                                 24-May-77
Shipman            Myrtle E. (Mrs. Stanley)                       04-Aug-77
Shire              Paul H.                                        20-Jun-77
Shireman           Hattie L. (Mrs. Edward)                        30-Jul-77
Shirer             David Reed                                     19-Aug-77
Shirkey            Roberta (Mrs. Robin)                           30-Jan-77
Shirley            Mose B.                                        22-Jun-77
Shiroky            William T.                                     08-Nov-77
Shoaf              Anna Ridlon (Mrs John)                         15-Sep-77
Shoaf              Anna Ridlon (Mrs John)                         15-Sep-77
Shockey            Mabel (Mrs. James)                             11-Jun-77
Shockley           Robert Lee                                     04-Oct-77
Shoemaker          John A.                                        25-Jun-77
Shoemaker          Joseph M. (Jr.)                                09-Jul-77
Shoemaker          Virginia O. (Mrs. Harry)                       19-Mar-77
Shoemaker          Virginia O. (Mrs. Harry)                       20-Mar-77
Shoff              Harold F.                                      09-Nov-77
Shoff              Harold F.                                      10-Nov-77
Sholar             C. A. (Tex)                                    31-Mar-77
Shook              Glen M.                                        22-Jul-77
Shore              Agnes B. (Mrs.Lee)                             01-Jul-77
Shore              Margaret Replogle                              30-Mar-77
Short              Clarice (Dr.)                                  27-Dec-77
Short              Elsie J. (Mrs. Emmett M.)                      31-Mar-77
Short              Lauren Earl                                    22-Aug-77
Showalter          Etta (Mrs. Preston)                            29-May-77
Showalter          Lloyd                                          28-Jul-77
Showers            Harold A. (Dutch) (Sr.)                        14-Mar-77
Showers            Kenneth E.                                     29-Aug-77
Shrader            Ethel (Mrs. Levi)                              20-Feb-77
Shriver            Harry G.                                       20-May-77
Shriver            William Dawson                                 12-Jul-77
Shriver            William Sdawson                                13-Jul-77
Shrock             Susie J. (Mrs. C. Paul)                        17-Mar-77
Shrole             Roger                                          01-Nov-77
Shuck              Bess (Mrs. Paul F.)                            24-Jun-77
Shuck              Lois A. (Mrs. Ira)                             09-Jul-77
Shuck              Lois A. (Mrs. Ira)                             10-Jul-77
Shufelberger       Lucille Elizabeth (Mrs. Maurice)               08-Mar-77
Shull              Albertina (Mrs. C. E.)                         30-Dec-77
Shull              Rosa Elizabeth (Mrs. Bert)                     22-Jun-77
Shultz             Alice Louise (Mrs. Howard)                     04-Apr-77
Shultz             Carl (Rev.)                                    05-Mar-77
Shuman             Donald  H.                                     25-Sep-77
Shumard            William Andrew                                 13-Nov-77
Shutler            Wilbur G.                                      07-Jul-77
Shutts             Lois M. (Mrs.)                                 25-Feb-77
Sicka              Anna G. (Mrs. August W.)                       23-Aug-77
Sickbert           Daniel W.                                      22-Nov-77
Sickbert           Daniel W.                                      23-Nov-77
Sickles            Clifford P. (Cy)                               14-Oct-77
Siddle             Myrtle I. (Mrs. Elmer)                         30-Sep-77
Sidebottom         Jesse L.                                       10-Apr-77
Siders             Don L.                                         27-Nov-77
Siebert            John                                           26-Dec-77
Siebert            John                                           27-Dec-77
Sierman            Goldie E. (Mrs. John)                          08-Aug-77
Sievers            Esther                                         25-May-77
Sifferman          Charles A.                                     10-Nov-77
Sigafus            Gregory                                        09-May-77
Sigg               Ruth (Mrs. Allen)                              19-Oct-77
Sigler             Ruby (Mrs. Earl E.)                            08-Jul-77
Sigler             Ruby (Mrs. Earl E.)                            09-Jul-77
Sike               Ella Pauline (Mrs. Benjamin)                   01-Apr-77
Sill               Thurman T.                                     10-Jun-77
Silva              Felicia C.                                     26-Oct-77
Silverwood         Vere                                           27-Mar-77
Simm               Richard T.                                     13-Sep-77
Simmonds           John R.                                        16-Feb-77
Simmons            Homer P.                                       25-Dec-77
Simmons            Jesse F.                                       13-Apr-77
Simmons            Marjorie A. (Mrs. Willis)                      29-Apr-77
Simmons            Nellie Mae (Mrs. Marion)                       13-Jun-77
Simmons            Ralph E.                                       01-Oct-77
Simmons            Robert L.                                      07-Mar-77
Simmons            Roberta V. (Mrs. LeRoy)                        30-Jan-77
Simmons            Sarah M. (Mrs. O. Dwight "Jim)                 10-Nov-77
Simms              E. (Bo)                                        03-Apr-77
Simms              E. B. (Bo)                                     04-Apr-77
Simms              Martin Luther                                  18-Feb-77
Simon              Jerome G.                                      08-Jul-77
Simon              Joseph G.                                      19-Apr-77
Simon              Louis W. (Jr.)                                 15-Oct-77
Simon              Sister Alice Marie (Roselma)                   07-Jan-77
Simon              Tony                                           07-Jun-77
Simons             Arvy Ray                                       07-May-77
Simons             Louis B.                                       17-Oct-77
Simonson           Elvira Josephine                               09-Dec-77
Simpkins           Blair T.                                       10-Feb-77
Simpson            Anthony Layne                                  21-Jun-77
Simpson            Elmer                                          09-Apr-77
Simpson            Elmer                                          12-Apr-77
Simpson            Marjorie Rozzelle (Mrs. Bob)                   06-Sep-77
Simpson            Will H.                                        10-Feb-77
Sims               Bertha Evelyn                                  22-Jul-77
Sims               Daniel Lee                                     08-Feb-77
Sims               Gilbert R.                                     24-Dec-77
Sims               Neva M. (Mrs. Dalton J.)                       30-Jan-77
Sims               Theresa O. (Mrs.)                              02-Mar-77
Sims               Wilma Jean (Mrs. George)                       26-Apr-77
Singleton          Amelia (Mrs. Roy)                              29-Mar-77
Singleton          Brad V. (Jr.)                                  13-Feb-77
Singleton          Lloyd                                          20-Jun-77
Singleton          Thomas C.                                      09-Feb-77
Singley            Minnie Anna (Mrs. Carl)                        21-Dec-77
Sink               Glenn L.                                       12-Jan-77
Sipe               Josephine B. (Mrs. Calvert)                    28-Jan-77
Sipult             Joe                                            27-Dec-77
Sissel             Bertha                                         03-May-77
Sitton             Zella A. (Mrs. T. L.)                          27-Jan-77
Six                Minnia Elizabeth                               04-Dec-77
Sjogren            Elsie E. (Mrs. Harold)                         27-Dec-77
Skaggs             Julia F.                                       23-Sep-77
Skillen            James E.                                       28-Jun-77
Skinner            A. C. (Bert)                                   30-Mar-77
Skinner            Albert A.                                      25-May-77
Skinner            Emma Elizabeth Mrs.)                           18-Apr-77
Skinner            Emma M. (Mrs. Bert)                            16-Nov-77
Skinner            Marjorie Cook (Mrs. Donald)                    04-Oct-77
Slane              Patricia June (Mrs. Durell)                    18-Apr-77
Slater             Florence J. (Mrs. Robert E.)                   12-Feb-77
Slater             Ralph                                          11-Dec-77
Slater             Ralph                                          12-Dec-77
Slattery           Desmond P.                                     07-Jan-77
Slattery           Desmond P.                                     08-Jan-77
Slaymaker          Lawrence A.                                    30-Mar-77
Slee               L. H. (Mart)                                   04-Sep-77
Sleeper            Milton D.                                      18-Feb-77
Sleeth             Onnie D. (Mrs. Lloyd L.)                       07-Oct-77
Slezak             Margaret F.                                    23-Mar-77
Slifer             Fahrney J. (Dr.)                               08-Jul-77
Sloan              Joseph E.                                      24-Dec-77
Sloan              Mary (Mrs. James R.)                           07-Mar-77
Slocum             John Alexander                                 22-Mar-77
Sloderbeck         Jesse T.                                       17-Mar-77
Sloop              Nannie D. (Mrs. Charles J.)                    05-Nov-77
Slothower          Herbert G.                                     05-Sep-77
Slothower          Merta R. (Mrs. Truman H.)                      30-Jan-77
Slothower          Merta R. (Mrs. Truman H.)                      01-Feb-77
Slusher            Elvin Elton                                    23-Apr-77
Smail              Wayne V.                                       08-Mar-77
Small              Elra B. (Mrs. Skip)                            12-Jul-77
Small              James Robert (Lefty)                           28-Feb-77
Small              Joyce M. (Mrs. Doran E.)                       16-Mar-77
Smalley            Henry                                          27-Feb-77
Smalley            Nessie B. (Mrs.)                               07-Sep-77
Smalls             Alma M. (Mrs. Edward)                          24-Aug-77
Smalls             Aqlma M. (Mrs. Edward)                         23-Aug-77
Smallwood          Henrietta                                      12-Aug-77
Smart              Annie C.                                       31-May-77
Smart              Emilee (Mrs. Rolland)                          31-Jul-77
Smart              Everett                                        12-Nov-77
Smart              Ralph F.                                       23-May-77
Smart              Robert J.                                      18-Apr-77
Smart              Robert J.                                      19-Apr-77
Smeltzer           Donna S. (Mrs. Paul D.)                        07-Nov-77
Smisor             Arthur W.                                      27-Sep-77
Smith              Addie M. (Mrs.)                                14-Jul-77
Smith              Alice (Mrs. D. A.)                             28-Apr-77
Smith              Amy Dawn                                       27-Feb-77
Smith              Anna (Mrs. August)                             14-Dec-77
Smith              Berdena M. (Mrs. Clyde)                        30-Oct-77
Smith              Bobbie J.                                      05-Feb-77
Smith              Charles Riley                                  17-May-77
Smith              Charles S.                                     20-Aug-77
Smith              Charley A.                                     15-Feb-77
Smith              Chester L.                                     16-Jan-77
Smith              Clarence O.                                    22-Jan-77
Smith              Claude E.                                      20-Oct-77
Smith              Della B. (Mrs. Robert O.)                      08-Mar-77
Smith              Dena Mae (Mrs. Harry)                          16-Sep-77
Smith              Donald Barnett                                 12-Jun-77
Smith              Dudley J.                                      13-Nov-77
Smith              Earl G.                                        07-Sep-77
Smith              Earl G.                                        08-Sep-77
Smith              Earl L.                                        29-Nov-77
Smith              Edd                                            16-Jan-77
Smith              Edith M.                                       03-Sep-77
Smith              Edith Margaret (Mrs. LaVerne)                  05-Jul-77
Smith              Ella Unruh (Mrs.)                              16-Jun-77
Smith              Elmer                                          09-Jun-77
Smith              Elmer Guy                                      29-Jul-77
Smith              Elrick S.                                      15-Jun-77
Smith              Emery                                          11-Oct-77
Smith              Emma B. (Mrs. Lewis M.)                        07-May-77
Smith              Etta A. (Mrs. Lloyd)                           13-Aug-77
Smith              Floyd Randle                                   02-Jul-77
Smith              Floyd Randle                                   03-Jul-77
Smith              Francis Christian                              10-Aug-77
Smith              Frank E.                                       08-May-77
Smith              Frank T.                                       04-Feb-77
Smith              Frieda Fearey                                  20-Nov-77
Smith              George                                         29-Dec-77
Smith              George                                         30-Dec-77
Smith              George L. (Rev. Msgr.)                         17-Feb-77
Smith              George T. (Smitty)                             18-Apr-77
Smith              Gregory James                                  21-Jun-77
Smith              Harry Albert                                   10-Jul-77
Smith              Haston E.                                      04-Sep-77
Smith              Hazel Lucille (Mrs. W. Howard)                 14-Aug-77
Smith              Hazel Z.                                       10-Dec-77
Smith              Helen (Mrs. Arthur)                            12-May-77
Smith              Helen Genevieve (Mrs. Lester)                  18-Aug-77
Smith              Helen L.                                       01-Nov-77
Smith              Hettie J. (Mrs. Arthur)                        24-Feb-77
Smith              Homer A.                                       30-Sep-77
Smith              Howard Benjamin                                17-Feb-77
Smith              Ida Mae (Mrs. Roy B.)                          15-Jan-77
Smith              Inez (Mrs. Earl)                               16-Jul-77
Smith              James Arthur                                   10-Aug-77
Smith              James Arthur                                   11-Aug-77
Smith              James Ivan                                     29-Mar-77
Smith              Jetta E.                                       05-Jan-77
Smith              Joel                                           01-Feb-77
Smith              John A.                                        10-Apr-77
Smith              Joseph                                         23-Jun-77
Smith              Leo E.                                         28-Sep-77
Smith              Leora (Mrs. Clarence)                          08-Mar-77
Smith              Leroy D.                                       13-May-77
Smith              Lloyd                                          28-Mar-77
Smith              Lloyd D.                                       05-Jun-77
Smith              Lola (Mrs. Robert)                             11-Aug-77
Smith              Lola B.                                        13-Oct-77
Smith              Lola B. (Mrs. Roma)                            11-Oct-77
Smith              Lola I.                                        15-Jun-77
Smith              Lovie May Haskins (Mrs. Ollie)                 21-Mar-77
Smith              Lovie May Haskins (Mrs. Ollie)                 24-Mar-77
Smith              Loyd E.                                        09-Oct-77
Smith              Loyd S.                                        16-Jan-77
Smith              Mabel Davidson                                 17-Aug-77
Smith              Mabel R.                                       13-Nov-77
Smith              Mae (Mrs. Lewis R.)                            20-Nov-77
Smith              Mamie (Mrs. Archie E.)                         26-Jan-77
Smith              Marvin R.                                      03-Mar-77
Smith              Mary (Mrs. Albert F.)                          03-Nov-77
Smith              Mary I. (Mrs. W. W.)                           18-Nov-77
