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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of scrapbooks in their library that contain obituaries cut from The Wichita Eagle. Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in those scrapbooks. If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each name and we will abstract the information for you. Mail the name of the person you wish the information on, the year, the date (if given) and the page number it appears on (if given) to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. Please include your e-mail address if you have one.

Index courtesy of Bill Pennington.

Index of Wichita Eagle Obituaries 2002









       SURNAME              FIRST NAME         DATE
Aaron                  Weldon E.  Sr.              12Oct  2002
Aaron                  Weldon E.  Sr.              13Oct  2002
Abasolo                Jesus J.                    16Nov  2002
Abbott                 Julia Taylor Werner         14Nov  2002
Abell                  Lucille H.                  22Jul  2002
Abercrombie            Nancy L.  Sherwood          15Nov  2002
Abercrombie            Nancy L.  Sherwood          16Nov  2002
Abernathy              Konard K.                    7Apr  2002
Abernathy              Rena Mae                     4Dec  2002
Able                   Pauline Jeanette             8May  2002
Abner                  Henry Dale                   3Jan  2002
Abner                  Henry Dale                   4Jan  2002
Abraham                Margaret B.                 26Jun  2002
Aceves                 Pedro                       14Nov  2002
Achenbach              Harry L.  "Red"             14Jun  2002
Achilles               Victor R.                    3Nov  2002
Acker                  Dorothy Marie                4Apr  2002
Acker                  Dorothy Marie               26Mar  2002
Acker                  Mary Kathryn                 2Dec  2002
Ackerman               Daniel R.  "Dan"            30Oct  2002
Ackerman               Raymond W.  "Ray"            7May  2002
Adam                   Albert Winslow              23Apr  2002
Adam                   Robert C.                    5Mar  2002
Adame                  Jose Angel Jr.               7Apr  2002
Adams                  Alberta M.                  27Jan  2002
Adams                  Betty Lou                   22Jun  2002
Adams                  Bill                        25May  2002
Adams                  Earl Ray "Tex"              22Mar  2002
Adams                  Eleanor M.                   1Aug  2002
Adams                  Horace William "Bill"        1Aug  2002
Adams                  Jewell                      18Jul  2002
Adams                  Jewell                      19Jul  2002
Adams                  John Robert                 30Oct  2002
Adams                  Lorene                      23Dec  2002
Adams                  Mariella "Mari"             12Feb  2002
Adams                  Mariella "Mari"             13Feb  2002
Adams                  Marjorie Lou                 5Jan  2002
Adams                  Melvin J.                   13Feb  2002
Adams                  Mildred Irene                6Dec  2002
Adams                  Rosa L.                      7Nov  2002
Adams                  Rosa L.  (Moler)            13Nov  2002
Adams                  Roy O.                      27Dec  2002
Adams                  Roy O.                      28Dec  2002
Adams                  Roy O.                      29Dec  2002
Adams                  Shelly Marie                17Dec  2002
Adams                  Shelly Marie                18Dec  2002
Adams                  Troy L.                      5Nov  2002
Adams                  Verna Ruth                  24Sep  2002
Adams                  Vivian W.  (Hull)            7Sep  2002
Adams                  Vivian W.  (Hull)            8Sep  2002
Adams                  Vivian W.  (Hull)            9Sep  2002
Adamson                Ada Mildred                 14Jan  2002
Addison                C.  Eugene "Doc"            19Feb  2002
Ades                   Paige Marie                 10Jan  2002
Adkins                 Bessie Mae                  12Dec  2002
Adkins                 Carolyn                     29May  2002
Adkisson               Irene M.                    21Aug  2002
Adkisson               Irene M.                    22Aug  2002
Adler                  Evelyn R.  Dick             17Aug  2002
Adrian                 Ervin H.                    12Jul  2002
Adrian                 Ervin H.                    13Jul  2002
Adrian                 Jack J.  (Dr.)              23Jan  2002
Adrian                 Lovella Marie               12Jul  2002
Adrian                 Milton J.                    8May  2002
Adsit                  Feland Eleanor              20Jan  2002
Affholder              Merwin V.  "Buck"           14Aug  2002
Aguilera               Gabriel G.  Sr.             22Feb  2002
Ahlberg                Rowena                      28Jan  2002
Ahlberg                Rowena                      29Jan  2002
Aicher                 Maribelle                   20Feb  2002
Aimes                  Gladys                      29Jan  2002
Aitchison              Frances Price (Carson)      18Feb  2002
Aitchison              Frances Price (Carson)      19Feb  2002
Akers                  Helen Margaret (Rein)        1Jan  2002
Akers                  Helen Margaret (Rein)        2Jan  2002
Akin                   Charles W.  "Chuck"         23Jan  2002
Akler                  William Eugene              24Nov  2002
Albin                  Wayne E.                    15Mar  2002
Albrecht               Amanda A.                   29Jun  2002
Albrecht               Delmar L.                   31Oct  2002
Albrecht               Frances J.                  12Jan  2002
Albrecht               Merle D.                    31Aug  2002
Albright               Alice Louise (Marable)      16Jun  2002
Albright               Ernest Albert               29Oct  2002
Albright               Norman M.                   28Feb  2002
Alcorn                 Maudie Emmaline              3Nov  2002
Alderson               Carla M.                     3Sep  2002
Alderson               Carla M.                     4Sep  2002
Alderson               Jack W.                      7Jul  2002
Aldis                  Margaret Elizabeth          18May  2002
Alexander              Albert M.                   26Jun  2002
Alexander              Erek                        20Aug  2002
Alexander              Helen B.                    17Dec  2002
Alexander              Julius E.                    6Aug  2002
Alexander              Louise                      21Aug  2002
Alexander              Mandi Kay                    7Sep  2002
Alexander              Marian Hope                 13Nov  2002
Alexander              Marjorie Dorilda             8Oct  2002
Alexander              Regga K.                    18Mar  2002
Alexander              Robert "Bob"                20Sep  2002
Alexander              Virgil                      11Mar  2002
Aley                   Frederick M.                13Feb  2002
Alfaro                 Margaret P.                  1Aug  2002
Alfaro                 Margaret P.                  2Aug  2002
Alford                 Janice M.                   26May  2002
Alford                 Pete J.                     23Jul  2002
Alford                 Pete J.                     24Jul  2002
Alford                 Vona Caroline               29Dec  2002
Alfred                 Anna M.                     18Feb  2002
Alfrey                 Amy Fern                    23Jul  2002
Allan                  Jane E.                     18Sep  2002
Allan                  Jane E.                     19Sep  2002
Allan                  Robert "Bruce"              23Nov  2002
Allan                  Robert "Bruce"              24Nov  2002
Allan                  Robert "Bruce"              25Nov  2002
Allbritten             George F.                    9Jun  2002
Allcorn                Bessie Agnes                20Apr  2002
Alldritt               Donald Haggard               1Dec  2002
Alldritt               Donald Haggard               2Dec  2002
Alldritt               Donald Haggard               3Dec  2002
Alleman                Ella Mae Thiessen           10Jul  2002
Allen                  A.  C.  "Chad"               9Feb  2002
Allen                  Agnes Mary                  24Aug  2002
Allen                  Antonio Ramon               25Sep  2002
Allen                  Billie E.                    7Dec  2002
Allen                  Calvin H.  "Cal"            28Dec  2002
Allen                  Donald L.                   14Nov  2002
Allen                  Donald L.                   15Nov  2002
Allen                  Donna Dee                   25Oct  2002
Allen                  Donna Dee                   26Oct  2002
Allen                  Dorsey Dale                 12Nov  2002
Allen                  Evelyn G.                   16Jun  2002
Allen                  Henrietta Helene            23Oct  2002
Allen                  Horace J.                   24Dec  2002
Allen                  Isadore Q.  "Al"            28Nov  2002
Allen                  Kathryn Bailey              15Aug  2002
Allen                  Marvin Granville             8Feb  2002
Allen                  Opal L.                      3Apr  2002
Allen                  Ray Dean                    25Jul  2002
Allen                  Ronald Carol                13Dec  2002
Allen                  Rosalind L.                 20Jan  2002
Allen                  Steven L.                   30Apr  2002
Allen                  Sylvia Jean                  7Dec  2002
Allen                  Vivian B.                   21Apr  2002
Allen                  Vivian M.                   25Dec  2002
Allen                  Wendell                      8Nov  2002
Allen-Kromke           Bonnie (Kinsch)             17Aug  2002
Alley                  Ethel M.                    28May  2002
Allison                Debra Lynn                   3Jul  2002
Allison                Eddie                        9Jun  2002
Allison                Joseph L.                    4Jul  2002
Allison                Joseph L.  Jr.               5Jul  2002
Allison                Lloyd Lorraine              27Dec  2002
Allison                Lloyd Lorraine              28Dec  2002
Allison                Lloyd Lorraine              29Dec  2002
Allison                Rich                        23Aug  2002
Alltizer               Sybil A.                    11May  2002
Almanza                Kathie                      26Sep  2002
Almond                 Helen L.                     8Oct  2002
Almquist               A.  Rosalind "Rosie"        14Jan  2002
Almstrom               Gordon L.                   20Mar  2002
Alpers                 Karen Lee                   24Jun  2002
Alsup                  H.E.  "Ed" (Rev.)           24Jan  2002
Altendorf              James J.  (Dr.)             30Mar  2002
Alter                  Carolyn "Sue"               29Sep  2002
Alter                  Waldena (Cox)               22Oct  2002
Alterman               Keith L.                    12Sep  2002
Alterman               Keith L.                    14Sep  2002
Althaus                Howard A.                   14Aug  2002
Althouse               Melvin E.                   23Jun  2002
Altmann                Lawrence C.                  8Aug  2002
Alumbaugh              Lester S.                   21Jun  2002
Alvarez                Lawrence A.  "Larry"        11Aug  2002
Alvarez                Lawrence A.  "Larry"        12Aug  2002
Alvis                  Saundra L.  "Sandy"          8Jan  2002
Alvis                  Saundra L.  "Sandy"          9Jan  2002
Alvord                 Karsyn Lee                  16Dec  2002
Amaral                 Loudwina "Lou"              15Dec  2002
Ambler                 Helen L.                    26Jul  2002
Ambler                 Sarah Elizabeth             19Jan  2002
Ambrosier              D.  Lucille                 31Jan  2002
Amen                   Joseph Frederick "Fred      28Sep  2002
Amerine                Maynard T.  Jr.              8Jan  2002
Ames                   Betty Jewel Seogains        27Dec  2002
Ames                   John Henry                   8Jan  2002
Amick                  Betty K.                    23Apr  2002
Ammann                 Norma Lee                   18Aug  2002
Amos                   Anna                        21Nov  2002
Amos                   Connie S.  (Sherbenou)      18Jul  2002
Amos                   E.  Elaine                   6Feb  2002
Amos                   E.  Elaine                   7Feb  2002
Amott                  Marcus J.  D.D.S.            4Nov  2002
Amrein                 Albert G.  "Al"             25Oct  2002
Andersen               Stanley L.                  15Jun  2002
Andersen               Stanley Louis Sr.           18Jun  2002
Anderson               Aileen R.                    7Sep  2002
Anderson               B.  Olive                   25Jan  2002
Anderson               Betty L.                    26Jun  2002
Anderson               Blake J.                    27Mar  2002
Anderson               Bob                         21May  2002
Anderson               Byron E.                     5May  2002
Anderson               Clara Genevieve "Jenny       9Nov  2002
Anderson               Clara Genevieve "Jenny      11Nov  2002
Anderson               Dennis R.                   15Jul  2002
Anderson               Dennis R.                   16Jul  2002
Anderson               E.M.  "Hap"                 16Jul  2002
Anderson               Earl E.                     13Jan  2002
Anderson               Edna L.                      2Jul  2002
Anderson               Edna Lucile                 10Jul  2002
Anderson               Elizabeth Ann                1Oct  2002
Anderson               Ernest Fred                 18May  2002
Anderson               Ernest Fred                 19May  2002
Anderson               Ernest Fred                 20May  2002
Anderson               Eskil L.                     3Feb  2002
Anderson               Everett A.                  14Jul  2002
Anderson               Everett A.                  16Jul  2002
Anderson               Frances                     30Apr  2002
Anderson               Frances Marie               21Jun  2002
Anderson               Gladys A.                   13Mar  2002
Anderson               Gladys A.                   14Mar  2002
Anderson               Gloria Jean                  4Sep  2002
Anderson               Gloria Lee                   3Jan  2002
