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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of scrapbooks in their library that contain obituaries cut from The Wichita Eagle. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks. If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each name and we will abstract the information for you. Mail the name of the person you wish the information on, the year, the date (if given) and the page number it appears on (if given) to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. Please include your e-mail address if you have one.

Index courtesy of Bill Pennington.

Index of Wichita Eagle Obituaries 2002









       SURNAME               FIRST NAME       DATE
Saar                   Robert C.  "Bob"          11Aug   2002
Sack                   Taran                     30Apr   2002
Sade                   Lucille E.                12Jun   2002
Sader                  Emilie                     1Nov   2002
Sadler                 Mae B.  (Phillips)         5Sep   2002
Saenz                  Geneva Rivera             28Jul   2002
Saffels                Dale (Judge)              19Nov   2002
Saffels                Judge Dale E.             16Nov   2002
Sage                   Douglas LeRoy              7Nov   2002
Sageser                Mary K.                   24Feb   2002
Sailer                 Floyd R.                  18May   2002
Sailor                 H.  Allene                13Sep   2002
Saindon                Katherine V.              12Jul   2002
Saindon                Milford J.                 5Feb   2002
Saint                  William E.  "Bill"         5May   2002
Saint                  William E.  "Bill"         8Apr   2002
Saiz                   Fidel                      4Jan   2002
Sala                   Ruth                       8Nov   2002
Salazar                Daniel "Danny"            10Feb   2002
Salisbury              Mona Lou                  28Jun   2002
Salle                  Tillie D.                  5Dec   2002
Salle                  Tillie D.                  6Dec   2002
Sallee                 Jeffrey Scott             31Mar   2002
Salmans                Anna Mildred              22May   2002
Salmons                Vincil Ray                 4Jun   2002
Salsberry              Alese E.                  19Jan   2002
Salts                  Micheal Wesley            24Nov   2002
Salyer                 Esther Mary               28Dec   2002
Salyer                 Louise Kelly               2Jul   2002
Sample                 Margaret Hopper (Peggy)    3Aug   2002
Samples                Hilda                     21Jun   2002
Samples                Hilda                     22Jun   2002
Sampson                Earl J.                   21Jul   2002
Sampson                Judith Ann                31Jan   2002
Sampson                Lola E.                   16Jan   2002
Sampson                Patricia A.  (Rearick)    10Dec   2002
Sanborn                Donald Max                26Nov   2002
Sanborn                Patricia C.               13Nov   2002
Sanborn                Patricia C.               14Nov   2002
Sanchez                Betty J.  (Baker)         24Mar   2002
Sanchez                Betty J.  (Baker)         25Mar   2002
Sanchez                Josephine Y.              14Apr   2002
Sandberg               Dorothy P.                14Apr   2002
Sandell                Evelyn Louise (Phillipp   15Jun   2002
Sandeman               John W.                   10Sep   2002
Sander                 Bryan                     12Mar   2002
Sander                 Irene M.                   2Nov   2002
Sander                 John Raymond              15May   2002
Sanders                Cherie A.                 14Apr   2002
Sanders                Clyde H.  Jr.             20Nov   2002
Sanders                Clyde H.  Jr.             21Nov   2002
Sanders                Cora                      30Apr   2002
Sanders                Elmer L.                  26Apr   2002
Sanders                Ethylmae (Baker)          21Jul   2002
Sanders                Frances Joanne "Jody"      2Aug   2002
Sanders                Howard Sr.                15Jul   2002
Sanders                Jack R.                    5Feb   2002
Sanders                Jayne E.                   5Feb   2002
Sanders                Jodie E.  "Joe"            2Nov   2002
Sanders                Jodie E.  "Joe"            3Nov   2002
Sanders                Neoma J.                   3Apr   2002
Sanders                Robert Wilborn "Bob"      22Apr   2002
Sanders                Robert Wilborn "Bob"      23Apr   2002
Sanderson              Fred I.  Jr.              22Mar   2002
Sanderson              Virgil "Butch" A.  Jr.     6Oct   2002
Sanderson              Virgil A.  Jr.  "Butch"    5Oct   2002
Sanderson              Wayne Lyle "Sandy"        29Mar   2002
Sandlian               Donald L.                 24Oct   2002
Sands                  Joseph Neil Jr.           28Aug   2002
Sanger                 Bernice G.                22Feb   2002
Sapp                   Bonnie L.                 25May   2002
Sapp                   Paul E.                   23Jan   2002
Sapp                   Paul E.                   25Jan   2002
Sargent                Faye Evelyn               28Oct   2002
Sargent                Ray H.                     4Oct   2002
Sarian                 Cynthia Lee               17Jul   2002
Sarver                 Kristine Aileen           24Sep   2002
Satterlee              Paul A.                   17Sep   2002
Sauber                 Lawrence Joseph           26Oct   2002
Saubers                Lawrence H.                3Jun   2002
Sauer                  Lenora Kreutzer           25Sep   2002
Savage                 Edra Mae                  12Apr   2002
Savage                 Edra Mae                  13Apr   2002
Savage                 Sarah Irene                5Apr   2002
Sawin                  Garnet Lee                13Apr   2002
Sawin                  Garnet Lee                14Apr   2002
Sawyer                 Abigail                   31Mar   2002
Sawyer                 Russell R.                 7Feb   2002
Saxon                  Rita J.  (Mizer)           3Sep   2002
Sayers                 Richard L.  "Dick"        28Jun   2002
Scaggs                 Nancy Jane (Cox)          25Feb   2002
Scaggs                 Nancy Jane (Cox)          26Feb   2002
Scaia                  Lawrence                  14Oct   2002
Scaia                  Lawrence                  15Oct   2002
Scales                 Viola "Momma Scales"       1Nov   2002
Scales                 Viola "Momma Scales"      31Oct   2002
Scarbrough             Faith Autumn              26Oct   2002
Scates                 Pearl                     25Jul   2002
Schaaf                 Alice M.  "Meuli"         11Jan   2002
Schade                 Mary Alice                30Nov   2002
Schaefer               Dave A.                   30Nov   2002
Schaefer               Erma                      21Nov   2002
Schaefer-Bullock       Evelyn Jean                8May   2002
Schafer                Adeline                   28Nov   2002
Schaffer               Ann Kathleen              14Mar   2002
Schaffer               Virgil Michael            12Sep   2002
Schaffer               Virgil Michael Sr.        23Oct   2002
Schamber               Leonard J.                 5Mar   2002
Schank                 Mary A.                   10Feb   2002
Schank                 Mary A.                   11Feb   2002
Schardein              Ted                        8Nov   2002
Schartz                Cletus J.                 20Aug   2002
Schartz                Dennis Mark               24Jul   2002
Schauf                 Ernest Francis             6Sep   2002
Schauf                 Norbert P.                31May   2002
Schawo                 Elmer F.                  17Jan   2002
Scheck                 Frances DeLaine            7Mar   2002
Scheck                 Severin A.                 6Aug   2002
Scheele                John Otto                 13Jan   2002
Scheib                 Mark T.                   20Feb   2002
Scheid                 Jon Edwin                  2Apr   2002
Scheid                 Mary Williams             18May   2002
Scheideman             Kenneth                    8Aug   2002
Schell                 August                    15Jun   2002
Schell                 Leona E.                  13Nov   2002
Schellinger            Richard P.                11May   2002
Schembera-Snell        Iva Rene                  18Jan   2002
Schembera-Snell        Iva Rene                  21Jan   2002
Schenk                 Roger W.                  23Apr   2002
Scherer                Arian Bree                27Aug   2002
Schettler              Rose M.                   30Jul   2002
Scheve                 Clarence C.               18Oct   2002
Schierlman             L.T.  "Pete"              12Oct   2002
Schierlman             L.T.  "Pete"              13Oct   2002
Schiewe                Leonard Arthur            22Oct   2002
Schiffer               Audra Mae                 11Apr   2002
Schild                 Inez M.                   13Dec   2002
Schild                 Leonard Albert "Shorty"   10Oct   2002
Schild                 Leonard Albert "Shorty"   11Oct   2002
Schill                 Henry                      2Mar   2002
Schimp                 Charles Henry              8May   2002
Schlatter              Lucy Ann                  12May   2002
Schlegel               Betty Jane                12Sep   2002
Schlegel               Jason Thomas              11Oct   2002
Schlegel               R.  Woodrow "Woody"       15Aug   2002
Schlesener             Helen                     15Dec   2002
Schlesener             Norman C.                 19May   2002
Schlesener             Robert Marvin             23Mar   2002
Schlieker-Wood         G.  Marie                 22Jan   2002
Schlitter              Ida M.                    26Jun   2002
Schlotthauer           Thelma                    25Dec   2002
Schlumbohm             David W.                  24Feb   2002
Schlumbohm             David W.                  25Feb   2002
Schmale                Ruth L.                   31Jan   2002
Schmeidler             Bill                      23May   2002
Schmidt                Adolf                      9Jun   2002
Schmidt                Adolf D.                  30Sep   2002
Schmidt                Alvin "Junior"            27Aug   2002
Schmidt                Brian D.                  14Jul   2002
Schmidt                Brylan Merle               4Jun   2002
Schmidt                Dannette E.  (Strand)      9Nov   2002
Schmidt                Darrin S.                  8Oct   2002
Schmidt                Dorothy Margaret           3Aug   2002
Schmidt                Eldon M.                  15May   2002
Schmidt                Frederick A.              20Feb   2002
Schmidt                Howard A.                  8Jul   2002
Schmidt                Howard A.                  9Jul   2002
Schmidt                Iva J.                     6Dec   2002
Schmidt                Jennie                     2Jun   2002
Schmidt                Jeremy E.                 14Nov   2002
Schmidt                Leonard                    8Sep   2002
Schmidt                Linda                      9Feb   2002
Schmidt                Louie                      8Jun   2002
Schmidt                Marcellus Francis         10Feb   2002
Schmidt                Martha                     7May   2002
Schmidt                Martha M.                 25Oct   2002
Schmidt                Maxlyn                    28Jul   2002
Schmidt                Menno S.                  18May   2002
Schmidt                Mildred Aliza (Keister)    7Jan   2002
Schmidt                Norma Jean (Pinaire)      17Oct   2002
Schmidt                Pauline Roberta           13Jun   2002
Schmidt                Rosie R.                  19Nov   2002
Schmidt                Virginia Powell           22May   2002
Schmidt                Willard D.                27Dec   2002
Schmitt                Chester D.                 6Dec   2002
Schmitt                Robert Lee "Bob"           3Dec   2002
Schmitter              Shirley J.                21Apr   2002
Schmitter              Shirley J.                22Apr   2002
Schneider              Abraham George Jr.  "Ab   22Jan   2002
Schneider              Anthony J.                11Jan   2002
Schneider              Donald E.                 21Dec   2002
Schneider              Donald E.                 22Dec   2002
Schneider              Emil J.  "Snap"            3May   2002
Schneider              Guy A.                    11Apr   2002
Schneider              Irene E.                  19Mar   2002
Schneider              Max Herrmann               3Feb   2002
Schneider              Max Herrmann               4Feb   2002
Schneider              Priscilla A.              22Sep   2002
Schneider              Thelma Clara              17Jul   2002
Schnelle-Norris        Margaret E.  (Paschal)    17Jul   2002
Schnitker              Aaron Heath               13Mar   2002
Schnurr                Mary "Mona"               27Jan   2002
Schock                 Beatrice H.  "Bea"         2Jan   2002
Schock                 Sylvia M.                 29Dec   2002
Schoech                Carl Gephardt              7Feb   2002
Schoech                Carl Gephardt              8Feb   2002
Schoech                Carl Gephardt              9Feb   2002
Schoen                 Alberta M.                 1Jun   2002
Schoenecker            Edmund J.                 10Jan   2002
Schoenecker            Edmund J.                 11Jan   2002
Schoenthaler           Helen Marie                8Feb   2002
Schofield              Charles F.                 5Jan   2002
Schofield              Charles F.                 6Jan   2002
Schofield              Dan                        9Aug   2002
Schofield              Dan R.                    10Aug   2002
Schofield              Dan R.                    12Aug   2002
Scholl                 John D.  Jr.  "JD"        30Apr   2002
Schomer                Alfred John Jr.           29Jun   2002
Schonhoff              Raymond J.  "Butch"       29Sep   2002
Schoolcraft            Esther A.                 20Apr   2002
Schooley               Ruth Janell               23Sep   2002
Schooling              Ray James "Bill"          12May   2002
Schooling              Ray James "Bill"          15May   2002
Schoonover             Melvern G.                30Apr   2002
Schoonover             Virginia M.               12Dec   2002
Schope                 Walter                    30May   2002
Schowalter             Aldine                    23Feb   2002
Schrader               John Albert               17Mar   2002
Schrader               John Albert               18Mar   2002
Schrader               John Albert               19Mar   2002
Schrader               Laura                      6Nov   2002
Schrader-Wilson        Elsie Anna                25Jun   2002
Schraeder              Frances Louise            21Aug   2002
Schraeder              Marjorie G.                5Jun   2002
Schrag                 Elva C.                   29Jun   2002
