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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of scrapbooks in their library that contain obituaries cut from The Wichita Eagle. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks. If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each name and we will abstract the information for you. Mail the name of the person you wish the information on, the year, the date (if given) and the page number it appears on (if given) to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. Please include your e-mail address if you have one.

Index courtesy of Bill Pennington.

Index of Wichita Eagle Obituaries 2002









       SURNAME            FIRST NAME         DATE
Cabeen               Robert E.                   31Jan 2002
Cable                Louis Robert                26Apr 2002
Cabrales             Alexandra                    3Jul 2002
Cabrera              Barbara Ann                 17Jan 2002
Cahoone              Sidney M.  "Sid"            13Apr 2002
Cain                 Benjamin "Don"              20Dec 2002
Cain                 Cecil C.W.                  11Jun 2002
Cain                 Frank R.                    11Feb 2002
Cain                 Rita L.                     18Aug 2002
Cain                 Rozella Maurine "Pat"       26Mar 2002
Cain                 Rozella Maurine "Pat"       27Mar 2002
Calamaco             Jose L.                     25Dec 2002
Calder               Elmer R.                    21Sep 2002
Calderon             Juan                        15Nov 2002
Caldwell             Ena May (Hardin)            23Apr 2002
Caldwell             Iva E.                       9Apr 2002
Caldwell             Jeff L.                     31Oct 2002
Caldwell             Lawrence J.                  4Jun 2002
Caldwell             Margie L.                    9Mar 2002
Caley                Homer K.  (Dr.)             23Apr 2002
Calhoun              Elder Robert                 2Apr 2002
Calhoun              Francis P.                  12Apr 2002
Callahan             Jane                         3Nov 2002
Callaway             Florence Marie               9Jul 2002
Callaway             Lloyd "Bill"                28Feb 2002
Callen               Irene I.  (Branson)         22Dec 2002
Callen               Irene I.  (Branson)         23Dec 2002
Calleros             Francisco J.  "Pancho"       7Feb 2002
Callewaert           Omer L.                      4Mar 2002
Callewaert           Omer L.                      5Mar 2002
Calloway             Aquilla J.                   9Jan 2002
Calloway             Aquilla J.                  10Jan 2002
Calvert              Glen W.                     14Feb 2002
Calvin               Don G.                      27Mar 2002
Calvin               Glenn R.                     4Jun 2002
Calvin               Jerrold R.  "Jerry"         28Aug 2002
Calvin               Michael S.                   8Aug 2002
Cameron              Clifford Duane              28Aug 2002
Cammel               Harold R.                   14Aug 2002
Campbell             Austin Asher                27Jun 2002
Campbell             Betty Elizabeth             30Sep 2002
Campbell             Blanche L.                   8Oct 2002
Campbell             Carroll C.                   7Apr 2002
Campbell             Cheryl Ann                  31Dec 2002
Campbell             Edith Esther                27Sep 2002
Campbell             Edith Loreen                11Oct 2002
Campbell             Edna Laura                  12Jun 2002
Campbell             Hattie Lola (Jennings)      23May 2002
Campbell             J.L.  "Jay"                  3Feb 2002
Campbell             Jack Derald                 13Jan 2002
Campbell             Joy B.                      19Mar 2002
Campbell             Leo Earl                    16Jul 2002
Campbell             Louella Charmian            13Aug 2002
Campbell             Louise T.  (Korb)           17Nov 2002
Campbell             Lynda                        8May 2002
Campbell             Nadine Berniece              2Mar 2002
Campbell             Opal                         2Aug 2002
Campbell             Pearl                       17Mar 2002
Campos               Marlyn L.                    1May 2002
Campos               Marlyn L.                    2May 2002
Campos               Socorro R.                   7Nov 2002
Canady               Steven Mark                  4Aug 2002
Canfield             Donald "Greg"               19Nov 2002
Canning              Kenneth E.                  13Nov 2002
Cannon               Jane                         3Jul 2002
Cannon               Joseph J.                    3Mar 2002
Cannon               Lynn M.                      3Feb 2002
Canon                Letha Zed                   22May 2002
Cantrell             Harold "Ray"                19Oct 2002
Cantrell             Harold "Ray"                20Oct 2002
Cantrell             Katherine A.  Heuett         4Mar 2002
Cantrell             Katherine A.  Heuett         5Mar 2002
Cantrell             Martha Jean                 24Mar 2002
Cantrell             Mary Lois                   13Dec 2002
Cantrell             Wilma A.                    27Jan 2002
Cappitelli           Joseph Anthony               5Jul 2002
Capps                Barbara Ann                 26Oct 2002
Capps                Edward Howard Sr.           13Oct 2002
Capps                Marvin E.                   17Apr 2002
Capps                Marvin Eugene               16Apr 2002
Capps                R.  Virginia                 1Apr 2002
Capps                R.  Virginia                 2Apr 2002
Capps                R.  Virginia                 3Apr 2002
Capps                R.  Virginia                31Mar 2002
Capps                Rosalie A.  "Rose"          25Sep 2002
Cardona              Maria                        1Dec 2002
Carey                Edna Marie                   7Feb 2002
Carey                John M.                     19Mar 2002
Carey                John M.B.  Jr.               8Feb 2002
Carey                Leonard Leon                10Mar 2002
Carey                Vera M.                     31Aug 2002
Carey                Wanda Ruth                  21Sep 2002
Carl                 Vern L.                      4May 2002
Carlile              Joseph B.  "Joe"            22Jan 2002
Carlisle             Judith Kay                   6Aug 2002
Carlisle             T.D.  "Ted"                  6May 2002
Carlisle             T.D.  "Ted"                  8May 2002
Carlson              Dale M.                     28Aug 2002
Carlson              Juvey M.                    25Feb 2002
Carlson              Juvey M.                    26Feb 2002
Carlson              Mary Helen                  25Dec 2002
Carlson              Mary June                   18Jan 2002
Carlson              Roy E.                      30Mar 2002
Carlson              Roy E.                      31Mar 2002
Carlton              Grace Mildred (Lively)       4Jun 2002
Carlton              Oletha Mae (Correll)        11Dec 2002
Carlton              Oletha Mae (Correll)        12Dec 2002
Carlyle              Anne C.                     13Jul 2002
Carlyle              Anne C.                     14Jul 2002
Carlyle              Anne C.                     15Jul 2002
Carmean              Lee Earl                    28Oct 2002
Carmichael           Dorothy M.                   1Feb 2002
Carmichael           H.E.  "Mike"                 4Jul 2002
Carnes               Erma Jeanette (Smith)       13Sep 2002
Carney               Billy Ray "Pappa"            2Apr 2002
Carney               Billy Ray "Pappa"            3Apr 2002
Carney               Billy Ray "Pappa"            5Apr 2002
Carney               Doretta                      8Nov 2002
Carney               Rita F.                     20Jun 2002
Carney               Rita F.                     21Jun 2002
Carney               Rita F.                     22Jun 2002
Caro                 Matthew Earl                16Feb 2002
Caro                 Matthew Earl                17Feb 2002
Carpenter            Edison H.  "Red"            26Aug 2002
Carpenter            Irvin                        3Feb 2002
Carpenter            Joyce E.                    30Dec 2002
Carr                 Don Edward                  13Aug 2002
Carr                 Don Edward                  14Aug 2002
Carr                 Edna Mae                     3Jul 2002
Carr                 Elizabeth                    6Jul 2002
Carr                 Elizabeth                    7Jul 2002
Carr                 Gerald Wesley "Jerry"       17Oct 2002
Carr                 Gerald Wesley "Jerry"       18Oct 2002
Carr                 Gerald Wesley "Jerry"       19Oct 2002
Carr                 Gerald Wesley "Jerry"       20Oct 2002
Carr                 Imogene Theresa             27Jul 2002
Carr                 Virginia Fae                 9Jun 2002
Carr                 Virginia Fae                21Jun 2002
Carr                 William Howard "Slohan      15Dec 2002
Carr                 William Howard "Slohan      17Dec 2002
Carra                John A.                     10Aug 2002
Carra                Pearl Mae (Kantelberg)      25Aug 2002
Carrasco             Arturo T.  Sr.  "Art"        8May 2002
Carrasco             Arturo T.  Sr.  "Art"        9May 2002
Carrillo             Rita Castro de              16Apr 2002
Carro                F.  Aurelio (Dr.)           16Jul 2002
Carro                F.  Aurelio (Dr.)           17Jul 2002
Carroll              James L.                    24Jun 2002
Carroll              Jon Marion                  12Dec 2002
Carroll              Paul G.                     31Dec 2002
Carson               Almedta                     16Feb 2002
Carson               Barbara J.                   5Mar 2002
Carson               Barbara J.                   6Mar 2002
Carson               Mary Lois                   10Oct 2002
Carte                Melinda Melville (Capp       7Dec 2002
Carter               Byrl                        15Jul 2002
Carter               Donald E.                   11Dec 2002
Carter               Doris O.                     7Aug 2002
Carter               Doris O.                     8Aug 2002
Carter               Duane Allen                  2May 2002
Carter               Gayle Yvonne                24Oct 2002
Carter               Geneva Laurene              30Nov 2002
Carter               Juanita Inez                18Jan 2002
Carter               Linnea June                 25Nov 2002
Carter               Linnea June                 26Nov 2002
Carter               Lois K.                      5Dec 2002
Carter               Lois K.                      6Dec 2002
Carter               Margarette Luella           15Sep 2002
Carter               Mary Myrtle                 10Mar 2002
Carter               Norma Jean                  19Apr 2002
Carter               Odessa                      10Sep 2002
Carter               Ralph E.                    14Mar 2002
Carter               Ross H.                     28Feb 2002
Carter               Sarah Lee                   24Jul 2002
Carter               Sharmen Edman               23May 2002
Carter               Thomas C.                    1Jan 2002
Carter               Thomas C.                    2Jan 2002
Carter               Virginia M.                  2Sep 2002
Carter               Virginia M.                  3Sep 2002
Carter               Wallace A.                  29Jun 2002
Carter               William Holsey              27Nov 2002
Carter               William Hosley              24Nov 2002
Carter               Zelma E.                     1Jul 2002
Carter               Zelma E.                    30Jun 2002
Carter-Johnson       Jessie                      24Mar 2002
Cartright            Clyde Amos Jr.              19Aug 2002
Cary                 Margaret Berylene "Bee      15Feb 2002
Cary                 Margaret Berylene "Bee      16Feb 2002
Case                 Benita R.                    6Feb 2002
Case                 Brenice Edith               29Dec 2002
Case                 Eldon A.                     2Apr 2002
Case                 Eldon A.                     3Apr 2002
Case                 Frederick Melvin             8Nov 2002
Case                 James T.  Sr.               23Oct 2002
Case                 Max E.                      13Oct 2002
Case                 Pamela Joy                   6Jun 2002
Case                 Robert Wayne                28Nov 2002
Case                 Vern M.                     24Nov 2002
Casebolt             Neva Marie                   3Apr 2002
Casey                Irene E.  (Rausch)          15Oct 2002
Casey                Irene E.  (Rausch)          16Oct 2002
Casey                Maurice                     26Aug 2002
Casey                Mona M.  (Betterson)        15Sep 2002
Cash                 Victoria Lorraine           20Aug 2002
Cash                 Victoria Lorraine           21Aug 2002
Casner               Billy B.                    14Apr 2002
Casner               Earl L.  Sr.                24Nov 2002
Casner               Earl L.  Sr.                25Nov 2002
Casner               Robert "Bob"                16Jun 2002
Casner               Robert "Bob"                17Jun 2002
Casperson            Joyce M.                    19Feb 2002
Casperson            Joyce M.                    20Feb 2002
Cass                 Wanda Elizabeth             30Mar 2002
Cassel               Ernest H.                    8Aug 2002
Cassel               Virginia Cunningham         13Mar 2002
Cassel               Virginia Cunningham         25Feb 2002
Cassise              James                       29Jul 2002
Castilow             Donald L.  Sr.              20Mar 2002
Castle               Frank "Doc"                 20Jul 2002
Castleberry          Morris Dale                 11Jan 2002
Casto                Lester V.                    9Dec 2002
Casto                Lester V.                   10Dec 2002
Cathcart             Carolyn L.                  14Jul 2002
Cathey               Maxine Carmen (Prier)       12Feb 2002
Catlin               Ernest S.                   18Jun 2002
Catlin               Lola Mae                    12Jun 2002
Catlin               Lola Mae                    13Jun 2002
Catlin               Tina Marie                   1Dec 2002
Caton                Scott J.                    31Jul 2002
Catren               Marion O.                    9Mar 2002
Catron               Joseph A.  (Buck)           14Dec 2002
Catt                 Dora Ilene                  27Feb 2002
Cauble               Daphyne "Dee" Vivan Sm      29May 2002
Cauble               Daphyne Vivian "Dee"        28May 2002
Cauble               Daphyne Vivian "Dee"        29May 2002
Cauble               Dathyne                     27May 2002
Caudillo             Ermelia G.  "Amy"            1Feb 2002
Caulk                Eva Janice                   4Apr 2002
Causey               Albert A.                   29May 2002
Causey               Albert A.                   30May 2002
Cauthern             Caroline R.  (Hamm)         25Mar 2002
Cavender             Ellen Faye (Montanye)       11Dec 2002
Cavender             Joseph Richard "Joe"         2Jul 2002
Cavender             Raetta A.                   28Aug 2002
Cavender             Raetta A.                   29Aug 2002
Caylor               Melvin A.                   10Oct 2002
Cefarelli            Mike                        19Nov 2002