Anderson               Jim                          9Feb  2002
Anderson               John R.                     12Nov  2002
Anderson               John W.                     11Jan  2002
Anderson               Judith "Judy" (Bohanno      12Mar  2002
Anderson               Judy K.                     30Jan  2002
Anderson               Justin Allen II              9Jul  2002
Anderson               Kermit L.                   30Oct  2002
Anderson               Laverne J.                  15Sep  2002
Anderson               Leona Jean                  16Nov  2002
Anderson               Marcia Jo                   20Jul  2002
Anderson               Marilin Ann                 27Dec  2002
Anderson               Oleda M.                    25Dec  2002
Anderson               Opal I.                     10Dec  2002
Anderson               Rex M.  "Mike"              28Oct  2002
Anderson               T.J.  (Rev.)                20Feb  2002
Anderson               Thomas Henry                 8May  2002
Anderson               Travis C.                   26Jul  2002
Anderson               Travis C.                   27Jul  2002
Anderson               Valonda Carol               18Dec  2002
Anderson               Valonda Carol               19Dec  2002
Andrasek               Joseph A.  "Joe"             1Jun  2002
Andreatta              Leo Franklin                23Jul  2002
Andres                 Irvin R.                    15Sep  2002
Andreson               Louise G.                   29May  2002
Andrews                Jess L.                     29Mar  2002
Andrews                Karen June                  21Jul  2002
Andrews                Merle                        8Feb  2002
Androes                Joe Ellen                   24Dec  2002
Androes                Marvin E.                   17Oct  2002
Andrulis               Walter                      12May  2002
Angell                 Alice Diane                 22Dec  2002
Angleton               Ezekiel James                6Aug  2002
Angleton               Ezekiel James                7Aug  2002
Ankrom                 Arline L.                    9Feb  2002
Ankrom                 Ray Eugene                  24Dec  2002
Anthony                G.P.  Peck                  16Mar  2002
Anthony                James Michael               24Mar  2002
Anthony                Jean                        27Aug  2002
Anthony                Michael J.                  17Dec  2002
Anthony                Michael J.                  18Dec  2002
Anthony                Michael J.                  20Dec  2002
Antoine                Peggy J.                    15Apr  2002
Apel                   Barbara K.                  29Oct  2002
Apgar                  Warren M.                    7Dec  2002
Appel                  Edna L.                     19Aug  2002
Appel                  Harley Benjamin              8Jun  2002
Appelhans              Josina (Sister)             29Oct  2002
Applegate              Jack                        10Apr  2002
Applegate              Mary Frances                24Aug  2002
Arbogast               Dorsey Raymond              26Jan  2002
Arbogast               Dorsey Raymond              27Jan  2002
Arbuckle               Carl L.                     29Aug  2002
Arbuckle               Carl L.                     31Aug  2002
Arbuckle               Charles Malcolm             20Mar  2002
Arbuckle               Charles Malcolm             21Mar  2002
Arbuckle               Grace                       21Mar  2002
Arbuckle               Grace                       22Mar  2002
Archambeau             Rowena                       3Apr  2002
Archer                 Kent L.                      6Apr  2002
Archer                 Myra Lou                     1Jul  2002
Archer                 Myra Lou                     7Jul  2002
Archer                 Myra Lou                    23Jun  2002
Archer                 Myra Lou                    30Jun  2002
Archibald              Janice M.  Calhoun           3Jan  2002
Archibald              Janice M.  Calhoun           4Jan  2002
Arellano               Pedro Julian "Jay"          30May  2002
Arens                  Clara Leola                  9Dec  2002
Arents                 Inez Caroline               30Dec  2002
Arey                   William E.  Jr.  "Bill      28Feb  2002
Armantrout             Vernon Lee                  30Dec  2002
Armbrust               Raymond A.                  26May  2002
Armbruster             Carrie Marie                 9May  2002
Armfield               John D.  "Butch"            22Mar  2002
Armistead              Stella                       4May  2002
Armistead              William Ray                 29Jan  2002
Armitstead             A.  Louise                  11Jun  2002
Armour                 James Dwight (Dr.)          15Jan  2002
Armstead               Esther "Irene"              24Dec  2002
Armstead               Esther "Irene"              25Dec  2002
Armstead               Esther "Irene"              26Dec  2002
Armstrong              Joseph                      16Apr  2002
Armstrong              Kimberly K.                 21Sep  2002
Armstrong              Leonard E.                   9May  2002
Armstrong              Loyal G.  "Lou"              9Feb  2002
Armstrong              Nellie                       5Jun  2002
Armstrong              Rhonda Kay                   7May  2002
Armstrong              Rhonda Kay                   8May  2002
Armstrong              Vernon H.                   23Jan  2002
Armstrong              Vernon H.                   25Jan  2002
Armstrong              Vernon H.                   27Jan  2002
Arnberger              Wilma D.                    21Oct  2002
Arndt                  Albert Duane                18Apr  2002
Arnett                 Avis C.                      1Aug  2002
Arnett                 Avis C.                      2Aug  2002
Arnett                 Don G.                       2Jul  2002
Arnett                 Lucas Eugene                16Jan  2002
Arnold                 Avone                       10Jul  2002
Arnold                 Betty Mae                   23Jan  2002
Arnold                 Charles William Jr.  "      18Jul  2002
Arnold                 Helen L.  (Smith)            2Sep  2002
Arnold                 Helen L.  (Smith)            3Sep  2002
Arnold                 LaDean                      12Sep  2002
Arnold                 Ruby May                    25May  2002
Arnold                 Thomas E.                   17Apr  2002
Arnold                 Tony R.                     25Oct  2002
Arnold                 Tracy                        6Nov  2002
Arst                   Beverly Jean                 9Apr  2002
Arst                   Beverly Jean                10Apr  2002
Artaz                  Jay "Dee"                    7Mar  2002
Arthur                 Mona G.                     27May  2002
Arthur                 Ned                          6Oct  2002
Asbury                 Stanley F.                   1May  2002
Ash                    Wiley Sr.                    1Nov  2002
Ash                    Wiley Sr.                    2Nov  2002
Ashbaugh               Maurice Donald Sr.          11Apr  2002
Ashburn                Brian Wayne "Little B.      11May  2002
Ashburn                Ronald D.                   13Feb  2002
Ashburn                Ronald D.                   14Feb  2002
Ashcraft               Vernon W.  "Bud"             4Mar  2002
Ashenfelter            Forrest Leon                24Aug  2002
Ashley                 Betty Jane                  19Feb  2002
Ashley                 Charles H.                  20Dec  2002
Ashley                 Jim "Uncle Pippie"          25Nov  2002
Ashworth               Otis S.                     24Jan  2002
Asmussen               Donald Chris                19Aug  2002
Atchley                Mary F.                     22Oct  2002
Atha                   Larry Dean                  21Jun  2002
Atha                   Larry Dean                  22Jun  2002
Atherton               Dean Edmond                 22Jul  2002
Atkins                 Helen Louise                27Oct  2002
Atkins                 Hellen Louise               30Oct  2002
Atkins                 James Harlan III "Butc      11Jan  2002
Atkins                 Lena Elizabeth              15Mar  2002
Atkins                 Michael E.  "Mike"          21May  2002
Atkins                 Murphy B.                   14Aug  2002
Atkins                 Zelma P.                    27Dec  2002
Atkins                 Zelma P.                    28Dec  2002
Atkinson               Helen                       17Sep  2002
Atkinson               Keith Richard               19Sep  2002
Atkinson               Unique Tra-Onna             12Jan  2002
Atkinson               Walter G.  Jr.  "Walt"      19Dec  2002
Atkinson               William Joseph "Joe"        28Mar  2002
Atland                 Arents "A.E."               19Jul  2002
Atteberry              Tressie                      3Feb  2002
Atterberry             Kevin Robert                 7Mar  2002
Atterberry             Mary                        17Apr  2002
Atterberry             Ruby M.                     14Dec  2002
Audley                 Helen M.                     8Oct  2002
Auer                   Wilma                        3Jan  2002
Auman                  Thyra B.                    11Oct  2002
Aupied                 Edgar J.                    30Mar  2002
Aupied                 Edgar J.                    31Mar  2002
Ausbie                 Melvin Sr.                   3Feb  2002
Ausbie                 Melvin Sr.                   5Feb  2002
Ausherman              Ernest R.                   27Jun  2002
Austin                 Farris F.                    5Mar  2002
Austin                 Harold L.                    3Apr  2002
Austin                 Helen F.                    12Mar  2002
Austin                 Helen F.                    13Mar  2002
Austin                 Kenneth E.                  10Jan  2002
Austin                 Kenneth E.                  11Jan  2002
Austin                 Louise Frances               7Feb  2002
Austin                 Ray D.                      14Feb  2002
Austin                 Ray D.                      15Feb  2002
Austin                 Rikki d'Ene                 22May  2002
Austin                 Rikki d'Ene                 23May  2002
Austin                 Sanae                        7Dec  2002
Austin                 Skyler d'Ene                 4Nov  2002
Avery                  Charles E.                  11Jun  2002
Avery                  M.  Eylene                  16Apr  2002
Avery                  M.  Eylene                  17Apr  2002
Avila                  Jessie Robles                3Feb  2002
Awe                    Norma L.                    13May  2002
Axline                 Agnes                       13Apr  2002
Ayers                  Harold E.                   24Feb  2002
Ayers                  Harold E.                   25Feb  2002
Ayling                 Shirley J.                  15Sep  2002
Ayres                  Clarence N.  "Clancy"       27Feb  2002
Ayres                  Clarence N.  "Clancy"       28Feb  2002
Ayres                  Edith K.  (Stutzman)        19Feb  2002
Ayres                  Edith K.  (Stutzman)        20Feb  2002
Babb                   Cecile F.                   19May  2002
Babb                   Iva Eunice                  19Nov  2002
Babb                   Mildred R.  (Robbins)        2Mar  2002
Babcock                Florence I.  "Frostie"       8May  2002
Babcock                Florence I.  "Frosty"        7May  2002
Babcock                Jamie Rae                    1Nov  2002
Baber                  Ralph D.  "Rusty"           28Aug  2002
Bacharach              Barbara J.  Howell          24Dec  2002
Bachelor               Nadine                       5Nov  2002
Bachman                Laurence Leo                13Mar  2002
Bachmann               Daniel C.                   14Oct  2002
Bachmann               Daniel C.                   15Oct  2002
Bachmann               Daniel C.                   16Oct  2002
Bacon-Schantz          Spencer Winston             15Nov  2002
Bacon-Schantz          Spencer Winston             16Nov  2002
Bader                  Gerald "G.K." "Pops"        12Nov  2002
Bader                  Gerald "G.K." "Pops"        13Nov  2002
Bader                  Gerald "G.K." "Pops"        14Nov  2002
Bader                  Gerald "G.K." "Pops"        15Nov  2002
Baehman                Briana K.                   22Dec  2002
Baergen                Carrie Fae                   3Nov  2002
Bagley                 Georgia H.                  30Oct  2002
Bagwell                Edward A.  "Eddy"           22Feb  2002
Bahr                   Calvin Harm                 12Jan  2002
Bahr                   Ernest                       6Feb  2002
Bahr                   Marlyn Wayne                 6Sep  2002
Bahr                   Marlyn Wayne                28Aug  2002
Bahr                   Marlyn Wayne                29Aug  2002
Bahr                   Robert L.                    5Jun  2002
Bahr                   Robert L.                    6Jun  2002
Baile                  Steven Eugene                7Nov  2002
Bailey                 Anna Mary                    5Dec  2002
Bailey                 Clara B.                    20Feb  2002
Bailey                 Collene M.                   1Feb  2002
Bailey                 Collene M.                   3Feb  2002
Bailey                 Glenn Elmo                   6Nov  2002
Bailey                 John                         7Oct  2002
Bailey                 Leora Ellen                  9Dec  2002
Bailey                 Maxwell W.                   3Dec  2002
Bailey                 Nola Elizabeth              12Sep  2002
Bailey                 Nola Elizabeth              15Sep  2002
Bailey                 Rudet L.                    23Aug  2002
Bailey                 Sue "Lynne"                 24Jun  2002
Bailey                 Verda M.                    18Nov  2002
Bailey                 Verda M.                    19Nov  2002
Bailey                 Zula (Pontious)             14Jun  2002
Bain                   Billy W.                    19Nov  2002
Bain                   Clifford O.  "Buck"         23Nov  2002
Baird                  Clorine Ruth                11Oct  2002
Baird                  John Edward                 15Oct  2002
Baird                  Mitchell Ray                 7Jul  2002
Baird                  Thelma                      30Mar  2002
Baisey                 Teruko                       3Oct  2002
