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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of scrapbooks in their library that contain obituaries cut from The Wichita Eagle and Beacon. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks. If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each name and we will abstract the information for you. Mail the name of the person you wish the information on, the year, the date (if given) and the page number it appears on (if given) to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. Please include your e-mail address if you have one.

Index of Wichita Eagle/Beacon Obituaries

2003 P-R









Pace			Bonnie			25-Jun-03
Pace			Ethel V.		18-Apr-03
Pace			Mitchell Dale 'Mitch'	10-Jul-03
Pace			Mitchell Dale 'Mitch'	11-Jul-03
Pace			William Dale		31-Mar-03
Pace			William Dale		01-Apr-03
Pack			Roth W.			24-May-03
Padgett			Iona Maxine		18-Feb-03
Padley			Calvin L.		01-Sep-03
Padley			Melodee A. (McCammon)	06-Dec-03
Padley			Melodee A. (McCammon)	07-Dec-03
Page			Eric D.			28-May-03
Page			Vernon W.		08-Jul-03
Pagel-Ellis		Georgia			27-Sep-03
Pagel-Ellis		Georgia			28-Sep-03
Pagels			Alice M.		21-Jan-03
Paine			Melvin L.		15-Nov-03
Painter			Elsie Cole Oakman	24-Jan-03
Palen			Katheryn K.		27-Oct-03
Pallett			Virginia F. (Stafford)	23-Oct-03
Pallett			Virginia F. (Stafford)	24-Oct-03
Palm			Eloyous Kathleen'Kathy' 04-Jan-03
Palmer			Betty Lou		13-Aug-03
Palmer			Howard Charles		19-Apr-03
Palmer			Howard Charles		20-Apr-03
Palmer			Lydia Jennie		24-Jan-03
Palmer			Rachel L.		25-Jun-03
Palmer			Rachel L.		26-Jun-03
Palmer			Rachel L.		27-Jun-03
Palmer			Raymond E.		28-Sep-03
Palmer			Raymond E.		29-Sep-03
Palmer			Roy H.			20-Aug-03
Palmer			Steven L.		23-Jan-03
Palmer			Steven L.		25-Jan-03
Palmer			Terry R.		03-Jan-03
Palmer			Verna Mildred		19-Jul-03
Palmer			Warren Joe		12-Apr-03
Palmer-Gerstner		Rosetta J.		26-Mar-03
Palmour			Jenivie C. (Bruner)	25-Aug-03
Palmquist		Eddra M.		17-Feb-03
Palubicki		Estelle G.		10-Oct-03
Palubicki		Estelle G.		11-Oct-03
Pankaskie		Bernard J.		27-Dec-03
Pankaskie		Bernard J.		28-Dec-03
Pankratz		Anna A.			08-Nov-03
Pankratz		Elfriede H.		20-May-03
Pankratz		Elfriede Helena		21-May-03
Pankratz		Elfriede Helena		22-May-03
Pankratz		Elizabeth Catherine	06-Jan-03
Pannell			Raymon E. Jr.		29-Jul-03
Pantle			Gloria E.		25-Jun-03
Panzer			Michael David		15-Aug-03
Pappan			Keith Leroy		27-Sep-03
Pappan			Walter G.		28-Aug-03
Paredes			Alex B.			14-Mar-03
Park			Charles W. M.D. 'Bill'	23-Aug-03
Park			Edna			22-Dec-03
Park			Edna 'Bea'		23-Dec-03
Parker			A. Huntley Jr.		12-Feb-03
Parker			Austin 'Dwane'		01-Sep-03
Parker			Dave			15-Jul-03
Parker			Harold L. (Dr.)		24-Dec-03
Parker			Harold L. (Dr.)		26-Dec-03
Parker			Helen E.		29-Oct-03
Parker			James Dale		03-Feb-03
Parker			James Terry Sr.		03-Jan-03
Parker			Jarrett Kellogg		06-Nov-03
Parker			John B.			06-Nov-03
Parker			Leo A.			10-Sep-03
Parker			Louis Edward		21-Mar-03
Parker			Luther Joseph		05-Aug-03
Parker			Luther Joseph		06-Aug-03
Parker			Mabel C.		16-Dec-03
Parker			Martha Daisy		28-Sep-03
Parker			Mary Ellen		26-Jan-03
Parker			Patricia Lee		22-Feb-03
Parker			Paulette Kaye		30-Jul-03
Parker			Ralph Willard		23-Jan-03
Parker			Robert James		19-Jun-03
Parker			Ruth Foos		09-Jan-03
Parker			Searcy Maynard		12-Jun-03
Parker			Vernon D.		06-Apr-03
Parker			Vernon D.		07-Apr-03
Parker			Vernon D.		08-Apr-03
Parkerson		Lydia P.		02-Jan-03
Parks			Alvin A.		19-Jan-03
Parks			Donald E.		30-Mar-03
Parks			Doris Jean (McCort)	10-Aug-03
Parks			Edith F.		20-Apr-03
Parks			Freda E.		01-Nov-03
Parks			Lloyd E.		19-Jun-03
Parks			Lloyd E.		20-Jun-03
Parks			Lloyd E.		21-Jun-03
Parks			Lloyd E.		22-Jun-03
Parks			Ophie Lee		08-Jan-03
Parks			Oscar Lee		08-Aug-03
Parks			Oscar Lee		09-Aug-03
Parks			Paul Howard		14-Mar-03
Parks			Ruby			21-Oct-03
Parks			Stanley			06-Feb-03
Parmele			Stella May (Rieger)Whipple 20-Feb-03
Parmele			Stella May (Rieger)Whipple 21-Feb-03
Parmenter		Sherri Kay		20-Feb-03
Parnell			Don			27-Dec-03
Parr			Doris D			18-Aug-03
Parris			Olin Worthing		15-May-03
Parrish			David M.		03-Apr-03
Parrish			Flora Belle		18-Jun-03
Parscal			Pamela Jean		10-Oct-03
Parsons			Carrie B.		26-Sep-03
Parsons			Donna F. (Light) 	23-Jun-03
Parsons			Donna F. (Light) 	24-Jun-03
Parsons			Emma E.			02-Jul-03
Parsons			Etta M.			11-Jan-03
Parsons			Francis 'Frank' Edgar	15-Apr-03
Parsons			George			25-Oct-03
Parsons			George M.		26-Oct-03
Parsons			George M.		27-Oct-03
Parsons			George M.		28-Oct-03
Parsons			George M.		29-Oct-03
Parsons			George M.		23-Oct-03
Parsons			Guinn Al F. Jr.		29-Dec-03
Parsons			Mary Kathleen 'Kay'	01-Jul-03
Partin			Albert			23-Feb-03
Partridge		John W. 'Bill'		01-Jun-03
Partridge		Paul E. Sr.		01-Dec-03
Partridge		Robert N.		23-Aug-03
Partridge		Robert N.		24-Aug-03
Patchett		Wayne O.		21-Aug-03
Pate			Alice E. 'Betty'	17-May-03
Pate			Alice E. 'Betty'	18-May-03
Patnaude		Rita G.			20-Aug-03
Patnaude		Rita G.			22-Aug-03
Paton			Jack H			30-Jun-03
Patrick			Algene 'Animal Al'	08-Mar-03
Patrick			Beverly Fulgroat	18-Mar-03
Patrick			Euarda D.		18-Sep-03
Patry			Dale J.			16-Dec-03
Patry			Dale J.			17-Dec-03
Patry			Edmund L.		24-Jun-03
Patten			Delphie 'Dee'		03-Nov-03
Patterson		Alice Leanna		21-Jun-03
Patterson		Alice Leanna		22-Jun-03
Patterson		Ben Houston 'Pat'	29-Apr-03
Patterson		Beulah Mae		19-Mar-03
Patterson		Donald Raymond Jr.	31-Jan-03
Patterson		Earl O.			25-Dec-03
Patterson		Elvan E. 'Gene'		05-Aug-03
Patterson		Jack C.			09-Apr-03
Patterson		LeRoy L.		18-Jun-03
Patterson		Lloyd D.		26-Jan-03
Patterson		Lloyd D.		27-Jan-03
Patterson		Maynard L.		18-Jan-03
Patterson		Minnie P.		29-Jan-03
Patterson		Opal C.			19-Jan-03
Patterson		Ruby E.			12-Oct-03
Patterson		Ted M.			05-Oct-03
Patterson		Vera M.			22-Jan-03
Patteson		Frank A.		10-Mar-03
