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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of scrapbooks in their library that contain obituaries cut from The Wichita Eagle and Beacon. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks. If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each name and we will abstract the information for you. Mail the name of the person you wish the information on, the year, the date (if given) and the page number it appears on (if given) to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. Please include your e-mail address if you have one.

Index of Wichita Eagle/Beacon Obituaries

1960 January through June
1960 July through December

Abbott                    Fay                                                29-Sep-60
Abel                      Josiah Watson (Rev.)                               17-Dec-60
Abelar                    Eustacia Rivas (Mrs.)                              10-Sep-60
Abelar                    Eustacia Rivas (Mrs.)                              12-Sep-60
Abernathy                 James W.                                           30-Dec-60
Ableson                   George C.                                          28-Sep-60
Abram                     Jack N.                                            27-Aug-60
Abrams                    Merle                                              02-Dec-60
Adams                     Cora E. (Mrs.)                                     02-Nov-60
Adams                     Cora Erdene (Mrs.)                                 01-Nov-60
Adams                     James T.                                           15-Jul-60
Adams                     Mary Pearl (Dr.)                                   06-Sep-60
Adams                     Mary Pearl (Dr.)                                   07-Sep-60
Adams                     Minnie (Mrs.)                                      27-Dec-60
Ahlf                      Rudolf W.                                          08-Aug-60
Ahlf                      Rudolf W.                                          09-Aug-60
Albert                    David John                                         18-Oct-60
Aldrich                   Clarence B.                                        26-Jul-60
Alexander                 Charley S.                                         03-Jul-60
Alexander                 M. E. (Mrs.)                                       11-Sep-60
Allan                     Lewis M.                                           22-Aug-60
Allen                     Florence Moore (Mrs.)                              21-Jul-60
Allen                     Florence Moore (Mrs.)                              22-Jul-60
Allen                     Joseph R.                                          26-Jul-60
Allen                     Joseph R.                                          28-Jul-60
Allen                     Orval Manford                                      17-Aug-60
Allison                   Ellis Jeffferson                                   19-Oct-60
Allison                   Hertha A. (Mrs.)                                   21-Nov-60
Althouse                  Anna Pearl (Mrs.)                                  04-Jul-60
Althouse                  Anna Pearl (Mrs.)                                  04-Jul-60
Althouse                  Anna Pearl (Mrs.)                                  05-Jul-60
Ambrose                   Richard (Dr.)                                      06-Dec-60
Anderson                  Elizabeth M. (Mrs.)                                24-Jul-60
Anderson                  Elizabeth M. (Mrs.)                                25-Jul-60
Anderson                  Florence (Mrs.)                                    12-Aug-60
Anderson                  Lillian Hazel (Mrs.)                               31-Jul-60
Anderson                  Lillian Hazel (Mrs.)                               04-Aug-60
Anderson                  Lillian Hazel Foster (Mrs.)                        03-Aug-60
Andra                     Donna Marie                                        21-Sep-60
Andra                     Joan                                               02-Oct-60
Andrade                   A. G.                                              23-Dec-60
Appleby                   Clara (Mrs.)                                       06-Aug-60
Appleby                   Clara E.                                           09-Aug-60
Archer                    Don V.                                             22-Oct-60
Arensberg                 Henry                                              07-Aug-60
Armstrong                 Beulah (Mrs.)                                      08-Jul-60
Armstrong                 Beulah (Mrs.)                                      08-Jul-60
Ash                       A. R.                                              20-Nov-60
Ashworth                  Ray                                                23-Dec-60
Ashworth                  Ray                                                24-Dec-60
Askew                     V. B. (Johnny)                                     15-Jul-60
Askew                     V. B. (Johnny)                                     15-Jul-60
Askew                     V. B. (Johnny)                                     17-Jul-60
Atkinson                  Robert                                             11-Nov-60
Atkinson                  Robert J.                                          12-Nov-60
Atkisson                  John Wesley                                        19-Sep-60
Atkisson                  Noma (Mrs.)                                        06-Dec-60
Atteberry                 J. W.                                              17-Nov-60
Attebery                  Hattie A. (Mrs.)                                   10-Aug-60
Attwater                  William C.                                         10-Sep-60
Attwater                  William C.                                         11-Sep-60
Austin                    Jesse O.                                           06-Aug-60
Austin                    Linnie Margaret (Mrs.)                             20-Jul-60
Autry                     Luther Raymond                                     25-Jul-60
Autry                     Luther Raymond                                     26-Jul-60
Ayers                     Flossie Ellsworth Anderson                         06-Dec-60
Ayers                     Flossie Ellsworth Anderson (Mrs.)                  07-Dec-60
Ayers                     Logan (Mr. and Mrs.)                               05-Dec-60
Babcock                   F. C.                                              28-Aug-60
Bachelder                 Jess R.                                            19-Dec-60
Badenhoop                 Henry G.                                           21-Sep-60
Bailey                    Clyde                                              17-Oct-60
Bailey                    Clyde                                              18-Oct-60
Bailey                    H. F. (Bill)                                       14-Jul-60
Baine                     Steven A.                                          17-Jul-60
Baird                     Cora Etta (Mrs.)                                   16-Aug-60
Baird                     P. G.                                              13-Sep-60
Baird                     Thomas Addison (Dr.)                               21-Aug-60
Baker                     Annie (Mrs.)                                       22-Aug-60
Baker                     Annie Izella (Mrs.)                                20-Aug-60
Baker                     Annie Izella (Mrs.)                                21-Aug-60
Baker                     Arlan Hurst                                        23-Nov-60
Baker                     Mary Alice and Janice                              25-Sep-60
Baker                     Wilma M. (Mrs.)                                    12-Aug-60
Baker                     Wilma M. (Mrs.)                                    12-Aug-60
Baker                     Wilma Marie (Mrs.)                                 14-Aug-60
Baldwin                   Roger Wayne                                        20-Jul-60
Baldwin                   William E.                                         31-Oct-60
Bale                      Harry Wilber                                       08-Oct-60
Bale                      Harry Wilber                                       09-Oct-60
Ball                      William T.                                         19-Aug-60
Barfield                  Florence (Mrs.)                                    24-Sep-60
Barker                    Frank O.                                           12-Oct-60
Barkus                    Vada (Mrs.)                                        14-Dec-60
Barnard                   Jessie Earl                                        19-Jul-60
Barnes                    Cory Eugene                                        29-Sep-60
Barrett                   Grace (Miss)                                       14-Aug-60
Barrow                    Edith (Mrs.)                                       31-Dec-60
Bartholomew               Evaline (Mrs.)                                     31-Aug-60
Bascue                    Frank T.                                           18-Oct-60
Batchelder                Violetta (Mrs.)                                    08-Nov-60
Bauersfeld                V. L.                                              14-Oct-60
Baugher                   Katie (Miss)                                       22-Oct-60
Baum                      Garland H.                                         18-Oct-60
Bausch                    Peter                                              29-Nov-60
Bausch                    Peter                                              30-Nov-60
Beaman                    Samuel J.                                          20-Sep-60
Bean                      Mary                                               08-Jul-60
Beatie                    Thomas (Ed)                                        10-Dec-60
Beaver                    Oscar T.                                           25-Sep-60
Becker                    Tammy Diana                                        07-Dec-60
Beckwith                  Christopher Lynn                                   04-Nov-60
Beemiller                 Blanche (Mrs.)                                     03-Aug-60
Belden                    Cecil C.                                           19-Dec-60
Bell                      Ethel B.                                           19-Nov-60
Bell                      James A.                                           19-Oct-60
Bell                      Lilie (Mrs.)                                       08-Jul-60
Belshe                    Joel E. (Rev.)                                     20-Nov-60
Bender                    Belle (Mrs.)                                       06-Jul-60
Benefiel                  Laurence M.                                        31-Dec-60
Benham                    Iva F. (Mrs.)                                      13-Nov-60
Benham                    Iva F. (Mrs.)                                      15-Nov-60
Bennett                   Deborah Martha                                     28-Sep-60
Bennett                   Deborah Martha                                     28-Sep-60
Bennett                   Dora M. (Mrs.)                                     25-Sep-60
Bennett                   George A.                                          06-Dec-60
Bensten                   Gust A.                                            13-Sep-60
Bentz                     Elmer E.                                           01-Jul-60
Bentz                     Elmer E.                                           02-Jul-60
Bentz                     Elmer Elsworth                                     02-Jul-60
Bentz                     Elmer Elsworth                                     02-Jul-60
Bentz                     Elmer Elsworth                                     03-Jul-60
Benway                    Emily (Mrs.)                                       07-Aug-60
Berger                    Barbara Rose  (Mrs.Erwin)                          24-Jul-60
Berger                    Herbert Alvin                                      20-Sep-60
Berry                     Paul O.                                            25-Sep-60
Berry                     Paul O.                                            27-Sep-60
Bertrand                  Albert                                             21-Sep-60
Bertrand                  Albert                                             24-Sep-60
Best                      George Wesley                                      20-Dec-60
Beurmann                  Louis William                                      01-Aug-60
Bickel                    Mildred (Mrs.)                                     08-Jul-60
Bickel                    Mildred Elizabeth                                  06-Jul-60
Bickford                  W. G. (Dr.)                                        06-Sep-60
Bigelow                   Leo                                                27-Aug-60
Bigelow                   Leo A. (Sr.)                                       27-Aug-60
Bigelow                   Leo A. (Sr.)                                       28-Aug-60
Bigham                    Oscar H.                                           12-Oct-60
Bigham                    Oscar Hugh                                         09-Oct-60
Billau                    Gladys (Mrs.)                                      22-Nov-60
Bird                      Harry C.                                           30-Nov-60
Bisch                     Emily M. (Mrs.)                                    12-Aug-60
Bishop                    Lillie V. (Mrs.)                                   16-Sep-60
Black                     Brice H.                                           03-Sep-60
Black                     Maude (Mrs.)                                       18-Aug-60
Blackford                 Ralph Cecil                                        07-Jul-60
Blackwell                 Mattie (Mrs.)                                      10-Nov-60
Blair                     Catherine Adams (Mrs.)                             31-Aug-60
Blair                     Catherine Adams (Mrs.)                             31-Aug-60
Blair                     Catherine Adams (Mrs.)                             01-Sep-60
Blair                     Clifford C.                                        26-Nov-60
Blake                     ErnestEzra                                         19-Nov-60
Blandin                   Ina May (Mrs.)                                     29-Sep-60
Blecha                    Larry D.                                           27-Oct-60
Blecha                    Larry Dean                                         28-Oct-60
Blecha                    Larry Dean                                         29-Oct-60
Bledsoe                   Edith M.                                           06-Jul-60
Bledsoe                   Edith M.                                           06-Jul-60
Bledsoe                   Edith M.                                           11-Jul-60
Bligh                     James Chester                                      15-Nov-60
Bligh                     James Chester                                      16-Nov-60
Bligh                     James Chester                                      18-Nov-60
Bliss                     John J. (Sr.)                                      18-Oct-60
Boas                      Franc Compton (Mrs.)                               31-Oct-60
Boatright                 Jesse O.                                           15-Jul-60
Bodle                     Flossie G. (Mrs.)                                  09-Sep-60
Boettger                  Mathilda Helena                                    26-Dec-60
Bogner                    Roy                                                11-Sep-60
Bohannan                  Henry Clay                                         07-Dec-60
Boland                    Kenneth M.                                         30-Oct-60
Boltjes                   Anna                                               05-Jul-60
Boltjes                   Anna (Miss)                                        05-Jul-60
Bolton                    Flora (Mrs.)                                       16-Oct-60
Bolton                    Hiram                                              12-Aug-60
Bond                      Marie (Mrs.)                                       05-Jul-60
Bond                      Marie (Mrs.)                                       06-Jul-60
Bond                      Marie (Mrs.)                                       06-Jul-60
Bone                      Susan Laura (Mrs.)                                 22-Dec-60
Bonham                    Stanley B.                                         16-Nov-60
Booth                     Myrtle Mae (Mrs.)                                  12-Oct-60
Booth                     Myrtle Mae (Mrs.)                                  12-Oct-60
Boozer                    Z. L.                                              11-Oct-60
Boozer                    Zemrie L.                                          07-Oct-60
Bosley                    Kathleen Marie (Mrs.)                              21-Nov-60
Boswell                   Ronnie William                                     16-Jul-60
Botts                     John H.                                            06-Jul-60
Botts                     John H.                                            08-Jul-60
Botts                     John Hill                                          06-Jul-60
Boucher                   Jerry W.                                           27-Oct-60
Bourland                  Blanche E. (Mrs.)                                  26-Dec-60
Bourland                  Blanche E. (Mrs.)                                  28-Dec-60
Bowden                    Amy L. (Mrs.)                                      20-Dec-60
Bower                     Charles (Dr.)                                      25-Nov-60
Bower                     William L.                                         16-Nov-60
Bowers                    Murvin U.                                          24-Aug-60
Bowling                   Alice (Mrs.)                                       19-Oct-60
Bowman                    Fred                                               25-Jul-60
Bowman                    Fred                                               25-Jul-60
Box                       Leslie                                             19-Dec-60
Boyd                      Florence C. (Mrs.)                                 25-Aug-60
Boyer                     Robert Lee                                         17-Dec-60
Boylan                    Julia (Miss)                                       29-Dec-60
Boyle                     Charley J.                                         03-Aug-60
Braaten                   Christ J.                                          12-Dec-60
Bradbury                  Lulu Ethel (Mrs.)                                  19-Jul-60
Bradbury                  Lulu Ethel (Mrs.)                                  21-Jul-60
Braden                    Bert                                               23-Jul-60
Branch                    C. W.                                              24-Jul-60
Brannon                   Bill B.                                            26-Jul-60
Brasdfield                Hazel Fern                                         13-Jul-60
Brashear                  James Ray                                          16-Aug-60
Bratton                   Bert R.                                            11-Aug-60
Bray                      Paul J.                                            30-Sep-60
Breech                    Ronald                                             11-Nov-60
Breese                    Leo                                                05-Aug-60
Breese                    Leo                                                05-Aug-60
Brenner                   Julia Ann (Mrs.)                                   26-Nov-60
Brennere                  Julia Ann (Mrs.)                                   24-Nov-60
Brewer                    D. W.                                              04-Nov-60
Brewer                    Daniel Webster                                     03-Nov-60
Bridgeford                Anna E. (Mrs.)                                     09-Sep-60
Bridgeford                Anna E. (Mrs.)                                     10-Sep-60
Bridges                   Ivan G.                                            29-Oct-60
Briedenthal               Willard J.                                         26-Dec-60
Briggs                    Julia A. (Mrs.)                                    20-Nov-60
Briggs                    Julia A. (Mrs.)                                    21-Nov-60
Briggs                    Julia A. (Mrs.)                                    22-Nov-60
Britain                   Jess                                               30-Sep-60
Brittain                  Ira J.                                             15-Jul-60
Brittain                  Ira J.                                             15-Jul-60
Broadwater                Ruth O.                                            13-Aug-60
Broadwater                Ruth O.                                            14-Aug-60
Brokes                    Albert Leo                                         20-Nov-60
Brokes                    Albert Leo                                         21-Nov-60
Brooks                    L. P.                                              16-Oct-60
Brooks                    Leonard Porter                                     15-Oct-60
Brooks                    Marlett Lewis                                      27-Dec-60
Brooks                    William E. (Jean)                                  10-Dec-60
Brooks                    William E. (Jean)                                  11-Dec-60
Brooks                    Willie                                             13-Dec-60
Brooks                    Willis Q.                                          13-Dec-60
Brouhard                  Dwight L.                                          23-Dec-60
Brown                     Bryan Scott                                        14-Dec-60
Brown                     Charles Oren                                       15-Dec-60
Brown                     Charles R.                                         30-Oct-60
Brown                     Christopher                                        13-Nov-60
Brown                     Christopher                                        14-Nov-60
Brown                     Eric A.                                            05-Dec-60
Brown                     Goldie Leona (Mrs.)                                27-Dec-60
Brown                     Harvey J.                                          27-Dec-60
Brown                     Margaret Irene (Mrs.)                              21-Dec-60
Brown                     Margaret Irene (Mrs.)                              23-Dec-60
Brown                     Marshall (Dr.)                                     12-Oct-60
Brown                     Maude  (Miss)                                      09-Dec-60
Brown                     Maude A. (Miss)                                    09-Dec-60
Brown                     Mellie R.                                          23-Sep-60
Brown                     Milo C. (M Sgt)                                    07-Dec-60
Brown                     Milo C. (M Sgt)                                    09-Dec-60
Brown                     Robert Shields (Jr.)                               17-Nov-60
Brown                     W. W.                                              02-Aug-60
Brown                     Wallace E.                                         17-Sep-60
Brown                     Charles R.                                         31-Oct-60
Brownell                  Anna Auch (Mrs.)                                   16-Dec-60
Brownell                  Anna Auch (Mrs.)                                   17-Dec-60
Bruce                     Emily Hamilton (Miss)                              11-Dec-60
Bruce                     Emily H. (Miss)                                    13-Dec-60
Bruer                     Clair B.                                           16-Nov-60
Brumback                  Ruth A. (Mrs.)                                     17-Sep-60
Bruner                    Leslie Don                                         06-Aug-60
Brunk                     Gail E.                                            26-Nov-60
Brush                     William H.                                         30-Nov-60
Buchanan                  Jessie (Mrs.)                                      05-Oct-60
Buchanan                  Maudie R. (Mrs.)                                   12-Dec-60
Buckley                   Infant Daughters of Marvin                         21-Sep-60
Buckner                   Johnnie Lea (Mrs.)                                 05-Aug-60
Bunker                    George W.                                          16-Sep-60
Burch                     John B.                                            07-Nov-60
Burch                     John B.                                            07-Nov-60
Burch                     John B.                                            09-Nov-60
Burch                     Pearl (Mrs.)                                       25-Oct-60
Burchinal                 Reta Mae (Mrs.)                                    25-Nov-60
Burchinal                 Rita M.                                            24-Nov-60
Burden                    Oscar R.                                           12-Sep-60
Burke                     Rhoda (Mrs.)                                       06-Dec-60
Burkhart                  Steve                                              01-Jul-60
Burlie                    Jesse F. (Rev.)                                    23-Sep-60
Burnett                   Grace (Mrs.)                                       13-Aug-60
Burnett                   Grace V. (Mrs.)                                    14-Aug-60
Burns                     Frank Elsworth                                     19-Jul-60
Burns                     H. A.                                              20-Dec-60
Burr                      Ames A.                                            11-Nov-60
Burris                    Mark                                               20-Oct-60
Burton                    John Daley (Jr.)                                   21-Nov-60
Burwell                   Edith Marie (Mrs.)                                 12-Jul-60
Busch                     Charles A.                                         09-Dec-60
Busch                     Charles A.                                         10-Dec-60
