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Genealogical Society

Wichita, Kansas

1885 City Directory

Wichita, Kansas

Directory transcribed by Renèe Hahrahan, Jennifer Nikkel and Mary M. Zimmerman.

        Vail             Edward                                La Porte, IN     Jeweler          E.V. & Co.       145 N. Main St.  927 N. Topeka AveResident
        Valley House                                                                             T.S. Kroesen, Proprietor          624 E. Douglas Ave.
Miss    Vann             Minnie                                                 Domestic                          1229 N. Lawrence Ave.
        Vance            A.               B.                   IL               Clerk            John Exton       615 E. Douglas AvE. Douglas Ave.  Resident
        Van Ness         C.               A.                   NY               Clk              District Court   Office County Building
                                                                                                                  200 N. Main St.  1211 N. Lawrence Resident
        Van Evera        J.               F.                   Davenport, IA.   Clerk            M.A.Sayles                        508 N. Emporia AvResident
Miss    Van Horn         Ona                                   Will Co., IL                                                        907 N. market St.Resident
        Vandergrif       Young                                 Germany          Laborer          Harris & Polk                     Germania House   Bds & Rm
        Vanderbilt       W.               H.                   New York, NY     Wks              Sedgwick House   112 W. Douglas Ave.
        Van Dusen        E.               N.                   NY               Carpenter                                          Ohio Ave.,2d N. oResident
        Vandergrist      C.                                                     wks.             Harris & Polk                     Mrs. Hovey's RestBoards
        Vangundy         E.                                    OH               Farmer                                             NW. cor. 5th Ave.Resident
Miss    Van Valkenburg   Henrietta                             NY                                                                  SW. cor. Texas & Resident
        Vanlandingham    J.               A.                   MO                                                                  Texas Ave. West WResident
Mrs.    Vanniveere       S.               L.                   IL                                                                  832 S. Water St. Resident
        Vanantwerp       Fred             G.                   Coldwater, MI    Cigar-maker      Barnes' Block    E. Douglas Ave.  409 S. Market St.Resident
        Vann             Isaac                                 Indian Territory Cook                              Works Kingman, Ka914 N. Market St.Resident
        Vannoy           J.               L.                   KY               Physician                         Office- 623 W. Do623 W. Douglas (CResident
        Varner           Lorandis                              IA.                                                                 N. Wichita St. weBoards
        Varner           William                               OH               Contractor & Plasterer                             N. Wichita St, WeResident
        Varney           Isaac                                 Bridgeton, ME    Speculator                                         406 S. Topeka AveResident
        Vegely           August                                St. Joseph, MO   Proprietor       Blue Front Restau216 N. Main St.
        Vermillion       R.               R.                                    Atty.                             Office- ab 103 W.434 S. Main St.  Resident
        Vincent          Wm.              H.                   OH               Farmer                                             Ohio St.         Resident
        Viney            C.               R.                   Canada           Artistic House & Sign Painter     Office-Cor.2nd & Cor. 2nd & Water Resident
Miss    Viney            Kate                                  Canada           Dress-maker                                        335 N. Topeka AveBoards
Miss    Vinson           Sallie                                                 Clk                               114 N. Main St.  447 N. Emporia AvBoards
        Vornauf          Geo.             P.                   IN               Brewer & malter                                    202 N. Mead Ave. Resident
        Voss             Fred                                  WI               Shoe-maker                                         613 E. Central AvResident
        Voss             Paul                                  WI                                                                  613 E.Central AveResident
        Vought           Henry                                 PA                                                                  137 N. Mosley AveBoards
Mrs.    Vredenburgh      E.                                    Brooklyn, NY                      Millinery Store  138 N. Main St.  304 E. 3d St.    Resident
Miss    Vredenburgh      Gussie           B                    Brooklyn, NY                                                        304 E. 3d St.    Resident
        Vredenburgh      W.               B.                   Brooklyn, NY     Jeweler                           138 N. Main St.  304 E. 3rd St.   Resident
        Vreeland         G.               S.                   IL               Book-keeper      Chicago Lumber Co.                NE. Union Depot  Resident
        Vriley           F.               A.                   Ft. Scott, KS    Teamster                                           1101 N. Water St.Resident
        Vuvall           W.               C.                   WV               Engineer         Diamond Mills                     436 S. 4th Ave.  Resident
Mrs.    Vulgamore        Elizabeth                             VA                                                                  512 W. Douglas (CResident
        W.C.T.U. Reading & Dining Rooms                                                                           ab 220 E. Douglas Ave.
        Wachob           Geo.                                  PA               Blacksmith                                         Richey House     Boards
        Wade             J.               D.                   OH                                                                  146 N.Topeka Ave.Resident
        Wade             Prest.                                Carlinville, IL  Laundry          Occidental Hotel                  Occidental Hotel Resident
        Wadell           A                J.                   O.               Carpenter                                          801 E. Oak St.   Resident
        Wadley           J.               W.                   Buffalo, Mo.     Stone-mason      Jones- Contractor
        Waddle           Wm.                                   O.               Groceryman                        901 E. Douglas Av901 E. Douglas AvResident
        Wagner           August                                Germany          Meat-market                       211 E. Douglas Av303 S. Main St.  Resident
        Wagner           John                                  O.                                                                  NE. cor. Central Boards
        Wald             Joseph                                Germany          Dealer In Cigars Ramsel & J.W.    213 N. Main ST.  Near Water Works Resident
        Wainscott        Wm.                                   IN               Teamster                          131 N. Main St.  West Wichita     Resident
        Wait             Charles          K.                   Kenosha, WI      Painter                                            249 Wichita St.  Resident
        Waite            George                                Jacksonville, IL Book-keeper                                        507 S. Lawrence AResident
        Wait             Ira              T.                                    Son of Charles K. Wait                             249 Wichita St.  Resident
        Waite            James            R.                   Syracuse, NY     Dramatist                                          305 S. Topeka AveResident
        Walden           A.               G.                   St. Louis, MO    Traveling Salesman                                 236 S. Emporia AvResident
        Walker           Tip                                                    Carpenter                                          526 N.Water St.  Boards
        Walker           A.               B.                   Butler, MO       Tinner                            322 E. Douglas AvArlington House  Boards
        Walker           C.               A.                   NC               Cashier          Wichita National Bank             405 N. Emporia AvResident
        Walker           D.               M.                   Butler, MO       Clerk            Larimer & Stinson132 N. Main St.  116 E.1st St.    Rooms
Mrs.    Walker           Evergreen                             AL               Cook                              232 N. Main St.