Patteson		Phyllis L.		22-Jan-03
Pattinson		Vada			31-Oct-03
Patton			Albert Eugene Gene 'Arkie' 25-Nov-03
Patton			Albert Eugene Gene 'Arkie' 26-Nov-03
Patton			Doyal E.		26-Aug-03
Patton			Katherine R.		30-Jul-03
Pattrick		Carrrol Wesley		29-Mar-03
Paul			Elma			10-May-03
Paulie			Dolores Ann		18-Dec-03
Paull			Virginia E. 'GG'	06-Jan-03
Paulsen			Lynn Edward		22-Feb-03
Pauly			Justin R.		10-Feb-03
Paxson			Ruth F.			19-Jun-03
Paxton			Marguerite J.		28-Jun-03
Payan			Daniel Jr.		11-Aug-03
Payne			Darrel Eugene		25-Sep-03
Payne			Darryl Eugene		26-Sep-03
Payne			Darryl Eugene		28-Sep-03
Payne			Kathleen L. 'Katie'	07-Nov-03
Payne			Mary M.			13-Feb-03
Payne			Mary M.			14-Feb-03
Payne			Merle E.		07-Jun-03
Payne			Merle E.		08-Jun-03
Payne			Thelma W.		01-May-03
Payne			Veola			04-May-03
Payne			William O.		10-Jun-03
Payton			Erpal			11-Oct-03
Payton			Jackie Dean		09-Dec-03
Peak			Boyd Dewey		20-Jun-03
Peak			Boyd Dewey		21-Jun-03
Peak			Helen L.		07-Mar-03
Peak			Marian L.		04-Dec-03
Peak			Marion Dale		03-Feb-03
Peak			Robert L. 'Bobby'	28-Apr-03
Pearce			Charles W.		01-Jul-03
Pearce			Inez May Litchfield	02-Jul-03
Pearce			Inez May Litchfield	04-Jul-03
Pearce			Leonard W. 'Doc' DMV	23-Apr-03
Pearce			Mary C.			15-Apr-03
Pearce			Mildred Elizabeth Smith	11-Dec-03
Pearl			Bea R.			17-Feb-03
Pearson			Betty Jean		08-Jun-03
Pearson			Darrell Lee		29-Jun-03
Pechanec		Rose T.			18-Nov-03
Pechin			Philip Kae		06-May-03
Peck			E. Dean			16-Aug-03
Peck			E. Dean			17-Aug-03
Peck			Lyle			09-Dec-03
Peckham			George William 'Bill'	23-Feb-03
Peden			Ivan C.			10-Jun-03
Pedigo			Jack Arthur Buckley	01-Nov-03
Peel			Ethel Cordelia		09-Apr-03
Peel			Ethel Cordelia		10-Apr-03
Peel			Velvie M.		05-Oct-03
Peeler			Steven James		27-Oct-03
Peetoom			Elmer Verlin 'Pete'	15-Dec-03
Pegg			LeMoine D.		22-May-03
Pegram			Melissa Althea		12-Mar-03
Pegues			Landis Guthrie		06-May-03
Pegues			Mable			12-Nov-03
Pehde			Philip Daniel		08-Apr-03
Peil			Alvin Eugene'Strawberry'02-Nov-03
Peil			Alvin Eugene'Strawberry'03-Nov-03
Peil			Alvin Eugene'Strawberry'01-Nov-03
Peirano			Robert L.		12-Mar-03
Pellett			Doris Ann		04-Apr-03
Pellett			Raymond C.		29-Mar-03
Peltier			Erika P.		26-Jul-03
Peltier			Erika P.		27-Jul-03
Peltier			Erika P.		28-Jul-03
Pelz			Lorraine M.		18-Jan-03
Pelz			Lorraine M.		19-Jan-03
Pelzel			Alphonse 'Al'		15-Dec-03
Pelzel			Mary A.			28-Jun-03
Pelzl			Geneva Genevieve	17-Dec-03
Pemberton		Velma L.		07-Jun-03
Pena			Damen Gage		25-Sep-03
Pena			Joe 'Joey'		23-May-03
Pendergast		Kenneth			18-Mar-03
Pendleton		David J.		11-Mar-03
Penka			Anna Theresa		27-Apr-03
Penka			Ethel Salome		14-Apr-03
Penner			Arnold H.		01-Apr-03
Penner			Elizabeth Z.		02-Sep-03
Penner			Harold J.		07-Jan-03
Penner			Herman R.		23-Mar-03
Penner			Jeffrey L.		03-Apr-03
Penner			Juanita			24-Apr-03
Penner			Orville K.		27-Dec-03
Pennington		Edna J. 'Mickey'	03-Aug-03
Pennington		Edna J. 'Mickey'	04-Aug-03
Pennington		Herbert L.		01-May-03
Pennington		Lora M.			30-Dec-03
Peppars			Fern A.			29-Jul-03
Pepperd			Audra Pauline		25-Jun-03
Percival		Sharon Kay		18-Jun-03
Perez			Donna R.		19-Aug-03
Perez			Francisco M. 'Frank'	09-May-03
Perez			Margaret Lillian Souter	03-Nov-03
Perez			Paul E.			05-Aug-03
Perisho			Gida Elma		19-Jan-03
Perkins			Lawrence J. (Rev.)	13-Sep-03
Perkins			Lawrence J. (Rev.)	14-Sep-03
Perkins			Mildred M.		02-Sep-03
Perkins			Mildred M.		03-Sep-03
Perkins			Robert D.		22-Nov-03
Perry			Blanche M.		21-Jan-03
Perry			Curtis Ryan		21-Feb-03
Perry			Curtis Ryan		23-Feb-03
Perry			Danny Ray		11-Feb-03
Perry			Danny Ray		12-Feb-03
Perry			Ella Mae		12-Aug-03
Perry			James E. 'Jim'		04-Dec-03
Perry			James M.		14-Sep-03
Perry			James M.		16-Sep-03
Perry			Jerry Clay Jr.		26-Nov-03
Perry			Joseph 'Mike'		12-Oct-03
Perry			L. Estella		23-Oct-03
Perry			Lola Inez		25-Sep-03
Perry			Mary Elizabeth 'Betty'	19-Nov-03
Perry			Mary Elizabeth 'Betty'	20-Nov-03
Perryman		Ruth Anna Linnea	28-Dec-03
Perryman		William Franklin Sr.'Bill' 04-Dec-03
Pete			Euela Ophelia		29-Jan-03
Peter			Mary Margaret		26-Nov-03
Peter			Mary Margaret		28-Nov-03
Peterie			Mary Louise (Brant)	28-Jul-03
Peterie			Mary Louise (Brant)	29-Jul-03
Peters			Anna Mary (Burke)	02-May-03
Peters			Anna Mary (Burke)	01-May-03
Peters			Carolyn J.		02-Oct-03
Peters			Etoile M.		02-Feb-03
Peters			Jackie Sue (Williams)	26-Jan-03
Peters			Jackie Sue (Williams)	28-Jan-03
Peters			John George		25-Mar-03
Peters			Loretta M.		31-Jul-03
Peters			Lucy A. Swaney		12-Jun-03
Peters			Neva L			20-Jul-03
Peters			Ruth Schroeder		01-Sep-03
Petersen		Craig A.		20-Oct-03
Petersen		Craig A.		21-Oct-03
Petersen		Grace B.		21-Mar-03
Petersen		Grace B.		22-Mar-03
Petersen		Grace B.		23-Mar-03
Petersen		John S.			07-Oct-03
Petersen		R. Jeannie		16-May-03
Peterson		Christine R.		07-Jan-03
Peterson		Gladys M.		05-Dec-03
Peterson		Margaret R.		31-Dec-03
Peterson		Marguerite F.		07-Oct-03
Peterson		Raymond William Sr.	07-Dec-03
Petree			James H. Ed.D.		29-Aug-03
Pettijohn		Darrel			24-Jun-03
Pettijohn		Viola Irene		09-Dec-03
Pettinger		Doris R.		09-Jul-03
Pettit			Martha E.		06-Apr-03
Pettit			Martha E.		07-Apr-03
Pettit			Martha E.		08-Apr-03
Pettit			Muriel (King)		10-May-03
Pettit			Muriel (King)		11-May-03
Pettit			Muriel (King)		12-May-03
Pettle			Velma Mary		23-Sep-03
Petty			John Wilford		22-Feb-03
Petz			Norma Ruth		03-Mar-03
Pfaff			Mary Beth		13-Mar-03
Pfalser			Warren L		07-Jul-03
Pfannenstiel		Clarence M.		11-Apr-03
Pfannenstiel		Dennis R.		16-Feb-03
Pfannenstiel		Ed			08-Dec-03
Pfannenstiel		Ralph William		19-Jul-03
Pfeifer			Betty L.		20-Feb-03
Pfeifer			Irene C.		11-Dec-03
Pfeifer			Simon			25-Jan-03
Pfeifer			Simon			26-Jan-03
Pfenninger		Della G.		27-Jan-03
Pfister			Barbara A. (Lang)	11-Jan-03
Pfister			Barbara A. (Lang)	12-Jan-03
Pfister			Barbara A. (Lang)	13-Jan-03
