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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of scrapbooks in their library that contain obituaries cut from The Wichita Eagle. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks. If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each name and we will abstract the information for you. Mail the name of the person you wish the information on, the year, the date (if given) and the page number it appears on (if given) to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. Please include your e-mail address if you have one.

Index courtesy of Bill Pennington.

Index of Wichita Eagle Obituaries 2002









       SURNAME               FIRST NAME       DATE
Maben                  Charles A.  "Chuck"      20Jan 2002
Mabry                  Thomas "Max"              7Feb 2002
MacDevitt              Sheila Eithene           29Mar 2002
Mace                   Frank                    20Dec 2002
Mach                   Marie                    25Feb 2002
Machado                Alfredo Jr.              21Jan 2002
Machutta               Maurice A.  Sr.  "Art"    4Dec 2002
Mack                   Lawrence E.              22Jan 2002
MacKay                 James R.  Jr.  "Jim"     16Aug 2002
MacKay                 James R.  Jr.  "Jim"     17Aug 2002
MacKay                 Kyle Renee'              10Dec 2002
Mackey                 Frieda M.                23Jun 2002
Mackey                 Marylin R.  (Weseloh)    17Apr 2002
Mackey                 Marylin R.  (Weseloh)    19Apr 2002
MacKinlay              Electa Sue               16Jun 2002
MacLean                Charles D.  "Doug"       30Oct 2002
MacLean                Charles D.  "Doug"       31Oct 2002
Macomber               Geraldine V.  "Gerri"    19Feb 2002
Macy                   Alton Ralph              20Feb 2002
Macy                   Averille H.               3Mar 2002
Macy                   Marie                    26Feb 2002
Madden                 Melba Florence           18Jun 2002
Madden                 Melba Florence           19Jun 2002
Maddox                 Orrie W.                  8Oct 2002
Maddux                 Charles Boren            19Dec 2002
Mader                  LaVern J.                20Apr 2002
Madison                Olivia                    1Aug 2002
Madison                Olivia                   31Jul 2002
Madl                   Barbara J.               10Dec 2002
Madsen                 Ruby (Murray)            27Mar 2002
Maercker               Violette Mae (Dutch)      3Apr 2002
Magathan               Richard James             2Mar 2002
Magdaleno              Lupe                     24Aug 2002
Mages                  Leo J.                    1Mar 2002
Maggard                Charles R.                6Jul 2002
Maggard                Ruth M.                  24Jan 2002
Magnison               John Baier               30Oct 2002
Magnusson              Maribel                  26Sep 2002
Magruder               Bettie Lou               26Sep 2002
Magruder               Bettie Lou               27Sep 2002
Mahaffey               Ethel Marie               1Aug 2002
Mahaffey               Verna Marie              24Mar 2002
Mahaffy                Edith Ruth               11Jan 2002
Mahaffy                Susie M.                 12Apr 2002
Mahan                  Jimmie L.                21Jul 2002
Mahan                  Lowell Edward            21Mar 2002
Maher                  Ignatius S.  "Mac"       12Oct 2002
Mai                    Leo Victor               19Feb 2002
Mai                    Nguot Thi                25Sep 2002
Maimer                 Pat                      29Oct 2002
Maimer                 Pat                      30Oct 2002
Main                   Brian Paul               21Jul 2002
Main                   Delores M.               15Oct 2002
Main                   Jack S.                   9Mar 2002
Main                   Mae E.                   21Aug 2002
Main                   Robert Jr.  "Bob"         9Nov 2002
Mains                  Polly A.                 23Jul 2002
Mainz                  JoAnn E.                 26Jun 2002
Mainz                  JoAnn E.                 28Jun 2002
Maisch                 Peggy Gene               24Dec 2002
Major                  Erwin E.                 19Apr 2002
Malcom                 Julie Ann                10Mar 2002
Malcom                 Robert J.  "Bob"         25Jul 2002
Maley                  Kenneth M.               12Mar 2002
Maley                  Oneitta Lorella          28Jul 2002
Mallicoat              Katherine F.             24Jan 2002
Mallonee               Gladys M.  (Carter)       9Jan 2002
Mallory                Henry L.  Sr.            16Jun 2002
Mallory                Henry L.  Sr.            18Jun 2002
Malmgren               Mary Etta                 7May 2002
Malone                 James Eldon "Jim"        29Aug 2002
Malone                 Pat L.                   20Jul 2002
Malone                 Pat L.                   21Jul 2002
Maloney                Morris J.                 6Nov 2002
Maloney                Morris J.  "Papoose"      7Nov 2002
Maloney                Napoleon                 11Sep 2002
Maltby                 Jerry                    17Mar 2002
Manczuk                John Bron                30Apr 2002
Mandel                 Catherine                24Mar 2002
Mandrigues             Jilian                   19Feb 2002
Mandrigues             Julian                   17Feb 2002
Manese                 Jennette Doris           17Apr 2002
Maneth                 Leonard E.  Sr.          10Feb 2002
Mangels                Harold I.                18Mar 2002
Manges                 Julia F.                 28Dec 2002
Manges                 Naomi R.                 24Dec 2002
Manley                 Bertha Marie             23Jun 2002
Manley                 Ray O.                   26Nov 2002
Manly                  Carolyn Ann              11Oct 2002
Mann                   Beverly May              15Jul 2002
Mann                   Beverly May              16Jul 2002
Manning                Bessie L.                16May 2002
Manning                Gene William              9May 2002
Manock                 Dorothy V.               16Sep 2002
Manor                  Edith Sarah              15Oct 2002
Manos                  Stephanie J.              5Oct 2002
Mans                   Clara Catherine Clasen   29Nov 2002
Mans                   Clara Catherine Clasen   30Nov 2002
Manske                 Robert Conrad "Bob"      13Mar 2002
Mansker                Chester M.               19Aug 2002
Mansoor                Miladeh Fawal            11Jul 2002
Mantel                 Leland L.                20Dec 2002
Mantz                  Ida M.                   20Oct 2002
Maple                  Ruth Ellen               26Sep 2002
Maranda                Gaetan A.                23Oct 2002
Maranda                Gaetan A.                24Oct 2002
Marbut                 Della J.                  7Oct 2002
March                  Michael A.  "Mike"       22Feb 2002
March                  Michael A.  "Mike"       23Feb 2002
Marcotte               Minnie E.                28Dec 2002
Marcum                 David Allen               4Jul 2002
Marcum                 Joseph E.                13Mar 2002
Marcy                  Robert L.                17Nov 2002
Marcy                  Robert L.                19Nov 2002
Mardis                 Frances Antoinette       22Sep 2002
Mardis                 Leroy                    16Oct 2002
Mardis                 Robert Kent              18Jul 2002
Mardock                Lela F.                   9May 2002
Marietta               Georgene Marie           19Mar 2002
Mark                   Bernita                  30Jul 2002
Mark                   Lillian V.               16Jul 2002
Mark                   Roberta Frances          24Feb 2002
Markham                B.  Ruth                  3Jul 2002
Markham                B.  Ruth                  4Jul 2002
Markhart               Raymond O.               12Feb 2002
Markle                 Ruth I.                  17Feb 2002
Markley                Charlotte V.              6Feb 2002
Markley                William J.  "Bill"        4Nov 2002
Marks                  Jack A.                  11Jul 2002
Marks                  Leslie Richard           24Oct 2002
Marks                  Leslie Richard           25Oct 2002
Markus                 Bernetta B.              20Jun 2002
Marlar                 E.  Louise               20Jul 2002
Marley                 Ellen L.                 22Oct 2002
Marley                 Theresa Wynona           22Jan 2002
Marling                Hazel Lou                12Jun 2002
Marlow                 Cleo "C.E."               1Sep 2002
Marlow                 Gary Lee                 28Sep 2002
Marney                 Robert B.                15Sep 2002
Marney                 Robert B.                16Sep 2002
Marquardt              Clarence H.  "Hank"      18Jun 2002
Marquardt              Katherine Mae             9Jan 2002
Marquette              Mark Allen                6Sep 2002
Marquis                Wilma E.                 25Jan 2002
Marrs                  Roy                       9Mar 2002
Marsh                  David H.  (Rev.)         10Dec 2002
Marsh                  Ferman P.                14Jul 2002
Marsh                  Virginia "Ginger"         1Nov 2002
Marsh                  Virginia "Ginger"        31Oct 2002
Marsh                  Wendell Clyde            24Aug 2002
Marsh                  Wynona                   14Jun 2002
Marsh                  Wynona "Noni"            15Jun 2002
Marshall               Adrian L.                 9Oct 2002
Marshall               Adrian L.                10Oct 2002
Marshall               Arlo M.                  15Aug 2002
Marshall               Arlo M.                  16Aug 2002
Marshall               Barbara Ann               1Nov 2002
Marshall               Barbara Ann               2Nov 2002
Marshall               Barbara Ann              31Oct 2002
Marshall               Clifford Harmon           7May 2002
Marshall               Darien L.                 8Dec 2002
Marshall               Darien L.                10Dec 2002
Marshall               Elias E.                 10Apr 2002
Marshall               John Edward Jr.          15Jan 2002
Marshall               Julie Kathleen            4Jul 2002
Marshall               Julie Kathleen            5Jul 2002
Marshall               Mary Irene               12Jun 2002
Marshall               Opal                     26Jan 2002
Marshall               Opal A.                  27Jan 2002
Marshall               Ruth Esmyr               23Dec 2002
Marshall               Verna M.                 17Jul 2002
Marshall               Viola Mae                24Jul 2002
Marshall               William R.               18Jul 2002
Marsteller             Paul Franklin            13Mar 2002
Martens                Anna                     27Jul 2002
Martens                R.D.                      4Feb 2002
Martens                R.D.                      5Feb 2002
Martens                R.D.                      6Feb 2002
Martin                 Alice J.                 17Jun 2002
Martin                 C.  Donald               27May 2002
Martin                 C.  Donald               28May 2002
Martin                 C.  Donald               29May 2002
Martin                 Charles "Walt"           23Apr 2002
Martin                 Charles E.                6Apr 2002
Martin                 Charles Walter           24Apr 2002
Martin                 Charles Walter           25Apr 2002
Martin                 Charlie Jr.              26Apr 2002
Martin                 Charlie Jr.              28Apr 2002
Martin                 Clarence "Shorty"        13Aug 2002
Martin                 Craig                    27Apr 2002
Martin                 David L.                  2Mar 2002
Martin                 Derrick Brian            24Sep 2002
Martin                 Donald J.                20Jan 2002
Martin                 Donald Lee                7May 2002
Martin                 Ernest M.                 7Jul 2002
Martin                 Everett W.                1Jan 2002
Martin                 Faye E.  Turner          30Aug 2002
Martin                 Faye E.  Turner          31Aug 2002
Martin                 Goldie L.                19Dec 2002
Martin                 Goldie L.                20Dec 2002
Martin                 Grant E.                 29Dec 2002
Martin                 Jimmie N.                 9Jan 2002
Martin                 John Sr.                 24Feb 2002
Martin                 John Sr.                 25Feb 2002
Martin                 John Sr.                 26Feb 2002
Martin                 John Sr.                 27Feb 2002
Martin                 Lorn R.                  28Mar 2002
Martin                 Margaret M.               6Nov 2002