Bushey                    Idelle Frances                                     09-Dec-60
Butcher                   Thomas W.  (Mrs.)                                  15-Sep-60
Butell                    Carl                                               23-Dec-60
Butler                    Ada (Mrs.)                                         26-Nov-60
Butterfield               Harry Charles                                      08-Dec-60
Butterfield               Harry Charles                                      10-Dec-60
Butts                     George A.                                          24-Sep-60
Cagle                     George Wayland                                     12-Dec-60
Cagle                     George Wayland                                     13-Dec-60
Cagle                     George Wayland                                     14-Dec-60
Cain                      James Delbert                                      28-Aug-60
Calbeck                   William Bernard                                    28-Dec-60
Caldwell                  Curtis C.                                          13-Jul-60
Caldwell                  Curtis C.                                          14-Jul-60
Caldwell                  Curtis C.                                          15-Jul-60
Caldwell                  Eleanor Adella (Mrs.)                              10-Dec-60
Calhoon                   Alvin C.                                           07-Dec-60
Calhoun                   George V.                                          28-Jul-60
Calhoun                   George V.                                          02-Aug-60
Calibanii                 James                                              30-Nov-60
Callahan                  Thelma (Mrs.)                                      30-Sep-60
Callaway                  Ralph W.                                           01-Oct-60
Callaway                  Vivian (Mrs.)                                      08-Sep-60
Callaway                  Vivian (Mrs.)                                      11-Sep-60
Callaway                  Vivian (Mrs.)                                      13-Sep-60
Callen                    C. P.                                              10-Nov-60
Camacho                   Maria Lopez (Mrs.)                                 26-Jul-60
Camp                      Robert Nicholas                                    21-Nov-60
Campbell                  C. C.                                              11-Jul-60
Campbell                  Carl L.                                            16-Aug-60
Campbell                  Grace (Mrs.)                                       27-Dec-60
Campbell                  Howard Andrew                                      29-Dec-60
Campbell                  Howard Andrew                                      31-Dec-60
Campbell                  Rose A.                                            30-Jul-60
Cannon                    Mickey                                             18-Sep-60
Cantrall                  Elizabeth (Dr.)                                    22-Dec-60
Carey                     Nellie Ann (Mrs.)                                  21-Oct-60
Carlson                   Anna M. (Miss)                                     12-Aug-60
Carlson                   Anna M. (Miss)                                     12-Aug-60
Carlson                   Fred M.                                            23-Nov-60
Carmihael                 Robert                                             01-Sep-60
Carney                    Mary Kathleen                                      17-Aug-60
Carr                      Robert T.                                          30-Jul-60
Carr                      Robert T.                                          31-Jul-60
Carrell                   George Bertis                                      30-Oct-60
Carrell                   Samuel A.                                          02-Nov-60
Carroll                   Fred S.                                            22-Nov-60
Carroll                   Fred S.                                            23-Nov-60
Carson                    Imogene (Mrs.)                                     27-Dec-60
Carson                    Mary (Mrs.)                                        09-Jul-60
Carter                    Lazzetta E. (Mrs.)                                 28-Sep-60
Cartwright                George B.                                          02-Dec-60
Cartwright                George B.                                          03-Dec-60
Casada                    James Oscar                                        26-Aug-60
Case                      Claude Lemon                                       08-Oct-60
Case                      Clyde L.                                           08-Oct-60
Case                      Martha M. (Mrs.)                                   24-Aug-60
Case                      Martha Matilda (Mrs.)                              22-Aug-60
Case                      William Lycurgus (Curg)                            31-Jul-60
Casement                  Josephine (Mrs.)                                   29-Dec-60
Cash                      Larry                                              23-Sep-60
Cash                      Larry Dale                                         24-Sep-60
Catron                    F. L.                                              02-Oct-60
Cavanuagh                 Laura                                              28-Nov-60
Caylor                    Larry Dale                                         27-Oct-60
Cessna                    Orrin A.                                           11-Nov-60
Ceurvorst                 John E.                                            29-Dec-60
Ceurvorst                 John E.                                            31-Dec-60
Chace                     Bertha Etnire (Mrs.)                               14-Oct-60
Chadd                     Charles W.                                         22-Oct-60
Chalmers                  Clinton H.                                         24-Aug-60
Chandler                  Martha M. (Mrs.)                                   26-Oct-60
Chandler                  Martha M. (Mrs.)                                   27-Oct-60
Charles                   Margie (Mrs. Ellis)                                31-Aug-60
Chattam                   Hazel Mae (Mrs.)                                   13-Jul-60
Chegwidden                Harold                                             08-Nov-60
Cherry                    Clyde L.                                           23-Oct-60
Cherry                    Clyde L.                                           25-Oct-60
Chester                   William Arnold                                     22-Oct-60
Childers                  Clara                                              20-Jul-60
Childers                  Maggie (Mrs.)                                      19-Dec-60
Chitwood                  Ray W.                                             23-Aug-60
Chitwood                  Ray W.                                             24-Aug-60
Chrisman                  Anita Grace (Mrs.)                                 03-Oct-60
Christenson               John Miller                                        11-Sep-60
Church                    Ray Albert                                         12-Sep-60
Church                    Ray Elbert                                         10-Sep-60
Churchwell                William Hase                                       20-Oct-60
Churchwell                William Hase                                       22-Oct-60
Claiborne                 E. C.                                              08-Nov-60
Clairborne                Ernest C.                                          07-Nov-60
Clarahan                  Roderick J.                                        25-Dec-60
Clark                     Charles R.                                         24-Jul-60
Clark                     Clena Vivian                                       07-Oct-60
Clark                     Clena Vivian (Mrs.)                                06-Oct-60
Clark                     Herschel J.                                        20-Jul-60
Clark                     Minnie E. (Mrs.)                                   28-Sep-60
Clark                     Minnie E. (Mrs.)                                   29-Sep-60
Clark                     Richard L.                                         05-Sep-60
Clary                     Selma (Mrs.)                                       11-Sep-60
Claypool                  Charles A.                                         10-Dec-60
Cleary                    A. J.                                              11-Jul-60
Cleary                    A. J.                                              14-Jul-60
Cleary                    Allyn James                                        12-Jul-60
Clements                  William R.                                         12-Nov-60
Clements                  William R.                                         15-Nov-60
Cleveland                 A. V.                                              05-Dec-60
Clinard                   Roland T.                                          08-Nov-60
Clinard                   Rowland T.                                         07-Nov-60
Cline                     Bessie Antonete (Mrs.)                             05-Sep-60
Clingerman                Stillman Jacob                                     28-Dec-60
Clothier                  Irl Benton                                         03-Oct-60
Clothier                  Irl Benton                                         04-Oct-60
Cloud                     Kenneth P.                                         24-Oct-60
Cloud                     Kenneth Powell                                     22-Oct-60
Cloud                     Oscar Calvin                                       25-Nov-60
Coats                     Patricia Darlene                                   17-Sep-60
Coburn                    Maxine Setzer (Mrs.)                               01-Jul-60
Cochran                   Forrest Marion                                     14-Sep-60
Cochran                   Sadie E. (Mrs.)                                    20-Nov-60
Cockrell                  Frances Elizabeth (Mrs.)                           05-Jul-60
Cockrell                  Frances Elizabeth (Mrs.)                           07-Jul-60
Cockrell                  Francis Elizabeth                                  05-Jul-60
Cody                      April D.                                           21-Sep-60
Cody                      April Delight                                      22-Sep-60
Coe                       Mike                                               05-Sep-60
Coe                       Mike                                               05-Sep-60
Cole                      Herbert                                            15-Jul-60
Collins                   Lenora Maxine                                      05-Jul-60
Collins                   Lenora Maxine                                      05-Jul-60
Collins                   Vincent E.                                         14-Sep-60
Collyer                   Pearl Richter (Mrs.)                               08-Nov-60
Collyer                   Pearl Richter (Mrs.)                               09-Nov-60
Colvin                    Ida Belle (Mrs.)                                   27-Jul-60
Colvin                    Ida Belle (Mrs.)                                   28-Jul-60
Combs                     Nettie Meyer (Mrs.)                                21-Sep-60
Conine                    Jessie L. (Mrs.)                                   05-Nov-60
Conley                    Zetta Mae (Mrs.)                                   28-Dec-60
Conley                    Zetta Mae (Mrs.)                                   29-Dec-60
Conly                     Nellie (Mrs.)                                      28-Jul-60
Connelly                  Infant Son of Lawrence W.                          30-Oct-60
Conner                    Anna T. (Mrs.)                                     04-Oct-60
Conner                    Anna T. (Mrs.)                                     05-Oct-60
Conover                   Everett                                            02-Oct-60
Consolver                 Mary Eleanor (Mrs.)                                27-Oct-60
Cook                      John F. (Judge)                                    13-Dec-60
Cook                      Margie Elizabeth (Mrs.)                            04-Oct-60
Coombs                    Gertrude                                           16-Jul-60
Coombs                    Gertrude (Mrs.)                                    17-Jul-60
Coombs                    Gertrude (Mrs.)                                    18-Jul-60
Coombs                    Nora E. J.                                         11-Jul-60
Coon                      Cora Ellen (Mrs.)                                  14-Dec-60
Cooper                    Mark Henry                                         07-Sep-60
Cooper                    Mary Linda                                         04-Aug-60
Cooper                    Mary Linda (Mrs.)                                  04-Aug-60
Cooper                    Ruby                                               13-Dec-60
Corbett                   Joan Marie                                         19-Aug-60
Corey                     Cecil H.                                           21-Jul-60
Corey                     Cecil H.                                           22-Jul-60
Corn                      Anna L. (Mrs.)                                     03-Nov-60
Cornett                   Melvin                                             31-Aug-60
Cosgrove                  Mary Theodota (Sister)                             20-Dec-60
Cossairt                  Ben C.                                             16-Aug-60
Cotton                    Hattie L. (Mrs.)                                   03-Dec-60
Cowley                    I. M.                                              11-Nov-60
Cox                       Paul                                               09-Aug-60
Cox                       Tammy Lou                                          17-Jul-60
Craft                     Chester R.                                         22-Dec-60
Crail                     Margaret (Mrs.)                                    23-Sep-60
Cramer                    Ralph W.                                           01-Aug-60
Crammer                   Charles E.                                         29-Aug-60
Crampton                  Edward                                             26-Aug-60
Cramton                   Edward                                             25-Aug-60
Crance                    Margaret (Mrs.)                                    18-Dec-60
Crance                    Nella Margaret (Mrs.)                              15-Dec-60
Crane                     George W.                                          20-Oct-60
Crawford                  Clifford                                           22-Nov-60
Creekmore                 George A. (Rev.)                                   29-Jul-60
Cremo                     Elder Major                                        08-Oct-60
Cremo                     Major Elder                                        08-Oct-60
Crevier                   Francis W.                                         14-Sep-60
Crevier                   Spencer William                                    04-Sep-60
Crisp                     Aileen LaVerne (Mrs.)                              11-Dec-60
Crisp                     Aileen LaVerne (Mrs.)                              12-Dec-60
Crist                     Aleen L. (Mrs.)                                    10-Dec-60
Crockere                  Inez (Mrs.)                                        28-Jul-60
Crockett                  Mabel Lee (Mrs.)                                   12-Oct-60
Crockett                  Mabel Lee (Mrs.)                                   12-Oct-60
Crofoot                   Augusta C. (Mrs.)                                  12-Oct-60
Crofoot                   John (Mrs.)                                        12-Oct-60
Cron                      Amy Blanche (Mrs.)                                 17-Dec-60
Crowe                     Earl Ruben                                         07-Sep-60
Crowe                     Izetta P. (Mrs.)                                   21-Sep-60
Crowe                     Izetta P. (Mrs.)                                   22-Sep-60
Crowe                     Leah May (Mrs.)                                    21-Nov-60
Crowe                     Leah May (Mrs.)                                    21-Nov-60
Crum                      L. A. (Mrs.)                                       29-Nov-60
Crutcher                  Orpha (Mrs.)                                       19-Oct-60
Cullen                    Mamie R. (Mrs.)                                    24-Sep-60
Cullen                    Mamie R. (Mrs.)                                    26-Sep-60
Curtis                    Luther Hatfield                                    24-Dec-60
Cusic                     Calvin H.                                          20-Nov-60
Cusic                     Calvin H.                                          21-Nov-60
Cusic                     Calvin H.                                          22-Nov-60
Daggy                     Harold D.                                          30-Aug-60
Dahl                      Curtis E.                                          21-Aug-60
Dahl                      Curtis E.                                          22-Aug-60
Dailey                    N. C.                                              14-Sep-60
Danielson                 Martin Theodore                                    06-Sep-60
Danielson                 Martin Theodore                                    07-Sep-60
Darling                   George Birdfley                                    16-Dec-60
Dasbach                   Debra Cathern                                      06-Dec-60
Dasbach                   Debroah K.                                         05-Dec-60
David                     George F.                                          07-Dec-60
Davies                    Harold                                             17-Aug-60
Davis                     Carla Dorothy                                      26-Aug-60
Davis                     Elizabeth (Mrs.)                                   18-Nov-60
Davis                     Hallam Walker                                      11-Aug-60
Davis                     Maree I.                                           01-Nov-60
Davis                     Maree I. (Mrs.)                                    01-Nov-60
Davis                     Robert L.                                          03-Oct-60
Davis                     Robert L.                                          04-Oct-60
Davis                     Shirley                                            21-Sep-60
Davis                     Thomas E.                                          26-Aug-60
Davis                     Thomas Evan                                        25-Aug-60
Davison                   Ethel Lee (Mrs.)                                   04-Jul-60
Davison                   Ethel Lee (Mrs.)                                   06-Jul-60
Davison                   John L.                                            04-Jul-60
Day                       Doris                                              30-Jul-60
Deal                      John Tecumseh                                      28-Nov-60
Dean                      Donlad                                             30-Jul-60
DeCamp                    F. W.                                              19-Oct-60
Deckert                   Susan Lynn                                         01-Oct-60
DeGarmo                   George B.                                          17-Dec-60
DeHart                    Loise Margaret (Mrs.)                              23-Jul-60
DeHay                     Rolland S.                                         06-Jul-60
DeHay                     Rolland S.                                         07-Jul-60
DeHay                     Rolland S.                                         07-Jul-60
Delaney                   william Dan                                        26-Aug-60
DeLanty                   Frank Damion                                       30-Jul-60
DeLanty                   Frank Damion                                       01-Aug-60
Dell'Antonia              William Angelo                                     22-Dec-60
DeLoach                   Annette                                            20-Sep-60
Delvell                   Walter C.                                          30-Sep-60
DeMars                    Gerald George                                      15-Oct-60
Dempster                  Robert D. (Pfc.)                                   05-Sep-60
Denhollem                 Beth (Mrs.)                                        18-Nov-60
Dennett                   Hazel Avis (Mrs.)                                  16-Oct-60
Dennett                   Minnie Mae (Mrs.)                                  26-Dec-60
Denny                     Viva V.                                            27-Nov-60
Denton                    W. H. (Uncle Billy)                                21-Oct-60
Dereby                    Ruby L. (Mrs.)                                     17-Oct-60
Dexter                    Pearl B. (Mrs.)                                    14-Sep-60
Dickson                   James A.                                           13-Nov-60
Dickson                   James Arthur                                       16-Nov-60
Dickson                   Pina and Gertrude                                  26-Dec-60
Dieffenbacher             Clyde Charles                                      12-Sep-60
Dieffenbacher             Paul W.                                            24-Aug-60
Dill                      Frede Allen                                        26-Dec-60
Dillenbeck                Grace A. (Mrs.)                                    23-Sep-60
Dillon                    Eddie Leroy                                        30-Aug-60
Dillon                    Eddie Leroy                                        31-Aug-60
Dixon                     Catherine M. (Mrs.)                                11-Nov-60
Dixon                     Catherine M. (Mrs.)                                11-Nov-60
Dixon                     Minnie (Mrs.)                                      01-Dec-60
Dodge                     Mary Adelaide (Mrs.)                               02-Nov-60
Doerfler                  Roy Virgil                                         07-Nov-60
Doerfler                  Roy Virgil                                         09-Nov-60
Doherty                   Charles S.                                         22-Aug-60
Doherty                   Charles S. (Steve)                                 21-Aug-60
Donnell                   Lillie M. (Mrs.)                                   22-Sep-60
Dooley                    Ottillia O. (Mrs.)                                 22-Nov-60
Doolittle                 Wallace Freeman (Lt.)                              21-Aug-60
Dorbrott                  John R.                                            14-Dec-60
Dorbrott                  John R.                                            15-Dec-60
Doshier                   Norman Charles (T Sgt.)                            13-Sep-60
Dotson                    Suzanne                                            08-Jul-60
Dotson                    Suzanne                                            08-Jul-60
Dotson                    Suzanne                                            09-Jul-60
Doty                      Alvin Leroy                                        04-Oct-60
Dowers                    Perry Alva (Mr. and Mrs.)                          25-Nov-60
Dowers                    Perry Alva (Mr. and Mrs.)                          26-Nov-60
Downey                    Nellie B. (Mrs.)                                   31-Dec-60
Downing                   Arthur Charles                                     21-Sep-60
Downs                     Elsie Elizabeth (Mrs.)                             29-Oct-60
Downs                     Elsie Elizabeth (Mrs.)                             30-Oct-60
Doyle                     John Francis                                       21-Aug-60
Drake                     Clarence A.                                        07-Aug-60
Dreese                    Thomas J.                                          02-Jul-60
Droughn                   Sylvester G.                                       08-Aug-60
Drury                     A. Harlan                                          22-Oct-60
Dry                       Deborah Gale                                       03-Oct-60
Ducharm                   Agnes (Mrs.)                                       25-Aug-60
Dudley                    Jefferson J.                                       28-Jul-60
Duke                      Lafe                                               13-Oct-60
Dunagan                   Minnie V. (Mrs.)                                   24-Nov-60
Dunagan                   Minnie V. (Mrs.)                                   26-Nov-60
Duncan                    William                                            15-Oct-60
Dunn                      Joseph M.                                          19-Dec-60
Dunn                      Joseph M.                                          20-Dec-60
Dunn                      Randle G.                                          19-Sep-60
Dunn                      Randle G.                                          20-Sep-60
Dunnington                C. H.                                              01-Dec-60
Durant                    Mabel E. (Mrs.)                                    12-Oct-60
Durfee                    Mary Edwards (Mrs.)                                08-Nov-60
Dwyer                     Clark I. (Benny)                                   14-Aug-60
Dwyer                     Lloyd William                                      19-Dec-60
Dyar                      Alfred P.                                          25-Sep-60
Dyar                      Alfred P. (Jr.)                                    21-Sep-60
Dyar                      Alfred Paul                                        22-Sep-60
Dyck                      Edward J.                                          22-Sep-60
Dye                       R. M. (Mrs.)                                       11-Oct-60
Earhart                   John                                               10-Dec-60
