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Wichita, Kansas

1885 City Directory

Wichita, Kansas

Directory transcribed by Renèe Hahrahan, Jennifer Nikkel and Mary M. Zimmerman.

Dr      Fabrique          A                 H                      Aurora, IL       Physician                                   About 120 E Dougl503 N Lawrence Ave
Miss    Fabrique          Mattie                                                                                                                 503 N Lawrence Ave
Mr      Faddion           John                                     Ireland          Section Hand      A T & S F Railroad                         113 S 4th Ave    Boards & Rooms
Mr      Fahey             James             G                      IL               Clerk             Sherman House             709 E Douglas
Mr      Fahey             John                                     IL               Clerk             Sherman House             709 E Douglas
Mr      Fahey             Thomas                                   Ireland          Livery & Feed StabSherman House Proprietor  709 E Douglas
Mrs     Fahrenberg        Emma                                     San Antonio, TX                                                               E Williams St, between Main & Market
Miss    Fairbanks         Lydia                                    MO                                                                            618 S Market St
Mrs     Fairchild         Esther                                   Syracuse, NY                                                                  447 N Lawrence Ave
        Fairchild         H                 C                      Chillicothe, IA  Blacksmith        Johnson & Fairchild       105 S 4th Ave    N 5th Ave
Miss    Fairchild         Kittie                                   Syracuse, NY     Copyist           Register of Deeds, County 200 N Main St    447 N Lawrence Ave
        Fairman           S                 A                      OH               Cooper                                                       Blaine Ave, Garrison's Addition
Mrs     Falkenstein       Mary              E                      Pottawatomie County, KS                                                       902 N Market St
Mr      Fanning           Cyrus                                    Jacksonville, IL Tinware & Notions                           203 E Douglas Ave203 E Douglas Ave
Miss    Fanning           Gussie                                   Jacksonville, IL                                                              203 E Douglas Ave
Mrs     Fardy             A                 M                      Leavenworth, KS                                                               119 N 4th Ave
        Wilson            C                 W                      KY               Proprietor        Farmer's Restaurant       301 E Douglas Ave
        Farries           R                 P                      Milwaukee, WI    Machinist                                   110 N 4th Ave    120 S Washington Ave
Mrs     Farmer            Anna                                     Canada                                                                        W Douglas (Chicago) Ave, W Wichita
        Mory & Selm                                                                 Proprietors       Farmers' & Drovers' Hotel 316 W Douglas Ave
Mr      Farmer            Charles                                  PA               Miller            Diamond Mills                              W Douglas (Chicago) Ave, W Wichita
Miss    Farnum            Laura                                    Brimfield, IL                                                                 336 N Topeka Ave
        Farmer            D                 G                      OH                                                                            West Wichita HousBoarder
        Farnum            J                 F                      Brimfield, IL    Speculator                                                   336 N Topeka Ave
Mr      Farrell           James                                    Canada                                                       731 E Douglas AveSherman House - 7Boarder
Mr      Farrell           John                                     IL               Section Master    W & W Railroad                             901 S Lawrence Ave
        Farnsworth        S                 G                      Mulvane, KS      Drug Store                                  506 E Douglas    420 S Emporia AveBoarder
        Fawbush           J                 H                      IL               Farmer                                                       N Mosley Ave, 2D S 1st St
Mrs     Fawbush           S                 E                      OH                                                                            N Mosley Ave, 2D S 1st St
Mrs     Fay               Margaret                                 MO                                                                            Blaine Ave, Garrison's Addition
Miss    Feast             Sadie                                    IN               Printer                                     220 E Douglas Ave448 River St     Boarder
Mr      Feast             John                                     IN               Billing Clerk     Wichita Wholesale Grocer C443 River St
Mr      Fechheimer        M                 M                      Cincinnati, OH   Dealer in ClothingM M Fechheimer            200 E Douglas Ave747 S Water
Mr      Fechheimer        Charles                                  Cincinnati, OH   Clerk             M M Fechheimer            200 E Douglas Ave747 S Water      Boarder
        Fegtly            J                 J                      OH               Salesman          H G Lee                   100 Douglas Ave  947 S Main St
Mr      Fehleisen         Adolph            E                      Cincinnati, OH   Contractor                                                   939 Emporia Ave
Miss    Felch             Emma                                     Fon du Lac, WI   Clerk             Mrs Sherman               145 N Main St    252 N Market     Boarder
Miss    Fellows           Henrietta                                Bloomington, IN                                                               412 E Central Ave
Mr      Fellows           Henry                                    Bloomington, IN  Real Estate       Mathewson H F & Co        130 N Main St    412 E Central Ave
Miss    Fellows           Ida               M                      Bloomington, IN                                                               412 E Central Ave
        Fellows           J                 W                      Bloomington, IN  Clerk             Bitting Brothers          128 Douglas Ave  412 E Central Ave
        Fender            W                 S                      Newton, KS       Train Dispatcher  W & W Railroad            138 N Main St    308 N Topeka Ave
Mr      Fennell           Joseph                                   IL                                                                            537 N Main St
Mr      Ferguson          John              W                      Brooklyn, IN                                                                  842 S Lawrence Ave
        Ferrin            G                 M                                                                                                    Occidental Hotel Boarder
Mr      Ferris            Henry                                    Canada           Carpenter                                                    SE Corner 1st St Boarder
Mr      Ferrell           Lloyd             B                      IL               Real Estate Broker                          130 N Main St    604 N Lawrence Ave
Mr      Ferrell           George                                   Sedalia, MO      Bookstore                                   130 N Main St
        Fermenter         C                                        MO               Farmer                                                       W Texas Ave, W Wichita
        Ferrison          H                 J                      PA                                                                            1207 E Douglas Ave
Miss    Ferrison          Louise                                   NE                                                                            1207 E Douglas Ave
Miss    Ferrison          May                                      NE                                                                            1207 E Douglas Ave
Mr      Fettke            Otto                                     Germany          Clerk             Husey & Kroenert          206 E Douglas AveCity Hotel       Boarder
Mr      Fettke            Charles                                  Germany          Barber                                      150 N Main St    City Hotel       Boarder
Mr      Fetherolf         Lafayette         M                      IL                                 Wichita Planing Mill                       423 Waco St      Boarder
Mr      Field             Frank                                    Cleveland, OH    Painter                                     137 N Market St  Oak St, E Union DBoarder
Mr      Finkbiner         Charles                                  Clark County, IL Carpenter                                                    SW Corner Gilbert & 4th Ave
        Figley            D                 H                                       Proprietor        Buckeye House             916 N 5th Ave
        Figg              J                 T                      KY                                                                            503 S Water St
                                                                                    Proprietors       Figley & Philman
Buckeye H916 N 5th Ave
        Fish              B                 G                      VT               Stone Mason                                                  420 S 4th Ave
        Fishbach          Susannah                                 Germany          Domestic                                                     203 S Water St
        Fisher            A                 C                      OH               Section Main      Railroad                                   NW Corner Wichita & Pine Sts, W Wichita
        Fisher            H                 B                      OH               Attorney                                                     343 N Topeka Ave
Miss    Fisher            Carrie                                   Bryon, OH                          County Jail Building      Corner Market St Jail Building
Mr      Fisher            John                                     Austria          Polisher          Kimmerle & Adams          214 N Main St
Mr      Fisher            John                                     Bryon, OH        Sheriff & HardwareSedgwick County           110 E Douglas AveJail Building
Mr      Fisher            Joseph                                   Germany          Horse Dealer                                                 Germania House   Boards & Rooms
Mrs     Fisk              H                 E                      Stafford, NY                                                                  308 N Topeka Ave
Mrs     Fisk              A                 A                      Stafford, NY                                                                  308 N Topeka Ave
Miss    Fisk              Birdie                                                                                                                 308 N Topeka Ave
Mr      Fitch                                                      Topeka, KS       Tinner                                      123 E Douglas AveCity Hotel       Boarder
Mrs     Fitzgerald        C                 A                      IN                                                                            S Water St
        Fitzgerrald       C                 E                      IN               Telegraph Messenger                         About 130 N Main E 9th St         Boarder
Miss    Fitzgerald        Jennie                                   Nashville, TN    Servant           Mrs M Hecht               229 N Market St
        Fitch             M                 M                      IA               Carpenter         Fitch & Smith                              426 S 4th Ave
        Fitzbugh          S                 J                      OH               Carpenter         Winant's                                   530 N Wichita St
        Fitzbaugh         C                                        IL               Attorney          H G Lee                   Corner Douglas & 257 N Topeka Ave Rooms
        Woodman           W                 C                                       Proprietor        First Arkansas Valley Bank143 N Main St
Mr      Fletcher          Henry                                                     Foreman           Railroad                                   N Ohio Ave       Boarder
        Fletcher          J                 S                      MO               Painter                                                      NE Corner Oak St & Texas Ave, W Wichita
Mr      Fletcher          William                                  IL               Stockman                                                     934 N Lawrence Ave
        Flegg             A                                        NY               Proprietor        Globe Iron Works                           1009 E Douglas Ave
        Flegg             A                 D                      NY               Moulder           Globe Iron Works                           117 S Ida Ave
Miss    Flegg             Eliza                                    NY                                                                            1009 E Douglas Ave
        Flannery          John                                     London, Canada   Carriage Trimmer  Wichita Carriage Factory                   SW Corner 1st & WBoards & Rooms
        Flower            A                 E                      CT               Cement Worker                               N Main St        Commercial Hotel Boarder
Mr      Flood             Joshua            W                      KY               Traveling SalesmanBush Fanning Mill & Grader
Mrs     Floyd             Sarah                                    England                                                                       S Market St, between Williams & English Sts
        Fogg              T                 B                      Philadelphia, PA Bill Clerk        Ft Scott Kepot                             229 Waco St      Boarder
Miss    Fohrenberg        Mary                                                      Mrs Emma Fohrenberg's daughter                               E Williams St, between Main & Market Sts
        Follett           R                 W                      Fremont, IN      Clerk             D J Chatfield's           516 E Douglas    S Emporia Ave    Boarder
Mr      Folk              Phillip                                  Germany                                                                       SW Corner Mead Ave & Eagle St
        Foote             M                 D                      Madison, WI      Clothier          F C Weir & Co             204 E Douglas Ave223 S Emporia Ave
                                                                                    Blacksmiths       Foster & Cobarn           455 N Main St
        Foster            C                 A                      CA               Farmer                                                       331 Waco St
        Foster            D                 A                      CA               Farmer                                                       331 Waco St
Mr      Foster            George                                   Owenton, KY      Yard Man          S D Pallett's Lumber Yard                  S Mead Ave
        Foster            H                 S                      KY               Clerk                                       118 W Douglas AveS Mead Ave, 1 BloBoarder
Mrs     Foster            J                 C                      WI                                                                            522 Sherman Ave
Mrs     Foster            M                 J                      NY                                                                            207 N Water St
        Foster            O                 O                      IL               Blacksmith        Foster & Coburn           455 N Main St    E Central Ave, 2DBoarder
        Foster            P                 W                      MI               Stone Cutter      Hacker & Jackson                           412 River St
Mr      Foster            Thomas                                   CA                                                                            331 Waco St
        Foster            W                 F                      OH               Butcher           City Meat Market          E Douglas Ave    SW Corner 5th Ave & 3rd St
        Forbes            A                 S                      England          Stockman                                                     SE Corner Central & Mead Sts
Mr      Fordham           Charles                                  Oak Hill, NY     Clerk             J M Allen & Co            112 E Douglas Ave522 S Lawrence Ave
Mr      Ford              Charles                                  IL               Clerk             Frooman & Peckham                          431 S Lawrence AvBoarder
