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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of scrapbooks in their library that contain obituaries cut from The Wichita Eagle. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks. If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each name and we will abstract the information for you. Mail the name of the person you wish the information on, the year, the date (if given) and the page number it appears on (if given) to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. Please include your e-mail address if you have one.

Index courtesy of Bill Pennington.

Index of Wichita Eagle Obituaries 2002









       SURNAME               FIRST NAME       DATE
Pace                   Bernice                    9Feb  2002
Pace                   Burgess "Bill"            31Jan  2002
Packer                 Glenn Edgar "Sonny"       21May  2002
Paddock                Verna L.                  25Dec  2002
Padgett                William L.  "Bill" (Dr.    1Nov  2002
Padgett                William L.  "Bill" (Dr.   30Oct  2002
Padgett                William L.  "Bill" (Dr.   31Oct  2002
Padgham                Stanley Frank              3Apr  2002
Padilla                Arturo                    22Feb  2002
Paepke                 John Edward "Mike"        15Jan  2002
Page                   Aaron Allen (Sgt.)        22Feb  2002
Page                   Gary B.                   22Feb  2002
Page                   James F.  Sr.             22Aug  2002
Page                   Jim C.                    19Aug  2002
Page                   Kevin Ray                 16Mar  2002
Page                   Kevin Ray                 17Mar  2002
Page                   Mary Clare Utz            23Feb  2002
Page                   Ruby L.                   12Nov  2002
Page                   Ruby L.                   13Nov  2002
Pagenkopf              Brian                      2Nov  2002
Pagenkopf              Brian                      3Nov  2002
Paige                  Nellie M.                 15May  2002
Paine                  Dwight S.                  7Feb  2002
Paine                  Frances                   31Jan  2002
Painter                Rose                       7Nov  2002
Painter                Rose                       8Nov  2002
Pajack                 Helen Elaine              25May  2002
Palacio                Louis Eusebio             17May  2002
Palacio                Louis Eusebio             18May  2002
Palacio                Louis Eusebio             19May  2002
Palacio                Ronald Rey                 1Jul  2002
Palacio                Ronald Rey                30Jun  2002
Palen                  Benedict T.               16Aug  2002
Palen                  Benedict T.               17Aug  2002
Palin                  Leona                      4Apr  2002
Palma                  J.  Nicole (Sheppard)      7Oct  2002
Palmer                 Benjamin "Frank"           8Jul  2002
Palmer                 Dale L.                   15May  2002
Palmer                 Floyd Irvin               11Jan  2002
Palmer                 Hazel F.                  24Nov  2002
Palmer                 Olive L.                  10Aug  2002
Palmer                 Robert L.                 17Mar  2002
Panek                  Gerald L.  "Bear"          4May  2002
Panek                  Leona C.  "Blondie"       16Feb  2002
Panish                 Jean                       1Dec  2002
Panish                 Jean                      30Nov  2002
Pankow                 Milton A.                 22May  2002
Pankratz               Ella M.                    7Feb  2002
Pankratz               George G.                 25Dec  2002
Pankratz               Harry G.                  27Sep  2002
Pankratz               Richard A.                12Dec  2002
Pannell                Curtis L.                 23Oct  2002
Panning                Elsie O.                   8Jun  2002
Papen                  Robert N.  "Bob"          10May  2002
Papenhaus              Hilda I.                  12Feb  2002
Paris                  John Robert                6Mar  2002
Parish                 Doyce Glen                24Mar  2002
Parish                 Doyce Glen                26Mar  2002
Park                   Dorothy Louise             6Jan  2002
Park                   Velma (McPhail)           20Aug  2002
Parker                 Aldon L.                  26Sep  2002
Parker                 Clyde Richard              4Dec  2002
Parker                 Florence J.               23Sep  2002
Parker                 Florence J.               24Sep  2002
Parker                 Jeanne                    26Jun  2002
Parker                 Kathryn E.                 5Jul  2002
Parker                 Kerrie D.  "Sis"          16Mar  2002
Parker                 Lorene M.  (Schoeppel)    12Mar  2002
Parker                 Lorene M.  (Schoeppel)    13Mar  2002
Parker                 Verda Faye                16Jan  2002
Parker-Peck            Virginia Marie            16Jun  2002
Parker-Peck            Virginia Marie            20Jun  2002
Parker-Peck            Virginia Marie (Schulz)    2Jun  2002
Parkins                Mildred M.                11Oct  2002
Parks                  Alfred Leroy Sr.          16Apr  2002
Parks                  Alfred Leroy Sr.  "The    17Apr  2002
Parks                  Aubrey Lynn               26Feb  2002
Parks                  Franklin LeRoy (Dode)      6Nov  2002
Parks                  Lonney Dean                9Jun  2002
Parks                  Roger E.                   2Apr  2002
Parks                  Su K.                      8May  2002
Parks                  Victoria S.               26Jul  2002
Parmenter              Dan R.                     5Oct  2002
Parmenter              Mildred E.                21Apr  2002
Parnell                Faith Elaine (Duskey)     18Mar  2002
Parr                   Harlan R.                 11Apr  2002
Parr                   Marilynn June              1Apr  2002
Parr                   Marilynn June              2Apr  2002
Parr                   Marilynn June             31Mar  2002
Parr                   Riley Dillman             30Aug  2002
Parr                   Roberta                    8Mar  2002
Parris                 Velma Lee                 11Dec  2002
Parrish                Debbie N.                  1Nov  2002
Parrish                James R.                   4Sep  2002
Parrish                Jerry Eugene               3Mar  2002
Parrish                Owen S.  Jr.              17Mar  2002
Parrott                Mary M.  "Polly"          23Apr  2002
Parsley                Harold James               8Jul  2002
Parsley                Harold James               9Jul  2002
Parson                 James C.  Sr.              6Apr  2002
Parson                 James C.  Sr.              7Apr  2002
Parson                 Madeline Irene            16Sep  2002
Parson                 Madeline Irene            17Sep  2002
Parsons                Erma Ida                  19Sep  2002
Parsons                Ilene                      1Sep  2002
Parsons                Raymond H.                17Apr  2002
Parsons                Samuel Dale               17Feb  2002
Parsons                Sophie (Scheuerman)       28Sep  2002
Parsons                Sophie (Scheuerman)       29Sep  2002
Parzybok               Samuel F.                 11Jan  2002
Parzybok               Samuel F.                 12Jan  2002
Paschal                Wallace F.  "Wally"       28Mar  2002
Paschal                Wallace F.  "Wally"       29Mar  2002
Passauer               Jack D.                   16May  2002
Patchett               Emily Elizabeth           28Dec  2002
Patchett               Orville P.                24Aug  2002
Patchett               Orville P.                27Aug  2002
Patchett               Verle Noble "Slim"        13Jan  2002
Pate                   Susie A.                   9Oct  2002
Patel                  Lalji N.                  30Aug  2002
Patel                  Nikita                    25Feb  2002
Patenaude              Robert Joseph Sr.          8Jun  2002
Patenaude              Robert Joseph Sr.          9Jun  2002
Paton                  Bertha I.                 11Sep  2002
Paton                  William Maurice           22Jan  2002
Patrick                Clarence V.               29Sep  2002
Patrick                George Allen               2Nov  2002
Patrick                Janet (Hephner)           30Aug  2002
Patry                  Albert J.                 26Dec  2002
Patry                  Mary Eloise               26Jun  2002
Patry                  Maxine L.  (DuRall)       17Aug  2002
Patry                  Maxine L.  (DuRall)       18Aug  2002
Patten                 Effie Marie               23Dec  2002
Patterson              Alice Marie "Wally"       21Apr  2002
Patterson              C.  Richard                6Jul  2002
Patterson              Edgar Milton "Pat"        21Apr  2002
Patterson              Frances L.                30Jan  2002
Patterson              Glen E.                    7Apr  2002
Patterson              Glen E.                    8Apr  2002
Patterson              Helen J.                   3May  2002
Patterson              Irene Ruth                16Sep  2002
Patterson              L.  Gene                  24Sep  2002
Patterson              L.  Gene                  25Sep  2002
Patterson              L.  Gene                  26Sep  2002
Patterson              Lorrene M.                 7May  2002
Patterson              Mary F.                   28Dec  2002
Patterson              Mary F.                   29Dec  2002
Patterson              Michael Patrick            2May  2002
Patterson              Orpha P.                  28Dec  2002
Patterson              Tyler James               26May  2002
Patton                 Brittney Dawn             22Dec  2002
Patton                 Frances Nadene             3Aug  2002
Patton                 Harry Eugene               6Feb  2002
Patton                 Irvin                     26Dec  2002
Patty                  Ruth Lillian               5Jan  2002
Pauda                  Marcelino B.  Sr.          4Jun  2002
Paul                   Donna J.                   6Jul  2002
Paul                   Leita M.                  24Apr  2002
Paul                   Shahroon Joshua            9Jul  2002
Pauley                 Larry Lee                 25Jan  2002
Paulk                  Addie Mae Walters         23May  2002
Pauls                  John R.                    3Sep  2002
Pauls                  Lilly                      2Feb  2002
Paulson                Marjorie L.               13Feb  2002
Pawlak                 Jeremy M.                 28Jan  2002
Paxson                 Delores Joann             13Oct  2002
Paxton                 Elsie O.  (Courtney)      21Jul  2002
Paxton                 Mary L.                    7Sep  2002
Paxton                 Mary L.                    8Sep  2002
Paxton                 Ray                       27Dec  2002
Paxton                 Sylvia Mae                 3May  2002
