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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of scrapbooks in their library that contain obituaries cut from The Wichita Eagle and Beacon. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks. If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each name and we will abstract the information for you. Mail the name of the person you wish the information on, the year, the date (if given) and the page number it appears on (if given) to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. Please include your e-mail address if you have one.

Index of Wichita Eagle/Beacon Obituaries

2003 C-E









Cable			Teral Sylvester		04-Sep-03
Cabrales		Anthony Lynn 'Tony'	13-Apr-03
Cabrales		Anthony Lynn 'Tony'	17-Apr-03
Cade			Margaret (Cornelius)	03-Jul-03
Cadle			Cline D.		03-Jun-03
Cadle			Cline D.		05-Jun-03
Cadle			Gladys O.		31-Jul-03
Cady			Alison Teri		26-Jul-03
Cady			Nolan Gail		10-Jan-03
Cahoone			Howard A.		27-Mar-03
Cahoone			Riley C.		30-Dec-03
Cain			Mildred Alice		06-Sep-03
Cain			Peg			07-Oct-03
Cain			Tillie			13-Aug-03
Caldeira		Diamantino 'Dino'	22-Nov-03
Calderon		Gloria Marie		08-Jan-03
Caldwell		Donald R.		14-Dec-03
Caldwell		Doris F.		26-Sep-03
Caldwell		Doris F.		27-Sep-03
Caldwell		Martha			22-Apr-03
Calhoun			Ella Elise		23-Apr-03
Calhoun			Majel Noretta		28-Sep-03
Calkin			Carole H.		31-Aug-03
Calkin			Carole H.		03-Sep-03
Calkins			Bernard E.		22-May-03
Calkins			Bernard E.		21-May-03
Call			Arthur H.		25-Sep-03
Call			Arthur H.		26-Sep-03
Call			Leona Rae		12-Jun-03
Call			Robert 'Pat'		14-Feb-03
Callaghan		Clifford W.		30-Apr-03
Callahan		Hazel			30-Sep-03
Callaway		Karl R.			30-May-03
Callaway		Karl R.			29-May-03
Callon			Richard W.		09-Dec-03
Callon			Richard W.		12-Dec-03
Calloway		John Alfred 'Cab'	11-Jul-03
Calton			Timothy H. 'Pastor Tim'	25-Dec-03
Calvin			Harold D.		20-May-03
Camargo			Carmen			27-May-03
Camargo			Carmen			28-May-03
Cameron			Forrest L. 'Joe'	20-Apr-03
Cameron			Tommie Lee		30-Sep-03
Cameron			Tommie Lee		01-Oct-03
Campbell		Arylene V.		12-Jan-03
Campbell		Bobby Lee		07-Jan-03
Campbell		David Glen		14-Aug-03
Campbell		Don P.			02-May-03
Campbell		Edna			19-Jun-03
Campbell		Edna			18-Jun-03
Campbell		Henry C.		16-Mar-03
Campbell		Henry C.		17-Mar-03
Campbell		Howard D.		23-Feb-03
Campbell		Izaiah Alfred		04-Mar-03
Campbell		Keith R.		22-Jul-03
Campbell		Margaret Lavelle	20-May-03
Campbell		Marilyn Eileen		29-Mar-03
Campbell		Marilyn Eileen		30-Mar-03
Campbell		Marilyn Eileen		31-Mar-03
Campbell		Mildred			08-Nov-03
Campbell		Nadine			05-Jan-03
Campbell		Ronald O.		26-Aug-03
Campbell		Thomas B.		31-Jan-03
Campbell		Thomas B.		01-Feb-03
Campbell		Thomas B.		02-Feb-03
Campos-Chavez		Angel Augustine		29-Jun-03
Canfield		Daniel C.		09-Apr-03
Canfield		Daniel C.		07-Apr-03
Canfield		Donna Jean		26-Nov-03
Canfield		Donna Jean		28-Nov-03
Canfield		Monte E. Sr.		16-Sep-03
Canfield		Sadie Venita		13-Feb-03
Cannady			Stacy			23-Oct-03
Cannady			Stacy Dawn		22-Oct-03
Cannady			Stacy Dawn (Gelvin)	23-Oct-03
Cannady			Stacy Dawn (Gelvin)	24-Oct-03
Cannan			James Jesse 'Jim'	18-Apr-03
Cannon			Lonas			09-Jul-03
Cannon			Lonas R.		10-Jul-03
Cannon			Richard L. 'Dick'	08-May-03
Cantrell		Adeline			02-Jan-03
Cantrell		Donald B.		08-Nov-03
Cantrell		Irene M. (Light)	15-Feb-03
Cantrell		Kenneth H.		31-Aug-03
Cantrell		Lynn W.			24-Aug-03
Cantrell		Thomas H.		04-Jun-03
Cantwell		Bernice			31-May-03
Capansky		Christine Elizabeth Susan 09-Jun-03
Cape			Bobby Lee		07-Nov-03
Capes			Katherine Oswald	19-Sep-03
Capps			Everett Lawrence	13-Oct-03
Capps			Kermit D.		25-Feb-03
Capps			Oda Lee			26-May-03
Capps			Orvil Clyde		31-Aug-03
Capron			Lawrence E.		07-Jan-03
Caraway			Catherine A.		12-Jul-03
Carey			Harold F.		20-Mar-03
Carey			Harold F.		21-Mar-03
Carey			Harry Dean		23-Aug-03
Carey			Patricia Brooks		03-Jan-03
Carey			Patty Brooks		03-Jan-03
Carey			Sibyl E.		18-May-03
Carley			Elsie R. (Newby)	04-Nov-03
Carley			Elsie R. (Newby)	05-Nov-03
Carley			Elsie R. (Newby)	03-Nov-03
Carlisle		Eddith Mae		23-Nov-03
Carlisle		Ross B. 'Red'		06-Sep-03
Carlson			Elaine 'Suzie'		11-Jan-03
Carlson			Elaine 'Suzie'		12-Jan-03
Carlson			Elaine 'Suzie'		13-Jan-03
Carlson			Harold R.		23-Feb-03
Carlson			Lillian D.		10-Oct-03
Carlson			Mary Lou (Cole)		22-Dec-03
Carlson			Paul A.			27-Aug-03
Carlson			Paul A.			28-Aug-03
Carlson			Perry August (Rev.)	30-Sep-03
Carlton-Ware		Debra L. 'Debby'	14-May-03
Carlton-Ware		Debra L. 'Debby'	15-May-03
Carlyle			Deloris A.		16-Jan-03
Carnes			Dolores			16-May-03
Carnes			Dolores			18-May-03
Carnes			Steve Sr.		02-May-03
Carney			B. Neil			10-May-03
Carney			B. Neil			11-May-03
Carney			Bessie			02-Aug-03
Carney			Bessie M		03-Aug-03
Caro			John Arthur		17-Dec-03
Caro			Thelma S.		25-Apr-03
Carpenter		David			15-Nov-03
Carpenter		Hallie J.		31-May-03
Carpenter		Lonnie Allen		22-Apr-03
Carpenter		Robert			12-Oct-03
Carpenter		Sandra Jeannine		13-Apr-03
Carpenter		Walter 'Kent'		12-Aug-03
Carpenter		William 'Bill'		19-Sep-03
Carpenter		William 'Bill'		20-Sep-03
Carpenter		William C. 'Bill'	21-Sep-03
Carr			Joseph Henry		01-Feb-03
Carr			Randy			27-Aug-03
Carr			Richard F. Sr.		12-Dec-03
Carra			John C.			21-Mar-03
Carranza-Castillo	Maria Guadalupe		22-Feb-03
Carrasco		Nicolasa D.		08-Jun-03
Carrick			Katherine E.		06-Feb-03
Carrier			Florence Mae		16-Oct-03
Carriker		Betty L.		10-Dec-03
Carrington		John R.			09-Oct-03
Carrithers		Ernestine A.		27-Dec-03
Carroll			Carol			27-Dec-03
Carroll			Carol J.		26-Dec-03
Carroll			Charles Lee		28-Oct-03
Carroll			Charles Lee		29-Oct-03
Carroll			Edna C.			11-Oct-03
Carroll			Mark Edward		01-Jun-03
Carroll			Vivian 'Elizabeth'	10-Feb-03
Carson			Albert Hestwood		20-Jun-03
Carson			Daniel W. 'Dan'		20-Mar-03
Carson			Doris Luella Miller	30-Apr-03
Carson			Elmer Allen		13-Apr-03
Carson			Jeanine June		16-Mar-03
Carson			Jeanine June		17-Mar-03
Carson			Jeanine June		18-Mar-03
Carson			Jeanine June		19-Mar-03
Carson			Leslie Jean (Parker)	24-Dec-03
Carson			Leslie Jean (Parker)	26-Dec-03
Carson			Thelma			03-Dec-03
Carswell		Simone Marie-Antoinette	03-Jan-03
Carter			A.G.			09-Jun-03
Carter			Albert Richard		16-Sep-03
Carter			Alicia Jean		25-Jan-03
Carter			Alicia Jean		26-Jan-03
Carter			Arleta F.		03-Dec-03
Carter			Clarence W.		26-Jul-03
Carter			Davon D.		26-Jan-03
Carter			Dorothy Lee		02-Feb-03
Carter			Eula Geneva		10-Aug-03
Carter			Eula Geneva		09-Aug-03
Carter			Faith Adrielle		12-Nov-03
Carter			John Allen		04-Feb-03
Carter			Lloyd James		27-May-03
Carter			Lloyd James		28-May-03
Carter			Max E.			03-Apr-03
Carter			Orville S.		28-Dec-03
Carter			Perry Nicholas		09-Jan-03
Carter			Ralph E 'Ed'		20-Jul-03
Carter			Ralph E.		19-Jul-03
Carter			Robert W.		15-Jul-03
Carter			Robert W.		16-Jul-03
Carter			RoseMary		09-Dec-03
Carter			RoseMary		10-Dec-03
Carter			Roy B.			07-Jan-03
Carter			Ruben Lee Sr.		16-Dec-03
Carter			Ruben Lee Sr.		17-Dec-03
Carter			Ruben Lee Sr.		19-Dec-03
Carter			Steven C. 'Chewy'	27-Sep-03
Carter			William 'Bill'		14-Apr-03
Carter			William K. 'Bill'	15-Apr-03
Carter			William W.		07-Dec-03
Carter			William W.		08-Dec-03
Cartwright		L.H. 'Jack'		26-Sep-03
Cartwright		Robert			21-Jul-03
Caruthers		Reggie			24-Mar-03
Caruthers		Reggie			25-Mar-03
Cary			Elizabeth 'Betty'	30-Nov-03
Cary			Elizabeth A. 'Betty'	03-Dec-03
Cary			Elizabeth A. 'Betty'	04-Dec-03
Cary			Elizabeth A. 'Betty'	05-Dec-03
Cary			Imogene Lorraine	16-Feb-03
Casad			Doris Margaret (Simmons Good) 22-May-03
Casad			Doris Margaret (Simmons Good) 23-May-03
Casanova		Concha C.		30-Dec-03
Casanova		Sonny Luis		10-Aug-03
Casanova		Sonny Luis		09-Aug-03
Casanova		Xavier Lee		09-Aug-03
Casanova		Xavier Lee		10-Aug-03
Case			Charles Edward		11-Jan-03
Case			Euda			27-Aug-03
Case			Freda M. Self		24-Dec-03
Case			Helen Louise		04-Apr-03
Case			Marilyn F. (Aramburu)	16-May-03
Case			Marilyn F. (Aramburu)	17-May-03
Case			Ruth L.			27-Aug-03
Casey			Donald M		13-Jul-03
Casey			Gerald Lee		29-May-03
Casey			James Francis		31-Dec-03
Casey-Hebert		Rena A.			24-Jun-03
Cash			Robert Joe		28-Aug-03
Cash-Cook		Lottie Mae		05-May-03
Cash-Cook		Lottie Mae		06-May-03
Caskey			Marjorie J.		15-Jul-03
Caskey			Marjorie J.		16-Jul-03
Casner			Villetta B.		18-Mar-03
Casner			Villetta B.		19-Mar-03
Casort			Marvin F.		03-Jul-03
Casper			Guy			08-Nov-03
Casper			Harlan W.		19-Jun-03
Casper			Harlan W.		20-Jun-03
