Midwest Historical &

Genealogical Society

Wichita, Kansas

1892 City Directory

Wichita, Kansas

Transcribed by Nancy Lou Welshimer Fincham



An Alphabtical List of all the Post Offices in the State of
Kansas, with name of the county; together with val-
uable information relating to Postal Matters.


Postmasters are not required to accept payment for postage stamps any currency which may be mutilated or its genuiness doubtful. Nor are they required to receive more than twenty-five cents in copper or nickel coins, nor to affix stamps to letters, NOR TO MAKE CHANGE except as an act of courtesy.
All Valuable matter should be registered. Registry fee is ten cents, which with full postage must be prepaid.
All inquiries from the public relative to lost or missing mail matter, of every description, should be addressed to Chief Post Office Inspector, Washington, D C., who will give it immediate attention.
The issue of money-orders on credit is prohibited under the severest penalties. Checks drafts or promisory notes are not to be received under any circumstances for the issue of money orders.
Postal employees are not permitted to change the address of misdirected letters or other mail matter; matter not addressed to any post office cannot be forwarded through the mails, but must be returned the sender, if known, or sent the to Dead Letter office.
Mail matter sent through post offices within the United States is divided into four classes, as follows:
First Class. Written matter, namely, letters, postal cards and all matter wholly or partly in writing, whether seared or unsealed.
Second Class. Periodical publications, namely, all newspapers and other periodical publications which are issued at stated intervals, and as frequently as four times a year which bears a date of issue, and are numbered consecutively, and are issued from a known office of publication, are formed of printed sheets, without board, cloth, leather or other substantial binding. Such publications must be published for the dissemination of information of a public character; and must not be designed principally for advertising purposes, or for free circulation, or for circulation at nominal rates.
Third Class. Books, circulars, periodicals and other matter wholly in print, are not included in second class matter.
"Printed matter" is defined by United States statute to be the "reproduction upon paper by any process except that of handwriting, of any letters, characters or figures, not having the character of a personal correspondence."
A "Circular" is defined by United States statues to be a printed letter, which according to internal evidence is being sent in idential terms to several persons.
Fourth Class. Merchandise, namely all matter not embraced in the first, second or third class which is not in its form liable to destroy, deface or otherwise damage the contents of the mail bag, and not above the weight provided by law.
No package weighing more than four pound4 shall be received for conveyance by mail.
Second class matter mailed at the pound rate is not subject to the four-pound limitation.
The rate of postage on first-class mail matter is two cents per ounce or fraction thereof.
On "drop letters, two cents per ounce when mailed at letter-carrier office and one cent per ounce at offices where free delivery by carrier is not established.
The rate of postage on second-class matter is one cent per pound or fraction thereof.
The rate of postage on third-class matter is one cent for each two ounces or fractional part thereof
The rate of postage on fourth class matter is one cent an ounce or fraction thereof.
Matter which may be mailed free of charge consists of public documents, printed matter sent by senators and representatives, seeds and agricultural report. Special "franking" privileges have also been granted to Sarah Polk, widow of President James K Polk; Lucretia R Garfied, widow of James A Garfield; and Julia D Grant, widow of Ulysses S Grant; and all matter sent to them or by them under their signatures will be carried free during their respective natural lives.


Abbyville, Reno
Abilene, Dickinson
Achilles, Rawlins
Ackerland, Leavenworth
Acme, Ottawa
Adamson, Rooks
Adell, Sheridan
Admire, Lyon
Adrian, Jackson
Aetna, Barber
Agenda, Republic
Agnes City, Lyon
Agria, Phillips
Agricola, Coffey
Ainsworth, Wichita
Air, Lyon
Akron, Cowley
Alamota, Lane
Alanthers, Gove
