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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of scrapbooks in their library that contain obituaries cut from The Wichita Eagle and Beacon. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks. If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $3.00 (US Dollars only) for each name and we will abstract the information for you. Mail the name of the person you wish the information on, the year, the date (if given) and the page number it appears on (if given) to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. Please include your e-mail address if you have one.


Index of Wichita Eagle/Beacon Obituaries

January through June 1961

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Page Three

Oakes		Fred H. 			23-Feb-61
O'Brien		Carrella May 			21-Mar-61
O'Brien		Carrella May (Mrs.)		21-Mar-61
O'Conner	Edith B. (Mrs.)			13-Apr-61
O'Dell		Ernest				25-Jun-61
O'Dell		Martin H.			10-Apr-61
O'Dell		Martin H.			13-Apr-61
O'Dell		Thomas W. (Mrs.)		20-May-61
Oder		Earl E.				25-Mar-61
Oder		Earl E.				25-Mar-61
Oder		Earl E.				26-Mar-61
Offill		L. S.				27-May-61
Offill		L. S.				28-May-61
Ogden		Emma May (Mrs.)			21-May-61
O'Hearn		Merville E.			22-Jun-61
O'Hearn		Merville E.			23-Jun-61
O'Hearn		Merville Edward			20-Jun-61
O'Hearn		Merville Edward			21-Jun-61
Olden		Eva Mae (Mrs.)			14-Jun-61
Olds		Elizabeth (Mrs.)		17-Mar-61
Oliver		Lois (Mrs.)			24-Jan-61
Olson		Roscoe				03-Jan-61
O'Neal		Willie H.			01-May-61
O'Neal		Willie Hobart			03-May-61
O'Neal		Willie Hobart			04-May-61
O'Neil		Jasper M.			29-Jan-61
Orindgreff	John W.				18-Apr-61
Orindgreff	Nellie M.			01-Apr-61
Orlow		Anton				30-Jun-61
Orlow		Anton				30-Jun-61
Osborn		Susan (Mrs.)			13-Jan-61
Oswald		Beverly Ann (Mrs.)		09-May-61
Oswald		Carl				30-Mar-61
Oswald		Carl				30-Mar-61
O'Trimble	Wayne				11-Jun-61
Ott		Elizabeth (Mrs.)		20-Jun-61
Overman		Fannie G.			08-Jan-61
Overman		Fannie Q. (Mrs.)		06-Jan-61
Owens		Claude E.			01-May-61
Owens		Claude E. (Jr.)			04-May-61
Page		Louis N.			24-Apr-61
Page		Louis N.			25-Apr-61
Palmer		B. J. (Dr.)			28-May-61
Palmer		Louie L.			17-Apr-61
Pannell		Frances Kay (Mrs.)		29-Apr-61
Papees		Patricia			08-Feb-61
Papen		Geneve (Mrs.)			13-May-61
Papen		Geneve (Mrs.)			15-May-61
Papes		J. L.				15-Feb-61
Parish		Theodore			11-Feb-61
Parish		Theodore			12-Feb-61
Parker		Earl Prescott			26-Feb-61
Parker		Ernest Frederick		03-Jan-61
Parker		W. W.				25-Feb-61
Parker		William Ross			04-Jun-61
Parker		William Ross			04-Jun-61
Parker		William Ross			05-Jun-61
Parrott		Ellen M. (Mrs.)			09-May-61
Parrott		Ellen Mary (Mrs.)		07-May-61
Parsons		George W.			06-Jun-61
Parsons		George W.			06-Jun-61
Parsons		William Albert			15-Apr-61
Patrick		Anna				29-Apr-61
Patterson	T. C.				04-Feb-61
Payne		Cassius C.			01-Apr-61
Pearsall	Preston F.			30-Jun-61
Pearsall	Preston F.			30-Jun-61
Pedrolie	Ellen (Mrs.)			22-Feb-61
Peel		Peaarl (Mrs.)			06-Apr-61
Pennington	Ina Cleo			11-Jun-61
Pennington	Ina Cleo (Mrs.)			11-Jun-61
Pennington	Susan				03-Apr-61
Penrose		W. E. (Pinky)			31-Jan-61
Perry		Julia Ann			11-Apr-61
Peters		Lois (Miss)			30-Mar-61
Peterson	Joseph A.			28-Feb-61
Peterson	Albertine Earnestine		15-Jun-61
Peterson	Charles Carl			20-Apr-61
Peterson	Emeline (Mrs.)			14-Jun-61
Pettis		A. L. (Mrs.)			09-Apr-61
Pexton		L. M. (Mrs.)			19-Jan-61
Phelps		Robert L. (Nellie) (Mrs.)	05-Mar-61
Phillips	A. M.				20-May-61
Phillips	Edith (Miss)			05-Apr-61
Phillips	Opal M.				19-Jun-61
Phillips	Opal M. (Mrs.)			20-Jun-61
Phillips	Opal Maynard (Mrs.)		19-Jun-61
Phipps		Alpha R. (Mrs.)			15-Jan-61
Pickerill	Vivian Beryle (Mrs.)		10-Jan-61