        Walker           Geo.             F.                   IL               Book-keeper      Hacker & Jackson 609 E. Douglas AvBishop Bros.     Boards
        Walker           Joe                                   IN               Railroader                                         ab 422 E. DouglasResident
        Walker           Jerry                                 IN               Laborer                                            324 S. 4th Ave.  Rooms
        Walker           J.               W.                   Quincy, IL       Freight Mover    Union Frt. Depot E. Douglas Ave.  Bishop Bros.     Boards
        Walker           R.               L.                   PA               Ex-Register      U.S. Land Office ab 105 W. DouglasOccidental Hotel Boards
        Walker           Smith                                 IN               Water-Works                                        309 S. 5th Ave.  Resident
        Walker           Sylvester                                              Plumber                                            309 S. 5th Ave.  Resident
        Walker           W.               T.                   England          Farmer                                             225 N. Mead Ave. Resident
        Walker           Wm.              F.                   New Castle, IN   Attorney                          ab- 138 N. Main S603 S. Lawrence AResident
        Wall             T.               B.                   IL               Atty.            Stanley & Wall   Citizens Bank Bui135N. Emporia AveResident
        Wall             W.               J.                   PA               Bowling Alley & Confectionery Stan604 E. Douglas AvArlington House  Boads
Mrs.    Wallace          Ellen                                 Chicago, IL                                                         808 N. Main St.  Resident
        Wallace          E.               C.                   IL               Clerk            Aldrich & Brown  140 N. Main St.  526 N. Water St. Resident
        Wallace & Houck                                                         Implements                        310 E. Douglas Ave.
        Wallace          J.                                    IL               Butcher                                            S. Sycamore St. WResident
        Wallace          John             A.                   NC               Ass't County Clerk                                 631 N. 4th. Ave. Resident
        Wallace          J.               A.                   MO               Implement Dealer J.A.W. & Houck   310 E. Douglas Av325 N. Lawrence AResident
Miss    Wallace          Mary                                  IL                                                                  526 N. Water St. Resident
Miss    Wallace          Sarah                                 IL                                                                  526 N. Water St. Resident
        Wallace          R.               B.                   IN               Clerk            J.P. Allen       108 E. Douglas Av508 S. Water St. Boards
        Waller           F.               W.                   Chicago, IL      Teller           Wichita National Bank             426 N. Emporia AvResident
        Walter           Geo.             W.                   PA               County Treasurer                                   333 S. Water St. Resident
        Walter           J.               C.                   PA               General Collector                                  NE. cor Lawrence Resident
Miss    Walters          Mattie                                Ft.Scott, KS     Domestic                          242 N. Lawrence Ave.
        Walter           Phillip                               Vandalia, IL     Wks              Wichita  Wholsale Grocer Co.      316 N. market St.Boards
        Walter           W.               S.                   Vandalia, IL     Harness-maker                     W. Douglas Ave.  316 N. Market St.Resident
        Walsh            Chas.                                 Wapello, IA.     Farm-hand                         N.W. cor. Fairview & 13th Streets
        Wanzer           John                                  IA               Butcher                                            W. Pine St. West Boards
        Wanzer           V.                                    NY               Butcher                                            W. Pine St. West Resident
        Wareham          A.               L.                   Oil City, PA     Clerk            Aldrich & Brown  140 N. Main St.  S. Emporia Ave.  Boards
        Ward             C.                                    IL               Laundryman                                         S. Stevens St.   Resident
        Ward             Dan                                   MA               Moulder                                            306 N. 4th Ave.  Boards
        Ward             John                                  England          Gen'l Agt.       McCormick  Harvester              820 Wichita St.  Resident
        Ward             Z.                                    NY               Physician & Druggist              Opp. Union Depot
        Ware             Clyde                                 IL               Clerk                             218 E. Douglas Av219 S. Topeka AveBoards
        Warford          S.               B.                   NY               Steward          Manhattan Hotel
        Warner           Chas.                                                  Wks              City Hotel
Miss    Warner           Ella                                  MO               Dress-maker                                        217 N. Lawrence ABoards
        Warner           Thos.                                 IN               Carpenter                         SW. cor. Douglas 919 E. Douglas AvBoards
Mrs.    Warriner         C.               E.                   Grenoa, OH                                                          NE. cor. Emporia Resident
        Warinner         Henry            J.                   Bloomington, IN  Carpenter                                          516 N. Wichita StResident
        Warren           Chas.                                 MA               Laborer                                            356 N. Topeka AveResident
Mrs.    Warren           Ellen                                                                                                     109 E. Williams SResident
Miss    Warren           Mary             E.                                                                                       109 E. Williams SResident
Miss    Washington       Rosa                                  OH               Domestic                          503 N. Lawrence Ave.