Casper			Phyllis Virginia	24-Apr-03
Cass			Robert Thomas		19-Feb-03
Castellon		John J.			20-Mar-03
Castillo		Carol Lee		28-Jul-03
Castillo		Estella			18-Jul-03
Castillo		Thomas G. Sr.		24-Jul-03
Castillo		Thomas G. Sr.		25-Jul-03
Castle			Thelma J.		11-Apr-03
Castleberry		Jesse W.		16-Apr-03
Castleberry		Jesse W.		17-Apr-03
Castleberry		Jesse W.		18-Apr-03
Castleberry		Willie 'Bill'		02-Aug-03
Castleberry		Willie 'Bill'		03-Aug-03
Castor			James T. 'Jim'		09-Dec-03
Castor			James T. 'Jim'		10-Dec-03
Castor			Kenneth C.		14-Sep-03
Castro			Delia Maynez		20-Jul-03
Cates			Captain Michael Travis	13-Apr-03
Cates			Ivah I.			26-Mar-03
Cates			Leonard W.H.		15-Nov-03
Cates			Mary Joyce		04-Nov-03
Cates			Michael Travis		11-Apr-03
Cathey			Donald B. 'D.C.'	26-Jul-03
Catlett			Robert E.		18-Sep-03
Catlin			Virginia B.		01-Jun-03
Catt			Mary Frances		02-May-03
Catt			Mary Frances		03-May-03
Cavalier		Dennis			27-May-03
Cavin			Pamela J.		07-Apr-03
Caywood			Bert C.			02-Dec-03
Caywood			Dawn Dena		20-Mar-03
Caywood			Dulcie Elaine		07-Sep-03
Centlivre		Helen M.		16-Dec-03
Cervantes		Refugio 'Ray'		12-Apr-03
Cha			Dong Chin		07-Mar-03
Chaithonh		Khamdee			22-Oct-03
Chaithonh		Samone Lisa		27-Mar-03
Chalmers		Lawrence W.		31-May-03
Chamberlain		Cloey Dawn Ann		22-Oct-03
Chamberlain		Juva Arlene		12-Nov-03
Chambers		Carol L.		23-Apr-03
Chambers		Clifford D.		16-Aug-03
Chambers		Sharon L.		17-May-03
Chambers		Verna Marie (Barker)	17-Sep-03
Chance			Harold A.		08-Jun-03
Chandler		Brian Scott		17-Jan-03
Chandler		Brian Scott		18-Jan-03
Chandler		Brian Scott		19-Jan-03
Chandler		Brian Scott		20-Jan-03
Chandler		Paul			28-Mar-03
Chandler		Robert William		14-Jan-03
Chaney			Carrie B.		29-Mar-03
Chaney			Margaret Adele		24-Nov-03
Chaney			Myrvel Eileen		30-Dec-03
Chang			Edward K.C.		09-Mar-03
Chapin			Clinton L.		01-Apr-03
Chapin			Clinton L.		02-Apr-03
Chapman			Carolyn A.		06-May-03
Chapman			Carrie Lou Draper	15-Dec-03
Chapman			Dorothy May		05-Nov-03
Chapman			Leonard L.		22-Jul-03
Chapman			Leonard L.		23-Jul-03
Chapman			Norene Alice		10-Mar-03
Chapman			Norene Alice		11-Mar-03
Chapman			Roger J.		24-Oct-03
Chapman			Roger J.		25-Oct-03
Chapman			Roger J.		26-Oct-03
Chappell		Linda S. (Anderson)	06-Feb-03
Chappuie		Anita B.		12-Jul-03
Charles			Hazel M.		04-Sep-03
Chase			Evelyn			08-Nov-03
Chase			Evelyn			09-Nov-03
Chase			Lyle Eugene		23-Sep-03
Chase			Thane B. (LCDR USN Ret.)18-Jan-03
Chastain		Juanita Viola (Park)	22-Oct-03
Chavez			Peter C.		19-Jun-03
Chavez			Peter C.		20-Jun-03
Chavous			Tamara Renee		15-Aug-03
Cheatum			Daisy Jennie		03-Aug-03
Cheek			James			01-Oct-03
Cheek			James			02-Oct-03
Cheers			Douglas V.		13-Oct-03
Cheers			Douglas V.		14-Oct-03
Cheeseman		Barbara Jean		01-Jan-03
Chenhall		Marjorie M.		30-Dec-03
Cherry			Henrietta Ella		29-Aug-03
Cherry			Leola			15-Dec-03
Cherry			Les			19-Feb-03
Chesbro			Gwendolyn Marie		08-Jul-03
Chesney			Warren K.		30-Aug-03
Chester			Carolyn			05-Aug-03
Chew			Dorothy Z.		21-Apr-03
Chew			Robert G.		18-Apr-03
Chi			Sue H.M.		12-Mar-03
Chilcott		Dale E.			23-Jun-03
Childers		Jack T. 'Leroy'		14-May-03
Childers		James L.		25-Nov-03
Childers		Larry			31-Jan-03
Childers		Larry			02-Feb-03
Childers		Margaret (Grove)	21-Nov-03
Childers		Margaret (Grove)	23-Nov-03
Childers		Noah Sr.		18-Nov-03
Childers		Robert D.		31-Jul-03
Childers		Robert D.		03-Aug-03
Childs			Denver Vincent		26-Oct-03
Childs			Laura Jean		17-Oct-03
Childs			Robert D. 'Bob'		30-Aug-03
Childs			Sheryl			18-Jan-03
Chinn			Robert L.		26-Mar-03
Chipas			Mary Ellen 'Jackie'	16-Feb-03
Chippeaux		Charles			05-Feb-03
Chippeaux		Charles			06-Feb-03
Chippeaux		Robert 'Bob'		04-Oct-03
Chippeaux		Robert 'Bob'		05-Oct-03
Chisham			Boyd W.			12-Jun-03
Chisholm		Irma Grace		13-Feb-03
Chism			Coy H.			17-Jan-03
Chism			Mary E.			08-Jan-03
Chittum			Arva Dale		23-Jan-03
Chowning		Oscar Clayton		10-Apr-03
Chrastil		Alan R.			26-Sep-03
Chrastil		Alan R.			27-Sep-03
Chrenek			Dorothy O.		08-May-03
Chrisco			Lorraine B.		10-May-03
Chrisman		Tim L.			26-May-03
Christensen		Elsie Mae		02-Aug-03
Christensen		Ralph C.		09-Nov-03
Christenson		Emily T.		24-Apr-03
Christian		Herbert W.		11-Jan-03
Christian		James Ernest		14-Jun-03
Christiansen		Norma Jeanne (Helt)	08-Jun-03
Christianson		Edith Lysle		30-Sep-03
Christianson		Edith Lysle		01-Oct-03
Christman		Helen Joan Braunagel	22-Jan-03
Christy			Steven Kent		17-Oct-03
Chronister		Michele Rene (Hedge)	25-Oct-03
Chubb			Lawrence D. 'Larry'	16-Apr-03
Chumley			Margaret Louise Start	22-Jun-03
Church			Bettie Jean		08-Jan-03
Church			Gladys L.		25-May-03
Church			Gladys L.		26-May-03
Church			Lois H.			25-Dec-03
Church			Rollan L.		16-Jul-03
Churchill		Earl Victor		30-Mar-03
Churchill		Opal L.			11-Apr-03
Churchill		Opal L.			12-Apr-03
Cieszanski		Ronald J.		08-Apr-03
Cisneros		Norma Ann (Roman)	14-Mar-03
Cisneros		Norma Ann (Roman)	15-Mar-03
Cisneros		Norma Ann (Roman)	16-Mar-03
Cisneros		Steven F.		08-Jul-03
Claassen		Arnold			08-Sep-03
Claassen		Eric R.			27-Dec-03
Claassen		Ida Esther		04-Mar-03
Claiborn		Margaret Fae		07-Feb-03
Claiborn		Margaret Fae		08-Feb-03
Claiborn		Margaret Fae		09-Feb-03
Claiborn		Margaret Fae		10-Feb-03
Claiborne		Guy			31-Dec-03
Clanton			Myrtle Irene		21-Dec-03
Clapham			Elsie Mae		04-Apr-03
Claphan			Wanda June		09-Sep-03
Clare			Agnes Anneda		05-Jul-03
Clare			Carl Dale		09-Oct-03
Clark			Annie A.		09-Jun-03
Clark			Betty L.		03-Jan-03
Clark			Boling D.		04-Jul-03
Clark			Bryan			16-Dec-03
Clark			Carrie Elizabeth	10-May-03
Clark			Carrie Elizabeth	11-May-03
Clark			Carrie Elizabeth	13-May-03
Clark			Clara			21-Oct-03
Clark			Clara			19-Oct-03
Clark			Claud M.		10-May-03
Clark			Elgit			11-Jan-03
Clark			Ella V.			18-Jan-03
Clark			Everett C.		17-Dec-03
Clark			Everett C.		18-Dec-03
Clark			Floy E.			08-Apr-03
Clark			Frances Yvonne		19-Mar-03
Clark			Frederick R. Sr.	21-May-03
Clark			Frederick R. Sr.	25-May-03
Clark			George E. Sr.		20-Feb-03
Clark			George Edwin Sr.	19-Feb-03
Clark			Gilford Charlie		12-May-03
Clark			Gladys Mae Spengler	18-Jul-03
Clark			Grace D.		14-Feb-03
Clark			Gracie Louise (Saylor)	05-Mar-03
Clark			Harold Glen		29-Oct-03
Clark			Jack E.			07-Mar-03
Clark			Jean E.			02-Dec-03
Clark			Jean E.			03-Dec-03
Clark			Jody M.			03-Apr-03
Clark			Jody M.			04-Apr-03
Clark			Jody M.			05-Apr-03
Clark			Jody M.			05-Apr-03
Clark			Jody M.			06-Apr-03
Clark			Joe Ellis Jr.		30-Jan-03
Clark			John F. 'Frank' Sr.	03-May-03
Clark			Jr.			23-Oct-03
Clark			Kent David		26-Sep-03
Clark			Lloree R.		26-Sep-03
Clark			Lois Maxine		01-Mar-03
Clark			Merlin E.		20-Apr-03
Clark			Mildred			29-Jan-03
Clark			Mildred M.		19-Dec-03
Clark			Minnie F.		09-Feb-03
Clark			Nema 'Meme'		01-Mar-03
Clark			Paula Louise		07-Sep-03
Clark			Ruth Evelyn		28-Feb-03
Clark			Velda R.		18-Apr-03
Clark			Velda R.		19-Apr-03
Clark			Virgil			11-Jun-03
Clark			William S. 'Bill'	20-Feb-03
Clarke			Dolores M. Gruenbacher	14-Apr-03
Clarke			Dolores M. Gruenbacher	15-Apr-03
Clarke			Douglas B.		12-Sep-03
Clarke			Douglas B.		13-Sep-03
Clarke			Douglas B.		14-Sep-03
Classen			Katherine J.		12-Jan-03
Clausen			Lawrence J.		13-Jan-03
Clawson			Steve Hart		10-May-03
Clay			Dorothy M.		25-Apr-03
Claycomb		Charles Calvin 'Cal'	05-Jul-03
Claycomb		Charles Calvin 'Cal'	06-Jul-03
Claycomb		Charles Calvin 'Cal'	07-Jul-03
Claypool		Barbara Raye Scott	04-Jun-03
Claypool		Louis S.		16-Oct-03
Claypool		Louis S.		22-Oct-03
Clear			Dorothy C.		01-Aug-03
Clear			Dorothy C.		02-Aug-03
Clear			Dorothy C.		03-Aug-03
Cleaver			Patricia R.		21-Oct-03
Clegg			Dale L.			03-Jul-03
Cleghorn		Mary Elizabeth		12-Jun-03
Clements		Jimy G.			15-Oct-03
Clements		Mildred Pearl		01-May-03
Clemson			Joseph R.		29-Oct-03
Clendenin		Elizabeth M. 'Betty'	30-Jan-03
Clendenin		Fred			28-Mar-03
Cleveland		Fern E.			12-Jun-03
Clevenger		Ada A.			21-Aug-03
Clevenger		Lela Faye		09-Apr-03
Clevenger		Ralph Eldon		17-Apr-03
Clevenger		Ralph Eldon		18-Apr-03
Clevenger		Richard Dale		18-Sep-03
Clevenger		Richard Dale		19-Sep-03
Click			Joe D.			17-Mar-03
Clifton			Harold E. 'Gene'	25-Oct-03
Cline			Anita 'Lou' Louise	25-Oct-03
Cline			Arnold C. 'Toy'		12-Mar-03
Cline			Barbara J.		17-Apr-03
Cline			Connie Lou		12-Feb-03
Cline			Michael Dean		19-Apr-03
Cline			Randy C.		01-Jan-03
Cline			Tom			20-May-03
Cline			Tom			21-May-03
Cline			Viola F. (Ballard)	01-Mar-03
Cline			Viola F. (Ballard)	02-Mar-03