Martin                 Marjorie "Peg"           22Dec 2002
Martin                 Martha Ann               17Jan 2002
Martin                 Marvin W.                 8Oct 2002
Martin                 Mary E.                   9Feb 2002
Martin                 Mary E.                  12Feb 2002
Martin                 Maurice G.  "Recie"      10May 2002
Martin                 Maurice R.  "Butch"      21Jul 2002
Martin                 Mildred F.               17Feb 2002
Martin                 N.  Marie "Patty"        12Sep 2002
Martin                 N.  Marie "Patty"        13Sep 2002
Martin                 Pauline "Peggy"          13May 2002
Martin                 Philip Wayne             17Jun 2002
Martin                 Philip Wayne             18Jun 2002
Martin                 Robert Duane             19Sep 2002
Martin                 Robert L.                21Jul 2002
Martin                 Robert P.                30Sep 2002
Martin                 Robert P.  "Bob"          1Oct 2002
Martin                 Rosalie (Turner)          2Apr 2002
Martin                 Vivian E.                20Nov 2002
Martin                 Vivian E.                21Nov 2002
Martin                 William "Ray"            23Mar 2002
Martinez               "Joe Joe" Jr.             2Oct 2002
Martinez               Angel L.                 13Jan 2002
Martinez               Augustine "Marty"        16Jul 2002
Martinez               Augustine "Marty"        17Jul 2002
Martinez               Carlos                   22Feb 2002
Martinez               Consuelo "Connie"         5Jan 2002
Martinez               Dora G.                  17Oct 2002
Martinez               Fred C.                  12Mar 2002
Martinez               Luz                      26Apr 2002
Martinez               Luz                      27Apr 2002
Martinez               Luz                      28Apr 2002
Martinez               Maria "Corrine" Bedford  22Dec 2002
Martinez               Nadine (Aguilar)         14Nov 2002
Martinez               Richard J.  Sr.  "Dick"   2Aug 2002
Martinez               Santos                   28Nov 2002
Martinez               Santos                   29Nov 2002
Martinson              Vesta Jo                  1Aug 2002
Marvin                 Sharon L.  "Sherry"      19May 2002
Maska                  George W.                24Apr 2002
Maska                  Vera Stella              16Mar 2002
Maslow                 Dennis Gene               2Oct 2002
Maslow                 Dennis Gene               3Oct 2002
Mason                  Carolyn Sue              25Jan 2002
Mason                  Carolyn Sue              26Jan 2002
Mason                  Charles Arthur Jr.       20Mar 2002
Mason                  Clyde H.                 23Aug 2002
Mason                  Clyde H.                 25Aug 2002
Mason                  J.  Scott                23Dec 2002
Mason                  LaVenia Ann              19Nov 2002
Mason                  Lester M.                 8Jun 2002
Mason                  Paul L.                   1Dec 2002
Mason                  Paul L.                   2Dec 2002
Massey                 David L.                 24Oct 2002
Massey                 Lorena R.                20Sep 2002
Massey                 Louise                   14Aug 2002
Massey                 Louise                   15Aug 2002
Massey                 Mae (Rainer)             30Sep 2002
Massoth                Loretta Teresa           20Mar 2002
Mast                   Dorothy Jean             10Feb 2002
Mastellar              Gary E.                   8Aug 2002
Masters                Bryan Dale                3Oct 2002
Masters                Frances H.               22Feb 2002
Masters                George A.                30Jul 2002
Masters                Jim                      14Apr 2002
Masterson              Lauretta E.               8Dec 2002
Mata                   Joseph Andrew             3Jul 2002
Mateer                 Bruce DeLoss              1Nov 2002
Mateer                 Bruce DeLoss             31Oct 2002
Mathenia               Robert Lee               17Nov 2002
Mathenia               Robert Lee               20Nov 2002
Matheson               Carolyn L.               20Feb 2002
Mathews                Doris M.                 23Apr 2002
Mathews                Leslie E.                23Nov 2002
Mathews                Nadine                   17Aug 2002
Mathews                Tiffany Ann              11Jun 2002
Mathis                 Arthur Durward            9May 2002
Mathis                 Billy E.                 19Nov 2002
Mathis                 Billy Eugene             11Dec 2002
Matlock                Etta Mae (Ellis)         12Feb 2002
Matlock                Etta Mae (Ellis)         13Feb 2002
Matlock                Stephen Michael          12Oct 2002
Matousek               Wilma                     9Sep 2002
Matousek               Wilma Florence (Semke)   11Sep 2002
Matson                 Jean L.                   5Feb 2002
Matson                 John                     14Jul 2002
Matson                 John                     16Jul 2002
Matson                 LeRoy Smith "Toy"        24Jan 2002
Matson                 LeRoy Smith "Toy"        25Jan 2002
Mattern                Ivan G.                   2Aug 2002
Mattern                Ivan G.                   4Aug 2002
Matthews               Carl M.                  15Jun 2002
Matthews               Carl W.                  16Jun 2002
Matthews               Edwin Patterson           3Aug 2002
Matthews               Helen W.                 10Jul 2002
Matthews               Sybil                     6Apr 2002
Matthews               Tommy B.                  3Dec 2002
Matthews               Winifred B.              14Jun 2002
Matthews-Boyd          Patricia Louise (Black)  11Jun 2002
Mattingly              Susan Kay                15Dec 2002
Mattingly              Susan Kay                16Dec 2002
Mattix                 Charles R.  Jr.  (Rev.)   5Oct 2002
Mattson                Wilmart "Bud"            11Oct 2002
Mauch                  Edith T.                 16Mar 2002
Mauderly               Beulah C.                14Apr 2002
Maudlin                G.  Earl                 25Dec 2002
Maudlin                G.  Earl                 26Dec 2002
Maugans                Jamie (Sgt.)              6May 2002
Maugans                Jamie (Sgt.)              7May 2002
Maugans                Jamie (Sgt.)              8May 2002
Maugans                Jamie (Sgt.)             23Apr 2002
Maurer                 Norbert "Arkie"           4Aug 2002
Maus                   Pauline A.                2Feb 2002
Maus                   Pauline A.                3Feb 2002
Mauser                 Jack A.                   9Feb 2002
Mawdsley               Edith Mae Eubank          4Nov 2002
Mawson                 Ruth A.                  16Feb 2002
Maxedon                Alpha L.                  4Sep 2002
Maxedon                Alpha L.                  5Sep 2002
Maxedon                Stephen A.                4May 2002
Maxedon                Stephen A.                5May 2002
Maxey                  Maggie M.  "Sally"        5Feb 2002
Maxey                  Maggie M.  "Sally"        6Feb 2002
Maxey                  Maggie M.  "Sally"        7Feb 2002
Maxfield               Delilah Ellen            27Jun 2002
Maxwell                Berniece                 27Jun 2002
Maxwell                Berniece                 28Jun 2002
Maxwell                Dustin Alan              11Oct 2002
Maxwell                Kent W.                   5Mar 2002
Maxwell                Phillip L.               28Jun 2002
Maxwell                Raymond Charles "Ray"    21May 2002
Maxwell                Steven G.                21Aug 2002
Maxwell                Teresa M.                 8Dec 2002
May                    Coleene N.               23Jul 2002
May                    Coleene N.               24Jul 2002
May                    Curt Andrew               1Feb 2002
May                    Curt Andrew              31Jan 2002
May                    David A.                 29May 2002
May                    Orville Leon             14Dec 2002
May                    William S.  "Bill"        1Jul 2002
May                    William S.  "Bill"       30Jun 2002
May-Nyenhuis           Sharon A.                19May 2002
Mayberry               Chad Edward II           19Jul 2002
Mayberry               Chad Edward II           20Jul 2002
Mayberry               James Earl                7Jun 2002
Mayer                  M.  Flora (Sr.)           3Jan 2002
Mayers                 Adam Vincent              7Jan 2002
Mayes                  Eva B.                   17Apr 2002
Mayfield               E.  Lucille               4Mar 2002
Mayfield               Joy                       5Jun 2002
Mayfield               Lawrence E.  "Larry"     24Mar 2002
Mayfield               Lydia J.                  9Dec 2002
Mayhood                Charles E.  "Chuck"      12Apr 2002
Mayhue                 Bertha Evelyn             1Oct 2002
Mayhue                 Bertha Evelyn             2Oct 2002
Maylen                 Agnes L.                 20Aug 2002
Maynard                Rodney                   28Feb 2002
Mayo                   Wilma L.                 21Jan 2002
Mays                   Jesse James              30Mar 2002
Mayson                 Lynnettee Adele           1Dec 2002
Mayson                 Lynnettee Adele          27Nov 2002
Maytum                 Robert S.                11Sep 2002
Maytum                 Ruth Thadine             31May 2002
Maze                   Sanford W.  "Sandy"       1Jun 2002
Maze                   Terry Elvin               9Mar 2002
McAdams                Hester                   31Dec 2002
McAdoo                 Kenneth Barry            25Feb 2002
McAfee                 Eula Mae                 15Feb 2002
McAfee                 Eula Mae                 17Feb 2002
McAlister              Christopher G.            7Jul 2002
McAlister              Gerald E.                13Aug 2002
McAllister             Belva (Webb)             29Dec 2002
McAnarney              Reva                     20Feb 2002
McAnarney              Reva                     21Feb 2002
McArthur               Charlotte                12Feb 2002
McAtee                 Lowell Jay                6Jul 2002
McBee                  Steven Ray               18Jun 2002
McBee                  Sylvia C.                12Dec 2002
McBratney              Ruth                     24May 2002
McBroom                Dorothy                   1Mar 2002
McBroom                Dorothy                   2Mar 2002
McBroom                Dorothy                   3Mar 2002
McBroom                Elaine M.                 4Apr 2002
McBroom                Elaine M.                 5Apr 2002
McBroom                Elaine M.                 6Apr 2002
McByers                Betty J.                 17Sep 2002
McCabe                 Jerry E.                  2Sep 2002
McCabe                 Pauline                   1May 2002
McCabe                 Victoria J.              29Sep 2002
McCafferty             Tillman H.                2Nov 2002
McCafferty             Tillman H.                3Nov 2002
McCaffrey              Colette                  13Mar 2002
McCaffrey              Colette                  14Mar 2002
McCain                 Albert Wesley            30May 2002
McCaleb                Dorothy M.               12Mar 2002
McCall                 Bess L.                  21Nov 2002
McCalla                Floyd O.                  5Oct 2002
McCallum               Bertha C.                 3Jan 2002
McCammon               Gale Sr.                  4Jul 2002
McCandlis              Otto T.  "Mac"           10Apr 2002
McCannon               Carolyn M.                1Feb 2002
McCants                Kenneth G.               17Apr 2002
McCarter               J.C.                      6Mar 2002
McCarter               J.C.                      7Mar 2002
McCarthy               Gwendolyn "Jerre"        26Mar 2002
McCarthy               Gwendolyn "Jerre"        27Mar 2002
McCarthy               John W.                  17Feb 2002
McCarthy               LeRoy W.                 12Feb 2002
McCartney              Michael Andrew            8Nov 2002
McCartor               Rollin Royce             14Jul 2002
McCartor               Rollin Royce             17Jul 2002
McCarty                Glenn Wesley              1Jun 2002
McCarty                Glenn Wesley              2Jun 2002
McCarty                Glenn Wesley             31May 2002
McCarty                Jane R.                   4Apr 2002
McCaskey               Carol L.  "Ky"           10Mar 2002
McCaskey               Etha Lea                  2Sep 2002
McClard                Timothy A.  "Tim"        27Jan 2002
McClave                Hazel E.  (Vantuyl)      24Feb 2002
McClave                Hazel E.  (Vantuyl)      27Feb 2002
McClellan              Dorothy L                 7Mar 2002
