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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of scrapbooks in their library that contain obituaries cut from The Wichita Eagle. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks. If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each name and we will abstract the information for you. Mail the name of the person you wish the information on, the year, the date (if given) and the page number it appears on (if given) to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. Please include your e-mail address if you have one.

Index courtesy of Bill Pennington.

Index of Wichita Eagle Obituaries 2002









       SURNAME               FIRST NAME       DATE
Ice                    Lorraine                   6May  2002
Ignacio                Gomez "John"              13Mar  2002
Iles                   Marilyn K.  (Pillsbury)   27Jun  2002
Illian                 Neil H.                   27Sep  2002
Imbler                 Marjorie Sue              18Jan  2002
Imel                   Garene E.                 14Aug  2002
Imel                   Tony S.                   30Dec  2002
Ingle                  Raymond T.                 9Feb  2002
Ingle                  Ruth E.                   24Nov  2002
Ingle                  William T.  "Ted"         16Apr  2002
Ingram                 James Wesley              25Apr  2002
Ingram                 Miriam F.                 16Mar  2002
Ingram                 Pamela K.                 10Jul  2002
Ingram                 Pamela K.                 11Jul  2002
Ingram                 Vetta                     23Oct  2002
Inkelaar               Freddie R.                22Apr  2002
Inkelaar               Freddie R.                23Apr  2002
Insley                 Marjorie                  24Jul  2002
Ioerger                Clarence P.                1Feb  2002
Ioerger                Lester V.                  9Jun  2002
Ireland                Frances Joan "Jo"         13Nov  2002
Ireland                Frances Joan "Jo"         14Nov  2002
Ireland                Homer B.                  12May  2002
Ireland                Kathryn                   16Mar  2002
Ireland                Walter W.  Sr.            19Sep  2002
Irick                  H.  Wayne                 12Jan  2002
Irick                  H.  Wayne                 13Jan  2002
Irion                  Thelma C.                 13May  2002
Irvin                  Claudie                   12Oct  2002
Irvin                  Dennie Lee                 8Mar  2002
Irvin                  Dennie Lee                 9Mar  2002
Irvin                  Jeremy Joseph              8Jun  2002
Irvine                 Edith L.                   2Feb  2002
Irvine                 Helen L.  Cradduck         5May  2002
Irving                 Charles "Jim"             14Mar  2002
Irving                 Charles "Jim"             15Mar  2002
Irving                 Cynthia Lucille           28Jun  2002
Irving                 Theresa (McCauley)        11Sep  2002
Irving                 Theresa (McCauley)        12Sep  2002
Irving                 Theresa (McCauley)        13Sep  2002
Irwin                  Leona                     26Feb  2002
Isaac                  Jake J.                   10Apr  2002
Isaac                  Jake J.                   11Apr  2002
Isaac                  John K.                   29Jul  2002
Isaac                  Nicholas A.  "Nick"       23Jul  2002
Isaac                  Robert E.  "Bob"          11Jan  2002
Isaac                  Wendy S.                  14Apr  2002
Isaacs                 Mortimer                  27Jun  2002
Isch                   Marjorie L.                4Mar  2002
Isnard                 Robert Dean               14Jan  2002
Istas                  Sharon C.                  1Sep  2002
Istas                  Sharon C.                 24Aug  2002
Ives                   Valeta Jeffery            13Mar  2002
Ivy                    Elza                      25Apr  2002
Ivy                    Elza                      26Apr  2002
Jabben                 Minna Sophia               9Oct  2002
Jabben                 Werner C.                 22Jan  2002
Jack                   Ivan Omer                  4Dec  2002
Jack                   Kitty Fisher               1Aug  2002
Jack                   Kitty Fisher               2Aug  2002
Jackman                Sally J.                  28Sep  2002
Jacks                  Herman Eugene             17Oct  2002
Jackson                Abner Val Jean "Val"      19Nov  2002
Jackson                Abner Val Jean "Val"      20Nov  2002
Jackson                Abner Val Jean "Val"      21Nov  2002
Jackson                Abner Val Jean "Val"      22Nov  2002
Jackson                Abner Valjean "Val"       16Nov  2002
Jackson                Caleb Thomas               8Jan  2002
Jackson                Chester Floyd              9May  2002
Jackson                Chester V.                16Feb  2002
Jackson                Chester V.                17Feb  2002
Jackson                Christine Margaret         1Dec  2002
Jackson                Dorothy Belle             18Jul  2002
Jackson                Earl M.  Jr.               3May  2002
Jackson                Elder Eugene              25Aug  2002
Jackson                Elder Eugene              29Aug  2002
Jackson                Elizabeth T.              14Mar  2002
Jackson                Freda Ruth Heath          23Aug  2002
Jackson                G.  Morris                22Jan  2002
Jackson                Grace Stoops               2Mar  2002
Jackson                Grover B.                 28Apr  2002
Jackson                Grover B.                 29Apr  2002
Jackson                Grover B.                 30Apr  2002
Jackson                Ida M.                    20Jul  2002
Jackson                Ilya Ruby                  5May  2002
Jackson                James M.                  31Dec  2002
Jackson                Jennie Ellen              22Oct  2002
Jackson                Josephine                 25Apr  2002
Jackson                Lola Lee                  16Oct  2002
Jackson                Lucille D.                28Jun  2002
Jackson                Lucille D.                29Jun  2002
Jackson                M.  Lorraine               8Dec  2002
Jackson                Mary L.                   24Dec  2002
Jackson                Ruth E.                   16Jan  2002
Jackson                True Margaret             25Dec  2002
Jackson                True Margaret             26Dec  2002
Jackson                Val                       24Nov  2002
Jackson                Vivian (Newhouse)         10Jan  2002
Jackson                Vivian (Newhouse)         11Jan  2002
Jacob                  Margaret                  31Jul  2002
Jacobs                 Charles E.                17Jun  2002
Jacobs                 Charles E.                18Jun  2002
Jacobs                 Charles E.                19Jun  2002
Jacobs                 Della May (Headley)        8Sep  2002
Jacobs                 Della May (Headley)        9Sep  2002
Jacobs                 Donald                    28May  2002
Jacobs                 Fred A.  "Bill"            4Oct  2002
Jacobs                 Fred A.  "Bill"            7Oct  2002
Jacobs                 Frederick Frank "Fred"    22Sep  2002
Jacobs                 Jaunita G.                12Aug  2002
Jacobs                 John Ralph                11Jun  2002
Jacobs                 Lisa Gale                  8Nov  2002
Jacobs                 Marilyn                   10Jun  2002
Jacobs                 Marjorie A.                2Aug  2002
Jacobs                 Marsha                    27Nov  2002
Jacobs                 Tom                       19Sep  2002
Jacobson               Madeline E.  "Madge"       3Nov  2002
Jacobson               Ruth                      13Oct  2002
Jacques                J.B.  Sr.                 12Nov  2002
Jacques                J.B.  Sr.                 14Nov  2002
Jacques                Mary Jane                 25Dec  2002
Jacques                Mary Jane                 27Dec  2002
Jaeger                 Mildred F.                21Feb  2002
Jaeger                 Mildred F.                22Feb  2002
James                  Arlene E.                 31Jan  2002
James                  Gregory G.                 2Apr  2002
James                  Gregory G.                30Mar  2002
James                  Gregory G.                31Mar  2002
James                  Richard Alan              29Sep  2002
James                  Rosetta G.  (Fletcher)    24Mar  2002
James                  Rosetta G.  (Fletcher)    25Mar  2002
James                  Willie                    19Feb  2002
Jamieson               Betty June R.N.           15Feb  2002
Jamieson               Betty June R.N.           16Feb  2002
Jamieson               Vada M.                    9Dec  2002
Jansen                 Brad Joseph                2Apr  2002
Jansen                 Brad Joseph                3Apr  2002
Jansen                 Larry Carl                14Apr  2002
Jansen                 Larry Carl                15Apr  2002
Janssen                Herschel "Pete"            7Sep  2002
Janssen                Laveda E.                  1May  2002
Janssens               Charles M.                30Jul  2002
Jantz                  Agnes L.                  13Sep  2002
Jantz                  Clifford L.               31Mar  2002
Jantz                  Earl W.                    5Jul  2002
Jantz                  Earl W.                    6Jul  2002
Jantz                  Esther B.                 31Mar  2002
Jantz                  Ethel                     28Feb  2002
Jantz                  Helen Marie               29Oct  2002
Jantz                  Helen Marie               30Oct  2002
Jantz                  Marcellus J.              29Jun  2002
Jantz                  Martin L.                 14Feb  2002
Jantz                  Ruth                      27Oct  2002
Jantze                 Margaret L.  (Dr.)         7Jul  2002
Janzen                 Arnold J.                 11Dec  2002
Janzen                 Arthur H.                  5Apr  2002
Janzen                 Elma                      18Dec  2002
Janzen                 Elmer Henry Loren         18Apr  2002
Janzen                 Jacob                     26Apr  2002
Janzen                 Jim O.                    26Jun  2002
Janzen                 Lester E.                 10Oct  2002
Janzen                 Martha                    27Sep  2002
Janzen                 Martha                    28Sep  2002
Janzen                 Pearl Unruh               15Apr  2002
Jarboe                 Mary M.                   17Feb  2002
Jardot Jones           Terresa A.                 2Oct  2002
Jarvis                 Faye L.                    9Feb  2002
Jarvis                 Frederick S.  "Fred"      11Jun  2002
Jay                    Robert Lee                21Mar  2002
Jay                    Robert Lee                22Mar  2002
Jayne                  Harold Clay                7May  2002
JayNesahkluah          Moses                      4Jan  2002
Jefferies              Vernon E.                 29Mar  2002
Jeffers                Mabel Manson              16Nov  2002
Jeffers                Mabel Manson              17Nov  2002
Jeffrey                Sylvia Louise              9May  2002
Jeffrey                Sylvia Louise             10May  2002
Jeffreys               Alta S.                    8Oct  2002
Jehle                  Paul                      11Feb  2002
Jellison               Dorotha M.  "Jenkins"     29Jan  2002
Jellison               Margaret B.               11Jul  2002
Jellison               Taryn Marie               11Jun  2002
Jemison                Larry W.                  27Sep  2002
Jendel                 Frank R.                  13Oct  2002
Jendel                 Frank R.                  14Oct  2002
Jendel                 Frank R.                  15Oct  2002
Jenisch                Arthur S.                 25Nov  2002
Jenista                Helen M.                  14Oct  2002
Jenkins                Emma Lee                  25Jan  2002
Jenkins                Emma Lee                  26Jan  2002