Pickett		Sarah Lavenia (Mrs.)		16-Jun-61
Pierce		Charles K.			15-Apr-61
Pierce		Charles K.			18-Apr-61
Piercefield	Fred C.				21-Jun-61
Piercy		Mable McCloud (Mrs.)		04-Feb-61
Pierpoint	Jeffrey Scott			21-Apr-61
Pierson		Flora (Mrs.)			17-Jun-61
Piper		William L.			24-Feb-61
Pipier		Blanche (Mrs.)			29-Mar-61
Pipkin		Ethel L. (Mrs.)			29-Jan-61
Pizinger	Anna C. (Mrs.)			26-Mar-61
Pizinger	Anna C. (Mrs.)			26-Mar-61
Pizinger	Anna C. (Mrs.)			27-Mar-61
Plant		Ruth Virginia (Mrs.)		10-Apr-61
Plant		Ruth Virginia (Mrs.)		10-Apr-61
Plumer		William Lewis			30-Jan-61
Plumleigh	Charles T.			09-Jun-61
Pocock		William Leonard			14-Apr-61
Pocock		William Leonard			16-Apr-61
Poer		Tom				18-Mar-61
Poer		Tom				19-Mar-61
Poer		Tom				20-Mar-61
Poer		Tom				20-Mar-61
Pointer		Lee H.				23-Jun-61
Pollock		Riley				16-May-61
Pollock		Riley "Duke" O.			16-May-61
Pollock		Riley Osborne			17-May-61
Polzin		Frank M.			01-Feb-61
Polzin		Frank M.			03-Feb-61
Pool		Clifford			03-May-61
Pool		Clifford			04-May-61
Poorman		Don C.				30-Apr-61
Porter		Edwin C. (Mrs.)			20-Jun-61
Porter		Edwin C. (Mrs.)			20-Jun-61
Post		Robert				03-Mar-61
Post		Robert				07-Mar-61
Potts		Howard N.			28-May-61
Poulton		John B.				04-Jun-61
Powell		Katherine (Mrs.)		18-Mar-61
Powell		Katherine (Mrs.)		19-Mar-61
Powell		Katherine (Mrs.)		20-Mar-61
Powell		Katherine F. (Mrs.)		17-Mar-61
Powell		Louie Henry			15-Jun-61
Powell		Louis Henry			15-Jun-61
Powers		Herbert Edward			17-Mar-61
Praeger		Herman A.			08-Mar-61
Praeger		Herman A.			10-Mar-61
Pratt		Elmer John			12-Mar-61
Pratt		Elmer John			13-Mar-61
Pratt		Elmer John			15-Mar-61
Price		Pearl Mitchell (Mrs.)		02-Feb-61
Pritchett	Donna Lou			13-Jun-61
Proffitt	Charles Allison			13-Jan-61
Props		Warren Emil			19-Apr-61
Pruitt		Less W.				19-May-61
Pruitt		Less W.				23-May-61
Pursley		Donald				08-Mar-61
Pursley		Otis Donald			07-Mar-61
Putman		Bonnie Lorene			03-Jan-61
Putman		Bonnie Lorene			04-Jan-61
Pyle		Ida K. (Mrs.)			04-Jan-61
Pyle		Ida Katherine (Mrs.)		02-Jan-61
Quigley		Howrd T.			21-Jun-61
Quillen		Claude Earl			15-Apr-61
Quillin		Charlie F.			24-Feb-61
Quillin		Charlie F.			25-Feb-61
Rainey		Emery Jerome			27-Jun-61
Rains		John Henry (Mrs.)		04-Jan-61
Rainwater	Stephen Dale			09-Jun-61
Rainwater	Stephen Dale			09-Jun-61
Ramey		Clara				09-Apr-61
Ramsey		Jesse A.			10-Mar-61
Ramsey		Myrtle M.			04-Apr-61
Ramsey		Myrtle M.			08-Apr-61
Randall		Jennie Marie (Mrs.)		27-Jan-61
Rasdon		Craig D.			18-Jan-61
Rasdon		Craig D.			19-Jan-61
Ratekin		Dan				13-Apr-61
Rathbone	Robert				19-Jan-61
Rathbone	Robert R.			19-Jan-61
Rathbone	Robert R.			20-Jan-61
Rau		Julius W. (General)		15-Jan-61
Rau		Julius W. (General)		16-Jan-61
Raymond		Harry H.			10-Jan-61
Raymond		Harry H.			12-Jan-61
Ream		Norman A.			08-Apr-61
Reay		Nettie S. (Mrs.)		20-May-61
Reck		George Edward			30-May-61
Reck		George Edward			31-May-61
Reck		George Edward			01-Jun-61
Reck		George Edward			01-Jun-61
Recklebe	Herman				18-Jan-61
Recklebe	Herman				19-Jan-61
Recklebe	Herman				21-Jan-61
Reddick		Josephine (Mrs.)		02-Mar-61
Reddick		Kenneth Larry			28-Mar-61
Reed		Amos B.				15-Feb-61
Reed		Amos Benjamin			14-Feb-61
Reed		C. E.				02-May-61
Reed		Gary				08-Jun-61
Reed		Lloyd Richard			17-Apr-61
Reed		Roscoe				06-Apr-61
Reep		Harvey E.			17-Feb-61
Reeve		Paul T.				02-Apr-61
Regan		Billie E.			01-May-61
Rehn		Deborah Eileen			27-Jun-61
Reichenberger	Joe A.				02-Jun-61
Reichenborn	John A.				27-Jun-61
Reichenborn	John A.				27-Jun-61
Reichenborn	John A.				29-Jun-61
Reid		Anna (Mrs.)			05-Apr-61
Reinking	Jesse Martin			05-May-61
Reiser		Ermal M. (Mrs.)			14-May-61
Reiser		Ermal M. (Mrs.)			15-May-61
