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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of scrapbooks in their library that contain obituaries cut from The Wichita Eagle. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks. If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each name and we will abstract the information for you. Mail the name of the person you wish the information on, the year, the date (if given) and the page number it appears on (if given) to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. Please include your e-mail address if you have one.

Index courtesy of Bill Pennington.

Index of Wichita Eagle Obituaries 2002









       SURNAME               FIRST NAME       DATE
Fabian                 Ruth                      15Oct  2002
Fabian                 Ruth                      16Oct  2002
Fabricius              Mary Ellen                18Sep  2002
Facklam                Mary L.                   17Apr  2002
Fader                  M. Irene                   9Sep  2002
Fager                  Gerald F.                 20Jun  2002
Fager                  Gerald Francis            21Jun  2002
Fager                  Gerald Francis            22Jun  2002
Fagerberg              Jolan E.                   6Apr  2002
Fagerquist             Ward C.                   19Jul  2002
Fagerquist             Ward C.                   21Jul  2002
Fahler                 Corydon Quint             29Oct  2002
Fahler                 Dorothea F.               10Nov  2002
Fairbanks              Donald P.                 22Sep  2002
Fairbanks              Donald P.                 23Sep  2002
Fairbanks              Effie Harlene (Imel)       6Mar  2002
Fairchild              Michael Lynn              12Mar  2002
Fairchild              Nila Wiley                 2Mar  2002
Fairchild              Rebecca Lynn              30Mar  2002
Fairhurst              Nona Julia                24Mar  2002
Falcon                 Ramona G.                 28Mar  2002
Falk                   Fanny E.                  23Oct  2002
Fall                   Edith                     31Dec  2002
Fanning                Jewell J.                 12Jul  2002
Fanska                 Marjorie Grace (William   29Aug  2002
Farber                 Eugene                     9Jun  2002
Farha                  Alfred A.                  1Jun  2002
Farha                  Alfred A.                 31May  2002
Farha                  Alfred A.  "Al"            1Jun  2002
Farmer                 Edna Lorene               23Feb  2002
Farmer                 James H.                  14Aug  2002
Farmer                 Jef (J.E.  Farmer)         5Dec  2002
Farmer                 Jef (J.E.  Farmer)         6Dec  2002
Farmer                 Rosemary G.               23Mar  2002
Farner                 Rachel Elizabeth          13Jun  2002
Farney                 Ivan Earl                 16Jul  2002
Farney                 Janet Earlene Schletzba    4Nov  2002
Farone                 Lois L.                    5Sep  2002
Farr                   Robert Lewis "Bob"         2May  2002
Farran                 Blanche                   10Jul  2002
Farrar                 L.  Eugene "Gene"         13May  2002
Farrell                Eunice Marie               2Apr  2002
Farrell                G.  Ralph                  3Aug  2002
Farris                 Mamie I.                  25Sep  2002
Farthing               Nellie A.                 12Dec  2002
Fast                   Leona Marie               23Oct  2002
Faught                 Rachel Elizabeth          22Sep  2002
Faught                 Rachel Elizabeth          25Sep  2002
Faulkner               Faye                      25Jul  2002
Faulkner               Filbert H.                22Mar  2002
Faulkner               Gale C.                   15Mar  2002
Faulkner Schoen        Wilma "Dolores"           21Aug  2002
Faulton                Brenda                     1Oct  2002
Faunce                 Joyce M.                  29May  2002
Favela                 Maria M.                   6Apr  2002
Favela                 Maria M.                   7Apr  2002
Faw                    Chalmer E.                14Mar  2002
Fawcett                Terry A.                  30Oct  2002
Fear                   Loyd K.                   14Jul  2002
Fechner                Delwyne E.                 4Sep  2002
Feckner                Donald D.                  8Jan  2002
Feckner                Donald D.                  9Jan  2002
Federer                Ada Lillian                6Dec  2002
Fedo                   George Robert              3Nov  2002
Feese                  Clara Maye                30Jul  2002
Feese                  E.  Lloyd Jr.             26Feb  2002
Feese                  E.  Lloyd Jr.             27Feb  2002
Feese                  Wayne F.                  28Jun  2002
Fehdrau                Nick                      26Dec  2002
Fehrenbacher           Brian E.                  24Apr  2002
Feigley                Rowene D.                 20Nov  2002
Feldt                  Gerald "Jerry"            22Sep  2002
Feldt                  Walter Lawrence           13Nov  2002
Felker                 Evon M.  Spalding          3Mar  2002
Felker                 Hazel Fern (Groom)        23Dec  2002
Felker                 Hazel Fern Wamsley (Gro   24Dec  2002
Fellers                Carl Wesley                7Jul  2002
Fellers                Carl Wesley                8Jul  2002
Felter                 Charlotte R.  (Ambler)     7Sep  2002
Fenton                 Marvin Lee                16Jul  2002
Fergerson              Gerald R.  "Fergie"       15Oct  2002
Fergeson-Hackenburg    Kathryn Bell (Dick)       11Jul  2002
Ferguson               Evelyn                    22Nov  2002
Ferguson               Luther B.                 13Jan  2002
Ferguson               Marya M.  (Roberts)       12Sep  2002
Ferguson               Mitch                      3Aug  2002
Ferguson               Robert E.                 24Jul  2002
Ferguson               Robert E.                 25Jul  2002
Ferm                   Barbara Marie             24Dec  2002
Fermin                 John R.  "Bob"            24Dec  2002
Fermin                 John R.  "Bob"            26Dec  2002
Fernandez              Andrea R.                  1Aug  2002
Fernandez              Lupe                       9May  2002
Ferrell                Hattie May                31Oct  2002
Ferrentino             Linda Kay (Deemer) "Lin   15Aug  2002
Ferrentino             Linda Kay (Deemer) "Lin   16Aug  2002
Ferrentino             Linda Kay (Deemer) "Lin   17Aug  2002
Ferrentino             Linda Kay (Deemer) "Lin   18Aug  2002
Ferris                 Opal Katherine (Stephen   17Feb  2002
Fesler                 Lyman Francis "Fess"      19Nov  2002
Fessenden              Raymond                   14Aug  2002
Feuerborn              Douglas W.                23May  2002
Feuerborn              Douglas W.                24May  2002
Fewin                  Luther                     7Nov  2002
Fewin                  Luther "Doc"               8Nov  2002
Fey                    Christian (Fr.)           16Jun  2002
Ficarra                Pasquale "Pat"            17Feb  2002
Ficarra                Pasquale "Pat"            18Feb  2002
Fick                   Harold A.                 12Sep  2002
Fickel                 Glen                      12Jul  2002
Fickel                 Glen                      13Jul  2002
Fickle                 Mildred Edith             26Nov  2002
Fickle                 Mildred Edith             27Nov  2002
Fickle                 Mildred Edith             28Nov  2002
Field                  Debbie S.  (Peterson)     10Mar  2002
Fielder                Everett E.                 4Aug  2002
Fields                 Fayette                   22Mar  2002
Fields                 Fayette                   23Mar  2002
Fienen                 Carolyn M.  (Becker)      24Jan  2002
Fieser                 Ann Athon                  7Apr  2002
Fieser                 Doris M.  (Koger)          9Sep  2002
Fieser                 Earl J.                   13Apr  2002
Fieser                 George                    28Oct  2002
Fieser                 George                    29Oct  2002
Fieser                 John E.                   24Feb  2002
Fieser                 John E.                   25Feb  2002
Fieser                 John E.  (Dr.)            23Feb  2002
Fieser                 Kacy Layne                 3Jan  2002
Fifer                  Ritchie W.                 6Jan  2002
Fifer                  Ritchie W.                 7Jan  2002
Fike                   Gladys I.                  9Jan  2002
Fike                   Phyllis J.                17Jul  2002
Fili                   Ateima Samoa Laloava II    4Apr  2002
Fili                   Ateima Samoa Laloava II    7Apr  2002
Fili                   Ateima Samoa Laloava II   11Apr  2002
Fili                   Ateima Samoa Laloava II   12Apr  2002
Fillmore               Robert W.                  9Dec  2002
Fillmore               Robert Wayne              10Dec  2002
Filson                 Rema Mary                 18Apr  2002
Finch                  Adrianne Louise           30Oct  2002
Finch                  Adrianne Louise           31Oct  2002
Finch                  Robert G.                  6Jan  2002
Fincher                Sharon Lee                11Jan  2002
Findley                Alta M.                   30Apr  2002
Findley                James W.                  23Oct  2002
Fink                   Alice Laura               21Oct  2002
Fink                   Alice Laura               23Oct  2002
Fink                   E.  Louise                13Dec  2002
Fink                   Helen (Chapman)           27Oct  2002
Finkeldei              Mildred Agnes             31Dec  2002
Finkenbinder           Albert Leo                 9Mar  2002
Finkler                Frank L.                  23Jun  2002
Finley                 Agnes "Aggie"              1May  2002
Finley                 Elnora                    10Apr  2002
Finley                 Kendra Marie              19Sep  2002
Finley                 Milo M.                    8Oct  2002
Finney                 Abbie Lee                  7Dec  2002
Fiorucci               Paul J.                   14May  2002
Fiorucci               Paul J.                   15May  2002
Firebaugh              Ellen                      8Apr  2002
Firestone              James Ronnie              24Jul  2002
Fischer                Elnora E.                 10May  2002
Fischer                Lucille Sallie            17Jul  2002
Fischer                Rex Dean                  10Apr  2002
Fischer                Ruth Elsie                 1Mar  2002
Fiscus                 Rosemary "Rosie"          24Nov  2002
Fish                   Edna Fay Jacobs           16Jul  2002
Fish                   Marion Joyce              18Apr  2002
Fish                   Marion Joyce              19Apr  2002
Fisher                 Calvin Robert "Bob"       31Aug  2002
Fisher                 Elma                       7Dec  2002
Fisher                 Georgia L.                13Feb  2002
Fisher                 Gerald D.  Jr.            11Jun  2002
Fisher                 Gerald D.  Jr.            13Jun  2002
Fisher                 James Brookbank (Dr.)      7Jul  2002
Fisher                 James U.  Sr.             15Jan  2002
Fisher                 Jarod S.                  11Jun  2002
Fisher                 Jarod S.                  13Jun  2002
Fisher                 Jeremy Trent               9Dec  2002
Fisher                 Jessie Lea                 2Jul  2002
Fisher                 Joe A.                     5Feb  2002
Fisher                 John J.                    1Mar  2002
Fisher                 Michael Jason             24Sep  2002
Fisher                 Pamela Sue                11Jun  2002
Fisher                 Pamela Sue                13Jun  2002
Fisher                 Violet Irene              11Sep  2002
Fisk                   Dorothy M.                 3Jun  2002
Fisk                   Kathryn Marie             31Dec  2002
Fisk                   Opal Louise               29Sep  2002
Fisk                   Opal Louise               30Sep  2002
Fiskin                 Richard Eugene "Gene"     21Dec  2002
Fiskin                 Richard Eugene "Gene"     22Dec  2002
Fitchett               Allen Darrell             15Mar  2002
Fitchett               Allen Darrell             16Mar  2002
Fitzgeralds            Mildred Faye              28Apr  2002
Fitzgerrel             Albert H.                  1Jun  2002
Fitzmorris             Mary Rose                 11Jan  2002
Fitzmorris             Vesta F.                  21Mar  2002
Fitzpatrick            Colin Baker               11May  2002
Fitzpatrick            E.  Jeanne (Brown)         3Aug  2002
Fitzpatrick            Linis E.  "Fitz"          11May  2002
Fitzwater              Colleen Mae               27Oct  2002
Fitzwater              Elizabeth Josephine       21Feb  2002
Fitzwater              Hazel N.                   8Apr  2002
Fix                    Roxie                     11Aug  2002
Flagler                Jack                      27Dec  2002
Flaming                Francis W.                11Oct  2002
Flanders               Albert L.  "Al"           18Apr  2002
Flanders               Wilma G.                  26Feb  2002
Flauding               Doris F.                  28Jun  2002
Flavin                 Robin Gail Scheufele      13Aug  2002
Flavin                 Robin Gail Schuefele      11Aug  2002
Flax                   Martina Unrein             8Nov  2002
Fleming                Dorthy M.                 14Dec  2002
Fleming                Dorthy M.                 15Dec  2002
Fleming                Evelyn G.                 10Feb  2002
Fleming                Lillian B.                 6Sep  2002
Fleming                Marcia Lea "Speed"        15Sep  2002
Fleming                William Daryel            23Aug  2002
Flemming               Martha Ellen (Kinsch)     12Apr  2002
Flemming               Martha Ellen (Kinsch)     13Apr  2002
Fletcher               Ermial                    12Oct  2002
Fletcher               Floyd S.  "Slim"          11Jul  2002
Flick                  James Larue                3Oct  2002
Flickinger             Sylvia B.                  4Feb  2002
Flickner               Ray H.                     5Sep  2002
Flinn                  S.  Earl                   7Apr  2002
Flint                  Fern J.                   13Oct  2002
Flippo                 Forrest D.                20Apr  2002
Flora                  Cleta Loene               26Nov  2002
Florea                 Viola                     16May  2002
Florea                 Viola                     17May  2002
Florence               Bobby Ray                 20Nov  2002
Florence               Bobby Ray                 21Nov  2002
Florence               Gretchen                  21Mar  2002
Florence               Gretchen Arnholz          22Mar  2002
Flores                 Cecilia                   17Jul  2002
Flores                 Faustino                  18May  2002
Flores                 Martina Valles             1Jan  2002
Florez                 Della Mae                 27Dec  2002
Flory                  Eric David                15Dec  2002
Flory                  Eric David                16Dec  2002
Flory                  Raymond L.  (Dr.)         12Nov  2002
Flott                  Elsie E.                  26Mar  2002
Flowers                Manuel Arthur             23Jan  2002
Flowers                Minnie Frances (Floyd)    17Oct  2002
Flowers                Sarah E.  "Betty"         21May  2002
Flummer                Anita Hobbs               25Jan  2002
Flusser                Peter R.  (Dr.)           27Nov  2002
Fly                    Mary                      15Nov  2002
Flynn                  Frances                    5Nov  2002
Flynn                  Sandra Jeanne              4Dec  2002
Focks                  George Earl               30Apr  2002
Folck                  H.  Frances               11Oct  2002
Foley                  Mary B.                    8Jun  2002
Foley                  Timothy Joe               30Apr  2002
Folk                   Cheryl Diane              26Mar  2002
Folks                  Robert Lee Sr.            27Mar  2002
Follick                Charles E.                22Oct  2002
Fondren                Robert Eugene             24Sep  2002
Foos                   Lotus M.                   7Apr  2002
Foos                   Lotus M.                   8Apr  2002
Foote                  Sylvia H.  (Froyck)       16Oct  2002
Foran                  Nancy J.  (Dr.)            3Mar  2002
Foran                  Nancy J.  (Dr.)            4Mar  2002
Forbes                 Alma H.                   31Dec  2002
Forbes                 Shawna Ann                16Jul  2002
Ford                   Cortez DaWayne            23Oct  2002
Ford                   Cortez DaWayne            25Oct  2002
Ford                   Farrow Francis             4Sep  2002
Ford                   Gladis                     2Oct  2002
Ford                   Gladis                     3Oct  2002
Ford                   Harriet Elizabeth         25Jun  2002
Ford                   Iva M.                    11Dec  2002
Ford                   James R.                   4Aug  2002
Ford                   Joyce Marie                3Mar  2002
Ford                   Juanita                   13Sep  2002
Ford                   Margaret H.  Dresher      29Apr  2002
Ford                   Mary Sue                  14Apr  2002
Ford                   Sally (Teten)             25Jan  2002
Ford                   Vevia E.  (Brock)         21Apr  2002
Ford                   Viola M.                   8Mar  2002
Ford                   Vivian Geraldine "Jerry   29Jan  2002
Ford                   Wesley E.                  2Dec  2002