Jenkins                Emma Lee                  27Jan  2002
Jenkins                Janet Carole              28Sep  2002
Jenkins                Lola Mae                  25Aug  2002
Jenkins                Mary Herrington "Sue"     17Mar  2002
Jenkins                Robert L.  "Bob"           7Nov  2002
Jenks                  Thelma Viola               7Sep  2002
Jennings               Arlene                    20Jan  2002
Jennings               Bobbie Lynn               14Jul  2002
Jennings               Robert E.  "Bob"           8Jan  2002
Jennings               Willie Lee                25Mar  2002
Jensen                 Amalia (Vasquez Roman)     3Feb  2002
Jensen                 Jack T.                   28Mar  2002
Jensen                 Kathleen Ann              28Jun  2002
Jepsen                 Donald T.                 11Oct  2002
Jerauld                Thomas "Gene"             23Nov  2002
Jernigan               E.  Jay                   10Feb  2002
Jerome                 Richard D.                 3May  2002
Jerome                 Richard D.                 4May  2002
Jessup                 Bonadean                  20Jun  2002
Jessup                 Michael Andrew            14Dec  2002
Jessup                 Michael Andrew            15Dec  2002
Jester                 Mable W.  (Smith)          5Dec  2002
Jester                 Mable W.  (Smith)          6Dec  2002
Jett                   Loie M.                   29Jan  2002
Jewel                  Luetta Floreine           27Dec  2002
Jezek                  Frank John                28Feb  2002
Jillson                Nathaniel Walker          20Dec  2002
Jillson                Nathaniel Walker          28Dec  2002
Jillson                Nathaniel Walker          29Dec  2002
Jobert                 Robert W.                 18Apr  2002
Jobert                 Robert W.                 19Apr  2002
Joerg                  Delia M.                  16Feb  2002
Johanning              Thomas Raymond "Ray"      12Apr  2002
Johanson               Rosalee                   27May  2002
John                   James H.                  23Nov  2002
John                   Roberta Joy (Williams)     2Mar  2002
Johnico                David Stacy                9Mar  2002
Johnico                David Stacy               10Mar  2002
Johns                  Harold M.                 14Apr  2002
Johnson                Aaron M.  "Uncle Aaron"    1Oct  2002
Johnson                Aaron M.  "Uncle Aaron"    2Oct  2002
Johnson                Anne E.                   23Mar  2002
Johnson                Arlene L.                  9Oct  2002
Johnson                Arthur G.  Jr.            10Jan  2002
Johnson                Arthur G.  Jr.            11Jan  2002
Johnson                Arthur G.  Jr.            17Jan  2002
Johnson                Ashanti Lasnea             5Mar  2002
Johnson                Barbara J.                29Oct  2002
Johnson                Carl Alfred Nathanal      13Feb  2002
Johnson                Carolyn "Kay"             26Nov  2002
Johnson                Carolyn A.  (Livingood)   18Jul  2002
Johnson                Cecil Earl                 1Sep  2002
Johnson                Charley W.                 4Nov  2002
Johnson                Charley W.                 5Nov  2002
Johnson                Clara Lee                  7Feb  2002
Johnson                Dagmar I.                 23Feb  2002
Johnson                Daniel Lee                25Apr  2002
Johnson                David Lee                  1Sep  2002
Johnson                David Lee                  4Sep  2002
Johnson                David Lee                 13Mar  2002
Johnson                David Lee                 14Mar  2002
Johnson                Delilah                   18Mar  2002
Johnson                Donald H.                 14Feb  2002
Johnson                Donna Elaine              14Feb  2002
Johnson                Doran C.                  17Aug  2002
Johnson                Doris N.                  22Aug  2002
Johnson                Dorothy E.                31May  2002
Johnson                Dorothy L.                10Nov  2002
Johnson                Eldon B.                  10Nov  2002
Johnson                Ellen Lillian              5Mar  2002
Johnson                Emil E.                   11Dec  2002
Johnson                Emil E.                   12Dec  2002
Johnson                Eric Neil                 17Dec  2002
Johnson                Eylvester                 27Sep  2002
Johnson                Faye Lavauun (Helms)      28Jan  2002
Johnson                Garland G.                25Nov  2002
Johnson                Garland G.                26Nov  2002
Johnson                Glenn E.                  27Jun  2002
Johnson                Helen                     23Oct  2002
Johnson                Helen B.                   3Nov  2002
Johnson                Irene (Phillips)          29Sep  2002
Johnson                Jefrina B.                26May  2002
Johnson                Jefrina B.                27May  2002
Johnson                John William              28Jul  2002
Johnson                Juanita                   18Dec  2002
Johnson                Kathryn M.  "Kay"          3Nov  2002
Johnson                Kathryn M.  "Kay"          4Nov  2002
Johnson                Kathryn R.                 9Apr  2002
Johnson                Kenneth W.                25Jan  2002
Johnson                Kenneth W.                26Jan  2002
Johnson                LaVerne I.                19Mar  2002
Johnson                Leibert W.                12Apr  2002
Johnson                Leila May (Williams)      23Sep  2002
Johnson                Leila May (Williams)      24Sep  2002
Johnson                Leona L.  (Wood) Johnso    8Dec  2002
Johnson                Leonard H.  "Bud"         20Aug  2002
Johnson                Lydia L.                  30Jul  2002
Johnson                Lynn A.                   12Jan  2002
Johnson                Lynn A.                   13Jan  2002
Johnson                Madeline                  11Jun  2002
Johnson                Madeline                  12Jun  2002
Johnson                Marcelle D.                6Oct  2002
Johnson                Marjorie M.                5Mar  2002
Johnson                Marquette Anderson        25Sep  2002
Johnson                Marquette Anderson        28Sep  2002
Johnson                Marquette Anderson        29Sep  2002
Johnson                Martha M.                 11Mar  2002
Johnson                Mary Louise               24Feb  2002
Johnson                Maurice J.                26Jul  2002
Johnson                Maurice J.                28Jul  2002
Johnson                Melva M.                   7Apr  2002
Johnson                Myrtle V.                 25Jun  2002
Johnson                Neva Irene                17Mar  2002
Johnson                Norman H.                 26Jul  2002
Johnson                Norval A.                 22Feb  2002
Johnson                Oliver R.                  9Nov  2002
Johnson                Oliver R.                 10Nov  2002
Johnson                Patricia Ann "Pat"        27Nov  2002
Johnson                Raymond E.  "Piggy"        4Aug  2002
Johnson                Richard E.                 4Apr  2002
Johnson                Rita Jean (Greer)         31Dec  2002
Johnson                Robert                    20Mar  2002
Johnson                Robert Milleson "Bob"     25Dec  2002
Johnson                Robert Milleson "Bob"     26Dec  2002
Johnson                Robert W.                  6Jun  2002
Johnson                Ruth Neomia               24Sep  2002
Johnson                Travis Lee                20Jun  2002
Johnson                Travis Lee                27Jun  2002
Johnson                Verna Goetz (Kreutzer)    15Aug  2002
Johnson                Vivian "Grace"            14Feb  2002
Johnson                Walter W.                 17Jan  2002
Johnson-Meier          Katherine A.  "Lulu"      27Sep  2002
Johnson-Meier          Katherine A.  "Lulu"      28Sep  2002
Johnson-Meier          Katherine A.  "Lulu"      29Sep  2002
Johnson-Meier          Katherine A.  "Lulu"      30Sep  2002
Johnston               Alice W.                  10Dec  2002
Johnston               Annetta                   17Nov  2002
Johnston               Billie Jean "B.J."        14Dec  2002
Johnston               Harold D.  "Duane"         5Jun  2002
Johnston               Harold D.  "Duane"         6Jun  2002
Johnston               Opal P.                    7Apr  2002
Johnston               Robert M.  "Bob"          28Nov  2002
Johnston               Robert M.  "Bob"          29Nov  2002
Joiner                 Violet Irene               1Mar  2002
Jondahl                John Ballard              17Mar  2002
Jones                  Alvin B.                  13Jan  2002
Jones                  Alvin E.                  15Dec  2002
Jones                  Alvin E.                  16Dec  2002
Jones                  Amesha T.                 18Oct  2002
Jones                  Benton B.                  2Oct  2002
Jones                  Betty M.                  16Sep  2002
Jones                  Bill Ray                  29Aug  2002
Jones                  Boyd                      17Feb  2002
Jones                  Boyd                      18Feb  2002
Jones                  Brian Demond Jr.           5Jan  2002
Jones                  Casey                      4Sep  2002
Jones                  Charles                   23Jul  2002
Jones                  Charles Edward Sr.  "Ch   11Mar  2002
Jones                  Chester W.  "Red"         15Sep  2002
Jones                  Chester W.  "Red"         16Sep  2002
Jones                  Chester W.  "Red"         17Sep  2002
Jones                  Chester W.  "Red"         18Sep  2002
Jones                  Chester W.  "Red"         19Sep  2002
Jones                  Clarice L.                14Sep  2002
Jones                  Constance S.  "Connie"     2Sep  2002
Jones                  David Clark Sr.           10Jul  2002
Jones                  David L.                  19Jun  2002
Jones                  David Lee                  8Jan  2002
Jones                  David Lee                 13Jan  2002
Jones                  Debra Marie (Carter)      25Jul  2002
Jones                  Dewayne D.                11Dec  2002
Jones                  Donald David              13Sep  2002
Jones                  Donald Robert             15Sep  2002
Jones                  Donald T.                  8Aug  2002
Jones                  Doris F.                  17Aug  2002
Jones                  Dorothy E.                 6Apr  2002
Jones                  Douglas A.                11Jan  2002
Jones                  Edith M.  "Jonesy"         9Feb  2002
Jones                  Edith M.  "Jonesy"        10Feb  2002
Jones                  Ervin                     12Mar  2002
Jones                  Ervin                     13Mar  2002
Jones                  Floris G.                 12Sep  2002
Jones                  Harlan A.                 16Jun  2002
Jones                  Harry Davis                8Feb  2002
Jones                  Inez M.                   27Dec  2002
Jones                  James Albert "Jonesy"     15Jul  2002
Jones                  James Michael "Jimmy Ma   28Nov  2002
Jones                  John D.  Jr.               7Jan  2002
Jones                  John V.                   29Oct  2002
Jones                  Josephine                 25Jun  2002
Jones                  Kelly Cedric              28Dec  2002
Jones                  Lee Eugene "Gene"          5Jun  2002
Jones                  Leland H.                 11Aug  2002
Jones                  Lena Belle                19Dec  2002
Jones                  Lena O.  (Rose)           26Apr  2002
Jones                  Linda Joy                  1Mar  2002
Jones                  Linda Joy                  2Mar  2002
Jones                  Lois Maurine Lopey (Mus   11Aug  2002
Jones                  Lola Mae "Peggy"          16Jul  2002
Jones                  Loretta A.  (Longpine)    20Feb  2002
Jones                  Mabel                     25Apr  2002
Jones                  Madolin Clare             21Apr  2002
Jones                  Madolin Clare             23Apr  2002