        Wasserboehr      G.               N.                   Versailles, KY   Tinner           Butler & Fisher  110 E. Douglas Av355N. Market St. Resident
Miss    Watkins          Caroline                              NC               Domestic                          SE. or. 4th Ave & 3rd Street
        Watkins          Geo.                                  TN                                                                  625 N. Main ST.  Boards
        Watkins          John             S.                   IN               Painter          Viney            N. Main St.      342 N. Lawrence AResident
        Watkins          Thos.                                 NC                                                                  502 N. Water St. Resident
Miss    Watkins          Tillie                                                 Wks                               424 N. Water St.
        Watson           Richard                               TN               Farmer                                             436 N. Water St. Resident
        Watson           Harry                                 Scranton, PA     Clerk            Frank A. Cooper  208 N. Main St.  618 N. Emporia AvResident
        Watson           Stephen                               TN               Laborer                           357 N. 4th Ave.
        Watson           Joseph                                Howard, KS                                                          512 Waco St.     Resident
        Watson           Robt.                                 Howard, KS       Son of Joseph Watson                               512 Waco St.     Resident
        Watt             L.               W.                   Lima, OH         Carpenter                                          820 S. Topeka AveBds & Rm
        Watts            S.               J.                   Sedalia, MO      Brick & Stone Mason                                419  N. Wichita SResident
        Watts            William                               England                                                             329 N. Main St   Boards
Mrs.    Watters          Nancy                                 AR                                                                  N. Mosley Ave. 3dResident
        Watters          W.               L.                   TX                                                                  N. Mosley Ave. 3dResident
Miss    Water            Sarah                                 IL                                                                  349 N. Emporia AvResident
Mrs.    Waterhouse       Isabella                              PA                                                                  608 N. Water St. Resident
        Waterman         David                                                  Stone-mason                                        300 S. 4th Ave.  Boards
        Wathen           Edward                                KY               Lather                                             300 S. 4th Ave.  Boards
        Weathers         Jennie                                                                                                    455 Waco St.     Resident
        Weallers         Joseph                                England          Clerk            Whitlock & Whitlo119 S. Main St.
Mrs.    Weatherwax       L.                                    Terre Haute, IN                                                     529 N. 4th Ave.  Resident
        Weaver           L.               A.                   Kansas City, MO  Dealer In Staple L.A.W. & C.D. Pla238 N.Main St.   1047 N.Lawrence ABoards
        Weaver           Wm.              W.                   Decatur, IL      Fisherman                                          638 Waco St.     Resident
        Weber            August                                IL               Piano-tuner                       129 N. Main St.  W. Douglas Ave.  Rooms
        Weber            A.               C.                   MO               Candy-maker      Wichita Candy Factory             409 N. Main St.  Resident
        Webb             Edward                                O.                                                                  NE. cor. Central Boards
Mrs.    Webb             Sadie                                 IL                                                                  202 S. 4th Ave.  Resident
        Webb             M.               D.                   IL               Carpenter                                          355 N. Main St.  Resident
        Weed             Benj.                                                  Salesman         J.H. Murray & Co'NE. cor. Douglas & Mosley Aves.
        Weeks            Hammond                               Canada           Carpenter                         317 N. Main St.  419 Waco Street  Boards
        Weeks            Richard                               Canada           Contractor & Builder              317 N. Main St.  419 Waco St.     Resident
        Weeks            R.               W.                   IL               Back-driver                                        425 E. Lewis St. Resident
        Weeks            R.                                                     Contractors & ArcWeeks R. & Son   317 N. Main St.
        Weeks            W.               H.                   Canada           Architect & ContrR. Weeks & W.H.W.317 N. Main St.  419 Waco St.     Boards
        Weger            John                                  Germany          Clerk                             326 N. Main St.  N. Market St.    Resident
        Wehage           Henry                                 Effingham, IL    Clerk            J.S. Schlanser   218 N. Main St.  218 N. Main St.  Resident
        Weil             D.               M.                   NY               Jewelers                          222 E. Douglas Ave.
        Weisentluh       John                                  Switzerland      Cigars & Tobacco                  303 E. Douglas Av216 N. Market St.Resident
        Weiss            Joseph                                Germany          Clerk            Otto Weiss Grocer326 N. Market St.SW. cor. Pine & WResident
        Weiss            Otto                                  Germany          Prop             Occidental Grocer326 N. Main St.  257 Wichita St.  Resident
        Weiser           M.               E.                   Indianapolis, IN Clerk            W.W. Johnston's Wholesale Dry Good614 S. Market St.Resident
        Weiser           W.               J.                   Detroit, MI      Clerk            Innes & Ross & Dry Goods          614 S. Market St.Resident
        Welsh            John                                  Louisville, KY   Wks                               300 E. Douglas Av120 S. Ida Ave.  Resident
        Welch            Thos.                                 IA.              Carpenter                                          231 N. Water St. Rooms
        Welsh            W.               C.                   O.               wks              Laundry          Waco St.         412 S. Water St. Resident
Miss    Wells            Belle                                 IL                                                                  NW. cor, Mead & CResident
        Wells-Fargo Express Co.                                                                  C.A. Phillips-Agt103 W. Douglas Ave.
        Wells            H.               W.                   IN               Book-keeper      Bond & Evans                      1133 N.Market St.Resident
        Wells            J.               T.                   IL                                                                  NW. cor. Mead & CResident
        Wells            G.               T.                                    Trader                                             716 E. Central AvResident
Miss    Welter           Mary                                  Belle Plaine, KS Servant          Mrs. Edson       NW. cor. 1st & Market Sts.
