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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of scrapbooks in their library that contain obituaries cut from The Wichita Eagle and Beacon. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks. If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each name and we will abstract the information for you. Mail the name of the person you wish the information on, the year, the date (if given) and the page number it appears on (if given) to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. Please include your e-mail address if you have one.

Index of Wichita Eagle/Beacon Obituaries

2003 M-O










Maas			Orville			06-Nov-03
Mabe			Archer K. 'Arch'	05-Jul-03
Mabe			Archer K. 'Arch'	06-Jul-03
Mace			Wanda L.		16-Sep-03
Mace			Wanda L.		17-Sep-03
MacFarland		Jean Katherine		30-Jan-03
Machado			Gilbert R.		05-Jun-03
Machado			Gilbert R.		06-Jun-03
Machado			Jesus Marie Sanchez	08-Dec-03
Macho			C. Mark			10-Feb-03
Macias			Hector T Sr		18-Aug-03
Macias			Hector T.		20-Aug-03
Mack			Janice Mae		07-Feb-03
Mack			Oscar Leo		25-Aug-03
Mack			Ray Ernest		11-Mar-03
Mackay			Donald Gordon		22-Oct-03
Macke			Leo F.			17-Mar-03
MacKinlay		William S. 'Bill'	23-Sep-03
MacKinley		William S.		22-Sep-03
Maclaskey		Myron			25-Oct-03
MacMartin		James P.		06-Apr-03
MacMillan		George Vincent		20-Sep-03
MacNeil			Vernon			14-Feb-03
MacNeil			Vernon			15-Feb-03
Macy			Evelyn F.		06-Aug-03
Madden			Carl			02-Mar-03
Madden			Eugene E.		15-Jun-03
Madden			Mary Alice		07-Jan-03
Maddox			Howard 'Blue'		08-Jul-03
Maddox			Howard Laverne 'Blue'	10-Jul-03
Maddox			John A.			25-Jul-03
Maddox			Richard Lanne		02-Dec-03
Maddux			Julius A.		26-Aug-03
Maddux			Richard D. 'Rick'	18-Oct-03
Maddy			Agnus Lorraine		09-Sep-03
Maddy			Alma Mary Louise	20-Mar-03
Maddy			Norma May		10-Nov-03
Maditz			Gleneth I		03-Aug-03
Madl			Thomas Joseph 'T.J.'	09-Feb-03
Madl			Thomas Joseph 'T.J.'	10-Feb-03
Madrid			Arcelia			02-Aug-03
Madsen			Mary Ann		25-May-03
Maercker		LeRoy W.		11-Feb-03
Magdaleno		Lucille			09-May-03
Magee			Bertha C.		06-May-03
Maglaughlin		Benjamin A.		08-Apr-03
Magness			Hugh H.			07-Dec-03
Magsalin		Romulo 'Romy' (Dr.)	23-Jul-03
Magsalin		Romulo 'Romy' (Dr.)	24-Jul-03
Magsalin		Romulo 'Romy' (Dr.)	25-Jul-03
Mahaffey		Lucinda Davis		22-Dec-03
Mahaffy			David 'Dale'		09-Jul-03
Mahan			Paul D.			13-Apr-03
Mahler			Ella			28-Jul-03
Mahoney			Bernice M.		18-Feb-03
Mahurin			Janet Adele		11-Sep-03
Maib			Robert Allen		15-Oct-03
Maib			Robert Allen		16-Oct-03
Main			Velma Jeanne		11-Dec-03
Mainwaring		Doris J. (Steward)	04-Feb-03
Maison			Mary N.			28-Jan-03
Majors			Chester C.		11-May-03
Majors			Jerry Lee		07-Jun-03
Majors			Jerry Lee		08-Jun-03
Majors			Pauline Mildred		08-Oct-03
Maki			Arthur R.		01-Jan-03
Makins			Patricia A. 70		29-Nov-03
Makovec			Pauline V.		12-Feb-03
Malaby			Vernice M.		07-Dec-03
Malcolm			Helen C.		05-May-03
Male			Walter Newton Jr.'Newt'	22-Apr-03
Male			Walter Newton Jr.'Newt'	21-Apr-03
Malek			Richard R. 'Dick'	19-Nov-03
Mallot			Viola C.		02-Dec-03
Mallot			Viola C.		03-Dec-03
Malmgren		Leslie J.		25-Feb-03
Malmstrom		Donna Kay		01-Mar-03
Malone			David			30-Dec-03
Malone			Dorothy			12-Apr-03
Malone			Troy A.			19-Apr-03
Malone			Troy A.			20-Apr-03
Maloney			Florie			27-Feb-03
Malson			Margaret H.		15-Nov-03
Mancinas		Yes Alarius		19-Jul-03
Manda			Dorothy E.		14-Mar-03
Maness			Edward W. Sr.		22-Apr-03
Maness			Ralph C.		08-Feb-03
Manjeot			Christopher Elliott	05-Dec-03
Manka			Lyle W.			21-Dec-03
Manke			Charlotte B.		21-Jun-03
Manlove			Harold T.		16-Jan-03
Manlove			Harold T.		17-Jan-03
Mann			Anna M.			22-Dec-03
Mann			Guilford C		10-Aug-03
Mann			Shirley Jean		19-Jun-03
Manning			Basil Orlando		27-Oct-03
Manning			Emelia C. 'Millie'	31-Dec-03
Manning			Harold			28-Jan-03
Manning			Harold W.		28-Jan-03
Manning			Kathryn L. 'Kit'	28-Feb-03
Manning			Kathryn L. 'Kit'	02-Mar-03
Manning			Ollie Mae		11-Dec-03
Manny			Winter			05-Sep-03
Manor			Jess W.			02-Jan-03
Mans			LaVona Marie		19-Mar-03
Mansfield		Manford E. 'Doc' (Dr.)	25-Jul-03
Manske			Marjorie E. 'Marg'	06-Nov-03
Mantey			Ella Josephine		16-Oct-03
Manuel			Viola Marie		13-Nov-03
Maples			Gerald Dwayne		06-Aug-03
Maples			Kathryn E.		02-Jan-03
Maples			Kathryn E.		03-Jan-03
Mar			Woo Li Sing		25-Apr-03
Mar			Woo Li Sing		26-Apr-03
Mar			Woo Li Sing		27-Apr-03
Marak			Eva June 'E.J.'		23-Jun-03
Marble			Max Leroy		11-Jun-03
Marcellus		Ellen I.		14-Dec-03
Marcellus		Ellen I.		17-Dec-03
Marchand		Eugene E.		21-Jan-03
Marchant		Leland 'Dutch'		14-Sep-03
Marchetti		Charles L.		10-May-03
Marchetti		Charles L.		11-May-03
Marcy			Winifred G.(Rev.)	12-Mar-03
Marhenke		Mary T.			13-Oct-03
Maring			Rosalie(Haslouer)	09-Oct-03
Marion			Virginia Mae Baker 	20-Aug-03
Mark			Evelyn A.		01-Oct-03
Marker			Cindy Lynn (Shelton)	12-Jun-03
Marker			John 'Earl'		04-Dec-03
Marker			William Mac		26-Aug-03
Marker			William Mac		27-Aug-03
Markham			Buster			30-Nov-03
Markham			Kimberly Lynn		02-Aug-03
Markley			Harold H.		16-Jan-03
Marks			Cutie M. Sr.		14-Feb-03
Marks			Donald G.		17-Dec-03
Marks			Lonnie B.		17-Sep-03
Marler			Twyla Faye		30-Mar-03
Marlett			Oleta			06-Jun-03
Marlett			Oleta			07-Jun-03
Marley			Lee O.			08-Mar-03
Marley			Lois E			17-Aug-03
Marn			Irene I.		02-Nov-03
Marn			Irene I.		01-Nov-03
Marnell			Roselle B.		08-Mar-03
Marnell			Roselle B.		09-Mar-03
Marples			Gloria Elizabeth	23-Dec-03
Marples			Gloria Elizabeth	24-Dec-03
Marples			Gloria Elizabeth	25-Dec-03
Marples			Gloria Elizabeth	26-Dec-03
Marquardt		Cora B.			01-Jul-03
Marquardt		Elsie May		20-Apr-03
Marriman		Suzann			10-Jul-03
Marrs			Georgia			17-Sep-03
Marsh			Barbara Ellen		14-Dec-03
Marsh			Dexter Allyn		02-Oct-03
Marsh			Edith V. 'Edie'		20-Nov-03
Marsh			Edith V. 'Edie'		30-Nov-03
Marsh			Edith V. 'Edie'		02-Dec-03
Marsh			Frances Lee		18-Dec-03
Marsh			James Thomas 'Tommie'	14-Jan-03
Marsh			Peter James		26-Oct-03
Marsh			Robert			09-Mar-03
Marsh			Robert			10-Mar-03
Marshall		Jack A.			05-Feb-03
Marshall		Louie T. 'L.T.'		13-Jun-03
Marshall		Michael Eugene		11-Dec-03
Marston			Carrol M.		22-Jun-03
Martens			Alvin 'Al'		18-Sep-03
Martin			Ann Elizabeth Kennedy	22-Aug-03
Martin			Anna (Lochmann)		11-Nov-03
Martin			Anna Delphina (Horsch)	02-Mar-03
Martin			Annie Irene		09-Dec-03
Martin			Bertha L.		08-Jul-03
Martin			Betty Jane		07-Apr-03
Martin			Betty Jean (Krehbiel)	16-Sep-03
Martin			Beulah Mae		24-Jun-03
Martin			Catherine		16-Jun-03
Martin			Catherine		17-Jun-03
Martin			Donnis Joan Wartick	21-Oct-03
Martin			Dorothy Rose		09-Feb-03
Martin			Eva Ruth		17-Dec-03
Martin			Everita Virginia	14-Sep-03
Martin			Frank W.		22-May-03
Martin			Gary Dean		15-Jan-03
Martin			Gladys M.		25-Aug-03
Martin			Hazel M.		02-Jun-03
Martin			Jack Clayburn		30-Oct-03
Martin			John A.			20-Jun-03
Martin			John A.			21-Jun-03
Martin			June E.			01-Jul-03
Martin			Kelly Joe		31-Jul-03
Martin			Kenneth S.		30-Jan-03
Martin			Kenneth S.		31-Jan-03
Martin			Kenneth S.		01-Feb-03
Martin			Larry			19-Apr-03
Martin			Larry Wayne		21-Apr-03
Martin			Lela Elizabeth Zook	28-May-03
Martin			Lois H. (Mewhinney)	11-Oct-03