Payne                  Beulah V.  "Vickie"       13Aug  2002
Payne                  Beulah V.  "Vickie"       14Aug  2002
Payne                  Harold Dean               20Sep  2002
Payne                  Judith A.  "Judy"         10Oct  2002
Payne                  M.  Ruth                   4Mar  2002
Payne                  M.  Ruth                   5Mar  2002
Payne                  Nelson Wackerle            3Feb  2002
Payne                  Nelson Wackerle           30Jan  2002
Payne                  Roy J.                     4Nov  2002
Payne                  Roy J.                     5Nov  2002
Peace                  James Virgil              20Mar  2002
Peacock                Glenn J.                  18Apr  2002
Peak                   Lillian                   24Feb  2002
Peak                   Robert L.                 11Jul  2002
Peak                   Vickie J.                  5Dec  2002
Pearce                 Dorothy Ellen (Davis)      1Aug  2002
Pearce                 Dorothy Ellen (Davis)      2Aug  2002
Pearce                 Euline                     9Jul  2002
Pearl                  Cleo A.                    3Jan  2002
Pearson                Charles David              8Sep  2002
Pearson                Margaret H.               24Nov  2002
Pearson-Mast           Clara Alice               19Jan  2002
Pecha                  Eugene R.  "Gene"         17Apr  2002
Pecha                  Eugene R.  "Gene"         18Apr  2002
Pecinovsky             Agnes                     18Mar  2002
Peck                   Claudine M.               17Jan  2002
Peck                   Claudine M.               18Jan  2002
Peck                   Cletus M.  Gegen           5Apr  2002
Peck                   Cletus M.  Gegen           6Apr  2002
Peck                   Ruth Alvera (Brewer)       9May  2002
Peck                   Vernon                     5May  2002
Peckham                Mildred Carol Sharp       17Jan  2002
Peden                  Billy R.                  19Sep  2002
Peden                  F.  Myrtle                21Feb  2002
Pedrolie               Estelle M.                 8Jan  2002
Peeples                Billy Ray                  3May  2002
Peers                  Rose Mary                  3Jan  2002
Peery                  Carolyn R.                29Sep  2002
Peirce                 Anna                      27Nov  2002
Pekarek                Carrie Lee                30Apr  2002
Pelley                 William C.  "Bill"        12May  2002
Pelnar                 Rodena Schultz "Dena"     23Nov  2002
Pelton                 Lowell H.                  8Jan  2002
Pena                   Dorothy E.                11Dec  2002
Pence                  Alvah Wayne               27Sep  2002
Pence                  John W.                    9Jul  2002
Pendleton              Barbara Jean              13Mar  2002
Penka                  Aquinata (Sr.)            20Apr  2002
Penka                  Aquinata (Sr.)            21Apr  2002
Penka                  Quintin J. "Joe" (Ret.    27Feb  2002
Penka                  Victor E.                 13May  2002
Penn                   Della Mae                 29Jan  2002
Penn                   Della Mae                 30Jan  2002
Penna                  Ava Elna (McMasters)       2Jul  2002
Pennell                Ruth I.                   16Jan  2002
Penner                 Alvin C.                  17Feb  2002
Penner                 Clyde L.                   1Sep  2002
Penner                 Clyde L.                   3Sep  2002
Penner                 Selma                     27Feb  2002
Pennick                Bruce L.                   7Oct  2002
Pennick                Bruce L.                   8Oct  2002
Pennington             Anderson Davis             4Dec  2002
Pennington             Carlene M.  (Usrey)       29Oct  2002
Pennington             Robert G.                  6Nov  2002
Pennington             Wade Michael               5Apr  2002
Pennington             Wade Michael               7Apr  2002
Penny                  Betty Lou                 15May  2002
Penny                  Betty Lou                 16May  2002
Penny                  Betty Lou                 17May  2002
Penrod                 Donald L.                 31Dec  2002
Penrod                 Grace E.                   5Apr  2002
Pepper                 Iris I.                   22Jan  2002
Peppers                Bernice Helen             17Nov  2002
Peppers                Bernice Helen             18Nov  2002
Peppers                Bernice Helen             19Nov  2002
Percy                  Margaret Elizabeth         6Mar  2002
Perez                  Anthony P.                24Mar  2002
Perez                  Jessie L.                 24Apr  2002
Perez                  Juanita J.                 7Nov  2002
Perez                  Juanita J.                10Nov  2002
Perez                  Raul                      25Jul  2002
Perkins                Alvin G.                   5Sep  2002
Perkins                Barbara (Wildman)         24Apr  2002
Perkins                Clifford C.               16Dec  2002
Perkins                Clifford C.               17Dec  2002
Perkins                Dale                       9Jan  2002
Perkins                Dale                      10Jan  2002
Perkins                Ruth M.  (Baughman)       24Oct  2002
Perrier                Dorothy Jane               3May  2002
Perrin                 Wayne J.  Jr.  (Dr.)      22Aug  2002
Perry                  Arthur Ellis "Doc"        25Jul  2002
Perry                  Enid Helene               11Aug  2002
Perry                  Joseph M.                  9Aug  2002
Perry                  Maxine Delores             6Dec  2002
Perry                  Robert                    13Dec  2002
Perry                  Ronald William            17May  2002
Perser                 Shirley Ann                3Feb  2002
Persinger              Margaret A.  (Dyer)       18Jul  2002
Peschka                Sylvester J.  "Butch"     14Jan  2002
Peter                  Larry R.                  29Sep  2002
Peters                 Betty L.  Stone            3Jan  2002
Peters                 Francis C.  "Pete"        17Apr  2002
Peters                 Heather McClary Dawn       5May  2002
Peters                 Julia S.                  31Aug  2002
Peters                 Kenneth Dean              29May  2002
Peters                 Luella M.                 29Mar  2002
Peters                 Mable I.                   4Apr  2002
Peters                 Mable I.                   5Apr  2002
Peters                 Noel W.                   18Sep  2002
Peters                 Norma Joan Burlingame "   30Jan  2002
Peters                 Ralph Henry               17May  2002
Peters                 Rosa E.  (Bergen)          3Apr  2002
Peters                 Rosa E.  (Bergen)          4Apr  2002
Petersen               Dorothy F.                18Aug  2002
Petersen               Dorothy F.                19Aug  2002
Petersen               John Sr.  "Jack"          26Jan  2002
Petersen               John Sr.  "Jack"          27Jan  2002
Petersen               Lenise Dee                 3Oct  2002
Petersilie             Charles H.                28Nov  2002
Peterson               C.  Earl                  27Jul  2002
Peterson               Cordon Lowell             15Jan  2002
Peterson               Delma Ada                 12Dec  2002
Peterson               Dorothy Grace             30Apr  2002
Peterson               Erma F.                   25Nov  2002
Peterson               Gordon Lowell             16Jan  2002
Peterson               H.  Donald                 7Mar  2002
Peterson               Hilda Tina                14Sep  2002
Peterson               Ingeborg E.               14Apr  2002
Peterson               Jan J.  (Jeurink)          5Jan  2002
Peterson               Joe                       15Oct  2002
Peterson               Joe Hall                  21Feb  2002
Peterson               Larry J.  (Dr.)           13Aug  2002
Peterson               Marland M.                30Mar  2002
Peterson               Marland M.                31Mar  2002
Peterson               Mary J.                   19Mar  2002
Petrie                 Betty Lucille             11Aug  2002
Petry                  Kelly Rae                 19Aug  2002
Pettegrew-Beheler      Ethel Marie Gabbert        9Aug  2002
Pettegrew-Beheler      Ethel Marie Gabbert       10Aug  2002
Pettegrew-Beheler      Ethel Marie Gabbert       11Aug  2002
Petterson              O'Ruth Sisk                8Jul  2002
Petterson              O'Ruth Sisk                9Jul  2002
Petterson              O'Ruth Sisk               10Jul  2002
Petty                  Anna Lura                 16Oct  2002
Petty                  Charles Adrith Jr.        18May  2002
Pettyjohn              Milton Franklin "Frank"   28Jan  2002
Peyton                 Richard L.                 6Jun  2002
Pfalser                Margaret                  22Feb  2002
Pfanenstiel            Ronald Paul               21Jul  2002
Pfannenstiel           Irene Graf                14May  2002
Pfannenstiel           Rira Mary                 10Jan  2002
Pfeifer                Miles Willis               6Mar  2002
Pfeifer                Tillie                    18Aug  2002
Pfister                Phyllis                   22Dec  2002
Pflaser                Margaret                  21Feb  2002
Pfortmiller            Loretta                   31Aug  2002
Pham                   Ngor Phuong Thi           21Jun  2002
Phelan                 John F.                   17Dec  2002
Philip                 Jacqulyn "Jacquie"        16Jun  2002
Phillips               B.L.  "Lee"               12Jul  2002
Phillips               Barbara L.                 8Nov  2002
Phillips               Betty Jean                13Nov  2002
Phillips               Betty Jean                14Nov  2002
Phillips               Clyde A.                  14Dec  2002
Phillips               Darlene M.                13Mar  2002
Phillips               Darrell Wayne              2Mar  2002
Phillips               Earl M.                   15Mar  2002
Phillips               Edith Nelda               30Sep  2002
Phillips               Eugene J.  "Gene"         27Mar  2002
Phillips               Eula M.                   29May  2002
Phillips               Eva L.                    21Sep  2002
Phillips               Faith S.                  31Dec  2002
Phillips               Harold F.                  3Jul  2002
Phillips               Harold W.                  8Jan  2002
Phillips               Helen Louise               9May  2002
Phillips               Helen Louise              30Apr  2002
Phillips               Irma Jane                 21Oct  2002
Phillips               Janet May                 19Jul  2002
Phillips               Marvin Keith              22May  2002
Phillips               Marvin Keith              23May  2002
Phillips               Mary F.  "Janey"           7Jul  2002
Phillips               Mary Grace                21Jul  2002
Phillips               Mildred Marie             11Nov  2002