        Wendel           A.               H.                   Germany          Physician                         ab. 113 N. Main St.
        Wendel           Henry                                 Germany          Upholsterer                                        717 S. Main St.  Resident
        Wentzell         John                                  Germany                                                             623 S. Water St. Resident
Miss    Wertz            Katie                                 Germany          Wks                               727 N. Lawrence Ave.
        Werner           Emil                                                   Capitalist                                         319 S. Water St. Resident
        Werner           Key                                   Germany          Laborer                                            Germania House   Bds & Rm
        Werberich        Frank                                 St. Louis, MO    Wks              Schweiter & Hoff                  SW. cor. Mill & 1Boards
        Wertheimer       S.               J.                   Portland, OR     Groceries        Niederlander & Co420 E. Douglas AvTremont House    Boards
        Wertman          A.                                    IN               Laborer                                            425 E. Douglas AvBoards
        West             Bates            L.                   MI                                                                  305 S. Topeka AveResident
        West             Ben              F.                   Knoxville, IL    Painter          Sewart           814 N. Market St.
        West             C.                                                                                                        Germania House   Boards
Miss    West             Edith            L.                   MI               Clerk            New York Store                    305 S. Topeka AveResident
        West End Drug Store                                                                      Orson Brokaw-Prop128 W. Douglas Ave.
        West             Harry            T.                                    Clerk            Bunnell & Morehouab 229 E. Douglas256 N. Emporia AvResident
Mrs.    West             Mary             E.                   Cynthiana, KY                                                       917 N. Emporia AvResident
        West             Wm.              C.                   Clay City, IL    Building Contractor                                256 N. Emporia avResident
        Westaver         Edward                                Cincinnati, OH   Carpenter        Gribi                             151 N. Water St. Resident
Miss    Westgate         R.               M.                   MO                                                                  609 N. Emporia AvResident
        Westgate         L.               D.                   WI               Traveling Salesman                                 609 N. Emporia AvResident
Mrs.    Westhafer        Jennie                                WI               Laborer                                            620 N. Water St. Boards
Miss    Wesley           Maggie                                IN               Wks                               210 N. 4th Ave.
Miss    Weyeneth         Edith                                                  Teacher                                            425 S. Topeka AveResident
Miss    Whaley           Annie                                                                                                     230 N. Mosley AveBoards
Miss    Whorley          Katie                                 Germany          Domestic                          1211 N. Lawrence Ave.
Miss    Whaley           Minnie                                                 Domestic                          120 S. Lawrence Ave.
        Wheaton          N.               E.                   NY                                                                  cor. Pine & OsageResident
        Whaley           Sam                                                    Wks                               623 E. Douglas Av914 E. Douglas   Resident
        Wheat            Geo.                                  Carlinville, IL  Machinist        Morris Bros                       City Hotel       Bds & Rm
        Wheaton          G.               B.                   Ft Wayne, IN     Plasterer & Mason                                  328 S. Main St.  Resident
Miss    Wheatley         Mollie                                England                                                             433 S. Topeka AveResident
        Wheeler          A.                                    Toledo, OH       Painter          Myers                             City Hotel -bds &Bds & Rm
Mrs     Wheeler          Emma                                  WV                                                                  E. Oak St.bet 4thResident
Miss    Wheeler          Mattie                                IN               Wks                               245 N. Main St.
        Wheelock         C.               A.                   Pueblo, CO       Second-hand StoreC.A.W. & W.W. Bla212 E. Douglas Av214 N. Emporia StResident
Mrs.    Wheelock         E.                                    NY                                                                  SW. cor. Ellis & Resident
        White            B.               F.                   IA               Carpenter                                          727 N. 5th St.   Boards
Mrs.    White            Catharine                             O.                                                                  720 N. Market St.Resident
        White            Fannie                                                 Domestic                          605 Waco St.
        White            George                                KY               Cook             Douglas Ave. Hotel
Mrs.    White            Jennie                                KY                                                                  911 N. Market St.Resident
        White            Lewis            H.                   MI               Carpenter                                          440 Sherman Ave. Resident
Mrs.    White            Mary                                  O.                                                                  727 N. 5th Ave.  Resident
        White            W.               S.                   O.               Editor           Wichita Daily Beaab 112 E. Douglas720 N. Market St.Resident
        Whittaker        J.               S.                   KY               Grocer                            S. Lawrence Ave. 1117 S. Topeka AvResident
        Whittaker        J.               W.                                    Miller           Ireland  & J.W.W.600 W. Douglas (C520 N. Topeka AveResident
        Whittaker        J.               C.                   KY               Wks              Street R.R.                       520 N. Topeka AveBoards
Miss    Whittaker        Lillie                                MO                                                                  355 S. WashingtonBoards
        Whittaker        N.               C.                   Harrison Co., KY                                                    520 N. Topeka AveResident
        Whittaker        T.               J.                   KY               Clerk                             SE. cor. Oak St. N. Topeka Ave. beBoards
        Whittaker        W.               W.                   Andover, KS      Clerk            Grocery          1025 S. Lawrence Topeka Ave. bet MResident
        Whitlock         F.               A.                                    Physician                         Office-119 S. Mai121 S. Water St. Resident
        Whitlock         F.               W.                   IA.              Physician        F.W. W. & WhitlocOffice-119 S. Mai211 S. Main St.  Resident
        Whitlock & Whitlock                                                     Physicians & Surgeons             Office-119 S. Main St.