Ford                   Wesley E.                  3Dec  2002
Foreman                Charley R.                12Jul  2002
Foreman                Dennis                    13Aug  2002
Foreman                Dennis                    14Aug  2002
Foreman                Dorothy Cleora            30Jul  2002
Foreman                Glorinda A.  (Ely)        16Apr  2002
Foreman                Pearl Lee                 21May  2002
Foreman                Pearl Lee                 25May  2002
Forgey                 Robert                    28Jul  2002
Fornwalt               Lawrence "Larry"           3Dec  2002
Forrester              Freda                      1Feb  2002
Forsberg               W.  Romaine "Bill"        30Jul  2002
Forshee                Ernest "Red"              12Mar  2002
Forshee                Truman Jewell Sr.          9Feb  2002
Forshey                Jack                      21Aug  2002
Forson                 Lloyd W.                  19Feb  2002
Forst                  Janice M.  (Burke)        29Oct  2002
Forsythe               Mae I.                    21Jul  2002
Forsythe               Mae I.                    22Jul  2002
Fort                   Constance Ione            25Oct  2002
Fort                   Constance Ione            28Oct  2002
Fort                   Jordan L.                 15Jun  2002
Fortner                Alma (von Berckefeldt)     6Oct  2002
Fortner                Chandler L.                4Sep  2002
Fortner                Chandler L.                5Sep  2002
Fortner                Chandler L.                6Sep  2002
Fortner                Frank Wiley               31Mar  2002
Fortune                John C.                   11Oct  2002
Fortune                Vera M.                   19Jun  2002
Foshee                 LaSarah Deanna "Dee"       3Mar  2002
Foshee                 LaSarah Deanna "Dee"       4Mar  2002
Foshee                 LaSarah Deanna "Dee"       5Mar  2002
Foster                 Alton R.                  27Jan  2002
Foster                 Berdine G.                10Apr  2002
Foster                 Berdine G.                12Apr  2002
Foster                 Dorothy                   20Aug  2002
Foster                 Edna Margreet             28Nov  2002
Foster                 Elsie                     17Jun  2002
Foster                 Elsie                     18Jun  2002
Foster                 Hazel Dell                13Mar  2002
Foster                 James Doyle               25Jan  2002
Foster                 John Earl                 20Apr  2002
Foster                 Larry D.                  30May  2002
Foster                 Lois Edwina (Walker)      28Jul  2002
Foster                 Marjorie Frances          12Oct  2002
Foster                 Pauline Alice              6Dec  2002
Foster                 Pauline Alice (Wirth)      7Dec  2002
Foster                 Roy W.                    12Jun  2002
Foster                 Roy W.                    13Jun  2002
Foster                 Roy W.                    14Jun  2002
Foster                 Ruth Lucille              26Mar  2002
Foster                 Timothy Scott "Tim"       22Oct  2002
Foster                 Victor Emmanuel (Rev.)    15Mar  2002
Foster                 Virgil E.  "Tommy"         1Jul  2002
Foster                 Virgil E.  "Tommy"        30Jun  2002
Foster                 Welton                    21Aug  2002
Foth                   Dan J.                     8Nov  2002
Foudray                Iris Hawley               17Dec  2002
Fought                 Frances Alice (Salmans)   15Mar  2002
Foulds                 George G.                 22Nov  2002
Foulds                 George G.                 23Nov  2002
Foulds                 George G.                 24Nov  2002
Foust                  Ray Allen                 25Jan  2002
Fowler                 Albert L.                 23Feb  2002
Fowler                 Harry C.                  28Dec  2002
Fowler                 Landon Kade               27Mar  2002
Fowler                 Mattie G.                 25Dec  2002
Fowler                 Mattie G.                 28Dec  2002
Fowler                 Roger                     30Dec  2002
Fowler-Oldfield        Mildred Dorothy (Harris   21Mar  2002
Fowler-Oldfield        Mildred Dorothy (Harris   24Mar  2002
Fowler-Schmidt         Dorothy "Dottie"          16Jul  2002
Fox                    Frank                      4Aug  2002
Fox                    LDean                     27Nov  2002
Fox                    Lowell John               26Feb  2002
Fox                    Margaret Ellen "Margie"    9Apr  2002
Fox                    Margaret Ellen "Margie"   10Apr  2002
Fox                    Margaret Fromong          18Mar  2002
Fox                    Marguerite M.             29Apr  2002
Fox                    Orville L.                14Aug  2002
Fox                    Wilma Darlene (Sauer)      8Jun  2002
Fox                    Wilma U.  (Ulrich)        19Feb  2002
Foxx                   Louella Blanche Kennedy    2May  2002
Foxx                   Louella Blanche Kennedy    3May  2002
Foxx                   Louella Blanche Kennedy    4May  2002
Foy                    Maria H.                  22Oct  2002
Frakes                 Robert Finley             12Feb  2002
Francis                Norton Lewis (M.D.)        4Aug  2002
Frank                  Gladys M.                 10Mar  2002
Frank                  Jack L.                   21Oct  2002
Frank                  Jack L.                   22Oct  2002
Frankenberger          Dorothy Jackson           12May  2002
Franklin               Alma                      17Aug  2002
Franklin               Dwight E.                  2Mar  2002
Franklin               Robert E.  "Bob"          10Mar  2002
Franks                 Darrold L.  "Speedy"       4Oct  2002
Franks                 Doris M.                  26Sep  2002
Franks                 F.  Maxine                25Oct  2002
Franks                 Kathryn Jo                20Nov  2002
Franks                 Robert Rex                 8Oct  2002
Franks                 Vernon "Lynn"              2Nov  2002
Frantz                 Irene Lucille             28Dec  2002
Frantz                 Selma                     19Mar  2002
Franz                  Lydia Dorothea            15Jun  2002
Franz                  Virginia Alma              6Feb  2002
Franz                  Zesper Marie              25Jul  2002
Franzen                Emma Grace                27Feb  2002
Fraser                 Craig E.                  19Jul  2002
Frazier                Amelia R.                 25Aug  2002
Frazier                Amelia R.                 27Aug  2002
Frazier                Doris Emily (Bernstorf)   19Mar  2002
Frazier                H.  Harold                13Jun  2002
Frazier                H.  Harold                14Jun  2002
Frazier                Laura                     22Aug  2002
Frazier                Megan Cristine            29Oct  2002
Frazier                Raymond Eugene            14Sep  2002
Frazier                Ruby A.                   11Jun  2002
Frazier                Scott Sinclair             2Apr  2002
Frederick              Bessie E.                 11Jan  2002
Frederick              Betty Y.                   2Aug  2002
Fredrick               Lexie Opal                25Dec  2002
Fredrickson            Marcella Lucile           29Dec  2002
Free                   Victor L.                 11Sep  2002
Free                   Victor L.                 13Sep  2002
Freeland               Edgar Merl                22Nov  2002
Freeman                Becky J.                  20Jul  2002
Freeman                Dwight Eldon              18Nov  2002
Freeman                Eddie Lee Jr.              1Sep  2002
Freeman                Eddie Lee Jr.              2Sep  2002
Freeman                Edith Margaret             8Feb  2002
Freeman                Esther                    13Sep  2002
Freeman                Frances Lee "Punky"       16Jun  2002
Freeman                Gene                      28Dec  2002
Freeman                Gertrude C.  (Woodworth   12May  2002
Freeman                Jim                        7Feb  2002
Freeman                Marjorie H.               27Oct  2002
Freisberg              Jacob Emil "Jake"         28Jan  2002
French                 Gay Allene                 5Dec  2002
French                 Marilyn                   24Jun  2002
French                 Walter "Oren"             30Oct  2002
Fretz                  Dana D.                   27Nov  2002
Fretz                  Marguerite I.             19Mar  2002
Freund                 George Anton Jr.          23Jul  2002
Freund                 George Anton Jr.          24Jul  2002
Freund                 Omar Ray                  21Jan  2002
Frick                  Joseph Clois               5Mar  2002
Frick                  Joseph Clois               6Mar  2002
Frick                  Joseph Clois               7Mar  2002
Frick                  Josephine                  1Jul  2002
Frick                  Josephine                 30Jun  2002
Friedel                Coleen Kay (Dreher)        5Nov  2002
Friedel                Coleen Kay (Dreher)        6Nov  2002
Friedel                Coleen Kay (Dreher)        7Nov  2002
Friedel                Coleen Kay (Dreher)        8Nov  2002
Friend                 Allie M.  McAllister       7Jan  2002
Friend                 Allie M.  McAllister       8Jan  2002
Friend                 Allie M.  McAllister       9Jan  2002
Friesen                Hilda M.                   4Feb  2002
Friesen                Joel Wayne                24Apr  2002
Friesen                Lena L.                    8Aug  2002
Friesen                Loree L.                   3Jan  2002
Friesen                Melvin M.                  8Jun  2002
Friesen                Ruth                      31Oct  2002
Friesner               Larry Sr.                 22May  2002
Frieze                 Helen Lucille (Dunbar)    26Apr  2002
Frieze                 Helen Lucille (Dunbar)    27Apr  2002
Frisbie                Dorothea Maxine (Arndt)   23Oct  2002
Fritts                 Velva Mae                 19Mar  2002
Fritz                  Ernest Fredirick Jr.      14Jan  2002
Fritz                  George H.                 18Dec  2002
Fritz                  George H.                 19Dec  2002
Fritz                  George H.                 20Dec  2002
Fritzemeier            Louis Henry                4Oct  2002
Fritzemeier            Melvin                     2May  2002
Frizell                Edward E.  "Bud"          31May  2002
Frizzell               William "Dale"             4Feb  2002
Froese                 Leona Sarah               30Apr  2002
Froese                 Ruth E.                   25Dec  2002
Froggatte              Ralph W.                  26Dec  2002
Froggatte              Ralph W.                  27Dec  2002
Froman                 Floyd Neff                16May  2002
Fromm                  Lillian E.  (Gibson)      22Nov  2002
Fromong                Donald L.                 17Sep  2002
Frost                  Marguerite                29Dec  2002
Frost                  Melba M.                   7Oct  2002
Frost                  Melba M.                   8Oct  2002
Frost                  Myra Patricia Mae (Ehre   21Nov  2002
Fruechting             John L.  "Les"            16Apr  2002
Fruits                 Gary Joe                   3Feb  2002
Fry                    Ella M.                    1Jun  2002
Fry                    Ella M.                   31May  2002
Fry                    Famy E.                   20Aug  2002
Fry                    Margaret Naomi             4Nov  2002
Fry                    Margaret Naomi             5Nov  2002
Fry                    Margaret Naomi             6Nov  2002
Fry                    Ora Floyd                  7Jan  2002
Fry                    Sharon Kay (Fultz)        15Nov  2002
Fry                    Virginia Marie            21Dec  2002
Fry                    William C.  "Bill"        29Mar  2002
Fryback                Max G.                    10Jan  2002
Frye                   Dixie Lee (Kaiser)        28Mar  2002
Frye                   Edna M.  (Harker)         14Oct  2002
Fudge                  Brannon Marshall           6Dec  2002
Fulk                   Harold Fletcher "Harry"   26Oct  2002
Fulkerson              Dale B.                   13Oct  2002
Fulks                  Jean Elizabeth "Jeanie"    9May  2002
Fullen                 Fern Imogene              17Aug  2002
Fuller                 Dennis Orville             2Oct  2002
Fuller                 Dennis Orville             3Oct  2002
Fuller                 Evelyn L.                  9Jun  2002
Fuller                 Hui Sun                   26Jan  2002
Fuller                 Hui Sun                   27Jan  2002
Fuller                 Hui Sun                   28Jan  2002
Fuller                 Ilia G.                   14Oct  2002
Fuller                 Paul R.                   20Aug  2002
Fuller                 Paul R.                   21Aug  2002
Fuller                 Robert K.                 25Jul  2002
Fullerton              Faye Dean                 16Sep  2002
Fullerton              Jimmy Lee                 21Sep  2002
Fullington             Howard                     3Jan  2002
Fullington             Howard N.                  1Jan  2002
Fullington             Howard N.                  2Jan  2002
Fulls                  William "Bill"             3May  2002
Fulton                 Brenda                     2Oct  2002
Funk                   Adina                     11Jan  2002
Funk                   Mary Virginia             19Dec  2002
Funk                   Victor J.                 27Oct  2002
Fuqua                  Charles Alvin "Gabby"     26Jun  2002
Furgason               Deloris Olive (Cash)      10Jun  2002
Fyler                  Trella A.                 17Oct  2002
Fyler                  Trella A.                 18Oct  2002
Gabbert                Margaret Milligan          2Dec  2002
Gabel                  Milton Anthony "Stubby"   25May  2002
Gable                  James Morris               1May  2002
Gable                  James Morris               3May  2002
Gabrielson             Lawrence                  24Feb  2002
Gaddie                 Selma Louise               3Apr  2002
Gaddy                  Ruby J.                   24Jan  2002
Gaeddert               Albert M.  (Rev.)         18Apr  2002
Gaede                  Hilda                     24Apr  2002
Gaffney                Loren Earl                13Aug  2002
Gage                   Floyd E.                  29May  2002
Gahman                 Joan Lea Buchanan          7Jun  2002
Gahman                 Joan Lea Buchanan          8Jun  2002
Gaines                 Harry H.  Jr.             13Aug  2002
Gaines                 Raymond G.                30Jan  2002
Gaiser                 Emma R.                    9May  2002
Gaither                Helen Elizabeth            7Jul  2002
Galbert                Kevin W.  Sr.              2Nov  2002
Galbert                Kevin W.  Sr.              4Nov  2002
Gale                   Verdene Grace (Dodge)     21Jan  2002
Gale                   Verdene Grace (Dodge)     22Jan  2002
Galentine              Ida Mae                   31Jul  2002
Galindo                Hector G.                 21Nov  2002
Galindo                Juan Manuel Jr.           21Oct  2002
Gall                   Edna K.  Schroedel (Kin    2Jun  2002
Gall                   Edna K.  Schroedel (Kin   31May  2002
Gallatin               Baby                      22Oct  2002
Gallegos               Lucille "Lala"            28Jun  2002
Galley                 Jeanne C.                 17May  2002
Galvan                 B.  Gail                  24Apr  2002
Galvan                 B.  Gail                  25Apr  2002
Galvan                 B.  Gail                  26Apr  2002
Galvan                 Felipe                    27Jan  2002
Galvan                 Henry                     20Feb  2002
Galvan                 Henry                     21Feb  2002
Galvan                 Henry                     22Feb  2002
Gamble                 Jeremy W.                 26Nov  2002
Gamble                 Jeremy W.                 27Nov  2002
Gamble                 Juanita Maria             13Aug  2002
Gamble                 Juanita Maria             14Aug  2002
Gammill                Naomi "Lynn"              19Dec  2002
Gandolph               Mary Elaine               18Feb  2002
Gane                   Elizabeth                 20Feb  2002
Gane                   Elizabeth                 21Feb  2002
Gane                   Elizabeth                 22Feb  2002
Gann                   Helen Jean                12Jan  2002
Gann                   Willis                    12Mar  2002
Gann                   Willis                    13Mar  2002
Gant                   John F.                   16May  2002
Gant                   John Francis              15May  2002
Gantenbein             Donna M.                   8Nov  2002
Ganzer                 Katherine                 10Oct  2002
Ganzer                 Katherine                 11Oct  2002
Garber                 Esther Evelyn             27Sep  2002
Garcia                 Angel Love                16Jan  2002
Garcia                 Eduardo Alfredo           21Feb  2002
Garcia                 Ian Alexander             16Dec  2002
Garcia                 Jerome S.                 21Dec  2002
Garcia                 Jerome S.                 22Dec  2002
Garcia                 Jonathan Hernandez        16Jun  2002
Garcia                 Jose Jesus                22Aug  2002
Garcia                 Jose Jesus                23Aug  2002
Garcia                 Louise A.  "Luisa"        13Mar  2002
Garcia                 Louise A.  "Luisa"        14Mar  2002
Garcia                 Pauline J.                 8Dec  2002
Gard                   Herlie                    24Jan  2002