Baity                  Jerald Lee                  24Aug  2002
Bakel                  Veronica Faith              26Oct  2002
Bakel                  Veronica Faith              27Oct  2002
Baker                  Alpha Irving Jr.  "Al"       4Aug  2002
Baker                  Barry                       16Apr  2002
Baker                  Chester "Chet"              27Nov  2002
Baker                  Chester "Chet"              29Nov  2002
Baker                  Christine                   13Feb  2002
Baker                  Doretha "Debbie"             8Jan  2002
Baker                  Doretha "Debbie"             9Jan  2002
Baker                  Doretha "Debbie"            11Jan  2002
Baker                  Earl Jr.                    15Dec  2002
Baker                  Elizabeth Louise (Pann      20Oct  2002
Baker                  Elva Ivan                   11Jan  2002
Baker                  Fannie May (Fearey)         26Jun  2002
Baker                  Hazel I.                    13Jul  2002
Baker                  Hazel I.                    14Jul  2002
Baker                  Helen B.                    16Mar  2002
Baker                  Helen G.  (Forsberg)        17May  2002
Baker                  Herbert Edwin               22Mar  2002
Baker                  Janet Elizabeth (Carpe      18Nov  2002
Baker                  John L.                     22Oct  2002
Baker                  Kenneth W.                  24Dec  2002
Baker                  Lois N.                     20Feb  2002
Baker                  Loretta Hilda               18Dec  2002
Baker                  Mabel Irene                 19Dec  2002
Baker                  Mark S.                     10Jan  2002
Baker                  Mark S.                     11Jan  2002
Baker                  Mark S.                     12Jan  2002
Baker                  Mary F.                     15May  2002
Baker                  Mary F.                     16May  2002
Baker                  Morris K.                    6Sep  2002
Baker                  Nina Lee (Zimmerman)         3Aug  2002
Baker                  Nina Lee (Zimmerman)         4Aug  2002
Baker                  Ralph V.  "Barney"          17Jul  2002
Baker                  Rosa A.                      2Mar  2002
Baker                  Ruth Mae                    30Aug  2002
Baker                  Tyler Keith                  5Apr  2002
Baker                  Tyler Keith                  6Apr  2002
Baker                  Velma J.  (Blatchford)       5Dec  2002
Bakken                 Nancy Mae                    6Apr  2002
Baldridge              Ludmilla "Millie"           28May  2002
Baldridge              Velma Loraine               13Mar  2002
Baldwin                Deloris                     29Apr  2002
Baldwin                F.  Pearl "Peggy"           22Oct  2002
Baldwin                Mary H.                      3Jul  2002
Baldwin                Ruth L.                      3Mar  2002
Baldwin                William J.  "Bill" (Dr       4Dec  2002
Baldwin                William J.  "Bill" (Dr       5Dec  2002
Bales                  Ruth A.                     21May  2002
Ball                   Mary Evelyn                  1Jan  2002
Ball                   Michael D.                   8Aug  2002
Ballance               Leonard A.                  10Jan  2002
Ballance               Leonard A.                  11Jan  2002
Ballantine             Marie H.                    31Dec  2002
Ballard                Russell C.  "Russ"           1Aug  2002
Ballard                Woodrow W.  "Woody"          6Oct  2002
Ballew                 Keith M.                    28Oct  2002
Ballinger              Geraline L.  "Jeri"         18Jun  2002
Ballinger              Geraline L.  "Jeri"         19Jun  2002
Ballinger              Mildred "Millie"             9Feb  2002
Ballinger              Mildred "Millie"            10Feb  2002
Ballinger              Ray                         12Mar  2002
Ballinger              Ray                         13Mar  2002
Balman                 Martha Louise               11Jan  2002
Baltazor               Bernard E.  "Bernie"        21May  2002
Balthazor              Laurence E.                 27May  2002
Bammes                 Nellie Irene                 7Mar  2002
Bammes                 Nellie Irene                 8Mar  2002
Banda                  Arcadio                     17Dec  2002
Bane                   Glen                        12May  2002
Bane                   Louria L.                   26Feb  2002
Banka                  Sarah                       26Mar  2002
Banks                  Edward H.                    5Dec  2002
Banks                  Edward H.                    8Dec  2002
Banks                  Patricia Rena Whitlock       8Feb  2002
Banks                  Patricia Renal               7Feb  2002
Banks                  Robert Blackburn            15Sep  2002
Bannon                 George M.                   19Jun  2002
Banyard                Florence Elizabeth          13Mar  2002
Banzet                 Leay D.                     14Aug  2002
Banzhaf                Ione Nadine                  8Aug  2002
Baran                  Zenon                       12Sep  2002
Barber                 Harold L.                   27Mar  2002
Barber                 Helen                       25Dec  2002
Barber                 Joe                         31Aug  2002
Barber                 Maurine                      1Apr  2002
Barber                 Norman W.                   23May  2002
Barber                 Norman W.                   24May  2002
Barber                 Reatha Fiene                30Jan  2002
Barbera                Porter E.  (Dr.)            14Feb  2002
Barbour                Ray                         22Mar  2002
Barcus                 Thelma Ruth (Slabach)       27Apr  2002
Barcus                 Thelma Ruth (Slabach)       28Apr  2002
Barcus                 Thelma Ruth (Slabach)       29Apr  2002
Barden                 Cecil Earl                   6Jan  2002
Bare                   Patricia L.                 17Feb  2002
Barker                 Ada M.                      21Apr  2002
Barker                 Charley                      5Feb  2002
Barker                 Dale E.  Sr.  "Cork"         4Dec  2002
Barker                 Eugene Carl "Bud"           18Dec  2002
Barker                 Jennings O.                 25Sep  2002
Barker                 Jennings O.  "Jack"          9Oct  2002
Barker                 Nona E.                     31Mar  2002
Barker                 Susie B.                    26Mar  2002
Barker                 Wilma Faye                  10Jan  2002
Barker                 Wrex                         6Mar  2002
Barkley                Edith M.  (Brewer)           8Feb  2002
Barks                  C.  Joyce (Maxwell)         13Aug  2002
Barkus                 Aonesty                      4Jun  2002
Barkus                 Aonesty                      5Jun  2002
Barleen                Vernon A.                   21Sep  2002
Barlotti               Carmel                      20Jul  2002
Barlow                 Charles Doug                21Jul  2002
Barna                  Charles Csaba                1Mar  2002
Barnaby                James Edward "Jim"          13Jun  2002
Barnes                 Chester Douglas             28May  2002
Barnes                 Clifford L.                 23Dec  2002
Barnes                 Earl D.                     11May  2002
Barnes                 Evelyn Faye                 27Jan  2002
Barnes                 Jesse L.                    23Jul  2002
Barnes                 Jimmy Edward                 3Jan  2002
Barnes                 Lavon Burkholder            12Apr  2002
Barnes                 Mary Alice                  18May  2002
Barnes                 Neva E.                     18Nov  2002
Barnes                 Neva E.                     19Nov  2002
Barnes                 Terrance Brent "Terran      28Feb  2002
Barnes                 Virgil E.                   10Jun  2002
Barnes                 Warren Ed                   22Jan  2002
Barnes                 William C.                   3Apr  2002
Barnett                Agness Lorine                2Feb  2002
Barnett                Artis Laverta               24Apr  2002
Barnett                Charles L.  "Charlie"       31Jan  2002
Barnett                Jay O.                      31Dec  2002
Barnett                Kenneth R.  Sr.             10Feb  2002
Barnett                Laura                        7Oct  2002
Barnett                Margaret E.                 16Oct  2002
Barnhart               Linda                       16Apr  2002
Barnhart               Robert W.  "Bob"            27Jul  2002
Barnhart               Robert W.  "Bob"            28Jul  2002
Barnhart               Troy Joseph "Pee Wee"        3Aug  2002
Barnhill               Elsie May                    9Apr  2002
Barnhill               Helen R.                    10Feb  2002
Barnum                 Esther                       1Apr  2002
Barnum                 Everett A.  Sr.  "Barn      16Jul  2002
Barnum                 Lawrence B.                  7Oct  2002
Barondeau              Velma Mary                  31Aug  2002
Barr                   Betty Jean                  20Sep  2002
Barr                   Dorothy A.                  21Jul  2002
Barr                   Kenneth Eugene              28Sep  2002
Barr                   V.  Eileen                   9Dec  2002
Barragree              Edna                        28Jun  2002
Barragree              Sadie                       16Nov  2002
Barraza                Nancy Paula                  5Feb  2002
Barraza                Nancy Paula                  7Feb  2002
Barrell                Mary Katherine (Prier)       2May  2002
Barrett                Arbery Ray                  27Oct  2002
Barrett                Arbery Ray                  28Oct  2002
Barrett                Charles "Charlie"            9Aug  2002
Barrett                Lee                          8Jun  2002
Barrett                Roy R.                       6Aug  2002
Barrett-Mercer         Pearl Lillian               11Nov  2002
Barrientos             Felipe                       7Mar  2002
Barrows                Olin K.                     28Mar  2002
Barry                  J.H.  Wally Dickerson       19Mar  2002
Barstow                Thelma F.                   11Mar  2002
Bartel                 Elizabeth                    7May  2002
Bartel                 Goldie                      18Oct  2002
Bartel                 Robert D.  "Bob"            11Jun  2002
Bartelli               Elsie Mildred                1Jan  2002
Bartels                Stella                       5Nov  2002
Barth                  Oleta I.                     9Aug  2002
Bartholomew            Ruth Elsie                  11Aug  2002
Bartholomew            Ruth Elsie                  12Aug  2002
Bartlett               Alberta Belle               23Jul  2002
Bartlett               Floyd E.                     6Jul  2002
Barton                 Clement E.  "Clem"          10Dec  2002
Barton                 Dorothy G.                  24Sep  2002
Barton                 Gladys L.                    1Jun  2002
Barton                 Gladys L.                   31May  2002
Barton                 Leonard W.                   8Jul  2002
Barton                 Samuel Harlin                3Jan  2002
Bascombe               Jeanette Ruth (Willoug      12Jul  2002
Base                   Ada M.                      10Aug  2002
Base                   Cynthia Jean (Wheaton)      14Feb  2002
Base                   Minnie Jo                    5Mar  2002
Basehar                Charles M.                  11Sep  2002
Bashaw                 Thomas P.                   28Feb  2002
Bashor                 John Allison                28May  2002
Basinger               Lewis Tobe                  16Dec  2002
Bassett                Leo Henry                   10Nov  2002
Bassett                Ruth                        29Oct  2002
Bassham                Tonetta L.                  23Apr  2002
Batchelor              Vica N.                     18Oct  2002
Bateman                John K.  (Dr.)               7Nov  2002
Bateman                John K.  (Dr.)               8Nov  2002
Bateman                Rufus J.  "R.J."            13Jun  2002
Bates                  Ada Cornelia                23Jun  2002
Bates                  Florence                    27Dec  2002
Bates                  Florence E.                 26Dec  2002
Bates                  M.  Phyllis                  9Oct  2002
Bates                  M.  Phyllis                 10Oct  2002
Bates                  Moncella                    10Sep  2002
Bates                  Moncella "Montie"           11Sep  2002
Bates                  Rita Marion (Lawlis)        15Dec  2002
Bates                  Rita Marion (Lawlis)        16Dec  2002
Bathgate               Robert J.                   20Jun  2002
Batson                 Marjorie M.  (Finley)       28Nov  2002
Batt                   Cecilia M.                  14Feb  2002
Battaglear             Jason Lee                    9May  2002
Batzelle               Charlotte Anne (Besset      13Nov  2002
Bauer                  G.E.  Lucile "Lucy"          6Feb  2002
Bauer                  G.E.  Lucile "Lucy"          7Feb  2002
Bauer                  Gaylord E.                  12Dec  2002
Bauer                  George Gilbert Sr.           9Jun  2002
Bauer                  Leona Marie                 30Apr  2002
Baugher                Donnell G.                   6May  2002
Baugher                Donnell G.                   7May  2002
Baughman               M.  Regina (Palmer)          8Feb  2002
Baughman               Robert G.  "Bob"            17Nov  2002
Baughman               Vida G.  (Jay)              27Dec  2002
Bauman                 Roy E.                      21Nov  2002
Baumann                Frances E.                  31Aug  2002
Baxter                 Gary Joe                    16Apr  2002
Baxter                 Marble Booth                 8Oct  2002
Baxter                 Robert Elmer                 9May  2002
Baxter                 Sadie G.  (Colter)          20Dec  2002
Bay                    Richard                     16Sep  2002
Bayer                  Camillus (Sister)           26Jun  2002
Bayless                Faye Marie                  25Aug  2002
Bayless                William Lacy "Lacy"          6Oct  2002
Bays                   Duane L.                    20Mar  2002
Bazzle                 Craig D.                    21Sep  2002