Jones                  Margaret Lalouette         2Feb  2002
Jones                  Marleah I.                27Jul  2002
Jones                  Martha                     9Nov  2002
Jones                  Marvin                     7Sep  2002
Jones                  Marvin L.  Sr.            22Dec  2002
Jones                  Mary (Tippin)             20Feb  2002
Jones                  Mary Ellen                24Dec  2002
Jones                  May Elizabeth             27May  2002
Jones                  Mayme E.                   3Oct  2002
Jones                  Nancy Ninnine             29Oct  2002
Jones                  Naomi Gish                 8Jun  2002
Jones                  Nola Mae                  11Apr  2002
Jones                  Patricia D.                2Dec  2002
Jones                  Ray E.                    20Dec  2002
Jones                  Richard Lee                4Sep  2002
Jones                  Richard Sr.               12Nov  2002
Jones                  Richard Sr.               28Aug  2002
Jones                  Robert R.  "Bobby"         9Jul  2002
Jones                  Roden E.  "Jonesie"       25Jan  2002
Jones                  Ronald A.                  1Aug  2002
Jones                  Ronald A.                  2Aug  2002
Jones                  Warren C.                  7Feb  2002
Jones                  William "Frank"           16Dec  2002
Jones                  William Sr.               19Mar  2002
Jones                  William Sr.               21Mar  2002
Jonte                  Doris W.                  19Jan  2002
Jordan                 Alfred M.  Hayes          28Aug  2002
Jordan                 Alfred M.  Hayes          29Aug  2002
Jordan                 Allen S.                  16Nov  2002
Jordan                 Allen S.                  17Nov  2002
Jordan                 Aubrey Joann              30Apr  2002
Jordan                 Donella J.  (Hart)        30Apr  2002
Jordan                 Eugene D.  "Gene"          3Sep  2002
Jordan                 Eugene D.  "Gene"          4Sep  2002
Jordan                 Frank A.                   8Jan  2002
Jordan                 Fred Jr.                  19Jun  2002
Jordan                 Irene B.                  27Aug  2002
Jordan                 James A.  "Pete"           7May  2002
Jordan                 Julia E.                   7Feb  2002
Jordan                 Mary M.  Kern              6Dec  2002
Jordan                 Socorro Martinez          21Feb  2002
Jorden                 Edith A.                  15Aug  2002
Jorden                 Nola Bushell               6Aug  2002
Jost                   LuElla Reimer              2Mar  2002
Jost                   Marie                     12May  2002
Jost                   Selma "Sally"              3Dec  2002
Jost                   Selma Groening            27Apr  2002
Jovanovic              Muriel H.                  1Aug  2002
Joy                    Helen R.                  15Oct  2002
Joy                    Minnie J.                 27Dec  2002
Joy                    Victor                     8Jul  2002
Joyce                  Viola F.                   1May  2002
Juarez                 Elizabeth Lee             30Dec  2002
Judd                   Betty Ellen               15Sep  2002
Judd                   Eldina M.  "Tina"         24Sep  2002
Judy                   Marvel K.                  7Nov  2002
Juergensen             Anna M.                   10Aug  2002
Juergensen             Anna M.                   11Aug  2002
Julian                 Erwin L.                   4Sep  2002
Junious                M.D.                      17Oct  2002
Junious                M.D.                      18Oct  2002
Junker                 John H.                    6Mar  2002
Junker                 John H.                    7Mar  2002
Jurgensen              Donald D.                  6Aug  2002
Jurgensen              Donald D.                  7Aug  2002
Jurney                 Beulah Mae                10Apr  2002
Justice                Adeline                    1May  2002
Justus                 Roy C.                    13Mar  2002
Justus                 Roy C.                    14Mar  2002
Justus                 Roy C.                    15Mar  2002
Kabler                 Norma J.                  11Feb  2002
Kahlstorf              Elmer Arthur              10Mar  2002
Kail                   James Robert              16Jan  2002
Kailer                 Mildred E.                17Jan  2002
Kaiser                 Dora Helen                 6Jan  2002
Kaiser                 Ferdinand "Fred"          23May  2002
Kaiser                 Frank S.                   1Jan  2002
Kaiser                 Lois Frances              11Jul  2002
Kaiser                 Loretta                   21Feb  2002
Kaiser                 Loretta M.                22Feb  2002
Kaiser                 Marie F.                  28Mar  2002
Kaleta                 Elizabeth M.               3Sep  2002
Kallail                Crystal                   25Jun  2002
Kaltenbach             Russell "Russ" (Lt.  Co   15Nov  2002
Kampling               Ida M.                    24Jan  2002
Kampschroeder          Laura                     30Sep  2002
Kanak                  Cecelia F.                15Oct  2002
Kandt                  Edwin F.                   5May  2002
Kane                   Allen E.  Sr.  "Al"       17Jul  2002
Kane                   Arlene M.                 25Aug  2002
Kane                   Joan                      15Jan  2002
Kane                   John William              10Oct  2002
Kane                   Raymond Lee III "Lee"     13Feb  2002
Kane                   Raymond Lee III "Lee"     14Feb  2002
Kang                   Chhin                     22Mar  2002
Kanon                  Helen Lottie              10Apr  2002
Kanon                  Helen Lottie              11Apr  2002
Kaplin                 Catherine A.               8Nov  2002
Kaplin                 Catherine A.               9Nov  2002
Kaplin                 Catherine A.              10Nov  2002
Karanja                Simon Njenga               8Jun  2002
Karlin                 Evelyn Marie               4Sep  2002
Karlin                 Wilfric J.                15Feb  2002
Karst                  Thomas "Edwin"            24May  2002
Kaser                  Fred Filmore              13Nov  2002
Kasey                  Duane S.                   5Jul  2002
Kasey                  Duane S.                   6Jul  2002
Kasper                 Jerry D.                  16Jan  2002
Kasper                 Lena Fern                  6Mar  2002
Kasselman              Lucille Mae (Galyardt)     8May  2002
Kastens                Eva L.                    23Aug  2002
Kaster                 Delna                     19Apr  2002
Kastrup                Richard A.                10Apr  2002
Kastrup                Richard A.                18Apr  2002
Kates                  Violet R.                 26Jan  2002
Kates                  Violet R.                 27Jan  2002
Kauffman               Kathryn A.                16Sep  2002
Kauffman               Margaret Elizabeth         1Apr  2002
Kauffman               Michael Lynn              15Dec  2002
Kauffman               Michael Lynn              16Dec  2002
Kaufman                Bruce K.                  26Jan  2002
Kaufman                Doris (Siemens)           24Jan  2002
Kaufman                Tony D.                   29Sep  2002
Kaufman                Willard E.  (Dr.) M.D.    10Nov  2002
Kaufmann               Velda Fern                31Jul  2002
Kauhi                  Nadine Ku'u'Leilani Pan    4Sep  2002
Kealy                  James                      3Feb  2002
Keane                  Brydon Douglas            15Oct  2002
Kearns                 Harvey Thomas             30Dec  2002
Keazer                 Euleta M.                  2Nov  2002
Keazer                 Euleta M.                  3Nov  2002
Keck                   Connie                    17Nov  2002
Keck                   Keenan Thomas Sr." Tom"   19May  2002
Keck                   Shirley Jean               5Mar  2002
Keefer                 Sandra Kay Ojile          22Aug  2002
Keefer                 Sandy (Ojile)             21Aug  2002
Keel                   Peggy Sue                 24Mar  2002
Keel                   Peggy Sue                 25Mar  2002
Keeler                 Doris Thelma "Dottie"     29Jan  2002
Keeler                 Sylvia Ann                 8Feb  2002
Keeler                 Sylvia Ann                10Feb  2002
Keely                  Erma May                  11Mar  2002
Keely                  Erma May                  12Mar  2002
Keen                   Winifred Marjorie          9May  2002
Keenan                 Ramona J.  "Mona"         29May  2002
Keenan                 Ramona J.  "Mona"         30May  2002
Keeney                 Billy Glen Sr.            31Dec  2002
Keesling               Mary "Jo"                 24Oct  2002
Keesling               Paul W.                    7Feb  2002
Keeton                 Grace A.                  31Dec  2002
Keever                 Elda R.                   28May  2002
Keezer                 Clara Dodie (Candler)     15Nov  2002
Keezer                 Louis A.                   1Jun  2002
Keffer                 Harold Raymond            24Apr  2002
Keffer                 Helen Ruth                15Mar  2002
Kehl                   Ronald D.                 26Sep  2002
Kehl                   Ronald D.                 27Sep  2002
Kehn                   Evelyn R.                 23Jun  2002
Kehres                 Walter C.                 24Dec  2002
Keifer                 Wilma                     13Dec  2002
Keiss                  William Clifford          29May  2002
Keller                 Edna M.                   17Oct  2002
Keller                 Georgia Henrietta "Henn   20Mar  2002
Keller                 Leoba "Dinky"              9May  2002
Keller                 Nancy D.                  31Jul  2002
Keller                 Sylvester H.  "Sam"       30Dec  2002
Kellerman              James Vernon              27Dec  2002
Kelley                 Barbara A.                 4Jun  2002
Kelley                 Clyde G.                  10Jan  2002
Kelley                 Marcia Caroline (Gier)     9Oct  2002
Kelley                 Mina O.                   30Jul  2002
Kelley                 Otis                      23Jul  2002
Kelley                 Otis                      25Jul  2002
Kelley                 Otis                      27Jul  2002
Kelley                 William A.  "Bill"        11May  2002
Kelley                 William A.  "Bill"        12May  2002
Kelley-Webb            Diane C.                  12Oct  2002
Kelley-Webb            Diane C.                  13Oct  2002
Kellogg                Ronald E.                 11Feb  2002
Kelly                  Alfred J.                 11Nov  2002
Kelly                  Francis "Frank"           22Jun  2002
Kelly                  Francis L.  (Dr.)         20Jun  2002
Kelly                  Francis L.  (Dr.)         21Jun  2002
Kelly                  Jimmie L.                 27Mar  2002
Kelly                  Mary E.                    1Oct  2002
Kelly                  Mary E.                   30Sep  2002
Kelly                  Ralph R.                  22Mar  2002
Kelly                  Thresa A.                 15Jan  2002
Kelly                  Warren                     1Jan  2002
Kelly                  Warren                     3Jan  2002
Kelly                  Warren                     4Jan  2002
Kelsch                 Dwain I.                  20Nov  2002
Kelton                 Viola Ester               29May  2002
Kelty                  Joseph E.                  3Sep  2002
Kelty                  Joseph E.                  4Sep  2002
Kemp                   Jane E.                    6Dec  2002
Kempf                  Gladys I.                 30Nov  2002
Kendall                Hester L.  (Kent)         21Nov  2002
Kendrick               Lillian "Katie"            3Aug  2002
Kennard                Fleda M.                  14Nov  2002
Kennedy                Alma Erna (Frey)          15Sep  2002
Kennedy                C.L.  Bill                20Mar  2002