Smith              Mary Margaret (Mrs. Guy)                       08-Jun-77
Smith              Maryan D. (Mrs. Howard)                        27-Dec-77
Smith              Meredith W. (Mrs.)                             27-Feb-77
Smith              Miles L.                                       26-Jun-77
Smith              Minor D.                                       03-May-77
Smith              Nelle N. (Mrs.)                                07-Oct-77
Smith              Nomah W.                                       22-Sep-77
Smith              Oda Viola                                      24-May-77
Smith              Ora William                                    12-Jul-77
Smith              Pearl (Mrs. Arthur)                            18-Nov-77
Smith              Perry O.                                       26-Nov-77
Smith              Pryer Clyde (Tex)                              12-Nov-77
Smith              Ralph E.                                       20-Jul-77
Smith              Ralph H.                                       27-Dec-77
Smith              Ray A.                                         12-Feb-77
Smith              Robert Earl                                    31-May-77
Smith              Robert F.                                      11-Sep-77
Smith              Ronnie                                         18-Nov-77
Smith              Rose A.                                        21-Dec-77
Smith              Roy Spencer                                    13-May-77
Smith              S. Lewis                                       26-Oct-77
Smith              Sara Lee                                       18-Sep-77
Smith              Thayer D.                                      26-Aug-77
Smith              Theodore D.                                    26-Sep-77
Smith              Tina Marie                                     01-Jun-77
Smith              Troy                                           09-Jul-77
Smith              Vergil H.                                      18-Dec-77
Smith              Virginia E.                                    07-May-77
Smith              Virginia Grace (Mrs. H. Lee)                   26-Apr-77
Smith              Wallace S.                                     26-Nov-77
Smith              Walter C. (Buck)                               05-Aug-77
Smith              William A.                                     09-Dec-77
Smith              William Wallace                                09-Sep-77
Smith              Willie                                         04-Sep-77
Smith              Willie (Bill)                                  03-Sep-77
Smitht             Cleta (Mrs. Lawrence)                          04-Jun-77
Smock              Kate (Mrs. James)                              17-Jan-77
Smotherman         Bernice C. (Mrs. John)                         30-Dec-77
Smurthwaite        Georgoana H.                                   23-Oct-77
Smyers             Lillian Josephine (Mrs.)                       27-Feb-77
Smyser             Rhoda B. (Mrs. Glenn)                          31-Jul-77
Smyth              Mary Maxine                                    13-Dec-77
Snavely            Max Fredrick                                   01-Jun-77
Snavely            Richard D.                                     22-Nov-77
Sneed              Sherman Mitchell                               27-Jun-77
Snelling           Henrietta (Mrs. C. J.)                         26-Jun-77
Snodgrass          Roy                                            21-Jun-77
Snodgrass          Velma L. (Mrs. G. X.)                          19-Nov-77
Snow               Alvin M.                                       22-Sep-77
Snow               Jennie May (Mrs. Jean E.)                      11-Mar-77
Snow               Steve P. (Jr.)                                 20-Mar-77
Snowbarger         Edward W.                                      12-Apr-77
Snowhill           Justin Porter                                  21-Jun-77
Snyder             Edna  Rose (Mrs. Angus)                        21-Aug-77
Snyder             Glen C.                                        04-Jul-77
Snyder             Herbert R.                                     23-Feb-77
Snyder             Icey E. (Mrs. Forrest)                         24-Dec-77
Snyder             Lula May                                       17-Jun-77
Snyder             Ruby (Mrs. Dwight)                             29-Jul-77
Snyder             Sally E. (Mrs. Jerry)                          17-Sep-77
Snynder            Sara (Mrs. Anthony)                            27-Dec-77
Socolofsky         Ella Viola (Mrs. Alexander)                    21-Aug-77
Socolofsky         Esther (Mrs. Clinton)                          20-Oct-77
Socwell            Lula A.                                        12-Aug-77
Soderberg          Ruby L. (Mrs. Carl E.)                         28-Sep-77
Soderberg          Ruby L. (Mrs. Carl L.)                         27-Sep-77
Somers             Ross                                           07-Dec-77
Sommerfeld         Rebecca Faye                                   09-Apr-77
Sommerhauser       Glenn J.                                       23-Jan-77
Sommers            Vernon J.                                      31-Dec-77
Sorber             Josephine Mae                                  30-Dec-77
Souders            Bert A.                                        30-Jun-77
Souter             Max M.                                         06-May-77
Southern           Rebecca Pearl (Mrs. Richard)                   26-Nov-77
Sowden             Elma E. (Mrs. Frank)                           24-Apr-77
Sowder             Jennie (Mrs. Alfred)                           21-Jun-77
Sowell             Carl Edward                                    07-Feb-77
Sowell             Dorothy V. (Mrs. Dwight L.)                    04-Mar-77
Spahn              William                                        02-May-77
Spahn              William                                        02-May-77
Spain              Mable B. (Mrs. Raymond)                        05-Mar-77
Spain              Wilbur James                                   11-Dec-77
Spain              Wilbur James                                   11-Dec-77
Spalding           Aubra (Mrs. Alanson R.)                        12-Sep-77
Spangenberger      Mae K. (Mrs. George L.)                        20-Oct-77
Sparks             Everett Lloyd (Tom)                            10-Aug-77
Sparks             Lulu B. (Mrs. Henry)                           15-Sep-77
Spear              Estella (Mrs. Franklin)                        27-Jan-77
Spear              Leona (Mrs. Lawrence E.)                       24-Dec-77
Speece             Blanche D. (Mrs. Thomas)                       30-Jun-77
Speer              Cecil M.                                       29-Jun-77
Speer              William Clark                                  28-Sep-77
Speer              William Clark                                  29-Sep-77
Speier             Catherine (Mrs. Anton)                         19-Nov-77
Speilman           Maggie H. (Mrs. Jesse D.)                      13-Aug-77
Speir              Hugh G.                                        08-Oct-77
Spencer            A. Mayanard                                    29-Mar-77
Spencer            Agnes Edna (Mrs. Harlan)                       29-Nov-77
Spencer            Charles A.                                     03-Feb-77
Spencer            Donald H.                                      22-Dec-77
Spencer            Florence G. (Mrs. Raymond)                     11-Jan-77
Spencer            Fred                                           25-Apr-77
Spencer            Glenn W.                                       22-Feb-77
Spencer            Helen M.                                       27-May-77
Spencer            Mildred N. (Mrs. Oliver)                       01-May-77
Spensberger        Anna (Mrs. John)                               05-Nov-77
Spillman           Flossie Fay (Mrs. Jacob)                       13-Aug-77
Spillman           Jacob Nelson                                   08-Nov-77
Spires             Earl                                           29-Sep-77
Splane             Alvena LaVern (Mrs. Howard)                    04-Oct-77
Splane             Vera M. (Mrs. Leo)                             01-Apr-77
Spradlin           Virgil A.                                      05-Mar-77
Spradling          William S.                                     07-Mar-77
Sprague            Gail Edgar                                     24-Feb-77
Sprague            Jolanda J. (Mrs. Jerry)                        21-Feb-77
Sprague            Warren G.                                      10-Aug-77
Spray              Orville O.                                     09-Feb-77
Spray              Vernie (Mrs. A. J.)                            03-May-77
Sprenger           Kurt                                           02-Dec-77
Sprenger           William R.                                     21-Oct-77
Spriggs            Emma Belle (Mrs. Edgar)                        21-Apr-77
Spring             Cleytus L.                                     22-Jun-77
Springate          Alice E. (Mrs. Cornelius)                      16-Mar-77
Sprinkle           Ruth E. (Mrs. Raymond)                         15-Apr-77
Sproule            Elizabeth Sophia (Mrs. Robert E.)              30-Apr-77
Spurgeon           David B.                                       10-Sep-77
Spurgeon           Eva (Mrs. Claude)                              05-Aug-77
Srader             Leota V. (Mrs. J. B.)                          19-Oct-77
Sryden             John Eric                                      29-Jul-77
St. Clair          George Grant                                   29-Apr-77
St. Peter          Anthony M.                                     16-Oct-77
Staab              Edward E.                                      14-Jun-77
Staab              Marie (Mrs. Peggy)                             19-May-77
Stabler            Josephine A. (Mrs. George W.)                  16-Nov-77
Stadel             Elizabeth Foster                               29-Jul-77
Stafford           Christina V. (Mrs. John F.)                    26-Oct-77
Stafford           Ed D. (Jr.)                                    17-Dec-77
Staggs             Charles R.                                     21-Feb-77
Stahl              Mildred (Mrs. Stanley)                         10-Mar-77
Stahlecker         Sue C. (Mrs.)                                  30-Mar-77
Stair              Virginia Ruth                                  18-Dec-77
Stalcup            Ethel                                          31-May-77
Staley             Clarence E.                                    08-Mar-77
Stallsmith         Frank (Jake)                                   16-Feb-77
Stanbly            Beulah M. (Mrs. John Cleo)                     25-Jan-77
Stancer            James H. (Sr.)                                 05-Oct-77
Standifer          Alice D. (Mrs. George A.)                      31-Mar-77
Standifer          Orville L.                                     09-Aug-77
Standish           Forrest Glenn                                  08-Apr-77
Standridge         Mabel C. (Mrs. James)                          08-Jun-77
Stang              Sandra Kay                                     15-Jan-77
Stanley            Cyrus Raymond                                  05-Feb-77
Stanley            L. O.                                          14-Oct-77
Stansbarger        Charles W.                                     16-Aug-77
Starck             Eva                                            12-Sep-77
Starck             Eve                                            11-Sep-77
Stark              Fremont H.                                     02-Feb-77
Starks             Alverda (Mrs.L. F.)                            19-Aug-77
Starks             Alverda Green (Mrs.L. F.)                      20-Aug-77
Starks             Ruby (Mrs. Frank)                              20-Aug-77
Starks             William M.                                     25-Aug-77
Starlin            Alma Alverta (Mrs. Ed)                         08-Nov-77
Starnes            Edgar Cecil                                    31-Aug-77
Starr              John D. (Jr.)                                  16-Aug-77
Starr              John D. (Sr.)                                  16-Aug-77
Starr              Levi O.                                        08-Jun-77
Starr              Mary Jane (Mrs. Maurice)                       08-Jun-77
Startzman          Earl C.                                        10-Dec-77
Startzman          Sheryl Lou (Mrs. Jim)                          05-Aug-77
Startzman          Sheryl Lou (Mrs. Jim)                          05-Aug-77
Stasiewicz         Katherina H.                                   16-Jul-77
Stath              George L.                                      05-Feb-77
Staton             Ruthie K. (Mrs. Edwarad)                       26-Mar-77
Statz              Melvin A.                                      29-Nov-77
Steadman           Shelly J. (Mrs.)                               23-Jun-77
Stecher            Arthur E.                                      29-Sep-77
Steckley           Lewis B.                                       18-Sep-77
Stedman            Billy M.                                       05-Jul-77
Steel              Cynthia Leah (Mrs. Edgar)                      10-Aug-77
Steele             Gilbert                                        11-Oct-77
Steele             Guy Lewis                                      15-Apr-77
Steele             Harry D.                                       04-Jun-77
Steele             Harvey                                         27-Oct-77
Steele             John William                                   13-Oct-77
Steele             Margaret Ann (Mrs. Arthur)                     15-Jul-77
Steele             Margaret Ann (Mrs. Arthur)                     16-Jul-77
Steely             Mary (Mrs. H. I.)                              08-May-77
Steffan            Clarence                                       31-Aug-77
Steffan            Joseph E.                                      03-Nov-77
Steffen            Edward N.                                      12-Aug-77
Steffen            Margaret L. (Mrs. Andre)                       01-Feb-77
Steffens           Clarence W.                                    12-Apr-77
Stehle             Henry (Hank)                                   15-Nov-77
Steinberg          Bernice G.                                     09-Apr-77
Steinberg          Clifford L.                                    16-May-77
Steinberg          Clifford L.                                    17-May-77
Steinburg          Charles W.                                     20-Jul-77
Steinburg          Frank L.                                       25-Jul-77
Steiner            Peter V.                                       18-Nov-77
Steinert           David S.                                       14-Jun-77
Steinle            Emma E. (Mrs. David)                           10-Sep-77
Stelter            Bess (Mrs. Paul)                               11-Feb-77
Stenfors           Carl                                           28-Jun-77
Stenzel            Lee                                            12-Apr-77
Stepanich          Agnes (Mrs. Joseph)                            01-Nov-77
Stephan            Hazel P. (Mrs. Harvey L.)                      08-May-77
Stephan            Hazel P. (Mrs. Harvey L.)                      08-May-77
Stephens           Charles V.                                     29-May-77
Stephens           Cleo (Mrs. Howard)                             08-Feb-77
Stephens           Dale                                           07-Feb-77
Stephens           Leota Evalyn (Mrs. Ralph T.)                   30-Mar-77
Stephens           Verne Leroy                                    05-Aug-77
Stephenson         Bertha M.                                      23-Sep-77
Stephenson         Ethel K. (Mrs. A. C.)                          22-Oct-77
Stephenson         Lorraine M. (Mrs.)                             15-Sep-77
Steppe             Ella (Mrs. Louis)                              24-Apr-77
Steppe             Frank                                          16-Apr-77
Sterbenz           Gladys M. (Mrs. Joseph)                        25-Jan-77
Sterling           Raymond L.                                     09-Nov-77
Sterling           Wanza L. (Mrs. Cecil W.)                       01-Nov-77
Sterling           William J.                                     19-Sep-77
Sterling           William J.                                     20-Sep-77
Sterrett           Pearl Lago (Mrs. Leonard)                      09-Jan-77
Stetter            Arkie A. (Mrs. Earl)                           17-Nov-77
Stevens            Bertha M. (Mrs. Edwin A.)                      18-Oct-77
Stevens            Bessie L. (Mrs. Clifford)                      29-Aug-77
Stevens            Hazel (Mrs. Crawford)                          06-Jan-77
Stevens            Iva L. (Mrs. Grover)                           05-Jul-77
Stevens            June Jewel (Mrs. Carl)                         02-Apr-77
Stevenson          Alfred Eugene                                  28-Mar-77
Stevenson          Craig                                          21-Oct-77
Stevenson          Ethel I. (Mrs. Robert)                         05-Feb-77
Stevenson          Guston V.                                      01-Jan-77
Stevenson          Kathryn (Mrs. Walter O.)                       19-Apr-77
Stevenson          Mercedes L. (Mrs. Forest)                      02-Mar-77