Martin			Lois H. (Mewhinney)	12-Oct-03
Martin			Margaret E. (Albert)	21-Oct-03
Martin			Mary Jacquiline		27-May-03
Martin			Preston L.		03-Jun-03
Martin			Preston L.		04-Jun-03
Martin			Preston L.		05-Jun-03
Martin			Ronald Claire		20-Jun-03
Martin			RoseMary		29-Mar-03
Martin			Ruth			30-Jul-03
Martin			Susan Kay Blaser	18-Jun-03
Martin			Susan Kay Blaser	19-Jun-03
Martin			Thelma Marie		11-Oct-03
Martin			Thelma Marie		12-Oct-03
Martin			Victor H. Jr.		03-Dec-03
Martinez		Anna Marie		04-Apr-03
Martinez		Carmen 'Josephine'	15-Jun-03
Martinez		Natalia			06-Dec-03
Martinez		Natalia			07-Dec-03
Martinez		Steven P.		02-Oct-03
Marts			Frederick D.		26-Oct-03
Marvin			Nina Mae		19-Dec-03
Marvin			Robert L.		31-Jul-03
Marymee			Ruth L.			06-Oct-03
Mascellino		Edward A.		20-Mar-03
Maska			Gerard R. 'Jerry'	22-Feb-03
Maskrid			William E. 'Bull'	06-Feb-03
Maskrid			William E. 'Bull'	07-Feb-03
Mason			Florence		16-May-03
Mason			Gussie (Mounee)		30-Mar-03
Mason			Herbert Leo		08-Feb-03
Massey			Donald J.		05-Jul-03
Massey			Donald J.		06-Jul-03
Massey			Donald J.		07-Jul-03
Massey			Donald J.		07-Jul-03
Massey			Lyle W. 'Bob'		12-Aug-03
Mast			Billy G.		01-Jul-03
Mast			Patricia Mary		03-Oct-03
Mastellar		Jane C.			12-Apr-03
Mastin			Mary Helen		19-Nov-03
Mathena			Mary M.			30-Dec-03
Matheny			Thomas John		30-Nov-03
Matheny			Thomas John		01-Dec-03
Matheson		Cora Lea		11-Jul-03
Mathews			Everet Louis 'Dutch'	01-May-03
Mathews			Jack L.			22-Feb-03
Mathews			Jack L.			23-Feb-03
Mathews			Robert G.		18-Dec-03
Mathews			Warren D.		30-Nov-03
Mathias			Virda A			21-Jul-03
Mathiesen		Phyllis			16-Nov-03
Mathiesen		Phyllis			17-Nov-03
Mathis			Audrey Cole		15-Jan-03
Mathis			W. Elaine		16-Dec-03
Matile			Teresa M. 'Tiny'	04-Mar-03
Matney			Donald			22-Oct-03
Matous			Rose (Benner)		10-May-03
Matous			Rose (Benner)		11-May-03
Matsler			Mathilda E.		25-Jun-03
Mattingly		Donald C.		13-Mar-03
Mattison		Donald Keith		03-Jul-03
Mattson			Muriel E.		05-Dec-03
Matz			Paul E.			20-Sep-03
Matz			Paul E.			21-Sep-03
Matzek			Lawrence A.		18-Dec-03
Matzek			LeRoy John		17-Apr-03
Mauck			Mabel			07-Nov-03
Mauck			Mabel			08-Nov-03
Mauck			Russell Wayne II	01-Dec-03
Mauck			Russell Wayne II	02-Dec-03
Mauk			Richard Lee		29-Oct-03
Maupin			James Landess Jr.'Punky'22-May-03
Maupin			Vernon			23-Jul-03
Maurath			Stephen G		27-Jul-03
Maxwell			Donna M. (Steele)	23-Jul-03
Maxwell			Donna M. (Steele)	24-Jul-03
Maxwell			Dora			30-Apr-03
Maxwell			Marion E. 'Bud'		17-Nov-03
Maxwell			Marion E. 'Bud'		23-Nov-03
Maxwell			Robert L.		08-Nov-03
Maxwell			Wanna L.		16-Apr-03
May			Billy Junior		05-Feb-03
May			Cecil Alexander		05-Feb-03
May			Donald I.		15-Apr-03
May			Donald I.		16-Apr-03
May			Donald I.		17-Apr-03
May			Edna A. (Jackson)	03-Nov-03
May			Lillian L.		29-Aug-03
May			Mildred Ann 'Millie'	14-Mar-03
May			Willie Opal		20-May-03
Mayes			Curtis G. Jr.		16-Jan-03
Mayfield		Gregory Robert		27-Jul-03
Mayfield		Larry R.		30-Sep-03
Mayfield		Russel F.'The Beautiful One'29-Aug-03
Mayginnes		Jennie (Franklin)	07-Oct-03
Mayhew			Ethel			02-Apr-03
Mayhood			Raymond Emmit		17-Jan-03
Maynard			Roberta Elizabeth	28-Aug-03
Mayo			Claribel Elaine		31-Jan-03
Mayo			Georgia Irene 'Sallie'	26-Mar-03
Mayta			Thomas			02-Nov-03
Mayta			Thomas Owen		07-Nov-03
Mayta			Thomas Owen		08-Nov-03
Maze			Alice Lorraine		06-Mar-03
Maze			Larry Dean		25-Sep-03
McAdams			Edith M.		10-Jan-03
McAfee			Pauline E.		15-Dec-03
McAfee			Pauline E.		16-Dec-03
McAfee			Richard			25-Aug-03
McAfee			Richard			24-Aug-03
McAfee			Roy Lamar		22-Nov-03
McAhren			Clarence W.		29-Dec-03
McAlister		Clara E.		25-May-03
McAlister		Ralph Dixon		23-Sep-03
McAlister		Ward			28-Aug-03
McAllaster		Altha Margaret		04-Mar-03
McAllister		Arlene 'Mac'		06-Feb-03
McAllister		Arlene 'Mac'		07-Feb-03
McAllister		Belva M. Webb		01-Jan-03
McAllister		Dwight O.		15-Aug-03
McAllister		Pete M.			02-Jun-03
McAmis			Gary Edward		11-Jan-03
McArthur		Georgia Lorraine(Daniels)05-Jul-03
McAtee			Francie D.		08-May-03
McAtee			Howard			13-Jan-03
McAuley			Leroy Austin 'Mac'	20-Jul-03
McBee			Donald Lee		12-Jan-03
McBride			Charles E. 'Elmer'	10-Jan-03
McBurl			Martha Louise		16-May-03
McBurney		Dorothy			06-Apr-03
McCabe			Wilda Lucille		06-Feb-03
McCafferty		Virginia B.		18-Feb-03
McCafferty		Virginia B.		19-Feb-03
McCall			Thomas Henry		18-Oct-03
McCammon		Darrel D.		31-Jul-03
McCammon		Darrel Dean		02-Aug-03
McCammon		Floyd M.		17-Jan-03
McCammon		Floyd M.		18-Jan-03
McCammon		Floyd M.		19-Jan-03
McCammon		Floyd M.		20-Jan-03
McCants			Evelyn Irene		17-Jun-03
McCarrell		Livingston T.		22-Aug-03
McCart			Anita R. (Ryan)		16-Mar-03
McCart			Anita R. (Ryan)		17-Mar-03
McCart			Bill Gene		18-Jan-03
McCarten		John B. (Dr.)		25-Jan-03
McCarten		John B. (Dr.)		26-Jan-03
McCartney		David Eugene		20-Mar-03
McCartney		Riley			19-Sep-03
McCarty			Genevieve 'Jennie'	11-Nov-03
McCarty			Violet Irene		24-Aug-03
McCaslin		Alice Lucille		20-May-03
McCaslin		Ray			23-Sep-03
McCauley		R. Dale			03-Oct-03
McCaulley		Lucille M.		26-Jul-03
McClaren		James Frederick Jr.D.D.S.16-Apr-03
McClaskey		Paul			05-Oct-03
McClaskey		Paul			08-Oct-03
McCleave		Mara Belle Krouskup	05-Oct-03
McClellan		Cecil L. 'Butch'	26-Mar-03
McClellan		E. Aaron		20-Dec-03
McClelland		Callista Joan		08-Apr-03
McClelland		Juanita L.		28-Jun-03
McClelland		Juanita L.		29-Jun-03
McClelland		Rita J.			19-Dec-03
McClelland		Samuel Charles		18-Jan-03
McClenning		Charles A. 'Chuck'	23-Nov-03
McCloud			Florence Bernice	14-Nov-03
McCloud			Florence Bernice	15-Nov-03
McCloud			Margaret M. (Alexander)	01-Jan-03
McCloughan		Kathryn Sue		05-Apr-03
McCluer			Charles Dean Sr.	20-Jul-03
McClure			Faye A.			11-Nov-03
McClure			Faye A.			12-Nov-03
McClure			Mary Izora		15-Jan-03
McCollum		George W. 'Mac'		29-Oct-03
McCollum		George W. 'Mac'		30-Oct-03
McCollum		George W. 'Mac'		31-Oct-03
McColm			Lotus C			04-Aug-03
McColpin		Dwight E.		23-Jun-03
McColpin		Dwight E.		24-Jun-03
McComas			Anne Elizabeth		08-Apr-03
McComb			Darhla			04-Jul-03
McComb			Darla A			06-Jul-03
McComb			David J			18-Aug-03
McConaha		Roland Kit		03-Sep-03
McConico		Mary			21-Feb-03
McConnell		Helen A.		28-Aug-03
McCormick		Erma A.			20-Jul-03
McCormick		Lacey D.		14-Aug-03
McCosh			Oakley Dale 'O. Dale'	03-Apr-03
McCowan			Dana			20-May-03
McCoy			Dale W. Jr.		25-Dec-03
McCoy			Dale W. Jr.		26-Dec-03
McCoy			Dale W. Jr.		27-Dec-03
McCoy			Deron			17-Dec-03
McCoy			Ethel P.		26-Mar-03
McCoy			James			15-May-03
McCoy			Jay Dean		03-Jan-03
McCoy			Leona E.		07-Sep-03
McCoy			Mary			03-Mar-03
McCoy			Robert T.		22-Dec-03
McCoy			Ruby I.			03-Jan-03
McCracken		Ruth A.			15-May-03
McCrary			Maxine	01-May-03
McCraw			Gertia Mae (Perry)	05-Nov-03
McCraw			Gertia Mae (Perry)	06-Nov-03
McCreary		M. Josephine		12-Jun-03
McCue			Della Alice		10-Apr-03
McCulley		Jacqueline R. 'Jackie'	01-May-03
McCulley		Michael W.		03-May-03
McCulley		Michael W.		04-May-03
McCullough		Charles 'Bert'		07-Feb-03
McCullough		Charles R.		24-Jun-03
McCullough		Charles R.		25-Jun-03
McCully			H. Lewis		08-Jun-03
McCully			Joseph Esteph		22-Jun-03
McCully			Larry Kent		25-Jan-03
McCully			Larry Kent		26-Jan-03