Pfund			Wanda June		11-Mar-03
Phan			Sophong			26-Jun-03
Phares			Linda B. (Raybourn)	03-Aug-03
Phares			Linda B. (Raybourn)	04-Aug-03
Phelps			Charles Robert		13-Feb-03
Phelps			Cody Lee		11-Nov-03
Phelps			Irby C.			01-Sep-03
Phelps			Jeffrey Dale 'J.D.'	14-Dec-03
Phelps			Tiffany L.		10-Jun-03
Phelps			Tiffany Lynn Porter	11-Jun-03
Phifer			Fay			10-Aug-03
Philip			Walter B.		11-Apr-03
Phillippi		Bernie L.		11-Jan-03
Phillippi		R. Dean			22-Jul-03
Phillips		Carol Jean 'Robinson'	06-Apr-03
Phillips		Carol Jean 'Robinson'	07-Apr-03
Phillips		Carol Jean 'Robinson'	08-Apr-03
Phillips		Elnora Schroer		25-Jan-03
Phillips		Fern V.			21-Feb-03
Phillips		Gayle P.		13-May-03
Phillips		Helen F.		24-Jul-03
Phillips		Herbert Lewis II	09-Apr-03
Phillips		Leonard B.		11-Oct-03
Phillips		Lyle Wayne		28-May-03
Phillips		Lyle Wayne		27-May-03
Phillips		Madge C.		11-Oct-03
Phillips		Marjorie Lee		05-Aug-03
Phillips		Rosaline L.		27-Dec-03
Phillips		T.W. 'Bill'		20-Jun-03
Phillips		T.W. 'Bill'		21-Jun-03
Phillips		Thomas Morton Sr.	11-Nov-03
Phillips		Victoria M.		02-May-03
Phillips		Victoria M.		01-May-03
Phillips		Wendell M.		13-May-03
Phillips		Wendell M.		14-May-03
Phillips-Williams	Betty Jewel		07-Dec-03
Phinney			C.M. Jr.		28-Mar-03
Phinney			Lloyd R.		20-Dec-03
Phouthavong		Khamtanh		13-Sep-03
Piatt			Albert H.		08-Oct-03
Piatt			Eva Marie Sherwood	10-Nov-03
Piburn			Carolyn Ann (Zelliot)	29-Jan-03
Piburn			Carolyn Ann (Zelliot)	30-Jan-03
Pickens			Annie L. (Massegee)	28-Dec-03
Pickens			Charles F.		24-Jul-03
Pickerill		Jocelyn R. (Seward)	12-Aug-03
Pickett			Cynthia E.		31-Jan-03
Pickett			Cynthia E.		01-Feb-03
Pickett			Lloyd E.		24-Apr-03
Pickett			W. Jean			11-Aug-03
Pickle-Strouder		Leah			19-Jul-03
Pieffier		Lois Aline		21-May-03
Pierce			Arleen Lehman		11-Nov-03
Pierce			Fred			14-Sep-03
Pierce			Jonna 'Kay'		01-Jul-03
Pierce			Lenna C.		27-Mar-03
Pierce			Maxine Louise		17-May-03
Pierce			Maxine Louise		18-May-03
Pierce			Maxine Louise		19-May-03
Pierce			Ray S.			26-Nov-03
Pierce			Ronald J.		28-Jun-03
Pierpont		Enid F.			12-Aug-03
Pierpont		Enid F.			13-Aug-03
Pierpont		Enid F.			14-Aug-03
Pierpont		Enid F.			15-Aug-03
Pierpont		William Grover 'Bill'	21-Feb-03
Pierpont		William Grover 'Bill'	22-Feb-03
Pierpont		William Grover 'Bill'	23-Feb-03
Piersall		Lawrence B. 'Jack'	13-Aug-03
Piersing		Marguerite Marie	03-Sep-03
Piersing		Marguerite Marie	04-Sep-03
Piersol			Correna Agilur		25-Dec-03
Pierson			M. Douglas		07-Dec-03
Pike			Tyler Lee		07-Mar-03
Pike			Tyler Lee		09-Mar-03
Pike			Tyler Lee		10-Mar-03
Piland			Dolly L.		20-Nov-03
Pilcher			Alan E.			12-Oct-03
Pilcher			Alan E.			13-Oct-03
Pina			Nicholas		20-Sep-03
Pinegar			Helen Sue Ward		03-Apr-03
Pinkerton		Robert H.		24-Sep-03
Pinkston		Ethel Gertrude		17-Jun-03
Pinney			Adzianna M.		21-Jan-03
Pinsker			Jacob (Dr.)		19-Feb-03
Piotrowski		Mae Mildred		13-Nov-03
Piotrowski		Mae Mildred		14-Nov-03
Pirtle			Laura Nora		15-Sep-03
Pirtle			Laura Nora		14-Sep-03
Pitschmann		Irma Elli		30-Nov-03
Pittman			Ella Louise		25-May-03
Pittman			Ella Louise		27-May-03
Pittman			Ella Louise		28-May-03
Pittman			Eva Arlene		07-Dec-03
Pittman			Van D.			16-Oct-03
Pitts			Donald Lynn		22-Jan-03
Pitts			Jesse L.		11-Oct-03
Pitts			Luis Miguel		22-Oct-03
Pitts			Luis Miguel		23-Oct-03
Pitts			Mable			26-Feb-03
Pitts			Mable			27-Feb-03
Pitts			Marie			21-Nov-03
Pitts			Mary			21-Sep-03
Pitts			Mina Helen		25-Nov-03
Pittser			Ellen K			28-Jul-03
Pjesky			Dorothy M. 'Dottie'	05-May-03
Place			Hazel P.		20-Nov-03
Plank			Annie K.		14-Sep-03
Plank			Annie K.		15-Sep-03
Plante			Oliver A. 'Junior'	30-Oct-03
Platt			Morris			30-Mar-03
Platt			Morris			31-Mar-03
Plaugher		Joyce Colleen		29-May-03
Plenert			Elsie			07-Dec-03
Pletcher		Louise			05-Jun-03
Plummer			Caroline F.		02-Dec-03
Plummer-Bacon		Evelyn M.		09-May-03
Plunkett		Bennie L. Sr.		05-Jan-03
Plunkett		Bennie L. Sr.		07-Jan-03
Plush			Dennis E. 'Bud' Sr.	22-Apr-03
Poage			Nancy Titus		04-Jan-03
Poe			Brock			03-Sep-03
Poe			Donald Keith 'Bud'	08-Jul-03
Poe			Joseph F.		06-Jan-03
Poeling			Bill			20-May-03
Pogue			Billy Gene		06-Oct-03
Poland			Doris V.		18-Jun-03
Polcyn			Loretta A.		28-Sep-03
Poling			Kathleen Mae		16-Mar-03
Polite			Peter James		01-Jan-03
Pollock			Morris John		12-Nov-03
Polson			Hadley 'Pete'		10-Jan-03
Polston			Monica C.		29-Oct-03
Polzin			Matt P.			22-Oct-03
Pomeroy			Charles Robert 'Bob'	15-Jun-03
Pomeroy			Nicole Elizabeth	05-Nov-03
Pomrenke		Clarence Julian		05-Jul-03
Pomrenke		Mildred Benham		09-Aug-03
Pond			Clyde Ray		22-Dec-03
Pond			Henry E.		09-May-03
Ponder			Holly Gholson		11-Jun-03
Ponds			Sylvester J.		22-Jul-03
Ponds			Sylvester J.		23-Jul-03
Pontious		James Michael'Mike''Kangaroo Kid'28-Feb-03
Pool			Florella K.		16-Apr-03
Pool			Florella K. 'Crickett'	15-Apr-03
Poole			LuAnne M. (McAllister)	26-Feb-03
Poole			Margaret M.		15-Jan-03
Poos			John W.			12-Dec-03
Poovey			Velma G.		15-Mar-03
Pope			Ruby V.			23-Mar-03
Popejoy			Patricia Jane (Royer)	17-Feb-03
Popejoy			Patricia Jane (Royer)	18-Feb-03
Popp			Montena			28-Nov-03
Popp			Montena M.		29-Nov-03
Poppelreiter		Dolores Maxine		09-Jan-03
Porter			Donald A.		02-Oct-03
Porter			Donald A.		03-Oct-03
Porter			Gerald E.		19-Jan-03
Porter			Harry Allen		18-Nov-03
Porter			Kirk Lamont		12-Aug-03
Porter			Kirk Lamont		14-Aug-03
Porter			Maxine (Burklund)	08-Sep-03
Porter			Maxine (Burklund)	09-Sep-03
Porter			Rex L.			02-May-03
Posey			Dorthea J.		14-Oct-03
Post			Buddy Lee		15-Jan-03
Potter			Clyde L.		04-Mar-03
Potter			David E			27-Jul-03
Potter			Kristin Kathleen	14-Feb-03
Potter			William H. Jr. 'Bill'	20-Jun-03
Pottorff		James P. 74		25-May-03
Pottorff		Joseph E.		23-Feb-03
Poulson			Annette			29-Apr-03
Poulson			Annette			30-Apr-03
Pouncil			James C. Sr. 'Jimmy'	07-Oct-03
Pousher			Lorraine		22-May-03
Powell			A.D.			13-Nov-03
