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1887 Directory

Wichita, Kansas

Governor                      John A. Martin, Archinson
Lieut Governor                A. P. Riddle, Girard
Secretary of State            E. B.Allen, Wichita
Auditor of State              Tim McCarthy, Larnard
Treasurer of State            Jas Hamilton
Superintendent of Public InstrJ. H. Lawhead, Ft. Scott
Attorney General              S. B. Bradford, Carbondale
Sec State Board Agriculture   Wm Sims, Topeka
Sec State Historical Society  F. G. Adams, Topeka
Supt Insurance                T. W. Wilder
State Librarian               H. J. DEnnis, Topeka
Adjutant General              A. B. Campbell, Topeka
Governor's Private Sec        J. Smith, Marysville
Dist Judge - T. B. Wall       Probate Judge - W. W. Thomas
Co. Clerk - E. P. Ford        Co. Supt Schools - D. S. Pence
Co. Treasurer - G. W. Walter  Co. Surveyors - R. W. Luttrell
Reg. Deeds - H. D. Heiserman  Co. Coroner - J. W. Mingard
Co. Att'y - G. W. C. Jones    Co. Auditor - Murray Myers
Clk Dist Ct - A. B. Wright    Sheriff - W. W. Hays
Board of County Commissioners
          J. H. Aley                 L. A. Wilson        T. H. Randall
J. P. Allen, Mayor            O. Mulvey, Engineer
T. L. Dixon, Police Judge     J. N. Stone, Street Comm.
J. L. Dyer, City Attorney     J. M. Martin, City Weigher
Fred Svhattner, Clerk         B. F. Carlton, City Weigher
C. L. Adams, Treasurer        A. G. Walden, Fire Marshall
James Cairns, City Marshal    Geo E. Harris, Pres. Council
P. V. Healy, First Ward       W. L. Johnson, Third Ward
N. A. English, First Ward     F. R. Stone, Fourth Ward
Geo E. Harris, SEcond Ward    C. F. Derby, Fourth Ward
A. T. Buckeridge, Second Ward Chas C. Kenyon, Fifth Ward
B. K. Brown, Third Ward       J. H. Simison, Fifth Ward
First Baptist Church: Rev. W. F. Harper, pastor; residence 1525 Park
Place Ave. The First Baptist Church was organized in 1872. Rev. J. C. 
Post was the first pastor. In 1873 a brick chapel 30 by 60 feet was 
built and dedicated at a cost of $3,000. Rev. W. F. File supplied for
six months. He was followed by the Rev. J. F. Davis who served for one
year. Rev. A.L. Vail came in 1879 and remained two years. In October 
1881 Elder W. J. Sandefur came as supply for six months. The present 
pastorate commenced April 1, 1882. The present membership is 450. 
Pastor, W. F. Harper; deacons: D. W. Smith, Peter Glune, J. S. Holms,
A. Ray; trustess; J. L. Dyer, J. F. Sherrman, J. C. McComb; treasurer,
E. J. Foster; clerk, J . F., Russell. Sunday School superintendent, E.
J. Foster.
Emporia Avenue Baptist Church: Cor Emporia Avenue and Tenth Street; Rev.
B. J.. Davis, Pastor.
First Presbyterian Church: Rev. J. D. Hewitt, Pastor; residence 240 n 
Topeka. Elders: C. S., Caldwell, H. W. Lawrence, J. C. Kinkead, J. C.
Dean, D. A. Mitchell, A. A. Hyde, C. Humble. M. L. Garver, E. D. Munn, 
J. M. Taylor, L. R., Newman, R. E. Lawrence. Trustees: J. E. Coulter,
E. R. Appleby, A. E. Dodge, A. M. Wassman, L. F. Sherwood.
Oak Street Presbyterian Church: Rev. A. E. Garrison, Pastor.
Dodge Avenue Presbyterian Church: Rev. E. J. Brown, Pastor; Elders, H. W.
Lawrence, R. E. Lawrence.
First M. E. Church: Lawrence bet Second and Third Streets. Rev. T. S.