Cellers              Mary Elizabeth              26Sep 2002
Cerney               Minnie M.                   11Feb 2002
Cerney               Minnie M.                   12Feb 2002
Cerney               Minnie M.                   13Feb 2002
Chadick              Andrea Sue                   5Jul 2002
Chadick              Andrea Sue                   6Jul 2002
Chadick              Andrea Sue                   7Jul 2002
Chaffee              Frances Joyce               20Apr 2002
Chaffee              Frances Joyce               21Apr 2002
Chaffin              Barry R.                    11Apr 2002
Chalender            Bob L.  (Dr.)               29Dec 2002
Chalfant             Elva V.                     15Sep 2002
Challender           Tamara Sue                   2Apr 2002
Chalmers             David                       19Jul 2002
Chamberlain          Helen A.                    17Feb 2002
Chamberlain          Helen A.                    19Feb 2002
Chamberlain          Wayne L.                    23Jan 2002
Chambers             Clara B.                     2Jul 2002
Chambers             Corwin E.  (Col.)           23Jun 2002
Chambers             Joseph W.                   30Dec 2002
Chambers             Lawrence R.                 26Jun 2002
Chambers             Lawrence R.                 27Jun 2002
Chambers             Mary Lizette (Baer)          5Sep 2002
Chambers             Mary Lizette (Baer)          6Sep 2002
Chambers             Mary Lizette (Baer)          7Sep 2002
Chambers             Ray W.                      10Aug 2002
Chambers             Raymond W.                  18May 2002
Champagne            Lillian Anna Belle          10Nov 2002
Chance               Carl R.                      9Mar 2002
Chance               Carl R.                     16Mar 2002
Chance               Mae                         11May 2002
Chance               Robert O.                    3Mar 2002
Chance               Robert O.                   25Feb 2002
Chandler             Amy E.                      10Feb 2002
Chandler             Charlotte M.  (Cumming      25Jan 2002
Chandler             Dorothy L.                  27May 2002
Chandler             Eleanor M.                   6Oct 2002
Chandler             Eleanor M.                   7Oct 2002
Chandler             Paul                        10Oct 2002
Chandler             Paul                        11Oct 2002
Chandler             Ruby N.                     13Jan 2002
Chandler             Ted Jack                    22Oct 2002
Chandler             Ted Jack                    23Oct 2002
Chaney               Dirk                        21Nov 2002
Chaney               Dirk                        27Nov 2002
Chaney               John H.                      3Mar 2002
Chaney               John H.                      5Mar 2002
Chaney               Pauline M.                  29Jul 2002
Chanthivong          Saeng                       17Jul 2002
Chanthivong          Saeng                       18Jul 2002
Chanthivong          Saeng                       19Jul 2002
Chantler             Norma                       20Nov 2002
Chapman              Billy B.                    18Jan 2002
Chapman              Billy B.                    19Jan 2002
Chapman              Billy B.                    20Jan 2002
Chapman              Ercil F.  "Chappy"           1Mar 2002
Chapman              Ercil F.  "Chappy"           2Mar 2002
Chapman              Ercil F.  "Chappy"           3Mar 2002
Chapman              Joseph Douglas "Bud"        20Feb 2002
Chapman              Raymond R.                   1Dec 2002
Chapman              Raymond R.                  11Dec 2002
Chapman              Raymond R.                  12Dec 2002
Chapman              Raymond R.                  30Nov 2002
Chappell             Helen E.                     1Sep 2002
Chappell             Helen E.                    31Aug 2002
Chappell             Marlene "Nutter"            24Oct 2002
Chaput               Dores Patricia               5Aug 2002
Charles              Lucile                      17Sep 2002
Charlton             Arthur Joseph               28Jul 2002
Charlton             Helen M.                    24Jan 2002
Chase                Beverly A.                  25Jul 2002
Chase                Charles N.                  29Dec 2002
Chastain             Gladys                       6Sep 2002
Chastain             James Walter                 1May 2002
Chastain             Laura F.  Fesler            22Nov 2002
Chastain             Phil (Rev.)                 17Jan 2002
Chastain             Verna B.                    18Oct 2002
Chatfield            Gertrude (Dennis)           29Apr 2002
Chavers              Drew Christian              21Sep 2002
Chavez               Henrietta                    1Jul 2002
Chavez               Henrietta                   30Jun 2002
Chavez               Kenneth S.  "Jim"            4Dec 2002
Chavez               Maureen A.                  15May 2002
Chavez               Phillip                     15May 2002
Chebultz             Gladys M.                    7Oct 2002
Chebultz             Gladys M.                    8Oct 2002
Cheney               Donald C.  "Sonny"          18Aug 2002
Cheney               Donald C.  "Sonny"          20Aug 2002
Chewning             Michael L.                  21Nov 2002
Child                Emmett P.  (Dr.)            14Aug 2002
Childers             Blanche Olivia              22Apr 2002
Childers             Blanche Olivia              24Apr 2002
Childers             Naomi L.                     4Jun 2002
Childress            Roberta Lee                  6Jul 2002
Childs               Kenneth E.  Jr.             20Jun 2002
Childs               Ocie O.                     19Oct 2002
Childs               Ocie O.                     20Oct 2002
Childs               Ruth E.                      7Jan 2002
Chilson-Chavers      Nicole E.  "Nikki"          21Sep 2002
Chin                 Ronnie Thung-Sang           17Feb 2002
Chinn                Michael Paul                13Nov 2002
Chinn                Zeta M.  Hamilton           17Dec 2002
Chipman              Avis                        10Sep 2002
Chormley             Annie Elizabeth             20Jan 2002
Chow-Sauter          Alana "Michelle" (Dr.)      23Jan 2002
Chrisman             John C.                     29Jan 2002
Chrisman             Paul G.                     11Oct 2002
Chrisman             Paul G.                     12Oct 2002
Chrisman             Paul G.                     13Oct 2002
Chrisman             Wilma Sue                    9Feb 2002
Christena            Ray Clifford (Dr.)          24Jan 2002
Christensen          Harold "Don"                23Mar 2002
Christensen          Shirley A.                  19Mar 2002
Christenson          Amos Stephen                24Apr 2002
Christian            David Jared                 11Jun 2002
Christian            E.  Maybelle                25Mar 2002
Christian            E.  Maybelle                28Mar 2002
Christians           Edward E.                   19Jan 2002
Christiansen         Carl Jr.                    17Jul 2002
Christie             Earnest A.  "Earnie"        27Jan 2002
Christner            Melvin L.                   25Jan 2002
Christopher          May Katherine (Strain)       3Dec 2002
Christopher          May Katherine (Strain)       4Dec 2002
Christopher          Robert St.  Clair           17Dec 2002
Christopher          Robert St.  Clair           18Dec 2002
Christopher          Wilda E.                    15Feb 2002
Christy              LaRue L.                    27Oct 2002
Christy              LaRue L.                    28Oct 2002
Christy              Randy                        5Nov 2002
Christy              Randy                        6Nov 2002
Christy              Randy                        7Nov 2002
Christy              Ruth Ellen Morgan           23Apr 2002
Chrystie             F.R.  "Ted" (Rev.)           5Mar 2002
Chrystie             F.R.  "Ted" (Rev.)           6Mar 2002
Church               Esther M.                    4Jul 2002
Church               Terry E.                    16Jul 2002
Church               Theodore "Gene"              2Jun 2002
Chuzy                Carl                        28Aug 2002
Chuzy                Carl                        28Aug 2002
Chuzy                Carl                        29Aug 2002
Cilek                Raymond W.  "Ray"            5Mar 2002
Cinotto              Esther Elaine                5Jun 2002
Cinotto              Esther Elaine                6Jun 2002
Cinotto              Esther Elaine                7Jun 2002
Cipra                Ida Laurina                 19Mar 2002
Cisneros             Raymond                     15May 2002
Claiborne            Duane                       16Jul 2002
Clark                Adeline C.                  29Oct 2002
Clark                Alpha F.                    12Jun 2002
Clark                Ardith "Art" "Wayne"         5Jan 2002
Clark                Ardith "Art" "Wayne"         6Jan 2002
Clark                Audrey (Sandfort)           11Jun 2002
Clark                Betty L.                    27Dec 2002
Clark                Bill                        23Sep 2002
Clark                Caeleb D.                   12Nov 2002
Clark                Catherine C.                 2Dec 2002
Clark                Charles B.                   6Mar 2002
Clark                Dorothy J.  Carter          24Nov 2002
Clark                E.  Louise                   7Jun 2002
Clark                Elizabeth D.                22Dec 2002
Clark                Elizabeth D.                25Dec 2002
Clark                Evelyn Lavella (Jennis      15Feb 2002
Clark                F.  Opal (Barnaby)          23Oct 2002
Clark                Frances Pauline             31Jul 2002
Clark                Hannah E.                   31Oct 2002
Clark                Harold R.                   28Oct 2002
Clark                Iris G.                      6Oct 2002
Clark                Joseph W.                    1Mar 2002
Clark                LaVon B.  (Smith)           30Sep 2002
Clark                Louise                       7Feb 2002
Clark                Margaret T.                 19Oct 2002
Clark                Marjean (Rowan)             12Apr 2002
Clark                Martha Jo                   23May 2002
Clark                Minnie Fern                 22Jan 2002
Clark                Minnie Fern                 23Jan 2002
Clark                Nellie M.                    1Mar 2002
Clark                Robert G.  "Bob"            21Apr 2002
Clark                Robert G.  "Bob"            22Apr 2002
Clark                Robert G.  "Bob"            23Apr 2002
Clark                Ronald Asa                  13Nov 2002
Clark                Ronald Asa                  14Nov 2002
Clark                Roy D.                      22Mar 2002
Clark                Valta Rhea                  21Jan 2002
Clark                Vernon V.                    9Aug 2002
Clark                Zachary K.                  28Mar 2002
Clark                Zachary K.                  29Mar 2002
Clark                Zachary K.                  30Mar 2002
Clarke               Darla J.                    25Aug 2002
Clarke               Geraldine Estelle           21Sep 2002
Clarkson             Jerome J.  "Jerry"          22Mar 2002
Clarkson             Jerome J.  "Jerry"          31Mar 2002
Clasen               George Henry II             27Nov 2002
Classen              Bertha                      19Dec 2002
Clausen              Marian C.                   10Mar 2002
Clausen              Marian C.                   11Mar 2002
Claussen             DeLin                       31Aug 2002
Clawson              Caleb Andrew                25Dec 2002
Clay                 Claire Washburn             23Mar 2002
Clay                 Claire Washburn             24Mar 2002
Clay                 Irving James                10Apr 2002
Clay                 Willie Sue                   6Feb 2002
Clay                 Willie Sue                   8Feb 2002
Claycomb             Selma McMinn (Ring)         17Apr 2002
Claypole             Opal W.                     15Sep 2002
Claypool             Cecile Georgia               2Nov 2002
Claypool             Grace Shultz                29Jul 2002
Claypool             Grace Shultz                30Jul 2002
Claypool             Grace Shultz                31Jul 2002
Clayton              Freda M.                     8Mar 2002
Clayton              Marjorie L.                  8Sep 2002
Clayton              Ruby Lorene                 22Dec 2002
Clayton              Russell                     15Nov 2002
Clayton              Russell                     17Nov 2002
Clemence             Amanda Renee "Mandy"         5May 2002
Clemence             Amanda Renee "Mandy"         6May 2002
Clemence             Amanda Renee "Mandy"         7May 2002
Clement              Nettie M.                   24Jul 2002
Clement              Wilma Sue                    6Mar 2002
Clements             Doris Louise                 5Aug 2002
Clements             Jewel R.                    18Feb 2002
Clemings             James Albert                22May 2002
Clemments            William W.  Jr.  "Bill       3Jun 2002
Clemments            William W.  Jr.  "Bill       4Jun 2002
Clemon               Joyce Marie                 17Nov 2002
Clemon               Joyce Marie                 19Nov 2002
Clemons              Joel Emory-Erving           11Jun 2002
Clemons              Joel Emory-Erving           12Jun 2002
Cleveland            Benny Leroy                 16Jan 2002
Clevenger            Melvin E.                   19Jul 2002
Clevenger            Virgil L.                   19Jan 2002
Clevenger            Virgil L.                   20Jan 2002
Clifford             Hannah                       9Jun 2002
Cline                James Russell "J.R." 8      20May 2002
Cline                Jerry Dean                  10Jan 2002
Cline                Mary Bernice                10Sep 2002
Cline                Mary Bernice                11Sep 2002
Cline                Mary Bernice                12Sep 2002
Cline                Ruby Dona                   21Aug 2002
Cline                William "Bill"               9Dec 2002
Clines               Dorothea Jean Dori (Da      19Sep 2002
Clinesmith           Cheryl                       2Aug 2002
Clinger              Vivian F.                    7Apr 2002
Clinton              Virginia E.                 12Feb 2002
Clipper              Edith "Pearl"               27Dec 2002
Clodfelter           Clifford "Sleepy-Earl"       2Jul 2002
Clogston             June Ann                    26Sep 2002
Clogston             June Ann                    27Sep 2002
Cloninger            Charles A.  "Chuck"         21May 2002
Close                Bruce A.                    24Jul 2002
Close                David Hugh                  13Nov 2002
Cloud                Lorene M.                   16Mar 2002
Cloud                Lorene M.                   17Mar 2002
Cloud                Noble H.                    13Aug 2002
Clough               Viola A.                     8Aug 2002
Clough               Viola A.                     9Aug 2002
Cloukey              Margaret H.                 31May 2002
Clouse               Mildred M.  McHenry         10Nov 2002
Clubine              Laura Louise                15Jan 2002
Cluster              Sandra Lee                   4Dec 2002