Albert, Barton
Albia, Washington
Albion, Harper
Alburtis, Morris
Alcona, Rooks
Alden, Rice
Alexander Rush
Alfred, Douglas
Aliceville, Coffey
Alida, Geary
Allamead, Lincoln
Allegan, Rice
Allen, Lyon
Alliance, Ellsworth
Allison, Decatur
Alma, Wabaunsee
Almena, Norton
Alpha, McPherson
Alta, Harvey
Altamont, Labette
Alta Vista, Wabaunsee
Alton, Osborne
Altoona, Wilson
Amader, Butler
Amber, Barber
Amboy, Rooks
America City, Nemaha
Americus, Lyon
Ames, Cloud
Andale, Sedgwick
Anderson, Smith
Andover, Butler
Angola, Labette
Annelly, Harvey
Anness, Sedgwick
Anson, Sumner
Antelope, Marion
Anthony, Harper
Antrim, Stafford
Appanoose, Douglas
Appamatox, Grant
Aral, Butler
Arcadia, Crawford
Argentine, Wyandotte
Argonia, Sumner
Arispie, Pottawatomie
Arkalon, Seward
Arkansas City, Cowley
Arlington, Reno
Armourdale, Wyandotte
Arrington, Atchison
Arvonia, Osage
Asherville, Mitchell
Ashland, Clark
Ashton, Sumner
Ash Valley, Pawnee
Assaria, Saline
Astor, Greeley
Atchison, Atchison
Athelstane, Clay
Athens, Jewell
Athal, Smith
Atlanta, Cowley
Attica, Harper
Atwater, Meade
Atwood, Rawlins
Auburn Shawnee
Augusta, Butler
Augustine Springs, Logan
Aulne, Marion
Austin, Neosho
Aurora, Cloud
Avery, Reno
Arilla, Comanche
Avoca, Jackson
Axtell, Marshall
Bacon, Lincoln
Baden, Douglas
Badger Creek, Lyon
Bagley, Montgomery
Baileyville, Nemeha
Baker, Brown
Bala, Riley
Baldwin, Douglas
Ballards Falls, Washington
Banner, Trego
Bannock, Edwards
Barclay, Osage
Barnard, Lincoln
Barnes, Washington
Barnesville, Bourbon
Barrett, Marshall
Barry, Coffey
Bartlett, Labette
Bartondale, Russell
Basehor, Leavenworth
Bashan, Lincoln
Bassettville, Decatur
Bateham, Clay
Battle Hill, McPherson
Bavaria, Saline
Baxter Springs, Cherokee
Bayard, Allen
Bayne, Lincoln
Bayneville, Sedgwick
Bazaar, Chase
Bazine, Ness
Beagle, Miami
Beardsley, Rawlins
Beattle, Marshall
Beaumont, Butler
Beaver, Sheridan
Beaverton, Rawlins
Bedford, Stafford
Beeler, Ness
Bellaire, Smith
Belle Plain, Sumner
Belleville, Republic
Belmont, Kingman
Beloit, Mitchell
Belpre, Edwards
Belvidere, Kiowa
Belvoir, Douglas
Belvue, Pottawatomie
Beman, Morris
Bendena, Doniphan
Benedict, Wilson
Bennington, Ottawa
Ben's Ranch, Ellsworth
Bentley, Sedgwick
Benton, Butler
Ben Wade, Pawnee
Berlin, Bourbon
Bern, Nemeha
Bernal, Reno
Berryton, Shawnee
Berwick, Nemeha
Bethel, Wyandotte
Beulah, Crawford
Beverly, Lincoln
Big Ben, Phillips
Bigelow, Marshall
Big Springs, Douglas
Birch, Sedgwick
Bird City, Cheyenne
Bird Nest, Pawnee
Birley, Chase
Birmingham, Jackson
Bishop, Jewell
Bison, Rush
Bitter Creek, Sumner
Black Jack, Douglas
Black Stone, Sumner
Black Wolf, Ellsworth
Blaine, Pottawatomie
Blakeman, Rawlins
Black, Miama
Bloomington, Osborne
Blue Hill, Mitchell
Blue Mound, Linn
Blue Rapids, Marshall
Bluff City, Harper
Bogue, Grrham
Boicourt, Linn
Boling, Leavenworth
Bolton, Montgomery
Bonaccord, Dickinson
Bond, Douglas
Bone Springs, Reno
Bonner Springs, Wyandotte
Booth, Reno
Border, Stanton
Bosna, Trego
Boston Mills, Cherokee
Bow Creek, Philips
Boyle, Jefferson
Bradford, Waubaunsee
Brainerd, Butler
Borin, Decatur
Brantford, Washington
Brazilton, Crawford
Bremen, Marshall
Brenham, Kiowa
Brenner, Doniphan
Brewster, Thomas
Bridgeport, Saline
Briggs, Geary
Brigham, Greenwood
Bristow, Osborne
Broderick, Pottawatomie
Bronson, Bourbon
Brooks, Wilson
Brookville, Saline
Broom, Ford
Broughton, Clay
Brownell, Ness
Brownsville, Chautauqua
Bucklin, Ford
Buckner, Hodgeman
Bucyrus, Miami
Buda, Ness
Buel, Mitchell
Buffalo, Wilson
Buffalo Park, Grove
Buhler, Reno
Bunker Hill, Russell
Burdeu, Cowley
Burdette, Pawnee
Burdick, Morris
Burlingame, Osage
Burlington, Coffee
Burns, Marion
Burntwood, Rawlins
Burr Oak, Jewell
Burrton, Harvey
Burt, Woodson
Busby, Elk
Bushong, Lyon
Bushton, Rice
Butte, Logan
Buxton, Wilson
Byers, Meade
Byron, Woodson
Cabbell, Logan
Cadmus, Lynn
Cage, Butler
Cahola, Chase
Cain, Rice
Cairo, Pratt
Caldwell, Sumner
Calista, Kingman
Calvert, Norton
Cambridge, cowley
Canada, Marion
Canema, Barber
Caney, Montgomery
Canton, McPherson
Capioma, Nemeha
Carbondale, Osage
Carlton, Dickinson
Carlyle, Allen
Carmel, Cloud
Carmi, Pratt
Carneiro, Ellsworth
Carroll, Greenwood
Carson, Brown
Carwood, Wichita
Castleton, Reno
Catalpa, Gove
Catharine, Ellis
Cato, Crawford
Caven, Pratt
Cave Springs, Elk
Cawker City, Mitchell
Cecil, Labette
Cedar Bluffs, Decatur
Cedar Ford, Butler
Cedar Junction, Johnson
Cedar Point, Chase
Cedar Vale, Chatauqua
Cedarville, Smith