Steward            Charlie Elwood                                 23-Apr-77
Steward            Dewey                                          13-Oct-77
Stewart            Alexander                                      10-Nov-77
Stewart            Arnold D.                                      01-Dec-77
Stewart            Caroline (Mrs. Charles)                        02-Mar-77
Stewart            Claude W.                                      10-Dec-77
Stewart            Cleda (Mrs. Lester L.)                         23-Feb-77
Stewart            Donald E.                                      09-Apr-77
Stewart            Edith (Mrs. John)                              13-Dec-77
Stewart            Jessie Reece (Mrs. Ray M.)                     27-Jun-77
Stewart            Jessie Reese (Mrs. Ray M.)                     27-Jun-77
Stewart            John D. (Jr.)                                  21-Sep-77
Stewart            John E.                                        10-Jan-77
Stewart            Josephine S. (Mrs. Grier)                      31-Jan-77
Stewart            Kathelene (Mrs. James L.)                      07-Sep-77
Stewart            Merna Oral (Mrs. Troy)                         09-Mar-77
Stewart            Mina L.                                        30-Apr-77
Stewart            N. T.                                          12-Apr-77
Stewart            Nellie (Mrs. John)                             12-Dec-77
Stewart            Raymond Henry                                  20-Aug-77
Stewart            Raymond Henry                                  21-Aug-77
Stewart            Roma                                           26-Oct-77
Stewart            Ruth Ann (Mrs. Jack)                           23-Mar-77
Stewart            Stephen Allen                                  20-May-77
Stewart            Thomas R.                                      30-Aug-77
Stewart            Walter Eugene                                  01-Nov-77
Stewart            Wayman G.                                      05-Feb-77
Stice              Maxine Evelyn (Mrs. John N.)                   22-Apr-77
Stigal             Lelia M. (Mrs. Walter T.)                      03-Apr-77
Stiger             Ernest A.                                      28-Jun-77
Stiggins           George H.                                      16-Sep-77
Stiles             Lillian Louise (Mrs. Homer)                    29-Jul-77
Stiles             Marion G.                                      13-Nov-77
Still              Samuel E.                                      23-Oct-77
Stinson            General B.                                     25-Jan-77
Stites             Lowell E.                                      22-Apr-77
Stites             Paul W.                                        18-Jun-77
Stitt              Frances M. (Mrs. Robert)                       24-Sep-77
Stitt              Nellie May (Mrs. Logan)                        23-Dec-77
Stitts             Clyde                                          08-Nov-77
Stittsworth        Robert P.                                      17-Jun-77
Stocker            Lillian A. (Mrs. Vern)                         14-Aug-77
Stokey             Henry L.                                       11-Oct-77
Stolfus            Roy                                            06-Feb-77
Stoll              H. Herbert                                     23-Dec-77
Stone              Carrol Jefferson                               19-Jun-77
Stone              Christina L.                                   07-Oct-77
Stone              Eva Alice (Mrs. Alvia)                         16-Dec-77
Stone              Francis M. (Dr.)                               29-Oct-77
Stone              Frank D.                                       22-Jan-77
Stone              Henry H.                                       26-Aug-77
Stone              Joseph H.                                      03-Dec-77
Stone              LeRoy E.                                       06-Oct-77
Stone              Madonna Marie (Mrs. William Luther)            04-Sep-77
Stone              V. Winifred (Mrs. CecilC.)                     05-Apr-77
Stone              Violet (Mrs. William)                          01-Mar-77
Stone              Robert R.                                      17-Jul-77
Stonebraker        Byron C.                                       04-Jul-77
Stoneburner        Alva E.                                        14-Aug-77
Stonehocker        Oliver                                         22-Mar-77
Stoneking          John H.                                        18-Oct-77
Stonfel            Lenora I. (Mrs. John)                          20-Sep-77
Stoppel            Leon                                           05-Nov-77
Stork              August (Mrs. Harry)                            09-Nov-77
Storrer            Alvin V.                                       12-Jan-77
Story              Gladys                                         01-Jun-77
Stoskopf           Evangeline Evelyn Eva (Mrs. Charles)           20-Aug-77
Stotler            Frank E.                                       07-Dec-77
Stotts             Elizabeth (Mrs. Wes)                           29-Jun-77
Stough             Victor E.                                      04-Mar-77
Stout              Donovan E.                                     01-Jan-77
Stout              Jessie L.                                      25-Feb-77
Stout              Katie B. (Mrs. M. E.)                          26-Aug-77
Stout              Stella (Mrs. Sidney)                           13-Jul-77
Stovall            Flora (Mrs. Burton)                            02-Oct-77
Stovall            John M. (Sr.)                                  15-Apr-77
Stovall            John M. (Sr.)                                  16-Apr-77
Stovall            Monty C.                                       26-May-77
Stover             Eva M. (Mrs. Asher)                            31-Oct-77
Stover             Ida (Mrs. William K.)                          13-Mar-77
Stowers            Luverne                                        29-Aug-77
Strack             Nora C. (Mrs. Henry)                           12-Nov-77
Strack             Rosa (Mrs. Frank)                              02-Mar-77
Strader            Dorothy A. (Mrs. James)                        11-Feb-77
Straight           Fanny E. (Mrs. Maurice)                        30-Dec-77
Straight           Thelma Beach (Mrs. S. G.)                      23-Mar-77
Strain             Vernon Duke                                    14-Oct-77
Strain             Willis                                         26-Apr-77
Strand             Carl L.                                        26-Mar-77
Straney            Mae E. (Mrs. Milo)                             14-Apr-77
Strate             Mayme Leona (Mrs. Frank)                       07-Jul-77
Stratton           George P.                                      23-Aug-77
Straub             Frank                                          29-Jan-77
Strauderman        Helen Wilson (Mrs. Leonard Austin)             18-Jun-77
Straughter         Nathan                                         02-Feb-77
Straughter         Willie L.                                      11-Apr-77
Straughter         Willie L.                                      12-Apr-77
Strauss            John L.                                        26-Apr-77
Strauss            Richard                                        07-Jun-77
Strawbridge        Leon                                           16-Sep-77
Strawhacker        Gail E.                                        25-Dec-77
Strickert          Clarence J.                                    23-Sep-77
Strickland         Aleene V.                                      12-Aug-77
Strickland         Howard W.                                      14-Jan-77
Strickland         Neva Jean                                      30-Dec-77
Strickland         Pauline V. (Mrs. Lee)                          24-Jun-77
Strieby            Myrta M. (Mrs. George T.)                      07-Jun-77
Stringer           Wallace                                        25-Feb-77
Stringfellow       Donald R.                                      03-May-77
Striplin           Prudence                                       13-Apr-77
Strobel            Karla Kate                                     16-Mar-77
Strobel            Mae (Mrs. Bill)                                13-Apr-77
Stroda             Verrn P.                                       24-Apr-77
Stromberg          Carl Axel                                      03-Nov-77
Strong             Anna I. (Mrs. Arden)                           24-Jan-77
Strong             E. W. (Si)                                     15-Aug-77
Strong             Margaret J.                                    25-Jan-77
Struble            Ralph W.                                       01-Jul-77
Struth             Thomas W.                                      08-Oct-77
Stuart             Ernest                                         15-Oct-77
Stuart             Hattie (Mrs. Charles)                          22-Feb-77
Stuart             Hattie (Mrs. Charles)                          22-Feb-77
Stuart             Malinda (Mrs. R. L.)                           18-Jan-77
Stubblefield       Glenn                                          27-Sep-77
Stubby             LaVerne A.                                     02-Nov-77
Stubby             Ray                                            25-Jul-77
Stubenhofer        Karl W.                                        14-Aug-77
Stubenhofer        Margaret F. (Mrs. Paul)                        25-May-77
Stuber             Albert B.                                      25-Apr-77
Stuber             Albert B.                                      25-Apr-77
Stuber             Phillip Lee                                    20-Jul-77
Stuck              Orville D.                                     20-Jul-77
Stucky             Chris L.                                       01-Aug-77
Stucky             Martha P.                                      12-Jul-77
Stucky             Sulvanus                                       29-Aug-77
Stucky             Susie M. (Mrs. Chris B.)                       29-Apr-77
Stucky             Val A.                                         09-Jul-77
Stucky             Walton H.                                      06-Dec-77
Studer             John W.                                        11-May-77
Stufflebean        Thelma E. (Mrs. Kay)                           31-Oct-77
Stull              Peninnah Gladys (Mrs. Roy)                     18-Oct-77
Stultz             Edward William                                 18-Aug-77
Sturdy             Oscar Robert                                   04-Aug-77
Sturgell           Roy F. (Rev.)                                  11-Jul-77
Sturgeon           Ella E. (Mrs. Clarence)                        04-Feb-77
Sturgeon           Martin E.                                      28-Apr-77
Sturm              Sammy H. III                                   06-Jul-77
Subera             Josie (Mrs. Melo)                              10-May-77
Sublett            Ronald A.                                      02-Oct-77
Suddock            Robert L.                                      08-Mar-77
Suhler             Zella Mary (Mrs. A. E. Shorty)                 20-Aug-77
Suhm               Frances F.                                     05-Dec-77
Suhm               Francis Frederick                              06-Dec-77
Suhm               Layton J.                                      06-Jan-77
Suits              Ruth (Mrs. Randolph)                           21-Jun-77
Sullins            Vadna (Mrs. Raymond)                           01-May-77
Sullins            William Jesse (Jr.)                            10-Jun-77
Sullivan           A. M. (Sully)                                  20-Nov-77
Sullivan           Ella Mae (Mrs. Willie)                         25-Dec-77
Sullivan           Ella Mae (Mrs. Willie)                         26-Dec-77
Sullivan           Ross                                           23-Apr-77
Sullivan           Robert Dean                                    21-Feb-77
Sult               Emma Esther (Mrs. Thomas F.)                   31-Jul-77
Summers            Harriett E.                                    30-Jul-77
Summers            Martha E. (Mrs. Roy)                           03-Apr-77
Summers            Michael S.                                     02-Jun-77
Summers            Sid Y.                                         22-Apr-77
Summers            Thomas Lee                                     12-Sep-77
Sumner             Margaret L. (Mrs. Melvin)                      21-Mar-77
Sund               Hubert A.                                      03-Jun-77
Sunner             Roscoe W.                                      06-Sep-77
Surber             W. C. (Clyde)                                  01-Oct-77
Surface            Orletta Lustie (Mrs. Henry O.)                 06-Feb-77
Surnutt            Elmo F. (Bud)                                  21-Nov-77
Surtees            Paul D.                                        15-Oct-77
Suthereland        Ralph J.                                       29-Dec-77
Sutherland         Harvey L.                                      14-Jun-77
Sutliff            William H. (Sr.) (Rev.)                        03-Dec-77
Sutter             Ruth M. (Mrs. Richard A.)                      22-Sep-77
Suttle             Nadyne A.                                      21-May-77
Sutton             Alpha M. (Mrs. Charles)                        16-Nov-77
Sutton             Charles Russell                                17-Mar-77
Sutton             Harry H.                                       06-Oct-77
Sutton             Karl Simons                                    15-Feb-77
Sutton             Karl Simons                                    16-Feb-77
Svara              Frank C.                                       27-Nov-77
Svoboda            Frank                                          30-Dec-77
Swaim              Blaine Cecil                                   27-Jan-77
Swaim              James Tilman                                   23-Jul-77
Swain              Ella Irene (Mrs. Orval A.)                     10-Jun-77
Swaney             John M.                                        08-Oct-77
Swaney             Mabelle M. (Mrs. George)                       01-Jul-77
Swanson            Edgar                                          01-Mar-77
Swanson            George                                         04-Apr-77
Swanson            Malurn E.                                      13-Jun-77
Swanson            Mark Austin                                    13-Jul-77
Swanson            Merle O.                                       29-May-77
Swanson            Minnie C.                                      30-Dec-77
Swanson            Victoria (Mrs. Malburn)                        17-Oct-77
Swanston           Raymond R.                                     19-Aug-77
Swartley           Harold                                         29-Sep-77
Swarts             loren                                          30-Apr-77
Swartz             Victoria (Mrs. Forest)                         16-Sep-77
Swartz             Zeppa Mae (Mrs.)                               09-Jun-77
Swartzell          Wesley James                                   23-Jun-77
Swayze             Dora M. (Mrs. Harry William)                   14-Nov-77
Sweet              Stephen H.                                     22-Aug-77
Swengel            Helen J. (Mrs. Oscar)                          15-Mar-77
Swick              Edith M. (Mrs. Harry)                          03-Oct-77
Swift              Jennie (Mrs. Fred)                             08-Dec-77
Swift              Larry Dale                                     12-May-77
Swing              Lura G. (Mrs.Clinton H.)                       02-Jan-77
Swink              Harrel E.                                      22-Apr-77
Swink              Harrell E.                                     22-Apr-77
Swinney            Daisy O.                                       04-Mar-77
Swinson            Luannah (Mrs. William C.)                      17-Aug-77
Swisher            Lyall E.                                       14-Dec-77
Swisher            Nannie E. (Mrs. Joseph)                        18-Nov-77
Swisher            Rosa B. (Mrs. Earl L.)                         06-Oct-77
Syfert             Ella Ornella (Mrs. John)                       26-May-77
Sylvanus           Elsie R. (Mrs. Elwood J.)                      19-Sep-77
Symes              Jesse                                          08-Sep-77
Symns              Pearl (Mrs. Thomas E.)                         01-Mar-77
Taber              Mary C. (Mrs. Homer L.)                        22-Apr-77
Tabor              Blanche (Mrs. Paul)                            17-Oct-77
Tabor              Fletcher Newton                                10-Dec-77
Tabor              Noah                                           16-Mar-77
Tague              Raymond J.                                     02-Aug-77
Tajchman           Fred A.                                        23-Nov-77
Talbert            Leona H. (Mrs. A. L.)                          19-Apr-77
Talbert            Violet M. (Billie) (Mrs. Bert)                 27-May-77
Talbott            Harold J.                                      18-Feb-77
Talbott            Sandra K. (Mrs.)                               01-Aug-77
Talbott            William A.                                     18-Dec-77
Talbott            William T.                                     17-Dec-77