Rene		Lewis James			13-Apr-61
Reynolds	Blanche H. 			21-Mar-61
Reynolds	Blanche H. (Mrs.)		20-Mar-61
Reynolds	Blanche Hughie			21-Mar-61
Reynolds	Nathaniel B. and wife		10-Jan-61
Reynolds	Thomas E.			26-Jun-61
Rhoades		Alvin Lee			19-Jun-61
Rhynard		James H.			23-Feb-61
Rice		Richard W.			04-Feb-61
Richardson	Clinton Allen			31-Jan-61
Richardson	Marlon Dean			11-Mar-61
Richardson	Mel				22-May-61
Ricketts	Oran				09-Mar-61
Ricketts	Oran				09-Mar-61
Ricketts	Oran				10-Mar-61
Ridder		Maurice W.			11-Apr-61
Ridder		Maurice W.			12-Apr-61
Ridder		Maurice W.			13-Apr-61
Riddle		Blanche (Mrs.)			18-Feb-61
Riddle		Blanche (Mrs.)			19-Feb-61
Riddle		Blanche (Mrs.)			20-Feb-61
Ridgway		Leatha Esther 			01-Mar-61
Ridgway		Leatha Esther (Mrs.)		01-Mar-61
Ridgway		Leatha Esther (Mrs.)			02-Mar-61
Ridings		Edith B. (Mrs.)			14-Jun-61
Riedel		Frank (Msgr.)			13-May-61
Rieke		Curtis Dane			26-Feb-61
Riepe		Carl				04-Jun-61
Riesen		Fred B.				30-Jan-61
Rigg		Martha Leora (Mrs.)		26-Feb-61
Riley		Augusta (Mrs.)			07-Jan-61
Riley		Augusta (Mrs.)			07-Jan-61
Riley		Augusta (Mrs.)			09-Jan-61
Riner		Ruby E. (Mrs.)			15-Apr-61
Ringland	Nancy S. (Mrs.)			11-Jun-61
Rinker		Lizzie (Mrs.)			07-Jun-61
Rinker		Lizzie (Mrs.)			08-Jun-61
Rinker		Lizzie (Mrs.)			08-Jun-61
Rinker		Lizzie (Mrs.)			09-Jun-61
Ritchie		Brian Keith			07-Jan-61
Ritchie		Edith Davis (Mrs.)		08-Mar-61
Ritchie		Edith Davis (Mrs.)		09-Mar-61
Ritchie		Edith Davis (Mrs.)		09-Mar-61
Ritchie		Edith Davis (Mrs.)		11-Mar-61
Roark		Jennie Ruth (Mrs.)		01-Jan-61
Roark		Jennie Ruth (Mrs.)		02-Jan-61
Robb		Texanna				15-Mar-61
Robb		Texanna				18-Mar-61
Roberts		Cleo E.				13-Jun-61
Roberts		Joshua (Mrs.)			06-Jun-61
Robertson	George (Mrs.)			08-May-61
Robertson	Harold M.			11-Jun-61
Robins		Louis James			03-Jan-61
Robinson	Emmett W.			15-Apr-61
Robinson	Ethel (Mrs.)			19-Mar-61
Robinson	Johnnie				19-Feb-61
Robinson	Julia				11-Jun-61
Robinson	M. H. (Mitch) 			16-Mar-61
Rochat		Lindsey H.			25-May-61
Rodriguez	Susan				23-Apr-61
Roembach	Theodore C.			15-May-61
Roembach	Theodore Leon (Jr.)		11-Apr-61
Roesch		Jacob F.			19-Jan-61
Rogers		Art M.				25-Jan-61
Rogers		Bennie R.			09-May-61
Rogers		Bobbie Joyce			18-Apr-61
Rogers		Bobbie Joyce			18-Apr-61
Rogers		Leona (Mrs.)			09-Jan-61
Rohinsky	Robert (Lt.)			10-Jan-61
Roller		John				12-Mar-61
Roman		Richard				20-Jan-61
Rome		Infant Son of Ronald E.		11-Apr-61
Rooney		C. C.				08-Apr-61
Rose		Ralph Benjamin			21-Feb-61
Rose		Ralph Benjamin			21-Feb-61
Rosenberg	Flossie				04-Mar-61
Rosenberg	Flossie (Mrs.)			04-Mar-61
Rosenberg	Flossie (Mrs.)			06-Mar-61
Rosenstiel	Susie E. (Miss)			14-Jun-61
Rosillo		Grace S. Bauer (Mrs.)		09-Apr-61
Ross		Geneva S. (Mrs.)		20-May-61
Ross		Mary M. (Mrs.)			07-Feb-61
Ross		Rose May (Mrs.)			02-Jun-61
Ross		Rose May (Mrs.)			02-Jun-61
Rotchford	Emma (Mrs.)			20-Feb-61
Royal 		J. Gordon			09-Jan-61
Runnels		Steven				16-Jan-61
Russell		Clarence (Mrs.)			17-Feb-61
Russell		Elizabeth (Mrs.)		18-Feb-61
Ruysser		Henry A. (Jr.)			01-Apr-61
Ryan		Thomas				06-Jun-61
Ryan		Thomas J.			07-Jun-61
Sabala		Ygnacia 			12-Mar-61
Sabala		Ygnacia (Mrs.)			12-Mar-61
Salisbury	John A.				31-Jan-61
Salisbury	Sally Burdette			13-May-61
Salter		Susannah Madora (Mrs.)		17-Mar-61
Sampson		John Wesley			11-Mar-61
Sanders		Samuel D.			15-Mar-61
Sanders		Samuel D.			15-Mar-61
Sanford		Bruce R.			08-Jun-61
Sanger		Gegory Dale			22-Mar-61
Santiago	DeLorva				13-Jun-61
Santiago	Eddie (DeLorva) (Mrs.)		13-Jun-61
Sarver		Patricia Ann			30-Apr-61
Sarver		Patricia Ann			01-May-61
Sawyer		Helen (Mrs.)			29-May-61
Scantlin	Thomas Marion			06-Jan-61
Schaeffer	Jerry				13-May-61
Schaeffer	Jerry				13-May-61