        Whitted          Wm.              E.                   Rockville, IN    Laborer                                            504 Waco St.     Resident
        Whitney          E.               R.                   New York, NY     Book-keeper                       311 E. Douglas AvTremont House    Boards
        Whitney          G.               M.                   PA               Clerk            City R. R. Ticket119 N. Main St.  616 N. Lawrence AResident
        Whittier         L.               G.                   Haynesville, MI  Circulator       Beacon           ab 112 E. DouglasN. Emporia Ave. bBoards
        Wichita Art Gallery                                                                      E.W. Enos & Co. Pab 127 N. Main St.
        Wichman          Lewis                                 MO               Carpenter        A. Smith                          306 S. Mosley AveBoards
Miss    Wichman          Susan                                 IL                                                                  306 S. Mosley AveResident
        Wichman          Wm.                                   Germany          Insurance Agent  Germania Insurance Co.            306 S. Mosley AveResident
        Wichita Canning Co.                                                                      Webking & GarrisoBlaine Ave.
        Wichita Land & Loan Co.                                                                                   408 E. Douglas Ave.
        Wichita Banking Co.                                                                      Fabrius M. Clarke116 W. Douglas Ave.
        Wichita Elevator                                                                         J. G. Miltner, PrNW cor. 5th Ave. & 2nd St.
        Wichita Fish Club                                                                        ab 128 W. Douglas Ave.
        Wichita Wholesale Grocer Co.                                                                              233 & 235 N, Main St.
        Wichita Horse & Mule Market                                                              H.L. Hill Proprie213 W. Douglas Avenue
        Wichita Mattress Factory                                                                 A.W. Mills, Propr323 N. Main St.
        Wichita Steam Laundry                                                                    Garst Bros. Propr331 W. Douglas Ave.
        Wichita Portland Stone Works                                                             E. Dayton, Propri249 N. Main Street
        Wichita National Bank                                                                    M. Levy, Cashier Cor. Main St. & Douglas Ave.
        Wichita Wholsale Produce Co.                                                             Hills & Jackson, 120 N. Market St.
        Wichita Water Co.                                                                        Samuel Houck, Pre205 N. Main St.
        Wichita Cracker Co.                                                                      Phillips & Gehrin418 E. Douglas Ave.
        Wiegand          A.                                    Germany          Brewery                           S. Topeka Ave.   321 S. Topeka AveResident
        Wieland          Harry                                 Mt. Gilead, OH   Stone-cutter     Kimmerle & Adams 214 N, Main St.  City Hotel       Boards
        Wier             F.               C.                   NY               Clothier                          204 E. Douglas Av159 N. Emporia AvResident
        Wigand           Casper                                Russia           Blacksmith                        Shop-537 W. DouglS. Water St.     Resident
Miss    Wight            Almeda                                NY                                                                  613 N. Main St.  Resident
        Wight            John             A.                   NY               Carp                                               613 N. Main St.  Resident
        Wiggs            R.               L.                   Marion, IL       Clerk            Bishop Bros.     410 E. Douglas Ave.
Mrs.    Wilber           T.               C.                   IL                                                                  803 E. Eagle St. Resident
        Wilde            Jacob                                 Germany          Tailor                            209 E. Douglas Av209 E. Douglas AvResident
        Wilke            B.               F.                   Queen City, MO   Tinner           Bissantz's                        S. Topeka Ave. beResident
Miss    Wilkie           Emma                                                   Domestic                          217 S. Emporia Ave.
        Wilke            F.                                    Oln, O.          Bakery                            424 E. Douglas Av116 S. Lawrence AResident
        Wilkin           Perry                                 Cass Co., MI                                                        737 N. Water St. Resident
        Wilkins          Austin                                IN                                                                  1st St.          Resident
Miss    Wilhite          Eva                                   IL               Dress-making                                       730 N. Lawrence AResident
        Wilhite          E.               W.                   Tallula, IL      Real Estate & LoaSnively & Wilhiteab 114 N. Main St726 N. Lawrence AResident
        Wilhite          G.               W.                   IL               Farmer                                             821 N. Lawrence AResident
        Wilkinson        John                                                   Railroad Man                                       Sherman House - 7Boards
        Wilkerson        Lewis            D.                   Woodford Co., IL Farmer                                             117 N. Emporia AvResident
        Wilcoxson        W.               T.                   Glasgow, KY      Wks                               322 W. Douglas Ave.
        Willey           J.               F.                   IL               Contractor                                         203 S. Laura Ave.Resident
        Wiley            Joseph                                Monongahela City,Carpenter                                          S. Lawrence Ave.SResident
        Willey           Wm.                                   IL               Carpenter                                          203 S. Laura Ave.Boards
Miss    Will             Hulda                                 Peabody, KS      Domestic         Tremont House
        Will             D.               W.                   OH               Carpenter                                          Lot 2 Glaze's AddResident
        Williams         Chas.            H.                                    Carpenter                                          S. Topeka Ave. beResident
        Williams         Charlie          W.                   AL               Farmer                                             235 S. Mosley AveResident
        Williams         D.               O.                   Pleasant Plains, Grocery          J.N. Nessley & D.306 W. Douglas Av146 N. Emporia AvResident
        Williams         Frederick        A.                   Morris, IL       Contr. & Bldr.   Williams & Rawson                 517 S. Market St.Resident
        Williams         Frank                                 NY               Proprietor       Cox & Williams-Occidential Hotel  455 Waco St.     Resident
        Williamson       F.               M.                   IN               Engineer         Brick-yard                        135 S. WashingtonResident
Mrs.    Williams         Georgia                               KY               Prop'ress Boarding House          N. Water St. bet Douglas Ave. & 1st St.