Cline Bennett		Dorothy Le Vetta (Moore)11-Sep-03
Cline Bennett		Dorothy Le Vetta (Moore)12-Sep-03
Cline Bennett		Dorothy Le Vetta (Moore)13-Sep-03
Cline Bennett		Dorothy Le Vetta (Moore)14-Sep-03
Clinesmith		Myrtle Marie		28-Apr-03
Clinger			Gula B.			24-Jun-03
Clinger			Harold 'Tom'		12-Feb-03
Clippinger		Ruby E.			20-Oct-03
Clippinger		Ruby E.			21-Oct-03
Clippinger		Ruby E.			22-Oct-03
Clodfelter		Cline H.		18-May-03
Clore			Emma Louise		05-May-03
Closson			Robert P. 'Bob'		26-Aug-03
Clothier		Harry Neil 'Bud'	21-Feb-03
Cloud			Charlie A.		29-Dec-03
Cloud			Charlie A.		30-Dec-03
Cloud			Creighton		03-Oct-03
Cloud			Robert K.		31-May-03
Cloud			Robert K.		30-May-03
Cloutier		Wilma H.		08-Apr-03
Cloven			Phyllis Yvonne		10-Feb-03
Clow			Alfred I.		31-Dec-03
Clow			Byron Lee		15-Mar-03
Cluck			Molly Mae		24-Feb-03
Clum			Elsie A.		08-Jul-03
Clutter			Wayne A.		20-Apr-03
Clyborne		Anna Mae		06-Sep-03
Clyborne		Anna Mae		12-Sep-03
Clyborne		Walter			09-Jan-03
Clymer			David H.		15-Dec-03
Clymer			David H.		16-Dec-03
Clyne			Donna P.		30-Jan-03
Clyne			Donna P.		31-Jan-03
Clyne			Donna P.		01-Feb-03
Coates			Laura Bertina		18-Feb-03
Coats			Paul			06-Jul-03
Coats			Victoria Inez		30-Nov-03
Coats			Victoria Inez		26-Nov-03
Coats			Wilma Rose		22-Jan-03
Cobb			Bonnie Virginia		30-Jul-03
Cobb			Leslie Henry M.D.	28-Oct-03
Coberly			Arnold Lane		13-Apr-03
Coble			Raymond O.		28-Feb-03
Cobler			Marie Mary		30-Mar-03
Cochenour		Helen Jean		05-Jun-03
Cochenour		Helen Jean		08-Jun-03
Cochran			Warren Wilburn		31-Jul-03
Cochran			Warren Wilburn		01-Aug-03
Coder			Willard L		14-Nov-03
Cody			Rolland Ross		27-Dec-03
Coe			Magdalene C.		12-Mar-03
Coe			Magdalene C.		13-Mar-03
Coe			Magdalene C.		14-Mar-03
Coe			Robert Winston		19-Feb-03
Coerber			Vivien E.		15-May-03
Coerber			William Joseph 'Bill'	07-Mar-03
Coffey			Jessie Marie		06-Mar-03
Coffey			Julie Lynn		14-Aug-03
Coffey			Julie Lynn		15-Aug-03
Coffey			Lillie Mae		19-Dec-03
COFFEYVILLE		John Joseph		01-Oct-03
Coffin			James Franklin		04-Feb-03
Coffindaffer		Shirley Mae		14-Nov-03
Coffland		Esther M.		09-Aug-03
Coffman			Charles Lee Sr.		04-Jun-03
Coffman			Everett L.		20-Apr-03
Coffman			Paul S.			28-Jan-03
Coggins			Lois Jenneva		11-Apr-03
Cohan			Masud			09-Jan-03
Cohoe			Monte Don		12-Feb-03
Cohoon			Arley R.		04-Nov-03
Cohoon			Arley R.		05-Nov-03
Colbert			Madge Lena Farmer	10-Feb-03
Colborn			Elverna Joy 'Joyce'	02-May-03
Colburn			Marguerite E.		21-Jan-03
Colburn			Nellie M.		11-Sep-03
Cole			Alma Ruby		22-Jul-03
Cole			Charles			02-Apr-03
Cole			Doris			25-May-03
Cole			Doris Elaine		27-May-03
Cole			Helen Mae		08-Jul-03
Cole			Irene (Knowles)		30-Jul-03
Cole			Irene (Knowles)		01-Aug-03
Cole			John D.			11-Jan-03
Cole			Mildred Lucille(Ash)'Tag'11-Jan-03
Coleman			Charles			23-Feb-03
Coleman			Gladys			27-Dec-03
Coleman			Gladys			28-Dec-03
Coleman			Gladys			29-Dec-03
Coleman			James Franklin		05-Feb-03
Coleman			James Franklin		06-Feb-03
Coleman			Marguerite 'Blondie'	19-Jun-03
Coleman			Shirley J.		16-Oct-03
Coleman			Wayne M.		15-Dec-03
Coleman			Wilbur R. 'Bill'	16-Feb-03
Colle			Wayne R.		05-Apr-03
Colleret		Jean Margaret		02-Feb-03
Colliatie		Stanton 'Stan'		18-Jun-03
Collier			James R.		25-Jul-03
Collier			Martha Adail		24-Jun-03
Collier			Mary F.			04-Jun-03
Collier			Willis Lawrence		16-Jul-03
Collinge		Thelma Irene		29-May-03
Collings		Willard A.		01-Jun-03
Collins			Audrey A.		13-Nov-03
Collins			Brenda Joyce		12-Sep-03
Collins			Chad Antwain		27-Aug-03
Collins			Chad Antwain		31-Aug-03
Collins			Margaret R.		13-Sep-03
Collins			Margaret R.		14-Sep-03
Collins			Millie			16-Dec-03
Collins			Millie			17-Dec-03
Collins			Orpha Virginia		18-Feb-03
Collins			Pete Eugene		05-Aug-03
Collins			Peter Jr.		23-Aug-03
Collins			Peter Jr.		24-Aug-03
Collins			Peter Jr.		25-Aug-03
Collins			Philip W.		03-Oct-03
Collins			Ray			19-Mar-03
Collins			Willie			02-Dec-03
Collinsworth		Hazel P.		23-Mar-03
Collinsworth		Hazel P.		24-Mar-03
Colson			Billy J.		19-Mar-03
Coltran			Jessie Dorothy		16-Nov-03
Colver			Gerlaine Constance'Connie'29-Sep-03
Colver			Gerlaine Constance'Connie'30-Sep-03
Colvin			Barbara Louise (Griffiths)15-Mar-03
Colvin			Herbert E. 'Herbie'	26-Feb-03
Colwell			Esther Elizabeth	31-Jan-03
Combrink		Vera M.			19-May-03
Combs			Clell D.		15-Jun-03
Combs			Clell D.		16-Jun-03
Combs			Ernest Lynn		12-Nov-03
Combs			Ernest Lynn		11-Nov-03
Combs			Harry			25-Dec-03
Combs			Vivian			01-Sep-03
Combs			Wilbert W.'Shorty'	23-Jul-03
Comes			Billy S.		06-Aug-03
Comley			Reginald Vernon		16-Feb-03
Comly			Floy Aurilla Staats)(Plush)19-Nov-03
Comly			James 'Jim'		06-Sep-03
Compston		Grace L.		14-Jan-03
Compton			Gordon B. Sr.(USAF Retired Col.)08-Feb-03
Compton			Gordon B. Sr.(USAF Retired Col.)09-Feb-03
Compton			Kenneth E.		21-Sep-03
Compton			Marie V.		16-Dec-03
Compton			Marie V.		17-Dec-03
Comstock		Estella M.		10-Oct-03
Comstock		Everett Lynn Jr.	07-Jun-03
Conard			H. Ivan			01-May-03
Conard			H. Ivan			02-May-03
Conard			Ruby Pearl		21-Oct-03
Conaway			Marion Glenn		14-Sep-03
Condell			George Clayton		25-Aug-03
Condiff			Bill			12-Jun-03
Condiff			William J. Jr. 'Condi'	12-Jun-03
Condiff			William J. Jr. 'Condi'	13-Jun-03
Condiff			William J. Jr. 'Condi'	15-Jun-03
Condit			Orrin W.		19-Jul-03
Condon			Eva Marie (Fraser)	17-Feb-03
Confer			Bill E.			09-Dec-03
Confer			Bill E.			10-Dec-03
Conger-Morris		Nathan Leslie		18-May-03
Conkle			Gertrude M.		23-Apr-03
Conklin			Ronald W.		30-Dec-03
Conklin			Stuart F. Jr. 'Joe'	08-Aug-03
Conklin			Stuart Frazier Jr.	08-Aug-03
Conkling		Edward M.		07-Aug-03
Conley			A.C.			05-Nov-03
Conley			Bridgett Marlene	27-Apr-03
Conley			Marie M.		15-Mar-03
Conley			Martha Evans		09-Nov-03
Conley			Nancy Schiller		10-Mar-03
Conley			Nancy Shcioler		09-Mar-03
Conley			Opal Marjorie (Landis)	09-Nov-03
Conley			Robert G. 'Bob'		21-Dec-03
Connell			Maxine M. (Kottler)	27-Dec-03
Connell			Sylvia F. 'Tibby'	15-Jul-03
Conner			Dale McClellan		29-Jul-03
Conner			JoAnn			23-Aug-03
Conner			JoAnn			24-Aug-03
Conner			Nellie Pearl		01-Jan-03
Conner			Paulyne			09-Jan-03
Connor			Grace Avery		28-Dec-03
Connor			Grave Avery		27-Dec-03
Connor			Lawrence F. Sr.		08-Oct-03
Conrad			Doris Fay 'Mimi'	01-Nov-03
Conrad			Dow D.			10-Apr-03
Conrad			Dow D.			11-Apr-03
Conrad			Dow D.			09-Apr-03
Constant		Dueward Aldean		21-May-03
Conway			Chris M.		14-May-03
Conway			Phillip Donald		10-Feb-03
Conyers			Lucille S.		07-Dec-03
Conyers			Rosabelle Bernice Shaw	09-Sep-03
Conyers			Winifred L. 'Winnie'	07-May-03
Cook			Arthur			24-Sep-03
Cook			Arthur			28-Sep-03
Cook			Betty			08-Nov-03
Cook			Betty Ruth (Smith)	09-Nov-03
Cook			Betty Ruth (Smith)	10-Nov-03
Cook			Charles L. 'Charlie'	18-May-03
Cook			David A.		25-Nov-03
Cook			Elma M.			28-Jan-03
Cook			Fern F.			11-Mar-03
Cook			Harold 'Hal' B.		26-Oct-03
Cook			Harold 'Hal' B.		27-Oct-03
Cook			John Leslie		04-Oct-03
Cook			Judith Kaye		09-Jan-03
Cook			Marceille		30-Apr-03
Cook			Marceille		29-Apr-03
Cook			Margaret		14-Jun-03
Cook			Margaret		15-Jun-03
Cook			Mary K.			08-Jul-03
Cook			Melbourne Dallis	18-Sep-03
Cook			Nettie Marie		14-Mar-03
Cook			Nettie Marie		15-Mar-03
Cook			Nettie Marie		16-Mar-03
Cook			Nina Ethel		31-May-03
Cook			Nina Ethel		01-Jun-03
Cook			Pearl Rebecca		28-Jan-03
Cook			Raymond L.		07-Jun-03
Cook			Shawn			19-Dec-03
Cook			Verla			01-Oct-03
Cook			Verla			02-Oct-03
Cook			William Douglas		24-Sep-03
Cooks			Verna M			04-Sep-03
Cooks			Verna M.		31-Aug-03
Cooksey			Dorothea Jane		04-Nov-03
Cooksey			Dorothea Jane		05-Nov-03
Cooksey			Dorothea Jane		02-Nov-03
Cookson			Eugene K. 'Gene'	18-Apr-03
Cookson			John A. 'Doc'		27-Mar-03
Cooley			Marquerite Bowers	04-Jan-03
Cooley			Marquerite Bowers	05-Jan-03
Cooley			Verle L.		13-Oct-03
Coomes			Adrian J.		09-Apr-03
Coon			Anita B.		02-May-03
Coon			June D. (Ray)		18-Oct-03
Cooney			Dennis D.		03-Feb-03
Cooney			Dennis D.		04-Feb-03
Coonfield		John 'Chester'		16-May-03
Coonfield		John 'Chester'		21-May-03
Coons			Regina Irene		08-Dec-03
Cooper			Alden Lee		05-Mar-03
Cooper			Arthur E. 'Gene'	26-Jun-03
Cooper			Arthur Eugene 'Gene'	25-Jun-03
Cooper			Clifford		04-Apr-03
Cooper			Florence Geraldine Smith 09-Feb-03
Cooper			James			25-Feb-03
Cooper			James G. Jr.		07-Aug-03
Cooper			James G. Jr.		08-Aug-03
Cooper			Marjorie I. (Middleton)	25-Jan-03
Cooper			Marvin E.		26-Nov-03
Cooper			Mary Jane		31-Aug-03
Cooper			Mary Jane		03-Sep-03
Cooper			Mary Jane		04-Sep-03