Tallant            Elmer L.                                       27-Aug-77
Talley             Harold D.                                      20-Nov-77
Talley             Nellie N. (Mrs. Claude)                        27-Sep-77
Talton             Cari Lynne                                     15-Aug-77
Tambling           Edward                                         04-Mar-77
Tammen             Louis C.                                       08-Sep-77
Tannahill          Mary L. (Mrs. Frank)                           31-Mar-77
Tarr               Jess Cornelius                                 23-Feb-77
Tate               Lewis Edwin                                    23-Jul-77
Taylor             Bernice E. (Mrs. Morna R.)                     17-Aug-77
Taylor             Carrie (Mrs.)                                  04-Aug-77
Taylor             Dean L.                                        23-Mar-77
Taylor             Dora G. (Mrs. Adrien P.)                       13-Feb-77
Taylor             Dora Isabel (Mrs. Christopher)                 12-Oct-77
taylor             Ernest H.                                      11-Apr-77
Taylor             Ernest H.                                      14-Aug-77
Taylor             George B. (Dr.)                                16-Feb-77
Taylor             Harold O.                                      03-May-77
Taylor             Harold O.                                      04-May-77
Taylor             Helen M. (Mrs. Richard P.)                     18-Nov-77
Taylor             John H.                                        28-Dec-77
Taylor             John L.                                        16-Aug-77
Taylor             Julia Edna (Rev.) (Mrs. James)                 15-Feb-77
Taylor             Kenneth L.                                     16-Jun-77
Taylor             Leland P.                                      14-Mar-77
Taylor             Lena M. (Mrs. James H.)                        26-Nov-77
Taylor             Mary Darwish (Mrs. Charles)                    25-Apr-77
Taylor             Matilda M. (Mrs. William)                      21-Jul-77
Taylor             Norval                                         02-Aug-77
Taylor             Percy Edward                                   01-Mar-77
Taylor             Robert Gregory                                 29-Sep-77
Taylor             Ross McLaury (Dr.)                             19-Mar-77
Taylor             Ruby V. (Mrs. Henry W.)                        16-Dec-77
Taylor             Russell L.                                     15-May-77
Taylor             Tilla                                          19-Jul-77
Taylor             Tillie E.                                      06-Oct-77
Taylor             Velvin Peter                                   24-Feb-77
Taylor             Winnie Sybel (Mrs. Floyd)                      05-Oct-77
Taylor             Zora Hazel (Mrs. Ross)                         13-Mar-77
Teachout           Harold Everett                                 08-Sep-77
Teague             Walter                                         10-Aug-77
Teamer             Christina (Mrs. Osie E.)                       05-Jul-77
Teel               James C. (Sr.)                                 21-Nov-77
Teetzel            Ruby (Mrs. Charles)                            10-Nov-77
Teichgraeber       Ida (Mrs. Emil)                                15-Nov-77
TenEyck            Elizabeth H. (Mrs. Raymond E.)                 21-Apr-77
Ternes             Mathias                                        23-Jan-77
Terrell            Ruth (Mrs. Thomas I. )                         10-Nov-77
Terrill            Albert William                                 05-Oct-77
Terrill            Josephine Ellen (Mrs. Jessie)                  21-Mar-77
Terry              L. H.                                          19-Aug-77
Terry              Sadie Katherine (Mrs. Harry E.)                22-May-77
Terry              Walter Wayne                                   12-Aug-77
Tesh               W. Lucile (Mrs. Ican)                          02-Oct-77
Teter              John Bryan                                     14-Oct-77
Teter              Roger Lee                                      26-Oct-77
Teufel             Simon (Sam)                                    03-Dec-77
Thaier             Lester Earl                                    24-Jan-77
Thalman            Martha E. (Mrs. Henry)                         10-Apr-77
Thedford           John Henry                                     04-Jun-77
Theilen            Anna M.                                        27-Jan-77
Thiel              Kenneth A.                                     06-Jan-77
Thiele             Fred                                           23-Nov-77
Thiers             Edith Hodge (Mrs.)                             17-Apr-77
Thiessen           Ike                                            12-Aug-77
Thiessen           Issac                                          15-Sep-77
Thiessen           Jacob E.                                       12-May-77
Thiessen           Vada (Mrs. Pete K.)                            23-May-77
Thiessen           Veada (Mrs. Pete K.)                           22-May-77
Thiessen           Veda (Mrs. Pete K.)                            21-May-77
Thimm              Ottilie (Mrs. William F.)                      29-Jan-77
Thimmesch          Ella Rose (Mrs. George)                        25-Feb-77
Thissen            John R.                                        20-Mar-77
Thissen            Mary Joanna                                    11-Dec-77
Thissen            Mary Joanna                                    11-Dec-77
Thogmartin         Herbert C.                                     08-Jul-77
Tholen             Edward B.                                      01-Mar-77
Thomas             Albinus L.                                     14-Oct-77
Thomas             Anna Dora (Mrs. Bill)                          29-Nov-77
Thomas             Ernest (Zip) (Jr.)                             18-Jul-77
Thomas             Ernest (Zip) (Jr.)                             19-Jul-77
Thomas             Etna P. (Mrs. Adam)                            22-Nov-77
Thomas             Evelyn (Mrs. Jessie)                           16-Jan-77
Thomas             Flora Edith (Mrs. Walter Dale)                 06-Oct-77
Thomas             Irene N. (Mrs. George F.)                      23-Aug-77
Thomas             James Addison                                  20-Aug-77
Thomas             Jesse                                          12-Jul-77
Thomas             Jesse                                          13-Jul-77
Thomas             Jesse                                          15-Jul-77
Thomas             Jesse P.                                       29-Sep-77
Thomas             Pauline (Mrs. Clyde)                           17-Oct-77
Thomas             Pete E.                                        14-Dec-77
Thomas             Trim                                           11-Jul-77
Thomas             Trim                                           13-Jul-77
Thomas             W. L.                                          22-Dec-77
Thomas             W. L.                                          24-Dec-77
Thomason           Lula Marie (Mrs. John)                         14-Jun-77
Thomason           Phyllis Ann (Mrs. Guy)                         12-Jun-77
Thompson           Ada L. (Mrs. Earl)                             08-Nov-77
Thompson           Alice Edna                                     18-Jul-77
Thompson           Beatrice (Mrs. McCager)                        19-Aug-77
Thompson           Cecil I.                                       08-Jun-77
Thompson           Charles ZA                                     28-Jun-77
Thompson           Danny                                          21-Nov-77
Thompson           Dean L.                                        15-Jan-77
Thompson           Deborah Ann (Mrs. Randall)                     30-Jul-77
Thompson           Denna (Mrs. Charles Edward)                    15-Aug-77
Thompson           Don J.                                         19-Oct-77
Thompson           Edna (Mrs. Bennett)                            24-Aug-77
Thompson           Emily Jane (Mrs. John F.)                      27-May-77
Thompson           Grace C.                                       15-Sep-77
Thompson           Howard R.                                      14-Oct-77
Thompson           Inez P. (Mrs. Joseph)                          02-Dec-77
Thompson           Jacob Moore                                    23-May-77
Thompson           James O.                                       15-Feb-77
Thompson           James Walter                                   25-Mar-77
Thompson           Jess T. (Rev.)                                 07-Sep-77
Thompson           Leona (Mrs. Earl)                              02-Apr-77
Thompson           Louise (Mrs. David M.)                         16-Feb-77
Thompson           Mary E. (Mrs. William O.)                      05-Dec-77
Thompson           Nadia Dawn                                     08-Dec-77
Thompson           Sallie B. (Mrs. Lynn R.)                       25-Aug-77
Thompson           Shawn William                                  04-Mar-77
Thompson           Viola Blanche (Mrs. Chester)                   30-Jan-77
Thorn              Sara Sophia (Mrs. Charles E.)                  02-Oct-77
Thornburg          J. D.                                          22-Aug-77
Thornhill          Norman (Jr.)                                   31-Dec-77
Thornton           Aurel Kirwin                                   07-Dec-77
Thornton           Ella Jane (Mrs. Thurston)                      22-Jan-77
Thornton           George E.                                      27-May-77
Thornton           George E.                                      27-May-77
Thornton           Robert E.                                      19-Jun-77
Thornton           Robert E. (Sr.)                                20-Jun-77
Thornton           William                                        06-Sep-77
Thorp              Donnas R. (Mrs. Ted)                           13-Oct-77
Thorpe             Elmer                                          14-Mar-77
Thorpe             George Lawrence                                24-Jan-77
Thorstenberg       Anna Irene (Mrs. Carl)                         04-Apr-77
Thrailkill         O. W. (Toad)                                   14-Sep-77
Thrope             Helen E. (Mrs. Claude)                         15-Sep-77
Thurber            Roy James                                      11-Oct-77
Thurman            Arthur                                         30-Jan-77
Thurman            Ralph H.                                       07-Jul-77
Thurstin           Mildred L. (Mrs. Dean)                         30-Apr-77
Thurston           Lester Andrew                                  02-Mar-77
Thye               Rudolf                                         06-Nov-77
Tibbits            Ralph B.                                       23-Apr-77
Tice               Jack                                           10-Aug-77
Tichenor           Frank Clare                                    19-Apr-77
Tidwell            Thurman R.                                     25-Oct-77
Tiffanny           Audrey G. (Mrs. Frank)                         10-Jul-77
Tiffanny           Audrey G. (Mrs. Frank)                         11-Jul-77
Tilford            Misty Heather                                  24-Aug-77
Tillery            Naomi                                          29-Oct-77
Tilotson           Lloyd Elton                                    16-Sep-77
tilson             D. F. (Frank)                                  05-Jul-77
Timmons            Howard A.                                      30-Apr-77
Timmons            Roy                                            08-Mar-77
Tincknell          Conrad W.                                      15-Jul-77
Tinder             Ray H.                                         10-Mar-77
Tindle             Alfred R.                                      15-Mar-77
Tindle             Alfred R. and Peggy Ann                        14-Mar-77
Tinnemeyer         John F.                                        27-Sep-77
Tinnemeyer         John F.                                        28-Sep-77
Tipton             Eula (Mrs. U. O.)                              10-Feb-77
Tipton             Roy                                            24-Mar-77
Titus              Travis M.                                      15-Jun-77
Tobias             Milo                                           08-May-77
Todd               Lanora E. (Mrs. John)                          20-Sep-77
Todd               Nina B. (Mrs. Ernest)                          06-Mar-77
Toews              Jacob B.                                       23-May-77
Toews              Jacob Lee                                      13-Jun-77
Toland             Roy Lee                                        05-Jun-77
Tolbert            Flo Engle (Mrs. Elmer)                         05-Aug-77
Tolbert            Frank L.                                       06-Jul-77
Tolbert            Virgil                                         28-Jun-77
Tolle              Chester D.                                     16-Mar-77
Tolle              Della (Mrs. George)                            23-May-77
Tolle              Edith T. (Mrs. Chester)                        14-Aug-77
Tolle              Mary Olive (Mrs. Edward)                       01-Nov-77
Tolley             James W.                                       14-Sep-77
Tomasch            Elmer J.                                       13-May-77
Tombaugh           Delthos Alphaeus                               15-Jun-77
Tombaugh           Delthos Alphaeus                               16-Jun-77
Tomlin             George J. (Sr.)                                18-May-77
Tomlin             Sylvester LaVerne (Sr.)                        08-Jul-77
Tomlin             Sylvester LaVerne (Sr.)                        09-Jul-77
Tomlinson          Gary Voughn                                    18-May-77
Tompkins           Charlotte (Mrs. H. B.)                         23-Apr-77
Tompkins           Helen Lenora (Mrs. George R.)                  27-May-77
Toney              Leona E. (Mrs. William)                        07-May-77
Tonn               Lewis O.                                       02-Feb-77
Toon               Jesse Allen                                    14-Apr-77
Torline            Karl J.                                        21-Nov-77
Torrance           Juanita G. (Mrs. Bill)                         21-Sep-77
Torrence           Lee (Dr.)                                      30-Aug-77
Torrence           Lena (Mrs. Charlie)                            30-Apr-77
Torres             Anestacio C.                                   25-Feb-77
Torrez             Isabel (Mrs. Fidel S.)                         16-Nov-77
Torry              Elsie (Mrs. David)                             21-Oct-77
Toulouse           Ora S. (Bud)                                   21-Jul-77
Toutenhoofd        Hulda (Mrs. Lucian)                            21-Nov-77
Towe               Travis Heath                                   07-Nov-77
Towery             Phoebe Jane                                    14-Jun-77
Towles             Goldie (Mrs. John)                             05-Feb-77
Towne              Mary Catherine (Mrs. Edward)                   01-Jan-77
Towner             Elnora Nellie (Mrs. John)                      05-Mar-77
Townsell           Helen L.                                       13-Sep-77
Townsend            Cleveland Harold                              10-Nov-77
Trabue             Eva Gertrude (Mrs. Oswald)                     31-Aug-77
Tracy              Steven M.                                      14-Aug-77
Traffas            Joseph M.                                      04-Dec-77
Trahern            Merle E.                                       13-Nov-77
Trail              Susie Robert (Mrs. Ray E.)                     20-Dec-77
Train              Frans B.                                       28-Nov-77
Tramill            Marion Virginia                                30-Oct-77
Trammell           Margaret A. (Mrs. Roy E.)                      27-Feb-77
Tran               No Thi (Mrs.)                                  25-Apr-77
Trask              Mary Ellen (Mrs. Wilkie)                       21-Aug-77
Trautman           Estelle L.                                     29-Nov-77
Traxson            Flora Ella (Mrs. George)                       16-Oct-77
Trayer             Dale A.                                        15-Dec-77
Tredenick          Frank W.                                       14-Aug-77
Tredway            Ernest E.                                      13-Nov-77
Trefethen          Ella V. (Mrs. James L.)                        01-May-77
Trefethen          Thelma (Mrs. Eugene)                           06-Apr-77
Trentman           Howard Oliver                                  21-Aug-77
Trevino            Gilber B. (Sr.)                                01-Nov-77
Trichler           Carl R.                                        16-Feb-77
Trimble            Amos                                           13-Oct-77
Trimm              Mabel M. (Mrs.)                                13-Jul-77
Trimmer            Marvin A.                                      12-Jul-77
Trinkle            Lilly G. (Mrs. Roy C.)                         07-Mar-77
Tripp              Orval W.                                       30-Jan-77
Triscik            Henry C.                                       22-Mar-77