Clute                Wiley T.                    17Apr 2002
Clutter              Curtis E.                   25Apr 2002
Clyne                Lillian Mae                 17Feb 2002
Coakley              Marie Lakme'                17Jan 2002
Coakley              Marie Lakme'                18Jan 2002
Coate                Bruce R.                    28Mar 2002
Cobal                Gerald L.                    6Nov 2002
Cobb                 Donald Eugene               17Sep 2002
Cobb                 Mabel R.                     4Jan 2002
Cobb                 Martha V.                    4Feb 2002
Cobb                 Zona S.                     12Feb 2002
Cochenour            Lloyd Morgan                12Feb 2002
Cochran              Alexander F.                 5Sep 2002
Cochran              Alma O.                     24Feb 2002
Cochran              Clifford "Penny"            25Sep 2002
Cochran              Dorothy N.                  13Aug 2002
Cochran              Freddie Martin "Fred"       12Nov 2002
Cochran              James F.                    12Dec 2002
Cochran              Katherine Marcet "Kati      17Jun 2002
Cochran              Marjorie                    14May 2002
Cochran              Mike                         1Apr 2002
Cochran              Mike                         2Apr 2002
Cochran              Mike                        31Mar 2002
Cochran              Myrtle Hazel (Walker)       28Mar 2002
Cochrane             Frederic L.  "Larry"         3Dec 2002
Cockerhern           Grover Shane                29Aug 2002
Cockey               Eunice                      21Nov 2002
Cockrell             Jerry Dean                  16Oct 2002
Cody                 Virginia Lee                22Mar 2002
Coe                  Julia Louise Caton           9Aug 2002
Coe                  Wilfred A.                  31May 2002
Coen                 Walter                      19Sep 2002
Coffelt              Charles Daniel "Danny"       1Apr 2002
Coffey               Austin Calvin               27Nov 2002
Coffey               Edward LeRoy                14Jun 2002
Coffey               Emma Lee                     8Sep 2002
Coffey               Emma Lee                     9Sep 2002
Coffey               George Wallace               6Nov 2002
Coffey               Helen M.                    22Aug 2002
Coffey               J.  Eleanor                 18Feb 2002
Coffey               Roy E.                      28Apr 2002
Coffield             Kenneth Eugene              26Feb 2002
Coffin               June E.                     27Mar 2002
Coffman              Lucile                       7Feb 2002
Cofield              Ruth P.                      6Mar 2002
Cogan                Frances Elizabeth (Boo      24Apr 2002
Cogan                Frances Elizabeth (Boo      25Apr 2002
Cogzill              Loretta Francis             29Apr 2002
Cohee                Kathryn Lynn                 7Dec 2002
Cokely               Lucille B.                  21May 2002
Colahan              Mabel M.                    22Nov 2002
Colbert              Adrian Gregory Darnel       20Dec 2002
Colbert              Mattieleen S.               24Sep 2002
Colborn              Marcella A.                 24Aug 2002
Colburn              Jack R.                     30Aug 2002
Colby                Emma L.                     27Jun 2002
Colby                Julia C.  Hackerott         21Mar 2002
Colcord              James David                 10Dec 2002
Coldicott            Walter G.                   27Jul 2002
Cole                 Basil Earl                  25Sep 2002
Cole                 Billie Lea                  30Jul 2002
Cole                 Dorothy L.                  17Sep 2002
Cole                 Douglas W.                  23Nov 2002
Cole                 Emmett E.                   23Jun 2002
Cole                 Emmett E.                   24Jun 2002
Cole                 Hellen Marie                29Oct 2002
Cole                 John W.                     18Oct 2002
Cole                 John W.                     19Oct 2002
Cole                 John W.                     20Oct 2002
Cole                 LaVerne Irene               21Oct 2002
Cole                 M.  Louise                   4Jan 2002
Cole                 M.  Louise                   6Jan 2002
Cole                 Nina Marie (Buchanan)       21Mar 2002
Cole                 Nina Marie (Buchanan)       22Mar 2002
Cole                 Nina Marie (Buchanan)       23Mar 2002
Cole                 Zephyr Rose (Heaton)         7Apr 2002
Coleman              Alice Marie                 14Aug 2002
Coleman              Alice Marie                 15Aug 2002
Coleman              Dewey Gordon                30Oct 2002
Coleman              Dewey Gordon                31Oct 2002
Coleman              Floyd J.                    24Dec 2002
Coleman              Frederic William             5May 2002
Coleman              G.B.  Sr.                   21Jun 2002
Coleman              Helen A.                    14Jun 2002
Coleman              Helen L.                    21Mar 2002
Coleman              Iola Nell                   10Apr 2002
Coleman              Iola Nell                   11Apr 2002
Coleman              Iola Nell                   12Apr 2002
Coleman              Mary Virginia Stauffer      21May 2002
Colen                John D.                     22Nov 2002
Colglazier           Daniel Robert               26Jan 2002
Colle                Homer L.                    31Oct 2002
Colley               Austin King Jr.             30Apr 2002
Collier              Charles E.  "Chuck"         31Oct 2002
Collier              Nettie Mae                  16Sep 2002
Collier              Thomas J.  "Joe"            15Jan 2002
Collins              Ella Rue (Guest)             9Jul 2002
Collins              Ella Rue (Guest)            10Jul 2002
Collins              Glenn M.                     1Jan 2002
Collins              Glenn M.                     2Jan 2002
Collins              Lloyd J.                    12Feb 2002
Collins              Lucy E.                      2Jun 2002
Collins              Norma Sue                   27Mar 2002
Collins              Pete                        16Aug 2002
Collins              Robert Eugene               20Mar 2002
Collins              Robert Eugene               21Mar 2002
Collins              Tre Shon Andrew             17Mar 2002
Collins              Viola T.                    21Nov 2002
Colombo              Mollie Kathryn              17Apr 2002
Coltrane             Robert A.  (Rev.)           12Feb 2002
Colvert              Jerry A.                    31Dec 2002
Combs                Harle Dean                   3Aug 2002
Combs                J.  Christopher             17Aug 2002
Combs                J.  Christopher             18Aug 2002
Combs                J.  Christopher             19Aug 2002
Combs                Jason Christopher "         17Aug 2002
Combs                Jerry D.                     4Nov 2002
Combs                Jerry D.                     5Nov 2002
Combs                Mae                         29Nov 2002
Combs                Richard R.  "Dick"          10Dec 2002
Combs                Roxie (Freemyer) "Pudg       8Dec 2002
Combs                Walter Eugene               26Nov 2002
Compton              Duane                       15Feb 2002
Compton              Duane                       16Feb 2002
Compton              Ruth Correa                 20Aug 2002
Comstock             Evelyn Rose                 30Apr 2002
Comstock             Jackielyn Ann               28Jun 2002
Comstock             Kevin Wayne                 10Nov 2002
Conant               Ethel M.                    12Feb 2002
Conant               Ethel M.                    13Feb 2002
Conard               Betty Jean                  22Mar 2002
Conaway              Harold L.                    8Mar 2002
Condit               Martha Jean                 24Oct 2002
Cone                 Harold H.                   26Jun 2002
Conklin              Mary K.                     15Oct 2002
Conklin              Mary K.                     16Oct 2002
Conley               Donald                       3Dec 2002
Conley               Donald William               5Dec 2002
Conley               Jacob                       27Nov 2002
Connelly             James Marshall              23Nov 2002
Connelly             James Marshall              25Nov 2002
Connelly             Linda G.                    22Jan 2002
Conner               Anna L.                      9Feb 2002
Conner               Sibyl Irene                 23Aug 2002
Connes               Eugene Raymond (Rev.)       27Jul 2002
Connolly             James Y.                     5Mar 2002
Conover              Goldie Lee                  12May 2002
Conquest             Violet Flossie (Wallac       9Jun 2002
Conrad               Betrice Iono Sill "Bee       3Apr 2002
Conrad               Christopher W.               6May 2002
Conrad               Harold L .                   9Jun 2002
Conrad               Harold L.                    8Jun 2002
Conrad               Lucille                     28Jul 2002
Conrad               Vesta V.                    25Jun 2002
Conrad               Warren C.                   31Dec 2002
Conrad               Wayne Drake Jr.              2Jun 2002
Conrady              Lucille (Wencel)            29Jan 2002
Considine            Betty Ruth                   4Aug 2002
Converse             Betty J.                    29Oct 2002
Conway               William Allen                7Jun 2002
Cook                 Arthur D.                   31Jul 2002
Cook                 Bailey                      11May 2002
Cook                 Bailey E.                   10May 2002
Cook                 Brent W.                    29Jun 2002
Cook                 Carmen Reinhardt            25Apr 2002
Cook                 Carol M.                    10May 2002
Cook                 Carol M.                    11May 2002
Cook                 Carol Marie                  1Jun 2002
Cook                 Charles                     26Nov 2002
Cook                 Christian Alan Lee          24Dec 2002
Cook                 Clint A.                     7Nov 2002
Cook                 Darrell Donovan              6Feb 2002
Cook                 Donald R.                   27Dec 2002
Cook                 Earl W.                     17Aug 2002
Cook                 Elreene                     14Sep 2002
Cook                 Everett L.  (Dr.)           22Jun 2002
Cook                 Everett L.  (Dr.)           23Jun 2002
Cook                 Gregory Lenn                 4Oct 2002
Cook                 James Robert "J.R."         18Jun 2002
Cook                 Jerry L.                    27May 2002
Cook                 Luther M.                   11Jan 2002
Cook                 Norval Scott                31Mar 2002
Cook                 Richard E.  (Hon.)           9Jan 2002
Cook                 Vaughnita L.                19Sep 2002
Cook                 Warren L.                   16Nov 2002
Cook                 William L.                  13Jul 2002
Cook                 William L.  "Bill"          12Jul 2002
Cook                 Zenobia "Mickey"             7Jun 2002
Cooks                Mary Ellen                  27Oct 2002
Cooley               Allan E.                     5Aug 2002
Cooley               Kenneth E.                  17Aug 2002
Cooley               Kenneth E.                  18Aug 2002
Cooley               Kenneth E.                  21Aug 2002
Cooley               Kenneth E.                  22Aug 2002
Cooley               Louise                       2Feb 2002
Cooley               Louise                       3Feb 2002
Cooley               Marguerite (Bowers)         14Dec 2002
Cooley               Vera M.                     14Jan 2002
Coombes              Margaret E.                 22Dec 2002
Coon                 E.  Leon "Shorty"           11Sep 2002
Coon                 Evelyn W.                   15Jul 2002
Coonrod              Carl M.                      5Mar 2002
Coonrod              Carl M.                      6Mar 2002
Coons                Thelma                      10Sep 2002
Cooper               Elizabeth                    6Jun 2002
Cooper               Elmer D.                    21Jun 2002
Cooper               Herman O.                   25Nov 2002
Cooper               Ivan L.                     29Sep 2002
Cooper               Jacob Elijah                22Oct 2002
Cooper               Jerry L.                     4Jul 2002
Cooper               Jerry L.                     5Jul 2002
Cooper               Kenneth R.  "Kenny"         20Feb 2002
Cooper               Lola R.  (Wright)           19Jul 2002
Cooper               Regina                      18Apr 2002
Cooper               Ronald Dean                 11Dec 2002
Cooper               Rosalie F.                  24Sep 2002
Cooper               Timothy A.  "Tim Dog"       25Apr 2002
Cooper-Edwards       Dorothy (Guthrie)           11Sep 2002
Cope                 Glenn E.                     9Sep 2002
Cope                 Glenn Earl                  10Sep 2002
Cope                 Glenn Earl                  12Sep 2002
Cope                 Marieta                      1Dec 2002
Cope                 Marieta                     30Nov 2002
Cope                 Russell V.                   1Jul 2002
Cope                 Russell V.                  28Jun 2002
Cope                 Russell V.                  29Jun 2002
Cope                 Russell V.                  30Jun 2002
Cope                 Shirley Lorena Mangun        2Dec 2002
Copeland             Alene Rae                    4Dec 2002
Copeland             John J.  "J.J."             27Jun 2002
Copeland             Suzanne Marie                3Apr 2002
Copeland             V.  Katheryn                 1Dec 2002
Copeland             William John                20Feb 2002
Copp                 Marie Edith                  3Feb 2002
Copper               Timothy A.  "Tim Dog"       17Apr 2002
Copper               Timothy A.  "Tim Dog"       24Apr 2002
Copple               James Dwight                23Jul 2002
Coppock              Alpha J.  (Ayers)           17Apr 2002
Coppock              Alpha J.  (Ayres)           18Apr 2002
Corbin               Jesse W.                     6Mar 2002
Corbitt              Ethelene Marie              20Aug 2002
Cordero              Gabriel Augustine           31Oct 2002
Cordray              Lois M.                      1Jun 2002
Corey                Roy Lawrence                18Jan 2002
Corley               Edith                        7May 2002
Corley               Edith                        8May 2002
Corley-Thompson      Lynna Jeane                 11Jun 2002
Corn                 Walter R.  "Punk"           15Jul 2002
Cornelius            George H.                   22Jun 2002
Cornelius            Jacob Wayne                 30Apr 2002
Cornelius            Rowena                      19May 2002
Cornell              Margaret A.                  7Nov 2002
Cornell              Raetta                       3Feb 2002
Corner               Laketta Maria               17Mar 2002
Corner               Laketta Maria               19Mar 2002
Cornett              Calvin L.                   25Mar 2002
Cornett              Jean                         7Aug 2002
Cornner              Margaret (Shrum)            11Dec 2002
Cornner              Margaret (Shrum)            28Nov 2002
Corns                Gary                         1Dec 2002