        Ford              D                 A                      Springfield, IL  Street Car Driver                                            217 S 4th Ave
Mr      Ford              Dave                                                      Teamster          Rogers, Dray                               S 4th Ave
Mr      Ford              Ed                                                        Clerk             County Building                            109 S Emporia AveBoarder
        Ford              E                 E                      Clinton, IL      Abstractor        N F Niederlander                           SW Corner E DouglBoarder
        Ford              E                 P                      Shipman, IL      County Clerk      County Building           200 N Main St    710 Waco St
        Ford              F                 J                      IL               Deputy County Clerk                                          735 Waco St
Mr      Ford              Frederick                                IL               Gardener                                    708 Waco St      721 Waco St
Miss    Ford              Georgiana                                IL                                                                            709 Waco St
Miss    Ford              Susan                                    IL                                                                            709 Waco St
Mrs     Foresman          E                 B                      PA                                                                            338 N Lawrence Ave
        Foresman          C                 R                      IL               Salesman          Milligan Wind Pumps                        338 N Lawrence AvBoarder
        Fortner           A                 L                      Wichita, KS      Printer           Beacon                                     529 S Emporia Ave
        Fortner           H                 P                      IN               Dealer in Cigars & Tobacco                  135 N Market St  529 S Emporia Ave
Mr      Forry             John              N                      Newark, OH       Car Repairer      Ft S & W                                   229 Waco St
Mrs     Fowler            Eliza                                    NC                                                                            S Campbell Ave
Miss    Foust             Jennie                                                                                                                 406 S Market St
Mr      Foust             Samuel                                   PA               Farmer                                                       409 S Market St
Mr      Fox               Charles                                  OH               Clerk             Steel's Hardware Store    117 N Main St    819 E Oak St
        Fox               T                 J                      Fushville, IN    Clerk             Real Estate Office - Parso239 E Douglas Ave922 S Topeka Ave
Mr      Ford              Willie                                                                                                                 215 S 4th Ave
Miss    Fraley            Jennie                                   Odessa, MO                                                                    118 E Williams St
Mr      Francis           Herbert                                  Ripley County, INPress-Feeder      Beacon                                     Richey House     Boarder
        Francis           J                 K                      IN               Harness Dealer    Jones & J K F             119 W Douglas AveTexas Ave
Miss    Francis           Martha                                   MO               Domestic                                    NE Corner Market & Central
                                                                                                      Frank's Lunch Counter     121 W Douglas Ave
Mr      Fraker                                                                      Farmer                                                       West Wichita HousBoarder
Mr      Frank             Charles                                  Lancaster County,Asst Cashier      Kansas National Bank      134 N Main St    516 S Main
Mr      Frank             Charles                                  Germany          Carpet Weaver                                                317 S Market St
        Frank             D                 R                      Germany                                                      255 N Main St    2nd & Water Sts  Boarder
        Frank             F                 F                      Germany                                                                       410 S 4th Ave
Miss    Frank             Minnie                                                    Daughter of Charles Frank                                    317 S Market St
        Frank             R                 E                      Lancaster, PA    Clerk             M M Fechheimer's          200 E Douglas AveS Market St      Boarder
        Franklin          S                 B                      CO               Cashier           Rogers Coal Co            616 E Douglas Ave201 S 4th Ave    Boarder
Mr      Franklin          James                                    MO               Carpenter         Buck                                       539 N Main St
Mr      Franz             Fred                                     Germany                            Rogers Coal Co            216 E Douglas AveSE Corner Mosley Ave & 2nd St
Mr      Frazier           Thomas            A                      Kane County, IL  Carpenter                                                    337 N Wichita St
Mr      Freedley          Jacob                                    MD               Clerk             Hays' Leather Store       127 W Douglas Ave111 N Main St    Boarder
Mr      Freedenburg       George                                                    Mattress Maker                              Main St          Tremont House    Boarder
        Freeland          L                 S                      Tennessee, IL    Clerk             J M Allen & Co            112 E Douglas Ave110 S Mosley
Mr      Freeland          John                                     AR               Brickmason                                                   300 4th Ave      Boarder
        Freeman           C                 K                      Berkshire County,Liveryman         C K F & Hibarger          116 N Topeka Ave
Mr      French            Robert                                   IN               Delivery Clerk    J M Allen & Co            112 E Douglas AveS Market St
Mr      Frickes           Louis                                    Germany          Laborer                                                      330 S Water      Boarder
        Friend            E                 A                      IA               Clerk             Niederlander & Co         420 E Douglas Ave123 S Mosley Ave
        Friend            H                 F                      IL               Real Estate, InsurH F F, McBee & Co         About 218 E DouglS Market St
                                                                                    Real Estate, InsurH F Friend, McBee & Co    About 218 E Douglas Ave
        Friedburg         M                                        Russia           Upholsterer                                 207 N Main St    Tremont House    Boarder
Mr      Freisheimer       Adam                                     Ottawa, IL       Barber            Manhattan Hotel Barber Shop                302 S Topeka Ave Boarder
Mr      Freisheimer       Charles                                  Ottawa, IL       Barber            Manhattan Hotel Barber Shop                302 S Topeka Ave Boarder
Miss    Freisheimer       Clara                                                                                                                  302 S Topeka Ave
Mr      Freisheimer       George                                   Ottawa, IL       Barber            Manhattan Hotel Barber Shop - G F & Son    302 S Topeka Ave
Mrs     Frisler           Mary                                     Hope, IN                                                                      S Topeka Ave, between Lewis & Morris Sts
Mr      Frise             Peter                                    Decatur, IL      Painter                                     137 N Market St  N Lawrence Ave beBoarder
Mr      Frisch            Julius                                   McPherson, KS    Baker                                       218 N Main St    Sherman Ave
                                                                                    Grocerymen        Frooman & Peckham         105 W Douglas Ave
        Frooman           E                 E                      MI               Grocerymen        E E F & Peckham           105 W Douglas Ave431 S Lawrence Ave
Miss    Frooman           Jennie                                   Rockford, MI                                                                  431 S Lawrence Ave
        Fry               J                 R                      VA               Cook                                        614 E Douglas Ave614 E Douglas AveRooms & Boards
        Fryer             G                 W                      England          Painter                                     123 S Main St    123 S Main St
        Fuertes           J                 H                      NY               Civil Engineer                                               320 River St
Mr      Fulkerson         William                                  IA                                 O C Daisy                 123 S Topeka Ave 123 S Topeka Ave Boarder
        Fuller            C                                        OH               Groceryman        T W F & Son               202 E Douglas    204 N Lawrence AvBoarder
        Fuller            T                 W                      OH               Groceryman        T W F & Son               202 E Douglas    304 N Lawrence Ave
Mrs     Fuller            S                                        PA                                                                            N Emporia Ave, 2D from Elm St
Mr      Fullilove         William                                  KY                                                                            205 S Washington Ave
Mr      Fulmer            James                                    Philadelphia, PA Blacksmith                                  W Douglas Ave    538 S Main St
Miss    Fulton            Amanda                                   MO                                                                            220 N 4th Ave
        Fulton            B                 F                      IL               Clerk             Knorr's Grocery           Corner Douglas & 220 N 4th Ave    Boarder
Mr      Fulton            Fred              K                                       Son of John G Fulton                                         English Ave btween 4th & Emporia Aves
        Fulton            O                 P                      PA               Blacksmith                                                   120 S 4th Ave
Mr      Fulton            George            P                      Murphysborough, IBarber            Fulton Brothers           212 N Main St    S 4th Ave, between Williams St & Douglas Ave
        Fultoff           J                 S                      Murphysborough, IBarber            Fulton Brothers           212 N Main St    S 4th Ave, between Williams St & Douglas Ave
Mr      Fulton            John              G                      Galatia, IL                                                                   English St, between Emporia Ave & 4th Ave
Miss    Fulton            Ruth                                     MO                                                                            220 N 4th Ave
Mr      Fulton            William           H                      IA               Carpenter                                   317 N Main St    811 N Market St
Mr      Fulton            William                                  PA               Carpenter, Clerk                            516 E Douglas Ave220 N 4th Ave
Mr      Fultz             Mathew                                   IN               Carpenter                                   Main St          NE Union Depot
Mr      Fultz             George                                                    Painter                                                      336 S Water St   Boarder
Dr      Furley            C                 C                      Hudson County, NJPhysician & Surgeon                         317 E Douglas AveManhattan Hotel  Boarder
        Furgason          G                 W                      Petersburg, IL   Plasterer                                                    223 S 4th Ave
Mr      Furlong           Earnest           H                      Chicago                                                                       155 N Topeka Ave Boarder
        Furlong           J                 P                      Chicago                                                                       155 N Topeka Ave Boarder
        Furnas            E                 C                                       Carpenter                                                    623 S Topeka Ave
        Furnas            D                                        Belle Plain, IA  Carpenter                                                    225 S Topeka Ave
Mr      Furrow            James             A                      Logansport, IN   Harness Maker                               121 E Douglas AveS Market St      Boarder
        Furrow            W                 W                      IN               Brickmason                                                   901 S Water St
        Gage              W                 F                      Middleburg, VT   Barber                                      E Douglas Ave    507 E Douglas AveRooms & Boards
        Gaiser            W                 H                      Alton, IL        Blacksmith        Wichita Carriage Factory                   155 N Water St   Rooms & Boards
Miss    Galloway          Alps                                     PA                                                                            120 N Topeka Ave
Mr      Galvin            James                                    NY               Railroad man                                                 Sherman House - 7Boarder
Mrs     Galloway          L                 J                      PA                                                                            120 N Topeka Ave
        Galloway          W                 L                      Newport, IN      Entry Clerk       W W Johnston & Co         240 N Main St    309 N Topeka Ave
        Gants             A                 C                      NY               Druggist          A C G & Mahn              505 E Douglas AveEuropean Hotel   Boarder
                                                                                    Druggists         Gants & Mahn              505 E Douglas Ave
Mr      Gannon            John                                     Ireland          Section Boss      A T & S F Railroad                         113 S 4th Ave    Rooms & Boards
                                                                                    Restaurant        Gandolfo & Rossi          158 N Main St
        Gandolfo          J                 R                      Italy                              J R G & Rossi             158 N Main St    122 W Douglas Ave
        Gardner           E                 R                      IN               Contractor & Builder                                         252 N Mead Ave
Miss    Gardner           Mary                                     Chicago, IL                                                                   533 W Douglas Ave
Mrs     Garden            K                                        Germany          Waiter                                                       200 W Douglas Ave
        Gardner           R                 M                      PA               Proprietor Boarding House                   533 W Douglas Ave
        Garland           C                 W                      Rye, NH          Attorney  & ReportWichita Eagle             NW Corner Douglas & Main
        Garnett           J                                        Goshen, IN       Roof Painter                                                 109 S Emporia AveBoarder
Mr      Garst             Newton                                                    Wichita Steam LaunN G & Brothers            331 W Douglas AveS Market St
        Garst             T                 B                                       Wichita Steam Laundry                       331 W Douglas AveS Market St      Boarder
        Garrard           E                                        NY               Manager           United Telephone Co       About 114 N Main City Hotel       Boarder
Miss    Garrett           Jennie                                   VA                                                                            435 N Main St
        Garrett           J                 M                      Urbana, IL       Engineer          St L Ft S & W Railroad                     307 W 3rd St
        Garrett           J                 J                      WV               Painter                                                      517 River St