Triscik            Henry C.                                       23-Mar-77
Troll              Harry Albert                                   20-Feb-77
Trollope           Jean M. (Mrs. C. Wilbur)                       09-Apr-77
Trotter            Lavina Elizabeth                               03-Oct-77
Troup              Eugene                                         06-Jan-77
Troup              Paul                                           12-Jan-77
Troutman           Michael Kent                                   09-Jan-77
Troutman           Michael Kent                                   11-Jan-77
Trower             Joel S.                                        29-Jun-77
Troxel             Eunice (Mrs. Earl)                             10-Oct-77
Troxell            Albert H.                                      29-Nov-77
True               Pear (Mrs. Wendell)                            19-Dec-77
Truehart           Harry W.                                       02-Nov-77
Trujillo           Roger Fred                                     22-May-77
Trump              William D.                                     26-Mar-77
Trumpower          Harry                                          29-Jul-77
Tucker             Carl L.                                        28-Jul-77
Tucker             Donald J.                                      13-Nov-77
Tucker             Eva Loraine (Mrs. Monroe)                      13-Dec-77
Tucker             Lee F.                                         26-Nov-77
Tucker             Orval E.                                       25-Nov-77
Tucker             Perry H.                                       08-Mar-77
Tucker             Wendell O.                                     23-May-77
Tuell              Paul Vincent                                   04-Jan-77
Tuffin             Priscilla M.                                   21-Sep-77
Tuggle             Fern (Mrs. John W.)                            04-May-77
Tull               Esther O. (Mrs. Wilmer C.)                     12-May-77
Tull               James Newton                                   09-Jul-77
Tullis             Alma P.                                        26-Sep-77
Turer              Rober V.                                       12-Dec-77
Turley             Linnie E. (Mrs. William L.)                    05-Jun-77
Turner             Addie Mae (Mrs. Louis)                         09-Mar-77
Turner             Arthur Ed                                      01-Mar-77
Turner             Dodds M.                                       19-Oct-77
Turner             Dora May (Mrs. Jesse Paul)                     10-Mar-77
Turner             Dora May (Mrs. Jesse Paul)                     11-Mar-77
Turner             Ethel Reed (Mrs. Joe E.)                       16-Dec-77
Turner             Howard Orris                                   22-Dec-77
Turner             Joseph W.                                      19-Apr-77
Turner             Lola C.                                        15-Nov-77
Turner             Nellie May (Mrs. Jesse L.)                     22-Apr-77
Turner             Paul                                           29-Jul-77
Turner             Robert N.                                      17-Dec-77
Turner             Ruth Ellen (Mrs. Harold)                       13-Oct-77
Turney             Gertrude M. (Mrs. Norman D.)                   05-Dec-77
Tuttle             Della C. (Mrs. William Ray)                    10-Nov-77
Tuttle             Ola F. (Mrs. Clyde E.)                         21-Dec-77
Tuttle             Paul H.                                        16-Aug-77
Tweedy             Neva Lucille (Mrs. John)                       25-Jan-77
Tyler              Cecil William                                  02-Aug-77
Tyler              Irene H. (Mrs. Ira W.)                         26-Jun-77
Tyler              Jeannetta B. (Mrs. Paul)                       01-Nov-77
Tyler              Travis Lee                                     22-Mar-77
Tysor              Jessie E. (Mrs. Frank E.)                      20-Sep-77
Ucote              Harry                                          29-Mar-77
Uhren              John Nicholas                                  26-May-77
Uhrich             Harlan G.                                      06-Sep-77
Ulmer              Lawrence A.                                    24-Nov-77
Ulrich             Betty I. (Mrs. Wilbur)                         31-Oct-77
Underhil           Leeman W.                                      25-Jun-77
Underhill          Leona P. (Mrs. Dean)                           09-Jul-77
Underwood          Cecil D.                                       17-Jan-77
Underwood          Dale R.                                        17-Aug-77
Underwood          Fannie (Mrs. Raymond)                          01-Oct-77
Underwood          Frances (Bess)                                 30-Jul-77
Underwood          Kathleen (Mrs. Earl)                           21-Nov-77
Unger              Ivah Alma (Mrs. Abe)                           02-Aug-77
Unrein             Lester A.                                      08-Nov-77
Unrug              Mary F.                                        24-May-77
Unruh              Abe                                            20-Mar-77
Unruh              Carabel Arlene (Mrs. Glenn H.)                 31-Dec-77
Unruh              Daniel A.                                      04-Nov-77
Unruh              Edwin D.                                       25-Jan-77
Unruh              Elizabeth (Mrs. Edward)                        30-Dec-77
Unruh              Jacob B.                                       22-Mar-77
Unruh              Jacob J.                                       05-Jul-77
Unruh              Joni Lou                                       25-Oct-77
Unruh              Lena J.                                        06-Jan-77
Unruh              Levi Charles                                   06-Nov-77
Unruh              Mary F.                                        24-May-77
Unruh              Theodore                                       07-Jul-77
Unson              Mildred N. (Mrs. Leonard A.)                   13-Feb-77
Updegraff          George Wesley                                  06-Jan-77
Updergraft         Glenn W.                                       14-Jun-77
Upson              Bernard                                        08-Sep-77
Urban              Ben                                            08-Jan-77
Urban              Dani Lea                                       10-Dec-77
Urban              George Paul                                    02-Dec-77
Urbanek            Rose                                           10-Oct-77
Uren               Myrtle G. (Mrs. James)                         13-Dec-77
Urton              Theodore (Ted)                                 01-Jun-77
Utt                Carmen Lyall                                   10-May-77
Utter              Alice May (Mrs.)                               22-Nov-77
Vachal             George                                         13-Dec-77
Vagts              Martha E. (Mrs. Harry)                         04-Jan-77
Vail               Clara M. (Mrs. Emer L.)                        10-Feb-77
Vail               Clara M. (Mrs. Emer L.)                        11-Feb-77
Vain               Shirley R. (Mrs. Richard)                      19-Mar-77
Valentine          Arthur Franklin                                29-May-77
Valenzuela         Josefina Mesa (Mrs. Ignaacio)                  26-Apr-77
Vallandingham      E. Clayton                                     13-May-77
Valley             Carolinee                                      19-Mar-77
VanArsdal          Goldia Bell (Mrs. James E.)                    13-Sep-77
VanBuren           Roosevelt                                      17-Jul-77
VanBuren           Roosevelt                                      19-Jul-77
VanCampen          John Nathan                                    13-Jul-77
Vance              Harry E.                                       14-Oct-77
VanCleave          Rena (Mrs. Ronald)                             17-Apr-77
vandaveer          Agnes (Mrs. James W.)                          29-Dec-77
Vandenberge        Coe                                            10-Mar-77
Vanderford         Elvie E. (Ike)                                 19-Mar-77
Vandergriff        Alma L. (Mrs. A. D.)                           25-Nov-77
Vanderman          M. L. (Speed)                                  26-Jul-77
VanDeusen          Katy M. (Mrs. Harry L.)                        16-Dec-77
VanDeusen          Katy M. (Mrs. Harry L.)                        17-Dec-77
VanDever           Charles N.                                     19-Aug-77
VanDoren           Mary Cruse                                     09-Sep-77
VanDoren           Myrtle L. (Mrs.)                               24-Jul-77
Vanduser           Guy E.                                         06-Sep-77
VanDyke            George Harmon                                  07-Apr-77
VanEver            Cleo R. (Mrs. Cleyo)                           16-Oct-77
VanFleet           Gladys Mae (Mrs. Daniel)                       18-Oct-77
VanFleet           William Henry (Sr.)                            29-May-77
VanHorn            Aleda W. (Mrs. Murl)                           28-Jul-77
VanHorn            Leo Edward                                     09-Jun-77
VanHorn            Lora Marie (Mrs. Harry C.)                     02-Jan-77
VanHorn            Margaret Selena (Mrs. Frank)                   28-Jun-77
VanMeter           Veda M. (Mrs. George Phillip)                  05-Mar-77
Vannaman           Ray L.                                         26-Nov-77
VanNess            Walker N.                                      29-Mar-77
VanNorman          Mary (Mrs. Elmer)                              08-May-77
VanOrdstrand       Vint Scott                                     01-Mar-77
VanRuth            Trudy A. (Mrs. Bill)                           13-May-77
VanScyoc           E. B.                                          15-Mar-77
Vantyle            Opal Mae                                       22-Feb-77
VanWie             Earl F.                                        15-Mar-77
VanWinkle          Emma Boyer                                     11-Jun-77
VanWinkle          Emma Boyer (Mrs. Otis)                         10-Jun-77
VanZandt           Clarence A.                                    13-Jul-77
Vardy              Glenn D.                                       09-Mar-77
Varhanik           Harold                                         29-Oct-77
Varney             Minnie E. (Mrs. George)                        17-Jul-77
Vasko              Joseph C.                                      12-Oct-77
Vaught             Anissa D.                                      23-Sep-77
Vaught             Gaynell (Mrs.)                                 29-Jan-77
Vaught             Geraldine (Mrs. C. B.)                         28-Aug-77
Vavra              Joe E.                                         31-Aug-77
Veal               Ellen                                          25-Dec-77
Veatch             Robert H. (Bobby)                              19-May-77
Vega               Ralph G.                                       30-Jan-77
Venard             Russell Lee (Rusty)                            02-Aug-77
Venavle            Elmer L.                                       06-Nov-77
Venning            Celia Ivy (Mrs. Albert)                        29-Jan-77
Verge              William Richard (Jr.)                          25-Aug-77
Vermillion         Irwin Ross                                     29-Jun-77
Vermillion         Irwin Ross                                     30-Jun-77
Vermillion         Martha (Mrs. Russell W.)                       14-Jan-77
Vernon             Ike W.                                         04-Jun-77
Vernon             Ike W.                                         06-Jun-77
Vernon             Ruth                                           30-Jun-77
Vest               Melvin                                         10-Apr-77
Vestal             Nathan D. (Sr.)                                19-Mar-77
Vetsch             John H.                                        31-Dec-77
Vian               Shirley R. (Mrs. Richard)                      20-Mar-77
Vick               Everett Louis                                  14-Sep-77
Vickers            Don C.                                         31-Jan-77
Victor             Wuanita Marie (Mrs. Marvin)                    17-Aug-77
Vidricksen         George                                         29-Jul-77
Vigil              Raymond                                        02-Feb-77
Viles              George D.                                      26-Mar-77
Villa              Jamie Marie                                    25-May-77
Vilm               J. E. (Josh)                                   22-Dec-77
Vinson             Clarence R.                                    29-Nov-77
Vinson             Harry C.                                       23-Mar-77
Vinyard            Jeremy Michael                                 05-Jan-77
VinZant            Viola O. (Mrs. James H.)                       16-Apr-77
Vittetoe           J. Martin                                      26-Sep-77
Voegeli            John J.                                        10-May-77
Voeltz             Wilhelm A.                                     10-Dec-77
Vogt               J. Irl                                         03-May-77
Vogt               Mildred                                        18-Feb-77
Vogt               Sarah S. (Mrs. Herman)                         24-Jun-77
Vogts              Carl B.                                        02-Nov-77
Voightlander       Ernest Dewey                                   13-Jun-77
Voils              Della                                          24-Jul-77
Volek              Josephine Florence                             17-Nov-77
Volkmann           John Eric (Jack)                               14-May-77
Vollbracht         Adlai J.                                       16-Jul-77
Voran              Carl G.                                        19-Nov-77
Voran              Emma E. (Mrs. Lawrence I.)                     24-May-77
Voran              Kathleen J.                                    31-May-77
Vossloh            George Henry                                   16-Apr-77
Voth               Clara (Mrs. Rudolf)                            17-Aug-77
Voth               Herbert J.                                     05-Jun-77
Voth               John D.                                        14-May-77
Voth               Waldo O.                                       11-Apr-77
Voth               Walter A.                                      25-Apr-77
Vots               Paul L.                                        09-Jun-77
Vvogelgesang       Edith                                          31-May-77
Wacker             Marie L.                                       25-Jul-77
Waddell            Vera Irene (Mrs. Bill)                         19-Apr-77
Waddell            William L.                                     05-Nov-77
Waddington         Fannie E. (Mrs. Charles Verne)                 28-Dec-77
Waddle             Nellie May (Mrs. Paul)                         02-Dec-77
Wade               Edith K. (Mrs. Grover)                         25-Feb-77
Wade               Harry K.                                       30-Mar-77
Wade               Ora                                            25-Aug-77
Wade               Ruth M. (Mrs. Edward E.)                       07-Oct-77
Wade               Ruth M. (Mrs. Edward E.)                       08-Oct-77
Wadel              Floyd M.                                       02-Mar-77
Wadleigh           Robert C.                                      15-Apr-77
Wadley             Goldie E. (Mrs. Robert)                        03-Nov-77
Wadley             Goldie E. (Mrs. Robert)                        03-Nov-77
Wadley             Hubert C.                                      30-Oct-77
Wages              Gertrude (Mrs. Phillip)                        06-May-77
Waggoner           Ralph                                          01-Aug-77
Waggoner           Ruby L. (Mrs. John)                            21-Apr-77
Waggoner           Zola M. (Mrs Vernon J.)                        04-May-77
Wagner             Dorothy M. (Mrs. Robert)                       01-Feb-77
Wagner             Olmar Roscoe                                   07-Aug-77
Wagner             Philip J.                                      24-Oct-77
Wagner             S. Frances (Mrs. Harry J.)                     24-Jul-77
Wagoner            William L.                                     13-Nov-77
Wahl               Albert                                         15-Oct-77
Wahlbeck           Florence Ada (Mrs. John)                       25-Jul-77
Wails              Ed H. (Lefty)                                  14-May-77
Wails              Ed H. (Lefty)                                  15-May-77
Waite              Vernon R. (Bob)                                26-Jul-77
Waite              Vernon R. (Bob)                                27-Jul-77
Waits              Alicia G. (Mrs. John W.)                       29-Apr-77
Wakefield          Leta Marie (Mrs. Charles F.)                   22-Aug-77
Walcher            Carl I.                                        11-Mar-77
Walcher            Holly Christine                                22-May-77
Walcher            Orville John Henry                             11-Feb-77
Walker             Ada U.                                         17-Oct-77