Schaeffer	Jerry				15-May-61
Schaeffer	Jerry Tredick			16-May-61
Schauf		William J.			01-Jun-61
Schauf		William J.			01-Jun-61
Schauf		William J.			01-Jun-61
Schauner	William				01-Feb-61
Schauner	William A.			31-Jan-61
Scheer		Frank				26-Jan-61
Scheier		Aloysius F. (Al)		09-Feb-61
Scheier		Aloysius F. (Al)		10-Feb-61
Schill		Richard A. (Mrs.)		30-Apr-61
Schippers	Gerhardt W.			22-Jan-61
Schmidt		Daniel W.			03-Jan-61
Schnille	Ernest P.			30-Jun-61
Schrag		Herbert J.			11-Jun-61
Schreck		Paul Joseph			16-Jan-61
Schriber	William (Jr.) (Mr.)		25-Jun-61
Schriber	William J.			24-Jun-61
Schroeder	Alma A. (Mrs.)			06-Feb-61
Schroeder	Alma A. (Mrs.)			08-Feb-61
Schroll		Brian Keith			26-Apr-61
Schubert	Michael A.			25-Apr-61
Schubert	Michael A.			26-Apr-61
Schwensen	Justy				29-Jun-61
Schwinn		John				23-May-61
Scott		John Newton			14-Jun-61
Scott		John Newton			14-Jun-61
Scott		Pearl				05-Apr-61
Scott		Prentice Keith			29-Jun-61
Screen		Michael				17-Jun-61
Screen		Michael				17-Jun-61
Scrivner	Russell				26-Feb-61
Seaman		Ada G. (Mrs.)			22-Apr-61
Sease		Harry B.			24-Jun-61
Seater		John David (Mrs.)		21-Jun-61
Seglem		Henry S.			23-Jun-61
Seglem		Henry S.			24-Jun-61
Seley		Roy (A/1C)			17-Jun-61
Seley		Roy L.				18-Jun-61
Selvidge	Orvel				06-May-61
Serrot		Kenneth L.			15-Jun-61
Serrot		Kenneth Laverne			15-Jun-61
Settergren	Mary Nelson (Mrs.)		03-Jun-61
Seward		John W.				12-Apr-61
Sexton		Lola Whitelaw (Mrs.)		05-Jun-61
Sexton		Lola Whitelaw (Mrs.)		06-Jun-61
Sexton		Lola Whitelaw (Mrs.)		06-Jun-61
Shaler		John N. (Dollie) (Mrs.)		17-Mar-61
Shaler		John N. (Dollie) (Mrs.)		17-Mar-61
Shaler		John N. (Dollie) (Mrs.)		18-Mar-61
Sharp		George Bruce			20-Jan-61
Sharp		George Bruce			21-Jan-61
Shaver		Charles W.			07-Mar-61
Shaw		Burton E.			19-Apr-61
Shelton		Daisy (Mrs.)			18-Apr-61
Sherrard	Ida M. (Mrs.)			06-Feb-61
Sherwood	Bertha A.			01-Mar-61
Sherwood	Bertha A. (Mrs.)		28-Feb-61
Sherwood	Bertha A. (Mrs.)		01-Mar-61
Sherwood	Noble P. (Dr.)			22-Feb-61
Shevlin		James J.			04-Mar-61
Shiney		Fred H.				28-Apr-61
Shinkle		Sharon Jeanne (Mrs.)		20-May-61
Shinkle		Sharon Metzger (Mrs.)		21-May-61
Shirley		Steven Ray			14-Jan-61
Shivers		Dixie Lorraine (Mrs.)		08-Jan-61
Shockey		Francis (Mrs.)			07-Jun-61
Shockey		Francis (Mrs.)			07-Jun-61
Shore		Dessie E. (Mrs.)		09-Jan-61
Shull		Janette E. (Mrs.)		06-May-61
Shultz		Grover L.			24-Jun-61
Shultz		Henry M.			21-Jun-61
Sickner		Paul B. (Mrs.)			28-Apr-61
Siegel		Nellie C. (Mrs.)		19-Jan-61
Siegel		Nellie C. (Mrs.)		20-Jan-61
Siegrist	Charles T.			12-Apr-61
Siemer		Earl				05-Mar-61
Simkins		Carrie B. (Mrs.)		07-Jan-61
Simmons		Gaile C. (Mrs.)			12-Feb-61
Simmons		Jacquelyn			24-Jan-61
Simmons		Raymond Lee			28-Mar-61
Simmons		Roscoe				15-Feb-61
Simmons		Roscoe				17-Feb-61
Simmons		Susie M. (Mrs.)			29-May-61
Simon		Joseph				27-Feb-61
Simpson		Stella I. (Mrs.)		24-Feb-61
Sims		Anna B. (Mrs.)			04-Jan-61
Sims		Anna B. (Mrs.)			04-Jan-61
Sims		Earl G.				22-Feb-61
Sims		Huston				04-Jan-61
Sinclair	John Ellsworth			30-May-61
Sinclair	John Ellsworth			01-Jun-61
Sinclair	John Ellsworth			01-Jun-61
Sinclair	John William			11-Jun-61
Sinclair	John William			12-Jun-61
Singers		John W.				10-May-61
Sites		Emma Elizabeth (Mrs.) 		13-Feb-61
Skaer		Fremont (Mrs.)			17-Feb-61
Slack		Anna (Mrs.)			07-Jan-61
Slater		J. E.				22-Apr-61
Slaymaker	Wood (Mrs.)			28-Mar-61
Smalley		Lena Maude (Mrs.)		05-May-61
Smith		Albert B.			25-Jun-61
Smith		Albert Byron			25-Jun-61
Smith		Charles F.			13-Mar-61
Smith		Charles F.			13-Mar-61
Smith		Frank L.			17-Jan-61
Smith		Frank L.			19-Jan-61
Smith		Fred Eugene			09-May-61
Smith		Fred Eugene			10-May-61
Smith		Jessica (Miss)			24-Apr-61