Cedron, Lincoln
Central City, Anderson
Centralia, Nemeha
Centre, Chatauqua
Centre Ridge, Woodson
Centreville, Linn
Centropolis, Franklin
Cess, Morton
Chalk Mound, Chatauqua
Challacombe, Ness
Chandler, Rooks
Chantilly, Kearney
Chanute, Neosha
Chaplin, Elk
Chapman, Dickinson
Chardon, Rawlins
Charity, Clay
Charlotte, Sherman
Chase, Rice
Chatauqua, Chatauqua
Chelsea, Butler
Cheney, Sedgwick
Chepstow, Washington
Cherokee, Crawford
Cherry, Cherokee
Cherryvale, Montgomery
Chester, Jefferson
Chetopa, Labette
Cheyenne, Osborne
Chico, Saline
Chicopee, Crawford
Chouteau, Johnson
Christopher, Reno
Cicero, Sumner
Cimarron, Gray
Circleville, Jackson
Claflin, Barton
Clara, Washington
Clarence, Stevens
Clarksburgh, Bourbon
Claude, Woodson
Clay Centre, Clay
Clayton, Norton
Clear Creek, Nemaha
Clear Dale, Sumner
Clearfield, Douglas
Clearwater, Sedgwick
Cleburne, Riley
Clements, Chase
Cleo, Brown
Cleveland, Kingman
Clifton, Washington
Climax, Greenwood
Clinton, Douglas
Cloverdale, Chatauqua
Clugh, Cheyenne
Clyde, Cloud
Coalvale, Crawford
Coats, Pratt
Codell, Rooks
Coffeyville, Montgomery
Colbert, Lincoln
Colby, Thomas
Coldwater, Comanche
Colfax, Chatauqua
Collyer, Trego
Colokan, Greeley
Coloma, Woodson
Colony, Anderson
Columbus, Cherokee
Colusa, Haskell
Colwich, Sedgwick
Comet, Brown
Comiskey, Morris
Concord, Sumner
Concordia, Cloud
Conductor, Grant
Conkling, Pawnee
Connor, Wyandotte
Conquest, Wichita
Constant, Cowley
Conway, McPherson
Conway Springs, Sumner
Cookville, Woodson
Coolidge, Hamilton
Copeland, Thomas
Cora, Smith
Corbin, Sumner
Corinth, Osborne
Corning, Nemaha
Coronado, Wichita
Corwin, Harper
Costello, Montgomery
Cottonwood Falls, Chase
Council Grove, Morris
Coursons Grove, Mitchell
Courtland, Republic
Covert, Osborne
Coyville, Wilson
Crainville, Republic
Crandell, Coffey
Crane, Montgomery
Crawford, Rice
Cresent, Kiowa
Crestline, Cherokee
Crisfield, Harper
Critzer, Linn
Crotty, Coffey
Crow, Phillips
Crown Point, Saline
Crystal Springs, Harper
Cuba, Republic
Cullison, Pratt
Culver, Ottawa
Cummings, Atchison
Cunningham, Kingman
Curran, Harper
Custer, Smith
Dafer, Leavenworth
Dalton, Sumner
Dana, Philips
Danby, Ness
Danville, Harper
Day, Washington
Dearing, Montgomery
Decatur, Decatur
Deerfield, Kearney
Deerhead, Barber
DeGraff, Butler
Deland, Thomas
Delaven, Morris
Delhi, Osborne
Delight, Ellsworth
Dellvale, Morton
Delmore, McPherson
Delphos, Ottawa
Denison, Jackson

Denmark, Lincoln
Dennis, Labette
Densmore, Morton
Dentonia, Jewell
Dentonville, Doniphan
Derby, Sedgwick
Dermot, Stevens
Derry, Greenwood
DeSoto, Johnson
Detroit, Dickinson
Devizes, Norton
Devon, Bourbon
Dewey, Washington
DeWitt, Washington
Dixter, Cowley
Dial, Osborne
Diamond Springs Morris
Dickeyville, Phillips
Dighton, Lane
Dillon, Dickinson
Dodge City, Ford
Doniphan, Doniphan
Dorrance, Russell
Doster, Sumner
Douglas, Butler
Dover, Shawnee
Downs, Osborn
Dragoon, Osage
Dresden, Decatur
Drury, Sumner
Dubuque, Russell
Dun, Wilson
Dunavant, Jefferson
Dundee, Barton
Dunlap, Morris
Dupont, Lane
Duquoin, Harper
Durachen, Butler
Durham, Marion
Dwight, Morris
Eagle, Barber
Earleton, Neosho
East Norway, Doniphan
Easton, Leavenworth
Eastonville, Cowley
Echo, Douglas
Eden, Atchison
Edgarton, Johnson
Edith, Logan
Edmond, Norton
Edna, Labette
Edson, Sherman
Edwardsville, Wyandotte
Edwin, Stanton
Effingham, Atchison
Ego, Gray
Elba, Chase
Elbing, Butler
Elco, Lyon
Eldorado, Butler
Eldred, Barber
Eleanor, Harvey
Elgin, Chatauqua
Elk, Chase
Elkader, Logan
Elk City, Montgomery
Elk Falls, Elk
Ellinwood, Barton
Elliott, Sheridan
Ellis, Ellis
Ellsworth, Ellsworth
Elm City, Labette
Elm Creek, Marshall
Elmdale, Chase
Elmira, Mitchell
Elm Mills, Barber
Elmo, Dickinson
Elmont, Shawnee
Elsmore, Allen
Elwood, Doniphan
Elyria, McPherson
Emerald, Franklin
Emerson, Stafford
Eminence, Garfield
Emmet, Wyandotte
Emmons, Washington
Empire City, Cherokee
Emporia, Lyon
Enfield, Rooks
Englewood, Clark
Enne, Rawlins
Enosdale, Washington
Ensign, Gray
Enterprise, Dickinson
Equity, Anderson
Eril, Neosho
Esbon, Jewell
Eskridge, Waubansee
Essex, Garfield
Esther, Shawnee
Eudora, Douglas
Eureka, Greenwood
Evansville, Comanche
Everest, Brown
Ewell, Sumner
Exeter, Clay
Fact, Clay
Fairfield, Wabaunsee
Fair Haven, Norton
Fairmount, Leavenworth
Fairport, Russell
Fairview, Brown
Fall Leaf, Leavenworth
Fall River, Greenwood
Falem, Saline
Fame, Greenwood
Fancy Creek, Clay
Fanning, Doniphan
Farisville, Ellsworth