McCully			Larry Kent		27-Jan-03
McCune			Howard E.		27-Sep-03
McCune			Orpha Ameila		10-Dec-03
McCune			Orpha Ameila		11-Dec-03
McCune			Zetha			15-Jun-03
McCurdy			Carroll F.		19-Oct-03
McCutchen		Hazel Irene (Lum)	09-Oct-03
McCutcheon		Irene P.		04-Jan-03
McDaniel		Arlene			07-Dec-03
McDaniel		Arthur James		12-Jan-03
McDaniel		Dorothy			04-Nov-03
McDaniel		Elizabeth		25-Feb-03
McDaniel		Eunice L		28-Dec-03
McDaniel		Eunice L.		26-Dec-03
McDaniel		Eunice L.		27-Dec-03
McDaniel		Forrest Duane		29-Jun-03
McDaniel		Forrest Duane		30-Jun-03
McDaniel		Leon Heath		15-Mar-03
McDaniels		Aurelia Altice		05-Apr-03
McDaniels		Aurelia Altice Dolch	06-Apr-03
McDermed		Abel Brittan		18-Dec-03
McDermed		Raymond R.		10-Jul-03
McDermeit		Corrine E.		25-Dec-03
McDermeit		Neal G.			20-Dec-03
McDermott		Donna Maurine		23-Dec-03
McDill			R. Baker		14-Dec-03
McDonald		Alfred 'Jack'		23-Sep-03
McDonald		Beth A.			14-Sep-03
McDonald		Beth A.			12-Sep-03
McDonald		Billy Gene		05-Sep-03
McDonald		Eugene Wesley		22-Apr-03
McDonald		Eugene Wesley		23-Apr-03
McDonald		Helen D			29-Jun-03
McDonald		Helen D			30-Jun-03
McDonald		Joyce E.		24-Apr-03
McDonald		Loren L. 'Mickey'	19-Feb-03
McDoniel		Elberta 'Billie'	06-Dec-03
McDoniel		Elberta 'Billie'	07-Dec-03
McDonough		Arlene Marie		08-May-03
McDonough		Mary Cleary		17-May-03
McDonough		Mary Cleary		18-May-03
McDonough		Robert 'Don'		16-Oct-03
McDonough		Robert 'Don'		19-Oct-03
McDow			Gerald L. Sr.		04-Nov-03
McDowell		Barbara Jeanette	16-Mar-03
McDowell		Evelyn L.		09-Oct-03
McDuff			John E. 'Johnny'	06-Nov-03
McDuff			John E. 'Johnny'	07-Nov-03
McEachern		Hallie P.		25-Dec-03
McEachern		Hallie P.		26-Dec-03
McElroy			M. Christine		16-Feb-03
McElwain		Donna D.		19-Jan-03
McEwen			Anne Stodder		09-Nov-03
McFadden		Violet M.		05-Jul-03
McFadden		Violet M.		06-Jul-03
McFarland		Kenneth L.		09-Oct-03
McFarland		Kenneth L.		10-Oct-03
McFarland		Leah Jean		07-Mar-03
McFarland		Leah Jean		08-Mar-03
McFarland		Leah Jean		09-Mar-03
McGaugh			Billy J.		17-Nov-03
McGaugh			Henry Clay Jr.		03-Oct-03
McGaugh			JoAnn			05-Nov-03
McGaugh			Specialist Dustin K.'Dusty'03-Oct-03
McGee			Anthony Armonzo		08-Jan-03
McGee			Harry W. Jr.		02-Apr-03
McGee			Mary Jane		11-Mar-03
McGee			Mary Lee		13-Dec-03
McGehee			Anna Elizabeth		14-Apr-03
McGhee			Doris			18-Mar-03
McGill			Duane S. 'Pete'		24-Dec-03
McGilley		Mary Janet (Sister)	14-Sep-03
McGilvary		Robert M.		05-Jan-03
McGinness		Bessie M.		26-Mar-03
McGinnis		Helen Irene		20-Feb-03
McGinnis		Norma			26-Oct-03
McGinnis		Ross Hamilton		22-May-03
McGlasson		Cora Dolly Green	10-Dec-03
McGlasson		Oretha O. (Wilcoxon)	31-Aug-03
McGlynn-Graber		Vera L.			06-Dec-03
McGowan			Roy Edward Sr.		14-Jun-03
McGowan			Roy Edward Sr.		15-Jun-03
McGowan			Roy Edward Sr.		16-Jun-03
McGrath			Earle			13-Dec-03
McGraw			Charles E. 'Cotton'	21-Feb-03
McGregor		Martha L.		13-Aug-03
McGrew			Franklin 'Kurt'		30-Mar-03
McGrown			Luel			16-Nov-03
McGuckin		Phillip R.		03-Sep-03
McGugin			Margarett E.		21-May-03
McGuire			Maxine			10-Jan-03
McGuire			Mellie E.		26-Feb-03
McGuire			Michael Patrick		03-Apr-03
McGuire			Michael Patrick		02-Apr-03
McGuire			Ralph Forest Jr.	15-May-03
McGurk			Zelpha Jean		23-Feb-03
McHenry			Howard L.		26-Jun-03
McHone			Alfred 'Hugh'		06-Feb-03
McHughes		Carolyn Joan (Spencer)	27-Jun-03
McHughes		Carolyn Joan (Spencer)	26-Jun-03
McIlvain		Donald Eugene		04-Nov-03
McIlvain		Eldon Perry		15-May-03
McIlvain		Marjorie E		03-Aug-03
McIntyre		Beatrice V. 'Bea'	13-Nov-03
McIrvin			Floyd Lester		14-Jan-03
McKanna			Alfred C. 'Sonny'	22-Feb-03
McKanna			Alfred C. 'Sonny'	23-Feb-03
McKay			Joe Wesley		20-Oct-03
McKay			Joe Wesley		21-Oct-03
McKay			Roy William		17-Jun-03
McKean			Gordon E.		04-Mar-03
McKee			Carl E. Jr. 'Junior'	31-Jan-03
McKee			Denzil Francis		29-Apr-03
McKee			Pauline B.		03-Apr-03
McKee			Stanley M.		11-Sep-03
McKellips		David Wayne		15-Mar-03
McKelvey		Charlette Anne		15-Jun-03
McKenna			Audry H 'Retta'		20-Mar-03
McKenna			Lena Evelyn		24-Dec-03
McKenzie		Margaret S.		16-Jan-03
McKibbin		Malcolm William		27-May-03
McKinley		Dickey Dale		27-Jan-03
McKinney		Colleen			15-Sep-03
McKinney		Colleen E. (Tolson)	16-Sep-03
McKinney		Edna Marie		21-Jun-03
McKinney		Edward Stephen		30-Sep-03
McKinney		James C. 'Mac'		02-Sep-03
McKinney		James C. 'Mac'		03-Sep-03
McKinney		John			26-May-03
McKinney		John			27-May-03
McKinney		John			28-May-03
McKinney		Lyle W.			22-Jan-03
McKinney		Lyle W.			23-Jan-03
McKinney		Mary			22-Oct-03
McKinnon		Patricia R.		21-May-03
McKittrick		Kathleen Marie		08-Apr-03
McKnight		Bennie			23-Dec-03
McKnight		Bennie			24-Dec-03
McKnight		Irene L.		02-Apr-03
McKnight		John W.			12-Sep-03
McKnight		Rear Admiral John Rowland Jr.20-Jun-03
McKown			Lee J.			09-Dec-03
McLain			Elsie May		06-Jan-03
McLain			Juanita Fern		23-Mar-03
McLaughlin		Everett M.		28-Feb-03
McLaughlin		Iva Emma		23-Feb-03
McLaughlin		Randall 'Randy'		31-Jan-03
McLaughlin		Tesla Marie		11-Nov-03
McLaughlin		Thomas F.		19-Feb-03
McLaughlin		Violet T.		24-May-03
McLean			Willa S.		25-Apr-03
McLean			Willa S.		26-Apr-03
McLean			Willa S.		27-Apr-03
McLemore		Irene			25-Jan-03
McLeod			Donald D.		24-Aug-03
McLeod			Ethel Barbara (Kelly)	30-Oct-03
McLeod			John E. Jr.		02-Mar-03
McLeod			Robert D.		25-Feb-03
McLeskey		Jarrett Lee		29-May-03
McLinn			Carmen Kay		06-Jul-03
McLinn			Richard O. Sr. 'Mac'	31-May-03
McLinn			Richard O. Sr. 'Mac'	01-Jun-03
McMahan			Ravie Mae		22-Apr-03
McMahan			Ravie Mae		23-Apr-03
McManis			Esther			05-Nov-03
McManis			Esther			06-Nov-03
McMannis		Ione L.			28-Apr-03
McMaster		Fraklin Fred		14-Oct-03
McMaster		Franklin Fred		15-Oct-03
McMenamin		Lou Pearl (Sanders)	19-May-03
McMenamin		Lou Pearl (Sanders)	20-May-03
McMichael		Claud A.		16-Oct-03
McMillan		Maria			29-May-03
McMillan		Richard Lee		12-Jun-03
McMillan		Ruth Jane		18-Jul-03
McMillion		Raymond G.		25-Nov-03
McMinn			Barbara Sue		10-Dec-03
McMoran			Roberta R.		08-Aug-03
McMullen		Dean E.			09-Jul-03
McMullen		Helen L.		15-Dec-03
McMullen		Louise F.		30-Apr-03
McMullen		Marsha Sue		14-Feb-03
McMullen		Marsha Sue		15-Feb-03
McMullen		Marsha Sue		16-Feb-03
McNairy			Ruby			29-Oct-03
McNeal			Cecil 'Arthur' Jr.	27-Feb-03
McNeal			Gilbert A. Jr. 'Mac'	23-Apr-03
McNeal			Nell E.			07-Feb-03
McNeal			Nell E.			08-Feb-03
McNemee			Robert E. 'Bob'		14-Feb-03
McNutt			Nelda Jean (King)	08-Nov-03
McPeak			Edna			04-May-03
McPeak			Edna			07-May-03
McPeak			Edna			08-May-03
McPheeters		Alma Jane		23-Jun-03
McPheeters		Nettie Blanche		03-Mar-03
McPherson		Carnell E		10-Aug-03
McPherson		Edith E.		18-Mar-03
McPherson		Marvin L.		02-Mar-03
McPhillips		Janice L. Smith		22-Nov-03
McProud			Donald W.		02-Dec-03
McQuade			Peter John		01-Nov-03
McQuarie		F. Neil			24-Sep-03
McQueen			Dee Elva		07-Feb-03
McQueen			Kenneth D		07-Jul-03
McQuilken		James I. Sr.		07-Jan-03
McQuilken		James I. Sr.		08-Jan-03
McRae			Albert E.		04-Jun-03
McShane			Lowell Harold		01-Apr-03
McVay			Ira John		01-Jul-03
McVey			Billy D.		10-Jul-03
McVey			Paul E.			09-Dec-03
McVicker		Martin D.		18-Jul-03
McWhirt			Charles E. 'Gene'	30-Dec-03
McWilliams		Naomi G.		17-Jul-03