Powell			Bobby Lee		22-Jun-03
Powell			Charles William		25-Dec-03
Powell			Debbie Flessner		17-Jun-03
Powell			Earl			10-May-03
Powell			Earl Glen		14-May-03
Powell			Eva D.			27-Dec-03
Powell			Eva D.			28-Dec-03
Powell			Frances A.		29-Sep-03
Powell			Irene			21-Oct-03
Powell			Jack C.			21-Mar-03
Powell			Leona			02-Apr-03
Powell			Opal			24-Nov-03
Powell			Opal			09-Dec-03
Powell			Patricia June		18-Mar-03
Powell			Perry Walter		14-Dec-03
Powell			Ronald E.		09-Apr-03
Powell			Thomas I.		10-Jan-03
Powell			Warren E.		25-Jan-03
Powelson		Philip J.		17-Feb-03
Powers			Donnie E.		16-Aug-03
Powers			Donnie E.		17-Aug-03
Powers			Donnie E.		18-Aug-03
Powers			Inez M.			17-Jul-03
Powers			Jess L.			11-May-03
Powers			Lyle A.			28-Apr-03
Powers			Margie M.		19-Feb-03
Powers			Mildred M.		24-Nov-03
Powers			Mildred M.		25-Nov-03
Powers			Thomas Kenton		01-Apr-03
Poynter			John P.			03-Feb-03
Poynter			John P.			04-Feb-03
Prater			Elizabeth Jane		03-Sep-03
Prater			Elizabeth Jean		04-Sep-03
Prather			E.T.			24-Nov-03
Prather			Elvin T. 'E.T.'		25-Nov-03
Prather			Mary L			13-Sep-03
Prather			Norma G. (Shriver)	07-Jun-03
Prather			Norma G. (Shriver)	08-Jun-03
Pratt			Arthur L.		21-Sep-03
Pratt			Charles E.		12-Sep-03
Pratt			Robert L. 'Bob'		23-Feb-03
Pray			Clifford Junior 'Jr.'	11-Feb-03
Prechtel		John E.			01-May-03
Prechtel		John E.			03-May-03
Prechtel		John E.			04-May-03
Preheim			Mary Ann		06-May-03
Prescott		Ernest A.		29-Aug-03
Presley			Mildred R.		26-Feb-03
Pressnall		MarLa D.		18-Feb-03
Previtara		Suzanne 'Sue'		07-Feb-03
Prewett			Larry J.		09-Jan-03
Prewett			Larry J.		10-Jan-03
Prewett			Mildred Shuman		14-Jun-03
Prewett			Mildred Shuman 'Peggy'	15-Jun-03
Pribble			Chief Master Sergeant Fred A. 12-Mar-03
Price			Amanda I.		03-Apr-03
Price			Anna M.			11-Aug-03
Price			Gladys			17-Oct-03
Price			Heidi Kay		04-Jun-03
Price			J. Fain			22-Aug-03
Price			Jeannette L.		11-Nov-03
Price			John G.			25-Oct-03
Price			Kenneth Duane		10-Mar-03
Price			Larry E.		02-Jun-03
Price			Lawrence F.		05-Dec-03
Price			Mildred C. (White)	02-Nov-03
Price			Mildred C. (White)	04-Nov-03
Price			Mildred C. (White)	05-Nov-03
Price			Viva A. 'Vi'		25-Nov-03
Priceman		Estelle L.		01-Mar-03
Prichard		Lois Elizabeth (Macy)	01-Jan-03
Prickett		Geraldine		07-May-03
Priddle			Clyde W.		06-Jun-03
Priddle			Clyde W.		07-Jun-03
Priddle			Clyde W.		08-Jun-03
Prideaux		Osola M.		12-Jan-03
Priess			Ella			28-Dec-03
Priess			Ella			30-Dec-03
Priest-Kuchar		Katherine Marie		01-Apr-03
Prilliman		Amelia			06-Feb-03
Prince			Darrell D.		01-Oct-03
Prince			Darrell D.		02-Oct-03
Prine			Hallie E.		02-Dec-03
Pritchard		Patricia		23-Aug-03
Pritchard		Sylvia M.		09-Dec-03
Pritz			Carolyn Sue (Schmitz)	12-Jun-03
Probasco		Carl E.			19-Apr-03
Prochazka		Charles B.		31-Dec-03
Prochazka		Susan			09-Oct-03
Prochazka		Susan			10-Oct-03
Prockish		Theresa I.		08-May-03
Prockish		Theresa I.		09-May-03
Prockish		Theresa I.		10-May-03
Proctor			Bobby Dean		21-Jan-03
Proctor			Bobby Dean		22-Jan-03
Proctor			Charles Lee		21-May-03
Prodromides		Joe			08-Dec-03
Produe			Thomas F.		01-Jul-03
Proffitt		Herbert Daniel Sr.'Herb' 28-Jun-03
Proffitt		Milfred D.		05-Aug-03
Prouse			Mary M.			29-May-03
Prouty			Wilbur L.		07-Sep-03
Prouty			Wilbur L.		08-Sep-03
Provine			Betty J			14-Jul-03
Provost			Penelope June		08-Jul-03
Prowse			Cornella 'Corky'	16-Jun-03
Prowse			Cornella 'Corky'	17-Jun-03
Prowse			Cornella 'Corky'	18-Jun-03
Pruitt			John R.			01-Jun-03
Pruitt			Nora Ella		10-Sep-03
Ptacek			Alan Marshall		31-Dec-03
Puckett			Margaret Ann		14-Aug-03
Puent			Craig M.		31-Dec-03
Pugh			Jack Calvin		16-Dec-03
Pugh			Mary			28-Sep-03
Pule			Fa'atoialamanu		12-Feb-03
Pule			Fa'atoialamanu		13-Feb-03
Pulec			Glenice A.		06-Oct-03
Pulis			Mercedes M.		07-Nov-03
Pulliam			Art (William A.)	06-Sep-03
Pulliam			Art (William A.)	07-Sep-03
Pulliam			Art (William A.)	08-Sep-03
Pullman			Norman K. Jr.		24-Jun-03
Pullman			Norman K. Jr.		25-Jun-03
Pullman			Norman K. Jr.		26-Jun-03
Pundsack		Hattie			13-Apr-03
Purcell			Betty Jean		24-Sep-03
Purcell			Betty Jean		25-Sep-03
Purdum			Opal L.			06-Sep-03
Purdy			George S.		20-May-03
Purkey			Dorothy Downing		10-Dec-03
Purkey			Dorothy Downing		14-Dec-03
Purkey			James M.		19-Jan-03
Purtle			Elizabeth K. 'Kay'	13-Oct-03
Purvis			Darrel L.		08-Apr-03
Pykiet			Wanola Elizabeth	09-May-03
Pyle			Karen L. Williams	14-Mar-03
Pyle			Karen L. Williams	15-Mar-03
Pyle			Mamie Lee (Haynes)	29-Mar-03
Pyles			James C.		22-Sep-03
Pyles			James C.		23-Sep-03
Pyles			James C.		24-Sep-03
Pyles			Ruth M.			03-Apr-03
Pyles			Ruth M.			04-Apr-03
Quackenbush		Joseph Henry III	05-Dec-03
Quackenbush		Joseph Henry III	06-Dec-03
Queen			Herbert A.		23-Dec-03
Queen			W. Harold		28-Oct-03
Quelch			Eleanor M.		02-Apr-03
Quigley			David L.		16-Nov-03
Quillen			Dale M.			20-May-03
Quincy			Billy B.		26-Jun-03
Quincy			Billy B.		27-Jun-03
Quincy			Helen J.		09-Mar-03
Quincy			Helen J.		10-Mar-03
Quinlan			Eileen M. CSJ (Sr.)	13-Apr-03
Quinn			Michael G.		28-Sep-03
Quinn			Michael G.		29-Sep-03
Quint			Kody L			14-Jul-03
Quintana		Isabel M.		17-Dec-03
Quintana		Jorge			19-Jun-03
Quiring			Joseph C.		13-Jan-03
Quisenberry		David Eugene		22-Sep-03
Quist			Sandra Ruth		21-Oct-03
Raasch			Christine Sophie	23-Apr-03
Race			Ardell Rae 'Tilly'	08-Jul-03
Rachner			Virginia N. RN		15-Sep-03
Racy			Hazel			23-Jan-03
Rademacher		Julius George 'J.G.'	14-Sep-03
Rader			Elizabeth M		27-Jul-03
Rader			James W. Sr.		23-Jul-03
Rader			June Lee		04-Aug-03
Radford			Merlin 'Gene'		29-Jul-03
Radke			Shari Lynn		15-Jul-03
Rafler			Hattie Lavone		22-Nov-03
Ragan			Edith L.		25-Feb-03
Ragan			Robert L.		26-Mar-03
Ragland			Wanda Mae		20-Mar-03
Raheb			Ibrahim B. 'Abe'	21-Feb-03
Raheb			Ibrahim B. 'Abe'	22-Feb-03
Raida			Joseph F.		10-Apr-03
Railing			Paul W. Sr.		16-Aug-03
Railsback		Tina Margaret		14-Jun-03