Gard                   William T.                 3Sep  2002
Gard                   William U.  III           15Mar  2002
Gardenhire             Robert Ellis              15Nov  2002
Gardner                Estella A.                 2Jun  2002
Gardner                Kathy L.                   7Sep  2002
Gardner                Kathy L.                   8Sep  2002
Gardner                Kathy L.                   9Sep  2002
Gardner                Letha M.                  29Apr  2002
Gardner                Marguerite                12Feb  2002
Gardner                Wilbur W.                  7May  2002
Garey                  Calista L.  (Bender)      15Jan  2002
Garic                  Shirley DeBlanc            3Aug  2002
Garic                  Shirley DeBlanc            4Aug  2002
Garic                  Shirley DeBlanc            5Aug  2002
Garnes                 Willie B.  Jr.            17Apr  2002
Garnes                 Willie B.  Jr.            19Apr  2002
Garnett                Gary "Moose"              14Aug  2002
Garnett                Kevin Ray                 14Dec  2002
Garnett                Mildred C.  (Zogelman)    28Mar  2002
Garr                   William "Bill"            21Nov  2002
Garretson              Charles M.                11Apr  2002
Garretson              Ronald D.  "Ron"          19Dec  2002
Garrett                Kathleen Mary (Lingle)    22Sep  2002
Garrett                Lamont O.  "Pat"           3Sep  2002
Garrett                Larry Leroy               18Oct  2002
Garriott               John William              26Sep  2002
Garrison               Betty Ruth                30Jul  2002
Garrison               Irma Ernestine            23Mar  2002
Garrison               Leta                      18Dec  2002
Garrison               William Victor             7May  2002
Garst                  Jess D.                    5Sep  2002
Garten                 Bill F.                   13Dec  2002
Garten                 Bill F.                   14Dec  2002
Garten                 Bobbie E.                 12Apr  2002
Garten                 Deborah D.                14Nov  2002
Garten                 Faye                      13Oct  2002
Garten                 Pearl B.  (Hash)          17Apr  2002
Garten                 Verle W.                   3Sep  2002
Garton                 Jeanette P.               17Oct  2002
Garver                 Maxine B.                  5May  2002
Garvey                 Willard                   26Jul  2002
Garvey                 Willard                   27Jul  2002
Garvey                 Willard                   28Jul  2002
Garvey                 Willard                   29Jul  2002
Garvey                 Willard                   30Jul  2002
Gasaway                Gladys                    24Jan  2002
Gasaway                Larry Lee                 23Jun  2002
Gaskell                Charlene                  10Jun  2002
Gaskill                Delmar D.                 29Apr  2002
Gaskill                Delmar D.                 30Apr  2002
Gaskill                Dora E.                   13May  2002
Gasper                 Anna Ruth Knobloch        12Jul  2002
Gates                  Alma J.                    1Jun  2002
Gates                  Duell Jr.                 27Oct  2002
Gates                  Dwight L.                  5Sep  2002
Gates                  Isabel (Waite)             4Aug  2002
Gates                  Isabel (Waite)             5Aug  2002
Gates                  Quinten L.  "Pearly"      12Sep  2002
Gates                  Wanda                      4Sep  2002
Gates                  Wilma Jean                17Jun  2002
Gaulding               Cleo Elberta (Koger)      20Jan  2002
Gault                  Gary Hayden                7Mar  2002
Gaume                  Matilda                   31Dec  2002
Gaut                   Christine Liles            7Nov  2002
Gautier                Jimmy R.                  25Oct  2002
Gawanda                John A.                    2Feb  2002
Gay                    Derryl T.                 21Sep  2002
Gay                    Eva M.                    16May  2002
Gayle                  Wilma L.                  15Oct  2002
Gaylord                Mary                      28Jan  2002
Gaynor                 Weldon I.                 27Dec  2002
Gebhard                Robert W.                  7Jul  2002
Gebhart                Ruth Marie                20Jun  2002
Gee                    Curtis "Lee"               6Feb  2002
Gee                    Curtis "Lee"               7Feb  2002
Geer                   Helen J.                  23Mar  2002
Geer                   Vera gene                 24Jan  2002
Geer                   Vera gene                 25Jan  2002
Gegen                  William Wayne              7Apr  2002
Gehrer                 George M.                  5Oct  2002
Gehrer                 George M.                  6Oct  2002
Geier                  Dilan James               12Aug  2002
Geist                  Donna Hedburg              1Oct  2002
Geist                  John Richard "Dick"        7Feb  2002
Geist                  John Richard "Dick"        8Feb  2002
Gent                   M.  Beulah                10Dec  2002
Gentry                 Adeline Nellie             6Nov  2002
Gentry                 Adeline Nellie             7Nov  2002
Gentry                 James Edward              24Dec  2002
Gentry                 L.L.                      14Mar  2002
Gentz                  Lois J.                    4Nov  2002
Gentz                  Norma                      6Jan  2002
George                 Alfred L.                  1Oct  2002
George                 Anna Mae                   5Feb  2002
George                 Delbert Eugene            30Sep  2002
George                 Dorothy Victoria Hawes    13Dec  2002
George                 Esther                    28Dec  2002
George                 Henry Paul Sr.             2Apr  2002
George                 Henry Paul Sr.            31Mar  2002
George                 Kermit Stanton            18Nov  2002
George                 Leon V.  "Lonnie"         13Apr  2002
George                 Stella M.                 10Oct  2002
George                 Tony                       7Feb  2002
Gerard                 Kerry Gene                 9Aug  2002
Gerdes                 Marguerite K.             20Aug  2002
Gere                   Duane G.                   5Jun  2002
German                 Bernice Mae               19Dec  2002
German                 Monica Nicole              1Nov  2002
Germann                Treva Marie               15Sep  2002
Gerritzen              Theodore "Ted"             9Jun  2002
Gerritzen              William A.                16Feb  2002
Gerstner               Theresa Marie             24May  2002
Gestenslager           E.L.  "Gus"               23Mar  2002
Gettle                 Marie M.                  26Jul  2002
Gettle                 Marie M.                  27Jul  2002
Gevara                 Gladys I.                  1Nov  2002
Gfeller                Theodore Tracy III "Ted    1Aug  2002
Ghere                  Mildred A.                 7Jun  2002
Gibb                   Carol Blakey               8Oct  2002
Gibb                   Carol Blakey              10Oct  2002
Gibb                   Edward O.                  5Dec  2002
Gibb                   Robin (Hemmer)            31Jan  2002
Gibb                   V.  Etta Belle             1May  2002
Gibbons                Dorothy                   14Feb  2002
Gibbons                Shirley L.  (Foster) "M   21Dec  2002
Gibbs                  Chadwick Ronald "Chad"     1Jan  2002
Gibbs                  Chadwick Ronald "Chad"     2Jan  2002
Gibbs                  Josephine                 21Apr  2002
Gibbs                  Laverne R.                11May  2002
Gibbs                  Margaret N.                1Feb  2002
Gibson                 Barbara E.  (Mundis) "B   28Sep  2002
Gibson                 Fern L.                   22Jan  2002
Gibson                 Lola                      24Jan  2002
Gibson                 Lorene Likins             22May  2002
Gibson                 Mildred I.                26Nov  2002
Gibson                 Minnie Beatrice            5May  2002
Gibson Lewis           Michelle Renee            17Sep  2002
Giebler                Clarence F.               14Nov  2002
Gieswein               Helen Kathryn             22Jun  2002
Gietzen                John E.                    2Apr  2002
Giffin                 Bess                      14Feb  2002
Giffin                 Bess                      15Feb  2002
Giffin                 Earl A.                   26Jul  2002
Gilbert                Ira D.  "Swede"           11Aug  2002
Gilbert                Jacqueline Ann            25Apr  2002
Gilbert                Kenneth C.                15Mar  2002
Gilbert                L.  "Jay"                  5May  2002
Gilbert                Marie                     18Apr  2002
Gilbert                Robert E.  "Bob"           3Dec  2002
Gilbert                Rosalie R.                26Feb  2002
Gilbert                Rosalie Ruth              27Feb  2002
Gilbert                Spring Olivia              8Apr  2002
Gilbert                Velma Joyce (King)        29Apr  2002
Gilchrist              Charles M.  Jr.  "Chuck   11Jun  2002
Gilchrist              Darrell Dean              28Jan  2002
Gilchrist              Darrell Dean "Gilly"       3Feb  2002
Gilchrist              Darrell Dean "Gilly"      29Jan  2002
Gilkey                 Celestine                 27Mar  2002
Gilkison               Joseph U.  "Joe"           7Apr  2002
Gill                   James Alan "Jimmy" (Sgt   11Dec  2002
Gill                   James Alan "Jimmy" (Sgt   12Dec  2002
Gill                   Sylvester E.              16Jan  2002
Gill                   Sylvester E.              17Jan  2002
Gillen                 Herbert "Herb"            26Nov  2002
Gillespie              Eddie Boe                  5Sep  2002
Gillespie              Eddie Boe                  6Sep  2002
Gillespie              Gordon "Ray"               7Jun  2002
Gillespie              Hugh Hamilton              5Jan  2002
Gillespie              Iva Lee                    2May  2002
Gillespie              Myrl                      12Feb  2002
Gillett                Dianna Fae                 3Feb  2002
Gillett                Virgie                    19May  2002
Gillette               Alice                     18Jul  2002
Gilley                 Alma J.                    6Apr  2002
Gilley                 Richard B.  "Red"         15Apr  2002
Gilley                 Roy L.                    11Jul  2002
Gillham                Clarence O.  Jr.          25Aug  2002
Gilliam                S.  Vernon                27Sep  2002
Gillies                Howard G.                  6Jan  2002
Gilliland              Judson A.                 11Jun  2002
Gilliland              Velda L.                  23Oct  2002
Gillis                 Hazel Elizabeth            9Jun  2002
Gillispie              Sharon L.                 16Jan  2002
Gillman                Franklin J.               29Sep  2002
Gilman                 Garrett M.                 5Aug  2002
Gilmore                James L.                   6Aug  2002
Gilmore                Josephine F.  "Jo"        28Jun  2002
Gilpin                 Norma J.  (Thomas)        18Mar  2002
Giltner                Jacob D.  "Jerry"         30Jul  2002
Giltner                Peggy                      4Feb  2002
Ginder                 Jay A.                    26Oct  2002
Gipson                 Gary H.                    3Jan  2002
Girard                 Betty L.                  14Mar  2002
Girrens                Ellen Claire               3Oct  2002
Girrens                John Mathias               1May  2002
Girrens                John Mathias               2May  2002
Glades                 Margaret Alexander        19Jan  2002
Glades                 Margaret Alexander        20Jan  2002
Gladfelter             Lula M.                   10Mar  2002
Glaesman               Sharon L.                 26Feb  2002
Glaesman               Sharon L.                 27Feb  2002
Glasco                 G.  Dale                   9Feb  2002
Glaser                 Lydia E.                   9Jan  2002
Glasgow                Dana M.                   13Feb  2002
Glasgow                John Fred                 31Jul  2002
Glaze                  Daniel Wesley             31Aug  2002
Glaze                  Donald E.                  6Sep  2002
Glazier                Laverne D.                14May  2002
Glazier                Laverne D.                15May  2002
Gleason                Vinson E.  (Dr.)          20Feb  2002
Gleason                W.  Preston "Doc" (Dr.)    6Mar  2002
Glendening             Ronnie Lee                21Dec  2002
Glenn                  Bill "Wildbil"             1May  2002
Glenn                  Bill "Wildbill"           30Apr  2002
Glenn                  Eileen Jean               16May  2002
Glenn                  Eleanor E.                22Sep  2002
Glenn                  Robert E.                 24Jun  2002
Glenn                  Theo Maurice              28Oct  2002
Gleve                  Arthur James              16Sep  2002
Gleysteen              Evelyn R.                  4Mar  2002
Glickman               Maxine Levand              6Mar  2002
Glickman               Maxine Levand              7Mar  2002
Glines                 Maureen                   13Mar  2002
Gloege                 Margie M.                 12Sep  2002
Glotzbach              Janice C.                  7May  2002
Glover                 Alyce T.                  21Jan  2002
Glover                 Verna L.                   5Nov  2002
Goad                   Gaylon B.                 27Jun  2002
Goad                   Richard Glenn              2Jun  2002
Goatley                George                    13Jan  2002
Godbey                 Junette Leona Hed         21Oct  2002
Godbout                Earl Francis              14Mar  2002
Godbout                Earl Francis              15Mar  2002
Goddard                Gertrude                  23Sep  2002
Goddard                Katelyn Nicole            30Jan  2002
Goddard                Sunshine "Sue"             2Jun  2002
Godfrey                Cassie Anna               23Aug  2002
Godfrey                Willie B.                 27Feb  2002
Goebel                 George (Dr.)              16Sep  2002
Goering                Anna A.                   11Sep  2002
Goering                David H.                  18Jun  2002
Goering                Gordon H.                 19Jun  2002
Goering                Hulda Anna                19Sep  2002
Goering                Lorene B.                 12Apr  2002
Goering                Roland R.                 22Feb  2002
Goertz                 Charlotte M.              26Apr  2002
Goertz                 Edna A.                    8Jun  2002
Goertz                 Elizabeth                 23Jun  2002
Goertz                 Louis H.                   4May  2002
Goertz                 Olive J.                  19Mar  2002
Goertz                 Sylvia                     7Feb  2002
Goertz                 Wilma                     26Nov  2002
Goertz                 Wilma Lucille             23Jan  2002
Goertzen               Marie                     18Nov  2002
Goetz                  Anthony F.  "Tony"        17Apr  2002
Goetz                  Elizabeth L.              15Jun  2002
Goetz                  Mildred K.  "Millie"      31Mar  2002
Goff                   Carrie                    10May  2002
Goff                   Danny J.                  24Oct  2002
Goff                   Edward Donald             10Sep  2002
Goff                   Vivian Ethelyne Lyne       1Mar  2002
Goforth-Johnston       Oleta Bernice             24Jun  2002
Goins                  Howard Stanley             5Mar  2002
Golden                 Allie M.  "Teeny"         22Jul  2002
Golden                 Mandy I.  "Nana"           8Feb  2002
Golden                 Mandy I.  "Nuna"           7Feb  2002
Golden                 Michael E.                10Feb  2002
Goldsberry             Muriel Virginia           29Aug  2002
Goldsmith              Genevieve Irene            4Aug  2002
Goldsmith              Genevieve Irene            5Aug  2002
Gollihar               Adrianna Marie             4Jan  2002
Gomez                  Agustin "Augie"           13Sep  2002
Gomez                  Cecil F.                  22Jan  2002
Gomez                  Cecil F.                  23Jan  2002
Gomez                  Dalyne G.                  1Jun  2002
Gomez                  Enedina P.  "Nene"         8Apr  2002
Gomez                  Isabel Maria              31Aug  2002
Gomez                  Lucille W.                 7Feb  2002
Gonzales               Gabriel Retana             3Apr  2002
Gonzales               Karen Sue                 19Sep  2002
Gonzalez               Alfredo                    3Aug  2002
Gonzalez               Alfredo                    4Aug  2002
Gonzalez               Rosalio Jr.  "El Pelon"   10Sep  2002
Gonzalez               Rosalio Jr.  "El Pelon"   11Sep  2002
Gooch                  Fay Nancy                 30Jul  2002
Good                   Dorothy Aletta            14Feb  2002
Good                   Edgar V.  "Shorty"        12Dec  2002
Good                   Lyle L.                    7Feb  2002
Good                   Madeline                  12Nov  2002
Goodell                Nancy E.                  10Jul  2002
Gooden                 Don                       26Jul  2002
Gooden                 Don                       27Jul  2002
Goodloe                Edna M.                    8Mar  2002
Goodman                Aileene G.                 5May  2002
Goodman                Aileene G.                 6May  2002
Goodman                Douglas Paul "Doug"        7Apr  2002
