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Wichita, Kansas

1889 City Directory

Wichita, Kansas

Transcription by Mary Broker.

Lodges and Societies Directory

Masonic Hall—Corner of First and Main

Wichita Lodge No. 99, A. F. & A.M. —Regular communications first and third Monday evenings each month; J. H. McCall, W M; C. A. Gates, S W; Ed Phillips, J W; L. D. Skinner, Tras; A. J. Applegate, Secy

Wichita Chapter No. 33, R. A. M—Meets second and fourth Fridays in each month. C. A. Gates, H P, Fred W. Sweet, Sec.

Wichita Council No. 12, R & S. M. —Meets second Tuesday in month. R. Allen Hall, T I M; C. E. Martin, Rec.

Mt. Olivet Commandery No. 12, K. T. —Meets first and third Fridays in each month. J. A. Hollinger, E C; C. E. Martin, Rec.

Sunflower Lodge No. 86, A. F. & A. M. —Meets second and fourth Tuesdays in each month at hall 1104 Chicago avenue (west side). J. H. Taylor, Acting W M; W. M. Starr, Sec

Ivy Leaf Chapter, O. E. S. —Meets first and third Tuesdays in each month. Mrs. E. E. Hall, W M; Miss May Pearse, Sec.

A A S R Masonry

Preceptory, cor Douglas and Fourth avenue

Elmo Lodge of Perfection No. 9—Ed Goldberg, V M; D. A. Mitchell, Sec.

Wichita Chapter Rose Croix No. 5—C. A. Gates, W M; D. A. Mitchell, Sec.

Wichita Council Knights Kadosh, No. 5—C. M. Jones, Commander; D. A. Mitchell, Sec.

Wichita Consistory No. 2, S P R S, 32 Degree—J. G. Smith, commander in Chief; O. P. Hood, Sec. Above bodies meet every Wednesday night.

I. O. O. F. Directory

I. O. O. F. No. 93—C. M. Acuff, N G; R. A. Spears, V G; A.. R. Clark, Rec Sec; A. J. Applegate, Finan Sec; F. P. Martin, Treas. Meeting Friday evening of each week ab 1330 n Main

Wichita Encampment No. 29—J. C. Herring, H P; R. A. Spears, C P; A. R. Clark, S W; N. Steffen, J W; A. J. Applegate, Scribe; W. P. Stem, Treas. Meets second and fourth Tuesday of each month

Wichita Canton No. 5 P. M. I. O. O. F. —R. A. Spears, Captain; A. R. Clark, Lieutenant; N. Steffen, Ensign; W. P. Stemm, Accountant. Meets first and third Tuesdays of each month.

Rebecca Degree Lodge No. 70 I. O. O. F. —Meets first and third Wednesday.

A. O. U. W. Directory

No. 22—Rufus Cone, M W; John A. Doran, Foreman; George B. Hickok, Overseer; J. R. Dutton, Recorder; O. Mulvey, Financier; J. A. Wallace, Receiver; John Albert, Guide; H. G. Staley, O W; R. R. Orr, I W; S. D. Hollowell, Jno A. Ratliff, C. K. Freeman, Trustees.

No. 271—A. D. Mallory, P M W; J. M. Minnick, M W; E. D. Carlton, F; W. B. Monroe, O; C. S. Smith, R; J. T. Dorsey, Rec; F. S. Ackerman, F; D. B. Duncan, G; W. R. Duncan, T W; C. B. Evans, O W. Trustees: W. A. Minnick, A. J. Applegate, S. Dunkin

Queen City Lodge, Degree of Honor—Jno A. Wallace, C of H; Emma Caswell, L of H; Mary Dutton, C of C; Martha Ratliff, Financier; Francis Wilke, Receiver; Gertrude Wallace, Sister usher; Jno A. Ratliff, O W; F. Wilke, I W; J. R. Dutton, Recorder.


G. A. R. —M. S. Rochelle, P C; W. P. Campbell, S V C; Benj F. Cullar, J V C; Jno A. Wallace, Adjt; N. E. Harmon, Chap; Henry Owen, Surg; Geo W. Huckens, O D; M. W. Coulter, Q M; Alfred Ratzell, O G; Edgar J. Foster, Q M S; J. D. Caldwell, S M.

Young Men’s Christian Association—Cor Topeka and First. H. Imboden, Pres; A. Baird, Gen Sec

W. C. T. U. —Pres, Mrs. Anna M. Taylor; V P, Mrs. Johnson; Sec, Mrs. S. E. Miller; F S, Mrs May Reed; C S, Mrs. M. L. Mason. Corner Market and William

Wichita Lodge No. 4 O. D. H. S. —Meets every Thursday evening at 117 n Market

Turnverein-Vorwærts—Gymnasium cor s Main and Bayley. Meets first and third Wednesday of each month.

Warwick Lodge No. 44 K. of P. —Wm H. Bridenbaugh, C C; C. E. Jackson, V C; Frank Bennett, P; Sam D. Carlton, K of R & S; M. E. Bourne, M of F; Ale Jobes, M of E; C. T. Purcell, M of A. Meets every Monday night in I. O. O. F. Hall ab 130 n Main.

I. O. R. M. —W. W. Haines, Pro; A. R. Clark, Sachem; A. W. Reeves, S S; Otto Zimmerman, J S; J. H. Snyder, C of R; W. H. Auchmoody, K of W. Meets second and fourth Thursday in each month.

Shaw’s Orchestra—Thos Shaw, Business Manager.

United States Government Signal Office—523 Sedgwick bldg. Dr. Fred L. Johnson, Observer.

School Board—M. W. Levy, Pres; Alfred C. Burwell, Clerk; J. N. Howard, R. E. Lawrence, W. R. Tucker, G. E. Campbell, J. J. Fegtly, R. M. Piatt, W. P. McNair, L. W. Clapp, S. D. Pallett. Meets first Monday evening of each month at City Council Chamber.




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