        Williams         Inelda           H.                   AL               Farmer                                             235 S. Mosley AveResident
        Williams         J.               G.                   IL               Painter                                            226 S. Mead St.  Resident
        Williams         J.               H.                   AL               Grain Dealer                                       356 N. 4th Ave.  Resident
        Williams         John             W.                   AL               Farmer                                             235 S. Mosley AveResident
        Williams         J.               A.                   Springfield, MA  Plumber & Gas FitWichita Water Co.                 Bds Tremont HouseBds & Rm
        Williams         J.               J.                   Millersburg, OH  Wks.                              311 E. Douglas Av723 N. Lawrence AResident
Miss    Williams         Mollie                                                                                                    226 N. Water     Boards
Mrs.    Williams         Martha                                OH                                                                  526 N. Topeka AveResident
        Williams         M.               T.                   Spiceland, IN    Express Wagon                                      113 E. Williams SResident
        Williams         San                                   FL                                                                  802 N. Water St. Resident
        Williams         W.               B.                   Columbia, MO     Cook             European Hotel   416 E. Douglas Ave.
        Williams         W.               E.                   OH               Barber                            604 E. Douglas AvS. Mosley Ave.   Resident
Mrs.    Williams         W.               V.                   IN                                                                  N. Seneca St, wesResident
        Williams         Z.                                    PA                                                                  116 S. Mosley AveResident
        Williamson       Chas.                                                  Son of Thos Williamson                             236 S. Lawrence AResident
        Williamson       Thos                                  Orange Co., NY                                                      236 S. Lawrence AResident
        Williamson       Wm.              H.                   Orange Co., NY   Farmer                                             English St. bet TResident
        Wills            Anna                                  MO                                                                  W. Central Ave.  Boards
        Willis           Henry                                 MA               Contracting Plasterer                              349 N. Main St. -Bds & Rm
Mrs     Willis           May                                   IN                                                                  613 Waco St.     Resident
        Willis           R.               C.                   MO                                                                  934 N. Topeka AveResident
        Wilson           C.               A.      Dr.          IN               Physician & Surgeon               ab 158 N. Main St.
        Wilson           C.               B.                   NY               Clerk            Dodge & Hughes   122 W. Douglas AvWest Wichita     Resident
        Wilson           C.               W.      II           KY               Proprietor       Farmers' Restaura301 E. Douglas Ave.
        Wilson           Edmund                                TN                                                                  327 S. 5th Ave.  Resident
        Wilson           E.               S.                   Aurora, IN       Carpenter & Contractor                             526 N. Emporia AvResident
        Wilson           F.               E.                   Canada           Carpenter                                          922 E. Douglas AvResident
        Wilson           Gustavus                              VA               Farmer                                             450 N. Wichita StResident
        Wilson           James            A.                                    Section-hand     A.T. & S.F. Ry.                   113 S. 4th Ave   Bds & Rm
        Wilson           Joseph                                IN               Wagon-maker                                        613 Waco St.     Resident
        Wilson           John             M.                   IL               Insurance Agent                                    1202 N. Main St. Resident
        Wilson           J.               H.                   Metamora, IL                                                        345 N. 4th Ave.  Resident
Miss    Wilson           Lulu                                  Norwalk, O.                                                         355 N. Market St.Resident
        Wilson           L.               C.                   O.               Clerk                             127 N. Main St.  713 S. Market St.Resident
        Wilson & Toms Loan Brokers                                                               M. L. Garver, Manab- 104 E. Douglas Ave.
Miss    Wilson           Mollie                                Albany, MO                                                          221 S. Market St.Resident
        Wilson           P.               M.                   IA.                                                                 248 N. Water St. Resident
        Wilt             A.               J.                   PA               Salesman                          125 W. Douglas AvN. Market St.    Resident
        Wilt             H.               A.                                    Clerk            Carriage Reposito123 W. Douglas Av138 N. Market St.Resident
        Winants          F.               C.                   NY               Real Estate Speculator                             N. Topeka Ave. beResident
Mrs.    Winch            Nellie                                Canada           Domestic                                           249 N. Lawrence AResident
        Winch            Wm.                                   Rockford, IL     Farmer                                             304 S. Market St.Resident
        Winch            S.               G.                   St. Louis, MO    Dealer In Books & Stationary      122 N. Main St.  302 W. 3rd St.   Boards
        Windsor          J.               A.                                    Stock-dealer                                       Tremont House    Boards
        Wingard          John                                  Camden, IN       Wks out of City                                    349 N. Water St. Resident
        Wingard          J.               W.                   IN               Contractor & Builder              Shop- 219 N. MainN. Water St.     Resident
        Wingert          J.               C.                   MO               Book-keeper      Wichita Wholsale Grocer Co.       426 S. Water St. Resident
        Wintersheimer    John                                  Germany                                                             118 N. Water St. Resident
        Winterzort       W.                                    IL               Wks              Canning Factory                   Blaine Ave. GarriResident
Miss    Winzel           Katie                                 Germany          Nurse                             216 N. Topeka Ave216 N. Topeka AveResident
        Wise             George                                Germany          Proprietor       Lunch-counter    118 N. Water St.
