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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of scrapbooks in their library that contain obituaries cut from The Wichita Eagle and Beacon. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks. If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $3.00 (US Dollars only) for each name and we will abstract the information for you. Mail the name of the person you wish the information on, the year, the date (if given) and the page number it appears on (if given) to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. Please include your e-mail address if you have one.


Index of Wichita Eagle/Beacon Obituaries

January through June 1961

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Page Three

Gaddy		Trina Louise		26-Jan-61
Gadlin		Ellen (Mrs.)		22-May-61
Gahan		Frank			10-Mar-61
Gahan		Frank			10-Mar-61
Gahan		Frank			11-Mar-61
Gaines		Luther Oliver		08-Feb-61
Gambrill	Frank S.		06-Apr-61
Gammon		Merten			06-Jan-61
Gard		Yvonne, Larry, Becky	02-Jun-61
Gardner		James F.		23-Feb-61
Garrett		Harold			09-Feb-61
Garrity		Thomas Joseph		26-Jan-61
Garth		Cora May (Mrs.)		01-Jun-61
Gaskill		Perry D.		05-Feb-61
Gates		H. Earl			28-Apr-61
Gates		Josephine (Mrs.)	25-Feb-61
Gates		Wayne			06-Mar-61
Gates		William L. (Mrs.)	13-Jun-61
Gaugh		Richard N.		30-Jun-61
Gaugh		Richard N.		30-Jun-61
Gayer		Hattie Ellen		01-May-61
Gennette	Adelard J.		27-Jun-61
Gennette	Adelard J.		27-Jun-61
German		Henry O. (Sr.)		25-Feb-61
Gibbons		Georgianna		16-Jun-61
Gibbons		Georgianna (Mrs.)	14-Jun-61
Gibson		James David		05-Jun-61
Gibson		James Owen		09-Apr-61
Giles		Clarence Albert		04-Jun-61
Giles		Clarence Albert		05-Jun-61
Giles		Clarence Albert		05-Jun-61
Gilham		Martha J. (Mrs.)	10-Feb-61
Gillenwater	Elmer M.		10-Feb-61
Gillenwater	Elmer M.		10-Feb-61
Gingerich	Edith (Mrs.)		21-Jan-61
Girndt		Verna E. (Mrs.)		08-Jan-61
Glass		John A.			15-Jan-61
Glass		Lora (Mrs.)		09-Jun-61
Glass		Lora (Mrs.)		09-Jun-61
Glassell	Marie A. (Mrs.)		19-Jan-61
Glenn		E. E. (Mrs.)		15-Jan-61
Glenn		Karen Ann Clemison (Mrs.)23-Jun-61
Goering		Selma B. (Mrs.)		16-Mar-61
Golden		Edith A. (Mrs.)		11-Mar-61
Goldsberrry	Pearl Mickle (Mrs.)	29-Apr-61
Goode		Leroy E.		06-May-61
Goode		Linda (Mrs.)		30-Apr-61
Goodin		Richard Dean		09-May-61
Goodman		James W.		24-Feb-61
Goodman		Kent Earl		17-Jun-61
Goodman		Kent Earl		19-Jun-61
Goodman		Melvin			30-Jun-61
Goodwin		Harold W.		07-Mar-61
Goodwin		Harold W.		07-Mar-61
Goodwin		Harold W.		08-Mar-61
Gordon		Frank L.		01-Jan-61
Gordon		Marguerite Elizabeth 	12-Apr-61
Gordon		Marguerite Elizabeth (Mrs.)11-Apr-61
Gorges		Lenore N.		21-Apr-61
Gorges		Lenore N. (Miss)	21-Apr-61
Gorhum		Mack David		17-Mar-61
Gorhum		Mack David		20-Mar-61
Gorman		Inez (Bobbie) (Mrs.)	15-Feb-61
Gorman		Inez M.			15-Feb-61
Gottas		LaVonne E.		03-Jun-61
Gottas		LaVonne E. 		02-Jun-61
Gottas		LaVonne E. (Mrs.)	01-Jun-61
Gottschalk	Max H.			19-Jan-61
Goudy		Cora A.			22-Jun-61
Goudy		Cora A. (Mrs.)		21-Jun-61
Gould		Clara B. (Mrs.)		15-Jun-61
Gove		Irene Cora (Miss)	07-May-61
Grace		Rachel Letitia (Mrs.)	20-May-61
Graham		Fred			09-Jan-61
Grant		Owen E.			23-Apr-61
Grant		Roderick M.		08-Jun-61
Graves		Albertha E. (Mrs.)	01-Jan-61
Graves		Mary Ella (Mrs.)	25-Feb-61
Graves		Morrison		14-Jan-61
Graves		Morrison Clifford	16-Jan-61
Gray		Cecil T. (Mrs.)		15-Feb-61
Gray		Effie May (Mrs.)	22-Apr-61
Gray		Effie May (Mrs.)	23-Apr-61
Green		Albert			27-Jun-61
Green		Albert			27-Jun-61
Green		Elmer C.		02-Jan-61
Green		Harvey C.		27-Apr-61
Green		Henrietta (Mrs.)	09-Feb-61
Green		Henrietta (Mrs.)	10-Feb-61
Green		James Allen		22-Apr-61
Green		William W.		02-Feb-61
Greep		William J.		06-Jan-61
Gregg		Edward M. and Esther Delight27-Apr-61
Gregory		Bernice Isabell (Mrs.)	05-Mar-61
Gregory		Bernice Isabell (Mrs.)	05-Mar-61
Gregory		Bernice Isabell (Mrs.)	06-Mar-61
Gregory		Harry S. (Jr.)		06-Mar-61
Gribble		Oscar King		09-Apr-61