Phillips               Orva Lee                   2Nov  2002
Phillips               Otis Orville              19Jun  2002
Phillips               Robert L.  "Les"           9Oct  2002
Phillips               Roy R.                    25Mar  2002
Phillips               Roy R.                    26Mar  2002
Phillips               Roy R.                    27Mar  2002
Phillips               Ruth G.                   15Dec  2002
Phillips               Ruth G.                   16Dec  2002
Phillips               Ruth J.                    2Feb  2002
Phillips               Ruth Jeannette             1Feb  2002
Phillips               Ruth Jenny                30Dec  2002
Phillips               Thelma Ruth               14Sep  2002
Phillips               W.  Forrest "Bill"        15Feb  2002
Phillips               William Earl              11Aug  2002
Phillips               William F.  "Bill"         3Jul  2002
Philpot                Helen Eileene             29Oct  2002
Phinney                Ina B.                    23Nov  2002
Phye                   Francis Miles Sr.          8Jun  2002
Phye                   Jesse E.  "Buck"          10Aug  2002
Pianalto               Elmer Lee                 23Nov  2002
Piatt                  Diane A.                  16Feb  2002
Piatt                  Diane A.                  17Feb  2002
Piatt                  Diane A.                  18Feb  2002
Piatt                  Diane A.                  19Feb  2002
Piatt                  Diane A.                  20Feb  2002
Picard                 Dennis R.                  8Dec  2002
Pickard                Carline E.                 5Aug  2002
Pickard                Dennis Lemont III         22Sep  2002
Pickerill              Roy E.                    26Mar  2002
Pickert                Erica B.                  11Oct  2002
Pickett                Esther B.                 28Mar  2002
Pickett                Skyler Noah                4Jun  2002
Picking                Donna P.                  13Jul  2002
Pierce                 Betty R.                  26Mar  2002
Pierce                 James R.                  19Dec  2002
Pierce                 Laura                     21Mar  2002
Pierce                 Laura Wick                23Mar  2002
Pierce                 Marie Florence (Lackey)   17Jan  2002
Pierce                 Marie Florence (Lackey)   18Jan  2002
Pierce                 Mildred A.                11Jun  2002
Pierce                 Neva L.  (Schlingloff)     7Nov  2002
Pierce                 Patricia Rose Smith        8Sep  2002
Pierce                 William F.  "Bill"         8Sep  2002
Piersall               Bernice Jannette           8Aug  2002
Pierson                Edna C.                   14Jul  2002
Pierson                George Curtis              8May  2002
Pierson                Joseph E.                  1Jul  2002
Pierson                Joseph E.                 30Jun  2002
Pierson                Weir (Dr.)                17Jul  2002
Pierson                Willis Marvin             24May  2002
Pifer                  Larry Dwayne              15Sep  2002
Pike                   Delta F.                   2Oct  2002
Pike                   Delta F.                   6Oct  2002
Pike                   Delta Floy                 1Oct  2002
Pike                   Ellis                      7Jun  2002
Pike                   Ellis Dean                 6Jun  2002
Pike                   Ellis Dean                 7Jun  2002
Pike                   Judy E.                   19Apr  2002
Pike                   Richard Orville           14Aug  2002
Piken                  Bradley E.                16Nov  2002
Pilgrim                Linda L.                   1Jul  2002
Pilgrim                Linda L.                  30Jun  2002
Pilkington             Danny L.                  12Sep  2002
Pina                   Jacqueline G.  "Jackie"    9Jan  2002
Pina                   Mercedes Figueroa "Mech   10Feb  2002
Pinales                Joseph F.                 31May  2002
Pincus                 Rose Marie                11Feb  2002
Pinkerton              Barbara J.                 1Dec  2002
Pinkerton              Bobby Joe (Col.)          27Oct  2002
Pinkerton              Evelyn B.                 26Nov  2002
Pinkerton              Evelyn B.                 27Nov  2002
Pinkerton              George W.  "Pink"         20Aug  2002
Pinkerton              Pauline M.  Ford           8May  2002
Pinkerton              Ray Jr.                    7Jun  2002
Pinkstaff              Lora M.                   28Sep  2002
Pinnick                Floyd V.                  15Jan  2002
Piper                  Albert E.                 15May  2002
Piper                  Arthur Lee "Art"          29Sep  2002
Piper                  Elizabeth L.  "Betty"     29Aug  2002
Piper                  Lori                      26Nov  2002
Piper                  Mickey L.                 14Feb  2002
Piper                  Shirley Ruth              11Aug  2002
Pippin                 Murray Wayne               9Mar  2002
Pirkey                 Jerry Deane               16Jun  2002
Pittman                Violet Irene              14Jul  2002
Pittman                William Marquez Jr.       15Sep  2002
Pitts                  Helen L.  Anderson (Ek)   18Sep  2002
Pitts                  Jonie Jene Phillips       29May  2002
Pitts                  Jonie Jene Phillips       30May  2002
Pitts                  Patricia Joan "Pat"       12Apr  2002
Pitzer                 Hazel Irene                7Sep  2002
Pivonka                Alberta R.                 4Feb  2002
Pizinger               Leonard D.                 3Apr  2002
Pizinger               Leonard D.                 4Apr  2002
Place                  William D.  "Bill"        13Aug  2002
Plante                 Marcella M.                3Oct  2002
Platt                  Joye Dianne               29Jan  2002
Plehal                 Anna V.                   25Jun  2002
Plehal                 Anna V.                   27Jun  2002
Plenert                Etta Mae                  15Nov  2002
Plenert                Etta Mae                  16Nov  2002
Plenert                Norman W.                 12Dec  2002
Pless                  Larry Oneal               19Jan  2002
Pless                  Larry Oneal               20Jan  2002
Ploughe                Thelma N.                 18Jan  2002
Plowman                Andrew Jackson "Andy"      2May  2002
Plowman                Ethel May                 22May  2002
Plumb                  Dempsey Irene (Lewis)     17Jan  2002
Plumb                  Eldred L.                 29Apr  2002
Plumb                  Eldred L.                 30Apr  2002
Plumer                 Clyde L.                  10Mar  2002
Plumley                Steven R.                 30May  2002
Poague                 Dorothy J.                 8Aug  2002
Poague                 Dorothy J.                 9Aug  2002
Poague                 William Edward            29Oct  2002
Pock                   Maisie Marais             28Nov  2002
Poe                    Helen L.                  24Sep  2002
Poe                    Ivan O.                    9Jul  2002
Poe                    Robert J.  "Bob"          17Oct  2002
Poelma                 Golda E.                   9Apr  2002
Poeschel               Mary Frances              20Sep  2002
Poland                 Robert Kenneth "Bob"       6Sep  2002
Polk                   William J.  "Bill"        24Nov  2002
Pollock                Ruth Mary Cole            16Jul  2002
Polster                Libby                     10Jan  2002
Polster                Libby                     11Jan  2002
Polzin                 Helen Althea Fellows Wi    1Mar  2002
Pomeroy                Bobbie Gene                4Oct  2002
Pomeroy                Bobbie Gene                5Oct  2002
Pomeroy                Bobbie Gene                6Oct  2002
Poncelet               Shirley B.                 5Feb  2002
Poncin                 Kenneth E.                12Feb  2002
Poncot                 Wallace                    6Dec  2002
Ponds                  Doris Juanita             23Oct  2002
Ponte                  Ardith "Ardy"              9Feb  2002
Ponte                  Ardith "Ardy"             10Feb  2002
Pontious               Lorraine B.  "Barney"     28Nov  2002
Pool                   Lafunda Deneen            20Jan  2002
Pool                   Lafunda Deneen            23Jan  2002
Pool                   Lafunda Deneen            24Jan  2002
Pool                   Wayne Melvin              16Aug  2002
Poor                   Doris J.                  17Mar  2002
Poor                   Violet Mae                29Jan  2002
Poor                   Violet Mae                31Jan  2002
Poovey                 William Hinckley          11Jan  2002
Pope                   Floyd E.                  13Nov  2002
Pope                   Floyd E.                  14Nov  2002
Pope                   Mattie Ruth               23Jul  2002
Pope                   Mattie Ruth (Munson)      24Jul  2002
Popp                   Larry Allan               18Dec  2002
Popp                   Larry Allan               19Dec  2002
Popp                   Robert E.                 28May  2002
Porter                 Edwin Carl Jr.             1May  2002
Porter                 Raymond F.  "Bobby"       10Nov  2002
Porter                 Ruth I.                    9Dec  2002
Porter                 Ruth I.                   10Dec  2002
Porter                 Sadie L.                  28Sep  2002
Portillo               Candido Eduardo Monroy     9Apr  2002
Posch                  Herman Ernest             18Dec  2002
Poshek                 Neila A.  (Dr.)           19Dec  2002
Post                   Bradley C.                30Nov  2002
Post                   Buddy Lee                 21Dec  2002
Post                   Verna Lee (Decker)        20Aug  2002
Postier                C.H.  "Dutch"             20Nov  2002
Pottebaum              Cletus J.  "Clete" (Col   20Mar  2002
Pottebaum              Cletus J.  "Clete" (Col   21Mar  2002
Pottebaum              Cletus J.  "Clete" (Col   22Mar  2002
Potter                 Alta L.                   14Sep  2002
Potter                 Louise                     7Dec  2002
Potter                 Marcus                     1Dec  2002
Potter                 Marjorie Louise           18Feb  2002
Potter                 Samuel G.                 13Mar  2002
Potter                 Tanya R.  (Nicholson)     23Jul  2002
Potter                 Tanya Renee (Nicholson)   24Jul  2002
Potterton              Cloy May                   5Sep  2002
Potts                  Brooksie C.               24Dec  2002
Potts                  William Grady             23Mar  2002
Potucek                Charles W.  Jr.           29Jul  2002
Poudre                 Mary Lois Ferdon           2Jul  2002
Poulton                Elizabeth Doris "Betty"    7Jun  2002
Powell                 Adami Lo'Rey              21Feb  2002
Powell                 Alice Katie (Trauer)       2Dec  2002
Powell                 Alvin                     20Sep  2002