Earp                      George Washington                                  21-Dec-60
Eastman                   John (Rev.), Pamela, Mary, Jane, Carl, Thomas,     21-Nov-60
Easton                    Harry O.                                           23-Aug-60
Easton                    Harry O.                                           25-Aug-60
Eaton                     Terry                                              29-Aug-60
Eaton                     William W.                                         24-Sep-60
Eaton                     William W.                                         24-Sep-60
Eby                       Benton A.                                          19-Nov-60
Eccles                    Pamela C.                                          05-Oct-60
Eccles                    Pamela C.                                          06-Oct-60
Eckel                     Leslie Earl                                        22-Aug-60
Eckel                     Leslie Earl                                        23-Aug-60
Eckel                     Leslie Earl                                        25-Aug-60
Eckler                    Oscar W.                                           28-Jul-60
Eckstein                  Helen M.                                           30-Jul-60
Eckstein                  Helen Matthew (Mrs.)                               28-Jul-60
Eddington                 Florence Frances (Mrs.)                            30-Nov-60
Edminster                 Maude E. (Mrs.)                                    04-Aug-60
Edmonds                   Lulu Ellen (Mrs.)                                  08-Dec-60
Edwarads                  John (Mrs.)                                        05-Aug-60
Edwards                   Cleo (Mrs.)                                        22-Sep-60
Edwards                   Henrietta (Mrs.)                                   04-Aug-60
Edwards                   Lydia (Mrs.)                                       22-Sep-60
Edwards                   Oscar (Jack)                                       10-Dec-60
Edwards                   Robert J.                                          27-Dec-60
Eichman                   John A.                                            23-Nov-60
Eifert                    Stella Florence (Mrs.)                             14-Sep-60
Elcock                    Beatrice (Mrs.)                                    09-Nov-60
Elcock                    Thomas E. (Mrs.)                                   04-Nov-60
Elder                     Nellie Rose (Mrs.)                                 06-Sep-60
Elder                     William L.                                         11-Nov-60
Elder                     William L.                                         12-Nov-60
Elledge                   Emmett Russell                                     31-Dec-60
Elliott                   Anna Bell                                          13-Jul-60
Elliott                   James Michael                                      01-Jul-60
Ellsworth                 Anna Marie (Mrs.)                                  20-Nov-60
Elrick                    Mary B. (Mrs.)                                     03-Nov-60
Elston                    Vida (Mrs.)                                        27-Aug-60
Elwood                    Florest Duane                                      12-Aug-60
Elwood                    Florest Duane                                      13-Aug-60
Endicott                  Homerk                                             30-Oct-60
Engels                    Mary Elizabeth                                     18-Sep-60
Epperson                  Claude W.                                          10-Nov-60
Erdwein                   Harley T.                                          02-Jul-60
Erhard                    Della Avis Iddings (Mrs.)                          29-Oct-60
Erickson                  S. W. (Mrs.)                                       20-Jul-60
Erker                     Jennie H. (Mrs.)                                   22-Dec-60
Eshelman                  Herbert B.                                         01-Nov-60
Essau                     Henry A.                                           21-Aug-60
Euper                     Robert Leo                                         09-Nov-60
Eurich                    Henry C.                                           16-Dec-60
Eurich                    Henry C.                                           18-Dec-60
Evans                     David Torney (Sr.)                                 12-Aug-60
Evans                     Eldon                                              02-Aug-60
Evans                     Eldon V.                                           01-Aug-60
Evans                     Ellen L. (Mrs.)                                    01-Jul-60
Evans                     Ellen Lillie                                       01-Jul-60
Evans                     Emma (Mrs.)                                        16-Oct-60
Evans                     Emma (Mrs.)                                        17-Oct-60
Evans                     Jacob O. (Jake)                                    12-Oct-60
Everhart                  Mae (Mrs.)                                         10-Aug-60
Ewert                     Frank William                                      16-Dec-60
Fargo                     Rose Anna (Mrs.)                                   28-Aug-60
Farha                     Donald Walter                                      01-Nov-60
Farha                     Nema S.                                            07-Sep-60
Farmer                    Gertrude Mildred                                   12-Aug-60
Farmer                    Robert Lee                                         29-Aug-60
Farragher                 William G.                                         12-Nov-60
Farran                    Infant Daughter of Frederick                       27-Dec-60
Faulk                     Jessie (Mrs.)                                      14-Aug-60
Faulk                     Jessie (Mrs.)                                      16-Aug-60
Faulkner                  Katie Rae (Mrs.)                                   01-Nov-60
Fawcett                   Claire (Mrs.)                                      15-Sep-60
Feagan                    Delmo L.                                           22-Oct-60
Ferguson                  Merle L.                                           20-Dec-60
Ferris                    Frank E.                                           30-Sep-60
Ferris                    W. W. (Harry)                                      27-Oct-60
Fields                    Edna Mae (Mrs.)                                    20-Nov-60
Fields                    William B.                                         15-Jul-60
Finck                     Rose Ann (Mrs.)                                    17-Dec-60
Finn                      Howard I.                                          03-Nov-60
Fisher                    Charles Leroy (Jr.)                                26-Nov-60
Fisher                    Ruth Dennis (Mrs.)                                 10-Oct-60
Fisk                      Robert                                             04-Jul-60
Fisk                      Robert                                             05-Jul-60
Fisk                      Robert                                             06-Jul-60
Flanagan                  Izeller (Mrs.)                                     28-Sep-60
Fleek                     Minnie (Mrs.)                                      22-Jul-60
Flick                     Edna Virginia                                      11-Aug-60
Floyd                     George C.                                          03-Oct-60
Floyd                     George C.                                          06-Oct-60
Floyd                     George C.                                          07-Oct-60
Foley                     Sara (Mrs.)                                        05-Aug-60
Folkers                   Roy C.                                             15-Nov-60
Fooshee                   Clara Z. (Mrs.)                                    24-Sep-60
Foote                     Rachel                                             06-Jul-60
Foote                     Rachel                                             07-Jul-60
Foote                     Rachel (Mrs.)                                      04-Jul-60
Foster                    Harvilla Lucinda (Mrs.)                            29-Dec-60
Foster                    Harvilla Lucinda (Mrs.)                            30-Dec-60
Foster                    Harvilla Lucinda (Mrs.)                            31-Dec-60
Foster                    Orville Lewis (Sr.)                                19-Oct-60
Foster                    William T.                                         04-Jul-60
Fox                       Hiram N.                                           19-Jul-60
Fox                       Hiram Nelson                                       16-Jul-60
Fox                       Jesse (Mrs.)                                       17-Jul-60
Francis                   Bernadette Garden (Mrs.)                           01-Aug-60
Frangenberg               John W.                                            29-Dec-60
Franklin                  David Ray                                          26-Oct-60
Frazee                    Scottt Eugene                                      24-Dec-60
Frazier                   Elmer M.                                           31-Oct-60
Frazier                   W. V.                                              21-Nov-60
Freeman                   Fred B.                                            27-Jul-60
Freeman                   John W.                                            15-Nov-60
French                    Ruth (Mrs.)                                        21-Dec-60
Freund                    Julia (Miss)                                       29-Dec-60
Freund                    Julia (Miss)                                       29-Dec-60
Frick                     Conrad D. (Mrs.)                                   02-Nov-60
Fricker                   Dean L.                                            27-Jul-60
Friend                    William (Mrs.)                                     05-Jul-60
Frinkrock                 Harry                                              17-Aug-60
Frisbie                   Eugene E.                                          30-Nov-60
Frolich                   Emma                                               16-Dec-60
Fry                       William H.                                         03-Oct-60
Fuhs                      Carl                                               10-Aug-60
Fulker                    Marvain E.                                         13-Jul-60
Fulks                     John A.                                            26-Sep-60
Fuller                    David S.                                           26-Sep-60
Gabrielson                Helen M. (Mrs.)                                    24-Aug-60
Gadlin                    Charles (Jr.)                                      04-Jul-60
Gadlin                    Charles (Jr.)                                      04-Jul-60
Gadlin                    Charles (Jr.)                                      04-Jul-60
Gagan                     Leonard E.                                         15-Nov-60
Galyear                   John                                               11-Dec-60
Ganther                   Jim                                                25-Jul-60
Gants                     Ethelyn Woolery (Mrs.)                             18-Oct-60
Gardenhire                Malcolm H.                                         24-Aug-60
Gardenhire                William Monroe                                     09-Oct-60
Gardner                   Lester H.                                          26-Oct-60
Gardner                   Lester H.                                          27-Oct-60
Garmer                    Gertrude Ann (Miss)                                03-Dec-60
Garmer                    Gertrude Ann (Miss)                                05-Dec-60
Garrett                   Frank                                              07-Aug-60
Garrison                  Alta Bixler (Mrs.)                                 28-Aug-60
Garrott                   Hugh                                               20-Aug-60
Gaudreau                  Amelia (Mrs. B. J.)                                17-Sep-60
Gaudreau                  Amelia (Mrs. B. J.)                                18-Sep-60
Gaunt                     Clyde D.                                           28-Aug-60
Gaunt                     Clyde Dewey                                        27-Aug-60
Gearhart                  Addie Nora (Mrs.)                                  27-Dec-60
Geer                      James B.                                           25-Sep-60
George                    Byron Lyle                                         13-Oct-60
George                    Debra Denise                                       16-Dec-60
George                    Dewey Paul                                         12-Sep-60
George                    Dora Ruth (Mrs.)                                   22-Sep-60
George                    John Milton                                        21-Oct-60
German                    Mary Eliza (Mrs.)                                  08-Nov-60
German                    Mary Eliza (Mrs.)                                  11-Nov-60
Gettings                  Pearl A.                                           23-Sep-60
Gfeller                   Herman                                             11-Sep-60
Gibbs                     Acey                                               22-Oct-60
Gibson                    Archie B.                                          02-Jul-60
Gibson                    Archie B.                                          03-Jul-60
Gibson                    Archie B.                                          04-Jul-60
Gibson                    Archie B.                                          04-Jul-60
Gibson                    Clarence C.                                        20-Jul-60
Giertz                    Joe Leslie                                         28-Dec-60
Giesen                    Edward Mat                                         21-Aug-60
Giggy                     Leonard Arthur                                     17-Jul-60
Gilbert                   Cora (Mrs.)                                        16-Aug-60
Gilbert                   Faustina May                                       13-Aug-60
Gilbert                   Ira                                                11-Nov-60
Gilchrist                 J. L.                                              18-Dec-60
Giles                     Paul N. and Larry                                  25-Nov-60
Giles                     Paul N. and Larry                                  26-Nov-60
Giles                     Paul N. and Larry                                  27-Nov-60
Gill                      Anita Fawn (Mrs.)                                  30-Aug-60
Gillabrothar              Kathy Gene                                         05-Aug-60
Gilliland                 Rodney L.                                          26-Aug-60
Gilmore                   Lee                                                19-Oct-60
Gilmore                   Morris Carl                                        18-Sep-60
Gilmore                   Robert                                             18-Dec-60
Gimple                    Alfred E. (Jr.)                                    26-Sep-60
Gimple                    Alfred E. (Jr.)                                    27-Sep-60
Girod                     Irenus III                                         23-Oct-60
Girod                     Irenus III                                         24-Oct-60
Gittrich                  Joseph J.                                          24-Nov-60
Gittrich                  Joseph J.                                          25-Nov-60
Gittrich                  Joseph J.                                          25-Nov-60
Givens                    John Wesley                                        11-Aug-60
Glade                     Louis                                              08-Oct-60
Glasser                   Lynlee M. (Mrs.)                                   04-Nov-60
Glazier                   Ella R. (Mrs.)                                     02-Nov-60
Glunt                     Noble L.                                           31-Oct-60
Goerschius                Bertis (Miss)                                      10-Dec-60
Goin                      Carrol                                             19-Aug-60
Goldsmith                 Joe                                                23-Nov-60
Gonzalez                  Maria V. (Mrs.)                                    12-Oct-60
Gonzalez                  Maria V. (Mrs.)                                    12-Oct-60
Gooden                    William J.                                         14-Aug-60
Goodman                   Lewis W.                                           03-Jul-60
Goodman                   Lewis W.                                           05-Jul-60
Goodman                   Lewis W.                                           05-Jul-60
Goodman                   Louis                                              22-Nov-60
Goodrich                  Blanche                                            27-Jul-60
Gosch                     Sam                                                28-Oct-60
Gould                     Grace A. (Mrs.)                                    05-Sep-60
Grabendike                Frank W.                                           23-Sep-60
Grabendike                Frank W.                                           24-Sep-60
Graf                      Bill                                               12-Dec-60
Graham                    J. T.                                              19-Oct-60
Graham                    Shirley Ann (Mrs.)                                 28-Dec-60
Grandfield                Virgil Orie                                        25-Dec-60
Grandfield                Virgil Orie                                        26-Dec-60
Grandfield                Virgil Orie                                        27-Dec-60
Gratz                     Minnie Louise (Mrs.)                               03-Jul-60
Graves                    Charles Wright                                     10-Aug-60
Graves                    Nettie S.                                          07-Aug-60
Gray                      Arthur Charlie                                     04-Nov-60
Gray                      Noble L.                                           01-Nov-60
Graybeal                  Walter R.                                          24-Nov-60
Green                     Esther Sara (Mrs.)                                 17-Oct-60
Green                     Oscar G.                                           24-Sep-60
Green                     Pernellar Martha (Mrs.)                            09-Nov-60
Green                     Russell E.                                         30-Sep-60
Gregg                     Alice A. (Mrs.)                                    08-Oct-60
Gregg                     Alice A. (Mrs.)                                    08-Oct-60
Greutter                  Jacob Werner                                       22-Dec-60
Grey                      George Earl                                        14-Dec-60
Grier                     James Roscoe                                       06-Nov-60
Grier                     James Roscoe                                       07-Nov-60
Griffin                   John J.                                            22-Nov-60
Griffin                   John J. (Sr.)                                      21-Nov-60
Griffith                  Aura J. H.                                         13-Jul-60
Griffith                  Donald Elsworth (Lt.)                              20-Sep-60
Griffith                  John M.                                            07-Sep-60
Griffith                  Lola (Mrs.)                                        27-Nov-60
Griffith                  Lola (Mrs.)                                        28-Nov-60
Grillot                   Albert J.                                          15-Jul-60
Grimes                    Nella Margaret                                     02-Jul-60
Grimm                     E. S.                                              31-Dec-60
Griss                     Oscar A.                                           27-Sep-60
Grittman                  Lonnie Dale                                        27-Aug-60
Grooner                   Betty (Mrs.)                                       30-Sep-60
Groth                     Anna M.                                            07-Jul-60
Grulke                    George A.                                          11-Oct-60
Grulke                    George Albert                                      09-Oct-60
Gruner                    Betty (Mrs.)                                       01-Oct-60
Guginn                    Lora A. (Mrs.)                                     01-Jul-60
Guilbert                  Brian D.                                           31-Jul-60
Guinn                     Lora (Mrs.)                                        24-Jul-60
Guinn                     Lora A. (Mrs.)                                     05-Jul-60
Gum                       William Oliver                                     05-Aug-60
Gunnels                   William B.                                         06-Oct-60
Gunnels                   William B.                                         06-Oct-60
Gunnels                   William B.                                         07-Oct-60
Gunter                    Earl                                               11-Nov-60
Gunther                   Clarence Boyd                                      11-Nov-60
Gunther                   Clarence Boyd                                      12-Nov-60
Gustafson                 Clarence Wallace                                   11-Sep-60
Hackney                   felicia B. (Mrs.)                                  08-Dec-60
Hackney                   Mabel C. (Mrs.)                                    16-Sep-60
Haden                     Mary M.                                            05-Aug-60
Hahn                      Frances G. (Mrs.)                                  13-Oct-60
Hahn                      Frances G. (Mrs.)                                  14-Oct-60
Hale                      Dorothy (Mrs.)                                     15-Oct-60
Hall                      Anna L. (Mrs.)                                     28-Oct-60
Hall                      Leslie Willard                                     10-Dec-60
Hall                      Leslie Willard                                     11-Dec-60
Hall                      Matthew (Rev.)                                     14-Nov-60
Hall                      Roba Lee (Spec.)                                   08-Jul-60
Hall                      Robert James                                       21-Aug-60
Halvorson                 Grace L:ela (Mrs.)                                 26-Dec-60
Hamel                     Walter F.                                          02-Nov-60
Hamlin                    Homer H.                                           17-Oct-60
Hamlin                    Homer Harry                                        16-Oct-60
Hammer                    Lillian (Mrs.)                                     23-Jul-60
Hammond                   Pauline F. (Mrs.)                                  08-Aug-60
Hampton                   John R.                                            15-Oct-60
Hampton                   Myles D. (Dee)                                     26-Sep-60
Hand                      Richard Anthony & Raeda Ann (twins)                02-Oct-60
Haney                     Vivian L. (Mrs.)                                   30-Sep-60
Hankins                   Ellis                                              23-Jul-60
Hankins                   Ellis                                              24-Jul-60
Hanna                     Clifford E. III                                    12-Oct-60
Hanna                     Infant Son of Clifford E.                          10-Oct-60
Hanson                    Edna Pearl (Mrs.)                                  20-Jul-60
Hanson                    Julia Arnold (Mrs.)                                18-Dec-60
Harber                    Oliver O.                                          11-Jul-60
Harber                    Oliver O.                                          11-Jul-60
Harding                   Raymond C.                                         26-Jul-60
Hardwaick                 Alberta Nell (Mrs.)                                19-Sep-60
Hardwick                  Fred W.                                            19-Dec-60
Hardwick                  Fred William                                       20-Dec-60
Harker                    Dwayne Keith                                       31-Oct-60
Harker                    Dwayne Keith                                       01-Nov-60
Harlan                    Lloyd O.                                           05-Nov-60
Harrell                   Charles Henry                                      13-Nov-60
Harris                    Alexander                                          06-Jul-60
Harris                    Alexander                                          07-Jul-60
Harris                    Alexander                                          08-Jul-60
Harris                    Edwin V.                                           08-Jul-60
Harris                    Fannie (Mrs.)                                      26-Oct-60
Harris                    George Calyton (Dr.)                               23-Sep-60
Harris                    Minnie L. (Mrs.)                                   02-Oct-60
Harris                    Tessie (Mrs.)                                      28-Nov-60
Harrison                  Della May (Mrs.)                                   03-Dec-60
Harrison                  Doyle (Jr.)                                        10-Nov-60
Harrison                  Howard B.                                          21-Jul-60
Harrison                  Howard B.                                          23-Jul-60
Harrison                  Walt                                               16-Aug-60
Hart                      Verdis V. & Lila                                   30-Oct-60
Hart                      Viola L. (Mrs.)                                    13-Oct-60
Hartley                   Warren L.                                          07-Dec-60