Smith		John H.				17-Apr-61
Smith		Lamont E.			17-Apr-61
Smith		Lamont Eldredge			15-Apr-61
Smith		Max L.				19-Mar-61
Smith		Rebecca E. (Mrs.)		26-Apr-61
Smith		Robert Lon Allen		01-Apr-61
Smith		Robert Lon Allen		03-Apr-61
Smith		Roy F.				22-Jun-61
Smith		Roy Frederick			21-Jun-61
Smith		Ruth (Mrs.)			22-May-61
Smith		Vernice Harriett (Miss)		18-May-61
Smith		Vernice Harriett (Miss)		20-May-61
Sneeringer	Joseph L.			08-Jan-61
Snow		Jessie T. (Mrs.)		01-Feb-61
Snyder		William				10-Jan-61
Sobotka		Frank L. (Rev.)			24-Apr-61
Sondersted	Helen Ruth (Mrs.)		12-May-61
Sorenson	Jack Allen			06-Feb-61
Soukup		Amelia (Mrs.)			24-Feb-61
Spalding	Alanson Reed			19-May-61
Spalding	Alanson Reed			21-May-61
Spear		Parnell M. W. 			09-Mar-61
Spear		Parnell M. W. 			09-Mar-61
Speck		Amy M. (Mrs.)			26-Jan-61
Speck		Amy Martha			28-Jan-61
Spera		Alma T. (Mrs.)			18-Mar-61
Sperling	Clarence William		05-Jan-61
Spillance	Cora (Mrs.)			15-Apr-61
Spinden		Laura E. (Mrs.)			15-Feb-61
Spinden		Laura E. (Mrs.)			17-Feb-61
Spires		Charey L.			22-May-61
Spohn		Oscar C.			25-Apr-61
Spradling	Herman Lee			04-Feb-61
Spradling	Herman Lee			05-Feb-61
Sprague		Norma M. (Mrs.)			06-Mar-61
Sprague		Norma M. (Mrs.)			07-Mar-61
Sprague		Norma Mae			07-Mar-61
Spurgeon	Anna Elizabeth (Mrs.)		06-Jun-61
Spurgeon	John P.				10-May-61
Squire		Janet May (Mrs.)		13-Feb-61
Staab		Allen James			21-Apr-61
Staab		Allen James			22-Apr-61
Staab		Allen James			24-Apr-61
Stables		C. M.				27-Mar-61
Stables		C. M.				27-Mar-61
Stables		C. M.				28-Mar-61
Stackman	Fred C.				02-May-61
Stackman	Fred Charles			04-May-61
Stafford	James A.			04-Apr-61
Stafford	James A.			05-Apr-61
Staik		Lulu E.				31-Mar-61
Staik		Lulu E. (Mrs.)			31-Mar-61
Stanbaugh	Ada C. (Mrs.)			12-Mar-61
Standefer	Joyce Darlene			14-Feb-61
Stants		Charles Irvin			23-Feb-61
Stapp		Denton E.			31-Mar-61
Starr		Ella J. (Miss)			20-Mar-61
Starr		Florence W. (Mrs.)		26-Jan-61
Stauffer	Elma R. (Mrs.)			10-Apr-61
Stauffer	Elma R. (Mrs.)			11-Apr-61
Staunton	Rose Wright (Rose)		03-Feb-61
Stecher		Nellie (Mrs.)			26-May-61
Stedman		James				07-Jan-61
Stedman		James				08-Jan-61
Steele		Earl T.				01-Jan-61
Steele		Earl T.				03-Jan-61
Steele		Edna Anna (Mrs.)		30-Apr-61
Steinhouser	George				28-Apr-61
Steinwald	Sophie (Mrs.)			04-Apr-61
Steiver		Peter Paul			10-Jun-61
Steiver		Peter Paul			11-Jun-61
Steiver		Peter Paul			11-Jun-61
Stemple		C. N.				13-Apr-61
Stephens	Dessie Pearl 			06-Mar-61
Stephens	Dessie Pearl Day (Mrs.)		05-Mar-61
Stephens	Wanda Mae			07-Apr-61
Stephens	Wanda Mae (Mrs.)		06-Apr-61
Stevens		Clail J.			04-Feb-61
Stevens		Dick				08-May-61
Stewart		Annie L. 			07-Jun-61
Stewart		Annie L. 			09-Jun-61
Stiles		Theresa				14-Jun-61
Stipe		Bert J.				30-Jan-61
Stipe		Bert J.				31-Jan-61
Stipe		Bert J.				01-Feb-61
Stoffer		Bryan S. (Dr.)			20-Mar-61
Stone		Edith (Mrs.)			05-Jun-61
Stone		Edith L.			06-Jun-61
Stone		Edith l. (Mrs.)			06-Jun-61
Stone		Edith Lettie (Mrs.)		04-Jun-61
Stone		Florence J. (Mrs.)		23-Feb-61
Stone		Francis E.			24-Apr-61
Stone		Louis (Jr.) (Mrs.)		05-May-61
Stone		Mary D. (Mrs.)			05-Mar-61
Stookey		Rollen James			22-Feb-61
Storey		Beulah (Mrs.)			23-Jan-61
Storey		Frank				25-Jan-61
Stout		Mary Helen 			13-Feb-61
Stover		James B.			01-Jun-61
Strait		Annie (Mrs.)			15-Apr-61
Strayer		Beula May (Mrs.)		23-Feb-61
Strong		Infant Son of Edward		09-Jun-61
Strop		Helen Genevieve (Mrs.)		13-Jan-61
Struble		Emma (Mrs.)			08-Mar-61
Struble		"Emma H, (Mrs.)"		10-Mar-61
Struble		Louis L. (Emma) (Mrs.)		08-Mar-61
Stuart		Vernon				22-Mar-61
Stuart		Vernon				23-Mar-61
Sullivan	Frank P.			12-May-61
Sullivan	Frank Patrick			11-May-61