Goodman                Douglas Paul "Doug"        8Apr  2002
Goodman                Douglas Paul "Doug"        9Apr  2002
Goodman                Joanne M.  (McCabe)       25Sep  2002
Goodman                Joanne M.  (McCabe)       26Sep  2002
Goodman                Shannon Contessa          20Oct  2002
Goodnight              Alice E.  (Jones)         29Jan  2002
Goodrich               Virginia S.                5May  2002
Goodrich               Virginia S.                6May  2002
Goodrow                Carl H.  "Sonny"           8Oct  2002
Goodrow                Lowell                    30Nov  2002
Goodrum                Chris                     23Jan  2002
Goodseal               Donald                    18Jul  2002
Goodwin                Emma G.  "Goody"           6Jul  2002
Goodwin                Floyd J.                   1Jul  2002
Goodwin                Floyd J.                  30Jun  2002
Goodwin                Linda M.  "Lynn"          23Aug  2002
Goodwin                Ricky Lynn                13Oct  2002
Goodwin                Thomas Everett Sr.        15Feb  2002
Gorden                 Robert H.  Sr.  "Flash"    3Sep  2002
Gordon                 Gladys                    24Mar  2002
Gordon                 Gladys                    25Mar  2002
Gordon                 James Albert "Bubba"       1Jul  2002
Gordon                 James Albert "Bubba"      28Jun  2002
Gordon                 James Albert "Bubba"      30Jun  2002
Gordon                 Leona R.                  24Mar  2002
Gordon                 Marjorie T.               18Dec  2002
Gordon                 Robert H.  Sr.  "Flash"    4Sep  2002
Gordon                 Susan Barnett             25Apr  2002
Gordon                 William Houston            2Jun  2002
Gore                   Sadie C.                  20Jan  2002
Gore                   Virginia DeLong Cloyes    21Nov  2002
Gore-Evans             Sandi                     21Sep  2002
Gorley                 Rose Mary (Ryan)          21Nov  2002
Gorrell                Doris C.                  27Nov  2002
Gosch                  Byard Earl                 6Nov  2002
Gosch                  Byard Earl                 7Nov  2002
Goss                   Raphael W.                21Nov  2002
Goss                   Raphael W.                22Nov  2002
Gott                   Delbert E.  Sr.           29Oct  2002
Gottschalk             Adolph "Ott"              17Jan  2002
Gould                  Cash C.                    8Feb  2002
Gould                  James F.  "Bud"            2Apr  2002
Gould                  William "Brent"            1Oct  2002
Gould                  Zona F.                   29Sep  2002
Gourley                Bernard "Jim"             20Jun  2002
Gowen                  Dorothy K.                 2Feb  2002
Goyette                Nancy Arlene              27Mar  2002
Graalman               Bertha                     8Nov  2002
Graber                 Alta F.                   15Aug  2002
Graber                 Marlow R.                 28Jan  2002
Graber                 Martha K.                 15Jul  2002
Graber                 Ralph                     19Jun  2002
Graber                 Selma E.                   4Dec  2002
Grady                  Warren Bethel Sr.         29May  2002
Graef                  Arnold                     7Sep  2002
Graef                  Arnold                     8Sep  2002
Graef                  Arnold R.  Sr.             6Sep  2002
Graf                   Delphinus "Del"           22Jun  2002
Graf                   Opal                      27Feb  2002
Graff                  Justin V.                 29Jan  2002
Gragg                  Carol Ann (Baker)         10Feb  2002
Gragg                  John "Bud"                27Aug  2002
Gragg                  John "Bud"                29Aug  2002
Gragg                  Thelma Lillian             4Nov  2002
Graham                 Betty June                27Oct  2002
Graham                 Margie (Lowry)            22May  2002
Graham                 Merrideth M.              12Apr  2002
Graham                 Murrell L.                27Mar  2002
Graham                 Nancy J.                  23Mar  2002
Graham                 Ralf O.                   13Mar  2002
Graham                 Ralf O.                   14Mar  2002
Graham                 Ronnie Dean                8Nov  2002
Graham                 Viola Ann                 17Jun  2002
Graham-Logan           Maxine                    24Sep  2002
Grahn                  Howard                     1Aug  2002
Grammer                Ruth Geraldine "Ross"     29Mar  2002
Grammer                Ruth Geraldine "Ross"     30Mar  2002
Grant                  Armantina "Tina"           3May  2002
Grant                  Ethel Lavada (Swenton)    10Sep  2002
Grant                  Judith W.                  6Jul  2002
Grant                  Judith W.                  7Jul  2002
Grant                  Mary Marcielle (Carnaha   18Mar  2002
Grant                  Mary Marcielle (Carnaha   19Mar  2002
Grant                  Maud Loverne               9Feb  2002
Grant                  Richard K.                 7Jul  2002
Grant                  Richard R.                 6Jul  2002
Grantz                 Alvena Fern (Thompson)     6Nov  2002
Grantz                 Luther J.                  4Mar  2002
Grasser                Leo                       16Nov  2002
Grasser                Madison Renee             17Oct  2002
Grasser                Magdalen B.  (Schinstoc    4Dec  2002
Grassie                Vernon D.                 16Sep  2002
Grattidge              Virgil Everett             3Mar  2002
Graven                 Mildred I.                 5Dec  2002
Graves                 Almeda Grace              19May  2002
Graves                 Diana Lyn (Kress)         14Mar  2002
Graves                 Donald L.                  7Apr  2002
Graves                 Geraldine Withers         16Jun  2002
Graves                 Letha Grace               22Jan  2002
Graves                 Paula C.                  15Aug  2002
Graves                 Vern "Sonny"               5Jul  2002
Gray                   Alverta L.  "Bert"        23Feb  2002
Gray                   Alverta L.  "Bert"        24Feb  2002
Gray                   Clay                      10Sep  2002
Gray                   Geneva                    27Sep  2002
Gray                   George Ray                26Jan  2002
Gray                   Harry E.                   9Nov  2002
Gray                   June L.  (Flickinger)     12May  2002
Gray                   June L.  (Flickinger)     14May  2002
Gray                   Justin Dean               21May  2002
Gray                   Justin Dean               21May  2002
Gray                   Lawrence S.  "Grandpa"     7Dec  2002
Gray                   Mary Louise               18Jan  2002
Gray                   Mylaura Lynn               9Dec  2002
Gray                   Naomi Mae                 25Oct  2002
Gray                   Robert Louis Jr.           4Jan  2002
Gray                   Roberta Ann               30Dec  2002
Gray                   Wilma L.                  30Jul  2002
Greathouse             Caris A.                  24Apr  2002
Green                  Andrew M.  "Andy"          6Jul  2002
Green                  Andrew M.  "Andy"          7Jul  2002
Green                  Carol Sue                 22Mar  2002
Green                  Casey                     17Nov  2002
Green                  Casey                     18Nov  2002
Green                  Charles Samuel            13May  2002
Green                  Charles Samuel            14May  2002
Green                  Doris J.                   9Jul  2002
Green                  Eldon L                    7Mar  2002
Green                  Gerald "Jerry"             1Oct  2002
Green                  Gerald "Jerry"             2Oct  2002
Green                  Guy William               28Feb  2002
Green                  Johanna E.                25Aug  2002
Green                  Johanna E.                26Aug  2002
Green                  Marcella Lee               4Apr  2002
Green                  Mary G.                   25Sep  2002
Green                  Olive Helen               25Feb  2002
Green                  Olive Helen               26Feb  2002
Green                  Orlen Lee                 18May  2002
Green                  Orlen Lee                 20May  2002
Green                  Ricky D.                   7Feb  2002
Green                  Ricky D.                  10Feb  2002
Green                  Robert John "Bob"          6Nov  2002
Green                  Thelma M.                 15Oct  2002
Greene                 Elizabeth J.  "Betty"     12Oct  2002
Greene                 Elizabeth J.  "Betty"     13Oct  2002
Greenen                Mary Helena                4Sep  2002
Greenlief              Fred J.                   13Aug  2002
Greenstreet            Charles M.                22Dec  2002
Greenstreet            Mabell E.  Bowie          13Mar  2002
Greenwood              Charles                   24Dec  2002
Greer                  Eulalia                   12Mar  2002
Gregg                  Glenn D.                  18Dec  2002
Gregg                  Sophia M.                  6Nov  2002
Gregoire               Janeta A.                 11Jul  2002
Gregory                Ethel Louise              25Dec  2002
Gregory                Mildred Lois (Rogers)      9Feb  2002
Greiert                Alfred H.  "Alex"          5Mar  2002
Greiner                Albert Hugh                6Dec  2002
Greve                  Iva Mae                   11Jun  2002
Grier                  Carl K.                   19Jun  2002
Grieve                 W.  George                23Nov  2002
Grieve                 W.  George                25Nov  2002
Griffin                Jane                      12May  2002
Griffin                Jo Ann (Cook)             24Nov  2002
Griffin                Patricia Ann              19Feb  2002
Griffin                Patricia Ann              21Feb  2002
Griffin                Sharon Kay                 4Oct  2002
Griffith               Evelyn Faye                6Aug  2002
Griffith               John W.                   11Sep  2002
Griffith               Nelma                     13Jul  2002
Griffith               Ona L.                     3Feb  2002
Griffith               Ricky Lee                  2Oct  2002
Griffith               Vernon D.                 15May  2002
Griffith               Vernon D.                 16May  2002
Griffith               Warren Lee                10Jan  2002
Griffith               Wayne E.                  29Aug  2002
Griffith               William B.                15Feb  2002
Griffitts              Donald E.                 19Nov  2002
Griffitts              Donald E.  "Griff"        20Nov  2002
Griffitts              Fern F.                   17Oct  2002
Griggs                 Cari Ann                  17Apr  2002
Grillot                Helen A.                  21Sep  2002
Grim                   Leon (Rev.)               16Oct  2002
Grim                   Leon (Rev.)               22Oct  2002
Grimes                 Garry Lee                 22Oct  2002
Grimes                 Garry Lee                 24Oct  2002
Grimes                 Gordon C.                 31Aug  2002
Grimes                 Ruby                      12Aug  2002
Grimm                  Hannah                     1Feb  2002
Grimmett               Janie Kay                 19Nov  2002
Griner                 Jerry                      4Jan  2002
Grisamore              Rebekah Lee Ann Shalom     1Dec  2002
Grisamore              Rebekah Lee Ann Shalom     3Dec  2002
Grise                  Paul J.                   16Sep  2002
Grise                  Paul J.                   17Sep  2002
Grissom                David E.                  29Jan  2002
Grochowsky             Bert E.                   10Sep  2002
Grodem                 Dora K.                   16Jul  2002
Groff                  Bessie                    10Apr  2002
Groff                  Janell Rae                17Apr  2002
Grommesh               Melinda Ann               23Jan  2002
Grommesh               Melinda Ann               24Jan  2002
Grommesh               Melinda Ann               25Jan  2002
Gropp                  Ralph A.                   7Oct  2002
Groseclose             Patricia Elizabeth (Gra   17May  2002
Gross                  Harrison R.                2May  2002
Gross                  Lydia B.                  15Dec  2002
Gross                  Mae L.                    15Dec  2002
Gross                  Virginia                   3Jun  2002
Grounds                Marjorie A.               17Jun  2002
Grounds                Marjorie A.               19Jun  2002
Grout                  Ruth Marie                18Aug  2002
Grove                  Genevieve R.  "Genny"     14Nov  2002
Grove                  Genevieve R.  "Genny"     15Nov  2002
Grove                  Margaret L.                2May  2002
Grove                  Mary Ida                  18Jun  2002
Grove                  William Robert            29Jan  2002
Grove                  Wilma D.                   2Nov  2002
Grover                 Donald F.                 24Oct  2002
Grover                 Mildred Rosana            14Nov  2002
Grover                 Mildred Rosana            15Nov  2002
Groves                 Barbara L.                17Jun  2002
Groves                 Brian Michael             13Jul  2002
Groves                 Donald N.                 17Jul  2002
Groves                 Dorothy L.                20Dec  2002
Groves                 Herald D.                 25Jul  2002
Grow                   Helen Marie                6Jun  2002
Grubbs                 Roy M.                    12Jun  2002
Gruenwald              Vera Esther               24Jan  2002
Grunder                Larry D.                  15Nov  2002
Grundy                 Olive M.                  18Aug  2002
Grundy                 Sue Ann                   12Nov  2002
Grusing                Henry A.  (Rev.)           8Dec  2002
Gruver                 Thomas A.                 22Jul  2002
Guenther               Virginia L.                9Sep  2002
Guerra                 Virginia L.               16Nov  2002
Guerrant               Eugene J.  "Gene"          4Mar  2002
Guerrero               Vincent Elais             17Jul  2002
Guevara                Leonel Erasto             13Jul  2002
Gugins                 Perry L.                   4Aug  2002
Gugins                 Perry L.                   5Aug  2002
Gugler                 Harold C.                  1Nov  2002
Guhr                   Velma E.                  27Oct  2002
Guile                  Ione E.                   20Oct  2002
Guillen                Remedios "Mayo"           15Feb  2002
Guinty                 Veda C.  Graham (Bostic    3Apr  2002
Gulick                 Alvin H.                  15Aug  2002
Gulick                 Donelda M.                30Jul  2002
Gulick                 Marjorie Louise           16Feb  2002
Gulick                 William Hendrick           8Nov  2002
Gump                   Edith M.  (Carnahan)      13Mar  2002
Gump                   Edith M.  (Carnahan)      14Mar  2002
Gump                   Edith M.  (Carnahan)      15Mar  2002
Gunderson              Pelma Jean "Pam"          12Aug  2002
Gunkel                 Clyde Benjamin             9Apr  2002
Gunkel                 Wayne E.                  18Jul  2002
Gunn                   Evelyne                   16Oct  2002
Gunn                   Robert Ray                 6Nov  2002
Gunnerson              Millicent Lucille (Brum   26Jul  2002
Gunter                 Goldie G.                  9Aug  2002
Gustke                 Pauline A.  (Menton) "P   17Jul  2002
Gustke                 Pauline A.  (Menton) "P   18Jul  2002
Guthrie                Corrine                   17Jul  2002
Guthrie                Edith M.                  26Jun  2002
Guthrie                Ida "Tillie"              24Nov  2002
Gutierrez              Alexis Rayella            23Jul  2002
Gutierrez              Louis                     22Dec  2002
Gutierrez              Moncerrate                10Sep  2002
Gutierrez              Rogelio A.  "Roger"       16Dec  2002
Gutierrez              Rogelio A.  "Roger"       17Dec  2002
Gutierrez              Rogelio A.  "Roger"       18Dec  2002
Gutierrez              Ruben                      2May  2002
Gutierrez              Ruben                      5May  2002
Gutschenritter         Martha "Elaine"           18Oct  2002
Gutschenritter         Martha "Elaine"           20Oct  2002
Guttridge              Joe William                3Mar  2002
Guy                    Cynthia Lucille           25Jun  2002
Guyll                  Carol Ann                 11Jul  2002
Guymon                 Dorita                    29Jul  2002
Guymon                 Dorita                    30Jul  2002
Guzman                 Maria G.  "Jane"           9May  2002
Gwin                   Lowell W.                 13Nov  2002
Gwin                   Lowell W.                 17Nov  2002
Gwynn                  Margaret "Peggy"          20Apr  2002
Haag                   Herbert J.  "Herb"        28Jul  2002
Haag                   Herman                     2Jul  2002
Haas                   Lynn Louis                 3Apr  2002
Haas                   S.  Sophie (Schultz)      16Jun  2002
Haberman               Emil August               20Jun  2002
Habiger                Josephine E.               7Jul  2002
Hackenburg             Rose                      18Mar  2002
Haddan                 Alvin R.                  24Oct  2002
Haddock                Joseph A.                 14Mar  2002
Haddock                Oma M.                    31Mar  2002
Hadduck                George M.  Jr.            31Jan  2002
Haden                  Max                       10Jan  2002
Haden                  Max                       11Jan  2002