Hartman                   Arthur Andrew                                      05-Nov-60
Harveey                   Oliver B.                                          25-Dec-60
Harvey                    Anna (Mrs.)                                        22-Dec-60
Harvey                    Ernest E. (Dr.)                                    27-Sep-60
Harvey                    Oliver B.                                          27-Dec-60
Harwick                   Vernie Clayton                                     03-Oct-60
Harwick                   Vernie Clayton                                     06-Oct-60
Harwood                   Curtis                                             04-Oct-60
Hatch                     Carrie Belle (Mrs.)                                17-Nov-60
Hatcher                   Albert R. (Dr.)                                    20-Sep-60
Hatfield                  Clara (Miss)                                       06-Oct-60
Hatfield                  Everett Paul                                       20-Jul-60
Haug                      Mary Barney                                        17-Jul-60
Haugh                     Melvin                                             16-Aug-60
Hauser                    L. Dean                                            24-Nov-60
Hausere                   L. Dean                                            25-Nov-60
Hawkins                   Morris P.                                          06-Sep-60
Hayden                    Hattie A. (Mrs.)                                   31-Dec-60
Hayden                    Joseph L.                                          30-Sep-60
Hayden                    Roy A.                                             28-Oct-60
Hayes                     William R.                                         19-Sep-60
Haynes                    Asa                                                15-Jul-60
Haynes                    Asa                                                16-Jul-60
Hays                      V. O. (Mr.)                                        05-Aug-60
Healy                     Timothy                                            04-Nov-60
Heck                      Ida Belle (Mrs.)                                   02-Oct-60
Hein                      Emma M.                                            01-Jul-60
Hein                      Nicholas J.                                        17-Oct-60
Hein                      Nicholas J.                                        18-Oct-60
Hein                      Roy M.                                             15-Nov-60
Heiserman                 Maude L. (Mrs.)                                    21-Dec-60
Heiserman                 Maude L. (Mrs.)                                    23-Dec-60
Helle                     Mathias (Rev.)                                     30-Jul-60
Helt                      Thomas W.                                          01-Jul-60
Helton                    Minnie Alice (Mrs.)                                26-Aug-60
Hempel                    Sophia R. (Miss)                                   14-Nov-60
Hemphill                  Carolyn E. (Mrs.)                                  15-Sep-60
Henderson                 Jay Lee                                            01-Aug-60
Henderson                 William                                            14-Nov-60
Henman                    Kelley                                             07-Nov-60
Henman                    Kelley                                             07-Nov-60
Henrie                    Ida Armstrong                                      22-Aug-60
Henry                     Charles L.                                         22-Sep-60
Henry                     Charles L.                                         23-Sep-60
Henry                     Katheryn (Mrs.)                                    12-Aug-60
Herder                    Will (Sr.)                                         02-Nov-60
Herndon                   Leona Patsy Jennie (Mrs.)                          27-Nov-60
Herndon                   Maxine (Mrs.)                                      09-Oct-60
Herndon                   Maxine (Mrs.)                                      11-Oct-60
Herndon                   Patsy Jennie (Mrs.)                                25-Nov-60
Heskett                   J. O.                                              24-Dec-60
Hester                    Billy N.                                           17-Oct-60
Hett                      Harvey E.                                          17-Oct-60
Hhobbs                    Willard Ray                                        07-Jul-60
Hickcox                   Luvena (Mrs.)                                      30-Sep-60
Hickerson                 Jean                                               04-Sep-60
Hickerson                 Jean                                               05-Sep-60
Hickerson                 Jean M.                                            05-Sep-60
Hickerson                 Jean M.                                            05-Sep-60
Hickerson                 Jean Marie                                         06-Sep-60
Hicks                     Roger L.                                           15-Nov-60
Higbee                    Bert                                               03-Sep-60
Higbee                    Martin O.                                          03-Jul-60
Higgins                   Dorothy A. (Mrs.)                                  10-Nov-60
Higgins                   Dorothy A. (Mrs.)                                  11-Nov-60
Hilbert                   Fred (Mrs.)                                        30-Oct-60
Hill                      Ernest G.                                          10-Sep-60
Hill                      Ernest Grover                                      12-Sep-60
Hill                      Eunice (Miss)                                      02-Jul-60
Hill                      Martha Eunice (Miss)                               01-Jul-60
Hill                      Martha Eunice (Miss)                               01-Jul-60
Hill                      Martha Eunice (Miss)                               02-Jul-60
Hill                      Rosa Lee (Mrs.)                                    13-Sep-60
Hill                      Sharon J.                                          15-Aug-60
Hilt                      Irvin Lee                                          26-Sep-60
Hilyard                   Arthur Scott                                       12-Sep-60
Hinchcliff                Keith (Dr. & Mrs. & Barbara                        26-Jul-60
Hinckley                  Clarence L.                                        18-Dec-60
Hinkle                    Gracec A. (Miss)                                   31-Jul-60
Hinkle                    John P. (Dr.)                                      01-Dec-60
Hixon                     George                                             20-Aug-60
Hixon                     George Jack                                        22-Aug-60
Hoard                     Elmer E.                                           14-Sep-60
Hobbs                     Willard Ray                                        08-Jul-60
Hobs                      Henry Dale                                         03-Aug-60
Hoch                      Clinton Lee                                        23-Nov-60
Hockman                   Roy                                                23-Nov-60
Hodge                     Herbert R.                                         07-Nov-60
Hodgens                   Melvvin Cleo                                       27-Nov-60
Hodgens                   Melvvin Cleo                                       28-Nov-60
Hodgett                   Clifford L.                                        22-Nov-60
Hodgson                   Henry C.                                           20-Sep-60
Hodgson                   Henry C.                                           21-Sep-60
Hoefgen                   Abe                                                05-Nov-60
Hoefgen                   Abe                                                07-Nov-60
Hoffman                   Elsie F. (Mrs.)                                    08-Sep-60
Hoffman                   Maybelle (Mrs.)                                    10-Jul-60
Holderbaum                Flora (Mrs.)                                       07-Dec-60
Hole                      Karen                                              22-Aug-60
Holland                   Addie                                              06-Oct-60
Holland                   Addie                                              07-Oct-60
Holland                   Addie (Mrs.)                                       02-Oct-60
Holland                   John Charles                                       04-Aug-60
Holle                     Adam                                               17-Aug-60
Holloway                  Harriett B. (Mrs.)                                 21-Nov-60
Hood                      Jerry                                              29-Dec-60
Hood                      Mary L. (Mrs.)                                     12-Sep-60
Hooper                    Byron                                              28-Aug-60
Hooper                    Byron                                              29-Aug-60
Hooper                    Infant Son of Kenneth                              14-Nov-60
Hoover                    Merle Wallace                                      23-Nov-60
Hopkins                   Clarence Elson                                     23-Oct-60
Hopkins                   Claude Jay                                         17-Aug-60
Hopkins                   Fannie Annie (Mrs.)                                27-Oct-60
Horrocks                  John H.                                            03-Oct-60
Hotchkiss                 Laura Bell                                         30-Jul-60
Hougland                  Mildred L. (Mrs.)                                  08-Sep-60
Houk                      Albert Washington                                  23-Oct-60
House                     Edith M.                                           12-Jul-60
House                     Edith M. (Mrs.)                                    11-Jul-60
House                     Leota Clara (Mrs.)                                 06-Dec-60
House                     Leota Clara (Mrs.)                                 07-Dec-60
House                     Ruthesther (Mrs.)                                  19-Sep-60
House                     Ruthesther (Mrs.)                                  20-Sep-60
House                     Ruthesther (Mrs.)                                  20-Sep-60
House                     Ruthesther (Mrs.)                                  21-Sep-60
House                     William                                            04-Aug-60
Howard                    Fannie A. (Miss)                                   24-Sep-60
Howard                    Fannie A. (Miss)                                   26-Sep-60
Howard                    Ida Edith (Mrs.)                                   18-Dec-60
Howell                    George F.                                          29-Nov-60
Hrencher                  Francis Henry                                      01-Jul-60
Hubband                   Mary (Mrs.)                                        13-Dec-60
Hubbard                   David A.                                           07-Dec-60
Hubbard                   Mary (Mrs.)                                        14-Dec-60
Huddleston                Lee                                                08-Aug-60
Hudlelson                 James A.                                           05-Aug-60
Hudley                    David                                              21-Jul-60
Huey                      Mark Anthony                                       20-Dec-60
Huey                      Mark Anthony                                       21-Dec-60
Huffman                   Estelle (Mrs.)                                     10-Jul-60
Huffman                   Laurence C.                                        12-Dec-60
Hufford                   May T. (Mrs.)                                      10-Dec-60
Hughes                    Ina May (Mrs.)                                     11-Nov-60
Hull                      Arthur                                             27-Jul-60
Hull                      Benjaminn Franklin                                 08-Sep-60
Humphries                 Gary A.                                            05-Jul-60
Humphries                 Gary A.                                            06-Jul-60
Humphries                 Gary A.                                            07-Jul-60
Humphries                 Gary A.                                            08-Jul-60
Humphries                 Gary A.                                            09-Jul-60
Humphries                 Gary Arlan                                         06-Jul-60
Hund                      Elizabeth (Mrs.)                                   19-Dec-60
Hunter                    Alvin C.                                           02-Dec-60
Hunter                    James Quincy                                       06-Aug-60
Hunter                    Jams Quincy                                        09-Aug-60
Hurst                     Brock                                              01-Dec-60
Hurst                     Frank A.                                           27-Jul-60
Hutchinson                Robert Warren                                      19-Sep-60
Hutchison                 Ozeta Alice (Mrs.)                                 20-Dec-60
Hutton                    Harry I.                                           25-Oct-60
Hyatt                     Guy Albert                                         12-Dec-60
Ifland                    James Conrad                                       30-Dec-60
Ifland                    Rosalie                                            10-Oct-60
Ifland                    Rosalie (Mrs.)                                     11-Oct-60
Ifland                    Rosalie (Mrs.)                                     11-Oct-60
Ildephonsus               M. (Sister)                                        16-Nov-60
Ildephonsus               M. (Sister)                                        16-Nov-60
Imbler                    Kathleen                                           14-Sep-60
Imbler                    Kathleen Elaine                                    15-Sep-60
Ingalls                   Sheffield (Mrs.)                                   04-Nov-60
Ingle                     Della (Mrs.)                                       27-Oct-60
Ingram                    John                                               25-Oct-60
Ingram                    Newton Earl                                        06-Aug-60
Irving                    Floyd                                              18-Sep-60
Isenhart                  Edward                                             18-Aug-60
Ivy                       Clarence E.                                        02-Sep-60
Jackman                   Orman                                              28-Nov-60
Jacobs                    Daniel Alois                                       21-Nov-60
Jacobs                    Henry H. and Eleetra                               05-Jul-60
Jacobs                    Henry Hewitt & Eleetra Elvessa                     06-Jul-60
Jacobs                    Henry Hewitt & Eleetra Elvessa                     06-Jul-60
Jacobs                    Henry Hewitt & Eleetra Elvessa                     06-Jul-60
Jacobs                    Henry Hewitt & Eleetra Elvessa                     08-Jul-60
James                     Joyce A.                                           08-Jul-60
James                     Joyce A. (Mrs.)                                    07-Jul-60
James                     Joyce A. (Mrs.)                                    09-Jul-60
Jefferies                 John A.                                            09-Aug-60
Jeffery                   Erma Elaine                                        01-Nov-60
Jehle                     Fred G.                                            22-Oct-60
Jehle                     Fred G.                                            23-Oct-60
Jehle                     George (Mrs.)                                      15-Nov-60
Jepsen                    Melissa Dawn                                       25-Nov-60
Jess                      George Lee                                         21-Dec-60
Jester                    Zella S. (Mrs.)                                    07-Oct-60
Jett                      Elmer Leslie                                       23-Nov-60
Jewell                    Katherine (Mrs.), Leroy, Rusty                     22-Nov-60
Jewsbery                  Mary V. (Mrs.)                                     22-Jul-60
Johns                     Arla Strope (Mrs.)                                 30-Aug-60
Johns                     Arla Strope (Mrs.)                                 01-Sep-60
Johnson                   Clara A. (Mrs.)                                    20-Dec-60
Johnson                   F. E. (Mrs.)                                       19-Sep-60
Johnson                   Frank                                              25-Aug-60
Johnson                   Hazel Metz (Mrs.)                                  12-Jul-60
Johnson                   Herschel Lee (Jr.)                                 25-Oct-60
Johnson                   James                                              01-Nov-60
Johnson                   Luther R. (Rev.)                                   25-Nov-60
Johnson                   William S.                                         29-Sep-60
Johnson                   William Samuel                                     30-Sep-60
Johnson                   William Samuel                                     01-Oct-60
Johnston                  Dessa R. (Mrs.)                                    06-Sep-60
Johnston                  G. H. (Howarad)                                    04-Nov-60
Johnston                  James E.                                           01-Aug-60
Johnston                  Moses (Mose) McElroy                               20-Jul-60
Johnston                  Moses (Mose) McElroy                               21-Jul-60
Johnston                  Walter G.                                          15-Aug-60
Jones                     Clara Foley (Mrs.)                                 06-Oct-60
Jones                     Claude Wiley                                       24-Oct-60
Jones                     Cliff C.                                           02-Nov-60
Jones                     Evelyn Avis                                        20-Jul-60
Jones                     Evelyn Avis (Mrs.)                                 18-Jul-60
Jones                     Evelyn Avis (Mrs.)                                 20-Jul-60
Jones                     Lee Boyd                                           20-Nov-60
Jones                     Lee Boyd                                           22-Nov-60
Jones                     Loren Garfield                                     28-Oct-60
Jones                     Matthew Lee                                        21-Oct-60
Jones                     Maxine (Mrs.)                                      31-Aug-60
Jones                     Owen D.                                            30-Aug-60
Jones                     Ralph R.                                           26-Sep-60
Jones                     Samuel  W.                                         14-Aug-60
Jones                     Samuel W. (Capt.)                                  16-Aug-60
Jones                     Virginia Parish (Mrs.)                             27-Jul-60
Jones                     Walter M.                                          06-Dec-60
Jones                     Walter M.                                          08-Dec-60
Jones                     William E. (Dr.)                                   21-Dec-60
Jordan                    Lillian Luoisa                                     14-Aug-60
Judd                      John Y.                                            04-Sep-60
Judd                      John Y.                                            05-Sep-60
Judd                      John Y.                                            05-Sep-60
Judd                      John Y.                                            05-Sep-60
Judd                      John Young (Jr.)                                   06-Sep-60
Jujegemeyer               Henry F.                                           29-Jul-60
Juleson                   Ida May (Mrs.)                                     28-Dec-60
Julian                    Ellen (Mrs.)                                       11-Dec-60
Jurgemeyere               Henry F.                                           30-Jul-60
Kappelmann                Kermit Lee                                         13-Sep-60
Karleskint                Julius T. (Bud)                                    25-Dec-60
Karr                      Alice V. (Mrs.)                                    10-Sep-60
Karsten                   Edgar J.                                           03-Jul-60
Karsten                   Edgar J.                                           04-Jul-60
Karsten                   Edgar J. (Kit)                                     01-Jul-60
Karsten                   Edgar J. (Mr.)                                     02-Jul-60
Karsten                   Edgar J. (Mr.)                                     02-Jul-60
Kaths                     Ferdinand C.                                       28-Aug-60
Katzenmeier               Mary (Mrs.)                                        04-Aug-60
Kaufman                   Lillie Grace                                       14-Jul-60
Kaufman                   Lillie Grace (Mrs.)                                15-Jul-60
Keating                   Roy G.                                             20-Jul-60
Keil                      John Franklin                                      12-Dec-60
Keil                      John Franklin                                      13-Dec-60
Kelch                     Harry L.                                           26-Oct-60
Kelleher                  Francis T.                                         14-Aug-60
Kelleher                  Francis T.                                         15-Aug-60
Keller                    Ruth (Mrs.)                                        01-Jul-60
Keller                    Ruth (Mrs.)                                        01-Jul-60
Kelsey                    Richard Allen                                      23-Dec-60
Kendrick                  Zela (Miss)                                        31-Aug-60
Kendrick                  Zela (Miss)                                        01-Sep-60
Kenedy                    Belle (Miss)                                       22-Aug-60
Kennan                    Donald W.                                          22-Oct-60
Kennedy                   Ethel (Mrs.)                                       25-Sep-60
Kennedy                   Geneva (Mrs.)                                      11-Dec-60
Kennedy                   Martha Belle                                       24-Aug-60
Kerr                      Elizabeth (Mrs.)                                   09-Dec-60
Kerr                      Glenn                                              18-Nov-60
Kessler                   Jesse Otis                                         30-Dec-60
Kessler                   Leonard A.                                         01-Sep-60
Key                       Kenneth Bernard                                    05-Nov-60
Kiefer                    Leah (Mrs.)                                        31-Dec-60
Kiehl                     William C.                                         27-Nov-60
Kievlan                   Harold F.                                          31-Aug-60
Kievlan                   Harold Francis                                     30-Aug-60
Kievlan                   Harold Francis                                     01-Sep-60
Kimball                   Margaret (Miss)                                    04-Sep-60
Kimball                   Margaret T.                                        05-Sep-60
Kindsvater                Raymond                                            03-Aug-60
King                      Alice A. (Mrs.)                                    15-Nov-60
King                      Arthur M.                                          01-Dec-60
King                      Arthur Mabry                                       02-Dec-60
King                      Clarence                                           25-Nov-60
King                      Ella Baker (Mrs.)                                  02-Oct-60
King                      Eva Annette                                        30-Aug-60
King                      Iva P. (Mrs.)                                      26-Aug-60
King                      Iva Panola (Mrs.)                                  24-Aug-60
King                      Jerry                                              04-Dec-60
King                      Robert M.                                          15-Dec-60
Kingore                   Don L.                                             20-Sep-60
Kingore                   Don L.                                             20-Sep-60
Kingore                   Donald LaVern                                      16-Sep-60
Kingore                   Donald LaVern                                      17-Sep-60
Kingsbury                 Ethel D.                                           23-Jul-60
Kiskadden                 William Walter                                     11-Nov-60
Kispler                   Lloyd F.                                           21-Oct-60
Klaus                     Lois                                               01-Jul-60
Klein                     William H.                                         21-Oct-60
Kleindienst               Erma Waydean (Mrs.)                                01-Aug-60
Kliewer                   Simeon S.                                          25-Nov-60
Kline                     Lydia Buechel (Mrs.)                               31-Jul-60
Kline                     Lydia E. (Mrs.)                                    29-Jul-60
Knaak                     Ernest P.                                          10-Dec-60
Knapp                     Glenn Lucky                                        07-Sep-60
Kneeland                  Ben                                                03-Aug-60
Knight                    Mary Isabell                                       06-Nov-60
Knoffloch                 Agnes M. (Mrs.)                                    28-Dec-60