Bazzle                 Craig D.                    22Sep  2002
Beach                  Arthur W.                   18Jul  2002
Beach                  Mildred J.                  23Nov  2002
Beachner               William F.  "Bill"           3Jan  2002
Beadle                 Delania (Hargett) "Dee      11Feb  2002
Beadles                Mac E.                       3Sep  2002
Beadles                Mac E.                       4Sep  2002
Beadman                Harold E.  Jr.               5Oct  2002
Beagley                Lorance Lee                 29Jul  2002
Beal                   Ricky Alan                  12Jun  2002
Beals                  Lucille                      8Dec  2002
Beals                  William D.  "Bill"           2Dec  2002
Beals                  William D.  "Bill"           3Dec  2002
Beam                   Fred                        14Aug  2002
Beam                   Richard C.                  26Mar  2002
Beamer                 Ruby Ellen                  19Aug  2002
Bean                   Florence E.                 26Jan  2002
Bean                   Florence E.                 27Jan  2002
Bean                   Stella Mae                  14Dec  2002
Beanine                Paul K.                     17Oct  2002
Beard                  E. L., Jr.  "Bert"         16Dec  2002
Beard                  E. L., Jr.  "Bert"         17Dec  2002
Beard                  Jennie Ellen (Stimatze      31Dec  2002
Beard                  Luther Ivan                 21Mar  2002
Beard                  Rillie E.                    8Apr  2002
Beard                  Rillie E.                   10Apr  2002
Beard                  Robert Kelly                31Dec  2002
Beard                  Wallace O.                  31Dec  2002
Bearden                Cynthia K. Travis "Ci      15Dec  2002
Bearden                Raudy E.                    21Jul  2002
Beardslee              Barbara N.                  25Jul  2002
Beardslee              Barbara N.                  26Jul  2002
Beasley                Evelyn K.                    3Mar  2002
Beasley                Evelyn K.                    4Mar  2002
Beat                   Edwin A.  "Eddie"           24May  2002
Beat                   Edwin A.  "Eddie"           25May  2002
Beaty                  Don E.                       6Jul  2002
Beaty                  Fred A.                     10Nov  2002
Beaty                  Herald E.                    5Dec  2002
Beaumont               Jack Lee                     6Dec  2002
Beauregard             Pauline J.                  15May  2002
Bechtel                William E.                   1Jan  2002
Beck                   Audene                      20Oct  2002
Beck                   Evelyn B.                   29Jul  2002
Beck                   Evelyn B.                   30Jul  2002
Beck                   Homer C.                     5Jun  2002
Beck                   Homer C.                     6Jun  2002
Beck                   Joshua Eugene               15Sep  2002
Beck                   Mary Ann                    12Jan  2002
Beck                   Verna Audene (Haworth)      21Oct  2002
Beckel                 Hilda I.                    25Jun  2002
Becker                 Allen                       13Mar  2002
Becker                 Allen                       14Mar  2002
Becker                 Charline H.                 29May  2002
Becker                 Dave                        14Jun  2002
Becker                 Evelyn Emma                 31Mar  2002
Becker                 Frank                        9May  2002
Becker                 Gerald B.                    9Jul  2002
Becker                 Gerald B.                   10Jul  2002
Becker                 Gerald B.                   11Jul  2002
Becker                 Gerald B.                   12Jul  2002
Becker                 Gertrude C.  Orth           16Mar  2002
Becker                 Herman P.                   11Dec  2002
Becker                 Lewie F.                    25Jun  2002
Becker                 Lola Mae                    13Jun  2002
Becker                 Lola Mae                    14Jun  2002
Becker                 Malinda L.                  29Jan  2002
Becker                 Marie E.                    20Aug  2002
Becker                 Mildred E.  Fauchier (      22Oct  2002
Becker                 Mildred E.  Fauchier (      23Oct  2002
Becker                 Urfa                        10Sep  2002
Beckerman              Leonard F.  "Turney"        14Feb  2002
Beckley                Arthel Charlotte (Benn      26Feb  2002
Beckley                Lester L.  "Jack"            4Aug  2002
Beckwith               Elizabeth A.  "Lilly"       13May  2002
Beckwith               Elizabeth A.  "Lilly"       14May  2002
Becraft                Dehlia (Larner)              8Nov  2002
Becraft                Dehlia (Larner)              9Nov  2002
Bedard                 Fidelis "Dale"              30Jan  2002
Bedell                 Alan L.                     28Aug  2002
Bedell                 Hazel Dorine                30Apr  2002
Bedner                 Doris J.                    30Jul  2002
Bedore                 Rosalee                     23Nov  2002
Beebe                  Jerry Allen                 22Nov  2002
Beebe                  Mark Allen                  26Aug  2002
Beebe                  Mary Elizabeth              18Mar  2002
Beedy                  Faye La Vaughn               3Aug  2002
Beeghly                Kent Douglas                23Oct  2002
Beeman                 Roy A.                       1Jun  2002
Beemer                 Esther E.                   12Dec  2002
Beene                  Marvin D.                   10May  2002
Beeson                 Howard C.  Sr.               6Oct  2002
Beetz                  Velma Herthel               27Apr  2002
Befort                 James                       10Jan  2002
Befort                 Kenneth Douglas             20Mar  2002
Beggs                  Howard Ancil                12Mar  2002
Begnoche               Nelda Rae                   28Jun  2002
Behler                 E.  Carl                    18Dec  2002
Behler                 E.  Carl                    19Dec  2002
Behrmann               Donna June "DJ"             13Mar  2002
Behrns                 Albert Joseph Jr.           17Oct  2002
Behzadpour             Habibolah                   13Sep  2002
Beilman                Margaret M.                 17Sep  2002
Beisel                 Mary                        15Oct  2002
Beitler                Frances Ann                 10Jan  2002
Beitler                Hugh Allen                  18Nov  2002
Bejot                  Julie M.                     4Apr  2002
Belcher                Nikolas A.                  24Jul  2002
Belew                  Loreta M.  Borel             2Oct  2002
Belew                  Loreta M.  Borel             3Oct  2002
Belk                   Herbert Walker               8Jan  2002
Belknap                Jesse Lee                   16Feb  2002
Bell                   Betty Lee                   26Feb  2002
Bell                   Bill                        10Mar  2002
Bell                   Don R.                      24Jan  2002
Bell                   Doris                       19Mar  2002
Bell                   Doris                       20Mar  2002
Bell                   Johnnie L.                  18Jan  2002
Bell                   Johnnie L.                  19Jan  2002
Bell                   Johnnie L.                  20Jan  2002
Bell                   Johnnie L.                  21Jan  2002
Bell                   Larry B.  "Pilgrim"         14Apr  2002
Bell                   Laura E.                    22Oct  2002
Bell                   Leroy Sr.                   25Sep  2002
Bell                   Leroy Sr.                   26Sep  2002
Bell                   Leroy Sr.                   27Sep  2002
Bell                   Madeline Anne               25Aug  2002
Bell                   Patsy                       15Jun  2002
Bell                   Ralph A.                    18Jul  2002
Bell                   Sylvester                   31Oct  2002
Bell                   Valine Kathryn               7Aug  2002
Bell                   Valine Kathryn               8Aug  2002
Bell                   Viola                       13Mar  2002
Bell-Martinez          Jamie Jean                   3Apr  2002
Bell-Tolbert           Candace D.  (Sgt.)           9Apr  2002
Bell-Tolbert           Candace D.  (Sgt.)          10Apr  2002
Beller                 Livona B.  "Jo"              4Apr  2002
Beller                 Livona B.  "Jo"              7Mar  2002
Bellesine              Edna M.                     23Oct  2002
Bellesine              Edna M.                     24Oct  2002
Belt                   Opal Geneva                 17Jan  2002
Beltz                  Viola Mae                    3Sep  2002
Benander               Grace A.                    18Mar  2002
Benbrook               Bobby G.  Sr.               26Sep  2002
Benbrook               Louie L.  Sr.               22Apr  2002
Bender                 Ella Lee                    22Jan  2002
Bender                 Holmes Carol                23Nov  2002
Bender                 Oscar                        2Oct  2002
Bender                 Viola E.                     7Mar  2002
Benedict               Mary "Alberta"              18Dec  2002
Benefiel               Shirley Mae                 10Aug  2002
Benest                 Edna B.                     15Sep  2002
Benge                  Elizabeth M.                15Aug  2002
Bengston               E.L.  "Bing"                 4Feb  2002
Bengston               Treva Carol                 31May  2002
Benjamin               Kenneth U.  Sr.              2Oct  2002
Benjamin               Ruth Aline                  15Feb  2002
Benjamin               Ruth Aline                  16Feb  2002
Benn                   Edward J.                   26Mar  2002
Bennett                Betty E.                    26Oct  2002
Bennett                Billy C.  Jr.               12Feb  2002
Bennett                Billy C.  Jr.               13Feb  2002
Bennett                Billy C.  Jr.               14Feb  2002
Bennett                David                       10Nov  2002
Bennett                David Lynn                  11Nov  2002
Bennett                Edna Mary                   26Jan  2002
Bennett                Ella Marie                  18May  2002
Bennett                Goldie E.                   15Dec  2002
Bennett                Hattie Ellen (Sisco)         4Apr  2002
Bennett                Jewell Alice (Miller)       21May  2002
Bennett                Lorene Eva (Mabee)          18Jun  2002
Bennett                Nina June                   17Dec  2002
Bennett                RoseMary                    16Apr  2002
Bennett                Sadie Emma                   5Jan  2002
Bennett                Sher K.                      7Jun  2002
Benningfield           Kenneth R.                  23Jun  2002
Benson                 Agatha                      25Nov  2002
Benson                 Agatha E.                    6Dec  2002
Benson                 Agatha E.                    7Dec  2002
Benson                 Carlin M.                   10Dec  2002
Benson                 Clark V.                    23May  2002
Benson                 David D.                    11Jan  2002
Bentley                Debbie Wise                 25May  2002
Bentley                Debbie Wise                 26May  2002
Benton                 Farren A.  Sr.              12Dec  2002
Berends                Berniece Ruth               12Feb  2002
Berends                Everett Wayne                8Jun  2002
Berg                   Anna E.                     12Jan  2002
Berg                   Anne                         2Jul  2002
Berg                   Arby Fremont                17Jul  2002
Berg                   Dorothy M.                  17Jan  2002
Berg                   Earl H.                     20Dec  2002
Berg                   Robert E.  "Bob"             1Oct  2002
Berg                   Velma Boswell               17Jul  2002
Bergdall               Montra May                   7Nov  2002
Bergen                 Theodore J.                 19Jan  2002
Berger                 Helen June                   2Feb  2002
Berger                 Kay                          1Apr  2002
Berger                 Maurice Edward               2Jun  2002
Berger                 Maurice Edward               4Jun  2002
Bergkamp               Norman A.                    1Oct  2002
Bergman                Alvin E.                     8Feb  2002
Bergman                Edna Margaret                4Jan  2002
Bergman                Florene                     30Sep  2002
Bergman                Jerry L.                    14Aug  2002
Bergman                Jerry L.                    15Aug  2002
Bergsma                Roger L.                     8Aug  2002
Berkenmeier            Darlene F.                   6Jan  2002
Berland                Robert L.  "Hap"            18Jan  2002
Berline                Henry J.                    30Aug  2002
Bernard                Geraldine V.                 9Jun  2002
Bernard                Mary                        13Nov  2002
Bernard                Mary                        14Nov  2002
Berneau                Luerain A.                  24Jul  2002
Berner                 Homer H.                    15Oct  2002
Berney                 Nathaniel Jr.  "Nat"         5Sep  2002
Bernhardt              Alvin B.                    19Apr  2002
Bernhardt              John A.  Jr.                 5Dec  2002
Berning                John B.                      8Sep  2002
Berning                John B.                      9Sep  2002
Berrie                 T.  Jeanne                  23Jun  2002
Berry                  Bertha G.  (Jimenez)        14Nov  2002
Berry                  Bruce Lesley Sr.            15Aug  2002
Berry                  Charles Eugene              11Sep  2002
Berry                  Greg A.                     14Feb  2002
Berry                  Jennie Madeline             12Feb  2002
Berry                  Jennie Madeline             13Feb  2002
Berry                  Paul Junior                  6Apr  2002
Berry                  Paul Junior                  7Apr  2002
Berry                  Steven Karl                 27Nov  2002
Bertelsen              Berger Bjarne "Bert"        17Feb  2002
Bertelsen              Berger Bjarne "Bert"        19Feb  2002
Bertrand               Michael Eugene              10Dec  2002
Beshears               Dustin E.                    8Jun  2002