McClellan              Mark                      6Feb 2002
McClellan              Mark                      7Feb 2002
McClenny               Donald Verne             10Oct 2002
McClenny               Donald Verne             11Oct 2002
McClintock             Linda L.                 16Jan 2002
McClintock             Linda L.                 17Jan 2002
McClinton              Esther R.                13Apr 2002
McClinton              Esther R.                14Apr 2002
McClinton              Esther R.                16Apr 2002
McClish                Fredrick Jr.  "Dude"     13Mar 2002
McClish                Fredrick Jr.  "Dude"     15Mar 2002
McCluggage             Jim                       3Nov 2002
McCluggage             Wilma Christine (Saenge   7Mar 2002
McClung                Harve Albert             13Jan 2002
McClung                Helen Faye               21Feb 2002
McClure                Edith A.                 24Oct 2002
McClure                Joyce L.                 13Aug 2002
McClure                Joyce L.                 14Aug 2002
McClure                Mary Ethel (Dunham)      16Mar 2002
McClure                Mary Ethel (Dunham)      17Mar 2002
McClure                Mary Ethel (Dunham)      18Mar 2002
McClurg                Virginia Lee (Moore)      7May 2002
McCollum               John A.                   8Aug 2002
McCollum               John A.                   9Aug 2002
McCollum               Mildred Pauline Westerv  21Jul 2002
McCombs                Gabrielle                 5Jan 2002
McCombs                Kenneth W.                8Jun 2002
McConchie              Florence                 24Apr 2002
McConkey               Dorothy I.  (Dr.)         7Feb 2002
McConkey               Jessie "Irene"           11Jun 2002
McConnell              James M.                 12Nov 2002
McCord                 Steven Ray               24Mar 2002
McCorkill              Shirley F.  (Holden)      4Jul 2002
McCormick              Anna Marie               13Jan 2002
McCormick              Augustus Guy Jr.  "Bud"  27Nov 2002
McCormick              Augustus Guy Jr.  "Bud"  28Nov 2002
McCormick              Augustus Guy Jr.  "Bud"  29Nov 2002
McCormick              Marie B.                 22Feb 2002
McCowan                Jonathan Harold           4Aug 2002
McCoy                  Alma L.                  10May 2002
McCoy                  Mary Euretta             23Jan 2002
McCoy                  Rosiland K.              20Jun 2002
McCoy                  Rosiland K.              21Jun 2002
McCracken              Curtis Lee               13Nov 2002
McCracken              Mary B.                  10Sep 2002
McCracken              W.  Ora                   7Feb 2002
McCreary               Walter R.  "Walt"        17Dec 2002
McCreary               Walter R.  "Walt"        18Dec 2002
McCrory                Helen Christine          13Jun 2002
McCubbin               LaVera S.  Moore         19Dec 2002
McCulley               Harold E.  "Cork"        30Jan 2002
McCulley               James W.  "Jim"          11Dec 2002
McCullough             Deborah Kay               6Aug 2002
McCullough             Rose Mary Margaret (Cla  20Sep 2002
McCullough             Rose Mary Margaret (Cla  21Sep 2002
McCully                Ivan M.                  10Mar 2002
McCune                 Chad Eric                11Jul 2002
McCune                 Irene G.  (Churning)     26Apr 2002
McCune                 Jeff L.                  11May 2002
McCune                 Johnny Lee               13Aug 2002
McCune                 Johnny Lee               14Aug 2002
McCune                 Kenneth G.               16Mar 2002
McCune                 Marjean Davies           18Oct 2002
McCune                 Marjean Davies           19Oct 2002
McCune                 Marjean Davies           20Oct 2002
McCune                 Mary Louise              10Dec 2002
McCurry                Elizabeth                17Jun 2002
McCurry                Leota Bell               19Jul 2002
McDaniel               Earl W.                  14May 2002
McDaniel               Earl W.                  15May 2002
McDaniel               Ellis D.                 28Sep 2002
McDaniel               Grant W.                 13Jul 2002
McDaniel               Megan R.  Forrest         5Mar 2002
McDaniel               Sylvia                   31Jan 2002
McDaniel               Van L.  Jr.              21Dec 2002
McDannald              Lonnie Elwin              6Jun 2002
McDannald              Lonnie Elwin              7Jun 2002
McDavitt               Thomas "Tom"             17Jun 2002
McDavitt               Thomas "Tom"             18Jun 2002
McDermed               Tammy E.                 20Apr 2002
McDermeit              Betty Lucille (Briggs)   20Mar 2002
McDermeit              Betty Lucille (Briggs)   21Mar 2002
McDermott              Dorothy A.               10Nov 2002
McDermott              Dorothy A.               13Nov 2002
McDivitt               Harold                   20Nov 2002
McDivitt               Harold                   21Nov 2002
McDonald               Aline Elsie              26Feb 2002
McDonald               Aline Elsie              27Feb 2002
McDonald               Debra Ann                13Jun 2002
McDonald               Edward K.                22Jan 2002
McDonald               J.  A.  "Jake"           22Dec 2002
McDonald               Jerry                     4Sep 2002
McDonald               LaDeen M.                 7Apr 2002
McDonald               Leamon J.  "Jeff"        10Apr 2002
McDonald               Leamon J.  "Jeff"        11Apr 2002
McDonald               Lucille E.               24Feb 2002
McDoniel               Chad                     22Jan 2002
McDougal               Laura L.                 27Oct 2002
McDougal               Laura L.                 28Oct 2002
McDowell               Bobbie L.  "Bob"         12May 2002
McDowell               Cenita J.                20Dec 2002
McDowell               Lewata L.                 1Jan 2002
McDowell               Lewata L.                 2Jan 2002
McDowell               Lillian Ruth (Allen)      5Feb 2002
McEachern              Lila Belle               19Feb 2002
McElwain               Lucille H.               12May 2002
McEntire               DeWitt "Mac"             12Apr 2002
McEntire               DeWitt "Mac"             13Apr 2002
McEwen                 Lila Mae                 16Sep 2002
McFall                 Joseph L.  "Joe"          3Jan 2002
McFarland              Cora E.  (Quillen)        1Sep 2002
McFarland              Eugene Lee               28Feb 2002
McFarland              Marie                    15Mar 2002
McFarlane              Dwight K.                 7Mar 2002
McFarlane              John Bruce "Jack"        17Dec 2002
McFarlane              Robert E.                11Dec 2002
McGaughey              Ruth                      2Oct 2002
McGeary                Dwayne E.  "Bud"          3May 2002
McGeary                Dwayne E.  "Bud"          4May 2002
McGee                  Dorothy Lucile           13Mar 2002
McGee                  Effie E.                  7Apr 2002
McGee                  Francis "Bud"             9May 2002
McGee                  Kenneth C.  "Bud"        12Oct 2002
McGee                  Steven L.  "Turtle"      30Apr 2002
McGee-Ware             Debra Arlene             28Apr 2002
McGee-Ware             Debra Arlene             29Apr 2002
McGehee                Ida Augusta (Conrow)      3Dec 2002
McGilbra               Carriasco William        28Jun 2002
McGill                 Eli Jr.                   1Sep 2002
McGill                 Eli Jr.                  30Aug 2002
McGillivray            Dorothy L.  (Hollopeter   3Jul 2002
McGinley               Michael W.               19Dec 2002
McGinnes               Darryl W.                27Feb 2002
McGinnis               Doris Opal                8Jun 2002
McGinnis               Evelyn B.                 7Apr 2002
McGinnis               James Allen               8Nov 2002
McGinnis               Michael D.               24May 2002
McGonigle              H.W.  "Jack"             24Mar 2002
McGovern               Andrew (Rev.)            17Jan 2002
McGovern               Andrew (Rev.)            18Jan 2002
McGowan                Melba June                5Oct 2002
McGowen                Melvin E.                18Nov 2002
McGowen                Melvin E.  "Bud"         20Nov 2002
McGrane                Gerald "Jerry"           16Mar 2002
McGrath                Margaret E.              13Nov 2002
McGreevey              Maxine                    6Feb 2002
McGreevey              Maxine                    7Feb 2002
McGreevy               JoAnn M.                 22Jan 2002
McGregor               Alan L.                  17Jan 2002
McGrew                 John Newland             12Nov 2002
McGrew                 Von                      10Sep 2002
McGuire                Anita Irene Mero         14Mar 2002
McGuire                James F.                 26Nov 2002
McGuire                Katherine Isely          29Sep 2002
McGuire                Lillian Gilstrap         26Jul 2002
McGuire                Marlys J.  (Clark)       21Nov 2002
McGuyre                Ruth C.                  22Feb 2002
McHenry                Anna Louise (DeMarais)    3Mar 2002
McHenry                Anna Louise (DeMarais)    4Mar 2002
McHenry                Charles E.                6Jul 2002
McHenry                Esther M.  (Allman)      20Nov 2002
McHenry                Esther M.  (Allman)      22Nov 2002
McHugh                 Bonnie E.  (Farmer)       3Jul 2002
McHugh                 Gary L.                  13Apr 2002
McHugh                 James H.                  2Aug 2002
McIlree                Charles Lawrence         29Dec 2002
McIntosh               Ben C.  Sr.              16Jun 2002
McIntyre               Frances Mae              26Dec 2002
McIver                 Dorothy                  26Nov 2002
McKain                 Colleen R.                4Nov 2002
McKain                 Ruth I.  (Chilcote)      22Jan 2002
McKay                  Betty Jane (Jackson)     16Jun 2002
McKay                  Eudale "Mac"              3Feb 2002
McKay                  Eudale "Mae"              2Feb 2002
McKay                  Louise Evelyn            29Aug 2002
McKedy                 Raymond W.                4Dec 2002
McKedy                 Raymond W.                5Dec 2002
McKedy                 Raymond W.                6Dec 2002
McKedy                 Rita E.  (Steffan)       29Sep 2002
McKedy                 Rita E.  (Steffan)       30Sep 2002
McKee                  Donald C.                12Nov 2002
McKee                  Donna Dee                 4Feb 2002
McKeever               D.  Oreta                 3Jun 2002
McKenna                Letitia Ann "Tish"       22Nov 2002
McKenzie               Edwin D.                 10Feb 2002
McKenzie               Jessie "Goldie"          17Dec 2002
McKenzie               Naomi R.                 25Sep 2002
McKenzie               Robert W.  "Bill"        15Sep 2002
McKibban-Woelk         Pauline                  15Jan 2002
McKibben               Jennie M.                25Aug 2002
McKibbin               Harold R.                28Dec 2002
McKibbin               Harold R.                29Dec 2002
McKinnell              Marie H.                 20Nov 2002
McKinney               Clyde Courtney (Dr.)     24Feb 2002
McKinney               E.  Gene                 28Dec 2002
McKinney               Elmer J.                 31Dec 2002
McKinney               Keith Aaron              14Aug 2002
McKinney               R.  T.  Sr.               8Dec 2002
McKinney               R.  T.  Sr.              11Dec 2002
McKinney               Russell Lynn              1Dec 2002
McKnight               Jobe M.                  21Oct 2002
McKown                 John L.  "Jack"           2Oct 2002
McKown                 John L.  "Jack"           3Oct 2002
McLain                 Warren Maxwell           28Apr 2002
McLaughlin             Francis Edward           10Oct 2002
McLaughlin             G.  Cecile (Wakefield)    3Dec 2002
McLaughlin             Jerry F.                 21Apr 2002
McLaughlin             LeRoy Jr.  "Cork"        20Mar 2002
McLaughlin             Mildred Moselle           8Feb 2002
McLelland              Douglas H.               24Jan 2002
McLemore               Virginia L.              29Apr 2002
McLinden               V.L.  "Bud"              23Dec 2002
McMahon                Diana Lee Partlow        16Jul 2002
McMahon                William L.  "Bill"       27Mar 2002
McMaster               Margaret M.  "Peggy"      1May 2002
McMaster               Margaret M.  "Peggy"     30Apr 2002
McMichael              June H.                   2Mar 2002
McMichael              June H.                   3Mar 2002
McMichael              June H.                   6Mar 2002
McMichael              Marvin                   22Oct 2002
McMillan               Dorothy M.               28Aug 2002