Knoffloch                 Agnes Maud (Mrs.)                                  27-Dec-60
Knowles                   Kenny Lynn                                         19-Dec-60
Knox                      Irene C. (Mrs.)                                    09-Aug-60
Kolb                      Sam John                                           16-Jul-60
Kolb                      Sam John                                           18-Jul-60
Kootz                     Margaret (Mrs.)                                    11-Dec-60
Kozak                     Emil                                               14-Jul-60
Kraft                     Louis                                              22-Sep-60
Kraft                     Louis                                              23-Sep-60
Kranebell                 Maggie Maud (Mrs.)                                 18-Oct-60
Kranebell                 Maggie Maud (Mrs.)                                 19-Oct-60
Kraus                     Darald Dean                                        11-Oct-60
Krehbiel                  David Valentine                                    15-Nov-60
Krug                      Michael Alan                                       21-Jul-60
Krug                      Michael Alan                                       22-Jul-60
Kuhlmeyer                 Beatrice Louise (Mrs.)                             21-Aug-60
Kuhlmeyer                 Bernice Louise (Mrs.)                              22-Aug-60
Kuhn                      Fred                                               06-Nov-60
Kuhn                      Fred                                               07-Nov-60
Kurtz                     Gus A.                                             08-Oct-60
Kyle                      Anne Kerri                                         24-Sep-60
Lachenmyer                Louella (Mrs.)                                     26-Oct-60
Laeger                    Charles                                            22-Sep-60
LaFoy                     Robert Joe                                         09-Oct-60
LaFoy                     Robert Joe                                         10-Oct-60
LaFoy                     Robert Joe                                         11-Oct-60
Lake                      Solomon Amos                                       06-Sep-60
Lakin                     Charles L.                                         10-Oct-60
Lalor                     Frederich L.                                       29-Sep-60
Lalor                     Fredrich L.                                        28-Sep-60
Lamb                      Richard G.                                         08-Dec-60
Lambdin                   George Harold                                      14-Dec-60
Lambert                   Wayne E.                                           06-Nov-60
Lammons                   John Monroe                                        19-Nov-60
Lamons                    Merton S.                                          17-Oct-60
Lampton                   Frances Hart (Mrs.)                                14-Nov-60
Lampton                   Frances Hart (Mrs.)                                15-Nov-60
Landes                    Harvey                                             13-Jul-60
Landis                    John P.                                            23-Nov-60
Landis                    John P.                                            24-Nov-60
Landwehr                  Joe                                                25-Jul-60
Landwehr                  Walter F.                                          16-Jul-60
Lane                      John                                               30-Jul-60
Lane                      Milo James                                         15-Oct-60
Lane                      Milo James                                         16-Oct-60
Lanham                    Ruth Ellen (Mrs.)                                  29-Aug-60
Lanham                    Ruth Ellen (Mrs.)                                  30-Aug-60
LaPeer                    Arnold William                                     07-Dec-60
Large                     Homer F.                                           09-Dec-60
Larkin                    Helen Irene                                        31-Aug-60
Larsh                     Willard (Mrs.)                                     26-Oct-60
Lasley                    Thomas Franklin                                    26-Jul-60
Latham                    Eva M. (Mrs.)                                      17-Dec-60
Lauback                   Cheryl Bea                                         21-Nov-60
Laughary                  Minnie Adeline (Mrs.)                              05-Sep-60
Laughary                  Minnie Adeline (Mrs.)                              06-Sep-60
Laundon                   Robert S.                                          26-Jul-60
Laundon                   Robert S.                                          27-Jul-60
Law                       Susan Ann                                          13-Dec-60
Law                       Susan Ann                                          17-Dec-60
Lawyer                    Jesse F.                                           08-Nov-60
Laymon                    Amy (Mrs.)                                         13-Oct-60
Laymon                    Mollie Amy (Mrs.)                                  11-Oct-60
Leach                     Frank                                              18-Nov-60
Leach                     Frank                                              19-Nov-60
Leahy                     Tommy B.                                           01-Sep-60
Leahy                     Tommy B.                                           03-Sep-60
Learned                   Charles A.                                         25-Aug-60
Learned                   Charles A.                                         27-Aug-60
Learned                   Edith L. (Mrs.)                                    30-Oct-60
LeBlond                   Sarah Jeanette (Mrs.)                              30-Aug-60
Lebsack                   Emma Dorothy (Mrs.)                                08-Dec-60
Lee                       Claude Clarence                                    12-Oct-60
Lee                       Doris Jean                                         22-Oct-60
Lee                       Joseph W.                                          28-Nov-60
Lee                       Stockard Jackson                                   25-Aug-60
LeFevre                   Arthur W.                                          11-Dec-60
LeFevre                   Arthur W.                                          13-Dec-60
LeFevre                   Arthur W.                                          14-Dec-60
Lehmbeck                  Carl Christian                                     10-Nov-60
Lehmbeck                  Carl Christian                                     11-Nov-60
Lehmbeck                  Carl Christian                                     12-Nov-60
Lehnem                    Martha Virginia (Mrs.)                             24-Dec-60
Leidholt                  Katie (Mrs.)                                       06-Aug-60
Lemons                    Harold, Gloria, Robin, Virginia, Howard (Jr.),     22-Nov-60
Lentz                     Samuel N.                                          28-Jul-60
Lentz                     Samuel N.                                          29-Jul-60
Leonard                   George W.                                          15-Dec-60
Leu                       Laura R.                                           07-Jul-60
Leu                       Laura R. (Mrs.)                                    07-Jul-60
Levy                      Jerome Michael                                     27-Dec-60
Lewis                     Benjamin A.                                        08-Aug-60
Lewis                     Charles Henry                                      29-Oct-60
Lewis                     John Edward                                        20-Dec-60
Lewis                     Marcia L.                                          22-Aug-60
Lewis                     Marla Ann                                          09-Nov-60
Lewis                     Mary H. (Miss)                                     03-Aug-60
Lewis                     Mattie M. (Mrs.)                                   07-Sep-60
Liebl                     Conrad                                             23-Aug-60
Lies                      Nicholas (Nick)                                    05-Jul-60
Lightle                   Eliza (Mrs.)                                       31-Dec-60
Lightner                  Paul A. (Pete)                                     05-Jul-60
Lightner                  Paul A. (Pete)                                     05-Jul-60
Lightner                  Paul A. (Pete)                                     06-Jul-60
Lightner                  Paul A. (Pete)                                     06-Jul-60
Lightner                  Raobert Earl                                       14-Jul-60
Lindahl                   Adolph G.                                          13-Dec-60
Lindahl                   Leland A.                                          05-Oct-60
Lindsay                   David                                              11-Jul-60
Lindsted                  Hilda (Mrs.)                                       26-Nov-60
Lingren                   Augusta Maria (Mrs.)                               15-Jul-60
Linker                    Infant Daughter of Carl                            08-Jul-60
Linn                      Ben (Mrs.)                                         08-Jul-60
Linn                      Clarence                                           18-Dec-60
Linn                      Harry H.                                           18-Jul-60
Linn                      Harry H.                                           20-Jul-60
Linnabary                 Joseph H.                                          29-Aug-60
Lipke                     Frank J.                                           01-Oct-60
Lockett                   Ty                                                 08-Sep-60
Lockett                   Ty                                                 09-Sep-60
Loesch                    Margaret (Mrs.)                                    04-Dec-60
Logan                     Edna M.                                            02-Aug-60
Logan                     Edna M. (Mrs.)                                     02-Aug-60
Logan                     Eugene Ray                                         18-Dec-60
Long                      William C.                                         05-Nov-60
Long                      William C.                                         06-Nov-60
Lonker                    Ernest Theodore                                    20-Dec-60
Loucks                    Bonnie                                             01-Oct-60
Loucks                    Charles A.                                         30-Dec-60
Loux                      John Peter                                         18-Aug-60
Lovelady                  Wayne                                              12-Nov-60
Lowe                      Joel                                               15-Oct-60
Lowe                      Kelley Noel                                        25-Aug-60
Loyles                    Frank W.                                           07-Nov-60
Loyles                    Frank Ward                                         07-Nov-60
Ludes                     Rose Etta                                          30-Aug-60
Ludes                     Rose Etta (Mrs.)                                   01-Sep-60
Ludwig                    Mary Adoplh (Sister)                               20-Sep-60
Ludwig                    Mary Adoplh (Sister)                               21-Sep-60
Lupton                    Meretie M. (Mrs.)                                  07-Aug-60
Lutrell                   Denny                                              20-Nov-60
Lutz                      Elmer T.                                           17-Sep-60
Lyden                     John                                               13-Nov-60
Lyford                    Frank Pummer                                       29-Dec-60
Lynch                     Ernest                                             09-Oct-60
Lyons                     Arvin S.                                           02-Jul-60
Lyons                     Arvin S.                                           04-Jul-60
Lyons                     Arvin S.                                           04-Jul-60
Lyons                     Arvin S.                                           04-Jul-60
Lyons                     Howard                                             23-Dec-60
Lyons                     Howard                                             24-Dec-60
Lyons                     Howard F.                                          25-Oct-60
Lyons                     Howard F.                                          26-Oct-60
Mackey                    Frances Stella (Mrs.)                              25-Sep-60
Mackey                    Stella (Mrs.)                                      24-Sep-60
Maddox                    Elizabeth Michelle                                 08-Jul-60
Malcolm                   Jack                                               23-Nov-60
Malcolm                   Jack                                               24-Nov-60
Maloch                    John F.                                            07-Jul-60
Maloch                    John Franklin                                      07-Jul-60
Maloney                   Hubert (Jr.)                                       04-Dec-60
Maloney                   Quinton J. (Father)                                24-Dec-60
Maltby                    William Wesley                                     21-Sep-60
Manela                    Ben F.                                             08-Dec-60
Manese                    Mannie (Mrs.)                                      24-Dec-60
Manning                   Carrie (Mrs.)                                      26-Dec-60
Mannon                    Oliver R.                                          31-Aug-60
Mannon                    Oliver R.                                          01-Sep-60
Manson                    George                                             02-Dec-60
Mar                       Arc                                                04-Aug-60
Mar                       Arc                                                05-Aug-60
Marabille                 Edna (Dr.)                                         22-Aug-60
Maranville                Edna H. (Dr.)                                      23-Aug-60
Maranville                William A.                                         24-Jul-60
Mark                      Amanda (Mrs.)                                      07-Sep-60
Marquis                   Elnora (Mrs.)                                      14-Dec-60
Martin                    Anabelle (Mrs.), Barbara, Elliott                  22-Nov-60
Martin                    Anna (Mrs.)                                        08-Dec-60
Martin                    Emma Reeves (Mrs.)                                 10-Dec-60
Martin                    Emma Reeves (Mrs.)                                 12-Dec-60
Martin                    George Robert                                      06-Aug-60
Martin                    Harvey                                             22-Aug-60
Martin                    Howard Ludwick                                     03-Jul-60
Martin                    Jerry Lee                                          19-Aug-60
Martin                    Jessie (Mrs.)                                      12-Jul-60
Martin                    John H.                                            12-Nov-60
Martin                    John Peach                                         11-Nov-60
Martin                    Morris                                             12-Aug-60
Martin                    Willie                                             29-Sep-60
Marts                     Cora Mae                                           04-Jul-60
Marts                     Cora Mae (Mrs.)                                    04-Jul-60
Marts                     Cora Mae (Mrs.)                                    05-Jul-60
Mason                     Stanford Coy                                       30-Jul-60
Mathes                    Mae C. (Mrs.)                                      02-Dec-60
Matthews                  Lawrence E.                                        27-Jul-60
Matthews                  Lois (Mrs.)                                        30-Oct-60
Mattson                   Alfred                                             11-Nov-60
Maxwell                   Robert H. (Dr.)                                    17-Dec-60
Maxwell                   Robert H. (Dr.)                                    19-Dec-60
Maxwell                   William C.                                         05-Dec-60
Mayfield                  Thomas Y.                                          11-Dec-60
Maynard                   Mathew Thomas                                      22-Sep-60
McAuley                   Harry C.                                           21-Nov-60
McAuley                   Harry C.                                           23-Nov-60
McAuliffe                 Mary Etta (Mrs.)                                   13-Nov-60
McAuliffe                 Mary Etta (Mrs.)                                   15-Nov-60
McAuliffe                 Mary Etta (Mrs.)                                   17-Nov-60
McCammon                  Dean R.                                            23-Nov-60
McCann                    Geneva Iva Belle (Mrs.)                            21-Dec-60
McCants                   Frankie (Mrs.)                                     02-Jul-60
McCarty                   William                                            28-Dec-60
McClane                   George A. (Rev.)                                   06-Sep-60
McClees                   Monte (Mrs.)                                       05-Dec-60
McClintock                Carey & Garey (twins)                              28-Oct-60
McClintock                Cynthia Ann                                        23-Nov-60
McClugage                 J. Ralph                                           18-Oct-60
McClugage                 J. Ralph                                           19-Oct-60
McClure                   Donald V.                                          24-Nov-60
McClure                   Nellie E. (Mrs.)                                   12-Dec-60
McClure                   Rose A. (Mrs.)                                     03-Dec-60
McClure                   Rose A. (Mrs.)                                     05-Dec-60
McClure                   William Frederick                                  21-Nov-60
McComas                   David Upton & Marilyn Ruth                         12-Sep-60
McConnell                 Alice Mae (Mrs.)                                   11-Dec-60
McConnell                 Frank William                                      03-Nov-60
McCormick                 Gregory K.                                         11-Sep-60
McCormick                 Gregory Kent                                       12-Sep-60
McCormick                 James A.                                           17-Oct-60
McCoy                     Mini Rell (Mrs.)                                   03-Oct-60
McCray                    Chrispher Lynn                                     17-Aug-60
McCullough                Kim John                                           06-Oct-60
McCullough                Kim John                                           06-Oct-60
McCullough                Kim John                                           07-Oct-60
McCurdy                   William E.                                         26-Aug-60
McDaniel                  John H.                                            19-Oct-60
McDaniel                  Ruby B. (Mrs.)                                     20-Oct-60
McDonald                  Gladys (Miss)                                      14-Sep-60
McDonald                  Kenneth                                            20-Aug-60
McDow                     George Albert                                      14-Jul-60
McDow                     George Albert                                      15-Jul-60
McDow                     George Albert                                      15-Jul-60
McFadden                  Joseph Bargar                                      27-Oct-60
McFann                    Melvin O.                                          27-Aug-60
McGehe                    Corda May (Mrs.)                                   03-Nov-60
McGill                    Tommy Burn                                         29-Nov-60
McGinley                  Josephine Wiegand (Mrs.)                           17-Dec-60
McIntosh                  Irene (Mrs.)                                       08-Aug-60
McKee                     Marie A.                                           05-Jul-60
McKee                     Marie A. (Mrs.)                                    05-Jul-60
McKenney                  Don H. (Sgt 1.C)                                   19-Sep-60
McKeown                   Mary Etta                                          05-Nov-60
McKinney                  David Otto                                         17-Sep-60
McKinney                  Lena H. (Mrs.)                                     03-Nov-60
McKnight                  Laura Mae (Mrs.)                                   11-Nov-60
McLaughlin                William O.                                         26-Nov-60
McMahan                   James A.                                           28-Nov-60
McMahan                   James A.                                           29-Nov-60
McMillen                  Nettie M.                                          27-Sep-60
McMullan                  Frank E.                                           16-Oct-60
McMullan                  Frank E.                                           17-Oct-60
McMullen                  Roy J.                                             15-Oct-60
McMullin                  Louella May                                        17-Aug-60
Mead                      John Francis                                       14-Aug-60
Meade                     Claude E.                                          29-Aug-60
Means                     Ray                                                26-Dec-60
Meats                     May Anna (Mrs.                                     22-Nov-60
Medearis                  Bert                                               05-Aug-60
Meeker                    Arthur R.                                          24-Nov-60
Melton                    Jake G.                                            31-Dec-60
Melton                    Leonard W.                                         27-Oct-60
Menkemyer                 Harry G.                                           02-Jul-60
Menkemyer                 Harry George                                       01-Jul-60
Menkemyer                 Harry George                                       01-Jul-60
Menkemyer                 Harry George                                       02-Jul-60
Menkemyer                 Harry George                                       02-Jul-60
Mercer                    Charles L.                                         19-Dec-60
Mercer                    Dulcye A.                                          07-Oct-60
Merwin                    Francis                                            05-Sep-60
Metcalf                   Albert D.                                          13-Dec-60
Metcalf                   Albert Dean                                        14-Dec-60
Metz                      Louis Emery                                        15-Sep-60
Metzger                   David C.                                           12-Oct-60
Meyers                    Olive A. (Mrs.)                                    07-Aug-60
Michael                   Elbert Clark                                       19-Oct-60
Mick                      Floyd William                                      04-Oct-60
Mick                      Floyd William                                      06-Oct-60
Mick                      Floyd William                                      06-Oct-60
Mies                      L. N. (Mrs.)                                       10-Nov-60
Mies                      L. N. (Mrs.)                                       11-Nov-60
Miles                     Charles William                                    10-Sep-60
Millard                   FredEarl                                           20-Dec-60
Miller                    A. D.                                              07-Nov-60
Miller                    Beverly                                            04-Nov-60
Miller                    Beverly M.                                         07-Nov-60
Miller                    Bird (Mrs.)                                        03-Jul-60
Miller                    Don Carlos                                         14-Dec-60
Miller                    Earle  F.                                          12-Aug-60
miller                    Erna N.(Mrs.)                                      21-Jul-60
Miller                    Erna Nathalia (Mrs.)                               20-Jul-60
Miller                    Ira W.                                             14-Dec-60
Miller                    Julia Edna Fry (Mrs.)                              22-Sep-60
Miller                    Kenneth                                            10-Oct-60
Miller                    Leathia (Mrs.)                                     31-Dec-60
Miller                    May (Mrs.)                                         21-Jul-60
Miller                    Minnie A.                                          08-Jul-60
Miller                    Minnie C. (Mrs.)                                   08-Aug-60
Miller                    Ora Lee (Mrs.)                                     09-Dec-60
Miller                    Robert H.                                          05-Sep-60
Miller                    Robert H.                                          06-Sep-60
Milleson                  Hannah E. (Mrs.)                                   19-Aug-60
Mills                     Guy J.                                             16-Nov-60
Milton                    Alves M.                                           13-Jul-60
Minerd                    Melvin                                             01-Sep-60