        Garrett           W                 H                      VA               Painter
Mr      Garrett           Will                                     Covington, IN    Restaurant                                  209 E Douglas AveRiver St
Mrs     Garrett           Sarah                                    VA                                                                            435 N Main St
Mr      Garrison          Alexander                                Topeka, KS       Harness & Saddle Maker                      113 W Douglas Ave231 N Water St
        Garrison          B                 S                      IA               Proprietor Canning Factory                                   Ohio Ave - Garrison's addition
        Garrison          C                 M                      IN               Coroner & Real EstSedgwick County           121 E Douglas Ave244 N Water St
        Garrison          D                 J                      KY               Teamster          Pallett Lumber Yard                        521 W Douglas (Chicago) West Wichita
Mr      Garrison          Philip                                   Ireland                                                                       200 W Douglas Ave
                                                                                    Real Estate & InsuGarrison & Rochelle       About 121 E Douglas Ave
        Garrison          S                 W                      KY               Farmer                                                       906 E 1st St
        Garver            M                 L                      Franklin Co., PA Manager - Loan BroWilson & Toms             About Lynch's Sto449 N Market St
        Garvey            G                 F                      PA                                 Badger Lumber Co          541 W Douglas (ChSycamore St - West Wichita
Miss    Garwood           Maggie                                   OH                                                                            Wabash Ave - 1d n Central
Mrs     Garwood           Mattie                                   OH                                                                            Wabash Ave - 1d n Central
        Gascoigne         E                 A                      Louisville, KY   Carpenter                                                    1155 Wichita St
Mr      Gascoigne         John                                     IN               Carpenter                                                    SW Corner Washington Ave & Lewis St
        Gaskin            J                 M                      IN                                                                            Sherman House - 7Boarder
Mr      Gaskin            Wm                F                      PA               Carpenter                                                    342 N 4th Ave
Mr      Gaskill           Alburn                                   Jackson Co., IN  Painter                                                      502 S Main St
Miss    Gassert           Lena                                     IN               Domestic                                    155 N Water St
        Gates             C                 A                      OH               Dealer in Real Estate                                        731 N 5th Ave
Mr      Gates             Clyde                                    PA                                                                            733 N Emporia Ave
Miss    Gates             Lillie                                   PA                                                                            733 N Emporia Ave
Rev     Gates             M                 L                      PA               Presiding Elder   M E Church                                 733 N Emporia Ave
Mr      Gates             Matt                                     Columbus, IN     Carpenter                                                    839 N Market St
Mr      Gates             Samuel                                   Bloomington, IL  Painter                                                      324 S Main St
Mr      Gates             Sherman                                  Columbus, IN     Clerk                                       120 N Main St    839 N Market St
        Gault             M                 M                      DuBois, PA       Salesman          W W Johnston & Co         240 N Main St    Tremont House    Boarder
        Gear              A                 S                                       Porter - Commercial Hotel Runner            120 W Douglas Ave
Mr      Gear              John              A                      IL               Teamster                                                     440 Sherman Ave
        Gehring           G                                        Ottawa, IL                         Wichita Cracker Factory   418 E Douglas AveS Topeka Ave
Miss    Gehring           Fredrica                                 Ottawa, IL                                                                    S Topeka Ave
        Geissler          C                                        PA               Carpenter         Sternberg                                  226 N Water St
Mr      Gelde             Jacob                                    Germany          Proprietor Lunch Counter                    628 E Douglas Ave
                                                                                                      German Methodist Church   SE Corner N Emporia Ave & 1st St
        George            E                 S                      PA                                                                            SW Corner 5th Ave & 2nd St
Mr      George            John                                     Germany                                                                       200 W Douglas Ave
        George            M                 V                      Newton, KS       Merchant                                                     711 N Market St
Mr      George            Wm                                       IN               Carpenter                                                    SW Corner 5th AveBoarder
        George            W                 P                      IN               Barber                                      579 W Douglas (ChWest Wichita HousBoarder
        Germar            H                                                                           Lumber Yard                                Oak St, West Wichita
Mr      Gerteis           Joseph                                   Germany          Brewer                                                       335 S Topeka Ave
Mrs     Geiser            S                                        MI                                                                            130 S Lulu Ave
Mr      George            Nelson            H                      Piqua, OH        Clerk P O                                   122 N Main St    402 S Market St
Mr      Getto             Peter                                    Germany          Dealer in Wholesale Cigars                  255 N Main       255 N Water
Mr      Gibbs             Arthur                                                    Cook                                                         155 N Main St
Mr      Gibbs             Walter                                   MO               Laborer                                                      334 N Main St
        Gibony            W                 B                      Nicholasville, KYFarmer                                                       1221 S Lawrence Ave
        Gibson            A                 C                      IL                                                                            Ohio Ave, 2d N RR
Miss    Gibson            L                 M                      IL                                                                            Ohio Ave, 2d N RR
Mrs     Gibson            Maggie                                   KY                                                                            333 N Main St
Miss    Gibson            N                 E                      IL                                                                            Ohio Ave, 2d N RR
Mr      Gibson            Thomas            B                      IL               Carpenter                                                    Ohio Ave, 2d N RR
Mr      Gibson            Thomas                                   England          Section Man                                                  Blaine Ave, Garrison's Addition
Mr      Gift              John                                     KS               Laborer                                                      425 E Douglas AveBoarder
Miss    Gifford           Anna                                     OH                                                                            1420 E Douglas Ave
        Gifford           C                 A                      NY               Painter                                                      N Mead Ave
Mr      Gifford           Fred                                                      Candy-maker                                 418 E Douglas Ave
        Gilbert           G                 W                      OH                                                                            410 E Douglas Ave
Mr      Gilbert           Henry             W                      Sumpter Co., AL  Porter            Aldrich & Brown           140 N Main St    432 N Water St
Mr      Gilbert           John                                     PA                                                                            610 E 1st St     Boarder
Mr      Gilbert           William                                  AL                                 Todd's Elevator                            432 N Water St
        Gilbert           W                 E                      IL               Carpenter                                                    903 S Water St
        Giles             J                                        MI               Engineer                                    331 W Douglas AveCorner Central & Boarder
Mr      Gillis            Wm                                       Paris, KY        Servant           W  W Johnston                              N Topeka Ave
Miss    Gilmore           Jennie                                   IN               Dressmaker                                                   428 S 4th Ave    Rooms
        Gimerson          J                 J                      ME                                                                            N Mead Ave
        Grimpsey          M                 C                      Ireland          Shoemaker                                                    346 N 4th Ave
        Givens            J                 A                      IN               Liveryman         Popenoe & J A G           114 S Main St    233 S Main St
Mrs     Glasscock         M                 C                      Hannibal, MO                                                                  604 S Lawrence Ave
        Glasscock         R                 B                                                                                                    604 S Lawrence Ave
        Glass             S                                        NY               Carpenter                                                    836 Eagle St
Mr      Glazbrook         John                                     Ft Scott, KS     Blacksmith                                                   526 Waco St
Mr      Glaze             Ben               A                      MO               Miller            Zephyr Mills                               E Central Ave, beBoarder
Mr      Glaze             George            P                      Newark, OH       Proprietor        Zephyr Mills & Elevator                    E Central Ave, between 5th & Mead Ave
        Glenn             A                 A                      Mt Sterling, IL  Police Judge & Attorney                     117 N Market St  714 N Main St
Mr      Glenn             Fred              A                      IL               Teamster                                                     N Mead Ave, Near Boarder
Mr      Glenn             Louis             A                                       Printer                                                      N Mead Ave, Near Douglas Ave
        Glenner           H                                                         Stone Mason                                                  200 W Douglas AveBoarder
Mrs     Gleener           Mary                                                                                                                   223 S Main St
Mrs     Glenn             N                 F                      KY                                                                            N Mead Ave, Near Douglas Ave
        Glenn             W                 A                      PA                                                                            408 S Water St
Mr      Glenn             Robert            N                      Godfrey, IL      Clerk P O                                   122 N Main St    408 S Water St
                                                                                                      Globe Iron-Works          1001 E Douglas Ave
Mr      Glover            Thomas                                   MO               Janitor                                                      712 N Market St
        Glunt             P                                        IN               Carriage RepositorParkinson, P G & Kelly    125 W Douglas Ave512 S Water St
Mr      Go                Lee                                      Canton, China    Chinese Laundry
        Godfrey           C                 E                      MI               Insurance                                   127 E Douglas Ave120 N Topeka Ave
Mr      Godfrey           John                                     IL               Farmer                                                       612 W Douglas (Chicago) West Wichita
Mrs     Germenn           Augusta                                  Germany                            Boarding House                             210 N 4th Ave
        Goldsberg         C                 W                      Thorntown, IN    Barber Shop                                                  Occidental Hotel
Mr      Goldstein         Samuel                                   Carthage, MO                       Famous Clothing House     422 E Douglas Ave138 N Emporia Ave
Mr      Golze             George                                   IL               Musician                                                     N Market St, betwBoarder
        Goodbar           L                 H                      Chicago, IL      Clerk             Huse & Charlton           128 N Main St    Occidental Hotel Boarder
Mr      Goon              Lee                                                       Chinese Laundry                             427 E Douglas Ave
Mrs     Goodrich          Rose                                                                                                  155 N Main St
Mr      Goodyear          John                                                                                                                   109 S Emporia Ave
        Gordon            J                 S                      Canton, OH                                                                    640 N Emporia Ave
        Gordon            J                 E                                                                                                    640 N Emporia Ave
        Gordon            J                 W                                                                                                    640 N Emporia Ave
        Gordon            F                 C                      IA               Engineer          Diamond Mills
        Gordon            P                 A                                                                                                    640 N Emporia Ave
        Gorden            T                 F                      KY                                                                            243 S Mosley Ave
        Gorham            Wm                                                        Proprietor Livery & Feed Stable                              720 E Douglas Ave
        Gorin             G                                                         Bookkeeper        H G Lee                   100 W Douglas AveClearwater, KS
        Gors              Carl                                     Germany          Carpenter                                                    302 S Emporia Ave
        Gore              A                 R                      Marshall Co., IL Dealer in Oysters & Confectioneries         156 N Main St    156 N Main St
        Gore              C                 R                      Columbus, OH     Tinner            Eagle Cornice-Works       320 N Main St
Mrs     Gore              Lizzie                                   Marshall Co., IL                                                              156 N Main St
Mr      Gossard           Amos                                                                                                                   318 S Lawrence Ave
Mr      Gossard           George                                                                                                                 318 S Lawrence Ave