Kennedy                Diane M.                   2Oct  2002
Kennedy                Leona M.                  13Apr  2002
Kennedy                Nettie Marie              21Jul  2002
Kennedy                Nettie Marie              22Jul  2002
Kennedy                Nettie Marie              23Jul  2002
Kennedy                Nettie Marie              24Jul  2002
Kenney                 Richard C.                24Oct  2002
Kenworthy              Marjorie M.               30Jul  2002
Kenworthy              Marjorie M.               31Jul  2002
Keown                  Ivan Albert               29May  2002
Kepler                 Paula E.                  29Oct  2002
Kerbs                  Frances Lucylle           17Nov  2002
Kerbs                  Jake                       2Sep  2002
Kerby                  Lucille                    1Feb  2002
Kerby                  Lucille                    3Feb  2002
Kern                   Hazel M.                   8Jan  2002
Kern                   Milton Lyle               19Apr  2002
Kern                   Walter S.  Jr.            17Sep  2002
Kerner                 Margaret                   5Mar  2002
Kerns                  Dallas Scott              25Jan  2002
Kerns                  Malachi Eric              19Jul  2002
Kerns                  Malachi Eric              20Jul  2002
Kerns                  Malachi Eric              21Jul  2002
Kerns                  Melvin D.                 27Feb  2002
Kerns                  Wade S.                   21Dec  2002
Kerns                  Wade S.                   22Dec  2002
Kerr                   Kelly M.                  24Nov  2002
Kerr                   Mary Louise               17Jun  2002
Kersbergen             Neil "Dutch"               8Mar  2002
Kersenbrock            Keith Dean                20May  2002
Kerwood                Lloyd A.                  27Dec  2002
Kessinger              Dorothy Kathryn Florine   22May  2002
Kessinger              Paul E.                   13Jun  2002
Kessler                Vivian L.                  2Apr  2002
Ketley                 Lorraine G.               19Sep  2002
Ketron                 Bernice (Williams)         2Oct  2002
Kettleman              Dessie May                31Aug  2002
Key                    Ruby                       3Jan  2002
Key                    Ruby                       5Jan  2002
Key                    Ruby                       6Jan  2002
Keys                   Dorothy Steward           20Jan  2002
Kidd                   Lisa Marie                 1Nov  2002
Kidd                   Lisa Marie                 4Nov  2002
Kidwell                Charles                    2Mar  2002
Kidwell                Charles                    3Mar  2002
Kier                   Neal J.                    7Apr  2002
Kiesel                 Carl Sr.  "Doc"           12Mar  2002
Kiewning               Liesbeth A.               27Jan  2002
Kiewning               Liesbeth A.               28Jan  2002
Kifer                  Doris Mable               12Jun  2002
Kill                   Clara                      6Dec  2002
Killian                Michael David             18Mar  2002
Killian                Michael David P.E.        19Mar  2002
Killian                Michael David P.E.        20Mar  2002
Killion                Leonard H.                14Jan  2002
Killough               Shan                      17Dec  2002
Kilmer                 John Baskett               3Jul  2002
Kilpatrick             Leila B.                  26May  2002
Kimball                Clifford D.               11Nov  2002
Kimball                Trevor Chad               17Feb  2002
Kimbell                Saleta Eugenia             3Apr  2002
Kimble                 M.M.  "Kim"               18Jul  2002
Kimble                 Marie Elizabeth           17Apr  2002
Kimmell                Betty L.                  21Sep  2002
Kimminau               Bernard John "Ben"        19Jun  2002
Kimminau               Bernard John "Ben"        20Jun  2002
Kimminau               Bernard John "Ben"        21Jun  2002
Kimminau               Sophia Marie (Laggart)    21May  2002
Kimminau               Sophia Marie (Laggert)    19May  2002
Kimminau               Sophia Marie (Laggert)    20May  2002
Kimzey                 Claudia E.                16Aug  2002
Kimzey                 Oscar S.                  28Dec  2002
Kimzey                 Oscar S.                  29Dec  2002
Kimzey                 Ralph A.                  20Mar  2002
Kinderknecht           Richard D.                 1Jan  2002
Kindle                 Edith Aloma Goodluck      27Oct  2002
Kindle                 Naomi S.                  13Oct  2002
Kindrick               Sammy L.  "Sam"            4Sep  2002
Kindrick               Sammy L.  "Sam"            5Sep  2002
Kindsvater             Margo Jan                 23Apr  2002
Kindt                  Maxine E.                 19Dec  2002
King                   Allen E.                  13Aug  2002
King                   Arlynn L.  R.             23Feb  2002
King                   Beulah Lee                22May  2002
King                   Delbert                   18Jun  2002
King                   Delbert                   19Jun  2002
King                   Florence R.  (Fitzgeral    8May  2002
King                   Florence R.  (Fitzgeral    9May  2002
King                   James Alan "Jim"          27Sep  2002
King                   James L.                  25Oct  2002
King                   Keith F.                  15Feb  2002
King                   Leroy                     19Sep  2002
King                   Leroy                     19Sep  2002
King                   Leroy                     20Sep  2002
King                   Martharene (Lewis Sloth    3Feb  2002
King                   Mary Marie (Deal)          9Apr  2002
King                   Maurice B.                29Oct  2002
King                   Maurice B.                30Oct  2002
King                   Patricia Ann              29Jul  2002
King                   Patricia Ann              30Jul  2002
King                   Robert F.                 13Dec  2002
King                   Ruthie Thompkins           4Mar  2002
King                   Ruthie Thompkins           5Mar  2002
King                   Ruthie Thompkins           6Mar  2002
King                   Sue Ann (Harvey-Dunlap)   23Jan  2002
King                   Velma Marie               21Feb  2002
King                   Wanda Maxine              26Mar  2002
Kingston               Kenny                      6Nov  2002
Kinion                 Richard M.                11Dec  2002
Kinkead                Billy "Bruce"             11Sep  2002
Kinkead                Billy "Bruce"             12Sep  2002
Kinman                 Rosalee                    2Dec  2002
Kinne                  Cale S.                   10Apr  2002
Kinnear                Robert Charles            27Nov  2002
Kinney                 Jane                      16Mar  2002
Kinney                 Jane                      17Mar  2002
Kinney                 Jane                      18Mar  2002
Kinney                 Nita B.                   15Jun  2002
Kinney                 Richard C.                25Oct  2002
Kinsall                Donna Jane (Essley)       27Nov  2002
Kinsinger              Pearl                      3May  2002
Kinsinger              Walter B.                 24Oct  2002
Kinsinger              Walter Rex.               25Oct  2002
Kinsley                Charlotte S.               8Jun  2002
Kinsley                Charlotte S.               9Jun  2002
Kinsley                Charlotte S.              10Jun  2002
Kintzel                George Bertram            24Jul  2002
Kintzel                George Bertram            25Jul  2002
Kipfer                 Kitty                     29Jan  2002
Kipp                   Hattie M.                 29Dec  2002
Kirby                  G.  Arlone                 8Apr  2002
Kirby                  Grace A.                  26Jan  2002
Kirby                  M.  Virginia               7Jun  2002
Kirby                  Trudy                      3Aug  2002
Kirgis                 Janet Marie (Pence)        9Sep  2002
Kirk                   Thomas M.                 24May  2002
Kirk                   Timothy J.                 6Jan  2002
Kirker                 Grace Metz                21Apr  2002
Kirker                 Grace Metz                22Apr  2002
Kirkman                Dolores M.                21Jul  2002
Kirkpatrick            Charles E.                16Mar  2002
Kirkpatrick            Donald                    20Dec  2002
Kirkpatrick            Evada N.                  23Jan  2002
Kirkpatrick            Evada N.                  24Jan  2002
Kirkpatrick            Walter M.                 11Dec  2002
Kirmer                 Herman J.                 17Apr  2002
Kisel                  Aloys A.  "Ollie"          9Aug  2002
Kiser                  Alyssa Jo                 29Dec  2002
Kiser                  John Eldon "Ironhead"     28Jun  2002
Kiser                  Norma E.                  20Feb  2002
Kissel                 Eldon H.                  25May  2002
Kissel                 Eldon H.                  26May  2002
Kistler                L.  Maxine                22Sep  2002
Kistler                Mary Elizabeth            24Sep  2002
Kitchen                Christopher Charles "Ch    8Mar  2002
Kittrell               Raymond S.                18Apr  2002
Kitzenberger           V.  Elaine                19Sep  2002
Kizer                  Wendell E.                 6Jan  2002
Kjellin                Jo Ann                     7Jul  2002
Kjergaard              Arthur M.                 21Nov  2002
Klaassen               Gayla D.                  24Apr  2002
Klaassen               Rolland                    5Sep  2002
Klaassen               Rolland                    6Sep  2002
Klabau                 Robert G.  "Bob"          25Mar  2002
Klassen                Albert M.                 16Jan  2002
Klassen                Carl                      22Aug  2002
Klassen                Dick N.                   18Jan  2002
Klassen                Elisabeth (Schmidt)       28Sep  2002
Klassen                H.  Victor                10Sep  2002
Klassen                Linda                     19Dec  2002
Klatt                  Guy Lynn                   6Feb  2002
Klaus                  Earl R.  "Si"             10Mar  2002
Klaver                 Irene Madaline             8Jun  2002
Kleider                Florence Baker            17Apr  2002
Klein                  August "Gus"              20Jan  2002
Klein                  Joseph Arnold             23Mar  2002
Klein                  Myrtle                    17Sep  2002
Klema                  Rick A.                   20Feb  2002
Klenke                 Urban F.                  13Dec  2002
Klett                  Virginia M.                9Mar  2002
Klett                  Virginia M.               10Mar  2002
Klett                  Virginia M.               11Mar  2002
Kleweno                Reuben Ralph              25Aug  2002
Klick                  Larry L.                  10Jan  2002
Kliewer                Margaret E.               11Nov  2002
Klimt                  Eugene Orville             2Mar  2002
Kline                  Martha May (Norris)        2Jan  2002
Kling                  Ethel Regina              24Feb  2002
Klingberg              Dorothy May               18Apr  2002
Klingenberg            Ronald Max "Ron"           2Mar  2002
Klingman               Ruth Dorothea             27Mar  2002
Klingman               Ruth Dorothea             28Mar  2002
Klobetanz              Earl Otto                 14Oct  2002
Kloehr                 Carl Alfred               14Feb  2002
Klugman                Leona B.  "Onie"           6Feb  2002
Klusener               August M.  "Slim"         20Jun  2002
Klusener               Natalie Ann               17May  2002
Knaak                  Cora (Beery)              30Aug  2002
Knapp                  Alva R.  (Perry)          23May  2002
Knapp                  Jim                       19Aug  2002
Knapp                  Jim                       20Aug  2002
Knapp                  Jim                       21Aug  2002