Cooper			Phyllis Maxine		20-Jan-03
Cooper			Robert 'Bob'		06-Jan-03
Cooper			Ulonda Ramunn 'Mona'	17-Aug-03
Cooper			Ulonda Ramunn 'Mona'	16-Aug-03
Cooper			William 'Bill'		16-Feb-03
Cope			Lois Ann (Simpson)	31-Jan-03
Copeland		Norma C.		21-Nov-03
Copenhaver		Aletha K.		23-Feb-03
Copenhaver		Martha J		21-Jul-03
Copher			Gertrude Meistrell	18-Dec-03
Copher			Gertrude Meistrell	19-Dec-03
Corbett			C. Max			06-Mar-03
Corbett			Doris L.		18-Sep-03
Corbett			Doris L.		19-Sep-03
Corbin			Bernadine		27-Nov-03
Corbin			Carl L.			24-Jun-03
Corbin			Ruth E.			22-Jan-03
Cordel			Edmund C.		18-Dec-03
Corder			Carl Maurice		11-Feb-03
Corder			Iris			16-Dec-03
Cordes			Robbie M.		23-Aug-03
Cordes			Robbie M.		24-Aug-03
Cordingley		Alice Joan		31-May-03
Corfman			Carol			16-Apr-03
Corkery			Evelyn I.		05-Mar-03
Corkins			Richard J.'Corky''Horse'21-Mar-03
Corkins			Richard J.'Corky''Horse'22-Mar-03
Corkins			Richard J.'Corky''Horse'23-Mar-03
Corlett			Bernadine		24-Nov-03
Corley			Timothy H.		11-Jun-03
Corman			Elinor G.		11-Jan-03
Corman			Elinor G.		12-Jan-03
Cornejo			Ralph E.		16-Jul-03
Cornejo			Ralph E.		17-Jul-03
Cornejo			Ralph E.		18-Jul-03
Cornelsen		Alma Eleanor		22-Nov-03
Cornelson		Jean P.			15-Jul-03
Corner			Christena		09-Feb-03
Cornett			Gary Lee		26-Oct-03
Cornick			Glen			11-Sep-03
Cornwell		Bonnie Kay (Arbuckle)	13-Feb-03
Coronado		Atlanta J.		10-Dec-03
Correll			Bonnie			14-Jul-03
Corriveau		Janet E.		12-Mar-03
Corwin			Catherine S. 'Kay'	11-Dec-03
Cosand			Iris			26-Jul-03
Cosby			Mary E.			28-Oct-03
Cosby			Retha M.		22-Feb-03
Cosby			Retha M.		23-Feb-03
Coslett			Craig Kendall		07-Jan-03
Cossman			W. Laverne		14-Mar-03
Costello		Marcia Lynn Bergkamp	12-Aug-03
Costello		Marcia Lynn Bergkamp	13-Aug-03
Coster			Dorothy (Keller)	14-Oct-03
Costner			Dorothy (Keller)	16-Oct-03
Cothren			Louise (Hearst)		05-Apr-03
Cott			Lois Darlene		24-Jul-03
Cott			Robert Henry		10-May-03
Cotten			Marceline C. (Link)	05-Jun-03
Cotten			Marceline C. (Link)	06-Jun-03
Cotter			Wiley Clinton		03-Apr-03
Cotterill		Cecil M.		28-Aug-03
Cottingham		Bill			22-Apr-03
Cottingham		Bill			23-Apr-03
Cottingham		Bill			24-Apr-03
Cottingham		Bill			24-Apr-03
Cottingham		Bill			25-Apr-03
Cottingham		Bill			25-Apr-03
Cottingham		Helen			01-Nov-03
Cottingham		Helen			02-Nov-03
Cottingham		Helen			03-Nov-03
Cotton			Ila M.			04-Jul-03
Couch			Evelyn Fern		01-Aug-03
Couch			Spencer B.		07-Jun-03
Coufal			Tillie M.		07-Aug-03
Couffer			Jonathan Lee		16-May-03
Coulter			Craig Alan		19-Oct-03
Coulter			Craig Alan		20-Oct-03
Coulter			Dean Clark		03-Jul-03
Coulter			Harold LeRoy		13-Sep-03
Counsell		Maude E.		20-Jun-03
Countryman		Bobby John Sr.		09-May-03
Countryman		Clifford		26-Feb-03
Countryman		Nellie B.		10-Mar-03
Countryman		Sandra Lee		07-Dec-03
Counts			Samuel Harold (Dr.)	14-Aug-03
Coup			Sharon K.		11-Aug-03
Coursen			Michael 'Shane'		30-May-03
Courser			E. Dillon		26-Feb-03
Courson			Michael 'Shane'		31-May-03
Courter			Carl L.			03-Oct-03
Courville		Teresa 'Jane' (Fisher)	11-Jul-03
Covell			Pearl (Kleinegger)	09-May-03
Covell			Pearl (Kleinegger)	10-May-03
Covey			Jack P.			28-Sep-03
Covey			Jack Parker		15-Jul-03
Covington		Geneva			26-Jun-03
Covington		Geneva			27-Jun-03
Cowan			Jim Magee		23-Oct-03
Cowan			Jim Magee		24-Oct-03
Cowan			Jim Magee		25-Oct-03
Cowan			Linda Marie (Tatum)	04-May-03
Cowden			Geneva			05-Mar-03
Cowell			Theron W. 'Bill'	24-Dec-03
Cowie			Charles			18-Nov-03
Cowie			Charles			19-Nov-03
Cox			Bety Jane		16-Dec-03
Cox			Bety Jane		17-Dec-03
Cox			C.P. 'Lucky'		28-May-03
Cox			Carlos E. Sr.		24-Feb-03
Cox			Carlos E. Sr.		22-Feb-03
Cox			Carolyn Ann		10-Apr-03
Cox			Carolyn Ann		11-Apr-03
Cox			Doris Jean		03-May-03
Cox			Doris Jean		04-May-03
Cox			Edgar Lee		02-May-03
Cox			Eileen (Tucker) 'Randy'	12-Apr-03
Cox			Etta			29-Jun-03
Cox			George W.		12-Mar-03
Cox			Goldie			30-Jan-03
Cox			Hazel D.		07-Sep-03
Cox			Kenneth Dean		14-Dec-03
Cox			Lennie S.		14-Feb-03
Cox			Marquise		27-Mar-03
Cox			PFC Ryan		20-Jun-03
Cox			PFC Ryan		24-Jun-03
Cox			PFC Ryan		25-Jun-03
Cox			Robert R. 'Bob'		27-Aug-03
Cox			Walter J.		15-Apr-03
Cox			Walter J.		16-Apr-03
Cox			Walter J.		17-Apr-03
Coyne			Lucille			16-Mar-03
Coyne			Lucille			17-Mar-03
Crabill			Rodney			26-Aug-03
Crable			Dallas E.		01-Apr-03
Crable			Gary Ruben		08-Dec-03
Crabtree		Thomas R. 'Tex'		02-Mar-03
Craddock		Linda Diane		10-Dec-03
Craddock		Linda Diane		11-Dec-03
Craft			C. Houston		01-Jun-03
Crager			Richard B. 'Ben'	07-Feb-03
Craghead		Lola J.			21-Oct-03
Craig			Bob D.			24-Jun-03
Craig			E. LaVerne		10-Mar-03
Craig			E. LaVerne		11-Mar-03
Craig			Ima Pearl		05-Mar-03
Craig			S. Marvin		05-Apr-03
Craig			Shirley A. (Prather)	12-Aug-03
Craig			Wilfred L.		16-Jan-03
Craig			Wilfred L.		20-Jan-03
Crail			Pauline E.		13-Feb-03
Crain			Derek			01-Feb-03
Crain			Frank T. Jr.		09-Sep-03
Crain			Gilbert Bartee		12-Nov-03
Crain			Lacy			01-Feb-03
Crall			Idell M.		15-Jan-03
Cram			Marcella E.		28-Jan-03
Cram			Marcella E.		29-Jan-03
Cram			Margerie M. (Firkins)	06-Jun-03
Cramer			Minnie E. (Foster)	19-Mar-03
Crandall		Dixie Raedine (Bell)	28-Sep-03
Crandall		Dixie Raedine (Bell)	01-Oct-03
Crandall		Harold F.		04-Jun-03
Crane			Charles Everett		14-May-03
Crane			Elizabeth I.		28-May-03
Crane			Frank T. Jr.		07-Sep-03
Crane			Fredrick Albert Jr.'Pete'16-Dec-03
Crane			Geraldine L.'Gerry'(Fultz)01-Jul-03
Crane			Judy Ann		24-Sep-03
Crane			Ralph H.		18-May-03
Crane			Ralph H.		20-May-03
Crane			Ralph M.		28-Dec-03
Crane			Vincent 'Sonny'		02-Feb-03
Cranford		Donnie B.		07-Apr-03
Cranford		Fay M. (Stoneking)	15-Feb-03
Cranford		Tawnya Jean		09-Aug-03
Crangle			Libbie S.		25-Feb-03
Cranmer			R. Kent			11-Jun-03
Craven			Dorothy H. (Dr.)	13-Dec-03
Craven			Dorothy H. (Dr.)	14-Dec-03
Cravens			Jessy Ray		11-Jul-03
Cravens			Kathleen F.		24-Dec-03
Crawford		Clara Marie		23-Nov-03
Crawford		Frankie			10-Feb-03
Crawford		Franklin M.		16-Mar-03
Crawford		Franklin M.		18-Mar-03
Crawford		Jeanne N.		17-Oct-03
Crawford		Joe			04-Aug-03
Crawford		John M.			25-Sep-03
Crawford		John M.			26-Sep-03
Crawford		Seth Aaron		21-Oct-03
Crawford		William Franklin 'Bill'	09-Aug-03
Crawshaw		Lucille			06-Jun-03
Crays			Wilma Nadine		03-Nov-03
Creamer			Ruth Radiance		11-Apr-03
Creed			Norma Jean		25-Jan-03
Creekmore		James P. 'Jamo'		23-Feb-03
Creekmore		James P. 'Jamo'		02-Mar-03
Creekmore		Larry D.		07-Sep-03
Creitz			Dana L. Jr.		15-May-03
Crenshaw		Kenneth Wayne		22-Aug-03
Crenshaw		Kenneth Wayne		23-Aug-03
Crews			Michael Joe		25-Jun-03
Criger			Ethel M. (Friend)	26-Jun-03
Crigger			Rosella Margaret	15-Dec-03
Cripps			Olva Jean		02-Feb-03
Crismas			Alva Clinton		24-Mar-03
Crist			Raymond Leslie		28-Oct-03
Crites			Ann			28-Jan-03
Critz			Pauline			25-Sep-03
Critz			Pauline			27-Sep-03
Critz			Pauline			28-Sep-03
Crocker			Melvin Otis		21-Mar-03
Crocker			Melvin Otis		22-Mar-03
Crocker			Melvin Otis		23-Mar-03
Crockett		Ernestine		06-Mar-03
Crockett		Mayme A. 'Sunny'	12-Jan-03
Crockett		Tressie Mae		22-Jan-03
Croisant		Ruby Erma (Sheldon)	03-Aug-03
Cromer			Susan Mercedes		20-Feb-03
Cronan			Evelyn L.		15-Jun-03
Crook			Audrey E.		08-May-03
Crook			Audrey E.		09-May-03
Crook			Audrey E.		10-May-03
Croomes			Burl Davis Jr.		11-Jul-03
Crosby			Phyllis A.		26-Jun-03
Cross			Anna Bell		05-Nov-03
Cross			Charlotte Rae		07-Dec-03
Cross			Doris M.		11-Sep-03
Crosswhite		Kathleen J.		23-Dec-03
Crouch			Leola Loydine		16-Oct-03
Crouch			Mildred L.		11-Jan-03
Crouch			Mildred L.		12-Jan-03
Crouse			Earl Wesley		20-Oct-03
Crow			Bonnie Jean (McCoy)	13-Aug-03
Crow			Bonnie Jean (McCoy)	14-Aug-03
Crow			Elsie A.		16-Sep-03
Crow			Elsie A.		17-Sep-03
Crow			M. Ruth			26-May-03
Crow			Samuel M.		22-Apr-03
Crowder			Mildred Sands		08-Feb-03
Crowder			Mildred Sands		09-Feb-03
Crowder			Nona			16-Dec-03
Crowder			Nona			17-Dec-03
Crowe			Virgil E.		12-Jun-03
Crowell			Dora E.			04-Oct-03
Crowl			Ruth Forrey		15-Mar-03
Crowl			Ruth Forrey		16-Mar-03
Crowl			Ruth Forrey		17-Mar-03
Crowley			Pauline Faye		25-Jan-03
Crowley			Wilbur R.		20-Aug-03
Cruce			James 'Jim' A. Sr.	23-Sep-03
Cruit			Allene O. (Smith)	17-Mar-03
Cruit			Allene O. (Smith)	18-Mar-03
Crump			Jesse Prince		23-Mar-03
Crump			Melissa Ann 'Missy'	05-Jun-03
Cruz			Eliseo 'Alex'		09-May-03
Cruz			Soledad O. 'Shirley'	07-Nov-03
Culley			Craig Harold		24-Sep-03
Culley			Robert W. 'Bob'		26-Aug-03
Culp			Theresa 'Dottie'	01-Jan-03