Rainbolt		Edwin Franklin		06-May-03
Rains			Nancy Viola		28-Oct-03
Rains			Nancy Viola		29-Oct-03
Rains			William C. 'Bill'	07-May-03
Rakestraw		Lois Karlien (Cheesman)	09-Oct-03
Ralls			Tom D.			16-Jun-03
Ralls			Tom D.			17-Jun-03
Ralstin			Jacqueline M. 'Jackie'	22-Aug-03
Ralstin			Jacqueline M. 'Jackie'	23-Aug-03
Ralston			Ruby			02-Jan-03
Rambin			Peyton R. 'Pate'	19-Aug-03
Ramey			Marjorie		11-Oct-03
Ramey			Teresa Renee Stephans Tatman 13-Apr-03
Ramirez			Julia			24-Aug-03
Ramirez			Oralia Ochoa		27-Jul-03
Ramirez			Socorro			08-Jun-03
Ramirez			Socorro			09-Jun-03
Ramirez			Venancio		02-Jan-03
Ramsey			Betty J.		07-May-03
Ramsey			Betty Jean (Jones)	08-May-03
Ramsey			Carl W. Jr.		01-Aug-03
Ramsey			Elizabeth Moffatt	06-May-03
Ramsey			Ethel B.		24-Aug-03
Ramsey			Gerald			02-Jul-03
Ramsey			Richard V.		10-Apr-03
Ramsey			Sharolyn Kay		08-Feb-03
Ramsey			Sharolyn Kay		09-Feb-03
Ramsey			Wilma Irene		03-Sep-03
Randall			Arwildia		19-Oct-03
Randall			Arwildia		22-Oct-03
Randall			Arwildia		17-Oct-03
Randall			Jerry Lee		07-Sep-03
Randall			Jerry Lee		11-Sep-03
Randall			Julia M.		06-Jan-03
Randall			Lois Elna		10-Sep-03
Randle			Etta J.			27-Sep-03
Randle			Olive L.		29-Aug-03
Randles			L. Marie		27-Jun-03
Randolph		Amy Corine		30-Nov-03
Randolph		Amy Corine		03-Dec-03
Randolph		Anna J.			30-Sep-03
Randolph		Georgina L.		11-Jan-03
Rands			Clifford E. (Maj. USAF Ret.) 01-May-03
Rands			Clifford Erwin		30-Apr-03
Raney			Nicole Renae		23-Feb-03
Rangel-Delgado		Jorge Arturo		07-Dec-03
Rank			Elmer F.		11-Jul-03
Rankin			Anna G. 'Trudy'		22-Jul-03
Rapp			R. Howard		16-Sep-03
Rasch			Dorothy A.		14-Jan-03
Rasler			Luevena F		17-Aug-03
Rastrelli		Patricia		01-Jun-03
Rathbun			Bryan			28-May-03
Rathgeber		Bobbie Ernest 'Bob'	18-Jun-03
Rathke			Carol L.		14-Aug-03
Rathke			Robert S		04-Sep-03
Ratzlaff		Albert J.		10-Jan-03
Ratzlaff		Bradley L.		14-Feb-03
Ratzlaff		Dan			21-Oct-03
Ratzlaff		Dorothy G.		09-Oct-03
Ratzlaff		Emma			24-Nov-03
Ratzlaff		Mary			22-Jan-03
Ratzlaff		Milferd			30-Jul-03
Ratzlaff		Raymond			14-Jan-03
Ratzlaff		Raymond			16-Jan-03
Ratzloff		Chester J. 'Chet'	19-Jan-03
Rausch			Joseph Eugene		14-Dec-03
Rausch			Joseph Eugene		15-Dec-03
Rauscher		Glen S.			26-Feb-03
Ravenstein		Earl A. 'Rusty'		28-Feb-03
Ravenstein		Earl A. 'Rusty'		01-Mar-03
Ravenstein		Maxine			03-Aug-03
Ravenstein		Maxine			04-Aug-03
Ray			Charles A.		01-Dec-03
Ray			Charles Jr.		11-Jul-03
Ray			Charles Jr.		13-Jul-03
Ray			Curtis Eugene		22-Sep-03
Ray			Curtis Eugene		21-Sep-03
Ray			Jerry L.		19-Jun-03
Ray			Kevin C			27-Jul-03
Ray			Samuel Fred		17-Aug-03
Raya			Kathleen L.		21-Jan-03
Raya			Paul J.			11-Sep-03
Rayl			Bertha M.		18-May-03
Rayl			Marilyn J.		24-Oct-03
Rayla			Joseph Daniel		07-Jan-03
Rayle			Myrtle 'Velma'		08-Jan-03
Raymond			Bernice E. Howe		10-Feb-03
Raymond			George W.		23-Aug-03
Raymundo		Julian Isaiah		03-Sep-03
Razook			Blanche E.		09-Feb-03
Razook			Blanche E.		10-Feb-03
Razook			Blanche J.		11-Feb-03
Rea			Barbara			19-Dec-03
Reaburn			Hattie L.		05-Mar-03
Read			Mary Beth		21-Jan-03
Rea-Fairbanks		Mildred			26-Oct-03
Reagan			Margaret Louise		21-Nov-03
Ream			Bob			14-Oct-03
Ream			Gary Lee		18-May-03
Ream			Gary Lee		19-May-03
Ream			Robert L.		12-Oct-03
Ream			Robert L.		13-Oct-03
Ream			Robert L.		14-Oct-03
Reamer			Roy Eugene 'Gene'	21-Dec-03
Reaser			Kenneth Andrew		15-Jun-03
Reasoner		Anna Faye		20-Mar-03
Reaves			Pauline H.		01-Oct-03
Reaves			Pauline H.		02-Oct-03
Reavis			Adah			05-Sep-03
Reazin			Thela R.		25-Feb-03
Reazin			Thela R.		26-Feb-03
Rech			Marjorie M.		04-Feb-03
Record			Billy D.		31-Mar-03
Rector			Janice Louise		16-Oct-03
Rector			Margaret Estella (Dunn)	05-Feb-03
Rector			Vallys Z		26-Oct-03
Rector			Vallys Z		27-Oct-03
Rector			Vallys Z		28-Oct-03
Redd			Edna M.			15-Feb-03
Redd			Pauline			09-Jan-03
Redd			Pauline			12-Jan-03
Reddig			James L.		17-Oct-03
Redelberger		Patrick J.(Rick McEntire)27-May-03
Redenbaugh		Debbie			23-Sep-03
Reder			Philip A		17-Aug-03
Redetzke		Maurice John		25-Jan-03
Redger			Joseph E.		03-Nov-03
Redman			Robert Landau 'Bob'	24-Jul-03
Redman			Robert Landau 'Bob'	25-Jul-03
Redman			Robert Landau 'Bob'	26-Jul-03
Reece			Helen Lucille		29-Jun-03
Reece			Helen Lucille		30-Jun-03
Reece			John F.			24-Nov-03
Reece			Miles Eugene		31-Dec-03
Reece			Nathan L.		08-Jun-03
Reece			Rochelle Nadyne		05-Mar-03
Reed			Annie			20-Nov-03
Reed			Annie			18-Nov-03
Reed			Dale Vaniman		25-Nov-03
Reed			Dale Vaniman		27-Nov-03
Reed			Dale Vaniman		28-Nov-03
Reed			Donald Willis		07-Feb-03
Reed			Dora Lee (Peters)	24-Nov-03
Reed			Doyle Wallace		09-Nov-03
Reed			Eldon Ray		29-Dec-03
Reed			Excel			01-Dec-03
Reed			Floyd Keith Sr.		15-Jul-03
Reed			Grace Clarice		25-Oct-03
Reed			Grace Clarice		26-Oct-03
Reed			Josephine B.		05-Feb-03
Reed			Lena Lucille		17-Jun-03
Reed			Leo L.			21-Jan-03
Reed			Leona			31-Aug-03
Reed			Martha Yankey		27-Aug-03
Reed			Martha Yankey		28-Aug-03
Reed			Martha Yankey (Marty)	03-Sep-03
Reed			Martha Yankey (Marty)	04-Sep-03
Reed			Martha Yankey (Marty)	05-Sep-03
Reed			Merton C. 'Mut'		01-Jun-03
Reed			Nellie			16-Apr-03
Reed			Roberta (Thomas)	25-Feb-03
Reed			Roberta (Thomas)	26-Feb-03
Reed			Teresa A.		16-Sep-03
Reed			Velma 'Blondie'		17-Jul-03
Reed			Victoria A. 'Vikki'	27-Apr-03
Reed			Wilmuth 'Wilma' Dean Lusk 09-Nov-03
Reep			Jimmie Kate Alexander	12-Mar-03
Reese			Leroy			23-Mar-03
Reeves			Audrey E.		13-Feb-03
Reeves			Audrey E.		14-Feb-03
Reeves			John R. 'Lil John'	09-Jan-03
Reeves			John R. 'Lil John'	10-Jan-03
Reeves			Vernon F. Sr.		27-Mar-03
Regehr			Ted			11-Dec-03
Regier			Albert V.		26-Nov-03
Regier			Alberta Inez		10-Nov-03
Regier			Ardiena E.		04-Feb-03
Regier			Esther L.		29-Nov-03
Regier			Norma R.		27-Aug-03
Regier			Norma R.		28-Aug-03
Regier			Norma R.		29-Aug-03
Regier			Willard H.		01-Aug-03