Farlington, Crawford
Farlinville, Linn
Farmersburg, Chatauqua
Farmington, Atchison
Faulkner, Cherokee
Fawn, Montgomery
Fay, Russell
Federal, Hamilton
Fellsburg, Edwards
Fenton, Rush
Fiat, Rush
Fidelity, Brown
Field, Morris
Filmore, Lane
Findlay, Linn
Fingal, Rush
Finney, Woodson
Fisher, Stanton
Flavius, Rush
Fleming, Crawford
Fletcher, Stanton
Flint Ridge, Greenwood
Floral, Cowley
Florence, Marion
Folsom, Haskell
Fontana, Miami
Ford, Ford
Forest Hill, Russell
Formoso, Jewell
Forrester, Ness
F't Leav'worth, Leav'worth
Fort Riley, Geary
Fort Scott, Bourbon
Fostoria, Pottowatomie
Fountain, Osage
Fowler, Meade
Fox, Harper
Francis, Ness
Frankfort, Marshall
Franklinville, Ness
Fred, Marion
Frederick, Ricd
Fredonia, Wilson
Freedom, Butler
Freeman, Stafford
Freeport, Harper
Free Will, Osborne
Friend, Scott
Friendship, Cherokee
Frontenac, Crawford
Fullerton, Hodgeman
Fulton, Bourbon
Funston, Allen
Furley, Sedgwick
Galatia, Barton
Galena, Cherokee
Galesburg, Neosho
Galt, Rice
Galva, McPherson
Garden City, Finney
Garden Plain, Sedgwick
Gardner, Johnson
Garfield, Pawnee
Garland, Bourbon
Garlington, Franklin
Garnett, Anderson
Garrison, Pottawatomie
Gaskill, Washington
Gaylord, Smith
Geary, Doniphan
Gem, Thomas
Geneseo, Rice
Gibson Trego
Gideon, Douglas
Gilfillan, Bourbon
Girard, Crawford
Gladstone, Rawlins
Gladys, Sedgwick
Glasco, Cloud
Glendale, Bourbon
Glen Elder, Mitchell
Glen Grouse, Cowley
Glenloch, Anderson,
Glenn, Johnson
Geneva, Allen
Germania, Sedgwick
Germantown, Smith
Gueda Springs, Cowley
Glenwood, Leavenworth
Globe, Douglas
Goddard Sedgwick
Godfrey, Bourbon
Goff's, Nemaha
Gognac, Stanton
Golden, Grant
Goode, Phillips
Good Intent, Atchison
Goodland, Sherman
Goodrich, Linn
Goodwater, Gove
Gordon, Butler
Gorham, Russell
Goss, Harper
Gove, Gove
Grace, Sherman
Grafton, Chatauqua
Grainfield, Gove
Granada, Nemaha
Grand Haven, Shawnee
Grand Summit, Cowley
Grant, Riley
Grantville, Jefferson
Graves, Cloud
Great Bend, Barton
Greeley, Anderson
Greene, Clay
Greenbush, Crawford
Green Elm, Crawford
Greenleaf, Washington
Green Ridge, Stafford
Greensburgh, Kiowa
Greenwich, Sedgwick
Gregory, Jewell
Grenola, Elk
Gridley, Coffey
Griffin, Woodson
Grigsby, Scott
Grinnell, Gove
Grinter, Wyandotte
Griswold, Sherman
Groveland, McPherson
Groover, Douglas
Guelph, Sumner
Guilford, Wilson
Guitland Station, Marshall
Gurney, Cheyenne
Guy, Sheridan
Gypsum, Saline
Haddam, Washington
Hadley, Crawford
Halcyon, Wichita
Hale, Chatauqua
Halifax, Wabaunsee
Halford, Thomas
Half Way, Cloud
Hallowell, Cherokee
Halls Summit, Coffey
Halstead, Harvey
Hamilton, Greenwood
Hamlin, Brown
Hammond, Bourbon
Hampton, Rush
Hanback, Norton
Hanover, Washington
Happy, Graham
Hardilee, Smith
Harding, Bourbon
Hardtner, Barber
Hargrave, Rush
Harkness, Leavenworth
Harlan, Smith
Harmony, Pawnee
Harma, Gray
Harold, Ness
Harper, Harper
Harris, Anderson
Harrison, Jewell
Hartford, Lyon
Hartland, Kearney
Harveyville, Wabaunsee
Haskell, Anderson
Hatton, Hamilton
Havanna, Montgomery
Haven, Reno
Havensville, Pottawatomie
Haverhill, Butler
Haviland, Kiowa
Hawkeye, Decatur
Hawley, Russell
Haworth, Republic
Hays City, Ellis
Haysville, Sedgwick
Hazelton, Barber
Healy, Lane
Herber, Cloud
Hedgwood, Norton
Heizerton, Barton
Helmick, Morris
Henry, Sheridan
Hepler, Crawford
Herrington, Dickinson
Herkimer, Marshall
Herman, Lincoln
Herndon, Rawlins
Hertha, Neosho
Hesper, Douglas
Hesston, Harvey
Hewins, Chatauqua
Hiattville, Bourbon
Hiawatha, Brown
Hickman, Greenwood
High Bridge, Atchison
Highhill, Osborne
Highland, Doniphan
Highl'd Station, Doniphan
Highpoint, Ness
Hill City, Graham
Hillsboro, Marion
Hillsdale, Miami
Hillside, Phillips
Hilltop, Greenwood
Hink, Crawford
Hodgeman, Hodgeman
Hoge, Leavenworth
Hoisington, Barton
Holbrook, Hodgeman
Holland, Dickinson
Hollenburg, Washington
Holliday, Johnson
Holling, Douglas
Hollis, Cloud
Hollyrood, Ellsworth
Holton, Jackson
Holy Cross, Pottawatamie
Home, Marshall
Homestead, Chase
Homewood, Franklin
Hooker, Decatur
Hooser, Cowley
Hope, Dickinson
Horace, Greely
Horton, Brown
Horanif, Wyandotte
Hortonburg, Lyon
Howard Elk
Hoxie, Sheridan
Hoyt, Jackson
Hudson, Stafford
Hugoton, Stevens
Hukle, Sedgwick
Hull, Marshall
Humboldt, Allen
Hund's Station, Leavenworth
Hunnewell, Sumner
Huron, Atchinson
Hutchinson, Reno
Hymer, Chase
Idana, Clay
Idell, Crawford
Idenbro, Labette
Ilion, Rawlins
Imes, Eranklin
Imperial, Garfield
Independence, Montgomery
Indianola, Butler
Industry, Clay