Culp			Theresa 'Dottie'	02-Jan-03
Culver			Leroy Bryan		09-Oct-03
Culver			Vera Faline		22-Sep-03
Cummings		Alvin Ross		07-Aug-03
Cummings		Donia			16-May-03
Cummings		Kathlene H.		09-Apr-03
Cummins			Merlin V.		11-Aug-03
Cummins			Merlin V.		12-Aug-03
Cundiff			Florence M.		05-Mar-03
Cunningham		Carl J.			05-Jun-03
Cunningham		Carl J.			06-Jun-03
Cunningham		Carl M.			28-Jan-03
Cunningham		Claude			01-Dec-03
Cunningham		James D. 'Jimmy'	12-May-03
Cunningham		Lydia E.		12-Oct-03
Cunningham		Myrtle Maybelle		20-Nov-03
Cunningham-Gray		Beatrice Joyce		10-Sep-03
Cunningham-Gray		Beatrice Joyce		12-Sep-03
Cunningham-Roberts	Donna D.		04-May-03
Curran			Robert S.		18-Apr-03
Current			Donna L.		14-Sep-03
Currey			Lois R. (Mashburn)	01-Oct-03
Curry			Anna M. 'Rhea'		12-Aug-03
Curry			Anna M. 'Rhea'		13-Aug-03
Curry			James Lee		13-Dec-03
Curry			James Lee		15-Dec-03
Curry			Max Leo 'Jack'		11-Feb-03
Curry			Max Leo 'Jack'		12-Feb-03
Curry			Meuli A. 'MAC'		03-Apr-03
Curry			Meuli A. 'MAC'		24-Apr-03
Curtis			Mary B.			01-Dec-03
Curtis			Mary B.			02-Dec-03
Curtis			Pat			17-Jan-03
Cushenbery		Brett Alan		16-Oct-03
Cushing			Mary Ann		27-Feb-03
Cushman			Royce E.		05-Dec-03
Cusick			Eugene Hill		05-Apr-03
Cusick			Eugene Hill		06-Apr-03
Cusick			Eugene Hill		07-Apr-03
Custer			Raymond Ernest		21-Feb-03
Cutshaw			Dora Mae		20-Nov-03
Cutshaw			Dora Mae		21-Nov-03
Cutting			Ella Mae		26-Apr-03
Cyphers			Frances M. (Swanson)	08-May-03
Cyr			Anne L.			24-Jun-03
Czarnowsky		Ellen Ruby		16-Sep-03
Dabbs			Leroy			07-Feb-03
Dack			Glenn S.		05-Oct-03
Dacus			Heswain 'H. B.'		20-May-03
Daetwiler		Florine			30-Jan-03
Dahlinger		Gerald Wayne		09-Mar-03
Dahlinger		Gerald Wayne		10-Mar-03
Dahlman			Betty Fay		01-Sep-03
Dahlstrom		Athaleen		01-Mar-03
Dain			Maxine Foster		12-May-03
Dain			Maxine Foster		13-May-03
Dale			Charles A.		20-Mar-03
Dale			Dorothy D.		13-Apr-03
Dale			Dorothy D.		15-Apr-03
Dale			Mary Louise		02-Dec-03
Dale			Tavrich Deshannon	08-Jul-03
Dale			Tavrich Deshannon	09-Jul-03
Dale			Tavrich Deshannon	10-Jul-03
Dale			Tavrich Deshannon	11-Jul-03
Dalke			Susan Jean		27-Jun-03
Dalke			Wilma M.		25-Jun-03
Dalrymple		Lula 'Mearl' (Grey)	22-Jun-03
Dalton			Charlie C.		31-Jul-03
Dalton			Robert Orville		09-Feb-03
DaMetz			Helen			12-Aug-03
Damron			Leona P.		03-Jun-03
Dandurand		Bernard L.		24-Mar-03
Dandurand		Bernard L.		25-Mar-03
Daniel			Agnes L.		11-Apr-03
Daniel			Judith Ann (Wilder)	07-Aug-03
Daniel			Luther Mack		14-Dec-03
Daniel			Luther Mack		17-Dec-03
Daniel			Luther Mack		18-Dec-03
Daniels			Bonnie			04-Feb-03
Daniels			Bonnie			05-Feb-03
Daniels			Clarence 'Dink'		11-Sep-03
Daniels			Clarence 'Dink'		12-Sep-03
Daniels			Ethel Pauline		15-Apr-03
Daniels			Joyce Louise (Rev.)	29-Dec-03
Daniels			Orval William		31-Dec-03
Danielson		Norma Lynn		29-Jun-03
Danielson		Norma Lynn		25-Sep-03
Danitschek		Emma M.			07-Sep-03
Dannels			Claude V.		12-Jul-03
Dannels			Richard Eugene		31-Jan-03
Darbyshire		Zona C.			18-Feb-03
Darnall			Dewaine Newton		30-Jul-03
Darnell			E. Maxine		20-May-03
Dart			Carl E.			27-Aug-03
Dary			Betty J.		19-Sep-03
Dary			Betty Jean		17-Jul-03
Dauber			Nona Marie		19-Nov-03
Daugherty		Evelyn J.		06-Apr-03
Daum			Jacob A			14-Nov-03
Davenport		Ann			11-Oct-03
Davenport		Ann			10-Oct-03
Davenport		Ruby L.			12-Feb-03
David			Eldon K			27-Jul-03
David			Jodie Meers		29-Jan-03
Davidsen		Ivan Gunnar		27-Nov-03
Davidson		Connie M. Crump		29-Sep-03
Davidson		Florence Ellen		24-Sep-03
Davidson		Helen L.		12-Dec-03
Davidson		John A.			22-Jan-03
Davidson		William A. 'Bill'	15-Aug-03
Davies			Donald Herman		08-Jul-03
Davies			Muriel E.		03-Oct-03
Davies			Muriel Elizabeth	05-Oct-03
Davies			Muriel Elizabeth	07-Oct-03
Davis			Adeline Maria		18-Feb-03
Davis			Arline B.		29-Apr-03
Davis			Arzola M.		27-Dec-03
Davis			Arzola M.		28-Dec-03
Davis			Beulah Shook		19-Nov-03
Davis			Charles Adam Jr.	19-Sep-03
Davis			Charles Adam Jr.	20-Sep-03
Davis			Charles Adams Jr.	18-Sep-03
Davis			Charles Lynn 'Krosseye'	03-Nov-03
Davis			Charles Lynn 'Krosseye'	04-Nov-03
Davis			Charles Lynn 'Krosseye'	05-Nov-03
Davis			Charles Lynn 'Krosseye'	06-Nov-03
Davis			Charles Lynn 'Krosseye'	07-Nov-03
Davis			Charles Lynn 'Krosseye'	02-Nov-03
Davis			Clinton Robert		28-Mar-03
Davis			Diana M.		18-Jul-03
Davis			Dianne J. (Long)	27-Dec-03
Davis			Dianne J. (Long)	28-Dec-03
Davis			Francis C. 'Frank'	08-Dec-03
Davis			Francis C. 'Frank'	09-Dec-03
Davis			Francis C. 'Frank'	07-Dec-03
Davis			Fred Milton		16-Apr-03
Davis			George C.		29-Jun-03
Davis			Gertrude Showalter	09-Dec-03
Davis			Harvey H.		20-Jun-03
Davis			Harvey H.		21-Jun-03
Davis			Isla B.			11-Nov-03
Davis			James M. Jr.		03-Jan-03
Davis			Jerie			12-Dec-03
Davis			Jetty L.		25-Nov-03
Davis			Joseph Eugene		09-Mar-03
Davis			Julie Katherine		09-Aug-03
Davis			Julie Katherine		10-Aug-03
Davis			Julie Katherine		11-Aug-03
Davis			Kathryn Ainsworth	02-Feb-03
Davis			LaVeina Catherine	26-Feb-03
Davis			M. Eugene		17-Dec-03
Davis			Mabel R.		03-Jun-03
Davis			Mallory			23-Jun-03
Davis			Mary Frances		28-Sep-03
Davis			Mary Frances		29-Sep-03
Davis			Mary Frances		30-Sep-03
Davis			Matthew David		12-Aug-03
Davis			Matthew David		14-Aug-03
Davis			Michael C.		03-Sep-03
Davis			Minnie			11-Dec-03
Davis			Napoleon		22-Nov-03
Davis			Ottie Jane		05-Feb-03
Davis			Patricia		10-Apr-03
Davis			Patricia I.		29-Jul-03
Davis			Reta			13-Jul-03
Davis			Reta			14-Jul-03
Davis			Retha Ann		27-Dec-03
Davis			Retha Ann		28-Dec-03
Davis			Retha Ann		29-Dec-03
Davis			Retha Ann		30-Dec-03
Davis			Robert D. Jr. 'Bob'	20-Aug-03
Davis			Rosalind G		17-Aug-03
Davis			Rosalind G.		19-Aug-03
Davis			Ruby V.			20-Sep-03
Davis			Ruby V.			21-Sep-03
Davis			Ruth Ann (Shepard)	31-Aug-03
Davis			Ruth Ann (Shepard)	03-Sep-03
Davis			Ruth Ann (Shepard)	04-Sep-03
Davis			Steven Neal 'Steve'	03-Apr-03
Davis			Steven Neal 'Steve'	04-Apr-03
Davis			Tyler P.		20-Jun-03
Davis			Viola 'Louise'		03-Nov-03
Davis			Viola 'Louise'		04-Nov-03
Davis			Virginia L.		26-Nov-03
Davis			Virginia L.		30-Nov-03
Davis			Walter A. Jr.		20-Nov-03
Davis			Walter A. Jr.		21-Nov-03
Davis			Wesley E.		15-Mar-03
Davis			Wesley Homer		25-Jan-03
Davisson		Verlin L.		22-Jan-03
Davy			William Kenneth		28-Dec-03
Dawson			Carl J.			25-Dec-03
Dawson			Ernestine		16-Jun-03
Dawson			Ernestine		15-Jun-03
Dawson			Verna Grace		20-Mar-03
Day			Adeline Sjoholm		19-Apr-03
Day			Adeline Sjoholm		17-Apr-03
Day			Alice Ruth		19-Feb-03
Day			Doris Louise		12-Dec-03
Day			Floyd Wilburn		13-Jan-03
Day			Gertrude		20-Dec-03
Day			Gertrude		21-Dec-03
Day			Gertrude		22-Dec-03
Day			Jeremy Scott		07-Feb-03
Day			Jeremy Scott		09-Feb-03
Day			Joan P.			29-May-03
Day			Michael Patrick		27-Dec-03
Day			Nelson H. Jr.		28-Feb-03
Day			Nelson H. Jr.		01-Mar-03
Day			Rose Belle		21-Feb-03
Day			Wilma Mae		09-Feb-03
Dayton			Arthur D.		10-Nov-03
de Ramirez		Teresa Valadez-Lopez	22-Nov-03
Deacon			Rosalie			15-Dec-03
Deal			Robin Lee		23-Feb-03
Deal			Ronnie L.		23-Nov-03
Deal			Ronnie L.		24-Nov-03
Deal			Theodore Frank		10-Jun-03
Dean			Lena (Ruggerio)		19-Mar-03
Dean			Lena (Ruggerio)		20-Mar-03
Dean			Margaret Ann		11-Feb-03
Dean			Margaret Ann		12-Feb-03
Dean			Roy			25-Feb-03
Dean			Roy			26-Feb-03
Dean			Wesley Ray 'Dean'	25-Jul-03
Dean			Zola B.			21-Jan-03
Dean			Zola B.			22-Jan-03
Dean			Zola B.			23-Jan-03
Dear			Gary Lee 'Butch'	24-Apr-03
Dear			Gary Lee 'Butch'	25-Apr-03
Dear			Gary Lee 'Butch'	26-Apr-03
Dearing			Melvin T.		03-Jan-03
Dearinger		Frances R.		14-Aug-03
Dearmore		Earl O.			10-Oct-03
Dearmore		Earl O.			19-Oct-03
Deavers			Fred M.			16-Sep-03
Deavers			Nora P.			18-Sep-03
Debald			Robert Henry 'Bob'	23-Feb-03
Debenham		Eleanore Lois		29-Jun-03
DeBerry			Eugene R.		17-Apr-03
Debold-Stuck		Elaine P.		03-Nov-03
DeBrot			Edna May		26-Jul-03
DeBrot			Edna May		27-Jul-03
Dechant			I. Marie		10-Oct-03
Dechant			Richard F.		18-Dec-03
Deck			Margaret Elizabeth	09-Dec-03
Deck			Margaret Elizabeth	10-Dec-03
Decker			Eva Marie		02-Nov-03
Decker			Glenn M.		25-Oct-03
Decker			Harold			18-Jun-03
Decker			Harold A.		18-Jun-03
Decker			Harold A.		02-Jul-03
Decker			Harry			14-Aug-03
Decker			Leslie Dale Sr.		07-Sep-03
Decker			Vernon L 'Red'		10-Aug-03
Decker Gillen		Elizabeth Marie		26-Aug-03
Deeds			Kathy			26-Sep-03
Deering			Bonnie Faye		22-Feb-03
Deewall			Ralph Mathew		27-Dec-03
Defenbaugh		Emma Lou		24-Apr-03
DeGuzman		Lydia Enriquez		25-May-03