McMillan               Gerald L.                11Dec 2002
McMillan               Granville S.  "Mac"      24Apr 2002
McMillan               Howard L.  Jr.  "Mac"    24Feb 2002
McMillan               James E.  "Jim"          28Sep 2002
McMillan               Marie                     8Jan 2002
McMillan               Virginia A.               8Sep 2002
McMillan               Wanda Lola                9Dec 2002
McMillen               Hugh Otis "Mac"          11Dec 2002
McMillen               Prebble Helen             6Sep 2002
McMiller               Arbert Jr.               15May 2002
McMiller               Arbert Jr.               19May 2002
McMullen               Larry Scott              13May 2002
McMullen               Ramona Jean              21Aug 2002
McMullin               Elanora                  23Sep 2002
McMunn                 Cora Ethel               10Jan 2002
McMurphy               Jan K.                    5Apr 2002
McNabb                 Clayton Sonny            10Mar 2002
McNabb                 Stella Pearl (Little)     6Dec 2002
McNabb                 Stella Pearl (Little)     7Dec 2002
McNalley               Karen S.  (Hines)         4Apr 2002
McNalley               Karen S.  (Hines)         5Apr 2002
McNally                Crystal Elaine           25Aug 2002
McNally                Crystal Elaine           26Aug 2002
McNamara               Michael Thomas "Mac"     18Aug 2002
McNamara               Michael Thomas "Mac"     19Aug 2002
McNeely                Barbara Jane             16Jun 2002
McNeely                Liv Ann                  28Jul 2002
McNeil                 Virginia                  2May 2002
McNew                  Johnetta (Losh) (Dr.)    30May 2002
McNew                  Johnetta (Losh) (Dr.)    31May 2002
McNulty                Michael F.                8Oct 2002
McPherson              Donna Kay                 6Oct 2002
McPherson              Donna Kay                 9Oct 2002
McPherson              Donna Kay                10Oct 2002
McPherson              Pauline M.  "Polly"      13Jul 2002
McPherson              Pauline M.  "Polly"      14Jul 2002
McPherson              Robert C.                17May 2002
McPherson              Willie Lee               18Sep 2002
McQueen                Edward L.                12Nov 2002
McQueen                Ina "Pearl"              25Jan 2002
McRae                  Richard Allen Sr.        20May 2002
McRay                  Debra G.  "Debi"          6Nov 2002
McRorey                Kenneth W.               26Jun 2002
McRorey                Kenneth W.               27Jun 2002
McSpadden              G.D.                     17Mar 2002
McVey                  Carrie E.                 3Jul 2002
McVey                  Lottie Mae               30Jan 2002
McVey                  Marjorie Ellen            4Dec 2002
McVicker               Perry Joe                10Nov 2002
Meacham                Ellen L.                 17Sep 2002
Mead                   Anita                     2Dec 2002
Mead                   Clarence O.              29Nov 2002
Mead                   Dorothy Mayn             19Mar 2002
Mead                   Lois Hollensbe "Carol"   10Jul 2002
Mead                   Vera                      8Aug 2002
Meadows                Albert                    6Feb 2002
Meadows                Carole                    5Dec 2002
Meadows                Samuel Paul              27Jul 2002
Meadows                Samuel Paul              28Jul 2002
Meadows                Samuel Paul              29Jul 2002
Meahen                 Ann Louise (Woodman)     27Sep 2002
Meahen                 Ann Louise (Woodman)     28Sep 2002
Meahen                 Ann Louise (Woodman)     29Sep 2002
Mealman-Smart          Joy (Pape)                4May 2002
Mealman-Smart          Joy (Pape)                5May 2002
Means                  Charles F.                3Jan 2002
Means                  Charles F.                4Jan 2002
Means                  Charles F.                5Jan 2002
Mears                  James A.  "Big Jim"      19Feb 2002
Mears                  Ples E.                  19May 2002
Meckfessel             Ora Mae                   2Dec 2002
Medcalf                C.  Milton Jr.           12Feb 2002
Medina                 John George              17Sep 2002
Medley                 Betty Ann                 2Apr 2002
Medley                 Betty Ann                29Mar 2002
Medley                 Marion E.                 9May 2002
Medley                 Marion E.                10May 2002
Meek                   Grady L.                 12Jul 2002
Meeks                  Marshall John             7Aug 2002
Mefford                Roy L.                   18Dec 2002
Megaffin               Rex K.                   22Nov 2002
Meggenberg             Bill D.                  17May 2002
Megli                  Harvey G.                 7Apr 2002
Mehl                   Doris Mae (Cyphers)       6Oct 2002
Meier                  Jessie Alice (Honn)       6Jul 2002
Meier                  Milton M.                18Aug 2002
Meier                  Ray D.                   18Dec 2002
Meierhoff              James A.                 26Sep 2002
Meils                  Merle Ellen Noble        20Jun 2002
Mein                   Lorenz Otto               3Jun 2002
Mein                   Lorenz Otto               4Jun 2002
Meisch                 W.F.                     14May 2002
Meisenheimer           Donald C.  Jr.           26Oct 2002
Melander               Emmet Anton "Pat"        27Aug 2002
Melcher                Cleo Edwin               19Jan 2002
Melcher                Otis Irvin                1Aug 2002
Melcher                Otis Irvin                2Aug 2002
Melcum                 John Lloyd                4Jun 2002
Melson                 Randall W.                6Sep 2002
Melton                 Betty M.                 15Jan 2002
Melton                 Henry L.  "Hank"         13Nov 2002
Melton                 Robert Lee Sr.           31Aug 2002
Mena                   Ralph Sr.                24Jan 2002
Menaker                Thelma                    8May 2002
Menaker                Thelma                    9May 2002
Menaker                Thelma                   10May 2002
Menaker                Thelma Kornfeld           9May 2002
Mendenhall             Duane D.  "Dewey"        23Feb 2002
Mendenhall             Eric R.                  18Jul 2002
Mendez                 Margarita Perez "Aunt M  15Jan 2002
Mendoza                Esteban Juan "Steve"      2Oct 2002
Meng                   Raymond C.  "R.C."       30Jul 2002
Meng                   Robert J.                25Dec 2002
Menzer                 Helen D.                 14Jun 2002
Menzie                 Charles P.  Sr.  "Chuck  10Aug 2002
Menzies                Raymond L.  "Ray"         3Feb 2002
Merrifield             Glen V.                   1Mar 2002
Merrifield             Glen V.                  28Feb 2002
Merrill                C.  Gail                  7Nov 2002
Merrill                Lynette M.               21Apr 2002
Merrill                Melba E.                 29Jun 2002
Merrington             Agnes                    27May 2002
Merrington             Agnes                    29May 2002
Merten                 Dorothy I.               26Dec 2002
Mertens                Edwin L.                 21Oct 2002
Mertes                 Irene Margaret (Gegen)   26Oct 2002
Mertes                 Irene Margaret (Gegen)   27Oct 2002
Mesa                   Richard Anthony           4Dec 2002
Meshew                 Heather Lee              11Feb 2002
Meshew                 Heather Lee              12Feb 2002
Messenger              Betty Arlene             26Sep 2002
Messerschmidt          Arlene M.                 9May 2002
Messerschmidt          Arnold E.                17Sep 2002
Messick                Mark Montgomery          23Nov 2002
Metcalf                Betty Leigh              12Mar 2002
Metcalf                Danny A.                  5May 2002
Metz                   Georgia                  24Feb 2002
Metz                   Georgia                  25Feb 2002
Metz                   Jacque Elizabeth         31Dec 2002
Metzen                 Agnes C.  (Bayer)        23May 2002
Metzger                Helen C.                 27Mar 2002
Metzinger              Dolores                  22Nov 2002
Metzinger              Dolores                  23Nov 2002
Metzinger              William Earl             26May 2002
Metzker                Frankie U.               28Sep 2002
Meyer                  Anna Olga                 2Aug 2002
Meyer                  Beulah Minnie            16Oct 2002
Meyer                  E.  Louise               29Dec 2002
Meyer                  Eugene "Gene"             7Jul 2002
Meyer                  Eugene "Gene"             8Jul 2002
Meyer                  Forrest "Frosty"         18Sep 2002
Meyer                  Hazel C.  (VanNess)      13Mar 2002
Meyer                  Mildred M.               11Apr 2002
Meyer                  Mildred Maxine           14Jan 2002
Meyer                  Norma Lee (Danielson)    10May 2002
Meyer                  Norma Mies               14Nov 2002
Meyer                  Orville R.               11Jan 2002
Meyeres                Duane Francis             1Apr 2002
Meyeres                Duane Francis            31Mar 2002
Meyers                 Arlesta Mae              24Jul 2002
Meyers                 Marie E.                 18Jun 2002
Meyers                 Thelda M.  "Ted"         24Feb 2002
Meza                   Anita                    23Nov 2002
Michael                Christopher Steven        9Nov 2002
Michael                Christopher Steven       10Nov 2002
Michael                Dorothy Lucille          19Sep 2002
Michael                Elsie                     8May 2002
Michael                Norma L.                 24Jul 2002
Michaelis              Clarence M.  "Mick"      26Nov 2002
Michelsons             Ida                       4Aug 2002
Michener               Ruth E.                  22Sep 2002
Michler                Larry E.                 22Jan 2002
Michler                Larry E.                 23Jan 2002
Michler                Mary J.                  27Jul 2002
Michler                Mary J.                  28Jul 2002
Mick                   Doris                    28Mar 2002
Mick                   Frowin                    6Jan 2002
Mick                   Patricia Ann              1May 2002
Micke                  Margaret W.              30Sep 2002
Mickey                 Clinton M.                1Jan 2002
Middleton              David                    16Mar 2002
Middleton              David                    17Mar 2002
Middleton              Phillip E.  (Dr.)        18May 2002
Middleton              Sarah A.                 19Nov 2002
Mierau                 William C.  "Bill"        2Mar 2002
Mierau                 William C.  "Bill"        3Mar 2002
Mies                   Timothy John             24Oct 2002
Mies                   Timothy John             25Oct 2002
Mikesell               Lucille N.                6Mar 2002
Miles                  Bobby Gene               21Jun 2002
Miles                  Gene James               17Mar 2002
Miles                  Gene James               18Mar 2002
Miles                  Gene James               19Mar 2002
Miles                  Joseph Howard "Joe"       1Dec 2002
Miles                  Joseph Howard "Joe"      27Nov 2002
Miley                  Larrie D.                 8Oct 2002
Millard                Juanita K.               27Apr 2002
Millender              Johnnie O.                4Oct 2002
Miller                 Adeline Dora             15Feb 2002
Miller                 Alice D.                 29Aug 2002
Miller                 Avery Quinn              10May 2002
Miller                 Billie Jean              20Dec 2002
Miller                 Clarence Arthur "Art"    20Jul 2002
Miller                 Cleve                    12Jun 2002
Miller                 Connie Josephine         27Sep 2002
Miller                 D.L.                     18Jan 2002
Miller                 Dean L.                   5Jan 2002
Miller                 Dean L.                   6Jan 2002
Miller                 Dee McHenry              17Dec 2002
Miller                 Dee McHenry              18Dec 2002
Miller                 Denver "Dennie"          23Jul 2002
Miller                 Denver Darrell           23Jul 2002
Miller                 Doris                    27Oct 2002
Miller                 Doris Irene              22Dec 2002
Miller                 Dorothy A.  (Davis)       6Dec 2002
Miller                 Dorothy A.  (Davis)       7Dec 2002
Miller                 Dorothy P.               24Apr 2002
Miller                 Dortha P.  Bodecker      17Dec 2002
Miller                 Dortha P.  Bodecker      18Dec 2002
Miller                 Earl                     24Dec 2002
Miller                 Edna Eleanor Grub         9Mar 2002