Corns                Gary                        30Nov 2002
Corpening            Patricia                     5Mar 2002
Correll              Dorothy J.  (Heckman)       18Jun 2002
Cortest              Josephine M.                26Nov 2002
Cortez               Gregorio Juarez              5Dec 2002
Corwin               Carol A.                    29Apr 2002
Costello             Mary W.                     13Feb 2002
Costello             Mary W.                     14Feb 2002
Coster               Mitchell David "Mick"        2Jun 2002
Costlow              Charles "Chalk"             26Feb 2002
Costlow              Charles "Chalk"             27Feb 2002
Cotter               W.C.  "Bill"                23Sep 2002
Cottle               Albert William              30Apr 2002
Cottle               Arthur W.                   31Mar 2002
Cotton               Esther L.                    2May 2002
Cotton               Mildred I.                  13Jul 2002
Couch                Velda M.                     3Feb 2002
Couchman             Edith M.                     9Mar 2002
Couffer              Betty Jo                    15Nov 2002
Couffer              Kenneth Lester              31May 2002
Cougher              Deena N.                    15Jul 2002
Coulson              Mary Louise (Odle)          27Nov 2002
Coulson              Mary Louise (Odle)          28Nov 2002
Coulter              Hilda A.                     7Feb 2002
Counter              Muriel                       3Jun 2002
Countryman           Billy K.                    18Feb 2002
Courson              Hildagard E.                 6Nov 2002
Courtney             Betty Ruth                  26Jun 2002
Courtright           Donald L.                   12Aug 2002
Courtright           Helen F.                    20Apr 2002
Covell               Nora Ellen (Orcutt)         16Jun 2002
Covert               Ruth M.                     20Jun 2002
Covey                Debra Jo                     1Aug 2002
Covey                Debra Jo                    31Jul 2002
Covey                Linda                        2Jan 2002
Cowan                Bobby Gene                  16Apr 2002
Cowel                Nellie Leona                23Jan 2002
Cowell               Robert D.  "Bob"            29Mar 2002
Cowell               Robert D.  "Bob"            30Mar 2002
Cowell               Sylvia Pauline (Berry)      12Mar 2002
Cowen                Erie J.                     31Dec 2002
Cowles               Bernelle                    20Aug 2002
Cowles               Charles Curtis Sr.           7Aug 2002
Cox                  Charles W.                  24Jul 2002
Cox                  Clarissa M.  (Dickerso       1Sep 2002
Cox                  Clarissa M.  (Dickerso       2Sep 2002
Cox                  Delmer E.                    6Feb 2002
Cox                  Doris C.  (Elder)            5Jan 2002
Cox                  Doris C.  (Elder)            6Jan 2002
Cox                  Dorothy B.                  11Jan 2002
Cox                  Edna Mae                    30Oct 2002
Cox                  Eva Bell                     6May 2002
Cox                  Evelyn J.  (Knight)          3Jan 2002
Cox                  F.  Dale                    22Oct 2002
Cox                  Gail Arthur                 18Jun 2002
Cox                  Gary L.                     12Apr 2002
Cox                  Gloria J.                   17Apr 2002
Cox                  H.  Merrill                  1Dec 2002
Cox                  H.  Merrill                 30Nov 2002
Cox                  J.M.                         1Jul 2002
Cox                  J.M.                        29Jun 2002
Cox                  J.M.                        30Jun 2002
Cox                  Jared E.  "Junior"           7Mar 2002
Cox                  Kenneth Ray                 24Jul 2002
Cox                  Leslie Lee                  15Jan 2002
Cox                  Mariana                      2Jun 2002
Cox                  Mariana                      3Jun 2002
Cox                  Michael D.  "Duane"         23Jul 2002
Cox                  Michael D.  "Duane"         24Jul 2002
Cox                  Michael D.  "Duane"         25Jul 2002
Cox                  Michael S.                  17Jul 2002
Cox                  Mildred Louise              23Dec 2002
Cox                  Oakley F.                   27Apr 2002
Cox                  Oakley F.                   28Apr 2002
Cox                  Olivene T.                   7Sep 2002
Cox                  Oscar A.                    28Sep 2002
Cox                  Paul Marvin                 22Jun 2002
Cox                  Paul Marvin                 22Jun 2002
Cox                  Paul Marvin                 23Jun 2002
Cox                  Paul Marvin                 23Jun 2002
Cox                  Susan Opal                  12Jan 2002
Cox                  Toni Renee                   8Apr 2002
Cox                  Wanda Jane                   6Oct 2002
Cox                  Willard L.                  30May 2002
Cox                  Willard Lewis               31May 2002
Coy                  Chester                      4Dec 2002
Crabb                Jerry W.                     5Sep 2002
Crabb                Jerry W.                     6Sep 2002
Crabb                Jerry W.                     7Sep 2002
Crabtree             Hallie A.                    3Jul 2002
Craft                M.C.                        22Sep 2002
Cragg                Garnett E.                  10Apr 2002
Craib                Myrtle Belle (McClain)      16Feb 2002
Craig                Calvin K.  Sr.  "Sarge      21Jul 2002
Craig                Claude V.                    6May 2002
Craig                Grace O.                    22Sep 2002
Craig                Hazel M.                    26Dec 2002
Craig                Mary M.                     24Jun 2002
Crain                Lewis Eldon "Lew"            4Jul 2002
Cramer               Ruby M.                     14Jul 2002
Cramton              Larry                       31Jan 2002
Crandon              Hazel                       21Nov 2002
Crane                David L.                     2Jun 2002
Crane                David L.                     4Jun 2002
Crane                Lawrence R.                 16Mar 2002
Crane                Lawrence R.                 17Mar 2002
Crane                Michelle Grace "Punky"      22Dec 2002
Crank                Howard Wayne                16Jun 2002
Cranor               Albert H.  "Al"             29Jan 2002
Cranor               Cozette C.                  13Nov 2002
Crawford             Christopher Michael         19Apr 2002
Crawford             David C.                    17Feb 2002
Crawford             Dwight Ronald Sr.           27Apr 2002
Crawford             Dwight Ronald Sr.           28Apr 2002
Crawford             Evelyn Bernice              25Dec 2002
Crawford             Geraldine (Pittman)          2May 2002
Crawford             Gladys                      11Oct 2002
Crawford             Iris Christina               2May 2002
Crawford             Jennie Marie                 6Dec 2002
Crawford             Lewis "Hick"                 7Jun 2002
Crawford             Luther Sr.                  24Feb 2002
Crawford             Malvern W.                  26Mar 2002
Crawford             Ross L.                      5Feb 2002
Creamer              James "Jay"                  1Sep 2002
Creed                Clara K.                     4Dec 2002
Creed                Clara K.                     5Dec 2002
Creed                Clara K.                     6Dec 2002
Creed                Mary E.                     17Aug 2002
Creek                Sue                         19May 2002
Creekmore            William G.                  30Mar 2002
Crelly               Matthew Joseph "Matt"       19Nov 2002
Crenshaw             Zada McCarver               27Sep 2002
Creson               Mabel E.                     6Sep 2002
Crespo-Fernandez     Monique                     24Nov 2002
Crick                N.  May                      1Dec 2002
Crick                N.  May                      2Dec 2002
Criger               Carl R.                      8May 2002
Criner               Frances Evalena              4Jan 2002
Criner               Frances Evalena              5Jan 2002
Criqui               Tammie Lee                   8Feb 2002
Criss                Karyn N.                    30Jul 2002
Criss                Karyn N.                    31Jul 2002
Crist                George E.                   15Mar 2002
Crist                Grace Evelyn                28May 2002
Cristiano            Irmgard                      3Jan 2002
Criswell             James W.  Sr.  "Jim"        23Sep 2002
Critchfield          Audrey Evelyn               14Jan 2002
Critchfield          Jesse Junior                 3Jun 2002
Critchfield          Jesse Junior                 4Jun 2002
Crocker              Mary Ann "Ann"              31Mar 2002
Crocker              Michael "Mickey"             6Oct 2002
Crockett             Christopher A.               4Jul 2002
Crockett             George Troy "G.T."          13Jul 2002
Crockett             Katherine C.                 6Aug 2002
Crockett             Robert O.                    7Dec 2002
Crockett             Virgil D.                    1Apr 2002
Crockett             Virgil Dean                  3Apr 2002
Croft                Dee                         15Feb 2002
Croft                Edwin J.                    29Dec 2002
Croft                Edwin J.                    30Dec 2002
Croft                Justin E.                    4Aug 2002
Cron                 Joe E.                      18Jun 2002
Cronin               Ruth E.                     29Oct 2002
Crook                Frank                       22Jul 2002
Crook                Kenneth E.  "Kenny"          8Apr 2002
Crook                Kenneth E.  "Kenny"         10Apr 2002
Crosby               Lida                        18Sep 2002
Crosley              Dale                        28May 2002
Cross                Laura J.                    13Oct 2002
Crossette            Ariel Purity                20Aug 2002
Crossland            Ivan Lee Sr.                 4Jun 2002
Crossno              Lucille Harr                19Feb 2002
Crosswhite           Clyde C.                     2Jun 2002
Crotinger            June G.                     14Mar 2002
Crouch               Julia A.  "Judy"            16Feb 2002
Crouse               Dena Ruth                    7Jan 2002
Crouse               Morris Dale                  8Feb 2002
Crow                 Kenneth W.                  16Jun 2002
Crowder              Michael Kent                 1Sep 2002
Crowder              Michael Kent                 2Sep 2002
Crowe                James R.  "Jim"             25Feb 2002
Crowell              G.B.  "Burt"                27Feb 2002
Crowell              Hazel Frances                7Apr 2002
Crowell              Rollin                      13May 2002
Crowell              Rollin                      27May 2002
Crowell              Roy E.                       9May 2002
Crowley              Elmer W.  "Jiggs"           10Jul 2002
Cruice               Thelma A.                    1Dec 2002
Cruice               Thelma A.                    2Dec 2002
Cruise               Goldie M.                   13Sep 2002
Crum                 James G.                    26Feb 2002
Crum                 Marjory A.                   7May 2002
Crumrine             Donald C.                    6Mar 2002
Crumrine             Dorothy                     27Nov 2002
Crumrine             Hattie Beatrice             26Mar 2002
Crupper              Elsie M.                    27Apr 2002
Cruse                Gina L.                     19Jun 2002
Cruse                Lawrence Martin "Larry       5Sep 2002
Cruthird             Sylvia J.                   25Sep 2002
Cruz                 Charlie R.                  20Oct 2002
Cruz                 Raymond J.                   6Jan 2002
Cryer                Lucille Delberta             5Apr 2002
Cubberly             Avalee Elaine               13Sep 2002
Cuddy                Nellie M.                   22May 2002
Cudjo                Queen Ella                  25Dec 2002
Culbert              Adrian Gregory Darnel       21Dec 2002
Culp                 Mae                         20Dec 2002
Cummings             John M.                     15Mar 2002
Cummings             John T.  "Jack"             20Dec 2002
Cummings             Loyd N.                     16Aug 2002
Cummins              Betty L.                     3Sep 2002
Cummins              Betty L.                     4Sep 2002
Cummins              Donna                       25Nov 2002
Cummins              Winifred M.  "Pennie"       28Oct 2002
Cummins              Winifred M.  "Pennie"       29Oct 2002
Cunningham           Billy Jack                  15Dec 2002
Cunningham           Clarice Jeannette           25Mar 2002
Cunningham           Elda F.                     11Oct 2002
Cunningham           Elda F.                     12Oct 2002
Cunningham           Elda F.                     13Oct 2002
Cunningham           Madison Danielle             4Jan 2002
Cunningham           Martha J.                   29Jan 2002
Cupell               David                       20Dec 2002
Cupples              Ronald Dale                  1May 2002
Cupples              Ronald Dale                  2May 2002
Curfman              Lawrence E.  III "Larr      18Dec 2002
Curfman              Lawrence E.  III "Larr      19Dec 2002
Curran               Robert L.                   10Feb 2002
Curry                David Lee                    7Sep 2002
Curry                Douglas Wayne (Dr.)         30Oct 2002
Curry                Jason                       27Jun 2002
Curry                Walter V.                    9Jan 2002
Curtis               Austin C.                    1Oct 2002
Curtis               Carl                         8Apr 2002
Curtis               Martha Margaret              3Dec 2002
Curtis               Noma M.                      8Mar 2002
Curtis               Tammy Sue (Roets)            3Aug 2002
Curtis               Tammy Sue (Roets)            4Aug 2002
Cusic                Agnes Marie                  7Sep 2002
Cusick               Jennie Marie (Koepsel)      18Apr 2002
Cusick               William Laverne             26Apr 2002
Cusick               William Laverne             27Apr 2002
Cutsinger            La Villa W.                  9Jun 2002
Cutter               Ralph Orville               23Mar 2002
Cynova               Karen Ann                    1Mar 2002
Cyr                  Don L.                       6Aug 2002
Czarnowsky           Lawrence W.                 28Feb 2002
Dabbelt              Margaret F.                 23Aug 2002
Dack                 Max Dee                     22Sep 2002
Daggett              Lucile                      22Nov 2002
Dahlem               James L.  "Jim"             17Apr 2002
Dailey               Gregory Allen               25Jul 2002
Dailey               Gregory Allen Elder         29Jul 2002
Daily                Mildred L.                   2Apr 2002
Daily                Victoria L.                  2Nov 2002
Dain                 Willis L.  "Bill"           27Apr 2002
Dains                Walter L.  "Gabe"           13Jan 2002
Daisy                Adaline Coy                 31Mar 2002
Dakan                Charles P.  "Buster"        31Aug 2002