Deibert			Winnie M.		23-Dec-03
Deibert			Winnie M.		24-Dec-03
Deines			Irene Campsydell (Webber)05-Nov-03
Deines			Irene Campsydell (Webber)06-Nov-03
Deines			Irene Campsydell (Webber)07-Nov-03
Deines			Reuben			07-Jun-03
Deines			Robert R.		13-Dec-03
Deines			Robert R.		14-Dec-03
Deiter			Marian Marie (Ouellette)01-Feb-03
Deiter			Marian Marie (Ouellette)02-Feb-03
Deiter			Marian Marie (Ouellette)03-Feb-03
Deiter			Marian Marie (Ouellette)04-Feb-03
Dekker			Vivienne		19-Aug-03
Del Gaudio		William Michael III	11-Apr-03
Delaplain		Belle			15-Apr-03
Delaplain		Elmer D.		14-Dec-03
Delgado			Basil G.		31-Jan-03
Delgado			Louise Veres		27-Apr-03
Dellenbaugh		Edna B			14-Nov-03
Dellenbaugh		Melvin L.		14-Mar-03
Dellinger		Elmer			30-Nov-03
Dellinger		Elmer S.		02-Dec-03
Dellinger		Elmer S.		03-Dec-03
Dellinger		Esta Lizzie (Kingsley) 'Elizabeth'16-Jan-03
DeLong			Edna (Metzler)		12-Aug-03
Demanette		Frank			23-Dec-03
Demaree			Orville Ernest		14-Sep-03
Demaree			Orville Ernest		16-Sep-03
Demastus		Terry Wayne		15-Jul-03
Demmitt			Mildred L.		28-Oct-03
DeMoss			Betty Darlene		03-Dec-03
Dempsey			Martha R.		06-Mar-03
Dempsey			Vera Ellen		05-Jan-03
Demuth			Alice L.		08-Jan-03
Denchfield-Stone	Rebecca Anne		25-Jun-03
Denman			Cynthia Bybee		17-Aug-03
Dennett			Florene M.		21-Oct-03
Dennett			Florene M. (Holmes)	20-Oct-03
Dennett			Miriam (Moore)		26-Nov-03
Dennett			Miriam (Moore)		27-Nov-03
Denney			Cecelia Louise		09-Dec-03
Denney			Cecelia Louise		10-Dec-03
Denney			Jerry Frederick		31-Dec-03
Denney			Lou Ann			05-Jul-03
Denning			Macenzie Grace		02-Jun-03
Dennis			Erma P.			17-Jun-03
Dennis			Esther Virginia		01-May-03
Dennis			Geraldine E.		16-Feb-03
Dennis			Ivan L.			26-Jun-03
Dennis			Jacob Elisha		24-Aug-03
Dennis			Mildred L. 'Millie'	21-Feb-03
Dennis			Victor Eugene		24-Dec-03
Denny			Lynn E.			06-Oct-03
Denny			Lynn E.			07-Oct-03
Densler			Robert J. 'Bob'		09-Dec-03
Densler			Robert J. 'Bob'		10-Dec-03
Denton			E. Joe			26-Mar-03
Denton			Faye Nadine (Huntington)06-Mar-03
Denton			Gordon T.		18-Jul-03
Denton			Hazel A.		05-Jan-03
Denwalt			Florence J. 'Flo'	07-Jan-03
DePriest		John Taylor 'J.T.'	14-May-03
Derringer		Al Kenneth Jr.		29-May-03
Desaire			William J. 'Bill'	02-Jun-03
DeShazer		RaySean Daniel		16-Oct-03
DeSilva			Manuel 'Manny'		30-Jul-03
Deslongchamp		Margaret A. Unrein	06-Aug-03
Detmer			Rose			15-Mar-03
Detrich			Robert 'Bob'		16-Nov-03
Detwiler		Virgil Wilbur		07-Dec-03
Deuel			Arlene M.		20-Mar-03
Deuel			Arlene M.		21-Mar-03
Deutsch			Armin			22-Jul-03
DeVasher		John W. (Rev.)		01-Oct-03
DeVasher		John W. (Rev.)		02-Oct-03
DeVaughan		Royce			31-Jul-03
Devine			Junior			13-Feb-03
Devine			Robert H.		24-Sep-03
Devoe			Peter E.		20-Nov-03
Devoe			Peter E.		21-Nov-03
DeVore			Roy S.			28-Jan-03
DeWeese			Gordon D.		29-Sep-03
DeWeese			Gordon D.		28-Sep-03
DeWeese			Gordon D.		30-Sep-03
DeWeese			Mary A.			18-Jan-03
DeWeese	Lord		Dorothy H.		16-Jan-03
Dewey			Cleda V.		20-Sep-03
DeWitt			Julia G.		05-Jan-03
DeWitt			Stella (Greenwood)	09-Apr-03
Dewlin			Frances Louise		24-Sep-03
Dexter			Arwayne A.		21-May-03
Dexter			Phyllis Jean (Bower)	19-Jan-03
Dexter			Phyllis Jean (Bower)	20-Jan-03
DeYarmett		Harry W.		07-Jan-03
DeYarmett		Harry W.		08-Jan-03
DeYarmett		Harry W.		09-Jan-03
Dezenzio		Benjamin A.		30-Nov-03
Dial			Nora Eilene		23-Jan-03
Diamond			Eleanor Belle Pieschl-Eikenberry 01-Nov-03
Diamond			Eleanor Belle Pieschl-Eikenberry 02-Nov-03
Dibble			Wiley 'Dib'		07-Feb-03
Dibble			Wiley 'Dib'		08-Feb-03
Dick			Byron Lee		21-Nov-03
Dick			Carl Arthur		31-Aug-03
Dick			Donald J.		20-Jan-03
Dick			H. Norman		15-Nov-03
Dick			Laurine Marie		15-Jul-03
Dick			Mary (Carson)		25-Dec-03
Dick			Mary (Carson)		27-Dec-03
Dick			Mary (Carson)		30-Dec-03
Dick			Mary Katheryn (Sharp)	02-Jul-03
Dick			Mildred F. (Smith)	06-Jan-03
Dickason		Leslie			09-Jan-03
Dicke			Edwin B.		14-Nov-03
Dicke			Gary A.			27-Jan-03
Dicken			Elisabeth Ellen Holmes'Betty' 03-Jan-03
Dickerman		Kenneth W.		22-Aug-03
Dickerson		Lois I.			29-Jul-03
Dickerson		Mary Kathryn		20-Sep-03
Dickerson		Ruby			28-Dec-03
Dickey			Dale E.			30-Jun-03
Dickey			David Wayne		30-Nov-03
Dickman			Vivian Virleen		15-May-03
Dickmeyer		Larry J.		04-Jul-03
Dicus			LeSette M		04-Aug-03
Diebold			Patsy R.		15-Jan-03
Diederich		Jesse A.		15-Mar-03
Diediker		Opal M.			04-Sep-03
Diediker		Opal M.			03-Sep-03
Diehl			Connie Lee		21-Aug-03
Dieker			Francis William		07-May-03
Dieker			Gerald H.		20-Nov-03
Dielman			Daryl D.		26-Oct-03
Diemer			Helen Louise		20-Apr-03
Diener			Truman L.		27-Oct-03
Dietrick		Janice Ruth Miller	21-May-03
Dietsch			Martha W.		07-Dec-03
Diggs			Donald H.		30-Sep-03
Diggs			Donald Huffman		01-Oct-03
Diggs			Wanda Pearl		23-Apr-03
Digman			Tamara K. (Patterson)	04-Jan-03
Dildine			Mary E.			18-Aug-03
Dill			John			23-Mar-03
Dill			John			24-Mar-03
Diller			Lucille ACS (Sister)	29-Apr-03
Diller			Lucille ACS (Sister)	30-Apr-03
Dilley			Vivian Ellen		21-Feb-03
Dilley			William R. 'Bill'	18-Apr-03
Dillinger		Eric J.			10-Jun-03
Dillman			Alyssa Nicole		16-Jul-03
Dillon			Lela L.			17-Mar-03
Dilsaver		E. Lee			11-Feb-03
DiMarco			Bettie Lou		19-Jun-03
Dinkel			Alfred M. 'Dink'	03-Sep-03
Dinkel			Edward J. 'Ed'		06-May-03
Dinkel			Elmer J.		20-Sep-03
Dinkel			Juliana M.		26-Apr-03
Dinkel			Keith J.		18-Mar-03
Dinkel			Keith J.		26-Mar-03
Dinkel			Mark Stephen		11-Dec-03
Dinwoodey		Eileen June 'Candy'	05-Sep-03
Dirks			Emil			21-Feb-03
Dirks			Emma A.			11-Mar-03
Dirks			Orpha (Unruh)		08-Dec-03
DiSabatino		Sandra Gibson		03-Jun-03
Dishman			V. Ruth 'Boo'		02-Dec-03
Dishman			V. Ruth 'Boo'		03-Dec-03
Dishman			Vivian 'Ruth'		01-Dec-03
Dismuke			Johnetta (Scales)	15-Nov-03
Disney			Rebecca 'Becky'		21-Jan-03
Disney			Rebecca 'Becky'		22-Jan-03
Disney			Rebecca 'Becky'		23-Jan-03
Ditch			Grace E.		03-Nov-03
Ditmore			Mary Jane		03-Aug-03
Dixon			Alfred E.		13-Dec-03
Dixon			Etta Genevieve 'Genny'	17-Nov-03
Dixon			Florence Ann		15-Jul-03
Dixon			Jerome Robert		01-Sep-03
Dixon			Mary Elizabeth		21-Dec-03
Dixon			Phyllis J.		08-Oct-03
Dixon			Phyllis J.		09-Oct-03
Dlugosielski		Alphonse James 'Al'	14-May-03
Doan			Craig Alvin		15-Mar-03
Doan			Hazel Josephine		16-Aug-03
Doan			Lenora Maxine		15-Mar-03
Doan			Woodrow Clayton Sr.	03-Sep-03
Doane			Mary T.			09-Jun-03
Doane			Melvin David		05-Aug-03
Dobkins			Howard Eugene		05-Apr-03
Dobnick			Raymond 'Ciglo' Roy III	16-Jul-03
Dobson			Dean M.			24-Sep-03
Dobyns			Victor D.		22-Mar-03
Dockers			Adeline Elizabeth	12-Mar-03
Dodd			Dorothy Jean (Gwyn)	22-Jul-03
Dodge			Dorothy Lucille		16-Jul-03
Dodge			Laurence C. 'Larry'	13-Jan-03
Dodson			Dorothy			04-Oct-03
Dodson			Dorothy			06-Oct-03
Dodson			Herman Lee 'Silver'	02-Jul-03
Dodson			Margarete H.		15-Jul-03
Dodson			Margarite L.		08-Jul-03
Doerfler		Donald L. 'Donnie'	18-Feb-03
Doffing		`	Helen Marie (Schoenecker)18-Sep-03
Doggett			Howard Jasper		08-May-03
Doggett			Howard Jasper		09-May-03
Doherty			Barbara L.		10-Apr-03
Doherty			Benita F.		12-Jul-03
Doherty			Wendall L.		16-Oct-03
Dohrman-Burgett		Helen L.		30-Jul-03
Doke			Norman N.		29-Oct-03
Doke			Norman N.		30-Oct-03
Dold			Evelyn Engstrom		08-Aug-03
Dold			Evelyn Engstrom		09-Aug-03
Doll			Bryce Corey		22-Jun-03
Doll			Dori			26-Aug-03
Dolton			Eileen			13-Mar-03
Dolton			Eileen			14-Mar-03
Dominiak		Lois Belle		29-Mar-03
Donaghey		Leonard B.		26-Jun-03
Donell			Alta Laree		04-Feb-03
Donelson		Bob R.			01-Jun-03
Donely			Irene			12-Nov-03
Donigan			Vincent Paul		22-Jan-03
Donnelly		Irene E.		07-Oct-03
Donnelly		Violet A.		24-Apr-03
Donnelly		Violet A.		25-Apr-03
Donner			Faie B.			03-Jan-03
Donohue			Michael Edward		05-Apr-03
Donohue			Michael Edward		06-Apr-03
Donohue			Michael Edward		07-Apr-03
Donohue			Michael Edward		08-Apr-03
Donohue			Michael Edward		10-Apr-03
Donovan			June C.			26-May-03
Donovan			Margaret		12-Apr-03
Doolittle		Luetta 'Lou'		18-Jan-03
Doop			Claude E.		14-Mar-03
Doran			Emma Helen		10-Aug-03
Dorf			Ingeborg P.		13-May-03
Dorian			Michael			27-Jul-03
Dorian			Michael L.		26-Jul-03
Doris 			Griffin	M.D.		01-May-03
Doris 			Griffin	M.D.		02-May-03
Dorland			John E. 'Gene'		09-Feb-03
Dorland			Keith A.		15-May-03
Dorrell			Nell G.			19-Sep-03
Dorris			Marilyn Rose (Scott)	27-Feb-03
Dorsey			Gloria Eileen		07-Aug-03
Dortch			Izola J. 'Chalkie'	18-Mar-03
Dortland		Iva			06-Jul-03
Doss			Mildred Irene		04-Oct-03
Dossett			Ruth			17-Aug-03
Dotson			Dorothy Lea		28-Jan-03