        Wisconsin Planing Mills                                                                  H. Germar, Agt.                   Oak St., West WicResident
        Wise             W.               T.                   Mendon, IL       Music Store      Thos Shaw & W.T.W113 E. Douglas AvS. Lawrence Ave. Resident
        Wisdom           W.               T.                   Buffalo, MO      Printer                           ab 112 E.Douglas 351 N. Market St.Resident
Mrs.    Witbeck          A.                                    MI                                                                  N. Water St. 5d NResident
        Witbeck          Clarence                              MI               Clerk            Allen's Grocery                   N. Water St. 2d NBoards
        Witherspoon      John                                  Worcester, OH    Wks                               211 S. Topeka Ave.
        Wolfe            P.               W.                   Bates Co., MO    Notions & Jewelry                 228 E. Douglas Av608 E. Lewis St. Resident
        Wolfe            J.                                    Holland          Laborer                                            534 S. Market St.Resident
        Wolfran          Henry                                 Pueblo, CO       Wks.             Indiana Bakery   342 N, Main St.
        Woltz            C.               W.                   Washington Co., MCarpenter                                          137 N. Mosley AveResident
        Wolford          John                                  OH               Wks              Root Bros. Transfer Line          118 S. Water St. Resident
        Wonderly         F.               H.                   Schell City, MO  Tinner           Bissantz's Tin ShE. Douglas Ave.  216 English St.  Resident
        Wonderly         W.               H.                   Ironton, MO      Tinner           Bissantz's                        237 S. Lawrence AResident
        Woods            A.               J.                   MO               Barber                            Shop- N. Main St.201 S. WashingtonResident
        Wood             Casler           L.                   WI                                                                  N. Topeka Ave. beResident
        Wood             E.               B.                   Clayton, NY      Engineer                                           N. Topeka Ave.betResident
Miss    Wood             Emma                                  Rochester, NY                                                       711 N. Topeka AveBoards
Miss    Woods            Dora                                  IA                                                                  741 N. Emporia AvResident
        Wood             F.               C.                   NY               Traveling Salesman                                 SW cor. 2nd St. &Resident
Mrs.    Woods            Julia                                 NY                                                                  741 N. Emporia AvResident
        Wood             Giles            G.                   PA                                                                  N. Topeka Ave., bResident
        Woods            John             B.                   VA               Methodist Clergyman                                136 S. Lulu Ave. Boards
        Wood             J.               W.                                    Methodist Minister                                 Valley House     Boards
Mrs.    Wood             Lucy                                  NY                                                                  1154 N.Main St.  Resident
        Wood             L.               C.                   Aurora, IL       Carriage-maker                                     1154 N. Main St. Resident
        Woods            N.               S.                                    Chief Engineer   St. L., Ft. S. & W. Ry            520 River St.    Resident
Miss    Wood             Minnie                                Aurora, IL                                                          1154 N. Main St. Resident
        Wood             Sherman                               WI                                                                  N. Topeka Ave. beResident
        Woodcock         A.               L.                   IL               Brakeman         St. L., Ft. S & W Ry              455 N.Lawrence AvBoards
        Woodcock         L.               N.                   Bloomington, IL  Ass't Adj't Gen'lG.A.R.           ab 119 N. Market 455 N. Lawrence AResident
Miss    Woodcock         Laura                                                                                                     455 N. Lawrence AResident
Mrs.    Woolard          L.               H.                   Mulberry Grove, IL                                                  329 N. 4th Ave.  Resident
Miss    Woolard          Stella                                                 Daughter of Mrs. L.H. Woolard                      329 N. 4th Ave.  Resident
        Woolard          Sam'l            F.                   Mulberry Grove, IClerk            Davidson's Land & Loan Office     329 N. 4th Ave.  Resident
        Woolford         John                                  MO               Foreman          Root Bros. Bus & Transfer Stables 118 S. Water St. Resident
        Woodman          Clarence                              Jacksonville, IL                                                    Waco St.Lakeside Resident
        Woodman          W.               C.                   PA               W.C.W. & Son     First Arkansas Va143 N. Main St.  N. Waco St.      Resident
        Wooodman         U.               S.G.                 Jacksonville, IL                                                    Waco St., LakesidResident
        Woodmansee       T.               B.                   Danville, IL     Train Dispatcher St L, FT S & W Ry                 Waco St.         Bds & Rm
        Worhnerz         Amelia                                East Liverpool, OHousework                         304 S. Market St.304 S. Market St.Resident
        Worrall          I.               S.                   PA               Constable                                          N. Mead Ave. NE oResident
        Woodrow          Henry            C.                   Kalamazoo, MI    Section-hand     A.T. & S.F. Ry.                   737 S. Market St.Resident
        Woodruff         Arthur           A.                   IL               Clerk                             318 E. Douglas Av327 4th Avenue   Resident
        Wooster          Frank                                 Ft Scott, KS     Nursery Agt.                                       109 S. Emporia AvBoards
        Wooton           Isaac                                 New Paris, OH    Brick-mason                                        S. Topeka Ave.   Resident
        Woolworth        J.               C.                   Hiawatha, KS     Dlr  Boots & Shoes                138 N. Main St.  Mrs Toliver's 326Bds & Rm
        Worcester        Frank                                                                                                     Occidental Hotel Boards
Mrs.    Wren             Margaret                              Shawneetown, IL                                                     731 N. Market St.Resident
        Wrenchey         J.               S.                   KY               Liveryman        Packer's Old Stand
                                                                                                 Packer & Wrenchey151 N. Market St.
        Wroughton        Wm.                                   Jeffersonville, IClerk            Santa Fe Bakery  141 N. Main St.