Reh			Velda V.		18-Dec-03
Reichard		George 'Art'		13-Jun-03
Reichel			Dole Richard 'Rick'	05-Jan-03
Reichenberger		Helen Kathryn (Schmitz)	05-Mar-03
Reichenberger		Helen Kathryn (Schmitz)	06-Mar-03
Reichenberger		Judith Anne (Noonan)'Judy' 28-Jun-03
Reichert		Marina			06-Jan-03
Reichmann		Steen A.		21-Nov-03
Reid			Joseph D.		18-Dec-03
Reid			Mike			21-Apr-03
Reid			Robert Ellis		08-Oct-03
Reida			Madison Lynn		14-Feb-03
Reimer			Katharine M.		14-Jun-03
Rein			Esther T.		22-Oct-03
Reinecker		Randall L. 'Randy'	14-Jan-03
Reinert			Olah 'Jean'		18-Feb-03
Reinhart		Bertha			16-Sep-03
Reinking		Barbara L.		28-May-03
Reiswig			Colette M. Cannon	01-Nov-03
Reiswig			Colette M. Cannon	04-Nov-03
Reitz			Jessie Anna Davis	06-Jun-03
Reneau			Bill L.			05-Jan-03
Renfro			John Thomas		08-Oct-03
Renick			Donald R.		17-Oct-03
Renner			LaVerne Isabell		27-Jan-03
Renner			LaVerne Isabell		28-Jan-03
Reno			LaVanche		16-Jan-03
Renollet		Donald Paul 'Baboo'	30-Aug-03
Renollet		Donald Paul 'Baboo'	31-Aug-03
Renollet		Shirley D.		22-May-03
Renollet		Shirley D.		23-May-03
Repass			Doris Annalee (Laird)	18-Mar-03
Repass			Doris Annalee (Laird)	19-Mar-03
Reschke			Creola M.		20-Dec-03
Reschke Humphrey Hatcher Pauline		01-Jun-03
Reser			Donna L. (Ackerman)	15-Jan-03
Resnick			Bette Louise		07-Jan-03
Restivo			Shirley Turner		15-Mar-03
Rettig			Angie (Magnusson)	21-May-03
Rettig			Ross Edward		23-Jan-03
Reuber			Madaline R.		08-Dec-03
Reusser			Clifford G.		02-Oct-03
Reusser			Floyd Merle		10-Feb-03
Reusser			Irene M.		16-Jan-03
Reusser			Randy S.		31-Jul-03
Reusser			Randy S.		01-Aug-03
Rex			Juanita Mae (Large)	28-Dec-03
Rexroat			Aurel Louise		16-Jun-03
Rexwinkle		Connor Maxon		31-Oct-03
Reyes			Rafael N. 'Ralph'	09-Oct-03
Reynolds		Harriet			22-Oct-03
Reynolds		Kenneth E.		17-Jan-03
Reynolds		Lawrence Fay 'Jack'	07-Oct-03
Reynolds		Marguerite J.		29-Jul-03
Reynolds		Mary Ellen		01-Nov-03
Reynolds		Ralph L.		08-Dec-03
Reynolds		Velma M.		15-Sep-03
Reynolds		Velma M.		01-Oct-03
Reynolds		William Robert		28-Jul-03
Reynolds-Mulberry	Patti Ann		27-Mar-03
Rezac			George			09-Apr-03
Reznicek		Cyril E.		22-Nov-03
Rhines			Ernie William		11-Feb-03
Rhodenbaugh		Betty L.		21-Jan-03
Rhodenbaugh		Betty L.		22-Jan-03
Rhodes			Deborah J		26-Oct-03
Rhodes			Denzil L.		11-Jan-03
Rhodes			Denzil L.		12-Jan-03
Rhodes			Earl Hubert		19-Mar-03
Rhodes			Frieda Marie		26-Mar-03
Rhodes			Jesse Lee		26-Oct-03
Rhodes			Russell L.		24-Jun-03
Rice			David L.		26-Jun-03
Rice			Florence Evelyn		16-Jan-03
Rice			Grace M.		05-Apr-03
Rice			Joan			12-Feb-03
Rice			Kaleb Michael		11-Nov-03
Rice			Lucille I		18-Aug-03
Rice			Lucille Irene		19-Aug-03
Rice			Pauline F.		10-Jun-03
Rice			Pauline F.		11-Jun-03
Rice			Pauline F.		11-Jun-03
Rice			Pauline F.		12-Jun-03
Rice			Virginia L.		10-Jun-03
Rich			Alma Lorena		28-Oct-03
Rich			James Lloyd		08-Jun-03
Rich			Robert Keith		28-Apr-03
Rich			Winston Dean		02-Jan-03
Richard			George A.		29-Jan-03
Richards		Chester R. 'Chet'	14-Oct-03
Richards		Chester R. 'Chet'	15-Oct-03
Richards		Clell 'Damon'		28-Dec-03
Richards		Elizabeth Marie		24-Feb-03
Richards		Elizabeth Marie		25-Feb-03
Richards		Elizabeth Marie		26-Feb-03
Richards		Harvey A.		08-Oct-03
Richards		John David		04-Aug-03
Richards		John David		05-Aug-03
Richards		Mildred A.		12-Sep-03
Richards		R. Wayne		24-May-03
Richards		Raymond K.		15-Jan-03
Richards		Raymond K.		16-Jan-03
Richards		Thomas A. 'Tom'		30-Dec-03
Richardson		Alvin			26-Mar-03
Richardson		Davie A.		13-May-03
Richardson		Davie A.		14-May-03
Richardson		Donald I.		28-Feb-03
Richardson		Jack G.			30-Jul-03
Richardson		Mary Jo			19-Mar-03
Richardson		Robert L. 'Bob'		11-Feb-03
Richardson		Roy O.			20-Aug-03
Richardson		Russell L. 'Rusty'	12-Jul-03
Richardson		Sandra Ann Trinka	13-Mar-03
Richardson		Terence			18-Apr-03
Richardson		Terence			15-Apr-03
Richarz			Clarence E.		06-Aug-03
Richel			Reita M.		08-Mar-03
Richey			Curtis C.		11-Mar-03
Richey			Curtis C.		12-Mar-03
Richey			Marion E.		01-Jun-03
Richman			Bill			07-Mar-03
Richmond		Dessie Naomi		16-Sep-03
Richmond		Harold J. 'Bill'	02-Nov-03
Richmond		Josephine Lucille	18-Dec-03
Rickard			Margaret Katherine(Bauman)11-Dec-03
Rickard			Mary Jean		11-Jan-03
Ricke			Joseph Zennin		09-Oct-03
Rickel			Mary Evelyn		19-Mar-03
Rickel			Mary Evelyn		20-Mar-03
Ricken			Edwin Theodore		29-Apr-03
Ricken			Edwin Theodore		30-Apr-03
Ricker			Leonard C.		19-Jun-03
Rickerson		Sally J.		22-Mar-03
Rickett			Bob			15-May-03
Ricketts		Effie M.		21-Dec-03
Riddell			Marvin G.		28-Jun-03
Ridder			Mary T.  (Holzman)	15-May-03
Ridder			Mary T.  (Holzman)	16-May-03
Ridgeway		Robert W.		07-Feb-03
Ridley			Jack A.			11-Jan-03
Ridley			Jack A.			12-Jan-03
Riecker			Winifred F. 'Wynne'	01-Mar-03
Riedel			Barbara Jean		25-Aug-03
Riedel			Elton S.		12-Apr-03
Riedmiller		Allen			08-Sep-03
Riedmiller		Allen			09-Sep-03
Riegle			Warren Eugene		20-Feb-03
Riffel			Genevieve S. 'Jean'	02-Jul-03
Riffey			Anna Elizabeth		19-Sep-03
Rigg			Edith Elizabeth		13-Oct-03
Riggle			Florida			03-May-03
Riggs			Donald H. 'Don'		12-Sep-03
Riggs			Frances A.		02-Dec-03
Riggs			Karen S.		05-May-03
Riggs			Karen S.		04-May-03
Riggs			Niva Jo			14-Mar-03
Riggs			Wayne C.		06-Mar-03
Riggs Wert		Katie			22-Apr-03
Riley			Alfred Dean		30-Mar-03
Riley			Ann K.			28-May-03
Riley			Carl L.			20-Apr-03
Riley			Emily Wenonah Jessee	25-Aug-03
Riley			Evelyn Pearl (Dilli)	24-Jun-03
Riley			Evelyn Pearl (Dilli)	25-Jun-03
Riley			Wilma V.		31-Jul-03
Rima			Eileen M.		24-Jan-03
Rinck			Glenn G.		01-Jun-03
Rindt			Donald Robert Edward	02-Dec-03
Rindt			Donald Robert Edward	03-Dec-03
Rindt			Wilbert L. 'Willie'	12-Mar-03
Rinebarger		Jess C.			07-Oct-03
Riner			Hazel P.		15-May-03
Riner			Ruby M.			25-Nov-03
Ring			Evelyn Lucille McLean	19-Oct-03
Ring			Henry John		17-Sep-03
Ringler			Allen			02-Apr-03
Riordan			James M.		05-Feb-03