Ingalls, Gray
Inman, McPherson
Ivermay, Atchinson
Inyo, Harper
Iola, Allen
Ionia, Jewell
Iowa Point, Doniphan
Iowaville, Sedgwick
Irving, Marshall
Isabel, Barber
Island, Neosho
Iuka, Pratt
Ivanhoe, Haskell
Ivanpah, Greenwood
Ivy, Lyon
Iwacura, Clay
Jacksonburg, Smith
Jaggard, Leavenworth
Jalma, Mead
Jamestown, Cloud
Jaqua, Cheyenne
Jarbalo, Leavenworth
Jasper, Meade,
Jefferson, Montgomery
Jenkins, Comanche
Jennings, Decatur
Jerome, Gove
Jetmore, Hodgman
Jewell, Jewell
Jingo, Miami
Joash, Meade
Johnson, McPherson
Jonesborough, Chatauqua
Judson, Smith
Julia, Kingman
Junction City, Geary
Juse, Woodson
Kackley, Republic
Kalvesta, Garfield
Kanona, Decatur
Kansada, Ness
Kanopolis, Ellsworth
Kansas City, Wyandotte
Kearney, Kearney
Keats, Riley
Kebar, Graham
Kechi, Sedgwick
Keelville, Cherokee
Keene, Wabaunsee
Keighley, Butler
Kellogg, Cowley
Kelley, Nemaha
Kelso, Morris
Kendall, Hamilton
Kenilworth, Stafford
Kennebec, Russell
Kennedy, Dickinson
Kennekuk, Atchison
Kensington, Smith
Kent, Reno
Kepple, Wichita
Keysville, Pawnee
Kidderville, Hodgeman
Kill Creek, Osborn
Kilmer, Shawnee
Kimbal, Neosho
Kimeo, Washington
Kincaid, Anderson
Kingman, Kingman
Kingsdown, Ford
Kingsville, Shawnee
Kinsley, Edwards
Kiowa, Barber
Kipp, Saline
Kirkfield, Edwards
Kirwin, Phillips
Klink, Sherman
Knauston, Finney
Knox, Sumner
Koloko, Washington
Knantz, Stanton
Kong, Coffey
Kuhnbrook, Marion
Kuka, Thomas
Labette, Labette
La Blanche, Sherman
Laclede, Pottowatomie
La Crosse, Rush
La Cygne, Linn
Ladore, Neosho
Lafayette, Stevens
La Fontaine, Wilson
La Grange, Marshall
La Harpe, Allen
Lake City, Barber
Lakeland, Meade
Lakeside, Bourbon
Lakin, Kearney
Lamar, Ottawa
Lamborn, Sherman
Lamont, Greenwood
Lancaster, Atchison
Lane, Franklin
Laneville, Labette
Langdon, Reno
Langley, Ellsworth
Lansing, Leavenworth
Lapeer, Douglas

Lapland, Greenwood
Larimer, Montgomery
Larkin, Jackson
Larned, Pawnee
Lashmet, Kingman
Lasita, Riley
Latham, Butler
Latimer, Morris
Laton, Rooks
Laurel, Hodgeman
Lava, Sherman
Lawndale, Pratt
Lawnridge, Cheyenne
Lawrence, Douglas
Lawrenceburgh, Cloud
Lawson, Grant
Lay, Montgomery
Leanna, Allen
Leavenworth, Leavenworth
Lebanon, Smith
Lebo, Coffey
Lecompton, Douglas
Lee, Hamilton
Leeds, Chatauqua
Leesburgh, Stafford
Lehigh, Marion
Leland, Graham
Le Loup, Franklin
Lenape, Leavenworth
Lenexa, Johnson
Lenora, Norton
Leon, Butler
Leona, Doniphan
Leonardville, Riley
Leoranda, Graham
Leoti, Wichita
Lerado, Reno
Le Roy, Coffey
Letitia, Clark
Levant, Thomas
Lewis, Edwards
Lexington, Clark
Liberal, Seward
Liberty, Montgomery
Lincoln, Lincoln
Lincolnville, Marion
Lindsborg, McPherson
Lindsey, Ottawa
Linn, Washington
Linndale, Rush
Linwood, Leavenworth
Lippard, Rush
Litchfield, Crawford
Little River, Rice
Liverpool, Stanton
Lockport, Haskell
Lodi, Barber
Logan, Phillips
Lone Elm, Anderson
Lone Walnut, Lincoln
Longford, Clay
Long Island, Phillips
Longton, Elk
Lorena., Butler
Loring, Wyandotte
Lorraine, Ellsworth
Lost Springs, Marion
Louisburgh, Miami
Louisville, Pottawatomie
Lovewell Station, Jewell
Lowe, Chautauqua
Lowell, Cherokee
Lowemont, Leavenworth
Loyal, Garfield
Lucas, Russell
Lucerne, Sheridan
Luctor, Phillips
Ludell, Rawlins
Luray, Russell
Lydia, Kearney
Lyle, Decatur
Lyndon, Osage
Lyons, Rice
McAllister, Logan
McCracken, Rush
McCune Crawford
McDonald, Rawlins
McFarland, Wabaunsee
McHale, Rooks
McLain, Harvey
McLouth, Jefferson
McPherson, McPherson
Mable, Seward
Magraw, Sheridan
Macksville, Stafford
Macon, Wallace
Macyville, Cloud
Madeline, Wichita
Madison, Greenwood
Magda, Lyon
Mahaska, Washington
Maherville, Barton
Maize, Sedgwick
Majella, Bonrbon
Manchester, Dickinson
Manhattan, Riley
Mankato, Jewell
Manning, Scott
Manteno, Ness
Maple City, Cowley
Maple Hills, Wabaunsee
Mapleton, Bourbon
Marena, Hodgeman
Margaret, Lincoln
Mariadahl, Pottawatomie
Marietta, Marshall
Marion, Marion
Marmaton, Bourbon
Marguetta, McPherson
Marshall, Pawnee
Martin, Ellis
Marvin, Phillips
Marydel, Saline
Marysville, Marshall
Masmer, Ellsworth
Mathfield Green, Chase
Mattewson, Labette
Matteson, Phillips
Maxson, Osage
May Day, Riley
Mayfield, Sumner
Mayo, Comanche
Mayetta, Jackson
Mayview, Jewell
Maywood, Wyandotte
Meade, Meade
Meadow Brook, Johnson
Media, Douglas
Medicine Lodge, Barber
Medina, Jefferson
Medora, Reno
Melior, Barber
Mell, Wallace
Melrose, Cherokee
Melverne, Osage
Manager, Wyandotte
Mendota, Ellis
Menlo, Thomas
Menoken, Shawnee
Mentor, Saline
Meridith, Cloud