Gribble		Robert C. (Dr.)		03-Jun-61
Griffin		Dianna Lynn		29-May-61
Griffith	Evan			12-Jan-61
Griffith	Evan			13-Jan-61
Griffith	Mabel E.		08-Jun-61
Griffith	Mabel E. (Mrs.)		08-Jun-61
Griffith	Mabel E. (Mrs.)		09-Jun-61
Grim		Jessie O.		29-Jun-61
Grim		Jessie Olive (Mrs.)	27-Jun-61
Grim		Jessie Olive (Mrs.)	29-Jun-61
Grimwood	T. J.			14-Jan-61
Grimwood	T. J.			15-Jan-61
Grogan		Mayme (Mrs.)		18-May-61
Grove		Carrie Elem (Mrs.)	21-Feb-61
Grove		Carrie Elem (Mrs.)	22-Feb-61
Grubb		TheodoreB. And Josephine05-Jan-61
Grubb		Vena Watkins (Mrs.)	09-Apr-61
Guffey		Carolyn			06-Jan-61
Guindlesberger	Margie (Mrs.)		04-Mar-61
Gustin		Charles W.		05-Feb-61
Guthrie		Kate (Miss)		28-Feb-61
Hackney		Benjamin F.		23-Apr-61
Hague		Belle Johnson (Mrs.)	28-Jan-61
Hague		Belle Johnson (Mrs.)	29-Jan-61
Hague		Lois Marie (Mrs.)	16-Apr-61
Hajek		Marie N. (Mrs.)		07-Jan-61
Halderman	Mabel (Mrs.)		15-Apr-61
Halderman	Mabel (Mrs.)		17-Apr-61
Hale		Forrest W.		12-Jun-61
Hale		Forrest W.		12-Jun-61
Hale		Forrest W.		13-Jun-61
Hall		Alle (Mrs.)		19-Feb-61
Hall		Guy C.			10-Jan-61
Hall		Jessie (Mrs.)		25-Jan-61
Hall		Nathan			17-Jan-61
Hall		Norman			16-May-61
Hall		Norman			17-May-61
Hall		Robert S.		21-Jan-61
Halliday	Elvira A. (Mrs.)	16-Feb-61
Hamacher	Eva Elizabeth		04-Apr-61
Hamacher	Eva Elizabeth (Mrs.)	05-Apr-61
Hambright	 F. P.			19-Jan-61
Hamby		Ira Wayne		27-Jun-61
Hamby		Wayne Ira		27-Jun-61
Hamel		Arthur Anthony		23-Feb-61
Hamilton	Matilda			25-Mar-61
Hamlet		Freda (Mrs.)		25-Jun-61
Hamm		Thomas Beaumont		20-Jun-61
Hamman		Edith (Mrs.)		19-Apr-61
Hamman		Edith E. (Mrs.)		17-Apr-61
Hammill		Minnie (Mrs.)		30-Jun-61
Hammond		Grace Fay (Miss)	04-Jan-61
Hammond		Grace Foy (Miss)	01-Jan-61
Hampton		Michael Roy		07-Feb-61
Handson		Genevra (Miss)		17-Apr-61
Hanks		Rufus			13-Jan-61
Hannon		Custer L.		05-Jun-61
Hannon		Custer L.		06-Jun-61
Hannon		Custer Lebourn		05-Jun-61
Hannon		Infant Daughter of Joseph E.06-Jun-61
Happy		W. G.			04-Feb-61
Harbaugh	Ola Mae (Mrs.)		16-May-61
Harbaugh	Ola Mae (Mrs.)		20-May-61
Hardy		Charles H.		29-Mar-61
Hardy		Charles Hirschel	28-Mar-61
Hardy		Marvin A.		19-Feb-61
Hargadine	Loren			30-Apr-61
Hargis		Walter A.		27-Feb-61
Harkness	Mark Allen		08-Jan-61
Harlan		Charles A.		20-Mar-61
Harness		Annie Jane (Mrs.)	05-Jan-61
Harp		Thomas H.		25-Jan-61
Harp		Thomas H.		27-Jan-61
Harris		Benton			16-May-61
Harris		Eugenie Frances (Mrs.)	18-Jan-61
Harris		Eugenie Frances (Mrs.)	20-Jan-61
Harris		Lena Mae (Mrs.)		31-Mar-61
Harris		Mildred (Mrs.)		22-May-61
Harris		Osby			18-Jan-61
Harrison	Claude Hamiltyon	03-Mar-61
Harrison	J. Francie		16-Mar-61
Harrison	W. B.			20-Jun-61
Harrison	W. B.			21-Jun-61
Harsch		Mary Elaine (Mrs.)	12-May-61
Hart		Frank O. 		11-May-61
Hart		Sarah Gertrude (Mrs.)	06-Jan-61
Hartle		Earle Horner		15-Jan-61
Hartle		Earle Horner		16-Jan-61
Harwood		Rosabel M. (Mrs.) 	11-Mar-61
Haskell		Lea Ora (Mrs.)		14-Feb-61
Haskell		Lea Ora (Mrs.)		15-Feb-61
Haskins		Ella (Mrs.)		25-Feb-61
Hasner		Jake			19-Apr-61
Hasner		Jake			23-Apr-61
Hastings	Charles E.		01-Mar-61
Hastings	Charles E.		01-Mar-61
Haupt		Daniel W.		26-Feb-61
Haupt		Daniel W.		01-Mar-61
Haupt		Daniel W.		01-Mar-61
Headley		Sara Elizabeth (Medearis) (Mrs.)08-Mar-61
Heard		John K.			24-May-61
Heasty		Ida Alice (Mrs.)	02-Feb-61
Hecht		Clifford A.		31-May-61
Hedrick		Etta Shaft (Mrs.)	14-May-61
Heese		Herman W.		21-Feb-61
Heese		Herman W.		22-Feb-61
Heggy		Clancy James		05-Jun-61
Heimerman	John P.			24-May-61
Hein		Irvin E.		20-Jan-61
Helbert		Walter Cecil		24-Apr-61
Hellar		Grace (Mrs.)		11-Apr-61
Helsel		O. W.			19-Jun-61
Helsel		Oris W.			21-Jun-61
Helsel		Oris W. (Mr.)		20-Jun-61
Helton		Ada Mae (Mrs.)		09-May-61
Henderson	Susan			01-Jan-61
Henderson	Susan			02-Jan-61
Hendricks	John J.			27-May-61
Hendrix		Howard L.		18-Mar-61
Hendrix		Howard L.		18-Mar-61
Hendrix		Sylvai May (Mrs.)	14-Jan-61
Hendrix		Sylvai May (Mrs.)	16-Jan-61
Henney		Fred			15-Feb-61