Summey		William Raymond			04-Jun-61
Summey		William Raymond			05-Jun-61
Summey		William Raymond			06-Jun-61
Sutcliffe	Jack D.				19-Mar-61
Sutherland	Wilard R.			08-Feb-61
Sutherland	Willard R.			09-Feb-61
Sutter		Clair Lewis			01-Jun-61
Sutter		Clair Lewis			01-Jun-61
Sutter		Clair Lewis			02-Jun-61
Swarm		William H.			05-Feb-61
Swarm		William Harrison		07-Feb-61
Swearinger	Edith Ann (Mrs.)		28-Jun-61
Sweat		Fred T.				18-May-61
Sweatt		Fred T.				20-May-61
Swonger		Floyd Kenneth			17-Apr-61
Swords		Sylvester Maurice		03-May-61
Talbott		Robert C.			18-May-61
Tamblyn		Alta Grace  (Mrs.)		27-Feb-61
Tanner		George Daniel			03-Mar-61
Tappan		Harold Robert			25-Jan-61
Tappan		Harold Robert			26-Jan-61
Tarman		Ida Mabel (Mrs.)		03-Feb-61
Tatro		Esther Elizabeth (Mrs.)		16-Jan-61
Tatro		Nellie Wilma (Mrs.)		04-Mar-61
Taylor		Betty A. (Mrs.)			19-Jun-61
Taylor		Edward R.			13-Mar-61
Taylor		Edward Ralph			12-Mar-61
Taylor		Jane Ann (Mrs.)			27-Jun-61
Taylor		Lucy Mae (Mrs.)			22-Jun-61
Taylor		Lydia Jane (Mrs.)		24-Feb-61
Taylor		Sadie Mattar (Mrs.)		28-Apr-61
Taylor		Thomas S.			11-Jun-61
Tennant		Charity A. (Mrs.)		31-May-61
Terry		Linda Marie			31-May-61
Teter		John 				08-Jan-61
Tharp		Warren H.			13-Apr-61
Tharp		Warren Heverling		12-Apr-61
Thayer		J. Logan			12-Jan-61
Thayer		J. Logan			14-Jan-61
Thogmartin	Raymond Orville			29-Mar-61
Thogmartin	Raymond Orville			29-Mar-61
Thomas		Ernest John III			20-Mar-61
Thomas		Ernest John III			20-Mar-61
Thomas		Ernest John III			15-May-61
Thomas		Jesse				04-Mar-61
Thomas		Jesse				05-Mar-61
Thomas		Jesse				06-Mar-61
Thomas		Pearl (Mrs.)			17-May-61
Thomas		Pearl (Mrs.)			18-May-61
Thompson	Amos R.				04-Apr-61
Thompson	Amos R.				05-Apr-61
Thompson	Frank W.			08-Jan-61
Thompson	Frank W.			09-Jan-61
Thompson	Jesse E.			05-May-61
Thompson	Jesse E.			06-May-61
Thompson	Michael				04-May-61
Thorn		Vida Marie (Mrs.)		11-Jan-61
Thorp		Hazel M. (Mrs.)			19-Apr-61
Thorp		Hazel M. (Mrs.)			21-Apr-61
Thuma		Ocosie A. (Mrs.)		04-Jun-61
Thuma		Osie A. 			03-Jun-61
Thuma		Osie A. (Mrs.)			01-Jun-61
Thuma		Ruth (Mrs.)			24-Mar-61
Thurman		Ora Mildred (Mrs.)		06-Feb-61
Timmermeyer	Gertrude (Mrs.)			07-Jun-61
Timmermeyer	Gertrude (Mrs.)			07-Jun-61
Timmermeyer	Gertrude (Mrs.)			08-Jun-61
Timmermeyer	Gertrude (Mrs.)			09-Jun-61
Tiner		John W.				19-Apr-61
Tiner		John W.				20-Apr-61
Titus		Casper Grant			31-Mar-61
Titus		Casper Grant			31-Mar-61
Tjaden		Joe				02-Apr-61
Tjaden		Joe				03-Apr-61
Tolson		Ollie O. (Mrs.)			26-May-61
Tolson		Ollie O. (Mrs.)			27-May-61
Tomlinson	Veronica Lynn			16-Apr-61
Townsend	Hattie A. 			18-Mar-61
Townsend	Hattie A. (Mrs.)		17-Mar-61
Tracy		C. Frank			14-Mar-61
Trammell	George Matthew			10-Apr-61
Trantham	Tonita Kay			09-May-61
Trefethen	James Lewis			25-Feb-61
Trefethen	James Lewis			26-Feb-61
Tremblay	Karen (Mrs.)			05-Apr-61
Trimmell	Dolly May (Mrs.)		27-Jan-61
Trimmell	Novella N. 			14-Mar-61
Trimmell	Novella N. (Mrs.)		13-Mar-61
Trimmell	Novella N. (Mrs.)		14-Mar-61
Triplett	Wade A.				06-Apr-61
Triplett	Wade A.				08-Apr-61
Tripp		Grace (Miss)			20-Jan-61
Tripp		Grace E. (Miss)			16-Jan-61
Troup		Clarence			28-Feb-61
Trummell	Orda Franklin			26-May-61
Tschanz		Alber				24-Jan-61
Tucker		Ralph Joseph			09-May-61
Tucker		Virgil I. W.			16-Jan-61
Tucker		Virgil I. W.			17-Jan-61
Tuders		Alice Fae (Mrs.)		22-Feb-61
Turner		Florence (Mrs.)			17-Feb-61
Turner		Florence B. (Mrs.)		19-Feb-61
Turner		Fred Allen			10-Apr-61
Turner		John William			02-Feb-61
Turner		Lloyd L.			10-Feb-61
Turner		Lloyd Lee			09-Feb-61
Turner		Margaret Louise			07-Jan-61
Turner		Willie Rece			15-Jun-61
Turner		Willie Reece			16-Jun-61