        Wright           A.               B.                   OH               Dept. County Treas.                                1152 N. Lawrence Resident
Miss    Wright           Effie                                 OH                                                                  1152 N. Lawrence Resident
        Wright           Edward                                                 Painter                                            506 N. Water     Boards
        Wright           Jim                                   IN               Tinner                            320 N. Main St.  336 S. Water St. Boards
Miss    Wright           Vina                                  Topeka, KS       Servant                           119 S. Emporia Ave.
        Wylie            David            W.                                    Son Of Mrs. Mary E. Wylie                          SW cor. Park & WaResident
        Wylie            E.               T.                                    Son of Mrs. Mary E. Wylie                          Sw. cor. Park & NResident
        Wylie            Joseph           R.                   Alone, VA        Plasterer --Son of Mrs. Mary E. Wylie              Sw. cor. Park & NResident
        Wylie            John             W.                                    Son of Mrs Mary E. Wylie                           Sw. cor. Park & NResident
Miss    Wylie            Katie                                                  Daughter of Mrs. Mary E. Wylie                     Sw. cor. Park & NResident
Mrs.    Wylie            Mary             E.                   Alone, VA                                                           Sw. cor. Park & NResident
        Wyne             G.               M.                   O.               Carpenter                                          N. Ohio Ave.     Resident
        Yager            Catherine                             Jacksonville, IL                                                    1d W. of 943 S. MResident
        Yancey           Abram                                                  Carpenter                                          N. Mosley Ave. 2dResident
        Yaw              Frank                                 Germany                                                             818 N. Water St. Resident
        Yohe             B.               F.                   Allentown, PA    Miller                                             614 S. Lawrence AResident
        Yohe             Benj.            L.                                    Son of B.F. Yohe                                   614 S. Lawrence AResident
        Young            A.               J.                   IL               Stone-mason                                        1026 Waco St.    Resident
        Young            Charles                               IL               Wks              Commercial Hotel 120 W. Douglas Ave.
        Young            Fred                                  Upper Sandusky, OCarpenter        Abe Smith        350 N. Main St.  109 E. 3rd St.   Resident
Miss    Young            Fannie                                                 Wks              Douglas Hotel
Mrs.    Young            F.               E.                   Peru, IN                                                            Sw cor. 2nd St. &Resident
        Young            G.               H.                   KY               Carpenter                                          Martinson Ave. WeResident
        Young            John                                  St. Louis, MO                     M.R. Diver's StocW. Douglas Ave. NR Bridge
        Young            J.               A.                   IL               Laborer                                            322 S. 4th Ave.  Resident
        Young            W.               H.                   OH                                                                  S. Mead Ave.,bet Resident
        Youngmeyer       J.               A.                   Nauvoo, IL       Blacksmith       McGriff & J.A.Y  307 E. Douglas AvCity Hotel       Bds & Rm
Mrs.    York             Phoebe                                KY                                                                  202 N. Mead Ave. Resident
        York             John                                  IL               Student                                            340 N. Topeka AveResident
Mrs.    York             M.                                    IL                                                                  340 N. Topeka AveResident
Miss    York             Sadie                                 IL                                                                  340 N. Topeka AveResident
        Yost             H.               H.                   PA               Optician         Yost & Benson    126 N. Main St.  1016 N. 4th Ave. Resident
        Yount            F.               A.                   IA               Baggage-man      Union Depot                       Union Depot      Resident
        Yount            S.               T.                   OH               School-teacher                                     West Wichita HousBoards
        Zartman          Fred             S.                   IL               Clerk            Pac Ex Co.       109 N. Main St.  119 E. Williams SBoards
        Zartman          James            W.                   Xenia, OH        Agt.             Pac Ex Co.       109 N. Main St.  119 E. Williams SResident
        Zearhusen        Henri                                 Ford Co., KS     Cigar-maker      John Herrig      426 E. Douglas AvS.Lawrence Ave, bResident
        Zeigler          John                                  Hartford, KS     Baker            Eckardt & Scott  146 N. Main St.
        Zeininger        Chas.                                 Des Moines, IA   Prop City Bakery                  131 N. Market St.133 N. Market St.Resident
        Zephyr Mills &Elevator                                                                   Hawn. Glaze & Churchward Props
                                                                                                 On A.T. & S.F. RySW cor. 5th Ave &1st St.
        Zelenka          Frank                                 St. Louis, MO.   Painter          McKenzie         Cor. 1st & Water 212 S. Topeka AveRooms
        Zerhusen         Henry                                 Germany          Cigar-maker                                        113 S. 4th Ave.  Boards
Miss    Zella            Lillie                                IN               Domestic         M. Zimmerly
        Zimmerly         M.               N.                   Topeka, KS                                         Office- 212 E. DoS. Market St. betResident
        Zimmermann       Julius                                Washington, OH                    Meat-market      N. Main St.      SW cor. 2nd & WatBoards
        Zimmerman        Otto                                  Germany          Clerk            P. Getto's       N. Main St.      2nd St. bet Main Resident
Mrs     Zinszer          Luvenin                               Evansville, IN                                                      607 N. 4th Ave.  Resident
Mr      Ziska            August           A.                   St. Louis, MO    Merchant Tailor  Miller & A.A.Z.  109 N. MainSt.   Rms- 109 N. Main Bds & Rm
Miss    Zody             Florence                              IN                                                                  N. 4th Ave.      Resident
        Zody             J.                                    PA               Groceryman       McCoy & J.Z.     613 E. Oak St.   616 N. 4th Ave.  Resident
        Zody             J.               M.                   PA                                                                  616 N. 4th Ave.  Boards
        Zweig            L.               H.                   Laclede Co., MO. Foreman          Street-car Stable144 N. MainSt.   N. Main St.      Boards


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