Dale                 Freeda Lynn                 11Dec 2002
Dale                 Lowell E.  Jr.              17Dec 2002
Dale                 Mark Bradford "Mike"        21Sep 2002
Dale                 Ward Edmond                  8Feb 2002
Daley                Erin Michael                10Oct 2002
Daley                Erin Michael                11Oct 2002
Daley                Francis A.                   1Dec 2002
Daley                Janise L.                    5Sep 2002
Daley                Lawrence V.  III "Capp      28Nov 2002
Daley                Lawrence V.  III "Capp      29Nov 2002
Dalke                Elmer O.                    27Mar 2002
Dalke                Opal Longhofer              24Feb 2002
Dallas               Ernestine (McPherson)       10Nov 2002
Dallinga             David D.                    14Mar 2002
Dalton               Marie Galloway              18Dec 2002
Daly                 Lorena Reeves               20Sep 2002
D'Amato              Cleo M.  "Fritz"            19Sep 2002
Dame                 Irvin                        1May 2002
Dameron              Robert P.  "Bob" "Old       14Aug 2002
Dameron              Robert P.  "Bob" "Old       15Aug 2002
Damn                 Hugo Harold                 13Jul 2002
D'Andrade            Thomas F.                   24Dec 2002
Danel                Dorothy "Dolly"              1Jun 2002
Danel                Dorothy "Dolly"              2Jun 2002
Danel                Dorothy "Dolly"              3Jun 2002
Danel                Dorothy "Dolly"              4Jun 2002
Danel                Dorothy "Dolly"              5Jun 2002
Danel                Dorothy "Dolly"              6Jun 2002
Danel                Dorothy "Dolly"              7Jun 2002
Daniel               Johnson                     20Apr 2002
Daniel               Johnson                     23Apr 2002
Daniels              Beverly J.                   1May 2002
Daniels              Dolan C.                    27Feb 2002
Daniels              Lois Pearl                  30Jul 2002
Daniels              Lucy E.  (Goyette)          19Feb 2002
Daniels              Lucy E.  (Goyette)          20Feb 2002
Daniels              Velma E.  (Molz)            27Oct 2002
Danielson            Lula                        18Aug 2002
Danielson            Ruth Annette                 9Oct 2002
Danler               Barnard J.                  23Dec 2002
Dannenfelser         Donna                       20Jul 2002
Dannenfelser         Dorothy E.                  21Jun 2002
Danner               Virgil O.                   23Mar 2002
Daovannary           Hine                        21Feb 2002
Darbe                H.M.  "Corky"                3Feb 2002
Darge                Irvin Edward                13Sep 2002
Darge                Irvin Edward                14Sep 2002
Darge                Irvin Edward                15Sep 2002
Darity               Vivian A.                   30Dec 2002
Dark                 Carla Jean                  14Jul 2002
Dark                 Clifton L.                  19Jul 2002
Darling              Barbara Jean                 2Jul 2002
Darnall              Charles B.                  14Sep 2002
Darnall              Shelton E.                   5Nov 2002
Darnell              Garret Andrew               12Feb 2002
Darnell              John William "Dub"          26Aug 2002
Darr                 Ethel Lucille Nelson        26Mar 2002
Darter               Christine (Simonsen)        14May 2002
Das                  Krishna Lingaiah Rama        6Nov 2002
Daugherty            Billy Max                   27Nov 2002
Daugherty            Billy Max                   28Nov 2002
Daugherty            Clessie P.                  29Aug 2002
Daugherty            Clessie P.                  30Aug 2002
Daugherty            Dorothy M.                  16Jul 2002
Daugherty            Edith Irene                 22Sep 2002
Daugherty            Jack                         1Jul 2002
Daugherty            Jack                        30Jun 2002
Daugherty            Joe Harold                  19Sep 2002
Daugherty            Mary Louise                 18May 2002
Dauner               Mary Anita                  15Jan 2002
Dauner               Mary Anita                  16Jan 2002
Dauner               Olive Vasta                 12Jul 2002
Dautel               Elma Mae                    23Jun 2002
Davenport            Joe C.                       9May 2002
Davenport            Mary L.                      7Jul 2002
Davert               Marshall Wade               15Sep 2002
David                Elias                       16Sep 2002
David                Elias                       17Sep 2002
David                Mildred Una                 28Feb 2002
Davidson             Byrlee Corbin               12Jun 2002
Davidson             Craig Eugene                20Dec 2002
Davidson             Craig Eugene                28Dec 2002
Davidson             David A.                    28Mar 2002
Davidson             Farrice                      8Mar 2002
Davidson             Fay E.  (Scott)              5Mar 2002
Davidson             Fay E.  (Scott)              6Mar 2002
Davidson             James W.  "Bill"             5Oct 2002
Davidson             Melba C.                    10Jun 2002
Davidson             Thelma S.                    2Feb 2002
Davidson             Thomas D.  "Tom"            21Nov 2002
Davidson             Viola N.                     1Sep 2002
Davidson             Waunita Maxine               8May 2002
Davies               Mildred Florence            15May 2002
Davies               Rowland Arthur              26Jan 2002
Davignon             Miriam                      13Jan 2002
Davila               Ralph Raymond               22Jun 2002
Davila               Ralph Raymond               23Jun 2002
Davis                Albert                      14Sep 2002
Davis                Amo G.  (Harris)             2Oct 2002
Davis                Amo G.  (Harris)             3Oct 2002
Davis                Arla May                    12May 2002
Davis                Barbara Lane                30Jan 2002
Davis                Beulah M.  (Stotts-Coo      14May 2002
Davis                Beulah M.  (Stotts-Coo      15May 2002
Davis                Blanche Pricer              19Dec 2002
Davis                Bradley Alan                14May 2002
Davis                Bradley Alan                15May 2002
Davis                Bruce Douglas                1Dec 2002
Davis                Bruce E.                     1Jan 2002
Davis                Bruce E.                     2Jan 2002
Davis                Bruce E.                     3Jan 2002
Davis                Carl E.                      6Apr 2002
Davis                Charles J.  "Charlie"       29May 2002
Davis                Clarice                     23Jun 2002
Davis                Darla L.                    10Nov 2002
Davis                Donald K.                   24Oct 2002
Davis                Donald R.                    9Jan 2002
Davis                Edgar M.                    15Dec 2002
Davis                Edith K.                     4Aug 2002
Davis                Elmer W.                    17Mar 2002
Davis                Ernestine                    7May 2002
Davis                Esther Ida Evelyn           24Mar 2002
Davis                Eula M.                     10Feb 2002
Davis                Eula M.                     11Feb 2002
Davis                Fred C.                     16Jan 2002
Davis                Golda Belle                 10Feb 2002
Davis                Hal Alden II                 6Mar 2002
Davis                Ilene Rebecca               18Jun 2002
Davis                Ilene Rebecca               19Jun 2002
Davis                J.  Erwin                   19May 2002
Davis                James A.  "Jim"             17Mar 2002
Davis                James C.  "Jim"              3May 2002
Davis                James C.  "Jim"              4May 2002
Davis                James C.  "Jim"              5May 2002
Davis                James Homer                 21Apr 2002
Davis                Jewellen                    15Jun 2002
Davis                Jewellen                    16Jun 2002
Davis                John                        21Jul 2002
Davis                June H.                     25Aug 2002
Davis                Kapria Marie                19Dec 2002
Davis                Kathryn Lee (Woolsey)       17Jul 2002
Davis                Kathryn Lee (Woolsey)       18Jul 2002
Davis                L.B.  "Bill"                 9Jun 2002
Davis                Larry Lloyd                 25May 2002
Davis                Lila E.                     29Oct 2002
Davis                Lucille Berneice            28Feb 2002
Davis                Marjorie B.                 12Oct 2002
Davis                Mary Lou                    13Jun 2002
Davis                Mary M.                     22Aug 2002
Davis                Melvin G.  "Bennie"         14Nov 2002
Davis                Meryl P.                    20Oct 2002
Davis                Mildred Una                  1Mar 2002
Davis                Misha Ariann                25Nov 2002
Davis                Nikki Lea                   14Feb 2002
Davis                Nora Virginia               10Jul 2002
Davis                Penny Kay                   17Feb 2002
Davis                Penny Kay                   20Feb 2002
Davis                R.W.  "Bill"                11Jun 2002
Davis                Ralph William               15Sep 2002
Davis                Randall Craig               20Nov 2002
Davis                Ray Willard                 30May 2002
Davis                Ruby Amner                  16May 2002
Davis                Ruth Evelyn                  7Dec 2002
Davis                Stella Meric                14Jun 2002
Davis                Sterling O.                 23Jan 2002
Davis                Tamie R.                     4Jun 2002
Davis                Tamie Rene                  20Jun 2002
Davis                Therese Pohlman             14Mar 2002
Davis                Tommy Barren                15Aug 2002
Davis                William A.  "Bill"          10Nov 2002
Davis                William Gerald "Bill"        7Mar 2002
Davis                Willie Jr.                  11Dec 2002
Davis                Willie Jr.                  13Dec 2002
Davis                Woodrow "Woody"             28Mar 2002
Davis Schwartz       Lula Marqarete (Cronk)      28Jul 2002
Davison              Melvon                       7May 2002
Dawson               Floyd A.                    10Sep 2002
Dawson               Muriel Estelle (Wilcox      14Jul 2002
Dawson               Tony Kevin                   1Feb 2002
Dawson               Tony Kevin                   6Feb 2002
Dawson               Vivian E.                   19Jun 2002
Dawson               Wathene R.                  30Mar 2002
Day                  Betty J.                    20Nov 2002
Day                  Elmer Prentice              29Jan 2002
Day                  Elmer Prentice              31Jan 2002
Day                  Ruth Edell                   6Sep 2002
Day-Wintamute        Madolene                    16Jun 2002
De Rome              Della Ellen                 28Feb 2002
Dean                 Andrew Grady                11May 2002
Dean                 Andrew Grady                12May 2002
Dean                 Christabel L.               29Jan 2002
Dean                 Christabel L.               31Jan 2002
Dean                 Irene                       15Jun 2002
Dean                 Margie Ann                   7Sep 2002
DeArmond             Rita Gertrude               12Jun 2002
DeArmond             Rita Gertrude               13Jun 2002
DeArmond             Rita Gertrude               16Jun 2002
Dearth               Arthur "Harold"             26Aug 2002
Dearth               Arthur "Harold"             27Aug 2002
Dearth               John W.                     29Apr 2002
Dearth               John W.                     30Apr 2002
Deason               James A.  "Jim"             13Apr 2002
Deatrick             Mary Jane                   24Mar 2002
Deaver               James E.  "Jim"              2May 2002
Debes                Loretta Rae                  2Sep 2002
DeBusk               John A.                     22Oct 2002
DeCamp               Shirley Ann                 11Mar 2002
Dechant              Berniece                    19Nov 2002
Dechant              Philomena                    9Mar 2002
Deck                 Cora Lee                    28Jun 2002
Deckard              Lowell Arnold               29Oct 2002
Deckard              Lowell Arnold               30Oct 2002
Decker               Donald Robert "Bill"        25Dec 2002
Decker               Lester Harold                7Jun 2002
Decker               Lucille W.                   2Aug 2002
Decker               Max R.                       5Jun 2002
Decker               Nellie Parks                 6Jun 2002
Decker               Rita Marie                  27May 2002
Decker               Verna Alice                  2Feb 2002
Dedrick              William L.                   5Apr 2002
Deeble               Dorothy                      6Dec 2002
Deeble               Dorothy Jean                 7Dec 2002
Deeds                Gertrude B.  "Trudy"        14Apr 2002
Deems                Douglas Dee                  2Apr 2002
Deen                 David Lee                   12Mar 2002
Deere-Jackson        Mary Lou (Bush)             19Nov 2002
Deere-Jackson        Mary Lou (Bush)             20Nov 2002
Deering              Susie                       21Aug 2002
Deets                Mary Ellen Meador           13Jun 2002
Deets                Mary Ellen Meador           14Jun 2002
Defenbaugh           Glen                        28Apr 2002
Defenbaugh           Lulu M.                     16Oct 2002
Deffenbaugh          Wilma Jean                  10Jan 2002
Defoor               Linda E.  (Gephart)         19May 2002
DeFord               Dean                        11Jul 2002
DeFore               Harold C.  Sr.               5Mar 2002
DeForest             Elbert Murray                3Oct 2002
DeForest             Elbert Murray                4Oct 2002
DeForest             Elbert Murray                5Oct 2002
DeForest             Harold Dean Sr.             30Apr 2002
DeForest             John Daniel                 27Jan 2002
DeFrehn              Ruby L.                     30May 2002
DeGarmo              Roy A.                       8Jun 2002
DeGarmo              Winifred Irene "Winnie       2Jun 2002
DeGood               Dorothy Dee "Dot"           22Jan 2002
DeGood               Dorothy Dee "Dot"           23Jan 2002
DeGood               Dorothy Dee "Dot"           24Jan 2002
DeGood               Dorothy Dee "Dot"           25Jan 2002
DeGraffenreid        Paul                         7Dec 2002
DeGraffenreid        Paul "Golden Hands"          8Dec 2002
DeHart               Glendon Lee "Glen"          21May 2002
DeHoff               Geneva Mae                   5Nov 2002
Deierling            Otis Franklin                3Nov 2002
Deierling            Otis Franklin                4Nov 2002
Deill                William R.                  19Apr 2002
Deines               Freda                       23Jun 2002
Deines               Loren D.                     8Aug 2002
Deines               Nevilla Wilma               18Apr 2002
Deitz                Margaret "Peggy"            18Jul 2002