Riordan			Nancy Ruth		19-Aug-03
Rios			Erik			10-Apr-03
Rios			Erik			11-Apr-03
Riseling		James Gilbert		25-Jun-03
Rising			Austin 'Russ'		20-May-03
Risley			Richard Haviland	12-Jan-03
Ritchards		Ida N.			23-Feb-03
Ritchards		Marilyn A. (Carter)	26-Nov-03
Ritchey			Clark L.		28-Aug-03
Ritchey			Hazel Marie		18-Jan-03
Ritter			Edna May		24-Dec-03
Ritter			Gertrude		22-Jul-03
Ritter			John I.			04-Feb-03
Rittgers		Lloyd S.		20-Jun-03
Rittgers		Lloyd S.		19-Jun-03
Ritthaler		Ella A.			03-Nov-03
Rivers			Harriette Anne		22-Aug-03
Rivers			Harriette Anne		23-Aug-03
Roach			Nellon Juanita		12-Sep-03
Roady			Marvin Eugene		17-May-03
Roark			Marjorie Ruth		30-Jul-03
Robb			Beulah A. (Ferrell)	21-Dec-03
Robb			Beulah A. (Ferrell)	22-Dec-03
Robb			Constance J. 'Connie'	22-Apr-03
Robb			Constance J. 'Connie'	23-Apr-03
Robb			Dorothy Alice Pence	20-Dec-03
Robbins			Dan E.			25-Nov-03
Robbins			Lucille			29-Dec-03
Roberson		Dennis Harold Jr.	28-Sep-03
Roberson		Dennis Harold Jr.	01-Oct-03
Roberson		Doyle Ray		13-Feb-03
Roberson		Edith			19-Jun-03
Roberson		Edith			20-Jun-03
Roberts			Almeda			31-Mar-03
Roberts			Almeda M.		01-Apr-03
Roberts			Betty Jo		25-Oct-03
Roberts			Cecil G			03-Aug-03
Roberts			Charlotte E. (Sloan)	20-Oct-03
Roberts			Connie E.		06-Nov-03
Roberts			Deloris Mae		16-Jan-03
Roberts			Eugene W. 'Beano'	29-Dec-03
Roberts			Helen			20-May-03
Roberts			Henrietta Magdalene(Jones) 07-Jan-03
Roberts			Kenneth L. Sr.		11-Jul-03
Roberts			Marceline A.		20-Apr-03
Roberts			Michael E.		25-Mar-03
Roberts			Michele Ann (Dillon)	29-Apr-03
Roberts			Michele Ann (Dillon)	30-Apr-03
Roberts			Omar Horton		30-Mar-03
Roberts			Wilma L.		16-Sep-03
Robertson		Ethyl L.		09-Sep-03
Robertson		Ruby V			29-Jun-03
Robinson		Bandy C			18-Aug-03
Robinson		Bandy C.		20-Aug-03
Robinson		Bandy C.		21-Aug-03
Robinson		Betty			27-Dec-03
Robinson		Betty			28-Dec-03
Robinson		Betty			29-Dec-03
Robinson		C. Louise		23-Jan-03
Robinson		Cecil Douglas 'Corky'	09-Sep-03
Robinson		Clyde Leslie		23-Mar-03
Robinson		Clyde Leslie		24-Mar-03
Robinson		David Truman		02-Aug-03
Robinson		Elaine E.		11-Nov-03
Robinson		Ezekiel Jr.		23-Jul-03
Robinson		Freida Melissa		02-Feb-03
Robinson		Gary F.			04-Jul-03
Robinson		George			18-Jun-03
Robinson		Greg S.			27-Apr-03
Robinson		Ina B.			18-Jan-03
Robinson		Ina B.			19-Jan-03
Robinson		James 'Sam'		09-Mar-03
Robinson		Juana Marie (Smith)	26-Oct-03
Robinson		Kathyleen S		30-Jun-03
Robinson		Mae			24-Aug-03
Robinson		Margaret M.		19-Nov-03
Robinson		Margaret M.		20-Nov-03
Robinson		Margaret M.		21-Nov-03
Robinson		Mary Mae (Vaden)	05-Jan-03
Robinson		Otis Jr.		16-Feb-03
Robinson		Richard			13-Sep-03
Robinson		Robert H.		28-May-03
Robinson		Roy L. 'Red'		27-Jan-03
Robinson		Roy L. 'Red'		28-Jan-03
Robinson		Sidney Charles		26-Aug-03
Robinson		Teresa Ann 'Terry'	28-Dec-03
Robinson		Will			04-Jun-03
Robison			Carolyn Sue		27-Feb-03
Robison			Ione			12-Nov-03
Robison			Verla Almanzo		04-Feb-03
Robl			Mary E.			29-Aug-03
Robles			Juan Sr.(Acosta)'Johnny' 30-Jan-03
Robles			Juan Sr.(Acosta)'Johnny' 31-Jan-03
Rochat			Glen Earl		24-Dec-03
Rochat			Glen Earl		28-Dec-03
Rockmore		Sammy Lee Sr.		23-Dec-03
Rockmore		Sammy Lee Sr.'Sam Rockmore' 24-Dec-03
Rockmore		Sammy Lee Sr.'Sam Rockmore' 25-Dec-03
Rockmore		Sammy Lee Sr.'Sam Rockmore' 26-Dec-03
Rockwell		Valis			18-Sep-03
Rodgers			Anna A.			31-Mar-03
Rodgers			Charles H. 'Charlie'	20-May-03
Rodgers			Charles H. 'Charlie'	21-May-03
Rodman			William A. 65		06-Apr-03
Rodriguez		Gerard 'Jerry'		10-Sep-03
Rodriguez		Pascual Sr.		07-Sep-03
Rodriguez		Robert J. 'Bob'		25-Sep-03
Roe			John G.			21-Jan-03
Roe			John G.			22-Jan-03
Roe			Merle A.		19-Jun-03
Roesch			Myrtle			01-Feb-03
Roetzel			Lavon 'Butch'		21-Jun-03
Rogers			Alenah			05-Sep-03
Rogers			Carol Ann		19-Jun-03
Rogers			Charlotte Marie		18-Mar-03
Rogers			Clarence P.		25-Nov-03
Rogers			Clarence Paul		28-Nov-03
Rogers			Cora L			10-Aug-03
Rogers			Don D.			16-Nov-03
Rogers			Ernestine E.		14-Jan-03
Rogers			Ernestine E.		15-Jan-03
Rogers			Ernestine E.		16-Jan-03
Rogers			Ernestine E.		17-Jan-03
Rogers			Georgia Etta Trible	04-Apr-03
Rogers			Guy William		21-Aug-03
Rogers			Leona M.		09-Feb-03
Rogers			Lester			29-Dec-03
Rogers			Lester			31-Dec-03
Rogers			Lovie			06-Jan-03
Rogers			Lovie			07-Jan-03
Rogers			Makenah			05-Sep-03
Rogers			Melissa (Tollefson)	05-Sep-03
Rogers			Nicholas		05-Sep-03
Rogers			Opal Elaine		31-Aug-03
Rogers			Patty Ann		13-Dec-03
Rogers			Ralph			06-Aug-03
Rogers			Robert L		29-Jun-03
Rogers			Sherla Kay		14-Apr-03
Rogers			Sherla Kay		15-Apr-03
Rogers			Sherla Kay		16-Apr-03
Rogers			Thelma L 'Tommie'	04-Sep-03
Rogers			Viola C.		18-Jun-03
Rogers			William 'Bill'		17-Jul-03
Rogers			Zachary			05-Sep-03
Rogge			Arthur Herman		10-Aug-03
Rogge			Arthur Herman		11-Aug-03
Rogge			Arthur Herman		12-Aug-03
Rogge			LaVern H.		30-Sep-03
Rohleder		Elmer			29-Nov-03
Rohleder		Philomene 'Minnie'	06-Jul-03
Rohling			Peggy R			04-Sep-03
Rohling			Peggy R.		05-Sep-03
Rohlman			John J.			01-Oct-03
Rohr			Clarence J.		24-Dec-03
Rohr			Regina 'Gina'		12-Feb-03
Rohr			Sylvia Ann		31-Dec-03
Rohrer			Ann R.			13-Jan-03
Rohrer			Mildred M.		21-Jan-03
Roland			Howard			02-Dec-03
Rolf			Lois I.			28-Dec-03
Rolfe			Terry L.		17-Jul-03
Roll			Clara Hanna		26-Mar-03
Rollins			George Clarence		29-Mar-03
Rollins			Gladys E.		31-May-03
Rollins			Gladys E.		01-Jun-03
Rolph			Martha Belle		22-Dec-03
Rolph			Martha Belle		23-Dec-03
Rolph			Martha Belle		24-Dec-03
Rome			Genevieve		03-Apr-03
Rome-Masarik		Brenda			18-Nov-03
Romero			Alberto			28-Oct-03
Romero			Betty Jane		20-Jun-03
Romero			Dianne Dubberstein	03-Feb-03
Romero			Dianne Dubberstein	04-Feb-03
Romero			Jose Adan Olguin	09-Feb-03
Romero-Fraire		Alberto			30-Dec-03
Rongish			Robert Joseph		11-Sep-03
Roof			Leota F.		31-May-03
Rook			Martha Lee Willcoxon	09-Oct-03