McWilliams		Roxanna 'Roxie		23-Jan-03
McWilliams		Roxanna 'Roxie'		21-Jan-03
Mead			Harry J.		21-Aug-03
Mead			Harry J.		24-Aug-03
Mead			Helen M.		18-Mar-03
Mead			Lois N. (Pickens)	25-Jun-03
Meade			Sidney R. 'Sid'		23-Feb-03
Meadows			Velma Alice		12-Dec-03
Meadows			Velma Alice		14-Dec-03
Meairs			Cecilia L.		12-Jan-03
Meairs			Cecilia L.		15-Jan-03
Meairs			Janet K. (Brooks)	15-Dec-03
Meairs			Janet K. (Brooks)	16-Dec-03
Meanor			John W.			20-Apr-03
Meanor			John William Sr. 'J.W.'	21-Apr-03
Means			E Pauline		03-Aug-03
Means			Edith Ellen		29-Apr-03
Means			Ila J.			01-Apr-03
Means			Leila Mae		10-Nov-03
Means			Richard C. 'Rick'	01-Jan-03
Mechtel			Carol L. (Barnett)	21-Jan-03
Meckfessel		Gale L.			22-Apr-03
Medill			Joan Suellentrop	13-Nov-03
Medill			Joan Suellentrop	14-Nov-03
Medill			Susan			06-Jan-03
Medley			Nadine May		12-Mar-03
Medlock			Lois J.			21-Jan-03
Medlock			Lois J.			24-Jan-03
Medlock			Toni Renee		23-Oct-03
Medlock			Toni Renee		26-Oct-03
Medrano			Joseph G.		02-Nov-03
Medrano			Samuel T.		02-Mar-03
Medrano			Samuel T.		04-Mar-03
Medsker			Thelma L.		05-Nov-03
Meeds			Alexis Cory		07-Oct-03
Meek			Mary			24-Feb-03
Meek			Vlasta Ludmilla(Pechanec)06-Jan-03
Meek			Vlasta Ludmilla(Pechanec)07-Jan-03
Meeker			Don			04-Mar-03
Meeker			Doris L.		12-Aug-03
Meeker			Doris L.		11-Aug-03
Meeks			Eddie Q.		19-Aug-03
Megee			George			01-Sep-03
Megee			George			05-Sep-03
Megee			George E.		07-Sep-03
Meier			Alvin H.		13-Dec-03
Meier			Lawrence J. Jr.		03-Jun-03
Meier			Ruth K.			15-Jun-03
Meier			Ruth K. (Kuehm)		16-Jun-03
Meisel			Richard Lane		30-Nov-03
Mejia			John			07-Aug-03
Melcher			Jerry Ann		07-Apr-03
Melcher			Jerry Ann		08-Apr-03
Melcher			Jerry Ann		09-Apr-03
Melia			Cynthia Beatrice (Miller)26-Apr-03
Melick			Etta Virginia		21-Apr-03
Melick			Etta Virginia (Hearlson)22-Apr-03
Melland			Betty J			07-Jul-03
Mellor			Mary K.			18-Dec-03
Meloan			Leona Jane		23-Apr-03
Melrose			Marilyn M.		02-Jul-03
Melrose			Marilyn M.		03-Jul-03
Melton			Clifford E.		10-Nov-03
Melton			Marie Ellen		22-Jan-03
Melton			Marilyn M. (Olson)	28-May-03
Melton			Phyllis N.		27-Apr-03
Melton			Wayne			04-Nov-03
Mendell			Wilma Laurene		17-Nov-03
Mendenhall		Jean K.			22-Oct-03
Mendenhall		Marie			05-Apr-03
Mendenhall		Marie			06-Apr-03
Mendenhall		Myrna			03-Sep-03
Mendenhall		Myrna Sue Overocker	10-Sep-03
Mendoza			Francisca Flores	11-Apr-03
Menefee			Jack D.			01-Feb-03
Menefee			Nora Frances		14-Oct-03
Menefee			Nora Frances		15-Oct-03
Menefee			Nora Frances		16-Oct-03
Menzie			Lloyd Dale		15-Aug-03
Mercer			Lillie			29-Sep-03
Mercer			Sylvester M. (Boone)	24-Jun-03
Mercer			Sylvester M. (Boone)	25-Jun-03
Mercer-Overstreet	Edna H.			08-Jun-03
Meredith		Eva Mae			07-Mar-03
Meredith		Leslie P.		11-May-03
Merendina		Joseph J.		18-Jan-03
Merklein		Richard C.		01-Jan-03
Merrick			Dennis Leroy		11-Sep-03
Merrill			Marjorie E.		23-Aug-03
Merritt			Erma 'Lucille'		28-Dec-03
Merritt			Erma Lucille		27-Dec-03
Merritt			Lois V.			25-May-03
Merritt			Orlo W.			19-Aug-03
Merry			Verna Mae		02-Dec-03
Mershon			Laurence V. 'Larry'	23-Mar-03
Merwin			Mildred Lorraine	04-May-03
Merz			Teresa A.		08-Nov-03
Mesa			Francine Robin		05-Nov-03
Mesa			James P.		03-Feb-03
Mesa			James P.		04-Feb-03
Meschke			Robert G. 'Bob'		23-Jul-03
Mesel			Neva L.			11-Dec-03
Mesel			Neva L.			12-Dec-03
Meskimen		Dean M.			12-Dec-03
Messenger		Edward R.		01-May-03
Messer			Charles L.		22-Jan-03
Messersmith		Faye			28-Dec-03
Messner			Earl Wayne 'Bud'	06-Apr-03
Messner			Ethlyn Marie		24-Sep-03
Metcalf			Florene E.		22-Nov-03
Metcalf			M. Elizabeth (Hawkins)	21-Mar-03
Metcalf			T.D. 'Buck'		23-Jul-03
Metcalf			T.D. 'Buck'		24-Jul-03
Metcalfe		Anthony Joe 'Randy'	29-Mar-03
Metcalfe		James L.		02-Dec-03
Metevelis		Don George		25-Mar-03
Metheny			Alta L.			22-Aug-03
Metheny			Alta L.			23-Aug-03
Metivier		Shirley Jo (McGillicuddy)30-May-03
Metivier		Shirley Jo (McGillicuddy)31-May-03
Mettling		Elizabeth H		14-Nov-03
Mettscher		Pansy I.		08-Oct-03
Metz			Kenneth Lee		19-Aug-03
Metz			Lyle			08-Nov-03
Metz			Noble C. Jr. (Doug)	30-May-03
Metz			Thelma O. (Wernsman)	12-Aug-03
Metzger			George E.		04-Oct-03
Metzger			George E.		05-Oct-03
Meuli			Ellen L.		25-Mar-03
Meyer			Dan Reed		25-Jul-03
Meyer			Fred Jr.		30-Nov-03
Meyer			George William 'Bill'	22-Sep-03
Meyer			Jeanne Marie		05-Nov-03
Meyer			Jeanne Marie		03-Nov-03
Meyer			Leo J.			06-Mar-03
Meyer			Leo J.			07-Mar-03
Meyer			Marie J.		02-Jul-03
Meyer			Marie J.		03-Jul-03
Meyer			Mary Therese(Suellentrop)14-May-03
Meyer			Mary Therese(Suellentrop)15-May-03
Meyer			Peggy Steele		10-Jul-03
Meyer			Peggy Steele		11-Jul-03
Meyer			Ralph Erich		09-Feb-03
Meyer			Raymond F.		02-Jul-03
Meyer			William C.		17-May-03
Meyer			William C. 'Bili'	18-May-03
Meyers			Edmund J.		21-May-03
Meyers			Francis Anthony		20-Jan-03
Meyers			Francis Anthony		21-Jan-03
Meyers			Imogene Hope		02-Mar-03
Meyers			Lois Katharine		08-Mar-03
Meyers			Mary A.			21-Oct-03
Meyers			William V. 'Bill'	21-Mar-03
Michael			Robert W.		19-Nov-03
Michaelis		Alma			30-Dec-03
Michaels		Georgia Sue (Swartz)	04-Feb-03
Michel			IdaBelle		24-Oct-03
Michel			John Roy		03-Aug-03
Michlitsch		Josephine E.		21-Oct-03
Mick			Dean E.			14-Aug-03
Mickel			Laura			12-Jun-03
Middleton		Clarence A.		07-Oct-03
Mies			Joseph C. Sr.		11-Nov-03
Mies			Joseph C. Sr.		12-Nov-03
Mies			Philomena A. (Dold)	30-Jul-03
Mies			Philomena A. (Dold)	31-Jul-03
Might			Harold E.		19-Jun-03
Might			Harold E.		20-Jun-03
Mikesell		Betty A.		19-Apr-03
Mikesell		Velma M. (Martin)	21-Oct-03
Milbourn		Max W.			23-Sep-03
Milburn			Edward L.		02-Nov-03
Milburn			Jack E.			25-Mar-03
Milburn			Jack Edmond		26-Mar-03
Mildfeldt		Kelly L.		27-Apr-03
Miles			Diane			19-Jun-03
Miles			Diane J.		19-Jun-03
Miles			Diane J.		20-Jun-03
Miles			Elisha			07-Dec-03
Miles			Elisha			10-Dec-03
Miles			Marian Gail		29-Jul-03
Miles			Maurice Earl (Dr.)	03-Apr-03
Miles			Sheila			18-Feb-03
Miles			Zelma Pearl 'Mimi'	12-Mar-03
Milhon			Norman Ray		01-Oct-03
Millard			Mary M.			19-Nov-03
Miller			Agnes M.		11-Dec-03
Miller			Albert E. Gene 'Ditty'	29-May-03
Miller			Betty C.		23-Jan-03
Miller			Bill			04-Mar-03
Miller			Bruce Alvin 'Frog'	25-Aug-03
Miller			Cameron 'Ted'		25-May-03
Miller			Cameron 'Ted'		26-May-03
Miller			Carol Joy		12-Oct-03
Miller			Chad Eric		07-Jun-03
Miller			Charles R. 'Ricky' 'Bo'	30-Oct-03
Miller			Charles W. 'Chuck'	27-Mar-03
Miller			Christina Mary		23-Jul-03
Miller			Debra Lynn		16-Jan-03
Miller			DeEtta J.		22-Apr-03
Miller			Donald D.		15-Sep-03
Miller			Donald Leon		23-Jan-03
Miller			Edwin			16-Mar-03
Miller			Edwin Lee 'Ted'		31-Jan-03
Miller			Elizabeth A. 'Betty'	14-Apr-03
Miller			Elizabeth Catherine Arensdorf 20-Feb-03
Miller			Esther Lenora		11-Jan-03
Miller			Esther Marie ASC (Sr.)	30-Jun-03
Miller			Ethel			09-Dec-03
Miller			Eugenia M.		01-Nov-03
Miller			Everett A.		12-Mar-03
Miller			Frances (Hatfield)	18-Dec-03
Miller			Frances C.		04-Apr-03
Miller			Frank J.		23-Nov-03
Miller			Geneva L.		06-Aug-03
Miller			Geneva L.		07-Aug-03
Miller			Genieva Lorene		17-Jul-03
Miller			George C.		23-Jul-03
Miller			George C.		24-Jul-03