Hadsell                Horace Melvin             15Aug  2002
Hadwiger               Drew Michael "Mike"        8Jun  2002
Hadwiger               Drew Michael "Mike"        9Jun  2002
Haflich                Maynard W.                13Jan  2002
Haflich                Richard P.                15Apr  2002
Hagan                  Virginia                   1Apr  2002
Hagar                  Anna Mae (Goodwin)         5Feb  2002
Hagelberg              Jo Ann                    21Dec  2002
Hageman                Herman F.                 26Jan  2002
Hager                  Adolph B.                  4Aug  2002
Hager                  Andrew                    30Apr  2002
Hager                  Frank Wesley              30Mar  2002
Hagerman               Hilda M.                  23Nov  2002
Hagg                   Marilyn Louise            26Feb  2002
Haggard                Evelyn P.                 14Aug  2002
Haggard                William J.  "Buddy"        4Feb  2002
Haggard                William J.  "Buddy"        5Feb  2002
Haggerty               Addylue (Cates)            1Nov  2002
Hagmeier               Evelyn Maxine (Moyer)     21Jan  2002
Hague                  Harold Dwight             17Jul  2002
Hague                  Willard W.                 4Sep  2002
Hahn                   Albert G.                 31May  2002
Hahn                   Wendell J.                 4Sep  2002
Hahne                  Frances Evelyn            30Mar  2002
Hailey                 Marthalene                28Dec  2002
Haire                  Laura E.                  22Jun  2002
Haire                  Vonda M.                   2Apr  2002
Haizlip                Ruby Irene                 1Feb  2002
Hake                   John K.                   14Jul  2002
Halberg                Bertha P.                  1Sep  2002
Halberg                Bertha P.                  2Sep  2002
Hale                   Alice M.                  20Dec  2002
Hale                   Clark W.                  13Dec  2002
Hale                   Delores Faye              17Nov  2002
Hale                   Dryden Johnathan          16Dec  2002
Hale                   Eva Hope                   4Nov  2002
Hale                   Frederick H.              25Apr  2002
Hale                   Frederick Henry           29Apr  2002
Hale                   Nathan O.  "Nate"         11Oct  2002
Hale                   Richard "Dutch"           23Jun  2002
Hale                   Sue                        9Mar  2002
Hale-Alter-Gibson      Linda                      3Aug  2002
Haley                  Gladys Guthrie             4Mar  2002
Haley                  Melvin E.                 23Jun  2002
Hall                   Belva J.                   2Oct  2002
Hall                   Clement H.                24Feb  2002
Hall                   Clifford L.               28Feb  2002
Hall                   Dennis R.                  1Apr  2002
Hall                   Dennis Walter             17Apr  2002
Hall                   Dorothy Mildred Underwo   17Jan  2002
Hall                   Elvee                      1Aug  2002
Hall                   Eugene Warner              3Aug  2002
Hall                   Gracie Jane               31Jul  2002
Hall                   Harold Rea                19Jan  2002
Hall                   Hazel                     10Dec  2002
Hall                   Helen L.                  28Apr  2002
Hall                   Henry E.                   3Dec  2002
Hall                   Irene Lucille              1Jul  2002
Hall                   Irene Lucille             30Jun  2002
Hall                   Iva H.                     1Dec  2002
Hall                   James William             27Nov  2002
Hall                   Juanita Roundtree          2Nov  2002
Hall                   Mary Elizabeth             7Jan  2002
Hall                   Thomas E.                  4Oct  2002
Hall                   Verle                     18Jul  2002
Hall                   Wanda L.  (Swart)         27Nov  2002
Hall                   Willa Ruth                 8May  2002
Hallacy                Ted T.                    15Mar  2002
Haller                 William Edwin             16Sep  2002
Haller                 William Edwin             17Sep  2002
Hallman                Lottie (Nesbitt)          18Jun  2002
Hallman                Roy "Steve"                6Aug  2002
Hallmark               J.W.  "Bill"              14Dec  2002
Hallmark               J.W.  "Bill"              15Dec  2002
Hallmark               J.W.  "Bill"              16Dec  2002
Halloran               William Patrick "Pat"     26Mar  2002
Halloran               William Patrick "Pat"     27Mar  2002
Halsey                 Amy Alise                 15Jul  2002
Halsey                 Amy Alise                 17Jul  2002
Halstead               Arilla M.                 18Apr  2002
Hambleton              Tyson Allen               18Oct  2002
Hambrick               Ronald D.                 28Dec  2002
Hamel                  Lloyd F.                  12May  2002
Hamel                  Lloyd F.                  14May  2002
Hamil                  Gertrude (Westphal)       14Aug  2002
Hamilton               Fern Josephine            29Aug  2002
Hamilton               Hazel Allene               1Mar  2002
Hamilton               Hazel Allene              28Feb  2002
Hamilton               Lee                        3Mar  2002
Hamilton               Opal F.                   21Jul  2002
Hamilton               Raymond R.                17May  2002
Hamilton               Sandi K.                  21Apr  2002
Hamilton               Wendy E.                  20Nov  2002
Hamilton               Wendy E.                  21Nov  2002
Hamlin                 Beatrice (Mitchell) "Be    4Jan  2002
Hamm                   Carl Raymond Sr.           8Mar  2002
Hamm                   Connie Lynn                6Sep  2002
Hamm                   Connie Lynn                7Sep  2002
Hamm                   Doris I.                  25Nov  2002
Hamman                 Elsie Leota                3Dec  2002
Hamman                 Margaret Frances           9Jan  2002
Hammans                Ella Mae                  11Sep  2002
Hammar                 Rosella J.  "Rosie"       17Aug  2002
Hammarlund             Verna M.                  18Jun  2002
Hammarlund             Verna M.                  19Jun  2002
Hammeke                Gerald J.                 27Oct  2002
Hammer                 Anna L.                   25Feb  2002
Hammer                 Charles Hubert            15Sep  2002
Hammer                 Lola                      19Mar  2002
Hammermeister          Ray                       27Oct  2002
Hammermeister          Ray                       28Oct  2002
Hammerschmidt          Joseph A.  "Joey"         21Feb  2002
Hammond                Brian R.                   9May  2002
Hammond                Hollis Raymond            21Feb  2002
Hammond                Jerry                     13Dec  2002
Hammond                Merle E.                  12Mar  2002
Hampson                Alice C.                  27Jul  2002
Hampton                John Randall              19Dec  2002
Hampton                Patricia Joan "Patsi"     28Mar  2002
Hampton                Patricia Louise            4Feb  2002
Hamra                  William M.  (Dr.)          7Jul  2002
Hanafin                Terry R.                   6Mar  2002
Hanahan                Lois Kitoria              27Jul  2002
Hance                  Harry                     17Apr  2002
Hancock                Esther Francis            16Nov  2002
Hancock                John R.                    1Dec  2002
Hancock                Lisa Renee (Sumner)        2Apr  2002
Hancock                Raymond R.                25Apr  2002
Hancock                Ruth B.                    9Aug  2002
Hand                   Everett D.  "Sonny"       24Mar  2002
Hand                   James J.                  31Aug  2002
Hand                   Sandy Lynn                 1Sep  2002
Haner                  Delmon L.                 29Jul  2002
Haney                  George O.                 16Feb  2002
Hanger                 James F.  "Jim"           18Jul  2002
Hanigan                Hank                      29Nov  2002
Hanigan                Hank                      30Nov  2002
Hankins                Marvin C.                 10May  2002
Hanlon                 George William "Bill"     19Jun  2002
Hann                   Bradley E.                28Jun  2002
Hann                   Duane "Sandy"             14Aug  2002
Hann                   Duane F.  "Sandy"         15Aug  2002
Hannah                 Carl                       2Jan  2002
Hannah                 Carl                       3Jan  2002
Hannah                 Larry K.                  27Dec  2002
Hannon                 Orville J.                 1Sep  2002
Hannon                 Orville J.                31Aug  2002
Hanny                  Winfield Franklin "Pat"   11Jan  2002
Hanschu                Lawrence Allen "Dick"     21May  2002
Hanschu                Theodore "Ted"            26Nov  2002
Hansen                 Donald Frederick           7Apr  2002
Hansen                 Elizabeth Anne             6Jun  2002
Hansen                 Paul                      22Sep  2002
Hansen                 Robert                     1Jan  2002
Hanson                 Dalorise L.  "Dee"         5May  2002
Hanson                 Dalorise L.  "Dee"         6May  2002
Hanson                 Dalorise L.  "Dee"         7May  2002
Hanson                 Helen L.                   6Apr  2002
Hanson                 Helen M.                   2May  2002
Hanson                 Kenneth E.                14Nov  2002
Hanson                 Woodrow O.                20May  2002
Hanzlick               Blake Edward              31Oct  2002
Harant                 Charlie F.                 8Oct  2002
Harbert                Anna B.                   10Mar  2002
Harbert                Ralph Martin              11Jul  2002
Harbold                Frederick Wayne           26Feb  2002
Harboldt               John William              31Oct  2002
Harden                 Merle                     23Dec  2002
Harden                 Rose Marie                22Mar  2002
Harder                 Carl E. (Ret. Lt. Co      13Jan  2002
Harder                 Carl E. (Ret. Lt. Co      14Jan  2002
Harder                 Carl E. (Ret. Lt. Co      15Jan  2002
Harder                 Carl E. (Ret. Lt. Co      16Jan  2002
Harder                 Fitzgerald Fitzpatrick    29Jun  2002
Harder                 Frieda                    26Jul  2002
Hardgraves             Aaron W. "Tony"           19Apr  2002
Hardgraves             Aaron W. "Tony"           21Apr  2002
Hardiman               Margaret Faye             12Feb  2002
Hardin                 D. Lisa (Myers)           21Jan  2002
Hardin                 D. Lisa (Myers)           22Jan  2002
Hardin                 Delmer E.                 29Apr  2002
Hardin                 Lillian C.                 2Jul  2002
Hardin                 Lillian C.                 3Jul  2002
Hardin                 William David Anthony     26Jul  2002
Harding                Billy G.  "Buddy"         21Jan  2002
Harding                Bobby G.  "Bob"           17Dec  2002
Harding                Bobby G.  "Bob"           18Dec  2002
Harding                Don A.                    14Jul  2002
Hardman                Paul A.                   29Jan  2002
Hardrick               Vernon "Henny"            26Jul  2002
Hardwick               G. Arlene                 22Jan  2002
Hardy                  Ray R.                    17Nov  2002
Hare                   Carol Darlene             15Jul  2002
Hare                   Walter Ernest              1Dec  2002
Hare                   Walter Ernest             30Nov  2002
Harger                 Sylvia Marie Saltsman     24Sep  2002
Harger                 Terry W.                  28Apr  2002
Haring                 Berylene "B."              9May  2002
Harkins                Wilbur R.                  5Jun  2002
Harlow                 Charles Burton "Butch"    29Dec  2002
Harlow                 Harold E.                 15Mar  2002
Harlow                 Janice Marie (Langley)     1Jan  2002
Harlow                 Janice Marie (Langley)     3Jan  2002
Harman                 Goldie M.  (Bowlin)       28Apr  2002
Harms                  Edwin M.  (M.D.)           3Mar  2002
Harms                  Florence E.               16Jan  2002
Harms                  Harold "Ross"              6Aug  2002
Harms                  Harold "Ross"              7Aug  2002
Harms                  Jacob A.                  11Apr  2002
Harms                  Mary Ellen                21Jul  2002
Harnden                Barry Lee                  7Mar  2002
Harnden                Barry Lee                  8Mar  2002
Harned                 Calvin A.                  4Oct  2002
Harness                Mabel Bertha              16Aug  2002
Harp                   Aubrey C.                 25May  2002
Harper                 Edna Mae                  27Nov  2002
Harper                 Jim                        5Mar  2002
Harper                 Richard "Dick"            18Dec  2002
Harper                 Ronald Warren "Mike"      23Aug  2002
Harpin                 Sherilyn A.  (Tiemeyer)   15May  2002
Harpin                 Sherilyn A.  (Tiemeyer)   16May  2002
Harr                   Martha R.                 23Jun  2002
Harr                   Martha R.                 24Jun  2002
Harreld                Floyd L.                  21Oct  2002
Harreld                Floyd L.                  22Oct  2002
Harrell                Edna M.                   14Feb  2002
Harrell                Leta F.                   22May  2002
Harries                Myrna A.                  27Mar  2002
Harrigan               Beulah I.                 20Oct  2002
Harrington             Ray E.                     4Oct  2002
Harrington             Ray E.                     6Oct  2002
Harrington             Robert Dale "Bob"         17Apr  2002
Harrington             Shelley                   27Oct  2002
Harris                 Bertha Louise             20Dec  2002
Harris                 Bonnie J.                 28Feb  2002
Harris                 Dorothy Ann                9Jun  2002
Harris                 Edgar Allen               18Apr  2002
Harris                 Edgar Allen               19Apr  2002
Harris                 Esther M.                 21Mar  2002
Harris                 Ethel                      5Mar  2002
Harris                 Eugene R.                  1Dec  2002
Harris                 Eugene R.                 30Nov  2002
Harris                 Floriene M.  (Giannange    7Apr  2002
Harris                 Floriene M.  (Giannange    8Apr  2002
Harris                 Fred Sr.                  19Apr  2002
Harris                 Fred Sr.                  21Apr  2002
Harris                 Gary                      10Jul  2002
Harris                 Helen E.  (Taylor)         6Mar  2002
Harris                 Jerrold Don Sr.           20Nov  2002
Harris                 John Daniel Jr.            1Jan  2002
Harris                 Johnnie Ray                5Dec  2002
Harris                 Katherine L.              10Aug  2002
Harris                 Lee M.                    23Jul  2002
Harris                 Lee M.                    25Jul  2002
Harris                 Lin                       13Oct  2002
Harris                 Louise B.                  5May  2002
Harris                 Lucile Johanna            17Aug  2002
Harris                 Lucile Johanna            18Aug  2002
Harris                 Mattie Mae "Billie"       27Oct  2002
Harris                 Melva                     16Feb  2002
Harris                 Mildred Elizabeth          1Mar  2002
Harris                 Paul E.                   19Jun  2002
Harris                 Paul E.                   21Jun  2002
Harris                 Perry Frank Jr.            7Aug  2002
Harris                 Sue H.                     6Apr  2002
Harris                 Sylvester Sr.             10Oct  2002
Harris                 Sylvester Sr.             11Oct  2002
Harris                 Thelma M.                 13Nov  2002
Harrison               Archie E.                 26Feb  2002
Harrison               Billy John                24Aug  2002
Harrison               Billy John                25Aug  2002
Harrison               Charlene Louise            5Apr  2002
Harrison               Dorothy Irene             25Oct  2002
Harrison               Esther Y.                 14Jul  2002
Harrison               Jerald E.  "Jerry"        26Jul  2002
Harrison               Jerald E.  "Jerry"        27Jul  2002
Harrison               Jim H.  Sr.                8Jan  2002
Harrison               Jim H.  Sr.                9Jan  2002
Harrison               Leslie Pauline            26Mar  2002
Harrison               Lindsay R.                 5Sep  2002
Harrison               Louise                     5Dec  2002
Harrison               Lucille I.                16Aug  2002
Harrison               Roy Edward                29Aug  2002
Harrison               Roy Edward                30Aug  2002
Harrison               Roy Edward                30Aug  2002
Harrold                Paul C. (Ret. Lt. Co      24Sep  2002
Harrold                Paul Custer "Pinky" (Lt   22Sep  2002
Hart                   Brennan Park              16Nov  2002
Hart                   Brennan Park              17Nov  2002
Hart                   Charles E.  "Charlene"    17Apr  2002
Hart                   Charles E.  "Charlene"    18Apr  2002
Hart                   Eleanor "Pat"             29Nov  2002
Hart                   Ewing C.                  18Aug  2002
Hart                   Royal M.                   2Jun  2002
Hart                   Royal M.                   3Jun  2002
Hartley                Gladys E.                 21Nov  2002