Powell                 Alvis Marvin              15Oct  2002
Powell                 Alvis Marvin              17Oct  2002
Powell                 Bessie O.                 20Jul  2002
Powell                 Betty Jo                  21Dec  2002
Powell                 David B.  (SSGT)          22Mar  2002
Powell                 Dewey                     23Sep  2002
Powell                 Harold E.  Jr.             4Jul  2002
Powell                 James W.  "Jim"           12Jan  2002
Powell                 James W.  "Jim"           13Jan  2002
Powell                 Julius C.                  7May  2002
Powell                 Kenneth O.                12Dec  2002
Powell                 Lyle D.                   24Oct  2002
Powell                 Robert L.                  8Nov  2002
Powell                 Robert L.  "Bob"          10Nov  2002
Powell                 Roy E.                    31Jan  2002
Powell                 Vonda I.                  31Jul  2002
Powell-DeConink        Frances                   15May  2002
Power                  Harold Keith "Farmer"      4Sep  2002
Powers                 Boyd R.  Jr.              28Mar  2002
Powers                 Charles Calvert            4Dec  2002
Powers                 Darrell Eugene             9Jul  2002
Powers                 Elvin Curtis              22Dec  2002
Powers                 Floyd F.                  26Dec  2002
Powers                 Mary E.                   22Oct  2002
Poynter                Carrol M.  Sr.            13Nov  2002
Pracht                 Fred S.                   21Aug  2002
Prall                  Ruth                       8Aug  2002
Prater                 Maurine Katherine         17Aug  2002
Prather                Vera M.                   14Feb  2002
Prather                Vera M.                   15Feb  2002
Pratt                  Malvina Elizabeth "Mall    6Oct  2002
Pratt                  Shirley J.                 8Feb  2002
Pratt-Smith            Rita P.                    6Jan  2002
Pratt-Smith            Rita P.                   13Jan  2002
Pray                   Bobby R.                  23Apr  2002
Pray                   Edwin Wayne               15Jan  2002
Pray                   Edwin Wayne               16Jan  2002
Pray                   Robert "Bob"              10May  2002
Pray                   Shirley Lee               17Sep  2002
Prechel                Neil Alan                  6Apr  2002
Preisser               Mary Kay (Robben)         17Sep  2002
Preisser               Mary Kay (Robben)         18Sep  2002
Premer                 Grace E.                   9Jun  2002
Premer                 Grace E.                  10Jun  2002
Premer                 LeWayne A.                11Jun  2002
Presley                John G.                   15May  2002
Presley                Katharin Mayree (McKinl    3Dec  2002
Presley                Walter G.                 19Feb  2002
Presser                Sylvia M.  (Huffstedtle   12Jun  2002
Prewitt                Alice F.                  26Jan  2002
Prewo                  Michael E.                15Dec  2002
Pribbenow              Eleanor Louise            31Jul  2002
Priboth                Ruth Pauline              23Oct  2002
Priboth                Ruth Pauline (Sauvain)    24Oct  2002
Priboth                Ruth Pauline (Sauvain)    25Oct  2002
Price                  Agnes L.                  22Oct  2002
Price                  Charles E.  Jr.  "Chuck   26Oct  2002
Price                  Charles E.  Jr.  "Chuck   27Oct  2002
Price                  Charlotte A.               2Jan  2002
Price                  Hazel Arlene               6Mar  2002
Price                  Hazel M.                  27Jun  2002
Price                  Jace Alan                 13Jul  2002
Price                  Jack Lee                  18Aug  2002
Price                  John O.                   27May  2002
Price                  Leon                       6Nov  2002
Price                  Matthew T.                13Aug  2002
Price                  Mildred A.                 9Aug  2002
Price                  Paul W.                   21Apr  2002
Price                  Rena L.                   15Dec  2002
Price                  Richard L.                28May  2002
Price                  Robert Eugene "Bob"       27Nov  2002
Price                  Robert Michael             6Aug  2002
Price                  Stanley B.  Jr.           28Apr  2002
Priceman               Erving H.                 10Feb  2002
Prichard               Arlene Mae                25Sep  2002
Prichard               Arlene Mae                26Sep  2002
Prichard               Arlene Mae                27Sep  2002
Prichard               Brother Leo O.S.B.         9Nov  2002
Prichard               Frances Louise            24Apr  2002
Prichard               Lois Elizabeth (Macy)     31Dec  2002
Prickett               Cecil E.  "Gene"          17Jan  2002
Prideaux               Jean B.                   12Jun  2002
Pridemore              Mary Janettia             16May  2002
Pridemore              Mary Janettia             17May  2002
Prier                  Alta Marie                23Jun  2002
Prince                 Mildred                   22Mar  2002
Pringle                Kenneth W.                 2Aug  2002
Pringle                Kenneth W.                 3Aug  2002
Pringle                Kenneth W.                 4Aug  2002
Printz                 Rose Ila                  26Mar  2002
Pritchard              Delmer Loyd               14May  2002
Pritchett              Geneva Louise             19Jun  2002
Prochaska              Paul J.  Sr.              11Jun  2002
Prochaska              Philip E.  "Phil"         16Nov  2002
Prochazka              Pauline W.                 5Apr  2002
Proffitt               Ralph Wayne               14Aug  2002
Prosser                Arthur Richard Jr.        31Jul  2002
Prosser                Eva Mae                   24Jun  2002
Prosser                Eva May                   22Jun  2002
Prothro                Martha Hurd "Jackie-Swe   25Nov  2002
Prothro                Martha Hurd "Jackie-Swe   26Nov  2002
Proulx                 Todd Allen                 4Aug  2002
Provence               Garlin Ellas               4Aug  2002
Provence               Garlin Ellas               5Aug  2002
Pruett                 Lawrence S.               18Oct  2002
Pruitt                 Lois Marie (Kinchen)      27Feb  2002
Pryce                  Doris J.                  31Mar  2002
Pryor                  Wanda Morris I.           30Jan  2002
Puchalski              Viola E.                   7Mar  2002
Puchalski              Viola E.                   8Mar  2002
Puchalski              Viola E.                   9Mar  2002
Puffinbarger           Alma                      18May  2002
Puffinbarger           Herschel "Cotton"         25Apr  2002
Puga                   Danielle Marie            15Jun  2002
Puga                   Danielle Marie            16Jun  2002
Pugh                   Holly J.                  12Mar  2002
Pullen                 Roland T.  "Tom"          15Mar  2002
Pulliam                Barbara Jean              20Nov  2002
Pulliam                Eileen Lott               29Oct  2002
Pulliam                Eileen Lott               30Oct  2002
Puls                   Mark E.                   15Dec  2002
Purcell-Byers          Jan Kristine               5Jun  2002
Purdy                  Georgia Faye              25May  2002
Purdy                  Loretta                    2Jan  2002
Purkey                 Max Leon                  14May  2002
Purkey                 Myrtle Lue (Robbins)      18Feb  2002
Pyatt                  Thelma E.                 24Apr  2002
Pyl                    Antje "Annie"             26Jul  2002
Pyle                   Frances D.                11May  2002
Pyle                   William F.                25Dec  2002
Pyles                  Dmyron Eldon               8Jul  2002
Pyles                  Eleanor Ahlstedt          30Jul  2002
Pyles                  Myron Eldon               11Jul  2002
Quance                 B.W.  "Bud"               21Oct  2002
Queen                  Etsuko Y.                 18Jun  2002
Query                  Freddie E.  "Fred"        20Feb  2002
Quigley                Audry Mae                 10Apr  2002
Quigley                Jarrett Cline             31Jul  2002
Quillen                Lucille I.                25Aug  2002
Quillen                Lucille I.                26Aug  2002
Quilty                 Marguerite L.              9Jul  2002
Quinlan                Mary Lucinda              13Mar  2002
Quinlan                Mary Lucinda              14Mar  2002
Quinn                  Christopher Alan           2Oct  2002
Quint                  Mary R.                   16Jun  2002
Quintus                Monica Geralyn            27Dec  2002
Quisenberry            Cheryl B.                 14Nov  2002
Quist                  Mary Jane                 23Jan  2002
Raaf                   Esther                    29Mar  2002
Raasch                 Elmer Clarence             4Jun  2002
Racer                  Alice Taylor              10Apr  2002
Radcliff               Melvin Harrison            6Jun  2002
Radcliff               Valentine Misty Jo Daws    1Jul  2002
Radcliff               Valentine Misty Jo Daws    3Jul  2002
Radcliff               Valentine Misty Jo Daws   30Jun  2002
Rader                  Maxine                     9Nov  2002
Rader                  Otilda                    20Feb  2002
Radermacher            Leonard W.                25Jul  2002
Radford                Margaret Louise           26Oct  2002
Radley                 Bobby                     24Jul  2002
Radley                 Bobby                     25Jul  2002
Radley                 Stephen F.                27Dec  2002
Rafler                 Herbert Allen             15Nov  2002
Ragan                  Virgil Beauford            6Jul  2002
Ragland                Betty                      4Dec  2002
Ragland                Joyce E.  Belcher         26Feb  2002
Ragsdale               Floyd F.                   3Oct  2002
Rahm                   Jack D.                   11Oct  2002
Rahm                   Jack D.                   12Oct  2002
Rahm                   Jack D.                   13Oct  2002
Rahn                   Ruth M.                    1May  2002
Raines                 Brenda Joyce               5Jun  2002
Raines                 Brenda Joyce               6Jun  2002
Raines                 E.  Lee                    4Feb  2002
Rainey                 Carrie Ann                16Sep  2002
Rall                   Royce Leon                26Sep  2002
Ralls                  Jessiemae                  2Oct  2002
Ralls                  Jessiemae                 29Sep  2002
Ralls                  Richard Lee               27Feb  2002
Ralls                  Richard Lee               28Feb  2002
Ralston                Herschel S.               23Jan  2002
Ralston                Vera Julia                 3Jan  2002