Dotson			John G. 'Jack'		02-Mar-03
Dotson			John G. 'Jack'		03-Mar-03
Dotterer		Braddy			10-Aug-03
Dotterer		Flossie Pauline		27-Jul-03
Dotts			Leonard P.		17-Jun-03
Doty			Audine			17-Sep-03
Doty			Cheyenne Annette	15-May-03
Doty			Cheyenne Annette	17-May-03
Doty			Terry			06-Mar-03
Doty			Terry			07-Mar-03
Doty			Vera Virginia		05-Jun-03
Doty			Vera Virginia		07-Jun-03
Doubrava		Elfrieda M.		20-Jul-03
Dougan			Lola Luella		13-Feb-03
Dougherty		Douglas			22-Oct-03
Dougherty		Douglas			23-Oct-03
Dougherty		Herschel A.		28-Sep-03
Dougherty		Herschel A.		29-Sep-03
Dougherty		Richard Wayne Sr.	09-Jun-03
Douglas			Gene C.			20-Mar-03
Douglas			Harold 'Doug'		23-Mar-03
Douglas			Mary Louise		24-Aug-03
Douglass		Donald Harold		15-Jul-03
Douthett		Roy E.			04-Feb-03
Douthett		Roy E.			05-Feb-03
Douvielle		Elizabeth E.'Betty'(Davis)14-Feb-03
Dove			DeVere Jr. 'Dee'	05-Oct-03
Dovel			Alpha (Walker)		05-Mar-03
Dow			Marguerite I. (Barnes)	24-Feb-03
Dowell			Anna Laura		09-Jul-03
Dowell			Forrest E.		01-Jul-03
Dowler			Freddie J.		08-Jan-03
Dowler			Freddie J.		09-Jan-03
Dowling			Carl D.			17-Apr-03
Downey			J. Byron		30-Apr-03
Downey			Maxine			03-Dec-03
Downey			Shirley E.		06-Apr-03
Downey			Shirley E.		07-Apr-03
Downey			Shirley E.		08-Apr-03
Downing			Betty Helen		10-Aug-03
Downing			Betty Helen		12-Aug-03
Downing			James E.		09-Feb-03
Downing			Mary C.			27-Nov-03
Downing			William 'Bill'		08-Nov-03
Downs			Frank Sr. 'Ed'		30-Mar-03
Downs			Frank Sr. 'Ed'		31-Mar-03
Downs			Frank Sr. 'Ed'		01-Apr-03
Downs			Melanie			22-Oct-03
Doyal			Evelyn K.		20-Mar-03
Doyle			Geo. E. III		08-Mar-03
Doyle			Geo. E. III		09-Mar-03
Doyle			Ruth M.			09-Nov-03
Doyon			Carmen G.		22-May-03
Doyon			Diane M.		20-Jun-03
Doyon			Diane M.		22-Jun-03
Drake			Anna Marie (Smith)	02-Apr-03
Drake			Anna Marie (Smith)	03-Apr-03
Drake			Eddie			02-Feb-03
Drake			Mary Ellen (Hoover)	19-Aug-03
Drake			Mary Ellen (Hoover)	20-Aug-03
Drake			Maurice D.		23-Feb-03
Drake			Neva			11-Feb-03
Drake			Phyllis M.		20-Aug-03
Dreasher		Ruth Ann		19-Feb-03
Dreher			Wendelin		15-Dec-03
Drehs			Arthur T.		30-May-03
Dreiling		Clarence		18-Nov-03
Dreiling		Dionysius F. 'Dan'	19-Mar-03
Dreiling		Edwin J.		18-Nov-03
Dreiling		Edwin J. 'Ed'		17-Nov-03
Dreiling		Elizabeth A. 'Liz'	14-Sep-03
Dreiling		Jan			29-Aug-03
Dreiling		John G.			27-Sep-03
Dreiling		Marian D.		12-Dec-03
Dreiling		Shirley Delphine	28-Dec-03
Dreitzler		Olin C. 'Bud'		25-Jun-03
Dreitzler		Olin C. 'Bud'		26-Jun-03
Drennon			LeRoy T.		12-Nov-03
Drennon			LeRoy Templeton		22-Nov-03
Drew			Evelyn Elizabeth	29-Aug-03
Drew			Ralph E.		15-Dec-03
Drew			William			10-Mar-03
Driggers		W. Carl			08-Apr-03
Drinkwater		Harold W.		16-Apr-03
Droegemueller		Erwin G.		13-Sep-03
Drollinger		Charles J.		10-Apr-03
Drollinger		Charles J.		11-Apr-03
Drouhard		Albert E. Jr. 'Tot'	18-Dec-03
Drowatzky		Karl B.			18-Nov-03
Drowatzky		L. Juanita		31-May-03
Drum			Leslie Harold		04-Apr-03
Drum			Leslie Harold		05-Apr-03
Drumgould		James			29-Jul-03
Drumm			Joyce B.		01-Jun-03
Drummond		William Thomas		17-Oct-03
Dubbs-Kish		Jean L.			09-Oct-03
DuBois			Allen Arthur 'Tag'	16-Jan-03
Duck			John			13-Dec-03
Duckworth		Cynthia Ruth		27-Jan-03
Duckworth		Geraldine E. (Gray)	25-May-03
Ducote			Billie			07-Sep-03
Ducote			Billie			09-Sep-03
Dudley			Audrey E.		12-Oct-03
Dudley			James 'Jimmie'		26-Dec-03
Dudley			Karen			18-Oct-03
Dudley			Sarah Lee		29-Oct-03
Dudley			Sarah Lee (Foote)	31-Oct-03
Dudley			Sarah Lee (Foote)	30-Oct-03
Duensing		Robert Dean		24-Feb-03
Duer			Laddie K.		14-Mar-03
Duerksen		Jacob B.		06-Apr-03
Duerksen		Nealy Shae		21-Jun-03
Duesing			Matthew Scott		10-Apr-03
Dufek			Elizabeth L. Wilson 'Betty' 02-Feb-03
Duffin			James M.		21-Mar-03
DuFour			James E.		24-Sep-03
Dufva			Mariwilla 'Bill'	01-Jan-03
Dugan			Floyd I.		16-Jan-03
Dugan			Floyd I.		17-Jan-03
Dugan			Rose Angeline		14-Apr-03
Dugan			Rose Angeline		15-Apr-03
Dugan			Rose Angeline		16-Apr-03
Dugger			Gary			07-Jan-03
Dugger			Jessie A.		06-Jan-03
Duggin			C. Don			11-Sep-03
Duggin			C. Don			12-Sep-03
Duggin			C. Don			13-Sep-03
Duke			Frances			27-Mar-03
Duke			Frances			28-Mar-03
Dukelow			Samuel G. 'Sam'		22-Sep-03
DuMars			Marvin E.		05-Sep-03
Dumas			Janet Jo		14-Sep-03
Dumler			Robert Eugene		11-Sep-03
Dunbar			Leon			06-Apr-03
Dunbar			Taylor			02-Sep-03
Duncan			George Harold 'Jink'	17-Oct-03
Duncan			Jack			07-Jun-03
Duncan			Jean			19-Apr-03
Duncan			Stephen Ray		04-Sep-03
Duncan			Tonie			25-Nov-03
Duncan			Tonie			27-Nov-03
Duncan			Virginia		07-Jun-03
Duncan			Wm. Harold		14-Sep-03
Duncan			Wm. Harold		15-Sep-03
Dungan			Beth			29-Jul-03
Dungan			Beth A.			31-Jul-03
Dunham			Anna Pauline		21-Jun-03
Dunham			Helen L.		24-Aug-03
Dunham			Ronnie			29-May-03
Dunham			Ronnie			31-May-03
Dunham			Ronnie			01-Jun-03
Dunlap			E. Dale (Dr.)		23-Jul-03
Dunlap			Gilman Sylvester	03-Jan-03
Dunlap			Gilman Sylvester	04-Jan-03
Dunlap			Gilman Sylvester	05-Jan-03
Dunlap			Jessie Wayman		14-Jul-03
Dunlap			Zelma Maxine		07-Apr-03
Dunlay			James Jeremiah 'Jerry'	11-Mar-03
Dunn			Bonnie			12-Sep-03
Dunn			Bonnie			13-Sep-03
Dunn			Bonnie			14-Sep-03
Dunn			Edna T.			16-Jun-03
Dunn			Francis P. 'Doc'	05-Jan-03
Dunn			Francis P. 'Doc'	06-Jan-03
Dunn			Jean			08-Dec-03
Dunn			L. Marlene		06-Nov-03
Dunn			Robert B.		24-Dec-03
Dunn			Wallace Allen		25-Jun-03
Dunne			Cynthia			08-Aug-03
Dunne			Liane			31-Mar-03
Dunne			Liane			01-Apr-03
Dunsworth		Dixie Dean		02-Dec-03
Dunsworth		Gladys			07-Apr-03
DuPont			Agnes H.		14-Oct-03
DuPont			Agnes H.		15-Oct-03
DuPont			Agnes H.		16-Oct-03
Duran			Johnny S.		22-Sep-03
Duran			Tulio O.		16-Nov-03
Durham			Elbert Lee		08-Feb-03
Durley			Samuel Jr.		13-Feb-03
Durr			Esther M.		02-Jul-03
Dussair			Beulah M.		04-Dec-03
Dutton			James R.		26-Aug-03
Dutton			Susanna A. (Schutz)	07-May-03
Duvall			Edith			02-Dec-03
Dwight			Alice Lucille		05-Nov-03
Dworak			Jean ASC		28-May-03
Dworak			Jean ASC		29-May-03
Dwyer			Varnell			05-Mar-03
Dwyre			Joyce E. (Clements)	03-Jan-03
Dyche			Charles W. 'Bill'	13-Aug-03
Dyck			Clifford		28-Dec-03
Dyck			Helen S.		20-Jan-03
Dyck			Louise I.		16-Apr-03
Dye			C. Roger		14-Dec-03
Dye			Diann Rosealma		07-Aug-03
Dye			Mary P.			28-Feb-03
Dye			Raymond E.		17-Mar-03
Dye			William Virgil		10-Jun-03
Dyer			John Clark		09-Aug-03
Dyer			John E.			16-Jan-03
Dyke			Donald Wayne		10-Feb-03
Earl			E. Dale			11-Jul-03
Early			David E.		12-Jul-03
Easter			Kiara Leanna 'Kiki'	21-Oct-03
Easterby		Lincoln E. 'Linc'	23-Oct-03
Easterday		Diane Lynn		19-Jan-03
Easterly		Finis H. 'Fine'		16-Feb-03
Easterly		Kenneth Wayne		24-Nov-03
Eastham			Korie Shain		17-Jul-03
Eastham			Korie Shain		18-Jul-03
Eastham			Rian Nikole		27-Mar-03
Eastham			Rian Nikole		28-Mar-03
Eastin			Terry			11-May-03
Eastland		Myrtle Elizabeth	01-Dec-03
Eastman			Larry E.		22-Aug-03
Eaton			LeRoy K.		17-Jul-03
Eaton			Lloyd M. Jr.		08-May-03
Eaton			Lloyd M. Jr.		11-May-03
Ebel			Tusnelda		24-Mar-03
Eben			Marguerita E.		22-Apr-03
Eberhard		Paul Fredrick		15-May-03
Eberle			Robert E. 'Bob'		11-Nov-03
Eberle			Theodore M.		13-Sep-03
Eberle			Theodore M.		14-Sep-03
Ebright			Wendell			23-Oct-03
Ebright			Wendell			24-Oct-03
Eby			Hazel			10-Jun-03
Eck			Charles			28-Feb-03
Eck			Charles			01-Mar-03
Eck			Dennis Leroy		20-Apr-03
Eck			Ed			26-Jan-03
Eck			Eva J.			14-Oct-03
Eck			John			19-Jan-03
Eck			John			21-Jan-03
Eckelberger		Richard L. 'Rick'	07-Dec-03
Eckell			Sarah Thelma		04-Jan-03
Eckels			Virginia Ellen		23-Dec-03
Eckels			Virginia Ellen		24-Dec-03
Eckels			Virginia Ellen		28-Dec-03
Ecker			Maurice W.		06-May-03
Eckert			Albert W.		08-Mar-03
Eckert			Billy J.		25-Jan-03
Eckford			Rosie Mae (Lampkins)	13-Aug-03
Eckland			Jean M. (Mason)		24-Mar-03
Eckles			Jack E.			04-Jul-03
Eckrote			Benjamin R.		28-Jun-03
Eddings			Howard D. 'Doug'	28-Mar-03
Eddings			Howard D. 'Doug'	29-Mar-03
Eddy			Norman			22-Oct-03
Eddy			Norman			09-Nov-03
Eden			Adrian Robert		25-Jul-03
Eden			William Glen		19-Mar-03
Edens			Kyle			29-Jun-03
Edens			Kyle			30-Jun-03
Edgar			Elewese			21-May-03
Edgar			Trevor Eugene		08-Oct-03
Edgar			Trevor Eugene		09-Oct-03
Edgar			Trevor Eugene		10-Oct-03
Edge			James E.		19-Mar-03
Edgell			Marcia Jane(Fisher)Gray 05-Dec-03
Edgell			Marcia Jane(Fisher)Gray	07-Dec-03
Edgerton		Hugh Simon		19-Oct-03
Edgerton		Hugh Simon		20-Oct-03
Ediger			Albert L.		30-Apr-03
Ediger			Benny N.		19-Jan-03
Ediger			Carol C.		07-Oct-03
Edington		Gerald L.		23-May-03