DeJarnett            Leota Faye                  31Mar 2002
Delaney              Blanche L.                  24Aug 2002
Delaney              Blanche L.                  25Aug 2002
Delaney              Laura A.                     4Mar 2002
Delaney              Laura A.                     5Mar 2002
DeLay                Charles Seward Sr.          10Jul 2002
Delgado              Crystal Dawn Harris         14Aug 2002
Delgado              Felicitas "Tita"            25Dec 2002
Delgado              Felisa L.                    2Aug 2002
Delgado              Jacquelyn Ibarra            25Feb 2002
Delker               Bonnie M.                   15Nov 2002
Dellacca             Talia D.                    21Jul 2002
Dellenbach           Dean                        21Jan 2002
Dellenbaugh          Earl R.                     29Aug 2002
Dellenbaugh          Earl R.                     30Aug 2002
Dellinger            Barbara Ann                 20Feb 2002
Delphon              Bessie K.                   19Sep 2002
DeLucie              Peter Anthony                1Oct 2002
DeLucie              Roberta Lynn Buss (Bak       1Oct 2002
Delventhal           Viola                       26Oct 2002
DeMarche             Opal Rosalie                27Feb 2002
DeMeritt             Glenn Keith                  9Apr 2002
Deming-Kaiser        Holly Noel (de St.  Ge      11May 2002
DeMint               Virgil W.                   17Dec 2002
Demoret              Gail                        20Jun 2002
Demsky               Syble Mae                    4Oct 2002
Dengler              John H.                      7May 2002
DeNio                Maida                       11Jun 2002
DeNio                Maida Fern                  12Jun 2002
Denison              Deloris L.  (Nugent)         9Sep 2002
Denner               Nina C.                     31Oct 2002
Dennett              Betty L.  (Phillips)        15Feb 2002
Dennett              William Austin "Bud"        10Nov 2002
Dennis               Doris Lavene "Jean"         25Dec 2002
Dennis               Effa Lee                    12Nov 2002
Dennis               Robert E.  "Bob"             2Nov 2002
Dennis               Russell J.                  12Dec 2002
Dennis               Theodora                    19Feb 2002
Dennis               Velma N.                    22Sep 2002
Denoncourt           Arthur Joseph Jr.            7Nov 2002
Denoncourt           Arthur Joseph Jr.            8Nov 2002
Dent                 Mary Elizabeth               4Sep 2002
Denton               Gladys V.  (Morgan)          2May 2002
DePascal             C.R.  Rip                    5May 2002
Depenbusch           John C.                      2Dec 2002
Depperschmidt        Gerald E.  "Smoke"          24Jan 2002
DePriest             John T.  Jr.                 5Jul 2002
DeRee                Gerald N.  "Dutch"          25Mar 2002
DeRee                Gerard "Dutch"              26Mar 2002
DeRee                Gerard N.  "Dutch"          26Mar 2002
Derr                 Richard G.  "Dick"           1May 2002
DeSaint              Douglas L.                  29Jul 2002
DeSautel             Karen W.                    13Feb 2002
Deschner             B.  Faye                     6Jun 2002
Desmarteau           Armanoda "Noda"             28Feb 2002
Desmarteau           Melvin F.                   12Jul 2002
Dessenberger         Viola May                   28Oct 2002
Dette                Bernard P.                   4Jun 2002
Dette                Bernard P.                   5Jun 2002
Detter               Harold J.                   23Aug 2002
Detter               Leonard Dwayne              30Jan 2002
Deubner              Shirley Ann (Cobble)        10Feb 2002
Deubner              Shirley Ann (Cobble)        11Feb 2002
Deuel                Lavon H.                    12Jul 2002
Deuschle             Dawnna                       5Mar 2002
DeVore               Beatrice Darlene "Bea"      12Mar 2002
DeVore               Catharine L.                 3Jun 2002
DeVore               Catharine L.                 4Jun 2002
DeVore               Leila A.                     7Oct 2002
Dewell               Thelma L.                   16Jul 2002
Dewell               Thelma L.                   17Jul 2002
DeWerff              Harvey                      27Jan 2002
Dewey                Harold E.                   20Aug 2002
Dewey                Marie Louise                 8May 2002
DeWild               Clarence H.                 26Oct 2002
Deyoe                Ada Alline                   1Mar 2002
Deyoe                Ezra J.  Jr.                 6Jul 2002
DeYoung              Garry                        7May 2002
DeZwarte             Brandon Curtis              14May 2002
Dial                 Elsie C.                     8Apr 2002
Dial                 Elsie C.                     9Apr 2002
Dial                 James Morris                26Jun 2002
Dial                 Pearle E.                    4Dec 2002
Dial                 Pearle E.                    8Dec 2002
Diamond              W.  Faye                     9Jan 2002
Dias                 Gary Joe                    22Feb 2002
Diaz-Rivas           Emma                         3Apr 2002
Dibbles              Dorothy                      2Jul 2002
Dick                 Dorothy                      5Sep 2002
Dick                 Dorothy                      6Sep 2002
Dick                 Gwendolyn Kay               23Jul 2002
Dick                 Lois Irene                  29Sep 2002
Dick                 Mary L.                      7Feb 2002
Dick                 Mary L.                      8Feb 2002
Dick                 Mathilda C.  "Tillie"       22Jan 2002
Dick                 Nellie M.  "McLaughlin       5Aug 2002
Dick                 Nellie M.  (McLaughlin       6Aug 2002
Dick                 Ruth Elizabeth              27Aug 2002
Dick                 Tena                        19Dec 2002
Dick                 Virginia Faye (Burner)      28Dec 2002
Dickehut             Eva B.  "Necie"              1Dec 2002
Dicken               Frances C.                   1Aug 2002
Dickens              Richard L.  "Tiny"          18Jan 2002
Dickerson            Hazel C.  (May)              1Dec 2002
Dickerson            Helen E.                    13Jun 2002
Dickerson            Leona E.                     2Feb 2002
Dickerson            Natalie                     19Nov 2002
Dickerson            Sheila Beth (Schaper)       15Mar 2002
Dickey               Bessie M.                   12Aug 2002
Dickey               Donetta Sue                 15Mar 2002
Dickey               Sam R.                      12Feb 2002
Dickins              Preston Maynard Jr.         30Jan 2002
Dickinson            Loydene Ann "Deanie"         8Mar 2002
Dickinson            Loydene Ann "Deanie"         9Mar 2002
Dickson              Christine "Chris"           15Jan 2002
Dickson              Christine "Chris"           17Jan 2002
Dickson              Darlene M.                  18Jan 2002
Dickson              Edward Wallace              24Jul 2002
Dickson              Marvin H.                   14Aug 2002
Dickson              Raymond M.                  27Apr 2002
Dickson              Willard Ray                  6Jun 2002
Dicus                Desda Jane                  12Jan 2002
Dieck                Marguerite Ruth             30Aug 2002
Diehl                Emily Lynn                   2Apr 2002
Diehl                Florence I.                 13Oct 2002
Diehl                Helen P.                     2Feb 2002
Dieker               Elmer J.                     1Jul 2002
Dieker               Elmer J.                    30Jun 2002
Diel                 Wilmer "Butch"              25Sep 2002
Diemart              Donald H.                    2Apr 2002
Diep                 Anthony Michael             31Aug 2002
Dietrich             Wilma M.                    20Jan 2002
Dietz                Glenwood A.                 13Mar 2002
Dietz                Glenwood A.                 14Mar 2002
Dietz                M.  Loretta                 17May 2002
Dietz                Martha B.                   15Oct 2002
Dieus                Desda Jane                  11Jan 2002
Diffendal            Ted A.                      19Jun 2002
Diffey               Daisy E.  (Sherburn)        21Jun 2002
Dill                 Stella M.                   24Aug 2002
Dill                 Stella M.                   25Aug 2002
Dillingham           Charles                     24Dec 2002
Dillmon              Shirley R.                  21Sep 2002
Dillon               Cheryl Lynette              10Jul 2002
Dillon               Jeannie M.                  21Nov 2002
Dillon               Jeannie M.                  22Nov 2002
Dillon               Richard W.                   9May 2002
Dillon               Richard W.                   9May 2002
Dillon               Shirley Ann                  4Feb 2002
Dimick               Doris                       13Mar 2002
Dimit                John Thomas "Tom"           28Mar 2002
Dimon                Raymond                     18Sep 2002
Dine                 Nyoka Rose                  17Jun 2002
Dine                 Nyoka Rose                  19Jun 2002
Dinkel               Mary Ida                    27Jan 2002
Dinkel               Norman L.                    7Sep 2002
Dirks                Carrie Unruh                23Oct 2002
Dirks                Dean D.                      3Jun 2002
Dirks                Heidi Joy                    6Nov 2002
Dirks                Marion Cornelius             2Apr 2002
Dirks                Maxine A.                   11Dec 2002
Dirks                Tobias F.                   17Feb 2002
Dirks                Viola Grace                 15Dec 2002
Dishon               Lynn R.  "Duke"             12Mar 2002
Dishon               Lynn R.  "Duke"             13Mar 2002
Dishon               Lynn R.  "Duke"             14Mar 2002
Dishong              Eleanor J.                  18Jul 2002
Dismuke-Dixson       Azerine                     17Apr 2002
Ditch                George W.                    9Aug 2002
Ditgen               Edmund J.  "Boots"           4Aug 2002
Dixon                Berniece Pauline             1Feb 2002
Dixon                Clifford Forest              4Feb 2002
Dixon                Joe F.                      24Aug 2002
Dixon                Merle E.                     6Jan 2002
Doan                 Robert                       7Sep 2002
Doan                 Robert "Bob"                 2May 2002
Doan                 Robert "Bob"                 3May 2002
Doane                Retta B.                     5Feb 2002
Doane                Virginia "Lee"              29Sep 2002
Dobbin               Betty J.                     5Jan 2002
Dobbins              Mary Elizabeth              11Dec 2002
Dobbins              Mike                         5Mar 2002
Dobbins              Mike                         7Mar 2002
Dobbins              Mildred Dea                  1Oct 2002
Dobbins              Mildred Dea                  2Oct 2002
Dobkins              Kathryn A.  (Koehn)         19Nov 2002
Dobkins              Kathryn A.  (Koehn)         20Nov 2002
Dobson               Harry B.  Jr.                3Mar 2002
Dobson               Robert                      22Feb 2002
Dobson               Shirley Renee                1Aug 2002
Dodds                Gary R.                      6May 2002
Dodge                Mary Jane                   12Mar 2002
Dodge                Robert Leon "Bob"           27Dec 2002
Dodson               Alan Dale                    9Apr 2002
Dodson               Dorothy L.  Gardner          2May 2002
Dodson               Juanita R.  (Stepro)        26May 2002
Dodson               Michael Stuart               9Dec 2002
Doerfler             Alex C.  Jr.                 3Dec 2002
Doering              Agatha                      10Oct 2002
Dold                 Eva Elizabeth Lamons        13Nov 2002
Dold                 Raymond P.                  15May 2002
Dold                 Raymond P.                  16May 2002
Dole                 Lola Jean                   17Jun 2002
Dolecek              Kenneth "Tiny"              27Jan 2002
Dolecek              Kenneth "Tiny"              28Jan 2002
Dolecek              Kenneth "Tiny"              29Jan 2002
Doll                 Delores Hammeke             17Apr 2002
Doll                 Grace A.                     8May 2002
Doll                 Melvin J.                   26Jul 2002
Dollmann             Johnnie D.                   3Sep 2002
Dollmann             Johnnie D.                   4Sep 2002
Dombaugh             Darrell N.                  20Dec 2002
Dome                 Billy Joe                    8Sep 2002
Dome                 Clementine A.  "Clemmi      12Jun 2002
Domingo              Melvin E.  "Mel"            15Sep 2002
Dominguez            Princess Marie "Peenie       3Jul 2002
Donahue              M.  Ernestine "Teen"        17May 2002
Donahue              Ona Mary Esther Smith        9Aug 2002
Donaldson            Herbert Neal                24Aug 2002
Dondlinger           Lucile                      29Jan 2002
Dondlinger           Mary Alice                   8Jun 2002
Dondlinger           Mary Alice                   9Jun 2002
Donley               Edward Eugene               29Jan 2002
Donley               Naomi                       12May 2002
Donnelly             Rita C.                      8Mar 2002
Donner               Earl E.                     24Dec 2002
Donner               Earl Eugene                 25Dec 2002
Donoho               Garvin D.  Sr.              28Jan 2002
Doolin               William W.                   7Mar 2002
Dooling              Irene M.                     1May 2002
Dooling              Irene M.                     2May 2002
Doolittle            Grace                       13Mar 2002
Doran                Harry Glenn                  2Dec 2002
Doris                Mary Lynn                    3Jul 2002
Doris                Mary Lynn                    7Jul 2002
Doris                Mike                        26Jun 2002
Dorman               Terry Eugene                30Oct 2002
Dornbush             Johnny J.                   26Apr 2002
Dorpinghaus          John Joseph                 26May 2002
Dorrah               Melvin E.                   25Feb 2002
Dorst                Marvin R.  "Marv"           10Jan 2002
Dorst                Marvin R.  "Marv"           12Jan 2002
Dorzweiler           Marion F.                   25Dec 2002
Doshier              Joshua                      10Dec 2002
Dotson               Anna Bell                    1Jun 2002
Dotson               Anna Bell                    2Jun 2002
Dotson               Anna Bell                    3Jun 2002
Dotson               Anna Bell                   31May 2002
Dotter               Barbara Jeane Fistler       11Jul 2002
Doty                 Melba L.                    27Jul 2002
Dougan               Mary Lou                     6Dec 2002
Dougherty            Martha S.                   18Jun 2002
Dougherty            Martha S.                   19Jun 2002
Dougherty            Martha S.                   20Jun 2002
Dougherty            Matilda N.  (Stuckwisc      21Jul 2002
Dougherty            Ruby Elizabeth              28Aug 2002
Dougherty            Theresa Grace               15Nov 2002
Douglas              Blanche Alene               27May 2002
Douglas              Jack V.                      7Feb 2002