Minnick                   Richard M.                                         12-Oct-60
Mitchell                  Estelle D. (Mrs.)                                  25-Oct-60
Mitchell                  Eugene Billy                                       20-Oct-60
Mitchell                  Eugene Billy                                       21-Oct-60
Mock                      Hazel l. (Mrs.)                                    12-Nov-60
Molden                    Bryan Peter                                        17-Jul-60
Monahan                   High (Mrs.)                                        07-Nov-60
Monticue                  WilbertClarence                                    05-Jul-60
Monticue                  WilbertClarence                                    07-Jul-60
Moody                     Mabel Clare (Mrs.)                                 30-Aug-60
Moomey                    Ira R.                                             19-Oct-60
Moore                     D. D.                                              11-Dec-60
Moore                     Jerry S.                                           12-Dec-60
Moore                     Jerry S.                                           12-Dec-60
Moore                     John                                               07-Nov-60
Moore                     Minnie Belle (Mrs.)                                22-Nov-60
Moore                     Troy T.                                            21-Nov-60
Moorhouse                 Clarence Boyd                                      10-Aug-60
Morehouse                 Max M.                                             30-Dec-60
Morgan                    Guy Albert                                         20-Nov-60
Morgan                    Ina B. (Mrs.)                                      29-Dec-60
Morphy                    Louis G.                                           02-Dec-60
Morris                    Earl                                               20-Oct-60
Morris                    Earle James                                        21-Oct-60
Morris                    Earle James                                        22-Oct-60
Morris                    Frances E. (Mrs.)                                  04-Oct-60
Morris                    Frances E. (Mrs.)                                  06-Oct-60
Morris                    Frances E. (Mrs.)                                  06-Oct-60
Morris                    Grant E.                                           26-Dec-60
Morris                    Merwyn M.                                          03-Sep-60
Morrison                  James Howard                                       14-Dec-60
Morrison                  Jane L. (Mrs.)                                     11-Oct-60
Morrison                  John                                               14-Oct-60
Morrow                    Mabel C. (Mrs.)                                    16-Aug-60
Morse                     Edna Grace (Mrs.)                                  18-Aug-60
Mosier                    George D.                                          19-Dec-60
Mosteller                 Bradley                                            27-Aug-60
Mosteller                 Bradley Owen                                       28-Aug-60
Mott                      William Henry (Dr.)                                05-Nov-60
Muehlebach                Carl A. (Mrs.)                                     14-Jul-60
Mueller                   Mabel Edith (Mrs.)                                 26-Dec-60
Mueller                   Mabel Edith (Mrs.)                                 27-Dec-60
Muir                      Harry O.                                           27-Jul-60
Mullennix                 Ted Leon                                           13-Dec-60
Mullins                   Emma (Mrs.)                                        24-Nov-60
Mundy                     Infant Son of Sill                                 04-Oct-60
Munroe                    John E.                                            12-Oct-60
Murnane                   Belva E. (Mrs.)                                    14-Sep-60
Murnane                   Belva E. (Mrs.)                                    15-Sep-60
Murray                    E. C.                                              31-Aug-60
Murray                    LucyMathewson (Mrs.)                               03-Oct-60
Murry                     David                                              16-Aug-60
Myers                     Delores Lee (Mrs.)                                 05-Sep-60
Myers                     Dorothy (Mrs.)                                     25-Nov-60
Naden                     William                                            02-Nov-60
Napier                    Orville                                            22-Sep-60
Nation                    Ervin D. (Ed)                                      16-Aug-60
Nebergall                 John                                               02-Aug-60
Neely                     Harry Dean                                         22-Jul-60
Neff                      Homer L.                                           28-Sep-60
Neff                      Homer L.                                           29-Sep-60
Neff                      Homer L.                                           30-Sep-60
Neil                      Harvey G.                                          29-Oct-60
Neil                      Harvey G.                                          31-Oct-60
Nelson                    Etta B. (Mrs.)                                     24-Oct-60
Nelson                    Fern (Mrs.)                                        26-Aug-60
Nelson                    Ferne                                              27-Aug-60
Nelson                    Jessie V. (Mrs.)                                   12-Jul-60
Nelson                    Michael Dean                                       20-Aug-60
Newall                    Margaret (Mrs.)                                    21-Nov-60
Newby                     Harry Lewis                                        23-Oct-60
Newby                     Harry Lewis                                        24-Oct-60
Newcom                    Charles Albert                                     23-Dec-60
Newkirk                   C. S. (Mrs.)                                       19-Nov-60
Newman                    John C. (Capt.)                                    03-Aug-60
Newman                    Maud                                               29-Dec-60
Nichols                   Earl                                               26-Jul-60
Nichols                   Lena A. (Mrs.)                                     25-Nov-60
Niedens                   Leonard                                            27-Oct-60
Niedens                   Leonard Gene                                       28-Oct-60
Nieuwhof                  Infant Son of C. W.                                13-Sep-60
Niggemann                 William                                            04-Oct-60
Noble                     Dell                                               22-Jul-60
Noble                     Dell                                               22-Jul-60
Nodurft                   Ray A.                                             08-Dec-60
Noel                      Susan (Mrs.)                                       24-Oct-60
Norman                    Earl (Mr. and Mrs.)                                25-Dec-60
North                     Alice Bell (Mrs.)                                  11-Jul-60
Northcutt                 Tom L.                                             04-Jul-60
Northcutt                 Tom L.                                             05-Jul-60
Notz                      J. F.                                              03-Dec-60
Nulan                     Luther Wallace                                     15-Aug-60
Nulik                     L. P. (Pete)                                       03-Sep-60
Nulik                     Ludwig Peter                                       31-Aug-60
Nulik                     Ludwig Peter                                       01-Sep-60
Nulik                     Ludwig Peter                                       01-Sep-60
Nylin                     Ethyl I. (Miss)                                    05-Oct-60
Nylin                     Ethyl I. (Miss)                                    05-Oct-60
Ockerman                  Sadie (Mrs.)                                       17-Dec-60
O'Connell                 Kelly David                                        22-Aug-60
O'Day                     Betty Augusta (Mrs.                                09-Nov-60
O'Dell                    Ruth (Mrs.)                                        31-Jul-60
Odle                      Roger                                              22-Sep-60
Odle                      Roger D.                                           21-Sep-60
O'Donnell                 Edward L.                                          31-Oct-60
Olberding                 Fred (Mrs.)                                        18-Jul-60
Olberding                 Fred (Mrs.)                                        18-Jul-60
Oliverson                 Maurice Emmett                                     09-Jul-60
Oliverson                 Maurice Emmett                                     11-Jul-60
Olmstead                  Albert George                                      02-Nov-60
Olmstead                  Albert George                                      05-Nov-60
Olson                     Blanche Anna (Mrs.)                                02-Oct-60
O'Mara                    William                                            02-Oct-60
O'Neal                    Robert (Jr.)                                       13-Jul-60
Ormsbee                   John and Sarah                                     01-Jul-60
Ormsbee                   John B. and Sarah E.                               02-Jul-60
Ormsbee                   John B. and Sarah E.                               02-Jul-60
Ormsbee                   John B. and Sarah E.                               04-Jul-60
Ornelas                   Teofila (Mrs.)                                     02-Nov-60
Ornelas                   Teofila (Mrs.)                                     03-Nov-60
Orrell                    Charles C.                                         15-Sep-60
Osborn                    Mary Sabrina (Mrs.)                                30-Aug-60
Osborne                   Charles A.                                         04-Nov-60
Oswald                    A. Lewis                                           02-Dec-60
Ott                       Theodore John                                      19-Oct-60
Overmyer                  Cora Leonard (Mrs.)                                25-Sep-60
Owen                      L. Max                                             26-Jul-60
Owens                     Maggie (Mrs.)                                      06-Dec-60
Owens                     Maggie (Mrs.)                                      07-Dec-60
Owings                    Claude C.                                          15-Nov-60
Page                      Herman L. (Mrs.)                                   07-Aug-60
Paisley                   George W. (Jr.)                                    20-Oct-60
Paisley                   George W. (Jr.)                                    25-Oct-60
Palmer                    Edna Giles (Mrs.)                                  04-Oct-60
Palsmeier                 Henry J.                                           20-Jul-60
Palsmeier                 Henry J.                                           20-Jul-60
Palsmeier                 Henry J.                                           21-Jul-60
Parker                    Colin                                              01-Jul-60
Parker                    Thomas                                             07-Nov-60
Parks                     Joyce Ann                                          29-Dec-60
Parks                     Joyce Ann                                          31-Dec-60
Parrott                   George R.                                          31-Jul-60
Parrott                   George R.                                          01-Aug-60
Parsons                   James B.                                           23-Aug-60
Paske                     H. W.                                              09-Oct-60
Patchett                  Kenneth L.                                         29-Jul-60
Patten                    Grace (Miss)                                       22-Aug-60
Patterson                 Darrell L.                                         29-Jul-60
Patterson                 Darrell L.                                         30-Jul-60
Patterson                 Delores R. (Mrs.)                                  21-Nov-60
Patton                    Clarencce A.                                       12-Dec-60
Paulk                     John L.                                            04-Jul-60
Paulk                     John L.                                            06-Jul-60
Payne                     Clara A. (Mrs.)                                    03-Dec-60
Payne                     Denver                                             08-Aug-60
Peal                      Letha  G. (Mrs.)                                   27-Jul-60
Pearson                   Paul                                               31-Aug-60
Pearsons                  Bert O.                                            28-Dec-60
Peaushaw                  Emma Jane (Mrs.)                                   12-Oct-60
Pechin                    Cynthia (Mrs.)                                     23-Sep-60
Pechin                    Cynthia (Mrs.)                                     24-Sep-60
Peck                      Gilbert Edward                                     29-Dec-60
Peckham                   Mable Ellen                                        09-Jul-60
Pedicord                  Marie (Mrs.)                                       05-Dec-60
Pedicord                  Marie (Mrs.)                                       06-Dec-60
Pedroja                   Frank                                              30-Aug-60
Pelz                      Edward R.                                          22-Dec-60
Pelz                      Edward R.                                          23-Dec-60
Pelz                      Edward R.                                          24-Dec-60
Penn                      Willard T.                                         16-Aug-60
Penner                    Marie A.                                           08-Oct-60
Penner                    Marie Agnes (Mrs.)                                 08-Oct-60
Penney                    Samuel T.                                          03-Dec-60
Perdue                    Margaret Nell (Mrs.)                               29-Dec-60
Perdue                    Margaret Nell (Mrs.)                               31-Dec-60
Perin                     Clara (Mrs.)                                       03-Nov-60
Perkins                   Lillie M. Linly (Mrs.)                             22-Dec-60
Perkins                   Lillie M. Linly (Mrs.)                             23-Dec-60
Perry                     Fred T.                                            04-Nov-60
Person                    Bert O.                                            26-Dec-60
Peterson                  Carl E.                                            08-Aug-60
Peterson                  Lyle T.                                            03-Aug-60
Peterson                  Lynda (Mrs.)                                       27-Jul-60
Petz                      Richard                                            19-Nov-60
Pfaff                     Fred B.                                            27-Sep-60
Philapy                   John H.                                            30-Sep-60
Phillips                  Warren K.                                          12-Nov-60
Phipps                    Cornelia Ann (Mrs.)                                01-Nov-60
Phipps                    Merle Clark                                        07-Nov-60
Pickens                   James W.                                           11-Oct-60
Pierce                    Nora K. (Mrs.)                                     07-Nov-60
Pierce                    Wallace E.                                         02-Dec-60
Pierce                    Wallace E.                                         03-Dec-60
Piereson                  John Ernest                                        18-Jul-60
Pinney                    Nellie (Mrs.)                                      04-Aug-60
Pinson                    Anna (Mrs.)                                        30-Dec-60
Pisell                    Melvin P.                                          06-Oct-60
Pisell                    Melvin P.                                          06-Oct-60
Pisell                    Melvin P.                                          07-Oct-60
Pittman                   Mary Elizabeth (Mrs.)                              05-Dec-60
Pitts                     George Samuel                                      14-Dec-60
Pixley                    Ralph W.                                           13-Nov-60
Plamann                   Thimothy Keith                                     09-Dec-60
Plamann                   Thimothy Keith                                     09-Dec-60
Plamann                   Thimothy Keith                                     10-Dec-60
Platt                     John M.                                            13-Dec-60
Plumb                     Lura Woods                                         05-Dec-60
Plumer                    Karen Sue                                          25-Sep-60
Plumer                    Karen Sue                                          26-Sep-60
Plumer                    Karen Sue                                          26-Sep-60
Plummer                   Roland C. (Jack)                                   02-Dec-60
Plush                     Oliver V.                                          06-Aug-60
Plybon                    John W.                                            18-Oct-60
Poe                       James S.                                           18-Sep-60
Polovitch                 Pyllis Ann (Mrs.)                                  14-Sep-60
Pomeroy                   Steven                                             16-Oct-60
Poppewell                 Dasey (Mrs.)                                       25-Jul-60
Poppewell                 Dasey (Mrs.)                                       27-Jul-60
Porter                    William                                            17-Nov-60
Post                      Adelia Louisa                                      05-Sep-60
Post                      Adelia Louisa (Mrs.)                               06-Sep-60
Postier                   George                                             18-Jul-60
Potter                    Florence M. (Mrs.)                                 23-Oct-60
Potter                    Marvin LeRoy                                       17-Aug-60
Potter                    Marvin LeRoy                                       17-Aug-60
Powell                    Roxie Thomas (Rev.)                                16-Dec-60
Price                     Fred                                               17-Oct-60
Probst                    Fred N.                                            11-Oct-60
Probst                    Fred N.                                            12-Oct-60
Probst                    Frederiick N.                                      13-Oct-60
Prrice                    James S.                                           16-Dec-60
Pruitt                    Boris J.                                           17-Dec-60
Purcell                   Mabel G. (Mrs.)                                    26-Aug-60
Purcell                   Mabel G. (Mrs.)                                    27-Aug-60
Pyle                      Albert G.                                          17-Dec-60
Radcliff                  Nelle (Mrs.)                                       03-Oct-60
Ralstin                   Ada (Mrs.)                                         07-Nov-60
Ralstin                   Ada (Mrs.)                                         07-Nov-60
Ralston                   Lora B. (Mrs.)                                     15-Jul-60
Randall                   H. M.                                              28-Sep-60
Randall                   Melvin Ross                                        09-Aug-60
Ratcliff                  Charles Martin                                     26-Nov-60
Rathburn                  Edward A.                                          07-Jul-60
Rathburn                  Edward A.                                          08-Jul-60
Ratzlaff                  Lucile F.                                          13-Nov-60
Ratzlaff                  Lucille F. (Miss)                                  12-Nov-60
Rauh                      August                                             22-Aug-60
Rausch                    Seb H.                                             09-Oct-60
Razook                    Mary (Mrs.)                                        18-Dec-60
Real                      Arch F.                                            28-Dec-60
Reece                     Emma (Mrs.)                                        09-Jul-60
Reece                     Mary (Mrs.)                                        10-Jul-60
Reece                     Virgil A.                                          29-Nov-60
Reed                      Floyd (Mrs.)                                       30-Sep-60
Reed                      Guss Leon                                          28-Oct-60
Reed                      Guss Leon                                          30-Oct-60
Reed                      Leslie Edmond                                      30-Jul-60
Reed                      Ruth                                               29-Aug-60
Reed                      William H.                                         06-Sep-60
Reeder                    Ray                                                26-Nov-60
Reeder                    Ray                                                27-Nov-60
Reeves                    Pearl (Mrs.)                                       06-Jul-60
Reeves                    Pearl (Mrs.)                                       06-Jul-60
Reeves                    Thomas B.                                          19-Jul-60
Reeves                    Thomas B.                                          20-Jul-60
Reid                      Frank (Mrs.)                                       04-Oct-60
Reid                      Iola May (Mrs.)                                    13-Dec-60
Reiff                     Caroline F. (Mrs.)                                 21-Jul-60
Reiff                     Caroline F. (Mrs.)                                 22-Jul-60
Reimer                    Martha E. (Mrs.)                                   25-Jul-60
Reimers                   Martha E. (Mrs.)                                   26-Jul-60
Reiswig                   Helen Catherine (Mrs.)                             04-Oct-60
Reitz                     Harry J.                                           27-Oct-60
Rennie                    Charles J.                                         29-Nov-60
Rettig                    Linda                                              16-Dec-60
Retzer                    Lawrence                                           19-Dec-60
Reynard                   Arles N.                                           02-Oct-60
Reynolds                  Nina Belle (Mrs.)                                  24-Dec-60
Reynolds                  Warren Mack                                        16-Aug-60
Reynolds                  Warren Mack                                        17-Aug-60
Rhodes                    Bessie (Mrs.)                                      05-Oct-60
Rhodes                    Bessie (Mrs.)                                      06-Oct-60
Rhodes                    Bessie (Mrs.)                                      06-Oct-60
Rhone                     Everleen (Mrs.)                                    04-Nov-60
Rice                      Etta Martha                                        21-Aug-60
Rice                      George Elmer                                       08-Sep-60
Rice                      George Elmer Orleans                               06-Sep-60
Rice                      Lemuel Arthur                                      17-Dec-60
Rice                      Lemuel Arthur                                      18-Dec-60
Rice                      Patricia Osler                                     01-Jul-60
Rice                      Patricia Osler (Mrs.)                              01-Jul-60
Rice                      Sarah Rebecca (Sally) (Mrs. Joseph)                24-Aug-60
Rich                      A. H. (Mrs.)                                       13-Dec-60
Rich                      Barry Lee                                          05-Oct-60
Rich                      Barry Lee                                          05-Oct-60
Richardson                Judith Ann                                         14-Aug-60
Richardson                Ray W.                                             21-Nov-60
Richardson                Roy S.                                             24-Nov-60
Richie                    Minnie (Mrs.)                                      30-Sep-60
Rico                      Elizabeth Rose                                     17-Dec-60
Ridder                    Fred A.                                            22-Dec-60
Ridder                    Fred August                                        20-Dec-60
Ridder                    Fred August                                        21-Dec-60
Riddle                    Charles W.                                         30-Jul-60
Riddle                    Charles Warren                                     31-Jul-60
Riddle                    Charles Warren                                     02-Aug-60
Ridings                   Clarence B.                                        17-Oct-60
Riegel                    G. J. (Mrs.)                                       20-Nov-60
Rieger                    John                                               03-Jul-60
Riggert                   Adolph H.                                          21-Nov-60
Riggs                     Leroy                                              08-Nov-60
Riley                     Chester                                            30-Oct-60
Riley                     Josephine Mae (Mrs.)                               30-Oct-60
Rinkle                    Demuth (Mrs.)                                      13-Dec-60