Miller                 Edward J.  "E.J."        25Nov 2002
Miller                 Erlene B.                13Jun 2002
Miller                 Ethel Marie              13Feb 2002
Miller                 Ethel Vina                1Nov 2002
Miller                 Eunice Mena Maria        17Apr 2002
Miller                 Everett E.                1Sep 2002
Miller                 Freeda Lorraine (Hendri  20Oct 2002
Miller                 Garnet Light             26Jun 2002
Miller                 Garnet Light (Gleason)   28Jun 2002
Miller                 George Gerald            13Mar 2002
Miller                 Godfrey C.               10Sep 2002
Miller                 Harold R.                 4Nov 2002
Miller                 Helen E.  Redden         28May 2002
Miller                 Ina Bernice              20Jul 2002
Miller                 Irvin H.                  1Aug 2002
Miller                 Irvin H.                 31Jul 2002
Miller                 Joseph Fredrick           1Jun 2002
Miller                 Joseph Fredrick          31May 2002
Miller                 Kathleen L.  (Daugherty  20Apr 2002
Miller                 Kenneth C.               26Mar 2002
Miller                 Lawrence H.              31Jan 2002
Miller                 Lloyd W.                 17Nov 2002
Miller                 Lorene                   15May 2002
Miller                 Lula M.  "Lu"             1Dec 2002
Miller                 Lula M.  "Lu"             2Dec 2002
Miller                 Mabel May                26Jan 2002
Miller                 Madeline                 19May 2002
Miller                 Madeline                 20May 2002
Miller                 Malcolm                  18Apr 2002
Miller                 Malcolm                  19Apr 2002
Miller                 Margaret Ellen           25Jun 2002
Miller                 Margaret Ellen           26Jun 2002
Miller                 Mary                     26Sep 2002
Miller                 Michael Dewayne          14May 2002
Miller                 Michael Dewayne          15May 2002
Miller                 Murn J.                  20Nov 2002
Miller                 Murn J.                  21Nov 2002
Miller                 Neva Mae                  3Nov 2002
Miller                 Paul C.                  29Aug 2002
Miller                 Paul J.                   1Aug 2002
Miller                 Peggy Lee                27Dec 2002
Miller                 Priscilla L.             19Sep 2002
Miller                 Priscilla L.             20Sep 2002
Miller                 Raymond E.                8Jul 2002
Miller                 Rebecca Sue              11Dec 2002
Miller                 Richard R.  "Dick"       15May 2002
Miller                 Rita A.                   5Feb 2002
Miller                 Roger Kent               13Mar 2002
Miller                 Ruth C.                  24Oct 2002
Miller                 Samuel G.                 1Dec 2002
Miller                 Samuel G.                 2Dec 2002
Miller                 Sarah Louise             28Oct 2002
Miller                 Tammy                    11May 2002
Miller                 Tammy R.  (Riddle)       11May 2002
Miller                 Tammy R.  (Riddle)       12May 2002
Miller                 Thelma J.                 2Jan 2002
Miller                 Theresa Mary              4Jul 2002
Miller                 Van Norman               22Mar 2002
Miller                 Vernon Robert             6Dec 2002
Miller                 Vernon Robert            10Dec 2002
Miller                 Vernon S.  Sr.           24Sep 2002
Miller                 Vincent Arthur "Vince"   18Jul 2002
Miller                 Virginia A.               7Sep 2002
Miller                 Virginia M.               2Mar 2002
Miller                 Walter Howard             8Feb 2002
Millershaski           Richard James             1Jun 2002
Milligan               Martha                   16Aug 2002
Milliken               M.  Jeane                21Apr 2002
Million                Edwin J.                 10Jan 2002
Milloway               Clayton Thomas           29Dec 2002
Mills                  Benjamin E.  "Benny"     28Jul 2002
Mills                  Fred                      7Nov 2002
Mills                  Grace F.  (Cox)          14Apr 2002
Mills                  Loren Keith              20Jan 2002
Mills                  Loren Keith              21Jan 2002
Mills                  Orris J.  "O.J."         15Aug 2002
Mills                  Orris J.  "O.J."         16Aug 2002
Millwee                Martha E.                29Sep 2002
Miltner                Donald Edward            13Nov 2002
Miner                  Dale E.                  13Mar 2002
Miner                  Helen E.                 30Nov 2002
Ming                   Loretta J.  "Joan"        7Jul 2002
Minks                  Eva Dies                 21Feb 2002
Minner                 Geraldine                 3Mar 2002
Minner                 Geraldine                 4Mar 2002
Minnis                 Darwin W.                28May 2002
Minnis                 Darwin W.                29May 2002
Minnis                 LeeAnn                   30Sep 2002
Minor                  Barbara Jean             24Aug 2002
Minor                  Mary Elsie               20Aug 2002
Minor-Tipton           Wilma Jane               11Sep 2002
Minter                 Anna F.                   5Jun 2002
Minton                 Glen C.  "Pappy"         20Oct 2002
Minton                 Glen C.  "Pappy"         21Oct 2002
Mintz                  Evelyn Louise             4Mar 2002
Minx                   Garth F.                  3Oct 2002
Minx                   Garth F.                  4Oct 2002
Miracle                Helen                    22Jun 2002
Miranda                Christian Edward         11Apr 2002
Mires                  Ben                      30Mar 2002
Mirt                   Kenneth Woodrow          28Jul 2002
Misak                  Alfred J.                 5Nov 2002
Misak                  Dale E.                  11May 2002
Misegades              Phyllis Lorene           31Dec 2002
Misemer                Annie Jo (Smith)         25Oct 2002
Mishler                Esther B.                19Nov 2002
Mitchell               Avrion H.  "Pete"        23Aug 2002
Mitchell               Bob G.                   14Mar 2002
Mitchell               Clark B.  Jr.            11Jan 2002
Mitchell               Davonta Davion LaRay     25Sep 2002
Mitchell               Davonta Davlon LaRay     28Sep 2002
Mitchell               Dennis T.                 8Oct 2002
Mitchell               Eddie G.                  6Feb 2002
Mitchell               Effie L.                  3Jan 2002
Mitchell               Everett (Rev.)           15Feb 2002
Mitchell               Frances "Frankie"        18Feb 2002
Mitchell               Innocent D.               1Dec 2002
Mitchell               Innocent D.              30Nov 2002
Mitchell               LaVonne D.  (Simkins) "  30Mar 2002
Mitchell               Louise E.                12Dec 2002
Mitchell               Margie I.  (Campbell)    25Jan 2002
Mitchell               Minnie Elizabeth          3Jan 2002
Mitchell               Roy W.                    9Sep 2002
Mitchell               Ruth L.                  27Jul 2002
Mitchell               Thelma C.  Pollock       10Apr 2002
Mitchell               Vera Jean                14Apr 2002
Mitchell               Vera Jean                17Apr 2002
Mitchell               William Henry "Willie"   24Dec 2002
Mitchell               William Joseph "Bill"    16Oct 2002
Mitchell               Willie                   27Nov 2002
Mitsch                 Paul Francis IV          28Jul 2002
Mitsch                 Paul Francis IV          29Jul 2002
Moan                   LaVona F.                28Dec 2002
Mock                   Charlie John             17Nov 2002
Mock                   Charlie John             18Nov 2002
Mock                   Dorothy K.                5Sep 2002
Mock                   RD                        3Jan 2002
Modie                  Teresa Idell "Tee Tee"   24Jul 2002
Moffat                 Lucy Agnes                6Jul 2002
Mohesky                Michael D.               20Aug 2002
Mohr                   Charles F.               15Aug 2002
Mohr                   Jerry Alan               21Dec 2002
Mohr                   Juanita Rose Linnebur    30Oct 2002
Molidor                Kenneth J.               22Oct 2002
Molitor                Anna M.                  17Mar 2002
Molzen                 Harry Earl               13Sep 2002
Monasmith              Owen E.  "Gene"          19Aug 2002
Moncrief               Delbert H.               27Apr 2002
Monge-Herrera          Guillermo                24Apr 2002
Monger                 Ralph D.                 26Nov 2002
Monical-Mates          Laura L.                 11Oct 2002
Monroe                 Evelyn L.                26Jul 2002
Monroe                 Marquerite E.            26May 2002
Montague               Gwendolyn M.             16Nov 2002
Montano                Ramiro M.  "Ronnie"      10Sep 2002
Montee                 Woodrow "Wilson"         12Jul 2002
Montgomery             Francis M.  "Frank"      11Mar 2002
Montgomery             June Melia                1Feb 2002
Montgomery             Margie Marie Oletha       9Jul 2002
Montgomery             Melvin Leland            20Apr 2002
Montgomery             Melvin Leland            21Apr 2002
Montgomery             Opal                      3Nov 2002
Montgomery             Vernon A.                 7Nov 2002
Montgomery             Vernon A.  "Tiny"         8Nov 2002
Montgomery             William R.  "Bill"        1Jun 2002
Montgomery             William R.  "Bill"       31May 2002
Montney                Marie M.                 18Jan 2002
Monty                  Armeline C.               1Jun 2002
Monty                  Armeline C.              29May 2002
Monty                  Robert E.                 7Mar 2002
Monty                  Robert E.                10Mar 2002
Moody                  Abigail Ann              19Sep 2002
Moon                   Anna                      4Jul 2002
Moon                   Anna                      8Jul 2002
Moon                   Louise A.                 8Apr 2002
Moon                   Virgil H.  Jr.            7Jul 2002
Mooney                 Frank L.  "Buck"         22Oct 2002
Moore                  Alfred Henry             23Aug 2002
Moore                  Alfred Henry             25Aug 2002
Moore                  Anna M.                   8May 2002
Moore                  Bonnie Faye               6Dec 2002
Moore                  Calvin C.                 2Mar 2002
Moore                  David Robert              6Jun 2002
Moore                  Deloris Sarah            11Sep 2002
Moore                  Deloris Sarah            12Sep 2002
Moore                  Deloris Sarah            13Sep 2002
Moore                  Dorothy Mae              15Aug 2002
Moore                  Dorothy Mae              16Aug 2002
Moore                  Elizabeth (VonFeldt) "B  21Mar 2002
Moore                  Elwood Orin              25Apr 2002
Moore                  Flem Milton              28Nov 2002
Moore                  Georgia Vordine           7Aug 2002
Moore                  Gladys                    9Nov 2002
Moore                  Glen                     28May 2002
Moore                  Hellon L.                19Nov 2002
Moore                  Iveta                    27Sep 2002
Moore                  James                    20Jun 2002
Moore                  James                    21Jun 2002
Moore                  James                    22Jun 2002
Moore                  James F.                  6Jun 2002
Moore                  Joe L.                    6Aug 2002
Moore                  Joe L.                    7Aug 2002
Moore                  John Edward               2Jun 2002
Moore                  John Edward "Jack"        5Jun 2002
Moore                  John Eugene               1Jun 2002
Moore                  Lowell Morris            15Feb 2002
Moore                  Mable Darlene            26Dec 2002
Moore                  Marva                     6Mar 2002
Moore                  Marva                     7Mar 2002
Moore                  Mary                     11Jul 2002
Moore                  Mary E.                  27Apr 2002
Moore                  Mary E.                  28Apr 2002
Moore                  Mary Elizabeth           12Aug 2002
Moore                  Mary Jane Peterson       12Oct 2002
Moore                  Matthew E.               13Aug 2002
Moore                  Mildred Grobe            18Jun 2002
Moore                  Nelda B.                  9Nov 2002
Moore                  Nethaniel Dewayne Jr.     5Jun 2002
Moore                  Nettie N.                22Oct 2002
Moore                  Ora                       5Jun 2002
Moore                  Roland A.                19Jun 2002