Ramey                  Clyde C.                   8Feb  2002
Ramey                  Edward Wayne              15Mar  2002
Ramey                  Elizabeth "Sitti" (Stev   28Aug  2002
Ramey                  Warren J.                 14Feb  2002
Ramirez                Adolfo                    16Aug  2002
Ramirez                Alejandro Fuentes          8Oct  2002
Ramirez                Ausencio                  11Jun  2002
Ramirez                Zulema                    30Aug  2002
Ramos                  Robert Anthony            10Apr  2002
Ramsey                 Bonnie Laura              29Apr  2002
Ramsey                 Cecil "Carl"               3Jun  2002
Ramsey                 Cecil Carl                 8Jun  2002
Ramsey                 Disie L.                   8Mar  2002
Ramsey                 Disie L.                   9Mar  2002
Ramsey                 Floyd T.                  26Jun  2002
Ramsey                 Floyd T.                  27Jun  2002
Ramsey                 Francis H.                11Aug  2002
Ramsey                 Inez R.                   23May  2002
Ramsey                 John Henry                 2Jan  2002
Ramsey                 John Henry                 3Jan  2002
Ramsey                 Richard K.                 8Jul  2002
Ramsey                 William Alvin "Bill"       1Mar  2002
Ranabarger             Michelle L.               23Jul  2002
Randall                Richard J.                 4Dec  2002
Randall                Robert William            22Aug  2002
Randle                 Bobbie Lee                20Feb  2002
Randle                 Bobbie Lee                21Feb  2002
Randle                 Bobbie Lee                24Feb  2002
Randles                Donald E.  "Don"           9Apr  2002
Randolph               Robbie Jean Humphrey      26Dec  2002
Randolph               Robbie Jean Humphrey      27Dec  2002
Range                  Opal M.                   26Jan  2002
Rangel                 Ariana Gabriella          27May  2002
Rankin                 Anna J.                    8Apr  2002
Rankin                 Cleo A.  Sivage           27Dec  2002
Rankin                 Elizabeth B.               8Apr  2002
Rankin                 Floyd I.                   4Jul  2002
Rankin                 Harry C.                   2Jan  2002
Ransdell               Dorothy M.                27Jan  2002
Ransdell               Dorothy M.                28Jan  2002
Ranzau                 Belle                     24Jul  2002
Ranzau                 Patricia Ann               7Jun  2002
Rapp                   Dale E.                    7Mar  2002
Rapp                   Marilyn L.                30Jan  2002
Rapstine               Gary Don                   9Oct  2002
Rash                   Sherri Lynn                9Aug  2002
Rash                   Syble Oneida              11Jun  2002
Rash                   Syble Oneida              12Jun  2002
Rash                   Tina M.                    4Sep  2002
Rasmussen              Byron Charles             15Feb  2002
Rassette               Eugene J.  "Gene"          6Sep  2002
Ratcliff               Carol Sue "Sue"           12Dec  2002
Ratcliff               George W.                 15May  2002
Rath                   Emma Marie                26Apr  2002
Rath                   Linda Gayle               26Apr  2002
Rathbun                Calleene                  28Nov  2002
Rathbun                Mabel W.                  18Sep  2002
Rather                 Edmund R.                 26Mar  2002
Rathke                 Betty J.                   2Dec  2002
Rathke                 Lillian I.                 2Aug  2002
Ratzlaff               John H.                   30Dec  2002
Ratzlaff               John H.                   31Dec  2002
Rau                    Lewis J.                  23Jun  2002
Rau                    Lewis J.                  24Jun  2002
Rau                    Lewis J.                  25Jun  2002
Rau                    Roman Paul                27Sep  2002
Rausch                 Barbara C.                22Dec  2002
Rawdon                 Samuel Craig              20May  2002
Rawdon                 Samuel Craig              21May  2002
Rawlings               Tressa                    25Jun  2002
Rawson                 Orville A.                 8Aug  2002
Ray                    Adelia                     9Sep  2002
Ray                    Alex                      24Sep  2002
Ray                    Alex Sr.                  28Sep  2002
Ray                    Cecil Melvin               2May  2002
Ray                    Cecil Melvin               3May  2002
Raymond                Angelita "Angie"          16Mar  2002
Raymond                Joe E.                    21Nov  2002
Raymond                Virginia F.                2Sep  2002
Raynesford             Robert T.                 30Mar  2002
Reals                  William J.                15Nov  2002
Reals                  William J.  M.D.          13Nov  2002
Reals                  William J.  M.D.          14Nov  2002
Reason                 Jeraldine Mae             12Aug  2002
Reaves                 Frank Jr.                  9Aug  2002
Reber                  Fred Peterson             30Nov  2002
Record                 Clarence Maynard          14Dec  2002
Rector                 Althea B.                 25Mar  2002
Rector                 Julie                      6Nov  2002
Rector                 Julie                      7Nov  2002
Redburn                Julia Haworth "Judy"      22Jun  2002
Redburn                Julia Haworth "Judy"      23Jun  2002
Redburn                Julia Haworth "Judy"      24Jun  2002
Redburn                Kathleen "Kate"           14Nov  2002
Redd                   Archie W.                  6Jan  2002
Redd                   Frances M.  (Boxford)      7Jun  2002
Redden                 Leah                       5Dec  2002
Reddick                Stephen Lee               19Sep  2002
Reddy                  Melvin J.                 30Dec  2002
Redelfs                L.  John                  23Jan  2002
Redenbaugh             Myrl Anne                 28Mar  2002
Redenbaugh             Sherman Eugene             8Aug  2002
Redford                Luida J.                  23Jan  2002
Redford                Luida J.                  24Jan  2002
Redger                 LaVerna M.                15Nov  2002
Redick                 Jerry L.                   2Nov  2002
Redlinger              William Edward             4May  2002
Redmon                 Carolyn Jean              28Nov  2002
Reece                  Mildred                   27Sep  2002
Reece                  Paul Richard              20Feb  2002
Reece                  V.  Geneva (Van Horn)     21Dec  2002
Reed                   Barbara Ann               16Feb  2002
Reed                   Barbara B.                11Feb  2002
Reed                   Ellen M.  (Rev.)          14Mar  2002
Reed                   Ina Grace                 13Mar  2002
Reed                   Jessie Ruth               28Nov  2002
Reed                   Jim                        3Feb  2002
Reed                   Josephine E.              23May  2002
Reed                   Lavada May                29Mar  2002
Reed                   Letha Neoma                3Nov  2002
Reed                   Merion "M.R."             27Feb  2002
Reed                   Neil                       5May  2002
Reed                   Roy Edward                27Dec  2002
Reed                   Roy Edward                28Dec  2002
Reed                   Vaney C.                   3Feb  2002
Reed                   William Elwood "Jack"     12Jan  2002
Reef                   James Alvin               29May  2002
Reele                  Michael S.                18May  2002
Reele                  Michael S.                19May  2002
Reele                  Mike                      21May  2002
Rees                   Margaret Jane              1Oct  2002
Reese                  Frederick R.  "Fred"       6Feb  2002
Reese                  Vernon "Bud"              17Jan  2002
Reetz                  Paul Nolan                20Mar  2002
Reeves                 Betty J.                  31Aug  2002
Reeves                 Everett R.                13Oct  2002
Reeves                 Paul W.                    2Feb  2002
Reeves                 Paul W.                    3Feb  2002
Reeves                 Raymond O.                20Apr  2002
Reeves Talmage         Marshall Gage              1Mar  2002
Reeves Talmage         Marshall Gage              2Mar  2002
Reeves Talmage         Marshall Gage              3Mar  2002
Regaldo                Joy Depew                 11Jan  2002
Regan                  Pearl Marie               20Feb  2002
Regan                  Virgil B.                  5Jul  2002
Regehr                 Arthur H.                  4Apr  2002
Regier                 John Elliot                1Mar  2002
Regular-Sapien         Laquintan Lee             15May  2002
Reichardt              Mabel C.                   7Nov  2002
Reichenberger          Debra A.                   9Mar  2002
Reichenberger          E.  Allan                  1Sep  2002
Reichenberger          E.  Allan                 31Aug  2002
Reichenberger          Lorraine L.  "Susan"      15Feb  2002
Reichenberger          Lorraine L.  "Susan"      16Feb  2002
Reichenberger          Lorraine L.  "Susan"      17Feb  2002
Reichenberger          Paul L.                   25Jan  2002
Reid                   Bessie F.                  6Oct  2002
Reid                   Norva Inez Johnson         7Nov  2002
Reid                   Norva Inez Johnson         8Nov  2002
Reid                   Reva Marie                 2Apr  2002
Reid                   William Eugene             1Jul  2002
Reid                   William Eugene            28Jun  2002
Reid                   William Eugene            30Jun  2002
Reida                  Marie Ferne (Todd) Sher    5May  2002
Reida Allen            Helen Ruth (Welch)        15Apr  2002
Reiff                  Larry J.                  11Jul  2002
Reifschneider          Alice Elizabeth Emma      24Oct  2002
Reifschneider          Henry Jr.                  8Oct  2002
Reimer                 Elizabeth                 10Mar  2002
Reimer                 Margaret H.               11Jan  2002
Reimer                 Mary (Bergen)             24Sep  2002
Reimer                 Ruth B.                    7Mar  2002
Reimer                 Selma                      2Nov  2002
Reimer                 Waldo C.                  11May  2002
Rein                   Mildred J.                22Apr  2002
Rein                   Ruth L.                    3Mar  2002
Reischmann             Norbert F.                 1Jul  2002
Reischmann             Norbert F.                29Jun  2002
Reischmann             Norbert F.                30Jun  2002
Reiserer               V.  Kent                   1Dec  2002
Reisman                Robert D.                  6Sep  2002
Reisman                Robert D.                  7Sep  2002
Reisman                Robert D.                  8Sep  2002