Hodgson, Pastor, residence 421 n Topeka, Official members: D. J. 
Chatfield, Hiram Imboden, W. B. Smith, J. B. Morris, R. E. Gutherie,
B. D., Allen, B. F. McLain, L. C. Jackson, J. C. Rutan, J. M. Pollock, 
W. E. Stanley, R. P., Murdock, W. S. Morris, Lue Abbott, R. Bird, A. H.
Reed, Chas Davidson, Oak Davidson, H. L. Smithson, C. E. Jones, J. C.
Jones. Sunday School superintendent, W. E. Stanley.
Emporia Avenue M. E. Church: Rev. D. D. Aken, Pastor; trustees, W. F.
Walker, A. C. Payne, J. R. Dutton, F. A. Sweeney, D. J. Chatfield,
S. D. Pallett, John Deck.
Dodge Avenue M. E. Church: Corner Dodge Avenue and Pine Street. Rev. W.
J. T. Tull, Pastor, Official members: C. H. Elliott, J. N. Howard, J. G.
Sampson, C. C. Chivington, J. F. McConnell, J. T. Black, W. G. McKee,
B. F. Draper, John Ray.
St. John's Church: Lawrence bet First and Second Streets. The Rev. Chas
J. Adams, Rector, Wardens: Wm B. Todd, J. A. Conway; vestrymen: Wm 
Innes, O. H. Bentley, T. J., Marlow, C. F. Derby, C. F. Adams.
Friend's Church: Warren Johnson, Pastor. Services held at W. C. T. U. 
Rooms,. A $5,000 chapel is being built on Cleveland Avenue, one half
block from Douglas.
Seventh Day Adventist Church: Wichita bet Texas and Pine Streets, w s .
Pastor Mrs. Ruie Hill.
The Christian Church: Southeast corer Market and second streets. Elder 
A. I. Hobbs, Pastor. Elders: A. A. Glenn, J. W. Ferguson, Thos Dillon,
A. E. Wright; Trustees: A. A. Glenn, J. W. Ferguson, J. R. Snively,
D. L. Sniverly, Jas Longmire.
South Lawrence Avenue Christian Mission Church: Elder, A. M. Monroe,
United Brethren Church: Corner Washington Avenue and Williams Street.
Rev. O. W> Jones, Pastor. Official members: J. B. Gilbert, N. Chafee,
S. Fry, J. W. Lamb, J. Cochran, J. N. Killon, Jas Harris.
Pymouth Congregational: Rev. J. H. Parker, Pastor, residence 209 
Indiana. Trustees: E> C. Ruggles, chairman,A. Rowe, W. J. Corner, H. H.
Richards, W. J. Holbrook, J. P. St. John and H. A. Clifford.
German M. E. Church: Southeast corner Emporia and First Streets. Rev. J.
L. Sternberg, Pastor.
St. Aloysius Catholic Church: Corner Second Street and Fourth Avenue.
Father M. J. Casey, Pastor: Father M. J. Walsh, assistant.
German Catholic Church: Holdings meetings corner Second Street and 
Fourth Ave. Father, J. Leovenich, Pastor. 
St. Joseph Catholic Church: west Wichita. Father M. J. Casey, Pastor.
Ladies' Benevolent Home: 535 North Main. Mrs. Z. Johnson, Pres.; Mrs.
E. M. Packer, Vice-Pres; Mrs. S. E. Mitchell, Sec; Mrs. J. M. Allen,
Treas; Mrs. E. F. Platt, Matron.
W. C. T. U.: Above 220 East Douglas. Mrs. Anna M. Taylor, President;
Mrs. E. E. Madison, Librarian.
Young Men's Christian Association: 316 East First. J. C. Rutan, 
President; A. A. Hyde, Vice-President; Chas L. Davidson, Treasurer;
A. Baird, Gen. Secretary  
G. A. R. Post No. 25: B. H. Downing, P. C.; C. E. Martin, S. V. C.; 
W. T. Buckner, J. V. C.; Lon Hoding, Adjutant; E. Dumont, Q-M; Henry 
Owens, Surgeon; N. A. Harman, Chaplain; J. A. Wallace, O. D.; J. O.