Bess                   Versena "Vess"               5Mar  2002
Bessel                 Ruth H.                     16Aug  2002
Bessette               Emery T.  "Butch"           18Mar  2002
Best                   Jerry                       19Jun  2002
Best                   Jerry                       20Jun  2002
Best                   Ruth Thelma                 14Mar  2002
Besthorn               Joyce Ann                    5Oct  2002
Besthorn               Joyce Ann                   17Oct  2002
Bettes                 Destiny Paige               19Apr  2002
Bettis                 Dorothy 0.                  26Jun  2002
Bettis                 Dorothy O.                  25Jun  2002
Bettles                Orval N.                    28Jul  2002
Betz                   Elmer C.                    13Mar  2002
Beumeler               Robert Anthony Sr.           2Jan  2002
Beurskens              Carl H.                      5Dec  2002
Bevan                  Eldon Elbert                 1Jan  2002
Bevan                  Fred E.                      1Jun  2002
Bever                  Edward E.                   25Dec  2002
Bever                  Jane                        22Jan  2002
Bevis                  Theodore G.                  6Dec  2002
Beye                   Joshua Kenneth "Josh"        6Jul  2002
Beyer                  Ruby R.                     11Mar  2002
Beymer                 Clyde E.                    14Oct  2002
Bianciella             Ralph J.                    16Nov  2002
Biberstein             Frank J.  Jr.                2Oct  2002
Bible                  John P.                     15Jan  2002
Bickel                 Becky                       28Dec  2002
Bickel                 Rebekah Elizabeth "Bec      27Dec  2002
Bickel                 Rebekah Elizabeth "Bec      28Dec  2002
Bickel                 Rebekah Elizabeth "Bec      29Dec  2002
Bieberle               Lena Schwertfeger           21Mar  2002
Bieberle               Lena Schwertfeger           22Mar  2002
Biehler                Lillian G.                  17Nov  2002
Biehler                Lillian G.                  18Nov  2002
Bieker                 Barbara M.                  26Mar  2002
Biernacki              Edna May                    12May  2002
Bigelow                Edwin H.                    18Apr  2002
Biggs                  Clyde L.                    10Mar  2002
Biggs                  Florence                    20Apr  2002
Biggs                  Florence                    21Apr  2002
Biggs                  Florence                    22Apr  2002
Biggs                  Marjorie Geneva             26May  2002
Biggs                  Stephen                     28Sep  2002
Biggs                  Stephen                     29Sep  2002
Biggs                  Virginia S.                 29Jan  2002
Bilbrey                Mildred Lorene              13Aug  2002
Biles                  Margaret E.  "Peggy"        29Sep  2002
Billinger              Alvin A.  "Al"               3Apr  2002
Billinger              Leo R.                      28Nov  2002
Billinger              Wendelin J.  "Bill"         21Nov  2002
Billings               Edythe                      29Apr  2002
Billings               Phyllis Ann                 12Feb  2002
Billings               Phyllis Ann                 13Feb  2002
Bilson                 Judith Elaine               16Nov  2002
Bilyeu                 Bobby Charles                5Mar  2002
Binford                Mabel Uarda                 26Feb  2002
Bing                   Keith W.                    14Jul  2002
Bingaman               Patricia A.                 18Jul  2002
Bingham                George Henry                27Mar  2002
Bingham                Zearl H.                    27Oct  2002
Binner                 Clara Frances                9Apr  2002
Binning                Clyde D.                     7Nov  2002
Binns                  Doug Jr.                     7Jun  2002
Binns                  Doug Jr.                    27May  2002
Binter                 Robert H.                    2Jun  2002
Binter                 Robert H.                    3Jun  2002
Binyon                 Hilda N.                     2Jul  2002
Bircher                L.  Wilbur                  27Apr  2002
Bird                   Donald E.  Jr.  "Bird       17Mar  2002
Bird                   Hazel Osborn                 3Aug  2002
Bird                   Lee H.                      12Nov  2002
Bird                   Murray K.                   25Sep  2002
Bird                   Paul Allen                   6Aug  2002
Bird                   Sumner Marsh                16Jan  2002
Birkeland              Gale J.                      5Jun  2002
Birney                 Marla Janyne                23Mar  2002
Birzer                 Gerald F.  "Jerry"          12Dec  2002
Birzer                 Glenna Clarene              15Oct  2002
Bisagno                Nelson                       2Aug  2002
Bishop                 Barbara J.                  27Apr  2002
Bishop                 Benjaman Neal               24Jul  2002
Bishop                 Bill                        29Jan  2002
Bishop                 James A.                    28Sep  2002
Bishop                 Leonard                     20Dec  2002
Bishop                 R.E.  "Bob"                 19Apr  2002
Bishop                 Ralph L.                    22Feb  2002
Bishop                 Rubena                      23Jan  2002
Bishop                 Ruth Rosella                28Oct  2002
Bisoni                 Giovanni "Johnnie"          20Sep  2002
Bissing                Patricia Marie              29Dec  2002
Bistline               John C.                     19Jul  2002
Bitler                 Dale                        12Jan  2002
Bitler                 Dale                        13Jan  2002
Bittel                 Richard L.                  11Sep  2002
Bittle                 Gail Grider                 22Oct  2002
Bixler                 Edna O.  "Granny B."        19Oct  2002
Bjorklun               Grace Ann                    4Dec  2002
Black                  Clarence "Pete"             13Feb  2002
Black                  DeWayne                      9Oct  2002
Black                  Eula M.                     28Mar  2002
Black                  Fern (Nelson)               27Jan  2002
Black                  Forrest Odin                20Mar  2002
Black                  Gary Len "Brew"              5Dec  2002
Black                  Wilma M.  (O'Brien)          7Jan  2002
Blackard               Mabel R.                    22Jun  2002
Blackburn              Charles "Jim"                6Nov  2002
Blackburn              Lillian A.                  27Jan  2002
Blackburn              Louise M.                    9Aug  2002
Blackburn              Marcy L.                    26Jun  2002
Blackburn              Ruth L.                     22Jan  2002
Blackburn              W.  James "Jimmy"           18Sep  2002
Blackford              Carmella (Schepis)           3Dec  2002
Blackman               Owen Marlin                  3Apr  2002
Blackwell              Bryan Lee                    8Aug  2002
Blackwell              James L.  "Jim"              8Jun  2002
Blackwell              Kenneth "K.D."              16Sep  2002
Blaha                  Clarence Eugene             27Dec  2002
Blaine                 Lois C.                     21Feb  2002
Blair                  George David                20Nov  2002
Blake                  Betty J.                     5Dec  2002
Blake                  Esther "Granny" (Arnol      14May  2002
Blake                  Evelyn Marie                 3Jan  2002
Blake                  Robert S.                   23Jul  2002
Blake                  Roy Lee                     23May  2002
Blakeley               Richard Arthur              16Jan  2002
Blakely                Dwight C.                    4Jan  2002
Blakey                 Rose Belle (Hamilton)       12Jan  2002
Blakey                 Rose Belle (Hamilton)       13Jan  2002
Blakey                 Rose Belle (Hamilton)       14Jan  2002
Blanchard              Charles                      5Sep  2002
Blanchard              Darrell Lester              26Nov  2002
Blanco                 Jose R.                     24Oct  2002
Blanco Gandol          Jose R.                     26Oct  2002
Bland                  Grace                        5May  2002
Bland                  Kathleen J.                 20Jan  2002
Bland                  Kathleen J.  (Montgome      22Jan  2002
Blankenship            Claude Carl                  5Dec  2002
Blankenship            Dorotha                     30Aug  2002
Blankenship            Gary L.                      6Dec  2002
Blankenship            Grace "Louise"               7Jan  2002
Blankenship            Grace "Louise"               8Jan  2002
Blankley               George V.                   16Nov  2002
Blanton                Raymond Thomas "Ray"        24Mar  2002
Blase                  Dorothy Dee                 27Apr  2002
Blase                  Dorothy Dee                 28Apr  2002
Blasi                  Charles August              23Oct  2002
Blasi                  Michael                     26Oct  2002
Blattner               Hazel A.                    12Feb  2002
Blattner               Lois I.                      7Jun  2002
Blattner               Lois I.                      8Jun  2002
Bledsoe                Hurlie W.  Jr.               1Jul  2002
Bledsoe                Hurlie W.  Jr.              30Jun  2002
Bleger                 Jack D.                      7Jan  2002
Blender                Ruth G.                     13Sep  2002
Blessing               William Robert "Bill"       15Feb  2002
Blevins                Cicely A.                   12Dec  2002
Blevins                Lewis David                 15Jun  2002
Blevins                Wanda L.  "Peggy"           10Apr  2002
Blew                   Gwendolyn "Gwen"            24Jun  2002
Blick                  Florence E.                  8Nov  2002
Blick                  Reinhard N.  "Rhiney"       24Sep  2002
Blickenstaff           Joyce E.                     3Mar  2002
Blickenstaff           Lorraine C.                 30Sep  2002
Bliss                  Kenneth "Bud"                7Jun  2002
Blockyou               Floyd "Eugene"               9Sep  2002
Blockyou               Floyd "Eugene"              10Sep  2002
Blomendahl             Lewis E.                    28Aug  2002
Bloodworth             Ruth Lucile (Feller)        20Dec  2002
Bloomer                Josephine J.  "Jo"          23Sep  2002
Bloomer                Tharon L.                    2Apr  2002
Blosser                Lilly L.                    29Sep  2002
Bloyd                  Valentine                   19Apr  2002
Blubaugh               Raymond E.                  22Feb  2002
Blue                   Joyce                       29Aug  2002
Blum                   Raymond A.                   7Aug  2002
Bluma                  Robert Louif                24Jan  2002
Blumenshine            Ruth Annabelle              27Jan  2002
Boalen                 James D.                     7Nov  2002
Boatright              Kathryn                      8Jun  2002
Boatright              Kathryn                      9Jun  2002
Boaz                   Florence A.                 27Oct  2002
Bocanegra              Leopoldo "Leo"              30Dec  2002
Bock                   Robert V.                    9May  2002
Bodine-Williams        Barbara R.                  16Jun  2002
Boehs                  Jesse J.                     9Mar  2002
Boeken                 Hilda Ida                    1Jul  2002
Boeken                 Hilda Ida                   30Jun  2002
Boelling               Callah (Moody)              15Dec  2002
Boese                  Dale E.                     18Oct  2002
Boese                  Helen Ruth                  21Apr  2002
Boese                  Helen Ruth                  22Apr  2002
Boese                  Minnie (Krug)                7Nov  2002
Boese                  Victor R.                    3Jan  2002
Boesker                Debbie Sue                  23Aug  2002
Boesker                Debra Sue                   22Aug  2002
Boettcher              Zelma C.                    22Dec  2002
Bogart                 Berthelda Bea                9May  2002
Boger                  Richard Dean                21Apr  2002
Boggess                Lois A.                     11Mar  2002
Boggs                  Dorothy June (Phillips       7Feb  2002
Boggs                  Dorothy June (Phillips       8Feb  2002
Boggs                  Lee H.                      29Jun  2002
Boggs                  Thelma (Woodruff)            1Dec  2002
Bogner                 Matthew F.  "Matt"          21Sep  2002
Bogner                 Matthew F.  "Matt"          22Sep  2002
Bogue                  Richard J.  (D.M.V.)        18Jul  2002
Bogue                  Richard J.  (D.M.V.)        19Jul  2002
Boham                  James E.                    29Sep  2002
Bohannan               Mable I.                    14May  2002
Bohannan               Virginia                    17Jul  2002
Bohanon                Pearlie Bell                 6Feb  2002
Bohard                 Lucille Pauline              3Nov  2002
Boileau                Betty June                  10Oct  2002
Bokey                  Tillie                      30Aug  2002
Boldt                  Dorothy                     14Aug  2002
Bolduc                 David L.                    21Jul  2002
Bolduc                 David L.                    22Jul  2002
Bolen                  Arnold Gale                 18Oct  2002
Boles                  Charles Edgar                8Dec  2002
Boley                  Billy Enoch                  4Apr  2002
Bolin                  Annabelle                   15Jun  2002
Bolin                  Richard "Rick"              19May  2002
Boling                 Dorothy M.                  11May  2002
Bollacker              Jacquelyn L.                 3Jan  2002
Bollig                 Simon                       22Jun  2002
Bolliger               Rex L.                      23Mar  2002
Bolling                Terry J.                    10Jul  2002
Bollinger              Sylvia M.                   13Jan  2002
Bolt                   Roger Darin                  9Oct  2002
Bolt                   Roger Darin                 10Oct  2002
Bolton                 Gladys M.                    4Nov  2002
Bolton                 Gladys M.                    5Nov  2002
Bolton                 Orville C.                  22May  2002
Bolz                   Darla Jean                   5May  2002