Schrag                 Harvey F.                 26Jul   2002
Schrag                 Mae E.                     6Jan   2002
Schrag                 Milton W.                 17Jun   2002
Schrag                 Olga R.                   29Jul   2002
Schrag                 Willard W.  "Bill"        26Feb   2002
Schramm                Francisca C.S.I.  (Sr.)    8Dec   2002
Schramm                Roma W.                    8Mar   2002
Schreck                Don J.                     7Apr   2002
Schreck                Don J.                     8Apr   2002
Schreck                Don J.                     9Apr   2002
Schreffler             Robert A.                 25Oct   2002
Schreffler             Robert A.                 26Oct   2002
Schreffler             Robert A.                 27Oct   2002
Schreiber              Aimee Marie                6Apr   2002
Schreiber              Ernest Edward             23Jul   2002
Schreiner              Albertina Rose Schmidt    26Jul   2002
Schreiner              Edwin W.                  19May   2002
Schreiner              L.I.  "Speed"              3Jul   2002
Schremmer              Adelia G.  "Dale"         15Jan   2002
Schrepel               Melvin Leo                 5Jan   2002
Schriner               Clifford L.  "Cliff"      29Sep   2002
Schriner               Dale                      16Nov   2002
Schriner               Dale                      17Nov   2002
Schriner               Dale "Hammer"             18Nov   2002
Schriner               Larry Ray                 16Jun   2002
Schrock                Raymond Lee               26Nov   2002
Schroeder              Clarence James            10Jul   2002
Schroeder              Clarence James            11Jul   2002
Schroeder              Clyde H.                  19Jan   2002
Schroeder              Clyde H.                  20Jan   2002
Schroeder              Douglas R.                31May   2002
Schroeder              Ed J.                     27Nov   2002
Schroeder              Edith M.                  22Dec   2002
Schroeder              John A.                   18Feb   2002
Schroeder              Marcia Ann                 2Jun   2002
Schroeder              Walter John               28May   2002
Schroeder              William B.  "Bill"        22Sep   2002
Schroeder              William B.  "Bill"        23Sep   2002
Schroller              Deborah Lynn              24Jan   2002
Schropp                Donald D.  "Don"          29Mar   2002
Schruben               Florence Dumler            9Mar   2002
Schuckman              Albina F.                  2Feb   2002
Schuckman              Victoria ASC (Sr.)         1Feb   2002
Schuckman              Victoria ASC (Sr.)        31Jan   2002
Schuler                Tyler Joe                 21Nov   2002
Schulke                L'Ora M.                  16Jan   2002
Schulte                Amelia A.  "Molly"         1Mar   2002
Schulte                Debbie                    24Jan   2002
Schulte                Harvey A.                 20May   2002
Schulte                Margaret "Peggy"           6Dec   2002
Schulte                Margaret A.  "Peggy"       7Dec   2002
Schulte                Margaret A.  "Peggy"       8Dec   2002
Schultheiss            Thelma D.                 10May   2002
Schultz                Dale Franklin Jr.          1Jan   2002
Schultz                Leslie L.                 25Mar   2002
Schultz                Ronald Dean               19Nov   2002
Schulz                 Callista                  25Jul   2002
Schulz                 Marjory Marie (Stamm)     19Jun   2002
Schulze                Bernadene                 12Feb   2002
Schumacher             Eleanore                  16Jan   2002
Schumacher             Ruby H.                   26Jan   2002
Schumaker              Clara Louise "Kelly"      18Apr   2002
Schump                 Roy J.                     9Aug   2002
Schupbach              Mathilda S.  "Petie"      26Mar   2002
Schupbach              Reuben J.                 11Jul   2002
Schupbach              Zelma Mae                 21Nov   2002
Schuyler               Leo Francis Sr.           11Apr   2002
Schwader               Barbara Frances           22Aug   2002
Schwager               George Joseph             27May   2002
Schwalbach             Frances Ann (Kelly)        2Jul   2002
Schwartz               Adelia "Tillie"           26Feb   2002
Schwartz               Arthur                    20Sep   2002
Schwartz               Louis F.  "Bus"            3Oct   2002
Schwartz               Louis F.  "Bus"            4Oct   2002
Schwartz               Louis F.  "Bus"            5Oct   2002
Schwartz               Lula Marqarete (Cronk)    29Jul   2002
Schwartz               Walter C.  "Shave"        12Feb   2002
Schwarzwalder          Royce W.                  21Apr   2002
Schwatken              Erbin E.                  15Jul   2002
Schwatken              Jessie Ella                2Dec   2002
Schwemmer              Eunice J.  (Dr.)          28Jul   2002
Schwemmer              Eunice J.  (Dr.)          29Jul   2002
Schwersensky           Shirley (Guthrie)         13Apr   2002
Schwindt               Clyde Otto                14May   2002
Schwindt               Helen B.                   3Feb   2002
Schwindt               Nellie                    30Nov   2002
Scobee                 Anna Marcet               25Aug   2002
Scoby                  Melvin F.  "Doc"           5Apr   2002
Scoggins               Delbert Ray Jr.           18Jan   2002
Scott                  Betty Irene               11Jul   2002
Scott                  Donald Lee "Don"          21Dec   2002
Scott                  Donald Lee "Don"          22Dec   2002
Scott                  Donna L.                   8Aug   2002
Scott                  Edith Alberta             16Jan   2002
Scott                  Garner D.                 26Jun   2002
Scott                  Gene Hartford              7Mar   2002
Scott                  Hazel                     11Oct   2002
Scott                  Hazel Graffa               6Jan   2002
Scott                  Janette E.                16Feb   2002
Scott                  Margaret E.               22Jun   2002
Scott                  Margaret E.               24Oct   2002
Scott                  Mary Lee                  22Feb   2002
Scott                  Pearl (Hancox)            30Jul   2002
Scott                  Robert J.                 29Aug   2002
Scott                  Roy George III            25Aug   2002
Scott                  Roy George III            26Aug   2002
Scott                  Ruth J.                   17Sep   2002
Scott                  Shirley Marie             27Dec   2002
Scott                  Shirley Marie             28Dec   2002
Scott                  Susan R.  (Nelson)        17Mar   2002
Scott                  Wilbur                    11May   2002
Scraper                Pauline Gladys (Wilmoth   14Jun   2002
Scribner               John Courtney             18Feb   2002
Scribner               Lowell D.                  9May   2002
Scroggins              Iva R.                    21Aug   2002
Scroggins              Iva R.                    23Aug   2002
Scroggins              Iva R.                    25Aug   2002
Scull                  Florence C.                2Nov   2002
Scull                  Florence C.                3Nov   2002
Seaman                 Marie (Kennedy)           23Dec   2002
Sears                  John F.  Sr.              19Feb   2002
Seaton                 Everett Dee "Greek"       11Nov   2002
Seaton                 Everett Dee "Greek"       14Nov   2002
Seavey                 Olive                     12Sep   2002
Sebastian              Danny                     30Apr   2002
Sebbert                Jack H.                   11May   2002
Sebelius               Opal Marie                 1Mar   2002
Secrest                Robert Jesse "Bob"        19Sep   2002
Seefeldt               R.W.  "Bob"               23Oct   2002
Seeley                 Angela                    22Sep   2002
Seely                  Nora L.  (Darbro)         27Sep   2002
Seely                  Randy L.                   4May   2002
Seevers                Eugene F.                 21Feb   2002
Seevers                Eugene F.                 22Feb   2002
Seger                  Lorraine Susan            12May   2002
Seger                  Morris A.                 19Mar   2002
Segura                 Dennis                    18Sep   2002
Seibel                 Louise E.                  6Apr   2002
Seibert                Ray H.                    20Jan   2002
Seidel                 Albert L.                 21Jun   2002
Seidel                 Albert L.                 22Jun   2002
Seidel                 Albert L.                 23Jun   2002
Seidel                 Albert L.                 24Jun   2002
Seidel                 Pauline L.  Johnson Dox   15Oct   2002
Seidl                  Marie E.                   9Jan   2002
Seidl                  Marie E.                  10Jan   2002
Seifert                Maggie L.                 22Aug   2002
Seigel                 Charles                    7Mar   2002
Seiler                 Mary Jo (Pelz)            24Jun   2002
Seiler                 Mary Joe (Pelz)           22Jun   2002
Seiler                 Mary Joe (Pelz)           23Jun   2002
Seimers                Cleo Ann (Harris)          6Jul   2002
Seiter                 Josephine C.              23May   2002
Seitz                  Richard L.                21Feb   2002
Seiwert                Ferdinand John            15Nov   2002
Seiwert                M. Cornelia (Magdalene)   11Jul   2002
Seiwert                M. Quirina SSM (Cecilia    4Aug   2002
Selanders              Nell (Wood)               13Jul   2002
Selby                  Aletha B.                  4Jul   2002
Self                   George Washington         27Oct   2002
Self                   Patricia Darlene "Patty   23Mar   2002
Self                   Rosalie Cordelia          20Mar   2002
Self                   Thel D.                   30Oct   2002
Self                   Thel D.                   31Oct   2002
Sell                   Betty                      7May   2002
Sell                   Esther                    27Mar   2002
Selleck                Wayne A.  II              22Jan   2002
Sellens                Elwood L.                 19May   2002
Seller                 Edna G.                   22Feb   2002
Seller                 Evelyn H.                  1Nov   2002
Sellers                Emalyn R.  Meier "Emy"    16Oct   2002
Sellers                Helen Louise               3Oct   2002
Sells                  George N.                 27Oct   2002
Selvy                  Glenn V.                  21Jan   2002
Selzer                 Esther Marie               5Aug   2002
Semsroth               Floyd R.  "Shorty"        17Jan   2002
Senn                   Dorothy Mae (Milne)        2Oct   2002
Septer                 Robert William            27Mar   2002
Serven                 William D.                25Sep   2002
Sessions               Kenneth Jr.               22May   2002
Sessions               Kenneth Jr.               23May   2002
Sessler                Charles W.                27Jun   2002
Severs                 James C.  Jr.  "Jim"      29May   2002
Severy                 Lorine (Vestal)           10Nov   2002
Seward                 Angie Rose                27Jul   2002
Seward                 Angie Rose                28Jul   2002
Seward                 Nelda M.  "Nell"          30Aug   2002
Sewell                 Clara L.                  25Aug   2002
Sewell                 Franklin D.                7Jul   2002
Sexson                 Clyde Burtrand            10Sep   2002
Sexton                 Flossie I.                15Aug   2002
Seyler                 Bill Dean                 23Jan   2002
Seymour                Kenneth A.                 8Oct   2002
Seymour                Kenneth Edward            10Apr   2002
Seymour                Kenneth Edward            14Apr   2002
Seymour                Russell N.                22Mar   2002
Shackelton             Gene E.                   15Sep   2002
Shafer                 Juanita May               11May   2002
Shaffer                Audrey I.                 13Sep   2002
Shaffer                Billy                     20Feb   2002
Shaffer                Billy Joe "B.J."           9Mar   2002
Shaffer                Blake Lawson              16Mar   2002
Shaffer                Blake Lawson              17Mar   2002
Shaffer                Harry W.                  22Sep   2002
Shaffer                Helen L.  (Hahn)           8Mar   2002
Shaffer                Mary E.                   19Jan   2002
Shain                  Geraldine Rose             1Mar   2002
Shain                  J.R.                      11Jul   2002
Shain                  J.R.                      12Jul   2002
Shamblin               Willis Jefferson           2Oct   2002
Shank                  Dorothy M.                21Dec   2002
Shankland              Ronald Cyrus              11Aug   2002
Shanks                 Donald F.                 11Jul   2002
Shannon                Arthur Aaron Jay           2Apr   2002
Shannon                Billy J.                  21Feb   2002
Shannon                Kenneth N.                 1Oct   2002
Shannon                Kenneth N.                30Sep   2002
Shannon                Wilma I.                  18Mar   2002
Shapley                George Raymond "Ray"      27Jun   2002
Sharon                 Howard "Wayne"             4May   2002
Sharon                 Howard "Wayne"             5May   2002
Sharp                  Audrey Fern               14Feb   2002
Sharp                  Chloe                      3Jan   2002
Sharp                  Chloe                      4Jan   2002
Sharp                  Ray C.                     2Jan   2002
Sharp                  Ruby Marie                30Nov   2002
Sharpe                 Graydon L.                 1Nov   2002
Sharpe                 Graydon L.                31Oct   2002
Sharpe                 Mary J.  (Snook)           8Mar   2002
Shartzer               Lloyd E.                  15Jun   2002
Shattuck               Wayne P.                   9Jul   2002
Shauers                Trina Angela               1Sep   2002
Shaver                 Roosevelt                  1Jul   2002
Shaver                 Roosevelt                  3Jul   2002
Shaver                 Roosevelt                 30Jun   2002
Shaw                   Alma M.                   28Sep   2002
Shaw                   Anthony E.                12Jun   2002
Shaw                   Caitlyn Jo                16Aug   2002
Shaw                   Joseph Marion             14May   2002
Shaw                   Roy A.                    29Oct   2002
Shaw                   Valeria I.                24Sep   2002
Shaw                   Virginia                  21Feb   2002
Shaw                   Walter Emmitt              8Oct   2002
Shaw                   Wayne                     15Mar   2002
Shay                   Virginia Newman            1Mar   2002
Shay                   Virginia Newman           28Feb   2002
Shaylor                Andrew Michael "Punkie"    4Feb   2002