Moore                  Shirley H.                9May 2002
Moore                  Stella May               30May 2002
Moore                  Velma Lucille            20Oct 2002
Moore                  Walter B.  Jr.           19Oct 2002
Moore                  Walter W.                22May 2002
Moore                  Wanda Lucinda (Pickens)  23Jan 2002
Moore                  Wanda Lucinda (Pickens)  24Jan 2002
Moore                  William Russell "Bill"   22May 2002
Moore                  William Russell "Bill"   23May 2002
Moore                  Winnie Mae Wilcox        26Mar 2002
Moorman                Anna M.                  30Mar 2002
Moorman                Edith V.                  2Feb 2002
Moos                   Andrew Lucas              5Jun 2002
Moos                   Andrew Lucas              6Jun 2002
Moos                   Andrew Lucas              9Jun 2002
Moos                   Andrew Lucas             12Jun 2002
Moos                   Ryan Lyn                 26Mar 2002
Mora                   Genevieve                12Apr 2002
Morace                 Gary Allen               27Oct 2002
Morain                 Mildred J.               14Jun 2002
Morales                Edna (Moody)              3Oct 2002
Morales                Edna (Moody)              4Oct 2002
Morales                Karla Marlen              4Dec 2002
Morales                Karla Marlen              5Dec 2002
Morales                Martin                    4Dec 2002
Morales                Martin                    5Dec 2002
Moran                  Frankie Lloyd            25Oct 2002
Moran                  Julius G.                17Mar 2002
Moravec                Sylvia                    9Jan 2002
Moravec                Sylvia                   10Jan 2002
Moreno                 Amelia                   16Sep 2002
Moreno                 Amelia                   17Sep 2002
Moreno                 Carmen ASC (Sr.)         30Jan 2002
Moreno                 Carmen ASC (Sr.)         31Jan 2002
Morfitt                Leonard C.               15Aug 2002
Morford                Sara E.                  17May 2002
Morgan                 Alice                     6Apr 2002
Morgan                 Alice Loriene            10Oct 2002
Morgan                 Carlton Wayne "Tom"       3Jul 2002
Morgan                 Charlotte M.             23Jan 2002
Morgan                 Clarence Edward          27Sep 2002
Morgan                 Clarence Edward          28Sep 2002
Morgan                 Clarence Edward          29Sep 2002
Morgan                 Clarence Edward          30Sep 2002
Morgan                 Cynthia N.                4Feb 2002
Morgan                 Don D.                    9Sep 2002
Morgan                 Don Darrel               10Sep 2002
Morgan                 Gladys P.  (Dodge)        3Feb 2002
Morgan                 Harriett Ann              4Jan 2002
Morgan                 Jeff H.                  22Sep 2002
Morgan                 Jeff H.                  23Sep 2002
Morgan                 Jesse E.                 26Jun 2002
Morgan                 Leona L.                 11Jan 2002
Morgan                 Leslie L.                17Jan 2002
Morgan                 Nellie E.                 5Dec 2002
Morgan                 Phillip J.               18Aug 2002
Morgan                 Robert Leslie            13Jan 2002
Morgan                 Robert Leslie            14Jan 2002
Morgan                 Ronald L.                17Jul 2002
Morgan                 Tommy Lee Sr.             5Mar 2002
Morgan                 Tommy Lee Sr.             6Mar 2002
Morgan                 Tommy Lee Sr.             7Mar 2002
Morganfield-Craig      Ruby F.                  28Jun 2002
Morganfield-Craig      Ruby F.                  29Jun 2002
Morin                  Irene D.                 12Nov 2002
Morisset               Alma Mae (Phillips)      20May 2002
Morisset               Denzel Ray               10Nov 2002
Mork                   Ingolf Otto (Dr.)        18Dec 2002
Mork                   Ingolf Otto (Dr.)        19Dec 2002
Mork                   Ingolf Otto (Dr.)        20Dec 2002
Morley                 Paul Jasper              20Oct 2002
Morley                 Paul Jasper              21Oct 2002
Morrell                Marjorie Eleanor         17Apr 2002
Morrill                Ernest Albert            28Jan 2002
Morris                 Bradford Morgan          17Dec 2002
Morris                 Cecil Alphes Jr.          1May 2002
Morris                 Cecil Alphes Jr.          2May 2002
Morris                 Doris Irene              20Jul 2002
Morris                 Doris Jane               21Apr 2002
Morris                 Doris Jane               22Apr 2002
Morris                 Inez H.                   1Jan 2002
Morris                 Joseph Henry             16May 2002
Morris                 Lennie J.                 7Apr 2002
Morris                 LeRoy H.                 31May 2002
Morris                 Max Blythe               30Mar 2002
Morris                 Max Blythe               31Mar 2002
Morris                 Nicholas B.  Jr.         30Jan 2002
Morris                 Pamela A.                15Dec 2002
Morris                 Richard McBride           6Jun 2002
Morris                 William Edward "Dino"     3Jan 2002
Morris                 William Edward "Dino"     5Jan 2002
Morris                 William Lee              28Sep 2002
Morrison               Albert T.  "Al"          12Jan 2002
Morrison               Albert T.  "Al"          13Jan 2002
Morrison               Alfred P.                 8Apr 2002
Morrison               Burnita S.               30Mar 2002
Morrison               Earlis C.                13Jul 2002
Morrison               Gerald H.  "Pete"        25Dec 2002
Morrison               Gerald H.  "Pete"        26Dec 2002
Morrison               Michael Roy Jr.          12Sep 2002
Morrison               Orville E.               21Mar 2002
Morrow                 Agda P.                   3Jan 2002
Morrow                 Alma B.  "Bea"           25Jul 2002
Morrow                 Byron P.                 11Sep 2002
Morrow                 Byron P.                 12Sep 2002
Morrow                 Edith I.  (Culver)       27Jul 2002
Morse                  Thelma (Murphy)          10Sep 2002
Mortiz                 Bertha M.                12Aug 2002
Morton                 Alfred M.                27May 2002
Morton                 Annalu (Wilson)           5May 2002
Morton                 Loyd E.                  12Nov 2002
Morton                 Ruby Gladys              21Dec 2002
Mosby                  Lily May                 18Sep 2002
Moser                  Gloria Lenora             1Sep 2002
Moser                  Gloria Lenore            29Aug 2002
Moser                  Velma                     7Sep 2002
Moser                  Velma                     8Sep 2002
Moses                  Don V.                   25Dec 2002
Moses                  Violet                    8Aug 2002
Mosqueda               Irma Meza                19Mar 2002
Mosqueda               Joey                     17Nov 2002
Moss                   Carlie                    8Jan 2002
Moss                   Hazel Ann (Balding)      28Sep 2002
Moss                   Kay Francis              19Jul 2002
Moss                   Marshall H.              15Jun 2002
Moss                   Ralph D.                 16Oct 2002
Mossman                Robert William           13Apr 2002
Mosttler               MaeBelle                  5Apr 2002
Mott                   Esther                   17Mar 2002
Moulds                 John Joseph               5Nov 2002
Mounkes                Stella M.                20Feb 2002
Mount                  Cyrus M.  "Cy"           29Mar 2002
Mount                  Vickie Kay               24Apr 2002
Mountain               Christopher Kent         26Mar 2002
Mountain               Maxine B.                 6Nov 2002
Mourning               Irene Marie Jones        29Dec 2002
Mourning               Irene Marie Jones        30Dec 2002
Mourning               Marvin Earl               1Jan 2002
Mouser                 Mary Elizabeth            9Nov 2002
Mouser                 Mary Elizabeth           10Nov 2002
Mowbray                Leona I.                 28Jul 2002
Mowery                 Dorothy A.  "Dot"        13Nov 2002
Moyer                  Harold R.                22Mar 2002
Moyer                  Ralph E.                 23Jan 2002
Moyer                  Ralph E.                 24Jan 2002
Moyer                  Ralph E.                 25Jan 2002
Moyer                  Rex Purnell              30Jan 2002
Muck                   Jessie L.                 4Apr 2002
Mueller                Leonard                  10Dec 2002
Mueller                Leonard L.               11Dec 2002
Mueller                Lester Roy               17Sep 2002
Mull                   Carl J.                  25Jan 2002
Mull                   Charles Franklin         23Sep 2002
Mull                   George S.                26Sep 2002
Mullen                 Duane L.                 12Oct 2002
Mullen                 John (Rev.)               9Apr 2002
Mullen                 Royal "Dale"              5Apr 2002
Mullendore             Marjorie Maxine           6Dec 2002
Mullenix               Raymond T.               20Oct 2002
Muller                 Claud O.  Jr.  "Sonny"   24Mar 2002
Muller                 Joyce Judith E.          27Dec 2002
Muller                 Thomas O.                17Sep 2002
Mulligan               Becky S.                 28Mar 2002
Mullins                Lance A.                  1Mar 2002
Mullins                Lance A.                 28Feb 2002
Mullins                Robert Lee               25Feb 2002
Mullins                Robert Lee               26Feb 2002
Mummey                 Wilma Kathryn            22Aug 2002
Munch                  Bessie June               7Dec 2002
Muncy                  Brooke Rae Ann            1Jan 2002
Muncy                  Howard E.  Sr.            4Jul 2002
Mundy                  Charles C.  III "Clay"   22Dec 2002
Mundy                  Donald Rush              17Nov 2002
Muninger               Kenneth A.  Sr.  "Kenny   9Nov 2002
Munoz                  Frank                    15Jul 2002
Munsell                Jason                     5May 2002
Munsell                Jason Q.                  6May 2002
Munsell                Jason Q.                  7May 2002
Murillo                Evelyn M.                26Jan 2002
Murphy                 Bernard D.               27Feb 2002
Murphy                 Bernard D.               28Feb 2002
Murphy                 Donna J.  Latas          27Dec 2002
Murphy                 Franklin Floyd            2Mar 2002
Murphy                 Franklin Floyd            3Mar 2002
Murphy                 Garnette M.               2Sep 2002
Murphy                 Garnette M.               4Sep 2002
Murphy                 Gertrude Maxine (Dewing   9Jun 2002
Murphy                 James E.                 11Sep 2002
Murphy                 James Michael Sr.  D.D.  17Mar 2002
Murphy                 Jewell R.  "Judy"        24Feb 2002
Murphy                 John Harry               13Nov 2002
Murphy                 Merton Dreve             17Jul 2002
Murphy                 Merton Dreve             18Jul 2002
Murphy                 Minnie B.                31Mar 2002
Murphy                 Wanda M.                 25Mar 2002
Murphy                 Wanda M.  (Dusing)       26Mar 2002
Murray                 Betty K.                  2Nov 2002
Murray                 Charles Robert "Jock"    25Jul 2002
Murray                 Jack                      4May 2002
Murray                 Janice Pauline "Polly"   15Dec 2002
Murray                 Janice Pauline "Polly"   16Dec 2002
Murray                 Joan Marjorie (Huxman)   12Apr 2002
Murray                 John Emmett Jr.  "Cajun  12Jun 2002
Murray                 John Emmett Jr.  "Cajun  14Jun 2002
Murray                 Leonard "Leo"            23Nov 2002
Murray                 Leonard "Leo"            24Nov 2002
Murray                 Peggy E.  (Graves)       29Apr 2002
Murrell                Keith A.                 17Jan 2002
Murrey                 Pearl I.  Crumpacker     14Dec 2002
Murrow                 Audrey L.                25Apr 2002
Murrow                 Goldie Frances           24Nov 2002
Murry                  Hazel Martha             12Nov 2002
Murry                  La Treviez Tyrec         17Apr 2002
Musalek                George Anthony           23Jan 2002
Muse                   Lorna K.                 17Feb 2002
Muse                   Lorna K.                 18Feb 2002
Musgrove               Theresa Ann (Shaw)       30Jan 2002
Myatt                  Quenton Michael          26Oct 2002
Myatt                  Quenton Michael          27Oct 2002
Mydland                Albert                   23Apr 2002
Myers                  Antonia R.  "Toni"        3Aug 2002