Robb                      Mary Winona (Mrs.)                                 28-Aug-60
Robbbins                  Bessie Edna                                        07-Oct-60
Robbbins                  Bessie Edna (Mrs.)                                 07-Oct-60
Roberts                   Dell                                               07-Oct-60
Roberts                   Lula M. (Mrs.)                                     16-Sep-60
Roberts                   Regina (Mrs.)                                      04-Aug-60
Roberts                   Virginia Bell (Mrs.)                               25-Aug-60
Robertson                 Dale Linn                                          22-Aug-60
Robertson                 J. F.                                              29-Aug-60
Robibnson                 I. I.                                              04-Aug-60
Robinson                  Carrie P.                                          02-Jul-60
Robinson                  Carrie P. (Mrs.)                                   01-Jul-60
Robinson                  Carrie P. (Mrs.)                                   01-Jul-60
Robinson                  Carrie P. (Mrs.)                                   02-Jul-60
Robinson                  Carrie P. (Mrs.)                                   02-Jul-60
Rockwood                  Edmund Franklin                                    18-Dec-60
Rockwood                  Edmund Franklin                                    19-Dec-60
Roderick                  Ethel Beadles (Mrs.)                               02-Jul-60
Roderick                  Ethel Beadles (Mrs.)                               13-Jul-60
Rodriques                 Reginald Anthony                                   14-Jul-60
Rogers                    Burrett A. (Sr.)                                   01-Aug-60
Rogers                    Burrett A. (Sr.)                                   02-Aug-60
Rogers                    Burrett Alfred (Sr.)                               02-Aug-60
Rogers                    Nora E. (Mrs.)                                     08-Dec-60
Rogers                    Nora E. (Mrs.)                                     08-Dec-60
Rohe                      Walter (Mrs.)                                      27-Sep-60
Rollins                   Howard Henry                                       14-Jul-60
Rollins                   Howard Henry                                       15-Jul-60
Rollins                   Howard Henry                                       16-Jul-60
Romero                    Florentino                                         16-Nov-60
Romine                    Frank                                              23-Nov-60
Rose                      Charles A. (Dr.)                                   29-Dec-60
Rose                      Fred W.                                            04-Aug-60
Rose                      Mark Edward                                        04-Dec-60
Rose                      Mark Edward                                        06-Dec-60
Rosenstiel                Mary Eloise (Mrs.)                                 31-Jul-60
Ross                      Roberta Lynn                                       03-Oct-60
Ross                      Susie A. (Mrs.)                                    19-Oct-60
Rossitto                  Joseph                                             09-Sep-60
Rothrock                  Maude R. (Mrs.)                                    27-Jul-60
Rounds                    Ralph M.                                           24-Jul-60
Rounkels                  David E.                                           07-Aug-60
Rounkels                  David E.                                           09-Aug-60
Rouse                     Alva M.                                            15-Dec-60
Rowe                      Herbert D.                                         23-Sep-60
Rumsey                    Mary M.                                            17-Aug-60
Runnels                   Will Allen                                         05-Oct-60
Rupp                      Jacob P.                                           05-Dec-60
Rupp                      Jacob P.                                           06-Dec-60
Russell                   Melinda Katherine (Mrs.)                           28-Dec-60
Russum                    John W.                                            19-Jul-60
Rutledge                  Leo L.                                             13-Jul-60
Ryan                      John Eberly                                        19-Sep-60
Ryan                      John Eberly                                        20-Sep-60
Ryan                      Joyn Eberly                                        18-Sep-60
Ryan                      William E.                                         04-Nov-60
Ryan                      William E.                                         05-Nov-60
Sack                      Edith Ann                                          01-Jul-60
Sainer                    Antonie (Mrs.)                                     11-Dec-60
Sainer                    Antonie (Mrs.)                                     12-Dec-60
Samms                     Edwin                                              23-Jul-60
Samuel                    Mildred Evelyn (Mrs.)                              04-Dec-60
Samuel                    Mildred Evelyn (Mrs.)                              06-Dec-60
Sanders                   Clemie Clifford                                    28-Nov-60
Sargent                   Wilbur M.                                          05-Aug-60
Sarles                    Rosa May (Mrs.)                                    05-Nov-60
Satterthwarte             Lydia (Mrs.)                                       22-Jul-60
Sauer                     Dwane (Airman 2.C)                                 30-Aug-60
Sauer                     Leona Otie (Mrs.)                                  27-Sep-60
Saunders                  Martha Marie (Mrs.)                                11-Sep-60
Saunders                  Martha Marie (Mrs.)                                12-Sep-60
Saxton                    George A.                                          15-Dec-60
Saxton                    George Adolphus                                    15-Dec-60
Schaar                    James D. (A2.C)                                    10-Oct-60
Schauf                    Gertrude (Mrs.)                                    06-Dec-60
Schauf                    Joseph J.                                          25-Jul-60
Schauf                    Joseph J.                                          26-Jul-60
Scheck                    George E.                                          03-Oct-60
Schein                    Clara E.                                           31-Jul-60
Schelin                   John                                               09-Jul-60
Schelin                   John O.                                            11-Jul-60
Schell                    Vera Edith                                         17-Oct-60
Schell                    Vera Edith (Mrs.)                                  16-Oct-60
Schenebricker             Henry J.                                           06-Sep-60
Schiebret                 Patricia                                           24-Sep-60
Schmidt                   Herman                                             07-Nov-60
Schmidt                   Herman                                             07-Nov-60
Schmiedbauer              Susan Kay                                          09-Sep-60
Schmiedbauer              Susan Kay                                          10-Sep-60
Schmitt                   Fred Harry (Rev.)                                  29-Dec-60
Schmitt                   Infant Daughter of Charles                         01-Dec-60
Schmitz                   James R.                                           05-Sep-60
Schneider                 Emma E. (Mrs.)                                     16-Aug-60
Schnitzler                Rosa (Mrs.)                                        20-Dec-60
Schnitzler                Rosa (Mrs.)                                        22-Dec-60
Schommer                  Ronnie                                             10-Oct-60
Schommer                  Ronnie                                             10-Oct-60
Schottenberg              Marie (Mrs.)                                       14-Jul-60
Schowalter                Fred W.                                            12-Jul-60
Schreck                   Sharon Dinelle                                     03-Oct-60
Schrein                   Carl S. (Rev.)                                     07-Nov-60
Schuckman                 Esther E. (Mrs.)                                   31-Dec-60
Schufeldt                 Marley Cecil                                       26-Nov-60
Schufeldt                 Marley Cecil                                       26-Nov-60
Schulte                   Moselle W. (Mrs.)                                  23-Jul-60
Schultz                   Anna Marguerite (Mrs.)                             29-Jul-60
Schultz                   Anna Marguerite (Mrs.)                             30-Jul-60
Schuze                    Arthur E.                                          27-Sep-60
Schweitzer                Frank W.                                           17-Aug-60
Scobee                    Mary                                               21-Oct-60
Scollin                   Lillian Belle                                      14-Jul-60
Scollin                   Lillian Belle (Mrs.)                               14-Jul-60
Scott                     Brozy                                              12-Dec-60
Scott                     Emma (Mrs.)                                        17-Dec-60
Scott                     Emma (Mrs.)                                        17-Dec-60
Scott                     Harold J.                                          05-Dec-60
Scott                     Harold J.                                          07-Dec-60
Scott                     Kenneth G.                                         05-Jul-60
Scott                     William F.                                         22-Jul-60
Scoville                  W. A.                                              12-Aug-60
Scribner                  William W.                                         04-Sep-60
Scroggin                  Fay (Miss)                                         28-Nov-60
Seamans                   Cletis                                             20-Dec-60
Searcy                    Herbert Ellis                                      01-Jul-60
Sears                     Lucy (Mrs.)                                        06-Nov-60
Sears                     Lucy (Mrs.)                                        07-Nov-60
Sears                     Lucy (Mrs.)                                        07-Nov-60
Seeds                     George M.                                          08-Dec-60
Seeger                    Raymond L.                                         29-Aug-60
Seglem                    Georgia Theda (Mrs.)                               09-Oct-60
Sellars                   Charles L.                                         23-Dec-60
Sellers                   Gabe A.                                            16-Nov-60
Selover                   Loretta W. (Mrs.)                                  15-Nov-60
Selover                   Loretta W. (Mrs.)                                  16-Nov-60
Seyfert                   Lester B.                                          21-Oct-60
Shackelford               Minnie (Mrs.)                                      23-Nov-60
Shackelford               Thirlow                                            29-Jul-60
Shaft                     Bert T.                                            28-Aug-60
Shanahan                  Patrick J.                                         16-Sep-60
Shanahan                  Patrick J.                                         18-Sep-60
Shappell                  Harry Ralston                                      07-Nov-60
Sharon                    William J.                                         24-Sep-60
Sharon                    William Jesse                                      26-Sep-60
Shaw                      Mabel B.                                           20-Aug-60
Shaw                      Mabel B. (Mrs.)                                    21-Aug-60
Shawver                   Bertha Blanche                                     13-Dec-60
Shearman                  Mabel Reiff (Mrs.)                                 28-Dec-60
Shelton                   Belinda M.                                         04-Oct-60
Shephard                  Alpha R. (Mrs.)                                    03-Oct-60
Shephard                  William J.                                         30-Sep-60
Shields                   Orrel Elmer                                        12-Aug-60
Shields                   Orrel Elmer                                        13-Aug-60
Shipleye                  Cora A. (Mrs.)                                     01-Nov-60
Shirk                     Oscar S.                                           21-Oct-60
Shirk                     Oscar Samuel                                       22-Oct-60
Short                     Raymond Lee                                        14-Nov-60
Shuckman                  Edwin C. (Mrs.)                                    29-Dec-60
Shufflebarger             James  O.                                          07-Nov-60
Shultz                    Alba E.                                            19-Nov-60
Shumate                   Catherine Jean                                     26-Sep-60
Shup                      Clyde A.                                           07-Nov-60
Shutts                    Kenneth G.                                         22-Nov-60
Shutts                    Kenneth G.                                         23-Nov-60
Sickles                   Fred P.                                            09-Oct-60
Siever                    Dollie                                             02-Dec-60
Sills                     Eugene O.                                          29-Jul-60
Simmons                   Fred Jasper                                        29-Dec-60
Simmons                   Fred Jasper                                        31-Dec-60
Simonson                  LeRoy Edwin                                        31-Aug-60
Sims                      Joel Roy                                           27-Sep-60
Sinclair                  Hugh William                                       26-Dec-60
Sinclair                  Walter S.                                          18-Oct-60
Sinkhorn                  Pauline (Mrs.)                                     29-Oct-60
Sinkhorn                  pauline M. (Mrs.)                                  28-Oct-60
Sipes                     Kenton                                             06-Jul-60
Sites                     Elzie George                                       11-Dec-60
Sites                     Elzie George                                       13-Dec-60
Skeen                     Rose Lee                                           15-Oct-60
Skelton                   Robert Noel                                        26-Sep-60
Skinner                   Alta Louise (Mrs.)                                 18-Jul-60
Skinner                   Emma Lee (Mrs.)                                    28-Dec-60
Slane                     Walter Ross (Sr.)                                  11-Dec-60
Sleeper                   John Lyman                                         21-Dec-60
Sleeper                   John Lyman                                         22-Dec-60
Sloan                     Felix V.                                           19-Sep-60
Sloan                     John R.                                            27-Aug-60
Small                     Bernard A.                                         17-Dec-60
Small                     Bernard Albert                                     15-Dec-60
Smarsh                    Jerome Joseph                                      12-Nov-60
Smedley                   Ora O.                                             02-Nov-60
Smith                     Anna L. (Mrs.)                                     16-Aug-60
Smith                     Clyde (Jr.)                                        26-Oct-60
Smith                     Clyde M.                                           25-Oct-60
Smith                     Curtis (Mrs.)                                      08-Dec-60
Smith                     Debra Sue                                          04-Aug-60
Smith                     Ellen Pearl (Mrs.)                                 27-Dec-60
Smith                     Elsie (Mrs.)                                       16-Aug-60
Smith                     Frances E. (Mrs.)                                  29-Nov-60
Smith                     Gladys Botkin (Mrs.)                               12-Aug-60
Smith                     Gladys Helen (Mrs.)                                11-Aug-60
Smith                     Hattie Abbie (Mrs.)                                14-Nov-60
Smith                     Hattie Abbie (Mrs.)                                15-Nov-60
Smith                     Hattie Abbie (Mrs.)                                16-Nov-60
Smith                     Henry K.                                           29-Dec-60
Smith                     John Emery                                         19-Sep-60
Smith                     John Emery                                         20-Sep-60
Smith                     Judy Ann & Jackie Lynn                             23-Dec-60
Smith                     Judy Ann & Jackie Lynn                             24-Dec-60
Smith                     Lois Louise (Mrs.)                                 30-Sep-60
Smith                     Margaret Ann                                       27-Dec-60
Smith                     Margaret J. (Mrs.)                                 16-Oct-60
Smith                     Napolean B.                                        29-Dec-60
Smith                     Napolean B.                                        29-Dec-60
Smith                     Ola (Mrs.)                                         20-Sep-60
Smith                     Oris Perry                                         03-Oct-60
Smith                     P. K. (Mrs.)                                       23-Dec-60
Smith                     Robrert                                            13-Jul-60
Smith                     Rubie L. (Mrs.)                                    23-Dec-60
Smith                     Wendell H. (Mrs.)                                  04-Nov-60
Smith                     Willia Mae (Mrs.)                                  05-Nov-60
Smithheisler              Leo Raymond                                        22-Sep-60
Snyder                    Laura Gertrude                                     12-Sep-60
Snyder                    Lawrence (Dick) Calvin                             12-Sep-60
Snyder                    Lawrence (Dick) Calvin                             13-Sep-60
Snyder                    Mamie E. (Mrs.)                                    29-Dec-60
Sollers                   Phillip Albert                                     25-Sep-60
Sollers                   Phillip Albert                                     26-Sep-60
Sollers                   Phillip Albert                                     26-Sep-60
Songs                     Lola (Mrs.)                                        26-Dec-60
Soper                     Infant Son of Fred                                 20-Aug-60
Southwood                 E. Evelyn (Mrs.)                                   17-Dec-60
Spale                     Infant Daughter of Robert L.                       25-Sep-60
Sparks                    William Crawford                                   12-Jul-60
Sparr                     James M.                                           22-Aug-60
Sparr                     James Monroe                                       23-Aug-60
Speake                    Mary Edgerton (Mrs.)                               05-Oct-60
Speake                    Mary Edgerton (Mrs.)                               07-Oct-60
Spencer                   Lawrence (Sr.)                                     14-Oct-60
Spencer                   Lawrence (Sr.)                                     15-Oct-60
Spencer                   Lloyd                                              13-Oct-60
Spencer                   Lloyd                                              14-Oct-60
Spencer                   William E.                                         31-Dec-60
Sphar                     Sonyia Leigh                                       21-Oct-60
Spiegel                   Dale (Mrs.)                                        15-Oct-60
Spiegle                   Dale (Mrs.)                                        19-Oct-60
Spinks                    Jack                                               01-Jul-60
Sprinkle                  Lucy A.                                            15-Nov-60
Sprinkle                  Lucy Ann (Miss)                                    09-Aug-60
Sprout                    Mary Alice (Mrs.)                                  03-Sep-60
Spurlock                  Orval D.                                           18-Dec-60
Spurlock                  Orville D.                                         15-Dec-60
Spurlock                  Orville D.                                         16-Dec-60
St. Denis                 Effie K. (Mrs.)                                    30-Sep-60
St. John                  Ethel G. (Mrs.)                                    10-Sep-60
Staats                    Beulah Maye (Mrs.)                                 24-Dec-60
Staats                    Beulah Maye (Mrs.)                                 27-Dec-60
Stacy                     Leonard Robert (Master Sgt.)                       02-Aug-60
Stacy                     Leonard Robert (Sgt.)                              31-Jul-60
Stafford                  John S.                                            06-Aug-60
Stairs                    Jennie E. (Mrs.)                                   19-Sep-60
Staley                    Edith (Mrs.)                                       08-Nov-60
Staley                    Minola (Mrs.)                                      10-Dec-60
Staley                    Minola (Mrs.)                                      11-Dec-60
Staley                    W. E. (Mrs.)                                       07-Nov-60
Standley                  James Lloyd                                        27-Dec-60
Stanley                   Charles                                            03-Jul-60
Stanley                   Wilford G.                                         17-Aug-60
Starkey                   Clyde                                              25-Jul-60
Steele                    Earl T.                                            30-Dec-60
Steele                    Harry Edwin                                        03-Oct-60
Steele                    Harry Edwin                                        04-Oct-60
Steele                    Thelma W. (Mrs.)                                   25-Jul-60
Steen                     Gary Duane                                         16-Dec-60
Steffen                   Fred E. (Mrs.)                                     26-Jul-60
Steinforth                Louis Albert                                       29-Sep-60
Stelle                    Herbert Theodore Washington                        24-Oct-60
Stephens                  Gertrude C. (Mrs.)                                 23-Nov-60
Stephens                  Grace Louisa (Mrs.)                                20-Sep-60
Stephenson                Richard W.                                         19-Nov-60
Steppe                    Anne Amrie (Mrs.)                                  12-Dec-60
Steppe                    Anne M. (Mrs.)                                     13-Dec-60
Stevens                   Fred O.                                            19-Nov-60
Stevens                   Fred O.                                            21-Nov-60
Stevens                   Mayme F. (Mrs.)                                    05-Aug-60
Stevens                   William P.                                         14-Nov-60
Stevenson                 Chester Allen                                      21-Dec-60
Stewart                   Lou (Mrs.)                                         03-Oct-60
Stewart                   Roy W.                                             04-Nov-60
Stewart                   Tom Wilson & Lillian                               20-Dec-60
Stewart                   Tom Wilson & Lillian                               22-Dec-60
Stockemer                 Christopher G.                                     22-Dec-60
Stoddard                  Herman A.                                          02-Oct-60
Stolfus                   Clifford D.                                        09-Aug-60
Stolfus                   Clifford D.                                        12-Aug-60
Stone                     Clarence                                           23-Oct-60
Stone                     Earle G.                                           25-Jul-60
Stonecypher               Potiah Corrnelia (Mrs.)                            15-Nov-60
Storer                    Kenneth Eldon                                      08-Jul-60
Stout                     Daisy C. (Mrs.)                                    29-Aug-60
Stout                     Daisy C. (Mrs.)                                    30-Aug-60
Stover                    Lloyd Allen (Jr.)                                  29-Nov-60
Street                    Walter V.                                          22-Dec-60
Street                    Walter V.                                          24-Dec-60
Strickland                Constance                                          25-Oct-60
Stroud                    Arthur W.                                          30-Dec-60
Strouse                   Monte                                              09-Dec-60
Stuart                    George G.                                          12-Dec-60
Stuber                    William Henry                                      31-Jul-60
Stucker                   Gene                                               01-Aug-60
Stucker                   Gene Harley                                        02-Aug-60
Sudberry                  Bayard P.                                          21-Sep-60
Sullar                    John D.                                            31-Oct-60
Sullivan                  Byron L.                                           22-Aug-60
Sullivan                  Carrie (Mrs.)                                      07-Dec-60