Walker             Alice L. (Mrs. W. L.)                          21-Nov-77
Walker             Alice L. (Mrs. W. L.)                          22-Nov-77
Walker             Clara Ellen (Mrs. Ladobie)                     21-Mar-77
Walker             Clara Ellen (Mrs. Ladobie)                     22-Mar-77
Walker             Cloye O. (Blackie)                             19-Oct-77
Walker             Erin Ann                                       16-Dec-77
Walker             Ethel Houston                                  17-Feb-77
Walker             Eualia O.                                      19-May-77
Walker             Flossie S.                                     22-Aug-77
Walker             George E.                                      10-Jun-77
Walker             James A.                                       15-Sep-77
Walker             James Oliver                                   09-Aug-77
Walker             John H. (Doc)                                  27-Oct-77
Walker             Mamie G. (Mrs. Joe)                            31-Oct-77
Walker             Mary Helen                                     25-Apr-77
Walker             Mary Hellen                                    24-Apr-77
Walker             May (Mrs. Jacob)                               21-Mar-77
Walker             Mayben G. (Mrs. D. Arthur)                     19-Aug-77
Walker             Russell T.                                     13-Nov-77
Walker             Starnes E. (Dr.)                               30-Jun-77
Walker             Ulysses R.                                     10-Mar-77
Walker             Johnny M.                                      17-Jul-77
Walker             Logan                                          25-Jul-77
Wallace            Edith May                                      26-Aug-77
Wallace            Edward William                                 14-Sep-77
Wallace            Jesse DeWitt                                   23-Dec-77
Wallace            Lee M.                                         26-Jul-77
Wallace            Lillian F. (Mrs. James)                        07-Sep-77
Wallace            Neil B.                                        08-Aug-77
Wallace            William                                        25-Jan-77
Waller             Iva Elvira (Mrs. James T.)                     20-Feb-77
Walling            Earl D.                                        03-Dec-77
Wallingford        Nelesene (Mrs. Ralph W.)                       06-Mar-77
Waln               Preston A.                                     25-May-77
Walpole            Hazel (Mrs. Williard F.)                       19-Dec-77
Walser             Roy E.                                         09-May-77
Walter             A. Jeanette                                    29-Jun-77
Walter             Penny Lou (Mrs. Robert G.)                     29-Nov-77
Walters            Emma (Mrs. Elmaer)                             06-Dec-77
Walters            Ershel Elmer                                   24-Feb-77
Walters            Fidelis A.                                     18-Aug-77
Walters            Floyd E.                                       07-May-77
Walters            Fred J.                                        23-Dec-77
Walters            Fred W.                                        19-Mar-77
Walters            Mae A. (Mrs. Harry)                            27-Nov-77
Walters            Mary Irene (Mrs. George)                       13-Oct-77
Walters            William Arthur                                 12-Mar-77
Walters            William Arthur                                 14-Mar-77
Walters            Willie A.                                      11-May-77
Waltman            Elza P.                                        17-Dec-77
Waltner            Otto J.                                        21-Aug-77
Walton             Ida Bishop                                     26-Jun-77
Walton             Mary E. (Mrs. Milton)                          05-Jul-77
Walworth           Eleanor (Mrs. Sidney)                          25-Jun-77
Wamhoff            Ernest J.                                      02-Aug-77
Wampler            Ralph S.                                       12-Apr-77
Wann               Evert W.                                       27-Aug-77
Ward               Anna R. (Mrs. Lester G.)                       07-May-77
Ward               Carolyn Dianne (Mrs. Bob)                      27-Apr-77
Ward               Cleo (Mrs. Eugele E.)                          06-Sep-77
Ward               Emma J. (Mrs. Adam)                            12-Jun-77
Ward               Ida E. (Mrs. Walter)                           17-Dec-77
Ward               Laura A. (Mrs. Alonzo)                         07-Oct-77
Ward               Laura A. (Mrs. Alonzo)                         09-Oct-77
Ward               Mary Jane (Mrs. Ulys)                          28-Apr-77
Ward               Paul M.                                        20-Sep-77
Ward               Shirley E. (Mrs. George A.)                    17-Feb-77
Warden             Marie (Mrs. Ernest A.)                         25-Aug-77
Ware               Donald E.                                      10-Dec-77
Ware               Eva (Mrs. Charles)                             08-Oct-77
Ware               Frank E.                                       14-Feb-77
Wares              Carmen (Mrs. Harold)                           18-Jan-77
Warhurst           Emma G. (Mrs. Roy)                             27-Sep-77
Warkentin          Alvin A.                                       08-Nov-77
Warner             Bessie L.                                      07-Feb-77
Warner             Clair L.                                       24-Apr-77
Warner             Gerald B.                                      14-Mar-77
Warner             Henry B.                                       12-Sep-77
Warner             Mardelle S. (Mrs.)                             21-May-77
Warner             Merle C.                                       10-Aug-77
Warner             Purce E. (Pop)                                 08-Apr-77
Warnock            Clara E.                                       14-Jun-77
Warren             Ada  (Mrs. James)                              24-Jan-77
Warren             Charles L.                                     10-Apr-77
Warren             Charles W.                                     28-Aug-77
Warren             Claude W. (Jr.)                                16-Oct-77
Warren             Earl                                           10-Jan-77
Warren             Jack                                           27-Nov-77
Warren             Jay                                            08-Sep-77
Warren             Lawrence A.                                    01-Jan-77
Warren             Lillie E.                                      12-Aug-77
Warren             Norma Jean (Mrs. Robert William)               21-Sep-77
Warren             Theodore R.                                    12-Mar-77
Warren             Wilda (Mrs. George)                            12-Dec-77
Washburn           Larry A.                                       17-Feb-77
Washburn           Zelpha (Mrs. Lloyd A. Sr.)                     09-Oct-77
Washington         Peola (Mrs. Huey)                              04-Nov-77
Wassam             Frances (Mrs. Christy)                         01-Oct-77
Wasson             Erma (Mrs. Ray)                                22-Nov-77
Watchcoske         Edward William                                 02-Jan-77
Waterfield         Howard E.                                      06-Oct-77
Waters             Ida Theresa (Mrs. Archie)                      06-Nov-77
Waters             Mabel L. (Mrs. Oran)                           29-Apr-77
Watkins            America H.                                     14-Oct-77
Watkins            Daniel W.                                      20-Oct-77
Watkins            Ed M.                                          04-Nov-77
Watkins            Tone                                           17-Sep-77
Watkins            Tone                                           17-Sep-77
Watkins            Vera L. (Mrs. Arnie)                           21-Aug-77
Watkins            Viola May (Mrs. Roger W.)                      14-Oct-77
Watkins            Walter S.                                      29-Oct-77
Watson             Bessie Marie Christy (Mrs.)                    03-Jul-77
Watson             Bessie Marie Christy (Mrs.)                    06-Jul-77
Watson             Dawn Ann (Mrs. Rodney E.)                      12-Sep-77
Watson             Dawn Ann (Mrs. Rodney E.)                      13-Sep-77
Watson             Henry E.                                       17-Oct-77
Watson             Joseph C.                                      20-Nov-77
Watson             Juanita A. (Mrs. John L.)                      16-Apr-77
Watson             Orville Wayne                                  20-Dec-77
Watson             Orville Wayne                                  21-Dec-77
Watson             Roy M.                                         27-Sep-77
Watson             William J.                                     16-Feb-77
Waugh              Roy E.                                         23-Nov-77
Way                Robert John                                    22-Mar-77
Way                Viola Belle (Mrs. Seth)                        03-May-77
Wayman             Clyde                                          15-Dec-77
Wear               Ira M.                                         12-Aug-77
Weathers           Harold H.                                      14-Dec-77
Weathers           Percy A.                                       13-Mar-77
Weaver             Charles Elmer                                  24-Aug-77
Weaver             Juanita (Jackie) M. (Mrs.)                     23-Jul-77
Weaver             Lee                                            29-Oct-77
Weaver             Lester Samuel                                  03-Sep-77
Weaver             Maxine                                         17-Jun-77
Webb               David G.                                       11-Jun-77
Webb               Ivan Verle                                     18-Nov-77
Webb               Luella (Mrs. Calvin)                           18-Nov-77
Webb               Minnie E. (Mrs. Elvest L.)                     05-Mar-77
Webber             Donald R.                                      06-Feb-77
Webber             Zelma M. (Mrs. Leonard)                        26-Jun-77
Weber              Eva (Mrs. Leo)                                 21-Sep-77
Weber              Hedwig (Mrs. Fred)                             27-Feb-77
Weber              Homer Roy                                      16-Apr-77
Weber              Otto                                           28-Nov-77
Weber              Raymon                                         14-Jun-77
Weber              Ross L. (Sr.)                                  08-Feb-77
Webster            Alyce Ruth (Mrs. C.V.)                         18-Aug-77
Webster            Bonnie J. (Mrs. James P.)                      08-Jun-77
Webster            Floyd (Scorpion)                               07-May-77
Webster            Norman Otto                                    12-Sep-77
Wedel              Alfred J. (King)                               07-Jun-77
Wedel              Anna (Mrs. Frank P.)                           08-Dec-77
Wedel              Christ P.                                      05-Dec-77
Wedelin            Bess Catherine (Mrs. George)                   14-Mar-77
Wedemeyer          Emma (Mrs. William)                            10-Feb-77
Wedman             Darlena Kay                                    18-Jan-77
Weeks              Alma W.                                        05-Jul-77
Wegele             Henry                                          17-Nov-77
Wehner             Jane Gates                                     17-Nov-77
Weideman           Carrie E.                                      07-Oct-77
Weideman           Carrie E.                                      08-Oct-77
Weidner            Bert Theron                                    11-May-77
Weigant            William B.                                     24-Dec-77
Weiler             Mary Josephine                                 20-Jul-77
Weilert            Benigna (Sister)                               13-Jun-77
Weining            Dorothy Maxine (Mrs. Earl O.)                  26-Dec-77
Weinsteen          Robert H.                                      20-Nov-77
Welborn            Nancy Louise                                   21-May-77
Welch              Eliza Mae (Mrs. Luther)                        24-Jan-77
Welch              Eliza Mae (Mrs. Luther)                        27-Jan-77
Weldon             George W.                                      13-Nov-77
Welk               Justina (Mrs. William)                         12-Feb-77
Wellcome           Marvin Leroy (Sr.)                             25-Mar-77
Wells              A. E.                                          13-Jan-77
Wells              George D. (Sr.)                                09-Apr-77
Wells              Joseph                                         04-May-77
Wells              Lethaq Deborah                                 23-Jun-77
Wells              Norman E.                                      15-Dec-77
Wells              Ruth (Mrs. Guy E.)                             01-Oct-77
Wells              Wayne Lee                                      07-Dec-77
Wells              Wilma June                                     14-Jul-77
Wells              Wilma June (Mrs. Darrell)                      13-Jul-77
Welsh              Arthur Thomas                                  24-Oct-77
Welsh              Carl E.                                        11-Aug-77
Welsh              Emmet J.                                       21-Apr-77
Welton             John S.                                        19-Jan-77
Welty              James Lawrence                                 12-Oct-77
Welty              Quenton L.                                     30-Aug-77
Wemmer             Martha E. (Mrs. Shorty)                        22-Nov-77
Wendel             Frances B. (Mrs. Leo)                          10-Jul-77
Wendling           Mary (Mrs. Victor)                             27-Aug-77
Wentz              Steven D.                                      14-Jun-77
Werly              Carl J.                                        08-Mar-77
Werner             Leo John                                       11-Aug-77
Werner             Norbert A.                                     01-Nov-77
Werner             Paul J.                                        11-Feb-77
Wert               Chester C.                                     11-Apr-77
Wert               Winifred O. (Mrs. Chester C.)                  04-Feb-77
Werth              Anna (Mrs. Anastas)                            31-Aug-77
Werth              Philip                                         29-Apr-77
Werthington        Bert J.                                        08-Jun-77
Werthington        Pauline (Mrs. Fidelis)                         24-Jun-77
Wescott            Velma Pearl (Mrs. Charles E.)                  02-Jan-77
West               Cleo Walter                                    26-Mar-77
West               Craymon H.                                     19-Oct-77
West               Daisy E. (Mrs. Fernando)                       12-Jul-77
West               Frank C.                                       05-Apr-77
West               Harry Rodney                                   20-Nov-77
West               Ira O.                                         29-Sep-77
West               Leah (Mrs. Chester)                            15-Dec-77
West               Letha (Mrs. Coy)                               17-May-77
West               Lowell H.                                      04-Feb-77
West               Lula Bell (Mrs. Marion)                        09-Feb-77
West               Milo E.                                        08-Oct-77
West               Nelle May (Mrs. Frank G.)                      27-Apr-77
West               Ralph H.                                       03-Aug-77
West               Vivian E. Gott (Mrs. William H.)               06-Oct-77
West               Vlema F. (Mrs. Charles)                        18-Feb-77
West               William A. (Sr.)                               30-Nov-77
Westblade          Nellie B. (Mrs. Chester)                       14-Feb-77
Westcott           Frances A. (Mrs. Lyman)                        27-Mar-77
Westerhaus         Harry E.                                       05-Sep-77
Westerhaus         Harry E.                                       06-Sep-77
Westerman          Inez Roney (Mrs. John)                         11-May-77
Westermayer        Ruth Marie (Mrs. George J.)                    26-Jul-77
Westervelt         Thelma (Mrs. G. K.)                            24-Jul-77
Westman            Harriett (Mrs. Leland)                         22-Sep-77
Westoff            Barbara Irene                                  01-Dec-77
Weston             Carrie (Mrs. Charles J.)                       30-Oct-77
Weston             Duane K.                                       23-Oct-77
Weston             Glenn E.                                       04-Nov-77
Weston             Janie (Mrs. Duane)                             19-Aug-77
Wettstein          Wendell C.                                     07-May-77
Wetz               Herman Edward (Sr.)                            21-Feb-77
Wetzel             Donald L.                                      19-Jul-77