Miller			Gerald Wayne 'Gerry'	12-Mar-03
Miller			Gertrude J.		12-Jan-03
Miller			Glen Dale		07-Sep-03
Miller			Glenna L.		24-Sep-03
Miller			Harold H.		20-Mar-03
Miller			Irene M.		12-Apr-03
Miller			Irene M.		13-Apr-03
Miller			James M. 'Jim'		28-Dec-03
Miller			James Thomas Jr.	08-Oct-03
Miller			James Thomas Jr.	12-Oct-03
Miller			Jerry Lee Sr.		19-Dec-03
Miller			Kathleen M.		16-May-03
Miller			L. Carol		16-Jan-03
Miller			L. Ruth			17-Nov-03
Miller			LaVon Hope		24-Mar-03
Miller			Leah Rae		19-Jul-03
Miller			Lois M.			10-Jul-03
Miller			Maragene L. 'Jeanne'	16-Jan-03
Miller			Mary Ann		23-Jan-03
Miller			Mary Jane 'Marie'	08-Apr-03
Miller			Max G.			04-Apr-03
Miller			Melvin Murrell		17-Jun-03
Miller			Merle M.		23-Aug-03
Miller			Meryl H.		10-Dec-03
Miller			Meryl H.		11-Dec-03
Miller			Morgan Tyke		02-Nov-03
Miller			Myron M. 'Pete'		15-Jul-03
Miller			Orpha T.		20-Feb-03
Miller			Paul Bertrand		28-Mar-03
Miller			Paul Bertrand		29-Mar-03
Miller			Paul Bertrand		30-Mar-03
Miller			Paula E. (Dr.)		31-Oct-03
Miller			Phyllis M. (Jones)	09-Apr-03
Miller			Rebecca Lillian		13-Nov-03
Miller			Rebecca Lillian		14-Nov-03
Miller			Richard Dean		02-Mar-03
Miller			Robert Anderson		13-Jun-03
Miller			Robert Anderson		14-Jun-03
Miller			Robert L.		22-Apr-03
Miller			Shirley A.		22-Jul-03
Miller			Terrence R. 'Terry'	16-Dec-03
Miller			Verla Darlene		27-Apr-03
Miller			Virgie J.		11-Dec-03
Miller			Weldon 'Leroy'		04-Sep-03
Millerskow		Vernon LeRoy		25-Jun-03
Millhauser		Shirley			28-Jan-03
Milligan		Clifford Jerald		13-May-03
Milliken		Avis I.			04-Nov-03
Milliken		Avis I.			05-Nov-03
Millison		Roy			29-Apr-03
Mills			Ben James		05-Jun-03
Mills			Elizabeth L.		04-Jan-03
Mills			Ellen			01-Mar-03
Mills			Genevieve 'Gene'	15-Jan-03
Mills			Genevieve Daisy		27-Aug-03
Mills			Jeffrey Howard		31-May-03
Mills			Lester DeWayne		24-Oct-03
Mills			Mary Jane		20-Nov-03
Mills			Robert L.		09-Jan-03
Mills			Zachariah Paul		10-Dec-03
Millsaps		Estill E. Sr. 'Boddie'	21-Aug-03
Millsaps		Estill E. Sr. 'Boddie'	23-Aug-03
Millspaugh		L. Betty		28-Jun-03
Milner			Gaylord Norman 'Pete'	12-Jan-03
Mindt			Marie Louise		18-Aug-03
Miner			Rachel Marie		30-Aug-03
Ming			Verna M.		16-Jan-03
Mingel			Ann V.			21-Jun-03
Minix			Michael R.		09-Jul-03
Minkler			Lloyd Jackson (Rev.)	09-Dec-03
Minnie			Brianna Lynn		26-Apr-03
Minor			Carroll W.		18-Dec-03
Minor			Pauline			27-Feb-03
Minor			Pauline			02-Mar-03
Minor			Scott Alan		25-Dec-03
Minson			Betty Lou (Wentz)	13-Oct-03
Minson			Betty Lou Foss (Wentz)	14-Oct-03
Minson			Betty Lou Wentz Foss	19-Oct-03
Minter			Cheryse La Shaee	20-Apr-03
Minter			Cheryse LaShaee		22-Apr-03
Minter			Phyllis Irene (Lehman)	29-May-03
Minton			Altha B.		02-Oct-03
Minton			Don E.			30-Mar-03
Mires			Hester			22-May-03
Mitchell		Bernardine M.		19-Apr-03
Mitchell		Bernardine M.		20-Apr-03
Mitchell		Bernardine M.		18-Apr-03
Mitchell		Charlene		31-Aug-03
Mitchell		Charlene		01-Sep-03
Mitchell		Charlene		03-Sep-03
Mitchell		Elmer			19-Jun-03
Mitchell		Ezekiel Isaiah		19-Feb-03
Mitchell		Ezekiel Isaiah		20-Feb-03
Mitchell		Galen L.		27-Feb-03
Mitchell		Harry W			04-Sep-03
Mitchell		Helen M.		04-Mar-03
Mitchell		John C.			21-Sep-03
Mitchell		Kayla June		11-May-03
Mitchell		Kayla June		09-May-03
Mitchell		Kayla June		10-May-03
Mitchell		Ollie			05-Jun-03
Mitchell		Robert E. 'Bob'		22-Nov-03
Mitchell		Roxie Mae		27-Jul-03
Mitchell		Roxie Mae		28-Jul-03
Mitchell		Sidney I.		12-Dec-03
Mitchell		Terry Allen		16-Dec-03
Mitchell		Valetta Marie		06-Jan-03
Mitchell		Wilda Lee Farley	28-Jan-03
Mitchell		Wilma F.		06-Mar-03
Mitchell		Wilma F.		07-Mar-03
Mitchell		Woolery			23-Sep-03
Mitchener		Martha A.		05-Apr-03
Mitchener		Thomas Quentin		13-Dec-03
Mitchener		Thomas Quentin		14-Dec-03
Mlaska			Eloise Purkey		21-Sep-03
Moberly			Kennith D.		02-May-03
Moberly			Richard C.		07-Mar-03
Moberly			Ruth Ann		13-Feb-03
Moberly			Ruth Ann		14-Feb-03
Moberly			Ruth Ann		15-Feb-03
Moberly			Ruth Ann		16-Feb-03
Mobley			Alpha E.		25-Mar-03
Mobley			Alpha E.		26-Mar-03
Mock			Alice E.		02-Dec-03
Mock			Evelyn May		22-Jul-03
Moddelmog		Dwight C.		16-Feb-03
Moddelmog		Helen K.		15-Jul-03
Moeder			Thomas J. 'Tom'		08-Aug-03
Moffatt			Harry L.		22-Jun-03
Moffitt			Ruby (Yauk)		23-Jun-03
Mogbo			Jaja Ubanwa Anene	24-Sep-03
Mohler			Beryl E.		22-Jun-03
Mohr			Dorothy M.		07-Oct-03
Molina			Jesse S. 79		03-Apr-03
Molitor			M. Emma (Sister)	16-Dec-03
Moller			Jeanne (Brosius)	15-Jan-03
Mollohan		June Clevenger		30-Oct-03
Molony			Emily Anne		21-Oct-03
Molzen			Mable I.		22-Oct-03
Monger			Larry Michael		21-Oct-03
Monk			Edna E.			15-May-03
Monroe			Glen R.			12-Nov-03
Monroe			Glenna L.		28-Sep-03
Monroe			Helen Fern (Hatfield)	11-May-03
Monroe			Lela M			17-Aug-03
Monroe			Thelma B.		22-Apr-03
Monroe			William R. 'Bill'	30-Aug-03
Montague		Marie I.		20-Feb-03
Montgomery		Ina Ruth		30-Nov-03
Montgomery		Lela M.			03-Jan-03
Montgomery		Virginia		14-Jun-03
Montgomery		Virginia (Cline)	15-Jun-03
Montgomery		Virginia (Cline)	18-Jun-03
Mooberry-Hake		Emily Jo		30-Jan-03
Mooberry-Hake		Emily Jo		31-Jan-03
Mooberry-Hake		Emily Jo		01-Feb-03
Moody			Donald E.		01-Mar-03
Moody			Lottie Adeline		16-Nov-03
Moody			Melvin			14-Aug-03
Moody			Wayne E.		03-Jun-03
Moon			E. Charlene		05-May-03
Mooney			Esther S.		27-Nov-03
Mooney			Esther S.		28-Nov-03
Mooningham		Thomas Logan		23-Nov-03
Moor			William D. 'Bill'	17-Jan-03
Moore			Alberta Louise		05-Feb-03
Moore			Alva Daniel		06-Jul-03
Moore			Alva Daniel		07-Jul-03
Moore			Arthur I.		19-Aug-03
Moore			Billy Ray Jr.		10-Mar-03
Moore			Clara Maryetta		13-May-03
Moore			Claude Creath		18-Jun-03
Moore			David			25-Oct-03
Moore			David			28-Oct-03
Moore			Donna Dee		20-Feb-03
Moore			Ernest L. 'Ernie'	07-Feb-03
Moore			George Emanuel 'Dusty'	09-Dec-03
Moore			Gerald Dale		01-May-03
Moore			Gwen Elaine		08-Jul-03
Moore			Hazel W.		03-Apr-03
Moore			Hazel W.		04-Apr-03
Moore			Helen Ethel		31-Jan-03
Moore			Herschel 'Jake'		06-Nov-03
Moore			Herschel 'Jake'		07-Nov-03
Moore			Irene C.		31-Dec-03
Moore			Kenneth Paul		14-Jun-03
Moore			LaVelle Louise (Campbell)05-Mar-03
Moore			Lula Beatrice		09-Feb-03
Moore			Margaret		02-Oct-03
Moore			Margaret H.		12-Feb-03
Moore			Mary Jean		26-Mar-03
Moore			Maxine D		10-Aug-03
Moore			Melba M.		14-Mar-03
Moore			Melvin 'Mel' W.		15-Apr-03
Moore			Melvin 'Mel' W.		16-Apr-03
Moore			Nancy D. Goering	18-Jan-03
Moore			Patsy J. 'Pat'		21-Nov-03
Moore			Raymond 'Ray'		01-Jun-03
Moore			Raymond 'Ray'		02-Jun-03
Moore			Reed			29-Jul-03
Moore			Robert Lee		12-Feb-03
Moore			Timothy Ray		13-Sep-03
Moore			Timothy Ray		14-Sep-03
Moore			Valencia Elizabeth	17-Oct-03
Moore			Virginia Ruth		08-Jul-03
Moore			Vivian Madeline		14-May-03
Moore			William			25-Apr-03
Moore			William			26-Apr-03
Moore			William Lynn		23-Apr-03
Moore			Wilma 'Fern'		02-Jun-03
Moore			Wilma E.		11-Jan-03
Moos			R. W. 'Bill'		15-Oct-03
Moos			Richard W. 'Bill'	06-Oct-03
Mora			Thomas Edward		06-Nov-03
Morales			Ronald			12-Aug-03
Morales			Tomasa Josephine	19-Apr-03
Morales			Tomasa Josephine	20-Apr-03
Moralez			George			17-Dec-03
Moran			Doris A.		27-Jan-03
Moran			Doris A.		28-Jan-03