Knapp                  Marshall Peter            22Dec  2002
Knapp                  Richard Ariel              4Oct  2002
Knauss                 Edgar O.                  14Sep  2002
Knierim                Duane                     16Jan  2002
Knight                 B.  Eileen                 5Mar  2002
Knight                 Clifford I.               19Sep  2002
Knight                 Dorothy Mary (Lay)         7Jul  2002
Knight                 Ellen A.                  25Dec  2002
Knight                 Flossie F.                22Mar  2002
Knight                 Hale B.  "Stormy"         15Dec  2002
Knight                 Harlyn II "Perry"          5Oct  2002
Knight                 Harlyn II "Perry"          6Oct  2002
Knight                 Martha Mildred            16Oct  2002
Knight                 Marvel M.                 17Jul  2002
Knight                 Phyllis May (Howard)      30Jul  2002
Knight                 Phyllis May (Howard)      31Jul  2002
Knipfer                John H.                   13Jun  2002
Knisley                Carol Ray III             19Nov  2002
Knobel                 Julia E.                   8Dec  2002
Knoblauch              Joellen (Stark)            2Sep  2002
Knoblauch              Joellen (Stark)            3Sep  2002
Knoblauch              Seraphine                 26Nov  2002
Knoblauch              Seraphine                 27Nov  2002
Knoblock               Virgil D.                 22May  2002
Knock                  Murray I.                  2Nov  2002
Knock                  Murray I.                  3Nov  2002
Knop                   Hilda E.                   5Jan  2002
Knowles                Helen M.                  16Aug  2002
Knowles                Helen M.                  17Aug  2002
Knowles                Thomas B.                  7Aug  2002
Knox                   Ben W.                    21Jul  2002
Knox                   Virgie                    14Jul  2002
Knudsen                Hazel Marie               21Feb  2002
Knudsen                Mildred                   13Nov  2002
Knudson                Kermit C.                  1Aug  2002
Knudson                Kermit C.                  2Aug  2002
Knutsen                Hans                      11Oct  2002
Knutson                Phillip L.                20Jun  2002
Kobs                   Edwin E.                  16Aug  2002
Koehler                Donald Eugene             13Oct  2002
Koehler                Donald Eugene "Spud"      14Oct  2002
Koehn                  Cassandra Elaine           1Jun  2002
Koehn                  Edwin T.                   4Jan  2002
Koehn                  Esther H.                 20Feb  2002
Koehn                  Evelyn                    26Apr  2002
Koehn                  Evelyn                    27Apr  2002
Koehn                  Fern L.                   28Apr  2002
Koehn                  Hermon                     5Jan  2002
Koehn                  Johnny                    10Dec  2002
Koehn                  Leona                     26Feb  2002
Koehn                  Loretta Joan               3Dec  2002
Koehn                  Mabel Mae                  7Jan  2002
Koehn                  Mildred J.                15Oct  2002
Koehn                  Minnie                     5Feb  2002
Koehn                  Susanna                   15Dec  2002
Koelsch                Philip H.                 31Dec  2002
Koepke                 John E.                    2Sep  2002
Koester                Helen Preston             28Jan  2002
Koester                Lawrence J.                2Oct  2002
Koester                Lawrence J.                3Oct  2002
Kofoid-Gant            Caron                     10Aug  2002
Koger                  Monna L.  (Calvert)        1Apr  2002
Koger                  Monna L.  (Calvert)        2Apr  2002
Kogler                 Fredrick O.               28Feb  2002
Kogler                 Richard "Dick"            19Mar  2002
Kogler                 Richard "Dick"            20Mar  2002
Kohart                 Lorene Marie               2Aug  2002
Kohl                   Leslie W.                  6Oct  2002
Kohl                   Leslie Wright              8Oct  2002
Kohl                   Leslie Wright             13Oct  2002
Kohl                   Margaret Francis          13Feb  2002
Kohler                 Margaret "Peggy"           6Apr  2002
Kohler                 Margaret "Peggy"           7Apr  2002
Kohlhorst              Phyllis                   11Aug  2002
Kohlman                Clara Sophie Schroeder     6Jul  2002
Kolb                   Scotty K.                 16Dec  2002
Kolb                   Scotty K.                 17Dec  2002
Komlofske              Alvin J.                  31Oct  2002
Kommer                 Audrey D.  Hensley        19Jan  2002
Konecny                Marie T.                   7Oct  2002
Koochel                Dorothy F.                 3Dec  2002
Koon                   Murel                      2May  2002
Koons                  Jay P.                    17Oct  2002
Koons                  V.  Gene                   1May  2002
Koontz                 James Ridgeway Sr.        29Oct  2002
Koontz                 James Ridgeway Sr.        30Oct  2002
Koontz                 Laveda A.                 26Jan  2002
Koontz                 Paul W.                   18Mar  2002
Koontz                 Wanda M.                   2Jun  2002
Koontz                 Wanda M.                   3Jun  2002
Koppel                 Joseph Paul Sr.  "Joe"     7May  2002
Koppenhaver            John H.  Jr.              10Apr  2002
Korf                   Esther Ruth                9Jan  2002
Korgol                 Glenda Sue                26Jan  2002
Kornelson              Herman "Jim"               1Feb  2002
Kornelson              Herman "Jim"              27Jan  2002
Kornelson              Rosella A.  "Rosie"        9Feb  2002
Kornhaus               Donald C.  "Don"          22Sep  2002
Kosanke                Evelyn                    30Jul  2002
Koster                 Martin B.                 26Sep  2002
Koster                 Martin B.                 27Sep  2002
Kottke                 Douglas Joseph Sr.        13Oct  2002
Kovac                  Mildred Martha Ecoff "P   10Jul  2002
Kovac                  Mildred Martha Ecoff "P   12Jul  2002
Kowal                  Father John P.             4Jan  2002
Kowalke                Jessica Lee                1Sep  2002
Kowalski               William J.  "Bill"        27Feb  2002
Kowing                 Charles E.  "Chuck"       28Dec  2002
Kracman                Michael J.                30Jul  2002
Kraft                  Alberta A.                10Oct  2002
Kraft                  Galen                     17Dec  2002
Kraft                  Marlene Rader              6Aug  2002
Kraft                  Morris L.                 26Aug  2002
Kraft                  Morris L.                 27Aug  2002
Krager                 Marilyn Louise             1Oct  2002
Krager                 Marilyn Louise            30Sep  2002
Kramer                 Carole Sue Marie (Vaugh   11Jul  2002
Kramer                 James P.                  21Feb  2002
Kramer                 Jerry L.                  11Jan  2002
Kratochvil             LeRoy F.                  27Feb  2002
Kraus                  Glen Raymond              28May  2002
Kraus                  Kenneth L.  "Kenney"      12May  2002
Kraus                  Luke Patrick              13Feb  2002
Kraus                  Luke Patrick              14Feb  2002
Krause                 Frank Jr.                 15Mar  2002
Krauter                Glen A.                   30Jul  2002
Krch                   Lillian B.                26Jul  2002
Krch                   Lillian B.                27Jul  2002
Krebbs                 Kenneth                    3Dec  2002
Krebbs                 Kenneth                    4Dec  2002
Kreger                 Audy                       5Dec  2002
Krehbiel               Art V.                    16May  2002
Krehbiel               Art V.                    17May  2002
Krehbiel               Elsie E.                  24Jan  2002
Krehbiel               Marlin H.                 16Feb  2002
Krehbiel               Vera                      13Jun  2002
Kreizel                Thawon "Dow"              19Sep  2002
Kreizel                Thawon "Dow"              20Sep  2002
Kress                  William S.  "Bill"         9Feb  2002
Krestin                Edward L.                 18Mar  2002
Kretz                  Laura M.                  19Jul  2002
Kreutzer               Dennis Paul               26Dec  2002
Kreutzer               Edna L.                   27Oct  2002
Kreutzer               Kenneth J.                14Oct  2002
Krieg                  Doris E.                  30Dec  2002
Kring                  Judith K.  (Coplin) "Ju   11May  2002
Kring                  Judith K.  (Coplin) "Ju   12May  2002
Kristy                 Lois June Rees             5Feb  2002
Krob                   Bethel M.                 15Feb  2002
Kroeker                Dennis L.                 30May  2002
Kroeker                Grace N.  (Gima)           8Oct  2002
Kroeker                Marie T.                   7Dec  2002
Kroeker                Martin E.                 27Dec  2002
Kroening               Norma E.                  24Mar  2002
Krokoviki              June (Kelsey) "Gege"      23Apr  2002
Kropp                  John W.  "Bill"            6Aug  2002
Krotz                  Florian                    2Jun  2002
Krueger                Calvin                    26Oct  2002
Krueger                Delia P.                  30Nov  2002
Krueger                Margaret Rose              7Nov  2002
Krueger                Stephen Leroy             19Jun  2002
Krugman                Melissa Lynn               6Jul  2002
Kruse                  Henry "Kenneth"           21Oct  2002
Kubin                  Harold                    29Oct  2002
Kubin                  Madelyn                    2Mar  2002
Kuchar                 Lewis E.                  27Jan  2002
Kuchar                 Lewis E.                  28Jan  2002
Kucharo                Richard Allen Sr.  "Dic   12Jun  2002
Kucharo                Richard Allen Sr.  "Dic   13Jun  2002
Kuchinskas             John Anthony               9Feb  2002
Kuchinskas             John Anthony              10Feb  2002
Kuder                  Sally Sue                 17Aug  2002
Kuehnl                 Ruth                      14Jun  2002
Kuhlman                Elton Lawrence            24Jun  2002
Kuhlman                Ruth O.                   25Sep  2002
Kuhlmann               Fredrick                   1Dec  2002
Kuhn                   Cilerina B.  "Sally"      10Sep  2002
Kuhn                   Cilerina B.  "Sally"      11Sep  2002
Kuhn                   H.R.  "Hub"                5Jun  2002
Kuhn                   H.R.  "Hub"                6Jun  2002
Kuhn                   Leo J.                     8Dec  2002
Kulcsar                Katherine E.              15Sep  2002
Kullman                Pearl Elsie "Betty"        2Jun  2002
Kumle                  Pete                      17Jun  2002
Kummer                 Jennie                    12Nov  2002
Kunce                  Frances Ayres              3Nov  2002
Kunkel-Philpot         Retha P.                  25Oct  2002
Kuntz                  Dennis R.                 23Aug  2002
Kupersmith             Ethel Y.                  21May  2002
Kurtenbach             Glenn V.                  25Jul  2002
Kurtenbach             Robert J.                  7Aug  2002
Kurtis                 Wilma M.                   1Nov  2002
Kurtis                 Wilma M.                  31Oct  2002
Kutina                 Douglas Schuyler "Doug"    6Sep  2002
Kutz                   John A.                    7Jan  2002
Kutz                   Orval Lester              30Nov  2002
Kvassay                Regina Maria              30Jul  2002
Kyle                   Rachael Evelyn            22Feb  2002
Kysar                  Helen A.                  27Dec  2002
LaBarr                 Flossie I.                 5Mar  2002
Lacey                  Jerry D.                  17Nov  2002
Lachenmaier            Anna Margaret              6Jul  2002
Lack                   Ida Katherine             18Oct  2002