Weyrich            Eleanor                                        12-Aug-77
Whaley             Harry A.                                       08-Nov-77
Whaley             Marvin Edwin                                   20-May-77
Wheat              Delia (Mrs. Lee)                               07-Sep-77
Wheat              Jeremiah Patrick                               03-Jun-77
Wheat              Orin M.                                        22-Sep-77
Wheeler            Artie M. (Mrs. William)                        04-Sep-77
Wheeler            Daisy E. (Mrs. G. Dewey)                       16-Mar-77
Wheeler            Elmer Bud                                      06-Sep-77
Wheeler            Frank                                          27-Jul-77
Wheeler            Lloyd N.                                       14-Apr-77
Whelan             Frank E.                                       02-Jun-77
Whetstine          Dora (Mrs. Herbert)                            19-Dec-77
Whinery            Mary Alice (Mrs. Frank)                        07-Sep-77
Whipple            Kenneth Ernest                                 03-Sep-77
Whisenant          Bertha Mae (Mrs. George)                       02-Sep-77
Whitcraft          Bessie E. (Mrs. Ivan)                          20-Apr-77
White              Albert E.                                      07-Apr-77
White              Carole Jeanne (Mrs. Eugene)                    19-Jul-77
White              Charles Edward                                 18-Mar-77
White              Clayton S.                                     28-Mar-77
White              Eleanor (Mrs. M. E.)                           12-May-77
White              Eleanor A. (Mrs. Tommy)                        17-Jun-77
White              Ellen B. (Mrs. William)                        10-Sep-77
White              Emma (Mrs. Lee Roy)                            07-Mar-77
White              Fidelia A. (Mrs. Clarence)                     24-Dec-77
White              Georgia E. (Mrs. Howard)                       15-Oct-77
White              Grace Isabel                                   25-Oct-77
White              Harry D.                                       23-May-77
White              James F. (Shorty)                              07-Mar-77
White              James Travis                                   21-Jun-77
White              James W.                                       13-Jun-77
White              James W.                                       11-Aug-77
White              James William                                  14-Jun-77
White              John William                                   22-Nov-77
White              Marquise S.                                    18-Apr-77
White              Mima B. (Mrs. Charles)                         16-Apr-77
White              Orlie L.                                       27-Aug-77
White              Vada L. (Mrs.)                                 21-Mar-77
Whited             Ralph E.                                       11-Feb-77
Whitehead          Effie M.                                       27-Jun-77
Whitehead          Joseph LeRoy                                   29-Dec-77
Whites             Lionel D. (Whitey)                             18-Jun-77
Whitis             G. W. (Jack)                                   01-Jan-77
Whitlow            Daisy I. Bryant                                11-Jul-77
Whitman            Larry C.                                       08-Jan-77
Whitmore           Marshall Bradley                               21-Dec-77
Whitmore           Seth F.                                        27-Aug-77
Whitney            Charles Ralph                                  31-Dec-77
Whitney            Harold T. (Sr.)                                06-Oct-77
Whitney            Joseph Frank                                   02-May-77
Whitson            Jess G.                                        28-Oct-77
Whittaker          Galen G.                                       08-Dec-77
Whittaker          Galen G.                                       11-Dec-77
Whitted            Edith D.                                       27-Aug-77
Whitteker          Roy                                            17-Jul-77
Whitten            Randall A.                                     11-Sep-77
Whittington        Lyle M.                                        24-Feb-77
Whittle            Robert C.                                      04-Apr-77
Whittle            Rosa (Mrs. Glen)                               05-Oct-77
Whittle            William C.                                     22-Mar-77
Whitwell           Golda Lucille (Mrs. Harry C.)                  14-Oct-77
Whitworth          Earl Arnold                                    05-Sep-77
Whitworth          Frederick Leon                                 04-Nov-77
Whitworth          Guy A.                                         26-Feb-77
Whomans            H. Maude                                       29-Dec-77
Whomans            H. Maude                                       30-Dec-77
Whyde              Jack Stephen                                   28-Dec-77
Wickham            William Samuel                                 08-Apr-77
Widner             William Perry                                  19-Dec-77
Wiebe              Herbert E.                                     09-May-77
Wiebe              Peter K.                                       02-Aug-77
Wiebe              Vernon Lee                                     07-Jun-77
Wiebener           Veva L. (Mrs. Paul)                            22-Sep-77
Wiegel             Jewel R. (Mrs. Victor)                         21-Aug-77
Wieland            Lawrence J.                                    26-Oct-77
Wieland            William Keith                                  24-Feb-77
Wiemeyer           Andrew Wayne                                   23-Aug-77
Wier               Wesley Lawrence                                04-Feb-77
Wier               Wesley Lawrence                                05-Feb-77
Wiesner            Jane Marie                                     30-Jan-77
Wiesner            Josephine L. (Mrs. Leo G.)                     28-Jul-77
Wiesner            Richard F.                                     17-Apr-77
Wiggins            Stanley H.                                     17-Jun-77
Wiginton           Ricky D.                                       13-Dec-77
Wilcox             Albert I.                                      21-Sep-77
Wilcox             Clara (Mrs. Curry)                             15-Oct-77
Wilcox             Herebert L. (Sr.)                              01-Oct-77
Wilcox             Revelle (Mrs. John)                            20-Oct-77
Wilcox             William Morris                                 30-Aug-77
Wilderson          Fannie A. (Mrs. Bruce F.)                      04-Jun-77
Wildin             Katie E. (Mrs. Charlie)                        08-Oct-77
Wildin             Mildred (Mrs. John)                            28-Oct-77
Wiles              Homer John                                     25-Dec-77
Wiley              Earl E.                                        23-Nov-77
Wiley              Vivian Brink (Mrs. Elmer)                      21-Jul-77
Wilhelm            Seth Conway                                    12-Mar-77
Wilhem             Helen B. (Mrs. Fritz)                          17-Apr-77
Wilhems            Hannah (Mrs. Peter B.)                         19-Apr-77
Wilkins            Freeda Mae (Mrs. Webster B.)                   16-May-77
Wilkins            George                                         04-Jan-77
Wilkins            Jane A. (Mrs. C. Howard)                       21-Oct-77
Wilkinson          Day Gilbert                                    15-Jul-77
Wilkinson          Verle Ellis                                    13-Oct-77
Wilkinson          Verle Ellis (Mrs. Harry)                       12-Oct-77
Wilkison           Tommy L.                                       08-Nov-77
Willaby            Raymond W.                                     17-Jul-77
Willard            Don N.                                         15-Nov-77
Wille              Anthony                                        09-Feb-77
Wille              Carl N.                                        17-Nov-77
Willems            Abe T.                                         19-Apr-77
Willems            Kim Renee                                      08-Jun-77
Willett            Clifford R.                                    05-Mar-77
Willhite           Leon C.                                        08-Jun-77
Williams           Anna M. (Mrs. Harold R.)                       21-Oct-77
Williams           Augusta Claire (Mrs. William A.)               26-May-77
Williams           Beatrice (Mrs. Mack)                           09-Dec-77
Williams           Beatrice (Mrs. Mack)                           11-Dec-77
Williams           Bessie Mae (Mrs. Marshall)                     03-Sep-77
Williams           Charles Cleo                                   12-Oct-77
Williams           Clara A. (Mrs. Howard)                         18-Apr-77
Williams           Dorothy L. (Mrs. James)                        15-Apr-77
Williams           Earnest E.                                     24-Nov-77
Williams           Effie Estelle (Mrs. David)                     13-Mar-77
Williams           Freddie                                        13-Apr-77
Williams           Harry Bernard                                  28-Mar-77
Williams           Harry William                                  28-Mar-77
Williams           Hazel (Mrs.)                                   07-Nov-77
Williams           Hilma A.                                       29-Dec-77
Williams           Ida Belle (Mrs. Man C.)                        15-Aug-77
Williams           Isbelle L. (Mrs. Robert L.)                    07-Mar-77
Williams           James Kenneth                                  26-Apr-77
Williams           Jessie L. (Mrs. Hugh)                          17-Feb-77
Williams           Jewell                                         20-Mar-77
Williams           John Mance                                     04-Sep-77
Williams           John Mance                                     06-Sep-77
Williams           John Roscoe                                    17-Nov-77
Williams           Lula Mae                                       08-Oct-77
Williams           Mary E. (Mrs. Lester)                          26-Sep-77
Williams           Mary Ellen (Mrs. Samuel)                       13-Jul-77
Williams           Mary T.                                        23-Apr-77
Williams           Michael A.                                     29-Apr-77
Williams           Morris W.                                      16-Feb-77
Williams           O. R. (Pete)                                   27-Aug-77
Williams           Ortra A. V. (Mrs. Albert)                      12-Jun-77
Williams           Pearl (Mrs. Alfred Q.)                         13-Nov-77
Williams           Richard J.                                     24-Oct-77
Williams           Robert L.                                      25-Sep-77
Williams           Romeyn S. (Roe)                                04-Apr-77
Williams           William I.                                     15-Aug-77
Williams           Willie                                         18-Dec-77
Williams           Willie                                         21-Dec-77
Williamson          Elsie C. (Mrs. Gilbert)                       26-Feb-77
Williamson         Alma Marie (Mrs. W. E.)                        06-Nov-77
Williamson         Connie Sue (Mrs. Roy)                          24-Mar-77
Williamson         Daniel E.                                      03-Dec-77
Williamson         Elizabeth                                      18-Sep-77
Williamson         Elizabeth (Beth)                               18-Sep-77
Williamson         Everett O.                                     21-Jul-77
Williamson         Frank E.                                       06-Feb-77
Williamson         Lee                                            05-Feb-77
Williamson         M. V. (Bub)                                    26-May-77
Willis             George G.                                      17-Jun-77
Willis             L. E.                                          08-Jul-77
Willis             Theadmer L.                                    01-Jul-77
Willner            Pearl M.                                       05-Jun-77
Willoughby         Emma F. (Mrs. Andrew)                          17-Jun-77
Willson            Thomas A.                                      26-Aug-77
Willson            Zepha Lea (Mrs. Walter S.)                     08-Apr-77
Wilson              Wesley Theron                                 03-Jan-77
Wilson             Bert G.                                        19-Apr-77
Wilson             Chester Hugh                                   02-Feb-77
Wilson             Clayton M.                                     21-May-77
Wilson             Constant                                       22-Mar-77
Wilson             Dale                                           12-Mar-77
Wilson             Dora A. (Mrs. Andrew)                          23-Sep-77
Wilson             Doyle V.                                       05-Dec-77
Wilson             Earl A.                                        01-Apr-77
Wilson             Elby W.                                        24-Jun-77
Wilson             Erma F. (Mrs. Blake)                           30-Mar-77
Wilson             Evelyn (Mrs. W. L.)                            11-Jul-77
Wilson             Fred Theodore                                  12-Aug-77
Wilson             Gengell E.                                     16-Jul-77
Wilson             Gertrude V. (Mrs. Earl)                        29-Aug-77
Wilson             Glenn A.                                       23-Feb-77
Wilson             Grover C.                                      21-Jul-77
Wilson             Harper H.                                      16-Nov-77
Wilson             Harvey W.                                      30-Oct-77
Wilson             Howard Louis                                   11-Oct-77
Wilson             Iva Jane Porter                                20-Oct-77
Wilson             J. Herb                                        07-May-77
Wilson             Jennie May (Mrs. Floyd)                        14-Sep-77
Wilson             LeDeen G. (Mrs. William O.)                    05-Feb-77
Wilson             Leona M. (Mrs. Edwin O.)                       06-Feb-77
Wilson             Lew (Buss)                                     28-Apr-77
Wilson             Maria Louisa (Mrs. Dennis E.)                  04-May-77
Wilson             Marjorie A. (Mrs.)                             05-Apr-77
Wilson             Nora Ellen (Mrs. Benjamin)                     19-Dec-77
Wilson             R. F. (Rob)                                    13-Nov-77
Wilson             Rachel (Mrs. Thomas)                           25-Jul-77
Wilson             Robert H.                                      21-Apr-77
Wilson             Sophia E. (Mrs. Samuel)                        24-Jan-77
Wilson             Stella Ann                                     29-Jul-77
Wilson             Wayman                                         27-Nov-77
Wilson             Wesley Theron                                  04-Jan-77
Wilson             Willard H. (Jr.)                               25-Feb-77
Wilson             Olive E. (Mrs. Roy)                            07-Mar-77
Wilsoon            William Albert                                 08-Jun-77
Wimmer             Deloris (Mrs. Bill)                            11-Oct-77
Winder             Helen (Mrs. Jack Gildor)                       03-May-77
Winderlin          John J.                                        20-Mar-77
Winderlin          John J.                                        21-Mar-77
Winders            Minnie M. (Mrs. Ira)                           17-Jan-77
Windholz           Helen Marie (Mrs. Hilary)                      02-Sep-77
Wine               Walter                                         16-Jun-77
Wine               William D. (Bill)                              16-Oct-77
Winebrenner        Nellamay (Mrs. Lewis R.)                       16-Sep-77
Winegarner         Kenneth L.                                     22-Nov-77
Winfrey            Patricia Ruth (Mrs. Darry L.)                  04-Jan-77
Wing               Bertha (Mrs. Joe)                              16-Oct-77
Wing               Mary O. (Mrs. Monroe)                          27-Mar-77
Wingert            Lois (Mrs. Harold)                             20-Apr-77
Wingert            Minerva C.                                     11-May-77
Wingrove           Hazel B. (Mrs. John F.)                        20-Dec-77
Winkleman          Neva E. (Mrs. Arthur C.)                       21-Nov-77
Winklepleck        Tracy L.                                       23-Nov-77
Winkler            Grace (Mrs. Ervin)                             06-Jan-77
Winkler            Kenneth J.                                     03-Jun-77
Winn               Cora May (Mrs. William)                        13-May-77
Winston            Jimmy D.                                       27-Apr-77
Winterburg         Don Edward (Lt. Col.)                          01-Feb-77
Winters            Frankie                                        05-Nov-77
Winters            George H. (Red)                                18-Jun-77
Winters            Lawrence G.                                    28-Apr-77
Winters            Ruby M. (Mrs. Ted)                             10-Jun-77