Mr      Gossard           Joseph                                                                                                                 318 S Lawrence Ave
Miss    Gosch             Mary                                     IL               Servant                                                      NW Corner 2nd St & Emporia Ave
Mrs     Gossard           N                 A                      Chillicothe, OH                                                               318 S Lawrence Ave
Mr      Gould             J                 R                      OH               Proprietor        Drug Store                722 W Douglas (ChHunter Ave, Hunter's Addition
        Gowdy             C                 E                      IL               Traveling Salesman for Books & Stationery                    343 N Topeka Ave Boarder
Mrs     Gray              Anna              T                      VA                                                                            135 N Lawrence Ave
        Gray              C                 C                                       Barber                                      213 E Douglas Ave226 S Topeka Ave
        Gray              H                 M                      MI               Travels           I X L Windmill                             135 N Lawrence Ave
Mr      Gray              George                                   IL               Horseman          George Corn               225 N Market St
Mr      Gray              George            J                      Lexington, IL    Clerk             Charles Lawrence          102 E Douglas AveTremont House    Boarder
Miss    Grable            Ella                                     El Paso, IL                                                                   730 S Market St
        Grable            A                                        El Paso, IL                                                                   730 S Market St
Miss    Grainger          Lula                                     IL               Music Teacher                                                404 N Mead Ave
Mrs     Grainger          Martha                                   Bloomington, IL                                                               404 N Mead Ave
        Grainger          W                 A                      IL               Clerk                                       428 E Douglas AveSW Corner 3rd St & Mead Ave
        Graham            A                                        Canada           Teamster                                                     N Mosley Ave
        Graham            C                 W                      PA               Real Estate & LoanWichita Land & Loan Co    408 E Douglas Ave146 N Lawrence Ave
Mr      Graham            John                                     MO               School Teacher                                               837 N Main St
Miss    Graham            Kate                                     IL                                                                            146 N Lawrence Ave
Miss    Graham            Lillian                                  Springfield, MO  Clerk                                       126 N Main St    Near Union Depot
Mr      Graham            William                                  MO               Farmer                                                       837 N Main St
Mr      Graham            Wilson                                   MO                                                                            837 N Main St
        Graley            M                 V                      Keokuk, IA       Tinner                                      110 E Douglas Ave205 S 4th Ave
Mrs     Graley            Mary                                     Keokuk, IA                                                                    205 S 4th Ave
Mr      Gran              Rudolph                                  Georgetown, CO   Carpenter                                                    824 Wichita St
Mr      Gran              Thomas                                                                                                                 824 Wichita St
Mr      Grane             Charles                                  OH               Tinner                                                       Germania House   Boarder
Mr      Grannan           George                                   Corning, OH      Drayman                                     140 N Main St    526 N Water St   Boarder
Mr      Grant             James                                    KY               Painter                                                      935 N Emporia Ave
        Grant             J                 R                      IA                                                                            N Topeka Ave, 2d S Oak
Mr      Grant             William                                  Janesville, WI   Carpenter                                                    N Market St, 2d S 2nd St
Mr      Grant             W                 L                      NY               Grocer                                      Douglas Ave      525 Waco St
Mrs     Grantham          E                 E                      NC                                                                            256 N Water St
Mr      Grantham          George                                   OH               Teamster                                                     256 N Water St
        Grattan           W                 H                      NY               City Editor       Daily Eagle                                214 N Emporia AveRooms
        Graves            H                 B                      MI               Real Estate Agent                                            304 N Water St
        Graves            G                 F                                       General Dealers in Farm Machinery, Wind Mill577 W Douglas (Chicago)
        Graves            R                 C                      IL               Implement Dealer  G F Graves & R C G        577 W Douglas (ChS Sycamore St    Boarder
Mr      Gregg             Martin                                   Danville, IN     Clerk             Register of Deeds                          337 S Market St
Mr      Gregg             William                                  Kansas City, MO  Brick Mason       Albert Brothers           130 N Lawrence Ave
        Green             C                 J                      Frederick, MD    Harness Maker                               121 E Douglas Ave255 Waco St
        Green             D                 L                      KY               Real Estate                                 125 W Douglas Ave539 N Emporia Ave
        Green             G                 T                      IN                                                                            539 N Emporia Ave
Miss    Greening          Ida                                      Woodford Co., IL                                                              602 S Topeka Ave
        Green             J                 W                      IL               Laborer                                                      322 S 4th Ave
Mr      Green             Seth                                     KY                                                                            622 E Douglas Ave
        Green             R                 E                      OH               Dealer in Feed, Tobacco & Cigars            227 N Main St    813 Eagle St, East RR
        Green             W                 F                      IN               City Clerk                                                   435 N Emporia Ave
Mrs     Greening          Melvina                                  Woodford Co., IL                                                              602 S Topeka Ave
        Grenland          A                 B                      IA                                                                            226 S Ida Ave
        Grenland          S                 G                      PA                                                                            226 S Ida Ave
        Greenlee          D                 R                      VA               Physician                                                    1420 E Douglas Ave
        Greenlee          Lovel                                    WV               Cook              Commercial Hotel          120 W Douglas Ave
Mr      Greenwood         Edward                                   Kenosha, WI      Yardman           Tremont House
Mr      Greer             Zack                                     WV               Teamster                                    616 E Douglas Ave318 N Mead Ave   Boarder
        Gribi             S                 G                      Switzerland      Contractor & Builder                        201 N Water St   435 S Water
        Griffin           C                 H                      IL                                                                            603 N Topeka Ave
Mr      Griffiths         John              R                      England          Feed Stable                                                  601 E Douglas Ave
Mr      Griffin           Seth                                     CT                                                                            603 N Topeka Ave
Mr      Greiffenstein     William                                  Germany                                                                       231 S Water St
        Griggs            F                 D                      Albion, NE       Painter                                                      929 N Market St
        Grim              M                 R                      IL                                                                            238 S Water St
                                                                                    Meat Market       Grimes & Drake            429 E Douglas Ave
Mr      Grimes            George            N                      Pickaway Co., OH Butcher           G N G & Drake             429 E Douglas Ave620 S Topeka Ave
Mr      Gross             William                                  Junction City, KSClerk                                       218 E Douglas Ave326 S Topeka Ave Boarder
        Grove             D                 S                      IN               Stockman                                                     SE of Town, Greiffenstein's Addition
Miss    Grove             Louise                                   IN                                                                            416 N Main St
Mr      Grong             Charles                                  Germany          Laborer                                                      200 W Douglas AveBoarder
Miss    Groves            Alice                                                                                                                  421 S Emporia Ave
Miss    Groves            Ella                                                                                                                   421 S Emporia Ave
Mr      Groves            Joseph                                                                                                                 421 S Emporia Ave
Mr      Groves            Samuel                                   Coles Co., IL    Broom Maker                                                  421 S Emporia Ave
Mr      Guernsey          Scott                                    IA               Stone Mason                                                  115 S Lawrence Ave
        Guine             William           F                      Charleston, WV                                                                City Hotel       Boarder
Mr      Guinther          Herman                                   Germany          Gunsmith                                    211 E Douglas AveS Mead Ave
        Gullett           F                 J                      IN               Machinist                                                    SW Corner 3 St & Mosley Ave
Mrs     Gullett           M                 J                      MD                                                                            SW Corner 3rd St & Mosley Ave
                                                                                    Wholesale & RetailButler & Fisher           110 E Douglas Ave
                                                                                    Dealer in NorthernS D Pallett               312 W Douglas Ave
                                                                                    Dealer in FurniturB K Brown                 213 E Douglas Ave
Miss    Guthrie           Ada                                                                                                                    404 Waco St
        Guthrie           F                 L                      IL               Bookkeeper        First Arkansas Valley Bank143 N Main       404 Waco St      Boarder
Miss    Guthrie           May               L                                                                                                    404 Waco St
Miss    Guthrie           Belle             M                      Bloomington, IL  Clerk             Register of Deeds         200 N Main St    404 Waco St
Mr      Guthrie           Marshal                                  PA               Liveryman                                                    Commercial Hotel Boarder
Mr      Guthrie           R                 E     Sr               Bloomington, IL                                                               404 Waco St
Miss    Guthrie           Sarah             F                                                                                                    404 Waco St
Mr      Guthrie           R                 E     Jr               IL               Clerk             U S Land Office           About 105 W Dougl404 River St
                                                                                    Dealers in Coal, LHacker & Jackson          609 E Douglas Ave117 N Water St
        Hacker            W                 G                      Rose Co., IL     Coal Merchant     Hacker & Jackson          609 E Douglas Ave243 N Lawrence Ave
        Hafer             L                                        OH                                                                            E 1st St         Boarder
Mr      Hager             George                                   Decatur, IL      Painter                                                      137 N Market St
        Haggerty          J                 S                      NJ               Livery Stables                                               151 N Market St
        Hagerty           H                 F                      PA                                                                            5th Ave
Mr      Hagerman          George                                   IN                                                                            Texas Ave, West WBoarder
Mr      Hagerman          John                                     VA               Farmer                                                       319 S Emporia Ave
Mr      Hagerman          Samuel                                   IN                                                                            Texas Ave, West Wichita
        Hagerman          Z                                        WV               Farmer                                                       Texas Ave, West Wichita
        Hagin             N                 B                      IL               Groceryman                                                   About 218 E Douglas Ave
Mr      Hahn              James                                    KY               Carpenter                                                    1025 Wichita St
Mr      Hahn              Jerome                                   KY               Painter                                                      1025 Wichita St
Miss    Hain              A                 M                      PA                                                                            N Water St
Mr      Haines            W                 W                                       Salesman                                    310 E Douglas Ave906 Wichita St
Mr      Hale              E                 P                      IL               Physician                                                    145 N Topeka Ave
        Haley             Alice                                    Topeka, KS                                                   532 N Topeka Ave
Rev     Haller            J                                        Junction City, KSPastor            German M E Church         511 E 1st St
Mr      Hall              Charles                                  Topeka, KS                                                                    1st St           Boarder
Mr      Hall              Frank                                    St Louis, MO                       A T & S F Railroad                         1222 E Douglas AvBoarder
Mr      Hall              John                                     IN                                                                            230 N Mosley Ave
Miss    Hall              Lou                                      Boston, MA       Music Teacher                                                507 Central Ave  Rooms