Reisman                Robert D.                  9Sep  2002
Reissig                Harvina L.                29Sep  2002
Relford                Roy                       16Nov  2002
Relph                  Delores O.                 8Oct  2002
Relph                  Mara Katherine            20Dec  2002
Remmers                Earl Emil                  8Sep  2002
Remmers                Earl Emil                  9Sep  2002
Remy                   Dorothy A.                23Nov  2002
Remy                   Dorothy A.                24Nov  2002
Renteria               Manuela                   22Dec  2002
Resa                   Antonio M.  "Tony"        30Oct  2002
Resseguie              Francis Lorene            18Oct  2002
Rest                   Ruth Thelma               13Mar  2002
Reuck                  Willis Bernard             8Aug  2002
Reukauf                Howard H.                 22Feb  2002
Reukauf                Wanda K.                  22Jan  2002
Reusser                Dorothy Violet             2Jul  2002
Reusser                Elma D.                   15Jul  2002
Revel                  June M.                   31Jan  2002
Revel                  Russel Jean "Gene" (Lt.   31Mar  2002
Revels                 Mary Louise               20Jun  2002
Revels                 Mary Louise               21Jun  2002
Revert                 Mary Emelyn                8Dec  2002
Revert                 Mary Emelyn                9Dec  2002
Reyes                  Elvira A.                 19May  2002
Reyes                  Jose                      19Jan  2002
Reyes                  Matthew                   19Sep  2002
Reyes-Wheat            Oscar Mayer               21Nov  2002
Reynolds               Bessie Mae                10Apr  2002
Reynolds               Earl D.  "Doug"            9Dec  2002
Reynolds               Earl D.  "Doug"           10Dec  2002
Reynolds               Gladys L.L.               29Jan  2002
Reynolds               Gladys M.                 27Dec  2002
Reynolds               Hallie M.                 20May  2002
Reynolds               John Madison               4Aug  2002
Reynolds               John Madison               5Aug  2002
Reynolds               Newlin                    24Jan  2002
Reynolds               Robert M.                 10Apr  2002
Reynolds               Russell J.                27Nov  2002
Reynolds               Tommie Cene                3Sep  2002
Reynolds               Walter Ross               23Mar  2002
Rhea                   Ann                       13Mar  2002
Rhoades                Louise V.                 28Dec  2002
Rhoads                 Floyd Jr.                  5Apr  2002
Rhodenbaugh            John M.  "Jack"           11Oct  2002
Rhodenbaugh            John M.  "Jack"           12Oct  2002
Rhodenbaugh            John M.  "Jack"           13Oct  2002
Rhodes                 Helen Virginia (Spotts)    8Mar  2002
Rhorer                 Austin L                  31Mar  2002
Rhorer                 Wayne G.  "Gordy"         23Nov  2002
Rhudy                  Dennis Ray                10Sep  2002
Rhudy                  Dennis Ray                11Sep  2002
Rhymes                 Elder Clyde Sr.            6Jan  2002
Rhymes                 Elder Clyde Sr.            7Jan  2002
Rhymes                 Elder Clyde Sr.           10Jan  2002
Rhymes                 Elder Clyde Sr.           11Jan  2002
Rice                   Annis Marie                4Apr  2002
Rice                   Annis Marie                5Apr  2002
Rice                   Betty I.                  14Mar  2002
Rice                   Cleo A.                    5Mar  2002
Rice                   Fane E.  "Rajah"          27Feb  2002
Rice                   Fane E.  "Rajah"          28Feb  2002
Rice                   Frances Betty             30Jul  2002
Rice                   Gwen L.  (Palmer)          6Jan  2002
Rice                   Gwen L.  (Palmer)          9Jan  2002
Rice                   Julia Anne Vaughn (Scri   25Jan  2002
Rice                   Julia Anne Vaughn (Scri   26Jan  2002
Rice                   Russell Edward Jr.        11May  2002
Rice                   William M.  "Bill"        12Jul  2002
Rich                   Eddie "Jack"               8Jul  2002
Rich                   Eddie "Jack"               9Jul  2002
Rich                   Glenn E.                  26Mar  2002
Richard                Frankie Mae                5Mar  2002
Richard                Frankie Mae               10Mar  2002
Richard                N.  Jean                   7May  2002
Richards               Caroline Rose             18Sep  2002
Richards               Esther Ann                17Dec  2002
Richards               George Lee                 2Nov  2002
Richards               Helen J.                  26Jan  2002
Richards               Helen J.                  27Jan  2002
Richards               Helen J.                  28Jan  2002
Richards               Leola Ruth                12Feb  2002
Richards               Mildred D.                11Sep  2002
Richards               Peggy Renn                 8Nov  2002
Richards               Peggy Wimer Renn          10Nov  2002
Richards               Peggy Wimer Renn          11Nov  2002
Richards               S.H.                       9Sep  2002
Richards               Shirley H.                10Sep  2002
Richards               Terry L.  (SFC)           17Dec  2002
Richards               Ufa O.                     2Nov  2002
Richards               Ufa O.                    31Oct  2002
Richardson             Bessie                    25Jun  2002
Richardson             Clara M.                   1Jun  2002
Richardson             Clara M.                  31May  2002
Richardson             E.  Douglas "Doug"        28Jul  2002
Richardson             Edith M.  (Oliver)        25Nov  2002
Richardson             Eva Mae                   10Apr  2002
Richardson             Jack L.                   16May  2002
Richardson             Jeanne Marie              28Oct  2002
Richardson             Jeanne Marie              29Oct  2002
Richardson             Jerry D.                   4Sep  2002
Richardson             John R.                    4Aug  2002
Richardson             Karly Anne                30Jan  2002
Richardson             Larry Vernon              28Mar  2002
Richardson             Larry Vernon              29Mar  2002
Richardson             Larry Vernon              30Mar  2002
Richardson             Marilyn Jean              14Mar  2002
Richardson             Patricia A.                9Nov  2002
Richardson             William Wentzel Sr.  (R    1Jun  2002
Richardson             William Wentzel Sr.  (R   30May  2002
Richert                Linda                      3Feb  2002
Richey                 Joe E.  Sr.               17Aug  2002
Richey                 Victor                    29Dec  2002
Richey                 Victor                    30Dec  2002
Richman                Dewitt "Dee"               7Dec  2002
Richmond               Etta                      12May  2002
Richmond               Henrietta "Hank"          19Oct  2002
Richmond               Jimmie Modean              9May  2002
Richmond               Katie                      4May  2002
Richmond               Rodney L.                  9Oct  2002
Rickard                Beulah V.                 21Dec  2002
Rickard                Beulah Vivian Clark       22Dec  2002
Rickard                Francis Donovan "Rick"    25Jan  2002
Rickard                Zelma Leon                11Dec  2002
Ricke                  Irvin H.                  17Mar  2002
Rickenberg             Donna L.                  28Feb  2002
Rickner                Norman L.                 24Sep  2002
Ricky                  Gerald Knight "Rick"       8Sep  2002
Ridder                 Thomas P.                 31Mar  2002
Riddle                 Jerry Lee                 25Dec  2002
Riddle                 Jerry Lee                 26Dec  2002
Ridenour               Jan G.                     9May  2002
Rider                  David Ralph               19Nov  2002
Rider                  Glen W.                   28Mar  2002
Ridgway                Barbara J.  "Barb"         6Aug  2002
Ridgway                Barbara M.  (Price)       15Jul  2002
Ridgway                Earl E.                    8Dec  2002
Ridgway                Earl Eugene               10Dec  2002
Ridgway                Harmon L.                 19Feb  2002
Riedel                 Arthur R.  "Art"          10Dec  2002
Riedel                 Charlotte T.  "Lottie"     4Jun  2002
Riedle                 Judi R.                    6Mar  2002
Riedlinger             Donald J.                 10Aug  2002
Riekeman               Martha H.                 19Feb  2002
Riemann                Stephen Philip            20Jan  2002
Riepl                  Helen Rose                13Feb  2002
Riffel                 Alfred                    11May  2002
Riffel                 Irene E.                  25Apr  2002
Riffel                 Marie                     11Sep  2002
Rigg                   John Luttrell             27Oct  2002
Riggan                 James Howard              17Sep  2002
Riggenbach             Cecil J.                   2Jan  2002
Riggins                William H.                12Aug  2002
Riggins                William R.  Sr.           28Jan  2002
Riggle                 Billy R.                   3Sep  2002
Riggs                  Delbert M.                15May  2002
Riggs                  Donald E.                 22Jul  2002
Riggs                  Loretta P.  (Taylor)       3Feb  2002
Riggs                  Mildred C.                 1Dec  2002
Riggs                  Myrtle E.                 11Apr  2002
Riggs                  Nancy K.                  25Jun  2002
Riggs                  Neil Tucker               18Jun  2002
Riggs                  Ralph W.                  27Jan  2002
Rigney                 Barbara L.                 3Dec  2002
Riley                  Ann M.                    21Mar  2002
Riley                  Ann M.                    22Mar  2002
Riley                  Arthur H.  "Art"           8Jul  2002
Riley                  Elsie E.                   9Jun  2002
Riley                  Gladys Marie              26Jun  2002
Riley                  John H.  "Jack"            7Apr  2002
Riley                  Kenneth                   18Dec  2002
Riley                  Kenneth "Mike"            12Feb  2002
Riley                  M.  Maxine                27Mar  2002
Riley                  M.  Maxine                28Mar  2002
Riley                  Marie                      1Oct  2002
Riley                  Ruth                      10Dec  2002
Rindt                  Iola Irene                 2Apr  2002
Rindt                  Waldemar E.  "Rusty"      27Apr  2002
Rinehart               Arden Ballard             25Dec  2002
Rinehart               Curtis Alexander          18Dec  2002
Ring                   Susan K.                   6Sep  2002
Ring                   Susan K.                   8Sep  2002
Rios                   Carolyn K.                14Apr  2002
