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Wichita, Kansas

1887 Directory

Wichita, Kansas

Alexander, L & Co,  lumber       Mabury, J. B., feed
Applegate Bros, confectionery    Mammoth Clothing House
Arment, A. B. ,furniture         Mann, J. E., blacksmith
Ark, H. E., attorney             Mann, J. S., clothing
Atchison, Wm, tailor             Miller, Rev. J. C., Presbyterian
Austin, C. D., sign painter      Montray, J. W., livery
Axtell & Craine, undertakers     Mullen & Crapster, real estate
Baden, J. P., dry goods          Myton, S. H., hardware
Badldwin, E. M., furniture       Newton, Wm, harness
Beach, D. C., attorney           Occidental Hotel
Beard, E. A., dry goods          Oustcott, Wm, blacksmith
Beck, H., photographer           Park, S. B., physician and surgeon
Bertram & B, pumps               Peckham & Henderson, attys
Best, A. C., millinery           Peebes & Keach, dry goods
Best, D. F., pianos              Pentecost, Ed, confectioery
Bourdett & D, lunch room         Pickens, F. M., ohysician
Bower & Ray, Shoe Store          Poindester, W. E., groceries
Brettun, Hotel                   Powers & Angel B., grocers
Brotherton, H., seeds            Prather, J. W., groceries
Brown Drug Co,                   Kentucky Grocery
Brummel & Co, groceries          Randall, I. W., hardware
Buckman, G. H., J. P.            Reynolds, H. & P, real estate
Bull, F. H., dentist             Rinker & Harris, groceries
Bullen, J. H. & Co, lumber       Robinson & Co, fuel
Camery & Co, drugs               Robinson & Co, hardware
Chicago Lumber Co.               Root & Co.
Christie, W. E. meat market      Salla, A. O. Cigars
City Bakery, Frederick, S. D.    Seward, O. M., atty
City Book Stores                 Shields, Tyree & Co, Clothing
City Bottling Works              Cowley Co. Land Office
Clark & Bevis, real estate       Shriver Bros, rlest loans & insurance
Cole, E. G., drug store          Slack, C. H., drugs
Collins, C. livery               Smith, J. R., livery
Cook, S. A., architect           Smyth, J. H., jeweler
Corwin, Finch & B, agents        Snyder, Rev. U. B. church
Cosner, W. H., grocery           Somermier, J. W., laundry
Curns & Manser, land agents      Stafford & Son, J. M., land loans & insurance
Dawtchman, A., meat market       St. James Hotel
Deffenbaugh, W. B., physician    Stolp & Son, flour & feed
Delmonico Hotel                  summer, W. L., contractor
Denning & J., real estate        Sydal, R. E., harness
Dennis & Co, J. L. coal          Tenth Avenue Barn
Depot Hotel                      Tyner, John, groceries
Dixon, E. B., bakery             Van DeWater, J., carp
Dimkel, C. A., groceries         Van Vleet & Sage, implements
Early & Mitcher, bakery          Vawter, Rev. J. M., Christian
Emerson & Tandy                  Walk, H. E., attorney
Estea, W. J., household goods    Werver, H. C., blacksmith
Evans, J. G., physician          Webb & Stewarts, attorneys
Fairfield & H, groceries         Well, H. L., physician
Farmers' Bank                    White, W. E., attorney
Fink, S. E. attorney             Whiting & Son, meat market
Fleming & Kerr, dry goods        Wilkinson, W. F., cigars
Friend, F. M., millinery         Winfield Cigar Factory, C. E. Hackman
Fuller, A. G. & Son, rlest       Winfield Daily Courier
Garrett & Son, blacksmith        Windfield Daily Telegram
Geisel, Carrie, physician        Winfield Daily Visitor
Gest & Bros, fence works         Winfield House
Gilas, Q. A., drug store         Winfield Marble Works
Goezlewski, J. tailor            Winfield National Bank
Goldsmith Bros                   Windfield Novelty Works
Goldsmith, Henry, book store     Winfield Mills and Elevator
Green, C. C., physician          Winfield Savings Bank
Greer, F. H., rlest              Winfiled Steam Laundry, Will H., Somerier & Co
Guy, S. J., physician            Winfield Water Co.
Hackneys, W. P., attorney        Wood & Thayer, groceries
Hackman, C. E., cigars
Hardwick & Co, boots and shoes
Hahn, M & Co, druggist
Hands & Gary, livery
Hannah, Rev., T. J., Methodist
Harter, J. N., drug store
Hendricks and Wilson, hadwre
Herpich, A., tailor
Hill, J. L. M. & Co, drugs
Holmes & Son, coal
Holmes & Son, livery
Hopkins, Ans F., attorney
Hudson Bros, jewelers
Hudson, R., jeweler
Hurley & Wright, blacksmith
Jarvis Conklin & Co, mortages
Jennings & Benilion, rlest
Johnston & Irwin, undertakers
Kenedy, Chas, restaurant
Kenedy & Worthy, real estate
Kirk & Alexander, mills
Kleeman, S., dry goods
Kyger's store
Lamott, Ed, grain and coal
Lee & Viele, painters
Leland, F. F., attorney
Liermann, G., harness
Lindell Hotel
Lis, Rev., Baptist
Lynn, J. B., dry goods
McDermot, J., attorney
McDonald, J. W., attorney
McGregor, J. G., hardware
McMullen & Co, real estate



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