Douglas Curry        Douglas                      1Nov 2002
Douglass             Franklin E.  Sr.  "Fra      25Jul 2002
Douglass             V.  Wayne                   28Jul 2002
Dourgherty           Tillie S.                   16Jul 2002
Dove                 Margaret Frances             4Jul 2002
Dove                 Vashti Buchanek             15Nov 2002
Dover                Darrell Dean                26Feb 2002
Dover                Ruth Ricketts                3Dec 2002
Dowdell              Frank E.  Jr.               24Feb 2002
Dowell               Jim W.                       5Mar 2002
Dowell               Jim W.                       6Mar 2002
Dowell               M.  Edward "Ed"             13Feb 2002
Dowler               Roy C.                      27Feb 2002
Dowler               Zona W.  (McDonald)         31Jan 2002
Dowling              Janice D.                   26Jan 2002
Downey               Bettylea "Betty"            25Jun 2002
Downey               Michael T.                  24Dec 2002
Downey               Sally S.                     8Jun 2002
Downing              Charles R.                   2Jun 2002
Downing              Clarence David (Rev.)        2Apr 2002
Downing              Clarence David (Rev.)        5Apr 2002
Downing              Helen L.                    25Feb 2002
Downing              Jimmie L.                    8Aug 2002
Downing              Lorene R.                    4Dec 2002
Downing              Robert L.                   24Oct 2002
Downs                Barbara J.  "Bobbi"         20Oct 2002
Downs                Lorrene Laforge              5Apr 2002
Doyle                Charles R.                  19Mar 2002
Doyle                Dorothy E.  (Spillman)      19Jan 2002
Doyle                Dorothy E.  (Spillman)      20Jan 2002
Doyle                Dorothy E.  (Spillman)      21Jan 2002
Doyle                Guenn S.  (Hoover)          25Oct 2002
Doyle                Kendra Kay                  29Apr 2002
Doyle                Kendra Kay                  30Apr 2002
Doyle                Mary Frances                22Feb 2002
Doyle                Wanda E.                     9Sep 2002
Doze                 Mavis                        6Feb 2002
Dozier               Elmer Estel                  2Apr 2002
Dragoo               Anna B.                     13Mar 2002
Dragoo               Vesta M.                    24Mar 2002
Drake                Alice M.                    10Feb 2002
Drake                Florence A.                 11May 2002
Drake                Henry N.                     9May 2002
Drake                Maria Sue                    5Jun 2002
Drake                Marla Sue                    7Jun 2002
Drake                Marla Sue                    8Jun 2002
Drake                Mary A.                      7Sep 2002
Drake                Mary E.                      3Dec 2002
Drake                Orvil G.                    21Sep 2002
Drake                Ray Edward                  18Apr 2002
Draper               Ellen J.  (McDonough)        1May 2002
Draper               Ellen J.  (McDonough)        4May 2002
Draper               Jean L.                      8Feb 2002
Drassen              Oscar M.                     3Dec 2002
Drees                Bernice A.  Wolfe            7May 2002
Drees                John Michael                 1Sep 2002
Dreher               Dean L.  "Dino"             18Dec 2002
Drehle               Hildagard Elizabeth         17Sep 2002
Drehmer              Donna Marie                 25Jul 2002
Dreier               LeRoy D.                    19Apr 2002
Dreiling             Albina                       1May 2002
Dreiling             Arthur J.                   26Dec 2002
Dreiling             Clarence F.                  7Mar 2002
Dreiling             Clarence F.                 10Mar 2002
Dreiling             Elmer A.                    31Oct 2002
Dreiling             Hope                        19May 2002
Dreiling             Lydia G.                    21May 2002
Dreiling             Sarah Ann                   14Oct 2002
Dreiling             Silverius N.  "Ferry"       23Nov 2002
Drennan              Fern A.                      7Jan 2002
Dresback             Murray Edward               28Nov 2002
Dressen              J.  Omer                    16Oct 2002
Dresser              James D.  Jr.               29Oct 2002
Drew                 Frances C.  (Bond)           7Oct 2002
Drew                 John LaVerne "Bud"          26May 2002
Drew                 John LaVerne "Bud"          27May 2002
Drew                 Velma                       11Dec 2002
Driskill             Betty                        5Mar 2002
Drouhard             Cecilia                     24Oct 2002
Drouhard             J.  Vin                     23May 2002
Drummond             Deane                       18Jan 2002
Drybread             Charles E.                   5Dec 2002
Dryden               Alice Eleanor "Ella"        19Jun 2002
Dryden               Blanche I.                  31Jan 2002
Dryden               Marian C.                   28Aug 2002
Dryden               Marjorie Mae Woods          12Jan 2002
Du Friend            James Max Sr.               14Aug 2002
Dube'                Betty C.                    24Oct 2002
Duck                 Sandra L.                   19Sep 2002
Duck                 Sandra L.  "Sandy"          20Sep 2002
Duckwall             Julia Moyne Ph.D.           10Jan 2002
Ducummon             Marcella F.                 24Feb 2002
Duerksen             Hilda                        4Mar 2002
Duerksen             Katherine E.                22Jul 2002
Duerksen             Lydia                       17Dec 2002
Duerksen             Selma                        2Dec 2002
Duerson              Nell O.  (Kent)             22Feb 2002
Duffin               John M.                     13Jun 2002
Dufford              Leona Jean                  11Jan 2002
Dufrin               Henry A.  "Billy"           24Oct 2002
Dugan                Melvin D.                    9Jun 2002
Dugan                Melvin D.                   10Jun 2002
Dugger               Grace Lucile                28Nov 2002
Duke                 Cecile Yvonne "Bonnie"      25Jan 2002
Dukes                Guss J.                      1Jul 2002
Dukes                Guss J.                     28Jun 2002
Dukes                Guss J.                     29Jun 2002
Dukes                Guss J.                     30Jun 2002
Duling               Mary A.                     10Jul 2002
Dullaghan            Oma Jean                     8Oct 2002
Dullea               Arlene T.                    2Mar 2002
Dullea               Arlene T.                    3Mar 2002
Dumler               Ruth Lena                   10Sep 2002
Dumler               Walter L.                   30Dec 2002
Dunavan              Patrick J.  "Pat"            2Jul 2002
Duncan               Belva B.                    24Jul 2002
Duncan               Brett W.                    19Jan 2002
Duncan               Evayline                    13Mar 2002
Duncan               George W.                    8Feb 2002
Duncan               Glenda J.  (Dixon)           6Feb 2002
Duncan               Helen Marie                 19Apr 2002
Duncan               James "Jimmy"               20Apr 2002
Duncan               Lorene Hazel Wadsack        10Feb 2002
Duncan               Mabel I.                    22Mar 2002
Duncan               Shelton M.                  10Dec 2002
Duncan               Wayne W.                    23Dec 2002
Dunfield             Rod D.                      29Oct 2002
Dunfield             Rod D.                      30Oct 2002
Dunham               G.  Warren                   3Dec 2002
Dunham               G.  Warren                   4Dec 2002
Dunkel               Ardith L.                   26Jun 2002
Dunkelberger         Clarence E.  "Dunk"         16Jun 2002
Dunkin               Marie Helen (Mitchel)       29Nov 2002
Dunkleberger         Robert E.                   20Oct 2002
Dunlap               Esther                      11Oct 2002
Dunlap               Glenn Harold                 3Aug 2002
Dunlap               Kathryn Louise              27Mar 2002
Dunlap               Michael Kent "Kent"          2Oct 2002
Dunlop               Claire I.                   23Dec 2002
Dunlop               Jessie                       2Jun 2002
Dunn                 Alice Lenora                 4Apr 2002
Dunn                 Hattie Mae                  17Jan 2002
Dunn                 James W.                     8Sep 2002
Dunn                 Jesse                       28Dec 2002
Dunn                 Phyllis                     30Nov 2002
Dunn                 Richard Joe "Ricky"         13Oct 2002
Dunn                 Van Cornelius Jr.            8Oct 2002
Dunn                 Vernie G.  "Van"             7Oct 2002
Dunne                Darcy Edgar Jr.              9Oct 2002
Dunnegan             Larry Dwayne                10Sep 2002
Dunnegan             Larry Dwayne                11Sep 2002
Dunnell              Mary A.                     12May 2002
Dunning              Phillip R.                  17Oct 2002
Dunstan              Edwin R.  Sr.               22Oct 2002
Dunsworth            Art R.                       3Nov 2002
Dunsworth            Letha Maybelle Thornto       5Feb 2002
Dunsworth            Phyllis Jane                28Sep 2002
Duntz                Carl Lloyd                  27May 2002
Duntz                Michael Wade                17Jan 2002
Duong                Hoa                         11Sep 2002
Dupee                Delbert A.                  20Sep 2002
Dupont               Elnora                      24May 2002
Dupree               Donald L.                   13Oct 2002
Durall               Jack M.                     17Nov 2002
Durbian              Albert Milton               21May 2002
Durbin               Diane L.                     7Sep 2002
Durham               Steven Allen                16Aug 2002
Durheim              Clyde Wendell               21Feb 2002
Durling              Frances Evelyn               7Nov 2002
Duryee               Floyd G.                    26Jun 2002
Dustin               James William                1May 2002
Dustin               James William                2May 2002
Dutcher              Carl L.                      5Nov 2002
Duthoo               Norma Fawcett                2Feb 2002
Duttarer             George                       7May 2002
Dutton               Della V.  (Baird)            6Jun 2002
Dutton               Della V.  (Baird)            7Jun 2002
Dutton               Paul Edmun                  11Apr 2002
Dutton               Paul Edmun                  12Apr 2002
Duvall               Inez E.                     13May 2002
Dvorak               Gladys W.                   23Apr 2002
Dyck                 John N.                      2Oct 2002
Dyck                 Karen Kay                    3Feb 2002
Dyck                 Menno D.                    16Sep 2002
Dye                  Abe Clark                    3Jan 2002
Dye                  Abe Clark                    4Jan 2002
Dye                  Joan Darrah                  4Jul 2002
Dye                  Joan Darrah                  5Jul 2002
Dye                  Joan L.  Darrah              1Jul 2002
Dye                  Joan L.  Darrah             30Jun 2002
Dye                  Josephine (Messerschmi      14May 2002
Dye                  Josephine (Messerschmi      15May 2002
Dye                  Robert "Bob" Jr.            30Oct 2002
Dyer                 Audrey Earl                  8Dec 2002
Dyer                 Audrey Earl                  9Dec 2002
Dyer                 Larry G.                    28Sep 2002
Dyer                 Lawrence A.                 11May 2002
Dykes                Warren Herman               21Sep 2002
Eads                 Miriam G.                   14Aug 2002
Eads                 Virgil T.                   16Apr 2002
Eady                 Jerry L.                    16Oct 2002
Eady                 Jerry L.                    17Oct 2002
Eagle                Jessie Mae                  17Jan 2002
Eakin                Barbara M.                   4Oct 2002
Eales                John L.                     29May 2002
Earhart              Karen (Richarz)              9Aug 2002
Earley               Sarah Lucille Waterfie      12Dec 2002
Earley               Sarah Lucille Waterfie      13Dec 2002
Early                Mildred A.                   4Apr 2002
Early                Mildred A.                   5Apr 2002
Eash                 Nina M.                     19Nov 2002
Eash                 Nina M.                     20Nov 2002
Easley               Glen W.                     29May 2002
Easley               Marsha Lynn                 10Oct 2002
Eason                George K.  Jr.               4Mar 2002
Eastburn             Ena Alverena                 1Feb 2002
Eastburn             Shirley I.                   3Feb 2002
Easter               Edith Louise                26Jul 2002
Eastman              B.C.                         9Dec 2002
Eastman              Kerry J.                    26Dec 2002
Easton               Michael B.                  14Apr 2002
Eaton                Eleanor Arlene              22Jan 2002
Eaton                Reba Viola                  27Oct 2002
Ebberts              Ruth N.                     13Apr 2002
Eberhart             David Gene                  20Apr 2002
Eberhart             Hazel A.                    16Oct 2002
Eberhart             Laura Augusta                5Mar 2002
Eberle               Mary Ollenburger            19May 2002
Eberly               Dixie J.                    18Jun 2002
Eberly               Dixie J.                    19Jun 2002
Eberly               Dixie L.                    19Jun 2002
Eberly               Ralph Clayton                5Apr 2002
Eberly               Ralph Clayton                6Apr 2002
Eccleston            Barbara J.  "Bobbie"         1Sep 2002
Eck                  Calvin                       4May 2002
Eck                  Dennis A.                    5Mar 2002
Eck                  Dennis A.                    6Mar 2002
Eck                  Levi F.                      7Dec 2002
Eckas                Bonnie Ruth                 22Oct 2002
Eckels               William Randall             12Feb 2002
Eckels               William Randall             13Feb 2002
Eckert               Alice                       18Dec 2002
Eckhoff              Clara Marie                 25Dec 2002
Eckles               Helen C.                    27Oct 2002
Eckles               Patrick George               9Jan 2002
Eckroat              Raymond A.  "Butch"         10Dec 2002
Ecton                Raymond Jesse               13Feb 2002
Edberg               Kathryn F.                  21Sep 2002
Edds                 Cliff                       14Nov 2002
Eddy                 Lucille M.                   3Feb 2002
Ediger               Irven M.                    29Mar 2002
Ediger               John M.                     28Oct 2002
Ediger               Nellie                      15Dec 2002
Ediger               Waldo                       15Jun 2002
Edmonds              Debbie Ann                  27Dec 2002
Edquist              Helen                       10May 2002
Edris                Glenora A.  (Abel)          12Apr 2002
Edsall               Geneva L.                   27Jul 2002
Edwards              Ben J.                      23Nov 2002
Edwards              Catherine Sue               28Jan 2002