Hartman                Helen M.                   1Dec  2002
Hartman                Helen M.                  30Nov  2002
Hartman                Patricia A.  "Pat"        16Dec  2002
Hartman                Patricia A.  "Pat"        17Dec  2002
Hartmetz               Gerald Jacob "Jerry"      17Sep  2002
Hartwig                Hazel                     12Feb  2002
Harvey                 Eva Mae                   13Sep  2002
Harvey                 Eva Mae                   15Sep  2002
Harvey                 Imogene Ruth              15Nov  2002
Harvey                 Sidney E.                 27Jun  2002
Harvey                 Virginia Lee              10Oct  2002
Harvey                 Virginia Lee              11Oct  2002
Harwood                Edgar T.                   4Sep  2002
Haselhorst             Christel C.                5Nov  2002
Haselhorst             Stephen R.                19Jan  2002
Haskett                Margaret C.               14Dec  2002
Haskin                 Kevin W.                   3Dec  2002
Haskins                Estella                    6Apr  2002
Haskins                Jessie                    18Feb  2002
Haslett                James Leslie "Jim"        26Jun  2002
Haslett                Maxwell A.  "Max"         11Oct  2002
Hass                   Margaret Mary "Peggy"     23Jun  2002
Hasselwander           Ione L.                   10Feb  2002
Hastings               Jacqueline                15Nov  2002
Hastings               William "Dee"             16Mar  2002
Hasty                  Donald                    29Jan  2002
Hataway                Mary Lou                  25Mar  2002
Hatch                  Helen Jane                31Oct  2002
Hatcher                Gwyn L.                   19Feb  2002
Hatcher                Gwyn L.                   20Feb  2002
Hatcher                Hazel Steward             26Feb  2002
Hatcher                Jeremy Ray                22Jun  2002
Hatcher                Wanda L.                  16Mar  2002
Hatfield               Doris A.                  12Mar  2002
Hatfield               Doris A.                  13Mar  2002
Hatfield               Gerald W.                 22Jun  2002
Hatfield               Helen Marieta             23Feb  2002
Hatfield               Helen Marieta             28Feb  2002
Hatfield               Jack R.  Sr.              17Jan  2002
Hatfield               Michael Roslyn            17Oct  2002
Hatfield               Rex G.                    29Mar  2002
Hatfield               Roy J.                    17Sep  2002
Hatfield               Roy R.                     9Dec  2002
Hathaway               Sarah Esther               2Sep  2002
Hattan                 Juanita (Oliver)          10Jan  2002
Hatter                 Bonnie Jean (Ingle)       11Aug  2002
Hatter                 Jeffery L.                 8Jun  2002
Haun                   Paul A.                    4Jun  2002
Hauschild              Viola M.                   9Jun  2002
Havens                 Florence V.  (Willis)     20Nov  2002
Havens                 Florence V.  (Willis)     21Nov  2002
Haver                  Joyce Elaine              18Dec  2002
Haverkamp              Mildred                    6Jan  2002
Hawk                   Julie Ann                  7Aug  2002
Hawkins                Alma D.                    7Jun  2002
Hawkins                Arlene R.                  6Jun  2002
Hawkins                Eileen Doris              11Jan  2002
Hawkins                Gladys Pearl (Boren)      28Feb  2002
Hawkins                Glenn H.                  18Feb  2002
Hawkins                Howard A.                 16May  2002
Hawkins                Kay Rozell                12Jul  2002
Hawkins                Kay Rozell                13Jul  2002
Hawkins                Louise L.                 16Apr  2002
Hawkins                Monica Mary               29Mar  2002
Hawkinson              August "Gene"             28Jun  2002
Haws                   B.  Harold                 1Mar  2002
Hawthorne              Georgine Blanche           7Mar  2002
Hawver                 Eloise M.                 29Dec  2002
Hay                    Ernest W.  "Ernie"        16Dec  2002
Hay                    Ernest W.  "Ernie"        17Dec  2002
Hay                    Ernest W.  "Ernie"        18Dec  2002
Hay                    J.R.  David               11Feb  2002
Hay                    Lorrene C.                29Oct  2002
Hayden                 Billie J.                  6Feb  2002
Hayden                 Billie J.                  7Feb  2002
Hayden                 Evelyn J.                  1Jul  2002
Hayden                 Evelyn J.                 30Jun  2002
Hayden                 Faith Nicole-Jeanine      22Oct  2002
Hayden                 Jane A.                    4Apr  2002
Hayden                 Joelene Marie "Jody"      17Jan  2002
Haydon                 Adrian M.                 25Sep  2002
Hayes                  Ernestine Briles          13Feb  2002
Hayes                  Eula May Biggs            29Dec  2002
Hayes                  Eula May Biggs            30Dec  2002
Hayes                  Howard F.  "Frankie"       8Nov  2002
Hayes                  Margaret Alyce             4Jun  2002
Hayes                  Mildred Faye              17Nov  2002
Hayes                  Olivia                     9Feb  2002
Hayes                  Virgil A.                 10Feb  2002
Hayes                  William H.  "Bill"        18Oct  2002
Hayford                Robert James "Bob"        25Jul  2002
Hayles                 Nancy L.                   3Dec  2002
Haymond                Doyothy E.                26Jun  2002
Haynes                 Agnes Iris (Roy)           9Aug  2002
Haynes                 Agnes Iris (Roy)          11Aug  2002
Haynes                 Betty Jane                25Jan  2002
Haynes                 Clarence H.               21Jul  2002
Haynes                 Jimmie Paul "Jim"         21Jul  2002
Haynes                 M.  Lucille               15Aug  2002
Haynes                 M.  Lucille               16Aug  2002
Hays                   Darrell H.                29Sep  2002
Hays                   Eula May Biggs            28Dec  2002
Hays                   Ida M.                    26Sep  2002
Hays                   Jack T.                    2Oct  2002
Hays                   Jack T.                   30Sep  2002
Hays                   Jane                       1Sep  2002
Hays                   John D.                   21Nov  2002
Hays                   John Francis              31Jul  2002
Hays                   Marilyn                    8Aug  2002
Hays                   Maxine M.                 16Apr  2002
Hayse                  Louise E.                  1Jul  2002
Hayse                  Louise E.                 30Jun  2002
Hayzlett               Karen D.                  19Mar  2002
Haze                   Montee                    13Mar  2002
Haze                   Montee                    19Mar  2002
Hazelton               Rodney L.  Sr.             5Jan  2002
Hazelton-Snell         Kimiko                    20Jul  2002
Hazlett                Agnes I.                  21Dec  2002
Head                   Florence Anita Marjorie   15Feb  2002
Head                   Terry                      6Feb  2002
Head                   William R.  "Will"         7May  2002
Head                   William R.  "Will"         8May  2002
Headley                E.  Katherine             16Apr  2002
Headley                E.  Katherine             17Apr  2002
Headrick               Patsy Lou                  9Nov  2002
Healy                  Martha "Marty"            19Mar  2002
Healy                  Martha Thompson           17Mar  2002
Healy                  Martha Thompson           18Mar  2002
Heape                  Elmer J.                  15Aug  2002
Hearle                 Winifred Winona           12Mar  2002
Hearn                  James Winston              3Mar  2002
Hearn                  James Winston              4Mar  2002
Hearn                  Peggy J.                   3Jul  2002
Hearne                 Ralph                      5Nov  2002
Hearon                 Clara C.  (Thome)         10Nov  2002
Hearon                 Clara C.  (Thome)         11Nov  2002
Heasty                 Arthur R.  "Bob"           8Jun  2002
Heasty                 Arthur R.  "Bob"           9Jun  2002
Heasty                 Arthur R.  "Bob"          10Jun  2002
Heater                 Dale                      16Sep  2002
Heath                  Geraldine "Jerry"         16May  2002
Heaton                 Harvey E.                 19Dec  2002
Hebb                   Adron A.                  27Sep  2002
Hebb                   Glenn Ambrose Jr.         24Sep  2002
Heberling              Douglas Evan Jr.          10Sep  2002
Heberly                Phillip Dale              20Oct  2002
Hebert                 Lawrence R.  (ret.  Lt.   29May  2002
Hebrlee                Lee                       28May  2002
Heck                   Albert Eugene "Gene"      22Mar  2002
Heck                   Gertrude L.               17Jul  2002
Heck                   Mark D.                   28May  2002
Heck                   Markwood D.               29May  2002
Heckathorn             Craig P.                   6Sep  2002
Hedge                  Howard L.                  8Dec  2002
Hedges                 Ruth R.  (Morris)         11May  2002
Hedges-Board           Reba Elaine               12Jul  2002
Hedges-Bogard          Reba Elaine               13Jul  2002
Hedlund                Harold A.  "Hal"          19Nov  2002
Hedlund                Leonard W.                20Jan  2002
Heffern                William Robert             3Apr  2002
Heffner                Jack K.                   17Jan  2002
Hefley                 H.T.                      22Sep  2002
Hefley                 H.T.                      23Sep  2002
Heflin                 Pauline M.                26Dec  2002
Hefling                Hildred M.  (Smith)       23Jun  2002
Hefling                Hildred M.  (Smith)       24Jun  2002
Hegarty                E.  May                    4May  2002
Hegge                  Margie I.  Asmann          1Dec  2002
Hegge                  Margie I.  Asmann          2Dec  2002
Heidrick               Felix William             14Mar  2002
Heim                   Steven H.                 18Jan  2002
Heimerman              John Andrew               29Aug  2002
Hein                   Ignatius L.  "Louie"      22Oct  2002
Hein                   Ignatius L.  "Louie"      23Oct  2002
Hein                   Janis                     21Sep  2002
Heinemann              Bettie "Pat"              30Oct  2002
Heinemann              Bettie "Pat"              31Oct  2002
Heinke                 S.  Elizabeth              6Jan  2002
Heinke                 Sharon Elizabeth           3Feb  2002
Heinlein               Leona L.                   6Feb  2002
Heins                  Evert Brandt Jr.  "Evie    2Apr  2002
Heins                  Evert Brandt Sr.           8Aug  2002
Heins                  Roberta M.                11Dec  2002
Heins                  Treva F.                  20May  2002
Heinze                 Albert L.                 26Nov  2002
Heiskell               James "Burly"              8Jan  2002
Heit                   Jeanne                    16Nov  2002
Heitkotter             S.  Eloise "Peggy"        15May  2002
Heitkotter             Sylvia E.  "Peggy"        14May  2002
Hejny                  Lloyd H.                   1Nov  2002
Helderman              William C.                16Jul  2002
Helm                   John E.                    7Feb  2002
Helm                   Wilbur L.                  1Sep  2002
Helm                   Wilbur L.                  2Sep  2002
Helmbold               Roena S.                  22Nov  2002
Helmbrecht             Mildred Joy Gorsuch        5Nov  2002
Helme                  Barbara Sue               13Oct  2002
Helmer                 Frances V.                16Dec  2002
Helmer                 Mary Melvina (Girton)     16May  2002
Helmke                 Rodney D.                 29Oct  2002
Helms                  Billie Dean               28Jan  2002
Helms                  Charles Oliver            31Mar  2002
Helt                   Eula M.                   25Jun  2002
Helt                   Flora                      4Feb  2002
Helton                 Bobbie D.                 30Mar  2002
Helton                 Harold Franklin           15Apr  2002
Helton                 Marion                    13Dec  2002
Helton                 Mary L.                   17Dec  2002
Helton                 Rachel                    26Jun  2002
Hemken                 Martin E.                 24Jan  2002
Hemme                  Christa "Rae"             28Nov  2002
Hemphill               Alma Elaine               12Jul  2002
Hemphill               Earl M.                   13Apr  2002
Hemphill               Maynard R.                15Aug  2002
Hemphill               Maynard R.                16Aug  2002
Henault                Daniel James              29May  2002
Hendershot             Duane G.                  17Nov  2002
Henderson              Anna Louise "Boodie"      19Sep  2002
Henderson              Brant Callan              29Aug  2002
Henderson              Carol Ann                 24Aug  2002
Henderson              Clare J.                  10Oct  2002
Henderson              Gladys M.  (Darbro)       19Apr  2002
Henderson              Jack F.                   13Aug  2002
Henderson              James A.  "Jim"            9Dec  2002
Henderson              John Phillip              19Jun  2002
Henderson              John Phillip "Hondo"      20Jun  2002
Henderson              Lerald Howard "Lerry"     31Jul  2002
Henderson              Leslie Dean               29Sep  2002
Henderson              Virginia C.               23Apr  2002
Henderson              Virginia Colleen Kennet   16Dec  2002
Hendren                Nancy Ruth                11Apr  2002
Hendricks              Arliss Dee                 8Feb  2002
Hendricks              Charles A.                21Aug  2002
Hendricks              James W.                  10May  2002
Hendricks              Melva                      3Jan  2002
Hendrickson            Dorothea Lea (Roseberry   24Feb  2002
Hendrickson            Elizabeth T.               8Oct  2002
Hendrickson            Elizabeth T.              10Oct  2002
Hendrickson            Jack C.                   15Jan  2002
Hendrickson            Mary E.  Schmied          25Jun  2002
Hendrickson            Max H.                     7May  2002
Hendrixson             Lloyd R.                  28Dec  2002
Hendrixson             Lloyd R.                  29Dec  2002
Henke                  Floyd F.  Sr.             15Oct  2002
Henke                  Matilda G.                 1Dec  2002
Henke                  Matilda G.                30Nov  2002
Henkels                Thelma A.                 29Aug  2002
Henkels                Thelma A.                 30Aug  2002
Hennessee              Misty Dawn                24Jul  2002
Henney                 Elma Marjorie             11Mar  2002
Henning                Celestine (Sr.)           24Jun  2002
Henry                  Arlene Ruth (Cooley)      26Jan  2002
Henry                  Earnestine Teresa         20Oct  2002
Henry                  Ernestine Teresa          18Oct  2002
Henry                  Ralph D.                  18Feb  2002
Henry                  Ralph D.                  19Feb  2002
Hensley                Curtis Wayne               2Mar  2002
Hensley                Louanna                   22Dec  2002
Hensley                Marjorie Elizabeth         1Nov  2002
Hensley                Marjorie Elizabeth         2Nov  2002
Hensley                Roberta B.                22Jul  2002
Hensley                Roberta B.                23Jul  2002
Hensley                Roberta Gail              20Aug  2002
Hensley                Terry W.                   5Feb  2002
Henson                 Arnold G.  "Chief"        23Sep  2002
Henson                 Arnold G.  "Chief"        24Sep  2002
Henson                 Arnold G.  "Chief"        25Sep  2002
Henson                 Frances E.                15Nov  2002
Henwood                Elizabeth Mae             27Jan  2002
Hephner                Carol L.                  11Mar  2002
Hephner                John M.                   27Aug  2002
Hephner                John M.                   28Aug  2002
Hephner                Viola M.  (Fanning) "Vi   24Feb  2002
Hephner                Viola M.  (Fanning) "Vi   25Feb  2002
Herbel                 Victor                     5May  2002
Herbert                Donald L.  "Don"          16Apr  2002
Herbert                Donald L.  "Don"          17Apr  2002
Herbig                 William Henry "Heinie"    15Jul  2002
Herd                   Frances E.                31Dec  2002
Herd                   Richard Donald "Dick"     13Sep  2002
Herdman                Marilyn J.                26Jul  2002
Heriford               Roger D.                  20Jun  2002
Heriford               Roger D.                  22Jun  2002
Herl                   Peter                     31Jul  2002
Herl                   Rosa Jane Rogers          12May  2002
Herman                 Irene                     26Jun  2002
Herman                 Jerome Lee "Jerry"        18May  2002
Herman                 Jerome Lee "Jerry"        20May  2002
Hermesmeyer            Ernest George             18May  2002
Hernandez              Alfonso A.                21Jun  2002
Hernandez              Alfonso A.                22Jun  2002
Hernandez              Carmen                    14Dec  2002
Herndon                Virginia F.               30Apr  2002
Heronema               Alvina                     4Jul  2002
Herriage               Clifford Paul             10Sep  2002
Herriage               Clifford Paul             11Sep  2002
Herriage               Clifford Paul             12Sep  2002