Rios                   Ernest M.                 22Sep  2002
Rishel                 Flossie M.                12Jul  2002
Risley                 Hazel Mae (Hull)          26Mar  2002
Risley                 Larry Grant                3Feb  2002
Risley                 Vivian D.                  1Apr  2002
Risley                 Vivian D.                 31Mar  2002
Ritchal                Vern R.                   21Jun  2002
Ritchey                Thelma L.                 17Feb  2002
Ritchie                Charles W.  "Charlie"     27Dec  2002
Rittel                 Edward Richard            15May  2002
Rittel                 Nettie Irene              16Mar  2002
Rittenhouse            Floyd                      2Feb  2002
Rittenhouse            Grace LaFaun              20Nov  2002
Ritter                 Carolyn Sue Duty          26Sep  2002
Ritter                 Doyle C.                  13Dec  2002
Ritter                 Junie Mae                  7Oct  2002
Ritter                 Lugene C.  "Gene"         19Mar  2002
Ritter                 Mary Frances              22Sep  2002
Rittgers               Della Ruth                24Dec  2002
Ritz                   Charles A.                16Dec  2002
Rivas                  Antonio                   20Apr  2002
Rivas                  Jose C.                   27Jun  2002
Rivas                  Jose C.                   28Jun  2002
Rivera                 Antonio L.  "Tony"         9Oct  2002
Rives                  Bernes E.                 27Dec  2002
Roadenbaugh            Betty A.                  18Aug  2002
Robben                 Betty J.  (Hochstatter)    7Mar  2002
Robben                 Betty J.  (Hochstatter)    8Mar  2002
Robben                 Wilfred                   24Aug  2002
Robbins                Glen R.                   18Jul  2002
Robbins                Katherine Nell Roberts     8May  2002
Robbins                Yolanda R.  Gomez         23Jan  2002
Roberson               Betty J.                  16Feb  2002
Roberts                Curtis L.                 16Feb  2002
Roberts                Dale Elroy                19Dec  2002
Roberts                Dale Elroy                20Dec  2002
Roberts                Dolly Delma               12Aug  2002
Roberts                Dorothy (Kessinger)        2Apr  2002
Roberts                Edith Marie               22Apr  2002
Roberts                Ella Ann                  27Jan  2002
Roberts                Elvin E.                  12Mar  2002
Roberts                Estalee M.                15Aug  2002
Roberts                Georgia Elsie             16Feb  2002
Roberts                Howard                    23Oct  2002
Roberts                Ida Lorane                15May  2002
Roberts                Janice Lea                22Dec  2002
Roberts                Leon J                    26Jun  2002
Roberts                Marion W.  "Hank"         19Feb  2002
Roberts                Paul James Jr.  "P.J."     8Sep  2002
Roberts                Paul James Jr.  "P.J."     9Sep  2002
Roberts                Paul James Jr.  "P.J."    15Sep  2002
Roberts                Robert Hamilton            6Sep  2002
Roberts                Terry J.                  28Mar  2002
Robertson              Brandon Lynn               3Sep  2002
Robertson              David A.  "Dave"          25Jul  2002
Robertson              Dessie Myrtle             12Jul  2002
Robertson              Dorotha A.                 9Oct  2002
Robertson              James L.                  25Sep  2002
Robertson              Jerry R.                  11Dec  2002
Robertson              Laverta                   27Jan  2002
Robertson              Laverta                   30Jan  2002
Robertson              Raymond E.  "Bob"         15Nov  2002
Robertson              William J.  Jr.  "Bill"   22Jan  2002
Robeson                Boyd C.                    2Jan  2002
Robidou                Betty Jo                  15Sep  2002
Robins                 James Coleman "Jim-Pete   28Dec  2002
Robins                 James Coleman "Jim-Pete   29Dec  2002
Robinson               Aaron M.  "Uncle Son"      7Nov  2002
Robinson               B.T.  Jr.  "Bob"           6Jan  2002
Robinson               Beula Erline               1Sep  2002
Robinson               Beula Erline              30Aug  2002
Robinson               Bruce L.                  13Feb  2002
Robinson               Cleo B.                   24Sep  2002
Robinson               Donna Jean (Ringo)        30May  2002
Robinson               Donna Jean (Ringo)        31May  2002
Robinson               Elma Aileen               15Oct  2002
Robinson               Esther Pearl               4Mar  2002
Robinson               Gary Wayne                20Sep  2002
Robinson               Gary Wayne                22Sep  2002
Robinson               Jack Mitchell             25May  2002
Robinson               Jerry Emerson             30Dec  2002
Robinson               Lenna May                 16Apr  2002
Robinson               Maloyd Edward             28Feb  2002
Robinson               Margie L.                  8May  2002
Robinson               Margie L.                  9May  2002
Robinson               Mary L.                   17Oct  2002
Robinson               Miyoko "Cookie"           25Oct  2002
Robinson               Opal A.                   26Feb  2002
Robinson               Opal L.                   10Mar  2002
Robinson               Russell J.                 1Nov  2002
Robinson               Sally L.                  12Feb  2002
Robinson               Stephen Vernon            10Dec  2002
Robinson               Thresa Kay Gould           5Feb  2002
Robinson               Vivian Joan               11May  2002
Robinson               Wendell Ray               23Nov  2002
Robinson               Woodrow Wilson            12Jun  2002
Robison                Alice                      1Oct  2002
Robison                Arilda L.                 26Aug  2002
Robison                Arilda L.                 27Aug  2002
Robison                Burdelle M.  "Birdie"      8Feb  2002
Robison                Vester H.  "Vic"          17Oct  2002
Robison                William Ray               26Jun  2002
Robison                William Roy               27Jun  2002
Robl                   Alvin Lee "Al"             3Feb  2002
Robl                   Eugene Joseph (Rev.)      14Mar  2002
Roby                   Merrill "Hop"             28Oct  2002
Rochat                 Louise (Doty)             12Oct  2002
Rock                   Tryphena Mae              25Mar  2002
Rockefellar            Monteen                   26Apr  2002
Rockefeller            Monteen                   27Apr  2002
Rockenbach             Wilma                     10Oct  2002
Rockett                Gary Dee                  20Jan  2002
Rockhold               Michael Lynn              29Nov  2002
Rodda                  Ruby F.                   13Aug  2002
Rodenberger            Hazel                      5Dec  2002
Rodger                 Faye A.                    5Jun  2002
Rodgers                Elsie Viola               25Jul  2002
Rodgers                Virgie L.                 29Dec  2002
Rodman                 Frank W.                   8Jul  2002
Rodman                 Glen Arnold Sr.            9May  2002
Rodman                 Glen Arnold Sr.           10May  2002
Rodman                 Glen Arnold Sr.           11May  2002
Rodrick                Bernice L.                 2Apr  2002
Rodriguez              Crespin Sr.  "Chris"       4May  2002
Rodriguez              Isaiah Israel             22Nov  2002
Rodriguez              Leopoldo Tamez "Polo"     13Nov  2002
Rodriguez              Nicolehope                 6Dec  2002
Rodriquez              Albert James              12Mar  2002
Roe                    Forest A.  "Bud"          28Mar  2002
Roe                    Grace W.                  21May  2002
Roe                    Mary E.                    4Mar  2002
Roeder                 Dolores Bridget "Susie"   24Nov  2002
Roeder                 Dolores Bridget "Susie"   25Nov  2002
Roeder                 Edward J.                 18Oct  2002
Roeder                 Virgil M.  Jr.  "Tony"    19Feb  2002
Roeder                 Virgil M.  Jr.  "Tony"    20Feb  2002
Roeder                 Virgil M.  Jr.  "Tony"    21Feb  2002
Roehr                  Mildred A.                26Nov  2002
Roehrman               Mabel Massey               2Feb  2002
Roehrman               Mabel Massey               3Feb  2002
Roehrman               Roland O.                 13Oct  2002
Roehrman               Vernon E.                 27Oct  2002
Roeser                 Mary "Loine"              14Dec  2002
Rogers                 Daphne Irene               7Nov  2002
Rogers                 Donald Dee                11Dec  2002
Rogers                 Donald Dee                17Dec  2002
Rogers                 Esther Isabelle            2Mar  2002
Rogers                 Gracie                     4May  2002
Rogers                 James Jr.  "Jim"          31Dec  2002
Rogers                 Morris H.                 22Apr  2002
Rogers                 Scott Eugene              27Sep  2002
Rogers                 Talma Keyes               19Mar  2002
Rogers                 Tina Richele              27Aug  2002
Rogers                 Vickie J.                 27Jul  2002
Rogers                 Vida Nellie               17May  2002
Rogers                 Wanda Mae                 11Jun  2002
Rogers                 William E.                22Jul  2002
Rogge-Huncherick       Dortha M.                  3Apr  2002
Rohling                Joseph B.                 30Apr  2002
Rohlman                Al                         5Jul  2002
Rohlman                Albert Bernard            18Mar  2002
Rohrig                 Alice A.                  18Jun  2002
Rohrig                 Alice A.                  19Jun  2002
Rolf                   Earl C.                    4Apr  2002
Rolf                   Elizabeth                 31May  2002
Rolf                   Herbert C.                17May  2002
Rolfe                  Aurelia Meier             17Jan  2002
Rolingson              William R.  Jr.           19Mar  2002
Rollings               Edwin M.  "Jack"           6Dec  2002
Rollins                Nina I.                   17Sep  2002
Rollmann               Louis William             22Jul  2002
Romans                 Granville M.  "Art"        2May  2002
Rombeck                Kathryn Meyer             23Feb  2002
Romero                 Teodora Lopez              6Jan  2002
Romero                 Teodora Lopez              7Jan  2002
Romero                 Teodora Lopez              8Jan  2002
Romine                 Michael Anthony            1Apr  2002
Romine                 Michael Anthony           14Apr  2002
Rominger               Floyd K.                  27May  2002
Romme                  Harry J.                   3Jan  2002
Ronaldo                Vincent J.                14Mar  2002
Ronsick                Norma L.                  20Nov  2002
Ronsick                Norma L.                  21Nov  2002