Lackey                 John R.                   16Apr  2002
Lackey                 Marjorie Varner           13Apr  2002
LaClair                Ronald Gene               26Nov  2002
LaCoss                 Hilda Louise               5Nov  2002
Ladner                 Iola M.                   16Apr  2002
Lady                   Helen M.                  14Feb  2002
Lafayette              Florence Madeline         25Sep  2002
LaFever                Joseph R.                 14Aug  2002
LaFever                Joseph R.                 15Aug  2002
LaFever                Joseph R.                 15Aug  2002
Lafferty               Mercedes R.               24Jan  2002
Laham                  Margaret Mae               9Feb  2002
Laham                  Margaret Mae              10Feb  2002
Lahar                  Bill E.                   24Aug  2002
Lahar                  Bill E.                   25Aug  2002
Lahar                  Clarence R.  "Jack"       16May  2002
Lahman                 Gloria Dickson             2Mar  2002
Lahr                   Dorothy L.                 2Apr  2002
Laidler                Betty Ruth                28Mar  2002
Laing                  Larry J.                  16Apr  2002
Lair                   Robert L.                 20Apr  2002
Lair                   Robert L.                 21Apr  2002
Lair                   Robert L.                 22Apr  2002
Lake                   Frances L.                23Nov  2002
Lake                   Theda Louise               9Jan  2002
Lamar                  Mary Patricia Yingling    24Nov  2002
Lamb                   Carolyn Y.                 9Feb  2002
Lamb                   Genevieve Anne "Mickey"   19Apr  2002
Lamb                   Jacob Leonard              7Sep  2002
Lamb                   Ralph Charles Jr.          8Oct  2002
Lamb                   Ralph Charles Jr.          9Oct  2002
Lamb                   Vivian J.  "Nita"         26Sep  2002
Lambdin                Clarence                  27May  2002
Lambdin                Clarence R.               28May  2002
Lambert                Charles N.  "Chuck"       20Nov  2002
Lambert                Eddie R.                  11Dec  2002
Lambert                Linda                     22Sep  2002
Lambert                Lynda                     23Sep  2002
Lambert                Rita                       8May  2002
Lambert                Russell E.  "Rusty"       21Apr  2002
Lambert                Russell E.  "Rusty"       22Apr  2002
Lambert                Vern                      11Oct  2002
Lambing                James                     15Nov  2002
Lambrechtse            Ruby A.                   11May  2002
Lampe                  Glen A.                    2Sep  2002
Lampe                  Glen A.                    3Sep  2002
Lampe                  Raymond H.                 6Feb  2002
Lancaster              Ida Berniece              21Feb  2002
Lancaster              Wanda L.                   2Dec  2002
Lance                  Oscar Edward               9Jun  2002
Lancelot               Nancy                      7Jun  2002
Lander                 Wesley L.  "Wes"          28Oct  2002
Landgren               Marvin D.                 27Jun  2002
Landis                 Harold "Jolly"            21Mar  2002
Landrum                John C.                   28May  2002
Landry                 Albert "Rex"              13Nov  2002
Landry                 Albert "Rex"              14Nov  2002
Landwehr               Rose Lucina               26Mar  2002
Lane                   Merle E.  "Shorty"        16Sep  2002
Lane                   Merle E.  "Shorty"        17Sep  2002
Lane                   Merle E.  "Shorty"        18Sep  2002
Lane                   Thelma J.                  7Feb  2002
Lane                   Tonya Jean "TJ"           22Mar  2002
Lang                   Lawrence J.               13Nov  2002
Lang                   Louise A.                  1Nov  2002
Lang                   Melchior                  12Jul  2002
Lang                   Michael A.  "Biggum"      29May  2002
Lang                   Otto William Jr.           5Aug  2002
Langat                 Michael                    4Oct  2002
Langel                 Benjamin Charles           9Jun  2002
Langel                 Benjamin Charles          10Jun  2002
Langel                 Benjamin Charles          11Jun  2002
Langel                 Benjamin Charles          11Jun  2002
Langenwalter           Richard B.                14Apr  2002
Langford               Jana J.                   27Jun  2002
Langford               Jessie V.                 28Jul  2002
Langley                Doris G.                   9Jan  2002
Langloys               Marsha L.                 14Dec  2002
Langloys               Marsha L.                 15Dec  2002
Langstaff              Calvin R.                 22Jan  2002
Langstaff              Calvin R.                 23Jan  2002
Languein               Dorothy Louise            17May  2002
Langworthy             Harold                     1Jan  2002
Lanie                  Bessie                    10Dec  2002
Lanier                 Thelma E.                 12Apr  2002
Lankford               Dorothy Lucille           17Feb  2002
Lanning                Mildred                   17Jan  2002
Lanning                Paula B.  (Smith)          6Jul  2002
Lansdowne              James Marsden "Buddy"     18Sep  2002
Lanterman              Marjorie R.               14Jan  2002
Lantz                  Randal Melvin "Randy"     30Apr  2002
Laqua                  Fred L.                    9Oct  2002
Lara                   Juana "Juanita"            4Sep  2002
Larcom                 Keith L.                   7Jun  2002
Large                  Albert Henry              29Sep  2002
Largent                Del                        3Jan  2002
Larkin                 Martin E.  "Marty"        15Dec  2002
Larm                   N.  Corene (Skinner)      10Oct  2002
Larsen                 Charles E.  "Chick"        5Jan  2002
Larsen                 Glenn J.                   9Dec  2002
Larsen                 Lenora Q.                  9Apr  2002
Larsen                 Michael L.                17Feb  2002
Larsen                 Trenton Robert            25Jun  2002
Larsen                 William E.  "Bill"        24Oct  2002
Larson                 Br.  Damian OSB           18Jun  2002
Larson                 Delbert L.                 3Oct  2002
Larson                 Jon Mart                  20Feb  2002
Larson                 LeRoy E.  "Slim"          19Dec  2002
Larson                 Marjorie Leona            22Apr  2002
Larson                 Mary Frances               5Apr  2002
Larson                 Phyllis Strimple          30Jul  2002
LaRue                  Abbie M.                   8May  2002
LaRue                  Ruth G.                    5Jan  2002
Lary                   Mae                       29Dec  2002
Lassen                 Buster B.  "Bus"          25Nov  2002
Laster                 Marguerite                 8Sep  2002
Lathers                Loretta Kay               14Jul  2002
Latimer                Marge                     27Aug  2002
Latta                  Homer Lee                 22Mar  2002
Latta                  Joseph R.                 29Mar  2002
Lauber                 Maxine L.                 16Mar  2002
Laughlin               Donald Kenneth            21Sep  2002
Laughlin               Moses Junior "Sam"        11Apr  2002
Lauppe                 Helen M.                  24Mar  2002
Lauppe                 Ruby M.                   31Jan  2002
Lausch                 Mary "Jo"                  4Dec  2002
Laverty                Ronica Jill "Roni"        26Sep  2002
Lavine                 Margaret Diana "Maggie"   15Sep  2002
Lavine                 Margaret Diana "Maggie"   17Sep  2002
Law                    Mabel F.                   9Jun  2002
Law                    Pauline B.                21May  2002
Lawler                 Doris (Gooding)           15Sep  2002
Lawrence               Carrie                     9Feb  2002
Lawrence               Carrie M. (Lawless) "Au    6Mar  2002
Lawrence               Carrie M. (Lawless) "Au    7Mar  2002
Lawrence               Carrie M. (Lawless) "Au    8Mar  2002
Lawrence               Irma Dean                 11Apr  2002
Lawrence               Sue Ann                    5May  2002
Lawrence               Wanda L.  (Johnson)        6Feb  2002
Lawson                 Faye                      30Nov  2002
Lawson                 Glen H.                   10Jul  2002
Lawson                 Glen H.                   11Jul  2002
Lawson                 J.R.  (Rev.)              25Feb  2002
Lawson                 Michael (Dr.)             13Nov  2002
Lawson                 Sarah Dunbar "Jane"       20Jun  2002
Lawson                 Sarah Dunbar "Jane"       21Jun  2002
Lawyer                 Christine V.  "Chris"     14Jun  2002
Laxson                 Rocky M.                  19Dec  2002
Layman                 Anna A.                   25Jan  2002
Layton                 Doris M.                   9Mar  2002
Layton                 Margaret E.               27Nov  2002
Lazarus                Melba Corrine             11Nov  2002
Lea                    Marvin L.                 11Jun  2002
Leach                  E.  Louise                13Aug  2002
Leach                  Randie Dean               26Nov  2002
Leaird                 Larry Dale                17Oct  2002
Leap                   Marie E.                   2Oct  2002
Leasure                Wanda E.                  30Nov  2002
Leatherwood            Lee E.                     1Sep  2002
Leatherwood            Thelma L.                  6Mar  2002
Leavitt                George M.  "Bo"           14May  2002
LeBlanc                James Brandon              6Oct  2002
LeBlanc                Lonnie Ray                24Oct  2002
Lechner                Richard Joseph            24Sep  2002
Lecklider              Edith L.                   9Jul  2002
Leckner                Lonnie Lee                29Apr  2002
Leckron                Avis M.                   11May  2002
Leckron                Josephine                  4Dec  2002
LeClerc                Mildred I.                 2Apr  2002
L'Ecuyer               Ida                        3Aug  2002
Ledbetter              Virgil "Ray"              19Feb  2002
Ledell                 Arline G.                  2Aug  2002
Lederhos               Dennis H.                 16Dec  2002
Ledesma                Geraldine                 30Sep  2002
Ledford                William C.                10Oct  2002
Ledford                William C.                11Oct  2002
Ledford                William C.                12Oct  2002
Lee                    Catherine B.              16Jan  2002
Lee                    Catherine B.              17Jan  2002
Lee                    Charles Ray               26Jul  2002
Lee                    Choon Keat                 1Sep  2002
Lee                    Donnie Rae                20Oct  2002
Lee                    Esther L.                 15Mar  2002
Lee                    Eugene                     3Jul  2002
Lee                    Jimmy Joe Jr.             20Jan  2002
Lee                    Lucy Ann                   9Feb  2002
Lee                    Margaret S.               16Jun  2002
Lee                    Margaret S.               18Jun  2002
Lee                    Margaret S.               19Jun  2002
Lee                    Maxine                    17Jan  2002
Lee                    Orville W.                14Jul  2002
Lee                    Ray Lester                20Apr  2002
Lee                    Richard Alan              10Nov  2002
Lee                    Ted J.                     5Mar  2002
Lee                    Ted J.                     6Mar  2002
Lee                    Thelma M.                 23May  2002
Lee                    Violet P.                 29Apr  2002
Lee                    Walter J.                 10Dec  2002
Lee                    Wanda                     21Dec  2002
Lee                    Wanda                     23Dec  2002
Leech                  Carla Jane                 3Apr  2002
Leedy                  Jean Sandon               13Mar  2002