Wilkinson, O. G., Lee Taylor, Sergt M. Meets First and Third Tuesday
of each month at Memorial Hall.
Masonic Order
Wichita Lodge No. 99, A. F. & A. M.: J. H. Aley, W. M.; L. D. Skinner,
S. W.; H. F. Evans, J.W.; J. M. Bronson, Sec'y; C. A. Walker, Treas.;
Geo Harris, S. D; J. W. Applegate, J. D.; E. Benefiel, Tyler. Meets 
every first and third Monday evening of each month at Masonic Hall,
ab 157 North Main. 
Wichita Chapter No. 33:D. A. Mitchell, H. P.; Morgan Cox, K.; C. E. 
Martin, S.; H. F. Evans, Sec'y; C. A. Walker, Treasurer. Meetings
second and fourth Friday evenings of each month.
Mt. Olivet Commandery No. 12, K. T.: C. H. Hunter, E. C.; J. A.
Hollinger, G.; W. S. Corbett, C. G.; C. E. Martin, Rec.; C. A. Walker,
Treasurer. Convocations first and third Friday evenings of each month.
Odd Fellows
Wichita Lodge No. 93, I. O. O. F.: F. J. Cossett, N. G.; Wm Atkinson, 
V. G.; J> C. Milton, Rec. Sec.; A> J. Applegate, Finan. Sec.; W. P. 
Stem, Treasurer. Meetings at Odd Fellows Hall, 130 n Main.
Wichita Encampment, No. 29, I. O. O. F.: C. M. Acuff, C. P.; A. J. 
Applegate, S. W.; Geo Neff, J. W.; D. T. South, Scribe; E. H. Nudd, Treas.
Meetings second and fourth Tuesday evenings of each month at Odd Fellows
Hall, 130 n Main.
Wichita Lodge No. 22, A. O. U. W.: W. P. Stem, M. W.; A. D. Boyd,
foreman; J. R> Dutton, R.; G> M. Calhoun, Financier; J. A. Wallace, Rec.
Meets every Monday evening at A. O. U. W. Hall, above 117 n Market.
Forest City Legion Select Knights A. O. U. W.; J. R. Dutton, C. Meets 
first and third Thursday evening of each month above 117 n Main.
Wichita Lodge No. 4, O. D. H. S.: Jos Koenig, Pres. ; H. Tatgenhorst,
Vice Pres; Wm Weyer, Rec. Sec.; Jos F. Baehr, Fin. Sec.; Jos Brant,
Treas., Chris Kimmerle, Peter Getto, L. W. Dittman, trustees. Meets
 every Thursday might at their hall, No. 117 n Market up stairs.
German Immigration Society: Peter Getto, Pres.; Fritz Schnitzler, Vice
Pres.; Fritz Schnitzler, Vice Pres.; Geo Borstner, Sec; John Arp, Treas.;
John Hoenschardt, Cor. Sec. and Agent. Meets every third Monday in the
Turnverein Vorwaerts: (Gymnasioun) South Main Street conner of Bayley.
H. F. Camien, Pres.; Jos Weiss, Vice Pres.; John Kimmerle, Fin. Sec.;
John Wagner, Rec. Sec.; John Arp, Treas. 1 turnwart, Chas Yankers; 2
turnwart, Henry Roers;custodian, A. Ehrhart; librarian, Aug. Mueller;
trustees, John Weissenfluh, Henry Suhre, Otto Kopplin.
Shaw's Orchestra: Thos. Shaw, manager; Geo. L. Beach, musical director.
Headquarters Shaw's Music Store, 129 n Main St.
K. of P. Band: Will Lawrence, 318 e Douglas, Manager; Prof. W. Sanford,
Leader. Meets Tuesday and Friday nights at Crawford's Opera House.
Knights of Pythias, Warwick Lodge, No. 44: Bridenbauch, P C; I. H. 
Hettinger, C C;, Geo M. Gray, V C; M. W. Hollowell, P F; S. J.