Sullivan                  Clara Mae (Mrs.)                                   03-Oct-60
Sullivan                  Clara Mae (Mrs.)                                   04-Oct-60
Sullivan                  Mayme (Mrs.)                                       29-Nov-60
Summers                   Hiram                                              23-Oct-60
Summers                   Hiram D.                                           22-Oct-60
Sumpton                   Lillian Dell (Mrs.)                                25-Jul-60
Sutter                    Ida Florence Kesterson                             12-Jul-60
Sutter                    Ida Florence Kesterson                             12-Jul-60
Sutter                    Ida Florence Kesterson (Mrs.)                      13-Jul-60
Sutterfield               Tony                                               02-Nov-60
Sutton                    Frank S.                                           11-Aug-60
Sutton                    James Stanley                                      09-Aug-60
Sutton                    James Stanley                                      10-Aug-60
Sutton                    Richard                                            18-Nov-60
Swafford                  Laverne Mae (Mrs.)                                 28-Sep-60
Swafford                  Laverne Mae (Mrs.)                                 30-Sep-60
Swain                     Mary (Mrs.)                                        17-Oct-60
Swan                      John                                               03-Sep-60
Swinney                   John Y.                                            11-Dec-60
Switser                   Lois I. (Mrs.)                                     27-Nov-60
Switzer                   Ben Otto                                           29-Jul-60
Swope                     Margaret Marion (Mrs.)                             04-Aug-60
Talley                    Delbert Price                                      01-Oct-60
Tallman                   Kathryn (Mrs. A. W.)                               06-Sep-60
Tate                      Tommy Dean                                         28-Sep-60
Taylor                    Donald                                             03-Oct-60
Taylor                    Louis E.                                           15-Jul-60
Taylor                    William Charles                                    21-Aug-60
Temple                    Charles V.                                         24-Nov-60
Temple                    Charles V.                                         24-Nov-60
Temple                    Hattie Phyllis (Mrs.)                              14-Nov-60
Temple                    Hattie Phyllis (Mrs.)                              15-Nov-60
Templer                   Ray                                                05-Nov-60
Terrill                   Virginia M. (Mrs.)                                 07-Nov-60
Terrill                   Virginia M. (Mrs.)                                 10-Nov-60
Tesch                     Marie (Mrs.)                                       26-Nov-60
Tesch                     Marie (Mrs.)                                       27-Nov-60
Teter                     A. H. (Mrs.)                                       22-Sep-60
Thacker                   Theodore Addison                                   27-Sep-60
Thayer                    Albert E.                                          02-Oct-60
Thayer                    Virginia (Mrs.)                                    25-Oct-60
Thomas                    Harry E.                                           11-Aug-60
Thomas                    Harry E.                                           12-Aug-60
Thomas                    Harry E.                                           13-Aug-60
Thomas                    Myrtle Lee (Mrs.)                                  04-Aug-60
Thomas                    Myrtle Lee (Mrs.)                                  05-Aug-60
Thomison                  Ara Danner (Mrs.)                                  24-Nov-60
Thompson                  Mary M. (Mrs.)                                     08-Dec-60
Thompson                  Phoebe Grace (Mrs.)                                15-Sep-60
Thornton                  Sanuel Bradley                                     24-Oct-60
Thorp                     Willie Lee (Mrs.)                                  01-Nov-60
Thorp                     Willie Lee (Mrs.)                                  02-Nov-60
Thrash                    Geneva L. (Mrs.)                                   07-Oct-60
Thrift                    Charles A.                                         23-Sep-60
Thuma                     Myrtle (Mrs.)                                      07-Dec-60
Tibbs                     Charles A.                                         16-Aug-60
Tilford                   G. M. (Mrs.)                                       28-Jul-60
Tilford                   G. M. (Mrs.)                                       30-Jul-60
Tilley                    Logan                                              19-Dec-60
Tingley                   Alvin F.                                           07-Dec-60
Tinkler                   Alice Pauline (Mrs.)                               05-Oct-60
Tinkler                   Alice Pauline (Mrs.)                               06-Oct-60
Tinkler                   Alice Pauline (Mrs.)                               06-Oct-60
Tipton                    George O.                                          12-Aug-60
Tipton                    Otis Freeman                                       18-Sep-60
Tipton                    Otis Freeman                                       19-Sep-60
Titus                     Louis (Jr.)                                        16-Oct-60
Toben                     Oscar Edward                                       19-Aug-60
Toben                     Oscar Edward                                       20-Aug-60
Todd                      James Harvey                                       01-Jul-60
Todd                      James Harvey                                       01-Jul-60
Todd                      James Harvey                                       02-Jul-60
Toland                    Charlie H.                                         16-Oct-60
Tomlinson                 Eugene N.                                          13-Jul-60
Tomlinson                 Eugene Nicholas                                    13-Jul-60
Tomlinson                 Eugene Nicholas                                    14-Jul-60
Tomlinson                 Grace (Mrs.)                                       11-Jul-60
Tonn                      Ray                                                25-Aug-60
Townsend                  Frank S.                                           27-Aug-60
Trabue                    Chrispher James                                    18-Aug-60
Trabue                    Christopher J.                                     16-Aug-60
Tracy                     S. A. (Mrs.)                                       14-Jul-60
Trader                    Jessie Gepharte                                    29-Sep-60
Trader                    Jessie Gertrude (Mrs.)                             27-Sep-60
Travis                    Ralph                                              10-Nov-60
Treadwell                 Andrew J. (Jr.)                                    04-Jul-60
Treadwell                 Andrew J. (Jr.)                                    04-Jul-60
Treadwell                 Andrew J. (Jr.)                                    05-Jul-60
Trembly                   John                                               09-Nov-60
Trevolt                   Infant Daughter of Harold R.                       18-Oct-60
Trigg                     John W.                                            21-Aug-60
Trigg                     John William                                       20-Aug-60
Trigg                     John William                                       22-Aug-60
Trower                    Gretten R.                                         05-Oct-60
Trower                    Gretten R. (Mr.)                                   06-Oct-60
Tulesh                    J. M.                                              05-Aug-60
Turay                     Stephen P. (Pfc.)                                  22-Nov-60
Turner                    Fannie J.                                          30-Aug-60
Turner                    Laurence M.                                        23-Dec-60
Turner                    Lon                                                16-Sep-60
Turner                    Lon                                                18-Sep-60
Turner                    Rose C. (Mrs.)                                     27-Oct-60
Turner                    Will L.                                            05-Sep-60
Turnipseed                David Leon                                         18-Sep-60
Tyson                     William S.                                         26-Oct-60
Uhlenkamp                 David Charles                                      13-Oct-60
Underwood                 Anna Pearl                                         08-Oct-60
Underwood                 Anna Pearl                                         08-Oct-60
Underwood                 Anna Pearl (Mrs.)                                  09-Oct-60
Vail                      Russell Letron                                     19-Oct-60
Vail                      Russell Letron                                     21-Oct-60
Valentine                 Clarence E.                                        04-Nov-60
Vancil                    Lee Roy                                            29-Dec-60
Vanderhoff                Leonard                                            29-Sep-60
Vanderhoff                Leonard                                            30-Sep-60
VanderVeen                Rose (Mrs.)                                        30-Oct-60
VanDuyne                  Chalres L.                                         08-Jul-60
VanDuyne                  Chalres L.                                         08-Jul-60
Vaughn                    Roy                                                29-Sep-60
Vaughn                    Roy B.                                             30-Sep-60
Vaughn                    Una Alicce (Mrs.)                                  10-Nov-60
Viete                     Charles (Sgt.)                                     27-Dec-60
Villalpando               Luisa (Mrs.)                                       16-Sep-60
Villalpando               Luisa (Mrs.)                                       20-Sep-60
Vinette                   Darrell H.                                         27-Nov-60
Volkman                   Martha (Nattie)                                    25-Nov-60
Voress                    Clara Mae (Mrs.)                                   17-Dec-60
Voth                      Dwight Lee                                         16-Nov-60
Wacker                    Nora Mable (Mrs.)                                  07-Nov-60
Wagley                    Maggie F. (Mrs.)                                   27-Aug-60
Waite                     Charles H.                                         26-Jul-60
Walcker                   Kathy                                              27-Aug-60
Walker                    Anna (Mrs. Edward R.)                              11-Oct-60
Walker                    Bill A.                                            10-Nov-60
Walker                    Roy                                                19-Jul-60
Walker                    Wood Henry                                         15-Sep-60
Wall                      Eldodn R.                                          13-Dec-60
Wallace                   Bessie J. (Mrs.)                                   15-Sep-60
Wallace                   Margaret (Mrs.)                                    18-Nov-60
Wallace                   Margaret (Mrs.)                                    19-Nov-60
Waller                    LaGreta (Mrs.)                                     17-Nov-60
Waller                    Maryetta (Mrs.)                                    05-Nov-60
Waller                    Paul                                               14-Nov-60
Walline                   Albert E.                                          06-Oct-60
Walline                   Albert Eugene                                      05-Oct-60
Walters                   Charles F. (Sgt.)                                  11-Jul-60
Ward                      Eliza Belle (Mrs.)                                 05-Dec-60
Ward                      Emmet M.                                           03-Dec-60
Ward                      Gertrude (Mrs.)                                    19-Sep-60
Ward                      Grace B. (Mrs.)                                    09-Aug-60
Ward                      Minnie I. (Mrs.)                                   01-Dec-60
Ward                      Minnie I. (Mrs.)                                   02-Dec-60
Warkentin                 Agnes (Mrs.)                                       22-Nov-60
Warkentin                 Agnes (Mrs.)                                       23-Nov-60
Warnica                   Eloise (Mrs.)                                      12-Aug-60
Warren                    Cleo (Mrs.)                                        10-Aug-60
Washington                Joseph C.                                          21-Sep-60
Waters                    Jessie D.                                          29-Oct-60
Watkins                   Georgia A. (Mrs.)                                  08-Nov-60
Watkins                   Georgia A. (Mrs.)                                  10-Nov-60
Watson                    Randall E.                                         30-Jul-60
Watson                    Randall E.                                         31-Jul-60
Watson                    Ruth M. (Mrs.)                                     09-Oct-60
Watt                      Muriel Rae (Mrs.)                                  08-Oct-60
Watt                      Muriel Rae (Mrs.)                                  08-Oct-60
Watts                     Marvin C.                                          17-Jul-60
Waymire                   Fred                                               12-Dec-60
Waymire                   Fred K.                                            09-Dec-60
Weaver                    Pamela Sue                                         21-Dec-60
Weaver                    Pamela Sue                                         22-Dec-60
Weaver                    Victoria Irene                                     16-Aug-60
Webb                      Carrie Miller (Mrs.)                               22-Nov-60
Webb                      Carrie Miller (Mrs.)                               23-Nov-60
Webb                      Carrie Miller (Mrs.)                               23-Nov-60
Webb                      Fred P.                                            05-Aug-60
Webb                      Henrietta (Mrs.)                                   02-Nov-60
Webber                    Edward H.                                          24-Nov-60
Weber                     Edward H.                                          23-Nov-60
Webster                   John Paul (Mrs.)                                   07-Aug-60
Wedell                    Otto O.                                            12-Jul-60
Wegerer                   Max                                                27-Sep-60
Wegley                    Maggie F. (Mrs.)                                   30-Aug-60
Weidner                   Frank (Sr.)                                        23-Nov-60
Weidner                   Frank (Sr.)                                        24-Nov-60
Weigle                    Jean Annette                                       31-Dec-60
Wellin                    Albert                                             05-Oct-60
Wells                     Mandell J.                                         17-Sep-60
Welsh                     L. Arealia (Mrs.)                                  21-Dec-60
Wentling                  William                                            25-Aug-60
Wentling                  William                                            27-Aug-60
West                      George Bert                                        17-Aug-60
Westfall                  Corda (Mrs.)                                       06-Dec-60
Wetzel                    Jerold D. (Spec 4)                                 19-Sep-60
Weve                      Margaret (Mrs.)                                    13-Sep-60
Whatley                   Dolly Fern (Mrs.)                                  12-Dec-60
Wheat                     Howard Wayne                                       28-Oct-60
Whedbee                   Valentine                                          19-Nov-60
Wheeler                   Jacqulin A. (Mrs.)                                 11-Aug-60
Wheeler                   Jacqulin Anette (Mrs.) and Walter                  12-Aug-60
Wheeler                   Jacqulin Anette (Mrs.) and Walter                  13-Aug-60
Wheeler                   Olive H. (Mrs.)                                    13-Oct-60
Wheeler                   Troy O.                                            16-Sep-60
Wheeler                   Walter                                             11-Aug-60
Whicker                   Andrew Hill                                        05-Oct-60
Whicker                   Andrew Hill                                        06-Oct-60
Whicker                   Andrew Hill                                        07-Oct-60
Whitchurch                Clyde H. (Sr.)                                     20-Jul-60
Whitchurch                Clyde Henry (Sr.)                                  21-Jul-60
White                     Debra Lynn                                         29-Nov-60
White                     Elizabeth M.                                       31-Dec-60
White                     Elizabeth N. (Mrs.)                                28-Dec-60
White                     Floyd E.                                           07-Nov-60
White                     R. O.                                              03-Nov-60
White                     Ruth (Mrs.)                                        20-Oct-60
White                     Ruth (Mrs.)                                        14-Dec-60
White                     W. P. (Mrs.)                                       20-Oct-60
Whitlow                   Thomas                                             07-Aug-60
Whitney                   John Albert                                        17-Dec-60
Whitney                   John Albert                                        19-Dec-60
Whitney                   John Albert                                        20-Dec-60
Whitson                   Barbara                                            14-Jul-60
Whitson                   Barbara                                            16-Jul-60
Whyhte                    Jimmy W.                                           27-Oct-60
Wikel                     Perl                                               01-Jul-60
Wikel                     Perl                                               01-Jul-60
Wilcox                    Clarence B.                                        16-Sep-60
Wilcox                    Leonard B.                                         18-Oct-60
Wiley                     Betty Lou (Mrs.)                                   12-Aug-60
Wiley                     Grace (Mrs.)                                       25-Oct-60
Wilkes                    Marlon                                             24-Aug-60
Wilkie                    Blanche (Mrs.)                                     27-Sep-60
Wilks                     Marion                                             21-Aug-60
Wille                     John Louis                                         12-Sep-60
Williams                  Ben J.                                             16-Aug-60
Williams                  Charles Edward                                     08-Aug-60
Williams                  Clyde                                              22-Aug-60
Williams                  Earl and Joyce                                     20-Dec-60
Williams                  Edith Remitty (Mrs.)                               25-Nov-60
Williams                  Elizabeth May (Mrs.)                               18-Sep-60
Williams                  Evangeline (Mrs.)                                  14-Dec-60
Williams                  Harry B.                                           25-Dec-60
Williams                  Jerry                                              10-Jul-60
Williams                  Mack                                               27-Aug-60
Williams                  Mack                                               29-Aug-60
Williams                  Robert Stanley                                     28-Oct-60
Willis                    Frank E.                                           11-Jul-60
Willis                    Frank E.                                           13-Jul-60
Willis                    Lon A.                                             23-Aug-60
Wilson                    Charles F.                                         22-Jul-60
Wilson                    Charles F.                                         23-Jul-60
Wilson                    Charles Franklin                                   25-Jul-60
Wilson                    Delores (Mrs.)                                     06-Sep-60
Wilson                    John L. (Sr.)                                      08-Sep-60
Wilson                    John L. (Sr.)                                      09-Sep-60
Wilson                    Opal G. (Mrs.)                                     20-Aug-60
Wilson                    Opal G. (Mrs.)                                     21-Aug-60
Wilson                    Ruth E. (Mrs.)                                     02-Nov-60
Winters                   Henry                                              01-Sep-60
Wise                      William Franklin                                   13-Jul-60
Wise                      William Franklin                                   14-Jul-60
Wisp                      Robert Paul                                        13-Sep-60
Wist                      Robert Paul                                        14-Sep-60
Withgit                   Nathaniel                                          25-Aug-60
Wofford                   Harvey                                             03-Nov-60
Wohlgemuth                Alice (Mrs.)                                       31-Oct-60
Wohlgemuth                Alice (Mrs.)                                       31-Oct-60
Wolfe                     Edna L. (Mrs.)                                     15-Dec-60
Wolfe                     Peter                                              13-Jul-60
Wood                      Effie L. (Mrs.)                                    24-Nov-60
Wood                      William W.                                         25-Nov-60
Woods                     Charles L.                                         10-Nov-60
Woods                     Charles L.                                         17-Nov-60
Woods                     Fannie (Mrs.)                                      16-Nov-60
Woods                     Landsa A.                                          07-Jul-60
Worford                   Minnie C. (Mrs.)                                   14-Sep-60
Wright                    Eula (Mrs.)                                        12-Oct-60
Wright                    Jonathan R.                                        04-Oct-60
Wright                    Kenneth Bruce                                      21-Oct-60
Wright                    Roy Rex                                            11-Oct-60
Wright                    Roy Rex                                            12-Oct-60
Wright                    Wood T.                                            30-Jul-60
Wright                    Wood Thomas                                        29-Jul-60
Wuertz                    Theoplie                                           26-Dec-60
Wyant                     Woodrow W. (Dr.)                                   11-Dec-60
Wyant                     Woodrow W. (Dr.)                                   13-Dec-60
Wyatt                     Jennifer Marie                                     30-Nov-60
Yeager                    Beverly Ann                                        22-Aug-60
Yingling                  E. V.                                              27-Dec-60
Yingling                  Ernest V.                                          26-Dec-60
Yingling                  Ernest V.                                          26-Dec-60
Young                     Jerald                                             06-Nov-60
Young                     Jerald Lee                                         30-Oct-60
Young                     Jerald Lee                                         31-Oct-60
Young                     Jerry                                              29-Oct-60
Young                     Mark L.                                            17-Oct-60
Young                     Orville L.                                         02-Nov-60
Young                     Orville L.                                         03-Nov-60
Young                     Toni Jean                                          27-Jul-60
Young                     Toni Jean                                          28-Jul-60
Young                     William Francis                                    12-Jul-60
Youngblood                Clifford C.                                        07-Nov-60
Younkin                   Grover C.                                          15-Dec-60
Younkin                   Grover C.                                          15-Dec-60
Zanoni                    Mary Harding (Mrs.)                                04-Oct-60
Zanoni                    Mary Harding (Mrs.)                                05-Oct-60
Zanoni                    Mary Harding (Mrs.)                                06-Oct-60
Zenner                    Michaels J. (Sr.)                                  09-Oct-60
Zerby                     H. A. (Mrs.)                                       29-Nov-60
Zile                      Cecil H.                                           23-Jul-60
Zile                      Cecil H.                                           24-Jul-60
Zoglman                   Cris (Mrs.)                                        16-Nov-60
Zuker                     William B. (Dr.)                                   13-Sep-60
Zundel                    Mildred Ruth (Mrs.)                                24-Nov-60



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