Rooker			James R.		01-Nov-03
Roosevelt		Marjorie J.		24-Jan-03
Root			Emily Lucille		22-Oct-03
Root			Samuel F.		01-Mar-03
Rorabaugh		Doyle Edgar		16-Aug-03
Rorick			Eleanor E.		23-Oct-03
Rose			Alice Zacharias		01-Mar-03
Rose			Arlo Dean		01-May-03
Rose			Carl Herbert		18-Mar-03
Rose			Isabelle E.		17-May-03
Rose			LaFern Pauline		06-Apr-03
Rose			Opal			20-May-03
Rose			Stanley D.		02-Feb-03
Rose			Virginia M.		25-Dec-03
Rose			Virginia M.		26-Dec-03
Rose			Walter L.		08-Aug-03
Rose			William Leslie 'Bill'	20-Feb-03
Rose-Garcia		Melissa Renee		06-Feb-03
Rosen			Hope Marie		18-Sep-03
Rosenhagen		Elsie E. (Oehlert)	12-Feb-03
Roser			Raymond Jr.		09-Apr-03
Roser			Raymond Jr.		10-Apr-03
Rosko			Emma E.			13-Jan-03
Rosko			Richard Allen		30-May-03
Rosner			Christian(Aileene K.)(Dr.) 22-Oct-03
Ross			Alana Brookshire	14-Feb-03
Ross			Armella			26-Jun-03
Ross			Glenda M.		10-Dec-03
Ross			Glenda M.		11-Dec-03
Ross			Imogene			13-Jul-03
Ross			James Lee		14-Sep-03
Ross			Leah May		03-Jul-03
Ross			Louis W. 'Louie'	04-Nov-03
Ross			Milburn G.		05-Aug-03
Ross			Reginald Eugene		28-Jun-03
Ross			Richard			03-Jul-03
Rossillon		Joseph Pierre		23-Apr-03
Rossiter		Betty Jane		09-Dec-03
Rosson			M. Marie		23-Jul-03
Rossow			Judith A.		27-Apr-03
Roth			Cora V.			11-Dec-03
Roth			Ruth F. Mayes		25-Nov-03
Rothe			Annette I.		06-Apr-03
Rothe			Annette I.		07-Apr-03
Rothe			Luella A.		24-Mar-03
Roths			Bertha H. Ast		29-May-03
Roths			Bertha H. Ast		30-May-03
Rotramel		George L.		01-Mar-03
Rotramel		George L.		02-Mar-03
Rotramel		Roy E.			06-Sep-03
Rotruck			Mildred L.		14-Sep-03
Rotruck			Mildred L.		16-Sep-03
Rottmayer		Dee			06-Jun-03
Rottmayer		Mike Dee		05-Jun-03
Rounds			Jonathan		17-Feb-03
Rounds			Jonathan		19-Feb-03
Rounkles		Elsie V.		03-Oct-03
Rouse			Roberta P. 'Bobby'	05-Feb-03
Rouse			Virginia (Hayes)	21-Jan-03
Routen			Barbara M.		03-Nov-03
Routon			Barbara M. (Redd)	04-Nov-03
Routon			Barbara M. (Redd)	05-Nov-03
Routon			Barbara M. (Redd)	06-Nov-03
Routon			Merri Chell		24-Jan-03
Routon			Merri Chell		25-Jan-03
Routon			Merri Chell		26-Jan-03
Rowan			Neva A.			11-Jan-03
Rowan			Zona J.			07-Feb-03
Rowe			Euell B. 'Jack'		12-Jul-03
Rowe			Lila S.			02-Mar-03
Rowe			Lola Mae Satterthwaite	24-Nov-03
Rowe			Lola Mae Satterthwaite	25-Nov-03
Rowe			Mildred L.		01-Jul-03
Rowland			Arnette G.		23-Jan-03
Rowland			Steven Roy 'Steve'	19-Aug-03
Rowland			Steven Roy 'Steve'	20-Aug-03
Rowlett			William 'Bill'		09-Nov-03
Rowley			Darline Eslen		12-Nov-03
Rowley			Jean A.			16-Feb-03
Rowsey			Joyce M.		29-Jul-03
Rowton			Frances D		21-Jul-03
Roy			William Garnett		05-Jan-03
Roy			William Garnett		06-Jan-03
Royal			Wanda May		10-Dec-03
Royal			Wanda May		11-Dec-03
Royer			Jacob N.		02-Dec-03
Royse			J.R.			12-Dec-03
Rozof			Carolyn L.		04-Dec-03
Rozof			Carolyn L.		05-Dec-03
Ruark			Carl Leo		19-May-03
Ruark			Howard Lee		23-Aug-03
Ruby			Opal L.			21-Mar-03
Rucker			Edna Wiederstein	21-Mar-03
Rucker			James C. 'Clyde'	21-Mar-03
Rucker			Maye Alice		28-Apr-03
Rucker			Maye Alice		29-Apr-03
Ruckle			Eleanor Jean (Bailey)	01-Jul-03
Rudd			Thomas Melvin		05-Apr-03
Ruddick			Linda Lee		09-Sep-03
Rude			Edward L.		30-Oct-03
Rude			Edward L.		31-Oct-03
Ruder			Agnes Marie		11-May-03
Ruder			Leota E.		21-Oct-03
Ruder			Wilfred			24-Apr-03
Rudicel			Charles E. 'Rudy'	17-Feb-03
Rudicel			Donald D.		24-Jun-03
Rudiger			Roger D.		28-Feb-03
Ruiz			Candida Rosa		17-Feb-03
Ruiz			Ralph R			13-Jul-03
Rulifson		Robert R		29-Jun-03
Rumage			Charles Robert		07-Mar-03
Rummel			Carl E.			10-Oct-03
Rummel			Carl E.			12-Oct-03
Rumsey			Albert Jr.		04-Dec-03
Rundell			Faye Lucille Dunn	17-Apr-03
Runnion			Tracy L.		22-Apr-03
Rupe			Donald Ivan		01-Jul-03
Rupert			Gary W.			23-Apr-03
Ruperto			Celia D			07-Jul-03
Rupp			Carl Haury		19-Mar-03
Rupp			Ernest F.		23-Feb-03
Rupprecht		Genevieve		17-Aug-03
Rush			John Alvin		16-Dec-03
Rush			John Alvin		17-Dec-03
Rush			Norma L.		02-Jul-03
Rush			Rena Marie		19-Dec-03
Rusk			Ralph E			13-Jul-03
Rusk			Ralph Etsel		15-Jul-03
Russell			Aileen A.		01-May-03
Russell			Berniece		05-Feb-03
Russell			Dennis F.		15-Sep-03
Russell			Don Edward		22-Jan-03
Russell			Don Edward		23-Jan-03
Russell			Don Edward		24-Jan-03
Russell			Edna M.			18-Feb-03
Russell			Harold Walter		14-Nov-03
Russell			Harry H.		09-Sep-03
Russell			Leona D (Sander)	04-Sep-03
Russell			Leona D. (Sander)	05-Sep-03
Russell			Leona D. (Sander)	06-Sep-03
Russell			Leona D. (Sander)	07-Sep-03
Russell			Mary C.			11-Jun-03
Russell			Maxine L.		15-Aug-03
Russell			Patrick 'Pat'		08-Dec-03
Russell			Ray 'Sugar' 		18-Dec-03
Russell			Ray 'Sugar' 		19-Dec-03
Russell			Ray 'Sugar' 		21-Dec-03
Russell			Walter 'Leo'		07-Sep-03
Rust			Charles T.		18-May-03
Rust			Charles T.		19-May-03
Rust			James W.		01-Feb-03
Rusteika		Father John B.		15-Dec-03
Rutera			Joseph L.		14-Sep-03
Rutherford		Martin L.		24-Dec-03
Rutledge		Margie J.		12-Jan-03
Rutledge		Margie J.		13-Jan-03
Rutledge		Margie Jane		10-Jan-03
Rutliff			James R.		20-Oct-03
Rutschman		Kris Dale		31-May-03
Rutter			Joan Belle		12-Apr-03
Rutter			Virginia L.		31-Aug-03
Rutz			Karl W.			20-May-03
Ryan			Apolene Anne		23-Jul-03
Ryan			Dorothy M.		24-Sep-03
Ryan			Edward R.		15-Nov-03
Ryan			Edward R.		16-Nov-03
Ryan			Eudora J.		09-Aug-03
Ryan			Helen McCluggage	07-May-03
Ryan			Helen McCluggage	08-May-03
Ryan			John Frederick II 'Fred'03-Sep-03
Ryan			Lawrence 'Larry'	12-Mar-03
Ryan			Mayme C.		07-Oct-03
Ryan			Natalie Eva		17-Aug-03
Ryan			Richard Lee Sr.		16-Nov-03
Ryan			Richard Lee Sr.		17-Nov-03
Ryan			Terry Duane		08-Apr-03
Rybolt			Martha Eugenia		28-Jun-03
Rydberg			Blanche A. (Wiehebrink)	16-Jan-03
Ryder			Mae Katheryn		02-Mar-03
Ryder			Norman Lee		14-Jan-03
Rymer			Roger G.		15-Apr-03
Rymer			Roger G.		16-Apr-03
Rymer			Roger G.		14-Apr-03
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