Wertheimer, K of R & S; C. A. Holton, M of A; C. H. Pool, M of E; W. B.
Hall, M of F; M. E. Bourne, O G; C. S. Jackson, I G. Meets every Monday 
evening at Odd Fellows Hall, 130 n Main. 
Uniform Rank, K. of P.: A. G. Walden, Commander; Wm Hollowell, 1st Lieut.;
Geeo. Gray, S K Herald; J. E. Humphry, Jr., S K REcorder.
Knights of St. Joseph: H. J. Loonan, Pres.; N. Hyde, V P; J. F. Stafford,
Treas.; Paul Ozanne, Sec.; Joe Koehler, Marshall. Meets at Catholic Church,
cor 4th ave and 1st sts, the second Sunday in each month.
Tailor's Union: Robert Owens, Pres.; Thos. Samuel, Sec. Meets first
Monday night of each month above 103 East Douglas Avenue.
C. M. I. U. of America: J. R. Ramser, Pres.; C. J. Schaniel, Fin Sec.;
Chas Parker, Cor. Sec.; H. Barnes, Vice Pres.; Peter Keoble, Treas.
Lodge No 286 of Wichita.
Baker's Union, No. 42: Meets every first and third Saturday in each 
month at 522 e Douglas. John Weger, Pres.; Henry Wolfram, Sec.
Carpenter's and Joiner's Union of America: Local Union No 123 meets 
every Tuesday evening at 117 n Market St., R. B. Hutchison, Pres.;
Lee Glass, sec.
Central Labor Union: Meets second and fourth Saturdays of each month,
in Roys' block, 227 E. Douglas Avenue. Chas Gaylord, Pres.; W. J. 
Ramsey, Sec.
Journeyman Stonecutteres Association: Meets first and third Monday
evenings of each month at 227 e Douglas avenue. Jas A. Branham, Sec.
Operative Plasterer's National Union No. 29: Meets every Tuesday at
227 E. Douglas Avenue. Dan H. Davis, Pres.; W. S. Cook, Cor. Sec.
United Order of American Bricklayers, No. 1: Meets every Friday evening
at 227 e Douglas avenue. H. C. Schepper, Pres.; C. King, F. Sec.
Wichita Painters, Paper Hangers and Sign Writers Union No. 1: Meets
every Monday evening at 227 e Douglas Ave. Paul S> Mellinger, Pres.;
E. S. Lilly, R. S.
3306 Columbia L. A. K. of L.: Meets every Thursday evening at 603 E.
Douglas avenue. T. L. Dixon, M W; W. R. Walter, R S.
5220 Forest City L. A. K. of L.: Meets every Wednesday evening in Roy's 
block, 227 e Douglas. J. W. Shaughnessy, M W; B. J. Baker, Sec.
7746 Hamilton Assembly, K. of L.: Meets every Monday evening in their
hall 1st door south of cor Oak and Ohio Sts. Henry Perry, M W; W. P. 
Dering, Sec.
Wichita Typographical Union No. 148: Meets at A. O. U. W. hall. Joe 
Watson, Pres.; Joe Briggs, Vice Pres.; C. E. Lawrence, Fin. Sec.; J. A.
Scott, Rec. Sec. 
Wichita Building Trades Assembly No. 10160 K. of L.: Meets every
Thursday evening at 227 e Douglas ave., O. Bigelow, M W, Chas B. Goss,
Arkansas Valley Building and Loan Association: P. Glunt, Pres; R. D. 
Seaman,Vice Pres.; F. A. North, Sec.; W. C. Glenn, treas.
Wichita and Forest City Building and loan Association: R. M. Piatt, 
Sec'y at Wichita Savings Bank.
School Board: W.P. Campbell, Alfred C. Burwell, clerk; C. H. Smyth,
treas.; M. Chidester, supt; M. W. Levy, J. D. Caldwell, J. W. Wingard,
J. C. Slaven, E. J. Brown, W. R. Tucker, G. E. Campbell, C. A. VanNess.
Meets fisrt Monday evening of every month at the city council chamber.



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