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Wichita, Kansas

1889 City Directory

Wichita, Kansas

Transcription by Mary Broker.

Official Directory

Governor—L. U. Humphrey

Lieut-Governor—A. J. Felt

Secretary of State—Wm Higgins

Auditor of State—Tim McCarthy

Treasurer of State—Jas W. Hamilton

Superintendent of Public Instruction—G. W. Winnans

Attorney General—L. B. Kellogg

State Printer—C. A. Baker

Sec State Board Agriculture—M. Mohler

Sec State Historical Society—F. G. Adams

Adjutant General—C. B. Campbell

Governor’s Private Secretary—J. Smith

County Officers

Dist Judge—C. Reed

Probate Judge—W. T. Buckner

Co. Clerk—S. Dunkin

Co. Supt Schools—D. S. Pence

Co. Treas—T. B. Cartwright

Co. Surveyor—R. W. Luttrell

Reg Deeds—J. R. Brown

Co. Coroner—O. F. Percy

Co. Attorney—W. S. Morris

Co. Auditor—R. G. Dean

Clk Dist Court—Chas Luling

Sheriff—W. W. Hays

Board of County Commissioners

Chas VanNess

T. H. Randall

C. A. Duncan

City Officers

G. W. Clement


W. P. McNair

City Clerk

W. B. Thorckmorton

City Treasurer

T. C. Wilson

City Attorney

H. H. Jackman

City Engineer

C. B. Campbell

Street Commissioner

A. G. Walden

Fire Marshal

W. G. McClees

Health Physician


Term Expires 1890

Term Expires 1891

P. V. Healey

Robert Carson

B. H. Downing

Fritz Schnitzler

O. D. Barnes

W. L. Johnson

G. P. Glaze

C. F. Coffin

W. A. Wight

D. O. Williams



Church and Religious Societies

First Baptist Church—Northeast cor Market and First. Rev. I. W. Read, pastor, r 456 n Waco. Deacons: A. Ray, D. W. Smith, P. Glunt, S. H. Reynolds, E. S. Everett, W. A. Plummer, J. F. Humphrey; Trustees: J. F. Shearman, J. C. McComb, J. Y. Montague; Clerk, John M. Moore; Treasurer, E. J. Foster

First M E Church—Lawrence bet Second and Third; Rev. R. Thomas Savin, pastor, r 421 n Topeka. Rev. R. E. Guthrie, Rev. Dr. Steven, Rev. N. E. Harmon, ministers. Hon. W. E. Stanley, supt Sunday School. W. E. Stanley, W. B. Smith, H. Imboden, J. M. Pollock, R. P. Murdock, B. D. Allen, Trustees

Emporia Avenue Baptist Church—Ne cor Emporia and Tenth, R. T. Bean supt S S

Car Works Mission Baptist Church—Rev. J. S. Nasmith, pastor

Dodge Avenue M E Church—Cor Dodge avenue and Pine street, ws, Rev. W. J. Tull pastor, r 306 s Dodge, ws

St. Pauls M E Church—Se cor Lawrence and Thirteenth, Rev. E. A. Hoyt, pastor

North Wichita M E Church—cor Andrews and Fourth, Rev. O. P. Light pastor, W. R. Light supt. Trustees: W. H. Ranson, J. T. Culp, WM Harper

Emporia Ave M E Church—Sourthwest cor Emporia and Morris, Rev. S. W. Richards, pastor, residence 603 s Emporia

College Hill M E Church—3608 e Douglas, Rev. D. W. Phillips, pastor, r 209 n Hillside

German M E Church—Rev. C. Hermann, pastor

First Presbyterian Church—Sw corner First and Lawrence, Rev. David winters pastor, r 1145 n Topeka. Elders: C. S. Caldwell, H. W. Lawrence, J. C. Kinkead, J. C. Dean, D. A. Mitchell, A. A. Hyde, C. Humble, M. L. Garver, E. D. Munn, J. M. Naylor, L. R. Newman, R. E. Lawrence, S. S. Supt: C. Humble

Lincoln Street Presbyterian Church—Northeast corner Lincoln and Emporia, Rev. S. L. Hamilton pastor, r 939 s Emporia

Perkins Presbyterian Church—Elders: Z. Partridge, William Tomlinson. Trustees: Harold E. Partridge, Pres, J. M. Boyd, William W. Tuttle, James Boggs, F. A. Highberger, G. L. Smyser. Rev. W. H. Robinson, pastor, 241 n Emporia

Oak Street Presbyterian Church—1229 e Oak; Rev. W. I. Doole, pastor

Dodge Avenue Presbyterian Church—Corner Dodge ave and Texas ave, ws

Plymouth Congregational Church—Lawrence, Rev. S. F. Millikan, pastor, r 318 n Waco

Mayflower Congregational Church—1532 Fariview ave, Pastor supplied

Olivet Congregational Church—Corner Topeka and Orme. Pastor, Rev. J. W. Minnis. T. A. Bayley, Leonidas Keck, William Jones, T. B. Northrop, William Sexton, Trustees. William Sexton, Clerk and Treasurer, r 801 s Topeka

Central Christian Church—Southeast corner Market and Second. Elders: A. A. Glenn, Thomas Dillon, A. E. Wright. Trustees: A. A. Glenn, J. R. Snively, Jas Longmire. S. S. Supt, D. S. Pence

South Lawrence Ave Christian Church—Pastor supplied

St. John’s Church—Lawrence bet First and Second. Wardens, C. A. Walker and J. A. Conway; and Vestrymen, E. Vail, W. B. Ryder, J. D. Holt, C. F. Adams and H. W. Holt

First Unitarian Church—This society was organized as a church in November, 1888. Pastor, Rev. Napoleon Hoagland. The executive committee are as follows: Mr. Robert A. Sankey, President, Dr. J. Milton Welch, Treasurer, Mr. William L. Chitty, Secretary, Rev. Napoleon Hoagland, Dr. Nannie Stephens, Mrs. Lucetta Carter, Mrs. Mondane Brown. Services every Sunday except during Summer vacation at 11 a.m.

Friend’s Church—Cleveland bet Douglas and First

Seventh Day Adventist Church—Wichita St bet Texas and Pine

Reformed Church—Located on cor Topeka and Lewis, Rev. J. W. Love, pastor; Elders: J. Henry Brown and D. S. Stover; Deacons: Jas Fulmer and George Bowers; Superintendent of Sunday School: D. S. Stover

Wichita University of the Reformed Church in the United States—East Lincoln street, College Hill. President, Rev. E. L. Kemp, A. M. Board of Trustees: President, Rev. D. B. Shuey, Emporia, Kan; Secretary, Rev. J. W. Love, Wichita, Kan

United Presbyterian Church—Corner First and Ohio. Pastor, H. C. Marshall. Elders: Wm Reynolds, J. T. Coachran, Isaac Griffin

United Brethren Church—Cor Washington and Prince. Dennis R. Steiner, pastor

St. Aloysius Catholic Church—Se cor Second and Fourth. Father J. J. Hennesy, Bishop of Wichita, r 407 n Washington

German Catholic Church—Cor Second and Ohio

St. Joseph Catholic Church—West Wichita


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