Meriden, Jefferson
Merriam, Johnson
Mertilla, Meade
Messer, Cherokee
Miami, Linn
Michigan Valley, Osage
Middletown, Wilson
Midway, Crawford
Milford, Geary
Millard, Barton
Miller, Lyon
Millerton, Sumner
Millwood, Leavenworth
Milo, Lincoln
Milroy, Hodgeman
Milton, Sumner
Miltonvale, Cloud
Mina, Marshall
Mineral Point, Anderson
Minersville, Cloud
Minerva, Labette
Mingona, Barber
Minneapolis, Ottawa
Minneha, Sedgwick
Minneola, Clark
Mirage, Rawlins
Mitchell, Rice
Moline, Elk
Mona, Reno
Modoc, Scott
Monett, Chautauqua
Monitor, McPherson
Monmouth, Crawford
Monon, Stanton
Monrovia, Atchison
Montana, Labette
Monterey, Riley
Montezuma, Gray
Monticello, Johnson
Mont Ida, Anderson
Montrose, Jewell
Monument, Logan
Moodyville, Pottawatomie
Moonlight, Stevens
Morantown, Allen
Morehead, Neosho
Morgan, Chase
Morganville, Clay
Morland, Graham
Morrill, Brown
Morrow Station, Washington
Morse, Johnson
Mortimer, Labette
Morton, Morton
Moscow, Stevens
Moss Springs, Geary
Mound City, Linn
Mound Creek, Miami
Moundridge, McPherson
Mound Valley, Labette
Mount Ayr, Osborn
Mount Carmel, Crawford
Mount Hope, Sedgwick
Mount Olivet, Leavenworth
Mount Pleasant, Atchison
Mulberry, Crawford
Muldrow, Sherman
Mullinville, Kiowa
Mulvane, Sumner
Mumford, Barber
Muncie, Wyandotte
Munden, Republic
Munjor, Ellis
Murdock, Butler
Muscotah, Atchison
Museum, Sheridan
Myers Valley, Pottawatomie
Myra, Woodson
Myrtle, Phillips
Nadeau, Jackson
Nance, Phillips
Narka, Republic
Nason, Pratt
Nashville, Kingman
Rational Military Home, Leavenworth
Natoma, Osborne
Navarre, Dickinson
Neal, Greenwood
Neeley, Leavenworth
Nekoma, Rush
Nellans, Butler
Neodesha, Wilson
Neola, Stafford
Neosho Falls, Woodson
Neosho Rapids, Lyons
Nescatunga, Comanche
Ness City, Ness
Netawaka, Jackson
Neuchatel, Nemaha
Neutral, Cherokee
Neville, Cheyenne
New Albany, Wilson
New Almelo, Norton
Neward, Wilson
New Basel, Dickinson
New Cambria, Salina
New Chillicothe, Dickinson
New Hope, Phillips
Newington, Johnson
New Lancaster, Miami
Newman, Jefferson
New Murdock, Kingman
New Salem, Cowley
Newton, Harvey
Niagra, Steven
Nickle, Kiowa
Nickerson, Reno
Nicodemus,, Graham
Niles, Ottawa
Niotaze, Chantauqua
Noble, Rice
Noland, Ford
Nochalanta, Ness
Nora, Pratt
Norcatur, Decatur
Norfolk, Ellis
North Branch, Jewell
Northcott, Anderson
Northfield, Sherman
North Topeka, Shawnee
North Wichita, Sedgwick
Norton, Norton
Nortonville, Jefferson
Norway, Republic
Norwich, Kingman
Norwood, Franklin
Numa, Butler
Oak Hill, Clay
Oakland, Shawnee
Oakley, Logan
Oak Mills, Atchison
Oak Valley, Elk
Oakwood, Linn
Oanica, Kearney
Oatville, Sedgwick
Oberlin, Decatur
Ocheltree, Johnson
Odee, Meade
Odense, Neosho
Odin, Barton
Offerle, Edwards
Ogalla, Trego
Ogden, Riley
Ohio, Smith
Okaw, Kingman
Oketo, Marshall
Olathe, Johnson
Olcott, Reno
Oliver, Haskell
Olivet, Osage
Olmitz, Barton
Olpe, Lyons
Olsberg, Pottawamie
Onaga, Pottawatamie
Oneida, Nemeha
Oneonta, Cloud
Ontario, Jackson
Opolis, Crawford
Orbitello, Lincoln
Orchard, Linn
Orie, Sumner
Oronoque, Norton
Orsworth, Lincoln
Osage City, Osage
Osage Mission, Neosho
Osawatamie, Miami
Osborne, Osborne
Oskaloosa, Jefferson
Ost, Reno
Oswego, Labette
Otego, Sewell
Otis, Rush
Ottawa, Franklin
Otterbourne, Thomas
Otto, Cowley
Ottumwa, Coffey
Overbrook, Osage
Oxford, Sumner
Ozawkie, Jefferson
Padonia, Brown
Page, Logan
Painter, Scott
Palackey, Ellsworth
Palastine, Ellis
Palco, Rooks
Paterino, Doniphan
Palmer, Washington
Palmyria, Butler
Paoli, Miami
Paradise, Russell
Parallel, Washington
Pardee, Atchison
Paris, Lincoln
Parker, Linn
Parkersville, Morris
Parnell, Atchison
Parsons, Labette
Partridge, Reno
Passaic, Kearney
Patmos, Coffey
Patterson, Harvey
Pauline, Shawnee
Pavillion Wabaunsee
Pawnee Rock, Barton
Pawnee Station, Bourbon
Pawnee Valley, Hodgeman
Paxico, Wabaunsee
Peabody, Marion
Peace Creek, Reno
Pearl, Dickinson
Peck, Sedgwick
Pelton, Stafford
Penalosa, Kingman
Pence, Scott
Pendleton Miami
Penokee, Graham
Penquite, Ottawa
Pentheka, Rawlins
Peoria, Franklin
Peotone, Sedgwick
Perkins, Montgomery
Perry, Jefferson
Perth, Sumner
Peru, Chautauqua
Peters, Kingman
Peterton, Osage
Pfeifer, Ellis
Phila, Johnson
Phillipsburg, Phillips
Piedmont, Greenwood
Pierce Junction, Brown
Pierceville, Finney
Pine Grove, Butler
Pioneer, Rush
Pipe Creek, Ottawa
Piper, Wyandotte
Piqua, Woodson
Pixley, Barber
Pittsburg, Crawford
Plainville, Rooks
Pleasant Dale, Rush
Pleasant Greene, Phillips
Pleasant Grove, Douglas