Henning		Charles Allen		12-May-61
Henson		Willie Lee		27-Jun-61
Henson		Willie Lee		27-Jun-61
Henson		Willie Lee		27-Jun-61
Hermesch	Robert			09-Jan-61
Herold		Eva (Mrs.)		15-Jan-61
Herold		Eva J. (Mrs.)		14-Jan-61
Herold		Eva J. (Mrs.)		16-Jan-61
Herrmann	Patty Marsh (Mrs.)	17-Jan-61
Hess		Benjamin H.		25-Mar-61
Hestwood	Lois (Mrs.)		03-Jan-61
Hetherington	Rose (Mrs.)		05-May-61
Hetherington	Ruth (Mrs.)		07-Apr-61
Hetzel		Jeffery B.		10-Jun-61
Hetzel		Jeffery B.		10-Jun-61
Heule		Theodore		16-May-61
Heyden		C. Arlin (Rev.)		29-Jan-61
Hickerson	Erman Lester		08-May-61
Hickerson	Erman Lester		09-May-61
Hickerson	Erman Lester		10-May-61
Higgins		Harry Lee		18-Apr-61
High		Charles Powell		07-Jan-61
High		Charles Powell		08-Jan-61
Hildebrand	Sharon Kay		06-Mar-61
Hilger		Frances (Mrs.)		08-Jun-61
Hilger		Frances L. (Mrs.)	08-Jun-61
Hilger		Francis L.		10-Jun-61
Hill		Eva Mae (Mrs.)		09-May-61
Hill		Eva Mae (Mrs.)		10-May-61
Hill		Francis Mortimer	31-May-61
Hill		Janice Myrtle and Steven Ray09-Jan-61
Hill		Richard Earl		21-Jun-61
Hill		Robert E.		22-Jun-61
Hill		Wilbur Walter		09-Feb-61
Hill		Wilbur Walter		11-Feb-61
Hilliard	John D. (Dr.)		24-Jan-61
Hillman		Edward Herman		04-Mar-61
Hillman		Edward Herman		06-Mar-61
Hillman		Edward Herman		06-Mar-61
Himelic		Harry H.		31-May-61
Hines		Marie Adams		16-Mar-61
Hines		Marie Adams (Mrs.)	16-Mar-61
Hinkle		Mary E. (Mrs.)		14-May-61
Hinkle		Rosetta Frances (Mrs.)	23-Feb-61
Hinton		Merle			18-Mar-61
Hiser		John William		01-Feb-61
Hite		Mark D.			21-Jun-61
Hoare		Arthur J. (Dr.)		24-Apr-61
Hoare		Arthur Joseph (Dr.)	25-Apr-61
Hobbs		Sarah Elleen (Mrs.)	24-Apr-61
Hobbs		Sarah Elleen (Mrs.)	25-Apr-61
Hock		Oliver Benton		15-Jun-61
Hodges		Otis R.			11-Mar-61
Hodges		Otis R. (Dick)		10-Mar-61
Hodges		Otis R. (Dick)		10-Mar-61
Hogan		Callie May		06-Apr-61
Hogue		Ulysses G.		21-Feb-61
Holcmb		Raymond W.		01-May-61
Holcomb		Claude K.		03-Jan-61
Hollins		Victor Eugene		15-May-61
Hollister	Gilbert S.		12-Mar-61
Hollister	Gilbert S.		12-Mar-61
Hollister	Gilbert S.		14-Mar-61
Hollow		Walter Byron		10-Feb-61
Holloway	Janel Denise		12-Mar-61
Holloway	Steven Richard		09-Feb-61
Holmes		Ann J. 			01-Mar-61
Holmes		Ann J. 			01-Mar-61
Holmes		Anna J. (Mrs.)		03-Mar-61
Hood		Fred A.			29-Mar-61
Hopkins		Oliver			18-May-61
Hopson		Willie			28-Feb-61
Hopson		Willie			01-Mar-61
Hopson		Willie			03-Mar-61
Hornbeek	Wiley			25-Jun-61
Hornecker	Katherine E. (Mrs.)	05-Jan-61
Hornecker	Katherine E. (Mrs.)	06-Jan-61
Horner		Albert Lee		26-Mar-61
Horton		Harriett (Mrs.)		17-Feb-61
Hoskinson	Lynn Cardel		10-May-61
Houghton	Harry K.		21-Mar-61
House		Byron E.		23-Mar-61
House		Byron E.		23-Mar-61
House		Byron E.		25-Mar-61
Housel		Jesse K.		06-Jan-61
Housel		Jesse K.		08-Jan-61
Howard		Horace M.		26-Jan-61
Howe		Alice Rebecca (Mrs.)	05-Feb-61
Howell		Harold B.		22-May-61
Howell		Harold B.		23-May-61
Howerton	Leila E. (Mrs.)		11-Jan-61
Howerton	Leila E. (Mrs.)		13-Jan-61
Hoyle		Warren H.		15-Mar-61
Hubbard		John Anderson		19-May-61
Huber		LaVern J.		15-May-61
Huber		LaVern J.		16-May-61
Hudson		Annabelle (Mrs.)	11-Mar-61
Hudson		Cora May		08-Mar-61
Hudson		Cora May (Mrs.)		09-Mar-61
Hudson		Cora May (Mrs.)		10-Mar-61
Hudson		Havard F.		07-Mar-61
Hudson		Havard F.		07-Mar-61
Hudson		Havard F.		08-Mar-61
Hudson		Havard Farmer		06-Mar-61
Hudson		Henry E.		28-Mar-61
Hudson		Reba Ann		24-Mar-61
Hudson		Reba Ann 		23-Mar-61
Hudson		Reba Ann (Mrs.)		23-Mar-61
Hudson		Reba Mann (Mrs.)	24-Mar-61
Huele		Theodore R.		16-May-61
Huey		Lena Wangleer (Mrs.)	10-Jun-61
Huff		Sara Louise (Mrs.)	12-Mar-61
Huffman		Eliza Beth (Mrs.)	06-Jan-61
Hufford		Debra Kay		13-Jan-61
Hughes		Christopher Columbus	19-Jan-61
Hughes		Lucy Ann (Mrs.)		28-Jun-61
Hughes		Lucy Ann (Mrs.)		29-Jun-61
Hull		Infant Daughter of Ralph07-Mar-61
Hull		Infant Daughter of Ralph07-Mar-61
Hull		Robert (Jr.)		01-May-61
Hull		Robert (Jr.)		15-May-61
Hulse		Prentice H.		27-Jun-61
Hulsey		John Webster		05-Jun-61