Shea                   Norma Jean                12May   2002
Sheahan                James J.  "Jimmy"         27Nov   2002
Sheahan                James J.  "Jimmy"         28Nov   2002
Sheahon                Lester M.  "Les"          10Mar   2002
Sheahon                Lester M.  "Les"          17Mar   2002
Shear                  Theresa "Tish"            28Apr   2002
Shearer                Edmund C.  (Dr.)          28Jan   2002
Shearhart              Frances L.                 1Feb   2002
Shearhart              Pearl Agnes               12May   2002
Sheats                 Claud L.  Jr.             24Feb   2002
Sheeley                Vesper M.                 16Feb   2002
Sheffer                Winton Lott               17Mar   2002
Shelburn               Frank                     21May   2002
Shelby                 Mary Rachel Metz          15Dec   2002
Sheldon                William George "Bill"     13Feb   2002
Sheldon                William Glenn IV          13Feb   2002
Shellenberger          Goldie I.                 19Feb   2002
Shelton                Cecil J.                   4Mar   2002
Shelton                Maymie G.                  2Apr   2002
Shelton                Michael Lee               20Oct   2002
Shelton                Sue C.                    27Sep   2002
Shemwell               Clara E.                   2Jul   2002
Shepard                Howard Stanley             3Aug   2002
Shepherd               Betty Jean                 9Apr   2002
Shepherd               John Henry                26Oct   2002
Shepherd               Judith Allene (Adams) "   29Apr   2002
Shepherd               Kenneth T.                22Mar   2002
Shepherd               Lela Viola Doile          14Aug   2002
Shepherd               Letha J.  (Morlan)         8Apr   2002
Shepherd               Merlin D.  "Shep"          7May   2002
Shepherd               Merlin D.  "Shep"          8May   2002
Shepler                Lloyd B.                  23Jul   2002
Sheppard               Trelvin M.  "Shep"        19Apr   2002
Shere                  Harry E.                   2Jun   2002
Sherer                 John Harvey               31May   2002
Sherfy                 Paul W.                   25Feb   2002
Sherfy                 Paul W.                   26Feb   2002
Sheridan               Rogene                     4Jul   2002
Sheridan               William Elmer III "Bill   25Oct   2002
Sheridan               William Elmer III "Bill   26Oct   2002
Sheridan               William Elmer III "Bill   27Oct   2002
Sherman                Elaine                    10Jul   2002
Sherman                Elaine                    11Jul   2002
Sherman                Larry W.                  27Sep   2002
Sherman                Larry W.                  28Sep   2002
Sherman                Rexford L.                15Jul   2002
Sherrell               Ricky Lynn                11Jan   2002
Sherrod                Aree F.                   17Jul   2002
Sherrod                Aree F.                   18Jul   2002
Sherwood               Charles D.  "Chuck"       13Feb   2002
Shetler                Pauline R.                 9Feb   2002
Shields                George R.                  7Jun   2002
Shields                Harold L.                 12Jun   2002
Shields                Harold L.                 13Jun   2002
Shields                James Dale "Jim"          14Oct   2002
Shields                Lyle W.                   21May   2002
Shields                Willie (Sims)              8Jan   2002
Shields                Willie (Sims)              9Jan   2002
Shimkus                Ruth R.                    9Jan   2002
Shiner                 Earle E.                   4Apr   2002
Shiner                 Earle E.                   5Apr   2002
Shinkle                A.D.                      11Oct   2002
Shinkle                Dorothy Jean              21Apr   2002
Shinn                  Rena Grace                21Feb   2002
Shinogle               Eleanor                    3Mar   2002
Shipley                May                        5May   2002
Shirk                  Christine Turk            15Sep   2002
Shirk                  Christine Turk            16Sep   2002
Shirley                Esther C.                  2Apr   2002
Shirley                Everett L.                23Feb   2002
Shirley                Everett L.                24Feb   2002
Shirley                Everett L.                25Feb   2002
Shively                John R.  Jr.  "Jack"      27Dec   2002
Shively                John R.  Jr.  "Jack"      28Dec   2002
Shoate                 Michael Warren            17Mar   2002
Shoate                 Michael Warren            18Mar   2002
Shobe                  Gertrude Burkhart         11Feb   2002
Shobe                  Rose Earlene              15Jun   2002
Shock                  Auldron D.                20Jul   2002
Shock                  Auldron D.                21Jul   2002
Shoemaker              Donald C.  "Don"          22May   2002
Shoemaker              Irene "Renee"             15Jul   2002
Shold                  Walter O.                 27Apr   2002
Shomber                Harold                    28Mar   2002
Shook                  Zada P.                   20Jul   2002
Shoop                  Orville George            16Jan   2002
Shorb                  Maybelle H.               23Jan   2002
Shore                  Fred E.                   26Feb   2002
Shoreack               Paul Vern                  8Nov   2002
Shoreack               Paul Vern                 10Nov   2002
Shoreack               Paul Vern                 11Nov   2002
Short                  Berniece G.               14Apr   2002
Short                  Flossie Florine Fitzmor   31Dec   2002
Shorter                Thomas J.                 14Jul   2002
Shottenkirk            Gerald Jay                21Sep   2002
Showalter              Don                        8Jan   2002
Showalter              Wilma H.                  20Apr   2002
Showers                Hazel Josephine           23Jul   2002
Showers                Helen Mary                 6May   2002
Showman                Mae M.                     1Sep   2002
Shrader                Doyle A.  M.D.            22Jan   2002
Shrader                Doyle A.  M.D.            23Jan   2002
Shrader                Doyle A.  M.D.            24Jan   2002
Shramek                Gerarda M.  "Jerry"       11Dec   2002
Shreve                 Margaret J.               20Dec   2002
Shreve                 Margaret J.               21Dec   2002
Shriner                Orie H.                   15Feb   2002
Shriver                Velma Gertrude            15Dec   2002
Shriver                Velma Gertrude            16Dec   2002
Shrout                 Naomi                     10Jan   2002
Shroyer                Tim                        2Jul   2002
Shrum                  Cathy E.  (Mishler)        4Jul   2002
Shrum                  John Raymond "Ray"         2Apr   2002
Shuart                 Ralph E.                   7Jan   2002
Shuart                 Ralph E.                   8Jan   2002
Shubert                Beulah M.                 23Apr   2002
Shugar                 Louise H.                 30May   2002
Shugard                Amy Juanita               20Apr   2002
Shull                  Darlene T.                17Mar   2002
Shull                  Nick                      24Jul   2002
Shull                  Norene Catherine          29Apr   2002
Shumate                Maynard M.                 7Sep   2002
Shumate                Maynard M.                 8Sep   2002
Shumate                Wilma Lorraine (Totty)    11Jul   2002
Shunterman             Janis K.                  27Feb   2002
Shunterman             Janis K.                  28Feb   2002
Shupe                  Gerald R.                  7Oct   2002
Shupe                  Gerald Robert              8Oct   2002
Shuster                Marjorie M.               18May   2002
Shutte                 Juanita                   30Apr   2002
Shutts                 Lorena Luella (Franks)    17Sep   2002
Sibley                 Arthur R.  "Art"          19Feb   2002
Sibley                 Samuel Aaron              29Jun   2002
Sibrava                Georgia Y.                 8Dec   2002
Sickel                 Suzanne Bates McKay       25Aug   2002
Sickel                 Suzanne Bates McKay       26Aug   2002
Sickel                 Suzanne Bates McKay       27Aug   2002
Sickmon                Genevieve Ruth "Tiny"     11Nov   2002
Sidebottom             Nelda Nylene              25Apr   2002
Sidener                Mary E.                   14Feb   2002
Sidman                 Jack                      28Sep   2002
Sidman                 Jack E.                   24Sep   2002
Sieber                 Daniel W.                  4Jul   2002
Siebert                Ethel G.                  18Feb   2002
Siegel                 Lucille May               11May   2002
Siegman                Sylvia Sue                14May   2002
Siegrist               Vernon Dale               23Nov   2002
Siek                   Dorothy Eileen            27Dec   2002
Siemens                Abe H.                    19May   2002
Siever                 Lonny Ray                  9Apr   2002
Sifford                June (Horsch)              8Feb   2002
Sigel                  Glenda Nell                7Nov   2002
Silhan                 Richard R.                21Jan   2002
Sills                  Lucena Jane               26Nov   2002
Silmon                 Sarah O.  (Gwyn)          10Apr   2002
Silmon                 Sarah O.  (Gwyn)          12Apr   2002
Silver                 Clifton Lee               18Sep   2002
Silverthorne           Dorothy E.                 8Jan   2002
Simmons                Bonnie L.                 31Oct   2002
Simmons                Glenn A.                  17Jul   2002
Simmons                Glenn A.                  18Jul   2002
Simmons                Grace Lavada              24Mar   2002
Simmons                Helen E.                   1May   2002
Simmons                James Larry "Jay Larry    12Oct   2002
Simmons                Logan Gage                26Feb   2002
Simmons                Margaret A.               17Mar   2002
Simon                  Barbara Jane True         24Sep   2002
Simon                  Clyde C.                  30Jan   2002
Simon                  Francis J.                 9Mar   2002
Simon                  Virginia M.  "Ginny"      28Apr   2002
Simon                  William E.  "Ed"          28Dec   2002
Simon                  William E.  "Ed"          29Dec   2002
Simons                 Dalton D.  "Pat"          24Jan   2002
Simons                 Gloria Berniece           14Jun   2002
Simons                 Gloria Berniece (Campbe   15Jun   2002
Simons                 Robert D.  "Bob"          12Mar   2002
Simpson                Anderson III               5May   2002
Simpson                Anderson III               6May   2002
Simpson                James S.                  30May   2002
Simpson                Matthew Steven             1Jan   2002
Simpson                Mildred                   28Nov   2002
Simpson                Nellie Mae                 1Dec   2002
Simpson                Robert Clair Jr.          28Nov   2002
Simpson                Thelma I.                  4Oct   2002
Simpson-Pennick        G.  Elaine                 1Dec   2002
Sims                   Alexander Loreono         19Sep   2002
Sims                   Betty "Bil"               19Feb   2002
Sims                   Edna Beard                14Dec   2002
Sims                   Rebekah "Becky"           22Oct   2002
Sinclair               Lorene M.                 28Jul   2002
Sinclair               Lorene M.                 29Jul   2002
Sinclair               Lorene M.                 30Jul   2002
Sinclair               Mary Victoria              8Feb   2002
Sinclair               S.T.                      27Jun   2002
Sinclair               Walter J.                 18Mar   2002
Sinclair               Walter J.                 19Mar   2002
Singer                 Marie Alene               14Aug   2002
Singley                John R.                   18Oct   2002
Singley                Robert E.                  4Jul   2002
Sinnett                Daniel J.  Sr.             2Apr   2002
Sippel                 Leonard E.                20Aug   2002
Sirmans                Willard                   18Feb   2002
Sisco                  Myrl Aileen                5Dec   2002
Sisco                  William S.  "Bill"        31Jan   2002
Sisk                   Peggy                      2Oct   2002
Sisson                 Marvin Lewis              29May   2002
Siyajuck               Xay Sana                  14Feb   2002
Skaggs                 Howard Dean               16May   2002
Skaggs                 Ronald E.                  5Feb   2002
Skaggs                 Ruth E.                   12Aug   2002
Skaggs                 Ruth E.                   13Aug   2002
Skelton                George A.                  6Nov   2002
Skelton                Mary R.                    8Feb   2002
Skidmore               Charles Parrish           29Aug   2002
Skinnell               James Kenneth             29Dec   2002
Skinner                Delbert L.  "Bud"          4Mar   2002
Skinner                Garen W.                   8Jan   2002
Skinner                Jim                       26Nov   2002
Skinner                Jim                       27Nov   2002
Skinner                Ralph "Lee"               31Oct   2002
Skinner                Taten Jacob               25Oct   2002
Skinner                Taten Jacob               29Oct   2002
Skrdla                 Mildred                    1Feb   2002
Slack                  Ethmer                    20Feb   2002
Slansky                Roy Dean                   6Aug   2002
Slape                  Anderson L.                4Jul   2002
Slater                 Betty L.  (Glazier)       25Jun   2002
Slater                 Betty L.  (Glazier)       26Jun   2002
Slater                 Danny Allen               12Oct   2002
Slater                 Michelle Mayhill          11Dec   2002
Slater                 Michelle Mayhill          12Dec   2002
Slater                 Michelle Mayhill          13Dec   2002
Slater                 Thomas E.  Jr.            22Mar   2002
Slater                 Thomas E.  Jr.            23Mar   2002
Slattery               Patricia L.               18Jun   2002
Slaughter              Dorothy May               21Jun   2002
Slaughter              Jess Edward               11Jan   2002
Slawson                Kathryn A.                 3Dec   2002
Slawson                Kathryn A.                 4Dec   2002
Slawson                Kathryn A.  (Swanson)      5Dec   2002
Slawson                Kathryn A.  (Swanson)      6Dec   2002
Sledd                  Alberta                   19Dec   2002
Sledd                  Alberta                   20Dec   2002
Sleichter              Rhett Michael             10Oct   2002
Slicker                LaRue                      6May   2002
Slinkard               Frank Scott               14Feb   2002
Sloan                  Chester C.                13Oct   2002