Moran			Doris A.		29-Jan-03
Moran			Dorothy K.		06-Mar-03
Morava			Pamela Ann (Dayhuff)	14-Jan-03
Moreland		Helen Katherine		04-Sep-03
Moreland		James E.		16-Mar-03
Moreland		Paul Everett		29-Jan-03
Moreno			Frank I.		20-Apr-03
Morford			Donna			31-Oct-03
Morford			Donna			01-Nov-03
Morgan			Alfreda Neal		21-Mar-03
Morgan			Carole Anne		29-Jul-03
Morgan			Carole Anne		30-Jul-03
Morgan			Carole Anne		31-Jul-03
Morgan			Clarence Joseph		09-Apr-03
Morgan			Dale H.			22-Aug-03
Morgan			Darrell D.		05-Oct-03
Morgan			Fern Anita (Crumrine)	21-Oct-03
Morgan			Gary Emerson		03-Dec-03
Morgan			Junior Clyde		05-Nov-03
Morgan			Kathryn A. 'Kathy'(Ruby)29-May-03
Morgan			Lorene M.		28-Jan-03
Morgan			Madeline		11-Sep-03
Morgan			Margie			16-Feb-03
Morgan			Virginia Lee		17-Nov-03
Morgan			Virginia Lee		18-Nov-03
Morgenstern		Elizabeth Ann		14-Jul-03
Morin			Linda Sue (Fabricius)	29-Sep-03
Moritz			Eugene F. Sr.		10-Jul-03
Mork			Francis Earl		23-Feb-03
Mork			GraceLynn D.		14-May-03
Morley			Geneva			26-Feb-03
Morley			Geneva			27-Feb-03
Morrey			Ruth (Powell)		14-Jan-03
Morrill			Philip Warner		22-Mar-03
Morris			Arletta M.		16-Feb-03
Morris			Artis M. (Bates)	22-Dec-03
Morris			Clara Belle		17-Sep-03
Morris			Craig Leon		05-Mar-03
Morris			Donna			30-Oct-03
Morris			Elven 'Jack'		15-Oct-03
Morris			Gertha Jean		17-May-03
Morris			Harold S.		28-Jan-03
Morris			Janie M. 'Grandma Jane'	21-Mar-03
Morris			Janie M. 'Grandma Jane'	22-Mar-03
Morris			Janie M. 'Grandma Jane'	23-Mar-03
Morris			John J.			07-Apr-03
Morris			John J.			08-Apr-03
Morris			Juanita			25-Nov-03
Morris			Leonard Joe		01-Jul-03
Morris			Mabel L.		13-Jun-03
Morris			Malcolm E.		18-May-03
Morris			Margaret Isenbart'M'Lee'19-Mar-03
Morris			Matilda 'Tillie'	03-May-03
Morris			Oral Junior		22-Jun-03
Morris			Oral Junior		23-Jun-03
Morris			Paralee			29-Nov-03
Morris			Paralee M.		28-Nov-03
Morris			Philomena		27-Sep-03
Morris			Philomena		28-Sep-03
Morris			Sherryl Ann (Garritson)	03-Jan-03
Morris			Sherryl Ann (Garritson)	04-Jan-03
Morris			Sylvia R.		30-Jan-03
Morris			Sylvia R.		31-Jan-03
Morris			Terrance Robert 'Terry'	05-Apr-03
Morris			Thelma M		14-Jul-03
Morrison		Francis S 'Sam'		30-Jun-03
Morrissey		William Richard 'Bill'	21-Oct-03
Morrow			Clarence G.		02-Apr-03
Morrow			Hazel M.		24-Apr-03
Morrow			Helen			05-Jun-03
Morrow			Helen Elizabeth		04-Sep-03
Morrow			Roy O.			06-Sep-03
Morse			Harold E. 'Ed'		19-Feb-03
Morse			Kathryn Elizabeth(Grandy)23-Feb-03
Morse			Kathryn Elizabeth Grandy)25-Feb-03
Morse			Myrna			14-Dec-03
Morse			Myrna			15-Dec-03
Morse			Myrna M.		13-Dec-03
Morton			Iris D.			22-Jul-03
Morton			Oscar Earl		03-Jan-03
Morton			Otto A			14-Jul-03
Morton			Ruth Ella		13-Apr-03
Morton			Wauneta M.		20-Apr-03
Morton			Winifred		17-Jul-03
Morton			Winifred L. 'Winnie'	18-Jul-03
Moses			Earl P. 'Chin'		15-Nov-03
Moses			Edward Dell 'Eddie'	09-Nov-03
Mosher			Joyce Marie		14-Dec-03
Mosher			Letha Mae		08-Sep-03
Mosier			Gladys L.		20-Dec-03
Mosier			Iva L.			03-Apr-03
Mosier			Robert L. 'Bob'		01-Sep-03
Mosier			Robert L. 'Bob'		03-Sep-03
Mosiman			G.L. 'Jerry'		06-Dec-03
Mosley			Dionne			10-May-03
Moss			Evelyn D.		08-Nov-03
Mossman			Donna Jo		16-Jul-03
Most			Julia Irene		25-Apr-03
Mosyjowski		Marilyn Sue (Miller)	23-Sep-03
Mosyjowski		Marilyn Sue (Miller) RN	22-Sep-03
Motter			Delbert C.		11-Aug-03
Motter			Delbert C.		12-Aug-03
Motzner			Ida I.			27-Oct-03
Moudy			Frances E.		11-Dec-03
Mould			Edna May Hunter		07-Mar-03
Mounts			Alva James 'Sonny'	14-May-03
Mowery			Inez F. (DeRome)	11-Jun-03
Moye			Gladys L. 'Lucy'	26-Jul-03
Moye			Gladys L. 'Lucy'	27-Jul-03
Moyer			Adele L.		19-Apr-03
Moyer			Adele Lilian		20-Apr-03
Moyer			Adele Lilian		21-Apr-03
Moyer			Frieda Alice		07-Jan-03
Moyer			Todd B.			08-Oct-03
Mrytle			Harold			02-Apr-03
Much			Edward A.		23-Oct-03
Muckleroy		Bobby Joe		28-Aug-03
Mueller			Esther			31-Aug-03
Mueller			Helen Bertha		23-Dec-03
Mueller			Helen Bertha		24-Dec-03
Mueller			John A.			02-Dec-03
Mueller			Sharon Elizabeth(Noonan)03-Jun-03
Muenchow		Edna P.			11-Nov-03
Mugler			Martin G.		17-May-03
Muhasky			Delores J.		08-Jan-03
Muir			Eva M.			27-Aug-03
Mulbery			Orpha May		17-Nov-03
Mulder			Cleta Jean		22-Jul-03
Mulkey			Ruth L			13-Jul-03
Mullen			Beulah O.		29-Mar-03
Mullen			Beulah Olive		30-Mar-03
Mullen			Beulah Olive		31-Mar-03
Mullen			Debra Lynn (Camp)	02-Sep-03
Mullen			Earl P.			07-Mar-03
Mullen			Janet Lee		28-Sep-03
Mullen			Janet Lee		29-Sep-03
Mullens			Leroy			02-Oct-03
Muller			Jacky D.		08-Apr-03
Muller			Marvin E.		05-Aug-03
Mullin			Dawn (Danielson)	13-Jun-03
Mullin			Dawn (Danielson)	14-Jun-03
Mullin			Doris Kimmel Reid	09-Mar-03
Mullins			Rickey Gene		01-Jan-03
Mumma			Helen L.		08-Nov-03
Munch			Albinus			05-Nov-03
Munch			Bertha			05-Jan-03
Munds			Janice J.		23-Jun-03
Munger			Jeanette		25-Mar-03
Munger			Jeanette		27-Mar-03
Muniz			Victor Serafin		17-Jun-03
Munn			Margaret M.		11-Apr-03
Munroe			Robert A. 'Bob'		19-Mar-03
Munsch			Ronald D.		04-Dec-03
Munsell			Darcy Dean		30-Mar-03
Munsell			JoAnna M.		25-Jun-03
Munsell			JoAnna M.		26-Jun-03
Munson			Betty Jo Covault	11-Jun-03
Munson			Betty Jo Covault	12-Jun-03
Munson			Ruie Ann		29-Sep-03
Munzer			Claude 'C.B.'		25-Jan-03
Murillo			Lewis			02-Aug-03
Murillo			Lewis			03-Aug-03
Murphy			Angela			29-Mar-03
Murphy			Eldon Kenneth		02-Nov-03
Murphy			Elma			03-Jul-03
Murphy			Garrett F.		02-Mar-03
Murphy			George W.		29-Mar-03
Murphy			John W.			27-Mar-03
Murphy			Joy A.			27-Nov-03
Murphy			Leona Kathleen		08-Mar-03
Murphy			Mary Bell		26-Aug-03
Murphy			Mary Jane		03-Feb-03
Murphy			Michael D.		19-Jan-03
Murphy			Michael D.		21-Jan-03
Murphy			Richard Phillip		30-Jan-03
Murphy			Ruby			19-Jan-03
Murphy			Ruby Mae (Penn)		20-Jan-03
Murphy			Ruth E. (Welch)		22-Jun-03
Murphy			Virginia Fay		22-Aug-03
Murra			Betty June		31-Jan-03
Murra			Betty June		01-Feb-03
Murrah			Mary Louise		01-Dec-03
Murray			Carrie O. 'Lee'		11-Nov-03
Murray			Donald E.		18-Nov-03
Murray			Ivah Margaret		16-Apr-03
Murray			Leone M.		10-Oct-03
Murray			Miriam (Cloud)		06-Jul-03
Murray			Terry A. Northedge	16-Sep-03
Murrey			Deane			25-May-03
Murrey			Deane			26-May-03
Murrey			Deane			27-May-03
Murry			Dollie			21-May-03
Musch			William James 'Bill'	03-Mar-03
Musch			William James 'Bill'	02-Mar-03
Musick Jr		Andrew Jackson		14-Nov-03
Musil			Elmer Ray		17-Jun-03
Musson			Justin H.		04-Mar-03
Musson			Ruby Quintella 'Tillie'	20-Sep-03
Musson			Ruby Quintella 'Tillie'	21-Sep-03
Muth			Beau			12-Jan-03
Muth			Beau			15-Jan-03
Muzingo			Gary			31-Oct-03
Myer			Leo Donald 'Don'	07-Oct-03
Myer			Leo Donald 'Don'	09-Oct-03
Myers			Alice			19-Nov-03
Myers			Anna Katharina		04-Mar-03
Myers			Chester 'Marion'	31-Jul-03
Myers			Clarence E.		01-Aug-03
Myers			Elsie			19-Dec-03
Myers			Geraldine		20-Jan-03
Myers			Helen D.		17-Jan-03
Myers			Helen D.		18-Jan-03
Myers			Helen D.		19-Jan-03
Myers			Helen Mac		25-Jan-03
Myers			Jim			03-Jul-03
Myers			Lanelda Marie		06-Oct-03
Myers			Lanelda Marie		07-Oct-03
Myers			Lucille			03-Apr-03
Myers			Marie			01-Oct-03
Myers			Marjorie L.		23-Mar-03
Myers			Raymond S.		02-Dec-03
Myers			Rebecca R. 'Becky'	11-Nov-03