Edwards              Dennis B.  "Butch"          30Mar 2002
Edwards              Donald W.  "Bill"           26Sep 2002
Edwards              Dorothy P.                  17Jan 2002
Edwards              Elizabeth                   25Oct 2002
Edwards              Elizabeth A.  "Tibby"        9Oct 2002
Edwards              Elizabeth A.  "Tibby"       10Oct 2002
Edwards              George E.                   17Feb 2002
Edwards              Jeffrey Don                 15Aug 2002
Edwards              Jeffrey Don                 16Aug 2002
Edwards              Jeffrey Don                 17Aug 2002
Edwards              Judith Ann                  30Nov 2002
Edwards              Lewis L.                    31Mar 2002
Edwards              Margaret B.                 24May 2002
Edwards              Mary J.                     14Jul 2002
Edwards              Mary J.                     15Jul 2002
Edwards              Orval L.                    21Jul 2002
Eekhoff              Esther Marie                14Nov 2002
Egbert               Lillie Belle                16Jan 2002
Eggen                Murle Elizabeth             28Jul 2002
Egger                Bonnie Mae                  29Oct 2002
Ehmke                Herman A.                    4Jan 2002
Ehmke                Richard "Raymond"           19Nov 2002
Ehmke                Richard "Raymond"           27Dec 2002
Ehresman             Leai A.  (D.D.S.)            6Jul 2002
Ehrlich              Clarence W.                  8May 2002
Ehrlich              Clarence W.                  9May 2002
Ehrlich              Norman H.  "Dutch"          20Feb 2002
Eichelberger         John R.                      8Dec 2002
Eichelberger         John R.                      9Dec 2002
Eicher               Vivian F.                   27Jun 2002
Eide                 Olive T.                    11Feb 2002
Eikleberry           William Keith "Ike"          6Jun 2002
Eilert               Mary Elizabeth (Fisher       6Dec 2002
Eilert               Mary Elizabeth (Fisher       7Dec 2002
Eilrich              Wilma R.                    27Aug 2002
Eisnaugle            Severine                    24Nov 2002
Eisnaugle            Severine                    25Nov 2002
Ekberg               Mary H.                     29Aug 2002
Ekholm               David D.                    13Sep 2002
Ekholm               Elmer                       25Jan 2002
Eklund               RoseMary                     1Sep 2002
Elam                 Carma Louise                13Jan 2002
Elam                 Caroline C.                  1Nov 2002
Elam                 Eloise                       3Oct 2002
Eland                Richard J.                   1Jul 2002
Eland                Richard J.                  30Jun 2002
Elder                Duana Berneice Grant        17Jul 2002
Elder                Frankie Lee                 18Sep 2002
Elenburg             Glen                        24Jan 2002
Elkins               Karen Joyce (McClung)       18Dec 2002
Elledge              Martha Schrant              19Jan 2002
Eller                James C.                     3Dec 2002
Eller                James C.                     4Dec 2002
Eller                Randy L.                    26Jun 2002
Eller                Randy L.                    27Jun 2002
Ellet                Elizabeth Jane               2May 2002
Elling               Josephine "Jo"               6Jun 2002
Elling               Josephine McKean "Jo"        7Jun 2002
Ellington            Fern C.  Curless             7Apr 2002
Elliot               Alvin L.                     6Mar 2002
Elliott              Anges Skolout               25Dec 2002
Elliott              Charolette U.               15Aug 2002
Elliott              Earl R.                     21Aug 2002
Elliott              Edward LeRoy                17Apr 2002
Elliott              Ellean                      25May 2002
Elliott              Ellean                      26May 2002
Elliott              Fred L.                     26Mar 2002
Elliott              Greely R.                   28Feb 2002
Elliott              James F.  "Jim"             15Aug 2002
Elliott              Jo Ellyn (Hare)             23Nov 2002
Elliott              Kenneth D.                   5Jul 2002
Elliott              Lorren D.  (Rev.)           13Aug 2002
Elliott              Lorren D.  (Rev.)           14Aug 2002
Elliott              Paul A.                      7Jul 2002
Elliott              Paul A.                      8Jul 2002
Elliott              Raymond H.                  10Nov 2002
Elliott              Robert J.  "Bob"            11Jul 2002
Elliott              Ruth Pauline                27Oct 2002
Elliott              Terry Lynn                  24Dec 2002
Ellis                Bruce W.                     6Sep 2002
Ellis                Carrie Helen                14May 2002
Ellis                Carrie Helen                15May 2002
Ellis                Guy Marvin                   4Jan 2002
Ellis                June Maxine                 23Jun 2002
Ellis                LaVerne Louise               1Apr 2002
Ellis                Linda C.                    14Jun 2002
Ellis                Louis A.                    20Apr 2002
Ellis                R.  Paul                    11Nov 2002
Ellis                R.  Paul                    12Nov 2002
Ellis                R.  Paul                    13Nov 2002
Ellis                Zachary Earl                14Sep 2002
Ellis                Zachary Earl                15Sep 2002
Ellzey               Mary Virginia Sullivan      13Oct 2002
Elmer                John R.                     29Jan 2002
Elmer                John R.                     30Jan 2002
Elrichs              Ethel Mae                   14Jun 2002
Elsheimer            Elva M.  (Richards)         13Jun 2002
Elsworth             Charles Virgil              14Jul 2002
Ely                  LaVern                      14Mar 2002
Embray               Mary Ellen                  15May 2002
Embree               Marjorie Gibler             19May 2002
Embrey               Jack K.                     14Nov 2002
Emerson              Dorothy M.                  24Aug 2002
Emerson              Druce B.                     9Apr 2002
Emerson              Druce B.                    11Apr 2002
Emerson              Mark Raymond                17Jun 2002
Emler                Charles F.  "Charlie"        4Jan 2002
Emler                Charles F.  "Charlie"        5Jan 2002
Emler                Charles F.  "Charlie"        6Jan 2002
Emler                Charles F.  "Charlie"        7Jan 2002
Emler                Charles Franklin             3Jan 2002
Emley                Clayoma                      6Apr 2002
Emmerson             Earl                        22May 2002
Emond                Esther Roberta              14Apr 2002
Endicott             Caroline M.                 24Aug 2002
Endly                H.  Merle                   18Jul 2002
Endres               Brianna Marie               10Sep 2002
Endres               Brianna Marie               11Sep 2002
Endres               George E.                   26Feb 2002
Endres               George E.                   27Feb 2002
Enegren              Ruth C.                     17Sep 2002
Engebretson          Pauline                     11Jul 2002
Engel                Alvin A.  "Whitie"          27Dec 2002
Engen                Geoffrey Michael            30May 2002
England              James Fredrick Jr.  "J      27Jan 2002
England              Mariah Ann                  19Apr 2002
England              Verneada Rae (Gore)          2Feb 2002
England              Verneada Rae (Gore)          3Feb 2002
Engle                Erma E.                     20Jun 2002
Engleman             Bernadel E.                  6Aug 2002
Engleman             Charlena Bounous            14Sep 2002
Engleman             Charlena Bounous            15Sep 2002
Engler               Thomas Charles              21May 2002
Engler               Wauneta E.                  22Sep 2002
Englert              Rosemary Kay                28May 2002
English              Steve E.                    19Jun 2002
Engstrom             Betty Jean                  15May 2002
Engstrom             William W.  "Bill"          22Nov 2002
Enloe                Jerrell Eugene               6Nov 2002
Enloe                Jerrell Eugene               7Nov 2002
Enns                 Dave                        10Apr 2002
Enns                 Linda                       14Sep 2002
Enochs               Ruby Louise                 16Jul 2002
Enright              Charley Ivan                24Jan 2002
Ensman               Leo M.                      13Aug 2002
Ensz                 Alvin H.  "Al"               3Nov 2002
Ensz                 Eva Nikkel                   7Feb 2002
Ensz                 Juanita B.                   6Mar 2002
Ensz                 Marie Ann                    4Jul 2002
Ensz                 Michele Beth (Smith)         1May 2002
Ensz                 Michele Beth (Smith)        30Apr 2002
Entz                 Quentin                     26Feb 2002
Enzminger            Virginia Lea                28Feb 2002
Eoff                 Cecil L.                     9Dec 2002
Epley                Keith J.                     7Apr 2002
Epp                  Alvin Louis                 10Nov 2002
Epp                  Ella I.                     29Aug 2002
Epp                  Jean (Gladfelter)           27Nov 2002
Epp                  Jean (Gladfelter)           28Nov 2002
Epp                  John N.                      1Aug 2002
Epp                  Tena                        11Dec 2002
Epperson             Sterling Grant               9Mar 2002
Epps                 Ernest Howard "Ernie"        1May 2002
Eracheta             Jose Candelario              4Jun 2002
Erb                  John                         5Nov 2002
Erbert               Virginia                     5Jun 2002
Erdman-Frazier       Billie                       6Sep 2002
Erhardt              Frank A.                    16Nov 2002
Erhardt              Frank A.                    17Nov 2002
Erickson             Geneva G.                   25Feb 2002
Erickson             Ralph Lief                   3Jul 2002
Erickson             Sam                         29Oct 2002
Erickson             Suzie                       12Jun 2002
Erickson             Suzie                       13Jun 2002
Erivin               Elvia Maye                  23Jan 2002
Erker                Esther M.                   23Apr 2002
Erker                Katherine J.                17Nov 2002
Erker                Katherine J.                18Nov 2002
Ernst                Betty Jean                  27Jun 2002
Ernst                Jacob "Jake the Great"      26Mar 2002
Ervin                Mattie M.                    3Nov 2002
Ervin                Sarah C.                    22May 2002
Erwin                Sidney William              19Nov 2002
Erwin                Trinnie C.  "T.C."          13Feb 2002
Erwin Davis          Thelma R.  (Burden)         17Jan 2002
Erwin Davis          Thelma R.  (Burden)         18Jan 2002
Esaw                 Geneva Ruby                 13Jan 2002
Eshbaugh             Margaret Ethel              12Mar 2002
Eshelman             Mabel V.                    12May 2002
Eshleman             Joyce Arlene (Wood)         18Aug 2002
Eshnaur              Elizabeth Jean (Yoder)       7Oct 2002
Eslick               Lyle                        11May 2002
Eslick               Paula Lee                    3Oct 2002
Esparza              Glenda Marie                21Apr 2002
Espelund             Mildred L.                  23Mar 2002
Espelund             Mildred L.                  24Mar 2002
Espelund             Mildred L.                  25Mar 2002
Esqueda-Urzua        Jose                        14Nov 2002
Esquibel             Christina Gail               2Dec 2002
Esquivel             Jadon David                  5Mar 2002
Essig                Carl G.                     17Oct 2002
Estep                James E.                    15Jan 2002
Estep                John Joseph Jr.             11Dec 2002
Estep                John Joseph Jr.             12Dec 2002
Estes                Earl Vincent                15Oct 2002
Estrada              Lillian Ann                 20Jun 2002
Estrada              Lillian Ann                 21Jun 2002
Etchison             Verda V.  (Beltz)           26Jan 2002
Etheridge            Ella Ruth                   17Jul 2002
Etrick               Vivian Helene (Box)         17Dec 2002
Etter                Barbara Ellen               16Feb 2002
Ettridge             Elmer A.                     1Jul 2002
Ettridge             Elmer A.                    30Jun 2002
Eubanks              L.D.                        18Jan 2002
Evans                Bertha                       5Jun 2002
Evans                Carl James                   7Feb 2002
Evans                Connie F.  (Hesse)           6Aug 2002
Evans                Donald Alton                11Apr 2002
Evans                Donice S.                   26Jul 2002
Evans                Donice S.                   27Jul 2002
Evans                Edward Ray                   9Jan 2002
Evans                Helen Kaye                   1Oct 2002
Evans                Homer O.                    12May 2002
Evans                James Armour (Dr.)          27Jan 2002
Evans                Kenneth Dewayne             21Jul 2002
Evans                Kenneth Dewayne             24Jul 2002
Evans                Lewis Dale                   2Jul 2002
Evans                Paul W.                     21Mar 2002
Evans                Sandi Gore                  21Sep 2002
Evans                Velda P.                     9Apr 2002
Evans                W.O.                        23May 2002
Evans                Wilbur C.                    8Jun 2002
Evans                William J.  "Bill"          31Mar 2002
Evans                William Patrick              1Oct 2002
Evenson              Jamie Lou                   11Aug 2002
Everett              Eugene B.                   17Jul 2002
Everett              Frank Oliver                25Dec 2002
Everett              Frank Oliver                27Dec 2002
Everett              Thelma M.                   16Jul 2002
Everett              Thelma M.                   17Jul 2002
Everhart             Ruth I.                      8Nov 2002
Ewalt                Clarence                    26Apr 2002
Ewert                Clara                       27Mar 2002
Ewert                Clara                       28Mar 2002
Ewert                Hilda                       23Mar 2002
Ewert                Ralph A.                    21Jul 2002
Ewing                Clyde H.                    14Jun 2002
Ewing                James Jr.                    9Oct 2002
Ewing                James Jr.                   11Oct 2002
Ewing                Mark Alan                    5Oct 2002
Ewing                Robert Earl Jr.              3Jan 2002
Ewing                Russell Merle               11Feb 2002
Ewonus               Bart                         6Dec 2002
Ewonus               Bart                         6Dec 2002
Ewy                  Curtis L.                    8Apr 2002
Ewy                  Curtis L.                    9Apr 2002
Eyer                 Betty                       19Sep 2002
Eyer                 Betty Sue (Sims)            20Sep 2002


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