Sloan                  Ruth                       4Sep   2002
Slocum                 Geraldine "Gerry"         20Sep   2002
Slocum                 Geraldine "Gerry"         21Sep   2002
Slocum                 Geraldine "Gerry"         22Sep   2002
Sloniker               Billy F.  "Bill"           9Oct   2002
Slover                 Bertha Maude               3Mar   2002
Slover                 Bertha Maude               4Mar   2002
Slover                 Minnie Elizabeth          15Feb   2002
Slown                  Carrie L.                 17Dec   2002
Slusher                C.  Marie                 16Mar   2002
Slusser                Raymond L.  "Ray"         22Aug   2002
Slusser                Raymond L.  "Ray"         23Aug   2002
Small                  Andrew                     9Apr   2002
Small                  Andrew                    11Apr   2002
Small                  Guy Basil                  6Nov   2002
Small                  Myra M.                    1Sep   2002
Small                  Myra M.                    2Sep   2002
Smalley                Lelah F.                  27Apr   2002
Smalley                Lilly M.                  17Sep   2002
Smallwood              B.W.                      13Apr   2002
Smallwood              Kenneth W.                27Jan   2002
Smallwood              Lillie                     2Jan   2002
Smart                  Alfred W.                 22Jun   2002
Smart                  Alfred W.                 23Jun   2002
Smart                  Austin L.                 28Nov   2002
Smedley                Joyce                     17Feb   2002
Smee                   Mary Pearl                31Jan   2002
Smerchek               Aileen L.                 28Jul   2002
Smiley                 Jesse Seth                27Dec   2002
Smith                  Alice M.                  26Nov   2002
Smith                  Alice V.                   8Jun   2002
Smith                  Anne E.                   23Oct   2002
Smith                  April Dawn                11Sep   2002
Smith                  Aquilla (Rev.)            22Feb   2002
Smith                  Aquilla (Rev.)            23Feb   2002
Smith                  Aquilla (Rev.)            24Feb   2002
Smith                  Barbara A.                12Jan   2002
Smith                  Barbara J.                 6Sep   2002
Smith                  Barbara J.                 7Sep   2002
Smith                  Berlene Elizabeth         24Aug   2002
Smith                  Betty                     15Feb   2002
Smith                  Betty A.                  13May   2002
Smith                  Betty J.                  13Jul   2002
Smith                  Bruce M.                  20May   2002
Smith                  Cecil Lee "Smitty"        16Nov   2002
Smith                  Cecil Lee "Smitty"        17Nov   2002
Smith                  Cecille Mae               13Nov   2002
Smith                  Charles S.                28Aug   2002
Smith                  Charles Wane              21Feb   2002
Smith                  Chriseaner                 3Apr   2002
Smith                  Christeaner                4Apr   2002
Smith                  Clara H.                  21Aug   2002
Smith                  Clay J.                    7Mar   2002
Smith                  Connie Sue                23May   2002
Smith                  Daisy M.                  15Jul   2002
Smith                  Daniel Conlee III          5Oct   2002
Smith                  Daniel Conlee III          6Oct   2002
Smith                  Daniel Conlee III          7Oct   2002
Smith                  Dennis O.                 12Apr   2002
Smith                  Dona Faye                  9Jul   2002
Smith                  Donald C.                 21Jan   2002
Smith                  Donald C.                 22Jan   2002
Smith                  Donald L.                 24Dec   2002
Smith                  Donald Lee Jr.             9Apr   2002
Smith                  Donald Lee Jr.            10Apr   2002
Smith                  Donita LaMae              21Dec   2002
Smith                  Dorothy Chapin             3Dec   2002
Smith                  Dorothy I.  (Marhanke)    28Apr   2002
Smith                  Dru Crick                 12Nov   2002
Smith                  E.  Maxine (Wells)         4Jun   2002
Smith                  Earl "Smitty"             12Jul   2002
Smith                  Eldearia                   5Feb   2002
Smith                  Elmer E.  "Smitty"         1Nov   2002
Smith                  Elmer E.  "Smitty"        31Oct   2002
Smith                  Elsa K.                   20Dec   2002
Smith                  Elsa K.                   21Dec   2002
Smith                  Emma "Lou"                29May   2002
Smith                  Esther G.                  9Oct   2002
Smith                  Ethel E.                  15Jan   2002
Smith                  Ethel E.                  16Jan   2002
Smith                  Eunice Mae                11Aug   2002
Smith                  Evelyn G.  Yanken         19Dec   2002
Smith                  Francis LeRoy "Smitty"    23Jan   2002
Smith                  Frank Allen                6Sep   2002
Smith                  Frank Allen                8Sep   2002
Smith                  Frederick F.               8Nov   2002
Smith                  Gail Kramer               25Mar   2002
Smith                  George Horatio Sr.         6Dec   2002
Smith                  George T.                 20Dec   2002
Smith                  Gerald Calvin             11Mar   2002
Smith                  Gerald L.  "Jerry"        19Jul   2002
Smith                  Gerald L.  "Jerry"        20Jul   2002
Smith                  Gerald L.  "Jerry"        21Jul   2002
Smith                  Gertrude R.                1Nov   2002
Smith                  Gertrude R.  "Gertie"      1Mar   2002
Smith                  Gleneta H.                28May   2002
Smith                  Glenna M.  "Denny" (Hun   27Nov   2002
Smith                  Glenna M.  "Denny" (Hun   28Nov   2002
Smith                  Grace G.                   5Dec   2002
Smith                  Gylah B.                  27Jan   2002
Smith                  Harold L.  "Red"          17Feb   2002
Smith                  Harold W.  "Smitty"       15Apr   2002
Smith                  Harry A.  Jr.             15Jun   2002
Smith                  Hazel Ella                 2Jan   2002
Smith                  Hazel May                 15Dec   2002
Smith                  Hester                     6Apr   2002
Smith                  Howard William             4Jun   2002
Smith                  Ilene (Primm)             18Sep   2002
Smith                  Jack O.                   20Apr   2002
Smith                  Jacob K.  "Jake"          16Aug   2002
Smith                  James Edward               1Feb   2002
Smith                  James Franklin             2Feb   2002
Smith                  James Russell "J.R."       7Jun   2002
Smith                  Jane E.  (Hill)            1Apr   2002
Smith                  Jane E.  (Hill)            2Apr   2002
Smith                  Jean A.  (Bartlett)       20Jun   2002
Smith                  Jean A.  (Bartlett)       21Jun   2002
Smith                  Jesse A.                  22Sep   2002
Smith                  Jesse C.                  13Jan   2002
Smith                  Joan Ann (Labanc)          2Dec   2002
Smith                  Joan Ann (Labanc)          3Dec   2002
Smith                  Joan Ann (Labanc)          4Dec   2002
Smith                  John G.  "Smitty"          9Jan   2002
Smith                  John G.  "Smitty"         10Jan   2002
Smith                  John M.                    5Dec   2002
Smith                  John M.                    6Dec   2002
Smith                  John M.                   13Dec   2002
Smith                  John Mark                  9Apr   2002
Smith                  Keith                     12May   2002
Smith                  Keith                     26May   2002
Smith                  Kenneth C.  Jr.            9Jul   2002
Smith                  Kenneth Eugene            25Aug   2002
Smith                  Kimberly Ann              24Apr   2002
Smith                  Kurtis Leroy              17Jun   2002
Smith                  L.  Marjorie              29Jan   2002
Smith                  Lawrence C.  "Larry"      30Oct   2002
Smith                  Lena                      12Nov   2002
Smith                  Leota E.                  13Sep   2002
Smith                  Lois Lorene               18Jun   2002
Smith                  Lois Lorene               19Jun   2002
Smith                  Louise R.                  5Oct   2002
Smith                  Luella                    14Aug   2002
Smith                  Marjorie M.  "Marge"      31Mar   2002
Smith                  Mark                      19Aug   2002
Smith                  Martha "Betty"            23Jan   2002
Smith                  Martha J.                  9Sep   2002
Smith                  Mary A.                   19Feb   2002
Smith                  Mary C.  "Cathy"          22Apr   2002
Smith                  Mary C.  "Cathy"          23Apr   2002
Smith                  Mattie E.                 14Nov   2002
Smith                  Maurice Boyd              16Jan   2002
Smith                  Maxine A.                  7Nov   2002
Smith                  Michael B.                13Apr   2002
Smith                  Mildred D.                10Mar   2002
Smith                  Mildred L.  (Christman)   13Apr   2002
Smith                  Muriel Edwina Curd        27Jan   2002
Smith                  Myra L.                    9Oct   2002
Smith                  Nadine Pearl              26Feb   2002
Smith                  O.  Theodore Jr.  "Ted"   22Dec   2002
Smith                  Orville E.                16Feb   2002
Smith                  Queen Ester                3Jul   2002
Smith                  R.  Vern                  26Dec   2002
Smith                  Ralph D.                  13Nov   2002
Smith                  Richard Alan              21May   2002
Smith                  Richard L.                17May   2002
Smith                  Rita Mae                   1Mar   2002
Smith                  Rita Mae                  28Feb   2002
Smith                  Robert "Guy"              21Oct   2002
Smith                  Robert D.  "Bob"          20May   2002
Smith                  Robert L.  "Buck"         26May   2002
Smith                  Robert Newton "Bob"       16Apr   2002
Smith                  Rolland W.                 1Jul   2002
Smith                  Rolland W.                30Jun   2002
Smith                  Ruth E.                   20Feb   2002
Smith                  Ruth M.  (Haworth)        12Apr   2002
Smith                  Ruth M.  (Haworth)        13Apr   2002
Smith                  Ruth Marie                 4Nov   2002
Smith                  Selma Beth (Kassens)      26May   2002
Smith                  Shirley L.                 3Apr   2002
Smith                  Sigmund L.                14Mar   2002
Smith                  Stella F.                 10Apr   2002
Smith                  Theda Lucille James       10Nov   2002
Smith                  Tracy Joe                  6Feb   2002
Smith                  Troy I.                   28Jul   2002
Smith                  Vinina M.                 23Feb   2002
Smith                  Viola Inez                13Sep   2002
Smith                  Violet M.  "Vi"           23Feb   2002
Smith                  Violet M.  "Vi"           24Feb   2002
Smith                  Virginia Ann              13Jan   2002
Smith                  Wilford Lee "Smitty"      27Jan   2002
Smith                  William E.  "Zeke"        12Mar   2002
Smith-Davis            Helen M.                  11Jan   2002
Smock                  James Murray               4Apr   2002
Smoot                  Deanna "Kay"               6Dec   2002
Smothers               Verda Fern                 3Nov   2002
Smutz                  Delbert M.                28Nov   2002
Smutz                  Delbert M.                29Nov   2002
Smylie                 Lauretta H.               13Oct   2002
Smyth                  Lyla Jeannine             25Mar   2002
Sneddeker              Jane E.  (Fred)           30Nov   2002
Sneddeker              Jerry                     30Aug   2002
Sneddeker              Toby Michael              30Nov   2002
Snedigar               Louis F.  Jr.  "Lou"      23Mar   2002
Sneed                  Emily Annon               27Aug   2002
Sneed                  Nadine B.                  1Nov   2002
Sneed                  Nadine Watkins             5Nov   2002
Snell                  Justin C.                 12Jun   2002
Snell                  Justin C.                 13Jun   2002
Snider                 Hazel M.                  16Oct   2002
Snider                 Hazel M.                  17Oct   2002
Snider                 Hazel M.                  18Oct   2002
Snider                 Roy D.                     5Dec   2002
Snider                 Roy D.                     6Dec   2002
Snider                 Roy D.                     7Dec   2002
Snitz                  Lena                      16Apr   2002
Snook                  Betty                     24Nov   2002
Snook                  Betty                     26Nov   2002
Snook                  Wilbur Forest Jr.         22Jan   2002
Snook                  Wilbur Forest Jr.         23Jan   2002
Snow                   Kathryn L.                24May   2002
Snow                   Leona Marie                3Nov   2002
Snow                   Pamela Lee                14Nov   2002
Snow                   Pamela Lee (Cole)         11Nov   2002
Snow                   Ralph F.                   8Apr   2002
Snow                   Ralph F.                   9Apr   2002
Snow                   Robert L.  Sr.             7Aug   2002
Snowbarger             Ralph Frederic            19Feb   2002
Snyder                 Calista D.                19Jul   2002
Snyder                 Chester L.  Jr.           27Jan   2002
Snyder                 Delma                     12Apr   2002
Snyder                 Dorothy N.                30Apr   2002
Snyder                 Eldon Charles              3Feb   2002
Snyder                 Eldon Charles              4Feb   2002
Snyder                 Fay                       15Feb   2002
Snyder                 Fay                       16Feb   2002
Snyder                 Grover Cleveland          28Oct   2002
Snyder                 Helen G.  (Mills)         21Jan   2002
Snyder                 James Oliver Jr.          13Dec   2002
Snyder                 Julia A.                  23May   2002
Snyder                 Julia A.                  24May   2002
Snyder                 Lenna M.                   6Nov   2002
Snyder                 Leroy Mead                28Mar   2002
Snyder                 Lois V.                   31Jan   2002
Snyder                 Thomas Ashford "Tom"      21Sep   2002
Snyder                 Yvonne B.                 23Apr   2002
Soder                  Morine M.                 14May   2002
Sodowsky               Lillie May                28May   2002