Twibell		Lora (Mrs.)			07-May-61
Valentine	LeRoy G.			01-Jan-61
Valentine	LeRoy G.			02-Jan-61
Valentine	LeRoy G.			03-Jan-61
Van Boskikrk	Anna L. (Mrs.)			28-Jun-61
Van Boskikrk	Anna L. (Mrs.)			29-Jun-61
Van Buren	Max K.				08-Jun-61
Van Buren	Max Kenneth			09-Jun-61
Van Buren	Mr. Max K.			08-Jun-61
Van Cleave	Thomas M.			16-Feb-61
Van Dyke	Grace				05-Apr-61
Van Keuren	Katharine S. (Mrs.)		06-May-61
Van Keuren	Katharine Schaaf (Mrs.)		07-May-61
Van Scoc	Elmo				17-Mar-61
Vann		Marsha J.			08-May-61
Vaughn		Guy				14-Jun-61
Vaughn		Guy				14-Jun-61
Vawter		George William			31-Mar-61
Veatch		Earl W.				21-Mar-61
Veatch		William Albert (Mrs.)		03-May-61
Venus		Norman Bruce (Sr.)		27-Feb-61
Veremillion	Otis				18-Mar-61
Vickery		Alvin				13-Jun-61
Vickery		Alvin J.			13-Jun-61
Vogler		Edward James			06-Apr-61
Wade		Joseph Sanford			06-Jan-61
Wadsack		Cora Elizabeth (Mrs.)		30-May-61
Waggoner	Matilda Mae			01-Mar-61
Waggoner	Matilda Mae (Mrs.)		02-Mar-61
Waggoner	William Orlie			21-Apr-61
Wait		Josephine W.(Mrs.)		12-May-61
Walker		Finis H.			11-Jan-61
Walker		Finis H.			14-Jan-61
Walker		John M.				23-Jun-61
Walker		Lillie Ethel			11-May-61
Waller		Alice M.			23-Jun-61
Waller		Alice Marie (Mrs.)		24-Jun-61
Waller		Alice Marie (Mrs.)		24-Jun-61
Waller		John (Mrs.)			22-Jun-61
Waller		LaVeta L. (Mrs.)		25-Apr-61
Walline		Axel E.				15-Apr-61
Walline		Axel E.				16-Apr-61
Walters		Gladys Viola			20-Mar-61
Walters		Marilyn R. (Mrs.)		11-Jan-61
Walton		Jack Carlton			11-Feb-61
Ward		John Clayotn			13-Feb-61
Ward		John Clayton			09-Feb-61
Ward		Virgil C., Sr.			04-Jan-61
Warner		Opal L. (Mrs.)			23-Jan-61
Warren		Dee (Mrs.)			04-May-61
Warren		Joseph Q.			11-May-61
Warren		Joseph Q.			12-May-61
Warren		Lou Ella			20-Jun-61
Warren		Lou Ella			22-Jun-61
Warren		Lou Ella (Mrs.)			22-Jun-61
Washington	George (Jr.)			15-Jun-61
Waters		Belle Louise (Mrs.)		23-May-61
Watson		Martin Glenn			03-May-61
Weaver		Richard Allen			17-Jun-61
Weaver		Richard Allen			17-Jun-61
Weaver		Ricky				16-Jun-61
Webster		Bertha May (Mrs.)		04-Mar-61
Webster		Mattie D. (Mrs.)		10-Mar-61
Wegner		Mamie B. (Mrs.)			19-Feb-61
Weigle		Jean Annette			01-Jan-61
Weikle		Bobby Dean			05-Apr-61
Welch		Frances Mercy (Mrs.)		28-Feb-61
Wemple		Clarence			07-Mar-61
Wemple		Clarence R.			06-Mar-61
Wemple		Clarence R.			07-Mar-61
Weseman		Herbert				02-Jun-61
West		Carla Jean			09-Apr-61
West		Gary A.				30-Jun-61
Westbrook	Arthur W. (Dr.)			06-Jan-61
Westhoff	Claude McCloud			18-Jan-61
Westhoff	Verdan H.			13-Apr-61
Westphal	Frderick W.			15-Apr-61
Westphal	Fred William			16-Apr-61
Westphal	Fred William			17-Apr-61
Whalen		Stella				07-Mar-61
Whalen		Stella Maggie (Mrs.)		07-Mar-61
Wheat		Waynett				22-May-61
Wheat		Waynett				23-May-61
Wheatley	Marie (Mrs.) 			24-Apr-61
Wheatley	Mary (Miss)			17-Jun-61
Wheatley	Mary (Miss)			17-Jun-61
Wheeler		Mary Katherine			24-Mar-61
Whightsil	Richard (Ted)			24-Mar-61
Whitford	Anna Saddie (Mrs.)		23-Feb-61
Whitson		Everett Lindsey			03-May-61
Widner		Jesse C.			20-Apr-61
Wiebe		Walter A. Ver (Dr.)		14-Mar-61
Wiedemann	Karl T.				31-Jan-61
Wiedemann	Karl T.				30-Jan-62
Wieser		Gertrude (Mrs.)			01-Apr-61
Wilderom	Elizabeth (Miss)		15-Apr-61
Wilderom	Pete A.				18-Feb-61
Wilderom	Susan Deane			09-Mar-61
Wilderom	Susan Deane			09-Mar-61
Wiley		Grace and Homer			25-Mar-61
Wiley		Grace and Homer			29-Mar-61
Wilhite		Charles T.			10-Jan-61
Wilhite		Charles T.			11-Jan-61
Wilkerson	Infant Son of Stirling		19-Mar-61
Wilkie		Gertrude E. (Mrs.)		14-Apr-61
Wilkinson	Charles E.			18-Jan-61
Willhour	Mellie (Mrs.)			10-Jan-61
Williams	Isa (Mrs.)			04-Jan-61
Williams	Kieth L.			17-May-61
Williams	Lizzie (Mrs.)			18-Apr-61