Miss    Hall              Mary                                     St Louis, MO                                                                  1222 E Douglas Ave
Mr      Hall              Thomas                                   Germany                                                                       1222 E Douglas Ave
Mr      Hall              Thomas                                   Topeka, KS       Laborer                                                      E 1st St
Dr      Hall              William                                  TX               Physician                                   About 135 N Main 234 N Lawrence Ave
        Hall              W                 P                      Kirksville, MO   Feed Store        Hall & Keller             521 E Douglas Ave126 Lulu Ave
        Hall              W                 F                      IL               Upholsterer                                 323 N Main St    N Main St        Boarder
Mr      Haller            Joe                                      Germany                                                      255 N Main St    N Water St       Boarder
Mr      Halligan          James                                                     Brick Yard                                  914 E Douglas Ave914 E Douglas AveRooms
        Ham               H                 C                      IL               Clerk                                                        337 S Emporia Ave
        Ham               W                 I                      Putnam Co., IL   Clerk                                       227 E Douglas Ave924 S Market St
        Hamilton          Al                                       MI                                                                            116 S Topeka Ave Rooms & Boarder
Mrs     Hamilton          Bell                                     IA                                                                            1127 E Douglas Ave
        Hamilton          J                 G                      Butler, MO       Farmer                                                       1107 S Lawrence Ave
Miss    Hamilton          Josie                                    Centerville, IA  Chamber-maid      European Hotel            416 E Douglas Ave
        Hamilton          L                 C                      Lancaster, PA    Clerk             N F Niederlander          428 E Douglas Ave140 N Topeka Ave
        Hamilton          S                 H                      Franklin Co., IL Painter                                                      930 S Emporia Ave
Mr      Hamilton          Frank                                                                                                                  111 N Main St
        Hamilton          R                 S                      PA               Lumberman                                                    140 N Topeka Ave
        Hammond           B                 D                      OH               County SuperintendSchools                                    426 E Central Ave
Mr      Hammond           Foster            E                      OH                                                                            426 E Central Ave
Miss    Hammond           Myrtle                                   OH                                                                            426 E Central Ave
        Hammond           T C               W                      LA               Foreman News Room Eagle Office                               N Market St, 1d N City Hotel
        Hammond           W                 O                      PA                                                                            NE City Limits
Mr      Hampton           George                                   IN                                                                            426 S Mead Ave
Miss    Hamrick           Effie                                    IL                                                                            203 S Laura Ave
Mr      Hamrick           Frank                                    IL               Lunch Stand                                 110 W Douglas Ave838 S Water St
Mr      Hamrick           W                 G                      IL               Carpenter                                                    203 S Laura Ave  Boarder
Mr      Hanauer           Clement                                  OH               Brickmason                                                   417 N Main St    Rooms
Mr      Handy             John              A                      Danville, IL     Real Estate Dealer                                           420 S Emporia Ave
Mrs     Hanford           Emma                                     Salina, KS       Seamstress                                                   134 N Market St
        Hanes             D                                        IL               Carpenter                                                    723 N Main St
Mr      Hanley            John                                     PA               Carpenter                                                    SE Corner 4th AveBoarder
Mr      Hanley            William                                  PA               Carpenter                                                    SE Corner 4th AveBoarder
Miss    Hansey            Nellie                                                                      Douglas Avenue Hotel
Mr      Hansing           Richard                                  Germany          Carpenter                                                    W Central Ave
Mrs     Hanson            John                                     Carroll Co., MO                                                               620 N Emporia Ave
Miss    Hanson            Lizzie                                   Sweden           Servant           Occidental Hotel
Mr      Harbert           Emanuel                                  Ft Scott, KS     Porter            Manhattan Hotel
        Harburg           S                 A                      Kansas City, MO  City Editor & ManaWichita Herold            About 119 N Marke225 N Wichita St
        Harding           G                 B                      Durant, MS       Waiter                                      158 N Main St
        Harden            A                 W                      Lebanon, IN      Photographer                                204 E Douglas Ave1020 N 4th Ave
        Harding           H                 J                      Sturbidge, MA    Clerk             Hyde's Bookstore          114 N Main St    615 N Lawrence Ave
        Hardesty          Uriah                                    IN               Teamster          Kansas Wholesale Furniture Co              302 S Mosley Ave
Mrs     Hardacre          Elizabeth                                                                                                              Texas Ave, West Wichita
        Hardacre          J                 S                      O                Contractor & Builder                                         Texas Ave, West Wichita
        Pratt, Green & Williamson                                                   Proprietors       Hard Wood Chicago Lumber C118 N 4th Ave
        Harding           J                 J                      IL               Clerk                                                        E Douglas Ave
        Harlow            E                 E                      Pueblo, CO       Carpenter                                                    246 Waco St      Rooms & Boarder
        Harlow            E                 J                      Pueblo, CO       Carpenter                                                    246 Waco St      Rooms & Boarder
Rev     Harmon            N                 E                      IL                                                                            614 N Topeka Ave
        Harmer            C                 B                      Salem, NJ        Carpenter         Abe Smith                 350 N Main St    732 N Water
        Harmer            J                 B                      Philadelphia, PA Carpenter         Abe Smith                 350 N Main St    732 N Water
        Harned            C                 M                      IN               Engineer          Stone Mill                                 315 N Mead Ave
        Harnett           J                                        IL               Railroad man                                                 Sherman House
        Harp              T                 C                      Omaha, NE        Topeka Avenue Stables                                        Topeka Avenue StaRooms
Mrs     Harper            Ella                                     IL                                                                            323 N Emporia Ave
Mr      Harper            John                                     Merrillton, AR   Laborer                                                      2d House from NE Corner Douglas & Wichita Sts
Rev     Harper            W                 E                      Mitchell, IN     Pastor            Baptist Church            1st & Market St  427 N Market St
Mr      Harris            Amos                                     IN               Attorney                                    103 W Douglas Ave605 S Main St
Mrs     Harris            E                 T                      Cleveland, OH                                                                 1028 N Lawrence Ave
Mr      Harris            Ernest            E                      IL                                                                            111 W Douglas Ave
Mr      Harris            George            E                      England          Ice Dealer                                                   311 N River St
Mr      Harris            Grant                                    Wellington, KS   Compositor        Beacon Office                              517 Waco St
Miss    Harris            Ida                                      IL               Servant                                                      259 N Emporia Ave
                                                                                    Attorneys         Harris & Harris & Vermilli103 W Douglas Ave
Mr      Harris            Kos                                      IA               Attorney                                    103 W Douglas Ave623 E Main St
        Hart              W                 A                      PA               Dealer in Rubber Stamps                     112 W Douglas Ave
Mr      Hart              Theodore                                 KS               Laborer                                                      E Douglas Ave    Boarder
Mr      Harter            David                                    Warrensburg, MO  Cooper                                                       118 E Williams St
Mr      Hart              G                 W                      KY               Carpenter                                                    135 S Ida Ave
Mr      Hartman           Peter                                    Germany          Railroader                                                   N Mosley Ave, 2d Boarder
        Hartley           J                 W                      Albion, IL       President         Bank of Commerce          229 E Douglas AveWaco St, 2d n 3rd St
        Hartley           Mollie                                   St Joe, MO       Domestic                                                     230 S Market St
Mrs     Hartnell          Saloma                                   PA                                                                            526 N 4th Ave
Mr      Hartough          Ben                                      New York, NY     Clerk             J B Kessler, Billiard Hall242 N Main St    242 N Main St
Mrs     Harts             Rachel                                   Lincoln, IL                                                                   306 N Emporia Ave
        Hartzell          J                 W                      Topeka, KS                                                                    Waco St, between 3rd St & Central Ave
        Hartzell          H                 F                      Topeka, KS       Secretary         KS Wholesale Furniture Co 218 E Douglas Ave219 S Topeka Ave
Miss    Harrison          Lena                                     England          Domestic                                    Tremont House
        Harvert           E                                        TX               Stone Mason                                                  154 S Mosley Ave
        Hatfield          G                 A                      Lincoln, IL      Cashier           Bank of Commerce          229 E Douglas AveTremont House - 249 N 4th St
Mr      Hatfield          Rodolph                                                   Attorney          Bentley & R H & Bentley   123 N Main       306 N Emporia Ave
                                                                                    Butchers          Haselden & Egley          110 W Douglas Ave
Mr      Haselden          Richard                                  England          Butcher           Haselden & Egley          110 W Douglas Ave838 S Water St
Mr      Hasemeyer         Henry                                    St Charles, MO   Hog Dealer                                                   727 N 4th Ave
Mrs     Haslett           Amanda                                                                                                                 204 S Ida Ave
        Haslett           A                 F                      IN               Horse Trainer                                                204 S Ida Ave    Boarder
Mr      Hassig            Edward                                   Bellevue, IN     Cigar Maker                                                  S Market, between Williams & English St
        Hastings          D                 E                      PA               Contractor & Builder                        416 Sherman Ave (416 Sherman Ave
        Hathaway          B                 R                      O                Carpenter                                                    Blaine Ave, Garrison's Addition
        Hattan            D                 H                      IN               Farmer                                                       501 N Main St
Mr      Hatton            Charles                                  IA               Attorney          Hatton & Ruggles          Eagle Block, Abov323 Waco St
Mr      Hagenbuch         Jacob                                    Switzerland      Carpenter         G Gribi                   201 N Water St   N Water St       Rooms
        Haugbout          Jane                                                                        418 Central Ave
Mr      Hawn              John              W                      Carthage, MO                       Hawn, Glaze & Churchward -Corner 1st St & 5205 N 4th Ave
                                                                                                      Hawn, Glaze & Churchward -Corner 1st St & 5th Ave
Mrs     Hann              M                 G                      Lebanon, IN                                                                   229 S Emporia Ave
        Hawn              L                 C                      IA               Miller            Zephyr Mills & Elevator   4th Ave
        Hauser            Emil                                     St Louis, MO     Blacksmith        Cole                      Market St        NW Corner Elm & MBoarder
        Hauser            E                                        Switzerland                                                                   N Market St      Boarder
        Hay               Ennis                                    Germany          Carpenter         G Gribi                                    N Water St, Near Railroad
Mr      Hay               Ernest                                   Germany          Carpenter         G Gribi                                    N Main St
Mr      Hay               Henry                                    Germany          Carpenter                                                    N Water St, Near Railroad
        Hayden            R                 S                                       Brick Mason                                                  425 E Douglas Ave
Mr      Hayden            Sam                                      Kansas City, MO  Waiter            Occidental Hotel
        Haynes            H                 L                      Lexington, MO    Attorney                                                     519 S Main St
Mrs     Haynes            M                 E                      KY                                                                            817 S Main St
        Hays              A                 J                      IN               Cornice-Maker     Bissantz'                                  405 S Water St
        Hays              D                                        Prussia          Indian Post-Trader in Territory                              704 S Water St
Miss    Hays              Hattie                                                                                                                 429 E Lewis St
Dr      Hayes             J                 L                      Paris, IL        Surgeon           Twin Bros' Eye, Ear & SurgBarnes Block     429 E Lewis St.