Myers                  Antonia R.  "Toni"        4Aug 2002
Myers                  Edward J.  "Jay"         19Jan 2002
Myers                  George                    1Mar 2002
Myers                  Helen E.                 26May 2002
Myers                  Lauren Janae             12Jun 2002
Myers                  Malcolm H.               17Mar 2002
Myers                  Penny Lorene             25Jun 2002
Myers                  Ray Arue                 25Aug 2002
Myers                  Sondra Lee                1Sep 2002
Myers                  Wanda Beatrice           14Oct 2002
Myers                  Wanda Beatrice           15Oct 2002
Myrick                 Leroy J.                 17Aug 2002
Myrick                 Leroy J.                 18Aug 2002
Nachtigal              Ruth D.                  30Mar 2002
Nafziger               Helen M.                 20May 2002
Nafziger               Helen M.                 21May 2002
Nagel                  Betty Jane (Sawhill)      7Apr 2002
Nagel                  Vernon J.                17Mar 2002
Napue                  O'Letha May              11Aug 2002
Nash                   Amanda Gail              28May 2002
Nash                   Jon                      16Apr 2002
Nash                   Nathaniel L.  "Nat"      26Feb 2002
Nassif                 Lydia (Ferris)           11Apr 2002
Nation                 John Howard              10May 2002
Nation                 John Howard              11May 2002
Nauert                 Edward E.                 3Jul 2002
Nauslar                Kathleen Marie           26Dec 2002
Nauslar                Kathleen Marie           27Dec 2002
Navrat                 Antoine M.               14Jul 2002
Naylor                 Lloyd P.                 27Sep 2002
Neal                   Bernice M.               10May 2002
Neal                   Homer Robert "Bob"       24Nov 2002
Neal                   James L.                 25Aug 2002
Neal                   Jeremy Michael           25Jul 2002
Neal                   Joe Lloyd                11Dec 2002
Neal                   Robert "Bob"             23Nov 2002
Neal                   Roger Joe Sr.            12Jul 2002
Neal                   Roger Joe Sr.            14Jul 2002
Near                   Lois May (Litterell)     22Mar 2002
Neeland                Mary Agnes               23May 2002
Neely                  Geneva M.  Lister        10Dec 2002
Neely                  Lawrence R.              29May 2002
Neely                  Rose F.                  29Aug 2002
Neely                  Sammy Earl               11Jul 2002
Neff                   Loeva P.                  1Aug 2002
Neice                  Robert W.                 4Feb 2002
Neihardt               Linda Sue Hall            6Apr 2002
Neil                   Donald L.                25Sep 2002
Neill                  Larry Wayne              21Jan 2002
Neill                  Lois Christine           14Jul 2002
Neill                  Max E.                   18Mar 2002
Neill                  Max E.                   19Mar 2002
Neises                 Ernestine                 7Feb 2002
Neiswender             Marilyn Marlene          13Sep 2002
Nejeschchleb           Gabriel                  20Dec 2002
Nellis                 Paul Eugene               4Jan 2002
Nelms                  Eldred W.  "Slim"        28Jan 2002
Nelms                  Shirley Ann (Rich)       22Oct 2002
Nelson                 Betty Elaine             16Jun 2002
Nelson                 Betty Elaine             17Jun 2002
Nelson                 Betty J.                 16Oct 2002
Nelson                 Claude F.                14Jul 2002
Nelson                 Daniel A.                 2Apr 2002
Nelson                 Ethel M.                 16Apr 2002
Nelson                 Fred                     17Dec 2002
Nelson                 Harold G.                30Jan 2002
Nelson                 Harvey H.  Jr.           18Dec 2002
Nelson                 Jack A.                   6Nov 2002
Nelson                 Jack A.                   7Nov 2002
Nelson                 John Henry Jr.  "Fat Da   7Apr 2002
Nelson                 John L.                  27Dec 2002
Nelson                 Kenneth M.               23Aug 2002
Nelson                 Marilyn L.  (Shetler)    13Sep 2002
Nelson                 Ottavia "Gina"            2Dec 2002
Nelson                 Pearl Lillian             3Jul 2002
Nelson                 Pearle (Webb)            15Feb 2002
Nelson                 Raymond S.  "Bat"        13Oct 2002
Nelson                 Russell Alan "Jiggs" (D  14Sep 2002
Nelson                 Russell Alan "Jiggs" (D  15Sep 2002
Nelson                 Russell Alan "Jiggs" (D  16Sep 2002
Nelson                 Wynola M.  "Nola"        16Jun 2002
Neptune                Robin June               20May 2002
Neptune                Robin June               21May 2002
Neria                  Gabriel Michael          13Oct 2002
Neria                  Gabriel Michael          14Oct 2002
Neria                  Gabriel Michael          15Oct 2002
Nero                   Willie                   10Sep 2002
Nero                   Willie                   13Sep 2002
Nesbitt                Douglas W.  "Doug"        2Nov 2002
Nesbitt                Sandra S.                11Aug 2002
Nesbitt                Sandra S.                12Aug 2002
Nessel                 Virginia M.              26Jul 2002
Nesser                 Lou Jean                 11Jan 2002
Nestor                 Sandra J.                12Dec 2002
Neubecker              Esther R.                 3Sep 2002
Neufeld                Agnes T.                  6Jan 2002
Neufeld                Kevin James              22Mar 2002
Neufeld                Lester "Timer"            9Jul 2002
Neufeld                Raymond S.                1Dec 2002
Neufeld                Sophie Ann               13Nov 2002
Neumann                Karl Lee                  1Nov 2002
Neumann                Rebecca A.               16Jun 2002
Nevarez                Encarnacion              23Jul 2002
Nevens                 Norban B.                30May 2002
Nevergall              Mikaila Nikole           12Oct 2002
Nevergall              Mikaila Nikole           13Oct 2002
Nevins                 Charles D.  Sr.          17Oct 2002
New                    Homer C.                  2Apr 2002
New                    Homer C.                  3Apr 2002
New                    Zoe Shackelford          23Aug 2002
Newbill                Farris Lee               28Mar 2002
Newburn                Jessie Mae               30Oct 2002
Newell                 Ann                      11Jul 2002
Newell                 C.  Marie                 2Aug 2002
Newell                 Docile S.                 6Feb 2002
Newkirk                Dedah Ollie              29Aug 2002
Newkirk                Jean G.                   4Oct 2002
Newkirk                Jean G.                   5Oct 2002
Newkirk                Maxon L.  "Max"           1Aug 2002
Newkirk                Virginia                 25Dec 2002
Newlin                 Carolene Anne            22Nov 2002
Newlin                 Charles                   9Oct 2002
Newlin                 Forrest Arthur           18Dec 2002
Newlin                 Thomas E.                25Jan 2002
Newman                 Mary Jo                  31Jul 2002
Newman                 Rayford                   2Oct 2002
Newman                 Rayford                   4Oct 2002
Newman                 Ruth Esther               9Mar 2002
Newton                 Dorothy Ann               9Dec 2002
Newton                 Eva Mae                  23Apr 2002
Newton                 Gertrude (Richeson)      28Apr 2002
Newton                 Hercules Jr.             13Sep 2002
Newton                 Hercules Jr.             15Sep 2002
Newton                 Jennie E.                16Apr 2002
Newton                 Leonard L.               11Dec 2002
Newton                 Percy C.                 16Mar 2002
Neyer                  John William             18Dec 2002
Ng                     Kim H.                   16Apr 2002
Nghia                  Nguyen                   24Nov 2002
Nghia                  Nguyen                   25Nov 2002
Nguyen                 Chi Kim Thi              18Oct 2002
Nguyen                 Co Thien                  5Jan 2002
Nguyen                 Dang Huu                 10Jul 2002
Nguyen                 Eanna                    24Dec 2002
Nguyen                 Gioan Nghi Q.            10Dec 2002
Nguyen                 Gioan Nghi Q.            11Dec 2002
Nguyen                 Hieu Van                  1May 2002
Nguyen                 Kinh                     22May 2002
Nguyen                 Lon Ngoc                 14Jun 2002
Nguyen                 Sanh T.                   9Jul 2002
Nguyen                 Thang Quoc               15Nov 2002
Nguyen                 Toan                     27Jul 2002
Nguyen                 Trung Minh                5Jan 2002
Nichol                 Delores A.               14May 2002
Nicholas               Lulavown                  6Jul 2002
Nicholas               Winfred C.               11Jan 2002
Nichols                D.  Earl "Nick"          15Dec 2002
Nichols                D.  Earl "Nick"          16Dec 2002
Nichols                D.  Earl "Nick"          17Dec 2002
Nichols                Donald "Chico"           11Jul 2002
Nichols                George Marvin             2Jan 2002
Nichols                Lawrence Dean "Larry"    22Mar 2002
Nichols                Lela Katherine Nighteng  16Feb 2002
Nichols                Lydia M.                  2Jul 2002
Nichols                Lydia M.                  3Jul 2002
Nichols                Myrtle Jean               2Dec 2002
Nichols                Naomi Mary               18Dec 2002
Nichols                Phyllis E.               25Nov 2002
Nichols                Ronald A.  "Ron"          6Dec 2002
Nichols                Ronald Alan "Ron"         7Dec 2002
Nichols                Virginia E.              20Jul 2002
Nichols                William L.  "Bill"       10Mar 2002
Nicholson              Carl L.                  21Feb 2002
Nicholson              Carl L.                  22Feb 2002
Nicholson              Frederick D.  "Freddie"  27Dec 2002
Nicholson              Frederick D.  "Freddie"  28Dec 2002
Nicholson              Frederick Douglas        25Dec 2002
Nickel                 Charlie James            20Dec 2002
Nickel                 Isaac P.  "Ike"           7Mar 2002
Nickel                 Pete F.                  18May 2002
Nickel                 Rachael E.                9Jun 2002
Nickels                Leo E.                   16Apr 2002
Nicklin                Esther M.                 2Nov 2002
Nicks                  Gladys Marie              7Mar 2002
Nida                   Marion Jr.  "Lloyd"      20Oct 2002
Nielsen                Shirley Earlene          25Dec 2002
Niemeir                Melvin D.                16Sep 2002
Nienke                 Celeste Mary             20Mar 2002
Nigh                   Frank E.                  4Aug 2002
Nighswonger            Francis A.               19Apr 2002
Nightingale            Harry G.                 12Sep 2002
Nightingale            Harry G.                 13Sep 2002
Nivison                Francis W.                4Aug 2002
Nixon                  Maudine L.               27Dec 2002
Nixon                  Michael P.  "Mike"       27Feb 2002
Nixon                  Richard P.               11Feb 2002
Nixon                  Sylvia Graves             5Jan 2002
Noble                  Benzley                  28Jul 2002
Noble                  Bezley Jr.               31Jul 2002
Noble                  Vickey Elaine (Thomas)   10Jun 2002
Noble                  Vickey Elaine (Thomas)   11Jun 2002
Nodine                 Martha R.                23Jun 2002
Noland                 Ted Lee                  26Jul 2002
Nold                   Betty J.                 25May 2002
Nold                   Betty J.                 26May 2002
Nold                   F.W.  "Fritz"            20Sep 2002
Nolde                  Jack E.                  23Feb 2002
Noller                 Louise C.  (Herrman)     21May 2002
Nolte                  Genevieve A.  "Genny"    16Feb 2002
Nolte                  Leoda Emma               18Aug 2002
Nolte                  Sylvester J.  "Whitey"   10Dec 2002
Noman                  Noah Michael              8Aug 2002
Nonken                 Vernon W.                17Feb 2002
Noone                  James "Nooner"           27Jan 2002
Noone                  James "Nooner"           28Jan 2002
Norden                 Beulah M.                23Feb 2002
Nordstedt              Harvey E.                 9Mar 2002
Nordstedt              Harvey E.                10Mar 2002
Nordstrom              Viola Heiken             10Sep 2002
Norfleet               Virginia Grace Gilmore    1Feb 2002
Norlin                 H.  Leon                 15Aug 2002