Myers			Sharon E.		22-May-03
Myers			Wayland L		07-Jul-03
Myers			Woneta Belle		15-Oct-03
Mynatt			Betty M.		02-Feb-03
Naccarato		Edna Mae		04-Mar-03
Nachbor			Elizabeth K		04-Sep-03
Nachbor			Elizabeth K		05-Sep-03
Nachtigal		Daniel E.		31-Aug-03
Naegle			Boyd Keith		03-May-03
Naegle			Boyd Keith		04-May-03
Naffziger		Lela L.			22-Dec-03
Naffziger		Lela L.			23-Dec-03
Nagel			Elwyn H.		12-Mar-03
Nagel			Elwyn H.		13-Mar-03
Nagel			John			12-Sep-03
Naill			Bill Ray		09-Feb-03
Naill			Bill Ray		10-Feb-03
Najim			Suzanne L. (Roy)	06-May-03
Nance			Elizabeth A.		14-Aug-03
Nance			Lavern			20-Jul-03
Nance			Lavern			20-Jul-03
Nannarone		Georgia			29-May-03
Nanninga		Florence L		29-Jun-03
Napier			Delmer Leon 'Del'	07-Jan-03
Napper			John Wesley		21-Jan-03
Napper			John Wesley		22-Jan-03
Narcomey		Randall Augustus'Randy'	02-Jul-03
Nash			Dennis Lee		08-Mar-03
Nash			Earl W.			25-Sep-03
Nash			Mary			17-Aug-03
Nash			Mildred L.		29-Oct-03
Nation			Charles H.		06-Mar-03
Nation			Charles H.		07-Mar-03
Nattier			Albert			14-Dec-03
Nattier			Albert			15-Dec-03
Nattier			Albert			16-Dec-03
Nattier			Ida M.			07-Oct-03
Nauts			Alice A.		25-Mar-03
Neal			Donna M.		09-Sep-03
Neal			LeRoy T.		28-Jan-03
Neal			Ruth P.			21-Jun-03
Neal			Ruth P.			22-Jun-03
Neal			Timothy Sean		02-Jul-03
Nebergall		Preston E.		29-Aug-03
Nedved			Marvin Edward		11-Jun-03
Neeley			Dale			09-Aug-03
Neeley			James W.		24-Jun-03
Neelly			Althea Conwell Brown	26-Jan-03
Neelly			Althea Conwell Brown	27-Jan-03
Neely			Roxanne			17-Jan-03
Neese			Lucille			18-Nov-03
Neff			Frank A.		21-Dec-03
Negrete			Angela			17-Oct-03
Neifing			Dana L.			22-May-03
Neighbors		William E. Jr. 'Bill'	10-Dec-03
Neises			Agnes J.		03-Feb-03
Nejeschchleb		Helena Densaw		11-Apr-03
Nellans			Ruth Naomi		02-Feb-03
Nellis			Erma Clair		15-Apr-03
Nelsen			Wayne Leroy		31-Jan-03
Nelson			Barbara Jean		01-May-03
Nelson			Betty J.		19-Dec-03
Nelson			Dennis R.		10-Sep-03
Nelson			Dennis R.		11-Sep-03
Nelson			Fern			24-Nov-03
Nelson			Floyd R.		03-Dec-03
Nelson			Genevieve G.		30-Dec-03
Nelson			Helen			14-Jan-03
Nelson			Jamaal Raekwon		31-May-03
Nelson			Janeice N.		13-May-03
Nelson			Linnea M		14-Nov-03
Nelson			Marion Wayne 'Hap'	22-Apr-03
Nelson			Marjory B.		14-May-03
Nelson			Mary R.			08-Feb-03
Nelson			Merlin A.		13-Dec-03
Nelson			Merlin A.		14-Dec-03
Nelson			Minnie L.		20-Dec-03
Nelson			Norris W.		11-Feb-03
Nelson			Norris W.		12-Feb-03
Nelson			Pauline H.		09-Apr-03
Nelson			Richard D.		06-Apr-03
Nelson			Royalynn May Lumpkins Wells 16-Feb-03
Nelson			Sharon K.		07-Dec-03
Nelson			Sharon K.		08-Dec-03
Nelson			Steven F. Sr.		14-May-03
Nelson			Wayne E			20-Jul-03
Nelson			Wilbert R. (Rev.)	02-May-03
Nelson			Winifred G.		27-Nov-03
Nessel			Edwin A.		20-Jun-03
Nettrouer		William Lee 'Bill'	30-Nov-03
Nettrouer		William Lee 'Bill'	01-Dec-03
Neufeld			Abe			03-Sep-03
Neufeld			Eldora K.		08-Feb-03
Neufeld			Eldora K.		09-Feb-03
Neufeld			Lorraine 'Lorrie'	11-Oct-03
Neufeldt		Charlene June Regehr	16-Dec-03
Neufield		Marie			11-Jan-03
Neukirch		Kathryn L. 'Kay'	05-Jun-03
Neuman			Marie A.		12-Jun-03
Neumeister		Minnie M.		28-Oct-03
Nevins			Leroy Jr.		27-Dec-03
Nevitt			Phyllis L.		06-Aug-03
Newberry		Alan C.			02-Jan-03
Newberry		Hazel M.		07-Oct-03
Newberry		Virginia Rae Sturgis 'Ginny' 04-Dec-03
Newby			Franklin L.		22-Jul-03
Newby			Franklin L.		23-Jul-03
Newby			Max E.			28-Dec-03
Newby			Ruth E.			21-Oct-03
Newell			Bob G.			16-Mar-03
Newell			Carrol Brent		26-Nov-03
Newell			Maxine Naomi		27-Feb-03
Newhouse		Rosa J.			22-Apr-03
Newkirk			Donald L. 'Don'		14-Jun-03
Newland			Anna Lou		03-Aug-03
Newland			Edith			09-Apr-03
Newlin			Betty Jane King		03-Feb-03
Newlin			Carol Edward		16-Oct-03
Newman			Gladys I.		01-Jun-03
Newman			Harold Edwin		29-Apr-03
Newman			Joyce D.		01-Jan-03
Newman			Richard Wayne		31-Mar-03
Newman			Velda L.		18-Feb-03
Newmaster		Tina Marie		05-Mar-03
Newsome			Arlene			27-Jul-03
Newton			Betty			03-May-03
Newton			Betty			05-May-03
Newton			Betty			02-May-03
Newton			Betty J.		10-Feb-03
Newton			Dale B.			30-May-03
Newton			Helen			30-Nov-03
Newton			Helen			29-Nov-03
Newton			Laurena A.		07-Oct-03
Newton			Mort			28-Dec-03
Newton			Nellie Mae		04-Dec-03
Newton			Ramon C. 'Ray'		24-Oct-03
Newton			Ronald Joe 'Johnnie'	28-Dec-03
Ney			Francis J.		01-Dec-03
Nguyen			Anh Quoc		31-Aug-03
Nguyen			William			05-Jan-03
Nibarger		Pauline I.		07-Apr-03
Niblack			David Ray		06-Feb-03
Nicely			Harry Basil		23-Apr-03
Nichol			Idella			22-Apr-03
Nichols			Charles Franklin 'Nick'	23-Jul-03
Nichols			Charlotte Ann Pixley	30-Apr-03
Nichols			Clifford 'Nick'		01-Nov-03
Nichols			Clifford 'Nick'		02-Nov-03
Nichols			Eveline			22-Jul-03
Nichols			Linda			17-Jun-03
Nichols			Lura G. (Shipman)	26-May-03
Nichols			Mary L.			23-Apr-03
Nichols			Sarah Jane		11-Feb-03
Nichols			Shirlyne A.		30-Oct-03
Nichols			Shirlyne A.		31-Oct-03
Nichols			Vera N.			06-Aug-03
Nicholson		Berniece N.		30-Dec-03
Nicholson		F. Merle		16-Jan-03
Nicholson		Irene A.		06-Oct-03
Nickel			Barbara J.		04-Oct-03
Nickel			Darlene 'Dee'		15-Apr-03
Nickel			Wilma Pearl		11-Feb-03
Nickerson		Vivian L.		22-Mar-03
Nickum			George Edward		04-May-03
Nickum			George Edward		15-Jun-03
Nicoli			Philip L.		08-Apr-03
Nicoli			Philip L.		09-Apr-03
Niedens			M.D. (Dr.)		16-Apr-03
Nielson			J.J. 'Lefty'		10-Mar-03
Niles			Rougie Nichouls		28-Jun-03
Nimitz			Florence Marie (Mast)	18-Dec-03
Ninke			Robert L. 'Bob'		10-Oct-03
Niquette		Carol			27-Jun-03
Niquette		Carol Anne (Hughes)	28-Jun-03
Nivens			Delbert S.		04-Jan-03
Nix			Albert C.		07-Apr-03
Nix			Albert C.		06-Apr-03
Nix			Golda M.		22-Feb-03
Nix			Jimmie			19-Dec-03
Nix			Mark C.			18-May-03
Nix			Mark C.			20-May-03
Nix			Winona Pearl		23-Feb-03
Nixon			Francis M.		22-Jul-03
Nixon			Michael G. 'Nick'	24-Mar-03
Nixon			Richard Dale		08-Oct-03
Nixon			Rolland A.		26-May-03
Nixon			Ruth Mae		04-Jul-03
Nixon			Ruth Mae		06-Jul-03
Niyakorn		Smeun			05-Jun-03
Niyakorn		Tiem			10-Sep-03
Noble			Maurine			06-Dec-03
Nobles			Kristianna		30-Dec-03
Noblitt			Dion DeWayne		14-Dec-03
Noblitt			Dion DeWayne		16-Dec-03
Noblitt			Dion DeWayne		17-Dec-03
Noe			Allen Daron		30-Dec-03
Noel			Velma Lucile		27-Sep-03
Noeller			Gus A.			18-Jul-03
Noffsinger		Mary Ann		20-Oct-03
Noggle			Gilbert			19-May-03
Nogle			Wilburta		19-Nov-03
Noll			Gail			01-Dec-03
Noll			Robert 'Bob'		21-Sep-03
Noller			Marjorie J.		25-Apr-03
Nolte			Jerry Gene		01-Sep-03
Norbeck			Winifred Hattie		18-Nov-03
Nordin-Caruso		Sheryl Rae		03-Mar-03
Nordquist		Naomi E.		17-Dec-03
Nordyke			Velma			28-Dec-03
Norfleet		Kathreen		18-Feb-03
Norman			Eddy			19-Oct-03
Norman			Glyda Ann		16-Jun-03
Norman			Mary Lots		14-Apr-03
Noroyke			Velma			27-Dec-03
Norris			Cleo V.			14-Mar-03
North			Jessie			24-May-03
North			John C.			14-May-03
North			June			11-Jul-03
North			June			12-Jul-03
North			June			13-Jul-03
North			Walter			09-Jan-03
NORTH NEWTON		Sebrant			31-Mar-03
Northcutt		Robert Paul		06-Apr-03
Northedge		Florrie			02-Aug-03
Northrop		Margaret J.		09-Apr-03
Norton			Lola E.			18-Dec-03
Norton			Ronald Eugene 'Ron'	16-Oct-03
Nosser			Larry E.		30-Nov-03