Humphrey	Elizabeth F. (Mrs.)	05-Apr-61
Hunter		Martha Mae (Miss)	31-Mar-61
Hunter		Renna (Mrs.)		17-Jun-61
Hurley		Vivian Leora 		01-Mar-61
Hurley		Vivian Leora (Mrs.)	28-Feb-61
Hurley		Vivian Leora (Mrs.)	01-Mar-61
Hurry		Harry F.		17-Feb-61
Hurry		Harry F.		18-Feb-61
Hurst		Dave			22-Jan-61
Huscher		Myron A.		29-May-61
Huscher		Myron A.		31-May-61
Huston		William P. (Jr.)	24-May-61
Huston		William P. (Jr.)	24-May-61
Hutton		Roy			09-Feb-61
Hyatt		Edith L. (Mrs.)		26-Jun-61
Hyde		John Virgil		11-Feb-61
Hyde		William Elmer		27-Feb-61
Hyer		O. A.			25-Apr-61
Ikenberry	Lettie M. (Mrs.)	28-Jan-61
Ikenberry	Lettie M. (Mrs.)	28-Jan-61
Ingold		Barbara Ellen (Mrs.)	04-Jan-61
Ingraham	Roy			09-Jan-61
Irvin		Forest J.		27-Jun-61
Irving		Monica Rue (Mrs.)	25-Apr-61
Irwin		P. C. (Rev.)		13-Apr-61
Irwin		Retta H. (Mrs.)		11-Jan-61
Isenheart	Jessie Eln (Mrs.)	29-Apr-61
Isenhour	Oren Lee (Sgt.)		05-May-61
Isham		Minnie Susan		27-Jun-61
Isham		Minnie Susan		29-Jun-61
Isham		Minnie Susan (Mrs.)	27-Jun-61
Jackson		Andrew			04-Apr-61
Jackson		Charles H.		02-Jun-61
Jackson		Charles J.		14-Mar-61
Jackson		Charles Jay		15-Mar-61
Jackson		DeWitt T. 		22-Apr-61
Jackson		DeWitt T. (Rev.)	21-Apr-61
Jackson		Everett D.		27-Jan-61
Jackson		O. G.			17-Jan-61
Jackson		Rena (Mrs.)		31-May-61
Jackson		Roy Alvin		26-Feb-61
Jackson		William O.		01-Jan-61
Jakway		Lester			01-Jun-61
Jakway		Lester R.		30-May-61
Jakway		Lester R.		31-May-61
Jakway		Lester R.		31-May-61
James		Maude A. (Mrs.)		13-Feb-61
James		Muade A. (Mrs.)		15-Feb-61
Jamieson	Arthur C.		29-Jun-61
Jamieson	Arthur C.		29-Jun-61
Jamieson	Arthur C.		30-Jun-61
Jamieson	Ethel F.		31-Mar-61
Jamieson	Ethel Fidelia (Mrs.) 	31-Mar-61
Jamieson	Margaret S.		01-Jun-61
Jamieson	Margaret S.		02-Jun-61
Jamison		E. L. Giva (Mrs.)	07-May-61
Jehle		Herman J.		04-Feb-61
Jenkins		John F.			22-May-61
Jenkins		John F.			23-May-61
Jenks		Mary E. (Mrs.)		07-Jun-61
Jenks		Mary Ellen		05-Jun-61
Jenks		Mary Ellen (Mrs.)	06-Jun-61
Jenner		Emma M. (Miss)		16-Feb-61
Jennings	Eliza C. (Mrs.)		21-Mar-61
Jespersen	Donna (Mrs.)		17-Mar-61
Jespersen	Donna Scott		18-Mar-61
Jeys		Charles Thomas		06-May-61
Jeys		Charles Thomas		09-May-61
Jezek		Charles (Jr.)		19-Apr-61
Jigdon		Timothy Donald		23-Mar-61
Jinaway		Charlotte L. (Mrs.)	21-Apr-61
Johnson		Bertha E.		18-Feb-61
Johnson		Carl F.			11-Mar-61
Johnson		Charles N. (Dr.)	27-May-61
Johnson		Charles N. (Dr.)	28-May-61
Johnson		Elmer			24-Mar-61
Johnson		Elmer			25-Mar-61
Johnson		Etta (Mrs.)		09-Jan-61
Johnson		Ida (Mrs.)		29-Mar-61
Johnson		Lester (Dr.)		03-Apr-61
Johnson		Lester E. (Dr.)		02-Apr-61
Johnson		Lewis Clyde		05-Mar-61
Johnson		Willard			07-Jan-61
Jones		Ansel H.		18-Jun-61
Jones		Ansel H.		18-Jun-61
Jones		Ansel H.		19-Jun-61
Jones		Beulah Maybelle		21-May-61
Jones		Carrie (Mrs.)		24-Feb-61
Jones		Carrie (Mrs.)		25-Feb-61
Jones		Earl W. (Mrs.)		20-Jun-61
Jones		Eva E.			18-May-61
Jones		Eva E. (Miss)		19-May-61
Jones		Forest M.		17-Mar-61
Jones		Forest M.		17-Mar-61
Jones		Forest M.		20-Mar-61
Jones		Frank Manuel		16-Jan-61
Jones		George			07-Feb-61
Jones		Helen H.		20-Jun-61
Jones		Helen Hortense (Mrs.)	19-Jun-61
Jones		Martin Richard, Grover & Elizabeth Ann	15-May-61
Jones		Ray T.		 	25-Apr-61
Jones		Robert E.		02-Mar-61
Jones		Robert E.		04-Mar-61
Jones		Robert Emory		02-Mar-61
Jones		Susan Diana		12-Mar-61
Jones		Tillman F.		14-Apr-61
Jones		Tillman F.		15-Apr-61
Jordan		OscarL.			26-Feb-61
June		Howard H.		09-Mar-61
Kasenberg	Nellie May (Mrs.)	24-Mar-61
Kasenberg	Nellie May (Mrs.)	24-Mar-61
Kasten		Nola G. (Mrs.)		29-Apr-61
Kastens		Raliegh L.		22-Feb-61
Katterman	Jennie (Mrs.)		25-Jan-61
Kaufman		Emma (Miss)		29-Jun-61
Kaufman		Emma (Miss)		29-Jun-61
Kays		Luella F.		15-Mar-61
Kays		Luella F. (Mrs.)	15-Mar-61
Kays		Luella F. (Mrs.)	16-Mar-61
Keane		Stephen Lee		01-Feb-61
Keazer		Marie Fern		25-Jun-61
Keazer		Marie Fern (Mrs.)	24-Jun-61
Keazer		Marie Fern (Mrs.)	26-Jun-61