        Hays              L                                        Germany          Saddlery Hardware Dealer                    127 W Douglas Ave204 S Water St
        Hazen             A                 R                      Brownsville, MO  Office with H G Lee                                          508 E Central Ave
Miss    Hazen             Emma                                                                                                                   508 E Central Ave
        Hazen             W                 L                      Leavenworth, KS  Cattleman in Territory                                       719 N 4th Ave
Mr      Head              Edward                                   MO                                 Tremont Hotel                              308 S 4th Ave
        Heath             R                 D                      Williamsfield, O Carpenter                                                    1018 N Emporia Ave
Mr      Heath             William           H                      KY               Carpenter         Sabin                                      251 S Mosley Ave
Miss    Healy             Mary                                     Leavenworth, KS  Domestic                                                     306 N 4th Ave
Mrs     Healy             Nannie                                   Woodford, IL                                                                  117 N Emporia Ave
        Healy             P                 V                      Mt Sterling, IL  Real Estate & Insurance                     About 422 E Dougl117 N Emporia Ave
        Hecht             M                                        New York, NY     Jewelry Dealer & Loan Office                116 N Market St  229 N Market St
        Heffron           L                 G                      Des Moines, IA   Carpenter                                                    930 S Topeka Ave
Mr      Heil              Jake                                     St Louis, MO     Cigar Maker       John Herrig               426 E Douglas AveN Wabash Ave
Mr      Hein              Jacob                                    WI               Carpenter         G Gribi                                    Oak St
Mr      Hein              Martin                                   McHenry Co., IL  Blacksmith        McGriff & Youngmeyer                       307 E Douglas
        Heineke           F                 A                      IL               Policeman                                                    323 N Emporia Ave
        Heiserman         H                 D                      Lancaster, PA    Register of Deeds County Building           200 N Main St    355 N Water St
        Heitman           E                 H                      Louisville, KY   Plumber                                     321 E Douglas Ave321 E Douglas Ave
Mr      Hellar            Clint                                    IL               Clerk                                       131 N Main St    245 N Topeka Ave Boarder
Miss    Hellar            Ella              J                      IL                                                                            245 N Topeka Ave
Mr      Hellar            Grant                                    IL               Bookkeeper        Kansas State Bank                          245 N Topeka Ave Boarder
Mr      Hellar            George            M                      IL               Groceryman        Peckham & Hellar          131 N Main St    356 N Market St
Mr      Hellar            Martin                                   Ogle Co., IL     Capitalist                                                   245 N Topeka Ave
Miss    Hellar            Mary              E                      IL                                                                            245 N Topeka Ave
Mr      Heller            Otto                                     Germany          Butcher           Wm Heller                 128 N Main St    161 Wichita St
Mr      Hellar            Samuel            I                      IL                                                                            245 N Topeka Ave Boarder
Mr      Heller            William                                  Junction City, KSButcher                                     228 N Main St    151 SW Corner 1st & Wichita
        Helm              H                 N                      Minneapolis, MN  Railway Postal CleFrisco                                     124 S Topeka Ave
        Helmick           E                 S                      Urbana, O        Gasoline Oil Wagon Driver                                    614 S Topeka Ave Rooms & Boarder
        Helms             G                 W                      Terre Haute, IN  Carpenter         Sternberg                                  529 N 4th Ave
Mr      Hemsworth         John                                     West Virginia    Proprietors       Refreshment Stand         329 W. Douglas
Mr      Henbraw           Charles                                  England          Carpenter                                                    NW Corner Texas & Sycamore Sts
        Hendrick          J                 E                      Ft Smith, ArkansaBarber                                      127 E Douglas    200 W Douglas    Boarder
Mr      Hendricks         Sam                                      Ft Scott, KS     Barber                                                       Germania House   Rooms & Boarder
Mr      Henderson         Cash                                     Flint, MI        Manager           M Kohn & Co Dry Goods Stor100 Douglas Ave  120 W Williams St
Mr      Henderson         John                                     TX               Laborer                                                      Boards at ColemanRooms & Boarder
Mrs     Henderson         Mary                                     TX               Domestic                                    126 W 1st St
Mr      Henderson         Nelson                                   Kansas City      Cook              Occidental Hotel                           Occidental Hotel
Miss    Hendrickson       Dorn                                     New York, NY                                                                  422 N Market St
Mr      Hendrickson       James             M                      Carthage, MO     Grain Buyer                                                  205 N 4th Ave
Mrs     Hendrickson       S                 T                      New York, NY     Music Teacher                                                425 N Market St
        Hendren                                                                                                                                  907 S Lawrence Ave
Mr      Henley            A. Joseph                                St Louis, MO     Sign Writer                                 2nd St           158 N Main       Boarder
Miss    Hensey            Florence                                                                    Douglas Ave Hotel
        Heraford          J                 W                      IN               Undertaker        J T Holmes                                 904 S Water St
Mr      Herberger         John                                                      Cigar Maker       Husey & Kroenert          206 E Douglas AveN Market St      Boarder
        Hermes            B                                        WI                                 Billiards & Pool          421 E Douglas Ave125 S Washington
        Herman            A                 V                      Bohemia          Traveling Salesman                                           SW Corner 5th & 11th
        Herman            C                 B                      IA               Real Estate Agent Crow & Herman                              N Topeka Ave     Boarder
Mr      Herman            John                                     Ft Scott, KS     Assistant Cook    Tremont House
Mr      Herndon           Baker                                    Logan Co., KY    Clerk             Israel Brothers           414 E Douglas Ave414 E Douglas Ave
        Herndon           D                 C                      KY               Express Delivery                                             138 N Mosley Ave
Miss    Herring           Angie                                                                                                                  425 S Topeka Ave
Mr      Herring           George            H                      Durand, IL                                                                    425 S Topeka Ave
Miss    Herring           Lettie                                                    Daughter of Geo. H. Herring                                  423 S Topeka Ave
Miss    Herring           Sybbelle                                                  Daughter of Geo. H. Herring                                  425 S Topeka Ave
Mr      Herrig            John                                     Germany          Cigar Maker                                 426 E Douglas Ave123 S Ida Ave
        Herrig            N                 A                      Leavenworth, KS  Cigar Maker       John Herrig               426 E Douglas Ave
Mrs     Herrington        E                                        Clinton, IA                                                                   405 S Lawrence Ave
        Herrington        G                 H                      Clinton, IA      Manufacturer      Pocket Typewriter         About 114 N Main 405 S Lawrence Ave
Miss    Herzsch           Charlotte                                IN                                                           123 W Douglas Ave
        Hess              A                                        Germany          Vice-President    Wichita Wholesale Grocer C233 & 235 N Main 303 S Lawrence Ave
Mr      Hess              Joseph                                   Stark Co., O                                                                  Kennedy House - 113 S 4th Ave
Miss    Hess              Belle                                                     Daughter of Joseph Hess                                      113 S 4th Ave
Miss    Hess              Julia                                                     Daughter of Joseph Hess                                      113 S 4th Ave
Miss    Hess              Helen                                    IN                                                                            NE Corner Market Boarder
Mr      Hess              William                                  Bayneville, KS   Miller                                                       400 N Main St
Mr      Hess              William                                                   Son of Joseph Hess                                           113 S 4th Ave
        Hettinger         I                 H                      Reading, PA      Jeweler                                     222 E Douglas AveGreen's Block
Mr      Hews              John                                     Grinnell, IA     Carpenter                                                    516 S Topeka Ave
Rev     Hewitt            J                 D                      Pastor           Presbyterian Church                                          240 N Topeka Ave
Mrs     Heyden            A                 J                      England                                                                       619 N Main St
Mr      Heydon            George                                   Marion, IL       Retired                                                      423 S Lawrence Ave
        Heymann           F                                        Huntsville, MO   Salesman                                    111 E Douglas Ave430 S Water St
        Hiatt             L                                                         Harness Maker     Harness Shop              W Douglas Ave    Commercial Hotel Boarder
        Hibarger          E                 L                      IL               Liveryman         C K Furman & H            116 N Topeka Ave
        Hibbard                                                    Goshen, IN       Roof Painter                                                 100 S Emporia AveBoarder
        Hibbits           J                 E                      Springfield, OH  Gasoline & Oil Wagon Driver                                  614 S Topeka Ave Rooms & Boarder
Mr      Hibbard           Daniel                                   O                Farmer                                                       813 S Water St
Mr      Hibbard           Samuel            M                      MI               Carpenter                                                    813 S Water St
        Higginbottom      C                 A                                                                                                    111 N Main St    Boarder
Miss    Hilbert           Caddie                                   Paola, KS                                                                     507 Wichita St
Mr      Hilbert           Thomas                                                                                                                 507 Wichita St
Mr      Hilbert           Albert                                   TX               Laborer                                                      507 Wichita St
        Hillbish          W                 O                      Bellview, O      Clerk             Bitting Brothers          128 E Douglas AveOccidental Hotel Boarder
        Hillborn          A                 H                      Frankfort, KS    Contractor & Builder                                         826 S Emporia Ave
        Hickey            C                 M                      Mound City, KS   Laborer                                                      620 N Main St    Boarder
Mr      Hecklan           Dan                                      Kansas City, MO  Painter                                     137 N Market St  N Wichita St     Boarder
Mr      Hicklin           James                                    Denver, CO       Teamster                                                     1102 S Topeka Ave
Mr      Hicklin           J. Daniel                                IA               Painter           Sorrell's                 137 N Market St  Bird's Private BoBoarder
Mr      Hickman           Harry                                    Philadelphia, PA Clerk             George S Bickel           N Main St        352 N Wichita St Boarder
Mr      Hickok            Lewis                                    IL               Carpenter         Abe Smith                 348 & 350 N Main 109 E 3rd St
Mr      Hicklin           Oliver            P                      Denver, CO       Carpenter                                                    1102 S Topeka Ave
Mr      Higgins           Francis           X                      Osage Mission, KS                  KS Wholesale Furniture Co 218 E Douglas Ave324 N Market St  Boarder
        Higgins           J                 E                      Osage Mission, KSClerk             Post Office               122 N Main St    324 N Market St
Mr      Higgins           John              J                      Cherokee Co., KS Brakeman          St L, Ft S & W Railway                     324 N Market St
Miss    Hill              Alice                                    Washington City  Domestic                                    244 N Water St
        Hill              C                 B                      Philadelphia, PA Carpenter         Abe Smith                 348 & 350 N Main 4th Ave
        Hills             E                 H                      Crawfordsville, IProduce CommissionHills, McAlister & Co     423 E Douglas Ave609 N Topeka Ave
        Hill              E                 P                      IA                                                                            Corner 4th Ave & Central