Pleasanton, Linn
Pleasant Plain, Osborne
Pleasant Ridge, Leavenworth
Pleasant Valley, Lincoln
Plevna, Reno
Plumb, Lyon
Plymell, Finney
Plymouth, Lyon
Poe, Ottawa
Point View, Pawnee
Pollard, Rice
Pomeroy, Wyandotte
Pomona, Franklin
Pontiac, Butler
Pope, Leavenworth
Poppleton, Comanche
Portage, Rooks
Porterville, Bourbon
Portis, Osborne
Portland, Sumner
Pottawatomie, Coffey
Potter, Atchison
Pottersburgh, Lincoln
Potterville, Osborne
Potwin, Butler
Powell, Phillips
Powhattan, Brown
Prairie Center, Johnson
Prairie View, Phillips
Pratt, Pratt
Prattburgh, Stafford
Prescott, Linn
Pressly, Sherman
Preston, Pratt
Pretty Prairie, Reno
Princeton, Franklin
Proof, Wichita
Protection, Comanche
Providence, Butler
Purcell, Doniphan
Purity, Reno
Pyramid, Gove
Quarry, Marion
Quenemo, Osage
Quickville, Thomas
Quincy, Greenwood
Quindaro, Wyandotte
Quinter, Gove
Quinton Heights, Shawnee
Quivera, Wyandotte
Radical, Montgomery
Rago, Kingman
Ramona, Marion
Randalll Jewell
Randolph, Riley
Ransom, Ness
Ransomville, Franklin
Rantoul, Franklin
Rapture, Jewell
Ravanna, Garfield
Ray, Pawnee
Raymond, Rice
Rayville, Norton
Reading, Lyon
Reamsville, Smith
Red Bud, Cowley
Redfield, Bonrbon
Reece, Greenwood
Reeder, Kiowa
Reedsville, Marshall
Reno, Leavenworth
Republic, Republic
Reserve, Brown
Rest, Wilson
Rexford, Thomas
Rhoads, Dickinson
Rice, Cloud
Richfield, Morton
Richland, Shawnee
Richmond, Franklin
Ridgeway, Osage
Riley, Riley
Ripon, Labette
Riverdale, Sumner
Riverside, Ness
Roanoke, Stanton
Robinson, Brown
Rochester, Kingman
Rock, Cowley
Rock Creek, Jefferson
Rockford, Bourbon
Rockport, Rooks
Rockville, Miami
Rockwell City, Norton
Rogers, Chautauqua
Rollin, Neosho
Rome, Sumner
Rosalie, Butler
Roscoe, Graham
Rose, Woodson
Rosedale, Wyandotte
Rose Hill, Butler
Rosemont, Osage
Rosette, Lincoln
Rossville, Shawnee
Rotate, Rawlins
Round Mound, Osborne
Round Up, Barber
Roxberry, McPherson
Rubens, Jewell
Ruble, Leavenworth
Ruby, Sedgwick
Ruella, Harper
Ruleton, Sherman
Runnymede, Harper
Rush Center, Rush
Russell, Russell
Russell Springs, Logan
Rutland, Montgomery
Ruweda, Greenwood
Ryan, Rush
Sabetha, Nemeha
Saffordville, Chase
Saint Benedict, Nemeha
Saint Bridget, Marshall
Saint Clere, Pottawatomie
Saint Francis, Cheyenne
Saint George, Pottawatomie
Saint John, Stafford
Saint Joseph, Cloud
Saint Mark, Sedgwick
Saint Mary, Pottawatomie
Saint Theresa, Wichita
Salem, Jewell
Salemsburg, Saline
Salina, Saline
Saltville, Mitchell
Sandago, Stafford
Santa Fe, Haskell
Saratoga, Pratt
Sarcoxie, Jefferson
Saunders, Rush
Savenburgh, Allen
Sawyer, Rratt
Scammon, Cherokee
Scandia, Republic
Schroyer, Marshall
Scio, Rawlins
Scipio, Anderson
Scott, Scott
Scottsville, Mitchell
Scranton, Osage
Seabrook, Shawnee
Seaman, Linn
Section, Coffey
Sedan, Chautauqua
Sedgwick, Harvey
Sedowa, Sedgwick
Seely,. Cowley
Sego, Reno
Seguin, Sheridan
Selden, Sheridan
Selkirk, Wichita
Selma, Anderson
Seneca, Nehema
Severance, Doniphan
Severy, Greenwood
Seward, Stafford
Sexton, Barber
Shady Bend, Lincoln
Shaffer, Rush
Shannon, Atchison
Sharon, Barber
Sharpe, Coffey
Shar's Creek, McPherson
Saw, Neosho
Shawnee, Johnson
Sherdahl, Republic
Sherman City, Cherokee
Shermanville, Sherman
Sherwood, Smith
Sherwin Junction, Cherokee
Shibboleth, Decatur
Shields, Lane
Shiloh, Hamilton
Shipton, Saline
Shockey, Grant
Shorey, Shawnee
Sibley, Douglas
Sidell, Wilson
Silverdale, Cowley
Silver Lake, Shawnee
Simpson, Mitchell
Skelton, Sheridan
Skiddy, Morris
Slate, Rooks
Smith Center, Smith
Smoky Hill, McPherson
Smolan, Saline
Snokomo, Wabaunsee
Snyder, Ford
Soldier, Jackson
Solomon City, Dickinson
Solomon Rapids, Mitchell
Somerset, Miami
South Cedar, Jackson
South Haven, Sumner
South Hutchinson, Reno
South Mound, Neosho
South Park, Johnson
Southwell, Ness
Sparta, McPherson
Spearville, Ford
Spivey, Kingman
Spring Creek, Chautauqua
Springdale, Leavenworth
Springfield, Seward
Spring Hill, Johnson
Spring Lake, Meade
Springside, Pottawatomie
Springvale, Pratt
Spring Valley, McPherson
Spurgeon, Grant
Stafford, Stafford
Stanley, Johnson
Stanton, Miami
Staples, Kiowa
Star, Geenwood
Stark, Neosho
Star Valley, Cherokee
State Centre, Baton
Sterling, Rice
Sternerton, Montgomery
Stilwell, Johnson
Stippville, Cherokee
Stitt, Dickinson
Stockdale, Riley
Stockholm, Wallace
Stockrange, Ellis
Stockton, Rooks
Stolzenback, Marshall
Stotler, Lyon
Stover, Labette
Stowell, Hamilton
Straight Creek, Jackson
Stranger, Leavenworth
Strawberry, Washington