Keck		Addie H. (Mrs.)		07-Feb-61
Keck		Margaret (Mrs.)		06-Apr-61
Keely		Jennie Maude 		22-Jan-61
Keely		Jennie Maude (Mrs.)	20-Jan-61
Keen		Guy			17-May-61
Keller		Eldon D. (Bud)		15-Jan-61
Keller		John S. (Jr.) (Lt.)	10-Jan-61
Kelley		Georgia Ann		16-Jun-61
Kelley		Georgia Ann		18-Jun-61
Kelley		Georgia Ann (Mrs.)	11-Jun-61
Kelley		Mary Glenn (Mrs.)	23-Apr-61
Kelley		Roy			30-Mar-61
Kelley		William Leroy		06-Feb-61
Kelso		James I.		27-Jun-61
Kemp		Dolly Phillips (Mrs.)	15-Jan-61
Kendall		Clarence		08-Feb-61
Kendall		Clarence C.		07-Feb-61
Kennedy		Lester D.		29-Apr-61
Kennedy		Lester D.		01-May-61
Kent		Todd W.			05-Jun-61
Kent		Todd William		05-Jun-61
Kent		Todd William		07-Jun-61
Kerly		Effie Jane (Mrs.)	02-Jun-61
Kerr		Arthur James		16-Jan-61
Kestler		Charles H.		28-Jan-61
Ketzner		Eugene J.		13-Mar-61
Key		James Lewis		08-Jun-61
Key		James Lewis		09-Jun-61
Keys		Samantha D. (Mrs.)	15-Jun-61
Kiker		Pearl (Mrs.)		21-Mar-61
Killen		Marshal M. (Mike)	26-Apr-61
Kilmer		Lulu Mildred (Mrs.)	09-Feb-61
Kimmel		Thomas J.		29-Mar-61
Kimmel		Thomas John		29-Mar-61
Kimmons		Peggy Ann (Mrs.)	10-Apr-61
Kincade		Frank			25-Feb-61
Kincade		Frank			26-Feb-61
Kincheloe	John Howard		11-Jan-61
Kincheloe	John Howard		11-Jan-61
King		Charlie O.		03-Apr-61
King		Clarence (Mrs.)		31-Mar-61
King		Edith Alma (Mrs.)	22-Feb-61
King		John Henry		06-May-51
King		Nathan P. 		15-May-61
King		Nathan P. (A.1)		01-May-61
King		Nathan P. (A.1)		03-May-61
King		Robert G.		14-Jun-61
King		Robert G.		14-Jun-61
King		Robert J.		13-Jun-61
King		W. E.			27-Jan-61
Kinkle		Mary E. (Mrs.)		13-May-61
Kinsall		Fred D.			23-Mar-61
Kirby		George Lee		12-Apr-61
Kirk		Lawrence		05-Mar-61
Kirk		Lawrence		06-Mar-61
Kirk		Rome E.			07-Jan-61
Kirk		Rome E.			10-Jan-61
Kirkbride	Bertha May (Mrs.)	01-May-61
Kirkbride	Bertha May (Mrs.)	01-May-61
Kirkpatrick	Martha Lee		14-Jun-61
Kirkpatrick	Martha Lee (Mrs.)	14-Jun-61
Kirkpatrick	Preston			22-Jun-61
Kiser		Alice Rogene (Miss)	29-Apr-61
Kissick		Calvin			28-Feb-61
Kissick		Calvin			01-Mar-61
Kistler		Charles Henry		30-Jan-61
Kitch		Charles Samuel		27-Jun-61
Kitch		Charles Samuel		27-Jun-61
Kitchen		William			06-May-61
Klotz		Amanda Marie 		14-Jan-61
Klotz		Amanda Marie (Mrs.)	11-Jan-61
Klumpe		Herman (Mrs.)		08-Apr-61
Klumpe		Herman (Mrs.)		09-Apr-61
Klutts		Gary L.			18-Apr-61
Knight		Annie M. (Mrs.)		04-Jan-61
Knight		Annie M. (Mrs.)		05-Jan-61
Knight		John (Mrs.)		03-Jan-61
Kniss		Minnie Pearl (Miss)	26-May-61
Knowle		Clyde C.		13-Mar-61
Knox		Almer O.		30-Mar-61
Knox		Almer O.		30-Mar-61
Knox		Almer O.		01-Apr-61
Koerting	Otto			15-Feb-61
Koons		Arthur A.		22-Mar-61
Kopper		William			23-Mar-61
Kopper		William			23-Mar-61
Korer		L. C.			14-Jan-61
Kowalsky	Margaret E. (Mrs.)	09-May-61
Kraft		Peter			02-Apr-61
Kraft		William F.		17-May-61
Kramer		Lena Elizabeth (Mrs.)	23-Apr-61
Kraus		John			28-Jan-61
Krause		John			29-Jan-61
Krauss		Alfred Loren		13-Jan-61
Krehbiel	Larry D.		06-Mar-61
Kreutzer	Joseph			19-Jan-61
Krouse		Emma (Mrs.)		08-Apr-61
Kuhn		Katherine (Miss)	04-Mar-61
Kurtz		Paulette Cherise	02-Mar-61
Ladd		Lulu (Mrs.)		18-Jun-61
Laffoon		Rebecca Kay		05-Feb-61
Laible		Ella Luccinda (Mrs.)	19-Apr-61
Laird		Nora			17-Jun-61
Laird		Nora (Mrs.)		17-Jun-61
Lamkin		James Anderson		05-Apr-61
Lamkin		James Anderson		06-Apr-61
Lander		Birdie Harr (Mrs.)	11-May-61
Lane		Orville			31-Mar-61
Langston	Eugene H.		06-Jan-61
Langston	Gene C.			17-May-61
Langston	Gene C.			18-May-61
Lanier		Frank			12-Mar-61
Lanier		Frank			14-Mar-61
Lansdown	Darrell Clinton		05-May-61
Larkin		Elizabeth A.		14-Apr-61
Larkin		Elizabeth Ann (Mrs.)	12-Apr-61
Larkin		Elizabeth Ann (Mrs.)	13-Apr-61
Larkin		Lawrence P.		20-Mar-61
Larkin		T. O. (Ted)		15-Mar-61
Lawrence	Michael Dale		18-May-61
Layne		C. Ross			04-Feb-61
Layne		Charles Ross		05-Feb-61
Leach		Virginia		12-Apr-61
Leatherman	Harold			28-Jan-61
Lebold		Zepha (Mrs.)		14-Mar-61
Lechner		Marjorie Lavina (Mrs.)	02-Apr-61