Lefeber                John (Ret.  Col.)         15Jan  2002
Lefert                 Sharon Sue (Handle)       26Apr  2002
Lehnus                 Homer D.                  17Mar  2002
Lehr                   Carl J.                    7Aug  2002
Leicht                 Howard R.                  3Sep  2002
Leigh                  Lou Rena                  15Jan  2002
Leighnor               Curtis Scott              29Oct  2002
Leighnor               Curtis Scott              30Oct  2002
Leiker                 Christian Joseph          23Jan  2002
Leiker                 Elmer J.                  20Aug  2002
Leiker                 Henry S.                   6Feb  2002
Leiker                 Josephine M.              21Dec  2002
Leiker                 Josephine M.              22Dec  2002
Leiker                 Martha                    10Mar  2002
Leiker                 Michael V.                24Oct  2002
Leiker                 Pauline                    7Feb  2002
Leissing               Hans H.G.                 27Jul  2002
Leissing               Hans H.G.                 28Jul  2002
Lembright              William L.                28Aug  2002
Leming                 Agnew "Aggie"             23Aug  2002
Lemmond                Daisy Deane "D.D."         9Jan  2002
Lemmons                Patricia K.               10Jul  2002
Lemos                  Charles Anthony "Chuck"   15Jul  2002
Lemus                  Dimas Umana               14Feb  2002
Lenertz                John Elbert               15Jun  2002
Lenertz                Susie Ogie                19May  2002
Leniton                William D.  "Bill"        21Aug  2002
Lenon                  Marcella E.               29Dec  2002
Lenox                  Edwena                     4Jul  2002
Lent                   J.  Ruth                   3Feb  2002
Lent                   J.  Ruth                  16Jan  2002
Lentz                  Alvine G.                 13Nov  2002
Lenz                   Ellen B.  (Keith)         12Jun  2002
Leo                    Rose Nell (Nix)            7Jul  2002
Leo                    Rose Nell (Nix)            8Jul  2002
Leo                    Rose Nix                   8Jul  2002
Leon                   Monica A.                 17May  2002
Leonard                Arthur William            21Nov  2002
Leonard                Bernice Irene             10Oct  2002
Leonard                Christopher William       18Oct  2002
Leonard                Ellie Lovina              18Feb  2002
Leonard                Essie Lovina              19Feb  2002
Leonard                John R.                   24Jul  2002
Leonard                John R.                   25Jul  2002
Leonard                Orva Lucille Moore        26Jan  2002
Lerma                  Guillermo                 27Oct  2002
Lero                   Donna M.                  16Jun  2002
Lero                   Margaret (Sr.)             8Sep  2002
Leroy                  Louis A.                  22Sep  2002
Leseberg               Willis J.  "Bill"         25Dec  2002
Lesley                 Oretta Elma               17Jul  2002
Leslie                 John W                    28Jul  2002
Leslie                 Lucille                   15Jul  2002
Lessert                Achan L.                  30Oct  2002
Lesslie                Glenna P.  (Ashley)       11Jun  2002
Lesslie                Lori                       3Jul  2002
Lesslie                Lori                       4Jul  2002
Lett                   Charles E.  "Buss"        31Jul  2002
LeValley               Hilda C.                  15Nov  2002
Levens                 Mary E.                    1Jan  2002
Levy                   Paul M.                    2Aug  2002
Levy                   Paul M.                    3Aug  2002
Lewallen               Vern W.  "Mike"            2Jul  2002
Lewis                  Arthur R.  "Art"           8Jan  2002
Lewis                  Beulah Fay                 7Jul  2002
Lewis                  Bonnie Lee                 3Jul  2002
Lewis                  Diane                     27Aug  2002
Lewis                  Diane                     30Aug  2002
Lewis                  Earl                       1Mar  2002
Lewis                  Earl B.                   24Sep  2002
Lewis                  Esther M.                  2Mar  2002
Lewis                  Harold C.                 12May  2002
Lewis                  Helen B.  (Olds)          23Mar  2002
Lewis                  Jimmie Dean                1May  2002
Lewis                  John J.                   18Jul  2002
Lewis                  Leonard W.                23Jul  2002
Lewis                  Lioba M.                  11Sep  2002
Lewis                  Marjorie E.               15Oct  2002
Lewis                  Roberta E.  "Bert"        19Jan  2002
Lewis                  Vashti                     8Oct  2002
Lewis                  Vashti Elizabeth Crutch    6Oct  2002
Lewis                  Wilma I.                   7May  2002
Ley                    Lonh                      14Sep  2002
Ley                    Lonh                      15Sep  2002
Libby                  Raymond "Red"              6May  2002
Liby                   Marvalea Joy               4Sep  2002
Liby                   Marvalea Joy               5Sep  2002
Lichlyter              Berneta Alberta (Clark)   11Aug  2002
Lichlyter              Berneta Alberta (Clark)   12Aug  2002
Lichlyter              John W.                   12Apr  2002
Lichte                 Elizabeth Lee             29Apr  2002
Lichti                 Clarence Wilmer           28Apr  2002
Licklider              Selma M.                   1Sep  2002
Licklider              Selma M.                   3Sep  2002
Lidia                  Dwightt "Hoss"            17Sep  2002
Liebegott              Loretta M.                10Mar  2002
Liedtke                Katherine Middleton DeM    5Dec  2002
Liedtke                Max Raymond                7Dec  2002
Lienberger             Leona M.                   4Apr  2002
Lienhard               William "Eric"             5Aug  2002
Lierle                 Georgie Lou               28Jun  2002
Liermann               Velda M.                  10Aug  2002
Lies                   Kenneth J.                25Sep  2002
Lietz                  Rita E.  Bales             2Jun  2002
Lietzke                Alice Marie (Davis)       15Feb  2002
Lietzke                Alice Marie (Davis)       17Feb  2002
Lietzke                Betty L.  (Wilkinson)     17May  2002
Lieuallen              George DeArmond           10Oct  2002
Liggins                Rose Marie                26Oct  2002
Light                  Charles Francis           30Oct  2002
Light                  Mary Ellen                 4May  2002
Light                  Mary Ellen                 5May  2002
Ligons                 Carl Louis                25Apr  2002
Lile                   Norma C.                  11Dec  2002
Lile                   Sarah Eleanor Bell        19Feb  2002
Liles                  Virgielee                 24Jan  2002
Lillie                 Rahma Lovenia             23Jun  2002
Linam                  Judith Ann (Kelley)       28Feb  2002
Lincoln                Louise Josephine          11Nov  2002
Lind                   Edward A.                  1Nov  2002
Lind                   Edward A.                 31Oct  2002
Lind                   Marian M.                 24Sep  2002
Lindamood              Delbert K.  "Deak"        10Jun  2002
Linde                  Frances P.                10Nov  2002
Lindemuth              Richard Elwood            20Jun  2002
Linden                 Clifford D.               26Jul  2002
Lindenmuth             Esther K.  Shanelee        9Jan  2002
Lindholm               June                      22Jul  2002
Lindholm               Juniata Borgstrom "June   23Jul  2002
Lindsay                Hermine F.                15Jun  2002
Lindsay                Josephine                  6Jan  2002
Lindsay                Royce E.                  23Jun  2002
Lindsey                Katheryn                  29Dec  2002
Lindsey                Robert E.                  1May  2002
Lindsey                Roy E.                    11Jun  2002
Lindsey                Ruby Madelyn "Molly"      12Oct  2002
Lindsley               Delana F.                 28Dec  2002
Linenberger            Alphonse B.  "Lindy"      11Jan  2002
Linenberger            Carlee Jessica             2Aug  2002
Linhart                Ruth E.                   19Dec  2002
Link                   Lewis V.                  21Jun  2002
Link                   Robert Leo "Bob"          24Nov  2002
Linn                   Richard W.                11Nov  2002
Linn                   Richard W.                12Nov  2002
Linn                   Robert W.  "Bob"          13Mar  2002
Linnebur               Florian Anthony            7Aug  2002
Linnebur               Margaret Ann              23Jan  2002
Linnebur               Margaret Ann              24Jan  2002
Linneman               Rose Mary                 28Nov  2002
Linot                  Edna M.                   15Aug  2002
Linot                  Edna M.                   17Aug  2002
Linscheid              Harold W.  (Dr.)           7Dec  2002
Linscheid              Harold W.  (Dr.)           8Dec  2002
Linscheid              Harold W.  (Dr.)           9Dec  2002
Linville               Robert E.  Jr.  "Bob"     24Apr  2002
Lipfert                Edith E.                   6May  2002
Lippincott             H.D.                       1Feb  2002
Lippincott             H.D.                       2Feb  2002
Lippoldt               Arthur Keith              17Sep  2002
Lippoldt               Arthur Keith              19Sep  2002
Lippoldt               Roy W.                     7Aug  2002
Lisac                  Shirley J.                 5Jun  2002
Liska                  Edwin J.                   3Apr  2002
Liston                 Charline                  24Jul  2002
Litsey                 Carroll F.                 9Mar  2002
Little                 Harriet Helene Howell     23Oct  2002
Little                 Rosalie (Stultz)          17Apr  2002
Little                 Sylvia Alice              20Apr  2002
Littlefield            Opal L.                   23Oct  2002
Littlefield            Regina F.                  3Jan  2002
Litton                 Alice Mae                 29Mar  2002
Litzenberger           Isack                      4May  2002
Lively                 Ronald A.                 20Sep  2002
Livengood              Marion Ervin               1Dec  2002
Livingston             Earl                      14Jul  2002
Livingston             S.  Bruce                 24Jun  2002
Livingston             Scott R.                  19Nov  2002
Llamas                 Juana C.                  27Oct  2002
Llamas                 Juana C.                  28Oct  2002
Lloyd                  Ethel Marie                7Jan  2002
Lloyd                  Michael Robert "Mikey"    29Aug  2002
Lloyd                  Michael Robert "Mikey"    30Aug  2002
LoBurgio               Cynthia Dee Truesdell "    7Mar  2002
LoBurgio               Nick                      14Aug  2002
Lochmann               Elsie (Weis)              12Dec  2002
Lochmann               Elsie (Weis)              13Dec  2002
Lochmann               Elsie (Weis)              14Dec  2002
Lochmann               Elsie (Weis)              15Dec  2002
Lochner                Bill                       5Mar  2002
Lockaby                Bertie                    27Oct  2002
Lockard                Harold                    26Jul  2002
Lockard                Harold                    27Jul  2002
Locke                  John Stephen "Steve"      29May  2002
Locke                  Marjorie P.               16May  2002
Lockert                Ann (Neff)                 9Jan  2002
Lockert                Ann (Neff)                10Jan  2002
Lockhart               Eleanor Albright           5Nov  2002
Locy                   John P.                    8Apr  2002
Loeffler               Dennis L.  "Red"          14Mar  2002
Loehr                  Aloysius "Al"             30Jan  2002
Loepp                  Arnold "Arn"              21Sep  2002
Loepp                  Franzie P.                18Mar  2002
Loepp                  Virginia E.               24Mar  2002