Wintjen            Sarah Elizabeth (Mrs. Pearl)                   07-Jun-77
Wirtz              Daniel L.                                      11-Dec-77
Wisby              Dale Reno                                      03-Apr-77
Wisdom             Carl Thomas                                    17-Oct-77
Wisdom             Carl Thomas                                    18-Oct-77
Wisely             Sarah Elizabeth                                12-Nov-77
Witham             Thomas A.                                      27-Sep-77
Withers            Floyd Marvin (Jr.)                             11-Apr-77
Witner             Sherman L.                                     07-May-77
Witt               Claude L.                                      26-Mar-77
Witt               Gertrude (Mrs. Henry C.)                       15-Jan-77
Witte              Faye (Mrs. James)                              12-Apr-77
Witte              Ida (Mrs. Edward)                              12-Nov-77
Witts              Nell (Mrs. Charles)                            05-Aug-77
Wix                Marie A. (Mrs. Charles)                        15-Sep-77
Woelk              Alvin S.                                       27-Dec-77
Woelk              Conrad H.                                      04-Dec-77
Wofersberger       Clarence (Morris)                              11-May-77
Wofford            James E.                                       28-Aug-77
Wohlgemuth         Abe R.                                         03-Mar-77
Wolf               Catherine A.                                   09-Jul-77
Wolf               Catherine A.                                   09-Jul-77
Wolf               Catherine A.                                   10-Jul-77
Wolf               Ethel M. (Mrs. Lyell)                          03-Jul-77
Wolf               Fred S.                                        27-May-77
Wolf               Ora                                            24-Jun-77
Wolf               Walter F.                                      12-Nov-77
Wolfe              Anna Christine (Mrs. Clarence)                 12-Jun-77
Wolfe              Gladys (Mrs. Clarence)                         29-Sep-77
Wolfe              Tabitha Helmick                                13-Nov-77
Wolfe              Edward                                         03-Mar-77
Wolff              Mildred Pauline (Mrs. Jack F.)                 30-Oct-77
Wolff              Mildred Pauline (Mrs. Jack F.)                 31-Oct-77
Wolford            Ralph Max                                      14-May-77
Wolgamott          Ellie J. (Mrs. Odon)                           27-Jan-77
Wolke              Alvina E. (Mrs. Paul)                          30-Apr-77
Wolking            Robert Carl                                    12-Jul-77
Wolkom             James R.                                       13-Nov-77
Wollner            Pearl M.                                       06-Jun-77
Womac              Regina A. (Mrs. Ralph)                         30-Dec-77
Womack             Hallie G. (Mrs. Harley B.)                     11-Feb-77
Womack             Leucreita Ann (Mrs. Ben)                       10-Dec-77
Womer              Joyce R. (Mrs. Randle W.)                      06-Mar-77
Woner              Leland                                         31-Oct-77
Wood               Aileen D.                                      27-Jun-77
Wood               Aileen D.                                      28-Jun-77
Wood               Alvina Ricker (Mrs. William)                   26-Jul-77
Wood               Amos Wilmer                                    12-Mar-77
Wood               Ernest Clifton                                 17-Oct-77
Wood               Eula M. (Mrs. Ancil)                           20-Sep-77
Wood               Gail V. (Mrs. Emmett)                          02-Oct-77
Wood               Grace (Mrs. Frank)                             18-Mar-77
Wood               J. Earl                                        03-Aug-77
Wood               Leone Emma Powell (Mrs. Ernest C.)             06-Dec-77
Wood               Mark A.                                        01-May-77
Wood               Mary M. (Mrs. Robert)                          18-Apr-77
Wood               Ross M. (Rev.)                                 06-Jun-77
Wood               Walter M.                                      12-Mar-77
Woodall            Lester V.                                      28-Oct-77
Woodall            Nikki Renee                                    06-Nov-77
Woodard            Alva R.                                        26-Feb-77
Woodard            Arla Ruth (Mrs. Kenneth)                       04-Jul-77
Woodard            Edward E. (Chuck)                              30-Mar-77
Woodard            Tressie (Mrs. Lafayette)                       27-Dec-77
Woodcock           Edith J. (Mrs. Willis)                         28-Dec-77
Woodford           John                                           09-Sep-77
Woodman            Clyde E.                                       28-Jun-77
Woods              Edwin T.                                       30-May-77
Woods              Mammie Merle (Mrs. W. R.)                      29-Jan-77
Woods              R. A.                                          15-Feb-77
Woods              Vera E. (Mrs. Ralph)                           08-Feb-77
Woods              Verna Ellen (Mrs. Harry D.)                    08-Sep-77
Woods              William Perry                                  27-May-77
Woodward           Ava L. (Mrs. Jerald)                           06-May-77
Woodward           Bonnie (Mrs. Clio)                             31-Jul-77
Woodward           Charlene (Mrs. Virgil E.)                      28-Mar-77
Woodward           Erma                                           05-Apr-77
Woodward           Farris S.                                      01-Jul-77
Woodward           Homer R.                                       08-Feb-77
Woodward           John W.                                        17-Feb-77
Woodward           Margaret (Mrs. William)                        27-Mar-77
Woodward           Richard (Woody)                                12-Apr-77
Woodworth          William G.                                     29-Apr-77
Woody              Vivian R.                                      31-Dec-77
Wooldridge         Joel B.                                        18-Aug-77
Wooley             Lula M. (Mrs. Lester M.)                       28-Nov-77
Woollens           William Wesley                                 01-Aug-77
Woolley            Daniel W.                                      27-Mar-77
Woosley            George E.                                      03-Jun-77
Wooster            Stacey Lynn                                    07-Oct-77
Wooten             Synthia Nancy (Mrs. Bradely)                   24-Feb-77
Wooten             Thomas Henry                                   30-Dec-77
Worden             Wilma Janetta (Mrs. John)                      09-Jul-77
Worf               Leslie E.                                      03-Aug-77
Worford            Bonny E.                                       10-Dec-77
Workman            Esther                                         01-Jun-77
Workman            Glenn E.                                       29-May-77
Workman            Myrtle N.                                      31-May-77
Worley             Iva Belle (Mrs. Richard D.)                    15-Jul-77
Worley             Mary (Mrs. Roy)                                24-Nov-77
Worman             Frankie Jean (Mrs. Charles)                    12-Apr-77
Wortmann           Elizabeth M.                                   16-Aug-77
Worton             Douglas Allen                                  26-Nov-77
Wray               Glenn T.                                       07-Jun-77
Wray               Glenn Thomas                                   06-Jun-77
Wray               William W.                                     13-May-77
Wray               William W.                                     14-May-77
Wrench             Otis                                           07-Jun-77
Wrench             Otis                                           08-Jun-77
Wright             Ada E. (Mrs. Ottis)                            22-Jul-77
Wright             Charles Edward                                 20-Dec-77
Wright             Charles R.                                     26-Aug-77
Wright             Earnest A.                                     05-Dec-77
Wright             Eileen (Mrs. Charles)                          02-Oct-77
Wright             Elizabeth (Mrs. Earl)                          14-Mar-77
Wright             Frank C.                                       27-May-77
Wright             Frank E.                                       19-Mar-77
Wright             Glenn T.                                       17-Oct-77
Wright             Jay K.                                         13-May-77
Wright             John Harold                                    20-Feb-77
Wright             John Irvan                                     19-Jul-77
Wright             Louie Ellen (Mrs. James)                       08-Mar-77
Wright             Nancy Merl                                     08-May-77
Wright             Stephen S.                                     18-May-77
Wright             William H.                                     10-Apr-77
Wrightsman         Kenneth Wayne                                  05-Jan-77
Wulf               Carl H. (Sr.)                                  23-Mar-77
Wunder             Flossie (Mrs. Julius)                          10-Mar-77
Wunderlich         Emma A. (Mrs. Carl William)                    03-Jan-77
Wunsch             Margaret L. (Mrs. Benjamin)                    16-Nov-77
Wurtele            Pearl L. (Mrs. Paul)                           04-Apr-77
Wuthrich           George E.                                      24-Jan-77
Wyatt              Dallas William                                 21-Oct-77
Wyatt              Joan Kay (Mrs.)                                21-Jun-77
Wyatt              Stella W. (Mrs. David)                         19-Oct-77
Wyatt              Zenna J. (Mrs. Oliver)                         13-Jan-77
Wyer               Josephine (Mrs. William)                       14-Jan-77
Wylie              Edith                                          09-Mar-77
Wymore             Marvin C.                                      13-Oct-77
Wynn               Arthur A. (Jr.)                                24-Jun-77
Wynn               Byron Fair                                     16-Aug-77
Wynn               Lula J.                                        29-Oct-77
Wyrick             Mary Bethel (Mrs. Albert)                      22-Dec-77
Wysong             Edwin V.                                       29-Sep-77
Yager              Harold A.                                      11-Dec-77
Yakle              Ruth (Mrs. Clyde)                              30-Oct-77
Yancey             Mary E. (Mrs. Lyle K.)                         20-Aug-77
Yanda              Minnie M.                                      21-Jul-77
Yankie             Mary Anna (Mrs. James E.)                      26-Sep-77
Yaple              Claude N.                                      03-May-77
Yarbrough          Lucy Mae                                       05-Nov-77
Yarbrough          Lucy Mae                                       06-Nov-77
Yardley            Lottie Pearl (Mrs. Roy)                        17-Apr-77
Yarnell            Mary E. (Mrs.)                                 26-Jan-77
Yasbec             Ruth A. (Mrs. John A.)                         25-May-77
Yasbec             Ruth A. (Mrs. John A.)                         26-May-77
Yates              Alfreda Inez (Mrs. Alfred F.)                  19-Nov-77
Yates              John H.                                        06-Jun-77
Yates              Pearl (Mrs. Leo)                               09-Jun-77
Yauck              Mollie (Mrs. Alex)                             07-Dec-77
Yazel              Mark M.                                        08-Aug-77
Yearout            Maud M. (Mrs.)                                 28-Dec-77
Yelley             Mabel R. (Mrs.)                                08-Feb-77
Yenawine           LaDonna P. (Mrs.)                              07-Jun-77
Yingling           C. E. (Ed)                                     01-Aug-77
Yoakum             Jay Allen                                      03-May-77
Yoder              Helen June (Mrs. Howard W.)                    10-Sep-77
Yoder              Mary A. (Mrs. Martin)                          27-Sep-77
Yoder              Nathan Allen                                   08-Oct-77
Yohn               Walter A.                                      28-Apr-77
Yohon              John A. (Bud)                                  12-Jul-77
York               Althea M. (Mrs. John T.)                       24-May-77
York               Edna (Mrs. Jess)                               15-Mar-77
York               Erma (Mrs. Wilford)                            17-Mar-77
York               William J.                                     16-Jun-77
Young              Banjamin F. (Ben)                              09-Jun-77
Young              C. W. (Chuck)                                  02-Mar-77
Young              Carl W.                                        17-Apr-77
Young              Charles R.                                     20-May-77
Young              Charles Thomas (Sgt.)                          07-Sep-77
Young              Clarence T.                                    04-Nov-77
Young              Cyrus A.                                       02-Nov-77
Young              Gertrude M. (Mrs. Raymond)                     05-Aug-77
Young              Goldie L.                                      15-Sep-77
Young              Jerry Wayne (Jr.)                              06-May-77
Young              Jessica Lynne                                  01-Aug-77
Young              Marjorie M. (Mrs. Frank)                       17-Jul-77
Young              Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Claude)                   11-Feb-77
Young              Ralph McKinley                                 03-Jul-77
Young              Robert L.                                      06-Dec-77
Young              Sarah Belle (Mrs. Joe)                         07-Oct-77
Young              Senia B.                                       06-Apr-77
Young              Thomas R.                                      14-Jul-77
Young              William G.                                     30-Dec-77
Youngberg          Hilda Elizabeth (Mrs. Anthon)                  27-Sep-77
Youngblood         R. O. (O'Di)                                   23-Feb-77
Youngquist         Harvey V.                                      20-Mar-77
Yount              Bernice (Mrs. Wayne)                           19-May-77
Youse              Clarence C.                                    29-Apr-77
Yowell             Bertha E. (Mrs. Carl L.)                       10-Oct-77
Yungmeyer          Freda V. (Mrs. Oscar)                          30-Apr-77
Yust               Frances (Mrs. Laurin)                          08-Dec-77
Zacker             Sara (Mrs. Sol)                                16-Feb-77
Zahnter            Madeline (Mrs. Bill)                           11-Dec-77
Zandler            Joseph H.                                      12-Sep-77
Zehr               Troy C.                                        27-Jan-77
Zehr               Troy C.                                        28-Jan-77
Zelinkoff          Harold A.                                      01-Aug-77
Zelinkoff          Harold A.                                      02-Aug-77
Zeller             Lena A. (Mrs. Joseph)                          18-Aug-77
Zibulka            Edward J.                                      11-Dec-77
Ziegler            Bernice W. (Mrs. Donald L.)                    01-Oct-77
Ziegler            Marvin O.                                      30-Sep-77
Zieman             Rose (Mrs. Albert)                             15-Oct-77
Zimmerman          George E.                                      02-Jun-77
Zimmerman          Gordon                                         13-Jan-77
Zimmerman          Henry                                          22-May-77
Zimmerman          Levi E.                                        12-Mar-77
Zimmerman          Levi E.                                        13-Mar-77
Zimmerman          Tillie                                         22-Apr-77
Zimmermann         Ola L. (Mrs. Herman)                           18-May-77
Zinn               Fred Alonzo                                    05-Mar-77
Zollinger          Ernest                                         10-Feb-77
Zongker            Edward J.                                      29-Mar-77
Zook               Anette (Mrs. Theordore H.)                     16-Nov-77
Zook               Truman L.                                      04-Jun-77
Zorn               Douglas James                                  29-Apr-77
Zuercher           Ida (Mrs. Arnold)                              28-Feb-77
Zuercher           Thelma A. (Mrs. Peter H.)                      14-Apr-77
Zumalt             James E.                                       10-Jul-77
Zurfluh            Lena J. (Mrs. Adolph)                          11-Feb-77
Zurmely            Donald H.                                      16-Jul-77
Zvolanek           Frank                                          28-Oct-77
Zwick              Brenda Kay                                     04-Jan-77


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