Lee		Albert			28-Feb-61
Lee		Albert			01-Mar-61
Lee		Albert		 	01-Mar-61
Lehman		Richard R.		12-May-61
Lehman		Richard R.		17-May-61
Leigh		John Roy		25-Mar-61
Lemmon		William (Al)		25-May-61
Lemmon		William Alfred		27-May-61
Leonard		Betty Lee		19-Jun-61
Leonard		Betty Lee (Mrs.)	19-Jun-61
Leonard		Betty Lee (Mrs.)	21-Jun-61
Lewbow		Buford L.		23-Feb-61
Lewis		Mary Belle (Mrs.)	20-May-61
Lewis		William N.		15-Jun-61
Lewis		William N.		15-Jun-61
Lewis 		Edna Fern		01-Mar-61
Lewis 		Edna Fern (Mrs.)	01-Mar-61
Lewis 		Stafford		21-Feb-61
Lies		Rosa F. (Mrs.)		05-Jan-61
Lies		Rosa F. (Mrs.)		06-Jan-61
Lietz		Freferick William	18-Jun-61
Lietzke		William			28-May-61
Light		Marcille (Miss)		21-Jun-61
Light		Marcille (Miss)		22-Jun-61
Lind		Oscar Edwn		01-Jan-61
Lindley		Lottie (Mrs.)		24-Mar-61
Lindley		Lottie (Mrs.)		24-Mar-61
Lindley		Lottie (Mrs.)		25-Mar-61
Lindley		Vera E. (Mrs.)		10-Jan-61
Linnabary	Rena Ann (Mrs.)		02-Jan-61
Linnens		Marcia Ellen (Mrs.)	05-Feb-61
Little		Howard J. (Jack)	17-Jun-61
Little		Howard J. (Jack)	17-Jun-61
Little		James Reay		23-Feb-61
Little		R. H. (Bob)		06-Apr-61
Littler		Mary Leka (Mrs.)	26-Jan-61
Logan		James Herman		16-Feb-61
Logan		James Herman		17-Feb-61
Logdon		Ronald Owen (Dr.)	15-Apr-61
Loggins		Jimmie Mack		17-Jan-61
Long		Ellis			16-Jun-61
Long		Ellis Clarence		17-Jun-61
Long		Helen (Mrs.)		14-Jun-61
Long		Patrick D.		25-Jan-61
Longley		Lucy Belle (Mrs.)	28-May-61
Louis		Bedwin George		25-Apr-61
Louis		Edwin George		25-Apr-61
Loutzenhiser	Fithen H.		14-May-61
Loutzenhiser	Fithen H.		15-May-61
Lovelace	Richard Sanford		01-Feb-61
Lovelace	Richard Sanford		01-Feb-61
Loving		Herman V.		15-Jan-61
Lowe		Charles Webster		13-May-61
Lowe		Charles Webster		14-May-61
Lowe		Charles Webster		16-May-61
Lowe		Sallie Ann (Mrs.)	17-Feb-61
Lowe		Walter C.		21-May-61
Lowe		Walter C.		25-May-61
Lowery		Thomas A. (Dr.)		03-Mar-61
Lowery		Thomas A. (Sr.)		03-Mar-61
Ludwick		James Mathew		13-May-61
Luffel		Elizabeth (Mrs.)	08-Jan-61
Luginbill	Eldon F.		22-Mar-61
Luman		Eldodn			18-Jun-61
Lyne		James E.		06-Mar-61
Lyne		James Edward		03-Mar-61
Lyne		James Edward		03-Mar-61
Lytle		Ernest A.		25-Jan-61
Maack		Oretta (Mrs.)		07-May-61
Maack		Oretta A. (Mrs.)	07-May-66
MacCormick	Francis (Frank)		15-Apr-61
Mace		Jay			28-Feb-61
Mace		Jay			01-Mar-61
Mace		Jay			01-Mar-61
Mack		George R.		16-Jan-61
Mackey		Marion			11-May-61
Maddox		Floy B. (Mrs.)		29-Apr-61
Maechtlen	Carl			01-Mar-61
Maechtlen	Carl			02-Mar-61
Maffitt		Mary			25-Feb-61
Maffitt		Mary Alice		05-Feb-61
Mahannah	J. Edward		09-May-61
Mahlandt	Freida G. (Mrs.)	18-Mar-61
Main		G. C. "Blackie"		29-May-61
Main		Ora (Mrs.)		14-Jan-61
Main		Ora (Mrs.)		15-Jan-61
Malone		Richard T.		22-Apr-61
Manion		Lee			10-Apr-61
Mann		Henry 			06-Mar-61
Mannen		Robert F.		01-Jan-61
Mannen		Robert F.		03-Jan-61
Mar		Tim			17-Feb-61
Marion		Ella M. (Mrs.)		23-Feb-61
Marion		James M.		15-Mar-61
Markley		J. Gerald (Dr.)		07-Jun-61
Markley		James Gerald		09-Jun-61
Marshall	Edna (Mrs.)		17-May-61
Martin		Albert P.		11-Apr-61
Martin		Charles W.		24-Jan-61
Martin		Ed 			03-Jun-61
Martin		Ed (Sr.)		01-Jun-61
Martin		Ed (Sr.)		02-Jun-61
Martin		Frank			19-Apr-61
Martin		Merle W. (Mrs.)		08-Jan-61
Martin		Merle Winford (Mrs.)	07-Jan-61
Martin		Nellie J. (Mrs.)	23-May-61
Martin		Opal Claire (Mrs.)	21-Mar-61
Martindale	Jabie C.		29-Mar-61
Martindale	Jabie C.		29-Mar-61
Mashall		John (Jr.)		19-Apr-61
Mashburn	William J.		09-Mar-61
Massingale	Jimmy			01-Apr-61
Massingale	Jimmy Joe		04-Apr-61
Mathis		Donnie Lee		05-Jun-61
Mathis		Frankie			30-Mar-61
Matson		Myrtle B. (Mrs.)	14-May-61
Matson		Myrtle B. (Mrs.)	15-May-61
Matteson	Edward A.		13-Jan-61
Maupin		Laura E. (Mrs.)		05-May-61
Maxey		Eva E.			28-Mar-61
Maxey		Eva E. (Mrs.)		26-Mar-61
Maxey		Jessie H. (Mrs.)	11-Apr-61
May		Raymond			23-Apr-61
May		Raymond			24-Apr-61
May		Robert Michael		21-Apr-61
Mayberry	Martin			24-Jun-61
Mayberry	Martin			24-Jun-61