Ronspiez               Bertha C.                 24Oct  2002
Roof                   Dorothy Mae               29Apr  2002
Rooney                 Verna W.                  21Dec  2002
Roop                   Ellsworth Richard         18Feb  2002
Root                   Clyde Sharon              12Feb  2002
Root                   Ellsworth Richard         17Feb  2002
Roper                  Monroe G.                  3Oct  2002
Rork                   Lorene M.                 20Aug  2002
Rosales                Faustino G.               19May  2002
Rosander               Robert                     6Feb  2002
Rosander               Robert "Bob"               7Feb  2002
Rosander               Robert "Bob"               8Feb  2002
Rose                   Annie Pearl Sneed          5Jun  2002
Rose                   Bertha N.                 23Mar  2002
Rose                   Beth L.  "Bertha"         29Oct  2002
Rose                   Bill J.                    9Jan  2002
Rose                   Joseph David               5Jul  2002
Rose                   Lawrence E.               18Mar  2002
Rose                   Milton Arla               11Dec  2002
Roseberry              Charles "Charlie"         28Dec  2002
Roseberry              Ivan Eugene "Gene"        12Jun  2002
Rosenbaum              Hazel E.                  29Jan  2002
Rosendale              Richard                   15Nov  2002
Rosendale              Richard T.                21Nov  2002
Rosenthal              Helen H.                   1Sep  2002
Rosfeld                Helen A.                  26Jul  2002
Ross                   Betty M.                  30Oct  2002
Ross                   Flora                     24Feb  2002
Ross                   Flora                     25Feb  2002
Ross                   Irene                     18Jul  2002
Ross                   Margaret (Cadue)           2Oct  2002
Ross                   Mary Louise Washington     8Nov  2002
Ross                   Maudene Daniels           28Nov  2002
Ross                   Opal Fern                  3Mar  2002
Ross                   Patricia M.                3Jan  2002
Ross                   Pearl B.                  11May  2002
Ross                   Ruby C.                   30Aug  2002
Ross                   Russell A.                25Aug  2002
Ross                   Ruth A.                   25May  2002
Ross                   Ruth A.                   26May  2002
Ross                   Ruth Joanne (Michener)    20Oct  2002
Ross                   Ruth Joanne (Michener)    21Oct  2002
Ross                   Shirley Ann               23Nov  2002
Ross                   Shirley Ann               24Nov  2002
Ross                   Willie                    31Dec  2002
Rossillon              Mary T.                   14Mar  2002
Roth                   Ann                       10Sep  2002
Roth                   Bernadine G.  "Sue"       24Dec  2002
Roth                   Brittney T.               13Jul  2002
Roth                   Esther Louise              9Oct  2002
Roth                   Frank Henry               24Oct  2002
Roth                   Leroy                      2Apr  2002
Roth                   Robert William "Bob"       6Dec  2002
Roth                   Wilber Kenneth            15Jul  2002
Roth                   Wilbur Kenneth            16Jul  2002
Roth                   Wilbur Kenneth            17Jul  2002
Rothe                  Kathy                     22Jun  2002
Rothe                  Kathy                     23Jun  2002
Rothrock               Norman Martin              5Dec  2002
Rotolo                 Marie Ellen                7Feb  2002
Rotramel               Sarah E.                  23May  2002
Rouch                  Thomas Wayne "Tom"         6Apr  2002
Roundtree              Juanita                   30Oct  2002
Roundtree              Juanita                   31Oct  2002
Rourke                 John Gerald               20Mar  2002
Rouse                  Gerald Duane              22Dec  2002
Rousseau               James Leo                  7Jun  2002
Rousseau               John R.                   22Sep  2002
Routon                 Edgar E.                  22Nov  2002
Routon                 Michael T.                13Aug  2002
Roux                   Lydia W.                  21May  2002
Rovenstine             Betty                      4Oct  2002
Rowan                  Percy Jr.                  2Jul  2002
Rowe                   Elizabeth Page             8Aug  2002
Rowe                   Jimmie W.  Sr.             5Sep  2002
Rowe                   Jimmie W.  Sr.             6Sep  2002
Rowe                   L.  Marguerite             3Nov  2002
Rowe                   L.  Marguerite             4Nov  2002
Rowe                   Marian R.                 18Feb  2002
Rowe                   Teresa "Kaye"             11Oct  2002
Rowland                Ann                        1Dec  2002
Rowland                Ann                        2Dec  2002
Rowland                Billie Jean M.             7May  2002
Rowland                Susie M.                   9Jun  2002
Rowland                Winifred A.                6Sep  2002
Rowland-Evans          Wilma A.  (Roberson)      17Oct  2002
Rowlands-Bradford      Dorothy Mae               24Nov  2002
Rowley                 Frank Ferry Sr.           14Jan  2002
Rowley                 Frank Ferry Sr.           15Jan  2002
Rowton                 Maurine                   20Jul  2002
Roy                    Edwina A.                  9May  2002
Roy                    Robert A.                 19Mar  2002
Royer                  Keith                     23Dec  2002
Royse                  Elsie                     26Sep  2002
Royse                  George A.                 26Sep  2002
Rozelle                Brian L.                   1Dec  2002
Rubalcaba              Juan                       1Mar  2002
Rubalcaba              Juan                       2Mar  2002
Rubalcaba              Juan                       3Mar  2002
Rubino                 Jennie M.  (Hunt)         10Aug  2002
Rubino                 Jennie M.  (Hunt)         11Aug  2002
Rubottom               Sylvia M.                 23Nov  2002
Rubow                  John "Charles"            12Aug  2002
Rucker                 Bertha L.  "Bea"           6Aug  2002
Rucker                 Coleen N.                 23Oct  2002
Rucker                 Roberta June               2Jul  2002
Rucker                 Roberta June              12Jul  2002
Ruda                   Joseph A.  "Joe"           2Oct  2002
Rudd                   Sylvia P.                 28Dec  2002
Rudell                 Morgan                    15Apr  2002
Rudell                 Morgan                    16Apr  2002
Ruder                  Helen                      5Mar  2002
Ruder                  Henry J.                   5Dec  2002
Ruder                  Lester F.                 29May  2002
Rudman                 Alta V.                   27Jun  2002
Rufener                Millie Jean               24Dec  2002
Ruffin                 O.T.  Jr.                  3Jul  2002
Ruffin                 O.T.  Jr.                  4Jul  2002
Rugan                  Doris E.                  15Oct  2002
Ruhl                   Georgia K.  (Woodson)     14Sep  2002
Ruhl                   Georgia K.  (Woodson)     15Sep  2002
Ruiz                   Trinidad P.               11May  2002
Rumble                 Eva V.                     7Mar  2002
Rumsey                 Oliver E.                 17Jul  2002
Rumsey                 Velma Agnes               27Dec  2002
Rumsey                 Velma Agnes               28Dec  2002
Runnells               Juanita F.                23Mar  2002
Runquist               Fred W.                   22May  2002
Runsick                Jim T.                     9Jan  2002
Runyan                 Minifee                   20Oct  2002
Runyan                 Randy Lee                  6Apr  2002
Runyon                 June                      10Feb  2002
Runyon                 Virgil Paul               20Oct  2002
Rupert                 Lou Alma                  16Jan  2002
Rupert                 Vivian F.                 28Aug  2002
Rupf                   Reba Jane Bounous         28Sep  2002
Rupf                   Reba Jane Bounous         29Sep  2002
Rupp                   Alberta A.  (Simmons)     11Feb  2002
Rupp                   Rosie M.                  28Jan  2002
Rusco                  Milton Ralph              21May  2002
Ruse                   Ada V.                    19Oct  2002
Rush                   Edna Mae                   1Feb  2002
Rush                   Edna Mae                   2Feb  2002
Rush                   Etta Mae                  18Oct  2002
Rush                   Jan Mari Herbinger        26Nov  2002
Rush                   Mary R.                   20Oct  2002
Rush                   Mary R.                   22Oct  2002
Rushing                Catherine "Kitty"         20Aug  2002
Rushing                Catherine "Kitty"         21Aug  2002
Russell                Donald James              21Jul  2002
Russell                Ella Ruth                  1Dec  2002
Russell                Ella Ruth                 30Nov  2002
Russell                Kalley Diane              27Jun  2002
Russell                L.S.                      29Mar  2002
Russell                Merle Francis             14Jun  2002
Russell                Nancy                      2Dec  2002
Russell                R.  Lorene (Birdsong)     20Jun  2002
Russell                Suzanne G.  "Suzie"       21Jun  2002
Russell                Suzanne G.  "Suzie"       22Jun  2002
Russell                Thorborg                  21May  2002
Russell                Victoria Lynn             26Nov  2002
Russell                Virgil F.                  5Dec  2002
Russell                Zelda Lee                 17Feb  2002
Rust                   Elaine                    19Aug  2002
Rust                   Lorene B.                  6Jan  2002
Rutan                  Joan K                    14Jan  2002
Rutherford             Charles Sr.  "Ed"         24Sep  2002
Rutherford             Charles Sr.  "Ed"         25Sep  2002
Rutherford             Charles Sr.  "Ed"         26Sep  2002
Rutland                Mildred E.  "Millie"      14Nov  2002
Rutter                 Bill R.                   28May  2002
Rutter                 Delbert Blaine            28Jun  2002
Rutter                 Vivian June               27Nov  2002
Rutz                   Wayne F.                  30May  2002
Ryan                   Gerald Lynn "Jerry"        6Dec  2002
Ryan                   Thelma J.                 30Nov  2002
Ryel                   Roland C.                 27Oct  2002
Ryel                   Roland C.                 28Oct  2002
Rylant                 Mona May                   8Sep  2002
Rylant                 Mona May                   9Sep  2002
Ryther                 Norma Jean                26Sep  2002
Ryun                   Wilma J.                  19Nov  2002


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