Soeken                 Olga E.                   17Apr   2002
Soles                  Joseph W.                 12Aug   2002
Solomoen               William "Bill"             7Mar   2002
Solomon                Robert E.                 29Jan   2002
Solomon                Theodore R.  "Ted"         6Feb   2002
Solomon-Berland        Ethel H.                  29Aug   2002
Solorio                James B.  "Brandon"       20Jul   2002
Solorio                James B.  "Brandon"       21Jul   2002
Solorzano              Anahi Denise              23Dec   2002
Sommerfeld             Elda May                  29Apr   2002
Sondergard             Walter Wilson             13Oct   2002
Sondergard             Walter Wilson             14Oct   2002
Sondergard             Walter Wilson             15Oct   2002
Soper                  Zelma Ruth Miller         26Feb   2002
Sorem                  James R.                   3Feb   2002
Sorenson               Blanche                   17May   2002
Sorge                  Diana Kay                  2Jul   2002
Sortore                Jane                      10Nov   2002
Souder                 Eunice L.                 23Jan   2002
Soukup                 A.  Joe                   11Aug   2002
Soukup                 Louise "Irish"             4Apr   2002
Soule                  Roy L.                    26Jan   2002
Southards              Alta M.  Ellis             4Apr   2002
Southards              Harold L.                  3Jul   2002
Souza                  John U.                   15May   2002
Soward                 William West              16Apr   2002
Soward                 William West              17Apr   2002
Sowell                 Dwight Leaster            18Apr   2002
Sowers                 Kathy Ann                 18Mar   2002
Sowersby               Lucas Robert               5Jun   2002
Sowersby               Lucas Robert               7Jun   2002
Sowles                 Naomi B.                  24Sep   2002
Spackman               Adam H.                   26May   2002
Spackman               Adam H.                   27May   2002
Spackman               Adam H.                   28May   2002
Spade                  Rodney Edwin              10Dec   2002
Spainhour              Billy Eugene              26Feb   2002
Spangler               Suzanne Adair              2Feb   2002
Sparkman               Mildred A.                21Jul   2002
Sparks                 Bert                       3Jan   2002
Sparks                 Gerald E.                 24Jul   2002
Sparks                 Joe M.                     5Dec   2002
Spear                  Lillian Lucille Ingreth    4Aug   2002
Spearman               Dorene Elizabeth (Starr    6Dec   2002
Spears                 Flossie A.                21Jul   2002
Spears                 James F.                   8May   2002
Spears                 James F.                   9May   2002
Specht                 Mary E.                   28Sep   2002
Speck                  Ernest E.                 13Jan   2002
Speer                  DeLila Wilson              9Jun   2002
Speer                  Meryl Frey                16Feb   2002
Speere                 Sara Delaney              15Mar   2002
Speere                 Sara Delaney              16Mar   2002
Spellman               Irma E.                   12Jan   2002
Spence                 Linda L.  Rodabaugh (Bl    5Jun   2002
Spence                 Linda L.  Rodabaugh (Bl    6Jun   2002
Spence                 Linda L.  Rodabaugh (Bl    7Jun   2002
Spencer                Allece H.  "Lisa"          1Aug   2002
Spencer                Allece H.  "Lisa"         31Jul   2002
Spencer                Burdiss Dean              19Apr   2002
Spencer                John H.  "Jack"           12Mar   2002
Spencer                June Elizabeth (Saunder   18Nov   2002
Spencer                June Elizabeth (Saunder   19Nov   2002
Spencer                Marie                     28Jul   2002
Spencer                Oliver E.  "Gene"         27Apr   2002
Spencer                Robert L.  "Bob"          13Jun   2002
Spencer                Ruby N.                   11Aug   2002
Spencer                Thelma M.                 11Dec   2002
Spencer                Wesley Eugene Jr.         24Jul   2002
Spengler               Hazel C.                  11Dec   2002
Sperry                 Alice O.                   1Oct   2002
Sperry                 Alice O.                   2Oct   2002
Spicer                 Robert Lee                31Oct   2002
Spiller                Fred                      15Dec   2002
Spindler               Juanita                   23Mar   2002
Spiteri                Doris Gale (Pruitt)        9Mar   2002
Spohn                  Lenora Isabel             13Oct   2002
Spotswood              Christine Conti            6Feb   2002
Sprayberry             Eugene Jr.                27Mar   2002
Sprecher               Christy Dell              11Nov   2002
Sprecker               Pearl M.                  23Jun   2002
Spreier                Lucille F.                17Oct   2002
Spreier                Lucille W.                 7Aug   2002
Springer               Kenneth Dale              20May   2002
Springstube            Letha M.  (Cannady)       27Dec   2002
Springstube            Letha M.  (Cannady)       29Dec   2002
Sprout                 Richard Lee                6Sep   2002
Sprout                 Shirley Kaye              15Jul   2002
Spry                   Larry Dale                28Dec   2002
Spurgeon               Nellie Jewel (Casteel)    30Apr   2002
Spurgin                Joseph Clarence "J.C."    30Oct   2002
Spurrier               Jean M.  (Wilson)          5Sep   2002
Spurrier               Jean M.  (Wilson)          6Sep   2002
Squire                 Floyd Charles             12Nov   2002
Srimoungchanh          Thongsa                   11Jan   2002
Srite                  Rose Anna                 11Aug   2002
Srite                  Rose Anna                 12Aug   2002
Srotir                 Maxine E.                  2May   2002
Sroufe                 Jerry Dwight              12Jul   2002
St.  John              Rosalie S.                28Dec   2002
St.  Peters            Esther M.                 12Feb   2002
Staab                  James                      1Oct   2002
Staab                  Lawrence D.  "Larry"       2Jul   2002
Staab                  Margaret Mary             15Sep   2002
Staats                 Lawrence V.  "Larry"      22Oct   2002
Staats                 Marna May                 14Aug   2002
Staatz                 Robert V.                  2Oct   2002
Staatz                 Therese J.                15Dec   2002
Stadden                Naomi Mary                15Jun   2002
Stadelman              Mathilda Steiner "Tilli    5Dec   2002
Stafford               Anna M.                   21Jun   2002
Stafford               Ethel Marie (Ritter)      31Aug   2002
Stafford               Flora A.  "Flo"           28Aug   2002
Stafford               Richard E.                12May   2002
Stafford               Richard E.                27Apr   2002
Stafford-Parks         Esther Cecilia             6Jul   2002
Stahlam                Naomi Aylissa              7May   2002
Stahlecker             Jacquline JoQueta         16Jul   2002
Stahlman               Naomi Aylissa              4May   2002
Stair                  Carol Paul "C.P."          9Feb   2002
Staley                 Gladys Muriel              4Sep   2002
Stalford               Don Eugene                15Mar   2002
Stalling               E.  Maritta (Walker)      19Sep   2002
Stalnaker              Gladys L.                  9Apr   2002
Stam                   Ruby Mae                  30Aug   2002
Stam                   Theodore John              8Mar   2002
Stamback               Ferrell W.                19Apr   2002
Stanberry              J.  Phillip                9Feb   2002
Standard               William M.                26May   2002
Standfast              John R.                   14Aug   2002
Standfast              John R.                   15Aug   2002
Standrich              Bill                      12Mar   2002
Stangle                Sharon Mae                20Jun   2002
Stanley                Harold E.  Jr.            10Jul   2002
Stanley                Harold E.  Jr.            11Jul   2002
Stanley                James Joseph              27Jan   2002
Stanley                Phyllis M.                16May   2002
Stanley                Thelma Florence           12Jul   2002
Stanley                Wayne Carey               10Jul   2002
Stannard               Christa M.                25Dec   2002
Stannard               Christa M.                26Dec   2002
Stansberry             Letha A.                  24Jun   2002
Stanton                Emma Jane                  4Jan   2002
Stanton                Jennie E.  "Betty"         5Jul   2002
Stanton                Thelma C.  (Wycoff)        9Nov   2002
Stapleton              Ellis W.  "Alpo"          28Jan   2002
Stapleton              Ellis W.  "Alpo"          29Jan   2002
Stapleton              Winnifred P.  "Winnie"     5Mar   2002
Starbuck               Mary Madalyne "Mi Mi"     16Jul   2002
Starbuck               Paul Edwin                20Jan   2002
Stark                  Donita Jean                1Sep   2002
Stark                  Elmira W.  "Corky"        13Nov   2002
Stark                  Mary L.  (Horning)        11Feb   2002
Stark                  Seven L.                  25Oct   2002
Starks                 Bobby Joe                 13Apr   2002
Starks                 Irene E.                  16Dec   2002
Starks                 Lottie Marie              12Mar   2002
Starr                  Dorothy Olive              3Jan   2002
Starr                  Eunice (Maugans)          26Sep   2002
Startzman              Ronald                    24Nov   2002
Startzman              Ronald                    26Nov   2002
Stateler               Kaleb Scott               26Mar   2002
States                 Betty J.                  11Aug   2002
Staub                  Rosa Carole                1Aug   2002
Stauffer               Anna L.  (Perkins)        20Jan   2002
Stauffer               Anna L.  (Perkins)        21Jan   2002
Stauffer               Clifford W.                9Jan   2002
Stauffer               Kenneth Edward             9Oct   2002
Stauth                 Helen Marie                9Apr   2002
Stayton                Edna L.                    9Dec   2002
Stead                  John W.                    6Nov   2002
Stearman               Glenn Arthur               7Mar   2002
Stearman               Glenn Arthur               8Mar   2002
Stearman               Glenn Arthur               8Mar   2002
Stearman               Glenn Arthur               9Mar   2002
Steckel                Jean E.                   11Apr   2002
Stecklein              Wilma G.                  16Apr   2002
Steckline              Irene                     19Feb   2002
Steele                 Bertha S.                 31Mar   2002
Steele                 Ella Mae                   5Jun   2002
Steele                 Ethel Elizabeth            1Feb   2002
Steele                 Hazel                     29Dec   2002
Steele                 James H.                   6Mar   2002
Steele                 James H.                   7Mar   2002
Steele                 Leota Gertrude            27Jun   2002
Steele                 Leota Gertrude            28Jun   2002
Steen                  Charles Wallace           29Jan   2002
Steeples               Vera (Kobler) "Marie"     12Jan   2002
Stefan                 Cheryl Ann                18Sep   2002
Steffens               Mary Alice "Marmie"        8Oct   2002
Stegman                Arthur                    16Aug   2002
Stegman                Effie Lee                 10Jan   2002
Stegman                Effie Lee                 11Jan   2002
Stegman                Effie Lee                 12Jan   2002
Stegman                Effie Lee                 13Jan   2002
Stein                  Hazel Marie               24Aug   2002
Stein                  Marcella W.               15Oct   2002
Steiner                James A.                  22Dec   2002
Steinkuehler           Caleb Joseph "Coco" "Jo    4Feb   2002
Stell                  Alice Adeline              6Sep   2002
Stemmler               Eileen                    29Oct   2002
Stephens               Beatrice                   9Mar   2002
Stephens               Carlos Edgar               8Jan   2002
Stephens               Dwight                    16Apr   2002
Stephens               Erma C.                   16Aug   2002
Stephens               Jayne Kathleen (Boone)    25Apr   2002
Stephens               Jayne Kathleen (Boone)    26Apr   2002
Stephens               Jeanne                     8Jan   2002
Stephens               Lois V.                   24Feb   2002
Stephens               Pearline May               1Oct   2002
Stephenson             Lydia E.                  22Sep   2002
Stephenson             Wilmer R.                 18Feb   2002
Steppe                 Walter Clyde              15Dec   2002
Steppe                 Walter Clyde              16Dec   2002
Steps                  Alta Carlson (Lewis)       9Mar   2002
Sterba                 Grayce Lurlene            18Nov   2002
Sterba                 Grayce Lurlene            19Nov   2002
Sterman                Alma "Bessie"             31Jul   2002
Sterrett               Marie                     14Jan   2002
Stevens                Anita M.                  31Dec   2002
Stevens                Helen L.  (Haaga)          1Sep   2002
Stevens                Lorine (Vestal)           11Nov   2002
Stevens                Louise                    12May   2002
Stevens                Paul C.                    5Nov   2002
Stevens                Teri L.                    6Jun   2002
Stevens                Teri L.                   12Jun   2002
Stevenson              Albert M.                 12Feb   2002
Stevenson              Alma Lubirda              18Jul   2002
Stevenson              Florence Madalyn          12Sep   2002
Stevenson              Rhea E.                   26Oct   2002
Steward                Stacy                      1Apr   2002
Stewart                August J.                 10Mar   2002
Stewart                Betty Jane                 4Jun   2002
Stewart                Bobby G.                  15Sep   2002
Stewart                Daryl D.                  19Jun   2002
Stewart                Eddie C.                  16Jul   2002
Stewart                Edwin Burt                 5Jul   2002
Stewart                Eloise M.                 21May   2002
Stewart                Eva Katherine Pearce      14May   2002
Stewart                Gladys L.  (Johnson)      20Feb   2002
Stewart                Goldie W.                 29Jul   2002
Stewart                Goldie W.  (Hoyt)         31Jul   2002
Stewart                Helen Irene                4Nov   2002
Stewart                Irene (Frame)             22Feb   2002
Stewart                James W.                   5Jan   2002
Stewart                Joan                       9Dec   2002