Mayer		H. E. (Mae) (Mrs.)	11-Jun-61
Mayer		H. E. (Mae) (Mrs.)	11-Jun-61
Mayhew		Irma Jean (Mrs.)	07-Apr-61
Maynard		Harry			10-Apr-61
Maynard		Harry			11-Apr-61
Mayo		W. D. (Mrs.)		31-Jan-61
Mazarkevics	Liba (Mrs.)		23-Feb-61
Maze		Archie J.		31-May-61
McAdams		Charles R.		20-May-61
McAdams		Mary Maxine 		23-Mar-61
McAdams		Mary Maxine (Mrs.)	23-Mar-61
McAdams		Mary Maxine (Mrs.)	24-Mar-61
McCain		Harvey Harold		18-May-61
McCardell	Laura Ruth Carlisle (Mrs.)04-May-61
McCart		Arthur J.		01-May-61
McCauley	Margaret (Mrs.)		17-Mar-61
McClain		Charlie			02-Mar-61
McClain		Charlie			05-Mar-61
McClung		Harriet Day (Miss)	08-Jan-61
McClung		Harriet Day (Miss)	10-Jan-61
McClung		Marilyn and Cathleen	01-May-61
McClure		Edgar L. (Judge)	17-Mar-61
McClurg		Veldree E.		29-Jun-61
McClurg		Veldree E. (Sr.)	29-Jun-61
McColgin	Beulah			07-Mar-61
McColgin	Beulah (Miss)		07-Mar-61
McConnell	Kenneth Wayne		21-Jan-61
McConnell	Kenneth Wayne		23-Jan-61
McConnell	Wilson E.		26-May-61
McCormick	Lloyd C.		09-Feb-61
McCormick	Lloyd Charles		10-Feb-61
McCormick	Ralph			25-Jan-61
McCoy		Floice			18-Apr-61
McCoy		Johanna			05-Jun-61
McCoy		Johanna (Mrs.)		03-Jun-61
McCulloch	Luther E.		28-Apr-61
McCune		Don C.			07-Jan-61
McCutchen	Gilbert Lee		26-Jun-61
McCutchen	Gilbert Lee		27-Jun-61
McDaniel	W. B.			15-Mar-61
McDavitt	Leota (Mrs.)		16-May-61
McDavitt	Leota (Mrs.)		18-May-61
McDivitt	Harry L.		06-May-61
McDonald	J. M.			11-Feb-61
McDonald	J. M.			12-Feb-61
McDougal	Infant Daughter of James06-Mar-61
McDowell	Edith (Mrs.)		30-Jun-61
McEachron	Lendrum Scott		02-May-61
McElrath	Shela Lynn		26-Feb-61
McFarland	Raymond			25-Jan-61
McFarland	Raymond			26-Jan-61
McFetridge	Rose (Mrs.)		31-Jan-61
McFetridge	Rose (Mrs.)		01-Feb-61
McGregor	Lenora N. (Mrs.)	10-Jun-61
McGregor	Lenora N. (Mrs.)	10-Jun-61
McGregor	Lenora N. (Mrs.)	13-Jun-61
McHenry		Cleo T.			28-Apr-61
McHugh		Clara (Mrs.)		25-Feb-61
McInteer	Leona Pearl (Mrs.)	07-Feb-61
McKain		Jess W.			03-Feb-61
McKay		Wallace			14-Apr-61
McKay		Walter S.		01-Apr-61
McKenzie	Mary  Elda (Mrs.)	10-Mar-61
McKenzie	Mary Elda		10-Mar-61
McKinley	Lloyd (Dr.)		04-Feb-61
McKinzie	Dorothy (Mrs.)		01-May-61
McLanahan	Myrtle E.		17-Jun-61
McLanahan	Myrtle E. (Mrs.)	18-Jun-61
McWhirt		Ida			29-Apr-61
Meadows		Edwin J.		02-Feb-61
Means		Dwight R.		26-Apr-61
Means		Fannie P.		09-Apr-61
Means		John T.			16-May-61
Mecke		Vincent Paul		01-Feb-61
Meier		William August		17-May-61
Meils		Louise (Mrs.)		03-Mar-61
Melcher		Abbie (Miss)		07-Jun-61
Melcher		Abbie (Miss)		08-Jun-61
Melichar	Anna (Mrs.)		10-Jun-61
Melick		Wiley Harry		05-Feb-61
Melick		Wiley Harry		06-Feb-61
Mendenhall	Frances Marie (Mrs.)	28-Apr-61
Mens		John T.			15-May-61
Meredith	Florence Halverstadt (Mrs.)11-Jun-51
Meredith	John Charles		19-Jun-61
Messer		Paul			13-May-61
Messer		Paul			13-May-61
Messier		Paul			15-May-61
Meyer		David William		11-Jun-61
Meyer		David William		12-Jun-61
Meyer		Frederick J.		09-Jan-61
Meyer		James A.		16-May-61
Meyers		George (Dr.)		11-Jan-61
Michelsen	Chris T.		27-May-61
Michelsen	Chris T.		29-May-61
Mick		"Theodore T,"		14-Apr-61
Mickley		Minnie A. (Mrs.)	01-Apr-61
Mickley		Minnie A. (Mrs.)	04-Apr-61
Middleton	Charles Ernest		07-Mar-61
Middleton	Charles Ernest		07-Mar-61
Middleton	Charles Ernest		09-Mar-61
Migliario	Ida Rigney (Mrs.)	02-Mar-61
Miller		Aaron Loyd		22-Mar-61
Miller		Albert			10-May-61
Miller		Albert			13-May-61
Miller		Bill			24-Mar-61
Miller		Carson Lee		10-Mar-61
Miller		Catherine Dorotha	17-Mar-61
Miller		Catherine Dorotha (Mrs.)17-Mar-61
Miller		Cindy			30-Apr-61
Miller		Claude			15-Feb-61
Miller		Cyrus G.		11-Mar-61
Miller		Cyrus Gilbert		11-Mar-61
Miller		Daniel T.		15-Feb-61
Miller		Ed E.			05-Jan-61
Miller		Edward Elias		04-Jan-61
Miller		Florence B. (Mrs.)	25-Feb-61
Miller		Grant Herman		05-Feb-61
Miller		Grant Herman		06-Feb-61
Miller		John A.			09-Apr-61
Miller		John A.			10-Apr-61
Miller		Lillie Bell (Mrs.)	11-Jan-61