Novotny			Dorothy Marie		24-Sep-03
Novotny			Shirley Ann		10-Mar-03
Novotny			Shirley Ann Pitts	11-Mar-03
Noyes			Billie L.		26-Mar-03
Noyes			Billie L.		27-Mar-03
Nuce			Arthur A.		04-May-03
Nuce			Lois Jane		19-Jun-03
Nuckols			Robert Edward		26-Jul-03
Nuckols			Robert Edward		27-Jul-03
Nulik			Opal A.			15-Oct-03
Nulph			George			17-Apr-03
Numrich			Paul W.			31-Dec-03
Nunemaker		Charles Edward		23-Feb-03
Nunemaker		Newt Irwin 'Sam'	29-Jul-03
Nunn			Myrta M.		28-Aug-03
Nunn			Wilma R.		08-Aug-03
Nuss			Benjamin		20-May-03
Nusser			Lee E.			26-Apr-03
Nutsch			Leonard Wayne		18-Dec-03
Nutt			Michael Ray 'Mike'	29-Oct-03
Nutter			Robert B. 'Bob'		07-Mar-03
Nuvvuru			Nagabhushanamma		31-Dec-03
Nyce			Doris L.		31-Aug-03
Nyce			Doris L.		01-Sep-03
Oakes			Ethel M.		18-Oct-03
Oakes			Ruth L.			22-May-03
Oakes			Ruth L.			23-May-03
Oakleaf			Martha Elizabeth	31-Dec-03
Oakley			Lance Elie		04-Oct-03
Oakley			Sharmane		23-Aug-03
Oakley			Sharmane Sherri		24-Aug-03
Oakman			Tommie K.		01-Sep-03
Oakman			Tommie K.		02-Sep-03
Oaks			W. Fred			12-May-03
Oaks			W. Fred			13-May-03
Oathout			Marvin G.		10-Nov-03
Oatman			Michael C.		28-Jan-03
Oatman			Michael C.		29-Jan-03
Oatman			Michael C.		28-Jan-03
Oatman			Mike			29-Jan-03
Oberly			Richard W. Sr. 'Rich'	20-Dec-03
Oborny			Ida Marie (Sager)	25-Nov-03
O'Brien			Joy F. 'Mom O'		18-Apr-03
O'Brien			Joy F. 'Mom O'		19-Apr-03
Ochampaugh		Barbara			16-Oct-03
Ochs			Frances J.		30-Sep-03
Ockert			Randy Jr.		21-Jun-03
O'Connor		Paul J.			20-Aug-03
O'Connor		Ralph E.		28-Dec-03
O'Day			Peggy Lou		06-Nov-03
Odell			Aileen Henrietta	14-Feb-03
Odell			Aileen Henrietta	15-Feb-03
Odell			Aileen Henrietta	16-Feb-03
Odell			Verna Mae		20-Jul-03
O'Dell			Glen A			18-Aug-03
O'Dell			Ronald N 'Ronnie'	07-Jul-03
Odle			Katherine 'Katie'	06-Nov-03
O'Donnell		Elizabeth 'Betty' (Erickson)06-Dec-03
O'Donnell		Elizabeth 'Betty' (Erickson)07-Dec-03
Odum			Iwori			22-Apr-03
Offield			Alice Marie		30-May-03
O'Flaherty		Dolores Marie		02-May-03
Ogborn			Rosetta Janette		17-Sep-03
Ogden			Juanita			10-Dec-03
Ogden			Ruth Annette		08-Apr-03
Ogden			Ruth Annette		09-Apr-03
Ogorzolka		Francis E.		05-May-03
O'Halloran		Robert W.		27-Mar-03
O'Hara			Robert 'Bob'		11-Sep-03
O'Hara			Rowena P. Maxwell	05-Mar-03
Ohley			Barnita Jane		25-Oct-03
Ohmie			Beryl			10-Apr-03
Old			Clara Lois		15-Apr-03
Oldacker		Kenneth Ray		13-Feb-03
Oldfather		Meryl A.		23-Oct-03
Oldfather		William H. 'Bill'	30-Oct-03
Oldfield		Clarence L. (Rev.)	27-Feb-03
Oldfield		Gilbert Lawrence Jr. 'Barney'	21-Jun-03
Oldfield		Gilbert Lawrence Jr. 'Barney'	22-Jun-03
Oldfield		Gilbert Lawrence Jr. 'Barney'	25-Jun-03
Oldfield		Gilbert Lawrence Jr. 'Barney'	26-Jun-03
Oldham			George L. 'Larry'	21-Aug-03
Olds			Jerry Allen		19-Aug-03
Oleen			Allen W.		27-May-03
Oler			Betty G.		17-Sep-03
Olga			Peter Paul Jr.		18-Sep-03
Oliphant		Jay F.			25-Jun-03
Oliver			Bobbie Jerlene (Norton)	29-Jan-03
Oliver			Bobbie Jerlene (Norton)	03-Feb-03
Oliver			Dorothy			16-Jul-03
Oliver			Dorothy Alice		17-Jul-03
Oliver			Dorothy Alice		19-Jul-03
Oliver			Jacqueline M. 'Jackie'	05-Jun-03
Oliver			Joseph W. Sr.		30-Apr-03
Oliver			Joseph W. Sr.		02-May-03
Oliver			Joseph W. Sr.		03-May-03
Oliver			Robert L. 'Bob'		23-Apr-03
Oliver			Robert L. 'Bob'		24-Apr-03
Oliveri			Giovanni (Sr. I.H.M.)	15-Apr-03
Oliveri			Giovanni (Sr. I.H.M.)	16-Apr-03
Olivier			Walter J.		22-Dec-03
Ollek			Art			17-Mar-03
Ollek			Arthur Wilhelm		18-Mar-03
Oller			Opal M. (Shipp)		01-Apr-03
Oller			Ralph H.		14-Mar-03
Olmstead		Debra Jo		17-Feb-03
Olmstead		Hortense		09-Mar-03
Olmsted			Opal L.			30-Apr-03
Olschewski		Emma			28-Jan-03
Olsen			Susan M.		13-Mar-03
Olson			Alberta L.		13-Jan-03
Olson			Bernadine A.		21-Jun-03
Olson			Bernadine A.		22-Jun-03
Olson			Evan C			26-Oct-03
Olson			Imogene			19-Sep-03
Olson			J. Viola		28-Feb-03
Olson			Lyle D.			10-Mar-03
Olsson			Phyllis June		13-Mar-03
Olvera			Antonio V. 'Tony'	29-Apr-03
Olvera			Antonio V. 'Tony'	30-Apr-03
O'Mara			Mildred Jane		04-Dec-03
Omo			Clarence R.		05-Jan-03
Omstead			Waylan Doyle		02-Dec-03
Omstead			Waylan Doyle		03-Dec-03
O'Neill			Lawrence E. 'Larry'	25-Nov-03
Oneslager		Marydelle E.		27-Aug-03
Ong			Dan			22-Oct-03
Ordway			Berdie I.		27-Apr-03
Organ			Leonard J. 'Len'	01-Jan-03
Organ			Leonard J. 'Len'	02-Jan-03
Oribio			Juan Pablo		05-Aug-03
Oritz			Tina M.			13-Feb-03
Orman			Larry Arthur		18-Dec-03
Orme			Lacretia C. 'Bunny'	03-Apr-03
Orme			Lacretia C. 'Bunny'	02-Apr-03
Orndoff			Donald D. Jr. 'Doc'	19-Sep-03
Orr			Alma Ruth (Hood)	07-Aug-03
Orr			Carl L			21-Jul-03
Orr			Marilyn A.		25-Aug-03
Orr			Mary Elizabeth 'Betty'	21-Oct-03
Orr			Mary Elizabeth 'Betty'	22-Oct-03
Orr			Mary Elizabeth 'Betty'	23-Oct-03
Orr			Roy Thomas		27-May-03
Orr			Roy Thomas 'Tom'	28-May-03
Orr			Roy Thomas 'Tom'	29-May-03
Orth			Lois M.			12-Oct-03
Ortiz			Lucille M.		11-Jun-03
Ortiz			Lucille M.		12-Jun-03
Ortiz			Virginia		16-Dec-03
Orvis			Richard Vernon		07-Dec-03
Osborn			Elizabeth Whittemore 'Betty'09-Aug-03
Osborn			Millie Jo		08-Apr-03
Osborn			Ruby V.			28-Oct-03
Osborn			Scott			27-Mar-03
Osborne			Alfred 'Jack'		09-May-03
Osborne			Blanche			29-Mar-03
Osborne			Miriam Helen Thornburg	21-Aug-03
Osborne			Thomas L.		11-Nov-03
Osborne			Thomas L.		12-Nov-03
Osborne			Thomas L.		13-Nov-03
Osborne			Thomas L.		14-Nov-03
Osborne			Thomas L.		15-Nov-03
Osburn			James V.		09-Aug-03
Osburn			James V.		12-Aug-03
Osburn			James V.		13-Aug-03
Osburn			James V.		14-Aug-03
Osburn			Willie R.		08-Apr-03
Osenbaugh		Blanche			14-Jan-03
Osenbaugh		Isma 'Faye'		12-Apr-03
Osgood			Vera K.			13-Aug-03
Oshel			Pauline (Smith)		22-Jan-03
Osman			Alice F. 'Tiny'		27-Oct-03
Osmundson		Roy C.			01-Oct-03
Osteen			Ruby Pauline (Lewallen)	26-Mar-03
Osterhout		Hazel			28-Aug-03
Osterman		Anita M.		25-Dec-03
Osterman		Anita M.		26-Dec-03
Osterman		Deloris D.		16-Mar-03
Osterman		William Clyde		20-Dec-03
Osterman		William Clyde		21-Dec-03
Ostrom			Dorothy M.		24-Jun-03
Oswald			Cathy			15-Oct-03
Otney			Thelma			01-Jul-03
Ott			Alberta I.		10-Oct-03
Ott			Alberta I.		11-Oct-03
Ott			Pamela S.		21-Dec-03
Ott			Pamela Sue		22-Dec-03
Ott			Pamela Sue		24-Dec-03
Ottaway			Harold			07-Sep-03
Ottaway			Harold Irving		04-Sep-03
Ottaway			Harold Irving		05-Sep-03
Ott-Myers		Opal M.			31-Oct-03
Otto			James V.		05-Jun-03
Otto			Loretta B. 'Bunny'	06-Nov-03
Oursler			Muriel Alberta (Noller)	17-Jun-03
Outcalt			Maureen Marie		24-Dec-03
Overeem			Nona Fay		30-Apr-03
Overmiller		Bob			15-Jul-03
Overton			David M.		11-May-03
Overton			Jack Wesley		21-Sep-03
Owen			Alta Ethel		25-Mar-03
Owen			Kasey L.		10-Jul-03
Owen			Mary			20-Apr-03
Owen			Mary (Auda) R. Huddleston 14-Apr-03
Owen McDaniel		Mary M.			09-Mar-03
Owens			Anna			24-Dec-03
Owens			Cleveland 'Cleven'	18-Dec-03
Owens			Cleveland 'Cleven'	16-Dec-03
Owens			Donna C.		28-May-03
Owens			Fred J.			10-Sep-03
Owens			Julie Lynn		08-Jun-03
Owens			Rowena Maxine		04-Sep-03
Owens			Viola R.		08-Oct-03
Owings			Keith A.		24-Aug-03
Oyler			Darwin L.		07-Jan-03
Oyler			Harry T			30-Jun-03
Ozanne			Thomas Paul(Fr. C.PP.S.)06-Apr-03


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