Herridge               Jennie L.                  9Oct  2002
Herring                Dewitt Jr.                18Jul  2002
Herrington             Joyce L.                   1Mar  2002
Herrington             Russell Allan             15Jun  2002
Herrman                Lester James "Les"         6Nov  2002
Herrman                Lucille Pauline           18Oct  2002
Herrman                Lucille Pauline           19Oct  2002
Herrman                Lucille Pauline           20Oct  2002
Herrman                Virginia M.                1Jan  2002
Herron                 Victoria Rae              13May  2002
Herron                 Wilbur L.                 27Oct  2002
Hersh                  Ruth "Botts"              23Jan  2002
Hershberger            Erlis J.                  30Dec  2002
Hershey                Helena Rosalie            19Nov  2002
Hershorn               Simon E.  (M.D.)          11Aug  2002
Hershorn               Simon E.  (M.D.)          12Aug  2002
Hertel                 Catherine A.               3Apr  2002
Hervey                 Willie                    28Jul  2002
Hervey                 Willie                    31Jul  2002
Herzberg               LaVern J.                 31Jan  2002
Herzig                 Loretta M.                11Sep  2002
Herzig                 Patricia G.  "Pat"         9Oct  2002
Heseman                Irene A.                  13Apr  2002
Heslop                 Alma                      23Jul  2002
Hess                   Clara L.                  24Jan  2002
Hess                   Leo R.                    10Jan  2002
Hess                   Leo R.                    11Jan  2002
Hess                   Leona                     27May  2002
Hess                   Lois E.                   12Jan  2002
Hess                   M.  Genevieve              3Apr  2002
Hess                   Nellie E.                  6Aug  2002
Hess                   Robert G.  "Bob"          23Feb  2002
Hess                   Robert G.  "Bob"          24Feb  2002
Hess                   Robert G.  "Bob"          25Feb  2002
Hessler                Walter H.                  2Apr  2002
Hestand                Christene M.              21Nov  2002
Hestand                Wilma V.  (Peak)          17Mar  2002
Heter                  Carolyn S.                 9Dec  2002
Hett                   Peggy Jean                 5Aug  2002
Hett                   Peggy Jean                 6Aug  2002
Hett                   Ruby L.                   17Mar  2002
Heuser                 Philip L.                  4Dec  2002
Hewes                  Marjorie Kay (Bushell)     1Mar  2002
Hewes                  Marjorie Kay (Bushell)    28Feb  2002
Hexum                  Anna Lou (Ansel)          23Aug  2002
Hey                    Opal Mae                   9Mar  2002
Heyen                  Alvena L.                 19Feb  2002
Heyman                 Faye P.                   11Aug  2002
Heyman                 Paul B.                   25Apr  2002
Hibbard                Earldean                   6Dec  2002
Hickel                 Arthur R.                 19Jun  2002
Hickey                 Goldie F.                 23Oct  2002
Hickey                 Jean P.                    8Mar  2002
Hickman                Harvey Coulter            27Aug  2002
Hickok                 Charles                   17Apr  2002
Hicks                  Irene V.                  19Jan  2002
Hicks                  L.  Louise (Swart)        17Mar  2002
Hicks                  Richard Dean              28Dec  2002
Hicks                  Richard Dean              30Dec  2002
Hickson                Leta D.                   14Jul  2002
Hidde                  Victor O.                 14Mar  2002
Hiebert                Esther Suderman           22May  2002
Hiebert                Pamela                    24Apr  2002
Hiebert                Paul E.                   25Mar  2002
Hiebsch                Eulonda Arlene            16Apr  2002
Hiedeman               Helen M.                  15Oct  2002
Higbee                 Verna M.                   6Aug  2002
Higdon                 Alice Ann                  2Nov  2002
Higdon                 Alice Ann                  3Nov  2002
Higgins                Ernest W.                 29Jul  2002
Higgins                Joy L.                    26Sep  2002
Higgins                LeRoy C.                  15Sep  2002
Higgins                M.  "LeRoy"               22Feb  2002
Higgins                Ralph R.                  21Jul  2002
Higgins                Vera "Irene"              18Mar  2002
Higgs                  Velma June                 4May  2002
High                   James D.  "Jim"           17Apr  2002
High                   Lillie Mae                15Oct  2002
High                   Lillie Mae                16Oct  2002
High                   Lillie Mae                17Oct  2002
Highfill               Cleta Eileen              30Jul  2002
Highsmith              Vera M.                   12Mar  2002
Hightower              Doris Maurine (Stambaug    9Oct  2002
Hightower              Doris Maurine (Stambaug   11Oct  2002
Hignite                Ethel Lavonna             16Oct  2002
Hilburn                Ottis                     24Mar  2002
Hildebrand             Bert                      13Apr  2002
Hildebrand             Lester L.                 20Jun  2002
Hildebrand             Rosa Louise               15Mar  2002
Hildebrandt            Henry Ford Sr.            14Aug  2002
Hilding                Gary A.                   27Jan  2002
Hilding                Gary A.                   28Jan  2002
Hildreth               Brandon                   10Oct  2002
Hildreth               Loyd Dwayne               22Mar  2002
Hildreth               Loyd Dwayne               23Mar  2002
Hileman                I.  Marie (Coon)          11Oct  2002
Hilger                 Gerald Dean "Jerry"        2Oct  2002
Hilger                 Maxine E.                 23May  2002
Hilger                 Rebecca Lynn               3Jan  2002
Hilgers                Ida L.                     9Mar  2002
Hill                   Burchel                    6Dec  2002
Hill                   Clara M.  Scheerger       28Aug  2002
Hill                   Cynthia "Dianne"          16Sep  2002
Hill                   Edna                       8Oct  2002
Hill                   Elizabeth Blaire          25May  2002
Hill                   Elizabeth Blaire          26May  2002
Hill                   Elizabeth Blaire          27May  2002
Hill                   Erma Mae                   9Dec  2002
Hill                   Gene Edward               16Mar  2002
Hill                   Gladys Elwilda (Howe)     27Oct  2002
Hill                   Hazel B.                  20Sep  2002
Hill                   Henry Jr.                 26Jan  2002
Hill                   June L.                   12Jun  2002
Hill                   Lawrence LaVerne          26Jul  2002
Hill                   Lawrence LaVerne          27Jul  2002
Hill                   Lawrence LaVerne          28Jul  2002
Hill                   Linda C.                   2Jun  2002
Hill                   Linda C.                   3Jun  2002
Hill                   Linda C.                   4Jun  2002
Hill                   Linda C.                  31May  2002
Hill                   Marie E.                  15Mar  2002
Hill                   Marjorie D.               20Mar  2002
Hill                   Marjorie M.               30Dec  2002
Hill                   Martha Anna (Fitz)        15Nov  2002
Hill                   Martha Anna (Fitz)        16Nov  2002
Hill                   Mary Jane Elizabeth       27Feb  2002
Hill                   Melvin R.                  5Jan  2002
Hill                   Melvin R.                  6Jan  2002
Hill                   Ramona L.                 18Jan  2002
Hill                   Raymond H.                 2Oct  2002
Hill                   Robert E.  "Bobby"        13Sep  2002
Hill                   Robert L.                 17Feb  2002
Hill                   Shirley A.                 2Apr  2002
Hill                   Vernon Ray                 6Sep  2002
Hill                   Vernon Ray                 7Sep  2002
Hill                   Vernon Ray                 8Sep  2002
Hill                   William B.  "Bill"         3Mar  2002
Hillard                William H.  Sr.            4Jul  2002
Hille                  Richard L.  "Dick"        10Sep  2002
Hilligoss              Ruby                      31Dec  2002
Hillis                 Noel "Leonard"            21Jan  2002
Hillman                Gladys V.  (Eubanks)      16Feb  2002
Hillman                Gladys V.  (Eubanks)      17Feb  2002
Hills                  Eva M.  (Corn)            21May  2002
Hills                  Mary Virginia             14Nov  2002
Hilsenbeck             Alma Mae                   9Aug  2002
Hilt                   Elton L.  Sr.              7May  2002
Hilt                   Elton Lee Sr.              8May  2002
Hilyard                Clarence Jr.  "Whitie"    22Dec  2002
Hindman                Clinton W.                 1Oct  2002
Hiner                  Theresa Marie             26Apr  2002
Hines                  Colonel                    6Jan  2002
Hines                  Leona E.                   4Sep  2002
Hinger                 Jerry D.                   7Mar  2002
Hink                   Charles L.                17Jan  2002
Hink                   Charles L.                18Jan  2002
Hinkle                 Beatrice                  11Jun  2002
Hinkle                 Mildred Leone              1Jun  2002
Hinman                 Milford N.                24Sep  2002
Hinnen                 Steven Gail               30Aug  2002
Hinnergardt            Bernice                   19Oct  2002
Hinojos                Roberta L.  (White)       25Jan  2002
Hinshaw                Michael L.                18Jun  2002
Hinshaw                Verlin Orville            16Jan  2002
Hinshaw                Verlin Orville            17Jan  2002
Hinson                 Beryl Jean                 2Jul  2002
Hirsch                 Frances Helen             22Mar  2002
Hirt                   Ed L.                      9Apr  2002
Hise                   Garland Ray               19Jan  2002
Hise                   Garland Ray               21Jan  2002
Hitschmann             Aurelia Ann               16Aug  2002
Hitt                   Gene                      19Nov  2002
Hitz                   Helen Faye                20Jan  2002
Hitzeman               Minnie A.                 10Dec  2002
Hladik                 Frank J.                  23Apr  2002
Hladik                 Frank J.                  24Apr  2002
Hladik                 Helen Maxine              30May  2002
Hlavachick             Jeff H.                   19Mar  2002
Hoach                  Vivian                    14May  2002
Hoang                  Sang                      21Aug  2002
Hoard                  William H.  "Billy"       27Jun  2002
Hobbs                  Edna B.                    2Mar  2002
Hobbs                  Edna B.                    3Mar  2002
Hobbs                  Kevin M.                   5Jul  2002
Hobson                 Clyde Francis              9Dec  2002
Hobson                 Ena D.                    14Nov  2002
Hobson                 Ena D.                    16Nov  2002
Hobson                 Irvin B.                  17Apr  2002
Hobson                 Irvin B.                  18Apr  2002
Hobson                 Robert Lee "Bob"           9Aug  2002
Hoch                   Kent                      15Jul  2002
Hoch                   Kent                      16Jul  2002
Hockenbury             Jack Boodler Jr.           1Jan  2002
Hockenbury             Michael A.                30Jul  2002
Hockett                Clive C.                   5Apr  2002
Hockett                Shirley Kay                5Mar  2002
Hockman                James LeRoy "Jay"         21Mar  2002
Hodge                  Betty C.                   9Nov  2002
Hodge                  William J.  "Bill"        13Sep  2002
Hodges                 Glenna Faye "Farrell"     20Oct  2002
Hodges                 Helen Louise              25Sep  2002
Hodges                 Helen Louise              26Sep  2002
Hodges                 Randy Alan                 7Aug  2002
Hodgson                Arthur Clay               14Oct  2002
Hodson                 Leroy                      1Sep  2002
Hodson                 Lorraine M.               27Jan  2002
Hoecker                Wayne K.                   1May  2002
Hoecker                Wayne K.                   2May  2002
Hoelscher              Mary R.  (Kitchen)        13Mar  2002
Hoelscher              Mary R.  (Kitchen)        14Mar  2002
Hoener                 Florene Hoffman           11Feb  2002
Hoener                 Grace L.                  14Sep  2002
Hoenscheidt            James Herman Jr.           8Dec  2002
Hoff                   Fred                      28Dec  2002
Hoffman                Alma E.                   20Jan  2002
Hoffman                Dick                      17Nov  2002
Hoffman                Iva F.                    12Aug  2002
Hoffman                Jerome                    14Feb  2002
Hoffman                Jerome                    15Feb  2002
Hoffman                Loretta J.                30Mar  2002
Hoffman                Robert Darrell            22Mar  2002
Hoffman                Veranita C.                9Sep  2002
Hoffman                Warren J.                 21Apr  2002
Hoffman                Warren J.                 24Apr  2002
Hofmann                Gene E.                    2Jan  2002
Hofmaster              Harold W.                  1Nov  2002
Hofmaster              Harold W.                  3Nov  2002
Hofmaster              Harold W.                  4Nov  2002
Hofstrom               Margaret L.               17Nov  2002
Hogan                  Betty Jo                  19Dec  2002
Hogan                  Ethel                      8Feb  2002
Hogan                  Harold William            15Oct  2002
Hogan                  Mamie Ophelia             18Jan  2002
Hogan                  Mamie Ophelia             20Jan  2002
Hogan                  Virginia                  12Aug  2002
Hogard                 Addie                     10Apr  2002
Hoge                   Ralph Eugene              14Oct  2002
Hoge                   Ralph Eugene              16Oct  2002
Hoheisel               Eugene H.  "Gene"          9Jul  2002
Holcomb                D.  Earline (Duncan)      18Jun  2002
Holcomb                Delbert O.                19Apr  2002
Holcomb                Hal B.                    29May  2002
Holden                 Frank                     20Jan  2002
Holden                 Wanda L.                  22May  2002
Holder                 Charlotte A.  "Inky"      13May  2002
Holder                 Marguerite M.  (Gosch)     9Aug  2002
Holderman              Franklin P.  "Frank"      14Nov  2002
Holefelder             Frank C.                   2Apr  2002
Holeman                Mary Lou (Sceals)         24Apr  2002
Holguin                Natividad A.               4May  2002
Holl                   Billie L.                 28Aug  2002
Holladay               Harmon M.  Jr.  (Dr.)      7Jun  2002
Holladay               Harmon M.  Jr.  (Dr.)      8Jun  2002
Holladay               Harmon M.  Jr.  (Dr.)      9Jun  2002
Holladay               Tillie Elaine             27Jun  2002
Hollamen               Isabell Frances (Smith)   24Feb  2002
Hollamen               Isabell Frances (Smith)   25Feb  2002
Holland                Cleve C.  Jr.             14Aug  2002
Holland                Cleve C.  Jr.             15Aug  2002
Holland                Cleve C.  Jr.             16Aug  2002
Holland                Dale D.                   16Nov  2002
Holland                Faye                       3Mar  2002
Holland                Jay "Curtis"               6Aug  2002
Holland                Ronald Dale               17Jul  2002
Hollander              Viola Ann                 18Jan  2002
Holler                 Albert Boyd               19May  2002
Holler                 Johnny K.                 24Aug  2002
Holler                 Johnny K.                 25Aug  2002
Hollie                 Reva E.                    1Aug  2002
Hollingsworth          Alice Leora               30Aug  2002
Hollingsworth          Dorothy Mae               21Mar  2002
Hollingsworth          James S.  Jr.  "Jiggs"    24Oct  2002
Hollingsworth          James S.  Jr.  "Jiggs"    25Oct  2002
Hollingsworth          Richard Keith             31Aug  2002
Hollingsworth          Romane L.                  7Mar  2002
Hollingsworth          Romane L.                  8Mar  2002
Hollingworth           Ethelmae                  16Feb  2002
Hollins                Tammy Lanette              9Oct  2002
Hollis                 Bill Eugene               13Nov  2002
Hollond                Billy David               19Apr  2002
Holloway               Carl J.                   16Jul  2002
Holloway               Carol Wayne               10Jan  2002
Holloway               Carrie E.                  6Oct  2002
Hollowell              F.  Robert "Bob"          27Apr  2002
Hollowell              F.  Robert "Bob"          28Apr  2002
Hollowell              Johnny C.                  4May  2002
Hollowell              Ralph W.                   7Apr  2002
Holman                 Thelma Mathes             12Oct  2002
Holmberg               Martha Eulene             18Jul  2002
Holmberg               Martha Eulene             19Jul  2002
Holmberg-Nelson        Betty (Pounds)             1Sep  2002
Holmes                 Brett L.                  16Feb  2002
Holmes                 Dora A.                   24Feb  2002
Holmes                 Evelyn I.                  7Sep  2002
Holmes                 Gerald Kenneth "Jerry"     6Feb  2002
Holmes                 Helen L.                  27Jan  2002