Miller		Louis T.		23-Mar-61
Miller		Louis T.		25-Mar-61
Miller		Lucy B.  (Mrs.)		27-Jun-61
Miller		Lucy Bryant		27-Jun-61
Miller		Lucy R. (Mrs.)		27-Jun-61
Miller		Mary (Mrs.)		28-Apr-61
Miller		Mary Elizabeth (Mrs.)	13-Feb-61
Miller		Mayme Collins (Mrs.)	03-Jan-61
Miller		Mayme C. (Mrs.)		04-Jan-61
Miller		Nicia Ann (Mrs.)	01-Feb-61
Millison	MinnieSpurrier (Mrs.)	30-Jun-61
Mills		James Milton		12-Jun-61
Milow		Willie			14-Jan-61
Milton		Martha (Mrs.)		10-May-61
Minnich		Mary Lou (Mrs.)		19-Feb-61
Minnich		Mary Lou (Mrs.)		20-Feb-61
Minor		Alice Eudora (Mrs.)	28-Feb-61
Mitchell	Alfred Wickliff		28-Apr-61
Mitchell	Alfred Wickliff		29-Apr-61
Mitchell	Bettie Jean Bone (Mrs.)	10-May-61
Mitchell	Bradley Wayne		20-Jun-61
Mitchell	Bradley Wayne		20-Jun-61
Mitchell	Cicero B.		06-May-61
Mitchell	Cicero B.		08-May-61
Mobley		Royce Lee		30-Jan-61
Moege		Herman (Bob) Robert (Jr.)25-Feb-61
Mogan		Roy F.			04-Mar-61
Moler		Jay Edward		24-May-61
Molz		Harry C.		29-Jun-61
Montebello	Don Peterson (Mrs.)	17-Jun-61
Montgomery	William			19-Mar-61
Moody		Dave			07-Jan-61
Mooningham	Ray C.			27-Jun-61
Moore		Alta H. (Mrs.)		25-Apr-61
Moore		Alta H. (Mrs.)		26-Apr-61
Moore		Edna Browning (Mrs.)	06-Jan-61
Moore		L. V. E.		10-May-61
Moore		Laura Belle (Mrs.)	08-Feb-61
Moore		Laura Belle (Mrs.)	08-Feb-61
Moore		Retha Ann (Mrs.)	21-Apr-61
Moore		Ronda Kay		14-Apr-61
Moore		Rosetta			26-Feb-61
Moore		Viola (Mrs.)		19-Jan-61
Moorehead	Ione H. (Mrs.)		17-Jun-61
Moorhead	Ed H.			22-May-61
Morehead	Ione H. 		15-Jun-61
Morehead	Ione H. (Mrs.)		15-Jun-61
Morlan		Mary (Mrs.)		12-Feb-61
Morris		Florence (Mrs.)		18-May-61
Morris		joe F.			07-Apr-61
Morris		Mary J. (Mrs.)		02-Jun-61
Morris		Mary Josephine (Mrs.)	02-Jun-61
Morris		Noah V.			09-Mar-61
Morris		Noah Virgil		10-Mar-61
Morris		Noah Virgil		10-Mar-61
Morrison	Edward W.		23-Apr-61
Morrison	Leslie B.		07-May-61
Morrison	Leslie B.		10-May-61
Morton		Sterling		25-Feb-61
Mosbacher	Anita H. (Mrs.)		24-Jan-61
Mosbacher	Karl J. (Antia Henderson) (Mrs.)23-Jan-61
Moss		Steven Lee		05-Feb-61
Moss		Woodrow W.		10-Apr-61
Mourning	Joshua B.		25-Apr-61
Mourning	Joshua Bell		24-Apr-61
Muhlhausen	Sina (Mrs.)		05-Apr-61
Muir		A. B.			18-Apr-61
Muir		Lloyd M.		09-Feb-61
Mulhern		Edward			03-Jan-61
Mull		Cynthia Jane (Mrs.)	09-Feb-61
Muller		Perry H.		4-May-61
Muller		Perry H.		24-May-61
Munson		George W.		15-May-61
Munson		George W.		18-May-61
Murphy		Joseph B.		13-Jan-61
Murray		Brian Allen		10-Apr-61
Murray		Edna Bertha (Mrs.)	18-May-61
Murray		Melissa (Mrs.)		23-Apr-61
Myers		Christopher John	15-May-61
Myers		Karla Dale		8-Feb-61
Myers		Karla Dale		09-Feb-61
Myrick		Opal V. (Mrs.)		18-Mar-61
Myrick		Opal V. (Mrs.)		19-Mar-61
Myrick		Opal V. (Mrs.)		20-Mar-61
Nafus		Bessie G.		10-Jun-61
Nafus		Bessie Gertrude		10-Jun-61
Napier		James C.		19-May-61
Neal		Sonda Kaye		20-Jun-61
Neely		John Marshall		01-Mar-61
Neff		Frank A. (Dr.)		04-May-61
Nelson		Bertha (Mrs.)		09-Jun-61
Nelson		Elmer			10-Feb-61
Neptune		Ivah Florence		27-Feb-61
Neville		Ella (Mrs.)		01-Apr-61
Neville		Ella (Mrs.)		02-Apr-61
Nevins		Clarence G.		28-May-61
Nevins		Eulalia (Miss)		24-Mar-61
New		Grace (Mrs.)		05-Jan-61
Newberry	Kathleen Marie		30-Jun-61
Newberry	Kathleen Marie		30-Jun-61
Newblock	W. H.			13-Mar-61
Newby		Mina L. (Mrs.)		15-Feb-61
Nichols		Mary Elsie		30-Jun-61
Nichols		Mary Elsie (Mrs.)	29-Jun-61
Nichols		Mike			26-Feb-61
Nichols		Ross			20-Jun-61
Niles		Chester (Mrs.)		30-Jan-61
Niles		Vera Berniece (Mrs.)	27-Jan-61
Noel		Edward L.		24-Jun-61
Noel		Edward L.		25-Jun-61
Nordman		Harry A.		21-May-61
Nuessen		Agnes (Mrs.)		06-Mar-61
Nuessen		Agnes (Mrs.)		06-Mar-61
Nunemaker	Delmar E.		25-Jun-61
Nunnally	Nella B.		25-Feb-61
Nunnally	Nella B. (Mrs.)		24-Feb-61
Nunnally	Nella B. (Mrs.)		26-Feb-61
Nutt		Jeanette Addie (Mrs.)	25-Jan-61
Nutter		Leland			21-Feb-61
Nutter		Leland  Marion		22-Feb-61

July through December 1961


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