Stewart                Joyce M.                  20Nov   2002
Stewart                Kathryn Adelle            25Sep   2002
Stewart                Lloyd "Stew"              30Sep   2002
Stewart                Loretta C.                23Oct   2002
Stewart                Lucille E.  Mendenhall     4Jul   2002
Stewart                Lucille E.  Mendenhall     5Jul   2002
Stewart                Madeleine S.              10Jan   2002
Stewart                Martha Amelia              6May   2002
Stewart                Mary F.                   24Jul   2002
Stewart                Maud Ernestine (Nice) "    7Sep   2002
Stewart                Maud Ernestine (Nice) "    8Sep   2002
Stewart                Mollie V.                  5Nov   2002
Stewart                Ruth Ellen                 1Nov   2002
Stewart                T.  Calvin                 7Jul   2002
Stewart                T.  Calvin                 8Jul   2002
Sthole                 Robert Keith              20Feb   2002
Sthole                 Robert Keith              21Feb   2002
Stice                  Gerald W.  "Jerry"        12Mar   2002
Stika                  Mary                      27Dec   2002
Stika                  Mary                      29Dec   2002
Stiles                 Jewell "Judy"              8Feb   2002
Stilwell               John Francis              19Oct   2002
Stilwell               John Francis              20Oct   2002
Stilwell               Joyce M.                  12Oct   2002
Stimatze               Mae Elender Southards     23Jun   2002
Stimatze               Vesta                      4Jun   2002
Stinbrink              Michael                   18Nov   2002
Stine                  Roy O.                    23Apr   2002
Stinson                Paul Elvin                 9Jul   2002
Stith                  Thomas Edwin "Ed"         26Feb   2002
Stitt                  Leon V.                   12Oct   2002
Stiver                 Roger Lewis                6Sep   2002
Stockebrand            Milton E.                 26Aug   2002
Stockett               Marie Ida                  5Dec   2002
Stockham               Ronald Lee                 7Oct   2002
Stocks                 Violette R.                5Nov   2002
Stockton               Danny Joe                 23Apr   2002
Stockton               James Bert                29Oct   2002
Stoddard               Leonard Earl               2Feb   2002
Stoecklein             Florine                   19Sep   2002
Stoecklein             Virginia A.S.C.  (Sr.)     5May   2002
Stoecklein             Virginia A.S.C.  (Sr.)     7May   2002
Stoelzing              Edna B.                   18Jun   2002
Stokesberry            Donnie Ray                 6Jan   2002
Stokesberry            Donnie Ray                 8Jan   2002
Stokesberry            Gertrude M.                3Apr   2002
Stone                  Anna M.  (Dunfield)        4Sep   2002
Stone                  Anna M.  (Dunfield)        5Sep   2002
Stone                  E.  Duane                 15Sep   2002
Stone                  E.  Duane                 17Sep   2002
Stone                  Etha Gladys               28Jun   2002
Stone                  Eva Carol                  2Jan   2002
Stone                  Harold W.                 29Aug   2002
Stone                  James D.  "Jim"           28Apr   2002
Stone                  William Earl               3Feb   2002
Stoneberger            Ralph J.                  25Mar   2002
Stoner                 Ivan Carlos                9Jun   2002
Stoops                 Eileen L.                  5Dec   2002
Stoops                 Eileen L.                  6Dec   2002
Stormont               Agnes J.                   1Aug   2002
Stormont               Alta                      18Feb   2002
Storrer                Carmen M.                 24Feb   2002
Storti                 Mary Elizabeth Beeman E   17Sep   2002
Stoskopf               La Vonne S.               20Jan   2002
Stoskopf               La Vonne S.               23Jan   2002
Stoss                  Ethel V.                  17Mar   2002
Stoss                  Hilda A.                  23Jul   2002
Stotesbery             Beverly Violet            21May   2002
Stotts                 Ellen Marie               15Oct   2002
Stotts                 Miles Hargrove            15Nov   2002
Stoudt                 Deborah                   21Aug   2002
Stoudt                 Deborah                   22Aug   2002
Stough                 William Carl              12Mar   2002
Stough                 William Carl              13Mar   2002
Stout                  Alverta M.                26Mar   2002
Stout                  Carol D.                  31Mar   2002
Stout                  Charles R.                22Mar   2002
Stout                  Harold Lee                31Dec   2002
Stowers                Iona M.                    7Jan   2002
Straasburg             Winifred Ella             14Jun   2002
Strain                 Sarah "Dolly"              2Nov   2002
Strait                 James Marvin              19Sep   2002
Straley                George Willis             25Aug   2002
Stramel                Agnes Marie               27Mar   2002
Stramel                Ronald Dean               18Apr   2002
Stramel                Steven L.                 29Dec   2002
Strand                 James E.  "Jim"           19Jan   2002
Strand                 James E.  "Jim"           20Jan   2002
Strassburg             Winifred Ella             15Jun   2002
Strasser               Eugene F.  "Francis"      15Aug   2002
Stratton               Claude E.                  7Feb   2002
Strauch                George R.                 16Aug   2002
Strausz                Anna                      31Jan   2002
Strawderman            Jack G.                   12Jun   2002
Strawn                 Howard L.                  6Feb   2002
Streitz                Edward J.                 11Jun   2002
Stremel                Richard E.                17Nov   2002
Stricklan              Grace M.                  10Feb   2002
Strickland             Boyd L.                   25May   2002
Strickland             Gracie B.                 24Apr   2002
Strickland             Michael Patrick            7Dec   2002
Strickler              Mildred Virginia           3Jan   2002
Stricklin              Gladys Marie              31Oct   2002
Strimple               Dean                       4May   2002
Strohl                 C.  Orville                7Feb   2002
Strohl                 C.  Orville                8Feb   2002
Strom                  LaVere H.                  3Jan   2002
Strome                 Everett E.                 5Nov   2002
Strong                 Carmelita June            25Jan   2002
Strong                 LaVerne W.  "Verne"       25Mar   2002
Strong                 LaVerne W.  "Verne"       26Mar   2002
Stroud                 Glenn Darrel              31Dec   2002
Stroup                 Lloyd S.                   3Feb   2002
Stroupe                Lloyd S.                   4Feb   2002
Strub                  Vera D.  (Nix)            29Oct   2002
Struble                Bernice I.                 7Nov   2002
Strunk                 Louise E.                 10Aug   2002
Strunk                 Louise E.                 11Aug   2002
Strunk                 Melania A.S.C.  (Sr.)     12Aug   2002
Strunk                 Melania A.S.C.  (Sr.)     13Aug   2002
Struthers              Maynard                    3Sep   2002
Strutt                 Sarah May                 10Aug   2002
Strutt                 Zelma Beatrice            13Aug   2002
Stuart                 Gloria June (Gordon)      25Dec   2002
Stuart                 Gloria June (Gordon)      26Dec   2002
Stubblefield           Pauline Marie (Hale Dun   20Jul   2002
Stubbs                 Debra Lynn (Burch)        27Jul   2002
Stubbs                 Debra Lynn (Burch)        28Jul   2002
Stubby                 Norma Jene                14Jan   2002
Stuber                 Howard Lee                24Aug   2002
Stuber                 Robert D.  "Bob"          18Aug   2002
Stuckey                Dale A.                   21Dec   2002
Stuckey                Esther J.                  7Feb   2002
Stuckey                Frances V.  "Cox"         23Jul   2002
Stuckey                Roy A.                     3Feb   2002
Stuckey                Scott                     28Dec   2002
Stuckey                Scott                     29Dec   2002
Stuckman               Helen M.                  14May   2002
Stucky                 Dale Marlo                28Oct   2002
Stucky                 Dale Marlo                29Oct   2002
Stucky                 Dale Marlo                29Oct   2002
Stucky                 Dale Marlo                30Oct   2002
Stucky                 Erland                    14Jun   2002
Stucky                 Pearl K.                  28Jun   2002
Stucky                 Rachel A.                 26Oct   2002
Stucky                 Richard P.                12Feb   2002
Stucky                 Viola                     28Dec   2002
Stucky                 Virgil A.                 13Feb   2002
Stucky                 Wayne W.                  28Jul   2002
Stuffing               Avanelle Jane (Clark)     19Sep   2002
Stukenholtz            Rollan Wirth               1Nov   2002
Stukey                 Elizabeth Darlene         20Feb   2002
Stumbaugh              Kay Lynn                  30Jul   2002
Stumbaugh              Kay Lynn                  31Jul   2002
Stump                  Adam Michael               2Mar   2002
Stump                  Adam Michael               3Mar   2002
Stump                  Wilma E.                  25Mar   2002
Stunkel                Edwin H.                  19Mar   2002
Stunkel                Edwin H.                  21Mar   2002
Sturgell               Jennie Josephine "Jo"     22May   2002
Sturgell               Jennie Josephine "Jo"     23May   2002
Sturgeon               Gloria Ann                27Jan   2002
Sturgeon               Vernie Elizabeth           4Jun   2002
Sturgis                Ralph N.                   1Jun   2002
Stutzman               Joe K.                    18May   2002
Stutzman               Joe K.                    19May   2002
Suarez                 Lucita (Sr.)              15Dec   2002
Suarez                 Mary Lucita (Sr.)         17Dec   2002
Suchy                  Terry Joe "T.J."          26Jun   2002
Suchy                  Terry Joe "T.J."          27Jun   2002
Suddeth                Grace Elizabeth           12May   2002
Suddock                Thomas G.                 19Mar   2002
Suderman               Mabel (Wedel)             28Oct   2002
Sullivan               Agnes V.                  14Jul   2002
Sullivan               Charles E.  "Ed"          11Mar   2002
Sullivan               Essie May                 23Jul   2002
Sullivan               Joyce Sue                  6Nov   2002
Sullivan               Lawrence Vern             27Jul   2002
Sullivan               Ruth L.                    6Aug   2002
Sullivan               Ruth L.                    7Aug   2002
Sullivan               Ruth L.                    8Aug   2002
Sullivan               Vernon                     7Jan   2002
Summers                Doris Elizabeth           23Jun   2002
Summers                Doris Elizabeth           24Jun   2002
Summers                Peggy                      1May   2002
Sumner                 Chris Alan                 3Oct   2002
Sumner                 Russell H.                21Sep   2002
Sumner                 Walter T.                 29Dec   2002
Sumner                 Walter T.                 30Dec   2002
Sumner                 Walter T.                 31Dec   2002
Sumpter                Victor H.  Sr.            18Jan   2002
Sumpter                Victor Hugh               19Jan   2002
Sundahl                Eldora I.  "Dora"          4Sep   2002
Supernaugh             Bernice Marie             30Mar   2002
Sutcliffe              Sally Sue                 19Jun   2002
Suter                  Anthony J.                22May   2002
Suthard                Yvonne G.                 22Oct   2002
Suthard                Yvonne G.                 24Oct   2002
Sutley                 Alice "Isabel"            26Feb   2002
Sutton                 Delores G.                10Jul   2002
Sutton                 Evelyn M.                  9Mar   2002
Sutton                 Evelyn M.                 10Mar   2002
Sutton                 Frances Kate (Smith)       5Oct   2002
Sutton                 Frances Kate (Smith)       6Oct   2002
Sutton                 June                      17Feb   2002
Sutton                 Lillis Racine Duff         3Mar   2002
Sutton                 Lillis Racine Duff         4Mar   2002
Swafford               Pearl (Atkinson)           1Sep   2002
Swafford               Pearl (Atkinson)          30Aug   2002
Swafford               Thomas M.  "Tom"          16Nov   2002
Swaim                  Preston                    5Jun   2002
Swan                   Richard L.                 1Oct   2002
Swank                  Clara Belle               14Aug   2002
Swann                  Samuel E.                 16Aug   2002
Swanson                Carl Lee                  17Jun   2002
Swanson                Kari J.                    9Jan   2002
Swanson                Margaret E.               16Aug   2002
Swart                  Daniel E.                 12Dec   2002
Swart                  Davidna G.  (Hughes)      12Dec   2002
Swart                  Robert Dean "Bob"         19Feb   2002
Swartz                 Arthur Lee "Smokey"       27Nov   2002
Swartz                 Barbara                    6Jun   2002
Swartz                 Howard D.                 16May   2002
Swartz                 Mary Etta                 20Aug   2002
Swartzendruber         Kristen S.                30Sep   2002
Swayze                 Carl E.                   21Feb   2002
Swayze                 Curtis Willis             18Jul   2002
Swayze                 Richard D.                13Sep   2002
Swayze                 Wilda Rose                10Feb   2002
Swayze                 Wilda Rose                11Feb   2002
Swayze                 Willis Huston             27Mar   2002
Sweaney                Martina                    9Apr   2002
Swearengin             Mark Alan                  9Nov   2002
Swearengin             Mark Alan                 10Nov   2002
Sweeney                Esther Amanda             20Nov   2002
Sweeney                Esther Amanda             21Nov   2002
Sweet                  Ethel Maude                5Nov   2002
Sweet                  Margot May (Mangan)       19Jun   2002
Sweet                  Margot May (Mangan)       20Jun   2002
Sweley                 Richard E.  "Dick"        31Mar   2002
Swenson                Carl "Leland"             15Aug   2002
Swenson                Carl "Leland"             16Aug   2002
Swick                  Carolee Suzanne (Gettin    1Apr   2002
Swick                  Carolee Suzanne (Gettin   31Mar   2002
Swick                  Loren                     25Jul   2002
Swift                  Donald E.  (Pastor)        4Nov   2002
Swift                  Donald E.  (Pastor)        5Nov   2002