Bomar                  Charles N.                  13Oct  2002
Bomholt                Robert C.                   19Jun  2002
Bond                   Laymon G.  "Red"            26Nov  2002
Bond                   Russel Charles              14Jan  2002
Bond                   Theo Grant                  18Jul  2002
Bond                   Yasuko                       8Feb  2002
Bond                   Yasuko                       9Feb  2002
Bond                   Yasuko                      10Feb  2002
Bondurant              Cecil V.                     2Jun  2002
Boner                  Mary Elizabeth              29May  2002
Boner                  Michael                      6May  2002
Boner                  Michael                      7May  2002
Bonesteel              Elmo F.                     25Aug  2002
Bonham                 Marvin Donald               10Nov  2002
Bonilla                Jesse A.                    31Oct  2002
Bonine                 Dorothy                     13Jun  2002
Bonnell                William Lusk                16Jul  2002
Bontrager              Alma                         7Jun  2002
Booker                 Lula Margaret               24Jul  2002
Bookless               Lulu B.                     23Dec  2002
Boone                  Kathryn Cunningham "Ka      16Mar  2002
Boone                  Kathryn Sue Cunningham      15Mar  2002
Boone                  Lela M.                     25May  2002
Boone                  Trista Janelle              12May  2002
Boor                   Eunice H.                   27Jan  2002
Boor                   James M.  "Jim"             22Jan  2002
Boor                   John Joseph                 27Dec  2002
Booth                  Duane E.                    23Aug  2002
Booth                  Oran Berkley "Tuffy"        30Nov  2002
Booth                  William George Sinclai      18Sep  2002
Booth                  William George Sinclai      19Sep  2002
Boothe                 Arva Findley Blackburn       5May  2002
Boots                  Orpha S.                     6Aug  2002
Booze                  Mary Elizabeth              12Jun  2002
Borchardt              Robert                      20Feb  2002
Borden                 Beryl Enid                  25Jan  2002
Borders                Wanda Monell                 2Feb  2002
Borger                 Anna Louise                 27Jan  2002
Borger                 Nellie Mae                  11May  2002
Borgstrom              Evelyn Teresa (Scobee)      14Feb  2002
Borgstrom              Evelyn Teresa (Scobee)      15Feb  2002
Borgstrom              Leland C.                   18Aug  2002
Borgstrom              Leland C.                   19Aug  2002
Bork                   Gwendolyn G.  "Billie"      25May  2002
Bork                   Gwendolyn G.  "Billie"      26May  2002
Born                   Daisy J.                     1Mar  2002
Borofsky               Edward Jay "Eddie"          28Oct  2002
Borrego                Judy                         2Mar  2002
Borrego                Judy                         3Mar  2002
Borror                 Edmond D.  Jr.  "Eddie      12Apr  2002
Borst                  Lauretta K.                  1Oct  2002
Borst                  Lauretta K.                 30Sep  2002
Borst                  Lauretta K.  Mitchell        8Oct  2002
Borst                  Lauretta K.  Mitchell        9Oct  2002
Borth                  Elfreeda Louise             26Nov  2002
Bortz                  Cornelia "Corky"            31Jan  2002
Bosley                 Robert L.  "Bob"            17Sep  2002
Bosley                 Robert L.  "Bob"            18Sep  2002
Boss                   Warren E.                   13Jul  2002
Boston                 Christopher Jon             23Jul  2002
Boston                 Gwendolyn L.  "Gwen"        10Apr  2002
Boswell                Maurice D.                  13Aug  2002
Botkin                 Bethel Lucille               6Oct  2002
Botterweck             Kathryn A.                  20Jan  2002
Botterweck             Mary E.                     29Mar  2002
Bottoms                Homer LaRay "Ray"           21May  2002
Bottoms                Homer LaRay "Ray"           22May  2002
Botts                  Bill Raymond                20May  2002
Botts                  Brooklyn Leann              26Oct  2002
Boucher                James Aubrey                30Apr  2002
Boucher                Louis E.                    24Sep  2002
Bourassa               Charles Patrick             22Jun  2002
Bourgett               Evalyn L.                   27Dec  2002
Bourgett               Evalyn L.                   28Dec  2002
Bourke                 Archie W.                    1Nov  2002
Bourke                 Archie W.                    2Nov  2002
Bouse                  William Monroe              30Apr  2002
Bowdren                Gerald W.  "Jerry"          11Jan  2002
Bowen                  Alice Evelyn (Rogers)       25Mar  2002
Bowen                  Ray Herman                  11May  2002
Bowen                  Robert W.                   30Apr  2002
Bowen                  Ruby F.                      4Sep  2002
Bowens                 Ida                          2Jan  2002
Bowens                 Ida                          3Jan  2002
Bower                  Ruth H.                     21Mar  2002
Bowers                 Joan Lois                   13Aug  2002
Bowers                 Melvin A.  "Bud"             8Apr  2002
Bowers                 William C.  "Bill"          17Jul  2002
Bowker                 Mary Lynn (Stryker)          5Jun  2002
Bowland                Marjorie A.                 29Aug  2002
Bowlby                 Mildred Christine            8Oct  2002
Bowlby                 Mildred Christine            9Oct  2002
Bowlin                 Homer Hugh                   6Feb  2002
Bowlinger              Hazel M.                     5Dec  2002
Bowlinger              Hazel M.                     6Dec  2002
Bowmaker               Jason Cody                   6Nov  2002
Bowmaker               Jason Cody                   7Nov  2002
Bowmaker               Jason Cody                   8Nov  2002
Bowman                 Brett Robert                26May  2002
Bowman                 Edna Florence                9Feb  2002
Bowman                 Elton E.                    11Aug  2002
Bowman                 Howard Sr.                  13Jan  2002
Bowman                 John T.                      3Aug  2002
Bowman                 John W.                      6Mar  2002
Bowman                 John W.                      7Mar  2002
Bowman                 Ralph L.                    12Jun  2002
Bowser                 Isabella M.  (Noakes)       12Feb  2002
Bowser                 William Ober "Bill"         27Nov  2002
Boy                    Lawrence E.                 15Aug  2002
Boyakin                Robert Leroy                10Oct  2002
Boyakin                Robert Leroy                11Oct  2002
Boyce                  James E.                    31Oct  2002
Boyce                  Warren                      16Nov  2002
Boyd                   Flava M.                    27Apr  2002
Boyd                   James Alvin                  7Aug  2002
Boyd                   James Alvin                  8Aug  2002
Boyd                   LaVeda F.                   16Jun  2002
Boyd                   Margaret M.                 15Apr  2002
Boyd                   Thamon                      21Mar  2002
Boyer                  Garrett Lee                 25Jun  2002
Boyer                  Lola M.                     11Apr  2002
Boyer                  Marvin E.                    7Jul  2002
Boyer                  Nellora M.                   2Apr  2002
Boyer                  Pansie L.                   15Jan  2002
Boyer                  Pansie L.                   16Jan  2002
Boyer                  Sheila Agnes                 2Apr  2002
Boyer                  Sheila Agnes                 3Apr  2002
Boyer                  Wayland M.                   8Jan  2002
Boykins                Henry C.                    22Dec  2002
Boykins                Henry C.  "Tip"             26Dec  2002
Boykins                Henry C.  "Tip"             27Dec  2002
Boyle                  Frank R.                    28Oct  2002
Boyle                  Franklin Delano             11Dec  2002
Boyle                  Martha C.  (Crites)         22Oct  2002
Boyle                  Stella                      15Dec  2002
Boyles                 Corrinne (Rodrique)         31Jul  2002
Boyter                 David Mark                  19Dec  2002
Bozarth                Neva Lucille                20Feb  2002
Brabham                Joyce Gamble                21Aug  2002
Brack                  Delmar Emanuel               1Jan  2002
Brack                  Esther (Scheuerman)         19Jan  2002
Brack                  Herman K.                   24Mar  2002
Brackeen               Thelma F.                    1Mar  2002
Bracken                Clarice Albert               3Nov  2002
Bradbury               Doris Lucille (Pickeri      12May  2002
Bradbury               Doris Lucille (Pickeri      14May  2002
Bradbury               Madge A.                    10Oct  2002
Bradbury               Madge A.                    11Oct  2002
Braddock               Marion "Lee"                 6May  2002
Braddy                 Carl M.                     11Feb  2002
Braddy                 Carl M.                     12Feb  2002
Braden                 Helen R.                    28Jan  2002
Bradfield              Christopher Randell "R      25Mar  2002
Bradford               Annabelle Louise            10Jul  2002
Bradford               Annabelle Louise            11Jul  2002
Bradford               Ethel M.                    20Dec  2002
Bradford               Harold E.                   28Sep  2002
Bradford               Jessie Carmen (Mills)       13Nov  2002
Bradley                Dorothy M.  (DeSelms)       19Jun  2002
Bradley                Thomas C.                    7Feb  2002
Bradley                Thomas C.                    8Feb  2002
Bradshaw               F.  Elaine                  14May  2002
Bradshaw               Florene B.                   1May  2002
Bradshaw               Ralph L.                    10Feb  2002
Bradshaw               Ralph L.                    11Feb  2002
Bradstreet             Judy                        23Mar  2002
Brady                  Bernice L.                   1Dec  2002
Brady                  DeWayne A.                  14Sep  2002
Brady                  DeWayne A.                  15Sep  2002
Brady                  Dorothea M.                  8Mar  2002
Brady                  Keith M.                    25Dec  2002
Brady                  Keith M.                    26Dec  2002
Brady                  Keith M.                    27Dec  2002
Brady                  Phoebe E.                   29Dec  2002
Brady                  Richard Allyn "Dick"        14Aug  2002
Bragg                  Paula Kay                    3Dec  2002
Braitsch               Venita A.                    5Mar  2002
Braitsch               Venita A.                    6Mar  2002
Brakhage               David Kent                  19Nov  2002
Braman                 Forest F.                   31Oct  2002
Braman                 Hilma B.                    10Jan  2002
Braman                 Hilma B.                    11Jan  2002
Bramble                Albert F.  (Rev.)            6Mar  2002
Bramhall               Leon T.                     13Jun  2002
Bramlett               Donna Gail                  22Jan  2002
Brand                  Joyce Ann                   12Apr  2002
Brandenberger          Harry F.                    31May  2002
Brandon                Johnny L.                    3Jan  2002
Brandon                LeRoy E.                    20Apr  2002
Brandt                 Elvena E.  (Unruh)          23May  2002
Brandt                 John Douglas                10Jun  2002
Brandt                 Lenora Catherine             6Oct  2002
Brane                  Betty Jean Young             8Oct  2002
Branine                Elizabeth Ann "Betty"       26Nov  2002
Branine                Lavona Ferne (Palmer)       30May  2002
Branine                Paul K.                     18Oct  2002
Brannan                Marcus R.  "Mark"           24May  2002
Brannock               Susan Taliaferro Johns      14Jan  2002
Branson                Alan Dale                   27Feb  2002
Branson                Charles L.                  18Dec  2002
Branson                Fred A.  Sr.                30Jul  2002
Branson                Robert E.  "Bob"            10Feb  2002
Branson                Robert E.  "Bob"            11Feb  2002
Branson                Robert E.  "Bob"            12Feb  2002
Branstetter            Billie J.                   29Sep  2002
Branstetter            Billie J.                   30Sep  2002
Branstetter            Veda May                     3Apr  2002
Branstetter            Veda May                     5Apr  2002
Branstine              Grace M.                    12Feb  2002
Brant                  Josephine "Jo"              15Sep  2002
Brashears              Larry Paul                   1May  2002
Bratton                Eva M.  Rollings            26Dec  2002
Bratton                Eva M.  Rollings            27Dec  2002
Bratton                Mabel Bernice               10Feb  2002
Bray                   Duane Wilbur                26Apr  2002
Bray                   Robert Lloyd                23Feb  2002
Braydn                 Izzic Hammond-Stuber         4Mar  2002
Braydn                 Izzic Hammond-Stuber         5Mar  2002
Brazil                 Jack A.                      7Jun  2002
Brazill                Geraldine                   10Feb  2002
Brazill                Geraldine                   12Feb  2002
Brecheisen             Lyle C.                     30Mar  2002
Brecheisen             Lyle C.                     31Mar  2002
Breckenridge           Faye C.                     26Sep  2002
Bredengerd             Glen Louis                   9Jan  2002
Bredengerd             Glen Louis                  10Jan  2002
Bredfeldt              Gladys G.                    4Dec  2002
Bredow                 William A.                   6Jun  2002
Breed                  Vicki L.                    15Jan  2002
Breed                  Vicki L.                    16Jan  2002
Breen                  Mary "Christine"            10Dec  2002
Brees                  Floyd L.                    12Nov  2002
Brees                  Floyd L.                    13Nov  2002