Miss    Hill              Grace             A                      New York, NY                                                                  304 E 3rd St
Mr      Hill              Frank             M                      St Louis, MO
Mrs     Hill              J                 S                      O                                                                             304 E 3rd St
Mr      Hill              James                                    MO                                                                                             Rooms & Boarder
        Hill              G                 B                      West Virginia    Carpenter         Abe Smith                 348 & 350 N Main 318 N Mead Ave
        Hill              J                 T                      Ft Scott, KS     Laborer                                                      324 S Emporia AveRooms
        Hill              H                 T                      Mississippi      Carpenter         Abe Smith                 348 & 350 N Main 447 N Lawrence Ave
        Hills             H                 J                      Keokuk, IA                         Wichita Wholesale Produce 120 N Market St  321 N Topeka Ave
Mr      Hill              Harvey                                   New York, NY     Carpenter         Abe Smith                                  447 N Lawrence AvBoarder
                                                                                    Dealers in WholesaHills & Jackson           120 N Market St
        Hill              M                 G                      El Dorado, KS                      Wichita Gas Co, Dealer in 211 N Main St    405 Waco St
        Hill              H                 L                      West Virginia    Proprietors       Wichita Horse & Mule Marke213 W Douglas    SE of Town 2mi
        Hillis            Lafayette                                Greensburg, IN   Clerk                                       PO 122 N Main St 427 S Lawrence Ave
        Hill              L                 A                      IL               Carpenter                                                    232 N Meade Ave
        Hills             Oscar                                    Crawfordsville, IClerk             Hills & Jackson           120 N Market St  609 N Topeka Ave Boarder
        Hilton            J                 S                      TN               Plasterer                                                    930 N Water St
Mr      Hiltermann        Alfred                                   Winston, MO      Clerk             T H Lynch                 104 E Douglas Ave410 E Douglas AveBoarder
Mr      Himstedt          Fred                                     St Louis, MO     Boot & Shoemaker                                             154 N Main St
Mr      Hinkel            James                                                                                                                  747 S Market St
Mr      Hinkel            John                                     Benten Co, IN    Laborer                                                      747 S Market St
        Hinkel            Thos                                                                                                                   747 S Market St
Mr      Hinan             Henry                                    Shelby Co, IL    Clerk             August Vegely             216 N Main St    216 N Main St
        Hinton            J                 W                      PA                                                                            Between 5th & WacBoarder
        Hinton            O                 S                      Neodesha Co, KS  Farmer                                                       847 E Oak St
        Hitchcock         B                 F                      O                Contractor & Builder
        Hixson            Della                                    O                                                                             526 W 3rd St
        Hixson            J                 S                      Winchester, O    Clerk                                       107 E Douglas Ave526 W 3rd St
        Hobbs             W                 G                      Shelby Co, KY    Justice of the Peace                        105 E Douglas Ave351 N Topeka Ave
Mr      Hobson            Mark              F                      IN               Printer                                     137 N Main St    526 4th Ave
        Hobson            W                 M                      IN               Real Estate                                                  526 N 4th Ave
        Hocker            Geo                                      Burton, KS       Methodist Clergyman                         Burton, KS       Central Hotel    Boarder
        Hocker            J                 F                      IL               Barber & Blacksmith                                          502 N Water St
        Hodge             J                 L                      Carrollton, IL   Dry Goods                                   522 E Douglas AveTremont Hotel    Rooms & Boarder
Mrs     Hodges            Alice                                    Halifax, Nova ScoHousekeeper                                                  132 N Main St
        Hodges            B                 K                      Cincinnati, O    Scenic Artist                                                132 N Main St
Miss    Hodges            Fannie                                   Mississippi                                                                   607 N Main St
Mr      Hodges            Jim                                      Mississippi                                                                   607 N Main St    Boarder
Mr      Hodges            Wesley                                   Columbus, MississBlacksmith                                  600 N Main St    607 N Main St
        Hoding            Lon                                                       Editor
Mrs     Hodgson           Sarah             F                      IL                                                                            216 S 4th Ave
Mr      Hodgson           John                                     Savannah, IL     Barber                                                       220 N Main St
Rev     Hodgson           T                 S                      Cleveland, OH    Pastor            First M E Church                           421 N Topeka Ave
        Hodson            W                 M                      IL               Farmer                                                       1208 N Lawrence Ave
        Hoff              Chas                                     Switzerland      Ice Dealer        Schweiter & Hoff                           SW Corner of Mill & 1st St
Mr      Hoff              Henry                                    Switzerland                        Schweiter & Hoff                           SW Corner of Mill & 1st St
        Hoffman           E                 B                      PA               Cigars & Tobacco                            220 E Douglas Ave443 N Topeka Ave
Mrs     Hoffman           Emma                                     Wellington, KS                                                                SW Corner Pine St & Wichita St
        Hoffman           Geo               T                      New York, NY     Printer                                     218 E Douglas AveDouglas Avenue HoBoarder
        Hoffman           L                                        Germany          Tailor                                      149 N Main St
        Hoffman           W                 Z                      PA               Clerk                                       220 E Douglas Ave140 N Topeka Ave Boarder
Mr      Hoffman           Frederick                                IA               Tailor            Lillie                    N Main St        716 N Main St
        Hoffmaster        H                 D                      IL               Boot & Shoe DealerHoffman & Son             137 N Main St    Goodyear House 35Rooms & Boarder
                          H                                                         Boot & Shoe MerchaHoffmaster & Son          137 N Main St
        Hogan             Jas                                      Manchester, NH                     M R Diver's Stock Yard    W Douglas Ave    NE Corner 1st & WBoarder
Mr      Hoel              Isaac                                    Cincinnati, OH   Printer                                                      1030 N Emporia   Rooms & Boarder
        Hoenscheidt       WM                J                      Atchison, KS     Traveling Agent & Correspondent Wichita Hero119 N Market St  City Hotel       Boarder
Mrs     Hohn              Elizabeth                                PA                                                                            S Meade Ave
Mr      Hogan             James                                    NH                                 Riverside Stable                           126 W 1st St     Boarder
        Hogeland          J                 H                      NJ               Painter                                                      624 E Waterman St
        Hogg              J                 C                      O                                  Gas Works                                  Garrison's Addition Blaine Ave
        Holbrook          Fannie                                   MO                                                                            630 N 4th Ave    Boarder
        Holby             W                 B                      IL               Clerk                                       614 E Douglas AveAbove Chatfield'sRooms & Boarder
        Homcomb           Geo                                      Carthage, MO     Carpenter                                                    1027 N 4th Ave
        Holcomb           John                                     Michagan                           Sternberg                                  N 4th St
Mrs     Holden            Carrie                                   New York, NY     Clerk                                       123 N Main St    238 S Water St
Mr      Holland           Zack                                     Lexington, MO    Painter           Myers                                      301 S Emporia    Boarder
Mr      Holland           James                                                     Clerk             Hunter's Grocery          E Douglas Ave    420 S Emporia AveBoarder
        Holliday          J                 R                      Liberty, MO      Groceryman                                  227 E Douglas Ave1002 S Topeka Ave
Mrs     Holliday          J                 R                                       Bookkeeper                                  227 E Douglas Ave1002 S Topeka Ave
Mr      Hollister         Harry                                    New York, NY     Actor             Simons Comedy Co                           City Hotel       Boarder
        Holloway          W                 C                                                                                                    Valley House     Boarder
        Hollowell         M                 W                      Kokomo, IN       Clerk                                       306 E Douglas Ave703 N Market St
        Hollinger         Geo                                      IN               Plumber                                     321 E Douglas Ave321 E Douglas Ave
                                                                                                      Hollowell & Doran Clothier306 E Douglas Ave
        Hollowell         S                 D                      Kokomo, IN       Clothier                                    306 E Douglas Ave214 S Emporia Ave
        Holloway          WM                C                      WI               Salesman          Smyth & Sons              300 E Douglas AveValley House 205 Rooms & Boarder
        Holly             Wm                B                      IL               Carpenter                                   614 E Douglas Ave127 N Mosley Ave
        Holmes            J                 T                      GA               Undertaker & Dealer in Sewing Machines, Pian115 & 117 S Main 502 S Water St
        Holmes            P                 C                      O                Furnishing Goods, Boots & Shoes             610 E Douglas Ave120 N Mosley Ave
        Holmes            Thos                                     MO                                                           245 N Main St
        Holmes            T                 J                      IL               Printer                                     Office Above 218 527 S Water St
        Holthous          E                                                         Pastry Cook                                 Manhattan Hotel
Mr      Holtz             David                                    Warren CO, IN                                                                 113 E Waterman St
        Horr              J                 N                      Portsmouth, O    Tinner                                      123 E Douglas AveN Main St
        Horner            C                 F                      Versailles, O    Tinner            Houck Bros                116 E Douglas Ave424 N Water St
        Hornecker         F                                        IL               Farmer                                                       1327 E Douglas Ave
        Hornecker         Chas                                     IL                                                                            1327 E Douglas Ave
        Hostetler         J                 F                                       Clerk             Baistow's Ice-Cream Parlor314 E Douglas Ave226 E Douglas Ave
Mrs     Hostetler         S                 S                      CO                                                                            314 E Douglas Ave
        Hostetler         W                 S                      CO                                                                            314 E Douglas Ave
        Hotchkins         W                 S                      NY                                                                            S Topeka Ave
Miss    Honice            Kate                                     PA                                                                            154 N Meade Ave
        Hovey             E                 P                      Cincinnati, OH   Dry Goods MerchantE P Hovey & CO            103 E Douglas Ave1253 N Market St
Mrs     Hott              Sadie                                    IN               Dress Making      Innes & Ross              124 N Main St    216 E Douglas Ave
        Hott              J                 H                      IL               Millwright                                                   216 E Douglas Ave
Miss    Hovey             Lottie                                   PA               Clerk             Mohler's Gallery          116 W Douglas Ave504 N Meade Ave
Miss    Hovey             Mate                                     NY                                                                            155 N Main St
Mrs     Hovey             S                 F                      PA               Proprietors       Hovey's Restraurant                        155 N Main St
        Houck             A                 L                                       Implement Dealer  Wallace & A L H           310 E Douglas Ave305 E Lewis St
        Houck             S                                        O                Dealer in HardwareHouck Bros                116 E Douglas Ave306 E Central Ave
        Houck Brothers                                                              Hardware                                    116 E Douglas Ave