Williams	M.  W. (Rev.)			12-Jan-61
Williams	M.  W. (Rev.)			14-Jan-61
Williams	Moses				19-Apr-61
Williams	Rebecca Ann			22-Jun-61
Williams	William Howard and Florence	13-Feb-61
Williams	Willie A.			17-Mar-61
Williams	Willis A. (Mrs.)		16-Mar-61
Williams	Winfred M. & Emma Grace		03-Apr-61
Williamson	Infant Son of Edgar Lee		05-May-61
Williamson	S. W.				17-Mar-61
Williamson	Walter Scott			20-Feb-61
Williamson	Walter Scott			21-Feb-61
Willis		Clyde 				31-Mar-61
Willis		Pearl (Mrs.)			22-Mar-61
Wills		Pearl (Mrs.)			21-Mar-61
Wilson		Art H. (Mrs.)			28-Jan-61
Wilson		Dorsie Jane			27-Mar-61
Wilson		Edith Edna (Mrs.)		09-May-61
Wilson		Elmer				18-May-61
Wilson		Elmer				18-May-61
Wilson		Emma A. (Mrs.)			21-Jan-61
Wilson		Francis H.			25-Apr-61
Wilson		Francis H.			26-Apr-61
Wilson		Henry Clay			26-Jun-61
Wilson		Rose H. (Mrs.)			26-Jan-61
Wilson		Rose H. (Mrs.)			28-Jan-61
Wilson		William O.			13-Jan-61
Wilson		William Ross			24-May-61
Wilson		William Ross			26-May-61
Wimberly	Clyde E.			23-Jun-61
Wimp		Darrel O.			21-Jun-61
Wimp		Darrel O.			22-Jun-61
Winderlin	James A. (Mrs.)			21-Apr-61
Winn		Mary Susan (Mrs.)		24-Jan-61
Winstead	Roy A.				19-Apr-61
Winstead	Roy A.				21-Apr-61
Winters		Clarence A.			01-Jun-61
Wisoki		Jane (Miss)			01-May-61
Wohler		Anna Marie (Mrs.)		20-Apr-61
Wohler		Anna Marie (Mrs.)		21-Apr-61
Wohler		Anna Marie (Mrs.)		22-Apr-61
Woicikowski	Lena (Mrs.)			04-Mar-61
Wolfe		Buster				25-Apr-61
Wolff		Margueritte H.			24-Jan-61
Wollner		Maurice W.			05-May-61
Woltz		Carl Henry			28-Jun-61
Woltz		Carl Henry			28-Jun-61
Woltz		Carl Henry			29-Jun-61
Woltz		James Merland			29-May-61
Wood		F. Elgin			01-May-61
Wood		F. Elgin			01-May-61
Wood		F. Elgin			02-May-61
Wood		Helen E. (Mrs.)			19-Jan-61
Wood		Helen E. (Mrs.)			20-Jan-61
Wood		Irene Belle (Mrs.)		30-Apr-61
Wood		Rebecca Lynn & Laurie Ann	26-Apr-61
Wood		Rebecca Lynn & Laurie Ann	27-Apr-61
Woodruff	Nellie M. (Mrs.)		19-Mar-61
Woodruff	Nellie May 			18-Mar-61
Woodruff	Nellie May (Mrs.)		18-Mar-61
Woolery		Orville M.			27-Jun-61
Woolery		Orville M.			30-Jun-61
Woolf		Effie E.			26-Feb-61
Woolley		George H.			06-Jan-61
Worden		Robert L.			06-May-61
Worden		Robert LeRoy			09-May-61
Worley		Katheryn (Mrs.)			25-Jun-61
Worline		Grace (Mrs.)			01-May-61
Worline		Grace (Mrs.)			03-May-61
Worrell		Eliza Bell (Mrs.)		13-May-61
Wright		Charlotte H. (Mrs.)		09-Feb-61
Wright		Lennel I. (Dr.)			10-Mar-61
Wright		Lennel I. (Dr.)			10-Mar-61
Wright		Lennel I. (Dr.)			11-Mar-61
Wright		Lennel I. (Dr.)			13-Mar-61
Wright		Lillie F.			17-Apr-61
Wright		Lillie Frances (Mrs.)		19-Apr-61
Wright		Mary (Mrs.)			02-Jan-61
Wright		Mary (Mrs.)			04-Jan-61
Wyatt		Maud (Mrs.)			09-May-61
Wynn		Joe				03-Apr-61
Yaussi		Mary (Mrs.)			17-Feb-61
Yeager		David 				06-May-61
Yoke		Elentha May (Mrs.)		08-Feb-61
Yoke		Elentha May (Mrs.)		09-Feb-61
York		Christopher Michael		06-Jan-61
Young		Bernice Ann 			03-Jun-61
Young		Bernice Ann (Miss)		02-Jun-61
Young		Bernice Ann (Miss)		03-Jun-61
Young		Cleo (Mrs.)			15-Apr-61
Young		George Husband (Mrs.)		23-Mar-61
Young		H. Chester			16-Jun-61
Young		John L.				09-Jan-61
Young		Myrtle Estelle (Mrs.)		13-Apr-61
Young		Myrtle Estelle (Mrs.)		16-Apr-61
Young		Wiley Lee			20-Mar-61
Youngman	Gwendolyn M. and Nina Rean	23-Jun-61
Youngman	Gwendolyn M. and Nina ReAnn	24-Jun-61
Youngman	Gwendolyn M. and Nina ReAnn	26-Jun-61
Youngman	Gwendolyn Maxine and Nina ReAnn	24-Jun-61
Zerener		Brian Lynn			10-Apr-61
Zerener		Brian Lynn			11-Apr-61
Zimmerman	Robert				14-Apr-61
Zorn		Gary Eugene			31-May-61
Zuercher	Duane Norton			11-Jun-61

July through December 1961

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