Breese                 Dave                         7May  2002
Breit                  Laura R.                    21Sep  2002
Bremer                 Ernest W.                   24Nov  2002
Breneman               Victor A.  "Vic"            22Jan  2002
Brenizer               Reba D.                      1Aug  2002
Brenn                  Marie                       22Oct  2002
Brennan                Dorothy Louise              12Jul  2002
Brennan                Dorothy Louise              13Jul  2002
Brenneman              Grace H.  (Plank)            1Jun  2002
Brenner                Letha M.                    29Jul  2002
Brenner                Russell L.                  24Oct  2002
Brenner                Russell L.                  25Oct  2002
Brent                  Margaret I.                 10May  2002
Brent                  Robert E.                    6Jun  2002
Bressler               Donald Worth                16Apr  2002
Bretches               Zelma L.                    13Dec  2002
Breth                  Patricia                    29Dec  2002
Breth                  Wilma L.                    28May  2002
Breth                  Wilma L.                    29May  2002
Brew                   Constance A.                18Dec  2002
Brewer                 Berwyn Y.                    8Sep  2002
Brewer                 Ernestine Aileen            30Sep  2002
Brewer                 Georgia Ella                17Apr  2002
Brewer                 Georgia Ella                21Apr  2002
Brewer                 Hunter Andrew-Michael       31Aug  2002
Brewer                 Mary Lee                    10Jun  2002
Brewer                 Maurine S.                   5Jul  2002
Brewer                 Muriel E.  (McMurry) "      15Apr  2002
Brewer                 Muriel E.  (McMurry) "      16Apr  2002
Brewster               Jerry Dee                   13Mar  2002
Bribiesca              John Enrico                 18Mar  2002
Brickler               Charlotte May               25Nov  2002
Brickley               William C.  "Bill"          28Mar  2002
Brickman               Mary Lou                    29Sep  2002
Bridgens               Margie L.                   27Jul  2002
Bridgewater            Grace A.                     4Jul  2002
Brien                  Jule E.                      4Feb  2002
Brien                  Jule E.                      5Feb  2002
Briggs                 Leroy                       13May  2002
Briggs                 LeRoy Arnold                14May  2002
Briggs                 Ruth M.                     30Aug  2002
Briggs                 Tiffany Ann                 10Dec  2002
Briggs                 Varna Lucille               21Jan  2002
Briggs                 William Howard               7Apr  2002
Bright                 Karen K.  ( Eikenberry       9Mar  2002
Briley                 Alan Leeroy                  3Nov  2002
Briley                 Alan Leeroy                  5Nov  2002
Briley                 Don Dean                    22Feb  2002
Briley                 Don Dean                    23Feb  2002
Briley                 Don Dean                    24Feb  2002
Briley                 James D.                    24Feb  2002
Briley                 Merlin Wesley "PeeWee"      16Nov  2002
Briley                 Merlin Wesley "PeeWee"      17Nov  2002
Brim                   Vickie                      29Aug  2002
Brim                   Vickie                      30Aug  2002
Brimer                 Virginia M.                  7Dec  2002
Brinigar               Kathy Lynn                   8Jul  2002
Brink                  George Otis                 19Dec  2002
Brinkley               Rolla R.  "Doc"             26Jul  2002
Brinkmeyer             Arthur H.                   19Sep  2002
Brinkmeyer             Marjorie R.                 16Jan  2002
Brintnall              Wendell D.                  30Oct  2002
Briseno                Richard M.  "Little Ri      25Feb  2002
Brison                 Mack Jr.                    12Dec  2002
Brison                 Mack Jr.                    15Dec  2002
Bristor                Raleigh                     13Aug  2002
Britain                Julia Ann                   19Feb  2002
Britt                  Carol                       13Sep  2002
Britt                  Carol                       14Sep  2002
Britten                Bill                         2Mar  2002
Britting               Merle E.                    23Jun  2002
Britting               Merle E.                    24Jun  2002
Britton                Elizabeth                    3Jan  2002
Britton                Elizabeth                    4Jan  2002
Broad                  Florence L.                  4Dec  2002
Broad                  Florence L.                  5Dec  2002
Broadbent              Edward                      23Jul  2002
Broadfoot              Winford Jennings            16Jan  2002
Broadhurst             Frances N.                  31Dec  2002
Broadhurst             Mildred                     22Feb  2002
Broadie                Kitty Jayne                  9Nov  2002
Broadie                Kitty Jayne                 10Nov  2002
Broberg                Lawrence G.                 27Jul  2002
Brocaw                 Ollie Hazeltine             14Jan  2002
Brock                  Debbie "Deb"                 2Nov  2002
Brock                  Mary Kathryn "Kitty"        20Aug  2002
Brockway               Helen M.                     6Mar  2002
Brodhagen              Ruth A.                     16Dec  2002
Brodhead               Elizabeth                    7Feb  2002
Brodie                 Clarice Lucille (Hoope       1Jul  2002
Brodie                 Clarice Lucille (Hoope      30Jun  2002
Brogan                 Clifford H.                  3May  2002
Brogan                 Joseph L.  "Joe"            10May  2002
Brogden                Eli Jr.                     16Feb  2002
Brokar                 Thelma M.                   21Apr  2002
Bronson                Jack D.  (Dr.)              16Jun  2002
Bronson                Jane P.                     17Jan  2002
Brooks                 Donald                      26Oct  2002
Brooks                 Lester Samuel Canon Jr      15Jan  2002
Brooks                 Lois I.                     25Jun  2002
Brooks                 Margaret Marie Harmon       12Mar  2002
Brooks                 S.  Clarice                 25Oct  2002
Brooks                 Shayla I.                   20Oct  2002
Bross                  Donald Clay                 18Apr  2002
Brothers               Earl E.  Sr.                28Dec  2002
Brothers               Joyce L.                    11Jan  2002
Brotherton             Ken                         15Oct  2002
Broughton              Huldah M.                   13Mar  2002
Broughton              Lorena                      10Mar  2002
Broughton              Lorena                      12Mar  2002
Brown                  Alice "June"                17Apr  2002
Brown                  Anna Sophia                  6Feb  2002
Brown                  Archie B.                   30Oct  2002
Brown                  Barbara J.                   4Aug  2002
Brown                  Benjamin E.                  2Feb  2002
Brown                  Benjamin E.                  3Feb  2002
Brown                  Benton                       7Jun  2002
Brown                  Bertha M.                   17Sep  2002
Brown                  Bertha Marie                19Sep  2002
Brown                  Betty Jane                  20Jan  2002
Brown                  Betty Jane                  21Jan  2002
Brown                  Carl Clifton "Brownie"      11Jan  2002
Brown                  Carl Clifton "Brownie"      12Jan  2002
Brown                  Carl Clifton "Brownie"      13Jan  2002
Brown                  Carl W.  "Corky"            25Apr  2002
Brown                  Charlie Edward              19Dec  2002
Brown                  Donald A.                   25Sep  2002
Brown                  Donald A.                   26Sep  2002
Brown                  Donald G.                   23Apr  2002
Brown                  Donald J.  "Donnie"         25Sep  2002
Brown                  Donald J.  "Donnie"         26Sep  2002
Brown                  Donald M.                    8Nov  2002
Brown                  Donna June                  23Aug  2002
Brown                  Doris Eileen                28Oct  2002
Brown                  Doris Eileen                29Oct  2002
Brown                  Dorothy L.  (Fisher)        22Oct  2002
Brown                  Elfriede Elizabeth (Le      15Feb  2002
Brown                  Elton B.  "Brownie"          7Oct  2002
Brown                  Eric V.                     14Jan  2002
Brown                  Ernestine "Teena"           19Dec  2002
Brown                  Faye Anna                    1Feb  2002
Brown                  Fern Elizabeth Stoffer      29Dec  2002
Brown                  Forrest Walworth "Wall      21Jun  2002
Brown                  Frances P.                  18Feb  2002
Brown                  Frances P.                  19Feb  2002
Brown                  Frieda M.                   14Sep  2002
Brown                  George Morris                7Feb  2002
Brown                  Geraldine M.  "Gerry"       19Feb  2002
Brown                  Gladys Virginia              8Feb  2002
Brown                  Gordon Harold               11Sep  2002
Brown                  Grant Jr.                   13Dec  2002
Brown                  Grant Jr.                   16Dec  2002
Brown                  Halley Elizabeth            12Aug  2002
Brown                  Harry E.                    28Jun  2002
Brown                  Hazel C.                    28Feb  2002
Brown                  Helen F.                     2Nov  2002
Brown                  Helen M.                    20Apr  2002
Brown                  Helen May (Wyatt)           21Apr  2002
Brown                  Helen Virginia               5Apr  2002
Brown                  Ilene Marie                 19Sep  2002
Brown                  J.  Dudley                  23Jan  2002
Brown                  Jack L.                     19Apr  2002
Brown                  Jack L.                     20Apr  2002
Brown                  James Daniel "J.D."         20Feb  2002
Brown                  James Wendell                8Dec  2002
Brown                  Janet Rossillon             17May  2002
Brown                  Janice Lee                   1Dec  2002
Brown                  Jean Elizabeth              23Mar  2002
Brown                  Jerry A.                    18Feb  2002
Brown                  Josephine DePasco Elti       2Jul  2002
Brown                  Josephine DePasco Elti       3Jul  2002
Brown                  Justin Bradley              24Nov  2002
Brown                  Katherine M.  (Barthol      22Feb  2002
Brown                  Keith                       17Apr  2002
Brown                  Kenneth A.                   5Jul  2002
Brown                  Larry C.                    13Jul  2002
Brown                  Larry C.                    14Jul  2002
Brown                  Lena L.                      5Nov  2002
Brown                  Lena L.                      6Nov  2002
Brown                  Leonal S.  "Brownie"        14Feb  2002
Brown                  Leone                        1Oct  2002
Brown                  Leone                        2Oct  2002
Brown                  Lila Viola                  16Nov  2002
Brown                  Margaret R.                  9Mar  2002
Brown                  Margaret R.                 10Mar  2002
Brown                  Margaret R.                 11Mar  2002
Brown                  Marie Francis                9Mar  2002
Brown                  Marion Elizabeth (Warr      24Oct  2002
Brown                  Marquerite Vogel            27Jul  2002
Brown                  Maryann S.                  13Mar  2002
Brown                  N.  Catherine                5Jan  2002
Brown                  Patti Jane                   9Mar  2002
Brown                  Phyllis Anita               11Mar  2002
Brown                  Phyllis Anita               12Mar  2002
Brown                  Porter K.                   10Nov  2002
Brown                  Ray K.                       9Jul  2002
Brown                  Rita Mae                    12Mar  2002
Brown                  Roger M.  (Dr.)             18Jun  2002
Brown                  Roger M.  (Dr.)             19Jun  2002
Brown                  Ruby "Alma"                 18Oct  2002
Brown                  Ryan Andrew                 19Jan  2002
Brown                  Stella M.                   24Jul  2002
Brown                  Tennie Martin                4Dec  2002
Brown                  Tessebel F.                 15Jan  2002
Brown                  Tommy L.                    10Dec  2002
Brown                  Tressie L.                  27Jan  2002
Brown                  Tylar Dee                   13Mar  2002
Brown                  Wilma Lucille               17Apr  2002
Browne                 Viola A.                    18Apr  2002
Brownewell             Winifred J.  "Winnie"       24Jul  2002
Browning               Gladys M.                   21Apr  2002
Browning               Nancy C.                     1Apr  2002
Brownlee               Beulah Alice Dawson         17Jul  2002
Brownlee               James "Jim"                 21Apr  2002
Broyles                Donald Lee                  19Mar  2002
Broyles                Leon E.                      3Apr  2002
Broz                   Edward J.  Jr.              27Jan  2002
Bruch                  Merle E.                    15Nov  2002
Bruckner               Dolores E.                  24Oct  2002
Brudney                Benjamin M.  (Dr.)          20Jul  2002
Brueggeman             Mary Marguerite             14Feb  2002
Brumbalow              Luther H.                   26Feb  2002
Brumfield              Verna (Potter)              24Apr  2002
Brumgard               Shirley Mae                 18Jun  2002
Brumitt                Charlene "Charlie"           5May  2002
Brummett               Claude E.                   17Jul  2002
Brundridge             John A.                     14Feb  2002
Bruner                 Lena G.                     24Sep  2002
Bruner                 Ruby Ilene                   1Oct  2002
Brungardt-Bracco       Alvina                       2Nov  2002
Brungardt-Shade        Betty L.                    24Sep  2002
Bruning                John William                 6May  2002
Brunk                  Mary J.                      2Apr  2002
Brunner                David J.                    17Feb  2002