Loerger                Lester V.                 12May  2002
Loewe                  Albin George              13May  2002
Loewen                 Paul James                29Jan  2002
Lofgreen               DeWayne                   16Jan  2002
Lofgren                Zona Maxine               15Jun  2002
Lofgren                Zona Maxine               16Jun  2002
Loflin                 Ken                       12Oct  2002
Loflin                 Ken                       13Oct  2002
Lofton                 Mary                       7Mar  2002
Logan                  Charles R.                10Feb  2002
Logan                  Grace E.                   4Dec  2002
Logan                  Lucy Emily                27Apr  2002
Logan                  William F.  (Rev.)        30May  2002
Logsdon                Marjorie                   5Feb  2002
Logue                  Bertha W.  "Birdie"       21Apr  2002
Logue                  Bertha W.  "Birdie"       22Apr  2002
Logue                  Ruth C.                   15Mar  2002
Logue                  Shirley A.                30Sep  2002
Lohf                   Jacob Louis               15Jan  2002
Lohmeyer               Carl W.                    8Feb  2002
Lohmeyer               Carl W.                    9Feb  2002
Lohmeyer               Dale Leroy                14May  2002
Lohnes                 Blanche (Raines)          21Apr  2002
Lohrding               LaVaun                    16Feb  2002
Lohrey                 Ula B.  Wright             7Sep  2002
Loins                  Sylvester Raymond Jr.     16Apr  2002
Lollar                 Josh                      11Aug  2002
Lollar                 Josh                      12Aug  2002
Lompe'                 Adolph                     5Jan  2002
London                 Charles "Woody"            4Mar  2002
London                 Charles "Woody"            5Mar  2002
London                 George A.                 15Dec  2002
London                 George Abraham            18Dec  2002
Long                   Albert H.  "Al"           29Aug  2002
Long                   Bob G.                    27Jul  2002
Long                   David B.                   8Aug  2002
Long                   Emily (O'Neal)             9Jul  2002
Long                   Emily (O'Neal)            10Jul  2002
Long                   Gloria Deane (Land)       17Jan  2002
Long                   Grant                     29Mar  2002
Long                   Hazel L.                   5Apr  2002
Long                   James H.  "Jim"            8Sep  2002
Long                   James W.                  16May  2002
Long                   Mary J.                    9Jan  2002
Long                   Mary J.                   10Jan  2002
Long                   Velma Frances             19Nov  2002
Long                   Velma Marie               19May  2002
Long                   Vera E.                    7Aug  2002
Longbine               Mildred Bentz              6Feb  2002
Longhauser             Lester L.  "Les"          19Dec  2002
Longhauser             Lester L.  "Les"          20Dec  2002
Longhauser             Lester L.  "Les"          21Dec  2002
Longhofer              L.  Madeline              14Jan  2002
Longhofer              L.  Madeline              15Jan  2002
Lonneke                Lillian E.  (Millspaugh   29Aug  2002
Loomis                 Charles Leroy              4Sep  2002
Loomis                 M.  Lloyd                 22Jan  2002
Loomis                 M.  Lloyd                 23Jan  2002
Loomis                 M.  Lloyd                 24Jan  2002
Loomis                 Martha E.  Wilson         24Apr  2002
Loomis                 Stanley Dale               5Feb  2002
Lopez                  Andrea Cantu              11Jan  2002
Lopez                  Betty J.                  14Apr  2002
Lopez                  Marceliano "Pete"          3May  2002
Lopez                  Marcellano "Pete"          2May  2002
Lopez                  Paul                      11Feb  2002
Lopez                  Paul                      12Feb  2002
Lopez                  Ramona                    12Nov  2002
Lorenz                 Clarence V.                4Aug  2002
Lorenz                 Pearl                      9Jul  2002
Lorg                   Margaret L.  (Stokes)     19Jan  2002
Lorg                   Margaret L.  (Stokes)     20Jan  2002
Lorson                 Paul M.                   15Jun  2002
Lott                   Clarence E.  "C.E."        9Feb  2002
Lott                   Mattie Delores            26Feb  2002
Loucks                 Charlie R.                19Jun  2002
Loughmiller            Sam H.  Jr.               29Mar  2002
Louie                  Harrie Ella               12Sep  2002
Louis                  Claude E.                 29Jan  2002
Louis                  Claude E.                 30Jan  2002
Louis                  Wilbur "Bill"             20Mar  2002
Louthan                Lillian Marie              8Aug  2002
Lovald                 Arthur N.  "Art"          20Nov  2002
Lovald                 Arthur N.  "Art"          21Nov  2002
Lovato                 Hilario Joseph "Joe"      21Oct  2002
Love                   Arva Milgene              31Dec  2002
Love                   Barbara Ann               17Sep  2002
Love                   Dale Delbert               7Jun  2002
Love                   Dorothy M.                24Oct  2002
Love                   Fannie Marie Rogers       20Mar  2002
Love                   Fannie Marie Rogers       21Mar  2002
Love                   H.  George                14Sep  2002
Love                   Howard C.                 20Jun  2002
Love                   Susie A.  "Sue"            9Sep  2002
Lovejoy                Mary Ann                  26Jun  2002
Lovelace               Hazel T.                  15Dec  2002
Loveless               Eliza                      9Jan  2002
Lovitt                 Bernidean A.              19May  2002
Lovitt                 Bernidean A.              20May  2002
Lovitt                 Bernidean A.              21May  2002
Lowden                 Fern Bernice (Eubanks)    25Jan  2002
Lowe                   Carol Leroy                5Nov  2002
Lowe                   Charles                   29Dec  2002
Lowe                   Eva E.                    14Nov  2002
Lowe                   Floyd Sr.                 20Sep  2002
Lowe                   Floyd Sr.                 22Sep  2002
Lowe                   George Marcus             11Jun  2002
Lowe                   LaVeta Shoffner            1Feb  2002
Lowe                   Marvin L.                 21Jan  2002
Lowe                   Viola Mae (Rothrock)      24Apr  2002
Lowe                   Viola Mae (Rothrock)      26Apr  2002
Lowell                 Marcella                  10Sep  2002
Lowell                 Marcella                  11Sep  2002
Lowen                  Gary Lynn                 31Mar  2002
Lowery                 John Bevan                17May  2002
Lowmaster              Della Mae (Bell-Davis)    13Feb  2002
Lowmaster              Della Mae (Bell-Davis)    14Feb  2002
Lowmaster              Della Mae (Bell-Davis)    15Feb  2002
Lowrance               Laura June                 1May  2002
Lowrey                 Stuart M.                  1Dec  2002
Lowrey                 Stuart M.                 30Nov  2002
Lowrie                 Alice Mae                 30Aug  2002
Lowry                  Goldie E.                 24Dec  2002
Lowry                  Laura                     31May  2002
Lowry                  Mary Louise               27Dec  2002
Loxley                 Lester Lamoine            24Nov  2002
Loxley                 Lester Lamoine            25Nov  2002
Lubanowski             Chester Paul "Chet"       11Jul  2002
Lubbers                John F.                   20Aug  2002
Lucas                  Cassandra Elora            3Mar  2002
Lucas                  Clarence Dean             19Aug  2002
Lucas                  Glenda                     7Apr  2002
Lucas                  Gordon R.                  4Feb  2002
Lucas                  Johnny H.                 12Nov  2002
Lucas                  Walter A.                 10Jan  2002
Lucas Presson          Opal M.                   20Jun  2002
Luce                   Cole Garrett              22Jul  2002
Lucero                 Olga                      26Oct  2002
Lucke                  Edna S.                   28Aug  2002
Lucke                  Glenn R.                  25Apr  2002
Luckner                Mary Louise                9Aug  2002
Ludlam                 Frances Louise            28Aug  2002
Ludlam                 Frances Louise            29Aug  2002
Ludvickson             Olive T.                  30Oct  2002
Luft                   Leroy Nelson              27Nov  2002
Luginbill              Douglas K.                10Mar  2002
Luginbill              Orville C.                27Dec  2002
Luginbill              Orville C.                28Dec  2002
Lujano                 Angel "Moe"               26Mar  2002
Lujano                 Angel "Moe"               27Mar  2002
Luke                   Paul F.                   27Jun  2002
Lukens                 Anna Pearl                15Sep  2002
Lukins                 Robert D.  "Bob"          19Jul  2002
Luman                  Billy Joe                  5Jan  2002
Luman                  Billy Joe                  6Jan  2002
Lumley                 Thelma Evelene            29Apr  2002
Lumpkins               Nevella                   15Oct  2002
Luna                   Alice Lupe                 5Jun  2002
Luna                   Alice Lupe                 6Jun  2002
Luna                   Alice Lupe                 7Jun  2002
Lunak-Robertson        Ian Alan                  21Aug  2002
Lundberg               Earl D.                   28Jun  2002
Lundberg               Elton C.  "Colonel"        1Jun  2002
Lundberg               Loren E.                  29May  2002
Lundblade              Eugene Dale               11Jul  2002
Lundquist              Catherine A.              19Oct  2002
Lundstrom              A.  Edward Bud            27Dec  2002
Lundstrom              Emagean M.                15Jan  2002
Lusher                 Pauline B.                 7Nov  2002
Lusk                   Alice G.  (Gonzales)      30Dec  2002
Lusk                   Ruth                      26Apr  2002
Lusk                   Warren C.                 11Dec  2002
Lusk                   William Edward            21Aug  2002
Lusk                   William Edward            22Aug  2002
Luther                 Aileen D.  (Safe)         14Feb  2002
Luther                 John V.                   19Feb  2002
Luther                 Warren L.                 26Aug  2002
Luthi                  Susan Beth                30Sep  2002
Lutke                  Robert Gail               22May  2002
Luttrell               William Eugene "Bill"      4Feb  2002
Luttrell               William Eugene "Bill"      5Feb  2002
Lyles                  Lucinda R.                 6Feb  2002
Lynam                  Bob                        1Nov  2002
Lynam                  Bob                        3Nov  2002
Lynch                  Ella                       6Jul  2002
Lynch                  Mary Fleming              18Aug  2002
Lynch                  Mary Fleming              19Aug  2002
Lynch                  Mary Fleming              20Aug  2002
Lynch                  Ora M.                     1May  2002
Lynd                   Geraldine                 19Feb  2002
Lynn                   James William              7Apr  2002
Lynn                   Nora Davies                8Jun  2002
Lyon                   Roger L.                  23Aug  2002
Lyons                  Joyce Annette Norman      21Feb  2002
Lytle                  Margaret Kathryn          19Apr  2002
Lytle                  Marie A.                  17Dec  2002
Lytle                  Mildred M.                31Dec  2002
Lytle                  Patrick D.                27Oct  2002
Lytle                  V.  Ileen                 29Dec  2002
Lytle                  V.  Ileen                 30Dec  2002
Lytton-Gulland         Dorothy (Pickle)           9Jun  2002


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