Mrs     Houghton                                                   PA               Dress Maker                                                  232 N Wichita St
        Hougham           G                 W                      Bloomington, IL  Bridge Carp       St L, Ft S & W Railway                     303 N 3rd St
        Houghland         U                 S                      Evansville, IN   Dentist           D W Smith                 113 E Douglas Ave357 N Topeka Ave Rooms
        Honser            WM                R                      Wabash Co, IN    Drayman                                                      417 S 4th Ave
        Houston           James             M                      O                City Weigher                                E Douglas Ave    813 E Douglas Ave
        Houston           Clyde                                    O                                                                             813 E Douglas AveBoarder
        Houston           J                 B                      O                                                                             813 E Douglas AveBoarder
        Houston           J                 D                      Bourbon Co, KY   Attorney          Houston & Bentley         134 N Main St    341 N Topeka Ave
Miss    Howard            Cora                                     MD                                                                            312 N Main St
Mrs     Howard            Emma                                     O                                  Richey House
Miss    Howard            Ida                                      Joplin, MO       Servant           342 N Topeka Ave
        Howard            L                                        St Louis, MO     Barber            G W Smith                 514 E Douglas Ave235 S Emporia AveBoarder
Mrs     Howard            S                 A                      Oxford, O                                                                     327 N Emporia Ave
        Howe              Woodbury                                 NH               Civil Engineer                                               413 N Water St   Rooms
Mr      Howell            Joseph                                   Toronto, Canada                    Singer Sewing Machine Co  206 N Main St    218 E 1st
        Howell            WM                W                      Holt Co, MO      Laborer                                                      608 Waco St
        Howell            L                 M                      LA               Carpenter         Sternberg                                  153 E Washington St
        Howell            P                 C                      LA                                                                            132 S Ida Ave
        Hoy               Lee                                      Canton, China    Chinese Laundry                             525 E Douglas    525 E Douglas    Boarder
Dr      Hubbard                                                                                                                 229 E Douglas Ave
        Hucklebridge      Chas                                     IL               Engineer                                                     136 S Lulu Ave
        Hucklebridge      J                 H                                       Thresher                                                     216 S Topeka Ave
        Huff              Geo                                      MO               Cook              Douglas Ave Hotel                          708 Waco St
        Huff              K                 D                      W Va                               Saddle Rock Lunch Stand   614 E Douglas Ave
        Huff              Lida                                     MO                                                                            708 Waco St
Mr      Hughes            Henry                                    St Louis, MO     Night Watchman    Santa Fe Depot                             Valley House     Boarder
        Hughes            J                 J                      IL               Groceryman                                  122 W Douglas Ave426 S Main St
        Hull              W                 B                      IL               Dry Goods Salesman                                           904 N Lawrence Ave
Mrs     Huffman           Catherine         L                      O                                                                             Texas Ave, West Wichita
Mr      Huffman           Dan                                      O                Laborer                                     Water St btwn Morris & Kellogg
        Huffman           M                 J                      O                                                                             Texas Ave West Wichita
        Huitt             WM                                       IL               Contractor & Builder                                         832 S Water St
        Hull              F                 N                      Morris, IL                         Comp Eagle Office                          Indiana House
        Humble            Geo                                      Canada           Grain Dealer                                                 938 S Topeka Ave
        Humble            T                 L                      London, Canada   Manager           Hyde's Bookstore          114 N Main St    409 N Emporia Ave
Mr      Hume              John              E                      O                Attorney          Citizens Bank Building    100 W Douglas AveNW Corner LawrencBoarder
        Huleman           Chas                                     IL               Cigar Maker       John Herrig               426 E Douglas Ave
        Humphrey & Hume Attorneys at law                                            Attorney          Citizens Bank Building    100 W Douglas Ave
        Humphrey          J                 M                      IL               Attorney          Citizens Bank Building    100 W Douglas Ave304 N Lawrence AvRooms   Boader At Trement House
        Humphreys         J                 S                      Leavenworth, KS  Druggist                                    316 E Douglas Ave225 N Lawrence Ave
        Humphrey          J                 E                      Big Rapids, MI   Real Estate                                 Eagle Block, Abov252 N Waco St
        Humphrey          J                 E                      Big Rapids, MI   Real Estate                                                  252 N Waco St
        J. E. Humphrey & Son                                                        Real Estate Brokers                         Eagle Block, Above Bank
        Humphrey & Rode                                                             Druggists                                   316 E Douglas Ave
        Hungate           C                 L                      Augusta, KS      Clerk             Innes & Ross              120 N Main St    343 N Topeka Ave Boarder
        Hunsaker          D                 R                      MO                                                                            Texas Ave, West Wichita
        Hunt              J                 H                      Mass             Carpenter         Sternberg                                  621 N Main St
        Hunt              M                 B                      IN               Machinist                                                    118 Water St
Mr      Hunter            Charles           H                      PA               Groceries & Queensware                      600 E Douglas AveWichita Township, SE R R
        Hunter            S                 G                                       Contractor & BuildMiller & S G H            N Mosley Ave     231 S Laura St
        Hunter            T                 B                      MO                                                                            N Mosley Ave, 2d N of Douglas Ave
        Hunter            V                 J                      IN               Clerk             583 W Douglas Ave West Wichita                                      Boards with John Moore
Miss    Hummelke          Clara                                    IL                                                                            408 N Main St
Miss    Hummelke          Flora                                    IL                                                                            408 N Main St
Mrs     Hummelke          M                                        IL               Seamstress                                  408 N Main St    408 N Main St
        Hurd              M                 V                      OH               Carpenter                                                    S Oak St, West Wichita
        Hurst             A                 W                      WI               Mason                                                        E 1st St 7d W of Mill St S
Miss    Hurst             Clara                                    WI                                                                            731 Wichita St
        Hurt              J                 F                      Fleming Co., KY                                                               203 S Topeka Ave
        Hurst             R                 G                      Delaware                                                                      1st St 8d W of Mill St
        Huse              E                 A                      IL               Queensware & ChinaHuse & Charlton           128 N Main St    415 N Market St
        Husey             A                 C                      Leavenworth, KS  Cigar Maker       A C H & Kroenert          206 E Douglas Ave535 S Market St
        Husey & Kroenert                                                            Grocers & Cigar Manufacuturers              206 E Douglas Ave
        Huston            C                 S                                                                                                    813 E Douglas Ave        Son of J M Huston
        Huston            C                 F                      PA               Dealer in Live Stock                        213 W Douglas AveCommercial Hotel Boarder
Mr      Huston            Henry                                    LA               Servant           J R Grant                 N Topeka Ave, 2d S of Oak St
        Huston            J                 M                      Wayne Co, OH     Weigh Master City Scales                    SW Corner 4th & D813 E Douglas Ave
        Hutchens          E                 A                                       Plumber                                     241 N Main St    128 Main St      Rooms
Miss    Hutchins          Flora                                    IN               Dress Maker                                                  438 S 4th Ave    Rooms
        Hutchings         J                 G                      Lebannon, IN     Confectionery     Hutchings, Cox & Co       317 E Douglas Ave334 S Main St
        Hutchings         J                 D                      Indianapolis, IN Real Estate                                 428 E Douglas AveSW Corner Topeka & Central Ave
        Hutchinson        Dowing                                   MO               Salesman          Wallace & Honck           310 E Douglas Ave503 S Main St
Mr      Hutchison         Thomas                                   Independence, MO                                                              325 E Lawrence Ave
        Hutchison         J                 G                      PA               Road Master       W & W Railroad                             924 E Douglas Ave
        Hutchison         W                 B                      NY                                                                            232 S 4th Ave
        Hutchison         WM                E                      VA               Liveryman                                   231 W Douglas Ave232 W Williams St
        Hyde              A                 A                      MA               Cashier           Kansas National Bank                       254 N Topeka Ave
        Ikes              E                 J                      PA               Farmer                                                       N Oak St, West WiRooms
        Ifler             Chas                                                      Carpenter                                                    1155 Wichita St
        Ifler             Lewis                                                     Carpenter                                                    1155 Wichita St
        Imboden           A                 H                      Decatur, IL      Traveling SalesmanCity Mills                                 319 N Water St
        Imboden           Hiram                                    Decatur, IL                        City Mills Oliver & Imboden Co             215 N Emporia St
        Ingalls           Elmer                                    IN               Printer           Eagle Office                               538 N 4th Ave
Mrs     Ingalls           Sarah             A                      NY                                                                            538 N 4th Ave
        Innes             WM                                       Chicago, IL      Dry Goods Merchant                          120 N Main St    327 N Topeka Ave
        Ireland           Elvie                                    IN                                 West Side Grist Mill                       641 Waco St
        Ireland           Laura                                    IN                                                                            402 S Market St
        Ireland           L                 C                      IN               Mill Worker                                 Mill on West Side641 Waco St
        Ireland           M                                        IA               Miller            M I & Whittaker           600 W Douglas Ave641 Waco St
        Ireland & Whiltiker                                                         Millers                                     600 W Douglas Ave (Chicagp) Ave West Wichita
Mr      Iseminger         Daniel                                                    Farmer                                                       N Osage Ave, West Wichita
        Iseminger         Geo                                      O                Farmer                                                       N Osage Ave, West Wichita
        Iseminger         Geo                                      IL               Farmer                                                       N Osage Ave, West Wichita
        Israel            E                 F                      White Hall, IL   Dealer in ClothingIsrael & Sons             412 E Douglas AveN Topeka Ave, btwn 2d & 3d Sts
        Israel            E                 W                      White Hall, IL   Dealer in ClothingIsrael & Sons             412 E Douglas Ave327 W 2nd St
        Israel            F                 W                      White Hall, IL   Dealer in Drugs & Israel Brothers           414 E Douglas Ave727 N Lawrence Ave
        Israel            G                 W                      White Hall, IL   Clerk             Israel & Sons             412 E Douglas Ave327 W 3rd St
        Israel            Henry                                    White Hall, IL   Dealer in ClothingE W Israel & Son          412 E Douglas Ave327 W 2nd St
        Israel            R                 C                      White Hall, IL   Dealer in Drugs & Israel Brothers           414 E Douglas Ave
        Israel            Samuel                                   White Hall, IL   Clerk             Israel & Sons             412 E Douglas Ave327 W 2nd St


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