Strawn, Coffey
Strong, Chase
Stuart, Smith
Stuttgart, Phillips
Stuyvesant, Osborne
Success, Russell
Sugar, Miami
Sugar Loaf, Rooks
Sugar Valley, Anderson
Sulpher Springs, Cloud
Summerfield, Marshall
Summindwat, Wyandotte
Summerville, Ottawa
Sun City, Barber
Sunny Dale, Sedgwick
Sunnyside, Dickinson
Sutphen's Mill, Dickinson
Sutton, Lane
Swede Creek, Marshall
Sycamore Springs, Butler
Sylvan Grove, Lincoln
Sylvia, Reno
Syracuse, Hamilton
Taloga, Morton
Talmage, Dickinson
Talmo, Republic
Tampa, Marion
Tansel, Washington
Tannehill, Cowley
Taw, Haskill
Tecumseh, Shawnee
Tahama, Cherokee
Templin, Wabaunsee
Terra Cotta, Ellsworth
Terryton, Finney
Tescot, Ottawa
Tevis, Shawnee
Thayer, Neosha
Thompsonville, Jefferson
Thornton, Rawlins
Thrall, Greenwood
Throop, Washington
Thursford, Thomas
Thurman, Chase
Tiago, Republic
Tiffany, Gove
Timken, Rush
Tipton, Mitchell
Tisdale, Cowley
Toledo, Chase
Tonganoxie, Leavenworth
Tonovay, Greenwood
Toogana, Lane
Topeka, Shawnee
Topland, Sherman
Toronto, Woodson
Torrance, Cowley
Toulon, Ellis
Towanda, Butler
Tower Spring, Lincoln
Townsend, Cowley
Trading Post, Linn
Traer, Decatur
Trenton, Saline
Tribune, Greely
Trivoli, Ellsworth
Troublesome, Smith
Troy, Doniphan
Tully, Rawlins
Turck, Cherokee
Turkville, Ellis
Turner, Wyandotte
Turon, Reno
Twelve Mile, Smith
Twin Creek, Osborne
Twin Falls, Greenwood
Twin Mound, Douglas
Tyner, Smith
U all, Cowley
Ulysses, Grant
Underwood, Greely
Union, Osage
Uniontown, Bourbon
Upola, Elk
Urbana, Neosho
Uttica, Ness
Valeda, Labette
Valentia, Shawnee
Utopia, Greenwood
Valentine, Harvey
Valley Center, Sedgwick
Valley Falls, Jefferson
Nance, Wyandotte
Varck, Cherokee
Vassar, Osage
Vaughn, Rawlins
Vega, Wallace
Venango, Ellsworth
Venice, Sedgwick
Vera, Wabaunsee
Verbeck, Barton
Verdi, Ottawa
Verdigris, Linn
Vermillion, Marshall
Vernon, Woodson
Vesper, Lincoln
Vesta, Clark
Victor, Mitchell
Victoria, Ellis
Vidette, Shawnee
Vilas, Wilson
Vincent, Osborne
Vine Creek, Ottawa
Vinnig, Clay
Vinland, Douglas
Vinton, Cowley
Violenta, Sheridan
Virgil, Greenwood
Viroqua, Morton
Vliets, Marshall
Volland, Wabaunsee
Vorhees, Stephens
Wabash, Gray
Wabaunsee, Wabaunsee
Waco, Sedgwick
Wade, Miami
Wagstaff, Miami
Wakarusa, Shawnee
WaKeeney, Trego
Wakefield, Clay
Waldeck, Marion
Waldo, Russell
Walker, Ellis
Walkertown, Bourbon
Wallace, Wallace
Wall Street, Linn
Wallula, Wyandotte
Walnut Crawford
Walnut Grove, Mitchell
Walton, Harvey
Wamego, Pottawatomie
Wanamaker, Shawnee
Wannersburgh, Allen
Ward, Wilson
Waring, Ness
Warren, Sherman
Warrendale, Grant
Warwick, Republic
Washington, Washington
Waterford, Stevens
Waterloo, Kingman
Waterville, Marshall
Wathena, Doniphan
Watson, Shawnee
Wauneta, Chautauqua
Waushara, Lyon
Waveland, Shawnee
Waverly, Coffee
Wayne, Republic
Wayside, Montgomery
Wea, Miami
Webber, Jewell
Webster, Rook
Weir, Cherokee
Welcome, Geary
Welda, Anderson
Wellington, Sumner
Wellmanville, Ness
Wellsford, Kiowa
Wellsville, Franklin
Welbote, Washington
Wendell, Edwards
Weskan, Wallace
Wesley, Dickinson
Western Park, Elk
Westgate, Geary
Westmoreland, Pottawatomie
Westola, Morton
Weston, Geary
Westphalia, Anderson
West Plains, Meade
West Point, Rush
Wetmore, Nemeha
Wheatland, McPherson
Wheaton, Pottawatomie
Wheeler, Cheyenne
Wherry, Rice
Whittaker, Miami
White Church, Wyandotte
White City, Morris
White Cloud, Doniphan
White Rock, Republic
White Water, Butler
Whiting, Jackson
Whitman, Sumner
Wichita, Sedgwick,
Wichita Heights, Sedgwick
Wichita (North,) Sedgwick
Widerange, Ottowa
Wilburn, Ford
Wilder, Johnson
Wilkinson, Logan
Willard, Shawnee
Wilcox, Trego
Williamsburgh, Franklin
Williamstown, Jefferson
Willis, Brown
Willow Spring, Douglas
Wilmington, Wabaunsee
Wilmore, Comanche
Wilmot, Cowley
Wilsey, Morris
Wilsonton, Labette
Wilson, Ellsworth
Winchester, Jefferson
Windom, McPherson
Winfield, Cowley
Winkler's Mills, Riley
Winnesheik, McPherson
Winona, Logan
Wise, Allen
Wittrup, Hodgeman
Womer, Smith
Wonderly, Saline
Wonsevu, Chase
Woodbine, Dickinson
Woodland, Bourbon
Woodlawn, Nemeha
Woodruff, Phillips
Woodsdale, Stevens
Woodstock, Jefferson
Woodston, Rooks
Worden, Douglas
Wreford, Geary
Wright, Ford
Wyckoff, Lyon
Wyoming, Marshall
Xenia, Bourbon
Yates Center, Woodson
Yoder, Reno
Youngston, Marion
Yaxall, Osborne
Zarah, Johnson
Zeandale, Riley
Zella, Stevens
Zenopia, Scott
Zionville, Grant
Zoe, Russell
Zurich, Rooks
Zyba, Sumner

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