Swift                  Francis E.                18Apr   2002
Swift                  Leneda M.  "Lennie"       16Jan   2002
Swift                  Leneda M.  "Lennie"       17Jan   2002
Swingall               Wanda Juanita             20Feb   2002
Swinson                Bob Ray                   26Jun   2002
Swinson                Pauline Esther (Whitney   15Nov   2002
Swint                  Lola V.                    8Sep   2002
Swint                  Lola V.                   10Sep   2002
Swisher                Roy Melvin                 4Feb   2002
Switzer                Robert C.  Jr.  "Bobby"   20Jun   2002
Swoboda                Dolores A.                25Apr   2002
Swonger                Merle                      1Nov   2002
Sybert                 Laurence B.                2Jan   2002
Symes                  Glenn L.                  18Feb   2002
Syms                   Cora Lee                   8Jul   2002
Taber                  J.C.  Penny Dwight        15Apr   2002
Taber                  J.C.  Penny Dwight        16Apr   2002
Tabler                 Arnita Vivian             28Jan   2002
Tabor                  Alice E.                  14Apr   2002
Tabor                  Alice E.                  15Apr   2002
Tabor                  Shirley Jean              16Dec   2002
Tabor                  Theodore "Buddy"           7Mar   2002
Taborsky               Tesla Jane                 9Jul   2002
Tackett                Billy L.                  14Feb   2002
Tackkett               Bessie                    15Feb   2002
Tafolla                Salvador                   9Jul   2002
Taggart                Christena Lucile (Stand    2Mar   2002
Taggart                Christena Lucile (Stand    3Mar   2002
Taggart                Christena Lucile (Stand    4Mar   2002
Taggart                Gladys Martha "Tag" (Dr   15Oct   2002
Tajchman               Lawrence Joseph           11Dec   2002
Tajchman               Lawrence Joseph           12Dec   2002
Tallchief              Mary Dell                 29Nov   2002
Tallent                Mike                       9Oct   2002
Tallent                Mike                      12Oct   2002
Tallent                Mike                      13Oct   2002
Talley                 Mary (Ray) "Lauretta"     13Apr   2002
Tallman                Gary Lee                  17Sep   2002
Tally                  A.J.                      19Dec   2002
Tandy                  Darline                    5Jan   2002
Tandy                  Darline                    6Jan   2002
Tandy                  Lora Jean Isbell           2Mar   2002
Tangeman               Edwin C.                  27Oct   2002
Tanner                 Robert H.                 27Jan   2002
Tanner                 Robert H.                 28Jan   2002
Tanner                 Robert H.                 29Jan   2002
Tarrant                Bonnie Bea                 6Jul   2002
Tasset                 Rosa C.                   31Oct   2002
Tate                   Hazel I.                   2Jul   2002
Tate                   James Harold              20Feb   2002
Tate                   James Harold              21Feb   2002
Tate                   James Richard              4Aug   2002
Taton                  Clara Ella                21Feb   2002
Tatro                  Bill                      22Feb   2002
Tatro                  Donald R.                 17Jul   2002
Tatro                  George Leo                24Jan   2002
Tatum                  Margaret E.                4May   2002
Taube                  Eleanor C.                15Feb   2002
Tavolino               Raul Roberto "Bob"        13Nov   2002
Taylor                 Agnes Eleanora            29Oct   2002
Taylor                 Arnold                    28Jul   2002
Taylor                 Bernard                   23Mar   2002
Taylor                 Billie J.                  9May   2002
Taylor                 Billie J.                 10May   2002
Taylor                 Daisy Emma                28Jul   2002
Taylor                 Donald D.  Jr.            10Dec   2002
Taylor                 Donald D.  Jr.            11Dec   2002
Taylor                 Elinor Magdaline          20Jun   2002
Taylor                 Elizabeth Jean             8Mar   2002
Taylor                 Elsie M.                   5Oct   2002
Taylor                 Floyd                     19Sep   2002
Taylor                 Frank T.  Jr.             12Oct   2002
Taylor                 Gaylord                   21Aug   2002
Taylor                 Harold                     3Dec   2002
Taylor                 Harry T.                   8Aug   2002
Taylor                 Jerry V.                   6Feb   2002
Taylor                 Jewel                      2Mar   2002
Taylor                 John W.                   25Mar   2002
Taylor                 Kathryn J.  (Mardis)       9Mar   2002
Taylor                 Leo Bruce                 27Sep   2002
Taylor                 Lorena Helen              15Dec   2002
Taylor                 Lucille                    2Jul   2002
Taylor                 Lucille                   29Jun   2002
Taylor                 Luther "L.H."             28Feb   2002
Taylor                 Nathaniel Alexander        7Apr   2002
Taylor                 Norma J.  "Jean"          24Dec   2002
Taylor                 Phillip Gene              24Dec   2002
Taylor                 Raymond H.                29May   2002
Taylor                 Richard L.  Sr.           29Mar   2002
Taylor                 Robert Lee "Rab"          28Aug   2002
Taylor                 Russell H.  "Buss"        19Feb   2002
Taylor                 Ruth C.                   27Jan   2002
Taylor                 Stella Marie Fry          19Jul   2002
Taylor                 Steven Clifford           15Mar   2002
Taylor                 Wanda M.                  27Aug   2002
Taylor                 William Wallace "Bill"    15Sep   2002
Teague                 Lois M.  "Trigger"        10Dec   2002
Teal                   Ivan O.                   15Feb   2002
Tedder                 Michael "Mike"            13Mar   2002
Teel                   Emma C.                   18Feb   2002
Teeter                 Melvin D.                 10Oct   2002
Tegarden               Kenneth Earl              29Dec   2002
Teichman               Irvin O.                  29Apr   2002
Teichman               Mildred J.                31Aug   2002
Telford                Andrew Lavern "Tillie"     5Sep   2002
Telford                Melba V.                  25Jul   2002
Telford                Melba V.                  26Jul   2002
Templin                Frank B.                  10Mar   2002
Tenbrink               Mary Anne                  4Dec   2002
TenEyck                Victor C.                  1Feb   2002
TenEyck                Victor C.                 29Jan   2002
TenEyck                Victor C.                 31Jan   2002
Tennant                Lela                      10Nov   2002
Tennyson               Bragg E.                   7Nov   2002
Tennyson               Bragg E.                   8Nov   2002
Tennyson               Duaine                    29Jan   2002
Tennyson               Duaine                    30Jan   2002
Terbush                Charleen Faye             17Jun   2002
Terrill                James                     21Oct   2002
Terrill                James S.  "Jim"           22Oct   2002
Terry                  Billy Rex                 23Dec   2002
Terry                  Ethel Rosetta             10May   2002
Terry                  Kenneth F.                30May   2002
Tersinar               Janet                     16Nov   2002
Terwilliger            Dorothy Feemster          22Feb   2002
Teschke                Delores M.                12Feb   2002
Testorff               Phillis N.                30Jan   2002
Testorff               Phillis N.                31Jan   2002
Teten                  Aubrey                    23Aug   2002
Teter                  Chester I.                23Apr   2002
Thacker                Amy M.                    20May   2002
Tharp                  Lesley Long               27May   2002
Tharp                  Lesley Long               28May   2002
Thayer                 Esther M.  (Miller)       24Sep   2002
Thayer                 Jack L.                    6Mar   2002
Theis                  Ellene (Biggs)             1Aug   2002
Theis                  Marcella Gresl            23Jan   2002
Theis                  Marcella Gresl            25Jan   2002
Theis                  Vincent John              17Sep   2002
Theisen                Mae Louise                11Jul   2002
Thenstead              Sharon L.                 13Jul   2002
Thenstead              Sharon L.                 18Jul   2002
Thenstead              Sharon L.                 19Jul   2002
Thenstead              Sharon L.                 20Jul   2002
Thesing                Loretta M.                 7Feb   2002
Theurer                Mary V.                    3May   2002
Thiel                  Bobbie D.                  6Aug   2002
Thiel                  Bobbie D.                  7Aug   2002
Thiel                  Johnny J.                 16Oct   2002
Thiel                  Mildred Elizabeth (Powe   26Nov   2002
Thiel-Winters          Linda                      7Dec   2002
Thiele                 Louise Starr Muchmore     19May   2002
Thiele                 Louise Starr Muchmore     20May   2002
Thielen                Ruth F.                   12Mar   2002
Thieme                 Alfreda (Sister)          10Sep   2002
Thiessen               Edward A.                 11Jan   2002
Thiessen               Irma J.                   12Mar   2002
Thiessen               John D.                   24Apr   2002
Thiessen               Lena (Neufeld)             9Feb   2002
Thimmesch              Clara                     25Sep   2002
Thimmesch              Clara                     26Sep   2002
Thirtle                Marjorie                   1Jul   2002
Thirtle                Marjorie                  30Jun   2002
Thole                  Kathryn Schimpf           23Feb   2002
Tholen                 Oleeva                    23Jan   2002
Thom                   Edna Earle                28Feb   2002
Thomas                 Agnes P.                  20Sep   2002
Thomas                 Alegria Marquita          23Oct   2002
Thomas                 Charles Ray               16Nov   2002
Thomas                 Deanna D.  "Dee"          26Jun   2002
Thomas                 Delores Jean "Tudy"        1Feb   2002
Thomas                 Delores Jean "Tudy"        2Feb   2002
Thomas                 Emil James                29Mar   2002
Thomas                 Emmett J.                 23May   2002
Thomas                 Erma                       4Jan   2002
Thomas                 Gail Earnest              28May   2002
Thomas                 George Walker              8Nov   2002
Thomas                 Glen D.                   28Jul   2002
Thomas                 Glen W.  "Tommy"           7Aug   2002
Thomas                 Irene L.  (Whitney)       25Feb   2002
Thomas                 James H.  "Paycheck"      24Aug   2002
Thomas                 James H.  "Paycheck"      25Aug   2002
Thomas                 Jason Scott               12Jan   2002
Thomas                 Jason Scott               13Jan   2002
Thomas                 Kenneth                   30Oct   2002
Thomas                 Lewis Gilbert              1Jun   2002
Thomas                 Lewis Gilbert              2Jun   2002
Thomas                 Lila Jean                 21Jul   2002
Thomas                 Margaret A.               17Jul   2002
Thomas                 Marie Schauf              22Jul   2002
Thomas                 Marilyn J.                17Jan   2002
Thomas                 Mary E.                    3Oct   2002
Thomas                 Mary J.                    3Sep   2002
Thomas                 Orvilla J.                 6Jan   2002
Thomas                 Orvilla J.                 7Jan   2002
Thomas                 Pauline M.                 7May   2002
Thomas                 Raymond A.                13Jan   2002
Thomas                 Raymond A.                14Jan   2002
Thomas                 Richard H.  "Rick"        23May   2002
Thomas                 Ruth A.                   12Aug   2002
Thomas                 Vesta M.                  10Jul   2002
Thomas                 Vesta M.                  11Jul   2002
Thomas                 Vesta M.                  12Jul   2002
Thomas-Jackson         Renee' Elaine              5Mar   2002
Thomas-Jackson         Renee' Elaine              7Mar   2002
Thomason               Dorothy V.  Webb          14Aug   2002
Thomason               Norman D.                  1Jan   2002
Thompson               Anna Ilene                11Dec   2002
Thompson               Anna Ilene                12Dec   2002
Thompson               Arthur J.  Jr.            25Feb   2002
Thompson               Bernita J.  "Bernie"      22Dec   2002
Thompson               Carolyn Sue               15Nov   2002
Thompson               Charles Norris "Skeet"    23Apr   2002
Thompson               Chester A.                28Jul   2002
Thompson               Christine E.              12Feb   2002
Thompson               Delbert Jacob             13Jun   2002
Thompson               Dorethea Louise           23Apr   2002
Thompson               Edith J.  "Edythe"         3Jan   2002
Thompson               Edith J.  "Edythe"         4Jan   2002
Thompson               Elmer R.                   5Jan   2002
Thompson               Floyd G.                  23Nov   2002
Thompson               Frances Mildred           17Feb   2002
Thompson               George                    16Dec   2002
Thompson               George                    17Dec   2002
Thompson               Gerald D.                 11Aug   2002
Thompson               Gerald D.                 12Aug   2002
Thompson               Helen Arlene              13Dec   2002
Thompson               Herman Guy "Bo"            7Jun   2002
Thompson               James M.                   5May   2002
Thompson               Janette                   16Apr   2002
Thompson               John M.                    8May   2002
Thompson               Joy Warren                13Nov   2002
Thompson               Katie (Fraser)             5Jan   2002
Thompson               LaVern L.  (Ludlum)       22Jul   2002
Thompson               Lucile                    15May   2002
Thompson               Lynn L.                    8Nov   2002
Thompson               Marie A.                  14Sep   2002
Thompson               Marilyn M.                 6Dec   2002
Thompson               Marvin G.                  8Jan   2002
Thompson               Mary Margaret              8Mar   2002
Thompson               Myrrl Faye (Beedles) "D   21Dec   2002
Thompson               Norma M.                  26Mar   2002
Thompson               Norman Eugene              7Jul   2002
Thompson               Norman Lewis              19Mar   2002
Thompson               Park Ellis                23Dec   2002
Thompson               Park Ellis                24Dec   2002
Thompson               Patricia A.               27Sep   2002
