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Wichita, Kansas

1887 Directory

Wichita, Kansas

Aldrich & Mars, tinsmiths        Johnson, H. A., second hand store
Andrews, E. N., harness          Johnson & S, dry goods
Andrews, H. N., groceries        Kain, M. J., merchant tailor
Arlington House, Schofield       Kentucky Barn
Armstrong, D. M., bird Store     King & Davis, real estate
Arnold Bros, livery              Keir Bros, blacksmith
Augustine, J. J. & Co., dry goodsKlein, F., harness
Ballinger, J., groceries         Knowles & C, meat market
Barker, M. S., gunsmith          Lawrence, James, atty
Barnes Nelson & Co, groceries    Lee, G. T., machine shop
Barrett & Short, coal            Lee & Viele, sign painters
Beal, J. Q. A., confectionery    Lewis, L. C., millinery
Beaty, W. E., commercial         Lincoln Ave. Hotel
Beck, J. D., attorney            Long Bell Lumber Co.
Beningfield & D, confectionery   Luening, C. F., furniture
Berry, W. H., county clerk       Lyons, John, books and stationery
Black, W. A., real estate        McCoy, Walter, groceries
Boston Store, S. P. Newburgh     McDonald, C. E., books
Bradley & Co, real estate        McMillen, J. C., real estate
Brenneman, J. T. & Co, drugs     McDomald & Parker, attys
Bringle & Breneman, phys         Mahan & Phelps, contractor
Brown & Hitt, carps              Mahan, Lon & Co, Arlington drug store
Brower, Jesse, barber            Maggard & Smith
Brumley Bros, groceries          Wallett, C. P., livery
Bumley House, J. Bolton          Maxery Bros, groceries
Brunswick, D. & Co, clothier     Mayes, J. C., hardware
Burton, G. S., dentist           Mason & Newman, painters
Buttery, T. & Son, shoe store    Mason, J. H., barber
Callahan, A. & Co, marble Wks    Meyers, J. G., harness maker
Calver, G. A. tailor             Miexsell, Ziba, furniture
Campbell, M., auctioneer         Miller House, A. J. Miller
Campbell, Maggie, dressmkr       Miller & Price, cigar factory
Case, T. & Co, confectionery     Mitchel Harvey, carpenter
Cheever, A. B., sec B & L A      Miller & Wringer, contractors
Chenweth, A., druggist           Walker & Co, real estate
Chicago Lumber                   Moutray, J. W., livery
Chicago Millinery Co.            Murry & Elliot, lawyers
Cleveland Stables                Neal, F. P., N. P. Restaurant
Clinton Holmes, contractor       Ogden, T. V., livery
Clinger, J. A., physician        Olive Bros, lumber
CLothier, H. C., confectionery   Palace Barn, A. Rasure
Cobean A. F., with R. & Co.      Palmer House, Palmer, H. C.
Cogswell, L. S. pianos           Penniwell & Co, marble works
Cooper, I. N. representative     Pennsylvania House
Coverdale, W. T., clothier       Pitts, G. T., abstractor
Cordell, Mrs. J. E. millinery    Porter, W. T., restaurant
Crane, S., stationer             Quick, J. S., flour and feed
Crider, W. H., balcksmith        Chicago Bargain House
Croorwhite, J. W., Ry agt        Rankin, W. M., confectioner
Curtis, C. C., hardware          Roser, M., jeweler
Cyphers & Bebb, livery           Rasure, A. & Co, druggists
Dakeman Barn, R. Dakeman, prop   Ratekin, Henry, jeweler
Davenport, Mrs.Ida, photog'r     Ray, J. A., atty
Davis, J. W., real estate        Richardson & Co, dry goods
Davidson, M., blacksmith         Richards, Rev. S. W., Methodist
Day & Glascow, millinery         Robinson, A., carriage works
Decker, J. D., stationery        Rose, D. S., attorney
Demuth, Wm, brick and stone      Rock Island Company
Deyoe, E. P., windmills          Ruby, Hursh & Co, pianos
Egner & Clark, butchers          Landerson & Talkerson, re'l est
Dixon, T. H. & Co.               Saul, D. G, restaurant
Dougherty, J. H., rlest          Schaffer & Aultmann, butchers
Elliott, A. R., contractor       Shore Bros, dry goods
Elliott, C. E., attorney         Sherman & Shawver, real estate
Elliott, C. E., physician        Simmons, Louis A., attorney
Ellis & V, boarding stable       Six, D. A., groceries and feed
Feree, S. R., fire dept.         Smith, Hannibal Co, real estate
Fisher, J. W., loan agt          Smith, Benjamin, carpenter
Fisher & Quinn, horse Breeders   Smith, C. W., machinery
Fitzgerald, O., attorney         Smith, J. C., dry goods, etc.
Folks, W. grain & coal           Prunance, C., furnishing goods
Forrest, Mrs. J., milliner       Stanley, A. M., druggist
Fox & Co., painters              State National Bank
Frantz, M. & Co., hardware       Stipp, F. A., coal dealer
French, C. D., second hand store Stubbles, J. W., restaurant
Fultz & Miller, loan brokers     Sumner Co. Standard
Gary, F. O., bakery              Sumner Co.  Press
Garnett, W. M., dentist          Sumner House, Peyton, B. E.
Gelino, W., hardware             Sweet, W. H., Singer Mfg Co.
Golden Rule Grocery              Thornton, D & Co, boots, shoes
Graham, J. M., attorney          Thorpe, Rev. W. W., Presbyterian
Graff, A., hardware              Townsend, Rev., J. J., Baptist
Grider & Colwell, attorneys      Trester, J. M., jeweler
Guthrie, R. C., groceries        Tucker House
Hall Bros, implements            Vanoker, A. W., grocery
Hall, H. P.,  jeweler            Walter & VanSickles, dry goods
Hall, C. A., grocer              Weelington Book and News Co.
Harlan Bros, dry goods           Wellington Foundry
Hawkins, Mary, tailoress         Wellington Steam Laundry
Hickman, J. T., loan agt         Wellington Produce Co.
Hirons & Co, flour & feed        West, F. B., druggist
Houghey & McBride, attys         Wilcox, M. D., confectioner
Holmes, M. V. B. & Co, grocers   Willsie, Chas, attorney
Hunt, J. M., phys                Young, M. C., carpets
Hunter, G. H., flour mills
Hutton, C. E., veterinary Surg.
Hynds, A. J. phys.
Jackson & Mishler, carps.
Illinois Stable
Indiana Bakery



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