Brunner                Violet J.                   21Aug  2002
Brunston               David Lee Sr.  "David        5Oct  2002
Brunston               David Lee Sr.  "David        6Oct  2002
Brunston               David Lee Sr.  "David        7Oct  2002
Brush                  Edith N.                     7Jul  2002
Brust                  Maybelle Elsie (Woods)      26Nov  2002
Bryan                  David F.                    27Mar  2002
Bryan                  David F.                    28Mar  2002
Bryan                  J.  Bruce                   20Aug  2002
Bryan                  Twilla Marie                13Nov  2002
Bryant                 Betty Jean                  24Jul  2002
Bryant                 Carlos Tyrone               22Aug  2002
Bryant                 Carlos Tyrone               23Aug  2002
Bryant                 Donna Kay                    1Nov  2002
Bryant                 Jeffery W.                   3Jun  2002
Bryant                 Jeffery W.                   4Jun  2002
Bryant                 Raymond W.                  25Oct  2002
Buchanan               Betty Jean                  31Jan  2002
Buchanan               Cleo                        28Dec  2002
Buchanan               Hazel B.                     4May  2002
Buchanan               Hazel B.                     5May  2002
Buchanan               Hazel B.                     6May  2002
Buchanan               Hazel B.                     7May  2002
Buchanan               Warren E.                    5Apr  2002
Buchheit               Robert Joseph               16Jun  2002
Buchman                Victor LeLand                5Sep  2002
Buck                   Abram Carl "Abe"            29Dec  2002
Buck                   Barbara Lee                 27Feb  2002
Buck                   Dixie Ruth                   7Sep  2002
Buck                   Donna                       29Sep  2002
Buck                   Wallace A.                  23Nov  2002
Buckle                 Audine Pearl                 1Sep  2002
Buckley                Nathanial D.  (1st Lt.      20Aug  2002
Buckley                Sandy (Vandegrift)           1Nov  2002
Buckley                Shirley A.                  12Mar  2002
Bucklin                Vonley R.                   17Dec  2002
Buckner                Lauretta Bernice            22Sep  2002
Buckner                Lauretta Bernice            23Sep  2002
Buckwalter             Allan Henry "Buck"          11Mar  2002
Budde                  Velma Marie                 29Sep  2002
Budge                  Maude E.                    18Apr  2002
Budke                  Harry T.  Jr.               29Jan  2002
Buehler                Larry G.                    25Aug  2002
Buess                  Floyd E.                    20Nov  2002
Buess                  Gerald E.  "Jerry"          16Oct  2002
Buetow                 Wilbur W.                    9Oct  2002
Buffington             Elida Lucille                4Dec  2002
Bufford                Walter Lee                  22Oct  2002
Buffum                 Enola L.                    16Sep  2002
Buggeln                Kenneth F.  "Breezie"       16Apr  2002
Bugner                 Gail Diane (Griffin)        12Jan  2002
Buhl                   Herman K.                   27Jan  2002
Buhrer                 Lola                        28Feb  2002
Buhrle                 Anna C.  (Dwyer)            20Dec  2002
Bulkey                 Marjorie P.                 27Jun  2002
Bullard                James R.                     9Feb  2002
Bullen                 Mary R.  "Mari"              3Jul  2002
Buller                 James G.                    13Mar  2002
Buller                 James G.                    15Mar  2002
Buller                 John P.                     13Jul  2002
Buller                 Leona                        4Dec  2002
Buller                 Leonard                     11Aug  2002
Buller                 Linda L.                    26Dec  2002
Buller                 Luanna M.                    3Apr  2002
Bullock                James A.                     3May  2002
Bullock                Walt                        26Nov  2002
Bulmer                 Leslie                      17May  2002
Bumphus                Roland                      18Sep  2002
Bunce                  Irene N.                    10Sep  2002
Bunch                  Grace                        5Feb  2002
Bunch                  Grace                        6Feb  2002
Bunch                  Willis                      31Dec  2002
Bundy                  Alice Eleanor                9Oct  2002
Bundy                  Leo Monroe                  12Sep  2002
Bunker                 Robert Henry "Bob"          27Sep  2002
Bunner                 Gale J.                     19Mar  2002
Bunte                  Helen Geneva                 7Feb  2002
Buoy                   Jewell M.                   29Dec  2002
Buoy                   Jewell M.                   30Dec  2002
Burbach                Winnifred Mae "Winnie"      14Aug  2002
Burbank                John F.                     12Nov  2002
Burch                  Glenn L.  "Bing"            27Jun  2002
Burch                  Joyce Dean                   6Dec  2002
Burch                  Lillie                      26Sep  2002
Burch                  Raymond Glen                 8Dec  2002
Burch                  Roy W.                       6Jan  2002
Burchell               Wade C.  Sr.                16Oct  2002
Burchett               Dorothy Ruth                 6Jul  2002
Burchfiel              Clarice                     16May  2002
Burciaga               Jose Ricardo                16Dec  2002
Burciaga               Jose Ricardo                17Dec  2002
Burden                 Richard Dwayne               4Jan  2002
Buresh                 Bessie                      14Apr  2002
Burgell                Cory Michael                11Oct  2002
Burger                 Betty J.                     7Feb  2002
Burger                 Betty J.                     8Feb  2002
Burgess                R.  Fred                    20Dec  2002
Burgett                Forest W.                   15Oct  2002
Burgett                Shirley L.  (Raney)         26Sep  2002
Burgett                Shirley L.  (Raney)         27Sep  2002
Burghardt              Hazel Q.                    31Mar  2002
Burghart               Vyrl Dean                    6Jan  2002
Burgin                 Kathryn Ruth                 1Dec  2002
Burgin                 Kathryn Ruth                 2Dec  2002
Burgmeier              Ruth                        18Sep  2002
Burke                  Arlene E.                    3Oct  2002
Burke                  Arlene E.                    4Oct  2002
Burke                  Marion E.  (Bainter)        26May  2002
Burke                  Marion E.  (Bainter)        28May  2002
Burke                  Mary H.                     26Sep  2002
Burke                  Tim                          3May  2002
Burkhart               Ethel Lorraine               1Mar  2002
Burkhart               Lucille "Lucy"               4Sep  2002
Burkhart               Merle                       30Mar  2002
Burkholder             Clarence C.                 28Aug  2002
Burkholder             George C.                   18Jan  2002
Burkman                Reuben J.  M.D.             13Nov  2002
Burks                  Kenneth L.                  14Feb  2002
Burks                  Kenneth L.                  15Feb  2002
Burks                  Kenneth L.                  16Feb  2002
Burks                  Kenneth L.                  17Feb  2002
Burleigh               Henry Heuland               21Apr  2002
Burleigh               Henry Heuland               23Apr  2002
Burleson               Donna Kay                   17Oct  2002
Burlison               Sarah Lucerne                5Dec  2002
Burlison               Sarah Lucerne                6Dec  2002
Burlison               Sarah Lucerne                7Dec  2002
Burlison               Sarah Lucerne                8Dec  2002
Burnam                 William W.                  22Nov  2002
Burner                 Josiah A.                   25Jun  2002
Burnet                 Ruth E.                     10Dec  2002
Burnett                Alma Marie                  18May  2002
Burnett                Donald E.                    6Aug  2002
Burnett                Leroy M.                     7Jun  2002
Burnett                Milton Earl                 13Sep  2002
Burney                 Warren Sr.                   9Oct  2002
Burney                 William Warren (Dr.)         9Oct  2002
Burney                 William Warren (Dr.)        10Oct  2002
Burney                 William Warren (Dr.)        11Oct  2002
Burnham                Clay J.                     14Aug  2002
Burnham                Dorothea M.                  3Feb  2002
Burnham                John L.                      4Jun  2002
Burnham                Martin                       9Jun  2002
Burnham                Martin R.                   12Jun  2002
Burnham                Roxee E.                    31Oct  2002
Burnos                 Elenora M.                  13Mar  2002
Burns                  Dale C.                     23Sep  2002
Burns                  Harriet                      5Mar  2002
Burns                  Hazel Iva                   13Aug  2002
Burns                  Henry Burt                  27Jun  2002
Burns                  James Edward                24Apr  2002
Burns                  John Morey Sr.               1Jul  2002
Burns                  John Morey Sr.              30Jun  2002
Burns                  Joyce M.  (Penney)          23Nov  2002
Burns                  Lloyd Lester "Woody"        24Oct  2002
Burns                  Peggy L.                     1Apr  2002
Burns                  Robert H.                   17Nov  2002
Burns                  Rufus Jackson                5Dec  2002
Burns                  Wesley Edwin                 3Nov  2002
Burnsworth             Jodi Ann                     6Jun  2002
Burris                 Jack D.                     11Dec  2002
Burris                 Jean                         2Mar  2002
Burroughs              George H.  Jr.               7Aug  2002
Burroughs              Harold E.                   28Aug  2002
Burroughs              John David                   8Aug  2002
Burrow                 Bette Jane                  31Jul  2002
Bursch                 Robert Samuel                1Oct  2002
Bursch                 Robert Samuel                2Oct  2002
Burt                   Roma June                    2Nov  2002
Burton                 Augusta                      4Jun  2002
Burton                 Harold E.                   25Apr  2002
Burton                 Larry Edward                17Sep  2002
Burton                 Larry Edward                18Sep  2002
Burton                 Leonard                     15Jul  2002
Burton                 Marjorie J.                 24Jan  2002
Burton                 Paul Leroy                  21May  2002
Burton                 Virgie V.                   29Mar  2002
Burwell                Betty J.                    19Jan  2002
Busby                  Harley T.  Jr.              29Apr  2002
Busby                  Harley T.  Jr.              30Apr  2002
Busch                  Edith ASC (Sister)          26Nov  2002
Busch                  Frances Victoria Philo       4Oct  2002
Busch                  Irene N.                     4May  2002
Busenitz               Jonathan J.                 29Jan  2002
Buser                  Albert John                 15May  2002
Bush                   Carl F.                     21Oct  2002
Bushart                Mary Annie                   4Feb  2002
Bushey                 Carl E.                     30Nov  2002
Bushnell               Leon D.  "Bush"              3Nov  2002
Busley                 Wilma F.                     5Mar  2002
Buss                   Frank I.                    11Jul  2002
Buster                 Donald L.                   13Feb  2002
Buswell                E.  Virginia                31Mar  2002
Butcher                Carol A.                    17Feb  2002
Butcher                Edith Elizabeth             27Dec  2002
Butler                 Clarence F.                 25Mar  2002
Butler                 Claudette                   16Nov  2002
Butler                 Claudette                   17Nov  2002
Butler                 Glen                         9Feb  2002
Butler                 Ida Jean                    10Apr  2002
Butler                 Joe                         27Sep  2002
Butler                 Mabel Mary Newbill          15Jan  2002
Butler                 Martha A.                    1Jun  2002
Butler                 Martha A.                    2Jun  2002
Butler                 Martha A.                    3Jun  2002
Butler                 Martha A.                    4Jun  2002
Butler                 Orville Edwin Sr.           13Dec  2002
Butler                 Orville Edwin Sr.           15Dec  2002
Butler                 Orville Edwin Sr.           18Dec  2002
Butler                 Renee Michelle (Fellow      18Sep  2002
Butler                 Renee Michelle (Fellow      19Sep  2002
Butler                 Rita M.                     14Sep  2002
Butler                 Rita M.                     15Sep  2002
Butler                 Ruby M.                     26Mar  2002
Butler                 Timothy Alexander            1Aug  2002
Butler                 Timothy Alexander           31Jul  2002
Butler                 Virginia M.                 24Jun  2002
Butler                 Willie "Bill"               30May  2002
Buttel                 Ermal Floyd                 30Nov  2002
Butterfield            Leota (Harris)              12Sep  2002
Butterworth            Ted                         10Dec  2002
Button                 Richard Owen                26Feb  2002
Butts                  Aulny D.  "Newt"            16Nov  2002
Byers                  Beverly Jane                 1May  2002
Byers                  Beverly Jane                30Apr  2002
Byers                  Bob                         13Feb  2002
Byers                  Kenneth George              25Nov  2002
Byfield                Jeanne T.                   20Nov  2002
Byfield                Jeanne T.                   21Nov  2002
Byfield                Jeanne T.                   22Nov  2002
Byler                  Donna I.                     8Mar  2002
Byrd                   Margaret L.  (Talbot)        6Mar  2002
Byrd                   Reva M.                      1Jun  2002


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