Holmes                 Shirley Ann               31Jan  2002
Holovach               Tonja Ann                  8Jun  2002
Holsman                Eleanor M.                18Mar  2002
Holt                   Garry Lee Jr.             23Oct  2002
Holt                   Lucille V.                11Sep  2002
Holt-Brewer            Doris A.                  20Oct  2002
Holub                  Sydney Amber              28Mar  2002
Holzman                Clara C.                  18Aug  2002
Holzman                Raymond B.  "Ray"          1May  2002
Holzman                Raymond B.  "Ray"         30Apr  2002
Holzman                Virginia Rose              2Jun  2002
Holzrichter            Jacob A.                  28Apr  2002
Homer                  Kenneth Bishop "Chief"    18Jan  2002
Homer                  Kenneth Bishop "Chief"    19Jan  2002
Hon                    Janet Ellen (Bush)         9Jul  2002
Honer                  Clarence Henry            21Sep  2002
Honer                  Clarence Henry            23Sep  2002
Honn                   Rena Merle                16Nov  2002
Hooks                  Lee Ellis "Dallas"        29May  2002
Hooks                  Lee Ellis "Dallas"        31May  2002
Hooks                  Leora                      3Apr  2002
Hooks                  Leora                      6Apr  2002
Hooser                 Dorothy I.  "Irene"       15Jan  2002
Hooser                 Dorothy I.  "Irene"       16Jan  2002
Hooser                 Dorothy I.  "Irene"       17Jan  2002
Hopkins                Albert                    17Feb  2002
Hopkins                Donald Roy                19Apr  2002
Hopkins                Dorothy                   25Feb  2002
Hopkins                Dorothy M.                 9Mar  2002
Hopkins                I.  Vernice                3Jan  2002
Hopkins                Margaret H.               21Dec  2002
Hopkins                Mary Elizabeth            12May  2002
Hopkins                Mary M.                   26May  2002
Hopkins                Minnie                    16Sep  2002
Hopkins                Ruby L.                   22Nov  2002
Hopkins                Ruby L.                   23Nov  2002
Hopkins                Tommy Elton               24Jul  2002
Hopper                 Harlan Charles            31Mar  2002
Hopper                 Mary Prudence             18Sep  2002
Hoppock                Lucille May               20Aug  2002
Horn                   L.A.  "Lefty"             17Apr  2002
Horn                   Muriel B.  (Poland)       27Nov  2002
Horne                  Betty Margaret (Martins   10Mar  2002
Hornecker              Ralph L.                  20Nov  2002
Horner                 Gwendolen Potts            7Feb  2002
Horner                 Gwendolen Potts            8Feb  2002
Horner                 Howard Nelson Jr.         21Feb  2002
Horsch                 Elsae J.                  29Mar  2002
Horsch                 Romana (Sister A.S.C.)    29Jul  2002
Horsch                 Romana (Sister A.S.C.)    30Jul  2002
Horseman               Bernadine                 26Feb  2002
Horst                  Bertha F.                 24May  2002
Horst                  Paul B.                   16Mar  2002
Horst                  Richard Lee                7Jun  2002
Horton                 Eileen A.                 30May  2002
Horton                 Georgia America            8Sep  2002
Horton                 Lloyd F.                  25Apr  2002
Horton                 Louise                     9Oct  2002
Horton                 Pauline                   24Aug  2002
Horyna                 Harry                     15May  2002
Hoseney                Velma                     27Oct  2002
Hosier                 Leslie Lee "Les"          18Sep  2002
Hostetler              Albert B.                 29Jan  2002
Hostetler              Maggie M.                 15Mar  2002
Hostetter              Millard D.                14Aug  2002
Hottman                Mabel A.                  25Mar  2002
Hottman                Marjorie J.               25Mar  2002
Houdek                 Richard Sherman           16Sep  2002
Houff                  Harold Marion              9Feb  2002
Houghton               Asa S.  (Buck) Jr.        29Jun  2002
Houk                   Teresa A.  (Faber-Barto    8Feb  2002
Houk                   Teresa A.  (Faber-Barto    9Feb  2002
Housby                 Halim N.  Jr.             26Sep  2002
Housby                 Halim N.  Jr.             27Sep  2002
Housdon                Mark Edward               21Feb  2002
Houseberg              Jack M.                   24Dec  2002
Houseberg              Jack M.                   25Dec  2002
Houseberg              Jack M.                   26Dec  2002
Houseman               Charles D.  Sr.           20Oct  2002
Houser                 Doris Marie               30Mar  2002
Houser                 Laleta A.                  8Dec  2002
Houser                 Margaret Ellen Peyton      3Nov  2002
Housman                Elva Laura                22Mar  2002
Houston                George T.                  2May  2002
Houston                Leon Eugene                1Apr  2002
Houston                Neva Tinkler              21Nov  2002
Hovorka                Louise                    28Jan  2002
Howard                 Cara Lee                   1Nov  2002
Howard                 Debra Jean                20Jun  2002
Howard                 Debra Jean                21Jun  2002
Howard                 Margaret Berniece          3Jul  2002
Howard                 Marjorie C.               27Nov  2002
Howard                 Merle                      1Nov  2002
Howard                 Minnie Ann (Mitchell)      8Sep  2002
Howard                 Minnie Ann (Mitchell)      9Sep  2002
Howard                 Ronald Dale               18Feb  2002
Howe                   "Uncle Ray"               22Sep  2002
Howe                   Cliford "Uncle Ray"       21Sep  2002
Howe                   Edward William "Ted"      28Dec  2002
Howe                   Garald Clifdel             3Feb  2002
Howe                   Levi H.                    9May  2002
Howe                   Lloyd Charles             14May  2002
Howell                 Juanita Lucille "Mallor   12Jan  2002
Howell                 June L.                    3Mar  2002
Howell                 June L.                    4Mar  2002
Howell                 Linda J.                  30Jul  2002
Howell                 Lucile W.                  5Jul  2002
Howell                 Lucile W.                  6Jul  2002
Howell                 Ruby G.                   14Oct  2002
Howell                 Virginia                  25Nov  2002
Howell                 Walter Halice             30Jan  2002
Hower                  Lydia                     25Jul  2002
Howg                   Lowell G.                 11Jul  2002
Hoyt                   Beverly L.  "Beb"          6May  2002
Hoyt                   Fred D.                   11Dec  2002
Hoyt                   Gladys W.                 28Oct  2002
Hoyt                   Robert R.                  3Feb  2002
Hoyt                   Stella D.  (Piper)         5Sep  2002
Hrabe                  James T.  Jr.  "Jake"      1May  2002
Hromek-Pape            Katie                     21Jan  2002
Hromek-Pape            Katie                     22Jan  2002
Huaracha               Enriquetta "Marie"         3Mar  2002
Huaracha               Pedro                      7Sep  2002
Huard                  Stephen Michael           30Mar  2002
Huard                  Stephen Michael           31Mar  2002
Hubbard                Gladys P.                 29Jan  2002
Hubbard                Ruth Elizabeth Bailey     13Apr  2002
Hubbard                Wayne                     19Jun  2002
Hubble                 Shiloh Lela Mae           15Feb  2002
Hubble                 Stan                       3Feb  2002
Hubble                 Stan                       6Feb  2002
Huber                  Edward E.                  2Jun  2002
Hubin                  Irvin D.                  20Dec  2002
Huck                   Leona Marie               27Jun  2002
Huck                   Leona Marie               29Jun  2002
Huckleberry            Beulah E.                  5Jan  2002
Huckstadt              Louis D.                  23Apr  2002
Huddleston             Clara A.                  22Sep  2002
Hudson                 Billy Jack                25Apr  2002
Hudson                 Billy Jack                26Apr  2002
Hudson                 Dean B.                    2May  2002
Hudson                 Edith Marie                9Sep  2002
Hudson                 Elsie E.                  28Jul  2002
Hudson                 James Eugene              11Sep  2002
Hudson                 Oscar L.  "Red"           15May  2002
Hudson                 Rebecca V.                25Jun  2002
Hudson                 Robert F.                 10Jul  2002
Hudson                 Vena Kailene              27Feb  2002
Huebert                Dan M.D.                  18Apr  2002
Huebert                Harold Norman             13Feb  2002
Huebert                Ronald "Red"              19Dec  2002
Huebert                Ronald "Red"              20Dec  2002
Huebner                Jacob Richard             22Dec  2002
Huenergardt            Betty I.                  16Apr  2002
Huff                   Betty Jean (Ellis)        16Aug  2002
Huff                   Garry Lynn                 8Feb  2002
Huff                   Kenneth E.                24Feb  2002
Huff                   Mary Evelyn Metcalf       28Dec  2002
Huff                   Robert H.                 12Apr  2002
Huff                   Robert H.                 13Apr  2002
Huff-Pontious          Jacob Wesley              14Dec  2002
Hufferd                Robert L.                 22Oct  2002
Huffman                Beulah M.  "Huffman"       6Aug  2002
Huffman                Duane "Dewey"             24Mar  2002
Huffman                Howard K.                 29Jun  2002
Huffman                Irene Maude               17Oct  2002
Huffman                Julia E.                  11Jan  2002
Huffman                Ruth                       3Feb  2002
Huffman                Viola Faith               25Jan  2002
Huffman                Viola Faith               27Jan  2002
Huffman                Viola Faith               28Jan  2002
Huffman                William Edward Jr.         8Jan  2002
Huffmon                James Edward "Eddie"      25Apr  2002
Huffmon                James Edward "Eddie"      26Apr  2002
Huffmon                Thelma                     1Nov  2002
Huffmon                Thelma                    31Oct  2002
Hufford                Eva Lee "Evie"            13Oct  2002
Hufford                Eva Lee "Evie"            14Oct  2002
Hufford                Eva Lee "Evie"            15Oct  2002
Hufford                Eva Lee "Evie"            18Oct  2002
Hufford                Eva Lee "Evie"            19Oct  2002
Hufford                Eva Lee "Evie"            20Oct  2002
Hugaboom               Alonzo Hairam "Al"        18Oct  2002
Hughbanks              Traci A.                  25Jan  2002
Hughes                 Anita Ann (Reese)          4Jun  2002
Hughes                 Anita Ann (Reese)         31May  2002
Hughes                 Bessie L.                 26Jul  2002
Hughes                 Charles "Ben"             18May  2002
Hughes                 Chester M.                10Sep  2002
Hughes                 Frances G.                15Feb  2002
Hughes                 Frank E.                  21Feb  2002
Hughes                 Irene                     15Sep  2002
Hughes                 Irene                     16Sep  2002
Hughes                 James                      5Mar  2002
Hughes                 John R.  Jr.              28Oct  2002
Hughes                 Lawrence D.               29Aug  2002
Hughes                 Ray Edward                24Feb  2002
Hughes                 Vicki J.  (Baker)         19Sep  2002
Hughes                 Woodrow Wilson            15Apr  2002
Hughes-Barrett         Lelah May                 10Jan  2002
Hughey                 Ricky J.                   3Jul  2002
Hughs                  Bernard "Guy"              8Oct  2002
Hulett                 Alijah Evans               9Apr  2002
Hull                   Albert Loran              20May  2002
Hull                   Albert Loran              21May  2002
Hull                   Anna Mae Jones            31May  2002
Hull                   Freda                     13Feb  2002
Hull                   Lucile M.                 19May  2002
Hull                   Melvin Adam                1Aug  2002
Hull                   Melvin Adam               31Jul  2002
Hullet                 Brian J.                  21Aug  2002
Huls                   Emily Catherine           21Nov  2002
Huls                   Emily Catherine           22Nov  2002
Hulse                  Charles Walter            15Aug  2002
Hulse                  Donald M.                 10Dec  2002
Hulvey                 Roy Francis                2Jul  2002
Humble                 Michael "Mike"            25Sep  2002
Humbolt                Michael D.                 9Jul  2002
Humbolt                Michael D.                10Jul  2002
Humbolt                Michael D.                11Jul  2002
Humm                   Shawn C.                   2Jan  2002
Humphreys              Donna Meredith (Meredy)   19Mar  2002
Humphreys              G.  Carlene (Goodrich)    14Feb  2002
Humphreys              Virginia A.               13Jul  2002
Huna                   James                     28Oct  2002
Hunley                 Dorothy Evelyn            10Oct  2002
Hunsaker               Earl Dean                  9Feb  2002
Hunt                   Donald F.                 26Nov  2002
Hunt                   Dorothy E.                16Feb  2002
Hunt                   Francis M.                18Mar  2002
Hunt                   John Q.  (Maj.)           10Jun  2002
Hunt                   Marjorie (Dutton)         14Jul  2002
Hunt                   Paul L.                    1Jul  2002
Hunt                   Paul L.                   30Jun  2002
Hunt                   Thomas L.  "Tom"          19Feb  2002
Hunt                   Wilbert Emmanuel          12Jan  2002
Hunt                   Wilbert Emmanuel          16Jan  2002
Hunt                   Wilbert Emmanuel          17Jan  2002
Hunt                   Wilbert Emmanuel          18Jan  2002
Hunter                 Catherine Jane (Luallen    6Jan  2002
Hunter                 Gertrude Marie "Gertie"   30Apr  2002
Hunter                 Laura Eunice              26Sep  2002
Hunter                 Leona G.                  21Nov  2002
Hunter                 Lorraine                   7Feb  2002
Hunter                 Mary Ellen                12Nov  2002
Hunter                 Monte Leon                18Nov  2002
Hurd                   Matthew Allen             28Feb  2002
Hurd                   Thomas Lynn                4Oct  2002
Hurlburt               Donald E.                  1May  2002
Hurlbut                Ethel L (Christman)       18Sep  2002
Hurley                 Donald Lee Sr.  "Don"     14Jan  2002
Hurley                 James W.  "Jim"            1Oct  2002
Hursey                 Eva Marie                 23Dec  2002
Hurst                  Helen Faye                 5May  2002
Hurst                  Jarett W.                 25Feb  2002
Hurst                  Lewis T.                  23Feb  2002
Hurst                  Margery Dalton             3Nov  2002
Hurst                  Margery Dalton             5Nov  2002
Hurst                  Sam                       24Dec  2002
Hurt                   Hester Irene               9Nov  2002
Hurt                   Hester Irene              10Nov  2002
Hurtt                  William Walter Sr.        26Nov  2002
Hush                   Carlene                   28Nov  2002
Hush                   Carlene J.                 1Dec  2002
Huslig                 Ernest J.                 23Jan  2002
Huslig                 Ernest J.                 24Jan  2002
Huslig                 James P.  "Jim"           29Oct  2002
Huslig                 Lawrence Emil              8Sep  2002
Husmann                M.  Lou                    9Mar  2002
Huston                 Audra M.                   1Apr  2002
Huston                 Audra M.                  30Mar  2002
Huston                 Audra M.                  31Mar  2002
Hutchens               Raymond                   16Apr  2002
Hutcherson             Mary Ann (Gardner)        28Jan  2002
Hutchinson             Carol Sue Cagle            5Dec  2002
Hutchinson             Margaret I.  "Peggy"       3Nov  2002
Hutchinson             Mary Elizabeth             8Dec  2002
Hutchinson             Mary Frances "Fran"       19Dec  2002
Hutchinson             Mary Frances "Fran"       20Dec  2002
Hutchinson             William L.  "Bill"         9Feb  2002
Hutchison              Joseph C.  "Joe"           3Nov  2002
Hutchison              Mary Elizabeth            10Jul  2002
Hutchison              Roberta Marguerite        16Jan  2002
Hutchison              Roberta Marguerite        20Jan  2002
Hutman                 LaVerne                   22Jan  2002
Hutsler                Maxine Carter              2Nov  2002
Hutson                 Fred W.                    1Jan  2002
Hutter                 Adelia J.                 18May  2002
Hutton                 Hazel                     16Dec  2002
Hutton                 Velma "Sue" (Hudson)       5Oct  2002
Huxman                 Catherine                  7Jun  2002
Huyett                 I.  Margaret               7Jul  2002
Huyett                 I.  Margaret               8Jul  2002
Hyde                   Margaret M.               15Nov  2002
Hylton                 Dorothy                   12Mar  2002
Hysom                  Rocky Lee                  1Sep  2002


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