Normandin              Anna Mae                 12May 2002
Norris                 Andrew K.  "Andy"        17Oct 2002
Norris                 Andrew K.  "Andy"        18Oct 2002
Norris                 Andrew K.  "Andy"        20Oct 2002
Norris                 Carilyn Krehbiel         17Dec 2002
Norris                 Gary Charles              5Jul 2002
Norris                 Gary Charles              6Jul 2002
Norris                 Gary Charles              7Jul 2002
Norris                 Margaret L.              14Mar 2002
Norris                 Mary Ellen                1May 2002
Norris                 Warren Elmer              4Jul 2002
Northcutt              Elizabeth Bailey         13May 2002
Northern               Altha Marie               2Aug 2002
Northern               Edwin Earl               15Feb 2002
Northrop               Belva Mae                 5Apr 2002
Norton                 Rex W.                   18Jun 2002
Norton                 Ronald Louis             24Apr 2002
Norton                 Walter Lee                6Dec 2002
Nosler                 Maybelle C.  "Grandma B  12Jun 2002
Notestine              Ruth C.                  26Dec 2002
Novacek                Dorothy Louise            1Mar 2002
Novak                  Mildred                   4Aug 2002
Novak                  Philip                    4Aug 2002
Novotny                Ella Josephine           23Jun 2002
Nuessen                Carolyn Sue              28Feb 2002
Nufer                  Regina Johanna            2Apr 2002
Nugen                  Alma Dorothy Payne       16Feb 2002
Nugen-Wood             Fern                     19Mar 2002
Nugent                 Dale                     23Jun 2002
Nulik                  Mary L.                  23Nov 2002
Nunez                  Manuel                   11Jan 2002
Nunn                   Natalie Maye             22Aug 2002
Nunnink                Magdalena M.  (Colchin)  25Dec 2002
Nurnberg               Matt L.                   9Aug 2002
Nuss                   Wilbert A.  "Bill"        5Sep 2002
Nusser                 Edward W.                 8Jun 2002
Nusser                 Rachel                   29Dec 2002
Nutt                   Gabriel R.  "Gabe"       27Nov 2002
Nutt                   Ted L.                   21Sep 2002
Nutter                 Ilse E.                  16Dec 2002
Nutter                 Oleta J.                  9Apr 2002
Nutter-Ahlvers         Helen Maxine             26May 2002
Nydegger               R.  Jean                 28May 2002
Nye                    John C.                  30May 2002
Nye                    John Calvin               5May 2002
Nye                    Larry E.                 10Oct 2002
Nye                    Larry E.                 29Aug 2002
Nye                    Lary E.                  26Aug 2002
Nyquist                Floyd W.                 21Sep 2002
Nystrom                Mary Jane                15Oct 2002
Oakes                  Charles L.  Jr.          27Nov 2002
Oakes                  Dale                     13Apr 2002
Oakley                 Ruby M.                  17May 2002
Oates                  Maxine E.                27Nov 2002
Oathout                Beulah M.                18Dec 2002
Oatsdean               Jeri                      9Apr 2002
Oberle                 Phillip                  19Mar 2002
Oblander               Donald G.                18Jul 2002
O'Brien                Leona B.  (Umscheid)     24May 2002
Ochs                   Clarence E.              31Jul 2002
Ochs                   Judy K.                  26Feb 2002
Ochs                   Starley E.               20Jun 2002
Ochsner                Marvin A.                 1Apr 2002
Ochsner                Marvin A.                30Mar 2002
Ochsner                Marvin A.                31Mar 2002
Ockenfels              Raymond Joe              11Mar 2002
O'Connor               Blanche Mildred          26Dec 2002
O'Connor               Glenice Lenore           24Oct 2002
O'Connor               Jane L.                  27Jun 2002
O'Connor               Jane L.                  28Jun 2002
O'Connor               Robert B.  "Bob"          7May 2002
O'Connor               Robert B.  "Bob"          8May 2002
O'Dell                 Durward Gilbert "Digger   9Jun 2002
Odell                  Eugene Richard           22Dec 2002
O'Dell                 Eulalia                  20Jun 2002
Odle                   Harold D.                23Jun 2002
Odle                   Westley Wayne            28Oct 2002
Odle                   Westley Wayne            29Oct 2002
O'Donnell              Michael Edmond "Moss"     8Dec 2002
Oehlert                Alice E.                  6Feb 2002
Oehlert                Alice E.                  7Feb 2002
Oetinger               Muriel "Mick"             1Feb 2002
Officer                Clarence                  3Feb 2002
Officer                Clarence                  6Feb 2002
Ogburn                 Myong Nam                 5Feb 2002
Ogburn                 Myong Nam                 6Feb 2002
Ogle                   Bessie Lee                9May 2002
O'Hara                 Cleora Irene              7Apr 2002
O'Hara                 John T.  "Jack"          18May 2002
O'Hara                 Mary F.                  18Jun 2002
O'Harra                James N.                 16Feb 2002
Ohls                   Gene                     20Oct 2002
Ohrman                 Millie K.  (DeKruger)     1Sep 2002
Ohrman                 Millie K.  (DeKruger)     3Sep 2002
Olds                   Merle Frances             7Apr 2002
Olenick                Roberta                   1Apr 2002
Olenick                Roberta                  30Mar 2002
Oliver                 Aubrey Eugene            20Jan 2002
Oliver                 Aubrey Eugene            23Jan 2002
Oliver                 Aubrey Eugene            24Jan 2002
Oliver                 Fanny Virginia           17Dec 2002
Oliver                 Janaea Nichole            2May 2002
Oliver                 Kathleen E.              24Sep 2002
Oliver                 Rachel C.  (Schepis)     24Jan 2002
Oliver                 Rachel C.  (Schepis)     25Jan 2002
Oliver                 Rachel C.  (Schepis)     26Jan 2002
Oliver                 Richard K.  "Dick"        9Jul 2002
Oliver                 Richard K.  "Dick"       10Jul 2002
Oliver                 Thomas W.  "Tommy"       27Dec 2002
Oliver                 Virginia Francis         24Feb 2002
Oliver                 Virginia Francis         25Feb 2002
Oller                  Bessie Helen              1Aug 2002
Oller                  Cynthia Alice            23Jan 2002
Oller                  Donald Eugene            19Nov 2002
Oller                  Harry W.                  4Jul 2002
Oller                  Harry W.                  6Jul 2002
Olney                  Helen G.                 13Aug 2002
Olsen                  Euna M.                   7Mar 2002
Olsen                  Melvin L.                12Feb 2002
Olson                  Cody Dean                26Oct 2002
Olson                  Evelyn E.  "Connie"      11Nov 2002
Olson                  Evelyn E.  "Connie"      12Nov 2002
Olson                  Glen                      6Aug 2002
Olson                  Juanita F.                7Feb 2002
Olson                  Milton F.  "Ole"         18Jan 2002
Olson                  Rickey Lynn              13Oct 2002
Olson                  Ronald                   17Jun 2002
Olsson                 Leslie K.                29Aug 2002
Olvera                 Linda K.                 19Jan 2002
O'Melia                Caitlyn Rose              6Jan 2002
O'Melia                Caitlyn Rose              7Jan 2002
Omstead                Rusty David Jr.          16Feb 2002
O'Neill                Alma Pearl               19Mar 2002
O'Neill                Margaret G.  "Peggy"     13Jun 2002
O'Neill                Margarett G.  "Peggy"    14Jun 2002
O'Neill                Owen Patrick "Rory" (Re   8Aug 2002
Oneslager              Dallas Dean              30Apr 2002
Oneth                  Douglas Wade             28Apr 2002
Oneth                  Douglas Wade             29Apr 2002
Ooley                  Pearl M.                  2Jun 2002
Ooley                  Pearl M.                  5Jun 2002
Opat                   Bertha Ann               21Oct 2002
Orange                 Arthur Lee               13Sep 2002
Orebaugh               Alta "Geannie"           28Jul 2002
Orebaugh               Edna I.                  12May 2002
O'Reilly               Alyce E.                 26Dec 2002
Orellana               Jose Penado              18Sep 2002
Organ                  Leonard J.  "Len"        31Dec 2002
O'Roke                 Hailey Dawn              12May 2002
Orr                    Calvin Elwood            28Apr 2002
Orr                    Calvin Elwood            29Apr 2002
Orrell                 Delmar "Del"             20Apr 2002
Ortega                 Fabiola                  12Feb 2002
Ortega                 Hyvette                  12Feb 2002
Ortega                 Josefina F.              15Mar 2002
Ortega                 Manuel                   11Oct 2002
Orth                   Evelyn M.  (Weber)       27Jan 2002
Orth                   Evelyn M.  (Weber)       29Jan 2002
Orth                   Jeanne T.  (Byrnes)       1Oct 2002
Orth                   Jeanne T.  (Byrnes)       2Oct 2002
Orth                   Jeanne T.  (Byrnes)       3Oct 2002
Ortiz                  Albert S.                29Aug 2002
Ortiz                  Albert S.                30Aug 2002
Ortiz                  Peter                    21Jun 2002
Ortiz                  Rafael                    2Jul 2002
Ortiz                  Ramon Jay                26Mar 2002
Ortiz                  Vesta Maybelle Angel     17Sep 2002
Osborn                 Carlene E.               14Nov 2002
Osborn                 Inez Ruth                28Aug 2002
Osborne                Ella Mary                15Sep 2002
Osborne                Patricia Ann             15Dec 2002
Osborne                Patricia Ann             19Dec 2002
Osborne                Samuel "Sam"              9May 2002
Osbourn                Chad Robert              27Dec 2002
Osburn                 Dorothy S.                5Apr 2002
Osburn                 Helen Marie               2Nov 2002
Osburn                 Nan K.                   23May 2002
Osburn                 Robert Safford            2Jun 2002
Osgood                 Lawrence M.              11Aug 2002
Osgood                 Ronald G.                24Jan 2002
Osgood                 Ronald G.                25Jan 2002
O'Shea                 James R.  (Rev.)         19Apr 2002
Osman                  Elwanda Lee              19Nov 2002
Osman                  Elwenda Lee              17Nov 2002
Osment                 Mark                     25Sep 2002
Osoba                  Barbara Eversole          8Feb 2002
Osoba                  Barbara Eversole          9Feb 2002
Osoba                  Barbara Eversole         10Feb 2002
Osoba                  Barbara Eversole         11Feb 2002
Ostrander              Floyd Furman             15Jul 2002
Ostrander              Floyd Furman             16Jul 2002
Otano                  Felix                    24Sep 2002
Otero                  Mary                     17May 2002
Otis                   Elmer D.                 27Jan 2002
Ottaway                Norma Marjorie            2Apr 2002
Ouimette               Tyler Morgan             21Jul 2002
Overall                Roberta Kay               6Nov 2002
Overley                Carl B.                  10May 2002
Owen                   Emma E.                   1Jun 2002
Owen                   Jack "J.W."               1Dec 2002
Owen                   Jack Howard               5Mar 2002
Owen                   John Woodston            21May 2002
Owen                   Kristina                 23Jan 2002
Owen                   Lena A.                   5Dec 2002
Owen                   Leota Colleen            26Jan 2002
Owen                   Wincy A.                  2Sep 2002
Owens                  Albert L.  "Ab"          29May 2002
Owens                  Charles "Bill"           18Apr 2002
Owens                  Helen Imogene            30Jan 2002
Owens                  Marie Louise             14Jun 2002
Owens                  Miles S.                  4Mar 2002
Owens                  Patricia Ann             24Jan 2002
Owens                  Paul Thomas              17Dec 2002
Owens                  Paul Thomas              18Dec 2002
Owens                  Terald Phillip           14Jul 2002
Oxford                 Ray                      22Feb 2002
Oxford                 Robbie                    2Nov 2002
Oxford                 Robbie                    3Nov 2002
Oxford                 Robbie                    5Nov 2002
Ozman                  Marian Josephine         23Jul 2002


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