Edmondson		LaVerne W.		07-Oct-03
Edmondson		LaVerne W.		08-Oct-03
Edmonston		Helen Alice		11-Mar-03
Edson			Huber John		01-Feb-03
Edson			Huber John		02-Feb-03
Edwards			Anthony James		26-Sep-03
Edwards			Barbara K.		07-May-03
Edwards			Bessie L. 'Betty'	23-Oct-03
Edwards			Bessie L. 'Betty'	24-Oct-03
Edwards			Dora			10-Dec-03
Edwards			Dora			11-Dec-03
Edwards			Doris Jean		15-Sep-03
Edwards			Doris Jean		16-Sep-03
Edwards			Edna Mae		25-May-03
Edwards			Erma A.			06-Jun-03
Edwards			Geraldine G.		02-Feb-03
Edwards			Harold A.		28-Mar-03
Edwards			Harold A.		29-Mar-03
Edwards			Harold A.		30-Mar-03
Edwards			Laura Rufena		16-Jan-03
Edwards			Loy 'Bill'		02-Feb-03
Edwards			Loy 'Bill'		05-Feb-03
Edwards			Margaret J.(Chicklogans)27-Sep-03
Edwards			Margaret J.(Chicklogans)28-Sep-03
Edwards			Margaret J.(Chicklogans)29-Sep-03
Edwards			Mary Cecelia		06-Jul-03
Edwards			Mary Cecilia		04-Jul-03
Edwards			Thomas Earl		16-Jan-03
Ehlers			Henry L.		30-Oct-03
Ehlers			Henry L.		31-Oct-03
Ehling			Morris			24-Nov-03
Ehmke			Bertie Lois		17-Jul-03
Ehrlich			Mary E.			07-May-03
Ehrlich			Mildred A.		01-Jun-03
Ehrlich			Phil D.			25-Feb-03
Ehrlich			Phil D.			26-Feb-03
Ehrlich			Phil D.			02-Mar-03
Eichman			Cleo Ivan		10-Jul-03
Eichorn			Mary Elizabeth		18-Mar-03
Eide			Freda A.		04-Nov-03
Eilerts			Rodney Joe		23-Nov-03
Eilts			Glenn W.		09-Oct-03
Eisenhauer		Anna B.			08-Mar-03
Eisenhauer		Laurence J. 'Ike'	16-Dec-03
Eitzen			Wallace			02-Mar-03
Eklund			Myrta Valentine (Boman)	09-Jan-03
Eklund			Robert G. 'Bob'		09-Sep-03
Elam			Eugene E.		22-Jul-03
Elam			Evelyn			14-Aug-03
Elder			Dorothy Lavenia		21-May-03
Elder			Dorothy Lavenia		22-May-03
Eldridge		Taylor O. Jr.		19-Jun-03
Eldridge		Taylor O. Jr.		20-Jun-03
Ele			Ronald Durwin		18-Feb-03
Elffner			Kathleen 'Dixie'	04-Dec-03
Elisha			Theresa Irene		12-Mar-03
Elium			Naomi Jo		08-Feb-03
Elkins			Andrew Ryan II		06-Dec-03
Ellard			Kenneth W.		15-Jan-03
Elledge			Kenneth Wade		26-Oct-03
Ellinger		Floyd Bennett		13-Jan-03
Ellinger		Floyd Bennett		14-Jan-03
Elliott			Anges Skolout		01-Jan-03
Elliott			Billie B.		10-Mar-03
Elliott			Doris L. (Hadlock)	18-Jul-03
Elliott			James V.		14-Nov-03
Elliott			Lois Elizabeth (Brewer)	17-Dec-03
Elliott			Lois Elizabeth (Brewer)	19-Dec-03
Elliott			Lucile Daisy		10-Jun-03
Elliott			Mary Ione		23-Sep-03
Elliott			Maxine			03-Sep-03
Elliott			Norris O.		01-Jan-03
Elliott			Reta E			17-Aug-03
Elliott			Virginia Lee		12-Mar-03
Ellis			Frank C.		20-Jun-03
Ellis			Frank C.		21-Jun-03
Ellis			Frank C.		22-Jun-03
Ellis			Gladys 'Lorene'		02-Sep-03
Ellis			Jimmie J.		01-Jul-03
Ellis			Jimmie J.		02-Jul-03
Ellis			John			10-May-03
Ellis			Judith E. Lambert'Judy'	10-Mar-03
Ellis			Myra Oringderff'Florence' 26-Jan-03
Ellis			Walter Don		03-Apr-03
Ellison			Doris Taylor		19-Nov-03
Ellison			LaVelle Berneice	13-Mar-03
Elmore			Cal D.			22-May-03
Elmore			Violet W.		09-Jan-03
Elrod			Mazie J.		31-Dec-03
Elsen			Emelia E.		24-May-03
Elson			Ellen D.		30-Apr-03
Elwell			Edward N.		22-Sep-03
Elwell			Edward Neal		23-Sep-03
Elwell			James Eldon (Jim)	23-Jul-03
Elwell			James Eldon (Jim)	24-Jul-03
Elwood			Neal			22-Nov-03
Emberson		Wayne			21-Jan-03
Emberson		Wayne			22-Jan-03
Emberson		Wayne			20-Jan-03
Emerson			Burt Y. 'Junior'	07-Aug-03
Emerson			Jerry Ray		12-Feb-03
Emert			Thomas G. 'Tom'		16-Apr-03
Emery			Rita A.			12-Feb-03
Emley			Nellie			17-Jun-03
Emmerson		Tish			24-Sep-03
Emmons			Leslie K.		06-Sep-03
Emmons			Leslie K.		07-Sep-03
Emmons			Leslie K.		08-Sep-03
Emo			Sophia 'Sophie		14-Aug-03
Emond			L.R. 'Ted'		13-Mar-03
Emond			L.R. 'Ted'		12-Mar-03
Endicott		John Henry Jr.		12-May-03
Endicott		John Henry Jr.		13-May-03
Endres			Marjorie		26-Aug-03
Engel			Darrell N.		08-Mar-03
Engelbrecht		Helen F.		20-Nov-03
Engelbrecht		Helen F.		21-Nov-03
Engen			Eileen Elizabeth	10-Nov-03
Engen			Eileen Elizabeth	11-Nov-03
England			Dale R.			24-Sep-03
England			Dale R.			25-Sep-03
England			Linda S.		13-Feb-03
Engle			Mary Lou		17-Apr-03
Engle			Walter W.		18-Feb-03
Engleman		Stacy Jim		13-Mar-03
English			Nathan H.		30-Jan-03
Engstrom		John J.			26-Jan-03
Engstrom		John J.			27-Jan-03
Engstrom		John J.			28-Jan-03
Enloe			Eugene W		28-Jul-03
Enloe			James Franklin		02-Feb-03
Ennis			Ada			28-Oct-03
Ennis			Ruth Marie		18-May-03
Enns			Elizabeth		24-Aug-03
Enns			Ella Mae		01-Nov-03
Enns			Herbert Willie		30-Jul-03
Enochs			Jack J.			21-Jun-03
Enochs			Jack J.			22-Jun-03
Enriquez		Felipa M. 'Phil'	10-Oct-03
Enriquez-Salazar	Gabriel			19-Jul-03
Ensz			Alva			27-Sep-03
Entsminger		Betty June		23-Apr-03
Entsminger		Betty June		25-Apr-03
Entsminger		Betty June		26-Apr-03
Entz			Walter B.		15-Feb-03
Epley			Lillian W.		04-Jan-03
Epley			Lillian W.		14-Jan-03
Epley			Lorena Naomi		25-Mar-03
Epp			Curtis V.		02-Oct-03
Epp			Curtis V.		03-Oct-03
Epp			Melvin			22-May-03
Epps			Wilda Mae Woofter	13-Mar-03
Erbe			Christine Marie		29-Jun-03
Erber			Louis W.		17-Jan-03
Erhardt			Beverly E.		08-May-03
Erhardt			Beverly E.		09-May-03
Erhardt			Beverly E.		07-May-03
Erhardt			Helen L.		07-May-03
Erickson		Robert L. 'Bob'		11-Jan-03
Erickson		Robert L. 'Bob'		12-Jan-03
Erker			Margaret E.		09-Dec-03
Erne			Pearl			19-Jan-03
Ernst			Alex			16-Dec-03
Ernst			Betty R.		26-Jul-03
Erskine			Rachel L.		24-Jun-03
Ervin			Gearldene K.		16-Feb-03
Ervin			Lelia			29-Jul-03
Ervin			Lelia			30-Jul-03
Erway			Donna Joy		25-Oct-03
Erwin			Kessie A.		16-Jan-03
Erwin			Robert P.		22-Nov-03
Erwin			Robert P.		23-Nov-03
Erwin			Rosa M. (Freeman)	02-Feb-03
Erwin			Rosa M. (Freeman)	03-Feb-03
Esau			Edna M.			31-May-03
Esau			Sarah			02-Dec-03
Esau			Victor John		13-Mar-03
Esch			Beula H. (Hankins)	07-Jan-03
Esco			Eleanor C.		17-May-03
Esco			Eleanor C.		18-May-03
Esgro			Joseph			08-Feb-03
Eshbaugh		Irene			19-Jan-03
Eshbaugh		Shirley Ann (Carroll)	19-Aug-03
Eshom			Donald C. 'Bud'		21-Dec-03
Esicks			Hope C.			18-Sep-03
Espinosa		Alexander		14-May-03
Espinosa		Alexander		13-May-03
Espinoza		Norma Jean 'Jeanie'	05-Oct-03
Espinoza		Vincent R. 'Vince'	01-Dec-03
Espinoza		Vincent Ray		30-Nov-03
Esposito		Anne Nina (Mannoia)	03-Apr-03
Esposito		Anne Nina (Mannoia)	04-Apr-03
Esquivel		Dominga 'Sandy'		05-Jan-03
Essick			Betty			22-Nov-03
Essig			Simon J.		31-May-03
Esslinger		LaVerna E.		24-Sep-03
Esslinger		Michael			20-Aug-03
Estes			M. Sue			16-Feb-03
Estes Unger Mellington	Margaret Maxine		14-Sep-03
Estrada			Candido Larry Sr.	19-Nov-03
Estrada			Candido Larry Sr.	18-Nov-03
Etheridge		Georgia Maxine League	27-Aug-03
Etling			Hoy Boyd		29-Aug-03
Etter			James H.		09-Nov-03
Eubank			Laura Frances		04-Oct-03
Eubank			Mal 'Bill'		29-Nov-03
Eubanks			Everett McKinley	29-Jun-03
Eubanks			Zelda Faye		02-Apr-03
Eulert			Arnold E. 'Arnie'	05-Oct-03
Eulert			Arnold E. 'Arnie'	06-Oct-03
Eustache		Marie D.		25-Feb-03
Evans			Charlotte L.		14-Aug-03
Evans			Dorothy C.		12-Dec-03
Evans			E.G.			15-Aug-03
Evans			Glendola A.		23-Oct-03
Evans			James C.		22-Dec-03
Evans			James W. 'Jim'		11-Dec-03
Evans			James W. 'Jim'		12-Dec-03
Evans			Jessica Good		04-Dec-03
Evans			Jessica Good		04-Dec-03
Evans			Leta Ruth Whitney(Preston)13-Nov-03
Evans			M. Rose			06-Feb-03
Evans			M. Rose			07-Feb-03
Evans			Mark Edward		19-Dec-03
Evans			Michiko			13-Dec-03
Evans			Michiko			14-Dec-03
Evans			Randall K. 'Randy'	08-Apr-03
Evans			Virginia		25-Jan-03
Evans			Virginia		03-Jun-03
Evans			Virginia		04-Jun-03
Evans			Virginia L.		27-Jan-03
Evans			Virginia L.		28-Jan-03
Evans			Virginia L.		29-Jan-03
Eveland			Harold Eugene		29-Jun-03
Evenson			Edwin H. 'Ed'		14-Dec-03
Everett			Alma L. 'Meme'		12-May-03
Everett			Alma L. 'Meme'		14-May-03
Everhart		James H			10-Aug-03
Everhart		W.C. 'Bill'		25-Mar-03
Everhart		W.C. 'Bill'		26-Mar-03
Everhart		W.C. 'Bill'		27-Mar-03
Everhart		W.C. 'Bill'		28-Mar-03
Evers			Irene O.		16-Nov-03
Evers			Irene O.		17-Nov-03
Evers			Irene O.		18-Nov-03
Evers			Opal Ford		23-Jun-03
Evinger			Ora M. (Martin)		01-Apr-03
Ewans			Brenda Burgess		29-May-03
Ewers			C.E.			15-Feb-03
Ewert			Jonathan		02-Dec-03
Ewert			Jonathan		03-Dec-03
Ewertz			Sylvester A. 'Bud'	27-Apr-03
Ewing			William F. 'Frank'	16-Dec-03
Ewing			William F. 'Frank'	17-Dec-03
Ewing			William F. 'Frank'	15-Dec-03
Ewing			William L. 'Bill' Sr.	05-Aug-03
Ewy			Ben A.			05-Nov-03
Ewy			Bradley J.		16-Sep-03
Eyestone		Melvin T.		10-Nov-03
Eyman			Kent E.			19-Nov-03


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