Thompson               Patsy A.                  20Nov   2002
Thompson               R.C.  "Dick"              29Jul   2002
Thompson               Raymond W.                25May   2002
Thompson               Robert Jerald "Bob"        5Jun   2002
Thompson               Scott David               12Jul   2002
Thompson               Shirley (Anderson)        15Dec   2002
Thompson               Stella Fern               18Jul   2002
Thompson               Wilma Arlene              11Mar   2002
Thomsen                Emoline "Sue"             21Oct   2002
Thomsen                Emoline "Sue"             22Oct   2002
Thomsen                Henry V.                  29Apr   2002
Thoreson               Beverly Jane               2Jan   2002
Thornburg              James H.                  22Feb   2002
Thornburg              James H.                  23Feb   2002
Thornburg              Josephine Almeda          13Apr   2002
Thorne                 Stanley Wallick           28Aug   2002
Thornton               Grace A.                   7Apr   2002
Thornton               Grenetta June (Royster)   14May   2002
Thornton               Grenetta June (Royster)   15May   2002
Thornton               Harold G.                 20Oct   2002
Thornton               Mary L                    23Nov   2002
Thornton               Paget W.                  29May   2002
Thornton               Paget W.                  31May   2002
Thornton               Ruth D.                    7Oct   2002
Thorp                  Linda J.                   6Jan   2002
Thorp                  Linda J.                   7Jan   2002
Thorp                  Linda Jean                 5Jan   2002
Thrasher               Nadine                    21Apr   2002
Threlfall              Paul                      10May   2002
Threlfall              Paul Duane                11May   2002
Throndson              James A.  "Red"            4Apr   2002
Thronton               Virgil D.  "Sonny"        18May   2002
Thurman                Bertha M.                 21Oct   2002
Thurman                Janice Lynn               28Aug   2002
Thurman                Janice Lynn               30Aug   2002
Thyfault               Claranda E.                8Nov   2002
Ticer                  LaRue Whitlow             23Aug   2002
Tickle                 Evelyn Lavena             19Feb   2002
Tidwell                Arlene Evelyn              7Jun   2002
Tidwell                Elois Coreen              16Jun   2002
Tiemeier               Ella Mabel                29Apr   2002
Tieszen                Milton L.                 19Jul   2002
Tieszen                Walter E.                 24Nov   2002
Tieszen                Walter E.                 29Nov   2002
Tiffany                George E.  IIII            4Sep   2002
Tiger                  Riley G.  "Beans"          8Aug   2002
Tihen                  Joseph Anton              19Nov   2002
Tilford                Lloyd Lee                 12Sep   2002
Till                   Travis Michael            12Jul   2002
Tillery                Donald Richard            25Jan   2002
Tilley                 Fran A.                   22Jan   2002
Tillman                Wilda E.                   1Sep   2002
Timken                 Maulcie Jones              2Apr   2002
Timmerman              Lyle L.                   14Aug   2002
Timmons                Garnette (Lawrence)        1Nov   2002
Timmons                Garnette (Lawrence)       31Oct   2002
Timmons                Gladys Geraldine           5Mar   2002
Timmons                Retta Lee                  9May   2002
Timmons                Retta Lee                 10May   2002
Tincher                Luella E.                 13Jan   2002
Tinsley                Mary Louise (Hahn)         2Jul   2002
Tipps                  James O.  D.D.S.          22Jan   2002
Tipton                 Aron L.                   12Jun   2002
Tipton                 Aron L.                   13Jun   2002
Tipton                 Bernice Irene             16Oct   2002
Tipton                 Opal Rhe                  30Apr   2002
Tipton                 Pearl Olivia              23Jul   2002
Titsworth              Harold W.                  4Jul   2002
Titze                  Erwin Joseph              17Mar   2002
Titze                  Erwin Joseph              19Mar   2002
Tjaden                 John Henry                22Nov   2002
Tjaden                 John Henry                23Nov   2002
Tjaden                 John Henry                24Nov   2002
Tobald                 Irene M.                  22Jun   2002
Tobald                 Lorene M.                 23Jun   2002
Tobias                 Berniece M.  (Prester)     3Aug   2002
Tobias                 Evelyn E.                 11Mar   2002
Todd                   Edward Jerry              15Aug   2002
Todd                   James Lafayette "Pat"      5Mar   2002
Toepfer                Janet Ruth                12Oct   2002
Toews                  Zeanna L.                 13Sep   2002
Togba                  Joseph Nagbe              21Jun   2002
Toland                 Ina Maye                  18Dec   2002
Toland                 Victoria S.                5May   2002
Tolbert                Catherine Marguerite (W   21May   2002
Tolbert                Catherine Marguerite (W   22May   2002
Tole                   Charlotte                 10Mar   2002
Toler                  Helen B.                  16Dec   2002
Toles                  Doroles Virginia           6Sep   2002
Tolles                 Burnett W.                13Dec   2002
Tolliver               Hazel F.  Meeks           31Dec   2002
Tolson                 Norma M.                  10Jun   2002
Tomlin                 Betty                     19Jul   2002
Tomlins                Ruth M.                   31Dec   2002
Tomlinson              Richard                    1Jul   2002
Tomlinson              Richard                   30Jun   2002
Tompkins               Catherine V.              27Feb   2002
Tompkins               Catherine V.              28Feb   2002
Tomrdle                Rose                      18Jun   2002
Toney                  MaeBelle                  22Mar   2002
Tonn                   Gilbert                   15Aug   2002
Torbey                 Barbra                     8Sep   2002
Torborg                Bernice                   12Sep   2002
Torline                Joe                        6Jan   2002
Tornquist              Velma                     17Oct   2002
Torres                 Hugo Jaime                 8Apr   2002
Torrez                 Tony L.                   28Oct   2002
Tosh                   Joe                       14Jan   2002
Tosh                   Joe H.                    15Jan   2002
Tosh                   Joe H.                    16Jan   2002
Tosh                   Joe H.                    17Jan   2002
Tostik                 Lois J.                   24Sep   2002
Totman                 Mirrel L.                 14Dec   2002
Totten                 Rebecca "Becky"           12May   2002
Tousignant             Robert J.                 27Oct   2002
Towers                 Katy Lee                   1Dec   2002
Towers                 Katy Lee                  24Nov   2002
Town                   Robert "Bob"               3Mar   2002
Townley                Dean Edwin                14Feb   2002
Townsend               Marshawn D'Ron            24Jun   2002
Townsend               Robby W.  "Rob"            5Apr   2002
Townsend               Thelma V.                 18Jan   2002
Townsends              Helen Beatrice             3Oct   2002
Townsley               Robert S.                 11Nov   2002
Toy                    Ted                       25Apr   2002
Track                  Rutholea                  15Jan   2002
Tracy                  Eva                       28Sep   2002
Traffas                Leona C.                   5Sep   2002
Trafford               Judith A.                 10Nov   2002
Trager                 Forrest H.                24Jan   2002
Trammell               Charlotte Ann             27Jan   2002
Trantham               Agnes M.                  25Dec   2002
Trantham               Kenneth R.                25Dec   2002
Trapp                  Harold R.                 19Nov   2002
Travis                 Paul E.  Sr.               7Sep   2002
Traylor                Loren E.                   8Feb   2002
Traylor                Lyle D.  "Mutt"           25Oct   2002
Treadway               Theresa Ann "Teri" (Tho    5Sep   2002
Trear                  John M.                   23Apr   2002
Treaster               Steven D.                 15Feb   2002
Treaster-Von Fange     Scott Allen               13Nov   2002
Treat                  Jill Elizabeth             1Mar   2002
Tredway                Joseph G.                 30Apr   2002
Tregellas              Gene                       5Mar   2002
Trego                  Fern E.                   27Mar   2002
Trekell                Mark Edward               19Oct   2002
Tremblay               Emile M.                  12Apr   2002
Tremblay               Maryrose B.                3Feb   2002
Trembley               Adrian A.                  4Jun   2002
Trembley               Ralph G.                  24Dec   2002
Trent                  Donald Duane               6Sep   2002
Trent                  Donna M.  (Dellinger)     10Nov   2002
Trent                  Forrest James "Jim"        4Sep   2002
Trent                  Genevieve                 23Feb   2002
Trent                  Thelma V.                 20Dec   2002
Trezise                Willard E.                21Jan   2002
Triana                 Rutila S.  "Rudie"        26Feb   2002
Triana                 Rutila S.  "Rudie"        27Feb   2002
Triboulet              James Loyd "Jim"           8Jul   2002
Trice                  Ronald Robert              4Dec   2002
Trice                  Ronald Robert              6Dec   2002
Trimble                Jessie Len                23Oct   2002
Trimmell               E.D.  "Gene"               6Jan   2002
Trimmell               Gerald L.                 21Mar   2002
Trimmell               Pearl Edna (Sproat)       12Apr   2002
Trimmell               Pearl Edna (Sproat)       13Apr   2002
Trimmell               Pearl Edna (Sproat)       14Apr   2002
Trimmer                Henrietta                 12Apr   2002
Trinkle                Larry Joe                  8Jun   2002
Triplitt               Denise R.                 28Dec   2002
Tripp                  Chris "C.J."              23Sep   2002
Trobaugh               Raymond H.                 3Oct   2002
Troja                  Ruby White                10Jul   2002
Troll                  Fred Millard              11Jan   2002
Trollope               Naomi Irene               28Jan   2002
Trollope               Ruby A.                   30Nov   2002
Tronsgard              Raymond C.  "Bud"         30Dec   2002
Trostle                Wilma Ruth                29Apr   2002
Trousdell              Lee MacNeill              19Dec   2002
Trousdell              Lee MacNeill              20Dec   2002
Troutman               Evelyn Darlene            18Apr   2002
Troutman               Goldena E.  (Fields)      29Dec   2002
Trowbridge             Donald Louis               8Nov   2002
Troxel                 Dorothy J.                22Oct   2002
Troyer                 Naomi R.  "Peggy"         22Feb   2002
Truax                  Lula A.                   21Aug   2002
Trudo                  Roy M.                    23Apr   2002
Trueblood              Hazel C.                  23Mar   2002
Trukken                R.S.  "Critter"           21Mar   2002
Truog                  Otto N.  (Rev.)           31May   2002
Tryon                  Edwin L.                   3Mar   2002
Tucker                 Betty June                 7Apr   2002
Tucker                 Cleta E.                  26Feb   2002
Tucker                 Cleta E.                  27Feb   2002
Tucker                 Dorothy M.                23Jun   2002
Tucker                 Fred                      25Dec   2002
Tucker                 Jason Edward              31Jul   2002
Tucker                 Laura Violet              16Jan   2002
Tucker                 Margaret Jane             14Jul   2002
Tucker                 Mildred                   28Dec   2002
Tucker                 Ralph S.                  13Oct   2002
Tucker                 Rose Arlene               25Jul   2002
Tucker                 Tom Neal                  16Apr   2002
Tucker                 Tracy G.                   3Aug   2002
Tuell                  Milton E.                 17Oct   2002
Tuell                  Milton E.                 18Oct   2002
Tuggle                 Bessie Adamson            15Apr   2002
Tull                   Robert E.  "Bob"          10Jan   2002
Turkle                 Dorothy R.                10Oct   2002
Turley                 Misao                     28Mar   2002
Turley                 Pauline Wanetta Taylor    25Dec   2002
Turley                 Pauline Wanetta Taylor    27Dec   2002
Turley                 William Eugene             3Sep   2002
Turnball               Mary E.                   29Jul   2002
Turnbull               Darrell K.                 5Oct   2002
Turner                 Barbara J.                 1Sep   2002
Turner                 Betty Joan                22Jul   2002
Turner                 Doris J.                  10May   2002
Turner                 Florence "Patsy"          15Jul   2002
Turner                 Floyd (Rev.)              18Jan   2002
Turner                 Gary G.                   14Dec   2002
Turner                 Gwendolyn Faye            30Dec   2002
Turner                 H.  Lee                   12Dec   2002
Turner                 Juanita                    5Aug   2002
Turner                 Juanita P.  (Kline)       27Oct   2002
Turner                 Judy "Lynne"              10Dec   2002
Turner                 Lewis M.  "Slick"         10Nov   2002
Turner                 Merle E.  (Burgess)       27Apr   2002
Turner                 Mildred Lorene            23Oct   2002
Turner                 Viola Lois (Mullins)      24Feb   2002
Turner                 Viola Lois (Mullins)      25Feb   2002
Turner                 Wilma B.                  19Nov   2002
Tussey                 Oliver A.                  7Feb   2002
Tuttle                 H.  Richard               22Oct   2002
Tuttle                 Kermit B.                 14Jan   2002
Tuttle                 Kermit B.                 15Jan   2002
Tuxhorn                Boyd Dean                  5Feb   2002
Tuzicka                Fred M.  (Fr.)            11Mar   2002
Twitchell              Betty Lou                 29Mar   2002
Twitchell              John Albert               20Aug   2002
Twombly                Ellen Francis             17Jan   2002
Tyler                  Tiney Dee                 19Apr   2002
Tyner                  Betty Jean                12Oct   2002
Tyree                  James W.                  26Mar   2002
Tyrell                 Harry Pooch               11Jun   2002
Tyson                  Bryan Patrick "B.T."      19Sep   2002


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